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#rockbox log for 2005-08-02

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00:11:58MoosHi Lear, a quick question please, is the "prevent clipping" function for RG implement yet?
00:12:24Learsure is
00:12:42Moosok thanks :)
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00:48:57muesli-is it just for me that the last 2 builds are crashing within seconds after power on?
00:52:05]RowaN[sometimes yeah, crash during the 1st song you play
00:52:19muesli-dont even come to that
00:52:22muesli-just booting
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00:52:29]RowaN[what player u got?
00:52:49muesli-it was working fine so far
00:52:59]RowaN[ill try in a sec
00:53:11muesli-maybe there some incompatibilties with the remote build
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00:53:53muesli-that settings which work with it cause the crashes
00:54:01muesli-with the "normal" one
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00:54:06stripwax_hey hey
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00:54:24muesli-get your legs strip waxed :D
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00:55:42Mongeydoes anyone have an educated guess when RB will be on the iriver h3x0
00:56:01muesli-next friday
00:56:05stripwax_he he he
00:56:31MongeyIs anyone from MR here
00:56:46stripwax_Mongey - "soon" or "when it is ready" is usually a good guess. I've not seen any H3xx bootloader cvs activity so 'not yet' is my educated guess..
00:57:04ashridahMongey: progress is being made, slowly, but there hasn't been any concerted effort at getting a bootloader working for it, that i know of, and that's a clincher, along with LCD work.
00:57:31ashridahthe only person in a position to really do bootloader work is linus, afaik, and he's been busy
00:57:41Mongeybut a few weeks/months
00:57:48stripwax_anyone fancy porting fractint to rockbox plugin? :-D
00:58:00Mongeyhes on holidays
00:58:08ashridahweeks/months/years it's simply not known, and there's no timetable
00:58:16muesli-stripwax_ r using the last bleeding egde?
00:58:22Mongeya guess
00:59:30ashridahMongey: that said, some of the work going into the iaudio x5 will benefit the H3xx series (not the bootloader, but other components inside the H3xx) so it's progressing even when it doesn't strictly appear to be.
00:59:39stripwax_ muesli- - i am, yes
01:00:21muesli-working fine?
01:00:45stripwax_muesli- seems to be
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01:00:58muesli-mmh...mine is crashing just after power on
01:01:10muesli-had the remote build installed before
01:01:13stripwax_oh, wait. no, not the *latest*. two revisions prior to that
01:01:26ashridahmuesli-: mine seems to be working fine with the CVS i just checked out.
01:01:30muesli-that one was working finde
01:01:38stripwax_hmm... possibly even older than that :-(
01:02:31muesli-ashridah mmh, will give it another try...
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01:09:04muesli-just another hang up
01:09:24stripwax_muesli- are you building locally or pulling the zip from rockbox?
01:09:25muesli-it happened when i pressed a/b
01:09:36stripwax_muesli- at what point
01:09:58muesli-just after power on
01:10:08stripwax_muesli- from the wps screen?
01:10:30muesli-also strange, only 3 dirs are shown
01:10:43stripwax_muesli- local build or binary from rockbox?
01:10:55muesli-this one
01:11:22muesli-xavier's remote build works fine
01:11:28muesli-the previous too
01:11:45stripwax_hmm... i'll see if i can reproduce
01:11:55muesli-but the last 2/3 are strange
01:14:59muesli-my guess that xaviers settings are not compatible with the edges anymore
01:15:21stripwax_hmm, I've just rebuilt cvs head locally and it runs fine on my iriver
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01:19:10muesli-i've just deleted the *.cfg files. it runs now as normal
01:19:24muesli-there must be something wrong with them...
01:19:35muesli-will go 2 bed
01:19:39muesli-g'night folks
01:19:56stripwax_yeah ,config block was bumped so config wasn't compatible - maybe that was the problem?
