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#rockbox log for 2005-10-09

00:07:12amiconnBagder: No luck with the restoration of logbot's explain list?
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00:30:42]RowaN["(2) system_reboot() from a 'Debug' exception doesn't work because the CPU enters emulation mode, and the only way leaving this mode is via an rte instruction."
00:30:42]RowaN[so when rockbox crashes i now have to use a paperclip to press the reset button isntead of just pressing play to reboot?
00:30:50Dima202Hey guys. I have an FM Recorder. Took out my old universal adaptor and connected my player without reading instrructions of polarity and voltage. I put it on 12v and tried dif. polarity. I then saw a couple of times the blue light and it went on and off for couple of seconds. Then it dissapeared. It does not charge even with the correct voltage and polarity, I just went to Radioshack and checked. Is it possible to somehow test it over usb
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00:31:32Dima202Maybe its possible to charge it through usb?
00:32:03Dima202I just bought a battery for the jukebox and really want the thing in working condition :(
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00:33:10Dima202is anyone here? :(
00:33:36amiconn]RowaN[: Only when using the memory guard debug feature, not for other exceptions
00:34:08Dima202amiconn can you please help me out? :)
00:35:00Dima202plzzz man!!! :)
00:38:14Dima202When I connected the battery, I installed rockbox and it showed me low battery
00:38:19Dima202So I tried to find a source
00:41:15]RowaN[calm down dear, its just a commercial
00:42:47Dima202what commercial?
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00:55:22Dima202]RomanN[ can you help me out?
01:03:39MoosSlasheri: your dircache is definitively bugish for me, not luck, still shuting down problems :-(
01:03:55MoosDima: sorry I can't help you btw
01:04:34XavierGrHmm I will try to see if I have bugs with this.
01:04:53Mooshi XavierGr :)
01:05:50Dima202Can anyone help me?
01:06:03Dima202Do you think I could have killed it?
01:07:07XavierGrDima:SOrry I don't know, maybe.
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01:07:29Dima202I just read that the jukebox can be charged through usb
01:07:37XavierGran iriver is sure killed doing this, but archos models maybe have polarity protection. But I don't know.
01:07:40Dima202Will it charge if it's off?
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01:08:09Dima202I put it to usb but I can't power it on
01:08:22Dima202its been charging or I hope so for 10 mins now
01:09:19Moostry to ask here tommorow, maybe an FM Recoder user could help you
01:10:50MoosCan't use dircache here :-(
01:13:55MoosXavierGr: I'm wondering why is it just my case ??? everyone here can use it, it's strange
01:14:08Moosdircache I mean :)
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01:16:57TiMiDI have a question about diff
01:17:09TiMiDwhen I do a diff, I get thingslike this
01:17:11TiMiD−−- rockbox-daily-20051008/apps/dbtree.c 2005-08-30 09:52:36.000000000 +0200
01:17:14TiMiD+++ rockbox-remote-daily-20051008/apps/dbtree.c 2005-10-07 15:28:24.000000000 +0200
01:17:18XavierGrthe commnd?
01:17:39TiMiDI would like to change rockbox-daily-20051008/apps/dbtree.c to apps/dbtree.c for example
01:17:45XavierGrthis is the header that has file creation information between files
01:18:00TiMiDI read the man but I didn't figured out how to do this
01:18:11XavierGryou shouldbe able to change it by hand.
01:18:25XavierGrthis header shows which files you diffed.
01:18:28TiMiDthere is a lot :( (in that case I would do a sed :p)
01:19:00XavierGrbut why change it? I think it can find the correct diles if patched to the right folder.
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01:20:20TiMiDI just wanted to know because all patches I saw were not like that
01:20:25XavierGrbut test it to be sure first, I am not sure my self.
01:20:36XavierGrmy pathces work though
01:20:56TiMiDdiff -Naurd rockbox-daily-20051008/ rockbox-remote-daily-20051008/ > patch.diff
01:21:04TiMiDthis is the command I use
01:22:24TiMiDok it seems to work :p
01:22:39Dima202TiMiD DO U have an fm recorder?
01:22:43telliottAnyont think we will have affordable 40-60 gig solid sate players in the next couple of years?
01:23:34telliottsolid state
01:24:13Dima202is it possible to charge a battery by giving it the same voltage it gives off?
01:25:01TiMiDif I had one Iwould have tried to answer you
01:25:26Dima202thanks :)
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01:30:41XavierGrTiMiD: What's the -Naurd for?
