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#rockbox log for 2005-06-29

00:05:51amiconnHmm. A number of places in the core that used to use lcd_bitmap with clear==false actually didn't need it. Nice :)
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00:27:54crashd evening stripwax
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00:27:58crashdhow goes :]
00:30:23stripwax_not bad thanks! I was thinking of making some changes to the lcd driver on iriver but I'll wait until some of the API changes have settled down..
00:31:22crashdim still working on the h10 firmware
00:31:27crashdand by 'working', i mean tearing my hair out
00:31:43crashdand occasionally sobbing
00:31:51HClyou'd probably have most luck asking ipodlinux about it
00:31:58crashdoh, i have
00:32:02crashdbut i like idling here too
00:32:52crashdand im not 100% sure wethre the ipod and iriver even use similar encryptions anymore
00:34:38[1]MoosHi stripax, amicoon is curently working about API graphic :)
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00:37:02stripwax_Moos thx. amiconn - there'll be a scroll_rect fn, yeah? if not, I'll just finish mine and mail out a patch
00:38:10amiconnNo, there won't, at least not now and definitely not in the core
00:38:29stripwax_amiconn really? hmm.. why not?
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01:25:49stripwax_amiconn - can I ask a question re memset on iriver?
01:26:02amiconnJust ask
01:27:18stripwax_It looks like, after setting leading bytes, we then set leading longwords before processing the main 4xlongwords loop. Not sure I understand why we need to process leading longwords..
01:27:47amiconnBecause the cpu does only use burst mode if the data is line aligned
01:28:34stripwax_by line aligned you mean 64-bit aligned?
01:28:56amiconnNo, a line is 16 bytes
01:29:43amiconnIf we wouldn't process leading longwords first, we would miss the 2.4x speed increase in 3 of 4 cases
01:32:22stripwax_but I guess, wouldn't one unaligned movem.l be quicker than three move.l anyway? or something like that?
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01:32:59amiconnOne movem.l needs 1+n clocks, while one move.l needs 1 clock
01:33:09amiconnSo we would loose 1 clock cycle
01:33:22amiconnI tried that
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01:34:15stripwax_ah right (yeah, just found that page in the datasheet)
01:34:20amiconnNot that it matters much, the RAM is the limiting factor here
01:34:50amiconnOtherwise we wouldn't gain much from burst mode
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01:36:52preglowamiconn: hard at work, i see
01:38:26stripwax_true, fair point. that's why I suggested using movem.l in place of *3* move.l :-) using movem.l (d0-d1) would still be quicker than move.l/cmp/bhi/move.l/cmp/bhi . but yeah, probably not much mileage in optimising tiny pieces of asm around memset like that
01:41:34amiconnThis way you would need three code paths, with 3 different movem.l
01:42:50amiconnIt might be possible to optimise in a different way though, writing all move.l in sequence and jump into that with a computed branch
01:44:09stripwax_amiconn yup, that would be better than any unaligned movem's
01:44:23amiconnOn SH1 this is usually slower when comparing to such few-cycle loops, but on coldfire there is the powerful lea instruction
01:44:39amiconnI'll check that out, but now now
01:45:03stripwax_amiconn cool. no hurry :-) same would apply for byte moves as well presumably.
01:45:39amiconnI'm still thinking about the best way to use burst mode in memcpy()
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01:46:04stripwax_(oh and also apply your move.l/addq -> moveq.l/add.l optimisation to the .loop_line loop too ;-))
01:47:05preglowdo you think it's necessary to apply a different dither for both channels in stereo stream?
01:47:08preglowi'd say 'no'
01:47:12stripwax_amiconn - presumably the diff between r1.4 and r.15 could be applied elsewhere in memset too?
01:47:29stripwax_i.e. it's presumably optimal?
01:47:49amiconnIt would gain nothing, but take an additional register
01:48:17amiconnIn other places I used addq.l, but that only works for 1..8
01:49:02amiconnSo I used add.l #immediate first, which takes 3 words, then noticed swapping it to moveq.l/add.l saves 2 words
01:49:16amiconn...and hence is a bit faster due to less caching needed
01:49:44amiconnIn the innermost loop I'm using lea.l for decrementing, which isn't too bad
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01:50:38amiconnCould have done that instead of the moveq.l/add.l too, but then I had to push a register even if the line loop is not used
01:50:44amiconn...which I wanted to avoid
01:52:17stripwax_ah, right. I see that now
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01:58:21stripwax_another dumb question - if we assume that data (%d0) is always in the range 00-0xff, would it be quicker to do a mul.l #0x01010101, %d0 than to do the and,or,shift,or,swap,or step?
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01:59:12amiconnWe can't assume that
01:59:25amiconnThe data is signed, so it will be sign extended
02:00:03amiconnIt is possible to do the mulu.l after and.l
02:00:05stripwax_dumb... seems there is no mulu.l #nnn, Dx instruction anyway. so ignore me.
02:00:27amiconnDidn't check whether this would save some clock cycles or not
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02:02:48amiconnThere is mulu.l #imm,Dx
02:03:15greensodaHello, quick n00b question if someone would like to help
02:03:26stripwax_amiconn hmm.. not on my datasheet.
02:03:41stripwax_only W, no L
02:04:20amiconnAh, ok
02:04:27amiconnWas looking in the wrong table
02:05:00amiconnI should rather concentrate on the remote lcd driver :/
02:05:39stripwax_aye. oh, what is/was the reason for no scroll_rect fns in rockbox core by the way (wouldn't that be useful for text scrolling?)
02:06:27amiconnPerhaps it will be added one day, but I won't do that for a while
02:06:45amiconnI think it's not necessary, and I don't want to spend time on it now
02:07:08stripwax_sure, i'll take a look, as that's something i was working on before the lcd api changes started taking place
02:07:20amiconnScrolling works fine as-is, and with the new api it is even possible to scroll text out the top
02:07:48amiconn...because there is full clipping support
02:08:34stripwax_and that's more efficient than just scrolling a rect and blitting the exposed right hand side?
02:09:14amiconnIt's not more efficient, but it needs less code
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02:14:52stripwax_how does one scroll text 'out the top' when lcd_putsxyofs only has an x offset and no y offset?
02:15:08amiconnSimply set y < 0
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02:15:53stripwax_heh, nice!
02:15:54amiconnThe ofs in putsxyofs is for cutting when the text is not at the left display border
02:15:59elinenbe_amiconn: how much faster is the new grfx api?
02:16:04amiconnThis wasn't possible before
02:16:23amiconnelinenbe: I didn't measure
02:16:49elinenbe_any new features that we can take advantage of?
02:16:57amiconnI'd expect to be lcd_bitmap() roughly equal in most cases; in some cases it should be faster
02:17:09amiconnThis api change *is* about flexibiliy
02:17:58amiconn8 draw modes instead of just foregound/solid, full clipping support
02:18:17amiconnThe function that is sped up most is inverting a rectangle
02:18:34amiconnThis was done pixel-wise before (!)
02:19:45amiconn...optimised routines for horizontal and vertical lines...
02:20:05elinenbe_what is left to do then? just the grayscale lib?
02:20:23greensodaquick question, for patches do i need to compile the code before hand or do i use the patch tool after i compile the source code
02:21:05amiconn(1) port to remote lcd driver (currently doing that) (2) Switch to 4-grey mode; requires some more changes and added functions
02:21:26amiconn(3) Sync the player gfx lib (4) Sync the grayscale lib
02:21:53amiconnThis is just the gfx api stuff, which is the basis of some more ideas...
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03:09:16kenshinanyone here?
03:11:53kenshini've been working on more flexible use of bitmaps on the WPS
03:12:18kenshinhow practical is it to calculate the number of WPS lines based solely on the screen size?
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03:17:21kenshini gather the calculation is LCD_HEIGHT / 5 (the smallest font height) plus one to account for rounding (space between lines?)
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03:49:32elinenbe_amiconn: you are cranking!
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04:07:33kenshinif an image is displayed in the status bar, it seems the status bar clears the image after about 1 second
04:07:50kenshinis that correct?
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05:22:02Roriwhat is amiconn working on?
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06:34:33pitmanhey everyone... is the uisimulator for the H1x0 meant to play sound?
06:37:05ashridahnot at this time, no
06:37:36pitmanthe simulator keeps killing itself if I try to play an mp3 file with it
06:37:41pitmanI see
06:37:55pitmanthanks for that
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07:48:20webguest71hey devs, I just found a 22k file in my collection
07:48:36webguest71there seems to be a lot of noise (high range rapid clicking)
07:48:50webguest71is this normal/a known issue? I know the resampling code is very new
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08:13:42BgerYokalosh wazzz uppp:P
08:14:15Bgerdid you succeed with formating your iriver ?
08:14:42Bgertoo late
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09:03:51amiconngood morning
09:06:11CassandraIs there any reason why I shouldn't apply the font patch in the patch tracker to CVS?
09:07:41amiconnWhat font patch?
09:09:25amiconnOoops. I accidentally selected to display closed patches...
09:11:05CassandraOh that reminds me, am I right in thinking that Rockbox uses the unicode encoding on bdf fonts to work out which character goes where?
09:11:09amiconnThe comparison page does not work...
09:11:43CassandraHmmm. Did when I last tried it.
09:11:57CassandraStill does.
09:14:12amiconnHmm, nm
09:14:24Cassandra(I'm using Firefox)
09:14:25amiconnI must say I don't like many of the changes thoug
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09:16:40CassandraThe 'j' and 't' on Chicago 12 seem worse.
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09:18:11amiconnI dislike all the changes to the proportional fonts.
09:18:42amiconnThey got wider overall, especially rockfont-8, which is meant to be a space-saver
09:18:58CassandraI honestly can't see the difference for rockbox_default.
09:19:21Bgeramiconn: could i ask you to take a look & the patch about button bindings for H300 ?
09:19:45amiconnAnd he changed the Chicago-12 digits to have no-equal widths, which leads to jumpy time display
09:20:10 Nick Lynx_awy is now known as Lynx_ (
09:20:14amiconnCassandra: rockbox_default is non-proportional. I don't know what he changed...
09:21:05CassandraI wonder if he got them the wrong way around. I notice that the red xtal has , where the green doesn't.
09:25:26Cassandra(rereads history)
09:25:33CassandraThe red fonts are the new ones, ami.
09:27:40 Join Strath [0] (
09:28:01amiconnHmm, oh
09:28:13amiconnWas thinking red == bad and green == good
09:28:53amiconnStill, many of the changes change the style of the font and hence would be new fonts, not replacing the old ones
09:29:09amiconn(Porbably except rockbox_default)
09:30:08Cassandra*nods* Maybe best to commit them as ah-<name> if we do.
09:30:32amiconnOr <name>-ah
09:30:56Cassandra*nods* Either is fine by me.
09:32:22amiconn<name>-ah would probably better suited. He changed existing fonts, hence the postfix
09:33:04Cassandra*nods* Yeah.
09:35:26amiconnOr ask him to give them new names. That's what I did.
09:35:56amiconnOriginal rockfont-8 and xtal-14 are my work. The former is based on uwe_prop, the latter on chicago-12
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09:39:16CassandraWhat about rockbox-default?
09:40:08webguest83morning, I have troubles with the plugins on my iriver. the unit crashes, when starting any of the plugins (without playing music)
09:40:35CassandraThere have been plugin fixes recently. Have you tried the latest daily build?
