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#rockbox log for 2005-08-27

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01:03:21preglowsynced norwegian
01:03:31preglownot happy with it, but i suspect i'll never be
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11:54:30belgaraththis is probably not the best place to ask, but which is the best version of linux to use?
11:55:02tvelocityit's really a matter of preference. i always recomend ubuntu to new users
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12:03:46belgarathk thanks
12:03:52belgarathguess i'll download that then
12:06:42belgarathplus they have a 64bit version
12:07:40tvelocitymost distros have one these days
12:08:15tvelocityyou're gona find this helpfull:
12:08:34belgarathk thanks
12:12:48HClubuntu is nice for desktops
12:12:55HCli need to install it on my pc
12:13:12*HCl stares at his 26" lcd computerscreen at the end of his bed
12:13:17HCli spoil myself :X
12:16:59belgarathhow do you get windows games like warcraft 3 to work on linux?
12:17:24belgarathi tried cedega but you have to pay
12:18:08tvelocityi think warcraft 3 also works on wine, which is free
12:20:15HClwhats cadega?
12:21:16tvelocitya win32 API & directX compatibility layer which alows some windows games to work on linux
12:24:10HCloh. transgaming.
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12:24:18HCldid they rename it or what
12:24:22HClas far as i know
12:24:27HClyou could still get the source last time i checked
12:24:33HCljust no precompiled stuff
12:25:41belgarathwell yeah
12:25:44HCltransgaming went even more crappy.
12:25:46belgarathbut i don't know how to compile
12:25:56RickHCl: yes, they renamed it to cedega
12:26:19HClwell, compiling isn't hard, really.
12:26:24HCli'm not going to explain it >.>
12:26:38RickWell; you can compile cedega from source but it lacks the stuff that deals with copy protection on CDs
12:27:00HClwell who has to get around copy protection on cds?
12:27:27Rickit's not to get around it
12:27:34belgarathi'll just download wine once i've installed ubunto
12:27:36Rickit's to work properly
12:28:22HClRick: only copy protected disk need it to work properly
12:28:24HCli kind of meant
12:28:27HClwhat kind of person
12:28:30HClbuys copy protected disks
12:28:41tvelocityHCl, gamers?
12:28:45RickA person who purchases games for windows do
12:28:45belgarathsometimes its unavoidable if you want that artists cd
12:28:47HCloh. those people.
12:28:54Rickwhich is what Cedega is geared towards, gaming
12:29:03HCli never buy games
12:29:15HCli just download them, its legal in the netherlands
12:29:21HClas long as you don't upload them to other people
12:29:36HClonly distributing illegal warez is illegal
12:29:39HClnot downloading ti
12:29:47Rickwhat about using it?
12:29:53HCli'm not sure about that Rick
12:30:04HCl :p
12:30:25HCli don't play games aside from ultima online and this other mmorpg anyways
12:30:28HCland uo is free
12:30:32HCland so is the other mmorpg
12:30:36Rickuo is free?
12:30:38Ricksince when?
12:30:47HClsince good freeshards and uoml betas
12:30:48HCl :)
12:30:51Rickpfft ;P
12:31:05HClno seriously
12:31:10HClrunuo's shards are pretty good
12:31:35belgarathi'd buy world of warcraft, but you have to pay a subscription fee once a month
12:31:43HCladmitted, they do lag behind osi a bit because they have to rewrite everything osi adds.
12:31:49HClmy flatmate plays world of warcraft
12:32:00belgarathit looks really amazing
12:32:01HClit seems okay, but i have this aversion for paying for stuff i can't touch.
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12:32:36HCli don't think i'll stay with windows for long since their new anti-non-microsoft-issued keys policy
12:32:50HCli lost the ability to update my main computer :/
12:32:58HCli have a free legal windows xp on my laptop though
12:33:03RickI thought they were disabling that?
12:33:09HCldisabling what?
