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#rockbox log for 2005-08-12

00:00:10Craig__no, the accident is the short push...not the long push
00:01:06amiconnHmm, it seems to me that an accidental long push is much more likely than an accidental short push if I tell someone (or know myself) that both have different meanings
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00:02:44Craig__my proposal is: if the current playlist is modified (ie. by the user, not by auto create of some sort), prompt before auto creating a new one. user can choose to save, ignore, or cancel action.
00:03:07BagderI think that is a good idea
00:03:10Moosgood idea
00:03:17Moosyeah really
00:03:23Craig__amiconn: it's simple :) you held it for 1.2 seconds instead of 1.3 or whatever it is.
00:03:24LinusNfair enough
00:03:36Bagderalthough I never made a playlist with rockbox :-)
00:03:37amiconnIt's less than a second
00:03:45Craig__whatever : )
00:03:47LinusNdon't release it until you see the menu
00:04:23Craig__fari enough Linus, when you know. when you don't (ie the friends), well...
00:05:02Craig__actually, i'm talking about my girlfriend here. i'm trying to save my own arse from her wrath when she loses her hard work.
00:05:20crwli can imagine that's a problem
00:05:26LinusNher wrath?
00:05:31crwlnow undo/redo function for playlist would be something (like in amaroK) ;)
00:05:37LinusNyou know her? :-)
00:05:58amiconnCraig__: To me, all these "Are you sure?" "Do you really want this?" dialogs in some programs are really annoying
00:06:14Moosprevention :)
00:06:43Craig__i understand amiconn. but this dialog would appear quite rarely i think. and it's only one press to get rid of it.
00:07:46Craig__it would be like one of those dialogs you don't even read once you're used to the program. you just hit the right key sequence.
00:07:58amiconnOne key too much
00:08:47LinusNamiconn: the other alternative is to try to prevent the mistake
00:09:04LinusNlike using another key for the context menu
00:09:32Craig__possible, but still doesn't completely eradicate the chance of a mistake.
00:09:59LinusNi have done the same mistake, in a slightly different way
00:10:09Craig__what about the standard "keep everybody happy" patch...make it an option: "warn before erase current playlist?"
00:10:14LinusNmistook a file for a directory
00:10:29amiconnLinusN: We could do this on the recorder, but the iriver doesn't have that many buttons
00:10:29LinusNand played the file when i thought i entered a dir the side buttons aren't really suited for one-hand operation
00:11:50amiconnThere is the long-standfing idea to get rid of the F2 and F3 quick menus. F3 would be good for a nice context menu button...
00:15:58Craig__i'm still new to all this. what exactly is the F2, F3 business about?
00:16:14Craig__were they buttons on the archos or something?
00:16:32Bagderthey are, not were ;-)
00:16:41amiconnF1..F3 are the 'soft' buttons below the archos recorder lcd
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00:17:41amiconnF1 is used for the main menu, F2 and F3 are used for quick menus (one such menu also exists on iriver, reachable by a long press of A-B)
00:18:19Craig__which is F what?
00:19:59amiconn The 3 buttons below the LCD, left to right
00:20:45Craig__yep, and they are which buttons on the iRiver? F1 - short AB, F2 - long AB, F3?
00:21:04amiconnF3 has no equivalent on iriver
00:21:16amiconnThe mappings aren't 1:1 anyway
00:21:46Craig__i think i need to do some more code browsing :)
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00:42:29Toni1LinusN: you're still there?
00:42:48Toni1I tried 'old style fm i2c
00:43:07Toni1works fine, exept ack comes late
00:43:26LinusNchicken! :-)
00:44:06Toni1any idea, why the response is so slow?
00:44:22LinusNi guess the device is slow
00:44:55Toni1hmmm, it takes ~3s to send a 5Byte command
00:45:55Toni1How is your progress?
00:46:31LinusNcan't get the i2c controller to run
00:47:06LinusNannoys me to death
00:47:45Toni1is it possible, that the tuner stays in standby and responses very slowly?
00:48:16LinusN3s sounds awfully slow
00:49:01Toni1yes, but I can write frequency and get this frequency back with "tuned" bit set
00:49:18LinusNi traced the i2c bus running the original firmware and it seemed pretty fast
00:49:18Toni1no "stereo"
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00:51:56Toni1I tried write without acknowledge, works fine, but no "stereo" and "tuned" at all frequencies (control read whows, that the frequency has been stored)
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00:52:47XavierGrHi again...
