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#rockbox log for 2005-07-22

00:00:44CassandraI still prefer the idea of getting bootbox to optionally ROLO a suplementary firmware (rockbox.ajz, say) is the best solution, since it solves the general problem.
00:01:06amiconnCassandra: I *know* the reason for the crashes with gcc 3.3.x and -O2 or -Os. It's clearly a gcc bug.
00:01:23amiconnCassandra: It doesn't solve the general problem
00:01:35amiconnThere are unflashable boxes
00:01:50CassandraBut you could load bootbox from disk.
00:02:06amiconnThat would be cumbersome...
00:02:10CassandraInstall bootbox as your ajbrec.ajz / archos.mod then use it to boot your *real* Rockbox.
00:02:20CassandraWell yes, but it'd work.
00:02:53amiconn...and I wouldn't want that. We should really try to cut down rockbox code size. Rockbox isn't windows...
00:03:46CassandraLike I say, no matter how much we snip, we'll hit the 200k barrier eventually.
00:03:50amiconnRemember that our RAM isn't endless as well...
00:03:57CassandraJust like we did with Rombox.
00:04:30 Quit west-acre ("I-n-v-i-s-i-o-n 2.0 Build 3515")
00:04:48amiconnRombox will come back, better than ever, for all units
00:05:41CassandraNot everyone'll want a firmware without a backup Archos ROM.
00:05:54CassandraMe, I couldn't give a monkeys, but ...
00:05:57uskii'll do, as long as there will be the minimon ;)
00:06:08uskithink of people without a flashable box
00:06:18[IDC]Dragonthere's minimon and bootbox
00:06:37 Quit Coldtoast (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
00:06:38uskibut minimon is easier to use
00:06:45*[IDC]Dragon says goodnight
00:06:54amiconnThe problem with rombox is that the limit is lower than the 200 KB disk-loading limit for most units
00:06:54uskithere would even be a possibility to do a blind flashing through minimon
00:07:02amiconn(in fact all except the player)
00:07:04uskii.e. you first send a checksum, then the data
00:07:10uskithe data is copied to RAM by minimom
00:07:17CassandraI am doing. That's why I think bootbox should be able to chainload a full featured Rockbox.
00:07:17uskiwhich checks the checksum
00:07:25uskiand if the checksum is OK, data is flashed
00:07:30uskithis way, no need for any modification
00:07:36uskieverything can be done through the remote port
00:07:44CassandraThere's nothing to stop non-flashable users installing bootbox as their archos.mod.
00:07:50uskieven inexperienced users could do an emergency flashing
00:08:06amiconnIt requires the serial mod
00:08:25amiconnI think not many users are able to do that
00:08:37 Quit [IDC]Dragon (" HydraIRC -> <- \o/")
00:08:46CassandraI agree with ami. Taking units apart is Doom(TM)
00:08:55uskinope amiconn
00:08:59uskiminicon could read data from the remote port
00:09:05uskiwhere there is a RX pin
00:09:08uskino need to do any mod
00:09:12amiconnNot all archoses have a remote port
00:09:15uskiwith my idea, no need to receive data from the box
00:09:16uskireally ???
00:09:24amiconnIn fact only the recorder v1 and the player have them
00:09:29uskioh... ok
00:09:33amiconnThe FM, the V2 and the ondios do not
00:09:37uskiwhat a pity
00:10:05amiconnThat's what bootbox is for
00:10:13uskiwhat is it ? o:)
00:10:19amiconnBootbox is the minimal backup rockbox
00:10:50uskiim quite confused: minimon, rockbox, rombox, bootbox...
00:10:55uskii know what minimon is
00:10:56amiconn...only able to handle USB, boot an .ajz, and handle charging on software charging platforms (recorder v1)
00:11:02uskibut rombox/bootbox.. .?
00:11:06uskiwhat's the difference ?
00:11:22amiconnRombox means rockbox running directly from ROM, without decompressing it to RAM first
00:11:46amiconnThat saves the RAM normally needed for the code and read-only data
00:11:53uskiyea; i tried to install it to my box this adfternoon, but in the daily builds there was not a rombox.ucl file
00:12:18amiconnYes, that's because rockbox grew too large to allow rombox on most units
00:12:31amiconnOnly the Ondio SP and the player still have rombox
00:13:06uskii would be ok to remove the backup archos firmware from my box anyway
00:13:09amiconnThat's why [IDC]Dragon developed bootbox. It is intended to replace the archos image as a backup in the flash packages
00:13:28uskiok! it's getting more clear
00:13:35amiconnBootbox is smaller than the archos firmware, leaving enough room for rombox, on all units
00:13:50uskithanks for the clear explanations
00:14:39amiconnWe're not giving up our safety net with bootbox, that's the point
00:15:14*amiconn just turned 0x22
00:15:51uskiwhat do you mean ? (0x22)
00:15:56Stryke`34 in hex
00:16:33uskibut what does it mean ?
00:16:54CassandraHmm. ami, I can't see anywhere for the small screws near the usb socket on the player to attach to other than the little bit of circuit board with the battery contacts on. Is this correct?
00:17:58amiconnCassandra: yes.
00:18:01amiconnuski: years
00:18:12CassandraOK. Good.
00:18:16uskioh, ok !
00:18:18psy-DeadHB2U :D
00:18:27CassandraHappy birthday, ami.
00:18:52*uski is 0x13 :D
00:20:07psy-Deadme too uski
00:20:09psy-Deadi think
00:20:09uskiwell, time to sleep
00:20:10*psy-Dead checks
00:20:17uskigood night all
00:20:25uski(for those living in europe :))
00:20:47 Join afarber [0] (
00:20:52psy-Dead0x11! :D
00:21:16 Quit afarber (Client Quit)
00:21:20psy-Deadami is 00100010
00:21:35 Quit uski ("ZZzz..")
00:21:42 Join amf [0] (
00:22:10psy-Deadinterestingly, ami is twice my age, which shifts all digits 1 space to the left
00:22:18psy-Deadin binary that is
00:22:44 Quit Stryke` ("Friends don't let friends listen to Anti-Flag")
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00:29:35 Part bobbers
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00:49:11solexAre there any other iso-8859-1 fonts besides the one with that name?
00:51:13 Join CheeseBurgerMan [0] (
00:58:07 Join webguest55 [0] (
00:58:44webguest55solex: see .. I know snap is iso 8859-15 (close to -1)
00:58:45 Join webguest93 [0] (
00:59:41webguest93hi I want to replace the battery on my iriver
00:59:46webguest93i foung this
01:00:03webguest93does the battery fits into a h140
01:00:06webguest55That should work, I believe
01:00:23webguest93i heard i have to change the polarity ?
01:00:44webguest55Yes, HCl and markun (and possibly others) have done it
01:01:14webguest93ok, thanks, then i will try it
01:01:25webguest55Battery replacement
01:01:55HClyou can get it cheaper than that one..
01:02:07webguest93HCI: where ?
01:02:40HClthats the one i had
01:02:43HClwell, very much like it anyways
01:02:46HClbut the same seller
01:03:58webguest93HCI: thats great, will buy one of them
01:04:03HCland yea, when you get it you have to get the wires out of the connector and swap them around
01:04:45webguest93HCI: I heard/read about it, should not be a problem, thanks a lot
01:05:14HCl :)
01:08:05 Quit webguest93 ("CGI:IRC (EOF)")
01:12:45CassandraHCl: Battery works like a charm by the way. That thing lasts forever.
01:13:06CassandraOn the downside I killed my internal mic while doing the upgrade, but I don't really use it anyway.
01:14:44webguest55Not anymore you don't.
01:15:14 Quit CheeseBurgerMan (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
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01:39:21 Join meep|zork [0] (
01:39:25meep|zorkhey folks
01:39:30meep|zorkquick question
01:40:25meep|zorki have all my music organized by folders titled by album
01:41:06***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
01:41:16meep|zorkhow do i get rockbox to move on to the next folder when its finished with the last track in the current folder? right now it just goes back to the 1st track in the folder
01:41:17ashridahmeep|zork: you haven't had any problems since flashing with the rockbox bootloader have you?
01:41:29ashridahmeep|zork: you need to add it to the playlist
01:41:36meep|zorkno everything has been great
01:41:45meep|zorkoh bummer
01:41:47ashridahrockbox deals exclusively with playlists, and by default, creates a playlist out of the current directory when you hit 'play'
01:41:54meep|zorkso i have to make a playlist of everything
01:42:25ashridahwell, it starts doing that automatically. just go to the next directory, and hold down the navigation stick on it, and then add the directory that way.
01:43:37meep|zorkoh wow, on the fly play lists
01:43:47meep|zorki can still make a playlist in winamp right?
01:44:24 Join Bippy [0] (
01:44:45ashridahuh. i'm not sure, on that point
01:44:54meep|zorkcan i make a playlist with everything and just use that as my default (that way rockbox always goes to the next folder and will shuffle all when iw ant to shuffle)?
01:45:35BippyHello my beautiful people
01:46:15BippyThere just one question, are you feeling lucky punks
01:46:21Bippyhuh well are ya
01:46:40Bippyon a more serious note, has radio been implemented yet ?
01:47:22BippyWell punks, is it?
01:47:25Bippyhuh is it punks ?
01:47:53 Quit psy-Dead (Read error: 60 (Operation timed out))
01:48:05ashridahmeep|zork: yeah. just make sure you're in the root of your music collection, click a-b, then go to playlist and create playlist. as long as recurse directories is turned on, it should create a playlist with all of your music
01:48:25ashridahBippy: on the iriver? not yet, that i know of. i don't think anyone's really been looking at it yet
01:48:52 Join DarkkOne [0] (
01:49:45Bippyok cheers fella
01:53:20DarkkOneDo you know anything about the WPSes, by chance?
01:54:23DarkkOnefor the %fc tag, do you know if anything other than FLAC is four characters?
01:55:08DarkkOneIt's been driving me nuts that it shifts everything after it every time a flac shows up in my playlist, and I've been trying to figure how I'm going to work around it.
01:55:22meep|zorkok im gonna try that
01:55:46Bippyim having the same problem
01:55:49 Quit hicks (Remote closed the connection)
01:56:27Bippyi put it down to poor programming
01:56:49DarkkOneI wouldn't necessarily say poor programming.
01:56:53DarkkOneAlot of people don't use FLACs
01:57:00DarkkOneAnd I think every other format's 3-character
01:57:25DarkkOneI figure the easy way would be to say "All codec names are to be 5-characters or less" then for like, MP3 make it _MP3_ (except use real spaces) and such.
01:57:28webguest55meep|zork: there's an option "move to next folder" somewhere
01:58:07DarkkOneThat would mean the %fc tag would always represent a 5-character entry. (or 4, or whatever you defined it as)
01:58:30webguest55Sounds dodgy.
01:58:52DarkkOneA bit.
01:59:40DarkkOneBut the way I figure, for the WPSes to work will with bitmaps, you almost *need* to be able to define either a screen position (instead of offsetting with spaces) for text, or you need the tags to represent fixed-width entries.
01:59:58DarkkOne4 characters for codec, 5 characters including K for bitrate, etc. Something like that.
