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#rockbox log for 2005-07-08

00:00:32stripwax_alxcm - did it work?
00:02:48alxcmstripwax_: trying to find fwupdate now
00:02:59alxcmplus i need to find official firmware, since i don't have that lying around
00:03:04alxcmit should be in the latest build, no?
00:03:42stripwax_hmm? official firmware comes from iriver's website. fwupdate? you mean fwpatcher?
00:03:52alxcmwhoops, ya
00:04:01alxcmcan you give me the links?
00:04:30stripwax_Well I can give you this line :=p
00:04:38alxcmthat helps
00:04:40 Join amiconn [0] (
00:04:52alxcmi just got the 120 firmware from iriver
00:05:28 Join ashridah [0] (
00:05:48alxcmyay, i don't have wine installed
00:05:56*alxcm compiles
00:06:25alxcmoh shoot
00:06:29alxcmthis is gonna take forever
00:06:35alxcm*sigh* rebooting to windows...
00:06:40amiconnstripwax_: Just leave the win32 sim by closing the window, like any windows app
00:06:43 Quit alxcm ("leaving")
00:06:47amiconnAlt+F4 should work too
00:07:04stripwax_alxcm - if you trust me, I can send you the patched firmware. i'm using 1.65 EU
00:07:18 Quit webguest00 ("CGI:IRC")
00:07:36amiconnThe soft simulator 'powerdown' from rockbox does only work for the platforms which don't have software poweroff
00:07:45amiconn...i.e. player and recorder v1
00:08:13stripwax_amiconn - so no way to test the save-bookmark-on-poweroff option on simulator (for example)? why no soft off in the simulator
00:08:29]RowaN[is there a way i can do a screengrab from my iriver to pc?
00:08:49stripwax_]RowaN[ you mean from the simulator, or from the real iriver? do you own a flatbed scanner? :-p
00:09:04]RowaN[well that certainly answers my question
00:09:05amiconnstripwax_: Simply because no one nade it work yet
00:09:12amiconnI don't think it's important
00:09:14stripwax_amiconn ah gotcha. thx
00:09:22amiconnIt's an UI simulator, not an exact emulator
00:09:26stripwax_i know.
00:10:08 Join alxcm [0] (
00:10:15amiconnBagder: Ah, good thing I made it work for greyscale ;)
00:10:18stripwax_Bagder - ooh, didn't know about that!
00:10:20alxcmback in windows
00:10:26Bagderamiconn: indeed!
00:11:44alxcmFirmware patched successfully
00:13:19alxcmdaily build extracted, now copying all over to ihp120
00:13:57*Bagder does the drumroll
00:14:00alxcmhaha this is hilarious
00:14:07]RowaN[Bagder: that page doesnt say where the .bmp is saved to
00:14:08alxcmwindows doesn't recognize the iriver
00:14:14]RowaN[ah the root
00:14:19Bagderfeel free to update
00:14:28alxcmok, linux time
00:14:46*alxcm hits the power button to avoid winserver2k3 crap about logs
00:15:11stripwax_alxcm - logs? it's probably just moaning that you keep hitting the power button :-)
00:15:54*Bagder hits the bed
00:16:20alxcmno, windows server 2k3 demands you log reasons for shutdown/startup
00:16:28alxcmwhich is kind of stupid, especially on my laptop
00:16:50stripwax_alxcm - turn that off.
00:16:58alxcmoh, cool
00:17:07alxcmi don't use windows enough to care, tho
00:17:14amiconnSlasheri: Playback still stops prematurely on the last track
00:17:23stripwax_you don't use windows often but you have server 2003?!?
00:17:55alxcmi get it free from school
00:18:00alxcmso what the heck
00:18:02amiconnServer 2003 on a laptop doesn't make much sense to me either
00:18:17]RowaN[ hehe look at my crappy wps =]
00:18:21alxcmwell, it IS more stable then all others
00:18:23stripwax_me either, XP Tablet Editon way nicer :-)
00:18:37stripwax_]RowaN[ - hehe, nice
00:18:41alxcmand my laptop is easily my fastest comp
00:18:47amiconnalxcm: I can't see a difference in stability against XP pro
00:18:48 Quit elinenbe_ (Read error: 145 (Connection timed out))
00:18:49alxcmi use it for fansubbing and stuff
00:18:51]RowaN[are greyscale wps images supported yet?
00:19:50alxcmNOW it's drumroll time
00:19:54stripwax_are greyscale fonts supported yet? :-)
00:19:59*alxcm unplugs iriver
00:21:03amiconnstripwax_: No, there are no routines for that
00:21:12stripwax_amiconn ok
00:21:33amiconnYou can use the fonts with any foreground and background shade though
00:21:35alxcmYAY FOR ROCKBOX
00:21:43stripwax_amiconn yes
00:22:08stripwax_alxcm - working out alright then?
00:22:25alxcmincidentally, how do i boot back to iriver firmware?
00:22:36stripwax_hold down REC while turning on
00:22:45*alxcm goes to test
00:22:57stripwax_alxcm - after a while you'll probably find you no longer need to :-)
00:23:10 Quit Febs ("Chatzilla [Firefox 1.0.4/20050511]")
00:23:19alxcmafter a while? i'm never going back there again
00:23:55alxcmwow this is beautiful
00:23:58alxcmthx for your help
00:24:02*alxcm goes to enjoy
00:24:55]RowaN[i still didnt manage to find a font editor for rockbox fonts, that wasnt only available as experimental proof of concept source code which you need to isntall 20 differernt programs just to get it working
00:25:24stripwax_]RowaN[ hmm.. that sucks
00:26:18 Join elinenbe_ [0] (
00:29:42*stripwax_ wonders how hard a font editor could really be..
00:31:54stripwax_]RowaN[ can you download FontForge binaries for your platform?
00:33:03amiconnExtended bmp2rb committed :)
00:33:37stripwax_amiconn - extended how?
00:34:13amiconnGuess how I created the 4-grey rockbox logo?
00:34:19 Join muesli- [0] (
00:34:25]RowaN[hmm viewer for windows..
00:34:31*]RowaN[ googles FontForge
00:34:35amiconnIt just needed some more testing; that's why I didn't commit earlier
00:35:29stripwax_amiconn - i just assumed you used a hexeditor :-)
00:36:06]RowaN[fontforge wants me to install Cygwin.. which provides a linux like environment? and ive never (had to) use linux in my life
00:36:33amiconnFontforge needs cygwin on windows, yes
00:36:37stripwax_]RowaN[ - ahhh.. cygwin's good but, if you don't already have it/use it, it's kinda overkill for just running a font editor.
00:36:42 Quit Harpy (Connection timed out)
00:36:51]RowaN[nothings easy these days is it
00:37:06amiconnI use the predecessor pfaedit, works nicely
00:37:08stripwax_]RowaN[ - BDF is kinda a unix font format anyway, so thems the breaks.
00:37:21]RowaN[in my day we had "standalone" executables
00:37:23amiconn(also on cygwin)
00:38:13stripwax_]RowaN[ - but fontforge is not written for Windows, so ...
00:40:46stripwax_]RowaN[ - you know, there's a gap in the market for a Windows executable that edits unix-style BDF fonts ...
00:40:48 Quit muesli- (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
00:41:58zeer uh, you shouldn't need more than a runtime lib or two to run a cygwin-compiled binary on windows generally
00:42:25zeoh wait i guess if it's something for X then that makes it a big hassle
00:42:44zeneeding the X server and all
00:42:52amiconnAh yes, the x11 server...
00:46:31stripwax_.. download fontforge for cygwin
00:46:38stripwax_^downloading ....
00:47:33]RowaN[if u get it working tell me how please =]
00:50:51CassandraGood. Picked up a cheap player on eBay for 25 quid.
00:51:02CassandraNow all I need is an Ondio and my collection is complete. ;)
00:51:30CassandraNo charger.
00:51:42CassandraI have universal chargers. This is not a problem.
00:51:43amiconnYou will need 2 Ondios to have a complete collection, an SP and an FM ;)
00:51:55 Join webguest66 [0] (
00:52:09CassandraWell techinically I'd need a Recorder v1 too, but there's such a thing as going too far.
00:52:25CassandraI'm half of the opinion that spending 25 quid to get a player is going too far.
00:52:42amiconnI paid more...
00:52:48alxcmawesome job
00:53:29alxcmhave a few issues with ogg playback (some really bad distortion) and apparently deleting a directory doesn't work, but other than that it looks great
00:54:34webguest66alxcm: when it tells you to press play press the joystick (while deleting)
00:54:44alxcmoh, ok
00:55:55alxcmany ideas on the ogg decoding?
00:56:09alxcmit seems to be only encountered with my vorbis-tools for linux encodes
00:56:14webguest66works fine for me
00:56:17alxcmmy older windows encodes are fine
00:56:26*alxcm tries something
00:56:34stripwax_alxcm - interesting. do they play ok in linux? ;-)
00:56:54alxcmnot only in linux, but in the orig. iriver firmware as well
00:57:15stripwax_hm, wanna post/email/something those badly-decoding chaps to a willing rockbox dev?
00:57:44alxcmthe only thing i can think of is they are rather large
00:57:51alxcm~20 mins
00:57:53stripwax_]RowaN[ - works a charm first time. looks pretty shitting complicated though.. was just expecting a pixel-based simple app
00:57:55alxcmon some of them
00:57:59stripwax_alxcm eeks.
00:58:29*alxcm tries to oggenc a different file
00:58:40stripwax_]RowaN[ - but it could just be that I have no idea what I'm doing
00:58:48stripwax_alxcm - what oggenc settings
00:58:57alxcmstripwax_: default
00:59:03alxcmwhich is q3
00:59:04CassandraI seem to be spending money on fripperies today.
00:59:17CassandraI also spent 3 quid on a CD of George Formby songs.
01:00:12alxcmhmm, test file worked fine
01:00:17alxcmlemme reencode one of the bad boys
01:00:58]RowaN[strippy: are you able to open a font, edit, save?
01:01:41 Quit webguest66 ("CGI:IRC")
01:03:10alxcmyay for 50% cpu usage
01:03:24stripwax_]RowaN[ - gotta convert from rb to bdf first .. hang on a sec..
01:03:50stripwax_oh wait.. clearly, i dont'...
01:05:08stripwax_]RowaN[ - yep, load bdf, edit, save, all ok. nice n easy
01:05:25*stripwax_ thinks it's time to get arty
01:06:02]RowaN[ooh rite what do i need to install then?
01:07:14]RowaN[.rb? i only see .bdf and .fnt on
01:07:41stripwax_run, pick a directory (e.g. c:\cygwin\cygwin) and a packages directory (e.g. c:\cygwin\packages), and install the following:
01:08:16alxcmstripwax_: just reencoded the file
01:08:23alxcmseems like its a problem with longer ogg files
01:08:29alxcmmy short ogg encode = fine
01:09:51CassandraOh, has anybody else had a problem with resume appearing to work, but the counter going up slowly and no sound?
01:10:01CassandraI had to turn the unit off and on again to get sound back.
01:10:20stripwax_]RowaN[ - you probably can get away with just installing the default X11 stuff (whatever it suggests), and also the libiconv from LIBS.
01:10:44alxcmcygwin sucks :-(
01:11:00stripwax_]RowaN[ if you change view to 'partial' it'll tell you what it's going to install. If you don't want a component, click under 'new' to cycle it to Skip
01:11:09CassandraHere's a quarter, kid. Get yourself a real operating system.
01:11:17stripwax_]RowaN[ - .rb? right, like I said, "oh wait, clearly I don't"
01:11:19alxcmLinux daemon 2.6.12-rc4-mm1-blitz #2 Sat May 28 10:44:06 EST 2005 i686 Pentium III (Katmai) GenuineIntel GNU/Linux
01:11:43alxcmthis is a reiser4 box, too
01:11:55alxcmNPTL enabled, compiled from scratch
01:12:16alxcmanyway, martial arts classtime
01:12:23*stripwax_ doesn't really see the point in compiling Gentoo entirely from scratch. it's not like P3s are rare
01:12:31amiconnTrue H140 pic added to the devicechart, showing the rockbox logo :)
01:13:06alxcmstripwax_: i did it to get NPTL
01:13:26stripwax_alxcm- you have to recompile everything from scratch to get that?! wow
01:13:29CassandraI think it's some sort of BSDish "my OS is harder than yours" attitude. ;)
01:13:45alxcmstripwax_: not to get the libraries, but to make everything use them ,yes
01:14:04alxcmand Cassandra, i don't set USE="hardened" because i don't see the point
01:14:16CassandraWhat's that do then?
