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#rockbox log for 2005-07-31

00:00:50stripwax_question - are any of rockbox's settings stored in the eeprom yet? (if not is that because there's no eeprom driver for iriver yet?)
00:01:26BagderI don't think we have any driver for the eeprom
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00:01:40stripwax_Bagder - ok thx
00:02:43stripwax_Bagder - while I'm still online - do you think adding dirty rectangle support (or even just dirty row support) to lcd_update would be worthwhile at all?
00:03:14Bagderyou mean for lcd_update_rect() ?
00:03:37Bagderor what do you mean with dirty?
00:03:44stripwax_no, I mean for lcd_update. or, equivalently, I guess we could rewrite a bunch of plugins to call lcd_update_rect because they currently don't?
00:04:28stripwax_dirty == modified. only output lcd data for changes rather than the entire display each time. should reduce lcd_update time drastically, I would think
00:04:49Bagderok, only updating deltas
00:04:50 Join LinusN [0] (
00:05:05Bagderwell, it would be interesting to test if nothing else
00:05:21stripwax_well, not deltas obviously. we'd have to send the entire bytes, not differences. but only for the rectangles that have changed...
00:05:34Bagdertrue, modified bytes
00:05:45Bagderwe do something similar in the x11 sim display code
00:06:08Bagderhi LinusN
00:06:09stripwax_really? weird, why is that
00:06:25Bagderstripwax_: just to speed up the displaying for x11
00:06:44stripwax_the x11 host would be faster than the iriver I'd have thought ;-)
00:07:06Bagderwell, first x11 is a slow technology then we output rectangles for each pixel
00:07:25LinusNand some of us run the x11 over a network
00:07:36Bagderyes, I use that very often too
00:07:41amiconnstripwax_: I don't think the delta-checking will be worth the effort, at least not on iriver. We would need a second buffer to compare to, and the transfer isn't that slow
00:07:57stripwax_amiconn - no: just whether the row has been modified (like I said ...)
00:08:15LinusNi don't think it's worth the effort
00:08:28stripwax_obviously don't store two buffers. just store an additional bit per row (modified, or not). or a pair of bytes (start col, end col) for each row
00:08:39amiconnHowever, you're right that we could use lcd_update_rect() instead of lcd_update() especially in places where updates occur often
00:08:57Bagderthat might probably be a more worthwhile effort
00:08:57stripwax_LinusN - why not?
00:09:15LinusNbecause the lcd update is pretty fast as it is
00:09:22stripwax_amiconn - multiple calls to lcd_update_rect would be less efficient than one call to lcd_update that takes care of its own housekeeping, surely?
00:10:01amiconnAgreed if the part to update isn't constant
00:10:03stripwax_LinusN - true, I guess it is now that the cycle time is reduced. no point making it faster still?
00:10:09Bagderwell, lcd_update_rect() would have the same logic of course
00:10:22Bagderif that would be made
00:10:46amiconnHowever, I think an lcd_update() to does sophisticated checks what to update and what not might end up slower than the current method
00:10:52LinusNstripwax_: when would the "dirty" information be updated?
00:11:09stripwax_LinusN - when one of the other lcd_xxx fns is called, I would have thought
00:11:13amiconnPlus, all drawing functions would have to properly mark the dirty rows, hence they would get slower too
00:11:26Bagderyes, I doubt we can gain very much on it
00:11:28stripwax_amiconn - how slow is setting one flag?
00:11:32LinusNstripwax_: that would make each lcd_xxx call slower
00:11:47amiconnIt's not one flag, but at least one flag per row with your suggestion
00:12:13amiconn...and *all* drawing functions would need to calculate which of these flags to set
00:12:18stripwax_I guess apps should just be rewritten to use lcd_update_rect then
00:12:37amiconn...and I mean *all* functions, not only those within the core
00:12:53stripwax_amiconn - I thought only core fns had access to the lcd framebufefr?
00:13:05amiconnRockbox doesn't forbid that e.g. a plugin writes directly to the frame buffer
00:13:21*stripwax_ wasn't aware that that was possible ... ack..
00:13:29amiconnRockboy does that, as its main method...
00:13:47Bagderright, so the x11 delta way would be the only really possible way
00:14:02Bagderbut not as fast
00:14:23amiconnThere are several others; in fact my api suggestion includes that functions not needed in the core but nice-to-have for plugins should be part of the plugin library
00:14:26Bagderthe x11 sim keeps a copy of the framebuffer
00:14:35Bagderto compare changes against
00:15:15stripwax_Bagder - ok (but again that's not really delta)
00:15:34amiconnThe first function of this kind (xlcd_filltriangle()) however does not access the framebuffer, it does in turn use lcd_vline() for drawing
00:15:48Bagderdelta as in meaning difference
00:16:40amiconnScrolling would be another such function, and in fact the oscilloscope plugin uses a custom scroll routine, running in an isr
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00:17:40stripwax_amiconn makes sense. i sense another patch to sokoban coming along ... ;-)
00:18:07amiconnHmm, was it you who did the load-multiple-levels patch?
00:18:26Bagderwe should commit that afaics
00:18:30stripwax_we should
00:18:44amiconnI have a suggestion for this. Iirc this loads a fixed amount of levels if there is enough ram for this fixed amount?
00:19:08stripwax_That's what the patch does, yes.
00:19:08 Quit mr_qno ("CGI:IRC (EOF)")
00:19:15amiconnI would rather want it to grab the remaining plugin ram, then cache as many levels as fit.
00:19:24stripwax_I haven't made any attempt to size the number of levels
00:19:36stripwax_amiconn - nice idea. I wouldn't have known how to do that
00:20:37stripwax_amiconn - hmm, does oscilloscope work on iriver?
00:20:46amiconnNo, not yet
00:21:27amiconnI didn't check whether the new level calculation is usable from a plugin
00:21:45 Quit courtc (Connection timed out)
00:21:50amiconnThat would allow to port & enable oscillograph, oscilloscope and vumeter
00:22:14stripwax_great stuff. gnight all!
