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#rockbox log for 2005-07-26

00:00:14 Part leftright
00:00:39ghode|afkthinking of buying a x800 pro vivo to replace my 9600.
00:00:49Coldtoastah hah
00:00:54ColdtoastI hah one of those
00:00:56Learx800xl is nice in terms of price/performance...
00:01:09Coldtoastwhat did you want to know ghode|afk?
00:01:22ColdtoastI volt modded mine as well as unlocking the disabled pipes
00:01:29ghode|afkwell i found a pro vivo for 180 new, about 20£ cheaper then the xl
00:01:35ColdtoastDEFINITELY get teh VIVO version tho
00:01:40ghode|afkwhat the 9600?
00:01:51Coldtoastnope. I had an x800 Pro
00:02:02ghode|afki was reading today that you can volt mod the x800 with a pencil?
00:02:07Coldtoastthere's a coupel of reasons to get the VIVO version
00:02:21Coldtoastabsolutely true. I did it
00:02:31ghode|afkhehe and i thought i'd need to solder stuff ><
00:02:47Coldtoastthe reason you sgould get the VIVO version is they use faster RAM than the non-VIVO version
00:02:48ashridahrofl. is the rockbox logo supposed to only show up for a split second before the unit goes to the file list? :)
00:03:01ghode|afkashridah, yeah ;p
00:03:02Coldtoastand also the pipes can be unlocked via the BIOS, rather than a hardware mod
00:03:05Learit boots to fast. :)
00:03:11ashridahuh. great :)
00:03:29ColdtoastI had the non-VIVO version. had to hard mod it
00:03:44ghode|afkqwll on order i have a 300gb hdd, the pro VIVO, and a zalman cooler, i'm also tempted to get 2gb of ram :/
00:04:00ghode|afkmy crappy m,/b only has two ram slots, both of which are taken.
00:04:03Coldtoastthe VIVO has the same speed RAM as the faster x800
00:04:12Coldtoastwhich Zalman? fo ryour card?
00:04:28ghode|afkv7000cu or something
00:04:45Coldtoastcool. What CPU are you running?
00:05:00Coldtoastthat all-copper Zalmans are HEAVY tho. be aware of that
00:05:03ghode|afkColdtoast; do you know anything about newer VIVOs having a slower core then the older ones?
00:05:16Coldtoastmy Zalman HSF (for the CPU) weighs 734g
00:05:33Coldtoastthat's probablt true. I haven't been following them tho
00:05:33ghode|afkcurrently have a 3.4 p4, cant overclock it much cos of crappy ram/mbb
00:05:42thegeekdont get the all-copper ones
00:05:46Coldtoastah good good. What cooling do you have on that?
00:05:47thegeekthe gain is not worth it
00:06:11ColdtoastI'm definitely with thegeek on this one. the all-copper Zalmans are HEAVY
00:06:18thegeekthe alu versions are as good(1 to 2 degrees difference with max load) and a lot easier to handle and MUCH safer
00:06:25ghode|afkhmm this is gfx cooler btw, not cpu
00:06:28Coldtoastas I said, 734g is what my Zalman CNPS7000Cu weighs
00:06:42Coldtoastoh, i wouldn't buy all aluminium tho
00:06:42ghode|afkmodel is v700cu ><
00:06:55Coldtoastbuy the al+cu version
00:07:14Coldtoastthe reason being copper is a good conductor, al is a good dissipator
00:07:18ghode|afknot much price difference, and copper is always better right? ;p
00:07:18thegeekfor a gfx cooler weight is almost more important
00:07:29thegeeksince a heavy cooler will "warp" the card
00:07:33thegeekbend it
00:07:44thegeekand that is certainly not good (over time)
00:07:52ColdtoastI bought and installed an ATI Silencer
00:07:53ghode|afkgood point
00:08:09Coldtoastthey're cheap and do okay
00:08:15thegeekI dont think all-copper is any point with air-coolers
00:08:20ColdtoastI'd buy the Zalman tho to match my CPU cooling
00:08:34thegeekif you want better cooling water is the way to go
00:08:36 Quit ashridah ("Leaving")
00:09:05Coldtoastbuy that one
00:10:02Coldtoastwhy are you buyng the x800, btw?
00:10:17Coldtoastif I were buying now, it wouldn't be an x800
00:10:30Coldtoastbetter to buy a 256MB 6600GT
00:10:47ghode|afkwell hopefully so i can unlock it
00:10:53Coldtoastbut why?
00:11:01ghode|afkand will last at least until next year
00:11:01Coldtoastseriously, consider this
00:11:09Coldtoasta 6600GT will last longer
00:11:26Coldtoastthe 6x00 are more advanced cards
00:11:41ghode|afkhmm do you mean 6800gt or 6600gt?
00:12:00Coldtoastsure, the x800 is frigging FAST but throw Pixelshader 3 into the mix and your ATI card is left behind looking somewhat sad
00:12:08Coldtoast6600GT as they're affordable
00:12:15Coldtoastif you can afford a 6800gt tho, cool
00:12:43Coldtoastthe 6x00 series are more modern cards. The x800 is just a faster 9x00
00:12:53Coldtoastthey're based on the same core dude
00:13:21ghode|afkyeah, but i want speed :p
00:13:29Coldtoast6600gt will be as fast
00:13:33Coldtoastprobably. heh
00:13:46thegeek6600gt is nice
00:13:54Coldtoastalso, nVidia's OpenGL and unified driver architecture go a LONG way
00:13:56ghode|afki should most probably just wait for quake 4 to come out and see whats around then ><
00:14:02thegeekI got mine for 700nok = 100 us$
00:14:09Coldtoastwait for games that use Unreal 3 engine
00:14:10thegeekpricing errors rock
00:14:33Coldtoastif you buy an x800, you're going to regret it when the new PS3 generation are here
00:14:56Coldtoastbut yes, they ARE fast
00:15:06Coldtoastbtw, something to bear in mind ghode|afk
00:15:16ColdtoastDoom 3 and Half Life 2....
00:15:27thegeeknever buy top of the range
00:15:27Coldtoastwill FORCE you to dump the overclocking
00:15:38ColdtoastI can tell you this from experience
00:15:43ghode|afkx800 isnt top of the range
00:15:51thegeekit's never worth it unless you have a lot of money(and nothing better to spend it on)
00:16:00thegeekit's certainly in the upper parts
00:16:00]RowaN[does wps support greyscale images now?