12:33:13RickEver since those ways to disable it popped up
12:33:21RickWindows Genuine Authentication or whatever
12:33:36HCloh, dunno
12:34:29belgarathlol australia are 170-8
12:35:57hicks302 runs behind :)
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12:37:48HClwhat are we talking about all of a sudden? o.o
12:37:54belgarathsorry, its the cricket
12:37:58HCloh O.o
12:38:01belgarathengland v australia
12:43:09preglowwish i understood cricket
12:43:34preglowanyone know if there's a reason lears patch for ogg metadata isn't in cvs?
12:44:53preglowsomeone should probably link to ReleaseTodo from the front page or something
12:49:13amiconnArgh! On iriver, loading a .cfg while music is playing freezes rockbox! :(
12:51:10preglowwoop, gotta vanish
12:51:14belgarathdo you know what is the default font on notepad?
12:51:32belgarathi changed it to arial, but now some of my wps does not work after saving it
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13:50:30belgarathi still do not completely understand what is meant by "anti skip buffer"
13:51:02belgarathis this just the time from the total time that the player will begin re-buffering?
13:51:48belgarathe.g. if set to 5 seconds, the hd will spin up and re-buffer when there is only 5 seconds worth of song remaining in the buffer?
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14:03:21t0maslars... how's your english btw?
14:03:31t0masI forgot to tell you... it's an English channel
14:03:43t0masand I know some thing you can do...
14:04:01t0masthere's a Dutch translation, so you can start working on that...
14:04:04t0masit's not finished
14:04:24larsi would like that
14:04:34t0masok, read the wiki about how to do it
14:04:36larsor any other way i could help
14:04:46t0masand ask rasher for more help... he's our translation king ;)
14:05:36t0mashm... I don't know any other ways if you can't code C
14:08:44t0mastvelocity: maybe he can translate some docs.... but documenting something you know nothing about is hard :)
14:09:40larstranslation of the firmware itself is already done :(
14:09:49larsat least in dutch
14:11:25t0masit's not done
14:11:31t0masthere is a partially translation
14:11:32larsow :)
14:11:36t0masbut we need a new one for version 2.5
14:11:58larswhere, how, what do I need to translate?
14:12:12t0masread the wiki
14:12:19t0masit's all explained there
14:21:46larsbut I can't (yet) download 2.5 so
14:25:47larsoh wait
14:26:04larsI need a daily build of course :P
14:27:17 Join webguest79 [0] (
14:27:43webguest79lars: Check - you actually only need english.lang, nederlands.lang and the uplang script
14:29:35larsinstalling activePerl....
14:29:52webguest79Here's nederlands.lang:*checkout*/apps/lang/nederlands.lang
14:30:16webguest79The rest is explained on that wiki page
14:30:42larsis that always the most recent one?
14:31:33webguest79Yes, the *checkout* link means that you get the current version
14:32:09larsok thanks
14:33:30lars*bussy trying to understand ActivePerl* :P
14:34:06webguest79When you're done, add it to the sourceforge patch tracker or send it to the mailing list, and rasher (or someone else) will update it
14:37:06*lars is feeling a bit noob, well I am noob with Rockbox
14:44:29*t0mas mutters something about your pharmacy server :P
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15:33:43Hansmaulwurfwhats the actual boot-loader?
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15:42:19Hansmaulwurfbtw, how can i change to the previews folder over the "return" button on the H120? it doenst work, only reload the actual song
15:43:17 Join solex [0] (
15:44:18FebsHansmaulwurf, what do you mean by "previews folder"? The directory browser?
15:47:24 Join webguest23 [0] (
15:47:31Hansmaulwurfno, when i am in the wps view and i want to go back to the las song, which was the last song in the previews folder, i cant move to it
15:47:42Hansmaulwurfon the wps view
15:50:30Hansmaulwurfi have to go the the browse menue, change back to the previews folder and there i can change to the last track
15:50:59Hansmaulwurfu see?
15:51:45Hansmaulwurfah lol
15:51:49Hansmaulwurfi mean previous folder
15:51:57Hansmaulwurfsorry Febs
15:52:04Hansmaulwurf<−−−− german :(
15:53:16LearHm.. So when you started playback, you went to a folder and selected a track. Then, a while later, Rockbox moved to a next folder (because the setting was on), and now you want to go back to the old folder?