00:53:44Toni1and g'night all
00:53:52 Part Toni1
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00:58:52XavierGrLinusN: If the memory for a plug-in is low how can I make it larger. Currently when I add some char arrays into the jpeg viewer the rendering of the images is ruined. (This is solved when I remove the char arrays)
00:58:59 Join block44 [0] (
00:59:19LinusNyou can't make it larger
01:00:48XavierGrso I am stuck in this?
01:01:13XavierGrAnd to think that I haven't put so big arrays...
01:01:16LinusNhow big are the arrays?
01:01:18amiconnPlugin RAM is quite large on iriver - 768 KB
01:01:29Bagder768 KB should be enough for everyone
01:01:33Bagderreally ;-)
01:01:51XavierGrwell I cant see how a 2 dimension array can eat it up
01:02:16LinusNwell, that depends on how large it is :-)
01:02:19XavierGrThe biggest array for my tests is [8][50]
01:02:25XavierGrchar array
01:02:42LinusNthen i'm sure it isn't the array size
01:02:56XavierGrI can drop it out to [2][50] but the 50 probably has to be equal to MAX_PATH
01:03:15LinusNit's the file name?
01:03:25ExoticMandiblesMay I ask a tiresome tech support question for my Archos, which is almost certainly not Rockbox-related?
01:03:49LinusNXavierGr: and you are sure you don't overwrite something when you fill the array?
01:03:51ExoticMandiblesI'm trying to get it to run Rockbox, but it seems to have an *issue*.
01:04:08LinusNExoticMandibles: shoot
01:04:25XavierGrwell I don't use pointer arrays. I use fixed ones.
01:04:44ExoticMandiblesI bought an Archos FM Recorder 20 from eBay. When it arrived, its battery was very nearly dead.
01:05:16ExoticMandiblesAs it twitched and clung to its last moments of life, I plugged it in to the USB port to recharge it. (The other problem: the recharger that they shipped me was dead, too.)
01:05:31ExoticMandiblesI now have a brand-new battery, and a brand-new charger. I figured everything would be fine.
01:05:49XavierGrHow can I ovewright something when I use a char array? (Truth is that I am very confused with char, strings and alphanumerics in C)
01:05:54ExoticMandiblesBut now when I turn it on it goes into the Archos USB screen whether or not it's plugged in to the USB port.
01:06:25LinusNXavierGr: example: try to write at position [2][51]
01:07:12LinusNExoticMandibles: try the usual cure: open it up and resolder suspicious solder joints
01:07:19ExoticMandiblesIf I actually plug it in to a computer, it works like a proper USB drive. If I unplug it, it reboots, and goes back to the Archos USB screen.
01:07:48ExoticMandiblesSpecifically, ones around the USB port?
01:07:55ExoticMandiblesOr could it be pretty much anywhere?
01:08:08LinusNspecifically the ones that ground the pcb
01:09:19ExoticMandiblesThanks. I'll either do that or see if the seller will take it back.
01:09:27ExoticMandiblesI did just get it, and it has yet to really work right.
01:09:32ExoticMandiblesThanks for the suggestion.
01:09:34LinusNgood luck
01:10:01XavierGrWhy some use pointer chars instead of fixed arrays? Does rockbox supports dynamic arrays?
01:10:15LinusNXavierGr: you mean c?
01:10:42LinusNan array is just some bytes in memory
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01:11:14LinusNuse a pointer to point to it and voila! you have an array
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01:11:39XavierGrIs it best to store strings in fixed arrays or pointers?
01:11:42LinusNmy next question to you is: what makes you think that the array size is the problem?
01:12:40XavierGrBecause when I use a medium size array the rendering of the image gets distorted, when I use large arrays the rendering is black, and when I use small arrays the image renders fine
01:12:51XavierGrand that by only changing the array size.
01:13:09LinusNand none of your code is running?
01:13:50XavierGrWhat do you mean? My code runs but changing the array size changes the rendering too (which I haven't touched)
01:14:31LinusNi mean, let the jpeg viewer render a picture, without your code loading a directory
01:15:02XavierGrthen it will run fine as usual, or do you mean to include the arrays without the code to test?
