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#rockbox log for 2005-11-06

00:00:13amiconnTwo main problems can occur on target even for high-level code that can't be observed on the sim
00:00:27amiconn(1) It can simply be too slow
00:01:22amiconn(2) The code might access word or longword data at unaligned addresses. While this works both on x86 and coldfire (just a bit slower than aligned accesses), it will cause address exception on SH1
00:03:07RotAtoRhmm, i'm not sure if I really understand (2), could you give an example where that could happen?
00:06:09amiconnIf you have char * data; long value; (data is pointing somewhere) and then do value = *(long *)data; to read 4 bytes at once will crash on the SH1 CPU in 3 of 4 cases
00:07:37amiconnIt seems bejeweled doesn't have that problem, just the jewels are falling down a bit slow for my taste
00:09:11RotAtoRhow slow? perhaps a time estimate for long it takes the screen to fill up on a new game?
00:10:51amiconn6..7 seconds (measured with a stopwatch)
00:11:24amiconnI'll compare with the iriver version
00:11:40RotAtoRok, thanks
00:15:18amiconnHmm, speed seems to be roughly the same on iriver
00:15:26amiconnSo it's not an SH1 speed problem
00:15:33amiconnNice game, btw :)
00:16:21amiconnI know that type of game for a long time (as part of Kyodai on windows)
00:17:44RotAtoRperhaps it seems slow on the archos because the jewels move less distance (smaller relative speed)
00:17:46amiconnPlayability is quite good on archos (tested on recorder so far)
00:18:29amiconnHow much room is left on the right side?
00:18:34RotAtoRgood, I tried to make the key combinations as usable as possible after looking at pictures of the models
00:19:14amiconnIf there's some room left, it might make sense to make the jewels a bit wider (9x8 or 10x8 instead of 8x8)
00:19:22amiconnThe archos lcd pixels are non-square
00:19:40RotAtoRahh, ok
00:20:01RotAtoRthere's 48 pixel for the sidebar on the archos
00:20:16RotAtoRand it needs at least 32
00:20:29RotAtoRwhich is the size on the iriver
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00:21:10amiconnAnother thing invisible in the simulator (well, the windows sim can be compiled so that it shows the correct aspect, but the image looks a bit mashed then
00:21:14RotAtoRso there is enough room to extend the jewels to 10x8
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00:35:01*amiconn should get to code something, but finds himself playing bejeweled instead
00:35:32RotAtoRhehe :) it's horribly addicting
00:38:58RotAtoRi started to play this afternoon while listening to an album and didn't realize how long i had been playing until the album finished :o
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01:04:11DJDDHey anyone got any spare H1xx parts?
01:05:39ehntooI've got a broken 20gb drive. =P
01:05:51XavierGrI've got a spare 40GB drive!
01:05:52DJDDheh, no i need anything BUT that
01:06:14XavierGrWht did you break?
01:06:47DJDDI got desperate when i lost my charger and plugged it into a nokia one
01:07:22DJDDIt still works, but i think i fried the regulator+battery+(maybe)some of the mainboard
01:07:24XavierGrI just replied in apost with the same subject, though the guy was patient enough to ask before he tries it
01:08:20DJDDoh, well i KNEW it was a bad thing, but the change was rated lower than what was needed. So i figured what harm could it do :P
01:08:40XavierGrCurrent or voltage didn't killed your player
01:08:49XavierGrit was the invered polarity that did the job.
01:09:09DJDDyeah i know, went over this with Linus the other day
01:09:25DJDDIt looks like i could salvage my iriver still though
01:09:32DJDDCPU seems fine
01:12:32DJDDEither way, i'm looking for a H1xx carcass and i'm willing to even pay
01:12:59XavierGrdid you tried ebay?
01:18:14amiconnOvervoltage or reversed polarity will both kill the iriver
01:19:14XavierGryes but the nokia chargers are 5.7V so it was the polarity that did this, right?
01:20:17DJDDLook, i don't give a shit exactly how it died, so quit ramming it into my head :P. I'm out to fix it now.
01:20:43XavierGrUnfortunately I think this is hard.
01:21:15XavierGramiconn: Did Linus manage to save a unit with this sort of death?
01:21:22DJDDnot if i find a HDD/LCD less iriver carcass
01:22:56XavierGrThat's what I am talking about, it will be difficult to find it.
01:23:14XavierGrWhat will I do if something happens to my precioussssss?
01:23:59WireDDDbuy a gmini400 and help us port software :)
01:24:30XavierGrI am not qualified to port a new target on Rockbox unfortunately....
01:24:40linuxstb__34MHz FLAC test is currently 13h 25mins and still going...
01:24:41DJDDhell no, i won't give up on this iriver
01:25:03DJDDand if it really is dead then i'll just buy another one
01:25:19amiconnpreglow: You obviously found the bug in your new flac code. I'm curious what it was...
01:27:22XavierGrDJDD: You should hurry then...
01:27:43XavierGrI don't know if these are easy to find these days.
01:27:58DJDDebay has a fair few
01:28:25DJDDI was thinking of trying to send in for warranty. Do you think i could do that without any proof of purchace?
01:28:48XavierGrmaybe... I am not sure, worths a try.
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01:47:07XavierGris there a way in linux to redirect to both screen and file?
01:47:57amiconnYes, with tee
01:48:32amiconncat textfile | tee outfile
01:48:52amiconnThat will both print textfile to stdout, and write it to outfile
01:48:54XavierGroh so first redirect to file then print from file?
01:49:29linuxstb34MHz FLAC test over - 13h 50m. I now need to do it again with preglow's latest optimisations....
01:49:34amiconn'tee' takes stdin data and simultaneously echoes it on stdout and writes it to file
01:50:54XavierGramiconn: tee doesn't seems to be a normal command in cygwin... (I know I should have said that I am no dygwin)
01:51:13XavierGrlinuxstb_: You are going to ruin your battery with all those tests...
01:51:21amiconnI'm also on cygwin...
01:51:52amiconnlinuxstb: More than one hour gained...
01:52:05XavierGrand tee is working for you? strange
01:52:13linuxstbXavier: Yes, but I can always replace it.
01:52:16XavierGroh my bad I use devkit which is stripped down
01:52:35amiconnHmm, I never used the devkit
01:52:37XavierGrlinuxstb: I have already done that for me. :)
01:52:52amiconnI have a rather big cygwin installation, including x11 and some other things
01:53:18XavierGrso there is no way I can succed this with > and 1,2,3's eh?
01:54:25amiconnNo, since you need to split the stream
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01:54:57amiconnThat's what tee does - it works like a T connector, "tapping" into the stream
01:55:30linuxstbXavierGr: If you want a copy of tee, just ask a friendly cygwin user to email it to you....
01:56:10XavierGrlinuxstb_: I think that FLAC will be by far the most optimized codec. Maybe it is the most optimized in the whole universe...
01:56:11amiconnI can send it
01:56:19amiconnHope it is self-contained...
01:56:33XavierGrAh please do.
01:56:41XavierGrxaviergr @
01:56:53XavierGropps I shoudl write at
01:57:07XavierGroh nice
01:57:33amiconnPut this in your cygwin's 'bin' directory
01:58:26XavierGryup now it works fine. Thanks
01:59:07linuxstbXavier: The obvious drawback with FLAC is the filesize - so the disk spins up more often. I would be interested to see some recent battery tests for the other codecs - I wouldn't expect FLAC to come out top.
02:00:33XavierGrI said optimized, meaning best for it's usage, or other FLAC codecs.
02:01:20XavierGrThere is no point to compare FLAC with MP3
02:02:11linuxstbI would still be interested in that comparison though.
02:02:19XavierGrof course
02:02:40linuxstbAny idea what iriver advertise the battery life of the H1x0 as?
02:02:45XavierGrbut I mean wow 14 hours with a standard battery while the disk spins so much to fill the buffer.
02:02:51XavierGr16 hours
02:03:19XavierGrBut even with 128 kbps in irver firmware users reported 17 to 18 hours with moderate usage
02:03:42XavierGrOn guy managed to touch 19 hours I think...
02:04:03amiconnWasn't that with an upgraded battery?
02:04:39XavierGrhmm maybe you are right now that I think of it 19 seems too big...
02:04:56XavierGrThe post was rather old and I don't remember.
02:05:21XavierGrBut several users have gone beyond 16 hours
02:05:36amiconnlinuxstb: I could do an mp3 test, but I'm afraid it would be a bit skewed
02:05:51linuxstbHow do you mean, "skewed"?
02:06:50amiconnMy hd isn't 100% okay. It got somewhat loud from a floor impact. Plus I have a half-way optimised memcpy()
02:07:17linuxstbYou could always just download a daily build.
02:07:44amiconnYes of course. Now if that would fix my hd ... ;)
02:07:46linuxstbBut the HD sounds like a problem.
02:07:50XavierGrsome benchmarks for the H300 which has the same battery
02:08:02linuxstbBut a colour LCD...
02:08:22XavierGrso you should add at least a little more on that
02:09:23linuxstbSo the best was 14h 45m - for 192kbps MP3.
02:10:20XavierGrI will search for the h100 too
02:11:48amiconnRotAtoR: bejeweled works just fine on Ondio as well
02:12:22linuxstbamiconn: Have you noticed if memcpy is used a lot in the codecs?