01:14:27alxcmcompile hardened sources
01:14:32alxcmslower but more secure
01:14:43CassandraI let those nice fellows at Ubuntu compile my OS for me.
01:14:53alxcmUbuntu rocks, ya
01:15:25alxcmbut for performance on a p3 550mhz, it doesn't get much better than daemon here
01:15:25]RowaN[ok im on partial view
01:15:36stripwax_amiconn - were your changes to bmp2rb based on ihpbmp or entirely from scratch
01:15:52amiconnFrom scratch
01:16:07amiconnI don't even know ihpbmp
01:16:31stripwax_amiconn - that's the app i wrote that decodes the iriver firmware and modifies the images .
01:16:41stripwax_(way back about this time last year..)
01:16:50amiconnWell, I'd have no use for that
01:17:00CassandraExcept for Rockbox. I hand roll my own from scratch from CVS. But only cause it's quicker than downloading the snapshot. ;)
01:17:01amiconnI won't use the iriver firmware
01:17:16amiconnCassandra: Huh?
01:17:21stripwax_amiconn - well, the bmp -> iriver format conversion code might have come in handy (assuming the format for 4-color rb is the same though)
01:17:40amiconnrockbox 4-grey uses the internal lcd format.
01:17:43CassandraWell, maybe it isn't. But it "feels" faster.
01:17:45amiconnDunno what iriver uses
01:17:59stripwax_amiconn same as iriver (pretty sure anyway)
01:19:04stripwax_anyway whatever, it's gathering dust here.
01:19:41stripwax_]RowaN[ - installed cygwin yet?
01:20:48]RowaN[err not yet trying to decipher the options
01:22:53stripwax_amiconn - are there any headers for the rb bitmap format? or does the code require that any given bitmap is in the required format (e.g. can't just mix&match 1-bit and 2-bit bitmaps and expect things to work)
01:23:14amiconnNo headers, just the raw data
01:23:58amiconn4-grey and monochrome bitmaps are drawn by different functions
01:24:31stripwax_so adding e.g. 4-color bitmap support to wps would mean everyone using that would need to rebuild all their bmps as 4-color? does bmp2rb support rb->rb too?
01:25:06stripwax_amiconn - wow, really? not the samefunction with a different arg passed in (y-pixels-per-byte=4 vs 8)?
01:25:19amiconnbmp2rb is for generating bitmaps to include in the source code, i.e. char array source
01:25:31stripwax_amiconn ahok
01:26:18amiconnThe bmp loader is entirely separate. It does the same job as bmp2rb, but with different optimisation constarints
01:26:28]RowaN[strippy: what can i get rid of on partial view? i just went to install it all and its godknowshowbig???Mb
01:27:12amiconnstripwax_: There are several reasons why the functions are separate
01:27:23stripwax_]RowaN[ - on Partial, i'd expect to see just a couple of cygwin things, some libs, and the x11 stuff. what have you got?
01:27:53stripwax_amiconn - i'm sure there are! but i'm surprised they don't do effectively the same thing, just with different parameters
01:28:10amiconnNo they don't
01:29:15amiconnThere are different ways to optimise, and also different methods to draw monochrome bitmaps on a 4-grey vs. drawing a native bitmap
01:29:37 Quit markun ()
01:30:19amiconnMonochrome bitmaps are drawn using selectable shades for foreground and background, drawing foreground, background, or both, or draw in xor mode
01:31:05]RowaN[hmm too much stuff to list
01:31:27stripwax_amiconn - I thought there was still a simple blt function? or is that greyscale only now?
01:31:58amiconnThe blit function can only use native lcd format, so greyscale only
01:32:20Cassandraami: Is there a lighter grey than the one you use in the background of splash()? I think the current one is too dark.
01:32:28amiconnThe blit function isn't meant for normal graphics, but for special stuff like video etc
01:33:02]RowaN[EVERYTHING is ticked on parial view
01:33:17amiconnCassandra: It's the lighter one of the 2 shades between white & black
01:33:26CassandraAh. :(
01:33:30stripwax_]RowaN[ - well , partial view shows only the things that ARE ticked, so.. yeah... FULL view shows 'everything'
01:33:36stripwax_Cassandra - adjust contrast?
01:33:43]RowaN[this is a nightmare installer
01:33:47amiconnThe 2 shades are selectable from 6; I selected them so that they are roughly equal-spaced
01:33:51stripwax_]RowaN[ - you'll get used to it
01:34:08stripwax_amiconn - equal spaced wrt which contrast setting
01:34:27stripwax_amiconn or in other words, are they the same two shades that iriver used?
01:34:33amiconnThe spacing can't be exact, and I voted for the lighter one when between 2
01:34:59amiconnI dunno what iriver uses, so I can't compare
01:35:49amiconnThe lcd uses 3 bits for the grey level internally, 0..7, with 0 being white and 7 being black
01:35:59amiconnThe 2 shades I used are 2 and 4
01:36:49amiconnWe could add some crude gamma adjustment...
01:37:03stripwax_amiconn - :-) i'm sure that's not worth the effort
01:37:49stripwax_]RowaN[ - the installer assumes you want to set up a fully functional user/development environment, rather than just the bare basics to run a font editor :-)
01:38:27amiconnCassandra: I have contrast set to 28
01:39:10*]RowaN[ gives up
01:40:00stripwax_gnight all, way past my bed time ;-)
01:40:18 Part stripwax_
01:42:35 Quit Aison ("( :: NoNameScript 3.72 :: )")
01:43:27 Join webguest74 [0] (
01:43:36webguest74hello all
01:44:32webguest74i just reading in the patch tracker that there is a i2c patch
01:44:51webguest74it's for FM, no?
01:45:22hardeepwebguest74: i believe so, yes
01:45:27hardeepbut it's not complete
01:45:41webguest74a ok
01:45:51webguest74anybody work on it
01:46:24webguest74hardeep: you'r the playlist specialist, no?
01:47:30webguest74i noticed with the lastests builds, the playlist mode have few nugs for iriver
01:48:02webguest74if i do a dynamical playlist there are few bugs
01:48:18webguest74but probably playback problem, no?
01:48:38hardeepwebguest74: depends on the bugs
01:49:00hardeepwhat are you seeing?
01:49:26Moosi inserted one song for the first, and i added few songs randomly
01:49:55Moosbut the tracks go to next without i touch nothing
01:49:59 Join bg [0] (
01:50:14Moosand it don't start to start of the track
01:50:30***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
01:50:35Moosand the WPS screen it's not synchrone with the songs
01:50:43Moosvery strange behaviours
01:51:07hardeepcan you reproduce this easily?
01:51:10webguest74yes me too
01:51:13bgim trying to compile rockbox... im missing a dependency, m68k-elf-gcc. What package do I need to install to satisfy this dependency?
01:51:17webguest74exctaly this
01:51:40Moosi'll trythis now
01:51:54webguest74for me it's the same
01:51:57hardeepbg: you need to build the m68k cross compiler
01:52:04hardeepbg: instructions on web page
01:52:18bgok... you wouldnt happen to know if gentoo's portage has an ebuild for that package would you?
01:52:31hardeepbg: i don't believe so
01:52:33Mooshardeep: i reported this to Slasheri
01:52:43bghardeep: thanks
01:52:57hardeepMoos: yeah, it's likely a playback bug but i just wanted to be sure
01:53:02webguest74hardeep thanks for i2c infos
01:53:07webguest74bye all
01:53:22 Quit webguest74 ("CGI:IRC")
01:53:33hardeepMoos: next time you see it, please grab a copy of the /.rockbox/.playlist_control file
01:53:42Mooshardeep: i testing this
01:54:13 Quit bg (Client Quit)
01:57:52Mooshardeep: strange apear it's randomly i can't reproduce it
02:00:55Moosit spinup a lot
02:01:09Mooslot of hd access
02:01:37hardeepMoos: yeah, every time you insert a track it has to reload the tracks
02:02:09hardeepwe can probably optimize this, but lets get it working correctly first. =)
02:02:18Moosindeed :)
02:02:48Moosjust i don't remenber this behaviours few days old :
02:05:07Mooscan't reproduce the bug that webguest reported nevertheless i already met it
02:16:05Moostime to go to bed, Hardeep the last time i see this bug or other i'll send you the copy of playlist_controle file
02:16:12Moosgood night all
02:16:29 Part Moos
02:26:15 Join amiconn_ [0] (
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02:35:28 Quit ]RowaN[ ()
02:41:17 Join muesli- [0] (
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02:43:53 Nick amiconn_ is now known as amiconn (
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03:21:17 Quit Sucka ("a bird in the bush is worth two in your house")
03:24:26 Quit ghostiger (Remote closed the connection)
03:24:32 Quit hardeep ("BitchX: the ONLY IRC client on Viagra!")
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03:37:59 Quit hicks (Remote closed the connection)
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04:05:29 Join QT [0] (as@area51.users.madwifi)
04:06:29 Join CheeseBurgerMan [0] (~me@
04:15:45Wati want to help develop for rockbox... will java knowledge be enough?
04:22:19 Quit QT_ (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
04:29:19 Part DaKi][er
04:43:01 Join StrathAFK [0] (
04:48:15 Quit Wat ()
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06:00:49 Join webguest59 [0] (
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06:16:41 Join edster [0] (
06:17:03 Join eleom [0] (eleom@
06:18:08eleomis there anyone who can help me? I'm going to make language pack rockbox in korean
06:19:08 Quit eleom (Client Quit)
06:24:15 Quit ashridah (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
06:25:53 Join ashridah [0] (
06:28:16 Join Coldtoast [0] (
06:28:28Coldtoasthow good's FLAC support now?
06:28:35Coldtoaston iriver
07:00:05 Join _Mark [0] (
07:01:30 Join webguest61 [0] (
07:05:06 Join LinusN [0] (
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07:20:43 Join [1]ep0ch [0] (
07:31:52DJ_Dooms_DayHey anyone know where i can find the exact color values for the greyscale?
07:36:33 Quit ep0ch (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
07:36:34 Nick [1]ep0ch is now known as ep0ch (
07:39:16ashridahamiconn I dunno what iriver uses, so I can't compare
07:39:17ashridahamiconn The lcd uses 3 bits for the grey level internally, 0..7, with 0 being white and 7 being black
07:39:17ashridahamiconn The 2 shades I used are 2 and 4
07:39:35ashridahthat's as close as you'll get
07:43:38 Quit courtc (Read error: 113 (No route to host))
07:49:41DJ_Dooms_DayYeah but i need the values, eg #FFFFFF is black (or white :P)
07:50:11DJ_Dooms_DayI wrote this wiki page a logn while ago, just wondering if its still the same:
07:50:30ashridahi have no idea, you'd have to ask amiconn
07:50:39***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
07:50:53DJ_Dooms_DayAlso, I've made a custom WPS, but upon reboot it reverts back to default. I thought i read that once a WPS is loaded it stays loaded.
07:53:29LinusNDJ_Dooms_Day: put it in .rockbox
07:53:45 Join courtc [0] (
07:53:59LinusNand the file name must be less than 24 chars long
07:54:39DJ_Dooms_Dayah, thanks
07:57:08DJ_Dooms_DayLinus do you know anything about WPS coding?
07:58:00 Join B4gder [0] (
07:59:04DJ_Dooms_DayWell, i've made a few conditionals that once the 'next song' data is found will display it, but before that i have the message 'retrieving next song data...'. Now it all works fine but when the data is finally retrieved the message doesn't go away, the song info gets written over the top of it.
08:00:07DJ_Dooms_DaySo for example it'll say on the top line: 'ACDCeving next song data'
08:01:35DJ_Dooms_DayThough, once the next song data is loaded a second time (after the first time its instantanious) the info is properly refreshed
08:01:54 Join [2]ep0ch [0] (~ep0ch@
08:02:25LinusNhey, iriver ninjas!
08:02:43LinusNis there a device called "iHP-100"?
