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#rockbox log for 2005-09-03

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00:23:41_WettCan I know what is "Panic : stkov audio" error ? xD
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00:53:05Invernohey there seems to be a bug in the playlist viewer
00:54:23Invernowhen selecting view current playlist, some filemanes will be only partially displayed but when selected (clicked on ) they disappear from the playlist but if you just click next track on the play screen they play fine
00:55:34Invernohas this been noticed already?
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01:12:58Inverno<Inverno> when selecting view current playlist, some filemanes will be only partially displayed but when selected (clicked on ) they disappear from the playlist but if you just click next track on the play screen they play fine
01:12:58Inverno<Inverno> has this been noticed already?
01:12:58Inverno<Inverno> anyone here at all?
01:13:12Inverno(sorry not sure if this went out before my connection died)
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12:29:44SlasherGood morning Moos :) unfortunately this damn freenode network sucks and i cannot send private messages unless i identify to nickserv
12:30:29MoosHello, yeah i try to configure hydra irc for use my register nick automaticly
12:30:49Moosi just registered my nick
12:31:19Moosbut when i reboot, don't start with this registred nick :(
12:31:55Moosanyone here use Hydra IRC?
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12:34:15Moosok I found :)
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12:38:59*HCl rubs his eyes
12:39:02HClwhats new?
12:39:10SlasherMoos: yes, i see you but i still have to identify my nick to speak to you
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12:40:02Moosah ok :)
12:41:12MoosHCl: hi, nothing new :)
12:44:27SlasherHCl: now my dir cache supports live updates, it should be soon ready for commit (waiting for feature freeze to end ;)
12:44:32Moosstill freeze for this week end
12:45:01MoosSlasher: very good :), freeze end with this week-end :D
12:45:24SlasherMoos: hehe, i dont think so as there as so many bugs still unfixed :)
12:45:56Moosthis feature freeze was for 2 weeks :)
12:46:58Moosif we wait for fix all bugs, we can always wait for the 2.5 :D
12:47:59Moosthere are'nt not a lot of critical bugs for archos
12:48:59MoosSlasher: what's about your beep mode? do you remenber the Bagder mail?
12:49:32SlasherMoos: yes i do. Maybe some general key beep should be implemented
12:49:54Slasherhowever, i might not want it to beep when adjusting volume for example
12:51:00preglowSlasher: i think you're going to see pretty heavy opposition to that commit, heh
12:51:17Slasherpreglow: hmm, i will prepare for that.. :D
12:51:30Slasherhowever, the code is clean
12:51:35preglowhowever, as long as the code doesn't suffer too much, i think it's great
12:51:36preglowi'll use it
12:51:43Slasherand all new code are on new file dircache.c
12:51:54Slasherand that will be used on iriver only
12:52:07Moos+1 future user ;)
12:52:48Slasherpreglow: and i will test all functions carefully before thinking about committing it
12:53:09Mooshi preglow, anythink new in the codec front? :)
12:53:33Moosoptimisations, speex...?
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12:55:38Slashermaybe i will have to write some manual about the dir caching how it should be used and about the configuration options
12:56:00Moosoh yes wiki page it would be cool
12:56:08Slasheryes i will do it
12:56:45preglowMoos: got a couple of plans, yeah, but things keep popping up and making me busy with other things
12:56:56preglowSlasher: yes, i think you should
12:57:25Moosah ok, good luck :)
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13:01:21Slasherhmm, can the rockbox rename function move files to another directory or is it really a rename only?
13:18:47preglowi think it can move
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13:23:22preglowhow many rb ticks in a second, again?
13:24:35Wett100 I think
13:27:43FebsSlasher, if you want help documenting the dir caching, let me know.
13:28:20FebsObviously, you'll have to provide the basics, but I've been working on a lot of the documentation and I think this is a useful feature, so I'm happy to help if I can.
13:30:55SlasherFebs: ah, sounds good :) i will provide you some information soon :)
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13:48:55[-AIR-]hey people.i've got a question about the fm tuner. i have an FM signal booster with a coaxial output. would it be possible to wire this up to improve the signal on the iriver? i'd need to know how rockbox uses the remote cord as the ariel...
