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#rockbox log for 2005-08-20

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00:27:53HCltv sucks
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00:28:33stripwax_HCl :)
00:28:38HClhow goes? :/
00:28:49*HCl is in his i-need-to-get-away-from-shallow-people-badly mood
00:29:39stripwax_having some problems with recent daily builds. keep crashing right near the end of playing an ogg track. not sure if that's cos my hard drive is about to die or not, but I get illegal instruction exceptions very very often
00:29:53HCl :/
00:30:29amiconnstripwax_: Did you try the latest build (at least after Linus' pcm_playback.c fix from today)?
00:30:52stripwax_yeah was just thinking that. not yet ,and will do
00:32:02stripwax_here's a weird one. if I press the PLAY button while listening to FM radio on iriver, it exits the radio mode but the radio is still playing! can even listen to FM and ogg at the same time :-D
00:32:26amiconnThis is (almost) intended
00:32:33stripwax_oh really?
00:32:36amiconn...and documented :/
00:32:56amiconnYes, you can leave the radio screen in 2 ways, leaving the radio playing or not
00:33:21amiconnThis is in order to be able to access the menu, run plugins etc without interrupting radio playback
00:33:38amiconnThe only bug is that the radio should stop when you start playing audio files
00:34:29solexis anybody working on making the wps screen available when not playing?
00:34:45solexthis has been discussed on the web forum
00:35:09solexI'd like to be able to change volume *before* playing a file
00:35:28amiconnYou can always change the volume, from the menu
00:36:19solexah, you're right.
00:36:59solexthen, what is the reason for the "sound settings" item to be in the "context menu" of the wps?
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00:40:50stripwax_amiconn - get a chance to look at your alternative level caching idea for the sokoban plugin?
00:44:37muesli-yeah, pls cache ALL levels :D
00:44:43muesli-would be great
00:45:20stripwax_muesli- amiconn's idea was to just size the level cache based on the size of the plugin memory (rather than just caching 20 levels at a time)
00:45:54muesli-how many levels does sokoban contain?
00:46:24stripwax_level 61 is insanely hard.
00:46:24muesli-20 are'll need some time to reach level 20
00:46:37stripwax_muesli- my patch caches 20 levels
00:46:48muesli-excellent :D
00:47:30muesli-did amiconn code all levels or was it a port?
00:47:46stripwax_a port i think
00:47:53amiconnI didn't code sokoban
00:49:02muesli-you must be crazy to code those levels
00:49:18muesli-solving them is haed enough
00:49:26amiconn[00:47:54] <amiconn> I didn't code sokoban
00:49:34amiconn*at all*
00:49:36muesli-i mean in generall
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00:51:04BeepMy iriver got stuck on the loading original firmware screen
00:52:25stripwax_is there something like lcd_mono_bitmap that takes as input a mono bitmap but colorizes it ?
00:52:49muesli-hey hcl ;)
00:52:55Beepyeh, wont restart either
00:53:15muesli-does reset help?
00:53:37BeepThats what i meant above ^^ reset doesnt work
00:53:57muesli-how's yr battery?
00:54:07muesli-was it full or rather empty?
00:54:09HClreset doesn't work?
00:54:09Beepgood and you ?
00:54:24BeepBatterys have only just been charged
00:54:46muesli-but rbx boots?
00:54:49BeepReset doesnt work, just stays on the starting original firmware
00:54:58HClmodded battery or original?
00:55:05BeepOriginal :|
00:55:14HClodd that the reset doesn't work
00:55:20Beepit worked bout an hour ago
00:55:24HClare you sure you're pushing the reset button in properly?
00:55:34Beepive pressed it alot
00:55:50HClsometimes you don't know what people do to their computers....
00:56:08Beep:| huh
00:56:19HClwell, opening it up and unplugging the battery manually isn't a good idea either..
00:56:40HClthat thing is plugged in tight, when i unplugged it for my battery replacement i destroyed the plug of the original battery
00:56:46HClwhile trying to get it out
00:56:47stripwax_Beep - what are you using to press in the reset button? (could be that the reset button is physically broken..)
00:57:18HClis the harddisk doing anything?
00:57:20Beepa metal paper clip that fits in the hole almost perfectly
00:57:30Beepnah HDD is doing jack
00:57:33*HCl always uses a paperclip too..
00:57:42HClwhat *i* would do, is simply let it run out of battery..
00:57:49HClbut thats just me.
00:57:53HCli dunno if thats a good idea
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00:58:33muesli-maybe the only option that is left
00:58:39stripwax_Oh yeah, that's something that's been annoying me. When my iriver crashes (illegal instruction..), the hard drive stays on. Any way to tell the hard drive to stop from the illegal instruction handler?
00:58:52Beepif i opened her up, wouldnt i be able to see the rest button ?
00:58:57HCliirc there's hardly anything you can do at a crash..
00:59:02HClBeep: i think so.
00:59:16Beepill give it ago brb
00:59:18HClbut letting it drain might be safer
00:59:20HClgood luck
00:59:24HCland be careful :x
00:59:50Beepnah i like livingon the edge
01:00:05*HCl gets terrified just when he has to flash an 300 euro device, heh.
01:00:19HClwell, not terrified
01:00:21HClbut i far from lik it
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01:00:44muesli-will rbx sometime fully flashable?
01:00:51stripwax_probably sometime
01:01:55BeepIs FM radio playlists in yet ?
01:02:16muesli-radio playlist?
01:02:24Beepwow the reset button is mashed
01:02:47muesli-mine too
01:02:53stripwax_Beep - yeah...
01:02:55muesli-and i didnt use it very often
01:03:06stripwax_Beep - fm radio playlist?
01:03:22BeepYeh so i can store the radio stations
01:03:31stripwax_oh right. presets, right? not playlist
01:03:39Beepfavourite list whatever yes presets
01:03:54BeepOk , what do i do with mashed reset buttons
01:04:35stripwax_Beep - is the reset *switch* mashed or just the button? (I'm not sure of the iriver reset switch, maybe it's all one piece)
01:04:57Beepjust the black buitton thing i think
01:05:52stripwax_Beep - can probably just stick something in its place
01:07:35*Beep im going in
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01:10:27Beepok the reset buttons moosed
01:10:45BeepHow do i discombobulate the battery connector
01:11:10Beepis it on the battery or in the unit the connection
01:13:32Beephow do i disconnect the battery from the unit
01:15:16muesli-just unplug it
01:15:39Beepyeh lol, where from
01:15:49Beepok the whole reset button is destroyed
01:16:10*Beep is procceding to ape shit mode
01:17:13stripwax_Beep - search the forums on - there's a guide for replacing the battery which shows where the connector is (I don't happen to know..)
