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#rockbox log for 2005-08-04

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00:52:49t0mas <XavierGr> no I think not, though his help would be crucial. We will see...
00:52:59t0masjup, but my iriver isn't working properly
00:54:45t0masand I'm a little busy...
00:54:50t0mashave to much things todo next to my pc
00:55:03t0masin school time I've got plenty of boring afternoons to do rockbox things
00:55:24t0masbut now I'm working 5x as much as normal... and I have a lot of other things todo
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05:06:34XShocKhello all
05:07:13XShocKdoes anybody know how much time iriver ihp120 works on batteries, but without harddisk
05:07:43XShocKi mean on one charge of batteries, just playing sound
05:08:38XShocKand also, how mant "free" GPIO pins does a processor have?
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05:20:18MarcC-awaycan someone recommend a good rockbox-able unit for someone who will use it for running?
05:23:23XShocKi had only used iRiver IHP-120. and i pretty happy with it
05:25:06MarcC-awayis rockbox better than default firmware on an ihp-120?
05:27:41MarcC-awaydepends on which features I'm caring about?
05:27:53TCKI guess
05:28:34TCKthe main thing I miss from the original firmware is the stability and buggyness
05:28:46TCKbut RB iRiver is still in alpha
05:28:50TCKso that's to be expected
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05:54:36AedarenIs anyone there? can anyone help me figure out my first compile error?
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06:07:49AedarenCould you help me a little? I'm trying to compile from CVS for the first time... and I always get stuck on itread.c
06:08:04Rickwhat's the error?
06:08:07AedarenI've tried it several times, and have used two different CVS versions... no patches yet
06:08:29Aedarenin function 'it_load_sigdata'
06:08:40Aedarenerror: insn does not satisfy its constraints:
06:08:44Aedarenthen a bunch of data
06:12:16Aedarenyou want the data?
06:12:17XShocKwhat gcc is used?
06:12:32XShocKi mean version
06:13:22XShocKit might be it, try updating gcc if it is old
06:13:34Aedareni'm not sure... I followed the instructions on the documentation page just a week and a half ago
06:14:18XShocKsry gottago
06:14:24AedarenYeah, I built it myself on cygwin from gcc 3.3.4 according to the instructions on the crosscompiler page
06:14:41Aedarenis there somewhere I can just download one?
06:14:45Aedaren(if you're still here)
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06:43:54XShocKhmmm. iriver has JTAG?
06:44:18XShocKi see those TMS+TDO pins...
06:45:20XShocKyep all tdi,tdo,tclk,tms
06:47:04XShocKis PE-wrigler a fast jtag?
06:47:11XShocKguess nobody is here. :)
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11:00:34austriancoderhi all
11:00:44austriancoderwhat is recording gain?
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11:05:33webguest67good morning - i was just wondering if anyone had a chance to have a look at the slow playing MP3 i mentioned yesterday
11:06:42austriancoderi would if i had a player to test
11:07:13webguest67thanks - not trying to nag or anything - just bored at work so popped in to check
11:09:18austriancoderif i only had the bdm connected to my iaudio.. then i would have a player to debug
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12:21:07*austriancoder is working on tlv320 driver and the interface to rockbox
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13:27:00ac_awaynot much going on here..
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13:31:06ac_awayon what are you guys working atm?
13:31:43HClnothing at the moment, just finished my book last night..
13:32:35ac_awayyou have written a book? Or have you finished it?
13:32:45ac_awayfinished it reading..
13:38:59ac_awayok ;)
13:39:45ac_awaythe audio codec driver for iaudio x5 will be ready - i hope - this day
13:46:40ac_awayrockboy in colored mode ... that will be cool
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13:54:10DJ_Dooms_DayAnyone around?
13:54:46DJ_Dooms_DayWhere do i submit bug reports?
13:56:30DJ_Dooms_DayCool thanks
13:58:45DJ_Dooms_DayThis is for the iriver rockbox right?
13:59:11ac_awayfor rockbox in generaly.. so yes..
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15:21:47HClrockboy in color mode will be slow..
15:21:56HCldon't expect it to run on coldfire
15:22:13*HCl took all the color crap out of rockboy because it was slowing it down needlessly
15:22:46HClofcourse it still gets emulated, but only in the internal format.. and because i couldn't figure out how to disable it entirely
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15:42:31XavierGrHello to all!
15:52:58XavierGrmorning eh?
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16:44:35AedarenHey anybody ever get an error in idread.c when they compile?
