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#rockbox log for 2005-07-07

00:00:10amiconnThe character & icon drawing code drew into a recorder-lcd like bitmap, which was then converted again to a windows bitmap
00:00:26amiconnNow it draws directly to the windows bitmap
00:02:37t0mashm... HCl? is there any simple way to make rockboy faster?
00:02:43t0masstop all other threads?
00:02:48t0masoverclock the cpu?
00:02:53amiconnUse it in the sim ;)
00:03:07t0masI don't have a pc for the next 14 days
00:03:53amiconnWork on the dynarec code, or an asm cpu core
00:05:02t0masmaybe I'll try when I'm back...
00:05:09t0masbut I have no idea how it works :)
00:06:33amiconnHaha, I just found a long-standing bug in the win32 playersim code that irritated me every now and then
00:07:00amiconnlcd_double_height() characters didn't print correctly. Now they do
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00:09:28preglowasm cpu core should give the most gains, i believe
00:09:51amiconnSome other routines could be assemblerised as well
00:10:38amiconnThere are some routines for which i386 asm versions exist. I converted some of them to SH1 asm
00:10:54amiconn(The less complex ones)
00:13:59preglowthe entire cpu core exists as i386 assembler
00:14:06preglowlooks pretty trivial to port i
00:14:33t0masfor you...
00:22:17preglowbut no, if you know one assembler language, 68k isn't that hard to learn
00:22:49preglowit's pretty ok as far as asm goes
00:24:45preglowbut now i've got the most marvelous headache ever, so think i'll go to bed
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00:27:49 Part webguest37
00:29:52HClt0mas: there are a few functions that can be converted to asm, and there are already i386 asm implementations of them
00:30:05HClif that doesn't give enough speed, it'd require an asm cpu core
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00:30:26HCland if that doesn't give enough speed we could add dynarec on top of that
00:31:26HCloh, amiconn said that already
00:32:40 Join stripwax_ [0] (
00:33:03*HCl doesn't understand how people manage to get fat..
00:33:10HCli need to gain weight :/
00:33:30stripwax_Oooh, nice set of cvs commits since this morning, checking that list out now. Particularly 'play to reboot on crash'. nice !
00:33:45HClyea that was a good idea
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00:35:09stripwax_Whats' SCHIP-8?
00:35:31HClemulator thing
00:35:44*HCl commits a thing that he meant to commit hours ago
00:36:13stripwax_'thing'? :-)
00:37:11stripwax_HCl - beer is good for putting on weight! :-(
00:37:24LinusNnite all
00:37:28HClisn't that the wrong kind of weight?
00:37:32 Part LinusN
00:37:33HClthe kind you can't work off anymore
00:38:10stripwax_just saying, in response to yr 'how people manage to get fat' thing
00:39:43amiconnUgh... a 152 KB diff file
00:39:50*HCl looks at the nice work Bagder did
00:39:54HClstripwax_: oh right..
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00:54:01ZoricBefore I go to bed (after spending the whole evening playing with newly installed rockbox on my H140) I just wanted to say: I love Rockbox! :D Thank you all!
00:54:56HCl :P
00:55:13HClits not even finished yet :p
00:55:55amiconnOkay, buckle up.... huuge commit coming :-)
00:55:58 Part Zoric
00:56:58 Join Zoric [0] (~zoric85@
00:57:02 Part Zoric
01:00:05stripwax_amiconn - :-D what's the deal
01:00:21 Join RotAtoR [0] (
01:00:27amiconn4-shades greyscale committed :)
01:01:55stripwax_:-) WOOHOO!!
01:02:18amiconnArgh! It seems I may have broken some plugins...
01:02:30*amiconn goes fixing
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01:11:37amiconnHmm, Linus isn't here :/
01:16:05 Quit tvelocity ("Leaving")
01:16:57stripwax_Hmmm.. anyone else finding that playback (or vorbis, if that makes a difference) sometimes just 'stops' ? Still shows that it is playing, but it simply isn't progressing. Seems to happen while I try and use the menus
01:17:21stripwax_Hmm, in this state even changing tracks does nothing.
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01:26:08Rorianyone working on a chiptune emu? :)
01:28:27stripwax_amiconn - hmm, where did mandlebrot, jpegviewer, etc, all go? Is there some magick that simply no longer builds those into the zip?
01:28:50Roriis there a way to control where the text falls on the display?
01:28:50amiconnThey did not go, they're still not being built for iriver
01:29:15Roriso you can aline it per pixel instead of just following returns in a text file?
01:29:24Rorialign rather
01:29:41amiconnThey do require the greyscale lib as they are, and that isn't available on iriver yet.
01:29:45stripwax_hm, I must just have had an old plugins folder on my iriver.. guess I hadn't cleaned it out since they were removed from the iriver build
01:30:03amiconnI didn't bother to adapt them to the 4-grey core as that wouldn't make much sense imho
01:30:11stripwax_amiconn - fair enough.
01:30:55stripwax_gnight from me
01:30:57 Part stripwax_
01:46:03t0masyou once said you're rockbox's "bitking"
01:46:31t0masmaybe you can take a look at bmp loading code? optimize it? and add grayscale to it too? :)
01:48:18amiconnIf I find the time... one day :/
01:48:35amiconnSo many ideas...
01:48:55Mooslike always :)
01:49:50amiconnThe grayscale lib will give me a hard time, although it's my own work. Loads of asm...
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01:50:06t0masbugreport: the snake 2 game speeds up and slows down while playing music
01:50:14t0mas(I guess it's doing that on boost/unboost)
01:50:22amiconnHehe, fun
01:50:36amiconnI'd expect that with other games too
01:50:42t0mashm... it should just get 100 ticks/second?
01:50:47t0masno matter what the cpu speed is?
01:51:03 Join Febs [0] (
01:51:12amiconnYes, but only if it uses the ticks and sleeps if there's nothing to do
01:51:47 Quit markun ()
01:51:49amiconnThe ticks are glitching slightly at each boost/unboost, but that shouldn't matter much
01:52:36t0mashm... there was some time = before functions wasn't there?
01:52:42 Join elinenbe_ [0] (
01:53:00amiconnt0mas: That's a macro and simply uses the tick
01:53:30t0maslong current_tick;
01:53:31t0masthat one?
01:55:14elinenbe_amiconn: fucking a! nice work!
01:55:15amiconnHmm, snake2 does a sleep(HZ/speed), but that doesn't take the processing time into account
01:55:44t0masI just changed that
01:55:54t0mas /* dynamic sleeping */
01:55:54t0mas wait = (HZ/speed) - (current_tick - tick);
01:55:54t0mas if (wait > 0) {
01:55:54DBUGEnqueued KICK t0mas
01:55:54t0mas rb->sleep(wait);
01:55:54t0mas }
01:56:10t0masand set that tick var to current_tick at the beginning of the loop
01:56:54amiconnI'd do it as follows:
01:57:17amiconnSet last_tick = current_tick at the very beginning
01:58:18amiconnThen sleep like you suggested
01:58:32t0masI did that... but last_tick was named tick in my example...
01:58:33amiconn..and set last_tick = current_tick directly afterwards
01:58:50t0masthe game is in a while (1) { } loop
01:58:59t0masso the first thing in the loop is tick = current_tick;
01:59:05t0masand the last thing is the code I just copied
01:59:18amiconnAh, it's the very last thing...
01:59:52t0masyes :)
02:00:31amiconnIn the original loop it isn't, that's why I wondered
02:00:43t0masyes, I understand
02:00:51t0masbut the first thing I did was moving it...
02:01:08t0masbecause I tought sleeping in the middle of the loop is weird anyway...
02:02:29t0masit still goes faster and slower :|
02:03:43 Join Gibbed [0] (
02:03:45t0masmy version of the game() function
02:03:46 Quit Rick (Nick collision from services.)
02:03:53t0masbut my snake is still not walking smooth :X
02:03:59 Nick Gibbed is now known as Rick (
02:05:10t0masany idea amiconn?
02:09:06amiconnDo you get wait <= 0 perhaps
02:09:16 Part CheeseBurgerMan
02:09:23amiconn(That would mean there's a performance problem)
02:10:00t0masthen we should ask Slasheri to yield() even more
02:15:56Moosgood night all
02:16:16Moost0mas: have a good holydays
02:16:36 Part Moos
02:17:00t0mastnx :)
02:17:09CtcpIgnored 1 channel CTCP requests in 0 seconds at the last flood
02:17:09*t0mas starts yelling at his pc...
02:17:10t0masroot@athlon tomas # mount /dev/sda1 /mnt/iriver/
02:17:10t0masmount: special device /dev/sda1 does not exist
02:26:13 Join amiconn_ [0] (
02:38:28t0masI can't test it now amiconn
02:38:36t0masbecause I have to recompile my kernel...
02:38:42t0masstupid hotplug stuff stopped working
02:38:49t0masand I'm going to bed now :)
02:38:57t0masso I'll retry tomorrow
02:39:19 Nick t0mas is now known as t0mas|zZzzZ (
02:39:19DBUGEnqueued KICK t0mas|zZzzZ
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02:56:17 Join webguest58 [0] (
02:57:32webguest58hi people how is the remote wps going?
02:58:54 Quit webguest58 (Client Quit)
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05:05:02 Join DJ_Dooms_Day [0] (
05:07:09DJ_Dooms_DayHey, just double checking here. For the iriver build, i just slap the files on the root of the iriver, unplug, and restart right?
05:09:37ashridahas long as you've got rockbox's bootloader flashed in, yeah
05:10:06ashridahjust unpack it so that there's a .rockbox directory in the root of the device, along with a rockbox.iriver file in the root
05:13:56DJ_Dooms_DayAh, i thought i was missing something. I haven't yet flashed the bootloader
05:14:13ashridahthere's the bits and pieces you need to set that up on the wiki
05:14:35DJ_Dooms_DayYeah looking now, know anything off the top of your head?
05:14:52ashridahfwpatcher works, even in wine.
05:15:02ashridahyou'll need to download your own copy of the iriver firmware
05:15:09ashridahrockbox's tools cannot do that for you
05:15:27ashridahit works with the most recent version for the H1xx series, 1.65 or whatever it is
05:16:31DJ_Dooms_Dayok cool, is fwpatcher a 3rd party app or is it somewhere in the wiki?
05:17:43ashridahit's attached to the page about the bootloader
05:19:09DJ_Dooms_Daygreat thanks
05:20:44CtcpIgnored 1 channel CTCP requests in 0 seconds at the last flood
05:20:44*ashridah notes that the bootloader.bin on that page is newer than the one he's using
05:20:49ashridahmight upgrade
05:22:45DJ_Dooms_Dayjust wondering. The 'easy way' says nothing about bootloader.bin, does that mean fwpatcher creates the rockbox bootloader from the orig hex file?
05:23:26 Nick StrathAFK is now known as Strath (
05:24:10ashridahfwpatcher includes a copy of bootloader.bin inside it
05:24:21ashridahall you need to provide is an unpatched iriver firmware .hex file
05:25:01DJ_Dooms_Dayahuh, i just patched the hex file. Is the hex it self patched or has it created another one somewhere?
05:25:13ashridahi believe it patches the file itself
05:25:27ashridahyou may want to double check the md5sum
05:25:44ashridahhunt around for an md5sum.exe executable (google can usually find one fairly quickly)
05:25:50ashridahcheck it against one listed on the page
05:26:01DJ_Dooms_Daygood idea
05:29:45DJ_Dooms_Daybtw, just curious, what exactly is an md5sum? How does it calc the serial from the file?
05:31:57ashridahfor all intents and purposes, it's a form of checksum. an algorithmically derived value that's based on the data you provide.
05:32:10ashridahthe checksum is basically protected against several single-bit errors
05:32:48DJ_Dooms_DayWell, it all checks out
05:32:53ashridahwikipedia has more details than i have
05:33:53ashridahit's not particularly secure for cryptography or authentication purposes anymore, but it still works as a quick content verifier
05:35:02DJ_Dooms_Dayawesome, it worked
05:36:24DJ_Dooms_Daywow this is awesome
05:36:53DJ_Dooms_DayWheres a doc on how to use it?
05:37:56ashridahthere are manuals on but they're currently on the out of date side, WRT to the iriver devices, since they're currently in heavy development
05:38:55DJ_Dooms_Dayok, well no prob, how do i reach the options?
05:39:15ashridahthe a-b button
05:42:21DJ_Dooms_Daylol wow, really have expanded on the shuffle options
05:44:48ashridahyes, rockbox supports proper randomized shuffling
05:44:59ashridahwell, as proper as you can get on a platform with no entropy generator
05:45:30DJ_Dooms_DayHey whats 'caption backlight'?
05:46:45ashridahi have no idea. i believe it's been there since archos' time, so it might be in the manual on tho
05:50:08***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
06:09:31 Join hardeep [0] (
06:14:49DJ_Dooms_Daydamn it, locked up
06:16:05ashridahwhat'd you do to make it lock up?
06:18:40DJ_Dooms_Daywent through all the options, changed some things (nothing i would think would lock it), played some games, went back to root (blank screen), pushed play and it tryed to play the last song i played (70 minute song) and froze before playing anything
06:18:50DJ_Dooms_Dayi've restarted it now, works fine
06:19:16ashridahah, yeah, playback is still being worked on
06:19:28DJ_Dooms_Dayi've noticed it lags a little too.
06:19:28ashridahit can trigger issues, particularly on large files atm
06:19:37DJ_Dooms_Dayyeah, thats what i figured
06:20:04DJ_Dooms_Dayhow do i enter the the file tree?
06:20:16ashridahfrom where?
06:20:23DJ_Dooms_Dayblank screen
06:20:39ashridahhow do you have a blank screen?
06:20:45ashridahoh. wait
06:20:49ashridahyou could be inside a directory
06:20:57ashridahpress left on the control stick
06:21:20ashridahwait, is it completely blank, no icons at the top?
06:21:51DJ_Dooms_Dayi can onlt enter the options, play the last song and if i hold down the joystick i get 'playlist', but nothing else, and nothing is in it
06:23:28ashridahhm. did you start a plugin before it got to this state?
06:24:00DJ_Dooms_Dayerg, i shut it down and booted it again and im getting stuck at boot screen (rockbox logo). I think it might be having problems with resuming.
06:24:10DJ_Dooms_Dayplugin? like the calc and snake and all that?
06:24:21DJ_Dooms_Dayyeah, i did
06:25:04ashridahif you can change the settings, you can turn off auto-resume. the resume features have been getting worked on recently, so it might be on autoresume by default now
06:25:29DJ_Dooms_Dayyeah, well its getting stuck at the boot logo now :P
06:26:26ashridahthat's strange. that said, the bootloader rockbox provide also includes a function that enables usb mode directly from power on
06:27:03DJ_Dooms_Daynot when its frozen :P
06:27:19ashridahthere's a reset button underneath
06:27:30DJ_Dooms_Dayyeah, done that several times now
06:27:50ashridahbut as i say, this is a feature of the firmware you flashed, NOT rockbox itself (which is what draws the logo)
06:27:59ashridahif you remove rockbox.iriver, it'll go directly to iriver's firmware
06:28:26ashridahif you remove and then replace .rockbox, it should kill off most of the settings (not all, some are kept in an unused cluster of the disk
06:29:08hardeepDJ_Dooms_Day: plug in the usb cable before you reset
06:29:14DJ_Dooms_DayI got it in bootloader USB mode but my comp isn't detecting it.
06:29:22DJ_Dooms_DayYeah just did that hardeep
06:29:24hardeepDJ_Dooms_Day: then, delete /.rockbox/.playlist_control
06:29:36hardeepand retry
06:30:06ashridahDJ_Dooms_Day: does it show up in the disk management plugin that you can add to mmc (assuming it's win2k or winxp, mind you)
06:30:15DJ_Dooms_DayYeah its stangely not working though. Its in USB mode and it isn't frozen.
06:30:49ashridahyeah, run mmc from the run dialog, then file->add/remove snap in
06:31:04ashridahthen click 'add...' and add the disk management plugin
06:31:50DJ_Dooms_Daynop, not showing up.
