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#rockbox log for 2005-08-14

00:00:18LinusNXavierGr: although i suspect logf conflicts with your remote patch
00:00:34BagderI bet it does
00:00:43XavierGrAny documentation about lgf and debug menu?
00:00:50Bagdersource code
00:00:58XavierGrgreat :(
00:01:03Bagderand asking here
00:01:06 Quit hshah ("CGI:IRC")
00:01:11Bagderfeel free to write the docs once you've learned
00:01:18t0masXavierGr: just remove the remote patch... and use logf("something");
00:01:19Bger_okay, nite all
00:01:25t0masthen it gets displayed on the remote screen
00:01:25Bagderlike you've written docs for the other stuff you've learned that aren't documented ;-)
00:01:54XavierGrt0mas: does this works on the sim too?
00:01:57 Quit Bger_ ("BitchX: it makes bathtime lots of fun!")
00:02:02BagderXavierGr: yes
00:02:03t0masafaik... yes...
00:02:08t0masbut you need a logf build
00:02:13BagderI developed it purely using the sim
00:02:18t0masit's an option on the configure script
00:03:01XavierGrwhich one?
00:03:15Bagderthen select logf in there
00:03:53XavierGrwhat about the Debug option after that. I suppose you need special hardware for it?
00:04:08LinusNthe debug option doesn't work for the iriver
00:04:39XavierGrokay so what can I enter on the parameters of logf?
00:04:49Bagderlike printf
00:04:54LinusNeverything that printf does
00:05:04t0mashm... linus?
00:05:15t0masI remember we talked about the iriver serial port some time ago
00:05:18BagderXavierGr: and it'll appear in the remote LCD, scrolling by
00:05:22LinusNt0mas: yes
00:05:30t0masmaybe we can use that for debugging?
00:05:35LinusNyes we can
00:05:45t0masis it on some I/O pin on the cpu?
00:06:00LinusNand i once made a test, and routed all DEBUGF() calls to the serial port
00:06:04LinusNworked fine
00:06:16t0masah, you have already tested it?
00:06:24t0masI tought there was no driver for it :)
00:06:30LinusNthere is a header on the pcb for connecting the serial port
00:06:35LinusNthere isn't
00:06:41LinusN(a driver)
00:06:58LinusNi write one for the test
00:07:11t0masthe port is just on some I/O port?
00:07:20LinusNit's a uart
00:07:37t0masyou have that driver laying around somewhere?
00:07:42t0mastomas at
00:08:28LinusNhang on
00:11:10 Quit dpassen1 ()
00:12:40XavierGrSo if I call logf() in helloworld.c I can print in the remote a variable right?
00:12:47t0masanybody intrested in buying a university diploma?
00:13:05XavierGrbuying? is this legal?
00:13:08t0masI'm reading trough my spam for this week
00:13:17t0masI have no idea if it's legal...
00:13:38XavierGrsay t0mas did you finally fixed your iriver?
00:14:09t0mas"Obtain a prosperous future, money-earning power, and the prestige that comes with having the career position you've always dreamed of."
00:14:25t0masyes, I've fixed it :)
00:14:33webguest07I think that's about the longest coherent sentence I've ever seen in a spam
00:14:50t0masshall I forward this one?
00:14:53t0masit has more :P
00:15:30XavierGrt0mas: what was the problem in the end?
00:15:32webguest07I'll live
00:15:47t0masXavierGr: no idea... I just formatted it
00:15:51webguest07My spam is usually more along the lines of "lxyisfobqso zn dgle fryljykvirn m j x q dnkldv pacrx stgey"
00:15:53t0masand it started working again
00:16:13XavierGreasy solution that you were avoiding (or you didnt had the time).
00:16:16t0maswebguest07: or people wanting money to transport their money to you ;-)
00:16:18t0masLinusN: tnx
00:16:37webguest07Would be really nice to figure out what it is that makes the iriver firmware freak out
00:16:38t0masXavierGr: I don't like formatting drives with data on them ;)
00:16:57t0masbut I backed it up this morning... and formatted it...
00:17:08webguest07t0mas: I think my "problem" is that I have all the usual spams filtered
00:17:17LinusNt0mas: it *should* work by selecting "debug" in the configure script
00:17:17webguest07this is all that goes to my "maybe spam" folder
00:17:54webguest07And I guess 75% is caused by viruses trying to spread
00:18:07webguest07It's really getting old by now
00:18:34t0masLinusN: I'll connect a few wires to it tomorrow
00:18:43XavierGrwell that's it for today. It was a very informative day for me.
00:18:44t0masmaybe I can think of other nice things todo with this port
00:18:53LinusNt0mas: and a voltage converter
00:19:03XavierGrIt is really nice to see this channel like this every day.
00:19:09t0maswhat's the output?
00:19:13t0masnot RS-323 compatible? :)
00:19:25XavierGrgood night all!
00:19:37t0maspc comports want 5.0v right?
00:19:53XavierGrtomorow I will play along with the new hints you learnt me.
00:19:54t0masah ok
00:20:33t0masLinusN: have you tried connecting it to other things? :)
00:20:59LinusNlike what?
00:21:04t0masI have a simple ATmega mcu hanging around here
00:21:13t0masit should be able to communicate with that
00:21:54 Join Moos [0] (
00:22:15 Quit XavierGr ()
00:22:15t0masand maybe some car-radio things are possible too?
00:22:33webguest07hook it up with a printer in the way you could with dos back in the day, by echoing to the right special file
00:22:44webguest07real time paper-trail of your rockbox session!
00:23:21LinusNt0mas: anything is possible (
00:23:49webguest07You can do anything!
00:23:57LinusNanything at all!
00:24:19t0masah, time to make a lot of money before it's over :P
00:24:42webguest07I remember attending some LAN thing, and someone a few table-rows away having that page loaded for hours at full volume
00:25:16 Part zezayer
00:25:36webguest07Let's just say I'm scarred.