08:03:03LinusNdamn, there is
08:03:10B4gderoh crappo
08:05:31ashridahwasn't the 100 a 10GB version of it? or was that a 110?
08:05:48 Nick StrathAFK is now known as Strath (
08:05:54 Quit _Mark (Read error: 145 (Connection timed out))
08:06:55 Quit ashridah ("Leaving")
08:08:34LinusNok, my H110 has "iHP-100" printed on it
08:08:48LinusNso, is there a "H110" out there?
08:09:16DJ_Dooms_DayWell my iHP-140 has exactly that on it, if it makes any difference :P
08:10:03B4gdermine is a H140
08:10:09LinusNmine too
08:10:12DJ_Dooms_DayLinus, an iHP-100 is a H110, and a iHP-140 is a H140
08:10:27DJ_Dooms_DayThey changed the names a little
08:10:32B4gderthe i is gone
08:10:40DJ_Dooms_Dayand the P?
08:10:46B4gderthat too
08:10:55LinusNso, is there a H115?
08:11:05LinusNor iHP-115
08:11:09DJ_Dooms_Daytheres a 120 i think
08:11:20DJ_Dooms_DayTheres no such thing as iHP at all, any more.
08:11:30DJ_Dooms_DayCheck the iriver website
08:11:33B4gderwell, the h100 is old
08:11:42B4gderit was the first, so it was called ihp back then
08:11:57LinusNDJ_Dooms_Day: i'm trying to sort out what models are out there
08:12:18DJ_Dooms_DayTheres no such thing as a H100 either i dont think. The 10GB one is now the H110. The only thing a H100 is, is the 'series' of player.
08:12:58DJ_Dooms_DayAh, well there we go.
08:13:16B4gderok, so there is one
08:13:44LinusNoh, shit, it seems there are H110's out there too
08:13:53DJ_Dooms_DayLinus, though that model was discontinued very quickly
08:14:02B4gderLinusN: you mean as in not iHP-110 ?
08:14:16LinusNas in not "iHP-100"
08:14:17DJ_Dooms_DayThe H100 is the ultimate digital audio player. Listen to over 1,200(H140)/600(H120)/300(H110) hours of your music or tune in to the built-in FM radio.
08:14:28DJ_Dooms_DayStraight from the iriver site
08:14:37DJ_Dooms_Daythey dont do the 15GB anymore
08:14:50B4gderwe don't talk about what they do
08:14:53B4gderbut that they did
08:15:16LinusNa rockbox user must know which version ti install
08:15:35B4gderand rockbox code need to know how to ajust for targets
08:15:50DJ_Dooms_DayOk, well then theres iHP-100 (H110), iHP-115 (H115), iHP-120 (H120), iHP-140 (H140)
08:16:21B4gderwas the iHP-100 ever called H110?
08:16:56DJ_Dooms_DayNot at the start. Iriver now call all the H-1xx's the H100 series
08:17:23DJ_Dooms_DaySame with the new ones, all H-3xx's are the H300 series
08:17:36LinusNthe question is, are there players out there with "H110" on them instead of "iHP-100"?
08:17:39B4gderso they call them that, but no unit is marked like that?
08:17:46DJ_Dooms_DayThere is no such thing as a H100 or H300 player.
08:18:34DJ_Dooms_DayNo, there is NO player that has the model 'H100' printed on it. However there will be 'iHP-100' printed on some.
08:18:39*LinusN asks in the mr forum
08:18:41DJ_Dooms_DayBut, you may want to double check that
08:18:56DJ_Dooms_DayThats the way i saw it though
08:19:43 Quit ep0ch (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
08:19:44 Nick [2]ep0ch is now known as ep0ch (~ep0ch@
08:22:48B4gderyou think the h100 has the same adc setup has the h120?
08:23:18LinusNi think the only major difference to rockbox is the sdram setup
08:23:42LinusNwe'll soon find out, when i brick my h110 in a few minutes :-)
08:24:11B4gderI'll setup a h100 cvs build
08:24:42B4gderthat'll cause some confusion me guess
08:25:19LinusNoh yes
08:26:08DJ_Dooms_DayIs there really that much difference between the players?
08:26:11B4gderI'll commit my fixes first
08:27:17DJ_Dooms_DayI thought it'd just be the HDD diff
08:27:30B4gderthere's more than that
08:28:34LinusNDJ_Dooms_Day: the h110 has 16mbytes ram instead of 32
08:28:56LinusNand there's something about a mic amp as well
08:29:00DJ_Dooms_Dayno emu for that player then :P
08:29:31LinusNyou mean rockboy?
08:29:48LinusNshould work
08:29:56DJ_Dooms_Dayor is that mainly CPU dependant?
08:30:34LinusNin fact, the h110 is probably *slightly* faster than the h120, because the sdram refresh is half the speec
08:31:21B4gderand its away
08:32:54DJ_Dooms_DayWouldn't make that much diff though would it? THe speed of the SDRAM would far outweigh the speed of both CPU and HDD right?
08:35:14LinusNthe refresh frequency does matter at low cpu frequencies, since it eats up a great deal of the ram bandwidth
08:36:17LinusNbut the difference at high frequencies is probably not even noticeable
08:36:18DJ_Dooms_DayAh, true
08:37:07B4gderok, so the daily build is called h120 from tomorrow
08:38:07CassandraHow did you find an H110?
08:38:33Bgerfrom rasher afaik
08:38:35Bgermorning btw
08:38:56Bgerand rasher found it from other guy
08:39:28CassandraWouldn't 3xx support be more useful?
08:39:38LinusNCassandra: not to the h100 owners
08:39:49CassandraThey exist? :)
08:39:56DJ_Dooms_Dayyes, they do
08:40:09*LinusN is one :-)
08:40:22*DJ_Dooms_Day Seconds Linus
08:40:35LinusNi have seen two H110 devices in real life
08:40:43CassandraI have also been acquiring. I picked up a Player on eBay for 25 quid.
08:41:04CassandraWhich should make my life easier.
08:41:52CassandraJust need an Ondio now and I'll have the set. ;)
08:42:29*B4gder feels like there's a who-owns-most-rockbox-devices compo comping up :-)
08:42:31 Join ghostiger [0] (~ghostiger@06461ca33f602e53.session.tor)
08:42:37LinusNCassandra: u have a v2? :-)
08:42:45CassandraLinus wins.
08:42:51CassandraI have an FM, yes.
08:43:11CassandraI don't have a v1, as it happens.
08:43:19LinusNjörg has a whole pile of broken archos players though
08:43:31CassandraBut you know, you've gotta draw the line somewhere.
08:45:08CassandraI can't decide whether the new Google toolbar for Firefox is incredibly useful, or a pointless waste of screen real estate.
08:45:37LinusNor spyware :-)
08:45:54DJ_Dooms_DayHey im trying to make a WPS background graphic, but im finding it hard to align it all, and figure out where my writing is. Is there something i'm missing? I can't find the appropriate wiki page either.
08:47:18DJ_Dooms_Dayyeah i have that page
08:47:28DJ_Dooms_DayTheres almsot nothing on creating a graphic
08:48:05BgerImage Tag:
08:48:05Bger %xn|filename|x|y|
08:48:07Bger where:
08:48:22CassandraLinus: No, that was the Google web accelerator.
08:48:55DJ_Dooms_Daylol, keyword here Bger is -CREATING-. I know very well how to place the graphic on the WPS.
08:49:28DJ_Dooms_DayAll i know is the max width/hieght is 160x128
08:49:28LinusNDJ_Dooms_Day: just make the image as big as you need
08:49:44 Join JeffMistic [0] (
08:50:03JeffMisticiHP was the original moniker given to the iriver HDD players
08:50:08LinusNi know
08:50:23JeffMisticthey changed to H after Hewlett Packard threatend litigation
08:50:58JeffMistic60gig drive in my 140 is very sweet!!
08:51:08DJ_Dooms_Dayheh, yeah but how in gods name can i trace around the info i already have on the WPS? Trial and error? I thought there might have been another way, or atleast figuring out where the lines are
08:51:15JeffMisticnow i've got lots of room for rockbox goodies
08:51:26DJ_Dooms_Dayheh nice Jeff
08:51:47LinusNthe real question is: could there be 120/140 devices out there marked "iHP-100"?
08:52:00DJ_Dooms_DayYes Linus
08:52:02LinusNor "H100"
08:52:02DJ_Dooms_DayThere are
08:52:06JeffMisticas far as i know, no
08:52:22DJ_Dooms_DayThe 10GB irivers were iHP-100's i believe
08:52:25JeffMisticin the U.S. all players were iHP-120, iHP-140, H120, H140
08:52:50LinusNi have a H110 marked "iHP-100"
08:53:18JeffMisticyes, but the 20 and 40 gig were never marked H100
08:53:20DJ_Dooms_Day10GB irivers were called iHP-100, before the name change
08:53:53LinusNJeffMistic: if that is true, the user can figure out which rockbox to install based on the numbers alone
08:54:20LinusNif it's less that 120, it is an older H110 type of device
08:54:39DJ_Dooms_DaySoudns good to me
08:55:12DJ_Dooms_DayAny iriver marked with the number: 100, 110, 150 are the other type of iriver.
08:55:19B4gdertime to refill cup
08:55:30LinusNthere is a serious bricking risk that we need to address
08:56:04 Part JeffMistic
08:56:44DJ_Dooms_DayLinus, though, you may want to be careful because on the back of mine it says 'Model No. iHP-140'. But on the new H series they might have put 'H100 series' on them (even the 20 and 40GB ones)
08:57:59Bgeri doubt that
08:58:50CassandraI just checked. Mine only says H140, front and back.
08:58:56DJ_Dooms_DayI don't. In fact i'd say they would have put 'H100 series' on it somewhere. Either way, it should be chgecked out
08:59:04DJ_Dooms_DayOk, well thats that
08:59:21LinusNthe only risk is that the user patches a H120 firmware with the H100 bootloader
08:59:41LinusNthen they have a brisk
08:59:52LinusNso our firmware patcher must handle that
09:00:09DJ_Dooms_DayWhy don't you add a MD5 checker to the patcher then?
09:00:31DJ_Dooms_DayThat will solve all problems
09:00:38LinusNthere is one already
09:03:37CassandraIs there any reason why we couldn't implement left and right screen orientations, as well as up and down?
09:04:06DJ_Dooms_Daythere are left and right ones
09:04:38LinusNCassandra: ?
09:04:53CassandraNo, I mean like the "upside down" screen mode.
09:05:08CassandraSo you could use the jukebox on its side.
09:05:12LinusNthe upside-down mode is an lcd feature
09:05:22B4gderCassandra: it would change the height and width values when rotating
09:05:23LinusNjusr reversing the scanline order
09:05:34CassandraAh, right.
09:05:37LinusNand we would need rotated fonts
09:05:44CassandraB4gder: obviously.
09:06:19CassandraLinus: Couldn't that be done in software?
09:06:48Cassandra(Although I think this idea falls into the 'nifty but essentially useless' category anyway.)
09:07:35DJ_Dooms_DayJust double checking here, but the latest build has greyscale working true? As in a greyscale .bmp in the WPS will be grey?
09:07:43B4gderDJ_Dooms_Day: no
09:07:55B4gderno greyscale bmp loading is supported yet
09:08:30DJ_Dooms_Dayand i can't change the internal graphics without recompiling my self can i?
09:09:19CassandraThat's correct.
09:09:24B4gderinternal means internal, yes
09:09:55DJ_Dooms_Day...what? o_O
09:10:17DJ_Dooms_DayOfcoarse internal means internal, thats why i said it.
09:10:33*B4gder looks at DJ_Dooms_Day
09:10:36*LinusN feels old, he doesn't quite see what o_O is supposed to mean
09:11:33CassandraMaybe it means "I have a very oddly shaped tape deck".
09:11:36DJ_Dooms_DayLinus, their eyes. Ala i'm lifting my eyebrow in a gesture of 'wtf?'
09:12:00LinusNah, so the _ is the nose?
09:12:11DJ_Dooms_Dayno nose :P
09:12:16DJ_Dooms_Day..just like that smily
09:12:20*LinusN cleans his glasses
09:12:23B4gderI think it is a bike upsidedown
09:12:31CassandraHe's a noseless freak with an oddly shaped tape deck.