06:32:00ashridahhm, i just checked on my pc here
06:32:08ashridahit's not showing there either, by the looks of it :)
06:32:24ashridahwait. yes it does
06:32:26ashridahjust had to refresh it
06:32:36ashridahokay, onto device manager
06:32:55ashridahright click my computer, head to 'hardware', then 'device manager'
06:33:16DJ_Dooms_Dayok heres a problem
06:33:21DJ_Dooms_Dayyeah i know my way ;)
06:33:33DJ_Dooms_Daygot an issue on 'USB mass storage device'
06:33:35ashridahit'll either show up under 'Disk drives', or as an unknown device or something.
06:33:46DJ_Dooms_DayThis device cannot start. (Code 10)
06:34:06ashridahtry removing that in device manager, then go to 'Action' -> 'Scan for hardware changes'
06:34:52DJ_Dooms_Daybang, your a champion ask
06:35:49DJ_Dooms_DayOk so del/rename rockbox.iriver?
06:35:58ashridahdelete the file hardeep mentioned first
06:36:11ashridahhardeep DJ_Dooms_Day: then, delete /.rockbox/.playlist_control
06:36:54DJ_Dooms_Dayand leave rockbox.iriver?
06:37:07ashridahwe may as well try and track down where this issue is coming from
06:37:45ashridahunplug the device, it should start booting by itself once it's disconnected from a usb port
06:37:53DJ_Dooms_Dayyep, it works
06:38:34DJ_Dooms_Dayso how are we going to go about tracking the bug down?
06:38:47hardeepdid it boot correctly now?
06:38:49ashridahwell, first, we go into settings, and make completely sure resume is set to 'no'
06:39:03hardeepthen the problem was with resume like you suspected
06:39:11hardeepdeleting that file disabled resume
06:39:18ashridahprobably the file he was trying to play
06:39:35ashridahi'd turn off resume, and try to play it again
06:39:36DJ_Dooms_Daywell resume on startup was still on YES, or does it default to that?
06:39:41ashridahsee if you can't trigger the blank screen again
06:39:51ashridahi think it defaults to 'yes
06:40:01ashridahif you set it to 'no', nowadays it'll only resume if you hit 'play'
06:40:30DJ_Dooms_Dayok well i'll hit play then, see if its this 70 minute song
06:41:03DJ_Dooms_Daylol, "error accessing playlist control file"
06:41:22hardeepyou need to press select to play a song
06:41:22ashridahthat's because we deleted it
06:41:54DJ_Dooms_Dayi can't. This is the problem i had before. I am at blank screen and i cant browse the file tree
06:42:05DJ_Dooms_Daythat or im just doing it wrong
06:42:27DJ_Dooms_Daybut i just access it by pushing select right?
06:42:56ashridahyeah. definently sounds like the codec is having issues with that file.
06:43:06ashridahyou should be able to reset the device without it freaking out on boot
06:43:19ashridahwhere'd you get the file in question? do you know what encoder was used?
06:43:52DJ_Dooms_Dayno, unless you can tell by reading some of the entry data i can't tell
06:44:42DJ_Dooms_DayEven without the .rockbox directory should i be able to access the file tree?
06:45:12ashridahit sounds like the player's locked up.
06:45:32ashridahbut we might be able to tell from the file. can you upload 100 or 200k or so of it someplace?
06:45:47DJ_Dooms_Dayhrmm, you got MSN?
06:46:04DJ_Dooms_Daywait, i should be able to DCC it to ya
06:46:04ashridahi do, but i'd prefer it was on http, so the codec guys can take a look
06:46:19DJ_Dooms_Daywell i have no access to any FTPs
06:46:54ashridahnot even via your isp?
06:48:01DJ_Dooms_Daymaybe, but it'd probably be quicker if a DCCed some of it to you and you put it up somewhere.
06:48:20ashridahthe problem is, while i can confirm the bug, i'm not a codec developer
06:48:26DJ_Dooms_DayBTW, this is what winamp dumps to me, if its any help:
06:48:29DJ_Dooms_DaySize: 76140544 bytes
06:48:29DJ_Dooms_DayHeader found at: 1209 bytes
06:48:29DJ_Dooms_DayLength: 4758 seconds
06:48:29DBUGEnqueued KICK DJ_Dooms_Day
06:48:29DJ_Dooms_DayMPEG 1.0 layer 3
06:48:29DJ_Dooms_Day128kbit, 182588 frames
06:48:29***Alert Mode level 1
06:48:29DJ_Dooms_Day44100Hz Joint Stereo
06:48:31DJ_Dooms_DayCRCs: No
06:48:33DJ_Dooms_DayCopyrighted: No
06:48:35DJ_Dooms_DayOriginal: No
06:48:37DJ_Dooms_DayEmphasis: None
06:48:52ashridahthat said, i can at least poke at the file. so you may as well send it to me.
06:48:54ashridahDCC should work
06:49:07 Join Rori [0] (
06:49:47ashridahi'll cancel it in a few 100k's time
06:50:10DJ_Dooms_DaySo, what ca nwe do about the file tree not showing?
06:51:23DJ_Dooms_DayAFK for 10. Making lunch
06:55:30ashridahdoes it actually play any of the file in question?
06:55:39ashridahbecausee the 200k i've got plays fine with my rockbox install here
06:57:43ashridahi will say that loading a large file of my own here seems to be broken at the moment
06:57:58ashridahnot quite in the way you're describing, however
06:58:30***Alert Mode OFF
06:59:48DJ_Dooms_Daywell i cant play any files without .rockbox
06:59:55 Quit hardeep ("[BX] Life is like BitchX. Ya never know what yer gunna git.")
07:00:29ashridahthat's because the codecs get stored in there
07:00:35ashridahthey're dynamically loaded as necessary
07:00:43ashridahotherwise they'd take up too much room in memory
07:00:49DJ_Dooms_Dayand it might be just that its having trouble seeking through 30 minutes of the song
07:01:12ashridahyou're actually trying to seek within the song/
07:01:20DJ_Dooms_Dayso should i put .rockbox on?
07:01:27ashridahthe .rockbox pretty much MUST be there
07:01:28DJ_Dooms_DayNo, but it would when it trys to resume
07:02:41ashridahso it did play fine when you started it?
07:03:10DJ_Dooms_Dayyeah, it went for 30 minutes
07:03:24DJ_Dooms_Daythen it froze when i was messing with the plugins
07:03:28DJ_Dooms_Dayso rebooted
07:03:36DJ_Dooms_Dayit tryed to seek to the song
07:03:46ashridahyeah, i think seeking within large files is currently known to be buggy
07:05:51DJ_Dooms_Daybtw, how do YOU, when you turn your iriver on, browse the filetree?
07:06:06DJ_Dooms_Dayyou push down on the joystick (select) right?
07:06:22ashridahit comes on directly into the root of the device. i just use the joystick up/down/left/right
07:06:43DJ_Dooms_Dayah, well thats my prob, it start at the blank screen
07:07:03DJ_Dooms_Daylike theres no directorys at all
07:07:17DJ_Dooms_Dayi put .rockbox back on too
07:07:56ashridahit's STILL starting at a blank screen?
07:08:18DJ_Dooms_Daybtw, should all the options have got back to default now?
07:08:51ashridahhm. what have you got 'general settings->display settings->file view->show files' set to?
07:09:01DJ_Dooms_Dayhaha, yeah i just went to that
07:09:13DJ_Dooms_Dayhad it on 'ID3 database' :P
07:09:27DJ_Dooms_Dayi have no idea why its on that. I didn't change it
07:09:33ashridahchange it to 'all files
07:09:37DJ_Dooms_Dayeverything works now with 'all' on
07:09:50ashridahthat's definently a bug we need to fix tho
07:10:04ashridahit should have refused to do that and defaulted to 'all' or something when there's no actual id3 database to use :)
07:10:13DJ_Dooms_Dayyeah, folders should be excluded and shown no matter what
07:10:25ashridahwell, the id3 database is a database view
07:10:29ashridahit has no relation to the file tree
07:10:33DJ_Dooms_Dayah i see
07:10:42DJ_Dooms_Dayyeah well i think i do have an old daabase on here
07:10:44ashridahit's an index of all music files by artist/song name/ etc
07:10:52ashridahit isn't iriver's format
07:10:54ashridahit's our own
07:11:03ashridahlook up 'Tag database' on the wiki
07:11:07DJ_Dooms_Dayi see
07:11:10ashridahthere's a utility to generate it
07:12:08ashridahalthough it requires a jre to be installed
07:12:59DJ_Dooms_Dayyeah i think i've already done that for a few other things
07:13:24ashridahthe thing you want is songdb.jar
07:13:43DJ_Dooms_DayHey is there a search feature in rockbox yet?
07:14:12ashridahi'm not sure, i haven't looked.
07:14:23DJ_Dooms_DayOr a more advanced filter system other than just sorting by artist or something?
07:14:28ashridahi don't think so, unless it can be done via the tag db
07:14:44ashridahthere's a bunch of different sorting mechanisms, but i don't think it *filters* as such, yet
07:16:39 Join B4gder [0] (
07:18:45DJ_Dooms_Dayah ok
07:18:54DJ_Dooms_DayWell thanks for all your help Ash. ;)
07:21:36 Quit Rori ()
07:32:35Bgermorning all ;)
07:32:43 Join _Mark [0] (
07:38:48 Quit DJ_Dooms_Day ()
07:44:13 Join LinusN [0] (
07:50:12***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
07:51:59 Join DJ_Dooms_Day [0] (
07:52:21 Quit DJ_Dooms_Day (Client Quit)
07:52:38 Join DJ_Dooms_Day [0] (
07:53:03LinusNwee, grayscale looks nice!
07:55:32DJ_Dooms_Dayawesome, works good?
07:58:12B4gderexcept in the x11 sim :-/
07:58:24DJ_Dooms_DayHey, what the hell is that bar below the time elapsed bar when playing a song?
07:58:44LinusNthe peak meter
07:58:59DJ_Dooms_Daybut, it doesn't do anything...
07:59:03LinusNB4gder: figures
07:59:20LinusNDJ_Dooms_Day: that's because the playback code doesn't yet calculate the peak
07:59:32DJ_Dooms_Dayah, makes sence.
07:59:43DJ_Dooms_DaySo when is greyscale gonna be implemented?
07:59:52CtcpIgnored 1 channel CTCP requests in 0 seconds at the last flood
07:59:52*LinusN needs a serious amount of coffee
07:59:58LinusNDJ_Dooms_Day: it is
08:00:06DJ_Dooms_Dayi mean, in the latest compile
08:00:09B4gderupgrade and enjoy
08:01:16DJ_Dooms_DayHey, how much is involved in creating a better interface when playing a song?
08:01:52DJ_Dooms_DayIs each icon/pic a seperate file or are all the graphics in just one overlay?
08:02:28B4gderthe WPS is pretty clearly documented
08:03:05B4gderand lots of people seem to understand how you make their own
08:03:13DJ_Dooms_DayWell see i didn't know it was called a WPS, so that would have limited my searching ability.
08:04:28B4gderand people will now work like mad to upgrade all those BMPs to greyscale ones ;-)
08:04:45 Join courtc_ [0] (
08:05:39 Quit courtc (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
08:06:31 Nick courtc_ is now known as courtc (
08:06:59DJ_Dooms_DayAh, so for the most part its as simple as some basic code?
08:07:37B4gderI'd say it is simpler than basicc
08:07:54B4gderbut it turns a little messy when you do a lot
08:07:57DJ_Dooms_Daylol, didn't mean actual BASIC
08:08:23LinusNbasic is a walk in the park compared to this :-)
08:09:33LinusNamiconn: morning
08:09:40B4gderhey amiconn, good work on the gfx department!
08:09:42*amiconn broke the H3x0 sim and isn't sure about the proper fix :-/
08:09:58LinusNmight impressive work on the gfx, amiconn
08:10:09amiconntnx :)
08:10:17amiconnI did not yet commit bmp2rb
08:10:23LinusNsuper mario looks a lot better .-)
08:10:44amiconnWant to do some testing, added high-/ truecolour support...
08:10:57 Quit einhirn ("Miranda IM! Smaller, Faster, Easier.")
08:10:59LinusNhow about the wps bmp loader?
08:11:06LinusNcan it do gs?
08:11:16amiconnI didn't touch it, so no
08:11:36B4gderpeople will come shouting for it
08:11:42LinusNoh yes
08:11:59amiconnWell, I did not do the original implementation... ;)
08:12:01LinusNamiconn: isn't that nice, all we do is scream for more
08:12:28B4gderamiconn: it should be very similar to bmptorb
08:12:31*amiconn still uses the default wps on iriver
08:12:39*B4gder does too
08:12:55LinusNme too
08:13:04B4gderkeeps reminding me we should update the default :-)
08:13:08amiconnI don't use the iriver for real much; still prefer my archoses
08:13:31DJ_Dooms_DayHey im wondering, is there any plan to make an app that makes the 'skin' process easier? Because i think you'd find a LOT of very creative ppl out there who wouldn't know the first thing aobut what to do.
08:13:49B4gderwe don't plan much, we just do
08:14:18DJ_Dooms_Dayi wish i could just do, but even BASIC gets me. :P
08:14:19LinusNDJ_Dooms_Day: someone who cares needs to step forward and work on it
08:14:43DJ_Dooms_DayYeah, thats what i figured Linus
08:14:49LinusNSlasheri: hey
08:15:50amiconnIriver rockbox is still rather unstable compared to archos, and it is still lacking 2 important features to become equally usable to archos rockbox for me
08:16:03Slasherithis is really weird. When i play the first mp3 file (no other codecs before that), it seems that libmad generates a broken frame first and after that begins the real data. Maybe there is something wrong with file buffering
08:16:48LinusNSlasheri: time to make this work in the simulator
08:16:53LinusNmuch easier to debug
08:16:57Slasheriah, good point
08:17:34B4gderI've written a teeny little app that plays PCM data on linux using alsa
08:17:40amiconn(1) Gapless does still not work properly for frame-wise gapless mp3. There is no added gap, but instead some frames are swallowed
08:17:41B4gderas a start
08:17:43Slasherithat needs basically implementing the simulator codec loader (should be easy, i have already looked that)
08:17:53amiconn(2) No voice UI
08:17:54LinusNSlasheri: do you have an idea what causes the playback to play an extra snippet of the previous song when skipping?
08:18:24SlasheriLinusN: not yet but i am investigating that also :)
08:18:51LinusNSlasheri: i think that is issue (1) amiconn just described
08:18:59amiconnI wonder what the problem is with (1). The files are 192 kbps CBR, encoded with lame −−nogap. Transition is completely smooth on archos, I don't hear the track change on archos
08:19:28LinusNamiconn: is there a tag in the files?
08:19:42amiconnOn iriver I notice almost every track change (this is a mix album consisting of 2 CDs, one with 36 tracks, the other with 34)
08:19:51amiconnYes the files are tagged
08:20:14amiconn...but rockbox should properly strip the tags, correct?
08:20:19amiconnIt does on archos...
08:20:44LinusNamiconn: unfortunately, the iriver and archos playback code have very little in common...
08:22:02amiconnThe files have id3v1.1 tags (only)
08:22:35amiconnI plan to re-encode that stuff anyway, using VBR and then add id3v2 tags
08:22:37LinusNamiconn: that's probably it
08:23:02LinusNi suspect tagless files aren't handled correctly
08:23:18amiconnI was a bit cautious about tags when I originally encoded it; the description of lame −−nogap wasn't very clear about tags
08:23:41amiconnNow that I know exactly what's going on, I'll redo that
08:23:54amiconnI'll keep the old files for experimentation
08:25:17DJ_Dooms_DayHey can you help me sort this out, the following code shows the upcoming songs, but before the data is loaded for that it displays the genre and playlist. I want to remove the genre and playlist:
08:25:17DJ_Dooms_Day%?It< %It|%?It< %Fn| song data...>
08:25:18DJ_Dooms_Day%?Ia< %Ia|%?D2< %D2| >
08:25:18DBUGEnqueued KICK DJ_Dooms_Day
08:25:18DJ_Dooms_Day%?Id< %Id|%?D1< %D1|%?ig<Genre: %ig| >>>
08:25:18DJ_Dooms_Day%?It<%?pn< [%pn]|>|%?pn<Playlist: %pn| >>
08:25:51DJ_Dooms_DayI could take a stab at where to delete it but i dont wanna break it
08:26:31LinusNSlasheri: do you remove id3v1.1 tags?
