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#rockbox log for 2005-07-09

00:01:44bill20r3Dragon, this may be helpfull:
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00:04:18[IDC]Dragonbill20r3: I've done CRCs before
00:04:36*bill20r3 hasn't
00:04:41[IDC]Dragonbut indeed need a non-table algorithm
00:04:42bill20r3but now I know a tiny bit about them
00:05:03bill20r3do you have any code or any other info on this you can link me to?
00:05:19[IDC]Dragonrockbox contains CRC code
00:05:26[IDC]Dragon(I made it)
00:05:38[IDC]Dragonor, found and adapted it ;-)
00:06:00[IDC]Dragonit's in the debug menu and the flash plugins
00:07:43HClwe use it all around for the tagdatabase nowadays too
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00:40:39pillcan someone tell me how to get the tag database working please?
00:40:51pilla quick explanation
00:41:09pillon ihp 1x0
00:42:59thegeekplease read the wiki
00:45:27pilli did
00:45:36pillwell i quickly overviewed
00:45:53pilli'll go through it all then
00:46:01pilli guess i was just being lazy
00:47:36pillactually please disregard my question
00:47:41pillit's really too easy
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03:00:50Rorihay guyz. any progress on remote lcd browse/play?
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03:48:39Lurkskianyone home?
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04:32:56jayjayjayjayIs there some people working on the iriver port here?
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04:45:33HClwhen they're not sleeping
04:46:02*HCl looks around briefly and rubs his eyes, peering into his laptop light, just waking up from dreaming he had cancer
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04:54:20tiegsHC1 ?
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05:36:34*alxcm waves
05:36:54*CheeseBurgerMan waves back.
05:48:01Roriwhat is it with keyboards? I can never seem to find the right one
05:48:19RoriI always end up with keyboards that don't 'feel' quite right
05:48:53zeRori: my fav keyboard (so far) is the single product sold by microsoft that i don't hate :p
05:48:58zethe natural elite
05:49:14CheeseBurgerManI've just got some old laptop.
05:49:20CheeseBurgerManI like it's keyboard. :)
05:49:47alxcmi love my laptop keyboard
05:49:59CheeseBurgerManIt just feels so......right.
05:50:07alxcmok, stop there
05:50:07zethe M$ natural's are ergonomic, the elite is a bit more compact and i like the layout better
05:50:10alxcmlet's not go there, CheeseBurgerMan
05:50:12Rorihmm not sure I can cope with a sloped keyboard
05:50:27alxcmi hate those split and sloped keyboards
05:50:28zei hate straight keyboards, forcing your wrists together
05:50:52zethis leaves my hands/wrists/arms in a natural position
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05:51:40RoriI'm a 2 finger typist
05:51:47RoriI type very badly :)
05:52:04Rorithough I can get about pretty fast still
05:52:09CheeseBurgerManlol - I type with all my fingers.
05:52:15Rorijust don't ask me to type in the dark
05:52:44CheeseBurgerManJust turn up your moniters brightness...
05:52:44RoriI always intended to learn to touch type but never get around to it
05:52:47zei type in the dark all the time
05:52:50CheeseBurgerManMe too.
05:53:04zemy old natural elite (which broke in 2000), i sanded all the letters off the keys
05:53:06Roriis your mirc window black or white background?
05:53:16zeblack background
05:53:19CheeseBurgerManI've got a greenish back ground.
05:53:26Roriblack is nice
05:53:29CheeseBurgerManBlack and purple text.
05:53:49*CheeseBurgerMan has unique tastes. :)
05:53:52zei just need to make black-backgrounded gtk/qt/firefox themes that don't suck
05:53:53Rorimy text is light blue and your is white
05:54:07zei use light gray text
05:54:12CheeseBurgerManI use black.
05:54:13zefor the most part
05:54:34CheeseBurgerManMine shows up as black, and everybody else shows up as purple.
05:54:47Rorilet me try other colors
05:55:57RoriI like mine looking like ansi
05:56:27RoriI made your text light grey it is a bit easier on the eye
05:57:05RoriI can't seem to select my own custom color in mirc though :P
05:57:18CheeseBurgerManRight click on a color.
05:57:21RoriI wanted a deep shade near black but not quite black
05:58:27Rorisorta dark dark purple now
05:58:47zei'm limited to ansi colors
05:58:53zesince it basically uses ansi to color it
05:59:15Roriansi in yer pantsi
05:59:34RoriI used to love the old ansi bbs's
05:59:45RoriI ran PCBoard for a while
06:00:05Rorion dual 28.8's :)
06:00:10zei only ever got on one bbs, and that was while i was waiting to get internet access
06:00:51RoriOddball's Diner. The place for your daily does of baud sucking flying ANSI graphics
06:01:23RoriI coded a lot of it myself it looked great
06:01:42RoriI had a fake DOS prompt for the bozos who thought they could hack me
06:01:47CheeseBurgerManJust a minute, I'm going to upload a screen shot for mine.
06:02:11Roriand after a while it faked a format on their C drive lol
06:02:30RoriTo see them disconnect suddenly was funny
06:03:05RoriI checked plugins for backdoors and when there was one I made it do that instead
06:04:08RoriI loved to Bluebox back before the net was usefull
06:06:10Rorisadly I lost it all and even the stuff I coded myself. all gone :/
06:07:04Roriah well
06:07:12zeRori: that sucks
06:07:59RoriI made some nice things too. Like this great animated ansi menu with a banner at the top and animated clock
06:08:00CheeseBurgerManThat's mine. :)
06:08:07zeCheeseBurgerMan: yuck heh
06:08:20Roriputrid colors dude
06:08:33Roriare you color blind? ;)
06:08:41Roriyou soon will be :)
06:09:00CheeseBurgerManI like it...
06:09:11*CheeseBurgerMan is unique. ;P
06:09:36RoriI gotta go to the puter fair later to try and find a remote mini keyboard with inbuilt mouse controller
06:10:06RoriMy old one died. I use it as a glorified remote control in front of the TV
06:10:42Rorisaves me getting up to the computer to pause video etc
06:11:12Roridamned expensive they are on the net (at least in the UK)
06:11:13 Quit RotAtoR ()
06:11:24zei built a cheapo serial lirc reciever for our pvr and programmed it and the universal remote with matching button sets
06:11:42zeno good for entering data, but great for controlling mythtv
06:13:38zei'd like to have something like that for entering text and also for PC games
06:13:52zealthough for PC games i really need a trackball to go with it
06:14:18Rorithey do pad or trackball
06:15:45Rorithink I might get a trackball one if I can find one
06:16:02Roribut if I find a cheapo one at the fair with pad I will just grab that
06:16:29zei'm used to a particular kind of trackball anyway, logitech trackman marbles
06:16:37zefast and smooth w/ optical tracking
06:17:05zethey make some lame models though with a big ball in the middle that you gotta operate with your index finger
06:17:19zei like the thumb-operated kind, much greater range of motion
06:17:38zebut then the newer ones, which i currently have one of, they made about half the size and its too small for my hand and tends to move around more cause its too light
06:17:40RoriI have one
06:18:02Rorimine is the big ball for thumb. it's red with black dots all over it
06:18:17RoriI stopped using it though
06:18:31Roriback with a cordless mouse from Logitech for the moment
06:18:36RoriI am always switching around
06:18:54zeif i could get one of the original ones but with a scrollwheel and cordless... that'd be like perfect
06:18:54RoriI think switching jelps actuallyh
06:19:19zei don't remember if they made the full-sized ones with scrollwheels
06:19:33RoriI wonder why my 'o' key is a bit worn on this keyboard :)
06:19:36ashridahi just got an addressing error when i tried to play a .ogg file
06:19:45 Join webguest92 [0] (
06:20:05RoriO and L
06:20:31zemaybe it's getting too OL'd
06:20:50*Rori sings no L no L, no L no L...born is the king of IsraeL.
06:20:52ashridahyep. vorbis playback is broken
06:21:15Rorivorbis playback is always getting broken
06:21:32Roristop breaking ogg dudes
06:21:45Roriand since I use it a lot now for gapless too!
06:23:27Roritype like that dudes
06:24:25Roriyou have to learn the key combos
06:25:11Rorilike press left forfinger and right thumb for a B etc
06:25:40zei use dvorak
06:25:47RoriI'd rather learn to play the piano
06:26:07zei do that too
06:26:18zesometimes anyway
06:26:52zei don't like the look of that one
06:28:14RoriI want thought controlled
06:30:36zei keep wondering if i couldn't adapt the stuff from the retropsychokenisis project into an input mechanism
06:30:48zesteeeep learning curve, but if i could get the hang of it, it'd own
06:31:56zei was pretty good at the rpk when i did their online stuff
06:31:59zehard to be consistent though
06:32:58zethe less i do it, the better it works out it seems
06:33:04zelike if i just get on and do one single run
06:33:08zeevery once in a while
06:33:33zei'll get like a 1 in 1000 probability score or thereabouts pretty consistently
06:33:47zebut if i just keep doing it over and over then i tend not to get so good
06:34:00Rorino idea what you are on about :)
06:34:20zeand i get the worst when its doing a recorded run... knowing that its logged and will get counted for a stored score throws off the mindset for me
06:34:51zeRori: retropsychokenisis is the phenomena of psychokeneticlly affecting things retroactively
06:35:15Rorisounds like bs
06:35:19zeRori: there's this project online
06:35:29zethey've got some hardware true random number generators
06:35:36zebased on radioactive decay or something i think
06:35:47zethen a computer collects the random numbers and stores them
06:35:50*Rori puts on his tinfoil hat
06:35:59zewithout anybody observing them
06:36:07webguest92I'd be putting tinfoil on somewhere lower...
06:36:17zethen there's java interfaces on the web
06:36:19Rorimaybe I should get one of these
06:36:34zethat read the stored random numbers and display them graphically by a couple different methods
06:36:38zei like the plain bell curve one
06:36:43zeit just shows a bell curve and a line
06:36:53zeand the line moves left or right or stays centered or whatever
06:37:06zeindicating the deviation from the mean for the current random number
06:37:22zeand just goes through the stored random numbers one after another, displaying it like that
06:37:22RoriI am a tree
06:37:43zeso the idea is you pick one way or the other, left or right
06:37:45Rorisee me spread my branches
06:37:48zeand try to get the line to go as far that way as you can
06:37:56*Rori got wood
06:38:17*ashridah wanders off to repeatedly stab someone who turned on an out-of-office responder for a mailing list.
06:38:45zeRori: looks neat but i wouldn't really care for a kb like that
06:39:12*Rori plays with his Bell Curve
06:39:47zethen it goes for some limited length of time
06:39:48Rorize you must visit those new world order sites or something
06:40:04RoriDavid Ike and the lizards
06:40:13zeand shows you results like the furthest you got it to go and what % of the time it was deviated by the mean by how much or somesuch like that, been a while since i looked at it
06:40:44Rorihere is a link for you,6903,972764,00.html
06:40:45zeand what probability the total outcome would happen by chance
06:41:10zeRori: not really
06:41:49zeRori: this stuff is actually based on the current most-commonly accepted interpretation (among physicists) of quantum theory
06:42:14RoriHerbie Fully Loaded
06:42:31RoriIt's a car but it's alive see
06:43:47zeRori: which is that when a random event has multiple equally-likely outcomes, it exists in a super-position of all those different possibilities untill it's observed by a conscious entity, at which point the superposition collapses into just one of those possibilities, which is the one observed
06:44:21zeRori: since consciousness itself is affecting the event, then it might be possible for it to bias the outcome
06:44:52RoriI love theorists
06:45:18RoriThey make up all these explanations of why something does such and such but can't actually prove it
06:45:24zeRori: nobody's worked out yet exactly why all the quantum probabilities collapse into the classical deterministic world on the macroscopic scales
06:45:39Rorisounds like a lot of big words to me :P
06:45:54zeRori: well actually quantum theory holds the whole superposition thing as true no matter what interpretation you take
06:46:08zeRori: the different interpretations that're out there are just different takes on what makes it end up being one way or another
06:46:09*Rori likes the theory of reality bubbles
06:46:35zeRori: and quantum theory is the single most succesful theory to describe the phenomena its concerned with ever devised by people
06:47:10zeRori: successful in the sense of both describing behavior previously known empirically, and also of making predictions that have been confirmed in new experiments
06:47:29Rorisoothsayers would be appalled
06:47:34zeRori: quantum electrodynamics particularly
06:48:23Roriah well...without theories I guess we would not have a lot of cool tech stuff
06:48:32zeRori: its an ironic twist of fate that many of physicists who hated quantum theory, including einstein, have formulated arguments against it that they considered absurd, which have then had testable consequences that turned out to work out the way their "absurd" arguments predicted
06:48:56zeRori: so in trying to dissent to quantum theory, they've inadvertently lended further support and development to it
06:49:28Roriif it's not reproducable on a consistent basis I won't believe it
06:49:35zeit is
06:50:04zelike i said, for its scope, its the most successful theory we've got
06:50:13RoriI've seen some weird stuff in my time though like balls of orange light floating through fields
06:50:25Roriso I won't say it's all baloney
06:50:33zealthough a screwed up aspect of it is that while it describes the behaviour of electrodynamic phenomena perfectly
06:50:42zeit doesn't give any explanation as to how it happens
06:51:03zenothing behind-the-scenes
06:51:07RoriI like those things they capture on cameras
06:51:17Rorithings flying through the air at high speeds
06:51:22zewe've just got these equations that we can plug things into and they give us the same result our experiments will
06:51:31zebut it doesn't say how it works out that way
06:51:31Rorinobody can explain those
06:51:45zeheh yeah there's all kinds of funky stuff out there
06:51:50zethe 1st thing you described sounds like ball lightning
06:51:57zethe last thing, dunno
06:52:03Rorirods are weird
06:52:26Rorimost explainations are that it's the electrical circuitry causing interference
06:53:04zebut yeah what i do with the retropsychokenesis is the same thing i do with this dice game, 10,000
06:53:10zei've played it with my parents a bunch
06:53:17zeand several times i got into this particular attitude sortof
06:53:21Rorimost of the weirdest stuff I have seen those was while tripping on lsd ;)
06:53:29zeand as long as i was in that state of mind, i'd ridiculously own them at the dice game
06:54:05zesometimes i'd start to slip out of it a bit, and then i'd roll and it wouldn't be a good roll
06:54:06Roriyou a number counter?
