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#rockbox log for 2005-08-05

00:00:28solexDarkkOne: will do next.
00:00:41Bagderbut it isn't easy to work out
00:01:06solex-q5 isn't played either.
00:01:16Bagdermatsl: what gcc version?
00:01:46Bagderaustriancoder: and you?
00:01:47DarkkOneWhat happens when they don't play... (I wasn't here for that bit)
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00:02:16solexEither I get a "codec failure"
00:02:35solexor nothing obvious happens and the screen is kind of frozen
00:02:59solexno WPS, but I can change the volume (I can see it in the statusbar
00:03:09Bagdermatsl: can you make your apps/ available for me?
00:04:28solexI am ditching grip right now and encode by hand
00:04:36solex7.7x :)
00:04:44matslBagder: possibly, do you have any suggestion?
00:05:08Bagdermail it to me
00:05:51solexit plays!
00:07:04matslBagder: its on its way
00:07:07Bagdergot it
00:07:19DarkkOneSo, it's something to do with Grip?
00:08:16solex-q8 does also work
00:08:57solexDarkkOne: probably.
00:09:05solexEncoder command line:
00:09:06solex-o %m -a %a -l %d -t %n -q 5 -N %t -G %G -d %y %w
00:09:30Bagdermatsl: unfortunately that didn't reveal much, it looks very similar to mine
00:09:37solex-o, -a, -l, -t, -N, -G -d are all tag parameters
00:09:51matslBagder: I guess that is good then
00:10:04Bagderwell, it works for me ;-)
00:10:29DarkkOneYeah, I don't know why that wouldn't work..
00:12:00Bagdermatsl: does this happen regardless of what model you build the sim for?
00:12:42matslBagder: only tried recorder and player. any other model I should try?
00:13:07Bagdernah, just wanted to make sure I tested the same here
00:13:57matslBagder: according to strace it happens a few system calls after loading libXext
00:14:51matslso I guess it would affect most simulators
00:15:43BagderlibXext is listed last among the libs when I do 'ldd' on rockboxui
00:16:02Bagderso possibly it happens after all libs are loaded
00:16:23matsljupp same here
00:16:45solexreally strange... files produced by grip still won't play
00:17:10solexbeep-media-player has no problemplaying them
00:18:19Bagdermatsl: so what are the last function calls it makes?
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00:18:41matslmprotect(0xb7d16000, 4096, PROT_READ) = 0
00:19:08matslBagder: really useful info!? ;-)
00:19:17Bagderoh yes ;-)
00:20:00matslthen strace adds: −−- SIGFPE (Floating point exception) @ 0 (0) −−-
00:20:40solexfsck it. I'll got to bed now.
00:21:00solexbye and thanks for your help
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00:32:35matslBagder: I'm getting another strange thing: in the plugins I get a warning: "creating a DT_TEXTREL in object"
00:32:56Bagderhehe, austriancoder got that too
00:33:04Bagderthere's something new and fishy in here
00:33:16matslgcc version?
00:33:35BagderI don't know, he seems to have fallen asleep
00:33:39austriancodergcc version 3.4.4 (Gentoo Hardened 3.4.4, ssp-3.4.4-1.0, pie-8.7.8)
00:33:50BagderI use 4.0.2 here
00:34:14matslMaybe a gentoo thing?
00:34:46austriancoderhardened thing?!
00:34:52Bagdertime to google
00:35:03 Join oijew [0] (
00:35:05matslno, i'm on gcc (GCC) 3.3.5-20050130 (Gentoo Linux, ssp-, pie-
00:35:19austriancoderah ok
00:36:25oijewhi! im new to rockbox... cool firmware
00:36:46AedarenHow's it going?
00:36:47Bagderoijew: welcome to our sunny corner of the world!
00:37:27oijewgreat i just love, so much better from iriver
00:37:34austriancodermatsl, badger: need to go now.. my girlfriend is here... see you later and hope we get ride of it
00:37:37 Quit austriancoder ("CGI:IRC")
00:37:48Bagder Warn if the linker adds a DT_TEXTREL to a shared object.
00:37:58Bagderan ld option
00:38:26oijewwill it ever support wma on iriver? is there any way?
00:38:30Aedarenhas anyone run into this before when compiling the source: "CONVBDF" /home/me/rockbox/tools/convbdf: command not found
00:38:40Bagderoijew: sure, if someone writes a fixed-point decoder for it
00:38:53BagderAedaren: you ran make in the toold dir?
00:39:06 Join DreamTactix921 [0] (
00:39:07AedarenI ran it in my build directory
00:39:08ashridahoijew: porting something like ffmpeg (which supports wma playback) to a non-floating point environment is non-trivial, but possible.
00:39:09Aedarenunder rockbox
00:39:15ashridahjust don't think anyone's putting in any effort at this time
00:39:24oijewBagder: and when will that be?
00:39:30Aedarenbut I ran tools/configure from that folder too
00:39:43Aedarenam I doing it right?
00:39:50Bagderoijew: when someone does it
00:39:58AedarenI got it to compile once, but now it doesn't work
00:40:03BagderAedaren: you need to run make in the tools dir
00:40:15Bagderoijew: things don't happen by themselves
00:40:32Aedarenright on, got past the error
00:40:38Bagderif you ask me, I don't think we will ever see WMA supported in Rockbox
00:41:15oijewbut why? its supported in the original firmware... isnt there a way?
00:41:30Bagderaren't you reading?
00:41:32Aedarenit isn't open source, so we'd have to pay for it, right?
00:41:37Bagderoijew: there is a way
00:41:56BagderI just believe that no one with clues will go that way
00:42:06Bagderfeel free to prove me wrong
00:42:23 Join Stryke` [0] (
00:43:54Bagdermatsl: I think the DT_TEXTREL warning is unrelated to the crash though
00:44:34oijewokay thanks.. ill try, good day!
00:44:38 Part oijew
00:44:39matslBagder: yes
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00:45:32Aedarendo you guys know how I can permanently add m68k-elf-gcc version 3.4.4 to my path? The instructions on the wiki say to use export PATH=[m68k path]:$PATH, but every time I reboot cygwin it goes back to versioon 3.3.5
00:45:52BagderAedaren: change the path in the shell setup script
00:46:00Bagder.bash_profile or similar
00:46:05Aedarenwhich folder?
00:46:10Bagderin your home dir
00:51:40AedarenCan I ask you guys a question? I was talking with Linus earlier today, and he said the iriver keybindings aren't "set in stone." Personally i'm a little annoyed with the short vs long select press ( the joystick pressing in). Do you guys like the keybindings as they are, do you want them completely changed, or would you like an option to change them?
00:52:18Bagderif you come up with a suggestion of a better way to deal with them, I'm sure people will listen
00:52:34AedarenJust wondering how many people would get mad if they were changed
00:52:58Bagderwell, you should be prepared to face resistance
00:53:11AedarenYeah, that's why I was thinking of just making it customizable somehow
00:53:20AedarenOr should I beat down my opposition mercilessly?
00:53:46Bagderhehe, your choice really, but you don't get stuff into CVS with violence :-)
00:54:12Aedarenthat was a joke :) Just wondering the best way to go about it
00:55:20Bagderwrite down your suggestion, post it to the mailing list, await the storm
00:55:37Bagderthen adjust and loop all over ;-)
00:56:05Aedarenhow do you get on the mailing list?
00:56:57Bagderarchives and other lists are here:
00:58:09Aedarendo you guys know if the a/b repeat patch works on the h1xx?
00:58:26BagderI don't think it does
00:58:33Aedarentoo bad
00:58:35Bagderbut Linus might've worked on it
01:03:39matslBagder: I looked at the gentoo buglist but found nothing. I'll drop this for now. We might get back to it later.
01:03:57Bagderyes, this'll hit more people
01:04:41Bagdermatsl: if you get some time off, try a fresh gcc built from source and see if that does the same
01:06:02matslBagder: ok. I'll have that in mind.
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01:16:14matsltime 2 go, cu
01:16:19Bagdergood night matsl
01:16:38 Quit matsl ("Leaving")
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01:24:31AedarenDoes anyone know which file I need to edit if I want to change a button mapping for when you are listening to a file, then go to the filetree?
01:24:46AedarenI want to change which button brings up the menu that lets you queue a song
01:26:40 Join stripwax_ [0] (
01:27:21stripwax_what's new in the world
01:27:39AedarenI'm lost trying to change rockbox for the first time
01:29:46stripwax_change it to do what?
01:30:53stripwax_Aedaren - what is it you're wanting to do?
01:31:22Aedarenlet me copy the messege I wrote ealier
01:31:31AedarenDoes anyone know which file I need to edit if I want to change a button mapping for when you are listening to a file, then go to the filetree?
01:32:00stripwax_Why do you need to change that file
01:32:11stripwax_(why do you need to change that button mapping, I mean)
01:32:23AedarenOn the iriver, you press select to play a file (which deletes your otf playlist)
01:32:31Aedarenbut you have to HOLD select to queue a file
01:32:36Aedarenlots of accidents
01:32:42AedarenI'm mostly just trying things out though
01:33:12stripwax_Aedaren - what would you prefer? The button mappings have been discussed at length and the current mappings are what users are mostly happy with, so all new ideas are welcome here!
