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#rockbox log for 2005-08-06

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01:10:14jcodousSo when can we expect to see Rockbox on the H3x0?
01:10:18jcodousOnly kidding ;-)
01:11:19jcodousHow far is it off being testable now on that platform though? I found it hard to work out from the FAQs what progress was being made on the H3x0 as apposed to the H1xx.
01:26:38HClthats cause there is no progress
01:26:48HClaside from a simulator with just an adjusted screen resolution
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01:30:30HClmorning austriancoder
01:32:38HClnot much
01:32:40HClgonna go sleep
01:33:15austriancoderwhat does sup mean?
01:33:24Stryke`whats up
01:33:44austriancoderah ;)
01:33:56austriancoderpprepearing the tlv320 commit
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01:41:30jcodousOK. I gather from the forum that there are now enough people working on the H3x0 ports.
01:41:46jcodousI'm not sure what I can offer in terms of help, but if I can...
01:41:58jcodous... are there any tasks I might want to take a look at?
01:43:15austriancoderyou could write the lcd driver.. or think about osbotg...
01:44:18austriancoderwrite the driver so far that it compiles.. if it wokres can be check with a working bootloader.. maybe there are only some few changes needed to fix some stuff in your lcd driver
01:44:43austriancoderbut get in connection with amiconn, if you want to try to write the lcd driver
01:44:48jcodousI'll try grabbing the CVS and taking a look at the H1x0 driver (If that's complete / nearly complete).
01:44:56jcodous(LCD that is)
01:45:10HClthey don't really have anything in common..
01:45:22austriancoderh1x0 driver is not the same as h3x0 driver..
01:45:23jcodousFair enough.
01:45:36austriancodergrayscale vs color !
01:45:50jcodousThe driver chip is different, but presumably the way the driver will interface with the rest of the code will be similar.
01:46:32austriancodermaybe.. but iriver changed some stuff.. for instance, they are using pcf50606
01:46:43austriancoderans so some pin assigments may be different
01:47:04austriancoderoh.. i am wokring on the pcf50606 driver, as it is also used in iaudio x5
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02:21:42jcodousWill take a look tomorrow when I'm more awake and see if I can contribute to this. Thanks for the pointers guys.
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06:42:30Coldtoastheh. I see on MR Xavier's unofficial build is gettinng quite a few bug reports
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06:50:02ashridahunofficial build including?
06:52:11Coldtoasthis remote stuff
06:52:24ashridahaah. didn't know about it.
06:52:44ColdtoastI dunno. i can already see my prediction coming true
06:52:58Coldtoastthat by doing this, he creates a big headache for himself
06:53:14ashridahso where is this unofficial build?
06:54:06Coldtoasthe's already had somebody send him a mod of his patch too
06:54:26Coldtoastso he has a little unofficial fork with ppl submitting patches for his patch. hehe
06:54:35Coldtoastwell, mods of his patch actually
06:54:50Coldtoastalready starts to get messy right there
06:56:31ColdtoastI mean, I can't see why he doesn't submit his stuff
07:20:14ashridahmm. even if it's not the best work, making a branch in CVS to work on it at least makes it easier
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12:20:10bluebrother^actual cvs is broken :(
12:21:16bluebrother^found two lines stating "#eilf" instead of "#elif" in firmware/powermgmt.c
12:28:42*HCl goes to take a look at it.
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12:44:48MoosHello all !
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12:51:16austriancoderhi all
12:51:39Mooshi ac
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12:56:20XSilentShadowXanyone german here?
12:56:41XSilentShadowXkannst du mir was kurz helfen/erklären?
12:56:49austriancoderaber immer
12:56:54XSilentShadowXIch bin grad ausm Urlaub wiedergekommen
12:57:01XSilentShadowXund wollte mal gucken wie weit rockbox ist
12:57:11XSilentShadowXirgendwie blick ich da nich durch :D
12:57:23austriancoder*g* bei was denn?
12:57:28XSilentShadowXHm ka bei allem xD
12:57:41XSilentShadowXIst denn Rockbox sicher?
12:57:55XSilentShadowXIch hab gehört dass früher noch die Angst bvestand dass alles gelöscht wird
12:58:59austriancoderist mittlerweile in version 5 erhältich und gilt als sicher
13:00:41XSilentShadowXhm okay ich hab mir ne datei geladen namens tockbox-h120-dann ganz viele zahlen
13:00:47XSilentShadowXalso ne .rar
13:00:56XSilentShadowXda is ne file undn Ordner
13:01:06bluebrother^die builds gibts nur als .zip ;-)
13:01:09XSilentShadowXsoll ich die inen Iriver Ordner packen?