16:46:54AedarenI'm using m68k-elf-gcc 3.3.5
16:48:12Askuheh, karu allas tuon yhden talon katolla taas
16:48:46Askusorry, wrong channel :)
16:49:15muesli__Asku sounds funny :D
16:49:15Askubut that would be "there a nice pond on the roof of the opposite building"
16:49:21Aedarenwhat language was that?
16:49:25Askuit's finnish
16:49:54AedarenIt would be interesting to see a finnish pond on a roof
16:50:39Askuheh, it's a flat roof so it looks just like a bond
16:51:23muesli__mmh...translation of pond gives me numbers of translation. but none of them make sense ;)
16:51:37Askuand the main thing: it has rained all day
16:51:46Aedarenso, either of you rockbox developers?
16:52:13Askuno, i just wait for the iaudio port
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17:06:45AedarenMan, so many people in here... Can anyone give me an idea when people are available?
17:12:26HCldepends on which people you're looking for.
17:12:36HCli guess i qualify as a rockbox developer
17:12:45HClthough i would never call myself such
17:13:05HClAedaren: use gcc 3.4
17:14:02AedarenThe "build a cross-compiler" page suggested using gcc3.4
17:14:05AedarenI mean
17:14:13AedarenIs it out of date?
17:15:11Aedaren(the documentation I mean)
17:15:33AedarenI'm using cygwin... is there some easy way to get m68k-elf-gcc 3.4 or do I need to build it with gcc 3.4?
17:16:01HCli think it says somewhere that you should use 3.4 for iriver..
17:16:12HCli dunno
17:16:32Aedarenso, I just need to download gcc 3.4 and go through the "build a cross-compiler" thing again?
17:19:30Aedarenis 3.4.4 good for iriver?
17:23:02 Join LinusN [0] (
17:23:26LinusN3.4.4 should work
17:23:28LinusNi use 3.4.3
17:23:36AedarenThanks Linus
17:23:50 Join DreamTactix291 [0] (
17:23:53AedarenI'm downloding 3.4.4 right now.> Do I need to patch it ( using cygwin on windows XP)
17:24:45LinusNi think so
17:25:52LinusNthe patch is attached to the CrossCompiler wiki topic
17:27:03AedarenHas anyone tried to make the buttons customizable? Allow the user to change button combinations in a given mode?
17:28:55LinusNnot really
17:29:19LinusNthere are so many things to consider, so it is not an easy task
17:29:42 Quit godzirra ("Lost terminal")
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17:30:12 Nick shawn___ is now known as godzirra (
17:30:18AedarenI thought I'd start off small, either by only allowing it in one mode (like while making OTF playlists) or completely swapping the button mappings
17:30:39LinusNwhat is your goal?
17:30:43AedarenThat would solve a few minor problems, like accidentally playing a song instead of queing it
17:31:04AedarenMostly resolving the problem with the Select playing something and long select bringing up a menu
17:31:17Aedarenin a way that wouldn't change it for people already used to the current configuration
17:31:40LinusNthe iriver key mappings aren't set in stone
17:31:43 Join Changsito [0] (
17:31:57LinusNif you can come up with a better mapping we're all ears
17:31:59AedarenWould people be mad if we changed them though?
17:32:03AedarenOk, I'll think about it
17:32:39Changsitoexcuse me
17:32:49Changsitobut any clue for the volume bug origine ?
17:33:02LinusNChangsito: the what?
17:33:29Changsitothe bug when changing volume fastly
17:34:15LinusNwhat happens then?
17:34:36Changsitois there any solution or fix for this bug ?
17:34:53muesli__i've noticed it too
17:35:02Changsitothe WPS laggs
17:35:03muesli__cant change the volume afterwards
17:35:05LinusNi think you have to describe what this bug is
17:35:34Changsitorandomly, the WPS lags and pushing buttons have no effect
17:35:35LinusNok i see it now
17:36:08muesli__dunno what exactly happened because i wasnt focused on the iriver too much. but suddenly the volume couldnt be changed anymore
17:36:41LinusNmuesli__: i see the lag, but i can still change the colume
17:36:58muesli__couldnt do it, was fixed
17:37:10LinusNi gotta go now
17:37:17LinusNcu around
17:37:21 Part LinusN
17:37:22muesli__have fun..whereever it is
17:37:42Changsitohe's on holidays i think
17:39:06 Join webguest62 [0] (
17:39:17bluebrother^Changsito: look at this forum thread for the lagging bug:
17:41:40Changsitook thank bluebrother
17:43:20 Quit webguest62 (Client Quit)
17:43:55Changsitodo u know when it'll be add to a daily build ?
17:45:12 Join Moos [0] (
17:46:06bluebrother^as far as I see from the mailing list Magnus is working on this somehow.