09:12:52LinusNor a faceless freak with swollen ears
09:13:10CassandraOr the very top of Mickey Mouse.
09:13:29DJ_Dooms_Dayor! A stick man with his arms up?
09:13:58LinusNhmmm, then what does o_o mean then?
09:14:28DJ_Dooms_Daybaffled-ness maybe?
09:14:47LinusNso then -_- means "unconscious"?
09:14:50DJ_Dooms_Dayi dunno, use your imagination, you guys seem pretty good at it, your just a little misguided
09:15:27CassandraHey, at least we know how to spell "you're".
09:15:29DJ_Dooms_Daynar thats more like, hrm, a 'DAR!' gesture.
09:15:32 Join einhirn_ [0] (
09:15:36CassandraGods I'm getting old.
09:15:53DJ_Dooms_Dayheh, 'you're' has never stuck with me
09:16:34CassandraSee, that's the problem with the youth of today. No concept of how to use the English language.
09:16:50Cassandra(That's what they said about my generation, and the one before it too.)
09:17:16DJ_Dooms_DayWhat makes you think i'm young?
09:17:24CassandraYour nick.
09:17:39DJ_Dooms_Dayheh, thought you'd say that.
09:17:49LinusNthe older you become, the good old days get better and better
09:17:57B4gderand the way you speak
09:18:08DJ_Dooms_DayWell, thats why i keep this name, for the good old days.
09:18:35DJ_Dooms_DayReally? What do you class as 'young' anyway? What age?
09:18:52LinusNyounger than 36 :-)
09:19:12CassandraYay! Linus thinks I'm young.
09:19:32B4gderthen I'm young too
09:19:40LinusNa spoiled kid
09:19:48*B4gder jumps and up down screaming
09:20:19DJ_Dooms_DayBased on my name, how old do you think i am?
09:20:40CassandraI'd go with that.
09:20:45B4gderand I don't mean hex ;-)
09:20:59DJ_Dooms_Dayha, wow, i would have thought you'd go for around 13s
09:21:29DJ_Dooms_DayBecause thats when i made it. But, i'm now 17, going on 18.
09:21:31CassandraNah, that'd be DJ_D00m5_DaY.
09:22:10LinusNDJ_Dooms_Day: pretty close then
09:22:27CassandraI was thinking "maybe slightly younger"
09:22:52DJ_Dooms_DayI don't want to change it coz its got too much history behind it. You could probably google me and find out exactly where i live and what i do. :P That could be a bad thing though.
09:23:20amiconnCassandra: Sideways lcd mode would essentially require a new set of graphis routines, and a new bitmap format + font format
09:23:35amiconn(everything rotated by 90 deg.
09:23:45B4gderyou're only 17
09:23:47LinusNCassandra: meaning "forget it. now."
09:24:22B4gderve had my nicker since beore you were born
09:24:31amiconnIt would mean that the code would have to contain all bitmaps twice, and font support will get tricky
09:24:54DJ_Dooms_DayWell, google "Dj Dooms Day", find all my history.
09:25:00amiconn(2 versions of each font, but that should be probably in the same file)
09:25:02B4gderrotate would only make sence if lcd_update() did the rotating
09:25:11Cassandraamicon: Fairy nuff.
09:25:26amiconnB4gder: That's be veeeerrryy slooooowww
09:25:47CassandraSony can do it. :)
09:25:52amiconnBitrotating like mad... and it wouldn't solve the width/height conflict
09:26:15B4gderI know
09:26:56*Rick boogies
09:27:21amiconnCassandra: It would be easier if we would not have chosen the internal lcd data layout as our framebuffer format, but I know someone who has objected against that...
09:27:31amiconn...and I think he's right
09:27:58CassandraBit late now though, I guess.
09:30:28DJ_Dooms_DayHey, with the XY co-ords of the WPS bmp, where does it start? is top left 0,0 or is the middle of the screen 0,0?
09:30:36B4gdertop left
09:30:40DJ_Dooms_Dayok, thanks
09:30:44CassandraI wish the Rockbox forums wouldn't keep calling me a "Newbie"
09:32:28DJ_Dooms_DayHey, just wondering here. The new H3xx series have a feature that has them recharge while on USB connection. Would that be software or hardware dependant?
09:32:48B4gdernow there
09:32:54B4gderis a h100 build in the cvs table
09:33:02B4gderI hate this laptop keyboard
09:37:58DJ_Dooms_DayHrm, what bit does the bmp need to be?
09:39:10 Join DomZ [0] (
09:39:18DomZhi everybody
09:39:52DomZwhat is the difference between H100 build and H120 build ?
09:40:12DomZthis is the same firmware ?
09:40:30DJ_Dooms_DayThe H120 build is for H120s and H140s
09:40:51DJ_Dooms_DayThe H100 build is for H110s, H115s
09:42:10B4gderadded note on daily build page
09:42:11DomZbut why make 2 build if this is the same ?
09:42:20B4gderit isn't
09:42:26B4gderor rather, they are not the same
09:43:23DomZok :)
09:45:52B4gderI'm quite pleased with the ease we can add new builds to the site
09:50:41***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
10:01:31Ricker, wai
10:01:39Rickwe have support for h11x?
10:01:45Rickcool :O
10:01:58CassandraNot yet. Linus still needs to get it working.
10:02:12 Join cYmen [0] (
10:02:20 Quit cYmen (Client Quit)
10:02:27 Join cYmen [0] (
10:02:47 Join belgarath [0] (
10:12:35 Join Chamois [0] (
10:14:38 Join Harpy [0] (
10:21:40DJ_Dooms_Dayphew, finally finished my WPS
10:22:09DJ_Dooms_DayMan that was an effort
10:23:15B4gderI beg to differ
10:24:25DJ_Dooms_Daylol, how the hell would know what i did?
10:24:43B4gderediting a WPS can't be an effort by my definition
10:25:03DJ_Dooms_DayThat part was easy
10:25:10DJ_Dooms_DayThe hard part is aligning it all
10:25:19B4gderthat's not hard
10:25:21DJ_Dooms_DaySpecially when your not using the sim
10:25:25B4gderonly tedious
10:25:40DJ_Dooms_Dayi never said it was hard
10:25:52B4gderfive lines up
10:25:53DJ_Dooms_Dayi said it was an effort
10:26:04B4gder"The hard part is aligning it all"
10:26:18DJ_Dooms_Dayhaha, i did too. Well i just shutdown my self hardcore
10:26:43DJ_Dooms_DayWell i ment 'hard' in the sence that it took time
10:26:53 Join webguest26 [0] (
10:27:00B4gderI figure
10:27:11B4gderpeople spend too much time on eye candy :-)
10:27:16Coldtoastwee! just upgraded my battery
10:28:02DJ_Dooms_Daywell if i knew how to code i'd be helping, but i can't, so i won't.
10:28:27Coldtoastyou there ep0ch?
10:28:49DJ_Dooms_Dayif i could code i would have made an rockbox theme editor by now.
10:29:05B4gderyou _can_ learn things you know...
10:29:49Coldtoastrockbox theme editor?
10:29:53DJ_Dooms_DayOh yeah, because learning a half decent coding language is just that easy.
10:29:54Coldtoasthell, just do it in VB
10:30:16Coldtoasta rockbox theme editor would be SOOOO easy in VB
10:30:23Coldtoastand you could easily learn that
10:30:47B4gderI just loath the pity escuse "I don't know anything so I can't help"
10:31:05B4gderthe LEARN goddammit
10:31:07DJ_Dooms_DayI've tried VB before, a few times actually. I plan to learn it, but everytime i start i find my self not having the time.
10:31:13Coldtoasthey. did I mention I just finished upgrading the battery in my h140? heh
10:31:21RickDJ_Dooms_Day: you have enough time if you can argue about it on IRC :p
10:31:49DJ_Dooms_DayBelieve it or not, but i am actually doing other things than sitting here and talking to you
10:31:57B4gderwe all do
10:32:01Rickyeah. :P
10:32:06B4gderwe all have full time jobs
10:32:06Coldtoastone word of advice for anybody planning to upgrade the battery; there's NO substitute for the right tool! definitely get the correct sized torx!
10:32:20RickColdtoast: hehe
10:32:21DJ_Dooms_DayI spend a large amount of my time mapping
10:32:30RickB4gder: how complicated are WPS files? I havn't played with them yet
10:32:37DJ_Dooms_DayTheir piss rick
10:32:42B4gderRick: like printf() strings on speed ;-)
10:32:50Ricksounds easy to parse
10:32:56ColdtoastI got all but one torx screw out easily with a small flathead screwdriver but one of the ones on the mobo didn't want to cooperate. Started to damage it
10:33:13Rickwhen I get back into rockbox dev i'll see if I can whip up a preview system in PHP :P
10:33:41Coldtoastphp would be nice but standalone would be nicer
10:33:42DJ_Dooms_DayAny of you guys active in any mod projects?
10:33:47 Part LinusN
10:33:49DJ_Dooms_Day...that is, gaming ones
10:34:08RickColdtoast: I locally use PHP for standalone projects (if you mean executable clientside by standalone)
10:34:08B4gdergaming takes time from rockbox, don't do that :-)
10:34:13Coldtoastnice to not have to be running php or have to run it off a site. I liek standalone
10:34:22Coldtoastoh? cool!
10:34:38ColdtoastI've never written anything like that. Just server side stuff
10:35:02DJ_Dooms_DayB4gder: lol thats EXACTLY my reason for not just jumping into things and learning it all
10:36:03RickColdtoast: I write all kinds of stuff in PHP −− as well as prototyping c++ applications in it.
10:36:09DJ_Dooms_DayAFK, dinner
10:36:38Coldtoastnice. I've actaully only ever written one thing in
10:36:47ColdtoastPHP and that's my own site. heh
10:36:58Coldtoastbut I did write it all. no ripoffs
10:37:03ColdtoastI REALLY like PHP
10:38:04B4gderI prefer perl to php any day
10:38:21RickB4gder: I don't like perl :[
10:39:43 Join LinusN [0] (
10:41:11Coldtoastman.. this guy I work with sent me a couple of messages
10:41:31Coldtoastand he irritatingly uses some f the radio calls we use at work in his messages
10:41:39Coldtoastlike "Copy that" instead of "okay"
10:41:47Coldtoastit's ridiculous
10:41:55 Join Aison [0] (
10:45:12ep0chit's "Roger that", at least he should get it right ;)
10:45:19belgarathcoldtoast: where did you get the battery from?
10:45:41Coldtoastwbay belgarath
10:45:45Coldtoasterr.. ebay
10:45:53Coldtoastit was, like, $20US
10:46:00belgarathis it 2100mAh?
10:46:04Coldtoastdo a search for "2200mah"
10:46:17Coldtoast2200mah. IPod 1st gen and 2nd gen
10:46:19belgarathso it should be like 31 hours?
10:46:26Coldtoastyou just need to switch the wires ont eh connector
10:46:35Coldtoastapparently it's 29hrs
10:46:38ep0chwell rockbox says 27h30
10:46:43Coldtoastnot tested yet tho. chargingnow
10:46:51belgarathit seems easy but i don't know how hard it would be to switch the molex connectors
10:46:56ep0chyou got it in OK?
10:46:57Coldtoastep0ch: I ended up buyign the right sized torx
10:47:02ColdtoastI did, yeah
10:47:18belgarathwas it a 4 mm deep one?
10:47:28ep0chi just did the brush metal mod
10:47:30Coldtoast2 tips I have: get the right torx to make it a bit easier
10:47:44ep0chi had no probs with my flatheaded one...
10:47:51ep0chi was lucky
10:48:01belgarathooh how did you get the brushed metal look?
10:48:21Coldtoastand tip 2: when you have it all connected and you have all but the back cover on, fit the battery into the back cover and then put it together, Don't try and fit the back on with the battery sitting on the HDD
10:48:21webguest26Can anybody spot what I did wrong here : downloaded latest, copied it and the to .rockbox dir on player. Ran it. It created the rockbox.tagdb (also in .rockbox), unplugged iriver, changed file view to id3 database. Now why is the view blank ? Did I screw up ?
10:48:28ep0chused "silicone carbide paper"
10:48:38Coldtoasthow's it look ep0ch?
10:48:48ep0chwell it looked good
10:48:48B4gderwebguest26: no idea
10:48:57Coldtoastlooked" past tense?