02:00:22amiconnA fixed character count wouldn't help at all
02:00:34webguest55proportional fonts ruin that anyway
02:00:45webguest55"MP3" is not as wide as "WAV"
02:00:45amiconnyes, exactly
02:00:47webguest55(likely not)
02:01:02DarkkOneYeah, but proportional fonts don't work well for Bitmap using WPSes anyway.
02:01:20webguest55Just offset it using spaces
02:01:25webguest55and alignment tags
02:01:36webguest55someone should get in the multiple-alignment-tags patch
02:01:43DarkkOneThat'd probably help alot
02:02:00amiconnSomeone should redo this the proper way, from the ground up
02:02:13DarkkOneI just noticed it going all funky with the JamesGao WPS, once I got it working. (Didn't realize the .bmp had to be in the .rockbox folder)
02:02:14webguest55"this"? "the proper way"?
02:02:30amiconnMeaning, the wps should allow pixel positioning, but that requires some more low-level work first
02:02:59DarkkOneWell the WPS is a decent amount holdover code, right?
02:03:12*webguest55 creates a wishlist.. pixel positioning, multiple fonts, more advanced conditionals
02:03:15amiconnThe text scrolling functions need to work with boxes instead of line-based
02:03:23webguest55and that
02:03:24*DarkkOne suggests adding simple primitives to the wishlist.
02:03:45DarkkOneYeah, the text shouldn't scroll past where the text started. Hehehe.
02:03:46amiconnI might work a bit in that area one day, but it's not exactly high priority for me
02:04:03*amiconn still uses the default wps
02:04:14amiconnI like it plain & simple
02:04:16DarkkOneI rather like the JamesGao one.
02:04:26DarkkOneThough it does have a little more than I need.
02:04:27*webguest55 proposes using %sXX for defining width of box
02:04:47webguest55except that'd be horrible
02:05:02amiconnThis will have to change completely
02:05:22amiconnThe *positioning* has to be pixel based too, not line based
02:05:23DarkkOneAre the codec names simply strings somewhere in the WPS handling portion, or do they come from the codecs themselves?
02:05:45DarkkOneLike, if I were to want to customize my build, since I use fixed width, so they're all 4 characters, where would you suggest looking?
02:07:33 Quit meep|zork ("-=SysReset 2.53=-")
02:07:42amiconnThe scrolling functions need some work anyway; there is a flaw that just didn't show up yet, as no code tries to use multiple shades of grey at once
02:08:04amiconn...for text
02:08:13DarkkOneWhat happens?
02:09:23amiconnIf some code actually sets a different foreground or background shade, the scrolling text will also get these shades, even if it was already there before changing the shades
02:09:49amiconnThat's because the scrolling text structures don't store the currently active shades
02:11:35DarkkOneSo the text color gets changed to the new values, rather than keeping its own?
02:13:21amiconnThis happens for scrolling text only, fixed text isn't affected
02:14:08*amiconn goes to sleep
02:20:32DarkkOneFLACs hate me. :(
02:21:09 Quit Aison (Read error: 54 (Connection reset by peer))
02:22:21 Quit ]RowaN[ ()
02:32:18 Quit edx (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
02:34:22DarkkOneAre the codecs *just* encode/decode information?
02:35:12ashridahthings like .ogg and .wma tend to be containers, so often the codec supports dealing with the container as well
02:35:18webguest55what else would they be?
02:35:25ashridahs/tend to be/are containers/
02:35:42ashridah.wma is really just a renamed .asf
02:35:46DarkkOneWell, I was trying to figure out where the strings that get displayed for the %fc come from.
02:36:43DarkkOneAs well, I was curious about the handling of containers like ogg.
02:38:00webguest55ogg is assumed to be ogg/vorbis right now
02:38:08webguest55the strings come from the playback code somewhere.. grep for "FLAC" in apps/
02:38:14webguest55(I believe)
02:39:37DarkkOneSo, codecs don't have file-extension information or anything.
02:39:50DarkkOneflacs are recognized as music even when the flac codec is missing.
02:41:12DarkkOneSorry, just trying to figure out how things are layed out.
02:42:43BippyRight im a take a dump then go bed, night all, keep up the good work
02:42:50 Quit Bippy ("CGI:IRC")
02:54:32DarkkOneShouldn't there be a file like viewers.config for codecs/audio?
02:54:51 Join CheeseBurgerMan [0] (
02:59:42webguest55I don't see why. Wouldn't want to open mp3 files with vorbis.codec
03:00:05webguest55well unless someone creates alternative codecs
03:00:56DarkkOneAs well, if someone say, builds a working MOD codec or whatever, to add support you have to rebuild several other files.
03:01:21DarkkOneIf the .codec + a necessary line in a .config could hold the information, why shouldn't it?
03:01:27DarkkOneThat's saying *if*
03:01:38DarkkOneI don't know enough about everything yet, I'm still trying to swim back up to the surface
03:02:22DarkkOneI just seem to remember reading they were supposed to be like plugins.
03:07:08DarkkOneLooking at the multicodec architecture wiki page I see no mention of it, so I'm probably just confused.
03:10:13webguest55Well sure, if that happens, eventually it could be done fairly easily I believe
03:10:24webguest55but there's been little reason to bother with it so far
03:10:54webguest55Also, non-streaming codecs are far from around the corner
03:11:28DarkkOneI was just wondering if there's a practical reason for having what audio filetypes are supported hard-coded.
03:15:19 Quit cYmen ("zZz")
03:21:50 Quit QT (Read error: 113 (No route to host))
03:27:00webguest55It's quicker to code
03:28:09DarkkOneWell, that's fair enough
03:29:42DarkkOneI was thinking more from the execution end. Like something about the hardware or anything that made that the better way to do it.
03:30:19webguest55Don't think so
03:31:10webguest55there's just been no reason to code up a configuration file system yet
03:31:29DarkkOneWell, I mean alot of it's already there with the "viewers"
03:31:39DarkkOneAlot of what I'm thinking of at least
03:32:25DarkkOneI dunno. I'm thinking it seems like something I could work around coding, the problem being I wouldn't want to if it ends up being something they wouldn't want one day.
03:35:51*DarkkOne shurgs.
03:35:53DarkkOneshrugs even
03:40:22 Quit DarkkOne ("Chatzilla [Firefox 1.0.4/20050511]")
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07:36:45amiconnGood morning
07:40:05 Join Seed [0] (
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07:53:41LinusNhi amiconn
08:00:12ashridahdidn't someone check the songdb java app into cvs?
08:02:24ashridahnevermind. missed the j at the end of the module name
08:02:35 Quit Seed (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
08:06:17 Join Seed [0] (
08:09:22*ashridah vaguely considers porting the silly thing all the way to java 1.5, since it's ignoring the use of generics and other assorted features, yet using things like 'assert'
08:10:32LinusNashridah should consider porting it to a language that doesn't change every 3 months
08:11:48amiconnLinusN: Any news on the lcd loop?
08:12:12*ashridah shrugs
08:12:17LinusNdidn't have time yesterday, and i won't have time for the next two weeks (vacation again)
08:15:45ashridahsweet. got it building in eclipse
08:19:30ashridahthere are 520 warnings in this horrible mess of java code :)
08:22:10 Quit CheeseBurgerMan ("Ogg is the container. Vorbis is the codec in Ogg Vorbis. Please say what you mean, and when you mean Vorbis, don't say Ogg.")
08:42:20*LinusN gets "DMA No Data: 0x0001" when quickly changing tracks
08:43:10amiconnSlasheri: Red builds....
08:43:18SlasheriHmm, that is normal if the playback continues after that
08:43:21Slasheriamiconn: oh :/
08:43:38 Join oxygen77 [0] (
08:43:52Slasheriargh, the simulator :D
08:43:55amiconnThe simulator stub looks... funny
08:44:12amiconnGimme da variable name...
08:44:15LinusNSlasheri: playback stops
08:44:35 Quit oxygen77 (Client Quit)
08:44:38LinusNbut only when crossfade is off
08:44:52amiconnSlasheri: I think that should read void, not long...
08:44:56SlasheriLinusN: Hmm, i will try that
08:45:00Slasheriamiconn: yes, fixed it :)
08:49:52SlasheriLinusN: Hmm, i tried to change the tracks very fast but the playback still works
08:50:27Slasheriah, i have a big anti-skip buffer.. trying to decrease that
08:50:43Slasherino, that's not the problem.. because crossfade is off
08:52:05SlasheriLinusN: i also got dma no data but the playback does not hangf
09:04:46 Join Coldtoast [0] (
09:11:12LinusNSlasheri: it seems the timing is important
09:11:28LinusNi let it play for 1-2 seconds before changing track
09:13:20ashridahHmm. flac codec is having trouble keeping the data buffer full
09:13:40ashridahwonder what bitrate i actually ended up giving these files :)
09:14:28ashridahhmm. looks like it's 800kbps :)
09:14:38 Join CheeseBurgerMan [0] (
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09:55:42 Quit logbot (Read error: 113 (No route to host))
09:55:43 Quit ze ("Changing server")
09:57:01 Join ze [0] (
10:00:38psy-Deaddoes iriver still have trouble with hige Q oggs?
10:14:02 Nick CheeseBurgerMan is now known as CBM-away (
10:16:44 Join R3nTiL [0] (
10:25:59 Join Moos [0] (
10:26:17MoosGood morning all
10:34:09 Join LinusN [0] (
10:35:46amiconnre LinusN
10:52:46 Quit R3nTiL ("CGI:IRC (Ping timeout)")
10:56:00 Quit C-Keen ("Lost terminal")
11:19:49 Join _laura [0] (
11:21:35 Quit _laura (Client Quit)
11:22:36ashridahaah, that's better. no more icky .wma files
11:37:50 Quit psy-Dead (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
11:39:53 Join rooom_wrk [0] (
11:42:08rooom_wrkamiconn: thnx for updating the Wiki pages! Great! Now what I missing only is the link to SW file and little description, how to use this SW :-))
11:49:29amiconnI do have a copy of uart_boot, but I'm not sure whether this is a 'regular' version, or one that messes with bitrates, and I have no way to test it atm
11:50:18amiconnI hope [IDC]Dragon has a known working version and will upload that
11:53:11 Join Lost-ash [0] (
11:55:01***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
12:01:57 Join cYmen [0] (
12:03:31 Join Aison [0] (
12:08:29 Quit ashridah (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
12:12:23MoosHi Linus: still a new bootloader coming soon (v5)?
12:13:15LinusNreleasing it as we speak
12:13:49Moosbug fixing?
12:14:06Mooslight during usb mode...?
12:15:30Moosi've a little question about the shuting down, if you have few seconds :)
12:15:42SlasheriHmm, tomorrow is my last day.. then a month away :/
12:15:48LinusNMoos: shoot
12:15:56MoosHi Slasheri
12:15:59LinusNSlasheri: have fun! :-)
12:16:18SlasheriLinusN: thanks, have you too :)
12:17:05Slasherihi crwl and Moos :)
12:17:13crwli discovered a crash bug yesterday at work, let's see if it's still there
12:17:13MoosLinus: I remenber few weeks ago, when we wanted to stop the player, it shtuded down immediatly when pressed long stop
12:17:15crwlhi slasheri:)
12:17:45crwloops, didn't read the cvs changelog and lost my settings, oh well :)
12:17:52MoosLinus: but since few weeks it don't stop instantatly, it take few seconds
12:18:31MoosLinus: this behaviour will it be the normal in the future, or bug?
