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#rockbox log for 2005-07-12

00:01:28ghode|afkbooting into iriver firmware for the first time in a month to upgrade firmware, ewwww.
00:04:07ghode|afkhmm, booting up in the dark now doesnt let you see what bootloader veryou are running, and also gives you electric shocks!
00:04:57zezayerbring on the iriver tazer
00:07:06ghode|afkhmm mp3 seeking seems to work ok for me :/
00:09:11ghode|afkbtw, this morning when i got to work, i forgot to turn off my player, i didnt realise this until the end of my shift where the thing was still playing. so after about hmm 9 hours playback with 8% left, i was impressed, i know the iriver firmware hasn't ever given me this good performance.
00:10:01zezayerwow havnt seen any battery tests of rbx but always assumed its worse that teh iriver fw
00:10:27Bagderthe latest tests seem to indicate Rockbox is a as good or slightly better
00:11:06zezayerwas always expecting it 2 get better but glad 2 see its happining!
00:11:12ghode|afkyeah was weird, at the time, i was worried that the battery wouldnt last the walk home
00:12:02ghode|afkbtw this was wwith 192 mp3s, crossfade/bass/trebble off, volume about 75%
00:12:28zezayerits all gd news
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03:48:14Roriover 3 hours since someone said anything wow!
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05:58:59*LinusN wakes up and notices that he never logged out from irc yesterday
05:59:16*LinusN goes to work
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07:50:23amiconngood morning
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07:59:07B4gderhey ho
08:01:55B4gdertime for a first coffe
08:03:26LinusNtime for a second coffee
08:04:59*amiconn noticed that LinusN changed a number of places to use to atomic port manipulation macros
08:05:30amiconnThis should be done for all those places...
08:56:09*LinusN fixes
09:05:06B4gdermac os x users
09:05:25*B4gder reads the A Mac OS X Ressource Fork Killer entry
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09:09:48LinusNsounds like an excellent beginner-level plugin exercise
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09:45:31*B4gder added -pedantic to a h120 build...
09:45:40B4gderonly 5419 warnings
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09:48:09B4gderdoing the same with gcc 4.0 on the h120 sim build, with removed -Wno* warning gives 4601 warnings
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11:46:09B4gder't there a memmove coming in?
11:46:40B4gdercodeclib has its own
11:46:47B4gderseems... unnecessary
11:48:21B4gderand it is present in string.h
11:50:20B4gderI get an odd error in the sim when enabling strict compiler warnings:
11:50:27B4gderplugin.c:223: error: 'strcasecmp' undeclared here (not in a function)
11:52:19amiconnB4gder: I want to add memmove(), but only with proper asm optimisation at least for SH1
11:52:52amiconn(coldfire memcpy() isn't optimised atm so it's no step-back when using C memmove instead)
11:53:14B4gderfor (i=0;i<n;i++) { dest[i]=src[i]; }
11:53:32B4gderpretty much as non-optmized it can get ;-)
11:54:23B4gderI'm just thinking it should be made outside of the codeclib already today
11:54:50B4gderoptmized or not
11:54:50amiconnThe newlib C version of memmove() uses the same optimisation as memcpy() when forward copying, but backward copying is unoptimised
11:56:00B4gderand with picky compiler warnings, gcc complains in the current setup
11:56:51amiconnYes, but using newlib's memmove() instead of asm memcpy() is a huge step back in speed on SH1
11:57:21B4gderbut surely you wouldn't use memmove() when memcpy() would suffice?
11:57:26amiconn...and I don't want to keep both as it is a waste of space
11:57:40amiconnNo, I intend to #define memcpy memmove
11:58:16amiconnmemmove() will make things like scrolling way easier...
12:14:22B4gderwe're now at 5396 warnings ;-O
12:16:00amiconnWtf are you doing???
12:17:03B4gderI started by just removing the -Wno* one for gcc 4.0
12:19:27B4gder-pedantic -std=gnu99 is slightly better
12:19:27 Join mdeboer [0] (
12:20:30B4gderactually, lots of the warnings are valid
12:20:37B4gderbut many are not
12:25:56B4gderthe warning toplist:
12:26:05B4gder 211 settings_menu.c
12:26:05B4gder 136 /home/daniel/src/rockbox/apps/codecs/libmad/synth.c
12:26:05B4gder 82 debug_menu.c
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12:34:33HClhmm, we're finally working on a gcc4 build?
12:34:54B4gderthe cvs builds of the sim are done with gcc4
12:35:03HClwhat about target builds?