15:53:49 Quit Strath (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
15:55:14LearYes, that doesn't seem possible. When you first started playback,a temporary playlist was created for that folder only.
15:55:40LearI'm not really sure what happens playlist-wise when it moves to the next folder, but it might be that a new temporary one is created.
15:56:32LearYep, a new list is created then, so you can't move back past folders at the moment...
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18:07:28FingerSoupis there any documentation on the API for rockbox? if so, where can it be found?
18:11:29 Join webguest70 [0] (
18:11:55webguest70FingerSoup: "the API for Rockbox"? Which part? What do you want to do?
18:12:38FingerSoupI'm interested in programming a plugin or 2 for the iriver version of rockbox, but I need to know how to begin....
18:13:04webguest70The plugin api is documented in docs/PLUGIN_API .. although it is slightly outdated
18:13:05FingerSoupI need a list of commands, and a place to start (I've been looking at other plugins)
18:13:06 Join courtc [0] (
18:13:38webguest70The graphics api (rb->lcd_* in plugins) is documented in the wiki:
18:13:42FingerSoupI gound the graphicsAPI
18:14:08webguest70Most of the rest parts is documented in docs/PLUGIN_API
18:14:22FingerSouperr found... ok. I'll look into it... thx!
18:14:39webguest70Other than that, look at other plugins or ask here or on the mailinglist.
18:15:07FingerSoupcool! I'm going to look up the PLUGIN_API doc...
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19:01:43webguest70hi linuxstb, any new work lined up?
19:04:27linuxstbMy holiday's over now, so probably not very much in the near future.
19:04:59linuxstbAssuming I can't commit it to CVS yet, is anyone interested in a copy of my ALAC decoder?
19:07:21webguest70Maybe commit it to the patch tracker or send to mailing list?
19:08:13linuxstbII'll only bother doing that if there is any interest. Otherwise I'll just commit it to CVS next week.
19:08:40linuxstbSo until someone shouts, I'll forget about it until the feature thaw.
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19:09:20]RowaN[guys im getting distorted sound via optical out fro my iriver h120 (using latest build).. can someone else test?
19:09:30]RowaN[my optical cable is a bit bent up maybe thats the prob
19:09:40]RowaN[but i thought it'd be all or nothing in that case
19:09:59]RowaN[but like every 2 secs the same scribbley noise sequence occurs
19:10:02webguest70same if you use the iriver firmware?
19:10:08]RowaN[ah let me try that
19:11:42]RowaN[fine in original firmware!
19:12:07]RowaN[alwys used to be ok in rockbox when i used it before (a few months ago)
19:12:26webguest70Hm.. what if you try again in rockbox now? Could be some hardware-setting-state issue
19:14:15]RowaN[one sec.. after this song finishes =p
19:15:20]RowaN[lol just electrocute myself on the iriver charger.. accidently touched the plug about 1 sec after i took it out of the wall
19:15:47]RowaN[z/z/z ._o z/z/z
19:18:37]RowaN[ah its fine in rockbox now
19:18:47]RowaN[for now, i should say heh
19:19:11linuxstbJRowan: I did the same thing this morning... (electrocuted myself)
19:22:18webguest70I've experienced some loud static with a few seconds between using regular output
19:22:47webguest70Was the distorted sound in the headphone-output as well?
19:23:16]RowaN[i didnt try with headfones, if it occurs again i will
19:23:41]RowaN[i'd feel safer in america with 140 volts =]
19:25:44webguest70120, actually
19:25:57 Join webguest15 [0] (
19:26:30 Quit Hansmaulwurf ("( :: NoNameScript 3.81 :: )")
19:28:39webguest70not that it matters, I wouldn't want either
19:29:42 Join ghode|afk [0] (
19:29:43 Quit webguest15 (Client Quit)
19:30:19ghode|afklinuxstb: hey, i wouold be interested inyour alac patch, as i have a load of m4a i can't play atm
19:35:18linuxstbghodelafk: Ate you interested in the source or just a binary?