00:22:28 Part stripwax_
00:22:30amiconnLinusN: I had an idea how to measure the time the PLL needs to relock
00:26:19 Join courtc [0] (
00:27:35amiconnLinusN: check starting at 09:40
00:29:15LinusNnice idea, but why would we want to measure it?
00:29:43 Join Strath [0] (
00:31:59amiconnWe won't need it for normal operation, but I think there are at least two cases where it might be useful
00:32:26amiconn(1) As an experiment, to see how long a typical relock will take. The datasheet only mentions the worst case
00:32:50LinusN3ms according to my logic analyzer measurements
00:34:04amiconn(2) Perhaps this allows to implement a user timer that keeps precision acroos frequency changes -> would remove the need to keep the cpu boosted in the grayscale lib
00:35:57amiconnI don't think this would help for backlight dimming though, because the timer periods required there are really short (down to 50s)
00:36:17LinusNtoo bad the coldfire has so few timers
00:37:26amiconnIn fact I think about using the timer1 only, both as the timer itself in normal operation, and for correction during the frequency change
00:37:36 Join Alex-- [0] (
00:38:14LinusNshould work
00:38:19amiconnOne would then not register the timer in terms of cpu cycles on a variable-frequency platform, but in terms of a fixed time base (e.g. s)
00:38:26Alex--Um, hi, I've been away for a long time (~2-3 months) and lost track of how rockbox is doing on the iRiver. I see it can now run, so that's a big step forward ;) Is it possible to record audio yet?
00:38:52LinusNyes, as a debug option
00:39:31Alex--Ah, yeah, i see it, cheers. Does it not work properly then, or just not fully tested?
00:39:42amiconnLinusN: I can see one potential problem though. What if the requested timer period expires *during* the relock?
00:39:43Alex--I want to record a 5 hour radio show in 20 mins ;)
00:40:31LinusNAlex−−: it only records wav, with no file splitting
00:41:00*amiconn just had an idea
00:41:03Alex--not a problem, I've got a 40gb hdd ;)
00:41:24LinusNyes, but the maximum reliable file size is 2gb
00:41:33Alex--Ah, yeah, true.
00:41:50Alex--Any idea what happens if I try to record over that?
00:42:02Alex--bugger ;)
00:42:04amiconnIt should be simple, *if* all of base frequency, normal frequency and max frequency have suitable ratios to each other
00:42:24amiconnLinusN: Do you know whether that is the case?
00:42:39amiconnIf so, we could just change the prescaler, and are set
00:42:57amiconnNo need to fiddle with the counter itself
00:43:00LinusNi chose the frequencies pretty much at random
00:43:06amiconnHmm :/
00:43:59amiconnI would like to see both the normal frequency and the max frequency to be an integer multiple of the base frequency, or at least of an integer part of it
00:44:16LinusNthen change them
00:45:13amiconnSufficient condition: Both numerator and denominator of the ratio <= 256
00:46:41Stryke`i wonder if anyone else would like an option to make the replaygain mode tied to shuffle (track gain when shuffle is on, album when shuffle is off)
00:48:01leftrightplaylist only sounds like a good idea
00:48:53CassandraStryke: I'd considered implementing that too.
00:49:11amiconnLinusN: It would work with th ecurrent values. base : normal : max ~ 8 : 34 : 85
00:49:19CassandraSmall problem. It breaks down if you shuffle an album.
00:50:11Stryke`do you think anyone would listen to a single album on shuffle and want original volume differences preserved?
00:51:11LinusNamiconn: nice
00:51:56LearI leave it at album mode even when shuffling. Though I see a point in not doing so...
00:51:58amiconnLinusN: What do you think: The timer init should set the prescaler to the correct value of these 3. Then set_cpu_frequency would set the prescaler to 8 immediately after setting the pll to bypass, then wait for the relock, then set the prescaler to 34 or 85 respectively
00:52:11Stryke`Lear: as do i, currently
00:52:34amiconnIs there a way to find the current frequency status, i.e base/normal/max ?
00:52:48leftrightbut a mix in the playlist even unshuffled I use track with
00:54:14amiconnI think it would be nice to adjust the frequencies a bit for less 'odd' ratios though. I would prefer to have the factor for base == 1, but I don't know whether 11x base would be too high for stable operation
00:54:28leftrighthmm, select shuffle and it automatically goes to track RG, it does sound good, (no pun intended)
00:54:38amiconn(11x base == 124.185.600 Hz)
00:55:00LinusNshould be ok, methinks
00:55:18*]RowaN[ wakes up with his face in a packet of haribo.. and mumbles "god bless you rockbox guys"
00:55:18amiconnnormal would the be 4x base, a little lower than now: 45.158.400 Hz
00:57:32amiconnThen the timer registration will get really simple: Just select it in terms of the base frequency...
00:58:05amiconnThis mechanism could also work for the tick interrupt
00:58:20amiconns/tick interrupt/tick timer/
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01:00:18austriancoderhi all
01:00:25MoosLear: Hi, did you think to implement thing like preamp for RG?
01:00:32MoosHello ac
01:00:44*LinusN goes to bed
01:00:52Moosgood night
01:00:52LearIt has been mentioned, but it hasn't been a priority for me yet...
01:00:58LinusNcu some other day
01:01:02Bagdernight LinusN
01:01:03LearShould be fairly easy though. So maybe some day... :)
01:01:12 Part LinusN
01:01:17Moosa ok
01:01:26Stryke`what sense does a preamp make when you can just increase the volume (pardon my ignorance)
01:01:59Moosi'm an ignorant too :D
01:02:06Stryke`the higher volumes become unreachable?
01:02:31Moosi leave the "specialist" for the explication :)
01:09:31LearHe, I'm not sure I know either. One reason could be that ReplayGain often lowers the volume...
