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#rockbox log for 2005-08-01

00:00:13webguest99Hello everyone :)
00:00:28webguest99a quick question please
00:01:04webguest99does the FM menu patch in the tracker give the FM support for irivers?
00:01:39webguest99i know needed some i2c works
00:02:03Bagderwhy would I know?
00:02:25webguest99:) core dev and administrator, no?
00:02:41Bagderbut people who contribute patches aren't necesarily that
00:02:47Bagdereveryone can do it
00:02:52Bagderand here "Toni" did
00:03:14webguest99have you looked a bit in?
00:03:21Bagderreading the description, it clearly says this doesn't provide any sound
00:03:30Bagder"!! Do not expect to get sound output from this patch !!"
00:03:31webguest99a ok
00:03:31[-AIR-]bugger. my rockbox still freezes when i press select. ie. to go to folder/dile view. been doin git for agiz
00:03:35[-AIR-]any suggs?
00:03:52webguest99Bagder: ok thanks for explications
00:04:22 Quit [-AIR-] ("I-n-v-i-s-i-o-n 2.0 Build 3515")
00:05:09webguest99we hope iriver can support soon the FM with Rb with a bit of luck
00:05:20webguest99good bye all
00:05:30Cassandraair: Works for me.
00:05:33 Quit webguest99 ("CGI:IRC")
00:05:47Cassandraexplications? *blink*
00:06:38Moosprobably french user
00:07:05CassandraOh, I know what he *meant*.
00:07:22Moos:) scuse
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00:26:36MoosGood night (or other) all !
00:26:43 Part Moos
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00:59:30Xetrovi got this partition table rebuilding/recovery program for windows
00:59:43Xetrovits gonna take a few hours searching for it on the hdd
00:59:48Xetrovhope itll work out.
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01:47:43DarkkOneAnybody around or about?
01:48:48DarkkOneDo you use Rockbox on an H120/140 by chance?
01:50:12austriancoderi have used it on a h120 - why?
01:52:17DarkkOneHave you noticed volume issues with it? I was using a cutting-edge build from about 8 or 9 hours ago, and the volume only actually changed when I tapped and incremented it one step at a time. If I held it, so it scrolled, it didn't change.
01:52:34DarkkOneSo if I had it at 70, and then held down until it was at 0, I'd still hear sound at the 70-level
01:54:14austriancoderthis bug was reported some hours ago - maybe somebody will find and fix it
01:54:31DarkkOneAaah, okay
01:54:40austriancoderas i dont have a running h120 anymore... i cant try to fix it
01:54:57DarkkOneAlso, I've noticed that if I have files *not* tagged for replaygain (mp3s) enabling replaygain lessens their volume.
01:55:24DarkkOneWell, glad it got reported then
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02:03:28austriancodera "int to bcd" routine is needed
02:07:13austriancoderint 19 = = 0001 1001 (bcd)
02:07:30austriancoderbcd is used for the rtc part of the iaudio port
02:10:22austriancoderiaudio port is going quite well...
02:10:49DarkkOneThat's cool.
02:11:15DarkkOneBesides the color LCD, does the iAudio player have anything to sell it as an upgrade to an H-120/140?
02:11:35pabsi think it's got usb host too
02:11:47pabsand (if i remember correctly) you can record from the radio
02:11:57austriancoderand a RealTimeClock
02:11:58DarkkOneThat doesn't interest me much.
02:12:01DarkkOneOooh, RTC
02:12:03DarkkOneThat does.
02:12:08pabsi didn't know about that
02:12:18DarkkOneSo it'd be a much better option than a 320/340 for sure.
02:12:29pabsi basically want ogg, mp3, wav, etc, digital in/out, lots of storage, and a decent remove
02:12:31*austriancoder writes currently code for the rtc of iaudio ;)
02:12:50pabsi've got a h120 now, thinking about an iaudio, but i'm not willing to give up on iriver just yet
02:12:56austriancoderh32xx also have an RTC
02:13:01DarkkOneThey do?
02:13:10pabsi'm hoping they'll duplicate the h1x0 series at some point
02:13:15austriancodersame ic as iaudio
02:13:54DarkkOneSo, if I were to pick a second Mp3 player, which would you recommend, a 340 or an iAudio whichever model it is of the same capacity?
02:14:40austriancoderh3xx has an bigger lcd... but doesn't look that good
02:15:52austriancoderh3xx and iaudio x5 are from the functional point very equal.. only the design is different
02:16:20DarkkOneIs either one more likely to run gnuboy faster? or rockboy rather?
02:17:23austriancoderboth run with rockbox at 120 mHz..
02:17:56DarkkOneSo, no.
02:18:10DarkkOneAnd all I really want is a two-platter device with USB host features.