02:22:29XavierGrwow I cant really believe that post!
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02:30:49linuxstbIt looks like Rockbox has 20 hours of playback to aim for.
02:31:05XavierGrthis one reports 20 hours!!! I can't really be sure of the credibility of it. The test is done on a single album of 128kbps mp3s and normal battery
02:31:17linuxstbEven if those tests are wrong - 20 hours seems a nice target for us to aim for.
02:31:25XavierGrOf course!
02:31:51XavierGrEverything more than 17 hours for 128kbps mp3s is fantastic.
02:32:05linuxstbI don't think the fact that it is a single album makes any difference. Unless the iriver firmware loads the entire album into memory and never accesses the disk again.
02:32:27XavierGrwell I have heard that iriver has a very stupid way of using the buffer.
02:32:33XavierGrIt buffers at most 3 songs
02:32:52XavierGrso if you play 3 small songs it will beffer them and stop.
02:33:17linuxstbSo when does it refill the buffer? After it's played those three tracks?
02:33:19XavierGrBut I am not sure on this ask Linus, I think he was the one that said this.
02:33:59XavierGrEhmm I am not quite sure, the disk spins up some time before the playback of the next track.
02:34:42XavierGrbut maybe I say crazy things, ask Linus to be sure.
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02:46:57lamedeveryone asleep?
02:51:53XavierGranother that claims 18:30 hours
02:52:21XavierGrlinuxstb: Is there a standard procedure that you make your benchmarks?
02:52:24lamedxaviergr: if i cvs diff, does it auto retrive the correct revision?
02:53:19XavierGrcvs diff, I think, creates a patch file (add a > file) that shows differences with the cvs on your folder.
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02:54:39XavierGrbattery tests for IONITY Batteries at 1700mA~
02:55:46XavierGrlinuxstb: so you are standing in front of it and wait to shut off?
02:56:10XavierGrwhy not reset the timer and check it after it shuts down?
02:56:18linuxstbAlmost. I have the volume quite loud (80%), so I can hear it on my desk.
02:56:38lamedxaviergr: yes, question was, if someone makes a change on the cvs, will it be outputed on my patchfile, or will cvs know to use the correct revision. i think the latter happends.
02:56:42 Quit actionshrimp (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
02:56:57linuxstbIt doesn't have enough power to write anything to disk when it shuts down - it just dies.
02:57:21XavierGrbut the timer isn't associated with the disk
02:57:38XavierGrthe timer always counts
02:58:04linuxstbWhat timer are you talking about?
02:58:20XavierGrthe internal timer of rockbox in info
02:58:37linuxstbWhat happens to the timer when you shut the player down?
02:58:53XavierGrdebug->view runtime
02:59:46XavierGrhmm you are right
02:59:54amiconnThe runtime timers are part of the settings structure, stored on disk
03:00:09XavierGrI just reset and it was some seconds backward
03:00:11linuxstbHow often are the runtime timers written to disk?
03:00:18XavierGrI don't know
03:00:37amiconnThey're written every now and then, if a disk spinup is caused by other operations, or at shutdown
03:00:57XavierGrso it will updated on every buffer fill.
03:01:17XavierGrso it will check the last right success of the disk
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03:04:50XavierGryup I just did a quick test and the timer was written on the settings when the buffer finished the buffer proccess
03:05:26linuxstbBut is it written every time? I can't find any code that does that.
03:09:26amiconnNo, the update is done by settings_save()
03:09:44XavierGrso when this is called?
03:09:57amiconnA subsequent disk access writes it to disk
03:09:58XavierGrevery time the disk spins up?
03:10:36XavierGrso it IS safe to advice the timer right?
03:12:45amiconnno, it's not
03:13:04XavierGryou said a subsequent
03:13:14XavierGrlike every time right?
03:13:31amiconnsettings_save() updates the timer values in global_settings, and a subsequent disk updates writes it to disk
03:14:08amiconnSo a call to settings_save() is required, and that doesn't happen too often...
03:14:24linuxstbThat's what I thought.
03:14:32XavierGrhow often?
03:14:49XavierGrisn't it a fixed interval or action?
03:14:50amiconnStopping/pausing playback does, and so does changing the settings (e.g. volume)
03:15:37XavierGrhd activity?
03:16:14XavierGrvolume? then the disk would spin up to save volume...
03:16:49amiconnChanging volume causes settings_save() to be called. Then the next spinup writes the change to disk
03:17:21XavierGrso the problem is that the timer never calls settings_save?
03:17:25linuxstbBut it's only a problem because Rockbox doesn't do a clean shutdown at the moment on the iriver.
03:17:41XavierGrwe could make a test build to call settings_save
03:17:52linuxstbamiconn: I mean when the battery runs out.
03:17:57XavierGrevery 1 minute and then the next buffer will write it
03:18:37amiconnlinuxstb: Ah. yes. I think that's impossible after all
03:19:08XavierGrwhat if settings_save is called within the timer code?
03:19:24XavierGrthen it should be safe to see the last suddessfull write of the disk
03:19:35amiconnRockbox has no way to know beforehand whether the battery will have enough juice for another disk spinup
03:19:49XavierGrbut the last disk up will right the time
03:19:55XavierGrknowing the last is still good
03:20:09XavierGr128kbps mp3 will buffer 30 minutes the most.
03:20:44XavierGrAm I missing something?
03:23:26linuxstbI think we would want to avoid calling save_settings too often. If we called it from a timer, we might as well just automatically write the settings every time we spin the disk up.
03:23:57XavierGrI am talking about a test build for benchmarks
03:24:29XavierGrbut yeah you are right
03:24:43XavierGrwe could do it only on disk access
03:24:48linuxstbIn which case, the easiest solution would probably be to add a call to save_settings somewhere in the playback code.
03:25:04XavierGris it easy to modify?
03:25:05Paul_The_NerdYou could save on track changes?
03:25:14XavierGrthat's more like it.
03:25:45linuxstbThat may already happen - for the resume info.
03:25:48XavierGrand be sure that no audio books or big tracks are selected for playback
03:26:06XavierGrthen it is safe by default
03:26:45linuxstbFor my next test, I'll see how the runtime timer compares to my own timekeeping.
03:27:03XavierGrI am willing to take a test for 128kbps vol 20 with a 1900mAh battery
03:27:19XavierGrThough I will have to rip an album at 128 first
03:28:01XavierGrwhat about saving rockbox battery remaining time?
03:28:13XavierGrto be able to make a more accurate battery graphs?
03:53:13 Quit lamed ("CGI:IRC")
03:54:58XavierGrhmm FreeBSD v6 is out!
03:55:53XavierGrDo you think that this distro is good for a user that has limited knowledge on the subject?
03:58:00XavierGrhmm it seems that FreeBSD is not considered a Linux Distro... I am ignorant.
03:59:21 Join paugh [0] (n=kickback@2001:5c0:8fff:ffff:8000:0:3e03:6822)
04:00:35TiMiDXavierGr: you made a fortune
04:00:42XavierGrhey don't laugh at me... :0
04:00:52XavierGrI meant :)
04:00:52TiMiDfortuen \o/
04:01:17XavierGrdo you have any good recomendation fo free linux distros?
04:01:28TiMiDI use gentoo
04:01:37Paul_The_NerdA lot of people like Ubuntu when they're fairly new, I think.
04:01:39TiMiDI tested several distros
04:01:59TiMiDand that the only one that was good in all points
04:02:04TiMiDI means
04:02:25TiMiDstandard configuration files
04:02:38TiMiDa kick ass package manager
04:02:48TiMiDa lot of available packages
04:02:58TiMiDwell maintained
04:03:31TiMiDthe only drawbacks is that it takes a long time to install it
04:03:57XavierGrpitty, I just found a good way to lock my windows settings (make them permanent) without the need of a ghost image.
04:04:28XavierGr(pitty as to I think that soon I must convert to a different OS)
04:05:05TiMiDyou will still need windows for games
04:05:28XavierGrwell I think a dual boot will do the job, not that I play games a lot...
04:05:58TiMiDfor everything else I find linux more ergonomic to use
04:06:32TiMiDyou can try ubuntu
04:06:48TiMiDif you want to learn things try gentoo
04:06:57XavierGrare all these free?
04:07:07TiMiDtheir documentation and install guide is the best I've ever seeen
04:07:22XavierGrnot that I paid anything to Bill for his crappy OS
04:09:25TiMiDchoosing a distrib depends of what you want to do with it
04:09:33TiMiDubuntu works well
04:09:46TiMiDuntil you want to change things
04:09:50ashridahubuntu kept shooting me in the foot. admittedly i was using kubuntu, not ubuntu tho
04:10:02ashridahand i have a particular, debianistic style
04:10:27XavierGrwow do they have so many differences?
04:10:38ashridahXavierGr: not really, just different ways of doing some things
04:10:40TiMiDI added a repository to the kubuntu on my sister's computer
04:10:48 Part ashridah ("Leaving")
04:10:54 Join ashridah [0] (
04:10:56TiMiDapt-get doesn't work anymore
04:10:56preglowamiconn: to be quite earnest, i have absolutely no idea what the bug was, it just suddenly worked. perhaps it was the small thing you pointed out in the order3 rotuine?
