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#rockbox log for 2005-08-19

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00:03:32*Cassandra recently achieved a long term ambition.
00:03:41CassandraMy home network has real static IPs.
00:03:49CassandraThat's such a sad ambition to have, isn't it?
00:04:05rasherYou mean globally routable?
00:04:39muesli-are you hiding something? ;)
00:05:18CassandraI'd've thought the point is I'm hiding a lot less than most people, being globally routable and all.
00:06:05muesli-where r u from?
00:06:15rasherDoesn't Zen offer this?
00:06:52Cassandrarasher: I'm on Zen. :)
00:07:01Cassandramuesli-: The UK.
00:07:30CassandraBut I'm also so technol33t I have my own domain. ;)
00:07:38muesli-yeah..tracert says you dont lie ;)
00:08:30Cassandratracert tells you where I am?
00:08:39muesli-not really
00:09:01muesli-at least yr current ip from which your accessing irc
00:09:09muesli-in this case freenode
00:10:07*Cassandra is a little surprised to find her router filtering ICMP.
00:10:26rasherBad router
00:10:27rasherBad, bad router
00:10:51CassandraNo way to turn it off, either.
00:11:10iMarkmy router filters DCC sends :(
00:11:31rasherNah, it's just NATing
00:11:32rashernothing wrong with that
00:11:36CassandraiMark: probably a masquerading issue.
00:12:01*Cassandra can do DCC sends no problem, being technol33t and all. Phear my network.
00:12:03rasherDCC send by you or the other end?
00:12:13iMarkeither if i remember right
00:12:19iMarki cant be arsed fixing it
00:12:34iMarki can still use other transfer methods
00:13:01rasherThing is, DCC is bass ackwards, so a send is actually an incoming connection
00:13:06rasherit's positively insane
00:13:28CassandraIRC was generally a crack fuelled bad idea from a protocol point of view.
00:14:00rasherHm, what's wrong with IRC?
00:14:16CassandraEver tried to implement a server?
00:14:27CassandraI haven't either, but the Doom is significant.
00:14:40rasherHeh, well I've used the protocol
00:14:50rasher(as in, programmed a bit with it)
00:15:26rasherI'm not quite sure I see why it's so bad
00:15:51rasherFreenode manages to fuck it up regardless though
00:17:02*amiconn gives up fighting with this messy blob of code for a while :/
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00:18:19amiconnmpeg.c in this case.
00:18:43amiconnI need to clean up a bit before I can try to implement the hooks
00:19:07rasherwow, johnny mnemonic is really bad
00:19:17amiconnThe interdependency of the various #ifdefs, declarations and functions is spaghetti
00:19:49amiconnI'll delete, re-checkout and start over, but not right now
00:20:03amiconnMeanwhile I doubt to get this in before the freeze :(
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01:07:53 Part Moos
01:09:00RickStarted using my h100 lately
01:09:43Rickhad a weird thing today where the iriver firmware failed to read the harddrive properly (?), showed 0 songs and when I tried to navigate the menus I got garbled japanese/korean characters all over the screen, really weird :P
01:09:51Rickguess I should update
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01:14:09ashridahRick: i had that on the first player i bought. if it was warm (been in a pocket, or playing for a while, etc), it'd fail to read the drive, and lockup when i went to the file tree
01:14:26ashridahit doesn't have a particularly graceful failure mode :)
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01:25:18Rickashridah: ahh, so that's what it was?
01:25:23Rickashridah: heh heh
01:25:39Rickashridah: I'm just glad it let me turn it off instead of having to find a pin to reset it
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01:29:34ashridahi'd doubt that you were having my symptoms
01:29:55ashridahit could just as easily have been a corrupted filesystem
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01:32:03Rickashridah: i'll do a scan then
01:32:12Rickashridah: (because it had been in my pocket for about an hour without being on)
01:32:34ashridahokay, i should also state that this unit was defective in this way from the moment i got it
01:32:43Rickokay :P
01:32:47ashridahso i had it replaced and the replacement worked fine :)
01:33:05Rickwell, once I turned it off then turned it on it was fine ;)
01:33:22Rickwas the bootloader bug with the ogg files in iriver firmware ever fixed?
01:33:23RickI don't recall
01:33:40ashridahyeah, ages back.
01:33:53Rickah, that's good
01:34:00Rickwill probably update this weekend then
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08:00:50B4gder40GB single platter 1.8"
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08:21:35amiconnmorning LinusN
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08:22:59LinusNmy h300 is now naked :-)
08:23:52tvelocityyou pervert
08:24:17amiconnI hope it's not too cold there...
08:27:28LinusNi put it in a warm bag :-)
08:46:53LinusNamiconn: nice mpeg.c cleanup
08:47:28amiconnThat's only a little part of what is still left to do...
08:47:41B4gdergot two addr crashes today
08:48:01B4gderjust unattended big shuffled playlist
08:48:42amiconnI'm 99% sure these crashes are caused by what LinusN discovered - i2c used from an interrupt
08:48:43B4gderhm, or did I press forward,,, ;-)
08:48:54B4gdersounds very likely, yes
08:49:40LinusNit's easy to solve, but it introduces small pops when starting and stopping playback
08:49:43amiconnIirc the coldfire interrupt/exception handling does not only put the return address on the stack, but some other info as well
08:50:04LinusNamiconn: yes, an exception stack frame
08:50:06amiconnIf this is used by another function as a regular return address... boom
08:50:09Slasheramiconn: that i2c from interrupt is currently only called when dma gets empty or there is some other dma error
08:50:22LinusNSlasher: yes, but that happens all the time
08:50:30amiconnYes, and that's probably why this often happens at the end of playback
08:50:41SlasherB4gder: if you have logf and remote attached, can you check what are the last lines before the crash?
08:50:47SlasherLinusN: Hmm..
08:50:59LinusNDMA No data: 0x0001
08:51:08B4gderI'll do that, this particular build is logfless though ;-(
08:51:09LinusNhappens when you skip
08:51:21Slasherah, that's true
08:51:47 Join warewolf [0] (
08:51:49amiconnAnyway, i2c from interrupt is forbidden, I had to learn this as well
08:51:54LinusNmaybe i should commit the fix, and let the dsp ninjas work out a solution for the pops
08:52:05amiconn...when I tried backlight dimming on archos recorder
08:52:18warewolfevening/morning/afternoon, whichever the case may be, all :)
08:52:28LinusNmorning in my case
08:52:40warewolfI've got this sexy iRiver H340
08:52:43SlasherLinusN: that would be good, at the moment i can't commit anything easily as all of the playback-related files are modified due to voice ui :)
08:52:50LinusNwarewolf: mine is sexier :-)
08:52:53warewolf(I bet you can guess what my next question is)
08:52:57B4gdersexy? is your naked too! ;-)
08:53:20LinusNSlasher: sure thing
08:53:27warewolfLinusN- any idea where progress is on the rockbox port to the H340? Is there anything I can do to help?
08:53:33LinusNwarewolf: i'm working on running the bdm
08:53:34*warewolf badly wants gapless mp3 playback
08:54:11LinusNwarewolf: i am examining the hardware to work out how to run the bdm, and draw schematics
08:54:34LinusNbdm should work within a few days
08:54:39warewolfso (not trying to be rude here) we're all waiting on you?
08:54:54*LinusN feels the power
08:54:55warewolfcan I entice your work with a monetary donation?
08:55:14LinusNhehe, money can't help me find time
08:55:33LinusNunless we're talking a salary matching my day job
08:55:46warewolfwell, if you work at burger king ....