17:46:30Changsitook, i hope it'll be fix soon
17:46:32bluebrother^That's all I know ;-)
17:50:22*t0mas has been horse riding
17:50:28t0maswith my sister...
17:50:47Changsitowas good ?
17:50:51t0masall her girlfriends were like "Ha, he's going to fly off it..."
17:51:00t0masbut they didn't know I did it before (5 years ago :P)
17:51:07t0masand it was ok...
17:51:14t0mashaven't flewn of...
17:51:27t0mashorse just did what I wanted... :D
17:52:18*Changsito is hacking his neighbour's WIFI network
17:52:55t0masor none? :P
17:52:57Changsitonone ;)
17:53:03t0masthat's not hacking
17:53:08Changsitoand admin/admin pass
17:53:15t0masI know that
17:53:25Changsitoi know, but he doesn't
17:53:26t0masthere are a lot of wifi networks here
17:53:38t0masbut mostly using WEP 64
17:53:48t0mas(wich is crackable... but I haven't tried it yet)
17:54:28Changsitoin North France, there is no so much wifi networks
17:54:59t0maswell... most ISP's give you a free wifi modem here
17:55:07t0masso every n00b has a wifi netwok
17:55:11Changsitothere is so much computers in fact ;)
17:55:26t0masnot so much people either?
17:55:47Changsitothere no geek in north france
17:55:52Changsitoall n00bs
17:56:08muesli__t0mas everything can be cracked. its only a question of computing ressources ;)
17:56:52ChangsitoMuesli are you greek ?
17:57:19muesli__nope i am not ;)
17:57:42Changsitobecause it was very philosophical what u said
17:57:44muesli__but every key is only restricted by possible combinatiosn
17:58:08muesli__at least this is my guess
17:58:22muesli__correct me if i'm talking rubbish
17:58:31t0masbut with crable I mean crackable in a normal time (so not a few years or something) with a normal pc
17:58:58t0maslinux never reboots...
17:59:12t0masbut I still have to fix HAL not to hang my mount command :P
17:59:24 Quit t0mas ("and untill then... it DOES reboot")
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18:30:56Bagderaustriancoder: I don't know why you get that weird problem with your sim
18:31:03Bagdernever seen it before
18:31:59Changsitois someone using the sim on windows ?
18:32:15Bagdernot me, but others do
18:32:30Changsitobecause i could make it run
18:33:44BagderI'm away again...
18:34:25AedarenHey, to apply patches, do we copy them to our rockbox directory ( the one with all the files in it) and run it at -p0?
18:38:11AedarenI'm trying to install the metronome patch, and it is looking for metronome.c, but it can't find it
18:38:14Aedarenanyone know why?
18:38:36AedarenDid I not get everything from CVS?
18:41:08bluebrother^it's more important from which path you're invoking patch
18:41:16AedarenI found it
18:41:24Aedarendidn't know metronome.c was in apps/plugins
18:41:27bluebrother^i.e. whats your actual working dir.
18:41:55Aedarenbut I moved the patch to home/Sean/rockbox/apps/plugins
18:41:58Aedarenand ran it -p0
18:42:10bluebrother^you should be able applying patches from the rockbox source root.
18:42:18bluebrother^no matter where the patch lives.
18:42:44bluebrother^as: patch -p0 < complete_path_to_patchfile.patch
18:42:54austriancoderBagder: maybe i am using a hardended gcc?
18:43:20Aedarenbut then I should be copying the patch to /apps/plugins?
18:43:20 Quit austriancoder ("CGI:IRC (EOF)")
18:43:21Aedarenor to root
18:43:37AedarenI put it in my /home/Sean/rockbox folder, ran it -p0 and it said it was looking for metronome.c
18:43:40Aedaren(no path)
18:45:49bluebrother^ok, just looked at the metronome diff file.
18:45:59bluebrother^it has the paths missing :(
18:46:06Aedarenah... there's my problem
18:46:22Aedarenso normally: copy patch to root, and run from root with -p0, right?
18:46:49bluebrother^copy patch to somewhere and use the correct path to the file ;-)
18:47:12bluebrother^but, if you're ok having the patches lying around in the rb root: yes.
18:47:48Aedarenyou are the man bluebrother... oh great answerer of questions
18:48:24 Part Changsito
18:48:51 Join Vortex [0] (
18:49:12 Quit Moos (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
18:52:46AedarenQuick questinon: once I've built a patched firmware for iriver, what do I need to copy over to see the change?
18:52:50 Quit tvelocity ("Leaving")
18:56:03bluebrother^you can "make zip" and unzip the as usual
18:56:48bluebrother^when I'm changing stuff that doesn't affect plugins / codecs I simply copy rockbox.iriver
18:58:13 Join XavierGr [0] (
18:58:51Aedarenah, but if i cange a plugin I need to make zip?