02:18:58austriancoderh3xx or iaudio x5(l)
02:20:49DarkkOneSo basically it'll all come down to whichever I can find for cheapest. Hehehe
02:21:17austriancoderor which one looks better
02:21:22austriancoderhas better battery
02:21:56DarkkOneActually, more likely, it'll be which one seems easiest to upgrade the battery and HD in.
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08:28:58Coldtoastever get the feeling some people just WANT to be banned?
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11:49:55austriancoderthe pcf50606 is a very cool ic
11:50:16ashridahit does...?
11:51:23austriancoderit does many stuff.. eg. rtc, battery monitor, led stuff.. all interrupt based
11:51:55austriancoderand its quite easy to programm
11:53:03austriancoderused in iaudio x5 and iriver h3xx
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12:09:18*austriancoder will eat something
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13:06:03austriancodernot much going on here
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16:57:19[-AIR-]could anyone here quickly test my h1xx wps b4 i send it of to the competition final?
17:01:10CassandraSure. URL?
17:02:16[-AIR-]Cassandra ?
17:02:24[-AIR-]%ac%t3%bl% %= %bt Battery Rem;%ac%t3%fc | VOL: %pv% %| %fb kbps
17:02:24[-AIR-]- %s%?ia<%ia|%?d2<%d2|[\root]>> %?ig<(%ig)|>
17:02:24DBUGEnqueued KICK [-AIR-]
17:02:24[-AIR-] - %s%?id<%id|%?d1<%d1|[\root]>> %?iy<(%iy)|>
17:02:24[-AIR-] - %s%?it<%it|%?fn<%fn|>
17:02:25***Alert Mode level 1
17:02:25[-AIR-]%?pn< - %t3List: %pn.m3u %?pe<(%pe)|>|%t0>;%?pn< - %t3Size: %fskb| - Size: %fskb>
17:02:29[-AIR-]%ac%pc/%pt | -%pr %?pp<[%pp/%pe]|>
17:02:32[-AIR-]%?It<%?Ia<Next Song:|>|%?Ia<|%acRetrieving next>>
17:02:34[-AIR-]%?It<%?Ia<. %Ia|>|%?Ia<|%acsong data...>>
17:02:36[-AIR-]%?It<%?Ia<. %It|>|>
17:02:45CassandraI can't copy that.
17:03:22Coldtoast[-AIR-]: Cassandra is disabled and types by poking keys with a stick she holds in her mouth
17:04:03CassandraInsert a "be arsed to" if you like.
17:04:36[-AIR-]i've gmailed it
17:04:44CassandraRule number one of asking for favours. Doing make the person doing you a favour work any harder than they have to.
17:04:57[-AIR-]hence i gave you two options.
17:05:25[-AIR-]asked to gmail, then gave you the option incase you didnt want to give me your /have emael
17:08:01CassandraLooks fine to me.
17:08:35[-AIR-]kewl. does it freeze when you try to go from the wps to file/fodler view?
17:12:26***Alert Mode OFF
17:12:42 Join crwl_ [0] (
17:17:14 Quit crwl (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
17:19:19[-AIR-]rite. i don't know wot it is then. my one does. could it be a hardware problem???
17:19:28[-AIR-]it's VERY irritating
17:19:50[-AIR-]whenver i want to change artist or album i have to go to the menu turn off and then reboot
17:34:07 Join DreamTactix291 [0] (
17:34:47 Join Seedy [0] (
17:40:00Coldtoasthey Cassandra
17:40:23Coldtoastwanna see something pretty funny?
17:41:23Coldtoastjust checking to see if this link is the right one
17:41:49Coldtoastcool. it is
17:41:52CtcpIgnored 1 channel CTCP requests in 0 seconds at the last flood
17:41:52*[-AIR-] can't wait
17:41:55Coldtoastmy Father's girlfriend sent me this
17:42:08ColdtoastREALLY funny vid
17:42:12 Quit einhirn ("Miranda IM! Smaller, Faster, Easier.")
17:43:07[-AIR-]bad link for me. must be firefox
17:43:14[-AIR-]just get the code
17:43:16[-AIR-]not the vid
17:43:19[-AIR-]can you gmail?
17:43:28[-AIR-]o well
17:43:35[-AIR-]i'll try to imagine what it will be
17:43:45*[-AIR-] thinks hard, then sniggers to himself
17:43:46 Quit Seedy ("cu, Andre")
17:43:57Coldtoastget that one
17:45:45CassandraDammit. I think that's killed my Mozilla.