12:35:11B4gderthey are not
12:35:22HCltoo bad
12:35:42B4gderwe would need to verify that it makes good binaries first
12:36:13 Quit cYmen (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
12:37:27HClwell. it doesn't. so we need to work on that and figure out whats wrong with it
12:37:52B4gderanyone tried it recently then?
12:38:00B4gderI mean since those initial tests
12:38:25B4gdergcc4 was broken on all platforms I know of when it first came
12:38:32HCldidn't know that
12:38:39HCli'll go and try with a more recent build
12:38:43B4gderit broke even on plain x86
12:39:38B4gdercommon/ctype.c:9: warning: overflow in implicit constant conversion
12:39:48B4gderI find it weird that we don't get that warning
12:40:04B4gderstoring 0x200 is hard to do in a char ;-)
12:41:09 Join cYmen [0] (
12:41:35B4gderthe question is, do we turn it into shorts or do we cut support for isxdigit() and isprint() ?
12:41:38HCldoes the latest binutils include coldfire yet?
12:41:51B4gder2.16 should work fine, yes
12:43:47 Quit zezayer (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
12:44:51 Join Febs [0] (
12:46:28B4gdernothing in rockbox is using those functions today, which explains why it hasn't been noticed
12:47:24HClwhat do they do anyways
12:47:34 Join matsl [0] (
12:47:40B4gderthe first returns true if the digit is a hexadecimal one
12:47:52B4gderand isprint() returns true for "printable" characters
12:48:34FebsHi folks. I had an idea for a feature and was wondering if the iriver hardware would support it.
12:49:32 Join webguest94 [0] (
12:49:37FebsI often listen to music at work using Shure e3, which have good isolation so that sometimes I can't hear if the phone rings or people come into my office. Would it be possible to have an option to enable the microphone during music playback to monitor the outside world?
12:49:38B4gderI'm silly, the 0200 is octal
12:50:06B4gderwill be enough to make it unsigned char
12:54:41amiconnB4gder: gcc 4.0 errors out compiling for SH1 target
12:54:55amiconn...because of a silly decision the gcc team made
12:55:02B4gderand that hasn't changed?
12:55:23amiconnWhy should it? I don't know of a new gcc 4.x release
12:55:26webguest94what's the status on MP3 support for various bit rates these days - just come across a sing that plays real s-l-o-w
12:55:38B4gderdebian ships a 4.0.1 pre-release
12:55:39LinusNwebguest90: it has nothing to do with bit rate
12:55:40amiconn...and I even tried with gcc cvs head some time ago
12:55:43B4gdersince the 4.0 one is... flawed
12:55:52LinusNwebguest90: it's *sample rate*
12:56:01webguest94on the WPS roxbox says it's 64K 12000Hz
12:56:26LinusNwebguest94: can i see the file?
12:56:39webguest94i can upload it somewhere if you like
12:56:39 Quit cYmen (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
12:56:45LinusNwebguest94: would be nice
12:57:10webguest94ok give me a few mins
12:57:41B4gdernow why does Tremor has its own ctype.c ?
12:58:25amiconnB4gder: (from the gcc 4/4.01 release notes). "New Languages and Language specific improvements ... C family ... Given __attribute__((alias("target"))) it is now an error if target is not a symbol, defined in the same translation unit." <== this is the problem
12:58:43B4gderah, right
12:58:47 Join bipak [0] (
12:58:55amiconnfirmware/system.c defines weak aliases to symbols defined in an assembler block...
12:59:01amiconn...for SH1
12:59:24amiconnImho this gcc 4 'feature' is silly...
12:59:54 Join Moos [0] (
13:00:07MoosHi all
13:02:01webguest94LinusN: you can grab it at
13:04:11webguest94LinusN: plays OK in iriver firmware
13:05:27webguest94ok - ta... hope it helps
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13:13:25 Quit edx (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
13:14:17 Quit webguest94 ("CGI:IRC")
13:20:20LinusNthe file had a corrupt id3 tag
13:20:44LinusNor rather, undefined garbage between the tag and the first valid frame
13:21:34LinusNin which our mp3 data parser found a valid header
13:22:19HClsounds like we should fix the mp3 data parser?
13:22:28*HCl is still compiling gcc 4.0.1 cross
13:22:28LinusNHCl: maybe, but how?
