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#rockbox log for 2005-07-28

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00:02:00DreamTactix291well all my ID3v2 are UTF-16 and it copes fine
00:02:30DreamTactix291though most of the stuff on my player is vorbis so i'm less concerned with mp3
00:03:17DreamTactix291i think vorbis comments are unicode too
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00:06:03LearVorbis is UTF-8 to be picky, but yes...
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00:06:54DreamTactix291that's what i thought
00:10:17leftrightif you set mp3tag to read v1 tags it will display the info
00:10:32Learassuming your files have v1 tags... :)
00:10:48leftrightyes :)
00:14:39t0masunsigned short = 16 bits right?
00:14:41t0mas(on x86)
00:15:03DreamTactix291IIRC yes
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00:22:40Luthioncan anyone please help me help me with applying the grayscale patch to rockbox (for iRiver). I've read " How To Work With Patches", but it doesn't work so I'm assuming I'm doing something wrong...
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00:31:28belgarathoh dear, foobar deleted all my tags
00:36:11belgarathluckily i kept a backup
00:36:48belgarathit didn't delete all of them, just the ones that i had scanned before i set it to id3v2 i think
00:36:54belgarathwhich was around half...
00:37:45Stryke`what makes you think it deleted the tags before you set it to id3v2? ive never seen foobar delete tags unless you want it to
00:41:25LuthionOk, this is probably a stupid question that I could find the answer to somewhere, but I've searched around with no results and I'm getting tired so I'll ask anyways: How do I convert (or it's called complie, isn't it?) the .c files in the plugin-dir of the CVS to .rock files?
00:41:38belgarathwell they weren't deleted before i scanned the files
00:41:50Stryke`what are you using to view the files?
00:42:08belgarathmp3 tag
00:42:37belgarathbut its a bit late for that as I deleted them (after making sure I had a backup)
00:42:44Stryke`oh ok
00:42:47Stryke`no big loss
00:43:16Stryke`i wonder if it has some sort of priority system like foobar (which will read APEv2 tags above all else) that has people that use mp3gain thinking their tags were deleted
00:43:26LearI've said it before, mp3tag can't show unicode tags, which Foobar writes by default. Try another program and you may be surprised (and relieved). :)
00:43:46belgarathdamnit i just deleted all my files, thanks lear...
00:43:59Stryke`tag.exe is my favorite mass tagging app other than foobar
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00:44:26Mooshi guys
00:44:37belgarathall i put in foobar preferences was check "always write ISO... instead of ...."
00:45:05Moosi just come back home and i will RG all my mp3 files :)
00:45:07belgarathand then changed standard inputs to id3v2
00:45:16Learif so, mp3tag should be able to read them...
00:45:26belgarathit didn't read half
00:45:33Mooswhat program needed? foobar?
00:45:58Moosit's work on iriver yet?
00:46:00belgarathleading me to believe that when I previously did the regain with ape as the input, I think it may have replaced the tags
00:46:24belgarathno biggie i'll just try again in the morning
00:46:44Stryke`maybe you had always remove id3v2 tags selected?
00:46:57belgarathno i don't think so
00:47:07belgarathalthough that is a possibility
00:47:30belgarathbut I thought that cdex (the program i used to use before eac) did id3v1 and v2?
00:48:13Stryke`yeah, i'd love to look at one of the deleted tag mp3s too late, though
00:48:59onkeljonashi... quick Q - is there any way to pause scrolling in the wps after each completed scroll? (so it'll scroll "very long name of very funky album" all the way through and then pause for some time)
00:49:14Stryke`onkeljonas: not yet, id love the same feature
00:50:10onkeljonaskk thx
00:50:37onkeljonasyea - it looks weird having a line scrolling all the time
00:51:18Stryke`especially when you have a song title 'They Provide The Paint For The Picture-Perfect Masterpiece That You Will Paint On The Insides Of Your Eyelids'
00:51:28belgarathwho's that by?
00:51:35Stryke`Bandits Of The Acoustic Revolution
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00:52:05belgarathon iriver firmware that would be way past the 52 character limit
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00:52:24onkeljonaswhats the width of the iriver screen in pixels?
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00:54:25Stryke`we do not talk of the iriver firmware ;-)
00:54:58onkeljonaswell the screensize ought to be firmware independent no?
00:55:24Stryke`obviously yes
00:56:26onkeljonasi just want the scroll to go one screenwidth at a time - so "Presents the ultimate m" changes directly to "usic machine"
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00:56:51belgarath although I cannot find the resolution of the screen, it is interesting nonetheless
00:57:03leftrightonkeljaas, to make the scroll pause %ac%s%t4Al: %Id;%ac%s%t4Ar-%Ia
00:57:18onkeljonasAHHH... thx a bunch :)
00:58:40Stryke`onkeljonas: Doesn't scroll step size allow for that?
