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#rockbox log for 2005-06-30

00:00:56HCldefragmenting, 21% complete..
00:01:11rasherI don't believe in defragmenting
00:01:21HCli'm so desperate i'm willing to give it a shot.
00:01:28HClmy laptop gets absolute horrid disk performance
00:01:49 Quit tvelocity ("Leaving")
00:01:54*rasher opens the oldest. patch. ever.
00:02:00HCl2001? :p
00:02:09 Join DreamTactix291 [0] (
00:02:19*HCl checks on tea
00:02:27rasher2003-03-04 07:09, but it's the lowest id still open
00:04:14HCl :)
00:05:18rasherhow do I make diff include previously unexistant files?
00:05:46 Quit preglow ("CGI:IRC")
00:06:04*rasher tries it
00:06:24rasher'parantly not
00:09:29rashersomeone should work on making the WPS language turing-complete
00:09:42HCland then my cat disabled me from reaching my iriver
00:10:24DreamTactix291what did your cat do?
00:11:04rasherSlasheri: I just missed a few seconds off the end of a file?
00:11:55HCljust claim my lap
00:11:57HCli need better headphones
00:12:07DreamTactix291i want a cat :(
00:12:08HClin fact, i just need new ones.
00:12:17HClthey're great.
00:12:41 Join stripwax_ [0] (
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00:12:42 Join Coldtoast [0] (
00:12:42HClonly time when they're less fun is when they're all hyper and playful at 6 am
00:12:53HCland start to mew at your door continuesly if you don't let them in
00:12:59HCland when you do they start to make a mess of your room
00:13:13Coldtoastit's great that going to the next track is now fast
00:13:16 Join stripwax_ [0] (
00:13:19Coldtoastbut PREV doesn't work
00:13:28Coldtoastcan only skip forwards, not back
00:13:49Coldtoastif I try and skip back, I just get a little "click" in teh audio stream
00:14:03rasherI get that as welll.
00:14:09DreamTactix291cats are still cool HCl
00:14:13HClyup :)
00:14:14HClthey rule
00:14:21HClthey're all cute and fluffy
00:14:25HCland cuddly
00:14:38muesli-HCl "SongDB.jar −−dirisalbum" would be the parameter?
00:14:51ColdtoastI have over 200 pix of cats on my computer :)
00:14:51HClmuesli-: yea, it poops out a usage if you don't supply it arguments :)
00:15:03DreamTactix291i don't have many
00:15:07DreamTactix291many more pictures of girls
00:16:37DreamTactix291kittens :D
00:16:55Coldtoastyou have to pick which is cuter out of the 2 pix
00:17:19 Quit ghostiger2 (Remote closed the connection)
00:17:21HClmy cat wanted to crawl under my blanket
00:17:27HClbut i was sitting on my blanket
00:17:30HClso he was like
00:17:35HCltrying to crawl under one of my small pillows
00:17:37HCland not managing
00:17:40Coldtoastheh. how can ppl not love cats?
00:17:45ColdtoastI just don't understand that
00:17:48*HCl folded his blanket for him, he's under it now
00:18:00DreamTactix291my dad hates them
00:18:17Coldtoasthow's that possible?
00:18:21DreamTactix291no idea
00:18:23DreamTactix291he just does
00:18:33DreamTactix291won't even date a woman if they have a cat
00:18:42Coldtoasthow old is he?
00:18:45stripwax_sorry to change subject an all ;-) but anyone else experienced their harddrive 'scream' when rockbox is booting up on iriver and/or when loading the directory tree?
00:19:20stripwax_'screaming' - like, seeking for a bit, then a kind of quiet beeeeeeep sound, the na bit of a puse, and then seeking again .... doesn't do it on iriver firmware, only (occasionally) on rockbox. any ideas?
00:19:21DreamTactix291no mine's had no problems
00:19:25rasherokay.. matrix added as a patch, and edit-id3 patch updated
00:19:28ColdtoastI'm 32 and my Dad just turned 54
00:19:34DreamTactix291seeking in this one 30 minute song once kinda made the hard drive kick up though
00:19:36*HCl just saw backlight fading for the first time
00:19:37DreamTactix291i'm 21
00:20:00stripwax_HCI me too! it's soo sweet
00:20:19*HCl goes to read his own code
00:20:36Coldtoastfix the inability to skip backwards :)
00:20:57DreamTactix291i'm more grateful for the gaplessness than anything
00:21:02DreamTactix291so i shut up and let things happen :D
00:21:13DreamTactix291well and the wavpack support since that's my lossless codec
00:21:16 Quit rasher ("CGI:IRC 0.5.4 (2004/01/29)")
00:21:59Coldtoastthe way I see it tho, as you're using rockbox you should report issues as you find them. this is our "end of the deal"
00:22:15stripwax_hmmm.. screaming. I just turned on my iriver and it did it again. kind of a beeee−−beeeeeeeep, clunk, and then drive seems to spin down and then spin up again, and then carry on. did it three times (or possibly twice) while booting up. switch off and on again and it didn't do it :-Z
00:22:31Coldtoastmine's never done that
00:22:54DreamTactix291i haven't had too many issues
00:23:01DreamTactix291and usually they get fixed in the next daily builds
00:23:08DreamTactix291i realise a lot of it is just decoder optimisation
00:23:10DreamTactix291so yeah
00:23:14stripwax_I reckon it's either some kind of initialisation problem in rockbox, or my drive is on the way out (tho iriver firmware has never, never suffered from this, and i still use it regularly)
00:23:18Coldtoastdaily? what about bleedign edge?
00:23:33Coldtoastwell, I've never had it happen strip
00:23:33stripwax_must admit i'm addicted to bleeding edge..
00:23:42stripwax_coldtoast okie.
00:23:52DreamTactix291i don't use the bleeding edge builds usually
00:23:53Coldtoastnot heard anybody else mention it
00:24:17Coldtoastnot that that really means anything :)
00:24:33*HCl goes to dig up his java code
00:25:06ColdtoastI like the bleedign edge builds too. heh. get to check things out asap
00:25:12stripwax_HCI - hmm.. what's that?
00:25:15*HCl watches his cute fluffy kitty.
00:25:23HClthe new database generator i wrote from scratch
00:25:32HClgonna add initial runtimedatabase support
00:25:41HClalso need to add file hashing..
00:26:02stripwax_why do we need a new db generator? and what is "runtimedatabase support"?
00:26:19ColdtoastI use Tag Database Tool
00:26:24HClcause i didn't like coding/alterate the old one :P
00:26:38HCland runtime database is the database thats gonna hold dynamic info
00:26:43DreamTactix291well a couple issues i have are minor
00:26:44HCllike track rating, playcount, etc.
00:26:47DreamTactix291and i'm sure will be fixed
00:26:58DreamTactix291vorbis and flac use vorbis comments and not id3
00:27:03DreamTactix291well it doesn't show those tags
00:27:04Coldtoastan onboard db generator would be lovely tho
00:27:08DreamTactix291and my wavpack files use apev2
00:27:10DreamTactix291doesn't show those either
00:27:14DreamTactix291small problems though
00:27:19stripwax_HCI ooh, neato. why java, though .. ?
00:27:33HClstripwax_: i'm used to it :)
00:27:34stripwax_by which I mean, what kind of requirements will that have on the end user?
00:27:48HClthem to have a java runtime environment installed
00:28:15HClif you support java applets in your webbrowser, you have one
00:28:29stripwax_yeah, and my experience of jre is that it's really confusing for joe public to get a working compatible jre installed
00:28:45stripwax_bearing in mind that ms jvm is not really Java(tm) compatible
00:30:25stripwax_just my 2c anyway. JRE compatibility is one of the main reasons I'm no longer a Freenet dev..
00:31:26HClsounds like anti tcpa
00:31:33 Join tvelocity [0] (
00:33:49stripwax_mm, nice idea anyway ..
00:34:45stripwax_eek, hard drive just screamed again while just loading audio data while playing.. somefink's definitely up...
00:36:13DreamTactix291that's not good
00:36:15DreamTactix291which build?
00:37:02stripwax_hmm.. bleeding edge around this morning some time.. shortly after the 3rd lcd api check-in.
00:37:30stripwax_I have the "hard drive power off" option turned on.. could that cause this? i'm not sure why I turned it on, so I've turned it off for now to see if it goes away...
00:39:00 Quit tvelocity ("Leaving")
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00:41:08webguest26hi guys
00:42:20 Quit webguest26 (Client Quit)
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00:50:00 Part Bluechip
00:53:04muesli-n8 girlz
00:53:06 Quit muesli- ("ich will Khe!!!")
00:54:44HCli'm renaming the tag database file to rockbox.tagdb rather than rockbox.id3db
00:55:18 Join tvelocity [0] (
00:58:05HClstripwax_: did it go away?
00:58:59stripwax_HCI - intermittent faults are difficult to prove fixed .. so far so good anyway
00:59:31stripwax_shite.. no, still happens
00:59:57stripwax_anyone got any bright ideas?
01:00:10stripwax_bit worried that rockbox might be killing my drive now..
01:03:47 Quit spiralout (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
01:06:44HClno idea, sorry :/
01:07:35*HCl fixes the crashes of songdb.jar when it can't find any files with any tags
01:07:53HClironically enough, it was crashing on the debug messages :P
01:08:03HClwell, statistics..
01:09:41HClhm nice
01:09:46HClthe usb logo was centered on the screen
01:10:40Coldtoastcool. just bought a 2200mAH battery
01:10:50 Join Stryke` [0] (
01:10:57HCl :)
01:11:06HCli think i have an 2300mAH in my iriver
01:11:18HClneither me or markun are sure whether it was 2200 or 2300 :P
01:11:25HClwe both upgraded it
01:11:31Coldtoastis it an ipod 1st gen one?
01:11:36Coldtoastany probs?
01:11:42Coldtoastok. it's 2200mAH then
01:11:51HClaside from iriver not really putting the connector handily..
01:12:14HCli ended up breaking the plug of the original battery while trying to get it out
01:12:31HCland i had to snip part of the plastic of the new one in order to be able to get it in
01:12:36Coldtoastthe ipod 1st gen ones are 2200mAH
01:12:44Coldtoastany probs?
01:12:44HClnot all of them.. i think..
01:12:49HClnope :)
01:12:51Coldtoastthe ultra high ones are
01:12:54HClit was a snug fit
01:12:58HClbut it fitted exactly
01:13:03Coldtoasthaven't seen any 2300mAH but 2200 are common as houseflies
01:13:11HCllet me check on ebay
01:13:19ColdtoastI just bougth from ebay :)
01:13:25HClbut markun has an h120 with the same battery
01:13:27Coldtoastthere are LOADS of 2200 but no 2300
01:13:41Coldtoastcool. this should be great
01:13:53ColdtoastI bet you paid a pittance too
01:14:02ColdtoastI was all ready to buy an ionity
01:14:04HCl13 euro
01:14:06HCl or something
01:14:08HClincluding shipping
01:14:15 Join elinenbe_ [0] (
01:14:22Coldtoastheh. I just paid $26AUD with shipping and insurance
01:14:27Coldtoastscrew ionity!
01:14:36 Join RotAtoR [0] (
01:14:42Coldtoastwould have cost me $95AUD shipped
01:14:54HClyea, i got an 2200mah one
01:15:06HClthats the one me and markun got
01:15:42HClsame one, different seller
01:15:49HCldunno australian dollars..
01:16:27ColdtoastI paid 16.5 Euro
01:16:36Coldtoastthat's what 26 converts to
01:16:51Coldtoasthow long have you had it in there for?
01:17:26HCljust calculated that
01:17:30Coldtoastglad I did a search for alternatives to Ionity on misticriver
01:17:32HClweek or 3 or so
01:17:47Coldtoastwas going to buy the Ionity 1900mAH for $95AUD
01:18:00HClyea, i don't understand why people buy ionity
01:18:04HClyou get less for more money
01:18:05HCl :P
01:18:15Coldtoastthat's 60 Euro
01:18:22HCldamn thats a lot
01:18:33ColdtoastI suppose they're a guaranteed level of quality tho
01:18:45stripwax_saw those for 7 on ebay..
01:18:50*HCl stares at his finished songdb.jar
01:18:51Coldtoastone guy on misticriver said he pulled the wires off of his new battery
01:18:52stripwax_(the 2200mAh that is)
01:19:03HCl06/30/2005 01:14 AM 6,676,076 rockbox.tagdb
01:19:04HCl06/30/2005 01:14 AM 8 rockbox.rundb
01:19:06HCl :P
01:19:10ColdtoastI hope they're not THAT fragile
01:19:18HClColdtoast: had no trouble here
01:19:27HClwires were easy to get out of the plug and swap around
01:19:40Coldtoastyeah. I've actually done that before
01:19:43HCli clipped off a bit of redundant plastic off the connector with a nail clipper to let it slide in more smoothly
01:20:02Coldtoastis there much pressure on the battery compared to the original?
01:20:07Coldtoastand what's teh charge time?
01:20:07HClno idea.
01:20:18HCli dunno, 5 hours or so
01:20:24HClto be honest, i haven't run a battery life test yet
01:20:25HCli should
01:20:30Coldtoastok. Did you manage to hit 29hrs?
01:20:38HClhaven't tried, but i should
01:21:37 Join webguest77 [0] (
01:22:00lostlogichas linus or anyone started working on the bootloader for h3x0 yet?
01:22:21lostlogicdidn't think so, just making sure I told someone else right.
01:22:24Coldtoastanyof you into podcasts?
01:22:43HCli don't even know what they are :p
01:23:00HClwhat are they?
01:23:12ColdtoastI'm usng ipodder but wondering if there's one ppl consider "the best"
01:23:16amiconnmrf :/
01:23:20HClsup amiconn
01:24:01amiconnI'm undecided about the bitmap format for playergfx (bitmap drawing is the only function left to convert)
01:24:06stripwax_gotta go, see you cats later
01:24:13Coldtoastthey're online shows people record. You download em and listen to them. Usually on a portable DAP of some sort but also just regular computers
01:24:26 Part stripwax_
01:24:27HClamiconn: weren't we gonna have multiple?
01:24:39HClColdtoast: aha
01:24:49amiconnShould I keep using the same bitmap format as archos bitamp and iriver, although the byte orientation doesn't match ?
01:25:12amiconnOr should I rather flip the format to use horizonatl pixel blocks?
01:25:29elinenbe_amiconn: use what's best!
01:25:55amiconnThis could be more optimised, but on the downside bmp2rb doesn't handle this format
01:26:43HCli'd say use native formats, and on targets where those formats aren't native, convert them
01:27:24amiconnYeah, conversion is needed either way, but using horizontal blocks gives a better match
01:27:37HClokay o.o
01:27:37Coldtoasthey HCl. did your battery come with tools?