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13:56:59*HCl yawns
13:57:02HCli need to wake up
13:57:11*muesli- smacks HCl around a bit with a fat cow
14:00:50*HCl hides behind his cat
14:01:05HCli got a cat, and i'm not afraid to use it!!
14:01:59*HCl goes to check whether users have made his wps yet
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14:02:14*muesli- joins
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14:04:57HClwhy doesn't anyone have rating and playcount :/
14:05:04 Join Lost-ash [0] (
14:05:42muesli-rating..useless if you ask me
14:05:59muesli-but wow..we've a op
14:06:00HClheh, opposite for me
14:06:27muesli-thats why nobobdy uses ratings ;)
14:07:01HClwhat is?
14:07:29muesli-nobody is interested in ratings..thats why nobobdy uses it
14:07:37HCli'm interested in it, lmao.
14:07:45HCli want to rate a crappy song to damnation
14:07:51HCland good songs high so i can find them easily.
14:07:59HClyes o.o;
14:08:17muesli-just delete them instead of giving them strange points..
14:08:50HClno, i give them all 1's
14:08:53HClthen eventually i'll delete them
14:09:15HCli rather enjoy being able to put in an "give me the best songs on my player" query
14:09:42 Quit edx (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
14:09:54muesli-delete all crappies and you get the same result
14:10:08HCli have a lot of songs, if not most
14:10:12HClthat are just. medium.
14:10:15HClnot awesome
14:10:18HClbut not bad either
14:10:25HCljust the plain crap you hear on radio
14:10:27HClthats medium
14:11:09muesli-come to the point. you can have all songs on your player or only good choose and stop complaining ;)
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14:11:30*HCl shakes his head
14:11:37muesli-shake it baby
14:11:38HCltalking to a brick wall here
14:12:08 Quit solex ("leaving")
14:12:26muesli-you remind on (?) my mother ;)
14:12:50muesli-of i guess
14:12:59HClif you say so
14:13:43muesli-just my 0.001 cents...
14:14:30HCldoes anyone know whether the remote shows playback info yet?
14:14:46muesli-you mean id-tags?
14:14:58HClno, like the wps
14:15:23muesli-dunno what do u mean by playback info
14:17:31HCli guess it doesn't
14:22:39muesli-yippie..package from hong kong arrived
14:22:54muesli-i'm head torched now :D
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14:39:30webguest86HCl: and
14:42:20HCl :)
14:43:04webguest86I like the first one
14:43:12HClnice ^^
14:43:26webguest86but someone should fix the chicago font
14:43:28HCli don't understand how that works, but thats really nice
14:45:35webguest86me neither
14:46:10HClthis is why i need end users to make me a good wps xD
14:46:17HCli like that first one
14:46:19HCl :)
14:47:21HCli like rashers too
14:47:47Moosyes me too :)
14:48:04HClwhen rasher implements grayscale
14:48:08HCli think i'll prefer his
14:48:14HCl :)
14:48:16HClthanks a lot
14:48:47 Quit Lost-ash ("Leaving")
14:48:53Moosgrayscale in WPS it would'nt never possible, or very hard
14:49:04HClwhy exactly? O.o
14:49:10webguest86just 33-color
14:49:26Mooshehe don't remenber well the amiconn's explications :)
14:49:31webguest864 color should be simple i think
14:49:35HClmk, i'll ask him
14:50:16webguest86isn't it because of the cpu usage of the advanced grayscale
14:50:18muesli-is it possible to replace all status bar images with self made ones?
14:50:22Moosit could be very cool, but maybe imossible to do :(
14:51:05Moosmuesli: look at the WPS screen is it possible
14:51:40Learmuesli: no, and some images are rendered (volume, battery) using code, not just blitting a bitmap
14:51:59muesli-thats exactly the point
14:52:26muesli-i love the status bar..but would prefer to see the codec there as well to save space
14:53:00 Join edx [0] (
14:54:16muesli-is it possible to place bitmaps in the heights of the status while using it?
14:55:27Learin practice, it depends on how it is rendered (i.e., if the entire top part of the screen is cleared or not)...