17:46:07Coldtoast <== right click and save as from there
17:47:25 Join bagawk [0] (1000@bagawk.user)
17:49:42[-AIR-]getting it. cheers :)
17:49:44Coldtoastheh. prety funny tho
17:49:54ColdtoastI like the last woman to the left there
17:51:47[-AIR-]thats hilarious
17:51:52[-AIR-]yer that's funy
17:52:15Coldtoastget the other 2 vids too
17:52:25Coldtoastthe 14MB one is NUTS
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18:01:39[-AIR-]maestro is awesome
18:02:43[-AIR-]my iriver still freezes when i try to go from the wps to file/folder view.
18:02:50[-AIR-]has done for that last week's builds :s
18:02:55[-AIR-]any ideas?
18:03:05[-AIR-]could it be an error in the wps?
18:03:20Coldtoastmine is perfectly fine
18:05:29[-AIR-]yer.i just tried the rockbox default and it still freezes. could it be one of my settings?
18:10:53amiconnWhat are your limit settings?
18:11:32[-AIR-]6seconds on crossfade if that's what u mean
18:12:03amiconnGeneral settings->System->Limits ...
18:12:17[-AIR-]dir: 10000
18:12:21amiconnThe more important one is "Max files in dir browser"
18:12:25amiconnThen that's it
18:12:27[-AIR-]playlists: 20000
18:12:30[-AIR-]is it
18:12:36[-AIR-]what should it be?
18:12:47amiconnIt's a know problem that max files in dir browser > ~5000 gives problems
18:13:03[-AIR-]so 5000 is ok
18:13:09amiconnUnfortunately we don't know why that is
18:13:25[-AIR-]so 5000 is ok?
18:13:41amiconnGenerally, I would set that only a little above the maximum number of files you have in one dir
18:13:45[-AIR-]ill make it lower
18:13:55amiconnEverything else is just wasting RAM
18:14:09amiconnMy setting is 500, even that is plenty...
18:14:20amiconnMy biggest dir has 200-something files
18:14:35 Join webguest15 [0] (
18:14:43amiconnYou need to restart get the new setting into effect
18:14:58webguest15maybe the default max dir should be set lower
18:15:23amiconnIt *is* *way* lower (400)
18:15:47webguest15hmm, howcome air had a problem then, fiddling :)
18:15:59amiconnGuess so ;)
18:16:12[-AIR-]yer i just fiddled
18:16:14*[-AIR-] is a fiddler
18:16:17amiconnThe rockbox default is 400, for ages....
18:16:32amiconnAnyway, the instability is a bug though, and should be fixed
18:16:42ColdtoastI had an odd thing happen today
18:17:01Coldtoastwent to boo the iriver fw and I held Rec and hit he power button
18:17:22Coldtoastand I got the HOLD BUTTON screen, even tho hold was off
18:17:27[-AIR-]YES. i have my rockbox back again :) cheers guys (notably: amiconn)
18:17:35Coldtoasttried again, same thing. flipped teh switch on then off, same thing
18:17:40[-AIR-]same here. that happened to me :s
18:17:44 Join einhirn [0] (
18:17:52Coldtoastbut if i HELD th epower button in, it booted
18:18:14Coldtoasttried just now and no need to hold it
18:22:29 Quit bagawk ("Leaving")
18:25:29Xetrovanyone knows about recommended power consumption for a replacement hd (archos studio20) ?
18:27:20Xetrovill look it up
18:27:30Xetrovlooks like im going to have to replace my hd
18:28:13[-AIR-]how come?
18:28:23Xetrovmine is rather.. dead
18:28:23[-AIR-]need more space or broken~/
18:28:26[-AIR-]ok lol
18:28:46Xetrovill try saving it again later
18:29:00Xetrovall tools so far couldnt help
18:29:10Xetrovrestoring partition table, rebuiling mbr
18:29:41[-AIR-]nasty. what size is the hdd?
18:30:00Xetrovits some hitachi drive
18:30:13Xetrovim pretty much responsible for it dying
18:30:19Xetrovi interuppted a scandisk session
18:30:21 Quit Lynx_ (" Like's GUI? Then try HydraIRC -> <-")
18:30:39[-AIR-]ooo nasty.
18:30:45[-AIR-]how old is it?
18:30:55Xetrov2 and a bit years
18:32:22[-AIR-]o. lasted well then
18:32:33Xetrovi guess
18:32:52Xetrovim hoping i could salvage some hdd from someone for free
18:33:22Xetrovi dont need much space
18:33:30Xetrovbarely had 7gb on it
18:35:40CassandraUnlikely. I had to end up paying a fiver for a dodgy 4gb drive off ebay. They're like gold dust.
18:36:32Xetrovwell, my brother deals with alot of laptops in his workplace
18:36:52Xetrovwhat model did you replace an hdd on?
18:37:27CassandraI've not actually got the HDD yet.
