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#rockbox log for 2005-10-08

00:00:20amiconnXavierGr: I've bumped the max. .lng size to 8000 bytes now
00:01:09XavierGrok then it's a solution for now, though greek language should pass this on seme entries.
00:01:28XavierGr103 bytes left
00:01:40XavierGra little more with the removal of deprecated strings
00:02:01amiconn226 bytes
00:03:07XavierGr226 characters so be it, it would be 10 entries at least.
00:03:35XavierGrwhy not remove the deprecated entries completed (even in english.lng)?
00:03:52XavierGrcompleted = completly
00:03:55amiconnIt would shift the IDs of all subsequent strings
00:04:15XavierGrargggg tough!
00:04:22XavierGrmaybe with a script?
00:04:29amiconnThis would cause a complete messup when someone loads a .lng file from a different build
00:04:35_FireFly_a simple reload of the lang-file on the device should solve this
00:05:07amiconnA deprecated string takes 1 byte in the file
00:05:15amiconn(the trailing \0)
00:05:55XavierGroh I though that the size matters not only the strings but the data of the headers and stuff.
00:06:38XavierGrah yes you are right you do not include the headers such as voice: new: e.t.c
00:06:57 Join Paul_The_Nerd [0] (
00:07:00amiconnCheck tools/binlang
00:07:06XavierGrthen make that 20 entries
00:07:34amiconn.lng files are incredibly simple, a magic byte, a version byte, then all strings as C strings, one after the others
00:08:23amiconnYes, then we 'wasted' 20 bytes
00:08:28XavierGrand why it has to be a size limit? if it involves a loop to load strings why not load the filesize into code?
00:08:59XavierGrThough I do not know how loading the lang file is working, just assuming
00:09:03amiconnThere is no dynamic memory allocation, you should know...
00:09:32XavierGrah yes you are right
00:09:41XavierGrI keep bumping in this.
00:10:01amiconnIf the number of deprecated entries grows too large, we can throws them all out, but then we have to bump the .lng version byte
00:10:18amiconnI'd prefer to wait with that until l10n v2
00:10:43XavierGrok then
00:11:52XavierGrwhat do you think for the virtual keyboard does it worth to commit it, its a couple of ifdefs, though I haven't finished it yet, but I will complete it for my pleasure.
00:20:52amiconnAh, finally found the problem why demystify.rock crashed the windows sim :)
00:21:16amiconnObviously cygwin doesn't like it when a dll function is called main().
00:24:48XavierGryou guys "rock" your code is the most versatile. Managed to change the keyboard layout with just 2 ifdefs. 1 for KEYBOARD_LINES, KEYBOARD_PAGES and 2 for the structure that holds all the characters to input. Great work!
00:25:49amiconnWell, if there's only one page, the page flipping can be #ifdefed out as well
00:26:41XavierGrthere is no reason to. I think (in the test I made in the sim) that if you press the A-B button it will just do nothing.
00:26:43*amiconn feels like the master of plugins today ;)
00:27:35XavierGrwhat's demestify for?
00:27:55amiconnDo you know the WIndows screensaver 'mystify'?
00:28:26Moosamiconn: yes congratulations for plugins
00:29:05amiconnXavierGr: Yes I know that it does nothing, but then it's dead code for H1x0
00:29:14Moosany chances to commit TiMiD works? :-P
00:30:10XavierGramiconn:1) Yeah I forgot about that Windows screen saver, 2) Then I should add a third #ifdef (or more like #Ifndef)
00:32:44XavierGroh wrong it is #if(CONFIG_KEYPAD == target) so I will not need #ifdefs but just #ifs
00:33:26 Quit _FireFly_ ("Leaving")
00:34:46amiconnXavierGr: You can just remove the #define KBD_PAGE_FLIP for iriver as the first step
00:35:52amiconnThen you need to modify the two lines reading #ifndef KBD_PAGE_FLIP nw. Note: there is also an #ifdef KBD_PAGE_FLIP, that doesn't need to be touched
00:36:04amiconnReplace #ifndef KBD_PAGE_FLIP
00:36:27XavierGryou got me, what an idiot, I just didn't knew what this def does and let it there
00:36:39amiconn#if !defined(KBD_PAGE_FLIP) && KEYBOARD_PAGES > 1
00:36:44amiconnand you're done
00:37:38amiconnThat line means, the flip-on-wrap will be compiled in only if KBD_PAGE_FLIP isn't defined, *and* there is more than one page - which isn't true any more with your change
00:38:10amiconnNo need for an additional explicit keyboard type check
00:38:11XavierGryep I got it, thanks
00:38:48 Join Link9064 [0] (
00:39:42 Part webguest81
00:39:54XavierGrdo you remember all these stuff, or did you opened the keyboard.c?
00:41:58Link9064is a hard drive replacement for an FM Recorder 20 the same as the others as far as teh tutorials go?
00:43:50 Quit linuxstb ("CGI:IRC")
00:44:09amiconnXavierGr: I did open keyboard.c, and it was helpful that I once rewrote that stuff...
00:46:14amiconnLink9064: has disassembly instructions for the jukebox multimedia whch are also valid for fm and v2 recorders
00:48:19 Join Gibbed [0] (
00:48:19 Quit Rick (Nick collision from services.)
00:48:24Link9064k, thanks, and is there any max capacity as far as teh harddrive goes?
00:48:29 Nick Gibbed is now known as Rick (
00:48:33Link9064I'm planning on putting an 80gb in it
00:48:56amiconnThe limit is 128 GB (136 GB in terms of hard disk manufacturers)
00:49:33amiconn80 GB works fine, I have that in my recorder v1 :)
00:49:51Moosoh my god :P
00:50:09Link9064k, thanks
00:50:55 Quit Link9064 ("CGI:IRC")
00:51:19 Join bagawk [0] (n=lee@unaffiliated/bagawk)
00:54:00XavierGrand I thought I had a big DAP, I have stuffed a 60GB there
00:54:08Moos136 gb!!! :D
00:54:13 Quit DangerousDan ("Miranda IM! Smaller, Faster, Easier.")
00:54:20XavierGrdoes archos takes 2.5 inches hard disks?
00:55:19bagawkHeight matter also
00:55:29bagawk9.5mm was it?
00:55:29 Join paugh [0] (n=kickback@2001:5c0:8fff:ffff:8000:0:3e03:6822)
00:56:05amiconnbagawk: Not really important nowadays. All current 2.5" drives are 9.5 mm
00:56:29amiconnSome really old ones were 12.7 mm (1/2")
00:56:31noc_how long would the batt last though?
00:57:01amiconnThat depends more on the drive type than on the capacity
00:57:19amiconnDrives with >4200 rpm are therefore not recommended
00:57:57Moos"Playing a playlist with no valid entries (or no entries at all) should be
00:57:57Moosproperly handled now. Please revert this commit if it breaks something." ???
00:58:01XavierGramiconn: which DAP do you use usually? iRiver or Archos?
00:58:30Mooswasn't debate about this commit?
00:58:44XavierGramiconn: any reason for it?
00:58:51ryan_jMoos: rockbox wasn't stopping playback properly when playing empty playlists.
