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#rockbox log for 2005-08-13

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00:15:38]RowaN[guys, ive replaygained my entire collection, but in rockbox when i go to the "who ID3 info" screen from WPS context menu, it says "no info" for track gain & album gain. any ideas?
00:15:58]RowaN["show ID3 info", even
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00:31:27ender`]RowaN[: did you actually use ID3 tags? AFAIK, ReplayGain writes APEv2 tags by default (and so does foobar)
00:36:08Craig__anybody out there use ID3 browse mode?
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01:14:01*HCl reads the technical gobbilygook talk between amiconn and LinusN, and pretends he understands
01:17:38*LinusN falls asleep
01:17:52LinusNnite all
01:17:56 Part LinusN
01:20:16]RowaN[all my tracks have id3 tags yes, written in winamp.. foorbar2000 added the replaygain tags tho
01:20:30]RowaN[that explains it then i guess
01:20:39]RowaN[and rockbox uses the apev2 replaygain tags?
01:21:19Moosid3 tags
01:21:48]RowaN[so, how can i write id3 replaygain tags?
01:22:26Moosconfigure foobar for it writes tag to id3
01:23:00ender`any chance to get rockbox to support apev2?
01:23:06Moosby default is APE, just change this and it'll work like a charme ;)
01:23:53Moosender: there is a patch in the tracker but any dev add it to Rb
01:24:18]RowaN[moos where in the options of foorbar please?
01:24:36ender`look for Input->Standard Inputs
01:25:26]RowaN[its set to "ApeV2 & ID3v1" .. so it should have written id3 tags afterall
01:25:33]RowaN[but rockbox doesnt cant see them
01:25:42ender`id3v1 doesn't support much
01:25:48Moosid3 v2 with RB
01:25:50ender`only artist, title album and year
01:25:59]RowaN[id3 v2 ah ok
01:26:30]RowaN[hmm it says it gonna stip all other tags now if i write id3v2 info to any file
01:26:32*ender` 'll just wait for the patch to make it in the main tree :)
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01:27:19*]RowaN[ is scared
01:27:38ender`you won't loose anything, just all retagging will take much longer
01:28:06ender`also, you'll have to rewrite all tags
01:28:18Moosyes it is
01:28:29ender`select all files, choose properties, add and delete a value, then update the files
01:29:04]RowaN[ah if i select "ID3V2 & ID3V1" then it probably wont touch the existing tags and be able to write replaygain just to id3v2 without messing anything else around
01:30:16MoosRowan: try with just few songs or just 1 song and you'll see :)
01:31:09ender`btw, how does rockbox handle low battery conditions? does it poweroff before the battery runs out completely, or does the hardware do this automatically?
01:32:04Moosjust warning if I remenber good
01:32:24Moosnot included in bootloader one fonction like original fw
01:32:33Mooscurrently :)
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01:36:13Moostime to go to sleep 1h35am here in Paris and wake up at 6h am :(
01:36:23Moosgood night all
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07:02:12GarrettHello all, if anyone's here.
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10:45:19bumianyone here?
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12:30:58leftrightgapless is very good,
12:34:30Moosthanks to Lear for improvment :)
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12:48:29tandocanyone alive in here?
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13:29:55Master-Shadowwhere can I see which update from rockbox is on my player and which is the newest?
13:30:31midkhmm... menu -> info -> rockbox info, i think.
13:30:34midkor credits, yeah.
13:30:43midkshows on the bottom the date of the build, you can get the latest daily or release from the site.
13:30:59Master-Shadowhm and where?
13:31:02leftrightwhen you switch it on, it will flash the current version just as the Rockbox logo appears, but uts very quick
13:31:10Master-ShadowI have found this
13:31:21Master-Shadowbut I can t see there what the newest build is
13:31:35Moosdaily build page
13:31:59Master-Shadowand than?
13:32:27midkif it's newer, install it?
13:32:52Mooschoose lastest with photo of your model
13:33:14leftrightgo to the bottom of the daily build page, and download the Bleeding Edge build
13:33:17Moosthis is the build of the day (update every 6h am)
13:33:22Master-Shadowah okay I see :)
13:33:41Moosor choose the bleeding edge build
13:33:47Master-ShadowSo If I have a ihp-140 I must chose this?
13:33:49Moosfor the very lastest
13:34:11Moosyou can try the bleeding edge buil
13:34:17Master-Shadowwhats that?
13:34:24leftrightdaily build
13:34:31Moosfor have got the modifs of this morning eg
13:34:34leftrightnot bleeding edge
13:35:11Master-ShadowI think is the newest one?
13:35:15MoosMaster-Shadow: depand of you, choose daily or bleeding edge
13:35:22leftrightno, thats the dail
13:35:39leftrightthe latest is the bleeding edge at the bottom of the page
13:35:52Master-Shadowah okay than should I download this :D
13:37:12Master-Shadowso the bleeding egde is at every time the newest update?
13:37:40leftrightwhen they add a patch, get it from the bleeding edge
13:38:17leftrightthey then incorporate all patches into one for the daliy release at 0600am
13:38:36Master-Shadowokay Now I have copied every file
13:38:42Master-ShadowI just need to restart my pl,ayer?
13:39:09Master-Shadownothing like "Update Firmware" or something?
13:39:19leftrightjust restart
13:39:33Master-Shadowand how can I see if the installation was succesfull?
13:39:46leftrightdoes it work :)
13:40:42leftrightthe version number is displayed when the rockbox logo appears, the version number is very briefly displayed, you mudt read it quickly
13:41:16leftrightbelow the rockbox logo to be exact
13:41:23midkjust go to menu - info - credits, and it shows it for a couple seconds.
13:41:58leftrightno it doesnt show bledding edge version there
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13:42:25midki don't think it's changed since i've used rockbox
13:42:28leftrightsorry, you're right it does
13:42:31midkit shows the logo and the text.
13:43:36Moosleftright: it show the time stamp of the build ;)
13:43:54leftrightme runs and hides
13:45:56Master-Shadow050813-1026 Is my version
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13:45:59midk*searches for leftright*
13:46:36tandocanyone here familiar with ata.c?
13:50:38 Join LinusN [0] (
13:50:44tandoclinus :D
13:50:51LinusNtandoc: i know ata.c pretty well
13:50:59tandocwhich part of ata.c did you edit to remove the check registers
13:51:05tandocso i can compile myself
13:51:34LinusNi have an idea for an experiment
13:51:55LinusNis your dev env up and running?
13:52:07tandockinda, but i installed the wrong thing
13:52:18LinusNwrong thing?
13:52:32tandoci didn't build my own crosscompiler
13:52:39tandoc'WARNING These versions do not work correctly to build current rockbox code.'
13:52:42tandoci didn't see that
13:53:12LinusNas far as i know, it's only the Dumb codec that fails, right?
13:53:36tandoci have no idea ;)
13:53:44LinusNyou haven't tried building?
13:53:51tandoci did, then i saw the warning msg
13:54:02tandocand i didn't know which part of atc.c to remove
13:55:37LinusNtandoc: in the file tools/configure, line 526
13:55:45LinusNremove "dumb"
13:55:59LinusNthen reconfigure
13:57:52tandocthe one under 'archos="h120"'?
13:59:00tandocstill, which part of ata.c do i remove?
13:59:19LinusNtandoc: first things first
13:59:23tandocokay >.>
13:59:30LinusNbuild a complete firmware and install it
13:59:40LinusNjust to verify that everything works
13:59:58LinusNthen we'll modify ata.c
14:00:18LinusNbecause i suspect there is a bug in ata.c
14:00:41bumihey Linus
14:00:43bumiwhats up?
14:00:56LinusNnot much, working on the fm radio
14:01:05bumisay, did you see that remote patch? the one at misticriver?
14:01:18LinusNyes i've seen that patch
14:01:34bumiwhy isnt it in the CVS?
14:01:44tandoccompiling now
14:01:44LinusNbecause it's a hack
14:02:27tandocit failed.
14:02:41tandoci'll install that crosscompiler
14:02:48LinusNwhat was the message?
14:03:21bumiwhat do you mean its a hack?
14:03:29bumiits porly programed?
14:03:35tandocerr.. /home/tandoc/rockbox-13-08/tools/convbdf: Command not found
14:03:44LinusNbumi: it's a quick and dirty solution
14:03:49bumioh, ok
14:03:55LinusNtandoc: you didn't follow the instructions
14:04:04tandoci know >.>
14:04:15bumiany clue when real remote sepport will be added?