01:15:18LinusNsomething like that
01:15:32LinusNcare to show me your code?
01:16:32XavierGrhmmm I will see that. No I don't care I will be more than happy to show you. Though it is not finished and some variables are not needed.
01:17:05XavierGrAlso you could tell me some points about it.
01:17:18XavierGrDo you want to e-mail it to you?
01:17:35LinusNdo that: linus at
01:19:17XavierGrthanks! :)
01:27:28XavierGrhave to go now! See you tomorrow...
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01:28:44LinusNtime to sleep
01:28:46LinusNnite all
01:35:05MoosGood night
01:35:09 Part Moos
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05:39:19jakroo99hi guys
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09:30:39LinusNaustriancoder: hi
09:31:12LinusNi have a question for you
09:31:40LinusNdo you remember having to do anything special to get the i2c controller to talk to the fm chip?
09:31:47LinusNi can't get it to work
09:32:03LinusNscratched my head all night
09:33:07LinusNthe i2c controller doesn't even try to talk
09:33:16austriancoderhmm... nothing spezial...
09:33:21LinusNnothing on the scl/sda pins
09:34:08*austriancoder looks for his iriver and looks if he get it running once more for a very short time
09:34:51LinusNyour iriver has your working radio code running on it?
09:36:51austriancoderi am not sure.. could be
09:37:27LinusNif so, i'd like to have the rockbox.iriver from it
09:37:35austriancoderi know ;)
09:38:00austriancoderhehe.. irver is charging normal.. very suprising
09:38:53austriancoderLinusN: have you done any changes to i2c code?
09:39:10LinusNonly added support for the second i2c channel
09:39:48LinusNvery minor
09:42:54austriancoderin about 30 minutes i can tell you more.. then the batteries should let me start the player
09:43:20austriancoderi have now an question to you ;)
09:43:33LinusNso as far as you can remember, all you did was to init the second channel and add i2c_read()?
09:43:45austriancoderwhere can i find the exception handling code of the coldfire?
09:44:08LinusNfor unhandled exceptions
09:44:36LinusNyou want to add an isr?
09:44:43austriancoderthink so.. did also some changes in ... i2c_radio.c or something like that
09:45:05LinusNinterrupt service routine
09:45:10austriancoderah ;)
09:45:12LinusNeception handler
09:45:42LinusN x\
09:46:18austriancoderyep.. for the iaudio.. the pcf50606 is interrupt baesd.. and as i dont want to poll the pcf i wait until the pcf sets an interrupt in coldfire. Then i want to start an exception handler for this
09:47:07LinusNto add an exception handler, all you need to do is declare a function with the correct name and the "interrupt" attribute
09:47:39LinusNlook in firmware/timer.c for an example
09:47:48austriancoderah cool
09:48:07LinusNthe IMIA4 name is predeclared in system.c in the vector table
09:48:28austriancoderthanks very much
09:48:29LinusNand uses a weak symbol alias to the default exception handler
09:48:49LinusNand is overridden when you declare a real function with the same name
09:49:10LinusNi have added all the 5249 vectors in system.c
09:49:32LinusNhow is the interrupt signal connected?
09:53:00austriancoderi dont know this at the moment.. will do later some traces
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09:58:11tandoclinus, did you just have a conversation with yourse;f?
09:58:28 Join webguest55 [0] (
10:00:06austriancoderLinusN: does this look ok?
10:01:38webguest55Hey, I was just wondering if anyone could tweak the "sleep timer" mode to include a fade when it stops before the "feature freeze"... is this possible? Thanks.
10:07:29LinusNtandoc: not that can remember :-)
10:08:04tandocwell zoom 2, linusn, logbot and austrian coder appear to have the same address =/
10:08:12tandocat least that's what my client says...
10:08:42 Quit Zoom2 ("CGI:IRC (Ping timeout)")
10:09:07LinusNtandoc: the same server yes, but not the same id
10:09:07webguest55I was zoom2
10:09:17webguest55computer crashed
10:09:23LinusNaustriancoder: looks ok
10:09:42tandocwhat's the best way to compile rockbox, for the less code-monkey inclined?
10:09:53LinusNgotta go away for a while for some Real Work(tm)
10:10:01webguest55Can anyone tell me if the fade out for the sleep mode is a possibility?
