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#rockbox log for 2005-07-23

00:00:29DarkkOneOr just use the year
00:00:38DarkkOneWhat year is abbey road?
00:00:39susantrue dark one.,.good idea
00:00:49DarkkOneSince the year's a number anyway. ;-) the early albums would be 1964 xyz
00:01:19DarkkOneI mean, it wouldn't be perfect because if two came out in the same year, those two would be in alphabetical, but it'd be better.
00:01:24susannow my files arent playing..i see the folders but when i push play to open the folder i get that blank screen again
00:02:32susanwow..mow i pressed play and it asked for insert plalist or delet directory..i pressed playlist and it started playing..i had never had to do that befopre
00:04:38DarkkOneWhat file display mode is it in? i now see mu=y folders when i reboot..but when i hit play to open a folder i get that battery icon screen
00:06:16susanyou mean in show files?
00:06:48DarkkOneTry all supported
00:08:14susanthere is "supported" and "all" "all supported"
00:10:58DarkkOneOr maybe supported
00:11:05DarkkOneBut I'd go with All first.
00:11:10DarkkOneSee if things show up that way
00:11:50susandamn..well they show up..but when i play a song i cant skip to just pauses the song
00:12:01susanhow do i just reset all settings to default?
00:12:51susani see all the file names and can scroll to one but they cant be skipped to next while one is playing..i recall seeing something like "follow playlsit"..maybe that?
00:12:54rooomish2\seen rooomish
00:13:24rooomish2\see rooomish
00:13:56 Quit rooomish2 ("game is over")
00:14:11DarkkOneLike, how are you trying to go to another one while it's playing?
00:14:32susanjust nudging play button to right
00:14:35susanfrom the side
00:14:37DarkkOneAnd nothing happens?
00:15:00susanit was working fine..i just got this a week ago and have been experimenting w settings
00:15:41susanisn't there something abiout "following a playlist"
00:15:55susanmaybe i selected that yet there isnt a playlist (??)
00:16:32susanhow do i just restore all to default do you know?
00:16:34DarkkOneI'm not really sure.
00:16:37DarkkOneOkay, hit AB
00:16:50DarkkOneunder Manage Settings is a reset choice
00:17:02 Quit Aison ("( :: NoNameScript 3.72 :: )")'ll see..i am burned out trying to set this up..haven't been able top enjoy or actually listen yet..i am also trying to write a .wps to stop scrolling but am unclear on where to put it and what/where to delete the "%"
00:18:41DarkkOneI think you can turn scrolling off somewhere in the Display settings, but I'm not sure.
00:18:48DarkkOneI'm not the most knowledgeable about this.
00:19:03susanthanks..damn my next track won't work now
00:19:07crwlin WPS, scrolling occurs if a line has %s in it
00:19:23 Join LinusN [0] (
00:19:32susanso when a long title is playing it scrolls..can i completely stop that?
00:19:48DarkkOneSo if you delete the %s the line doesn't scroll?
00:19:58LinusNyes, remove the %s on that line in the wps file
00:20:11susanwhere do i find the .WPS file?
00:20:27LinusNyou write your own
00:20:33DarkkOneSo you're using the default WPS?
00:20:37LinusNthe default wps is not in a file
00:21:10susanoh..i saw the default .wps doc..can i just delete the %s and place a .wps file in root?
00:21:32LinusNin .rockbox
00:22:06 Join Barry [0] (
00:22:17Barryhello all
00:22:26susanugh,,,i'm done for a while w this. now my next track isnt working
00:22:37susanthanks Darkk & Linus...
00:22:46DarkkOneSorry I couldn't help more.
00:22:53susannp..u helped a lot
00:23:02susani shouldnt have done so much messing around :(
00:23:26DarkkOneIt happens.
00:23:43MoosLinus: hi, have you planed a surprise for us before to go in vacations? :D
00:25:53 Join webguest47 [0] (
00:26:20Barrywhy in the quick menu there is the up key don't used?
00:26:33DarkkOneIs it needed?