00:59:03 Join jeddy3 [0] (
00:59:09Moosyes i know :-)
00:59:13ryan_jOr ones with no valid entries.
00:59:32amiconnXavierGr: Yes. More reliable, and either more capacity (recorder v1) or smaller, noiseless and shock-resistant (Ondio)
00:59:44ryan_jIt bit me a couple of times, so I "fixed" it. If it causes problems we can remove it
00:59:51Moosryan_j: but the fixing was debate here by Lear...
01:00:01ryan_jI must have missed that.
01:00:11Moosjust wondering :-)
01:00:16amiconnPlus, my H140 harddrive is a bit noise since I dropped the player once
01:00:26ryan_jNo problem :-)
01:00:40Moosryan_j check the logs ;-)
01:00:45ryan_jWhich day?
01:01:01Moosdon't remenber, sorry, check google
01:01:49Moosdebate betwen Lear, Slasheri and maybe amiconn :)
01:02:19*ryan_j checks through logs
01:03:45ryan_jI can't find it :-(
01:03:55ryan_jRemoving it's no problem though.
01:04:04ryan_js/it's/it is/
01:04:11Moosisn't dramatical :-)
01:04:13amiconnXavierGr: You did the wrong thing with the KBD_PAGE_FLIP...
01:05:17amiconnYou need to change the two occurences of #ifndef KBD_PAGE_FLIP, *not* the one occurence of #ifdef KBD_PAGE_FLIP
01:05:35 Quit Nibbler ("life is like a rental car, you fuck it up, and give it back.")
01:06:06ryan_jMoos: I found it. Reading it now...
01:06:19Mooshehe :)
01:08:58ryan_jMoos: Ah. Well, my fix is rather trivial and shouldn't get in the way of Slasheri's fix when it gets committed.
01:09:22Moosyes just in waiting :-)
01:11:43ryan_jIt just stops playback if the playlist has 0 entries, which happens if the file was empty or all entries were invalid (and therefore deleted).
01:11:46 Quit bagawk ("Leaving")
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01:17:39XavierGramiconn: I need to change 2 ifndefs?
01:18:37XavierGrbut there are many #ifndef KBD_FLIP_PAGE!
01:18:40XavierGrnot just 2
01:20:14amiconnI only see two. Lines 238 and 266 in unpatched keyboard.c
01:20:45XavierGrmy bad I was seeing KBD_MODE
01:21:57XavierGrso change 2 #ifndef KBD_PAGE_FLIPs with #if !defined(KBD_PAGE_FLIP) && KEYBOARD_PAGES > 1 ?
01:22:31XavierGrand revert the #ifdef KBD_PAGE_FLIP?
01:23:47XavierGrare you sure I see no reason for this.
01:23:56XavierGrwhy change the ifndef?
01:24:08 Join Nibbler [0] (
01:24:20XavierGroh i see why
01:24:34XavierGrit will run ondio code if I don't
01:26:32***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
01:28:58XavierGrok I got it heres how I made it:
01:29:26XavierGrthe #ifdef KBD_PAGE_FLIP becomes #if defined(KBD_PAGE_FLIP) && KEYBOARD_PAGES > 1
01:30:12XavierGrand the other 2 #ifndef KBD_PAGE_FLIP will become #if !defined(KBD_PAGE_FLIP) && KEYBOARD_PAGES > 1
01:32:22amiconnI had some more ideas
01:32:36XavierGryes you was right or else ondio code could run on iriver.
01:32:46 Quit einhirn (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
01:33:05amiconnJust leave KBD_PAGE_FLIP defined for H1x0, it doesn't hurt with the #ifdef / # ifndef changes discussed...
01:33:20XavierGrok then I will add it.
01:33:45amiconn...but it allows to get the logic right, as the ability to show all characters in one page does *not* depend on the keypad...
01:33:55amiconn...but rather on the LCD resolution
01:34:59 Quit Moos ("Glory to Rockbox")
01:36:36XavierGrok patch updated on sourceforge, If you feel right for it then commit, else I will use it for my pleasure... :P
01:46:14 Quit Bger (Read error: 113 (No route to host))
01:49:36XavierGrlol I have just updated my patch 5 times in a row
02:19:22 Join muesli- [0] (
02:22:21muesli-who is mika btw?
02:22:38DBUGEnqueued KICK muesli-
02:23:34XavierGrmiika pekarinen? I thought it was Slasheri.
02:25:21muesli-mk :)
02:25:44muesli-good pita XavierGr anyway ;)
02:26:22XavierGrThanks, but I got a little confused.
02:27:03muesli-how comes to that?
02:29:47XavierGrYour name is Miika?
02:30:08 Join pengo [0] (n=xtofu@
02:31:43muesli-not really ;)
02:32:01XavierGrthen whats was
02:32:03DBUGEnqueued KICK XavierGr
02:33:41muesli-i've tried to write +i to add an i for mika
02:33:41pengooo.. disk cache.
02:34:05muesli-but didnt notice that it wouldnt work
02:34:20muesli-(got to much drinks :D )
02:34:31XavierGryeah I heard you cant write it on the site's client
02:34:39XavierGrwell then all I knew was true
02:35:57muesli-got a somebody write a patch for me :)
02:36:46XavierGrwhat sort of patch?
02:37:07muesli-to sort out my hiccough ;)
02:37:25XavierGrwhat's that?
02:38:06pengoa patch that makes it appear the firmware is corrupt and unbootable should do it
02:39:41XavierGrexcuse me?
02:39:57XavierGrI surely can't do that.
02:43:07 Join ashridah [0] (
02:43:10muesli-hope 2 find my way to my bed
02:43:23muesli-g'night folks
02:43:34XavierGrwell check this out before you sleep:
02:44:10XavierGrnothing major jsut made my life a little easier!
02:45:17muesli-it increases the amount of chars?
02:45:48XavierGrIt justs renders all chars in one screen instead of having to press a-b button.
02:45:59XavierGr(and cycle pages)
02:46:01muesli-very kewl!
02:46:09XavierGrwell I should hit the sack too, time to go to bed!
02:46:22muesli-add it to cvs
02:46:33muesli-i will love it
02:46:34XavierGrI don't have a cvs access :(
02:46:42muesli-why not m9?
02:46:59XavierGrlol well I am not so experianced yet.
02:47:09XavierGrI guess it is a responsibility after all.
02:48:03muesli-will talk 2 u about that l8er...
02:48:17muesli-am seriously tired...
02:48:21XavierGrok bye and good night!
02:48:56 Nick XavierGr is now known as Xavier|Away (
02:48:56DBUGEnqueued KICK Xavier|Away
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03:28:11 Join Bger [0] (n=Bager@
03:30:22ryan_jDoes anyone here know much about the x11 simulator?
03:42:29 Quit ryan_j ("leaving")
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04:20:45 Quit noc_ (" ")
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04:38:48 Quit paugh ("reinstalling")
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10:56:27SlasheriLear: on bus right now ;)
10:56:35Slasherilittle away today..
11:10:08amiconnLear: The problem you mentioned on the ml...
11:14:03amiconn...I've read somewhere (dunno remember where) that someone got all files listed twice, with .talk files presnt. Sounds like you spotted the cause...