08:26:45LinusNDJ_Dooms_Day: this is an opportunity for you to learn
08:27:08B4gderand there are massive amounts of users in the forums for wps help
08:27:08SlasheriLinusN: Hmm, no? I don't touch the tags in playback code
08:27:11amiconnB4gder: The bmp loader isn't similar to bmp2rb. The latter runs on the PC, so we don't need to keep an eye on RAM usage and speed, and it uses malloc()...
08:27:24B4gderamiconn: true, but the conversion is
08:27:32LinusNSlasheri: but you do skip the id3v2 tags, yes?
08:27:40DJ_Dooms_Dayheh, i am. I'm just convused aobut that >'s as i figure they control what to display before the song data is displayed.
08:27:44amiconnThe conversion is 2 steps in bmp2rb now
08:27:45SlasheriHmm, i think so
08:28:09Slasheriwe will skip to ci->id3->first_frame_offset
08:28:32LinusNthe v1 tag removal is a little more tricky
08:28:34amiconnWhat about id3v1 tags?
08:28:49LinusNamiconn: no, they aren't removed, i can see that in the code
08:28:59amiconnAh badness :/
08:29:10amiconnPractically all my mp3s have an id3v1
08:29:19LinusNi'll have a go at it
08:29:43SlasheriHmm, can i see from rockbox what tag version the file is using?
08:30:07Slasherigood, how? :)
08:30:19amiconnBecause id3v1 is the least common denominator between all mp3 apps, I always add an id3v1, and put an additional id3v2 only if there are some long entries that get truncated in the id3v1
08:31:07amiconnSlasheri: There is a WPS tag as well
08:31:17amiconn...if you meant that
08:31:23Slasheriah.. so i will need to modify wps
08:31:36LinusNthe "problem" is that the tag parser only uses one of the tags
08:32:00amiconnWhy is that a problem?
08:32:12LinusNif it finds an id3v2 tag, it doesn't look for a v1 tag
08:32:26LinusNso you can't check the id3 struct for the presence of a v1 tag
08:32:38LinusNyou need to check the loaded data yourself
08:32:50LinusNlike we do in mpeg.c
08:32:57amiconnThe archos playback code does this...
08:33:16LinusNamiconn: yes, it does exactly what i described
08:33:38LinusNthere is also an option "v1 first" that gives the v1 tag priority
08:33:55B4gderah, so that doesn't work on iriver now then...
08:33:56LinusNv1 tags are a performance hit, since it forces seeking
08:34:11amiconnImho this method makes sense. If there is an id3v2, the parser doesn't need to seek to the end for the v1, unless you have set rockbox to prefer id3v1
08:34:34B4gdera fair approach
08:34:36LinusNthis is why id3v1len may be 0 even if there is a v1 tag in the file
08:35:01B4gderperhaps perhaps there could be a little comment in there... :-)
08:35:14LinusNin where?
08:35:21amiconnHmm, but in the case of my mix album, there are id3v1 tags only, so rockbox should find them
08:35:38Slasheriat least files with no id3 tag at all will have glitch while playing the first file
08:35:43LinusNamiconn: yes, but the iriver playback code doesn't attempt to remove any v1 tags
08:35:53amiconnah ok
08:35:55LinusNSlasheri: badness
08:36:04amiconnI hope that'll change soon...
08:36:06B4gderSlasheri: why is that?
08:36:29SlasheriB4gder: i don't know.. any file has no glitches after something is played first..
08:36:54LinusNSlasheri: could that be due to the unmuting of the uda1380?
08:37:25SlasheriLinusN: Hmm, do you think the unmuting itself could cause the glitch?
08:37:32Slasherii will need to test that :)
08:37:33LinusNi dunno
08:40:00Slasherino it doesn't cause it :/
08:40:03DJ_Dooms_DayYour allowed 26 lines on the WPS correct?
08:40:20LinusNSlasheri: what is the value of start_play in audio_load_track() when playing the first file?
08:40:37Slasheribut yes.. because dropping a frame will cause a delay before unmuting then the problem still could be in pcm buffering =)
08:40:45SlasheriLinusN: true
08:41:04CtcpIgnored 1 channel CTCP requests in 0 seconds at the last flood
08:41:04*amiconn just started to re-rip the album
08:41:48LinusNSlasheri: so it starts playing before parsing the tags?
08:41:57SlasheriLinusN: no it wont
08:42:23Slasheribut the first frame will get corrupted somehow
08:43:40LinusNi don't see where you use first_frame_offset
08:43:40SlasheriHmm.. in fact dropping first frames in mpa doesn't delay the unmute so i think the problem cannot be in pcm buffering..
08:43:56SlasheriLinusN: in mpa.c
08:45:19Slasherimaybe i will just commit this change and leave to bug to be fixed later..
08:45:29LinusNwhat change?
08:45:52Slasherii removed the sleeps from pcm buffering and that causes the first-play-glitch to be audible
08:46:25 Join Hooligan [0] (
08:51:41*HCl rubs his eyes
08:51:44DJ_Dooms_DayDoes ANYTHING in charmap work? Or do you need the specific font for a specific char to work?
08:52:20LinusNDJ_Dooms_Day: what do you mean?
08:53:18DJ_Dooms_DayOk, for example, the arial font. YOu have all the basic chars but there are those other ones like a smily face and a heart etc.
08:53:39LinusNDJ_Dooms_Day: feel free to complete the fonts
08:54:14LinusNDJ_Dooms_Day: no offense, but i think you may have an attitude problem here: "Does ANYTHING in charmap work?"
08:54:36LinusNof course SOMETHING works, otherwise rockbox wouldn't work at all
08:55:14DJ_Dooms_Daylol Linus, you read me wrong. I wasn't meaning to say like "OMG, did you guys put ANYTHING from charmap in?!". I haven't actually tryed any of the special chars, i was just asking.
08:56:23HooliganOh Linus, meant to ask. Did you buy your H300 or was it one of those free mp3 player offers?
08:56:24DJ_Dooms_DayI was wondering if you put the complete pack of chars in, including the special chars. I thought maybe you'd take em out of save on memory.
08:57:07LinusNHooligan: i bought it used from an mr dood
08:57:34HooliganAh, cool. 20 or 40 GB?
08:57:35LinusNDJ_Dooms_Day: iirc, there is no smiley in iso-8859-1
08:57:54LinusNHooligan: 20, US version
08:57:57DJ_Dooms_DayAh thanks Linus.
08:58:16LinusNDJ_Dooms_Day: the page is not completely up-to-date
08:58:51LinusNif anyone is into font editing, there is plenty of work to be done
08:59:41HooliganFont editing? Hmm.
08:59:42LinusNamiconn: how about cyrillic for players, btw?
08:59:59LinusNhow do we select the code page, to choose the correct table?
09:00:12LinusNs/do we/will we/
09:00:19HooliganI've done a lot of working with fonts in the past, just that I haven't done it in a while
09:00:34amiconnI did not forget that I wanted to do that, but my time is limited ... :/
09:00:52LinusNi just wondered if you had an idea how to select the table
09:01:01amiconnLinusN: My first version would be basically a hack, using Win1251 instead of ISO8859-1
09:01:04LinusNi can imagine a "code page" setting
09:01:42amiconnI'd rather try to come up with an idea to merge with markun's unicode patch...
09:02:08LinusNof course
09:02:36amiconn...trying to show latin, cyrillic and greek
09:03:04 Join einhirn [0] (
09:03:28amiconnLinusN: Did you already try the screenshot feature with greyscale?
09:05:34amiconnLinusN: I'll think about the code page setting when I get around to working on player cyrillic
09:05:49amiconnI can imagine selecting the codepage based on the language setting
09:06:14amiconn(as long as we don't support utf8)
09:06:46LinusNamiconn: no, i haven't
09:07:15LinusNlanguage setting is probably the way to go
09:07:28LinusNfor now
09:09:18DJ_Dooms_DayHey is the battery and shuffle icons up the top part of the WPS?
09:09:34LinusNyes, if the status bar is activated
09:11:19DJ_Dooms_DayIs it by default?
09:11:59LinusNDJ_Dooms_Day: how come you ask this? can't you just see for yourself?
09:12:11LinusNforgot your player at home? :-)
09:12:32amiconnLinusN: The bmp header is precalculated at compile time with some preprocessor magic :)
09:13:02LinusNsaw that in the code :-)
09:13:44DJ_Dooms_DayWell im looking at the WPS code for the default WPS and theres no code for the battery and whatnot. But looking at some other custom ones they arn't there, so i figured they are movable, and by the WPS.
09:14:33DJ_Dooms_DayBut that doesn't make sence if the info for the battery isn't in the default WPS code
09:14:48DJ_Dooms_Day...and i don't think im making any sence :P
09:15:24SlasheriLinusN: please look at pcm_playback.c if you want to debug :)
09:15:27Slasherii just committed
09:15:32DJ_Dooms_Daythusly, im confused, and thats why i asked.
09:16:44LinusNDJ_Dooms_Day: i see, the status bar contains the battery, shuffle, repeat etc regardless of the wps
09:21:45DJ_Dooms_DayDamn it, it didn't work
09:24:55ashridahDJ_Dooms_Day: you can actually turn off the status bar in the options iirc
09:24:59ashridahthat may be what you're seeing
09:27:32DJ_Dooms_DayNar, thats all good. Im just having trouble with the conditionals
09:29:49HClits a shame the alignment tags don't work on the same line yet..
09:30:55 Quit _Mark ()
09:31:04DJ_Dooms_DayWhat do you mean?
09:31:42HClwell, i thought i read that on the commit comment o.o
09:33:36DJ_Dooms_DayErg, now i've killed the 'next song' info
09:34:06DJ_Dooms_DayTell me if im missing something here:
09:34:07DJ_Dooms_Day%?Ia<Artist: %Ia| >
09:34:54DJ_Dooms_DayThat should say if next artist has a value then it should display 'Artist: [next artist]' else display nothing
09:36:07HCli wouldn't know..
09:37:56B4gderthere are heaps of people in the forums for this kind of support
09:38:58HCli leave it to end users to make me a pretty wps, heh
09:39:35DJ_Dooms_Dayheh kk
09:46:06*amiconn is tempted to hack on colour lcd code as soon as there is a bootloader and we have the datasheet, although he doesn't like colour lcds on mobile devices
09:47:54*HCl is tempted to go back to sleep..
09:50:16***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
09:50:50Hooliganamiconn: Talking about the h300 screen? How much do we know about it so far, anyway?
09:51:11B4gdernot much
09:51:36 Join ghostiger [0] (~ghostiger@b8740c275f662250.session.tor)
09:52:11HooliganThough if/when we learn enough about that, the rest of the H300 hardware is pretty much the same as the H100s isn't it?
09:53:13HooliganAh, thanks
09:53:19 Quit Hooligan (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
09:54:52SlasheriHmm, we might need to to logic analyzer if there is no specs for the display
09:55:06 Join Hooligan [0] (
09:55:19B4gderand single-step code with bdm
09:55:39B4gderI know someone with tools for that ;-)
09:56:00LinusNit can be automated as well, with a nice gdb script
09:56:03B4gderwe could also disassemble
09:58:02*HCl wakes up
09:58:10*HCl feels lazy today..
09:58:13B4gderthey that comparison table doesn't include lcd
09:59:37B4gderit is bound to control the remote lcd the same way too
10:00:49LinusNSlasheri: what exactly is tracks[i].available used for?
10:01:30SlasheriLinusN: it contains the information how much data we can read from the buffer, i.e. how much buf_ridx can be increased without buffer refill
10:01:36B4gdergcc −−version
10:01:36B4gdergcc (GCC) 4.0.1 20050701 (prerelease) (Debian 4.0.0-12)
10:02:04LinusNSlasheri: so i have to adjust both buf_widx and tracks[i].available when i strip the id3v1 tag?
10:02:36B4gder... and add this explanation as a comment somewhere? ;-)
10:02:37SlasheriLinusN: Hmm, where do you plan to do the strip?
10:02:58LinusNin audio_load_track()
10:03:34Slasherioh.. i just though it might be more consistent to do it in mpa.c as we do currently for id3v2 tags
10:04:19LinusNSlasheri: yes, but i feel the codec has little knowledge of where the id3v1 tag really is
10:04:29LinusNsince it is last in the file
10:04:33Slasheribut you should make sure codecbufused, tracks[i].available, buf_ridx and buf_widx are all adjusted correctly
10:04:53Slasheriread_index and write_index
10:05:00LinusNyes i know, but why adjust that?
10:05:15SlasheriHmm, true.. There should be no need to touch that :)
10:06:56LinusNthe archos code does the id3v2 stripping at load time, so it doesn't load the v2 tag into memory
10:07:34SlasheriIf the tag is at the end of file, keep in mind that audio_load_track almost never loads fully the track. So one nice way to strip off some bytes could be adjust the tracks[i].filerem (and possible filesize also)
10:08:21LinusNbut how can it check for the tag when it isn't loaded yet?
10:08:36LinusNit is in the end of the file
10:08:42Slasherii don't know.. :/
10:08:50Slasherimaybe you should load the tag in metadata.c
10:08:52 Join Aison [0] (
10:08:56B4gderit must be checked for when the file is first opened
10:09:22Slasherior just seek to the end in audio_load_track
10:09:32LinusNi added the check in audio_load_track(), after logf("Completely buf.");
10:09:32Slasheriand then back to the beginning
10:10:10SlasheriThen you should also add the check to audio_fill_file_buffer()
10:10:11LinusNSlasheri: this is exactly why the id3v1 tag isn't loaded if there is a v2 tag, to avoid the costly seek()
10:10:22Slasherioh, ok :)
10:10:26B4gderbuilding with gcc 4.0 generates flooooood of warnings
10:10:59B4gderarguments diff in signedness
10:15:18B4gderit is pickier in general in fact
10:15:51HClnot only that but its output didn't run on iriver last time i tried :(
10:16:09B4gderI know, but this is on host
10:16:51B4gdersee my searchengine commit just now
10:16:57B4gderit caused an error
10:19:13B4gderand here's a cool warning:
10:19:20B4gdersharedbook.c:214: warning: 'point' may be used uninitialized in this function
10:19:45LinusNamiconn: can you give me two of your gapless files?
10:22:27B4gderthats not only cool
10:22:31B4gderit is dead accurate
10:22:37 Quit ashridah (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
10:22:39B4gderits a tremor bug
10:24:44B4gderdebian unstable now has gcc 4.0.1 by default
10:24:59B4gderso I assume our server will soon too
10:26:53B4gderhence my configure commit
10:28:25LinusNSlasheri: how about this?
10:29:08SlasheriLinusN: Hmm, it looks good :)
10:29:15Slasherii think it should work
10:29:21LinusNme too
10:29:38Slasherioh, btw
10:29:40Slasheribuf_widx -= 128;
10:29:53Slasherihave you checked that the buffer will not wrap?
10:30:23LinusNsilly me, i forgot that you wrapped
10:30:41LinusNi thought you still copied data to the beginning of the buffer
10:31:28Slasherithat's a long gone fortunately ;)
10:31:36LinusNthe code should probably be moved to metadata.c
10:31:50LinusNmetadata_post_process() or something
10:32:01Slasherihmm, yes
10:32:06LinusNhow are ape tags removed btw?
10:32:25Slasherii don't know; i haven't implemented the ape tag parsing :)
10:33:35Slasheriit looks like those tags are not removed at all
10:33:46Slasherimaybe codec will deal with that
10:34:16LinusNimho, the tags should be stripped at load time
10:35:36B4gderremember the huuuuge BMP tags
10:35:56Slasheriyes.. i think the metadata.c could tell the playback system somehow that where to strip the buffer
10:36:03Slasheribut now i will have to go, cu later :)
10:36:23LinusNB4gder: that patch should be sent to the vorbis crew
10:36:45B4gderI guess it should, yes
10:38:06B4gderI'll do it
10:41:18B4gderhave our coldfire stuff been sent back to any of the codec projects?