12:18:36LinusNMoos: you mean before the "Shutting down" text appears?
12:18:55Moosi mean the reaction time :)
12:19:17Moosimmediatly before few weeks and fews seconds now
12:19:24Moosnormal behaviour?
12:19:44Moosor possibility to decrease this time?
12:19:45LinusNthe problem is that the runtime database is synched to disk before the "shutting down" text appears
12:19:57LinusNso the reaction time seems slower
12:20:11Moosa ok
12:20:29amiconnMaybe this is also due to the handler-controlled shutdown
12:21:03amiconnBtw, I experienced a bad effect caused by that on my iriver
12:21:11Moosand the future works of HCl can improve this?
12:21:11LinusNwell, the problem is that the handler callback syncs the database
12:21:24 Join hicks [0] (
12:21:26amiconnThe battery was almost empty, and the iriver tried to shut down
12:21:27Slasheribtw, i hope the iriver could do the shutdown the "same way" as on original firmware: don't stop playback before actually doing the shutdown. That way user knows when he/she can release the stop button
12:22:07amiconnThat lead to a spinup of the HD, but the HD was unable to save the settings. Spinup - spindown - spinup - spindown ....
12:22:17LinusNamiconn: yes, that's another problem
12:22:24amiconn...for quite a while, until it was finally able to save settings
12:22:35crwlok, the crash bug is no longer there :)
12:22:44LinusNthe crash bug?
12:23:32amiconnI'd suggest that the shutdown should be force after some delay, regardless whether the handler returned or not
12:23:45crwlwell, a version from CVS about 24 hours ago crashed if you changed track from filebrowser while playback was paused and then pressed stop, i think
12:23:50Moosamiconn: i have experimented this problem too, with very low power
12:23:58crwlbut it does that no longer, it seems
12:24:07amiconnOf course this delay should be long enough to allow 'typical' shutdown operations to complete
12:24:41amiconnI think about 5...10 seconds should be enough
12:25:31amiconnOtherwise we might have a shutdwon problem on iriver, as the iriver can't be forced to shutdown by hardware...
12:25:49Moosit would be fun to have a windows "shutin down", currently the browser or WPS screen stay fews ms or sec before "shuttin down" text
12:27:47Moosi remenber before the HCl works it was instantaneous, is it a dream to think it will be the same in the future?
12:27:58 Nick Lost-ash is now known as ashridah (
12:35:50 Join uski [0] (uski@
12:36:05LinusNMoos: we'll have to fix that
12:36:14uskihi !
12:36:21uskiLinusN, mo0
12:36:45HClit might very well be caused by that it has to write the rundb cache to disk before shutting down
12:37:51LinusNHCl: 12.19.45 # <LinusN> the problem is that the runtime database is synched to disk before the "shutting down" text appears
12:38:01HCli only just woke up
12:39:10MoosLinus: ok merci
12:39:16MoosHi HCl
12:40:12uskioh, Moos
12:40:16uskiit's like many Moo isn't it ?
12:40:50uskitiens, t'es français toi aussi :)
12:40:58Moos:) no it's a french nickname for my real name Mustapha
12:41:04Moosyes i'am
12:42:33 Part ashridah ("Leaving")
12:42:36 Join ashridah [0] (
12:42:39ashridah%$@!#$ing xchat
12:42:49uskibrb, lunch
12:42:53uskixchat roxxx !!!
12:43:07Mooshave a good lunch
12:43:33ashridahuski: perhaps it does, but its binding of ctrl-w to 'close tab' sure as hell doesn't.
12:44:07crwlashridah, say no more!
12:44:21crwlthat's reason #1 why i dislike xchat :P
12:44:40ashridahthe problem i have is that i don't really like any of the alternatives
12:44:48ashridahthe kde irc apps all seem to bite in some fashion
12:45:16Lynx_ashridah: irssi?
12:46:14crwli wonder if xchat's ctrl-w behaviour could be changed with some general gtk2 setting that changes the text field key shortcuts
12:46:17crwlif there's one
12:47:03ashridahcrwl: well, once upon a time, gtk apps used to be able to have their menu/key bindings remapped (of course, many applications failed to save said bindings and reinitialised them from the app's defaults if restarted), but it doesn't seem to work anymore
12:48:00crwlashridah, yes, i remember... (not very many applications remembered to save the bindings, though)
12:48:26crwlgtk2 sucks :P
12:49:04ashridahindeed. i'm really REALLY over the whole gnome2 'lets get rid of all the useful stuff that newbies don't know or care about' efforts.
12:49:14ashridahi can see why making preferences simpler is good
12:49:23ashridahbut removing the features COMPLETELY is just silly
12:49:49ashridahafter all, gconf is precisely the kind of 'tweakui' type utility you could use, and they AREN'T
12:50:16*ashridah is just bitter because kde 3.4.1 is currently not usable in debian unstable due to the gcc 4 upgrade :)
12:50:23crwlwell, here in ubuntu it seems to work ;)
12:50:47Moostime to flash v5 thanks Linus :)
12:52:35ashridahcrwl: ubuntu have already done their upgrade, and ubuntu focuses on gnome anyway, which is largely C
12:54:12LinusNMoos: enjoy
12:54:18crwlashridah, it's sad that ubuntu focuses on gnome, but luckily kde works too :P
12:54:23crwlbetter than on debian, it seems...
12:54:59ashridahcrwl: again, c++ abi upgrade. not a lot one can do. ubuntu's development branch was probably just as broken during their transition
12:55:05ashridahdebian's is a bit later due to the release of sarge
12:55:32crwlcan't remember that, i've been using the breezy development branch since hoary was released
12:55:43crwlthough there has been something from day to day, but everything's been fixed the next day
12:57:05ashridahyeah, well, debian's got a few more packages, and a lot more targets to worry about. slows things down somewhat
12:57:30 Quit ashridah (Remote closed the connection)
12:57:59 Join ashridah [0] (
12:58:20ashridahwhat was my quit message?
12:58:40crwlRemote closed the connection
12:59:26ashridahxchat musnt have liked the smack talk
13:02:17rooom_wrk\later tell [IDC]Dragon: Wiki pages UART boot mod are updated! Great! Now what I missing only is the link to SW file and little description, how to use this SW :-))
13:03:05rooom_wrk??? no bot? Or my mistake?
13:04:58ashridahthere's MesgServ
13:05:23ashridahsorry, memoserv
13:05:25ashridahnot mesgserv
13:07:31*uski is back
13:09:38 Join austriancoder [0] (
13:09:39rooom_wrkashridah: and pls what order can I use for it?
13:10:12austriancoderhi all
13:10:20MoosHello ac :)
13:10:48Mooshow are you?
13:11:34austriancoderfine thanks
13:11:59ashridahrooom_wrk: eh? uh. use /msg memoserv help
13:12:16rooom_wrkashridah: oki thnx
13:12:24ashridahit'll tell you how to use it to leave a message for someone. assuming [IDC]Dragon actually notices when memoserv has a message for him
13:14:12*austriancoder tries to trace some cpu-ic's connections on the iaudio
13:14:56rooom_wrksend [IDC]Dragon: Wiki pages UART boot mod are updated! Great! Now what I missing only is the link to SW file and little description, how to use this SW :-))
13:15:25rooom_wrk\send [IDC]Dragon: Wiki pages UART boot mod are updated! Great! Now what I missing only is the link to SW file and little description, how to use this SW :-))
13:16:19rooom_wrkhmm I am giving up
13:16:27ashridahrooom_wrk: you need to /msg memoserv everything
13:16:32ashridahit doesn't listen to stuff in the channel
13:16:40ashridahit's part of the irc server's services
13:17:06Moosac: good luck ;)
13:17:10rooom_wrkashridan oki :-)
13:17:12 Quit Cassandra (" HydraIRC -> <- The future of IRC")
13:20:32rooom_wrkashridah: The nickname [[IDC]Dragon:] is not registered :-((
13:21:18Moostry the mailing list
13:21:29rooom_wrkMoos: oki
13:24:38 Quit uski ("Leaving")
13:28:34LinusNaustriancoder: any luck?
13:29:52austriancoderLinusN: not really... but will make some scanns of pcb today
13:30:14austriancoderah.. pcf50606 is used in iaudio... same as in h3xx
13:30:27austriancoderbut it seems that there is no datasheet ;(
13:30:31 Quit rooom_wrk ("Ukončuji")
13:31:19LinusNaustriancoder: the power controller?
13:31:40austriancoderyep.. there sould also be the rtc located
13:31:45LinusNhang on
13:38:59LinusNaustriancoder: it's now in the data sheets page
13:40:35LinusNholy shit, the pcf50606 is a *monster*
13:41:11austriancoderi will take photos of the pcb.. my scanner is not able to do the job
13:43:09austriancoderit is quite fine that h3xx and iaudio share some componentes.
13:44:12austriancoderLinusN: how far is the bootloader for h3xx?
13:44:28LinusNi don't know
13:44:51LinusNi connected the h300 to my bdm last night, but my adapter broke :-(
13:45:00LinusNso i'll have to build a new one
13:45:10austriancoderoh.. not so good
13:45:25LinusNso it will take at least 2 more weeks, since i'll go on vacation
13:46:19LinusNhehe, i superglued the ribbon strip connector to the adapter pcb, and accidentally filled the entire connector with glue :-)
13:46:34LinusNand broke it when i tried to remove it
13:47:19LinusNtook me 2 hours under a stereo microscope to solder that thing :-(
13:48:37LinusNi think i'll design a pcb instead of wiring by hand
13:49:17austriancodercould be better.. yes
13:49:34austriancoderah.. next shared ic, iaudio has a Philips TEA1211 DC/DC Converter
13:54:49LinusNgotta go, cu
13:54:52 Part LinusN
13:55:03***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
14:06:14 Join RotAtoR [0] (
14:22:02 Quit austriancoder ("CGI:IRC")
14:33:38amiconnWho did the assignment of buttons for the virtual keyboard on iriver!? The cursor movement is obviously unreachable :-(
14:41:06 Join rooomish [0] (
14:49:05 Quit rooomish (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
14:50:42 Join rooomish [0] (
14:51:34 Join Lear [0] (
15:10:25 Join west-acre [0] (
15:10:51west-acrehey people. a question. what about a function for the record button in the WPS?
15:13:53 Join rooomish2 [0] (
15:14:37 Quit rooomish (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
15:16:23amiconnLear: Please correct me if I'm wrong - are you the Magnus who did the original asm-optimised descramble algorithm?
15:16:48LearYes, that's right.
15:17:00LearBut Jens has since optimized it further, IIRC...
15:17:04amiconnThanks for the inspiration...
15:17:15amiconnYes that was me :)
15:17:23LearAh, so you're Jens. Good to know. :)
15:18:22LearAh. I don't visit the wiki much, I must say...