10:10:27LinusNwebguest55: i believe so, yes
10:10:35*LinusN wanders off
10:17:42 Quit webguest55 ("CGI:IRC (EOF)")
10:19:04tandocoh, they're all connected thru an http irc interface
10:24:22amiconnhi all
10:26:13LinusNtandoc: not me
10:26:17LinusNhi amiconn
10:31:33tandochopefully i'll get compiling right...
10:31:37amiconnI'm a bit undecided what to implement next :/
10:31:39tandocit's what turned me away from *nix xD
10:32:03amiconnThere are a number of things in different areas, and I have to decide which one I want to get in before the freeze
10:34:16 Nick ashridah is now known as Lost-food (
10:38:40CassandraWhat are your choices, ami?
10:38:51austriancoderamiconn: make the most triumphant thing ;)
10:40:25LinusNamiconn: runtime info and a-b
10:40:40LinusNboth need audio events
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10:51:49amiconnLinusN: I'm not interested at all in A-B
10:56:58 Nick Lost-food is now known as ashridah (
10:59:28amiconnCassandra: (1) Implement timer adaption to CPU frequency changes on iriver. Should remove the need to boost in the grayscale lib just to avoid timer changes. (2) Implement memguard for iriver. (3) Implement solid grayscale cube for archos using the grayscale lib. (4) Try to hook up the runtime database on archos (5) Try hacking the MAS pcm driver
11:02:12amiconn(6) Improve convbdf to work properly for >= 16 pixel wide fonts
11:17:45CassandraI'd suggest (4) except that I still don't think the rundb is mature enough to go in an actual release.
11:17:52CassandraWhat's (5) about?
11:18:10amiconnWAV playback and recording on archos
11:19:38CassandraThat'd be kind of cool to have in 2.5.
11:19:49CassandraThe rest don't seem all that time critical, really.
11:20:04amiconnI don't think we can include wav for archos in 2.5
11:20:17Cassandra(Although the new cube on Archos'd be kind of cool.)
11:20:57amiconn(a) because it is a lot of work and (b) because we do not have the final "ok" yet to include the driver in rockbox and publish the documentation
11:21:23Cassandraami: Fair enough. In that case, I'd say go for (3). (Assuming you're wanting my opinion. :) )
11:21:43CassandraWe actually have the docs? That's a whole leap forward.
11:21:51amiconnI did officially receive the driver accompanied by the documentation from Jörg, authorised by Micronas
11:22:21amiconnI'm not yet allowed to publish it, but that shouldn't stop me hacking it...
11:22:22CassandraReckon we'll be able to do other ogg later, or is that impossible with the MAS?
11:22:31amiconnIt's impossible
11:22:43CassandraThought it might be. Shame.
11:22:51amiconnThe MAS doesn't have enough RAM to fit the large tables necessary for ogg
11:23:53amiconnThe pcm driver will allow WAV (and AIFF) playback and recording, and I have strong hopes for a MOD layer as well
11:25:02amiconnI think I should do (4) first, then (3), hopefully both being done before the freeze
11:25:57amiconn(5) is too much work to be completed before the freeze, and the others aren't archos related (and hence not strictly necessary for 2.5)
11:36:02 Join Toni1 [0] (
11:36:13Toni1hi there
11:36:35Toni1I got i1c for fm-tuner running with gpio
11:37:03Toni1but still no tuning as if the antenna is not connected
11:37:31Toni1any ideas?
11:37:54 Join Sucka [0] (
11:38:18LinusNno tuning as in not finding any station?
11:38:29Toni1yes exactly
11:38:52Toni1auto tuning drops to the fm-band end
11:39:13Toni1and manual tuning also does not find the station
11:39:18LinusNand i assume you have the earphones connected?
11:40:01 Join Moos [0] (
11:40:17MoosBonjour ā tous !
11:42:28Toni1Are you intersted in the i2c patch?
11:43:00LinusNamiconn: regarding xtal-14, i think the line spacing is too big
11:43:14Toni1LinusN: Ok, I will make one and put it into the tracker.
11:44:36LinusNaustriancoder: any luck with the iriver?
11:45:29MoosLinus: we hope in you for the i2c things for FM :)
11:46:08Toni1LinusN: I only tested the patch for 11.85 MHz fixed system frequency.
