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#rockbox log for 2005-07-10

00:00:12stripwaxalxcm - heh, good luck. they're really not that simple. The JRE includes the JVM
00:00:32tucozso the hippies want a free JVM as in open source
00:00:54stripwaxtucoz - it doesn't have to be open source. it just has to be 'free as in speech' i.e. no fascist licensing requirements
00:01:06alxcmblackdown == open source
00:01:06*stripwax wonders if fascist is too strong a word here...
00:01:18stripwaxBut that's Debian hippies for yuo
00:01:20alxcmits fairly decent, too
00:01:32alxcmanyway, you all are talking about ogg playback?
00:01:44tucozno the tagdb
00:01:46stripwaxalxcm - right, which was why my original question was, does the tagdb java code work with blackdown...
00:02:34alxcmi use Sun's JRE ;)
00:02:44alxcmi could try it with blackdown soon if you want tho
00:04:19alxcmwill this fix issues with the playback of long oggs?
00:05:41 Quit muesli- (Read error: 113 (No route to host))
00:06:43stripwaxalxcm - playback and tagging are, like, totally different issues
00:06:44alxcmon my ihp120, under rockbox
00:07:07tucozalxcm: no, this is only the generation of the tag data base.
00:07:08alxcmi figured since you were talking about playtimes, it might be a little relevent
00:07:24alxcmi guess the codec determines playtime differently?
00:07:54stripwaxYikes. Does the playback code rely on the 'playtime' reported by the tagdatabase? i'd hope not. I'm certain the codec determines playtime by just reading the entire file until there's nothing left
00:07:57HCli can't use the rockbox codecs in my db generator
00:07:59HClstripwax: no it doesnt
00:08:09stripwax(I meant to figure out when to change track)
00:08:17HClits merely for statistics, and for searches.
00:08:25alxcmbecause "long" OGG files sound really corrupted when played back on my ihp120
00:08:38alxcmlong being 24ish minutes
00:08:57tucozbut rockbox is in no way demanding the tagdb to exist to work, right.
00:09:39alxcmi wouldn't know
00:09:42stripwaxalxcm - ah, right. Sorry, I thought you were talking about the issue where it changes to the next track to early. (which I guess might be fixed anyway)
00:10:04stripwaxalxcm - I've got a ~22 minutes OGG track - do you think that would work or fail? I'll try and see if it sounds corrupted
00:10:09alxcmtry it
00:10:20alxcmthe length is the only thing right now that seems to cause problems
00:10:36alxcmi took a vanilla mp3, decoded it to wav, encoded it to ogg with oggenc, no issues
00:10:52alxcmtook a 24 min ogg, decoded to wav, reencoded with oggenc, sounds awful
00:10:59alxcmlike overlayed static or something
00:11:30stripwaxHm.. a One-Hour ogg and it sounds fine.
00:11:48alxcmi'll upload one of the ones that sounds horrible
00:12:01stripwaxsounds just perfect. Maybe a bug in your ogg encoder? Which one are you using (and which version):
00:12:01alxcmthis is yesterday's daily build
00:12:13alxcmoggenc from vorbis-tools, latest version
00:12:19tucozhmm, I don't get this blackdown site. It's linking to suns jre
00:12:31alxcmincidentally, they all play back fine under iRiver firmware
00:12:54stripwaxalxcm - "latest version" == what version though?
00:13:16stripwaxalxcm hmm strange. I've got a bunch of oggs that don't play on iRiver that play fine on Rockbox so .. ? :-)
00:13:18bill2or3I got my 340 back together, now with a hdd activity light
00:14:21alxcm/bin/sh: oggenc: command not found
00:14:30alxcmalx@phoenix alx $ oggenc -v
00:14:30alxcmOggEnc v1.0.1 (libvorbis 1.0.1)
00:14:54 Quit ac ("CGI:IRC (Ping timeout)")
00:15:15stripwaxalxcm - rioght. I'm using oggenc 2.3 (libvorbis 1.1.0) which came out nearly a year ago I think ... ;-)
00:15:26stripwaxupgrade, dude ...
00:15:59alxcmodd, i got mine from portage
00:16:13alxcmshould be up to date
00:16:50stripwaxwe're on libvorbis 1.1.1 these days..
00:18:04 Join austriancoder [0] (~austrianc@
00:18:35amiconnHCl: You wanted to know how to change a commit message for a file after commit?
00:18:41stripwaxalxcm - maybe portage is just horribly out of date.
00:18:42alxcmanyway, stripwax, there's the file
00:18:52alxcmstripwax: it shouldn't be tho...i will have to send them an ebuild
00:18:53stripwaxalxcm thanks. downloading...
00:19:04amiconncvs admin -m<revision>:<comment> <file>
00:19:19HClhm.. can normal users use admin commands?
00:19:21 Quit Harpy (Connection timed out)
00:19:25amiconnThis book was very helpful for me to learn CVS
00:19:31alxcmHCl: i should hope not
00:19:32amiconnIt's freely available
00:19:47amiconnHCl: I already did that; works for me
00:20:09amiconnI guess only some options of 'cvs admin' are available for us
00:21:31stripwaxalxcm - hmm, should I be getting more than 1KB/s off this download?? :-(
00:21:34*austriancoder is converting the fwpatcher to use wxwindows
00:21:54stripwaxaustriancoder - I thought someone else was doing that?
00:22:21alxcmstripwax: yes...
00:22:27alxcmis it that bad?
00:22:40stripwaxalxcm yes
00:22:52stripwax923 bytes/sec now! this is gonna take months..
00:22:57amiconnaustriancoder: See how you are confusiing people with your 2 nicks?
00:23:06austriancoderstripwax: ac == austriancoder ... so.. yes.. i am doing it ;)
00:23:21stripwaxuh, ok!
00:23:22alxcmdon't worry about it then
00:25:28 Join DarkkOne [0] (
00:26:04alxcmbbl all
00:26:44 Part DarkkOne
00:26:47 Join DarkkOne [0] (
00:27:44 Join BoD[] [0] (
00:27:58stripwaxhey Bod
00:28:10BoD[]today I bought a iriver h340
00:28:21ghode|afki'm so sorry :(
00:28:53BoD[]it's ok
00:28:57ghode|afkyour first iriver?
00:29:25ghode|afkno reason ;p
00:29:34tucozthe h3x0 series looks nice. My brother got one, and it felt nice.
00:29:36DarkkOneI can see it as a possibility if there's not a h140 available ghode. :-P
00:29:45BoD[]i really wonder if the creative zen is good
00:29:53BoD[]cause... it's a lot cheaper
00:30:04ghode|afk3x0 series is just way too big for my liking
00:30:12BoD[]and it has a juggle thingy
00:30:14HClcolorscreen is icky...
00:30:29ghode|afkzen touch is supposed to be good, but it does have mass storage :(
00:30:41BoD[]doesn't ?
00:30:46HClyea, i often completely forget that there are actually players that aren't mass storage
00:30:47ghode|afkthe lack of ums drives is scary
00:31:00tucozghode|afk: does not have usb mass storage
00:31:04HCla lot of mp3 players aren't usable as mass storage
00:31:05HClreally scary
00:31:14HCli'm glad i bought my h140 when i did
00:31:15BoD[]it means i nead a special driver to put music on it?
00:31:17ghode|afkweird thing is, the ipod can be ;p
00:31:25DarkkOneHas any company actually ever put forth a claim as to why they choose not to?
00:31:30*DarkkOne wants a 140
00:31:34ghode|afkcreative - yes
00:31:46tucozor it might have, but you need to use some special program to transfer your files to the unit.
