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#rockbox log for 2005-07-27

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00:28:04leftrightjul 24th's build also crashes rockbox when skipping forward >20 tracks
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00:33:27austriancoderhi all
00:36:07Mooshow goes?
00:36:23Mooswhat's new with your X5? :)
00:36:59austriancoderi think i will try tonoght to wirte the lcd dirver for it
00:37:18Moosoooh :), good thing
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00:39:07austriancoderahh.. full gray scale support for irver
00:39:20leftrighthmm, jul 23 build also crashes when skipping more than 20 tracks
00:39:46leftrightin file tree mode, no crossfade
00:40:22Moosac: very good amiconn's works :), thanks to him
00:41:15amiconnaustriancoder: Not yet, but it's getting closer
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00:41:45leftrightcan anyone esle dupilacte it or is it just me :)
00:42:07amiconnOnly 6 of the 42 functions need to be adapted for iriver, and the timer framework is already in place now :)
00:42:09MoosHi XavierGr
00:42:19amiconnI'm just working on it
00:42:32Mooscongrates amiconn :)
00:42:48Mooshi HCl
00:42:57*HCl actually used his player today
00:43:06HClcame across several things that could use improvement, heh.
00:43:21HClgrayscale in solitaire, solitaire remembering the previous game so that you can exit and come back..
00:43:30HClspeed optimizations for rockboy ;p
00:43:47HClmeh, i'm so busy at the moment :/
00:43:50HClbarely got time for rockbox..
00:43:52Moosyour database improuvment... :D
00:44:01HClwell database works fairly well
00:44:14HCli had a few odd hits in my searchengine today, as well as that it needs a better interface
00:44:20HClbut aside from that it works pretty well
00:44:57Moosgood to hear :)
00:46:01Moosdo you remenber what Linus said about the currently shutingdown ?
00:46:31Moosthe shutingdown time is superior now cause it update db if i remenber
00:46:42Moosbefore to stop
00:47:11XavierGroh hi all!
00:47:29MoosHCl:? :)
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00:50:57AedarenExcuse my extra newbieness, but if patch a hunk patched successfully with "fuzz 2" does that mean it nees correcting?
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00:51:57Aedarenthanks for your help earlier with that patching problem bluebrother, I put something about it on the wiki, and suggested they just use cygwin
00:52:16koniu_is there some place where I could watch for any progress with preparations for H3xx version (hopefully taking place ;) without asking annoying question #here or reading through irclogs every evening?
00:52:33Aedarenthe forums
00:52:52koniu_misticriver u mean?
00:53:15Aedarenno, -> forums -> iriver h3xx
00:53:19Bagderyou won't miss it when info pops up
00:53:20Aedarenthere's link on the left
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00:53:46leftrightanother bug, using latest build, it doesnt play selected track it skip to the next track in file tree mode
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00:54:40leftrightie, go to album, browse a track, select it, it then pays the next one
00:55:11koniu_that was dumb (: btw, i'd say that if the patch applied with some minor fuzz should be fine unless those two lines added before/after the fuzzy place break it (which could easily be the case with asm i believe)
00:55:32koniu_(i mean my question was dumb, thanks for the pointer!)
00:55:45xMistno, i mean hi!
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00:56:13Aedarenno, they're just c and header files..
00:57:21xMisthas anyone considered giving rockbox a facelift?
00:57:39xMistit's functional and can do tons of things, but I think making it a bit nicer to look at would make a lot of people happy
00:58:48AedarenI like it
00:58:58AedarenI mean, I can see everything, and it all makes sense
00:59:55AedarenHey, I got some warnings when creating the make file with "configure" It says the compiler I must use (m68k-elf-gcc) is not in my path. Did I not set up cygwin correctly?
01:00:09xMistbut it would be nice if we could make things just a bit nicer
01:00:15Aedarenyeah, I bet you could
01:00:16koniu_grr, lack of h3xx version sux though (i'm wondering how many times a day somebody turns up in here to say that or ask or beg or whatever ;)
01:00:17BagderAedaren: the cross-compiler doesn't come with it
01:00:36xMisti could do all the graphic designing if someone could actually put it into rockbox
01:00:40AedarenSorry once again, but what is a cross-compiler? (differences from a normal compiler would be nice :)
01:00:58Aedarenwhat would you change xMist?
01:01:03BagderAedaren: it builds code for another host/CPU that the one you run the compiler on
01:02:11Aedarenoh, makes sense. I'll read the "Building a Cross Compiler" section then
01:03:59XavierGrgood night. See you tomorrow...
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01:05:02leftrightargg, it keeps on crashing when skipping tracks
01:08:38xMisti would change the now playing screen
01:08:43xMistnothing else
01:08:49xMistjust to make it easier to look at
01:08:53solexConcerning the design of the interface:
01:08:55Aedarenhave you tried changing it yet?
01:09:02Aedarenyou know it's customizable, right?
01:09:29solexI'd really like to be able to use different font sizes at once.
01:09:37BagderI could consider including a few bundled WPS configs
01:10:06xMistyeah same as solex
01:10:15xMistnot very customizable
01:10:19xMistat all
01:10:33Bagdernot very?
01:10:39solexxMist: NACK
01:10:41Bagdersure it is
01:10:50xMistam i missing something?
01:11:11xMistokay, change the universal font, and take away or add the top info bar
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01:11:52xMistsee, i knew i was missing something. :)
01:12:05*Bagder runs off to bed
01:12:06xMistxMist= NACK no more
01:12:34solexBTW: kudos to all the developers out there!
01:12:48solexI am using rockbox for a week now and it really...
01:13:23leftrightjul 22nd's build doesnt crash when skipping forward tracks >20
01:13:24solexIt crashed on me several times but it is still much more usable than that Iriver crap.
01:15:33solexShould I report those crashes here?
01:22:51xMistdoes anyone use a program to sync their music to their comps and back?
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01:29:59solexxMist: you can try unison
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01:42:15AedarenI'm trying to build a cross compiler in cygwin. I have gcc version 3.4.4 so I need to apply the patch as explained on the wiki about cross compilers. Where do I install the patch?
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02:29:35*HCl checks whether anyone made him a nice wps yet
02:29:58Stryke`isn't everyone's idea of a nice wps different?
02:30:24HClyes. i'm waiting for a user to make one that suits me.
02:30:34HCli always leave the things like websites to end users to make them for me.
02:30:58Stryke`what do you want from one? simplicity? tons of info? somewhere in between?
02:30:59HCli'm still waiting for someone to make one with playcount and rating
02:31:05HCltons of info
02:31:24Stryke`i think thats gonna have to wait till the DB is all working perfect
02:31:33HCli guess thats my responsibility.
02:31:36HCli tested it today
02:31:38HClseemed to work fine
02:31:40Stryke`i saw a rather nice wps on misticriver
02:31:41HClbut i'll test more.
02:31:43Stryke`good news
02:32:30Stryke`code not released but easy enough to replicate
02:32:43HCllooks nice, just want playcount and rating, heh.
02:32:47HClbut i'll get on it, i guess
02:32:49HClits already working
02:32:59HClit just needs some code to add files that aren't in the tag database.
02:33:14Stryke`yeah, just edit someone's wps and add count and rating
02:33:32HClthats what i have now.
02:33:38HClbut its glitched
02:33:43Stryke`how so?
02:34:10HClit messes up when there's no title tag
02:34:22Stryke`should be easy enough to fix
02:34:28HClyea. but. heh.
02:34:30Stryke`show filename when there's no title
02:34:32HCli just hate stuff like html
02:34:46HClah well.
02:34:52HCli also need to update my bootloader..
02:35:22Stryke`i just recently went from 3 to 5
02:35:30Stryke`i cross my fingers everytime
02:35:35HCl :p
02:35:37HCli'm still on version 2
02:35:41HClbut it says rockboot version 1
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04:23:27webguest03boo the current irc log is doing its weird thing with the open dialog in mozilla again
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04:43:39Coldtoasthey. just thought of something. It'd be kinda nice to have a parametere for Play State for .wps
04:44:03ColdtoastPlaying, Paused, Stopped
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06:35:18AedarenCould anyone help with an error (my first time compiling the source)?
06:36:09Aedarenit was going good until it hit (dumb) CC src/it/itread.c it says in it_load_sigdata, error:isn does not satisfy its constraints: (info)
06:42:54AedarenI downloaded a fresh cvs copy, and I'm still getting the error is itread.c
06:43:03Aedarensorry, "in" itread.c
06:44:23Aedarenif anyone knows, please write to I've got to go to sleep. Thanks!