13:01:20XSilentShadowXstimmt is ne zip xD
13:01:20bluebrother^in den root vom iriver.
13:01:36XSilentShadowXkann ich dann noch zur alten Firmware umschalten?
13:01:48bluebrother^ja. Beim anschalten rec drücken.
13:01:56bluebrother^also anschalten mit rec+play
13:02:13austriancoderzuerst musst du ein firmware upgrade machen
13:02:24XSilentShadowXalso den einschaltknopp einmal zum starten drücken und dann rec?
13:02:30austriancoderdamit der bootloader installiert wird
13:02:45XSilentShadowXd.h. ich pack die datei inen root ordner
13:02:51XSilentShadowXund starte dann die 1.65
13:02:57XSilentShadowXund mach firmwareupdate
13:03:04XSilentShadowXdann mach ich aus und nomma an?
13:04:02bluebrother^solange wie der bootloader nicht drin ist (also vor dem upgrade) kannst du normal einschalten. Dann die gepatchte FW flashen. Das Ding geht automagisch danach aus. Einschalten und der rb-bootloader geht los :-)
13:04:25bluebrother^musst aber die original-firmware selber patchen.
13:04:30XSilentShadowXwoher krieg ich den? Oder is der in der zip schon drine?
13:04:42XSilentShadowXich hab die originale fw schon aufm neuestem Stand
13:05:10bluebrother^du brauchst fwpatcher & das original-hex
13:05:29bluebrother^du musst die original-FW patchen damit du RB laden kannst.
13:06:10bluebrother^fwpatcher tut das für dich. Dann musst du die gepatchte FW flashen.
13:06:22XSilentShadowXalso mom :D
13:06:34XSilentShadowXIch hab jetzt die fwpatcher datei
13:06:43XSilentShadowXUnd nu?
13:07:27bluebrother^mach die original ihp_120.hex damit auf.
13:07:52bluebrother^ich hab die 1.65-EU benutzt.
13:08:15XSilentShadowXund nu auf Patch?
13:08:21XSilentShadowXwas passiert dann?
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13:08:55webguest73austriancoder: guess you're going to write a how to in german soon :)
13:09:14bluebrother^dann baut er dir die .hex so um dass der neue Bootloader drin ist.
13:09:29bluebrother^has someone thought about a #rockbox-de channel? *g*
13:09:34XSilentShadowXhabs damit jetzt gepatched
13:09:46austriancoderund dann die gepachted fw nehemen und dann ein firmware update machen
13:09:50XSilentShadowXund nu die files und den Ordner inen Root richtig?
13:10:04XSilentShadowXund die .zip datei da reinpacken oder?
13:10:10XSilentShadowXalso entpackt inen root
13:10:17bluebrother^die zip brauchst du nicht mehr, nur den Inhalt
13:10:46XSilentShadowXalso ich hab hjetzt die .zip inen root gepackt
13:10:50XSilentShadowXalso entpackt
13:11:00XSilentShadowXsodass die iriver.rockbox und der Ordner da sind
13:11:30bluebrother^ok. Die neue ihp_120.hex auch in den root. Box starten. Normales FW-Upgrade machen.
13:11:59XSilentShadowXdie ihp_120.hex is doch eh im root
13:12:10XSilentShadowXich hab die im root Ordner gepatched
13:12:16bluebrother^wenn du sie da hin getan hast ja ;-)
13:12:50XSilentShadowXnu starte ich
13:14:08XSilentShadowXokay er graded grad up
13:14:18XSilentShadowXund ging aus
13:14:33webguest73a blow by blow account
13:15:43XSilentShadowXokay geht alles :D
13:15:48XSilentShadowXMan kann doch auch spielen oder? xD
13:16:45bluebrother^was meinst du mit spielen? Tetris und sowas?
13:16:55XSilentShadowXja snake xD
13:17:01XSilentShadowXund minesweeper xD
13:17:10bluebrother^ja, über Plugins.
13:17:10austriancodergameboy games ;)
13:17:28bluebrother^mode -> browse plugins -> pick one ;-)
13:18:00bluebrother^I tried rockboy once but found it a bit ... strange.
13:18:00XSilentShadowXschon getan xD
13:18:16bluebrother^but I want to play music, not games ;-)
13:18:20austriancoderrockboy in color will be great ;)
13:18:26XSilentShadowXdie alte firmware laden geht nich
13:18:44webguest73yep, the h140 is a bit lame for games
13:19:03XSilentShadowXhow can I load the old firmware
13:19:12bluebrother^die iriver?