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01:13:13MoosStryke: check the graphs sorry is it in french :) :
01:20:33 Quit leftright ("CGI:IRC")
01:32:43 Quit Moos (" HydraIRC -> <- The future of IRC")
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03:07:52*austriancoder needs a break
03:08:31austriancoderiaudio port looks quite good... i dont need to change current dma code of rockbox@iriver ;)
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08:39:20SlasheriHmm, is there a way to take a cvs diff for whole repository between two different dates?
08:40:19zepertty sure there is, rtfm
08:41:15ashridahSlasheri: if there's a pseudo module that checks out several modules, maybe?
08:44:27SlasheriHmm, cvs diff -D date1 -D date2 should do that :)
08:46:18Slasheriyes, cvs diff -N -D 20050725 -D 20050726 works well
08:47:38*ashridah notes that command line options are the single most annoying thing to parse when you're not allowed to use getopt/getopt_long :(
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09:26:12 Nick amiconn_ is now known as amiconn (
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09:58:01[-AIR-] .... been accepted :)
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10:35:20[-AIR-]austriancoder where u live?
10:37:30 Join rooomish2 [0] (
10:38:31ashridahhmm. austrian....coder... i wonder. :)
10:40:47[-AIR-]hey ashridah
10:41:03[-AIR-]i just formatted the drive
10:41:06[-AIR-]my iriver
10:41:27[-AIR-]and i just disconnected it from the pc i got some nasty crunch sound as the iriver booted into iriver firmware
10:41:38[-AIR-]im trying to update the bootloader
10:42:44Coldtoast[-AIR-]: were you using bootloader USB mode?
10:43:03Coldtoastok. then you disconnected too early
10:43:17Coldtoastwait a little bit before disconnecting. you'll head the head move
10:43:22[-AIR-]here's the story
10:43:30Coldtoastwait til you hear that little noise then disconnect
10:43:42[-AIR-]im now have the version 5 patched firmware on the drive and im in the iriver firmware
10:44:07[-AIR-]so i update the firmware now. BUT. there are no rockbox files on the drive, is that ok?
10:44:24Coldtoastrockbox will fail and default to the iriver firmware
10:44:44[-AIR-]rite gotcha. that's what happened last time.
10:44:49[-AIR-]im now firmware upgrading
10:44:57[-AIR-]this mite just work
10:45:05*[-AIR-] sighs and sigh of great relief
10:45:09Coldtoastdon't see why it wouldn't
10:45:18*[-AIR-] thanks the rockbox crew for this resource
10:45:30[-AIR-]this is AWESOME
10:45:32[-AIR-]it worked
10:45:35Coldtoastbtw, the crunch you heard is what happens if you disconnect and the head does an emergency park
10:45:53[-AIR-]is that bad for the drive?
10:45:59 Quit courtc (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
10:46:14Coldtoastso just give it a bit of time before disconnecting. You'll hear the head move. then disconnect
10:46:27Coldtoastprobably not the best thing for it
10:46:45[-AIR-]ok i've put todays build omn
10:47:11[-AIR-]phew i was getting worried
10:47:21Coldtoastwhat were you worried about?
10:48:02[-AIR-]well, i couldn't boot into iriver firmware to update to version 5
10:48:07[-AIR-]but now i have.
10:48:18[-AIR-]i just formatted
10:48:30 Join DreamTactix291 [0] (
10:49:39[-AIR-]now ill put some music on there again
10:50:06Coldtoastok. heh
10:50:30Coldtoastoh man. they JPG display on the h140 is pretty fricken sweet
10:50:51Coldtoastonly saw the screenshot posted on MR but man, does that look NICE!
10:51:46[-AIR-]it is. it's sooo farking awesom
10:51:58[-AIR-]it and mandlebrot as it is. W)W
10:52:41amiconnColdtoast: The problem with the HD performing an emergency park when leaving bootloader USB mode is solved in bootloader v5
10:52:54[-AIR-]thanks :)
10:53:41Coldtoastamiconn: really?
10:53:45Coldtoastcos mine still; does it
10:54:22ColdtoastI Ithink :)
10:54:55Coldtoastoh. not it doesn't hehe
10:55:05ColdtoastI usually don't boot into USB mode
10:56:37ColdtoastI think I'm never going to again
10:56:49 Quit rooomish (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
10:56:58Coldtoastcan ONE day go past where some moron doesn't bag the ipod?
10:58:53[-AIR-]yer i know. it's quite farking annoying. but the moderators are putting a stop to it.
10:59:09[-AIR-]mostly it's just newBs trying to "mix in" bcoz they think we all think the same
10:59:26Coldtoasteven calling the ipod things like "ipoo" and "icrap" is irritating
10:59:54[-AIR-]yer. even iriver has an "i"
11:00:27[-AIR-]lets see how long it takes for someone to come of with another faecal related synonym
11:01:02Coldtoastseriously, I've never seen a forum with so many ppl obsessed with another companies product and beign hell bent on bagging said product
11:01:09[-AIR-]my rockbox tutorial weren't bad tho :)
11:01:38ashridahColdtoast: you clearly haven't used linux enough :)
11:01:59Coldtoastwhat do they do? bag eachother's dist?
11:02:04Coldtoastor Windows?
11:02:06[-AIR-]what is so great about linux?
11:02:08Coldtoastor both?
11:02:13ashridahboth, generally :)
11:02:24ashridahdepends where you go
11:02:52[-AIR-]what are the main good points about linux over windows
11:02:58Coldtoast[-AIR-]: I'm not expert on it but even just fromcasual usage, it's HEAPS more fun than Windows. It's far mor esecure, there's no spyware and no viruses
11:03:00[-AIR-]be it vista or xp or w00teva
11:03:08ashridah[-AIR-]: depends what you're trying to get done?
11:03:23[-AIR-]is it like rockbox compared to iriver firmare ...
11:03:39ashridahthere's really not much point in asking if linux is 'better' since that'll depend entirely on how experiened you are.