01:17:31HCli happen to know its near impossible to detach the battery from the mainboard properly
01:17:38HCli suggest you try to find the connectors of the reset button
01:17:44HCland connect them with a paperclip or so
01:18:46muesli-check this out dude
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01:20:24Beepi cant remove the HDD
01:21:22muesli-its a litlle bit tricky
01:21:27muesli-remove that blue stuff
01:21:46Beepoh i see, i thought it was screwed in
01:21:47Beepits out now
01:22:39Beeperm the connections are actually welded to the board
01:24:00Beepwhat would happen if i just shorted somthing with out the HDD in ?
01:26:56Beepi think its safe to say its bricked
01:28:28Beepok i managed to reset it using a scredriver making a connection it says ATA error
01:28:34Beepinsert usb cable ?
01:29:03Beepok done that it says Bootloader USB mode
01:29:39Beepi just got an electric shock and it turned off
01:30:51HCl :x
01:31:09BeepOk now the hdd is running but the screen isnt on
01:33:54BeepWHOS THE DADDY
01:34:32HClgot it to work?
01:34:49Beepshit its constantly rebooting it has a metal circle over it
01:42:49Beepit work
01:43:09BeepIm glad the unit is tougher than the reset button
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01:49:54HClgrats o.o
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02:07:29BeepTime to flash back to Iriver for good tho, it hasnt needed to be reset for the 2 yearts ive had it
02:07:43Beeprock box is just to risky
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02:23:39HCltears half his player up then puts it back together
02:23:43HClthen says rockbox is too risky
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09:11:53Slashertoday i might commit the voice ui for iriver (initial version) :)
09:15:57amiconnI could really need some helpful hints from Linus
09:16:21amiconnStill trying to figure out how to hook up the runtimedb on archos
09:17:02amiconnMy own proposal (the buffer / unbuffer events) does make it difficult
09:17:07amiconnSlasher: Perhaps you could give me some hints too
09:17:41Slasheramiconn: Hmm.. i really don't know how the runtimedb works.. i haven't used it yet
09:19:00SlasherBut i think that writing an amarok plugin in future that allows to sync the db with amarok would be really cool
09:19:39amiconnIs it correct that there are basically two cases where I have to call the unbuffer callback? (1) Directly before loading new tracks: for the tracks that are done playing (2) When rebuffering for various reasons (skip forward outside of buffered track range, stop playback): for the tracks that are not yet played
09:19:57amiconn(and in case of sopping playback also for the current track)
09:20:07 Nick QT_ is now known as QT (i=as@madwifi/users/area51)
09:20:16amiconnDid I miss something here?
09:20:58SlasherHmm, i think you need to call unbuffer callbacks only when a track is really unloaded from memory (or prior to buffer callback for the same track)
09:21:28Slasheryou should always have the same number of unbuffer callbacks as buffer callbacks
09:22:51amiconnA track is never literally 'unloaded'
09:23:15amiconnIt is merely made invalid, and the implementation in mpeg.c is somewhat different from playback.c
09:24:16amiconnI know that the callbacks have to be balanced
09:24:24SlasherHmm, true. Maybe there is some point of no return to the previous track without rebuffering.. Then you should call the unbuffer callback. Just make sure the buffer callbacks are sync with unbuffer callbacks and everything should be fine
09:24:44amiconnYes, skip back on archos always rebuffers
09:24:58amiconn...even if the start of the track is still in the buffer
09:25:07Slasherah, just call it always when tracks "ends"
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09:25:50amiconnThat would invalidate the idea behind the buffer/unbuffer events, as it would cause a spinup between buffer refills
09:26:34amiconnI need to call the unbuffer events for all tracks that passed before loading new tracks, then load, then call buffer events for all new tracks
09:26:47amiconnThis is the ordinary playback case, relatively straightforward
09:27:08SlasherHmm, yes.. i don't know how the playback on archos works but there must be some place where the code rebuffers. Maybe you could call the callbacks there
09:27:23Slasheryep, sounds good
09:27:43amiconnMy point is that there are some other situations, like the user picking a different track (skipping, or from playlist, or starting completely different list)
09:28:22Slasherthat's true, you should of course handle the special cases too..
09:28:27amiconnThis will likely happen when there are track(s) in the buffer, so I already called the buffering callback for these
09:28:37 Quit gursikh (Client Quit)
09:28:44amiconn...and I have to call the unbuffer callback as well
09:29:00amiconnI want to make sure that I didn't forget a case...
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09:30:00Slasherjust test your code with dummy handlers that will output some debug information (as on iriver the default dummy callbacks) :)
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11:33:59stripwax_hello hello
11:35:12stripwax_So I've just submitted a patch for Solitaire, so that 'red' cards actually show up in a different color than 'black' cards on suitable LCD displays. should even work with multicolor lcd displays e.g. H300
11:55:16 Join Lear [0] (
11:58:21Slasherpreparing voice ui for commit.. i will commit it today :)
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12:02:15webguest04what does the topic "First multimeter "beep" for the h300." on the mainsite mean?
12:03:50Slasherhehe, it means that there are some substantial progress made that should allow connecting a bdm to h300 soon ;)
12:04:16webguest04so soon we will have the firmware?
12:04:57Slashermaybe.. but first we have to make a working bootloader, lcd drivers etc.
12:05:22Slasheranyway, successfully connecting a bdm is a big step towards working bootloader
12:06:57 Join ashridah [0] (
12:07:06webguest04very good guys
12:07:13webguest04keep up the goooood work !
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12:20:39preglowSlasher: so, you solved the problem?