00:16:11ghode|afktrue :p
00:16:29Coldtoastyou know how the devs were saying these new games use parts of your card never before used?
00:16:40Coldtoastghode|afk: honestly, don't buy it to overclock it
00:16:42ghode|afki hate pc upgrading :( wish i couod see into the future
00:16:50Coldtoastthey don't overclock well AT ALL
00:17:01thegeekI dont bother overclocking anymore
00:17:07ghode|afksame here ><
00:17:26Coldtoastyou can definitely get more speed out of them but Doom 3 and HL2 both show texture corruption
00:17:28ghode|afknever had good enough cooling, my room is boiling hot 24/7
00:17:38Coldtoasteven just overclocking a little bit, you'll get corruption
00:17:58Coldtoastin HL2, I'd get little dark squares in teh sky and purple patches all over the environment
00:18:14ghode|afkcould it have been your card though?
00:18:17Coldtoastin Doom3, walls woyld have inverted bumps in places and dark spots
00:18:25ColdtoastI very much doubt it
00:18:35 Join t0mas [0] (
00:18:44Coldtoastdump the overclcking, all was fixed
00:19:13Coldtoastknow what gives you the biggest performance boost with an x800 Pro?
00:19:19Coldtoastcertainly not overclocking
00:19:28Coldtoastit's unlocking the 4 disabled pipes
00:19:48ColdtoastI saw something like 20% performance increase
00:20:17Coldtoastbut the prob there is not all x800 pros are guaranteed to have 4 WORKING pipes that were disabled
00:20:46ghode|afkyeah there is always that risk
00:21:20Coldtoastso anyway
00:21:25Coldtoastthere's my 20cents worth
00:21:31Coldtoastmy own experiences with an x800
00:22:19Coldtoastthey ARE bloody fast. they ARE bloody nice but they are NOT good for overclocking any more and they are NOT good if you want to play all these upcoming Pixelshader 3 based games
00:22:55Coldtoastif you want to see what PS3 offers, fidn the unlreal3 Engine presentation
00:23:12Coldtoastnot Playstation3, Pixelshader 3
00:23:15ghode|afki've seen them :p
00:23:29Coldtoastyou'll miss all that with an x800
00:23:45Coldtoastall the realli nice PS3 fx like HDRI
00:24:20Coldtoastthat Unreal3 Engine vid. that was running on SLI 6800Ultras
00:24:58ColdtoastI know a guy who had a play with an Unreal3 Engine demo on his 6800 Ultra and he only got, like, 7spf. heh
00:25:56Coldtoastthe devs stated that to see the game in all it's glory, a 3.0GHz P4 would be lowend and you'll need 1GB of VRAM
00:26:54ghode|afkmeh by the time those games come round, i;ll most likely be ready for another upgrade spree
00:26:59Coldtoastbut, once again, the x800 is definitely a nice card. I wouldn;t buy one tho if i were buying now
00:27:11Coldtoastwell, even Battlefield 2
00:27:22Coldtoastwill probably be nicer with a 6600gt
00:27:32Coldtoastand Far Cry has PS3 patches
00:28:27ColdtoastI loved my x800 when I had it tho. EXCEPT ATI's serious openGL kinda SUX
00:28:40Coldtoastthe x800 shoudl be thought of as a DirectX card
00:29:16Coldtoastthere are some horrible and OLD bugs that they've never bothered to fix
00:29:22ghode|afkwill have to think this through a little longer ;p
00:29:36Coldtoastbugs I saw with my x800 that I saw over a year before with a 9x00
00:29:44ColdtoastI think you should, yeah
00:29:55Coldtoastdo some research on performance too
00:30:01Coldtoastanandtech, tomshardware, etc
00:30:37Coldtoastyou won't regret the x800 if you buy it (not for the moment, anyway)
00:31:15ghode|afkwell everything i've read/seen shows the x800 beats in the 6800/6600 oretty much easily. only looses out in doom3, and thats only to the 6800gt
00:34:23ColdtoastI think you've already made your mind up
00:34:30Coldtoastyou going PCI-E?
00:35:53ghode|afkthats a bit too much atm
00:37:44 Join DarkkOne [0] (
00:37:54DarkkOneAlright, there we go
00:38:06*DarkkOne mutters something about maintenance and notification and a lack thereof.
00:42:29CassandraDoes Rockbox's Wavpack decoder support reading .wvc files if available?
00:43:00BBubCassandra: if they are valid wavpack-files you can add the file-handler yourself ;)
00:43:15DarkkOneIsn't that the hybrid mode though?
00:43:31DarkkOneOr am I thinking of some other extension?
00:43:36CassandraIt is hybrid mode.
00:43:48CassandraSo adding a handler wouldn't help in this case.
00:44:03DarkkOneYeah, because it's a matter of merging them for decompression somehow, right?
00:44:10Cassandrawvc files turn lossy wv files into lossless streams.
00:44:15Cassandra*nods* yes.
00:44:27BBubah, i read about that
00:44:39DarkkOneQuestion: Why would you want it that way?
00:44:39BBubbut afaik rockbox plays back lossy wavpack-files
00:44:51DarkkOneRockbox plays Lossy and Lossless wavpack I think.
00:45:17 Join TCK [0] (
00:45:17CassandraI'm considering re-ripping my entire collection to wavpack, and storing most stuff as lossy but my favourites with lossless.
00:45:36DarkkOneSave them as full lossless then, instead of hybrid?
00:45:55BBuball a matter of diskspace ;(
00:45:58CassandraWell, I'd like to be able to delete the lossless when I run out of disk space.
00:46:09DarkkOneThat makes sense
00:46:20BBubCassandra: maybe reverting the lossy to lossless files cant be done in realtime?
00:46:20DarkkOneYou could just reencode the lossless files to the lossy ones at the time
00:46:24]RowaN[does wps support greyscale images now, with this new update by jens?
00:46:28Cassandra(and basically keep all the .wvc files from my rips on a PC hard disk.)
00:47:12DarkkOneWell, I don't know if it's supported yet, but I haven't seen any mention of it ever, so I doubt it.
00:49:02CassandraI'm beginning to suspect that none of the realtime wavpack decoders actually support this.
00:50:53DarkkOneActually, it may not be meant to be.
00:51:15DarkkOneLike, reading the wavpack page, it describes the additional file as being there for "full lossless restoration"
00:51:26BBubi guess its not realtime
00:51:38DarkkOneNo mention of playback at all
00:52:42CassandraHmm, the DirectShow 4 filters automatically read .wvc if present.
