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#rockbox log for 2005-08-17

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01:46:21webguest44Can someone please tell me what Replaygain does in iRiver rockbox?
01:47:08rasherIt's a method of ensuring your songs are played back at the same volume.
01:47:18rasherIt requires you to first scan your music
01:47:21webguest44oh right
01:47:28rasherOn your computer
01:47:57rasherI think
01:48:04webguest44I still have reservations over how iRiver rockbox handles bass volume, i.e decreasing max volume the more u increase bass (on the iriver fw the bass thins out as u increase volume)
01:48:25rasherYeah, it's still up for debate
01:48:36webguest44Rasher, why not make it switchable?
01:48:50rasherTo avoid even more config options
01:49:03rasherThere really are a lot of the
01:49:10zewell decreasing max volume the more you increase bass is just the inverse of decreasing bass the more you turn up main volume
01:49:29webguest44u could have 3 options, 1) increase volume/decrease bass . 2) Increase bass/decrease volume. 3) Off (WARNING may cause clipping)
01:49:34zeit'd sorta make sense if it actually had an inverse relationship between the sliders
01:49:51zeso that beyond a certain level for both, each would decrease the other
01:50:01webguest44well u could also have an option to turn it off altogether
01:50:11rasherOptions options options
01:50:13zebut that'll cause clipping
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01:50:39tvelocityi hate clipping
01:50:42webguest44well you could have a warning saying "may cause clippng"
01:50:50zeis it 'may' or is it 'will'?
01:51:15rasherI think amiconn's idea is better. Do it like iriver does it, but show the actual setting being used
01:51:32rasherSo the bass setting will say "8db (0db)" or something like that
01:51:33zeif its may, couldn't it be adjusted a bit to the point where its 'will'?
01:51:45webguest44yea but i still feel you should be able to turn it off, since some clipping may not bother all
01:51:57zedigital clipping is damn nasty
01:52:36zerasher: why not simply change it to the setting being used?
01:53:05rasherWell as I said, it'd be damn nice to get a sensible default instead of yet another config option
01:53:28webguest44Since the iRiver is software driven, would a multiband eq be possible?
01:53:58rasherIt's planned
01:54:05webguest44oh right coolies
01:54:10webguest44be very interested to see it
01:54:24tvelocityspeaking of clipping
01:54:27rasherI don't care much for eqs
01:54:36zemain: |−−-!−−| bass: |−−!−−-|
01:54:36zemain: |−−−−!-| bass: |-!−−−−|
01:54:36zemain: |−−!−−-| bass: |−−-!−−|
01:54:38tvelocityi tried to record a live set with my iriver
01:54:39zesorta like that
01:54:40webguest44I reckon the H1x0 series will be very valuable since it is no longer made
01:54:42tvelocityand it clippet A LOT
01:54:54zeas you turn up the main slider, the bass slider turns down, turn up the bass slider, main slider turns down
01:55:11zeno hidden max adjustment, etc, works both ways
01:55:15rashertvelocity: Well, should be possible to turn it down
01:55:35Febstvelocity, what were you recording with? The internal mic or an external mic?
01:55:42tvelocityinternal mic
01:56:02FebsInternal mic isn't made for recording live music. It was probably the mic itself overdriving.
01:56:03zewas the signal so loud as to be distorting the diaphram?
01:56:26tvelocityi think it was digital clipping
01:56:37FebsWhere was the input gain set?
01:56:56webguest44there should be a way to increase the headroom so you can have louder heavier bass without clipping
01:57:16tvelocityyeah, but how... by edditing the code?
01:57:49tvelocityi think i'll take a look... at some point:P
01:57:59zewebguest44: are you talking about tvelocity's problem or the bass/main volume stuff still?
01:58:25tvelocityany known hardware limits?
01:58:32rasherWell, you can't get around the digital clipping if you turn up both bass and main volume
01:58:38zebtw my karma has an automatic volume normalization type deal
01:58:57webguest44well the archos could go quite loude without clippgn
01:59:14zecouldn't something like that be done to dynamically avoid clipping while allowing safe signals to be higher than the current bass/volume inverse corelation would allow?
01:59:18rasherGet another set of headphones
01:59:33FebsOr a headphone amp.
01:59:38rasherThere's really no way around digital clipping
01:59:40rasherAt all.
02:00:15FebsI agree. Recordings have way too much dynamic compression these days to start with. The last thing that I would want is for the player to apply its own compression.
02:00:29zenot compression, normalization
02:00:33zethere's a difference
02:00:57zebut then some people want compression
02:01:13zelike when i get this mythtv box set back up again, i'm gonna have either mplayer or alsa apply compression
02:01:16zefor movies at least
02:01:22Febsze: "couldn't something like that be done to dynamically avoid clipping"
02:01:29tvelocityrasher, but i want to avoid the clipping of occuring in the first place :P
02:01:49zebecause movie soundtracks these days have ridiculous dynamic range to where you either can't hear wtf they're saying or everything else is blowing your speakers out
02:02:14rashertvelocity: The recording deal is entirely different
02:02:16zeFebs: how about just a limiter
02:02:33zeFebs: watches for spikes that would clip and fades them just enough not to
02:02:34tvelocityrasher, yeah, but i'm talking about recording
02:03:03Febsze, that's exactly what mastering engineers have taken to an extreme, and squashed dynamics right out of music.
02:03:05rasherWell.. if you blast too loudly into the mic, there's your hardware limit right there
02:03:10tvelocityall i want is to be able to record "loude", so i don't have clipping effects
02:03:15zeFebs: no, they do compression
02:03:28zeFebs: and its what the audience of pop music want
02:03:34zeFebs: they don't do it for classical, afaik
02:03:37rashertvelocity: you should probablly get a better microphone
02:03:39tvelocityhow much is the hardware limit?
02:03:48FebsMastering involves TONS of peak limiting.
02:03:52rasherNo idea
02:03:53FebsNot just compression.
02:04:07tvelocitywell, i can get a better microphone, but i still need a way to set the iriver to record louder
02:04:07zeFebs: yes, but what you're complaining about is compression
02:04:28zeFebs: i bet you'd hate the jamin 'loudness' mastering tutorial :p
02:05:26zebut it has its circumstances where its appropriate, and its audence who prefer it
02:05:38rashertvelocity: Well if you ran into the microphone's limit, a better microphone should do
02:06:12Febsze, it does, but when it ends up that everything looks like this:
02:06:17Febsit's gone too far.
02:07:29Febs(post #35)
02:07:44rasherThis makes me curious about the album gain of my cds
02:08:08tvelocityrasher, yeah, but I thinkit was digital clipping
02:08:32rasherShould've just turned down the volume then
02:08:41rasherand/or gain
02:08:43tvelocityhm, the main volume?
02:08:52tvelocitywill that also decrease the volume of recording?
02:09:01rasherWell ys
02:09:10zeFebs: well how much metal has much dynamic range anyway
02:09:58Febstvelocity, true.
02:09:59tvelocitywow, i'll try that:P
02:10:08Febswhoops, I meant "ze", true.
02:10:35Febstvelocity, you can always raise the volume after you record. You can never get back what you lose through clipping.
02:10:49tvelocityyes Febs i know
02:10:58tvelocityrecording is my problem, not playback ;)
02:11:12FebsYou are missing my point.
02:11:53tvelocityno, i know what you mean
02:12:32FebsRegardless, the internal mic WILL distort with live music at anything above even modest volume levels.
02:12:56tvelocityi can use another mic
02:13:10FebsI've had good results with a Sony ECM MS907.
02:13:20*tvelocity googles
02:14:03*Febs makes sure he got the model number right.
02:15:08Febsze, I was discussing the idea of OTF peak normalization with preglow a day or two ago.
02:20:06tvelocityFebs, the mic looks good
02:20:20tvelocitybut it is a bit too big for the use i need it for:P
02:22:01FebsThere are plenty of decent stealth mics out there.
02:24:52tvelocityhow does the mic bundled with the iriver sound?
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02:26:45FebsI'm not even sure if I ever used it. Maybe once. It's basically made for voice recording.
02:27:00tvelocityah i see
02:27:05tvelocityno good then
02:27:59FebsThere are some good mic suggestions here:
02:29:28tvelocitybut i'll try with the internal mic first anyway... who knows, maybe it won't sound THAT bad... :P
02:31:55*rasher looks at vorbisgain levels
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02:47:27rasherThis is troubling. All my albums have negative gain.
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06:14:09gman14So does anyone know about problems with certain FLACs, but not others, in the iRiver Rockbox build from today?
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06:16:11gman14As in, some FLACs play fine, no problems, and some don't play at all and crash the player. Different rips.
06:16:23webguest64When did this first appear?
06:16:44gman14Today. It's the first time I've loaded FLACs on, just to see if it worked.
06:17:18webguest64ah, so it's not new as of today
06:17:30webguest64(couldn't be, no changes in flac handling for a good while)
06:18:46gman14It's the first time I've tried it, so I don't know. Would different kinds of tags do it, or replaygain (which I don't use), or something tweaked slighty in the different rips, might any of those, or something else, case problems?
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06:20:05webguest64The tags could do it, but different encoding options is probably more likely
06:21:01webguest64If you have the patience, trying different options until it works would be great
06:21:13gman14-T "artist=%a" -T "title=%t" -T "album=%g" -T "date=%y" -T "tracknumber=%n" -T "genre=%m" %s
06:21:24gman14That was command line I used on the ones that crash the player.
06:21:29webguest64well that seems pretty generic
06:21:37gman14But it's all tag-related stuff, no?
06:21:56webguest64Oh, I thought you encoded with different options
06:21:58gman14Ripped in EAC, with the FLAC encoder, most recent one.
06:24:30gman14I mean, I went and looked up stuff on how to rip in FLAC, and it all seemed pretty straightforward.
06:25:26gman14But some FLACs I have that aren't my rip work just fine.
06:25:56amiconnBack when I tested flac playback, I didn't get crashes, however, flac has problems anyway
06:26:12amiconnThe decoder needs much CPU, and sometimes can't keep up
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06:26:37gman14I know it's not really analogous, but I just played the problem FLACs in Winamp, and they were fine.
06:26:41amiconnThis happens especially if you use maximum compression ( -8 iirc), but not with all tracks
06:26:47*webguest64 tries compiling metronome.c for archos with the metronome-on-iriver patch, breaks
06:26:55gman14Might it be CPU load?
06:27:04webguest64That shouldn't make it crash
06:27:10amiconnIf you want a to use a lossless format on your iriver, I'd recommend wavpack instead
06:27:25webguest64#if CONFIG_REMOTE_KEYPAD == H100_REMOTE
06:27:28amiconnThe codec is very efficient, and it even compresses a bit better than flac
06:27:41webguest64how on earth can code inside that be compiled for archos?!
06:28:33webguest64(it can't, but why is it trying)
06:28:56gman14But I just don't get why even potentially some random FLACs I got elsewhere should work fine, but the ones I ripped just now wouldn't. Maybe I'll try wavpack, or ripping to a lower rate.
06:29:27webguest64gman14: As I said, different encoding options might be at play here
06:29:33webguest64Try lower rate
06:29:39webguest64And see if that makes it work
06:29:44gman14Ok. Will do that.
06:30:28amiconnI just started playing my flac testset
06:31:00amiconnThis was also ripped with eac and all that tag stuff, only difference is that it uses max. compression
06:31:26gman14And I take it works as it should?
06:31:37amiconnIt does so far
06:31:48amiconnI'll let it run for a while
06:32:45amiconn-8 -T ARTIST="%a" -T TITLE="%t" -T ALBUM="%g" -T DATE=%y -T TRACKNUMBER=%n %s -o %d
06:32:47gman14Yeah, I don't know, the problem files on my end crash the FW immediately.
06:32:52amiconn^ my option line in EAC
06:33:25amiconnMake sure that "add ID3 tag" on the same page is not ticked
06:33:30 Quit webguest64 ("CGI:IRC (EOF)")
06:33:34amiconnI once made that mistake...
06:34:18gman14I had that ticked.
06:35:34gman14Ripping one test track to see what happens.
06:35:58 Join B4gder [0] (
06:36:17amiconnHehe. Then EAC added id3 tags to the (already correctly tagged with vorbiscomments) flac file...
06:36:32gman14Oops. Must've skipped a step.
06:36:37*gman14 slaps own forehead.
06:37:26 Join webguest55 [0] (
06:37:37webguest55Stupid ¤"!# webclient
06:37:58webguest55Also, ha ha adding id3 to flacs
06:38:18gman14DING DING DING!
06:38:21gman14That was it.
06:38:30gman14Someone's got some CDs to re-rip.
06:38:36gman14Thanks for the help guys.
06:39:04 Join LinusN [0] (
06:39:12*gman14 np Mercury Rev, "Holes"
06:39:18gman14Ok, I'm off. Thanks again.
06:39:25webguest55Man, this is confusing.
06:39:40 Quit gman14 ("Leaving")
06:39:42webguest55The metronome patch for iriver..
06:39:51webguest55Trying to compile it for archos
06:39:52webguest55metronome.c: In function `plugin_start':
06:39:57webguest55metronome.c:394: error: `BUTTON_RC_ON' undeclared (first use in this function)
06:40:03webguest55This just confuses the hell out of me
06:40:18webguest55it's in a #if CONFIG_REMOTE_KEYPAD == H100_REMOTE block as far as I can see
06:40:40webguest55Shouldn't that, you know, make it not compile for archos?