01:27:42HClColdtoast: nope
01:27:56Coldtoastok. wonder if the torx is the same size on teh ipod
01:28:01HClno idea
01:28:04amiconn(still needs conversion because the player graphics uses only 5 bits of each byte, yet the bitmap format shouldn't do this)
01:28:07elinenbe_HCl: what dap is that batter for? it says the ipod.
01:28:28Coldtoastit'll fit the h1x0 too
01:28:37amiconnI'll experiment a bit...
01:28:45 Join XavierGr [0] (
01:28:51ColdtoastDigital Audio Player
01:28:56HCloh. right.
01:29:06HClits for ipod, but if you switch the batterys polarity, it works fine on iriver
01:29:06 Join Xavi [0] (
01:29:07elinenbe_so, ipod series one batteries fit the iriver no problem?
01:29:17HClafter you switched their polarities, that is
01:29:18 Part XavierGr
01:29:27HClplugs are the same and everything
01:29:36XaviHello All
01:29:43 Nick Xavi is now known as XavierGr (
01:29:44*HCl hrmz :/
01:29:50ColdtoastHCl: one more question. ARe there any torx screws under the stickers?
01:29:53DreamTactix291didn't know that
01:30:02HClSlasheri: didn't receive a track change event when i got a new song... *checks again*
01:30:09HClColdtoast: what stickers? o.o.
01:30:15elinenbe_and what is the largest mah you can get?
01:30:19XavierGrI did a very interesting hack in rockbox wps_display.c code!
01:30:24HCloh those stickers
01:30:27HClelinenbe_: 2200
01:30:29HCli think
01:30:31Sucka`awaydream tic tacs?!
01:30:36Coldtoastso just the 4 on teh bottom?
01:30:43HClyea, there's a guide on misticriver
01:30:44DreamTactix291haven't heard that one before
01:30:45HCli think
01:30:49Coldtoastoh. and top
01:30:51DreamTactix291which guide
01:30:52HClat least, markun had found a sweet guide somewhere
01:30:56DreamTactix291i mod at misticriver you know
01:30:58HClthat said exactly how to open the iriver
01:31:09DreamTactix291oh yeah
01:31:10elinenbe_what is the default iriver?
01:31:13DreamTactix291there's several
01:31:17Coldtoastman... my dap is still only a bit over halfway thru the warranty
01:31:17elinenbe_what is the default iriver mah?
01:31:28DreamTactix291let me check
01:31:31ColdtoastI hope the Rockbox bootloader saves my arse if this thing bricks
01:31:40XavierGrIf you just replace lcd_ with lcd_remote you can have an interesting wps for the remote all seems to work fine!
01:31:40Coldtoast1300mAH elinenbe
01:31:42HClif what bricks?
01:31:48Coldtoastmy h140
01:31:56HClby doing what?
01:32:00Coldtoastit happens
01:32:02XavierGrthe same must be the case for tree.c
01:32:07Coldtoastdo a search on misticriver
01:32:12Coldtoastone of my friends bricked his
01:32:16Coldtoasth340 tho
01:32:18HClby upgrading their battery?
01:32:22DreamTactix291beat me to it Coldtoast
01:32:29Coldtoastby trying to use the DB actually. heh
01:32:39*HCl stares confusedly
01:32:41HClokay o.o.
01:32:43Coldtoasthad to have it replaced
01:32:52Coldtoastnow he won't risk the DB
01:33:02Stryke`iRiver DB?
01:33:38Coldtoasthe generated a DB. He thinks it had errors and when his H340 tried booting, the corrupt DB bricked it
01:33:55Coldtoastsat thre at "Read File System"
01:34:06Coldtoastas simple as that. seriously
01:34:08HClthat really sucks, heh.
01:34:23HClbut yea, rockbox bootloader usb mode is a great thing
01:34:29HClits *almost* impossible to brick it with it
01:34:32Coldtoastyeah. but if he'd had the rockbox bootloader, it would have saved it
01:34:53XavierGraslo great news I cant hear any ticking while the remote screen scrolls as with the iriver firmware!!!
01:35:07ColdtoastI hope I never need to call ont eh warranty cos this new battery will void it
01:35:14DreamTactix291i never had the ticking issue fortunately
01:35:21Coldtoastme either
01:35:21 Quit Harpy (Connection timed out)
01:35:27ColdtoastI LOOOOVE the iriver remote :)
01:35:39Coldtoastmight buy a spare one actually. they're incredibly cheap
01:35:46DreamTactix291i love mine too
01:35:47DreamTactix291so useful
01:35:52Coldtoastless than $20AUD
01:36:04HClthey are?
01:36:09Coldtoastyep. ebay it
01:36:14HCllast i heard people paying 50+ euro for it
01:36:16DreamTactix291they are pretty cheap if you look
01:36:28Stryke`the headphone jack on the remote is pretty awful
01:36:39Coldtoastyea. it is
01:36:41XavierGrI was wrong I cant hear any ticking with the iriver earphones
01:36:52XavierGrbut with my shures I can hear it
01:37:00*HCl has the extension thing..
01:37:07Stryke`as do i
01:37:24Coldtoastcheap as chips
01:37:36Stryke`still extra wiring, that shouldn't be required
01:37:43Coldtoastheh. I wanna buy a set of the earphones that came with the h140 :)
01:38:01Coldtoastanyway. 9:30am. bedtime
01:38:17HCl1:30 am
01:38:20HCli should head to bed too
01:38:24HClbut first i want to get this event to work
01:38:28Stryke`7:30 PM
01:38:30Coldtoastwell, I worked. I work nights
01:38:41Coldtoastnightclub worker
01:38:47XavierGrso it was a hardware artifact after all.... pity
01:39:19elinenbe_what needs to be done with the battery after you get it?
01:39:27XavierGrhmm aslo the remote cant really see UI fonts it just uses the default one
01:39:29HClXavierGr: we know its a hardware artifact, we also have some hope that with careful driving of the remote, we might be able to get rid of it
01:39:37HClnot all iriver remotes have that glitch
01:39:42HCli never have ticking with my remote
01:39:52XavierGrI thought it was main unit related
01:39:57Coldtoastthat's teh same one I just bouht elinenbe
01:40:04HClat least, not as far as i know
01:40:43XavierGrI will discuss this with other iHP users on MRR
01:41:16XavierGrso how the remote screen handling is going to be?
01:41:43XavierGrI can just make my own hack to use rockbox in the car, with this little replace trivk
01:41:46HCli dunno
01:42:16HClSlasheri: it doesn't seem to be working, i'll look at it tomorrow, the event simply does not seem to be getting called
01:42:24XavierGrThough I will have to change every line where a lcd_ function exists
01:42:36*HCl did enjoy having to listen to air to test his code though :p
01:42:51XavierGrcurrently whenever I play a track the main unit just shows the lates screen buffer and not the wps
01:43:52XavierGrwps though is shown in the remote screen!
01:45:15ColdtoastI'd like a BIG FAT pic of the battery level on the remote with the track info below it :)
01:46:07 Quit Coldtoast ("Peace and Protection 4.22")
01:46:25***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
01:49:57*HCl steals most of his blanket back from his kitty and goes to sleep
01:50:43XavierGrslasheri are you there?
01:55:31 Part Moos
01:59:03 Quit Sucka`away ("a bird in the bush is worth two in your house")
02:12:39tvelocityi'm bored
02:26:34 Quit Stryke` ("Friends don't let friends listen to Anti-Flag")
02:30:26 Join amiconn_ [0] (
02:30:31XavierGrhi amiconn
02:30:41 Join sockerteze [0] (
02:30:45 Quit amiconn (Nick collision from services.)
02:30:46 Nick amiconn_ is now known as amiconn (
02:31:26XavierGramiconn:I did a nice quick hack for remote wps intergratioin
02:31:46amiconnQuick hacks are never nice ;)
02:32:29XavierGrI just doubled lcd_ with lcd_remote_ of wps-display.c and now I have a nice wps on my remote!
02:32:55amiconnWith scrolling lines and all?
02:33:23amiconnOkay, that means the scrolling actually works. Didn't test it, nice :)
02:33:51 Quit cYmen ("zZz")
02:33:54XavierGrI am gonna make this for tree.c too, for at least my personal use
02:33:56amiconnMost of lcd-h100-remote.c is a blind port, only the basic things are tested
02:34:18XavierGrthough the scrolling was different from that of the main unit
02:34:26amiconn(basically bitmap display only)
02:34:35XavierGrdoes it get initialised in tree.c as setfont
02:35:14amiconnEach lcd driver has it's own set of internal status vriables, like font, draw mode, margins...
02:35:32XavierGrbecause in order to have UI_font in wps I had to change lcd_remote_setfont in tree.c
02:36:13amiconnMy suggestion for proper remote lcd support is to have a secondary GUI thread.
02:36:34XavierGryeah I think that If I make the change in tree.c scroliing will be the same
02:36:48XavierGryeah different GUI is better
02:37:13XavierGrbut as I read your saying in the logs you mentioned that this is a very low priority
02:37:17amiconnThen each of browser code, wps and others could be duplicated, and I guess the necessary communication won't be too hard to implement
02:37:58XavierGrso until the different GUI is ready I will try to use it for my personal enjoyment!
02:38:10amiconnYes, imho the priority should be to get existing rockbox features running first, especially those that are crucial for a music player
02:38:44XavierGrPitty that the ticking problem is a fact when scrolling occurs!
02:38:47amiconnOf course there is no clear line of separation between that and extending features
02:39:00amiconnMy remote never ticks, even with the iriver fw
02:39:20amiconnI have to say I only tested briefly though
02:39:22XavierGrI couldnt hear it with standart cheap phones but my shure e2c makes it audible in silent parts
02:39:53XavierGrtake your good phones pause and listen a tick with the frequency of the scrolling
02:39:58amiconnI can't try with my high-quality headphones
02:40:02XavierGrsome say that there is not such thing
02:40:14XavierGryou can't?
02:40:26amiconnThe plug doesn't fit. I wonder who of iriver designed *that* socketz
02:40:41XavierGrwhat about the little extension cable?
02:40:52XavierGrI use it in order to listen with my shures
02:42:03amiconnI don't have such a cable with a small enough plug
02:42:15 Quit markun ()
02:42:17 Quit DreamTactix291 (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
02:42:23XavierGrbut i comes bundled in the iriver box
02:42:29amiconnBah, my iriver hung while playing music
02:42:44amiconnThere is a male-male cable
02:42:52amiconn...but no male-female
02:43:16XavierGrno my box had a male to male and a male to female
02:43:20XavierGr2 cables
02:43:46XavierGryou can use the male to male if you find a little female to female adaptor
02:44:05XavierGrits like this ^
02:44:15XavierGryou get it?
02:44:40amiconnI don't have such an adapter, and a male-female cable was not included with my iriver
02:44:49XavierGrtoo bad
02:44:57XavierGrdid you got it used?
02:45:39amiconnUnused in original package, but not sealed
02:46:00amiconnThe cables, headphone etc were sealed in their bags
02:46:32XavierGrhere is a female to female
02:47:00XavierGrif you got this one you an plug one end to the male-male adaptor, and the other to your phones
02:47:10XavierGrthen plug it in your iriver
02:47:12amiconnYes I know what you mean.
02:47:37amiconnI can plug the headphone into the main unit just fine, but not into the remote
02:47:47XavierGrany idead what causes these clicks?
02:47:55amiconnMy earphones do fit, but the headphone is higher quality
02:48:45amiconnI'd guess it is crosstalk from the data lines, probably because of insufficient grounding
02:49:20XavierGrdo you think that its possible to override it.
02:49:23amiconnWe can't do much about that in software
02:49:34XavierGrthought so...
02:50:11tvelocityyou could emulate lots and lots of ticks and clicks, so the real ones don't get noticed :P
02:50:20amiconnWe could try to optimise the waveform to minimise the effect, but it wouldn't go away completely
02:50:31XavierGrits strange
02:50:39XavierGririver knew that
02:50:59XavierGrand gave us a firmware with a so-called "fix"
02:51:10amiconnIt doesn't bother me much, 'cause I'm not much of a remote user
02:51:22XavierGrbut ofcourse all that it did was to make the sound more obscure
02:51:26amiconnThat's another reason why remote GUI is low-pri for me
02:51:57XavierGrwell I am a crazy remote user. Especially in my car.
02:52:52XavierGrI carry my iHP alwasy with me in a 'banana' like bag (around my waist)
02:53:19XavierGrso whenever I need to listen to music I take out the little rremote and plug-in my earphones!
02:53:26amiconnImho one shouldn't look at tiny displays while driving. I'd even count the main display as tiny in that sense
02:53:45XavierGrclip it on my jeans and enjoy
02:54:19amiconnThat's why I like the rockbox voice UI so much (and don't use the iriver often yet)
02:54:20XavierGrnono never look it (only when at full stop)
02:54:37XavierGrdoes the voice UI works on iriver?
02:54:53amiconnNo not yet, hence -> don't use the iriver often yet)
02:59:23tvelocityi'm bored^2
03:00:16sockertezewhat is some of the cool firmware you guys have?
03:01:39XavierGrhmm a slight disorientation on the remote "time left\remain" values
03:04:15 Join OnkelJonas [0] (
03:06:46Rorimy remote click was fixed so I love the remote
03:07:12RoriI am dying for at least file browsing and play on the remote if nothing else
03:07:25XavierGrhow it was fixed?
03:07:30XavierGrdid you changed it?
03:07:31RoriI sent it in
03:07:48XavierGrmaybe I will have to do the same...
03:07:50Rorirma'd it. same unit back but they repaired whatever caused it
03:08:28Roritook a week or two from Germany to the UK
03:09:11RoriI am sorely missing the remote at present but gapless makes up for it so I try to stay patient
03:10:21XavierGrwell I have wps run on my remote! :p and soon filetree too
03:10:40Rorihow did you get wps?
03:10:54Rorigrabs latest build to check
03:10:55 Join Lurkski [0] (
03:11:42 Part Lurkski
03:12:24 Quit sockerteze ("Chatzilla [Firefox 1.0.4/20050511]")
03:13:07RoriI get no wps on remote
03:14:00XavierGrwell I am currently working on it
03:14:36Rorioh I did not realise you were one of the devs lol
03:14:51Roridon't tease. you working on filetree too?
03:15:21XavierGryes but this must be more difficult to implement
03:15:31*Rori grovels at your feet
03:16:04XavierGrmaybe If I am done and amiconn or the other devs want it temporarily as a way of using the remote we can commit it
03:16:40XavierGrelse everyone who wants it will have to take the build by me
03:17:04XavierGrnothing major though I just replace parts of code
03:17:41OnkelJonashi... does anyone know if grayscale is being worked on/planned to be done?
03:17:42tvelocityis anyone working on cue file support?
03:17:56OnkelJonasheh... sucks to be a dev :D
03:18:37tvelocityamiconn, is it true that is sucks to be a dev?
