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#rockbox log for 2005-06-28

00:00:01amiconn...and it doesn't have USB mass storage, that's a severe lack
00:00:02preglowforget me
00:00:02Coldtoastif you're rubbing the thing constantly with your fingers, don't they show signs of wear?
00:00:11preglowamiconn: i bet we'd be able to fix that
00:00:28Coldtoastactually, I hear it does have mass storage
00:00:42Coldtoastbut the DAP part is completely separate
00:00:53Coldtoastto listen to music on them, you don't just dump tracks on there
00:00:54amiconnYes, that'sw what I mean
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00:02:07elinenbe_looking at the mp3 −− there is definitly an issue with it, but it still shouldn't hang rockbox.
00:02:15elinenbe_it plays fine on the PC
00:02:30elinenbe_it can be found at
00:02:47*Bagder gets it to his collection
00:03:05Bagderit hangs immediately?
00:03:10preglowsure, but i don't think that's an issue
00:03:17preglowi wont buy an ipod to use apples firmware ;)
00:04:09ColdtoastI know why it won't play
00:04:13Coldtoastit's Kylie Mingue
00:04:29Coldtoastmoral decision on the h1x0's part
00:05:53elinenbe_Bagder... it loads and loads and loads but never plays
00:05:59elinenbe_although it doesn't "lock up"
00:06:02preglowbut yeah, i'd overall be more interested in an ipod port than any other port i can think of
00:06:08preglowso might as well count me in
00:06:15elinenbe_i can hit stop at any given time...
00:06:41bill20r3an ipod port would get tons of interest
00:06:49Bagderelinenbe: ok, I named it "elinenbe-loads-loads-never-play.mp3" :-)
00:06:58elinenbe_it just never plays.
00:07:01crashdi dunno
00:07:05crashdipodlinux is already out there
00:07:11crashdand you guys are working towards a semi-shared goal
00:07:34elinenbe_though it is WAY oversized for the length and quality −− and it can be zipped down... my feeling is the header is all fucked.
00:07:38preglowtheir development doesn't seem to move too fast
00:07:39BagderI'd say most ipodlinux users have the same goal as rockbox users
00:07:48crashdpreglow: i dunno, it moves
00:07:52crashdjust not AS fast as rockbox
00:07:58preglowcrashd: yeah, it didn't say it was at a standstill
00:08:06preglowat least coob seems to do work
00:08:24preglowbut no commits since may isn't a particularily good sign
00:08:29bill20r3although I'm more interested in an H3x0 port
00:08:41preglowwell, yeah
00:08:42crashdmy interest lies in the h10 port :P
00:08:46Bagderhaving more ports bring more people, and more people make better software
00:08:49preglowthat'll probably happen independently
00:09:14preglowcrashd: well, with a bit of luck, ipodbox should share quite a bit of code with h10box
00:09:19elinenbe_the thing is... there are no commits since may, but there IS activity
00:09:22crashdpreglow: yer
00:09:25crashdthey are very similar hardware
00:09:27elinenbe_i just don't think the webpage reflects that...
00:09:33preglowno, it doesn't
00:09:44crashdjust need to get past the small problem on the h10
00:09:46crashdand you're away ;)
00:10:12elinenbe_such as read here:
00:10:24elinenbe_CVS commits 2 days ago that add much functionality
00:10:52amiconnelinenbe: your test file plays just fine on archos :-P
00:10:56Bagderso their crontab broke ;-)
00:11:04elinenbe_updated just recently:
00:11:22crashdpreglow: i thought of something else the other day
00:11:26crashdregarding the encryption
00:11:32crashdbut it lead to nothing :
00:11:54Bagderand they have a #ipodlinux here
00:12:03CassandraI think I'm going to move the quick menu to a long press on MODE.
00:12:15amiconnBagder: On the downside, more ports means diversification, and more alpha- and beta-stage ports will make it even wose
00:12:26CassandraMakes it marginally less convenient, but I prefer having it available for wps and browser.
00:12:37CassandraIf only for consistency's sake.
00:12:50Bagderamiconn: yes, it increases complexity in several areas
00:13:28amiconnBagder: I'm not against more ports, I merely think that new ports should get some time
00:13:41ColdtoastI reckon if you could emulate the TruBass setting in the iriver firmware, I'd be happy with just that
00:13:41amiconn..until another one is started
00:13:48preglowwhat does it do?
00:13:48Coldtoastto be completely off topic
00:14:04CassandraIt's patented. We should be able to do something similar though.
00:14:27Coldtoastit seems to open the sound up a bit and has nice thick bass
00:14:29preglowNilss is slightly crazy. He's managed to dump the first 64kb of the 4g's flash using the piezo, a mic, and a software decoding process. <- now this is a hacker
00:14:35Coldtoastyou'd have to listen to it maybe
00:14:41amiconnCassandra: I'm still for removing those odd quickscreens, and add those options to the context menu
00:15:29CassandraI don't like blurring the function of the context menu like that. It acts on files.
00:15:30amiconnThere'll always be units where it is difficult (iriver) or even impossible (Ondio) to fit the quickscreens
00:15:59amiconnThen make it a second context menu, perhaps call it action menu
00:16:20Cassandra*nods* I think you're right.
00:16:35crashdmisticriver users are so unhelpful sometimes
00:17:03amiconnOn Ondio it was even difficult to fit the context menu in the wps. Had to sacrifice direct access to the main menu to make it work
00:17:04CassandraI'll let it gestate overnight and see if I can come up with a good way to do it.
00:17:44CassandraOndio could do with it too.
00:17:59CassandraMaybe spliting the context menu in 2 is the way to go.
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00:18:07amiconnOn a related issue, I think the suggestion to leave the browser with LEFT from the root to the wps if music is playing is a good thing?
00:18:34CassandraIt does that already, doesn't it?
00:18:34amiconn(For all targets except player)
00:18:40 Join Flemmard [0] (
00:18:40amiconnCassandra: Nope
00:18:45Stryke`you have to hit play to return to wps
00:19:09amiconnStryke`: Imho this should be kept as an alternative way
00:19:31CassandraI agree.
00:19:46Stryke`Well, i think it makes sense to give Play a better function during browsing
00:19:52amiconnAs already mentioned, the same goes for archos recorders and Ondfio
00:20:05CassandraOh, I have a BDF file with ANSI chars in it. When I use bdfconv on it, Rockbox won't display any characters from it.
00:20:28amiconnOnly on player this makes no sense, because the move-up button is STOP, and returning to wps with STOP is illogical
00:21:00Stryke`i happen to like the iPod way, where there is a Base Menu through which you can access their equivalent of WPS, Browser, and Settinga
00:21:11CassandraI think it's missing a Unicode map.
00:21:29CassandraCan't be done on Rockbox, sadly.
00:21:41CassandraThe code isn't structured right for it.
00:21:48amiconnStryke`: The archos Ondio firmware uses a base menu as well, and I must say I don't like that method at all
00:22:16amiconn@Cassandra: Btw, the archos base menu uses a similar layout as our quick screens
00:22:23Stryke`its not a big deal to me, i have an odd question though
00:22:33amiconn...using up/down on Ondio SP, and up/down/left/right on Ondio FM
00:22:39Stryke`if you stop playback before you shut down the player, why does it resume on start?