08:55:54B4gderwhy oh why do some people always turn public things into private conversations...
08:56:06LinusNB4gder: ?
08:56:12B4gdergetting private emails
08:56:18LinusNme too
08:56:48warewolfB4gder: I was about to say, vice versa is more funny.
08:56:53warewolfprivate -> public
08:57:01warewolf"So my rash has cleared up!"
09:00:02Cassandralinus: Nice work on the iRiver radio btw. Was listening whilst walking round the village yesterday. :)
09:02:19LinusNCassandra: :-)
09:02:48warewolfiRiver radio?
09:03:36LinusNi wanted to credit Toni1 for the bitbanging patch, but he vanished somehow, so I never got his real name :-(
09:03:53warewolfoh, for the H1xx
09:03:59LinusNwarewolf: yes
09:04:18LinusNwarewolf: it turns out that the h100 can record from radio too :-)
09:04:20 Join rooom_wrk [0] (
09:04:42B4gderthe h1x0 and h3x0 seem to have the same radio
09:04:48LinusNyes they do
09:05:04warewolfoh cool!
09:05:15LinusNi wonder if they have a SCL pullup on the h300...
09:05:16warewolfLinusN: is that a feature in the iRiver firmware for the h100?
09:05:41LinusNwarewolf: the original firmware does not record from radio
09:05:50LinusNbut rockbox does :-)
09:05:54rooom_wrkamiconn: Hello! Have you seen here IDC Dragon for the last month?
09:05:58warewolfhow kick ass is that
09:06:07LinusNrooom_wrk: he's busy with other stuff
09:08:27rooom_wrkLinusN: thnx and when are you expecting his return here to IRC?
09:08:41LinusNrooom_wrk: i have no idea
09:09:00LinusNhehe, the h300 has a pullup for the SCL, they corrected their mistake
09:09:03warewolfso bdm is kind of like jtag?
09:09:16LinusNwarewolf: sort of
09:09:47*warewolf bricked his "tuxscreen" (lucent web-phone) and needs to make a jtag dongle to unbrick it.
09:09:53*LinusN has a naked h300 and a bag of chips :-)
09:10:01rooom_wrkLinusN: Have you pls downloaded his sw for Archos boot mod?
09:10:17B4gderboot mod?
09:10:31LinusNrooom_wrk: hmmm, i don't think so
09:10:50LinusNamiconn: didn't you get the boot mod exe's?
09:11:13warewolfoh cool, BDM is a debugger -built into- coldfire CPUS? Wow, is moto awesome
09:11:21LinusNsometimes i wish people could upload their stuff to the wiki...
09:11:36rooom_wrkLinusN: My archos is waitng for rescue more than one month :-(((
09:11:44LinusNbut i guess it's important for some people to keep their stuff to themselves (?)
09:12:55 Quit Maxime (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
09:12:59LinusNbdm is a debugger *interface*
09:13:08CassandraIs recording from Radio already working? Couldn't see it in my build (about 2 days old)
09:13:51LinusNCassandra: leave the radio screen with the radio playing, go to the pcm recording debug screen and select Line In as the source
09:13:52CassandraAlthough to be honest, if I'm going to record from radio I'll probably use the Toslink output on my DAB radio.
09:14:07Cassandra*nod* Right. ;)
09:14:13LinusNCassandra: is that portable?
09:14:28Cassandralinus: Not really, no.
09:14:36CassandraIn fact, not at all.
09:16:46 Quit leachbj_ (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
09:17:10 Join leachbj_ [0] (
09:21:15LinusNB4gder: a good start
09:21:51LinusNwoo, that table sure need cleaning up
09:22:02CassandraErm, iRiver has customisable font and WPS.
09:22:20LinusNdo they? i never saw that
09:22:32CassandraOh, that's the original fw. Never mind.
09:45:44 Quit leachbj_ ("Client exiting")
09:47:39CoCoLUSrockbox records radio?
09:47:43CoCoLUSon the iriver, already?
09:48:37B4gderbut still in the debug menu only
09:49:56crwlhow bad is the hard drive noise there?
09:50:00CoCoLUSthe table singles out flac support, but there's no mention of any other codec... strange
09:50:09B4gdernot strange at all
09:50:16B4gderfeel free to improve
09:50:34B4gderI just added a few things off the top of my head
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10:34:43 Join hshah [0] (
10:35:51hshahhmm... having this strange problem... i have a folder with around 12 songs in it... and on random files, skipping to the next track doesn't work
10:36:05hshahit will fast forward and everything etc but skipping won't work
10:36:13hshahi have to go into that folder and select the next song
10:36:30hshahand it happens with random songs and it sometimes works... meaning that its not the mp3 files
10:56:57 Join Fle|aw [0] (
10:58:22LinusNhshah: weird
11:06:13hshahwhy is it always me whol has the weird problems which i cannot reproduce on request
11:06:49hshahi tried all evening yesterday to reproduce the status bar randomly appearing when i plug the usb cable in and then going away once its unplugged, but failed :(
11:14:15 Quit bluebrother^ (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
11:33:22 Quit rooom_wrk ("UkonĨuji")
11:46:52 Join Moos [0] (
11:47:02MoosMorning all !
11:51:52 Join Bger [0] (n=Bager@
11:52:09Bgernoon all :)
11:52:47BgerLinusN: wazzzup with h3x0's nude scans ?
11:53:39LinusNi haven't scanned it yet, i stripped it this morning and will scan when i come home
11:53:51Bgeraha, goodie :)
11:58:53Bgerwow, we have ALAC seeking
12:01:05 Join silencer [0] (n=silencer@
12:01:08 Join linuxstb [0] (
12:01:48linuxstbBger: Yes, ALAC seeking is working, and I also read the metadata tags from the .m4a file.
12:02:05Bgernot that i use it :)
12:02:13 Join dionoea_ [0] (
12:02:47Bgerbut good news anyway
12:03:02Mooslinuxstb: is it already in CVS? or not yet
12:03:04linuxstbI´m on holiday with an iBook, it seems that ALAC will be useful for Mac people - FLAC support under Mac OS isn´t great.
12:03:10 Join dwihno_ [0] (n=dw@
12:03:27linuxstbAll I need is to find a wi-fi hotspot so I can commit it.
12:04:53linuxstbAll the demuxing and metadata code could be reused for AAC files, so hopefully someone will take that forward.
12:06:01Bgerand rb must begin distinguishing audio types not by file ext, but by contents, as already said
12:06:01 Quit linuxstb (Client Quit)
12:07:10 Quit Fle|aw ()
12:07:44 Quit silencer (K-lined)
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12:26:23CoCoLUS<fn~Bger> and rb must begin distinguishing audio types not by file ext, but by contents, as already said
12:26:52CoCoLUSi think there should be some kind of constraints there
12:26:58Bgeryes ? very bad english, otherwise ?
12:27:08Bgeraha :)
12:27:25CoCoLUS99 % of all files -do- contain what the file extension says it does, so....
12:27:44LinusNfor starters, it should only check contents on extensions known to be containers
12:27:46Bgerok, but for example .ogg is container (like avi), and vorbis is the codec (like xvid)
12:28:20Bgermp3 isn't between them
12:28:23CoCoLUSyep, but if the extension is .mp3, a check would be quite unnecessary
12:30:01iMarkmp3 can be a minamed mp2 though
12:30:05CoCoLUSalthough... imagine the misticriver thread... "i managed to crash rockbox by purposely adding the wrong file extension!!!"