13:19:18XSilentShadowXpressinmg the record buttom during he starts doenst work
13:19:30webguest73record AND play
13:19:30bluebrother^power off, dann power on mit rec gedrückt halten.
13:19:48XSilentShadowXhab ich gemacht
13:19:49bluebrother^ich mach normalerweise rec, halten, dann play drücken bis das iriver-Logo auftaucht.
13:20:05 Part webguest73
13:20:14XSilentShadowXja gut
13:20:17XSilentShadowXdas geht xD
13:20:41XSilentShadowXhm und was sind die Vorteile an Rockbox?
13:20:51bluebrother^gapless playback
13:20:58bluebrother^*working* ogg support
13:21:22austriancoderjpeg viewer
13:21:24crwldynamic playlists
13:21:30bluebrother^ogg is really crappy in the original fw.
13:21:48bluebrother^customizable play screen (called "wps")
13:22:04bluebrother^smaller fonts ;-)
13:22:11bluebrother^or larger, if you like to.
13:23:12XSilentShadowXjpeg viewer?
13:23:18XSilentShadowXI can view pics?
13:23:25XSilentShadowXwith ihp-140?
13:23:28bluebrother^yes you can.
13:23:46XSilentShadowXlol wow great
13:23:54XSilentShadowXand also .txt?
13:24:01bluebrother^"only" 33 greyscales but programming can't just du color with a b/w device ;)
13:24:06bluebrother^txt too.
13:24:23bluebrother^I'm pretty amazed about the 33 greyscales. Love this feature.
13:24:52bluebrother^we could tell it the other way round: what is not working compared to iriver:
13:25:00bluebrother^recording (being worked on)
13:25:15bluebrother^remote (unofficial patch avaliable)
13:25:40 Join Febs [0] (
13:25:58bluebrother^all the bugs of iriver ;-) USB disconnect is *way* faster for me with rbx.
13:28:21austriancoderneed to go
13:28:24austriancodersee you
13:28:25 Quit austriancoder ("CGI:IRC")
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14:13:33 Join matsl [0] (
14:13:41XSilentShadowXrockbox rulzz
14:15:32XSilentShadowXI love the function to view .txt and .jpg files
14:17:00XSilentShadowXwhich files do the ihp can read?
14:20:30 Quit XSilentShadowX ("CGI:IRC (EOF)")
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15:49:41Vortexdoes ipod/ipod-mini support usb-to-go or usb host mode?
15:52:14 Join DreamTactix291 [0] (
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16:06:53bluebrother^Vortex: afaik no. Maybe the newer ipod photo models.
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17:54:25prethomwhat up
17:55:48 Nick godzirra{gone} is now known as godzirra (
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18:07:31XavierGrHi all.
18:36:37 Join niobos [0] (
18:37:06nioboshello all
18:37:43*niobos is back from vacation...
18:37:56nioboswhat's happened in the last 3.5 weeks?
18:38:09niobosany big steps taken?
18:38:24niobosor rather: how many big steps taken
18:38:30crwlat least, hmm, replaygain and jpeg viewer and some buffering fixes
18:38:57nioboslooks nice
18:39:15niobosI'll need to fetch the daily build and take a look at it
18:40:05*niobos is off, unpacking...
18:40:08 Quit niobos (Client Quit)
18:43:53 Quit Febs (" HydraIRC -> <- IRC with a difference")
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18:54:17webguest97Xavier are you going to be committing the Remote Patch?
18:55:11XavierGrI dont have CVS access and no even if I did the main developers of this project wont like my build to be commited.
18:55:38XavierGrMy build is not so good to be commited it is just a temporary solution until proper remote support comes
18:55:57webguest97Are there any major issues with it?
18:57:00XavierGrWell it is not so programmer friendly. There may be issues with other targets. And add to that some minor bugs
18:57:47webguest97Are any of the "Main" developers looking at an alternative method of remote support?
18:57:50XavierGrhave you used my remote build at MR?