00:22:48Stryke`play == iriver
00:23:04BagderStryke`: its just been debated a lot on the mailing list
00:23:15Bagderit is for historical reasons from other players
00:23:30amiconnPlease don't remove that
00:23:31preglowsomeone should bug portalplayer until they release specs
00:23:38Stryke`i happen to love (maybe just got used to) the iRiver resume
00:23:40preglowi don't exactly relish the thought of disassembling firmware
00:23:41CassandraYou can stop it by setting Resume on Start to "Ask" or "no"
00:24:04BagderI would like resume to become autoplay and have it always get resume position
00:24:05crashdpreglow: it aint gonna happen
00:24:12crashdthey have a nice monopoly on it
00:24:16Cassandrastryke: Doesn't the PLAY key do the same in Rockbox for you?
00:24:30Bagderthe select key
00:24:31crashdand even if they did, i wouldnt want to write a flash boostrap for the pp based stuff
00:24:35amiconnStryke`: This is a 2-fold safety measure for some archoses, but one of the reasons is true for all targets
00:24:36preglowcrashd: well, small wonder, it's their bloody chip
00:24:38crashdand iriver sure as hell wont give out their encryption keys :\
00:24:43crashdpreglow: ?
00:25:02preglowcrashd: in your case you just need to disassemble some stuff and you've got them
00:25:05Stryke`amiconn: so the possibility is there for an h1x0 specific resume?
00:25:21crashdpreglow: yer i know
00:25:24amiconnStryke`: As I said, I very much want to keep the current behaviour
00:25:28crashdi just wish there was more than one person who seemed interested enough
00:25:34Stryke`im curious as to why
00:25:36crashdas i just dont have enough spare time right now
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00:26:31amiconnStryke`: If rockbox would only resume when shutdown while playing, it is *very* easy to loose the resume position
00:26:43amiconn...since stop and off are on the same button
00:26:44Stryke`or paused
00:27:22amiconnJust pressing the off button a little too short and the resume position is gone
00:27:30CassandraBesides, I *like* being able to resume after I've pressed STOP.
00:27:40amiconnYes, definitely
00:27:50Stryke`i suppose im just used to iRiver resume
00:27:55Bagderbut my solution would fix it
00:27:57 Quit MO-Pantsu ()
00:28:02Bagderfor both camps
00:28:13Stryke`and what is it Badger?
00:28:19CassandraWhat's your solution?
00:28:25Bagderif it would _always_ get the resume position
00:28:32Bagderbut only _use_ it if autoplay was set
00:28:50Bagderotherwise you'd have to ask for resume
00:29:02Bagderthe second being more like on iriver firmware
00:29:22Stryke`anything in the way?
00:29:28amiconnThat's the way it is now, after Cassandra's change...
00:29:29Bagderthere's no downside in always getting the resume position, since if you don't care you can just play another file
00:29:39amiconn...or am I wrong?
00:29:55CassandraHow is that different from having resume on startup set to "yes" or "no" respectively.
00:30:09CassandraI don't think you are, ami.
00:30:09Stryke`maybe Resume and "Autoplay" need to be separated
00:30:12Bagderdoes no get the position?
00:30:17Stryke`i like Resume, not Autoplay
00:30:22CassandraTry it.
00:30:33Bagderok, then it certainly seems identical ;-)
00:30:47BagderStryke`: you were just saying it shouldn't start playing
00:31:02Bagderso set resume to no
00:31:04amiconnI think Stryke` means the unit should remember if it was shutdown while playing/paused or while stopped
00:31:12 Quit ep0ch (" HydraIRC -> <-")
00:31:40BagderI personally don't think of that as very important
00:31:43Stryke`amiconn: yes
00:31:56Bagderits just an extra keypress on boot to resume, if you really don't like it to start automatically
00:32:01CassandraJust press the resume key if you want to resume.
00:32:10amiconnI'd say that's unneeded, because *I* surely can't remember how I did shutdown the unit the other day
00:32:21BagderI agree
00:32:26CassandraI prefer that to me having to remember the state.
00:32:28BagderI love our resume I had to use the display
00:32:42Stryke`so, is there a way for me to turn on my player, have it not start playing, but still resume from the point i stopped?
00:33:01amiconnThe way it is now, I can pre-press the answer button, without looking at the display a single time
00:33:10CassandraSet "Resume on startup" to "no" and have a short tap on the play key.
00:33:19Stryke`perfect, i was unaware that worked
00:33:22CassandraI believe I explained that about 50 lines ago.
00:33:30CassandraIt didn't. Until yesterday.
00:33:39bill20r3my remote just arrived
00:33:44Stryke`oh, thanks then
00:33:50amiconn(Well, the pre-pressing only works for rockbox in flash, i.e. on archos atm)
00:34:36CassandraYou know, with the new resume behaviour, "Ask once" and "Ask" are kind of redundant anyway.
00:35:11CassandraWhen are they not?
00:35:37amiconnYou mean Ask once redundant to ask. That's indeed the case.
00:35:52CassandraNo, ask is redundant as well.
00:36:09 Join tvelocity [0] (
00:36:14CassandraThink about it. You turn the player on, you hit play if you want to resume, anything else if you don't.,
00:36:17amiconnIf Ask Once doesn't clear the resume position on a negative answer, it's identical to ask
00:36:35CassandraIt does still clear the position,
00:36:43amiconnCassandra: Yes, but you turn on the player with the very same button, and so on startup it is filtered
00:37:01amiconn...but ask uses a different button
00:37:32amiconnThat's true for all units but the Ondios
00:37:57amiconn(where both the answer button and the resume button are different from the power button)
00:38:22amiconniriver: poweron = play, resume = play, ask: yes = select
00:38:40amiconnrecorder: poweron = on, resume = on, ask: yes = play
00:38:59amiconnondio: poweron = onoff, resume = mode, ask: yes = right
00:39:03CassandraThe filtering doesn't seem to make a difference.
00:39:16CassandraI mean you have to wait for the thing to boot before "confirming" anyway.
00:39:25Bagderit feels a bit weird that databox is the biggest plugin we have
00:39:32]RowaN[is the only place for iriver compatible hds guys?
00:39:33Bagderexcept for rockboy
00:39:57CassandraI should also mention that the resume code is actually buggy, and will ignore your first press on the ON button.
00:40:08CassandraThat's why I tried (unsuccessfully) to rip it out.
00:40:13amiconnCassandra: No I don't have to wait if rockbox is flashed, that's the point
00:40:46amiconnI can tap On-Play on archos recorder within < 1 sec, and it still accepts this as 'yes'
00:40:48CassandraI'm assuming that only applies to Ondio currently.
00:41:10amiconnNo, it apllies to all archoses
00:41:13CassandraSince for all other models, you have to wait for the disk to spin up anyway.
00:41:26elinenbe_amiconn: how is the grfx lib coming?
00:41:36amiconnYou can answer before the disk is spinning, the button queue buffers the answer
00:41:58amiconnelinenbe: lcd_bitmap is hard
00:42:23CassandraDoesn't work on my FM, ami.
00:42:36amiconnHmm, strange
00:42:54amiconnIt's working on all of rec v1, player, and ondio here
00:43:04CassandraOh, it does, provided you leave a short gap between on and play.
00:43:24amiconnYes, but you need < 1 sec
00:43:45amiconn...just enough to let the button driver initialise
00:44:05Bagdernow we can decrease plugin buffer size to 20K on players, should we want to
00:44:15CassandraIf it could be made to work, would you object to double click on ON instead?
