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#rockbox log for 2005-07-24

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00:21:39*t0mas|laptop is back
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00:21:54t0mas|laptopdamn I missed rockbox for 2 weeks :)
00:22:02BePe86still having trouble with win32 simulator for h120
00:22:08XavierGrhi t0mas!
00:22:08BePe86following error pops up in the console:
00:22:09BePe86We open the real file 'archos/.rockbox/codecs/mpa.codec' failed to load archos/_temp_codec.dll Blopen(archos/_temp_codec.dll): &#9632;
00:22:28t0mas|laptophi XavierGr
00:22:36BePe86the files excists in the correct folders
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00:24:35XavierGrDoes anyone remember how can I add my changes (for several files) to the latest build?
00:24:50t0mas|laptopcvs commit files1.c file2.c file3.c
00:25:14XavierGrbut this is a commot command. I dont have cvs access
00:25:24t0mas|laptopthen test for all builds
00:25:27t0mas|laptopand email me
00:25:32t0mas|laptopor someone else with cvs access
00:25:48XavierGrno I dont want it commited. I just want to update my build.
00:26:07t0mas|laptopcvs diff -u > patch.diff
00:26:10t0mas|laptopand then update
00:26:15t0mas|laptopand patch < patch.diff
00:26:54XavierGrso nothing will be lost? I mean my build hasn't got the new cvs changes, and cvs hasn't got my changes.
00:27:01t0mas|laptopbut it will give some error's if the changes are in the same files
00:27:14t0mas|laptopwell... first backup copy your changes
00:27:18t0mas|laptopand then try this
00:28:00XavierGrthat's the idea I would update manually just adding my modified files, but my files are updated to something newer...
00:28:28Coldtoasthow's the remote support going then?
00:28:35Coldtoastgot anything usable?
00:28:39t0mas|laptopI don know anything
00:28:45t0mas|laptopdamn... I missed way to much :P
00:29:02Coldtoastsorry. that was for XavierGr
00:29:11t0mas|laptopah he did something?
00:29:12t0mas|laptopcool :D
00:29:25t0mas|laptopXavierGr? documented it somewhere? or have to time update me?
00:29:36t0mas|laptop*the time
00:29:59XavierGrColdtoast: well I didn't have much time to do something. I just fixed the remote caption backlight
00:30:14Coldtoasthmm. ok
00:30:52XavierGrt0mas: What I did was a quick mod of tree.c wps.c and wps-display.c to have remote rendering.
00:30:57XavierGrI did this by...
00:31:34XavierGrreplicating all lines that have "lcd_" functions to "lcd_remote" ones
00:32:05t0mas|laptopI did that too
00:33:11XavierGrthis is a dirty one and cant be commited because there are some bugs. The most annoying is that the height is defined before rendering (has to do with file tree logic) and the remote hides some lines. Fortunately I made an option for proper remote display (then the main screen is cut in half for the file tree view)
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00:33:59XavierGrOne thing that it is worth commiting is that I add all possible LCD options for the remote.
00:34:37t0mas|laptopthat sounds like a good one
00:34:44XavierGrSuch as : Caption Backlight, Scrolling options, Show Icons, Line Selector, Scrollbar-Statusbar. e.t.c
00:35:04t0mas|laptopwe should organize the menu a bit better
00:35:18t0mas|laptopas this is slowly becomming a mess
00:35:36XavierGrt0mas: link ->
00:35:48XavierGr^ without the '.' in the end
00:36:18XavierGrOrganize the settings menu you mean?
00:36:49t0mas|laptopor all menus
00:37:09t0mas|laptopdo you mind if I start hacking on your remote stuff?
00:37:22XavierGrWell I think that setting menus aren't so congested (too many options) except if you mean something else
00:37:28XavierGrBy all means no
00:37:30t0mas|laptopI'm going to me bored tomorrow... so it would be great to fix that
00:37:33XavierGrdo whatever you want
00:37:37Coldtoasthmm. is it really a good idea to post non-official builds tho XavierGr?
00:37:53t0mas|laptopwell... Coldtoast... it is...
00:38:00t0mas|laptopbut maybe it's better to post a patch
00:38:00Coldtoasthmmmm. ok.....