00:26:19*t0mas goes to drink something
00:26:51midkLinusN, thanks for the link... catchy. *leaves page open* :)
00:27:01webguest07Did you guys (The Swedes) ever go to The Party?
00:27:12LinusNi went to the very first one
00:27:22LinusNcame 4th in the amiga compo
00:28:27LinusN(coming 4th)
00:28:42LinusNi'm used to winning :-)
00:28:55LinusNmy first and only amiga demo
00:29:20LinusNwell, i should say "our first"
00:29:51webguest07I pretty much only went to one "real" party
00:29:58webguest07before it went completely downhill
00:30:17webguest0799 or something
00:30:25webguest07already started then of course
00:31:10LinusNlast party for me was '93 or something
00:31:44webguest07They still had a c64 compo when I went
00:31:45LinusNlast demo compo in '92
00:31:54LinusNwon it of course
00:33:14*webguest07 plays Amorada.sid
00:33:28webguest07(just whatever came first)
00:33:44LinusNold sins
00:34:33webguest07I still believe someone should make a Rockbox Theme Song
00:34:35 Join the_winch [0] (n=winch@
00:34:54LinusN"Catch the Rockbox flow"
00:35:00webguest07Oh my, yes
00:35:09zewebguest07: of what kind of style
00:35:12webguest07They all seem to be doing it
00:35:20webguest07Cowon has one as well, it seems
00:35:52LinusNmaybe it's a korean thing?
00:35:55webguest07ze: it'd have to be electronic (I'm thinking sid, but that's just me)
00:36:05webguest07Could be
00:36:11zewebguest07: sid's good
00:36:29LinusNi want a sidplayer plugin
00:36:45zehehe yeah
00:36:52webguest07Think of the playtime you could pack on a 20gb drive!
00:36:54zethats something my rio karma will probably never do :/
00:38:01HCli should work on my todo list..
00:38:06HClof the searchengine.
00:38:36*t0mas goes to bed...
00:38:46t0masgot up to early this morning :)
00:38:54 Quit t0mas ("good night")
00:39:06webguest07I belive it was found that one of the sid libraries was almost-c (still cplusplus though)
00:40:59LinusNtime to sleep
00:41:04LinusNnite all
00:41:13 Part LinusN
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04:16:51 Join samuel337 [0] (
04:19:00samuel337hi guys, I have a problem with rockbox on my iriver
04:19:37samuel337When I'm using the ID3 database mode on it, when I select a song and hold the joystick to get the playlist menu, it comes up blank
04:20:00samuel337i.e. there aren't any insert or queue options
04:20:28samuel337it works when I'm using the directories mode, i.e. showing the directory structure instead
04:47:35 Quit edx (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
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09:01:53hshahmorning all
09:10:01 Quit hshah ("CGI:IRC")
09:42:54 Join Coldtoast [0] (
09:43:21Coldtoastthree's a butg with the progress display
09:43:34Coldtoastjust got it for the fourth time. But it's random
09:45:35Coldtoastif I have a track that's, say, 2:30, when it gets to the end of the track and switches, the progress bas stay filled and the time stops. I've had it before where, when it was into the nesxt track, the progress bar stayed filled and the time continued. I have "current/length" in my WPS and it would end up as something like "4:20/2:30"
09:46:19Coldtoastbut it keeps doing everything else fine.
09:57:06ashridahhurray! race condition
09:57:40 Quit ashridah ("Leaving")
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10:42:54 Join XMaster-ShadowX [0] (
10:44:00XMaster-ShadowXif I press the reset buttom of my Player do the player than reloads the fw or do he kills the full hdd?
10:46:09Slasherit will just restart the player
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11:00:23XMaster-ShadowXok thx :D
11:29:19 Quit hardeep ("[BX] Beefcake! BEEFCAKE!")
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11:38:12 Join tvelocity [0] (
11:46:29Slashernow i started working on the dual codec loading mechanism in order to support voice codecs. i will try first implementing the codec hot-swapping idea i described a few weeks ago
11:46:35 Quit midk ("Leaving")
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12:14:48 Nick [1]Moos is now known as Moos (
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12:28:14 Join ned12 [0] (n=dend@tor/session/x-a86b196b098ac689)
12:28:56ned12great work on FM radio and rockbox all around guys!
12:42:47HClfm radio? what'd i miss
12:43:27ned12HCl: :) you miss the new fm reception features of rockbox on the iriver !
12:44:20HCli should check that out later..
12:44:27HClbut first i need to catch up on sleep
12:44:35ned12indeedy :)
12:44:38HCla certain jerk flatmate of mine had the nerve to play loud music at 7 am
12:44:44HClso i'm pretty pissed off
12:45:04ned12you should chop off his stereo's cord
12:50:44tvelocitywhat's the recording status of the iriver?
12:51:43ned12still no one has done anything to it since it wave recording was first implemented in the debug menu
12:51:49ned12I think...
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12:53:27tvelocityi c
12:54:25ned12oh great, "Cypriot airliner crashes in Greece"
12:54:42ned12A spokesman for the Greek army chief-of-staff said hijacking "could not be ruled out". ... :(
12:55:26tvelocityi think it's doubtful
12:56:29ned12"The pilots of the two F-16 fighters jets that were sent up to escort the airliner before the crash "saw a situation that was not normal in the pilots' cabin", Mr Kalpoyannakis said."
12:56:58HCl :/
12:57:14*HCl would watch cnn but his dumb flatmates are watching a show about soccer
12:57:31HClreminds me of that one red cross commercial where people just zap away from what matters in the world
12:58:14ned12well, if that truely happens, that'd be the best way to go
12:58:39ned12I'd much rather prefer that than burn alive
12:59:14 Join midk [0] (
13:03:37 Join Hansmaulwurf [0] (
13:04:59ned12more details,
13:06:05tvelocitydamn cnn
13:07:56ned12what's up?