00:44:20amiconn20 K sounds weird
00:44:26Bagderbiggest current player plugin is 18088 bytes
00:44:38amiconnCassandra: That's not safely possible
00:44:48Bagderbiggest recorder one is 25968
00:45:08amiconn...because it can't be made sure whether it will catch a still pressed ON button or not
00:45:21amiconnThat depends on how long ON is held down
00:45:33elinenbe_amiconn: good luck with it.
00:45:39Cassandraami: If you have to wait for delta < time < 1sec anyway, I can't see why you can't just wait until the unit has booted.
00:45:43amiconnBagder: I might want to increase plugin size on recorders and ondios a bit
00:45:57CassandraWe could simply clear the button queue on startup.
00:46:05Bagderamiconn: what are you planning?
00:46:17amiconnBagder: A buffered greyscale lib
00:46:33amiconnMuch better suited for animated graphics
00:46:40Bagderwell, it looks like there is some room within the current limits as well
00:46:52amiconn...but needing 2 7-KB-buffers for fullscreen
00:46:57amiconn(delta buffers)
00:47:12amiconnI'm thinking about 48 KB, or max 64
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00:47:41 Join webguest95 [0] (
00:47:45CassandraI would really like to ditch the resume screen if I can, since it's basically code we don't need any more, provided we can solve your problem satisfactorily, and it doesn't work properly anyway.
00:47:48BagderI'm thinking about sleep ;-)
00:48:03*Bagder fades away
00:48:20amiconnBagder: 16-greylevel fullscreen would then need a total of 28 KB buffers, and 32-greylevel fullscreen 42 KB
00:48:43Bagdersounds... fun!
00:48:43amiconnCassandra: What doesn't work properly?
00:49:00amiconnBagder: rough roadmap:
00:49:08CassandraAs I say, if the first key you press in the resume screen is ON, Rockbox usually ignores it.
00:49:28preglowtremor uses a fairly fancy way to do clipping ;)
00:49:40amiconn(1) 4-grey mode for iriver (2) solid grey rotating cube (3) buffered greyscale lib (4) solid grey cube on archos
00:49:50CassandraBecause most of the time, the event you're trying to protect against (spurious play signal at startup) doesn't happen.
00:50:02amiconnCassandra: Yes I know
00:50:13 Quit courtc (Remote closed the connection)
00:50:14amiconn...and I just had an idea how to get rid of it
00:50:21preglowi wonder if it's any faster
00:50:31 Join courtc [0] (
00:50:47preglowamiconn: do you know anything about how branching affects the coldfire pipeline? is that accounted for in the instruction timing table?
00:51:07amiconnThe problem is that the button driver always sends BUTTON_ON down event, even if the button is already held down, so we have to protect against it
00:51:32amiconnThat's because the initial button state variable value is always all buttons up
00:51:48amiconnIt should be initialised to the current state on driver init
00:52:17 Join ac [0] (
00:52:25amiconnThis way we would receive a couple of button repeats and then a release, but since we only react on a press, this wouldn't hurt
00:52:37nickebyis anybody interested in example of an mp3 track that plays at the wrong bitrate
00:52:45achi all
00:52:47nickebyas a sort of bug report
00:53:07amiconnpreglow: There are some preconditions listed
00:53:37amiconnI think it doesn't influence timing as long as the code is cached
00:53:52amiconn...or maybe in SRAM (is SRAM single cycle?)
00:54:19CassandraRight. *nods*
00:54:43preglowsram is
00:54:51amiconnBah, I'm talking too much and coding too little :-/
00:55:55*ac thinks that he will by a iaudio x5 as next player and port rockbox to it
00:56:24preglowac: then hooray!
00:58:07preglowmay your luck be good and your bricked players few
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01:18:20nickebyi've searched the bugs and patches on but can't find if anybody has reported an mp3-bitrate-related bug in the iRiver port
01:18:28nickebyi don't know if i'm describing in a useful way, but:
01:18:34nickebythe track simply plays at half speed
01:19:08nickebydoes it sound like areportable bug, if not just tell me to shut up and go back to work
01:20:37 Part tvelocity
01:20:48CassandraThere's still problems with playback performance.
01:21:03CassandraParticularly if it's other than 44kz audio.
01:21:20nickebyit's a 44khz encoded mp3
01:22:38nickeby128 kbps bitrate, sampled at 44kHz
01:23:52preglowrecent build?
01:24:17preglowis it a stereo file?
01:24:20nickebytodays daily'
01:24:24nickeby2 channel stereo
01:24:53nickebythe build file i DL's was:
01:25:00pregloware you absolutely certain about it begin 44khz?
01:25:13nickebywindows file explorer and itunes both report 44kHz
01:25:22nickebywhat else should i check it with?
01:25:32preglownah, i expect they know what they're doing
01:25:36 Quit Stryke` (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
01:25:48preglowwell, not much you can do apart from giving us the file in question
01:26:02preglowif you feel like it
01:26:20nickebyif that would help i'd be glad to
01:26:32nickebyhow can i get it to somebody - email
01:26:36 Quit Harpy (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
01:27:15preglowyou could mail me it, i suppose
01:28:01 Join Stryke` [0] (
01:31:31preglowi'll have a look now
01:32:09preglowit's a 22050hz file
01:32:12preglowthat's been mistagged
01:32:29preglowit sure doesn't sound like it, though :/
01:33:51preglowthis file is quite simply mistagged
01:36:02preglowi'm not intimately familiar with this, though
01:36:14preglowi wouldn't have thought rockbox relied on the id3 tag for its sample rate info
01:37:57acpreview: possible way to code with the gui lib i am working on.. note.. only fast example of api.. not running!!
01:39:51preglowbut of course
01:39:59preglowmpa.c DOES rely on the id3 info
01:40:04preglowlooks like that needs to stop
01:40:31acwhat do you think about the gui example code?
01:40:39preglownickeby: but yeah, thanks for reporting it, will fix it some time ;)
01:40:51preglowi'm too tired to look at code currently
01:40:54nickebygood luck with that. keep up the good work i think it's a kick axx project
01:41:14nickebyfeel like i got a new h120 this morning
01:41:26 Part nickeby
01:41:31preglowoh well
01:41:32preglowi'm off
01:41:33preglowlater all
01:41:36 Quit preglow ("yesyes")
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02:03:22 Quit Cassandra ("If I were actually witty, this quitline would be funny.")
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02:11:09tvelocityi'm bored :(
02:20:58Moosme too :)
02:23:04HCli'm sleepy
02:23:19Moosgood night HCl
02:23:41tvelocityi wish i was on a real computer right now
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02:29:25 Quit amiconn (Nick collision from services.)
02:29:25 Nick amiconn_ is now known as amiconn (
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02:38:22Moosgood night at all
02:38:46 Part Moos
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03:44:35boogawudoes anyone here know the gmini120 well?
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05:33:12Rorimind the gap
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08:16:58 Nick QT_ is now known as QT (as@area51.users.madwifi)
08:17:50amiconnB4gder: haha, funny commit. HCl might not like it...
08:18:02Slasherithe player did not crash with crossfade disabled (was playing over night and still working)
08:18:10B4gderhcl does not think about such issues
08:18:15B4gderI think
08:19:33B4gderit annoyed me that databox was the single largest plugin :-)
08:19:46amiconnThere is a reson why there is such an odd amount of tokens - 70. I reduced that to make it fit on archos; it was 100 before...