18:59:02AedarenI applied the metronome patch
18:59:13bluebrother^you could also pick up the files by hand but I never tried.
18:59:32XavierGrmetronome patch?
18:59:35XavierGrfor the iriver?
18:59:44bluebrother^make zip doesn't need much time so IMO this is the easiest way
18:59:54AedarenI noticed
19:00:00AedarenI thought it would take a long time
19:00:13Aedarendo I need to run "make" before "make zip'?
19:00:21AedarenXavierGr: yes
19:00:43XavierGrnice I will compile it with my remote patch...
19:00:57XavierGrHCl are you here (or T0mas maybe)?
19:01:57Aedarenwhy doesn't the metronome show up in the plugins list? *confused*
19:02:13 Join TCK- [0] (
19:03:38 Join Changsito [0] (
19:04:49Changsitois the devkit necessary for compiling the simulator ?
19:04:49bluebrother^I guess you also need to modify SOURCES
19:05:30Aedarenhow do I do that? (or where can I read about it?)
19:06:07bluebrother^got it. It works.
19:06:57bluebrother^edit apps/plugins/SOURCES
19:07:32Aedarenthen recompile?
19:07:41bluebrother^move the entry "metronome.c" to the #if CONFIG_HWCODEC == MASNONE
19:07:52Aedarenmakes sense
19:07:59bluebrother^i.e. to the section /* software codec platforms */
19:08:18Aedarenanybody know how to exit emacs from the command line ;)
19:08:38AedarenI don't have another editor installed in cygwin
19:08:48AedarenCan't ever remember the keystroke to quit the stupid thing
19:09:35bluebrother^M-x c
19:10:19 Quit XavierGr ()
19:12:09 Join fogcat [0] (
19:12:48fogcatanyone here who knows about the rockbox fonts?
19:13:46Changsitowhere can i download the devkit please ?
19:14:19fogcatguess not
19:14:40bluebrother^fogcat: what's your question?
19:15:55fogcatgot a font that is displaying the characters m and M oddly on the iriver - i suspect the problems may be with the Ms because they are the widest characters
19:16:11fogcatit's win_crox4h from the rockbox fonts page
19:16:39bluebrother^hmm, haven't used this. Sorry, can't help you about this.
19:16:48bluebrother^but I could check out the font page ;-)
19:17:14fogcatbdf file displays ok with a utility called bdf viewer - so I'm not sure if the problem is in conversion to fnt or actually in the display code
19:18:33 Quit TCK (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
19:22:06bluebrother^hmm. I just copied the .fnt-files from the fonts page to my iriver.
19:22:27bluebrother^but it doesn't seem to work −− all new fonts are displayed as default
19:23:41 Join bagawk [0] (~lee@bagawk.user)
19:24:01 Join TCK [0] (
19:25:43AedarenYeah, I got it working. Thanks bluebrother
19:27:21fogcatbluebrother - when did you copy them?
19:27:39fogcatthey didn't use to work - but were corrected today.
19:27:59fogcatcould you be getting a cached copy?
19:28:48fogcatgoto go and head home
19:28:50 Quit fogcat ("CGI:IRC")
19:29:11 Part Changsito
19:29:32bluebrother^hmm. I just downloaded them. Used the zip-file.
19:33:57 Join Moos [0] (
19:34:23bluebrother^I downloaded the .pdf and rebuild the fnt. Still doesn't work
19:34:46bluebrother^I guess I'll just ignore this for now ;-)
19:34:59bluebrother^oh, fogcat has gone.
19:37:31 Quit muesli__ (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
19:41:19 Join matsl [0] (
19:43:36 Quit TCK- (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
19:44:12 Join TCK- [0] (
19:45:42 Join court [0] (
19:46:38 Nick court is now known as courtc (
19:47:11 Join Wolf-guest [0] (
19:49:11 Join muesli- [0] (
19:50:55Wolf-guestgood morning / afternoon. anyone willing to give me some advice?
19:52:34 Quit TCK (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
19:53:00Aedarendepends :)
19:53:10Aedarenon whether or not I know anything about it
19:53:54Wolf-guesttjx aedaren
19:54:08Wolf-guesti'm looking to buy a rockbox compatible device
19:54:31Wolf-guestand I really don't know if all the supported devices are discontinued
19:54:53Wolf-guestas it seems that both archos and iriver launched new series of devices
19:55:19Aedarenyou don't know what you want to get?
19:55:41Wolf-guesthd based player/recorder
19:55:55Aedarenwhat are you going to use it for?
