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#rockbox log for 2005-07-30

00:00:30 Join StrathAFK [0] (
00:01:36ryan_jStill no problem here, and I'm using the latest code.
00:02:11leftrightplaying the last or only song in the playlist ?
00:02:46ryan_jOnly one song in the list.
00:02:49leftrighthmm, let me reinstall the build then
00:03:39 Quit BePe_86 (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
00:04:40ryan_jAlso tried the last song in the list, still no problems.
00:12:29leftrightthats strange, it still does it here
00:13:33ryan_jI just tried the daily build. Nothing. Just out of curiosity, which kind of file are you playing?
00:13:41ryan_jNot that it should matter
00:14:20 Join Stryke` [0] (
00:14:39leftrightit is really strange behaviour
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00:16:24ryan_jI assume it happens to all mp3s?
00:16:24leftrightI wonder if it has anything to do with the fact that I dont use unicode tags
00:16:33leftrightyes all mp3's
00:18:07leftrightmy tags are all written in ISO-8859-1
00:20:07ryan_jAs are mine. Could you send me one to test with?
00:20:28leftrightsure where too
00:20:39 Quit austriancoder ("CGI:IRC")
00:24:21ryan_jIs anyone here using the latest bootloader?
00:28:05ryan_jDoes yours still turn on even with the hold switch on?
00:28:48Stryke`from 'The bootloader will boot even if the hold switch(es) are on hold if you press PLAY really short. This will happen with either PLAY button and either hold switch, main unit and remote.'
00:29:03amiconnI added that...
00:29:18ryan_jamiconn: thanks. I must have missed that.
00:29:40amiconnHowever, I don't care much. I almost never use hold
00:29:45leftrightryan_j: I'm having a few problems with my isp, should get there soon
00:30:56leftrightits one song only 6 megs
00:31:08ryan_jleftright: okay
00:31:40ryan_jamiconn: same here, 'cept when I put it in my pocket after getting out of my car
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00:34:17OPPanyone here thats working on the h3xx project/
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00:38:17leftrightryan_j: I'm having problems with my isp, can I send it to you via msn, if you dont mind
00:39:49ryan_jleftright: don't have an msn account. I have a yahoo messenger account though
00:40:27leftrighthmm, let me see if I can send it via my girlfriends email, one sec
00:41:02OPPwhat are you trying to send
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00:49:04thegeek_I tested the daily yesterday
00:49:10thegeek_and the daily for the day before that
00:49:19thegeek_and both had very slow volume-changing
00:49:25thegeek_so I had to revert even further back
00:49:26thegeek_known ?
00:50:46 Join DreamTactix291 [0] (
00:53:01ryan_jthegeek_: volume-changing seems fine here
00:53:20thegeek_or not
00:53:24thegeek_perhaps it's just mine
00:53:30thegeek_*testing latest*
00:53:35leftrightwho said broadband was fast...
00:53:50thegeek_it's just broad
00:55:01thegeek_perhaps I should clean out .rocbox
00:55:57leftrightryan_j: you have mail
00:56:08thegeek_seems fine now:)
00:59:04thegeek_I'm impressed by just how good albumart looks
00:59:12ryan_jleftright: hasn't shown up yet.
00:59:12thegeek_amiconn really is a genius;)
00:59:27thegeek_if we could just implement some kind of "splash" mode for albumart
00:59:42thegeek_like, each time a new album start just show the jpg in the folder of the album
00:59:48leftrighthmm, might take a minute or two, it definately left here
01:05:43leftrightwow, album art does look good
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01:14:10ryan_jleftright: still works.
01:14:30leftrightdamn, wonder what my problem is then
01:15:02ryan_jgotta go
01:15:03 Quit ryan_j ("leaving")
01:15:26amiconnHmm. Could someone point me to some EMAC documentation?
01:15:44amiconnThe coldfire2 user's manual doesn't tell much...
01:19:36leftrightI must be going mad then, could someone else try and duplicate my bug ?
01:21:03leftrightadd one song to the playlist only, whilst playing that song right click as if skipping to a next song
01:21:59 Join San [0] (
01:22:12leftrightsee if it causes playback to freeze
01:22:36SanDo you guys need Pictures or diagrams of the circut boards in a H300?
01:23:41 Quit DreamTactix291 (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
01:25:56leftrightask in the morning San, maybe nows not a good time its 0139am CET
01:32:17leftrightwell on the bright side, I have a special player, it has bugs no-one else can duplicate
01:35:32 Join BoD[] [0] (
01:38:04 Part leftright
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01:59:24SanJust wana see the lates on the H300's port
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02:06:10BoD[]I bought a h340
02:06:16BoD[]then i tried to return it
02:06:27OPPill buy it from you...
02:06:48 Quit memmem ("ERC Version 5.0.3 $Revision: 1.726.2.17 $ (IRC client for Emacs)")
02:07:48BoD[]they didn't want to give me my money back
02:07:59BoD[]only a .. I don't know how to say in english
02:08:09BoD[]a paper that says I can buy something else of the same value
02:08:31BoD[]problem is i don't have anything else to buy in that store
02:09:05BoD[]so now I don't have a player, and I have -400eur on my account :(
02:09:12OPPa credit
02:09:15OPPlike a store credit
02:09:22OPPwhat store is it
02:09:36BoD[]it's a small store in france
02:10:06BoD[]it's cheap but... maybe I should have paid a bit more and have the possibility to return it
02:10:44OPPwhy dont you want it
02:10:47OPPthats a great pric
02:11:48OPProckbox will have a fw for it soon too
02:12:16BoD[]i wanted this model for the usb host capabilities
02:12:17OPPand you can have videos too
02:12:32BoD[]it won't work with my sony camera :(
02:12:45BoD[]so now i'm disapointed
02:13:02OPPmaybe rockbox could fix that
02:13:03OPPill brb
02:13:18SanHey OPP
02:14:14BoD[]i guess it would be difficult de solve that
02:14:49Stryke`problem probably is with the camera
02:15:08BoD[]you need to find the specs or reverse engineer the sony usb protocols... why these f***ers didn't just use the standard usb mass device protocole is beyond me
02:19:26BoD[]bed time
02:19:33 Quit BoD[] ("zgrublox")
02:23:44OPPhey san
02:24:54OPPwhats goin on wit h300 series
02:31:14 Quit Stryke` ("Friends don't let friends listen to Anti-Flag")
02:47:41thegeek_nothing really
02:47:58thegeek_h300 will prob follow when h1xx is done
02:48:15thegeek_and whenever linus gets time or feels like making the bootloader;)
02:48:25thegeek_when all data on the parts have been collected
02:57:51OPPisnt h100 done
02:58:59thegeek_there has been no official release with h100 support
03:01:00OPPcant wait for h300x port
03:01:07OPPhope i get to use it before school
03:25:40 Join corr0sive [0] (
03:28:47corr0sivethe h10 is some pretty slick hardware
03:34:33corr0siveis there any research into getting rockbox firmware on an h10
03:35:47 Join ashridah [0] (
03:38:51BBuband there will be none for a long time
03:39:01BBubas it uses the same dsp the ipod uses
03:41:43OPPhey bbub :-D
03:44:06 Quit San (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
03:44:12corr0sivenew hardware calls for new firmware
03:45:19corr0sivelet it rock out w/ video bro ;)
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04:06:16corr0siveto hell with firmware! kill zombies!