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12:25:13Slasherpreglow: the performance problem is not yet fully solved but the voice ui should be quite usable now
12:27:18preglowyeah, but no more noise while playing music? ;)
12:27:24Slasherno :)
12:27:29Slasherplayback is fine
12:27:36preglowlibmad should at least be fast enough two decode two things at the same time
12:28:05Slasheryes it should.. but there are some other issues.. i will try (or anybody could try) solve them later
12:28:23preglowwhat issues?
12:28:36Slasherplease also note that voice codec's libmad has stack on sdram (not enough iram space for it)
12:28:43Slasherthe performance mainly
12:28:56preglowahh, that's bad
12:28:59preglowlibmad uses the stack a lot
12:29:08Slasheryes, that will affect performance
12:29:11preglowyou can't swap out the stack as well? probably would be faster
12:29:28Slasherhmm, i could try that but it could crash the whole system
12:29:57preglowcan't see how, if you copy the entire stack
12:30:18preglowhas amiconn done a fast memcpy yet?
12:30:31 Join Moos [0] (
12:30:38amiconnpreglow: Nope
12:30:52MoosHello guys
12:31:08Slasherpreglow: but if i am on the current thread and replace that thread's stack with an other thread's stack.. do you think the thread wont crash?
12:31:25Slasherof course it will almost immediately after that enter to a mutex lock
12:31:43amiconnIt will almost certainly crash
12:32:36LearHmm... I did some stack swapping/manipulation code in the Amiga days...
12:32:37preglowwhat, the memory copying is done from within the audio thread?
12:34:07Slasherpreglow: no, the codec thread does it.. current codec will swap out byt itself
12:35:13 Nick Lear is now known as Lear_away (
12:35:51preglowahh, yes, i meant the codec thread
12:36:16Slasherah, ok
12:36:29preglowwell, no, of course, the codec thread can't very well switch it's own stack contents
12:36:38Slasherbut maybe you should look at the code when i commit it.. it will clear things out :)
12:37:05preglowyes, might, i'll move to a place with faster internet again during the next week
12:37:10preglowwhich should make rockbox work possible again
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12:38:01Slashergreat :)
12:42:20amiconnpreglow: I still intend to write an optimised memcpy() for coldfire, and I have some ideas how to utilise burst mode in as many cases as possible
12:42:50preglowwell, yes, that would be a major point in writing it ;)
12:43:08amiconnFor maximum performance I need to test whether reading or writing profits more from burst mode
12:43:35amiconnFor larger blocks, the operation that profits more will always use line bursts
12:43:57preglowcan't you burst both ways?
12:44:24amiconnThe other operation will use burst mode if it is line aligned, and I think it is also possible to use it if it is long aligned
12:44:40amiconn(by shifting the alignment to line with 1 or 2 additional registers)
12:44:58preglowahh, of course
12:45:33amiconnThe problem is that if I line-align the source, the destination will only be line-aligned in 1 of 16 cases, and vice versa
12:46:31amiconnThat 1 cases will definitely use burst mode for both reading and writing, and I think it is possible to do the mentioned offsetting with additional regsiters that 4 of the 16 cases will burst both reading and writing
12:47:14preglowsounds like a bit of work, though
12:47:22preglowat least you know you're helping the voice ui :)
12:47:32amiconnHowever, I think it won't pay off to do excessive shifting just to get line alignment in the remaining 12 cases, so these will only use bursts for one direction
12:47:49amiconnWith one depends on which profits more
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12:55:23preglowbtw, are there any plans to merge to iriver and archos playback code?
12:55:28preglowto = the
12:57:12 Nick Lear_away is now known as Lear (
12:59:52amiconnI think this would make sense, especially for adding the pcm codec
13:00:00amiconnHowever, there are some problems
13:00:19preglowSlasher: any eta on the voice ui prototype?
13:00:20amiconn(1) The archos playback code is still running more stable than the iriver playback code
13:00:37Slasherpreglow: i think i will commit it now
13:00:51amiconn(2) The mpeg thread does not only handle the playback, but also the recording
13:00:58preglowi'm leeching a voice set
13:01:14preglowamiconn: well, it doesn't have to be now, obviously
13:01:19amiconn(3) This will be a very big architectural change
13:01:24Slasherthe archos playback code cannot handle codecs
13:01:27preglowi wonder what happened to hubbel
13:01:35amiconnYes, but it will have to (sort of)
13:04:33Slasherok, now looking at diff and checking what files i will have to commit.. :)
13:04:34preglowwhere to put the voice file? straight in .rockbox?
13:04:51preglowahh, langs...
13:04:53preglowi'm blind
13:14:18 Join stripwax_ [0] (
13:15:26Slasherthere are for sure many bugs in the initial code.. fortunately we have soon that "bug fixing period" ;)
13:15:39preglowhaha, good point
13:17:42Learslasher: there is a byteswap table, in some sh-1 assembler file...
13:17:44preglowwhat's the point of CODEC_DSP_ENABLE if it always has to be true now?
13:18:17SlasherLear: ah..
13:18:37Slasherpreglow: in fact there is no much point for that.. probably should be removed in the future
13:18:41 Join matsl [0] (
13:18:49amiconnfirmware/bitswap.S, but it is used with signed indices (!)
13:19:10Learwell, maybe playback.c should always enable the dsp if the voice ui is enabled?
13:19:30SlasherLear: ah, yes. that is a better solution
13:20:04preglowstill, i dont think the codec should be able to decide that
13:20:10preglowit should be a settings thing
13:20:38Slasherhmm, if the codecs needs the dsp then it must be enabled
13:21:10Slasherbut simple codecs (wav for example) doesn't need it
13:21:31Slasher(or they do if resampling)
13:21:33preglowdoesn't not enabling dsp for wav disable use of the resampler?
13:21:36preglowyes, exactly
13:21:57preglowi think all dsp processing should be up to dsp.c , not the codec, since dsp.c knows better
13:22:02preglowor playback.c, blah
13:22:09Slasheryep, hmm true.. maybe the core could decide when dsp should be enabled
13:25:48 Quit matsl (Remote closed the connection)
13:26:27LearHm... should that beep really be there? :)
13:28:36preglowthe beep is mandatory???
13:31:00Moosmaybe it could be option like original fw
13:31:22Learpreglow: afaict, yes...