00:27:04Barryleft, right and down
00:27:13Stryke`would be nice to have Crossfade as up on the quick menu
00:27:17Barrybut not up in joystick
00:27:32BarryStryke: yes i think too
00:28:01DarkkOneI don't really find myself using the quick menu much. I wonder what others would like to see there.
00:28:10susanLinus- are you saying I could just copy that default .WPS file and what exactky do i delete and then just drag it into the .rockbox folder?
00:28:44DarkkOneYou don't actually delete anything
00:28:54Stryke`no need to delete anything, drag into .rockbox and select it from Display -> Browse .wps
00:29:03DarkkOneYou put the default.wps in the .rockbox folder, and yeah, what he said.
00:29:04webguest47Delete any "%s"
00:29:22DarkkOneYeah, edit the default.wps file with something, and remove any %s in it you see.
00:29:38Barryanyone can add the up key in quick menu for iriver?
00:29:46susan%s%pp/%pe: %?it<%it|%fn> - %?ia<%ia|%d2> - %?id<%id|%d1>
00:29:56susanso that is the default .WPS
00:30:26Barrybye all
00:30:26susanso are you saying just the very first 2 characters? - the very first "%" and then the "s"
00:30:32 Quit Barry ("CGI:IRC")
00:30:47Stryke`thats the default wps for the player
00:31:01DarkkOneShe needs the h1x0 default
00:31:03susanok Stryke...but i want to stop scrolling
00:31:22Stryke`this is the default for iriver and recorder
00:31:23Stryke`# Default WPS for Recorder
00:31:23Stryke`%s%?it<%?in<%in. |>%it|%fn>
00:31:23DBUGEnqueued KICK Stryke`
00:31:23Stryke`%s%?id<%id|%?d1<%d1|(root)>> %?iy<(%iy)|>
00:31:23***Alert Mode level 1
00:31:23Stryke`%pc/%pt [%pp:%pe]
00:31:25Stryke`%fbkBit %?fv<avg|> %?iv<(id3v%iv)|(no id3)>
00:31:37Stryke`just remove the %s from the beginning of the first 3 lines
00:31:52DarkkOneIs the h1x0 the same as the recorder?
00:32:05susanoh..all 3 lines?
00:32:20susanthere is a .WPS for player and recorder
00:32:22Stryke`yes so it looks like this
00:32:23Stryke`# Default WPS for Recorder
00:32:23Stryke`%?it<%?in<%in. |>%it|%fn>
00:32:23***Alert Mode level 2
00:32:23***Alert Mode level 3
00:32:23Stryke`%?id<%id|%?d1<%d1|(root)>> %?iy<(%iy)|>
00:32:23***Alert Mode level 4
00:32:23Stryke`%pc/%pt [%pp:%pe]
00:32:25Stryke`%fbkBit %?fv<avg|> %?iv<(id3v%iv)|(no id3)>
00:32:33susanwouldnt i just need it for player (i dont use record at all)
00:32:42Stryke`player is an archos model
00:32:44DarkkOneThe player is actually the name of a device.
00:32:45Stryke`with a very small lcd
00:33:09susanso stryke..all you did was just delete the %s froom first 3 lines correct?
00:33:32Stryke`save that text as a .wps file
00:33:35susanand thats the file i want (NOT the player default .WPS) ?
00:34:03susanright..i couykld call it anything,,,like "scroll.wps" and just put it in .rockbox folder ?
00:34:14DarkkOneThere's also a bunch of other WPSes you could try too, if you want to change up how the screen looks.
00:35:44susanthanks Darkk - i have seen that..just want to kill the scroll for now'
00:36:01susanstryke..are any spaces necessary?
00:36:36susani just copied what you did and also copied the recorder default from the page..there is a line i need that or can all characters run together?
00:36:45susanso just run it all w no spaces?