01:34:00stripwax_Aedaren - maybe it could be an option ,so that you press the play button to play a single file, or press select to bring up the playlist menu? Maybe that could be a config option!
01:34:14stripwax_(instead of select to play a single fine, I mean)
01:35:05AedarenWell, people like Select opening a file, so I thought I'd swap hold SELECT and hold A/B
01:35:15Aedarenhold A/B brings up that quick menu with the shuffle options
01:35:25Aedarenthat would prevent any problems from occuring
01:35:59stripwax_Aedaren - you mean hold A/B to bring up the playlist menu instead? if so how would you bring up that quickmenu
01:36:41Aedarenhold select
01:36:47Aedarenjust switch the two
01:36:57Aedarenwhat do you think?
01:37:45stripwax_understood. if so, that should definitely be configurable. (For example, I'd prefer SELECT to automatically bring up just the playlist option on the playlist menu)
01:38:10Aedarenyeah that would be very cool to be able to put in the config file
01:38:16stripwax_Aedaren - not sure about how to make that configurable in an ideal world - but for trying things out you probably want to look at apps/wps.h
01:38:37Aedarendoes wps.h also control when you exit the wps by hitting select?
01:38:43Aedaren(while the music is still playing?)
01:38:48stripwax_e.g. WPS_BROWSE = (BUTTON_SELECT | BUTTON_REL) to pop up the browser
01:39:21stripwax_as for the keys while you're IN the browser, check out apps/tree.h
01:40:03AedarenIs anyone working on this right now?
01:40:08Aedaren(Dont' want to step on his toes)
01:40:23stripwax_Aedaren - not that I'm aware of.
01:40:35stripwax_Aedaren - if you could make it configurable you would rock my box
01:40:46Aedarenalright, I'll see what I can do... How do you reference the config file from one of these headers?
01:41:18stripwax_Aedaren - that's the thing - you won't be able to do it that way. You'd have to change the C file (tree.c or wps.c) to do a lookup in the config, instead of using the numbers in the header files.
01:41:29stripwax_It's not trivial. But it really shouldn't be very difficult either
01:42:04stripwax_I don't know my way around rockbox code well enough myself - not sure how to query the config info
01:42:18Aedarenthat's fine
01:42:26AedarenDo you know of a file that has a good example?
01:42:34stripwax_lemme take a look..
01:42:48Aedaren*Just made my first change to the code... in the chessclock*
01:43:00stripwax_Aedaren - :-) what's the change
01:43:36AedarenI removed the reset function from the Iriver... I was trying to use the chessclock over the weekend, and the person doing it kept pressing the joystick in instead of hitting NEXT
01:43:40Aedarenit reset each time
01:43:44AedarenWe had to give up the game
01:43:47stripwax_apps/settings.c seems to have all the stuff you need - not yet sure how to *use* it but should be straightforward
01:43:58stripwax_Aedaren - hehe.
01:46:34stripwax_As for *using* options - I guess firmware/drivers/lcd-h100.c should have plenty of examples in it (e.g. all the bidirectional scrolling options stuff)
01:48:36Aedarenthanks, you're quite helpful
01:48:39AedarenI've got to go now
01:48:54stripwax_see ya
01:49:45 Part Aedaren
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02:06:09*stripwax has a shite irc client
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02:23:24stripwax.. quite tonight ..
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02:36:18Stryke`been quiet lately
02:43:07Stryke`im amazed the often-reported lagging bug has lasted as long as it has
02:44:17stripwaxyeah.. it's kinda been around for ever, in one form or other (if you're meaning the way that holding down up/down on wps causing everything to slllooowww dowwwnnn)
02:46:32stripwaxmaybe it should just not buffer all those events - (i'm guessing it's doing that, anyway..)
02:46:56Stryke`i have no doubt that it will be resolved, even if it must wait for slasheri to return
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07:31:37jpegreenAnyone here using linux
07:34:48 Quit TCK (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
07:35:44jpegreenHey seriously I am looking to change over to linux solely from a dual boot system and would like someones opinion whats better... Redhat, Fedora Core 4 or Debian.... or what is your flavor of choice and why?
07:37:56ColdtoastDebian out of those
07:38:48ColdtoastI've not used it but I know the other 2, ESPECIALLY FC4, are bloated
07:40:12jpegreenColdtoast: what are you using?
07:40:21Coldtoastheh. Mandriva
07:40:43Coldtoasta lot of ppl dislike it tho cos it uses rpm
07:41:12ColdtoastI come from a Windows world tho, so it's easier for me
07:41:22jpegreenI have a dual boot system running Mandrake 9.2 and Windows XP pro I am a little tired of the rpm proccess
07:41:41Coldtoastyeah. ppl don't much like rpm
07:42:11ColdtoastI have a new vid card on the way tho and have 4 HDDs in this system
07:42:13 Nick QT_ is now known as QT (as@area51.users.madwifi)
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07:43:02jpegreenI have gotten the gambit from "You should use Linspire" :( to use Slackware and I am overwhelmed
07:43:03Coldtoastso once that arrives, I have to reorganise what's in my machine so I can give the new card it's own power with nothing else on the same set of rails
07:43:22Coldtoastthere's ARE too many f*cking dists out there
07:44:01Coldtoastand ppl will push whatever their fave dist is like madmen. Accordign to them, everything but the one they favour is TERRIBLE
07:44:10jpegreenWell I don't agree there each distro is good in its own way but picking one is a pain in the a$$
07:44:22Coldtoastyou don't need LITERALLY dozens of them tho
07:44:26Coldtoastand there ARE dozens
07:45:23jpegreenJust for the intel machine and then dozens more for the other machines out there
07:45:27Coldtoastbut life's all about choice and you sure do have that with Linux, at least
07:46:14ColdtoastI'd SO love to switch to Linus completely
07:46:25Coldtoastbut there are things I just HAVE to use Windows for
07:46:43Coldtoastand the vid card I'm gettign would be completely wasted in Linux
07:47:17Coldtoasterr... Linus=Linux, btw. heh
07:47:48jpegreenI have set up a fedora core 4 machine and a Redhat 9 machine but am having problems setting up a debian machineto try each of the distros and I am not sure which one of these are going to do exactly what I want though they all will do them which one is the best at doing it is still up for debait
07:49:19jpegreenQT: what OS are you using?
07:49:38QT$ uname -rs
07:49:38QTLinux 2.4.28
07:49:45 Join DreamTactix291 [0] (
07:49:46QTon thix box here
07:49:54QTit is a Debian Woody install
07:50:13QTthe 'oldstable' that had been recplaced recently with Sarge
07:50:24jpegreenSo you like the Debian distro\
07:50:39QTyes, very much! using it since a couple of years
07:50:48QTmade me switch from redhat linux to debian
07:52:12jpegreenI have the sarge distro and am ready to set it up an a machine and am having problems... Downloaded the Binary and haven't been able to figure out how to get it to work
07:52:35QTshouldn't be too difficult
07:52:47QTboot from the CD and hit a few times return. that is usually it ;)
07:53:32jpegreenI know but I am for some reason I can't get it to work the files maybe corrupt and I should just redownload the source
07:53:48QTsounds like
07:53:54QTyou have fast internet connection?
07:54:07QTi would encourage you to only download the netinstall ISO
07:54:29QTit is about 100MB and just contains the installer and the base system. all the packages will be downloaded on request from the net during install
07:54:42QTjust download it and put it on a CDRW
07:55:09jpegreenI am Dling the woody install disk right now
07:55:19QTno, don't use woody
07:55:28 Join Bger [0] (~Bager@
07:55:30QTit does not detect hardware automatically as the Sarge installer does
07:55:30Bgerhi all
07:55:39 Join merbanan [0] (banan@
07:55:43QTmoin Bger
07:55:53Bgervery rainy morning ...
07:56:20QTrather a rainy weekday than a rainy weekend day :-)
07:56:22jpegreenAqren't yopu using woody?
07:56:53QTjpegreen: i do but only because this install (my router and firewall actually) is kinda old. installed some years ago....
07:57:05QTon a new system i would vote for the current stable version
07:57:08QTand that is Sarge
07:58:21jpegreenLet me ask you this what exactly was it that made you choose Debian?
07:59:02QTit can be upgraded during operation and it is the only distro that can upgrade properly between major versions
07:59:41QTbefore i used redhat and every new release was a pain to upgrade to
08:00:08QTalso redhat was at the point of time not "open" enough and they focused too much on US requirements
08:00:15jpegreenSo more uptime is good since you don't have to reboot during upgrade?