00:31:55tucozi.e. music files
00:32:10HClmy flatmate has a creative player
00:32:12ghode|afkreason why i didnt go for the karma, seemed to have everything apart from ums :(
00:32:13tucozjust like the ipod
00:32:14HCland he can't use it as a harddisk
00:32:22HClghode|afk: same, and it only being 20gb
00:32:22BoD[]cause the only feature I liked is "usb host"
00:32:28ghode|afkyeah and 20gb
00:32:43HClbut with rockbox iriver is much better anyways
00:32:46ghode|afksigh 40gb not enough, got only 40meg free atm ><
00:32:47tucozHCl: that is why I went for the h120 among other things
00:33:03tucozwhich I'm happy for these days.
00:33:13HClghode|afk: upgrade?
00:33:37ghode|afki dont feel the 60gb is worth it atm, which is like 130£
00:33:57HClmost of the price of the iriver is cause of the harddisk
00:34:02ghode|afkhmm thats actually might be the 30gb, not looked at the price in a while
00:34:26HClmy music collection is 13gb.. the only reason why my player is almost full is cause of copies of movies and such..
00:34:32BoD[](i'm gonna try the picture viewing capabilities now)
00:35:00BoD[]by the way there's a silly limitation on the usb host function
00:35:06tucozThe screen on the h3x0 series looked very good.
00:35:13BoD[]you can't copy a directory recursively :/
00:35:25ghode|afkyeah i carry around loads of programs/files on my player. even have cygwin on it ><
00:36:09ghode|afkBoD[]: what do you think of the size?
00:36:26BoD[]ghode: it's "think" :)
00:36:41tucozit's not that big compared to the h120
00:36:49BoD[]the opposite of thin
00:37:07tucozIt felt solid.
00:37:27DarkkOneMy general theory is "if it fits in the lower pocket of my cargo pants, and doesn't cause them to fall off, it's not too big" but I'm not a huge "small gadgets are better gadgets" kinda person.
00:37:28ghode|afkcamt remeber where i saw this, but size wise, does the h140=320?
00:37:45*amiconn just watched some demo videos on
00:37:48thegeekI think the h140 is actually a little thinner
00:37:52BoD[]fuck i just copied 20 gigs of the wrong folder ....
00:38:08thegeekeven though it is a tiny bit bigger than the 120, the 140 is still smaller than the 320
00:38:09ghode|afkdoh ;p
00:38:15BoD[]took me about 40min
00:38:19amiconnBooting linux takes ages compared to rockbox boot
00:38:49tucozlinux takes ages compared to windows boot also. at least on my machine
00:39:00ghode|afkthegeek, good good, glad i didnt go with the 340. altough 140+leather case = huge size :(
00:39:18DarkkOneThat's weird. Booting Knoppix off of a CD tends to take less time than a clean install of windows on most computers I've tried it on.
00:39:35DarkkOneWhat linux tucoz?
00:40:17tucozsuse 9.3
00:40:17amiconnSlow boot of portable devices like daps and cellphones is annoying. For me ~ 10 secs is the bearable maximum
00:40:53BoD[]there's no zoom in the picture viewer :(
00:41:02DarkkOneAaah, I've only tried suse once, and that was a livecd. Don't remember it well though.
00:41:30BoD[]in fact
00:41:46BoD[]I think what it displays is the thumbnail information inside the jpg file
00:41:48amiconnBoD[]: Talking 'bout iriver H3xx firmware?
00:41:52BoD[]not the actual file
00:41:55BoD[]amiconn: yes
00:42:50BoD[]another silly thing
00:42:57BoD[]you click "navi"
00:43:16BoD[]then you're browsing your files.. but you can only play music files
00:43:54BoD[]if I go to my pictures folder the pictures are filtered out.. I have to go to the main menu and chose the picture view icon
00:44:04 Quit tucoz ("CGI:IRC")
00:44:18 Join tucoz [0] (
00:44:37tucozh120 compared to a h3x0
00:44:57tucozit's a bit thicker, yes.
00:45:10austriancoderas our bootloader will support in the near future some other players too, wouldnt it be nice to make a wizard out of our fwpatcher?
00:45:49BoD[](doesn't support progressive jpg either)
00:46:15amiconnBoD[]: Progressive isn't supported in the rockbox jpeg viewer either
00:46:32amiconn(which currently works on archos only)
00:46:43 Quit courtc (Connection timed out)
00:47:01austriancodere.g. on the first page to select player to use - 2nd page: browse orginal firmware and patch
00:47:04ghode|afkhmm i remember markun's greyscale hack allowed you to view jpegs
00:47:28amiconnghode|afk: Yes, but only with the 4 (native) grey levels
00:47:31tucozaustriancoder: sounds like a good idea
00:47:50amiconnI wouldn't call this a real image viewer
00:47:58austriancodertucoz: fine
00:48:03amiconnaustriancoder: The major thing about fwpatcher is reliability
00:48:08 Join courtc [0] (
00:48:31amiconnThe current implementation detects the platform based on the unpatched firmware's md5 sum
00:48:47DarkkOneThat way someone can't click the wrong thing, right?
00:49:05tucozbut the patcher is aimed at end users, and all safety measures is good.
00:49:06austriancoderthe bootloader will support in the near time iaudio x5
00:49:09 Quit webguest97 ("CGI:IRC")
00:49:19amiconnaustriancoder: Yes, so what?
00:49:22 Join webguest51 [0] (
00:49:28austriancoderand it would be fine to use the fwpatcher too
00:49:50amiconnYes, that would be simple
00:49:53tucozin this picture the h1x0 looks like a beast compared to the h3x0
00:50:02DarkkOneIt'll have its own set of MD5s, so it should be able to detect that the firmware you pointed it at is for the iaudio x5 and not something else, from the sounds of it, so no user input but a filename would be needed, right?
00:50:16amiconnDarkkOne: yup
00:50:45austriancoderguys.. let me some time and i will try something
00:50:51DarkkOneSo the only necessary user input is pointing to the firmware file, reducing the possibility of user error to a minimal.
00:51:16DarkkOneSo, what's the benefit of the wizard if the file/platform can be detected?
00:52:13tucozThe comfort of getting the feeling you have done something right for the user.
00:52:30amiconnDarkkOne: The current fwpatcher even does a double check. It detects the platform of the unpatched firmware based on the md5 sum, patches it with the bootloader, then calculates the md5 sum of the patched file and compares it to the matching table entry
00:53:06tucozInstead of a lot of stuff happening without you knowing it. Like, browse, patch -> patched. Hmm, did I _really_ do it right?
00:53:07amiconnIf any of these checks fails, it won't report a successful patch, and won't change the input file
00:53:35austriancoderplease wait until i am done..
00:54:03DarkkOneSo what you COULD do, is have a dialogue. You select the file, click okay, and it pops up a confirmation (rather than a wizard) that says "This firmware is detected as IHP-120 ver 1.65US" so the user knows it's right that way?
00:54:29DarkkOneI will admit, when I ran fwpatcher, I was very very nervous.
00:54:48DarkkOneI mean, h120s aren't the easiest things to come by these days.
00:54:57tucozhehe, I trusted amiconns work. Still, I was a bit nervous when I flashed it.
00:55:20amiconnDarkkOne: I admit the feedback is a bit minimalistic.
00:55:27DarkkOneYeah, it's not a complaint by any means
00:55:38DarkkOneAnd it's nice to have the MD5s posted on the page so I can do my own before/after checks.
00:55:54tucozso either dialogues, and/or wizard is a good thing.
00:56:14 Join Rori [0] (
00:56:29Rorihay guyz
00:57:59]RowaN[neeed.. too. orrder.. new .. 30gig iriver hd.. anyone know a place that mite have stock?
00:59:58 Join BBub_ [0] (
01:02:15stripwaxanyone seen a guy called "paul", who was working on a full Rockbox installer for Windows iriver users?
01:02:29stripwax]RowaN[ - ?