00:37:04susan%?it<%?in<%in. |>%it|%fn>
00:37:04susan%?id<%id|%?d1<%d1|(root)>> %?iy<(%iy)|>
00:37:04DBUGEnqueued KICK susan
00:37:04susan%pc/%pt [%pp:%pe]
00:37:04susan%fbkBit %?fv<avg|> %?iv<(id3v%iv)|(no id3)>
00:37:04***Alert Mode level 5
00:37:28Stryke`what you have there is perfect
00:39:27susanthnx stryke..i just tried o save it as a works office needs to install something..didnt realize that was a works file
00:40:17susanthanks guys. i need to run my office disk to get office to convert to .WPS....back in a bit..thanks all
00:40:24Stryke`wait - you definitely do't wanna save it as a office file
00:40:50susani ofice...i can save as a .WPS/..that is an option but i need to install a converter patch
00:40:56Stryke`its a plain text file (.txt) with the file extension changed to (.wps)
00:41:07Stryke`i don't believe its the same .wps in office
00:41:15susanbut the extension must be .WPS right?
00:41:29Stryke`just download that
00:41:34susanoh what do i do..make it from notepad?
00:41:45Stryke`notepad works perfectly
00:41:48 Part LinusN
00:42:14susanok..thanks...bacxk shortly. i need a break...getting a headache :)
00:47:05***Alert Mode OFF
00:54:23 Quit lodesi ("Leaving")
00:59:34]RowaN[what can i use to tag my flac files? i added tags when i made them, but rockbox cant seem to display them
01:00:45Stryke`i would suggest waiting till rockbox supports the tags they have, and recommend against forcing id3 tags on them
01:01:15HCli thought flac had vorbistags?
01:01:33Stryke`i believe so
01:02:28webguest47only ogg/flac
01:02:30webguest47I think
01:02:48webguest47Pure flac uses something else I believe
01:03:04]RowaN[rockbox just supports pure flac?
01:03:08DarkkOne.flac with vorbistags work for me.
01:03:12DarkkOneI used Entagged to tag 'em.
01:03:22]RowaN[Entagged you say =]
01:03:28Stryke`FLAC has it's own native tagging system which is identical to that of Vorbis. They are called alternately "FLAC tags" and "Vorbis comments". It is the only tagging system required and guaranteed to be supported by FLAC implementations.
01:03:28Stryke`Out of convenience, the reference decoder knows how to skip ID3 tags so that they don't interfere with decoding. But you should not expect any tags beside FLAC tags to be supported in applications; some implementations may not even be able to decode a FLAC file with ID3 tags.
01:03:33DarkkOneVorbis Comments, yep
01:03:40DarkkOneEntagged indeed.
01:03:53webguest47Ah, they're identical. How convenient.
01:04:05DarkkOneI had some issues with it and ID3 tags on some MP3s not showing up using Tag Database Tool, and never quite figured that out
01:04:14DarkkOneBut since I moved to Rockbox that hasn't mattered, and all is well.
01:04:32Stryke`according to IriverTesting on the wiki, rockbox does not yet support tags in the wps for FLAC
01:05:01DarkkOneIt lies
01:05:22DarkkOneTitle: Thunderstruck, Artist: AC-DC, Album: The Razor's Edge.
01:05:26Stryke`oh, you can confirm
01:05:28DarkkOneIt's showing on my screen, right now.
01:05:44DarkkOneMaximum compression .flac
01:05:58Stryke`tagged on ripping/encoding?
01:06:11DarkkOneCreated using EAC, and its freedb lookup
01:06:19Stryke`yeah tagged by flac.exe
01:06:40DarkkOneYeah, but I've used Entagged to re-tag FLACs without problems
01:06:49]RowaN[flac "tag" button doesnt ask me for the title.. only artist and other info
01:06:49DarkkOneWhen I didn't pay attention and it labelled one of my Ozzy albums as Blues.
01:06:49 Quit Moos (" HydraIRC -> <- 100,000+ downloads can't be wrong")
01:06:59]RowaN[anyway, ill try entagged now
01:07:27DarkkOneIt seems to work well for me, for Ogg/Vorbis and FLAC especially
01:07:35DarkkOneI don't entirely trust it with MP3 for some reason.
01:08:03]RowaN[bah entagged website dont work in IE, cant see the navigation bars
01:11:20DarkkOneAll the audio on my iHP-120 is either FLACs of my CDs, or MP3s from OCremix which come pre-tagged.