08:00:28QTfor example: try to do ISDN with Redhat. a pure nightmare (at least 10 years ago)
08:00:30 Quit banan_ (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
08:00:42QTjpegreen: exactly
08:01:02QTand more over there is a foreseen (shell) process for upgrading
08:01:30QTother distros do not even know something like that. all they can offer is to let you boot from the CD and choose upgrade and then pray all will be working
08:01:56jpegreenThis is exactly my problem since I am an admin for a web dev team ... I want to keep my system running for as long as possible with the least amount of down time and rebooting causes down time
08:02:06***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
08:02:13QTso i like to keep control on the shell and do not hand-over to some upgrade process which is unknown what it will do
08:02:27QTjpegreen: then debian is what you want!
08:02:39*Bger plans to start a new wiki page regarding future USB-OTG support in Rockbox
08:02:40QTuse debian stable on this box as the release cycle is usually long
08:02:41jpegreenI am trying to show my boss that linux would be a better solution than the Windows sertver that we are using at this time
08:02:57QTusb-otg sounds great bger
08:03:18QTjpegreen: with debian stable you get a new version every 3 or 4 years
08:03:35QTso you can run the same OS for quite some time and can spend your time on important things
08:03:45QTor more important things
08:04:06jpegreenThis is good
08:04:23QTfor a server yes. for a desktop probably not
08:05:51jpegreenI am setting up three machines running three distros and I will see which ones are best for what and use the right ones for the right jobs.... As my father once told me use the right tools for the job
08:06:18jpegreenDebian sounds like the right tool for the server job
08:07:12jpegreenIf I could use Debian for all jobs it would be great since all systems would be from a free"dom" based OS
08:07:18jpegreenNo more windows
08:07:31QTit probably has a steeper learning curve at the beginning but this will serve you well in the long run
08:09:42jpegreenI have been running both Windows at work and a dual boot system at home.. Windows XP pro and Mandrake 9.2 for the last 3 years so running a linux system should not be a problem I don't think?
08:09:58 Join Cka3ka [0] (
08:10:02Cka3kahey hey
08:10:05Cka3kaanyone around
08:10:21Cka3kayou on the production team? =-)
08:10:35jpegreenQt: is there a steep learning curve between Mandrake 9.2 and Debian
08:10:47Cka3kai used mandrake 10 for quite a bit
08:10:57QTjpegreen: well, on the admin side yes. on the pure user side no
08:11:01Cka3kait was ok till i had to formatt and got too lazy to install
08:11:34QTjpegreen: you should get used to the package tool as quick as possible and then everything is quite easy IMO
08:11:36Cka3kaif hes gonna be using it for admin, the learning curve shouldnt scare him away ;-)
08:11:43jpegreenWhat is the difference on the Admin side?
08:11:50QTCka3ka: nobody said that
08:12:05QTjpegreen: well, every distro has its way to do things
08:12:19jpegreenYep this is true
08:12:19QTand you need to learn the debian way in order to use it efficiently
08:12:27Cka3kaspeaking of linux, whats going on with those patents?
08:12:30QTso this is about the learning curve
08:12:38QTwhich patents?
08:12:41jpegreenGot you
08:12:51Cka3kathe whole eu being a pain
08:13:02jpegreenwhois trying to patent Linux?
08:13:11Cka3kanot pattent linux
08:13:15Cka3kamake software pattentable
08:13:23Cka3kahence making linux practically illegal
08:13:29jpegreenWhat a$$es
08:13:30QTthat is not true
08:13:38QTwhy should linux be illegal>
08:13:38 Quit einhirn ("Miranda IM! Smaller, Faster, Easier.")
08:13:38Cka3kayou know it is, it kills all guis
08:13:45jpegreenthat's what I thought
08:13:53jpegreenSounds really stupid
08:14:04Cka3kayea large companies make money that way
08:14:05QTif i download linux from some server in china i do not need to care about european law
08:14:20Cka3kalinux is being developed in europe
08:14:29Cka3kafar as i know
08:14:32QTthat does not matter
08:14:39Cka3kaand will stop doing so if those patents come through
08:14:39jpegreenLinux is being developed everywhere... DUH
08:14:42QTi guess key is where it is distributed
08:14:55Cka3kaguys hold up ill pull up the web
08:15:00Cka3kaim surprised you havnt heard of this
08:15:04QTthe patents will rather hit small software companies than the linux development
08:15:09Cka3kai havnt been following the news too much
08:15:18QTi am a supporting member of
08:15:35jpegreenThe GPL and GNU licenses make development legal every where
08:16:06QTdevelopment can't be prosecuted anyway. only distribution
08:16:43Cka3ka"With a truly overwhelming majority the EU parliament has rejected the proposed software patent directive last week."
08:16:52Cka3kasorry lolm, havnt been stick with the news =-)
08:16:59Cka3kathat happened in july
08:17:00Cka3kaso its all good
08:17:10Cka3kabut no man, mplayer was about to get shut down
08:17:18QTthe key voting in the EU parliament will happen soon
08:17:23Cka3kait does stop both development and distro
08:17:25jpegreenI have a friend that has done a lot of research on this and the development and distrobution of "LINUX" is covered by the GNU and The GPL in all countries all over the world
08:17:39Cka3kanot the point
08:17:45Cka3kacompanies like microsoft
08:17:46Cka3kaand apple
08:17:50QTjpegreen: if there is code that violates some patent then the GPL won't help
08:17:59Cka3kacan say, that "taskbar" is ours, pay to use it
08:18:04Cka3kaor that icon
08:18:11Cka3kaand since all the gui's are so similar
08:18:22Cka3kaas well as programming in general
08:18:26QTi know
08:18:38Cka3kait can be innovative, but still retain some small resembalance
08:18:43Cka3kaand then be stopped
08:18:57Cka3kaim glad this didnt pass, though in the long run i feel its bad for us
08:19:12jpegreenThis is true buit on the base level of the LINUX distro no the other apps that run on it the GPL does cover it
08:19:26Cka3kagpl covers almost nothing
08:19:48Cka3kaa large company can shut down a linux distro the very SECOND there are patent laws
08:19:53Cka3kasoftware patent*
08:20:05Cka3kathe thing is
08:20:13Cka3kaits like we're kicking ourselves while going through this
08:20:15Cka3kacus for now
08:20:18Cka3kaits horrible
08:20:21jpegreenI am going to disagree
08:20:26Cka3kacus it stunts developmnet
08:20:31Cka3kalemme finish the idea ;-)
08:20:43Cka3kaif we patent software now, it stunts development
08:20:57Cka3kaand hence we dont get as far ahead in terms of technology
08:21:04Cka3kaif we dont put them into place,
08:21:14Cka3kathe whole economic side will be stunted
08:21:16Cka3kain the future
08:21:21Cka3kaand as much as i understand this
08:21:27jpegreenGPL covers accordingt o my friend that is a technology dev lawer the base systems of LINUX for distro and developement
08:21:43Cka3kaand see that im probably gonna end up working at some big company, cursing at a lack of software pattents that stop money from coming in
08:21:49Cka3kait just seems so far off to not matter
08:22:08Cka3kadude, software patents are above that
08:22:22Cka3kathe reason gpl works is cus software pattents dont exist
08:22:31Cka3kaat least in europe
08:22:38Cka3kayou hear of any distros being made in the us?
08:22:48Cka3kalike based in us, im not saying a few programmers
08:22:52Cka3kanot likley
08:22:52jpegreenOr in china etc. but what does that matter
08:23:05Cka3kabecause thats where people live man
08:23:22Cka3kayoure not gonna move to china or africa to work on linux
08:23:25Cka3kaabout china
08:23:26QTCka3ka: redhat linux
08:23:27jpegreenPeople live everywhere
08:23:28Cka3kayou know whats funny?
08:23:36Cka3kareally? red hat is us based? didnt know that
08:23:47jpegreenYeop Redhat is deved in the US
08:23:49Cka3kahmm, wonder how that works
08:23:57QTeven listed on the US stock exchange
08:24:03QTi guess in the NASDAQ
08:24:18Cka3kahow do they coexist with the patents here?
08:24:24Cka3kawhy hasnt microsoft and or apple sued?
08:24:33jpegreenIBM and Dell are suprting th e Development of Redhat
08:24:41Cka3kaah thats it*
08:25:14Cka3kabut yea man about china
08:25:18Cka3kai have a friend going there
08:25:27Cka3kashe says its illegal to bring in printed material
08:25:37Cka3kaand funniest shit ever, their internet is cesored
08:25:41Cka3kalike the whole country
08:25:47Cka3kaa buddy told me about it
08:25:58Coldtoastwell, I dunno about that
08:25:58jpegreenMicrocrack and Apple haven't sued because the law states that though simular in apperance they are based on different technology
08:26:03ColdtoastI'd want to check those "facts"
08:26:04Cka3kayou make a search on say google, and it says "blocked by the republic of china"
08:26:06QTi was once offered to work in china which i refused
08:26:13QTdon't wanna go there
08:26:52DreamTactix291only reason to go to china is steal a wife and leave :P
08:26:53Cka3ka<Coldtoast> which?