04:10:57ashridah@#$%@#$% xchat
04:10:59TiMiDit segfaults
04:11:01preglowanywho, high time to go to sleep
04:11:15ashridahXavierGr: i ran mostly into administrivia problems, and process problems more than configuration issues.
04:11:18XavierGrnight preglow
04:11:26TiMiDgood night
04:11:27preglowamiconn: strange thing if it was that was that no of my non -8 flac files worked just fine
04:11:29ashridahlike, it'd magically stop me from configuring stuff using kde's configuration stuff all the time
04:11:32preglowbut anywho
04:11:33preglowgood night
04:11:55XavierGradministration you mean on a network?
04:12:03XavierGror just your PC?
04:12:11ashridahjust the one pc.
04:13:12TiMiDdebian .... I never managed to get one that worked well
04:13:27TiMiDeverytime there was things crashing
04:13:50TiMiDor packages that I couldn't install because the mirror was dead
04:14:09*ashridah shrugs
04:14:12ashridahit all works for me
04:14:14XavierGrwhen you say packages you mean?
04:14:33ashridahadmittedly i've been a debian user for the last 5 years or something :)
04:14:48TiMiDI've been for 2 month
04:14:56ashridahgoing out to joe-random-mirror is usually a recipe for disaster
04:15:15ashridahbut the main debian mirrors have a *lot* of stuff, so i generally don't have much extra other than someplace to get mplayer
04:15:20TiMiDone thing that I don't like is that you have to hunt for mirror if you want an app that isn't in the official one
04:15:45TiMiDbut it's the same with a lot of distribs I've seen
04:16:56TiMiDalso the starting up system is very slow and ...well I don't like system V init style, hard to maintain with all the symlinks
04:16:56ashridahi rarely find anything that's not already part of debian, to be honest
04:17:25ashridahlike i say, the only extra i have is mplayer, from one particular repository.
04:17:28TiMiDI don't remember what was the app I couldn't find
04:17:37TiMiDmplayer win32 codecs
04:17:45TiMiDbut there was another one
04:18:24ashridahyeah, that's because those aren't free enough to put in debian's mirrors. There's a third party one i've used for the last few years for that. comes up pretty quickly on iirc
04:20:41TiMiDwell everyone uses what is the best for him
04:20:53TiMiDbtw, did you tried gentoo ?
04:21:14ashridahand i hated it.
04:21:19TiMiDha :)
04:21:31TiMiDyou don't like to compile ?
04:21:46XavierGrI must I got confused who am I going to believe?
04:21:54ashridahi really REALLY have better things to do than compile generic shit, particularly when there's no actual evidence of any advantage, either by "speed" or "lack of shit i don't use"
04:21:57TiMiDXavierGr: install a ubuntu
04:22:04ashridahXavierGr: installer ubuntu
04:22:17XavierGrhaha TiMiD: I thought you was on Gentoo...
04:22:22ashridahmy gripes with ubuntu are simply "it's not debian" :)
04:22:23TiMiDI am
04:22:44XavierGrthen why ububbtu?
04:22:48XavierGrbecause it is easy?
04:22:53TiMiDbut ubuntu is simpler, even if you won't learn a lot
04:23:15TiMiDgentoo is easy to maintain
04:23:18ashridahit's reasonably well put together. kubuntu's a little buggy in my considered opinion, but ubuntu's fairly decent last i checked.
04:23:23TiMiDand to use
04:23:25XavierGrI will have to search a bit for it because I am sure that I want to learn new things
04:23:41TiMiDbut the only drawback is that packages are source only
04:23:44ashridahthere's plenty of room to learn in either system.
04:23:54TiMiDso that your computer compiles everything
04:24:11XavierGrI have used only pupppy linux DSL and Knoppix before.
04:24:12TiMiDit takes some time
04:24:21XavierGrBut I can say that I was trouble on some things.
04:24:27TiMiDfor me the best linux distrib would be a binary gentoo
04:25:32XavierGrpuppy linux served me well on some backup ocassions
04:25:51TiMiDI never tried this one
04:26:05XavierGrit is fun.
04:26:17XavierGra whole OS on 60MB :)
04:26:47TiMiDI tried mandrake (a lot), redhat, fedora, ubuntu, debian, slackware (a lot) and the gentoo
04:27:09XavierGrwhich is the most popular?
04:27:22TiMiDalso some other distribs but not enought to give me my opinion
04:27:29TiMiDif you want to learn things
04:28:07TiMiDI would recommand you gentoo (very good doc and tutorials)
04:28:16TiMiDit depends of what you want to do
04:28:25TiMiDslackware is very simple
04:28:45TiMiDdebian is ... ashridah will tell you more about this one
04:29:28*ashridah is kinda busy, and still recommends ubuntu, and that you ignore TiMiD, he's a gentoo user
04:29:49XavierGrI guess that all linux programs run on all distros right?
04:29:53ashridahrealistically, try everything you can get your hands on
04:30:05ashridahthe experience will give you a better idea about what suits you
04:30:30*TiMiD makes ashridah eats the 7 debian CDs
04:30:47XavierGr7 cds!!!?? wtf!
04:30:58TiMiDit's not windows
04:31:03TiMiDyou have a lot of programs :)
04:31:16TiMiDyou can also dl a 150b iso
04:31:20TiMiDand do a net install
04:31:52TiMiDor dl the 15mb stage1 gentoo bootstrap and install the best distro ever made
04:32:39ashridahXavierGr: you don't really need more than the first one, and can get away with just a 150mb netinst cd if you've got a good network connection
04:32:51ashridahbut yes, debian include just about every legally DFSG free program under the sun
04:33:09XavierGrMy connection sucks. But my question remains.
04:33:13ashridahand will ship it, where they can. it's two DVDs for the entire set, plus more for source. easier to do a net install if you can
04:33:26ashridahXavierGr: ubuntu provides a nice starting point.
04:33:32TiMiDXavierGr: ashridah just install a ubuntu
04:33:45XavierGrIf a program is retad for Linux usage, will it run on all distros?
04:34:02TiMiDand then you will try other ones
04:34:14ashridahXavierGr: typically yes. packaging can be a problem. rpm's sometimes don't work on non-rpm or non-specific-distro systems, for instance
04:34:23TiMiDXavierGr: a binary cannot work on all distros
04:34:35TiMiDbut in most cases it works
04:34:36ashridahTiMiD: within reason, yes it can.
04:35:07ashridahbut it depends what you're talking about. most games are designed to run on everything, for instance.
04:35:33*ashridah goes back to marking system administration assignments
04:36:02XavierGrtvelocity my collegemate is trying to persuade me to convert to linux... now what distro was it?
04:36:18TiMiDsome programs won't work because some ressources are not located in the place it searches them for
04:36:37XavierGrhmm he is not logged in at the moment
04:36:42 Quit Paul_The_Nerd ("Chatzilla 0.9.68a [Firefox 1.0.7/20050915]")
04:37:10TiMiDI don't have an example, but I ran into this kind of problems when I was running binaruy distribs
04:37:56TiMiDbut now with my gentoo everything is fine gentoo gentoo gentoo
04:38:21 Nick paugh is now known as AliasCoffee (n=kickback@2001:5c0:8fff:ffff:8000:0:3e03:6822)
04:39:14XavierGrTiMiD: Say what happened with the Japan movement plan?
04:39:40TiMiDI found a company :)
04:39:45TiMiDI'm accepted :D
04:39:51TiMiDsince yesterday \o/
04:40:00XavierGrare you serious? You are going to Japan?
04:40:03*TiMiD is happy
04:40:10TiMiDyes seriously
04:41:07TiMiDat the beginning of february
04:41:28XavierGrwhich company?
04:41:55TiMiDtheir website is ugly bu it's a multinational company
04:42:19TiMiDthey build microconnectors for portable devices
04:42:45TiMiDI will work in Nagoya
04:42:53XavierGrand will you do there?
04:43:51TiMiDI will manage the cnstruction of an internet selling plateform
04:43:58TiMiDfor their products
04:44:11TiMiDthe subject is not very accurate
04:44:17TiMiDbut it's well paid
04:44:29TiMiD200000 yen
04:44:34TiMiDper month
04:44:36XavierGrper month?
04:44:40XavierGrlets see
04:44:59TiMiDa training period is 600 euros in france ...
04:45:13XavierGr1400 you mean
04:45:21TiMiDI also have the plane and the housepaid by the company :)
04:45:56XavierGrOMG!!!!!!!! 1700 (or 1400) with the expenses already paid????
04:46:25XavierGrSWET JESUS! I want to go to Japan.
04:47:11TiMiDI thought it was more than that :( I must have choosed the wrong devise
04:47:35XavierGrYou think that this is a low salary?
04:47:58TiMiDfor a student in internship it's a very highsalary
04:48:18TiMiDbut for anengineer it's low
04:49:09TiMiDafter that, it depends of the housing I get over there
04:49:20XavierGrHow many hours per day? 8
04:49:20 Join Jungti1234 [0] (n=jungti12@
04:49:23TiMiDplane is 700 euros
04:49:30TiMiD7hours per day
04:49:34TiMiDhi Jungti1234
04:50:00XavierGrI am very happy (and envious) for you. :D
04:50:13TiMiDhehe :)
04:50:31TiMiDyou can do it too
04:50:40TiMiDin which class are you ?