09:40:54webguest83Yes I got the latest build this morning
09:43:42CassandraTry backing up your config files, deleting your .rockbox directory, and re-installing.
09:44:04 Quit StrathAFK (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
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09:44:42webguest83I'm I the only one with those problems, because I can't update my iriver in the office (windows nt :-<)
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09:46:59ghode|afkCassandra: do you plan to fix the bug with your quick menu? since it conflicts with the button pressing to page view in the filebrowser?
09:48:01CassandraYes, I do.
09:48:02 Join Zagor [0] (
09:48:18CassandraIt's next on my to do list.
09:49:26CassandraThe initial fix will be to move the menu to a long press on the A-B button.
09:49:46CassandraIn the longer term, we're probably looking at replacing the quick menu.
09:55:12Cassandrawebguest83: plugins are working fine for me.
09:57:45Cassandraami: Currently graphics with movement on iRiver is giving me motion sickness. (logo, bounce, credits). Is this likely to improve?
09:59:00 Join webguest40 [0] (
09:59:19webguest40has anyone looked at the dynamic playlist bug
10:02:23Zagorwhich bug is that?
10:02:25webguest40it is only visible with Show files set to "All' and then only in the root directory
10:02:53webguest83Cassandra: ok I'll try with a new install, thanks
10:03:10CassandraNo problem.
10:07:42webguest40and the name format for the saved/created dynamic playlist is about face, it saves as dynamic.m3uABCD, it owuld be nicer as ABCDdynamic.m3u
10:08:47Cassandraami: Looks like the mode button is detected seperately from the joystick. Quick menu still works properly on the mode button. Weird.
10:11:02Cassandraghode: page up/down is now fixed.
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10:14:03Zagorhi bag
10:14:45B4gderhowdy ho
10:26:15 Part webguest40
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10:33:39BgerB4gder if you still want to decrease errors in H300 builds, i've made patch for button mappings
10:34:27B4gderI've seen it
10:34:34B4gderI'll check it out asap
10:35:07Bgerok, just saying
10:35:27 Join ghostiger [0] ([U2FsdGVkX@
10:35:29CassandraThat reminds me, Bagder, could you get sourceforge to spam me when we get new patches/bugs?
10:36:09B4gdersubscribe to this:
10:36:12 Join austriancoder [0] (~austrianc@
10:37:20B4gdernah, its not morning anymore you lazy person :-)
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10:38:33CassandraBadger: I'm considering ripping out the "Ask" and "Ask Once" options from resume on startup.
10:39:25CassandraI've fixed the button driver so it reads it's inital state from the buttons, rather than setting itself to 0, which eliminates the danger of receiving spurious keypress events.
10:39:46CassandraSo to resume on startup now it's just two clicks on the ON button.
10:40:01B4gdersounds fine to me
10:40:01 Join lostlogic [0] (
10:40:07CassandraWhich I think rules out the need for Ask and Ask Once.
10:40:10austriancoderi have a very importand question
10:40:10B4gderit'll only take a little getting-used-to
10:40:23austriancoderi want to port rockbox to the iaudio x5
10:41:02B4gdercount on our moral support! ;-)
10:41:04austriancoderif i am successfull can the rockbox-team give me the money for the bdm, wich i will buy?
10:41:22B4gderI think we can
10:41:39austriancoderbecause the bdm is not cheap...
10:41:43B4gderhow much is it?
10:42:33austriancoder149 us
10:42:34NJoinbill20r3 [0] (
10:42:34B4gderit will also take some soldering and more to get it attached
10:43:10B4gderLinus has his attached to a unit never used for anything else
10:44:05NJoinZagor [0] (
10:44:25austriancodermaybe it will be possible to make it de/attachable?!
10:44:30B4gderyes it is
10:44:42B4gderat least I know Linus has been talking about that
10:45:06B4gderI don't know the details of that myself though
10:45:36austriancoderdo you know, when linus will be back?
10:46:31B4gderI don't think 149USD will be a problem for the Rockbox fund
10:46:59B4gderZagor: or what do you say? about sponsoring austriancoder with BDM for iaudio porting?
10:47:10austriancoderporting should become that hard, because its the same cpu as in h1xx and h3xx
10:47:28 Join cYmen [0] (
10:47:52Zagorno problem. do you have a paypal account, austriancoder?
10:47:55B4gderis it uda1380 based?
10:48:34austriancoderb4gder: i dont konw.. i am waiting for my player... should come the next days...
10:48:39B4gderah, ok
10:48:44austriancoderZagor: nope i haven't one
10:49:12 Join DangerousDan [0] (~Miranda@
10:50:13Zagoraustriancoder: ok, email me your bank account details when you feel ready to take the plunge
10:50:49 Quit webguest83 ("CGI:IRC (EOF)")
10:51:38austriancoderZagor: i will do...
10:51:46austriancoderneed to go now... have a nice day..
10:51:49 Quit austriancoder ("using sirc version 2.211+KSIRC/1.3.12")
10:55:05B4gderwith the same size and resolution as the h300 display
10:55:18B4gderbut only 16bit color
10:55:45 Quit DangerousDan ("Miranda IM! Smaller, Faster, Easier.")
10:55:51CassandraStill yummy.
10:56:14CassandraRockbox running on that would so kick arse.
10:56:58Maxime`Mrnmaybe but I think apple wouldn't be happy with that lol
10:57:07B4gderbut ipodlinux isn't even running on those
10:57:13 Quit oxygen77 ("CGI:IRC")
10:57:14ZagorMaxime`Mrn: that only makes it more interesting :-)
11:00:08CassandraIt doubtless will. Already runs on the iPod photo.
11:00:17B4gderit does?
11:00:22B4gderthe wiki says it doesn't
11:00:32CassandraOh, did you see that iPodlinux uses the rockbox cube demo?
11:00:56B4gderalthough somewhate extended and looking nicer
11:01:35amiconnCassandra: What's the problem with moving graphics? The iriver lcd is a bit slow (physically), so graphics get blurred when moving fast. There's nothing we can do about it...
11:01:50B4gderheh, ok so their wiki is just out of synx
11:01:54amiconn...other than using the iriver in a warm environment, like in summer ;)
11:02:49 Join webguest21 [0] (
11:03:21amiconnCassandra: The mode button is just a bit of luck. The iriver button circuitry is definitely unable to detect two button presses at once, except for play & stop, it's a hardware limit.
11:04:09amiconn...but: The circuit works in a way that the buttons have a certain hierarchical priority order
11:04:10Cassandraami: Oh dear. To me it looks faint and blurry, and I can't really read the scrolling text on the credits.
11:04:31B4gderyes the credits is impossible to read a button with higher priority overrules a button with lower priority
11:05:03amiconnIt's just a bit of luck that the mode button has a low priority...
11:05:43amiconnI can read the credits, although they are blurry
11:06:08amiconnThe only way to make it less blurry would be to slow down the scrolling
11:06:57amiconn..possibly scrolling in 2-pixels steps to get the same appearance. Might get a bit jumpy instead...
11:07:09 Join ashridah [0] (
11:07:36Slasherior update the credits screen page by page with some nice transition effects
11:07:56CassandraSame applies to the logo and bounce demos.
11:08:10CassandraEverything else that's working at the moment doesn't seem too bad.
11:08:41CassandraBut those and the credits are affecting me in the same way that old low refresh rate monitors used to.
11:12:05 Join Harpy [0] (
11:16:34 Join west-acre [0] (
11:23:09amiconnB4gder: Wiki spam :(
11:25:31Bgeris there anything that can be done against this spam ?
11:28:43CassandraVerification procedure for new wiki accounts?
11:30:41Zagorsomehow this AAAVeryGoodSite manages to register a password even without having a page. i don't know where that hole is.
11:35:15Zagorah, ok he registered again. i just didn't see that.
11:35:45Zagor24300 google hits for AAAVeryGoodSite...
11:36:08CassandraMost of them are probably wiki spam. :(
11:36:14amiconnZagor: This AAAVeryGoodSite does occur only in twiki wikis. Wonder what that should tell us...
11:36:59Zagoryes, a specialized robot no doubt
11:37:07Cassandraami: I'm finding it impossible to test this modification to the button driver properly.
11:37:27Maxime`Mrnerm.. why my accound has been deleted? o_O
11:38:00CassandraSince I can't generate spurious button presses.
11:38:11ZagorMaxime`Mrn: most likely because you didn't follow the naming rule
11:38:41Maxime`Mrnah oops
11:38:47CassandraActually, holding down the on button at startup shouldn't generate a button press event, should it?
11:39:07amiconnCassandra: Just hold the ON button very long, until the unit is fully booted. It shouldn't resume. Then release and press again
11:39:23CassandraOK. In that case the mod isn't working. Arse.
11:39:26amiconnYes, exactly
11:39:55amiconnYou should not get button press events from buttons already held down at startup
11:40:05amiconn...only repeats and then a release
11:41:55Zagorinterestingly, the twiki logs show a lot of page view from the chinese IP creating the AAAVeryGoodSite account. almost looks human.
11:42:25west-acrehey people, there's a 30mb battery.dummy file in my h140 root. is that from a battery test i did, it's ok to delete?
11:42:41Zagorwest-acre: yes, yes
11:42:43Bgeryes, it's ok
11:42:48west-acrekewl. tnx
11:42:59west-acrewhy on earth is it 30mb?
11:43:12west-acreis it to drain the battery or suttin...
11:43:40Zagorit's to simulate normal behaviour, which is to load <ram size> from disk every now and then
11:43:44Maxime`Mrnhm, cygwin X11 .. awful ^^ lol
11:43:51west-acrei c.
11:44:12west-acremy m8's getting an iaudio X5, i hear there's a rockbox port. awesome.
11:44:16amiconnCassandra: Try replacing line 223 in button.c with the following sequence:
11:44:27west-acreonly hardware at the moment tho,
11:44:39amiconnlastbtn = button_read();
11:44:56amiconnThe double read is necessary because of the debouncing
11:45:30CassandraOK, so if I just stick another button_read in, it should work.
11:46:04CassandraWhy does the first button_read return 0 exactly?
11:46:10***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
11:46:36amiconnbutton_read() return value changes only if the new value is read twice in a row
11:47:03ZagorMaxime`Mrn: having trouble reading?
11:47:06Cassandra*nods* Aha.
11:47:08amiconnThis is necessary (button debouncing)
11:47:26CassandraThat makes sense.
11:47:27Maxime`MrnZagor: sry.. lol
11:47:34amiconnOtherwise we'll get spurious events if the ADC inputs are in a transitional state
11:48:18ZagorMaxime`Mrn: rename immediately or you'll be yanked again
11:48:43amiconnCassandra: Look at lines 568..574
11:49:08Maxime`MrnZagor: how may I rename? :s
11:49:29ZagorMaxime`Mrn: click the "More" link at the bottom of your page
11:50:25Maxime`Mrndone, sry again :x
11:52:38Cassandraami: Right. That's working down. Are you happy to double click on "on" for resume on startup. I'd like to rip out the resume screen code.
11:53:36amiconnIf it works on all units, I think it's ok.
11:53:51amiconnBear in mind that resume_button != poweron_button on Ondio
11:54:20CassandraOn iRiver you have to wait for it to boot.