11:49:37 Join Bger [0] (n=Bager@
11:53:01austriancoderLinusN: iriver starts up.. but hangs as the batteires are empty.. will connect it a hour more
11:59:05LinusNToni1: do you still have the problem with the slow response?
12:12:25Toni1LinusN: No I did a workaround. See my patch, just submitted :-)
12:16:12 Quit cYmen (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
12:18:00LinusNwhat's with the fm_cnt[] array?
12:18:23Toni1sorry, that was only for testing, garbage.
12:18:29LinusNi see
12:19:43 Join DarkkOne [0] (
12:23:28Toni1lunch time, bye all
12:23:32 Part Toni1
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13:22:26 Quit Cassandra (" HydraIRC -> <- State of the art IRC")
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13:48:40 Part arfo_
13:49:08 Join arfo_ [0] (
13:52:10LinusNany windows hacker here?
13:53:13LinusNi want to find a way to get to the information from the ATA IDENTIFY command in windows
13:54:44Bgerhm ... SoftIce + Breakpoint in some of the drivers ? ...
13:55:43LinusNi need it to be included in a windows application
13:56:21BgerASPI ?
13:57:51LinusNa windows app that displays the information in a window (in this case it's the IDENTIFY info from an ATA PCCARD)
13:58:27 Join wehn [0] (
13:58:56LinusNisn't aspi scsi only?
13:59:20Bgerit's used for IDE CD-ROMS
13:59:46Bgerok, obviously there is Win32 API
14:00:46Bgerwhat Windows (platform), what user rights
14:02:40LinusNi'm afraid that the user might be running anything from win98 to winxp
14:03:12Bgerfor NT based windows i'm pretty sure that there is such API
14:04:24LinusNme too, but it isn't exactly obvious
14:06:38LinusNi found a few tools that claim to do the job, but as usual in the windows world, there is no source code
14:06:49Bgerdo you have some kind of program which records api calls from a program?
14:07:37LinusNno i don't
14:12:20Bgerhm, no
14:12:36Bgerthis is in the DDK
14:20:03Bger <= there is an example of getting drive geometry ...
14:20:04 Quit tandoc (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
14:20:50Bgeri'm afraid i can't help you more than this (if i can call this "help")
14:21:10LinusNthanks anyway
14:21:26Bgerfor nothing
14:22:20Bgerthe last example needs administrative rights (at least because of the CreateFile("\\\\.\\PhysicalDrive0" ... ) )
14:23:49 Join muesli- [0] (
14:24:13BgerLinusN: i want to help in introducing USB host support in RB...
14:24:25Bgermuesli- hi
14:24:54muesli-hi Bger
14:25:03LinusNBger: nice
14:25:45Bgeri don't know how much i can help, but i'll try to get the best of me & my free tiem
14:26:22muesli-what was the limit file size for fat32, 2 or 4 gig?
14:27:44Bgeri have some questions regarding this ... like for example
14:27:49ashridahi seem to recall, at any rate
14:27:50LinusN4 gig
14:28:01muesli-ah ok...
14:28:11ashridahhm. could have sworn i'd run into it at 2.
14:28:19muesli-yepp, me too
14:28:20LinusNhowever, it's often better to limit it to 2
14:28:32ashridahthen again, i've got a 4GB iso image on a fat32 drive here.
14:28:39LinusNbecause so many apps use signed integers for file positioning
14:29:02LinusN(and possibly also rockbox)
14:29:40Bger1) any objections in trying as full USB support as we can ? like supporting USB hubs and accordingly, more than one device attached in one moment
14:30:30LinusNno objections, but start small
14:31:00ashridahi agree. so many usb devices have quirks it's not funny.