00:38:12t0mas|laptopso only people with a dev env. can do something with it
00:38:20Coldtoastsee, to me that seems like you're opening yourself up to a MASSIVE headache
00:38:23XavierGrWell cant do anything else. I do this more for myself because I am dying using the remote (the only think that kept me away from rockbox)
00:39:03XavierGrAnd I am not responsible for that changes, though I use them myself all the time with out any danger.
00:39:06t0mas|laptopColdtoast: if you just post a patch on the rockbox forum you don't get that much questions
00:39:20Coldtoastjust look at your thread there for example. already you get a bunch of ppl with bug reports. When you post a build, in a way you're committed to fixing any bugs
00:39:21t0mas|laptopoh that was my other problem :(
00:39:27t0mas|laptopmy iriver firmware doesn't work anymore
00:39:37t0mas|laptopso I'm going to hack on that first tomorrow
00:39:46XavierGrhow did you managed that?
00:39:55t0mas|laptoprename a playlist it was playing
00:40:20t0mas|laptopColdtoast: you are... but is that a problem? in the end... we all want it bugfree... so I don't mind getting bugreports
00:40:28XavierGron original f/w or on rockbox?
00:40:35t0mas|laptopI renamed it from rockbox
00:40:47Coldtoastwell, I just think it's better to keep it all together
00:40:53t0mas|laptopand the original doesn't boot now... I think because it can't find the playlist
00:41:00XavierGrand how that prevent you from booting original f/w
00:41:11Coldtoastrather than having ppl with individual little branches, no matter how minor. But anyway
00:41:11t0mas|laptopit stops after reading filesystem
00:41:30XavierGrmake another playlist with the same name? maybe?
00:41:37t0mas|laptopyes, going to try that
00:41:44t0mas|laptopColdtoast: I said patches...
00:42:03t0mas|laptopthen you don't have separate branches
00:42:19Coldtoastoh. I'm talkign about building stuff for ppl to dl and install on their players
00:42:44XavierGrColdtoast: What do you suggest. Amiconn said that there is no priority for the remote. I was dying for it. Took the courage to see the code and made the remote build. Then I thought that many people would want it. So I posted it.
00:43:36XavierGrPatches arent for normal users. Some time I have problems to apply a patch.
00:44:11ColdtoastI suggest... maybe you being the "remote guy" and posting things to be committed to the official builds
00:44:49Coldtoastit's only not a priority cos nobody's working on it, isn't it?
00:45:06Coldtoastso if you step up and decide to work on the remote, cool
00:46:51XavierGrWell the problem Coldtoast is, that my coding skill are limited and far for enabling me to make proper changes to code. If had the skills and my code was mature, nothing would be of a hassle. Someone would just commit my code. But this is not the case
00:46:54ColdtoastI know I'm one of the ppl who really would like a fully functional remote :
00:47:52ColdtoastI realise it's open source and therefore ppl can do what they like, pretty much. heh
00:48:06Coldtoastdunno. I kinda just think it's a potential mess
00:49:06XavierGrwell I think that this is a temporary solution for remote fans. Maybe I could improve my coding and make something worth commitment...
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00:49:18Coldtoastjust an opinion, obviously. like arseholes, we all have em
00:49:39t0mas|laptopI will try to help with the remote
00:49:42XavierGrSo will you be using my build in the end?
00:49:50t0mas|laptoptomorrow... after my iriver firmware works again
00:50:24XavierGr:) thanks t0mas I trust you as a skilled coder (opposite to my bad skils)
00:50:39XavierGryes Coldtoast you.
00:50:39t0mas|laptopdon't put to much trust in my coding skills...
00:50:48t0mas|laptopI haven't touched a keybord in 3 weeks
00:51:00XavierGrWhere you were lost man?
00:51:17Coldtoastwell nah. I'll just wait for support in a bleedign edge build
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00:51:42ColdtoastI'm used to using the remote with no display now
00:51:54t0mas|laptopXavierGr: St. Tropez :D
00:51:58Coldtoastplus at the moment I like looking at my WPS :)
00:52:11Coldtoastit's booful
00:52:21XavierGrthe upper part of WPS cant be rendered in the remote.