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10:01:08webguest16Slasheri: you around ?
10:03:50webguest16Slasheri: playback bug, RBox crashes when skipping forward through 20 or more tracks
10:04:11webguest16this is with file tree mode, mp3 files, crossfade off
10:05:23webguest16this only happens from build 23rd jul onwards, the build of jull 22nd doesn't have this bug
10:12:16rooom_wrkIs anybody here who downloaded the software for UART Boot Mod (Archos) by Jörg Hohensohn?
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11:41:40LearHm... Should firmware/common only contain "standard" C functions? I need to put a small utility function somewhere...
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11:54:58XavierGrhi all
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12:01:35austriancodergood morning
12:02:13XavierGrhi austriancoder
12:02:49XavierGrdid you write the lcd driver for the iaudio?
12:03:58austriancoderthe basics are done.. yes
12:04:25XavierGr*sweet* for those iaudio users. Are they supporting your cause?
12:04:59austriancodersome of them yes.. the other no
12:05:11austriancoderata driver should also work...
12:05:57XavierGrwhat about the FM. Is it the same with the iriver?
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12:06:08*austriancoder looks at the moment at the codec stuff... video support would be very nice
12:06:09XavierGrHi tvelocity!
12:06:44XavierGraustriancoder: for the iaudio? Me is jealous..
12:07:11tvelocitywhat's up?
12:07:40tvelocityalso known as wazzaaaaa
12:07:46austriancoderXavierGr: H3xx and iAudio X5 have both colord lcd.. so it would be cool to support some video formats too.. iaudio can play some avi's with a correct resolution
12:09:07XavierGrtvelocity: I just replied the WAZZUP you said. I know what it means I just said it like the commercials...
12:09:41*tvelocity hides under a stone for a while
12:10:33XavierGrtvelocity: though I doubt that you will be interested...
12:16:04XavierGraustriancoder: Does the iaudio has an FM radio like the H100? And if it does is it the same (or similar)?
12:18:34austriancoderis seems to be quite similar
12:21:44Learxaviergr: patch available somewhere?
12:22:35austriancoderLear: are you the guy who knows the codec api very well?
12:23:13Leardepends on what you mean by "very well". :) I didn't write it, if that's what you mean...
12:23:23XavierGrLear: Let me make the latest changes and I will post a patch.
12:24:06Learxaviergr: no rush, mainly wondering if it was the "copy file" approach or not... :)
12:24:37austriancoderLear: i want to extend the current codec api to support video playback
12:24:42XavierGramiconn linus and you lear were right. It is impossible to make the remote work from the same .c file correctly
12:25:31XavierGrcurrently I couldn't make it different. So I use the remote from the same .c file as a quick hack. Though all the settings I made for the remote are okay.
12:26:00XavierGrI hope that t0mas will help me implement this right (or anyone else)
12:26:09Learxaviergr: well, some restructuring would be needed...
12:26:37Learaustriancoder: perhaps should look at the existing video player... :)
12:27:07amiconnaustriancoder: I would rather concentrate to get code up and running on the iaudio first
12:27:44austriancoderamiconn: i am working in many areas ;)
12:28:11amiconnRockbox is not even fully ported to iriver yet; imho video codecs are really advanced stuff that can wait
12:28:32XavierGrmany fronts eh? Watch it out you dont want to be stretched out or your line will be broken...
12:29:40austriancoderamiconn: sure... so on iriver we need.. to extend the codec api too.. to support encoding
12:29:48amiconnYou targets are DAPs after all, I consider video a non-essential addon
12:30:10austriancoderbut its a nice to have
12:30:39Learamiconn: was it you or Jrg that did the recorder video hack?
12:30:40amiconnThe video playback on archos uses a special format, no compressing video codec
12:30:50amiconnIt was Jrg
12:31:42amiconn...and if video playback gets implemented, I surely wouldn't add it to the core. Video is an addon, so it is suitable to be implemented as plugin(s)
12:32:33amiconnThe codecs would then be part of the plugin library; the core codec api wouldn't be involved
12:33:11austriancoderbut you are right.. i will start with this if i get the iaudio working
12:33:40*amiconn has serious problems with the grayscale lib port :(
12:33:50 Join cYmen [0] (
12:34:01amiconnIt seems gcc does odd things with asm() blocks... not saving input parameters, although it is perfectly legal to change them in the block
12:34:56Learand you mark those parameters with "&" (or whatever it is)?
12:35:08amiconn& is for outputs
12:35:26Learno, = is for output, isn't it?
12:35:27 Quit dwihno (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
12:35:42amiconn...meaning that the output is set in the asm block before all inputs are processed
12:36:09amiconn(early clobber), so this output can't be placed in the same register as an input
12:36:17XavierGramiconn: Am I right that all the plugins cant play after the grayscale major update?
12:36:58XavierGrmaybe I am wrong I will check again!
12:37:00amiconnIf you mean no plugin will start (incompatible version), then you didn't update the full rockbox installation
12:37:13XavierGryeah thats the case
12:37:33amiconnDo that, and the plugins will work again
12:37:45XavierGrwell I had my remote patch installed and I thought I could use rolo to have 2 firmwares.
12:37:48amiconnI had to break backwards compatibility of the plugin api
12:38:13XavierGrI saved a folder with the new build and run Rolo
12:38:33XavierGrthen it splashed incompatible version on every plug-in
12:39:19 Join hicks [0] (
12:39:56Learperhaps you should use + then, to indicate the argument is both read and written...
12:40:40amiconnIn fact that's exactly what I do *not* want, but what gcc does...
12:40:41Learxaviergr: that is a limitation of rolo: you can only expect it to work well if the plugin/codec api hasn't changed between the versions you rolo.
12:41:43amiconnI have some input parameters that are modified within the block (pointers, moving across memory areas). After the block, the value should be the same as before it.
12:42:09amiconnThat's how it is documented in the gcc manual, and most of the time it works
12:42:24amiconn...but not always
12:43:24Learas I read the docs, if you don't specify any special constraint, it is assumed to be input only, which I interpret as "read only" in this case...
12:43:44amiconninput only != read only
12:43:55amiconnOtherwise the & modifier wouldn't make sense
12:47:07 Join DreamTactix291 [0] (
12:49:04Learwell, it wouldn't make any sense for & alone, but with = it would still be... But I don't know the asm keyword that well, I must admit. :)
12:49:38amiconnI'm thinking about a solution; maybe you're right after all.
12:50:25amiconnBut that doesn't make sense to me; it means that using a "r" input is the same as a "+r" input/output....
12:51:23amiconn...the only difference being that "r" doesn't write back the result if the value isn't used after the block, while "+r" does that
12:53:09amiconnI could try to copy all inputs that are modified in the blocks into temp variables before
12:53:25amiconn(more flexible than copying within the block)
12:54:42LearHm.. The following excerpt from the manual is interesting: "There is no way for you to specify that an input operand is modified without also specifying it as an output operand."
12:56:19amiconnHmm, it seems I overlooked this. :-/ Thanks for the hint...
12:56:38amiconnThat means I have to rework quite a number of asm blocks... get them clean, not only in the grayscale lib
12:57:42amiconnWell, I could use another trick - putting these blocks intop an inline functions
12:57:51Learone reason I've avoided asm blocks...
12:58:10amiconnFunctions are allowed to change their arguments without influencing the caller
13:00:32amiconnOr, specifiy an output tied to the same argument number, and assign the output to a 'discard' variable
13:03:15 Join ze [0] (
13:03:19 Join Chamois [0] (
13:16:00Learbtw, amiconn, do you know if alloca would work in Rockbox?
13:22:01amiconnI don't know
13:22:39amiconnMaybe it will wokr, but you have to be careful about the size anyway.
13:25:10 Join Moos [0] (
13:25:18MoosHi all
13:27:22XavierGrhi moos
13:28:16XavierGrMoos: Today I think I will have a bug free wps for the remote with progress bar support!
13:28:44Moosfunny :)
13:29:28Mooshave t0mas look at it a bit if he can help you?
13:30:39XavierGrwell he said that he would try to make something worth commitment. But he is busy making the default iriver firmware to start in his iHP. He can run only Rockbox at the moment. :x
13:30:59XavierGrWhich is a nice thing but he can upgrade to newest bootloader
13:31:09XavierGrWhich is a nice thing but he can't upgrade to newest bootloader
13:31:18Moost0mas are you here?