01:13:22BBubi wouldnt have the space to use flac's only ;)
01:14:58DarkkOne1350 OCremixes, and like 365 flacs. 's enough for me.
01:15:00Stryke`i wish there was more of a chance of MusePack working on the iRiver in the near future
01:15:04]RowaN[hmm still wont show when ive tagged with Entagged
01:15:28DarkkOneI dunno Rowan..
01:15:41BBubStryke`: hard to make it realtime i guess
01:15:49Stryke`upload one of the flacs somewhere for people to take a look at it
01:15:53Stryke`yeah BBub
01:15:57]RowaN[let me try .ogg flac
01:15:57BBubsomeone would have to optimize the code
01:16:07BBub]RowaN[: shouldnt work
01:16:14 Nick Stryke` is now known as Stryke|AWAY (
01:16:14DBUGEnqueued KICK Stryke|AWAY
01:16:52DarkkOne.ogg flacs don't even play yet.
01:17:04]RowaN[bah whats my problem then
01:18:24DarkkOneAre you using the most recent build of it?
01:18:53DarkkOneRockbox that is.
01:21:22DarkkOneY'know what MIGHt be the problem?
01:21:33DarkkOneThey might not work.
01:21:51DarkkOneLemme check something
01:22:38]RowaN[and one of the flacs i made (which works fine in winamp) seems to stutter/pause every 10secs or so in rockbox
01:23:12DarkkOneI realized why my ID3 tags seem to work
01:23:29DarkkOneWell, Vorbis COmment tags
01:24:06DarkkOneBecause I generated my directory structure (by random chance) exactly how the WPS I chose to use looks for them in lieu of tags, and since it's generated BY the tags, data matches.
01:27:15CtcpIgnored 3 channel CTCP requests in 44 minutes and 51 seconds at the last flood
01:27:15*]RowaN[ nods and pretends to understand
01:27:41DarkkOneFLAC tags don't work.
01:27:58DarkkOneI just had things set up perfectly so my WPS could fake it, and I didn't even realize it.
01:27:59]RowaN[so im not going mad?
01:28:09DarkkOneApparently I am instead.
01:28:11]RowaN[well, not in this sense
01:28:15 Nick Stryke|AWAY is now known as Stryke` (
01:28:15DBUGEnqueued KICK Stryke`
01:29:01]RowaN[im getting some stutters in other flacs too
01:29:05Stryke`would it be appropriate to say 'told you so' ;-)
01:29:30]RowaN[if you cant say anything nice..
01:29:53Stryke`just kidding of course
01:29:56DarkkOneIt would Stryke.
01:29:58DarkkOneIt really would.
01:30:09Stryke`i suppose that your wps handles it quite well then
01:30:23DarkkOneI just grabbed a cookie cutter one from the gallery
01:30:35Stryke`some form of Artist/Album/File.mp3 directory structure?
01:30:46DarkkOneThe standard one everybody uses.
01:30:55DarkkOneWell, not everybody
01:30:58DarkkOneBut lazy people
01:31:03Stryke`i like Artist/Year - Album/File
01:31:18DarkkOneI'm not good with dates.
01:31:32DarkkOneAnd yeah, a couple of my FLACs stutter too
01:31:41DarkkOneWhat level of compression are you using?
01:31:44Stryke`higher compressed?
01:32:50]RowaN[most compressed i do my flacs (lossless, so, a no brainer??)
01:33:01DarkkOneSame here.
01:33:11DarkkOneSomeone mentioned that decompressing the more compressed ones is a bit more CPU intensive.
01:33:13]RowaN[more confirmations that im not mad, yey
01:34:01DarkkOneIt usually only happens a little bit at the beginning of a song, if ever for me.
01:34:35]RowaN[with a flac i just made, theres a stutter about 1 min in, and thats it.. with an older flac theres a stutter like every 10 secs
01:34:46 Join BePe86 [0] (
01:35:08BePe86hello guys, I'm having trouble with the win32 sim for h120
01:35:18BePe86i've finally compiled it and it appears to be working
01:35:33BePe86but every time I try to play a song, an error message appears
01:35:57BePe86rockboxui.exe - Bad Image
01:36:10DarkkOneWell, reencoding flacs may take a bit, but hey, no quality loss. Though I imagine if they make the codec a little more efficient those will clear out (assuming that's possible.) But right now you may just want to knock it down to default compression.