00:59:10leftrighthmm, %t is pause time
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01:00:09onkeljonas@ Stryke` - thats what I'm playing with, but I can't get the right setting - too high and line becomes a mess after first scroll
01:00:30Stryke`how high does it allow you to go?
01:01:04Stryke`i think you should adjust the scroll speed along with
01:01:30onkeljonas160 is max, but somewhere above 100 and it gets fuxored... even at speed 1
01:02:26Stryke`Scroll Speed: Controls how many times per second the scrolling text moves a step.
01:02:39belgarathstep as in pixel?
01:02:40Stryke`yeah, i read it wrong
01:02:50Stryke`as in whatever you chose as the size
01:02:55Stryke`so yours is moving 160 a second
01:03:16Stryke`seems you would need a number far below 1
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01:10:00onkeljonashmmm... looks like scroll stepping >127 is buged
01:10:19DreamTactix291<belgarath> although I cannot find the resolution of the screen, it is interesting nonetheless <−− 160x128
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01:18:32LuthionCan somebody please help a newbie that's very tired by lots of searching? :) How do I convert (or it's called compile, isn't it?) the .c files in the plugin-dir of the CVS to .rock files?
01:19:32onkeljonasis there a reason you don't just download the bleeding edge build?
01:20:30LuthionI've done that, but I can't some plugins there, like rockboy
01:20:58BBubLuthion: rockboy is not a plugin
01:21:02BBubits a file-handler
01:21:19Luthionhmm ok, my bad :p
01:21:33BBubyou load a .gb or .gbc on your iriver and "start" it like a mp3
01:22:13Luthionbut it was some .c-files in the plugin-dir that isn't included
01:22:23Luthionor I'm just very tired and have overseen them...
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01:23:39Luthion"calendar" for instance, but is that because it doesn't work with the iRiver version?
01:24:49BBubthe iriver has no rtc
01:26:19onkeljonasahhh nice... finaly found a scroll setting that suits me :)
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01:30:11onkeljonasare there any legit gb roms out there?
01:31:13Luthionjust a quick q: When using patch.exe to apply a patch, will it output a message if the patch was applied successfully?
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02:19:03ansivirusanyone here have the JBRFM?
02:19:43ansivirusI'm wondering if I can just buy the 6V 1000mA cig lighter adapter from Radioshack for 17.00 rather than spending 31.00 on the archos one
02:20:27ansivirusthe A/C adapter that came with it is 5V 700mA
02:20:46ansivirusthe Cig Lighter adapter sold from Archos is 6V 1.6A
02:20:48ansivirusany ideas?
02:25:40CassandraShould be OK, yes.
02:25:51CassandraBut I offer no guarantees.
02:26:01ansivirussounds good enough to me
02:26:19ansivirusthat's what i thought also just wanted another opinion prior to trying it :P
02:26:28CassandraI charge my FM from a 6V block.
02:26:56CassandraBut I blew up my first iRiver trying the same thing.
02:26:56ansivirusi actually measured the output of the 5V block that came with mine and it outputs 9.5V
02:27:19Cassandra*nods* Unregulated PSUs. They vary depending on load.
02:27:30CassandraThe voltage measurement is for a nominal load.
02:27:44ansivirusI just don't think that it will blow up the FM Recorder because the one they sell is 6V 1.5A and the one i'm gonna use is 6V 1000mA
02:29:07ansivirusok well I thank you.. I'm off to RadioShack to purchase.. leave on a road trip in a little bit.. 23 hours driving don't wanna leave my mp3s behind :P
02:29:11ansivirusthanks again for the info
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10:15:09leftrightlear: does Rockbox support unicode ?, with reference to the replaygain unicode overwriting of v2
10:18:11leftrightwill Rockbox then read get tag info from ID3v1 if v2 is overwritten in unicode ?
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11:03:09[-AIR-]hey people. the mandlebrot plugin. does it actually generate a fractal or is it just an image? because zooming in a long way seems to just stretch the fractal rather than "zooming in". any ideas?
11:04:22HClit generates a fractal, as far as i know
11:06:53amiconnIt's a true fractal, but you may experience one of 2 problems
11:07:15amiconn(1) Zooming changes the aspect, but I don't yet know why
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11:07:35leftrightoes rockbox read unicode ID3v1 and v2 tags ?
11:07:37a1rhey people. the mandlebrot plugin. does it actually generate a fractal or is it just an image? because zooming in a long way seems to just stretch the fractal rather than "zooming in". any ideas?
11:07:38amiconn(2) If you zoom in very far, there are precision problems, as it uses 32 bit fixed point math
11:07:54a1rsorry missed the first one amiconn. say again?
11:08:18amiconna1r: is your friend...
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11:08:27a1rah yes :)
11:09:26a1rthanks jimbo
11:09:27leftrightLear: can rockbox read unicode ID3v1 and v2 tags ?
11:09:44Learv2 yes, v1 can't be unicode...