06:40:57B4gderyes, if the config.h is included
06:41:33webguest55How could that go wrong?
06:41:41*webguest55 tries re-configuring, just to be sure
06:42:07B4gderuse 'make V=1' to recompile, the copy the compiler line and use -E
06:42:15B4gderthen copy
06:43:55webguest55use -E?
06:44:05B4gdergcc option -E, preprocess only
06:44:06webguest55as in, sh-elf-gcc -E <blabla>
06:44:27webguest55where does it end up then?
06:44:32webguest55the preprocessed file
06:44:32B4gderin the -o file
06:45:10webguest55There we go
06:45:38webguest55well, there it is, but why
06:46:21amiconnI think we will need some protection from bad files in rockbox
06:46:56amiconnI don't expect it to fix tehm and play correctly, simply skipping or even playing them wrong would be ok
06:47:12amiconnCrashing is not ok. It sheds a bad light on rockbox
06:47:18B4gderI agree
06:47:27B4gderthe hard part is to detect them as bad
06:47:49webguest55Also, as our resident fat guru, any guesses what's causing iriver firmware to throw hissy fits during boot?
06:48:34amiconnB4gder: Imho it isn't necessary to detect them as bad explicitly
06:49:03amiconnJust make sure that values which may cause harm if out-of-bound stay within their defined bounds
06:49:15B4gderhm, true
06:49:43amiconnwebguest55: If you're talking to me - I don't know at all
06:49:56amiconnI never really used the iriver fw apart from firmware update
06:51:08webguest55Yeah, same now.. just annoying when it no longer boots because the filesystem is - according to iriver - broken
06:51:19webguest55can't update that bootloader then :-\
06:52:09webguest55I wonder where H100_REMOTE is defined..
06:52:35webguest55#define H100_REMOTE 0
06:52:39webguest55sounds like a bad choice
06:53:21LinusNwhy is that bad?
06:53:35webguest55comparing it to something that isn't defined seems to evaluate to true
06:53:57B4gderexactly, it makes things like the above happen easier
06:53:58webguest55(CONFIG_REMOTE_KEYPAD == H100_REMOTE)
06:54:06LinusNaha :-)
06:54:10B4gder#if undefined == anotherundefined
06:54:24webguest55well #if undefined == 0
06:54:33B4gderum, yes
06:54:39*LinusN goes to destroy his h320
06:54:47B4gderkill kill kill
06:55:26 Quit matsl (Remote closed the connection)
06:56:05*webguest55 greps for _REMOTE
06:56:14webguest55Let's hope noone hardcoded anything
06:56:16 Nick webguest55 is now known as rasher (
06:58:27*rasher adds 1 to the _REMOTE defines
06:59:00rasherwell that worked nicely for player at least
07:00:55rasherLet's see if iriver works
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07:01:20rasherNo objections to committing this small change, I guess?
07:01:32B4gderno, go ahead
07:02:26rasherBy the way, regarding the language tracker thing, should I change the auto-assign to me, or is quelsaruk active still?
07:02:43B4gderI think you can safely "take" it
07:02:55*amiconn didn't notice LinusN slipping in...
07:02:59amiconnMorning LinusN
07:03:25B4gderquelsaruk is not around very often these days
07:03:28amiconnYou're talking about the one dedicated to get info for drawing schematics?
07:03:57B4gderamiconn: I'm convinced that'
07:04:01B4gders the one he means
07:04:19B4gdersince it doesn't work
07:09:05rasherHah, now I mention that the regular keypad defines start at 0 as well
07:10:04rasheramazing noone has done #if MISSPELLING == PLAYER_PAD and yelled at it
07:10:24amiconnYes, but the regular keypad is always defined
07:10:51rasherBut with a missspelling of the define, it could still happen
07:10:55rasherLess likely of course
07:11:02rasherand easier to spot
07:12:13B4gder"Warn if an undefined identifier is evaluated in an #if directive."
07:12:32rasherGood idea
07:12:48rasherI don't see how that could be a bad thing
07:12:55B4gderme neither
07:13:18amiconnDifferent thing - did someone have a look at the improved .wav support patch?
07:14:42rasherI don't really have anything to test it with
07:16:35amiconnWell, I have a bunch of non-44.1 kHz .wav files
07:16:52amiconn(the sources of my mp2/mp3 testset)
07:17:22rasherHas anyone seen the weird FM patch?
07:17:30amiconnI don't have files of the more exotic formats like adpcm, but generating these should be simple, at least on windows
07:17:39 Join ender` [0] (
07:17:43amiconnI'll probably have a look myself if noone else picks it before
07:18:00amiconnHowever, I want two other things to get in before the freeze...
07:18:45rasherI can test it if it's short wavs that you can easily share, but I can't judge the code
07:19:30rasherAnyway, this patch is confusing:
07:19:54rasherIt does all sorts of weird things to FM screen
07:20:02rasherand I can't figure out how much of it is iriver
07:20:39 Join hshah [0] (
07:20:41amiconnB4gder: -Wundef might cause warnings e.g. for CONFIG_REMOTE_KEYPAD. It isn't defined for all targets
07:21:11amiconnThere are probably more such cases
07:21:30B4gdersure, but it would be better to fix that
07:21:50rasherLinusN: "but I guess it will be enough to lower the CPU frequency to a minimum. Rockbox is currently not capable of doing this in a controlled manner, but it is in the works" .. what does this mean?
07:22:30 Quit hshah (Client Quit)
07:22:34rasherShould be as simple as adding defined(WHATEVER) && to those cases, shouldn't it?
07:22:56rasherMore or less, anyway
07:23:18B4gderor to make sure the define is defined
07:23:47rasherMost cases it probably shouldn't be
07:24:00rasherat least, not for things like remote_keypad
07:24:27B4gderit could be defined to REMOTE_NONE or similar
07:24:29amiconnThere are cases where we check for defined(SYMBOL), and others where we check for the value
07:24:46rasherThen you'd get "none" defines for every feature not avialable on other targets.. sounds silly
07:24:49amiconnDefining it always would break that
07:25:05B4gderdoing #if on a undefined variable is plain wrong
07:25:21amiconnCONFIG_BACKLIGHT is one such example
07:25:23rasherI agree with this post, and wish to subscribe to your newsletter.
07:25:52amiconnIt holds the type of backlight control for all targets that have backlight, but is intentionally undefined for Ondio
07:26:12rasherYeah, so where you check for the value, you should first make sure it's defined
07:26:14B4gderamiconn: then it should be checked with #if defined()
07:26:18rasherin my opinion
07:26:53B4gderactually, most compilers complain on this thing by default
07:26:54amiconnB4gder: This would be possible, but it would add extra #if lines in quite a number of places
07:26:59rasherOf course, it makes it a bit more verbose, but much less error-prone
07:28:25rasherThen, I initialise variables when writing php, but I'm strange like that
07:28:53B4gderI'm personally trained in multi-platform coding, then you just don't do those things
07:29:00B4gdersince they _will_ cause warnings
07:29:52rasherAnyway, it works.. probably not the thing to change now, although it could provide a colourful build-table
07:30:17B4gderyeah, that and removing the gcc warning inhibit ;-)
07:30:33 Quit rasher ("CGI:IRC")
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07:30:48 Nick webguest55 is now known as rasher (
07:31:03LinusNbga's are always tricky to remove
07:31:12LinusNbut now they're gone
07:31:39LinusNi'll scan the pcb before removing the rest of the chips
07:31:43LinusNBall Grid Array
07:32:11rasherNow this is what dict told me.. doesn't help me. Guess I'll google it :p
07:32:12LinusNa nasty package where the solder pads are located *under* the chip
07:32:26LinusNso you can't reach them
07:32:52LinusNi have to use a heat fan to unsolder them
07:33:13LinusNand i have to unsolder them to be able to measure with the multimeter
07:33:36LinusNrasher: did you have a look at the fm patch
07:34:18rasherNo. Just asked for an update and a better description of what it did
07:34:54rasherSeemed like half of the things were workarounds for the non-existant fm on iriver
07:35:44rasherWhat is the deal with changing the cpu to 11MHz while on FM?
07:36:03LinusNthe deal is to save battery
07:36:26LinusNthe simulator things can be removed from the patch
07:36:28rasheryeah but I saw your comment on misticriver "Rockbox is currently not capable of doing this in a controlled manner, but it is in the works"
07:36:35LinusNi fixed the sim
07:36:43 Quit CoCoLUS (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
07:36:47rasherOh yeah, should've told him in my comment
07:36:52LinusNyes, i forgot that i already fixed that :-)
07:36:57 Join CoCoLUS [0] (
07:36:58LinusN(the freq change)
07:37:08rasherOh.. I have been using it at 11mhz with no ill effects
07:37:14rasherSo I was confused what you meant
07:37:17LinusNhow did you do that?
07:37:24rasherWell, probably the wrong way :)
07:37:30rasherbut it seemed to do the trick
07:37:32rasherhang on
07:37:45LinusNor cpu_idle()?
07:38:03LinusNthe backlight will set it back to 120
07:38:15LinusNcpu_idle() is the way to go
07:38:29rasherWell, it'll fall to 48 again?
07:38:35rashernot stay at 120, right?
07:38:53LinusNyes, as it will fall back
07:39:14B4gderit will "fall up" ;-)
07:39:16LinusNcpu_idle() is used in usb mode
07:39:17 Quit einhirn ("Miranda IM! Smaller, Faster, Easier.")
07:39:35B4gdernever mind
07:39:44rashercunning, what happens if I activate the backlight then?
07:40:04rasherin the fm screen
07:40:08LinusNin idle mode?
07:40:15LinusNit will boost to 120 and fall back to 11
07:40:50LinusNfrom the url i pasted: "There are two modes of operation, normal and idle. The idle mode uses the idle frequency when not boosted instead if the normal frequency to save power, for example when in USB mode."
07:41:26rasherThat'll teach me to just read a few sentences here and there
07:41:33LinusNthe frequencies are listed in a table at the bottom
07:41:55rasherSo cpu_idle_mode effectively changes the "base" frequency to 11mhz?
07:42:04rasherGot it.
07:42:11amiconnI don't think switching to 11 MHz in the radio screen is a good idea
07:42:19LinusNamiconn: tell me
07:42:52amiconn(1) Iirc this will make the UI slow, and I wouldn't want this when changing stations etc
07:43:16LinusN(1) then boost it
07:43:16amiconn(2) It's certainly a bad idea as soon as we have working recording
07:43:24LinusN(2) then boost it
07:43:42rasher(1) doesn't seem to be a problem to me.. testing now
07:43:57LinusNit's a waste of battery to run at 48MHz while doing exactly nothing
07:44:27rasherI wonder if iriver is doing this as well
07:44:38rasherMy money is on "no"
07:44:39LinusNi'm very sure that they are
07:44:52rasherI'll recall that bet then
07:45:01LinusNthey reportedly have very long run time when listening to radio
07:45:35rasherYes.. but then, no harddrive
07:45:37rasherSystem current (CPU idle 11 MHz) 39 mASystem current (CPU idle 48 MHz) 58 mA
07:45:44rashersilly web client
07:45:51amiconnTalking about battery - I thought a bit about a minimal-power timer mode
07:45:53rasherBut that's not *much* of a difference
07:46:07LinusNrasher: we haven't measured with the pll turned off
07:46:11amiconnI would like to run this entirely from IRAM, so we can switch off the DRAM controller
07:46:18amiconnHowever, there is a problem
07:46:51rasherLinusN: Ah, could be much lower then?
07:46:59LinusNthe exception vectors are in dram
07:47:12amiconnIt would require the vector table to go into IRAM, but the vector table can only be located at the start of an 1 MB block
07:47:20LinusNrasher: maybe not much, but lower at least
07:48:32amiconnLinusN: That would be an interesting measurement:
07:49:04rasherWeird, my backlight will act strangely sometimes. Occasionally it won't come on at boot until I've pressed a few buttons
07:49:07B4gderif you wanna see iaudio people "do a misticriver" ;-)
07:49:10rashernow it's sticking on
07:49:30rasherin the fm screen
07:50:18rasherThere was this hilarious comment on iaudiophile that rockbox is not MS certified, so he wouldn't dare install it and connect to his computer, because "you never know what it could do!"
07:50:33amiconnSwitch off HD power, LCD controller, disable all interrupts, set PLL to bypass, jump into IRAM code, switch off DRAM controller, then issue a STOP instruction. Power consumption?
07:50:46rasherNevermind the many levels on which that is a silly comment.
07:51:03LinusNamiconn: how do you exit from this state?
07:51:14amiconnNever... this would be for an experiment
07:51:24amiconnJust to see how low we can get
07:51:40rasherwell, more interesting to see how low we can get *and still wake up*
07:51:56amiconnThat would be only a slight change from there
07:52:19amiconn..but since it reqires more work, this experiment could be done first, to see if it's worth it
07:52:41*rasher pokes cgiirc with a sharp stick. I want a bigger input-field, dammit
07:52:52amiconnThe method would be to move the vector table to IRAM somehow, and set up a timer tick much slower than the usual one once per second
07:53:16LinusNrasher: can you find that comment?
07:53:18amiconnrasher: Mozilla or firefox?
07:53:27rasheramiconn: firefox
07:53:55amiconnIf so, both have a bug that the input field is very small. Click to open the text colour palette, then the field will get bigger (!)
