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#rockbox log for 2005-08-22

00:00:28amiconnLinusN: Do you remember where these SWAB16() and SWAB32() macros are used on iriver?
00:00:30Bagderhshah: that happens when you've changed things that were change in the repo
00:00:40]RowaN[leftright: that would b a waste of time and space, and needless duplication
00:00:54]RowaN[and you cant sync coz id3v1 has 30char limit
00:01:10stripwax_just looking at cvs logs for −− we're on database v3 already?! so are both the TagDatabase and DatabaseV2 wiki pages out of date?
00:01:34Bagderstripwax_: I would guess that only HCl can answer to that
00:01:49Bagdertoo many things in db land happens without docs
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00:01:50]RowaN[Paul_The_Nerd: how long should it take for the midi processing? mine seems to have gotten stuck on the "hope this works" screen
00:02:03stripwax_Bagder - yeah
00:02:17stripwax_]RowaN[ - how long is the file?
00:02:25]RowaN[a few minutes i think
00:02:28Paul_The_NerdJust wait it out
00:02:40Paul_The_NerdIt takes quite a bit longer than the file.
00:02:44]RowaN[5 "tracks" in the midi
00:03:05Paul_The_NerdLet me know if you get any audible output, or a resulting file or anything
00:03:19Paul_The_NerdMine just eventually says "Finished playing" and drops me back to the file system.
00:05:02Bagdercommitted minor help text to −−help
00:05:05 Quit [-AIR-] ("I-n-v-i-s-i-o-n 2.0 Build 3515")
00:05:13]RowaN[ah finished..
00:05:35Paul_The_NerdSee, takes a while.
00:05:38Paul_The_NerdAny results?
00:06:24]RowaN[wheres it supposed to be? root?
00:06:39Paul_The_NerdI do not know
00:06:47Bagderopenneo surely has very little rockbox resemblence these days
00:06:57Paul_The_NerdIn fact, it's only on someone else's "I think it's supposed to..." that I even assume there *might* be a file
00:07:05]RowaN[i dont see anything
00:07:12Paul_The_NerdI suspect that it renders it to WAV, but never actually saves it, or something
00:07:14amiconnI have shortened the SWAB32 code on iriver from 38 to 18 bytes, with asm...
00:08:01]RowaN[oh well, i tried =]
00:08:41]RowaN[and failed ='[
00:08:43Paul_The_NerdI look forward to MIDI support should it ever come, but I'm not gonna lose sleep over it.
00:09:09stripwax_Bagder - lol. yeah ,what *do* those options actually do :-)
00:09:20leftrightjusr curious, what would you use MIDI for ?
00:09:35]RowaN[midi = digital sheet music
00:09:40]RowaN[fun to hear sometimes =]
00:10:11Paul_The_NerdMusic from a bunch of old SCUMM games, here.
00:10:57leftrightwhat would a practical application of it be on your player ?
00:11:43Paul_The_NerdHow do you mean leftright?
00:12:03leftrightwhy would you have MIDI on a DAP
00:12:27stripwax_to listen to presumably
00:13:27Paul_The_NerdSame reason I have any other format.
00:13:40leftrightmp3 =midi ?
00:14:08Paul_The_Nerdmidis are very very much smaller, not counting the patchset, and if you have enough of them it makes up for it.
00:14:10stripwax_Bagder - thanks, by the way. seems realy slow but then again, I'm running it on a 133Mhz nas
00:14:32Bagderstripwax_: yeah, its the dreaded crc stuff that makes it slow
00:14:38Bagderwe should make an option to disable that
00:14:47Bagderthat's only needed when the runtimedb is used
00:15:26Bagderit loads 32K out of every song and runs a crc32 on it
00:15:44stripwax_Bagder - yep; that's what I'd like to try out anyway so I guess I need it to be slow ... does still rebuild the entire tag database every time it's run? e.g. if I rerun it again, will it take ages next time too?
00:16:10Bagderlots of room for improvement ;-)
00:16:49stripwax_definitely. hrm, maybe I'll take a look at it
00:21:07Bagderok, I added a −−nocrc option
00:22:23 Join midk [0] (
00:22:25Shebbmidi is just a collection of notes and other information
00:22:48ShebbWhat is nice about the files is you can actually see musically what you are playing
00:23:30stripwax_Bagder cheers dude.
00:41:37]RowaN[whats rockbox like on iriver h320 compared to on h120?
00:42:37]RowaN[or.. not on h320 yet?
00:42:47LinusNnot on h320 yet
00:43:02]RowaN[h300 isnt h320?
00:44:21LinusNyou're referring to the daily builds?
00:44:43]RowaN[yep i guess
00:44:57LinusNh300 is noth h32 and h340
00:45:10LinusNbut we don't have a bootloader yet
00:50:25Paul_The_NerdY'know, I've always meant to ask, what's the non-effort iFP stuff?
00:51:27Paul_The_NerdYeah, there's a page that says little more than "We're not porting to this, but this page is here to collect data for the non-effort."
00:51:57stripwax_heh, yeah. well, the firmware's decrypted but I think that's probably about it
00:53:13Paul_The_NerdI was just curious why the page is there if it's officially not a target, or maybe just why it isn't one.
00:54:01LinusNthe guys working on the decryption used the wiki to document it
00:54:16Paul_The_NerdIt says 'overall project | not happening, see above' but "above" offers no more information.
00:54:22*Paul_The_Nerd shrugs.
00:54:27Paul_The_NerdJust a curiosity thing, really.
01:00:33 Part stripwax_
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01:12:05edkentHi. Today rockbox(running on an IRiver 140) has stopped recognising when the usb cable is unplug, and just sits there in usb mode. This happens in both the bootloader usb mode and the main firmware, and the only way to get out is to push the reset button. The original IRiver firmware still works fine. Any ideas anyone? Thanks.
01:12:29LinusNthis was fixed a few hours ago
01:12:47LinusNtry the bleeding edge build or wait a few hours for the next daily
01:13:13edkentThanks, will give it a try...
01:14:31*leftright is now playing Ani Difranco - Little Plastic Castles (it sounds beautiful) :)
01:15:52 Join Sucka [0] (
01:16:08edkentHmm, no joy with the bleeding edge build
01:16:33leftrightmake sire all the files are replaced
01:18:22leftrightedkent: to be sure, the bleeding edge builds are located at the bottom of the web page
01:18:53LinusNedkent: wait, you say this happens in the boot loader usb mode as well?
01:19:15LinusNmaybe i didn't read your error description thoroughly
01:19:34edkentyep, positive
01:19:54LinusNthe "stays-in-usb" bug is not fixed, and seems to only affect a few of the players out there
01:20:21 Join XavierGr [0] (
01:20:41edkenthmm. It only started doing it today after I installed bootloader v5
01:21:03edkentHave tried going back to v3 with no joy though
01:21:06LinusNwhich loader did you have before that?
01:21:56edkentIt was v3. Worked fine then, but not any more
01:22:18LinusNit seems that rockbox doesn't detect the usb in the correct way
01:22:51XavierGrHmm I just got a very annoying bug.
01:22:52LinusNbut i have problems finding out how we do it wrong, because it works on all my players... :-(
01:23:04edkentAnything i can do to help?
01:23:57XavierGrI just recorded something within the iriver firmware and now Rockbox refuses to boot.
01:24:17XavierGrUSB works on the bootloader but when I start the player it hangs.
01:24:18LinusNedkent: i'd like to have your email address
01:24:24amiconnLinusN: I noticed a bug in the file type association
01:24:25LinusNXavierGr: scandisk
01:24:33LinusNamiconn: oh?
01:24:35XavierGrStrange is that the iRiver firmware is booting fine..
01:24:47amiconnIt happens since you bound .nfo to the text viewer
01:25:03LinusNamiconn: oops :-)
01:25:09amiconnI have a file in my archos root (guess what that is ;) ).
01:25:18amiconnIt shouldn't show up as supported...
01:25:51amiconnObviously .info != .nfo
01:26:52midkgood going, LINUS. sheesh! :)
01:27:11LinusNmy amiga doesn't even have usb
01:27:21XavierGrAlso my main concern is that I think my player is faulty...
01:27:29amiconnLinusN: Mine has :)
01:27:43amiconnHigway USB with Poseidon USB stack
01:28:35XavierGrLinus in the normal firmware when you set the volume (from 30 - 40) can you hear a faint pop whenever the volume changes?
01:28:52LinusNXavierGr: haven't tried
01:29:10LinusNyours does?
01:29:34XavierGrI was waiting Slasheri's pop fix. When I found that I get again the starting pop. Then I loded iRiver and it pops too.
01:29:47Paul_The_NerdAre you listening through the remote?
01:29:51XavierGrAlso the volume change pops in the high volumes
01:30:04XavierGrNo i know about the remote which it pops too.
01:30:14Paul_The_NerdOkay, I figured you would, but you never know.
01:30:16edkentLinusN: Would be possible to add a manual usb mode exit command until the bug is fixed?
01:30:28leftrightI'm using latest and it doesn't pop
01:30:55XavierGrleftright: I believe you I just say that even in iriver firmware it pops.
01:30:55LinusNedkent: i'll look into it
01:31:11amiconnLinusN: wut have you done to the fmr builds?
01:31:41XavierGrAnd I remember that some days before (though I am not sure I use rockbox a lot) there wasn't any popping in iriver firmware.
01:31:50amiconnHmm, no A-B for Ondio?
01:32:14LinusNamiconn: /usr/local/sh-gcc/lib/gcc-lib/sh-elf/3.3.4/../../../../sh-elf/bin/ld: region FLASH is full (build-recorderv2/apps/rombox.elf section .rodata)
01:32:39LinusNamiconn: not yet, i guess he didn't have an ondio to try with (keymap props as usual)
01:34:09amiconnHmm, the A-B repeat event code sends an event on every tick??!!??
01:34:35LinusNyes i think it does that right now
01:35:28amiconnWho is Bj�n Stenberg? ;)
01:36:31amiconn(aka why did you change that line to utf-8?)
01:37:03LinusNwhy i did it?
01:37:12LinusNor why Ray Lambert did it?
01:39:04LinusNfixed now
01:39:52LinusNi committed the a-b repeat just to have it in 2.5, i intend to clean up some things before release
01:40:28amiconnLinusN: The error for fm and v2 is a different one:
01:40:36amiconn Build firmware file
01:40:36amiconnerror: max firmware size is 200KB!