18:58:09webguest97I just loaded it and am trying it
18:58:16 Quit DreamTactix291 (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
18:58:45XavierGrwell I will update it every once and then so you will have your remote support
18:59:01XavierGrbut no I think that there is no immediate plan for the remote support
18:59:17webguest97Okay thanks
19:00:38XavierGras you can see by yourself there is 1 major bug with the filetree view
19:00:54 Join Stryke` [0] (
19:01:13XavierGrand you can either select the remote screen to be rendered correctly or the main unit
19:04:18webguest97Not a problem cause either I will use the remote or the main unit but hardly both
19:05:53 Quit Rick (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
19:22:40 Quit XavierGr ()
19:40:05 Quit webguest97 ("CGI:IRC")
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20:33:16SlasherHmm, playlist handling has a bug: If saving an open playlist file (for example dynamic.m3u) again with the same name (dynamic.m3u), the playlist will get corrupt
20:34:13 Join matsl [0] (
20:37:54SlasherI think the playlist system should in that case save first to a temporary file, remove the original playlist file and finally rename the temp file
20:41:46 Join Rick [0] (
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20:49:36 Join matsl [0] (
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22:46:16 Nick CheeseBurgerMan is now known as CBM-away (~BurgerBoy@
23:00:48 Join zezayer [0] (~jake@
23:03:49XavierGrhi all
23:08:11 Quit DreamTactix291 (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
23:11:48 Join webguest93 [0] (
23:12:08webguest93is anyone here
23:12:39*webguest93 i
23:15:57 Join thegeek_ [0] (
23:22:27 Join muesli- [0] (
23:27:56muesli-equal to "i am back"
23:28:18 Quit thegeek (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
23:28:22muesli-isnt "re" a greek preposition and means "back"
23:28:49 Quit webguest93 ("CGI:IRC (Ping timeout)")
23:30:45XavierGrNo it is isn't. Where did you heard it?
23:31:13muesli-they told me in german lectures i guess
23:31:22muesli-something like re-set
23:31:42XavierGrre = again
23:31:46XavierGrin english
23:31:59muesli-also to set something back least imho
23:34:01XavierGrwell I can't say that we use that here in Greece. We have many prepositions in front (or back) of words but I don't know this one, and never heard it. Though I know it in english language
23:34:34 Join bagawk [0] (~lee@bagawk.user)
23:35:16muesli-thus i shouldnt correct greek because i cant dunnno anything about it
23:35:16XavierGrwhat's 'mk' now means (do you mean mk = ok from southpark :) )
23:35:31muesli-my= mmh okay
23:35:58XavierGrWhere are you from muesli?
23:37:08XavierGrnice infrastructure!!!
23:38:04muesli-whats so special about it? (dont want to sound arrogant)
23:39:48XavierGrwell here in Greece, while having good beaches and seas, we lack good infrastructure. Bad roads and stuff, I mean very bad
23:40:04XavierGrWhich is your higher speed limit in roads?
23:40:17muesli-unlimited ^^
23:40:42XavierGrSee? For us it is 120km/h!!!!
23:40:45muesli-not everywehe
23:41:14muesli-only on freeways and some parts of it
23:41:25XavierGrand most of the time in my place it's under 80km/h
23:41:34XavierGrin national roads I mean
23:41:46muesli-its 100
23:42:20XavierGrNot to mention the 3rd world type of city roads we have
23:42:44muesli-mmh..never have been in greece so far
23:43:22XavierGrYou must come for vacation to Greece to see for yourself. While it's a good tourism place overall, I hate the roads.
23:43:55muesli-yeah, get some pitas and souflaki ;)
23:44:06muesli-not to forget ouzo :D
23:44:49XavierGrGrr I am hungry I will go for a gyros later!
23:45:12muesli-where do you life?
23:46:20muesli-:D just to wake you up, nothin special ;)
23:46:52XavierGrI live in a south island called Crete
23:47:03muesli-uh. very famous+
23:47:15muesli-and beautiful i gues
23:47:20 Join DarkkOne [0] (
23:47:29Moosplus very historical
23:47:39XavierGrHCl: The instructions about filepath (*filepath=0) are wrong. I get a runtime error in the simulator.
23:47:51XavierGrYou make me blush.... :P
23:48:30XavierGrHCl: I get the error when I try the s rb->splash(HZ*2, true, filepath);
23:51:05XavierGrHCl: any clue for it? It's quite strange because before the *filepath=0 the splash box works nice
23:52:42 Join Coldtoast [0] (
23:52:54Coldtoastany progress on the volume bug?
23:55:08HClton of questions
23:55:09HCllet me read up
23:55:38HClXavierGr: i said *file=0;
23:55:40HClwhats your code?
23:56:03HClpaste it in private or so and i'll correct it...
23:56:13HCl*filepath=0; would give splash a zero-length string
23:57:40 Quit Coldtoast ("Peace and Protection 4.22")
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