07:54:05amiconnIE doesn't have that problem
07:55:21 Join webguest96 [0] (
07:55:34 Quit webguest96 (Client Quit)
07:55:44amiconnrasher: Tried it?
07:55:59rasherYeah, I knew this (think I've seen you say it before)
07:56:06rashernow it's half my screen
07:56:12 Join webguest25 [0] (
07:56:16rasherI want it to be ALL my screen
07:56:25LinusNrasher: LOL!!!!
07:56:25rasherOh well
07:56:30 Quit webguest25 (Client Quit)
07:56:34rasherLinusN: It's excellent
07:56:40LinusN"Does it have a Microsoft Certificate (Work issue, not personal) to work with XP/2000?"
07:57:12rasherWell, considering the driver comes from Microsoft..
07:57:26rasherSo silly.
07:57:49 Join webguest23 [0] (
07:57:49rasher(assuming it's usb-storage)
07:58:36 Quit webguest23 (Client Quit)
07:58:41B4gderspeaking of funny threads, the linux thread on misticriver seem to have died ;-)
07:59:01B4gderhow unexpected
07:59:13 Join webguest42 [0] (
07:59:20rasherI like how he totally fails to address the guy explaining why his comment was rubbish
08:00:13LinusNB4gder: :-)
08:00:13 Quit webguest42 (Client Quit)
08:00:32 Join webguest04 [0] (
08:01:21 Quit webguest04 (Client Quit)
08:01:40 Join webguest57 [0] (
08:01:49 Quit webguest57 (Client Quit)
08:01:51LinusNrasher: "button handling changed (left/right: tune prev/next
08:01:51LinusNstation + other changes)"
08:02:25rasherThat sounds like what we want for iriver
08:02:27 Join webguest49 [0] (
08:02:29LinusNdoes he mean switching presets with left/right?
08:02:32rasherexcept "other things" sounds scary
08:02:41rasherI can't decipher it :-\
08:02:48rasherI'll try it out once he updates
08:02:49 Quit webguest49 (Client Quit)
08:02:52LinusNthat's one of the things i hate with the iriver fm screen
08:02:58LinusNthe "preset mode"
08:02:59amiconnHmm, CGI::IRC is a strange thing...
08:03:05rasherYeah.. I stopped using it
08:03:44rasherI pretty much just pressed random buttons when trying to use the fm screen
08:03:56amiconnIn some browsers it is working perfectly, for some others (older) browsers it warns that it doesn't work correctly, and for even others it doesn't warn, but still doesn't work right
08:04:34amiconnThen there's this input field bug with all recent gecko-based browsers
08:05:07amiconn...and of course the non-working '+'
08:05:44rasherI wonder if any of this is fixed in the most recent version
08:05:55rasherI believe this is one minor version short of the latest
08:06:44rasherI wonder if the sierpinski plugin ever got triangle
08:07:03 Join webguest15 [0] (
08:07:16 Quit webguest15 (Client Quit)
08:07:25 Join einhirn [0] (
08:07:28amiconnIE 5.0+ is working, as is Opera 7
08:07:49amiconnIE 4.0 has problems, without warning
08:08:04amiconnMozilla and Firefox have the input box problem
08:08:25amiconnNetscape 4.x and Espial Escape have problems, with warning
08:08:49LinusNomg, that fm ch is not very nice
08:08:57LinusNomg, that fm patch is not very nice
08:09:38rasherWhat does it actually do?
08:09:46LinusNtons of stuff
08:09:55 Join slashtest [0] (
08:09:58rasherAnything useful?
08:10:16slashtestHmm, with Konqueror seems to work well also
08:10:21LinusNi'm trying to find out
08:10:26 Part slashtest
08:10:46rashermight as well try and get new patches reviewed and accepted/rejected
08:11:37B4gdera worthy task indeed
08:11:54LinusNfor some reason, he removed the option to keep playing on exit
08:11:58amiconnOops - my iriver just crashed the very end of a wavpack album
08:12:09rasherHeh, I thought he might've
08:12:18LinusNamiconn: move to next folder?
08:12:21rasherI wrote in my comment that that should be possible
08:12:26amiconnI03:AddrErr at 310244AE
08:12:29amiconnLinusN: nope
08:12:47SlasherHmm, interesting what are causing these address errors..
08:12:50LinusNamiconn: the dreaded addrerr bug...
08:13:08LinusNit looks like a stack overflow
08:13:25rasherI've tested a couple of few patches.. but I can't do much in the way of actually reviewing the code
08:13:33rashers/couple //
08:13:34LinusNit crashes when fetching the return address when returning from i2c_write()
08:13:37amiconnI just double-checked. 'Move to next folder' is disabled
08:13:45Slasheramiconn: are you able to crash it with the simulator?
08:14:09B4gderI'd guess not
08:14:19B4gderif it is stack related
08:14:28rasherUnlikely if it's i2c stuff?
08:14:35rasher(to "work" in the sim, that is)
08:14:36B4gderthat too, yes
08:15:21LinusNwow! this is my favourite:
08:15:24amiconnLinusN: Btw, any news concerning the NULL pointer access in mpeg.c?
08:15:30LinusN+ /* toggle twice, to keep the state but create the menu string */
08:15:31LinusN+ toggle_mono_mode();
08:15:31LinusN+ toggle_mono_mode();
08:15:40LinusN+ toggle_freeze_mode();
08:15:40LinusN+ toggle_freeze_mode();
08:15:43rasherAnyway,"> has a list of the patches/plugins I've been using/testing .. especially the "multiple align tags"
08:15:50rasherWow.. that's... mad
08:15:52LinusN+ toggle_pmeter_mode();
08:15:52LinusN+ toggle_pmeter_mode();
08:15:58LinusN+ toggle_fmscan_mode();
08:15:58LinusN+ toggle_fmscan_mode();
08:16:06Slasherhehe, "nice" :D
08:16:10LinusNamiconn: no
08:16:15rasherI'm almost going to reject it just after seeing that
08:17:13rasherBut I'll leave it.
08:17:46rasherCan't do much in the way of reviewing patches unless they're simple and obvious
08:17:55rasherTesting I can handle
08:21:33rasherLinusN: how long was the radio broken in the sim - pre or post 2.4?
08:21:45rasher(does it go in the changelog/releasenotes?)
08:21:48LinusNpre 2.4
08:22:07rasherAh, I'll add it then.
08:22:09LinusNno need to mention it in the relnotes
08:22:21LinusNit's pure dev stuff anyway
08:22:25rasherHm, I have split it into a changelog and a release note
08:22:44rasherand the release notes have a list of bugfixes
08:23:05LinusNbacon_boy? :-)
08:23:20rasherIt really needs some rearranging still.. it's pretty much all a bunch of commit messages :-\
08:24:13rasherI did not know this when I picked the name, mind.
08:25:04rasherFound out, and so bacon_boy is sortof my "backup" nick when rasher is taken
08:26:27***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
08:32:10 Join webguest98 [0] (
08:32:36webguest98Morning guys
08:32:50webguest98I've had my iRiver crash while playing mp3s abuot three times this morning
08:32:56webguest98all with roughly the same error
08:33:03webguest98I03: AddrErr
08:33:09webguest98at 31023304
08:33:25LinusNwebguest98: yeah, that is the #1 most elusive bug we have today
08:33:31webguest98All within the same album, but different tracks
08:33:44webguest98right in the middle of playing
08:34:00webguest98Anything I can do to provide more information?
08:34:17LinusNwebguest98: we need to find a way to reproduce it
08:34:26LinusNso we can make it happen over and over sagain
08:34:48rasherThis quick-config thing seems... wrong. Anyone with me on that? You shouldn't (imho) be loading a config from the WPS context menu
08:35:08webguest98at least playback resume correctly and at the right spot after the reset
08:37:26Slasherargh, talk.c has some dynamic "thumbnail" buffer..
08:37:49rasheroooh, working on voice-ui?
08:38:09Slasheralmost, finishing the interface so i could test :)
08:38:34 Join hshah [0] (
08:38:41Slasherbut that thumbnail buffer is definately a problem because it's size is totally dynamic
08:40:13 Part webguest98
08:40:31LinusNrasher: are you sure that the usb transfer failure bug report is an iriver issue?
08:40:42LinusNif it is, you should reject it
08:41:00LinusNi think the guy has an archos
08:41:22rasherOh.. haha
08:41:27rasherSilly me
08:41:44LinusNwe don't want official bug reports on the iriver stuff
08:42:02*rasher removes foot from mouth
08:42:25LinusNask him what player model he has
08:42:41rasher"(Pressing "-" during Boot)" .. certainly not iriver at any rate
08:43:34hshahLinusN: any info from that wav file?
08:44:01LinusNdidn't find time to analyze it yday
08:44:07hshahok - nps
08:44:14hshahits no rush - i only hace 1 wav file
08:44:55hshahanother thing i wanted to ask - you know you said that you will not have a WPS for the radio, well we will still be able to easily edit the screen from the source code, right?
08:45:47LinusNmaybe not easily
08:48:57rasherWhy are we showing dirs when browsing .cfg files?
08:49:39hshahalso, Craig_ was nice enough to make me a patch that does the left from root to wps
08:49:48hshahonly like 2 lines of code :)
08:50:44rasherI can't wrap my head around why you'd want that
08:51:22rasherBut then, I've quickly adapted to the way rockbox thinks of the relations between screens
08:51:24LinusNrasher: because the .cfg file might be in a subdir?
08:51:57rasherLinusN: but why would it be?
08:52:08LinusNbecause you put it there?
08:52:21rasherDid not! I mean, why would you do that?
08:52:33LinusNhow would i know?
08:52:57 Join leftright [0] (
08:53:00rasherWell.. :) I'm just suggesting not showing them, to de-clutter that screen
08:53:21LinusNfair enough
08:53:37rasherit just seems unnecessary
08:53:40rasherto me at least
08:54:04leftrightrasher: I think some folks have different settings which they keep indifferent configs, that way instaed of having to manually change everything they can just load a preset config
08:54:25rasherAnd it seems to be the only thing bothering the "quick-config" person, who has a really obnoxious patch now
08:54:32rasherleftright: This is not what I'm questioning
08:54:38hshahguys, i have also found a slight problem when skipping through wma's - it brings up the message that there is no codec etc, but one time i had the problem where it was playing 1 song but showing the id3 tag info for the previous one... so although it had skipped Bloodhound Gang.wma and was playing Whatever.mp3 it was showing id3 for Bloodhound gang, and then when i skipped track again it showed info for Whatever.mp3
08:54:59rasherleftright: Just why they should put them in a subdir of .rockbox
08:56:05LinusNhshah: there are quite a few problems related to that
08:56:11rasherIt's not like people have hundreds of config files
08:56:30rasherI'd guess at most 10, and I can't see how you'd have that many
08:56:43rasher(of course, someone will prove me wrong now)
08:56:46LinusNrasher: i agree, feel free to change that
08:57:02hshahok LinusN
08:58:23leftrightwell not all options are included, so I tend to personalise with cfg to achieve my desired settings
08:59:07rasherleftright: Still, this is not what I'm questioning
08:59:32rasherIt's jsut that when you say "Browse .cfg files", it shows all the subdirs of .rockbox, and THEN the .cfg files
08:59:53rasherI'd think only showing the .cfg files (and not allowing going into subdirs) would be better
09:00:12rasherif people really insist on having them in subdirs, they can damn well use the file browser
09:00:40leftrightyes I agree, but the default when creating is /.rockbox/abc
09:01:02rasherAnd this is exactly what the menu will show if I have my way
09:01:12rasherAnd then *only* those cfg files in .rockbox
09:01:23LinusNrasher: exactly
09:01:28leftrightthat would be great
09:01:46LinusNthat's the point with the .cfg, .wps and font browsers
09:01:59Slasheramiconn: btw, is bitswapping the mp3 samples in file enough or do i have to byteswap structures also?
09:02:02rasherAnd I think it'd appease this guy:
09:02:06LinusNbut we were lazy enough not to remove the dirs
09:02:24rasherShould I add an option to rockbox_browse() ?
09:02:31rasheror a bitmask thing
09:02:34rasheron the second option
09:04:02leftrightI still hope someone might look at implementing Replay gain Track mode if shuffle is selected
09:04:51hshahis there "true" shuffle on rockbox
09:04:56LinusNrasher: there is already a filter, maybe you can extend it
09:05:04leftrightyes its true
09:05:05hshahcoz ive noticed that the same track play over and over again
09:05:14hshahit doesn't feel like its playing all the tracks in a random order
09:05:22rasherhshah: I blame you.
09:05:40rasherSeriously, it's pretty simple to verify.. unless you have repeat on, it just won't do that
09:05:50rasherOf course, bugs apply
09:06:16hshahyou do? *goes into corner and sulks*
09:06:21B4gdersuch a shuffle bug would surprise me
09:06:36hshahi have repeat mode set to "shuffle" and suffle mode to "on"
09:06:36SlasherLinusN: Hmm, is the endianess same with archos and iriver players?
09:06:37B4gderI've used shuffle just about daily for years
09:06:45LinusNSlasher: yes
09:06:50Slasherah, that's good :)
09:07:03B4gderSlasher: but not with the sim in most cases
09:07:05 Join BBub [0] (
09:08:25rasherHm.. the dirfilter thing is an enum
09:08:49 Join bobTHC [0] (
09:08:55bobTHCmornin' folks !!