01:02:58 Quit kaouete ("upgrade")
01:03:10amiconnstripwax: Why another installer
01:03:21stripwaxamiconn - don't ask me, ask "paul"
01:03:38amiconnThere already is an installer; it's merely necessary to extend it a bit to include iriver
01:03:43stripwaxhe said he wanted to have cmdline control over fwpatcher.exe (remember?)
01:03:56stripwaxso we added it? not heard from him since tho
01:04:10stripwaxhis installer was also automatically downloading latest rockbox
01:04:18amiconn...and that's a thing that shouldn't be done before the first official release
01:04:37stripwaxyou mean should be done, right?
01:05:02stripwaxso the first official release is one that doesn't have a proper installer?
01:05:26DarkkOneSomeone should run a poll, I imagine more people waiting for release are already using it than aren't.
01:05:41amiconnNo, i mean it shouldn't be done before doing the first release, i.e. the first release should have it, but no builds before that
01:05:43DarkkOneIt being Rockbox iRiver h120
01:06:41]RowaN[span are out of stock
01:06:50stripwaxamiconn - understood. obviously it would have to be written *before* the release tho. I thought you meant no-one should even work on it until after the first official release (which is why it seemed odd to me)
01:06:53]RowaN[sapstore are out of sock
01:07:00]RowaN[<- drunk
01:07:05stripwaxhmm, span say 7 days. can you wait a week
01:07:12]RowaN[nah thats a lie..
01:07:19*stripwax needs a new hdd too.. it's dying a slow death..
01:07:19]RowaN[coz when i emailed them they say they dunno when theys getting em
01:08:24stripwaxalxcm - heh, 75% of your ogg has now been downloaded :-)
01:09:15amiconn]RowaN[: Some german offers that show 'in stock' status:
01:09:28*Rori just had to replace his hdd. 250Gb with another 250GB. Gonna RMA the other one.
01:09:45amiconnNot sure whether these shops ship abroad
01:10:02]RowaN[not sure which shipping method to pick.. better email em
01:10:40amiconnAnother one:
01:11:40webguest51anyone got a working url for 1.65eu? ;o
01:12:36]RowaN[ seem pricey
01:17:16 Quit BBub (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
01:17:55tucozI am thinking of buying a laptop, but have no clue what to buy. The different processors, etc. All got different names, but same freq. Anyone happen to know where one can see these compared?
01:18:25 Quit webguest51 ("CGI:IRC")
01:18:40 Quit BBub_ (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
01:18:54stripwaxtucoz - ?
01:19:50tucozgoogle is great, but right now it's a jungle. As is tomshardware
01:21:13stripwaxtucoz - k then, buy a centrino laptop (i.e. pentium M,) with 802.11g and >4 hours battery life :-)
01:21:19tucozlike centrino, pentium m
01:21:23stripwaxand give this article a read,
01:21:47tucozcentrino=pentium m?
01:21:58stripwaxtucoz - centrino isn't a processor. it's a system specification. pentium m is a processor
01:22:04tucozstripwax thanks
01:22:47DarkkOneYeah, laptops pretty much depend on whether you want battery life, or desktop-replacement power.
01:23:09*stripwax would go for battery anyday, since he has a desktop too anyway
01:24:01tucozYes, seems like a good idea. So, how are the graphic chips these days? radeon 9700 or x300?
01:24:02DarkkOneSee, I went for power. I mean, I still get about 2:30 on the batteries. I just don't like sitting at the desktop anymore.
01:24:33stripwaxDarkkOne - don't get me wrong, I just hardly ever use the desktop any more
01:24:44stripwaxtucoz i'm still back in the dark ages with a 9600pro
01:24:58DarkkOneI used to be a PC Gamer, and I expect I'll probably be so again one day.
01:25:07stripwaxmmm, i think i'm about to disappear, not sure. i'll be back if it looks like i vanished
01:25:35DarkkOneRight now though, I'm reading through sourcecode trying to relearn C the hardest possible way.
01:30:56 Quit DarkkOne ("Chatzilla [Firefox 1.0.4/20050511]")
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01:34:24 Quit stripwax_ (Client Quit)
01:36:34 Join memmem [0] (
01:40:30 Join stripwax_ [0] (
01:43:49 Part tucoz
01:43:56 Quit stripwax (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
01:46:42 Join BBub [0] (
01:47:19 Quit austriancoder ("using sirc version 2.211+KSIRC/1.3.12")
01:48:58 Quit hicks (Remote closed the connection)
01:49:32 Part memmem ("ERC Version 5.0.3 $Revision: 1.726.2.17 $ (IRC client for Emacs)")
01:50:28 Join ashridah [0] (
01:51:42***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
02:01:46ashridahhas anyone managed to fix vorbis playback?
02:02:07crwlwhat's wrong with it?
02:02:19ashridahit's broken
02:19:36 Quit stripwax_ (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
02:27:40 Join tvelocity [0] (
02:33:35amiconnashridah: What's the problem with vorbis?
02:34:01amiconnI just built h120 rockbox from current cvs, and vorbis is working just fine
02:42:34ashridahit crashes here, i mentioned it on the mailing list in the thread about resampling vorbis files
02:43:16ashridahi play one, no matter what the sampling rate, and it dies with I03: AddrErr at 32F0004E
02:48:38 Quit Moos (" HydraIRC -> <- Leading Edge IRC")
02:51:12amiconnashridah: which build?
02:52:23ashridahcvs head for the past day or so
02:52:42ashridahat least. it's been a few days since i've played an ogg file, unfortunately
02:52:54ashridahbut yeah, current CVS head has it for me
02:55:56ashridahhow does one get a symbol map for rockbox anyway? files are always created when building
02:57:32ashridahwell, it's crashing someplace in codec_start then
02:59:53ashridahookay. i just used make clean, and now the sodding bug's gone
03:00:02ashridahcould have sworn i'd already done that, damnit.
03:02:48 Quit tvelocity ("Leaving")
03:06:40 Quit ]RowaN[ ()
03:21:12 Join DarkkOne [0] (
03:22:16alxcmin thursday's daily build ogg worked
03:22:25ashridahalxcm: i've already fixed it.
03:22:49alxcmbut there were some oggs i have that had extreme static overlayed
03:22:51*ashridah gets a distinct office space feeling coming on
03:23:09ashridahbut yeah, dsp resampling is probably still broken
03:23:20alxcmwell short oggs play fine
03:23:26alxcmlonger ones tend to have static
03:23:34alxcmone i tested was 24 minutes
03:23:46alxcmtook an mp3, decoded to wav, encoded with oggenc, played fine
03:23:58alxcmtook a long ogg, decoded to wav, encoded with oggenc, problems
03:24:20RoriRubber Johnny rules soooooo much
03:24:39BBubalxcm: so the long mp3 didnt have the effects the long ogg had?
03:26:05ashridahhrm. the player's refusing to play the oggs i've got that are 32KHz at all atm. the hard drive grinds madly, but it doesn't start playback
03:26:17ashridahstandard speed oggs play fine.
03:26:23BoD[]ok so
03:26:32ashridahcould just be the oggs in question, they're generated in a semi dodgy manner iirc
03:26:55ashridahdoesn't matter, i'll play with it more later, since i've got to leave now
03:26:56BoD[]I just bought a 400eur iriver h340
03:27:17BoD[]i wanted it because i needed the usb host function
03:27:41BoD[]but I just understand that it's not compatible with my sony camera
03:27:57BoD[]so it does not work.
03:28:06 Quit ashridah ("gone, bbl")
03:28:14BoD[]so I'm officially pissed off
03:28:23BoD[]i'm so gonna return it
03:28:30BBubyour cam needs a special driver then
03:28:51BoD[]well it doesn't
03:29:09BoD[]it's seen as a "mass storage device"
03:29:27BoD[]so why doesn't the iriver see it I don't know
03:29:41BBubthats weird then
03:30:24BoD[]weird and f***** annoying
03:30:44*alxcm yawns
03:30:56alxcmBBub: i should really try a long mp3
03:32:00DarkkOneWhat kind of sound is it. Like, does the distortion continue from a point all the way to the end of the file, does it start at the same point every time, etc?