14:31:39ashridahlike, say, the iriver itself, which magically decides to offer up an empty usb packet when asked for a data read on occasion
14:32:10ashridah(giving linux hysterics, since it promptly has to reset the device, and used to not notice at all, and hand the fs layer uninitialized data
14:32:55Bgerit's clear that i'll not try to get hubs working in the beginning
14:33:56Bgerbut if we make the API in way to support only one device ... you know what happens when suddenly someone try to extend it
14:34:09Bgerwhat will happen
14:36:34Bger2) any objections in trying to use part of linux 2.6's USB stack as a skeleton (obviously removing as much as possible)
14:39:46LinusNwhatever works
14:40:27Bgerin fact i mostly mean to use cutted down headers like usb_ch9.h
14:41:50Bgerlocated /usr/src/linux/include/linux/usb_ch9.h
14:42:14Bgeralso parts of usb.h
14:51:17***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
14:52:04Bgerbtw, for working Mass storage device we need stack such as fat->USB_MASS_STORAGE_CLASS(RBS|MMC2|SPC-2...)->usbdi->hcd
14:55:18 Part arfo_
15:03:08 Part LinusN
15:13:07 Quit wehn (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
15:13:47 Join wehn [0] (
15:23:55 Quit wehn (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
15:24:30 Join wehn [0] (
15:33:00 Join pfavr [0] (
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15:43:23 Join webguest35 [0] (
15:43:29 Join wehn [0] (
15:44:57 Quit webguest35 (Client Quit)
15:46:23 Quit muesli- (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
15:48:26 Quit wehn ("My damn controlling terminal disappeared!")
15:58:00 Join muesli- [0] (
16:20:47 Join bumi [0] (
16:20:52bumihey everyone
16:20:54bumianyone here?
16:21:19bumihey Bger
16:21:23bumii have a question
16:21:33bumiwhy is the new hebrew patch not added to the CVS version?
16:22:07Bgerhebrew & bidi support was added to the CVS recently, iirc
16:23:29bumiso its in the main version?
16:23:33bumii sow that patch
16:23:39bumiand its working on my player
16:23:55bumijust didnt know it was added to the daily builds
16:23:59bumithanks alot then
16:24:05bumiwhats up anyway?
16:24:28bumineed any help from a new programer? any simple implementation i can do?
16:24:28Bgervolume bug on iriver fixed :)
16:24:41bumii kinda need a mentor to start helping out
16:24:50Bgerthen ...
16:25:27bumii know Java J2EE C++ C VB Perl Php a bit of python and very little unix
16:25:43bumiwell, i know there is a guide
16:25:51bumibut a mentor whold help me alot more...
16:25:55Bgerrockbox is C & target asm only
16:26:23Bgermaybe someone will help you if you ask specific question ...
16:26:57bumino C++?
16:27:41Bgerdon't forget, the target devices are with small memory, not so fast CPU, etc ...
16:28:14bumino chance for J2ME as well right?
16:28:26Bgerjust plain C
16:28:41Bgeralso, rockbox doesn't have alloc() functions
16:28:45bumik, i so a windows development kit installer
16:28:49bumiwhere do i get that/
16:29:10Bgeririver owner?
16:30:58Bgergotta go
16:31:21bumiam an iriver owner
16:31:44Bgerhm, i don't know whether there is "stable" dev for iriver running on windows
16:32:05Bgerit's cygwin, but i remember that there are some problems with the cross compiler
16:32:11Bgermaybe i'm wrong
16:33:37bumithanks alot
16:33:58Bgerfor nothing ;)
16:34:20 Quit bumi ("( :: NoNameScript 3.81 :: )")
16:39:51 Quit pfavr ("ChatZilla 0.9.61 [Mozilla rv:1.7.10/20050802]")
16:44:39 Quit ashridah ("Leaving")
16:49:02 Quit muesli- (Read error: 113 (No route to host))
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17:04:52 Quit Maxime`Mrn ()
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17:24:06 Join Bgr [0] (n=Bager@
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17:32:05 Join bagawk [0] (n=lee@unaffiliated/bagawk)
17:32:43 Quit bagawk (Client Quit)
17:33:45 Join bagawk [0] (n=lee@unaffiliated/bagawk)
17:38:59 Quit amiconn (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
17:38:59 Nick amiconn_ is now known as amiconn (
17:43:25 Quit Bger (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
17:48:40bagawkhey amiconn
17:50:24 Nick courtc_ is now known as courtc (
17:55:25 Quit crashd ("leaving")
17:55:59 Join crashd [0] (
17:57:38 Quit hardeep ("[BX] The Borg use BitchX. It will be assimilated. Shouldn't you?")