10:42:11LinusNno, not yet
10:42:24LinusNi think it'll have to mature a little first has a fancy bug tracker where you can submit reports for a huge amount of projects and products
10:42:58B4gderbut not for Tremor
10:45:10B4gderand the submit field eats + characters :-/
10:45:27B4gderpatches aren't as nice without them :-)
10:45:57LinusNyou should check that they haven't already fixed it
10:47:40B4gderwell I searched their bug reports
10:47:47B4gderand I can't find where to download Tremor
10:48:41B4gder... but I can browse their svn repo...
10:50:22B4gderthey have not fixed it
10:50:26LinusNi'm doing that now
10:50:44LinusNi see it too
10:52:38B4gderbut I can't figure out how to make the patch look decent
10:52:52B4gderwiki formatting
10:53:37B4gderfound it
10:58:14amiconnLinusN: (gapless tracks) Can't do that now. These tracks are only on my iriver and my jbr, and I'm not @home
10:58:33amiconn(ape tags) archos doesn't deal with them as well
10:59:01*amiconn is double-puzzled about the gcc 4.0 "fix"
10:59:15B4gderwhich one?
10:59:32amiconnThe -Wno-pointer-sign
10:59:57amiconnThese warnings indicate the code isn't clean, I would never remove them that way
11:00:18B4gderthe code is very much unclean in this aspect
11:00:44B4gderI just don't think we're ready for 100+ warnings in the builds
11:00:44amiconnOh, and btw: I noticed the tools are built without warnings enabled :/
11:01:06amiconnThen these warnings should be fixed the proper way
11:01:13B4gderthey should
11:01:27amiconnAnd btw, I see no point in adjusting for gcc 4.0 as long as the targets don't build
11:01:27 Join Chamois [0] (
11:01:27B4gderthat's why I think this is a temporary thing
11:01:44B4gderthe build server will use it very soon
11:01:55B4gderso I think it makes sense
11:02:03amiconnMy point is that I would leave the warnings enabled, to remind us of fixing them
11:02:18amiconnIf you disable them, it's too easily forgotten
11:02:48B4gderbut just adding 100 warnings is not good if no one is going after them
11:02:54B4gderas then new warnings will only drown
11:02:57B4gderin the flood
11:03:38B4gderI consider it better to remove the hiding when someone is ready to fix
11:10:44amiconnExtend the colouring script to mark the signedness warnings in a sepcial colour
11:14:39 Nick t0mas|zZzzZ is now known as t0mas (
11:14:39DBUGEnqueued KICK t0mas
11:15:48CtcpIgnored 1 channel CTCP requests in 0 seconds at the last flood
11:15:48*Bger wonders whether the attachments at are legal ...
11:16:50 Quit webguest07 ("CGI:IRC (EOF)")
11:21:31Lynx_awyis the rockbox webserver down?
11:21:35 Nick Lynx_awy is now known as Lynx_ (
11:22:32B4gderam fiddling with it
11:23:07*HCl sends an email to the abuse apartment about the wireless lag recently
11:23:07B4gderit is silly on me
11:23:59B4gderapt-get install can't restart the server :-/
11:24:04B4gderupdate even
11:24:38B4gderand since apache is pretty much first alphabetically, nothing is installed
11:50:19***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
11:53:31LinusNwe *need* to coordinate the archos and iriver playback code somehow
11:53:51HClexplosions in london
11:53:56HClprobably al qaida attack
11:54:03HCl6 in the underground, 3 on busses
11:54:04HClso far
11:54:23Bgerbad :(
11:54:53Bgerthese insane terrorists
11:55:01LinusNswedish news reports say that nothing points to a terrorist attack so far
11:55:04HCli know people in london.... :(
11:55:10HClLinusN: then they're quite wrong.
11:58:26LinusNHCl: url?
11:58:31HClum, cnn?
11:58:41 Join cYmen [0] (
12:00:16LinusNdoesn't say anything about a terrorist attack
12:00:50LinusNbut it sounds likely
12:01:03HClcnn tv says its very likely cause of the small time frame and targets
12:01:17HClnot to mention the time - rush hour
12:01:31HCli know people there x.x;
12:05:00 Quit t0mas ("brb... rebooting again :X")
12:14:51 Join t0mas [0] (
12:18:32amiconnLinusN: May I repeat my idea about the playback code on archos, making the bitswap the only existing 'codec' (for now)?
12:19:06LinusNthat might work, yes
12:20:45*amiconn still dreams of .wav playback
12:26:08 Join hicks [0] (
12:38:20 Join preglow [0] (
12:39:46 Join Moos [0] (
12:39:52*t0mas has a huge pile of clothes and some cables...
12:39:56t0maswith my iriver on top
12:39:58 Join Hooliga1 [0] (
12:40:02MoosHi all
12:40:06t0masand a way smaller bag than the pile
12:40:15t0masproblem 1: how do I get it all in there
12:40:24t0masproblem 2: how do I get the bag downstairs :P
12:47:24 Quit Hooligan (Read error: 145 (Connection timed out))
12:53:52 Quit preglow ("CGI:IRC (Ping timeout)")
13:03:12 Join chester_ [0] (
13:04:40chester_hi - does anyone know if there's a pc-executable of the iriverify-plugin available?
13:06:09 Quit HCl ("Lost terminal")
13:07:25 Join hcl [0] (
13:07:28 Nick hcl is now known as HCl (
13:08:02t0maswhy don't you search for your terminal? :P
13:09:39HClits easier to make a new one.
13:09:40HCl :p
13:10:22HClat least i know now that the people i know in london are okay
13:10:33HClthough the underground being down disables them from getting home easily
13:12:55LinusNchester_: no, it only exists as a rockbox plugin
13:13:02Hooliga1I've heard al quaeda (or however it is you like to spell it) has claimed responsibility for it
13:13:07chester_linus, thanks
13:13:09crashdbbc news claim that too
13:13:18B4gderit would only take a single sed line to run iriverify on host
13:13:59HClig is completely overloaded
13:15:46Hooliga1Or rather, a European cell of al quaeda
13:16:02Moosmaybe it' not al qaida attack, they never attack england
13:16:04chester_b4gder: was that meant for me? I'm not a programmer so I don't understand you :)
13:16:17chester_..or, than sentence that is
13:16:27B4gderchester_: nah, it was more a general comment, I didn't really expect it would please you
13:16:36Hooliga1I know what conspiracy theorists will say though
13:16:38chester_ok :)
13:16:40MoosHooliga: IRA, england people don't like olympique plays....
13:17:05Hooliga1USA bombed London so that the people suport Tony Blair's support of the USA because he's Bush's lap dog
13:17:27Moosbut never in past attack in Englan
13:17:36*HCl is gonna try to call the people he knows in 2 hours.. has little hope that he'll be able to get through :/
13:17:42Hooliga1Well, it's a little too quick to be about the Olympics
13:18:05HClyou don't plan a coordinated attack like this
13:18:08Hooliga1Probably not the IRA, they've been in ceasefire for years now haven't they?
13:18:08HClwithin less than a day
13:18:14Moosit's strange an difficult to attributed to X or Y people
13:18:21HClyes, and the ira also usually announces before hand
13:18:43HCli love london >/
13:18:43Hooliga1Another Irish group, maybe?
13:18:47HClnobody should touch london >/
13:18:52crashdit's the european jihad
13:18:53crashdor al queada
13:18:56crashdaccording to beeb
13:19:09Mooslike the media tell
13:19:19Moosi don't believe to
13:19:21Hooliga1Oh well, I'm sure it'll be clearer within the next day or two
13:19:22crashdthe bbc are the best media in the world
13:19:26crashdso im fairly sure we get proper news ;)
13:19:37HClengland rocks
13:19:41Mooscrashd: appear you'r england no? :)
13:19:44HClthey have a very good emergency plan too
13:19:45crashdMoos: london
13:19:50crashdmissed the bombs by a matter of minutes
13:19:51crashdit'd seem
13:20:08crashdwas supposed to be working at ABM Amro today by lpool st.
13:20:13crashdbut my tube was delayed around 8:30
13:20:17HClcool, thats a dutch bank :3
13:20:17crashdso i walked down to kings x
13:20:18HCli think
13:20:19HCl :3
13:20:24crashdthey are a dutch i.b
13:20:27HCl :p
13:20:28HClthey rock
13:20:33Moosmaybe group don't want G8
13:20:35HClthey have cool commercials here (netherlands)
13:20:39Moosin england
13:20:45crashdpretty bad to do it support for thou mate ;)
13:20:47crashdit paid well
13:20:52Hooliga1How about casualty reports?
13:20:56crashd2 dead
13:20:57HCl2 deaths
13:20:59HCl90 injured
13:21:03Hooliga1Only thing I've heard was 2 dead 90 injured a while ago
13:21:04HClbut that are just the confirmed ones
13:21:08Moosat least
13:21:16HClthere have been reports of bodies strewn across the exploded bus
13:21:20HClso count on more.
13:21:22Moosi earded here 20 at least
13:22:09Moosappear the tony blair's government don't want to give us more informations
13:23:32HCli'm just glad the casualties seem to be remarkably low for 7 explosions
13:25:06Hooliga1I wonder how much property damage was done, too.
13:25:13Hooliga1Not all that much
13:25:25HClmostly people not getting to work
13:25:57 Part chester_
13:26:55HCli'm really happy about how well london is dealing with it
13:27:09crashdthe emergency services were doing a stellar job
13:27:15Hooliga1It's what, 12:30 in London now?
13:27:17crashdwhen i was at kings x they were just getting on with it
13:27:23 Join Cassandra [0] (
13:28:40MoosI don't like the disinformation of Tony Blair and of medias
13:29:03Mooshi Cassandra
13:37:15 Join ]RowaN[ [0] (
13:37:31]RowaN[<−− not dead from London blasts *phew*
13:37:55Nibblerare you in london?
13:38:04Nibbleri survived aswell - i hid in munich
13:38:58Nibblerhope your friends&family are fine aswell... but it seems there are not sooo many causalties, but also it might take some time to find out
13:40:38]RowaN[thankfully my ex (who works in between 2 of the stations that were blasted) is ok
13:40:39]RowaN[Hi, yes thanks, hope all OK with you too. I was going through Aldgate
13:40:39]RowaN[East (first one to get bombed I think) 5 mins earlier so quite a close
13:40:39DBUGEnqueued KICK ]RowaN[
13:42:37HCl :X
13:50:21***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
13:55:44 Join bipak [0] (
14:01:01 Join RotAtoR [0] (
14:14:06 Quit B4gder ("go go go")
14:14:50 Quit bipak_ (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
14:31:46 Part LinusN
14:41:29FebsI've made a number of updates to the iriver FAQ page on the wiki.
14:41:57FebsI need to be away from IRC for the next couple of hours, but will read the logs, so if anyone notices anything that I got wrong, please let me know.
14:42:58 Nick Febs is now known as Febs_away (
14:43:08]RowaN[i saw that update yesterday.. halt cpu on crash to stop it overheating... hows about implementing a hard disk halt on crash or even when seeking time exceeds a certain limit.. mite have stopped my iriver hd frying last month when it crashed with HD on and i couldnt power it off or reset it
14:48:55 Join DaKi][er [0] (
14:52:14t0mas]RowaN[: nice suggestion
14:53:45 Quit Febs_away ("Chatzilla [Firefox 1.0.4/20050511]")
14:54:37t0mas]RowaN[: the problem is that I can't use normal functions in the crashed state
14:54:45t0masbecause we don't know what's working... and what's not
14:55:03t0masso I have to find a way to stop the disk with a few simple commandos
14:56:03t0mas GPIO_OUT |= 0x0040000;
14:56:03DBUGEnqueued KICK t0mas
14:56:03t0mas GPIO_ENABLE |= 0x00040000;
14:56:03t0mas GPIO_FUNCTION |= 0x00040000;
14:56:06t0masthat's ata_disable
14:56:12t0maswill that stop the disk too?
14:56:23Chamoist0mas : did you work on grey images for wps ?
15:01:18amiconnt0mas: You can't safely stop the disk by just port operations
15:01:40amiconnYou can cut the power, but that will cause the disk to perform an emergency park.
15:01:44amiconnNot good.
15:01:57t0masbut isn't that better than just leaving it?
15:02:17t0masit will atleast do a park...
15:02:19amiconnI would avoid it
15:02:22t0masnot just hang around...
15:02:24HClno.. only when the crash is messing with the hdd its better than leaving it..
15:02:33HCli wouldn't want an emergency park every time it crashe
15:02:38amiconnYou added the reboot feature, and that will regain proper hd control anyway
15:02:47t0masthat's true
15:02:59t0masI don't know what happened to ]RowaN['s disk?
15:03:05HCli dunno either
15:03:08t0masmaybe crashed when the power got to low?
15:03:11HClhow can you not find a paperclip?
15:03:22t0masit tries to spin up then... and can't
15:03:28t0masmaybe that's bad for the disk too?
15:04:03t0masthen we should add some shutdown option if the power drops to much...
15:04:20t0masthe disk stops working somewhere around 3.4 volt right?
15:04:25t0mas(saw it in debug menu some day)
15:05:14 Join MIKE- [0] (
15:05:24HCldon't know..
15:06:21t0masmaybe Linus knows...
15:06:31t0mashe knows most of the hardware things :)
15:07:01amiconnNo, if the disk can't spinup nothing bad will happen
15:07:29amiconnGenerally, harddisks do only un-park if the platters are running at full rotational speed
15:08:12t0masok, it sounds very bad...
15:08:28t0mashalf spinning... click... trying to sping again... click... again... click
15:08:37t0masuntil the battery's really empty... then it just stops
15:09:34amiconnStrange, I didn't get that
15:09:54 Join tvelocity [0] (
15:10:28t0maslet it run empty... while playing
15:10:51t0maswhen it's really empty... press stop to power down... it will try to start the disk then, to write resume info
15:11:07t0masand do the try ... click... try... click thing
15:11:25t0mas(it did that for about 1 minute here... then it was really empty... and it just stopped)
15:24:34 Quit cYmen (Remote closed the connection)
15:24:51 Join ashridah [0] (
15:26:07HCl3 minutes till my anime is done...
15:26:21CtcpIgnored 2 channel CTCP requests in 1 hour and 15 minutes at the last flood
15:26:21*HCl doesn't feel like watching anime while so much chaos is going on
15:31:25 Join Sucka [0] (
15:32:39 Join cYmen [0] (
15:36:17 Join guyg [0] (
15:38:34 Quit Aison ("( :: NoNameScript 3.72 :: )")
15:41:12guygHi there. I'm just playing around with the source to see if I can get grayscale to work on some of the plugins (grayscale and mandelbrot). However, even when I set these to compile (by changing the initial #if CONFIG_LCD) I get errors whereby it cannot find the grayscale routines. The only thing that should stop them compiling is if HAVE_LCD_BITMAP is undef, which according to config-h100.h it is not. Any thoughts?
15:44:50Rickiirc grayscale stuff for iriver isn't in cvs yet
15:44:52Rickbut i could be wrong
15:45:35 Quit Seed (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
15:45:50guygthe bleeding edge builds have some grayscale implementation (eg for rockboy, boot logo and some menu bits and pieces)
15:46:00 Join Seed [0] (
15:46:19guygi don't know if this is the same thing I need though. it appears so
15:46:48Moosask amiconn for this :)
15:47:18t0masor me :)
15:47:25t0masit's not supported yet
15:47:27Mooshi t0mas
15:47:44t0masbecause the new grayscale api for iriver is different from the thing used in mandelbrot / jpegviewer
15:47:57t0masamiconn didn't think it was usefull to port that now
15:50:22***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
15:50:31 Join Febs_away [0] (
15:50:38 Nick Febs_away is now known as Febs (
15:50:54guygah, fair enough.
15:51:08guygI was just playing out of interest really.
15:51:39guygIs it going to be a difficult/long winded thing to implement? If not, I may have a good look at it
15:55:01t0maswell... take a look at it
15:55:07t0masand you'll see how difficult it is
15:55:22*t0mas would love it if someone would fix my bmp loading thing to grayscale
15:55:38t0masto bad I can't do it myself now
15:55:55Chamoiswhy ?