13:31:35Moosyes i remenber his iriver fw problem in boot
13:32:37Moosyour build is good in waiting for the true remote way
13:32:49Moos*very good
13:34:03Moosmaybe one day one of core dev will look at it seriously but apear it's not a priority for everyone :D
13:34:22 Quit oxygen77 (" webchat CGI:IRC 0.5.4 (2005) (EOF)")
13:35:03Moospitty, a lot of remote users but there ar'nt dev remote users
13:36:08 Join Aramil [0] (
13:37:44MoosLear: hi, are you here for a quick question?
13:38:26Moosi just chek the patchtracker and i see one patch for apev2
13:38:37Moosisn't for mp3 gain...?
13:38:55Moosi know you'r are implemented RG
13:39:02Moosfor Vorbis
13:39:13Learyou mean ape for mp3? Just looked at it, and it includes replaygain support, but only from ape tags...
13:39:45LearI'm just about to commit rg from id3v2 tags... :)
13:39:46Moosmp3 gain don't use this ape tag?
13:39:59Moossweat :)
13:40:08Learnow we need to be specific. :) with mp3gain, do you mean the program mp3gain?
13:40:52Moosno, just the RG concept for MP3 files, scuse i'm not expert :)
13:41:58Learwell, the program mp3gain originall modified the mp3 file itself, and later versions can also write an ape tag with some information (I'm a bit unsure exactly what it stores there, info to undo the change at least).
13:42:31Moosa ok undertand
13:42:55 Quit tvelocity (Connection timed out)
13:42:57Learthat way, no specific player support was needed, but you couldn't easily switch between track and album gain, resolution was limited...
13:43:42Learbut what I plan to commit is based on the rg tags Foobar writes, when id3v2 writing is enabled.
13:44:04Moosgood :)
13:44:40Mooscurrently rockbox don't support this ape tag, right?
13:44:53Learbecause that's the only "standard" (that I know of anyway) that is actually written by a program. :)
13:45:02Learnot for mp3, no.
13:45:20webguest16ounds great :)
13:48:37MoosLear: this currently RG concept for mp3 it's better, its reversible, i remenber i tested it in the past, and my files was completly modified, this tag concept it's very better, we hope you'll can add it easily :)
13:49:56Moosmerci to Fred too, the french dev if he read the logs
13:50:03Learquite easy, yes. hardest part was the changes to the id3v2 reader that turned out to be necessary. :) especially with the bug I found...
13:52:10 Join dwihno [0] (~dw@
13:57:35***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
13:57:53 Quit Aramil (Read error: 113 (No route to host))
14:01:17 Join tvelocity [0] (
14:02:06 Quit guyg ("CGI:IRC")
14:09:41amiconnw0000t! My H1x0 LCD is showing 49 greyscales! :))
14:10:40MoosCongratulations :)
14:11:05Moosnew plugin?
14:12:54Moosor with current plugin?
14:13:37XavierGrgood job amiconn!
14:14:04Mooslike every time :D
14:14:15XavierGr50 colour LCD screen eh? (including white)
14:14:43XavierGr^no colour
14:16:35amiconnXavierGr: No, 49 shades, including black & white
14:17:09amiconnThe bad thing is that it warbles... I have to see whether this can be solved
14:18:40 Join ]RowaN[ [0] (~anon@
14:20:47]RowaN[i dunno anyones had a look but just a reminder for anyone working on it, theres a flac which kills rockbox (on my iriver h120) here:
14:20:50amiconnThis is what I feared - the internal 4-level greyscale interferes with the external pixel flipping
14:21:23Learrowan: kills as in crashes? and it works in other players?
14:22:09amiconnThis did not happen in my first tests, but in the real thing, with more shades, it does :(
14:22:18]RowaN[it works in winamp
14:22:38HCllet me move that one
14:22:40HClto my normal ftp
14:22:44HClcan't download from my incoming dir
14:22:48XavierGrno way to overcome this? Is this a hardware issue?
14:23:10]RowaN[I03 AddrErr @ 31022f00 is what it says
14:23:40amiconnXavierGr: I could try to switch to b&w mode for the grayscale lib. However, this would have 2 disadvantages
14:24:00amiconn(1) The maximum number of shades is reduced to 33, like on the archos
14:24:34Learbad indeed. and that's outside the memory map, afaict...
14:24:35amiconn(2) It is not possible to show 'normal' graphics outside the area covered by the grayscale overlay
14:25:00amiconnLear: It isn't
14:25:12amiconn31000000 is start of DRAM
14:25:18HClcats rule
14:25:30Learah, my bad, I was thinking plugin start. :)
14:25:31XavierGrso which is best, to stick with 4 shades or disable them to have 33?
14:25:36]RowaN[hmm although it crashed my iriver twice in a row (after rebooting), it seems to be playing fine today
14:26:45]RowaN[am i the only one who didnt know that pressing Play from the error screen (where hd is stuck spinning) takes you back to the main filetree (hd stops spinning)
14:27:26]RowaN[saved my iriver from certain death in the middle of my commute on monday
14:27:39*amiconn has an idea...
14:28:02amiconnIt should be possible to implement 33 shades without switching to b&w mode...
14:28:11Learhm... can flac have other than 16-bit samples?
14:28:36amiconn...I will do some calculation, perhaps it is even possible to have slightly more than 33 shades without warbling (just not 49)
14:29:32amiconnThe warbling only happens when flicking between light & dark, not between dark & black or light & white
14:31:55Learyes, flac supports other depths...
14:32:27zeflac supports up to 32bit
14:32:34zeand up to like 655Khz
14:32:34zeand up to 8 channels
14:34:08webguest16lear: is RG enabled for mp3 now ?
14:34:17Learthe flac codec only supports 16 as it is now...
14:34:48Learwebguest16: yes, given the right tags.
14:35:03crwlis there a way to add those tags (and not touch the audio data) in linux?
14:35:33 Quit edx ()
14:35:40webguest16great, I wrote RG info to v2 tags with foobar. Thank you
14:35:44LearI'd guess so, after all, they are normal TXXX id3v2 frames. But I don't know what program(s) can do that.
14:38:09 Join RotAtoR [0] (
14:38:18 Join rooomish [0] (
14:38:50 Quit ashridah ("Leaving")
14:45:12 Join MooMaunder [0] ( there anyway to go about reporting bugs with Rockbox on the iRiver?
14:55:19 Quit Moos (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
14:56:15HClyes. here.
14:57:18 Quit rooomish (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
14:58:49 Join rooomish [0] (
14:59:18MooMaunderJust a couple of things then,
15:00:35MooMaunder1. Holding up or down while listening to a song changes volume..if you hold up or down for more than about 5 seconds the player starts slowing down until its unusable, also volume does actually change once this has started happening
15:00:59MooMaunderalso volume does actually = also volume doesn't change
15:01:36MooMaunderi.e. the player says 10% but the volume is actually at the volume before it started slowing down
15:02:01MooMaunder2. Loudish click when the player shuts down
15:05:51 Nick Lear is now known as Lear_away (
15:05:51 Quit Febs_away (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
15:14:17webguest16seems that the latest patch has fixed the 'crash when skipping tracks" bug :)
15:33:02amiconnLear_away: Didn't you write 'cut down the code size' in your commit message?
15:35:01webguest16Replaygain is beautiful (mp3), thank you
15:35:55XavierGrammicon: can you remind me please how can I make a whole patch of my work using cvs diff -u?
15:41:35 Quit DreamTactix291 (Read error: 60 (Operation timed out))
15:41:43 Join ep0ch [0] (~ep0ch@
15:41:46XavierGrcvs diff -u > remote_patch.diff. is that right?
15:42:50ep0chstupid question time... Why is mpc.codec so much bigger than the other codecs?
15:44:56 Part webguest16
15:45:04ep0chi.e. filesize
15:46:57]RowaN[i wonder how long it would take my 3ghz pc to add replaygain tags to 8 gigs worth of mp3s
15:47:30ep0chi bet a fiver on 1 hr
15:47:49ep0chany other takers?
15:48:12]RowaN[replaygain website talks about 2 modes (radio/audiophile: a fiver on 1 hr
15:48:12]RowaN[<ep0ch> any oth)
15:48:39XavierGrwell it adds only a tag or it searches the file how it can be changed (volume)?
15:48:43]RowaN[replaygain website talks about 2 modes (radio/audiophile: .. which does rockbox do?
15:49:21ep0ch]RowaN[: you adding the tags with foobar?
15:49:45]RowaN[no idea
15:49:58ep0ch]RowaN[: if you are a tip, don't be playing any of the tracks when you do it
15:49:59]RowaN[u recommend foobar?