11:54:34amiconnYes, nothing to do about that for now
11:54:36CassandraI can't test Ondio myself.
11:54:43amiconnSame as with sresume request
11:55:17amiconnIf you rip out the resume screen, the associated settings code should be dropped as well
11:55:18CassandraCan you try setting RoS to "off" and doing an ON, RESUME sequence.
11:55:24Cassandra*nods* Yes.
11:55:36amiconnLess code :)
11:55:45CassandraRoS will have 2 options. Yes and No.
11:55:52amiconnAh, yes
11:56:01amiconnJust takes 1 bit then
11:56:23amiconnFortunately I do have the Ondio with me...
11:56:25Maxime`Mrnoops.. "Kernel panic"
11:58:25amiconnCassandra: Working like a charm... On->Mode (click-click with < 1 sec delay) resumes :)
12:00:58Maxime`MrnCurrent rates: Up: 52.26Ko/s Down: 1.34Mo/s
12:01:04CassandraI get a spurious D000 button event when I ROLO into a firmware on Archos.
12:01:31amiconnOnly my .lng files are outdated, so it says 'Resume' instead of 'Resume on startup' :/ Forgot to replace them
12:01:38CassandraSorry, D0000000
12:02:50CassandraThat makes sod all sense, doesn't it?
12:04:41CassandraAs far as I can tell, button events should be 16 bit max. So why do I have a 32 bit one?
12:05:06amiconnThe button codes are 32 bit, but the upper 4 bits are reserved for sys events
12:06:06CassandraOh yeah. The remote uses the others.
12:06:11CassandraWhere are the top 4 documented?
12:07:27CassandraAnd do I in fact want to initialise the button queue to button_read & 0x0fffffff
12:09:47CassandraOr button_read & 0x7fffffff?
12:13:21amiconnThe sysevents are not injected by the button driver, so this wouldn't help
12:13:58amiconnThey are injected by the respective driver, e.g. the USB events come from firmware/usb.c
12:14:15CassandraRight. In that case I don't think I need worry.
12:14:23west-acrehey. in tanguySIMON's wps, this line ( |-+ %s%?ia<%ia|%?d2<%d2|[\root]>> ) why is there a [\root] ? what is it for?
12:14:31amiconnfirmware/export/kernel.h defines them
12:14:33CassandraSince I'm currently testing in the ask_resume function, which I'm about to elide.
12:14:50CassandraThese events should be handled normally by tree.c
12:15:34amiconnErm, and it's the top 5 bits, with bit 31 telling that it is a sysevent
12:16:11amiconn0xD0000000 is SYS_CHARGER_CONNECTED
12:16:51amiconnMakes sense if you're testing with the charger connected, eh?
12:16:52CassandraWhich it in fact is, as I'm running on low battery atm.
12:17:06webguest21west-acre: it writes [root] on the screen
12:17:26west-acreany particular reason ?
12:17:49west-acreand when does it write t
12:17:59webguest21ask tanguy, I think, when no id3 tag available and file is in root dir
12:18:09CassandraOK. Everything is behaving as expected and all is fine. Time to rip out the resume screen. :)
12:18:21west-acrethanks webguest21
12:19:52amiconnCassandra: You can also deprecate the language string(s)
12:22:05 Join ep0ch___ [0] (~ep0ch@
12:22:38ep0ch___bah what's happened to my nick :s
12:23:08 Nick ep0ch___ is now known as ep0ch (~ep0ch@
12:23:37ep0chi have a suggestion regarding the quickmenu in ihp...
12:24:23ep0chwouldn't it make more sense having the quickmenu as a quick press on A/B, and holding A/B down brings up the settings menu?
12:24:32ep0chcontroverial i know
12:25:22west-acrenot a bad idea, but no. well, i dont think so.
12:25:49ep0chwhy not?
12:25:49Bgeri'havent touched rockbox device, but i'm for ep0ch's idea
12:27:04Bgerat least it's called quick menu...
12:27:38west-acre:), i use the a-b button so much for settings and plugins etc. that would make it annoying.
12:27:52west-acrebut hey, if it meets consumer demand, im always up for a chgne
12:28:59Bgerep0ch what's in this quick menu?
12:30:09ep0chat the moment, just shuffle mode, repeat mode, and show files (why show files is there i don;t know)
12:30:23 Join ze [0] (
12:31:01ep0chalso i had another idea, where we have a top level menu, this would contain stuff like, "filetree", "playlists", "radio", "database", "plugins", "settings". This menu would be accessed when hitting left at the root of the filetree.
12:31:32ep0choh and also add "record" to that menu
12:32:09 Join Moos [0] (
12:32:21MoosHi all
12:32:49 Part ep0ch
12:34:02 Join ep0ch [0] (~ep0ch@
12:43:27 Quit webguest21 ("CGI:IRC (EOF)")
12:45:13CassandraThe quick menu is probably going to be replaced with items on context menus anyway.
12:50:47west-acrehaha nice image b4dger
12:50:52west-acredid u do it?
12:51:07B4gdercheck that site
12:51:10B4gderit is a rock band
12:51:11west-acrehey peeps, i've finished a pretty kewl WPS. could it go into the wps gallery.
12:51:28west-acreoh yeh lol
12:51:29west-acrenice work
12:51:29B4gderwest-acre: just add it, no need to ask for permission
12:51:37west-acreo rite. cheers bro.
12:54:21west-acreerrr i'm a bit of a newB, how does one add it?
12:55:16B4gdergoto then click edit in the bottom
12:55:25B4gderedit the page in the style already used by others
12:56:20west-acreso username has to be the one i registered with in rockbox?
12:56:23west-acreargh w00t
12:57:10west-acrewait gottit.
12:57:14west-acrehold on ;)
13:02:06 Quit ze (
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14:11:14*Godeater watches some tumbleweed roll past.
14:11:41 Quit bipak (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
14:40:48 Join Nuxator [0] (
14:41:48Nuxatori've got a question about pause with iriver
14:42:05Nuxatorwhy when i push play to pause music hdd start to spin?
14:42:12Nuxatorit's a waste of power
14:45:37SlasheriI don't know that
14:45:41CassandraI suspect it's saving resume data.
14:45:57CassandraAlthough I'm not certain.
14:46:51SlasheriBut i got an idea for voice menus too (maybe already invented): the system could use morse code to spell everything
14:47:20Bgerwow :)
14:47:45B4gderwe have them spoken in the archos
14:47:46Slasherithat wouldn't require any extra buffer/codecs ;)
14:47:47Bgerit's good idea despite of fact that it's very slow
14:48:14B4gderBger: committed!
14:48:41CassandraHey, Slasheri, is it possible to implement audio_beep for iRiver yet in such a way that it'll mix the beep with playing music.
14:48:47Bgerbtw, there is define ADC_BUTTONS that doesn't exist for H300
14:48:56SlasheriCassandra: yes, that should be very easy
14:49:02B4gderI don't know how the adc for h300 will be
14:49:14Slasherionly a new function to pcm buffering has to be implemented
14:49:44Bgerand having in mind that i didn't find the ADC chip in H300's components i didn't "correct" this
14:50:00*Bger hates his english
14:50:21B4gderBger: I made the same decision when I fiddled with it
14:50:29CassandraI'd like to have a startup beep as per the iRiver firmware.
14:50:56BgerB4gder btw you have made occasionally wrong define in one of the files
14:51:07B4gderI noticed you changed one
14:51:21B4gderI just copied the h100 setup, iirc
14:51:47Bgerbut there's no such define in H100 setup
14:52:02B4gderwell, then I simply messed up ;-)
14:52:25amiconnCassandra: Startup beep?
14:52:51NuxatorI still think that is overkill to spin up the hdd save data when i just want to pause
14:53:08CassandraJust a little beep to say "hello, the firmware is loaded and is ready to do your bidding"
14:53:13amiconnNuxator: That must be a bug; on archos rockbox doesn't do that
14:53:19Nuxatormaybe save the data only if rockbox is going to switch off because of to long waiting
14:53:34B4gderamiconn: iriver has no rtc ram to store the data in
14:53:36amiconnCassandra: Nah, I'd immediately disable such a beep. Would annoy me like hell
14:53:37CassandraNuxator: Feel free to submit a patch.
14:53:54CassandraHave it as an option then, ami.
14:54:29 Join edx [0] (
14:54:29B4gderthe beep serves a better purpose in the iriver firmware, since it boots so slowly
14:54:39BgerB4gder but has 2 EEPROMs
14:54:39Nuxatorhmmm where rockbox save settings?
14:54:50B4gderBger: yes, but rockbox uses neither
14:54:56Bgeryes, i know
14:55:05B4gderso the only way it can save data is to store it on hd
14:55:22CassandraNuxator: but amiconn is right. Doesn't happen on the Archos, and is therefore probably actually a bug in the buffering code.
14:55:34B4gderhey, read my words
14:55:34amiconnB4gder: This has nothing to do with rtc; the player also does not do this
14:55:40B4gderit doesn't?
14:56:08B4gderI suspect the resume info or the dynamic playlist code
14:56:14amiconnThe player will flush the resume info on shutdown in case you pause it too long, but not right away when pausing
14:56:20B4gderbut it sure is strange that it only does so on iriver
14:56:44amiconnWell, the playback code is totally different.
14:56:51Nuxatorammiconn : exactly how i want it to behave
14:57:51amiconnB4gder: Seems I am wrong...
14:58:06amiconnwps.c, lines 549ff:
14:58:16amiconn#ifndef HAVE_RTC
14:58:16amiconn ata_flush();
14:58:40CassandraIt's not writing to disk on pause on my FM.
14:58:49B4gderCassandra: no that has RTC
14:58:51amiconnyeps, as the FM has an RTC
14:59:11CassandraOh, right.
14:59:24amiconnWe could remove that part, I think
14:59:25CassandraRead that the other way round, which was confusing me.
15:00:01CassandraMust be in there for a reason, ami.
15:00:02amiconnThis was necessary before safe shutdown
15:00:12B4gderCar Ignition Auto Stop (patch #736339 by Craig Sather)
15:00:27B4gderOct 17 14:48:59 2003
15:00:34B4gderbrought it
15:00:35Nuxatorno way to use eeprom as a rtc?
15:00:48BgerB4gder i don't think i deserve CREDITS for this ...
15:00:58amiconnWe *could* change it so it is only included for units without RTC *and* without software poweroff
15:01:10amiconnThen it would only behave that way on archos player
15:01:40Cassandra*nods* That would make sense.
15:01:42B4gdersounds fair
15:01:45amiconnAll others either have RTC (archos recorders) or software poweroff (fm/v2, Ondios, iriver)
15:02:15Cassandrav2/fm has an RTC.
15:02:26amiconnyes, they have both
15:02:34Bgerfor such a silly and dull work?
15:02:56B4gderBger: I think you deserve it
15:03:24B4gderwe don't have any particular requirements that the work needs to be "hard" to get mentioned there
15:03:58B4gderhey, only a few errors left in the h300 build now
15:04:15CassandraYou must be this l33t to ride. ^
15:05:22Bgerone in rockboy
15:05:34Bgerand the other for ADC_READ ..
15:06:28amiconnCassandra: You did remove the language strings completely. That's wrong. Never remove, always deprecate!
15:06:41B4gderI'll fix the rockboy one
15:06:51B4gderwhich actually is a general plugin problem
15:07:15Cassandraami: Sorry about that. Why do we do it that way?