08:27:22Coldtoastboth: the all-censored internet thing and the not-allowed-to-take-printed-material thing
08:27:27Cka3kayea lotsa stuff about china scares me, thas why i get my friends to go there and get me cheap shit
08:27:47Cka3kanah man i got people there now that told me about that
08:27:56Coldtoastwell, I'll ask somebody here
08:28:01QTi did then go to RoC China aka Taiwan and worked there
08:28:10Cka3kaits funny cus its true =-) my friend jose cant do her history summer assignment cus she cant take the book
08:28:12QTguess a lot better than the PoC
08:28:47QTstill i wouldn't do it again
08:28:55QTa strange and very different world
08:29:06Cka3kadeffinatly, i been to far east russia
08:29:10Cka3kathat shit is scary
08:29:27Cka3kanot like good 'ole dirty moscow and awesome stpeters =-)
08:29:36jpegreenThe freedoms of ppl in china are definitely in queston but the freedom of software is better than the people sad huh?
08:29:48QTyeahm, wouldn't go their either but with the finger on the map :-)
08:29:50Cka3kasad but funny =-)
08:30:00Cka3kahahah QT it was fun
08:30:05Cka3kai mrussian so its fine
08:30:09Cka3kai actually cant go back
08:30:11QTi see
08:30:13Cka3kamight get my ass drafted
08:30:24Cka3kasame reason i cant go to israel in 2 years
08:30:27QTi am currently dealing with some guys from moscow
08:30:54jpegreenI have been to georgia russia in 89 I thought it was actually pretty nice.... the people any way
08:30:56ColdtoastRussians are ALWAYS trying to sell you stuff
08:31:09Coldtoastit's funny
08:31:17QTand i like a lot :-D
08:31:26Coldtoastit's the freemarket economy mentality
08:32:12Coldtoastit's also my experience that Slavic ppl and Russians ce tend to be racist
08:32:22Cka3ka<QT> all of mp3=costs money=not cool =-)... all about
08:32:38Cka3ka<Coldtoast> hahahaha so very very true
08:32:43Coldtoastscrew use
08:32:53QTit is convenient! 3 clicks and i have 1 album and i like the choice of quality is where its at
08:33:03Cka3kaand you pay mone
08:33:52QTso and is better?
08:33:59DreamTactix291i think i'm the only person left who buys CDs :|
08:34:14QTi haven't bought one since years
08:34:18QTall i buy are music DVDs
08:34:29ColdtoastI pay for high speed internet acces and I download music. So I'm paying for music
08:34:34Cka3kanah man i buy cds when its worth it
08:34:41Cka3kaand delit i just checked out
08:34:43QTand i like that i can record them to MP3 using line-in of the iriver :-)
08:34:44Cka3kait costs money too
08:34:54Cka3kai love the iriver =-)
08:35:03Cka3kai have one too
08:35:03QTyep. me too - torrent
08:35:12QThave one since 2 years
08:35:15Coldtoastdelit costs money or you can download for free, but with restrictions
08:35:15Cka3kalike in its time
08:35:27DreamTactix291well i'm a lossless fan so i buy a lot of my own stuff and do my own rips
08:35:44Coldtoastlast time I used it, you could only download one track at a tme or something
08:35:46Cka3kaman demo isnt the same
08:35:51Cka3kaits loq quality
08:36:01QTguys, i am off for a smoke. see you in a while
08:36:07DBUGEnqueued KICK Cka3ka
08:36:07Cka3ka it
08:36:09Cka3ka=-) is where its at
08:36:31Cka3kaim gonna hit the saczzzZZZZZzzzz
08:36:33Cka3kanight ;-0
08:36:44Coldtoast\I DO buy DVDs but never buy CDs
08:36:53ColdtoastI also don't really download music
08:36:55Coldtoastrarely do
08:36:58Cka3kayou should at times
08:37:07Cka3kai buy cds rarley, when its really good
08:37:16Cka3kabtw you a santana fan
08:37:16ColdtoastCDs are such HORRIBLE HORRIBLE value for money here
08:37:29ColdtoastI f*cking HATE Santana
08:37:36Cka3kawhat do you listen to
08:37:41Coldtoasthe';s #1 on my list of most irritating guitarists
08:37:48Cka3kai like em
08:37:52Cka3kawho do you like
08:37:54ColdtoastI listen to a lot of podcasts actually
08:38:01Cka3kahes like #3 after page
08:38:15Cka3kagotta love page
08:38:19Coldtoastyou're listening to the wrong guitarists I think :)
08:38:30Cka3kayou dont like page?!
08:38:33jpegreenColdtoast: what do you think of Striani
08:38:43Coldtoastrock guitarists don't really interest me much
08:38:48jpegreenOOPs Satriani
08:38:54ColdtoastSatriani is ok at what he does
08:39:02Cka3kaahhh thats why
08:39:10Cka3kawhat kind of guitarists do you like?
08:39:11jpegreenHow about Jimi Hendrix?
08:39:14ColdtoastI'd listen to Gilmore over ANY of them tho
08:39:25Cka3kai like his music but a good guitarist he is not
08:39:40Coldtoasthere's what you should be listening to tho
08:39:40Cka3ka(hendrix i was talking about)
08:40:00Coldtoasttry and track down Michael Hedges and Leo Kottke
08:40:06ColdtoastTuck Andress as well
08:40:10Cka3kasend it to me
08:40:10ColdtoastSlava Gregoria
08:40:13jpegreenNo boby should be listening to anythng but what they like[
08:40:14Cka3kasend me some?
08:40:32ColdtoastI'll send you a Hedges track
08:40:38Cka3ka<Coldtoast> zip/rar some of your favs, like 10 or so and send em over
08:40:39Coldtoasttime for some edumacation, young man
08:40:44jpegreenMicheal Hedges WAS great
08:40:53Coldtoasthe IS great jpegreen
08:40:59Coldtoastjust cos he's dead is meaningless
08:41:17jpegreenTrue but ... Is he still with us?
08:41:58Coldtoasthell yeah
08:42:06jpegreenYou have a point
08:42:25jpegreenColdtoast: where are you located
08:42:29Coldtoastnobody, but NOBODY sounds like Hedges did
08:42:43ColdtoastDCC doesn't work Cka3ka
08:42:46jpegreenDid you ever get o see him?
08:42:48Coldtoastoh. there it goes
08:42:54Cka3kai was browsing
08:43:00Coldtoastno. A friend did tho. In Japan
08:43:04Cka3kaman send me a few songs =-)
08:43:05jpegreenI did and I met him here in Seattle where he lived
08:43:16Cka3kahold up guys how about fripp?
08:43:19ColdtoastI've seen vids of him in his friend's back yard tho, just playing guitar
08:43:36Coldtoastthat would have been pretty damned awesome
08:43:43Cka3kayo guys
08:43:47jpegreenWhat did you think of his harp guitar?
08:43:49Cka3kawhat do you think of fripp?
08:43:52Coldtoastloved it
08:44:06Cka3kacold: fripp?
08:44:07Coldtoast'm sending Cka3ka "Ragamuffin"
08:44:12jpegreenHe was probably the greatest of our time?
08:44:23jpegreenOoooooops no "?"
08:44:28ColdtoastI think certainly the most unique
08:44:37Cka3kayo whats with your speed man
08:44:41Cka3kawhy is it going 9kbps
08:44:53Cka3kai have cable, it should be going 100+
08:44:56Coldtoastcos it's the internet?
08:44:58Cka3kawhats with your up speed?
08:45:18ColdtoastI only have 256kbit up, but that should theoretically be 25KB/sec
08:45:22ColdtoastBUT it's the internet
08:45:35Cka3ka<Coldtoast> you heard of robert fripp?
08:45:40ColdtoastI have
08:45:45Coldtoastnot heard any of his stuff tho
08:45:54Cka3kaking crimson=his stuff
08:46:05Cka3kalemme send a song....tell me how, im not usually a mirc user
08:46:06ColdtoastI know a lot of ppl get off on Chet Atkins but I FAR prefer Hedges
08:46:14Cka3kai have some atkins
08:46:17Cka3kame no like much
08:46:50ColdtoastCka3ka: with this track, remember it's recorded with no overdubbing at all. This is exactly how Hedges played it
08:47:10Coldtoastone person, one track
08:47:57Cka3kai dunno man i hope you like tis
08:48:02Cka3kai love this song
08:48:16Coldtoastthe deep bass notes you hear are cos he uses a harp guitar
08:48:28 Join einhirn [0] (
08:48:50jpegreenThat was probably his greatest asset
08:48:51Cka3kashit gotta dump on my iriver
08:49:03Cka3kano spkrs allowed, rentsd sleeping
08:49:10jpegreenWhich track did you send hom
08:49:16jpegreenhom= him
08:50:03Coldtoastjpegreen: there are a few things about Hedges that set hjim apart I think: he's a very percussive guitarist and I've never heard ANYBODY who could use artificial harmonics like him
08:50:11Coldtoastone of my faves
08:50:24Cka3kai sent a second song
08:50:24Cka3kadont cancle first
08:50:32Cka3kajus second really shows his guitar
08:50:34Cka3kaand first is js an amazing song
08:50:43Coldtoastit's a bit more contemporary that some of his stuff but a good first track to hear I think
08:51:05Coldtoastalso Bensusan
08:51:54Coldtoastwere you much of a fan before you saw him in concert?