10:49:05ep0chbut i kept on going with differnt paper types and now its shiny :)
10:49:09B4gderwebguest26: you have run a recent build too I guess?
10:49:11Coldtoasthehe. cool!
10:49:16B4gderyou run even
10:49:16ep0chsoon it will be a mirror :)
10:49:22Coldtoastclearcoat it ep0ch
10:49:24Chamoisi used bmp2rb in cygwin to have a bmp in grey rockbox format, but i don't know how copy the struct it gives me
10:49:27ep0chyeah will do
10:49:27webguest26yes, it's a bleeding edge from yesterday. I could try today's daily build I suppose.
10:49:32Coldtoastbe sure an clearcoat it.
10:49:34Coldtoastgood stuff
10:49:46B4gderwebguest26: I don't think there are any changes related to that made since anyway
10:50:00webguest26B4dger: worth a try though eh ?
10:50:05B4gderyes, sure
10:50:11Coldtoastep0ch: did you find it MUCH easier to fit together by fitting the battery into the back cover then joining the halves? when installingthe battery?
10:50:31Coldtoastor did you have the battery sitting ont he HDD and fit the back cover onto it?
10:50:43ep0choh fitted into the back cover
10:50:49ep0chno probs
10:50:54Coldtoastyeah. it's definitely the way to do it
10:51:09ep0chhardest thing my far is getting the old connector out and the new one in!!
10:51:13Coldtoastoh yeah! did you also remove the white label?
10:51:34ep0chfrom the new battery?
10:51:48ep0chyeah, i just had to look inside ;)
10:52:03Coldtoastheh, I did it to get a bit of thickness off
10:52:24Coldtoastit's a good fit tho. Didn't feel TOO snug
10:52:34webguest26B4gder: Bizarre, that did indeed sort it out. Guess I should try sorting it myself in future eh ? :)
10:52:51B4gderwebguest26: ah, goodie
10:54:11webguest26I wonder if it's because I should have rebooted after I'd built the tagdb.
11:00:42webguest26Does the playcount update even if you launch a song from file view rather than DB view ?
11:01:20B4gderas long as the file exists in the db
11:01:36webguest26is there somewhere to view the playcount info ?
11:01:39B4gderand has a hash - I believe
11:01:46B4gderwebguest26: you can make the wps show it
11:01:55webguest26ah yes! forgot that.
11:08:22DomZsome news about the guy who made the radio working and who killed his iRiver ?
11:08:52B4gderhe said he's gonna work on porting rockbox to iaudio
11:09:05B4gderwe are sponsoring a BDM connector
11:09:25B4gderif he comes to it
11:09:27ep0chany idea which iAudio?
11:09:31B4gderx5 I think
11:10:13ep0chanyone know if there are any side by side shots of the X5 and ihp-120 around?
11:10:35ep0cham tempted to get one if it's a bit smaller
11:10:40DomZand why it doesn't give his code for the iRiver radio ?
11:15:34ep0chtell you what, if he commits his code i'll donate some money for his BDM
11:16:05ep0chand i'll donate more when MOD and SID work :p
11:22:20amiconnRadio shouldn't be hard
11:22:21belgarathhow hard would implementing wma playback be?
11:22:43 Join [2]ep0ch [0] (
11:22:44amiconnThe radio chip is the same as in the newer ondios, so we already have part of the code
11:23:00B4gderbelgarath: just port a floating point implementation to fixed-point
11:23:29B4gderbut you need a few clues to do that well
11:23:31belgarathi'm thinking of learning a bit about C over the summer
11:23:51belgarathbut obviously i would never get proficient enough to code for rockbox
11:24:25B4gderyou could starting doing plugins
11:24:35belgaraththats true
11:24:50B4gderit is a good way to start rockbox hacking
11:36:42 Join sox [0] (
11:37:25soxhi all
11:37:54soxwhat does error -5 mean when i boot my iriver? it keeps booting into irivers firmware instead of rockbox.
11:37:55 Quit ep0ch (Read error: 113 (No route to host))
11:37:56 Nick [2]ep0ch is now known as ep0ch (
11:40:18soxim running bootloader v2 and todays bleeding edge
11:40:26soxit has been working for months
11:40:44CassandraProbably the copy of the new firmware to the drive failed.
11:40:48CassandraTry copying it again.
11:41:08CassandraOh, and chkdsk your iRiver.
11:42:29soxsolved, i had a script that downloaded the bleeding edge, and today the filenames has changed on the website...
11:50:44***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
12:02:11 Quit sox ("Snak 5.0.1 Unregistered copy. Evaluation period is over. Program will now quit. Thanks for using Snak.")
12:03:20 Join sox [0] (
12:04:07soxi must be doing something wrong, but the bleeding edge zip for 120 doesnt contain any codecs...? the codecs dir is empty.
12:05:05Chamoishmm exact
12:05:13soxso what's wrong
12:05:30ChamoisB4dger has to modify script
12:07:07soxwhat a relief, i thought i was an idiot
12:07:45soxso which is the latest complete version to download? i allready wiped my old .rockbox folder while trying to understand what was wrong
12:11:22soxwill downloading the source and building my own work?
12:11:43webguest26sox: get the daily build from today
12:13:08webguest26the codecs are all present in that zip
12:14:56 Quit sox ("Time to move on...")
12:20:22 Join ]RowaN[ [0] (a2b0y@
12:33:23 Join hicks [0] (
12:39:38B4gderinterested in feedback
12:45:02 Quit belgarath ("CGI:IRC")
12:46:14 Join amiconn_ [0] (
12:50:16 Quit amiconn (Nick collision from services.)
12:50:16 Nick amiconn_ is now known as amiconn (
12:54:34B4gderamiconn: you think this kind of approach would be useful? patch here:
12:56:06 Join Moos [0] (
12:56:25MoosHi all
13:03:21amiconnB4gder: I don't know whether it's necessary...
13:06:13B4gderI just thought it might be useful to some and it doesn't hurt much
13:11:44amiconnI would be interested in some configure variables being set which contain year, month, and day separately
13:12:22amiconn(in order to change the starting date of the 'faked time count' in the fat driver for units without rtc)
13:13:31B4gderwe could have the makefile get them on every invoke
13:14:55amiconnAh, yes of course I mean the top-level makefile
13:15:00B4gderline YEAR=$(shell date +%D)
13:15:36B4gder%D being day of course ;-)
13:16:00amiconnCurrently there is a variable which gets set to the current time and date for cvs builds, but that's not very usable for my purpose
13:16:51amiconnYeah, that adds 3 variables and calls the shell 4 times. Is there a way to do that with fewer calls?
13:17:03amiconn(Thinking cygwin slowness here)
13:19:13B4gderI can't think of any other way right now
13:20:28amiconnThe compiler provides __DATE__, but that would be a pain to parse
13:20:59amiconn...with the month as 3 letters
13:21:44B4gderI think I know how to reduce it to one call
13:22:22B4gderNOW=$(shell gnudate +'-DDAY=%d -DYEAR=%y -DMONTH=%m')
13:22:33B4gderthen add $(NOW) to the compiler options
13:26:12 Join ac [0] (
13:26:27*ac got today his iaudio x5
13:26:52B4gderany cool?
13:27:13B4gdermiss Rockbox? ;-)
13:28:24aci will open it and make some scanns of the board...
13:28:32amiconnB4gder: sounds good
13:30:55Lynx_Has the Gmini XS 202 already been discussed here? :)
13:31:13B4gdernot afaik
13:31:50Mooshi Christian, congratulations :)
13:33:10Chamoisac ?
13:33:15Chamoishere ?
13:33:50Lynx_What platform might that one be? It plays wma...does that say anything about the hardware?
13:34:28B4gderthe model name sounds similar to 220XS
13:34:46B4gderwhich is calmrisc based
13:35:30Lynx_it's interesting because it's fairly low cost, and has a monochrome display
13:37:27B4gderbut no ogg
13:37:52B4gder"ID tag 3 compatible"
13:37:53Lynx_no. but i was thinking about rockboxability of course.
13:38:20B4gder btw
13:38:30 Part MisticJeff
13:39:26B4gder"able to hold up 10,000 songs"
13:39:38B4gderI have ~6000 on a twice as big hd...
13:40:26B4gderbut I guess that's just regular sales speak
13:40:41Lynx_or wma files from walmart online music store ;)
13:41:38Lynx_ is another specs page for the same product?
13:42:08amiconnAfaik there is no gmini 220XS. I know of 120, SP, 220 and XS200
13:42:17amiconnAll these are CalmRISC 16 based
13:42:28amiconnThe Gmini 400 is not
13:42:36B4gderthis 202 seems new
13:42:45B4gdermight be a 400 relative
13:42:55amiconnSounds like a brus´hed-up version of the XS200 then
13:43:10Bgeran extremely small 20GB1 hard-drive-based audio PlaysForSureâ„¢ (download) player with a competitive low price.
13:44:02Bgerthis f*cking DRM stuff...
13:45:31amiconn10000 songs on a 20 GB disk, hahahaha
13:46:23 Quit ep0ch (" HydraIRC -> <- IRC has never been so good")
13:46:24Bgerthere is note on the bottom of the page
13:46:30Bger1 On average. Music capacity based on 3.5 minutes per song and 64 kbps WMA encoding. For better quality 128 Kbit/s encoding or more recommended.
13:47:45B4gder"you can't stand the quality, but then you can fit 10000 songs on it"
13:48:02Bgeryou can fit even more ...
13:48:10BgerMPEG 2.5 :)
13:48:14Bger8kHz :)
13:48:48Bgerand mono
13:50:03Lynx_10000 is such a nice round number...
13:50:47***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
13:53:16*ac is looking for a very small screw driver to open the iaudio
13:53:55Bgerthe iaudio u've just bought ? ;)
13:54:21acohh yeah ;)
13:55:06Bger*this* is what i call impatience;)
13:56:10B4gderaiminig for a new porting-rockbox-in-shortest-time-period record?
13:56:40 Join bipak_ [0] (
13:58:01amiconnac: You would have to beat 1 month (approximately)
13:58:15ac1 month?
13:58:31B4gderthe ondio port
13:58:47amiconnCurrently [IDC]Dragon and me are holding LinusN's "rockbox speed porting award" for porting to the Ondio
13:58:47Bgeramiconn :))
13:59:25B4gderbut you were two so ac could get 2 months ;-)
13:59:48amiconnYes, but we ported to 2 different models as well (Ondio FM and Ondio SP)
14:00:24Bgerhm am i wrong or austriancoder wants to port rockbox to iaudio x5 too
14:00:29amiconnThe MMC driver is the same for both, but the FM required to implement the Philips radio driver, and the SP the different MAS
14:00:57 Join RotAtoR [0] (
14:01:06B4gderwe have to call in a jury ;-)
14:01:17acBger: who wants to port too?
14:01:26B4gderBger: ac is austriancoder
14:01:47Bgerhah :)
14:01:59Bgerstupid me
14:02:52Bgerac what did happen with your code for h100's fm radio ?
14:06:58acwas on my other pc: hdd head crash -> data lost -> want to rewrite it
14:07:20Bgerbad :(
14:07:53Bgeryour el. devices hate you...
14:11:20 Quit bipak (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
14:11:42 Quit einhirn_ ("Miranda IM! Smaller, Faster, Easier.")
14:17:43 Quit CheeseBurgerMan (Read error: 113 (No route to host))
14:21:59 Quit pabs (Read error: 113 (No route to host))
14:22:12elinenbeis there any sort of charge protection on the iriver?
14:22:31elinenbei plugged a 2A 5V charger into it by accident, and now this morning it would not turn on.
14:22:37elinenbei think i killed it.
14:22:52Bgerwas it with center + ?
14:22:56B4gderit is indeed possible to kill it
14:23:04elinenbedidn't have time to check the polarity
14:23:36elinenbewent to grab my player this morning and noticed that it would not turn on after a night of charging... i had plugged it into my satellite radio jack by accident
14:28:49pilldid you try plugging the real adapter to see if the green light turned on?
14:29:22LinusNelinenbe: your player is most likely fried
14:29:36elinenbeLinusN: that is what I am afraid of.
14:29:51elinenbethe green light DOES turn on with the regular charger though...
14:29:58elinenbeis that any consoliation?