11:03:46[-AIR-]in terms of customizability and optimisation and look and interface and features and etc.
11:03:55ashridahand again, what you're trying to get done
11:04:01Coldtoastfor the average Ma and Pa who just use their computer for the internet, the odd word processing doc adn stuff, Linux is FAR better than Windows
11:04:08[-AIR-]i can do the odd bit of dos. and cd etc. and ./ and ../.
11:04:16Coldtoastbut for that type of person, it needs to be set up for them I reckon
11:04:46Coldtoastcos they don't have to be constantly dealign with spyware and viruses
11:04:47[-AIR-]i mite give it a go. it's free i hear :D
11:04:59ColdtoastBut for that type ofer person, a Mac would be better anyway
11:05:03ashridah[-AIR-]: that depends where you get it
11:05:04[-AIR-]yer lol.
11:05:11ashridahthere's plenty ofp laces you can buy a linux distro for various prices
11:05:14[-AIR-]legally free?
11:05:25Coldtoastdon't lol [-AIR-]. Macs are GREAT machines
11:05:27[-AIR-]so r u on linux now?
11:05:29ashridahmost distros are legally free, however.
11:05:30Coldtoastand OS-X is brilliant
11:05:38ashridah[-AIR-]: i'm always on linux
11:05:47ashridahi've been using it professionally and personally for the last 5-6 years
11:05:48ColdtoastI'm sometimes on Linux
11:05:54[-AIR-]macs r. i wasn't lol at it.
11:06:03Coldtoastsee, I came from an Amiga backgroiund (up til 97)
11:06:05[-AIR-]they're so nice. and always a step ahead microsoft
11:06:13Coldtoastand I find Linux feels a lot like the old Amiga days
11:06:52[-AIR-]have either of u used usenet?
11:07:03Coldtoastsure. not for AGES tho
11:07:16[-AIR-]o. as in binaries or just text viewing?
11:07:18ColdtoastI went off usenet because of the abundance of kiddy pr0n
11:07:24[-AIR-]o rite lol.
11:07:32[-AIR-]that's true. there's lots of that
11:07:35[-AIR-]best to avoid it
11:07:46Coldtoastyeah. so I don't bother
11:08:01[-AIR-]rite. im gonna sign up for a month just to be rid of my shitty 128 mps.
11:08:09[-AIR-]just replace with 192
11:08:11Coldtoastsign up?
11:08:19[-AIR-]yer, u have to pay
11:08:26[-AIR-]don't u?
11:08:28Coldtoastpay for usenet?
11:08:34Coldtoastscrew that
11:08:53[-AIR-]it's like $25 per month UNLIMITED FULL SPEED
11:09:11Coldtoastoh man! there ain't no WAY I'm paying for access to somebody's news server
11:09:29[-AIR-]why not? it's way better than bittorrent or irc
11:09:43[-AIR-]for downloads that is
11:09:47Coldtoastcos I can just use my ISP's one
11:09:53[-AIR-]o rite ok.
11:09:53 Join courtc [0] (
11:10:07Coldtoastthey still run a server
11:10:14[-AIR-]wow. and what is on there?
11:10:23Coldtoastdude. check with your ISP
11:10:31ColdtoastI bet they run a newsgroup server
11:10:32[-AIR-]no thet don't have one
11:10:42[-AIR-]i just switched to f2s. 2mb uncapped :)
11:10:53[-AIR-]only NTL has it here and they suxorx
11:11:24[-AIR-]hey. u know the news on
11:11:32ColdtoastI dunno. if I were to fork over $25 a month, I'd need to know FOR SURE what they offer wasn't available on my ISP's server
11:11:43[-AIR-]it's updated very rarely, is it only for huge steps in the ports
11:12:10[-AIR-]im only doing it for one month tho, then ill cut down to 5 p/m for like 20gb
11:12:14Coldtoastno idea. I never read it :)
11:12:40[-AIR-]me neither seeing as it's always the same :)
11:13:54Coldtoasthey. for mp3 replaygain, the replaygain tags are part of ID3V2?
11:14:23ColdtoastI checked out foobar 2000 and is only does it with ID3v1 tags it seems
11:14:56Coldtoastbut some dude had a tut on MR where his foobar did it with ID3V2 (was in the options for replaygain in their foobar)
11:17:18Coldtoastwow! you need to dl a separate component for ID3v2 support
11:25:12*austriancoder has two patches for iAudio (ata and i2c)
11:25:45[-AIR-]good work austrian coder. u have an iaudio s5?
11:25:51[-AIR-]good work austrian coder. u have an iaudio X5?
11:27:08austriancoderits a very good player
11:28:34[-AIR-]really? my m8 got one, wasn't too impressed. it looks nice, but the joystick thing, seemed feeble to me. it protruded far from the player.
11:28:48[-AIR-]what firmware do u have for it?
11:29:41austriancoderthe newest - why?
11:30:17[-AIR-]my m8 was wondering what number firmware there is. coz his freezes when returning from recording or sutting
11:30:19[-AIR-]anyways. im off
11:30:50[-AIR-]btw. what i come back im gonna get a series of screendumps illustrating the good work on mandlebrot, the zooming in.
11:31:58[-AIR-]i kinda suggested some of the things to improve and tested for bugs so i think it's only rite :d
11:36:00 Quit [-AIR-] ("I-n-v-i-s-i-o-n 2.0 Build 3515")
11:59:38***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
12:29:57 Join webguest66 [0] (
12:33:31 Join Moos [0] (
12:35:00webguest66Slasheri: the wps still freezes randomly, I left my player on over night and this morning when I checked the wps was frozen
12:36:17webguest66it seems that the only way to reproduce this is to leave the player on play for a looong time
12:44:19 Nick QT_ is now known as QT (as@area51.users.madwifi)
12:48:09 Quit DreamTactix291 (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
12:52:24Coldtoastwhat the heck are mpeg stream resync errors?