13:23:25LinusNif it finds a valid header, it expects the mp3 data to begin there
13:31:54LinusNthe mp3 version in the header is 2.5
13:32:47LinusNso i guess the iriver firmware ignores that header, since it can't play 2.5
13:33:19LinusNbut rockbox supports 2.5, so we accept that header
13:33:40B4gderso it isn't truly 2.5, just claiming to be?
13:33:53 Join Coldtoast [0] (
13:34:05LinusNthe garbage before the first real frame contains a valid 2.5 header
13:34:34Coldtoasthey. something odd I noticed at the gym
13:34:37LinusNwith sampling rate 12000lhz
13:34:52ColdtoastI had crossfade off and was playing a track that was 3:07
13:35:52Coldtoastwhen the progress bar was full and it switched to the next track, the time didn't reset and the progress bar didn't empty so the time went past 3:07 and the progress bar stayed full
13:36:06bipaki can't build cvs. known problem?
13:36:31B4gderbipak: what's the problem?
13:36:38bipakCC backlight.c
13:36:39bipakIn file included from export/config.h:100, from backlight.c:19:
13:36:43bipakexport/config-h100.h:2:2: #error "re-run configure this just so wrong"
13:36:43bipakmake[1]: *** [/home/bip/tools/rockbox_cvs/rockbox/build/firmware/backlight.o] Error 1
13:36:47bipakmake: *** [all] Error 2
13:36:48bipakthis :)
13:37:01B4gderthen read that message again
13:37:20B4gderre-run configure it says ;-)
13:37:40bipakyeah, but there is no configure :)
13:37:48B4gderyes there is
13:37:51bipakwhere? :)
13:37:52B4gderyou ran it before
13:38:00Coldtoastbut the track kept playing fine and it was gapless
13:38:18bipaka yes, i remember *g*
13:39:05*Slasheri just got M.Sc. papers from University of Jyväskylä .)
13:39:32Slasherithanks :)
13:40:42LinusNcongratulations, Slasheri!
13:41:38bipakgrats Slasheri (even if i dunno what M.Sc. papers are)
13:42:15SlasheriM.Sc. stands for "Master of Science" :)
13:42:37bipakah :D
13:42:47bipaksounds good ;)
13:44:39HClUsing m68k-elf-gcc 4.0.1 (400)
13:44:55HClgrats slasheri
13:45:35HClit compiles suprisingly warningless
13:45:41Slasherithanks everybody ;)
13:46:10Coldtoastnow you have that, what area do you plan to go into career-wise?
13:46:28B4gderHCl: that's only because configure detects 4.0 and adds -Wno-pointer-sign
13:46:54HCl/home/hcl/rockbox/rockbox-devel/apps/codecs/libmad/synth.c:643: error: can't find a register in class 'DATA_REGS' while reloading 'asm'
13:46:55B4gderyou can remove that from the generated makefile
13:47:01HClwhat am i supposed to do about that?
13:48:16SlasheriColdtoast: i am not sure yet, i might continue with postgraduate studies :)
13:48:51HClany suggestions?
13:48:58SlasheriColdtoast: but my area is clearly the embedded systems / information technology
13:49:31B4gderHCl: nopes :-/
13:50:04HClgood, the unoptimized version is still there :)
13:51:45Roriomg! gameboy micro looks so dull!
13:53:10thegeek_dull indeed
13:53:24HClit might actually play nice though
13:53:26Lynx_well, customizable face plate ;)
14:00:56 Join zezayer [0] (~zezayer@
14:03:57HClwhy do i get undefined references to memcpy in rockboy
14:03:58HClah well
14:04:01HClrockboy isn't important
14:06:55Coldtoastsounds good Slasheri
14:10:06*HCl goes to test
14:11:40*amiconn wonders why Linus' atomic port manipulation conversion is incomplete...
14:12:24amiconnfirmware/drivers/adc.c lines 112 and 113...
14:13:27HClgood news
14:13:33HCl4.0.1 seems to create a working iriver binary
14:13:38HClwe can switch to gcc 4 for iriver :)
14:13:54HClonly problem is that preglows libmad optimizations need some work
14:14:03HCland something with rockboy that shouldn't be too hard to fix
14:14:28LinusNamiconn: oops, missed those
14:14:44amiconnThey are directly above some lines you changed...
14:15:24amiconnHCl: So I wouldn't recommend 4.0 until at least th elibmad opts are fixed. I wouldn't like to disable tem...
14:15:42HCli should poke preglow
14:15:51HCland also the rockboy thing
14:16:17HClwonder if rockboy is any faster
14:19:24HClgcc4 seems to do something odd
14:19:33HClit looks as if its adding memcpy calls as optimization
14:19:36HClbut we don't have memcpy
14:20:00amiconnWe do, but not as plain memcpy()
14:20:09HCli know
14:20:28HCli know what i'll do..