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02:09:32webguest57hi does anyone know the status of XavierG's remote patch
02:10:46webguest57hi anyone around
02:11:16Xetrovi am, but no idea
02:11:36webguest57okay thanks
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02:14:59stevenmHello. What became of the daily builds? I want to download the daily ajbrec build, but click link and it just refreshes the daily builds page
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02:15:16stevenmAlso, what is this backlight fading, and what devices does it work on?
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02:37:09Xetrovtech spreadsheet for the stock arjb20 hd if anyone ever searched for it:$file/dk23da_ds.pdf
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07:45:29Cka3kahey hey
07:45:51Cka3kaanyone awake?
07:46:19Cka3kacome on
07:46:27Cka3kazzzZZZzzz boring lol
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07:47:41Cka3kahey man
07:47:51Cka3kayou awake; or idle like the rest here
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08:55:48DJ_Dooms_DayWhere do i submit bugs?
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09:17:07DJ_Dooms_DayWhere do i submit bugs?
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09:21:59LinusNDJ_Dooms_Day: here, or in the mailing list
09:22:29LinusN(if you mean rockbox for iriver)
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09:27:42amiconnhi LinusN
09:28:42leftrightI still get random a crash during mp3 playback, I select play and leave it alone and it eventually crashes
09:28:56LinusNleftright: badness
09:29:06LinusNis crossfade on?
09:29:09leftrightmp3 file, no crossfade, replaygain on
09:29:39LinusNdoes it happen if replaygain is off?
09:30:04LinusNdoes it crash on a particular song?
09:30:12leftrightfile tree mode, move to next folder on, when it ctashes it locks the HD and eventually runs the battery flat, happened to me last night
09:30:25leftrightno it crashes on random songs
09:31:12leftrightI havent tried it with raplaygain off, i'll do so
09:31:41leftrightsome times it srashes quickly, others it takes a few hours
09:32:39leftrightater reseting and charging the battery a bit this morning, I put it on play and it crashed after about one hour
09:35:03LinusNit just hangs? no message?
09:35:30leftrightit gives a IO3 addrrerr:3102204
09:36:34LinusNwhich build?
09:36:54leftrightlatest this morning, but it has been doing this for a few days
09:37:26LinusNok, let me check something
09:41:22LinusNleftright: it can't be 3102204, it must be 8 digits
09:41:32leftrightok its just crashed again
09:42:33leftrightthe code isIO3 addrrerr 31022E3E
09:44:36leftrightreplay gain was off prior to this crash
09:47:31LinusN31022e3e? really?
09:47:48leftrightyep thats what it said
09:48:04LinusNwith todays build?
09:48:16leftrightyes, latest bleeding edge
09:49:04leftrightI have rest it now, waiting for the next crash, see if code is the same
09:50:29LinusNok, looks like a stack overflow
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09:50:55LinusNin i2c_write_byte
09:51:24*leftright smiles, for he doesnt speak code
09:52:11LinusNmust be wrong
09:52:30[-AIR-]hey LinusN, is there going to be an iriver firmware update plugin for rockbox?
09:52:54LinusNyou mean to flash a new boot loader from rockbox?
09:53:31LinusNprobably, yes
09:53:36LinusNone of those days
09:54:15[-AIR-]i had a bit of an issue updating to 5 but gottit it sorted, just that that feature would have been handy :)
09:54:18[-AIR-]no rush tho.
09:54:28LinusNwhat was the issue?
09:56:52[-AIR-]i couldn't boot the iriver firmware, so had to format and 4 some reason that worked :s
09:57:12LinusNaha, scandisk usually helps
09:57:19[-AIR-]couple of questions: what is "recursively insert directories" ???
09:57:25[-AIR-]yer tried that :s nothing
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09:58:00[-AIR-]and what is that option that says "experimental" at the moment. forgotten what it say.
09:58:02[-AIR-]and what is that option that says "experimental" at the moment. forgotten what it says.
09:58:24LinusNit means that "playlist insert" not only inserts the chosen directory, it inserts all directories within it as well
09:59:23[-AIR-]o rite. kewl. i need that :). also what is "gather run time data"
10:00:26[-AIR-]LinusN ?