12:52:34Coldtoastgetting them on a few tracks in foobar
12:52:48Coldtoastit's successfully resyncing the streams tho
12:55:07webguest66hah, I can also freeze the wps, by skipping forward very quickly through songs in playlist
12:56:34 Join wehn [0] (
13:03:40 Join Teslacuted [0] (
13:05:38TeslacutedI'm having a problem playing playlists of over 100 songs, is this known?
13:15:59 Quit wehn (Read error: 54 (Connection reset by peer))
13:20:54 Quit Teslacuted ()
13:36:47 Join DreamTactix291 [0] (
13:39:56 Join Lear [0] (
13:44:45austriancoderit seems that iaudio and iriver uses the same usb2ata bridge ;)
13:45:07Coldtoasthehe. cool
13:45:32Coldtoastwonder what his "playlists >100" issue was
13:45:51ColdtoastI had a playlist of 1248 tracks the other day and it was playing fine
13:46:01Coldtoastdidn't get far into it tho
13:46:34webguest66try skipping tracks quickly through your playlist
13:46:44ColdtoastI will in a bit
13:46:54Coldtoastjust at the end of replaygaining all my tracks
13:46:58Coldtoasthas maybe 5mins left
13:46:58webguest66to see if wps freezes
13:47:52webguest66you trust windoes 5minutes ? :)
13:48:05ColdtoastWindows isn't telling me 5 mins
13:50:25ColdtoastI swear the second my local exchange has ADSL2+ DSLAMs I'm switching to ADSL2
13:50:42ColdtoastI think I'm close enough to get around 20mbps
13:50:42LearInteresting... Tremor has ARM assembler for so called floor0 calculations. Yet the specifications says libvorbis stopped using floor0 after beta 4 (the encoder decides if it is to be used). :)
13:50:53LearNo point in rewriting that for coldfire then...
13:52:29Coldtoastformatting my h140
13:59:39***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
14:11:14Coldtoastwebguest66: how many tracks should I skip?
14:12:55webguest6615 to 20
14:13:07webguest66very fast forward skipping
14:13:18crwlLear, i recall somebody saying that floor0 could be useful for some very low-bitrate stuff, but no current encoder uses it anyway
14:13:25crwli might remember wrong too :)
14:14:23ColdtoastI just skipped forward 22 tracks
14:14:29Coldtoastand it hasn't frozen
14:14:39webguest66very very quickly
14:14:48ColdtoastI did
14:15:04Coldtoastso fast it couldn't keep up and I'd just keep skipping til it did
14:15:12webguest66yep thats the way
14:15:24Coldtoastwps is working fine
14:15:44Coldtoastmy peak meters are animating, time is changing, info lines alternating
14:15:53webguest66hmm, I'll see if I can narrow it down a bit
14:16:21webguest66try skpping when the HD red light is on
14:18:02Coldtoast26 tracks, HDD light on
14:18:04Coldtoastno freeze
14:18:15Coldtoastand it crossfaded properly, even :)
14:18:37webguest66ok, the other way I got a frozen wps was over night
14:19:17Coldtoasthmmm. ok
14:19:31Coldtoasthey. with replaygain in mp3s, does the ID3 HAVE to have any info?
14:19:45Coldtoastfor replaygain to work?
14:19:46 Quit DreamTactix291 (Read error: 60 (Operation timed out))
14:22:16Learwhat do you mean? replaygain info is read from id3...
14:22:29Coldtoastok. cos here's what's happened
14:22:41Learand id3v2 must be read too...
14:22:56ColdtoastI ran foobar2k's replaygain over all my MP3s
14:23:15Coldtoastand now, heh, for some reason I have no ID3 tags AT ALL
14:23:30Coldtoastso you can't write replaygain info with empty ID3 tags?
14:23:30Learaccording to what program?
14:23:45Coldtoastto Tag & Rename as well as my iriver
14:24:00ColdtoastI MAY have wiped the ID3 yesterday by accident tho and not boticed
14:24:13LearI'd check a file via a hex dump...
14:24:26Learhow have you set foobar to write tags for mp3?
14:24:29Coldtoastin which case, when I ran replaygain over all files just now, as ther ewas no ID3 info at all, it didn't write replaygain info
14:24:41Coldtoastthat'd be right, wouldn't it?
14:25:18webguest66if you havent setup foobar corractly' it'll write RG info to ape tags, you need to specify foobar to write to V1 and V2
14:25:29Learit should write replaygain info even if there are no tags, adding them if needed.
14:25:36Coldtoastin prefs, I've told it to write to ID3V2 and V1
14:26:01Learyes, that could explain things; while writing ape, it might have wiped the id3 tags...
14:26:05Learor perhaps not. :)
14:26:24Coldtoastah well
14:26:35Coldtoastsigh. I have to retag everything now. heh
14:26:41LearI always do a hex dump in cases like this, to see what really happened...
14:26:45webguest66foobar will tthen write RG to V2
14:27:36Coldtoasthmmm. I see replaygain info in the header
14:27:52webguest66also if you set foobar to wirte unicode, then you wont see your v2 tags in a nromal tagging app
14:28:03Coldtoastah. that's what I did
14:28:07Learor rather, some tagging apps.
14:28:18LearE.g., mp3 tag studio can handle it just fine.
14:28:45Coldtoastactually, I've set foobar to "Always write ISO-8859-1 tags instead of UTF-16"
14:29:04webguest66then a normal tag app should read your tag info
14:29:41 Quit courtc (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
14:29:51ColdtoastI can see where the id3 WAS int eh header. there's a huge blank area
14:30:07ColdtoastID3 CTXXX replaygain_track_gain -5.73 dBTXXX replaygain_track_peak 1.520039
14:30:25 Part webguest66
14:32:02 Join courtc [0] (
14:34:46Learit defaults to pad, I think.