19:55:58Aedarenjust listening?
19:56:05Wolf-guestcause I want to be able to also recorde some rehearsal studio sessions
19:56:14Aedarendefinitely go with the iriver h1xx
19:56:24Wolf-guestno, line-in recording is the key :-)
19:56:43Wolf-guestand also participate in the rockbox pjt, of course ;-)
19:56:43bluebrother^be aware: recording doesn't work for the h-1xx until now
19:56:54Aedarenyou'd have to use the normal firmware
19:56:57Aedarenwhich is easy
19:57:07bluebrother^the h-1xx has line in ...
19:57:37bluebrother^so until recording is finished you need to use the iriver fw which has some other flawks.
19:57:55Aedarenunless you went with archos
19:58:01Aedarenbut I've never liked the archos players
19:58:05Wolf-guestwhat about archos vs iriver, any preference?
19:58:08bluebrother^but the boot loader supports dual-boot which is pretty nice
19:58:11AedarenDefinitely iriver for me
19:58:38 Quit solex_ (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
19:59:05Aedarenmic-in for one... bigger screen, the plug-and-play USB hard drive thing is awesome
19:59:13AedarenI don't know if the archos one's do that too, but I doubt it
19:59:25AedarenOptical in/out
19:59:39Wolf-guestyep, nice features
19:59:45Aedarenthey are more expensive though
20:00:06DreamTactix291if you really look you can get an H140 for ~$400
20:00:07Wolf-guestdual boot, you mean you can choose rockbox / orig fw just resetting the player and avoiding reflash?
20:00:22 Join muesli__ [0] (
20:00:36Aedarenless even... adn the h120 is only 200
20:00:37DreamTactix291if you hold record when you turn it on it boots into the iriver firmware
20:00:45Aedarenyes, it's very handy
20:00:52*DreamTactix291 has one of each :)
20:01:09AedarenHow do you do those little action thingies in IRC?
20:01:30Wolf-guestare the iriver H10 xGB series just a repackging of H100 series, or diff monsters?
20:01:34 Quit bagawk ("Leaving")
20:01:43bluebrother^H10 is completely different
20:01:44DreamTactix291far far different
20:01:50***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
20:01:52DreamTactix291much fewer features
20:02:17DreamTactix291the H300s are more similar to the H100s than the H10 20GBs are
20:02:27Wolf-guestbut the H1x0 were discontinued?
20:02:34DreamTactix291about a year ago yes
20:02:44DreamTactix291right after i bought my H120 :|
20:03:01bluebrother^the H3xx isn't supported yet by Rockbox.
20:03:11DreamTactix291but i still managed to find an H140 though when i decided to upgrade
20:03:15DreamTactix291it probably will be though
20:03:28DreamTactix291it shares a lot of hardware with the H100s i believe
20:04:14Wolf-guestanyone get his hands on H3xx internals to find out?
20:04:57DreamTactix291i think linus owns and H300
20:04:57 Join solex [0] (
20:05:28DreamTactix291i don't like the actual player's design as much personally but the colour screen on it is nice
20:07:33DreamTactix291i can imagine some of the graphics people will have on their WPS when it gets to the H300s :)
20:08:10AedarenThe button layout on the h300 is way better than the H100
20:08:53DreamTactix291i'm so used to the joystick that i like it
20:09:09Aedarenyou never accidentally press it while you're navigating?
20:09:23AedarenHave you ever tried using the chessclock :) That was a disaster
20:09:34DreamTactix291to both
20:09:55bluebrother^hmm, h.120 is still listed on
20:10:09Aedarendo they have any?
20:11:08bluebrother^at least the website says they can ship it within 24h
20:11:34DreamTactix291wow they have some? :o
20:12:04bluebrother^looks like.
20:12:10AedarenI've got one for sale too if someone is looking
20:12:16bluebrother^but I haven't called them to confirm ;-)
20:12:16Aedarennot new of course
20:12:32DreamTactix291i got both of mine new :D
20:12:46DreamTactix291my girlfriend is getting my H120 from me
20:13:04Aedarenooh, you're that committed huh? :D
20:14:55DreamTactix291i figure she likes it and it's sitting around collecting dust so it might as well go to good use
20:16:43*HCl yawns
20:17:10DreamTactix291my brother who is a complete idiot when it comes to electronics can operate it so all the claims of it being too difficult are completely unfounded IMO
20:17:33Wolf-guestthat's an excellent usability test :-)
20:21:47Wolf-guesthey Aedaren, I'm interested in that H120
20:21:50 Quit muesli- (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
20:22:21Aedarendo you want to make me an offer? seanhess at gmail dot com
20:22:32Wolf-guestit seems that's not easy to get one now tht they are discontinued...