14:56:12muesli-i mean i'd like to use the status bar and add a bmp for the codec in the same line
14:57:49Learyes, I understand what you're after. I'm pretty sure the wps code allows you to put it there, but question is if the status bar code erases it or not...
14:58:27muesli-guess i have to try ;)
15:00:24muesli-gotta go
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16:11:15drigzThe iRiver port part of the wiki doesn't seem to mention the H10...
16:12:04LearIsn't it on the nodo list?
16:12:28drigzLear: nope...
16:12:48drigzunless it's not on the main one
16:13:57LearIt was on the iRiver FAQ. Anyway, a port isn't likely, since it is based on hardware with "closed" documentation, iirc.
16:14:22drigzThat sucks
16:14:51drigzIt seems that RockBox won't be really usable on the 3x0 series for a while, either...
16:15:27LearOnce the bootloader/startup code is done, something usable shouldn't be that far off, I think.
16:15:38LearBut when that happens is not quite known... :)
16:16:07drigzIn that case, what would you recommend I get? I've been using an iPod, but it's dead.
16:16:45LearI think the H100 series is nice, but it might be a bit difficult to find one...
16:17:15LearThat's if you want to use RockBox from the start at least.
16:17:28LearOtherwise, I've heard the iAudio players are nice...
16:17:59drigzok. I'll have a look. Thanks!
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16:31:24drigzwhat is the point in 50 hours battery time on a 1gb player?
16:33:11Slasherpreglow: now the dir cache is almost finished and fastboot option added. That allows the player to load the cache file from disk (really fast bootup). I will add a mention to the manual that user should not alter the disk via bootloader usb mode when that option is enabled (but it wont cause any harm to the system if user still updates the disk, user would only _see_ incorrect file tree)
16:37:37drigzthe iAudio looks really good
16:38:22MoosSlasher: great works, I'm unwaited :)
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17:44:19 Join Aison [0] (
17:54:54Slashericool, now playing audio and dircache rebuilds on the background :)
18:01:19Moosthe things evolves well
18:01:57MoosSlasheri: good to hear :)
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18:22:47leftrightSlasher: pardon my ignorance, but what is the advantage of caching the dir ?
18:23:01drigzleftright: faster boot i think
18:23:06CoCoLUSno disc spinup needed
18:23:21Slasheriyes, the directory browser is really fast with no waiting at all
18:23:26leftrightis that only on the startup
18:24:00Slasherino, when entering the dir browser from wps for example
18:24:06Slasheribut i will write short manual about that
18:24:22leftrightso at all times it faster to browse through the dir
18:24:42Slasheriyes, you neved need to wait while browsing
18:24:57Slasheriand the disc wont spin up
18:25:02leftrightI understand, sounds like a nice refinement
18:25:13CoCoLUSslasheri, when is the cache renewed?
18:25:17Slasheriyep, and there is no delay on the boot times as with iriver firmware
18:25:46SlasheriCoCoLUS: should be stable tomorrow, but first i will wait that the feature freeze will be gone
18:26:13CoCoLUSwhat i was trying to say, when do you rebuild the dir cache from the disk?
18:26:41Slasheriautomatic background rebuild will be initiated after each usb connect
18:26:57CoCoLUShow long does that take, usually?
18:27:14Slasheriuser can also manually choose if he/she wants to rebuild the cache on startup (background)
18:27:32CoCoLUSany impact on the decoding speed?
18:27:46Slasheridepends on how many files you have. But that doesn't matter because the rebuilding is transparent to user
18:28:09Slasheriat least no with standard bitrates
18:28:29leftrightI add music to my player regularly, would I need to do anything specific when disconnecting USB ?
18:28:53 Part drigz
18:28:53CoCoLUSjust thinking of those few flac files i have... they don't even decode fast enough as it is now, sometimes :)
18:29:00Slasheribut you should not use the bootloader usb mode unless you choose to rebuild the cache on boot
18:29:09 Quit amiconn (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
18:29:09 Nick amiconn_ is now known as amiconn (
18:29:17SlasheriCoCoLUS: i will test that
18:29:48leftrightsometimes i delete all my music and reload it as a means of defragging, will it still be transparent ?