15:50:13]RowaN[good idea =]
15:50:33ep0chyeah foobar adds the right tags for rockbox as far as i know
15:53:28]RowaN[can foobar add replaygain to flacs,oggs,mp2 as well?
15:54:50ep0chdefinetly ogg, most probably flac, never tried with mp2
15:56:15 Join belgarath [0] (
15:56:56belgarathhi, has anybody used the replay gain for mp3 files on rockbox?
15:57:38***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
15:58:41ep0chi can do in 2 mins if you want me to?
15:59:38belgarathi have installed foobar and it is adding the necessary info for the files (i just inserted all of my files and selected replaygain multiple albums)
15:59:46belgaraththis will work?
15:59:58ep0chyeay should do
16:00:10belgarathis it worth doing for tracks as well?
16:00:12ep0chtell rockbox to use album gain
16:00:26belgarathbecause scanning 3000 songs is taking a long trime
16:00:30ep0ch?? foobar adds both track and album gain info
16:00:56belgarathfor me i had an option
16:01:08belgarathi selected all files - replaygain - multiple albums
16:01:23belgarathor maybe i did it wrong...
16:01:30ep0chno that;s right
16:01:53belgarathso if i select per multiple album it will add per track as well?
16:02:03ep0chthat tells foobar that the songs in your playlist belong to differnt albums
16:02:57ep0chat the end of the replaygain process it will show a list of all the files processed, and their values, you will see a trackgain and album gain listed against each file
16:03:35ep0chbut like i told ]RowaN[, dont be playing any of the files when foobar tries to add the tags
16:03:44]RowaN[i dont have any albums, im not american =]
16:04:20ep0chwhat have you got? just random tracks?
16:04:37]RowaN[i guess you could call them random
16:05:25belgarathi love listening by album
16:05:35ep0chif there was a group that did a good song, i would always buy their album and not the single
16:05:36belgarathand I'm not american
16:05:45 Nick Lear_away is now known as Lear (
16:05:51Learamiconn: yes, I did...
16:06:06]RowaN[i never understood albums.. i mean.. what are the chances of someone liking say, 12 songs that a complete stranger has throw together on a disc
16:06:16Learrowan: rockbox does both.
16:06:32]RowaN[cool.. its selectable in the options?
16:06:38ep0ch]RowaN[: you mean compilation albums?
16:06:39Learwhere else? :)
16:06:52]RowaN[epoc: even when its by the same artist
16:07:15]RowaN[lear: in my dreams?
16:08:14amiconnLear: The binary actually got bigger on archos...
16:08:55Learamiconn: yes, I did some changes to the id3v2 parser. that would add a few bytes...
16:09:11belgarathdoes anybody know how to do playlists based on song count/rating?
16:09:47Learbut the point was, had I not done the generalization part, the iriver size would have been larger.
16:11:14]RowaN[according to the replaygain website there are no players that support it.. what about rockbox and foobar heh
16:11:42ep0chand xbmc
16:12:03belgaratharrgh 3000 files are taking ages to scan
16:12:07]RowaN[im betteroff replaygaining than mp3gaining my collection?
16:12:11belgarathbetter be worth it...
16:12:25Learthe replaygain site hasn't been updated in quite a while...
16:12:36ep0ch]RowaN[: it's down to preference, i prefer replaygain
16:12:47Learbelgarath: why not just tryit on a few albums first. :)
16:13:02belgarathyeah i should have done that
16:13:18belgarathonly 1700 to go now
16:14:31]RowaN[im still confused as to why digital sound (tv/mp3/radio/cd/tape) nearly always sounds harsh to my ears (when people sing words which make a C or S sound)
16:15:26belgaraththat may be headphones?
16:15:34amiconnLear: Btw, the problem with the grayscale lib was indeed the asm input operands. I solved this by converting all operands that are changed in the block into combined input-output operands, and copy the values to temporary variables tied to these operands
16:15:36]RowaN[headphones/speakers, no difference
16:15:51belgarathi used the mdr ex71s and those sounded horrible with c's t's s'
16:16:01]RowaN[i have ex71s i think
16:16:01amiconnThe temporary variable contents is simply dropped after the block
16:16:11]RowaN[i prefered my old sonys that i stepped on, and are no discontinued
16:16:20belgarathgood headphones but dodgy high frequencies
16:16:22]RowaN[perhaps all my life ive had crap equiptment.. how much should i have to spend for decent speakers/headfones
16:16:32belgarathdunno it depends
16:16:44belgarathi'm happy with my px100s and they were 26
16:17:01]RowaN[is that what it is, "high frequency" with the C's/S's?
16:17:15belgarathi don't know but that was my guess
16:17:38]RowaN[i notice it most on tv.. digital tv, optical connection to my amp
16:17:45]RowaN[huuuuge speakers =]
16:18:09belgarathit may not be the speakers but the signal the amp is getting
16:18:27belgarathsometimes radio hurts the ears with c's and t's
16:18:57]RowaN[well like i say its a optical signal from mpeg2 digital tv
16:18:57 Quit austriancoder ("CGI:IRC")
16:19:35Learamiconn: even the warbling?
16:19:50amiconnNo, not the warbling.
16:19:55amiconn...unfortunately :(
16:20:13amiconnI'm still undecided what to do about it
16:21:06amiconnI could resort to 33 shades even without switching to b&w mode, but that would waste half the RAM
16:22:01amiconnSelecting the shades from any combination of (black, dark, light, white) may not work as intended because these 4 shades aren't evenly spaced, and can't be
16:22:42 Join webguest79 [0] (
16:22:46amiconnThe LCD allows 7 shades internally, of which it can display 2, plus black & white
16:23:46amiconnThat means, the brightnesses for almost even distribution are 0-2-4-7, 0-3-5-7, 0-2-5-7 or 0-3-4-7
16:32:52*amiconn had an idea, perhaps it works...
16:33:57belgarathepoch: I accidentally unplugged the usb cable for 10 seconds - is there any way for foobar to scan just the tracks that have no replay gain info?
16:36:29LearI think you can tell it to always rescan, even if they have tags, so it shouldn't take long to rescan.
16:37:17belgarathbecause instead of stopping to wait for me to replug it skipped around 800 songs
16:38:30belgarathok there is an option to skip files that have the replay gain info...
16:38:51]RowaN[replaygain uses ID3V2? i thought V2 was evil?
16:40:15belgarathhmm i selected it to scan them, but now it takes 10 seconds and stops
16:41:23]RowaN[or is that just old wives tale from the days before id3v2 player support was widespread?
16:46:14amiconnI think I'm going for the RAM waste, i.e. 33 shades with twice the RAM, but with the ability to mix greyscale overlay and normal graphics.
16:50:06 Quit belgarath ("CGI:IRC")
16:54:26MooMaunderHas anyone seen the problem when running Rockbox on the iRiver, when you hold up or down when a track is playing, it starts to alter the volume then after about 2 seconds the player slows until its unusable ?
16:54:43 Join xMist [0] (
16:54:49xMisthey guys
16:54:58xMisti can't seem to create a WPS file with Notepad
16:56:45]RowaN[moo: ive had that b4 yeah
16:57:00]RowaN[whats holding you back xmist?
16:57:22xMistwhen i make a WPS file in notepad, and save it as mywps.wps, it saves it as mywps.wps.txt
16:57:27xMistso rockbox can't read it
16:57:31]RowaN[go into dos
16:57:36]RowaN[ren mywps.wps.txt mywps.wps
16:57:41xMistokay thanks
16:57:48MooMaunderYou also get the load click when you power down rockbox ?
16:57:53]RowaN[then in future when u edit it with notepad it shouldnt add the .txt again
16:57:54MooMaunderload = loud
16:58:01xMistokay thanks
16:58:13xMistlemme try that...
16:58:21]RowaN[not loud at all, here
16:59:03MooMaunderIts not load as in ear hurting... but there is a fairly audible click noise
16:59:26]RowaN[yes, like those that used to be audible when u pause/unpause/start track
17:00:36xMistRowan, it worked@
17:00:48xMisti just used command prompt
17:00:51xMistthanks a bunch
17:01:18 Quit rooomish (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
17:02:23 Join rooomish [0] (
17:02:30amiconnyay, works like a charm :))
17:03:02xMistah my first wps is unsuccessful
17:03:05MooMaunderIs there anything to be done about the volume problem?
17:03:25xMisthow do i reset the wps to the standard wps?
17:03:36 Quit Lear ("Chatzilla [Firefox 1.0.6/20050720]")
17:03:43solexxMist: when saving text files with notepad, you can surround the "filename.wps" like this and notepad won't add .the txt extension.