01:40:36amiconnmake[1]: *** [build-fmrecorder/ajbrec.ajz] Error 255
01:40:59LinusN error: max firmware size is 200KB!
01:41:00amiconnbooom! :(
01:41:26LinusNi guess we have a problem
01:42:00LinusNi'll look into that tomorrow, now i have to get some sleep
01:42:00amiconnYes we do, and I expected that rather sooner than later with the current rate of featuritis
01:43:08amiconnBtw, did you actually try if the 200KB limit still holds for the fmr?
01:43:08 Quit edkent ()
01:43:31amiconnIiuc this was tested on player back then, and perhaps on rec v1
01:43:42amiconnI know that it does not hold for Ondio
01:44:09LinusNamiconn: i did try it the last time i applied the patch, but it must have grown since then
01:44:52LinusNanyway, i gotta sleep now, cu tomorrow
01:44:56XavierGrwow only 200kB?
01:45:01XavierGrbye and good night/
01:45:25 Part LinusN
01:45:50amiconnI warned him this evening... [23:24:34] <amiconn> LinusN: 1632 bytes left for fmrecorder... (gcc 3.3.6)
01:47:35leftrightguess there's going to be some culling then :)
01:48:29XavierGrso is that going to be the end for fmrecorder improvements?
01:49:08amiconnI think it is the beginning of serious cleanup & optimisation
01:51:05amiconnInteresting: I'm using sh-elf-gcc 3.3.6, and leads to slightly smaller binaries than 3.3.1 used on the server.
01:51:13amiconngcc 3.3.6 makes it fit!
01:51:25amiconnIt is a really really tight fit though:
01:51:54amiconn200KB == 204800 bytes. Binary size is 204768 bytes, so there are 32 bytes left (!!)
01:53:15XavierGrso if you make a char array 33 characters longer it will hit error. haha
01:53:18 Quit leftright ("(later)")
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01:54:09XavierGrIt will be fun to see those 32 bytes will be used to... :p
02:02:50Paul_The_NerdI kinda love the fact that it's 32 bytes left. A nice, upstanding number.
02:09:46amiconnI'll look into the code where to save some bytes. I already saved 48 (ok not much, but that's just one source file)
02:10:21Paul_The_NerdSo, it's time for an audit, 'eh?
02:12:51amiconnI know there are more inefficient things and unnecesary code duplication
02:13:22amiconnI consider it a serious bug if rockbox doesn't build due to being too fat
02:15:38Paul_The_NerdIt's kinda sad that it's hitting the size limitation.
02:17:23amiconnWell, only partially
02:17:38 Quit ]RowaN[ ()
02:17:48amiconnIt forces us to optimise, and optimisation is a good thing
02:18:20Paul_The_NerdQuite true, I guess.
02:18:34amiconnI have some candidates which I know will save at least a little space
02:20:15amiconn(1) Hunting unused functions. I already did this once, I will do it again
02:20:26Paul_The_NerdDo functions get orphaned often?
02:21:00amiconn(2) Turning empty functions (per platform) into empty #defines. Saves 4 bytes for the function itself, plus some space for every call
02:21:46amiconn(3) There are multiple places that define various endian conversion functions
02:22:31Paul_The_NerdWhy are there empty functions?
02:22:31amiconn(4) Things like those I did for the switch(){} in mp3data.c I just committed
02:23:18amiconnSome functions are only needed on certain platforms, but encapsulating each call of these with #ifdef BLAH ... #endif doesn't exactly help readability,
02:23:36amiconnso the typical solution was to #ifdef the function body
02:23:46amiconn...leaving an empty function
02:25:32amiconnre orphaned functions: There are some functions just defined for completeness of a certain sub-system which aren't used by any current code
02:25:41amiconnThe menu system is one such example
02:26:19amiconnIt has functions for moving entries around which aren't used
02:26:39Paul_The_NerdBut they're there on the assumption that in the future they may be needed?
02:27:22Paul_The_NerdFair enough
02:27:34XavierGrgreat now I will have to format my player.
02:30:37XavierGrOh it is getting better it says that it cant format it.
02:32:10XavierGrhave to log out for the format later all.
02:32:12 Quit XavierGr ()
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02:37:37XavierGrpheww the format I have rockbox up and running again.
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07:33:50Bgermorning ;)
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08:02:10B4gderLinusN: are you op-able in here?
08:02:25B4gderI thought we could update the topic
08:02:31Mode"#rockbox +o LinusN " by ChanServ (ChanServ@services.)
08:02:31B4gderabout the freeze
08:02:36amiconnmorning, and hi Mr. rockbox-on-fmr-breaker ;)
08:02:45RickUpdate the topic?! Heresy!
08:02:52Topic"The 2.5 feature freeze is here!" by LinusN (
08:03:26LinusNamiconn: good morning, mr whine-about-everything :-)
08:03:36amiconnLinusN: Btw, I don't know whether you readf the log, so quick info: Updating to gcc 3.3.6 should temporarily fix the fm/v2 build
08:03:53*LinusN just logged on
08:04:01amiconnThe little extra gain in code size is enough
08:04:12amiconngcc 3.3.6 leaves 80 bytes (!) now
08:04:32amiconnIt was 32, but I already did a slight optimisation
08:04:35B4gderdoes the daily fit?
08:05:20amiconnB4gder: There are no fm/fm8/v2 dailies for today :(
08:06:03*LinusN starts the code liposuction
08:06:36amiconnI consider this code tightness a big bug, so I'll go through as much code as possible to check for optimisations
08:06:52LinusNi have started with bookmark.c
08:07:06 Join ender` [0] (
08:07:06B4gderyeah, it is a bug
08:07:28LinusNplaylist.c is huge
08:07:29amiconnI'll also check for empty functions, dead code etc
08:07:44amiconnsee last night's log about some points
08:08:28LinusNi'm reading
08:08:32amiconnI already did one such things in mpeg.c during my cleanup. Changing an empty function into an empty macro does not only save the 4 bytes of the function itself
08:09:06amiconnIt also saves some code for every call
08:09:33LinusNno need to save registers etc
08:09:49LinusNbetter register allocation
08:10:14amiconnYes, and not loading the function address, call, and perhaps fill the delay slot with a nop
08:11:31amiconnBtw, I agree that the bookmark code is really big compared to what it does
08:24:03LinusNi'm trimming it now
08:24:53 Quit einhirn ("Miranda IM! Smaller, Faster, Easier.")
08:33:13 Join Zagor [0] (
08:33:19B4gderhey Z
08:33:23LinusNyo Zagor
08:43:40LinusNhmm, it hasn't struck me that a bookmark also contains the repeat mode and shuffle settings...
08:43:55LinusNso it will change those when loading a bookmark
08:44:16LinusNi can't decide if it is a good or a bad thing :-)
08:44:31Zagorsounds wrong to me
08:44:34B4gderI think its good
08:44:44B4gderat least the way I'd use the bookmarks
08:45:02LinusNwhen you think about it, you don't want to start listening to an audio book and keep the shuffle enabled
08:45:09Zagori can see it both ways actually
08:47:01LinusNB4gder: here we go... ;-)
08:47:08LinusNquite expected
08:47:24B4gderand that's why I'll dismiss this immediately
08:54:09amiconnLinusN: I think it is correct that bookmarks contain the shuffle & repeat settings
08:54:33LinusNme too
08:55:12LinusNsomehow you would wish that they were temporary, but that would be a nightmare to implement
08:59:13amiconnThat would require a way to detect when a bookmark has 'finished' playing
08:59:31B4gderthe nightmare part that would be ;-)
08:59:55amiconnThere are basically 2 points when this would happen
09:00:11Zagor...or an option to ignore the settings of the bookmark. which tends to get quite messy user-wise.
09:00:21amiconn(1) User starts playing another dir/playlist without using a bookmark
09:00:36 Join einhirn [0] (
09:00:43amiconn(2) The bookmark sets repeat to off, and the playlist ends
09:01:17amiconnHowever, that would need to be tracked across reboots, with the original shuffle & repeat settings saved as well...
09:01:33B4gderlet's not go there
09:01:40LinusNmy brain hurts!
09:02:13LinusNnobody has complained so far
09:05:37amiconnIf you see bookmarks as an extended resume feature, the current behaviour is correct
09:05:53LinusNi think so too
09:08:26CoCoLUSwith the feature freeze in place, such thoughts are inane anyway for some time, right? :)
09:08:51LinusNCoCoLUS: that depends if it is a bug or not :-)
09:09:01LinusNlet's just forget it
09:09:22*B4gder forgets
09:09:37LinusNforgets what? ;-)
09:10:11***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
09:10:33CoCoLUSi wonder how many exceptions are going to be made
09:10:42amiconnB4gder: I hope you don't forget localisation v2 ;)
09:10:54LinusNa huge bug! :-)
09:10:54amiconnThat might help saving some space btw...
09:12:59amiconnI have some thoughts how to save space that are in the "grey zone" towards feature changes. I wonder what to do about these...
09:14:49LinusNamiconn: i'd say it depends in each case
09:15:14LinusNbring them up for discussion
09:16:09amiconnFor one, I'd like firmware_flash.rock to detect whether this is a first time flash, and save the flash rom contents in that case as backup (with request & recommendation)
09:16:24amiconnThen the dump ROM item in the debug menu can go away
09:16:48LinusNthat's a good idea
09:16:58CoCoLUSdoesn't sound like a bug fix, though
09:16:59LinusNhow about always saving?
09:17:31LinusNCoCoLUS: in this situation, everything that reduces code memory is a bug fix
09:18:01LinusNCoCoLUS: the V2 and FM recorder firmwares are too large at the moment
09:18:15amiconnLinusN: Always saving would be possible as well, but there is a slight chance for error case someone uses an old bootloader without version code
09:18:32LinusNamiconn: a "yes/no" if the file exists?
09:19:04amiconnLinusN: For me, the fm/v2 firmwares aren't too large ;-P
09:19:14amiconnBut they're dangerously tight
09:19:25amiconnLinusN: Want a current fmr package?
09:19:25LinusNthe "official" builds are too large
09:19:31LinusNno need
09:21:00B4gderwe use gcc 3.3.4 for the sh builds
09:21:25LinusNB4gder: want me to upgrade to 3.3.6?
09:21:37B4gderif you feel like it, sure
09:23:38CoCoLUSlinus, does the current shortage of code memory mean that over the long run, features won't be added to these player firmwares anymore, because there's no space?