11:10:02Learthat is, latin-1 chars encoded as unicode at least...
11:10:02a1rwhat is unicode?
11:10:11leftrightso if v2 is overwritten by unicode, rockbox gets tag info from v1 ?
11:10:23Leara way to support lots of languages, including chinese and similar
11:11:12Learno, you set a preference, read v2 or v1, and rockbox will then always use the v2, if the file has one.
11:11:26leftrightyes my last question was crap
11:11:42Learand my answer wasn't much better. :)
11:12:26leftrightI'm setting up a replaygain how to at mistic, and wasnt sure about v2 and unicode
11:13:05leftrightits only tagging programs which need to catch up then
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11:58:42MoosHello all !
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12:05:34hickshicks or hi? :)
12:05:53hicksEveryone in gentoo keeps typing "hicks,..." instead of hi :P
12:08:19leftrightI dont understand why i get a 'dir full' warning after a major upgrade, my settings are reloaded and the dir buffer is set correctly
12:08:39leftrightit goes away with some fidling of the dir buffer values
12:09:05leftrightand a restart
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12:22:48amiconnleftright: Yes, that's because of 2 effects: (1) The settings are reset due to the config version change, that means of course also the dir buffer limit. (2) Changes to the buffer limits need a reboot to take effect
12:23:23[-AIR-]err in the new grayscale on iriver. using the updown l/r joystick to move the image around, is it sposed to like but sections off the image that go off the screen?
12:26:55 Join webguest09 [0] (
12:27:05amiconn[-AIR-]: ???
12:27:31amiconnWhat do you mean??
12:27:35[-AIR-]not but
12:27:54[-AIR-]any part of the image that goes off the screen is lost until i restart the plugin
12:28:30Chamoisamiconn : here ?
12:28:41amiconnAh, you mean the demo. Yes, that's how it works
12:28:56amiconnIt's mainly aimed at devs, to show how to use the grayscale lib
12:29:16Chamoisamiconn : pm
12:30:13[-AIR-]also. rockblox. any idea who's gonna reqrite it for irivER?
12:30:22[-AIR-]and when?
12:34:13CassandraThere's a patch in the tracker.
12:34:22CassandraThe thing is they changed the orientation.
12:34:34CassandraWhich is a feature rather than a bug.
12:34:46[-AIR-]rite. how do i apply patches?
12:35:05CassandraSee "Working with patches" on the Wiki.
12:35:11amiconnThere is still a number of plugins that need to be better adapted to iriver, even if they're already working
12:36:51[-AIR-]yeryer. i need this then?
12:38:59CassandraErm, do you have a development environment set up? (IE cygwin or Bluechip's devkit.)
12:39:16[-AIR-]i have cygwin
12:39:19CassandraAh, then you won't get far.
12:39:20[-AIR-]yer i do
12:39:23[-AIR-]i do
12:40:13CassandraPatch should already be in it then.
12:40:47CassandraDownload the source from cvs or the daily build page, download the patch itself, apply the patch, compile your own Rockbox binary.
12:40:48[-AIR-]sorry im not quite following. i have never applied a patch or edited any rockbox stuff. so i am mildly cretinous
12:43:48[-AIR-]cd to/source/root ???
12:44:09[-AIR-]change dir to source root
12:44:57CassandraI have no idea of specifics. I develop under Linux.
12:46:15 Quit koniu_ (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
12:47:40[-AIR-]can anyone here help me apply a patch in windowS/
12:51:16[-AIR-]why aren't the patches put in the daily builds?
12:51:44ashridahbecause a developer with commit access hasn't applied them, or they don't work on all platforms?
12:53:02ashridahif you're using cygwin, patching is typically similar. go to the top level of your copy of the rockbox source (typically just the 'rockbox' directory) and use patch -p 1 < /path/to/uncompressed/patch/file
12:53:29ashridahif the patch has a .gz extension, typically you'll need to use gunzip on it. (bunzip2 for .bz2 extensions), but it probably isn't compressed.
12:53:40 Join Aison [0] (
12:54:07ashridahnow, if that immediately asks you a question about not being able to find the file, ctrl-c it, and try patch -p 0 < /path/to/patch/file instead
12:54:26ashridahkeep in mind that if the patch fails for some reason, you're possibly out of luck until someone can help you apply it.
12:54:35ashridahand make any changes necessary
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12:57:24[-AIR-]cheers ashridah
12:57:29[-AIR-]ill try it :)
12:59:36 Quit webguest09 ("CGI:IRC")
13:01:14[-AIR-]how do i compile the source?
13:01:39ashridahthere's instructions that cover that in the wiki on i believe
13:02:41[-AIR-]argh i don gettit :'(
13:03:16[-AIR-]gottit :)
13:04:17[-AIR-]ah well
13:04:20*[-AIR-] sighs
13:04:31*[-AIR-] only want to play vertical rockblox
13:04:40[-AIR-]don worry ppl
13:04:44*[-AIR-] cries in the corner
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14:32:54ripnetukhi all... quick question (to save reading all irc logs for last 2 weeks) - are we any closer to remote display support on iRiver yet? thats the only thing stopping me from using Rockbox full time... is anyone known to be working on this?