17:03:54xMistokay thanks!
17:04:03xMistis there anything wrong with this wps?
17:04:06xMist%ac%s%in %it
17:04:06DBUGEnqueued KICK xMist
17:05:15 Join Rasisika [0] (
17:06:33 Part Rasisika
17:11:35webguest79xMist: last line, what will you display (altering between pc/pt ang ig ?)
17:11:46webguest79ang ig
17:11:48webguest79and ig
17:12:25xMistcurrent time in song/total time then alternating to genre
17:13:15webguest79xMist: try %t3%s%pc/%pt;%t3%s%ig
17:13:28xMistokay thanks
17:13:30webguest79%t.. means display for 3 seconds
17:13:39xMistanother thing - my %ac tags aren't working
17:13:45xMistmeans center
17:13:54webguest79then use %s%ac...
17:14:05xMistoh okay lol
17:14:59 Join DreamTactix291 [0] (
17:17:14xMistmy %ac tags still aren't working :(
17:17:33webguest79send your wps to remartinelli at dplanet dot ch, I'll check
17:17:34xMistdo i have to end the line with %ac?
17:17:41xMisthold onb
17:19:40xMistdot ch?
17:20:02]RowaN[%ac makes the line invisible if it contains text that wasnt pulled from the music file, in my experience
17:20:45xMistthe lines aren't invisible, just aligned left when they should be aligned center
17:21:07xMisti sent you the email thanks
17:21:17]RowaN[if i do %achellowolrd the entire line is just blank
17:21:28xMisti finally got my JBR20 to play nice with MediaMonkey
17:21:32xMistit's great
17:22:00xMistsays that %ac is align center
17:24:22xMistwebguest79, you get the email?
17:25:14webguest79xMist: yes, but I could not find any faults, what's when you try without %s%ac ?
17:26:32xMisthold on
17:26:34xMistlemme try
17:26:43xMistshould i leave out the %s, %ac, or both?
17:27:04webguest79at least %ac in a first step
17:28:04xMistwhen i leave out %ac, it's just like last time
17:28:13xMisteverything shows and works fine, but it's all aligned to the left
17:28:23xMisti'm trying to get certain lines to align center
17:28:57webguest79xMist: you have an actual build ?
17:29:20xMistbuild of rockbox?
17:29:41webguest79xMist: or try deleting all rockbox stuff from your player (except config and wps stuff) and reinstall the latest build
17:29:52webguest79rockbox build
17:30:06xMistall right hold on
17:30:36xMistcan i just delete and reinstall without booting the archos os in between?
17:30:41xMistdoes it matter?
17:32:15webguest79no, you can just delete reinstall and then delete
17:32:36xMistdelete and reinstall, what's the last delete for
17:32:52webguest79and then reboot ;-)
17:33:21xMistboot changed, reboot now
17:34:31xMistokay, progress
17:34:34xMistgot it
17:34:36xMisthold on
17:35:05rooomishHelp pls. Is anybody here who has downloaded the SW for Archos UART Boot mod made by Joerg (IDC Dragon)?
17:36:14xMistokay i got it
17:36:18xMistthanks webguest!
17:36:26webguest79no problem
17:36:27xMistthe latest build fixed something, i suppose?
17:36:49webguest79I think the delete and reinstall has helped
17:37:32xMistoh okay
17:37:36xMistwell cool thanks
17:37:44xMistwhat have i missed from 2.4 to the latest build
17:38:46 Quit Cassandra (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
17:39:45]RowaN[LOADS? =p
17:40:02xMistlike what?
17:40:29]RowaN[a few hundred changes hehe
17:40:48xMistlol does that include how it scrolls before it reaches the top?
17:40:55bluebrother^MooMaunder: i noticed the problem with the daily build from today
17:41:08]RowaN[xmist u have an archos? im on iriver here
17:41:17xMistyeah i've got an archos JBR
17:41:21bluebrother^replaced rockbox.iriver with the bleeding edge build -> working now.
17:42:30bluebrother^ok, noticed it again :(
17:43:17 Quit XavierGr ()
17:45:51xMistwhat's wrong?
17:46:37bluebrother^replaced it with daily-050725 −− this one works.
17:46:41CtcpIgnored 1 channel CTCP requests in 0 seconds at the last flood
17:46:41*rooomish is away: but will read the the log :-)
17:51:07 Join Cassandra [0] (
17:53:20 Part ep0ch
17:54:11 Quit webguest79 ("CGI:IRC (EOF)")
17:54:31*Cassandra sets foobar to replaygaining her MP3s.
17:55:33xMistokay bye guys
17:57:40***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
17:59:09*xMist leaves
17:59:25*xMist deciding whether to leave or not
17:59:33xMistokay bye
17:59:43*xMist walks out the door, tripping
17:59:46 Part xMist
18:09:51 Join webguest62 [0] (
18:10:37webguest62hi there. I'm having problems with my rockbox plugins. I've downloaded yesterdays daily build, and installed it, but it says "incompatible model" for each one
18:10:38 Quit ]RowaN[ ("bbl")
18:10:59webguest62I've tried removing the directory on the player and reinstalling, but no joy
18:11:25webguest62could anyone help me with this problem? thanks
18:11:47bluebrother^have you compiled the plugins yourself?
18:12:17CassandraPretty much the only way to get that is by using plugins from an older version of Rockbox.
18:12:25 Join leftright [0] (
18:12:59bluebrother^may it be a problem by the changes in the graphics library?
18:14:16webguest62sounds like it could be, but wouldn't they have built with the daily build?
18:14:21CassandraI'd expect others to have the same problem.
18:14:44CassandraWhat did you do? Download the bleeding edge build?
18:16:12webguest62nope, yesterdays daily build.
18:16:53webguest62hold on. a reboot seems to have fixed it.
18:17:06webguest62thanks for your help
18:17:09 Quit webguest62 ("CGI:IRC")
18:17:49CassandraI have no problems running plugins with the current bleeding edge from the website.
18:18:04CassandraAh, yes. You do have to reboot after update.
18:18:23amiconnYeps, quite logical
18:18:40amiconnI had to break backwards compatibility of the plugin api,
18:18:52amiconnso old plugins won't run with new rockbox and vice versa
18:20:00Cassandraami: How close are we to being able to use greys in the WPS?
18:20:08 Join xMist [0] (
18:20:20xMistsigma's got rio!
18:21:13amiconnCassandra: My current work has nothing to do with the core. I dunno whether someone is working on greyscale support in the wps
18:21:40*amiconn wants to view JPEG images...
18:22:05amiconnThat's why I'm working on the grayscale lib like mad...
18:22:54CassandraAh, right.
18:23:04amiconnGreyscale in the wps might lead to several problems though, at least if it's used for more than bitmaps
18:23:30amiconnVarious grey shades and scrolling text don't go well together atm
18:24:02amiconnI know how this can be solved, but that's not top prio for me atm
18:24:14CassandraI can imagine not. Presumably the 4 colour greyscale mode on the H100 and higher colour ones are quite different in nature.
18:24:42amiconnThis problem is general; it would also occur on colour devices
18:25:29amiconnThe problem is that the scrolltext structure should store the active foreground and background shade/colour, and use that for subsequent updates, i.e. scroll steps
18:25:46Cassandra*nods* Fairly simple fix then.
18:26:05amiconnCurrently it doesn't do that, so all scrolling texts will change shade/ colour if the global value is changed
18:26:38godzirraIs there a way to set it so that once rockbox gets to the end of a directory, it will move to the next directory and start playing?
18:26:46CassandraHmm. Think I'll add a third replaygain type. "Album, track on random".
18:26:59Cassandragodzirra: Yes, it's in the playback settings.
18:27:08crwlis there a way to have rockbox save the file browser position between restarts?
18:27:21 Quit BePe86 (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
18:27:21amiconnNot too complex, but I didn't want to deal with just this little problem. This fix would go well with a boxed scrolling implementation...
18:27:24CassandraMove to next folder.
18:27:37Cassandracrwl: Yes, it's in the system/file settings.
18:27:44crwlCassandra, oh, is it :o
18:27:50amiconnCassandra: Huh?
18:28:03CassandraI tell a lie.
18:28:07CassandraFile view settings.
18:28:11CassandraFollow playlist.
18:28:25CassandraIt has that side effect too.
18:28:31amiconn"save the file browser position *between restarts*"
18:28:46amiconnThat's not possible independently of the playlist
18:28:46godzirrathanks :)
18:29:23godzirraI just killed my rockbox.
18:29:37CassandraI'm sorry. I appear to be wrong about that.