18:31:00Slasherino, if there is not enough reverse buffer space to do transparent rebuild. Then on next bootup there will be full non-transparent rebuild
18:31:14Slasheri(rockbox logo on the screen while rebuild is complete)
18:31:17Slasheriback soon ->
18:33:16Learjust wondering, you keep talking about a reverse buffer... what is that really? or do you simply mean reserved? :)
18:47:50Slasheriyes, reserved buffer.. just typos :)
18:48:09Slasherithat is for live cache updating (creating new entries)
18:48:55Slasheriand if the reserved buffer ever gets full, then cache will be automatically disabled and full non-transparent rebuild will be issued at next boot
18:49:25Slasheri(that rebuild should take a few seconds only)
18:55:06Learconsistent typos though... :)
18:55:26Slasherihehe, true :D
18:56:12leftrightwill one still have to specify size of directory ?
18:56:55Slasherithe cache size will be automatically calculated
19:01:52 Join koniu_ [0] (
19:26:27 Part leftright
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20:41:50 Quit paugh ("Leaving")
20:43:26 Quit TCK (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
20:51:38 Join Lamed [0] (
20:52:14LamedHello! what package of the X11 do i have to install in order to compile x11 sim properly?
20:58:06 Join kurzhaarrocker [0] (
20:58:57 Quit gotons ("-=SysReset 2.53=-")
21:01:16Lamedwhat, is that such a complicated question? here's the errormessage:
21:01:35Lamed(producing it...)
21:02:26Lamed$ make
21:02:26LamedCC button-x11.c
21:02:26Lamedbutton-x11.c:26:24: X11/keysym.h: No such file or directory
21:02:26DBUGEnqueued KICK Lamed
21:02:26Lamedbutton-x11.c: In function `button_read':
21:02:26Lamedbutton-x11.c:145: error: `XK_KP_Left' undeclared (first use in this function)
21:02:27***Alert Mode level 1
21:02:27Lamedbutton-x11.c:145: error: (Each undeclared identifier is reported only once
21:02:29Lamedbutton-x11.c:145: error: for each function it appears in.)
21:02:31Lamedbutton-x11.c:146: error: `XK_Left' undeclared (first use in this function)
21:02:33Lamedbutton-x11.c:147: error: `XK_KP_4' undeclared (first use in this function)
21:02:35***Alert Mode level 2
21:02:35Lamedbutton-x11.c:151: error: `XK_KP_Right' undeclared (first use in this function)
21:02:37***Alert Mode level 3
21:02:37Lamedbutton-x11.c:152: error: `XK_Right' undeclared (first use in this function)
21:02:39***Alert Mode level 4
21:02:39Lamedbutton-x11.c:153: error: `XK_KP_6' undeclared (first use in this function)
21:02:41***Alert Mode level 5
21:02:41Lamedbutton-x11.c:157: error: `XK_KP_Up' undeclared (first use in this function)
21:02:43***Alert Mode level 6
21:02:43Lamedbutton-x11.c:158: error: `XK_Up' undeclared (first use in this function)
21:02:45***Alert Mode level 7
21:02:45Lamedbutton-x11.c:159: error: `XK_KP_8' undeclared (first use in this function)
21:02:47***Alert Mode level 8
21:02:47Lamedbutton-x11.c:167: error: `XK_KP_Down' undeclared (first use in this function)
21:02:49***Alert Mode level 9
21:02:49Lamedbutton-x11.c:168: error: `XK_Down' undeclared (first use in this function)
21:02:51***Alert Mode level 10
21:02:51Lamedbutton-x11.c:169: error: `XK_KP_2' undeclared (first use in this function)
21:02:51 Quit Lamed (Excess Flood)
21:03:01 Join LameD [0] (
21:03:27LameDthere's no nicer way of doing that...
21:03:46LameDcould anyone help? what's the missing package? (cygwin)
21:04:04kurzhaarrockerI doubt that its a problem with missing packages
21:04:18kurzhaarrockerIt probably is a misconfiguration of the make file
21:04:37kurzhaarrockerSomewhere the architecture rockbox is build for is specified.