03:32:42alxcmcontinues all throughout
03:32:55alxcmit's sort of a crackling
03:33:37alxcmi know next to nothing of audio processing or its effects, but if i HAD to guess i'd say that there were gaps in the buffer
03:34:07DarkkOneDoes the crackling occur at say, lower quality settings as well?
03:36:25alxcmi'm using defaults
03:36:27 Quit BoD[] ("fuck")
03:36:29alxcmwhich are quality 3
03:36:54alxcmbut the iriver firmware plays them fine
03:41:34DarkkOneI'm not really sure I understand what you said about the mp3->wav->ogg vs ogg->wav->ogg thing. The ogg worked, then you converted to wav then back to ogg, and it didn't?
03:45:18zere-encoding is evil
03:46:00*DarkkOne agrees.
03:47:27DarkkOneMy CDs go to FLACs. I burn the FLACs w/ tags to a few DVDs. If anything's ever wrong with a file on my player, I dig up the appropriate DVD and reencode from the flac. Once it's lossy, it's just not a good idea to return from that place.
03:49:00BBubwhy would you store it on a dvd? just take the audio-cd and encode from there ;)
03:49:12alxcmDarkkOne: no, the ogg never worked
03:49:27alxcmi just made sure to go right from a confirmed working wav to an ogg encoded by the same oggenc
03:49:58DarkkOneBecause if I encode to FLAC with tags intact, then even if I don't have internet access, I can repopulate my MP3 player with files pre-tagged with minimal effort.
03:50:27DarkkOnePlus, FLAC->Ogg is alot faster than EAC on the stricter settings to OGG
03:50:28BBubwell, you have the cd in your offline db once you ripped it ;)
03:50:43BBubok, that depends on the drive
03:50:55DarkkOneYeah, and my laptop has a rather pathetic one.
03:51:38BBubalmost all laptops have sucky drives when it comes to audio-cd ripping
03:51:45***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
03:51:48DarkkOneAlso, the only CD case I own is a little 20 disc one, so I can fit a much higher percentage of my music in it than I can if I just use their CDs.
03:52:39BBubi have all my cds on hdd encoded with lame using −−preset standard (same as −−r3mix was before)
03:53:57DarkkOneI'm not much experienced with lame.
04:07:37 Join alxcm_ [0] (
04:07:38 Quit alxcm (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
04:11:55alxcm_DarkkOne: if it'd help i can record the crackling
04:11:57 Quit Sucka ("a bird in the bush is worth two in your house")
04:12:41DarkkOneWell there's probably very little I personally could do to help. But I'm thinking I'll try to reproduce it on my own. So the oggs are just default?
04:13:04DarkkOneI'll encode some of my audiobooks as ogg. At 6 hours per file, if it's a length thing, it should show up in those, right?
04:20:59 Quit RotAtoR ()
04:21:37 Quit DarkkOne ("Chatzilla [Firefox 1.0.4/20050511]")
05:09:19 Join _Mark [0] (
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06:09:46 Nick _Mark is now known as m[a]rk (
06:18:10 Quit pill (Read error: 145 (Connection timed out))
06:30:20 Quit edx (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
06:35:18 Quit DomZ ("CGI:IRC (EOF)")
06:38:52 Quit m[a]rk (Read error: 60 (Operation timed out))
07:09:27 Join pill [0] (
07:27:49 Join DarkkOne [0] (
07:31:29 Join asdsd____ [0] (
07:31:35 Part asdsd____
07:34:59 Quit DarkkOne ("Chatzilla [Firefox 1.0.4/20050511]")
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07:57:51 Join Stryke` [0] (
07:59:00Stryke`is the fwpatcher updated on Linus's last commit?
08:15:25 Join asdsd____ [0] (
08:15:32 Part asdsd____
08:29:01 Quit Stryke` ("Friends don't let friends listen to Anti-Flag")
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09:07:04 Join Coldtoast [0] (
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11:28:01 Join Mirfle [0] (
11:29:41 Part Mirfle
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12:07:50 Join hicks [0] (
12:34:20 Join einhirn [0] (
12:42:10 Join amiconn_ [0] (
12:59:42 Quit amiconn (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
12:59:42 Nick amiconn_ is now known as amiconn (
13:05:21 Quit CheeseBurgerMan (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
13:09:03 Join Domonoky [0] (
13:10:13Domonokyfound a bug in rockbox for irver... if you play an empty .m3u file it hangs on loading.. :-)
13:12:32 Join tvelocity [0] (
13:16:12 Join Moos [0] (
13:23:14 Quit einhirn ("Miranda IM! Smaller, Faster, Easier.")
13:24:36 Join edx [0] (
13:46:31 Join einhirn [0] (
13:51:04 Quit tvelocity ("Leaving")
13:51:04 Quit Maxime`Mrn (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
13:51:05 Join Maxime [0] (
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14:00:11 Join BoD[] [0] (
14:01:40BoD[]Hello !
14:07:56BoD[]not only the 340 usb host didn't work with my camera
14:08:01BoD[]now it doesn't work at all
14:08:08HClhow so
14:08:32BoD[]well yesterday when I plugged my friend's rio, it worked
14:08:39BoD[]but now no
14:08:50BoD[]very odd
14:09:08*HCl tries to come to term with how rare his h140 is slowly becoming
14:09:18BoD[]i'm gonna return it
14:09:30HCli still say to try to find an h140 on ebay, heh.
14:09:33BoD[]but I don't know what i'll get instead
14:09:49HClwhere do you live?
14:09:54BoD[]well on ebay i only found a few and not willing to ship in europe
14:09:59BoD[]in france
14:10:09HCl :/
14:10:28*HCl goes to help to search
14:11:13HClthere you go
14:11:19ghode|afkyou could consider the iaudio x5
14:11:21HClsends worldwide
14:11:24HCliriver h140
14:11:37HCl330 euro + 8 euro shipping
14:11:44ghode|afkbut the h140 has no usb host ;p
14:11:56HClit doesn't, but i can't say i miss it.
14:12:10ghode|afknor me :)
14:12:10HCli guess it might've been useful for my pda
14:12:16HClbut i can do fine without it
14:12:32HClanyways BoD[], that ebay link should work fine
14:13:17*BoD[] looking
14:13:27Coldtoastppl wanting USB host support is a bit like ppl wanting optical in/out
14:13:42HClh140 has optical in/out
14:13:56ColdtoastI know
14:14:03BoD[]about the usb host, I'm gonna buy a "QPS travel one"
14:14:15HClwhats that?
14:14:24BoD[]it's like a bridge
14:14:35BoD[]you plug your cam and your mp3 player and you can transfer
14:14:41HClah right.
14:14:46Coldtoastthat's what I mean; the number of ppl who bought the h300 series for the USB host is probably similar to the number of ppl who bought the h100 series for optical in/out
14:14:50BoD[](but of course if it's true that my cam is not "standard" it won't work"
14:14:56HClah right
14:15:33Coldtoastyou can buy those things that interface between 2 devices and get USB host tho if you have a h140 but you sure as hell have no way at all to get optical on a h3x0
14:15:49Domonokyhm.. is this host feature software ??
14:16:08Domonokyif so, rockbox on h320 could support more devices :-))
14:16:09BoD[]me I don't care about optical
14:16:11HClDomonoky: yes.
14:16:30Coldtoastand I don't care about USB host :)
14:16:40Coldtoastwhich is one of the reasons I bought the h140
14:16:50Coldtoastplus it's OO much nicer looking than the h300 series
14:17:03Coldtoasttry and do the brushed metal mod to the h300. go on, I dare you
14:17:03BoD[]I don't know about ebay. Never bought anything on it.