15:56:45 Quit Hooliga1 (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
15:57:20t0masI'm leaving for a vacation tonight
15:57:24 Quit cYmen (Remote closed the connection)
15:57:24 Join cYmen_ [0] (
15:57:38Chamoisit's not too long
15:57:59guygOK, I might have a play (although don't expect anything). One more thing: When I compile, it's getting "undefined reference to..." for all of the grayscale routines. I assume that's because the necessary routines in apps/plugins/lib are not getting built? (because they're the wrong version)
16:06:32]RowaN[hcl: i was on my daily 2 hour commute via train... no paperclips around!
16:08:14t0masI've kept a car leasing account manager busy for 35 minues
16:08:24t0maswhile not intrested...
16:08:41t0masending with: "No, I don't think I want a car... I don't have a license"
16:08:43godzirrat0mas: good. They're evil bastards.
16:08:52t0masyes, and I've my own company
16:08:54godzirrathats hilarious.
16:08:55t0masso they call me every week
16:09:09godzirrathe only person I've ever had call me every week is the military.
16:09:13godzirraAnother bunch of evil bastards.
16:09:19godzirraMorale of the story... don't ever actually do WELL on the ASVAB.
16:09:33godzirraThe only reason I took it was to skip a physics exam I didnt want to take.
16:09:38godzirraFor two YEARS they called me every week.
16:09:41t0masyeah... in Holland we have a public company register...
16:09:50t0masand loads of sales companies just check that out
16:09:55t0masand call me or John
16:09:55godzirraa "call and sell stuff" list
16:10:08t0maswe get offers for new computers weekly
16:10:13t0mas(at an IT company... idiots)
16:10:20godzirraMake up quotes that you've gotten from other company.
16:10:25t0masand this car offer things mostly go to John
16:10:39t0masI already have low priced shipping that way
16:10:41godzirra"Well, ZBox Computers will sell us 64 bit amd processors for $20 a piece
16:10:51t0maswe mostly sell small computer parts... and software
16:11:12t0masand I told delivery company A that B was doing it cheaper
16:11:22t0masand they called some higher person... and did it for even less
16:11:33t0maswhile that price for company B was completely figurative :P
16:12:20 Quit ashridah ("Leaving")
16:13:07 Quit einhirn (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
16:16:20t0masthey're stupid anyway....
16:16:46t0masI'm 17... and my business partner is 17 too
16:17:22t0masand we get retirement (is it named like that in english?) offers every few weeks
16:17:31t0masand this car offers... while we're both to yough to drive
16:19:20godzirrayes, you got the right word. :)
16:19:35godzirraRetirement = not working anymore and living on income from something not requiring work
16:19:38godzirramore or less
16:30:36 Quit guyg ("using sirc version 2.211+KSIRC/1.3.11")
16:52:41 Join einhirn [0] (
16:53:31 Join DomZ [0] (
16:54:04 Quit einhirn (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
16:54:26 Join einhirn [0] (
16:54:27 Quit einhirn (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
16:54:37 Join einhirn [0] (
17:06:28 Nick t0mas is now known as credit_bot (
17:06:28DBUGEnqueued KICK credit_bot
17:06:35 Nick credit_bot is now known as t0mas (
17:06:35DBUGEnqueued KICK t0mas
17:09:53t0masbusy here
17:10:46CtcpIgnored 2 channel CTCP requests in 7 seconds at the last flood
17:10:46*t0mas doesn't like the gray splash things...
17:11:05godzirragray splash things?
17:11:22t0masamiconn made the splash screens with gray backgrounds
17:14:27 Join webguest17 [0] (
17:16:16 Join webguest14 [0] (
17:16:53webguest14is there anyway of displaying the next album thats going to play, in wps /
17:17:08godzirralook at DrJonny's wps
17:17:11godzirrain the gallery
17:17:15godzirraI dont recall offhand how to do it, but he does it
17:17:17godzirraoh.. next album!
17:17:21godzirranot sure :/ I do next track
17:17:33godzirraactuallys still yeah
17:17:36godzirralook at Jonny's wps
17:17:37webguest14i know how to do next track and artist
17:17:52godzirraWel.. no that displays the album of the next song
17:17:55godzirrasorry.. Im not sure
17:17:59t0masis next album name
17:18:05godzirrawow. t0mas is the man
17:18:21webguest14thank you
17:18:46t0masbut you need correct Id3 tags for that...
17:19:02t0mas%D1 = next directory last part
17:19:09t0mas%D2 = next directory before last part
17:19:16 Join Coldtoast [0] (
17:19:20t0masso the best is:
17:19:48t0mas%?Id<Next album: %Id|Next album: %D1>
17:20:06t0masthat would display next album tag is availible... and if it's not, it will display next directory name
17:21:12webguest14thank you again
17:21:29Coldtoastwhy not "Next album: %?< %Id|%D1>"?
17:21:48webguest14D1 doesnt give you next album
17:21:48ColdtoastNext album: %?< %Id| %D1>
17:22:42t0masColdtoast: Next album: %?<%Id|%D1>
17:22:44t0masthat's ok
17:22:52Coldtoastoh yeah. already had the space
17:22:58t0mas(you already have a space after Next album:)
17:23:11Coldtoastthat'd only work with a dir full of various tho
17:24:00FebsDoes anyone know how to create a new wiki page?
17:24:07Coldtoasttil it's about to chang edirs I guess
17:24:15Coldtoasterr change dirs
17:24:35FebsI'm working on creating a separate FAQ page for the Archos player to be consistent with the separate FAQ for iriver and to get Archos-specific info out of the general wiki.
17:25:00FebsI've read through the wiki documentation and understand the formatting codes and so forth, but I haven't yet figured out how to actually create a new page.
17:25:21t0masFebs: yes
17:25:24t0masjust type the name
17:25:25Febs^general wiki = general FAQ
17:25:29t0masit will tell you it doesn't exist
17:25:34t0masand ask if you want to start it
17:25:44FebsAh. So simple.
17:26:49FebsThanks t0mas.
17:30:54webguest14the %Id command only works if the songs are in the playlist, doesn't display next album if songs are played in file tree
17:31:59t0masjust wait a moment webguest14
17:32:03t0masit will display them
17:32:03Coldtoastit only works on songs that are buffered
17:32:07t0masyes Coldtoast
17:32:12 Quit Gfreaky ()
17:32:15Coldtoastyou have to wait til it buffers the next track
17:32:23webguest14nope I fast forward
17:32:30t0masthat won't work :P
17:32:48Coldtoastseelct a track from the file tree and let it play for a bit
17:33:10Coldtoastthink I'll convert all my ID3 V1 tags to ID3 V2
17:34:03godzirraIs there a tool to resample files?
17:34:25godzirrayes... go from 384 bit to like.... 192 bit?
17:34:27Coldtoastto 44KHz?
17:34:35Coldtoastah. transcoding
17:34:40godzirraAnd is 44khz the lowest you should do it?
17:34:41Coldtoastis a bad idea
17:34:45godzirraoh. why?
17:34:51Coldtoastcos it's already compressed
17:35:05 Quit t0mas ("brb... rebooting again... @#$*)(#$ hald crashed again")
17:35:42Coldtoasttranscoding 384Kbit to 192Kbit isn't the same as encoding at 192Kbit in the first place
17:37:30godzirraI'll take your word for it :)
17:37:34Coldtoastthere's definitely apps to do it tho
17:37:48webguest14nope I've checked, in File tree it %ID doesn't display next album
17:38:18webguest14rather %Id
17:38:21Coldtoasthow's your music organised?
17:38:32 Join Aison [0] (
17:38:36webguest14file tree v1 and v2 tags
17:38:52webguest14alphabetical albums
17:39:39webguest14music(root), then all albums alpha
17:39:41Coldtoastok. then %Id is pointless
17:39:54Coldtoast%Id is goign to be the same as %id
17:40:08Coldtoastcurrent track and next track are from teh same album
17:40:33webguest14hmm, no use then, pity
17:40:40Coldtoastwell, ther eis a use tho
17:40:51Coldtoastif you have a dir of tracks from various different albums
17:41:13webguest14huh ?
17:41:30webguest14you mean a various album
17:41:42Coldtoastif you had a dir with 1 track from 10 different albums, like a various mix of tracks from different albums, yeah
17:42:07webguest14understood, thanks
17:42:16Coldtoastwhat happens with %Id tho when you try and use it?
17:42:29webguest14displays current album
17:42:43Coldtoastheh. actually, it's probably next album
17:42:48Coldtoastwhich is the same as current album :)
17:42:54Coldtoastyou can test it tho
17:43:08Coldtoastreplace %Id with, say "test"
17:43:21Coldtoastsee if it's actually working
17:43:32webguest14if I had all my songs in one diectory it would be usefull
17:48:21 Join t0mas [0] (
17:49:03t0maslast stuff packed
17:49:13t0masiriver charger :)
17:50:24***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
17:50:30t0mascopied the last audio book
17:50:34t0masand ready to go
17:50:47Coldtoastwhat books do you listen to?
17:50:51Chamoiswhy when we pause playback disk spins
17:50:56MIKE-on my h120, is it possible to record or use the fm tuner yet?
17:51:33MIKE-well then, i just wasted 30 minutes looking for them then
17:53:10Chamoist0mas ?
17:53:17t0masColdtoast: Audio book - dan brown - Angels and Daemons
17:53:35t0masand Grisham, the clain
17:54:17webguest14how do I REM a line of code in wps, please
17:54:39t0masyou can't
17:54:49ColdtoastI listen to things like War of the Worlds, Hitch Hikers Guide to the Galaxy
17:55:00Coldtoastdon't you just # it?
17:55:08t0masWar of the Worlds is a book too?
17:55:18Coldtoast# This is commented out
17:55:20Coldtoastliek that?
17:55:38MIKE-yes t0mas lol
17:55:38Coldtoastt0mas: yeah. Jeff Wayne's musical version of War of the Worlds
17:55:52Coldtoastit was written by H.G Wells in 1946 dude
17:56:04*t0mas just saw there was a movie
17:56:08t0maswich I wanted to see
17:56:14t0masnever knew there is a book :P
17:56:27t0masthe same with 1984... by geore orwell
17:56:35t0masfound out it was a book just a few weeks ago
17:56:39Coldtoastyou must be young :)
17:56:41t0maswhile I saw the movie long ago
17:56:45t0masyes I'm 17 :)
17:56:50Coldtoastah hah!
17:57:08ColdtoastI'm 15 years older than you! phew!
17:58:12t0masmost people here are older then I am...
17:59:15MIKE-is it possible to change the bootup image in rockbox?
18:00:10t0masbut you'll have to change the code
18:00:22t0masit's a buildin image...
18:00:24t0masjust like the usb screen
18:00:24]RowaN[the rockbox logo shows for a such a short time you can hardly make it out
18:01:53Coldtoastman. it can be time consuming making MP3s fit to put on my h140
18:02:02t0masyes, the usb screen is more worth changing
18:02:08Coldtoastencode them, tag them, MP3Gain them
18:02:31t0masand then rate em ;)
18:02:35*]RowaN[ still doesnt understand mp3gain
18:02:40Coldtoastheh. I don't really bother
18:02:49ColdtoastMP3Gain is a good app
18:02:59MIKE-hmm, is there any program i can use to ensure my picture is compatible for the WPS?
18:03:19Coldtoastif you have quiet MP3s, MP3Gain them without altering the quality
18:03:27t0masthat's my usb screen
18:03:28t0masfor rockbox
18:03:34t0maslooks way better than the default
18:03:53]RowaN[i want a piccy of a monkey when i plug in usb
18:04:48t0masthat's easy
18:04:56t0masmaybe we should make some rockbox mascotte thing anyway...
18:05:05t0masso we can design a nice interface around it :P
18:05:15]RowaN[banana icons
18:05:19]RowaN[for the monkey
18:05:33godzirrahow can you change the usb screen?
18:05:38godzirrato a different image? That would rock.
18:05:49godzirraWhat kind of mascot would you make for rockbox? :)
18:05:54godzirra"Rocky"? lol
18:09:26pillrocky the worm
18:09:27 Quit DomZ ("CGI:IRC")
18:09:36pilla nice headphones equipped worm
18:09:41pillthat smiles
18:09:52pillnot tapeworm
18:11:22MIKE-earth worm jim
18:11:36MIKE-now theres a role model
18:13:44t0masa worm would be nice :)
18:13:49t0maswith big headphones
18:14:05godzirrat0mas: whip one up :)
18:14:46t0masI'm not a great painter
18:14:50t0massomeone else here is...
18:14:53godzirraNot I :)
18:14:56t0mashe painted the snake 2 background for me
18:15:13t0masghe... that was funny... someone painted it... and someone else coded it...
18:15:17t0masI just told him how
18:15:30 Part webguest14
18:15:44Coldtoasthow about a rat/
18:16:08Coldtoastheh. only cos I have one I'm workin gon
18:16:29t0masno... I like the worm thing
18:16:33t0masor maybe a snake
18:16:42t0masor some other small animal... with a really big headphones on
18:17:46FebsOK, the ArchosFAQ has been created on the wiki. All of the Archos specific questions in the GeneralFAQ have been copied over to ArchosFAQ. However, I have not yet removed Archos-specific questions from the GeneralFAQ, so for the time being, they're duplicated.
18:17:58FebsI'll work on the GeneralFAQ later, probably tomorrow.
18:18:39FebsIn the meantime, if anyone notices any problems with either the ArchosFAQ or IriverFAQ (which I worked on earlier today), please let me know.
18:18:47 Join hardeep [0] (
18:19:14 Join RedSnarfer [0] (
18:19:52godzirraI like the worm one.
18:20:46MIKE-in the wps can you have more than one image?
18:20:55Coldtoastyou can have up to 9
18:21:00MIKE-ok, ta
18:21:33 Join markun [0] (
18:23:15t0masMIKE-: but not more than the screensize...
18:23:22t0masyou can't have 1 fullscreen image + 1 smaller
18:23:44t0masyou should calculate the size...
18:23:57t0masw x h + w x h should be < 160 x 128 for iriver
18:26:14t0masok, bye verybody
18:26:18t0masse you in 15 days :)
18:26:22Coldtoasthave fun
18:26:37 Quit einhirn ("Miranda IM! Smaller, Faster, Easier.")
18:26:38t0masand I want grayscale wps images when I get back ok? ;-)
18:26:58MIKE-yah, ta
18:27:02 Quit t0mas ("bye!")
18:27:08godzirra15 days?
18:27:11godzirrawhere's he going?
18:27:24Coldtoastboot camp
18:27:51Coldtoasthe's a troubled teen and Maury Povich had him sent to boot camp
18:44:27 Quit Sucka ("a bird in the bush is worth two in your house")
18:47:08 Join Lear [0] (
18:49:39LearSlasheri around?
18:50:47SlasheriLear: yes, i just came to home :)
18:51:09LearMe too. So then you haven't read my mail about dsp.c yet? :)
18:52:35Slasherinow i have ;)
18:52:49Slasheriindeed the the dsp system is not very clear..
18:53:29Slasheriit even took several days to figure out how it could be implemented
18:53:29Learso I was thinking of doing something about it, if I knew more about how it works...
18:54:04Learwell, the basic concept is good, now it just needs some cleaning up, imho
18:54:41Learmainly within dps.c, and possibly how it is called from playback.c...
18:55:13Slasheribasically it accepts different type of samples in: interleaved/noninterleaved/mono stereo and 16/32 sample depth (the actual bit count used for sampling can be different)
18:55:38Slasheriit should always output 16 interleaved stereo for pcm buffering
18:56:42Slasheriyes, some code cleaning commenting is necessary..
18:56:49merbananis the irivercpu a 16 or 32 bit one ?
18:56:59Slasheri32 bit coldfire core
18:57:01godzirrawhat does "dsp" stand for?
18:57:07godzirraIts used for everything for audio
18:57:09Slasheridigital signal processing
18:57:13godzirrathanks :)
18:57:16Lear32-bit internally, possibly 16-bit data bus (don't know really)
18:58:42merbananno fpu ?