10:00:27LinusNit means it keeps track of what songs you play
10:00:31[-AIR-]o rite.
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10:00:44[-AIR-]is it ok to use it, or not?
10:00:51LinusNi dunno -)
10:01:01LinusNnot my code
10:01:08LinusNHCl is your man
10:01:40LinusNleftright: seems like the error reporting gives the wrong info
10:01:48LinusNi'll look into that
10:02:09leftrightok, thanks
10:02:35*LinusN is on vacation
10:02:50 Quit [-AIR-] ("—I-n-v-i-s-i-o-n— 2.0 Build 3515")
10:03:02leftrightcatch some fish :)
10:03:10LinusNdid that yesterday
10:03:24leftrightnice, what type
10:03:36LinusNwas about to go fishing this morning, but it's a little too windy
10:04:05leftrightyum fresh, fry in olive oil
10:04:41LinusNi like it on the barbeque, with garlic, olive oil, vinegar and curry
10:04:56LinusNor smoked, of course
10:05:06leftrighttasty, got room for one more :)
10:05:24LinusNjust stop by, and i'll serve you some
10:05:53LinusNGo to Kalvö, Fjällbacka and ask for Linus
10:06:01leftrighti'll bring the wine and scotch
10:06:11LinusNgood, we're almost out of it
10:07:29LinusNi gotta hang up now
10:07:37LinusNsee you around
10:07:43leftrightlater, enjoy
10:07:47 Part LinusN
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10:13:28austriancoderhi all
10:17:38austriancoderanybody here?
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11:00:19leftrightyep it has crashed again code is, IO3 AddrErr at 31022E3E
11:01:42leftrightit crashes quite regularly now with latest build, (see details above in chat)
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11:18:37solex_Are there any plans what to display on the remote control on the iriver?
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11:20:51yarvalhi .. did someone read my forum post about the non-playing OGG file?
11:21:14yarvalI'm not sure if I should post it somewhere else
11:21:41ashridahyarval: is it a multi-stream ogg file? i've got a few that don't play
11:22:11yarvalahh .. ok, just made sure the prob is known
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11:24:16rooom_wrkMy traditional question: Has anybody of you downloaded SW for Uart Boot Mod made by Joerg (IDC Dragon)? My dead Archos has been waiting for rescue for about 14 days :'-/
11:24:23rooom_wrkhelp pls
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14:37:01solex_I have created some fnt files for rockbox.
14:37:16solex_Can I submit them somewhere?
14:37:51solex_I just took them from my fontserver (-<bdf) and then converted them to fnt.
14:38:15Xetrovwouldnt know, my model cant even use fnt files
14:38:18Xetrovtried the forums?
14:38:32solex_wll have a look.
14:38:58ashridahsolex_: there's a patch tracker linked somewhere in
14:39:33ashridahyou may need to pimp them a bit to get them accepted. you'll also need to check the license on them, make sure they're freely redistributable with compatible terms to the rest of rockbox
14:39:56solex_ashridah: yeah, I already thought about the license issue.
14:40:00Xetrovthe archos jukebox player section of the forum sure is desolate.
14:40:20solex_If they are GPL'ed, in what format should a font be distributed?
14:41:07solex_The best font I got is 'fixed' which is shipped with every XFree86/ out there.
14:41:22solex_And they are iso-8859-1
14:41:33solex_(more encodings possible)
14:41:38ashridahokay, there's not much of XFree86/ that's actually GPL
14:42:00solex_Well, but /free/ as in free beer (at least older versions of Xfree)
14:44:01ashridahI believe rockbox is probably demanding something similar to being DSFG free, but i'm pretty sure the fonts you're talking about at least reach that requirement. post to the mailing list, or try and catch one of the committers in here.
14:44:13ashridahbut yeah, licensing is an issue the rockbox team generally don't ignore.