01:36:14DarkkOneSee if that helps
01:36:57]RowaN[i'll wait, ive only got lik 4 flacs vs 1000+ mp3s =]
01:37:52DarkkOneI've got 350 flacs... heh.
01:38:14BePe86The application ir dkk f:\build\archos\_temp_image.dll is not a valid Windows image. ... bla bla bla
01:38:39BePe86sorry, The application in dir f:\build\archos\_temp_image.dll is not a valid Windows image. ... bla bla bla
01:39:03BePe86whoops, typos again
01:39:04BePe86hang on
01:40:11BePe86"The application or DLL F:\build\archos\.rockbox\rocks\battery_test.rock is not a valid Winodws image. Please check this against your installation diskette."
01:40:25BePe86anyone else with this error?
01:44:56DarkkOneI haven't built any but the iHP-1X0 sim.
01:46:12BePe86i'm glad I found this firmware, can't wait to get my H120 flashed... too bad I don't have an USB cable right now :/
01:46:50DarkkOneThat makes it just a wee bit difficult.
01:47:59DarkkOneY'know, I think besides FLAC support, the new feature I've used the most is actually the Sokoban plugin.
01:53:35 Quit Stryke` ("Friends don't let friends listen to Anti-Flag")
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01:55:47BePe86We open the real file 'archos/.rockbox/codecs/mpa.codec' failed to load archos/_temp_codec.dll dlopen(archos/_temp_codec.dll): ~&#9792;B
01:55:57BePe86that's the error from the console
02:02:17 Join DarkkOne_ [0] (
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02:03:07*DarkkOne_ mutters
02:03:29 Join DJ_Dooms_Day [0] (
02:08:33webguest47BePe86: when do you get that error?
02:08:33 Quit austriancoder ("CGI:IRC (EOF)")
02:13:41 Quit DarkkOne (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
02:14:36 Nick DarkkOne_ is now known as DarkkOne (
02:15:59webguest47ah, when you try to play a song. Doesn't happen here. Doesn't play either though.
02:17:16webguest47do you need to enable sound in the w32 sim?
02:26:52DJ_Dooms_DayHey, when upgrading the rockbox bootloader do i just overwrite it or do i have to unload it first?
02:30:59webguest47Just reflash with a patched firmware
02:31:33 Quit webguest47 ("CGI:IRC")
02:48:44DJ_Dooms_DayAnyone alive?
02:49:50 Quit DarkkOne ("Chatzilla [Firefox 1.0.6/20050716]")
02:54:28DJ_Dooms_DayWhere can i find the devkit?
02:59:56 Join ashridah [0] (
03:00:57DJ_Dooms_DayWhere can i find the devkit?
03:08:05 Quit hicks ("Too lazy to change my quit message")
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10:50:36 Join gromit` [0] (~gromit`
11:16:00ColdtoastI REALLY REALLY like the new Mix mode
11:16:24crwlheh, and i wondered what use it is of :)
11:17:31Coldtoastit's far more "natural"
11:17:49crwloh, maybe then
11:17:53crwli don't use crossfade either, though
11:17:59Coldtoastah. ok
11:18:16crwli would if there was an option to turn it off in automatic song changes :)
11:18:42Coldtoastso you'd just want it on manual track skipping?
11:18:55Coldtoastheh. to me that seems odd
11:19:18crwli don't know why would i want crossfade on automatic song changes
11:19:21 Join lodesi [0] (
11:19:29crwlit'll break gapless and the natural progression of an album
11:19:32crwlbut in shuffle mode, maybe...
11:21:46Learcoldtoast: and the volume during the mix is good?