09:25:05LinusNCoCoLUS: not really, but the archos users will probably have to use a new boot loader
09:25:53Bgeror splitted file ...
09:26:07LinusNor something
09:26:18B4gderbut not all archos users _can_ flash their players... :-O
09:26:38LinusNperhaps the archos firmware file will just be a secondary boot loader
09:26:53LinusNthat loads rockbox
09:27:09Bgerthat's what i thought
09:27:10LinusNthat's the simplest solution methinks
09:27:11B4gderit would be a quick and easy fix
09:27:17CoCoLUSso, there's no chance some features might get "newer players/iriver" only?
09:27:26amiconnI think there's quite some room for saving space in the current code
09:27:36LinusNCoCoLUS: one of those days, maybe
09:27:41B4gderCoCoLUS: there already are numerous features that are iriver only
09:27:55LinusNCoCoLUS: the archos has quite a few limitations
09:28:21CoCoLUSthe lack of a bitmap display, eg?
09:28:24Bgerimho the 2MB ram are one of the biggest drawbacks of archoses ...
09:28:49B4gderCoCoLUS: no, most of the archoses have bitmap displayes
09:29:12CoCoLUSok, i have to admit i'm not all too familiar with the archos-familiy
09:29:51CoCoLUSi think they're ugly! ;)
09:30:08LinusNno doubt about that
09:30:48BgerLinusN: while on this topic, why do you think that h1x0 are far superior than h3x0 ?
09:31:07BgerSPdif and better case ?
09:31:15LinusN1) it has a display that can be viewed without backlight
09:31:25Bgerok, for 1) i use the remote :)
09:31:26CoCoLUSthey are made of brushed metal, not plastic... that's important, imho
09:31:27LinusN2) more robust casing
09:31:31LinusN3) s/pdif
09:32:14Bgerbtw h3x0 are with metal case also (under the plastic one)... am i right ?
09:32:42CoCoLUSi can't believe some users actually value that h3x0 15fps video playback feature
09:33:06BgerCoCoLUS btw 1) it's 10fps, and 2) it looks better than u can believe
09:33:40Bgerand 3) i don't use it regularly
09:33:44B4gdercan't wait for rockbox on h3x0 and the crowd of people shouting for weird video format support.... :-)
09:34:31BgerB4gder: as always u can say them "if you want it, do it":)
09:34:55B4gderoh yes
09:35:06Bgeranyways, it's nice to have
09:35:27Bgerat least for funny clips etc ... :)
09:35:46Bgerin fact i've used it *only* for such things
09:35:59B4gderI wonder how much movie code we can use from xine or mplayer etc
09:36:18Bgeri don't think this is good idea ...
09:36:29Bgerat least the mplayer code is very very ... ugly
09:36:49CoCoLUSbger: isn't the display way too small to comfortable watch video?
09:36:51Bgerthe mplayer's author said this ...
09:37:11BgerBger: as i already said, i used it only for some small funny movies
09:38:40Bgeri don't remember his name, but his words were something like " i want to start a new player and to use all i've learned from mplayer. the current mplayer code is nasty"
09:52:04CoCoLUSit's quite often used, though
09:52:20Bgerhm, maybe i'm wrong
09:52:20*CoCoLUS thinks of his xbox
09:53:42CoCoLUSwell, it can be ugly code -and- widely distributed at the same time :)
09:53:49 Join ashridah [0] (
09:54:23 Quit phaedrus961 (Read error: 113 (No route to host))
10:00:14BgerLinusN: i suppose you still haven't had enough time to look at h3x0
10:00:40LinusNi made an attempt yesterday to run the bdm
10:00:51Bgerand ? :)
10:00:55ashridahooh. did it let the magic smoke out?
10:01:08LinusNbut my hw mod to keep the power on was not enough, it didn't survive a reset
10:01:14Bgerdid you call the fire brigade ?;)
10:01:38Bgeraha ... that's not so good...
10:01:40LinusNi'll make some more measurements to figure out how the power management works on it
10:03:23 Join DangerousDan [0] (
10:14:27Bgerthe favourite question: "any guesses when you'll do the measurements?" please, don't reply with "when i do it"
10:14:49Bgerdo them
10:15:30LinusNi intend to do it as soon as possible
10:15:40LinusNmaybe today, maybe tomorrow
10:15:50*Bger happy
10:16:17LinusNthe 2.5 release has priority, but i want the h300 bdm to work
10:19:55 Join preglow [0] (
10:22:44preglowanyone know if we'll be able to record spdif at other sample rates than 44.1khz?
10:22:56Bgeri guess no:)
10:22:59preglowseems the iriver firmware does it, if the manual is to be believed
10:23:04Bgermaybe 22.05 ?
10:23:07Bgeretc ?
10:23:51preglowlooks like it does 48khz
10:24:48Zagorregarding mplayer, there's a ton of licensing issues in there. debian won't go near it.
10:25:02Bgeri just saw it
10:25:20Bgerthe problems are regarding codecs ...
10:25:23LinusNpreglow: 48khz s/pdif is possible
10:25:46Bgeror i'm wrong
10:25:53LinusNpreglow: even 20 bits is possible
10:26:06zei thought 48khz was pretty standard for s/pdif
10:26:11zelike dat-quality
10:26:46LinusNze: we're not discussing what is standard or not, it's about what the iriver hardware can handle
10:26:56zei see
10:27:09zestill seems like anything that supports it oughtta at least support whats common for it
10:27:18preglowwell, say that to iriver
10:27:20LinusNand the iriver hardware can handle 48khz s/pdif but not 48khz analog
10:27:32BgerLinusN: so it can record 48khz, but cannot play them ? ah, right
10:27:43preglowno, it can record it from spdig
10:27:46preglowspdif, even
10:27:48LinusNit can play 48khz s/pdif too
10:27:54preglownot from analog inputs
10:28:11Bgerok, i got it
10:28:22preglowLinusN: is there something to be saved in not enabling the spdif output until music is actually played?
10:28:23zeso neither its DAC nor ADC support 48khz?
10:28:36LinusNpreglow: yes, a tiny amount of battery power
10:28:42 Join markun [0] (
10:29:00zejust its uh codec chip or whatever it is? heh
10:29:01preglowze: yes, they do
10:29:04LinusNze: the problem is the coldfire cpu itself
10:30:07LinusNhmmm, maybe 48khz s/pdif playback isn't possible after all
10:30:18LinusNonly recording
10:30:19zeok thats pretty confusing if it can do 48khz digital but not 48khz analog while the A<->D converter(s) can do 48khz
10:30:43LinusNze: the problem is that the coldfire can't generate a 48khz clock
10:31:06zethe cpu generates the clock for the converters?
10:31:12LinusNbut it can *receive* a 48khz clock
10:31:20LinusNze: exactly
10:31:37zeweird, i thought stuff usually at least had a crystal or something to do that
10:32:13LinusNze: it's very common to let the cpu generate the clock
10:32:25LinusNthat way you only need one crystal in the system
10:33:00preglowooh, a wav playback patch
10:34:09zeso that makes more sense then i guess, if it can only record 48khz digital, and not do anything else with 48khz... still, only makes any kind of sense within that contex, more generally its still pretty senseless :p
10:34:44zeoh well, i oughtta sleep
10:34:57zegot school in like 11 and a half hours
10:36:17LinusNze: i agree that it is pretty lame
10:36:21 Join hshah [0] (
10:36:38hshahis there something wrong with the latest cvs
10:36:47hshahcoz when i added that to my iriver i lost all my settings
10:36:56B4gderhshah:that is expected
10:36:57preglowconfig bump
10:36:57LinusNnothing wrong
10:37:10B4gderas I wrote in my reply in the forum
10:37:24hshahonly some of the settings saved every time i reapplied
10:37:26preglowSlasher: got any idea why the last track pops through once in a while when i manually change to a new track?
10:37:41hshahB4dger - nothing to do with that patch what so ever
10:37:56LinusNhshah: no, not the setting reset
10:37:58B4gderit is related to a config version bump
10:38:22hshahand what does that mean? (lol)
10:38:51preglowthat the config block has new settings added to it
10:38:51 Quit BBub (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
10:38:52LinusNthat the setting format has changed
10:38:54preglowso its not compatible anymore
10:39:16LinusNhappens once in a while
10:39:28Bgerhshah: in this case you must save your settings to .cfg file, update, and apply the .cfg file
10:39:43 Join BBub [0] (
10:39:49hshahjust curious coz only i lost my settings i set them all again... and it crashed when trying to set the crossfade (just froze), so i had to reset and apply them all again, and then i rebooted it, and had lost have my settings again, and the same happened again and again until i saved the cfg file and then the settings stays
10:39:59hshahok - will do that in future
10:40:56LinusNhmm, can you set the crossfade now?
10:41:15hshahyeah... after the reset it was fine
10:41:40hshahthats why i was saying something was odd.... coz i shouldn't have had to apply all my settings so many times
10:41:51LinusNno you shouldn't have to
10:42:13LinusNbut you shouldn't reboot until you have left the settings menu
10:42:24hshahyeah... i went back to wps
10:42:55LinusNthere is no need to save a .cfg file to make the settings stay
10:43:15LinusNrockbox never reads .cfg files unless you load it manually
10:43:18hshahanyways no worries... its all ok now... and no one else has reported anything odd... so probs me just doing something retarded
10:43:57 Join phaedrus961 [0] (
10:44:07hshahand im so glad that slasher added those two patches that i asked him too :)
10:44:38LinusNthe multi-align patch was actually a mistake
10:45:43hshahoh... why so?
10:46:42LinusNwe weren't going to commit it, but Slasher committed it by mistake
10:47:07LinusNbut we decided to keep it
10:48:04hshaherm weren't u going to commit it - sorry for asking all the questions but im just curious... and i know curiosity killed the cat, but im not a cat :p
10:48:39LinusNpersonally, i think that code was a little complicated
10:49:01hshahahh rite k
10:49:02B4gderpersonally, I think we need to rewrite the whole WPS one day
10:49:12preglowdo the deprecated lang entries ever get removed?
10:49:22LinusNpreglow: yes, when we release
10:49:29B4gderpreglow: when we bump the lang file version
10:49:59Bgeranything against up-to-date-ing bulgarian ?
10:50:05LinusNnot at all
10:50:23LinusNbring on the patch
10:50:29Bgernot that someone will use it ... :)
10:51:21preglowdoesn't keep me from updating the norwegian translation
10:51:53Bgerbtw, why don't Bagder or Zagor make a counter for rockbox ? ... something like but on the rockbox's site
10:52:13LinusNonly silly people run stuff in their own language, like the french and the germans :-)
10:52:29LinusNBger: what is that?