14:44:28solex_They should be dsfg free, I run Debian here. :) (well, with contrib and non-free)
14:45:49ashridahanyway, it's probably okay. as i say, the patch tracker, and pimping is usually required in order to get some attention for the patch
14:53:59 Quit San (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
14:55:28Xetrovwould that make a good replacement hd ? (archos jbp20)
14:55:35Xetrovi cant make out the power consumptions
14:59:30 Quit rooom_wrk ("UkonĨuji")
15:00:09Xetrovdamnit, seems like alot of power.
15:00:33solex_Hm. I checked out the rockbox source in order to generate a patch for my fonts.
15:00:54solex_But I cannot do 'cvs add' because I (obviously) have no write access to the repo.
15:01:20*solex_ is not too familiar with cvs
15:01:43 Join DreamTactix291 [0] (
15:04:57Moossolex: maybe you can wait for Cassandra if she"ll have got few time, she have a cvs acces & she did add few fonts too
15:05:22Moostry the mailing list :)
15:06:15solex_Will subscribe to the list. Web forums are just beyond me.
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17:43:33amiconnHmm, no Linus here :(
17:43:48Xetrovhes busy fishing, or so it seems.
17:44:02amiconnI've discovered a bug in the archos playback code...
17:44:41Xetrovi think the mailing list is your best bet
17:44:44Xetrovat active responses
17:45:12amiconnI'll be away the next few days...
17:46:03 Join Febs [0] (
17:46:16amiconnI would fix it myself, but Linus wrote most of mpeg.c. Perhaps he knows better how to fix it
17:46:47Xetrovmpeg.c? whats it do, i thought all the decoding is handled by a chip onboard
17:46:52 Join DreamTactix291 [0] (
17:47:22Xetrovgah, why is the archos player forum section so dead.
17:47:37amiconnXetrov: The chip has to be fed with data, and then buffering etc must be handled...
17:47:54Xetrovahh alright
17:48:01Xetrovim not too techy.
17:48:11Xetrovjust a guy with a busted hard drive
17:51:02amiconnWhat problem do you have?
17:51:19Xetrovarj20, dead hd, or so it seems
17:51:28Xetrovi interuppted a scandisk session on it (in a nasty way)
17:51:42Xetrovand now the disk wont show up under winxp disk management
17:51:54Xetrovi can access it phsycally with some programs
17:52:04Xetrovbut trying to rebuild the partition table doesnt work
17:52:18Xetrovpretty sure ill have to replace it, already looking at a few models
17:52:20amiconnHmm, that's strange
17:52:30XetrovToshiba MK4025GAS, WD WD400UE
17:52:55amiconnGenerally, even a nasty interruption of disk operations should never cause hardware damage
17:53:07Xetrovwell.. i tried everything i could think of
17:53:16Xetrovthis guy told me to get a knoppix linux livecd
17:53:20Xetrovand try more tools that come with it
17:53:29Xetrovill try that before i order a new hd
17:53:44amiconnThe worst thing should be data corruption, possibly including partition table
17:53:59Xetrovi tried 2 programs that can restore the partition table
17:54:03amiconnDid you try it on different PCs?
17:54:04Xetrovboth couldnt find it
17:54:07Xetrovdisk just errors out
17:54:15Xetrovhmm no.
17:54:24Xetrovill go try it now
17:54:29Xetrovi really think the hd is dead tho
17:54:31amiconnRecorder V1?
17:54:37Xetrovjukebox studio 20
17:54:43amiconnAh ok.
17:55:26amiconnIf the disk is gone bad, that sounds like pure coincidence to be
17:55:32Xetrovdo you have any idea if higher rpm/bigger buffer on the hd matters?
17:55:50amiconnBut there are other possible reasons for non-working HD on Studio and Recorder V1
17:56:11Xetrovmy laptop is booting
17:56:13amiconnFirst thing: try with a new (known good) set of batteries.