14:20:33amiconnI vaguely remember I saw that as well when trying to build with gcc 4 the first time...
14:21:36amiconnTell gcc 4 not to do this opt
14:21:50amiconn(we have to find out how...)
14:23:08 Quit zezayer (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
14:24:19amiconnQuote from "Most of the compiler support routines used by GCC are present in libgcc, but there are a few exceptions. GCC requires the freestanding environment provide memcpy, memmove, memset and memcmp."
14:24:39HClthis is driving me insane
14:25:15 Quit webguest90 ("CGI:IRC (EOF)")
14:26:23amiconnTry adding -mno-memcpy to the rockboy build
14:26:43 Quit Febs (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
14:29:08HClinvalid option
14:30:17HCl :/
14:30:26HCland adding a memcpy function that calls rb->memcpy doesn't seem to work
14:30:32HClfor some unknown reason
14:30:58amiconnMrf, -mno-memcpy is a MPIS-only option :(
14:31:04amiconnMIPS even
14:31:15HClany suggestions? i ran out of ideas :/
14:35:03amiconnYes, drop gcc 4 for now
14:35:15HClthe whole idea was to see whether rockboy gets faster from it.
14:37:18amiconnObviously it doesn't as it can't run because it doesn't even compile, eh? ;)
14:40:28amiconnPerhaps it is possible to make them pointers in the plugins
14:46:19HClwell its not really gcc4 that is the problem
14:46:24HClits just our plugin layout
14:46:52HClcan't we do some linker magic and link them directly to the would be memory location ?
14:49:57amiconnNo. The whole idea with the plugin api is that a plugin is *not* directly linked to the core. Doing this would cause each tiny change in the core break plugin compatibiliy
14:50:03amiconn...and make it crash
14:50:10amiconnThat's definitely not what we want
14:50:13HClthen i don't know what to do
14:50:23HClwhy won't a memcpy function that points to rb->memcpy work
14:51:11amiconnIt might work, but it would be slower than using a pointer
14:51:36amiconnDid you try? What happened?
14:53:21 Quit cYmen (Remote closed the connection)
14:55:51 Join edx [0] (
14:58:28amiconnHCl: The pointer method:
14:58:46amiconnDefine memcpy in some source file as follows:
14:59:05amiconnvoid (*memcpy)(void *, const void *, size_t);
14:59:19amiconnThen assign at the very start of the plugin, after the rb = api:
14:59:27amiconnmemcpy = rb->memcpy;
15:02:41amiconnOf course the #define memcpy.... must be removed from rockmacros.h
15:03:39 Join cYmen_ [0] (
15:07:07***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
15:07:11HCli'll try that in a bit.
15:07:51 Join eleom1 [0] (
15:10:02 Quit eleom1 (Client Quit)
15:10:37 Quit cYmen_ (Remote closed the connection)
15:12:16B4gderand we welcome rdjackso as a CVS committer
15:14:13 Join cYmen_ [0] (
15:15:36B4gder35 committers
15:19:33 Quit cYmen_ (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
15:22:27 Quit ashridah ("Leaving")
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15:30:36 Join lImbus [0] (
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15:44:22godzirraor good morning, or whatever.
15:44:44godzirraI noticed there's now a rockbox for h120 and h100? That didnt used to be there did it? or am I imagining things?
15:45:01B4gderoh that's old
15:45:09B4gderat least two days old
15:45:12godzirrahehe... I havent checked for a few days.
15:45:20godzirraBeen soooo busy with work and planning my two year olds birthday :)
15:50:42 Quit lImbus ("CGI:IRC (Ping timeout)")
15:51:16 Join tucoz [0] (
15:51:24B4gderbut anyway, Rockbox is now running on the H100 as well (also sometimes known as H110 and H115)
15:51:49tucozB4gder: Do you still collect problematic mp3's?