14:04:20bumiand in that note
14:04:42LinusNnumber 5
14:04:45bumiis there a msi installer or something like that for the entire rockbox devkit
14:04:54LinusNbumi: yes
14:06:04LinusNbluechip has put together a "devkit" on his home page:
14:07:22tandocshould i just use that >.>
14:07:32LinusNyour choice
14:07:46LinusNi don't use it
14:07:57LinusNbut many others do
14:08:03tandocokay, i've done which sh-elf-gcc
14:08:06tandocand it's not found
14:08:11tandocdo i just run setup.exe again
14:08:28LinusNtandoc: you're not a developer, are you?
14:09:11LinusNdid you read this?
14:09:21tandoci followed that
14:10:03LinusNhmm, i see now that it isn't *entirely* clear
14:10:35LinusNstep 3
14:10:44LinusNthe iriver has a coldfire cpu
14:10:55tandocyeah, i installed the coldfire packages
14:11:10LinusNtandoc okay, i've done which sh-elf-gcc
14:11:33LinusNso you said
14:12:17LinusNsh-elf-gcc is the sh1 compiler
14:12:31tandocno wait
14:12:34tandoci have m68k
14:13:03LinusNso once again, how far does it get when you compile?
14:13:48tandocoh wait
14:13:54tandoci once again didn't follow instructions
14:16:03*HCl rubs his nose
14:16:17 Quit bumi (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
14:16:38tandocokay it just failed at calculator.c
14:19:08tandoccalculator.c: In function 'typingProcess':
14:19:28tandoccalculator.c:1087: error: insn does not satisfy its contraints
14:28:49 Nick Sucka is now known as Sucka`away (
14:34:27 Quit silencer (Nick collision from services.)
14:36:54DBUGEnqueued KICK tandoc
14:36:54tandoc( LinusN ): okay, successfully compiled it
14:36:55 Join Toni1 [0] (
14:37:27 Part tvelocity ("Leaving")
14:37:59 Join NekoNoNiaow [0] (
14:38:32Toni1I found, why the fm tuner does not detect any station
14:38:42Toni1(on iriver)
14:38:55NekoNoNiaowhi, ladies and gentlemen
14:39:19NekoNoNiaow(though, i'd bet the percentage of ladies is quite small here :) )
14:39:21yeshi NekoNoNiaow
14:39:45Toni1It seems, that the tuner on irver uses a different crystal
14:40:28NekoNoNiaowis there anyone familiar with gmini development here ?
14:40:59Toni1XTAL have to be set to "1"
14:41:23Toni1I don't
14:41:52 Join Master-Shadow [0] (
14:42:22Toni1I think gemini development has stopped a few month ago in rockbox
14:43:45NekoNoNiaowit seems so
14:44:13NekoNoNiaowi'm trying to compile gemoss under mac os x, so i'm getting a few problems :)
14:45:00Toni1Bye all
14:45:02 Part Toni1
14:49:49 Join patcher [0] (
14:50:50 Join silencer_ [0] (
14:50:52patcherHi! I would like to report recent crashes of my iriver rockbox daily build. Is this the right place?
14:51:45***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
14:52:53patcherWell, ok. Here I go anyway :)
14:52:58NekoNoNiaowthe faq should answer your question ;)
14:53:43NekoNoNiaowgasp, I forgot my old nickname's password
14:54:24 Quit patcher (Client Quit)
14:54:25 Quit NekoNoNiaow ()
14:54:41 Join NekoNoNiaow [0] (
14:54:50 Join patcher [0] (
14:55:58patcherMy details: iriver H120, v1.65 EU, Rockbox daily build: rockbox-h120-20050813
14:57:36patcherError: when skipping a song via the remote, sometimes (could not reliable reporduce the error) my iriver crashes with disk activity continuing and the following error message:
14:57:58patcherI03: AddrErr at 31023304
14:58:32patcherDo you need any more details? Is this bug known?
14:59:25 Quit leftright ("CGI:IRC (Ping timeout)")
15:00:19 Join Strath [0] (
15:06:27 Part patcher
15:17:28LinusNtandoc: sorry, been on the phone
15:17:45LinusNi see you managed to compile it
15:20:53tandocwas playing cs >.>
15:21:34tandocso what's next?
15:22:59LinusNi guess you have ata: -32 now, right?
15:23:39tandoclemme load it
15:24:40 Join nobby [0] (
15:25:31 Quit Master-Shadow (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
15:26:22tandocata error
15:26:39LinusNok, open ata.c
15:26:53LinusNline 1379
15:27:02LinusNtandoc okay, i've done which sh-elf-gcc
15:27:05LinusN if (hard_reset && !wait_for_bsy())
15:27:22LinusNremove "hard_reset &&"
15:27:36LinusN if (!wait_for_bsy())
15:29:27LinusNdid it work?
15:29:53tandocwe'll see...
15:36:33 Join Lost-ash [0] (
15:36:55tandocstill happens
15:36:59tandoci'll try compiling again
15:37:54LinusNdo like this instead:
15:38:44LinusNremove everything from the "symptom fix" comment up to, but not including, the "return 0;"
15:39:07LinusNthe first fix was just a test
15:39:30 Join Toni1 [0] (
15:39:35LinusNhi Toni1
15:39:38Toni1Hi Linus
15:39:49Toni1I managed to get stations
15:39:51tandocbut leave the '}' below the return 0? or remove that too
15:39:54LinusNi have your i2c running on my device
15:40:06Toni1ah I see
15:40:09LinusNtandoc: "up to, but not including"
15:40:15tandocokay okay
15:40:23Toni1Now the frequencies have to be recalculated
15:40:39 Quit ashridah (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
15:40:52Toni1LinusN: Do you know how to do it
15:42:52 Part amiconn
15:43:07LinusNToni1: i think you divide by 32768 instead of 50000
15:44:11Toni1LinusN: OK, I will try
15:45:46tandocdo i need to edit anything else?
15:45:56LinusNtandoc: n
15:46:05tandoccompile failed
15:46:37LinusNwhat does it say?
15:47:06tandocdrivers/ata.c: In function 'set_features';
15:47:35tandocdrivers/sta.c:1359: error: 'rc' undeclared (first use in this function)
15:48:23tandocerm one sec
15:48:37tandochighlighting in my command prompt is acting up
15:48:37LinusNyou must have deleted a lot more than i told you
15:49:09LinusN8 lines
15:49:16tandocway too much
15:51:15tandoc8 lines from (and including) the symptom fix comment is 'return -1'
15:51:41tandocyou said up
15:51:43tandocso i went up
15:51:51tandocomfg i'm stupid >.<
15:53:39tandocand this is why i don't run *nix...
15:53:54LinusNbecause you're stupid?
15:54:30tandocthat, and it'd take me forever to get stuff running...
15:54:44tandocunless it had an rpm :D
15:56:45tandocata error: -10
15:57:40Toni1LinusN: Calculation works great, now "only" the sound is missing.
15:57:51LinusNtandoc: really?
15:58:03tandocoh wait
15:58:16tandoci think i took more off than i needed to
15:59:13LinusNToni1: i'm working on the sound
15:59:44Toni1LinusN: Goodie.
16:00:14Toni1Have to leave. Bye all.
16:00:17 Part Toni1
16:04:26tandoc( LinusN ): works now
16:05:22tandocthx :)
16:09:21CtcpIgnored 1 channel CTCP requests in 0 seconds at the last flood
16:09:21*Lost-ash ponders constructing a large EMP device
16:09:36Lost-ashsome fuckwits are playing music at full volume a few doors away
16:09:53Lost-ashi'm almost willing to nuke the entire block's electrical equipment just to shut them up
16:10:18 Nick Lost-ash is now known as ashridah (
16:10:31tandocapartment complex or houses?
16:12:12ashridahnah, there's a "community center" across the street that keeps getting booked for private functions
16:12:27ashridahthey were letting off fireworks too. nevermind that those are completely illegal here
16:12:48tandocdial 000
16:12:56ashridahconsidered it
16:13:04ashridahbut i cbf'ed dropping my modem connection :)
16:13:20tandocpolice can break up functions that aren't registered and if it starts disrupting the neighbourhood
16:13:33tandocwell, it is saturday night, sif anyone is asleep yet D:
16:14:05ashridahfuck sleep. i'm trying to work. can't work with DOOFDOOFDOOFDOOFDOOFDOOFDOOOOOF flooding through the walls
16:14:08 Join t0mas [0] (
16:14:18t0masLinus around?
