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#rockbox log for 2005-10-16

00:00:22_user__FireFly_: yup, that solved the prob :)
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00:08:49_FireFly_:) no i go to bed good night every body
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00:19:11muesli-i remember there was a build in counter in rockbox. does it stop and save runtime when rbx shuts down?
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00:56:40XavierGrhi tvelocity
00:57:11tvelocityhi XavierGr
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03:53:36lamedhey. that won't work right? | #define TOGGLE_CONTROL_PRE (BUTTON_SELECT) || (BUTTON_MODE)
03:55:05lamedit's not allowd to (or) buttons |BUTTON_SELECT) || (BUTTON_MODE)| right?
03:56:23lamedeveryone away?
03:57:57ashridahit probably doesn't help that it's 3-4am in europe where many of the developers are.
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03:59:00lamedt's 4 a.m. over here too, i'm back from a comedy club :)
04:00:58lamedanyways it seems strange, because i don't see the reason why it will make conflicts, but it does.
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04:47:49XavierGrhmm the trillian client for irc is interesting
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09:13:56amiconnhi Lear
09:14:08Learhi there...
09:14:25LearGood news; I found out why large max files in dir values crashes the iRiver.
09:14:36LearIf it is a problem on archos, it is something else.
09:16:19amiconnI just wanted to ask you about that
09:16:39amiconnYOu know that I got no problems even with max files in dir set to 10000
09:17:12amiconnIt seems that there might be some interaction between max files in dir and max playlist size (??)
09:19:36Maximewe "should" have wich sort of problem with max files @ 10000?
09:22:11LearYes, there's an interaction, and there's also a size range where the problem is likely to occur... :)
09:24:32LearThe problem is that audio_init is called to early, _before_ the playlist and tree buffers have been allocated. If voice is activated, that might avoid the problem too.
09:28:13Learmaxime: the problem with "bad" max files values is crashes or odd behaviour, possibly only on the iriver.
09:28:32amiconnHmm. I wonder why it got implemented that way. The comment at lines 310/311 in main.c clearly points out the possible problem
09:29:11Maxime'should try to decrease max files values.. :x
09:30:27amiconn"On software codec platforms we have to init audio before calling audio_set_buffer_margin()."
09:30:33amiconnCross-dependency :(
09:31:05Learyes, I'm trying to fix that... shouldn't be too hard, I hope.
09:31:06amiconnMaxime: That's always a good idea. Setting these values higher than necessary eats memory for no benefit
09:31:50amiconnI have max files in dir set to 500 (my largest dir has 400-something files), and max playlist size set to 3000 (2900-ish tracks on the player)
09:32:46Maximemax folder 1020files
09:37:09Learah, seems to work in the simulator now...
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10:01:22Learokay, fix commited.
10:28:53amiconnLear: If audio_init() would apply the settings, the extra call to sound_settings_apply() in main.c for swcodec platforms could go away as well
10:30:23amiconn(not sure whether this is possible though)
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10:31:47Learaudio_init only applies the "critical" settings, i.e., buffer margin and crossfade. I guess sound_settings_apply does other things... :)
10:33:01LearYes, sound_settings handles different things...
10:36:32LearBut it might be possible to move settings_apply()...
10:44:52amiconnDue to my recent experiments and experience with multiplication, I might be able to significatly speed up mandelbrot, and make it smaller at the same time
10:45:07amiconnOnly sacrifice is a little bit of precision (3 bits)
11:08:30amiconnLear: Your change causes rockbox to hang at startup....
11:08:50LearNot here, it doesn't...
11:09:17LearAny specific settings? Like voice or so?
11:09:58amiconnNo voice, dircache enabled (iirc)
11:10:04amiconnCan't check...
11:10:50amiconnStays at rockbox logo for infinite time...
11:11:20LearHm... Don't use dircache myself...
11:13:33amiconn8-second poweroff works, but that's the only working thing atm...
11:17:11LearAny idea on the size of the dircache?
11:17:34 Join Febs [0] (
11:22:11LearIf I read the code correctly, the dircache code doesn't allocate stuff from audiobuf properly...
11:22:37LearThat could mean it was really using the mallocbuf before...
11:24:15amiconnDircache calculates the needed size dynamically
11:24:27amiconnIf unknown at boot, it performs a non-transparent update
11:24:43amiconnMy cache size was 300-something KB
11:25:01LearI know that, but 300 kB is less than the mallocbuf size, which is interesting...