15:07:46amiconnWe do that because otherwise an older language file used in a newer rockbox version will mix up the strings totally
15:07:56Maxime`Mrnhum, how may I make a plugin wich works in every rockbox build? (i'm trying to do a drawing plugin..)
15:08:36CassandraI thought the strings were identified by tag rather than by offset.
15:08:40Nuxatorok thanks you for listening me
15:09:02Nuxatorand thak you in advance to correct this "bug" in iriver pause
15:09:04amiconnCassandra: Yes they are, however, the tags are converted to numbers when compiling
15:09:10amiconn(they form a giant enum)
15:09:13B4gderMaxime`Mrn: then you'll get problems on the charcell displas
15:09:21amiconnCassandra: This is documented:
15:09:58Maxime`MrnB4gder: I may fix it using LCD_HEIGHT and LCD_WIDTH no? (i'm only using drawrect and drawpixel..)
15:10:18B4gderMaxime`Mrn: you should only build your plugin if HAVE_BITMAP_LCD is defined
15:10:40amiconnCould also work with the player gfx lib...
15:10:44Maxime`Mrn(i'm quite new to rockbox dunno how it really works ^^ lol)
15:11:30Maxime`Mrnamiconn: is this described somewhere in the wiki?
15:11:32amiconnI'll adapt that to the new api concept next, and change the plugins which use it to use some #defines instead of #if/#else/#endif
15:11:50amiconnThis will be much more readable
15:12:08amiconnMaxime`Mrn: Nope, not yet
15:13:46amiconnThe possible resolution on player is really low, but it may be fun nevertheless, if only for the geek value
15:14:07amiconnYou can test your stuff in the simulators
15:15:36Maxime`Mrnhm, there's an HowTo use the sims ? don't compile on cygwin and my linux hasn't X ..
15:15:44CassandraWhat does this mean?
15:16:00amiconnThey should compile on cygwin; that's what I'm using for development too
15:16:17Maxime`Mrni think i'm going to install slackware with VMWare for this
15:17:13HCluse colinux?
15:17:20Cassandra* /u/christi/work/rockbox-devel/rockbox/iriv-build/apps/build.lang:405:missing quotes for LANG_RESUME_ASK
15:17:28HClmuch faster than vmware
15:18:00Maxime`Mrnthx HCl i'll try ^^
15:18:04HClnp :)
15:18:35CassandraAnd yes, the lang: and voice: entries both contain ""
15:19:42amiconnNo idea without checking the actual build.lang or english.lang
15:21:47CassandraGot it. White space on the new: line.
15:34:03SlasheriCassandra: Please commit that so i could compile again :)
15:34:48CassandraShould be committed already. (I didn't have problems compiling before.)
15:35:07SlasheriHmm, it still doesn't compile..
15:35:13Slasherior do i have to run make clean
15:35:38amiconnCassandra: Almost the whole line turned red... except the bootloader build
15:35:49amiconnI thnik this never happened before
15:36:19CassandraOK - that's weird.
15:36:26CassandraI just compiled it and it worked.
15:36:27Slasherinope, it won't work
15:36:32CassandraI now update and it doesn't.
15:38:04amiconnCassandra: Found the reason - there are TABs at the end of your lines
15:38:15amiconnI wonder what strange editor you are using...
15:38:23CassandraI removed them before I committed though.
15:38:35Cassandravi, as it happens.
15:38:42amiconnRather there are space-tab-space combos
15:38:44CassandraIt sucks, but loads faster than xemacs.
15:38:50SlasheriI can commit the fix
15:39:56CassandraSorry about that, guys.
15:40:05amiconnMy editor automatically strips all trailing whitespace
15:40:11amiconn*very* handy for coding
15:40:22CassandraI can imagine.
15:40:29B4gderemacs can do that too
15:40:39B4gderbut I don't like automatic editing things
15:41:10B4gderI have a key-combo that kills trailing space and converts tabs to spaces instead
15:41:15Cassandravi also likes putting tabs in my code. I take them out by hand.
15:43:32amiconnSounds cumbersome
15:46:08CassandraAw. My cat seems to like my new air cooler.
15:46:13***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
15:47:31godzirrais it the sound or the cool air? Ours used to sit on top of the fan. Or try to.
15:47:46CassandraShe was staring into the fan.
15:47:55Bgerdoes anyone know how to set keyboard repeat rate ?
15:48:10Bgerin linux
15:49:40ashridahconsole or x?
15:49:49Maxime`Mrnerm, it's new? : drawer.c:54: error: structure has no member named `lcd_clearrect'
15:49:49Bgerconsole :)
15:50:00Maxime`Mrnhave changed this?
15:50:16amiconnMaxime`Mrn: Yes, there is no more lcd_clearrect()
15:50:23ashridahBger: setterm iirc
15:50:26godzirraI thought it was stty something or other. But I'm not sure offhand.
15:50:26ashridahx11 is xset
15:50:36Bgeri know for x11
15:51:12godzirraoh wait.. thats for resetting delete keys or something.
15:51:13amiconnThe core api is already done
15:51:18Maxime`Mrnok thx
15:52:03Bgerashridah i don't think this is what i need...
15:52:04amiconnThe equivalent of lcd_clearrect() is setting the drawmode to DRMODE_SOLID|DRMODE_INVERSEVID, then using lcd_fillrect()
15:53:08ashridahBger: hrm. now that you mention it
15:54:10ashridahaha, try kbdrate if you have
15:55:18Bgeryes, just found it in /usr/doc/kbd-<version>/html/FAQ.html
15:55:29amiconnB4gder: quick scren ?? ;)
15:56:09Bger"much better"
15:56:12B4gderamiconn: its a new concept I've introduced, very similar to quick screens ;-P
15:56:31amiconnEven quicker with one letter less ;)
15:57:41CassandraYou do realise that if we get a green H300 build, someone is going to try to install it.
15:58:36Moosan generated a lot of user questions :)
16:00:15BgerCassandra : there's no bootloader for it
16:01:46amiconnB4gder: I think fixing warnings by temporary hacks just to get rid of the warnings doesn't do any good
16:01:47 Quit B4gder ("go go go")
16:02:20CassandraBger - that's part of the reason it worries me. I suppose it means at least they won't get far.
16:03:23Bgerexcept for the case when they try to install H100 bootloader ....
16:03:34Bgerbut this is possible now too
16:03:39amiconnThe warnings/errors help to spot places that need work, so fixing them temporarily hides them
16:03:43CassandraI don't think the install app will work on H300 firmware.
16:04:03Bgeramiconn : all errors i've removed were just button defines
16:04:20amiconnYes I know. I mean some of the fixes Bagder added
16:04:23BgerCassandra encryption is the same (afaik)
16:04:36CassandraChecksums, however, ...
16:04:47Bgeryes, u're right about that
16:06:07Bgeri think the worst case is someone to make patched H300.hex (with mkboot) and post it as "working" ...
16:06:49ashridahnone of the mkboots will accept a h300 hex file atm do they?
16:06:57Bgeri'm not sure
16:07:03Bgerbut i can test :)
16:07:04ashridahcould easily rewrite both to bitch until they do
16:09:30*Bger is making h100 bootloader
16:10:51CassandraI wonder what happens if you try to install an iRiver H100 firmware on a H300.
16:11:32Bgersegmentation fault :)
16:11:53RoriI need the lcd remote to have file browsing. any chance of just getting that for now?
16:12:05BgerCassandra : u must be sure taht i won't try this for you :P
16:13:46amiconnI guess it simply won't work
16:14:01amiconnThere should be some ID in the header
16:15:14CoCoLUSwhich tool is best for flac encoding?
16:16:28BgerCoCoLUS afaik they all use flac's default encoder
16:17:11CoCoLUSthen which one looks best? ;)
16:17:26Bgeranyone who can tell me the ~ size of H100.hex?
16:17:50amiconn2 MB
16:17:56amiconna little less
16:18:27Maxime`Mrn1,86 Mo (1960685 octets)
16:18:38Maxime`Mrnfor me
16:18:38BgerH300 last version ~ 2.6MB
16:19:20RoriCoCoLUS just use the default encoder with a decent ripper like EAC
16:19:35Bgeri'm pretty sure it's classic buffer overflow
16:20:16Bgerunsigned char image[0x200000 + 0x220 + 0x200000/0x200];
16:22:49 Join webguest04 [0] (
16:23:40Maxime`Mrncpu @ 67
16:25:00Rorihow much cpu does rockbox take now on ogg?
16:25:40*Bger just realised that he still doesn't have gdb...
16:32:12NuxatorRori : around 20 30% boost now mp3 with dithering disabled only takes around 10% boost
16:32:45Nuxatoryou can go in debug menu and look at audio thread
16:34:25Roriwhat is dithering for?
16:34:36Roriand why is it disabled? :)
16:35:40Rorino idea what dithering of audio does heh
16:36:31Nuxatornot sure
16:37:30Nuxatorso dithering is not really usefull in iriver and is damn slow
16:37:53Nuxatormp3 were 60%boost and now only 10%
16:38:17Nuxatordo you understand boost?
16:38:24Rorino haha
16:38:34Nuxatoririver is working at 48mhz
16:38:44Nuxatorwhen needed it boost cpu at 120mhz
16:38:55Rorisorta overclocks itself?
16:39:00Nuxatorso the less boost needed the better
16:39:12Nuxatorno the cpu is 140mhz capable
16:39:28Nuxatorbut it runs stable only at 120 max in h1x0
16:39:48Nuxatorbut running at full speed is battery hungry
16:39:55Roriah ic
16:40:05Roriso unlike a pc cpu that runs at whatever constantly
16:40:18amiconnLaptop cpus do the same
16:40:19Roriit sorta underclocks itself to save power
16:40:33Bgerbye all
16:40:34Roriand only pumps up when needed. gotcha
16:40:45Rori10% boost is cool then
16:40:54Rorinot much boost :)
16:41:01Maxime`Mrnon old computers was a "BOOST" button, its' a bit like this .. no? lol
16:41:12Nuxatorand because switching between frequencies takes time they choosed only 2 (48 & 120)
16:41:13RoriI had one of those
16:42:00Rorirockbox does it better then?
16:42:25Nuxatorjust runned my iriver with mp3 (from 128 to 320 kbits) and some oggs. I often changed track....
16:42:44Nuxatorit ran for 8h48min
16:42:50Rorinot bad
16:43:14Nuxatorso ithink it's really good
16:43:20Nuxatorbefore it ran only 6h
16:43:49RoriI have moved a lot of albums to ogg for gapless
16:44:00Nuxatori don't use gapless
16:44:19Nuxatorbut if you use lame it should be real gaplees
16:44:34Bgernot atm
16:44:45RoriI couldn't be bothered with MP3 anymore
16:45:03RoriI have a lot of non-lame albums from other sources
16:45:04Nuxatorok but ogg will always be more cpu eating
16:45:26Rorithat's OK I don't listen for more than an hour or 2 at a time anyhow
16:46:06Godeateranyone know what encoder iTunes uses? I do most of my ripping / encoding with that because I'm soooooo lazy :)
16:46:13Nuxatorbut for now i find rockbox better than iriver firmware
16:46:27Roriprobably xing Godeater
16:46:32Roriwhich is crap
16:46:41Nuxatoritunes? encode in mp3 ? i though it was in aac.