14:17:12HClyou don't want a color screen because its unreadable when it turns the backlight off..
14:17:32BoD[]Does anybody know the price of a "new" 140 (when it was available) ?
14:17:44HClBoD[]: that ebay link is cheaper than when i bought my new 140
14:18:05HClin retrospect, i should've checked ebay first, but ah well.
14:18:15BoD[]it's a good deal in your opinion?
14:18:26HClmine was 100 euro more expensive
14:18:31ghode|afkbod i bought mine for 250 back in september
14:18:44ghode|afkthats pounds though
14:18:48ghode|afknot eu ;
14:18:58BoD[]btw it's true that the color screen turning off, and then you can't read anything is annoying
14:18:59HClthats more expensive.. i think...
14:19:00ghode|afkignore that link ><
14:19:24ghode|afk£250 = 400EU?
14:19:28HClsomething like that, yae.
14:19:35*HCl searches for exchange rates
14:20:20ghode|afkah well not bad then
14:20:25HClthat ebay link is a pretty good deal, heh
14:20:44BoD[]well I'll keep it in my bookmark
14:20:54ghode|afkGTO is freaking weir, not flcl weird, but weird ><
14:21:03HCli wouldn't delay too much with it, they're only becoming more rare
14:21:04BoD[]I hope there won't be a problem returning the h340 :(
14:21:24HClColdtoast: heh, how was that done?
14:21:25Coldtoastif you do decide to buy a h140 BoD[], order yourself a 2200mah 1st gen ipod battery too :)
14:21:28ghode|afkdid you buy it online?
14:21:33ColdtoastHCl: sandpaper
14:21:40HClisn't the casing plastic?
14:21:45ghode|afkmy 140 is black :(
14:21:49Coldtoastnot the h100 series, no
14:21:54Coldtoastmagnesium alloy
14:21:56HClmy 140 is black too
14:22:02Coldtoastit's paint
14:22:13HClwell, i don't mind it being black
14:22:15Coldtoastyou strip the paint and use sandpaper to create the brushed look
14:22:19Coldtoastme either
14:22:21BoD[]ghode : no in a "normal" shop
14:22:25Coldtoastbut that brushed look is sure nice
14:22:33Coldtoastanyway. work time
14:22:41ghode|afkbod: ah shouldnt be too hard then
14:22:45BoD[]coldtoast: why, there are problems with battery?
14:22:53Coldtoastthere aren't
14:22:53BoD[]ghode: I hope!
14:22:55HClnope, but its easy to do a battery replacement
14:22:57HCland they're cheap
14:23:06HCland they give you 29 hours of battery life opposed to 16 hours
14:23:08BoD[]but what's the point ?
14:23:11Coldtoastbut if you spend the ~$20US on the 2200mah battery, you get around 29hrs playtime
14:23:12BoD[]I see :)
14:23:23HCli paid 13 euro for my battery replacement
14:23:29HCland that included shipping from hong kong
14:23:42 Quit Domonoky (Read error: 113 (No route to host))
14:23:48BoD[]i'll keep that in mind
14:23:51HCl :)
14:24:22BoD[]one thing I don't like about irivers is they don't have a wheel or something to navigate fast
14:24:36BoD[]it's a bit "old school" I think
14:26:08BoD[]hey where's the feature chart on the webpage again?
14:26:32BoD[]oh there it is :) never mind
14:38:22alxcm_well i navigate fine on my iriver
14:40:03HCli'm still working on being able to navigate my iriver properly
14:40:06 Quit Maxime (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
14:40:11HClmostly by adding a proper searchengine to rockbox
14:40:12 Join Maxime [0] (
14:41:57 Join Maxime`Mrn [0] (
14:41:58 Quit Maxime (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
14:42:49BoD[]well my files are organized like this : root/Artist/year - album/song
14:42:55BoD[]but I have a lot of artists
14:43:23BoD[]so when go to root it's on A... If I want to reach an artist in N
14:43:24HCli have pretty much the same structure
14:43:28BoD[]i have to scroll a lot
14:43:32BoD[]which is not fast :)
14:43:35HClyea, i'm planning to change that soon
14:43:47BoD[]maybe add a level for the letter
14:43:51HCllike, up/down = scroll, left/right = skip to previous/next letter in the alphabet
14:43:55HClyea, exactly
14:44:00BoD[]that's clever :)
14:44:52 Join tvelocity [0] (
14:45:26 Join CheeseBurgerMan [0] (~me@
14:51:42 Join lImbus [0] (
14:51:51 Join Lost-ash [0] (
14:56:30 Join ferenczy [0] (
15:05:53 Quit tvelocity ("Leaving")
15:10:23 Quit ashridah (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
15:22:43 Quit ferenczy ()
15:22:47 Join ferenczy [0] (
15:40:08 Nick Lost-ash is now known as ashridah (
15:47:07 Join LinusN [0] (
15:50:05BoD[]hi linus :)
15:51:59***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
15:54:39*HCl watches a tv show about the child slavery used in the chocolate industry
15:55:04 Join DarkSnarfer [0] (
15:57:58*lImbus gets some chocolate
15:58:10Slasherihi :)
15:58:19HClhey slasheri
15:58:31*HCl hasn't bought any chocolate products in ages
15:58:35Slasheri> 30C outside, here 18C in server room .)
15:58:36LinusNis it important for fwpatcher to support the 1.63 version of the original firmware?
15:58:36ferenczyhmmm, chocolate... ;)
16:09:13thegeekI say no
16:09:35thegeekjust inform the user that 1.65 is needed if there is no 1.63 md5sum
16:10:14thegeekand that if the user wants support for his specific firmware he has to send it to you;)
16:10:41thegeekI dont see how you/we should be the one(s) to hunt down all the variations
16:15:45 Quit DarkSnarfer ("CGI:IRC (EOF)")
16:15:59LinusNi have hunted down everything but the korean 1.63
16:27:45 Part lostlogic ("Kernels are for popping")
16:27:51 Join lostlogic [0] (
16:28:07 Nick alxcm_ is now known as alxcm (
16:37:29 Part LinusN
16:57:23 Quit ashridah ("sleep")
17:28:28 Join psp19810506 [0] (psp8156@
17:33:21 Part psp19810506
17:37:03SlasheriBagder: btw, i got the simulator code now working. Still doing some tests
17:50:48SlasheriBagder: the wps is alive with simulator now! :)
17:51:12Slasheriinteresting is that the codec seems to be pretty slow with pc :D
17:52:02***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
17:53:02 Join asdsd____ [0] (
17:53:40 Part asdsd____
17:54:24BBubthe fwpatcher wont work with h110/115-firmwares yet, right?
18:04:17ferenczyslasheri> it would be due to missing any special DSP in the PC...
18:05:55ferenczymy player runs at 80 MHz and [en/de]codes MP3s at bitrate 320 kbit/s
18:07:07crwlso does a PC, right?
18:07:37crwlwell, provided with a fast MP3 encoder, that is. decodes, for sure. :P
18:08:51ferenczyit's not's optimized for sound processing (DSP = Digital Signal Processor)
18:10:49crwlwell, i don't think the motorola coldfire in iriver players is considered a DSP
18:11:46ferenczyI don't know, I don't have any iriver ;)
18:17:32crwlwell, my point was that the iriver can encode and decode MP3 files at bitrate 320 kbit/s, and so can do any usual PC with similar clock speeds
18:17:35crwl... unless i'm totally mistaken
18:20:06ferenczyI have got player with a korean copy of Samsung's S3CC410 - it's an chip running at 100 MHz without or at 80 MHz with the 24bit integrated MAC DSP...
18:21:05HClpff.. how corny for the both the main characters to die at the last episode of the anime i'm watching...
18:21:18ferenczyPC running at 80 MHz definitely cannot manage to encode MP3s at 320 kbit bitrate ;)
18:21:47ferenczyhcl> which anime? ;)
18:21:51crwlferenczy, why couldn't it?