11:22:09 Quit pike ()
11:23:35lodesiLear: thx for the help yesterday,i have able my problem :)
11:23:42lodesito solve*
11:23:50Learyou're welcome
11:24:58ColdtoastLear: yep. seems just right to me
11:25:32Learokay, I was just wondering, because the code just adds the sample values. looked a bit too simple to me. :)
11:25:37Coldtoastcrwl: well, gapless isn't really particularly high on my list of thing sI really wanted
11:26:12Coldtoastreally? well, seems to be working fine to me. I like how it's implemented
11:27:23 Join adiamas_ [0] (
11:27:50 Join pike [0] (
11:28:59Coldtoaston teh Rio Karma, how good IS the gapless?
11:29:06Coldtoastdoes it work 100% of the time?
11:30:05ColdtoastI don't seem to have many albums that play gapless. There's a split second of silence on track change
11:30:54zeits very good
11:31:19zefrom what i understand they've worked out several different checks and methods that get applied to guarantee foolproof gapless
11:32:08ColdtoastI like crossfade far more myself
11:32:15zeits got that too
11:33:49Coldtoasthmm. can you just dump tracks onto it the same way you can with iriver?
11:33:57Coldtoastor does it have to go thru this Music Manager thing?
11:34:50 Join adiamas__ [0] (
11:34:52 Quit ghode|afk (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
11:35:05Coldtoastnice display! I liek the multiple font sizes
11:36:51zeit uses musicmanager... they're supposedly working on a fw upgrade for the karma that makes the fs fat32 and makes it usb mass storage compliant, but thats been something they've been supposedly working on for some time now... i dunno if it'll ever actually happen
11:37:06Coldtoasthmm. ok
11:37:22Coldtoastif it had that, I migh tactually buy one
11:37:36zei use the java version of the music manager lite, over the ethernet connection, on linux... it works quite well, even being java
11:38:00Coldtoasthad a look at an ipod mini the other day. first time I'd held one
11:38:06Coldtoastand they're really not THAT small
11:38:16zei won't be impressed till they're microscopic
11:38:32zeand they better have >=terabytes at that point too
11:38:32Coldtoastit was in an iskin tho
11:38:44Coldtoastbut it wasn't much smaller than my h140 or lighter
11:39:00Coldtoastand my h140 has an ipod battery in it. 2200mAh one
11:39:44ColdtoastI honestly think that particular upgrade, the ipod battery one, is a must-do
11:39:52Coldtoastit's SO damn cheap and SO damn easy
11:40:16Coldtoastoh! wonder if Cassandra received her new battery
11:40:50Learcoldtoast: it is? would be nice with better run-time... :)
11:41:08Coldtoastyeah. the batteries cost, like, $17US with shipping. heh
11:41:35Coldtoastall you need to do is swap the wires in the connector on the battery
11:41:46Coldtoastpolarity is the reverse of what the ipod uses
11:42:06Leardo you need to solder for that, or just plug something the "other way around"?
11:42:17Coldtoasttakes about 20mins to change the connector polarity, open teh player, install it, close it all up
11:42:25Coldtoastno soldering
11:42:34Coldtoastthe connector is exactly the same but you have to swap the wires
11:42:40Coldtoasteasily done with a pin
11:42:45 Join webguest98 [0] (
11:43:14Coldtoastlift the little bit of plastic on the connector holding each wire in, pull it out, swap them and re-insert into connector
11:43:39Coldtoastthen connect it to the player and close it up
11:43:49webguest98The Rio Karma does LAME encoded files perfectly gapless, it uses a heuristic model to achieve gapless for non LAME mp3's
11:44:43ColdtoastLear: it's kinda cool seeing Rockbox report 27hrs, 30mins of remaining battery. heh
11:44:57Learand if the battery fits in an ipod, it'll fit an h140? I read something about slightly different thickness...
11:45:00ColdtoastI've not done a battery test tho
11:45:13Coldtoastit's slightly thicker than the h140 battery but fits easily
11:45:33Coldtoastit's not a tight squeeze but it's "snug"
11:45:35crwli think about 18-20 hours is easily achieavable with the 2200 mAh battery, even with some fiddling and track changing and other files than just 128 kbps mp3
11:45:41crwlthe battery fits even h120
11:45:48Coldtoastit's closer to 24hrs crash__
11:46:22ColdtoastI've had mine in my h140 for 2 weeks now and I've charged it twice
11:46:32Coldtoastonly use it 2-3hrs a day tho
11:46:46Coldtoastsometimes more
11:47:00webguest98any news on replaygain for the H140 ?