11:15:25LearNow that you mention it, yes, I read that too... Mailing list or on the forum, and recently (yesterday or today)...
11:15:25 Join einhirn [0] (
11:16:26amiconnThis is the kind of non-obvious bugs related to dir caching... :/
11:21:22LearBtw, I've read that very large values on the max files in dir setting can cause problems. Does anyone know something more about it? :)
11:22:18Xavier|Awayamiconn: Thanks for the commit on the virtual keyboard! :D
11:22:48 Join ghode|afk [0] (
11:23:56amiconnLear: I've read that too numerous times, but I don't know what happens there
11:24:03 Join _FireFly_ [0] (
11:25:08amiconnI don't have such large dirs. I've set it to 500 (even less on Ondio)
11:26:44***No seen item changed, no save performed.
11:32:25Xavier|AwayI have set it to 1000 just for one folder that has 800 pictures (for the JPEG file scrolling)
11:32:43Xavier|AwayNo problems if set to 1000 though.
11:32:49 Nick Xavier|Away is now known as XavierGr (
11:32:49DBUGEnqueued KICK XavierGr
11:35:07amiconnLear: From what I remember about the bug reports, it almost looks like a datatype overflow problem, but I can't find any.
11:36:34amiconnIirc reports say it happens somewhere above 5000, and MAX_USHORT / sizeof(struct entry) would be 5461 (referring to tree.h: struct entry, which uses 12 bytes)
11:39:51LearBut where would that short be... I looked a little for things like that, but...
11:41:11amiconnyes, I didn't spot one either...
11:41:58amiconnDefinitely a thing that deserves systematic testing
11:44:45 Join ender` [0] (i=ychat@
11:55:19XavierGrwow cool I just learned why Bagder spells his nick as B4gder!! Wikipedia is awesome!
11:58:20XavierGrwell in Leetspeak (an interenet slang) people change normal letter with other characters to make more difficult for the new users to read.
11:58:39XavierGrSo 4 usually stands for A or 3 for e.
11:59:00amiconnAh, that you mean
11:59:10XavierGrLeetspeak == (e)-leetspeak
11:59:13amiconnWell, he just uses it as an alternative
11:59:31XavierGrso that means that Bagder is an elitist... :P
11:59:35 Nick amiconn is now known as am1c0nn (
11:59:54 Nick am1c0nn is now known as amiconn (
12:00:45XavierGrand I just learned what iirc stands for. Man that was annoying, every time I encountered it I didn't know what it means, and I was bored to look for, until now!
12:01:52LearThere are lots of those, like "lol" or "afaik"....
12:02:21amiconnOne of my favourites is tnx6e
12:03:37XavierGryes but I did know what iirc means, (I ask usually, I didn't expect for a wiki to have that sort of information)
12:05:14ashridaht'anx sex-e
12:05:17ashridahdepends on your accent
12:06:28XavierGrlike thanks sexy? I don't get it...
12:06:45ashridahtnx = thanks. 6=sex. e=y
12:07:32XavierGrI found an internet slung database.... oh boy some abreviations are hard to remember.... 404 stands for I couldn't find it!!!! :X
12:07:34ashridahlike m8, gr8 and other assorted braindead letter/subphrase substitutions that are only marginally phoenetically correct
12:07:53ashridahthere's the jargon files.
12:07:58 Join webguest01 [0] (
12:08:27amiconntnxe6 == thanks a million (1e6 == exponential notation of 10^6 == one million)
12:09:31ashridahshould have a capital E
12:09:31webguest01tnxe6 for directory caching... i never thought my iriver would do browsing so well while playing
12:09:35webguest01absolutely lovely
12:09:41XavierGrand as the wikipedia says roflmfao!!!
12:10:35XavierGrmy fucking ass off :P
12:10:38Nibblermy friendly ass off
12:10:47XavierGryes more politely
12:11:54XavierGrwe use Greeklish as slang in my country.
12:12:24XavierGrWe write Greek with Latin characters (only) instead of the normal Greek alphabet.
12:13:10XavierGrbut is often not wanted in forums, and I agree on that because sometimes it gets very difficult to read.
12:15:33webguest01hm... i still prefer rotflolmao, you can actually say that with your mouth:D
12:17:15XavierGryes if you cut it right rotfl-olmao!
12:24:31 Join webguest54 [0] (
12:24:44 Join Febs [0] (
12:25:06webguest54for those interested in sudoku,
12:25:16webguest54the evil ones are just that
12:25:54FebsGood morning, folks.
12:26:20FebsI tried the recording function last night for the first time in Rockbox on my iriver, and have a question.
12:26:44FebsThe recording screen says to press menu right to toggle monitor. Is this mapped to anything on the iriver?
12:33:36 Part webguest54
12:39:37_FireFly_Febs did you try to press the "joystick" to the right ?? :)
12:41:30_FireFly_oh RMT stands for remote :)
12:42:30_FireFly_try to press menu-button on the remote
12:44:31amiconnFebs: Recording monitor toggle is menu on the remote
12:44:46amiconnapps/pcm_recording.c line 190
12:45:36_FireFly_whats about the problem that after a recording playback doesn't work probably
12:45:41_FireFly_no sound
12:49:47 Quit t0mas (" brb... time for a reboot")
13:11:47FebsThanks, amiconn. I tried all other button combinations that I could think of, but I did not have my remote with me to try that.
13:15:11 Quit webguest01 ("CGI:IRC")
13:24:11 Quit Lear ("Chatzilla [Firefox 1.4.1/undefined]")
13:24:29 Join Moos [0] (
13:25:12 Quit thegeek_ (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
13:25:41 Join lamed [0] (
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13:30:38 Join thegeek [0] (
13:33:42lamedwhere do I ask someone to scroll back a change when it's bad?
13:35:00lamedcredit sinewave
13:35:20lamedcredit sinewave
13:45:00 Quit lamed ("CGI:IRC")
13:45:31 Join leachbj [0] (n=leachbj@pdpc/supporter/sustaining/leachbj)
13:46:53leachbjhey does anyone have a copy of the HD66789R datasheet? The link on the wiki seems dead...
14:18:18 Join Paul_The_Nerd [0] (
14:35:37 Quit solexx (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
14:39:08 Join solexx [0] (
14:45:52_FireFly_i have found a bug in conjuction with the change of the viewers.config syntax to add now also the dir in which the plugin is
14:47:08_FireFly_if i want to see e.g. a m3u-file with the viewers plugin the plugin-loader says that he can't open .rockbox/viewers/viewers/viewer.rock :)
14:47:53_FireFly_after changing the #define VIEWERS_DIR ROCKBOX_DIR "/viewers" to #define VIEWERS_DIR ROCKBOX_DIR
14:47:58_FireFly_it works again
14:55:11 Quit ender` (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
14:55:20 Join ender1 [0] (i=ychat@
14:57:17 Join muesli- [0] (
14:57:59 Nick ender1 is now known as ender` (i=ychat@
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15:01:30 Join ashridah [0] (
15:03:18_FireFly_hi muesli
15:03:32_FireFly_what is so funny :)
15:03:47muesli-me? dunno
15:14:04amiconn_FireFly_: Bah, the viewers.config change has in fact several bugs :(
15:16:04 Join solexx_ [0] (
15:21:03 Join Lear [0] (
15:22:19muesli-_FireFly_ does dir caching works with your build now?