09:09:16rasherI'm not sure I can comfortably deal with that
09:09:34rasher(because of ignorance, not choice)
09:09:46hshahrasher - see PM
09:11:35leftrightin file tree playback, it plays the very last track in the last file continuously,
09:12:09LinusNleftright: settings?
09:12:20leftrightmove to next on
09:12:35LinusNis it the last dir on the disk?
09:12:57 Quit hshah ("CGI:IRC")
09:13:34leftrightI thought the record was stuck :)
09:14:01rasherLinusN: seen this ? should be quick
09:19:00LinusNrasher: it's not the "correct" way of doing it
09:19:38LinusNsince it should only do this if it's actually charging
09:19:58LinusNand that detection is still not made in the power management code
09:20:19rasherWhat goes wrong?
09:20:23rasherIt'll stay that way when done?
09:20:47LinusNwhenever you have the charger attached, even if the green light is off
09:21:10rasherI'll add a comment about that.. should I just close it?
09:21:25LinusNso yes, it fixes the problem with the numeric display, but not in the correct way
09:22:05LinusNyes, you can close it, with the comment that it will be solved in a different way when the charging detection is implemented
09:25:21 Quit phaedrus96 (Read error: 113 (No route to host))
09:26:47 Join phaedrus961 [0] (
09:27:09rasherWait.. everytime rockbox_browse is called, it shouldn't show dirs
09:27:18rasherI'm sure there's a lesson to be learnt here.
09:27:45rasheror do we want dirs to be shown for some of these?
09:28:36rasherplugins, wps, lang, cfg, font, firmware
09:30:09leftrightmaybe thats why he saved his configs in a seprerate dir ?
09:31:16LinusNi don't think we need subdirs for any of those
09:31:19leftrightdidn't he just want to display cfg dir's only
09:31:31leftrightor rather access cfg dir's only
09:31:53rasherWell, I'm pretty sure he just wants a list of his cfg files
09:32:06rasherwhich is what he'll get from the "Browse .cfg files" if we remove the dirs
09:32:14leftrightyep guess thats it
09:32:26rasherdirbrowser is "fun"
09:32:30amiconnSlasher: Bitswapping the mp3 samples is enough
09:34:19*leftright heads of to get his daily fix of Sudoku at
09:35:13rasherGo create a rockbox plugin! There's a feature request out
09:36:03B4gderI'm pondering on making a sudoku solver plugin
09:36:24rasherPretty small c source here:
09:36:37rasheralso pretty naive solver, I think
09:36:57rashercode should be portable
09:37:31leftrightI cant write code, but can fix aeroplanes
09:37:39rasher(and gpl)
09:37:50rasherI guess that doesn't apply well to rockbox :-\
09:40:27leftrightLinusN: does the joystick have a manufacturers label on it ?
09:40:44*rasher tries desperately to find out where the dirfilter is applied
09:42:04leftrighta user has worn out his joystick, and I'm thinking it would be a good idea to try and find a source for the joysticks,
09:42:16amiconnSlasher: All our targets are big-endian (fortunately)
09:42:44amiconnThe only thing with archos is that data fed to the MAS needs to be bitswapped because of the silly SH1 SPI
09:43:12rasherThat still makes me chuckle
09:45:18amiconnrasher: It seems all platforms have some hardware weirdnesses
09:46:23LinusNleftright: i'll have a look when i get home, if i remember to do it
09:49:52rasherI can't find anywhere filename is compared against the filter
09:50:03rasherthis is just confusing
09:51:54amiconnThe file filter is 2-stages iirc
09:52:16amiconnFirst, each file gets assigned an attribute depending on the type
09:52:30amiconnThen the filter uses the attribute whether to show the file or not
09:53:18amiconnLinusN/ Bagder: The server clock seems to be wrong. The irc log is about 50 minutes off
09:53:44rasherokay, I'm not totally confused
10:45:48 Quit rasher ("CGI:IRC (Ping timeout)")
10:45:48 Quit leftright ("CGI:IRC (Ping timeout)")
10:45:48 Quit pilot000 ("CGI:IRC (Ping timeout)")
10:45:55 Join webguest55 [0] (
10:45:59 Nick webguest55 is now known as rasher (
10:46:04B4gdersorry rasher
10:46:17B4gderI set the time, I bet that caused the timeout
10:46:36 Join ashridah [0] (
10:47:02rasherSounds likely
10:51:28 Join leftright [0] (
10:53:35 Join pilot000 [0] (
10:53:35DEBUGReceived FATAL signal 14 (SIGALRM), crashing (snapshot: fplrun.c line 872)
10:54:06***Started Dancer V4.16
10:54:06***Connected to on port 6667
10:54:06***Logfile for #rockbox started
10:54:07***Server message 501: 'logbot :Unknown MODE flag'
10:54:07Mode"logbot :+i" by logbot
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10:54:08 Join solex [0] (
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10:54:08 Join amiconn [0] (
10:54:08 Join pill [0] (
10:54:08 Join Rick [0] (i=rick@unaffiliated/Rick)
10:54:08 Join courtc [0] (
10:54:08 Join thegeek [0] (
10:54:08 Join pike [0] (
10:54:08 Join lostlogic [0] (
10:54:08 Join TCK- [0] (
10:54:08 Join silencer_ [0] (
10:54:08 Join crashd [0] (
10:54:08 Join Seed [0] (
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10:54:08 Join pabs [0] (
10:54:08 Join Ismo [0] (
10:54:08 Join bluebrother^ [0] (
10:54:08 Join dwihno [0] (n=dw@
10:54:08 Join mbr [0] (
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10:54:08 Join Slasher [0] (
10:54:08 Join Hadaka [0] (
10:54:08 Join dionoea [0] (
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10:54:08 Join odd_ [0] (
10:54:08 Join Bagder [0] (
10:54:08 Join igor47 [0] (
10:56:24rasherHah, well, that was not exactly what I wanted.
10:56:39rashernow it's just not showing the dirs. Still making room for them in the list
10:56:48rasherObviously the wrong place I put my test
10:59:42 Nick QT_ is now known as QT (i=as@madwifi/users/area51)
11:01:19amiconnLinusN: The address error happens when returning from i2c_write_byte() (not i2c_write() )
11:01:29LinusNah yes
11:04:21amiconn..and I doubt that it is a simple stack issue
11:05:09amiconnI know that libmad needs a lot of stack, but I experienced it while playing a wavpack-only folder
11:05:47amiconnThe main stack is rather large
11:10:43 Join midk [0] (
11:11:24LinusNone interesting thing is that i don't think there is any i2c communication going on at all
11:13:09amiconnIt happened at the very end of the folder when I was doing nothing in between. I just started playing the folder and let it play
11:13:50LinusNyes, that's usually what happens
11:14:14rashertime to add logf calls to i2c functions?
11:14:34rasherand wait..
11:30:20rasherNo directories \o/
11:30:26rasherIt *was* simple
11:30:37rasherJust a matter of looking in the right source file
11:36:39rasherHm, should I commit (after testing that it compiles), or post a patch?
11:36:56LinusNif anyone complains, send him to me
11:37:40rasherSeems to compile as well
11:38:00rasherplayer, iriver and recorder as well
11:38:05rasherat least.
11:38:10LinusNyou should of course test that it works :-)
11:38:32rasherOh but I have
11:38:39rasherHrm.. /home/rasher/rockbox/build-env/lib/gcc-lib/sh-elf/3.3.4/../../../../sh-elf/bin/ld: region FLASH is full (/home/rasher/rockbox/build-env/src/rockbox/build/recorderv2-2mb/apps/rombox.elf section .rodata)
11:38:47LinusNdon't worry
11:39:12LinusNnot your fault
11:39:58B4gderjust another nail in the rombox coffin ;-)
11:41:10LinusNB4gder: :-)
11:44:07LinusNrasher: i think you can commit your stats plugin
11:45:54rasherOh right, I'd forgotten about that
11:46:14rasheractually I'd like to print it in two lines with the number counting up
11:46:16rashershould even work on player
11:46:37rasherAnd have it wait for a button before it exits
11:46:43rasherI'll do that and commit
11:50:40 Join Moos [0] (
11:50:57MoosGood day folks !
11:51:05rasherHow wide is the player screen again? 11 chars?
11:52:31LinusN11 chars is excellent? i don't think so :-)
11:54:19rasherWell, it'll just fit Files:12345
11:54:31rasher99999 files should be enough for everyone
11:55:03midkrasher, well, a space'd be nice.. thus, imo, 11 characters is not quite perfect. :)
11:56:04rasherHrm... it's probably a good deal slower this way
11:56:13rasherupdating the count on the screen all the time
11:56:17midkif you're not planning to, i'd suggest printing Files: on the left as nromal and aligning the number to the right or something...
11:56:24midkwell.. hm.
11:56:24midk :)
11:56:31LinusNmake it update it once every 0.5 secs or something
11:56:43midknever mind what i said. :)
11:56:45rasherwait, what the hell have I done
11:56:58rasherIt just keeps counting
11:57:14rasherI do *not* have this many files
11:57:27LinusNoh, maybe you called format() instead of count_files()?
12:00:38amiconnWhat does that plugin do btw?
12:01:05rasherCount the number of files and dirs
12:01:10 Join mg [0] (
12:01:11rasherIriver users seem to expect this functionality
12:02:41amiconnHmm. I don't care about that. It's just important that my collection fits on the drive, and of course how many *music* files I have (to set the max playlist size accordingly)
12:02:55amiconnAnyway, a plugin can't hurt
12:03:18amiconnOn the player you could use lcd_puts_scroll to ensure the info is displayed completely
12:03:50 Join edx [0] (
12:05:28leftrightits seems that its a Very Few at mistic who need this file count :)
12:06:07leftrightexplorer seems to do this quite well
12:08:39amiconnThe count of music files can be obtained on the box. Just generate root.m3u from the menu...
12:09:12Moosone plugin is good too
12:09:27 Join rooom_wrk [0] (
12:09:37 Quit rooom_wrk (Client Quit)
12:20:52 Join Chamois [0] (
12:21:15leftrightould I interest anyone in implementing ReplayGain 'Track' mode if Shuffle is selected,
12:23:43LinusNwhat is "track mode"?
12:24:03leftrightRG has two modes, Track and Album
12:24:21leftrightTrack makes all the track playback at the same volume
12:25:06bobTHCleftright: it's a good idea to swap to track mode automaticly when shuffle is on
12:25:12leftrightAlbum maintains the differences in volume between tracks, but all albums are played back at the same vol
12:26:32LinusNand how does rockbox do it today?
12:27:27leftrightnothing is enabled, it must be manually selected each time shuffle is selected
12:28:47leftrightRG Track mode is perfect for a shuffled playlist
12:29:21leftrightor shuffled folder
12:29:48LinusNso you want track mode when you shuffle an album?
12:30:12leftrightyes, or a playlist
12:31:07LinusNwhy would you want Track mode just because the songs aren't played in the original order?
12:31:47leftrightwell the ordrr has been wrecked, so the artistic impact is gone anyway
12:32:50leftrightwho would shuffle Dark Side Of The Moon
12:33:16 Join XavierGr [0] (
12:34:22leftrightif one wants to maintain artistic integrity, then one shouldn't shufle the album
12:36:28 Join hicks [0] (
12:36:33 Quit mg ("CGI:IRC (EOF)")
12:38:23LinusNleftright: remind me why you replaygain the album in the first place
12:38:48XavierGrto boost the volume I think
12:39:07XavierGrLinusN: Latest builds are red...
12:39:14leftrightall albums playback at the same volume
12:40:10leftrightbut the track within the album maintain their mastered volume
12:40:22rasherforgot that
12:40:51XavierGrforgot what?
12:41:02rasherTo commit settings_menu.c
12:41:15rasherAnd to look at the build table
12:41:40XavierGrthen hurry up. :p
12:41:47LinusNleftright: i can imagine that someone will want to have album mode when shuffling an album
12:41:50rasheralready done
12:42:01 Join crash__ [0] (
12:42:33rasherI'd want album mode when shuffling my albums
12:42:36XavierGrIt is very tiring for me to always check if you changed a source file responsible for my modded remote build...
12:42:41leftrightyes that is a debateable point for sure
12:42:55XavierGrAnd with latest feature freeze remote support soon.
12:43:05leftrightbut a shuflled playlist would certainly be track mode
12:43:27rasherIf I add all my albums shuffled, I'd still want that album mode
12:43:49leftrightif you have four albums shuffled ?
12:44:07B4gderXavierGr: why checkk? cvs will tell you if there are conflicts
12:44:54leftrightwhat if you have a playlist of 40 different songs, which are shuffled
12:45:06XavierGrhow? and even if there is it is tiresome to add manually the changes.
12:45:20rasherDid the recording beep go away on archos?
12:45:25B4gderXavierGr: manually?
12:45:27B4gderyou should use cvs
12:46:03rashercvs cooks my emergency bacon
12:46:08XavierGryeah I do this manually I go to repository open the latest file and check it with my version. Whenever I see a change I copy paste it.
12:46:59B4gderthat is... hard
12:47:07B4gderXavierGr: check out cvs, do your changes
12:47:12B4gderthen 'cvs update'
12:47:20B4gderno more manual edits
12:47:33B4gderunless there are conflicts of course
12:47:34leftrightok, what about making it a ReplayGain option then, 'Track' mode if shuffled ?
12:47:41rasherexcept in that rare case where there are *really* conflicting changes
12:47:49rasherin which case you're no worse off
12:48:24XavierGrSo to get this right. I have a modded file with my changes. And I want to add the latest updates. I download the cvs to my directory and type cvs update?