15:51:55B4gderI do
15:52:35tucozOk, great. I have a large file 45 minutes that play nice with iriver fw, but in rockbox it bails out round 7 minutes
15:53:09tucozIt is definitely broken somehow
15:53:44B4gderI see
15:53:45tucozIf I fast forward, to certain parts of it, it sounds very distorted
15:54:07tucozI can send you a mail later on with a link to it, if you like
15:54:38B4gderdaniel at
15:54:48tucozDon't have the usb cable with me
15:54:50tucozok, thanks
15:57:21tucozBtw, I think this is a pretty much f****ed up file, but might be good for testing as iriver (and of course winamp & co) is able to handle it
16:05:50 Join dakiller [0] (
16:08:42 Quit R3nTiL ("CGI:IRC (Ping timeout)")
16:10:30*B4gder tries to remember how tcl works
16:10:32 Join StrathAFK [0] (
16:11:28 Part tucoz
16:12:39 Part LinusN
16:16:50B4gderhaving the tcl site on the domain is... funny
16:17:30HCl./rockmacros.h:29: error: 'memcpy' redeclared as different kind of symbol
16:17:30HCl/home/hcl/rockbox/rockbox-devel/firmware/include/string.h:25: error: previous declaration of 'memcpy' was here
16:18:23 Quit HCl ("Lost terminal")
16:19:04 Join hcl [0] (
16:20:58hcl./rockmacros.h:29: error: 'memcpy' redeclared as different kind of symbol
16:20:58hcl/home/hcl/rockbox/rockbox-devel/firmware/include/string.h:25: error: previous declaration of 'memcpy' was here
16:21:01hcl :/
16:21:02 Nick hcl is now known as HCl (
16:21:05HClamiconn: any idea?
16:25:24amiconnArgh... that's a hard one
16:26:38amiconnSome preprocessor prefixing magic is due, it seems...
16:27:13 Quit Strath (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
16:27:24amiconnDoes the same thing happen with your simple function-that-calls-core-function approach?
16:38:47HClthat one bails earlier
16:38:59HClsomething with garbage before ->
16:39:09HClas if its replacing memcpy with rb->memcpy in the declaration
16:39:19HCleven when i put it in its own .c without rockmacros.h
16:42:00amiconnDid you remove the #define from rockmacros.h?
16:42:39amiconn...and of course, that .c file must know about rb...
16:56:29 Quit B4gder ("go go go")
17:07:08***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
17:17:00 Join LinusN [0] (
17:17:26LinusNamiconn: i can't really see how defining memcpy as a function pointer could work
17:17:45 Part Nibbler ("Leaving")
17:18:03LinusNthe gcc lib is compiled to call a real function
17:23:02 Quit einhirn ("Miranda IM! Smaller, Faster, Easier.")
17:31:43 Join Sucka [0] (
17:32:56 Quit cYmen_ (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
17:33:18 Join cYmen [0] (
17:49:16 Quit dakiller ()
18:03:54 Quit Maxime`Mrn ()
18:18:12HClLinusN: any suggestions? :/
18:24:24LinusNyes, have a separate memcpy in the plugin lib
18:27:19 Quit hardeep ("[BX] hardeep has left the building")
18:27:33HClsounds reasonable
18:28:20LinusNi'm afraid it might not work to have the local memcpy call rb->memcpy
18:28:32HClyea, i noticed that
18:28:33LinusNbecause memcoy might be called before rb is initialized
18:29:21LinusNgotta go
18:29:24 Part LinusN
18:38:26 Join Maxime [0] (
18:45:47 Nick Lynx_ is now known as Lynx_awy (
18:52:53 Quit Aison (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
18:56:25Maximesry ^^
18:57:25Maxime(my bnc.. on another serv)
18:57:47 Quit hicks ("Too lazy to change my quit message")
19:07:09***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
19:23:37 Join Stryke` [0] (
19:28:53amiconnHCl: I found another thing worth trying for the rockboy problem:
19:29:01amiconnIn rockmacros.h, use
19:29:13amiconn#define memcpy __builtin_memcpy
19:29:21amiconninstead of the current #define
19:29:42amiconnThis *should* enable gcc to include the gcc lib version of memcpy
19:30:26amiconn(note: there are 2 underscores before 'builtin', and one after it)
19:31:00 Quit TCK (Read error: 60 (Operation timed out))
19:31:13amiconnIt's quite likely the gcc lib memcpy is optimised...