08:21:40*amiconn solved the pixel puzzle in the middle of the night
08:22:06 Quit webguest57 ("CGI:IRC (Ping timeout)")
08:40:43 Join StrathAFK [0] (
08:46:28 Quit Strath (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
08:51:13 Join courtc_ [0] (
08:52:04 Quit courtc (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
08:54:43 Join webguest77 [0] (
09:22:04 Quit courtc_ (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
09:22:05 Quit Maxime`Mrn (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
09:22:15 Join courtc__ [0] (
09:33:13 Join ashridah [0] (
09:34:02 Join Maxime`Mrn [0] (
09:34:06Maxime`Mrn3 maman
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10:11:32 Join Coldtoast [0] (
10:15:06 Join Harpy [0] (
10:30:37 Join Chamois [0] (
10:30:46 Quit Maxime`Mrn (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
10:32:04 Join Maxime`Mrn [0] (
10:41:33 Join DangerousDan [0] (~Miranda@
11:12:34 Quit webguest77 ("CGI:IRC")
11:16:00 Join Aison [0] (
11:35:16 Join ac [0] (
11:40:15 Quit ac (Client Quit)
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11:59:28 Join cYmen [0] (
12:00:01 Nick courtc__ is now known as courtc (
12:19:35 Quit DangerousDan (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
12:20:46HClcats are cute
12:27:12*HCl slaps windows
12:27:31 Join Moos [0] (
12:27:38MoosHi all
12:27:48HClits samba handling is such crap that i have to resort to using smbclient on my server, then transfer the file with ftp
12:42:27 Join hicks [0] (
12:46:24B4gderwork in progress
12:52:51 Join Flemmard [0] (
13:00:32 Quit Maxime`Mrn (Read error: 113 (No route to host))
13:00:38 Quit Flemmard (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
13:02:54Coldtoasthey. found some 64kbps, 44KHz mono MP3s that only produce output in the left channel
13:03:09Coldtoastbut they're L+R with the iriver firmware and also in Winamp
13:03:42 Join Maxime`Mrn [0] (
13:04:14B4gderI could add it to my collection of problematic songs
13:04:54ColdtoastI think all of those ones
13:05:37B4gderyou have a plain mp3 version anywhere?
13:06:15ColdtoastI can DCC, yeah
13:06:49B4gderwell I can't receive ;-), wait...
13:08:13 Join Godeater [0] (
13:12:17 Quit edx (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
13:12:53amiconnB4gder: I like your wildcard idea, and btw, using it, your last <source> can be simplified to h?00: "phrase adjusted to h100 and h300"
13:13:03amiconnAnd btw, it's 'adjusted'
13:14:16amiconnI'd suggest to use the same target IDs as in the configure script
13:16:15B4gderyes, that would be conveniant
13:16:51amiconnImho the configure IDs should be changed to your list, not vice versa
13:16:59amiconnYour list seems much more logical
13:17:25B4gderbut changing the configure one has an impact on all the auto builds
13:17:44B4gderstill I agree with you
13:25:16amiconnI would suggest to name the file defining the actual array .inc, not .c, to point out the way it is used
13:25:47B4gderwell, I aim at not having it included
13:26:12B4gderthe include would just be the initial approach
13:27:38B4gderbut I guess we can rename it then
13:27:39amiconnThe build system has to generate a lang.h/lang.c for the core as well, and btw, I would name the plugin localisation files lang-<pluginname>.(h|inc)
13:28:41amiconnThe voice file format must be adapted as well
13:29:35B4gderI'm not very familiar with voicing, so I've left that out of my text so far
13:30:58amiconnThe voice file format is defined at the top of talk.c
13:31:01B4gderthere, adapted your comments
13:31:21 Join Strath [0] (
13:31:32amiconn(struct voicefile and struct clip_entry)
13:31:59amiconnWe'll probably need a encoding type field in the global header as well
13:32:10B4gderah, yes
13:32:20B4gderwe should have one in the fonts as well
13:33:06amiconnFont format is identical for all currently supported platforms
13:33:08B4gderI mean, iso-8859-2 kind of
13:33:34amiconnI'd rather not do that; I'd like to switch to unicode instead
13:34:08 Quit StrathAFK (Connection reset by peer)
13:34:39amiconnPerhaps we'll need a font bitmap format identifier one day in case we'll have a platform with a different b&w bitmap format
13:35:06amiconn(may happen if someone picks up the gmini port and extends it to the 2x0
13:36:16amiconnVoice file encoding type means codec used, but with a special exception - archos should get its bitswapped mp3 as today
13:45:42***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
13:48:31 Join Sucka [0] (
13:55:47 Join west-acre [0] (
13:56:04 Join bipak [0] (
13:57:33 Join valys [0] (~nuititreb@
13:58:42 Quit valys (Excess Flood)
13:59:14 Join [IDC]Dragon [0] (
14:00:34[IDC]Dragonhi guys
14:00:46 Join webguest70 [0] (
14:00:52B4gderhey Jörg
14:01:18[IDC]Dragonhey Björn
14:01:26west-acreH1x0: Reordered lcd init sequence to match the datasheet, including the recommended pause. what is this?
14:01:31B4gderI'm not Björn ;)
14:01:57[IDC]Dragonwrong b*g*er?
14:02:14B4gderno, Björn is Zagor
14:02:22BgerZagor = Bjöorn iirc
14:02:34B4gderwest-acre: a commit message?
14:02:35[IDC]Dragonoops, Daniel
14:02:42west-acrehey the "Recent CVS activity" is that applicable to all DAPs unless it states otherwise?
14:02:45[IDC]Dragonit's been a while...
14:03:01B4gderwest-acre: nah, it depends on the file and the change
14:03:13[IDC]Dragonamiconn, do you read?
14:03:35[IDC]DragonI've seen you mentioning the Seagate disk
14:03:58[IDC]Dragonwatch for the standby current, it's pretty high
14:03:59 Quit Sucka ("Leaving")
14:04:25[IDC]Dragon0.34 W or so as opposed to 0.1W for "normal" drives
14:04:54[IDC]Dragonplus, I don't like 5400rpm for DAPs
14:05:34[IDC]Dragon(spinup time, power, gyro-force)
14:06:26amiconnYeah right, but (1) this disk size isn't available as 4200 rpm, and they say power consumption isn't higher than a typical 4200
14:07:07[IDC]Dragontrue, but I'm just afaid of cheating
14:07:11amiconn...which is obviously wrong for standby
14:07:28[IDC]Dragon...which has nothing to do with rpm
14:07:42amiconnYes, really strange
14:07:54[IDC]Dragonbad electronics
14:08:33[IDC]DragonTrevor still seems to have hotswap problems, iir his posting correct
14:08:47amiconnYes, read that
14:08:57amiconnMy guess is that it is a hardware problem
14:09:12amiconn...this is easy to test
14:09:12[IDC]Dragonyou need to wreck another of his boxes ;-)
14:09:34amiconnHe should just try to plug/unplug with the archos firmware
14:09:48amiconnWhen I am right, this will also crash
14:10:09amiconn-> Either bad contact or something causes a short-circuit during plugging
14:10:21 Quit bipak_ (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
14:12:29amiconnI do have a shiny new lcd_bitmap(), with draw modes and all
14:13:13amiconnI'll do some tests tonight, then I am facing the tedious task to change *all* 200+ calls
14:13:36amiconnCan't be automated
14:13:38crashdtime to bust out the regexps
14:13:39crashd; }
14:14:53[IDC]Dragonwhy no automation?