11:25:26LearIt seems like in the case where the cache size is known, allocation from audiobuf isn't done properly.
11:26:11LearInitial boot worked fine...
11:27:29LearSo did second boot, with background scanning...
11:28:16amiconnUnfortunately I gotta leave now. :/ Bbl.
11:28:20 Part amiconn
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12:53:42amiconnLear: Did you have an idea what's going on with the hang-on-boot?
12:54:09amiconnI need to revert your change locally in order to be able to boot again. Then I could send you my settings...
12:55:24LearNope, what I thought looked wrong as simply a misunderstanding from me...
12:57:29Slasheriamiconn: try adding logf traps to find the place where it hangs
12:58:18LearHe, did printfs in the simulator to find the buffer problem. Not fun... :/
12:58:47amiconnI'm busy doing other things... :/
12:59:31SlasheriI may have found it; filebuf is not initialized with NULL at start
12:59:49LearIt's static, isn't it?
13:00:00Slasheriyep.. so it should be null?
13:00:15LearScratch that, it is null by default; only autos are random...
13:00:32amiconnIt's not in iram?
13:01:18Slasheriamiconn: anyway, playback.c line 144. You could try setting it null and testing again
13:01:55LearThen why don't I have a problem with that?
13:02:12Slasherimaybe a different compiler or something.. works for me too
13:02:34amiconngcc 3.4.4 / binutils 2.16 here
13:02:55Slasherisame also
13:03:35amiconnAdded the NULL init, still the same result
13:04:03amiconnThe cache builds (judging from the disk activity), but the logo stays
13:04:25Slasheriweird.. do you have auto resume enabled?
13:07:10Slasheriand no voice files present?
13:07:17amiconnWith Lear's changes reverted, box starts again
13:07:27amiconnVoice files are present (of course)
13:07:42Slasherithere might be some dependency problem with the voice ui init then
13:07:53amiconnVoice menus aren't enabled in my current settings though
13:08:45SlasheriLear: it hangs on voice_init
13:09:10Slasherino voice codec thread has been created yet and there is while (!voice_codec_loaded) sleep(1) ..
13:09:44amiconnBut why does it try that when voice UI is disabled?
13:09:59Slasheriit's disabled only when voice files are not present..
13:10:25amiconnThere's something totally off in the settings....
13:10:43amiconnWrite .cfg puts a line "off,weak,moderate,strong: 0"
13:11:11*amiconn checks
13:12:14Slasherioh, there is a bug in the config structure.. one field missing
13:12:28amiconnIt's not missing... it's shifted
13:12:31amiconnme fix
13:17:53FebsDid you guys see my bug report from yesterday?
13:18:15FebsI recorded a 2.5 hour .wav file. Recording worked great, but seeking doesn't work properly in the resulting 1.5GB .wav file.
13:19:41*Febs loves having the ability to adjust input gain on-the-fly while recording.
13:23:40Learslasheri: ah, and I thought it would be good to call set_crossfade _before_ starting the voice codec thread... :)
13:24:34Slasherihehe :)
13:24:49LearI'll move them then, even if I don't have a voice file to test with...
13:26:06amiconnThere are plenty of voice files available for download...
13:30:57 Join _FireFly_ [0] (
13:33:05LearOkay, so I have a voice file - I think - but I don't hear anything, despite voice menus are enabled. So do I have the voice file? :)
13:33:18LearOh, sorry, wrong laguange. :)
13:33:20Slasherino you dont
13:33:54Slasheriand you need to reboot after installing the voice file
13:34:16LearYep, and it shure hangs, even after moving the set calls... :(
13:34:30Slasheri:/ but good you found it
13:35:25LearNot the problem, no...
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13:45:14preglowSlasheri: you sure that's the cause of the pops?
13:45:51Slasheripreglow: at least i cannot hear pops after that fix.. at least i think the previous setting was wrong
13:46:07Slasheribut i can't be sure that was the cause for the pops but those seem to be gone
13:46:13preglowit doesn't really change the fact that when i wav write, i still get pops
13:46:22Slasheriah :/
13:46:31preglowbut i'll check out your fix soon
13:46:40preglowneed to water myself first
13:51:52amiconnpreglow: I'm checking out the idea to use the emac for mandelbrot
13:52:33LearYep, freeze at starting voice codec... Why isn't the thread ready then...