06:54:16Roriyou'd be banned from Vegas :)
06:54:29zebut as long as i kept that attitude, the dice always came up good for me and bad for them
06:54:44zeno, i don't know how to do any kind of logical cheats or any of that
06:54:55zethis is just simple throwing 6 dice
06:55:07Roriyou'd get along with my crop circle friend
06:55:11zeand trying to get 1's, 5's, 3+ of a kind, or 1 2 3 4 5 6
06:55:58Rorifirst dude to get arrested for making crop circles in the UK. I also know that dude who hacked into the Pentagon some years back lol
06:56:31zeRori: quit grouping things together that're unrelated
06:56:34Roriyou know the one they said could have caused ww3 (yeah right)
06:56:45zenope dunno that i heard about that
06:57:15RoriI'm just trying to steer away from convos about probability
06:57:25Roriand quantum theory
06:57:44Roribecause I don't understand it and frankly don't realy care
06:58:00zewell forget about quantum theory and probability
06:58:06Roriit's all voodoo to me
06:58:45zei'm just saying... i've been able to affect random processes, and it'd be neat if i could put together an input mechanism based on it
06:58:59Roriis the universe expanding or decaying?
06:59:17zeas far as we know, its expansion seems to be accelerating
06:59:18Roriwrong word...collapsing
06:59:38zewhich has prompted them to invent "dark energy"
06:59:41Rorihow can you measure it?
06:59:48Roridark matter lol
06:59:54zeno not dark matter
07:00:24ze"dark matter" is what they invented because galaxies behave as though they have way way way more gravity than the visible mass of them would produce
07:00:47ze"dark energy" is the repulsive force thats accelerating the expansion of the universe
07:01:12RoriI thought it was just inertia
07:01:45zebetween the 2, the visible matter of the universe only accounts for 1% or less of the total mass of the universe, and the total matter of the universe only accounts for 1% or less of the total energy in the universe
07:02:10Rorithey can't figure out what the rest is
07:02:17zewhich means that everything we can see in a 13 billion lightyear span around us is an insignificant little portion of existance
07:02:42zeinertia would keep it going at a steady velocity
07:03:02zeexcept that gravity would be dragging against it, pulling things back
07:03:35zethe question used to be whether inertia would win out and reach a point where gravity can no longer pull things back together, and we'd get the heat death of the universe as everything spreads out indefinately
07:03:39Roriwell maybe something outside our own ideas is pulling it ever outwards
07:03:48zeor, if gravity would drag on it enough to pull everything back inward and make a "big crunch"
07:04:10Rorior maybe there is no out or in
07:04:11zebut recent observations suggest that, like i said, the expansion is actually accelerating somehow
07:04:21Rorimaybe it's a moebius loop :)
07:04:27zecould be
07:04:40*Rori gets flashbacks of TNG
07:04:41zelots of theories hold the universe to be various shapes that loop in on themselves
07:04:58zesome take it like the surface of a sphere except in 3 dimensions
07:05:11zeyou know if you're on the surface of a sphere and you go in one direction you'll come back around to where you started
07:05:17Rorithe idea that there is no inside or outside always strians my brain
07:05:25zeabstract that to a dimension higher, and thats how some take the universe to be
07:06:05zethe surface of a hypersphere i guess
07:06:10zebut others say maybe its a hypertorus
07:06:15zeor some other hypergeometry
07:06:15Roriif you could travel to the end of the universe would you end up back where you were? hmm
07:06:46Rorimaybe space is folded
07:06:57zei'm not sure if you could travel fast enough to outrace the expansion to ever try it
07:07:28Rorimaybe you get to the end and God has a big sign saying 'out of bounds'
07:08:24Rorimaybe the end of the universe is beyond the microscopic
07:08:45*CheeseBurgerMan wonder what that has to do with Rockbox... :| :P ;)
07:09:08Roriif you could magnify small enough you'd see God waving back at you
07:09:43Roriall these atom smashers
07:09:54Rorione day they will cause a black hole
07:10:16zei think i read about them making a short-lived micro black hole at some point
07:10:23zeor at least plans to make one, i forget
07:10:36zethey've made antimatter too
07:10:45RoriI saw a funny BBC short movie 5 different ways the world could end :)
07:10:47zefirst individual antimatter particles
07:10:54zeand now they've mde antihydrogen atoms
07:11:00Rorione was that
07:11:01 Join webguest25 [0] (
07:11:17zenext they're building traps so they can contain the antihydrogen atoms to experiment with them more
07:11:42webguest25hello i have a question
07:11:47Roriwe need fusion
07:12:23webguest25on the daily page i do not see a link labled latest under iriver. could someobody tell me why???
07:12:24zewe've got fusion... not any efficient ways though
07:12:44Rorithey got room temp fusion to work but it requires lots more energy in than they can get out
07:13:12zei recently read about pyrofusion i think it was
07:13:41Roriand forget hydrogen power plants for some time
07:13:51webguest25anybody got any ideas?
07:14:18zewebguest25: no clue
07:14:36RoriI'm off. I don't do science stuff.
07:14:53RoriI barely comprehend how to operate this computer
07:15:16Roriipso facto neato
07:15:25zehave fun
07:16:02webguest25i love the greyscale cant wait for more of it to appear. looks beatuful
07:18:35CheeseBurgerManNot nealy as beautiful as the H300s will look (:P) But yes, that'll be a great step forward. :)
07:18:53*CheeseBurgerMan is an H320 owner. ;)
07:19:11Cassandrawebguest25: The build system was changed yesterday to allow builiding for H100,H110,H115. As a result of this the H120 build changed. When the daily build runs in an hour or two, there should be a link again. In the meantime, you could use the bleeding edge build at the bottom of the page. The next daily will almost certainly be identical to it.,
07:20:10webguest25well im not that worried just wanted to know where the button went. thanks cassandra
07:20:49CassandraYou're welcome.
07:22:34Coldtoastwho here is using the latest bleeding edge?
07:22:50webguest25are they working on the lcd screen? i noticed that they got it to work on the simulator
07:23:13ColdtoastI updated, unplugged USB and got a PANIC and message about "empty dir size update" or something
07:23:33Coldtoastreset and now it fils to boot rockbox so boots the iriver fw instead
07:23:51ashridahsounds like something's messed up with the rockbox.iriver file
07:24:12Coldtoastyeah. I'll download it again I think
07:24:21ashridahchkdsk it from the usb boot loader screen, and reinstall it from a working copy
07:24:32CassandraColdtoast: Did you rerun "configure" before building.
07:24:54ColdtoastI just dl the ready made one from the rickbox site Cassandra
07:25:00ashridahCassandra: he's using daily builds
07:25:07CassandraOh, right.
07:25:18CassandraI rolled my own, that seemed to work.
07:27:23 Join tiegs [0] (
07:28:09Coldtoasthmmm. my battery remain time is now over 10hrs wrong
07:28:10CassandraYou can try using my build from christi/misc/">
07:28:21Coldtoastsays 15hrs, 10mins
07:28:37ColdtoastI re-downloaded. works now :)
07:28:56CassandraOK. Must've been a duff download then.
07:29:07ColdtoastI have a 2200mAH battery in mine now and before updating, rockbox was reporting 27hrs 30mins
07:29:14Coldtoastnow it says 15hrs 10mins
07:29:45CassandraI've noticed battery time tends to be underreported after turning on. Give it a minute or two.
07:29:55tiegscan anyone suggest best way to rip OGG files from a disc?
07:30:16zetiegs: what OS?
07:30:25tiegsi just tried some crap shareware that ripped/converted at like 96kb
07:30:29CassandraExact audio copy and the Ogg Vorbis encoder works for me.
07:30:31tiegsxp home
07:30:32Coldtoasttiegs: Exact Audio Copy with oggenc.dll
07:30:39zeah yeah then EAC i guess
07:30:50Coldtoastor is it oggenc.exe? heh
07:30:55tiegshi cold..could you give me a link please? i am not having luck w EAC
07:31:03zefor linux i use your mom's gaping cunt
07:31:06ashridahcdex works okay in windows i've been told.
07:31:08ze(script a friend wrote, ymgc)
07:31:25ashridahfor ripping anyway
07:31:29Cassandraze: Your friend badly needs a life.
07:31:31ashridahdon't remember if it encodes as well
07:31:48zeCassandra: the name might've been my idea... or a collaborative effort
07:31:52tiegsEAC wanted me to use the LAME f or MP3- had no clue how to import the LAME extractor or whatever itor
07:32:04CassandraThen you both badly need a life. :)
07:32:11tiegsthnx cold - i have that..which one?
07:32:41zeCassandra: you probably wouldnt appreciate this vocoder test i did then
07:32:43ghode|afktiegs: you could also try foobar
07:32:44ashridahsounds like he wrote cdparanoia for windows
07:33:00Cassandratiegs: It's pretty simple. Download a build of LAME, and copy lame.dll into your EAC directory.
07:33:43tiegswell, my concern is i want GAPLESS and no mp3 whatever the bit rate worked, only OGG worked for a truly gaples playback- i am hoping i can get that from commercial discs as well
07:33:45Coldtoastwoah! so Rockbox's FLAC is pretty efficient then!
07:34:27tiegsdid i say something wrong??
07:34:32Cassandratiegs: Rockbox's MP3 player supports gapless, provided you encode with a recent version of lame.
07:34:45zetiegs: lame's the only encoder i know of that has features specifically for gapless playback... which basically consists, i think, of storing a bit of extra info that tells players that support it what silence to skip
07:34:53tiegsok, i downloaded lame 3.96.1
07:35:01CassandraThat should do it.
07:35:13zevorbis > mp3 though
07:35:30tiegswhen i open that folder there is an .exe which when clicked seems to open a dos box that disappears
07:35:30ghode|afkoggenc2.exe > all
07:36:00CassandraI think either will give you gapless in Rockbox.
07:36:15zetiegs: the lame binary should be called by EAC
07:36:24ColdtoastCassandra: battery time is still reported as 15 hrs 10 mins after a few minutes
07:36:25zeor the dll i dunno
07:36:28zewhatever eac uses
07:37:02tiegsso i have 2 folders downloaded - eac and what?
07:37:11Coldtoasthadn't updated in a day and battery time was 27hrs 30mins so it seems battery time is more wrong again
07:37:27Cassandract: Maybe settings got reset. Have you checked that the battery power is set correctly in your settiings?
07:37:41*Cassandra can't remember any recent changes to the battery code.
07:37:50tiegswhen i run the EAC.exe and point to files, it makes them WAV only - what am i doing wrong?
07:38:09CassandraYou need to copy lame.dll from the lame folder to the EAC folder.
07:38:17ColdtoastI changed it then changed it back to 2200mAH
07:38:26ColdtoastI'll try the latest daily
07:38:56tiegsjust paste in there all alone?
07:39:26CassandraYep. Then restart EAC and there should be a LAME.DLL tab under "Compression Options"
07:39:44Coldtoastoh. there's no link for Daily any more!
07:39:48tiegsok..let me sec..ty
07:39:56Coldtoastjust has "Older". no "Latest"
07:40:01Cassandract: Wait a couple of hours.
07:40:28CassandraBut the next daily will be the same as the current bleeding edge most likely.
07:40:41Coldtoastoh. what time is there?
07:40:56Coldtoastaah. almost 00:00
07:40:59ghode|afki'm not sure why people bother with dailys :/
07:41:07Coldtoasto just after
07:41:33Cassandraghode|afk: If there have just been commits, the bleeding edge builds can be flaky sometimes.
07:42:12tiegsi se the compression options, but when go to convert i still get it looking like wants to do WAV
07:42:47ghode|afksame thing can be said for the dailys. and if there were bugs, they are usually fixed in the bleeding edge builds. would save alot of hassle if there was a note somewhere that said people should try the latest build before reporting bugs ;/
07:43:29Coldtoastnah it wouldn't
07:43:40Coldtoastwouldn't make a blind bit of difference imho
07:44:08Coldtoast1) ppl trying the bleedign edge builds know that anyway and 2) ppl who don't don't read
07:44:19tiegswell, i have compression options, then that does appear to use the lame dll, but then what?
07:44:34Coldtoastit's like at work. We have NO SMOKING signs all over the place but ppl still light up
07:44:40ghode|afkthere are loads of people who come in here, or post on the forums about bugs in the dailys that have already been fixed in the bleeding edges
07:44:49ghode|afkyou dont give people enough credit
07:44:51Cassandratiegs: have you changed the wave format: See the waveform tab.
07:45:12tiegsyes, there is no option from the pulldown..just WAV only
07:45:17Coldtoastyes I do. I give ppl all the credit in the world. But you can't deny facts
07:45:36ghode|afkwell until its been tried you'll never know
07:45:50tiegswave format = mpeg lame layer 3
07:46:09CassandraThat's the one you want.
07:46:44tiegsso just say ok to that?>
07:46:51CassandraOh, and tell it not to write wav headers and to use a .mp3 extension.