16:14:23tandocput on some headphones and listen to music
16:14:50t0mas(if I quit... just wait a moment... web/cgi client :))
16:15:02ashridahtandoc: nah. trying to keep down on the headphone usage atm. might just retire to my room and turn on the tv instead.
16:15:09t0masI've read the log from yesterday evening
16:15:13tandocnothing good on
16:15:32ashridahtandoc: stopped raining on the cricket yet?
16:15:33tandocah there's rugby i guess
16:15:46tandocdon't think so
16:15:47LinusNt0mas: i'm here
16:15:53tandocthey seem to be showing highlights
16:15:54tandocwith music
16:16:06ashridahgood. never thought i'd hope to see australia get saved by rain :{
16:16:29tandoci'm surprised mcgrath is playing
16:16:45ashridahanyway, i'm off.
16:16:49 Quit ashridah ("attempted sleep.")
16:16:49t0masmy text input box has disappeared :X
16:16:56 Quit t0mas (Client Quit)
16:17:00 Join t0mas [0] (
16:17:10t0masah, there it is again :)
16:17:29t0masLinus: I was reading about your I2C and pullup discussion with amiconn
16:17:44t0masAustriancodec has written some I2C patch, have you read that too?
16:18:02 Part yes ("bye")
16:18:48LinusNt0mas: yes i spoke to him earlier in the same log
16:19:36t0masah, ok... I missed that
16:19:47t0masmaybe we should ask him to check his broken player?
16:19:59t0masif he has a pullup there is something wrong with some batch of irivers
16:20:09LinusNgod knows how his driver worked though, without the pullup
16:20:50t0masI2C has this "hardware AND" right?
16:20:56t0masthere is the pull-up for?
16:21:23t0masso it isn't I2C compatible?
16:21:47t0masor iRiver has done something we haven't found yet...
16:22:18LinusNiriver probably bit-bangs, like we do now
16:22:34t0masis that explained somewhere in the log?
16:23:03LinusNmeaning we control the i2c lines by hand, with gpio
16:23:11LinusNand not use the i2c controller
16:23:12t0masah ok
16:23:23LinusNbtw, the controller worked just fine when i added a pullup
16:23:39t0massomeone at iriver goofed up then
16:25:03t0masbut what's the cost of doing it "manually" ?
16:25:13t0masnot much i think?
16:25:36LinusNno, just a tiny little extra cpu
16:25:43LinusNnot a big deal
16:26:32t0mashm... then the only "open" problem is why the other driver has worked on some devices
16:27:08t0masit doesn't work on yours (w/o adding the pull-up)
16:27:20t0masI can test it on mine if we have some testcode...
16:27:43LinusNit's the same with toni1
16:29:08*LinusN is listening to radio
16:29:20t0maswith the added resistor?
16:29:27t0masor have you already written a new driver?
16:29:28LinusNno, bitbanging
16:29:38LinusNtoni1 wrote it a few days ago
16:29:39t0maspatch availible somewhere?
16:29:45LinusNnot yet
16:30:39LinusNpatience, grasshopper :-)
16:31:04t0masI like radio too ;)
16:31:10t0masand my iriver firmware doesn't boot anymore :)
16:31:51LinusNwill commit shortly
16:35:43 Quit tandoc ()
16:36:27t0masreading the datasheet :)
16:36:44t0masand wondering... what's the japanese band?
16:37:11t0mas(byte 4, bit 5)
16:39:46LinusNi dunno
16:40:51 Quit NekoNoNiaow ()
16:42:29t0mas"The normal tuning range of a car radio designed for use in Japan is from 76 to 90 MHz."
16:42:43t0masinternational is 87 - 108 right?
16:42:54LinusNthink so
16:44:04t0masthat's intresting
16:44:15t0masdutch police radio is just below 85 afaik
16:46:18t0mas86,30 to 86,77
16:46:22t0masdepending on your location
16:51:49***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
17:06:35 Join Lear [0] (
17:09:12 Join NekoNoNiaow [0] (
17:10:32*LinusN goes to the supermarket
17:18:12NekoNoNiaowi'd have a question for autoconf/configure experts if there are any here :)
17:20:36t0maswell... I'm surely not an expert
17:20:44t0masbut I have used it for quite some time now :)
17:21:00NekoNoNiaowyou certainly know more than me :)
17:21:10t0maswell... ask your question :)
17:21:21t0masI'll get a drink in the meanwhile
17:23:24NekoNoNiaowi'm on mac os x right now, trying to compile gemoss the gmini emulator, it doesn't compile because of a symbol (O_LARGEFILE) which doesn't exist on mac os x, so i've modified the source so that if XP_MACOSX is defined, then that symbol isn't used. It should be the case since XP_MACOSX seems to be Apple's standard define.
17:24:21 Join Lunchb0x [0] (
17:24:25NekoNoNiaowHowever, it's not defined at all, so i'm wondering where i should start inserting code/config stuff into the autoxxx files so that when a mac ox x platform is detected, then XP_MACOSX is defined by default in the makefiles and compiler invocations
17:24:39 Quit nobby (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
17:24:51t0masit should be detected by the configure script
17:25:12NekoNoNiaow... let me try it again from scratch
17:25:16t0masso autoconf should add a check to the configure script
17:25:48NekoNoNiaowoops sorry i misunderstood you, right, that's what i'd like to tdo
17:26:18NekoNoNiaowwhere should this be added ?
17:26:28t0masand you use the configure script from gemoss now?
17:26:35t0masor have you run autoconf yourself?
17:26:50t0mashm... maybe you can try to install the newest autoconf
17:26:51t0masand run that
17:27:03 Join bagawk [0] (n=lee@unaffiliated/bagawk)
17:27:06NekoNoNiaowi'm following the indications on that page :
17:27:09t0masif that XP_MACOSX is a default define... it should be there
17:27:44NekoNoNiaowok I see, I was afraid of that, Apple's binutils are way too old
17:28:40t0masdo you have the file?
17:29:04NekoNoNiaowok, so my next task is now "find the less painful way to install the latest binutils on mac os x without screwing anything" :)
17:29:13NekoNoNiaowlet me check
17:29:22t0masautoconf/automake aren't in binutils afaik
17:29:48NekoNoNiaowtruly enough :)
17:31:31NekoNoNiaowno, only
17:32:29t0masthen you can't use autoconf yourself
17:33:06NekoNoNiaowok, so i need the latest one, well, I needed an excuse for installing fink anyway :)
17:33:25NekoNoNiaowi'll try that , thanks !
17:33:58t0masyou can add "-D XP_MACOSX" to the gcc commandline
17:34:06t0mas(as a workaround)
17:36:22 Join webguest15 [0] (
17:36:43NekoNoNiaowyup, good idea
17:37:05NekoNoNiaowwhere should I add this so i wont have to modify all makefiles ?
17:38:06NekoNoNiaowi do agree :)
17:38:17t0masI think there is a global var for gcc options?
17:38:47NekoNoNiaowi'm checking the upper makefile
17:39:52NekoNoNiaowok there's one, great
17:39:54t0masthere is a var: CXXFLAGS
17:40:00NekoNoNiaowgot it
17:40:40NekoNoNiaowi can't believe i'm using vi under mac os x...
17:41:01crwlis there actually vi somewhere too, or just vim?
17:42:07NekoNoNiaowVIM - Vi IMproved 6.2 (2003 Jun 1, compiled Mar 21 2005 02:12:42)
17:42:11NekoNoNiaowto be precise
17:43:54NekoNoNiaowargh, it's using g++, so it's CPPFLAGS instead
17:44:49NekoNoNiaowerm no, thats not the problem
17:45:11NekoNoNiaowgcc3 invokes g++ but it doesnt pass it the flags...