18:29:55CassandraI seem to remember it doing so before. How odd.
18:30:27amiconnFollow playlist will set the file browser to the last played file after an (even short) resume
18:30:38godzirranow I just need to add a volume bar to my wps and I'm set.
18:31:45CassandraAh, yes. I used to have "resume" set to "ask" and "follow playlist" set to "on", so since I usually said yes, it had the desired effect for me.
18:32:11CassandraAs amicon says. A quick resume will dump you back where you want to be, when "follow playlist" is set to on.
18:36:26CassandraOoh - 4GB SD card shipping soon (for $699)
18:37:27CassandraDammit why are morons on eBay paying over 10 quid for small old hard drives.
18:37:40CassandraThis JB Player is turning out to be a real money sink.
18:46:10CassandraAh, I think I know how to solve this cheaply. I have a 32MB CF card lying around. A laptop IDE to CF adapter is only 1 quid or so.,
18:52:15 Quit tvelocity ("Leaving")
19:02:56 Join edx [0] (
19:04:25 Join bagawk [0] (~lee@bagawk.user)
19:06:28amiconnCassandra: This won't work
19:06:52amiconnA drive that small won't work with FAT32, and the archos firmware can't boot off a FAT16 drive
19:07:41bagawkHow small?
19:08:07amiconn[18:45:22] <Cassandra> .... I have a 32MB CF card lying around. A laptop IDE to CF adapter is only 1 quid or so.,
19:08:41amiconnW00t! Mandelbrot.rock is pretty damn fast on iriver :))
19:09:01Chamoisamiconn : want to see :-)))
19:12:37 Quit koniu_ (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
19:12:39 Join koniu_ [0] (
19:14:03 Join webguest07 [0] (
19:14:10 Quit bipak_ ("Lost terminal")
19:36:25 Quit xMist ("CGI:IRC (Ping timeout)")
19:41:39bluebrother^I can reproduce the slowdown-error reported by MooMaunder with all builds after the timer change.
19:42:44bluebrother^tried turning off the status bar, so no volume display was present −− device slows down.
19:44:27 Join xMist [0] (
19:44:57 Quit DreamTactix291 (Read error: 60 (Operation timed out))
19:45:49 Join ep0ch [0] (~ep0ch@
19:46:45ep0chcan someone help me with a quick WPS question? :)
19:48:20ep0chwhy can't i centre text? i.e. '%acHello World' doesn't centre the text :s
19:48:31xMisthaha i just had the same exact problem
19:48:44xMisthere's how to fix itL
19:49:03xMistdo you have %s in the same line
19:49:15ep0chi was thinking that adding one would fix it
19:49:17xMistoh nm lol
19:49:31xMistno what rockbox version do you have
19:49:46ep0chbleeding edge ihp version
19:50:12xMisthmm...get the daily build, that fixed it for my archos JBR
19:51:06ep0chhmm i'll add a conditional bit to the lione, that'll probably work
19:52:06ep0ch%ac[%pc/%pt] works fine
19:53:51 Quit solex (Read error: 54 (Connection reset by peer))
19:57:44***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
19:58:00 Join muesli- [0] (
19:59:56 Join solex [0] (
20:06:03 Part xMist
20:07:02 Join webguest50 [0] (
20:08:56webguest50you know if Replay Gain for MP3 files is already ready?
20:09:09muesli-it is
20:09:21leftrightworks like a bomb
20:09:41leftrighttrue true
20:09:43webguest50mp3 gain?
20:09:51leftrightreally really really
20:09:59muesli-yeah yeah yeah yeah
20:10:22webguest50what logiciel you use?
20:10:32webguest50mp3 gain?
20:10:54leftrightfoobars Replaygain
20:11:04webguest50a ok
20:11:31leftrightwrites to ID3v2 tags
20:11:34webguest50is it easy to understand (foobar)?
20:12:12leftrightyes, set tag writing to ID3v2 and ID3v1
20:12:47leftrightit wont write to V1, but thats the option available
20:14:05webguest50what's about APE tag?
20:14:19leftrightit'l strip the ape tag
20:14:41webguest50it's needed for mp3 gain?
20:15:04leftrightReplaygain info isn't stored in the ape tag
20:15:22webguest50id3 tag if i understand well
20:16:02leftrightID3v2 for Replaygain
20:17:02webguest50did you test it?
20:17:02 Quit muesli- (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
20:17:55leftrightyes I tested, and my entire collection of music is RG'd
20:18:06webguest50lucky man ;)
20:18:36webguest50worked good now?
20:18:48leftrightyes perfect :)
20:19:19webguest50i will do it for my big dirs
20:19:56 Quit bagawk ("Leaving")
20:19:56webguest50lot of differents albums−−>different volume :)
20:20:10webguest50but now it's so good
20:20:20webguest50thanks again guys
20:20:29webguest50for all your works
20:20:45CassandraAfter 2 hours of RGing, I'm half way through my collection. :(
20:21:00webguest50it's a good start :)
20:21:04thegeekI once started rg'in all my files
20:21:09thegeekI left it on overnight
20:21:12thegeekand it was still not done
20:21:15webguest50i'll do it too
20:21:18thegeekso I had to cancel
20:21:26thegeekand nothing it did was saved
20:21:30thegeekthat was annoying
20:21:42thegeekbut I just did it in steps
20:21:47webguest50how many space?
20:21:49CassandraMine seems to be trundling away in the background quite happily.
20:21:52leftrightmy poor PIII struggled all night
20:22:00thegeekhow many space?
20:22:04thegeekyou mean how many gb?
20:22:10webguest50yes :)
20:22:16thegeekatm 72.6 gb
20:22:25*Cassandra has 4000 songs / 30gb or so.
20:22:30thegeekbut 5gb is unsorted/unpacked/duplicates
20:22:36webguest5040gb here
20:22:51thegeekit's easy to get lots of music when you only download albums
20:22:56thegeekemule is great for albums
20:23:09webguest50~7000 songs
20:23:10thegeeki just start 20 albums
20:23:14thegeekand leave it on for some time;)
20:23:20webguest50good day
20:23:23 Quit webguest50 ("CGI:IRC")
20:23:38leftrightI am so chaffed with replaygain :)
20:24:23CassandraDoes it work on Archos too?
20:24:32CassandraI expect that'd be too much to hope for.
20:27:25 Join belgarath [0] (
20:27:42belgarathhi, does the new replaygain support for mp3 read the ape tag?
20:28:40CassandraNope. Just ID3.
20:28:48 Join MooMaunder2 [0] (
20:29:01CassandraThere's a patch that does APE in the tracker, but I don't think people've had time to discuss it yet.
20:36:16belgarathid3 1?
20:42:29 Join Stryke` [0] (
20:42:38leftrightI'm certain that foobars ID3v2 tag writing must be set to ISO-8859-1 as well for Replaygaining,
20:43:20CassandraIs this bad?
20:44:20leftrightmine are all done with ISO-8859-1 enabled, so I dont know the consequences of not doing it
20:44:40leftrightbut the music hub that I belong to insists on it being enabled
20:45:02leftrightand they're fundis with foobar and music
20:48:09belgarathleftright: how do I get foobar to do id3v2 tags with iso-8859 enabled>
20:49:10leftright<Ophite1> Otherwise it'll write Unicode tags, where they aren't needed, and screw things up, (thats from an expert)
20:49:29belgarathwhere do i write that
20:49:42leftrightone sec
20:50:40leftrightpreferences > ID3v2 tag support > tick enable ISO-8859-1
20:51:15belgarathi don't have id3v2 tag support on the menu
20:51:32leftrightits a plugin download it
20:52:18 Quit MooMaunder2 (Remote closed the connection)
20:52:35CassandraOh dear. Are mine going to all come out unicoded and not work?
20:52:47belgarathi extract it to the root of the foobar folder?
20:53:04leftrightyes afraid so cassandra
20:53:31belgarathwhere do I extract the plugin?
20:54:19leftrightdont know, I installed a version which has it
20:54:33belgarathi thought i installed the full version...
20:55:34belgarathdo you just tick the first check box?
20:57:16belgarathleftright: do you just need to tick the box marked: "always wrute iso-8859-1 tags instead of utf-16?
20:58:47belgarathok now I have to wait 3 hours for it to tag 3000 files....
21:06:50Stryke`i was gonna do the same, i think i'll wait for APEv2 support
21:08:53leftrightI'm uncertain but if you write to ape it might strip v2 and v1, check the write to tag settings are to your liking
21:09:07Stryke`i have ape and id3v1
21:09:25Stryke`are you using replaygain on mp3 on rockbox yet?