18:22:02crwlit's not like these portable devices are encoding with LAME
18:23:57ferenczycrwl> it's toooooooo slow ;) why don't you try it? ;)
18:24:22crwlferenczy, i don't understand you
18:24:37ferenczyDSP is strongly optimized for audio processing - it work with an 24bit operands in one cycle...
18:25:09crwlare you claiming PC processors can't do that (and more)?
18:25:45crwlit's just that nobody has bothered to write and optimize a superfast (and probably, super low quality too) mp3 encoder to some crappy 90 MHz pentium because nobody uses those anymore
18:27:05ferenczyPC do it more "brutalforce", it doesn't have any special audioprocessing instructions...(i don't mean MMX instr. and so on)
18:27:31HClferenczy: samurai champloo
18:27:34HCland they didn't die after all
18:27:37HClit just looked like it
18:27:41ferenczycrwl> I don't think so...
18:27:57ferenczyhcl> ah so ;)
18:30:19ferenczycrwl> I claim that most of portable player's CPUs have better performance for audioprocessiong than older PC at same frequency....that's it
18:31:29ferenczycrwl> read over
18:32:50crwlferenczy, that might be true, but i still claim that an old PC could theoretically encode a 320 kbps MP3 real-time, if someone bothered to create such an encoder
18:34:33crwlit would be quite useless, of course :P
18:34:45 Join bagawk [0] (~lee@bagawk.user)
18:35:52crwli've been playing random ogg files for about 4 hours now with my once-charged 2200 mAh battery, rockbox says there's 82% left
18:35:55crwlquite good
18:38:02bagawkrockbox lies on the iriver right now
18:39:47Slasherino, the remaining battery level indicator should be accurate
18:40:01Slasherionly the runtime is inaccurate with other than 128k cbr mp3s
18:40:20crwlyes, it should maybe be toned down a little
18:40:40crwlbecause i think nobody really just starts playing 128 cbr mp3's and leaves the player untouched then
18:40:49Slasherii think i will correct that next week when i will take some power measurements from my iriver
18:41:00crwlit claims i still got more than 22 hours left :)
18:41:07Slasherithen it would be accurate with all type of codecs :)
18:41:34crwli'd be very happy if i still got, say, around 15 hours with this type of usage, where i occasionally change tracks and fiddle with the player, just like i normally do
18:42:09crwlhm, i was actually happy even with the original battery. :P
18:42:17crwlbut this if even better, of course, heh
18:42:46Slasherii wanted a better battery before i start the civil military service (2 weeks to go :D)
18:43:18crwl"civil military" ;)
18:43:35Slasheriyeah, i am not sure how to say it in english ;D
18:43:43crwlwell, me neither actually
18:43:45Slasheribut i think you got the idea :P
18:44:14crwlyes, i got... i got out a little more than a month ago myself :)
18:44:31Slasherioh :)
18:46:54crwlso after those almost 13 months, i can actually do work where i get paid for :D
18:47:35Slasherithat's nice :)
18:48:21Slasheriafter the training period i will be a sysadmin in a university the one year :D
18:48:46crwla dream job, kind of
18:49:02crwluniversity of jyväskylä?
18:49:18Slasheriyes, correct :)
18:49:57crwlheh, i'm going to begin my studies there next autumn
18:50:14Slashericool =)
18:50:17CoCoLUSso... any new insights on the auto-shutdown to prevent the battery from draining to much?
18:51:43crwlisn't there one already, or what?
18:52:21CoCoLUSwell the question was if the battery has its own protection or if the firmware does it
18:52:24SlasheriHmm, i think it has been measured that the hardware will cut off power before the battery level can drop below 3.0V
18:52:52crwlaaaah, that
18:53:14crwlhm, my battery level is still at 82%, it was at 84% about one hour ago
18:53:24CoCoLUSthough i don't understand why the original fw does it, then
18:53:30CoCoLUSif there's hardware protection anyway
18:54:22SlasheriCoCoLUS: i think the fw tries to prevent hdd spinup that way when the battery is too low. Rockbox should do that also
18:54:44SlasheriAnd it provides a nice way to shut down the unit with telling the user the battery is empty
18:55:26CoCoLUSyeah... i just asked because i noticed that the original fw did not start while rockbox was still going strong
18:55:30crwland iriver's bootloader also has that nice "battery empty" picture it shows when you try to start it up when battery is empty
18:55:33crwli've seen it once
18:55:37CoCoLUSat about 15 % battery, according to rockbox
18:56:06Slasheri15%, rellay?
18:56:22Slasheriit should be something like 0-3%
18:56:30CoCoLUSrockbox status bar showed 15
18:56:38crwlmaybe the iriver fw is over-protective :P
18:56:44Slasheriyep :D
18:57:28CoCoLUSbut, the battery indicator is somewhat unsteady, isn't it?
18:57:55CoCoLUSi noticed it going like 100-95-98-92-95...
18:58:09Slasheriyes, because it has far more higher resolution than iriver firmware (100 steps vs 5 steps)
18:58:34Slasherithe battery level will fluctuate depending on the player use
18:58:56CoCoLUSso my 15 percent experience might have been such a fluctuation
18:59:05Slasheriyes :)
18:59:22CoCoLUSbut i'm sure it was at 15, i wanted to tune in to some fm station, well... battery empty screen :)
19:01:24CoCoLUSslasheri, i have another feature suggestion btw, if you have an open ear? ;)
19:01:50CoCoLUSi think the default wps for the iriver should be replaced... is there any reason why only half of the screen is used?
19:02:19Slasherithat's a good idea, the default wps for iriver is really bad i think..
19:02:33CoCoLUSwell not bad, but... too short :)
19:02:49crwlhas the default font been changed already?
19:03:50 Quit CheeseBurgerMan (Read error: 60 (Operation timed out))
19:05:06 Join DarkkOne [0] (
19:08:52CoCoLUShm... i think i'll do my first contribution to rockbox ever, and change that iriver default wps ;)
19:11:08 Join asdsd____ [0] (
19:11:13 Part asdsd____
19:19:28 Join Stryke` [0] (
19:20:15Coldtoastjust go thome from work and I'd taken my h140 with me. Noticed when I pause a track, it fades out then just befor eit pauses I get a short slight burst of sound
19:23:17HClgee. i completely forgot that tv actually also has tv shows
19:26:15SlasheriColdtoast: thanks, that will be fixed soon
19:28:31HCloh, and there was someone reporting a crash when trying to play an empty playlist file, i think.
19:28:51SlasheriHmm, that might be a wps related problem
19:28:59Coldtoastyep. that was Domonoky
19:29:39CoCoLUSwhat's better
19:29:44CoCoLUSchange the default wps
19:29:47CoCoLUSor change the default font?
19:30:41 Quit DarkkOne ("Chatzilla [Firefox 1.0.4/20050511]")
19:30:46SlasheriColdtoast: fixed that pause thing
19:41:08Coldtoasthey. great tp see the next track update when using %s is fixed :)
19:42:50HCli've seen futurama too many times
19:42:56HCli know exactly what each ep is about :/
19:43:17Stryke`no such thing as too much futurama
19:43:32Stryke`unless you know them by the little slogan in the beginning
19:43:43HCli've seen all seasons at least 4 times..
19:46:22Coldtoastcool Slasheri. much nicer
19:46:36 Join Sucka [0] (
19:49:41 Join solex [0] (
19:52:05***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
19:52:43 Quit Stryke` ("Friends don't let friends listen to Anti-Flag")
20:00:25 Quit solex_ (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
20:02:15 Join webguest70 [0] (
20:02:21 Join MisticJeff [0] (
20:04:57MisticJeffare we still looking for iriver firmware v1.65??