14:33:13*ripnetuk really looking forward to custom wps on remote
14:33:31CassandraBecause no-ones been interested enough to write it yet.
14:33:40CassandraThings get done as people work on them.
14:33:48CassandraPeople work on what they're interested in.
14:39:59ripnetukyeah, i know how open source dev works <−−- (not trying to be rude!)
14:40:17ripnetukbut usually with these things, architecture work needs doing first
14:40:26ripnetuk(eg, codec api needed doing before mp3 support)
14:41:02ripnetukim guessing that one of the 'masters' like LinusN would need to approve a change that allowed duel screen structures etc
14:41:50Cassandra*nods* Yes.
14:41:55CassandraI think someone was working on it.
14:42:01CassandraMaybe they went on holiday.
14:50:10 Quit Moos (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
14:52:32 Join Moos [0] (
14:53:28ripnetukoh well... i might have a look at the code myself, but I think this is going to need discussion to get a concensus of how it should be done before we jump in...
14:53:30ripnetukcya later
14:53:31 Quit ripnetuk ("Leaving")
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15:28:29 Join f55 [0] (~ulla@
15:29:45f55just a thought... in theory.. the h1xx has usb in one end and optical i/o in the other.. does that mean it could be possible - with the right software/firmware to use it as a usb-digital i/o soundcard? :)
15:31:38 Join Chamois [0] (
15:35:22 Join DreamTactix291 [0] (
15:36:56CoCoLUSi think not
15:37:53CoCoLUSafair the h-1xx only works as a mass storage device
15:38:33Chamoisogg playing seems to be broken
15:38:49Chamoisfew minutes after start of playning iriver hangs
15:43:05Chamoisno i'm wrong
15:43:10Chamoisit was my build
15:50:37LearPhew, got me worried there for a moment... :)
15:53:28Chamoisi have a quiestion
15:53:52Chamoisdoes the cpu frequency changing take power
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16:01:36LearI doubt the changing as such consumes any noticable amount of power, but I don't know much about that, to be honest. :)
16:05:41amiconnThe change itself doesn't consume additional power, but it costs a bit of performance. The PLL needs to relock on the new frequency, which can take up to 10 msec. In th emeantime, the CPU core is running at 11 MHz
16:08:57 Join Zagor [0] (
16:09:37LearAnd that, in turns, ought to mean the CPU needs to run at a higher speed for slightly longer...
16:10:14amiconnYes exactly
16:10:36 Quit leftright ("CGI:IRC (EOF)")
16:14:02Zagoroff-topic: anyone have a gmail invite to bounce my way?
16:14:19t0masname + mail address?
16:15:55t0massend :)
16:43:37 Quit f55 (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
16:57:29t0masdoes anybody here know some form designer for linux?
16:57:58t0mas(a bit like ms access... just click together a form...)
16:58:03t0masbut then using mysql
17:01:35 Quit DreamTactix291 (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
17:05:57 Join preglow [0] (
17:06:21preglowi thought we were supposed to avoid using iram for code
17:07:43Learhaven't heard that... any particular reason?
17:07:52preglowwell, yeah, there's a code cache
17:07:54 Quit odd (
17:07:54 Quit crwl (
17:08:13preglowit's better to reorganize code to utilise that better instead, if possible
17:08:19Learwell, I did time with and without the code in iram. it was faster with in in iram.
17:08:23preglowyes, sure
17:08:40Learin these cases, the functions are called very often...
17:08:42preglowbut there's usually more to be gained by putting data in iram and using cache better for code
17:09:04preglowhmm, i should put in the cachetest code i use in my imdct patch
17:09:16Learwell, do you have any suitable data to put there? i don't know what it should be...
17:09:34Learimdct for mad?
17:09:36NJoinodd [0] (
17:10:08preglowputting all the cache critical functions right next to each other is pretty important to avoid destroying the cache all the time
17:10:14Learwondering, because I'm trying to rewrite some vorbis code into asm, but progress is slow...
17:10:44preglowso we should have a CACHE_SEG #define or something for important functions
17:10:52preglowit's trivial to implement
17:11:00Learthat would explain why things seemed to go faster when I removed some stuff from iram that wasn't needed anyway...
17:11:04preglowbut i still have no dev env :/
17:12:11preglowyeah, the cache is pretty shitty, if the lower twelve bits (or so) of a function address collide, the functions will never be cached properly if both are called often
17:12:41preglowi actually had that happen when trying out the new asm imdct for mad
17:12:51preglowwhat tremor stuff are you rewriting, btw?
17:13:40Learmdct_butterfly_generic. some profiling (on x86 I guess) showed it to be where the most time was spent.