21:09:34leftrightyes I am
21:09:39Stryke`hows the volume?
21:10:19leftrighterm, it works as intended, album gain and track gain work well
21:11:05Stryke`what i meant was do you have to raise the normal volume since RG was implemented?
21:11:46leftrightno noticeably so,
21:12:36 Part ep0ch
21:12:47Stryke`and album mode will default to track gain if no album gain is found and vice versa?
21:12:51belgarathi hope after all this time i notice the difference
21:13:31leftrightbut classical albums were louder with track gain, but that is expected, (just messing around with it)
21:13:53bluebrother^is the simulator able playing files under linux?
21:14:15Stryke`gapless and replaygain, im in heaven ;-)
21:15:44 Join DreamTactix291 [0] (
21:20:58belgarathhi dreamtactix
21:26:39t0masI've found an old ISA card... with some A/D and D/A convertors...
21:26:58t0masbut I don't know wich I/O port to use... because I don't know wich one is free
21:27:09t0masis there some way to find out if a port address is free in linux?
21:29:03bluebrother^hmm. cat /proc/ioports maybe?
21:29:24*t0mas feels stupid...
21:29:26t0masthat's it
21:29:35bluebrother^shows the used ports for me ... but I don't know if this works for ISA cards.
21:29:51*bluebrother^ hasn't used ISA-cards for quite a log while
21:30:22t0maswell... I don't have any ISA cards
21:30:31t0masso I guess 220 - 22F is free
21:30:39t0masit was used for old ISA soundblaster cards
21:31:04bluebrother^hmm, I can remember this.
21:31:10bluebrother^set blaster=... ;-)
21:31:14t0masyes in Dos
21:32:45bluebrother^that were times ... playing Monkey Island.
21:34:13*bluebrother^ feels old.
21:37:02*t0mas is going to shut down... to put his new card in :D
21:37:09t0mas"new" like 15 years old
21:41:30 Quit t0mas ("brb")
21:42:29 Join [-AIR-] [0] (
21:44:39 Quit [-AIR-] (Client Quit)
21:46:11 Quit webguest07 ("CGI:IRC")
21:46:19 Join webguest33 [0] (
21:50:16 Quit Chamois (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
21:52:27 Quit webguest33 ("CGI:IRC")
21:54:01 Join ]RowaN[ [0] (
21:55:28 Join t0mas [0] (
21:55:46]RowaN[guys im about to replaygain my entire collection.. not sure what to choose: per file, album, or multiple album
21:56:51t0masok, tnx bluebrother^
21:56:57t0masyou solved my I/O port problem
21:57:05t0masnow I have a more complicated problem
21:57:12t0masI don't have an ISA slot
21:57:48***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
21:58:15BBub]RowaN[: per album would make sense
21:58:38belgarathif you are choosing from a whole list of albums
21:58:40BBubbut i dont use replaygain - i want the full dynamic of the music ;)
21:58:40Stryke`]RowaN[: multiple album
21:58:44belgaraththen go for multiple
21:59:22bluebrother^hmmm. This seems to be more tricky ;-)
21:59:37Stryke`BBub: as far as i understand, replaygain does not squash dynamica a la normalization
21:59:44belgarathi thought replaygain did not compress dynamic range?
22:00:01]RowaN[i guess it doesnt matter if i do both.. it just depends which mode i choose in rockbox for which gain tag it uses?
22:00:09BBubwell, it adjust the tracks so they are equal in their volume
22:00:25Stryke`]RowaN[: album and multiple album will automatically do track gain as well
22:00:57]RowaN[i dont have any albums, just around 1000 mp3 files
22:01:06Stryke`then track gain makes the most sense
22:02:35]RowaN[i still dont really understand relpaygain (how could i, its technical, im thick), but i figure i can add the tags and see what its like without doing any harm
22:03:07 Quit RotAtoR ()
22:03:28Stryke`you'll never go back ;-)
22:03:49BBubdepends on how you like your music
22:04:47crwlreplaygain doesn't compress dynamic range
22:04:58crwlall it does is adjusts volume
22:05:45Stryke`dynamic range is untouched
22:06:02Stryke`the worst that *could* happen is the lowest volumes could be inaudible
22:06:14Stryke`but odds are they're inaudible anyway
22:08:38 Join [-AIR-] [0] (
22:13:33]RowaN[i usually like my music at max volume, whatever mp3 it is
22:13:41]RowaN[so this feature may be lost on me hehe
22:14:00]RowaN[max volume sometimes isnt enough.. will replaygain make it even louder ever?
22:15:08BBubi guess we will have to wait a little longer until someone writes the code to a cutomizable volume-limiter ;)
22:16:17 Quit Malnilion (Read error: 131 (Connection reset by peer))
22:20:02DreamTactix291all replaygain is are tags to adjust volume playback to one level so you don't have to adjust your volume ever
22:20:15DreamTactix291i've gotten spoiled by it on my computer
22:27:13 Join memmem [0] (
22:28:38 Join Luthion [0] (
22:29:57[-AIR-]OMFG fractals and JPEGS. wot more could i ask for
22:30:22[-AIR-]wot res must the jpegs be?
22:30:42[-AIR-]must they be b+w?
22:30:50belgarathYES jPeg support"
22:31:11amiconnThe jpegas can be almost any resolution, b&w and colour.
22:31:22amiconnProgressive scan isn't supported by the decoder
22:31:40[-AIR-]thank you JENS
22:31:42[-AIR-]legend @:)
22:31:51[-AIR-]now for the testing :)
22:31:54belgarathwhat is the resolution of the lcd though?
22:31:55[-AIR-]wow im so excited
22:32:05belgarathso that i can resize to save space
22:32:07amiconnThe plugin will scale them down to make them fit as far as possible, possible scaling factors are 1, 1/2, 1/4 and 1/8
22:32:38belgaraththanks amiconn
22:32:42amiconnIf they don't fit, e.g. if you zoom in, you can scroll around with the joystick
22:32:59amiconnSee the wiki for button assignment
22:34:16amiconnThe decoder caches the various zoom states, so if you zoom in & out repetitively, it will be very fast.
22:34:53amiconnThe decoded image has to fit in the audio buffer, but I don't think someone will hit this limit on iriver
22:36:48 Join Lear [0] (
22:38:10[-AIR-]OMG the fractal gen is AWESOME. my m8 is obsessed:
22:39:11BBubthe jpeg-support works really nice
22:39:15BBubgood quality
22:39:34Luthioncan anyone tell which of the latest daily builds for iRiver that is most stable? I saw in the formus that the latest ones are quite unstable...
22:39:58[-AIR-]w0w. the jpeg viewer....W()W()W()W()W()W()W()W
22:40:26BBubLuthion: i cant say they're unstable
22:40:28belgarathi guess adding the replay gain info doesn't mean you have to remake db?
22:40:49CassandraShouldn't do.
22:41:46LuthionBBub: oh well, then I'll try the latest one...
22:42:03]RowaN[jpeg support.. on iriver 4color+dithering?
22:42:54BBub33 shades
22:43:02]RowaN[it would take seconds for the novelty to wear off =p
22:43:17[-AIR-]its awesome
22:43:21]RowaN[let me try
22:43:31[-AIR-]ppl do u get many donations...coz u deserver it...i think i mite
22:43:47]RowaN[does the jpg need to be any set size/dimensions?
22:46:02]RowaN[arg why cant foobar replaygain scanner have a pause button.. damn cpu overheating
22:46:31memmemHas anyone ever tried to use a CompactFlash card instead of a 1.8" HDD? The connector is the same one, but the pin assignment seems to be different. Anyone knows of an adaptor?
22:47:17Learfoobar 0.9 beta has one...
22:47:28Learbut you should have decent cooling, really.. :)
22:51:30]RowaN[i think i pissed up installing new heatsink on my 3ghz chip
22:52:45 Join Moos [0] (
22:52:58MoosRe guys
22:53:05belgarathreplay gain scanning is taking ages...
22:54:57]RowaN[mog god that jpeg viewer is amazing.. how do you manage all those shades??
22:55:08[-AIR-]i know., it's awesome innit
22:55:20Bagdercortesy of amiconn magic
22:55:53]RowaN[time to make some rockbox porn packs =p
22:56:14]RowaN[ooh i got a jpg it dont like
22:56:21Bagderfirst make it show movies made this way
22:56:29Bagderlike the archos version can
22:56:56]RowaN[will it be possible (or is it now??) to have jpgs on the wps?
22:57:11]RowaN[or 33 shade gifs?