13:53:12amiconn...using another concept for the fixed point math, which doesn't require 64*64->64bit and 32*32->32 bit multiplications, but only 32*32->64 bit and 16*16->32 bit
13:53:48_FireFly_i can confirm the freeze in confjuction with high limits is gone :)
13:56:09 Join muesli- [0] (
13:56:19LearBut there's a voice-related problem now... :/
13:56:36_FireFly_i can only hear a tick noise if i navigate in the menu or seek in a file
13:57:13muesli-i have that ticking ini irivers fw but nit with rbx
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13:59:10LearAh, settings.c calls talk_init too!
14:00:14 Join muesli__ [0] (
14:03:35LearHe, voice for pre-amp isn't quite right... :)
14:03:38muesli__how do i set up my iriver that the same directory is played continously? move to next folder: off and repeat: all ?
14:04:21 Quit linuxstb_ ("Leaving")
14:04:24amiconnWow... the emac thingy is really powerful :)
14:06:11Learamiconn: voice problem fix committed.
14:08:51BBubhmm, a part of the clipper on my iriver-remote broke - any idea where to get a new one?
14:10:25FebsNo. You might try posting on Mistic River to see if you can find someone who would sell you a broken remote so that you could use the clip.
14:10:39BBubthat would be an idea
14:10:47muesli__hum..could somebody give me an answer :-/
14:10:59BBubcause a new remote is 44 euros on ebay ;(
14:12:01Learmuesli__: sounds right.
14:12:21ashridahmuesli-: create a playlist out of the current directory (just pressing play on one of the files works, if it has no subdirs), then press play and don't have go to next directory on
14:12:36muesli__okidok ;)
14:13:39ashridahmuesli-: rockbox does have a manual you know :)
14:13:45FebsThat reminds me of a suggestion that I wanted to make: would it make sense to have "move to next folder" automatically disable repeat?
14:14:34muesli__ashridah there's nothin crueler than reading manuals ;)
14:15:09muesli__and good systems neednt to be explained ;)
14:16:14FebsEvery system needs to be explained to some people. And even then, some don't get it. Example:
14:16:33ashridahthis whole intuitive trip that people go on with devices and technology needs to end. computers and most electronic devices are not, and will never be, simple
14:17:20muesli__but this should be the aim..remind to setup those horrible video recording devices..
14:17:34ashridahmost attempts to make devices simple tend to make them harder to use, and what's more, slower to use
14:18:10muesli__but it makes no sense when only geeks can cope with it
14:18:37ashridahi didn't say anything about making it complex.
14:20:37muesli__but making it complex almost involves this
14:21:22ashridahyou're confusing easy to use with intuitive
14:21:39ashridahintuitive implies that one doesn't need to read a manual. easy to use doesn't necessarily imply that
14:22:46 Quit muesli- (Read error: 113 (No route to host))
14:23:39muesli__well..i am lost, u won ;)
14:57:18 Quit Maxime (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
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15:07:00muesli__ashridah still there?
15:12:09muesli__what should i use for skip buffer? 10mins for benchmarking?
15:15:11 Join Moos [0] (
15:18:54amiconnmuesli__: The lowest possible, imho. Unfortunately H1x0 rockbox does no longer allow setting it to zero, like on archos
15:19:52muesli__i really dont understand why the lowest is the best choice. doenst that mean less songs are being cached?
15:20:38amiconnRockbox always uses all free ram for buffering
15:20:45muesli__so what does that switch do?
15:21:07amiconnUpping the anti-skip buffer setting actually causes rockbox to rebuffer earlier
15:21:29muesli__ah it to 5s...
15:22:34amiconnThis is so that if the box gets bumped heavily and the HD isn't able to read, rockbox has more time to get new data before the old data is used up
15:22:34muesli__started 3pm...we'll see how efficient rbx is so far ;-) (although no real and clean comparism is possible)
15:23:16amiconnThere already is a safety margin in the default buffer limits, so this setting doesn't make sense, imho
15:34:32 Quit ashridah ("Leaving")
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15:47:36muesli__err..does somebody why i cant submit a new thread in mr's rockbox lounge?
15:53:02Slasheriamiconn: i found it useful to put this setting to 1 or 2 minutes or there will be skipping when walking and rebuffering starts
15:53:40 Quit Lear ("Chatzilla [Firefox 1.4.1/undefined]")
15:53:55Slasherimaybe my hdd is just going faulty because it's quite sensitive..