04:50:40Jungti1234What is '%s'?
04:51:27TiMiDth percentage of strings the rockbox devs wear under their trousers I think
04:53:02TiMiDyaa green build
04:53:06TiMiDlucky XD
04:53:18XavierGrWell I will graduate the college of Computer Science in a couple of years, plus I have graduated in Classical guitar and some music higher theory subjects (but it seems I can't couple both of them)
04:53:49TiMiDthen you can enter an engineer school after that
04:54:01TiMiDjust learn japaneseand go over there
04:54:09XavierGrI must learn Japanese too.
04:54:25TiMiDif you learn japanese just because you like mangas you will be disappointed
04:54:31***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
04:55:04XavierGrWell I am really dissapointed in employment area in Greece.
04:55:04TiMiDthere were a lot of mangas manics in first japanese year
04:55:20TiMiDthen second year not a lot (they all left)
04:55:34TiMiDthat's money that makes you want to go over there XD
04:55:41TiMiDjust go to united states
04:55:49XavierGrI don't like US.
04:55:52TiMiDit's as well paid
04:55:59TiMiDand they speak english
04:56:12TiMiDwhy ?
04:56:29XavierGrbut, wow 1400 euros and they pay you plus your home expences?
04:56:44ashridahheh. i imagine XavierGr has a distinct dislike for being stabbed, shot or beaten
04:57:00TiMiDthat's a good reason :)
04:57:10XavierGrI worked as a high school teacher (full time job) and I was earning 1000 euros per month
04:57:13TiMiDbut it's not like that everywhere in the US
04:58:50Jungti12341,250,000 wons
04:59:35TiMiDI just finished the remote support for sound
04:59:38XavierGrwow what?
04:59:40TiMiDcan anyone test ?
04:59:52TiMiDit's in cvs and it's built
04:59:53ashridahthe remote sound menu you mean?
05:00:00Jungti1234It is big money to me who is a student.
05:00:22TiMiDI tested on sim and on the unit but ...
05:00:23XavierGryes but this is also meant to be the salary of a normal person
05:00:52XavierGrThis sort of money was much for me too, but say this to a man with a family
05:00:56Jungti1234Korean older persons into the money bloodthirstiness hard.
05:01:21Jungti1234If buy banally in the South Korea, 3 million wons must earn.
05:01:38Jungti1234Ah, it is mistake of translation.
05:01:58ashridahTiMiD: is this via pressing navi while the unit is playing?
05:02:02TiMiDhard to understand your first sentence
05:02:05Jungti1234Ah, it is mistake of translation.
05:02:14Jungti1234Must earn about 3 million wons to live banally.
05:02:18XavierGrTiMiD: Lucky you, you will be near the see (and rivers) and there will be a hanged bridge as well.
05:02:30XavierGrIt seems a big city. Population?
05:02:47TiMiDashridah: it's at the same place as it was before
05:03:05Jungti1234Live in Seoul.
05:03:09TiMiDXavierGr: yes, it's near the see, but you won't bath there since it seems very polluted
05:03:27TiMiDnagoya is the 4th biggest cuty of japan
05:03:35TiMiDaround 2.5M people over there
05:03:54TiMiDnot vuty, city :)
05:04:04TiMiDI can't type properly
05:04:45TiMiDbut the city is not very beautiful
05:04:48ashridahTiMiD: which button on the remote triggers the f1 menu from the WPS ?
05:04:54TiMiDit was completely destroyed during the war
05:04:59Jungti1234Japan is convenient to live.
05:05:12TiMiDashridah: you mean on the archos ...
05:05:27TiMiDI don't have an archos so I don't changed keys assignment
05:05:37TiMiDI work on iriver
05:05:52TiMiDJungti1234: why ?
05:06:29Jungti1234As prices of commodities are high, because it earns much.
05:07:10ashridahTiMiD: no, i mean on iriver
05:07:17XavierGrhmm TiMiD it seems you are right google satelite shoes a vast haevy industry installments...
05:07:19ashridahi quite possibly have the wrong name for the menu
05:07:23TiMiDwith 200k yen per month if you only have the food and the train to pay it's far enought :)
05:07:43TiMiDashridah: just go into the menus
05:07:47ashridahbut there's two menus, the full one accessible via a-b, and the one available by pressing 'navi' on the main unit while in the WPS screen
05:08:01ashridahi'm trying to work out how to trigger the second, since 'navi/menu' on the remote doesn't do it
05:08:13TiMiDor the button under the remote
05:08:18TiMiDnot navu/menu
05:08:22ashridahi know that
05:08:22TiMiDthe one under
05:08:24Jungti1234with 200k yen per month if you only have the food and the train to pay it's far enought
05:08:27XavierGrYou will have to make quite a distance to find a clean sea spot to swim there.
05:08:30Jungti1234Price of the South Korea and Japan is difference of about decuple.
05:08:30ashridahmy question is "what triggers the reduced menu from the remote"
05:08:48TiMiDha ok :)
05:09:10TiMiDI do'nt know that, it's in wps code and I didn't looked at it
05:09:18ashridahthe menu itself works from the remote, but you need to turn it on by pressing 'navi' on the main unit
05:09:19XavierGrSea is almost granted for me that I live in an island in Greece.
05:10:58TiMiDXavierGr: it must be nice
05:11:28TiMiDI live in france, 200km from the sea :(
05:12:30Jungti1234Do you like the sea?
05:12:41XavierGrhere is where I live, zoom out to see.
05:12:49XavierGrI am in the middle of the island
05:12:53TiMiDIlove sea :)
05:13:03ashridahTiMiD: the sound menu works okay here.
05:13:27TiMiDXavierGr: crete ?
05:13:32XavierGryeah :)
05:13:43XavierGrwhere are you?
05:14:15TiMiDI have 2places
05:14:47Jungti1234The South Korea is the country that is very small.
05:15:15TiMiDmy parent's home :,24.881287&spn=0.950735,2.627518&t=k&hl=en (the grey roofs in the center)
05:15:48XavierGrhmm you must click to link the page
05:15:59XavierGrTiMiD: you redirected me again to crete.
05:16:27XavierGrclick "Link to this page"
05:17:06TiMiDI know, I forgot to do it
05:17:51Jungti1234Live in good place all.
05:21:13TiMiD,2.830267&spn=0.021803,0.101761&t=k&hl=en << here I do my studies
05:21:28TiMiD(compiegne, the asshole of france)
05:21:36TiMiDJungti1234: where do you live ?
05:23:14Jungti1234I live in Seoul in the South Korea.
05:25:30TiMiDyes I'm on it
05:25:35TiMiDwhat's wrong over there ?
05:26:56Jungti1234Seoul is very small city.
05:27:00Jungti1234However, there are much populations.
05:27:57TiMiDyou can't go to another city ?
05:28:27Jungti1234XavierGr: Do you live how many people?
05:28:46Jungti1234Live with parents.
05:29:08Jungti1234Is hard to live in other city.
05:29:41XavierGrHeraklion, which is my city has nearly 170000 citizens
05:29:59XavierGrand all of crete is at around 500.000 citizens
05:30:13XavierGrmaybe less
05:30:29XavierGrathens has I think 5.000.000 people
05:30:48XavierGr(the whole area with all its sub prefectures)
05:31:05Jungti123410 million citizenses live in Seoul.
05:31:11XavierGrCrete is a very low density populated.
05:31:35XavierGrOMG!!! Greece has 12-13 million people!
05:31:55XavierGrmaybe less
05:32:29Jungti1234South Korea population's 1/4 inhabits in Seoul.
05:32:55XavierGrwell 1/2 is in Athens in Greece so
05:33:33TiMiDI must say : good night :)
05:33:34Jungti1234Why do you mass so?
05:33:38Jungti1234good night
05:33:52XavierGr11,018,000 live in Greece I was wrong.
05:33:58TiMiD(well in korea it must be morning)
05:34:17XavierGrhere is going to get morning
05:34:20TiMiD5:34 here
05:34:45XavierGrTiMiD: any idea when you are going to see the vast wps code?
05:34:53Jungti1234Did not sleep nighttime.
05:35:09TiMiDXavierGr: firefly is working on it
05:35:44Jungti1234Korean translation of H100 firmware ends almost all.
05:36:05TiMiDand I truly think it will be hard, so I may do it myself if he doesn't suceeed
05:36:17XavierGrhow is he going?
05:36:37TiMiDXavierGr: straight into the wall ;)
05:37:11XavierGrI hope that you will not abandon us now that you are heading for Japan.
05:37:27TiMiDno, truly I don't know, he didn't do anything
05:37:59TiMiDif I have an internet acces in japan, I will be there (not often though)
05:38:05Jungti1234I had gone to Japan.
05:38:21TiMiDhow was it ?
05:38:29XavierGrwhat no internet in your house?
05:38:58TiMiDI don't know the conditions and the house
05:39:07XavierGrThen you will have
05:39:15XavierGrJapan is very sensitive in networks
05:39:22TiMiDI hope so :)
05:39:24Jungti1234Did to go in school.
05:39:32TiMiDoptical fiber at home
05:39:40TiMiDJungti1234: you go to school ?