17:14:20preglowa viable route for the mdct stuff in tremor, would be replacing it with a fast fft and some support routines
17:16:26 Quit preglow ("CGI:IRC (EOF)")
17:17:36 Join prethom [0] (
17:19:05NJoincrwl [0] (
17:19:26prethomlovely web client
17:20:19Learwell, that is probably a bit over my head, so... :)
17:20:38prethomwe'll see when i get decent net connection and a dev env again
17:21:24prethomamiconn: lovely work on the grayscale and graphics
17:22:35amiconnThx :)
17:23:10prethomwhat number of colours does h1x0 have now?
17:23:14prethomin dithered mode, that is
17:23:26amiconn33, as on the archos
17:23:33prethomwith less overhead?
17:24:00prethomand btw, what is the retrace like glitch that can be seen every now and then?
17:24:12amiconnSince the LCD data hookup is parallel, it uses less CPU, somewhat less than 10%
17:24:41amiconnHowever, the grayscale lib keeps the CPU at 120 MHz, to avoid timer period changes (that would cause glitches like mad)
17:24:54prethomi dont think that's too bad
17:25:36amiconnThe retrace glitch is due to the grayscale refresh rate not being synchronsied with the internal LCD refresh
17:25:53prethomand this is as synched as it gets?
17:26:11amiconnUnfortunately it's not possible to synchronise, as the LCD has no way to read back its internal read pointer
17:26:39amiconn...and the frequency isn't even constant, as the LCD uses an RC oscillator which drifts with temperature
17:26:50prethomahh, indeed
17:26:51Learpreglow, do you know of any documentation over what can cause a pipeline stall in a coldfire? the docs I have mention two stores in a row, but that's pretty much it...
17:26:52amiconnWe have the same problem on archos, even more visible
17:26:56prethomthen you can pretty much just forget it
17:27:03prethomit's not that visible anyway
17:27:18prethomlear: i have no idea, i'd love such documentation
17:27:32prethomlear: only stalls i know of are store stalls and accumulator fetch stalls
17:28:07prethomamiconn: it's surprisingly nice to view pictures with this thing, i would never have guessed it
17:28:09Learyes, that's all the user's manual mentions...
17:29:23prethomlear: there's surprisingly little info on the pipeline at all
17:35:09amiconnToday I tested my idea to switch the LCD to b&w mode while showing grayscale. Turned out that it's worse than now
17:36:14prethomin what way?
17:36:15amiconnThe internal refresh rate doubles in b&w mode, so this should allow for less flicker. However, the LCD uses some kind of internal interlace in that mode, leading to strange interference artifacts
17:36:53amiconnWould have been nice - would need half the RAM, and allow double the refresh rate :(
17:37:26amiconnThere is a way to bring down the flicker a bit - we could increase the internal LCD clock
17:37:33prethombtw, am i the only one getting really strange fwpatcher gui bugs?
17:37:46amiconnCurrently we set it to 76 kHz, leading to a refresh rate of ~70 Hz
17:38:15amiconnWe can set it up to 120 kHz, but I don't know how that influences power consumption
17:38:35prethomi fire it up, click the text box, and get a could not open patched firmware for checksum check error :/
17:38:38amiconnThat would give a refresh rate of ~110 Hz, and hence less flicker
17:38:51prethomi think it looks very nice as it is, so unless it gives a way better picture...
17:40:44 Join bagawk [0] (~lee@bagawk.user)
17:42:32amiconnprethom: Yes indeed. The slowness of the LCD panel helps a lot here...
17:43:40[-AIR-]hey. probly has a stupidly long answer which you need not give to a newB like me. but how does rockbox make the battery life longer?
17:44:27t0masby using less cpu power
17:44:36t0masif the cpu is at a lower speed... it uses less power..
17:44:44t0masso it can run longer
17:45:18[-AIR-]wiked. what consequences does that have ?
17:45:20prethomhas anyone actually done tests to confirm it uses less power?
17:45:24[-AIR-]slower basically?
17:45:56[-AIR-]i could do that :)
17:46:04t0masno, not slower
17:46:11t0maswe just use less cpu to decode the same music...
17:46:14t0masbetter codecs
17:46:23prethomt0mas: are you certain this is the case?
17:46:26[-AIR-]i'd have to make sure the rockbox firmware and the iriver firmware are doing exactly the same thing to test battery
17:46:34[-AIR-]rite kewl
17:46:37t0masthen put it on repeat on 1 album
17:46:37prethomi'd be surprised if the codecs are better
17:46:39[-AIR-]better efficiency
17:46:46prethomespecially mp3
17:46:57t0masand... in real use...
17:47:02t0masiriver has the hd spinning bug
17:47:06t0masand rockbox doesn't have that
17:47:12[-AIR-]any idea what level 100% on the rockbox firmware is on the iriver firmware?