21:04:38MaximeLameD: maybe XLib
21:05:34LameD10x, I'll try
21:05:40kurzhaarrockerAre you building a simulator, LameD?
21:06:00LameDyeah, & building it for win works fine
21:06:34kurzhaarrockerAre you trying to build a unix simulator on cygwin?
21:07:35LameD(is it very stupid thing to do..?)
21:07:52kurzhaarrockerI assume it is. Never tried that.
21:08:16kurzhaarrockerProbably the header files where the XK_* keys are defined aren't part of cygwin.
21:08:59LameDTo my understanding I can install X11 packages to use programs like fontforge, how is this different with the simulator? and how am I supposed to use limbad support in the simulator otherwise?
21:09:19kurzhaarrockerI can't answer that
21:10:20LameDso, could you explain a bit, what _is_ x11 then?
21:10:33kurzhaarrockerI just did a "grep -r XK_ ." in my cygwin root and it revealed no other files than those in rockbox -> at least there's no definition in my cygwin.
21:11:15kurzhaarrockerx11 is the basic graphic engine on linux
21:12:04kurzhaarrockerI think it is quite low level, even window managers are on a higher level. But I really am no linux expert.
21:12:07 Quit ansivirus ("Leaving")
21:12:41kurzhaarrockerin other words: this is "half knowledge" and I may be wrong :)
21:12:52***Alert Mode OFF
21:13:20LameDthanks, you have helped.
21:14:09CtcpIgnored 1 channel CTCP requests in 0 seconds at the last flood
21:14:09*kurzhaarrocker bows
21:16:22kurzhaarrockerWell, I _think_ if you install a more complete cygwin you can have x11 on cygwin too. But as it is not necessary for building rockbox hardly anybody bothers to install it. Probably you can run setup of cygwin again and select x11 packages for install.
21:18:31LameDyeah but there are tons, and I don't wanna install them all :/
21:19:03LameDanyways i _do_ need it because I want to make some more hebrew fonts and someone told me fontforge is the only way to go
21:19:18LameD(which I haven't installed yet)
21:32:07 Join dpassen1 [0] (n=dpassen1@resnet-233-61.resnet.UMBC.EDU)
21:33:20LameDcan I mount an Iriver player on cygwin? i'm tierd of switching!
21:34:13Maximecd /cygdrive/theletterofyourihp
21:34:20Maximeif yoru iriver is "o:"
21:34:27Maximeits cd /cygdrive/o
21:36:12 Quit LameD ("CGI:IRC")
21:36:35 Join lameD [0] (
21:37:08lameDd**n! i've missed your answer, (disconnected) could you type it again?
21:37:13Maxime[21:34] <Maxime> cd /cygdrive/theletterofyourihp
21:37:13Maxime[21:34] <Maxime> if yoru iriver is "o:"
21:37:13Maxime[21:34] <Maxime> its cd /cygdrive/o
21:38:52 Quit Remo ("ChatZilla 0.9.61 [Mozilla rv:1.7.7/20050414]")
21:39:33lameD~~yey~~ works
21:43:57 Nick Aison is now known as Aison`nerv (
21:44:02 Nick Aison`nerv is now known as Aison`nervoes (
21:44:14 Part kurzhaarrocker
21:44:46 Nick Aison`nervoes is now known as Aison`zappelig (
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22:05:46 Join paugh [0] (n=pete@2001:5c0:8fff:ffff:8000:0:3e03:6822)
22:13:51 Join XavierGr [0] (
22:17:35 Quit hicks (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
22:33:16 Join ansivirus [0] (
22:33:43 Join ]RowaN[ [0] (
22:33:58]RowaN[all of a sudden with the latest build my wps bmp isnt showing up
22:34:06]RowaN[what gives?
22:34:17]RowaN[yes, i have reloaded my .wps setting file
22:34:23 Join Zagor [0] (
22:34:41dpassen1did you see the new syntax?
22:34:48]RowaN[ah no
22:37:03]RowaN[yey its back =]
22:37:08lameDinwhat list do I supposed to post a message about a new language translation? the general?