05:39:51Jungti1234The South Korea is formidable. :)
05:39:59XavierGrJungi is there great difference between Korean and Japanese? (or Chinese)
05:40:10TiMiDXavierGr: yes it's big
05:40:20TiMiDthey have nothing in common
05:40:28TiMiDin terms of languages structure
05:40:37TiMiD(only some words )
05:40:43XavierGrso not a chance that someone will understand any of the 3 while knowing 1 of them?
05:40:54TiMiDmaybe written
05:41:03TiMiDsince kanjis keep the same meaning
05:41:06TiMiDand you say 3
05:41:18 Quit DJDD_ ("Trillian (")
05:41:19XavierGryeah or Chinese
05:41:22TiMiDbut chinese doesn't exixts
05:41:37TiMiDthere are a lot of langauges over there
05:41:42TiMiDmainly 5
05:41:49XavierGrah simplified and e.t.c?
05:42:15TiMiDmandarin, cantonese, cheche, ...
05:42:30XavierGrsend a glossologist over there
05:43:03Jungti1234Is hard to translate. T.T
05:43:09TiMiDhopefully they are written the same way
05:43:28TiMiDJungti1234: do you understand chinese or japanese ?
05:43:41Jungti1234Japanese a little.
05:43:52Jungti1234Chinese a little?
05:44:20XavierGrJungti1234: You must own an iriver right?
05:44:31Jungti1234Chinese and Korean, and Japanese are affinity.
05:45:12TiMiDof course
05:45:40TiMiDI heard some times that korean and japanese had the same roots
05:46:07XavierGrhow much does it cost to get an h300 in Korea?
05:46:36Jungti1234Japanese's ancestor may be Korean.
05:47:05Jungti1234It is 200,000 wons into South Korea money.
05:47:51XavierGrthe 20GB or 40GB?
05:48:00XavierGrthe 40?
05:48:10XavierGrsorry just I want to compare
05:48:15Jungti123440 GB do not become 300,000 wons.
05:49:24XavierGrit will be 300K or not?
05:50:41XavierGrif it is, jsut to let you know I paid for my H140 500euros or 620,000 KRW
05:51:47Jungti1234I am sorry, but did not understand whether speak that is what.
05:52:18XavierGrHow does it costs in your country to get a brand new H340?
05:53:27Jungti1234The first cheapest price says that is 280,000 wons.
05:54:26XavierGrthen I paid double plus some more, can you imagine?
05:55:34Jungti1234iriver is bad.
05:56:47XavierGrTiMiD: what exactly did your commit added?
05:57:29XavierGrAlso the volume now wraps when is 100 or 0 is reached. If you want it to wrap then at least make it to need another button press.
05:57:58Jungti1234H300 is not produced now.
05:58:23XavierGrTiMiD: Or was it just like that in the first place?
05:58:43XavierGrYou Koreans must head to iriver main office and smash their heads.
05:59:29XavierGrFirst they announce false firmware and then they remove both h300 and h100 from production
06:00:08XavierGrNow all is left is crappy H10 which uses proprietary hardware and makes its porting to rockbox difficult.
06:01:54Jungti1234A user declared iriver in the Fair Trade Commission.
06:01:54TiMiDand I said I wasgonna sleep ....
06:02:49Jungti1234H10's newest firmware came out not long ago, but there are many complaints still.
06:03:00TiMiDXavierGr: my commit mainly added remote support for sounds settings which are handleddifferently than other settings
06:04:55TiMiDalso a bug correction (I introduced the bug previousliy)
06:06:26XavierGrI am going to sleep too.
06:06:52Jungti1234Good night
06:09:25TiMiDcu !
06:09:44TiMiDit must be korean
06:10:04TiMiDwhich encoding are you using ?
06:10:31Jungti1234I am Korean.
06:10:48TiMiDI know :p
06:11:09Jungti1234Did not understand it is what speech.
06:12:34TiMiDno the problem is that I see : Â ¤ Â »
06:12:58TiMiDit must be an encoding problem since I have korean fonts installed
06:13:34Jungti1234Do not look.
06:13:41TiMiDit doesn't work ?
06:13:52Jungti1234Is it Japanese?
06:14:12Jungti1234Look .
06:14:34Jungti1234'Sayonara' is 'Good-night'.
06:14:51XavierGrI thought it was goodbye
06:15:14TiMiDsayonara is good by
06:15:23TiMiDgood night is "oyasumi nasai"
06:15:41Jungti1234It is my mistake. :)
06:15:52TiMiD(yasumi means break)
06:16:24TiMiDanyway did you saw my characters ?
06:16:30TiMiD(it's UTF-8)
06:16:52XavierGrsayonara in greek (though I dont know its root, and this is not a standart greek word) is a kind of slipper.
06:16:53 Quit ashridah ("Leaving")
06:17:04Jungti1234Is it doing speech when 'Sayonara' is separate for a long time?
06:17:25TiMiDhmm I don't think so
06:17:51Jungti1234When is not long
06:17:55TiMiDjapanese girl tells me sayonara even if we are going to meet the next day
06:18:24XavierGrTiMiD: Are they pretty? ;)
06:18:31Jungti1234Speak that is 'bye bye' when see next day.
06:18:33TiMiDnot really
06:18:51XavierGrThough I dislike asian characteristics in girls
06:18:59TiMiDthey need a teeth doctor :)
06:19:03Jungti1234and 'Mata Asita'
06:19:10XavierGroh... pitty
06:19:13TiMiDmata ashita :)
06:19:20XavierGrwhat's that?
06:19:23Jungti1234ok.. :)
06:19:38TiMiD"see you tomorrow"
06:20:03XavierGrI know an anime movie character named Ashitaka...
06:20:09TiMiD(literally "again tomorrow")
06:20:13Jungti1234However, Korean is easier.
06:20:19TiMiDmononke hime ?
06:20:27XavierGryeah great isn't it!
06:20:57XavierGrStudio Ghibli rocks
06:21:42TiMiDI just found out korean encoding
06:21:53XavierGrwhat taka means?
06:22:13Jungti1234ok euckr
06:22:31TiMiDJum ssok Yeb Jum ssok Yeb
06:22:37Jungti1234However, write much utf-8.
06:23:07XavierGrhmm seems the Ashitaka stands for Tomorrow Weapon or Shield (Taka in persian is a kind of shield)
06:23:10Jungti1234Jum ssok Yeb Jum ssok Yeb?
06:23:22Jungti1234Are you mean which mean what?
06:23:34TiMiDmaybe good night ?
06:23:57TiMiDI don't know :)
06:24:07TiMiDI c'n'p into a translator
06:24:15TiMiDbut it didn't worket
06:24:26TiMiDit just gave me that strange sentence :p
06:24:37TiMiD(I don't know a single korean word)
06:24:52Jungti1234'Good night' is 'jaljayo' in Korean.
06:25:22TiMiDnow I know one word :p
06:25:39TiMiDad about what you typed before ??
06:25:47Jungti1234Is hard to speak Korean by English pronunciation.
06:26:06TiMiDI'm french :)
06:26:11Jungti1234jaljayo = ڿ
06:26:50TiMiDbut �� repeated 2 times ?
06:27:25TiMiDha no
06:27:32TiMiDI'mstupid :p
06:27:34Jungti1234Mean which can not understand.
06:27:45Jungti1234Korean and Chinese mix.
06:28:23XavierGrsometime I see anime characters say ha no or "ano" and it is translated ehmm... is that right?
06:28:34Jungti1234Do you interest about Asia language?
06:28:39TiMiDoh I see why you enjoyed japan ;)
06:29:14TiMiDXavierGr: ano means "that" or "this"
06:29:28XavierGrstrange translations then...
06:29:29Jungti1234 <- ano?
06:29:37TiMiDanooooo >> bout that ....
06:29:56TiMiDJungti1234: I have no clue about what you are typing :)
06:29:58XavierGryes they say anooooo
06:31:14TiMiD(utf-8 is greaaaaat)
06:31:25Jungti1234It is strange speech.
06:31:41 Quit linuxstb_ ("CGI:IRC (EOF)")
06:31:53Jungti1234Mean which is not significant.
06:32:07TiMiDjust set your encoding to utf-8
06:33:18Jungti1234 ̻ϻ
06:33:30TiMiDit's not utf-8 :)
06:33:35TiMiDI see squares :p
06:33:40Jungti1234Is it so?
06:33:55Jungti1234I do not know how change to UTF-8.
06:33:56TiMiDyes :)
06:34:09TiMiDwhich irc client are you using ?
06:34:15Jungti1234Even if UTF-8 is not, Hangul can be bitter.
06:34:35TiMiDutf-8 can display hangul
06:34:45TiMiDI don't know a lot obout this one
06:34:49Jungti1234= mirc
06:34:52TiMiDbut it must be possible to change
06:35:01TiMiDI know xchat
06:35:11TiMiD(a great irc client btw)
06:35:29Jungti1234Speech which you do is word that do not have intention.
06:36:05TiMiDI don't understand)
06:36:26Jungti1234What is intention of '? の'?
06:36:44TiMiDintention ?
06:36:59TiMiDyou mean "meaning"
06:37:03TiMiDok :)
06:37:13TiMiD'? Bの'
06:37:20TiMiDI see ?
06:37:38Jungti1234Look B.
06:37:55TiMiDI look B
06:37:57TiMiDand ?
06:38:12Jungti1234Do not look.