14:30:23elinenbealthough I didn't bring it to work today because I didn't think it would do me any good.
14:30:29LinusNthe high voltage damages the voltage regulator circuit, giving the cpu and flash a too high voltage, frying them to the point of no repair
14:30:57LinusNi have done post-mortem analysis of two such victims
14:31:16pilllinus hardware forensics analyst
14:31:17elinenbeLinusN: so the fact that the charging light comes on means nothing?
14:31:33LinusNelinenbe: no, that part of the circuitry is not damaged
14:31:40elinenbegreat! :(
14:31:55pillwell, the battery and hdd may be good for resell though
14:31:57LinusNsorry to be the bearer of bad news
14:33:49 Quit webguest26 ("CGI:IRC")
14:34:54 Join Yokalosh [0] (
14:35:07Bgerit's so stupid h1xx's been so easy fried
14:35:16elinenbeit's okay.
14:35:19Yokaloshyo amiconn..... was it you that i was supposed to be doing the red light death thing for?
14:35:29elinenbeit is still under warranty, so we'll see what happens!
14:35:39Yokaloshcos after using a daily build i am still getting it these days
14:35:42acits not easy to open the iaudio without demange something
14:36:46Yokaloshand also, my jbr10 seems to have a habbit of deleting random mp3s
14:36:54Yokaloshi lost my kasabian album :(
14:36:57 Join [1]Chamois [0] (
14:37:22Yokaloshgot any ideas of what is wrong anyone?
14:38:17 Quit [1]Chamois (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
14:38:17 Join [1]Chamois [0] (
14:38:29Yokaloshyes? no?
14:38:36 Quit Chamois (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
14:38:36 Nick [1]Chamois is now known as Chamois (
14:38:48Yokaloshno? yes?
14:38:55elinenbeLinusN: if it can't be replaced, I'll send it over your way! :)
14:39:48 Join thegeek [0] (
14:40:20LinusNYokalosh: strange
14:40:37LinusNYokalosh: have you flashed it?
14:40:38amiconnYokalosh: Are you sure that you still get RLD? Because, it's normal that a retry may take a while, even a minute or so when battery is low and the retry can't be successful
14:40:55Yokaloshit is flashed
14:41:00Yokaloshand yes i still get rld
14:41:09amiconnRLD means the player is frozen forever until you power down forcibly
14:41:15Yokaloshmainly when the player is jigging bout in my pocket when i am walking
14:41:15*ac likes the ui of the iaudio
14:41:29Yokaloshamiconn: yeh i have to hold the off button
14:41:37Yokaloshor take out the batteries
14:42:21amiconnThis is really strange...
14:42:27Yokaloshindeed it is
14:42:34LinusNYokalosh: and you did reflash the daily build?
14:42:37 Quit DomZ ("CGI:IRC (EOF)")
14:42:46Yokaloshyes i reflashed the daily build
14:42:59amiconnI had RLD on my player (dreaded Hitcahi DK23CA), and the reason was pretty clear
14:43:21Yokaloshmaybe the hdd is just buggered, it wud also solve the dataloss problem ;)
14:43:30Yokaloshand also wht was your obvious problem?
14:43:38amiconnLinus added a workaroud to the old code, which intended to retry after a timeout, but that didn't work due to a mutex deadlock
14:44:00amiconnI resolved that, and don't get RLD any more
14:44:17Yokaloshwanna take a look at my jbr10 ;)
14:45:07amiconnIt still happens that the red led comes up for even more than a minute, when the battery gets so low that the disk is unable to spin up, but it will stop retrying sooner or later
14:45:44Yokaloshbut this is on a fuill battery
14:45:58amiconnIn all other cases that triggered RLD before, like shaking te player while rebuffering, it recovers just fine
14:48:26Yokaloshso what do you think i should do? you are the pros
14:49:25Yokaloshjust out of interest, what would be a better hd to put in my jbr10?
14:50:47B4gderany 4200rpm one
14:51:14Yokaloshfor example?
14:51:29amiconnPerhaps there is a problem with the filesystem. I'd suggest running chkdsk
14:51:40Yokaloshi just reformatted it in linux
14:51:48acneed to go now..
14:51:51acsee you later
14:51:54Yokaloshtalk to you when i get home from skool
14:52:00 Quit ac ("CGI:IRC")
14:52:26 Quit Yokalosh ("CGI:IRC (EOF)")
14:53:53 Join Febs [0] (
14:56:15 Join tvelocity [0] (
15:07:09 Quit Plugh_ (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
15:11:40]RowaN[i got bored and had a stab at a crappy 4color logo for rockbox =]
15:18:38 Join shawn [0] (
15:18:48shawnHowdy guys.
15:18:55 Nick shawn is now known as godzirra (
15:24:44 Part Nibbler ("Leaving")
15:26:59]RowaN[arg, ive tried 3 places selling the 30gig iriver hd and all are out of stock
15:27:54 Quit B4gder ("go go go")
15:40:52godzirraHow much is the 30gig?
15:41:38]RowaN[114 euro in most places
15:41:51godzirraHrm. not sure how much that is in USD
15:41:58godzirraprobably more than I'm willing to spend, since I havent filled my 20 gig yet.
15:42:00]RowaN[+ between 12 and 29 euros shipping
15:42:10]RowaN[1 euro = 1 dollar approx, i think
15:42:37godzirraOk.. then yeah... 114 bucks is more than I'm willing to spend :)
15:42:37]RowaN[1 euro = 1.19465 USD
15:43:15]RowaN[im not willing, im buying one against my will, coz i dropped my 20giger
15:43:42]RowaN[p.s. great for converting money =]
15:44:36godzirraIck.. that sucks
15:50:50***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
15:51:38]RowaN[iriver case should have some kind of hole for a strap like cameras do
15:55:44HClmuesli asks whether anyone has a problem with the last build that it boots the original firmware on iriver
15:58:09 Join BlackRiver [0] (
15:58:19BlackRiverhi eveybody
15:58:27DJ_Dooms_DayHey Rowan, what color values did you use for the greyscale?
15:58:47BlackRivercan some one help me i have a qustion..
15:58:56DJ_Dooms_DayAsk away
16:00:15BlackRiverthere will be an rockbox for iriver h300?
16:00:41DJ_Dooms_DayNot for a long time
16:00:57 Join CheeseBurgerMan [0] (~me@
16:01:12BlackRiverand why is this?
16:01:16DJ_Dooms_DayI'm pretty sure its in the pipeline though
16:01:40DJ_Dooms_DayBecause they first have to finish up the rockbox for the H1xx series
16:01:56DJ_Dooms_DayFrom there they can make the changes nesessary to have it work on the H3xx series
16:02:04BlackRiverohh.... cuse i really want a rockbox on my h340
16:02:39DJ_Dooms_DayWell, you'll be waiting awhile.
16:02:59BlackRiverwhat a player you got?
16:03:16DJ_Dooms_DayYeah, i love it :D
16:03:26BlackRiveryeah is great lokking
16:03:35DJ_Dooms_Day...not in a literial sence, but you know what i mean :P
16:03:47BlackRiverwhere are you from?
16:04:12BlackRiverwhere is aussie?
16:04:37DJ_Dooms_Dayvictoria, downing on the mornington peninsula
16:06:33DJ_Dooms_DayYou have any coding ability?
16:06:57BlackRivernot really... im only 15..(small endid)
16:09:38 Quit BlackRiver ()
16:14:26FebsBlackRiver: the iriver Rockbox FAQ contains a section about Rockbox for the H300 series:
16:16:57 Nick Lynx_ is now known as Lynx_awy (
16:18:25 Quit Aison ("( :: NoNameScript 3.72 :: )")
16:34:28*LinusN catches the digital flow with rockbox on his H110
16:34:58LinusNBuffer: 14.558MB
16:35:02amiconnCongratulations! :)
16:35:30amiconnWas there really only the RAM size that differs?
16:35:40LinusNso far yes
16:36:08amiconnLoaded via BDM, or?
16:36:58LinusNi didn't bother connecting the bdm
16:38:14amiconnSo there already is a bootloader and firmware patcher?
16:38:20LinusNno patcher
16:38:59amiconnHow did you load the bootloader then?
16:39:19LinusNi patched it with mkboot
16:39:49LinusN"the hard way"
16:40:22amiconnNo adjustment to the different iriver firmware required?
16:41:29 Quit bipak_ (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
16:42:03amiconnAdapting fwpatcher should be easy then. The md5 must be added, and the md5 sums should be validated by platform, to inject the right bootloader
16:42:21amiconnIs there a platform id in the bootloader?
16:42:55*amiconn still uses bootloader v1
16:43:30LinusNplatform id?
16:44:14amiconnIndicating iHP100, H120/H140, etc
16:44:28LinusNthe rockbox.iriver image has a model id
16:44:38LinusNand the checksum includes it
16:44:48LinusNso you can't load the wrong image by mistake
16:45:02amiconnYes. I mean the bootloader...
16:45:40FebsJust yesterday I rewrote the iriver FAQ to make sure that it distinguished between the H110 and the H120/140! And already it's outdated! :)
16:45:44amiconnWhat if you inject a H120 bootloader into iHP100 iriver firmware and then flash that into the iHP100?
16:45:44LinusNno, you are perfectly able to patch a H120 loader with H100 firmware
16:46:06LinusNthen the bootloader will crash
16:46:39amiconnThought so. That means this situation must be prevented
16:46:44LinusNand you'll have to reset twice to start the iriginal
16:47:21amiconnLinusN: The cookie mechanism will work even on the wrong model?
16:47:21LinusNso it will not be bricked if you install the h120 loader by mistake
16:47:31LinusN(i tried)
16:47:47LinusNthe cookie is in iram
16:47:50*amiconn wonders why the cookie mechanism will work, but not the rest of the loader
16:48:17amiconnThe execution address of the loader is the same?
16:49:10amiconnThen all is fine. I guess the other possibiliy to misflash will work the same way
16:49:10 Quit alxcm (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
16:49:30amiconn(install iHP100 loader on a H120/H140)
16:49:37LinusNi'm glad that i made the cookie mechanism, it saved me today on my first h110 bootloader version
16:50:05LinusNthough i wouldn't have tried without it
16:50:20amiconnOtherwise you would have had to install the BDM
16:50:27amiconnAt least you have one...
16:57:49 Join PaulJ [0] (
17:00:32 Join alxcm [0] (
17:03:21HClnice to see you working on more bootloaders :)
17:10:12 Quit elinenbe_ (" Try HydraIRC -> <-")
17:11:42LinusNok, so it's time to release a new boot loader
17:12:25LinusNi wonder if we should remove the "start original with remote" feature
17:12:57amiconnI vote for it
17:13:03LinusNme too
17:13:52amiconnI'll flash a new boot loader if it contains that change.
17:14:10amiconnThe new bootloader will then also contain the refresh cycle fix, right?
17:14:25LinusNyou should definitely have flashed the v2 loader long ago, imho
17:14:33amiconnHmm, why?
17:14:46LinusNbecause it contains the usb handling
17:14:49 Quit Bger ("BitchX-1.1-final -- just do it.")
17:14:50amiconnAfair the only change was the HD power being off by default
17:14:58amiconnv1 does already conatin USB
17:15:07LinusNit does? hmmm
17:15:15LinusNah yes
17:15:25amiconn...and the HD power thing doesn't bother me, as I never use hold
17:16:24LinusNok, so i'll prepare a v3 boot loader this weekend
17:16:34LinusNwith the remote feature removed booting with v1 is even a tiny bit faster than with v2
17:17:32LinusNbtw, are the flash screens using the darkest gray shade?
17:17:47amiconnNo, they use the lighter one of the 2
17:18:48amiconnIt seems the brightness curve is non-linear, I even used the slightly lighter shades compared to the 'ideal' values
17:18:54elinenbeLinusN: my h120 is completly dead, but they are replacing it... I got lucky
17:19:09amiconnThe LCD allows to set shades of 0..7, 0=white and 7=black
17:19:15elinenbeLinusN: no kidding... they are hard to get ahold of now...
17:19:36amiconnSo, the theoretical intermediates would be 2.333 and 4.667
17:19:41amiconnI used 2 and 4
17:19:52elinenbeLinusN: can you detect voltage through software?