16:46:44Godeatercrap in what way ?
16:46:54Roriin that it's a crap fast encoder
16:46:56GodeaterNuxator: You can make it encode in mp3
16:47:07Godeateryeah but define crap
16:47:15Godeaterthe mp3s it produces are poor quality or something ?
16:47:35Roriit does not do much thinking about getting the best quality from source
16:47:58RoriLame is the best MP3 encoder
16:48:06Roribit slower but worth it
16:48:08Godeater*shrug* doesn't do a bad job imo. I've not noticed any particular crapness - but I'm definitely not an audiophile.
16:49:14Roriunfortunately a lot of folks think that way or don't know or care and this is why there are so many crappy rips on the net
16:49:43Nuxatorpersonnoly if i use a bad encoder or to low bitrate i ear bubles in high freqencies
16:49:48Nuxatorvery annoying
16:49:50Godeatergiven that I don't upload my rips to the net, I'm not inclined to care
16:49:58Roriannoying to download a dj mix too only to find it was not Lame encoded and has no gapless support
16:50:05GodeaterI'm the only person that listens to what I rip
16:50:12Rorithen that's fine
16:51:11Rorithe ripper can be the problem too. use a bad ripping prog and a badly setup rom drive or scratched Cd etc and you get probs
16:51:32Roriskippy rips ans dropouts etc
16:52:44Rorithe only thing I don't have problems with is ripping at high speed. Most new drives have decent reading anyhow so no need for that rip at 1x baloney
16:52:47Godeateragain, I've not really noticed that with anything I've ripped with iTunes. I think it does a pretty reasonable job.
16:53:27Roriif your ears can't tell then all is well. forget about it :)
16:53:54 Part webguest04
16:53:57Maxime`Mrnsee ya
16:54:04Godeaterthe only reason I was really asking was because of gapless playback
16:54:13 Quit Maxime`Mrn ()
16:54:32GodeaterI wonder if it's possible to force itunes to use another encoder
16:55:55Roriyou need to rip with a supporting prog. I am pretty sure EAC takes gapless lame into account. I did some test rips and gapless was seamless and I did not need to tell eac or lame to do any gapless stuff in the command line
16:57:10Roribut if itunes does support external codecs might be worth testing
16:58:12Godeaterlooking at this now and wondering if I can make something similar work under windows
16:59:24CassandraJust rip using EAC.
17:01:32Godeaterum. no. I like having a nice music database built up on my pc as I go as well.
17:06:16CassandraCan't you import MP3s into iTunes? How shite.
17:07:22GodeaterYes you can - but the point is I'd have to do that as a seperate task. I'm all about the "Put the cd in and push import"
17:07:47GodeaterI don't want to have to do multiple jobs. That's what the computer's there to do for me.
17:09:00CassandraFair enough.
17:10:01Godeaterseems no-one's done a LAME pluging for windows iTunes yet though. Shame.
17:12:32 Quit Nuxator ("CGI:IRC")
17:14:11Rorimac only by the looks of it though
17:18:22RoriThe iTunes error correction is a joke. I initially ripped all my CDs with iTunes using error correction figuring that would be good enough. After learning more about the non-superiority of AAC I decided to re-rip everything to mp3 via EAC + LAME. Every single time I encountered a track that EAC refused to complete in secure mode I found really bad audio defects in the iTunes generated rip of the same track. Where EAC in secure mode just aborts the rip
17:18:30Roriquote from some site
17:19:13*ashridah pats cdparanoia
17:19:20ashridahslow, but it works perfectly
17:24:32west-acrewhat is the red H1x0 simulator build?
17:25:32 Join webguest51 [0] (
17:27:16Roriwhere is your ogg now!
17:27:18webguest51is there anyway of getting the saved Dynamic Playlist to be named ABCD.m3u instead of dynamic.m3uABCD
17:28:06ashridahwebguest51: 'rec' deletes iirc, but i assume you mean have it automatically tack on .m3u and insert from the beginning?
17:28:13GodeaterRori: Heh - I just read that same exact site too :)
17:28:14ashridah(for iriver, anyway)
17:28:34webguest51yes that way ashridah
17:29:53west-acreHCl pwns
17:30:13webguest51plus the dynamic playlist is not visibe with Show Files set to 'Music'
17:30:16amiconnwebguest51: Move the cursor left before the .m3u, change the name as you want it, then save
17:30:34*HCl listens to the hhgttg
17:30:44amiconnwebguest51: It *is* visible if it has the correct extension
17:31:17webguest51right I understand know, the manual isnt very explicit
17:35:36 Quit Godeater ("CGI:IRC")
17:42:53 Join ghostiger2 [0] ([U2FsdGVkX@fb52f3cea0429cb4.session.tor)
17:46:17***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
17:47:58 Nick Sucka is now known as Sucka`away (
17:52:22 Nick NibbIer is now known as Nibbler (
17:54:22webguest51naming a playlist in iirc isn't intuitive
17:55:38west-acrehey, chek out my WPS at the bottom GeorgeCollins:
17:55:59webguest51currently, /dynamic.m3u has to be deleted first and then rewritten as /ABCD.m3u
17:56:28thegeekwhy can't you add images correctly?`
17:57:37 Join n0bby [0] (
17:58:15n0bbyis there any way to get the tools and stuff that normally get compiled with the firmware, but without me needing to compile it myself?
17:58:27n0bbyim trying to make a font
17:58:37n0bbyand need the bdf -> fnt converter
18:06:48 Join hardeep [0] (
18:06:57 Join webguest66 [0] (
18:07:16webguest66hmm rockboy still doesnt work on the latest build
18:07:19webguest66is it only me?>
18:08:09n0bbydunnoi'll gop check
18:09:08n0bbycan you dcc me a rom to test with?
18:10:03webguest66uhm how?
18:10:17n0bbyyou using mirc?
18:10:26n0bbywait, WEBGUEST
18:10:27webguest66web one
18:10:35webguest66hold up
18:10:38n0bbygot msn?
18:10:38webguest66gimme a sec
18:10:40webguest66ill hook u up
18:10:46 Join [IDC]Dragon [0] (
18:11:14 Join tvelocity [0] (
18:11:16[IDC]Dragonby chance any RS485 expert here?
18:12:03 Quit Sucka`away (Read error: 145 (Connection timed out))
18:12:25n0bbyno-one seems to be here except me and webguest
18:12:30n0bbyand you :)
18:12:53[IDC]DragonI see a lot of people
18:13:39n0bbythe original or DX?
18:13:47n0bbyi've been looking for this for months!
18:13:53n0bby(non-dx that is)
18:13:54webguest66original haha
18:13:57webguest66i like original better
18:14:17n0bbyme too
18:14:27n0bby1 sec while i test
18:15:08 Part [IDC]Dragon
18:15:21n0bbyincompatible version?
18:15:35n0bbyis that what you get?
18:15:51webguest66nope i actually get a blank screen
18:15:55webguest66does it work for you?
18:16:36n0bbyit tells me "incompatible version"
18:16:36webguest66now the funny thing is,
18:16:42n0bbyi'll do a clean install of rockbox
18:16:43webguest66i happend to have an older version of rockbox
18:17:03webguest66and i used that to test again, and it works
18:17:22webguest66so after that, i overwrote the bleeding edge build.
18:17:41webguest66now it works. but i kinda get a weird problem
18:18:05 Quit elinenbe_ (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
18:18:10webguest66holding down a-b button is supposed to bring out a mini menu for the latest build
18:18:40 Join belgarath_the_so [0] (
18:18:40webguest66but i have to hold down the play button, which was for the build for few days ago or so
18:18:41n0bbyall it will tell me is "incompatible version"
18:19:01webguest66hmm i had that problem in some of the builds but not the latest one
18:19:40n0bbyit happens with a clean installed bleeding here
18:19:59webguest66hmm i should clean install it too and see what happens
18:20:20 Quit DaKi][er (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
18:20:43webguest66try the build from uhm... like... june 21st or something it should work
18:20:57Slasherilighting and power outages here :/
18:21:13webguest66using a laptop
18:21:20webguest66wait, that still doesnt make sense
18:21:29Slasherimobile phone :D
18:21:54Slasherimy workstation has no ups backup but server has
18:22:46Slasherithis nokia 9500 communicator is a nice device because it runs putty ;)
18:22:53n0bbyslash, do you know how to get a compiled copy of the tools dir from the site without compling yourslef?
18:23:12n0bbyi remember doing it before
18:23:13Slasherii dont know that :/
18:23:13*ashridah hands belgarath_the_so a copy of the darine codex
18:23:46Slasheribut it shouldnt require any special tools to compile that dir
18:23:58n0bbyi dont even have cygwin on this machine
18:24:47webguest66get gcc for windows
18:24:51webguest66forgot wut its called
18:24:54belgarath_the_solol ashridah
18:25:01belgarath_the_soa david eddings fan?
18:25:10 Nick dionoea_ is now known as dionoea (
18:26:54n0bbythe font converter doesnt have a .exe version
18:27:13ashridahbelgarath_the_so: a long time ago
18:27:45webguest66i know theres a direct link to that file in rockbox
18:27:51webguest66thats how i got it
18:28:12n0bbysend? :)
18:29:33 Join Godeater [0] (
18:29:58CassandraWhat do you use for editting bdf fonts under windows?
18:30:10webguest66no idea
18:30:11n0bbyi dont
18:30:23n0bbyi found a whole bunch of bdfs with google
18:30:28webguest66been looking for that one for... quite a long time
18:30:41n0bbyObject not found!
18:30:41n0bbyThe requested URL was not found on this server. If you entered the URL manually please check your spelling and try again.
18:31:20n0bbyyour link is dead
18:31:23webguest66ooo u r rite
18:31:23webguest66hold up
18:31:27 Quit Godeater (Client Quit)
18:31:36webguest66oops, i mean
18:31:42webguest66ooh you are right
18:31:57CassandraI have a bdf that I designed myself a few years back.
18:32:16CassandraThe problem is FontForge won't export it with the unicode encodings intact.
18:32:35webguest66speaking of unicode
18:32:40webguest66when will rockbox support unicode?
18:32:49n0bbywhen someone codes it
18:32:57ashridahwebguest51: when you write the code to do it? :)
18:33:03CassandraI *think* it does.
18:33:27webguest66nah no unicodes yet
18:33:35webguest66all my korean folders and files r uhm...
18:33:51webguest66in a not-cool state
18:34:01n0bbyserves you right for being korean :P
18:34:12CassandraThat might just mean no font with korean chars.
18:34:24webguest66i actually have korean bdf files
18:34:36CassandraAlthough I suppose one of the iso-something-or-other fonts ought to have Korean in it.
18:34:51CassandraOK. In that case, I am clueless.
18:34:53n0bbydo you have the converter on your pc webguest66?