13:31:52amiconnWhat beep?
13:32:17amiconnHmm, beep when changing tracks?
13:32:48preglowthat's got to go
13:32:56Learthat is, manually initiated changes...
13:33:04amiconnI hope that this beep is done only when skipping manually, and the voice UI is enabled
13:33:26amiconnIf it is implemented like that, I think it is a good feature
13:33:53 Join matsl [0] (
13:35:20preglowi believe this is what they call clipping
13:35:23preglowbut works great
13:35:33amiconnSlasher: Is talkbox also supported in your initial version?
13:35:48preglowanyone agree with me that we want to ramp the volume down when something is spoken?
13:36:22preglowSlasher: great workj
13:36:24Slasheramiconn: hmm, you mean playing the directory names etc. directly from harddisk? i haven't tested it, it may work or crash when music is not playing but it definately doesn't currently work if music is playing
13:36:25preglow-j, even
13:36:31Slasherpreglow: hehe, thanks :)
13:36:39 Join iMark [0] (
13:36:42preglowa lot of people have been waiting for this
13:36:44 Part iMark
13:37:37Learin pcmbuf_mix, why "*ibuf * 4"?
13:37:52Slasheri wanted to increase the volume (it was too faint while playing music)
13:37:59LearAnd when mixing, shouldn't it be more like "(a + b) / 2"?
13:38:10Slasherof course the voice ui volume should be configurable in the future
13:38:12LearCould cause clips...
13:38:17preglowit does cause clips
13:38:20preglowquite clearly
13:38:21Slasherno, the clipping should be ok
13:38:31preglowbut the volume should be ramped down momentarily
13:39:08preglowneed to write some envelope code for playback now, might as well use that there as well
13:41:41 Join Hansmaulwurf [0] (
13:47:39preglowSlasher: the voice file clips on its own, here
13:47:55preglowthat was not true
13:48:44preglowwhat do the different crossfade settings do, btw?
13:49:49 Join LinusN [0] (
13:50:04LinusNSlasher: the beep should be optional
13:50:17Slasherpreglow: "crossfade" fades the volume and mix does not
13:50:26amiconnLinusN: Why a separate option?
13:50:31LinusNreally annoying
13:50:31SlasherLinusN: hmm, yes.. a menu option has to be added
13:51:10amiconnDoes it beep when the voice UI is disabled?
13:51:11Slasheri find it useful when keeping player on the pocket and with crossfade enabled i could hear it accepted the skip command
13:51:19Slasheryes it does
13:51:26preglowthen it most definitely needs to go
13:51:29amiconnThat's indeed bad, then
13:51:44Slasherin fact i don't know what do you mean with voice ui disabled.. all of the three options turned off?
13:52:06amiconnNo, I mean 'voice menus' turned off
13:52:11LinusNi think it's especially annoying when you have crossfade enabled
13:52:28SlasherLinusN: Hmm.. but it beeps only when manually changing tracks
13:52:30Slashernever automatically
13:53:20LinusNof course, but in "party playback" mode the crossfade is good
13:53:31LinusNand the beep is just in the way
13:53:35Slasherah, yes
13:54:08LinusNi think a separate "beep" option is good, not related to the voice
13:54:51Slasheryep. Hmm, does somebody want to add it? :) i can do it later too
13:56:20 Join hshah [0] (
13:57:41Hansmaulwurf(LinusN) i think a separate "beep" option is good, not related to the voice <−−- i would love u for that!
13:57:55preglowsounds the best route to take, yes
13:58:04preglowmy, the lawn doesn't cut itself, who'd have thought it
13:59:01preglowamiconn: what sample rate are the voice files?
13:59:14amiconn12 kHz atm
14:00:09preglowi take it
14:00:36amiconn12 kHz mono mp3 vbr, bitrate limited to 64 kbps
14:00:50amiconn...and bitswapped, for archos
14:00:50 Part LinusN
14:01:08amiconnWe can extend the format to include a codec identifier
14:01:20preglowwell, we should
14:01:25preglowi'm hoping to get speex working
14:01:27amiconn...and then generate them without bitswapping for iriver, also with better quality
14:01:46amiconn(16 kHz and a little less compression)
14:01:58preglowi think they sound quite nice in the quality they are, actually
14:02:22preglowthe resampling doesn't exactly cut the cake, though :/
14:02:29amiconn16 kHz sounds significantly better, believe me
14:02:41amiconnWe had that, until the files grew too big...
14:03:03hshahhello... just saw the most recent cvs update... with the voice thing... what does that do?
14:03:15preglowi've got a shell on 100mbit now, i wonder what they'd think about me mirroring the files
14:03:37preglowthen at least size wouldn't be a problem
14:03:47 Join ep0ch [0] (n=ep0ch@
14:03:52preglowhshah: speaks menus
14:04:12preglowhshah: so you don't need to read them, or if you can't read them, as is the case for blind people
14:04:19ep0chSlasher: nice work :)
14:04:37Slasherthx :)
14:05:06preglowamiconn: or isn't it the bandwidth that is a problem?
14:05:08ep0chi have suggestion with the beep though. Beep on shutdown? so i know if rockbox is shutting down or not without looking at the screen
14:05:23hshahpreglow: really... cool... is that a default thing then or what... can we have the option of turning it of? and also whose voice is it?
14:05:53preglowhshah: you get to use the voice set of your choice. most of them are good quality synthesized, and yeah, you can turn it off
14:05:57Slasherep0ch: hmm, sounds good (i would also like it). will be added later :)
14:06:00amiconnpreglow: What do you mean?
14:06:04hshahand preglow... it works on the iRiver too?
14:06:14hshahrushes off to do a cvs update
14:06:25preglowhshah: it's always been working for archos
14:06:30preglowhshah: this is the iriver update
14:06:35hshahoh rite... cool
14:06:50preglowamiconn: you mentioned the files grew too big
14:07:16amiconnThey need to fit in the archos ram, completely, while still leaving room for the talkbox clip and the dir buffer
14:07:25amiconnSo maximum size is <~ 1.5 MB
14:08:31amiconnSlasher: The voice UI works, but not quite as 'snappy' as on the archos
14:09:07Slasherhehe, that might be true.. so you mean the response is better with archos?