07:47:00 Quit webguest25 ("CGI:IRC")
07:47:16CassandraYou probably want to pick a sample format too.
07:47:42Coldtoastthere's a guide
07:48:46tiegs"cant open selected codec"/oh hell
07:48:55tiegsim so burned out
07:49:09Coldtoastyou should have a bit of a break to clear your head
07:49:22Coldtoastdon't needlessly frustrate yourself
07:49:38 Join StrathAFK [0] (
07:50:18tiegsi know cold..just eager o get this thing going
07:50:31tiegshow do YOU playback albums w/out gaps?
07:50:46zei have a rio karma
07:50:50Coldtoastpersonally, I don't
07:50:55zeit plays gapless no matter what hehe
07:50:57tiegsi wont ask for isntructions now but will come back and want to do it one way and the best way
07:51:10Coldtoastbut you could use OGG
07:51:11***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
07:51:28zeyeah i'd recomend ogg/vorbis in general
07:51:31tiegsthat seems to work best, so i want to get OGG from a disc..where can i do that?
07:51:41tiegsi foundsome program but it sucked
07:51:51ColdtoastOGG will eat your battery faster tho. prolly the only downside
07:53:00tiegsso any suggestions for getting commercial disc into OGG ?
07:53:30tiegsno versions of mp3s play w/out gaps..even slight ones are still there
07:53:38tiegsor pops between track changes
07:55:18 Quit tiegs ("CGI:IRC (EOF)")
07:56:27ColdtoastCassandra: just looking around inteh debug menu here
07:56:48Coldtoastin Battery Info, it's reporting 4.14
07:56:56 Join tiegs [0] (
07:57:09Cassandra4.2 is fully charged, I believe.
07:57:48ColdtoastI charged my player last night while at work and have had it on maybe 5 mins since
07:57:54CassandraWhere'd you get the battery from, btw?
07:57:57Coldtoastit can't have discharged 10hrs overnight
07:58:17ColdtoastI'll charge it again anyway
07:58:32Cassandract: Well, charge time is based on voltage. That's the voltage being reported.
07:58:32ColdtoastI SUPPOSE there's teh possiblity I left it on overnight or something
07:58:59tiegswell, thanks cold and cassandra -
07:59:09Coldtoastneed somebody with a 2200mAH to see if thre's is wrong as well
07:59:19tiegsi am fed up for the day, possible to get some help w this over the weekend?
07:59:36CassandraBattery time reporting is kind of hard anyway.
07:59:39tiegsi want to play a damn beatles album w/out gaps..shouldnt be that hard..cant get it done
08:00:06CassandraI sometimes think Rockbox tries too hard. And we should just have a 4 stage indicator like iRivrer.
08:00:28Coldtoastyou don't have a build from 24hrs ago by any chance?
08:01:14Coldtoastmaybe it's just the first charge tho
08:01:25Coldtoastit's only been charged once so far
08:02:12CassandraI don't, but there should be one on the website.
08:02:48ghode|afktiegs: use foobar ...
08:03:48Coldtoastthere's no dl link for a daily build on teh website at the moment
08:04:07tiegsghode-what where is trhat?
08:04:34tiegsis this stuff junk...
08:05:20CassandraThere's an "earlier" link, isn't there?
08:05:28Coldtoastthere's OLDER, yeah
08:05:40Coldtoastbut no dl link
08:05:55 Quit Strath (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
08:06:08Coldtoastignore me. heh
08:06:38CassandraWhy would you want to replace your iPod headphones with a pair costing 2 pounds off eBay?
08:06:54CassandraMasochism is the only reason I can think of.
08:07:26 Join Chamois [0] (
08:08:21Coldtoastjust went back to yesterday's daily
08:08:29Coldtoastand it's reporting 27hrs 30mins again
08:08:33Coldtoastso something's changed
08:09:25Coldtoast reports 27hrs 30mins
08:09:36Coldtoastlatest bleeding edge reports 15hrs 10mins
08:11:57CassandraSpeak to Linus. The only thing I can see that's gone into the firmware are his H115 adjustments.
08:15:01*Cassandra can't find any iRiver battery auctions.
08:15:15Coldtoastdon't bother looking
08:15:20Coldtoastsearch for 2200mah
08:15:30Coldtoastipod 1st/2nd gen battery
08:15:36Coldtoastrun you, like, $20US
08:15:58Coldtoastyou just need to change the polarity of the connector
08:18:17CassandraHmmm. Soldering required?
08:18:30Coldtoasta pin is required :)
08:19:21Coldtoaston the connector, you just need to get a pin and lift the plastic a teeny bit and pull the wires out then swap them
08:19:55Coldtoastlike, on the top of the plastic connector, there's a bit of plastic that holds the metal connector crimped onto the end of each wire
08:20:15CassandraAnd how'd you get the iRiver open?
08:20:21Coldtoastyo ulift that bit of plastic a bit enough so you can pull each wire out and then just swap them over
08:20:30Coldtoastget yourself a T5 Torx screwdriver
08:21:00Coldtoastep0ch used a very small flathead screwdriver but I can tell you now it's a lot better to get the right torx screwdriver
08:21:22ColdtoastI went and bought a mobile phone screwdriver kit which has a vew different sizes of torx driver
08:23:37Coldtoastthe 2200mah is slightly thicker than the stock battery but it fits ok
08:23:43Coldtoastyou have a h140 or h120?
08:24:00Coldtoastthey fit in the h120 as well but somewhat snug from what I understand
08:26:39CassandraThe cheapest way to buy small torx bits is to buy a screwdriver and throw the handle away.
08:27:38Coldtoastheh. ok
08:28:36CassandraThink I'll wait a bit before I do though. Seem to be spending a lot of money at the moment.
08:28:53Coldtoastit's REALLY easy to do the battery upgrade tho. Takes about 20mins or so
08:29:06CassandraWhere'd you find out about it?
08:29:21Coldtoastppl were doing it on misticriver with Ionity batteries
08:29:29Coldtoastwhich are kind of expensive
08:29:56Coldtoastdid a bit more of a search and some guy had tried ipod 1st and 2nd gen batteiries
08:30:12Coldtoastand they cost about $22 os opposed to, like, $60
08:30:18Coldtoaster... $20\
08:30:29Coldtoastsame connector, 3.7V, everything
08:30:41Coldtoastjust need to flip the poliarity
08:30:51ColdtoastIonity is 1900-2000mAH
08:31:25CassandraSounds like a neat hack. You should document it and put it on the Wiki somewhere.
08:31:26Coldtoastwith the Ionity batteries, you're paying extra for... err...
08:31:45Coldtoastyeah. maybe. cos there are a few little tips to doing it
08:32:04Coldtoastmarkun, ep0ch and I all have the same battery it seems
08:32:25Coldtoastgot mine from EZIPDA on ebay
08:32:40CassandraIt does sound like a pretty sweet upgrade for the price.
08:32:52CassandraVoids your warranty, I take it?
08:33:04Coldtoastyeah. I was about to order an Ionity when I found out about the ipod batteries
08:33:14Coldtoastwell, interesting you should mention that
08:33:36Coldtoastcos there are absolutely no signs anything's been done on mine
08:33:58Coldtoastmaybe there are very tiny marks from the flathead screwdriver I originally tried. dunno
08:34:08Cassandra*nods* It's not like the Archos where they put something on the nuts to prevent you opening them.
08:34:13Coldtoastwith the right sized torx tho, I don't see how they'd possibly be able to tell
08:34:30Coldtoastyeah. they normally have a sticker over one of the screws
08:34:36Coldtoastnot iriver tho
08:35:05Coldtoastso it's pretty much a "No reason in the world not to" kind of thing
08:36:02Coldtoastthe h140 goes back together REALLY easily too. no fiddlign around trying to line stuff up or anything
08:37:24ColdtoastI was interested in doing it and almost spent the $100AUD or so it would have cost me to buy the Ionity but when I found out about the ipod batteries and how damn cheap they are, I ordered one right away
08:37:32Coldtoastbtw, my battery has a 1 year warranty
08:38:00Coldtoastso that's cool. ep0ch or markun, can't remember which, said theirs was only 3 months
08:38:16Coldtoastso I reckon you should buy from ezipda :)
08:39:11Coldtoasttho I removed this big sticker that was on mine. the one saying you should charge for at least 3.5hrs before use and warning you not to bend, pucture, etc the battery
08:39:28Coldtoastso maybe that's voided my battery warranty
08:39:45Coldtoastdoubt it tho.. If so, I'll definitely buy anoteh rone
08:40:37CassandraI take it the "screwdriver" that comes with the ezpda one is the wrong size for iRiver.
08:40:45Coldtoastheh. yeah
08:43:04CassandraHmmm. What the f*** ...
08:43:29CassandraAs in, I think I will.
08:43:39CassandraWhat's the original capacity btw.
08:44:22CassandraNice. :)
08:44:27Coldtoastcouple of things I found when doing mine
08:45:03Coldtoastbefore replacing the mobo intot he front part of the cover withthe LCD window, make sure there's no dirt or fluff or anything
08:45:11Coldtoastand make sure the LCD is clean
08:45:26Coldtoastgot mine together, turned it over and there was fluff :)
08:45:34CassandraAnnoying. :(
08:45:39Coldtoasthad to disassemble it and clean it again
08:46:05Coldtoastnow it's fine tho
08:46:52Coldtoastand when putting the back cover back on, don't sit the battery on the HDD and try and fit the back cover over it
08:47:48Coldtoastit's easier to get the back cover close to the rest of it and fit the battery into the back cover where it fits and then assemble it
08:47:58Cassandra*nods* Cool.
08:48:18 Join Lurkski [0] (
08:48:22Cassandra*grins* Total investment: 15.50.
08:48:28Coldtoastit's very neat in the h140, btw :)
08:48:35Coldtoastyeah. amazing huh?
08:48:56*Coldtoast high fives Apple
08:50:02CassandraNow it'll definitely last the two 5 hour journeys I make when going to Cambridge. :)
08:50:39ColdtoastI left mine charging while I was at work so it got about 7hrs of charge time first
08:51:37Coldtoastheh. it's sort of a satisfying feeling after you get it done
08:51:52CassandraI leave mine on power overnight usually.
08:51:56ColdtoastI should only need to charge mine once a week now
08:52:08CassandraHow come you're up at this ridiculous hour of the morning anyway?
08:52:09Coldtoastcos it gets used about 3hrs a day
08:52:17Coldtoastit's 16:52 here :)
08:52:35Coldtoaston Saturday
08:55:08CassandraAh. I thought you were in the UK, for some reason.
08:55:39Slasheri09:55 here :)
08:55:59CassandraI hate you all.
08:56:25Coldtoastnah. Australia
08:56:37Coldtoastoh, btw
08:56:53Coldtoastas far as weight goes, my h140 doesn't feel any heavier
08:57:29Coldtoastwhat's the latest with the bomings in London Cassandra?
08:57:47Coldtoasthave they worked out who it migh tbe?
08:59:43CassandraNothing I've heard. Everyone seems pretty certain it was Islamic fundamentalists, but that's about it.
09:00:00Coldtoastwhat a pathetic effort tho
09:00:15 Part Lurkski
09:00:26Coldtoastwhat's the death toll up to? still ~50?
09:01:03CassandraWell, yeah. But I'm a bit worrying about everyone taking the piss. People still died, and who's to say they won't step it up next time because this one wasn't too effective.
09:01:53Coldtoastmind you. taking the piss mightn't be that bad, you know? is your friend. ;)
09:02:46CassandraWell yeah. I understand the sentiment, but these these inadequate wankers might get pushed into doing worse.
09:03:01Coldtoast7 explosions and only 52 ppl? why would you bother. only reason I can think of is to try and strike fear into the population. If ppl "take the piss" intead and not go nuts, they fail
09:03:27CassandraBut it's all same old same old for us. The IRA have been doing it for years (albeit not recently)
09:03:34Coldtoastbut yeah. just can't ignore it, obviously
09:04:08Coldtoastthis incident is no more extreme that some of the stuff you guys have had happen
09:04:40Cassandra*nods* The WTC rattled us a lot more than this did.
09:05:34Coldtoastyeah. Amazing that was, what, 4 years ago or something?
09:05:49ColdtoastI remember when it happened. freaky!
09:06:21ColdtoastI can't even get over the fact the gulf war was over 10 years ago
09:06:32Cassandra*nods* Yeah. Bad day. Lots of my friends were on IRC vehemently wishing the world would go away.
09:06:34Coldtoastfunny thing, time
09:06:52CassandraYeah. It is.
09:07:45CassandraFalklands War is something like 20 years now.
09:08:07CassandraWe like to have a good war as a run up to an election round here.
09:08:16Coldtoastheh. Young Ones was made almost 25 years ago
09:08:27ColdtoastBlackadder is 20years old
09:08:47CassandraTerrifying, isn't it?
09:09:09CassandraI watched a TV series set in the 80s called the "Beiderbeck Affair" recently.
09:09:16Coldtoasthey. do Hale & Pace still work together?
09:09:28CassandraIt just reminded me how totally different the planet was before mobile phones and the net.
09:09:38CassandraNo idea. Haven't heard of them in ages.
09:09:39Coldtoastoh yeah. absolutely
09:10:01CassandraI still want to know where my sodding flying car is though.
09:10:13CassandraWe were promised flying cars in the year 2000, dammit!
09:11:32CassandraAs in they were supposed to be here by 2000.
09:11:55Coldtoastbugger that. I want my flying skateboard :)
09:12:24Coldtoastactually, no I don't. a 118Kg guy on a skateboard looks wrong
09:13:06CassandraWow, if I tap on my desk, the cold cathodes on my Linux box turn on.