12:30:08iMarkcan rockbox cope with that
12:30:24iMarkmisticriver is full of idiots, CoCoLUS :)
12:30:41CoCoLUSi wouldn't put it in such hard words
12:31:01Bgeri wouldn't call them "idiots" :)
12:31:19CoCoLUSbut i added the three extension marks to illustrate the competence level of most mr-users :P
12:31:36iMarkincompetent, daft, newbs :P
12:32:43CoCoLUSwell you know there actually are people who just want to -use- their player, not dissect them :)
12:33:33CoCoLUSlet's just call them... "end users" ;)
12:34:03Bgerok, this obviously don't make them idiots :)
12:34:35 Join Lost-ash [0] (
12:34:55Bgerthe problem is that they're talking about something they think understand ...
12:35:28CoCoLUSback to the topic... what file extensions -could- contain something different, if you leave wrong extensions out of the equation
12:35:36CoCoLUSogg was already mentioned
12:36:21CoCoLUSthat's the matroshka container format, isn't it?
12:36:36Bgerisn't it MPEG 4 audio ?
12:36:59CoCoLUSit was a guess, i wouldn't have asked otherwise :)
12:36:59 Quit ashridah (Nick collision from services.)
12:37:02 Nick Lost-ash is now known as ashridah (
12:37:13CoCoLUSyeah i was wrong
12:37:59CoCoLUSfirst, it's called matroska, second, it's mka and mkv
12:38:26 Quit dwihno_ (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
12:39:16 Join dwihno [0] (n=dw@
12:39:27Bgermatrioshka :)
12:39:44Bgerit's not so popular
12:40:17CoCoLUSi only know matrioshka dolls :)
12:40:38Bgeri was kidding
12:41:07CoCoLUSwell it shouldn't be underestimated... it's popular for music videos...
12:41:27CoCoLUSevery format has its clientel :)
12:41:55Bgeryes, but regarding video rockbox'll probably have its own format
12:42:08Bgeror at least, own "codec"
12:42:36CoCoLUSthere's mka too
12:43:02CoCoLUSbut yeah, it's sure not high on the priority list
12:43:43Bgerit'll be done when someone (who is capable to do it) is interested enough in it
12:44:07CoCoLUSlike every part of rockbox :)
12:44:17Bgeryep :)
12:44:31CoCoLUSit's not like i want it, i don't use it myself... i just mentioned it as a container format
12:45:24CoCoLUSwhat's important for sure is that even if a file does not contain what the extensions says it does, it shouldn't crash/hang the player
12:45:55Bgerthat's not the right "reaction" for sure
12:46:17Bgerrockbox must be as much "idiot-proof" as possible :)
12:46:36CoCoLUSend-user-proof ;)
12:46:58Bgerok ;) my error
12:47:27CoCoLUSbut then, that's true for every piece of software...
12:47:36 Quit courtc (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
12:48:12 Join courtc [0] (
12:48:29Bgerbut as my father says: "never mind how much you try to make something idiot-proof, there'll be always some more idiotic than you've ever though he/she can be"
12:48:54CoCoLUSsome devs won't like that... "why should the code get bloated with checks for something as stupid as wrong file extensions"
12:49:24Bgerthis kind of devs usually make security holes :)
12:49:32CoCoLUSlet's just branch the code... "rockbox home" and "rockbox professional" :)
12:49:55Bgerhahaha no, 10x, no M$-isms here :)
12:51:18CoCoLUSwell if done correctly, it's not such a bad idea... a "disable advanced/seldom used options"-option can be very helpful for unexperienced... end-users
12:51:24 Join hicks [0] (
12:51:31Bgeras already mentioned ... there was one guy in one of the forums that has said "rockbox isn't Microsoft certified, so i won't run it on my player"
12:52:26CoCoLUSsaw that... well, another thread for the best-mr-threads-ever-collection ;)
12:53:11Bgerbtw, what was the name which took the first place for this project's name ?
12:54:24 Join hshah [0] (
12:54:48B4gderorpheus iirc
12:54:56Bgeronce upon a time ... there was a project for archos jukebox without a name .. :)
12:55:12Bgerorpheus ?
12:56:18CoCoLUSlike the one in the "don't look back"-story?
12:57:36CoCoLUSdidn't know that...
12:57:47Bgerbad Bjorn, bad ...:)
12:57:49CoCoLUSorpheus would have been nice
12:58:01Bgeri like Rockbox more :)
12:58:40CoCoLUSi think it sounds somewhat generic
12:59:15Bgerorpheus sounds somewhat ... orpheus :)
12:59:37CoCoLUSthat would be another great mr-thread, "can i listen to jazz music with rock-box?" :)
12:59:46Bgeranyway, orpheus has been living in today's bulgaria land...
13:02:05tvelocitySon of Apollo and Terpsichore, Linus taught music to Orpheus and Heracles.
13:02:09Bger"No, you can't, but you can try listening to jazz with our new "Jazz-box"-capable release, made especially for jazz-likers"
13:02:41CoCoLUSso there was actually some thought behind orpheus
13:02:44 Join dwihno_ [0] (n=dw@
13:02:47 Join dionoea [0] (
13:03:08Bgeryes, orpheus and his arpha
13:03:24Bgersorry :)
13:03:28Bgerarpha = harp
13:03:54CoCoLUSlinus creating the rockbox/orpheus project?
13:04:03 Quit pilot000 ("CGI:IRC (EOF)")
13:04:05CoCoLUS"linus taught music to orpheus"
13:04:53tvelocitynice paralelism:)
13:06:47 Quit hicks ("Too lazy to change my quit message")
13:07:26 Join hicks [0] (
13:09:27Bgervery nice :)
13:09:34Bgerthis time linus is slasheri :)
13:10:00Bgeror no, i'm partially wrong
13:10:46Bgerlinus again was "the One" who made hist iriver to play first 5 seconds of mp3 audio :)
13:11:43B4gderthat's sort of his thing in this project ;-)
13:11:53ashridahBger: 15 seconds iirc
13:12:10B4gderit was 5 first, then 15 seconds
13:12:28ashridahwas it?
13:12:33B4gderI and Linus actually made the 15 together
13:13:03B4gdernot that it matters the slightest now
13:13:26MoosLinus/Bjorn/Bagder: the trium vira :D
13:15:17 Quit dwihno (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
13:16:58 Join Febs [0] (
13:19:49 Quit tvelocity (Remote closed the connection)
13:29:24 Join tvelocity [0] (
13:29:31 Nick phaedrus96 is now known as phaedrus961 (
13:32:58*LinusN just added the KEEPACT pullup to his h300
13:33:25LinusNthat *should* be the only thing needed to make it run with the bdm
13:33:50B4gderexciting times!
13:34:17LinusNlet's just hope that i can find the time to connect it this weekend
13:34:45LinusNthe fm radio i2c doesn't seem to be connected to the same pins as on the h100
13:35:07LinusNprobably because the power control chip talks i2c as well
13:42:31*Bger bets that the h3x0's prices will jump up once rockbox runs on it...
13:42:44 Join AliasCoffee [0] (n=pete@2001:5c0:8fff:ffff:8000:0:3e03:6822)
13:46:01Bgeripv6 ???
13:46:51CoCoLUSlooks that way
13:46:56CoCoLUSdidn't know freenode supports it "already"
13:47:37Bgerdidn't know that there are working ipv6 routers in internet...