19:31:25amiconnIn fact I'll check that, also for SH1
19:34:39 Join Primedeath|Away [0] (
19:35:59 Join einhirn [0] (
19:36:00 Quit einhirn (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
19:36:07 Join einhirn [0] (
19:37:55 Join Coldt0ast [0] (
19:46:53 Quit Stryke` (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
19:47:49 Join Bagder_ [0] (
19:47:54 Quit Coldtoast (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
19:47:55 Nick Coldt0ast is now known as Coldtoast (
19:48:22 Join bagawk [0] (1000@bagawk.user)
19:48:42 Join [1]Moos [0] (
19:50:06 Join solex [0] (
19:54:28 Quit Maxime ()
20:00:04 Join Maxime [0] (
20:02:21 Quit solex_ (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
20:02:50 Join hicks [0] (
20:03:57 Quit Bagder (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
20:10:09 Quit Moos (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
20:10:10 Nick [1]Moos is now known as Moos (
20:23:29 Join andsoitgoes [0] (
20:23:43andsoitgoeshi all :) good morning/afternoon! :D
20:25:48andsoitgoesI just have a quick Playlist question if anyone wants to listen to me babble?
20:26:05 Join KasKaraK_ [0] (
20:27:42Rickgo ahead and ak
20:27:54Rickrather than waiting for people to be active
20:28:19andsoitgoesThanks Rick - I'm just trying to figure out how, if I've got stuff in my playlist, to get rid of that playlist and start up something new for a proper OTF list?
20:28:34andsoitgoesI wasn't able to figure that out (and that makes sense, I'm just so used to the dynamic chatting experience ;))
20:28:45 Quit KasKaraK_ (Client Quit)
20:28:50 Join KasKaraK_ [0] (
20:30:04Coldtoastyou can only start an empty playlist with the player stopped
20:30:33andsoitgoesokay - so I have to stop the music, then start a new playlist? I thought I saw that the playlists would save after the iRiver was turned off
20:30:42Coldtoasthit stop, go to a dir in the file tree and hold the joystock button down as you normally do
20:31:14andsoitgoesso can I create a new one just adding one song?
20:31:39Coldtoastwell, that'll give you an empty list you can add whatever tracks you like to
20:33:05crwlis there option to not start playing immediately when you add something to list?
20:33:08andsoitgoesAh, okay! COOL :) Also - is there any way to put a song into a playlist without starting the song from playing?
20:33:12andsoitgoesyou read my mind ;)
20:33:38Coldtoastagain, with the track playing, enter the file tree and hold the button down
20:33:45Coldtoastgo to the playlist menu and insert a song
20:34:15Coldtoastjust have a play with the playlist menu
20:34:37andsoitgoesso if no track is playing - a track will always start, correct?
20:36:35 Join webguest34 [0] (
20:41:21 Nick StrathAFK is now known as Strath (
20:54:25 Join lollo [0] (
20:56:59 Quit lollo (Client Quit)
21:01:15 Join StrathAFK [0] (
21:02:35 Quit webguest34 ("CGI:IRC (Ping timeout)")
21:05:07 Quit bagawk ("Leaving")
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21:15:40 Quit Strath (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
21:25:41CoCoLUSi just noticed that
21:25:53CoCoLUSthe first and topmost sentence on the rockbox homepage
21:25:57CoCoLUSdoesn't even mention the iriver :)
21:34:12 Quit pike ("( :: NoNameScript 3.81 :: )")
21:41:13 Join pike [0] (
21:42:08 Join asdsd____ [0] (
21:42:14 Part asdsd____
22:07:37 Join Aison [0] (
22:39:25 Quit andsoitgoes ("CGI:IRC (EOF)")
22:39:25 Quit Primedeath|Away (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
22:39:53 Join Primedeath|Away [0] (
22:46:11 Quit KasKaraK_ (Read error: 131 (Connection reset by peer))
22:56:36 Join RedBreva [0] (
22:58:01 Quit RedBreva (Client Quit)
23:05:57Rorithis looks interesting
23:06:49thegeek_why is that interesting?
23:07:12***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
23:08:46bill20r3I cant imagine cinelerra running off a cd
23:10:38 Quit Zagor (Remote closed the connection)
23:11:38Coldtoastoh good lord!
23:11:51Coldtoastyou know that stupid "crazy frog" ringtone?
23:11:58Roriyes there is a new track
23:12:14Coldtoastbut do you know how much Jamster have made off of that ringtone?
23:12:21RoriI did a cover version of Popcorn years ago
23:12:24Coldtoastoff JUST that one ringtone
23:12:32Rorimillions no doubt
23:12:35Coldtoasttake a guess
23:12:44Roriyea figures
23:12:49Roripeople are sheep
23:13:14Roripeople complain about it but it's people that are buying that shit
23:13:46Roriif you were to visit some of the slums round my way you'd understand why
23:13:54RoriThickos with too much cash
23:14:06Roriamazes me how they can make money
23:14:22RoriChavs and chavettes
23:15:19Coldtoastdo ppl even realise they can buy data cables or use bluetooth to get that shit for FREE?