12:48:53B4gderXavierGr: follow the cvs docs in the wiki
12:48:54rasherNot quite
12:49:02rasherFirst you checkout, then you apply your changes
12:49:07rasherfrom here on you just "cvs update"
12:49:14rasherAnd it works like magic
12:49:59XavierGrbut my changes are stored in a different folder as older files.
12:50:10leftrightLinusN, maybe making it an option under Replaygain is a better option
12:50:12XavierGrso whenever I make a new build I replace them
12:50:24rasherYou shouldn't
12:50:39B4gderjust edit the files
12:50:43rasher[12:47] <rasher> First you checkout, then you apply your changes
12:50:47rasher[12:48] <rasher> from here on you just "cvs update"
12:50:49rasherthat's all
12:51:08B4gderthen you just 'cvs diff -u' to create patches
12:51:14rasherthat too
12:51:20B4gderand again, all this is already written in the wiki
12:51:37XavierGryes I have read that but still.
12:51:45XavierGrLong ago.
12:51:53Moosrasher: there are still red builds
12:51:58B4gderyou need to understand that cvs maintains your changes and just applies the changes done in the repository
12:51:59XavierGrI use the checkout to get the latest build and to be able to make a patch
12:52:13B4gderyou only need to checkout once, and from then on you update
12:52:23rasherMoos: oh great
12:52:30rasheranother file I forgot!
12:53:25B4gderdid I mention that the build table is a handy tool? ;-)
12:53:33XavierGrSo if I have replaced the latest files with one of mine this cant happen. I will need a patch right?
12:53:36rasherIt is.
12:53:50rasherI need to have it hooked up to a siren and a large rotary light though
12:54:10***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
12:54:12B4gderXavierGr: you checkout, edit the files and then cvs update to keep up to date with the CVS changes. period
12:54:36rasherIt merges the cvs changes with your changes
12:55:44rasherPeople should stop changing the language status table
12:56:21rasherSome idiot is just going to overwrite it eventually
12:56:47rashersee? told you!
12:56:48XavierGrI will try that... though to edit the files (due to many files and many moddification) I just replace originals with my updated files. Sorry to be a bozo but that is what I am doing when editing.
12:57:03XavierGranyway don't be bothered I will check it out experiment and see.
12:57:18B4gdercheck out, apply your own patch and then you're set
12:57:35B4gderhappiness ever after
12:57:35rasherI wonder if my langstatus script is correct
12:57:44XavierGrok! thanks.
13:00:51XavierGrWhat will happen if instead of a big buffer (fixed) char array I will use a pointer char?
13:03:02 Quit ender` (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
13:03:24rasherB4gder: You'll love this one from misticriver
13:03:26rasher"rockbox has just passed a major milestone - the plugins now work while playing music!"
13:03:41rasherPosted half an hour ago
13:04:33XavierGrw00t! :P
13:07:16B4gderit works since june 22nd
13:08:09 Join ender` [0] (
13:08:50LinusNB4gder: so it's been working for *ages* then :-)
13:09:08B4gderisn't that like two ages?
13:09:15LinusNat least
13:09:27rasherMan, not seeing directories when browsing for wps/cfg is so much nicer
13:09:48rasherand now it seems that it works for every one else, too!
13:09:54rasher(green builds!)
13:10:12B4gdergreen is good
13:12:53LinusNhmm, the mpeg_beep() sound really is very faint
13:13:33rasherNot good
13:14:56LinusNin fact, calling it a "beep" is a big exaggeration
13:17:30*rasher commits a language patch from July 1st
13:17:32rasherNot much use
13:22:55amiconnLinusN: Yes, the mpeg_beep() is very faint, at least there is a way to cause a noise in recording mode
13:23:14 Join XMaster-ShadowX [0] (
13:23:34amiconnMicronas did a fairly good job to make parameter changes smooth (unlike Philips)
13:24:24amiconnIt is possible to make the burp a bit louder, but at the cost of disturbing the recording
13:26:53amiconnThe current routine generates the burp by quickly switching the DAC on & off
13:26:54rasherI'm making a fool out of myself
13:27:11BBubhey, i just noticed sth strange when recording from radio - you get reversed stereo
13:27:25amiconnToggling both DAC and ADC at once makes the noise louder, but will obviously disturb recording
13:27:48*HCl is lagged to death by some jerk who's filling up the wireless router.
13:28:05amiconnThis is louder because deactivating the ADC also disables the reference voltage generation
13:29:01rasher16 languages below 15% untranslated!
13:29:42XavierGrIs there any chance to avoid a fixed char array with a pointer and then allocate memory for it?
13:30:00B4gderXavierGr: there is no malloc
13:30:19XavierGrso no way to do that right?
13:30:38B4gderwell there is plugin_get_buffer
13:30:47B4gderwhich could work for you
13:30:59XavierGrI am not sure if the jpeg viewer already works that up...
13:31:03LinusNXavierGr: dynamic memory allocation doesn't solve worst-case problems anyway
13:31:36solexI don't manage to record something w/ my iriver h120.
13:31:43XavierGrLinusN: Problem is that whenver I declare big arrays the jpg viewer will not respond.
13:31:50LinusNsolex: is it broken?
13:31:59solexdon't know.
13:32:16LinusNare you using 1.65?
13:32:26solexwhen I go to PCM recording in the debug menu, I can hear the sound picked up by the internal mic
13:32:42solexbut when playing the file (correct length) I don't hear anything.
13:32:50LinusNsolex: reboot before you play it
13:33:02XavierGryes that should do it.
13:33:07LinusNthe pcm recording screws up the playback
13:33:24solexAh, I guess that's why it is still in the debug menu :)
13:33:45solexYeah, it works. Thanks.
13:33:46LinusNdidn't you read the "keep out"? ;-)
13:34:15solexI thought: if am am adventurous enough to use daily builds...
13:34:36solex...and without it, I couldn't have made screenshots!
13:34:39LinusNjust joking
13:35:15solexbtw, thanks a lot for fixing the ffw/rew bug with large files. Hit me once, too.
13:35:31XavierGrLinusN: do you think that it is safe to scroll to next picture if there is an unsupported jpg file?
13:35:52rasherWeird. I'm not hearing anything from the internal mic
13:36:05LinusNXavierGr: "safe"?
13:36:10XavierGrImagine a vast sector of corrupted jpgs.
13:36:20LinusNXavierGr: and?
13:36:28XavierGrthe plugin will continue until it finds a correct one.
13:36:42XavierGrso it will be unusable until then, but...
13:36:54XavierGrwhat if there are not any correct jpgs in the folder?
13:37:08XavierGrit will loop infinetly
13:37:09LinusNthen it doesn't show any pictures
13:37:38LinusNit should of course stop after trying them all
13:37:45XavierGryes it will try to open previous (or next) it will be corrupt then it will move on, but all entries will be corrupt.
13:38:38XavierGrhmm that would be tricky for me.
13:39:24XavierGranyway there are still more problems until then. I should get rid of the big fixed array. No way to use the max_files_in_dir option to choose its size.
13:39:32 Join Febs [0] (
13:40:15XavierGralso there is still the alphabetical list issue which I will need a function to list the files alphabetically.
13:42:42XavierGrI will look that...
13:43:36XavierGrwhat it does exactly?
13:44:14LinusNit sorts
13:44:17ashridahit sorts
13:44:36ashridahwhat's more, it sorts using a user-provided comparative.
13:44:50XavierGryes I meant what it takes as arguments and what it returns.
13:45:07XavierGrexample qsort in filetree.c uses a function compare.
13:47:30LinusNthat's a fairly good example of using qsort
13:48:00amiconnLinusN: The debug menu doesn't say 'Keep out' in all languages
13:48:41XavierGrtranslation propaganda
13:49:49 Join muesli- [0] (
13:51:35LinusNwith the risk of sounding like an idiot, what exactly does "re" mean?
13:51:57midk"re-hi". :)
13:52:00XavierGralso do we want to sroll with up and down when in zoom_out, or use a different combination of keys?
13:53:34LinusNmidk: i guess i'm just old
13:54:07muesli-LinusN mmh, germans use it generally to say "i am back"
13:54:18midkLinusN, pff. :)
13:54:20muesli-thought it was an international phrase...
13:54:37XavierGrwell I lernt it from you muesli
13:54:38midkif someone leaves to reboot or something then comes back, that's a good time to use "re". :)
13:55:26muesli-in this brb would fit better ;)
13:56:16midk"brb, reboot".. then when you get back, "re".:)
13:56:45Mooshere in France is it used if for example, i hi you few times ago and i relooked you
13:57:00Mooslike in german :)
13:57:08muesli-cheers :D
13:57:16midki use it when i get back from a brb, or when someone comes back from away or something. :)
13:57:21LinusNimho, the "rehi" after rejoining a channel is pretty redundant
13:57:32 Join Sucka [0] (
13:57:38CoCoLUSisn't re just the english prefix for "again"?
13:57:49CoCoLUSre-joining, re-booting, etc.
13:57:51muesli-imho at least
13:58:05muesli-thats y it makes sense ;)
13:58:08Moosin french too CoColus
13:58:09muesli-for me at leasr
13:58:12midkyeah, re-hi. :0
13:58:32XavierGr char path[rb->strlen(file) - rb->strlen(name)];
13:58:40CoCoLUSwell in latin its the ablative of res, which stands for "thing"
13:58:43CoCoLUSor subject
13:58:56XavierGrI guess this is right to dynamically define the length of char path.
13:59:05CoCoLUSso it could mean something like "about that subject we talked 5 mins ago..." :)
13:59:10muesli-i prefer latinAs ^^
13:59:47FebsLinusN, how goes the progress on the H3xx schematic?
14:00:16amiconnre == returned
14:00:36CoCoLUSre-turned :)
14:01:22Mooshehe a bit of ethymologia :D
14:01:48muesli-he dictionary does not contain any entries for ethymologia
14:02:08Moosethymologie in french
14:02:27Moosscuse i asuumed "-gia" in english
14:02:33LinusNFebs: i'm still at work
14:02:52XavierGrxcuse me but ethymology is Greek.
14:02:59CoCoLUS-gy, rather
14:03:24muesli-LinusN does that mean there will be boatloader for 3x in the near future?
14:03:26MoosFrench have a lot of latin or greek word roots
14:03:42LinusNmuesli-: in the future at least :-)
14:03:42XavierGrEnglish too.
14:04:02muesli-german as well..all languages in europe are very related
14:04:08muesli-LinusN :D
14:07:18 Join hshah [0] (
14:07:39 Join markun [0] (
14:08:31 Quit pilot000 ("CGI:IRC (EOF)")
14:08:52XavierGrI have to go. I am going for harpoon gun fishing!!!!! :-}
14:09:04muesli-how efficient is ogg-decoding in comparison too mp3-decoding? i mean irivers fw did not perform very well and drained the battery more then mp3-decoding did...
14:09:22muesli-XavierGr im jeliaous
14:09:36muesli-however its spelleds
14:09:53leftrightjealous is good
14:10:12muesli-yeah :D
14:10:24 Part XMaster-ShadowX
14:10:44leftrightthere are no fish in the Med to shoot
14:11:44leftrightI went to paxos ( greek island) for some free diving, didnt see any palaegic fish
14:11:45 Join XMaster-ShadowX [0] (
14:12:24muesli-are there sharks in greek seas?
14:12:41leftrightnos idea, they go where there is food :)
14:12:57muesli-pita-sharks :D
14:13:18leftrightno, sharks are cool, lovely creatures
14:13:37 Part XMaster-ShadowX
14:13:50muesli-yepp..would love to dive with them as well
14:14:29leftrightfor guaranteed shark sightings go to Aliwal Shoal in Durban South Africa
14:14:56leftrightduring their breeding season which is july to september
14:16:20 Quit B4gder ("Lämnar")
14:20:59amiconnLinusN: Wouldn't it help to observe the address error bug with the bdm connected?
14:21:24LinusNif course it would, but i can't reproduce it
14:21:30amiconnIt would be interesting to see the stack around the current %sp when the error happens
14:21:44amiconnNot a single time yet?
14:21:53XavierGrLeftright: at which depth did you get?
14:22:09XavierGrand no it is rather hard to see a shark in crete.
14:22:17 Join t0mas [0] (
14:22:33XavierGrwhy hello t0mas!
14:22:38LinusNamiconn: no, not with the bdm
14:23:15XavierGranyway happy coding have to go!
14:23:15amiconnHmm. I'll check this evening whether this album will trigger it every time.
14:23:16 Quit XavierGr ()
14:26:18amiconnUnfortunately this album is rather big (wavpack, you know)
14:32:58amiconnrasher: Why did you implement the folder suppression with a separate argument? I'd think adjusting the filter would be better
14:33:02 Join DangerousDan [0] (
14:49:30 Join XMaster-ShadowX [0] (
14:49:39 Part XMaster-ShadowX
14:53:45 Join XMaster-ShadowX [0] (
14:54:13***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
14:55:49 Quit muesli- (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
15:04:49 Join muesli- [0] (
15:14:12t0masmy microwave is a life saving device atm
15:14:20t0masyou can eat from it w/o putting new food in :P
15:15:00leftrightpatent it quickly
15:15:29hshaht0mas - see PM
15:15:40hshahhow does one install a patch like thi
15:15:53hshahits a plugin so i copy the files to the plugin folder in the source
15:15:55hshahand then what?