17:45:58NekoNoNiaowwhich is normal since I should use cxxflags as you said
17:46:05NekoNoNiaowi'm just completely dumb, it's official
17:46:13NekoNoNiaowplease shoot me :)
17:46:14t0masghe :)
17:46:23*t0mas is not an american... no gun ;-)
17:47:03NekoNoNiaowgood thing ;)
17:48:16NekoNoNiaowwell, same problem, still no flags passed
17:48:22NekoNoNiaowi'm gonna put it everywhere
17:49:09 Quit webguest15 ("CGI:IRC (EOF)")
17:49:53NekoNoNiaowhum, no i got it
17:58:36NekoNoNiaowediting the config.status does it
18:01:00NekoNoNiaowok, that part finally compiles, thank again
18:01:51 Quit TCK- (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
18:02:08t0masno problem :)
18:05:56NekoNoNiaowi owe you a beer :)
18:20:25 Join TCK [0] (
18:24:48 Quit TCK (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
18:31:08 Join TCK [0] (
18:32:33 Quit bagawk ("Leaving")
18:46:27 Join nobby [0] (
18:48:58 Nick Sucka`away is now known as Sucka (
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19:28:49 Quit Lear (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
19:37:21 Join Lear [0] (
19:47:00 Quit nobby (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
19:49:54*t0mas is formatting his iriver :)
19:50:07t0mashope it starts working again after this
19:55:29 Quit t0mas ("CGI:IRC")
19:55:51 Join t0mas [0] (
19:55:59NekoNoNiaowstill no one with gmini binutil experience ?
19:58:26LinusNfew people have
19:58:48LinusNthere were only two people working on the gmini port
20:02:10 Join [-AIR-] [0] (
20:02:39[-AIR-]hey. woah haven't bin here in a support like it. just upgrading to bellding edge.
20:02:54[-AIR-]object not found atm...exciting :D
20:03:57t0mas build-h100/librockbox.a(tuner_philips.o)(.text 0x8e): In function `philips_set':
20:04:05t0mas firmware/tuner_philips.c:62: undefined reference to `logf'
20:05:08t0masand the simulator doesn't like radio-ing either :)
20:08:20[-AIR-]oh. is there now recent build for the iriver h120 ?
20:08:26[-AIR-]oh. is there no recent build for the iriver h120 ?
20:08:44t0masit didn't build... because there is an error in it
20:08:55[-AIR-]can you fix it ??
20:08:59t0masbut I can fix that... after I've downloaded an editor
20:09:12*t0mas is in windows :(
20:10:29 Join webguest07 [0] (
20:10:35webguest07Radio! \o/
20:11:07*t0mas is installing dev-cpp
20:11:30LearHm... In what way is the radio support "lame"?
20:11:31webguest07Wasn't expecting that. What with the upcoming freeze. Imagined you'd rather work on Archos stuff
20:11:43t0masLear: it isn't working atm
20:11:43[-AIR-]iriver RULEZ
20:11:51[-AIR-]edit: rockbox RULEZ
20:12:00Learwell, it doesn't build, but you mean other than that?
20:12:09webguest07Works For Me[tm]
20:12:22t0masLear: I don't know
20:12:34t0maswebguest07: hm? works??
20:13:16webguest07Build and loads. Listening to radio right now. Have you updated like, within the last 20 minutes?'
20:13:40LearLess than 20 minutes, I'd guess...
20:13:40webguest07Wait, you said something about logf.. I'm running with logf enabled
20:14:09webguest07Heh, "oops" commit
20:14:12LearThere was a checkin at :09, that might've fixed it...
20:14:12t0masit's fixed now :)
20:14:19t0masyes it has
20:14:42LinusNthere always have to be an "oops" commit
20:14:58t0masyes, you said that earlier :)
20:15:01webguest07I'm half beginning to think you do it on purpose
20:15:18LinusNthe lameness comes from that the radio screen doesn't yet handle the preset menus
20:15:53webguest07Ah, I was about to ask how you do presets.
20:15:53LinusNneeds a lot of rework to handle the different keymaps
20:16:07NekoNoNiaowlinus : oops sorry, i was not reading
20:17:34NekoNoNiaowi'm having trouble compiling the cvs binutils under mac os x, gettext problem, hopefully it will be solved soon, but i guess more awaits me :)
20:17:57LinusNNekoNoNiaow: i don't envy you
20:19:11webguest07"All the power of unix!" indeed
20:19:30 Quit t0mas ("CGI:IRC")
20:19:39NekoNoNiaowall the power of outdated binaries
20:20:02LinusNyeah, you need to have the latest jungle animal
20:20:42 Quit Moos (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
20:20:45webguest07They're worse than MS with regards to semi-forced upgrades it seems
20:21:05webguest07Offtopic semi-trolling. Sorry.
20:21:05LinusNcertainly feels like it yes
20:21:38 Join Moos [0] (
20:21:48LinusNwebguest07: how do you feel about the handling of weak stations, btw
20:22:13LinusNrockbox activates the soft-mute function in the fm chip
20:22:38NekoNoNiaowat least, mac os x dev tools are free, both monetary and licensing
20:22:41LinusNwhich lowers the volume when there is bad reception
20:22:58webguest07Well.. I'm getting pretty bad reception overall (same with iriver firmware though), so I'm not sure I'm noticing
20:23:23webguest07oh wait, here was a local station.. sounding clear.. now to find a weak station
20:23:26LinusNiriver handles it differently, so you hear the loud static
20:23:44NekoNoNiaowsorry if this is obvious to you, but i'd like to wipe all configure's caches in a source tree, how should i do this ?
20:24:08LinusNyou shouldn't build in the source tree
20:24:18NekoNoNiaowthe build tree of course :)
20:24:20 Join t0mas [0] (
20:24:29t0masI hate web clients
20:24:38LinusNeasiest is rm -rf *;configure
20:24:38webguest07Hm.. would be interesting to make a recording of the two firmwares on the same frequency
20:24:40t0masbut I can't use normal IRC here :(
20:25:00NekoNoNiaowlinus: that one's looks nice, thanks
20:25:04webguest07I really haven't been using the iriver radio (because of less than stellar reception), so I don't really know the idfference
20:25:20LinusNwebguest07: you will notice when you hear it
20:25:36webguest07I'll try it.
20:25:40*webguest07 boots iriver firmware
20:26:06webguest07Now let me just wait a literal minute while it boots
20:26:23webguest07Still very confused what they're doing in this time
20:26:40NekoNoNiaowthis question i ask myself at every computer boot :)
20:27:00Moosbad remenbers of the iriver fw :)
20:28:26webguest07LinusN: I'm not convinced this sounds worse than rockbox. Maybe a (temporary perhaps) option to turn off the feature to better test?
20:30:04webguest07Also, idea. Anything stopping running the cpu at 11mhz while on the fm screen?
20:30:30NekoNoNiaowI don't get it, configure finds msgfmt, but the shell doesnt
20:30:49NekoNoNiaowchecking for msgfmt... msgfmt
20:31:04webguest07Well, maybe it's looking in places not in your path
20:31:17NekoNoNiaowthat's strange for a configure
20:31:20t0mas<webguest07> Also, idea. Anything stopping running the cpu at 11mhz while on the fm screen? <−− no... the iriver firmware does that...
20:31:27t0masbut maybe the UI gets to slow if we do it?
20:31:57webguest07I don't remember it posing much of a problem in the first days of Rockbox
20:32:03webguest07sure, scrolling longs lists was slow
20:32:08LinusNwebguest07: the soft mute is used in the Archo Ondio version of Rockbox, and iriver shared the code. I'll add an option for that later on
20:32:11webguest07but there's not much going on in the fm screen
20:32:33NekoNoNiaowwebguest07: probably
20:32:46t0mas:D :D
20:32:51t0masmy iriver firmware works again
20:32:59t0mastime to update my bootloader
20:33:02LinusNwebguest07: that's something we should consider
20:33:29LinusNi'll be away for a while, cu later
20:33:30webguest07I could run fm for weeks with this 2200mah battery then..
20:51:55***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
20:53:56 Quit hanklords (Remote closed the connection)
20:54:51 Quit Lear ("Chatzilla [Firefox 1.0.6/20050720]")
21:04:51webguest07Hrm, running at 11MHz doesn't seem to be a problem.
21:05:15webguest07(on FM screen)
21:05:39webguest07If I actually did put it at 11mhz
21:08:19webguest07problem is I can't tell the difference
21:08:33webguest07oh, it was
21:08:40 Join muesli- [0] (
21:10:09 Join [1]Moos [0] (
21:10:10 Quit Moos (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
21:10:13 Nick [1]Moos is now known as Moos (
21:21:33 Join dpassen1 [0] (n=dpassen1@
21:21:33 Quit muesli- (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
21:23:43 Join zezayer [0] (n=jake@
21:29:12t0masI need some help...
21:29:35t0masis there some way to make the peakmeter only react on bass?