18:35:05n0bbyif so, another YSI link'd be much appreciated
18:35:14webguest66oh yeah forgot about that hold up haha
18:36:34 Join matsl [0] (
18:37:55 Join webguest09 [0] (
18:37:58*n0bby pokes webguest66
18:38:19webguest66dont poke me :/
18:38:47n0bbyyou took too long :P
18:39:05webguest66haha i couldnt remember my password
18:39:49n0bbythanks anyway
18:40:56 Part webguest51
18:41:19 Quit matsl (Remote closed the connection)
18:42:54 Join n0bby_ [0] (
18:42:54 Quit n0bby (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
18:42:54 Quit belgarath_the_so ("CGI:IRC (EOF)")
18:43:15n0bby_stolen wifi is very picky about when the usb stick is :)
18:43:59n0bby_still, beggars cant be choosers
18:44:06n0bby_i just hope theyre not packet-sniffing this :P
18:44:14crashdthat's what ssh is for :0
18:44:30n0bby_i'm not doing anything that important/secret
18:44:45crashdbut it stops idle sniffing and figuring out that their wifi is being abused ;)
18:45:36n0bby_theres 3 connections to choose from, so i doubt they'll ALL catch me and switch encrytion/autentication on :P
18:45:55webguest66you hever know
18:46:09n0bby_hell, *I* could do that on their routers
18:46:14n0bby_username: admin
18:46:17n0bby_pass: admin
18:46:50n0bby_anyone with matching username and passwords isnt gonna be packetsniffing
18:47:21webguest66true true
18:48:33 Quit ashridah ("Leaving")
18:52:50n0bby_i keep getting "error opening nameoffontimtryingtoconvert"
18:53:22n0bby_from the convbdf.exe
18:57:55 Join [-AIR-] [0] (
18:59:37amiconnCassandra: Current rockbox doesn't support unicode, it uses codepages. There's a patch by markun, but it's unfinished
18:59:56amiconn(lacks font caching, no player support etc)
19:03:15 Join n0bby [0] (
19:03:16 Quit n0bby_ (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
19:03:51markununfinished as all of my patches..
19:03:59n0bbyany reason why convbdf has "Error opening file:8.bdf"
19:04:23n0bbyin this case 8.bdf is the bdf of a normal rockbox font
19:05:07 Quit west-acre (Read error: 60 (Operation timed out))
19:05:25amiconnmarkun: :(
19:09:36Cassandraconvbdf seems to choke on bdf files produced by FontForge.
19:09:43 Join n0bby_ [0] (
19:09:43 Quit n0bby (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
19:09:58n0bby_rain keeps fucking with the wifi
19:10:00CassandraIn that it produces fnt files that do nothing in Rockbox.
19:10:26amiconnHow large is the final .fnt?
19:12:04markunamiconn: This is the output of the truetype converter (based on freetype)
19:12:08markundoesn't look too bad I think
19:12:52CassandraWhat program you using to generate that, Markun?
19:12:55amiconnCassandra: Is that cvs convbdf ???
19:13:16markunCassandra: a little tool I wrote. It uses the freetype library.
19:13:35amiconnThen something goes seriously wrong with convbdf and your .bdf
19:13:54 Join Sucka`away [0] (
19:14:15amiconn.fnt files should be a few KB (the limit is 7 KB, should probably be rised for larger LCDs)
19:14:22CassandraI have another bdf that converts to a 24k fnt.
19:14:35amiconnPixel height of that font?
19:14:54Cassandra(Old Linux console font.)
19:15:00amiconn16 pixel fonts should convert to less than 10 KB
19:15:28 Quit ep0ch ("Trillian (")
19:17:42CassandraThere's obviously something about the bdfs FontForge puts out that convbdf doesn't like.
19:18:07amiconnCassandra: In your resume rework, you could have reduced the number of settings bits to 1, since it's a boolean now.
19:18:20amiconnOf course this would require a config version bump
19:18:38Cassandra*nods* Let's do it at the next bump.
19:18:39 Quit n0bby_ (Read error: 111 (Connection refused))
19:18:55amiconnI'm checking out the "don't spinup HD on pause" modification
19:20:54amiconnCassandra: Your rework caused a bug on the player
19:21:26amiconnThe resume screen used to reset the double font height to normal, but it's no longer there to do it...
19:21:40amiconnIt's looking weird...
19:22:47webguest66so is anyone checking out the rockboy?
19:23:47Cassandraami: I have no player. Can you fix, please?
19:24:42amiconnI'll try
19:24:56amiconnJust committed the don't-spinup-on-pause change
19:30:51 Join n0bby [0] (
19:31:13n0bbyhey, anyone here got convbdf.exe to work?
19:31:58webguest66hmm i had no prob when i did that
19:33:53*Cassandra wanders if perhaps convbdf expects a bdf font to have < 256 characters.
19:34:08amiconnI think so
19:34:23CassandraThis could explain why it's dying horribly.,
19:34:29amiconnI think it doesn't handle unicode .bdf
19:34:37CassandraDoesn't like chars in posintions 1-31
19:34:59amiconnJust compare to the fonts included in cvs (.bdf is ascii)
19:35:04CassandraUnicode bdf is the same as normal except for listing U-xxxx in the font title, I believe.
19:35:59n0bbyi cant even convert 5x7.bdf
19:36:05n0bbya standard rockbox font
19:37:10 Join n0bby_ [0] (
19:37:10 Quit n0bby (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
19:37:16n0bby_I HATE RAIN
19:37:43n0bby_about convbdf: it wont even convert 5x7.bdf, a standard rockbox font
19:39:08[-AIR-]thief ;)
19:39:14n0bby_shhh :P
19:39:25n0bby_i fixed the problem anyway
19:39:34n0bby_moved the working dir into c:\fonts
19:39:44n0bby_and used full paths when calling it
19:40:20amiconnCassandra: Fixed.
19:41:36 Quit Zagor ("Client exiting")
19:41:44 Join Zagor [0] (
19:42:23 Quit Zagor (Client Quit)
19:42:27 Join Zagor [0] (
19:42:53 Join webguest91 [0] (
19:43:23n0bby_my newly created fonts dont work
19:44:00 Quit RotAtoR ()
19:44:45webguest91is there any way to get the saved playlists to be displayed in the wps playlist submenu, instead of having to browse all the way to root to load a saved playlist
19:45:34hardeepplaylists can be saved anywhere and we don't really want to search for them
19:46:03webguest91well, in my player the playlists are saved to root
19:46:03amiconnwebguest91: Save them in /.rockbox
19:46:19***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
19:46:51amiconnAh, blah, nonsense
19:47:08amiconnI just read wps...
19:47:37amiconnhardeep is right
19:48:48 Quit n0bby_ (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
19:50:53hardeepactually, what might be useful is to have a way to quickly go to root from any directory... maybe with a long press on back
19:51:47webguest91playlists should be in , well playlist option, nice to keep like themes grouped
19:52:40webguest91like Mr Spock says, "it is logical"
19:53:52amiconnIt is not
19:54:05amiconnPlaylists are no playlist options, they are actual playlists
19:54:18amiconn...and they are files, so it's logical to browse them
19:54:47webguest91so browse all the way back to root just for a new playlist
19:55:16amiconnThey can be anywhere, there is no obligation to save them in the root
19:56:04webguest91so I have to specify the dir when the name is being created /
19:56:37amiconnDepends on how you create them
19:56:38webguest91its very messy and counter intuitive
20:03:19 Quit webguest91 ("CGI:IRC")
20:03:21 Join webguest91 [0] (
20:05:45amiconnCassandra: When syncing deutsch.lang, I wondered why you didn't deprecate LANG_RESUME_CONFIRM_PLAYER. Then I found out bookmark.c uses it.
20:05:49amiconnMessy, isn't it?
20:18:43 Part webguest91
20:21:46 Quit hardeep ("BitchX: the NEW form of birth control!")
20:31:27 Join bagawk [0] (~lee@bagawk.user)
20:35:05[-AIR-]hey, what is the graphics api???
20:36:18Cassandraoh, ami, rather than printing Rockbox in double height letters, can you use the player graphics lib to dump a bitmap for the startup screen, or would that just look silly?
20:36:50Cassandra[-AIR-]: It's Rockbox's internal graphics library. The functions it uses for putting things on the screen.
20:37:19[-AIR-]kewl. thanx.
20:37:28 Join ghode|afk [0] (
20:37:35 Nick Lynx_ is now known as Lynx_awy (
20:39:32RoriI just found a nice use for my computer answerphone system. Use Caller ID to ident a nuisance caller and give them a person message and then hang up on them Used AT&T Natural Voices text-to-speech engine to say "You have been found to be a nuisance caller. Nobody will answer your call so give up trying" *CLICK* :D
20:39:44Roripersonal message rather
20:41:03CassandraStupid nuisance caller, if they didn't disable caller-id.
20:42:25Rorihaha they called again
20:42:37Rorithis time they got e nasty surprise
20:42:57amiconnCassandra: The player gfx library doesn't allow fullscreen, so no
20:43:02RoriI tried ringing them back and I get a couple of bleeps and it hangs up so they obviously are calling from some company or whatever
20:44:41amiconnI wonder what broke rockboy...
20:44:54amiconnIt doesn't work both on iriver and on archos
20:45:00 Quit bagawk ("Leaving")
20:45:14amiconnOn archos it's at least possible to stop it, but on iriver it hangs
20:48:18amiconnAh, found it.
20:48:32*amiconn points to Bagder: you broke it
20:50:23*Cassandra removes the dunce's hat and hands it to bagder.
20:54:17 Join Chamois [0] (
20:55:10amiconnFixed and committed.
20:57:04amiconnHmm, starting rockboy while music is playing still causes a crash.
20:59:02amiconn...that's because the audio_stop() is asynchronous
21:00:14amiconnSlasheri: Around?
21:00:30Slasheriamiconn: yes, but just has to go.. Back in a few minutes :)
21:01:18amiconnIs there a way to poll the audio thread whether the requested audio_stop is done?
21:01:30amiconn(Similar to how mpeg.c handles it on archos)
21:03:13amiconnCompare mpeg.c line 2534ff with playback.c line 1296ff and see what I mean
21:05:16 Part webguest09
21:20:47Slasheriamiconn: Hmm, audio_stop should stop the playback immediately
21:20:59amiconnNo, it doesn't
21:21:07amiconnpls check the source lines
21:21:16Slasherii will do that
21:21:34amiconniriver audio_stop() just sends a message to the audio thread and returns
21:21:43SlasheriAh, yes
21:22:09amiconnarchos audio_stop() sends the message, then waits for the stop being done before returning
21:22:14Slasheriyou could poll audio_status() to determine that
21:22:25Slasherior playing flag
21:22:38Slasheriok, so wait should be added?
21:22:40amiconnIt seems it is not that simple
21:22:55amiconnThe playing flag gets reset before the codec is stopped
21:23:33amiconnIf you fix this, rockboy will no longer cause a crash when started while music is playing
21:23:46Slasheriah, but the audio is stopped right after pcm_play_stop is called (at the same time playing is set to false)
21:24:05amiconnIs the codec also fully stopped at that point?
21:24:10SlasheriNo it's not
21:24:18 Join austriancoder [0] (~austrianc@
21:24:19SlasheriSo i should wait the codec to be fully stopped?
21:24:19amiconn(because the codec still running is the actual problem
21:24:30austriancoderHi all
21:24:33Slasheriok, good. i will fix that :)
21:24:37amiconncodecs and plugins share the same iram area...