20:05:53 Quit webguest70 (Client Quit)
20:06:02 Join webguest98 [0] (
20:06:49MisticJeffHere's a link, hope fully what we need:
20:08:38CoCoLUSevery hxxx model has the same display, right?
20:08:38HClfuturama filmed on location
20:08:46HClMisticJeff: i think it was 1.63.
20:10:13 Quit webguest98 (Client Quit)
20:15:32RickCoCoLUS: wouldn't the h3x0 have a different display, since it has color and all?
20:15:58CoCoLUSmy mistake, that was supposed to read h1xx :)
20:17:28Rickoh, ok :)
20:41:09 Join LinusN [0] (
20:42:00CoCoLUSah, linus
20:42:26CoCoLUSwe were thinking about replacing the default wps for the iriver
20:42:48CoCoLUSwith one using the whole display instead of only the upper half of it :)
20:43:05CoCoLUSwhat do you think about flol's? it's quite detailed... fitting for the rockbox poweruser, imho
20:43:20LinusNwhere is it?
20:43:40ColdtoastI dislike that one myself
20:43:57Coldtoastwhy no tmake the default one an image WPS?
20:44:09ColdtoastI mean, seeing as how there's support?
20:44:20LinusNColdtoast: because we want the default to be plain and simple
20:44:33Coldtoastwhy can't an image WPS be plainand simple?
20:45:04CoCoLUSis the image support mature yet? or still experimental?
20:45:08Coldtoast is mine, for example
20:45:44LinusNfirst of all, we have 17 languages
20:45:45CoCoLUSnice, though i think the white on black text could be hard to read
20:46:09CoCoLUSgood point linus
20:46:18Coldtoastah yeah. I suppose for different languages. fair enough
20:47:05LinusNi think we should just extend the default wps with next-track info, file type and sample rate
20:47:21LinusNand maybe some more
20:47:22CoCoLUSwell then you -have- flol's
20:47:32MisticJeffOK... firmware v1.63 available here:">
20:47:52ColdtoastI don't see the point of having remain, current AND length info myself either
20:47:55CoCoLUSthat's what i like about it, it packs alot of details on it and is still quite readable
20:48:14LinusNMisticJeff: i have all of them except for 1.63k
20:48:26LinusNfor h110
20:48:35CoCoLUSbut i guess finding a wps which everyone likes is quite impossible :)
20:48:57LinusNCoCoLUS: yes, that's why the default hasn't changed since jesus was bord
20:49:06Coldtoastactually, dunno why I'm even saying anything cos I have my own WPS anyway
20:49:27CoCoLUSit's really a waste of space at the moment
20:49:33CoCoLUShalf of the screen is unused
20:50:34LinusNCoCoLUS: yes, we need to extend it
20:51:06 Join zezayer [0] (~chatzilla@
20:51:15CoCoLUSbtw, maybe we should include some of the wps from the gallery into the release?
20:51:33CoCoLUSlike the fonts
20:55:38CoCoLUSwell, i've got a patch ready that changes the default wps for the h1x0 series to a mod of flol's wps. if anyone is interested... if not, then not. :)
20:56:06 Join CheeseBurgerMan [0] (~me@
20:56:48bagawkGood bye
20:56:52 Quit bagawk ("Leaving")
20:58:14 Part LinusN
21:04:26 Join tvelocity [0] (
21:12:53 Join Aramil [0] (
21:17:57 Quit tvelocity (Read error: 148 (No route to host))
21:18:12 Nick Aramil is now known as tvelocity (
21:28:01 Quit CheeseBurgerMan (Read error: 60 (Operation timed out))
21:28:14 Join lodesi [0] (
21:32:02lodesicould someone explain me what's the overlay thing of the rockboy plugin?
21:34:13lImbusDunno. I think it's a virtual memory
21:34:27lImbusHCl should be able to explain it, tho
21:34:30HClthe overlay loads rockboy into the audio buffer memory
21:34:40HClbecause it doesn't fit in the plugin space for archos
21:35:13lImbusso it's impossible to play rockboy while listening to music ? *duck*
21:35:23lodesimmh.. the rb->get_audio_buffer() isn't enough?
21:36:07lodesilImbus: actually, it's quite impossible even without music :)
21:36:20lImbuslol. y ?
21:36:38lodesia little too slow :)
21:37:01lImbusa, well. I mean it should be possible on the iriver, isn't it ? not that I would own such a toy
21:37:44lodesiah yes, sorry i own a recorder, so i'm talking about it
21:39:01lImbusme too
21:39:07lodesiHCl: ok, then if I do a copy/paste of rockboy's "", everything we'll be alright?
21:39:15HCli dunno
21:39:22HClamiconn made the rockboy overlay stuff
21:39:26HCli just own an iriver
21:40:40 Join Zagor [0] (
21:40:48 Quit Maxime`Mrn (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
21:43:16CoCoLUSso... what about that rockboy dynarec? ;)
21:43:54HClits more efficient to implement asm versions of the most time consuming functions
21:43:57HClmost likely
21:44:00HCland if that doesn't work we can add dynarec
21:46:15lodesiHCl: you wrote rockboy?
21:46:48Rickand modified
21:46:55RickHCl is my heeeeero
21:46:56*Rick grins
21:47:01lodesilol, ok :)
21:47:31lodesithe setmallocpos() is there to act as a free() function?
21:52:09***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
21:53:47 Join DomZ [0] (
21:56:46ansiviruscan someone answer a question regarding the Archos JBR FM? I'm looking to get a car charger for it but don't know what the output of the adapter should be
22:01:51 Join webguest23 [0] (
22:02:32 Join Maxime [0] (
22:04:47webguest23Slasheri: bug in file tree playback, player freezes/hangs when duing the transtion from last track to next album first track
22:05:11webguest23mp3 files lame@aps
22:06:17webguest23no crossfade
22:08:16ghode|afksound's like hardeeps dept
22:08:25ghode|afkduing = during?
22:08:38webguest23select last track in an album, FF, it then doesn't transition to next album first track
22:09:53webguest23yes duing=during, thanks
22:10:16alxcmansivirus: it should be labeled
22:10:32Slasheriwebguest23: You have to have "Move to Next Folder" option enabled
22:10:41webguest23it is
22:11:33Slasherido you have the latest bleeding edge?
22:11:36SlasheriFF works on me
22:11:56webguest23FF works ok
22:12:13webguest23its the transition to next track that fails
22:12:25Slasheriyes, now i got it :)
22:12:25webguest23of the next album
22:12:51Slasherii really think that is not a problem with the playback code..
22:12:57Slasherimaybe some wps issue
22:13:27webguest23ok, so i change my wps to fix ?
22:13:31Slasherihmm, it even crashes
22:13:35 Join Dagless [0] (
22:13:44Slasherino, it's still a bug in the code
22:14:14Daglesshey guys
22:14:17Daglessand gals
22:14:45Daglessjus a quick question - has the runtime DB been implemented yet?
22:15:22Daglessim just playing with the WPS for the contest on mistic river and im curious if the rating and 'plays' things are actually worth using at this point
22:17:09HClits partly implemented
22:17:11HClrating and playcount work
22:18:18HClohh! can of energydrink
22:18:22Daglessdo i need to do anything special (other than using the runtime tags in the wps) to use them?
22:18:31HClyou need to generate a tag database
22:18:36HClpreferably using the java tool
22:18:51Daglessahh right
22:21:45 Join stripwax_ [0] (
22:23:26 Quit merbanan (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
22:23:45ghode|afkHCl: just wondering, i remember you saying once that you dont need to be in idtag mode for files to generate player counts?
22:24:19 Part stripwax_
22:24:23 Join stripwax_ [0] (
22:24:57Slasheriwebguest23: i think i can get it fixed :)
22:25:24 Part stripwax_
22:31:03webguest23great Slasheri, thanks
22:36:21Daglesshmmm this wps lark is hard, i think that Aru fellow has pretty much nailed it
22:36:29Daglessi cant think for my life how to best it
22:36:32Slasheriwebguest23: fixed, i will commit now
22:38:42HClghode|afk: nope, you don't. you do need a tag database though.