21:29:46t0massay tones < 120 hz
21:29:55 Quit Hansmaulwurf ("( :: NoNameScript 3.81 :: )")
21:30:13t0mas(I have my backlight dimming connected to peakmeter output now :D)
21:31:38zezayerwow t0mas is there a patch available?
21:32:24zezayerwhere has the recording option gone in the latest bleeding edge its no longer in the debug menu?
21:33:01t0masno idea
21:33:05t0masand there is not yet ap atch
21:33:19t0masbut it's working on high tones too
21:33:23t0masso it's not looking to good
21:33:31t0masI want it on bass tones only :)
21:34:11zezayertalk 2 they guys that made the original peak meter?
21:34:15webguest07The peakmeter seems only slightly music-related right now anyway
21:35:04t0maszezayer: no, peakmeter is working from MAS samples...
21:35:12t0masI want to filter that first
21:35:17t0maslowpass 120 hz
21:35:21t0masor something
21:35:28webguest07PCM Recording is still in my debug menu
21:35:51crwlum, i didn't first get backlight at all with rockbox
21:36:05crwlonly after waiting for the backlight fadeout, it came
21:36:43 Join hshah [0] (
21:37:06t0masthere are some plugins doing things like what I want
21:37:11hshahliking the new radio build... but can't test it
21:37:28hshahcan i get the latest bleeding edge as source code...?
21:38:09webguest07think so
21:39:16t0maswhy can't you test it?
21:39:51 Quit hshah (Client Quit)
21:39:51 Join hshah [0] (
21:40:04hshahwhere did u get that link from?
21:40:14hshahwhat page is it on...?
21:40:27webguest07 bottom
21:41:34hshahOMG - IM STUPID!!!
21:42:01hshahI downloaded the H120 build... but didn't see the source link right next to it...
21:42:59hshah*hits self around head*
21:47:16webguest07That's what #rockbox is for
21:49:38 Quit hshah ("CGI:IRC (EOF)")
21:50:24webguest07Hrm, gminisp/120 doesn't define CPUFREQ_NORMAL/DEFAULT/MAX .. won't this end up being a problem at some point?
21:50:32webguest07(nevermind that gmini is pretty much broken)
21:50:53webguest07Guess this is why it's not in the daily build llist
21:52:14webguest07Probably the smallest problem for gmini.
22:03:34webguest07LinusN: Running FM screen at 11MHz seems completely harmless. (placed a call to set_cpu_frequency(CPUFREQ_NORMAL); and DEFAULT, respectively at the top and bottom of radio_screen()
22:05:49t0masBagder/LinusN? Do you know something about signal processing?
22:05:58t0masor so I have to wait for preglow to return? :)
22:06:00webguest07Might not be the correct places, but at least for testing it seems to work.
22:06:04Bagdernot much
22:06:15webguest07t0mas: you could try the mailing list
22:06:17*t0mas needs a low-pass filter
22:06:34t0masand I can't google it up...
22:06:49webguest07I'm assuming the wavpack guy knows just a tiny bit
22:06:55webguest07and possibly others
22:08:29webguest07probably, rather
22:09:04 Quit t0mas ("CGI:IRC (EOF)")
22:09:15 Join webguest15 [0] (
22:09:19 Nick webguest15 is now known as T (
22:09:19webguest07A curse on cgi:irc
22:09:22 Nick T is now known as t0mas (
22:09:26t0masindeed :)
22:09:55zezayerwere u talking 2 ur self there??!
22:10:16zezayer** mixed up webguest07 and webguest15
22:10:20t0masghehe, ok
22:10:24zezayermy wrong
22:10:29webguest07o.O my iriver just turned off
22:10:33webguest07this can't be right
22:10:42zezayerpress the play button :P
22:10:43webguest07don't think so
22:10:59webguest0748% full
22:11:09webguest07Was listening to radio.
22:11:15webguest07at 11mhz.
22:11:20Moosauto pwer of otion maybe
22:11:26webguest07good point..
22:11:39webguest07Sounds like a bug to me
22:11:57t0masit thinks it's idle when you're listening to radio
22:12:08t0masso I think you have the idle timeout option on?
22:12:31webguest07No mystery then.
22:13:17webguest07could've sworn I had it running for longer than 5minutes
22:13:28t0masmaybe you didn't press a button for 5 minutes?
22:13:38webguest07Must not have
22:13:47Bagdert0mas: can you explain your snake commit?
22:14:03Bagderwhy always write 4 bytes?
22:14:17t0masBagder: No... I can't...
22:14:22Bagderseems... wrong
22:14:23t0masit's XavierGr's patch
22:14:31Bagderbut you committed it
22:14:36t0mashe tested it... I just checked if it compiled
22:14:46BagderI don't like it
22:14:54BagderI think its wrong
22:15:09*t0mas checks what he had to say about it
22:15:11LinusNi understand the applecount fix, but definitely not the 4
22:15:32Bagderthe count reset seems logical
22:15:35zezayerthere was a prob with hiscore limited to 99
22:15:57t0maswhat's wrong with always writing 4 bytes?
22:16:12zezayerthe patch fixed the applescore and hiscore > 99
22:16:14t0masas long as he reads out 4 bytes too, there is no problem?
22:16:29Bagderwell, first it doesn't support 9999
22:16:32webguest07Seems like a hack
22:16:51zezayermax score is 4000
22:17:07Bagderthe read code is rather stupid as well
22:17:26t0masline 477
22:17:40Bagderyes, that'll make two bytes
22:17:46Bagderbut if you read 4
22:17:51Bagderthere's no trailing zero
22:17:59Bagderthen atoi() on it is...
22:18:14t0masthat's just waiting for a crash
22:18:17webguest07Hrm, my iriver should be turning off right about now
22:18:27Bagder%04d would solve it
22:18:34*NekoNoNiaow got gettext compiles and hopes the binutils will build
22:18:38Bagderhm, no
22:18:51NekoNoNiaow./me speaks strange english
22:18:55BagderI think the save should be fixed to save the number with a newline afterwards
22:18:59NekoNoNiaowand bad irc too :(
22:19:01Bagderusing strlen()
22:19:06t0masBagder: or a \0
22:19:17LinusNand use readline() to read it back
22:19:20Bagdersure, but a newline is more readable if you load it with a text editor
22:19:24webguest07Well, using a newline would enable... yes, readline
22:19:50NekoNoNiaowplease, let us all pray together that the binutils will build :)
22:19:51t0masok, I'll edit it...
22:19:57t0masand ask XavierGr next time I see him
22:20:52t0masBagder: Why not just revert his change, and change the sizeof(phscore) on line 477
22:20:55t0masas that is the bug...
22:21:05t0massizeof() doesn't work on an array...
22:21:06MoosHello Slasheri
22:21:17webguest07How often is the idle-poweroff thing checked?
22:21:18Slasherthe radio seems to work fine. Btw, could the recording from radio be possible with external loopback cable from line out to line in if that's a hardware limitation?
22:21:18Bagdert0mas: yes it does
22:21:21SlasherMoos :)
22:21:26Bagderthat is not the error
22:21:29Bagderlemme fix it
22:21:44webguest07Slasher: doesn't seem to be, someone on misticriver reported recording radio
22:21:56Slasherwebguest07: ah, ok. Do you have any url?
22:21:57LinusNSlasher: recording works
22:22:00webguest07picking the line-in input o.O
22:22:18LinusNtune in on the station, leave the fm screen with the Play button
22:22:26webguest07I suppose that just reflects how the hardware works
22:22:27SlasherLinusN: recording from radio? that sounds nice :)
22:22:27LinusNenter the recording screen and choose Line In
22:22:45Slasherah, interesting
22:22:46Slasheri will try
22:23:22*webguest07 tries it
22:23:54Slasherhehe, i can even play music while radio is on :D
22:24:03webguest07well, taht certainly left the hardware in an odd state
22:24:48webguest07(after exiting the record screen, the radio stopped, and I couldn't hear anything when I played the file)
22:24:53webguest07Works fine after a reboot though
22:25:08LinusNwebguest07: go back to the radio screen and leave it with Stop
22:25:15Slasherdid you use a loopback cable?
22:25:21webguest07Slasher: nope
22:25:24LinusNno, why?
22:25:27Slasherok, i will try with it
22:25:59webguest07Got a good split-second of static at the beginning of the file. guessing this is a bug with the pcm recording code?