20:22:40Aedarenno its not easy at all
20:22:45Aedarenit takes a lot of research
20:22:52 Quit DJ_Dooms_Day (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
20:23:07DreamTactix291they're not very easy to get at all anymore
20:23:19DreamTactix291so when i saw an H140 new for 250 GBP i pounced on it
20:24:18muesli__250gpd for an h140
20:24:35muesli__quite expensive dont u think?
20:24:44Aedarenthat'll hurt the pocket book
20:25:20AedarenWolf-guest, we'd be talking around 250-260 USD
20:25:27DreamTactix291actually the exchange was reallygood that day
20:25:32DreamTactix291so H140 for ~$400
20:25:39DreamTactix291which was what they were worth when they were new just about
20:26:00Aedarenyeah, that's not bad new... . they are selling for around 500 now
20:26:18DreamTactix291that's why i jumped on it
20:26:37 Join phaedrus961 [0] (
20:27:09DreamTactix291i'm really loving the wavpack support now on my H140 :D
20:28:06muesli__how much are 250gpd in euro?
20:29:20DreamTactix291359.531 EUR
20:30:41muesli__this one
20:32:03phaedrus961does anyone know where I can get a copy of the unicode patch?
20:35:03 Part Aedaren
20:36:13 Quit einhirn ("Miranda IM! Smaller, Faster, Easier.")
20:36:15muesli__does somebody own a pmp-140? i really would like to know how the quality in terms of music is
20:37:13DreamTactix291i'd ask astec in #misticriver but he's away right now
20:37:28DreamTactix291i would assume as good as the H100s and H300s without rockbox
20:37:47 Join TCK [0] (
20:39:31DreamTactix291the PMP's don't support Vorbis >:(
20:40:03muesli__in my case i wouldnt be touched
20:40:43DreamTactix291yeah Vorbis support helped make my decision to get my H120 a year ago
20:42:57 Quit TCK- (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
20:45:11muesli__doensnt look tooo bad either ;)
20:45:28muesli__but its quite large
20:45:41muesli__but nice anyway
20:46:46DreamTactix291well it's large because the screen is large :)
20:48:07muesli__when i look into future i see a pmp in the size of a h140 and can watch moviez :D
20:48:26DreamTactix291the H300s can watch movies
20:48:29DreamTactix291limited though
20:48:36muesli__yeah, 15fps are not that nice
20:48:47DreamTactix291X5 is 15
20:48:48muesli__even worse
20:49:00muesli__everything under 25 is bs
20:49:16DreamTactix291well who's to say what FPS rockbox might allow when it gets to the H300s one day :P
20:49:29muesli__yeah yeah :D
20:49:49 Join einhirn [0] (
20:49:50muesli__i am really attempted to get a h320
20:49:57muesli__love that color screen
20:50:02DreamTactix291they're good players
20:50:07muesli__though i use the remote only ;)
20:50:08DreamTactix291i can't say i like the carbon fibre look much
20:50:42muesli__its ok. not that brilliant as the champagne h120
20:50:48muesli__but not too bad either
20:50:51DreamTactix291i like my black H120 and H140
20:51:18muesli__i have a black 140 and had a champagne 120
20:51:44muesli__but the champagne definitively looks better
20:52:01DreamTactix291i disagree
20:52:09DreamTactix291i really don't like the colour all that much
20:52:32DreamTactix291though i tend to like darker colours
20:52:40DreamTactix291like black, blue, and purple
20:52:42muesli__when i had my 120 i thought black would be cooler. but it isnt like that
20:52:58muesli__ist much more vital :D
20:53:07DreamTactix291well both of mine spend time in their iskins so they're blue to me :)
20:53:30muesli__i get blue when i drink too much :D
20:53:48 Join Aedaren [0] (
20:54:10DreamTactix291i've grown really fond of my blue iskins
20:54:34DreamTactix291i don't like my player out of a case on the go but i don't like cases that bulk up the player a whole lot
20:55:08AedarenGrr... I just compiled the source fine, and now it isn't working. It's failing on CONVBDF, says it can't find the command in the tools folder... Any ideas?