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00:52:54XavierGr(all can be rendered but if the font is big only this that can fit the remote screen)
00:53:21XavierGr(oh and peak meters or progress bars cant currently work on the remote)
00:53:53t0mas|laptopwhy not make a very simple default remote wps? independant of the normal one?
00:54:09t0mas|laptopand then build on that for a configurable nice wps
00:54:11Coldtoastit's 9am here. I better get some sleep
00:54:19XavierGrwell that need to make a new wps.c and a wps-display.c
00:54:37 Quit Coldtoast ("Peace and Protection 4.22")
00:54:47XavierGror should I say a remote-wps.c and a remote-wps-disply.c
00:55:40XavierGrt0mas:cvs diff: No CVSROOT specified! Please use the `-d' option
00:55:41XavierGrcvs [diff aborted]: or set the CVSROOT environment variable.
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00:57:03t0mas|laptopXavierGr: then cvs -d diff -u
00:57:10t0mas|laptopor something like that...
00:57:27t0mas|laptopcheck the wiki page about cvs... I can't remember how anonymous login worked
01:01:36t0mas|laptopI've been in the car the whole day...
01:01:48t0mas|laptopdrove from St. Tropez to Holland in 1 day
01:02:06t0mas|laptopso I'm going upstairs...
01:02:10t0mas|laptopc u
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01:06:02XavierGrbye t0mas!
01:06:39XavierGrTomorrow maybe I will be in my village so for a couple of day I will be off-line
01:07:11XavierGrI hope we will talk a little (for the remote) tomorrow before I leave
01:14:11t0masyes I'm here now ;)
01:14:20t0masand you know my email address?
01:18:21XavierGroh no...
01:18:32XavierGris it written on IRC nicks?
01:25:43t0masit's on my wiki page
01:25:51t0masbut it's
01:25:58t0masTomas Salfischberger
01:26:00t0masis my name :)
01:26:23t0mas(anti spam-harvesting... logs are on the internet)
01:29:04XavierGrok got it
01:29:17t0masstupid iriver firmware still doesn't boot btw...
01:29:40XavierGrAs soon as I manage to update my build to the latest one. (inlude cvs changes) I will send you the source and a patch
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01:38:15*t0mas is wondering what the address of the EEPROM is
01:38:47XavierGrare you sure that it's the deleted playlist to blame?
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01:40:04t0masno I'm not sure
01:40:19t0masbut I'm almost sure :)
01:40:28t0masit is that.. or the disk editing by rockbox...
01:40:36t0masso I'm going to run scandisk tomorrow
01:41:04t0masand after that... It's time to get digging in the EEPROM... to find out what iriver f/w tries to read
01:41:19XavierGra format maybe more of help
01:41:46XavierGrwhich bootloader you got?
01:41:53t0masthat's the problem :)
01:42:00XavierGrI thought so
01:42:00t0masand old 1... (but with bootloader usb mode)
01:42:15t0masI don't need the iriver f/w... only for updating the bootloader
01:42:35XavierGrnice if you have USB bootlaoder support
01:42:42XavierGrno need to worry for the format
01:42:45t0masbut maybe linus will take a shot at writing the rom from rockbox some day
01:42:53t0masthen I don't need the iriver f/w at all
01:43:27XavierGrIt will be a coll day when the iriver f/w hasn't got anything better than Rockbox
01:44:03t0masliterally ;)
01:44:12t0masit won't be done before winter ;-)
01:48:44XavierGrin the mean time I have a hard time updating my files to latest build and include my changes.
01:49:18XavierGrI have downloaded latest build. and I have my modded files to a folder.
01:49:45XavierGrnow I want to see the differences between these files and add the changes to the latest build
01:50:20XavierGrother way is to manually see each change and write it my self but this is an overkill
01:51:15t0masdiff -u
01:51:21t0masdiff -u file1 file2
01:51:29t0masthen you have all differences between the files
01:52:00XavierGrI will try that
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01:56:26XavierGrok I've got the changes. Now I want to ADD the my differences to the latest
01:57:28XavierGrbecause the produced patch has a '-' sign in all my changes.
01:58:03t0masdiff -u file2 file1
01:58:08t0masyou had the wrong order...