01:30:56TiMiDit sounded good :p
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01:31:15TiMiDN si for new-file (add new files to the patch)
01:31:34TiMiDa to compare binary files
01:31:41TiMiD(not useful here)
01:32:21TiMiDu I don't really know, it's about the output format
01:32:32TiMiDr recursive
01:32:45TiMiDand d is to make the patch file smaller
01:32:53XavierGrwell I always use only the -u not so advanced user here ^_^ !!!
01:33:27TiMiDI just read the man and added the optins that looked fun =(^o^)=
01:34:14TiMiDwell seems that no one likes me :( (they don't look at my patch ;o) )
01:34:24Mooshehe not yet
01:34:36XavierGralso when you diff a whole build from cvs (lets say that you want to see changes between your mods and a clean build) try using (on the root of your cvs) cvs diff
01:34:48MoosTiMiD: but sure will ;-)
01:35:37TiMiDXavierGr: the problem is that cvs diff doesn't includes the new created files even with the -N options
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01:36:48TiMiD(it doesn't works because cvs does not know the new files, and i'm too lazy to do "cvs add" :)
01:37:03TiMiDMoos: I hope so
01:37:47TiMiD(after all the plugins I did were commited ^^)
01:38:27Moosyes thanks to amiconn
01:38:39Moosfor optimisations...
01:38:56TiMiDonly for 2 on the 3 :p
01:39:19Mooshehe trés pointilleux :D
01:40:05TiMiDah mais oui il y en un qui est 100% de moi ^^
01:40:15TiMiDca fait plaisir :)
01:40:27Mooscongrates for it :-), good job
01:40:44Moosgood job too for your patch (c du bon) ;-)
01:40:48TiMiD(not the hardest to code though)
01:41:04TiMiDthe patch is big
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01:42:13TiMiDit will become hard to maintain up to date with cvs if it doesn't get commited
01:42:50Moosyes we hope a core dev will take a look at it very soon
01:43:18Moosa very Rockbox experimented dev needed
01:43:48TiMiDit's not a very complicated code
01:43:49MoosLinus,Bagder,Zagor the Trium Vira :-)
01:44:05TiMiDI hope so
01:44:41Moosit's one good step past for the remote thing
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01:45:15TiMiDeven if it gets commited, there is a lot of work remaining :p
01:45:40TiMiDsince everything that produces an output for the gui must be revisited
01:46:02uuserrtimid, are you and firefly working on the remote separately?
01:46:08Moosyes and I'm wondering is it priority for who?
01:46:26Moosprobably any core dev currently interested in remote :)
01:47:01TiMiDuuserr: somethinglike this
01:47:10TiMiDwithe different approaches
01:47:31uuserrah ic
01:47:58MoosTiMiD: apear it's one job for you :D
01:48:28TiMiDone job for me ?
01:48:47TiMiD(po compris XD)
01:49:03Moosle reste du boulot concernant la télécommande notament ;-)
01:49:12TiMiDoh :)
01:49:37TiMiDI would be glad if other people would come to help me :)
01:49:57TiMiDI think firefly will be motivated
01:50:12MoosSure we hope so (si je pouvais je serais le 1er à t'aider)
01:50:42Moosyeah Firefly produce good works in his way too
01:50:53TiMiDyou can (dl the build, intall it and try to make it crash ^^)
01:50:59Moosit could be usuful if he is interested
01:51:03TiMiDfirefly produces in impressive work !
01:51:30TiMiDhe changed almost 3000 lines
01:52:28Moosyes very good works and also users use his build
01:53:12TiMiDit would be good if he could make his build on the top of mine so that I could get bug reports
01:53:35TiMiD(that what I lack the most atm)
01:53:47TiMiDand I can't believe it's bugfree :)
01:53:51Moossee with him when he 'll back
01:54:02Moossure not
01:54:11Moosimpprouvments daily
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01:57:34TiMiDwhen I think that rockbox wasn't working on my iriver 2 month ago ...
01:58:09Moosenjoying now :-)
01:59:01TiMiDI have a pbl :(
01:59:05TiMiDkevin@harkonnen /mnt/obelix/rockbox $ cvs login
01:59:08TiMiDLogging in to
01:59:11TiMiDCVS password:
01:59:12MoosI use Rb daily since Slasheri did his playback engin few month ago
01:59:13TiMiDPAM authenticate error: Authentication failure
01:59:16TiMiDcvs login: authorization failed: server rejected access to /cvsroot/rockbox for user username
01:59:20TiMiDI typed no passwd
01:59:37TiMiDMoos: It didn't wanted to start on my box
01:59:43TiMiD(ata error)
02:00:06TiMiDthe linus did a build for a guy with the same problem than me
02:00:14TiMiDand it worked :)
02:00:21Moosah ok
02:00:40TiMiDnow i'm preciously keeping the modded bootloader file :)
02:01:03Mooshehe :-)
02:03:48Moostime to sleep a bit
02:04:04MoosHave a good night TiMiD and all
02:04:18Moosc you later
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08:07:13Slasheriamiconn: That's a good idea, please change the names or i can also later :)
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08:07:42amiconnIt's already committed...