15:16:03 Join DarkkOne [0] (
15:16:17DarkkOneAny programmers about?
15:16:25t0masa lot of em :)
15:16:32DarkkOneI just discovered a bug.
15:16:38DarkkOneIt's fun, but probably not an intended feature.
15:16:46t0mashshah: add it to the makefile
15:16:50t0masor compile it yourself
15:17:16t0masDarkkOne: radio and mp3 at the same time?
15:17:21t0mas(that's known one)
15:17:31DarkkOneFigured someone would've noticed it.
15:17:33DarkkOnet's fun though
15:17:39t0masyes :)
15:17:43t0masmusic talkshow ;)
15:17:58DarkkOneI like "Music + evangelist"
15:18:10*DarkkOne lives in Texas and often needs *something* to laugh about.
15:18:14hshahsomeone told me before to add it to the SOURCES file in the plugins folder
15:18:46t0masDarkkOne: you have some stupid guy there... with a large ranch...
15:18:51t0masenough to laugh about :P
15:18:57DarkkOneWell yeah, there is that.
15:19:10t0mashis name was something with... ehm... bush? :P
15:19:12DarkkOneAustin isn't so bad.
15:19:22DarkkOneCompared to the rest of Texas, at least.
15:19:36t0masoh and you have a moviestar for a governor right?
15:19:43t0masor was that california?
15:19:57t0masto bad...
15:20:02t0masI like that one too
15:20:05 Part LinusN
15:20:26hshaht0mas: how do i add it into the makefile? coz someone had told me to put its name at the bottom of the SOURCES file in the plugins folder - also see PM again
15:21:08t0mascheck where dict.c is?
15:21:16t0masor the jpegviewer?
15:21:23t0masand put it at the same place
15:21:28t0mas(SOURCES might be right)
15:22:06t0masDarkkOne: Do you really have a gun collection? to "defend" your house?
15:22:26DarkkOneNot I.
15:22:33DarkkOneI actually favor *much* stricter gun control
15:23:01t0maslike no guns allowed at all...
15:23:04DarkkOnePretty much
15:23:26DarkkOneOr at the very least, only hunting rifles. No handguns, no automatics.
15:23:32t0masIt's just funny to read the arguments people have for the weapon policy
15:23:43t0mas"I have to defend my house!"
15:23:46t0masyeah right :P
15:23:49DarkkOneWell, there is that whole "second ammendment" thing, but they ignore the whole part about "militia"
15:23:54t0mas"I like shooting at trees in my backyard"
15:24:17t0mas"I like hanging loaded guns on my wall, ofcourse I won't shoot with em..."
15:24:23DarkkOneOf course not!
15:24:50t0mas"No, I'm sure my kids won't take em to school... I've learned them schooting myself... only animals of course..."
15:25:18DarkkOneSomeone cited an incident where the local government in some town was so corrupt that there really was an armed uprising (in like the 60s or 70s. "recent") as cause for guns being still needed, and upon reading the article I discovered that the guns came from a local military storage of some sort they broke into.
15:25:51t0masM16's in your backyard...
15:25:54DarkkOneYeah, it's astonishing how they only see the words they want.
15:26:30t0maswell... you know how much american's tried to correct me on the pronouncation of Gouda?
15:26:40t0mas(I'm Dutch... I live there)
15:26:44DarkkOneBecause they think it's an English word?
15:26:47t0masand Van Gogh... also from here...
15:26:49t0masjup... they do
15:27:06t0masthey say soemthing like G-oo-da
15:27:11DarkkOneWell, I've lived overseas a couple times, and visited alot of countries, so I tend to have a... wider... perspective than the majority of Americans.
15:27:15t0masand they're sure I'm wrong
15:27:31t0masthe average American is just an idiot...
15:27:43t0masluckily there are a lot of "non averare" :)
15:27:49DarkkOneWhat you have to think about though, is if the average one is an idiot, 50% or so are worse.
15:28:07t0masbut it's the same here...
15:28:11t0masonly not that naive...
15:28:13amiconnDarkkOne: Leaving the FM screen with the radio playing is an intended featuree
15:28:32DarkkOnePlaying an MP3 with the radio playing is? That's neat then.
15:28:44DarkkOneIt just has that "unintended feature formerly known as bug" kinda feel. :-P
15:28:51t0masjup ;)
15:29:01DarkkOneNot that I mind.
15:29:08amiconnThe main reason is that it allows to change settings, use plugins etc whitout interrupting radio playback
15:29:31amiconnYou can leave the FM screen in 2 ways.
15:29:37DarkkOneWould it be possible to allow playback of two simultaneous playlists at once?
15:29:38hshaht0mas: PM again :p
15:29:44amiconnOne button leaves the radio on, the other shuts it down
15:29:45t0masI keep missing em :P
15:30:08DarkkOneLike, applying some soft background music to my audiobooks.
15:30:25amiconnOriginally this was just an experiment and a debugging aid, but it turned out very useful
15:33:03DarkkOneSo is the volume bug "resolved" or is it just not happening on mine anymore?
15:34:51hshahtrying to install the plasma.c patch... copied it to apps/plugins/ and added plugins.c to SOURCE and trying to compile fails at this file
15:37:09 Join muesli__ [0] (
15:37:28 Quit muesli- (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
15:37:43 Quit DangerousDan (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
15:38:30t0mas<hshah> trying to install the plasma.c patch... copied it to apps/plugins/ and added plugins.c to SOURCE and trying to compile fails at this file <−− huh? "added plugins.c to SOURCE" thats wrong... you should add plasma.c to it
15:39:07hshahsorry - typo - i meant plasma.c
15:41:06 Join DangerousDan [0] (
15:42:01amiconnhshah: It's likely that the plasma plugin doesn't compile with current rockbox. My guess is that some gfx functions need adjustment
15:45:00amiconnAfaik this patch wasn't updated for a while, and btw there is a reason why it isn't included in mainline yet
15:45:10amiconnIt uses floating point arithmetics...
15:47:53amiconnThis should be fixed one day. Oh, btw, it may be that it doesn't work as-is on iriver anyway - it uses the grayscale lib
15:48:30amiconnThe grayscale lib was heavily rewritten recently (guess who did that! ;) )
15:48:37hshaherm... me?
15:51:23 Quit muesli__ (Read error: 113 (No route to host))
15:51:32t0maswhat's the price if I say it was you amiconn? ;-)
15:59:39DarkkOneSo, once I leave the radio by the non-stop means... how do I stop it?
16:01:36DarkkOneLike... I played an MP3... so I hear both. Then I hit stop, and nothing. Then I played an MP3, and the radio came right back.
16:01:57DarkkOneby 'nothing' I mean 'silence, because everything stopped'
16:02:13markunDangerousDan: Go back to radio and press Stop
16:02:42 Nick DarkkOne is now known as Paul_The_Nerd (
16:03:00Paul_The_NerdThere, mildly less stupid nickname
16:07:01 Quit edx (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
16:10:11 Quit leftright ("CGI:IRC")
16:19:17 Quit DangerousDan ("Miranda IM! Smaller, Faster, Easier.")
16:24:49 Join DangerousDan [0] (
16:27:06 Quit Paul_The_Nerd ("Chatzilla 0.9.68a [Firefox 1.0.6/20050716]")
16:27:48 Quit DangerousDan (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
16:27:48 Quit Chamois (" Like's GUI? Then try HydraIRC -> <-")
16:35:42 Join Lost-ash [0] (
16:36:14 Quit ashridah (Nick collision from services.)
16:36:16 Nick Lost-ash is now known as ashridah (
16:41:14 Quit ashridah ("sleep")
16:45:20 Join DangerousDan [0] (
16:45:56 Quit bobTHC ("Smoke Weed Every Day !")
16:48:30 Quit hshah ("CGI:IRC")
16:54:15***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
17:05:39 Join tvelocity [0] (
17:06:55 Part XMaster-ShadowX
17:25:49 Join rooomish [0] (
17:25:56 Quit rooomish (Client Quit)
17:27:05 Quit tvelocity ("Leaving")
17:34:17 Join amiconn_ [0] (
17:38:15t0masfriend on the phone: "Yeah, she told me if I would ever write a song about us... she would come to personally kill me. So listen to this."
17:38:27t0mas(she = his ex girlfriend)
17:40:17t0maswell.... the song is pretty good :)
17:51:53 Quit amiconn (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
17:51:53 Nick amiconn_ is now known as amiconn (
18:01:21 Join uncledrax [0] (i=uncledra@
18:08:43 Join bagawk [0] (n=lee@unaffiliated/bagawk)
18:10:22 Quit t0mas ("CGI:IRC (EOF)")
18:20:35 Join [1]Moos [0] (
18:20:36 Quit Moos (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
18:20:39 Nick [1]Moos is now known as Moos (
18:26:29 Join Rohaq [0] (
18:32:00markunRohaq: hi
18:32:37Rohaqwow, life :D
18:32:43RohaqI've made a WPS
18:32:53Rohaqbut every time I shut down my iRiver, it reverts to the default
18:33:04Rohaqany ideas how to set mine as default?
18:33:23markunRohaq: Yes, but your wps in the .rockbox dir
18:33:44RohaqI made a wps directory in there
18:33:51Rohaqto keep things 'organised'
18:33:52Rohaqsilly me
18:34:36markunDo you 'run' the wps or do you choose it from the settings menu?
18:35:01solexmarkun: there should be no difference
18:35:08markunsolex: ok, didn't know
18:35:19solexthe settings menu just opens a file browser with a limit on the files to display
18:35:27solexat least as far as i know
18:35:59RohaqI have to run it
18:36:13Rohaqsolex: yeah, with .rockbox as default
18:37:04solexRohaq: the latest rockbox doesn't even display subfolders when chosing one from the settings menu. Thatshould reduce clutter.
18:37:33solex(but at the first try I also made a wps subdirectory :))
18:40:59Rohaqwell, I'm using the latest bui,d afaik
18:41:02Rohaqnot compiled myself though
18:41:25Rohaqbut hey
18:41:29Rohaqthis is seriously awesome stuff
18:42:36Rohaqoops, made a mistake in my WPS
18:42:39Rohaqanimation's farked :)
18:46:47solexRohaq: it was commited today
18:47:16solexto the CVS repository (== the change happened today)
18:47:18Rohaqforcibly moved into a mental health insitution?
18:47:31Rohaqwhat extras?
18:47:55solexSee the "Changes done" link
18:48:17solextomorrow morning there should be a new build with that feature.
18:48:35RohaqFM radio smulation?
18:48:55solexAlready done. Get the build from the page above.
18:49:02RohaqI meant, what is it? ;)
18:49:26solexThere is a simulator for rockbox which you can run on your PC
18:49:27Rohaqjust the radio player?
18:49:31Rohaqthere is?
18:49:54Rohaqthat'd be extremely useful, is it on the wiki?
18:50:22bagawkYou must compile it yourself
18:50:25solexShould be. But requires some knowledge to set up (didn't do it myself)
18:50:35bagawkIt is really only useful for a developer
18:50:37Rohaqwhy? legalities?
18:50:45solexNo, knowledge. ;)
18:50:47Rohaqwell, it'd be useful for testing my WPS ;)
18:52:23Rohaqalready there :)
18:53:36solexand maybe
18:54:02solexBut I am not into C programming that's why I didn't look into it.
18:54:10*solex prefers python
18:54:18***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
18:57:41bagawkCompiling does not require knownledge of C
19:01:35bagawksolex, what unit do you have?
19:01:39solexbagawk: I am always confused by makefiles, linking, preprocessors and such
19:01:43solexIriver H120
19:02:01solexthe only thing i regularly compile is linux kernels
19:02:21solexand there's no point in compiling rockbox myself if I don't fiddle with the code
19:02:36bagawkUhh it tooks me about 1 1/2 hours to compile a kernel
19:03:03solextwo minutes configuring, 15 minutes compiling :)
19:03:26bagawkYou must have a fast new machien
19:03:43solexwell, a two year old laptop - 1.3GHz Pentium M
19:03:49Rohaqhm, any way to force a linebreak in a WPS?
19:03:53*solex needs a new battery
19:04:01Rohaqwith actually putting in a line break?
19:04:49RohaqOh wait
19:04:51Rohaqgot an idea :P
19:07:00solexDoes anybody know whether I really need to build gcc myself when using Debian?
19:14:11bagawksolex, you mean the cross-compiler?
19:14:47bagawksolex, (as to compile code for your iver)
19:16:15 Join tvelocity [0] (
19:17:26 Join phaedrus96 [0] (
19:17:27 Join hshah [0] (
19:17:47 Quit hshah (Client Quit)
19:19:20amiconnrasher ?
19:20:15amiconn[14:31:52] <amiconn> rasher: Why did you implement the folder suppression with a separate argument? I'd think adjusting the filter would be better
19:20:54rasherAh. Quite simple really: I don't know how that'd work
19:22:02rasherBut I agree that it'd be better. There's no real reason to do it this way
19:22:26amiconnThe filter is the lovely conditional in apps/filetree.c, lines 260..273
19:23:50amiconnI should first draw a graph of this before an attemt to change it...
19:24:59rasherHaha, nice
19:25:30rasherIt seems to already be trying to filter out directories if I'm not mistaken?
19:26:01amiconnIt always shows dirs
19:26:19amiconnif (!(dptr->attr & ATTR_DIRECTORY) && ( ...