14:35:18Coldtoastok. I'm going to dump replaygain info and start again
14:35:32Coldtoastjust checked another one and I can see V1 and Ape info
14:35:35Coldtoastand no V2
14:35:43Coldtoastirivier needs V2, doesn't it?
14:36:11Leardon't know about iriver... I only use V2 on my files.
14:36:59Coldtoastas I have no tags anyway, I may as well test
14:45:33austriancoderhace to go... see you later
14:45:52 Part austriancoder
14:48:37 Join stripwax_ [0] (
15:01:43 Quit ashridah ("Leaving")
15:06:41 Quit BBub ()
15:08:46 Quit Coldtoast (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
15:17:42 Join webguest77 [0] (
15:19:58 Quit stripwax_ (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
15:24:41 Quit webguest77 ("CGI:IRC")
15:53:12 Join DreamTactix291 [0] (
15:54:45 Quit Aison (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
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16:12:12 Join Aison [0] (
16:22:54 Quit Lear ("Chatzilla [Firefox 1.0.6/20050720]")
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16:31:29 Join koniu_ [0] (
17:03:30 Join Hansmaulwurf [0] (
17:07:17 Quit crwl (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
17:13:13 Quit Tipi^_ (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
17:18:15 Join crwl [0] (
17:21:31 Join JCodous [0] (
17:26:18 Join bagawk [0] (1000@bagawk.user)
17:50:59 Quit JCodous ("using sirc version 2.211+KSIRC/1.3.10")
17:54:32 Join DreamTactix291 [0] (
17:58:13 Join TCK- [0] (
17:58:29 Quit TCK (Read error: 54 (Connection reset by peer))
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18:21:12bagawkWhat does iriverify do?
18:26:20 Join gotohell [0] (~oonoe@
18:26:32 Part gotohell
18:39:48 Quit DreamTactix291 (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
18:46:16 Nick Febs_away is now known as Febs (
18:47:03Febsbagawk: if you're still around, iriverify changes a Rockbox-generated playlist into one which can be read using the native Iriver firmware.
19:01:17CassandraEven if he's not still around, the plugin still does the same thing. :)
19:02:28bagawkGot it
19:10:15FebsCassandra, did you see my e-mail a couple of weeks back about the manual?
19:11:37CassandraFebs: Oh yes, sorry for not responding. I'm in a bit of an uncertain state regarding manuals with respect to 2.5.
19:12:08CassandraI'm planning to migrate the manual to LaTeX for 3.0 when iRiver is released so that we can have per platform manual files.
19:12:30Cassandra(while retaining common source that can be stored in CVS.)
19:12:50FebsLet me know what I can do to help. I'm not a coder so this is one area where I can contirbute.
19:13:11CassandraHowever, when 2.5 was imminent I was planning to get that out of the door in the "old" format.
19:13:26CassandraHow much do you know about LaTeX?
19:13:28 Join austriancoder [0] (
19:13:38FebsAbsolutely nothing, but I'm a quick study.
19:14:53Cassandra*nods* LaTeX has more in common with HTML that with Wordprocessing (it's a markup language), would that be a problem for you?
19:15:17FebsProbably not, I have a working knowledge of basic html.
19:15:48CassandraThat's cool.
19:16:35austriancoderis it ok for you that i rename i2c-h100.c/h to i2c-coldfire.c/h and apply this patch ?
19:17:10CassandraIf you'd like to play around with the current manual, please see
19:17:36CassandraIn particular, if you could document new plugins since 2.4 in the same style as that, that'd be a great help.
19:19:27FebsI'll take a look.
19:20:34CassandraOK. That'd be really great, thanks. Pick a plugin, download the 2.4 manual. Follow the instructions on that page, then send the results to me.
19:27:47solex_Uh. What does *panic* ata: -71 mean?
19:29:16solex_I had my iriver connected the the pc
19:29:45solex_linux didn't detect the device (no trace in syslog) and I disconnected and wanted to shutdown the device.
19:30:05solex_it then seemed to hang and i tried to hit reset
19:30:19solex_then i got that *panic*
19:31:03 Join Stryke` [0] (
19:33:48austriancodercannt help you
19:39:49 Join Yokalosh [0] (
19:40:08Yokaloshi know this is a dumb question, but can the jbr10 be powered off usb?
19:48:31 Nick Febs is now known as Febs_away (
19:54:43*austriancoder fixed red build now..
19:58:28 Part Yokalosh
19:59:13 Join DreamTactix291 [0] (
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20:02:10 Join solex [0] (
20:04:07 Join pill [0] (
20:04:46 Quit solex_ (Read error: 60 (Operation timed out))
20:06:24 Join Coldtoast [0] (
20:06:29solexWhy is there no tag for current repeat setting?
20:06:50solexThere is just 'Shuffle'
20:06:58ColdtoastI think Play State would also be cool
20:07:16solexOr short: everything that is displayed by the status bar.
20:07:30ColdtoastPlay/Pause/Stop (which you can turn into "Playing, Paused and Stopped")
20:07:43pillapparently current builds have a volume change causing rockbox haing
20:07:47solexIf you could even insert the graphics...
20:09:04austriancoderpill: opsa
20:09:11austriancoderi have changed som i2c stuff
20:10:05austriancoderopen i2c-coldfire.c
20:11:09austriancoderand change i2c_init to this one:
20:11:17austriancoderdoes it then work better?
20:14:20 Join mr_qno [0] (
20:15:55mr_qnoHello, did anyone report somes bugs with the "move to next folder" option today ? Because i had some with the latest daily build.
20:16:15 Join bluebrother^ [0] (
20:17:30austriancodercan somebody test the current build? i have changed i2c stuff and have no iriver to test
20:17:44CassandraNo, but there have been recent changes.
20:17:47Cassandraac: Hold on.
20:20:37CassandraWhat specifically did you want testing?
20:21:32austriancoderchange volume
20:22:01pillthis was an issue for the past days
20:22:15pillis it meant to solve this?