13:08:38tvelocitythey all try to show like it was a terrorist act
13:08:46tvelocitybecause that's what scares the people the most
13:09:26tvelocitybut in reality the most propable scenario was that because of the broken air conditioner the pressure was low
13:09:39ned12well, it came from the army chief guy's mouth that it's possible
13:10:02tvelocityhe said it *could* be possible
13:10:15tvelocitybut he didnt say it's propable
13:11:28ned12we'll see, but coming out of Greece, I think it does have a chance that this was a terrorist act
13:12:11tvelocityyou know many countries having something against greece?
13:12:28Hansmaulwurfwhich one?
13:12:58Hansmaulwurfturkey? come on, they want to join the EU, the last thing they will do is something agains greece?
13:13:18Hansmaulwurfuh oh
13:13:24Hansmaulwurfnew bug on rockbox
13:13:37Hansmaulwurfhappend the second time now
13:16:38Hansmaulwurfon H120, latest daily build, when u listen to music without a playlist, and u insert a song as "next song" over the playlist menue, after that "next song" is played, the player crashes
13:16:42Hansmaulwurfsecond time noe
13:17:38ned12no, but greece seems to be having a problem of guarding its border
13:17:43 Join [Jedi] [0] (
13:17:46 Part [Jedi]
13:17:55tvelocitythat doesn't mean anything
13:17:56ned123 secs, wow
13:21:15 Join t0mas [0] (
13:35:37 Join hanklords [0] (
13:38:55MoosHello t0mas
13:44:40 Join webguest00 [0] (
13:45:15webguest00inserting a single song into playlist is buggy as well
13:46:19webguest00it never just inserts a single song, it always adds the songs that come after the single inserted song
13:46:53Hansmaulwurfnot for me
13:48:06webguest00start with a blank playlist, it will accept a single song. Then add another single song using insert next, you will see it adds all the songs after the single as well
13:49:49Hansmaulwurfworks fine for me
13:50:59webguest00I give up, sometimes it does and soemtimes it doesnt
13:51:38Hansmaulwurfit works to insert a song
13:51:43Hansmaulwurfbut my player crashes
13:51:51Hansmaulwurf3rd time with the build today
13:51:55Hansmaulwurfa bit buggy hm?
13:52:57 Quit tvelocity ("Leaving")
13:54:45Hansmaulwurfnexzt crash
13:54:48webguest00Hanmaulwurf: I cant duplicate your problem
13:54:56webguest00mine works fine
13:55:24Hansmaulwurfi think it has something to do with my playlistsettings
14:01:12 Part webguest00
14:12:30 Join DarkkOne [0] (
14:15:10 Quit DarkkOne (Client Quit)
14:29:44 Join XMaster-ShadowX [0] (
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15:43:04 Join XavierGr [0] (
15:49:10tvelocitymorning XavierGr
15:49:52XavierGrHi tvelocity.
15:50:03XavierGrmorning? LOL
15:50:45tvelocityer whatever:P
15:50:52XavierGrYou seem that you get out of bed in noon like me...
15:51:11tvelocityi usualy get *in* bed at noon
15:51:58XavierGrwhatever...! :)
15:52:10XavierGrwrong preposition
15:52:48tvelocitydid you see the news?
15:52:58XavierGrabou the plane crash?
15:54:28XavierGrI wonder how it crashed? It seems pretty difficult to me to crash a Boing these days...
15:54:49ashridahactually it's eas
15:54:54tvelocityit had probs with its air compressor
15:54:59tvelocityor something like that
15:55:02ashridahjust have a bunch of dicks for a maintenance crew
15:55:09tvelocitythe pilots were unconciouss
15:55:36tvelocitybecause of the air
15:55:37ashridahXavierGr: air pressure dropped in the cabin
15:55:42ashridahprobably freezing as well
15:55:54tvelocitysomeone send an SMS from his cellphone
15:56:15tvelocityto a relative, stating that the pilot was dead and the passengers were freezing
15:56:49XavierGrwell I thought that they have oxygen masks if the air compression gets too low.
16:02:09t0masf they work... yes
16:02:34*ashridah believes he's covered the shoddy maintenance crew bit
16:03:12tvelocitythe F16 pilot's reported that they saw people wearing masks
16:03:35XavierGrwell the pilots must wear them first...
16:03:48ashridahthere was an F16 as well?
16:04:46tvelocity2 F16's were send after they lost contact with it
16:04:54tvelocityto search for it
16:05:17Slasherhmm, does the feature freeze really mean that even iriver specific features cannot be added during that period?
16:05:29XavierGrwhat do you want to add? :)
16:05:43 Join Lear [0] (
16:05:44Moosnot for new feature i believe
16:05:45Slashervoice ui specific code for example :)
16:05:59XavierGrSlasher: No I think no, but better ask Linus about it.
16:06:03Slasherbut that code would be only for iriver
16:06:09Slasherah, good
16:06:24Moosor Bagder if he's here?
16:06:43XavierGrFor example FM radio and FM recording got implemented yesterday.
16:06:52t0masare we frozen already? :)
16:06:54tvelocitywe got FM recording?
16:07:00Slashertvelocity: yes
16:07:01XavierGrso... I don't think it could be a problem.
16:07:05t0masyes tvelocity we have
16:07:11XavierGrtvelocity: Didnt you hear?
16:07:23tvelocitynope, i don't have much contact lately:P
16:07:40XavierGrand with very very little distortion. I can't hear it.
16:07:43Moosi remenber one discussin where Linus said he'll make quickly if he want to add A-B patch working
16:08:11Moosbefore freeze
16:08:15XavierGryou mean abou the feature freeze Moos?
16:08:39*tvelocity checks out FM recording...
16:09:00MoosSlasher: I think the freeze period is just for mre bugfixings
16:09:05XavierGrtest and tell us if you can hear the distortion every 7 seconds. It is very faint.
16:09:27tvelocityi dont have good earphones here
16:09:50MoosAnyone know why Iriver compagny don't choose to add a recording option for radio
16:10:08XavierGrthey say that this tiny distortion is the reason. Lame iriver.