15:20:33zeisn't dorian gray a fictional character or something?
15:23:34LearSure, from a book written by Oscar Wilde.
15:36:46 Join Hansmaulwurf [0] (
15:45:09 Quit ashridah ("sleep")
15:55:07***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
16:07:39 Join [IDC]Dragon [0] (
16:08:09[IDC]Dragonhappy birthday amiconn!
16:09:14[IDC]Dragongot my present?
16:10:16amiconnOooh :)
16:10:23*amiconn just checked email...
16:11:36amiconnToo bad I'm in the middle of messing up the grayscale lib
16:12:00[IDC]Dragontoo bad I don't have any time
16:14:56 Join Cassandra [0] (
16:16:06 Join asdsd____ [0] (
16:16:14*Cassandra boots into iRiver fw to upgrade the bootloader then gets annoyed that it doesn't work like Rockbox and is thus impossible to drive.
16:16:32 Quit matsl (Remote closed the connection)
16:16:49*amiconn did the same, and was also confused by the menu operation
16:18:42 Part asdsd____
16:21:11 Join matsl [0] (
16:22:07 Quit rooomish2 (Read error: 113 (No route to host))
16:23:42 Join rooomish2 [0] (
16:31:24godzirrahowdy guys
16:31:57SlasheriHmm, the "non volume fading crossfader" seems to work well :)
16:32:22Slasherii will commit a patch today to select which type crossfade to use
16:33:13godzirranon volume fading?
16:33:21godzirrahow can it fade if it doesnt change volume?
16:33:51Slasherithat was the idea :)
16:34:19Slasheriit works at least for some songs if we just mix them
16:34:39CassandraBah. All you weirdos with your unpleasant crossfading. Keep it away from me. :)
16:35:27CassandraUntil and unless you can stick an intelligent DJ inside who can vary the song speeds so they sync properly.
16:35:43CassandraAnd of course know when it's not appropriate to crossfade.
16:36:54godzirrahow odd.. hehe.. thats pretty cool.
16:37:06godzirraI'm lookin forward to hearing what it sounds like.
16:37:06 Join webguest91 [0] (
16:38:08webguest91Hey, I saw in the logs that the longer shutdown time is because of the runtime-db being synced.. would it be difficult to display the splash before doing that? To give a quicker feedback. Won't change the time it takes, but it'll change the time the user thinks "wtf, I'm pressing the button and nothing happens!"
16:47:13LearHm... Similar to autobookmarking actually, especially with fade on stop enabled. The time it takes from I press top until the "Bookmark created" splash is shown is pretty long.
16:47:48LearOne way to speed things up could be to spin up the drive (if autobookmarking is on) before starting the fade.
16:51:29godzirraSlasheri: lemme know when you submit it.
16:51:35Slasherigodzirra: ok :)
16:59:42 Quit webguest91 ("CGI:IRC")
16:59:45 Join webguest91 [0] (
17:17:04rooomish2amiconn: silly question but TX output from serial converter I should connect on RxD or TxD on Archos PCB?
17:17:58Slasherinow i have done the change is it ok to commit another option "Crossfade type" to the playback menu? The selections would be "Crossfade,Mix only"
17:22:30amiconnI'd rather put that in one setting with 3 options
17:22:51amiconnAh, no, I forgot 'off' is part of the duration...
17:23:40Slasherii would liked to do it so that the "crossfade type" option would not be displayed when crossfade is not enabled but i am afraid that cannot be done..
17:25:01 Join ]RowaN[ [0] (a2b0y@
17:25:07]RowaN[what are "cursor movement button combos"?
17:26:23amiconnrooomish2: Sight, Tx and Rx direction, the source of eternal confusion...
17:27:10]RowaN[guys what do u think about making left joystick press in the filetree root return to wps? the original iriver firmware does that, i think its a good idea
17:27:10amiconnIf you built the serial converter documented in the wiki, it is marked like the connections on the Archos, i.e. you would connect Tx to Tx, Rx to Rx
17:28:06amiconnHowever, the Archos 'sees' itself as a computer (which it is), so on other converters you would switch Tx and Rx...
17:28:27amiconn]RowaN[: Not all things the iriver firmware does are good ;)
17:28:38]RowaN[but it feels right =]
17:28:42CassandraNot to me.
17:28:46rooomish2amiconn: no I have it made from Mobile phone cable and I know which wire is transmitting (TX?)
17:29:03amiconn]RowaN[: You can move the input cursor in the virtual keyboard, so you can insert letters without first deleting all letters after them
17:29:21amiconnThis wasn't possible on iriver because of the assignment. Now it is
17:29:36amiconnHold PLAY, then move the joystick left or right
17:30:37]RowaN[ive never really dabbled with playlists and such.. if im playing a song, and i want to encue the next song to play after the current one finishes, is there a way to do it? (on the fly playlist?)
17:30:39amiconnPLAY now doesn't immediately accept the input, it only does this when you press & release it in direct sequence, i.e. without holding it for a while or using other buttons while pressing it
17:31:39rooomish2amiconn: better to say - no I made it from Mobile phone cable and I know which wire is transmitting (oscilloscope) this wire will I connect to RxD correct?
17:31:42amiconnrooomish2: If you know where the data comes out of your converter, this output must then be connected to archos Rx and vice versa
17:32:47LearSlasheri, what about having options like "off, crossfade type 1, crossfade type 2"?
17:33:15 Join Psy-Dead1 [0] (
17:33:16SlasheriLear: Hmm, maybe. Then we just need to add "Crossfade amount/length" variable
17:33:29Slasheriso anyway we need two options..
17:34:04Slasheriunless we change that crossfade amount to "PCM Buffer Length"
17:34:28amiconnI don't think this is a good idea
17:35:01rooomish2amiconn: thanks
17:35:27Slasheriamiconn: Hmm, do you think that "Crossfade type" would be ok?
17:35:36CassandraYou know those crossfade options are proliferating rather nastily.
17:36:03amiconnCassandra: Full ack ;)
17:36:19amiconnSlasheri: I think PCM Buffer length is too technical
17:36:34Slasheriah, hmm..
17:36:45Psy-Dead1"playback buffer"
17:38:39Slasheriamiconn: and if we change that to something like "Audio buffer length", then users wouldn't know it will also set the crossfade length..
17:39:54amiconnYes, and that why setting the crossfade duration as "Crossfade duration" is imho the least confusing solution
17:40:58Slasherihmm.. would it be good to make two options: "Crossfade" with selections "Off,Crossfade,Mix only" and "Crossfade duration"?
17:42:19amiconnI think that would be more logical than implying crossfade == off with duration == 0
17:42:30Slasheriyes, good :)
17:42:48amiconn..and it would free one option for the duration, as it wouldn't be necessary to include the 0
17:43:03Slasheriand would you prefer "Crossfade,Mix only" or just "Type 1,Type 2"?
17:43:27amiconnCrossfade, Mix
17:43:31Slasheriok :)
17:46:01Psy-Dead1whats the difference?
17:46:12 Quit webguest91 ("CGI:IRC")
17:51:38 Join Tangleding [0] (
17:51:42]RowaN[ what do you guys think of having seperate crossfade modes for (a) when the song reaches the end of track (fine as it is) but then (b) different crossfade for when you "skip" to the next track - rather than crossfading (yukky clashing of unsyncopated beats), it'd sound better (in my experience) for the current track to fade out rather rapidly (1sec) while the next track starts immediately (starts, not fades in). Might be hard to imagine but its very pleasing
17:52:44SlasheriHmm.. maybe we should add a whole new configuration menu for crossfade :D
17:52:50]RowaN[please =]
17:52:55Slasherithat is possible to implement..
17:53:59amiconnCrossfade sounds best when it is switched off - my $0.02 ... ;)
17:54:21]RowaN[if you cant say anything nice.. =p
17:55:08***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
17:55:21 Quit [IDC]Dragon ("CGI:IRC")
17:55:23]RowaN[amiconn i predict you will wonder how you lived without it if the method i describe above gets implemented =]
17:56:22]RowaN[its no different to the old fashioned track skip, except the current song fades out in like, 500ms or something, instead of abruptly stopping (not easy on the ears/brain)
17:56:45amiconnI always switch of any kind of audio fading in any player. I cannot stand it
17:57:12amiconnWe have fade out on stop on the archos, that's one of the first things I switched off
17:58:37amiconnI prefer true gapless for the track transition (which works fine now on iriver too), that's it
17:59:45Slasheriit depends on what kind of music you are listening to.. it tracks are not true gapless, then i will prefer crossfading :)
18:00:27amiconnIf the tracks aren't gapless the y have an intentional gap instead, which I don't want to suppress
18:00:48amiconn...and they fade out/in by themselves
18:01:18]RowaN[yes at the ends of songs, but im talking about fading in the middle of a song when you skip
18:01:59amiconnYes, then you'll still have a pause (because of the playback restart at different position)
18:02:16]RowaN[a pause?
18:02:36]RowaN[song 1 fades while song 2 starts... whats pausing?
18:02:48amiconnWithout fading...
18:03:06]RowaN[oh i thought we were talking about crossfading =]
18:04:37*amiconn should read more thoroughly
18:05:00amiconnYou mean, the setting should be separate from the normal fade...
18:05:26]RowaN[seperate from the end of track fade into next track fade yes
18:05:37]RowaN[i.e. the fade that happens when you manually skip
18:05:45amiconnI don't think that would need a separate (in the sense of 'new') setting, imho it falls into the category of 'fade on stop/pause'
18:05:58SlasheriHmm, i think we would need at first two type of crossfade configuration displays (with the same options): when crossfading automatically and when just skipping.. :/
18:06:01amiconnI still wouldn't activate it though...
18:06:41]RowaN[at least try it for 10 seconds before you dismiss it for the rest of your life man
18:07:56]RowaN[Slasheri do it do it =p
18:08:17]RowaN[im sick and i dont have long to live =p
18:08:31Slasheri]RowaN[: maybe when i have access to computers again (in 3-4 weeks)..
18:08:37Slasheritomorrow i will leave :/
18:08:53]RowaN[are you in jail?
18:09:14Slasherino, i just got "free travel tickets to hell" ;)
18:09:30Slasherithe "civil military" service
18:09:54]RowaN[fat camp?
18:10:24Slasherihehe, only one choise we can choose from
18:10:57Slasheriand i think that is the better one, we are "almost" free after the one month..
18:15:13]RowaN[hmm it bugs me that the daily build page uses images for vertical text instead of style="writing-mode: tb-rl" .. do i need to get out more?
18:17:06amiconn]RowaN[: I don't think many browsers support this style, so using images is more compatible...
18:17:34amiconnI'm not sure though, I'm not that much into CSS
18:17:53]RowaN[you're probably right
18:18:12 Join bagawk [0] (~lee@bagawk.user)
18:18:31west-acrehey people. a question. what about a function for the record button in the WPS?
18:18:32]RowaN[i gave up caring for what ancient browsers dont support years ago (because this is 2005 - the future).. new habits die hard
18:18:42]RowaN[bad habit for a web developer but hey =p
18:19:11bagawkI use lynx somewhat often...