18:39:03Xetrova new one costs about 100$
18:39:14Xetrovfrom what ive seen
18:39:28Xetrov40gb 4200rpm
18:39:52 Quit TCK (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
18:41:32 Quit [-AIR-] ("I-n-v-i-s-i-o-n 2.0 Build 3515")
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19:02:49 Nick crwl_ is now known as crwl (
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19:16:23solexabout the "max files in dir" setting: doesit also limit the number if directories in /?
19:17:14 Join Stryke` [0] (
19:24:24 Quit einhirn ("Miranda IM! Smaller, Faster, Easier.")
19:46:29[-AIR-]kewl. big tho :)
19:46:32[-AIR-]but kewl
19:48:08webguest15ughh, teenage speak, kewl...
19:48:11 Part webguest15
19:48:41solexDid anybody have success converting ttf fonts to bdf and then to fnt?
19:49:56solexI used 'ttf2bdf' from Debian and convbdf from the rockbox sources.
19:55:46solexBut rockbox always always displays the default font after selecting my font.
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21:30:18 Nick Naked is now known as Hadaka (
21:44:43 Join leftright [0] (
21:47:40leftrightI still get random crashes IO3:addrrerr 3102204, mp3 files, file tree, 'move to next folder - set, replay gain on.
21:49:13leftrightI cant reproduce this bug at will, I leave my player on all the time, seems to crash after quite a while in file tree playmode
21:51:58leftrightoh and crossfade is off
21:53:49Learso you're not in the wps? do you do anything in the file list?
21:56:04leftrightumm, when I leave it playing its in wps. dont understand 2nd question
21:57:52leftrightwhen I leave it playing continuously I dont touch it, just let it continue to next album etc
21:58:37Learwell, what you mean by "file tree" then?
21:58:48leftrightI dont use database mode
21:59:13leftrightall my albums are loaded as files
22:00:24***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
22:00:58LearAh, I see. Btw, what is Max files in dir browser set to?
22:01:48leftrighthmm, its set to 700
22:02:09LearOk, not the problem with large max files value then...
22:02:26leftrightnope, I rad that eralier on :)
22:02:32leftrightrad =read
22:02:46LearAnd by quite a while, do you mean several hours?
22:03:15LearOuch, not fun to debug, in other words... :/
22:03:33leftrightyep;, I cant narrow it down, i'll try
22:05:06leftrightthid afternoon it took approx 4 hours to crash
22:05:14leftrightdamn typos
22:15:11 Quit thegeek (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
22:20:44 Join Moos [0] (
22:21:06MoosHello all !
22:21:18leftrighti there
22:23:19 Join thegeek [0] (
22:52:54 Quit memmem (Remote closed the connection)
22:53:14 Join DreamTactix291 [0] (
22:53:14 Join webguest75 [0] (
22:56:25 Quit webguest75 (Client Quit)
23:03:37 Join memmem [0] (
23:15:34 Join xen` [0] (
23:17:48 Quit memmem (Remote closed the connection)
23:18:58 Join Febs_away [0] (
23:30:30 Join ]RowaN[ [0] (
23:30:58]RowaN[guys is anyone else having stability problems on iriver h120 in the last few days?
23:31:10]RowaN[volume often sticks, and error screen hang too sometimes
23:31:43]RowaN[or maybe its just since ive enabled replaygain
23:35:47leftrightmy volume function is normal, fast up and down
23:35:58Febs_awayYes. I've seen the volume problem reported on the Rockbox forum as well as on the developers mailing list.
23:36:04 Nick Febs_away is now known as Febs (
23:36:28FebsBut it doesn't look like the issue has yet gotten the attention of any developer with the ability to fix it.
23:37:13]RowaN[also flac support seems worse, more pauses in the last fews days build.. or again, maybe its just since ive enabled replaygain
23:38:58Learno stability problems here; haven't looked at the volume problem...
23:39:02 Quit Aison ("( :: NoNameScript 3.72 :: )")
23:39:36FebsActually, I hadn't tested the volume issue today. I'
23:39:53FebsI'm not able to reproduce the problem with a b.e. build from earlier today.
23:40:12FebsPerhaps one of the patches over the weekend fixed it.
23:40:53 Join Strath [0] (
23:42:44]RowaN[i have the build from about 24 hours ago and im still getting all the problems ive mentioned
23:43:42]RowaN[and if anyone wants to test the flac problem, check the irc logs to see where i uploaded an example flac that rockbox doesnt like
23:45:20FebsOK, now I've reproduced the volume issue. Build 080105-0355.
23:46:58FebsSometimes the volume works OK. I haven't yet figured out what triggers the problem.
23:48:12]RowaN[i think rockbox gets confused if crossfade is enabled and you hammer the back button a load of times at the start or end of a track when its already fading
23:51:21 Join ashridah [0] (
23:51:47 Quit Asku ("pois")
23:52:15 Join memmem [0] (

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