01:58:12XavierGrah ok
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01:59:32t0masbut... I'm too tired to work on...
01:59:38XavierGrmaybe I am mistaken. If I do the latest all the new changes (commited) will be removed
01:59:44t0masI'm continuing tomorrow ok?
01:59:58t0masyes, the new changes will be removed
02:00:04t0masso you have to checkout the old version
02:00:13t0maswhat date is the source you made your changes on?
02:00:31XavierGr20 of july
02:00:35t0masyou should diff between that clean version... and your changed version
02:00:48t0masthen you have only +es for your changes
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02:00:56t0masand then you can try to apply that to the new sources
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02:01:29t0masgood night
02:01:29XavierGrah got it!
02:01:34 Quit t0mas ("c u tomorrow")
02:01:35XavierGrthanks and good night
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02:06:41XavierGrhi Fwbs
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12:34:53MoosHi t0mas
12:35:49Mooshow are you? did you past a good holidays? :)
12:36:02t0masreally good
12:36:06t0massuper weather
12:36:14t0masgot really brown :)
12:36:25t0masonly missed rockbox a bit :)
12:36:30t0masand my iriver f/w has stopped working
12:40:40t0masit doesn't boot anymore...
12:40:51t0masand I think it's because I removed a playlist it was playing
12:40:57t0masbut I'm not sure
12:41:39Moosanybody reported this before :(
12:45:34Moos*nobody scuse, it why is strange
12:47:14Mooswhat version of bootloader have you?
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12:49:39Mooslunch time here :)
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13:13:56 Join amiconn [0] (
13:14:02t0masMoos: version 1
13:14:08t0mashi amiconn
13:15:38Coldtoasteh. can't believe I just PAID for frigging firmware for my router
13:18:37t0maswhat brand?
13:19:28t0masthere's also an opensource firmware fir linksys routers isn't it?
13:19:42Coldtoastyeah. the Linksys fw is opensource
13:19:53ColdtoastSveasoft charge $20 for their version of it
13:19:56t0masthen what have you payed for?
13:20:06Coldtoastgood question. heh
13:20:08t0masand it's really great?
13:20:14ColdtoastI'll fin dout anyway
13:20:25t0masand are they allowed to sell it?
13:20:27Coldtoastit's supposed to be the most fully featured
13:20:36t0masI would email linksys about it... don't think they like this
13:20:42Coldtoastwell, that's something ppl question
13:20:52Coldtoastthey MUST know about it
13:20:57t0maslinksys firmware is GPL right?
13:21:09t0masand you got the source with that sold version?
13:21:15t0masor isn't it based on linksys firmware?
13:21:16Coldtoastfurthermore... it's $20 a YEAR
13:21:29Coldtoasthold on
13:21:32ColdtoastI'll get you a link
13:22:17ashridahthere's no reason they a) can't mix in some of their own gear, and charge money for that, plus distribution of the gpl stuff they used from linksys
13:22:38ashridahafter all, redhat does it all the time
13:22:42t0masbut they must give you the sources
13:23:12ashridaht0mas: to the gpl stuff, sure
13:23:14 Join hicks [0] (
13:23:22ashridahnot if they've written their own programs to go with it
13:23:48ashridahand if they didn't modify any of the gpl stuff, they can settle for giving you a link to the original source's location
13:25:44t0masbut it looks like they based a new firmware on a GPL based one
13:25:55t0masand they have to give you the sources then...
13:26:24ashridahthat depends what they modified, and how they added stuff
13:26:41ashridahafter all, just because the linux kernel is GPL, doesn't mean that all ELF binaries that run on it need to be GPL as well
13:26:55Coldtoastthere's been a bit of a kafuffle over the Sveasoft situation for some tme now tho
13:27:10Coldtoastanywya. I've ended up subscribing
13:27:47Coldtoastthe only thing I AM dubious about is the fact they SEEMINGLY want the MAC of my router befor eI can download
13:27:53LearAnyone who knows how accurate the tick is? For measuring time, that is...