22:26:07LinusNthe fm radio output is routed to the ADC input via an analog multiplexer
22:26:20LinusNwhich chooses between Line In and FM audio
22:26:26LinusNwebguest07: yes
22:26:27webguest07Radio recording sounds just dandy though
22:26:58NekoNoNiaowshit, build failed
22:27:45webguest07No point in reporting oddities with the pcm recording I suppose
22:27:47NekoNoNiaowand because of source problems
22:27:52Slasherhmm, the recording seems to work fine
22:28:09webguest07it certainly does
22:28:24webguest07no interference from harddisk or other hardware
22:28:29NekoNoNiaowdid anyone try to compile the binutils for the gmini using cvs lately ?
22:28:37Slasherthat's nice.. so we will have fm recording capability with an external loopback cable in future :)
22:28:45webguest07Why iriver isn't including this feature is confusing me
22:28:49LinusNNekoNoNiaow: nobody has been working on the gmini for ages
22:29:12LinusNSlasher: why the cable?
22:29:16LinusNi don't get it
22:29:20NekoNoNiaowages ? like millenaries ? years ? days ? :)
22:29:26Slasheroh, it works even without it? cool
22:29:29Slashertrying that..
22:29:51t0masI have it when I don't get things
22:29:59t0masbut this signal processing stuff is difficult
22:30:06NekoNoNiaowi'm googling through rockbox/irc and i see jyp posts in february (i'vbt been further yet)
22:30:26LinusNages, as in months
22:30:46Bagderjyp is the only one who worked on the gmini port
22:30:50Bagderand he vanished
22:30:51t0masand the most irritating part is that preglow knows how to do it... and he isn't around
22:31:23 Join the_winch [0] (n=winch@
22:31:41NekoNoNiaowi see
22:33:05NekoNoNiaowbefore that, did he submit regularly to cvs ?
22:33:13webguest07LinusN: going to fm screen and back didn't work
22:33:24LinusNwebguest07: yes, i realized that
22:33:32NekoNoNiaowok, so everything is not lost
22:33:35webguest07Alright. I'll shut up about it
22:33:49BagderNekoNoNiaow: nothing is really lost
22:33:53BagderNekoNoNiaow: just stalled
22:33:55webguest07it's not like a reboot is a big deal with rockbox
22:34:16Slasheryes, the recording works really well. Only minor hardware initialization issues
22:34:29LinusNmy first attempt hung
22:34:37NekoNoNiaowthe strange part being that the binutils don't compile, I guess it's due to the fact i'm on os x
22:34:42LinusNafter 3 seconds
22:34:54Slasherhmm, i recorded something like 30s
22:34:56BagderNekoNoNiaow: binutils for what?
22:35:04webguest07I just recorded 4:37
22:35:05NekoNoNiaowfor the cross compiler
22:35:05Bagderwhat target
22:35:11NekoNoNiaowbadger : gmini
22:35:11BagderNekoNoNiaow: calmrisc?
22:35:12webguest07Listening to it now.
22:35:18NekoNoNiaowyes gmini, calmrisc
22:35:24BagderNekoNoNiaow: from their cvs?
22:35:49NekoNoNiaowi'll be using samsung's sources tomorrow if i can't get the cvs ones to work
22:35:56NekoNoNiaowi'll be trying at least
22:36:00Bagderit built for me
22:36:07webguest07I should stop using these headphones. It makes me sad going back to the in-ear pieces :-\
22:36:10NekoNoNiaowbadger : under os x ?
22:36:12Bagderbut I haven't uped from cvs in a while
22:36:13LinusNi get static everytime it saves to disk
22:36:17BagderNekoNoNiaow: no
22:36:31webguest07LinusN: Noticeable?
22:36:43webguest07How long?
22:36:48NekoNoNiaowi might try under linux too, i'll try tomorrow, but my desktop setup won't be practical for useful work
22:37:04LinusNwebguest07: just while the red led is lit
22:37:13LinusNwhen rockbox accesses the disk
22:37:16webguest07Strange. Not seeing such a thing here.
22:37:16BagderNekoNoNiaow: it would at least rule out/confirm a platform related problem
22:37:32webguest07Well, hearing.
22:37:55NekoNoNiaowmy problem is sharing files between mac os x and linux, smb seems the easiest but it's a pain in the ass to get working under linux
22:37:59NekoNoNiaow(at least for me)
22:38:03*t0mas quits trying to filter
22:38:09t0maswhen is preglow back?
22:38:21webguest07Didn't he say "about a week" a week ago?
22:38:22LinusNwebguest07: a small "pffft" everytime it saves
22:38:40Bagderpreglow ( signed off 2 days and 7 hours ago ("ex")
22:38:55Moost0mas, maybe Lear'll can help you when he'll back
22:39:07t0masLear does something in the dsp field too?
22:39:18Moosi believe
22:39:18webguest07LinusN: I really can't hear any such thing.
22:39:33*t0mas curses at his school... 1 year left... then I'll just know how to do it myself
22:39:35Moost0mas: try the mailing list
22:40:32LinusNwebguest07: maybe that's why iriver didn't do it, because some devices get bad reception during hard drive access
22:40:34 Quit t0mas ("CGI:IRC")
22:40:42 Join webguest15 [0] (
22:40:45LinusNarchos fm recorder has the same problem
22:40:50webguest15@#%$@#$@#$ cgi client
22:40:54 Nick webguest15 is now known as t0mas (
22:41:28 Join XavierGr [0] (
22:41:33webguest07Well, this is a really strong station.
22:41:49LinusNtry a weaker one
22:42:48webguest07Man, it's really bad at guessing where stations are located
22:43:30webguest07Dammit, I can only find crisp channels, or really really bad ones
22:43:48webguest07Ah! here's one
22:45:08webguest07can you hear it while recording, or only on the recording?
22:45:24MoosHey XavierGr
22:45:42LinusNwebguest07: while recording
22:46:11 Join hardeep [0] (i=hardeeps@norge.freeshell.ORG)
22:46:11webguest07Don't think I can replicate it then
22:46:21LinusNlucky you
22:46:33webguest07sounds strange though
22:46:45webguest07Unless this is just a case of my ears being broken
22:47:15webguest07But I'm assuming it'd be easily noticable
22:47:31LinusNwell, it's not *that* bad
22:48:09LinusNjust that the reception gets a tad noisier when the disk is accessed
22:49:29webguest07Curious.. I really can't hear it.. do you have a small clip of it?
22:50:05webguest07oops, now I have 6 minutes of some classical music
22:51:31XavierGrHi all! Nice news about the radio and FM recording!
22:51:56t0mashi XavierGr
22:51:58***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
22:52:09t0mashave you read the logs about your snake patch?
22:52:12XavierGroh thanks t0mas for the commit
22:52:26t0masyeah, Bagder has already changed it again ;)
22:52:40Bagderme no like it
22:52:44Bagdercheck the diff
22:52:52t0masshort comment "Me no like it"
22:53:00 Join Garrett [0] (
22:53:16BagderXavierGr: actually, the biggest problem wasn't added by you it was there already
22:53:23Bagderbut I didn't like the fixed 4 bytes write
22:53:33GarrettHello all.
22:53:50NekoNoNiaowman, the #gmemu channel sure is active : idle times all equal to connection time :)
22:54:11GarrettI was just wondering where the hell one actually gets an Archos Jukebox 5000 or IRiver player these days.
22:54:21 Join hshah [0] (
22:54:23LinusNNekoNoNiaow: you're on your own there
22:54:30webguest07Garrett: ebay
22:54:41t0masBagder? you're the rockbox mailinglist manager?
22:54:42hshahhello, can anyone give me the bmp for the current USB logo
22:54:46GarrettBecause the only thing I see now is the Gmini Sx202.
22:54:47NekoNoNiaowlinus : i wonder why they still connect to the irc ?
22:54:55Bagdert0mas: me. linus and zagor are
22:55:02t0mashshah: I have a better version :)
22:55:04GarrettI was just wondering if that would work.
22:55:06LinusNhshah: i'm not sure we have it
22:55:07hshahhey LinusN - yes i was being a retard about the latest bleeding edge source
22:55:09t0masBagder: it bounced my bost
22:55:18LinusNhshah: :-)
22:55:20hshaht0mas... could u email it to me please?
22:55:26LinusNhshah: hang on, i'll dig it up for you
22:55:28t0masit's on my webserver
22:55:29Bagdert0mas: didn't it say why?
22:55:34hshahthank you :)
22:55:40t0masBagder: "You are not allowed."
22:55:54Bagdert0mas: and you used the correct email address?