14:15:12amiconnThe last parameter (clear) has to go
14:15:47amiconnIt has to be replaced by a preceding lcd_set_drawmode() (and following reset as needed)
14:15:59[IDC]Dragonso you can automate all with clear=true
14:16:19[IDC]Dragonwhich should be the vast majority
14:16:24amiconnThe calls are often split into multiple lines
14:16:46[IDC]Dragonwho has it false?
14:16:49amiconn...and the parameters are often expressions
14:17:06amiconnThere are a number of calls with clear == false
14:18:57[IDC]Dragonthe old lcd_bitmap() must have been almost optimal for 8-pixel aligned output
14:19:21[IDC]DragonI think I put that memcpy() shortcut in there
14:19:54 Quit B4gder ("go go go")
14:20:25amiconn[IDC]Dragon: I reworked that back then, so I know what it does
14:20:42amiconnMy new version also does this, plus it takes advantage of some more opts
14:21:03[IDC]DragonI've been sure about that ;-)
14:21:32west-acrehey is the remote on the iriver gonna display menus etc. rather than the rockbox logo?
14:22:12amiconnLike, if the data is aligned but not drawing solid, it can't use memcpy() but it can work row-wise instead of column-wise, because the rows are independent
14:22:40amiconnSame goes for partial rows when drawing solid
14:22:54amiconn..and aligned of course
14:23:04 Join RotAtoR [0] (
14:23:55amiconnI did some more opts to my area filling as well
14:24:37[IDC]Dragonwhat was that idea in the middle of the night?
14:25:28amiconnThat 'pixel puzzle' was lcd_bitmap()
14:26:46*[IDC]Dragon needs to build that bunch of bootboxes'
14:27:03amiconnDid you solve the player problem?
14:27:13[IDC]Dragonthere was none
14:27:29[IDC]Dragonfalse alert, rebuilt fine
14:28:25[IDC]Dragonyesterday I got my 1und1 login, so I should have webspace again
14:29:28[IDC]Dragonand a non-functioning modem
14:29:28amiconnFor bootbox images I don't see a problem putting them into the wiki
14:30:10[IDC]Dragonfinally yes, but i don't want to pollute it with test versions
14:30:46[IDC]Dragonwhat's that DSL modem standard? U-2R or so
14:31:24[IDC]Dragonthat's what I'm lacking from telekom
14:31:45[IDC]DragonI have one of those anchient, proprietary modems
14:31:47amiconnMy old Siemens modem is still running fine
14:32:16[IDC]Dragonmine too, but the new box doesn't work with my line
14:32:48amiconnYou need to tell Telekom to switch the line to ur-2
14:33:06amiconnThen your new modem should work, but the old one won't work anymore
14:33:09[IDC]Dragon1&1 should do that
14:33:23amiconnThen tell them
14:33:43[IDC]DragonI have to, but the oughta know
14:33:51[IDC]Dragon... they
14:34:24[IDC]Dragonnot every customer is in those details
14:34:53amiconnI'll stick with T-Online
14:35:08[IDC]Dragonand congster?
14:35:46[IDC]DragonI was surprized to see my old modem handle 3Mbit seamlessly
14:36:16[IDC]Dragonor perhaps 6Mbit, at the end of the week
14:39:11 Join NibbIer [0] (
14:46:19 Quit [IDC]Dragon ("CGI:IRC (EOF)")
14:47:03 Quit Nibbler (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
14:48:27 Join elinenbe__ [0] (
14:49:16 Quit elinenbe_ (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
14:49:17 Nick elinenbe__ is now known as elinenbe_ (
14:52:58 Join edx [0] (
15:23:09Bgersomeone using vim here ?
15:23:38crashdnot on your life boy
15:24:18*ashridah huggles vim
15:24:41Bgeris 'set expandtab; set softtabstop=4; set shifttab=4' enough for rockbox's code policy
15:25:09Bgeri mean no tabs, 4 SW indenting
15:25:15BgerSW = whitespace
15:25:21ashridahhm, asking the wrong person, i'm not a rockbox developer
15:25:24*ashridah shuts up
15:26:17Bgerashridah: is this enough for vim not to write tab characters?
15:32:35 Nick Lynx_awy is now known as Lynx_ (
15:35:42 Join xen` [0] (
15:36:56 Quit webguest70 ("CGI:IRC (EOF)")
15:38:18 Join einhirn [0] (
15:39:25ashridah:set expandtab should do that
15:43:19godzirratoss it in your .vimrc and save yourself the trouble of doing it everytime.
15:43:29godzirraI also add this:
15:43:33godzirramap <C-I> <C-W>w<C-W>_
15:43:41godzirrathat lets you hit tab if you have two windows open with split
15:43:47godzirrato shift between the two.
15:45:00Bgerhm, ok, 10x
15:45:46***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
15:52:32Bgerthank you for the advice
15:53:31godzirraahh. sure
15:53:39godzirrathe map was taught to me by a friend of mine and I love it.
15:53:47godzirrasince you can have like 5 windows open and just hit tab to flip through them.
15:54:07godzirraHrm. I need new music.
15:56:09 Quit einhirn (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
16:00:30west-acre%<VOLUME: %pv%> will that display Volume: XX% ???
16:00:37west-acrein the WPS
16:02:19 Join einhirn [0] (
16:08:18 Quit einhirn (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
16:14:13 Quit ashridah ("Leaving")
16:14:44west-acrehey can someone here help with WPS...
16:15:05west-acrei'd like the genre to appear in brackets and if there is no genre nothing to appear atall...
16:15:58west-acre%s%?ig<· %ig|**>;%t10%s%?ig<· %ig|Path: %fp>
16:16:00 Quit Bger ("BitchX: it's wax ecstatic")
16:16:07west-acrecan it be limited to 4 chars?
16:16:25west-acreie. (Elec) (Punk) ?
16:19:25west-acregodzirra ?
16:19:37 Join Bger [0] (~Bager@
16:20:23Bgeryes ?
16:20:36west-acrein WPS, i'd like the genre to appear in brackets and if there is no genre nothing to appear atall...
16:20:47DBUGEnqueued KICK west-acre
16:20:47west-acre%s%?ig<· %ig|**>;%t10%s%?ig<· %ig|Path: %fp> ????????????????/
16:20:55godzirrawest-acre: what?
16:21:04west-acrein WPS, i'd like the genre to appear in brackets and if there is no genre nothing to appear atall...
16:21:07west-acre%s%?ig<· %ig|**>;%t10%s%?ig<· %ig|Path: %fp> ????????????????/
16:21:15Godeaterwest-acre: use the conditional tag then
16:21:27 Join mico [0] (
16:21:32west-acreim trying to edit someone else's
16:21:37 Part mico
16:22:16Godeaterwhat's that got to do with it ?
16:22:57west-acrewould the above work?
16:23:01west-acre%s%?ig<· %ig|**>;%t10%s%?ig<· %ig|Path: %fp>
16:23:53GodeaterI don't think you want the %s before the %?
16:24:00GodeaterI'm not sure what effect it would have
16:24:10GodeaterI do something similar for playlist name : %?%pn<(%s%pn) >
16:24:33Godeaterthat displays the playlist name scrolling inside () if there is one, and doesn't display anything if you're not using a playlist
16:24:47west-acrenice, ill replace the pn then
16:24:52west-acrewith ig
16:25:07Godeaterif %ig is the genre name that should work
16:25:16GodeaterI don't display the genre myself - don't really care :)
16:25:29GodeaterI can work it out by listening, don't need it to be shown to me !