13:29:10ashridahColdtoast: sounds about right. to stop their own software from working in extra routers, they're perfectly well within their rights to have it refuse to run on routers with a different MAC address
13:29:19ashridahregardless if some parts of the software are GPL
13:29:21ashridahor not
13:30:20amiconnLear: The tick is accurate (typical crystal oscillator) as long as no boost/ unboost transition occurs
13:30:56amiconnEach boost/ unboost adds an uncertainty of <= 10 ms
13:30:56Coldtoastashridah: that's all well and good, but they ALSO want the MACs of the machines connected
13:31:06ColdtoastI don't think I agree with that AT ALL
13:31:06LearWell, I was trying to time a codec (with the CPU boosted all the time), but I got fairly large fluctuations in time.
13:31:21ashridahyeah, that's getting a bit far
13:31:31Coldtoastdunno tho. I may not have to supply it
13:31:43Coldtoastjust joined their IRC chan so I'll ask what the deal is there
13:31:45ashridahjust give them a list of contiguous MAC addresses, and then just change the mac addresses of all of your machines to match ;)
13:45:01 Quit ashridah ("Leaving")
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13:58:36 Quit t0mas ("brb.. reboot...")
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14:51:50MikeNoe33Hi. I've looked around a bit and couldn't find any evidence that this is a known issue, so I thought I would mention it here. Please forgive me if this is known already. I have a couple vorbis files that are encoded at a high bitrate (Q10 ~600kb). When playing these files, the audio breaks every 10 or 15 sec to page.
15:11:26 Join spiralout [0] (
15:16:01 Part amiconn
15:17:23Learmikenoe33: yes, it is known (has been mentioned on the mailing list).
15:18:07 Join Coldtoast [0] (
15:19:25CoCoLUSit's not that sensible, anyway
15:20:52CoCoLUSuse flac if quality is that important to you, plays back fine with rockbox and it's lossless
15:33:21 Quit BePe86 (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
15:33:22 Quit Coldtoast (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
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15:38:07[av]banisomeone was looking for Philips SAA7750 datasheet?
15:41:28 Join Coldtoast [0] (
15:44:22 Part [av]bani
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16:04:12XavierGrHello all.
16:04:20XavierGrt0mas: are you here?
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17:34:19LearHm.. I really don't like Vim (at least not the version in Cygwin)... :)
17:34:54LearIt's almost impossible to be sure what has been entered, if you start deleting and rewritinging, etc...
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17:54:34LearMmm... Green... :D
17:55:19MoosCongratulations :)
17:55:25 Join TCK- [0] (TCK@
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18:31:49 Join CBM-away [0] (~BurgerBoy@
18:58:06 Join SmoothGuy69 [0] (~a@
18:58:20SmoothGuy69guys shall i buy the color iriver or the older black and white one
18:58:30SmoothGuy69i think the scroll is too slow on color
18:58:40SmoothGuy69what makes the rockbox version better scroller?
18:58:46 Quit Coldtoast (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
19:00:56 Join webguest32 [0] (
19:03:31webguest32I'm a longtime lurker - been reading the IRC logs on and off for months. Just had to stop by to express my delight with the progress on the iRiver Rockbox front. With the latest addition of replaygain support, I'm as happy as a pig in .... (well, you know :) Great job folks - and thanks Lear for the replaygain especially. :)
19:03:49crwlwhat, is replaygain already there? :)
19:03:53SmoothGuy69what's so good baout it
19:04:03SmoothGuy69i am totally new to iriver and rockbox
19:04:58CoCoLUSreplaygain adjusts the playback volume so that is sounds equally loud for all your files
19:05:16 Quit webguest32 (Client Quit)
19:05:19 Join webguest32 [0] (
19:05:43webguest32For a good explanation, check out
19:06:03SmoothGuy69guys how do you get around the horrible scroll prob
19:06:06SmoothGuy69ie too slow
19:06:21SmoothGuy69i took my ipod apart and soldered the scroll wheel to the front of the iriver, works good.
19:09:49webguest32The scroll speed is completely configurable in Rockbox settings...
19:10:05SmoothGuy69can it go from slow to fast?
19:10:12SmoothGuy69is there scroll speed for the color 20gb iriver?
19:10:29SmoothGuy69really iriver suck for that stupid 4x scroll speed
19:10:51SmoothGuy69webguest32 - is that rockbox firmware scroll speed for color?