06:38:44Jungti1234:) ''
06:38:47TiMiDwhat are you trying to type ?
06:39:06TiMiDI see still corean encoding :(
06:39:10Jungti1234what type?
06:39:38TiMiDif I switch to koeran encoding I can see your hangul
06:39:45Jungti1234Does not Hangul look?
06:39:58TiMiD9 chr
06:40:28TiMiDthe first one looks like a key upside down
06:40:34Jungti1234Spoke that is 'ganada'.
06:40:44TiMiDsecondone like two roof
06:40:57TiMiDwhat does that means ?
06:41:22Jungti1234There is not truth meaning.
06:42:11Jungti1234As there is 'a, b, c, d ...' to English, there is 'ga, na, da ....' to Hangul.
06:42:14TiMiDI'm gonna sleep
06:42:17TiMiDok :)
06:42:26Jungti1234:) jaljayo
06:42:37TiMiDbonne nuit (french way :p)
06:42:51TiMiDcu !
06:43:36Jungti1234bonne nuit = good night
06:44:01Jungti1234Here is the morning!!
06:44:25Jungti1234afternoon :)
06:44:58Jungti1234XavierGr: Does your Hangul look?
06:45:32XavierGrnot at all
06:45:43XavierGreven TiMiD's Japanese were garbage
06:45:58XavierGrI use Trillian so no UTF-8
06:47:05Jungti1234English is very simple expression.
06:47:53Jungti1234Expression is not various.
06:54:33***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
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08:23:10Jungti1234You here H100 developer be?
08:33:55 Quit solexx_ (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
08:44:34Jungti1234Does no one exist?
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11:29:17 Join Lear [0] (
11:35:07 Join DangerousDan [0] (
11:35:58 Quit amiconn (" HydraIRC -> <- IRC for those that like to be different")
12:09:49 Quit Lear ("Chatzilla [Firefox 1.5/undefined]")
12:17:30 Join ep0ch [0] (n=ep0ch@
12:22:13 Join _FireFly_ [0] (
12:47:04 Join Lear [0] (
12:48:06 Quit _FireFly_ ("Leaving")
12:53:16 Join amiconn [0] (
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13:10:44 Quit bluebrother^ (K-lined)
13:10:58 Quit Jungti1234 ("Http://www.ZeroIRC.NET Zero IRC Ver 2.8")
13:13:27ashridahhaha. he can't trick us in to replying >:)
13:33:32 Quit Lear (Excess Flood)
13:40:41 Join Maxime [0] (
13:40:41 Quit Mxm`Pas`Bien (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
13:41:56 Join _FireFly_ [0] (
13:50:55 Join Lear [0] (
14:06:43 Join linuxstb_ [0] (
14:08:04ep0ch*PANIC* stkov main, is a stackover flow i take it?
14:14:35 Join whatboutbob [0] (
14:15:44 Quit _FireFly_ ("Leaving")
14:16:15TiMiDep0ch: how did you get this ?
14:16:42whatboutbobhey folks. I've gotta be missing something obvious. why would my original iriver fw be under-reporting my free hdd space?
14:17:01ep0chwhen i selected a new song to play via the file browser
14:17:18ep0chi do have optical out on enabled if that makes a difference
14:17:53ep0chplayback has become overall quite dodgy recently
14:18:19 Quit linuxstb (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
14:19:39whatboutbobwindows explorer says 5.88gb free, rockbox says 3.72gb free, iriver fw says 583meg free
14:19:43TiMiDIhope my filebrowser modifications didn't make itbuggy
14:20:10ep0chohh i'm running some extra patches so it's probably those
14:20:18TiMiDwhatboutbob: buhh windows :(
14:20:24ep0chi'll do another build without
14:20:34TiMiDep0ch: it crashes with the same file ?
14:20:44TiMiDI mean you can reproduce the bug :)
14:20:59ep0chnahh haven't tried
14:21:11ep0chfirst time i had a stkov main though
14:21:24preglowep0ch: there what looks like dropped samples in everything you sent me
14:21:36preglowand one larger segment of something weird for rockbox vorbis
14:21:45ep0chyes i know about the vorbis one
14:21:52ep0chits been rerecorded
14:22:01whatboutbobTiMidL yeah...I know. :) I ran chkdsk and it confirmed 5.88gig.
14:22:05ep0chi dont get the dropped samples though
14:22:23preglowep0ch: the rockbox iriver one has been rerecorded?
14:22:34TiMiDwhatboutbob: format it and you will get your 40gb ;)
14:22:36whatboutbobscrewed me over recording a gig the other night. said 'hdd full' and i was like 'wtf! I checked it b4 i left the house...i'm sure it said 5 gig free'
14:22:38ep0chyes but wait 30 mins to get it
14:22:53ep0chi will even upload my mixdowns
14:23:23ep0chi've re-recorded rockbox mp3 as i think the alignment was out by a sample
14:23:27whatboutbobTiMiD: hehe...thanks...I'm trying to leave that as my last resort. just seems weird. hope my hdd isn't on the way out...
14:23:48TiMiDno I don't think so
14:24:10TiMiDI remember aguy who had the same problem and after taht everything was fine
14:24:57whatboutbobif i delete stuff via iriver fw it shows hdd increasing...if i do it through winblows, nada.
14:25:16 Join ender` [0] (i=ychat@
14:25:17whatboutbob^free space increasing
14:26:02ep0chpreglow: so far all the mixdowns for both iriver and rockbox look almost perfect for both mp3 and vorbis
14:26:43preglowep0ch: no, not dropped samples, there something else going on
14:27:01ep0chi.e. has a max/min amplitude of 1
14:27:08ep0chi dont get the dropped samples
14:27:16ep0choh sorry misread
14:27:51 Join Sandking [0] (
14:28:48preglowlike i suspected
14:28:51preglowit's a bug in audition
14:29:04ep0chi'm using audition
14:29:40preglowwhen i converted the files to floating point before mix pasting, it works fine
14:29:58 Join Riot- [0] (
14:30:00preglowthere most certainly should be no perceptual difference in mp3 and vorbis codecs between rockbox and iriver
14:30:41Riot-Any voicebox gurus about?
14:30:41ep0chi just imported them, inverted the reference, and made two mixed files. didn't do anything special extra conversion
14:31:03preglowep0ch: i do mix pasting
14:31:54ep0chI did the right click in a track and mix down (to track) -> selected tracks
14:31:55ashridahwhatboutbob: windows has a known bug with the fat32 free space handling
14:32:05ashridahwhatboutbob: it doesn't update the free space counts properly
14:32:12ashridahso it constantly misreports the size of the filesystem
14:32:26ashridahyou can force rockbox to update it iirc
14:32:33ashridahforget how exactly tho
14:32:48 Part Meian ("Parted away on a crystal ship with a bottle.")
14:33:40preglowep0ch: mp3 is the codec differing the largest between rockbox and iriver
14:34:00whatboutbobashridah: but 3 different sizes between rockbox, iriver and windows?
14:34:02ep0chyes i've re-recorded that one, and its fine
14:34:15ep0chi think it was maybe a misaligned sample
14:34:57ep0chif you amplify the mix by 42dB, you can clearly hear Outrun :)
14:35:15ep0chbut it sounds like a highpass
14:36:20ep0chor it maybe it was my sound card flipping out and putting its own reverb on
14:36:22 Join _FireFly_ [0] (
14:36:23 Quit _FireFly_ (Client Quit)
14:36:35 Join Strath [0] (
14:36:56preglowep0ch: doesn't look like it to me
14:37:00preglowep0ch: they look perfectly aligned
14:37:20whatboutbobgrrr...bugger it....ok...its prolly time i cleaned up the drive anyways. what's the best way to format it?
14:37:31ep0chthe new mp3 one is up
14:39:19Riot-Anyone know anything about the code for the voicebox script?
14:39:53preglowep0ch: url?">
14:40:30ep0chif you wait 10 secs the new vorbis will be up too
14:40:48ep0chand in 20 mins my own mixdowns will go up
14:41:44preglowusing the mp3s i had, it actually looks like the iriver mp3 decoder is slightly better than our own :/
14:43:01ep0chyou will like the new output then :)
14:43:20ep0chcant figure out why the original recording is wrong
14:48:12ep0chwas a pain in the **** getting decent rockbox recordings though, as the playback would usually drop out in the first second.
14:49:12ep0chi might take some recording for slasheri to take a look at
14:49:36ep0chmy own mixdowns are now up for both mp3 and vorbis
14:49:51ep0chnow time to try quake3 on the xbox :)
14:50:06 Join bbad [0] (n=bbad@
14:50:16preglowi don't know what slasheri would be able to see in those recording
14:50:52ep0chhe would see proof that playback aint so good
14:52:04preglowyou can just tell him that
14:52:14preglowit works just fine for me
14:52:34preglowor do you just mean the spdif part?
14:54:08SlasherHmm, what is wrong with the playback?
14:54:30ep0chletme check it happens for both spdif and normal
14:54:40***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
14:55:40LearInteresting... The AAC codec doesn't seem to like Nero 7 encoded files...