14:09:39amiconnBasically, when I quickly change from an item (with a long associated talk clip) it stops the current clip and immediately starts the new one
14:09:46Slasherah, ok
14:09:54Slasherthat's still buggy..
14:09:57amiconnIt just lets the old clip finish the current frame
14:10:00amiconnAh ok
14:10:11amiconnHope we'll find the bug :)
14:10:49amiconnThere is another problem when quickly switching items - the item where I end on isn't always spoken
14:11:20Slasheryep, i have noticed that too.. i don't know yet what is wrong
14:11:40amiconnIt's a big step forward towards completion of the port though... another great feature
14:12:07amiconnVoice UI wasn't smooth at the beginning on archos as well, also due to bugs
14:12:19preglowbut i need to commence the mowing of the lawn, later all
14:12:24amiconn...and we'll have 2 weeks of bugfix-only time
14:12:32 Quit preglow ("CGI:IRC")
14:13:18amiconnSlasher: When music is not playing, talkbox works....
14:13:31Slasheramiconn: oh, that's great :)
14:13:56Slasherthe problem is that we don't know how much to reserve memory for talkbox when music is playing
14:14:00hshahim just making the new build
14:14:03hshahtime for testing :)
14:14:12amiconnSlasher: Nothing, just disable talkbox while music
14:14:24amiconnIt doesn't make sense
14:14:30hshahthose who recommended me to use cvs were right - so much simpler :D
14:14:47amiconnHmm, perhaps it would make sense in some circumstances...
14:15:00Slasherhshah: hehe :D
14:15:09amiconnSlasher: Does talkbox on iriver use the voice codec or the playback codec?
14:15:31amiconnWe could reserve a certain maximum buffer for talk clips
14:15:38Slasheramiconn: hmm, in fact i am not sure if i understand correctly what the talkbox is.. =)
14:15:42amiconnLonger clips would simply be truncated
14:16:07Slasherif the talkbox plays the directory names from clip files on hdd, then it does use the voice codec
14:16:26amiconnEvery folder (and every file) can have an associated short clip file
14:16:39Slasherah, yes so it's what i though it was :) identify file and folder as a blind user, or if you can't / don't want to look at the display
14:17:09amiconnThere is a script that can generate them
14:17:22amiconnThey are plain mp3 files, just with a different extension
14:17:29hshahwhats .talk mp3 clip?
14:17:34amiconn(and normally without tags)
14:17:39hshahand the numbers option?
14:18:16amiconnSlasher: The script is for windows only, as it is a vbscript and uses microsoft sapi5
14:18:40amiconnI think it is possible to implement similar for linux, using whatever voice package exists there
14:19:11hshahhmm... how does this voice thing work... coz i can't hear a thing
14:20:04amiconnSlasher: Nothing bad happens if you browse dirs while music is playing and talkbox is enabled
14:20:12amiconnIt just doesn't babble...
14:20:28hshahhow do u make it talk in the first place... nothing is happening
14:20:57Slasherhmm, sounds good.. i just think that it should crash with the current implementation if you try that..
14:21:11hshahgrrr.... someone reply to me.... :(
14:22:15*amiconn will run the voice clip generation script across his iriver drive
14:22:19***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
14:22:21hshahhmm... lol - i think i may need the voice files
14:22:28stripwax_hshah - chuckle
14:23:08hshahwell no one told me :p
14:23:33*stripwax_ is itchy to write a voice synthesizer on iriver..
14:27:42amiconnstripwax_: Even if this works, it wouldn't nearly reach the quality of e.g. at&t natural voices
14:28:45amiconn...the point being that although this would be leet from a coders point of view, it would be a step back for the user
14:29:45amiconnSlasher: The bitswap code is looking funny...
14:29:47hshahwhat happens when u put more than 1 lang file in the lang folder...
14:29:59hshahis there a way of choosing on the mp3 player?
14:30:09amiconnYou mean more than 1 voice file?
14:30:24amiconnRockbox chooses the one matching the selected .lng file
14:30:43amiconn...i.e. english.voice for english.lng etc
14:31:35hshahwhat happens if i have english.voice and englishfast.voice
14:31:42hshahor r they the same file name and i can't have both...?
14:31:50hshahim of 56k so the english fast is still downloading...
14:32:02amiconnThey all have the same name
14:32:24amiconnYou can use a trick if you really want multiple voices
14:32:34amiconnExample: english.lng
14:32:52hshahnah - can't be stuffed... i was just testing this... never going to use it... its a pain in the arse
14:33:00amiconnIf you want a second voice, copy the secondary english.voice as e.g. english_voice2.voice
14:33:23Slasheramiconn :D i just wrote it fast because i couldn't find assembly function that could do that on coldfire
14:33:27amiconnThen duplicate the existing english.lng as english_voice2.lng, and select that one as your 'language'
14:33:53amiconnSlasher: A simple table is usually quite fast, no need for an assembler routine
14:34:03Slasherah, hmm
14:34:45amiconnHmm, with voice UI support localisation v2 really becomes a requirement...
14:35:05amiconnSome menu items aren't spoken because they can't be on archos
14:35:17amiconn...but they could perfectly be spoken on iriver
14:35:46amiconnHowever, simply adding the voice strings to the .lang files would bloat the voice files for archos, which isn't exactly what we want...
14:35:53hshahbloody hell this is very laggy
14:36:18hshahi move through the menus so fast that when i reached the wps screen... it was still going on and on and on for like 10 secs
14:36:57amiconnThat's because the 'shutup and immediately play new clip' is still buggy
14:37:42hshahi turned it off... and it says " voice menus... no... and then continues reading crap for like 10 secs
14:37:51amiconnHeh, this is the very first version of voice UI for iriver...
14:37:55hshahaint got a clue what it was reading
14:38:10hshahthis is cool
14:38:17hshahbut i don't think i would use it...
14:38:28hshahwell not unless i become blinded somehow
14:38:44amiconnI use it in the car (mainly the talkbox feature)
14:39:08amiconnNo need to look away from the street...
14:39:58hshahor is this voice thing called talkbox?