19:10:55webguest32There is no Rockbox for any of the colour iRiver devices
19:10:59SmoothGuy69cuz i tried the normal one
19:11:00SmoothGuy69ah damn.
19:11:06SmoothGuy69should i try get black and white one?
19:11:46SmoothGuy69B&W 20hb - 125 Colour - 180
19:11:47 Join uski [0] (uski@
19:11:53SmoothGuy69i can watch scarface on the color one tho
19:12:22webguest32Eventually there will be a version of Rockbox for the H3xx colour devices
19:12:33SmoothGuy69that would be nice.
19:12:49SmoothGuy69what one shud i buy
19:12:57SmoothGuy69is the battery life suck on color one?
19:13:34webguest32I don't have a colour one. I've got a H120 (B&W)
19:13:43uskii have a gmini 400, which is color (but of course not supported by rockbox) - i get very good battery times, but only when i don't use the video viewing feature
19:13:58uskii think that the backlight of the color LCDs uses a lot of power
19:15:01SmoothGuy69yea not sure which one to get
19:15:15SmoothGuy69black and white one would be good tho you get the remote
19:15:22SmoothGuy69i want ipod, both irivers
19:15:28SmoothGuy69archos video jukebox
19:15:30SmoothGuy69all of them
19:15:42uskiipod sucks, serisouly
19:15:47SmoothGuy69i want a creative zen micro too
19:15:47uskiand i don't like apple
19:15:51SmoothGuy69ya ipod does
19:16:41webguest32The only good thing about the ipod is that it has major market share and therefore good 3rd party vendor support
19:16:57uskiwhat do you mean by "support" ?
19:17:08SmoothGuy69guys last word
19:17:12uskiyou cannot even change the battery
19:17:13SmoothGuy69black and white or color iriver?
19:17:15SmoothGuy69what one would you get
19:17:22uskiand if you want to do so, you pay $100, and they give you another iPod
19:17:24uskipossibly an older version
19:17:34webguest32Well, not so much "support" in the traditional sense but support in that there are lots of accessories and what not...
19:17:35uskithey are really taking their users for nuts, yet they ask a lot of money for their thing
19:17:47SmoothGuy69ya prolly older then
19:17:49SmoothGuy69thanks bye x
19:17:59crwlwell, you "can't" change the battery in iriver either
19:18:15uskineither you can in the gmini 400 :)
19:18:21uskibut ipods are very expensive for what they do
19:18:36SmoothGuy69what are the advantages to old version
19:18:59 Quit courtc (Read error: 113 (No route to host))
19:19:41webguest32Anyway, I also have to go. I'll be lurking! :)
19:19:53 Part webguest32
19:20:49 Quit SmoothGuy69 ()
19:29:18 Join courtc [0] (
19:29:36 Join Stryke` [0] (
19:41:36 Join leftright [0] (
19:42:21leftrighthmm, i was lurking, is Raplygain working on the H140 ?
19:48:04leftrightare there any settings for it if so, like 'Radio' and 'Audiophile' ?
19:48:33leftrightLear ^^
19:50:36LearWhy not take a look? :) I tested it on an H140, btw.
19:50:51leftrightRadio and Audiophile ?
19:50:55Stryke`only for Vorbis?
19:51:18leftrightI will surely take a look :))
19:52:53leftrightah, its for vorbis files only, good going, mp3......
19:53:03LearOnly Vorbis, because that's what I use most...
19:53:25leftrightI'll wait for the mp3 version then
19:53:31leftrightits what i use
19:53:36LearBut it makes it a lot easier to add other formats as well, such as mpc, once playback works well.
19:53:52leftrightgreat, nice going
19:53:55Stryke`mp3 will require APEv2 tag reading, i suppose
19:54:11Learmp3gain can be used already, though you can't switch between track and album gain, but I'm looking at what Foobar writes for ID3V2 tags for it...