16:27:48west-acreso is this rite :S −−-> |- %s%?ia<%ia|%?d2<%d2|[\root]>%?%ig<(%s%ig) >
16:28:54Godeaterlooks right yes - though you might want to lose the space in ") >" at the end and just finish it with )> since you're at the end of the line
16:29:11GodeaterI include a space in mine so that what appears after the () if there is a playlist name is seperated properly
16:29:23Godeaterbut you won't need that since you're at the end of the line already
16:31:13west-acrekewl, ill try it
16:34:50Bgerwhat's the purpose of BUTTON_QUICK #define ?
16:39:09Bgeramiconn ?
16:44:31 Quit Godeater ("CGI:IRC")
16:55:32 Join DaKi][er [0] (
16:55:55 Quit Moos (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
16:55:58 Join Moos [0] (
17:23:32west-acrehey, why should conditional tags be used? should i put something other that (%ig) ?
17:24:31west-acreBger ?
17:25:12Bgerwest-acre i don't know
17:25:23west-acreo well
17:25:27west-acreitll be fine
17:25:53CtcpIgnored 1 channel CTCP requests in 0 seconds at the last flood
17:25:53*Bger corrected (nearly) all button #define errors in H300 build
17:31:30Bgeramiconn are you here ?
17:31:35BgerSlasheri ?
17:35:08west-acreHey, the peak meter, am i right in thinking that it doesnt do n e thing yet?
17:41:03 Quit xen` (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
17:41:48godzirrawest-acre: last I checked
17:41:52godzirrawest-acre: which was friday
17:45:47***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
17:46:53 Join Thasp_ [0] (
17:50:13 Join ac [0] (
17:57:49 Join Sucka [0] (
17:57:55Bgeramiconn, Bagder/B4gder: i just added a patch for buttons defines for iriver h3x0 build
17:58:08Bgerin's patch tracker
17:59:23Bgerhaving in mind that this is my first time using cvs & this tracker, please excuse me if there are problems ...
18:04:49 Quit Thasp (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
18:34:47Bgeruf :)
18:44:05 Join Yokalosh [0] (
18:44:54Yokaloshhow do you format a drive in linux... does anyone know? because if i do mkfs.vfat /dev/sda1 it just says permission denied
18:55:06Bgerwhat gives u whoami
18:55:22Bgerare you root ?
18:57:27Yokaloshit tells me i am knoppix, because i am using knoppix live cd
18:57:39Bgerthat explains everything
18:57:47Bgertry su
18:58:04Bgeri don't know how to become root in knoppix
18:58:24Yokaloshoh ok
19:00:52Yokaloshsu worked
19:01:57 Join ansivirus [0] (
19:02:03ansivirusanyone around?
19:02:18Bgerit depends on who are you looking for
19:02:22Bgergood nick btw
19:02:32ansivirusquestion about the FM Recorder / Recorder V2?
19:02:42ansivirusthanks been using this nick for over a decade LOL
19:02:47Yokaloshwell i am root now, the only problem is when i try to reformat my jbr10 using mkfs.vfat /dev/sda1 i get mkfs.vfat: Attempting to create a too large file system
19:03:23ansivirusHow can you tell the difference between FM Recorder and Recorder V2? the pics on the website show them as the same :)
19:04:42BgerYokalosh try mkfs.vfat -F 32
19:04:48Yokaloshooo ok
19:04:56Yokaloshis that the full command?
19:05:02Bgerno, of course
19:05:07Bgerappend /dev/sda1
19:05:19Bgeransivirus sec
19:05:40Bgeransivirus search wiki
19:06:25Bgeransivirus diff between FM recorder and recorder V2 ?
19:06:50Yokaloshit says bad number of fats
19:07:20BgerYokalosh w8
19:07:35Maxime`Mrn[19:03] <ansivirus> How can you tell the difference between FM Recorder and Recorder V2? the pics on the website show them as the same :) < fm recorder has FM ..
19:11:20ansivirusThanks alot.. there is nothing other than FM Tuner that is different :)
19:11:53Maxime`Mrnansivirus: look at 19:07] <Bger>
19:14:02ansivirusMaxime`Mrn: yeah saw that that's why i said thanks :)
19:14:27 Join bagawk [0] (
19:16:09amiconnansivirus: They are looking identical apart from the printed text
19:16:39amiconn...and some early v2s even have the FM radio mounted, only it isn't available in the archos firmware
19:16:48amiconn...but in rockbox it is
19:18:50Yokaloshbger u still there?
19:18:56Yokaloshi'm waiting.........
19:20:43*Plugh_ pounds on his compiler to make it go faster
19:21:11Plugh_compiling text-to-speech for Solaris
19:21:24Plugh_for audiobook heaven
19:28:41bagawkHey Plugh_
19:29:30bagawkI have seen a solaris box only once
19:29:50bagawkIt was a little sun microsystems library search terminal
19:30:05bill20r3Ihave 2 here being put to good use.
19:30:10bill20r3holding up my lcd's
19:33:33 Join Stryke` [0] (
19:33:49 Quit Yokalosh ("Leaving")
19:38:43 Nick Lynx_ is now known as Lynx_awy (
19:39:48 Quit Stryke` ("Friends don't let friends listen to Anti-Flag")
19:39:56 Join Stryke` [0] (
19:40:48Plugh_my ultra 5 is my main home server
19:40:58Plugh_web, mail, etc
19:41:25Plugh_it's great. Just sits in a closet and quietly manages all my information
19:41:49 Join Yokaloshi [0] (
19:42:13bagawkI was going to make my Mac LC a web server, but my parents would not let me because they were scared that because it has internet I would be doing dirty things
19:42:16YokaloshiHey, just incase any of you lot care or helped me, i managed to fix my I/O error using knoppix!
19:42:22YokaloshiThanks for your help guys!
19:43:06 Join webguest55 [0] (
19:44:05webguest55dynamic playlists can only be viewed with Show Files set to 'All', this is a pain
19:44:32bagawkwebguest55: why?
19:44:35 Quit Coldtoast (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
19:44:57webguest55it would be nice to be able to view dynamically created playlists with Show Files set to 'Music'
19:45:15 Join Coldtoast [0] (
19:45:20 Join einhirn [0] (
19:45:27webguest55less screen cluter, and less chance of deleting a system file
19:45:36Plugh_my parents are still scared I'm doing dirty things on the internet
19:45:44Plugh_I'm 34, and they're right
19:45:48***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
19:46:30webguest55plus the dynamically created playlists are only visible in the root directory,
19:47:19webguest55it would be nice to view the dynamically created playlists in 'Playlist options'
19:49:06 Quit Yokaloshi ()
19:50:43bagawkwebguest55: that would be simple change
19:51:04webguest55it would be more user friendly
19:53:58webguest55the root directory will become messy with several dyamic playlists created, much nicer in their own menu under 'Playlist options'
19:54:51webguest55^if show files is set to 'All', but that is the only way that dynamic lists can be seen
19:54:58bagawkwebguest55: I would be willing to make a build to do just that...
19:55:16webguest55thank you kind sir
19:57:16bagawkwebguest55: do you use a archos recorder?