13:47:48*Bger hides
13:49:03AliasCoffeeBger: ipv6 over ipv4 (tunnel)
13:49:29Bgerok, that explains everything...
13:49:50 Quit hshah ("CGI:IRC (Ping timeout)")
13:50:11 Join Zagor [0] (i=foobar@pdpc/supporter/sustaining/Zagor)
13:50:12CoCoLUSstill, the irc servers have to support it
13:51:29AliasCoffeevery nearly pointless to use it at the moment but that rarely stops me.
13:51:45Bgerjust about to ask what's the point :)
13:55:07 Quit tvelocity (Remote closed the connection)
13:56:21 Join tvelocity [0] (
13:58:38 Join webguest65 [0] (
13:59:57 Quit webguest65 (Client Quit)
14:02:24 Quit pike (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
14:06:26AliasCoffeewas the recording glitch on the h100 models fixed by preventing the drive from spinning down during recording?
14:07:16Bgeri don't think there's any more glitch than the glitch on a h3x0 ...
14:07:26Bgerjust marketing tricks ..
14:07:49AliasCoffeeBger, not sure what you mean.. there never was a glitch?
14:08:36AliasCoffeei just bought one on ebay for field recording so i was pretty gutted to read that the recording was dodgy.
14:08:51BgerOn h3x0 when the hard disk start to spin, the radio's signal quality degrades
14:10:06Bgerthe level of degrade depends on the strongness of the radio station
14:10:28Bger(personal impressions)
14:10:33AliasCoffeehrm. could be interference. or are you suggesting that its a stealth anti piracy measure?
14:10:43Bgerno :)
14:12:28Bgerit's just harddisk's drive making EM emissions
14:13:34AliasCoffeewell the h100 models drop samples every so often. someone said it was when the drive span up and flushed the buffer.
14:13:57AliasCoffeethat being the case it'd be useless for recording samples and the like
14:14:00Bgerok, if it's this, it's pure iriver's fw problem
14:14:17Bgerafaik rockbox on iriver doesn't suffer from this
14:14:24AliasCoffeei've read that it's fixed in rockbox.. yeah
14:16:57AliasCoffeehope so :)
14:17:26AliasCoffeeit's too light to use as a doorstop so it'd be totally useless otherwise :]
14:18:19Bgeruse it for rising of some flowerpot
14:18:53Bgerbut better donate it to rb :P
14:18:55AliasCoffeebetter be some damned expensive flowers to merit that tho
14:18:56Bgeror to me :)
14:19:38AliasCoffeeanyone tried putting a bigger HDD in a H100 ?
14:19:45Bgerfor sure
14:19:58AliasCoffeeanyone suceeded?
14:20:08Bgeryep, just a sec
14:20:10 Join Chamois [0] (
14:20:50Bgerthis is for h320, but ...
14:21:21Bgeranyway, the "recommended" method in this topis is definitely not "recommended" ...
14:21:46Bgerwhat h1x0 do you own ? h110, 115, h120 or h140?
14:21:49***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
14:22:08Bgerso for now you can put 60GB drive in it
14:22:40Bgerh140 and h340 's drives are dual platter
14:22:40AliasCoffeeassuming i didn't get ripped of by the ebay seller. should arrive tomorrow.
14:22:48AliasCoffeethe 80 doesn't work?
14:22:53Bgerand h110, h115, h120 and h320 are dual platter
14:23:07Bger80GB works, but ... you must find it first ...
14:23:27Bgerand it's very expensive, afaik
14:23:29 Join preglow [0] (
14:23:36Bgerprethom, hi :)
14:24:12B4gdertoshiba is shipping a 40GB single platter disk now
14:24:30BgerB4gder: but only for OEM
14:24:34preglowlinusn: what's this i read about a pop at track change if you remove the i2c calls from an interrupt handler?
14:24:49Bgerso we must wait for now :)
14:25:07LinusNpreglow: i removed the uda1380_mute() calls
14:25:13Bgeror some of you could buy 10 000 drives (for example);)
14:25:34preglowahh, a manual track change
14:25:57preglowthat should be fixable, yes
14:26:41preglowthe uda uses a cosine window internally for fades, perhaps we could use that as well
14:29:41LinusNi just committed the mute "fix"
14:29:55Bgeror ... maybe some of us has a cousin who works in toshiba ? ;)
14:33:52preglowSlasher: so, you've got voice ui going?
14:34:53Slasherpreglow: basically yes but the voice turns into noise when music is playing.. i don't yet know what causes it, maybe some portions of the ram gets overwritten
14:35:18preglowSlasher: how do you manage the codec?
14:35:42SlasherLinusN: "There is a header on the PCB for connecting a serial port. All you need is a voltage converter.", really? That sounds nice, i might add a bluetooth chip inside my iriver when i have time :)
14:36:03LinusNSlasher: :-)
14:36:06Slasherpreglow: there is a parallel codec hot-swapping
14:36:57Slasherpreglow: so saving iram and code space of current codec and switching it with other codec's context
14:36:59preglowyou just swap the entire codec plugin ram area and iram area when you need speech?
14:37:19Slasherthat seems to work well, but something goes wrong on the pcm side
14:38:16preglowso the codec decodes the data successfully?
14:39:00 Join pike [0] (
14:39:20Slasheri am not sure about that but at least it seems that it still gets valid mp3 frames
14:39:34LinusNSlasher: how about all the callbacks?
14:39:43Slashermaybe i should take some pcm dumps to harddisk..
14:39:48preglowyou should
14:40:06 Quit Febs (" HydraIRC -> <- Leading Edge IRC")
14:40:10SlasherLinusN: the swapped codec remains frozen (mutex lock) until swapped back
14:40:41Slasherand the swapping will be initiated on the callback from codec on the playback core itself
14:43:22preglowbut ok, so we need some audio fading code now
14:44:24SlasherLinusN: ah yes, the callbacks determines if the current codec is audio or voice codec. There is also a separate copy of codec_api passed to the voice codec (but currently all of the callbacks are same)
14:47:57pikethe lock mechanism on irivers, is it electric (logic) or "manual" ?
14:48:23pikebecause I think when I tried to lock the main unit, it also has efefct on the remote
14:48:42Bger"manual" ?
14:48:45Bgerits a button
14:49:05pikemanual is in cutting power to buttons maybe
14:49:11preglowlock is controlled by the firmware
14:49:26pikethen it may be a bit buggy in rockbox
14:49:33LinusNpike: i'm sure it is
14:51:06preglowLinusN: can't say i hear much popping
14:51:28LinusNnot much, no, but it is audible
14:53:36 Join Naked [0] (
14:53:50preglowbut i'd sure like a fade to be optional
14:53:52 Nick Naked is now known as Hadaka (
14:53:59preglownot all tracks will have popping, only those that start abruptly
14:54:01LinusNpreglow: why?
14:54:22LinusNpreglow: the mute wasn't optional
14:54:33preglowunless i dont understand where the popping really comes from
14:55:08LinusNpreglow: it all depends on the difference between last sample played by the dma and the first sample in the next song
14:55:49 Join Watto [0] (n=mathieu@
14:55:53LinusNas far as i understand
14:56:42preglowi forgot that the dac holds the last sample
14:57:05WattoDoes someone know a porting project of linux on jbm 20?
14:57:57preglowlinusn: what we really just need is a fade out, then
14:58:08B4gderWatto: linav ?
14:58:22preglowi dont think there are a lot of tracks that actually start with a non-zero sample
14:58:33WattoB4gder> no linav is for only AV series (AV300,...)
