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#rockbox log for 2005-08-03

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00:26:23stripwax_yuk, client died. hello again!
00:38:00Xetrovhey again
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01:09:55stripwax_quiet round here!
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02:01:22kernelsenseidoes the rockbox firmware support iriver's H300 player ?
02:01:47Xetrovi think its in beta stages or something
02:01:50Xetrovcheck the site
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02:29:25webguest31The commit from Jens 26 Jul 20:01 (changes in user timer) has messed up all future builds. Latest working build is Daily build 20050726.
02:30:02webguest31Sound is clipping or something at random intervals. The way I use my iHP is I set the volume to 100% and use my optical out with my DAC into my headpone amp. I use the headphone amp's volume control. So I do not have any volume control issues.
02:30:11webguest31It is the random popping that is getting to me since the 26th. It is like a bad record that has scratches on it. Only this is more random.
02:30:45webguest31The above remarks have been cut & pasted from a thread made by slwiser:
02:31:10webguest31I just wanted to raise these concerns since they haven't been adressed yet (as of the latest daily build)
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02:42:08Xetrovmy hd is dead
02:42:16Xetrovopened up the jukebox
02:42:24Xetrovconnectors fine
02:42:29Xetrovtried diffrent fully charged batteries
02:42:32Xetrovsame file sys error
02:43:37Xetrovbut im pretty sure i broke something else
02:43:44Xetrovbecause now it wont even go into 'jukebox wait..#'
02:43:48Xetrovgod damnit...
02:44:37Xetrovnow it does
02:44:40Xetrovwith the new batteries
02:46:18Xetrovyeah they were empty
02:46:36Xetrovtell you what, fixing your arjb sure is an emotional ride :p
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03:34:37Strathdoh, damn capslock ;) cya
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03:39:11Denn|S[MIA]quick question
03:40:12Denn|S[MIA]is there a ver of rockbox that works with the iriver hp 3XX
03:43:40muesli-dont think so
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09:10:53DJ_Dooms_DayAnyone around?
09:13:30t0masoh how I love vnc and helpdesk hours
09:14:11t0masbrb, getting some coffee
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11:02:04solexanybody around?
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11:28:55XavierGrhi all!
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11:43:07XavierGrhi t0mas
11:43:19XavierGrdid you managed to start original firmware?
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11:54:50webguest65with latest build there are pops between track transitions, quite loud too
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11:55:16webguest55this is with mp3 files
11:55:19 Part webguest55
11:56:55XavierGrI have not seen such problem with the latest build. I will try again though. Reset your settings and try again...
11:57:28XavierGr(some minor pops are audible since playback was first implemented)
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12:10:45webguest47what I have noticed is that rockbox osnt buggy with the default settings, but as I customise it the problems appear
12:12:36webguest47I have now removed all scrolling from my wps, to see if I can isolate the bug which causes it to crash, with mp3 files
12:14:49XavierGrreplay gain also tends to crash a lot
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12:35:08XavierGrt0mas: are you here?
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12:38:05t0masI'm working
12:38:13t0masso I can't look at my vnc screen to much
12:38:24t0masand no, my original firmware still doesn't boot
12:38:36t0masbut I haven't done anything to get it working :)
12:40:29Learwell, I use replaygain a lot, and I've never seen any crashes... anything repeatable? certain files?
12:41:21XavierGrsorry to bother you. I just had an idea about the jpeg viewer to be able to scroll to different pictures instead of exiting every time and choosing another.
12:41:41XavierGrLear: I haven't tested replay gain myself
12:41:56XavierGrI remember someone that said about it.
12:42:02Learyet you say it crashes a lot? :)
12:42:29XavierGryeah I exxagerated sorry
12:43:07XavierGrbut people on forum have joined latest buggy builds with replay gain
12:43:31XavierGrLear: Did you programmed replay gain support?
12:44:10LearYep. Not the parts specific to flac and wavpack though.
12:45:09XavierGrthey keep complaining about crashes, pops and low GUI response times...
12:46:31LearPops and gui stuff is related to the volume problem; something strange seems to happen with the hardware, locking up the uda1380 unit or the i2c bus itself. Seems to be triggered by changing the volume rapidly...
12:47:13XavierGrLear: If the filetree is a continous thread (runs all the time) how can I call a static variable from the tree.c within another .c file?
12:48:22Learstatic variables aren't accessible, either remove the static or introcude functions to access the variable.