04:23:09 Quit OPP ()
04:31:31*corr0sive is away, autoaway [l/on][p/off]
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06:57:51oddcritical firefox update 1.06 released
06:58:34zeyeah like days ago
06:59:12oddi just found out
06:59:16oddso sue me :(
06:59:54oddi haven't even been at my computer for a while
07:00:06oddso i suppose i should've checked for that before making myself sound stupid :(
07:00:24zeits ok
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10:43:11*austriancoder has now ida pro ;)
10:47:55Askualias add liikkuu echo [ format title "[" liikahtelee "]" ] liikkuu, "[" liikahtelee "]" liikkuu, "[" liikahtelee "]" liikkuu
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12:01:36leftrightanyone here want to help me duplicate a bug ?
12:05:38leftrightin wps, right-click and skip tracks very quickly forward, do it faster than the counter can display, see if it crashes
12:14:24 Join Moos [0] (
12:14:37MoosHi all
12:15:14 Nick Lost-ash is now known as ashridah (
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12:22:16 Join hshah [0] (
12:24:57hshahanyone here?
12:25:40leftrightyes I'm here, but jusr a guest
12:27:36hshahanyone know how to patch the rockbox?
12:27:45hshahfor the iriver?
12:28:15hshahthere are lots of patches there... but how do u patch the builds?
12:30:48[-AIR-]good question.
12:30:55[-AIR-]i couldn't figure it out :s
12:31:14[-AIR-]u need cygwin
12:31:18[-AIR-]google it
12:31:31[-AIR-]and you need to download the source from the daily builds
12:31:39[-AIR-]i got that far...but then stuck
12:33:20hshahwell ive posted about it on the rockbox forums and on the forums
12:33:34hshahhopefully someone comes to my rescue :p
12:37:48austriancoderpatch < patchname.patch
12:38:55austriancoderyou need a full development enviroment and current source (daily build or cvs)
12:39:19[-AIR-]so cygwin and current source?
12:39:24austriancoderthen you copy patch into root dir of sources and simply run patch < patchname.patch
12:39:33[-AIR-]where do you put the patch and where to you cd to?
12:40:50austriancoderwait one moment
12:41:19austriancoderthere is a ready-to-use development-enviroment for windows.. must search link.. linux user ;)
12:41:39thegeek_ENDA en superior absorption
12:43:51 Join [1]Moos [0] (
12:44:47hshahso do i download the latest rockbox source from then?
12:45:33hshahextract that to a folder on my hdd, say c:\iriver\
12:45:46hshahand then patch it using the program u linked to?
12:46:09austriancoderhshah: read this:
12:46:27hshahbut what im confused about is how come there is a different build for each mp3 player, but there is a generic source code?
12:47:13austriancoderbig parts of rockbox are generic.. and some parts are low-level drivers and other device specific stuff
12:47:36hshahso when its complied how will it know its for my iriver h120?
12:47:52austriancoderrockbox has a configure tool
12:48:01hshahoh rite...
12:48:15austriancodertools/configue ... does create all makefiles for you.. ;)
12:48:49 Quit Moos (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
12:48:49 Nick [1]Moos is now known as Moos (
12:49:05hshahthis link u gave me above is confusing the hell out of me
12:49:27hshahi got this so far:
12:49:32hshahdownload source and devkit
12:49:42hshahinstall devkit and extract source
12:49:49hshahapply patch to source using devkit
12:49:51 Join DreamTactix291 [0] (
12:49:59hshahnow how do i recompile it for my iriver?
12:50:18austriancodermake a dir called
12:50:24austriancodercd build
12:50:36austriancoderrun ../tools/configure
12:50:50austriancoderand then
12:51:11hshahcool :)
12:51:25hshahthanks :)
12:52:20austriancoderi think in the wiki are also all infos about this topic
12:54:15*austriancoder is away to eat something
12:54:32 Join San [0] (
12:59:46[-AIR-]San :-o
13:02:02leftrightcould the fact that I only have 900megs free space cause Rockbox to crash
13:03:36Sando you rockbok guys need any diagrams and pictures of the inside of a H300?
13:03:55[-AIR-]san look at the wiki. they have photos already.
13:04:00[-AIR-]but not scans
13:04:05Sanbut diagrams?
13:04:15[-AIR-]errr how u schematics?
13:04:34[-AIR-]chek the h3xx wiki
13:05:51Santhanks west ;-)
13:07:30[-AIR-]wotchoo call me ;)
13:08:30leftrightSan Linus is the guy to talk to about the H340, and he's on holiday right know
13:08:55leftrightI think he returnes in a weeks time
13:09:27Sanso, is the port deffinate at this stage?
13:09:57leftrightcant comment on that, you need to ask Linus
13:10:36leftrightMy personal opinion is that it will happen, but it'll be a while yet
13:11:05Sanok, so is linus the guy in charge?
13:11:16Sanlike the main guy who started it?
13:11:45Santhanks for answering my questions guys
13:11:50Sangotta go
13:12:41 Part San
13:23:44leftrightif there is only one song in the playlist, what is it supposed to do when i get to the end of the last song
13:25:13Moosdepand of your "repeat mode" choise
13:25:25leftrightrepeat is off
13:25:44Moossuposed to stop
13:26:05leftrightfreeze or stop
13:27:20leftrightmy player either freezes the wps at the end of the song or it crashes rockbox
13:27:48Moosstrange this behaviour don't happen here
13:28:14Moosi'll test wait 2 sec
13:28:32leftrightadd only one song to the playlist
13:28:43Moosinsert 1 song only?
13:29:26Moos1 song playing
13:29:35Moosi leave it play?
13:29:46leftrightyes, try that first
13:30:59leftrightI lsao get strange behaviour if I righ-click the joystick, as if skipping to another track
13:32:41Moosit stoped here
13:32:58Moosnormal behaviour it back to browser
13:33:10leftrightok, thanks
13:33:22Mooswhat build you use?