20:22:18*pill is testing
20:22:49austriancoderpill: no.. i thought my i2c changed broke something
20:23:09austriancoderCassandra: if volume changing works, everything is ok
20:23:12pillapparently it's been buggy since the jpg viewer came into play
20:23:19pillsorry about the confusion
20:23:30CassandraNope. It's still going slowly after a while.
20:23:47pillthat's weird
20:23:53pilllooks like rockbox is lagging
20:29:00 Quit TCK- (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
20:31:16 Quit Coldtoast (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
20:32:58austriancoderwhen was this bug introduced?
20:34:23CassandraI had the impression it was first reported around the time we got replaygain support.
20:44:35 Quit bagawk ("Leaving")
20:57:08 Join Lear [0] (
21:05:41 Quit Stryke` (Read error: 60 (Operation timed out))
21:11:17 Quit austriancoder ("CGI:IRC (EOF)")
21:17:17 Join austriancoder [0] (
21:21:48 Quit austriancoder (Client Quit)
21:25:43 Join Coldtoast [0] (
21:28:20 Join TCK [0] (
21:44:09 Join leftright [0] (
21:52:41 Quit DreamTactix291 (Read error: 60 (Operation timed out))
21:53:21 Quit mr_qno ("CGI:IRC (EOF)")
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22:03:46 Join austriancoder [0] (
22:15:00 Join Xetrov [0] (
22:27:50 Join Yokalosh [0] (
22:28:53 Join [1]Moos [0] (
22:28:53 Quit Moos (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
22:28:59 Nick [1]Moos is now known as Moos (
22:29:06 Join TCK- [0] (
22:29:20Yokaloshguys, what is the best iriver, or which do you guys plan on working your rockbox magic on most?
22:29:30Yokaloshbecause i need a new one, my archos just burnt out
22:30:04CassandraA H1xx is your best bet currently, if you can find one.
22:31:25Yokaloshdoes that include the h10?
22:32:01Yokaloshgdgd, i dnt like it anyway
22:32:03MoosYokalosh: if you ask me one H140 ;)
22:32:19Yokaloshi was looking at the h320
22:33:01Moosdepand of what do you want really
22:33:24Yokaloshrockbox :D
22:33:32Yokaloshtht h140 is a bitch of a player!
22:33:35Yokaloshdude that is sweet
22:33:56Moosfor me it's the best player for music
22:34:21Moosplus possibility to upgrade to 60 go ;)
22:34:22Yokaloshit has the best rockbox compatibility?
22:34:56Moosh3xx don't support Rb yet
22:35:29Yokaloshwell i found a h140 on ebay for 99 quid with 4 days
22:35:43Yokaloshwhich i'm guessing isnt bad but i know it will go up
22:36:27Moosit's you and your luck :)
22:38:13 Quit Lear ("Chatzilla [Firefox 1.0.6/20050720]")
22:43:18Yokaloshlol yeh
22:47:40 Quit TCK (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
22:48:02Xetrovanyone has any experience with corrupted hds on archos jukebox player?
22:48:40Xetrovboots up in 'waiting' mode, then reports 'file sys error'
22:48:50Xetrovusb mode works, but cant access the drive itself
22:49:07Xetrovonly way i can even see that its there is the device manager
22:54:18Xetrovi guess ill go post it in the forums too.
22:54:31 Join Toni1 [0] (
22:54:45Toni1Hi folks
22:54:59Toni1I just commited a patch, which shows the fm menu on iriver and simulators
22:56:00Toni1If someone is interested, I added a screenshot to the patch
22:59:51 Part Toni1
23:09:09 Join memmem [0] (
23:10:46 Join belgarath [0] (
23:11:08 Join [-AIR-] [0] (
23:11:43belgarathi had a strange problem with filenames just now...
23:12:24belgarathi renamed using rockbox some files in the record folder
23:12:46belgarathwhen i opened the folder using winxp it restarted
23:13:03belgarathrenaming the files without spaces solved this
23:13:32 Join tvelocity [0] (
23:13:49belgarathany thoughts?
23:14:09crwlwinxp restarted while opening a folder?
23:14:25Bagdersounds like you should fix winxp
23:14:29crwldefinitely :)
23:14:37Bagdersend them a patch
23:15:00*amiconn notices Bagder
23:15:05belgarathi think it was the spaces in the file name but I don't know why that would cause problems
23:15:06[-AIR-]question. can to many conditionals in the wps make it freeze? the more the slower?
23:15:21amiconnBagder: Any news concerning language support v2?
23:15:38Bagderamiconn: not really, it'll take me another week or so
23:15:41belgarathplus the filenames had a 1/4 where the space should have been
23:16:02amiconnI had some thoughts; e.g. my earlier idea to leave out IDs for empty strings per platform is a bad idea.
23:16:24amiconnOf course these strings should be nulled, but the ID must still be included
23:16:24Bagderwhy so?
23:16:54amiconnConsider a feature that is added for only one platform first
23:17:17amiconnThe strings concerning that feature would be defined only for that platform, leaving out this ID for the others
23:17:18Bagderyes, right. good point
23:17:19 Quit Hansmaulwurf ("( :: NoNameScript 3.81 :: )")
23:17:36amiconnThen some other strings get added, arbitrary
23:18:08amiconnAfter that someone implements that feature for another platform, and enables the strings −− all higher IDs would get shifted
23:22:05 Quit belgarath ("CGI:IRC")
23:22:35amiconnIf we use the same walk-the-array approach as used in the current code, we would 'waste' exactly 1 byte per empty ID the binary, plus another 4 byte in RAM
23:28:28 Join einhirn_ [0] (
23:29:02 Join DreamTactix291 [0] (
23:29:20 Quit rooomish2 ("game is over")
23:29:59[-AIR-]question. can to many conditionals in the wps make it freeze? the more the slower?
23:30:55CassandraI'd expect so, yes. Although I'm not sure about freezing per se.