22:57:02]RowaN[is it possible to use < or > symbols within the text of wps lines without the parser getting confused? like is there an escape character or something
22:57:34dpassen1%< and %>
22:57:41]RowaN[thanks i'll try
22:58:05]RowaN[gonna make a subline with alternates fast between:
22:58:07]RowaN[>> FAST FORWARDING >>
22:58:16]RowaN[when fast forwarding =]
23:05:18]RowaN[yey works good
23:15:52 Join muesli- [0] (
23:17:41muesli-does somebody if its possible to recharge irivers battery with 4,5v (5v normally requested)
23:20:10Maximeit won't be fully charged
23:21:04muesli-and 6v would damage it?
23:22:09MaximeI don't know if accumulators works like capacitors
23:22:21Maximeif it works the same, no .. there's a "tolerance"
23:22:50Maximebut, why? :x
23:22:52muesli-but 3xx can use a battery pack
23:23:05muesli-they have to use 3*1,5 or 4*1,5
23:23:20muesli-so at least one will worl
23:24:05Maximeyes but functionnig/charging is not the same :s
23:24:37muesli-humm ;)
23:24:53Maximeit depens on the current too
23:25:19muesli-something like 1400mAh ?
23:25:33Maximethat's the maximum output current
23:25:38Maxime(1.4A during one hour)
23:25:42muesli-if that will help you
23:26:06Maximeit must be written on the battery
23:26:28muesli-i am just looking for a universal charger
23:26:43muesli-like the one in my link
23:26:49Maximeyou can't charge it via the player?
23:27:19Maximeor it's that you have lost the iriver charger?
23:28:09muesli-no. i'd like to go 4 backpacking. and i dont like to carry a charger for my mobile/camera/iriver etc...
23:28:12muesli-just one 4 all
23:28:22Mooswhats's about the battery packs ext. ?
23:28:48Mooslike this one:
23:29:11Moosanyone use it?
23:30:06muesli-the external pack was just to think about how much voltage is needed. i am looking for an universal charger
23:30:34Moosyes I know :) just wondering too ;)
23:31:53Mooswhy buy universal one if you can buy original? price?
23:32:45XavierGrmuesli: Just use 4 AA rechargable batteries
23:33:00XavierGrthough they must be high in current
23:33:06XavierGrat least 1900mah
23:33:41muesli-you dont understand mates, i dont wnat to carry x adapters with me
23:33:44XavierGr4.5 - 6 (though I would be carefull with 6volts) can do the job
23:33:57muesli-only ONE should do it ;)
23:34:16XavierGrThen take a charger that it is rated at least for 500mah
23:34:27XavierGrand it takes various plugs
23:34:48muesli-this is my victim
23:34:49XavierGralso the voltage must be between 4.5-6 volts center positive
23:35:40muesli-is center = positive default?
23:36:24XavierGrwatch the center positive. If it is center negative you can destroy your player
23:36:43XavierGryou see those little plugs on the link?
23:36:57XavierGrwell you can put them in both sides.
23:37:09XavierGrWhen you pick your plug that fits the iriver
23:37:19XavierGrthen you must be sure which way to plug it.
23:37:38XavierGr(I assume that the charger will fit the voltage and ampere needs)
23:37:58muesli-1400 mA
23:38:08XavierGrand volts?
23:38:17muesli-1.5 / 3.0 / 4.5 / 6.0 / 7.5 / 9.0 V / 12.0 Volt
23:38:24XavierGrjust fine
23:38:30XavierGrset it to 4.5
23:38:44XavierGrBUT the alignment of the plug is crucial
23:39:14muesli-yeah, read not very nice threads about it
23:39:22XavierGrimagine that you have the plug in your hand (the little jack)
23:39:36XavierGrthe charger ends up into 2 little holes
23:39:41XavierGr. .
23:39:57XavierGrthe little plug for the iriver has 2 male pins
23:40:06XavierGr| |
23:40:10XavierGrno like this
23:40:16XavierGr| |
23:40:31XavierGryou can put it either this way or:
23:40:40XavierGr | |
23:40:48XavierGrthis way got it?