13:33:22 Join Febs_away [0] (
13:33:57leftrightlatest build, I have tried several builds, old and new and it does this
13:34:08Moosvery strange
13:34:14leftrightyes indeed
13:34:16Mooswhats optons are enabled
13:34:23Mooscrosfade, rg...
13:34:33leftrightreplay gain, no crossfade
13:34:48Moosbootloader version?
13:35:35Moosthe last build don't cause this behaviour and last bootloader too i think
13:35:49Moosmaybe iriver player problem?
13:36:11leftrightwhat I would like to do is send the unit to one of the developers
13:36:34Moosi'm not a dev, scuse :(
13:36:41 Nick Febs_away is now known as Febs (
13:36:57leftrightthanks for your help
13:37:17Moosjust this thing problem ,or?
13:37:24leftrightI might consider formating my hard drive
13:37:33leftrightyes just this one bug
13:38:02Moosbut why do you do playlist if you want just 1 song?
13:38:29leftrightits the only way I can reproduce the bug which crashes my player
13:38:49Mooswhy do you want your player crash? :)
13:39:12leftrightno it crashes randonly during normal mp3 playback
13:39:14Moosif all things worked it's good, no?
13:39:43leftrightso to trouble shoot and try to narrow it down I experimented
13:40:25Moosok, but that is strange, is it anybody can replicate this
13:40:47leftrightso far no, but only you have tested this
13:41:03Mooswhat kind of files?
13:41:51Mooshow do you ripead it?
13:41:57leftrighthmm, I need to start with a fresh player and then see if it still does it
13:42:05leftrightEAC LAME aps
13:42:47Moosif is it HD problem, you can upgrade it
13:43:18leftrightyes, good excuse for it
13:43:26Moosyes indeed :)
13:43:45MoosiH140 or 120?
13:44:06Moosyes 60 go it's so good ;)
13:44:16leftrightfor sure :)
13:44:24Moosi planed to do it too soon with battery replacement too
13:44:36 Join arfo____ [0] (
13:44:46leftrightI've already replaced the Battery
13:45:22leftrightright, time to backup and format
13:45:35Moosgood luck :)
13:45:59Moosil n'y a pas de quoi ;)
13:46:40leftrightpad croire, (hope my spelling is correct)
13:47:26leftrightno worries :)
13:47:51leftrightwhats no worries in french
13:48:43Mooswe can tell " pas de souci"
13:48:55Moosor pas de probleme
13:49:19hshahtu es une lapin
13:49:35hshahonly french i could think of :p
13:49:42Mooswhy rabbit? :D
13:49:53Moosmy english is very bad
13:50:12hshahmy french is very bad :p
13:50:29hshahnot sure why rabbit... i did GCSE in French and got A* but that was 3 years ago
13:50:35Mooswelcome to the club
13:51:20hshahthe exams u do at the end of year 11
13:51:31Moosa ok :)
13:59:08***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
13:59:28hshahanyone... im trying to patch my source...
13:59:34hshahhaving a slight problem
13:59:51hshahits saying it can't find the file....
14:06:00 Quit hshah ("CGI:IRC")
14:32:57wehnmaybe 'patch -p1 < patchfile'
14:33:23ashridahit'd probably help if he was here :)
14:33:40wehn:) whoops
14:39:27 Part arfo____
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15:08:24 Nick BBub_ is now known as BBub (
15:15:24 Join Lear [0] (
15:16:29SlasheriLear: hi :)
15:17:04LearHi. I was wondering about that bug there's a workaround for in pcm_playback.c. How do you reproduce it?
15:17:22LearSpecific files/formats?
15:17:42SlasheriAh, hmm
15:17:52Slasherionly mp3 files has that problem
15:18:03LearI tried it a couple of times just now, and once I got something, but it could have been a "spike" turning the audio on...
15:18:23Slasheriyou should try find a file that has (loud) audio immediately at the start of the track
15:18:41Slasherithen remove the line commented "REMOVE THIS TO TEST"
15:18:45Learah, I primarily tried one with low audio in the start (making it easier to hear any noise).
15:18:51Learand yes, I removed that line. :)
15:19:00Slasheriyou will hear some junk pcm data when you first play that file
15:19:15Slasheriif you play the file second time, the problem will not appear until on next boot
15:19:26Learboot==rolo, in this case?
15:19:32Slasheriit might be some initialization problem with the mpa codec
15:19:48Slasherihmm, i haven't tried rolo boot.. i can test it now
15:20:06Learit ought to be...
15:22:06Slasheriinteresting.. that problem occurs only with cold boot
15:22:13Slasherirolo boot does not reproduce it
15:23:03Learhow could it be mp3-specific then? sounds more like audio hardware initialization...
15:23:49 Quit ashridah ("Leaving")
15:24:01Slasherii think it could be mp3 specific because if we discard some/one mp3 frame in the codec then that problem is gone
15:24:27Slasheri(but of course we will miss that one frame of audio also)
15:27:11Leardiscard, as in decoding in the codec, but not feed it to the audio buffer?
15:27:42Learah, there I think I heard something...
15:28:54Slasheriit might be some cpu specific initialization bug mpa codec has..
15:29:50Learbut it is odd that not even a rolo is enough to re-create the same situation...
15:30:37Learokay, I have a good repeatable test case now at least.
15:30:45Slasherigood :)
15:32:41austriancoderlinux user: what app do you use for scanning?
15:35:00SlasheriLear: i fixed it
15:35:14Slasheriwhat ever this does but we need to init the mac: asm volatile ("move.l #0x20, %macsr;");
15:35:15LearYou did? Macsr not set properly by any chance? :)
15:35:32Slasherii will now prepare it for commit
15:35:33LearYay, my suspicion was right! ;)
15:36:03LearThe mac must be in the right mode, or else some multiplications will go haywire.
15:36:13Slasherinice.. =)
15:37:06LearA bit like if you multiply two 32 bit numbers and take the low 32 bits of the result, instead of the top ones.
15:37:14 Join Marie [0] (
15:37:37MarieHello all
15:37:54 Quit austriancoder ("CGI:IRC")
15:38:08Mariebtw thanks to Lear for Replay Gain support
15:38:27Mariejust a quick question please
15:38:31LearYoure welcome, Marie.
15:39:01Marieit's about dB used by default with foobar
15:39:08Marieit's 89db
15:39:30Mariecan i increase it with this Clipping prevebtion
15:40:03LearNo, there is no preamp or similar in rockbox at the moment.
15:40:14Mariea ok
15:40:43LearWhat clip prevention does is to lower the volue a bit, if it otherwise would clip during playback.
15:40:57Mariecan't increase the volume for example 10db, because Rockbow have less volume than iriverfw
15:41:29Mariehave you planed to add this?