00:53:02DarkkOneSo apparently it can be done?
00:53:37CassandraI imagine the buffering code for it would be incredibly hairy.
00:54:00BBubcant it be decoded into the pcm-buffer like its done now?
00:54:23CassandraWell yes, but you'd be having to read from two files (.wv and .wvc) at once.
00:54:47DarkkOneAnd we don't know how complex the operation to combine the data is.
00:55:57CassandraI wish I understood the buffering code.
01:02:22DarkkOneI wish I understoond the code in general. Heh
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01:53:52 Join Rori [0] (
01:54:28Rorihey guyz. any progress on remote lcd, radio or dsp's yet? :)
01:55:24Rorinot bothered too mych about recording yet
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01:58:28HClremote lcd works fine o.o.
01:58:43*HCl goes to sleep.
01:58:56 Nick lostlogic_ is now known as lostlogic (
01:59:24lostlogicHmm anyone know if iAudio x5 or iRiver H3x0 support is on the block sooner?
01:59:46HCli got the impression x5 was going faster
01:59:54HClh3x0 won't be done till h1x0 is finished, is my guess.
02:03:12 Join Mongey [0] (
02:03:15Roriremote lcd has file browsing etc now?
02:05:01 Quit Mongey (Client Quit)
02:07:42HClbut it works.
02:08:05Roritypical 'literal' answer to 'remote lcd' heh
02:08:25RoriYou of course knew what I meant ;)
02:14:27RoriLooks like the 'Hold' bug is still not fixed
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04:16:15t0mastime to go to bed
04:16:21t0mas4:16 in the morning here
04:16:33 Quit t0mas ("c u tomorrow")
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06:11:51VonBismarkHello! Somebody knows distro's or systems "all-in-one" like clarkconnect? With mail, dns, web server, proxy,firewall etc... With WebBased Admin?
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08:45:21oxygen77maybe I've not search well on rockbox website, is it possible to play WAV or PCM files with rockbox ?
08:48:07 Join DreamTactix291 [0] (
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10:40:10oxygen77any dev here ?
10:51:37oxygen77cool :)
10:52:08oxygen77looking in it looks like you have not consider wav playback because of MAS limitation
10:52:22oxygen77is that correct ?
10:52:31amiconnArchos doesn't play wav because the MAS can't do that, yes
10:52:40amiconnHowever, the iriver plays wav
10:53:03amiconnHopefully we'll have wav playback on the archos too in the not too far future
10:53:12oxygen77k, what I don't remember is if you can play wav using archos FW ?
10:53:37oxygen77hum, ok
10:54:08oxygen77how do you plane to have wav playback on the archos then ? dev is in progress or just planed ?
10:54:13amiconnWe'll most likely get the wav 'codec' from Micronas for inclusion in rockbox; then it will possible to play (and record!) wav
10:54:50amiconnThis is some firmware for the MAS chip that allows it to play and record wav instead of mp3
10:55:02oxygen77is it the same MAS on recorder and av3xx ?
10:55:16amiconnI don't know anything about the av units
10:55:36oxygen77k, so what is the MAS on the recorder ?
10:56:07amiconnThis is the chip used in the recorder, fm recorder, recorder v2 and ondio fm
10:56:12oxygen77cool, I think it is the same as the AV
10:56:23amiconnAll these will allow wav playback with that codec
10:56:46amiconnIt will most likely run on the MAS3539F as well, meaning that the ondio sp will also be able to play wav
10:56:51oxygen77yup U know that
10:57:07oxygen77U==I :)
10:57:26oxygen77I'm currently working on wav playback for the AV
10:57:50amiconn(But not record due to the lack of physical inputs. The MAS provides these inputs, so it would even be possible to record on the Ondio SP with a little hardware mod)
10:58:21amiconnAfaiu the wav codec was developed by Micronas on request from Archos
10:58:30oxygen77yup I know
10:58:43oxygen77I had some contact with archos and micronas
10:59:25oxygen77well, what I can do on the av is upload the codec and configure it in MAS and then launch it
10:59:51amiconnHandling wav will probably be very tight with our CPU, but from my calculations it should be possible (both playback and recording)
11:00:08oxygen77I can then send data to it on the PIO port and I hear some "noise"
11:00:43oxygen77I have almost heard the music but there was a lot of noise covering it
11:01:17amiconnThe wav codec is very configurable, and you have to do that and of course use the correct format
11:01:17oxygen77so now I'm RE archos FW to see how to format the data
11:01:39amiconnUnfortunately I'm not yet allowed to give away the documentation :-/
11:02:09oxygen77yup, but I know (using my emulation tool of the av) which data to send for a specific file
11:02:19amiconnI suppose you're participating in avlinux?
11:02:56oxygen77linav, gravity, avlo .. I started all these projects
11:13:16 Join DreamTactix291 [0] (
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12:33:08 Join Moos [0] (
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12:33:58MoosHello all !
12:36:24 Join hicks [0] (
12:39:43 Join DarkkOne [0] (
12:39:55DarkkOne'alo again.
12:43:40DarkkOneI guess not much is going on in here, 'eh?
12:43:53t0masnot really
12:44:09MoosHi t0mas
12:44:17Mooshow are you?
12:44:20*t0mas is being bored to death
12:44:24DarkkOne'lo both of ye'
12:44:41t0massitting here... looking at a dell tft...
12:44:46t0masand MS Outlook
12:44:56t0masand waiting
12:45:04t0mas(and using vnc :D)
12:45:26t0masbut I can't code anything now... because I might get a call... or email... and have to do something
12:45:41t0masworking sucks
12:46:46 Join rooom_wrk [0] (
12:46:52*amiconn is busy rewriting the 'user timer' handling in rockbox, another precondition for the grayscale lib on iriver
12:47:28t0masuser timer? timer interrupt?
12:47:50t0maswhat's wrong with it?
12:48:16amiconnIt's not implemented for iriver, and the archos implementation isn't clean
12:48:30amiconn(it's implemented in plugin.c, which is application layer)
12:49:05t0masand what do you want it todo?
12:50:04amiconnIt should do what it does on archos, call a timer callback with a settable period
12:50:13rooom_wrkamiconn: Pls - in that case of that Joerg is long term unreachable - Don't you want to put on web your Uart boot SW files?