16:10:08Moosisn't because interference betwen HD and radio?
16:10:17XavierGrGood hardware and bad ass software.
16:10:18tvelocitydidn't want to waste developers on old players i guess
16:10:42SlasherXavierGr: maybe it's possible to use a better antenna to completely fade the distortion
16:11:25tvelocityhow do i use FM recording?
16:11:40XavierGrgo to PCM recording in the debug menu
16:11:51XavierGrthen select line in as input source.
16:12:19XavierGrplay the file in you PC or after a reboot of the iHP because the recording is still buggy
16:12:59tvelocityline in?
16:13:46XavierGryes, while in the recording screen press a-b button to change to line-in.
16:14:04tvelocityyeah i know, but... line in?
16:14:16XavierGrBut you will have to tune the radio in a station before this.
16:14:50tvelocityyeah but it seems i have to close FM radio before i can go to the PCM recording screen
16:14:56XavierGrI hope that Linus manages to program presets and stuff before the freeze/
16:15:29XavierGrtvelocity: no problem for that (or push play to make it continue while quiting)
16:21:17 Quit ashridah ("sleep")
16:22:10tvelocityg00d it works
16:25:31 Join muesli- [0] (
16:27:28XavierGrhi muesli-
16:27:41muesli-hi XavierGr
16:29:10tvelocityhas anyone worked on CUE file support?
16:29:37muesli-should be a huge task imoh
16:30:40XavierGr why are you interested in CUE?
16:31:00tvelocitybecause they pwn:P
16:31:11XavierGrthey what?
16:31:21tvelocitypwn = own
16:31:41muesli-have an ouzo and relax ;)
16:31:50Hansmaulwurfpwn = kiddie-language
16:31:53XavierGrI see no need for CUE once gapless is implemented right
16:32:22muesli-too big filesize..wouldnt drain your battery in no time
16:32:30tvelocityi have many albums with cue files
16:32:45muesli-bad for u ^^
16:32:51XavierGryeah :)
16:33:18tvelocitycue files are nice i believe
16:33:27XavierGrwhy if you have gapless?
16:33:49tvelocitygapless is a hack, remember?:P
16:33:59muesli-btw is there a way to decode a cue as a mp3/ogg whatever?
16:34:01XavierGrand CUE is trouble some...
16:34:22XavierGrI think yes (if you have the big file)
16:34:23tvelocitywell, if I ripped those albums
16:34:29tvelocityi would do multi stream OGG
16:34:39tvelocitybut i got them in mp3+cue
16:35:18tvelocityand i don't want to break them, because of the *coughsfvcough*
16:37:00XavierGrI have to eat later all!
16:37:12muesli-eat well :D
16:37:39tvelocitygyros pwnz
16:38:38muesli-anyway..i'm off either
16:52:23***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
16:56:51XavierGrno gyros for me right now, I ate chicken with rice...
16:57:08t0masah great idea
16:57:17t0masI'm hungry too
16:57:24t0mastime to order a pizza :D
16:58:13XavierGrlucky you... I am jealous!!
16:58:21XavierGrmmm pizzaaa
16:59:19XavierGrI think I am going eat pizza tonight.
17:00:33tvelocityi think i am going to eat gyros tonight
17:01:53XavierGrt0mas:I have a big string buffer with NULLs saperating the strings. If I want to point a string from there with a pointer, I will type pointer = buffer[position of string]?
17:02:53XavierGrand then to tupe it to screen, "splash(HZ,true,pointer)" it will stop to the next NULL character right?
17:05:17Learxaviergr: sounds right, if you add "&" right in front of "buffer"...
17:10:04XavierGroh and if I use the logf function how is the data printed to the remote screen? While I was using splashes to debug my code, the splash function pops up for a number of seconds. If I use the logf function many times will it scroll down to see other value too?
17:10:33t0masit will scroll...
17:10:44t0masand you can read out everything in the logf buffer in the debug menu
17:10:57t0masand you cna also dump the logf output to a file from the debug menu
17:12:37 Join webguest85 [0] (
17:13:08XavierGrokay thanks
17:13:17webguest85Slasher: I believe the freeze is for all code. To avoid any confusion. Only bugfixes allowed from 22nd to 5th.
17:14:47XavierGrthen I will have to hurry for the scrolling jpg viewer...
17:15:24webguest85Well, you have 8 days
17:15:32webguest85or 7, I guess
17:16:24webguest85(.lang translations should be okay during the freeze)
17:16:58webguest85Only makes sense to finish translations once no strings are being added
17:18:15 Quit muesli- (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
17:30:15 Quit hanklords (Remote closed the connection)
17:35:29XavierGrhmm I got a runtime error when I am tryig this: rb->strcat(contents,NULL);
17:35:52XavierGrI want to add a NULL character at the end of the string.
17:36:52t0masparents comming home tonight
17:37:10*t0mas has to clean some things...
17:37:34*tvelocity hands over the soap to t0mas
17:37:55t0masXavierGr: try rb->strcat(contents, '\0');
17:38:04t0mastnx tvelocity :P
17:38:13t0mastime to start filling my dishwasher...
17:38:27t0masand move some empy bottles to my neighbourgs trashbin :P
17:38:35Learxaviergr: can't use strcat for that; strcat assumes there's a null already...
17:38:48XavierGroh yeah thanks t0mas but I tried that just before you typed it. :)
17:39:05t0masand it's wrong
17:39:06Lear"foo[bar] = 0;" is the way to go.
17:39:08t0masLear is right...
17:39:20t0masstrcat searches for the 0 char and then adds the other string on that place
17:39:35t0mascontent[lastchar 1] = 0;
17:39:40XavierGrgot it
17:39:45XavierGrthanks again.
17:40:20XavierGr(hmm that's why when I used a loop to see the names it was all concatenated...)
17:41:47XavierGrso a strcat will concatenate a string plus a NULL character anyway?