15:42:08LearNo immediate plans anyway. I rarely need to go above 70 in volume anyway...
15:42:23Marielucky man
15:42:30Mariehere it's not the same
15:42:49LearShouldn't be too hard to add though.
15:42:50Mariei really want to increase the dB value but i'm afraid
15:42:58Marieto add clipping
15:43:23 Quit wehn (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
15:44:49Marieis it reasonable to increase a bit this 89dB without risck?
15:45:12Marieis it one limit?
15:46:01LearDepends on the source material a lot, so it's hard to tell. Usually, a little clipping isn't that audible though.
15:46:46Mariee.g 95dB it's not a lot, no?
15:47:47LearThat would be doubling the volume, I think, so it is a lot, in that way...
15:48:52Mariehow many dB, think you, can i increase in average, for not have a lot of risk?
15:49:55LearI don't know, since it depends so much on the music in question. And I haven't really looked at it either...
15:50:20Mariea ok thanks for the help
15:50:52 Join muesli- [0] (
15:50:59Mariei'll leave this 89 db
15:51:31Mariethanks everyone for all Rockbox works
15:51:41Mariethat Rocks ;)
15:51:56Mariebye all and thanks again Magnus
15:52:09 Quit Marie ("CGI:IRC")
15:52:44muesli-btw does enabled replaygain support drains the battery even when my files are not treated with it?
15:53:18Learnope, and it doesn't add much even when enabled.
15:53:42Learin terms of cpu boost, it is not noticable, afaik.
15:59:08 Join preglow [0] (
15:59:12***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
16:00:09preglowi dont think putting a mac init routine in system.h is a very good idea
16:00:22preglowthe way you want to init the mac, depends on what youre doing
16:03:08 Quit preglow (Client Quit)
16:03:13 Join preglow [0] (
16:06:40leftrightI'm getting a 'accessing playlist error', is this normal after a fresh install of rockbox
16:06:41 Join DreamTactix291 [0] (
16:08:28preglowfor me, at least
16:11:38 Join lodesi [0] (
16:19:12 Join corr0sive [0] (
16:20:33 Quit corr0sive (Client Quit)
16:21:20 Join ryan_j [0] (
16:22:10ryan_jhey all
16:22:50ryan_jHow accurate is the battery level reading on iriver?
16:26:17leftrightthis 'System Volume Information' file, must it stay on ?
16:29:16ryan_jleftright: I don't have one on mine
16:29:34leftrighthi ryan_j
16:29:46leftrightshow hidden files
16:30:23Learleftright: windows creates those...
16:30:35leftrightI am rteally despairing with that bug that my player persists with
16:31:07MoosLear: thanks again for Replay Gain, it's work like a charm
16:31:26leftrightI have formated my drive, loaded a few files, mp3, back onto the player
16:31:45 Join courtc [0] (
16:32:30Mooshave you still the strange behaviour?
16:32:31leftrightand it Still locks up if I have only ONE file in the playlist and right-click for a next file
16:32:37leftrightyes moose
16:32:58ryan_jleftright: have you tried any other format (vorbis, flac, etc.)
16:33:24leftrightno, dont have any of them,
16:33:43Learleftright: you mean it crashes when you start loading the next track, for whatever reason?
16:34:04leftrightyes with one file in the playlist only
16:34:07 Join mr_qno [0] (
16:34:30leftrightricht click as if you want to select another file, wps then freezes
16:34:49Learas in "only when there's only one file in the playlist" or "even if there's only one file in the playlist"?
16:35:10 Join OPP [0] (
16:35:25leftrightonly one file in the playlist, or, if its the Last file playing back in the playlist
16:35:54Learah, so it only happens at the end of a playlist?
16:36:22Learand how have you set the "Move to the next folder" setting?
16:36:56leftrightits set to 'yes'
16:37:32ryan_jJust tested with 'Move Folder' set to yes on mine. It froze :-/
16:37:34 Join stripwax [0] (
16:37:47leftrightyay, I'm not going mad
16:37:54OPPjust seein whats goin on with h3xx port
16:38:40Learhm... I'm having problems recreating that...
16:38:51stripwaxHCl had a chance to look at that sokoban patch yet? ;-)
16:39:23leftrightlear you have unicode tags
16:39:53Learno, I don't, actually. but I got something now, "Error accessing directory" splash, but no hang.
16:40:29 Quit HCl (Remote closed the connection)
16:40:31Lear(except on some test tracks and whatnot...)
16:40:32mr_qnoHello everyone, i would like to report a little bug with my H140. When you pause the playback of a music, then you browse the files, and you choose another file to play, the iRiver freezes and have to be reseted.
16:40:40*stripwax takes that as a no ;-)
16:40:45 Quit Tipi^ (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
16:40:53ryan_jLear: It doesn't really hang, but playback stops and the wps freezes
16:40:54 Join Tipi^ [0] (
16:41:12Learbut you can use stop to exit the wps?
16:41:17leftrightthats exactly it Ryan_j
16:41:52ryan_jYes, stop exits
16:42:29stripwaxWould anyone be interested in a patch that momentarily shows the wps while running some other plugin? not quite figured out how to do that but I'd find it immensely useful so figured others might too? e.g. playing minesweeper while listening to music, and the track changes, and you want to find out what it is...
16:42:42stripwax(some global key combination)
16:43:04stripwaxmr_qno wow, is that reproducible? which build of Rockbox?
16:47:08 Join Tipi^_ [0] (
16:48:12LearI think there was a commit related to that not too long ago...
16:49:22mr_qnostripwax : build 050721, and it's systematic. You pause the file the iRivier is playing, you choose another one -> the display is still working, but no sound at all
16:49:51mr_qnomaybe my build is too old now ?
16:50:04Learmr_qno: worth trying a newer one at least...
16:50:10 Quit preglow ("CGI:IRC")
16:52:17stripwaxReckon dirty rectangle (or even dirty row) would further improve battery life any?
16:55:50mr_qnoLear and Stripwax : Ok with the latest daily build, it works fine now. Sorry for the trouble :-/
16:56:20stripwaxmr_qno - no worries - good to have that information in case someone else has the same problem so we know it's been fixed! :-D
16:58:59 Quit Tipi^ (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
16:59:51 Join bagawk [0] (1000@bagawk.user)
17:01:06 Join HCl [0] (
17:01:47mr_qnowell, i have another request ;-) . I think it would nice that when you start the browsing, it would be in the folder where there is the file which is currently played, you see what i mean ? For example, i have the resume on "on", so when when i start the iRiver, it resumes the latest file it played, but if i want to choose another one and start the browsing, i am in the root folder in the beginning, not in the folder where the last file which is played
17:02:03stripwaxmr_qno - turn on "follow playlist" in the options! ;-)
17:02:10 Join ]RowaN[ [0] (
17:02:48]RowaN[would it be possible for a gameboy screen to display jpegs using more shades of grey than 3 in the same was that rockbox can on the iriver?