12:50:43amiconnOn iriver, this requires a bit more thinking, since the coldfire only has 2 timers, one of which is already taken by the timer tick
12:50:59amiconnThe other one needs to be shared between the backlight and plugins
12:51:14amiconnSo I'm implementing a priority-based sharing mechanism
12:52:07amiconnBacklight needs the timer for fading, so if a plugin registers the timer with a higher priority, backlight won't fade but simply switch until the plugin unregisters the timer again
12:52:17t0masah ok
12:52:23t0masand what do you want to do with it?
12:52:28t0mascallback after some amount of time?
12:52:36t0mascan't be done in the tick timer handler?
12:52:45amiconn[12:46:46] * amiconn is busy rewriting the 'user timer' handling in rockbox, another precondition for the grayscale lib on iriver
12:53:43t0masdo you need faster callback than the 100 hz the tick timer does?
12:53:52amiconnThe grayscale lib needs a timer callback roughly in sync with the internal refresh rate of the LCD (~67 Hz on archos, ~70 Hz on iriver)
12:54:21amiconnNot faster than the tick, but not in sync with the tick
12:58:13t0masah, nasa has changed from T - 3h HOLDING to COUNTING
12:58:35t0masso they're sure Discovery is going up :)
12:59:12DarkkOne's good
13:00:00t0maslast HOLDING state is at T -9 minutes
13:00:09t0masbut they never cancel things there...
13:00:09Moosi hope don't 'll happen like Columbia
13:00:27DarkkOneWe all hope that this one goes up nicely.
13:00:32Moosbut i prefer esa to nasa :)
13:01:16*t0mas yawns
13:01:29Moosnasa don't repair the carburation problem
13:01:32t0maswatching nasa video streams and waiting for email is _really_ boring
13:12:28 Quit oxygen77 (" webchat CGI:IRC 0.5.4 (2005) (EOF)")
13:14:02 Join DreamTactix291 [0] (
13:31:48 Join belgarath [0] (
13:33:58 Quit DarkkOne ("Chatzilla 0.9.68a [Firefox 1.0.6/20050716]")
13:36:17 Quit belgarath (Client Quit)
13:50:28 Quit DreamTactix291 (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
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14:10:11 Join TCK- [0] (
14:11:49 Join webguest10 [0] (
14:18:43 Quit TCK (Read error: 60 (Operation timed out))
14:27:06 Join Lear [0] (
14:39:04CassandraIs the Archos Player's green light supposed to come on when you connect the batteries?
14:50:45 Quit ashridah ("Leaving")
14:51:49 Quit tvelocity ("Leaving")
14:52:15 Join [-AIR-] [0] (
14:52:33[-AIR-]hey people. where can i get .rom files from which work on the iriver h1xx?
14:54:35CassandraI assume you mean Gameboy ROMs. I have no idea.
14:55:10 Join RotAtoR [0] (
14:55:27[-AIR-]they must be gameboy roms the yer?
14:55:50thegeekofcourse there are gameboy roms out there
14:55:55thegeekyou just wont find them here;)
14:56:14thegeekatleast not officially
14:56:44thegeek(try emule)
14:56:51thegeek(it has most of them)
14:56:59[-AIR-]tnx :)
15:02:24 Quit rooom_wrk ("UkonĨuji")
15:03:29t0maswhat's the simplest way to get a "protected" wma file on a cd?
15:03:33t0mas(normal audio cd)
15:05:06bluebrother^"protected" meaning DRM?
15:05:20[-AIR-]google: jhymjn
15:05:24[-AIR-]google: jhymn
15:05:26[-AIR-]google: jhymn
15:05:29[-AIR-]that's the mumma
15:05:36[-AIR-]just open it and run it
15:05:40[-AIR-]on the wma file
15:05:55[-AIR-]u wanna remove the wrm? or write it to cd?
15:06:03[-AIR-]u wanna remove the drm? or write it to cd?
15:08:03t0masbluebrother^: yes DRM
15:08:16bluebrother^can you play it with mplayer?
15:08:28bluebrother^(not Media Player)
15:10:36t0masno I can't
15:10:47t0masI have to play them with windows media player on the pc I'm on now
15:10:52t0mas(I'm at work)
15:11:05bluebrother^you could try Total Recorder to make wav's
15:11:19t0mashm... w/o losing quality?
15:11:44t0mas(and is there a linux solution?)
15:11:58bluebrother^it captures the sound before it gets to the soundcard IIRC. Therefore yes, i would say
15:12:22bluebrother^haven't had this problem before, so I don't know about a linux solution.
15:13:33t0maswell... I'll decode em here.. and upload en back home
15:14:18zewell reencoding always loses quality, even if there's no loss inbetween the decode and encode :/
15:14:47zet0mas: mplayer won't play it though huh? even with the windows codecs and whatall?
15:14:52 Join DreamTactix291 [0] (
15:15:32t0masze: nope
15:15:46zejust cause of the DRM?
15:15:59t0masI think so
15:16:02t0masother wma files play fine
15:16:09zei see
15:19:02t0masbrb, time to really do something
15:20:48[-AIR-]hey i've found a bug. in my wps i have something displaying to two seconds, then it switches to something else for two seconds. when i start playing music. the first time after boot. the second of the two second's is really short. like a milisecond. but after that it's fine.
15:26:40[-AIR-]hey t0mas u there?
15:27:13[-AIR-]in the wps. can you say: if both next track name and next album name are available, display this, if not, display this?
15:27:36[-AIR-]using conditional tags, but for both
15:28:02[-AIR-]gottit. don worry ppl
15:28:06[-AIR-]not that any of u were :)
15:28:52bluebrother^I would have said try nesting ;-)
15:32:37[-AIR-]errr actually...
15:32:44[-AIR-]can anyone here help me with my wps?
15:32:53[-AIR-]in the wps. can you say: if both next track name and next album name are available, display this, if not, display this?#
15:35:43[-AIR-]ill try and figure it out
15:36:08 Join Musicmad [0] (
15:36:11bluebrother^shooting from the hip: %?Id<%?It<%Id %It|>|%?Id<|something else>>
15:36:25 Quit Musicmad (Client Quit)
15:36:50 Quit webguest10 ("CGI:IRC")
15:36:52bluebrother^hmm, substitute the last Id with It
15:36:53Learyeah, like that, but you have to repeat the else part...