23:31:04Yokaloshur only supposed to have a certain amount
23:32:13Yokaloshhey xetrov i had the same problem as you at one point
23:32:26Xetrovhow did you resolve it? if at all
23:32:49Xetrovi figure right now ill probably have to open it up, hook the hdd directly to my pc, and format it
23:32:49Yokaloshto solve it i had to get a livecd version of linux (i used knoppix) and then plug it into that and reformat it
23:33:10Xetrovso the device works
23:33:14Xetrovits just that windows is dumb
23:33:24Xetrovi acutally had an application that could read the hdd
23:33:24Yokaloshu get an i/o error after a while right?
23:33:27Xetrovas a volume
23:33:30Xetrovhmm, no
23:33:43Yokaloshi sometimes did sometimes didnt
23:33:48Yokaloshbut i dont think it is corrupt
23:33:56Xetrovwell, it wont boot
23:33:57Yokaloshtry the livecd version of linux :)
23:34:01Yokaloshsorts it first time
23:34:10Xetrovknoppix you say
23:34:29Xetrovwhat application did you use in it?
23:34:31Xetrovto do the formatting
23:34:46Yokaloshi used a command
23:34:53Yokalosherm i cant remember right now
23:35:00Yokaloshjoin #knoppix
23:35:07Yokaloshor #linux
23:35:17Xetrovdid you have to rebuild the partition too?
23:35:26Xetrovi sure hope knoppix can acutally access the hdd.
23:35:28Bagderyou don't normally need to format
23:35:35Bagderjust fix the partition and mkfs
23:35:56Xetrovthanks guys
23:36:00Xetrovill get on it later
23:36:08Yokaloshnp :)
23:36:16Xetrovyou wouldnt believe it
23:36:23Xetrovi just had a 4 day vacation with my family
23:36:27Xetrovand my archos busted
23:36:29Xetrovon the first day
23:36:31Xetrovi thought i was gonna flip
23:36:34Yokaloshi smoked mine earlier
23:36:42Xetrovi had to listen to my family argue for the rest of the vacation
23:37:03Yokaloshhopefully i will get my iriver before i go to croatia in 2 weeks
23:37:14Xetrovmy friend got an iaudio something
23:37:17Xetrovspiffy as hell
23:37:22Xetrovplays videos too
23:37:27[-AIR-]u like it?
23:37:30[-AIR-]im not a fan
23:37:33Yokaloshi'm going for 2 weeks which will suck if i dnt have any music
23:37:41Xetrovand he says he'll be able use it as a psp harddrive too
23:37:50Xetrovsomething to do with 'usb to go'
23:37:58Yokaloshsounds good
23:38:04Yokaloshbut highly gimmicky ;)
23:38:23Xetrovtell you the truth, apart from the size, i really like the archos+rockbox combo
23:38:24Yokaloshits not what it can already do, its what these guys can make it do thats the best :D
23:38:46Yokaloshi loved my archos with rockbox
23:38:49Yokaloshuntil it died
23:39:00Yokaloshbut now i will be getting iriver with rockbox :D
23:39:22Yokaloshhow long you had your archos?
23:39:28Bagder...hopefully ac get rockbox going on iaudio
23:39:30Xetrovmhmm.. 3 years
23:39:42Yokalosh3 years
23:39:50Yokaloshand this is the first major problem with it?
23:40:02Xetrovi should probably replace the batteries sometime soon.
23:40:14Xetrovi only found out about rockbox a few months ago tho
23:40:23Xetrovimagine the shock
23:40:27Yokaloshi got rockbox on mine the day i got it
23:40:36Yokaloshi only got it because of rockbox :D
23:40:46Xetrovits really great
23:40:53Yokaloshu made it play vids yet?
23:40:55BagderI hacked on rockbox long before I got my Archos ;-)
23:40:55Xetrovthe whole project
23:41:05Xetrovplay vids?
23:41:11Xetrovim not sure mine can handle that
23:41:16Yokaloshit can play videos in a very basic way
23:41:18Xetrovsmall lcd
23:41:25Yokaloshi had the jbr10
23:41:39Yokaloshbagder does the studio20 have vids?
23:41:41Xetrovtell you the truth, i didnt really look into anything more other than listening to music
23:41:47Bagderit has a charcell lcd
23:41:53Xetrovthat lcd is horrid
23:42:36Xetrovso iriver is the player of choice today?
23:42:47Xetrovif someone was to get a new player
23:42:55Yokaloshits my player of choice for sure :) but only cos the archos is outdated
23:43:23 Quit memmem (Remote closed the connection)
23:43:23Yokaloshi would never consider getting an ipod really
23:43:35Xetrovsomething dosent seem right about ipods
23:43:41Xetrovi never even saw one upclose
23:43:45Bagdersomeone should make rockbox run on ipod
23:43:51Yokaloshwhat is better in you guys views, ipod linux or rockbox?:P
23:44:01Xetrovnever saw ipod linux
23:44:34Xetrovipod is cool too i guess
23:44:38Xetrovits all about the hacks
23:44:48Yokaloshi havent really looked into it, but i know it makes it view pictures
23:45:51Yokaloshipod has irregular hardware though so i have heard
23:45:59Xetrovid imagine
23:46:00Yokaloshbeing apple and all that
23:46:07Yokaloshnothing is off the shelf with those guys
23:46:16Xetrovi think i read its pretty fragile
23:46:31Bagderthey use a chipset with closed docs
23:46:41Yokaloshuh huh
23:46:49 Quit einhirn (Connection timed out)
23:47:02Yokaloshwell i'm off now guys
23:47:10Yokaloshnice tlking :)
23:47:10Xetrovthanks for the help
23:47:20 Part Yokalosh
23:50:21[-AIR-]hum. my wps. for some unknown reason %in is not showing track number :s
23:50:27[-AIR-]i have (%in)
23:50:59[-AIR-]here: shows it clearly:
23:51:19[-AIR-]there it shows %?in<(%in)|>

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