17:05:15]RowaN[wow, i wonder why no ones ever done for a demo or a commercial game titlescreen or something
17:05:24]RowaN[well, maybe they have but i havent seen
17:11:57mr_qnostripwax : thanks again ! Didn't know that it was an option, i should read the rockbox manual more often :-/
17:15:57OPPdo you guys know anthign about the h3xx port
17:16:40leftrightstatus is unknown
17:17:04OPPwhat do you mean by that
17:18:22leftrightdevelopers are on holiday
17:18:25 Part stripwax
17:19:07 Join stripwax [0] (
17:25:06 Quit muesli- (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
17:36:35solexMy Iriver H120 just crashed:
17:36:41solexIO: AddrErr
17:36:48solexat 31022Da4
17:36:59stripwaxsuper . which version of rockbox?
17:37:10solexyesterday's build
17:37:20solexI was viewing the playlist and selected another track.
17:37:33leftrightsame error code I get
17:37:45stripwaxis it reproducible everytime you select that track (e.g. is the track corrupted)?
17:38:32solexHad that a few times already (not sure about the exact error message, but always the same situation)
17:38:43solexFile type doesn't seem to matter.
17:38:47leftrightsolex, go to the last file in the playlist, play, then try to skip to another
17:39:16*solex does as he's told
17:39:34leftrightdoes the wps screen freeze ?
17:40:26solexOh, but skipping to the last track again (when viewing playlist) makes it crash again.
17:40:38solexsame error message.
17:41:12leftrightsounds familiar :)
17:42:05leftrightI have the same bug, and one of the Developers has managed to reproduce it as well
17:42:08solexleftright: I tried it again and now it crashes when skipping away from the last track.
17:42:31solexShould I be worried about the lit HD LED?
17:42:37leftrightmine crashes when skipping forward
17:42:46leftrightreset works ok
17:42:56solexIt always looks as if it would eat my battery and hard disk.
17:43:00solexleftright: Yep.
17:44:36solexthe cork plugger(?) of my swiss army knife works well for that :)
17:45:01leftrightjust press (side) resume button, same thing
17:45:24solexsorry, which button?
17:45:42leftrightside play button
17:48:17solexThanks. (dammit, now it doesn't wanna crash)
17:48:57leftrightheh, sometimes it crashes, and other times it freezes the wps
17:49:26solexI think I remember that as well.
17:53:16Learhm... I think I'm getting close to the problem; can reproduce it in the simulator, which helps a lot. :)
17:59:14***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
18:09:59ryan_jHmmm... 'Move to next folder' seems to work fine if you just select a file from the file browser instead of inserting it into the playlist.
18:14:47ryan_jInserting into the playlist calls playlist_create with both dir and file as NULL. 'Move to next folder' doesn't work if dir == NULL.
18:26:30ryan_jLear: Should it even move to a new folder in this case? Since the playlist was created by inserting individual songs, there really is no 'next folder' to move to.
18:28:15 Join muesli- [0] (
18:28:59leftrightat the end of a playlist it could go back to file tree/last played ?
18:29:11Learmove to next folder is like "look for the next file when the playlist has ended"...
18:29:48leftrightit gets confused in its current form
18:31:10ryan_jI've got a 'fix', but it may not be what you're looking for.
18:31:33ryan_jit also may not be the right way to fix it.
18:31:41LearI'm also working on a fix...
18:33:00Learfirst one for check_subdir_for_music, then probably one for playback.c, so that playback doesn't stop.
18:34:27ryan_jAh... that makes sense.
18:35:29ryan_jMine's in get_next_index, and it just returns -1 if next_folder is set and playlist->in_ram isn't (which is the case here).
18:35:44ryan_jLike I said, it might not be the 'right' fix though.
18:37:29Learwhen is in_ram set?
18:39:33ryan_ja few places in playlist.c: empty_playlist, new_playlist, playlist_resume, etc.
18:39:54ryan_jBut it's only set to true if dir is non-null
18:41:52Learso, basically you're looking at a different case from me... :)
18:42:02 Quit muesli- (Read error: 60 (Operation timed out))
18:42:10ryan_jWhich one are you looking at then?
18:42:17*ryan_j is confused
18:45:51Learwhere you press play on the last file in a folder, and then try to skip to next. that can fail for various reasons.
18:46:16Lear1) if the "move to next folder" is on, and rb needs to back up to the root to locate the next song.
18:46:35Lear2) there is no next song, in which case playback stops, but you're still in the wps.
18:47:22ryan_jAh, I can see that.
18:48:33ryan_jI'll just test the case I was working on some more, then commmit if it works.
18:48:49ryan_jThat way it won't break the build (like my last one :-( )
18:52:24Leara bit tricky, because if first calls playlist_check, which, since move to next is on, assumes there is a next track, so playback stops the codec. but playback_next doesn't advance the playlist index, so the play code thinks it still is playing the last track...
18:52:41Learhm.. in this case, playback should stop, shouldn't it, and drop to the file tree?`
18:54:12OPPi cant wait for the h3xxx port
18:54:15OPPso excited
18:54:17OPPand anxious
18:54:20OPPand impatient
18:55:05ryan_jWhich is what it does
18:55:09ryan_jWith the fix
18:55:46Leareven in my case (where dir shouldn't be null)?
18:56:42ryan_jI don't know. My guess is no, since in that case in_ram should be true. I check both in_ram and next_folder.
18:57:28stripwaxOPP hmm, impatience won't help! ;-)
18:57:40OPPi know!
18:57:42OPPbut i mean
18:57:54OPPim impatient in that i just might buy a h120
18:58:17OPPeven though i know the h3xx rb will be so much better
18:58:20Learso, this will need a separate fix...and there are four calls to playlist_next, each of which can fail, but this isn't checked for...
19:00:13OPPstrip: what do you own
19:02:24stripwaxbut i'll probably put a 30GB disk and a larger battery in at some point
19:02:29OPPlucky biatch
19:02:34OPPlovin rb
19:02:44stripwaxnot really - the hard drive is dying .. :-(
19:02:55OPPhow so
19:03:44stripwaxclicking and clanking and grinding and buzzing, it's on the way out
19:03:52OPPhow old
19:04:31stripwax18 months or so I think, so it should still be covered (I need to check)
19:04:53OPPthats old\
19:05:30bagawkI had one of the old archos players back in 2002 when rockbox was new :)
19:06:14OPPi had an archos
19:06:18OPPlike 3 years ago
19:06:26OPPnot supported by RB
19:06:32bagawkTime to shutdown -t NOW
19:06:35bagawksee you
19:06:40stripwaxanyone had any experience of removing the joystick button on iriver and replacing with some kind of pressure-sensitive switch?