19:54:19leftrightno it can also store the info in V2
19:55:37LearBtw, anyone know a good ID3V2 tag editor? The one I use now (and that looked promising) can't read Foobar 0.9 beta tags at all... :/
19:56:11***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
19:56:46leftrighttry mp3 tag studio
19:58:03 Join solex [0] (
19:58:18LearHm, yes.. Tried that; pretty good, but a bit more than what I need really. :)
19:58:31 Join cosmocat [0] (
19:59:31leftrightyes it is quite comprehensive, but also simple to use for single tasks
20:00:04LearHm.. Can it show the contents of any (text) tag?
20:00:57leftrightnot sure, been a long time since I used it, I'll check
20:01:24 Join cosmoca1 [0] (
20:01:35 Part cosmocat
20:02:08Learthanks, I'm downloading it now though. :)
20:02:47cosmoca1is there a rockbox develeopper in the room?
20:02:59uskijust ask cosmoca1
20:03:01cosmoca1I have a little request....
20:04:18uskijust ask ! :)
20:04:36cosmoca1like I explain on the forum, I want to change the value of a constant in the source code of rockbox....
20:05:23leftrightLear, do you just want to read the text info or replaygain info ?
20:05:56LearI want to take a close look at a tag written by Foobar, without having to do it via a hex dump. :)
20:06:41Learmp3ts did show me what I needed... good...
20:07:57 Quit solex_ (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
20:09:20leftrightgood :)
20:14:32cosmoca1uski, your still here?? :)
20:27:15 Join [1]Moos [0] (
20:38:49t0masdoes anybody know the name of a song by Eric Clapton with this line in it: "Would you know my name.... If I saw you in heaven."
20:38:59Stryke`tears in heaven
20:39:13t0masah, found it
20:39:19*t0mas is really bad at names...
20:39:31t0masand it's difficult to skip though 7 cd's to check all songs
20:45:21*t0mas np: Eric Clapton - 10 - Tears in Heaven (0:20) []
20:45:33t0masalso found it on my pc :D
20:46:46 Quit uski (Read error: 113 (No route to host))
20:49:48 Quit Moos (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
20:49:48 Nick [1]Moos is now known as Moos (
20:50:05 Join uski [0] (uski@
20:52:07 Join JoeBorn [0] (
21:16:06Learcosmoca1: language buffer size increased.
21:24:56 Join thegeek [0] (
21:25:33cosmoca1thanks a lot
21:33:54 Quit Stryke` (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
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22:10:05 Join Coldtoast [0] (
22:16:51 Part cosmoca1
22:29:14 Quit leftright ("CGI:IRC")
22:44:59 Quit Lear ("Chatzilla [Firefox 1.0.6/20050720]")
22:58:03 Join amiconn [0] (~jens@
23:22:13 Nick StrathAFK is now known as Strath (
23:34:10 Quit Strath ("Client closed")
23:34:19 Join preglow [0] (
23:35:55Coldtoasthey Cassandra
23:35:58Coldtoasthi preglow
23:36:07ColdtoastCassandra: got the battery in there yet?
23:36:47Cassandract: Yeah.
23:36:51CassandraWorks great.
23:36:54Coldtoastwas it easy?
23:37:02CassandraUnfortunately I killed my internal mic.
23:37:06CassandraNot very, no.
23:37:13Coldtoastwow! how'd that happen?
23:37:16CassandraBut I got there in the end.
23:37:25preglowi dont remeber if i'm the one who's responsible for it, but the FRACMUL comments in dsp.c is wrong
23:37:25CassandraWires got pulled out.
23:37:31preglowand the generic FRACMUL implementation
23:37:45CassandraI soldered them back in, but heat from the iron may have fried the mic when I did that.
23:37:55Coldtoastawww damn
23:38:05CassandraNever used it much anyway.
23:38:18CassandraBut I had to take out the disc to get at some of the screws.
23:38:32Coldtoastthe HDD?
23:38:49CassandraWhich given some of the disassembly instructions saying remove the battery before the HDD was a little confusing.
23:39:00Coldtoastdidn't you completely disassemble it?
23:39:02CassandraMy battery connector was on the bottom of the board.
23:39:20CassandraYes, I did, eventually.
23:39:32Coldtoastoh. cos when I did it, I completely disassembled it
23:40:05CassandraFar as I could see you can't change the battery without completely disassembling.