22:56:09Bagderin the From: field I mean
22:56:13GarrettSo will RockBox work on the GMini SX202?
22:56:23GarrettThat's all I need to know.
22:56:25BagderGarrett: no
22:56:27webguest07 <−− New Iriver h140 at 250 (in uk)
22:56:31t0masoh shit...
22:56:39Strathwe're here NekoNoNiaow
22:56:40t0masmy subscription address isn't my sending address...
22:56:52t0masthat's my version
22:57:03t0maslooks better than the original... but it doesn't fit on archos
22:57:18webguest07Hah, cute
22:57:23Bagderwe could use a different one on iriver
22:57:25NekoNoNiaowstrath : hi, so i'll be probably bothering you in a few days :)
22:57:33XavierGrwell bagder I see you changed the iohiscore function I had written. Well I guess your version is better.
22:57:33t0masBagder: then take a look at mine...
22:57:41Strathalrighty :)
22:57:53hshaht0mas... does it fit on the iRiver H120?
22:57:59LinusNantialiased for grayscale
22:58:09t0mashshah: it's made for the H120
22:58:21BagderI think LinusN's version wins over t0mas's ;-)
22:58:30t0masgrrr :P
22:58:41hshahim gonna combine both to make the ultimate version :p
22:58:44 Part zezayer
22:58:52hshahbut mines going to have my name in it... so useless for anyone else :p
22:58:52Bagderthe usb image race!
22:58:53webguest07It'll fight crime.
22:58:57*Garrett notes that this is a very interesting discussion.
22:59:12GarrettWish I knew enough to contribute.
22:59:20LinusNhshah: please do two versions, one 4-gray and one b&w that fits on the archos
22:59:24t0masGarrett: start paint... of the gimp
22:59:26t0masand paint something
22:59:32GarrettNo I mean to the project.
22:59:33 Join zezayer [0] (n=jake@
22:59:37GarrettI can't paint, I'm blind.
22:59:43t0masGarrett: can you do C?
22:59:48GarrettA little bit.
22:59:49hshahdoesn't the image have to be 100 by 32?
22:59:52LinusNcan you C? lol
22:59:55GarrettNot nearly enough to be useful.
23:00:09GarrettI can't see or C.
23:00:10hshahneither can i - lol
23:00:11t0mashshah: no
23:00:17XavierGrLinusN: You mentioned that the reception on FM gets bad when the disk writes data. I didn't noticed that...
23:00:21t0masit can be 128x160
23:00:23dpassen1how much knowledge of C is needed to contribute
23:00:24webguest07hshah: no - 160x128 for iriver
23:00:27LinusNXavierGr: it's faint
23:00:39Bagderdpassen1: it depends on what you want to do
23:00:49Bagderwriting or fixing plugins doesn't require very much
23:00:55Bagderand you'll learn fast
23:01:05hshahLinusN - do two of what... im confused... this is the first time im even making an image for the iriver - lol
23:01:07XavierGrSo do you think that iriver put that out because of it?
23:01:14LinusNhshah: the image should have room for the status bar
23:01:22LinusNXavierGr: possibly
23:01:36XavierGrHmmm I will make more tests to hear that.
23:01:39webguest07Sounds strange. It's really unnoticable to me
23:01:41 Join Bger_ [0] (n=Bager@
23:01:45webguest07Like, entirely
23:02:01GarrettGod, I can't believe I'm actually looking on Amazon for one of these.
23:02:17XavierGrFor one of which?
23:02:27GarrettAnything older than a gmini sx202
23:02:36webguest07If I were blind, I'd hold out a bit and wait for voice-ui on iriver-h1x0
23:02:49webguest07That's easy to say of course - I'm not the one without a DAP
23:04:12t0masghe :)
23:05:12GarrettArchose Jukebox 20GB handheld multimedia center
23:05:31GarrettWould it work with that?
23:06:01GarrettWait, there's a gmini sx220.
23:06:10hshahin paint... when in monochrome mode... why can't i write text?
23:06:22webguest07It probably wants to use antialiased fonts
23:06:25 Quit [-AIR-] ("I-n-v-i-s-i-o-n 2.0 Build 3515")
23:06:26webguest07and gets all sad
23:06:28GarrettDon't look at me LOL.
23:06:29LinusNGarrett: don't hold your breath for rockbox on gmini
23:06:54webguest07iriver is a waaay safer bet than gmini
23:07:00LinusNoh yes
23:07:12GarrettI probably sound like a total ignoramus LOL.
23:07:29webguest07With iriver it's a matter of when, gmini is a matter of if
23:07:37Bagderwe are MANY deverlopers with irivers and we are NONE with gmini
23:08:04NekoNoNiaowthere might be a quarter of one on gmini
23:08:09NekoNoNiaowif i can find time :)
23:08:20Bagderright, NekoNoNiaow is our upcoming hero ;-)
23:08:45Bagdershouldering the great jyp's rep is not easy
23:08:53LinusNjust like the oracle said
23:09:35XavierGrLinusN: It's almost impossible to hear the distortion. I heard something like it once on a 2minutes recording, but this should be heard every 7 seconds right?
23:09:37GarrettI just wish the archos site wasn't such a piece of shit.
23:09:47LinusNXavierGr: yes
23:10:08LinusNGarrett: you won't find any rockboxable players there
23:10:21LinusNthey stopped manufacturing them long ago
23:10:31XavierGrWell I have to wait for my FM transmitter to make some Sine wave tests from another audio device
23:10:42GarrettThat's just fucking great.
23:11:29webguest07Garrett: If you want something that'll work right now, buy a used Archos Recorder on ebay or some other site like that.
23:11:40GarrettCool thx.
23:11:46 Quit zezayer ("Download Gaim:")
23:12:06webguest07Garrett: If you're okay with waiting for a while, but getting a way smaller, more capable player, buy an iriver - either used, or from
23:12:30webguest07potentially more capable, at least
23:12:51Bger_it IS already :)
23:12:53 Join zezayer [0] (n=jake@
23:13:05Bagdernot for a blind guy
23:13:11Bger_at least in supported playback formats
23:13:12webguest07Bger_: Depends what you're success criteria is
23:13:26Bger_yeah, but that's a matter of time
23:13:38webguest07That's why I said potentially
23:13:49 Quit Garrett ("Nice talking to you all.")
23:13:56Bger_preglow plans to start working on speex codec iirc
23:13:56NekoNoNiaowbadger : huh, don't say that, when i first started working on the gmini the first time i did not go very far, so better not be too ambitious :)
23:17:37webguest07Getting a different codec is not the problem with voice-ui as far as I understand it
23:18:20 Part zezayer
23:19:40 Join zezayer [0] (n=jake@
23:20:52XavierGrLinusN: About the jpeg viewer and the scroll adition. I see that physical files come in alphabetical order when opening the contents of a dir.
23:21:14XavierGrSo I think that we will not need a sorting function for it.
23:21:19webguest07XavierGr: That's probably luck
23:21:26hshahWOO HOO - made my own usb image
23:21:27LinusNXavierGr: a coincidence
23:21:44XavierGrhmm then this will be a problem.
23:21:46LinusNyou probably copied them to the disk in alphabetical order
23:22:08hshahwell its sort of t0mas's and the original RB one with some text... but i can call it my very own coz its got my name... lol
23:22:13XavierGrbecause then we will have to sort all the jpg entries first.
23:22:30XavierGrand we will need a huge 2 dimension array to hold the entries
23:22:51LinusNwhy huge?
23:22:51webguest07What's the second dimention for?
23:23:25LinusNwebguest07: a string is an array in c
23:23:32webguest07Oh right
23:23:35XavierGrwell I use an array context[numberof jpg files] [MAX_PATH] for the files
23:24:19XavierGrbut in case that te files were sorted we would need only 2 char arrays. Next[MAX_PATH] and Previous[MAX_PATH]
23:24:40LinusNthey're not
23:24:49LinusNand there are smarter ways of doing it
23:25:01LinusNlike how tree.c does it for instance
23:25:15XavierGrcan you describe it?
23:25:26XavierGrbecause I tried to understand to no avail.
23:25:38XavierGrgenerally what it does?
23:26:01LinusNhave the file names in a large buffer, one after another, separated by only the ending null byte
23:26:15LinusNand a pointer array to point them out
23:26:40LinusNthat way you don't waste bytes by having each item allocate MAX_PATH bytes
23:26:47XavierGryeah I see that.