15:37:20bluebrother^haven't tried it ;-)
15:44:17[-AIR-]kewl thanx ill try mine then give urs a bash after it inevitably fails :)
15:47:09 Quit Moos (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
15:49:22 Join Moos [0] (
15:50:19[-AIR-]hey mine seems to work.thanks n e way ppl. i did the same as you sugggested actually :).ill update it in the gallery
15:51:04 Join Musicmad [0] (
15:51:23 Quit Musicmad (Client Quit)
15:55:29amiconnCassandra: The green light on the archos player is a power led the same way as on the recorder
15:55:47amiconnSo it will be on as long as the player is powered on.
15:56:31amiconnThe hardware default of all archos devices is power on, so the green light will come on for a few seconds when inserting the batteries
15:57:09***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
15:57:11amiconns/all archos devices/non-software-poweroff archos devices/ i.e. player and recorder v1
15:57:59amiconnThe archos firmware in ROM will shut down when seeing that the ON button isn't pressed,
15:58:26amiconnunless the box is flashed with rockbox, then it will fully power up after inserting the batteries
16:05:22 Join asdsd____ [0] (
16:07:56t0masDiscovery is in HOLDING state again
16:08:02t0masthe T -20
16:08:41amiconnTalking about hold - I've just documented the bootloader bug concerning hold and a very short press of PLAY after verifying it.
16:09:15t0masI still can't update my bootloader
16:09:19t0masiriver firmware doesn't boot
16:10:46[-AIR-]hey people. i've had an idea for additions to the WPS configuration. could there be a function which display the first "n" characters from the file name. so, for example a track is named: 01 - title.mp3 but has no id3 info, it could take the first two characters to display the track number? so if it's like %?in<%in|%fc<2>>
16:10:48amiconnI never had this problem, but from the reports it seems the most common cause for the iriver firmware not booting is a somewhat messed up file system
16:11:33[-AIR-]shouldn't be too tricky to implement?
16:12:16amiconnI don't use the iriver firmware often; I only do that for updating the bootloader, or for the occasional comparison with rockbox
16:12:37 Part asdsd____
16:12:50[-AIR-]same here.
16:16:38[-AIR-]how about my idea?
16:16:40t0masT -9 minutes and Holding
16:22:15t0mas8 minutes 30 seconds remaining in this HOLD
16:22:20t0masuntill now it's a GO
16:26:59t0masDiscovery is clear for launch
16:34:07[-AIR-]hey can you emulate rockbox on the pc. like for testing the wps w/o disconnecting etc.
16:35:55Learsure, just run the simulator. for a few models, you can even listen to music (in a limited way).
16:36:42Learbut you might need to build it yourself...
16:38:12[-AIR-]errr wot is it just an exe?
16:38:19[-AIR-]where do i download it?
16:38:23thegeekdiscovery is going up _now_
16:38:26thegeek1 min 30 secs
16:38:33thegeeklive feed
16:38:39thegeekfor those who cares
16:38:44thegeek1 min
16:38:46HClyea, thanks
16:38:48HCli almost forgot
16:38:50*HCl switches to cnn
16:39:21HClthat thing burns fuel like hell
16:39:37thegeekit's gone
16:39:42thegeekthe stream is lagged
16:39:49HClgot perfect view here on cnn, heh
16:39:52thegeekstream + tvcard
16:40:03HClat least this one isn't exploding yet
16:40:27thegeekthe last one went further than this
16:40:38thegeekit was almost out of ground-camera range I think?
16:40:52thegeekI remember seeing that clip
16:41:39HClwell its pretty much gone
16:42:06[-AIR-]thanx for the link!#
16:42:37 Join webguest35 [0] (
16:42:39[-AIR-]about the emulator...where can i gettit?
16:42:59[-AIR-]and what is the code to show file type?
16:43:29 Quit webguest35 (Client Quit)
16:44:28[-AIR-]it's %fc but it ain't on the site.
16:44:32[-AIR-]the wps config page :s
16:46:09Learsimulator is available through the source package at the download page, but you better know how to compile things and have gcc at hand...
16:46:54 Join Acksaw [0] (
16:47:02AcksawHey all
16:47:23 Quit Acksaw (Client Quit)
16:48:29[-AIR-]hey acksaw
16:48:43[-AIR-]ok. ill leave the sim then :)
16:49:22[-AIR-]o. about the %pv in wps. shows current volume. it doesn't change if its in a subline.
16:49:23CoCoLUSanother fuel tank floating around in space...
16:54:15 Quit CBM-away (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
16:58:56 Join MIKE- [0] (
17:06:04 Join TCK [0] (
17:07:04 Quit TCK- (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
17:13:09 Quit [-AIR-] ("—I-n-v-i-s-i-o-n— 2.0 Build 3515")
17:14:10 Join [-AIR-] [0] (
17:23:10 Join Nibbler [0] (
17:33:23 Join koniu_ [0] (
17:49:39 Join oxygen77 [0] (
17:51:22*t0mas is back home
17:51:46 Join webguest79 [0] (
17:57:12***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
18:00:16 Join Aedaren [0] (
18:00:54AedarenDid I get this working? This is the first time I've used IRC...
18:07:37 Quit DreamTactix291 (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
18:08:48t0masAedaren: yes it's working
18:08:57t0masbut it's a bit silent here today :)
18:08:58 Quit MIKE- (Read error: 60 (Operation timed out))
18:09:16AedarenThank you. :) No Problem. I'm really excited to get involved in the rockbox project ( just got my player yesterday)
18:09:38t0masah, and you know C?
18:09:43t0masor want to learn it? :)
18:10:15Aedarenyes, and yes :) As in, I've taken one class in C, am a good internet programmer ( got a few skills ) and I do want to learn
18:11:04AedarenI will definitely need some help, so it's nice to know this irc channel exists
18:11:41t0masyes, most dev's hang out here
18:14:57[-AIR-]hey. is there any help on on how to add bmp to wps ?
18:16:49bluebrother^what's the problem with bmp?
18:19:03t0masit's not difficult
18:19:08t0masbut the bmp in /.rockbox/
18:19:10amiconnw00t! My shared timer functions are working :))
18:19:21t0masand add an %x|0|filename.bmp|x|y|
18:19:22[-AIR-]wot does it do?
18:19:34bluebrother^from the docs:
18:19:37bluebrother^ filename = filename (relative to /.rockbox/ and including .bmp)
18:19:50bluebrother^I had to read this before I got it working ;-)
18:20:16bluebrother^I prevoiusly assumed bmp's to be searched in the same path as the wps.