08:51:59jpegreenthere is nothing like what Hedges did but there is a young woman who is an awesome guitarist and I will tell you her name in just a moment
08:52:22Cka3kaheheheh this is so different from what i currently listen to
08:52:27Coldtoastmy fave Hedges album would have to be Live On The Double Planet
08:52:47Cka3kai have some music like this, in terms of acoustic styles, i prefer flamenco
08:53:06Cka3kahow old are you guys?
08:53:19Cka3kaaha that explains it ;-)
08:53:27Cka3kahow old do you think i am ;-)
08:53:30jpegreenKAKI KING is the young girls name and she is awesome
08:53:42Coldtoastsee, Michael Hedges could fingerpick with one hand while tapping with the other. And plya 2 completely independent parts simultaneously
08:53:51ColdtoastI think you're 19
08:54:00Cka3ka16 =-)
08:54:10jpegreenColdtoast check her out
08:54:15ColdtoastI WAS going to say 17 actually. but ppl get pissed if you're wrong :)
08:54:31Cka3kanah i dont mind, i have the maturity of a 12 year old at times
08:54:40Coldtoasthey. same age as me jpegreen
08:54:46Cka3kahate people that act older then they are
08:54:53Coldtoastmaybe Hedges is a generational thing? heh
08:54:58Cka3ka...unless its to get into a club or get alcohol :-D
08:55:15Cka3kaman that was beautifull, but so not what i generally listen to
08:55:25Coldtoastanother guy I know in the US is 34 and he ADORES Hedges as well
08:55:37Coldtoastthis sounds ok Cka3ka. A bit simple fo rme tho, to be honest
08:56:01Cka3kato each his own
08:56:06Cka3kai prefer rock guitar
08:56:10jpegreenColdtoast check out
08:56:11Coldtoastlisten to that second track I sent
08:56:19DreamTactix291i think john petrucci is my favourite guitarist
08:56:24Cka3kagive me a sec ig otta hook up iriver again
08:56:33ColdtoastPetrucci is sure FAST!
08:57:00ColdtoastI have one of his instructional vids where he teaches you to play at 230bps. hehe
08:57:17Cka3kai can see why you guys dont like santana
08:57:20Cka3kabut its different
08:57:25Cka3kaits elec first of all
08:57:36Cka3kai started playing classical a while back
08:57:40Cka3kaand got so sick of it
08:57:53Coldtoastheh. I DO liek this jpegreen
08:57:55Cka3kai always cant wait to get my hands on my friends strat or gibson
08:58:08DreamTactix291i have a strat
08:58:08Coldtoastshe's VERY like Hedges in style
08:58:16jpegreenColdtaost check out the website for KAIKING and then tell me what you think
08:58:22ColdtoastI am noiw
08:59:02Cka3kacold toast wanna hear what ive been listening to latley ? (think you might not wanna hear anything from me after that :-P)
08:59:27jpegreenWatch the vids and you will see that she is in the same realm as Hedges
08:59:45DreamTactix291i'm listening to Elements of Persuasion which is one of my favourite albums lately :D
08:59:58Cka3kalmao guys
08:59:59Coldtoastwow jpegreen! she's GREAT
09:00:13Cka3kai take it floyd isnt on any of your list of favs?
09:00:17jpegreenI thought you might like her she is good
09:00:34Cka3kayou guys like pink floyd?
09:00:38Cka3kadeep purple?
09:00:50ColdtoastI lov ePink Floyd
09:00:56Cka3kaim surprised
09:01:02DreamTactix291i like some pink floyd
09:01:12Cka3kai have the entire collection
09:01:17Coldtoastthat's what I said before: I'd FAR prefer to listen to Gilmore over Santana or Page
09:01:25Cka3kasat my ass down one day and browsed and downloaded till i got it all
09:01:36Cka3kao im sorry i missed that lol
09:01:40jpegreenBe guys
09:01:46Coldtoastman! I HAVE to show Kaki to my friend
09:01:48jpegreenBye LOL
09:01:59Coldtoastand thanx!
09:02:00Cka3kanice talki to you =-)
09:02:17DreamTactix291well i'm sleeping now
09:02:19DreamTactix291work in 4 hours :|
09:02:23jpegreenNo problem I thought you would like her she is good look for me in the future
09:02:40Cka3kacold toast, lemme drop you one more song, and ill be off; i feel you might hate it, but its just to get you an idea of what i like =-)
09:02:53 Part jpegreen
09:03:08Cka3kai love lotsa music, but what ive been listening to since april or so
09:04:27Cka3kai found the band, im just trying to figure out whats not too heavy =-)
09:05:09QTyeah thx
09:05:21Cka3kawe had a whole discussion while you smoked
09:05:32Cka3kathe lesson: smoke less, live longer, argue more =-)
09:05:50QThehe :)
09:05:59QTyeah, i just reread the log here
09:06:12QTmusic favs. a 'difficult' topic ;-)
09:06:28Cka3ka<coldtoast> i got your song
09:07:28Coldtoastsorry. jsut watching these vids
09:07:29Cka3kafirst tell me, if youre willing to listen through something heavy, ill give you that instead
09:07:32Cka3kathis is a bit lighter
09:07:59Coldtoastohj, I listen to Perfect Circle, Tool, NIN, Disturbed, Linkin Park,
09:08:05Coldtoastmore than anything else actually
09:08:11ColdtoastSystem of a Down
09:08:21Cka3kathats good
09:08:32Cka3kanothing like mesuganah and killswitch though right?
09:08:50ColdtoastI have about 4 Meshuganah albums
09:08:59Coldtoastjust got the new Killswitch too
09:09:02Cka3kai would have never guessed
09:09:13QTperfect circle is great!
09:09:17Cka3kaim really surprised i must say
09:09:25Cka3kayea i like em, thoough they can get annoying
09:09:27QTjust heard their albums yesterday in the car while riding
09:09:31Cka3kasame with 9inchnails
09:09:42Cka3kawhich album did you hear>?
09:09:51Cka3kaif you got good internet speed i can send you one
09:09:53QTseen perfect circle live last year. a strange guy the singer
09:09:57Cka3kaah cool
09:10:02 Join jpegreen [0] (
09:10:06Cka3kaHES BACK
09:10:08QTCka3ka: you mean me?
09:10:10Cka3kadid you forget your keys?
09:10:15Cka3kaQT: yea
09:10:28Cka3kajpe:did you forget your keys? wallet? =-)
09:10:32QTaeh, hang on, can't remember the names now :-(
09:10:37jpegreenHey Coldtoast .... KAKI KING does all it with a standard six string
09:10:46QTthe thirteen step!? is this one?
09:10:52Cka3kayep thas the one i have
09:10:56QTand the other one....
09:11:05QTdamn, can't remember it now
09:11:18jpegreenI just realized I didn't have to go to work in the morning
09:11:34Cka3kaQT: emotive?
09:11:38QTMer de Noms
09:11:43QTno, do not like the emotive
09:11:43Cka3kai want that
09:11:48Cka3kaif you have it send it over
09:11:49QTi have that
09:11:56QTcan't acces it now
09:12:14Cka3kaman rockbox is the reason i got merc XD i was fine with msn and aim till it
09:12:16QToh yeah, and this morning i heard Bush which i like a lot
09:12:20ColdtoastI have everyAPC album
09:12:37Cka3kayou have slow upload
09:12:43Cka3kai was about to get excited
09:13:20QTmy upload would be slow too :-( only 48kByte/s
09:13:20Cka3ka48 isnt bad
09:13:27QTi will upgrade next month!
09:13:31Cka3kahahah to what
09:13:47QTmy telco provider is now offering dsl6000 which gives me 600kbit/s upload
09:13:50Cka3kamy internet can only be upgraded to t1 =-)
09:14:04Cka3kaSOO fast
09:14:12Cka3kaafter im done sending file i can measure
09:14:17QTwell, for my home usage that is sufficient
09:14:17Cka3kaor i can send you old measurement
09:14:38QTanother fav of mine is Placebo
09:14:47QTand i like some german bands
09:14:58QTyou won't know them though ;)
09:15:25QTlast gig i have been at was GreenDay
09:16:00Cka3kahit that link to see my speed stats
09:16:03Cka3kai LOVE my isp
09:16:24QTnot bad dude!
09:17:02Cka3kai know right?
09:17:08Cka3kayou should see where i live
09:17:12QTdon't let your wife hear that! ;)
09:17:47Cka3kaman i live in this tiny town
09:17:48Cka3kawith this awesome isp
09:19:39Cka3kaque es?
09:20:27Cka3kaahh isee
09:20:56QTwhat a pitty i just bought a new car....