15:23:39_FireFly_yepp my newest build based on cvs after dircache was submitted to cvs
15:23:58muesli-very kewl...fantastic stuff m8s :D
15:24:20_FireFly_but it doesn't include the latest cvs changes
15:24:26muesli-i forgot my iriver at a friends place yesterday and cant test it right now :-/
15:25:39_FireFly_moep :)
15:26:12muesli-yeah...and i wont get it until tomorrow or even later :-((
15:26:47***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
15:27:06_FireFly_amiconn: what additional bugs apart form that bug which i have mentioned
15:28:24 Nick TiMiD[Drunk] is now known as TiMiD[dead] (n=TiMiD[
15:28:28amiconnIt lists the viewers twice in the 'open with' menu, once with relative path, once without
15:28:39amiconnThis second part of the list isn't complete
15:29:11_FireFly_with my change it lists it correct test it
15:29:42amiconnYes, as the second part of the list generation (scan_plugins() ) doesn't work anymore if you change it like this
15:29:54TiMiD[dead]oh no they broke my beautiful patch XD
15:30:04_FireFly_only a simple change ;)
15:30:12amiconnI don't know what this is good for though, as I don't fully understand filetypes.c
15:30:41amiconn...otherwise I would try to fix it
15:32:58 Quit solexx (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
15:33:53_FireFly_amiconn: maybe a seperate boolean option/parameter in viewers.config which indicates if relative path is included in this line or not
15:34:40amiconnWhy? Relative path is always included now in viewers.confg
15:34:58amiconn...but filetypes.c gets file types by 3 different methods:
15:35:10_FireFly_amiconn: it was only a idea
15:35:22amiconn(1) hard-coded (2) from viewers.config (3) by scanning the viewers directory
15:35:31amiconnI don't understand what (3) is for though
15:35:50Paul_The_NerdIt could be a leftover from something else?
15:36:13_FireFly_maybe if someone has a viewerplugin which is not listet in viewers.config
15:42:49_FireFly_but without ma change no plugins which are in listet in viewers.config can be loaded
15:43:27_FireFly_because the loader adds two times following string: /viewers
15:43:51XavierGrmuesli-: Blasphemer!!!! You forgot your iRiver? How dare you?
15:44:16muesli-well..enjoyed a pita ;)
15:45:10muesli-Patch #1316533 by Alexander Spyridakis was that your patch you posted last night?
15:46:13XavierGryes and amiconn commited it today. :)
15:46:22muesli-cheers :D
15:46:39muesli-have to see it when i get my babe back
15:47:45Paul_The_Nerd_FireFly_: Without your patch, you can just prepend the string ../Plugins/ to any viewers that are in the Plugins directory.
15:47:59Paul_The_NerdOops. I mean without the original patch, not your patch.
15:50:10_FireFly_i think either add a extra option to the viewers.config which indicates if the line has a relative path or not
15:51:06_FireFly_or something else to determine that there is no need to add /viewers to the string before loading the plugin
15:51:09amiconnI think the correct solution is a rework of filetypes.c
15:51:36TiMiD[dead]Yesterday I made a mistake: when I submtted my remote patch to the tracker I wasn't logged in (I thought I was)
15:51:45TiMiD[dead]and now I can't update it
15:52:03TiMiD[dead]is it possible to remove it ?
15:52:11amiconn...but I'd rather want to ask the original author about some things, and I would need to analyse it in-depth in order to understand it
15:52:17LearSure, a "patch admin" can...
15:52:21amiconn...and I'm up to different things atm :/
15:52:51TiMiD[dead]so what should I do ?
15:52:52_FireFly_a quick 'n' dirty hack would be my change
15:53:10_FireFly_TiMiD[dead]: create a new entry in the tracker
15:53:13LearAnd I should be able to do it...
15:54:22XavierGrTiMiD[dead]: did you ypdated your patch?
15:54:37LearSo I should close "Multi-screen support" then?
15:55:29_FireFly_TiMiD has only add the possibility for Multi-screen support and had updated filetree to use it
15:55:39_FireFly_the rest is not touched
15:56:40 Join Marcus [0] (
15:57:02MarcusHello there
15:57:37Marcusquick question about this multi-screen support
15:57:43Marcuspatch :)
15:58:06Marcuscan it be commitable?
15:58:11 Quit pengo (Remote closed the connection)
15:58:32Marcuswhen'll updated with dircache changes
15:58:44_FireFly_it doesn't add complete remote-support if you want it mainly for that
15:59:04TiMiD[dead]it's updated with dircache
15:59:06Marcusnot, but it could be one big step :)
15:59:27TiMiD[dead]but I have logis problems with sourceforge
15:59:29_FireFly_currently my patch adds full remote-support except playlist-viewer debug-menu-entrys and plugins
16:00:04Marcusfirefly: I didn't test it yet, I will
16:00:39MarcusLear: what do you think about this multi-screen patch ?
16:00:46_FireFly_a actual build can be found on
16:01:05_FireFly_the patch on the same place is outdated
16:01:18LearMarcus: Don't ask me, I don't know anything about it... :)
16:01:23 Quit Marcus (Client Quit)
16:01:29_FireFly_only the builds are actual except the newest cvs changes after ducache was added
16:01:30 Join Marcus [0] (
16:01:44MarcusLear: ok, thanks
16:01:44_FireFly_ only the builds are actual except the newest cvs changes after dicache was added
16:01:58TiMiD[dead]dircache wasn't that hard to add :)
16:02:06TiMiD[dead](I did it in 10min :p)
16:02:11Marcusthis widgets concenpt would be great
16:02:14TiMiD[dead]only 5 or 6 lines to change :)
16:02:38TiMiD[dead]Marcus: it's not really a widget
16:02:59TiMiD[dead]you can't reorganize the screen as you want, you can't redim etc
16:02:59 Quit Marcus (Client Quit)
16:03:25TiMiD[dead]I didn't wanted to make smth too generic
16:03:25 Join Marcus [0] (
16:03:37MarcusGrrr, sorry stupid web client
16:04:02MarcusTimid: ok
16:04:29TiMiD[dead]if I had coded a full widget set, it would have been a lot more code
16:04:49Marcusyes indeed
16:04:59Marcushard for you?
16:05:20TiMiD[dead]and deep modifications (for example make the scroll thread put its strings by pixels rather than by lines ...)
16:05:37Marcusoh yes
16:05:39TiMiD[dead]not hard, but time consumming :)
16:06:19TiMiD[dead]and I think this is sufficient for this kind of displays :)
16:06:31TiMiD[dead](we don't want to have a window manager ^^)
16:06:56Marcusyes, me too, but I'm wondering why any core devloper isn't interested in
16:07:57MarcusTimid: did you do something wrong?
16:08:00TiMiD[dead]maybe because the patch is 150kb
16:08:21MarcusI don't think so
16:08:53TiMiD[dead]it tooks alot of time to read it ...
16:09:10TiMiD[dead]what do you mean by "something wrong" ?