15:53:57amiconnHmm. Then either the buffer margin on H1x0 is too low, or the HD is really crap compared to the 2.5" HDs in the archoses
15:54:24amiconnI never got any skipping on archos even with anti-skip at zero, except when forcing it
15:54:45amiconn(constantly shaking the unit while it tries to rebuffer)
15:54:51crwli haven't had my iriver ever skip
15:54:56Slasheriweird, i really don't even have to shake the unit (just light moving up-down) and the hdd is unable to read
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16:03:47 Join Marcus [0] (
16:05:16Marcuswhy guys, we don't have the choice to set 0 with anti skip buffer?
16:05:36Marcusmy HD is good and I never need it
16:05:44Marcus5 sec is min
16:07:27MarcusSlasheri: ?
16:11:51MarcusI mean with irivers of course
16:12:27SlasheriMarcus: 0s means that rebuffering is going to start when _all_ buffered data is consumed
16:12:36Slasherithat is not enough to spin up the hdd
16:13:08Slasheripcm buffer will run out of data before hdd spins up (unless a longer crossfade setting was activated)
16:13:52Marcusso 5sec is the minimum value?
16:14:14Slasheriit's not practical to set it anything lower
16:14:41Marcusoh I see
16:14:43Slasheriand i doubt you would save anything in battery life even if you put it to something like 1minute..
16:14:52Slasheri(execpt playing wav files)
16:17:16Slasheriand really, the anti skip buffer setting means the buffer margin or watermark level when rebuffering starts.. "anti-skip buffer" might be misleading
16:28:44Marcusciao all
16:28:50 Quit Marcus ("CGI:IRC")
16:32:27 Join fubar [0] (i=alan@2001:618:400:9426:0:0:0:10)
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17:05:49XavierGr hi muesli how is the test going?
17:06:26muesli-current status on
17:06:30muesli-hi btw ;)
17:09:14XavierGryou used a remote on your tests?
17:09:33amiconnSlasheri: "0s means that rebuffering is going to start when _all_ buffered data is consumed"??
17:09:44amiconnIf it's implemented that way, it's clearly wrong
17:10:09muesli-XavierGr sure, love that babe
17:10:26amiconnThe idea is that the rebuffering code keeps track of the disk spinup time, assuming a safe value if no measurement is available yet
17:10:41amiconn...and then use that plus a default safety margin for rebuffering.
17:11:13amiconnThe anti skip buffer setting is just an additional safety margin, so setting it to zero is possible
17:12:04amiconnThis is the way it is implemented on archos, and described in the manual
17:18:24 Quit muesli__ (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
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18:09:24fubarhow may I get around this error when compiling?
18:09:30fubarMAKE in libmad
18:09:31fubarmake[3]: *** No targets specified and no makefile found. Stop.
18:09:31fubarmake[2]: *** [libmad] Error 2
18:10:53 Join Lear [0] (
18:21:44_FireFly_fubar: do you use a bleeding edge source archive ??
18:22:05 Join ashridah [0] (
18:22:52_FireFly_if so then either use the daily-sources or get the sources through cvs because the bleeding-edge source archive has not all files included
18:23:38_FireFly_there is a problem in generating this archive
18:27:08 Join XavierGr [0] (
18:27:58 Part XavierGr
18:28:48 Join XavierGr [0] (
18:42:33 Join thegeek [0] (
18:44:45 Join Philip_0729 [0] (
18:45:06 Join DrMoos [0] (
18:46:25 Quit Philip_0729 (Client Quit)
18:47:00 Quit goa ("Client suicide")
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18:47:48 Quit goa (Dead socket)
18:48:07 Join goa [0] (
18:48:39TiMiDmwarf :)
18:48:52DrMooshow goes?
18:49:01TiMiDbusy very busy
18:49:50TiMiD(must find a training course)
18:50:23TiMiDstressing since I must have it in 1 month
18:50:41DrMoos"stage" you mean?
18:51:52TiMiDyep :)
18:52:06TiMiDif it was in france it would be easy
18:52:16TiMiDbut I want to get one abroad
18:52:40DrMoossince when are you searching?
18:52:47TiMiD2 weeks
18:53:14TiMiDjapan : 2 companies for 7 students
18:53:31TiMiDUSA : 5 companies for 38 students :/
18:54:02TiMiDI try to find by myself ...
18:54:18DrMoosgood luck
18:54:35DrMoosand your university don't help you to find?