18:19:43 Join webguest73 [0] (
18:20:21webguest73]RowaN[: There's no such attribute, writing-style
18:21:10bagawkwest-acre, what do you want it to do?
18:21:18]RowaN[webguest73 maybe its ie only
18:21:22]RowaN[i use it and it works
18:21:32webguest73Well if it's ie only it may as well not exist
18:22:33]RowaN[yes, only a small number of people use IE dont they
18:22:37west-acrenot sure, it needs a function tho, maybe errr lemme think...
18:23:48webguest73Catering for a specific browser is stupid no matter how you look at it. Following standards is the only sensible choice.
18:23:55 Part Psy-Dead1
18:24:16]RowaN[writing-mode is w3c recommended
18:24:34webguest73Where is it defined?
18:24:41webguest73I see it mentioned in XSL docs
18:24:48webguest73But that's no good
18:25:02 Quit bagawk ("Leaving")
18:25:10west-acremaybe jump to playlist options? speaking of which. long holding select in WPS mode: maybe playlist options should be above sound settings?
18:25:29amiconnwriting-mode: tb-rl works in firefox, but for the table, it can't be used on its own
18:25:56amiconn..because the text then runs as it says - top to bottom, right to left
18:26:00]RowaN[webguest73: the great thing about standards is that theres so many to choose from
18:26:07amiconnYOu need an additional flip
18:26:25]RowaN[well u can flip it differently by changing tb-rl to something else
18:26:44amiconn]RowaN[: No, you can't, there are only two allowed values
18:26:45webguest73]RowaN[: There are not.
18:26:51]RowaN[ah no, filter: flipv fliph as well
18:27:01webguest73Ah, it's css3
18:27:04amiconntb-rl and lr-tb
18:27:10webguest73Last I heard, css3 wasn't recommended by w3c
18:27:24]RowaN[hometime, bye peoples, no fights till i get back k?
18:27:26webguest73Or whatever the terminology is
18:27:30 Quit ]RowaN[ ("bbl")
18:27:31amiconnThe former is *intended* for some asian languages, the latter is standard orientation
18:29:49amiconnHaha, the "examples" are images...
18:30:17webguest73They'd have to be.. presumably when it was made no browser supported it
18:30:32webguest73Also, you need a reference
18:31:01webguest73I'm curious, is css3 really the curren w3c recommendation?
18:31:19amiconnYes, but I would do such a page with a side-by-side comparison of an image and the actual interpretation by the browser
18:31:59webguest73Ah, it is not. It's not even finished yet.
18:32:19webguest73Well, that'd be in the test suite I guess
18:32:55webguest73Also, I'm curious which versions of IE supports it. Which is where the real fun begins.
18:34:13amiconnAha, it does work in IE 6, but not in Firefox 1.04
18:35:10amiconnwebguest73: From what I read IE 5.5+ supports this
18:35:23godzirraSlasheri: how's it going? :)
18:35:29webguest73Well, it's admireable, but you can't really fault anyone for not implementing a standard that's not even finished yet
18:35:44webguest73So relying on it seems completely braindead.
18:36:22Slasherigodzirra: it's working :)
18:36:26Slasheristill doing some tests
18:37:19godzirraSlasheri: in bleeding edge commit?
18:37:29webguest73Good thing I don't write browsers.
18:37:32Slasherigodzirra: not yet, i will commit soon
18:40:09 Nick Lear is now known as Lear_away (
18:47:49Slasherigodzirra: committed
18:48:24 Quit Lynx_ (" HydraIRC -> <- The professional IRC Client")
18:57:18TangledingHi Slasheri
18:57:21TangledingHi all :)
18:58:01 Join austriancoder [0] (
18:58:09TangledingHi Austrian
18:58:16Tangledingyour iHP is repaired?
18:59:40Tangledingtoo bad
18:59:46austriancoderi have now an iaudio x5
18:59:52TangledingAh okay
18:59:59Tangledingi was astonished
19:00:06TangledingNice player?
19:01:31 Join LinusN [0] (
19:01:42LinusNSlasheri: u there?
19:02:15dwihnoHappy holidays to all of you \o/
19:02:35TangledingHello Linus
19:04:35TangledingHave nice holidays?
19:04:58LinusNSlasheri: the splash() you added is run in the wrong thread
19:05:00amiconnLinusN: This colour LCD controller datasheet is interesting...
19:05:17LinusNonly the main thread should draw on the lcd
19:05:33LinusNTangleding: sure, i'm going away tomorrow
19:05:41LinusNamiconn: interesting?
19:06:07amiconnYes, in terms of features...
19:06:18TangledingCool have good time Linus! :)
19:06:18*amiconn is already thinking about the colour LCD driver
19:06:36*LinusN is thinking about what to pack for the trip
19:06:46LinusNTangleding: and h300
19:07:08TangledingAh it's the same?
19:07:23TangledingSince they use different resolution
19:07:36amiconnIt's a slightly different controller
19:07:39godzirraSlasheri: sweet. I'll grab it now
19:07:46amiconn...but from the same manufacturer
19:08:16*austriancoder has now a digital camera to take pictures of the pcb ;)
19:09:24TangledingOkay thanks for this
19:09:50Tangledingtang is wondering if he gonna update the bleding edge only for splashscreen
19:10:27 Join webguest98 [0] (
19:10:47webguest98Hello folks :)
19:10:58webguest98a quick question please
19:11:36webguest98what's about the high scores with rockbox games?
19:11:53webguest98needed a API high score?
19:12:01SlasheriLinusN: oh.. :/
19:12:22SlasheriHmm, is there another way to do that?
19:12:32LinusNwebguest73: what do you mean?
19:13:11LinusNaustriancoder: oooh, blurry...
19:13:35Tangledingbut can see a chip ALI?
19:13:47Tangledingis it the same as mainboard chipset?
19:13:53godzirraSlasheri: where is the option to change it?
19:14:14austriancoderLinusN: of which parts shall i make detail pictures?
19:14:34Slasherigodzirra: in playback menu (crossfade and crossfade duration)
19:14:34LinusNTangleding: it's the usb controller
19:15:02LinusNaustriancoder: the entire pcb :-)
19:15:07SlasheriLinusN: or would you like to fix that? i don't know yet how :)
19:15:28LinusNaustriancoder: it's very useful for finding and discussing connections
19:15:53LinusNSlasheri: when is this function called?
19:16:34SlasheriLinusN: only when playing while changing the crossfade duration or enabling / disabling crossfade
19:16:43Slasherithen the splash screen is displayed until playback resumes
19:18:01LinusNis there a way to detect this situation in the main thread?
19:18:12amiconnaustriancoder: It's usually better to use a scanner for detail pictures of a pcb.
19:18:29LinusNSlasheri: hey, wait a minute
19:18:39Slasherihmm, i don't know because this is a special situation.. at least not without an event
19:18:43Slasherihmm :)
19:18:59LinusNthe audio_set_crossfade() function *is* called from the main thread
19:19:12Slasherihehe :)
19:19:15LinusNignore me!
19:19:56LinusNaustriancoder: better, but still not sharp enough to follow traces
19:21:09godzirraSlasheri: hrm.. apparently I dont know how to get into my playback menu?
19:21:50Tangledinghum is the remote button pattern normal when we come to latest menu level?
19:22:15TangledingSeems there is noway to come back or change the setting using the remote...
19:22:16LinusNTangleding: huh?
19:22:35Tangledingin fact when we come to option menu
19:22:45Tangledingit's okay with the remote
19:22:49Tangleding(blind of course)
19:23:02Slasherigodzirra: mode button, general settings, playback and there it is :)
19:23:09Tangledingbut when it come to the latest menu level
19:23:19Tangledingthen only the main joystick will works
19:23:41LinusNnobody has tried to make the remote work
19:24:03TangledingEven for buttons?
19:24:13Tangledingoh sorry
19:24:21LinusNit works partly because the code was already there for the archos remote
19:24:32Tangledingokay i understand
19:24:58TangledingGood to know that
19:25:00austriancoderLinusN: i think i reached the limit of the digicam with this picutre:
19:25:31LinusNaustriancoder: now we're talking
19:25:35 Nick Lear_away is now known as Lear (
19:26:39Leartangleding: you can leave the menus with the remote, perhaps using stop (don't quite remember)...
19:26:54TangledingDon't thjink so
19:27:05Tangledingeven stop doesn't work
19:27:13Tangleding(from remote)
19:27:21LinusNok guys, i gotta go, bbl
19:27:23Tangledingbut if it's normal there is no problem
19:27:24 Part LinusN
19:27:26 Quit matsl (Remote closed the connection)
19:27:35Tangledingwill wait for cool remote support
19:27:42Tangleding(and then leave iRiver firmware)
19:28:32Hansmaulwurfme too
19:28:44Hansmaulwurfthe only thing i want is a full remote support
19:29:18Hansmaulwurfwell, and maybe WOW or SRS ;)
19:31:33Learremote stop does exit the menu...
19:32:06Learthe key mappings aren't great though...
19:32:07 Nick CBM-away is now known as CheeseBurgerMan (
19:32:33 Quit webguest98 ("CGI:IRC")
19:33:08Tangledingstop doesnt exit the menu when i come to upest level
19:33:22Hansmaulwurfthen press play
19:33:28Hansmaulwurfin the last level
19:33:33Tangledingwith play
19:33:35Hansmaulwurfworks for me
19:33:47Hansmaulwurfhow do u exit the last level with your player?
19:33:53Tangledingvery strange
19:33:59Tangledingusing the main unit buttons
19:34:13Tangledingthe remote can't help
19:34:33Tangledingmaybe long push?
19:34:48Tangledingneither :/
19:35:19Hansmaulwurfpress "stop" till u are in the upest level
19:35:23Hansmaulwurfthen press "play"
19:35:26Hansmaulwurfworks for me
19:36:08Tangledingnot for me
19:36:09 Join Stryke` [0] (
19:36:15Tangledingtoo bad
19:36:36Hansmaulwurfare u sure your "hold" button is right?
19:37:10Tangledingyes indeed
19:37:13Tangledingthe hold is off
19:37:34Tangledingwhen i push the stop button the remote LCD light on
19:37:42Tangledingbut nothing happens
19:37:52Tangledingsame with play button
19:37:56Hansmaulwurfhm funny
19:38:02Hansmaulwurfwhich build do u use?
19:38:10Tangledingnot very funny in fact
19:38:42west-acrehey the new crossfading options. what does "mix" do?
19:39:36LearFrom the front page at "If set to mix, no fading is applied but tracks are mixed up" ;)
19:39:55Hansmaulwurffor dummies?
19:39:58west-acreyer i saw that don't gettit tho
19:40:01Tangledinghu Hans
19:40:14Tangledingit means the volum of the finishing track
19:40:20Tangledingisn't lowered
19:40:36Tangledingas the beginning one has his volume upered progressively
19:40:43Hansmaulwurfwhats the newest bootloader? V5?
19:40:46Tangledingso it make real mix
19:40:52Tangledingv5 is the latest
19:40:54Hansmaulwurfstill V
19:41:08Tangledingboot is about 6 sec
19:41:15Tangledinginstead of 7 for v4
19:41:18west-acreok ill rephrase: hey the new crossfading options. what does "mixed up" do?