23:40:47Coldtoastthe connector on the mobo is tucked in there behind something else and I found it a little bit fiddly to unplug
23:41:01 Quit TCK- (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
23:41:54CassandraBut works like a charm though. Been really useful this weekend, and I've not even got close to battery drained state. :)
23:42:10Coldtoasthehe. awesome
23:42:46CassandraThere's always the external mic anyway. I don't tend to record very much at all.
23:42:59Coldtoastdefinitely worth the ~$20US
23:44:01CassandraWhat I'm really looking forward to is plugging the iRiver into this though:
23:44:29Cassandra(bloody stereo shops not actually keeping their products in stock)
23:45:21CassandraYes, upgrade was definitely worth the money. :)
23:46:09ColdtoastI found somebody to give the useless tools too :)
23:46:19Coldtoastthe ones that came with teh battery
23:46:32CassandraHmmm. This replaygain support thing looks interesting, but too much hassle to get into my MP3 collection,
23:46:34Coldtoasthe has a 1st gen ipod with battery life of 3-4hrs
23:46:49CassandraSo you gave him your old battery, right?
23:46:55ColdtoastHELL no
23:47:04Coldtoastif he wanted that, he can pay for it
23:47:22CassandraThen what use is the tool to him?
23:47:35Coldtoastwell, he has an ipod. heh
23:47:39Coldtoasthe may as well have the tools
23:48:08Coldtoastmaybe he'll get a replacement without them. dunno
23:48:21CassandraPossible, I suppose.
23:48:29Coldtoastdod you buy from Ezipda?
23:48:50preglowcassandra: the replaygain tagging process is pretty automatic
23:49:59CassandraNot as automatics as pointing EAC at LAME.DLL, sadly.
23:50:01Coldtoastwhat's funny is before some dude came in talking about replaygain support on Rio players
23:50:16ColdtoastI mentioned I use MP3Gain and he said "MP3Gain's shite"
23:50:32preglowit's more or less the same
23:50:50Coldtoastinteresting that the replaygain site has MP3Gain linked
23:50:50preglowmp3gain is somewhat less of a hassle, since it doesn't require player support, and is a wee bit less precise
23:51:14preglowhi, hcl
23:51:42ColdtoastI use mp3gain cos I figre I'm tagging everything new anyway so mp3gaining new stuff is just another step in preparation for my h140
23:52:04CassandraI currently have a 3 stage process for importing new music.
23:52:13CassandraNot really sure I want to add a fourth.
23:52:19Coldtoastbut it's nice to have replaygain support for ppl liek the guy who was here before
23:52:50CassandraWell, consistant volume levels while on random are definitely a good thing.
23:53:45Coldtoasthe also said the sound quality was better on Rio cos it does gapless. heh
23:53:48Coldtoastbut anyway
23:54:36preglowi started replaygain tagging all my new music
23:54:41preglowbut i just couldnt be bothered
23:54:46preglowso i stopped, heh
23:55:06Coldtoastit took quite a while to mp3gain even 7GB of music
23:55:17ColdtoastI'd hate to have clsoe to 40GB to do
23:55:25CassandraHmm. Says MP3gains stores the volume info in APE tags. But isn't the Rockbox support in ID3v2?
23:55:37HClwhats mp3gain?
23:55:56CassandraAppears to be a posthoc replaygain tagger.
23:56:01CassandraSo you can do old files.
23:56:16***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
23:56:22HClenglish? :X
23:57:11CassandraNot my fault you strange foriegn types don't understand my native langauge properly. :P
23:57:27CassandraYou run it on MP3 files and it adds replaygain info to them.
23:57:47preglowmp3gain is like replaygain, but mp3 specific, it alters every mp3 frame so even non-aware players will play it back correctly
23:57:52Coldtoastwhat were you using for adding replaygain tags preglow?
23:58:00preglowcoldtoast: foobar2k
23:58:09Coldtoastoh. didn't know it did that. heh
23:58:18preglowfoobar does everything
23:58:23preglowit even buttered my toast the other day
23:58:42ColdtoastI'd use it but I like Winamp
23:58:46CassandraI'm still waiting for the Rockbox plugin that will feed my cats for me.
23:58:58CoCoLUSit does anything, but configuring everything is a nightmare with foobar

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