14:56:18Slashermy new crossfader also works almost now. Only few minor bugs left :)
14:56:36ep0chwierd it seems to be just for spdif output i get a dropout in the first few hundred samples on next/forward
14:56:54Slasherep0ch: ah, interesting
14:57:16Slasherthat might be because the spdif receiver has to resync to the stream
14:58:13ep0chyes that's it, using internal clock on the soundcard has no dropout
14:58:44ep0chvery clever :)
14:59:03Slasherhehe, but probably we could fix that too
15:01:35ep0chPreglow: wtf, something went wrong with those mixdown files, think i need some sleep
15:01:56LearOr maybe the replaygain tagging done by foobar...
15:03:55LearArgh, yet again bitten by lack of build dependencies. (Change something in a codec library, and the codec isn't relinked.) :/
15:04:29preglowLear: aac has some dep errors, yes
15:04:47Learaac? I'm talking about vorbis...
15:05:08LearBut I think it applies to all codecs...
15:05:44preglowworks most of the time for me
15:05:49preglowand i've tweaked almost all the codecs
15:06:27LearAs long as you change something in the codecs/*.c file, yes...
15:06:53ep0chSlasher: could this spdif sync be why i got a *panic* stkov error earlier?
15:07:12ep0chstkov main
15:07:29preglowLear: no, i mean in the codec libraries as well
15:09:55Slasherep0ch: no, i doubt that because spdif works only for one direction
15:14:35ep0chpreglow: ok my bad, the new rockbox mp3 output is the same as the old one.
15:14:50preglowep0ch: kind of expected that, yes
15:15:21ep0chdid you try amplifying the mix and listening to it?
15:15:26ep0chsounded good to me :D
15:15:59preglowyes, i did
15:16:00ep0chi wonder if anyone can actually perceive the difference
15:16:08preglowit might be a bug, mind you
15:16:15preglowi seriously doubt that
15:16:19preglowthe error is below -90 db
15:16:24preglowalmost anything would mask that away
15:16:38preglowbut it's not good enough, of coruse
15:17:02ep0chwhat library is used for mp3 on rockbox?
15:17:44ep0chi could compare the x86 version of it to foobar
15:19:48preglowi know of one way to improve the output
15:19:56preglowbut it would seriously hamper the performance
15:20:15linuxstb_Lear: What is the problem with Nero AAC files? Is it the mp4/m4a parsing, or problems decoding the actual audio itself?
15:20:17preglowit's got to do with the way i do multiplies
15:20:19ep0ch"In one circumstance, MAD is a limited accuracy ISO/IEC 11172-3 audio decoder. This is true when MAD is forced to use an approximation version of its fixed-point multiply routine, and is easily avoided."
15:20:29preglowlinuxstb_: btw, saw the new flac test result, very interesting
15:20:39preglowep0ch: we don't do that
15:21:00preglowep0ch: i'm very certain our implementation would qualify as full precision
15:21:24ep0chyeah but we want perfection if we can :)
15:21:26linuxstb_preglow: Yes. I now want to do a test with the same version of the FLAC codec, but with Rockbox running at 45MHz, and the WPS disabled - i.e. I will leave Rockbox in file browser mode instead of WPS.
15:21:48preglowlinuxstb_: sounds good
15:21:52linuxstb_This should hopefully enable Rockbox to sleep more during playback.
15:22:18linuxstb_If that proves useful, then maybe a sort of WPS screensaver timeout should be implemented.
15:22:23ep0chlinuxstb_: cool, i look forward to seeing those results
15:22:48preglowbut i'm really surprised at how much about 10mhz had to say on the run time
15:22:48ep0chWPS with peakmeter?
15:23:07amiconnlinuxstb_: No 23 MHz test? ;)
15:23:28linuxstb_amiconn: I've got too many tests to run. And preglow keeps improving the codec...
15:23:29amiconnpreglow: What's the status of your 24 bit flac routines?
15:26:04preglowamiconn: i suddenly got no time for fixing it yesterday, will have a look as soon as i've put some food in me
15:26:39preglowlinuxstb_: the new order10 fix should have a very small impact, so no new test necessary, if you ask me
15:26:41amiconnI don't intend to force you; I have no 24 bit flac file
15:26:41Learlinuxstb_: don't know really. I try to play a file, and drops back immediately to the browser. Can see that a splash is shown, but not what is on it.
15:27:01preglowamiconn: 'course not, i just want to finish it so i don't need to think about it anymore :)
15:27:44linuxstb_Lear: Then it sounds like a mp4 parsing problem. Can you give me an example file?
15:28:17linuxstb_preglow: I thought your commit message said that you have also improved the default case a little.
15:30:00preglowlinuxstb_: a tiny, tiny bit
15:31:44linuxstb_ep0ch: Yes, the WPS I am using for my tests has a peakmeter
15:32:56 Quit whatboutbob ("CGI:IRC (Ping timeout)")
15:42:30 Join linuxstb [0] (
15:48:36Riot-Anyone answer a voicebox question?
15:49:13Learlinuxstb: he, rockbox can't parse that file; totalsamples, frequency and length are all zero...
15:49:25ep0chpreglow: libmad on x86 has an error of +/- 4 sample values, just sounds like hiss when amplified.
15:50:04preglowso there's a 2 bit error
15:50:15preglowRiot-: just ask
15:51:45 Quit Maxime (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
15:51:47 Join Mxm`Pas`Bien [0] (
15:53:37Riot-The "Text = Replace(Text,","," ")" in voiceUtils.vbs screws up Audrey16 pronunciation. ie 10,000 get pronounced as one zero zero zero zero. If I change the " " to "" it works correctly. Anyone know I can just delete those lines?
15:56:38 Join cannard [0] (
15:57:31 Quit linuxstb_ (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
16:20:00 Join _FireFly_ [0] (
16:21:36ep0chpreglow: assuming foobar2000's output is bit perfect
16:24:17preglowep0ch: i can more or less guarantee you that foobars output is accurate to the sixteenth bit
16:29:44 Quit bbad ("KVIrc 3.2.0 'Realia'")
16:32:40 Join muesli_- [0] (
16:36:30 Quit _FireFly_ ("Leaving")
16:44:51 Join _FireFly_ [0] (
16:48:14 Quit _FireFly_ (Client Quit)
16:49:28 Quit ashridah ("sleep. finally. yay!")
16:51:40preglowep0ch: can you compile your own builds?
16:52:41preglowif you're interested in testing what impact rounding has on libmads output, you can do a small tweak and check the output again
16:52:48 Quit cannard ("2.0 Build 3515")
16:53:00ep0chyeha sounds like fun :)
16:53:22preglowok, synth.c, in mad_synth_init, there's coldfire_set_macsr line
16:53:31preglowremove "| EMAC_ROUND" from that line
16:53:33preglowthen recompile
16:53:37ep0chlet ok
16:54:16preglowcan't say i expect anything to change, but might be worth a try
16:54:42***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
16:55:38ep0chi'll just cvsup first
17:04:23 Quit muesli_- (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
17:07:26ep0chwhen rockbox is on and charging does it shutdown after the idle poweroff period? mine doesnt appear to.
17:09:33preglownah, mine neither, i think
17:11:19 Join actionshrimp [0] (
17:11:57ep0chjust for reference cpu boost is 6% with the EMAC_ROUND
17:12:25preglowit should have no impact on cpu usage
17:13:04ep0chwhy did i choose such a long song....
17:13:22preglowwhy indeed, hehe
17:13:29 Join muesli_- [0] (
17:16:28 Join _FireFly_ [0] (
17:17:41ep0ch Left Right
17:17:41ep0chMin Sample Value: -19 -21
17:17:41ep0chMax Sample Value: 18 19
17:18:55ep0chnow what was it before :)
17:19:41ep0chMin Sample Value: -38 -57
17:19:41ep0chMax Sample Value: 45 60
17:19:55ep0chsome improvement
17:20:00ep0chbut not all
17:20:21preglowthat's a large improvement, actually
17:20:51preglowbut what to do about it :)
17:21:08ep0chbefore: Left Right
17:21:08ep0chMin Sample Value: -19 -21
17:21:08ep0chMax Sample Value: 18 19
17:21:08DBUGEnqueued KICK ep0ch
17:21:08ep0chPeak Amplitude: -64.51 dB -63.66 dB
17:21:08ep0chPossibly Clipped: 0 0
17:21:09***Alert Mode level 1
17:21:09ep0chDC Offset: -.002 -.002
17:21:11ep0chMinimum RMS Power: -96.34 dB -96.34 dB
17:21:13ep0chMaximum RMS Power: -75.44 dB -74.86 dB
17:21:15ep0chAverage RMS Power: -86.04 dB -85.84 dB
17:21:17ep0chTotal RMS Power: -85.36 dB -85.13 dB
17:21:19ep0chActual Bit Depth: 16 Bits 16 Bits
17:21:23ep0chUsing RMS Window of 50 ms
17:21:51ep0chi'll start again
17:22:00ep0chbefore: Left Right
17:22:01ep0chMin Sample Value: -38 -57
17:22:01ep0chMax Sample Value: 45 60
17:22:01***Alert Mode level 2
17:22:01ep0chPeak Amplitude: -57.15 dB -54.67 dB
17:22:01***Alert Mode level 3
17:22:01ep0chPossibly Clipped: 0 0
17:22:01***Alert Mode level 4
17:22:01ep0chDC Offset: -.002 -.002
17:22:03ep0chMinimum RMS Power: -96.34 dB -96.34 dB
17:22:05ep0chMaximum RMS Power: -71.95 dB -68.53 dB
17:22:07ep0chAverage RMS Power: -86.04 dB -85.84 dB
17:22:09ep0chTotal RMS Power: -85.34 dB -85.09 dB
17:22:11ep0chActual Bit Depth: 16 Bits 16 Bits
17:22:15ep0chUsing RMS Window of 50 ms
17:22:17ep0chafter: Left Right
17:22:19ep0chMin Sample Value: -19 -21
17:22:19preglowthis isn't really relevant
17:22:20ep0chMax Sample Value: 18 19
17:22:23ep0chPeak Amplitude: -64.51 dB -63.66 dB
17:22:25ep0chPossibly Clipped: 0 0
17:22:27ep0chDC Offset: -.002 -.002
17:22:28ep0chMinimum RMS Power: -96.34 dB -96.34 dB
17:22:31ep0chMaximum RMS Power: -75.44 dB -74.86 dB
17:22:33ep0chAverage RMS Power: -86.04 dB -85.84 dB
17:22:35ep0chTotal RMS Power: -85.36 dB -85.13 dB
17:22:37ep0chActual Bit Depth: 16 Bits 16 Bits
17:22:41ep0chUsing RMS Window of 50 ms
17:22:52preglowand please spam me all this in private, not here
17:23:11ep0chi'm not registered
17:23:16preglowwell, that's not hard
17:23:18preglowbut anywho
17:23:38preglowa smaller sample difference alone says we're closer
17:24:09preglowsome of the error i'm sure comes from the inaccurate accumulator
17:24:39preglowsome of it from the three bits i discard every time i fetch the accumulators
17:27:57muesli_-4 Nov 21:35Thomapps/codecs/mpc.c 1.11 Fixed the halved volume bug does that mean that music is played louder from now?