17:45:43webguest85strcat("xxxx\0", "y") = "xxxxy\0" afaik
17:46:37XavierGrthe null is considered as 1 char or 2?
17:46:43webguest85looking for the \0, then adds they in place of it and adds a \0 at the end
17:47:05webguest85they -> the y
17:47:43XavierGroh '\' is the escape character and 0 the null I guess.
17:52:45 Join preglow [0] (
17:52:58preglowwhat, didnt my post about the lowpass filter question make it to the mailing list?
17:53:04t0mas:D :D
17:53:07t0masmy hero! :P
17:53:09Learsure did...
17:53:21Learor wasn't it you who asked that... :)
17:53:31t0masit was me
17:53:59preglowno, doesnt look like it did
17:54:08preglowok, an fft is a bit overkill for what you want
17:54:14preglowan iir filter is probably better
17:55:10solex_Does anyone in here use the tag database feature?
17:55:25t0massolex_: jup, sometimes
17:55:34solex_something looks broken with today's build (or even before)
17:55:34t0maspreglow: can you explain?
17:56:21preglowright now you just use the audio samples to control the backlight, yes?
17:56:31preglowlike directly
17:56:53solex_t0mas: When I browse through the lists and start to play a file, the "stop" symbol changes to "play", but I don't get the WPS and I can't hear a sound.
17:57:05solex_(iriver h120)
17:57:07 Join Musicmad [0] (n=Musicmad@
17:57:08preglowyou can make an iir filter that will just remove most of the high frequencies, then just do what you do now
17:57:16t0massolex_: ask HCl... he does the runtimedb thing
17:57:30t0maspreglow: ok
17:57:39t0masbut I need more than 1 sample for it right?
17:57:49preglowyou need a certain number of past samples
17:57:51t0masso I can best do it in the dsp code...
17:57:58t0maspast only?
17:57:58preglowdepends on how effective you want the filter to be
17:58:12t0masin dsp we have a varying number of samples ahead...
17:58:12preglowyes, past input and output (from the filter algo) samples
17:58:28t0maspast is never a problem...
17:58:31preglowiir filters are causual, so they can never look ahead
17:58:31t0masjust buffer them somewhere
17:59:08Musicmadstupid queston: how do you activate the radio :)
17:59:19t0masgo to the menu
17:59:22t0masand chose FM radio
17:59:26XavierGrA-B button then choose FM radio
17:59:34t0masthat's a way too :)
17:59:40XavierGrah you got me..
17:59:42t0maserm... the same way
17:59:43preglowiir filters look like this: y[n] = b1*x[n] b2*x[n - 1] etc a1*y[n - 1] a2*y[n - 2] etc
17:59:59Musicmadhm must have updated wrongly then - it's not there.
18:00:00preglowwhere y[n] is output samples, and x[n] is input samples
18:00:02MusicmadWill try again :)
18:00:06Musicmadbut thanks.
18:00:10preglowthe problem is finding good numbers for ax and bx
18:00:19preglowright, web client doesn do plus
18:00:35*t0mas is using cgi irc too
18:00:46preglowtake 2: iir filters look like this: y[n] = b1*x[n] PLUS b2*x[n - 1] PLUS etc PLUS a1*y[n - 1] PLUS a2*y[n - 2] PLUS etc
18:01:05t0masok, I want a cutoff at 120 hz
18:01:16t0masis that easy to implement in the dsp code somewhere?
18:01:51preglowi had code for doing an iir filter, but i seem to have lost it :/
18:01:58preglowin asm and everything
18:02:17preglowgimme a sec, the worst part is finding filter coefs
18:02:30t0masok, tnx
18:02:31Musicmadhm got bleeding edge build, but there is no fm entry in the menu?
18:02:47t0masI'll continue cleaning... please hilight if you have something
18:03:03Musicmadany ideas?
18:03:11webguest85Musicmad: Look harder!
18:03:45Musicmadwebguest85: where :)
18:03:54webguest85In the root main menu
18:04:03Musicmadbelow what?
18:04:33preglowt0mas: but yeah, you should also know that you can never filter freqs above 120hz completely away, just partly. the longer a filter you use, the better they are removed
18:04:52t0masI don't need them to disappear fully
18:05:01Chamoisbug in pcm recording debug menu
18:05:18t0masand we have 5 ms... on 20 fps
18:05:30t0masis that enough to get a decent value?
18:05:33Chamoisif disk is not spinning before start the record, it will hang in 3 sec
18:05:40preglowt0mas: i've made a second order 120 hz lowpass here, as for if thats good enough, youll just need to see
18:05:54preglowt0mas: but yeah, i cant code where i'm at now, so i can't test it
18:05:56t0mascan you email me the code?
18:06:04t0masI'll try to understand it...
18:06:20preglowi dont have code, ill just have to take something out of my head, all i've got is the filter coefficients ;)
18:06:59t0masbrb, still cleaning
18:08:25Musicmadwebguest85: found thanks :)
18:10:15preglowt0mas: mail address?
18:10:37t0mastomas salfischberger
18:11:51 Join Strath [0] (
18:13:02 Quit Musicmad ("Trillian (")
18:15:09 Quit tvelocity ("Leaving")
18:17:55 Join Sucka [0] (
18:21:36preglowt0mas: ok, mailing you some stuff now, cant test, as i said
18:24:20preglowt0mas: got it?
18:24:30 Join muesli- [0] (
18:25:18t0masnot yet
18:25:28t0masah got it
18:25:34t0mashad to wake thunderbird up ;)
18:25:56 Quit webguest85 ("CGI:IRC")
18:26:05preglowcheck if you see anything foolish
18:26:49 Quit StrathAFK (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
18:26:49t0masand I feed it two arrays of samples?
18:26:52t0masin and out?