09:13:48Cassandra(I was surprised to find that the rather nice seethrough case I bought for it came with cold cathodes and light shows galore, but it is pretty.
09:14:09ColdtoastI used to have a side window
09:14:18CassandraI think they're sound or vibration activated.
09:14:38Coldtoast\kinda went off all that sort fo stuff tho and now I just have this brushed aluminium Coolermaster case
09:15:27CassandraWell I wouldn't have bothered with all the eye candy myself, but I rather like perspex cases, and it was cheap in a liquidation sale, and the old case didn't fit properly anyway.
09:17:39CassandraIt lives on the floor anyway, so the eye candy is even more pointless than usual.
09:18:07 Quit Chamois (" Like's GUI? Then try HydraIRC -> <-")
09:18:28CassandraWell, you can't really see it. properly.
09:20:57CassandraRight. Anyway, I have a wedding to get ready for. (Not mine, fortunately.)
09:21:12 Join Lurkski [0] (
09:21:27Lurkskianyone home?
09:22:24Lurkskiso who here is using linux and what is the distro of choice/
09:23:10SlasheriDebian on every machine :)
09:23:26Lurkskidebian eh? So why debian
09:23:30*ashridah gives Slasheri the cookie of taste
09:23:46SlasheriLurkski: it's very easy to maintain and upgrade
09:24:15Slasherino dependency hell as with rpm you get
09:24:32ashridahit's probably a little more arcane than it should be tho. ubuntu makes a good choice for someone starting out with linux, yet wanting some of debian's nicer tools and a more complete default install
09:24:47LurkskiI just finished my first book on programming in C and everyone has been pointing me toward GCC. but I figured why cygwin when i need to be getting into linux anyways
09:25:10Lurkskiso you think debian would soot me for this purpose
09:25:14ashridahLurkski: ah, well, getting started, i generally recommend you play with a few different distros
09:25:31ColdtoastI don't mind Mandriva
09:25:45ashridahi'd grab ubuntu, fedora core 4 and maybe mandriva/mandrake/whateverthehellitscallednow and play with them a bit before deciding
09:26:04ashridahthe linux distro debate is a polar argument with 53 axes
09:26:09Lurkskiso let me get this straight
09:26:24Lurkskithey all are based of the same core/ kernel
09:26:27Lurkski right?
09:26:47Lurkskiplease escuse my ingnorance
09:27:03ashridahfedora core and mandriva are RPM based distros, fedora's an offshoot of redhat, whereas mandrake/mandriva sprung off as a separate distro from redhat much longer ago.
09:27:19ashridahubuntu is a debian-based distro, but with more focus on having a complete desktop from the start
09:27:25ashridahwithout overwhelming people with choices
09:27:35Lurkskiahhhhhh i like that
09:27:54Lurkskione thing i have noticed as i've been looking is an overwhelming amount of choices
09:28:24Lurkskieveryone says that linux is way better than windows for developers...why is this
09:28:38Coldtoastthat depends tho
09:28:45Lurkskiagain excuse my ignorance
09:28:59 Quit webguest92 ("CGI:IRC (Ping timeout)")
09:29:11Coldtoastif you're developing specific Windows apps for example
09:29:29Lurkskican you develop for windows from linux
09:29:41LurkskiI figure just ajusting compler settings or something
09:30:00Lurkskias i continue to show my ignorance
09:31:19Lurkskithe reason I ask all this is because I just got a new laptop and I figured that I could slap a linux distro on it to ease the transition while keeping my desktop with winXP till i'm comfortable
09:34:25Lurkskione more question...........they are all different distros but they are all linux. Is the GUI aroung the main OS code all that is different about them? They can all run the same programs right?
09:35:41Slasheri linux really has all of the tools you will need to do programming with almost any language to almost any target. And the powerful scriptable command line (shell) is a far far better what windows has
09:36:09Lurkskithanks for the info slasheri
09:36:17Lurkskithat makes me more confident in the move
09:37:20Lurkskican all the distros run the same programs? Well that are coded for linux of coarse?
09:37:20Coldtoasthey Slasheri
09:37:32Slasherihi Coldtoast :)
09:37:42Coldtoastwhat time does Linus usually appear?
09:38:16SlasheriLurkski: basically yes, but the same binary might not work on all linux distros because they have different versions of dynamic libraries installed
09:38:19Coldtoastenjoying the weekend so far? heh. I have to work
09:38:50Lurkskiah I see.... it all starting to make a bit more sense
09:38:52Coldtoastmind you... tonight I'm working at Jelly Wrestling. apparently 14 girls
09:38:52Slasheribut you can do for example an installer that automatically compiles your code on the machine you are installing it into
09:39:12Lurkskii see
09:39:34Slasherior just make deb/rpm etc. packaging formats if you intend to release your software for multiple linux distros (alien can convert different package formats to other)
09:40:15LurkskiI see.....thanks slasheri for leading the blind.
09:40:49Slasheribut very basic programs that do not have much library dependencies should work the same way on all decent distros
09:41:12Lurkskiok ok
09:41:35SlasheriLurkski: however, the common idea is that you provide the sources, not a binary. That way there is no problems with the dynamic link issue :)
09:42:10Lurkskiso that be can be sure to compile for their distro or change what is necessary ect....
09:44:01Slasherigenerally yes
09:44:23Coldtoastyou don't have a 2200mah attery in your h140 do you Slasheri?
09:44:53SlasheriColdtoast: nope, but i just got an ionity battery. I will install it on monday and then i will take some power measurements also
09:44:55crwlgood morning
09:45:03Slasherimorning crwl :)
09:45:04Lurkskithanks so much slasheri take care my friend
09:45:08 Part Lurkski
09:45:11crwli just got an 2200 mAh battery from ebay, i suppose i'll install it today :)
09:45:23ColdtoastSlasheri: was telling Cassandra before. the battery info changed in teh last day it seems
09:45:47SlasheriColdtoast: Hmm, i haven't noticed any change with that info
09:45:56Coldtoastupdated and rockbox reports 15hrs 10mins whereas a day ago it was 27hrs 30mins
09:46:08Slasherithat's interesting
09:46:21Coldtoastjust to be sure, I went back to the daily from yesterday and sure enough, 27hrs 30mins again
09:46:53Coldtoastand I made sure it was set to 2200mah still
09:47:34Slasherii hope i could make the battery estimate a little better after i get the measurements
09:47:53Coldtoastcool. why'd you go with Ionity, btw?
09:48:28ColdtoastI was going to. was all ready to order but then found out about the 2200mah ipod batteries
09:48:31Slasherii just wanted to be sure it works :) and it has the protection circuit module for sure
09:48:53ColdtoastI can confirm these ipod ones have the circuit, btw
09:49:02Coldtoastif anybody's wondering
09:49:04Slasheriand i heard the ipod batteries might be hard to put inside the case
09:49:15Slasheriah, that's good
09:49:18Coldtoastfor the h120 I hear they are
09:49:27crwli won't be very pleased if the ipod battery explodes in the player :P
09:49:51Coldtoastthe h140 isn't bad tho but you should fit the battery into the back cover then assemble, not try and fit the cover over the battery with it sitting on teh HDD
09:49:54crwlthose expolding nokia cell phone batteries gained some media coverage last year
09:50:10crwlor was it earlier, anyway
09:50:30Coldtoastdon't forget to change the polarity of the connector on that battery crwl
09:50:44crwlColdtoast, i try to remember ;)
09:50:57amiconnColdtoast: I know what broke the battery estimation
09:51:14***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
09:51:20amiconnIt was Bagder's renaming of the h100 build to h120
09:51:20crwli've never opened my h120 before, but my friend has opened his, so i'll let him do the dirty work :P
09:51:37amiconnpowermgmt.h explicitly checks for h100, which it no longer is...
09:51:45amiconnDead simple to fix
09:51:59Coldtoastthat's what's compiling now?
09:52:16amiconnIf so then it wasn't me
09:54:10amiconnColdtoast: I noticed because I get an 8 hour-something estimation now :/ (stock 1300 mh battery)
09:55:07ColdtoastI was getting 15hrs 10mins and left it playing for a while and it was still 15hrs 10mins. So it didn't seem like an issue with the battery
09:55:25Coldtoasthardware wise
09:57:17amiconnNow somebody else was faster than me
10:01:55Slashericurrently that estimate is accurate only with 128k cbr mp3 files
10:02:31SlasheriHmm, maybe it could be better to display only how many hours we have left..
10:05:38*Cassandra returns, clean and polished.
10:06:47CassandraWhy this sudden upsurge in battery replacements, anyway?
10:06:50crwli realized that i need to get my charger back too if i want to install a new battery
10:07:59crwlnot good to do the initial charge with four AA batteries that probably run out of power before fully charging a 2200 mAh battery
10:09:09 Join ghostiger [0] (~ghostiger@0f044bb2050252db.session.tor)
10:09:17 Quit tiegs ("CGI:IRC")
10:21:21ColdtoastCassandra: I think maybe ppl discovering it's so cheap to do
10:24:58crwlyes, that's the reason for me at least
10:25:07CassandraWorked for me. :)
10:26:34 Join LinusN [0] (
10:26:54CassandraMorning Linus.
10:27:34LinusNi'm about to release version 3 of the boot loader
10:28:38 Quit Rori ()
10:28:43ashridahLinusN: new features?
10:33:17Coldtoastaah Cassandra
10:33:28Coldtoastfound out why my rockbox dl seemed to be corrupt
10:34:18LinusNashridah: removed the start-original-with-remote feature and added H110 support
10:34:27ColdtoastI use cURL to check but it's changed to
10:34:29CassandraWhat was up with it?
10:34:43CassandraThat'd do it. :)
10:34:47Coldtoastyeah :)
10:35:02CassandraSo is RB booting on your 110, Linus?
10:35:10 Join Chamois [0] (
10:35:52 Quit Chamois (Client Quit)
10:36:40 Join Harpy [0] (
10:38:12 Join Chamois [0] (
10:38:13LinusNCassandra: yup, catching the digital flow
10:41:34CassandraDo all the developers use that as a test track, do you think?
10:41:55amiconnI don't
10:47:56LinusNit's just such a cheesy slogan
10:48:05 Join Maxime [0] (
11:01:27amiconnLinusN: Where did you take the implementation of standrad functions like memcpy() from, or did you implement them?
11:02:16LinusNfrom newlib
11:02:35*amiconn wants memmove()
11:02:48amiconnThat'd make things like scolling way easier
11:02:59amiconn*scrolling even
11:03:03LinusNgo ahead
11:03:16amiconnI could actually replace memcpy with memmove
11:03:34amiconnand #define memcpy memmove
11:04:05amiconnOf course the asm implementation needs some work then
11:04:59 Join floam [0] (
11:08:02 Join muesli- [0] (
11:08:07Chamoisbootloader 3 fixes that : Known bugs
11:08:07Chamois * The SDRAM refresh rate is too slow, outside the SDRAM specification. Will be fixed in the next release.
11:13:37floamanyone ever attempted hacking the iaudio M3?
11:15:04amiconnThe newlib memmove implementation only optimises the forward copying case
11:15:15muesli-does somebody know what "result -5" means when rbx is starting
11:16:08Chamois if(sum != chksum)
11:16:10Chamois return -5;
11:16:20muesli-= ?
11:16:31Chamoisreinstall a new daily build
11:16:37muesli-didnt help
11:16:56Chamoisdid you erase .rockbox and rockox.iriver before ?
11:17:25muesli-no, but copied some files into .rockbox
11:17:36Chamoiserase all
11:17:37muesli-this is last thing i remember
11:19:07Chamoismuesli : does it work now ?
11:20:25muesli-i am running scandisk at the moment, cant check it
11:20:38LinusNfrom the daily build download page: "Starting July 8th 2005, the builds for iriver H120 and H140 are named h120."
11:22:03muesli-this is the new source for daily-builds?
11:23:09LinusNfor h120 and h140 yes
11:23:16muesli-cheers :D
11:24:22LinusNnow i need help with updating fwpatcher
11:25:03muesli-wish i could...
11:25:43LinusNChamois: i updated the wiki regarding the known bugs
11:27:08LinusNi gotta go, i hope someone can update fwpatcher soon
11:27:12 Part LinusN
11:37:38Chamoisyou're wrong in the wiki
11:37:47Chamoisbad md5sum for the new bootloader
11:42:18HCldid you compile it yourself or?
11:44:12Chamoiswith the bootloader in the wiki
11:44:25*HCl goes to check
11:44:33Chamoisthey are the same than the bootloader v2
11:45:10HClyea o.o;
11:45:44Chamoisfor the 1.65Eu i have that : e41a9c06b7233d62bee044a8942e6b57
11:45:54Chamoisbut prefer waiting for LinusN
11:46:10 Quit muesli- (Read error: 60 (Operation timed out))
11:49:22 Join webguest97 [0] (
11:49:29 Join cYmen [0] (
11:50:17*HCl yawns
11:50:39*webguest97 waits for tha new bootloader
11:50:46HClits already on the wiki.
11:50:54HClthats a different thing.
11:51:09HClwe don't have proper md5hashes at the moment anywho
11:51:11amiconnI'm currently looking at fwpatcher
11:51:14HClmd5sums, i mean
11:51:18***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
11:52:16webguest97yeah... what's particularly strange is that the feature i desire the most is turning rockbox on with the remote;p
11:52:38 Quit cYmen_ (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
11:53:30HCli can make you an .hex with the v3 bootloader, but without proper md5sums there's no guarantee it won't brick your player
11:54:43webguest97yea, i guess i'll wait for fwpatcher
11:56:40 Join webguest89 [0] (
11:57:22amiconnHmm. The direct download links for the various iriver firmwares don't seem to work :/
11:57:23 Quit webguest89 (Client Quit)
11:57:35 Join webguest89 [0] (
11:57:46amiconn(except h120 165K and 1.65K)
11:59:30 Join cYmen_ [0] (
11:59:57 Quit cYmen (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
12:00:06HClwho's against me checking the java generator into cvs?