10:52:33preglowand the english!
10:52:43LinusNpreglow: haha
10:52:53Bgerthe english for sure ... i was about to say it :)
10:53:04BgerLinusN: see it
10:53:08ZagorBger: I don't find it very interesting, to be honest. The value wouldn't mean anything.
10:53:10Bgercounter of linux users :)
10:53:11preglowi never use the norwegian translation myself
10:53:13preglowit's horrible
10:53:55Bgerpreglow: u must blame yourself for this :P
10:54:46preglowmost of the reason i do it myself, is because i know almost every other norwegian would make an ever worse job of it
10:55:10preglowsince only 0.01% of us know how to write norwegian without making fools of ourselves
10:55:24Bgeri don't believe ...
10:55:55amiconnLinusN: I hope you don't count me as silly :/
10:56:15B4gdernow don't answer that ;-)
10:56:16preglowamiconn: of course you are
10:56:40amiconnWhile I have no problems using an english UI, I always prefer my native language, unless the translation is really bad
10:56:51preglowis it usual to translate button names?
10:56:57preglowlike PLAY , OFF, etc?
10:57:08Bgerthis is BAD translation imho
10:57:10LinusNpreglow: they don't have names on the archos
10:57:25LinusNand not on the iriver as well, iirc
10:57:45Bgerif you don't count "A-B" :))
10:57:51preglowLinusN: what, you think the play symbol on the top button doesn't qualify it as being called a play button?
10:58:23 Quit BBub (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
10:58:24Bgerand "NAVI" on h3x0
10:58:37amiconnpreglow: Usually button names aren't translated, especially if they have actual names printed on them instead of symbols
10:58:41preglowbut still, you've got things like OFF = Cancel, which do suggest there's a button called OFF
10:58:58amiconnLinusN: The archos recorder ON and OFF buttons and player ON and MENU do
10:59:04Bgerthe bulgarian translation s baaad...
10:59:20LinusNpreglow: maybe we should use icons for that
10:59:31LinusNamiconn: true
10:59:46amiconnI agree that icons might be a nice solution
11:00:00LinusNproblem is that we need them in all sizes
11:00:03amiconn(of course we'll get a slight problem on the player)
11:00:27*LinusN goes to lunch
11:00:35Bgernice lunch
11:00:38preglowpft, time to drop the player!
11:00:41amiconnLinusN: Yes. Perhaps I'll try to make up some vector icons
11:00:50amiconnpreglow: Not at all
11:01:16amiconnIt *is* possible to use icons on the player, and it is even a very good idea
11:01:19preglowwhy can't we do this on the player, btw? all lcd's i've bumped into let you define your own bitmaps
11:01:49amiconnYes, but only 4 or 8 at a time
11:01:49Bgersome of the user chars are already used ?
11:02:26preglowi wonder if i should bother translatiing the voice fields at all, i sincerely doubt a norwegian voice pack will ever happen
11:02:31amiconn(4 or 8 visible at a time. The display code handles dynamic allocation)
11:03:11amiconnpreglow: It's your decision. I know of at least one swedish voice engine though, so norwegian might exists as well...
11:03:32Bgerthe new M$'s WSUS is so sluggish ...
11:04:03amiconnpreglow: Using icons in the form of user chars on the player is actually good because it will save display space, and the display is only 2x11 chars...
11:04:14amiconnBger: WSUS is really nice compared to SUS
11:04:26amiconnB4gder: mops??
11:04:36B4gderno, 'm' then ops ;-)
11:04:39Bgeramiconn: yes, it is, but it approves about 0.5updates/s ...
11:04:51preglowi wonder how it's actually possible to use an mp3 player a char cell display that small :/
11:04:58B4gder('m' being my shortcut in my shell for starting my mail reader)
11:05:20amiconnpreglow: It works better than you might think
11:05:21B4gderpreglow: the blind people don't mind that ;-)
11:05:52preglowB4gder: hehe
11:06:01Bgerpreglow: there are many mp3 players who lack the display of other info than "current track number" ...
11:06:34Bgerof course, they are older and not HDD-based
11:06:45solex...and they suck :)
11:06:52Bgerfor sure :)
11:10:15***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
11:10:40solexIn fact, I was searching for an MP3-Player for a long time
11:11:09amiconnpreglow: The charcell display is not the biggest annoyance with the player for sure
11:11:11solexI must have overlooked the Iriver H1x0...
11:11:29amiconnI think USB1.1 is the biggest drawback of the player
11:12:20amiconnIt takes hours to fill even the 10 GB model...
11:12:23Bger5-6s for 1 track ... even more
11:13:24Bgeramiconn: any idea what's the actual speed of USB1.1?
11:13:32Bger700-800kb/s ?
11:13:34preglowi used a 1.1 interface with my h120 for a long while, so i know all about that, hehe
11:14:07amiconnBger: I usually get around 1 MByte/sec
11:14:22Bgerhm, close to the theoretical limit
11:14:34amiconnTheoretical limit would be 1.5 MByte/sec
11:14:43Bgerbecause you can reserve up to 90% for one device of the bandwidth
11:15:00amiconnYes, and with MSD there is quite some overhead
11:15:06Bger10mbit including protocol overhead
11:15:18amiconnMSD encapsulates SCSI protocol in USB data blocks
11:15:31amiconn...which have a max. size of 64bytes
11:15:45amiconn(at least that's the limit with USB1.1)
11:15:54Bgersomething like this
11:16:26Bgerusb2.0 has 1023 and even more, but i don't remember whether this was only for INT and ISO transfers
11:20:02preglowthink i'll leave the voice entries to other people, it just takes too long
11:21:18BgerThe USB defines the allowable maximum bulk data payload sizes to be only 8, 16, 32, or 64 bytes for full-speed endpoints and 512 bytes for high-speed endpoints.
11:23:48preglownow, what the hell is 'rating' in norwegian :-)
11:24:32preglowso far i've translated "Set Song Rating" with "HVA FAEN", which is more a sign of frustration than a correct translation :PpPp
11:25:16Bgerok, this doesn't explain why i had such slooow transfers with my h3x0 to other h3x0 ... i uploaded the .hex file (2 547kb) in 30 secs or more ...
11:25:44Bger ~84kb/s ???
11:26:01Bgerok, 84.9
11:28:18preglowa lot of the new english strings doesn't follow the capitalized form of the rest of the english rockbox
11:28:33preglowlike Enable replaygain, Prevent clipping
11:29:36preglowme fix?
11:29:50Bgeri vote for fixing :)
11:32:51preglowthen again, a lot of older entries do as well. you've got Channel Configuration then Stereo width
11:32:54preglowwhat's the rule anyway?
11:37:23CoCoLUSi vote for every first letter capitalized :)
11:38:35Bgerme too
11:39:01Bgerbut you can see from miles that my english is not good at all :)
11:45:08CoCoLUSstart with using a decent system for describing lengths, like the metric ;)
11:46:21Bgerheh, the used metric system in my country is exactly the metric one ;)
11:46:57CoCoLUSthen why do you say "miles" :)
11:47:16Bgerask my sick brain :)
11:47:32Bgermaybe because 1 mile is more than 1 km? and sounds better:)
11:47:58CoCoLUS1.6, i believe
11:48:15Bgersomething like this
11:48:29Bgerthere are 2 kinds ... "sea miles " and ordinary miles
11:49:20CoCoLUSbut i think it has nothing to do with "english", imho every first letter capitalized is more readable in any language... well excluding chinese, maybe ;)
11:49:42Bgerit's just a habbit
11:50:03CoCoLUSon a rather small display like the iriver ('s -remote), that is
11:50:05amiconnIt should just be used consistently within one translation
11:50:05Bgeri wouldn't like every first letter capitalized in bulgarian...
11:51:31Bgeramiconn: so, in english ? all first letters capitalized ?
11:51:53CoCoLUSsomeone has to declare an offical rule :)
11:53:59preglowamiconn: yes, and for english the rule is capitalized first letters in all menu items, and not in messages?
11:55:30Bgermaybe we should ask some british ?
11:56:38preglowi don't think it's so much an english rule as it is a rockbox rule
12:01:45 Join ender1 [0] (
12:02:37 Quit ender` (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
12:03:20 Join hicks [0] (
12:06:30 Quit xen` (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
12:07:19hshahI am British
12:07:39hshahand yes - capital first letters in menus
12:07:52hshahbut in messages... it depends on how long the message it
12:08:25hshahlike for the Shutting down... it would be preferrable to have the D capital
12:08:48hshahbut messages that pop up like codec error... etc etc look nicer all lowercase...
12:09:07hshahbut mostly it is personal preference... there is no standard way of doing it
12:11:55 Quit preglow ("CGI:IRC (Ping timeout)")
12:25:45 Join Moos [0] (
12:26:48 Join paugh [0] (n=pete@2001:5c0:8fff:ffff:8000:0:3e03:6822)
12:27:37 Nick paugh is now known as AliasCoffee (n=pete@2001:5c0:8fff:ffff:8000:0:3e03:6822)
12:40:03 Join BBub [0] (
12:52:06CoCoLUSwhy not implement an additional option, "display options in upper/lower case" ;)
13:00:09 Join zezayer [0] (
13:00:22Bgerbtw, what does "USB (Sim)" mean ? u suppose "USB (Simulation)" am i right ?
13:00:42hshahUPPERCASE, lowercase, Title Case
13:02:57crwlbut then again, Title Case doesn't make much sense or is just blatantly incorrect in many languages
13:05:14B4gderimo it should be written "correctly" in the language file
13:05:31B4gderusing the language's rules
13:05:35Bgerthere is a bug in current english.lang :)
13:05:50 Quit zezayer (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
13:06:27Bgereng:"Partition" ??????
13:08:58B4gderfirst, the message is only for the Archos Player model
13:09:12B4gderthen, I believe it is related to some kind of save failure
13:09:17Bgeryes ?
13:09:33B4gderthat once was due to batteries, but then I think it was found out that the reason was most often due to lack of a proper partition
13:10:08Bgerso, how is supposed to translate it ?
13:10:19***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
13:12:57B4gderI don't know, we must check source code
13:13:16 Join bluebrot1er^ [0] (
13:16:32Bgerif(save_config_buffer()) { lcd_clear_display(); lcdputs(0,0,"save failed"); lcd_puts(0,1,"partition?"); ...