18:30:28 Join tvelocity [0] (
18:30:40 Join muesli__ [0] (
18:31:36 Join dpassen1 [0] (n=dpassen1@
18:36:05t0maspreglow: nothing weird to see
18:36:11t0masI'll test it tomorrow
18:36:12XavierGrwha I print a pointer that points to a string it must show me bytes untli the NULL right?
18:36:23XavierGrwha = when
18:39:16 Join Bger [0] (n=Bager@
18:39:16XavierGrthis is a loop to scan jpg files:
18:39:18XavierGrlength = length + rb->strlen(entry->d_name) + 1;
18:39:18DBUGEnqueued KICK XavierGr
18:39:18XavierGrpointer[entries] = &contents[length];
18:39:51Bgerbut you must be sure that there is NULL at the end
18:40:04XavierGroh hi Bger
18:40:10Bgerhi ;)
18:40:22XavierGrbut isn't the strcat puts a null in the end?
18:40:35XavierGror does it ovewright it?
18:40:46Bgerok, what do you want to do with this ?
18:41:04Bgeryou want to add new string after the previous NULL byte ?
18:41:18XavierGrthen point it and print them saperately
18:42:02XavierGrcontents is the big buffer char array
18:42:13Bgerthe strcat OVERWRITES the null byte with the first char of the second string
18:42:16XavierGrand pointer is the pointer array that will point the contents
18:42:17Bgerso .. if you have
18:42:39Bgercontents="blah"+NULL at the end
18:43:10Bgerand concatanate it with entry->d_name (== "foo"+NULL)
18:43:26Bgerat the end you'll have "blahfoo"+NULL
18:43:50XavierGrso it will overwrite the previous NULL.
18:44:10Bgeryes, it will
18:44:10XavierGrHow can I add a string without the strcat function?
18:44:21Bgerwith simple cycle
18:44:22XavierGrto be sure that the NULL will stay?
18:44:24t0maswhat is the problem?
18:44:25 Join zezayer [0] (n=jake@
18:44:30t0masyou have a pointer in plugin memory?
18:44:33Bgerlet me think a bit
18:44:41t0masjust use strcpy()
18:44:46t0mascopy the string in...
18:44:51XavierGrbut strcpy will replace all of it.
18:44:56t0masset the pointer in the array to the pointer you had
18:44:59Bgeradd another pointer to char
18:45:14Bgersomethink like currentptr=0;
18:45:41t0masyou need just 1 pointer to the mem space... and an array of pointers to fill
18:45:52Bgeroh, no, you have length to it
18:46:04Bgerdo it like
18:46:14XavierGrI need a buffer like this: name1NULLname2NULL,name3NULL e.t.c
18:46:36 Join rooomish [0] (
18:46:43 Quit rooomish (Client Quit)
18:46:52Bgersomething like this
18:47:04Bgerdid you get it ?
18:47:09XavierGryes I did something like this but without the contents+length
18:47:22XavierGrI will try it and tell you, thanks
18:47:50Bgerlength=0 is before the cycle
18:47:51t0masI can copy something to a pastebin for you XavierGr
18:49:25XavierGrhooray it worked!!!
18:49:30t0masand without the type
18:49:32Bgerok, t0mas, but in this way you loose the first pointer ...
18:49:44t0masBger: then just copy it? :)
18:49:58XavierGrwhat is this pastebin site t0mas?
18:50:03t0maschar *ptr_buf = ptr_pluginbuffer;
18:50:19t0masXavierGr: a place to copy/paste some code... so you don't have to flood an IRC channel
18:50:24Bgerok, you can do it without this entry :) but nevermind :)
18:50:41XavierGrI will use this from now on, it is a good idea.
18:50:48Bgeryep :)
18:51:02t0masit's easier to help people when you can read their code
18:51:02Bgerok, gotta go
18:51:17XavierGrbye Bger
18:51:23Bgerbye bye ;)
18:51:26 Quit Bger ("[BX] Chester Cheeta uses BitchX. Ayeuhayueuhayueuh!")
18:52:25***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
18:53:04 Quit muesli- (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
18:54:23XavierGrworks like a charm, what would I do if you weren't here guys?
18:54:54t0massearch for a C book?
18:55:46 Join muesli- [0] (
18:56:45XavierGrI've got a very big C/C++ book.
18:56:54XavierGr1025 pages
18:57:25XavierGrC++ the complete reference (Herbert Schildt)
18:57:55XavierGrI read all the C part. But some things can't be learned without experiance and maybe a little halp from others
18:58:16 Quit muesli__ (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
18:58:26XavierGrIt's a good book. (omg I remember I paid 50 euros for it.)
19:01:40t0masI agree
19:01:45t0mason both...
19:01:47t0masit's a good book
19:01:55t0masand learning goes better with others
19:02:17t0masI've learned a lot of programming just by reading others programs... and getting comments on my programs from others
19:04:58XavierGrdoes rockbox supports dynamic arrays?
19:08:26XavierGrso how big do you think I should set the name buffer?
19:08:34XavierGrand the pointer[entries]?
19:08:54t0masyou can use the pluginbuffer as the namebuffer
19:09:13t0masand you can use the configuration setting for max files per dir for the pointer-array size?
19:09:48XavierGryes I thought that for the pointer-array. But the plugin buffer I think is already used byt the viewer
19:12:13t0masah ok
19:12:24t0masthat's a problem
19:12:32t0masbut you can get a quite big buffer on the stack
19:13:01 Quit midk (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
19:13:09 Join midkay [0] (
19:14:49XavierGrthe problem isnt the size, problem is how big to set it. We don't want to small but not to big either.
19:15:02XavierGrto =too
19:17:38 Join nobby [0] (
19:17:42nobbyis linus around?
19:17:58nobbyi need to ask him some questions about the internals of the iriver's remote
19:19:06nobbywuss :P
19:19:26XavierGrwhat about the remote
19:19:32nobbymine is broken
19:19:41XavierGryou want to fix it?