18:55:08TiMiDbut they don't have a lot ...
18:55:16DrMoosah :-(
18:55:59TiMiD(they have a lot in france, twice the number of students ^^ but abroad that "la deche" :P)
18:56:27DrMoos"conjoncturel" thing
18:56:40TiMiDwe have a winner \o_
18:57:57TiMiDwell I wonder if any dev has looked at my remote patch :D
18:58:06TiMiDprobably not yet :(
18:58:33DrMoosbut maybe Linus will, when'll find the time
18:58:58TiMiDI hope the CVS won't xhange a lot then because I don't have the time to update
18:59:02XavierGrI haven't SEEN Linus at all the last couple of days :(
18:59:17DrMoosapear he is very usy too
18:59:25 Join webguest75 [0] (
19:00:27TiMiDLinus is the only one to check user space patches ?
19:00:37DrMoos:D sure not
19:01:05DrMoosbut he is surely the best for your patch ;-)
19:01:52XavierGrbut in my case too (my radio and jpeg patches) only Linus said to check them
19:01:55TiMiDthen I will update it for current CVS
19:02:10TiMiDso poor :(
19:02:14DrMoosXavierGr: yes it will surely Linus too
19:02:43TiMiDthey need more people to check the patches
19:03:12DrMoosTiMiD: why did'nt write a mail in the mailing list
19:03:20DrMoosmailing list dev now :)
19:03:35DrMoosyou can be sure dev answer you
19:03:58TiMiDgood idea :)
19:04:05TiMiD(I never read mailing lists)
19:04:28TiMiDbut I don't want to become "Heavy" with this
19:04:50DrMoosthe core dev read the mailing list
19:05:41DrMoossure you can't becom heavy with this
19:05:54 Quit Moos (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
19:06:05DrMoosis it good works
19:06:11 Nick DrMoos is now known as Moos (
19:07:02webguest75Is anyone here using trillian to connect to this IRC channel?
19:07:32XavierGrI just did this yesterday
19:07:49webguest75how do you get it to work cos i'm having difficulties logging in
19:08:25XavierGryou want to loggin just to freenode or to auto join #rockbox?
19:08:32TiMiDwhy not Xchat ?
19:08:40webguest75to auto join rockbox
19:08:47 Quit XavierGr ("Trillian (")
19:10:04 Join XavierGr [0] (
19:10:31 Quit XavierGr (Remote closed the connection)
19:11:07 Quit muesli- (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
19:11:50 Quit ashridah ("Leaving")
19:12:21_FireFly_run xchat under windows ??
19:12:43_FireFly_ok i have found it :)
19:13:11 Join XavierGr [0] (
19:13:38 Join Philip_0729 [0] (
19:13:51XavierGrsorry for that.
19:14:02DBUGEnqueued KICK Philip_0729
19:14:02Philip_0729k well ive got it to join
19:14:46Philip_0729but how to autojoin rockbox?
19:15:01Moosplease don't use colors
19:15:11ender`look at the servers dialog
19:15:19XavierGrwebguest75: go to manage connections and make a new irc connection, then choose a name for your connection. under that box typer
19:15:20TiMiD_FireFly_: xchat became shareware under windows (but you can still download non offical builds from source since it's GPL :P)
19:15:59XavierGrI don't use colors
19:16:06XavierGram I?
19:16:11ender`not you
19:16:16Philip_0729i was sorry
19:16:34Philip_0729webguest is now me :)
19:18:33 Join DrMoos [0] (
19:19:32 Quit Philip_0729 ("bye everybody")
19:20:11 Join Philip_0729 [0] (
19:20:45 Part Philip_0729
19:21:39DrMoosTiMiD: are you registrated at freenode?
19:24:47TiMiDmaybe :)
19:25:09TiMiDis it needed ?
19:25:10ender`-NickServ- The nickname [TiMiD] is not registered
19:25:27TiMiDI have to do it quickly :p
19:25:28DrMoosTiMiD: for receive private msg
19:25:37_FireFly_not really
19:25:41ender`to send PMs
19:26:02_FireFly_DrMoos: you can activate pms from non registered users
19:26:42ender`/umode -something
19:27:14TiMiDdone :)
19:27:24TiMiDwell I have to eat
19:27:25 Join matsl [0] (
19:27:44DrMoosa+, I eating too( Ramadan here)
19:29:08 Join Philip_0729 [0] (
19:30:33 Quit Philip_0729 (Client Quit)
19:36:00 Join Philip_0729 [0] (
19:36:32 Quit Philip_0729 (Client Quit)
19:38:19 Join Philip_0729 [0] (
19:38:25 Join muesli- [0] (
19:38:43Philip_0729yey its working
19:39:43Philip_0729getting trillian to autoconnect to rockbox server....