14:41:27 Quit hshah ("CGI:IRC")
14:42:22amiconnSlasher: There is a slight problem with the talkbox clips. It seems to swallow a tiny part of the end of a clip. When the next clip is coming up, it plays the end of the old clip before it
14:42:43amiconnPerhaps the pcm playback is stopping a bit too early, so the old end stays in the buffer?
14:42:45 Join hshah [0] (
14:43:12amiconnDoesn't happen in the menus...
14:43:24hshahAHHHH - this beep on next track completely fucks the cross fade... it makes it sound shit...
14:43:28hshahhow can u turn this beep off?
14:43:46Slasheramiconn: Hmm, interesting.. the pcm playback shouldn't stop until the buffer is empty
14:44:12Slasherhshah: a menu option for that will be added
14:44:36amiconnHmm, somehow it isn't possible to skip back???
14:44:48MoosSlasher: maybe with beep volume :)
14:44:48 Quit hshah (Client Quit)
14:44:55amiconnHmm, turns out it is when the disk has stopped before
14:44:56 Join hshah [0] (
14:44:58SlasherMoos: hmm, good idea :)
14:45:06Moos:) it registers the second left click before being able to react
14:45:18hshahSlasher: when? coz this is alrwady pissing me off
14:45:20 Quit hshah (Client Quit)
14:45:30amiconnIf the disk is still spinning, you can't click fast enough
14:45:42Slasherhmm, trying that
14:46:01amiconnHmm. Now it works, strange....
14:46:37amiconnThe beep is a good thing, of course still needs to be made optional
14:47:55Moosyes really
14:48:43amiconnI don't think it is annoying, but then I don't use crossfade (never!)
14:50:06stripwax_are and songdb.jar equivalent?
14:50:50stripwax_does work? (never tried tag database in rockbox yet, and I am unable to run java)
14:50:56amiconnI'm not sure, but last time I checked the perl version didn't generate hash values, and hence the ruuntimedb wouldn't work
14:51:21amiconntadb itslef will work with both versions
14:52:02stripwax_yup - but was keen to try out runtimedb too. actually, maybe the jar works with a non-Sun Java.. maybe I'll give it a go..
14:57:55stripwax_Ok, I must be on crack. where *is* ? couldn't find it here, anyway.
14:58:00HClhmm.. i think someone fixed the perl hashes
14:58:09HClstripwax_: its in cvs
14:58:26amiconngtg, cu
14:58:42 Part amiconn
14:58:58stripwax_HCl - thanks. someone should update that wiki so that the link to "project files" links to the actual files..!
14:59:17HClyea, parts of it are outdated
15:03:43 Part stripwax_
15:05:19 Join Strath [0] (
15:29:57 Join XMaster-ShadowX [0] (
15:31:15 Quit matsl (Remote closed the connection)
15:42:17 Part ep0ch
16:01:45 Quit Lear ("Chatzilla [Firefox 1.0.6/20050720]")
16:07:01 Join bluebrother^ [0] (
16:14:52 Join webguest40 [0] (
16:15:02 Quit webguest31 ("CGI:IRC (Ping timeout)")
16:15:57 Quit webguest40 (Client Quit)
16:18:28 Quit Strath ("Client closed")
16:19:28 Quit XMaster-ShadowX (Read error: 113 (No route to host))
16:19:56 Join webguest53 [0] (
16:20:05webguest53hello, usb mode doesn't work anymore since the voice ui build, usb screen appears on lcd but deivice isn't recognized by windows/debian
16:20:43 Quit webguest53 (Client Quit)
16:22:22***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
16:36:25ashridahnot only that, but when i disconnected mine, my kernel paniced :)
16:37:22 Quit Hansmaulwurf ("( :: NoNameScript 3.81 :: )")
16:39:14ashridahi'm assuming that's a bug in a poorly handled error condition in the usb drivers tho
16:44:10 Join Lear [0] (
16:55:16SlasherOh, i will fix that
16:56:10ZagorSlasher: the kernel panic? sweet! ;)
16:56:17Slasherhehe, the usb mode ;D
16:56:42Slasherbut i might look into that kernel panic as well
16:57:47Slasherashridah: ah! you mean the linux kernel panic
16:57:57Slasheryes, that is a bug and should be reported/fixed
16:58:38Slasherthe kernel will panic if the usb device is disconnected when kernel was waiting it to be ready
17:06:58solex_my kernel only oopses, doesn't panic :)
17:07:11 Nick solex_ is now known as solex (
17:07:21Slashersame here.. but the usb thread "panics" so the usb remains unusable until next reboot
17:07:47Slasherhaven't anybody reported this to lkml?
17:07:52Slasherit really should be reported
17:07:54solexhad to reboot twice today, just because of that
17:08:40solexI had that oops in the past, too, when connecting and disconnecting my iriver very often.
17:08:58solexcorrection: that was a different oops
17:09:10solexthe current one happens in, wait...
17:09:27solex..hey, it didn't oops this time!
17:09:28 Quit hicks (Remote closed the connection)
17:10:09solexfortunately the bootloader usb mode looks solid
17:10:55solexwait a minute, I want to copy sth.
17:11:02Slasheryes, the usb mode always works
17:11:13Slasherjust make sure the player is turned off before connecting the cable
17:11:27solexI know, thanks.
17:14:02solexEIP is at sysfs_hash_and_remove+0xb/0xf8
17:14:38SlasherHmm, something like on my system too..
17:14:50*solex needs to find his bugzilla account details
17:15:33solexgot it.
17:16:09solexHm... Category: IO/Storage, Component: ? SCSI?
17:16:54solexNevermind, I am in the search form
17:17:53solexSummary: Oops when disconnecting Iriver MP3-Player with slightly broken firmware
17:18:44solexit is broken, isn't it?
17:19:36Slasherit hasn't need to be broken to generate that bug.. :D
17:19:46Slasherit's enough to disconnect it before it's ready
17:20:01solexOk, then I'll leave that part
17:20:06Slashergood :)
17:20:31solexAnybody tried that with Iriver firmware?
17:20:46SlasherHmm, i don't want to try that right now.. =)
17:21:02solexAnd I cannot without rebooting :)
17:21:57 Quit ashridah ("sleep.")
17:23:49crwldoesn't reloading the usb modules help?