03:18:37OnkelJonasevery developer should have a pr manager
03:18:49thegeekamiconn is on the entire gfx lib
03:18:50RoriXavierGr why can't you just commit it?
03:18:54thegeekthat includes grayscale
03:19:36amiconnIiuc XavierGr's hack reroutes the wps to the remote -> rockbox becomes unusable without the remote -> BAD
03:19:52OnkelJonaswell i guess developers like to develop, but in my experience most hate the users (or at least will do after some time :P)
03:19:55XavierGrno why unusable?
03:20:16amiconnI don't see what's happening
03:21:32XavierGramiconn I just add exacty the same line after and lcd_function using the lcd_remote_
03:21:52amiconnAh, so you replicate, not reroute
03:21:53XavierGrthis makes both the unit and the remote usable
03:22:03XavierGryeah that more correct
03:22:25amiconnI think this is looking odd, with the different resolutions
03:22:29OnkelJonasis the remotes image scaled hen, or does it discard what doesnt fit?
03:22:42 Join Meddler [0] (
03:22:52XavierGrall is automated thanks to our beloved devs! :)
03:22:57amiconnPlus, it might happen that it will break when I switch to greyscale
03:23:06amiconn...which I hope to do this week
03:25:00XavierGrgood tree.c compiled with no errors!
03:25:21*XavierGr rushes to test the file tree mode on the remote.
03:25:31amiconnThe player gfx lib conversion is the last thing before greyscale, and I'm almost done with it
03:26:07 Quit Meddler (Client Quit)
03:26:46RoriI am sure you will work it out amongst yourselves
03:27:42amiconnBleh, my bitmap drawing still produces pixel salad
03:28:19XavierGrwell it works but with some bugs
03:28:39XavierGrno scrollbar, no icons, no status bar
03:29:07 Quit webguest77 ("CGI:IRC (EOF)")
03:30:19XavierGrthe major problem is that when browsing files the selection box is moving down as if it was the main screen
03:30:50XavierGrso if you have 10 items in a folder you can browse only the first 5 which are seen in the remote screen
03:32:00XavierGrthen the selection box is moving down and while you can see it in the main unit, the remote shows only the upper part of the screen
03:32:09Rorithat's no good :)
03:32:32XavierGrwill do for me
03:32:44XavierGrat least the wps has only one minor flaw
03:32:55XavierGrthe timer is a 1 pixel misalined
03:33:19 Quit RotAtoR ()
03:34:20XavierGrdoes anybody here wants to test it?
03:34:53RoriI don't mind
03:35:04Rorido I just copy it over something?
03:35:27XavierGri will give you a letest build compiled with it. Normal procedures
03:35:32XavierGrjust unzip and replace
03:37:15RoriI wonder why when I forget to unplug usb and reboot the pc it says it's trying to boot from cd.
03:37:23Rorithe pc that is
03:37:34Roritries to boot from the iriver
03:39:48thegeekbecause the iriver is usb
03:39:56thegeeklots of pc's can boot from usb
03:40:03thegeeksmall usb pendrives
03:40:07thegeekor large usb harddrives
03:40:10thegeekit's the same
03:40:19OnkelJonashmmm... shouldnt the sound be muted when nothing is playing?
03:40:57thegeekthere might be "beeps" and speech implemented later
03:40:59OnkelJonastheres static when nothing is playing - start playing with 0 volume and it disappears
03:41:14RoriI am thinking making my iriver bootable might be usefull
03:41:22thegeeklots of people have done it;)
03:41:32Rorican I just sys the drive for dos? :)
03:41:36thegeekI think it sucks battery though
03:41:40thegeekguess so
03:41:47thegeekonce the os "sees" it
03:41:49thegeekit's just another hd
03:42:36Roriis there a nice simple small os I can shove on a boot on the iriver?
03:42:49OnkelJonasjust to try it?
03:42:54Rorione that can read ntfs
03:43:07XavierGrI have repartitioned my iHP and have knoppix to boot from there!!!
03:43:18OnkelJonasjust read ntfs, or read it as well?
03:44:17OnkelJonaseverything but windows has trouble writing (MS keeps the specs to temselves...) but reading is in the newer linux kernels IIRC
03:46:28***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
03:49:34Rorisomething is broken on the remote up and down fileview button anyhow
03:50:12RoriXavierGr because you now have a basic filetree the button work is a bit fubar
03:50:43RoriI have to hold the up and down buttons down for ages before it scrolls and it just pages up and down because of the delay
03:51:25Roriand as you said you cannot see what folders are selected or select a folder
03:51:37Rorilets see wps in action
03:52:13Roriah it only shows the top half of the lcd wps
03:53:14XavierGrwell yeah
03:53:31XavierGrremember that remote lcd is alot smaller
03:53:48XavierGrfor the wps you can make a new one fit best
03:53:58XavierGrOR you make one for both
03:54:02RoriI will wait for something more usable but at least it's being worked on
03:54:29XavierGrLets say have 5 kines of chicago 12 font with the remote information and then the other lines will show up only on the main screen
03:54:52RoriI think they need to work independently of each other to be honest
03:55:12Rorirather than just duping the main lcd to the remote
03:55:13XavierGrofcourse it is just a quick hack to be able to use the remote
03:55:27XavierGrthat's what amiconn proposes
03:55:29Roriwell it was interesting
03:55:41Rorithx for letting me peek ;)
03:56:18XavierGrbut again If I can manage to fix this annoying behaviour on the file tree I think that it is quite usable
03:57:44XavierGramiconn:where is the scrolling configuration for the remote?
03:58:25XavierGrI cant find it in the menu and while I replicated all the scroll lines the same scrolling attitude exists
03:59:59Roriwhen you press the up and down jog on your remote does it move up and down by one line or only move up and down if you hold the jog down?
04:00:18RoriI have to hold the jog for it to move at all
04:01:03XavierGrevery momentary movement (right/left) of the jog moves a line at a time
04:01:08OnkelJonascouldnt you make a .wps that was configured for the remote/player combo? - so the display looks well on both the remote and player (with additional info on the player)
04:01:12XavierGrif i hold it it scrolls
04:01:29RoriI can't get it to move at all if I just jog side to side momentarily
04:01:37Roriwell it did at first but now refuses
04:01:41Roritried rebooting it too
04:01:51XavierGrcheck iriver firmware
04:02:20Roriwill do and checking connection
04:04:51Rorishit I can't get filetree mode on iriver fw
04:05:04 Join sockerteze [0] (
04:05:17Rorimy bad
04:05:36Rorisingle up and down works perfectly
04:05:42sockertezei have 50 bucks to spend at best buy
04:05:51RoriI always hold the jog in too long and get the menu hehe
04:05:56 Join QT_ [0] (as@area51.users.madwifi)
04:06:05Rorimy bad but anyhow single jog works fine in iriver fw
04:06:17Roribut not on yours let me boot to rockbox again
04:06:18sockertezei want to buy headphones, which ones should i get?
04:07:15RoriXavierGr jog up and down single clicks on your build seem intermittent
04:08:13RoriI have to push it a couple of times a lot of the time to get it to page up and down that filetree
04:09:16RoriI see what is happening
04:09:20Roriwant me to explain?
04:10:25Roriif I press jog up or down it moves the list up and down. If I press jog up or down more than once I have to press jog up and down more than once to get it to move the list up or down. Get what I mean by that? it's like it remembers the number of keypresses
04:11:03Roriso I jog down 1 times and it pages down. I press jog down 2 times I have to press jog up 2 times to get it to page up
04:11:30Roribest talk that through with amiconn
04:11:53Rorior whomever deals with that side
04:12:24Roridid everyone go to bed?
04:12:36XavierGrwait a sec it seems that you got a little confused here
04:13:50XavierGrthere is this bug currently that while you press the jog dial you see nothing different, but when you look the main screen you will see that the selection box moves while you push the jog
04:14:17RoriI dunno I just know what I see
04:14:26 Quit OnkelJonas ("User pushed the X - because it's Xtra, baby")
04:14:39XavierGrTake in front of you both the remote and the main unit and test the jog
04:14:52Roriif I jog once it moves down by several lines
04:15:09 Quit sockerteze ("Chatzilla [Firefox 1.0.4/20050511]")
04:15:11XavierGrthe remote or the main unit?
04:15:38Roriif I jog down again nothing occurs...displays the same stuff. If I job back up nothing occurs. If I job back up again it shows the top list as before
04:15:44Rorion the remote
04:15:51Rorinot looking at main unit at all
04:15:53 Quit QT (Read error: 113 (No route to host))
04:15:54XavierGryeah its normal
04:16:05RoriOK will wait for fix
04:16:11XavierGrnow take the main unit and look at them
04:16:29XavierGryou should understand what is happening when you look both of them
04:16:35RoriI don't care what main unit is doing. I know what you are saying
04:16:52XavierGryeah but this is the bug I was talking before
04:16:59RoriI am only concerned with what I see on remote because that is what is being used for this test
04:16:59XavierGrits very annoying I know
04:17:21Roriamiconn might fux is
04:17:26Rorior fix
04:17:39XavierGrwell amiconn has other plans on it.
04:17:45XavierGrbetter ones
04:17:46Roriwelcome to bug-u-like
04:18:11Roriwait and see what he does with the gui stuff
04:18:25Roriand greyscale stuff
04:18:38RoriI think while he does a mjor work on that we need to wait
04:18:54Rorithen go from there
04:18:59 Join ashridah [0] (
04:19:21Roriyou may be able to work it in once it's done
04:19:47Roriall the while things are still being done on the main unit lcd remote lcd is a bit hit and miss
04:27:40 Join jwalk [0] (~jwalk_edm@
04:27:59jwalkamiconn: need an adapter cable?
04:29:04jwalkamiconn: for the remote I mean
04:31:06 Quit ashridah ("Leaving")
04:35:55 Join OnkelJonas [0] (
04:42:52 Join kenshin [0] (
04:42:58kenshinAnyone here tonight?
04:44:34kenshinGuess not.
04:46:31kenshinRori: know anything about the lcd update process?
04:47:08Rorinot a jot sorry not a dev just an onlooker
04:47:35kenshinCrud. Why did t0mas have to go on vacation *right* when I started changing his code?
04:50:29kenshinAnyone devs want to help me with conditional image display?
04:52:13Roritis the wrong time of day
04:52:25Roritoo many folks either sleeping or at work
04:52:32Rorior both
04:54:19kenshini know. the mailing list hasn't garnered any help, either. :/
04:54:43kenshinguess no devs really want conditional image display
04:55:08Roriamiconn probably does
04:55:13Roriif you can awaken him
04:57:30kenshini'm getting really close but part of the images are being cleared
04:57:47kenshinpresumably because some text is being written and to write the text the line is cleared
04:58:14kenshinbut that blasts whatever part of the image is in its way
05:00:15kenshinbut i have no idea where that happens
05:09:02XavierGrI have to sleep good night all!
05:16:26 Quit XavierGr ()
05:27:31 Quit jwalk ("Chatzilla [Firefox 1.0.4/20050509]")
05:29:25 Join ashridah [0] (
05:33:51 Quit hardeep ("[BX] Everybody was Kung Fu fighting!")
05:42:38 Quit kenshin ("leaving!")
05:46:32***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
06:07:38HClalways fun.. dreaming you're choking on a glass tube, glass shards going everywhere in your throat..
06:07:48HClmrf :/
06:15:05Rorisee a therapist soon
06:15:14tvelocityi sometimes dream that i loose all my teeth
06:15:22Roricommon dream
06:15:32tvelocitybut not very pleasant
06:15:34tvelocityi hate it
06:15:53Rorido you still dream you are taking an endless pee too? ;)
06:16:04tvelocitylol no
06:16:39tvelocityi usually don't remember my dreams
06:16:52RoriI used to a lot
06:16:57Rorinot much these days though
07:05:31 Join CheeseBurgerMan [0] (~Dan@
07:22:45 Join B4gder [0] (
07:45:58 Quit courtc (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
07:46:35***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
07:46:39 Join courtc [0] (
07:48:58 Quit ashridah (Read error: 113 (No route to host))
07:49:45 Join ashridah [0] (
07:57:05 Join LinusN [0] (
07:57:57B4gdermorning LinusN
07:59:01B4gderread any irc logs?
07:59:10LinusNhaven't come to that yet
07:59:17LinusNbrief me :-)
07:59:20B4gderaustriancoder will probably bug you about BDM things later on
07:59:30 Join einhirn_ [0] (
07:59:41B4gderhe wants to write a bootloader for his upcoming iaudio x5
08:00:06B4gderme and Zagor agreed we finance his wiggler
08:00:29LinusNi hope he's up to it
08:01:42B4gderand now, time for a big cup of blackness
08:07:18tvelocitymorning everyone...
08:09:19 Join oxygen77 [0] (
08:14:18B4gderwe're down to amazing 49 open bug reports
08:14:41LinusNall thanks to Bug Butcher Bagder
08:15:57 Join StrathAFK [0] (
08:16:11 Quit Strath (Nick collision from services.)
08:16:13 Nick StrathAFK is now known as Strath (
08:16:47B4gder103 rejected ones, 73 out-of-date, 28 wont fix, 51 works for me...
08:20:23Bgermorning, amiconn
08:23:03B4gderamiconn, any ideas about this ondio bug:
08:25:22*LinusN is tired of cooking
08:25:45amiconnB4gder: I have a suspicion, but I'm not sure
08:26:32B4gderI was just walking through the list of open bugs
08:26:41B4gderI found a new way to list them, rather nicely:
08:26:52amiconnThis is probably because pause/continue is a short press of OnOff, and Stop is a longer one. (Remember: The button assignment that annoys me most on Ondio, but Zagor turned down my suggestion how to change it)
08:27:30B4gderwell perhaps we should ignore zagor in this case ;)
08:27:41amiconnAn even longer press will turn the unit off
08:28:08B4gderit certainly sounds like you can easily do wrong then
08:28:16amiconnIt might be that the bookmarking code won't pickup the repeat event until a release, which might never happen...
08:28:39amiconnThe problem is number of buttons.
08:29:09B4gder"too many functions, too few buttons error"
08:29:17amiconnMy suggestion was to not have a long press
08:29:25amiconn...of OnOff
08:29:40amiconnInstead the first press would pause, the second press stop
08:30:11amiconnUnpause would be mapped to the RIGHT button, like play from the browser
08:31:11amiconnI'm not completely sure this is better, because (1) we'll loose the ability to skip forward in pause mode, it will unpause
08:31:28amiconnand (2) Pause and unpause are then mapped on different buttons
08:32:19amiconnI'm not worried about this assignment being modal though. We have modal button processing in a number of other places...
08:33:08amiconnPerhpas I should do some tests on that
08:34:58amiconnIt might even be a more general problem, not only Ondio:
08:35:47 Join hardeep [0] (
08:35:58amiconnMy guess is that bookmark and resume position are stored on stop.
08:36:35amiconnHowever, if you poweroff directly from playing state, this call might not happen...