16:10:02Marcuse.g : compiling errors, not multi platforms suported...
16:10:38TiMiD[dead]I can't test on all platforms of course :)
16:10:46TiMiD[dead]but I tested it with simulator
16:10:47Marcusmaybe we could wait Linus for this
16:11:11TiMiD[dead]and it seemed to work even on the archos player :)
16:11:13Marcusis it probably the best dev. for this stuff :)
16:11:32XavierGrLinus will check it, when he finds time so...upadate it and resubmit it on the tracker.
16:11:53TiMiD[dead]well I won't get mad if it doesn't get submitted :)
16:12:23TiMiD[dead]but I think this coulld help to port other apps to multi screen more quickly
16:12:27MarcusI'm sure this patch could be commited in the Rockbox code
16:12:51XavierGrwell we are going to be, remote support has been a very low priority for a long time, if your patch is good I don't see a reason why not commiting it.
16:13:07Marcusyes me too
16:13:28TiMiD[dead]one reason could be that at present it increases the compiled code size
16:13:40TiMiD[dead]because there are 2 systems used in //
16:13:54Marcusyes it is the basis concept
16:14:30XavierGrbut sooner or later this kind of thing must happen to rockbox, if we want to see it in other platforms except Archos...
16:14:40Marcusmaybe isn't necessary for all platforms, I think to archos with low memory
16:14:45TiMiD[dead]it's only a temporary code increase
16:15:07TiMiD[dead]if all rb apps gets ported to this arch, the code size should decrease a lot
16:15:22Marcusyeah indeed
16:15:52XavierGrthere aren't many alternatives so I think that it may be commited...
16:15:52TiMiD[dead](for example menus and file tree couls use the same list)
16:16:16XavierGrWe can't say anything until an exprerianced dev check this.
16:16:38Marcusamiconn, Slasheri : any ideas about it?
16:17:00 Nick solexx_ is now known as solexx (
16:17:26muesli-l8er m8s
16:17:56 Quit muesli- (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
16:17:59TiMiD[dead]et voila :)
16:19:22Paul_The_NerdYour "description" is going to confuse a lot of clueless folk from the US.
16:19:50TiMiD[dead]why ? it's not correct englis at all?
16:19:56Paul_The_NerdNo, the 08/10/2005
16:20:14Paul_The_NerdWe do our dates a very silly way over here.
16:20:42TiMiD[dead]I know, I have an american watch and I get confuse each time I read the date ^^
16:20:53_FireFly_year/month/day afaik ;)
16:21:24XavierGrwhy read the date from the year?
16:21:26Paul_The_NerdSo, are you going to work on getting another system working with the multi-screen next?
16:21:57XavierGrfirst must be the day (that changes often) then month and year last.
16:22:12TiMiD[dead]done :)
16:22:32TiMiD[dead]Paul_The_Nerd: I want to know if it's commited first
16:22:47TiMiD[dead]then the next will be menus
16:22:53TiMiD[dead]and playlist
16:22:55Marcustime to go good day all
16:23:04 Quit Marcus ("CGI:IRC")
16:24:13MoosSalut TiMiD, french date :D
16:24:33TiMiD[dead]not anymore :)
16:24:47XavierGrwhich way is the French date?
16:24:59TiMiD[dead]today is 08/10/2005
16:25:10XavierGror 08/10/2005?
16:25:22XavierGryeah I agree, you are the man!!!
16:25:50TiMiD[dead]the most logical would be YYYY/MM/DD
16:25:57TiMiD[dead]since Y is more important
16:26:06XavierGrnow I don't think this is the most logical
16:26:16TiMiD[dead]but I don't know if it used anywhere
16:26:17Moosit's depand
16:26:17XavierGrin every day life it isn't
16:26:26 Join jeddy3 [0] (
16:26:27XavierGronly in history :)
16:26:33XavierGrRockbox is set that way.
16:26:39XavierGrpower up and see the firmware version
16:26:45Paul_The_NerdI like year-first dating too.
16:26:52TiMiD[dead]the most logical is the number of seconds elapsed since the creation of the universe :p
16:27:00Mooshehe :)
16:27:01Paul_The_NerdNot precise enough
16:27:59XavierGranyway both year first or day first dates are logical, I just dont get why stuck the day in the middle...?
16:28:02TiMiD[dead]number of rotations of an lelectron around an hydrogen atom at degree
16:28:55Paul_The_NerdBecause we tend to say it "January first, 2006" instead of "The first of january, 2006" so the date lines up with how we say it. (We being, at least, many people in the US)
16:29:59TiMiD[dead]bouhhh launch thme stones !
16:30:03XavierGrwell I know what you say but this seems a little illogical too. anyway customs and metrics are strange in some parts of the world.
16:30:27XavierGrThe best thing is to gather all and agree on a standart, in everything!!
16:30:39Paul_The_NerdYeah, but that'll never happen.
16:31:02MoosPaul_The_Nerd: is it a language logic
16:31:11Moosin this case english logic
16:31:18Paul_The_NerdMany people here are too "proud" (stubborn) and if you won't agree to do it their way, then they won't agree to do it yours. And that fouls everything up.
16:32:05XavierGrI am willing to change my habbits if everyone agrees to change!
16:32:06TiMiD[dead]anyway, I see diversity more like an asset
16:32:26XavierGran asset in which way?
16:33:05TiMiD[dead]itmakes people think different
16:33:30TiMiD[dead]so that they can have differents approches of a problem
16:33:47Moos"need everything for do one world" like we said in french
16:34:25Moos"il faut de tout pour faire un monde" :)
16:34:27TiMiD[dead]word by word translation :)
16:34:45Moosyeah you know my english level ;-)
16:35:00TiMiD[dead]not that bad !
16:35:06TiMiD[dead](mine is not better ...)
16:35:15Paul_The_NerdHeh. It's true though. The language you think in affects to an extent the way you think about problems.
16:35:59Moosyes completly
16:36:18TiMiD[dead]that's more true for asian people who have a completely different way of writing :p
16:36:31MoosPaul: and I studied the language Sciences, I can confirm to you
16:37:01XavierGrdoes anyone know why Japanese people say the chan after a name sometimes?
16:37:10XavierGr^word "chan"
16:37:33Paul_The_NerdIt's like san, or sama. They demonstrate eithera degree of familiarity or respect, depending on which words they use, from my understanding.
16:37:43Moosit's maybe family thing
16:37:44TiMiD[dead]chan is a suffix you put after a name
16:38:02TiMiD[dead]if it's a girl name (and if you are close to her)
16:38:07TiMiD[dead]after a baybe name
16:38:56TiMiD[dead]after a boys you want to tease (you implicitely say that he is a girl :p)
16:38:58Moosit's maybe "De..." in french
16:39:08XavierGrI see some anime movies lately and sometimes keep hearing this suffix, strange, they say it as one word "[name]chan"
16:39:22Moosor "Ibn...or Ben..." in arabic
16:39:36TiMiD[dead]it's polite level
16:39:41Moosoh ok
16:39:44TiMiD[dead]1 sama
16:39:49TiMiD[dead]2 san
16:39:53TiMiD[dead]3 chan / kun
16:39:56_FireFly_ok i have updated my remote-changes in keyboard.c so it works correctly with the patch from XavierGr :)
16:40:00TiMiD[dead]4 only the name :)
16:40:12MoosFirefly: fine :)
16:40:29_FireFly_not uploaded yet a build :)
16:40:46Mooshehe go, go, go
16:41:02TiMiD[dead]keyboard.c ?