20:55:25DreamTactix291i don't compile my own stuff so nope :(
20:56:01 Part Aedaren
20:57:01 Quit Ultimate ("-=SysReset 2.53=-")
20:58:42 Quit matsl (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
20:59:38 Join matsl [0] (
21:09:37 Quit wehn (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
21:10:16 Join wehn [0] (
21:11:54 Quit matsl (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
21:14:09 Join matsl [0] (
21:18:09 Quit muesli__ (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
21:28:01 Quit wehn (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
21:28:46 Join wehn [0] (
21:29:06 Join t0mas [0] (
21:31:54 Nick Lynx_ is now known as Lynx_awy (
21:32:59 Quit Febs (" HydraIRC -> <- IRC with a difference")
21:42:49 Quit wehn (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
21:43:24 Join wehn [0] (
21:44:47 Quit t0mas ()
21:46:03 Part Wolf-guest
21:48:12 Join edx [0] (
21:59:22 Join tvelocity [0] (
22:01:51***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
22:09:49 Quit wehn (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
22:10:27 Join wehn [0] (
22:20:37 Quit wehn (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
22:21:13 Join wehn [0] (
22:22:25 Join DJ_Dooms_Day [0] (
22:23:22bluebrother^has anybody else problems generating fonts?
22:29:44 Join amiconn [0] (
22:30:06amiconnhi all
22:30:31 Quit amiconn (Client Quit)
22:31:09 Join amiconn [0] (
22:32:42amiconnHi again ;)
22:34:36phaedrus961hey amiconn, would it be possible to get a copy of your unicode patch?
22:36:31amiconnIt's not mz patch.
22:36:40amiconnErm, not my patch
22:36:50amiconnSorry, italian keyboard ;)
22:37:08amiconnMarkun did the unicode patch
22:37:26 Join muesli- [0] (
22:37:28phaedrus961oh, I thought it was yours, sorry
22:38:26phaedrus961do you know where I can get it?
22:39:55amiconnmuesli-: phaedrus961 talking about the unicode patch
22:40:08muesli-what is that good for?
22:40:17amiconnI have it on my home computer, but currently no access to it :(
22:40:18 Quit amiconn ("CGI:IRC")
22:40:35 Join amiconn [0] (
22:40:44muesli-re amiconn ;)
22:40:49amiconnBleh, web client :/
22:40:58muesli-god of all lcd's ;)
22:42:03amiconnHehe :)
22:42:38muesli-a little contribute for your works ;)
22:48:43 Join drfeelgood06ndb [0] (
22:49:16amiconnGotta go now, cu
22:49:32muesli-come back mate ;)
22:49:43 Quit amiconn ("I'll be back")
22:52:32 Part drfeelgood06ndb
22:53:41solexHm. I (almost) always get a "codec failure" when trying to play a 256kBit OGG fileon my irver h120.
22:54:25solexIriver firmware likes them.
22:59:42DreamTactix291i haven't had any issue with my vorbis files but mine are mostly -q6 so not as large as yours
23:09:27solexUnfortunately, I am used to convert my files with grip (a GUI frontend for cdparanoia, lame, oggenc etc)
23:09:43solexand it only lets me set the bitrate, not the quality.
23:10:27solexI tried setting the quality level in the bitrate field und change the command line for oggenc accordingly
23:10:33 Join DarkkOne [0] (
23:10:47solexbut grip freaked out a little bit and even Iriver firmware didn't play these files.
23:11:23bluebrother^solex: I used to use grip. You can set the quality if you're modifyin the command arguments
23:11:49solexbluebrother^: already tried that. May try again.
23:12:03bluebrother^I just added my quality setting to the command line
23:12:10bluebrother^and abandoned the bitrate field ;-)
23:12:17DarkkOneWhat's the problem?
23:12:29bluebrother^but now I'm using abcde
23:13:00solexquality overrides bitrate? (manpage isn't clear in this)
23:13:13solexDarkkOne: rockbox cannot play some of my OGG files
23:13:19bluebrother^I don't know, I simply removed the bitrate entry.
23:13:35solexbluebrother^: good idea.
23:14:07DarkkOneOggs aren't traditionally bitrated though... are they Q8s then?
23:14:22*solex is ripping again
23:14:49solexDarkkOne: No, I used the -b switch
23:15:01solexalthough I have read today that it is deprecated forsometime now
23:15:17bluebrother^DarkkOne: grip uses the -b switch as default and has no option to use -q instead
23:15:50 Join Strath [0] (
23:16:39solexdamn. obviously my kernel doesn't like excessive hotplugging.
23:16:48DarkkOneAaah... I'm not at all familiar with the -b switch...
23:16:59solexbye bye USB subsystem.
23:19:05DarkkOneMy oggs are all around the 256ish mark, but they were all done with -q..
23:19:12solexat least my mouse is stillworking.
23:22:53solexWow, encoding with -q6 is slow...
23:25:05solexGrip says "2.0x"
23:25:50solex"two times faster than playing realtime"
23:25:56bluebrother^has anybody stripped down a font?
23:26:11Bagder"stripped down" ?