14:58:53LinusNWatto: no i only know of linav
14:59:08LinusNpreglow: probably
14:59:13B4gder'm sure it used to be for the multimedia too
14:59:18B4gderat least avos was
14:59:48preglowi do on the other hand know of tracks that start abruptly intentionally, i dont want to damage those too much
15:01:12Slasheriirc, there will also remain a dc on headphone jack unless dac is set to zero
15:01:14beezly[tm]preglow: i was having a problem with vorbis decoding on iriver yesterday, LinusN suggested I mention it to you
15:01:51beezly[tm]preglow: the hdd light went solid red and everything froze when playing files encoded with libvorbis 1.0 beta 4
15:01:54LinusNSlasher: that's what we're talking about
15:02:16Slasheryes :)
15:02:32beezly[tm]preglow: interestingly, 1.0 beta 4 files have weird values for upper and lower bitrate in the ogg stream header
15:02:46LinusNbeezly[tm]: lots of errors from ov_read_fixed()
15:03:16beezly[tm]preglow: I can send you a file if you like
15:03:26preglownah, not now, i'm on 28k8
15:03:36beezly[tm]ah :)
15:03:54crwli don't think the beta 4 files i have even had the upper/lower bitrate set
15:03:54preglownot much i can do about it now
15:04:06preglowi wonder how our vorbis decoder reacts to floor 0 type files
15:04:09preglowgotta remember to try that
15:04:13crwlit's something that didn't get set until 1.0 RC3 or so, i think
15:04:40 Quit Watto ()
15:04:56preglowwow, xiph finally beefed up their website
15:05:08beezly[tm]crwl: in 1.0 streams upper and lower bit rate are set to "undefined"
15:05:15LinusNwe should probably sync our cvs with theirs
15:05:16beezly[tm]in 1.0 beta4 streams they are...
15:05:21beezly[tm]Nominal bitrate: 128.000000 kb/s
15:05:21beezly[tm]Upper bitrate: 4294967.295000 kb/s
15:05:21beezly[tm]Lower bitrate: 4294967.295000 kb/s
15:05:32preglowLinusN: if you mean tremor, it probably is synced
15:05:36B4gderLinusN: they don't seem to change termor a lot
15:05:53crwlbeezly[tm], is that from ogginfo?
15:05:55preglowbeezly[tm]: i dont think the decoder cares too much about those
15:05:57beezly[tm]crwl: yes
15:06:02crwlbeezly[tm], sounds really odd
15:06:58 Quit tvelocity ("Leaving")
15:13:10preglowhmm, someone mentions a memory leak in tremor in the tremor mailing list
15:13:56Bgerbad ...
15:14:26preglowthe xiph people didnt exactly come running to help
15:14:45Bgerworse :)
15:15:07preglowthey seem to have a communication problem
15:16:11B4gderI hate it when they refer to "a patch I mailed a while ago"
15:16:23preglowit certainly is helpful
15:18:14B4gderthey closed my report as invalid on the gcc warning I fixed
15:18:27B4gdersince it tured out it was a false positive
15:18:55B4gderso they rather have a warning than an extra =0
15:19:00 Join zezayer [0] (n=jake@
15:20:02preglowthe gcc people is like that
15:20:50B4gderthis is a gcc warning on tremor code
15:21:45preglowahh, like that
15:21:54preglowseems like tremor actually has been updated
15:21:58preglowbut nothing important
15:23:14preglowi wonder if they might actually integrate our changes, they're pretty clean
15:24:31 Join XMaster-ShadowX [0] (
15:27:36AliasCoffeei think the problem there is that theora is the focus of attention. vorbis, cdparanoia etc are all but ignored.
15:27:41 Quit preglow ("CGI:IRC (EOF)")
15:29:14 Quit AliasCoffee ("bbiab")
15:29:35 Part LinusN
15:31:59Slasherhehe, i think i found the problem. Now i get some voices from voice ui even when playing :)
15:32:10Bgerhehehe :)
15:32:39Bgerdo you hear the voices :)
15:33:06Slasheryes, i can hear them but they are quite distorted right now (i just found the cause and fixing the real problem now)
15:35:56 Join rooomish [0] (
15:36:05 Quit rooomish (Client Quit)
15:51:49 Join Paul_The_Nerd [0] (
16:06:16 Quit Cassandra (" Want to be different? HydraIRC -> <-")
16:09:33 Join hshah [0] (
16:09:41 Quit hshah (Client Quit)
16:10:20 Quit XMaster-ShadowX (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
16:10:27 Join webguest25 [0] (
16:15:14 Join BBub [0] (
16:17:06 Join [-AIR-] [0] (
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16:32:26 Quit Paul_The_Nerd ("Chatzilla 0.9.68a [Firefox 1.0.6/20050716]")
16:36:01 Quit banan_ (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
16:40:28 Join XMaster-ShadowX [0] (
16:42:11 Join einhirn [0] (
16:42:14 Join webguest54 [0] (
16:43:46 Join merbanan [0] (
16:44:26[-AIR-]you, and me, always
16:45:37 Part webguest54
16:49:58 Quit zezayer ("Download Gaim:")
17:10:28 Quit ashridah ("Leaving")
17:13:46 Quit Chamois (" HydraIRC -> <- Leading Edge IRC")
17:16:19 Quit B4gder ("Lämnar")
17:23:35 Join hicks_ [0] (
17:28:54 Quit XMaster-ShadowX (Read error: 113 (No route to host))
17:34:31 Join amiconn_ [0] (
17:37:23 Quit hicks (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
17:45:08 Quit beezly[tm] ("Client exiting")
17:45:52 Quit amiconn (Nick collision from services.)
17:45:52 Nick amiconn_ is now known as amiconn (
17:55:36 Join einhirn_ [0] (
18:20:16 Join Lear [0] (
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18:25:14 Join phaedrus96 [0] (
18:25:28 Part amiconn
18:28:37 Join bagawk [0] (n=lee@unaffiliated/bagawk)
18:44:24 Quit phaedrus961 (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
18:55:17 Quit bagawk ("Leaving")
18:56:39 Join amiconn [0] (
18:57:20 Quit amiconn (Client Quit)
18:58:28 Join amiconn [0] (
18:58:49amiconnCrazy test...
18:58:52 Part amiconn
18:59:29 Join amiconn [0] (
19:00:07amiconnZagor/Bagder: What's wrong with the server?
19:03:03Zagoris anything wrong? what?
19:03:57amiconnI only get a page with background, logo and table cells, but without any textual content...
19:04:18Zagorit works fine for me
19:04:26amiconn...even if I try sub-pages
19:05:03amiconnSeems Firefox is doing something strange here
19:05:16amiconnThe strange thing is that other pages do work in FF
19:05:18Zagori'll look at the logs
19:05:26 Nick QT_ is now known as QT (i=as@madwifi/users/area51)
19:05:27amiconnIE shows fine
19:05:56Zagormy FF 1.0.6 shows it fine too
19:06:03amiconnNow this is really strange:
19:06:05Zagor(Debian package 1.0.6-2)
19:06:31amiconnThe tab where is showing no text also does this for other pages
19:06:42amiconnHowever, other tabs are working fine
19:07:35Zagorhaha, that seems a bit strange
19:08:02 Join dpassen1 [0] (
19:08:50amiconnIt was that very tab - closing and reopening FF didn't help (I have SessionSaver .2 installed)
19:09:25amiconnPerhaps I should upgrade my FF
19:09:31amiconn(still 1.0.4)
19:12:40amiconnDifferent thing - is it just me or does the radio get a bit quieter when leaving the FM screen with PLAY ?