13:16:36Bgersomething like this
13:16:58 Quit DangerousDan ("Miranda IM! Smaller, Faster, Easier.")
13:18:16Bgerisn't better "save failed\npartition or bat. low?"
13:18:59B4gdernewline isn't supported, and I'm not sure it scrolls so you may be limited to 11 chars
13:19:02LinusNBger: that string is made to fit the 2x11 archos studio screen
13:19:43LinusNbtw, in this case, a splash() might be appropriate
13:19:57Bgerhm, cannot trunc it
13:20:47Bgermaybe it's better to not translate the strings for player at all ?
13:24:33LinusNi'd say that "save failed" is enough
13:24:54LinusNmaybe the return code from write() would be interesting
13:25:10LinusN"save failed"
13:25:15LinusN"error: -2"
13:25:57 Quit bluebrother^ (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
13:38:27amiconnI think real error messages should be translated
13:39:07amiconnThere are users who don't understand english, or only very little
13:39:24solexI agree
13:39:46Bgerbut "Partition" translated ...
13:39:53LinusNi just think the "partition?" is mislieading
13:40:01LinusNbetter give an error code
13:40:16amiconnYes, but with a translated text
13:40:21LinusNof course
13:40:52Bgeri don't think this will tell something to someone who don't work with computers (and if someone works, he'll know what does this word mean)
13:42:47Bgerall i wanted to say is that either you know the word "partition", either you don't... and if someone comes here and says ok, it gave me " \n ?" you won't understand him
13:43:18Bger(this was translation to "Save failed\n Partition?"
13:43:20B4gderI think you're right, I didn't understand that at all! ;-P
13:43:46solexBger: your kidding, aren't you?
13:43:57Bgersolex: about what ?
13:44:06solex" \n ?"
13:44:17Bgerwhat's funny with it ?:)
13:44:44solexMaybe I am just missing an ASCII character...
13:44:45Bgerif you use CP1251 u'll see that this *is* text :) in cyrillic
13:44:58solexAh, iso-8859-15 here
13:45:24Bgerok, it's something like "Zapazvane neuspeshno\n Dial?"
13:45:52*solex doesn't have cyrillic fonts installed on his fscked windoze...
13:46:18Bgersee the log :)
13:46:27Bgerand switch the encoding manually
13:47:05solexAnyway, I think you shouldn't try too hard to translate technical terms.
13:48:20Bgerok, i won't translate something unless there is common accepted translated word for the term
13:53:11Bgerif the "new:" string is empty, the english one will be used, right ?
13:54:30Bgeri mean
13:54:30Bgernew: ""
13:54:56 Join webguest17 [0] (
13:55:31amiconnBger: You can even leave out the quotes for empty strings
13:56:37webguest17several languages don't have the technical terms in their vocabularly and adopt enlish names anyway or modern tech speak
13:57:27webguest17and my spelling need revision as well ;)
13:58:15Bgerafk, bbl
13:58:56webguest17its a dillema for the puritannical traditionalists of that language, engineering is constantly challenging the linguists
14:01:03webguest17translate "reboot, hexa decimal, Hard Drive, RAM, ROM," etc...
14:03:02webguest17quit time to Foxtrot Oscar
14:03:18 Quit webguest17 ("CGI:IRC 0.5.4 (2004/01/29)")
14:24:40 Join DangerousDan [0] (
14:29:49 Join wrecker [0] (
14:31:27wreckerSorry, I'm a bit of a Rockbox Noob, especially to IRC. I am interested in getting involved in iRiver testing. Can I post bug reports here as and when I come across them??
14:34:19wreckerGreat. I'm going to get involved as I am completely hooked on Rockbox. I am trying to learn some C to get involved further down the line, but for now I thought I'd get involved in testing and documentation. I have already posted some detailed instructions for iRiver OTF playlists on the forum and intend on doing some Wiki manual updating soon too. Every bit helps!!
14:38:58arpjust dont use up all your eagerness and enthusiasm in one day :)
14:42:53wreckerI'll try and pace it....
14:43:49wreckerI've been keen for some time and have been keeping up to date with what's going on on the Rockbox and Mistic River forums for a while, 'learning the ropes'. I'm building myself up slowly...
14:45:14wreckerAs a starter for 10, there is a (non-critical) 'bug' with iRiver FM recording at the mo. After you've recorded (Debug-> PCM Recording -> Line-In), you lose all sound and have to reboot before you can play anything again. Is that already known?
14:45:42 Join tvelocity [0] (
14:45:44B4gderthe recording is not in a very good shape yet
14:45:54B4gder(hence the palcement in the debug menu)
14:47:56wreckerfair enough. I thought thatw as probably the case. Just thought I'd mention it.
14:50:34 Join B4gd3r [0] (
14:53:15LinusNB4gd3r: schizo!
14:53:32B4gd3rI'm cloned!
14:56:07Kick(#rockbox B4gder : ) by LinusN!
14:56:28LinusNthat felt goooood
14:56:48 Quit wrecker ("CGI:IRC")
15:06:51Bgerwhy don't use nickserv ghost ... :)
15:08:29ashridahand let nickserv get all the fun?
15:09:00B4gd3rwell, my regular nick is already in use by my client from home
15:09:06 Nick B4gd3r is now known as B4gder (
15:09:20Bgerand you've not registered your work nick? shame :P
15:09:48B4gderI've found no point in doing it
15:09:58B4gderand I actually never identify my regged one either
15:10:21***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
15:10:24B4gdernot since I lost my op in here
15:11:01amiconnIirc if you don't identify for some time, you'll lose the registration
15:11:04 Quit Febs (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
15:11:26B4gderand right now, there's no "owner" of this channel
15:11:31B4gdersince adiamas vanished
15:11:50amiconnThe nickname registration has nothing to do with the channel
15:12:33Bgeramiconn: maybe it has ... if the channel "founder"'s nick drops ...
15:12:45B4gderI know
15:12:57B4gderbut I couldn't get opped anymore for some reason
15:13:04B4gderthen I stopped identifying myself too
15:13:30ashridahwrong window :)
15:13:32 Join wrecker [0] (
15:13:50ashridahthe channel's still registered
15:14:40amiconnB4gder: I've configured my client to auto-identify me
15:15:19LinusNashridah: yes it's registered, but the owner (adiamas) is nowhere to be found
15:15:41amiconnIf you don't identify, you won't e.g. receive offline message
15:15:41Bgerwho is adiamas ?
15:16:01LinusNan old rockbox trooper from the early days
15:16:16LinusNmissing in action .-)
15:16:31amiconn...and it keeps my nick registered, so I can regain my nick in case someone tries to 'steal' it
15:17:20B4gderthat never happened to me
15:19:52 Quit wrecker ("CGI:IRC")
15:26:30 Quit ashridah ("sleep")
15:33:35 Join rooomish [0] (
15:35:07rooomishWanted IDC Dragon! Reward! Need exe for archos boot mod!
15:40:39 Join muesli- [0] (
15:41:59 Join Xetrov [0] (
15:42:56Xetrovanyone knows if the toshiba MK4025GAS hd needs shortening to work on studio20?
15:43:09Xetrovim trying to order the hd with the least potential problems as a replacement
15:43:27hshahwhats standby mode?
15:44:01Xetrovtalking about whats described in
15:44:18LinusNhshah: the disk spins down automatically when not busy
15:44:40hshahahh ok
15:44:41LinusNXetrov: i don't know, my MK4018GAS works perfectly
15:44:52Xetrovi hope mine will too
15:44:58hshahu must be getting annoyed with me asking random questions :s
15:44:59B4gderI don't even remember what disk I got... :-)
15:45:28Xetrovhows power consumption on that MK4018GAS of yours?
15:45:50 Join zezayer [0] (n=jake@
15:46:05Xetrovi got 2500mAh batteries just in case the new drive will be more power hungry
15:47:30AliasCoffeemmm, random questions..
15:48:12AliasCoffeelike: is the optical input on the h140 set at 44100hz, 16bit and only that?
15:48:22 Quit Xetrov ("random chances operate in my favour")
15:49:43LinusNAliasCoffee: the optical in can handle up to 48khz/20bits
15:51:34 Join XMaster-ShadowX [0] (
15:51:43amiconnLinusN: What's the deal with your standby fix?
15:52:03AliasCoffeeLinusN, ah, ty.
15:52:03 Join Vortex [0] (
15:52:06 Nick Vortex is now known as Xetrov (
15:52:10LinusNthe problem is that some disks spin down immediately when getting the STANDBY command
15:52:29amiconnHmm, is that a problem?
15:52:46LinusNfor people with weak batteries it is sometimes better to remain spinning
15:52:53amiconnBtw, I observed something strange concerning USB and disk spindown
15:53:12LinusNbetter set the power management mode instead, like we discussed earlier
15:53:40amiconnAfaiu the USB bridges of archos recorder (usb2.0) and iriver are almost identical, and windows uses a standard driver as these are USB MSD compatible
15:54:24amiconnHowever, while the recorder HD will spin down when not accessed via USB, the iriver HD remains spinning all the time
15:55:06LinusNthe default power management mode is programmed in the i2c eeprom connected to the isd chip
15:55:31amiconnAh ok.
15:55:54amiconnHmm, maybe that means regardless how we set the power management mode, the bridge chip will overwrite it?
15:57:09LinusNnot necessarily, that depends on if the driver resets the drive or not
15:57:23LinusNand if it sets the power mgmt mode
15:57:53LinusNin any case, sending the standby cmd was a bad idea
15:57:55amiconnHmm, I don't get what you mean...
15:58:14LinusNthe operating system drive can do what it wants with the disk
15:58:29LinusNit can set the management mode as it wishes
15:58:37LinusNand spin it down when it wants to
15:58:38amiconnHmm, yes
15:59:02amiconn...and iiuc the default mode is specified by the i2c eeprom?
15:59:23LinusN(iirc) :-)
15:59:31amiconnFor me that sounds like setting the power management mode from rockbox wouldn't have any effect
16:01:39LinusNthat depends on if the operating system driver sets it or not
16:02:40 Join tutut [0] (n=titit@tor/session/x-c0a7cc997544b16f)
16:05:10rooomishamiconn: pls You really have not any version of archos boot mod exe? I am distressed - help pls!