08:36:58B4gderyes, "bookmark on stop" is even the name
08:36:59amiconn...however it could and should on platforms with software poweroff
08:37:24amiconnAh, right
08:37:42amiconnHowever, I think the resume position should be stored in that case
08:39:29B4gderwith this amount of bugs, it is actually possible to get a grip of them
08:39:56hardeepif only the same could be said about the feature requests
08:40:06B4gderyes :-/
08:42:30B4gderdated sep 2002
08:42:39B4gderrockbox 1.3
08:42:40amiconnThe question is whether a poweroff shall be counted as a stop event or not
08:42:54amiconn...much like the recent resume discussion
08:43:17amiconnImho a poweroff is definitely a stop...
08:43:22B4gderI agree
08:44:05amiconnThat means the bookmark should also be set
08:44:39 Quit einhirn_ ("Miranda IM! Smaller, Faster, Easier.")
08:51:48SlasheriHCl: Hmm, weird.. Did you initialize the event handler after audio_init() is called? Because audio_init will set it back to null
09:00:29B4gdermpio one, 34 gram player with video playback:
09:01:07B4gder96x64 16bit color 1"
09:01:46 Join courtc_ [0] (
09:01:51B4gderthat is tiny
09:02:37tvelocitywith 2 gb's of storage
09:02:46tvelocityi NEED it :P
09:03:18 Quit courtc (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
09:06:24 Join ghostiger [0] (~ghostiger@faaeb1d23ad7cc95.session.tor)
09:08:07 Join webguest87 [0] (
09:09:36*tvelocity is reading snake2.c :P
09:09:42webguest87 I'm having trouble compiling from the source
09:11:12webguest87I do ./configure and I do make, but then I get: make[1]: *** No rule to make target `@make'. Stop.
09:11:40LinusNwebguest87: linux or cygwin?
09:11:45tvelocityfrom what dir?
09:11:51webguest87linux, slackware 9.0
09:12:11webguest87I made a dir called build-dir like it says to do
09:13:31LinusNamiconn: was there a recording beep in 2.4?
09:13:43LinusNwebguest87: which target?
09:14:11webguest87iriver h320, maybe that's a dumb thing to try, I'll go try an archos target
09:14:34B4gderthe 3x0 target doesn't build
09:14:43B4gdernot completely anyway
09:16:23webguest87I'm using the bleeding edge which does compile according to the webpage. I just tried Archos Player/Studio target and get the same error.
09:16:32amiconnLinusN: Simple question: No, there wasn't, it was added directly after 2.4. mpeg.c 1.297: CVS Tags: v2.4. mpeg.c 1.298: aid for blind recorders: longer beep when starting a recording, short beep when resuming it (you may disable the voice UI to get rid of it)
09:16:41B4gderwebguest87: it compiles for the sim, yes
09:16:53B4gderwebguest87: did you run make in tools first?
09:17:13webguest87yes, I'm doing the sim. Yes I made in tools and that worked.
09:19:00 Join Godeater [0] (
09:32:20LinusNwebguest87: hmm, works fine for me (debian unstable)
09:37:28webguest87Is my compiler too old? I'm using gcc 3.2.2
09:37:47Bgerwebguest87 did you get uisimulator from cvs ?
09:38:10webguest87no, I downloaded the bleeding-edge link on the webpage this morning
09:39:05webguest87I think there is something wrong with the Makefile that the configure script is generating.
09:39:31Bgerany way, you need more recent gcc (3.4, but not 4) for compiling the iriver target
09:39:34B4gdercan you put the full error message somewhere for us to see?
09:39:52B4gder3.2.2 should work fine for sim
09:41:16BgerB4gder iriver sim is compiling codecs too, and gcc 3.3 makes "internal compiler error" in dumb codec iirc
09:41:34Bgerbut this is not the problem here, yes
09:41:50B4gderbut is that really a generic gcc problem or a m68k-related one?
09:42:11Bgerso, yes
09:42:37webguest87I just tried with the Archos Player/Studio target sim and get the same error message
09:42:39Bgerforget me and forgive me :)
09:42:53webguest87make[1]: *** No rule to make target `@make'. Stop.
09:43:03Bgermaybe old make ?
09:43:16B4gdertarget @make looks totally weird
09:43:23B4gderwhat make is this?
09:43:29webguest87I have version 3.80
09:43:50webguest87the line under all: in the Makefile is
09:44:05B4gderI think I know
09:44:08webguest87@$(MAKE) -C $(SIMDIR) OBJDIR=$(BUILDDIR)/simn @$(MAKE) -C $(ROOTDIR)/uisimulaor/common OBJDIR=$(BUILDDIR)/comsimt
09:44:20B4gderyou have a bad sed version
09:44:20Bgermake not found ?;)
09:44:52webguest87gnu sed 4.0.5
09:45:05Bger4.1.4 fine
09:45:39webguest87ok, thanks I'll try updating sed
09:46:16*Bger remembers differences between sed in slack 9.0 and 10.0
09:46:34Bgerin the behaviour i mean
09:46:37***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
09:47:00B4gderperhaps I should add a sed version check in the script
09:47:29Bgerit was something like default what is the default - regex or ext. regex
09:48:09B4gderbut this isn't about regexes
09:48:26B4gderthis is \n not being replaced properly
09:49:12B4gderwithin the c command
09:49:20Bgerbug ?
09:49:48B4gderI think so, unless I've accidentally relied on a newer feature
09:50:53webguest87so is there a bug in sed 4.0.5 or is this a problem with the configure script?
09:50:56Bgermaybe it's a "feature"
09:51:24B4gderthe configure script uses a feature as mentioned in my sed man page
09:51:53Bgerwhich is for sed version...?
09:51:56B4gderwebguest87: you have man page for 4.0.5?
09:52:22B4gdercan you check what it says for the c command?
09:52:38B4gder text Replace the selected lines with text, which has
09:52:38B4gder each embedded newline preceeded by a backslash.
09:52:50B4gdersed −−version
09:52:50B4gderGNU sed version 3.02
09:53:13B4gderconclusion: 4.0.5 is buggy
09:53:40webguest87yeah that's wait my man page says too
09:53:51B4gderand that's what the script uses
09:55:35webguest87I just checked the configure script and I don't see any use of the c command in calls to sed.
09:55:46B4gderlook again
09:56:05B4gderline 683
09:56:18 Quit hardeep ("[BX] I came, I saw, I ran away screaming")
09:57:09webguest87you are right
09:58:37B4gderecho "moo" | sed -e '/moo/cline1\nline2\nline3'
09:58:43B4gdershould produce three lines
09:59:12B4gderI guess it doesn't for you?
10:01:04webguest87not I get line1nline2nline3 all together
10:01:04webguest87not I get line1nline2nline3 all together
10:01:05webguest87no I get one line
10:01:11webguest87not I get line1nline2nline3 all together
10:01:15webguest87no I get one line
10:01:23B4gderok, I'll make the configure script check for this
10:02:38webguest87ok, thanks for your help
10:05:43 Quit webguest87 ("CGI:IRC")
10:06:25 Quit [-AIR-] (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
10:11:21 Join Aison [0] (
10:14:38 Join Harpy [0] (
10:19:26Bgerhello, HCl
10:20:15 Nick Lynx_awy is now known as Lynx_ (
10:20:24HClSlasheri: ah, yup
10:21:17LinusNi wonder how slow we can set the unboosted cpu clock and still have a snappy ui...
10:21:33LinusN48 is probably way too high
10:21:54B4gderwe should probably try lower
10:22:05B4gderbinary searching for it ;-)
10:22:17LinusNi'll experiment a little
10:23:21BgerLinusN: what will be the advantage of this ? i can't measure it really, but if it's slower unboosted, then it'll go boosted more often...
10:24:17Bgerwhen you play music i mean
10:25:17Bgerand after all, this is DAP
10:26:44LinusNBger: no
10:27:10LinusNthe cpu always boosts when decoding
10:27:35LinusNi.e is doesn't do any hard work unboosted
10:28:02LinusNonly display updates, wps, buttons etc
10:28:32SlasheriHCl: how did you initialize it? I just tested and it seems to work fine
10:28:49LinusNso we should keep the unboosted frequency as low as possible, to save battery
10:29:50Bgeri got it..
10:30:44LinusNhowever, the frequency should be high enough to run most plugins etc without having to boost
10:30:46Bgeri just thought that it does *some* decoding @ 48MHz, and it'll do even less on lower freqs
10:31:40Bgerbut in % it won't have much meaning
10:32:39Bgerbtw, wasn't mp3 decoding near realtime @ 48MHz ?
10:32:43Bger(without dithering)
10:32:52LinusNi believe so
10:32:54HClSlasheri: prior to audio_init
10:33:04SlasheriBger: almost, ~15% boost ratio required
10:33:23BgerLinusN that's what i wanted to say
10:33:36SlasheriHCl: Hmm, you should initialize it after audio has been initialized
10:33:46HCljust changed that
10:34:19LinusNBger: that means that it runs in 48MHz 85% of the time, so if we lower that frequency, we can save some battery
10:35:00Bgerbut if it runs @48 85% of the time, if we lower it, it'll run 60% on 30MHz (for example) and 30% on 120MHz
10:36:03LinusNas i said, it doesn't do any hard work unboosted
10:36:15LinusNit is idle
10:36:38HClSlasheri: still doesn't seem to work..... let me try a make clean...
10:36:51Bgerit doesn't decode when it's not boosted ?
10:36:53HClat the moment all my hook does is try to print on logf
10:36:57LinusNBger: exactly
10:37:12Bgersorry, i didn't know that
10:39:10Bgeri thought that it decodes non-stop
10:39:30Bgerand boosts only when goes near (or at) the watermark
10:40:26HClSlasheri: wait, i'm not quite awake yet, i think
10:40:35SlasheriHCl :D
10:40:48SlasheriHCl: you can use logf for example to test if it works
10:40:53HClyea, i have that
10:40:57Slasherilogf("tc:%s", ti->id3.title);
10:40:59HCllogf and splash
10:41:21HCli think i actually managed to not download the recompiled version off my ftp
10:41:25Slasheriok, you should use logf because splash don't like wps
10:41:28*HCl never gets enough sleep :/
10:41:48B4gderyou just have to redefine "enough" ;-)
10:41:49HCljet fighters, cats, and dreams of choking on glass
10:41:53HCl :/
10:42:11HCl(those crappy jet fighters weren't allowed to fly before 10am, i thought -.-)
10:43:02BgerLinusN then isn't this 48MHz cycles wasted, hence, less battery life ?
10:44:40Bgerisn't it better to decode @ 48MHz than lower the base freq
10:45:20LinusNthen the ui gets sluggish
10:45:49amiconnI would also think it decodes @48 MHz too and only boosts when hitting the low watermark
10:46:05Bgerok, as it's supposed to be, u know better than me
10:46:37BgerLinusN isn't it better to add more yelds in codecs then ?
10:46:47Slasheriit decodes always, no matter if cpu is boosted or not
10:46:48amiconnOtherwise I couldn't understand why some codecs (e.g. wavpack) have a 0% boost ratio and yet are still decoding the music
10:47:00LinusNSlasheri: really?
10:47:05Slasherialways has been :)
10:47:17amiconnDoing otherwise would really make no sense to me
10:47:43HClhow do you dump the logf buffer thing to a file?
10:47:44amiconnWe could still lower the base frequency though.
10:48:00LinusNSlasheri: so when does it boost?
10:48:03amiconnI think something around 30..36 MHz would be just fine
10:48:03B4gderHCl: in the debug menu there's a menu option for it
10:48:15SlasheriLinusN: when pcm buffer reaches low watermark
10:48:20LinusNamiconn: i'm going for 32 atm
10:48:33Slasheriand when the pcm buffer is full it will unboost
10:48:41LinusNSlasheri: but does it decode unboosted?
10:48:48Slasheriof course it does :)
10:49:09LinusNwhat's the point of decoding when the pcm buffer is full?
10:49:10Slasheridecoding will stop only if pcm buffer is completely filled and there is no free space
10:49:27Slasheriit wont decode if the buffer is really full :)
10:49:52LinusNso that explains the pcm buffer meter going up and down
10:49:53amiconnI think the base frequency does not influence battery life for those codecs which need to boost, but for those which do not need to boost, lowering the base frequency would help battery lifetime
10:49:59Bgermaybe then there is a point to fill it @ about 80-90% in boosted mode ?
10:50:03SlasheriLinusN: yes
10:50:15B4gderamiconn: yes and when not playing music at all
10:50:41SlasheriLinusN: with crossfade enabled, the meter will not go much down
10:50:43amiconnSo perhaps we should bring the base freq as low as possible without making the UI sluggish
10:50:50LinusNthe whole idea with the boost/unboost concept is to not do hard work unboosted
10:51:14LinusNamiconn: that's how this discussion started
10:51:20amiconnLinusN: That would make battery life worse, imho
10:51:29Bgeri think so also
10:51:43amiconn...because the unboosted cycles would be almost wasted
10:51:58SlasheriIs there any idle instruction in cpu that can be called when we are in kernel idle process?
10:52:10LinusNcheck thread.c
10:52:15amiconnSlasheri: yup
10:52:17Slasheriif not, the not decoding while unboosted should make the battery worse
10:52:36amiconnSomeone should actually measure the difference
10:52:43B4gdermeasure is good
10:52:46LinusNthe more time we spend completely idle, the better
10:52:54HClSlasheri: any idea why logf("rundb playcount++ : %s", ti->id3.path);
10:52:59HClwould give an empty path?
10:53:01amiconnLinusN: I'm not so sure about that
10:54:27LinusNthere is always the cost of boosting
10:54:44LinusNsince we are completely inactive when we wait for the pll lock
10:54:45SlasheriHCl: You have too long logf string
10:54:45amiconnYes, and when not decoding unboosted, you would boost more often
10:54:53SlasheriThe limit is 21 characters iirc
10:55:04Slasheribut now i have to go, back later ->
10:55:43HClwhy do we have a 21 char logf limit?
10:56:00LinusNbecause the remote lcd is that wide
10:56:14HClcan't we just print the first 21 chars and still keep the rest for logdump / main unit display
11:00:08LinusNof course, but then it will take more memory
11:00:28LinusNHCl: change it if you like
11:00:38HCli might just write debug to a file for now
11:00:47BgerLinusN but this is debug feature..
11:01:05LinusNBger: yes
11:01:18HClgood point.
11:01:27HCli'll just try to change it
11:01:32LinusNdo that
11:02:08BgerHCl what are you doing now ?
11:03:25LinusNok, i think i get the point regarding the idle frequency, so how can we find the "sweet spot"?
11:03:49Bgertesting, testing, more testing ? ;)
11:03:58Bgerbinary search ?
11:04:09LinusNand how can we express a policy for boosting?