11:47:21Coldtoastso maybe 3hrs while I'm out and anoithe rhour or so of fiddlign around, doing stuff
11:47:22Learhm... wonder where I can find one in Sweden...
11:48:02Coldtoastit's 2200mah, ist and 2nd gen ipod
11:48:11Coldtoastthat's what yo look for on ebay
11:48:27ColdtoastI bought from "ezipda" cos they have a 1yr warranty
11:48:59webguest98cant wait for the next gen Karma to come out, gapless and replaygain support out the box
11:49:04 Part webguest98
11:49:29 Quit adiamas (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
11:49:50ColdtoastI love my h140. I have no real desire for anything else
11:49:52LearI have vorbisgain support here... :)
11:49:56 Quit adiamas_ (Connection timed out)
11:50:29ColdtoastI liek the way it looks. the construction, the fact it now has rockbox, the battery life
11:50:41Coldtoasthad it since Nov last year and there's still not a single mark on it
11:50:48Coldtoastand I just use the stock case it came with
11:51:02 Join webguest53 [0] (
11:51:33webguest53for me its the quality of the sound which is important, it is after all a mp3 player
11:52:03Coldtoastno. it's a DAP actually
11:52:22Coldtoastand there's certainly nothign wrogn with the sound quality of the h140
11:52:24webguest53yes so, the sound is still important
11:52:29 Join bluebrother [0] (
11:52:40Coldtoastiriver has excellent sound quality
11:52:51ColdtoastI doubt Rio has better
11:52:58webguest53yes it does
11:53:00ColdtoastI KNOW ipod doesn't
11:53:06Coldtoasthow so?
11:53:18webguest53Rio'es gspless is outstanding
11:53:26Coldtoastthat's not sound qwuality
11:53:37webguest53for me its all about the sound
11:53:45Coldtoastthat's NOT sound qualityt ho
11:53:52webguest53preventing clipping would also be usefull
11:53:59Coldtoastwhich the iriver does
11:54:05webguest53hence replaygain support
11:54:24webguest53not its not perfact on the H140
11:54:48Coldtoastthe iriver firmware doesn't clip
11:54:52Coldtoastnor does rockbox
11:54:57webguest53yes it does
11:55:03Coldtoastand they're using different methods to avoid it
11:55:11webguest53such as
11:55:31***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
11:55:35Coldtoastthe iriver fw avoids clipping by limiting EQ and rockbox does it by limiting volume
11:55:36webguest53I suggest you read up on replay gain to understand input clipping
11:56:03webguest53its not about volume clipping
11:56:22Coldtoastto avoid input clipping, encode your shit properly
11:56:39webguest53yes I do, with EAC and LAME@aps
11:56:55webguest53you dont understand replaygain and its function
11:57:56Coldtoastjust for the record, I've NEVER heard clippign with anything on either rockbox or the iriver fw
11:58:20webguest53you should encode your shit properly :)
11:58:25Coldtoastit is
11:58:31ColdtoastI also use EAC+Lame
11:58:49Coldtoastand anything I get from other ppl, I MP3Gain
11:59:00webguest53do you know what the purpose of replaygain is
11:59:11webguest53its TOTALYY different to mp3gain
11:59:24webguest53mp3gain is shite
12:00:06Coldtoastthe point I'm making is I don't leave it up tho the player to sort out the gain of anything I have on it
12:00:38Coldtoastand I'm quite sure irockbox will have good replaygain support
12:00:56Coldtoastso it's a no-brainer as far as I'm concerned
12:01:01webguest53once again, mp3gain is NOT the same as replaygain
12:01:12webguest53thanks for the info
12:01:28ColdtoastI don't have anything that suffers clipping at teh moment and if, in fure, I DO have tracks that will rely on replaygain, it'll be there
12:01:43Coldtoastdo me a favour. Paste exactly WHERE I said that
12:02:11webguest53thanks for the info, hows the weather in Australia
12:02:17Coldtoastwhat info?