16:41:33XavierGryes I did a small modification for large screens on the virtual keyboard.
16:41:45Moosyes and thanks for it ;-)
16:41:48_FireFly_that had breaked my remote changes :)
16:41:59XavierGrI made it to fit all the letters in one screen, instead of having to cycle with the mode button.
16:42:02TiMiD[dead]ok :)
16:42:29XavierGris there a remote virtual keyboard Firefly?
16:42:38XavierGrI mean do you output it too?
16:42:54XavierGrand now what will you do that the remote screen is small?
16:43:01XavierGrmake some more #ifs I guess?
16:43:34XavierGror add an IF HAVE REMOTE on those that I excluded?
16:44:01_FireFly_not realy some more vars for the remote and currently a seperate kbdpages for the remote
16:44:12_FireFly_which is the same as the old one :)
16:44:39_FireFly_and in button handling i had to duplicate some code
16:45:32_FireFly_to reflect the changes
16:45:47XavierGrnow my radio patch is waiting for commitment, that's why I don't use your patch Firefly, too many errors when I apply it in radio.c
16:46:01_FireFly_now the char-selection itself is independend
16:46:21XavierGrI once made it to compile clean but then I deleted the file and now I am bored to write it again.
16:46:36_FireFly_i will adept my patch when your radio patch is commited :)
16:46:42_FireFly_i think this is easier
16:47:50XavierGrit is just a lot of lcd copies
16:48:32_FireFly_that was the main-thing that i had done while make the remote to display more :)
16:49:21amiconnTiMiD[dead]: There might be a problem with your patch on archos (note that I didn't try it yet):
16:49:55TiMiD[dead]amiconn: what is the pbl ?
16:49:56amiconnAs you say, there is a temporary code size increase. This code size increase might be too much for the good old recorder v1...
16:50:21TiMiD[dead]I have nounit to test ...
16:50:36TiMiD[dead]but on iriver, the code increase was 5kb
16:50:42amiconnIt would already fail building in this case
16:51:04amiconnCompared to current cvs?
16:52:08amiconnHmm, so it might fit, but really tight. SH1 code size is roughly the same as coldfire code size for the same C code
16:52:16XavierGrTiMiD[dead]: test it on the sim, you can see if there is an error about ram
16:52:24_FireFly_i'm currently upload my builds for h120/h140 and ihp-100/110/115 with remote-support and latest cvs-changes
16:52:27amiconnXavierGr: nope
16:52:28TiMiD[dead]it works on the sim :)
16:52:58amiconnThe limit is that the archos loader doesn't load firmwares >200KB, and not all boxes are flashable
16:53:02XavierGrit did when i pssed the 32kb plugin limit
16:53:44_FireFly_ok uploaded
16:53:48TiMiD[dead]I try to ompile it for recorder v1
16:53:51amiconnWe're currently 7134 bytes away from that barrier on recorder v1
16:54:22amiconn...much more for player, so there is no problem for player
16:54:31Paul_The_NerdWhere's your site _FireFly_?
16:54:31XavierGrand then what?
16:54:36Paul_The_NerdOr space
16:54:47TiMiD[dead]well, if my patch gets applied, it shouldreduce the code size in the end
16:54:49XavierGrwe will stop development due to this?
16:55:14amiconn...and not for fmrecorder, recorder v2 and the Ondios, as the limit is 400KB there as we recently did discover
16:56:04XavierGris there a limit for iriver?
16:56:10amiconnMany more things can and should be done to optimise the current code base
16:56:48_FireFly_i think for some code-parts a complete rewrite would be usefull
16:59:39XavierGrwell, that's easy to sa but to implement....
16:59:57_FireFly_i know
17:02:33TiMiD[dead]when I was working on the filetree, I wanted to rewrite it ...
17:02:40 Nick TiMiD[dead] is now known as TiMiD (n=TiMiD[
17:05:19TiMiDdoesn't compile for player v1 without simulator :(
17:05:50TiMiDanyone knwo what is the lcd_update fn on this target ?
17:06:22TiMiDor is it unneeded ?
17:06:36amiconnIt's lcd_update(), same as on iriver
17:06:48amiconnAh, no I misread
17:07:02amiconnplayer has no lcd_update(), it always updates immediately
17:07:39TiMiDso lcd_update is just needed with simulator
17:08:04TiMiDthat's why I didn't noticed that before :p
17:11:24amiconnNormal code can use lcd_update() unconditionally, because it is an empty macro for player target, but obtaining a pointer obviously won't work
17:11:47TiMiDthat's a problem :(
17:11:48_FireFly_mabe create a empty function for that
17:11:56TiMiDmaybe ...
17:12:01TiMiDor put tons of ifdefs
17:12:02amiconn_FireFly_: Another q&d???
17:13:16TiMiD#ifdef SIMULATOR
17:13:16TiMiD screen->update=&lcd_update;
17:13:16DBUGEnqueued KICK TiMiD
17:13:16TiMiD#ifndef HAVE_LCD_CHARCELLS
17:13:16TiMiD screen->update=&lcd_update;
17:13:35TiMiDthat works, but it's a little heavy to handle
17:13:55amiconnThat can be combined into one #if :
17:13:58TiMiD(I don't know if you can do || in preprocessor
17:14:00TiMiDok !
17:14:44amiconn#if defined(LCD_BITMAP) || defined(SIMULATOR)
17:14:50amiconn(avoiding the negation)
17:14:52TiMiD void (*update)(void);
17:15:00TiMiDbetter ;)
17:15:11amiconnMeh, of course HAVE_LCD_BITMAP
17:15:31amiconnIn fact this construct looks familiar, it is used in a number of places
17:15:45amiconn#if defined(HAVE_LCD_BITMAP) || defined(SIMULATOR)
17:16:11ashridahfucking hell i hate user interface coding.
17:16:30TiMiDit's fun :)
17:16:52ashridahthis is what i get for letting amatures design the ui tho
17:16:59amiconnTiMiD: E.g. firmware/export/lcd.h line 58 :)
17:18:30TiMiDexact :
17:19:02TiMiDin my code there are not a lot of colls to update
17:19:07TiMiDmaybe 2 or 3
17:22:39TiMiDok it's compiled
17:23:06TiMiDarchos.mod is 151890kb
17:23:18TiMiD(it's this file ?)
17:24:24Paul_The_NerdThat would be... quite large.
17:24:31TiMiDoops :)
17:25:12 Join webguest63 [0] (
17:25:14TiMiDI forgot to remove the divx included in the build :p
17:25:28_FireFly_divx ??
17:25:39webguest63is there a way to get the cvs w/o the dircache patch?
17:25:49TiMiDyou don't hide your divx in ytou rb firware file ?