17:47:21prethomthe same, should be
17:47:30[-AIR-]much quiter on rockbox
17:47:39prethomyou use eq, then?
17:47:54t0masin rockbox
17:47:58t0masset bass boost to 0
17:47:59[-AIR-]"40" is max on iriver is much louder than 100% on iriver...both maximums
17:48:03t0masand treble boost to 0 also
17:48:06LearHey, just read that Motorola/Freescale has developed a real-time MP3 encoder for the ColdFire...
17:48:10[-AIR-]on both iriver and rockbox normal eq is used
17:48:10prethomi find this a bit hard to believe, sounds the same here
17:48:18prethomlear: well, yes, good luck getting your hands on it
17:48:20[-AIR-]i didnt think so
17:48:29LearApparantly there's a high-quality encoder available as well, though I guess it isn't realtime...
17:48:44*prethom hugs wavpack
17:49:13[-AIR-]ill do a few tests
17:49:39prethomdamn, i'm itching to code again
17:57:47 Part prethom
17:58:15***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
18:08:18 Join Coldtoast [0] (
18:08:37ColdtoastI had this really odd lockup today in rockbox
18:09:21ColdtoastI'd hit pause on the remote and it didn't. I look at the player and all looked fine then i realised the play position wasn't cahnging
18:09:42Coldtoasthow the joystick button to go to file tree and nothing. After maybe 20secs, it went to the file tree
18:09:43[-AIR-]yer crashed
18:09:54[-AIR-]yer happened to me. just being really slow.
18:09:56Coldtoastclicked it again to leave, many seconds later, it did
18:10:08Coldtoastbut it kept playing
18:10:18[-AIR-]y7er same here. until the end of the track when it stopped
18:10:20[-AIR-]then i reset
18:10:35ColdtoastI let it play and it started teh next track fine
18:10:45*[-AIR-] is building a kitchen
18:10:45Coldtoasttho it didn't crossfade
18:16:43 Join DreamTactix291 [0] (
18:19:33 Join Cka3ka [0] (
18:19:33 Join austriancoder [0] (
18:19:42Cka3kahey hey
18:19:56Cka3kawatcha all up to
18:20:11Cka3ka<<−− just woke up, still pondering on what to eat =-)
18:21:01 Quit Cka3ka (Client Quit)
18:23:04 Quit bagawk ("Leaving")
18:23:34austriancoderhas anybody time to help me with some coding stuff?
18:29:40 Nick austriancoder is now known as ac_away (
18:32:24 Join phaedrus961 [0] (
18:40:26*amiconn found the problem with the mandelbrot aspect...
18:42:22amiconn..or not :-/
18:50:28Slasherihi :)
18:50:36Slasherijust few minutes time to irc
18:52:14Coldtoasthey Slasheri
18:52:18Coldtoastgood luck! heh
18:52:51Coldtoastyou about to head off for the service?
18:53:10Slasherithanks, still over two weeks left :)
18:53:19Slasheribut that's not so much time :)
18:54:10crwlis sami sihvonen there? ;D
18:54:14Slasherihi crwl :)
18:54:36Slasherifortunately not, i already heard sihvonen was here before my era :)
18:54:48crwlbut i understood that he probably had to stay
18:54:54crwlwell, maybe not then :)
18:54:59Slasherioh.. then i am not sure abou that..
18:55:06Slasherithere is however one "atk-sivari" :D
18:55:16Slasherihe might be that, i don't know ;)
18:55:36crwlhopefully not :)
18:56:09Slasheribut in fact it's quite nice in being here ;)
18:56:43crwlit is, in summer
18:57:59Slasheritomorrow i will go back to helsinki-jyväskylä for about two days
19:00:52crwltwo days of rockbox coding? ;)
19:03:13bluebrother^Coldtoast: your lockdown sounds similar to the slowdown aftern changing volume by holding the joystick for a longer time
19:03:46Slashericrwl: i might be able to fix one bug or two if i have really much time.. but i wouldn't count on that ;)
19:08:07HClgod how i hate my gay flatmate.
19:08:10HCland not cause he's gay.
19:08:12HClbut he's *such* a jerk
19:12:33[-AIR-]is he a chav?
19:12:39[-AIR-]HCl ?
19:13:02 Join Bippems [0] (
19:13:28BippemsI have a question, im trying to play a 384kbit and its playing slow ?
19:14:49Bippemsit states clearly 384kbit
19:15:01Bippems128kbit plays fine tho
19:15:16crwlmaybe it's mp2 or something
19:15:49Bippemsdunno, doubt it
19:16:15BippemsNormal iriver firmware will play it..
19:16:40[-AIR-]i don't think mp3 can go over 320
19:16:47[-AIR-]at least i've never seen it
19:17:46BippemsId send it to you, if i knew how
19:19:15Bippemsyou got MSN messenger?