09:20:56Cka3kaunfortunatly doesnt concern me cus i have ihp120 and neither the money nor the willingness to switch to h3xx
09:21:14QTh3xx not any good IMO!
09:21:21QTi am so happy with the H140
09:21:36Cka3kayou paint yours yer?
09:21:47Cka3kabs on the car
09:21:50Cka3ka=-) no way
09:22:09Cka3kashow me a pic of you with the car holding up a sign that says eat this Cka3ka and ill believe you
09:22:37QTsome more choice:
09:23:04QTCka3ka: no i would not buy a SLR as you can not open the roof on that one :-D
09:23:23Cka3kahahaha only readson
09:23:26Cka3kahold on let me get glasses
09:23:31Cka3kai cant see when it gets late
09:23:58QTi wouldn't mind driving it once
09:24:07Cka3kadid you paint your ihp yet?
09:24:21Cka3kahold on
09:24:22QTno, it is shiny black as on the first day
09:24:47QTi just made iriver sending me a back case for it to get rid of the stupid brown one
09:24:55QTblack case i mean
09:25:17Cka3kalmao i thought it was champagne
09:25:20Cka3kaand pretty goldish
09:25:25Cka3kai always wanted one lol
09:25:27Cka3kai have a black one
09:25:33QTh120 is champagne
09:25:41QTh140 is black
09:25:54Cka3kathats bs
09:25:56Cka3ka=-) at least in us
09:26:00Cka3kaim us they all black
09:26:06QTi see
09:26:08QTin europe not
09:26:23Cka3kathey had brown!?
09:26:27QTit is a bit like silver
09:26:35Cka3kayou said you had a brown one
09:26:37QTthe H140 came with a black case
09:26:40QTthe case!
09:26:52Cka3kacase?? i have a leather case
09:27:01QTi emailed iriver in germany and asked for a black one
09:27:10QTfirst they did not want to do anything for me
09:27:37QTi told them that i will go ahead and (mail)order a H120 and H140 to swap cases and return the H120 with the brown case
09:27:57QTand i asked her if there isn't any black case from a returned broken H120 unit
09:28:10Cka3kayou have a pic of this "case"?
09:28:13QT5 minutes later i had a mail that she found one and asked for shipping details :)
09:28:16QTof which?
09:28:21QTblack or brown?
09:28:25Cka3kacus i was thinking about a shell
09:28:33QTit is the leather case
09:28:46QTsearch on misticriver for "brown fuggly" there was a thread
09:28:50Cka3kah120 leather case=black but not as cool
09:29:04QTthat is the one i have now
09:29:13QTthe h140 just fits inside
09:29:27QTyou get it in with some power ;)
09:30:50Cka3kai cant find a pic
09:31:04QTof what?
09:31:07QTthe brown case?
09:31:15ColdtoastCka3ka: here's a band called COG for you
09:32:22Cka3kai found a black case
09:32:27Cka3kasame as iriver america black
09:32:35Cka3kao man its 330 i gotta go to sleep soon
09:32:37Cka3kaor ill die tomrrow
09:33:08 Nick Lynx_awy is now known as Lynx_ (
09:35:11QTit is 9h30am here and i am almost thru half of the day
09:35:34Cka3kathorugh half the day?
09:35:37Cka3kaits 335am
09:35:41Cka3kaim about to go to sleep
09:35:45QTgood night
09:39:23Cka3kanight man
09:39:26Cka3kai gotta keep this on
09:39:32Cka3kacold toast is sendin me stuff
09:40:10Cka3ka<cold> whatd you think of trivium?
09:40:36Coldtoastit was ok
09:40:55Coldtoastnot REALLY a big fan of "walls of noise" type music tho
09:41:28Cka3kagrr failed
09:41:33Cka3kaemail it to me if you dont mind
09:41:37Cka3kai really gota sleep
09:41:44Cka3kaim off
09:41:48Cka3kanice talking to you guys
09:41:50Cka3kacya all =-)
09:41:54Coldtoasthave fun
09:42:05Cka3katy i will; sleep is good ;-)
09:42:19 Quit Cka3ka ()
09:43:40QThmm, doesn't allow me to choose the quality
09:44:04QT192kbit/sec isn't good enough
09:45:20Bgerdefinitely better than 128 :P
09:45:35QTerm yes!
09:45:46QTbut for rock music 192 isn't enough
09:45:59QTi prefer −−preset standard
09:46:10QTor extreme or insane ;)
09:53:01 Nick Sucka`away is now known as Sucka (
09:57:39 Join Aison [0] (
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10:10:53 Quit DJ_Dooms_Day (
10:10:53 Quit courtc (
10:11:36NJoinDJ_Dooms_Day [0] (
10:11:36NJoincourtc [0] (
10:12:30 Part jpegreen
11:15:11 Quit webguest38 ("CGI:IRC (EOF)")
11:20:32 Quit DreamTactix291 (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
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12:10:26 Join fogcat [0] (
12:10:28 Join courtc_ [0] (
12:11:16 Quit courtc (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
12:13:18 Join DreamTactix291 [0] (
12:17:55 Join rooom_wrk [0] (
12:18:02 Quit rooom_wrk (Client Quit)
12:19:06 Quit phaedrus96 ("Leaving")
12:22:49 Join Moos [0] (
12:30:48 Join koniu_ [0] (
12:54:22 Join wehn [0] (
13:04:13 Quit wehn (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
13:04:30Coldtoasthey guys
13:04:43ColdtoastRockbox is a tad unusable on my player at the moment
13:04:49Coldtoastin this latest build
13:04:49 Join wehn [0] (
13:05:21Coldtoastwhen I adjust the volume, as it gets to around 80%, it CRAWLS and th eplayer becomes unresponsive
13:05:30Coldtoastbut the track will keep playing
13:05:47ashridahyeah, i'm getting that as well.
13:05:57ashridahi find volume stops actually changing too, when it does that.
13:06:04ashridahcan wind it right down to 0 and hear it perfectly
13:06:07Coldtoastyeah. it does eventually
13:06:31ColdtoastI ACTUALLY ended up having to use the iriver fw!
13:11:43Coldtoastand yeah, I felt dirty
13:11:49Coldtoastjust kidding
13:12:47 Quit DreamTactix291 (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
13:19:24 Join hicks [0] (
13:28:25 Join XavierGr [0] (
13:32:56 Quit Aison (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
13:35:43XavierGrhmm where amiconn is lost? I haven't seen him lately...
13:37:06BgerXavierGr: he said he well be offline next 3-4 days, iirc
13:37:18Bgerthat was 2-3 days ago :)
13:41:28XavierGrI hope he is going for vacation. We all need time to relac
13:45:05Bgeryep :)
13:46:04XavierGrBger: do you happen to know what 'opendir' or 'readdir' function returns?
13:46:11Bgerlet me see
13:47:20Bgerreturn value or through the pointers ?
13:47:48XavierGrreturn value
13:48:52Bgeri'm looking at firmware/drivers/fat.c : fat_opendir
13:49:04Bgerreturns 0 if it's OK
13:49:21Bgerotherwise an error code
13:49:33XavierGrhmmm not what I hoped...
13:50:05XavierGris there a functions that returns what the fodler contains?
13:50:18XavierGrlike all the files and subdirs?
13:51:20XavierGrI found it opendir returns a DIR type value
13:51:34XavierGrwhat is this DIR typedefine I wander...
13:51:43Bgerwhere did you find it ?
13:51:57Bgeri'm browsing through viewcvs.cgi ...
13:53:12XavierGrsyntax: opendir(foldername) and it returns a DIR data type
13:54:00Bgeri'm searching atm
13:55:16Bgeris defined DIR
13:55:44XavierGryeap it's there
13:55:55XavierGrhmm strange data type
13:56:16XavierGra struct with 3 nested structures?
13:56:35Bgerwhat's the problem ? :)
13:56:41 Join [1]Moos [0] (
13:57:05Bgeri suggest to look @ tree.c if you want to see how to use it
13:57:46XavierGrwell I am trying to but to no avail. Do you know if the sorting of folders and files is done in tree.c or else where?
13:58:00 Quit Moos (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
13:58:01 Nick [1]Moos is now known as Moos (
13:58:40XavierGrthe problem is that I want to make jpeg viewer scroll to previous or next file (when in zoom out) without having to quit.
13:59:26XavierGrI managed to make it load a fixed filename. But know I must program it to make a folder structure to load the previous and next filename
14:02:14***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
14:06:19Bgeri think that it'll be better idea to add caps in tree.c for such thing
14:06:32Bgeri mean
14:07:00Bgerslideshow through file browser ...
14:07:41Bgeri'll look at sorting
14:10:00XavierGrI thought of using externaly the tree_context structure of tree.c within jpeg.c
14:10:13XavierGrbut I failed.
14:13:38 Join austriancoder [0] (
14:13:51XavierGrhi ac!
14:14:27 Quit koniu_ (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
14:14:33XavierGrany knowledge on how we can aquire files and subfolders within a folder?