19:36:09linuxstbI'm assuming your .m4a files contain ALAC :) It obviously doesn't play AAC files.
19:45:48 Join muesli- [0] (
19:52:11ghode|afkah, they would be acc files :/
19:52:20ghode|afkerr aac
19:54:17webguest70What is alac? Where's it used?
19:56:49linuxstbalac is Apple's Lossless Audio Codec - it's used in iTunes and the iPod and Apple's wireless music thing
19:58:18 Join amiconn [0] (
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21:03:24 Join edx [0] (
21:03:29webguest70Now I'm getting weird sounds every few seconds.
21:03:57webguest70It's the same sound.
21:05:20webguest70some static and a squeel
21:06:00 Quit Febs (" HydraIRC -> <- IRC has never been so good")
21:06:35 Join belgariad_28 [0] (
21:07:17belgariad_28does anybody here use the ubuntu version of linux?
21:07:30 Nick belgariad_28 is now known as belgarath (
21:08:30webguest70A bit
21:09:23belgarathhave you managed to install java on firefox?
21:09:36webguest70I think maybe the voiceui is to blame for the static.
21:09:49webguest70Haven't tried. Have you looked on
21:10:04belgarathno i guess i should look there
21:10:23webguest70It's a pretty good resource
21:10:32belgarathbut also, i am using X Chat IRC
21:10:53belgarathbut when i try to join #rockbox it says host does not exist
21:16:06webguest70Did you join
21:16:23webguest70Connect to
21:16:39belgarathk i'll try
21:19:43 Join belgariad_28 [0] (
21:19:51belgariad_28oooh thats how you do it
21:20:08belgariad_28thanks webguest70
21:21:35 Quit belgariad_28 (Client Quit)
21:23:18 Join Rori [0] (
21:23:38RoriHey guys. FM radio on iRiver. Cool. How do I save presets? :)
21:25:28webguest70You don't. Yet.
21:25:35Roriok just checking
21:25:35 Quit belgarath ("CGI:IRC (EOF)")
21:28:03Rorittfn and thx
21:28:07 Quit Rori ()
21:31:14webguest70I think I found the reason for the static. If you have voice menus turned on, but no voice file in place, things blow up in amazing ways.
21:39:23 Join webguest99 [0] (
21:40:25 Quit webguest70 ("CGI:IRC")
21:40:33 Join muesli- [0] (
21:40:38webguest99@webguest70 - same problem here. Rebooting the unit solved it. Also, currently, when I turn off the voice directories/filenames they still stay on until I reboot the Iriver...
21:41:39 Quit webguest99 (Client Quit)
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22:41:36telliottI'm unable to flash "rombox.ucl" on my V1 recirder.
22:41:44 Part PhilKC-Away
22:42:13telliottI can fleah "rockbox.ucl" with no trouble
22:42:52 Quit TCK (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
22:53:00 Join hicks_ [0] (
22:54:22 Quit hicks_ (Client Quit)
22:55:10 Quit linuxstb ("CGI:IRC")
22:56:55 Join muesli- [0] (
22:59:04 Quit hicks (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
23:04:19 Join amiconn [0] (
23:19:42amiconntelliott: A recent daily doesn't contain a rombox.ucl for any target except the player and the Ondio SP.
23:19:49amiconnSo what did you try to flash?
23:23:02telliottThat must be the problem. I've been trying recent daily builds
23:23:29telliottV1 recorder
23:23:48 Join lostlogic_ [0] (
23:24:20amiconntelliott: My question is, where did you get rombox.ucl from? There is no rombox.ucl in recent dailies
23:29:15 Join linuxstb [0] (
23:31:01linuxstbIt seems that FAAD2 (the AAC decoder) is now no longer GPL compatible. See this thread at HA (specifically, post #35 which includes a quote from a FSF lawyer):
23:31:36linuxstbHopefully this was just an accident and will be rectified soon.
23:34:05telliottI guess too many people were learning how to remove the protection from iTunes store files.
23:40:27 Quit lostlogic (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
23:51:34 Quit linuxstb ("CGI:IRC")
23:55:25 Join Moos [0] (

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