16:05:45amiconnI already told you that I have one, but I don't know which bitrate mix it uses, and I can't test
16:06:11amiconnI did a number of experiments with different bitrates
16:06:26rooomishamiconn: ;-
16:06:35amiconnThe standard tools all support 14400bps, but I experimented with 38400bps as well
16:06:46rooomish;-// OK sorry
16:07:06amiconnMy tools may even contain a mix, like the loader using 14400 but the minimon then requiring to switch to 38400
16:07:48amiconnThe point is that while I could provide you with these, I can't say what parameters you would need to make them work :/
16:08:22amiconn...and I can't test myself, at least not now
16:08:34rooomishamiconn: Understand - that is why, I am waiting here so long without success.
16:08:35amiconnI need to hook up a player and try
16:09:21amiconnI even have a player to hook up, but I'll need a replacement button before doing so
16:10:10amiconnI'm already waiting for that button for a while...
16:11:06rooomishamiconn: after receiving it please let me know! Thnx
16:11:36rooomishor pls update the wiki
16:12:01amiconnuart_boot is in cvs, so it should be possible to build it
16:12:18amiconnHowever, this still doesn't guarantee a working version
16:12:56rooomishamiconn: I have not skills to work with cvs :-(
16:16:18amiconnHmm, I can build a version and provide it, but I still can't guarantee it will work
16:16:43amiconnI think it should work though, I just checked the source a bit to see what is needed
16:17:22rooomishamiconn: I will be grateful for this
16:17:31rooomishmany thanks
16:19:26 Join RockboxLover [0] (
16:19:35RockboxLoverHello guys
16:19:42B4gdernow here's a fan! ;-)
16:20:08RockboxLovera litle question please
16:20:26RockboxLoverbtw very very thanks for this best fw in the world
16:21:15RockboxLoverI see in the patch tracker one patch for colorize the cards in the solitaire Rockbox game
16:21:23RockboxLoverit's just one detail :)
16:21:25amiconnrooomish: Hmm, iirc the bitrate switching is done with the -test option in the cvs version of uart_boot, so just avoid using that ;)
16:21:36 Join hicks_ [0] (
16:22:07RockboxLoverbut think you it could be implemented, I guess few users use this game and it could be very cool for us
16:23:00amiconnTry that and pls tell me whether it worked...
16:23:43RockboxLoverLinus, Bagder...? I don't have build environment and I can't see if all is good with patch, think ypu is good?
16:24:02B4gderI don't know, but I think it is good
16:24:35RockboxLoverOne core dev like you Bagder or someone with CVS access can add it?
16:25:06B4gderanyone with CVS can add it, but it would take testing and reviewing of it first
16:25:11rooomishamiconn: thank you - I will try it!
16:25:47amiconnRockboxLover: ...and there is a feature freeze in effect atm
16:26:11 Quit RockboxLover ("CGI:IRC (EOF)")
16:26:17 Quit rooomish ("game is over")
16:26:47 Join RockboxLover [0] (
16:27:29RockboxLoverHi amiconn, this thing is not a new feature
16:27:43RockboxLoverjust colore fixing :D
16:28:03 Join t0mas [0] (
16:28:15RockboxLoverHello t0mas
16:28:59RockboxLoveri just ask if anyone with CVS acces can add the patch about colorize the card in Solitaire plugin
16:29:10RockboxLovermaybe you are interesting :D
16:29:44t0masI'm just out of the car...
16:29:55RockboxLoverscuse me
16:29:55t0masI've been in belgium/france... nountainbiking
16:30:07t0masso I'll first have to read all commits in these days
16:30:08RockboxLoverlucky :)
16:30:16RockboxLoverlots of them
16:30:21RockboxLoverlike always
16:30:23t0masthen read my new e-mail mountain :)
16:30:35t0masand then I'll have time to do your commit
16:30:43t0masbut maybe someone else can do it faster
16:30:55t0mashave you checked if the patch compiles on all platforms?
16:30:59t0mas(inclusing sim?)
16:31:07RockboxLoverit's why I ask Bagder; Linus, amiconn...
16:31:18t0masoh... and are we frozen already?
16:31:22RockboxLovert0mas: is not my plugin
16:31:28t0masthat doesn't matter
16:31:29RockboxLoveris stripwax patch
16:31:53t0masthen he should try to get it committed
16:31:59RockboxLoverbut very usuful for us solitaire users
16:32:14t0mashm.. yeah...
16:32:17RockboxLoverI think he don't have CVS access
16:32:25t0maswell... can you test it?
16:32:49RockboxLoverdon't have build environment
16:32:54t0masah ok
16:33:00t0maswell... I have no time to test it right now
16:33:18RockboxLovernot a problem thanks so
16:33:20t0masand it should be tested before committing
16:33:48RockboxLoverlike every time
16:34:13RockboxLoverdo you use Solitaire plugin a bit?
16:34:33RockboxLoverah :)
16:34:34t0masI don't know the game
16:34:54RockboxLovera classical little game
16:35:43amiconnRockboxLover: I don, and I actually never missed the colouring
16:35:46 Quit RockboxLover ("CGI:IRC")
16:36:03 Quit hicks (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
16:36:22 Join RockboxLover [0] (
16:37:15RockboxLovercoloring it could be cool for differencing the black and red card, better for our eyes
16:38:17RockboxLoveramiconn: did you test this patch?
16:39:31RockboxLoverprobably not :)
16:41:06RockboxLoverHey Linus, very efficiance organisation :)
16:41:42amiconnRockboxLover: The colours are recognisable by the symbols. However, I think the cards should be a bit bigger on iriver
16:42:53RockboxLoveramiconn: plus colours support is your cup of tea :)
16:42:58CoCoLUSwho no iriver issues?
16:43:06hshaht0mas - see PM :)
16:43:18t0masI already saw it :)
16:43:23t0masI have a real client now
16:43:41hshahthats good :)
16:43:43 Join XavierGr [0] (
16:43:47hshahbut i don't so i didn't see ur reply :p
16:43:57muesli-hi XavierGr :D
16:44:15XavierGrHello all!
16:44:30XavierGrWow new topic...
16:44:49RockboxLovernot for us iriver users :)
16:45:32XavierGrI don't think so... even if there is not a release for iriver there will be many bugfixes.
16:46:33RockboxLoverHave a good day all !
16:46:42 Quit RockboxLover ("CGI:IRC")
16:47:11XavierGrMuesli did you tried the modified jpeg plugin?
16:47:41muesli-nope, not so far
16:47:45muesli-but i could
16:48:35 Quit AliasCoffee (".")
16:48:41muesli-is it implemented in "Based on 21st of August 12:51 daily build"
16:49:50XavierGryeah what?
16:50:02XavierGrah oh no
16:50:02 Join B4gd3r [0] (
16:50:17XavierGrbut when I update the build I am sure I will include it.
16:50:42muesli-excellent :D
16:50:46 Join webguest70 [0] (
16:51:09muesli-btw could someboday edit the steps of the sleep timer
16:51:20muesli-0:15 0:30 etc are too big
16:51:22XavierGrNow if only I could fine someone to give directions on how to sort files, qsort doesn't seem to work.
16:51:42XavierGr^find lol
16:51:58 Quit hshah ("CGI:IRC")
16:52:49webguest70on the news it said the first beep was recorded on the h300 wat does that mean
16:53:05LinusNit means that i traced the first connection on the pcb
16:53:25webguest70Linus you rule
16:53:30LinusNand it said "first multimeter beep", nothing about recording
16:53:48 Join bobTHC [0] (
16:53:57webguest70well thats wat i ment
16:54:09bobTHChi folks !
16:54:13B4gd3rlinus' ears recorded it ;-)
16:54:22webguest70emmmmmm is there anything i can do to help
16:54:47XavierGrLinusN: I just finished the jpeg viewer, want to see and help me about the sorting of the files?
16:55:23LinusNXavierGr: i have very little time, but put it in the patch tracker
16:55:39LinusNwebguest70: not at the moment, no
16:56:13 Quit B4gder (Read error: 60 (Operation timed out))
16:56:15webguest70how long will it take you to write the bootloader
16:58:09webguest70any idea
16:58:28bobTHCI think someone already propose that but anyway : what do u think about a hot cue sampler like on pionneer CD players ???? "The hot cue memory sampler memorizes up to 3 cue points. These points can then be recalled by hitting either of the A, B, or C buttons. This function can also be used like a mini sampler"
16:59:08LinusNwebguest70: i have no idea
16:59:14 Nick B4gd3r is now known as B4gder (
16:59:39LinusNbobTHC: why would you want this?
17:00:04bobTHCto make parties ;)
17:00:46LinusN3 cue points would make a real fun party
17:01:04LinusNi can't imagine how i managed without it all these years
17:01:38bobTHCit's just an idea, it's not a real need, but it's because i thinking how 32MB of the Iriver would be usefull
17:01:47bobTHC3 or more ;)
17:02:41LinusNi think those 32mb could be used for buffering songs to save battery
17:02:47LinusNlike we do today
17:02:56*LinusN is old and grumpy today
17:04:12B4gderhehe, doing =+ instead of += is a subtle bug in C
17:04:28muesli-LinusN how many mb are used for buffering so far?
17:04:37B4gder30.5MB or so
17:04:43bobTHCbut i can live quietly without this feature, it's an idea, perhaps someone could be very interrested by this feature and want to do a plugin , that's all...
17:05:19LinusNbobTHC: i can't even imagine what it would be used for
17:06:18LinusNmuesli-: A-B->Info->Rockbox Info
17:06:59t0masreboot :)
17:07:00bobTHClike on professional Cdplayer, to make loops of a part of the song to make it longer or other thing like that
17:07:02 Quit t0mas ()
17:07:17XavierGrLinusN: I just want a confirmation if I do the sorting right.
17:07:39XavierGrI have the big buffer with the names and a pointer array that points the buufer.
17:07:48XavierGrThen I call qsort like this:
17:08:07XavierGrrb->qsort(pointer, entries, sizeof(char*), compare);
17:08:24XavierGrBut nothing happens. Files remain unsorted.
17:08:28 Part Zagor ("Client exiting")
17:08:30webguest70LinusN: after the bootloader is done will the stuff(codes) from the ihp1x0s work for the h300
17:08:36XavierGrAny idea if I do something dummy?
17:09:17B4gderwe are focusing on bug fixing now
17:09:22B4gderthat is not a bug
17:10:16LinusNXavierGr: i'll have a look when i find the time
17:10:22XavierGrok thanks
17:10:26***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
17:10:29LinusNput the patch in the tracker
17:10:55 Join webguest12 [0] (
17:11:03LinusNwebguest70: a lot needs to be changed, but most things should work
17:11:54webguest12Hi. XavierGr, are you there? I tried snake2 the other day, and it seems as if the game speeds up on cpu boosts.