14:14:45XavierGr^list of files (filenames)
14:15:11austriancoderBagder: some news about the gcc error?
14:18:36austriancoderdoes anyone konws where amiconn is?
14:18:53austriancoderi want to make the lcd driver for iaudo ready
14:19:09Bgeraustriancoder: hi :)
14:19:29austriancoderBger: hi
14:19:40Bgeraustriancoder he said 2-3 days ago that he'll be offline for the next days
14:19:47Bger(regarding amiconn)
14:19:53austriancoderah ok...
14:19:57austriancoderso the lcd driver must wait
14:20:11Bgeraustriancoder any success with Ali's docs ?
14:20:46Bgerabout lcd driver: you have gcc compile problems with it ?
14:21:16austriancoderi haven't asked.. will do this the next days..
14:21:35austriancodersimulator does build, but crashes and gaves while compiling some ld errors
14:22:22Bger"internal compiler error" ?
14:22:28austriancoderi hope that i can commit the tlv320 driver today
14:22:42austriancoderno... wait a moment
14:23:12Bgerheh, most probably i wouldn't be able to help you ...
14:23:37Bgerbut you can try asking at #gcc if it's compiler problem
14:24:13austriancoderdont know where the error is.. it compiles fine, but crashes with an floating point exception
14:25:15Bgeron the target ?
14:25:48austriancoderon the simulator
14:26:07Bgerwhile compiling what??
14:26:44austriancoderi compile the simulator.. at this step there are some ld errors.. then i run the simulator and get the exception
14:27:41Bgersorry, but i didn't understand why do you want to compile simulator while making lcd driver ...
14:28:02austriancoderthe two things are not conected
14:28:03Bgerforget me :)
14:28:15Bgerok, that explains everything
14:28:46Bgerthere were internal gcc errors with old gcc (ver <3.4)
14:29:02Bgerm68-elf target
14:29:30Bgeri though that you're writing the lcd drivers and get internal compiler errors..
14:30:05austriancodernono.. i need his help, because this is the first color lcd driver for rockbox and so it is something new
14:30:47austriancoderneed to go now...
14:30:55 Quit austriancoder ("CGI:IRC")
14:31:28 Join DreamTactix291 [0] (
14:41:25 Quit wehn (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
14:42:02 Join wehn [0] (
14:52:13 Quit wehn (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
14:52:53 Join wehn [0] (
15:03:01 Quit wehn (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
15:03:36 Join wehn [0] (
15:09:14 Quit XavierGr ()
15:19:13 Quit wehn (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
15:37:22 Join dropandho [0] (
15:37:31dropandhohey all!
15:37:40dropandhoquick question for you guys, if anyone is around
15:37:54dropandhohey HC1
15:38:37dropandhojust wondering where things stood with Xavier's remote patch
15:38:40dropandhoany clue?
15:39:30Bger1) he is hcL
15:39:52Bger2) if he doesn't use this patch - probably he doesn't have any clue
15:40:11dropandho1- sorry, i missed typed
15:40:22dropandho2- of course, and that is why i am asking
15:40:31Bgerno offence :)
15:51:57 Join tvelocity [0] (~tony@
15:52:22 Join stevenm [0] (
15:53:11stevenmHello all. What is the status of rockbox on the H3X0? Does it run? Is there at least basic LCD support? What about flashing?
15:53:23Bgerstevenm: quick answer : no
15:53:29stevenmI need a device to continue coding the midi codec.. should I get a 3x0 now, or wait a bit?
15:53:59Bgerit's near
15:54:06Bgerbut how near ....
15:54:23ashridahi wouldn't say that
15:54:31Bgerashridah: why ?
15:54:37ashridahis anyone even working on the bootloader for it?
15:54:43Bgerthe only missing things are bootloader & LCD driver
15:55:08Bgerashridah: ok, but nearly all things, done for h1x0 will be used in h3x0
15:55:31CtcpIgnored 1 channel CTCP requests in 0 seconds at the last flood
15:55:31*ashridah notes that the bootloader for the H1x0 took ages to be released, and it was being actively worked on most of that time, H3x0 hasn't had the same attention from a dev with a BDM yet, afaik
15:55:32 Quit DreamTactix291 (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
15:56:02Bgerashridah: ok, but on the other side ... the hardware is very simillar
15:56:40ashridahi'd suggest that the LCD and the bootloader are two of the hardest tasks.
15:57:00Bgerashridah: the architecture is the same ...
15:57:07ashridah(not the most time consuming, but do we even have specs for the LCD? i haven't been keeping track of that side)
15:57:31 Join koniu_ [0] (
15:57:36Bgersee in the wiki :)
15:58:27Bgershort answer: most probably we know the LCD
15:58:29ashridahbut yeah, my point is that not many people have BDM's. the ones that do are fairly busy.
15:59:03stevenmashridah, for now, theoretically, how difficult/possible is it to construct a BDM out of a few PIC chips?
15:59:24ashridahstevenm: no idea, since i've never built one.
15:59:44ashridahthey're not really that hard to make, i guess. just need appropriate equipment to assemble one with
15:59:44stevenmashridah, hmm.. all right
16:00:11ashridahthen one needs the time and patience and willingness to crack open their H3x0 and solder something to it :)
16:00:35stevenmI have a nice setup over here for building pretty much anything over here. I just don't know how a BDM works, what kind of signals it puts out, etc
16:01:07stevenmor if a pic would be even fast enough to emulate one
16:01:37stevenmoh well, just a thought
16:01:40 Quit Strath ("Client closed")
16:01:58ashridahsomeone here can probably toss you the schematic
16:02:11stevenmthat'd be useful
16:02:17***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
16:03:10ashridahThere's probably a link to details about it on the wiki
16:04:27ashridahah. damnit, the link's dead.
16:05:35ashridah is *potentially* a schematic for it, you'd have to check with Linus or someone tho
16:06:54stevenmThere is a PDF on there, of a schematic
16:07:13fogcatany font experts in da house? - or for question 2 any mp3 tag & bitrate experts?
16:08:28 Join austriancoder [0] (
16:08:31austriancoderhi al
16:09:31Bgerhi, austriancoder;)
16:09:49Bgerstevenm: btw, IaudioX5 port is also in progress ...
16:10:11stevenmBger, ah
16:10:19austriancoderjep ;)
16:10:24Bgeraustriancoder is the guy
16:10:27austriancoderaudio codec driver is done ;)
16:11:19austriancoderpcf50606 driver is in progress - is also needed for h3xx
16:12:47stevenmwell, all right. i am going to wait a bit (and hopefully get paid) and then buy a device a bit later
16:13:06austriancoderi think i will buy a second iaudio x5.. i cant use the curren one, because is opend
16:13:26stevenmthanks for the info. bye all
16:13:27 Quit stevenm ("Leaving")
16:13:36 Part Bger
16:15:28*austriancoder does some research
16:16:07 Join Bger [0] (~Bager@
16:20:21 Quit austriancoder ("CGI:IRC (EOF)")
16:27:34 Quit ashridah ("Leaving")
16:33:47dropandhoany of you guys know where things are at with the remote patch?
16:33:47 Quit Coldtoast (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
16:38:03 Quit koniu_ ("leaving")
16:38:06 Join webguest09 [0] (
16:38:17 Part webguest09
16:48:12 Join rooomish [0] (
16:48:16 Quit rooomish (Client Quit)
16:55:56 Quit fogcat ("CGI:IRC")
17:06:35 Join Febs [0] (
17:08:46 Quit dropandho ()
17:19:00 Nick Lynx_ is now known as Lynx_awy (
17:19:55 Join DreamTactix291 [0] (
17:24:19 Join TCK [0] (
17:41:51 Quit TCK- (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
17:53:18 Nick courtc_ is now known as courtc (
18:00:24 Quit DreamTactix291 (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
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18:04:23 Join Coldtoast [0] (
18:04:46Coldtoastanybody know what the prob with Rockbox and volume is at the moment?
18:06:06 Join austriancoder [0] (
18:06:17Coldtoasthey austriancoder
18:06:41austriancoderhi Coldtoast
18:06:42Coldtoasthave you seen the current volume bug in rockbox?