08:08:01amiconnYou could adapt finnish though
08:08:14Slasheriok :)
08:09:15amiconnI measured boot times without dircache, with dircache, and dirchache firstboot
08:09:31amiconn(from pushing the Play button until the browser appears)
08:09:42Slasherihmm, what did you find out?
08:09:44amiconnGood thing: The dircache is truly transparent
08:10:03amiconnFirst boot added a little above 4 seconds
08:10:30Slasherithat's good. I thought it could be possible that the disk access could delay the boot slightly, but it seems it does not
08:10:34amiconnBad thing: The iriver has the longest boot time of all my rockboxes :(
08:11:08Slasherihehe, i think the iriver is quite fast
08:12:27amiconnSpeed order here: Ondio 3.4s, Recorder 4.3s, Studio 5.2s, H40 7.7s
08:13:05amiconnThe archoses have an advantage here - they're all running rockbox from flash :)
08:14:19Slasherihmm, the disk on iriver has almost 3s spin up time
08:15:03Slasheriso putting rockbox flash in future could make it faster than Studio
08:15:29Slasherior maybe not..
08:15:36amiconnIt should
08:16:13amiconnThe advantage is that rockbox could start initialising immediately, then it waits for the disk spinup to finalise
08:16:51amiconnWith rockbox loaded from disk, the spinup has to finish first, then rockbox is loaded, then it can start initialising
08:17:16amiconnI guess the difference between Studio and Recorder is due to the different HD type
08:17:51amiconn(80GB IBM in the recorder, 10GB Hitachi in the studio)
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08:32:24amiconnHmm, there must be some other problem slowing downthe boot on iriver :(
08:33:07amiconnWhen booting the archoses from disk (via bootbox), it adds less than half a second for the disk based units, and 1.5 seconds for Ondio
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09:05:51Slasheriamiconn: the audio initialization code has some delays (over 1s) to prevent pops while initializing the hardware
09:14:18 Join _FireFly_ [0] (
09:17:59ghode|afkamiconn: wouldn't a better test be to time from boot to first song play with auto resume turned on?
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09:33:04amiconnPerhaps, though I doubt the results will differ much
09:33:09amiconnaway now
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11:58:47_FireFly_hmm comments aren't ignored in wps
11:59:00_FireFly_they will be displayed in wps
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14:33:22TiMiDnope :)
14:34:23TiMiDthat's far from what I can do :)
14:34:41TiMiD << that's from me :p
14:34:59TiMiD(paint, 5minutes :p)
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14:35:36CoCoLUSbeautiful ;)
14:35:48CoCoLUSi like the eyes
14:37:01TiMiDthanks :D I always knew that everybody who thought it was ugly was wrong ^^
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14:44:22Miq1Has someone a tip for a decent replacement disk for a JBR20?
14:46:56 Part Miq1
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16:38:49novimonsomeone wanna help me with the wps tags?
16:38:55novimonim quite confused
16:40:10Bger_cgiircjust ask directly
16:41:16novimonI have tag like this
16:41:44novimonand I'd need to get the dot if there is no tracknumber present
16:42:03novimon%ac%?It<%t3%s%In. %It|%s%Fn>;%ac%?Ia<%t3%s%Ia|%t0>
16:42:49novimon*need to get rid of the dot
16:44:35novimonis it possible?
16:47:16Bger_cgiirci don't know the WPS codes and i don't have time to learn them atm, so just wait and somebody else probably will answer u when he can
16:50:36Bger_cgiircbtw did u read
16:53:20novimondunno if I can put a conditional tag inside another conditional tag
16:53:31LearHm.. Should be enough to replace "%In" with "%?In<%In. >". I.e., only show tracknumber followed by "." if there is a tracknumber available.
16:53:43LearTags nests, yes.
16:53:51novimonokay, thanks
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19:31:56Bger_cgiirclinuxstb__: KeePass looks good ...
19:33:21Bger_cgiircexcept for the fact it's windows only
20:04:38dpassen1anyone know if the latest directory cache-related commits fixed a bug with inserting tracks?
20:05:56XavierGrinserting tracks on playlists?
20:06:35dpassen1someone else on the forums has/had the same problem
20:12:23 Quit dpassen1 ()
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20:43:33MoosHello here !
20:44:12MoosSlasheri: you there ?
20:47:54MoosRead the today's log it was short
20:48:07Moosquite day today here :-)
20:50:21MoosSlasheri: any news about the dircache bugs ?