19:39:58_FireFly_freenode-server :)
19:40:19_FireFly_#rockbox is only a channel:)
19:41:02muesli-Philip_0729 btw do you know how to establish a webcam chat when the other site is using msn but you dont have a webcam
19:41:08Philip_0729any info regarding rb on H300?
19:41:29 Quit webguest75 ("CGI:IRC")
19:42:16BBubPhilip_0729: nothing new according to the wiki
19:42:31 Quit Moos (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
19:42:53 Nick DrMoos is now known as Moos (
19:43:20Philip_0729the wait continues...........
19:48:32 Part Philip_0729
19:50:17 Join arkascha [0] (
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20:02:13 Join muesli__ [0] (
20:03:16 Quit cYmen ("windoof")
20:08:37muesli__is recording by microphone already implemented?
20:11:18 Quit Maxime (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
20:11:49 Join Maxime [0] (
20:20:03muesli__i guess its the same thing as when i'd like to record radio?
20:24:22 Quit muesli- (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
20:33:08 Part amiconn
20:38:12muesli__i've read somewhere that hdds built in an ipoo are some kind of branded and cant be used like normal hdd's. is there a way to scratch that stuff off (i.e. low level formating) ?
20:52:22 Join DrMoos [0] (
20:55:29thegeekdoes voice work for iriver/rockbox 2.5 ?
21:05:06 Quit arkascha (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
21:13:22 Quit Moos (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
21:27:09 Quit _FireFly_ ("Leaving")
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21:40:45 Quit DangerousDan ("Miranda IM! Smaller, Faster, Easier.")
21:41:37 Join arkascha [0] (
21:47:51 Quit arkascha ("Konversation terminated!")
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22:59:54 Quit muesli__ ("ich will Kühe!!!")
23:06:44 Join tvelocity [0] (n=tony@
23:29:00 Join ]RowaN[ [0] (
23:29:09]RowaN[does the archos port of rockbox support replaygain?
23:29:35]RowaN[just been round at my neighbours house and noticed he has an archos.. and he has no idea what rockbox is, bless him hehe
23:32:36DrMoosit doesn't yet
23:33:31preglowit never will
23:33:33preglowat least not properly
23:33:53DrMooslet's hope in Magnus ;-)
23:34:22amiconnpreglow: Why do you think so?
23:34:34amiconnIt's certainly possible, only nobody cared so far...
23:35:49DrMoosmaybe one day from Lear :)
23:36:01 Nick DrMoos is now known as Moos (
23:43:16amiconnIn fact implementing replaygain should be fairly straightforward once the gain values are available
23:43:29amiconnIt's not more than a volume correction
23:44:10amiconn...and the gain values are already available, the code is even compiled in for archos (for no benefit atm)
23:44:33preglowamiconn: i didn't think you had volume control that fine grained
23:44:41preglowamiconn: but now that i think of it, you have full control over the volume...
23:44:57amiconnThe volume control on archos is way more fine grained than on iriver
23:47:00amiconnMain volume on all newer units (MAS3587 and 3539) is controllable in 1 dB steps, and there is an additional linear prescaler
23:47:42preglowi thought you could specify the gain as a linear factor?
23:47:57preglowperhaps i'm thinking of the prescaler
23:49:19amiconnYes, the prescaler is linear, 0x40 being 100% and ranging from 0 to 0x7f (almost 200%)
23:49:41]RowaN[you guys r so clever. i was myself with a rag on a stick
23:50:05amiconnThe main volume is logarithmic, -114 dB to +12 dB in 1 dB steps
23:50:45 Quit ender` (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
23:51:42amiconnpreglow: Ah, yes, and finally we could misuse the stereo matrix for scaling (20 bit signed fixed point)
23:52:14amiconnThis would also work on the 3507 (archos player), which would otherwise only allow relaitevly coarse volume control (1.5 dB steps)
23:53:23amiconnWhat's the resolution of the replaygain values?
23:58:39preglowamiconn: that's exactly what i was thinking of, i remember reading the stereo mode code and noticing it's pretty good resolution
23:58:48***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"

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