17:26:06TiMiDwebguest63: if you want I have a version without it
17:26:11TiMiDbut with my remote patch
17:26:16amiconnTiMiD: There must be some odd section in the compiler output, causing the linker to put it at address zero
17:26:39 Join einhirn [0] (
17:26:46webguest63TiMiD: is it uncompiled? cuz i need to apply some patches
17:26:51***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
17:27:24TiMiDamiconn: what do you mean ? :D
17:28:53TiMiD(anyway, the oerload seems to be 2372b on the recorderv1)
17:29:42TiMiDyes :)
17:29:55CtcpIgnored 5 channel CTCP requests in 14 hours and 50 minutes at the last flood
17:29:55*amiconn is confused
17:30:01amiconnWhat do you mean?
17:30:10TiMiDmy patch increases the code size by 2372b
17:30:24amiconnOooh, that's.... small :)
17:30:45amiconnI wonder what went wrong on player though
17:31:00amiconnWhat sh-elf-gcc did you use?
17:31:09TiMiDoops I'm talking about the player
17:31:31TiMiDversin 3.3.1
17:31:40amiconnAh, I guess you meant bytes then, not kbytes
17:31:54TiMiD(using windows beacause simulator doesn' compile under linux ... so poor)
17:32:02TiMiDyes )
17:32:04TiMiDof course
17:32:08amiconnI have 3.3.6, under cygwin
17:32:22TiMiDa file that is that big would have shocked me !
17:32:30amiconnI'm only rarely using linux, in a virtual machine
17:32:50TiMiDI use linux all the days :)
17:32:56_FireFly_me too ;)
17:33:14TiMiDbut since I started developping on my laptop ... I'm forced to use windows
17:33:23_FireFly_why forced ??
17:33:25TiMiD(until I solve that simulator build issue)
17:34:23_FireFly_i have no problem compiling the sim under linux
17:34:48TiMiDit works on my desktop, but not on my laptop
17:35:12_FireFly_same distribution ??
17:35:23TiMiDgentoo ^^
17:35:27_FireFly_me too :)
17:35:35TiMiDsame glibcversions, same useflags
17:36:42_FireFly_i'm using Calculating dependencies ...done!
17:36:42_FireFly_[ebuild R ] sys-devel/gcc-3.3.6
17:36:42_FireFly_[ebuild R ] sys-libs/glibc-2.3.5-r1
17:36:51TiMiDld: errno: TLS definition in /lib/ section .tbss mismatches non-TLS reference in /mnt/obelix/rockbox/rockbox-devel/build/librockbox.a(errno.o)
17:36:54TiMiD/lib/ could not read symbols: Bad value
17:37:21TiMiDIt should work with all versions of glibc btw :)
17:37:21_FireFly_have you nptlonly in your use-flags ??
17:37:42_FireFly_than the sim will not work
17:37:56TiMiD(but I tried to recompile glibc without it and it didn't worked better ...)
17:38:06 Join webguest50 [0] (
17:38:44webguest50FireFly_: thanks for your remote patch, is there anyway I can change the rwps?
17:39:08_FireFly_yepp you can create it yourself ;)
17:39:26_FireFly_simple create a file with rwps as file-postfix
17:40:49webguest50thanks for the info
17:41:01LearWhen running the windows simulator, is there any way to figure out where a codec crash happens?
17:41:39 Part webguest50
17:43:05webguest63yup, works great
17:43:05webguest63thanks alot
17:43:08 Quit webguest63 ("CGI:IRC")
18:03:52 Join Lost-ash [0] (
18:05:21 Quit ashridah (Nick collision from services.)
18:14:56 Quit mike8901 (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
18:17:15 Join dpassen1 [0] (
18:25:21 Nick Lost-ash is now known as ashridah (
18:36:01 Quit Lear ("Chatzilla [Firefox 1.4.1/undefined]")
19:13:10 Quit dpassen1 (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
19:26:43Paul_The_NerdWhat exactly does the latest change to rockbox do? I'm looking at the single added line of source and not really understandhing how it changes anything...
19:26:53***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
19:27:18_FireFly_it adjust the hight of the scrollbar
19:27:40_FireFly_depending on the max showable text lines
19:27:52_FireFly_and this is depending on the used font
19:28:22amiconnPrecisely, it does this for the menu. The file tree already had this feature
19:29:12Paul_The_NerdBut if height=menu_lines*fh and menu_lines=height/fh, that means height=(height/fh)*fh, which means it's either the same, or one different, no?
19:29:49amiconnThis is integer arithmetics...
19:30:20amiconnE.g 55/8 = 6 and 6*8 = 48, not 55
19:30:52 Quit Febs (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
19:31:00Paul_The_NerdSo it aligns the scrollbar with the text displayed?
19:31:28Paul_The_NerdI was trying to understand that. I saw what the math was doing, but the message that accompanied it confused me.
19:32:48_FireFly_here is my description of this patch :) :
19:32:50_FireFly_Currently the vertical scrollbar length is only
19:32:50_FireFly_depending if statusbar is on or off.
19:32:50_FireFly_But if the viewable text lines(the hight of all lines)
19:32:50DBUGEnqueued KICK _FireFly_
19:32:50_FireFly_is smaller, due a e.g. bigger font, than the scrollbar
19:32:50_FireFly_length the scrollbar is longer(the length) displayed
19:32:51***Alert Mode level 1
19:32:51_FireFly_than necessary.
19:32:53_FireFly_With this patch the vertical scrollbar length is also
19:32:55_FireFly_depending on the hight of the viewable textline.
19:33:14CtcpIgnored 1 channel CTCP requests in 0 seconds at the last flood
19:33:14*amiconn summons LinusN
19:33:25_FireFly_i hope this make more sense to you Paul
19:33:32Paul_The_NerdI think I've got it.
19:35:41 Join dpassen1 [0] (
19:37:12 Quit phaedrus961 ("Leaving")
19:40:15 Join phaedrus961 [0] (
19:42:52***Alert Mode OFF
19:44:16 Join d0n3 [0] (i=tor@tor/session/x-4610246b2a67ea07)
19:44:52 Quit d0n3 (Client Quit)
19:48:17 Quit ashridah ("Leaving")
19:56:46 Quit ender` (Read error: 113 (No route to host))
20:14:27Moosmy iriver freezing
20:14:48Moos2 times
20:15:08MoosI suspect the new dircache :(
20:15:45Mooswhen I pushed start for shuting down, it freeze
20:15:59Mooslong time here my player don't crash
20:16:36MoosI trying to reproduce the behaviour
20:17:53Moosok I can reproduce it
20:18:10Moosit is very bad :(((((
20:19:00Moosone simple log press freeze the player sometimes
20:19:32Moosit with the last bleeding edge build any patch aplyed
20:19:51dpassen1you mean shutting down while playing a song?
20:20:38MoosI stop one song, and long press to stop (normal) for "off" the player
20:20:53Moosand it freeze in the browser screen
20:21:11Moosneed to reuse the reset buton
20:21:14dpassen1mine froze when i long pressed stop to shut the player while i was playing a song and it froze in the WPS
20:21:47_FireFly_hmm i have no problem
20:21:49Moosthis bus wasn't
20:22:25Moosthe stranginess, it's don't occure all the time
20:22:34dpassen1it doesn't happen everytime
20:22:35MoosI trying to understand when
20:24:04Moosok I understood
20:24:11_FireFly_and ??