11:04:23HClgod i hate coding with lag
11:04:34*HCl bites whoever is clogging up the wireless router
11:04:44LinusNbtw, we can always invent an "idle" state, where the pll is completely off
11:05:04tvelocitywhat the fsck has lag to do with coding?
11:05:05Bgerthis will be good for some plugins ?
11:05:30LinusNyeah, when not updating the lcd and just waiting for buttons
11:05:39HCltvelocity: imaging trying to code in a text editor and everything you type ppearing 3? seconds on the screen
11:05:52LinusNHCl: remote x11?
11:05:56HClremote putty
11:06:01tvelocityoh, ssh...
11:06:11HClah finally, whoever clogged it up released it again
11:06:25tvelocitywell, it could be worse
11:06:34tvelocityimagine playing WoW with 3 seconds lag
11:06:49LinusNwe have a similar problem with
11:07:06LinusNsomeone has a plugin installed which preloads all links
11:07:22LinusNand he likes to browse the cvs web
11:07:39LinusNso it preloads each and every version in the tree
11:08:02LinusNeating up all our 2mbit/s bandwidth
11:08:23BgerLinusN do something against this...
11:09:02LinusNi'm not sure how, hopefully it respects robots.txt
11:09:14B4gderwe deny that ip now
11:09:38LinusNB4gder: a brutal but effective method
11:11:30LinusNi cherish those days when the servers always had more bandwidth than the clients
11:12:44B4gderah, the "good old days" :-)
11:13:09LinusNthey get better the older you become
11:13:20BgerLinusN any near plans about intimate moments between your BDM and your H320 ;)
11:13:26B4gdernostalgia isn't what it used to be! ;-P
11:14:19LinusNBger: we'll see, i hope to be able to work on h300 and h110 in the coming weeks
11:14:40amiconnLinusN: What about the MFDR(2) and i2c frequencies?
11:14:52LinusNi will probably whip up a "blind" h300 boot without lcd
11:15:18LinusNamiconn: i didn't have any electricity on the sailing ship
11:15:47LinusNand i came home yesterday
11:16:06LinusNso i guess the same goes for the i2c as for the h300/h110
11:16:26amiconnyes of course. I mean, are you able to test soon?
11:16:36LinusNi hope so
11:17:46amiconnI have a patch:">
11:20:06LinusNamiconn: nice work on the gfx btw
11:20:09 Join webguest33 [0] (
11:20:20amiconnLinusN: re tnx :)
11:20:43amiconnI'm almost done with the playergfx conversion, 4-grey comes next
11:21:53amiconnThe x/8 -> x>>3 optimisation is a tiny but effective one btw, when x is signed
11:22:17amiconn...and it is even necessary to use it in some places
11:23:59 Join Chamois [0] (
11:33:43 Join cYmen [0] (
11:39:51 Join preglow [0] (
11:46:40***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
11:50:52 Nick courtc_ is now known as courtc (
11:52:43 Join west-acre [0] (
11:56:39HClcats rule :d
11:57:46*HCl needs to look into upgrading his xbox, wouldn't play his anime properly :/
11:58:38 Quit Godeater ("CGI:IRC")
12:00:38 Nick QT_ is now known as QT (as@area51.users.madwifi)
12:06:58west-acrehey, curry beans
12:20:47 Join Moos [0] (
12:20:54west-acrehey, anyone know the default WO
12:21:14west-acrehey, anyone know the default WPS for iriver h1XX, could be worth putting in the wps gallery :S
12:21:23B4gderits the same as the recorder one
12:21:48west-acrerealy? u sure :S
12:22:02*Bger organized the wiki WPS gallery last night
12:22:44B4gderwps-displa.c line 1170
12:22:49B4gderwps-display.c line 1170
12:22:59west-acreyer nice work. i saw that ;)
12:23:09west-acreiriver and recorder good J08
12:30:52Bgerwhat about moving apps/recorder to apps/bitmap_lcd or something similar at some point in the future ?
12:31:13B4gdergood idea
12:31:26B4gderwhen we've converted to subversion :-)
12:31:59*Bger just began learning cvs...
12:32:10*west-acre doesn't know any cvs
12:32:16B4gdersvn is very similar, usage wise
12:32:24ashridahconcepts are almost the same too
12:32:33Bgerthis is good
12:32:33ashridahjust a few minor differences and a swag of nice things
12:32:39Bgervery good
12:32:57ashridahit's not like they're swapping to perforce, or a distributed version control system
12:35:54Bgerand when is supposed to move to svn ?
12:36:33B4gderno idea
12:36:36B4gderone of these days
12:37:21Bgerthese days till Christmas ? ;)
12:37:56B4gderwe just need the energy, the motivation and the time to do it
12:38:23B4gderit feels like the job is mine to do
12:40:59B4gderthere's a good bunch of scripts using cvs today, and they would need to be converted/replaced/fixed
12:41:01 Join [1]Chamois [0] (
12:42:58B4gderanyone knows what he means?
12:43:25*B4gder followed the link
12:45:26*B4gder cuts
12:45:31*B4gder rejects
12:45:35*B4gder deletes
12:45:51Bgerwhy ?
12:46:13B4gderyou mean in this specific case or in general?
12:46:37Bgerdid you reject the patch ?
12:46:43B4gderI did
12:46:46Bgerwhy ?
12:46:54B4gdertwo reasons:
12:47:14B4gderfirst and biggest: it doesn't fit with the remade function as of Christi's latest changes
12:47:40B4gderthen, the option is such an edge-case I don't think we need it
12:47:53B4gderand yes, we _could_ leave them around
12:48:08B4gderbut we are drowning in tracker entries and we NEED to start closing
12:48:22Bgeraha, understand
12:49:32 Quit Chamois (Read error: 145 (Connection timed out))
12:49:32 Nick [1]Chamois is now known as Chamois (
12:56:53Rickand good night :)
12:56:57Bgerafternoon :)
12:58:04*B4gder enjoys the pleasures of linux programming at work
12:59:19 Quit ghostiger (Remote closed the connection)
12:59:34 Join ghostiger [0] ([U2FsdGVkX@6ee66975dd2031d6.session.tor)
13:09:15west-acrelinux <3 linus
13:13:16 Quit edx (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
13:28:43 Join Lost-ash [0] (
13:28:47B4gderclose close close
13:29:09 Quit ashridah (Nick collision from services.)
13:29:57 Part preglow
13:32:25 Join Coldtoast [0] (
13:32:45Coldtoastdo you know about the skip problem?
13:32:57Coldtoastyou can't skip to the previous song
13:34:41LinusNi can
13:35:04Coldtoastreally? doesn't work here. I just get a little "click"
13:35:20Coldtoastand it continues playing the current track
13:35:30LinusNhehe, worked first time i tried, but not the next :-)
13:35:30 Nick Lost-ash is now known as ashridah (
13:36:20*LinusN goes to have a late lunch
13:36:24Coldtoastyeah. it's been like if for almost a dat of bleeding edges
13:36:57Coldtoastmine worked fine day before yesterday
13:40:23Chamoisthe problem appears after fast track switching commit
13:40:47Coldtoastwhich was yesterday?
13:41:06Chamois29Jun 20:50
13:41:08Coldtoastwhen skipping tracks was made much faster?
13:41:24Coldtoastthat works nicely now
13:41:38Chamoisbut wps is not immedialy updated
13:42:25Coldtoastyeah. that's ok tho :)
13:42:58Coldtoastfor me. don't mind that TOO much
13:46:45***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
13:56:11 Join bipak [0] (
13:58:44 Quit austriancoder ("using sirc version 2.211+KSIRC/1.3.12")
14:02:06 Join RotAtoR [0] (
14:06:49 Quit Nibbler ("blubber")
14:12:59 Quit bipak_ (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
14:16:18Zagorre wiki spamming: I've blocked the chinese subnet where the aaaverygoodsite spammer came from (same net every time), and set up stricter definitions of what are acceptable wikinames
14:17:31LinusNbtw, the default ALLOWTOPICCHANGE should be the wikiname
14:17:59ZagorI agree. i'll see if I can change that
14:19:07Coldtoastmy god! wiki spamming? sheesh!
14:21:11 Quit Aison ("( :: NoNameScript 3.72 :: )")
14:25:56ZagorLinusN: done
14:25:56 Quit RotAtoR (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
14:27:01amiconnLinusN: Does that allow to remove a bad user?
14:27:49Zagorit prevents spammers from changing other users' pages
14:29:36 Join webguest90 [0] (
14:31:20 Part webguest90
14:31:45amiconnZagor: Yes I know. However, it also prevents legitimate users to delete spammers, so you'll have to do all the work
14:31:59amiconnI can live with that...
14:48:40 Join t0mas [0] (
14:48:48 Join Nibbler [0] (
14:49:40 Join edx [0] (
14:49:57t0masanything intresting I missed in the last few days?
14:50:08t0mas(internet cafes are such a good idea :))
14:50:59B4gderhey t0mas
14:51:14B4gdersteady development the last few days
14:51:48t0masis there a place to read cvs logs more back than 1 day?
14:52:14t0masmy mail is at a backup MX without webmail :(
14:52:19 Join RotAtoR [0] (
14:52:31B4gdert0mas: you can check the daily builds
14:52:36t0mas(yes, my own fault)
14:52:43B4gderevery day has a changelog
14:52:56t0masoh, I didnt know that
14:53:44B4gder30 days backlog
14:54:17t0masnot linked, just type the address?
14:55:02t0masis todays daily build stable?
14:55:16t0masmaybe I can get it on my Iriver somewax then ;)
14:55:20B4gderI think it is
14:56:40t0masdamn... this is a german keyboard
14:56:49t0maswith the y and z switched from US international
14:56:51B4gdery z y z :-)
14:57:05t0maszes :P
14:57:22t0masok, done
14:57:35t0massee you all monday or tuesday again
14:57:54B4gderhave fun!
14:58:08t0maserm... bye
14:58:15 Part t0mas
15:00:09 Quit webguest33 ("CGI:IRC (Ping timeout)")
15:03:51 Quit elinenbe (" HydraIRC -> <- :P")
15:07:33B4gdernow there's someone who was truly bored
15:07:40west-acreyer lol
15:09:26 Join Godeater [0] (
15:10:07thegeekwhat would be cool
15:10:10thegeekif it was automated
15:10:18thegeekand mirrored all webpages too
15:10:22thegeekcould be done
15:10:31B4gdera mirrorproxy!
15:12:39 Join webguest47 [0] (
15:19:02 Join ghostiger2 [0] (~ghostiger@7d30500705adc50e.session.tor)
15:35:18HCltv music channels are dumb..
15:38:21LinusNtv music channel watchers are dumb
15:38:56HClthat too.
15:39:02HClflatmates watching it :/
15:39:12tvelocitytv music channel watchers watchers are dump too
15:39:55HClmeh, they could be worse, i guess.
15:40:13Godeateryeah, they could be music tv channels that don't show ANY music
15:40:22Godeateras opposed to ones which don't show much
15:40:30*Godeater looks in MTV's direction
15:43:06RoriMoron TV
15:46:48***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
15:55:33godzirraWhen I update with a daily build, do I need to replace my .rockbox directory as well, or just the rockbox.iriver file?
15:57:35 Quit ghostiger (Remote closed the connection)
15:57:47 Quit webguest47 ("CGI:IRC (Ping timeout)")
15:59:24godzirrak, thanks.
16:01:27west-acrehey, in the feature requests there's a "Sleep Mode - Shut off Player after "n" Tracks". is there a patch for that or wot is happening, coz i'd really like that feature :S
16:01:58B4gdera feature request is a request for a feature
16:02:00B4gdernothing else
16:02:13B4gderunless they include something else of course
16:02:46west-acreok. so, as of yet it isnt in, but it can't be too hard to put in rite?
16:03:23B4gdernah, it should be fairly easy
16:03:53 Join n0bby [0] (
16:04:03n0bbyhey, anyone awake?
16:04:48n0bbyHCl or markun?
16:05:16n0bbyim thinking about getting a 1st gen ipod battery for my h100
16:05:19n0bbyhows yours doing?
16:05:23west-acreb4dger: i'm not saying it needs to be done now or atall, but why hasn't it been done, if it's so simple :S
16:05:32HClhaven't had any problems with it
16:05:40HClwe still need to add a facility to rockbox
16:05:40n0bbyhows teh battery life?
16:05:47HClto prevent the battery from draining below 3volts
16:05:55HClhaven't tested it
16:05:57west-acreyer, that feature is a MUST
16:06:07west-acrethat guy's story sounded aweful,
16:06:13west-acrewhere the screen faded n shiz
16:06:18n0bbyi thought the hardware did it itself?
16:06:20B4gderyou know a lot about batteries?
16:06:20HClhmm? i didn't hear that
16:06:27HCln0bby: nope
16:06:31HClwest-acre: what story?
16:07:03west-acreerrr, i'lll try and dig it out...brb
16:08:48B4gderthat has nothing to do with a 3v check or not
16:08:58B4gderthat was an old bootloader
16:09:09HClB4gder: iirc markun tested it though, and it DID go below 3 volts
16:09:14B4gderyes it does
16:09:20HClso we need to fix that..
16:09:23B4gderbut who says 3v is magic?
16:09:28HCla lot of people
16:09:34B4gderthey repeat the same info
16:09:38B4gderthey don't know
16:09:40n0bby3v is what li-ions get damaged at
16:09:46B4gdersays who?
16:09:53n0bbyor is it li-poly?
16:09:54B4gdergive the facts
16:10:06B4gdershow me a trustworthy URL
16:10:49n0bbyask amicoon
16:11:05n0bbyhe was the one who raised the issue
16:11:09B4gderI know
16:11:19B4gderbut then we've had discussions that perhaps the limit is 2.5
16:11:30B4gderand people run around screaming
16:11:33B4gderwithout knowing
16:11:35 Join Shagnar [0] (
16:11:50B4gderand don't know either
16:12:49B4gder"and I"
16:12:54*B4gder can't type
16:13:39Bgerit's better than knowing how to type but not knowing what ...
16:13:39tvelocityme talk very best england
16:14:13*n0bby speeks gud
16:14:41n0bbyu mk fun f me? :(
16:14:47n0bbyi no lk u :P
16:14:59HCli r 2 gut 4 u
16:15:12HClew, netspeak :P
16:15:21godzirracan I just copy over my .rockbox directory or do I need to actually delete it and recopy it?
16:15:32HCli always copy over it
16:15:37n0bbyusually a paste-over works
16:15:51godzirrausually? :)
16:15:52n0bbyoccasionally a delte/rename first will solve a bug or two
16:16:09n0bbyi've had 2 or 3 bugs due to needing a clean copy
16:16:14*Bger will start talking in "bulgarian english" and will beat all of you :)
16:16:32HClfor some reason
16:16:42HCli managed to remove the long delay at the end of songdb.jar
16:16:49HClthe oddness is, i don't exactly know what i did
16:16:52 Join DangerousDan [0] (~Miranda@
16:18:10n0bbythanks anyway hcl :P
16:19:53n0bbyfixing the delay
16:19:58tvelocityBger, are u bulgarian?