18:20:20amiconn[-AIR-]: It allows to share the only one free CPU timer between backlight fading and plugins; another prerequisite for the grayscale lib on iriver :)
18:20:47[-AIR-]nice work!
18:20:58[-AIR-]another q.
18:21:11[-AIR-]the playcount tag, is it working, mine doesnt seem to?
18:21:41bluebrother^AFAIK you need a tag database for it to work.
18:21:44 Join f55 [0] (
18:21:47bluebrother^haven't used it yet
18:21:58[-AIR-]ah. i c tnx
18:22:18[-AIR-]and the tag database int working yet rite?
18:22:23bluebrother^so this is only from what I remember ;-)
18:22:56f55is there any chance to run a (usb bootable) linux on one partition on an iriver, and have rockbox read the mp3s off another partition on the drive when not plugged in?
18:23:25 Part Aedaren
18:23:27bluebrother^f55: with the USB-Mode I guess, yes.
18:24:17bluebrother^another option would be some fat-installed linux like Damn Small Linux.
18:24:39bluebrother^but no guarantees ;-)
18:24:41f55dsl is fat?
18:24:45 Join rooomish [0] (
18:24:54 Join Aedaren [0] (
18:25:24bluebrother^dsl can run off a fat media. I once had this on my USB-Stick which was FAT.
18:25:38bluebrother^like Knoppix, everything is contained in one big file.
18:25:51f55but what happens to file permissions? fat doesnt support that?
18:25:55koniu_hm, that would be... fat ^^
18:26:19bluebrother^with the 64MiB for DSL ... I think I should try this. Nice idea ;-)
18:26:53f55any idea if what happens if you have multiple partitions on a vanilla iriver?
18:27:39bluebrother^rb will ignore all but the first primary (?) partition.
18:28:10f55but if i wanna boot linux off the drive, doesnt linux have to be on the first partition?
18:28:49bluebrother^it even doesn't need a primary partition. Nor to be on the first drive.
18:29:22amiconnRockbox does use the first (primary) FAT32 partition it can find, and ignore all others
18:29:38amiconnRockbox doesn't handle logical drives yet
18:29:50f55does rockbox also run on the h140?
18:29:54bluebrother^amiconn: this means it's not necessary to be the first partition at all?
18:29:55amiconn(it completely ignores extended partitions)
18:30:05amiconnbluebrother^: Exactly
18:30:11Aedarenyes f55, got mine right here (playing zelda)
18:30:12bluebrother^nice ;-)
18:30:20amiconnAs long as there is a primary FAT32 partition, rockbox will be happy
18:30:31f55and its better than the iriver firmware?
18:30:38amiconnI don't know what the iriver firmware does tho
18:30:57AedarenIt' better in most things
18:31:00bluebrother^f55: why not install an actual knoppix cd & save the $HOME data to the iriver.
18:31:08bluebrother^I guess this should work.
18:31:17AedarenIt can't record yet, but it's surpassed it on almost everything else
18:31:19f55i was thinking of doing that, but with ubuntu
18:31:35bluebrother^it has _working_ support for ogg!
18:31:38f55but it seems better if dsl keeps itself withing one file that i can store on fat
18:31:47amiconnOne day I'll add logical drive handling, as that's something the iriver firmware handles
18:32:05bluebrother^I recently started converting my CDs to ogg. Iriver's firmware always cut of a tiny bit at the end of the file while playing.
18:32:07f55more of interest, what does it NOT do as well as iriver firmware?
18:32:27bluebrother^this is no problem for tracks fading out, but for everything else this is _really_ annoying.
18:32:29amiconnWe had a couple of reports saying 'Rockbox panics on mount, but iriver firmware works'. Turned out they had created a logical drive in an extended partition...
18:32:38f55i actually think wma sounds pretty good (192kbit)
18:32:50Aedarenjust recording f55
18:33:01f55but i use the recording
18:33:05bluebrother^i guess nobody using rbx is interested in wma ;-)
18:33:12Aedarenyou can still boot into the original firmware when you need it
18:33:14amiconnOne reason why rockbox does not yet support logical drives is that the archos firmware doesn't handle them either, so there was no need to implement that until the iriver port
18:33:20bluebrother^at least I don't need wma.
18:33:43f55wma just sounds "tighter" than mp3 somehow
18:34:08Aedarenuse ogg
18:34:09bluebrother^hmm. I don't like wma at all. There are enough better alternatives.
18:34:10Aedarenit rocks
18:34:32*bluebrother^ agrees about ogg :)
18:34:53Cassandrawma is a proprietory closed format. Rockbox is very unlikely to ever support it.
18:35:31amiconnUnprotected wma might be possible if someone bothers to integerise the existing open wma decoder implementation
18:36:08amiconnI don't care either, my collection is >99% mp3, and very few ogg
18:38:21bluebrother^is the "recent cvs activity" on the webpage avaliable via rss?
18:53:18bluebrother^:( Would have been a nice feature.
19:07:44[-AIR-]about the .bmp.
19:07:49[-AIR-]i've made an image
19:08:15[-AIR-]it must appear on the x axis and 25 pixels from the top of the screen...what is the wps info?
19:11:08bluebrother^hmm ... x = 0; y = 25 i would say ;)
19:11:19[-AIR-]is the y from the bottom or top?
19:11:39bluebrother^uuh ... I assumed top 'til now.
19:12:29bluebrother^have only wps' with (0,0) flying around.
19:12:49 Quit f55 (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
19:12:58[-AIR-]so is that from the top or the bottom:s
19:15:20t0masscreen coordinates are always from top left
19:15:36bluebrother^hmm. rockboxui crashes when I try to play something.
19:15:49[-AIR-]so 0|25 would be on the x axis and 25 down on the y?
19:15:53bluebrother^is there any way to switch to wps without starting play mode?
19:17:02[-AIR-]what is the "n" in %xn ???
19:17:10t0mas0 to 9
19:17:12[-AIR-]number of what?
19:17:14[-AIR-]o i c
19:17:18[-AIR-]only allowed 0 images
19:17:20[-AIR-]i mean 9
19:18:05t0masit's for conditional images...
19:18:13t0masbut that's not done yet
19:19:07 Part oxygen77 ("Leaving")
19:19:20[-AIR-]t0mas do u have an email address. i cant gettit to work can i send you it? and you look at it?