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12:50:32XavierGrso if in tree.c exists a global varibale and gets some values from there, can I call it externally from another .c file just by applying a value to it (also make an include for it)
12:51:39LearEr, yes, if I understand you correctly. :)
12:52:51XavierGrSo there is no point in reprogramming a filetree for the jpeg plugin
12:53:37XavierGrI will call within the jpeg.c the filetree variables to get the previous and next filepaths.
12:54:36LearAh, but that you cannot do. The plugin is a completely separate thing that only can access the main Rockbox code through the codec API.
12:55:28crwlimplement jpeg viewer as a codec ;)
12:56:03LearSorry, meant plugin API. :)
12:56:35solexHi. I have a problem skipping through a quite large mp2 (sic!) file.
12:56:44solexit's ~3 hours long
12:57:24solexIs something like this already known?
12:57:57LearWell, I've heard of long skipping problems, but I don't know much about it...
12:58:35solexIf somebody wants to try it out:
12:59:33solexskipping in smaller steps doesn't helop
12:59:59solexafter about an hour, Rockbox spins the hard drive for some time and then starts at thebeginning of the track.
13:00:31LEXLuTHoRhi all
13:00:59LEXLuTHoRi have a few questions
13:01:22 Join leftright [0] (
13:01:43leftrightLear; do you use the standard wps, or a customised one ?
13:03:43Learsolex: what model are you running?
13:03:50Learleftright: custom, why?
13:04:03solexLear: iriver h120
13:04:07leftrightI'm trying to do some trouble shooting
13:08:15LEXLuTHoRcan i use those firmwares on archos gmini ?
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13:17:48solexHm, skipping in very small steps (and bookmarking) seems to help
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14:00:21XavierGrdoes anyone know what "opendir" returns?
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14:02:29XavierGror readdir?
14:06:37Lynx_XavierGr: in what?
14:08:45XavierGrwell there are 3 main functions for directory manipulation opendir, readdir, and closedir. Other than close dir which returns an integer, I don't know what opendir (which takes a path as an argument) or readir returns
14:08:50XavierGrwhat you mean in what?
14:10:56Lynx_in what language
14:12:10XavierGr"c" but these functions are rockbox proprietary (or so I think)
14:13:18Lynx_don't know then...but shouldn't readdir return directory contents?
14:15:54XavierGrthats what I am thinking...but it seems to return a type DIR variable
14:17:22XavierGrbecause the function is defined extern struct dirent* readdir(DIR* dir);
14:17:49XavierGrno I am wrong it seems to return a struct dirent
14:17:54XavierGrwow I lost it
14:18:48XavierGrif only I had a debugger to test the values of these functions and variables
14:19:44XavierGror documentation to understand it more easily...
14:21:36XavierGrok I am confused now, I will stop and go for a walk. Later all...
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15:41:34FebsFor anyone trying to troubleshoot the issue with H1xx occasionally crashing:
15:41:48FebsI've noticed that crashes tend to happen on the last file in a directory.
15:42:09Febs(although I can't definitely say that it happens exclusively on the last file)
15:42:47FebsHere's the error message I received today when RB crashed: ID03: AddrErr at 31022E3E
15:46:29FebsI should note that I am using build 050805-0655.
15:46:40FebsCorrection: 050802-0655
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16:05:55leftrightthanks febs, same error I get
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16:45:39XavierGrHi again
16:45:58webguest76XavierGr hello, any word on the remote patch?
16:46:46 Quit Febs (" HydraIRC -> <- IRC for those that like to be different")
16:46:55XavierGrwhat word? I can update it to the latest build. That's all no further work is done. I need major help from other devs if I want to see things moving.
16:47:24webguest76Is there a patch available anywhere?
16:47:35XavierGryes but its a bit old.
16:47:47webguest76What stage has it reached?
16:49:16XavierGrwell you can view freely the filetree and the wps, also you can customize the remote like the main display with many options
16:49:54XavierGrthough the results are good, there is no commitment plan for it because the rendering method I use is not a good option
16:50:55webguest76great, I notices that tomas had started to work on it, is there any update form him?
16:51:56XavierGrno I think not, though his help would be crucial. We will see...
16:52:08webguest76Got to go, will check the logs, great work!
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17:42:15XavierGrhi zezayer
17:43:10zezayerhi XavierGr
17:47:14 Nick zezayer is now known as zezayer|away (~zezayer@
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18:01:27zezayer|awayhi muesli-
18:01:51muesli-hi folks
18:04:41muesli-it seems very deserted here...all out 4 holiday?
18:07:02 Nick zezayer|away is now known as zezayer (~zezayer@
18:07:23Xetrovpower to the unemployed.