16:20:03BgerHCl are you sure u didn't comment out any neccessary function
16:20:07Bgertvelocity yep
16:20:20HClnope, i didn't.
16:20:21tvelocitycool, a neighboor
16:21:04Bgercool, a neighboor ;)
16:23:23godzirraWOw... the new track switching is -beautiful-
16:23:32godzirraits like half a second compared to the 4 I was getting before.
16:23:37Bgerexcept for previous
16:23:51Bgerprevious track switching
16:23:56godzirraHrm.. is previous working at al?
16:26:01HCljava version seems to work absolutely swet
16:26:09*HCl goes to work more..
16:26:56godzirraAnyone know of a good linux tool to auto-retag id3 tags?
16:27:10Bgerwhat happened with writing a C version of it
16:27:19B4gdereasytag is nice
16:27:28godzirraYay. I'll check it out.
16:29:01 Quit n0bby (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
16:34:14 Join SatNav [0] (
16:34:23godzirraAfter pausing my iriver, I unpaused it, and now the sound is REALLY low and I can't pause it again :) on today's daily build.
16:34:45*HCl goes to upload the new version of songdb.jar
16:34:58godzirraActually after unpausing it, -none- of my buttons work. :)
16:35:15HCltry bleeding edge?
16:35:22HClif the bug is still there, report it again :)
16:36:00godzirrawhats bleeding edge?
16:36:07amiconnB4gder: I did some more research concerning LiIon / LiPoly. It seems the discharge limit for LiIon is 2.5 V while it is 3.0 V for LiPoly
16:36:13HCllike, the builds with the *latest* changes
16:36:18HClthey get built after every change in the code
16:36:29HClat the bottom of the page
16:36:31SatNavhey all
16:36:37amiconnIt also depends a bit on the exact technology used, there is more than one LiIon system
16:36:54godzirraand i want iriver h1x0 of course?
16:38:20amiconnsee and
16:38:38godzirraK.. seems to work fine on bleeding edge.
16:38:42HCl :)
16:38:48godzirraThanks for that info ;)
16:38:53godzirranever noticed that before.
16:39:16godzirrayay.. and the previous button actually works on the bleeding edge build :)
16:39:19HClthey're at most a day newer than the daily build, but often they contain fixes
16:39:26godzirraMakes sense.
16:42:44B4gderamiconn: good research
16:43:13amiconnLinusN: Could you check whether there is a battery controller IC included in the H1x0 circuitry?
16:43:40amiconnMaybe it's integrated into the battery...
16:43:53amiconn...then it might be difficult to find out
16:43:58HCli think it is, at least, my new battery had a bit of circuitry attached to it
16:44:35 Quit oxygen77 ("CGI:IRC")
16:45:29*HCl just realized his songdb.jar is too new and not fit for uploading yet without finishing his code
16:45:47amiconnIf it is, then we won't need to do something about the battery itself, but we should handle the HD-is-unable-to-spin-because-of-low-battery situation a bit better
16:46:07HClshouldn't we just limit to 3.05 volts or something/
16:46:53amiconnIf there is a protection circuit, limiting in software is just wasted code imho
16:47:10amiconn...and it wouldn't protect us from the unable-to-spinup situation
16:47:36amiconnI already got that at 3.2V
16:47:44 Join entthusiast [0] (
16:47:50HCli think markun measured it going below 3 volts though.
16:47:58HClso that would imply it doesn't have one
16:48:18Shagnarhow big is the H1x0 screen? (pixels)?
16:48:19 Quit SatNav ("Chatzilla [Firefox 1.0.4/20050511]")
16:48:23amiconnMine went as low as 2.5V, so maybe the limit is 2.5V if there is a circuit
16:48:40Shagnarthanks :)
16:48:55 Part LinusN
16:49:05 Join SatNav [0] (
16:50:59 Join webguest21 [0] (
16:51:19SatNavcan ne1 here me? im new here
16:51:30godzirraThey'd probably pay more attention if you didn't spell it ne1 :)
16:51:42SatNavi see..
16:51:49godzirraWhats up?
16:52:00SatNavis there like an etiquette guide i missed somewhere?
16:52:39HCl ?
16:52:39SatNavso, ive been using rockbox on my iriver for a week or so now, and i love it
16:53:24godzirraHCl: heh.. thanks. I was just trying to find that for him. ;)
16:53:44SatNavthx, never seen that b4
16:54:41 Join Febs_away [0] (
16:54:53 Nick Febs_away is now known as Febs (
16:54:54*HCl guesses he'll go and update the logf code to allow more characters
16:55:11SatNavhehe, sorry, msn habit
16:55:32 Join n0bby [0] (
16:55:46*n0bby :3
16:56:09SatNavand i wanna get started with programming a plugin or adding to it in some way
16:57:01SatNavi downloaded cygwin, and the source a few days ago, but when i get to the command prompt im stumped
16:57:25SatNavim used to a gui :(
16:58:17SatNavcan anyone help me?
16:58:57 Join flyingsheep [0] (
17:00:42B4gderHCl: it is meant to fit in the remote lcd...
17:01:03flyingsheepdo yyou know what's up with h300?
17:01:15SatNavk, i guess not..
17:01:17HClB4gder: it makes no sense. i changed it to actually calculate and print just the first so many characters that actually fit on the remote lcd
17:01:34HClalso changed the debug menu display logf to fit the first so many characters that fit on the main lcd
17:01:42HCland changed the dumplogf to print the entire thing
17:02:40*HCl goes to test and will commit if it works
17:02:43 Join Nuxator [0] (
17:02:52godzirradoh.. I can't use easytag without starting X as root :/
17:03:14B4gderI thought it made sense
17:03:19Nuxatori found a bug in mp3 seeking
17:03:34flyingsheepif you dont know something about h300 ill go...
17:03:38Nuxatoryou can't fast rewin a mp3 after plying a ogg file
17:03:38 Part flyingsheep
17:03:57godzirraIs there anyway to do like "Run this as root"?
17:04:04HClgodzirra: sudo?
17:04:13godzirraHCl: I can't sudo to a terminal then run easytag
17:04:17godzirrait tries to find X running for root
17:04:22godzirraand it isnt.. its running for me. :)
17:04:32godzirraOh, su will do it?
17:05:01godzirranope. it wont.
17:05:04godzirrasays cant open display.
17:05:07Febsflyingsheep: LinusN indicated early today that he hopes to work on the bootloader for H3xx series in coming weeks.
17:06:41Nuxatorto late he's gone
17:08:19godzirraoh well. Guess I have to restart x as root to run easy tag on all my stuff :(
17:08:32FebsImpatient fellow. Well, I suppose he can read any one of the endless threads on Mistic River asking the same question.
17:08:54B4gderFebs: why?
17:09:30B4gderwe all know the answer
17:09:30FebsSorry, B4gder, why what?
17:09:38B4gderwhy would he read the questions
17:09:42FebsAh, I see.
17:09:52FebsSo that he can read the answer: "when it's done."
17:11:31godzirraHrm. can I mount a vfat partition in linux as a specific user? (i.e. not have everything on that partition owned by root)
17:11:49B4gderyes you can allow a user to do it
17:12:15B4gderby adding "user" as a mount option
17:12:21B4gderin fstab
17:12:46*HCl commits
17:14:19zeyou can also specify uid= and guid= to set the owner and group of the files
17:14:28zeas mount options
17:14:48B4gderand charset, codepage and how to deal with shortnames
17:14:49 Quit entthusiast ("CGI:IRC (EOF)")
17:14:49 Quit webguest21 ("CGI:IRC (EOF)")
17:15:11zesee mount(8) for more info
17:15:20 Quit Godeater ("CGI:IRC")
17:15:47 Quit courtc (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
17:15:57HClSlasheri: hrm. i just realized something.. i might need an end of song event after all
17:16:51HClat least, i think the playcount shouldn't increase when someone skips a song
17:18:31B4gderit would depend on how long you listened I guess
17:18:38 Join n0bby_ [0] (
17:18:38B4gderif I skip the last 3 secs...
17:18:48HCltricky thing
17:19:03B4gderaudioscrobbler has some percentage limit I think
17:19:04HClso when do we increase the playcount
17:19:07HClafter 75% ?
17:19:18SlasheriHCl: Maybe it's better if you could look at the id3 tag elapsed and song length variables
17:19:20B4gdersomething like that
17:19:39SlasheriThe code will get little messy if there is events for everything =)
17:19:48HClSlasheri: hmmmm.... do i still have the old id3 tag available when a new song event occurs or should i store it somewhere temporarily?
17:20:11SlasheriHCl: you should store the information you need
17:20:24HClbut then the playtime elapsed would not get updated, would it
17:20:43Slasheriyou have to update/check it periodically
17:21:14SlasheriIt should be quite easy to check in a thread
17:21:19HCli don't have my own thread..
17:21:39HClwhy would an event hook be so hard..?
17:22:05HClthat way all i have to do is compare the time elapsed with song length and decide whether to do a playcount++ or not
17:23:04n0bby_is rockboy fixed yet?
17:23:12HCli think amiconn fixed it the other day
17:23:13HClwithout sound
17:23:24godzirraRockboy is the gameboy emulator?
17:23:35SlasheriHCl: there are many ways to do the song end event.. Do you want to get it when user requests a new song or if song reaches the end etc.. That requires some thinking and it's not so easy to do
17:23:35godzirraI could never figure out how to push start and select.
17:23:52n0bby_anyone thought about porting a rockNES? ;)
17:23:52HClSlasheri: when a new song is fine
17:23:58HClas long as i get the old id3 data
17:24:32HCltrack change event with both old and new id3 data is fine too
17:25:40Slasherithat kind of combined event is not possible
17:25:55 Quit Nuxator ("CGI:IRC")
17:25:58Slasheriand the track end event will be inaccurate (a few seconds too early)
17:26:03 Quit n0bby (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
17:26:18HClthat shouldn't matter too much..
17:27:27godzirran0bby_: so how do you push start and/or select in rockboy? :)
17:27:55n0bby_with the start/select buttons? :P
17:28:13n0bby_i'll go get my iriver and try it
17:28:20n0bby_im dying to play some tetris anyway
17:28:31HClits not realtime yet
17:28:34HCli wouldn't recommend tetris
17:28:37HClmario is playable though
17:29:03SlasheriHCl: I still think it's best to do the old information caching on your code. I could add some information to be passed with the next track event to determine how the track switch happened
17:29:13n0bby_tetris DX is near realtime for me
17:29:15HClhrm :/
17:29:20n0bby_havent tried classic tetris yet
17:29:23HClstill, what bagder said though, when you skip the last 3 seconds
17:29:27HClit should increase playtime
17:29:39n0bby_i'd be surprised if DX runs faster than the original
17:30:23B4gderI really do not like 256K ram for the logf buffer
17:30:40B4gderit is.. EXCESSIVE
17:30:47Slasheriyes, and i think that shouldn't be left on responsibility of buffering system to determine if user skipped the track before the last 3 seconds or not
17:30:59HClyou can decrease it to 80k maybe?
17:31:03B4gderI say 30
17:31:12HCli don't see why every line has a fixed size anyways
17:31:36B4gderit doesn't _have to_, its just the way it is implmented
17:31:47HClwell, logf is for developers only
17:31:59HClmaybe decrease it for archos?
17:32:09HCli don't see a problem with using 256k of ram on iriver for debugging
17:32:10B4gdermaybe you increase if for your local tests?
17:32:24B4gderwhy would you need 256 letter lines?
17:32:27HClmeh, could do that, i dunno what would make more sense
17:32:33HClits a debug feature after all
17:33:06B4gderHCl: we've all managed with 21 letter so far
17:33:24HClfine fine, i'll decrease it to 30
17:33:49HClthere, done
17:34:43 Quit CheeseBurgerMan ("Download Gaim:")
17:34:43*n0bby_ is playing tetris
17:34:49*n0bby_ laughs at the slowness
17:34:59SlasheriHCl: The best way might be to create a thread (or just add a kernel timer event) for example every 1s to determine the playback status
17:35:01*n0bby_ laughs at the LCD
17:35:14HClSlasheri: okay, i'll just do that then..
17:35:29HCldoes the pointer i get stay valid?
17:35:34B4gdera new thread just for that seems... odd
17:35:35Slasherimany event handlers would really make the code kind a mess..
17:35:54SlasheriHCl: yes, until next track change event
17:35:56HCli dunno, i never see anything wrong with event handlers, but i don't really mind
17:36:39amiconnWhy not use system messages for that?
17:36:47godzirran0bby_: so whatws the start select buttons? :)
17:36:48n0bby_does rockbox have any control of the charging light on irivers?
17:37:03HClamiconn: system messages?
17:37:05amiconnn0bby_: No, it is hardware controlled
17:37:11n0bby_start is click joystick and select is record. might be the other way around
17:37:22godzirraI'll have to try to play some final fantasy :)
17:37:24amiconnHCl: I could imagine the audio thread sending SYS_TRACK_CHANGE
17:37:30n0bby_its doable
17:37:37n0bby_if you mean FF legends
17:37:41n0bby_ffl 3 rocked
17:37:43amiconnThe main thread would then handle this in the event loop (wps)
17:37:51B4gderseems very reasonable
17:37:53HCli wouldn't know, Slasheri ?
17:37:57amiconncase SYS_TRACK_CHANGED:
17:38:03godzirraI do mean FFL :)
17:38:13godzirraI miss that game. I've got it around somewhere.
17:38:35HClamiconn: i need it to happen before i get slasheri's event though
17:38:37godzirran0bby_: hehe.. actually I'm listening to Black Mages right now. :)
17:38:57amiconnHCl: Why?
17:39:14HClamiconn: because i need to check the elapsed time and compare it with the playtime prior to getting the data of the next song
17:39:18B4gdertrack change before the track change?
17:39:28amiconnThis call could update the old track's playcount, and store the new track info
17:39:47SlasheriYes, that would be possible to do
17:39:58HClamiconn: we already have that, its insufficient because skips would increase playcount
17:40:01HClwhen they shouldn't.
17:40:03amiconnThen an initial call at start of playback is necessary
17:40:18amiconnHCl: No, they wouldn't
17:40:20B4gderHCl: your code would of course figure out of the track switch counts as a song count or not
17:40:22HClwhy not?
17:40:24amiconnEvents can have a parameter
17:40:33HClB4gder: how can i? i don't have the data of the old track anymore
17:40:46HClat that point
17:40:47B4gderHCl: why not?
17:40:47 Quit DangerousDan (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
17:40:55HClbecause it was replaced with the new song, i think?
17:41:16amiconnHCl: That's why I said an initial call is needed as well
17:41:21B4gderyou'd only have to remember the play time of the previous one
17:41:22HClSlasheri: will the old pointer i get stay valid when i get the next call?