19:06:49OPPhaha nope
19:07:00 Quit bagawk ("Leaving")
19:15:24 Join stripwax_ [0] (
19:23:29 Join Kupop [0] (
19:24:12KupopI'm using the iriver firmware and i just got the error "i0s:AddrErr at 31022FE0
19:24:33Kupopand my iriver appears to have crashed
19:25:19leftrightits being looked at as we speak by the developers
19:26:17stripwax_press Play and it will restart
19:27:23leftrightif its crashed then play wont reset it, but resume will
19:27:52stripwax_iriver doesn't have a 'resume' button
19:28:05leftrightbur RB does :)
19:28:21leftrightjoystick in = play
19:28:28stripwax_joystick in = SELECT
19:28:47leftrightthat too
19:29:27 Quit stripwax_ (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
19:33:34 Join stripwax_ [0] (
19:33:36 Quit stripwax (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
19:33:44stripwax_Grrrrr..! Trillian is a shit irc client, keeps crashing
19:37:27Slasherihehe, irssi doesn't crash too often
19:37:35Slasheri20:37 Irssi uptime: 290d 22h 9m 27s
19:38:50 Join muesli- [0] (
19:40:22stripwax_Slasheri - shame the irssi download link for Windows seems broken :-(
19:41:53Learslasheri: you aware that playlist_next() doesn't always succeed?
19:42:26SlasheriHmm, i don't know if irssi works on windows. You should find a unix/linux machine where you could run it
19:42:31SlasheriLear: Yes, but i will check that
19:43:30stripwax_Slasheri - not practicable. My only 24x7 linux box is a 200MHz embedded ARM core ;-)
19:43:38SlasheriLear: yep, playlist_check is called always before playlist_next
19:43:45Slasheriand if that fails, no playlist_next is called
19:43:57LearAnd sometimes when the codec stops, the wps doesn't pick that up; not shure what the problem is really...
19:44:24Slasheristripwax_: hehe, that should be able to run irssi too if you can compile software for that box ;)
19:44:25Learslasheri: problem is, with "move to next folder" on, playlist_check returns true, but playlist_next can still fail...
19:44:42stripwax_Slasheri - but I like my user interfaces to be colourful and full of icons unfortunately
19:44:45SlasheriLear: do you have the wps stop with the latest cvs?
19:45:38Learwell, I do have the latest cvs as of today sometimes, plus some hacking from my side...
19:45:48Slasheristripwax_: Hmm, interesting. Almost everybody who has said that, have found irssi much more practicable and easy to use than mirc for example
19:46:39Learah, no, not the very latest changes...
19:46:42SlasheriLear: well, you have updated it during the last hour or something like that?
19:46:50Slasheriyou should try those
19:47:13SlasheriHCl :)
19:47:13HCli use irssi
19:47:14Learthat removed stop_codec == true could at least fix some of my problems...
19:47:18Slasherihehe, nice
19:47:19stripwax_HCl on windows>?
19:47:31HCli ssh to my server with putty
19:47:37HClthen use screen to run multiple irssis
19:47:39stripwax_HCl - so no then :-D
19:47:41HCl+command prompt
19:47:42SlasheriHCl: it's not really on windows ;)
19:47:46HCli know :p
19:49:09Kupopoh man
19:49:13Kupopplay isnt resetting
19:49:18Kupopreset isnt resetting
19:49:22Slasherii have also experienced the new weird bug.. sometimes volume adjustment starts lagging really really much
19:49:24Learinteresting... With my "move to next folder" fix, it now loops on the last track...
19:49:50Kupopoh! my hold key was on
19:50:35Kupopi have to say that the filebrowser interface is such a huge improvement over the origional firmware
19:50:36stripwax_Kupop - hehe!
19:50:56 Quit OPP ()
19:51:27Kupophow good does the gameboy emulator work? fullscreen/fullspeed?
19:54:03thegeek_it's fullscreen
19:54:06thegeek_but not fullspeed
19:54:17thegeek_not that bad though
19:54:34Learslasheri: changed so that if playlist_check returns false, or playlist_next(<forwards>) fails, it does the same thing. playback then stops and wps doesn't exit.
19:55:40SlasheriLear: Hmm, playback stops but wps doesn't exit?
19:56:05 Quit Rori (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
19:56:07Learcorrect, and the simulator (all test there at the moment) hogs the cpu...
19:56:29Slasherioh.. how i could reproduce that?
19:57:06Learhm... without my hacks? :) don't know really...
19:57:15Slasheriah :D
19:57:24Slasheriso it should be fixed on the latest cvs
19:57:37Kupopand this coldfire stuff, is that about trying to get linux running?
19:58:06SlasheriHmm? we are not going to port linux to any dap
19:58:13Learbut I just tested with the latest wps + some changes...
19:58:22Kupopwhat is it then? emulating a phone's cpu?
19:58:28HClwe're not emulating anyways.
19:58:33Learanyway, try playing the last track in a folder (with move to next off) and see what happens...
19:58:56stripwax_Kupop - er, huh? coldfire is the name of the processor inside the iriver!
19:59:08Kupopoh right
19:59:10stripwax_Kupop - which 'stuff' are you referring to?
19:59:15SlasheriKupop: I don't exactly understand what you mean but rockbox is a completely different operating system
19:59:17***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
19:59:26Kupopi was reading the website and couldnt work out what coldfire was
20:01:04stripwax_what made you think it was a phone?!
20:01:29 Join solex_ [0] (
20:02:16Learslasheri: reverted my playback changes. with "move to next folder" off, I played the last track in the folder. when the track finished, wps did not exit.
20:02:26Kupopits made by motorola
20:02:37Kupopwho i only know for making phones
20:02:40Slasheriinteresting, i will try that
20:02:43Kupopbut it appears they make computer chips too
20:02:54stripwax_Kupop - ahhh, right. yeah, motorola have been making computer chips for over 25 years...!
20:02:59stripwax_Kupop - remember the Amiga?
20:04:08Kupopno, i'm too young for that
20:04:46Kupoprockboy isnt on the main site anymore, can someone direct me to it or is it a hush hush subject now?