18:59:41Slasherinope, we have to use emulation for floating point or fixed point arithmetics
18:59:42LearIs non-interleaved even used?
18:59:55SlasheriLear: mp3 outputs non-interleaved
19:00:04markunSlasheri: If I set DSP_SET_SAMPLE_DEPTH to 24 it will read every 32 bit and use the lower 24 for to convert to 16 bit right?
19:00:14Slasheriand all codecs should be converted to use non-interleaved, because that costs less cpu
19:00:26Slasherimarkun: basically yes
19:00:29markunI'm converting Tremor now
19:00:34Slasherigood :)
19:00:55Learmarkun: working on replaygain? By hacking tremor?
19:01:19markunLear: Replaygain is working, but I also want the clipping prevention..
19:01:23Learslasheri: more efficient because of better streaming of data.
19:01:59Learmarkun: but you still do the gain calculation by changing the mixer volume?
19:02:10markunLear: Yes, and it works very nice.
19:02:15Learslasheri: that was a question, that is...
19:02:19 Join ep0ch [0] (~ep0ch@
19:02:43SlasheriLear: using non-interleaved audio makes it possible to directly pass codec's internal sample buffer to the dsp system
19:02:48Learmarkun: but if you do the gain before clipping, you'll (often) reduce the problem of clipping. That's why I want to hack dsp.c...
19:02:49Slasheriso there is no need for memcpy
19:02:51markunLear: This way it should also work on archos.
19:03:11Learmarkun: yes, for that case it is good, but we can do better with software codecs. :)
19:03:33 Join guyg [0] (
19:03:39LearSo the dsp shouldn't support interleaved then? And what about dithering?
19:03:44ep0chSlasheri: looks like there's no CPU boost when filling up the buffer from disk, is this intentional? :)
19:04:04Slasheriep0ch: hmm, that must be a bug
19:04:25guygHi. Does anyone know if there's currently a function in the API to change colour before information is drawn to the screen?
19:04:31markunLear: I've also thought about that. I have an idea how to do the pow(), you too?
19:04:44SlasheriLear: dsp has to support interleaved also because all codecs can't output non-interleaved (wav for example)
19:04:52Learmarkun: I have a pow that works quite well actually...
19:05:02Slasheridithering can be enabled by an option
19:05:39markunLear: A shift for every 6 db and a multiply with a value from a lookup table?
19:06:21Learmarkun: no, some algorithm I ported from some java code.
19:06:31 Quit Moos (" HydraIRC -> <- IRC with a difference")
19:07:10 Join Harpy [0] (
19:07:16markunLear: Can I see the code?
19:07:36 Quit ep0ch (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
19:07:52 Join tomtom [0] (
19:08:02LearI guess so, but it's too long to paste here at least. :)
19:08:31guygI had thought that lcd_set_foreground would do the trick, but when I added it to plugin.c so I could call it, I got a load of "warning: initialization from incompatible pointer type" and then it wasn't defined when I needed it
19:08:39amiconnLear: If you want to work in dsp, you could try to make a better up/downampling
19:08:52amiconnThe current linear interpolations isn't that good
19:08:59Learamiconn: if I knew how, perhaps... :)
19:11:28 Join _Mark [0] (
19:12:38 Join ep0ch [0] (~ep0ch@
19:13:15ep0chstupid isp
19:13:16ep0ch[18:09] <ep0ch> i lie, sometimes it does...
19:13:16ep0ch[18:09] <ep0ch> bah
19:13:25ep0chregarding cpu boost
19:14:13Slasherihmm, can you find out when it does it? :)
19:14:31ep0chyeah... this could take some time...
19:14:58ep0chi've noticed it a couple of times
19:15:40Slasherioh, i find the problem :)
19:15:45ep0chpcm buffer drops down really quickly when reading from the disk, but when the watermark is reached CPU boost kicks in
19:15:48ep0chnice one
19:16:15Slasherithat's a problem with the initial buffering only
19:16:32 Quit Coldtoast (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
19:16:39ep0chso.. any chance of album replay gain being commited before i go home tomorrow ?? :D
19:17:43markunep0ch: I have it working only for ogg's.
19:18:18ep0chwhat;s the difference with ogg and mp3 regarding replaygain? different tags?
19:18:39markunep0ch: Yes, that's all.
19:19:04ep0chis there a menu option to switch between track gain and album gain?
19:19:21LearWith mp3, you can do replaygain without tags and support in all players (though in a somewhat limited form).
19:20:22LearSlasheri: is ok with you if I try to hack dps.c a bit, even if it might be around a week before I can commit anything?
19:20:26Slasheriargh, i hate that line out connector.. i often forgot to change the volume lower from 100% when i plug in my headphones
19:20:41LearLeave most as it is, just re-arrange the code a bit, clean it up, stuff like that.
19:20:43ep0chwell i just had foobar go through my whole collection and add the tags, so my mp3s will have tags
19:20:45SlasheriLear: of course, that would be really nice :)
19:21:10LearSlasheri: Just so you don't do any major hacking there in between... :)
19:21:11Slasherisounds great
19:21:22Slasherii will remember that ;)
19:22:41LearAnd then adding replaygain processing there should be easier (for me, anyway).
19:24:08Slasheribtw, now the iriver will access disk drive again when i hit pause :/
19:25:32Slasherii think the latest wps.c commit might have changed that behaviour..
19:26:04Slasherimy sources were not up-to-date
19:26:06Slasherii will try again
19:27:17amiconnFebs: Some of the 'NoDo' items are valid for all models
19:27:35 Join lodesi [0] (
19:27:53 Join F1^Aison [0] (
19:28:01FebsThanks, I'll take a closer look at those. I know that some of them were clearly applicable only to Archos (some have in fact been implemented on iriver).
19:28:18Slasheriok, now it works well :)
19:28:18FebsI'll probably break that page up into three sections similar to the FAQs: general, Archos, Iriver.
19:35:14FebsAmiconn: for the NoDo list, am I correct that multiband EQ is possible on iriver (I seem to recall preglow mentioning something about working on that in the future)?
19:35:19 Join Moos [0] (
19:35:54MIKE-does an image act as a background in a wps?
19:37:33amiconnFebs: Yes
19:39:01amiconnPoints valid for all models: No. 4 (not for models with USBOTG, i.e. H3x0, but all others). No. 9 and 10
19:40:08FebsThanks, I'll implement those changes later today or tomorrow.
19:44:16 Quit Aison (Connection timed out)
19:45:55 Quit RedSnarfer ("Abandonando")
19:46:12 Quit austriancoder (Remote closed the connection)
19:47:34 Join solex_ [0] (
19:50:25***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
19:59:07 Quit solex (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
20:03:16 Quit Febs ("Chatzilla [Firefox 1.0.4/20050511]")
20:04:27 Quit hardeep ("[BX] 2002: year of the BitchX")
20:12:43MIKE-hmm, within the conditional if tag, are you capable of using > to indicate less than
20:13:03 Quit tomtom ("CGI:IRC")
20:13:37 Quit guyg ("CGI:IRC (EOF)")
20:15:23 Join Coldtoast [0] (
20:15:57Coldtoastis the battery remain fairly accurate now on the iriver?
20:16:21Coldtoastjust charged mine and it says 16hrs 15mins, which sound about right
20:16:42 Join webguest36 [0] (
20:17:20webguest36Hey, did you see that brushed metal mod? Thinking about it myself, shouldn't be that difficult?
20:17:51Coldtoastthat'd match my computer
20:18:02Coldtoastpretty much exact.y
20:19:14ep0chmy battery says 27h30 heh
20:19:34Coldtoastmine will too hopefully after tomorrow. Mattery should be here
20:19:56ep0chwas fun replacing the battery :o
20:20:03Coldtoasttake long?
20:20:15ColdtoastIhave to go in and buy a T5 tho. I only have a T6
20:20:19 Join Sucka [0] (
20:20:34ep0chprobably took me about 50 mins, next time i know what to do...
20:20:46Coldtoastwoah! that brushed metal finish..
20:20:51Coldtoastis under the paint??
20:21:04ep0chColdtoast: i didn;t use any T drivers
20:21:12Coldtoastwhat did you use?
20:21:21ep0chColdtoast: just small flat headed ones will fit :)
20:21:22Coldtoastteeny screwdriver?
20:21:45Coldtoastoh wow! yeah
20:22:01ep0chtaking off the side panels helps too
20:22:04ColdtoastI have a very small one sitting right here. Just tested and it fits
20:22:08ep0chtake out the harddisk
20:22:37ep0chthe difficult thing is taking out the existing battery connector and putting the new one in as the power connector is in the way
20:22:59ep0chand erm, swap the polarity on the new battery
20:23:05ep0chand your sorted
20:23:28ep0ch(dont do it in that order though)
20:24:01Coldtoastawesome. Just did a test with this screwdriver and all screws are easy
20:24:18Coldtoastyou know sometimes when you unscrew something and one screw doesn't cooperate?
20:24:28ep0chso how does one do the brush metal mod?
20:24:37Coldtoastlooks like you just strip the paint
20:24:50Coldtoast"My H-120 was looking real shabby, the paint had been scratched everywhere. I was thinking to take it apart, grind away the paint and spray-paint it white, and get a Ipod look."
20:25:00Coldtoast"And that was I did, except I stopped when I found the brushed metal finish that was hidden underneath the horrible original grey paint"
20:25:04ep0chwhats the url?
20:26:46ep0chhow to strip the paint...
20:27:04Coldtoastyeah. I suppose paintstripper
20:27:05 Join Febs [0] (
20:27:17ep0chhmm, well my finger nail just did a good job :s
20:27:19Coldtoastbut I also like the finish on my h140 and it rarely leaves the case
20:29:29Coldtoastheh. this might sound really n00b...
20:29:54Coldtoastbut on misticriver, some guy asked what features rockbox users miss from the iriver firmware
20:30:07Coldtoastand some of them are saying "Ability to change playback speed"
20:30:17Coldtoastwhy on EARTH would you even want to do that?
20:31:03Coldtoastit's not as if you could use it to, say, learn the guitar parts in a song cos it doesn't timestretch, so as you adjust the speed, the pitch changes
20:31:35FebsBut if you change it to 50% the pitch will change by exactly one octave. Could still be useful.
20:31:58Coldtoasthmmmm. I guess
20:32:19ColdtoastI only miss SRS. that's it
20:32:34Coldtoastcos I use Trubass for the music I listen to at the gym
20:32:45ep0chtis pointless unless you like your music sounding like a load of chipmunks imho
20:33:23ep0chwould be nice to have a speaker simulator dsp...
20:33:29FebsI think that SRS is not very effective for headphones, where you're hearing sound directly and there are no spatial cues (room reflections, etc.)
20:33:29 Quit webguest17 ("CGI:IRC (Ping timeout)")
20:33:48ColdtoastI find thre's a massive difference Febs
20:33:51godzirraI like SRS.
20:33:57godzirraAnd it does work hugely even on headphones.
20:34:03Coldtoastwith, say, Trubass, the stereo image opens up and the bass thickens
20:34:27Coldtoastit's a fuller, mor eopen sound imho
20:35:37Coldtoastgood for music like Tool, Disturbed, Skinny Puppy
20:36:16]RowaN[i never liked any of the srs settings on my doctor 64 or on my iriver
20:36:18ColdtoastI'm REALLY tempted to try this brushed mod tho. I have clearcoat here
20:36:45Coldtoastit's a preference thing, of course. I like Trubass. that's the only one I use as far as SRS settings
20:36:45amiconnColdtoast: Rockbox has a pitch screen on archos, so it's a rockbox feature, and rockbox features should be present on all platforms where they are possible
20:37:00amiconnSo I guess it will be implemented on iriver as well
20:37:06FebsColdtoast: I think that you could achieve the thicker bass with a simple parametic EQ. I'm looking forward to the day when someone implements that on Rockbox.
20:37:13Coldtoastyeah. I'd have thought so
20:37:17]RowaN[what would be cooler than srs would be EAX i think, some great presets in EAX like Cathedral mode
20:37:32ColdtoastFebs: definitely. And when the Stereo Width setings is implemented too
20:37:40Coldtoastshould be able to get close
20:37:50amiconnSRS and EAX are patented, so a no-go for rockbox
20:37:51FebsAs for the larger stereo image, I think that it comes too much at the expense of certain frequencies.
20:38:14amiconn(and I must say I don't miss them)
20:38:18ColdtoastI'not saying I'd want SRS, of course. Just to be able to get a sound similar to what I like onteh iriver FW
20:38:51FebsI've listened to SRS using songs where I have produced the recording sessions and mixed the tracks and the effect is definitely NOT anything that I intended when I sat listening to the mix on the control room speakers.
20:39:00FebsBut to each his own. I understand that EQ is highly subjective.
20:39:21]RowaN[how about if rockbox could execute the srs code from the original iriver part of the firmware?
20:39:32Coldtoastplus there's the factor of no two ear/headphones produce anything LIKE the same sound
20:39:54Coldtoastsome ppl will argue that EQ should never be used so you get what the producer created
20:40:07FebsI disagree with that assertion as well.
20:40:15Coldtoastwell, that's such a ridiculous argument. To get that sound you'd need the same gear they had
20:40:28FebsNO headphones sound like $5,000 USD Genelec monitors.
20:41:00FebsThere's no sin in adding some EQ to compensate for listening environment, shortcomings in your headphones, etc.
20:41:13Coldtoastso you end up either compensating for the particular shortfalls of a set of phones or you forget that and just try for something you like
20:41:13LearHm.. What is the size of the instruction cache in the Coldfire?
20:41:55ColdtoastFebs: do you ever listen to A Perfect Circle?
20:44:10Coldtoastok. Cos there's this one track on the album Thirteenth Step
20:44:31CoCoLUSand you surely mean the package? :)
20:44:32ColdtoastI need to take it into work or something and see if I can listen to the damn thing properky
20:45:18Coldtoastit gets right into the subs. need something that can cope with it
20:45:33CoCoLUSwhich one?
20:45:41Coldtoasttrack 11. Lullaby
20:45:52Coldtoastpackage? what do you mean?
20:45:59CoCoLUSfirst track
20:46:02CoCoLUS01. the package :)
20:46:06Coldtoastnah. track 11
20:46:22ColdtoastI don't like Package that much
20:46:27Coldtoastgood album tho
20:46:29CoCoLUSjust wanted to say thats the best one of the twelve tracks, imho
20:46:40CoCoLUSi really like apc...
20:47:13ColdtoastI like tracks 8 and 10
20:47:52Coldtoasttrack 11 tho, to me that's a pointless track
20:48:27godzirraI loved perfect circles first cd
20:48:29Coldtoastsomething most ppl aren't goign to be able to listen to properly cos you need equipment that can cope with those frequencies without killing the rest of it
20:48:31CoCoLUSwell consider it an interlude :)
20:48:32godzirraI dont like the newest one
20:48:49ColdtoastMer Des Noms is a great album
20:49:01godzirraMer De Noms
20:49:05godzirrathat was it.. that album was awesome.
20:49:24CoCoLUSi actually like the 13. step best
20:49:31crwlme too.
20:49:32CoCoLUSnewest one is a disappointment...
20:49:39godzirraI agree
20:49:57Coldtoastis that aMOTION or eMOTIVE?
20:50:05CoCoLUS#rockbox, you're number one music discussion channel ;)
20:50:13CoCoLUSemotive was the cd
20:50:15CoCoLUSamotion the dvd
20:50:24Coldtoastk. I have both in mp3 format
20:50:33CoCoLUShow... outdated ;)
20:50:47godzirrawhy is that outdated?
20:50:52Coldtoastemotive is good tho cos a couple of the tracks really show off Maynard's voice
20:51:02Coldtoasttrack 12 on emotive is great
20:51:03 Quit lodesi ("Leaving")
20:51:10Coldtoastjust acapella
20:51:28CoCoLUSwell, with the lot of newer codecs out there, mp3 seems a little outdated, don
20:51:31CoCoLUS't you think?