19:57:25webguest55no only H140
19:58:54 Join yyz [0] (
20:07:18 Quit yyz ("brb")
20:08:37bagawkI am having cygwin troubles :(
20:08:47Maxime`Mrnit's cygwin.. :p
20:14:10 Quit Chamois (" HydraIRC -> <- The future of IRC")
20:20:16 Join belgarath [0] (
20:23:59 Join [-AIR-] [0] (
20:26:16[-AIR-]hey, is it possible to start a .wps at startup of iriver?
20:26:45Coldtoastneeds to be in .rockbox tho
20:26:49[-AIR-]wiked h0ow?
20:27:15Coldtoastmake sure the .wps is in .rockbox
20:27:44bagawkand named default
20:27:49[-AIR-]rite, cheers
20:27:54Coldtoastit cam be named anything
20:28:02[-AIR-]damn, i need a pc for dat, u cnt move files can you?
20:28:03bagawkahh yes
20:28:11bagawkI forget rockbox remembers it
20:28:14amiconnyeps, it just needs to be in /,rockbox, and played once
20:28:15Coldtoastmine's named "edan.wps" for example
20:28:23 Quit Stryke` ("Friends don't let friends listen to Anti-Flag")
20:28:52[-AIR-]hey, any chance i could put my custom wps on
20:29:29ansiviruswhat is the .wps?
20:29:47ansivirusi was beginning to think some wordperfect script or something but bah.. :)
20:29:59ColdtoastWhile Playing Screen skin
20:30:05Coldtoastor theme
20:30:10ansivirussorry I've only had Archos JBR FM for 2 days and using rockbox for about 2 hours :)
20:30:15Coldtoasthowever you like to think of it
20:30:24ansivirusright on
20:30:58ansivirusgot my JBR FM for 50 dollars on Ebay cause it wouldn't stay powered on and F3 button was broke..
20:31:34amiconnwebguest55: Playlists should be shown when 'show files' is set to 'music', and there is also a setting 'playlists'
20:31:39ansivirussince then with some scotch tape (fixed power issue) and super glue (fix button) I've got a fully (i hope) functioning jbrfm
20:31:45amiconnThey should also show up in any dir, not just the
20:32:09amiconnThat's the way rockbox worked for years on archos
20:32:22amiconnIf it doesn't do that on iriver, it's a bug
20:32:23bagawkansivirus clever nick :)
20:32:33amiconnI can't check atm though
20:33:00ansivirusthx bagawk
20:39:23ansivirusBBIAB heading home from work
20:39:26 Part ansivirus
20:39:42 Quit west-acre (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
20:42:31belgarathdoes using the cross fade use up a huge amount more cpu?
20:42:54belgarathalso, have most of the errors associated with it been fixed>
20:49:46bagawkCygwin is screwy
20:49:52bagawktime to go to linux
20:49:58bagawkFirst lunch
20:50:04 Quit bagawk ("Leaving")
20:52:22 Quit Rori ()
21:12:04webguest55amiconn: the dynamic playlist only shows up in the root directory with Show Files set to 'All'
21:26:11 Part webguest55
21:34:24Slasheribelgarath: crossfade should not use much more cpu
21:35:01Slasherii think it will affect cpu performance very little in fact
21:35:51Slasheribelgarath: however, there could be still some errors associated with crossfade which may cause a crash
21:36:00Slasheribut i haven't been able to verify that
21:36:43 Join webguest01 [0] (
21:45:53***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
21:46:40 Join Lear [0] (
21:50:04 Nick dwihno is now known as dwi (~dw@
21:50:07 Nick dwi is now known as dwih (~dw@
21:50:19 Quit ac ("CGI:IRC")
21:50:58 Join tvelocity [0] (
21:51:34 Quit webguest01 ("CGI:IRC (EOF)")
21:51:44LearHm... yield() on the Win32 simulator doesn't work too well. The thread I call it in seems to sleep forever. Sure doesn't wake up in a timely manner at least.
21:52:12LearI don't like the code in GUIMessageLoop, but I'm not sure what is better really...
21:53:55 Quit dwih ("Snafu nibards")
21:56:30 Nick Sucka is now known as Sucka`away (
22:00:34 Join ac [0] (
22:00:57achi all... someone of the rockbox masters here?
22:01:39Learsome have joined, wonder if they "listen" though. :)
22:02:50achmmm... i will try it later the night
22:03:36 Quit ac (Client Quit)
22:10:48 Quit Moos (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
22:10:58 Join Moos [0] (
22:11:32godzirraThey all listen. Some just take a while to respond. :)
22:12:04[-AIR-]hey, problem. just
22:12:21 Join preglow [0] (
22:12:47preglowSlasheri: the id3->frequency field depends blindly on the id3tag, it seems (surprise)
22:12:50[-AIR-]hey, problem. since i put my new wps in the .rockbox folder the plugins freeze my iriver, even though no music is playing. maybe if someone could check if my wps is correct?
22:12:58preglowif a file is badly tagged, it will play at a faulty speed
22:13:21preglowwe should use the sample rate entry in the mp3 frame too determine sample rate
22:13:32 Join dwihno [0] (~dw@
22:15:25Learair: shouldn't be related, but then again, when I start a plugin I get a crash (using build from today). I thought that was be fixed...
22:16:04[-AIR-]rite. maybe it's just todays build, that's ok. itll be fixed i hope :D
22:17:09Learplugins doesn't work at all for me either...
22:17:10ColdtoastI get no lockups with the plugs using my wps
22:17:45preglowbut i gotta og
22:17:48 Quit preglow ("offeti")
22:17:51Coldtoastoh! sorry
22:17:53ColdtoastI do
22:18:00Coldtoasthadn't tried with this new build
22:19:08 Quit RotAtoR ()
22:22:23 Join west-acre [0] (
22:22:24 Quit [-AIR-] (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
22:23:52godzirraI havent updated since yesterday, but plugins work fine for me.
22:23:59godzirraof course, crossfade worked fine for me yesterday too
22:24:03godzirrawhen it didnt for everyone
22:24:09amiconnColdtoast: That's probably something caused by Bagder's commit centralising codec and plugin buffer definition
22:24:13amiconn...some bug...
22:24:36amiconnDo plugins work if nothing is playing?
22:24:47amiconn(didn't check myself yet)
22:24:57Learnot for me.
22:25:27LearHm.. I did manage to start the battery test plugin yesterday, I think it was...
22:26:10Coldtoastdon't run with nothing playing
22:26:16amiconnHmm, badness
22:26:53Coldtoastthe error is
22:27:13ColdtoastI0B: Line-F at 32F00610
22:27:34LearI got IllInstr something...
22:27:52Coldtoastjust tried Bounce and Cube
22:27:53Mooshere too :( with last build
22:28:32amiconnI'd expect all sorts of illegal instructions
22:28:42amiconnLine-F is just a special variant
22:28:54Moosapear all plugins :(
22:29:01amiconnI have a suspicion... but first I'll eat something
22:29:05ColdtoastI found 64kbps 44KHz mono MP3s that only output the left chan, btw
22:29:16Coldtoastbut output L+R with the iriver firmware as well as Winamp
22:29:49Moosamiconn: have a good lunch
22:30:05amiconnNah, already 22:30
22:30:15Learamiconn: yeah, instruction word starting with hex F, IIRC. :)
22:30:16Coldtoastit's 06:30 here
22:30:26amiconn...and I just came home from work :((
22:30:41godzirrawest-acre: why are you randomly sending me crap? :p
22:30:47ColdtoastI finished work 3hrs ago :)
22:30:59west-acreim not.