19:41:24Tangleding(but 4sec for olders)
19:41:42Tangledingmix only mix the two tracks
19:41:50Tangledingwithout aktering their volume
19:42:30 Nick Lear is now known as Lear_away (
19:42:31west-acreah gotcha
19:42:42TangledingHum anyone knows how
19:42:49west-acrethat's kewl
19:42:50Tangledingto see the splashscreen?
19:44:34Hansmaulwurfwhat is that?
19:49:41Hansmaulwurfbtw, is it dangerous to update rockbox while im using rockbox?
19:50:31 Nick CheeseBurgerMan is now known as CBM-away (
19:50:38 Join DarkkOne [0] (
19:55:09***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
19:56:26 Join solex_ [0] (
20:03:02TangledingNo no danger
20:03:24 Quit CBM-away (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
20:03:47Tangledingi just did this cause the iHP freezed under iriver fiwmare when i pluggetd it to USB
20:04:57TangledingNw build expected in some minutes
20:05:34Tangledingwonder what it adds or correct
20:05:35 Join webguest62 [0] (
20:05:51 Join QT [0] (as@area51.users.madwifi)
20:06:10 Quit webguest62 (Client Quit)
20:07:48 Quit DarkkOne ("Chatzilla [Firefox 1.0.6/20050716]")
20:10:13Coldtoastgood grief
20:10:23Coldtoastone of my friends bought a new laptop
20:10:29Coldtoast3.7GHz P4
20:11:37Coldtoasthe said it's not exactly that portable and the power supply alone weights 3KG
20:13:21 Quit solex (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
20:15:44godzirraSlasheri: the mode button brings up somethign different on the iriver.
20:15:47godzirrai dont have a general settings
20:18:00 Join BBub [0] (
20:18:37Slasherigodzirra: if you short press the mode button, you should get the main settings menu
20:18:51Slasherithere you find general settings
20:22:39 Join uski [0] (uski@
20:25:16godzirraSlasheri: nice. I like the plugin.
20:25:25godzirraITs great for concerts since I cant get gapless playback going
20:26:31Slasherihehe :)
20:33:19TangledingI'm going
20:33:26 Join DarkkOne [0] (
20:33:33Tangledingby Slash and all the noble people behind Rbx
20:33:40Tangledingand also all fans ;)
20:34:25 Quit Tangleding ("Chatzilla 0.9.68a [Firefox 1.0.4/20050511]")
20:40:42 Quit austriancoder ("CGI:IRC")
20:41:31 Join lodesi [0] (
20:50:33 Join CheeseBurgerMa [0] (
20:51:02 Nick CheeseBurgerMa is now known as CheeseBurgerMan (
20:51:48SlasheriI think it might be possible to fix the players with burned cpu
20:52:05Slasheriat least the coldfire cpu's are available ~26e
20:52:31Slasherithe resoldering would be _difficult_ but not impossible
20:52:55BBubhow could you "burn" the cpu?
20:52:59DarkkOneIf your tools are good enough, your hands steady enough, why not?
20:53:03SlasheriBBub: with wrong charger
20:53:09BBubah, k
20:53:12Slasherifortunately i haven't tried that, but many people have..
20:53:40BBubis it really so hard to read the description on the iriver-charger? ;)
20:53:47BBubi dont get why ppl plug anything in that fits
20:53:50SlasheriDarkkOne: yep, i might try that one day if i get a burned unit to my hands ;)
20:53:53DarkkOnePeople often miss the positive/negative thing.
20:53:57amiconnSlasheri: How do you solder a BGA? Do you have special equipment?
20:54:19Slasheriamiconn: some equipments yes.. but basically high temperature is required for that..
20:54:37amiconnYes, but not too high/ too long...
20:54:39DarkkOneBBub: Many people seem to assume that the plug size is representative of some sort of standardization.
20:54:41uskiBGA ? the hardest thing is to put them in the right position
20:54:51uskithen you need something like a hot air soldering station
20:55:17 Join ]RowaN[ [0] (
20:55:31uskiusually, there are specialized equipements for BGA packages, that does the positionning and the soldering at once
20:55:40Slasherii know that tqfp packages are hard to solder but never tried bga.. maybe i should try that one day :)
20:56:30DarkkOneIf the unit's already dead you're only out the cost of additional materials anyway.
20:57:07Slasheriyep.. but at least i will try that if my unit ever breaks :)
20:57:29amiconn160 pin MAP BGA...
20:58:46uskii already have soldered a TQFP package using a hot air soldering station; even with this it is really tricky
20:59:11 Join uski_ [0] (uski@
20:59:23uski_<amiconn> 160 pin MAP BGA...
20:59:26uski_<uski> i already have soldered a TQFP package using a hot air soldering station; even with this it is really tricky
20:59:26uski_<uski> why do you need to solder such packages ?
20:59:26amiconnI think TQFP is way easier than BGA...
20:59:27uski_−−- Disconnected (Connection reset by peer).
20:59:28DBUGEnqueued KICK uski_
20:59:28uski_what do i have missed ?
20:59:29Slasheriuski: hehe, i have soldered a TQFP once with a microscope and a very thin soldering tip
20:59:37uski_oh yes, TQFP is way easier than BGA !
20:59:41Slasherithe position was the hardest part
20:59:53 Quit uski (Nick collision from services.)
20:59:56 Nick uski_ is now known as uski (uski@
20:59:56DBUGEnqueued KICK uski
21:00:27Slasheribut with bga you will only have to position it once and pray ;) there should be some markings on the pcb to do that..
21:00:42Slasheriand it might be even easier that with tqfp
21:01:30 Nick CheeseBurgerMan is now known as CBM-away (
21:02:17uskislasheri, you have to maintain the BGA while soldering
21:02:18lodesilittle question.. is there a way to debug a plugin on the mp3 player?
21:02:57lodesii mean not in the simulator :)
21:03:15Slasheriuski: yes, i can use some tools and paste to keep it in place while applying hot air
21:03:15 Nick Lear_away is now known as Lear (
21:03:21uskiSlasheri: and you can't do that with some glue
21:03:32Learlogf is one way (if it is in the api)...
21:03:59uskihow ? remember that there are balls undeer the BGA everywhere
21:04:04uskii don't see how you can use paste
21:04:57lodesiLear: mmh.. the logf is for me?
21:05:06Learyep. :)
21:05:34lodesiaccording to a 'man logf' it's 'natural logarithmic fuction' ?!?? :/
21:05:48lodesido i misssomething ?
21:05:49Slasherihmm, i meant using some paste to the pads that is meant for that.. i just think it's possible to do the cpu replacement :)
21:05:57LearI'm talking about logf in rockbox, a logging facility...
21:06:16Leara bit unfortunate name name, yes...
21:06:30uskiSlasheri, it's for an iRiver right ?
21:06:37uskido you have a picture somewhere of the PCB ?
21:07:09lodesiit might be in the api, it's inside an ifdef
21:07:23Slasheriuski: yep, it's just hard but possible to do as there are the cpus available
21:07:24lodesii'll look, thx!
21:07:40Slasheriuski: hmm, rockbox sites may have some pictures
21:07:46Learyes, not enabled by default. You need to enable a define in autoconf.h
21:07:51uskiSlasheri, i agree, i think it is possible; but do that only if there is not any other solution ;)
21:08:03Slasherihehe, of course ;)
21:08:11lodesiok.. what does it do ? :)
21:08:32lodesi(the logf)
21:09:50Learlodesi: it keeps a number of recent messages, viewable through the menues. It is also shown on the iriver remote (if you have one).
21:10:29Learsimilar to debugf, but easily viewable on target without special hardware needed.
21:10:56lodesiit's concatenated in a file?
21:11:28uskii think it's like a circular bugffer, maybe like linux's dmesg
21:11:33lodesi'cause i have an archos recorder and my plugin crash the unit... :(
21:11:38Learlodesi: but by default, but you can dump it to a file.
21:11:57Learlodesi: well, for crashes it doesn't help much...
21:12:03uskilodesi, remember that there is no memory protection in the archos; you can write everything everywhere
21:12:23uskiit won't say "Segmentation fault at 0x........"
21:12:37uskihmm i think there is a gdb stub for the SH1
21:12:42uskiif you want you can do the serial mod
21:12:48lodesiuski: yes, but i actually have the plugin running on the sim.. so i need to see on target
21:12:50uskithen use this stub to run gdb
21:13:20uskiif you can do the serial mod, this is the way to go i think
21:13:47lodesii'll first,with the file logging :)
21:14:50uskiyou could also change the status of the red led
21:15:01uskiit might help, but i don't know if the red led can be accessed directly from plugins (i think so) plugin crash and gives a blinking red led, without any response :)
21:16:13uskiblinking red led ? interesting
21:16:21uskii think that panic() does that
21:16:23 Quit DarkkOne ("Chatzilla [Firefox 1.0.6/20050716]")
21:17:02Hansmaulwurfis there really a panic function?
21:17:08Hansmaulwurfhow can i activate it?
21:18:55uskii think there is one :) let me check :)
21:19:02uskii think you siply call it
21:19:11uskiit must be in system.c or maybe there is even a panic.c
21:19:17uskilemme checlk
21:20:15uski(56k is slow, and i need to download the code - if someone using linux could do "egrep -r panic *" on the source tree it would help :))
21:21:22LearYes, panic.c contains something called panicf()...
21:21:52uskiyea !
21:22:02uskiand if you look the code, you'll see that it makes the led blink
21:22:12uskiit should even display sth on the screen... ?
21:22:22LearUsually called when something has gone horribly wrong, and there's no way to recover. FUBAR, if you like...
21:22:39LearYes, some error description...
21:22:50uskilodesi, what are the symptoms of the crash ? is there something appearing on the screen ?
21:23:03uskii'd guess that you are writing on the memory somewhere you are not supposed to write
21:23:08lodesinop, blank screen an rl blinking
21:23:32lodesiand i have to turn it off to make it react...
21:23:39uskido a "reverse search" : look for the function that makes the led blink, and look for every place in the code that calls it
21:23:50uskiyes it is normal, the loop that make the led blink is infinite
21:24:44lodesibad idea.. their could many place where it could called from
21:24:50uskii don't think so
21:25:11lodesiok, trying that then :)
21:25:16uskias Lear said, a panic is an "extreme" situation
21:25:53uskibtw, are you sure that you are compiling your plugin correctly ?
21:26:14uskimaybe that the CPU tries to execute "garbage" and raises a "unknown instruction" trap
21:26:15lodesiyes, i can display some msg with rb->splash(..)
21:26:28uskithen try debugging with this
21:26:46uski"instr 1 ok", "instr 2 ok", "instr 3 result 42", "inst 4 ok", BoOM
21:27:04uskior maybe "instr 1 ok", "zfifdvojfzef<G234'(-"é", BooM :)
21:27:30lodesiyep i'm redifing the DEBUGF to a splash()
21:27:58lodesisilly keyboard..
21:28:46uski"bad keyboard ==> change the keyboard" :)
21:29:52lodesiit's planned,because he didn't like the coffee i gave him last week :/
21:36:04uskidamn, i would love to do the 8MB mod for my unit, but last time i tried to do sth it didn't turn very well...