19:26:22amiconnNotice the !
19:26:31rasherOh right
19:26:56amiconnI think this beast would be far more readable as a switch()
19:27:35amiconnHmm, maybe not
19:27:54amiconnAt least the term (dptr->attr & TREE_ATTR_MASK) can be precalculated
19:28:48amiconnOf course the compiler does that anyway when optimising, but I think it would help readability if it is done explicitly
19:29:50 Quit phaedrus961 (Read error: 113 (No route to host))
19:30:16amiconnI think excluding directories will just require moving one closing parenthesis within this monster
19:30:34amiconn*Excluding directories from wps, plugins etc of course
19:30:52rasherGood luck!
19:30:56 Quit phaedrus96 (Remote closed the connection)
19:31:00 Join phaedrus961 [0] (
19:32:28amiconnIf I am right the parenthesis from line 272 col 95 (directly before the one clsing the if() ) must be moved to line 266 col 81
19:33:10amiconnThis should exclude directories when displaying wps, cfg, lng, firmwares, fonts, and plugins
19:34:03rasherSounds right.. that'd make the first !(dptr-attr & ATTR_DIRECTORY) be excluded from the SHOW_* conditions?
19:34:40amiconnYes, from SHOW_WPS on
19:34:48rasherstrangely, I appear to have a line more than you
19:35:05rasherI'll try it
19:35:06amiconnNBow I have too
19:35:14amiconnThat was your change
19:35:21amiconnI did not yet update from cvs
19:36:25amiconnNow the question how to undo a change in cvs...
19:37:06rasherthere's some way you can make cvs think that you have a new file
19:37:07amiconnI vaguely remember... request the diff between the 2 versions from cvs, and apply it in reverse
19:37:11 Join muesli- [0] (
19:37:19amiconn...then commit again
19:37:25rasheroh, I was thinking you could just commit your versions
19:37:30rashersince you hadn't updated
19:37:44rasherIt's really small fixes
19:37:47rasherI can do it by hand
19:37:55amiconnNo, cvs doesn't allow to commit from a non-updated file
19:38:22rasherIndeed, but there's a way to avoid that
19:38:36rasherBut then, I have updated files, I can remove the change by hand
19:39:01amiconn5 files... don't forget one ;)
19:39:46amiconnHmm, I should still have the old files too, as I have 2 cvs working copies...
19:39:49rasherI'll try to get them all this time
19:41:52rasherfiletree.c: In function `ft_load':
19:41:57rasherfiletree.c:267: warning: suggest parentheses around && within ||
19:42:13rasherADDING parantheses!?
19:42:30rasherIt does indeed work
19:42:36rasherI'll see about that warning
19:42:54amiconn&& within || ??? Where is that...
19:43:25amiconnIt looks like this is already done
19:43:43amiconn..apart from being unnecessary
19:44:17amiconn&& always takes precedence before ||, like multiplication takes precedence before addition
19:44:41rasher (*c->dirfilter == SHOW_WPS && (dptr->attr & TREE_ATTR_MASK) != TREE_ATTR_WPS) ||
19:44:50rasher ((*c->dirfilter == SHOW_WPS && (dptr->attr & TREE_ATTR_MASK) != TREE_ATTR_WPS)) ||
19:44:58rasherDo you think that's what it means?
19:45:13rasheroh wait
19:45:23rasherthat was just double-parantheses
19:45:28rashercan't be it
19:45:28 Quit Nibbler ("life is like a rental car, you fuck it up, and give it back.")
19:46:49 Join Nibbler [0] (
19:47:01rashermind if I commit it with this warning, so you can look at it?
19:48:06amiconnrasher: I think I know what causes it
19:48:48muesli-any dutch here (except hcl)?
19:49:10rashert0mas, markun
19:49:14rasherwell there you go
19:49:18 Join dpassen1 [0] (
19:49:23amiconnAdd another opening parenthesis directly after the one after 'if ' (before the !) and the closing one where you moved the other one (line 267 if you undid your other changes
19:49:25muesli-the bratwursts will smack your ass in soccer today :D
19:49:43markunmuesli-: I'm german, I just live here in Holland :)
19:49:58markunBut I don't care that much for soccer anyway
19:50:06amiconnrasher: The && in line 260 and the || in lines 268+ are now on the same level, so it suggests to put the && in parentheses
19:50:44muesli-x yr fingers anyway (we need it)
19:51:03 Join webguest44 [0] (
19:51:09amiconnrasher: what?
19:51:26rasherJust trying to wrap my head around it
19:51:54markunIf germany loses I will hear about it from my boss all day tomorrow :)
19:51:57amiconnThis is a monster expression indeed
19:51:58rasherthink I got it right
19:52:17 Quit webguest44 (Client Quit)
19:52:22rashernow to see if it works as expected
19:52:39markunHCl: hi there
19:52:43HCl :)
19:52:45HClhow goes?
19:52:49rasherIt does
19:52:53rasherI'll commit this then
19:53:45muesli-anyway..l8er on..
19:56:38rasher excellent
19:56:39 Quit muesli- (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
19:57:01rasherSame for the other files except filetree.c
19:57:12rasherIf this goes wrong, I'll be annoyed
19:58:28 Join leftright [0] (
20:01:50rasherThe build estimates are pretty good by the way, Bagder
20:03:37amiconnJust tried it on my recorder, seems to work as intended
20:04:08amiconnSaves 48 bytes binary size on archos compared to the extra-parameter implementation...
20:04:37 Join webguest75 [0] (
20:05:17rasherProblem was I managed to miss this conditional-o-death
20:05:31webguest75Anybody know where I can repot a bug in iRiver firmware ?
20:05:42 Quit HCl ("Lost terminal")
20:05:43rasherHere's the best place
20:06:14 Join hcl [0] (
20:06:33webguest75fair enough ... here we go ...
20:07:03webguest75Large playlist with mixture of mp3, ogg and wma (I know wma is not supported ...)
20:07:10amiconnImho bugs in the iriver firmware should be reported to iriver.. but I think what he means is rockbox for iriver ;)
20:07:52rasherI'd hope
20:07:52amiconn(sorry couldn't resist)
20:08:17*leftright munches popcorn
20:08:30bagawkamiconn, What has happened to the rockbox_browse function?
20:08:36webguest75Using custom wps - when it changes from mp3 to ogg, get freeze
20:08:44bagawkI get an error about to few arguments
20:09:08bagawkBut my code has the same arguements as the other code in CVS, and the build log shows no errors now
20:09:29webguest75... red light comes on but no hard drive spin ...
20:09:49webguest75Have to hit the reset butto
20:10:13rasherbagawk: You may be caught by my delayed commit of some files.. cuased the red earlier
20:10:19rasherbagawk: Try updating now
20:10:40webguest75.. thats it. Using yesterday's build
20:10:45bagawkrasher, heh I am not updateing, I have made changes everywhere, and updating could screw up
20:11:09rasherWell you must've updated some time today?
20:11:35bagawkYes, a few hours ago
20:11:54bagawkBut I have been hacking at the code for a bit, many changes made
20:12:01rasherCheck tree.c
20:12:16 Join Lear [0] (
20:12:27rasherDoes rockbox_browse take a third argument?
20:12:52amiconnbagawk: I bet you updated today between 09:40 and 10:53 utc
20:12:58rasheractually, just grep all of apps/* for hidedirs
20:13:30rasherThere should be no mention of hidedirs anywhere
20:13:39amiconnI wonder why people are so hesitant to update from cvs
20:13:42bagawkYes, and I just removed it
20:14:01amiconnMost of the time there are no conflicts, and if there are, they need to be solved anyway
20:14:23rasherHrm, this chinese patch is puzzling me
20:14:48rasherIt's like they want unicode support, but instead added some amazing cludges
20:15:59rasherSounds like it from their description at least
20:16:39 Part webguest75
20:17:02rasher markun: how's unicode doing?
20:17:32markunrasher: phaedrus961 just compiled rockbox with my unicode patch. He will be helping me out.
20:18:19markunrasher: It works fine, but we need font caching (like the chinese do) and codepage conversions.
20:18:38markunright now it's utf-8 only
20:18:49rasherSounds good
20:19:22rasherMan, I'd love it if I could tell either a) rockbox that my filenames are utf8 or b) linux that my filenames must be iso8859-1
20:19:28rasherI bet 2) is possible
20:19:48markunAnd I'm looking for a unicode bdf font with arabic
20:20:10rasherLooked at the X fonts?
20:20:26markunclearlyU has arabic, but is too big
20:21:17phaedrus961rasher: I agree that the chinese patch is full of cludges. I only uploaded it for people who don't want to wait for unicode
20:22:18rasherOh you're here
20:22:43rasherOkay, I haven't actually tried the patch, I was just going from the description
20:23:28amiconnrasher: Filenames on VFAT are always UCS-16
20:23:50amiconnConverting to UTF-8 is no problem, the unicode patch already does this
20:24:35phaedrus961it actually works quite well though, if you only use one charset
20:25:02 Quit bagawk ("Leaving")
20:25:12rasheramiconn: It's probably more a case of me needing some mount-option
20:25:14amiconnThere are some tidbits that aren't working right, and of course we need font caching and proper bidi support
20:26:12amiconnI don't think that we need multiple code page support in the core
20:26:22markunrasher: I use -Len_US.UTF-8 when I mount my iriver with FreeBSD. Must be something like that with Linux.
20:26:46rasherNo doubt
20:26:57amiconnThe core just needs to support utf-8 for internal strings and ucs-16 on disk
20:27:15amiconnMultiple code page support should imho go into the plugin lib, for use in the text viewer etc
20:27:38rasheriocharset=utf8 it seems
20:28:14phaedrus961amiconn: what about id3 tags that have been written using some other codepage?
20:29:08phaedrus961i think there should be an option to convert them from something other than latin1
20:29:29rasherHurray, that worked
20:30:23rasherErp.. not my rsync explodes violently
20:31:08rasherthat can't be right
20:34:20Learhm... why isn't the resume info written in the text config file?
20:43:53rasherSpeed I think?
20:46:03LearFor four numerical values?
20:47:31amiconnIt wouldn't make sense
20:47:46amiconnThe resume info isn't configuration data, as the runtime info
20:47:58amiconn(another thing not written to text config files)
20:48:17amiconnBoth items are dynamic
20:51:04amiconnphaedrus961: How could the codepage of the tags be derived? Afaik there is no such info included in the tags
20:51:35 Join XMaster-ShadowX [0] (
20:51:37 Quit Rohaq (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
20:53:50 Quit dpassen1 ()
20:53:55 Join dpassen1 [0] (
20:54:21***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
20:55:39Slashereh, really interesting.. :D my voice ui code started playing snippets of song i just played with iriver firmware before rebooting the player :D some portions of sdram had to be survived from the power loss
20:56:11Slasherand i verified that again.. played other song with iriver firmware and switched unit of for several seconds. then on again and rockbox plays that song :D
20:56:32Slasherit should play the voice samples but apparently something else ;)
20:57:15phaedrus961what I meant was an option, the user chooses a codepage and all tags (other than unicode) are converted from that codepage
20:59:13phaedrus961I think most people who don't use latin1 use non standard tags, and it's either this or force them to retag with unicode
21:05:08 Quit DangerousDan (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
21:11:28amiconnphaedrus961: Hmm. Maybe that is a problem, but afaik not for all formats
21:12:00amiconnIirc some tags are always in utf-8 (was that vorbiscomments?)
21:12:53amiconnHowever, there is definitely a problem with supporting multiple codepages in the core, at least on archos: the binary will become too large
21:13:19amiconnOne way I can imagine would be a loadable code page
21:14:34phaedrus961that's how the chinese patch does it, but I think it's only necessary for multibyte charsets
21:15:15 Join XavierGr [0] (
21:15:53 Join DangerousDan [0] (
21:28:01 Join muesli- [0] (
21:29:40muesli-well, the krauts suck: 0:1 ;-(
21:29:44 Quit dpassen1 (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
21:35:39rasherWe appear to be kicking the English' behind
21:36:36 Join slargbot [0] (
21:36:40muesli-are they playing too?
21:37:02muesli-need a new beer :D
21:37:20rasherDenmark 3 - 0 England
21:37:37CoCoLUSaustria - scottland 0:2 :(
21:38:11muesli-rasher WOW
21:38:15muesli-thats awesome
21:38:25leftrightunlike the english, the scottish can play soccer :)
21:38:31rasherIt's decidedly mad.
21:38:33slargbotha the opposite of 2002
21:38:59rasherExcept it mattered then
21:39:07muesli-go kaiserschmarrn go :D
21:40:14muesli-copy +1 to germany :D
21:41:30muesli-l8er ;)
21:44:43XavierGrany help on how to use the plugin_buffer for char arrays?
21:46:18Learsee text viewer plugin?
21:48:57XavierGrwhat is the difference between a signed and an unsigned char? I can get this for integers but not for chars.
21:49:39ender`-128 to 127 vs 0-255?
21:50:12Learyep, affects things if you do arithmetics or array indexing using chars...
21:50:51XavierGrso what is best for filename storage?
21:52:32Learplain char (which isn't actually the same as signed or unsigned char :)) - as you don't usually do arithmetics on them.
21:53:37XavierGrcurently I utilize a big biffer (on my tests it is small) and a pointer array type char to point strings inside the big buffer.