17:12:05LinusNgotta go
17:12:09LinusNcu later folx
17:12:15 Part LinusN
17:12:54XavierGrwebguest12: That is the way the game is implemented. It should work fine only when there are no changes in CPU frequency
17:13:10XavierGrI didn't touch any of the code in that aspect.
17:13:12webguest12Funny though
17:13:23 Join rooomish [0] (
17:13:31XavierGrDo I need a sourceforge account to submit a patch
17:13:59webguest12Is it possible to get the current frequency from the plugin api?
17:14:24rooomishamiconn: which file I have to upload to flash: internal_rom_2000000-203FFFF.bin ?
17:15:11webguest12Or some other way, just to make sure the timing remains the same for the plugins
17:15:27webguest12even if the cpu boosts
17:15:53 Quit webguest70 ("CGI:IRC")
17:17:52webguest12amiconn: do you know if this is possible. Some way to update the current timing in the plugins.
17:18:28webguest12I guess the audio thread is given highest priority.
17:20:16webguest12got to go, bye
17:20:18 Part webguest12
17:31:51 Quit tvelocity ("Leaving")
17:34:38 Quit muesli- (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
17:41:04 Join bagawk [0] (
17:45:42 Quit XavierGr ()
17:47:30 Join amiconn_ [0] (
17:47:54 Join tvelocity [0] (
17:49:26 Part XMaster-ShadowX
17:55:03 Quit tvelocity ("Leaving")
17:55:21 Quit B4gder ("Lmnar")
17:55:51 Join thegeek [0] (
18:02:02 Join webguest30 [0] (
18:02:33 Quit webguest30 (Client Quit)
18:04:09 Quit amiconn (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
18:04:09 Nick amiconn_ is now known as amiconn (
18:05:11 Join t0mas [0] (
18:06:47 Quit einhirn ("Miranda IM! Smaller, Faster, Easier.")
18:09:03bagawkt0mas, hello
18:15:50 Join XMaster-ShadowX [0] (
18:21:35 Part XMaster-ShadowX
18:21:47amiconnrooomish: What you need to flash depends on what you want
18:22:19amiconnIf you have a ROM backup *of this very box* you can flash that (internal_rom_2000000-203FFFF.bin)
18:22:43amiconnDon't try to simply flash such a file from another box, even if it is the same type
18:23:40Xetrovamiconn, any idea about the csel issue ( ) on Toshiba MK4025GAS?
18:23:41amiconnYou can also flash a rockbox flash image from a flash package, but you will need to patch that manually with a hex editor
18:23:55amiconnXetrov: I have no idea
18:24:36rooomishamiconn: oki - my question was premature - I am trying to download minimon - without success - the PC and Archos are not communicating :-(
18:24:49amiconnI would suggest to stay away from Toshiba disks because these issues (OEM models behaving different than genuine models)
18:25:12amiconnIf they work, they work fine, but getting them to work can obviously be tricky sometimes
18:34:38 Quit goa (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
18:45:54Xetrovso what models are known to be good all around
18:47:40 Join XMaster-ShadowX [0] (
18:49:54 Quit TCK ("I shall not cease!")
18:51:12bagawkXetrov, I would say fujitsu is bad
18:51:36bagawkXetrov, I had 2 early player models, both and fujitsu disks, and both failed
18:51:54Xetrovevery hd fails
18:51:58Xetrovits thier destiny
18:52:02Xetrovfailed how tho
18:52:42zeevery manufacturer has made bad drives too
18:52:46Xetrovthe toshiba seems fine.. i dont know about that csel
18:52:52Xetrovseems to effect some but not other
18:52:55Xetrovvery selective
18:53:13zeyou really can't go by which one's made a bad series, cause they all seem to have
18:53:36Xetrovi need a hd
18:53:41Xetrovi think ill go with the toshiba
18:54:07Xetrovmaybe ill drop a mail at the mailing list first.
18:57:29bagawkI had 2 IBM travelstars, both were good
18:57:52bagawkI think hitachi bought them out though
18:57:56 Part XMaster-ShadowX
18:59:45bagawkXetrov, the first quit spinning, and made this strange siren lke noise (like it had a speaker inside)
19:00:12bagawkand the second, I do not remember
19:00:19bagawkIt has been as few years
19:00:46Xetrovim not too worried about the hd giving out in a few years
19:00:58Xetrovi hope to get rid of the archos and buy a better player one day
19:01:05Xetrovjust installation issues
19:06:07 Nick bluebrot1er^ is now known as bluebrother^ (
19:10:29***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
19:19:13 Nick ender1 is now known as ender` (
19:20:16amiconnXetrov: Basically any model *should* work, but there are some I would avoid in conjunction with archos, based on experience
19:20:51 Quit bobTHC ("Smoke Weed Every Day !")
19:21:05amiconnThese are: (1) Toshiba, you know why. (2) The old Hitachi DK23CA and DK23DA series
19:21:27amiconn(3) Anything with more than 4200 rpm due to power consumption
19:22:31amiconnWhen I upgraded my recorder I chose an 80GB IBM. No issues with that disk so far
19:22:55Xetrovi want 20gb, 40gb at most
19:22:58Xetrovi barely even use 10
19:23:32amiconnMine is an IBM IC25N080ATMR04
19:24:01amiconnPerhaps a bit louder than newer Fujitsu or Samsung drives though
19:24:08 Join webguest26 [0] (
19:24:32Xetrovim buying it through my brothers work, they have kickass retail deals
19:24:38Xetrovso ill look what models they offer and compare
19:25:06webguest26I have read the manual, but there is no definition for "Disk spin down" and "Disk power off", whats the difference please
19:25:30amiconnMy old 20GB drive was also an IBM. I had no issues with that either, just wanted more capacity
19:25:53ender`guessing: spin down stops the disk spinning, but keeps it powered on
19:26:04amiconnwebguest26: Disk spindown is a timeout setting, determining after how many secs of inactivity it will spin down
19:26:34amiconnDisk poweroff is an on/off setting, determining whether the HD will switched off completely when not spinning
19:26:39webguest26ok, and poweroff ?
19:27:14 Join solex_ [0] (
19:27:15amiconnThis saves some extra battery power (the standby current), but leads to a slightly longer spinup time
19:27:43webguest26if it is switched off will it not start again if play or suchlike is requested ?
19:27:47amiconn...because the disk has to be reinitialised on every spinup
19:28:06amiconnNo, that has to be handled in software
19:28:35amiconnOff means physically off, i.e. cutting DC power (by a transistor on the mainboard)
19:28:58rooomishamiconn: Maybe I fount the mistake - I used for pulldown not 1K but 10K resistors. Tomorrow I am going to buy the right ones.
19:29:09amiconnrooomish: That's very likely then
19:29:33amiconn10 k pulldown against 10k pullup on the board won't give a low level for sure
19:30:01rooomishamiconn: yes yes yes!
19:30:21*webguest26 doesn't understand the reason for disk poweroff
19:30:37amiconnSaving some extra battery power
19:31:05webguest26but surely it has to be restarted for the next load of music
19:31:08amiconnIf the disk is spun down but not physically switched off, the disk electronics will still consume some power
19:31:53webguest26ah ok now I understand, thank you
19:31:55amiconnYes, that has to be done in either case, but without physical poweroff, the disk will spin up by itself when it receives a request that requires accessing the medium
19:32:27amiconnThat's what the electronics still needs power for - waiting for the next request
19:32:32 Join preglow [0] (
19:32:48webguest26its a question of saving a few milliamps then ?
19:33:06ender`anything for longer battery life :)
19:33:15amiconnYes, but it's quite some percent of total consuption
19:33:27amiconn(around 10% on archos depending on the disk model)
19:33:34ender`what about iriver?
19:33:45amiconnI guess it's around the same percentage
19:34:21preglowi take it no ones actually dropped by here and announced they're actually working on porting wma?
19:34:38amiconnThe 1.8" disk might have more advanced electronics needing less milliamps
19:35:04 Quit hicks_ (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
19:35:20webguest26thanks for the info
19:36:35 Join dpassen1 [0] (
19:38:05 Quit webguest26 ("if I thow a stick, will you leave")
19:38:35 Quit preglow ("CGI:IRC (EOF)")
19:42:51 Quit solex (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
19:44:01 Join AliasCoffee [0] (n=pete@2001:5c0:8fff:ffff:8000:0:3e03:6822)
19:46:24 Quit rooomish ("game is over")
19:50:52 Join Lear [0] (
19:53:05 Quit bagawk ("Leaving")
19:55:44 Join uski [0] (
20:00:20 Quit phaedrus961 (Read error: 113 (No route to host))
20:13:25 Join phaedrus961 [0] (
20:16:11 Quit tutut ()
20:17:51 Join hicks [0] (
20:18:40 Join XMaster-ShadowX [0] (
20:31:25 Quit dpassen1 (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
20:40:50 Join dpassen1 [0] (
20:50:01 Part XMaster-ShadowX
20:57:24 Quit crwl ("se on menoa")
20:59:24 Quit uski (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
21:01:06 Quit dpassen1 ()
21:05:56 Quit zezayer ("C Ya's All")
21:09:53 Join linuxstb [0] (
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21:33:03 Part Lear
21:42:04 Quit phaedrus961 (Read error: 113 (No route to host))
21:44:32 Join phaedrus961 [0] (
21:44:41 Join Paul_The_Nerd [0] (
21:45:27 Join bumi [0] (
21:45:46bumihey all
21:47:09bumianyone here have rockbox for iriver installed?
21:52:37 Quit hicks (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
21:53:55Paul_The_NerdI do. Why?
21:55:06bumiwanted to ask if the latest boot loader is the one that has the bug of the backlight being on when connected to the PC
21:55:19bumiam tring to update my firmware but am having truble
21:55:29bumiso i thoght maybe i shold install the new bootloader
21:56:14Paul_The_NerdThe most recent bootloader doesn't have the backlight issue.
21:56:21Paul_The_NerdWhat's the trouble you're having updating?
21:56:59bumii just downloaded the latest build from the CVS
21:57:03bumibut then the player wont boot
21:57:20bumithe last firmware i had was buggy and allso didnt save my font settings for some reson
21:57:31bumiand the one before works great but i dont have the file anymore
21:58:55Paul_The_NerdOdd. Are you using any patches, or just building the pure, most recent CVS?