23:15:22Coldtoastapparently not. heh
23:15:38RoriI think they should do some IQ cleansing. Anyone with an IQ below a certain level gets waporised :D
23:15:48Coldtoasthow about this
23:15:56bill20r3the most annoying part is that you cant just IR or bluetooth that shit across, because the companies have a business model that involves selling you crippled products
23:16:00Coldtoastsomebody travels round the world and checks everybody's phone
23:16:11Coldtoastand if they have that ringtone, they're shot
23:16:13bill20r3and then nickel and dime'ing you to get those functions back
23:16:15RoriMy phone takes MP3 and AAC etc
23:16:26RoriI just data cable it across onto a 512mb card
23:16:43Coldtoastmy phone has BT too
23:16:46Coldtoasthandy dandy
23:16:47RoriBut most idiots have trouble operating their phones let alone a computer
23:17:10Roriand it's easier for them to phone a short text message and pay £3 for a crappy clip
23:17:27ColdtoastIjust dump stuff on there via BT
23:17:35RoriThey are too dumb
23:17:39bill20r3down to 185?
23:17:51RoriHonest you should see some of the people in the lower classes round my way
23:18:02amiconnFor me the point is why someone would need a special ringtone at all
23:18:22Coldtoastamiconn: cos the ones 99% of phones come with are GOD AWFUL
23:18:28bill20r3my brother made the funniest damn ring ever.
23:18:31RoriThey don't care to waste mpney and resources. We have a water shortage right? They won't listen or care and will moan when the supply gets restricted.
23:18:37amiconns/special ringtone/annoying ringtone/
23:18:50bill20r3you know the one that every Nokia comes with? he recorded himself singing that.
23:18:54bill20r3cracks me up.
23:19:10RoriOh that one
23:19:24bill20r3doo doo doo doo doo doot doot doot doo doooooo
23:19:37RoriMy ringtone is the bananaphone flash song
23:19:37bill20r3^^^ expert description
23:19:43amiconnColdtoast: I always prefer the ringtones of old cellphones. Clearly noticeable as a phone ringing, not that music stuff where I need to guess whether this means a phone call
23:20:45RoriMy next ringtone will probably be the sound of a fighting machine from war of the worlds if I can get a really clear sample
23:20:54RoriI like that sound it's creepy
23:21:13 Join KasKaraK [0] (
23:21:25Coldtoastthe problem is pretty much every single phone has dumped the old style tho and use midi
23:21:37Rorimidi blows
23:21:42Rorigeneral midi that is
23:21:44Coldtoastso you just can't get those old beeper style ones
23:21:57Coldtoastyou'd have to get a sampled version of them
23:22:02RoriI like the old trim phones BT used to have
23:22:10amiconnColdtoast: Yes I know. I do have such a 'modern' cellphone now, because my old one broke :(
23:22:43Coldtoastyeah. my K700i is fubar too. I've actually gone and bought a cheap ass old Nokia to replace it
23:23:00RoriI have a Nokia 6230
23:23:04RoriBut the camera sucks
23:23:11Coldtoastcos I realised that, tho it's nice to have a fancy schmancy colour screen, MP3 playback, midi, bluetooth, etc etc.....
23:23:14RoriI want a K750i but too pricey
23:23:18Coldtoastafter 2 weeks it's just a phone
23:23:21Roriand I am not going to get another contract
23:23:25RoriPAYG for me
23:23:57amiconnThe colour screen is what I dislike most on my new phone
23:23:59ColdtoastI rarely even make calls on mine. I've bought a SMS oriented one
23:24:08ColdtoastNokia 5510
23:24:40Coldtoastthose things
23:24:45Roridammit I hate it when the elastic goes on your underpants!
23:24:45Coldtoastbought one off of ebay
23:25:00*amiconn wonders why the current phones are *all* heavier than my old one
23:25:10amiconnI want a small & light phone, dammit!
23:25:13Coldtoastthe thing with the K700i, btw
23:25:27Coldtoastis tho it's a frigging AWESOME phone. SERIOUSLY great
23:25:35Coldtoastyou have to charge the thing every 3 days
23:25:50Coldtoastand that's if you don't even use it
23:26:06ColdtoastSE claim 300hrs of standby which is an out-and-out lie
23:26:16Coldtoastit's around 80hrs of standby
23:26:25 Nick StrathAFK is now known as Strath (
23:26:31*amiconn has to recharge every 4 days
23:26:39Coldtoastadn doesn't it suck amiconn?