19:19:47[-AIR-]yer add me im on
19:20:25[-AIR-]is ur flat mate like a into hip-hop and wears burberry
19:20:32HClhe likes trance
19:21:25Bippemslol @ burberry
19:22:10[-AIR-]trance well could be worse.
19:22:19[-AIR-]wot stuff u into hcl ?
19:23:58HClpretty much everything but rap, r&b, hiphop, popular crap and trance
19:24:20HClThe Byrds - Mr tambourine man at the moment
19:24:23 Join godzirra_ [0] (
19:24:57 Nick ac_away is now known as austriancoder (
19:25:52 Join memmem [0] (
19:27:33[-AIR-]same as :)
19:27:37[-AIR-]i really like common ATM
19:28:32 Quit godzirra (Success)
19:28:43Coldtoast""…the PS3 can't be offered at a price that's targeted towards households."" <= nice statement there
19:34:16LearFinally! Been struggling with bugs in some assembly code, but finally got it right. :)
19:38:01amiconnasm is fun, eh?
19:38:03 Quit silencer (Nick collision from services.)
19:38:04 Join silencer [0] (
19:38:05 Quit silencer (Nick collision from services.)
19:38:48Learnot in this particular case at least...
19:39:06HClColdtoast: heh.
19:39:14HClthey're gonna have a tiny market then.
19:43:05 Join silencer_ [0] (
19:44:37 Quit Bippems ("CGI:IRC (EOF)")
19:49:48austriancoderhow should i call the *.c/*.h file for the TI TLV320AIC23B Audio Codec - tlv320aic23b.c or should i use tlv320.c ?
19:56:02Zagori'd say the shorter is fine
19:57:47HClsounds like you're going fast ac :p
19:57:54HCli also vote for the second
19:58:03austriancoderZagor: oki... your money never arrieved by me
19:58:18***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
19:58:25austriancoderHC1: audio codec driver is easy, as it is connected via i2c...
20:00:21 Join solex_ [0] (
20:02:05HCl :p
20:02:29austriancodersorry ;)
20:02:56 Join psychocydd [0] (
20:03:33 Part psychocydd
20:05:14amiconnNow I found the real cause for the aspect problem in mandelbrot.rock ...
20:05:29amiconnIn fact this bug is ooold
20:06:13 Join OPP [0] (
20:06:48OPPdo you guys need an h320?
20:07:46 Join Tipi^ [0] (
20:08:24OPPan iriver h320
20:11:42 Quit solex (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
20:17:29 Join Stryke` [0] (
20:18:58HClnope, we're pretty much set
20:19:05HCllinus has an 320 or 340
20:19:18HClamiconn: what was it?
20:19:31amiconnSee my commit...
20:19:39amiconnThe aspect handling was broken
20:28:13 Join ghode|afk [0] (
20:30:18OPPo ok
20:30:21 Join asdsd____ [0] (
20:30:23OPPbecause i want an h140
20:30:30 Part asdsd____
20:30:31OPPand thought maybe i could work a deal out
20:30:35OPPbut its ok
20:30:41ghode|afkhi, does anyone have problems with ogg playback? for some reason since 24/07 build? for some reason it puts a skip near the beginning of a track. lear?
20:31:28austriancoderbye all
20:32:21Learghode: what kind of size on that skip? and do you mean it doesn't play the very first part?
20:32:21 Quit austriancoder ("CGI:IRC (EOF)")
20:33:27ghode|afkhmm ok not skip, it plays th song then there is a pop, then it continues playing, doesnt happen with all ogg files, and it was working before
20:35:33DBUGEnqueued KICK [-AIR-]
20:35:33[-AIR-]tubgirl[1]: , possibly the most n00b friendly warez info/download site online
20:35:43ghode|afkerr wtf
20:35:47ghode|afkwhy do that?
20:36:00Leara pop very early on in the file you mean?
20:36:31Learhm... haven't noticed that... is it loud? do you have a not-too-large example file?
20:36:49[-AIR-]hey someone.i have a rom. it is however not associated with rockboy. i have to go "open with −−> rockboy" is this right? can i change that?
20:37:33[-AIR-]its a .rom
20:37:37[-AIR-]should it be a .gb ?
20:38:32ghode|afklear; btw there is some hdd activty before it pops
20:39:39Learnow that makes no sense... :) or do you mean the pop occurs as rockbox starts to buffer new data?
20:41:11ghode|afkok, i start the song, it plays for 2 seconds, red light flashes/track pops, carries on a few seconds and repeats, 2 more times, then carries on as normal
20:42:19ghode|afkgunna try build from 14th, i know it was working then
20:43:16Learwell, I haven't seen anything like that, that's for sure... and there's nothing wrong with your hd?