17:41:32Slashericurrent event handler does initial call also
17:41:35HClelapsed time and playtime of the previous one
17:41:41SlasheriHCl: no
17:41:51HClwell, thats what i'm saying
17:41:57HCli can't check that data when i get the event
17:42:03SlasheriThe contents of old id3 information might be erased at that point
17:42:08amiconnYour code could do 2 things: (1) Update the data of the old track (which you cached at the previous call) (2) Cache the new track data
17:42:09godzirran0bby_: if you havent heard them, check it out. Its Nobunetsu's band. Where they play FF music on electric guitars. :)
17:42:14B4gderHCl: you do have variables, don't you?
17:42:31HClB4gder: at the point when i get the event, the elapsed time data obviously isn't available yet.
17:42:46B4gderfor the previous, surely
17:42:56HClno. the previous data is lost and overwritten with the new one.
17:43:04B4gderbecause YOU keep it
17:43:07HCli can't.
17:43:07amiconnHCl: Elapsed time is simple. It's just (current_tick - last(current_tick))
17:43:12HClbecause it gets overwritten
17:43:14B4gderHCl: why not?
17:43:20HClamiconn: hrm.
17:43:30B4gderlasttime = id->time
17:43:38B4gdernow, check lasttime
17:43:53B4gderkeep the old info
17:43:59B4gderdon't refer to the old
17:44:02B4gderyou copy it
17:44:17HCli can only keep the old info without elapsed time, but i guess i could check the current tick to get the elapsed time
17:44:20B4gderits only a matter of two 32 bit counters
17:44:23amiconnHmm, unless you pause in between. Pause/unpause might send additional events to account for this
17:44:31HClamiconn: ohyea, ew.
17:44:41HCli'd really just like two events, one start, one end
17:44:51HClor one start that also has the old data
17:45:04SlasheriHmm, pause/unpause events would solve that
17:45:15HClhow? :/
17:45:19amiconnThen cache it at the previous event, that'll have the same effect
17:45:22B4gderand would you deal with changed pitch? ;-)
17:45:24SlasheriJust copy the elapsed and current kernel tick counter
17:45:34HClB4gder: mhm..
17:45:43HCli really just prefer getting the actual elapsed from the id3 info
17:45:43Slasheriwhen you get the next event, you can calculate the new elapsed time
17:46:12B4gderI like that concept
17:46:44HCli really don't see what the problem is :/ you send me an event before you replace the id3 data, saying the track ended, you change it, then you send me a track start event
17:46:49***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
17:47:31Slasherithat end event is not very good thing or easy/clean to do
17:47:40amiconnHCl: This may cause timing problems
17:47:50Slasheribecause you could handle it better in your code
17:48:06HClSlasheri: calculating the elapsed time creates heaps of problems..
17:48:12HCllike handling pause, handling change of pitch
17:48:13amiconnIf you finally receive and process the event, the data might already been gone
17:48:43amiconnHCl: These problems also exist with your concept
17:48:44HCladd pause events and i can do it with the calculate-it-yourself thing
17:48:46 Join mr_qno [0] (
17:48:49HClamiconn: how so?
17:48:49amiconn(pause, pitch)
17:48:55SlasheriHCl: you really should create a thread / add timer event if you like the real elapsed data..
17:49:03HClthe wps keeps track of the elapsed time, i don't see why that value can't be passed to me
17:49:23amiconnSlasheri: That's unnecessary, and it wouldn't solve the pause/pitch problem
17:49:37amiconn...but I really don't see a problem with pitch
17:49:37B4gderI don't think a thread nor timer event should be added for this
17:49:44mr_qnoHi everyone, i would like to talk about the Gapless, if it's possible
17:50:13B4gdergo on and talk ;-)
17:50:51HClwouldn't pause events require me to keep track how long a song have been paused?
17:51:12SlasheriHCl: you can take the fresh elapsed data when song unpauses
17:51:20 Quit B4gder ("go go go")
17:51:22HClSlasheri: hm right
17:51:31amiconnHCl: As you say, wps already keeps track of this info. So simply call your code from wps and all is fine
17:51:48amiconnNo need to duplicate code
17:51:49HClamiconn: as far as i thought, the event WAS being called from wps
17:52:24amiconnAll of RAM, firmware size and CPU power aren't unlimited
17:52:40HClwhat do you mean with duplicating code?
17:52:48mr_qnoWell, first of all, the gapless didn't really work with Lame mp3. I put the last daily build in my H140, and now both mp3 and ogg have the same problem : the last seconds of each piece i listen are cut off :/ .
17:52:58amiconnKeeping track of the same info that's already available elsewhere
17:53:11HCli just need the event to be called from the wps
17:53:26HClmeh, i'll look at it after dinner
17:53:40HCli still don't understand why i can't receive a track end or track at 75% event
17:53:58HCl(keeping count of skipping backwards.. ofcourse..)
17:55:19Slasherimr_qno: i am investigating that problem (i think i know what causes it)
17:56:24amiconnSlasheri: I wonder whether the playback code relies on playtime info from the id3 parser
17:56:49Slasheriamiconn: not it does not
17:57:02amiconnImho it should never do this, but simply feed all data up to the end of file (minus id3v1 if there is one)
17:57:18Slasherithat info is not necessary at all for playback
17:57:40Slasheriit does that, the problem is with newly added pcm flushing code
17:57:48mr_qnoSlasheri : thank you. I thought i was the only one who noticed that ... But why now ogg files have the same problem ?
17:57:52amiconnThis may occasionally lead to a time display in wps like 3:51/3:49, but this isn't really a problem imho
17:58:09Slasherimr_qno: that is a bug in track fast switching code, i will fix it soon
17:58:59amiconnBtw, I wonder why the time info in wps still freezes around the beginning and end of each track
18:00:10Slasheriit waits for the next track event that would update wps but currently crossfade and that fast track switching will cause that event to be generated too late
18:00:39Slasheriwill be fixed also :)
18:01:44Slasheriat the end of track, the time info freezes because codec has started decoding of a new track and it doesn't update elapsed counter for current track no longer
18:01:52 Quit ashridah ("sleep")
18:01:54Slasherithat might be fixable too
18:02:33amiconnHmm. I have crossfade switched off, always, since the beginning
18:03:45mr_qnoSlasheri : cool :-)
18:06:32 Join webguest83 [0] (
18:07:34amiconnSlasheri: How is elapsed time info calculated? On archos it uses a very simple solution, using the elapsed ticks since track start
18:07:42amiconnSimple but effective
18:08:35Slasheriamiconn: codec calculates the elapsed time and that is passed to playback system. Then playback system divides that time with pcm buffer latency time and writes it to wps
18:09:06Slasherimaybe that's too complicated :)
18:09:27amiconnHmm. That sounds quite complex imho
18:10:12amiconnOf course the pcm buffer latency should be taken into account, as that is quite long
18:10:33amiconn...compared to the small latency of the MAS internal buffer
18:10:51amiconn...when playing common music files
18:11:25amiconnWith 8kbps files the MAS latency is around 1.5 sec
18:15:20 Quit SatNav ("Chatzilla [Firefox 1.0.4/20050511]")
18:17:23 Join hardeep [0] (
18:17:45 Quit Chamois (Read error: 131 (Connection reset by peer))
18:18:33 Join Chamois [0] (
18:20:25 Join [1]Chamois [0] (
18:22:34 Nick Lynx_ is now known as Lynx_awy (
18:28:57Slasherimr_qno: fixed that annoying bug, please report if you have any further problems ;)
18:29:26 Quit Chamois (Read error: 145 (Connection timed out))
18:29:26 Nick [1]Chamois is now known as Chamois (
18:39:08 Quit webguest83 ("CGI:IRC (EOF)")
18:41:39CoCoLUSi tried the daily today
18:41:48CoCoLUSand seekign didn't work with oggs
18:41:52CoCoLUSthought that already worked?
18:41:57 Quit tvelocity ("Leaving")
18:43:35Roridon't think it's ever worked
18:45:41CoCoLUSmy memory never was that good ;)
18:46:48 Quit n0bby_ (Read error: 111 (Connection refused))
18:46:59HCli don't understand how my flatmates manage to buy dinner
18:47:02HCland completely forget vegetables
19:03:25 Join [1]Moos [0] (
19:04:53 Join belgarath [0] (
19:11:55 Quit Moos (Read error: 145 (Connection timed out))
19:11:55 Nick [1]Moos is now known as Moos (
19:16:48thegeekbah, who cares for vegetables anyway
19:21:58 Quit Shagnar (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
19:22:29SlasheriHmm, there is still a problem with pause: pausing/resuming will cause a crash. That is reproducable by pressing pause rapidly until the player crashes
19:22:31HCli do since i'm trying to cut down on meat
19:24:08HClSlasheri: hrm :/
19:24:20HClSlasheri: i think i'll just implement it so it always increases playcount, even when you skip a song
19:25:21HClfor now
19:25:22HClat least
19:25:27HClobviously i want to fix it later
19:25:33HCli don't see a good way to do it at the moment
19:25:36HCland it should be enough for testing
19:30:35Coldtoastcan you skip to previous track in the latest bleeding edge? don't have mine here to update
19:31:01 Quit Zagor ("Client exiting")
19:31:09 Join Zagor [0] (
19:33:11belgarathcan i ask a quick question?
19:33:42belgarathhow long would it take to learn to code the language you use for rockbox?
19:34:41SlasheriIt's C language and mastering it will take a several years
19:34:45Zagordepends on how smart you are... :-)
19:34:47bipaki think that depends on the programming experience you allready have and how much time you want to invest :)
19:35:09Slasheriyes, if you don't have any programming experience, it will take longer
19:35:23belgarathits just i am about to start my summer holidays and i thought it would be interesting to learm
19:35:36SlasheriI think C should be the first language (and hardest) to start programming with
19:36:52Coldtoastyou can learn C in 24hrs :)
19:37:13Slasherito write a hello world program ;)
19:37:17Coldtoastotherwise there wouldn't be books called "Learn C in 24hrs" hehe
19:37:49Coldtoastanybody can learn something by imitation tho. UNDERSTANDING is different
19:37:59belgarathyeah i guessed i wouldn't be able to get good enough to help code for rockbox
19:38:18Coldtoastsure you could. Rockbox will still be being developed in a year
19:38:32 Join webguest94 [0] (
19:38:38Coldtoastyou could learn C in a yaer and be gifted
19:38:39belgarathi guess i'll have to wait until some kind soul decides to implement wma playback
19:39:03Roriwma is licensed
19:39:09Zagorhaha, starting with the easy stuff are you? ;-)
19:39:39Rorior is wma only licensed for drm or encoding? I get mixed up
19:39:55HClno idea...
19:40:05ZagorRori: it's from microsoft, so you can be pretty sure it's restricted
19:40:08RoriI have no need of it
19:40:32HClwhoever has their music in wma is stupid anyways..
19:40:51belgarathlol try telling that to my cousin
19:40:59belgarathhe has some bir
19:41:06belgarath*bitrates at 64kbs
19:41:15HClin wma?
19:41:24belgarathyeah sounds horribl
19:41:28HCl :P
19:41:37Zagorbelgarath: we already said he's stupid
19:42:19HClmy binary search on filename works
19:42:30HClin the tagdatabase :)
19:42:50HClfast too
19:43:32amiconnZagor: Is there a way to make a number of functions go into IRAM without tagging each one individually with __attribute__ ((section(".icode"))) ?
19:43:54belgarathis the language C or C ?
19:44:06belgarathwhoops c (plus plus)
19:44:23Zagoramiconn: sure, using explicit section targets in the lds file
19:44:38Zagori don't think that's very pretty though
19:44:44amiconnUrgs, yes
19:44:54amiconnThat would be very obfuscated
19:45:44amiconnI mean something like a #pragma that is valid until it is cleared again (after the sequence of functions)
19:45:59amiconnI want to put the block drawing functions into iram
19:46:07Zagornot that I know
19:46:50***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
19:47:17amiconnHmm, so I have to declare each one.
19:50:43belgarathok...C is much harder than it sounds
19:50:53belgarathand it sounded pretty hard
19:51:44amiconnZagor: How much IRAM should be left on archos for regular builds so it doesn't overflow for debug builds?
19:51:53amiconnOr may I ignore that?
19:53:15 Quit hardeep ("[BX] Life is like BitchX. Ya never know what yer gunna git.")
19:53:49HClentry 0? that shouldn't be possible
19:55:20Zagoramiconn: i don't know.
19:56:04Zagorbelgarath: C is not very difficult. it's programming that is difficult.
19:56:14 Join Stryke` [0] (
19:58:26Coldtoastnot being able to skip to the previous track. is that something easy to fix?
19:59:03Coldtoastor does it mean the fast track skip has to be reworked again?
20:03:43 Quit webguest94 ("CGI:IRC (Ping timeout)")
20:04:38RoriAccurate FF/RW and back track skip are sorely needed
20:05:58godzirraColdtoast: fast track skip works now on the bleeding edge build.
20:06:06godzirraColdtoast: try grabbing that one. I had the same problem earlier.
20:06:17Coldtoastgodzirra: I know. But you can no longer skip to the previous track
20:06:22godzirrathat worked for me earlier.
20:06:23godzirraI know..
20:06:32godzirrathat was a problem I had earlier and I thought it was fixed.
20:06:32godzirraI was wrong.
20:06:34amiconnZagor: I test-compiled a debug build (recorder). It's sufficient to leave 0xFC bytes of iram
20:06:55amiconnSo it is possible to put the block functions in iram on archos too.
20:06:56Coldtoastnah. Linus tested his and his worked the first time but when he tried again it didn't work
20:08:03amiconnIt's a tight fit, but it works, leaving 180 bytes for debug builds and 432 bytes for normal builds
20:11:34 Join LinusN [0] (
20:11:44LinusNColdtoast: it works as long as the hard drive is spinning
20:11:52LinusNi don't know why though
20:12:02Coldtoastheh. really? that's odd isn't it?
20:13:52mr_qnoSlasheri : Thanks again for fixing the bug. I will see tomorrow if it really works ;)
20:13:59 Part LinusN
20:14:01 Join bagawk [0] (
20:18:57 Quit mr_qno ("CGI:IRC (EOF)")
20:20:29 Join rasher [0] (
20:21:14 Join webguest31 [0] (
20:27:53rashersomeone show me how to create a patch that includes new files
20:28:03rasherI demand it!
20:29:47*HCl realizes his binary search failed, which makes sense
20:32:31 Quit Stryke` ("Friends don't let friends listen to Anti-Flag")
20:32:38 Join Stryke` [0] (
20:32:47 Join Sucka`away [0] (
20:32:59 Nick Sucka`away is now known as Sucka (
20:33:59rasheralternatively and additionally, where's the document on the site that tells about the coding style?