20:51:39Coldtoastbut it works
20:51:43godzirraCan you tell me why I should change? And an easy way to do so? :)
20:51:47CoCoLUSno gapless playback "built-in", what bothers me most
20:51:57Coldtoastdon't care about gapless
20:52:00godzirraI do
20:52:05godzirraPLaying concerts it annoys the shit out of me
20:52:07Coldtoastnever have here
20:52:15CoCoLUSquite some people do care, i think
20:52:22Coldtoastthey do
20:52:24godzirraWell, he didnt say no one cares.. he said he doesnt :)
20:52:30Coldtoastfor some ppl, it seems to be paramount
20:52:40godzirraCoCoLUS: so what codec is better?
20:53:00godzirraDOes ogg support gapless playback with rockbox?
20:53:01CoCoLUSdepends entirely on your requirements
20:53:13Coldtoastbut I get close to 100% boost and the CPU kicks into full speed with ogg
20:53:14godzirraIt has to sound good.
20:53:16godzirrathats my only requirement.
20:53:22godzirra100% boost?
20:53:25Coldtoastso I'll wait til that's optimised
20:53:47Coldtoastyeah. lowest I saw with this aobum I was listening today was maybe 90%
20:53:54godzirrawhat is boost?
20:54:06godzirraoh, ok
20:54:23godzirraCoCoLUS: what do you use if mp3 is 'outdated'
20:54:53CoCoLUSogg, and flac if i really "care" about the album
20:55:08godzirraI've never even heard of flac?
20:55:32Coldtoastwhen I ripped the albums I have I encoded a 320KBit MP# and 500KBIT OGG of each one
20:55:47godzirracan you even tell the difference?
20:55:53godzirrabetween a 320 and a 192kb?
20:56:05Coldtoastno. But I KNOW it's at max quality which keeps me happy
20:56:11Coldtoastoh HELL yeah
20:56:15Coldtoast192 and 320, yep
20:56:21CoCoLUSdon't underestimate the psycho-effect :)
20:57:07CoCoLUSit's like people buying a ferrari, and then abide to the speed limits
20:57:14Coldtoastwhenever I rip music for myself, it's always at l320Kbit if it's mp3
20:57:22godzirralol CoCoLUS
20:57:48ColdtoastI meam, I have 33GB free on my h140
20:57:56Coldtoastso why not luxuriate?
20:58:18CoCoLUSbecause you certainly will someday run out of space?
20:58:31Coldtoastit'd take years
20:58:53ColdtoastI've had my h140 since Nov last year and still only have 7GB on there
20:59:08Coldtoastthe only stuff I copy on there now are podcasts
20:59:14Coldtoastand they get deleted
20:59:39godzirraI dont understand how the whole podcast thing works
20:59:43godzirrawhats the diff between h120 and h140?
20:59:48Coldtoastpodcasts are GREAT
20:59:49godzirraI have the h120
20:59:49CoCoLUS20 gb vs 40 gb
20:59:54Coldtoast20GB godzirra
20:59:56godzirrathats it?
21:00:08CoCoLUSthe h140 is somewhat thicker
21:00:11CoCoLUS2 mm i think
21:00:15Coldtoast5mm thicker
21:00:19Coldtoastit's about 5
21:00:31Coldtoast22mm vs just under 18mm
21:00:33CoCoLUSand it has a differenct color, hasn
21:00:35CoCoLUS't it? :)
21:00:48Coldtoastyeah. h120 comes in that nice champagne
21:00:53Coldtoastwhich I like a lot, actually
21:01:14CoCoLUSi don't care, i always put the unit in the protective case anyway
21:01:19godzirrame too
21:01:21Coldtoastme too
21:01:30ColdtoastI actually liek teh case mine came with
21:01:42Coldtoastit's served me well. Don't have a single scratch on my player
21:01:56CoCoLUSit actually survived a one meter drop with it, and it didn't even skip playback
21:02:07Coldtoastthe only signs of wear is the sticker with the barcode on teh back of the player
21:02:34CoCoLUSmy display got some slight scratches...
21:02:35crwlthe color depends on where you bought it
21:02:37CoCoLUSnormal usage, i suppose
21:02:49crwlboth h120 and h140 are available with champagne and black color
21:02:55CoCoLUSeu/us/kor ?
21:03:06crwli think us ones are black and eu champagne
21:03:15ColdtoastI didn't think the h140 was made in champagne?
21:03:18 Quit _Mark (Success)
21:03:18Coldtoastbut ok
21:04:02Coldtoastif my player needed to be RMA's, I'd be annoyed if they sent me a h340 ito replace it
21:04:07CoCoLUSmy friend got his 140 the same time i bought my 120, and his is black, mine is not, soo... :)
21:04:12CoCoLUSit might just be random...
21:04:30crwlhmm, i haven't actually ever *seen* a champagne h140, to be honest
21:04:42crwlbut i've always been under the impression that the color's wholly a regional thing
21:15:18godzirraWhats the diff between an h120 and h340?
21:15:30godzirraI wonder if they'd send me back an h120 if mine needed to be RMA'd
21:15:50godzirraMy H120 is black and silve.r
21:17:30CoCoLUS<fn~godzirra> Whats the diff between an h120 and h340?
21:17:37CoCoLUS3xx models have a color-screen
21:17:39godzirraerr. I meant h140 and h340
21:17:48CoCoLUSwell answer is the same
21:17:49godzirraColdtoast: why would you be annoyed with a 340?
21:17:57CoCoLUScolor screen, usb on-the-go, avail. battery pack
21:18:02CoCoLUSand, i think, charging via usb?
21:19:38godzirraso why is any of that bad?
21:19:48CoCoLUSdid i say it's bad?
21:20:10CoCoLUSyou asked the differences between the lines
21:20:51ColdtoastI love my h140
21:21:01ColdtoastI find th eh300 series to be horribly ugly
21:21:05Coldtoastand no optical
21:21:24Coldtoastwhen I bought my h140, I chose between the 2
21:21:44godzirraNo, coldtoast said it :)
21:21:48CoCoLUSthe h120 had a remote in the package, which you need to buy for the 3xx series
21:21:58CoCoLUSbig difference, imho
21:22:05Coldtoast2 weeks before I bought, one of my friends bought his h300 so I got to see it firsthand and thought it was at least as ugly as pix made it look
21:22:07 Quit tvelocity (Read error: 60 (Operation timed out))
21:22:17Coldtoastand it has a plastic case
21:22:50ColdtoastI rarely ever look at the LCD on my h140
21:22:56Coldtoastalways use the remote
21:23:06Coldtoastwell, except now with Rockbox
21:23:36crwli never use the LCD, anyone wanna buy? :P
21:23:37godzirraI never use my remote
21:23:40crwlthe remote, that is
21:23:42godzirraMostly just cause its too long.
21:23:47Coldtoastso when there remote LCD interface is all done, I'll go back to rarely looking at teh main LCD
21:23:58crwlmostly just because i don't like them additional cables
21:24:10godzirracrwl: thats why I dont either
21:24:34ColdtoastI'd love to buy your remote. for $10US
21:24:34crwli think i've used it twice
21:24:45godzirraI'd have to find mine lol
21:24:45Coldtoastcos they're only $16US on ebay :)
21:24:54crwlwhen i've been bicycling somewhere further away than ~10 km
21:25:05crwlwell, i won't sell for that cheap :)
21:25:14Coldtoastheh. you'll never sell it then :)
21:25:20Coldtoastno point
21:25:22godzirraJEsus.. 300 dollars for a 6 gb video/music player from iriver
21:26:01Coldtoastman! look how many there are!
21:26:01godzirrathe 30gig one from ipod is 300 dollars isnt it?
21:26:02godzirraor 40 gig
21:26:03godzirraor something
21:26:32Coldtoasthah! in Australia they want $86AUD for a remote
21:27:08Coldtoastthey can do that cos SO many ppl are too afraid to buy from overseas
21:27:20ColdtoastI never buy anything from Australia off of ebay
21:27:49godzirraI never buy anything from a different country
21:27:52godzirrawell.. maybe england
21:28:02Coldtoastyou in teh US?
21:28:02godzirraactually I bought my wife a dress from india
21:28:04godzirrawell, she bought it
21:28:19Coldtoastwell then. you're IN the cheapest place to buy stuff already
21:28:34Coldtoastexcept China :)
21:30:58 Join preglow [0] (
21:32:33preglowhi, all
21:33:49godzirraColdtoast: where are you?
21:34:16 Nick thegeek_ is now known as thegeek (
21:34:17 Join [1]ep0ch [0] (
21:34:20godzirraahh cool
21:35:10ColdtoastVERY cool. it's Winter
21:35:54godzirrahow cold does it get there?
21:35:58godzirraI know next to nothing about australia
21:36:19Coldtoastwhere I am, gets down to around 0 celsius
21:36:29Coldtoastas cold as -3 or 04
21:36:34Coldtoasterr. -4
21:37:12Coldtoasthmmm. was going to bid on something on ebay a guy in London is selling
21:37:37Coldtoastsent him a message 8hrs ago to see if what happened yesterday migth affect shipping
21:37:46Coldtoastwhich seems hearltess, I know. But oh well. No answer yet
21:39:34godzirraThe answer is yes.
21:39:41godzirraThey're going to be inspecting the hell out of everytrhing I'm sure
21:40:50 Quit webguest36 ("CGI:IRC (EOF)")
21:41:54preglowim going to london tomorrow
21:41:57preglowbet ill see some delays
21:42:10]RowaN[i think i'll have another day off work 2moro =]
21:42:11Coldtoastpretty horrible tho
21:42:28preglowbut it was bound to happen sooner or later
21:42:37ColdtoastI'll check the news againwhen I wake up and see if they've finished blamign the Al Qaeda
21:42:45]RowaN[yeah, no one was surprised
21:42:52]RowaN[since 911 everyone in the world expects that kinda shit
21:43:09preglowwell, the us hasnt exactly done anything to avoid it
21:43:10]RowaN[and theres been plenty of other bombings around the world between 911 and now
21:43:12Coldtoastwell, the UK is no stranger to terrorism tho
21:43:14amiconnSlasheri: around?
21:43:15preglowbombing people doesnt make them nicer
21:43:40godzirrapreglow: there's a news flash :)
21:43:44]RowaN[well, thats 5 solid hours of live news tv.. time to listen to some eurodance music instead now =]
21:44:37CoCoLUSdon't say that word
21:44:57CoCoLUSi went to zagreb last weekend, doing some holidays
21:45:01CoCoLUSand in every bar
21:45:03CoCoLUSor club
21:45:10CoCoLUSwas this damn eurodance
21:45:49Coldtoastdo 3G hones with with GSM?
21:46:46preglowhas anyone actually done a successful build with gcc 4? i see bagder is preparing for it
21:47:04 Join LinusN [0] (
21:47:25amiconnhi LinusN
21:47:59amiconnpreglow: Bagder is preparing to build the simulators with gcc4, as the build box will soon get updated
21:48:48preglowahh, sim builds, of course
21:48:51LearColdtoast: Do what with GSM?
21:49:01 Join tvelocity [0] (
21:49:11Slasheriamiconn: yes :)
21:49:25Coldtoastheh. you know these new 3G mobile phones? they're compatible with regular GSM?
21:49:37amiconnLinusN: I now did my re-encoding of that gapless album using vbr, and strangely enough this plays gapless even without your id3v1 stripping in
21:49:53amiconn(all tracks have both id3v1 and id3v2 now)
21:49:58LearColdtoast: heck, I spent two years writing test applications for a 3G phone... :)
21:50:05amiconnIt also plays gapless on archos, btw
21:50:14preglowdoes id3v tags embed themselves in an mpeg frame?
21:50:16Slasheriamiconn: Hmm, mp3 is now gapless?
21:50:23LinusNpreglow: no
21:50:26***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
21:50:30Slasherihi preglow
21:50:30amiconnSlasheri: No, I wanted to report a bug :/
21:50:36ColdtoastLear: so they're compatible with regular GSM tho? Not really sure what teh deal with 3G is
21:50:39Slasheriamiconn: oh :)
21:50:40Coldtoastbut I need a new phone
21:50:52preglowmpa is almost gapless now
21:50:58preglowMAN, i love laptop keyboards
21:51:04*LinusN saw a very good use of 3g yesterday
21:51:11LearColdtoast: And yes, all 3G phones on the market support GSM as well, AFAIK. They should also switch (hand over) calls between GSM and 3G, if the need arises, at least it the networks are properly configured.
21:51:13amiconnI got a short dropout at the time of the first full rebuffering (not the one after the first 2 minutes)
21:51:17 Quit ep0ch (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
21:51:20 Nick [1]ep0ch is now known as ep0ch (
21:51:41amiconnLinusN: I'll try my cbr version with your fix soon
21:51:48LinusNa deaf guy making a video call talking with sign language
21:51:49LearDifferent radio standard, allowing higher speed for data, also enables video calls (because you need good full-duplex data transmission).
21:51:53Slasheriamiconn: Hmm, interesting..
21:52:40LearLinusn: Yes, I heard that video calls are very popular among deaf people.
21:53:05Slasheriamiconn: is that reproducable?
21:53:19ColdtoastLear: same with SMS :)
21:53:35LinusNSlasheri: still no clue about the corrupt first frame issue?
21:53:50amiconnSlasheri: I'll check, but that obviously takes a while. Btw, I didn't skip anything, just started the album and let it play...
21:53:51Coldtoastmaybe I'll buy an NGage QD
21:54:11SlasheriLinusN: no :/ i haven't had time today to look at the code
21:54:26Slasheriamiconn: Hmm, weird
21:55:12Slasheriamiconn: I think the problem is with pcm buffering because with crossfade enabled i haven't experienced that kind of problems
21:55:37amiconnI never enable crossfade, you know... ;)
21:55:43Slasheriyes i know :D
21:56:53Slasherihi HCl :)
21:57:01amiconnOh, and btw, this is an album where the 10-track limit hits before memory is filled up
21:57:03*HCl ponders going to nap
21:57:24Learamiconn: old build? :)
21:57:27Slasheriah! that might be the problem
21:58:05Slasherihmm, i should do some testing how the playback system behaves when we hit the limit
21:58:07amiconnDid I already tell you this should be increased? ;) But anyway, it should still work
21:58:20Slasheriamiconn: btw, the limit is currently 35 tracks
21:58:23Learamiconn: it got increased to 32 a few days ago.
21:58:28Slasherioh, 32
21:58:30amiconnIt did?
21:58:36amiconnWhen was that?
21:58:57LearYep, a patch that fixed some MP3 metadata stuff. Tuesday?
21:59:08amiconnThen my build probably includes that.
21:59:30LearYes, tuesday, about 8:00 PM, UTC. :)
21:59:33amiconnSo the limit can't be the problem
22:00:51 Quit hicks ("Too lazy to change my quit message")
22:01:20preglowslasheri: do you think getting a codec wav writer in place should be hard?
22:02:20 Quit RotAtoR ()
22:02:28Slasheripreglow: Hmm, you mean that all pcm output is written to a wav/raw file?
22:03:16Slasherithat is easy, we only need to capture the data from pcm buffer insert functions
22:03:44preglowtheres a need since the 2wav plugins were removed
22:04:02Slasherihmm, that's true
22:04:15LinusNwhat's the deal with the start_skip in mpa.c?
22:04:16preglownot very important, granted, but its very good for testing
22:04:21Slasherii could do it when i have more time (maybe in few days)
22:04:28Slasherior would you like to implement it?
22:04:42preglowi could do it easily, but i dont have a dev environment now
22:04:47Slasheriah, ok
22:04:49preglowand im going to england tomorrow
22:04:55LearLinus: skip encoder padding.
22:05:03Slasheriengland :/
22:05:10preglowlinusn: needed for gapless playback
22:05:11Slasherijust heard from the terrorist attacks
22:05:26preglowslasheri; yeah, nice timing
22:05:28LearDue to MDCT and other processing, there are some samples at the beginning that aren't really part of the sound.
22:05:30LinusN35 /* We want to skip this amount anyway */
22:05:31LinusN136 start_skip = mpeg_latency[ci->id3->layer];
22:06:14LearNo LAME VBR tag, so make a good guess. That latency should be right, I think.