20:43:41ghode|afknot afaik
20:45:00ColdtoastI just tested here and I don't get that either
20:45:21ghode|afkweird, tried 14 july build, and the same thing happens but this time it takes 16 seconds
20:49:16ghode|afktried playing the track in foobar and the irver firmware and they play it ok
20:49:22Coldtoastwow! a gun that can fire 1 million rounds a minute
20:50:36[-AIR-]ok. the mandlebrot. it's a fractal, ie. a mathematical model to which you can zoom in infinitely. so why, when you zoom in does it become pixelated like ur looking at a jpeg?
20:51:21amiconn[-AIR-]: Limited precision.
20:51:36[-AIR-]which means? <−−−− not meaning to be rude
20:51:46amiconnThe mandelbrot plugin uses fixed point math, with a fractional part of 26 bits
20:52:09OPPhow long do you think till the h320 has a release
20:52:14OPPlike 6 months?
20:52:30amiconnThis will happen with almost every mandelbrot generator, sooner or later depending on the precision used
20:52:30ghode|afkwhen its done ;p
20:52:32Coldtoast23 years
20:52:49[-AIR-]fixed point math? ie. generates the inital image and then that's it? doesn't generate the new image every zoom ?
20:53:39ghode|afklear: looks like problem is gone, just downloaded the latest bleeding edge. and it plays fine now
20:53:50amiconnNo, it means the numbers are stored internally in a way that the fractzional part takes a fixed amount of bits, and the integer part too of course
20:54:35amiconnHowever, this precision problem would occur with floating point math in the same way.
20:54:59amiconnOf course the image is recalculated every time, otherwise you couldn't zoom in that deep
20:55:50amiconnI'm pondering whether to implement an optional high precision mode which would kick in automatically at a certain zoom level
20:56:20amiconnOf course you would notice it because it will get significantly slower at that point
20:59:13 Quit memmem ("ERC Version 5.0.3 $Revision: 1.726.2.17 $ (IRC client for Emacs)")
21:01:51 Quit Coldtoast (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
21:07:55[-AIR-]yer, but for me, who loves fractals :) and you said you were itching to code :)
21:08:08[-AIR-]that'd be AWESOME and you know it would :
21:08:58[-AIR-]amiconn ?
21:21:58 Quit OPP ()
21:30:15 Join TCK- [0] (
21:30:15 Quit TCK (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
21:49:43 Join jwalk [0] (
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21:58:40 Quit RotAtoR ()
22:08:27 Quit DreamTactix291 (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
22:08:57 Join [1]Moos [0] (
22:13:41 Join webguest88 [0] (
22:15:37webguest88when will rockbox start on the iriver h320
22:16:15 Nick webguest88 is now known as ff (
22:16:26 Quit ff (Client Quit)
22:17:43 Join tvelocity [0] (
22:25:59 Quit Moos (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
22:26:00 Nick [1]Moos is now known as Moos (
22:26:04 Quit Zagor ("Client exiting")
22:27:39CoCoLUSnewest build hangs on my flac files...
22:27:54CoCoLUSmust have something to do with the implementing of metadata reading
22:31:57CoCoLUStotally reproduceable, everytime
22:39:49amiconnRed H1x0 builds... to whoever Ryan is
22:46:39LearEh, has he even compiled the thing? :)
22:48:27amiconnLear: I just noticed something. Is it just a coincidence or did *you* write an image viewer for AmigaOS some years ago?
22:48:45LearNope, that is correct...
22:49:05amiconnI noticed b/c I used Visage 39.22 today...
22:49:38LearOh, you did? How come?
22:50:08amiconnI viewed some pics on my good old Amiga 4000.
22:50:23amiconnVisage is in fact my favourite full-screen viewer on Amiga
22:50:27LearHe, I put my A4000 away for a number of years ago...
22:50:40amiconnMine is still running 24/7
22:51:06amiconnI used it mainly for email, and since it's running all day anyway, it also does dnetc work
22:52:11amiconnOf course it's not a stock A4000...
22:52:26LearTowards the end mine had problems booting from the HD; sometimes it worked after a couple of resets...
22:53:36amiconnThe only problem of my Amiga is that the audio output is broken. I already fixed it several times; some vias on the mainboard are failing...
22:54:05amiconn...luickily only some of those located in the corner where the audio part is
22:54:52amiconnOh, and the SCSI module for my cyberstorm is broken, so I had to hook up the HD to the internal IDE port - not exactly fast...
22:55:01amiconnI bet it's the connector.
23:02:22[-AIR-]amiconn u there?
23:08:13 Quit Nibbler ("life is like a rental car, you fuck it up, and give it back.")
23:14:20 Quit [-AIR-] ("—I-n-v-i-s-i-o-n— 2.0 Build 3515")
23:30:59 Join DreamTactix291 [0] (
23:38:48 Join igor47 [0] (
23:40:14 Join [1]Moos [0] (
23:44:43 Quit Stryke` (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
23:54:19 Quit Aison ("( :: NoNameScript 3.72 :: )")
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23:58:36 Quit Moos (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
23:58:36 Nick [1]Moos is now known as Moos (

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