19:13:05Zagori don't know, haven't tried that :-)
19:17:20[-AIR-]kick you out and let the sun shine in
19:28:40zeamiconn: firefox shows fine for me (also 1.0.4)
19:28:52amiconnYes, it's working now
19:29:17amiconnOne tab decided to act strangely, even across restarts of firefox
19:31:07 Quit dpassen1 (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
19:32:23amiconnThis was the first time I experienced this, although I use SessionSaver.2 for quite some time now
19:32:44amiconnHowever, it's already the second time firefox did something nasty
19:33:21amiconnFirefox 1.0.1 managed to completely destroy its profile, so I had to recollect all my links etc...
19:34:47crwli've never seen firefox to actually destroy (as in delete) its profile directory
19:35:02crwli've seen it screw it up though, but bookmarks.html has always been there...
19:36:03Slasheron linux the firefox is almost unusable because it's always crashing. Fortunately konqueror is a much better browser in all aspects
19:36:15crwlSlasher, not true :)
19:36:45crwli have never had crash problems with firefox on linux, but i've heard a lot of those from win32 users though
19:36:49amiconncrwl: It srewed it up, and bookmarks.html was there - empty...
19:36:54Slashercrwl: hehe, but if i use it (the newest version i could get with apt-get), it always crashes several times a day.. and that has continued at least half a yer
19:36:57crwlamiconn, that's bad
19:37:29crwlSlasher, hm, i don't think i have ever used debian-packaged firefox...
19:37:43Slasherit's also slower than konqueror
19:37:59crwlthat's partly true, yes
19:38:05amiconnI must admit firefox is fairly stable on windows considering the way I'm using it
19:38:15 Nick phaedrus96 is now known as phaedrus961 (
19:38:17amiconn(usual # of tabs: 10..>30)
19:38:22crwli think i will be seriously considering konqueror the 3.5 version gets released, with adblock support...
19:38:33Slasheryep, on windows it works fine
19:38:52Slashercrwl: it has adblock? sounds great
19:38:59amiconn...and seldom closing it because I usually put my laptop in hibernation mode
19:39:07amiconn...instead of shutting down
19:39:09crwli've now been running firefox deer park alpha 2 for about a day, hasn't crashed yet
19:39:30crwlit has somewhat faster rendering and back/forward works instaneously, quite nice
19:40:25crwlSlasher, yes... i haven't really even considered other browsers than firefox because they don't have adblock :)
19:40:39Slasheramiconn: btw, the voice ui is now working while playing music but it seems the decoder is not fast enough while spelling long filenames.. it has in meantime pause the voice ui to prevent audio buffer going empty
19:40:48amiconnWhen doing this for a really long time, firefox starts to consume more and more CPU power even without doing something in it
19:41:43amiconnClose and restart always fixed that so far (only a slight inconvenience thatnks to SessionSaver)
19:42:19crwlthere has been at least some memory leak issues, i remember those too
19:42:29amiconnSlasher: I think that it would be better to pause audio to prevent voice gaps instead
19:42:33crwl(i have never kept my firefox running for more than about 20 hours, though)
19:42:39crwli think 1.0.6 has been quite good, though
19:42:42Slasheramiconn: Hmm-m =)
19:42:51crwli can't even remember if it has ever crashed on me, probably not
19:43:08amiconnHopefully this problem will go away with a more efficient voice codec
19:43:22amiconnSlasher: Are you doing the bitswap live, or on load?
19:44:03Slasheramiconn: when loading the voice file
19:44:09amiconnAh, yes
19:44:23 Join Chamois [0] (
19:44:25Slasherthe swapping takes ~2s
19:44:35amiconnThat's slow...
19:45:01Slasheryes, because i don't have assembly-optimized version for that
19:45:22amiconnthis will go away soon, hopefully
19:45:32amiconnDid you find a suitable header field for a codec indicator?
19:45:44amiconn..or do we have to extend the voice file format?
19:46:26SlasherHmm, i haven't examined that yet but it seems the voice file format has not too many options currently..
19:46:48amiconnapps/talk.c lines 59ff
19:47:14amiconnFortunately there is a field indicating the header length, so extending it shouldn't be problematic
19:47:34amiconn...and a version
19:47:43Slasherah, true.. it's event 32 bit field
19:48:22amiconnDo we already have codec ids somewhere?
19:48:47SlasherHmm, yes, just a moment
19:49:55Slasherin id3.h
19:50:14SlasherThere are enumerated list of supported codecs (AFMT_*)
19:50:56amiconnImho it would make sense to use the same IDs within the voice files then
19:51:11amiconn...if we ensure nobody will change the order
19:51:25amiconn...and we need a special ID for mp3 bitswapped
19:52:01amiconn0 or -1 seems like a good choice for that
19:52:34SlasherHmm, why -1?
19:52:59amiconn0 is better
19:53:12 Quit Chamois (" Want to be different? HydraIRC -> <-")
19:53:12amiconnThe swcodec format IDs start at 1
19:53:26Slasherah yes
19:53:28amiconnArchos would only ever support format 0
19:53:57amiconnIriver would then support all of the real IDs if we want
19:54:46amiconnOf course using flac or similar for voice doesn't make much sense ;)
19:55:12Slasherhehe :D
19:55:21Slasherwav would be good bit it requires lot of space..
19:58:09[-AIR-]there still available???
19:58:19 Join hshah [0] (
19:58:27[-AIR-]they still available???
20:00:52 Join CheeseBurgerMan [0] (n=BurgerBo@
20:02:50 Join muesli- [0] (
20:03:43Slasheramiconn: oh, i may be wrong.. it seems that the voice codec seems to be even "too fast" :D
20:04:19 Quit hshah ("CGI:IRC")
20:14:02Slasherhehe, no it's not too fast :P
20:14:35Slasheri will just make the audio pause then when buffer runs out
20:15:20 Quit ender` (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
20:16:47 Join ender` [0] (
20:21:58***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
20:22:54amiconnSlasher: Hmm, with what audio format did you test?
20:23:04amiconnI think this shouldn't happen with mp3...
20:24:01amiconnPlain 128kbps mp3 plays without boost here, and voice decoding should be even less load, as it's low-sample-rate and low bitrate
20:24:26amiconnPerhaps the codec swap happens too often?
20:25:33Slashernow testing while playing wav while but i think now the buffer will swap and overwrite (too fast decoding), that is easy to fix
20:26:35Slasherso necessarely the codec is not too slow
20:41:36Slasheryes, it definately should be able to do the decoding. I just haven't handled the mixing correctly
20:41:45 Join tvelocity [0] (
20:42:21amiconnSounds good :)
20:48:36 Nick CheeseBurgerMan is now known as CBM-away (n=BurgerBo@
20:52:41 Join paugh [0] (n=pete@2001:5c0:8fff:ffff:8000:0:3e03:6822)
20:53:57amiconnVery interesting - I found a completely unused file in uisimulator/win32
20:54:16 Nick paugh is now known as AliasCoffee (n=pete@2001:5c0:8fff:ffff:8000:0:3e03:6822)
20:59:01webguest25Hi all- I am very interested in full remote support for iRiver; could you tell me just approximately when that is supposed to happen, please. Great job guys :)
20:59:46 Join XavierGr [0] (
21:03:50muesli-webguest25 XavierGr is your man ;)
21:03:54muesli-hi XavierGr
21:04:43 Join thegeek_ [0] (
21:04:57 Quit thegeek (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
21:07:10webguest25thx muesli; I know and appreciate XavierGr's hack- it's great job man; but I was thinking about the full official release- I mean it's done in 90% already...