18:00:50 Join tvelocity [0] (
18:08:47 Join Bger [0] (n=Bager@
18:13:47 Quit Lynx_ (" reboot")
18:17:15 Join hardeep [0] (i=hardeeps@norge.freeshell.ORG)
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19:31:59 Nick courtc_ is now known as courtc (
19:37:06 Join LinusN [0] (
19:45:29LinusNah, i finally finished my bdm adapter for the iriver debug connector
20:00:58 Quit einhirn ("Miranda IM! Smaller, Faster, Easier.")
20:01:03ColdtoastLinusN: are you getting the volume bug any more?
20:01:48Coldtoastsince the change to backlight.c?
20:05:18LinusNno, my i2c prescaler fix cured it
20:23:29 Join muesli- [0] (
20:26:24 Quit crashd ("brb")
20:51:12 Join Lynx_ [0] (
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20:51:54muesli-gölle alaaf ^^
21:15:13 Quit Coldtoast (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
21:16:18LinusNwow! there is no pullup for the sda line!
21:17:50LinusNhow on earth is this supposed to work?
21:24:33 Join tvelocity [0] (
21:36:56 Quit muesli- (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
21:39:51LinusNah, there is a pullup, silly me
22:03:47 Join muesli- [0] (
22:04:03 Quit muesli- (Client Quit)
22:16:30 Join crashd [0] (
22:21:33 Join Shebb [0] (
22:23:07 Join Craig_ [0] (
22:23:53ShebbHardeep, if ou
22:24:05Shebbsorry, Hardeep, if you are there:
22:24:43ShebbSomeone of the forum suggested I talked to you if I wanted to get a playlist patch into the cvs
22:25:40 Quit Lynx_ (" bye!")
22:30:04LinusNShebb: i still don't understand what your patch does
22:32:39hardeepis this the "Add to playlist" patch? If so, I don't fully understand it either
22:33:40hardeepit looks like it manages playlists on disk, but seems like an overly complicated way of doing it
22:34:08ShebbAh, well I will explain I guess... it works fine for me
22:34:20ShebbYou add playlists to it
22:34:33ShebbYou probably saw that bit of it.
22:34:47ShebbThen hold select on a music file
22:35:06ShebbAnd you will be a ble to add it to any of the playlists that you have referenced
22:35:50LinusNwhat exactly is "it"?
22:36:28LinusNok, so you have a file with a list of playlists in it?
22:36:51ShebbThen if you hold select on a music file
22:36:59LinusNok i get it
22:37:24hardeepso, essentially, it's just an extension of the favourites plugin that supports multiple playlists?
22:37:24LinusNso it is like the add-to-favourites plugin
22:37:25ShebbYou can click 'Playlist catalog' then one of the add options
22:37:38ShebbThen the different playlists you have marked will appear
22:37:48ShebbYou select one and the music file shall be added to it
22:38:38LinusNhow do i add playlists to the list?
22:38:49ShebbHold select on a playlist
22:39:03ShebbThen 'Playlist catalog', add playlist
22:39:07LinusNi like this
22:39:32LinusNthe favourites plugin is so cumbersome
22:39:38ShebbYeah it is
22:39:49Shebbthis works well once you get used to it
22:40:01Shebband once you add a file to a playlist, that playlist will move to the top
22:40:08Shebbfor quick insertions of other songs
22:42:02LinusNi'll check it out
22:42:05ShebbWhat is not so good about it is that only 100 playlists can be added since I load the whole file into the buffer each time it is needed
22:42:45LinusNwho would want 100 playlists to choose from?
22:43:04LinusNcan i delete a playlist from the list?
22:43:32 Join Strath [0] (
22:44:03ShebbYes, it is an option under 'playlist catalog'
22:44:32Shebband playlists are automatically removed if they are choosen but do not actually exist for some reason or other
22:45:05hardeepHow often do you really add to multiple playlists at the same time?
22:45:24hardeephow about something simpler where you designate one playlist and begin inserting to it
22:45:32hardeepdon't need the catalog at all then
22:46:02LinusNi would use at least two lists
22:46:20LinusNone "favourites" and one "rerip/delete"
22:47:31LinusNShebb: so the playlist must exist first?
22:48:09ShebbAs of now yes.