20:04:58Learslahseri: since I haven't yet come to grips with how the audio/codec threads interacts, and how the wps is informed about playback stop, I think I leave that bug for now... :)
20:05:44HClits not a hush hush subject
20:05:47HClits in the wiki
20:05:51HClunder PluginRockboy
20:06:00HCli should make some asm optimizations
20:06:12HClbut first i got my new harry snotter book
20:07:05stripwax_HCl - had a chance to look at my sokoban changes yet ? ;-)
20:07:21stripwax_(or anyone else for that matter..)
20:08:09HClno, but i have them downloaded
20:08:44stripwax_HCl no worries, thanks!
20:11:30 Quit solex (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
20:11:44 Quit muesli- (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
20:13:15Learnow I _really_ gotta get something to eat... :)
20:15:53SlasheriLear: i found the problem
20:17:17 Join t0mas [0] (
20:19:46Slasherii hope fixing it doesn't introduce new problems
20:21:07*Lear snickers >:)
20:25:36SlasheriLear: please try it now :)
20:26:36leftrightits like playing Sudoku, one wrong number and the whole puzzle is screwed
20:26:44Slasheriyep :D
20:29:44Learhm... no difference I could see. I'll try a full rebuild as well...
20:33:12 Quit bluebrot1er^ (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
20:37:20SlasheriLear: oh, i had the skip to next folder enabled.. so at least it's not totally broekn
20:38:32Learnope, still same problem; it logs that "No more tracks" message, and then nothing more happens...
20:39:05Slasherihmm, in fact it works for me even if i disabled the skip to next folder..
20:39:18Slasheriare you sure you run cvs update?
20:39:40Learyes, did that after your commit, saw that the file was patched..
20:39:47Slasherihmm :/
20:40:09Learthat audio_play queueing is gone...
20:41:37Slasheribtw, my last fix was not correct..
20:41:46Slasherimaybe it should be reverted back
20:42:39Slasheriyes it should.. i will do the correct fix now
20:43:55 Join Mr_Spontaneous [0] (
20:47:16SlasheriLear: fixed
20:58:18 Join preglow [0] (
20:59:59LearStill no difference (and playback.c was updated)...
21:01:45preglowslasheri: i dont know how wise i think it is to have a global emac init function. it should at least take parameters if it is to be global, like rounding and saturation mode
21:11:05Slasheripreglow: oh, that's something i haven't though at all..
21:11:36Slasheriyes, it certainly might need some parameters if it's global
21:13:44preglowagreed, saturation and rounding should at least be configurable
21:14:01preglowcant fix it myself currently :/
21:16:27 Quit Kupop (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
21:46:31LearHm... After last updates, it now under certain circumstances enters an endless loop, trying to buffer tracks, but failing...
21:48:52Slasherihmm, how do you do that?
21:50:33leftrightSlasheri: is ryans latest fix for the same thing you are wirking on
21:51:02ryan_jNot specifically the same thing.
21:51:20ryan_jBut you might want to try it anyway
21:51:30leftrighton it :)
21:53:02 Quit ryan_j ("leaving")
21:55:22 Join Stryke` [0] (
21:59:21***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
22:01:51 Quit preglow ("CGI:IRC")
22:03:47 Join Musicmad [0] (
22:04:44 Quit DreamTactix291 (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
22:21:04LearI have a folder with three files; if I play the last file in the folder, playback stops (but wps doesm
22:21:08Learn't exit.
22:21:32LearIf I select the second file, then soon skip to the last, I get a loop with logfs about buffering tracks
22:21:53Learwhen the last tracks ends.
22:22:54Learthe messages alters between "buffering track n/2" and end-of-playlist. n cycles from zero to twenty-something, afaict.
22:27:45SlasheriLear: Hmm, it works for me.. :/
22:27:49Slasheritrying that loop thing now
22:50:34 Join Bagder [0] (
22:51:15 Join [1]Moos [0] (
22:52:07Bagderhi ho
22:52:48amiconn[-AIR-]: Already tried the improved mandelbrot.rock? ;-)
22:53:00[-AIR-]not yet. eager to do so :)
22:53:10[-AIR-]infact...ill do it rite away
22:53:30[-AIR-]ok. removing mouse to make way for iriver...switching to touchpad
22:53:48[-AIR-]putting iriver in
22:54:02Learwith move to next folder off, the buffering loop, with it on, it loops the last track (and plays it).
22:54:15LearI'm testing this in the simulator, in case it makes a difference :)
22:55:34amiconn[-AIR-]: On iriver you will clearly notice when it switches to 64bit precision (at the 16th zoom-in if you don't zoom out in between
22:55:45[-AIR-]ok kewl
22:55:50Learhe, just saw that switch...
22:55:52[-AIR-]thanks amiconn :)
22:56:05[-AIR-]i can't wait
22:56:21amiconnOn archos it's way less noticeable, calculation time approximately doubles there
22:57:49amiconnOn iriver it's way more, roughly a factor of 10
22:58:20Learsounds like it could be faster then... :)
22:59:23amiconnThe 64bit routine for coldfire (provided by gcc) is well optimised (unless the SH1 routine), but the 32bit multiplication is a single instruction on the coldfire
22:59:53amiconnThat explains the huge difference. On archos, both 32bit and 64bit multiplications are subroutines
23:00:12LearI see...
23:00:35amiconn...because the SH1 can only do a 16*16 -> 32bit multiply in a single instruction
23:01:54amiconnI think I should submit my SH1 64bit multiply to the gcc team. Anyone having knowledge how to do this?
23:02:14[-AIR-]OMFG. its incredible!!!
23:02:22Bagderlinus might, at least his binutils patches have gone through
23:02:30[-AIR-]satisfyingly slow :D:D
23:02:40[-AIR-]and panning...GENIOUS
23:03:09[-AIR-]wow. what would u guys do without me hey :D:D
23:03:23amiconnI do have another optimisation in mind, and would like to hear opinions
23:03:55[-AIR-]type quickly :):D
23:04:07amiconnI think it should be possible to end the current calculation prematurely with a keypress
23:04:18[-AIR-]yer. good idea that if you want to zoom in multiple times, you won't have to wait every time
23:04:36[-AIR-]which key tho? stop?
23:04:41[-AIR-]short press "stop" ?
23:04:46amiconnNo special key
23:05:14[-AIR-]it does get very slow...but all the better :)
23:05:19amiconnJust if you want to zoom in, zoom out, or reset to default, it should interrupt the current calculation
23:05:33amiconn...and do the requested operation instead
23:05:36[-AIR-]yer good think
23:05:41 Nick Febs is now known as Febs_away (
23:05:49amiconnFor panning it makes no sense, because it's incremental anyway
23:06:09CassandraDoes the new playlist code really change the playlist on disk, or just in memory?