21:24:40Slasherihi :)
21:24:45amiconnhi austriancoder
21:25:31amiconnSlasheri: Both audio and codec should be fully stopped
21:26:05Slasheriamiconn: good to know, i will do some changes to the audio_stop to ensure that
21:26:50austriancoderi have now worked with the multimeter and must say that my iriver is dead
21:26:57amiconnFortunately rockboy is the only plugin that actually uses IRAM, and it requires the audiobuffer as well so playing music in parallel isn't possible anyway
21:27:12Slasheriaustriancoder: btw, are you the one developing dxr3plugin also? (sourceforge show austriancoder as the admin)
21:27:39amiconnIf we'll ever have a plugin that does require IRAM but not the audio buffer we'll have to find another fix
21:29:18austriancoderslasheri: yep
21:29:28 Join Coldtoast [0] (
21:30:17Slasheriaustriancoder: great, i might have some questions at some time :) i have used dxr3 with vdr over a long time now
21:34:34amiconnBagder, Zagor: I would like to add sectioned compilation to the plugin library, and link plugins with garbage collection. This greatly simplifies management of larger plugin library packages
21:35:05Zagorgarbage collection? please explain. it removes the need to put each bloody function in a different source file
21:35:45amiconnFirst, the source files in apps/plugins/lib will be compiled with -ffunction-sections -fdata-sections
21:36:00amiconnThis puts every element in its own section, e.g.
21:36:04Zagoreach function doesn't really have to be in a separate file today either btw
21:36:17Slasheriamiconn: That was easy to fix, i will commit it later after i finnish some other fixes also
21:36:29amiconnremove_blah() would be put in .text.remove_blah instead of .text
21:37:08amiconnThen the linker is told to link with garbage collection, meaning that it removes sections which aren't referenced
21:37:47amiconnZagor: As-is, if I have 2 functions in one source file, and only one of them is used, the other gets included and is dead code
21:38:51Zagoramiconn: correct, but that is quite rare. how are you thinking of creating the sectioned complilation?
21:39:08amiconnThat isn't rare
21:39:25amiconnI'm talking about the plugin library
21:39:57[-AIR-]hey, when the recent CVS activity is Synced. what does that mean?
21:40:00amiconnToday, the grayscale lib has each little function in a separate file to avoid that, and this is messy
21:40:31ColdtoastI found 44KHz, 64kbps mono MP3s that only output audio from the left chan. anybody looked into that? they play fine with the iriver firmware and in winamo
21:40:31amiconnThe player gfx lib does not do that, and this adds quite some dead code to the plugins that use it
21:40:57amiconnZagor: 3 changes are necessary; I already tried them:
21:41:11 Quit ghostiger (Ping timeout: 14400 seconds)
21:41:51amiconn(1) apps/plugins/lib/Makefile gets CFLAGS += -ffunction-sections -fdata-sections added
21:42:31amiconn(2) apps/plugins/ needs to have the section names with wildcards, to catch all the sections
21:42:37Zagorah, didn't know about those flags
21:43:21amiconnThere's also some trick necessary to avoid an error message if no sections are left after garbage collection, and .entry has to be surrounded with KEEP()
21:44:09amiconn(3) apps/plugins/Makefile gets a -Wl,−−gc-sections added in line 57
21:45:03amiconn[IDC]Dragon already introduced sectioned compilation for bootbox, and the wildcard sections to firmware/ to make use of it for linking bootbox
21:45:27Zagori have no objections to this
21:45:45CassandraDeep linker magic. If you were to conduct this conversation in Swahili I'd understand as much of it.
21:45:58amiconnThis is no magic
21:46:23***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
21:47:04amiconnZagor: I'll check whether all plugins are running correctly, then commit. This will save me quite some work when converting the player gfx library
21:47:30amiconnExpect the number of source files in apps/plugins/lib to decrease as soon as I start working on the grayscale lib :)
21:51:10 Quit webguest66 ("CGI:IRC")
21:51:12 Join webguest66 [0] (
21:51:18 Quit webguest66 (Client Quit)
21:51:22 Join webguest66 [0] (
21:55:28 Quit courtc (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
21:56:03 Join courtc [0] (
22:00:41 Join DomZ [0] (
22:04:42 Join hardeep [0] (
22:07:22 Quit tvelocity (Read error: 145 (Connection timed out))
22:10:48 Quit webguest66 ("CGI:IRC")
22:13:02amiconnZagor: Sectioned compilation might be useful for the codec libraries as well. What do you think?
22:13:31Zagordo the codecs share a lot of code yet?
22:13:59amiconnNo, I mean the individual codec libraries, like libmad, Tremor etc
22:14:13amiconnThey might contain code that is never used in rockbox
22:16:42 Join tvelocity [0] (
22:16:44Zagordoesn't feel like the right way to find unused code
22:16:56 Join einhirn_ [0] (
22:17:16Zagorunless we want to be super-strict/compatible and not remove such code
22:17:34amiconnZagor: Yes, that's why I am asking
22:17:57amiconnBoth points of view have some advantages
22:24:59Zagori say we don't do that yet, anyway.
22:36:25 Quit Cassandra ("If I were actually witty, this quitline would be funny.")
22:44:55 Quit Aison (Client Quit)
22:45:06 Join ansivirus [0] (
22:48:28ansiviruscan anyone tell me where the trickle charge and deep discharge settings are found in the JBRFM menu?
22:49:30 Quit einhirn_ ("Miranda IM! Smaller, Faster, Easier.")
22:49:40HClhm... no wonder i'm getting horrible disk performance on my laptop... its fragmentation graph looks like the answer to how to distribute all the data evenly over the disk with as many gaps as possible
22:51:13Slasheriamiconn: fixed
22:54:15ColdtoastHCl: I have 320GB or RAID I should defrag
22:54:19hardeepansivirus: i believe those options are only available for the archos recorder model
22:54:30ansivirusis the recorder fm different?/
22:54:49ansivirusbecause I thought i read about those options when reading through the docs but might be wrong
22:54:59HClColdtoast: :P
22:55:11hardeepansivirus: yes, it's different
22:55:16ansivirusthanks hardeep
22:55:17ColdtoastI can't be arsed tho. heh
22:55:35HClwell, considering my horrible disk performance on my laptop, its certainly worth a shot here
22:56:41ansivirusanother question
22:56:52amiconnansivirus: These options are removed in cvs anyway. 2.4 still has them, but they are for recorder v1 *only*
22:57:45ansivirusif my recorder fm is attached as /dev/sda1 can i just mkfs.vfat /dev/sda1 or are there special params for the jukebox to recognize the disk?
23:00:56amiconnYou will need to create a plain FAT32 *primary* partition.
23:01:44ansiviruscool. thanks alot.. i'm off to play may be back for more q's :)
23:02:51HCli want reiserfs for windows...
23:03:01HClcrappy ntfs
23:04:23[-AIR-]wot, how comes the bleeding edge build link fails for iriver?
23:04:30[-AIR-]Object not found! ?
23:04:46[-AIR-]is it being updates?
23:04:54 Join muesli- [0] (
23:05:13HClit is.
23:05:19[-AIR-]kewl. how long?
23:05:31[-AIR-]the bleeding edge build is being updated
23:05:46[-AIR-]there she goes
23:05:50muesli-kewl :D
23:05:55*HCl looks at the last change
23:06:02HClthat last change confuses me
23:06:03DBUGEnqueued KICK [-AIR-]
23:06:03[-AIR-]now that IS bleeding edge
23:06:08muesli-is ?
23:06:27Slasherii will recommend the bleeding edge build that is still compiling (has some fixes)
23:06:45HClah right.
23:06:52HClhow odd. how did that code ever end up in the main 29-Jun-2005 23:04 542K
23:07:03HClno wonder rockboy didn't work
23:07:04muesli-seems 2 b done?
23:07:26muesli-rockboy is working with sound again?
23:07:39CtcpIgnored 1 channel CTCP requests in 0 seconds at the last flood
23:07:39*HCl goes to check who was responsible for that :o
23:07:43HClsound does not work
23:07:52amiconnHCl: What do you mean?
23:08:06muesli-tell him i am suffering horrible nightmares while lectures ;)
23:08:11HClamiconn: the if(!audio_bufferbase) on an un-initialized audio_bufferbase
23:08:13amiconnTalking 'bout my 'Made it working again..' fix
23:08:26HClyea, the fix is okay, i wonder who put it in there originally though
23:08:39amiconnBagder shuffled the call order to avoid the crash while music is playing
23:08:40HCliirc it was originally part of my malloc?
23:08:43[-AIR-]hey ppl, how do u guys edit the .hex file?
23:08:58HClhm? it works when music plays? O.o.
23:08:59[-AIR-]foudn this
23:09:05amiconn...and missed that the initialisation to 0 is done below...
23:09:21amiconnHCl: No, it should stop music.
23:09:31amiconnCurrently it crashes with an IllInstr
23:09:35HCldidn't know
23:09:40HCli've been out of the loop for a while
23:09:47amiconn...because codecs and plugins share the same IRAM area
23:10:03HClnot even cause it uses the audiobuffer
23:10:05amiconn... so playback must be stopped *before* copying the IRAM section
23:10:10HCland cause it hogs cpu
23:11:10amiconnThat's the reason why Bagder shuffled the call order, and missed both the (dangling) if(!audio_bufferbase) and the reset to zero below
23:11:34amiconnIt still didn't work right until Slasheri's latest fix
23:11:51amiconn..because audio_stop() worked asynchronously
23:13:25amiconnSlasheri: A warning...
23:13:58Slasheriamiconn: fixed
23:14:06Slasheribuilding again ;D
23:14:21Slasheriand made crossfade work almost every situation
23:14:54amiconnDoes skip back work now?
23:15:07Slasherinobody should try that yet ;)
23:15:16Slasherii will fix that skipping & seeking next
23:17:15Slashericrossfade seems to work really well now
23:17:39[-AIR-]hey, can you edit text files on rockbox, as in change my .wps ?
23:21:49 Join rasher [0] (
23:23:15muesli-Slasheri x fading works groovy
23:23:24muesli-100% gapless
23:23:24HClSlasheri: do you remember those changes i should make by head or should i look them up in the logs?
23:23:28muesli-love ot
23:23:30Slasherimuesli-: nice :)
23:23:45SlasheriHCl: just a moment
23:23:51muesli-yeah, thank u mates :D
23:24:16*HCl has plenty of time, noone of importance to talk with, people claimed his xbox, laptop busy with defragmentation :p
23:24:39HClno cat to pet
23:24:44rasherHCl: Interested in taking over the edit-id3 patch?
23:24:50SlasheriHCl: btw, where are you running the code? Somewhere in apps/ or is it plugin?
23:24:53HClrasher: hm
23:24:55HClSlasheri: apps
23:25:15HClrasher: dunno.
23:25:32muesli-will there be a folder based database?
23:25:38HClfolder based database?
23:25:40HClwhat do you mean
23:25:46SlasheriHCl: i will write the event handler for you
23:25:49HClSlasheri: yay.
23:25:51HCl :)
23:25:56muesli-the current works by artist/album etc...
23:26:07HClmuesli-: there's an −−dirisalbum option in the generator
23:26:09muesli-dir /p >folders.txt
23:26:22HClif thats what you mean
23:26:32hardeepHCl: what does that option do?
23:26:35HClit forces all files in a directory to belong to the same album
23:26:39muesli-generator? / .jar
23:26:49HCl(i prefer the .jar)
23:26:53rasherHCl: It almost works, I think - but it's a bit of a mess.. touches a lot of files.. the bulk of it is a plugin though
23:27:02HClrasher: hmk.
23:27:09rasherAnd it applies cleanly now!