22:39:49ghode|afkok, got that and gather runtime data turned on
22:40:04HClthen it should work
22:40:14ghode|afkfor some reason the playercount seems to reset though
22:40:37HClthen something is going wrong
22:40:41HCldid you use the perl or the java tool?
22:40:43HCland how recent?
22:40:59ghode|afkjava, just downlaoded it from the wiki 10mins ago
22:41:14 Quit Dagless ("CGI:IRC (EOF)")
22:41:14HClyou could take a peek at the logf log on the remote
22:41:16HClsee what it says
22:41:32Bagderthey're not enabled by default
22:42:43BagderHCl: can you run this on host now?
22:43:26Bagderthe codecs/wps plays in the sim
22:43:32HClprobably not yet
22:43:44HClit needs a tiny bit of keeping account of endianness
22:43:49Bagder...although not without trouble it seems
22:43:54HCli'll fix that soon
22:44:06HClaside from that it should run without trouble
22:44:20BagderSlasheri: you tried playing mp3s using the sim?
22:44:48ghode|afkHCl: ok, it wasnt working with ogg, mp3 seems fine
22:45:10HCli'll investigate that later..
22:45:41Bagderdoing that shows a few interesting things:
22:45:44Bagderit plays too fast
22:45:49SlasheriBagder: yes, it should "work"
22:45:52Bagderit writes the config sector VERY often
22:46:04SlasheriBagder: of course, because there is no real audio output controlling the speed
22:46:30SlasheriBagder: i think currently the files "play" waaaay too slowly on pc
22:47:06SlasheriBagder: shouldn't they get decoded at the maximum cpu speed the host has?
22:47:23Slasherior how the cpu speed is controlled in the simulator?
22:47:43Bagderthe cpu speed isn't controlled at all in fact
22:48:05Slasheriok, then the codecs are very slow on pc or there might be some other problems..
22:48:22Bagderbut why does it save the config sector so often?
22:48:27Slasheriwith my P4 2.8 GHz the files play just about 2x realtime..
22:48:40SlasheriI think they should play something like 100x realtime at least
22:48:54Slasherii don't know
22:49:23Slasheriok, 100x was too much.. But 20x should be possible
22:49:42Bagderit seems to save it once per second for the first ~7 seconds
22:49:56Bagderthen I get a We open the real file 'archos/03 - History.mp3' log
22:50:06Bagderand it writes "Writing sector 3D" very fast
22:50:10Bagdernumerous times
22:50:13Slasheriyes, that's weird..
22:50:17Slasherii get it too
22:50:35BagderI suspect this reveals a target bug
22:50:52Bagderbut I'll research further
22:50:53BBubis the bootloader v3 safe to flash onto the h110/115?
22:51:00BBubor did anyone have problems so far?
22:51:21*Zagor is troubleshooting the webserver. some downtime may occur.
22:54:14 Quit webguest23 ("CGI:IRC (EOF)")
22:54:14 Quit DomZ ("CGI:IRC (EOF)")
22:54:14 Quit MisticJeff ("CGI:IRC (EOF)")
22:56:08ZagorBagder: it was searching for the pid file location with a recursive grep in /etc/apache2. the problem is that dir also contains half a gig of log files. hence slow going...
22:56:40Bagdercould you edit the path list it scans?
22:56:47Zagori removed the -r
22:57:02Bagderare you running the full apt-get now then?
22:57:15BagderI'm interested in seeing gcc 4.0 getting in
22:57:41Zagoryup, coming in a few minutes
23:00:27 Join muesli- [0] (
23:05:27BBub<- running rockbox on the h110 ;)
23:05:36BBubthe dimming backlight is so cool ;P
23:05:39muesli-congrats mate :D
23:11:02Zagor"Unicode is fun - you just have to define fun correctly."
23:19:39 Join CheeseBurgerMan [0] (~me@
23:23:28HCloh pff...
23:23:33*HCl bites his game
23:23:52muesli-no pain no game :D
23:34:54ColdtoastI wish when ppl posted images of their WPS online they'd take teh 5 secs required and convert them to JPG
23:35:06BagderPNG is better
23:35:19Coldtoastanything that'll display in a webpage would do me
23:36:27zejpeg is lousy for solid fields of color and thin high-contrast symbols and such
23:36:47Coldtoastyou think?
23:36:50zegif or png are appropriate, indexed png's often smaller than gif
23:37:01zeColdtoast: its not a matter of what i think, its a fact
23:37:12zejpegs are best for high-color complex images
23:37:13Coldtoastseems to look fine to me
23:37:33Rickzoom in
23:37:37Rickand see the needless dithering
23:37:42Coldtoastwhy would I want to zoom in?
23:37:50RickYou don't, that's not the point.
23:37:56Coldtoastthese shots are so small you can leave em at max quality
23:37:57zei've never seen a jpeg look that good for that type of stuff
23:38:19Coldtoastthe point is tho why are ppl leaving them as bmp?
23:38:33Rickbecause the snapshot feature dumps to bmp
23:38:39Coldtoastlaziness is the only reason
23:38:39zei can see bmp in firefox on linux
23:38:42zei dunno what doesn't support bmp
23:39:08zei've only had issues with it with broken mime-types on the server
23:40:20zealso compare sizes (in bytes):
23:40:23ze55136 WPS.jpg
23:40:26ze7265 WPS.gif
23:40:29ze5469 WPS.png
23:40:51Rickze:what is WPS.png pngcrushed?
23:41:03Coldtoastze: and....?
23:41:38Coldtoastthen compare them to bmp, which ppl are uploading
23:42:09BagderI bet a 1 bit bmp can be smaller than those jpegs
23:42:46Coldtoastprobably actually
23:42:59Bagder2560 bytes plus header
23:43:36Coldtoastthere's no way that's the reason ppl use bmp tho
23:45:04 Join BlackRiver [0] (
23:45:07zethat png is indexed, saved in gimp with compression 9, nothing else
23:45:14zei didn't run pngcrush on it
23:45:32 Quit muesli- (Read error: 148 (No route to host))
23:45:43BlackRiversome one no if there will be an rockbox for iriver h300?
23:45:58RickBlackRiver: Someone will eventually work on it.
23:46:08Rickze: ah
23:46:14Rickpngcrush rocks :)
23:46:25 Quit BlackRiver (Client Quit)
23:47:37zeRick: *shrug* usually for me it takes forever to make something thats only a few bytes smaller
23:47:49zeRick: half the time it makes something thats bigger actually
23:48:32zein fact almost always ends up bigger unless i use -brute which takes forever
23:48:57Rickze: ah, I only use -brute on smaller images
23:49:04zeand thats when it gives me a few bytes difference
23:49:35zewell i usually don't even bother unless its like >=500K or so
23:49:58zeor maybe 300K, depending on what it is and whatall
23:50:35RickI usually pngcrush anything that is basically the final version of that is in png
23:50:35ze5469 WPS.png
23:50:35ze5213 WPS_crush.png
23:50:41zethats with -brute
23:50:52zea whole 256 byte difference
23:50:58Rick-brute -rem tIME -rem pHYs -rem gAMA -rem tEXt
23:51:02Rickmy pngcrush options
23:51:23ze5173 WPS_crush2.png
23:51:26zehey bit better
23:51:34zewhole 296 byte difference
23:51:42RickI'm all for that ;)
23:52:10***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
23:54:25 Quit courtc (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
23:55:39 Quit ghode|afk (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
23:58:09amiconnSlasheri: The somewhat 'slow' performance of the codecs in the simulator is on purpose
23:58:49amiconnThe simulator sleeps (OS sleep) for 1 msec when a simulated yield() is issued, to prevent it running in a busy loop

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