21:07:41XavierGrhello all!
21:08:23XavierGrOh you want remote support full and commited eh?
21:09:39 Quit webguest25 ("CGI:IRC (EOF)")
21:10:46XavierGrdoes anyone know a way to return from a function a char array?
21:11:07 Join webguest25 [0] (
21:12:59Zagorwebguest25: there will be many releases, with incremental features
21:13:05muesli-how do i create a list in wikipedia?
21:13:26Zagormuesli-: in wikipedia or the rockbox wiki? i wrote ;)
21:13:52Zagorok :-) dunno
21:14:05Zagor(some people call all wikis "wikipedia")
21:14:05 Join Bager [0] (
21:14:14 Nick Bager is now known as Bgr (
21:14:40BgrXavierGr : return array;
21:14:50Bgrbut hmm
21:15:10ZagorXavierGr: you can't. return a pointer to the memory.
21:15:27Zagor...and make sure the memory is not on the stack :-)
21:15:35Bgrie it
21:15:39Bgr's not local variable
21:15:55Bgror if it's local, make it static... BUT
21:16:01XavierGrso I have the string that I want to return. Only I can do is point it by a pointer and then return the pointer?
21:16:11Bgrhave in mind that on the next call of your function the arrey will be overwritten
21:16:25BgrXavierGr : better to show the code
21:16:28ZagorXavierGr: that depends on where in ram the string is located. i.e. how is the string declared?
21:16:39XavierGrthat's the point I want to do this in order to be able to run my function once.
21:16:43Bgrpaste declaration :)
21:16:53XavierGrok wait a sec :)
21:18:16muesli-it's done with a "*" for whose who care :D
21:19:04BgrXavierGr : short question: is the array you want to return passed as a parameter to your function ?
21:19:12Zagormuesli-: could be a [] too
21:19:34XavierGrthis is what it looks like.
21:19:43Zagorright, that doesn't work.
21:19:45Bgryou can't
21:19:55Bgri.e. you can, but the result is UNPREDICTABLE ...
21:19:58XavierGryeah I know so in order to make that happen...
21:20:04Zagoryour path variable resides on the stack, and doesn't exist once the function exits
21:20:25Bgrwhat do you want to do exactly ?
21:20:31Zagoryou need to make the path global or static.
21:20:57Zagorbut first think hard about what you want to do, because doing that will permanently allocate that memory
21:21:08XavierGrI have a big buffer that is full of filenames (only names)
21:21:36XavierGrbut in order to call the next file I need the path too. So I made np_file a global char array that will take the full name
21:22:12XavierGrif I enter the load_dir every time this is done without errors, but in order to optimize it i think it is good to run this function once.
21:22:51Bgrsee it again
21:23:07XavierGrso I can return the path if it is static?
21:23:20Bgryes, but as i said
21:23:36XavierGrI thought I needed a pointer to point it then return it.
21:23:38Bgrthe next time you call load_dir it'll overwrite the path
21:24:00Bgrso you strcpy it to your np_file
21:24:02XavierGrit will not :) that's why I am doing this to be able to run this once
21:24:36Bgrdo you like to see other option ?
21:24:48XavierGrso the load_dir must be type char or char*?
21:24:58Bgrchar *
21:25:00XavierGryes I am all ears.
21:25:01Bgrits pointer to char
21:26:17Bgrsee it again
21:27:04XavierGrhmm ok thanks I will see which fits my needs more.
21:27:13Bgras u wish ;)
21:28:10Bgrhm, i forgot to remove the global var
21:28:39Bgrbtw, imho it's better to put leading { of a function on a new line
21:28:54XavierGryou think so?
21:29:01Bgri.e. not " foo(param list) {"
21:29:11Bgr" foo(param list)
21:29:11XavierGrI just don't know what to use, I just saw it and doing it.
21:29:38XavierGris it more of a standart to be on a new line?
21:29:42AliasCoffeeXavierGr: it's just easier to read.
21:29:47Bgrfor a function - yes
21:30:06XavierGrfor an if-for-while e.t.c
21:30:12Bgrfor any other kind of block... hm, it's a personal feeling
21:30:29muesli-soo..rbx is official mentioned on german wikipedia :D
21:30:32Bgrbut i prefer to be "if(){" etc, and not "if() <new line>{"
21:30:49amiconnJust use it consistently throughout a source file
21:31:19amiconnThere is a rockbox coding style document. It requires the opening brace of a function to be on a separate line, leftmost column
21:31:38Bgrand if you edit some file, write them as they are in the other part of the file
21:31:41amiconnThere is also a reason why this is required by many projects
21:31:48Bgrwhy ?
21:32:04amiconnI read the gnu coding style documentation recently
21:32:32XavierGrBgr if I make it static I guess that the length must be constant and not the outcome of a strlen. Compiler error.
21:32:43amiconnThere are a number of tools that recognise C functions by this opening brace in the leftmost column
21:32:45Bgrbecause you didn't have what other to do that time ;) (just kidding)
21:33:09BgrXavierGr what ?
21:33:18Bgryes, the length will be constant
21:33:37XavierGrwell in load dir I decalre path[rb->strlen(file)]
21:33:48XavierGrso if i make it static it will not compile.
21:33:52BgrXavierGr : you can't :)
21:34:09Bgrthe part between [ and ] must be known at compile time
21:34:22Bgri.e. it must be some kind of constant
21:34:38XavierGrohhh god optimization sucks. Not that it will run slower it is just that it would be more compact that way.
21:34:58Bgrwhat way ?
21:35:50XavierGrmaking the function not running every time.
21:36:22XavierGrI use a bool to see if it run for a fisrt time. I have 2 choices.
21:36:25Bgr? i don't get what you mean
21:36:50XavierGr1. To enter the function but use the bool to run segments of the function. or
21:37:20BgrXavierGr : it's better to paste the code in pastebin and then to describe it ... :)
21:37:26XavierGr2. To use the bool where the function is called. So except the first time, it will never enter again the function.
21:37:59Bgrsorry, i don't have 6th 7th or female sense ... call it as u like ;)
21:38:00XavierGrnever mind I erased the 1st method. I will try to do it this way.,
21:38:26XavierGrNo no I can understand you, my grammar and syntax sucks.
21:38:29amiconnIf you need to execute a certain part of code just once, then reuse the result in a loop, the best way would imho be not to use a function at all, if this code isn't needed elsewhere
21:38:38amiconnJust put the code in front of the loop
21:38:51amiconnThis way you will save the function call overhead
21:39:19amiconn..and don't need sophisticated booleans to decide whether to run the code or not
21:39:29Bgr1. my english sucks too (maybe more than your); 2. listen to amiconn ;)
21:40:00XavierGrwell I am off for launch now. we will continue this later. bye!
21:40:09XavierGrand thanks!
21:40:09 Quit XavierGr ()
21:40:13Bgrlunch ?;)
21:40:35 Quit tvelocity ("Leaving")
21:44:50Bgramiconn one (probably silly) q: on ondio ata & ata_mmc drivers have different threads, don't they ?
21:44:57 Join muesli__ [0] (
21:45:15amiconnBgr: Hmm?
21:45:49Bgri didn't look at the code...