23:27:14hardeephow about the other −−dirisalbumname option?
23:27:14HClrasher: not for now... runtime database is a fair amount of work that i want to finish first
23:27:21rasher(well, after I bludgeoned it into submission)
23:27:28HClhardeep: that makes album names default to directories if no album name is present in a tag of a song
23:27:35rasherSure.. Guess I'll just post an updated patch to the tracker then
23:27:36hardeepah, okay
23:27:36HCldirectory name*
23:27:49rasherHCl: you just sounded bored - can't have that
23:27:54HCl :P
23:27:59hardeepUnfortunately, neither help with the problem I have:
23:27:59HCltrust me, i'm not very
23:28:05HClfirst i need to finish playing all my games
23:28:12hardeepAll my songs are sorted by /Artist/Album/...
23:28:22HClso are mine
23:28:27HClwhats the problem then?
23:28:33hardeepso the same album can be in multiple directories
23:28:43ColdtoastI'm playing NeoGeo games on my xbox. heh
23:28:45HClyou split up multiple artist albums?
23:28:47hardeepeach is displayed as a separate album on the tag database
23:28:59HClwell, i can't really help that...
23:29:12hardeepyeah, i'm just going to hack the script to work for me
23:29:21*ze used to have a VA dir (along with a Soundtracks dir)
23:29:22HClwe specifically linked artist to album to allow albums of different artists with the same name
23:29:41HClwell, you can do that, but it would be nicer if you could form it into an option somehow
23:29:44rasherThere'll always be someone with a more obscure sorting organisation of files
23:29:46HCland add it as a patch to the tracker
23:29:50HCltrue that.
23:30:05HClits not hard to make it into an option though
23:30:10hardeepyeah, i'll make it an option
23:30:12HCla simple matter of changing the album key to album name
23:30:15HClin the .jar anyways
23:30:25 Join spiralout [0] (
23:30:27HCljust like how −−dirisalbum is changing the album key to the directory name only
23:30:32SlasheriHCl: almost done
23:30:34HClwhere it is albumname___directoryname by default
23:30:47zenow my rio karma shows the album under any artist that appears on it, but then only shows that artist's track(s) within the album when browsing to it that way
23:31:00HClze: yea, i have that planned
23:31:06HClit needs some filtering in the dbtree.c
23:31:13HCli'm not very fond of dbtree.c, to be honest
23:31:21HClone of the reasons why i've been delaying it :P
23:31:24zei think its kinda funky, but dunno what'd be any better
23:31:36HClprobably something thats not a hack on the fileview display
23:31:37HCli dunno.
23:31:53 Join Bluechip [0] (
23:32:01rasherdbtree.c should do other kinds of filtering too, I think.. but I forget which things it was
23:32:08rasherprobably also related to multi-artist cds
23:32:10zei mean the thing with only showing that artist's track(s) is kinda fkny
23:32:13HClif you remember, put it on the wiki
23:32:20HClze: not hard to do, really
23:32:31HClthere's a small todo list on the wiki
23:32:34rasherJust have to remember the path you came from - which you should also
23:32:35zenot funky code-wise
23:32:44SlasheriHCl: void audio_set_track_changed_event(void (*handler)(struct track_info *ti));
23:32:56zefunking as "oh yeah that album" *click* "doh, just that track..."
23:33:00HCldo i just call that to register when i initialize?
23:33:01Slasheriuse that function to set your event handler (in playback.h). I will commit soon
23:33:10ze*re-browses to album another way*
23:33:11HClany prior initialization needed?
23:33:16HCllet me check at what stage i init at the moment..
23:33:21rasherze: that'd drive me crazy,
23:33:31HCl status_init();
23:33:31HCl playlist_init();
23:33:31HCl tree_init();
23:33:31HCl rundb_init();
23:33:41HCl :)
23:33:42hardeepthis will need to be added to the mpeg code as well for archos support
23:33:55Slasheriand just set it to null if you want to uninitialize
23:33:58HClze: lol.
23:34:08zerasher: but on the same token, it'd also be kinda funky to be browsing by artist and go into the album and other artists showing up there
23:34:21HClze: personally, i planned to do it like that, and then the normal browse by album option would show all the artists
23:34:27zerasher: and then what do you do when you click "play all tracks by this artist"
23:34:39HClze: that works cleanly though.
23:34:40 Join preglow [0] (
23:34:48HClit simply searches for all songs by the artist
23:34:57HCland doesn't take all the albums and adds them
23:35:03preglowsomeone please shoot me in the head, quick
23:35:09*HCl hands preglow a watergun
23:35:22*HCl shoots preglow on his head
23:35:47zemaybe if there was a way to go straight to the full album from the artist-specific browsing of it
23:35:52preglownot much, writing
23:35:55preglowbored to death
23:36:04HClze: pff, we'd have to think of a way to properly do that though
23:36:12HClpersonally, i have no idea what would be userfriendly
23:36:13rasherI don't think that's necessary
23:36:20HClmaybe in the context menu a jump
23:36:31rasher"show all songs in album"?
23:36:36rasherBut then...
23:36:47rasheralbums with same name :-S
23:36:50SlasheriHCl: now you can try it :)
23:37:12zeapparently the karma firmware distinguishes albums/tracks by unique internal identifiers
23:37:22zeso that even if they have the same name, they're considered seperate things
23:37:26HClwe have that
23:37:28zeUnless the tracks are actually identical
23:37:46zein which case the 2nd copy just never really gets loaded
23:37:55rasherit gets hard when people scatter multi-artist cds over multiple dirs
23:37:56zesince it can tell its a duplicate
23:38:02zeeven if its different names i think
23:38:12rasherif two artists have an album of the same name
23:38:20zeif its different names i think it said it'll just add the 2nd name and use the same data
23:39:11zerasher: yeah it can be funky
23:39:28rasherThere are cases where the software will have to guess
23:39:36rasherand will get it wrong in one of two cases
23:39:54zewhat will it have to guess?
23:40:07rasherwell if two songs are from the same album, basically
23:40:19rasherbased on path and album/artist tags
23:40:21HClthe database generator does that..
23:40:32rasherAnd it's not foul-proof
23:40:32HClcontrollable by some options
23:40:40HClit depends on how your music is organized, really.
23:41:16HCli can safely use dirisalbum and dirisalbumname on my collection
23:41:18rasherindeed, and it's pretty much impossible to write something that'll work with every way
23:41:31HClwe'll just keep adding options
23:41:34zeif there's some way of telling the albums are different albums with the same name
23:41:39zeby either path or artist tags
23:41:47zei don't see why it should guess anything
23:42:10zebut then i guess your case of having VA albums spread around...
23:42:18zebut thats just funky :p
23:42:19rasherwell if the path is different, and album tags match
23:42:52rasherNow why isn't my matrix plugin being compiled
23:43:03HClyea, like i said, its a really simple change to add that
23:43:11HClat leas
23:43:14HClin the .jar
23:43:23rasherno different in the perl
23:43:35HCli dunno, i'm staying away from the perl version :p
23:43:43HClespecially when i add runtime db support to the .jar
23:44:13rasherhrm, adding something to apps/plugins/SOURCES didn't make it get built
23:44:37rasherit did.. what the..
23:44:50HClhmm.. implicit declaration of logf
23:45:32HClthere we go :)
23:45:47HClmy rundb code compiles cleanly
23:45:56HClgotta start changing my .jar now
23:46:02HClit'll refuse to work without a runtime database
23:46:24***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
23:47:54HClwe should probably make a gnuchess port
23:48:26rasherjust port chess off of podzilla
23:48:30Slasherinight :) ->
23:48:31HCli looked at it
23:48:34HClthey have vector based graphics
23:48:38HClimpossible to port
23:48:46rasherreplace their graphics routines?
23:48:51HCllots of work :/ :/
23:49:17rashermatrix.c had all its graphics in one function matrix_blit_char
23:49:21HClgnight Slasheri
23:49:28HCljoys :X
23:49:47*HCl goes to make tea
23:50:05ColdtoastTea. Earl Grey. Hot
23:50:12rasherWith milk.
23:50:17rasherSquirted out of a cow.
23:50:22 Quit Chamois (Read error: 131 (Connection reset by peer))
23:51:10 Join Chamois [0] (~Chamois@
23:52:43*ze doesn't like earl grey
23:52:43*HCl actually remembers he has milk, which is an odd occasion cause he usually doesn't.
23:52:52HCli usually have the other one
23:52:57HClbut i'm extremely tolerant
23:53:05zethe other one?
23:53:07[-AIR-]err, i need a little help with a wps
23:53:07HClthe only thing i don't like is tea with milk AND sugar
23:53:10zecream? half&half?
23:53:20HClaside from that, you can throw any tea at me
23:53:32zei like green tea, and herbal
23:53:38zei only occasionally drink black
23:53:40zeand thats usually chai
23:53:41HCli used to like strawberry
23:53:48 Quit Coldtoast ("Peace and Protection 4.22")
23:53:50HClbut i have this strawberry tea collection that seems to be endless
23:53:55HCland i'm getting bored by it.. :X
23:54:05rasherI don't get it... my matrix plugin is working in the sim..
23:54:07zeyeah you gotta have variety
23:54:12HClso now i'm plundering the flat's tea supply
23:54:19rasherBut on target it behaves differently
23:54:20zei've been drinking lots of dragonwell
23:54:24rasherno crash, just differently
23:54:27HClthats why you should always develop on target :)
23:54:31[-AIR-]my current wps is GeorgeCollins' one here i'd like to put the next track number after the next track name when it has buffered. any help ???
23:54:33zeand occasional gyokuro
23:54:33HCloh, okay, thats odd
23:54:47*HCl doesn't know about wps, sorry
23:54:54rasherHCl: tell me about it!
23:54:57rasherit's driving me insane
23:54:58zenow i'm getting some samples of otherstuff, and plan on getting some white monkey and sencha
23:55:01[-AIR-]u know anyone who does?
23:55:04HClrasher: relax, have a cup of tea :p
23:55:09HCl[-AIR-]: t0mas
23:55:19[-AIR-]gr8 thanx.
23:55:21zewhat timing though
23:55:32muesli-HCl perl.exe −−dirisalbum
23:55:37muesli-doesnt work
23:55:41zei'm walking to the mailbox, just get a few steps out the door, and the mail carrier pulls up
23:55:44HCltry the .jar
23:55:44rasher[-AIR-]: Just look at the CustomWPS page..
23:55:47[-AIR-]t0mas is ntot here
23:55:47muesli-or is that not what you meant
23:56:01HClmuesli-: it should work, but i haven't really looked at the .pl version in a while
23:56:02[-AIR-]i know where it is but i dont get the thing i have got here,
23:56:03rasher[-AIR-]: it should tell you everything you need to know
23:56:09HCli made the .jar from scratch instead
23:56:14[-AIR-]rasher do u know the shiz?
23:56:24HClbecause the maintainability of the .pl version was starting to drive me crazy
23:56:33[-AIR-]do u understand what i'd like :S
23:56:59rasher[-AIR-]: Well.. track number is %in - next track number i %In (capital i)
23:57:09rasherJust add %In in an appropriate spot
23:57:21[-AIR-]i appreciate that.
23:58:51HCligh, people filling up the wireless router :/
23:58:58muesli-HCl SongDB.jar isnt it a linux version?

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