21:54:35leftrightnow thats cool
21:54:47rasher25 years since England last lost by 3 goals
21:54:47XavierGrproblem is that when I set them to high (*pointer[1000] and buffer[5000] the jpeg viewer refuses to start.
21:55:36XavierGrcan I make the buffer a pointer (*buffer) and work as usual with undefined lenght?
21:55:50slargbotrasher rasher barney and kasha
21:56:19 Nick hcl is now known as HCl (
21:56:48Slasherhehe, now the voice ui is definately speaking something but waaaay too fast :)
21:58:07rasherslargbot: excuse me?
21:58:16rasherSlasher: now *that* is cool news
21:59:27XavierGris Slasher Slasheri?
21:59:33SlasherXavierGr: yes
21:59:44XavierGrwow how are you doing military guy?
21:59:56SlasherSlasher is my default nick (Slasheri only when that's not available)
22:00:06slargbotrasher: public disorder, i'll give you public disorder. I down eight pints and run all over the place
22:00:09rasherIs the step sequencer person here?
22:00:45Slasherhehe, good ;) the first training period is now complete. Next week i will be a sysadmin for the next 12 months without getting paid ;)
22:01:05XavierGrat least you will have net access right?
22:01:09Slasheryes :)
22:01:16slargbotleg theory vs fast leg theory
22:01:16XavierGrnice :)
22:02:30rasherSlasher: presumably you get *some* amount of money, don't you?
22:02:57Slasherrasher: something like 3e per day.. :D that's not so much :P
22:03:38rasherWow. Do they feed you?
22:03:46Slasheryep, they have to
22:03:53rasherAh, wellthen
22:03:57Slasheror they will pay if they can't
22:04:58 Quit muesli- (Read error: 113 (No route to host))
22:05:49*rasher doesn't see the fascination with cue-sheet
22:08:41XavierGrgreat I just increased the array to 10000 and it didnt hang!!!
22:09:08XavierGrNow if I could find a dynamic way to define its length
22:11:19Learor maybe use part of the audio buffer the jpeg plugin grabs anyway...
22:13:32XavierGryes nice idea though it shouldnt be fixed.
22:13:55XavierGrthe buffer must be defined with how many files the dir has.
22:14:09XavierGror better how many jpgs it gots
22:14:27XavierGrthe problem is that this is calculated after the declaration of the array.
22:15:00Learthe plugin grabs stuff dynamically from the audio buffer, so just do the same...
22:15:05XavierGrso either I can make it very big but it will be a waste, or too low but a folder with many files will crash it.
22:15:19Learnot crash, just not load all.
22:15:36Lear(and splash about it...)
22:15:55XavierGrso to understand, I have a char array contents[10000]
22:16:03XavierGrit is clobal and static
22:16:16XavierGrwhat can I do to make it dynamic.
22:18:14XavierGrsory to bother but it is an aspect that I have not a single clue about.
22:18:16Learsee lines after comment "allocate jpeg buffer". dynamic "allocation" of a buffer for the jpeg file...
22:20:35 Join Bger [0] (n=Bager@
22:24:02 Join dpassen1 [0] (
22:24:59XavierGris it better to use an unsigned integer when there is no intention to get to the minus side?
22:26:55Bgerdepends ... :)
22:28:05XavierGrthat was helpfull :)
22:29:11XavierGrit is a bad habit not to use unsigned integers because there is no need in memory in a PC. But in iriver I guess that all things matter.
22:29:26Bagderthey are the same size
22:29:38XavierGrthen I am talking bullshit :(
22:29:59XavierGrso only the width changes?
22:30:13rasherWell, if you want to go above the maximum value of a signed, and don't intend to go below 0, use an unsigned
22:30:27XavierGrsigned -65000 to 65000 unsigned 0 - something
22:30:42Bagderints are generally 32 bits
22:31:00Bagderthat is about -2200000000 to 2200000000
22:31:17XavierGris that a short int that I typed?
22:31:30Bagderyes, 16 bits
22:31:50XavierGrI guess short ints are smaller then
22:32:17Bagderthe plugin space is fixed size at 768K
22:32:27Bagdera smaller plugin doesn't save any space for anything else than for itself
22:32:42Bagderusing a short is slower than using an int, code-wise
22:32:54Bagderat least it often is
22:32:59XavierGrthat is weird...
22:33:13Bagderwhy is that weird?
22:33:18XavierGrthen I will no longer be sceptical about it.
22:33:33BgerBagder : am i right if i guess that Task scheduler & Kernel (messaging & tick timer) can be written as "done" for H3x0 ? ;)
22:33:44BagderBger: yes
22:33:50 Join shlunk [0] (
22:33:53XavierGrwell it is weird to see that a smaller number is proccesed slower that a 32 bit
22:34:01Bgerto make things "easier" for Linus ;)
22:34:05shlunkhi all :)
22:34:45shlunkcan anyone help me out? having a real noob moment here
22:35:06DBUGEnqueued KICK rasher
22:35:06rasherIsn't Battery level done for h120?
22:36:21shlunkhow do i access the settings menu on my h140?
22:36:41shlunkwhen i first put rb on it, i found it easily, but can't find it now
22:37:19shlunkoh yeah :D hah, thanks
22:37:23shlunk*shoots self*
22:38:16 Part XMaster-ShadowX
22:38:37shlunkif anyone here is involved in coding rockbox, i'd just like to say thanks, and much respect for getting something so good into shape
22:38:37Slasheroh, now the voice ui is really speaking! "two one" hehe :D
22:38:46Slasherand it sounded really nice
22:38:49rasherWay cool
22:40:28Slasher"browse plugins", wow.. :) still some problems but it looks now promising
22:41:12CtcpIgnored 1 channel CTCP requests in 0 seconds at the last flood
22:41:12*Bagder liked the old "ploo-gins" pronounciation. Is that still there?
22:41:42XavierGrwhen you see commitment for that?
22:42:07SlasherXavierGr: not soon, it's still very buggy
22:42:14Bger <= any error here ?
22:42:28XavierGrI hope that you manage to do it before the freeze.
22:42:51leftrightisn't the freeze only related to archos
22:43:12Bagderthe release is for archos, the freeze is global
22:43:35Bagdertoo many things overlap or are generic
22:44:01rasherNow where was that wiki page with a list of "things to do before an iriver release can be considered"?
22:44:34 Quit dpassen1 ()
22:44:42Bagderin my view, we just need remote and then some more stability
22:44:46leftrightwell if you cant find it, give me a shout, I can find something for you to do :)
22:45:38 Join dpassen1 [0] (
22:46:18 Quit dpassen1 (Client Quit)
22:46:55rasherBagder: and voice ui
22:46:56Learregarding stability, I wonder if the crashes mentioned in the forum are related to "move to next folder". I have it off here, yet I get a similar crash here on occasion...
22:47:17BagderLear: yes, it isn't. although there might be more than one bug
22:47:36Bagderrasher: I don't think that is _necessary_ for a first release, only very cool
22:48:07Learregarding remote, has anyone besides xavier done any work on that?
22:48:12XavierGrhey there is remote support it is just that it is lame.
22:48:13rasherI'd say it should be, but it seems like it'll be a moot point anyway
22:50:24XavierGrwell heve to go later all.
22:50:30 Quit XavierGr ()
22:52:30 Join hardeep [0] (i=hardeeps@norge.freeshell.ORG)
22:54:25***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
22:55:22 Quit Bger ("BitchX: reserve your copy today!")
23:02:13 Part shlunk
23:03:55 Quit slargbot ("Download Gaim:")
23:13:48rasher am I missing anything?
23:15:42Bagderlooks fine
23:16:15rasherI'm curious about the pdir2full bug
23:16:59rasherbut it doesn't seem to be affecting many, so I didn't include it
23:22:36 Join muesli- [0] (
23:23:17muesli-well, 2:2 :D
23:25:05 Join Lear_ [0] (
23:25:16 Join hshah [0] (
23:30:18 Join ashridah [0] (
23:30:38 Quit hshah ("CGI:IRC")
23:34:18 Join ]RowaN[ [0] (
23:35:04HClrasher: i have it..
23:35:15 Join Strath [0] (
23:35:48 Quit Lear_ ("Chatzilla [Firefox 1.0.6/20050720]")
23:36:25]RowaN[anyone know of a program that can write replaygain tags to mp3 files... and do just that? foorbar always wants to rewrite the other tags, and it messes things up e.g. where you have some info in id3v1 tags and some in id3v2.. basically i dont see why it should want to touch any tags other than replaygain tags when thats all im trying to add
23:36:57leftrighto set the tags it has to write to, easy
23:37:00rasherHCl: Oh right, but I haven't heard anyone else with it
23:37:38]RowaN[it only lets me set the FORMAT of tags to write, e.g. id3v1, id3v2... but then it will copy from one to the other... and i dont want it doing either
23:38:12leftrightSET it under prefernces to write to V1 and V2
23:38:21]RowaN[i dont want both written
23:38:37]RowaN[i just want replaygain (id3v2) tags added and everything else left alone
23:38:49rasherSomeone should patch mp3gain to allow adding id3v2 tags instead of modifying mpeg headers
23:38:52leftrightrockbox doesn't recognise ape tags at this time
23:39:14leftrightand foobar will write to V2 tags if you specofy it
23:39:15 Quit midk ("Leaving")
23:39:27 Quit Hadaka (Read error: 145 (Connection timed out))
23:39:32leftrightit wont write to V1 tags at all
23:39:35]RowaN[yes, it writes all over them, isntead of JUST writing the relpaygain tags
23:40:02]RowaN[i think you;re wrong there, "tag type to write" lets you specify V1
23:40:08]RowaN[but again, thats not something i want to do
23:40:17leftrightgo to mistic and follow the How to RaplyGain mp3 under rockbox forum
23:40:47]RowaN[maybe later, theres some other wild goose chases that take priority ahead of this
23:41:13 Quit Lear (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
23:41:24leftrightthen you also need to specify unicode or ISO8859-1
23:41:44]RowaN[thats not an option in foobar either
23:41:59leftrightmost tagging programs dont recognise tags with unicode, which is the default for foobar
23:42:07leftrightyes it IS an option
23:42:27]RowaN[not under "tag type to write"
23:43:11leftrightno, its under, oh heck wheres that guide
23:43:11rasher foobars options are all over the place
23:43:21 Quit einhirn ("Miranda IM! Smaller, Faster, Easier.")
23:43:30]RowaN[why "other supported types will be stripped from file" cant be disabled i'll never know
23:44:20leftrightComponents> ID3v2 Tag Support
23:44:59leftright Check (tick) the, "write ISO-8859-1 tags instead of UTF-16".
23:45:03]RowaN[but how does that help
23:45:28leftrightif you dont have ID3v2 tag support, you need to then install it, its a plugin
23:45:46leftrightdepends on what tagging program you use
23:46:10]RowaN[well thats what im asking.. what program can tag without doing a million other things i didnt ask it to do at the same time
23:46:11leftrightif you dont use a tagging program them leave it to write RG info in unicode
23:46:46leftrightmp3 tag
23:47:06leftrightis what I use but there are several
23:47:47]RowaN[you're saying that this "mp3 tag" program can write replaygain tags (id3v2) without modifying the existing id3(v1/v2) tags?
23:48:08leftrightno it cant do that
23:48:27]RowaN[that is "all" im trying to do
23:48:42leftrightthen use foobar
23:49:01leftrightreally, go to the guide at mistic
23:49:03]RowaN[foobar wont let me.. it likes to copy modify of and move all the tags around when adding replaygain
23:50:11]RowaN[this can go on my gripes list...
23:50:28*rasher tries
23:50:31]RowaN[right above "why on EARTH does winamp not have an ORDER BY ARTIST option in its playlist"
23:50:32leftrightwhy, just follow the guide, its easy
23:50:56rasherWell if it's editing the tags, it should foad
23:50:58 Join Naked [0] (
23:51:14 Nick Naked is now known as Hadaka (
23:51:23rasherIt does!
23:51:44rasherFollowing the guide, it overwrites my id3v1 info with id3v2 info
23:51:45rasherfuck off and die
23:51:59rasherWhy the... is it editing the tags?
23:52:16rasherhow extremely braindamaged
23:52:31 Quit muesli- (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
23:52:55]RowaN[my logical mind is wasted at the cracker factory you know
23:53:20rasherMaybe making it only write v2 will work
23:53:38]RowaN[i tried that too
23:53:44]RowaN[no dice
23:53:51rasherThat's mad
23:54:46leftrightif you let it write unicode tags it will overwrite your tags
23:55:02rasherHoly crap!
23:55:08rasherIt will actually *REMOVE* my id3v1 tag
23:55:17rasherThat's just... wow.
23:55:47leftrightthe info is still there, but you now need a tagger that can see unicode tags
23:56:30rasherWell it isn't there
23:56:49rasherIt removed my id3v1 tag.
23:57:02]RowaN[im making a post on foobar forums
23:57:09leftrightwell i rg'd my entire 40 gig collection and both my tags are still there, go figure
23:57:27rasherYour v1 tags has been overwritten with the info from your v2 tags
23:57:37rasherThere's no way to avoid that.
23:57:49rasherIf you tell foobar to only write v2 tags, it will actually remove the v1 tags
23:58:05leftrightv2 and v1 tags
23:58:19leftrightwrite to both
23:58:23rasherThat's not even a complete sentence
23:58:33 Part leftright
23:58:35rasherYes, that overwrites the v1 tag with the contents of the v2 tag
23:58:47]RowaN[one sec im making a post

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