18:07:57muesli-yeah :D
18:11:25muesli-XavierGr i thought youre back on thursday?
18:13:24XavierGrI meant Wensday :p
18:17:20XavierGrmuesli I though I saw you saying on the logs that you had problems with my patch. It is true that the patch is not fully updated.
18:19:38muesli-when i copied the "org"-rbx over your remote-build my ihp was crashing after a couple of seconds after powering on
18:20:11muesli-guess there must be some incompatibities with the cfg-files
18:21:05 Quit Xetrov ("random chances operate in my favour")
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18:23:08 Join webguest40 [0] (
18:23:54XavierGrso when you reenabled your settings, did it work?
18:26:51muesli-i've deleted my *.cfg and it was running afterwards
18:28:08webguest40I have another file with a bit rate quirk - iriver firmware and winamp play it fine - plays too slow in rockbox
18:28:31webguest40rockbox also reports different info to iriver/winamp
18:28:50webguest40iriver/winamp says MP3 44kHz 192k
18:29:15webguest40rockbox says MP1 32000Hz 384k
18:30:03webguest40looks like there's a quirk or bug in rockbox reading the header?
18:31:53webguest40the file in question has been uploaded to
18:36:57LearOr the header is dodgy...
18:38:57zezayerhow was the file encoded, are the other files you talk about also encoded @the same time?!?
18:39:26muesli-cya mates
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18:57:24zezayerbye all!!
18:57:34 Quit zezayer ("Chatzilla [SUSE 1.0.6-4.1/20050715]")
18:58:34webguest40it was encoded with dbPowerAmp other tracks ripped at the same time are OK - (the other I was refering to were obtained ....elsewhere)
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19:36:36 Join akathla [0] (~akathla@
19:36:42akathlahello everyone
19:37:06akathlai am having some troubles with a jukebox fm recorder, was wondering if anyone can help me
19:38:02akathlaeveryting was working fine until this morning, the thing won't power up and i just get a flashing green led, as if it was charging
19:38:27akathlai have messed with it a bit and i figured out if i move the part on top, the one between the two blue corners
19:38:34akathla(sorry about the not so good english)
19:38:58akathlai get the red light on for a while and it starts booting up but only for a couple of seconds
19:39:01akathlaand then dies again
19:39:06akathlaand keeps on doing this
19:39:17Vortexmight be busted battery connectors
19:39:18akathlaany ideas what could be going on?
19:39:47akathlahow would i go arround checking that?
19:41:34akathlaoh wow, i have never even soldered anything, i guess i'll follow the arrows see where it gets me :)
19:41:51Vortextry searching the forums too
19:42:42akathlaok, i'll give it a go and if not i'll see if i can send it somewhere for help
19:43:25akathlathank you
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20:06:05XavierGrdoes anyone know the easiest way to isolate the dir path from a filename?
20:06:42XavierGrI can do the oposite like:file = rb->strrchr(filepath,'/'); file++;
20:15:14 Quit solex (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
20:40:39 Quit XavierGr ()
20:45:26HCloh, he left..
20:45:41HCltoo bad, i was about to present the solution, heh.
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21:22:40 Quit Vortex ("random chances operate in my favour")
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21:46:13odd"random chances operate in my favour," eh?
21:46:18oddwhat about PSEUDORANDOM chances?
21:46:30oddsay, ones generated with a mersenne twister
21:46:57Vortexthat quit reason is old as hell
21:47:07Vortexit made more sense at the time
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22:15:27pilli havent updated rockbox since monday
22:15:36pillis the volume bug still here?
22:15:58pillis it worth the update or shall i stick with my build?
22:15:58 Join DreamTactix291 [0] (
22:16:25pilli'm asking because i don't want to update for the worse (no offence)
22:20:12 Quit muesli__ ("ich will Kühe!!!")
22:20:17leftrighthmm, sounds like the wrong build might be explosive
22:20:46pilli'm going on vacation for a month
22:21:00pilland i'd like to stick with the build that i'm sure will not fail on me
22:21:10leftrightvolume works normal on my unit
22:21:47pilland when you volume down fast
22:22:00pillit goes from 100 to 0 with no hanging/slowdown?
22:22:35pillhad the bug with build from last weekend?
22:22:41leftrightjust try it and see for yourself, its takes a minute at the most
22:22:41pillor was it always normal
22:22:47pilloh well you're right
22:24:31 Part leftright
22:25:38pillit slows down
22:27:20pillwell it hangs bad
22:28:46pillonly way to move volume up and down is to go step by step
22:28:54pillelse it slows and stalls
22:35:03 Join Stryke` [0] (
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