12:02:37Coldtoastwell, as you obviously think I have no idea what you're talking about, I'm off to get food
12:02:52webguest53Bon Apetit
12:02:59Learin what way is mp3gain not replaygain (except that it usually doesn't store the change as tags, that is)
12:03:09Coldtoastif you need to rely solely on replaygain support to get decent sound quality. that's fine
12:03:55Coldtoastso I run MP3Gain over all my tracks before uploading, rather than my player having to do it on-the-fly, sue me
12:04:41webguest53mp3gain ouputs all the files at the same vol. Replaygain limits input clipping, big difference
12:05:47webguest53or rather prevents input clipping due to recordings which are to loud, jeez guys this is well documented, google it
12:06:04Learnow, the main purpose of replaygain is to get the same volume. at the same time you can avoid clipping, but that is a bonus really.
12:06:34LearI've read pretty closely, thank you very much. :)
12:07:01Learbtw, what do you mean by input clipping?
12:07:17Learas in, avoiding clips in the wav that is input to the encoder?
12:07:54webguest53no sorry it does nothing whilst encoding
12:08:42webguest53it doesnt touch the file then, run replaygain after the file has been encoded
12:09:09 Join Aison [0] (
12:09:49Learexactly, and what replaygain does is to estimate the percieved volume, so that the player automatically can adjust it to make it equal over different tracks.
12:10:27Learas a side effect, that often limits clipping introduced by the encoding.
12:11:57webguest53ok, then my interpretation of it is wrong, or different
12:12:52 Join hicks [0] (
12:13:27 Join Moos [0] (
12:16:10 Part webguest53
12:23:14 Nick QT_ is now known as QT (as@area51.users.madwifi)
12:29:15 Join rooomish [0] (
12:32:32ColdtoastI like MP3Gain a lot myself
12:37:15Coldtoastaah. nothing like crappy takeaway food on a Saturday night
13:01:58 Join webguest13 [0] (
13:04:12webguest13does RBox read apeV2 tags ?
13:07:31webguest13I'm thinking or mp3gain'ing my music, if RB doesn't read ape tags then I guess I need to set the, 'Options - Tags - Ignore' in mp3 gain ?.
13:07:47 Part webguest13
13:15:26Learno, rb doesn't read ape tags for mp3.
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14:23:25 Join amiconn [0] (
14:24:24 Join webguest23 [0] (
14:25:48webguest23for Replaygain setting, which is preferable, 24bit fixed point or 32 bit ?
14:26:05webguest23for the H140
14:27:01Learwhat setting? i.e., in which program?
14:27:15Learnot that I think it matters either way... :)
14:30:04webguest23sorry in Foobar to set the repkaygain parameters
14:31:33webguest23it has a field. 'output data format', 16bit, 24 bit, 32 bit
14:31:40LearI'm not sure the replaygain scanner looks at those settings, but even if it is, it makes no difference. :)
14:31:56Learbut that's for playback, isn't it (true, i'm looking at the 0.9 beta...)
14:32:10webguest23yes its for playback
14:32:27Learwell, playback and replaygain scanning isn't quite the same thing, you know...
14:32:57webguest23yes, but I need to set that field to something
14:33:58Learset it to what your sound hardware supports. 16 always works, for some cards 24 or 32 bit can increase quality somewhat (though it is doubtful if you can hear that...).
14:34:17webguest23so its irrelevant for mp3 players ?
14:34:46webguest23or DAP's rather
14:35:03LearYes, it only affects how Foobar plays audio on your computer.
14:35:11webguest23thank you
14:36:55 Part webguest23
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18:38:00webguest60Slasheri: thanks for all the code, enjoy the army
18:38:21Slasheriwebguest60: thx :)
18:41:30 Part webguest60
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22:29:26webguest72does anyone have any idea if anyone is working on the east asian languages?
22:45:03 Quit webguest72 ("CGI:IRC")
22:58:28 Join Coldtoast [0] (
22:58:53Coldtoasthey Slasheri
22:59:02Coldtoasthave fun in the military. heh
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