23:26:49LinusNand only use 30-40 of them
23:27:11XavierGrthat way is far more better.
23:27:35XavierGrthat buffer what type is it? Char *buf?
23:28:40LinusNchar filenamebuffer[16000]; (for example)
23:28:51XavierGrso it is fixed.
23:29:15LinusNso you need to make sure you don't overflow
23:30:23webguest0716000 being related to the max files in dir browser limit?
23:30:29webguest07(not in the plugin, of course)
23:31:08XavierGrthe pointer array will then be char *pointer[number of entries]?
23:31:59Bger_16000 = maxfiles * max_full_filename probably
23:32:43XavierGrmax_full_filename = 260 right?
23:32:55XavierGrand what if it is more thatn 260?
23:33:02Bagderit can't be
23:33:03 Join thegeek_ [0] (
23:33:11Bger_it CAN'T be more
23:33:18XavierGrin windows too?
23:33:19Bagderyou can't have more than max
23:33:24Bger_this value is in FAT specifications
23:33:29XavierGrgot it
23:33:44 Quit thegeek (Read error: 113 (No route to host))
23:33:45LinusNBger: 16000 was just an example
23:33:56Bger_but i'm not sure it's 256 (or 255)
23:34:17LinusNit's 250
23:34:39Bger_hm, ok:)
23:34:43LinusN256 bytes path plus "X:\" and a null byte
23:35:07Bger_ok, in rockbox there's no X:\
23:35:16Bger_only /
23:35:20webguest07What a lovely system fat is
23:35:27 Quit t0mas ("CGI:IRC")
23:35:27LinusNbut we kept the 260 anyway
23:35:29 Join webguest15 [0] (
23:35:36 Nick webguest15 is now known as t0mas (
23:35:44XavierGrExample: Someone has 1000 files in a folder (remove the dot files for this) and all have maximum filepath. 1000 * 260 = 260000
23:35:44webguest07What *are* you doing?
23:36:04XavierGr260000 characters
23:36:16LinusNXavierGr: yes
23:36:17XavierGr1 bute each = 260kbytes
23:36:22Bger_yep, but this is the worse case :)
23:36:47XavierGrand the plugin memery is 768kbytes if I remember correctly?
23:36:53Bagderbut very few users have 1000 songs using max path length
23:38:09Bagdermost people have file names less than 40 bytes I would say
23:38:28Bagderand 1000 * 40 is 40K
23:39:38XavierGrwell Bger in the settings you can increase maximum files to 10.000 so it is not the worst case scenario, but generally you are right
23:40:03webguest07Them all being 260 bytes is the worst case
23:41:12XavierGr2.6MB is the worst case scenario but that is fictional.
23:41:17LinusNXavierGr: if the buffer gets full, you only show the files you managed to read
23:41:23t0masmaybe just use a pointer array? And point into the pluginbuffer fof dynamic size strings?
23:41:25LinusNsimple as that
23:41:34t0masthat would save a lot compared to fixed 260 bytes entries
23:41:41Bagderyou can fill up the buffer in the plain dir browser
23:41:49Bger_~/Rockbox/rockbox/firmware $ grep '#define MAX_PATH' * -r
23:41:49Bger_export/lcd.h:#define MAX_PATH 260
23:41:49Bger_include/file.h:#define MAX_PATH 260
23:41:50Bagderso I don't see why you shouldn't in the jpeg viewer
23:42:05Bagderit shouldn't be in the lcd file
23:42:09XavierGryeah now that you told me how the tree.c works I will leave the fixed char array scenario.
23:42:10LinusNt0mas: look what i said about 23:25
23:42:12Bger_hm, i got it
23:42:45t0masLinusN: I can't... client crashed
23:43:32 Quit t0mas ("CGI:IRC")
23:43:33 Join webguest15 [0] (
23:43:37 Nick webguest15 is now known as t0mas (
23:43:39webguest07Anyone else noticed that the logs seem to miss a few seconds around midnight
23:43:43t0masyes, I found that log already
23:43:45t0mas23.26.01 # <LinusN> have the file names in a large buffer, one after another, separated by only the ending null byte
23:43:54Bger_ok, shouldn't MAX_PATH be lower than 260 ?
23:44:15*t0mas smiles... found the same solution Linus used...
23:44:20Bger_like 258
23:44:36BagderI think using 260 makes sense
23:44:49Bagdersince we when can actually use that for file names
23:44:53Bagderthat works in windows
23:45:22LinusNBagder: if we generate a 260 char file name, i guess windows will choke
23:45:39t0mas259 a \0 ?
23:45:47XavierGrLinusN: In a FAT32 windows system what about NTFS?
23:45:47Bagderoh right, if the fat code does it too
23:45:58t0mashuh... the plus sign isn't working in the cgi client
23:46:03LinusNXavierGr: i don't know about ntfs
23:46:15Bger_XavierGr it's much more
23:46:15webguest07Noone does
23:46:20Bger_than 256 chars
23:46:24Bger_(unicode chars)
23:46:31XavierGryeah I mean that windows will probably choke only on a FAT32 disk not an NTFS
23:46:32Bger_like 16536 ...
23:46:39Bger_but i'm not sure
23:46:44Bagderis there even a limit?
23:46:55Bger_i think there is
23:47:08LinusNXavierGr: yes, but rockbox can only generate fat32 files
23:48:25XavierGrSo if rockbox generates a 260 filename and then you send it on windows with a FAT32. Windows will choke. But if it is on a NTFS system it won't.
23:48:42hshahLinusN -
23:48:53Bger_ok, internet over 33.6k is not internet ...
23:49:04hshahmodified a bit of t0mas's one
23:49:10LinusNXavierGr: how can you "send it" to windows without windows reading the rockbox fat32 disk?
23:49:39XavierGroops then I guess I am wrong. Just a thought.
23:50:11Bagderpaths can be 32K in NTFS it seems, but the file part itself is limited to 255 only
23:50:24webguest07That's... amusing
23:50:51Bger_ <= hmm
23:51:20XavierGrIt seems that I will have to play a bit in hellowrold plug-in before I try anything with the char buffers thing.
23:51:35LinusNXavierGr: work in the sim
23:51:54XavierGrThat helloworld plug-in is great to test things, and learn new stuff.
23:52:08 Quit the_winch ("This computer has gone to sleep")
23:52:08XavierGrLinusN: The jpeg viewer can't start in the sim.
23:52:09LinusNthat's why it's there
23:52:35LinusNXavierGr: another reason to work in helloworld
23:52:47XavierGryeah that is what I meant
23:53:02XavierGris = was
23:53:05LinusNi would do it in the real rockbox code though
23:53:16LinusNand move it to a plugin when it works
23:53:21Bagder"someone" should make the greyscale stuff work in the sim :-)
23:53:42LinusNi though it did
23:54:04t0mas#define someone amiconn
23:54:06LinusNbut i never tried
23:54:17Bagderso why doesn't the jpeg viewer work?
23:54:29LinusNbecause i am wrong?
23:54:36Bger_anyone here with win9x ?
23:54:39t0mashshah: I liked the original more
23:54:40XavierGrWell now that I think of it I will make the exact function that opens the directory in helloworld. Then I will play along with buffers and print with splashes() the uotput to see.
23:54:59LinusNi would do it in the real rockbox code though
23:55:01LinusNand move it to a plugin when it works
23:55:14LinusNbecause it's easier to debug
23:55:15 Quit Moos (" HydraIRC -> <-")
23:55:16Bger_Bagder did you see the link i gave ? see the first reply
23:55:29XavierGrwhat do you mean real rockbox code?
23:55:37BagderBger: what about it?
23:55:47LinusNXavierGr: like, in the debug menu or something
23:56:17Bger_Bagder see
23:56:30Bger_You can create arbitrarily long paths by renaming. part
23:56:46dpassen1where is the source for HelloWorld plugin?
23:57:12Bagder"In the Windows API, the maximum length for a path is MAX_PATH, which is defined as 260 characters."
23:57:25XavierGrLinusN:I don't have a clue about the debug menu. When I want to debug the code I write in the jpeg.c lcd_splash() with the variable I want to see if if it was written right.
23:57:29LinusNdpassen1: in cvs
23:58:02dpassen1thanks Bger
23:58:05LinusNXavierGr: if you write the code in the debug menu, you can use a debugger instead of splashing
23:58:36LinusNand i would use logf instead of splash
23:58:53webguest07Logf is handy

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