19:19:49nobbyits the controls that dont work right
19:19:51nobbythe lcd is fine
19:20:11nobbyi've got it completely dismantled, and even the switches are taken apart
19:20:21nobbybut it still has a signal for the record button
19:20:31nobbyso it must be a connection somewhere
19:20:37nobbybut i dont know which wire it is
19:23:36 Join Changsito [0] (
19:24:30Changsitoi would like to report some bugs on the newly supported FM (on iRiver)
19:25:43Changsitothere's is a bug while listening FM and then press Play to access the files
19:26:20Changsitothen if you play a song, you listen both song AND FM
19:27:24nobbyyeah, thats so you can load a plugin while listening to radio
19:27:33nobbyshould be simple to fix
19:28:01nobbylinus knows about that one allready
19:28:15Changsitook no problem
19:28:24nobbyany others?
19:28:40Changsitoi don't think so
19:28:48Changsitoi'll test it
19:30:14XavierGrIt is quite interesting when you can play rockboy and listen to radio at the same time.
19:30:47XavierGrAlso I can hear a faint initialization beep when you enter the radio screen.
19:31:21nobbyit was said by a dev (i think daniel) that theres nothing stopping rockboy working with MP3s at the same time except they try to use the same area of ram
19:31:33nobbyand the performace would be even worse, obviosuly
19:32:17CtcpIgnored 1 channel CTCP requests in 0 seconds at the last flood
19:32:17*Changsito recording FM test
19:33:39XavierGrcurently rockboy runs 1/3 realtime at 120mhz. So if there is MP3 playback you can imagine how things will get.
19:33:41Changsitorecording works fine
19:34:13nobbyit isnt 1/3 for every game is it?
19:36:40 Quit tvelocity ("Leaving")
19:38:34Changsitowhy there is no IA on pong ?
19:38:45Changsitosome bug ?
19:38:46 Quit muesli- (Read error: 113 (No route to host))
19:40:52Changsitosorry why there is no AI on pong ?
19:42:14dpassen1you control both sides
19:53:44 Join hshah [0] (
19:54:17 Join Link9064 [0] (
19:54:52hshahhello all
19:56:11Link9064is it possible to put a larger capacity HDD in my Jukebox FM recorder 20?
19:57:02t0masyou can replace the hdd
19:57:10t0masbut I don't know what the max size is for a FR rec 20
19:57:43hshaht0mas -
19:57:49hshahi modified urs a bit...
19:58:01hshahimproved the usb image to make it more symmetrical
19:58:11t0masI like round pc's ;-)
19:58:19hshahHDS are my initials, b4 u ask :p
19:58:29hshahit looked too macish for my liking :p
19:58:33t0masI figured that already ;)
19:58:53hshahand plus i added an extra drive bay... coz my pc has 3
19:58:56t0masand I don't like macs... that's why it was a separate pc, next to a screen ;)
19:58:59hshahyes, i know, im a geek :p
19:59:06t0masmine has 5
19:59:10t0masbut that didn't fit in the image :P
19:59:16hshahwell la de da to you :p
19:59:19LearA grayscale one would be nice... :)
19:59:32t0masI can paint a grayscale one
19:59:41hshahand how on earth do u modify that to greyscale...
19:59:42t0masgray filled screen?
19:59:53 Join hardeep [0] (i=hardeeps@norge.freeshell.ORG)
20:00:03t0masand gray dots for the front...
20:00:43hshaht0mas... anyways my usb logo is better :p
20:00:52preglow t0mas: alright, i might not be online for a couple of days, though
20:00:55hshahurs wasn't horizontlly symmetrical
20:01:13t0maspreglow: ok, I'll try to find out how it works then ;)
20:01:16hshahso i flipped part of it and imaged it
20:01:26t0masgoogle-ing isn't hard if you know the name to google for
20:02:27t0maspreglow: the only thing I'm still thinking about is where to do this...
20:02:40t0masI can do it in the DSP code... and then just not modify the real output
20:03:11t0masI think that's the best place
20:03:29t0mas(it's in the blacklight thread now... but filtering there would be weird)
20:03:45hshahI feel like customizing my iriver a bit more... just dunno how... lol
20:04:42hshahwho knows what this weird line is?
20:05:05nobbya graph
20:05:08nobbyof the battery
20:05:17nobbyits flat because it hasnt changed yet
20:07:35 Join muesli- [0] (
20:08:15 Join XMaster-ShadowX [0] (
20:08:54 Join amiconn [0] (
20:09:24 Quit Link9064 ("CGI:IRC")
20:10:21preglowt0mas: well, it pretty much has to be done the same place the peak meter code is, no?
20:10:42preglowto ensure the backlight dimming is in sync with the audio that is actually played
20:11:04preglowanother thing you could do is just smooth the peak meter data and use that for dimming the backlight
20:11:38zeyeah a moving average'll act as a low pass filter
20:13:08preglowa moving average _is_ a lowpass filter
20:13:39nobbywell if it is one, it'll be very good at acting then, won't it? ;)
20:14:03XavierGrhi amiconn
20:17:59 Quit XavierGr ()
20:18:33hshahanyone got a decent screensaver for their iriver?
20:18:55zepreglow: pff 'is' ... how about eprime? :p
20:19:37nobbywhy do you need a screensaver for an LCD?
20:19:56zenobby: you don't need a screensaver for any modern display device afaik
20:20:04zenobby: their only purpose is to look pretty
20:20:19hshahmy point exactely
20:20:35hshahi saw a matrix screensaver as a patch... but that sort of doesn't work
20:20:46nobbyi have the .rock if you want it
20:21:09hshahi downloaded a .rock but it said its "incompatible version"
20:21:28hshahmebbe urs is different.. could u upload somewhere so i can try it out?
20:21:32t0maspreglow: hm... then I can add a moving average of the last 3 samples in the peakmeter code?
20:21:35nobby1 sec
20:21:38t0masand use that?
20:22:34ze3? i don't really know, but that sounds kinda small to me? maybe not though
20:23:29hshahthis is stupid... i downloaded and patched the cube.patch to play the cube when its paused... and it does nothing!!!