17:56:36amiconnIf that doesn't work, next thing is to check the battery contacts
17:56:46Xetrovit boots fine tho
17:56:50Xetrovinto 'jukebox wait ..#'
17:56:55Xetrovand then the 'file sys error'
17:57:20Xetrovill go check if it works on the laptop, brb
17:57:31amiconnOf course, the batteries used for testing should be fully charged. Best is to charge them in a (branded) external charger
17:58:21amiconnIf that works, but batteries charged in the player don't work, it is possible that the charging circuit is broken
18:00:52***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
18:01:08amiconnTesting the HD in another device is definitely a good idea as well. If you have the opportunity...
18:08:04Xetrovtried it on my laptop
18:08:06Xetrovsame thing
18:08:10Xetrovdoesnt show up
18:08:16Xetrovnot even under disk management
18:08:55Xetrovthing is
18:09:00Xetrovafter the scandisk
18:09:06Xetrovthe device would boot fine
18:09:11Xetrovbut in the following day
18:09:16Xetrovmore and more times as i booted it
18:09:20Xetrovit showed the 'file sys error'
18:09:25Xetrovbut if i tried again itll boot
18:09:41Xetrovfiles would also get stuck
18:10:06Xetrovdoes that strike you as a batteries issue still?
18:12:07Xetrovsounds like the disk got slowly corrupt after the scandisk thing
18:13:58amiconnIt can still be batteries, battery contacts, or the harddisk itself
18:14:23amiconnDid it work on your laptop before these problems began?
18:14:43amiconnOnly asking because the Studio won't work without special driver, even on XP
18:14:50Xetrovi installed it
18:15:11Xetrovsafe to say its a device issue
18:15:24Xetrovill check the batteries
18:15:46Xetrovim just waiting for my brother to have some spare time, hes more techy than me
18:16:04Xetrovif not i guess ill be ordering a new hd
18:16:25amiconnThe thing is that if the harddisk doesn't get enough juice, this may look identical to a harddisk problem
18:16:57amiconnThe battery contacts are a well-known source of such problems on archos player and recorder v1
18:17:08Xetrovthat could be it then
18:17:16Xetrovi mean fits the description of a problem that was on and off
18:18:34amiconnCheck the rockbox documentation page, section 'Hardware'
18:19:09amiconnThere is a description how to check / repair the battery contacts. It shows a recorder V1, but the player/studio is very similar
18:19:29amiconnThere is also a description how to disassemble and reassemble the player
18:19:44amiconnIf you only want to swap the HD, there is no soldering required
18:20:14Xetrovi know
18:20:20amiconn...but imho you should definitely check the battery contacts if changing the batteries doesn't help
18:20:52Xetrovlets say i do go with a hd swap
18:20:53amiconnAs for the HD, any sufficiently modern 2,5" disk will do
18:21:06Xetrovafter formatting it, fat32 prim, bootable
18:21:14Xetrovwhat files need to be on it
18:21:15Xetrovfor it to boot
18:21:33amiconnMake sure it's 9.5 mm high (only some very old ones are higher, and won't fit)
18:21:51Xetrovthe two ive looked at fit the specs just right
18:22:14Xetrovslightly higher power consumptions
18:22:25amiconnAvoid drives with higher rpms than 4200, that would only waste battery power. Large cache is also irrelevant
18:22:40Xetrovthe toshiba is the one to go with then
18:22:50Xetrov# Toshiba MK4025GAS (Option 1)
18:22:50Xetrov40GB / 4200RPM / 8MB / ATA-2/3/4/5/6 (EIDE)
18:22:50XetrovHeight 9.5
18:22:50DBUGEnqueued KICK Xetrov
18:22:50XetrovDepth 100mm
18:22:50XetrovWidth 69.85mm
18:22:50***Alert Mode level 1
18:22:50XetrovWeight 0.094kg
18:22:55XetrovPower +5 V (+/- 5 %)
18:22:55XetrovSeek 0.52A
18:22:56XetrovSpinup 0.94A
18:22:58XetrovIdle 0.14A
18:23:00XetrovRW 0.46A
18:23:02XetrovSleep 0.02A
18:23:04XetrovStandby 0.05A
18:23:15Xetrovlarge cache wouldnt pose any problems right?