21:37:58lodesino's crashing quiet early
21:40:48Learhm.. do you set the global api pointer properly? :)
21:41:02SlasheriHmm, maybe you are using the wrong .rock on your player?
21:41:37lodesithose stuff are just copy/paste from rockboy, so they should be ok
21:42:00lodesibut i was wondering what is the directory separator '\\' or '/' ?
21:42:15Learits '/'
21:42:29Learwell, start your plugin like this:
21:42:41Learrb = api;
21:43:07Learthen not much can go wrong before you see something. :)
21:43:09lodesiall of this works :)
21:46:07lodesiit's weird, the first lines of panic.c display a debugging msg.. but i don't see anything :(
21:50:53Leardo you know your code causes a panic?
21:51:30lodesii'm not sure.. but there is the red led
21:52:36uskilodesi,maybe that's because you are writing garbage into the rockbox's memory space
21:52:44uskipreventing it from writing anything to the display after it
21:53:39lodesii think that's true..
21:54:00uskidouble check your code
21:54:08uskisee if you aren't doing a mistake with a pointer or sth like that
21:54:16lodesibut my plugin is the port of a linux program, so i have to deal with 15000 line of code :(
21:54:29uskiyou said it crashes very early, then check the beginning of your code
21:54:33uskiwhich program ? :)
21:54:50lodesii'm checking the begining
21:55:10***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
21:55:38uskifun !
21:55:48uskigood luck for your port...
21:57:02lodesihehe, the graph were crap on those game,so it's like we are limited with the small display :)
21:57:03Leardifficult to make it look good, unless you have an h300 or something, I would imagine... :)
21:57:45Learwasn't those games basically text adventures??
21:57:46lodesiit's not like*
21:57:57Learor did you mainly use your mouse...
21:58:35lodesiyes, when you can say 'look room',and it explains what is displayed on the screen :)
21:58:50lodesithere is no mouse support
21:59:35 Quit RotAtoR ()
21:59:42Leartext adventure on a rockbox device sounds hard to play... :)
22:00:28lodesiyep, but it's fun with the virtual kbd :)
22:05:48 Join Cka3ka [0] (
22:05:56Cka3kaanyone there?
22:06:17Cka3ka....anyone who knows a lost about rockbox/is building it specifically
22:06:29Cka3kaaiight ill leave my question then, hopefully someone will reply
22:06:50 Join XavierGr [0] (
22:06:59XavierGrHi All!
22:07:02Cka3kabasically i isntalled rockbox recently and my dipshit friend borrowed my iriver, plugged it into linux, copied some files and pulled it out
22:07:12Cka3kayou know lots about rockbox?
22:07:25Cka3kai need mad help
22:07:30Cka3kamy friend crashed my mp3 player
22:07:36XavierGrNot that I know many things but shoot!
22:08:00XavierGrcan you start it again?
22:08:14Cka3ka<Cka3ka> basically i isntalled rockbox recently and my dipshit friend borrowed my iriver, plugged it into linux, copied some files and pulled it out without unmounting it on linux, so the player seemed to be ok
22:08:19Cka3kathe usb sign dissapeared
22:08:24Cka3kaand then all of a sudden it said
22:08:31Cka3ka*panic* mount: 0
22:08:44XavierGrcan you but to normal firmware?
22:08:44 Join LinusN [0] (
22:08:49XavierGrHi LinusN!
22:08:52Cka3kathis was about 2 hours ago, i havnt been able to turn it off, i wanna drain the battery cus my reset button wont work
22:08:55Cka3kahey linus
22:08:59Cka3kayou know lots about rockbox?
22:09:15LinusNCka3ka: which bootloader do you have?
22:09:36Cka3kaumm, im not sure; i just grabbed it from the main site
22:09:38Cka3kagive me a sec
22:09:41XavierGrCka3ka use the reset button. Maybe you are not pressing it hard. Are you sure it is broken?
22:09:59Cka3kayeah like the paper clip goes through into the mp3player
22:10:04Cka3kafar enough where its dangerous
22:10:16LinusNCka3ka: then the clip is too thin
22:10:27LinusNand you miss the button
22:10:30XavierGryeah try something more thick.
22:10:50Cka3kaits pretty thick
22:10:54LinusNit should barely fit in the hole
22:10:57Cka3kai think i broke it last night when trying to reset
22:10:59Cka3kait does
22:11:15Cka3kahold up lemm find bootloader version
22:11:27 Quit CBM-away (No route to host)
22:11:32XavierGrwell that's bad you will need this reset button like hell with rockbox
22:11:46LinusNXavierGr: "like hell" :-)
22:12:04BBubrockbox never crashed for me so far ;)
22:12:10BBubworks very well
22:12:17XavierGrLOL I am exaggerating with the new builds this is a lie
22:12:20Cka3kathis is second time its crashed
22:12:26Cka3kaok here it is
22:12:28Cka3kai used a patcher
22:12:30Cka3kait was called
22:12:33BBubXavierGr: i always have bleeding edge installed
22:12:42 Join webguest80 [0] (
22:12:54LinusNCka3ka: when did you download the patcher?
22:12:54XavierGrBBub: me too. Though currently I use my own remote build... :)
22:12:55Cka3kait just patched the firmware automatically
22:13:03Cka3kaabout 2 days ago
22:13:05Cka3kamaybe less
22:13:10BBubthen its probably v4
22:13:11XavierGrversion 4 then I guess
22:13:11LinusNok, then you have version 4
22:13:29 Join DarkkOne [0] (
22:13:37Cka3kamm? that doesnt help me getting out of this "panic mount:0" state :'(
22:13:39LinusNCka3ka: here's what you can do: let the battery run out
22:13:40 Join hicks_ [0] (
22:13:54LinusNso it turns off
22:13:54Cka3kaim trying but there is no backlight on so its taking FOREVER
22:14:02LinusNis the disk spinning?
22:14:06Cka3kaits gonna take till tomorrow i figure
22:14:17Cka3kai can hear something inside
22:14:28LinusNthen it's a matter of hours
22:14:32Cka3kaa constant bzzzz sound
22:14:36LinusNthen recharge it
22:14:39Cka3kareally quiet
22:14:41 Join austriancoder [0] (
22:14:45austriancoderhi all
22:14:46Cka3kayea thats what i was thinking
22:14:47Cka3kahey man
22:14:57XavierGrthis is going to be hard. Even if it recovers it, what about next time?
22:15:01LinusNand insert the USB connector *before* you turn it on again
22:15:06Cka3kaman this kid is so gonna get hurt after i fix this
22:15:16Cka3kaitll enter usb mode, done that once before
22:15:18Cka3kathen what
22:15:32LinusNthen you can mkfs it again
22:15:49Cka3kai can what? mkfs?
22:15:52LinusNor perhaps even fsck
22:15:58Cka3kano idea what that is
22:16:01LinusNoh, i thought you were alinux user
22:16:05Cka3kamy friend is
22:16:09Cka3kaand not a very good one at that
22:16:18LinusNok, you can scandisk or reformat it
22:16:19Cka3kaseeing as how he killed my iriver; damn asshole
22:16:25Cka3kai have to?
22:16:31Cka3kacant i just beg to god itll work without
22:16:45Cka3kacus i dont have the music backed up
22:16:51XavierGrwho knows maybe praying will help a little. LOL
22:16:52LinusNyou are one brave man
22:17:04Cka3kathanks, but im out of hd space on my computer
22:17:05XavierGrscandisk at least
22:17:18LinusNthen you have learned a lesson
22:17:30webguest80Just one quick question all (or maybe 2!) - Is there anywhere that I can see a basic update of stuff that's happening on the iRiver. I'm not so smart and the CVS info is a little confusing to me
22:17:47LinusNwebguest80: not really
22:18:04LinusNthere is a "cooked" thread at misticriver
22:18:08Cka3kaso what does this error msg that i have mean?
22:18:23LinusNCka3ka: it means that rockbox couldn't mount the file system
22:18:25Cka3ka*panic* mount:0
22:18:26DarkkOneThe front page on tells the latest changelog. You can usually guess from what seems to get updated/worked on the most.
22:18:27webguest80Okay - Hmm, I'm just trying to figure out when to upgrade and what changes are implemented there so I can enjoy them test out and do my best to report back! :D
22:18:44Cka3kai know what that means
22:18:49Cka3kathat means he fucking killed my hd
22:18:52Cka3kathat kid is gonna dier
22:18:56LinusNkilled? no
22:18:58Cka3ka....after i resolve this
22:19:16Cka3kacorrupted/deleted boot info?
22:19:25Cka3kasame shit that happens on pcs
22:19:26LinusNCka3ka: scandisk *might* help
22:19:57austriancoderLinusN: could you have a look at this patch?
22:20:00Cka3kalesson learnt: no more messing with rockbox without a ricking button
22:20:14XavierGrLinusN: I have some old files that I use them for my remote build. But now Miika changed them to newer ones. Which is the easy way of updating them without rewriting them?
22:20:16Cka3kareset button= necesary
22:20:18LinusNhehe, wrong lesson
22:20:31Cka3kalmao why?
22:20:38Cka3kawhat would be the right one? ;-)
22:20:47Cka3kadont give mp3 to friends ? :-)
22:20:47LinusNthe lesson you learned is to keep a backup
22:20:50webguest80LinusN - I'll check the Cooked post, and DarkkOne I'll try checking that, but that's usually super confusing to me :(
22:21:06Cka3kahow do you know that even if i format itll work?
22:21:13Cka3kathas the real question
22:21:34XavierGrCka3ka: because you will have a clear filesystem after a format
22:21:41LinusNCka3ka: did he drop it?
22:21:41Learjust pulling the usb plug at a bad time can't really hurt anything more than the file system.
22:21:43Cka3kamy friend killed his hd completley using only software (on pc), fun stuff, tried to backup the hd went errk errk errk chugachuga o shit
22:21:53Cka3kanot that im aware of
22:22:38LinusNXavierGr: cvs update?
22:22:50Cka3kaaiight then, i gotta finish up some chores before my dad gets home, and then ill be back
22:23:00LinusNCka3ka: have fun :-)
22:23:03Cka3kai wonder,,, could i get that guy to get me an h300 if i pretend this is broken ;-)
22:23:17LinusNyou don't want an h300
22:23:24SlasheriXavierGr: take a patch of your work and apply it to the latest cvs :)
22:23:34Cka3kayea thats what i thought before, but this guy i met said theres a crack that lets you play movies on it
22:23:34Slashericvs-do add your_files
22:23:42Cka3kasmall screen but still
22:23:43Slashericvs-do diff -u >patch.diff
22:24:04Cka3kaand in addition to that, color themes seem so sweet
22:24:14Cka3kai love
22:24:15DarkkOneWith an H340, can you use the USB host port thingy to up/down files to your H120 if you have one?
22:24:29Cka3kanope i dont unfortunatly :-()
22:24:30Learwhat's so bad about an h300, except for the buttons and the fact that rockbox doesn't run on it (and it is a bit ugly too)? :)
22:24:33LinusNDarkkOne: yes
22:24:34Slasherioh, it was cvsdo
22:24:42LinusNLear: no s/pdif
22:24:49Slasherinow nights to everybody, tomorrow is the last day..