22:06:34preglowlinus: i dont really know about that part, foobar2k skips samples at the start even if the file doesnt have lame info tag
22:06:50LinusNstart_skip is 0x211 on my test file
22:06:51preglowand i read the foobar2k mp3 code to figure out how it worked
22:06:53Learpreglow: as does rockbox...
22:07:03preglowlear: yes, i wrote it
22:07:07Learsorry. :)
22:07:15preglowno worries
22:07:31preglowim not really certain it works, i believe i left a comment about it
22:08:03CoCoLUSpreglow, foobar2000 isn't open-source?
22:08:13LearOn the lame site, there's a fairly long discussion about latency and padding in the FAQ section.
22:08:20CoCoLUSmay i ask, where you got your code? :)
22:08:20preglowbut the codecs are
22:08:34preglowcocolus: the api code
22:08:53amiconnLinusN: Your id3v1 skipping fix seems to help with the old cbr, id3v1-only tracks. They are playing gapless now as well :)
22:09:13*LinusN does a little dance
22:09:26LearAmiconn: My tracks only have id3v2, so that explains why I never noticed a problem. :)
22:09:38*LinusN is singlestepping mpa.c
22:09:40LearBut shouldn't id3.c read that?
22:10:00amiconnLear: id3.c only reads id3v1 if there is no id3v2 avoid a (costly) seek
22:10:58preglowis the current snapshot nice?
22:11:09preglowi dont want to find that out when on the plane, heh
22:11:42 Join muesli- [0] (
22:12:21CoCoLUSyou'll have the original firmware as a fallback anyway
22:12:50ep0chcurrent snapshot is usable
22:12:54CoCoLUS(though the lack of flac support is really annoying)
22:13:00preglownever! i have sworn not to touch it further!
22:13:31CoCoLUSgranted, after using rockbox for a while, the original's large font gives me headaches
22:13:40preglowgod, yes
22:13:50preglowi also like queuing
22:14:00ep0chand that left hand side being taken up with pointless icons :s
22:14:26preglowand knowing my code makes the music play ;)
22:14:48ep0chabsolutely, you should be proud :)
22:14:55CoCoLUSep0ch, just wait for the misticriver board to get their hands on some wps+graphics code
22:15:11CoCoLUSyou'll soon drown in skins, even worse then the original fw :)
22:15:32ep0chan oscilloscope would be a good laugh in the wps
22:15:35ep0chfor 5 seconds
22:15:50CoCoLUS(nothing against misticriver, it just happens with every skinable software...)
22:16:02ep0chi dont even miss the VU meter tbh
22:16:07amiconnLinusN: You could even do the id3v1 check conditional. If the file has id3v1 only, or rockbox is set to prefer id3v1, the presence of id3v1 is part of the id3 structure, right?
22:16:10HCli think the wps font should be settable seperately..
22:16:40CoCoLUSi'm still wondering if we ever see that vocoder-project
22:16:49LinusNHCl: everyone of us thinks so
22:17:00LinusNamiconn: yes
22:17:06HClis it implemented yet? o.o
22:19:07godzirraI'm off to kung fu lessons
22:19:07godzirralater all
22:21:09preglowcocolus: we will, once i get my stuff together again
22:21:44preglowi need to move to my new flat and get a dev box again, i cant stand cygwin and i cant get 64 bit gcc to build a good crosscompiler
22:23:10 Join MisticJeff [0] (
22:23:12preglowamiconn; nice work on they greyscale stuff, btw
22:23:34muesli-be the force with you...
22:23:46MisticJeffLinusN: did you see the newly placed "recent topics" button in the forums?
22:23:48Learpreglow: now everyone else need to figure out how to put it to good use. :)
22:23:49 Join RotAtoR [0] (
22:23:55LinusNMisticJeff: yup
22:24:09LinusNit is a little uglier than the original ones :-)
22:24:16MisticJeffquestion for those of you in the know and it may have already been answered
22:24:22markunpreglow: I don't understand what I'm doning wrong. When I feed the internal 24bit samples of Tremor to the dsp is sounds verry bad.
22:24:38LearLike making the battery "content" gray when it starts to get low...
22:24:56MisticJeffdisplaying of album art and/or... custom wps assigned to albums
22:24:58Learmarkun: Setting sample depth properly?
22:25:00preglowmarkun: have you verified the data is good in the first place
22:25:08LinusNMisticJeff: no can do...yet
22:25:15Learmarkun: and no, 24 is not a good value. :)
22:25:33markunLear: Why not? Did you look at CLIP_TO_15?
22:26:03MisticJeffdown the road perhaps?
22:26:10preglowmarkun: i could probably hear what the error is, though, but no h120 around right now
22:26:23markunpreglow: I'm using this: (char *)vf.vd.pcm
22:26:28LinusNMisticJeff: oh yes
22:26:45Learmarkun: I was thinking of dsp.c, first of all this: scalebits = fracbits + 1 - SAMPLE_DEPTH;
22:27:00Learwhich is followed by: output >> scalebits;
22:27:10LearGuess what happens when fracbits is 24? :)
22:27:18LearSAMPLE_DEPTH is 16, btw.
22:27:41markunLear: Yes, the same as CLIP_TO_15..
22:28:42markunLear: *dest=CLIP_TO_15(src[j]>>9);
22:28:59LearErh, thought wrong there, I think...
22:31:25markunpreglow: Maybe I can record the output.
22:31:37preglowmarkun: got my player now, if you
22:31:43LearMarkun: A, do you configure the min/max values?
22:31:43preglowve got a codec file for me
22:31:52preglowsorry, i hate laptops
22:32:07Learclip_min/max that is.
22:32:26preglowdoes resampling work for other codecs than mpa yet, btw?
22:33:02Learshould work for vorbis at least. It's up to the codec...
22:33:24preglowi dont think that should be up to the codec
22:33:38markunpreglow: can I send it over irc?
22:33:47preglowweb client
22:34:03preglowhavent got a proper irc client here
22:34:27Learbut it's simpler to keep all dsp setup in one place, so to speak...
22:35:38markunhope you can hear what's wrong..
22:36:02preglowi did not expect this at all
22:36:15preglowtheres all kinds of strange clicking
22:37:23preglowsounds like theres stuff going on at the buffer transitions
22:37:26preglowwhich doesnt make sense
22:38:03markunI assume pcm[0] and pcm[1] are right behind eachother..
22:38:45preglowyou should check that
22:39:22markunpreglow: if you look at block.c line 177
22:40:19Learyes, vorbis_synthesis_pcmout returns array of pointers, use that array.
22:41:25markunpreglow: But even when I just used pcm[0] and set STEREO_MONO it sounded the same (just mono)
22:43:16Learwhere does pcm come from?
22:43:47markunIn the vorbisfile struct there is a dsp_state and it has the pcm buffer.
22:43:48preglowwish i had time to check this out now
22:43:59markunWell, not pcm, but 24bit samples.
22:44:02amiconnLinusN: I noticed a problem with the handler-based shutdown
22:44:03preglowbut now i gotta go
22:44:13markunpreglow: thanks anyway.
22:44:13preglowsee you in a couple of weeks, have fun
22:44:24markungood luck in london
22:44:27amiconnSome places do not use the handler, so no shutdown happens (e.g. the debug menu)
22:44:30 Quit preglow ("CGI:IRC")
22:44:52markunLear: Could you also try if you can get it to work?
22:45:05LearI could at least take a look at it...
22:45:07amiconnWhat is more important is that even if I leave the debug menu, and wait another <shutdown delay> time, it still doesn't shut down
22:47:01HClconfusing.. why do i get more awake as it gets later..
22:49:51LinusNamiconn: yes, that's because the power thread waits forever for the shutdown
22:50:19LinusNit could, like we discussed the other day, send the event repeatedly until it shuts down
22:50:56amiconnYes, but not too often
22:51:49amiconnANother problem is that it would then shut down as soon as you leave the non-default-handler area to one that does handle it.
22:52:23amiconnHowever, we can't simply check for button presses and reset the idle timer if so
22:52:41amiconnThe sutdown might be initiated by holding the Off button...
22:53:19*amiconn wonders why the remote scrolling doesn't work on target, while it does work on the sim, in his local copy
22:53:27LinusNthe simple solution would be to call the default handler everywhere
22:53:47amiconn...and never clear the queue
22:53:56amiconnThe latter might be undesirable...
22:54:27amiconnThere's a side effect for plugins that don't use a button event loop, but poll the buttons directly, like rockboy
22:54:44amiconnYou can't shutdown with holding Off form within rockboy
22:55:53amiconnWe could also shutdown 'by force' is the event isn't answered within some time
23:00:35amiconnLinusN: A somewhat 'outdated' question. How did you (or whoever) find out the lcd type used in the H1x0?
23:01:29LinusNguesswork based on the commands
23:01:50LinusNwe disassembled the lcd code and looked for data sheets that matched the cmd set
23:02:16muesli-could you do that with 3x lcd as well?
23:02:31Bagderone could suspect that the h3x0 is an epson too
23:02:44amiconnLinusN: The markings on the lcd itself didn't help?
23:02:56Bagderlike S1D19105
23:04:25LinusNamiconn: no
23:06:05 Join webguest28 [0] (
23:06:18webguest28hello everyone :)
23:06:58webguest28I'm very happy of all this stuff that you have did
23:07:18webguest28but i've got a litle question please
23:08:27 Join CheeseBurgerMan [0] (~me@
23:08:27 Quit CheeseBurgerMan (Client Quit)
23:08:56webguest28i use rockbox in my iriver h140 daily, i want just know please if anyone work in the remote things?
23:09:11webguest28like browser, WPS screen...
23:09:33webguest28i'm not a devloper, pitty i can't help
23:09:41Bagderyou can learn and become one!
23:09:43 Join CheeseBurgerMan [0] (~me@
23:10:08webguest28much dificult
23:10:31webguest28i know you are masters in C ... me i can't
23:11:28webguest28i read the logs for informations and i know you Bagder, Linus, amiconn are very competant
23:11:59webguest28and i wonder why anyone want work on it, it's strange :)
23:12:11webguest28it's difficult to code?
23:12:24Bagderand people will do it
23:12:36webguest28a ok
23:12:57webguest28anyone planed this in his todo list ? :)
23:13:15webguest28remote is veru usual for a lot
23:13:56webguest28lot of people use it, apear developers don't use it, no?
23:14:12Bagderit just isn't top prio for anyone
23:14:41webguest28a ok, suse if i poluated a bit the chanel
23:14:52Bagderno worries!
23:15:28webguest28you know if needed lot of works for this browser and WPS screen?
23:15:37webguest28in the remote
23:15:44 Quit MIKE- ()
23:16:02Bagderit requires thinking more than code really
23:16:07webguest28i'm sure you Bagder or Linus or amiconn, can do this easily, no?
23:16:10Bagdersince it introduces some new dilemmas
23:16:15webguest28a ok
23:16:31LinusNrockbox isn't prepared for using two lcd's
23:16:46webguest28a ok, i understand
23:17:00webguest28it's hard to do this
23:17:15LinusNsort of
23:17:32amiconnIt can be done, and it shouldn't be that hard. But it's a lot of work, and I'm not that interested in doing it
23:17:40amiconnI hardly ever use the remote, so...
23:17:50webguest28thanks amiconn
23:17:56 Quit Lear ("Chatzilla [Firefox 1.0.4/20050512]")
23:18:19LinusNi guess amiconn is exausted after his monster gfx rework :-)
23:18:33amiconnI'll do more gfx...
23:18:37webguest28yeah big work
23:18:49webguest28more gray shades?
23:18:54 Part LinusN
23:19:06webguest28very promising :P
23:19:10amiconncube.rock will get a 4-grey solid shape mode the ipodlinux guys did
23:19:36amiconnNext big thing will be the grayscale lib
23:19:52amiconnRework to the new api, add buffered mode, and port to iriver...
23:20:01webguest28i wish you good luck for this
23:20:28amiconn...and of course enable it in the sim(s)
23:20:32 Join webguest00 [0] (
23:21:04amiconn...but the x11 sim bitmap thing is a requirement, otherwise only the win32 sim will support the grayscale lib :P
23:21:12webguest28thanks again all for this informations, and thanks again for rockbox iriver porting
23:21:19 Quit webguest28 ("CGI:IRC")
23:23:02webguest00is any good soul by chance enabling viewing covers on h1x0 now that we have grayscale?:)
23:24:46Bagder4 grays are not enough
23:25:06Bagderbut sure, anyone can go ahead and make it happen
23:25:50 Join stripwax_ [0] (
23:26:48stripwax_^ello !
23:28:37 Quit muesli- (Read error: 148 (No route to host))
23:30:31webguest00it was working in ye olde greyscale build from the rockboy page...
23:31:55amiconnHmm, perhaps I should do some simulator work now. Adding remote lcd to the win32 sim....
23:38:02 Quit tvelocity ("Leaving")
23:40:33 Join alxcm [0] (
23:40:37alxcmhey all
23:40:48alxcmanyone hanging around?
23:41:00 Join hardeep [0] (
23:41:16 Nick F1^Aison is now known as Aison (
23:42:04alxcmso rockbox now plays mp3 and ogg on iriver?
23:42:09*alxcm wants to flash so bad...
23:42:17Bagderyes it certainly does
23:42:19stripwax_alxmc it has done for quite some time now
23:43:55alxcmi mean without decoding to a wav file first
23:44:05stripwax_alxcm .. .erm.. yes
23:44:23Bagderbeen doing it for weeks by now
23:44:25alxcmlol...i don't think of 'a month' as a long period of time, but...
23:44:38stripwax_hehehe, it is a long time for rockbox!
23:44:48alxcmlol ;_
23:45:05alxcmanyway, would it be reasonably safe to flash with latest daily build?
23:45:24Bagderyou just flash the bootloader
23:45:29Bagderthe rest is loaded from disk
23:45:49*alxcm goes to eat, and will flash then
23:45:59stripwax_alxcm - should be fine. run the fwpatcher application, and if you don't want to run rockbox you can just boot back to the original irvier firmware
23:46:12alxcmi'm on linux, if that helps
23:46:28alxcm(or hurts)
23:46:58stripwax_ah, only slightly trickier, you should be able to run the patcher thru wine
23:46:58alxcmi need to check the md5sum of the firmware against the list of known working, correct?
23:47:14stripwax_fwpatcher does that for you, before patching.
23:47:15Bagderalxcm: fwpatcher does that by itself
23:47:19alxcmoh, ok
23:47:26alxcmyou all rock (pun fully intended)
23:47:37alxcmanyway, bbl for firmware fun
23:49:55stripwax_is win32 iriver simulator supposed to work at this point? seems to crash when it tries to either a) delete a file which is write protected or b) play a (vorbis) track. is there an in-progress list of supported features somewhere?
23:50:19stripwax_hmm, or write to a write-protected track too
23:50:29***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
23:50:33amiconnreboot, brb
23:50:35Bagderthe file ops are supposed to work
23:50:36 Part amiconn
23:50:41Bagderthe codec part does not yet work
23:50:52BagderI believe Slasheri is working on that
23:51:16stripwax_Bagder hmm.. trying to delete a .bmp file from root seems to silently do nothing.
23:51:24hardeepSlasheri: around?
23:51:30Bagderstripwax_: debug! ;-)
23:52:20stripwax_I will, don't worry ;-)
23:52:35stripwax_emmm.. how do i exit it cleanly? just kill the app?
23:52:50BagderI dunno, I've never used the win32 sim
23:53:23hardeepyou can do a software shutdown just like on the device
23:53:31hardeepOFF+OFF on the archos sim
23:53:54stripwax_hardeep great but what about the iriver sim? :-p and what's the OFF keybinding for iriver
23:55:15hardeepnot sure about iriver sim
23:55:28 Join einhirn [0] (Miranda@
23:56:28stripwax_ok so keys seem to be: SPACE: select, PAUSE/BREAK: a-b; ENTER: stop (i think) - but not off; CURSORS - joystick. ENTER : play; not sure about REC yet
23:57:30 Quit Coldtoast ("Peace and Protection 4.22")
23:57:59 Join hicks [0] (

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