20:24:41Mooswhen I start the player and play one song, stop it, and want to shut down, it don't
20:24:51Moossimply freeze the browser
20:24:59Moosand need to reboot
20:25:14Mooswhen I start the player and don't play song
20:25:28Moosjust shuting down it, it do
20:25:52Moosit's very strange
20:25:57_FireFly_i can't reproduce it mayself
20:25:58TiMiDdoes the bug happens when you disable dircache ?
20:26:06Mooslet me try
20:27:22Moosok it don't :)
20:27:25_FireFly_maybe you have a to high values for the limits
20:27:33Moosit's one dircach problem
20:27:52Moosno my limits are the same like always
20:28:05Moosand don't change
20:28:06_FireFly_400 and 10000
20:28:35Moos450 here, cause I've got one dir with 410 Funk files ;-)
20:28:47Moosbut isn't the problem
20:29:09Moosif it was this, I have one full bufer message
20:29:35MoosIt's one dircache bug
20:29:37_FireFly_you could try my build (with remote patch) if it really relay on dircach
20:29:47MoosWhere are you Slasheri :-)
20:30:02MoosFireFly: yes I can there you can find my build
20:30:07SlasheriMoos: hi, i just came home from town :)
20:30:09Moosgive me the link
20:30:29_FireFly_maybe Moos found a bug in dircach
20:30:54SlasheriHmm, reading the logs..
20:30:57MoosSimple to reproduce here
20:31:36MoosStart player (dircach enable), play song, stop song, shut down
20:31:50Moosbug freeze :-(
20:31:50Paul_The_NerdI'm not encountering that bug, but again I'm using _Firefly_'s build.
20:32:16*amiconn has memory guard working on iriver :)
20:32:22MoosI'm using last bleeding edge build with no patch
20:32:33Moosamiconn: congrates
20:32:34SlasheriMoos: weird, i have never crashed my player that way
20:32:36dpassen1i cant reproduce it
20:33:22Moosit's maybe cause my song collection isn't like yours
20:33:34Moosanyone have a dircache file different
20:34:02Slasheribut there is one problem where filetree code modifies the structures got from readdir_cached
20:34:43Moos... ?
20:34:59Slasherii will commit a fix for that (it works as long has d_name is not set entirely null)
20:35:17Moosok thanks
20:35:49MoosI will wait for test it, in waiting need to disable cache for play music
20:41:31SlasheriMoos: committed, but i am not sure if this will fix the behaviour you are experiencing
20:41:53MoosI 'll test in case... :)
20:42:03Moosmaybe usb problem?
20:42:25_FireFly_why do you think that ??
20:42:32Slasherimight be anything, something that dircache just triggered
20:43:21Moossorry, I need to do one magic cigaret break of few minutes :-P
20:50:17amiconnSlasheri: I noticed another problem with dircache:
20:50:53amiconnIf the cache rebuild is interrupted (by plugging usb or shutting down), the next rebuild is a non-transparent rebuild
20:51:07Slasheriamiconn: that is intended behaviour
20:51:56Slasherii just think it would be better to do non-transparent rebuilding if the building was interrupted for some reason.. but hmm..
20:52:08amiconnIiuc a non-transparent rebuild is only necessary if the cache didn't fit into the reserved memory
20:52:26Slasherii am not sure if they are any benefits with this behaviour
20:52:40Slasheriamiconn: true.. i will change that
20:52:48amiconnRelated observation: Non-transparent rebuild isn't indicated after usb, only on boot
20:53:34Slasherihmm, correct. i will fix that too
20:59:33 Quit einhirn (Read error: 113 (No route to host))
21:00:12MoosI will wait a bit before test :D
21:03:58Moosbrb, reboot
21:04:02 Quit Moos ("Glory to Rockbox")
21:08:28amiconnMemory guard has some shortcomings on coldfire which can't be avoided :/
21:14:03 Join Moos [0] (
21:16:49 Join webguest82 [0] (
21:18:52webguest82_FireFly_: do you have a description for the remote button mapping ?, I really just need to know which is the delete button
21:19:16webguest82dont want to accidently hit that whilst fiddling
21:19:34_FireFly_rec if you mean for the virtual-keyboard
21:20:20webguest82no, on the emote itself, is there a delete key sequence
21:20:37_FireFly_for what ??
21:21:03_FireFly_i have no knowlage about a delete key sequence
21:21:23webguest82I dont want to accidently delete files, so what buttons have you assigned as delete on the remote
21:21:57webguest82if any
21:22:26_FireFly_hmm do you mean the menu-entry delete in the menu which you can access by holding the select-button on the main ??
21:22:50_FireFly_if so then it's the play-button on the remote to get into this menu
21:23:03webguest82ah that is the sequence for delete :)
21:24:33_FireFly_i will upload a file in which button mappings for the remote is listet(might be incomplete)
21:25:14_FireFly_it't the file README.remote on
21:26:56***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
21:27:05 Quit webguest82 ("CGI:IRC (EOF)")
21:28:12MoosSlasheri: that works now :-)
21:28:44Moosit was dircache fixing or usb that resolve the problem
21:30:18 Join ender` [0] (i=ychat@
21:32:50 Quit ender` (Read error: 113 (No route to host))
21:33:00 Join ender1 [0] (i=ychat@
21:44:35MoosAny chance to will have dicache working with id3 browser?
21:48:39 Nick ender1 is now known as ender` (i=ychat@
21:58:04 Quit DangerousDan (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
22:25:09amiconnThe system.c diff looks really funny...
22:44:22TiMiDI like the "Chief Executive" way :)
22:45:14Paul_The_NerdAye, I do too.
22:55:14TiMiDI'm getting a very strange behaviour with the diff command
22:55:37TiMiDin the beginning of the file, everything is just fine
22:56:06TiMiDthen in the end I have all the files I changed restored to the old state ...
22:56:57TiMiDlike this one
22:57:04TiMiDany ideas ?
23:03:51 Join Bagder [0] (
23:06:39amiconnhi Bagder
23:07:45amiconnWiki spammer again :( Spam already removed by a user
23:10:29Paul_The_NerdDoes that *really* increase revenue?
23:10:54BagderI think they want to rank higher in search engines
23:26:57***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
23:29:22amiconnSlasheri: While searching for good translations for the dircache option, I found a possible improvement for the option naming:
23:30:14amiconnImho it would be better to use "Directory cache: On/Off" instead of "Enable directory cache: Yes/No"
23:30:20amiconnWhat do you think?
23:39:03 Quit Moos (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
23:39:12 Join Moos [0] (
23:41:40 Join DangerousDan [0] (
23:44:35 Join linuxstb [0] (
23:45:31 Quit DangerousDan (Client Quit)
23:46:29 Join paugh [0] (n=kickback@2001:5c0:8fff:ffff:8000:0:3e03:6822)
23:52:02 Join DangerousDan [0] (
23:58:08dpassen1amiconn: i think its better your way, as well
23:58:36BagderI do too
23:58:48amiconnOkay, then I'll commit that

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