22:57:32CassandraErm, why does foobar appear to be wiping all my *other* tag info?
22:57:36Bagderonly plugins use that due to the added CPU load required
22:58:43]RowaN[oh wow its letting me pan around a huge jpg of my kissing someone =p
22:59:31leftrightCassandra you did check 'Always write to ISO-8859-1
22:59:52amiconnThe grayscale lib doesn't cause very high CPU load on iriver, but the bad thing is that the CPU is kept running at 120 MHz while displaying grayscale, so it will drain the battery some more
23:00:02 Quit jpegreen (Read error: 60 (Operation timed out))
23:00:06Bagderwell, that's what I meant
23:00:34amiconn(I didn't measure, but the impact shouldn't be that high. At least the CPU can sleep (yet at high clock) when there is nothing to do
23:00:38Learcassandra: both 0.8 and 0.9 works well with id3v2 tags here. Of course, I must tell it to write id3v2 tags...
23:00:38CassandraI can't quite believe it's destructively overwriting all my tags.
23:00:46amiconnThe load should be somewhat below 10%
23:01:07]RowaN[it looks like the jpeg is constantly refreshing, or some pixels are being constantly changed.. can u reduce the freqency or something to have a worse quality but lower powered jpg?
23:01:38LearI saw some "refresh band" move down as well, but only on fairly bright parts of the picture.
23:02:00leftrightPlayback:> Input > Standard Inputs
23:02:03amiconnThe grayscale lib works by quickly flicking the pixels, and this has to occur in sync with the internal refresh of the lcd
23:02:07]RowaN[well anyway amiconn, thanks for this feature its ace =]
23:02:17CassandraI have another copy on the MP3 player, but still ....
23:02:49]RowaN[oh wow, click ZOOMs =]
23:02:59amiconnLear: YSes, that's because we can't sync the grayscale refresh frequency with the internal lcd refresh. On archos we also have this, and it's more noticeable
23:03:16leftrightCassandra, ensure that its set to write to V1 and V2 tags
23:03:31leftrightPlayback:> Input > Standard Inputs
23:04:22[-AIR-]hey. is the voiced menus working on iriver?
23:04:28amiconnOn iriver, the 'refresh band' is a faint white-ish bar, on archos it consists of several small black 'fishes'. The visibility depends on how far off the grayscale refresh is from the LCD refresh
23:04:29[-AIR-]where do i put the voice files?
23:05:12amiconnThe more off, the less visible is the band itself, but the image gets a bit unsteady instead
23:06:08amiconnUnfortunately the frequency match isn't constant, because the LCD uses an RC oscillator, which drifts with temperature
23:06:58Learair: nope, not yet.
23:07:46CassandraNice work there ami. Greyscale looks much better on the iRiver than on the Archos#]
23:08:57CassandraI'm still not entirely convinced that JPEG is the killer feature Rockbox really needs, but it *is* pretty cool.
23:09:20Bagderthanks to the slooow LCD I guess
23:09:36amiconnYes, the slow LCD helps a lot here
23:10:02CassandraHmmm. Slower LCD makes it look better? Weird.
23:10:50amiconnI'm still thinking about switching the LCD to true b&w mode while showing greyscale, this would make it even less flickery because then the internal LCD refresh rate is doubled, so we could also flick pixels with double speed
23:10:59CassandraI don't think voice support is in yet.
23:11:26amiconnHowever, this would the drop the possibility to show a greyscale overlay in parallel with normal graphics
23:12:05Bagderamiconn: won't it also force you to add two functions for things like string output etc?
23:12:10amiconnDunno if this is necessary; the greyscale demo plugin (adaption for iriver not yet committed) is the only one using it so far
23:12:40BagderI mean, since it would need to write to b&w mode as well as the "normal" 4 greys
23:13:45amiconnBagder: Yes, if I want to be able to show normal graphics in parallel with a greyscale overlay. That's why I said this feature would be dropped when switching.
23:14:15amiconnFor showing text within the grayscale area, the library has its own functions
23:14:26amiconn(it has to)
23:14:35 Quit [-AIR-] ("I-n-v-i-s-i-o-n 2.0 Build 3515")
23:15:11amiconnMost drawing functions now work with buffered mode only, allowing to work with the grayscale lib much more like with the native graphics core
23:15:49amiconnYou draw into a (chunky) buffer, gray_update() would then transfer the changes into the multi-planar output buffer
23:16:39amiconnFor legacy issues (and saving RAM), the lib additionally supports unbuffered mode, but only for frading greyscale bitmaps and scrolling
23:17:27amiconnThe grayscale demo plugin will show how buffered mode works (actually it already does, for archos)
23:19:33amiconnBuffered mode uses a secondary chunky buffer for delta-compare, so it should be quite fast even on archos if the amount of changes is small.
23:20:24amiconnThat should allow the solid greyscale cube.rock to show up on archos soon ... :)
23:20:27BBubhow cpu-consuming is the lib that is used by the jpeg-viewer?
23:28:13 Join ashridah [0] (
23:31:28]RowaN[wow foobar has "sort by artist", unlike winamp
23:32:06DreamTactix291foobar does like everything
23:32:11DreamTactix291it's spoiled me for over a year now
23:34:25]RowaN[is it skinnable?
23:35:34DreamTactix291since i never look at it i never cared about that
23:35:51DreamTactix291there is foo_looks and foo_columns_ui
23:35:52belgarathit takes awhile to scan 3000 songs tho
23:35:57DreamTactix291well yeah
23:36:02DreamTactix2913000 songs to replaygain means
23:36:03belgarathi love my radiohead skin for winamp tho
23:36:09DreamTactix291it has to decode 3000 tracks
23:36:12DreamTactix291then retag them
23:36:27belgarathi know i was only kidding...its not taking tooo long
23:36:28DreamTactix291that takes a while even on a fast machine
23:36:38*DreamTactix291 loves replaygain so much
23:36:53belgarathi hope it works now
23:37:27DreamTactix291what format?
23:37:29belgarathi've had to scan previously because I hadn't downloaded the id3v2 plugin, as rockbox does not support ape
23:37:37belgarathmp3 and ogg i think
23:37:38]RowaN[where do i put the foo_looks files?
23:37:48belgarathbut its not finished scanning yet
23:37:50DreamTactix291i think they've only got vorbis and wavpack working on the H100s though so far
23:37:52belgarath700 songs to go
23:38:10belgarath says that mp3 was implemented
23:38:19DreamTactix291well i haven't checked today
23:38:23DreamTactix291so if it is that's good
23:38:31DreamTactix291as of yesterday it wasn't
23:39:06belgarathapparently mp3 recording will be difficult, and ogg is impossible?
23:39:55DreamTactix291vorbis encoding takes a good bit of CPU
23:40:06]RowaN[is foo_looks supposed to be tiny?
23:40:16DreamTactix291i'll "settle" for WavPack recording as that's my lossless codec anyway
23:40:27DreamTactix291]RowaN[: i've never used foo_looks so i have no idea
23:41:14]RowaN[cant seem to disable it now =/
23:41:37DreamTactix291well you could always delete it
23:41:42DreamTactix291that would disable it :P
23:42:40leftrighthmm, try disabling it by clicking on a track in the playlist anywhere
23:43:26 Join yngwi [0] (
23:44:03]RowaN[ok lets try the other one
23:45:34 Quit ansivirus (Read error: 54 (Connection reset by peer))
23:47:49]RowaN[hmm colums is a nicer layout
23:48:27DreamTactix291i pretty much left the layout stuff alone
23:48:42DreamTactix291foobar looks pretty good in the basic setup after changing a few colours to me
23:52:43Cassandrafoobar has done something very odd to my tags. Windows can see them. Foobar can see them. MP3gain can't.
23:53:15DreamTactix291what type of tags do you have foobar set to write?
23:55:00 Quit Aison ("( :: NoNameScript 3.72 :: )")
23:55:23Cassandrafoobar claims they have replaygain info attached, which seems good.
23:56:06Learmp3gain can only read/write ape...
23:56:26CassandraErm, sorry, mp3tag.
23:56:51LearI noticed that as well. I guess it doesn't like unicode tags...
23:57:02LearSo I ditched that program... :)
23:57:28DreamTactix291after replaygaining there isn't much point to mp3gaining
23:57:43DreamTactix291you'll actually go too soft on a program that can read replaygain tags
23:57:51***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
23:58:41CassandraRockbox copes OK with unicode tags, I take it?
23:58:53DreamTactix291all my ID3v2 are unicode
23:58:55DreamTactix291so yeah

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