17:24:15Slashermaybe, if you can reload them.. i am afraid of that
17:25:18crwli had some quite serious usb trouble with 2.6.8 or .9 or so, and reloading helped sometimes
17:25:54crwlit got slightly tricky if i managed to unload the modules but not load again, because my keyboard and mouse are usb models :)
17:28:10Slasherhehe, then you can load them logging to you machine from network ;)
17:28:41solexFeel free to add comments, info, patches... :)
17:28:54Slashersolex: wonderful :)
17:29:16solexnull problemo
17:30:39 Join hshah [0] (
17:32:00hshahsomeone please tell me that a dev will add the optional feature to turn this most annoying beep off, when skipping tracks
17:32:43hshahits driving me crazy and it ruins the whole mixed cross fade effect
17:32:46Slasherhshah: yes, that will be done soon
17:33:08hshahfor the love of god - great!
17:33:52hshahwhich "idiot" decided to put that in, and for what reason?
17:34:24 Join Sucka [0] (
17:34:56Slasherhshah: hehe, that is a useful feature sometimes when you have the player in your pocket and want to change a track without taking it out
17:35:29solexI agree. It's a little bit too loud for my taste, but I really like it.
17:35:47hshahhow is it useful? it beeps when u change track, to tell you that you have changed track? or you can just listen to the changed track and know its been changed!!!
17:36:46hshahsolex: well its personal choice, but i really don't think the devs should have added that without having the option of turning the stupid thing off!!!
17:37:07solexhshah: sometimes rockbox is a little slow and you don't really know whether you really pressed the button right or not.
17:37:25solexhshah: feel free to use an earlier version. Ne need for shouting.
17:37:45hshahno ones shouting... THIS IS SHOUTING :p
17:40:44solexdon't you know what terry pratchett wrote about multiple exclamation marks? :)
17:42:55hshaherm... no!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
17:47:32 Quit hshah ("CGI:IRC (EOF)")
18:05:03solexHm, I can't reproduce the USB bug with the Iriver firmware
18:19:22 Join bagawk [0] (n=lee@unaffiliated/bagawk)
18:21:05 Nick CBM-away is now known as CheeseBurgerMan (n=BurgerBo@
18:22:24***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
18:28:11SlasherInteresting.. i tried to fix the iriver usb problem and verified that all threads in playback.c goes to the usb mode.. But still it doesn't work. Something else is still preventing the usb mode :/
18:34:03 Join leftright [0] (
18:35:30leftrighthshah: just chill and use a earlier version, no biggie
18:45:55 Part leftright
19:06:28 Nick Sucka is now known as Sucka`away (
19:09:19DEBUGReceived signal 15 (SIGTERM), terminating (snapshot: fplrun.c line 385)
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19:09:20 Join Zagor [0] (i=foobar@pdpc/supporter/sustaining/Zagor)
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19:09:20 Join Slasher [0] (
19:15:28 Join Toni1 [0] (
19:15:38Toni1Hi rockers
19:15:59Toni1I just updated my fm radio menu patch
19:17:13Toni1It gives better appearance and simpler station selection
19:19:40Toni1Bye bagawk
19:19:42 Part Toni1
19:20:36 Join paugh [0] (n=pete@2001:5c0:8fff:ffff:8000:0:3e03:6822)
19:20:40 Quit CheeseBurgerMan ("CheeseBurgerForums:")
19:20:57bagawkhey someone using ipv6
19:30:11solexa seven year old rfc and people using it are instantly recognized - progress is unstoppable!
19:39:23 Join hshah [0] (
19:42:02 Quit hshah (Client Quit)
19:52:04 Join dpassen1 [0] (
19:59:29HCli have ipv6
19:59:37HCli should probably use it.
20:00:13 Quit HCl ("Changing server")
20:00:16 Quit Lear ("Chatzilla [Firefox 1.0.6/20050720]")
20:00:47 Join hcl [0] (i=hcl@2001:610:1908:8000:290:27ff:feca:8029)
20:00:54 Nick hcl is now known as HCl (i=hcl@2001:610:1908:8000:290:27ff:feca:8029)
20:01:03HClit was annoying to find an ipv6 server of freenode that worked
20:01:04HClbut this one does
20:03:20 Quit bagawk ("Leaving")
20:05:22phaedrus961any devs around?
20:05:45phaedrus961I've found a potentially nasty bug in the id3 code
20:08:25phaedrus961id3.c line 711, if there are less than 2 bytes left in the buffer, then framelen is set to 0 or -1 causing the following read to fail
20:09:20phaedrus961on my archos, this causes the drive to go haywire for a few seconds before the unit powers off
20:09:22 Join zezayer [0] (n=jake@
20:10:20phaedrus961so we need to add the condition "bufferpos < buffersize - 1" to the while loop
20:12:46SlasherHmm, do you mean line 728?
20:13:28Slasherit has if(framelen >= buffersize - bufferpos) ...
20:14:37phaedrus961yeah, I guess my editor is lying to me :)
20:15:14Slasherok :) and changing the while(size >= minframesize ) to while(size >= minframesize && bufferpos < buffersize - 1) would correct that problem?
20:16:05Slashergood, i think you have tested it and found it stable. I could commit that
20:17:15phaedrus961yeah, it prevents the crash for me
20:17:37Slashergreat, please tell your name and i commit it
20:18:17phaedrus961Frank Dischner
20:19:04phaedrus961btw, I found this while working on unicode support for id3, which is now working
20:19:29phaedrus961we're getting closer :)
20:19:30 Join Shebb [0] (
20:19:48Slashersounds good :)
20:19:59Slashercommitted, thanks
20:20:17phaedrus961no problem
20:21:03ShebbHi! I have found that the elaped time when retrieved in a plugin using audio_current_track() seems to lag behind what it should be at
20:21:34ShebbDo I need to call any updateing function before I access mp3entry::elapsed ?
20:22:22 Join bagawk [0] (n=lee@unaffiliated/bagawk)
20:22:52Slasherhmm, interesting. The id3.elapsed -field should have the most recent elapsed time synced with real audio output
20:23:19Slasherso the buffer elapsed time is a few seconds more than the real elapsed time reported by that id3 field
20:23:56ShebbIs there another function I should use then?