23:41:03muesli-sorry i am lost
23:41:07XavierGrthe difference is polarity
23:41:28XavierGrehh yes my example is difficult to understand
23:41:49muesli-but i understood that polarity is crucial
23:41:49XavierGrcan you see those little plugs in the picure?
23:42:23XavierGrthe charger has 2 holes that you fit the little plugs, got it?
23:42:24muesli-didnt buy it so far..was just considering about
23:42:40XavierGrit is the sme for all universal chargers
23:43:22XavierGrnow the polarity depends on the side that you will put the little plugs inside the holes
23:44:04XavierGrthe charger must write somewhere which way is the center positive or center negative
23:44:22XavierGryou must be sure before using it
23:44:30muesli-i remember there some where you change it by switch
23:44:48XavierGrtake a multimeter and test it before usage to be sure. Then mark the position to know every time
23:44:49muesli-got a multimeter here..can test before
23:44:55XavierGrelse you will burn your DAP
23:45:23XavierGrI hope that you got this because you can have serious damage with it.
23:45:51XavierGrcenter positive means that the + is in the inside of the plug (the little hole)
23:46:19XavierGrcenter negative is that the - is in the little hole and the + in the external shell.
23:46:38XavierGryou must read something like -C+
23:46:46XavierGrwhich means center positive
23:47:46muesli-just had a look at my mobile battery
23:48:26muesli-it says 3,7v 770mah but the original charger says 5,1v 450mah
23:48:30muesli-makes that sense?
23:49:14muesli-battery 770 maH, charger 450 ma
23:49:49XavierGryes it makes
23:50:06XavierGras a rule of the thumb
23:50:21XavierGrthough I am not sure
23:50:30XavierGrno I must be mistaken
23:51:02XavierGrI wanted to say that an 770mah battery will be charge in 1 hour with a 770ma charger but...
23:51:39XavierGrnevermind, don't forget that we can charge the iriver from an USB port which is rated at 500ma
23:51:58XavierGrBUT it will take more time to charge it than the official charger.
23:52:09XavierGrThough this is not bad.
23:52:12muesli-but 3x only
23:52:29XavierGrNo I can charge my iHP 160 too.
23:52:38muesli-sweet ;)
23:52:45XavierGrI have made a special cable for it.
23:52:48XavierGrand a dock :P
23:53:02XavierGryeah I have aheavily moded iHP
23:53:12XavierGr60GB disk and 1900mah battery
23:53:17lameDSorry for intterupting... Does anyone knows what is the used second font on rockbox, say on the quick configuration screen?
23:53:18XavierGrand ofcourse rockboc
23:53:39muesli-pimped mine with a 1900 as well
23:53:46MoosXavier: the best player :)
23:53:51XavierGrit is the default font I think.
23:54:09XavierGrWell Moos I am little dissapointed right now with my player.
23:54:09muesli-but my hdd scares me within the last times..makes strange noises
23:54:20lameDnope it's something smaller, i was thinking rockbox 8 but it dosen't seems that way
23:54:38muesli-XavierGr why are u disappointed?
23:54:40XavierGrSome pops and clicks occur on track and volume change even on the iriver firmware
23:54:52XavierGr(without the remote)
23:55:27XavierGrIt is not that bad but I have spent many money and time into this only to see this happening, you know...
23:55:31Moosthink you is your changes do that?
23:55:36lameDanybody has another guess?
23:56:04MoosXavier: it is understandable :(
23:56:20XavierGrMoos: It is rather odd that my changes caused it. Many have change battery and disk with no hardware failures.
23:56:53muesli-did it happen right after your mods?
23:57:09Moosyes or before?
23:57:10XavierGrProbably I will buy an H340 with dead disk when rockbox is ready for it.
23:57:31MoosH3xx is'nt the same than H1xx
23:57:56muesli-i'd like to change for an 320 and would pimp it with a 30 oder 40gig single platter
23:57:58Moosmaybe you could do that with died H1xx
23:58:22XavierGrYou know I can't say for sure because I was using rockbox a lot. When I heard the ticks I thought it was Rockbox then one day I tested the iriver firmware only to see this.
23:58:40MoosMe: never, if my H140 broke, I replace it by an other H140
23:58:48XavierGrIt must be before the hard disk upgrade.

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