17:20:07Rickare we talking about h120?
17:20:19LinusNelinenbe: huh?
17:20:25Rickrockbox has grayscale in cvs now?
17:20:48DJ_Dooms_DayAmiconn - I want to make some greyscale splash screens and WPS graphics and whatnot, but no one seems to know what the exact values are for the shades of grey to use in the bmp. Do you know?
17:21:27Rickthat would depend on the bmp2rb (I think), right?
17:21:33amiconnThe bmp loader for wps doesn't support greyscale yet
17:22:28elinenbeLinusN: you know how I destroyed my device? is there any way to prevent that through software?
17:22:31amiconnDJ_Dooms_Day: Simply use the linear intermediates, because that's what the core approximates
17:22:41LinusNelinenbe: not a chance
17:22:45 Join Infirit [0] (
17:22:53LinusNthe firmware isn't even running
17:22:59Rick(how did elinenbe destroy it?)
17:23:10LinusNRick: too high charger voltage
17:23:30amiconnDJ_Dooms_Day: In html color values: #000000, #555555, #AAAAAA and #FFFFFF
17:23:40elinenbeRick: wrong charger...
17:23:44DJ_Dooms_Dayah, thanks, thats what i was after
17:23:52elinenbeRick: smae exact plug... but it was for my satellite radio.
17:23:54amiconnelinenbe: Didn't you say 5 volts?
17:24:21 Quit Infirit (Remote closed the connection)
17:24:22amiconnHmm, either it was unregulated 5 volts, or wrong polarity
17:24:43Rickelinenbe: did it like, start smoking or something? :O
17:25:42 Join Infirit [0] (
17:27:09elinenbeRick: nope... charged all night (looked normal so i thought)
17:27:26elinenbeyeah −− 5 volts 2 amp charger
17:27:39elinenbetried to turn it on and then realized my ways.
17:27:47elinenbealthough the satellite radio worked fine with my charger.
17:27:53elinenbewith the iriver charger!
17:28:10Rickthat's gotta suck
17:28:10amiconnLinusN: What about the MFDR(2) values?
17:28:25Rickelinenbe: were you able to recover the hd?
17:28:33 Quit Infirit (Remote closed the connection)
17:29:03LinusNamiconn: will try them as soon as i find the time to connect the logic analyzer
17:29:26amiconnHmm, I wonder why you chose a different RAM start address...
17:29:30 Join Sucka [0] (
17:31:12 Join hardeep [0] (
17:32:17 Join guyg [0] (
17:35:52guygDoes anyone know if there's an equivalent function to mas_codec_readreg() for the iRiver? So that I could write some visualisation stuff?
17:41:15LinusNamiconn: me too :-)
17:41:24LinusNgotta go
17:41:27 Part LinusN
17:50:53***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
17:52:17 Quit DJ_Dooms_Day ()
17:52:56 Join DJ_Dooms_Day [0] (
17:53:03 Quit tvelocity ("Leaving")
17:55:23 Quit guyg ("CGI:IRC (EOF)")
18:00:26 Quit elinenbe (" HydraIRC -> <- irc client ownage!")
18:04:57 Quit DJ_Dooms_Day ()
18:05:43 Join DarkSnarfer [0] (
18:20:56 Quit ]RowaN[ ()
18:34:09 Join pabs [0] (
18:52:12 Quit Febs ("Chatzilla [Firefox 1.0.4/20050511]")
18:52:14 Quit DarkSnarfer (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
18:57:01 Join Febs [0] (
19:13:12 Quit hardeep ("[BX] For a good time, call 1-900-4BitchX")
19:13:33 Join DarkSnarfer [0] (
19:19:19 Join Zoric [0] (~zoric85@
19:23:18 Quit Coldtoast ("Peace and Protection 4.22")
19:23:37 Join Coldtoast [0] (
19:24:55HCli'm bored...
19:25:01Coldtoastget a wig
19:25:21HCli don't have to
19:26:07HClcrappy windows malfunctioning..
19:26:44Coldtoastmy new battery finished charging
19:26:58Coldtoastleft it for about 8hrs
19:29:05HClwindows started working again halfway through shutting down
19:31:04 Quit DarkSnarfer (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
19:48:02 Join cYmen_ [0] (
19:48:39 Join solex [0] (
19:48:47 Quit cYmen (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
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19:51:51 Quit solex_ (Read error: 60 (Operation timed out))
19:54:24 Join Yokaloshi [0] (
19:54:35 Quit Yokaloshi (Client Quit)
19:54:54 Join DarkSnarfer [0] (
20:05:28 Quit DarkSnarfer (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
20:08:01 Join yokalosh [0] (
20:08:28yokaloshwe were talking earlier
20:08:48yokaloshabout RLD on my JBR10
20:11:27yokaloshdo you have any ideas yet of what was wrong? i cant remember where we where with out convo
20:23:17 Join DarkSnarfer [0] (
20:25:14 Quit Sucka ("a bird in the bush is worth two in your house")
20:27:58 Quit yokalosh (Remote closed the connection)
20:28:35 Join hardeep [0] (
20:37:01 Join MIKE- [0] (
20:37:24MIKE-anyone got any links to some ch8 games?
20:41:20 Quit alxcm (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
20:41:23 Join alxcm [0] (
20:46:23 Join alxcm_ [0] (
20:46:23 Quit alxcm (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
21:02:03 Join alxcm [0] (
21:02:03 Quit alxcm_ (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
21:02:44 Part Zoric
21:08:25 Quit DarkSnarfer ("Abandonando")
21:08:40 Join DomZ [0] (
21:14:21 Quit MIKE- ()
21:30:03Chamoisdomz : pm
21:32:07 Join webguest99 [0] (
21:33:36 Quit webguest99 (Client Quit)
21:33:37Coldtoastwhat's cool? other than the temperature here?
21:33:50 Join WaT [0] (
21:35:45 Join ]RowaN[ [0] (
21:37:37*HCl goes to read the forums o.o;
21:37:59WaTanyone alive?
21:38:26WaTdo you develop for rockbox?
21:38:55WaToh, i'd like to but it seems too complicated to compile
21:40:45HClhow so?
21:45:39 Join wintermute [0] (
21:45:52crashdevening wintermute
21:46:10crashdwas wondering if u were in london yesterday
21:46:12crashdbut had no way to check
21:46:50wintermuteIf you're referring to me, thanks for the concern, but I live stateside.
21:47:01crashdi was totally under the impression u lived in nodnol
21:47:09wintermuteI think you're thinking of someone else.
21:47:13crashdpossibly dude
21:47:18wintermuteBut I'll take what I can get. ;)
21:47:26HCli implement song rating, playcount, and a new database
21:47:33HCland suddenly i have a whole userbase i need to helpdesk for
21:47:48*HCl starts replying on the forums :|
21:48:09CassandraIt's great. Implement a feature and everyone goes. "And can I have it with chocolate sprinkles on top?"
21:48:17wintermuteI suppose, one of these days, I should get around to newbsitting..
21:48:37WaTI know java pretty well, will I be able to contribute coding wise?
21:49:02HClWaT: maybe with the database generator..
21:49:07HCldo you know anything about music tags?
21:49:20WaTno i don't, but i could learn
21:49:32HCli could use a good backend for reading, writing, and getting the offsets of the actual music data badly
21:49:35HClin java
21:49:45HClat the moment i use like... 3 different backends
21:50:13*wintermute spouts madeup tech jargon in an effort to help
21:50:33WaTI just discovered rockbox yesterday, tried setting up compiling environment with no luck
21:50:49WaTif you could explain on where to start i'd give it a shot
21:50:57***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
21:52:15wintermuteWaT: If you're having trouble with setting up a Cygwin environment, then there's a good page on the Rockbox Wiki that should help.
21:53:15wintermuteQuick masochistic question: do BMP WPSs work on the FMR? ;D
21:53:57HClWaT: mmm, there's a wiki page on how to set it up.. what kind of player do you have?
21:54:06WaTiRiver ihp120
21:54:29wintermuteCygwinDevelopment covers the iRiver targets, I believe.
21:54:37WaTyea i messed around with it last night but got lost trying to build the cross compiler - i'll give it another shot thsi weekend
21:56:07wintermuteBuild the cross-compiler? I was under the impression that it downloaded/installed pre-built binaries.
21:56:51HClthe wiki says to build it yourself
21:56:56HClbut i got a precompiled one off someone too
21:56:59HCli can dcc if people want to
21:57:01WaT"WARNING These versions do not work correctly to build current rockbox code. You are strongly advised to build your own CrossCompiler instead.. It will fail when it reaches dumb, as preglow so eloquently put it in irc "dumb will vomit". "cygwin doesn't like us these days"..
21:57:17HClwant me to dcc you a crosscompiler?
21:57:18HClx86 linux
21:57:27WaTi'm at work right now
21:59:05HClscary if you see what end users have made already with t0mas' wps image patch
21:59:22*HCl waits for an end user to make him a nice wps :P
21:59:33ColdtoastI like my WPS
21:59:54HClat the moment i took one of the wiki and added playcount and rating
21:59:57HClbut it glitches
22:00:00HClso i need a better one
22:00:06Coldtoast is mine
22:00:11Coldtoastsimple one
22:00:18HClnot bad
22:00:27HCli like to know upcoming too though
22:00:37ColdtoastI have upcoming
22:00:44ColdtoastNext Track
22:01:09HClnot bad
22:01:14ColdtoastI'll do something different with greyscale is in
22:01:16HClgot it online somewhere?
22:01:23HCladd playcount and rating :P
22:01:34Coldtoastthere's loads of room to add stuff
22:01:59WaTany idea when greyscale is expected to work?
22:02:54HClexport/config-h100.h:2:2: #error "re-run configure this just so wrong"
22:03:06HClWaT: should be working already, as far as i understand
22:03:09HClamiconn works on it
22:03:30WaTfor wps?
22:03:49HCli think he might be working on that too
22:03:59HClnot sure
22:04:16WaTtop left is my new one
22:04:25WaTthat I use... not made
22:04:56 Quit RotAtoR ()
22:05:18HClcan't see it, don't have an account on the rockbox forums yet..
22:05:27HCljust registered for misticriver so i could answer there a bit
22:07:25 Quit WaT ("CGI:IRC (EOF)")
22:09:19HCli need to prod markun about how he did replaygain
22:11:29 Quit Cassandra (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
22:14:37thegeekwhat is the default font?
22:22:50 Quit gromit` (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
22:24:06 Join gromit` [0] (~gromit`
22:39:35 Join sfried [0] (
22:40:00 Join [IDC]Dragon [0] (
22:40:01sfriedquick question on iriver rockbox codec
22:40:36sfriedIs there a codec for WMA someplace?
22:40:55HClnot for rockbox
22:41:12HCland no one is really keen on making it either, most developers, including me, hate wma
22:41:18HClon top of that
22:41:24HClthere is no fixed point implementation of a wma decoder
22:41:37 Join RotAtoR [0] (
22:42:05sfriedI understand that there is a way to go back and forth from rockbox to the old configuration. We have the H120
22:42:11sfriedHow do I do that?
22:42:20 Join Maxime [0] (
22:43:02 Quit Maxime (Client Quit)
22:43:11 Join Maxime [0] (
22:43:12HClyou mean boot the original firmware?
22:43:16HClhave some patience, please
22:43:28[IDC]Dragonhi guys
22:43:40HClyou can boot the original firmware by starting rockbox with the remote play button or holding record while booting
22:43:43HClhi [IDC]Dragon
22:43:45sfriedI understand there is a sequece of keys that will switch back to old config?
22:44:21[IDC]Dragondoes anybody have an idea how to reverse engineer a CRC, given a bunch of data/CRC pairs?
22:44:49HClsfried: what do you mean with old configuration.
22:45:01HCl[IDC]Dragon: um. as far as i know its designed so you can't
22:45:24[IDC]Dragona CRC is no hash
22:45:48sfriedCool, thank you
22:47:25amiconn[IDC]Dragon: Try all possible CRC algorithms by brute force
22:47:51bill20r3maybe you could, if the source data is small enough
22:48:16[IDC]Dragonthat's what I was thinking as a last resort
22:48:42[IDC]Dragonthe data is about 5 bytes
22:48:50[IDC]Dragonthe CRC is 16 bit
22:48:53bill20r3paste me a pair
22:49:42[IDC]Dragone.g. 00 01 02 06 FC
22:49:58[IDC]Dragon3 bytes payload, 2 bytes checksum
22:50:19[IDC]Dragonpreparing more
22:50:49sfriedthank u guys so much-
22:51:03sfriedthat was my buddy helping me and he is a bit pushy
22:51:08sfriedappreciate the help
22:51:48sfriedwell, i know your feeling re: WMA, so do you even use the orig config or do you just use other formats?