20:24:23ShebbI am comparing the time elapsed counter in my plugin to the time elapsed shown on the wps
20:24:48ShebbThe wps uses the id3 field for the elapsed time I believe?
20:24:52Slashernot at the moment but i think you could try pcmbuf_get_latency (if necessary add this to the plugin api if it's not already there)
20:25:00Slasheryes it does
20:25:43Shebbbookmark uses this field as well
20:26:59 Quit bagawk (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
20:28:07 Join bagawk [0] (
20:35:06 Quit dpassen1 (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
20:46:08 Join XavierGr [0] (
20:46:32 Quit bagawk ("Leaving")
20:53:17 Join hshah [0] (
20:55:25 Quit hshah (Client Quit)
21:06:19 Join hshah [0] (
21:06:45hshahhas something changed with the usb interface in the recent builds?
21:07:06 Join telliott [0] (
21:07:16hshahi can no longer connect to usb on my pc unless the iriver is turned off, plugged in and then booted...
21:07:36 Part telliott
21:07:51 Join telliott [0] (
21:09:24***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
21:09:55XavierGryes I can confirm that too.
21:11:23 Quit hshah ("CGI:IRC")
21:11:35zezayer20 Aug 18:55 Miikaapps/playback.c 1.147 Preparations to fix the usb mode (something is still preventing it from working).
21:11:54 Join hshah [0] (
21:12:41 Part zezayer
21:12:47telliottWhat do you guys think is the best AA/AAA NiMH charger? I need ont that woll charge 1-4 batteries. Many will not charge a single battery.
21:13:47telliottAnyone have the Energizer 15 minute charger?
21:13:55hshahXavierGr - did anyone say anything regarding this USB thing after u confirmed it... coz my browser randomly closed
21:14:47hshahoh Miika is working on it by the looks of it...
21:17:17 Join webguest00 [0] (
21:17:29 Quit hshah ("CGI:IRC")
21:17:51webguest00the MAHA 401F will charge 4 batteries individually
21:18:50webguest00avail here
21:20:29 Part webguest00
21:28:07ender`silly question: how do i get back to WPS screen when i browse files while a song is playing without interrupting that song?
21:30:38XavierGrplay while in tree.
21:30:51 Join zezaye1 [0] (n=jake@
21:31:32 Part zezaye1
21:36:55 Join dpassen1 [0] (
21:41:14 Part telliott
22:02:20 Join OPeePee [0] (
22:02:47OPeePeehi, im just here to say im happy with the latest improvement on rockbox for h3xx, good work
22:03:57 Join RotAtoR [0] (
22:13:35 Quit Zagor ("Client exiting")
22:18:41 Quit paugh (Read error: 54 (Connection reset by peer))
22:20:38 Quit dpassen1 (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
22:25:52 Quit Shebb ("CGI:IRC (Ping timeout)")
22:26:01HClwhat improvement for h3xx?
22:29:46 Join hshah [0] (
22:33:22 Join spiralout [0] (
22:33:42hshahcan some nice and kind Dev please add the multiple align in wps and the mode patch before the freeze?
22:35:41 Quit OPeePee (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
22:35:41XavierGrwhat is the mode patch?
22:36:01XavierGrHCl: I think he means the multimeter beep.
22:36:35 Join preglow [0] (
22:36:45hshahXavierGr - it returns a value for the status of playback, repeat and shuffle
22:36:46XavierGroh hi preglow!
22:37:00XavierGrhshah: in the wps?
22:37:40hshahit can show... play, fast forward, rewind, paused, repeat on, repeat off, shuffle on, shuffle off etc etc etc
22:38:00hshahso if some nice dev could add those two patches... it would be great :)
22:38:23preglowwhat the hell triggered this usb thinh?
22:38:31hshahi dunno
22:38:46hshahi noticed it from the 19th build i think...
22:38:57hshahor mebbe one of the 18th bleeding edge builds
22:44:11 Join muesli- [0] (
22:45:03hshahthis usb problem is really screwing with my player!!!
22:45:17muesli-what does it do?
22:45:26hshahkeeps killing it
22:45:40hshahunplugging from usb kills it at times
22:46:20hshahalso noticed that when resume on boot is on... and the song it was playing b4 has been deleted or there r no songs on the hard disk... it shows a blank screen
22:50:16hshahi have never had to use the reset button so many times than in the last 3 to 4 days
22:50:49preglowsomeone made a step sequencer
22:50:53preglowthis i like
22:52:40hshahwhat is that?
22:53:10preglowjust a simple sequencer for making beats/simple melodies
22:53:41 Quit hshah ("CGI:IRC")
22:56:21 Quit merbanan (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
22:59:12preglowbut i'm out
22:59:15 Quit preglow ("CGI:IRC")
23:09:27***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
23:15:28 Join merbanan [0] (
23:18:18Slashernow the beep can be turned off (just committed fix)
23:18:39Slashernights ->
23:29:11XavierGrthe beep doesnt always work.
23:29:29muesli-what is that beep good for?
23:30:30XavierGrit is something like the iriver beep.
23:30:39XavierGrbut yeah I always remove it.
23:30:51muesli-definately :D
23:31:10XavierGrAlso the pops and clicks that can be heard before playback are really annoying.
23:31:19XavierGrI can't wait a fix for them.
23:31:22 Join hicks [0] (
23:32:17muesli-which pops and clicks?
23:32:30muesli-the remote cklciking bugs?
23:34:55 Join matsl [0] (
23:35:59 Quit spiralout ("ChatZilla [Firefox 1.0.6/20050717]")
23:37:19XavierGrwell sometimes when you start playing a file you can hear a faint pop before audio come in.
23:37:27XavierGrand no I am not refering to remote pops.
23:37:52muesli-never noticed those pops
23:52:22XavierGrwith good phones you can hear them more easily.
23:56:04 Join thebum [0] (
23:56:37 Join webguest84 [0] (
23:56:48 Quit webguest84 (Client Quit)
23:58:50Moos19 Aug 12:29 Linus "Remove the uda1380mute() calls, since they were called in interrupt context menu wich could lead to a big crash. This will reintroduce a slight pop when starting/stopping playbac..."

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