20:38:00 Join webguest27 [0] (
20:39:06webguest27if I try starting the orig firmware from the remote, I get a hold message ('cos the player is in my pocket with the main hold turned on) ... I don't remember it doing that before, is it normal?
20:39:57Rorithey are supposed to be independent
20:40:15Roriat least they are on iriver fw
20:40:45HClany changes you may imagine in the original firmware are completely fictional
20:40:51webguest27right, I'm just not sure if I got the bootloader into some weird state, or if it's supposed to be that way
20:42:45rasherWell no
20:43:01rasherthe original firmware will not be able to tell how it was turned on
20:43:08rasherunless you hold the buttons
20:43:28webguest27ohhhhh hah, that worked. ic.
20:44:07rasherSince it's not in control from the beginning
20:44:27webguest27makes sense
20:46:48HClhm, right
20:46:50HClforgot about that
20:48:06 Join webguest29 [0] (
20:49:39HCltalk about not making sense
20:49:45HCllogfdump writes the logf buffer BACKWARDS
20:49:49HClno wonder it didn't make sense
20:52:16rasheroh, no.. nothing
20:52:27rasherUpdated Dutch translation
20:53:37HClmy binary search works after all.
20:54:20 Join hardeep [0] (
20:54:37rashernow 15 languages are more than 90% translated
20:56:19rasherwarghle.. now my edit-id3-patch tree is out of sync
20:56:25rasherI tried so hard
20:56:51rasherI guess now it's anybody's guess what the patch changes and what I just failed to update
20:57:09 Quit webguest27 ("CGI:IRC")
20:57:56rasherI see the h300-sim build is no longer red - excellent
20:58:38 Quit webguest31 ("CGI:IRC")
20:58:39Coldtoastcould we see a h300 version soon?
20:58:54Coldtoastwhy's that?
20:59:06rasherNoone's trying to write a bootloader for it
20:59:17Coldtoastbig hurdle?
20:59:28rasher(as far as I know) and even after that is done, it's still a while before rockbox runs
20:59:38rasherIt's quite the hurdle, yes
21:02:56amiconnThe 2 crucial things for h3x0 are the bootloader and the lcd driver
21:03:00*HCl suddenly remembers he has beer
21:03:17amiconnThe latter is a big prob because the lcd type was still not identified
21:03:24 Quit einhirn ("Miranda IM! Smaller, Faster, Easier.")
21:03:38rasheryeah, that's a bummer
21:03:45HClthe good news is
21:03:51HClbinary search works
21:04:03HCland its fast enough to not lag the player while trying to locate runtime info
21:04:19HClthe bad news is, it fails to read the fileentry entirely, but that should be easily fixable
21:04:36Rickwhat's up?
21:05:46rashergood lord, people are really digging the snap font
21:06:51 Quit Stryke` ("Friends don't let friends listen to Anti-Flag")
21:06:59 Join Stryke` [0] (
21:08:15ColdtoastI kinda like the default font
21:11:52rasherI'm mostly using snap or atadore
21:12:21 Quit bagawk (Read error: 131 (Connection reset by peer))
21:14:45 Join Lear [0] (
21:17:04 Join markun [0] (
21:22:27HClhey markun
21:22:39markunHi HCl!
21:22:49markunI'm trying to get optical out to work..
21:23:10ghode|afkhey HCl, you're a bleach fan, do you know any good forums to read?
21:26:07 Join Rattenfaenger [0] (
21:26:32HCllike what?
21:26:35HClmarkun: nice..
21:26:57 Quit rasher ("CGI:IRC 0.5.4 (2004/01/29)")
21:27:16Coldtoastmarkun: you have a 2200mAH nattery in your player don't you?
21:27:22markunyes, I have
21:27:34Coldtoasthow long's it been in there?
21:28:04markun1 day less than HCl's I think :)
21:28:10 Join matsl [0] (
21:28:22markunA few weeks, I'm not sure
21:28:37Coldtoastheh. ok. when you guys put them in, did they seem like quality batteries?
21:28:51thegeekimho, the ones that come with the iriver looks like shit
21:28:57thegeekmine had lots of bumps and stuff
21:28:57HClthey looked very similar
21:29:06HClexcept that the new one was slightly bigger
21:29:18Coldtoastas in thicker?
21:29:20markunYes, but the quality was not bad I think
21:29:23markun1mm maybe?
21:29:32 Quit Rattenfaenger (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
21:29:45Coldtoastput it this way; would you say they equalled the iriver battery in quality?
21:30:07Coldtoastwhat about all the ipods with crap batteries?
21:30:20thegeekthat's hype
21:30:26Coldtoastdoes that mean you'll be changing batteris again in a year?
21:30:30thegeekthere are not lots of ipods with deat batteries
21:30:35thegeekit's just HYPE
21:30:44thegeekthere are a few that have bad batteries
21:30:52thegeekbut the huge amount of ipods sold
21:31:02thegeekmeans that there are also more people with bad batteries
21:31:13thegeekand people that treat the battery badly
21:31:14Coldtoastthegeek: really? but Apple have recently agreed to switch batteries for older ipods, even the they're out of warranty. You just need receipts/proof of purchase
21:31:26markunI hope I won't have to replace it, but it was very cheap and I still have the original battery
21:31:30thegeekyes really
21:31:42thegeekit's certainly not as bad as it was reported to be;)
21:32:49ColdtoastI have 2 fun things to do (hopefully) next week; install the new 2200mAH in my iriver and install the new LCD in my phone
21:33:18Coldtoastthe phone's too good and too expensive to just replace
21:39:01 Quit edx ()
21:41:26 Quit webguest29 ("CGI:IRC (EOF)")
21:42:22matslHi, getting "No rule to make target `../fonts/rockbox_default.bdf'" with current CVS. What am I missing?
21:43:26amiconnYou need to check out the fonts I'd guess
21:44:30markunamiconn: I'm trying to get the optical out to work, but I don't know which clock to select..
21:45:08SlasheriHmm, pause/unpause crash bug fixed soon. I will make some hardening to the audio dma hadnling
21:45:42Coldtoastooh! I had that crash today but assumed it was the fading Slasheri
21:46:01matslamiconn: I'm doing cvs up -dP in rockbox-devel. Thought I would get everything needed then!?
21:46:02SlasheriNope, it's a problem with the dma handling :)
21:46:18amiconnmatsl: Do you have a fonts/ dir?
21:46:42matslamiconn: no
21:46:54***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
21:47:12amiconnThe go into your cvs root and do cvs co fonts
21:48:21amiconnmarkun: No idea; I didn't look at that part of the data sheet at all.
21:48:25matslamiconn: worked fine, thanks
21:48:29Learslasheri: Could you make it possible for a codec to only seek within what is currently buffered? Something like that would be useful for the Vorbis codec...
21:49:14SlasheriHmm, that is possible. So you mean no rebuffering should happen if user configures the buffering that way?
21:49:16amiconnI don't have an optical cable, so I couldn't test,
21:49:47Slasherii can test the optical out if necessary :)
21:49:59amiconnand s/pdif is low pri for me as the only device I could test with would be my archos recorder (converting optical -> coax)
21:50:07Learno, not the user, for the codec API only. Vorbis files don't contain any TOC, so to seek, it has to search within the stream.
21:50:28SlasheriLear: Ah, hmm
21:50:33LearAnd, first it should try with what is buffered, and if that isn't good enough, then start waiting for the disk...
21:50:54Slasheriok, i understand :)
21:51:28Slasheriso if codec tries to seek to a data that is not buffered, it should fail the seeking?
21:51:43LearI've looked at various ways of doing seek in vorbis files, and to minimise spin-ups something like that is needed. Plus a rewrite of parts of vorbisfile... :/
21:52:13LearNo, rather just search as far as possible (and return the actual position).
21:52:47Slasheriah, yes :)
21:52:54Slasherii will look at tomorrow
21:53:01LearThat way, the codec can try searching and see what it get. Another way would be for the codec to ask for the currently buffered range. Works too, I guess.
21:53:20SlasheriHmm, i could do both
21:53:55amiconnmarkun: Imho optical out should be configurable. Having it on at all times needs more power
21:54:20amiconn(unlike the archos s/pdif which is coaxial so we leave it on at all times)
21:54:38LearWhy, when one is enough? :) Maybe querying the current range would be better actually - and a seek function that can seek backwards in the buffer. :)
21:54:44markunamiconn: I agree, but I'm just trying to get it to work
21:54:52*HCl wonders if rasher's around
21:55:34SlasheriLear: Hmm, yep. But i will investigate that later with time :)
21:55:54LearSlasheri: Tthanks.
21:56:41LearSlasheri: haven't actually started on that re-write, so there's no rush.
22:03:09Slasheriimportant fix committed
22:03:10 Quit Coldtoast (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
22:04:10HClSlasheri: what was fixed?
22:04:17Slasheria crash :)
22:04:20HClhow do i flush file descriptors again? or needn't i?
22:04:36Slasheri(with dma handling). This will probably fix many of the crash bugs
22:05:06hardeepHCl: fsync()
22:06:21 Join edx [0] (
22:09:47 Join webguest91 [0] (
22:13:13 Quit RotAtoR ()
22:15:03HCl07/01/2005 01:25 AM 48 rockbox.rundb
22:15:04HCl :)
22:19:04 Quit west-acre ("I-n-v-i-s-i-o-n 2.0 Build 3515")
22:30:12markunSlasheri: I can't find which clock to use for optical out..
22:30:28Slasherimarkun: Hmm
22:31:02SlasheriIs there some separate physical clock for optical out or cpu registers only to set?
22:31:19markunSlasheri: I set the source to PDOR3 but because I set the wrong clock the sound is all wrong now.
22:31:40Slasherioptical out should work with different clocks
22:31:59markunMaybe you can take look at the datasheet, page 293
22:32:08Slasherichecking that
22:32:36markunThe clock should be 64 x sample freq
22:33:30SlasheriHmm, could you make a patch and send it to me? :)
22:34:08Slasherithen i could try that for real
22:34:38 Quit belgarath ("CGI:IRC (EOF)")
22:34:43markunI will try something, if it doesn't work I'll send you a patch
22:34:49Slasheriok :)
22:36:54 Join west-acre [0] (
22:37:00SlasheriHmm, that x64 clock speed seems to be quite high. Currently rockbox uses audio_clk / 4 prescaler for 44100 Hz
22:37:08 Quit Stryke` ("Friends don't let friends listen to Anti-Flag")
22:37:09west-acrehey man, ffwd don't work on the latest build .. not for me n e way :S
22:37:10HClbasic runtime database sort of works
22:37:15 Join Stryke` [0] (
22:37:16HCljust need to add hashing and playcount increase
22:39:06west-acrewait yer it does. firmware upgrade solved it :D
22:39:29HClold bootloader?
22:40:26west-acreduno, u talking to me ?
22:40:48markunSlasheri: Where can I set the prescalar?
22:41:19Slasherihmm, i just meant the clocksel field :)
22:41:58markunI'll make you a patch :)
22:42:21Slasheriok, thanks ;)
22:46:04 Quit crwl (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
22:51:22 Join RotAtoR [0] (
22:55:42markunSlasheri: trying something else first..
22:56:19Slasheriok, i will have to go soon.. but i will look it tomorrow :)
22:56:23 Join Cassandra [0] (
22:59:12*HCl ponders going to sleep
22:59:18CassandraYou know, I'm thinking I'd like to move "Manage Settings" to the root of the menu.
22:59:26CassandraAnyone have any opinions?
23:00:09HClgoogle rules
23:00:15HClno idea
23:01:04amiconnPlayer gfx is working like it should :))
23:01:10HClgood job :)
23:01:25*HCl is looking into song hashing and is hoping to have the runtime database crudely operational soon
23:01:26amiconnExpect a commit, then I'll start working on greyscale
23:01:39HClfinally finished playing san andreas
23:01:40HCl :P
23:02:01markunSlasheri: It's working!
23:02:08 Quit matsl ("Leaving")
23:02:19Slasherimarkun: oh, cool :) i was already testing something too ;)
23:02:29Slasheriwhat did you write to EBU1CONFIG?
23:03:09markunEBU1CONFIG = 7 << 12 | 3 << 8 | 5 << 2;
23:03:20Slasheriok :)
23:03:25CassandraHCl - any idea when we can expect context menus on the ID3db?
23:03:36markunSet CLOCKSEL to SCLK2, source to PDOR3 and set IEC958 to 'normal operation'
23:03:59Slasherigood, i was going to try the same thing (but with sclk1) :)
23:04:07HClcontext menus?
23:04:13HClno, not really o.o;
23:04:22HClthe whole id3 browsing bit was made by zagor
23:04:50HCli mostly just clened it up a little and adapted it to work with the new design
23:05:15markunSlasheri: The strange thing is I couldn't get the audio fast enough, so I make audioclk 2x as fast, but then it was too fast again, so I put pcm_freq back to 6..
23:05:58markunSlasheri: Now it works, but I think I should put audioclk back to it's original value and see what I did wrong in the first place.
23:07:20markunSounds good "Air - Sexy Boy" from rockbox to mini disc
23:07:33Slasherigreat =)
23:07:36*HCl has been testing on air all day
23:07:52Slasherinow gnight to everybody :) ->
23:08:06thegeekI love Air:)
23:08:10thegeekand zero 7
23:08:14thegeekand venus hum
23:08:30*HCl is listening to air - all i need
23:08:33HClgonna go sleep now..
23:09:03 Quit west-acre ("I-n-v-i-s-i-o-n 2.0 Build 3515")
23:11:00 Join Coldtoast [0] (
23:17:57CassandraThere. Lots of lovely new fonts.
23:18:41godzirrawhat is Air?
23:18:46 Join einhirn [0] (
23:18:48 Quit einhirn (Read error: 131 (Connection reset by peer))
23:19:43 Join muesli- [0] (
23:20:21bill20r3a band
23:20:43Coldtoastthey stuff in the middle of an Aero chocolate bar
23:21:08ColdtoastAir are a pretty cool band
23:21:26godzirraahh. ok
23:23:41 Quit Febs ("Chatzilla [Firefox 1.0.4/20050511]")
23:24:18 Quit ansivirus (Read error: 145 (Connection timed out))
23:30:00 Quit Lear ("Chatzilla [Firefox 1.0.4/20050512]")
23:30:16Coldtoastit's so weird you can skip to the previous track when theere's HDD activity
23:34:46 Quit Zagor ("Client exiting")
23:35:39Chamoisa french band
23:36:09 Quit Stryke` (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
23:36:33 Quit Harpy (Read error: 145 (Connection timed out))
23:36:41 Quit Chamois (" HydraIRC -> <- IRC for those that like to be different")
23:41:26 Join crwl [0] (
23:45:13 Join stripwax_ [0] (
23:46:55***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
23:54:03 Quit muesli- (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
23:55:39 Join einhirn [0] (
23:55:56 Quit einhirn (Client Quit)

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