12:00:10webguest89hi i was just reading through your irc logs and some people mentioned changing iriver battery with 1st/2nd gen ipod one. isnt this the same battery that people have a problem with in that it supposedly fails after like 18 months or something? or is that more a problem with the ipod than the battery?
12:00:27HClno idea webguest89
12:00:38HCli've had it for about a month know, i think
12:00:54HCli don't know which failing battery you're talking abot
12:01:39crwli don't think the one they sell at ebay is at all related to the original ipod battery
12:02:02webguest89oh just some of the reviews of ipod and other sites mention it. before the 4th gen or was it the ipod photo the battery i think was somehow glued on or something so you could only send it back to apple for a costly replacement
12:02:35HClyea, these aren't original ipod batteries
12:03:11webguest89maybe the 1st/2nd gen ipod didnt have battery glued on so you could change it dunno. thats why i ask someone here
12:03:19HClhow much mh is the original battery anywho?
12:03:29webguest89are they much higher capacity than 1st/2nd gen original battery?
12:03:46webguest89hmm ill try look it up
12:05:20webguest89gah all i got so far is some replacement batterys specs for the 2nd gen
12:05:24webguest89550 mah
12:06:42HCloriginal Apple battery was
12:06:43HClrated at 1320mAh
12:07:05webguest89haha so that site with the 550 mah is really ripping people off
12:07:24 Quit cYmen_ (Connection reset by peer)
12:07:28 Join cYmen [0] (
12:07:33HCli dunno how accurate this site is anywho
12:07:37HClit was my first hit with google
12:07:58HCltheir price is crap, at least O.o.
12:08:08HCllol, i don't trust this site at all o.o;
12:08:15HClcheck that
12:08:32HClthe photo of the battery clearly shows it saying 1800mAh, not the 2100mAh they're trying to sell it for
12:09:05webguest89ah this site says 1200 mah for 1st gen
12:09:45HClanywho, something like 1200mah :)
12:10:09HClwho'd want an ipod anywho
12:10:11HClit has no radio
12:11:32webguest89well if radio is not important to someone and they want a player with database and getting tied into itunes or whatever maybe its the right choise
12:12:20webguest89i dont listen to radio much on my iriver as there isnt much music i like thats on
12:12:29HCli still wouldn't want an ipod
12:12:37webguest89me neither
12:12:52HCli briefly considered the rio karma
12:12:59HClbut it didn't even have an portable harddisk mode
12:13:16HCli often forget that though iriver and archos support that really nicely, there are still lots of players that dont
12:14:36webguest89only things it has going i think for it are size/possibly good everything-automated-for-a-newbie bad get-tied-into-itunes software/scrollwheel
12:15:02webguest89its like the macdonalds of mp3 players
12:15:47webguest89rio karma seems a good deal. better than ipod anyway
12:15:56webguest89price is REALLY cheap on,uk
12:16:31webguest8920 gig
12:16:54webguest89and apparently they fixed their old hd problems so it is reliable now
12:18:40webguest895-Band Parametric Equalizer with pre-sets
12:18:53amiconnMrf, I don't get it. Why the ** does iriver offer a H100 1.63 US and a H110 1.63 US firmware upgrade, both containing a ihp_100.hex file, but with slightly different size?
12:19:49 Quit cYmen (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
12:19:51 Join cYmen_ [0] (
12:22:50webguest89hey guys i know you say if someone is worried about any problems they might get after installing the bootloader and the latest build that they should leave it until rockbox is finished but just how stable is it right now?
12:23:40webguest97webguest89: as for me it's more than usable
12:26:50 Join LinusN [0] (
12:26:51webguest89so have you had any crashes? or only some bugs or glitches related to playback of music or certain functions being incomplete that can be ignored for now?
12:26:56amiconnre LinusN
12:27:01LinusNi have updated the md5 sums in the wiki
12:27:20amiconnLinusN: Where did you find the 1.65 H100 firmwares
12:27:50webguest89webguest97: i mean if no crashes then yes i will certainly take the plunge and put the bootloader on even though i still got 11 months warranty on
12:27:57amiconnAlso, I wonder why there are H100(us)_v163 and H110(us)_v163 available for download
12:28:39webguest97webguest89: with the recent builds no crashes at all, and no glitches since the really early music playback days
12:29:10LinusNamiconn: detective work
12:29:43amiconnThe links in IriverBoot only give me a korean (?) error page
12:30:08amiconnI'm fiddling with fwpatcher, and need checksums...
12:30:21LinusNamiconn: yes, the links seem to work only sometimes
12:30:51LinusNthe links worked earlier this morning
12:31:01webguest89webguest97: thank you. ill give it a try
12:31:02amiconnDo you have the checksums of *unpatched* H110 firmwares?
12:31:08LinusNhang on
12:31:58LinusN1.65us: d3725865e0948cd5f604b00db2ec89aa
12:32:28LinusN1.65eu 478dc657b97e77d1b4944ef26c3dcb8e
12:32:44LinusN1.65k 97ba82fb8099bb23ca0c78fc119f8cce
12:32:56LinusNi don't have 1.63
12:34:10 Join hicks [0] (
12:35:06amiconnLinusN: I found 1.63US, but 2 different files...
12:35:21amiconnOne says H100 the other says H110
12:36:04LinusNi think H100 refers to H100 series, i.e the later h120/140 models
12:36:24amiconnBoth contain a ihp-100.hex
12:37:48LinusNi can't say i care about 1.63, but it could be interesting to see the differences in those two files
12:38:28amiconnEntries 19 and 20 in the list
12:38:28 Quit cYmen_ (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
12:38:31 Join cYmen [0] (
12:38:44amiconn19 says EU, but links to a file with (us) in the name
12:39:08amiconnI *guess* that it is in fact a EU version
12:39:18amiconn..because the .hex is a bit smaller
12:39:29 Quit webguest89 ("CGI:IRC")
12:39:32amiconnThis is same as with the h120 EU/K/US versions
12:39:50amiconnEU is a bit smaller than K/US; I wonder why...
12:42:27 Join amiconn_ [0] (
12:42:59 Join Vicious [0] (~irc@6ab8e0b6e6342637.session.tor)
12:43:27 Join PaulJ [0] (
12:43:32 Quit amiconn (Nick collision from services.)
12:43:32 Nick amiconn_ is now known as amiconn (
12:43:56Vicioushi I can confirm the patched fw for ihp120, us version is "b341f2360a981f7ce21b24c312152cbf *ihp_120.hex" as on the wiki
12:43:57 Quit cYmen (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
12:44:19 Join webguest89 [0] (
12:45:24Vicioussomeone with wiki access add that can add that in
12:45:26 Quit Vicious (Client Quit)
12:48:21HClanyone has wiki access...
12:49:28 Nick webguest89 is now known as raistlin (
12:59:46amiconnThe fwpatcher patch from the sf tracker doesn't work as-is.
13:00:05amiconnThe inarray() function cannot work
13:00:09ashridahit needs to be rebuilt with a new bootloader.bin
13:00:18ashridaharghl, nevermind me
13:00:20*ashridah shuts up
13:01:04amiconn...and the approach isn't that safe either. It can be made more safe by checking the exact source->result pair
13:01:39amiconnIt already detects the original fw by comparing md5, so it knows what exact firmware it is about to patch
13:02:00amiconnThen it could also check the result against the exact md5 for that source
13:02:04 Quit CheeseBurgerMan (Read error: 113 (No route to host))
13:02:13amiconn...not hard to implement...
13:02:50Maximegreyscale is great :x
13:03:27 Join thegeek [0] (
13:09:47 Quit raistlin ("CGI:IRC (EOF)")
13:11:05 Join edx [0] (
13:11:43 Join cYmen [0] (
13:15:59LinusNfeels good to have the h100 out the door
13:18:35LinusNamiconn: are you working on the fwpatcher?
13:20:42 Join femina [0] (
13:23:07 Part LinusN
13:24:03 Nick femina is now known as fogt (
13:24:32 Nick fogt is now known as fogtunder (
13:26:03fogtunderare there any hungarian here?
13:27:37 Part fogtunder
13:51:22***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
13:52:55 Join Moos [0] (
14:19:56 Join BoD[] [0] (
14:21:06BoD[]Heyy :) hello ! quick question (I think I've asked before but .. will rockbox work on a 3xx iriver model?
14:21:16ashridahcurrently, no
14:21:44BoD[]oh :(
14:22:09BoD[]cause correct me if i'm wrong, but they don't sell the 1xx models anymore
14:23:16FebsBoD[]: Third FAQ:
14:23:41 Join dakiller [0] (
14:23:43ashridahBoD[]: we're aware.
14:24:23ashridahBoD[]: and yes, the 1xx range, and probably eventually the 3xx range aren't being produced, no, since iriver have the H10 and whatnot to push instead
14:25:06BoD[]well thank you very much for your answers :)
14:25:17BoD[]I think i'm gonna buy a h300 today
14:25:38BoD[]it's a bit expensive, and I don't really need a color screen
14:25:49BoD[]but oh well
14:27:51HClwhy not buy an h140 off ebay
14:28:00BoD[]i'm looking at ebay right now
14:28:07HClsounds like a better deal to me, optical in, optical out
14:28:41BoD[]adapters, remotes
14:28:44FebsI'm not sure that would be any cheaper. I've seen H140s sell on ebaby for $500 USD, while the H340 is selling for $350 USD.
14:28:53MoosH140 is the best
14:29:12BoD[]plus I want an european model because of the usb host thing
14:29:25BoD[]1xx have that right ?
14:29:36FebsThen you definitely need the H3xx because H1xx doesn't support USBOTG.
14:30:23BoD[]oh I thought it did :(
14:32:00BoD[]does anyone know if iriver's firmware is "ok" with no rockbox... And by ok I mean at least I can browse files by folders
14:32:14amiconnSomething is wrong with the bootloader v3. It is working, but the start-iriver-fw-with-remote-on feature is still there
14:32:15BoD[]as opposed to by id3 database thingy
14:32:26amiconnIt's supposed to be gone...
14:32:33*amiconn summons Linus
14:32:45ashridahBoD[]: iriver's stock firmware allows you to browse supported music files by directory, yes
14:32:57ashridahyou don't need to use the id3 db iriver provide
14:34:12FebsNot only do you now need to use the iriver DB, but you probably won't want to, as it typically increases the player's boot time to over a minute.
14:34:32HCliriver boot time is horrid either way
14:34:34amiconnIriver boot is pathetic even without db...
14:34:39HClsince they pre scan the entire harddisk
14:35:14BoD[]well :) for db optional
14:35:18BoD[]and :( for boot time
14:35:43BoD[]my friend has a 'rio carbon' (4gb)
14:35:50BoD[]you can only browse by id3
14:36:24BoD[]and when you're listening to a song, and you go to the files, it doesn't go to what you're currently listening
14:37:02BoD[]so for example I listen in shuffle mode, and it goes to a song i like, and i decide to listen to the album... I have to browse from start :(
14:37:08BoD[]PITA :)
14:39:30FebsAmiconn and HCl: agree that iriver boot time is horrible. But 15-20 seconds is merely annoying, while over 1 minute is unbearable.
14:39:51BoD[]anywayyyy so ... Well I'll think about it. Maybe I won't buy a 340 today...
14:40:11BoD[]thanks and see you guys
14:40:17 Quit BoD[] ("zglutekss")
14:43:30 Join tucoz [0] (
14:44:36tucozI changed the status in the device chart for h110 from no to partial for rockbox. Thought it was correct, but now I can't find a build for h110.
14:44:55 Join CheeseBurgerMan [0] (~me@
14:46:33amiconntucoz: Indeed the link is not yet there
14:46:46amiconn...and the 2005-07-09 daily for h120 didn't work either
14:47:00*amiconn prods Bagder
14:48:15tucozhmm, this cgi-client is not showing what i type
14:48:37amiconnNeed a build, or do you build your own versions?
14:48:44tucozI opened up a new tab i firefox, and the input line disappeared
14:48:56tucozno, i don't need one. I have a h120
14:49:03 Join webguest81 [0] (
14:49:39amiconnThere is a bug in the cgi client that shows only a very short input line if the colour chooser to the right isn't open
14:49:53amiconnClick on the '<<' to the right
14:50:11tucozit's back, I closed the other tab, and it's back
14:50:11amiconnThen the input box will be as wide as fits before the chooser
14:50:30tucozahh, ok. will keep that in mind
14:50:31 Quit webguest81 (Client Quit)
14:51:55tucozanyway I just used the firmware patcher to patch to boot v3 . Never used that before. Worked as a charm
14:52:07amiconnNice :)
14:52:22amiconnOf course I tried it myself before posting (with 1.65 EU)
14:52:45amiconnDo you also still get the behaviour that switching on with the remote starts the original fw?
14:52:51tucozof course, would not have thought you didn't.
14:53:05tucozhmm, i'll try and find my remote. Never use it
14:53:25amiconnI also tried to patch all other versions I could get hold of and verified the checksums again by hand
14:54:33tucozBut the links on irivers offical site are not working
14:54:44tucozhad to find the firmware on the nordic site.
14:54:54tucozSeems they have abanded us for good ;)
14:55:00amiconnI used different links, us and european sites work
14:55:07amiconn(but do not provide all firmwares)
14:55:31tucozok, the official one is a hell to browse.