21:59:57bumiam not building
22:00:02bumiam downloading it from the site...
22:00:44Paul_The_NerdOh, so the "bleeding edge" .zip?
22:02:45Paul_The_NerdOne sec.
22:05:24Paul_The_NerdEverything's working on my end with the newest version. I'm not that familiar with the way everything works...
22:05:35Paul_The_NerdWhen you're saying "won't boot" what happens?
22:06:13bumiwell, it does the rockbox checksum
22:06:18bumisaid its wrong
22:06:22bumiand boots to the original firmware
22:06:43bumiit was fixed
22:06:48bumilets see if the other thing is fixed
22:06:48Paul_The_NerdI was about to suggest that
22:06:56Paul_The_NerdDid your fonts just reset to default?
22:07:12Paul_The_NerdBecause they did change to a new config version, which means basically, all settings got reset.
22:07:41Paul_The_NerdIt's generally best, once you've picked an WPS you like, and a font, and everything, to go to the Manage Settings menu, and safe a config file with your settings.
22:07:59bumii know
22:08:11bumiam tring to redownload the fonts i want
22:08:16bumithe hebrew ones
22:08:36Paul_The_NerdOh,so if you pick the fonts, then leave the menus, shut down, and restart, it's back to a default font?
22:08:55bumithat was the problem
22:09:03bumiill get the fonts back
22:09:13bumiand see if it still happends
22:10:00bumisay, i heard of a butten combo you can click that is like the reset botten
22:10:04bumido you know what it is?
22:10:11Paul_The_NerdI haven't heard ofi t.
22:12:55 Quit AliasCoffee ("Leaving")
22:14:45bumiit works
22:15:09Paul_The_NerdHeh, I didn't really do anything.
22:15:10bumiso whats the advantage of updating to the latest boot loader?
22:16:00Paul_The_NerdNot much. I think it's a little bit faster loading, and a few noises that happen when you plug in / remove usb cable have been removed, if I recall
22:16:26bumiso its all perty minor
22:16:32Paul_The_NerdSeems that way.
22:16:51bumii love rockbox
22:16:53Paul_The_NerdBasically, if what you've got works, may as well stay with it until there's compelling cause to upgrade.
22:17:11bumithe new BiDi sepport is realy realy goodf
22:17:29bumithere is problems when i switch songs
22:17:30Paul_The_NerdI'm a native English speaker, so it's not too useful for me, but I like the fact such things are there.
22:17:37bumiand then the player freazes
22:17:51Paul_The_NerdWhat format are your songs in?
22:18:10Paul_The_NerdI remember reading sometime in the last couple days about a fix for a freeze, or crash, or something when songs switched.
22:18:14bumimostly 192k MP3's
22:18:25Paul_The_NerdHrm... I think it was OGG that the fix was for.
22:18:36Paul_The_NerdI really can't remember. =/
22:18:46bumidont use ogg too much
22:18:51bumiam a emule lover
22:19:18bumiever heard of something called XSS?
22:19:22Paul_The_NerdMost of my music comes from my own CDs, so it's all lossless wavpacks. (I don't have that much of my own music.) The rest of it is OCRemixes.
22:19:32Paul_The_NerdWhat is it?
22:19:52bumiam going to ireland on wensday
22:20:07bumiso i hope to get into the irish music as well
22:20:15buminow i like mostly rock
22:20:20bumihebrew music
22:20:29bumiblink 182
22:20:34bumilinkin park
22:20:38bumistuff like that
22:20:49bumiallso chill music
22:20:56bumiand black
22:21:07bumicalifornia love is my fav
22:21:08Paul_The_NerdI listen to... well... almost anything that isn't "Rap" or "Country/Western" heh.
22:21:51bumiare you a programer?
22:22:26Paul_The_NerdI haven't programmed C in years, though Rockbox tempts me daily.
22:26:40 Join webguest05 [0] (
22:26:54webguest05does rockbox normalize playback volume at all?
22:27:51Paul_The_NerdHow do you mean?
22:28:31webguest05ripped stuff is at different volumes so a lot of the time say on random play i have to mess with the volume because some tracks are louder than others
22:28:49webguest05it would be nice to not have to mess with the volume all the time
22:28:53Paul_The_NerdYes and no then
22:29:01Paul_The_NerdBasically, find a program that can replaygain scan your files
22:29:03webguest05what do you mean
22:29:15Paul_The_NerdFoobar2000, vorbisgain for oggs, mp3gain for MP3s (just scan, do NOT change)
22:29:16webguest05yeah doesn't that affect quality though?
22:29:31Paul_The_NerdReplaygain just tells the player an offset for the gain, it doesn't reencode or anything
22:29:40webguest05that runs on the iriver?
22:29:51Paul_The_NerdOnce you've had a program tag the files, yes.
22:30:11webguest05oh so you run it on the pc agains your files then the rockbox reads it from the tag?
22:30:32Paul_The_Nerdthe files get tagged with the offset, and Rockbox reads that tag, and adjusts the gain so that at a given volume, the songs sound the same "loudness" approximately
22:30:38Paul_The_NerdYep, exactly
22:31:22Paul_The_NerdI recommend Foobar2000, though some people have problems with it.
22:31:54Paul_The_NerdBecause it can tag all playable formats, so you can just create a playlist of all the files on your player, then run the replaygain operation.
22:32:08Paul_The_NerdBut it *can* clear ID3 tags, if you have mixed V1 and V2 tags, apparently.
22:32:17webguest05all i have are ogg
22:33:04webguest05don't really care about tags just use dir structure
22:33:13Paul_The_NerdOh, with Oggs it works fine.
22:33:23Paul_The_NerdIt's *just* MP3s that it can have issues with, as far as I know.
22:33:37Paul_The_NerdOgg, Flac, Wavpack, etc, have been no problem for me.
22:33:39Paul_The_NerdGood luck!
22:33:46 Quit phaedrus961 (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
22:37:14 Join phaedrus961 [0] (
22:41:00 Quit webguest05 ("CGI:IRC")
22:41:33 Join webguest93 [0] (
22:42:22webguest93webguest05: there's a guide at mictic river on 'how to rpelaygain mp3 files', its the same for ogg
22:44:28 Quit webguest93 (Client Quit)
22:46:06 Join hicks [0] (
22:58:55 Join Shebb [0] (
23:06:15 Quit bumi ("( :: NoNameScript 3.81 :: )")
23:08:30arpso how far along is rockbox on the gmini xs200?
23:09:13Bagderit has stalled
23:09:27Bagderno one does anything for the gmini anymore
23:09:33arpgot it
23:09:52Bagderbut it was fairly far going
23:10:16 Join hardeep [0] (i=hardeeps@norge.freeshell.ORG)
23:10:32***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
23:10:36arpoh well. I liked the price of the archos gmini (compared to iriver) :)
23:11:06ShebbI am trying to get a song's time elapsed working properly in a plugin but I am having to luck
23:11:53Shebbthe value in mp3entry::elapsed lags behind what it should be
23:12:11Bagdera cheap player is not worth it if it can't run rockbox!
23:13:07arpwhich iriver is best supported (or will be supported in the long run)?
23:13:50arp(asking cause it seems for new players, iriver is better supported by rockbox than archos)
23:15:38BBubwhat do you mean with better supported?
23:15:55 Quit phaedrus961 (Read error: 113 (No route to host))
23:15:56Bagdeririver h1x0 is the only iriver supported atm
23:16:16Bagderbut it is out of production
23:16:28t0masanybody intrested in DoS-ing some idiot?
23:16:35t0masonly port 6667 open
23:16:37BBubnot really
23:16:52arpgot it
23:16:58arpI mean understood
23:17:10arpI found a store selling the 120
23:17:22BBubthere are some
23:17:29BBubthere is also one in my town
23:17:36BBubgot one for a friend from there ;)
23:18:44arpits still qu9ite pricey for something thats out of production :)
23:19:05BBubi paid 250 euro for it
23:20:01 Join phaedrus961 [0] (
23:20:11Bagderwell, it is a quite good player
23:20:24Bagderour of production or not
23:21:44 Join stripwax_ [0] (
23:22:08BBubhas the best sound i heared so far
23:22:11BBubthe h10 is worse
23:36:27 Join LinusN [0] (
23:36:32Bagderhey LinusN
23:39:43ShebbLinusN: mp3entry::elapsed lags behind what it should be in a plugin. This is rather annoying
23:39:56LinusNok, gcc 3.3.6 is now installed in the build server
23:40:09LinusNShebb: which platform?
23:40:41ShebbJust by a second or two
23:40:49LinusNwhich codec?
23:40:59ShebbMp3 is the only one I tested
23:41:11Shebbslasher recomended I tried pcmbuf_get_latency
23:41:17LinusNso it's 1-2s behind?
23:41:24Shebbbut I did not get the right resutls
23:41:56ShebbYeah, I am making a lyrics plugin and the words come a little after each line is sung
23:42:35LinusNoh, pcmbuf_get_latency() has a rather bad roundoff error
23:42:44LinusNnot related to your problem thogh
23:42:48ShebbI will quote Slasher here:
23:42:48Shebbhmm, interesting. The id3.elapsed -field should have the most recent elapsed time synced with real audio output
23:42:54Shebbso the buffer elapsed time is a few seconds more than the real elapsed time reported by that id3 field
23:43:57ShebbHe recomended I tried to use pcmbuf_get_latency but that value builds up to around 11 seconds which is not the error I am experiencing
23:45:21LinusNthe id3->elapsed value is already adjusted for pcm buffer latency
23:51:28 Join Strath [0] (
23:52:07ShebbAs far as I know the wps calculates everything using that value so I think it is rather strange that the plugin section gets a lower value from it
23:52:43LinusNsounds very strange
23:53:55 Join ashridah [0] (
23:54:52 Quit stripwax_ (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
23:55:05LinusNShebb: where does the lyrics data come from?
23:56:30 Join stripwax_ [0] (
23:56:40ShebbAn .lrc file
23:56:47ShebbHowever that is not too important
23:57:00ShebbI have a counter running with the elapsed time
23:57:20ShebbBy ear I can see that it is off compared to the wps counter
23:58:19LinusNShebb: can i have your plugin?
23:58:25LinusNsource code
23:58:33Shebbno problem, where can I place it?
23:58:40LinusNanywhere :-)
23:58:48LinusNor email it

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