23:26:24bluebrother^remove unneccessary chars.
23:26:33bluebrother^as otherwise it's to big.
23:26:51 Join austriancoder [0] (
23:27:06solexDarkkOne: wait, I am talking nonsense. Grip computes the speed with the help of the bitrate (which it doesn'tknow)
23:27:06BagderBDF is ascii, it could be done with a text editor. just a bit tedious
23:27:36austriancoderhi all
23:28:17bluebrother^Bagder: I did so but the result produces glyphs on Rockbox :(
23:28:21DarkkOneHehe... I was wondering
23:28:39bluebrother^so I was wondering if there is something I need to consider.
23:29:06Bagderbluebrother^: not that I can think of
23:29:08DarkkOneI mean, I know I'm using a different OS, but I tend to encode vorbis at about 13x at -q8...
23:29:28DarkkOneThough, that's always been transcoding..
23:30:43solexgrip has finished. 15 minutes for 63 minutes of music...
23:30:52solex-q6, Pemtium M 1.3 GHz
23:31:02 Quit Aison ("( :: NoNameScript 3.72 :: )")
23:31:29solexBut it sometimes had to wait for the next track to be ripped
23:31:53*solex reboots
23:40:01solexGrrr. The -q6 files aren't played either.
23:40:30DarkkOneWhat aren't they playing on?
23:40:30solexWPS is not displayed, but I can change volume while files are displayed.
23:40:49*solex has lost his definite articles
23:41:12DarkkOneThey play in software players on a PC?
23:42:41DarkkOneThat is really odd...
23:42:52solex~150 to 200 kBit
23:42:56bluebrother^I usually encode with -q 5 and had no problems ...
23:43:24DarkkOneI've never had problems playing oggs on an h120... I always encode at 8 (yes, I know I can't hear the difference. But I don't own *that* much music, and it's in preparation for t hat one song where I can, just in case)
23:43:58solexDarkkOne: which encoder (version, OS)?
23:44:26DarkkOneWindowsXP (yes, meh, laptops and linux don't *always* get along)
23:44:32DarkkOneAnd one sec while I double check the version
23:45:02solexhere: vorbis-tools from, version 1.0.1-1.4
23:45:49DarkkOneI'm using 1.1.0 through dbPoweramp
23:46:17bluebrother^I throw in vorbis-tools-1.0.1-4
23:46:58DarkkOneSo, we're all using different version of the encoder?
23:47:28bluebrother^not exactly. solex and me is the same upstream release
23:47:56DarkkOneSo it hardly make sense that they work for you and not him, right?
23:48:14bluebrother^I would say so.
23:48:40solexI could provide an example file for testing
23:50:27bluebrother^hmm. I'm thinking about to try -q6 or -q8
23:50:33DarkkOneI'd test, but my H120 is either 500 miles away, or in the mail between there and here. =/ It got left at a family reunion
23:50:47solexlucky family!
23:51:19solexgrrr, and I forgot to save those ripped wave files for more testing.
23:51:28DarkkOneYeah, I'm glad I didn't get a "No, we didn't find anything like that around there, sorry.."
23:52:29solexbluebrother^: that would be nice
23:53:01 Join ashridah [0] (
23:53:03DarkkOneWere there any other flags, or was it just oggenc -q6 blah.wav ?
23:53:18bluebrother^wow, oggenc -q8 is pretty fast.
23:53:34bluebrother^when using -q5 I get a rate of about 3.5
23:53:49bluebrother^-q8 gave nearly 8 ...
23:54:32bluebrother^or was this just the file?
23:55:04DarkkOneI dunno
23:55:11DarkkOne8's always been very fast for me.
23:55:30bluebrother^hmm. Doesn't matter to me.
23:55:50DarkkOneNot as much work to do I guess, since there's less to trim, and less to compress, or something.
23:56:36matslSimulator/Build problem. I'm getting a floating point exception −− before main! Any ideas?
23:56:54Bagdermatsl: austriancoder gets it too
23:57:03Bagderbefore main...
23:57:14matslBagder: hi, ok
23:57:18bluebrother^solex: ok, I just tried oggenc -q8 cdda.wav, -q6, -q5. Everything works as expected.
23:57:20Bagderhi matsl
23:57:28Bagderthis rings a bell somewhere
23:57:49bluebrother^the -q8 has ~258kbps.
23:58:15solexDarkkOne: did you ask me about the flags?
23:58:37Bagdermatsl / austriancoder: you check the map file for oddities ?
23:58:39DarkkOneI was just curious if there was something else that could be causing the problem, other than the q setting.
23:58:52solexbluebrother^: strange.

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