22:48:22ShebbBut I suppose I could get it to create one
22:48:25hardeepokay, i guess i'm the odd one then =)
22:48:48Shebbhardeep: what is useful too is that you can play any playlist in the catalon
22:49:12Shebbit acts as a shorcut to them too which I find useful
22:49:22hardeepShebb: using the playlist_insert() function is overkill when you're just adding one track... it would be a lot more efficient to just write at the end of the file
22:49:35LinusNwhen i listen to music, i often find a song that i want to rerip or delete
22:50:03LinusNwould be handy to just add that to a playlist, to remember it
22:50:18Shebbyes I should change that
22:50:33LinusNand i sometimes want to add a song to a favourites list too
22:51:02LinusNbut the favourites plugin is so cumbersome to start
22:51:10ShebbAdding a playlist to the end of a playlist could be done that way too
22:51:25***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
22:51:27ShebbThe favourites plugin really is a little slow...
22:51:38ShebbThe other think I have s
22:51:49Shebbsorry, trigger happy on the enter key today
22:52:13ShebbThe other thing I have done is made a modified quick list
22:52:21ShebbI should upload that
22:52:24hardeepShebb: we don't support recursive playlists so you couldn't add a playlist to the end that way
22:52:30LinusNquick list?
22:52:49ShebbWhat you access if you hold A-B
22:52:56LinusNah, quick screen
22:53:10LinusNmodified in what way?
22:53:14ShebbI added 6 buttons
22:53:25Shebband control over what each one does
22:53:34ShebbTo allow user customisation
22:54:10LinusNdoes that work on the archos as well?
22:54:25ShebbFor myself I stuck on the crossfade settings, the favorites plugin (which I wont need now) and one or two of the screen savers
22:54:26 Quit hardeep ("[BX] Life is like BitchX. Ya never know what yer gunna git.")
22:54:35ShebbWorks for the archos
22:54:36 Join hardeep [0] (i=hardeeps@norge.freeshell.ORG)
22:54:54ShebbI left it how it was though.. the functionality split across 2 screens
22:55:31LinusNi can't understand how the i2c driver worked for austriancoder...
22:55:41LinusNthe scl has no pullup
22:56:37ShebbI need to leave... if there is anything that should be changed about the playlist patch for it to get on to the cvs can you notw it here and I will check the log
22:56:39 Part Shebb
22:57:56LinusNamiconn: you there?
23:01:33amiconnJust came home
23:03:03LinusNyou did the i2c code for the ondio fm driver?
23:03:17amiconnNo, Jörg did that
23:03:25amiconnI only have an Ondio SP...
23:03:27LinusNhere's what i've found
23:03:48LinusNthe iriver has another design flaw, it has no pullup for the scl pin
23:03:52amiconnMy sister has an FM, so I can occasionally test things
23:04:17LinusNso the internal i2c controller doesn't work
23:04:26LinusNwe will have to bitbang it
23:05:03LinusNi wonder how austriancoder had it working though, maybe some players have a pullup
23:05:27LinusNi pulled it up with a resistor and it started working
23:05:36amiconnHmm, strange
23:05:46amiconnI wonder how iriver does it...
23:06:16LinusNhowever, the fm chip doesn't seem to clock stretch, so we can bitbang without much trouble
23:06:31LinusNi guess they bitbang
23:12:00amiconnIf we need to bitbang, it should be possible to use the same driver as on the ondio with just the port access macros redefined, correct?
23:12:37LinusNyes, toni1 had that working
23:12:46LinusNthere is a patch in the tracker for it
23:14:18amiconnIf SCL has no pullup we can't wait for the release like on the Ondio though
23:15:07LinusNbut my logic analysis shows that it doesn't clock stretch
23:15:32amiconnHmm, and the delay loop should adjust to the current clock
23:16:39amiconnI still want to change the normal and max frequencies to be integer multiples of the base
23:16:46LinusNdo that
23:16:58amiconnThat's part of my (1) from today around noon
23:17:30 Join webguest89 [0] (
23:17:41LinusNi gotta go for a while. bbl
23:18:30amiconnThe backlight fading will still need to boost the CPU, because the timer periods are really short, but the grayscale lib hopefully won't require it anymore
23:19:16 Quit webguest89 (Client Quit)
23:43:23 Join Craig__ [0] (
23:43:25 Quit Craig_ (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
23:43:57 Part Craig__
23:45:20 Join Craig__ [0] (

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