20:23:37t0maswe can't take to much samples from the past
20:23:41t0masoh wait
20:23:43t0maspast is no problem
20:24:00t0masI was still thinking in the FFT's need to get data "from the future"
20:24:01 Join TCK- [0] (
20:24:51zelets see i would guess the cutoff frequency relates to how many samples back you go?
20:25:21zeif you know how to calculate that, then i gues you'd figure out what the highest frequency is you want to effect your backlight
20:25:23t0masyes, it does
20:25:23hshahanyone got this patch working -
20:25:27zeand work out how many samples to average from that
20:25:38t0masI'll test
20:25:43nobbyrasher has
20:25:44t0masand try to calculate what it does">
20:26:12 Quit TCK ("Can you say "roflpwnt fgt" in IRC?")
20:26:21nobbyits built from yesterdays cvs, but it works fine
20:27:25ze...or you could just try out different numbers of samples untill you like the results hehe
20:27:31hshahnobby - that .rock still says incomptible version... and i still can't get that cube to work
20:27:45nobbydownload rashers build">
20:28:41t0masze: jup
20:29:11preglowt0mas: well, try
20:29:39hshahnobby - i have other patches which i would lose
20:29:45preglowt0mas: fft doesnt necessarily need data from the future, it just needs a block of samples at once
20:30:27hshahnobby - any idea on how to install the matrix .c and .h files manually
20:30:39hshahdo u just copy them into my rockbox folders and compile?
20:31:13zewhat is the relationship anyway? is it as simple as sample rate getting devided by number of samples averaged? i.e. 3 samples gives you 1/3 the rate?
20:31:29zeor is it something else heh
20:33:15 Quit muesli- (Read error: 113 (No route to host))
20:33:15preglowze: no, thats averaging AND resampling, you just move your average one sample every time you need another sample
20:33:49t0masand I need it to get in sync with the playback
20:33:51preglowze: like first you do (x[1] x[2] x[3])/3, then (x[2] x[3] x[ 4])/3
20:33:51t0masso not in dsp.c
20:33:55t0masbut in the peakmeter code
20:34:05preglowze: insert pluses...
20:34:13zepreglow: yeah i know how you do a moving average
20:34:14 Quit Chamois (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
20:34:16preglowt0mas: indeeed
20:34:27t0maswell... then I might have something that works
20:34:33zei'm just wondering what the relationship is between the number of samples being averaged and the resulting lowpass cutoff
20:34:33t0mastime for a logf() build
20:34:52*t0mas too
20:34:54 Quit XMaster-ShadowX (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
20:35:07t0maspreglow? do you know that?
20:35:19t0masit depends on the samplerate I guess?
20:35:22preglowze: ahh, "cutoff" is placed somewhere around that, yeah, but it's a very poor lowpass filter
20:35:46preglowt0mas: now that i think about it, the plan with smoothing the peakmeter data is going to work badly
20:35:48zepoor in what sense?
20:35:56preglowt0mas: it'll still react to high frequency audio
20:36:08preglowze: poor in the sense that the falloff is very poor
20:36:34t0maspreglow? why?
20:37:38zeyeah i thought filtering out high-frequency and transient components of a data stream was what moving averages were good for
20:37:46preglowt0mas: well, because the peak meter didnt filter out high frequencies in the first place
20:39:01preglowyou only want the backlight dimming to react to bass freqs, yes? if so, you have to filter the audio before you do a peak search
20:39:13preglowafter the peak search it's too late
20:39:21preglowflawed thinking on my part, this
20:39:41 Join bagawk [0] (n=lee@unaffiliated/bagawk)
20:39:45t0masoh.. duh...
20:39:47 Quit hshah ("CGI:IRC")
20:39:51t0masofcourse... we can't filter the peaks
20:40:26zehmm i guess this has to do with specific structure that i'm not familiar with
20:40:32t0maswell... maybe you can take a look at it for me preglow?
20:40:51t0masI just need a "bass value"
20:40:52preglowno time, i'm sorry, gotta go in ten mins
20:41:27preglowto get that, you can just plain and simple do a lowpass filter on the audio data, then search for peaks
20:41:43preglowjust like the peak meter, but with a filter first
20:45:37Slasherhmm, now beeping works when changing tracks (not committed yet)
20:47:38preglowbut gotta go
20:47:39preglowlater, all
20:47:43 Quit preglow ("CGI:IRC")
20:50:28Leart0mas: btw, freescale has a FIR implementation as well... Not the same as an IIR, but perhaps that will do...
20:52:03 Part nobby
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20:58:17 Join hshah [0] (
20:58:37hshahhello again
20:59:13hshahanyone here who knows how to get a screen saver on the iriver?
20:59:19Leart0mas: and it contains an iir too. :)
21:01:35 Part zezayer
21:06:03 Quit hshah ("CGI:IRC")
21:12:15 Quit bagawk ("Leaving")
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21:35:09 Nick [1]Moos is now known as Moos (
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22:08:18 Join hshah [0] (
22:08:36hshahhello all... again :)
22:11:31 Quit hshah (Client Quit)
22:12:38 Join XMaster-ShadowX [0] (
22:16:41 Join stripwax_ [0] (
22:16:44stripwax_hi all
22:16:48 Quit Hansmaulwurf ("( :: NoNameScript 3.81 :: )")
22:16:53 Part Changsito
22:17:06stripwax_amiconn - had a chance to look at / modify my sokoban patch yet?
22:17:24 Quit Febs (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
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23:08:04 Part stripwax_
23:27:18 Join BBub [0] (
23:27:37BBubhi, nice to see that recording from radio finally works ;)
23:27:48BBuband it has really nice qualy
23:27:51 Join zezayer [0] (n=jake@
23:27:56BBubdont understand why iriver never included it
23:28:51 Join [1]Moos [0] (
23:29:32 Quit Moos (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
23:29:32 Nick [1]Moos is now known as Moos (
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