19:19:30t0masyes you can
19:19:39t0masTomas Salfischberger
19:19:47t0mas(anti spam)
19:20:26[-AIR-]sent. thanx
19:20:31 Quit edx (Read error: 54 (Connection reset by peer))
19:20:57[-AIR-]its sent
19:21:27t0masI hope it's a nice wps? :)
19:21:32t0masthen I can use it ;)
19:26:15[-AIR-]t0mas howz it goin?
19:26:28[-AIR-]its here:
19:27:07t0maswhat's the problem with it?
19:27:10t0maswhat doesn't work?
19:27:32[-AIR-]err the image doesn't show atall
19:28:08[-AIR-]what are the dimensions of the screen?
19:28:10[-AIR-]the iriver screen
19:30:05[-AIR-]and can the bmp be grey or just b+w ?
19:30:27t0masjust b&w
19:30:35t0masand the image can't be to big
19:30:58[-AIR-]there the problem
19:34:09 Join DreamTactix291 [0] (
19:35:11[-AIR-]DreamTactix291 :-o
19:36:29[-AIR-]ok it worx t0mas
19:37:07 Join [1]Cassandra [0] (
19:38:24[-AIR-]looks shit tho. my bad :'(
19:38:30 Join rasher [0] (
19:39:10rasherHey, anybody here who's swapped in a ipod-battery in their h1x0?
19:39:45rasherHCl? Cassandra?
19:43:01 Join webguest07 [0] (
19:43:37 Quit webguest07 (Client Quit)
19:44:37 Join edx [0] (
19:53:30 Quit Cassandra (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
19:53:30 Nick [1]Cassandra is now known as Cassandra (
19:54:16 Quit Aedaren (Read error: 60 (Operation timed out))
19:57:13***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
19:58:25 Join solex [0] (
20:02:35 Quit rasher ("CGI:IRC")
20:02:37 Join rasher [0] (
20:02:45rasherIt works!
20:02:52CassandraWhat works?
20:03:35rasherNew battery in my ihp-120
20:03:47rasherNow, where do I see the estimated runtime?
20:03:56rasherNevermind that I haven't yet charged it..
20:04:57t0maswhat battery have you put in?
20:05:08rasherthe ipod one
20:05:16Asku2200 mAh?
20:05:22rasherI believe so, yes
20:08:16t0maschanged polarity?
20:08:43rasherConfused me though, because the wires on the motherboard were coloured opposite
20:09:05rasherSo I was beginning to wonder if I had gotten a pre-changed battery or something
20:09:17rasherBut it works
20:10:37 Quit solex_ (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
20:11:15rasherI'm happy as a clam. Whatever's so great about them.
20:11:27 Quit rasher ("dotdotdot")
20:12:56 Join Stryke` [0] (
20:58:06 Join TCK- [0] (
21:03:13 Join memmem [0] (
21:05:18bluebrother^how can I print debug stuff on my device to some logfile?
21:16:00 Join BePe86 [0] (
21:16:06 Quit DreamTactix291 (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
21:18:10 Quit TCK (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
21:19:20HClbluebrother^: use logf..
21:19:47bluebrother^where can I find the output of logf?
21:20:10HClin the debug menu and on the remote
21:20:14HClyou have to activate it
21:20:17HClin configure
21:23:47 Join oxygen77 [0] (
21:26:16 Join Aedaren [0] (
21:35:03 Join tvelocity [0] (
21:38:38 Quit webguest79 ("CGI:IRC")
21:57:16***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
22:00:04 Quit RotAtoR ()
22:11:20 Quit Lear ("Chatzilla [Firefox 1.0.6/20050720]")
22:13:59 Join DreamTactix291 [0] (
22:32:00AedarenSo, how do I go about becoming a "registered" developer... or do we not do that?
22:33:02 Join miner49er [0] (
22:34:20AedarenDo I have to prove myself first? Go on a quest?
22:36:44hicksDownload source, improve, submit patches. :)
22:36:58Aedarengreat... that's what I'm trying to do :)
22:37:02AedarenI'm on the quest!
22:37:44AedarenWhen you install a patch, is it supposed to output anything?? I tried the a/b patch, and it didn't say anything and only took like half a second.
22:39:39bluebrother^normally the patch utility tells you what file it is patching.
22:40:12Aedarenam I not doing it from the right folder?? I checked out cvs source, copied the patch into the rockbox folder, then did patch < patchName.patch
22:40:25bluebrother^patch assumes its input coming from stdin, so you need to pipe the file in with "<" −− I regularly forget this ;-)
22:40:33 Quit DreamTactix291 (Read error: 60 (Operation timed out))
22:40:40bluebrother^add "-p0"
22:41:08Aedarenright, I'll try that, thanks
22:41:09bluebrother^so it would be "patch -p0 < something.patch"
22:42:57Aedarenstill didn't say anything.... I'm in directory /usr/rockbox, and tried patch -p0 < ab-repeat-20050710.patch
22:45:08bluebrother^hmm. where have you downloaded the cvs?
22:45:28AedarenI was in /usr and followed the anonymous cvs directions on the site
22:45:42bluebrother^ok. Strange place to do so.
22:45:56Aedarensorry... Just using cygwin... where would be better?
22:46:07AedarenIt built a rockbox folder beneath /usr
22:46:09bluebrother^ah, ok.
22:46:17Aedarencvs -z3 co rockbox
22:46:18bluebrother^I thought you would use Linux.
22:46:45AedarenYeah, I would, but I work in flash all the time, and as far as I know.. still no linux version, so i'm stuck with windows.
22:46:53bluebrother^under linux, /usr is normally no place to work −− somewhere below your $HOME
22:47:12Aedarenok... will do next time...
22:47:13hicksAedaren, try running patch with −−verbose to see if it gives any extra info.
22:48:28bluebrother^has it actually altered some files?
22:48:43AedarenI don't know, I'm not familiar enough with the source yet to check
22:49:06AedarenI'm going to try a different patch
22:49:43bluebrother^when opening the patch file you can recognize the files that will be affected.
22:49:55Aedarenyeah, I was looking at it.. .I'll do that this time around
22:50:20 Join Bagder [0] (
22:50:20Aedarenwhat's a good, easily recognizable patch that hasn't been included in the daily builds?
22:50:56bluebrother^i added the aling-patch to my build.