14:56:02amiconnI'm missing H120 1.65US, H100 1.65K and H100 1.65US
14:56:27tucozBut iirc, they have dropped the tilted look.
14:56:48amiconn(and H100 1.63K, but Linus didn't provide patched checksums for H100 1.63 versions)
14:57:14tucozOk, don't the yankees get to use the 1.65?
14:57:37amiconnThe korean site has all of them listed, but the links don't work
14:57:37HClwe should probably start to mirror the firmware before it disappears..
14:57:38tucozweird that you didn't find it on the us-site
14:57:56 Quit einhirn ("Miranda IM! Smaller, Faster, Easier.")
14:57:57amiconnThe links only show a korean error message
14:58:03tucozHCl: definitely
14:58:29amiconn..and there are japanese versions of the firmware too
14:58:47amiconn(probably with the different FM frequency range)
14:58:51tucozamiconn, yes. Unfortunatley the remote boots iriver fw
15:02:24tucozwonder what verson the honk kong sites offers
15:02:30tucozdoesn't tell
15:03:50 Join DarkLord [0] (
15:04:12 Join BBub [0] (
15:04:52 Quit ashridah ("Leaving")
15:08:20tucozsent a message to iriver using their online form.
15:08:29tucozThat their download links are broken.
15:09:27DarkLordknowing them, i wonder if they'll even care to read it (sadly)
15:09:51tucozDarkLord: really?
15:10:11tucozNever contacted them before, so I wouldn't know
15:10:35DarkLordwell i did contact them in the past and all i get was premade answer (2 times) or no answers at all (2 times also)
15:10:49DarkLordthat was a year ago so maybe it's changed
15:12:20tucozDarkLord: ok, that's too bad. But this is an issue that concearns a lot of people. Not just me.
15:12:27DarkLordthat's true
15:12:36tucozmaybe your's did as well
15:12:57 Quit PaulJ (Remote closed the connection)
15:13:00DarkLordno, that was my player which was broken
15:13:11DarkLordobviously not important enough :)
15:13:42 Join webguest22 [0] (
15:13:50tucozAnyway, it might seem like they have ditched us for good this time ;)
15:13:56*DarkLord nods
15:14:02 Join ripnetUK [0] (
15:14:11webguest22afternoon all - what's up with the daily build page on the web site?
15:14:28DarkLordworks for me
15:14:32webguest22the latest build is shown as 7th and there is no latest link for the iriver
15:14:58DarkLordthat's because there's 2 different builds for h110/1150 and h120/140 now
15:15:05tucozamiconn said something about that. I think Bagder is the man to fix that.
15:15:34webguest22OK - as long as someone knows about it and it's in the queue
15:15:35tucozUse the bleeding edge for now
15:15:50tucozif you like to upgrade
15:16:20DarkLorddamn i might be dumb, but i can't manage to compile that... a shame
15:16:25webguest22well I *should* be doing other things today rather than playing with the latest RockBox :-)
15:16:26tucozDarkLord, you're DarkLord in the forums?
15:16:38tucozwebguest22, tell me about it
15:16:51tucozDo you have a h110=
15:17:07tucozDo you get it going?
15:17:25DarkLordyou mean the firmware ?
15:17:32tucozyes, rockbox
15:17:41DarkLordnah it bothers me about a missing file
15:17:59tucozok, so you build it your self then.
15:18:13 Quit webguest22 (Client Quit)
15:18:25DarkLordit shouldn't be a problem normally since i always do that (i'm on linux)
15:18:41DarkLordbut here, there's some pb... i'm checking the compiler atm
15:19:02tucozOk, so your'e used to the toolchain
15:19:15tucozgrrr, you're
15:19:40DarkLordyes, but not familiar with the motorola compiler used there
15:19:58DarkLordusing the fwpatcher on linux... i don't even try :)
15:20:26tucozme neither. I just booted into windows for the first time in ages, and gave it a go
15:20:43 Join Infirit [0] (
15:20:43DarkLord[darklord@Asgard bin]$ make
15:20:43DarkLordcpp0: config.h: No such file or directory
15:20:43DBUGEnqueued KICK DarkLord
15:20:43DarkLordmake[1]: /home/darklord/rockbox/tools/convbdf: Command not found
15:20:43DarkLordmake[1]: *** [/home/darklord/rockbox/bin/firmware/sysfont.o] Error 127
15:20:44***Alert Mode level 1
15:20:44DarkLordmake: *** [all] Erreur 2
15:20:47 Quit Infirit (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
15:20:48DarkLordhere's what i get
15:20:52tucozrun make in tools
15:20:54DarkLordif you've got any idea...
15:21:02DarkLordit says to not do
15:21:06tucozyep, that's the most common issue
15:21:10tucozcd tools
15:21:17amiconn(1) make in tools (2) you need to configure
15:22:27DarkLordarf my mistake indeed
15:22:51DarkLordi'm so used to the eternal ./configure && make that i didn't try make after i seen to not do the configure :)
15:23:19tucozso you got it compiling then?
15:23:38BBubDarkLord: i also have a h110 so tell me if it works flawless ;)
15:23:47DarkLordwhile i'm on it, is Normal ok or should i take Bootloader ?
15:23:59DarkLordBBub >> no pb :)
15:24:07tucoznot bootloader
15:24:23DarkLordthat was what i took, just to be sure
15:24:47DarkLordcc1: Invalid option `strict-align'
15:24:47DarkLordmake[1]: *** [/home/darklord/rockbox/bin/firmware/sysfont.o] Error 1
15:24:47DarkLordmake: *** [all] Erreur 2
15:24:49tucozthat will compile the bootloader, which you wouldn't want to compile on youre own.
15:25:18tucozwhat compiler version do you have?
15:25:21MaximeDarkLord: you've compiled the cross compiler etc?
15:25:27DarkLordUsing m68k-elf-gcc 2.95.3 (295)
15:25:47tucozyou should definitley compile a 3.4.x one
15:25:49Maximegcc 3.4 is recomended
15:26:06tucozeven 3.3 gives some errors
15:26:15DarkLordthe os has gcc4 by default
15:26:29tucozthat will not work for now
15:26:47tucozJust follow the steps on the link Maxime pasted
15:27:04tucozand build yourself a new m68k
15:27:17BBubcould you paste that link again?
15:28:27tucozgood luck guys, got to go.
15:28:34DarkLordthx & cya
15:28:40 Part tucoz
15:28:47DarkLordi hope the gcc3 won't conflict with gcc4
15:28:55DarkLordi need the gcc4 for other dev tools
15:28:59amiconn if someone with a H100 wants to try.
15:30:03amiconnBtw, the cross compiler won't conflict with the native gcc
15:30:21DarkLordthx :)
15:30:40amiconnI had m68k-elf-gcc 3.4.4 on cygwin when the native gcc was 3.3.3 only
15:30:45***Alert Mode OFF
15:33:27DarkLorddang... i've to remove gcc4
15:35:03DarkLordeither i must install it locally, either gcc4.x will conflict with gcc3.x
15:35:47amiconnYou will need the m68k crosscompiler for compiling for target
15:35:55DarkLordi already have this one
15:35:58amiconnThat won't conflict with native gcc, either version
15:36:07DarkLordthat's the gcc version which is not good as far as i can see
15:36:23DarkLord(at least, according to the wiki)
15:36:41DarkLord"GCC 4.0 does currently not work with Rockbox. Don't try it unless you are prepared to fix the Rockbox code to work with it. Don't bother us with questions on how to fix it. If you're not up to it yourself, then stay with 3.3.4."
15:36:53amiconnJust build m68k-elf-gcc 3.4.4 and leave your native gcc 4 installed
15:37:14DarkLordi try to rebuild the cc then
15:37:16amiconnYes, that means a gcc4 *crosscompiler* doesn't work
15:40:46amiconnOh, and btw, you can even have more than 1 gcc version of the same kind (e.g. 2 native gcc versions or 2 m68k-elf-gcc crosscompilers)
15:40:49amiconnJust build them with different prefixes so they go into different dirs
15:41:01amiconnThen you can switch between them by changing the search path
15:41:16DarkLordyes that's an idea
15:43:38DarkLordk i must go i'll finish that later
15:43:46DarkLordthx for help :)
15:44:05DarkLordi'll hang back here later today surely
15:44:41 Quit DarkLord ("Leaving")
15:51:24***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
15:57:34HClwe should fix gcc 4...
15:59:57CtcpIgnored 1 channel CTCP requests in 0 seconds at the last flood
15:59:57*HCl goes to take a peek at his todo list
16:02:55HClsorting is tricky..
16:12:10 Join leoncamel [0] (~leoncamel@
16:12:28leoncamelhi ..
16:13:05leoncameldoes anybody using PCF50606 before ? i got some problem with it .
16:14:15leoncamelphilips PCF50606 chip.
16:14:43leoncamela battery charging chip..
16:15:15leoncamelit seems H340 using it .
16:16:22HClah o.o
16:17:43leoncamelis there anybody got experience on how to using pcf50606, or charging ?
16:18:23HClwhats the problem with it exactly..?
16:18:31HClisn't iriver charging handled by hardware..?
16:19:09leoncamelis there any H340 hardware document ?
16:21:04leoncamelokey. thanks
16:21:51leoncamelis there any detail hardware document ?
16:24:32leoncamelcan i run linux on H340 ?
16:25:01leoncameldoes anybody porting linux to H340 ?
16:27:36 Join Sucka [0] (
16:29:44HClwe're not interested in porting linux
16:30:19leoncamelokey .
16:34:02leoncamelwhat OS does it use ?
16:43:11leoncamelGreat, the "Open Source Jukebox" got great arch..
16:44:52leoncamelit would be more scalable if it using Linux .
16:44:58leoncameli think .
16:48:20 Quit ripnetUK ()
17:01:52HClnot really.
17:02:31HClwhy is it that people think that porting to linux to $random_device will make it do everything they want it to do?
17:03:33Slasheriouch, there is definately a bug in file buffering.. codec buffer used: 35/30 MB :D
17:03:42HCl :P
17:04:53 Join tucoz [0] (
17:05:37tucozSlasheri: could it be that on track change and track is not in buffer that the pcm data don't get flushed before the new track starts playing?
17:06:13tucozthat issue that rockbox plays a few seconds from the previous track
17:06:30tucozsometimes, not all the time though
17:07:02Slasheriyes, that is possible
17:08:59 Join godzirra [0] (
17:09:35tucozok, I haven't noticed this when the track is buffered, so I thought that might be a possible solution. Although, it's probably a bit more complicated than that.
17:11:31 Join DomZ [0] (
17:18:52 Part tucoz
17:25:48 Quit dakiller ()
17:37:14 Join stripwax_ [0] (
17:37:44crwlokey, now i got the 2200 mAh battery inside
17:43:32 Join spiralout [0] (
17:49:38 Join [1]Moos [0] (
17:51:28***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
17:54:55 Join ac [0] (
17:55:06 Join RotAtoR [0] (
17:56:11achi all
17:57:49aci think, that we should use for our windows/linux apps
17:58:23stripwax_hmm.. whatever happened to Qt ?
17:59:16acqt is also possible...
17:59:50aci have nerver done anything with qt.. i only know how to code with wxwindows
18:00:16stripwax_oh, wxwindows looks good. gets my vote, especially if we have a dev here who knows it already!
18:01:47stripwax_so, there's a couple of things I could work on. 1- pcm vu meters (still trying to get my head round the pcm_playback/playback/dsp architecture); user interface for windows; and a Pacman plugin ;-)
18:02:14aci will convert the fwpatcher to wxwindows
18:02:22stripwax_ac - good call!
18:02:50stripwax_ac - it's pretty windows-centric code at the moment by the way (ie Win32 system calls rather than standard c stuff..) interface.. will it be done in c( ) ?
18:03:46stripwax_ac - dunno. i'm not going to touch songdb until someone says what the active version is (perl, c, or java). i'm staying well away for now..
18:03:54stripwax_it's just a mess
18:04:16acah ok
18:04:48stripwax_mm, maybe i'll first make Sokoban preload all levels into memory on iriver rather than access disk each time..
18:05:03*ac plays with the ipod shuffle of this girlfriend
18:05:19acstripwax_ nice idea
18:05:43*stripwax_ never understood the point of an mp3 player without a user interface..
18:07:00 Quit Moos (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
18:07:00 Nick [1]Moos is now known as Moos (
18:07:53 Quit Chamois (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
18:08:20acbut i must say that the user interface with the led's is done very good
18:08:42Mooshi ac: yes tagdb'll be done in C noby working on it i believe
18:09:32acMoos: will it be a win32 app?
18:10:19Moosi don't no what he planed exactly, i know just he have begin to convert
18:10:49acwe should use wxwindows for our gui apps
18:11:59aci will convert the fwpatcher tonight to wxwindows.. so it will run on linux/windows/mac
18:12:12Mooshave you got any news about your FM port for iriver? :)
18:12:17stripwax_ac - gimme a yell if you need a hand with anything!
18:12:18Moosoh good
18:12:25stripwax_FM port?
18:12:38Moosfor irivers
18:13:22stripwax_Moos - is someone writing a plugin or something for that at the moment?
18:13:37acmy electrical devices hate me
18:14:02Moosdon't know i doubt it
18:14:06acon my home pc there was a head crash of my hdd... now some nice iriver code is dead
18:14:29 Join ]RowaN[ [0] (
18:15:17Moosi believe anyone worked on it for don't duplicate your works
18:15:26aci hope my bdm is coming soon
18:15:57aci have added a patch to the patchtracker... i2c reading
18:16:11aci dont know if it works... but its a nice start
18:16:24accant test it..