22:52:05sfriedif i want to play stuff ripped from disc what do u suggest?
22:53:24 Join webguest25 [0] (
22:53:31HCllast time i tried to actually use rockbox as an end user
22:53:35HClit crashed like 3 times
22:53:43HCli also think there are some bugs left with my runtime database
22:53:51HCland i also like to have radio
22:53:52Coldtoastit's been quite stable lately
22:53:53*amiconn goes to test bootbox
22:53:55HClso i used the original firmware
22:54:12amiconn[IDC]Dragon: Anything special I should check, apart from the remarks in the wiki?
22:54:27sfriedso you would suggest using orig rather than decoding to other formats?
22:54:45HClit depends on your needs, really.
22:54:50sfriedi mainly wanted rockbox for live playback (gaples)
22:54:53HClbut rockbox for iriver is still unofficial
22:55:00HClbut it should be stable enough
22:55:11sfriedi guess i could toggle between disc rips and stuff that needs gapless playback
22:55:14[IDC]Dragonamiconn: there are almost no feature
22:55:44amiconnYeah. I mean, any special conditions, like having an MMC plugged at startup or such
22:55:59Coldtoasthey. is FLAC playback godo now?
22:56:13[IDC]Dragonplugging should still work, yes
22:56:17sfriedwhat bit rate does everyone genarally use?
22:56:33sfriedis 128 too low in your opinion? or cant tell w earbuds?
22:56:41Coldtoastheh. I use 320kbit for MP3 and 500kbit for ogg
22:56:47Coldtoastdepends tho
22:56:49sfriedok, cool
22:57:00HCl128 / 192 for me
22:57:01ColdtoastI really only have one thing at that quality
22:57:06HCli can tell the difference between those
22:57:09HClbut not beyond 192
22:57:10Coldtoast128 sounds too horrible
22:57:11sfrieddumb q here..i downloaded some files that the bitrate fluctuates, what is that?
22:57:46sfriedso HC1 - u say you do not go over 192?
22:57:52 Quit Chamois (" HydraIRC -> <- IRC has never been so good")
22:57:56HCli say i can't tell the difference
22:58:04sfriedok, thnx
22:58:13HClthats a whole different thing
22:58:13sfriedanyone use their player for Grateful Dead shows?
22:58:38sfriedi want to use rockbox for gapless playback, but each show in .WAV is > 1G
22:58:52wintermuteSee you all later.
22:58:55 Quit wintermute ("CGI:IRC")
22:59:04bill20r3Dragon, what are those crc's of?
22:59:24Coldtoastif you want good gapless, use OGG to encode them
22:59:31sfriedso not sure how low bitrate i want to go, but would love to load it up..any suggestions?
22:59:55sfriedyou wrre helping me last week Coldtoast
22:59:59sfriedunder a diff name
23:00:07Coldtoastoh? ok
23:00:09sfriedI told you I was not a westie!!
23:00:19Coldtoastaaah. heh. I remember
23:00:25sfriedi got my player and my buddy just hooked me up w the rockbox
23:00:43Coldtoastnp :)
23:00:46sfriedi copied your instructions and used them,.i was worried to do it, so had him do it
23:00:49Coldtoasthave you had much of a play yet?
23:01:11sfriednah, just got it set up and realized it didnt have WMA codec so came in here for suggestions
23:01:31sfriedso i guess i'll use orig config for that or just decode to another format
23:01:44sfriedneeded to know how to get back to orig config
23:01:50sfriedHC helped me
23:01:50Coldtoastyeah. nice to have the option to do it :)
23:02:14sfriedwould u decode to another format or just use the WMA on orig iRiver firmware
23:02:15ColdtoastI upgraded the battery in my h140 today
23:02:27Coldtoastuse WMA
23:02:31Coldtoastnever transcode
23:02:40sfriedwhat do u mean
23:02:47Coldtoastyou're compressing somethign that's already been compressed
23:02:48sfriedtry to change formats?
23:03:12ColdtoastI wouldn't personally
23:03:20sfriedok, so stick w iriver firmware if i want to just play regular commercial discs that have been ripped?
23:03:35HCljust rip them to ogg
23:03:35Coldtoastyeah. and in future, don't encode as WMA
23:03:50Coldtoastconver them to FLAC
23:03:50sfriedwhat prog to do that?
23:03:54 Quit webguest25 ("CGI:IRC")
23:03:56sfriedwhat program?
23:04:14ColdtoastFLAC is lossless so theoretically, converting WMA to FLAC would be ok
23:04:35sfriedi just used window media player as was just testing out and it ripped as wma - no other options
23:04:45amiconn[IDC]Dragon: Bootbox is working on Ondio SP. About to test player...
23:04:47Coldtoastwhy are you using that thing? heh
23:04:51Coldtoastuse EAC
23:04:51amiconnI found a problem though:
23:04:54ColdtoastExact Audio Copy
23:04:58sfriedwhat program would u use to convert wma to flac?
23:04:59Coldtoastit's free
23:05:06ColdtoastFLACdrop maybe?
23:05:07Febssfried: WMP can rip to MP3. But try Audiograbber, EAC or CDex.
23:05:12sfriedok, i know that one
23:05:14amiconnIf bootbox doesn't find a firmware file, 2 messages are displayed.
23:05:28amiconnWhile these messages are displayed, it doesn't accept USB
23:06:04amiconn...and it's impossible to power down
23:06:08sfriedthanks guys..anyone use the MKW tool?
23:06:28sfriedand rockbox has flac codec i assume?
23:06:56ColdtoastI'm encoding War of the Worlds as FLAC now
23:06:58sfriedthis is greatr - well, i am of to rip and set up etc..thanks again so much
23:07:08Coldtoastno probs
23:07:29sfriedill be back i am sure w some q's as i just got this setup literally seconds ago.."TIEGS" my usual name
23:07:32sfriedthanks all
23:07:43Coldtoasthave fun
23:07:47sfriedty :
23:07:53 Quit sfried ("CGI:IRC (EOF)")
23:08:15ColdtoastI kinda like these "Drop" apps
23:08:28ColdtoastOggDrop, LameDrop, FlacDrop
23:08:40 Quit Febs ("Chatzilla [Firefox 1.0.4/20050511]")
23:10:29 Quit Maxime ()
23:14:03amiconn[IDC]Dragon: Same goes for player bootbox; it's working, but with the no-USB-while-displaying-message problem
23:14:11 Join Toto [0] (
23:14:46[IDC]Dragonamiconn: hmm
23:15:54[IDC]Dragonwill check later
23:17:07amiconnThere is a simple way to make it accept the connection; obviously the message display waits for a button
23:18:31amiconnWhen USB is already plugged in, you can press 2 buttons to dismiss the messages, after that bootbox goes straight into USB mode
23:18:58 Join ghode|afk [0] (
23:19:33[IDC]Dragonit could do so even during the msg
23:19:44amiconnYes, but it doesn't
23:20:02bill20r3dragon, what are those string - crc pairs from?
23:20:19[IDC]Dragona network protocol
23:20:33HClthought so
23:20:36bill20r3which one?
23:20:49[IDC]Dragonit's called PHC
23:21:01[IDC]Dragonfor home automation
23:21:10amiconnAny news concerning the MAS pcm codec?
23:21:29[IDC]Dragonwant some more?
23:21:33bill20r3like non-sucky x-10?
23:22:03[IDC]DragonX-10? is that the powerlinePIC?
23:23:16[IDC]Dragonamiconn: just got an answer today, the gesponsible guy from Micronas is back from vacation next week
23:23:47amiconnAh... must have been a long vacation? ;)
23:24:30[IDC]DragonI'm doing all the bugging I can, believe me
23:24:49bill20r3phc is all undocumented?
23:25:32[IDC]Dragonalmost. They mention RS485, the CRC, some other bits
23:25:59[IDC]Dragonbut the protocol itself is not disclosed, afaik
23:26:58bill20r3anything after the 5th byte is crc?
23:27:08bill20r3or do the field lengths vary?
23:27:46[IDC]Dragonthey vary, the last 2 bytes is the checksum
23:27:56bill20r3oh, k.
23:28:05 Join edx [0] (
23:28:13[IDC]Dragonprobably little endian, but I'm not 100% sure
23:28:46[IDC]Dragonbill20r3: are you into such things?
23:29:01[IDC]DragonI'm amazed you know x-10
23:29:42bill20r3not really
23:29:52bill20r3x10 is pretty common isnt' it?
23:30:10[IDC]DragonI just learned about it today
23:30:24[IDC]Dragonperhaps a US thing
23:32:18[IDC]Dragonwhat's the sucky part of it?
23:33:44bill20r3just that it's only one-way, so you cant check to see if your command actually happened
23:34:13[IDC]Dragonah. phc is ack'ing everything.
23:35:17[IDC]DragonI'm close to write a program trying all 65536 CRC16 polynoms
23:35:39[IDC]Dragonand hope it is a CRC16
23:36:58 Quit Toto ("CGI:IRC")
23:38:22 Quit CheeseBurgerMan (Read error: 145 (Connection timed out))
23:39:49 Join alxcm_ [0] (
23:39:49 Quit alxcm (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
23:41:16amiconn[IDC]Dragon: Would it be possible to let firmware_flash.rock check whether the current flash content is already a rockbox image or archos original?
23:41:36amiconn...and do the rom dump if it is archos original
23:42:28[IDC]Dragona new way of a united flash plugin?
23:42:40amiconnNo, not united
23:42:54[IDC]Dragonor a removed debug entry
23:43:17amiconn...only saving the 'dump rom' debug menu entry, and at the same time make sure that the romdump is made
23:43:36amiconnFor, rockbox_flash.rock, we should find a way to check whether the load address of a rombox.ucl matches the flash image
23:43:43[IDC]Dragonfor the later bootloaders, I can
23:44:07[IDC]Dragonthey have a version byte, which is 0 on Archos
23:44:28amiconnWhen we change the load address with bootbox, people might incidentally flash an older .ucl into the new image or vice versa
23:44:31amiconn-> crash
23:44:48[IDC]Dragonchecking th load adr is easy, that's already in the code
23:45:05amiconnIt is?
23:45:22[IDC]Dragonyes, to set the relocate flag
23:45:38[IDC]Dragoniirc, /me checks
23:46:02amiconnI think for compressed images you're right
23:46:10amiconn...but these are not the problem here
23:49:51[IDC]Dragonlook at line 442
23:50:45amiconnYes. That checks whether the reset vector differs from the standard 0x09000000, and decides it's rombox if so
23:50:52[IDC]Dragonwe can do some more checking here, like matching with the image address
23:51:00***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
23:51:04amiconnIt doesn't check whether this matches the flash destination address
23:51:38[IDC]Dragonbut it can in future
23:52:02[IDC]DragonI was telling you that the "infrastructure" exists
23:52:07 Quit silencer (Nick collision from services.)
23:52:08 Join silencer [0] (
23:52:09 Quit silencer (Nick collision from services.)
23:52:17amiconnHmm. Provided the reset vector is guaranteed to point directly behind the vector table, it is possible
23:52:40 Join Infirit [0] (
23:52:47 Quit Infirit (Client Quit)
23:52:51[IDC]Dragonyes, that's the assumption
23:52:54amiconnThen the reset vector should be destination + 0x210 for a valid rombox image
23:53:22[IDC]Dragonah, I remember vaguely
23:53:40[IDC]Dragonthe we check for that ;-)
23:54:04amiconn...Provided the reset vector is guaranteed to point directly behind the vector table
23:54:31amiconnTheoretically the reset vector could point anywhere in the code...
23:54:55 Join Stryke` [0] (
23:55:13 Join Infirit [0] (
23:55:18 Quit Infirit (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
23:55:30[IDC]Dragonsure, if we don't stick with our linking
23:57:08 Join silencer_ [0] (

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