23:26:57RoriI have an older phone that goes for a week without recharging on standby
23:27:00Coldtoastit's like your whole life ends up consisting of 2 things; paying bills and charging batteries
23:27:05amiconnThis is a thing that I actually like, b/c standby time is actually longer than with the old one spite of the colour screen
23:27:34Coldtoastthat's nice
23:27:40amiconnAdvances in electronics, methinks
23:27:53Coldtoastthe K700i screen is really high quality and swallows the battery
23:27:58amiconnThe battery is the same capacity as in the old phone
23:28:19 Quit matsl (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
23:28:37amiconnOld one was SonyEricsson T600 (60 g :) ), new one is Samsung SGH-E330 (85 g :/ )
23:29:01Coldtoastwould you buy SE again?
23:29:22amiconnHmm, I'm not that convinced of SE
23:29:39amiconnBoth the SE and my even older Panasonic had some oddities
23:29:41Coldtoastthe really sucky thing is I broke the LCD on mine. Bought a replacement from somebody in Eurpoe and it's faulty
23:29:57RoriI wanna know why my lightbulbs whistle when I put the cieling fan on and switch the actuals bulbs off
23:30:04Coldtoastso that has to be sent back and now the connector for the LCD is really dodgy
23:30:10Rorianyone? :)
23:30:14Coldtoastso pretty much the phone is buggered
23:30:23amiconnThe Panasonic did occasionally switch itself off, and the SE got stuck sometimes,
23:30:37thegeek_the gravity waves produced by the fan osciallates the glass in the bulbs!
23:30:48Coldtoastand the phone is only 8 months old too. sigh
23:30:51 Nick thegeek_ is now known as thegeek (
23:30:54Rorionly when switched off though?
23:31:00thegeekit was a joke
23:31:04RoriI know
23:31:05amiconntelling me that there is no net available. Even starting a search didn't help, only powering off then on again
23:31:28thegeekgravity waves produced by a fan would be as good as indetectable in ANY forseeable future
23:31:28Roriit must be because they are energy saving daylight bulbs
23:31:37thegeekget older
23:31:42thegeekthen you wont hear the "whistle"
23:31:57thegeekbecause of age induced hearing damage
23:32:14RoriI already get tinitus and other weird audio things
23:32:19thegeekamazing how I always come up with the laziest solution
23:32:30thegeekjust let time do its thing
23:32:33thegeekperfect solution
23:32:48Rorimy left ear sometimes whistles and I get a left to right unbalanced thing going on if I listen on headphones sometimes
23:32:59thegeekuse a crossfeed
23:33:06Rorilist the audio swaps from left to right
23:33:19Rorigoing senile too
23:33:22thegeekuse a crossfeed
23:33:31Roriwhat is that?
23:33:40thegeekit mixes the sound from left and right a bit
23:33:51thegeekit "bleeds" the channels into each other
23:33:57 Join stripwax [0] (
23:34:01thegeekits how you usually hear things
23:34:12thegeekwith a headphone the channels are completely separated
23:34:22thegeekand your left ear wont hear anything from the right channel
23:34:25thegeekon speakers you do
23:34:32RoriI get a buzzing sometimes in the left ear. I have an appointment to see the ENT specialist next month
23:34:44thegeekjust get foobar
23:34:57thegeekand use the crossfeed it has
23:35:01thegeekits very subtle
23:35:04Rorifoobar has a crossfeed plugin?
23:35:12Roriwill have to test that
23:42:56stripwaxWhat does GCC do when passed BOTH -m5200 and -m5249 ? or am I misreading the GCCOPTS line in my Makefile?
23:43:33amiconnYou do.
23:43:47amiconnIt's -m5200 -Wa,m5249
23:43:57 Quit Rick (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
23:44:09 Join Rick [0] (
23:44:18amiconnThat means, the compiler gets -m5200, and the assembler gets -m5249
23:44:58stripwaxamiconn - oh! thanks very much. Is that because the compiler doesn't support -m5249?
23:46:53amiconnSeems so
23:47:13amiconnm68k-elf-gcc -v −−help lists all available options for all subprocesses
23:48:15stripwaxgotcha. thx
23:48:24 Quit Maxime (Read error: 113 (No route to host))
23:50:05*Rori wacks a crossfeed plugin into winamp
23:51:38 Join Maxime [0] (
23:57:39*Rori uses Headplug for CF etc. Very subtle

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