22:24:53Cka3kalinus why dont i want one?
22:25:01Leardon't need that myself...
22:25:05DarkkOneSee, that's the only reason I'd consider one. External storage for my 120. ;-)
22:25:06XavierGr:( Slasheri are you leaving tomorrow?
22:25:17SlasheriXavierGr: yes
22:25:21Cka3kabah aiight im off before i get in trouble, ill be back
22:25:25Cka3kacya guys and thanks for all the help!
22:25:33 Part Cka3ka
22:25:34XavierGrPitty we will miss you. Happy military days nayway
22:25:51Slasherisomeday i will be back.. i hope at least ;)
22:26:05LinusNSlasheri: how long?
22:26:12SlasheriLinusN: about a month
22:26:14DarkkOneWho would be best to ask questions about the codec architecture and handling?
22:26:15 Join [1]Moos [0] (
22:26:15Coldtoastoh no! but I found anothe playback bug!
22:26:25CtcpIgnored 2 channel CTCP requests in 28 seconds at the last flood
22:26:25*LinusN was in the military for 9 months
22:26:46Slasheriyes, 13 months here.. but the rest 12 are in civil :)
22:26:51webguest80okay - awesome, thanks guys!
22:26:53 Quit webguest80 ("CGI:IRC")
22:26:57XavierGrSlasheri will be for 12 and he is only 20... I am 21 and havent yet.
22:26:58 Quit uski (No route to host)
22:27:02*Lear was there for 11 months (or was it 11.5?)...
22:27:08LinusNDarkkOne: just ask the question, and those who know the answer will reply
22:27:29XavierGrBut I guess its your choice, right?
22:27:51XavierGrYou will have a free career time after that
22:27:55DarkkOneWell, I'm just curious why so much stuff is hardcoded. Like, for the viewers, the file associations are loaded from an external .txt, but for the codecs they seem hardcoded unless I'm missing something.
22:27:56*Lear still had some time for hacking...
22:28:10XavierGrI will have to quit my job to enlist at 201
22:28:10DarkkOneI was curious if there was a hardware reason or something, or if that's just the way it got done when it got done?
22:28:14 Quit hicks (Success)
22:28:14Slasheriyes.. other choise was to be 11 or 6 months totally without anything..
22:28:35LinusNDarkkOne: it's hardcoded for now
22:28:57LinusNwhen things are more stable, maybe it will be more dynamic
22:29:14XavierGrSlasheri: Will you get your iHP with you?
22:29:21LinusNthe file types weren't dynamic from the beginning either
22:29:24DarkkOneWhat I was really asking was, is there a reason to keep it hardcoded for now?
22:29:35LinusNDarkkOne: yes, it is much easier
22:29:36Learmetadata handling aren't in the codecs now, which makes it harde to do dynamic properly, I guess...
22:29:51SlasheriXavierGr: of course i will :) that was a dream to get it there with rockbox.. =)
22:29:56DarkkOneI'm just looking for something in the code I could work on / help with.
22:30:05XavierGrIndeed you made your dream come true...
22:30:41DarkkOneI'm taking my first step from "OSS observer / donator / wahtever" to wherever I land when I fall.
22:30:50Slasheriyep ;) in fact i didn't believe it would be possible to make the audio playback that fast..
22:31:01Coldtoastooh! they've named the next vesion of Windows!
22:31:13Slasheribut it's nice that it's now working, cu ->
22:31:27Slasherinights :)
22:31:53XavierGrVista sucks as a name! IMHO
22:32:06DarkkOneSo did XP
22:33:10dwihnoIt's about their customers.
22:33:12 Join Cka3ka [0] (
22:33:16dwihnoWindows hasta-la-Vista ;D
22:33:17Cka3kalinus you still there?
22:35:46DarkkOneStill having problems Cka3ka?
22:36:43 Quit Moos (Connection timed out)
22:36:45 Nick [1]Moos is now known as Moos (
22:38:57 Quit Cka3ka ()
22:39:16LinusNcka3ka managed to reset it with a toothpick and the file system was allright
22:39:42DarkkOneI bought a box of toothpicks a week ago just to keep in my car 'cuz I keep losing my paperclips.
22:40:00 Quit webguest73 ("CGI:IRC (Ping timeout)")
22:40:01XavierGrYay another bad story ends with a happy end! ;)
22:40:03LinusNput the paper clip in the key ring
22:40:23 Join Cka3ka [0] (
22:40:33LinusNwe should sell paperclips with the rockbox logo :-)
22:40:41DarkkOneI'd buy one.
22:40:45Cka3kai would
22:41:01LinusNnot very good publicity though :-)
22:41:22LinusNgotta go
22:41:24 Part LinusN
22:42:03Cka3kalmao im back on, been meaning to ask someone, youd seem to know best, since iriver has built in radio, could that be used to pick up the mad low signal sent out by atomic clock station to sync time since iriver doesnt stay "on" in off mode enough to keep a clock?
22:42:35Cka3kaeh, seems like an idea i think
22:42:39Cka3kato keep time on it
22:42:48Cka3kaand you can go from there with other stuff like organizer, etx
22:42:50Cka3kagotta run
22:42:52 Quit Cka3ka (Client Quit)
22:43:16 Join [1]Moos [0] (
22:48:30 Join wundo [0] (~da@
22:48:57wundoHi, someone know how to port Bluez to Coldfire?
22:50:11wundoyes.. heheh
22:50:18*wundo is desesperated
22:50:47DarkkOneWhat do you have running on a coldfire that has a bluetooth adapter?
22:52:19wundoI'm trying to make the bluetooth adapter work with my coldfire, just it
22:52:54 Join uski [0] (uski@
22:54:43 Quit wundo ()
22:57:30 Join webguest90 [0] (
22:59:21webguest90is there a alarm timer buried in RBox for iriver ?
23:00:41DarkkOneI don't think so.
23:01:02DarkkOneSince there's not a realtime clock, the best that could be done is probably a countdown timer of some sort.
23:01:11DarkkOneAnd of course, it has to be left one for that to work.
23:01:31 Nick Strath is now known as StrathNap (
23:01:35webguest90that woul work, set it for 2 hours, then beep
23:02:03DarkkOneYeah, but someone'd have to code, or modify, it onto it.
23:02:50 Quit Moos (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
23:02:51 Nick [1]Moos is now known as Moos (
23:03:03webguest90to many things, to little time I guess
23:04:04 Quit Hansmaulwurf ("( :: NoNameScript 3.81 :: )")
23:04:41 Quit MrStaticVoid ("leaving")
23:07:00 Part webguest90
23:09:18 Join Shebb [0] (
23:11:36ShebbHi, I have finally got playback going on my drum machine. I would relly appriciate it if someone could test it out and give me a little feedback.
23:12:50 Quit StrathNap ("Client closed")
23:15:23 Join hicks [0] (
23:15:27austriancoderShebb: nice idea
23:17:16ShebbI want to make some utility to get loops out of any file supported by the codecs
23:17:52Shebbthen make a little beat slicer for the loops
23:19:45DarkkOneI've downloaded it. I'll build it and give 'er a shot later then.
23:19:55ShebbThanks a lot!
23:20:47DarkkOneSeems like a pretty neat idea.
23:25:47 Quit XavierGr ()
23:29:51 Quit hicks_ (Connection timed out)
23:33:03 Quit Lear ("Chatzilla [Firefox 1.0.6/20050720]")
23:37:53 Join susan [0] (
23:38:24susanhello - can someone answer a quick q re booting up rockbox?
23:39:25susanhi, when i boot up rockbox, normally i see the root and folders...
23:39:43susani am rebooting now after loading stuff and i see a blank screen w battery icon and an arrow
23:39:49uskipress F2
23:39:54susaniHP 120
23:40:07ShebbI might be able to help then
23:40:14ShebbAre you using the right file system?
23:40:14uskiwhat is happening is that your iHp shows the "id3 database"
23:40:24uskiit is a setting that you can change
23:40:33uskibut i don't know how on iHp, maybe that Shebb knows ;)
23:40:34ShebbPress the ab button
23:40:50Shebbthen genreal settings
23:41:04Shebbthe show files
23:41:06amiconnThere's a shortcut on iriver as well
23:41:06uskibye all
23:41:11 Quit uski ("Leaving")
23:41:17amiconn(the equivalent of the F2 menu on archos)
23:41:23Shebbswitch that to anything other than database
23:41:29amiconnPress and hold the AB button a bit
23:41:52amiconnA "quick menu" will pop up
23:41:58 Join Strath [0] (
23:42:18susanwell...i am getting nothing
23:42:19amiconnWith 'joystick down' you can cycle through the file view modes
23:42:43susanhere is what i see when i power up in rockbox mode..
23:42:45amiconnPress AB again to leave the quick menu
23:43:34susanbattery icon, a half arrow poitning left, a black box (square) w arrow and another tiny icon..maybe the "hold" or lock was in what
23:44:04susani presss a/b and get the shuffle mode w arrows
23:44:23susanok..i am in general settings now
23:45:34susanok, file view,,,is that right amiconn?
23:46:06Shebbthats the right one in file view,.then what?
23:49:06 Quit Coldtoast ("Peace and Protection 4.22")
23:49:18Shebbwhat does it say there?
23:49:34ShebbID3 databack?
23:50:17susani went to gen settings, file view..then show was ID3 tag
23:50:22susani swicthed it to all
23:50:30susanc`an i power off and back on now?
23:51:22susanit keeps staying in ID3 database when i reboot
23:51:30susanit keeps defaulting back to ID3 databse
23:51:40susanso i do not see any folders or root when i power on
23:52:51susani have it
23:52:53susanthan u
23:53:19susannow my albums that i loaded are listed alphabetically BACKWARDS
23:53:45 Join CheeseBurgerMan [0] (
23:54:02Shebbgo to Sort Files
23:54:09Shebbsame place as show files
23:54:13Shebband change it there
23:54:29susanok..change it to what?
23:55:00Shebband do sort directories
23:55:02susani made a folder w albums in chronological order and sent the foleder to the iHP, but then they come back alphabetically..
23:55:12***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
23:56:20susano thi was thinking i would have to name an album 01 the beatles, folder 2 would be 02 yellow submarine (so that yellow sub does not go to the end due to the y)
23:56:37susanis there a way to sort foldrrs (directories) so they wont be alpha?
23:56:49Shebblike... how?
23:57:23ShebbI would place yellow dub
23:57:26Shebbunder beatles
23:57:28susanlike say i wanted a beatles folder w folders of albums within the beatles folder..
23:57:45Shebbput them in there in the harddrive
23:57:45susani'd want them to be in chrono order of release date..not alpha ordered by title name
23:57:57DarkkOneWhat you could do is "YYYY - Album Name" for the folder name
23:58:09DarkkOneAlot of programs can even generate folders named like that for you.
23:58:47 Quit Shebb ("CGI:IRC")
23:58:54susani mean as an example "Abbey Road" is a late album..maybe # 10 of 15 in a beatles folder, but it always goes to #1

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