18:17:56Moosi can't sorry
18:18:42Mooscongratulations for your new futur BDM for your nex rockbox port :)
18:18:55acthe i2c reading stuff can i test when i am starting iaudio coding...
18:19:12Moosa good
18:20:01Moosi don't know if the core devs are looked at your i2c codes
18:20:22aci have told linusn that there is a patch
18:20:39acso.. sooner or later he will look at it
18:21:23Moosbut he is a bit busy with the A-B marker patch
18:21:36Moosand he just do new booloader
18:21:44Moosfor the H110...
18:22:20aci know
18:24:07Mooshave you got already your new iaudio?
18:24:22stripwax_what's iaudio?
18:24:57 Join tvelocity [0] (
18:24:58Moosac: x5, right?
18:25:57Mooshehe very good choice, have you got it?
18:26:17acjep.. its a very nice player
18:26:30aci am waiting for my bdm
18:26:40Mooshi Bagder
18:26:52BagderI'm not really here :-)
18:31:43acsee you... time to go
18:31:45 Quit ac ("CGI:IRC")
18:45:39stripwax_Bagder - ah, ok. thx for the link
19:03:29 Quit tvelocity (Read error: 113 (No route to host))
19:07:02stripwax_HCl - sup?
19:07:21stripwax_(by the way, is that an 'ell' or an 'eye' at the end?)
19:08:08 Quit StrathAFK ("Client closed")
19:11:12HCltrying to help dumb people..
19:11:44stripwax_HCI - is that HCI or HC-lower-case-L ?
19:11:51HCllowercase L
19:12:05stripwax_HCl yeah, wasn't sure tho (using a pants font)
19:12:33stripwax_HCl - I'll stop calling you HCI then ;-)
19:12:59HCl :P
19:23:59HClstupid people are frustrating..
19:24:06 Join XavierGr [0] (
19:26:23*stripwax_ used to work in tech support - never agin
19:27:39HClpeople can be so incompetent
19:27:54HCllike they can't think
19:28:06stripwax_HCl - wanna get something off your chest? :-p
19:28:15HCl :P naw. its okay
19:28:20HCli'm mostly bored
19:28:25HCland out of boredom i started helping people
19:28:40HClwhich wasn't such a good idea cause they were all rather dumb :/ and i get frustrated quickly when people are being dumb
19:31:06HClafter repeating myself at least 3 times they finally got it..
19:31:24stripwax_wow, only 3 times? they can't be too dumb then! ;-)
19:31:28HCl :P
19:31:33HClah well
19:31:35HClthey can't help it...
19:31:39HClbut its still frustrating :/
19:31:42crashdyeah they can
19:31:44crashdthey can get a fucking clue
19:31:54crashdive been doing desktop support at a big investment in city
19:32:03crashdand they're all as stupid as 2 planks
19:32:13stripwax_crashd - unlucky, I just work in one. Hey, I'm probably one of your dumb users! ;-)
19:32:18HClnah.. intelligence is fairly fixed.. you can't really train it..
19:32:26crashdstripwax_: i hope not
19:32:33stripwax_crash_ hurhur
19:32:45]RowaN[christ look at this:
19:32:49crashddoesnt happen to be a certain dutch i.b does it?
19:32:49]RowaN[ppl still alive on the top deck
19:33:03HClthe bus.
19:33:42*HCl goes back to being bored :/ :/
19:33:59HCli should probably read up on how playlists work in rockbox..
19:34:01stripwax_crashd - nope, american. you're ok then
19:34:10*HCl prods amiconn or Bagder or other people who might know about that.
19:36:50*HCl searches for his to-watch anime list
19:39:48HClthere we go, entertainment
19:45:44HClahh. anime's in which bad guys are getting slashed into tiny little bits of meat are always good
19:48:37 Join solex_ [0] (
19:49:45HClup till the point where it freezes.. ofcourse..
19:49:48*HCl prods his xbox
19:51:31***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
19:54:59XavierGrwhat anime title you watch?
19:56:16ghode|afkhcl, is your database thing mp3 only atm?
19:57:43*HCl bites xbox
19:58:52*HCl makes mental note; buy proper ethernet cable for xbox
19:59:05HClXavierGr: let me check
19:59:10HClsamurai.. something. its cool.
19:59:20 Quit solex (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
19:59:27HClsamurai champloo
20:20:04XavierGrhey I cant find the test record from the debug menu of iriver
20:20:17XavierGrdid they removed it?
20:20:46ghode|afktry search? although i think its in root
20:21:56XavierGrsearch root?
20:22:23XavierGrI remember that in debug menu there was a choice to test the recording capabilities of the iriver
20:23:19ghode|afkhmm do you mean the output file or the test feature?
20:24:14XavierGrin the debug menu there was a record menu that gave you line-in or build in record
20:24:45ghode|afkyeah, is it now there for you?
20:24:57XavierGrI cant find it
20:26:27ghode|afki have it
20:26:36ghode|afkdebug > pcm recording
20:27:23XavierGrinfo>debug> pcm recording?
20:27:33ghode|afkbut my build is 2 days old, so something might have changed
20:28:01XavierGrthen I shall try an old release because I cant find it in the latest
20:29:48ghode|afkmy build is 050707 0224
20:30:58XavierGryeah I found it now
20:31:09ghode|afkon newest build?
20:31:16XavierGrno in the older
20:31:40XavierGrI will couple the line-in with the line out and I will try to record while playing an mp3 :)
20:32:45ghode|afknot been able to get this to work myself, it always crashes my player after a few seconds
20:33:27XavierGroh so there is not only me who thought of it
20:34:31 Join fogtunder [0] (
20:38:20 Part fogtunder
20:38:43 Quit XavierGr ("CGI:IRC")
20:39:04 Join Stryke` [0] (
20:50:03 Join LinusN [0] (
20:51:06HClhey linus
20:51:18HClpeople had problems with the v3 bootloader
20:51:18 Join tucoz [0] (
20:51:33HClit still booting the original firmware with remote play on.. and it saying bootloader v2, iirc
20:51:37LinusNamiconn: i can start rockbox with the remote on both h110 and h120 with the two bootloader-h1x0.bin files in the wiki
20:51:54tucozLinusN: short press starts rockbox, long press starts iriver
20:51:55LinusNthen i guess fwpatcher.exe is bad
20:52:05tucozIt's not the patcher, I tried both
20:52:18tucozto patch the firmware
20:52:40tucozrec short press starts iriver
20:52:54tucoz*rec plus short press
20:52:56LinusNi just downloaded the two .bin files and patched by hand
20:53:12LinusNthey say v3 and does not boot iriver
20:53:14tucozI did that now, it was me that edited the wiki
20:54:28tucozSo, does long press on play on the remote start iriver's fw for you aswell?
20:55:52LinusNyes it does
20:58:04LinusNi wonder why
20:58:49tucozDoes the H110 behave in the same way?
21:05:19 Join bill2or3 [0] (
21:06:09 Join Chamois [0] (
21:11:58LinusNhmmm, seems to be a bug in the adc or button driver
21:15:58 Quit Stryke` (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
21:24:38 Quit CheeseBurgerMan (Read error: 145 (Connection timed out))
21:26:22 Quit Coldtoast (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
21:27:06tucozLinusN: good luck with the bug chasing.
21:27:38tucozI think I'll go out for a walk.
21:27:43 Part tucoz
21:29:15 Join Stryke` [0] (
21:37:14 Join DangerousDan [0] (~Miranda@
21:38:15 Quit spiralout ("ChatZilla [Firefox 1.0.4/20050511]")
21:38:34 Quit Stryke` ("Friends don't let friends listen to Anti-Flag")
21:48:33LinusNfound and killed the bug
21:50:46HClyou didn't capture it and release it outside? you murderer! :P
21:51:34***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
22:07:40LinusNhmm, i need the korean 1.63 firmware for h110
22:08:18LinusNoh, i need all of the 1.63 firmwares for h110
22:09:23HCl ?
22:11:18LinusNhmm, doesn't work for me
22:12:44LinusNthe dl doesn't start, and the mirror is the iriver site
22:14:31HClthen i dunno:/
22:15:25LinusNit's annoying, i can't release a new fwpatcher without the 1.53 md5sums
22:15:54HCl :/
22:18:37HClcats rule
22:21:22 Join muesli- [0] (
22:21:32stripwax_LinusN - is iriver's site down?
22:21:44muesli-does somebody use audiograbber?
22:23:44BBubi did in the past
22:23:54BBubbut exactaudiocopy is far superior ;)
22:24:19muesli-eac causes errors on my machine
22:24:25stripwax_muesli- what sort of errors?
22:24:28stripwax_eac is awesome
22:25:13 Nick stripwax_ is now known as stripwax (
22:25:33BBubmuesli-: maybe its just an aspi isue?
22:25:40muesli-files are copied with 100% quality but my mp3s hat strange noises
22:25:57stripwaxand you're using Secure mode?
22:26:01BBubah, thats probably due to wrong settings
22:26:52stripwaxmuesli- did you try ripping to WAV files, to see if it's just an mp3 encoding bug?
22:27:44muesli-good idea
22:27:49muesli-should try this
22:28:07muesli-although its in german you can see my used parameters
22:28:25 Join tucoz [0] (
22:29:02tucozahh, that was a nice run. And nice to come back to a bug less
22:29:03stripwaxmuesli- are you using AccurateRip ?
22:29:16muesli-dunno..tried some month ago
22:30:00stripwaxif you are using it, it will setup eac's drive options with the right settings (c2, cache, and offset)
22:30:19 Part LinusN
22:30:25stripwaxbut that's unlikely to be the problem, really, - just a very good idea, especially offset
22:30:47muesli-dunno too much about the settings...just used this manual..
22:30:59muesli-and eac doesnt support −−gap :-/
22:31:26stripwaxeac just passes whatever settings you want to whatever encoder you want. eac doesn't do any encoding itself
22:31:53muesli-i wrote an email to the author and he told me it's not supported
22:33:01stripwaxI dunno what −−gap does. but if it's an mp3 encoder option can't you just put it in "additional command line options" ? or is it a way of specifying a fixed gap (in which case I'm not too surprised it's not supported...)
22:33:18muesli-yeah, thats true too
22:33:37muesli-−−gap should be used to prevent gaps ;)
22:36:35bill2or3when you're just listening to music on shuffle, how often does the drive spin up?(iriver)
22:36:42bill2or3can it buffer a whole song?
22:37:08stripwaxit can buffer about 10 songs..
22:37:21bill2or3I didnt realize there was that much memory
22:38:09muesli-10? 2 much if you ask me ;-) high quality mp3s are at least 5mb in size ;)
22:39:31floamanyone ever attempted hacking the iaudio M3?
22:39:44stripwaxmuesli- high quality OGGs are much smaller, dude :-p
22:39:50HCldoes anyone know anything about how rockbox handles playlists and how one would add files to the current playlist?
22:40:02muesli-but drain the battery more ;)
22:40:41HCllinus left..
22:40:45muesli-floam guess not and cant imagine that will ever happen
22:40:46stripwaxmuesli- well, they spin the drive less often, so not necessarily ;-)
22:41:02stripwaxHCl - no idea, sorry
22:41:07bill2or3I've wired a drive access LED to my H340
22:41:16bill2or3it's all still apart, but it works
22:41:22stripwaxHCl - just see what the Insert End (etc) code does?
22:42:23floammuesli-: why not? there was a huge discussion about it two weeks ago
22:42:59amiconnHmm, Linus went away... :/
22:43:02muesli-ah was mho
22:43:22muesli-ashes on my head :D
22:43:59amiconnLinusN: In case you read the log - I do have H100 1.63US and waht-I-believe H100 1.63EU
22:44:38muesli-does the new bootloader introduces itself as v2 on your machines too?
22:45:59muesli-floam didnt know this and didnt expect that rbx will be ported on m3 to be honest
22:46:34tucozamiconn: this is a h110 1.63 from the japanese site
22:46:55floamthe M3 is very similar to some irivier players in terms of hardware
22:47:02tucozdon't know if that is the korean version, or do they make a japanese as well?
22:47:10floamand has a few nice things like larger firmware space
22:47:48amiconnmuesli-: No, the v3 bootloader displays 'v3'
22:48:02muesli-thats not an issue..rbx needs only some bites for booting
22:48:08floamI guess the need for rockbox on the m3 is less than the need on iriver
22:48:31floamthe people that make the M3 are good about having monthly firmware releases and they support a lot of requested stuff
22:48:34floamlike FLAC
22:48:44muesli-i've checked md6 checksum and they are identical with one from the wiki
22:49:17muesli-amiconn could you please email me your v3, please?
22:50:08 Quit Chamois (" HydraIRC -> <- The future of IRC")
22:50:10HClamiconn: do you have anything against me checking in the java songdb source into cvs?
22:52:41stripwaxHCl it's a good idea ...
22:55:22tucozfloam: fyi, a port for the x5 might be in the works. If you would like to see a port to the m3 you can start by finding out as much as possible about it. Find reference manuals for the components and so on.
22:56:42tucozoh, looks like a lot has been made already
22:56:48tucozin that department
22:57:16HClyea, but i need to check whether there are people against me doing that
22:57:39HClcause when i proposed the new database a lot of people were against it too, so i want to be sure before doing anything o.o
22:57:54stripwaxI got the impression that ppl were surprised that it *wasn't* in cvs ...
22:58:16HCli mostly didn't check it in cause its like... 90 sourcefiles at the very least?
22:58:20HClits far from pretty
22:58:37floamtucoz: there are a bunch of pictures of the m3 and datasheets for all the chips
22:58:40tucoziirc, a lot of people didn't like it when it were in cvs. but that might have been the binary
22:58:42floamon the rockbox wiki
22:58:53HCltucoz: mhm..