22:51:30bluebrother^changes in docs/WPS_CUSTOM_FORMAT
22:51:38Aedarenthis one? "Enable multiple align tags in wps"
22:51:50bluebrother^and apps/wps-display.c
22:52:03amiconnwb Bagder :)
22:52:18bluebrother^I wanted to be able using left and right align the same time for my wps ;-)
22:52:20Bagdera billion mails to read
22:53:34Aedarenbb, they only have the diff file... Don't I need a patch file? (maybe it doesn't matter, sorry for being such a noob:))
22:53:48amiconnBagder: There's some wiki spam to clean up :(
22:53:53bluebrother^diff generates patch files.
22:54:00bluebrother^i.e. its mostly the same.
22:54:24amiconnBagder: Check 25 Jul 2005 - 21:05 and 26 Jul 2005 - 19:11
22:58:41Aedarenno luck
22:58:50Aedarenit doesn't look like any changes were made...
22:58:58bluebrother^it didn't change anything?
22:59:17bluebrother^prints "patch −−version" anything?
22:59:27Aedarendoesn't look like it... I opened them in dreamweaver, (hate the editor, but it tells you when a file has been changed)
22:59:38Aedarenyou mean out to the console?
22:59:43Aedarenor in the file?
23:00:03bluebrother^to stdout
23:00:19bluebrother^it should print something about its version.
23:00:27Aedareni thought so too
23:00:36bluebrother^sounds like your patch is broken. Or cygwin.
23:00:45Aedarenanyone else use cygwin?
23:01:28bluebrother^I haven't tried using Cygwin for development.
23:01:39memmemWhat's the output of: which patch
23:02:33AedarenI'm not getting any output on ab-repeat-20050510.patch or 20050712_align.diff, and I have the most recent cvs just checked out
23:02:58memmemI mean the output of the command "which patch", not the output of "patch".
23:04:05memmemSo you've got a non-standard patch command ahead of the cygwin one in your PATH.
23:04:10memmemTry /usr/bin/patch.
23:05:21Aedarenlooks like I don't have the cygwin version... (doesn't exist in /usr/bin/) I downloaded the windows version earlier today (the one on the website) and I guess it's trying to use that
23:08:31 Join Strath [0] (
23:10:33bluebrother^this doesn't sound good ... you need to avoid mixing cygwin stuff with native w32-ported versions
23:10:42Aedarenalright, I installed another version of patch, (downloaded it from cygwin) tried patch -p0 −−verbose < ab-repeat-20050710.patch (and some other guesses) and didn't work
23:10:49Aedarenguess so
23:11:02bluebrother^I guess your w32-patch works when running from windows' cmd
23:11:28bluebrother^how did you download it? Using the cygwin installer?
23:11:33AedarenI didn't mean to use the w32 patch program, cygwin just referenced it by itself
23:11:47bluebrother^hmm. Then it really should work
23:12:06AedarenI downloaded patch, from the utils menu
23:12:08AedarenI know
23:12:08amiconnWindows commandline tools do run on the cygwin (bash) command line, however, they don't handle unix-style paths (of course)
23:12:40bluebrother^hmm. I had w32-ported tools behaving different.
23:12:41Aedarenthe paths aren't absolute though
23:12:53Aedarenand windows understands both / and \
23:12:57bluebrother^don't ask we what it was back then ;-)
23:13:18bluebrother^I'm really not sure if windows unterstands the /
23:13:36AedarenIt does in URLS (html and script references)
23:13:38bluebrother^Explorer converts it.
23:13:52bluebrother^but this doesn't need to affect the system routines.
23:14:12Aedarenshouldn't patch say something either way??? I imean if it isn't working, it's normal to say so
23:15:19bluebrother^I haven't used patch with windows, so I can't tell if it behaves different.
23:15:31bluebrother^but on Linux it tells me which files are affected.
23:16:09bluebrother^like "patching file apps/wps-display.c"
23:16:40memmemIs there any output for this command?: patch −−version
23:17:19memmemYou've got a strange version of patch indeed.
23:17:25AedarenI'm special :)
23:18:41AedarenI'm going to try to develop this remotely (on a linux comp)..
23:18:49AedarenI'll get back in a few minutes with an exciting update
23:21:54 Join muesli- [0] (
23:23:18muesli-g'day mates
23:24:14Aedarenafternoon. :)
23:24:44muesli-afternoon? yr sitting in the states?
23:26:25Aedaren3:30 here
23:26:26bluebrother^just booted up Windows.
23:26:40Aedarenyou're going to try cygwin?
23:26:56bluebrother^my (outdated) cygwin patch tells me it's version 2.5 when running patch −−version
23:27:05Aedarenvery strange
23:27:19AedarenWell, I've got 2.5.4 on this slow remote computer
23:27:23AedarenI could just use that
23:27:32AedarenI wonder why it isn't working though
23:27:40Aedarenmaybe if I uninstalled cygwin
23:27:44memmemPerhaps Aedaren's patch.exe doesn't see its command line arguments.
23:28:03Aedarenthat would explain it, but why would it do that? I've supposedly replaced it once
23:28:27 Quit rooomish ("game is over")
23:28:33 Quit memmem (Remote closed the connection)
23:29:12Aedarenit worked on the remote linux box
23:29:21AedarenI'll just try wiping my cygwin clean and trying agin
23:29:58AedarenAh! I've figured it out
23:31:12AedarenSo, I installed that windows version the site recommended, then I installed cygwin... I then installed patch through cygwin, supposedly replacing patch (which it didn't). I just uninstalled the windows version of patch.. (which was probably in my windows path) and it works!
23:31:22 Join RedBreva [0] (
23:31:39Aedarenyou guys are all awesome.. Got to go
23:31:42 Part Aedaren
23:32:19bluebrother^seems ... echo $PATH in my Cygwin prints a bunch of paths. Including the Windows %PATH%
23:36:42 Quit [-AIR-] ("—I-n-v-i-s-i-o-n— 2.0 Build 3515")
23:36:54 Quit miner49er (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
23:37:12 Join memmem [0] (
23:40:09 Quit RedBreva (" HydraIRC -> <- Try something fresh")
23:40:10 Quit TCK- (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
23:51:32 Join leftright [0] (
23:52:47leftrightskipping forward to the next track crashes rockbox after about 20 tracks have been skipped
23:53:42leftrightusing latest bulid, error is, IO3:addrErr, at 31022EFC
23:54:09leftrightusing H140
23:55:43leftrightamiconn: ^^
23:56:21BBubi also got that error after skipping 4 tracks quickly
23:57:20***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"

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