22:31:18west-acreo i sent you the .wps i made about 4 hours ago coz u helped me make it :S
22:31:50godzirraGlad I could help I guess?
22:31:57Coldtoasthow's my wps looking godzirra?
22:32:07godzirraColdtoast: I love yours, but I switched ot JonnyDr's.
22:32:09Coldtoastdoes it load all gfx in the right places?
22:32:10godzirraI love the "next song"
22:32:29godzirraAlthough I hate his font.
22:32:37Coldtoastmine has next song :)
22:32:46Coldtoastnot a lot else tho. I chose to go simple
22:33:00godzirraOh.. why did I not know that.
22:33:37Coldtoastheh. how could you miss it?
22:33:58godzirraI havent copied it over recently ;)
22:34:09Coldtoast"NEXT TRACK" heh
22:34:09godzirrado your images load correctly in the subdirectories now?
22:34:19godzirraneat! what was it?
22:34:27Coldtoastfilename was too long
22:34:57Coldtoastwell, image name
22:34:59LearAh, forgot about WPS graphics. Anyone who has good, small images for the WPS (I'm thinking small images similar to the iRiver firmware)?
22:35:08godzirraColdtoast: ahh ok.
22:35:10Coldtoastwiki says 31chars but for some reason 23 is too many
22:35:20godzirraColdtoast: yours isnt loading.
22:35:27godzirrayour next artist I mean
22:35:31godzirrait just says nextg artist.
22:35:53Coldtoastit should say "Unknown artist" til it gets the info
22:36:32Coldtoastonly happens on the first track til it gets near the end and has th einfo. When it starts the next track, all works
22:36:54Coldtoastanyway. the one you're using now has loads of info
22:37:47ColdtoastLear: which gfx from the iriver firmware?
22:38:01Coldtoastthe only stuff on their WPS are the icons
22:38:51Learcoldtoast: on their "wps" there are images/icons for artist and stuff; something like that...
22:38:56Coldtoastis you set up a wps to have the little icons in rockbox, you can't use %s cos when the info scrolls, it destroys the gfx
22:39:09Coldtoastonly way you can do it is to not use %s
22:39:28Learah, that does make it less interesting...
22:40:00ColdtoastI've asked and they're saying it'd be dead easy to give us access to the rockbox icons for wps
22:40:14Coldtoastyou know the little musical note icons and stuff in the browser?
22:40:24Learyou mean like play/stop?
22:40:50amiconnMy suspicion was right - the memory areas overlap.
22:40:54ColdtoastI guess. But I was thinking more, for track names for eg, having the little musical note icon in front of the track name
22:40:57amiconnFixing it should be easy
22:41:07amiconnme fix.
22:41:16LearBtw, I was thinking about loadable gfx a while ago, but then for the Roxbox icons; I'd like somewhat larger ones...
22:41:19Coldtoastyay for amiconn. heh
22:41:20Moosplease do
22:41:45Learcoldtoast: that's the kind if icons I was interested in (if %s still worked...)
22:41:50Moosthe famous bugs hunter :))
22:42:13ColdtoastLear: one thing Linus (I think it was) was talkign about was margins
22:42:33Coldtoastso you could have the text scroll within set margins. THAT I'd likve a lot!
22:42:48LearColdtoast: Yeah, that would do the trick.
22:47:54 Join ansivirus [0] (
22:50:00 Quit belgarath ("CGI:IRC (Ping timeout)")
22:53:29ansiviruswhere would i find the option in Rockbox 2.4 for Deep Discharge and Trickle Charge?
22:53:48ansivirusI'm having battery issues with my JBR FM and I read about those options but can't find them
22:53:51godzirraColdtoast: now it loads.. you're right. I need to put it on seperate lines though
22:53:54godzirrathe artist and song I mean
22:54:10Coldtoastthat's easy
22:54:14godzirraYeah, I figured. :)
22:54:27 Quit Lear ("Chatzilla [Firefox 1.0.4/20050512]")
22:55:02ansivirusand also are .wps files dependant on which archos jukebox or whatever you have?
22:55:06ansivirusor are they universal?
22:56:28amiconnHmm, badness. There's a potential clash if both plugins and codecs try to use IRAM
22:57:03Coldtoastunzip that into .rockbox
22:57:31godzirrayou rule
23:01:25Coldtoastgodzirra: err.. change the 4th line from the bottom in the wps from "%?It< %It| %Fn>" to "%s%?It< %It| %Fn>" tho
23:03:15amiconnThe IRAM clash is the reason why rockboy crashes the iriver when trying to start it while music is playing...
23:03:50Bagderit could be fixed in the LDS file(s) I guess
23:03:55Coldtoasthow hard of a fix is it? sound slike some thinkign time would be needed
23:04:37amiconnBagder: Yes it could, but then we would have to decide about the iram chunk distribution for (codecs, plugins, core)
23:04:55amiconnCurrently it is 64 K for core and 32 K for plugins/codecs
23:05:07amiconnI checked; codecs almost fully use it up
23:05:13Bagderdoes the core use a lot?
23:05:27amiconnmpa.codec: 0x7e58
23:05:39amiconnrockboy uses 0x5840
23:05:40godzirraColdtoast: is that it?
23:05:48amiconnThe core uses 0x4964
23:06:05Coldtoastgodzirra: yeah. Just so the track name will scroll if it's long
23:06:07amiconnWe could split evenly, 32K - 32K - 32K
23:06:12godzirrahrm. that didnt like that..
23:06:16amiconnBut imho that's not what we want
23:06:17godzirraoh.. cause I forgot a %
23:06:39amiconnRockboy is the only plugin using IRAM, and it has to stop the music anyway
23:06:46Coldtoastheh. I think I'll keep it split like this myself
23:06:53Bagderamiconn: true
23:07:08Bagderand it could easily stop the music first, then use iram
23:07:10amiconnSo it's just necessary to put the audiobuffer claim before the iram copy
23:07:34amiconnI'll fix the DRAM mapping first
23:07:54amiconn(that you introduced) ;)
23:08:11 Join Rori [0] (
23:08:44Bagderwhat did I miss?
23:09:09amiconnCodecs and plugins both start at the same address now
23:09:24amiconnDid you actually test?
23:10:03Bagdernot the plugins no
23:11:32 Join webguest86 [0] (
23:12:06webguest86rockboy doesnt work on the latest build. is that a known bug?
23:13:25BagderI see the problem
23:15:00Bagderamiconn: shall I fix it, or are you on to it?
23:15:11 Nick Sucka`away is now known as Sucka (
23:15:12*Bagder reads mail now
23:15:15amiconnBagder: I committed a fix
23:15:29 Join RotAtoR [0] (
23:16:24amiconn(for the clashing address, not for the iram issue)
23:16:24HClwebguest86: it doesn't?
23:16:43Bagderget the bleeding edge and it does
23:16:45amiconnBagder: I won't fix the iram issue now, need to work on gfx
23:16:57BagderI'll check it out
23:18:08Bagderfix coming
23:25:51godzirraColdtoast: I modded yours. this is pretty neat.
23:26:05godzirranothing big.. just kinda combined yours and jonnydr's
23:28:03godzirraI'm out .. see ya'll later.
23:45:54***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
23:53:40Coldtoastplugs now work. cool

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