18:23:51amiconnNo, but it wouldn't give any benefit either
18:24:03Xetrovas long as it doesnt hurt anything
18:24:18amiconnPerhaps it hurts the money bag... ;)
18:24:35Xetrovunless my brother comes through with some hd or a good deal
18:24:39Xetrovill be spending about 90$
18:24:43amiconnThe parameters sound good, btw
18:25:40amiconnThere is one HD series you should avoid - Hitachi DK23DA, but these are older ones anyway. Most likely you would only come across them if you buy them used.
18:25:58Xetrovthats the one that came with my archos
18:26:14amiconnYes, I also have that in my Studio (the 10 GB model)
18:26:31amiconnThese disks are infamous @rockbox for RLD (red led death)
18:26:39Xetrovred led death?
18:26:58 Join bagawk [0] (1000@bagawk.user)
18:27:11amiconnThese disks react unusual if they can't cope with reading, e.g. when the unit is shaked
18:27:41Xetrovnever had that
18:27:46amiconnThey simply don't answer to requests anymore. Rockbox used to react to that with freezing, the red LED on...
18:27:49Xetrovi try to keep my player as still as possible when hearing music
18:28:25amiconnIt's fixed now (not in release 2.4, but in recent daily builds), but these Hitachis are the only ones needing a workaround
18:30:55Xetrovsay, if its a battery issue
18:31:08Xetrovwouldnt the device boot fine connected to a charger?
18:32:51***Alert Mode OFF
18:34:31amiconnNot necessarily
18:34:47amiconnThe charger is unable to feed the unit alone
18:34:57Xetrovit feeds the batteries
18:35:03amiconnIt's a only a charger, not a mains adapter
18:35:34amiconnIt provides charging current to the batteries, but the HD requires more current when spinning
18:36:13amiconnThis also means that you can run out of batteries even with the charger connected if the HD is constantly spinning
18:36:23XetrovA4: Both ship with 1500 mAh NiMH (Nickel Metal Hydride) batteries.
18:36:29Xetrovwould 1600 mah nimh be alright?
18:36:37Xetrovi know that if you replace it you should change the settings
18:36:41Xetrovbut just for the sake of testing
18:36:43Xetrovwould it?
18:36:56amiconn...e.g. if you are doing extended USB transfers. May happens especially on Studio, since it only has USB1.1
18:37:17Xetrovoh yes, the usb1.1
18:37:21amiconnThe settings are only there to tell rockbox how to calculate the remaining runtime
18:37:23Xetrovgod bless it.
18:37:49amiconnCharging is hardware-controlled on the Studio.
18:40:10Xetrovok, i put the batteries in thier charger for a charge
18:40:15Xetrovi hope its that
18:40:19Xetrovthanks alot of all the help
19:02:54 Nick Lynx_ is now known as Lynx_awy (
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20:38:22amiconnGotta go now. See y'all
20:38:37 Quit amiconn (" I'll be back...")
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20:47:12 Join [Sanitarium] [0] (
20:47:28[Sanitarium]does Rockbox support reading of RG and APEv2 on Wavpack files?
21:00:26LearI believe so, yes. Haven't tested myself though. Let me look...
21:01:38LearYes, it should work.
21:01:45[Sanitarium]thank you
21:16:34 Join webguest84 [0] (
21:17:13webguest84good evening all
21:17:45webguest84what are the current limitations on the playing of mp3s on the iriver? I have a couple that play slowly.
21:34:38 Quit DreamTactix291 (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
21:37:15Learnone that I'm aware of. even 320 kbps worked fine when I tested...
21:37:39Stryke`what is the sampling rate of the mp3s, webguest84?
21:38:36 Join thegeek_ [0] (
21:38:57 Quit thegeek (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
21:38:57webguest84 how do I check the sampling rate?