22:59:30tucozfloam: yes i noticed. But, someone with a m3 has to start working on it. Like, write a bootloader for it etc.
22:59:47tucozHCl: so I can see if your'e confused on what to do :D
23:00:47stripwaxHCl how about checking in the specs rather than all the source? and link the source from the wiki?
23:03:19tucozHCl: but it would be nice for you, to lower your burden of bug fixes.
23:04:08tucozalthough it is perfectly possible to fix it now, as the source is in the jar, but cvs is a lot nicer in that sence
23:07:13HClstripwax: what do you mean?
23:07:13HCltucoz: i guess...
23:07:42*HCl got disconnected for about 3 minutes..
23:09:17tucozMaybe someone with a mistic river account can ask for help regarding the broken downloads for the firmware.
23:09:19stripwaxHCl - i kinda mean, a full description of what it does, files format, etc, rather than 90+ files in cvs. but if the source is in the jar, then I guess don't worry about cvs at all
23:09:44HCli'm not sure what you mean with a full description..
23:09:47HClyou mean code comments?
23:10:34stripwaxi mean, description of what the java code is doing differently than the unless i've misunderstood the whole conversation, of course!
23:10:36tucozLike, gather working ones.
23:11:01HClthe whole format of the database is described on the wiki extensively...
23:11:15HCli don't think i've forgotten anything on there
23:11:45*stripwax goes to read the wiki..
23:12:56 Join CheeseBurgerMan [0] (~me@
23:12:57stripwaxremind me why we need a perl AND a java version again (and a C version..)
23:13:21tucozI get the point that it is unwanted with several different tools that do the same thing. Hard to maintain
23:13:31HClcause i hate perl and it became unmaintainable
23:13:52HClthe c version is because some people would like the database to be generated on target... godknows why
23:14:04stripwaxHere's a thought - if we have just one version, then (as alxcm pointed out), a cross-platform UI would be easy e.g. wkWindows.
23:14:25tucozHCl: that is a good thing. I often forget to run it on host.
23:14:26*stripwax personally thinks UIs in java look like shit on Windows operating systems.. :-(
23:14:39alxcmwell it depends
23:14:46alxcmswing on 1.5 looks good
23:14:51HCltucoz: it would only be a good thing if it would be able to read the old database
23:14:53tucozstripwax: java 1.5 looks better than it used to
23:15:28stripwaxtucoz - hmm..
23:15:49tucozHCl: I mean generate a new db on target.
23:16:08tucozWhy would we want to read the old database?
23:16:38HClbecause it would save a lot of work and you could only add the files that have been changed/added
23:16:58stripwaxHCl oh you mean prev database rather than prev database version?
23:17:06tucozme too
23:17:18stripwaxoh, does the C version not even do that? that's pants
23:17:29 Quit DangerousDan ("Miranda IM! Smaller, Faster, Easier.")
23:17:31Bagderthe C version is very new
23:17:32HClas far as i know it doesn't..
23:17:36Bagderand not working yet
23:18:12HClBagder: do you have anything against me checking in the java version into cvs...?
23:18:35tucozBut having the framework in place is good start though. But I know a lot of people like perl for parsing, so I get the point of having a perl db generator.
23:18:46BagderI've already written that I would like it in CVS
23:18:58Bagderpossibly in its own module
23:19:02HCleven if its over 90 sourcefiles?
23:19:04Bagdersince it is... excessive
23:19:05HClhow would i do that?
23:19:12*stripwax chuckles
23:19:17tucozHCl: now it's the time to write: major commit coming up
23:19:39HCltucoz: it'll take a while anywho, part of it is binary only, gotta fetch the sources off the sites
23:20:06stripwaxHm, if the target generated the db itself, we wouldn't have to worry about any platform-dependent user interfaces at all..
23:20:23Bagderit will be very slow on target
23:20:30HClyou're forgetting that target generated databases will most likely be slow and drain the entire battery
23:20:48tucozunless they only do what you said.
23:21:04HClit'd still be slow..
23:21:06HClbut yea.
23:21:10tucozand no major changes have been made of course
23:21:25HCli think its pointless to do it like that, the runtime database code can easily handle new files and add them to the tagdatabase on the fly
23:21:28stripwaxHCl is that just because we CRC everything?
23:21:30HClit only doesn't have tag reading code
23:21:39tucozlike deleted the entire collection, and copied a new one to it.
23:25:53stripwaxHm, why is the tagdatabase separate from the rundb?
23:26:00tucozHCl: so that will be a feature of the runtime db. cool.
23:26:36HClyea. it shouldn't be hard to add, really.
23:26:41stripwaxgiven that the tagdatabase already has a File Entry table
23:26:51HClyou'd just play a song thats not in the database, and it would add it
23:26:53*stripwax simply doesn't understand so is surely stupid
23:27:02tucozhehe, cool
23:27:05HClthe tagdatabase can also be empty...
23:27:54tucozThen the tagdb on target is pointless?
23:28:18stripwaxhmm.. guess I'd misunderstood the File Entry table then (not a list of Files, huh?)
23:28:35HClwell. the runtime database would only add files that have been played and aren't in the tag database
23:28:45HClit would be annoying to have to play all your songs in order to create a database
23:28:46Bagdertucoz: you still might want to browse files via tags
23:28:56HClthat too.
23:29:04HClthe runtime database won't be able to update the browsing bit.
23:29:14tucozhmm, I don't get it.
23:29:17HClaside from it showing in all songs
23:29:42muesli-could somebody email me bootloader v3 1.65eu?
23:29:42stripwaxOk: someone able to tell me why the tagdatabase doesn't just automatically contain an entry for all files?! why do we need a *separate* rundb??
23:30:04Bagderstripwax: because we want to be able to generate a new db without ruining the rundb
23:30:20Bagdersince that is done on host, and the rundb on target
23:30:37tucozBut if the runtime db adds entires to the tagdb, why won't they show up when I browse by id3db
23:30:49stripwaxYeah, but the rundb contains pointers into the File Entry table in tagdatabase so ... huh?
23:31:00HClbecause it doesn't have the memory to keep track of artist<->album<->song relationships
23:31:14HClthe runtime database can add a fileentry, add a runtime database entry
23:31:21HCland possibly it could also add a basic tagdb entry
23:31:53stripwaxHCI no what I mean is, whatever logic is being used to maintain the pointers between tagdatabase and rundb - couldn't they just be used to keep track of entries in the tagdatabase so we don't even need a *separate* rundb?
23:32:14HClno, we couldn't. its so we can make a new tag database without destroying runtime database info
23:32:29HCltrust me, the database design is really quite advanced and thought through
23:32:45HClwell, not quite advanced but fairly advanced.
23:33:00stripwaxHCl when would you want to delete the tag database and start again though?
23:33:25tucozok, I just thought that the runtime added an entry to the tagdb. Then that functionalty could be used to scan the db. But, it seems you know what youre talking about, and I'm not :)
23:33:48HClstripwax: when you added files and want to be able to browse them using the database?
23:34:32stripwaxHCl why does that need to delete the old tagdatabase? why wouldn't that just add to it? i'm not sure I understand why putting rundb info in the tagdatabase (which I know you don't do) is bad
23:34:50stripwaxunless you delete the tagdatabase. which you just try not to do?
23:34:53HClat the moment it deletes the old tagdatabase
23:35:05HClthe java tool can be easily adapted to read in the previous one
23:35:07stripwaxHCl ok - so if it didn't, wouldn't we only need one db?
23:35:14tucozHCl: So, that is were the hashing is used. To distinguish between files, so that regardless of browsing method, the same file will be added to the runtime db.
23:35:16HClas for the perl version, it would be pretty much hell to read in a previous one
23:35:57tucozok :/
23:35:59HCltucoz: among other things.. hashing is used so that regardless of moving files, they will keep their runtime info
23:36:08HClthe no was directed to stripwax
23:36:20HClalso, if you have duplicate songs, they share their runtime info
23:36:25HClat least. they're supposed to.
23:36:33HClwe're not quite managing hashing by music data yet
23:36:40tucozoh, that is really great.
23:37:28stripwaxHCl - thanks. Hmmm, good point on the sharing the runtime info. So maybe if there was a hash table in the tagdatabase (mapping hashes to runtime info), and if the tools didn't delete the old tagdb when creating a new one, then would that mean we only need one db?
23:37:43tucozMan, you have made quite an effort in thinking this thing through. I'm impressed.
23:37:56HClstripwax: i'd really rather not risk the runtime info getting corrupted by an malfunctioning tool..
23:38:13HClwhy are you so focused on making it a single file?
23:38:20stripwaxIf you had duplicate songs from different CDs, then they wouldn't share runtime info would they? Not by hash anyway, because they'd surely hash differently
23:38:38HCldepending on how we hash, but probably not.
23:38:52HCli added tmi support which tries to hash by resulting music
23:38:55stripwaxHCl :-) no reason. Just trying to work out why it's a separate db rather than just a separate table in the same db
23:39:01HClbut that turned out to be worse than just hashing with crc32
23:39:13HClmostly because we want to be able to generate the tagdatabase from scratch
23:39:19HClwithout needing the player
23:39:21tucozBut the musicbrainz hashing isn't failsafe either (iirc).
23:39:21HCla lot of users
23:39:26HClhave a copy of their music collection on their pc
23:39:32HCland want to generate their database off target
23:39:36HClwithout having access to the old one
23:40:00HCltucoz: yea, i definately noticed that. i implemented the musicbrainz hashing in the java tool a while ago, i removed it again..
23:40:02stripwaxHCL does that mean that the PC-side tool is dog-slow?
23:40:17HClwell. as long as you're on usb2 its not too slow.
23:40:41stripwaxHCl I thought you just said it generates the database off target from a copy on their PC?
23:40:57HClsome people do.
23:40:59HClnot all people
23:41:03stripwaxbut i take it it re-reads all the tags of all the files every time it is run
23:41:11HCli generate it on the pc using my player as harddisk
23:41:13HClat the moment, yes.
23:41:23HCli should probably add support for a previous database in the java tool.
23:41:39HClbut its hardly a priority
23:42:23tucozHCl: I think the java tool is fairly efficient. Not too slow at least.
23:42:36HClefficient, not really XD
23:42:41HClbut yea, its not too slow XD
23:42:50HCli mean. seriously. its horridly inefficient
23:42:51HClbut yea xD
23:43:05muesli-n8 mates
23:43:06HClmostly due to the lack of a proper backend for reading tags
23:43:35HCli use 2 backends at the moment, one for reading tags and another for figuring out playtime...
23:43:46HClsomeone really needs to write a single good backend :/
23:44:04HClor explain to me how to get playtime from an mp3/ogg normally..
23:44:09tucozHave you scoured the internet for such libraries?
23:44:16stripwaxHCl - ogginfo ??
23:44:23tucozguessed you had
23:44:40HClthe current solution works till we get something better.
23:44:52stripwaxogginfo is just a standard ogg tool, and it outputs everything I'm sure you'll need to know
23:45:02HCli can't rely on external tools..
23:45:10tucozwhy not?
23:45:14stripwaxwhat, like a JRE? :-p
23:46:09HCli don't really regard jre as an external tool, but yes, i'd like to keep the external dependencies on 0 if possible
23:46:29tucozthe perl version requires perl. The java requires JRE. If you had a small tool to spit out tags, that wouldn't be so bad. But I know what you mean.
23:47:11HCli guess
23:47:13stripwaxogginfo and mp3info spits out tags. so, ?
23:47:21HClthe tag reading backend that i have at the moment is pretty good anyways
23:47:29HClits mostly the problem of getting the playtime
23:47:52HClthe current tag reading backend comes from an iriver db generation tool written in java
23:47:57stripwaxHCl well I guess you could reimplement the guts of ogginfo into Java but I don't really see the point
23:48:04tucozAs an end user of the tagdb, I think it's definietly ok in terms of speed.
23:48:25HClat some point i'm hoping to get rid of the bigger and more broken part of the backend
23:48:34stripwaxwhich bit's that?
23:48:44HClthe bit that figures out playtime
23:48:57tucozOk, well the cvs commit is a leap in the right direction at least.
23:49:09HClBagder: how do i make a new module or something?
23:50:10tucozis that what you're looking for?
23:50:52HClbut i'd like to confirm it with Bagder anyways before i mess something up..
23:51:09 Join ac [0] (
23:51:38***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
23:51:39acdoes anybody know a tool to make schematics like this one:
23:52:46HCli guess linus would know
23:53:01stripwaxHCl does the java tool work with 'free' linux JREs e.g. classpath/blackdown/..?
23:53:03acyep... but he isnt online :(
23:53:19HClstripwax: not sure
23:55:15tucozstripwax, isn't suns JRE free? Or do you mean open source?
23:55:46*tucoz is not that lectured on licencies and stuff like that
23:56:10stripwaxtucoz - i mean the kind of JRE that Freenet users or Debian hippies would want to use
23:57:24tucozstripwax: ok, so even if suns JRE is free in the sence that you don't have to pay to use it. It's not free in the sence of freedom
23:58:05stripwax"free as in beer, not free as in speech"
23:58:08alxcmthe source is free
23:58:22alxcmhowever, you're not allowed to change it
23:58:27acabout what java tool are you talking?
23:58:29stripwaxalxcm - what, the source code for Sun's Java Runtime Environment is free?
23:58:34*stripwax didn't know that.. neat
23:58:40alxcmyeah, it comes with the JDK
23:58:45alxcmwell, the stuff that's in java
23:58:49alxcmnot sure about the native methods
23:58:55alxcmthe C stuff
23:58:58tucozac: tagdb

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