20:51:09preglowwhat bugs?
20:52:08Mooshere, if I enable the cache, when I want to turn off the iriver, it crash
20:52:23Mooswhen I played music
20:53:32MoosI can't use it for now :-(
20:54:24MoosI will test with the last dircach fix in case...
20:55:40 Quit ghode|afk (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
21:01:02 Quit Dima202 (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
21:14:54MoosGrrr, still crashing
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21:38:07 Join linuxstb [0] (
21:39:38preglowlinuxstb: how fares the port?
21:40:59 Quit Bger_cgiirc ("CGI:IRC")
21:44:44preglowplasma has some serious problems with responsiveness if you press a lot of buttons
21:44:53preglowand why is it so slow, all of a sudden?
21:54:51 Quit linuxstb__ (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
21:55:34 Join the_winch [0] (n=winch@
21:56:37 Join _FireFly_ [0] (
22:08:31 Quit resiak (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
22:19:36 Join ghode|afk [0] (
22:22:58Seedpreglow: I noticed you tried to trigger me on the channel.. a PM is always more likely to do that :)
22:27:45_FireFly_comments in wps-files aren't really ignored. e.g. if i add a comment-line between to %xl lines. the comment is shown while in wps if not all showable lines(depending on the font) are used.
22:28:21_FireFly_when the %xl-lines are on the end of the file
22:29:29_FireFly_*two %xl lines.
22:30:44 Quit Lear ("Chatzilla [Firefox 1.4.1/undefined]")
22:44:19amiconnpreglow: How do you mean, plasma is slow 'all of a sudden'? Compared to what?
22:49:37 Quit _FireFly_ ("Leaving")
22:52:17 Join wake [0] (
22:52:52 Part wake
23:05:32 Quit ender` (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
23:18:37preglowamiconn: compared to the one rasher distributed in his rockbox zip, that's the only other place i've tried it
23:18:48preglowamiconn: the current one changes a lot slower
23:19:05amiconnI never tried rasher's builds, but I guess this was an older one, before my timer changes?
23:19:06preglowSeed: nothing important, just wondered if something has happened on the libmpcdec front :>
23:19:15preglowamiconn: ahh, probably
23:19:31amiconnIf so, rasher's version runs with the cpu boosted (by the grayscale lib)
23:19:32preglowamiconn: not extremely old, though, but it might be that old
23:19:42preglowamiconn: of course, that's almost certainly it
23:19:58amiconnThe cvs grayscale lib no longer needs it, but of course we could boost it
23:20:40preglowi'd rather make some deltas larger to make the same effect
23:20:49preglowif it can be done, i haven't looked at the source code
23:21:05amiconnfire.rock does that
23:21:14amiconn(boost the cpu)
23:22:04amiconnOur coldfire doesn't stay that cold when it's boosted all the time...
23:22:37preglowindeed not, i don't think that's the way to do it
23:22:55preglowjust adjusting the spX values in plasma.c should yield the same thing anyway, i'll give it a shot
23:22:56amiconnplasma is a slow effect by itself
23:23:55preglowi wonder why the hell those spX variables are static and global, they should be const local
23:25:10amiconnconst local makes no sense
23:25:37preglowwhy not? they'll be inlined as constans in the code
23:25:42amiconnthis combination still causes them to be 'constructed' at runtime, unlike (const) globals
23:25:43preglowconstants, even
23:25:49pregloware you certain?
23:25:58preglowsounds kind of weird
23:26:05amiconnInlining only works on coldfire
23:26:17amiconnHmm, not entirely true...
23:26:23preglowyeah, sure, code inlining, but i'm pretty certain constant inlining is done
23:26:28preglowanywhere, that is
23:26:43amiconnNo, I mean inlining of constants
23:26:51amiconn_small_ constants can be inlined on SH1 too
23:27:04amiconn(range -128...+127)
23:27:08preglowyes, that'll be more than ample
23:27:13preglowthey're 2 and 4 at the moment
23:27:27***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
23:27:35amiconnThe grayscale needs some performance too
23:28:01preglowstill, global or no, they should be const, so they at least stand a possibility of being inlined
23:28:23preglownothing important, just noticed it while looking at the code now
23:28:44 Join matsl [0] (
23:28:56 Quit DangerousDan ("Miranda IM! Smaller, Faster, Easier.")
23:30:14preglowactually, i think i'm going to make buttons left and right modify the spX variables
23:34:09 Quit matsl (Remote closed the connection)
23:36:12 Part the_winch ("Leaving")
23:39:18preglowworks great
23:40:37preglowthough it gets really choppy, i wonder why
23:43:34preglowif you press up a couple of times, you see it's really choppy all the time, actually
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