18:06:54Coldtoastit makes it kind of unusable
18:07:19austriancodersome peolpe told me about the bug
18:07:32Coldtoastah cool
18:07:54austriancodercan you try this
18:08:57 Quit TCK (Read error: 60 (Operation timed out))
18:09:04austriancodertry this version:
18:09:19austriancodermaybe i broke i2c stuff
18:11:30Coldtoastno good
18:11:49Coldtoastnah. it's no better at all
18:12:01Coldtoastalmost seems worse, actually
18:12:16Coldtoasthmm. actually, not worse
18:12:41 Join Stryke` [0] (
18:12:52Coldtoastbefore, it'd get to a certain poitn normally then SLOW DOWN, the player would become unresponsive and volume display would show changes maybe avery couple of seconds
18:13:04Coldtoastwith this one, it's REALLY slow but faster than before
18:14:29Coldtoastok. the slowdown kicks in at 83%, if that helps
18:15:00Coldtoastwhen you go from low volume up, it'sw normal then hits 83% and crawls
18:15:14Coldtoastthen if you go down from there, it's all slow
18:15:41austriancoderwill try to get my ihp140 running
18:15:45Coldtoastand what the volume level says ans what it is have no relation
18:15:46austriancoderand mybe i can fix it
18:15:59Coldtoastthe WPS shows it changing but it doesn't actually change
18:19:41austriancoderneed to go now
18:19:45 Quit austriancoder ("CGI:IRC")
18:43:03 Quit Stryke` ("Friends don't let friends listen to Anti-Flag")
18:43:03 Quit edx (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
18:43:57 Join edx [0] (
18:44:26 Join TCK [0] (
18:49:38 Join bagawk [0] (~lee@bagawk.user)
18:54:40 Join kellyg [0] (
18:55:55kellyghi- can anyone recommend an armband or goodskin for an iHP 120?
18:57:15kellygthere is an apple armband for the 20G iPod and something made by macextreme that apple sells for the 20G ipod - the ihp has roughly same dimensions so i am thinking it will fit - however, there is a clear flap that covers the face and the wheel on the ipod is flush where as the iHP button sticks outa bit
19:01:16 Join TCK- [0] (
19:10:00 Quit TCK (Read error: 60 (Operation timed out))
19:12:26 Quit einhirn ("Miranda IM! Smaller, Faster, Easier.")
19:13:52 Join Strath [0] (
19:25:17 Join DreamTactix291 [0] (
19:28:56HClthanks for reminding me of that
19:29:00HCli need to get a coolskin for my iriver
19:32:33kellygany sources HC?
19:32:50kellygive searched ebay and they only have skins for new irivers
19:33:09kellygalso, i want to walk/run w this and i dont think my back pocket is a good idea
19:34:04kellygso i wanted an armband, there is one for the 20G ipod and it has a clear cover for access, but the ipod wheel is flush and iriver knob protrudes a bit
19:35:03kellygthe leather skin for my 120 makes it twice as heavy and has a belt clip etc....too bulky size and weight wise
19:36:25 Join XavierGr [0] (
19:36:33HCllooking at iskin at the moment
19:36:49XavierGrHCl: :)
19:36:51XavierGrhi all
19:37:07XavierGryou wanted to say something to me the other day didn't you?
19:37:15kellyghello Xav
19:38:16XavierGr20.06.05 # <XavierGr> does anyone know the easiest way to isolate the dir path from a filename?
19:38:16XavierGr20.06.42 # <XavierGr> I can do the oposite like:file = rb->strrchr(filepath,'/'); file++;
19:38:40XavierGrHCl:I left before you could answer
19:41:12kellyganyone ever use foobar? (using it convert to .OGG) ?
19:41:21HClit kind of depends on whether you can modify the filepath variable
19:41:29HClbut if not you'll just have to copy it to a different var.
19:41:50HClits pretty much what you have now, with *file=0; added
19:41:56HCland then the path is in filepath
19:43:04 Quit bagawk ("Leaving")
19:43:07kellygmay i ask a noob question in regard to tagging?
19:43:39 Quit Slasheri ("leaving")
19:44:19 Join Slasher [0] (
19:44:19XavierGrThanks HCl! Do you happen to know anything about directory and file manipulation in Rockbox?
19:44:39kellygi am using a prog called foobar to convert commercial discs to .OGG - when i convert them and load them into rockbox, the #s show..the file 008,321, that the ID3? when i PLAY it shows the title - any way to show the title when i look at the folder contents rather than the filename ?
19:45:19 Quit Bger (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
19:53:26HClno, sorry
19:53:51HClthat was directed to XavierGr
19:55:43kellygHC - can you help w my q ?
19:56:11kellygi'm using OGG because it seems to playback gapless best
19:57:01kellygbut after i convert or tag the files, if i have a folder w an artist w albums and i open a folder, i see the OGG filename and not the tagged title
19:58:03XavierGrdidnt quite got your problem
19:58:33XavierGrYou have an ogg file and the tags arent set correctly?
19:59:25 Quit Strath ("Client closed")
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20:06:48kellyghi Xav.,.sorrry, I was away for a few
20:07:12 Join Strath [0] (
20:07:18kellygI dont know if they arent set correctly..what i have done is used a program to convert from .CDA files to .OGG
20:08:16kellygi see the names of files as 890,872,223, etc etc...when i PLAY the files i see the correct title etc..but when i open a folder the name of the file is all #s
20:09:16kellygalso this happens w music i have downloaded from FTP sites...say a file in named for date and track #..i may see 1982-01-01d1
20:09:57kellygbut when i play it i see the song title, i am wondering if i can view the TITLE of the song (as it correctly appears during playback) when i look at the directory listings when i boot up
20:15:07 Join solex_ [0] (
20:16:19 Quit solex (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
20:18:54 Quit tvelocity ("Leaving")
20:22:37bluebrother^kellyg: just use senseful filenames.
20:22:57kellyghi blues..what do you mean?
20:23:06kellygwhat i am seeing is the CDDA file name
20:23:29kellygbut when i do play it appears as it i have to manaullay rename all of the files?
20:31:10XavierGrits about tags
20:31:36XavierGrmaybe the filename is 800...32 but it is tagged.
20:31:50XavierGrso when you play the song you see the tag not the filename
20:32:25XavierGrOR if the filename is correct. then turn off an option about id3 filetree info. Look on the options
20:33:19kellygso what do i do? this is an iHP 120
20:33:44kellygshould i boot up in rockbox or orig iriver firmware?
20:34:34kellygim guessing this is in display settings?
20:36:37XavierGrdoes it shows right on the iriver firmware?
20:36:51XavierGrdoes the filename shows correctly in windows?
20:37:54kellygno..both rockbox and iriver show the cdda ID
20:37:58kellygin windows?
20:46:01XavierGryeah check the filename in windows too
20:46:18kellygnow i cant even get to settings
20:46:28kellygi unchecked used tags just to see
20:46:47XavierGrif the filename in windows is right then you must remove the tags with a tagging progeam
20:46:48kellygif i am in iriver..and i see folders w # do i reset the settings?
20:47:19XavierGrdunno but its irrelevant. Check your files in your PC
20:49:04kellygnah..whenh i open the folders...i dont see song titles i see the IDs
20:49:09kellygin windows
20:50:27kellygso you are saying i can remove the tags? what program and do i this in windows? in the device folders?
20:51:45 Join austriancoder [0] (
20:52:24Coldtoasthey austriancoder
20:53:43 Join einhirn [0] (
20:55:19XavierGrkellyg search the interent for tagging programs about ogg files
20:55:28XavierGrGodfather is a good one
20:55:50austriancoderjuk is also nice ;)
20:55:52XavierGrremove all tags of you ogg files (if you dont care) and then test to see how the songs display
20:56:08kellygthnx Xav
20:56:30XavierGrwatch it though dont blame me if you had nice tagged ogg files and then you lost your tags
20:56:45kellygwell i am reading about updating the db..i have never done that
20:58:25kellygaltho when i ricght click i dont even get an option to update DB
21:02:50XavierGrwait a sec do you use a database?
21:03:08XavierGrI don't know anything about database generation or errors
21:03:52kellyghavent used the database at all
21:04:18kellygthought maybe an updated db or use of db would display the info rather than file name..but didnt happen
21:06:06XavierGrhave to go bye
21:06:12 Quit XavierGr ()
21:06:26 Join thegeek [0] (
21:06:26austriancoderwhat is "Invoice Location"
21:06:52 Quit thegeek (Client Quit)
21:06:58 Join thegeek [0] (
21:09:45 Quit austriancoder ("CGI:IRC")
21:11:02 Quit bluebrother^ (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
21:11:42 Quit kellyg ("CGI:IRC")
21:15:11HCli'm bored..
21:16:20ColdtoastHCl: do you have the volume bug on your iriver?
21:16:35Coldtoastis it happenign wit everybody's player?
21:17:55DreamTactix291my player didn't seem to change volume today
21:18:35Coldtoastwhen you increase the volume, does it work fine til it hits 83% DreamTactix291?
21:18:41DreamTactix291something like that
21:19:05DreamTactix291i didn't check the actual number but it wouldn't go as loud as normal in my car
21:19:23DreamTactix291normally have it between 85 and 90 for the car using an FM transmitter
21:40:14 Quit Coldtoast ("Peace and Protection 4.22")
21:58:25 Quit DreamTactix291 (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
21:59:25 Join tvelocity [0] (
22:02:27***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
22:07:55HClwhat volume bug?
22:25:35 Join bluebrother^ [0] (
22:36:54bluebrother^is it a intended behaviour that rockbox doesn't turn off when connected to the carger (on h-120)?
22:43:29 Nick godzirra is now known as godzirra{gone} (
23:09:18 Join Stryke` [0] (
23:15:06 Quit Febs (" HydraIRC -> <- 100,000+ downloads can't be wrong")
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