21:39:21Learuse the id3 info screen
21:39:28Stryke`most if not all software mp3 players report it somewhere
21:39:50webguest84ahhhhhh - just deleted them off the iriver - having a re-organisation
21:40:07webguest84I have copies on the PC - will the godfather show the info?
21:40:31Learprobably (but I haven't used it...)
21:42:18 Join drfeelgood06 [0] (
21:42:48webguest84found bitrate and frequency
21:43:01Stryke`frequency is sampling rate
21:44:19drfeelgood06good afternoon all - quick question for anyone who's current on the latest firmware
21:45:11webguest84say's 44100Hz for both
21:45:19drfeelgood06as of the 7/31 and 8/01 builds, sometimes, i'll play a song and when i go to adjust the volume or other controls, the response time slows down immensely
21:45:39webguest84(how did that apostrophe get there? - I do know better)
21:45:40Stryke`webguest84: then something else must be the problem
21:46:14Stryke`drfeelgood06: i believe thats a known bug
21:46:15drfeelgood06i'll press the down arrow to adjust the volume and it will take upwards of 3 secs to get the volume to change
21:46:15webguest84I've posted on some web space them if anyone wants to grab and check
21:46:25Stryke`ill take a look
21:46:35drfeelgood06did it exist earlier than 7/31?
21:46:52drfeelgood06and where would that known bug be found on the rockbox site?
21:46:54Stryke`i think it was first known when either replaygain or jpeg viewer were implemented
21:47:29Learneither of which should have any effect on that... :)
21:47:59Stryke`entire post
21:48:36drfeelgood06where can you get earlier builds
21:48:50drfeelgood06if i want to go back to say, 7/24 or so
21:48:53Stryke`for h120?
21:49:20drfeelgood06thanks again guys
21:49:24drfeelgood06keep up the good work
21:52:41 Quit [Sanitarium] (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
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22:10:58 Quit drfeelgood06 ("Trillian (")
22:34:47 Quit webguest84 ("CGI:IRC")
22:36:17 Quit Stryke` ("Friends don't let friends listen to Anti-Flag")
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23:02:26 Join DreamTactix291 [0] (
23:07:58 Join [-AIR-] [0] (
23:08:10[-AIR-]hey. anyone here use dbpoweramp and know how to update LAME codec?
23:15:48[-AIR-]that looks bad
23:16:30HClcrud :/
23:18:11[-AIR-]HCl did u get my PM ???
23:18:19[-AIR-]about the runtime data gathering
23:18:25Xetrovdamned batteries, load faster.
23:18:27[-AIR-]is it functional and what exactly does it so
23:19:12[-AIR-]HCl ?
23:19:23HClwhich message
23:19:25DBUGEnqueued KICK HCl
23:19:25HClit works
23:19:28HClits still a bit beta
23:19:34HCli need to work on it
23:19:38HCli got my harry potter book
23:19:48HClyou need an generated tagdatabase working
23:19:54HCland then you can activate and it should work fine
23:19:58[-AIR-]o. well i don't so hey :)
23:20:09HCli'm most likely gonna remove the option or set it to yes at default
23:20:11[-AIR-]i dont really need it but mite test it out if i'm bored :)
23:20:46CtcpIgnored 2 channel CTCP requests in 4 hours and 56 minutes at the last flood
23:20:46*[-AIR-] is looking forward to rockbox's implementing the good features of the ipod.
23:21:39 Quit hicks (Remote closed the connection)
23:23:22 Quit [-AIR-] ("—I-n-v-i-s-i-o-n— 2.0 Build 3515")
23:26:15 Join Strath [0] (
23:30:11 Join hicks [0] (
23:30:14Xetrovwhat featuers from the ipod arent in rockbox?
23:42:24 Quit Aison ("( :: NoNameScript 3.72 :: )")
23:46:10 Join ashridah [0] (
23:54:49 Quit Lear ("Chatzilla [Firefox 1.0.6/20050720]")
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