23:06:12[-AIR-]hey look at this: .... my friend made it
23:07:33BagderI'm not sure
23:07:46Bagderand haven'
23:07:53Bagdert had time to check code yet
23:07:55 Quit Moos (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
23:07:55 Nick [1]Moos is now known as Moos (
23:08:18 Quit Stryke` (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
23:08:22Bagderbut if it is memory-only, I don't mind this approach
23:08:58 Join Stryke` [0] (
23:10:49Cassandra*nods* I've not checked either. Seemed like that would be the logical way to do it though.
23:11:20Bagderyes, it makes sense
23:12:03*Lear is wondering what they are talking about...
23:12:42Bagdermy and Slasheri's discussion on the mailing list
23:12:47Cassandra - Odd flash animation of "Maxwell's Silver Hammer" by the Beatles.
23:13:27Cassandra(which is a pretty odd song, really)
23:15:21amiconnLear: regarding the 64bit multiplication routine for coldfire: I tried using the emac (of course in integer mode), and got about the same speed as gcc's "__muldi3"
23:16:10amiconnThe bad thing about the emac is that it can only do 16*16->32bit and 32*32->40bit
23:16:38amiconnIt would have been useful if it would allow 32*32->48bit at least
23:17:09 Join DreamTactix291 [0] (
23:19:58[-AIR-]shit. i have a problem. trying to update bootloader and cannot get into iriver firmware. i used H3MOD after patching the firmware...correct...and now it just freezes on the boot screen after rec+play...emergency recovery?
23:20:56HCli'd say chkdisk it.
23:21:01[-AIR-]and i when i press ANY button in the WPS it freezes.
23:21:20HClthis is why we have an usb mode in the bootloader
23:21:27[-AIR-]yer :)
23:21:32[-AIR-]THANK YOU :D
23:21:37thegeek_Cassandra: that is the best flash animation I have ever seen;)
23:22:19[-AIR-]HCl. no errors.
23:22:27[-AIR-]i can boot into rockbox.
23:22:30[-AIR-]but not iriver firmware.
23:22:54[-AIR-]i knew that h3mod woz bad idea.
23:23:00HClif there are no errors your iriver firmware is probably screwed up...
23:23:18HClyou can attempt to format it and see if that helps
23:23:29HClthe bootloader usb will still allow you to put rockbox back on on it...
23:23:37[-AIR-]is there no way to update firmware outside of iriver firmware?
23:23:42[-AIR-]ok ill try that.
23:23:44HClif that doesn't help i'm afraid you'll have to wait till linus codes an iriverflash plugin
23:24:05Cassandrathegeek_: Yes, it's strangely appealing, isn't it?
23:24:06[-AIR-]yer we need that.
23:24:24thegeek_oh yes
23:24:28thegeek_oh yes indeed
23:24:29[-AIR-]so if i format. the disk is empty but usb mode will work?
23:24:34[-AIR-]HCl ?
23:25:41 Join bluebrother [0] (
23:25:49[-AIR-]HCl ?
23:26:21thegeek_as long as you are talking about a bootloader above version 1 or so
23:26:35[-AIR-]yer. 4
23:26:42HClwait what
23:26:52HClwhat thegeek_ sai
23:26:56HClfirst check
23:26:59HClif your bootloader has usb
23:27:02thegeek_I think it was ver2 that had bootloader usb
23:27:06HClplug usb in
23:27:09HCland turn your iriver onn
23:27:10[-AIR-]have u got a copy of fwpatcher.exe for version 4?
23:27:15HCland see if it says bootloader usb mode
23:27:32 Quit bluebrother (Client Quit)
23:27:46[-AIR-]yer. bootloader usb mode
23:28:36[-AIR-]have u got a copy of fwpatcher.exe for version 4?
23:28:37CassandraI don't think anyone removed boot loader USB mode.
23:28:51[-AIR-]anyone got a copy of fwpatcher.exe for version 4?
23:29:25BBubno, the bootloader usb mode is still there in v5
23:29:30BBubi am using it atm ;)
23:30:09Bagderyou can get v4 gtom the wiki
23:30:10[-AIR-]its just it booted b.
23:30:19[-AIR-]can i ?
23:30:28leftrightwith latest build, if you skip forward through the tracks Very quickly, then the wps secreen hangs
23:30:43leftrightthe tracks in playlist that is
23:30:50Bagder[-AIR-]: click the 'action' link for the file, and you'll get a full history of all versions of it
23:32:10leftrightSlasheri: it still hangs if you skip tracks quicly in playlist
23:32:36[-AIR-]kewl tnx Badger.
23:33:50[-AIR-]im gonna format
23:34:48[-AIR-]wait a second. windows cannot format fat32 drives...
23:35:17[-AIR-]any suggestions/
23:35:36HClit can't?
23:35:45Bagderuse "swissknife"
23:36:43[-AIR-]kewl tnx Badger
23:36:44Bagderor a sensible OS ;-)
23:37:01[-AIR-]i could boot into linux but carnt b arsed :)
23:39:02[-AIR-]err am i sure i want to delete this partition...Badger?
23:39:12[-AIR-]yes i am
23:39:14[-AIR-]don worry
23:40:09[-AIR-] custom wps is in the final at misticriver :)
23:40:32[-AIR-]its in the rockbox galleryu
23:42:02[-AIR-]is the iriverflash plugin hard to do?
23:42:16[-AIR-]why can only linus do it?...bcoz he's a bit of a legend?
23:48:18Bagderit isn't only linus who can do it
23:48:38Bagderbut fiddiling with flash programming requires means to restore a bad flash
23:48:56[-AIR-]rite. and only he can do that?
23:49:07Bagderwhich takes hardware that the Rockbox project has bought one version of, that Linus has at his house
23:49:30[-AIR-]so doesn't everyone have an iriver who are contributing to the port?
23:49:41BagderI guess
23:49:55[-AIR-]dam this is taking a while
23:50:06[-AIR-]any idea how long the format will take im tired :O
23:50:08Bagderapart for the changes that are platform agnostic of course
23:50:26BagderI've never formatted my disk
23:50:37solex_Is there any progress on recordng with the Iriver H1x0?
23:51:34 Quit lodesi ("Leaving")
23:51:44BagderI don't know
23:52:25solex_It's the only reason for me to boot the original firmware...
23:54:09[-AIR-]your lucky. you CAN boot the original firmware :). btw. u sure you can't be tempted to change playback speed from thyme to thyme ?
23:54:37leftrightdo you lisp
23:54:49leftrightthyme, thyme
23:55:06solex_maybe he does perl!
23:55:08*solex_ coughs
23:58:14CassandraThe word's pronounced like "time" in English. It's the name of a herb, however.
23:58:37Bagderbut a good herb it is! ;-)

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