21:45:52amiconnOn disk-based units ata.c is compiled, and there is an 'ata' thread, handling disk spindown/poweroff after timeout
21:46:14amiconnOn Ondio, ata_mmc.c is compiled, and there is an 'mmc' thread handling hotswap
21:47:33Bgri'm silly
21:47:58Bgrwhat protocol is used in mmc cards ?
21:48:12amiconnErm, the MMC protocol? ;)
21:48:25BgrMMC, MMC-2 ... ?
21:48:26amiconnReally, it isn't that simple
21:48:47amiconnMMC can speak 2 protocols, both of which are serial there are several revisions of the protocol
21:49:17Bgrhow nice
21:49:39amiconnUp to version 3.x the data transfer is purely serial. Version 4 adds 4-bit and 8-bit transfers
21:49:51amiconnThe commands and initialisation are still serial
21:50:07amiconnMMC4 is also known as MMCplus
21:51:00amiconnThe USB->MMC bridge in the Ondio speaks the MMC protocol, v3.x
21:51:19Bgri definitely must dig in deeper in rb's sources
21:51:52Bgrif i want to help someway in USB host support ...
21:51:53 Quit CBM-away (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
21:52:06amiconnFor access by the Ondio CPU, the MMC is directly connected to the CPU's serial port, and the firmware has to use the simpler protocol of the 2
21:52:44amiconnUSB host support is a huge task as I see it
21:52:54Bgryes, i know
21:53:00Bgrbut i WANT to help :)
21:53:05amiconnWe will need a complete USB stack, supporting all those classes, end points etc
21:53:15Bgryes, i know...
21:53:28Bgrbtw, it won't be SO complete
21:53:41amiconnPerhaps I could try to contact the author of Poseidon, the Amiga USB stack
21:54:10Bgrmy idea was to cut down as much as possible linux's usb stack ...
21:54:37amiconnI might be that the linux stack is too "fat"
21:54:50Bgrhm, i don't think so
21:54:53amiconnIt is intended to run on today's PC CPUs
21:55:07Bgrok, i said "to cut down":)
21:55:20Zagori don't think performance is a problem. but there are many tentacles to untangle in such a big piece of code.
21:55:44Zagordependencies on the structure of other parts of the kernel etc.
21:56:13Bgri see the usb as 3 layers - OHCI-like HCD, USBD, and USB classes above..
21:56:36Bgrat least the ISP1362 in h3x0 is OHCIlike
21:57:13Bgrand we don't know anything about the Ali chip in iaudio x5
21:58:15Bgrthe biggest mess will be in USB classes, as i see it
22:00:53Bgrbtw, if we want support for PTP, we need INT mode (which uses repeating regular transfers)
22:01:42Bgri think we can skip (at least for the beginning) ISO transfers
22:02:34Bgr(untill we want to connect audio or video device)
22:02:38Zagorit all depends on what we want to connect. and from experience, I can tell you people will want to connect everything under the sun
22:02:55Zagor"please fix so my usb joystick navigates the menus"
22:03:00Bgrok, but even God didn't make the Earth for one day :)
22:03:32Bgreverything on the Earth i mean
22:03:55Bgranyway, at least I want HID support :)
22:04:23amiconnZagor: Soundblaster audigy 2NX support for recording and playback please ;)
22:04:42Bgramiconn : ok, come and write it :) i don't stop you :)
22:04:42Zagoramiconn: of course, sir. that's on the top of the list!
22:05:31amiconn;) ;) ;)
22:06:14Bgrbut i'm sure that if you have the docs, the device and free time (and you want it, of course), you'll do it ;)
22:09:11 Quit muesli- (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
22:09:24Bgranyway, does any of you finds a reason for rockbox to act like USB device ?
22:11:06 Join CBM-away [0] (n=BurgerBo@
22:11:39 Nick CBM-away is now known as CheeseBurgerMan (n=BurgerBo@
22:13:03muesli__how do i create a return in wikipedia?
22:13:59Bgrjavascript ?
22:14:13 Join matsl [0] (
22:14:19muesli__dunno what they are using
22:14:37Bgrsee such page's source
22:18:37 Join XavierGr [0] (
22:18:57XavierGrHi again.
22:19:20Bgr <= it can't be ....
22:21:34XavierGrthey are wrong with H140. It was released with the name iHP-140 as the other models.
22:22:02***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
22:22:07amiconnYes. Mine has printed iHP-140 on it
22:22:12muesli__correct it :D
22:22:13XavierGrIt says that it was first released as H140. Mine writes on top of it iHP-140.
22:22:27Mooshere too
22:24:11XavierGrI will.
22:24:46XavierGrand I did. ;)
22:25:59 Quit Zagor ("Client exiting")
22:26:46Bgr <= added rockbox ;)
22:27:07Bgrok, gotta go, nite all
22:27:11 Quit Bgr ("Killed (powuh (requested by panasync))")
22:41:12muesli__wouldnt look that icon great when connected?
22:44:48 Join ansivirus [0] (
22:50:53XavierGryeah I like it.
22:51:20XavierGrMuelsi why do you have underlines after your nick?
22:51:52muesli__muesli Nickname is already in use.
22:51:55muesli__thats why..
22:53:45muesli__XavierGr could you implement this logo?
22:55:25XavierGrLOL it is very unique nick to be already used dont you think?
22:55:50muesli__do you know what it means?
22:56:16muesli__its that stuff yr eating in the morning
22:56:20muesli__like corn pops
22:56:28XavierGrcorn flakes?
22:56:34muesli__yepp :D
22:56:42muesli__not really, but a kind of
22:57:02XavierGrAnd what has to do with the mini me avatar?
22:57:14 Quit Lear ("Chatzilla [Firefox 1.0.6/20050720]")
22:57:32muesli__err, nothing..i just love him :)
22:57:42muesli__and thats dr. evil btw ;)
22:57:54XavierGroh yeah they look alike!
22:58:07muesli__true too..they were cloned ;)
22:58:37XavierGrDo you want this USB icon shown in grayscale or b\w?
22:58:44muesli__gray :D
22:59:17XavierGrthen I can't really help you. (not that if you would like it b/w i could) :p
22:59:29muesli__ok, the b/w ;)
23:00:00XavierGrthough I dont think that the devs would like a grey icon i USB mode. Maybe I am wrong.
23:00:20XavierGrI will look it after I finish my jpeg viewer modification.
23:00:35muesli__you are a dev as its up to you ;)
23:00:56Bagderof course we want it gray
23:03:39XavierGrno Muesli I don't consider my self a dev. Not until I can code something right (and meaningfull) and get CVS access.
23:03:57 Nick CheeseBurgerMan is now known as CBM-away (n=BurgerBo@
23:04:42XavierGrBagder: Really then this icon is very good to have. I thought that you don't like icons and stuff in the menu. (or usb screen);
23:04:59Bagderhave you seen the usb screen?
23:05:09Bagderisn't that an image to you?
23:05:12muesli__for me you are a dev. without yr remote patch i wouldnt use rbx that often
23:07:09muesli__anyway..have to leave for now...l8er mates
23:11:14XavierGrBagder: the usb screen has an icon but it isn't in greyscale.
23:11:30BagderI didn't say it was
23:11:49BagderI said we'd like it gray
23:15:32XavierGr4shade or fullshade?
23:17:24 Quit iMark (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
23:18:43XavierGrhave to go too later all...
23:18:50 Quit XavierGr ()
23:26:51 Quit muesli__ (Read error: 113 (No route to host))
23:36:54 Quit [-AIR-] (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
23:41:56 Quit webguest25 ("CGI:IRC (Ping timeout)")

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