17:28:47preglowmuesli_-: yes
17:28:58preglowmuesli_-: twice as loud as before
17:29:12preglowbut only for musepack, of course
17:29:18muesli_-ah ok
17:32:02***Alert Mode OFF
17:37:56preglowLear: did you write the apev2 parser?
17:38:10preglowor was that perhaps david bryant?
17:38:21LearSort of; I modified the existing one...
17:39:18LearWhy? Any problem with it?
17:39:18ep0chi don't think removing the EMAC_ROUND has actually made any difference. looking back at an amplified version of the original mixdown there are glitches at the beginning and end of the file. no idea where they've come from, but i'll go away and look over them again
17:39:54preglowLear: perhaps, i'll check out a bug report now
17:40:55Slashernew crossfader committed. I hope it has now enough configuration options :D
17:41:51preglowSlasher: but the crossfader still does the actually crossfade as before, yes?
17:42:16Slasherpreglow: Hmm, what do you mean with that? Basically on code level yes :/
17:42:36SlasherOr it accesses directly the pcm buffer
17:42:51SlasherBut it does now the fading in three phases:
17:43:15preglowLear: no, not true, it's just a question of some tagger programs tagging the file with a dozen different tags formats in both head and tail
17:43:33Slasher(1) Fading out the whole pcm buffer. (2) Fading in new data. (3) Fading in and inserting the remaining new data into pcm buffer.
17:43:34preglowLear: god knows what makes them think having BOTH a id3v1 tag and an apev2 tag will work
17:51:17 Quit Sandking ()
18:11:07 Join RotAtoR [0] (
18:14:56preglowRotAtoR: musepack working as it should now?
18:17:35RotAtoRyes :) no problems found with my files so far
18:17:42RotAtoRreplaygain and everything works great
18:19:07preglowonly other problem i know of is the one moos is talking about, which stems from id3v1 tagged mpc files
18:19:18preglowrockbox wont find the ape tag if there's an id3v1 tag at the end of the fil
18:19:25preglowi don't even know if i want to fix that
18:20:01RotAtoRi won't be able to test that, foobar makes sure all 1d3 tags are stripped from my non-mp3 files
18:20:27preglowyes, as it should be
18:20:31preglowno need to test, i know of the problem
18:20:38preglowi'm only wondering if i should fix it ;)
18:20:42RotAtoRok :)
18:21:29ep0chSlasher: is it possible to make the new crossfade work only when manually skipping tracks?
18:43:22preglowRotAtoR: i loev bejeweled :P
18:43:41preglowthough i find it a bit harder without colours for some reason
18:45:58Slasherep0ch: yes
18:46:17Slasheri will think that later
18:52:07RotAtoRpreglow: I tried using 4 shades grayscale, but I didn't like how it turned out
18:52:27RotAtoRlight gray was too light and dark gray was too dark
18:52:38preglowwill be better on true colour screens
18:52:49preglowlike an ipod!
18:52:59RotAtoRdefinitely, or a h3XX!
18:53:01_FireFly_or h3xx
18:54:45***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
18:58:01 Quit ehntoo ("Leaving")
19:03:05 Quit ghode|afk (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
19:06:49 Join ehntoo [0] (
19:13:06 Join matsl [0] (
19:22:29 Quit muesli_- (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
19:26:39 Join Kohlrabi [0] (
19:45:13preglowjust had a little walk with a musepack album
19:45:21pregloweverything seems to work great, including gapless
19:48:05preglowbut i'm going to disable musepack seeking, it's just too useless
19:51:17RotAtoRthat would be for the best, most people would think their player is frozen when trying to seek
19:52:06RotAtoRso what would it do if disabled, the progress bar would snap back to the current position?
19:55:22preglowi will only support one seek position: start of file
19:56:01RotAtoRgood :)
19:56:19preglowis ci->seek_time the wanted seek time + 1 ?
19:56:23preglowmpa.c makes it look like it
19:56:34SlasherHmm, is it possible to guess the file position where to seek if we know the file length?
19:57:05Slasher*song length
19:57:27preglownot with vbr files, no
19:57:37Slasheryes, it would be inaccurate..
19:57:44RotAtoRalthough i wonder if there is a better way, i seem to recall early versions of foobar had a hack for fast seeking in musepack that would occasionaly produce a little noise at the beginning of the seeked position
19:58:02preglowRotAtoR: that is indeed true, and i'm not willing to add this into a device that might give someone hearing damage
19:58:39ep0chinstead of it being time based seeking, why not filesize percentage based? if you get what i mean
19:58:43preglowi've had my share of white noise bursts
19:59:19ep0chcompletly inconsistent
20:00:13RotAtoRwould it be possible to seek a little before the seek position and decode for a while in order to try and decode past any inter-frame dependencies that would cause white noise?
20:01:19preglowSlasher: but like i said, it seems like the true seek position is ci->seek_time - 1, yes?
20:01:29preglowRotAtoR: that's what libmusepack does
20:01:33preglowRotAtoR: and that is the only solution
20:01:40Slasherpreglow: yep, correct
20:01:41RotAtoRahh, ok :)
20:02:39Slasherand seek_time should be 1 when seeking to the beginning
20:02:51 Join ghode|afk [0] (
20:06:14preglowdoes playback stop when seeking on archos?
20:12:11 Join muesli_- [0] (
20:15:03preglowSlasher: doesn't seem many were aware of the seek_time issue :P
20:22:50amiconnpreglow: What do you mean?
20:24:15preglowamiconn: seek_time needs to be decremented before use
20:24:23preglowamiconn: i just fixed it for nearly all the codecs
20:24:32amiconnNo, I mean your archos question
20:24:37preglowamiconn: right
20:24:45preglowamiconn: does it play audio while you find a seek point to skip to?
20:25:02preglowi don't like the fact that iriver rockbox stops playing when i'm seeking
20:25:13preglowit stop playing as soon as i press left or right
20:25:20amiconnIt's the same on archos
20:25:33amiconnMakes more sense to me than continuing to play
20:25:53amiconnAudible cueing would be another thing
20:26:30preglowknow it makes sense, but i still don't like it
20:26:47preglowand btw, wouldn't spinning up the hard drive when your seek point is outside buffer limits make sense?
20:27:00preglowso the user doesn't have to wait for that when the seek position has been selected
20:36:58 Quit muesli_- (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
20:48:38linuxstbpreglow: I discovered the seek_time issue recently - but didn't think 1ms difference would be an issue.
20:48:49linuxstbSo I didn't really care about it.
20:53:19 Join einhirn [0] (
20:53:53preglownah, not much
20:54:46***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
20:55:01 Join linuxstb_ [0] (
21:03:55 Quit Lear ("Chatzilla [Firefox 1.5/undefined]")
21:05:49XavierGrcvs diff: warning: failed to open //.cvspass for reading: No such file or directory
21:06:14XavierGrWhat error is this? I get this when I want to diff from cvs.
21:10:05 Quit linuxstb (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
21:15:26 Part ep0ch
21:24:51XavierGrwhats the fade-in/out delay?
21:25:27XavierGrSlasheri: My first encounter with your new changes isn't so good...
21:25:57XavierGrCrossfade doesn't happens alwasy on mix.
21:26:23XavierGrwell I will test more to be sure, does it need to restart the whole unit to apply changes?
21:27:11 Quit linuxstb_ (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
21:27:37SlasherXavierGr: no, but it has still some bugs
21:27:51 Join linuxstb_ [0] (
21:28:17Slasherfade-in/out delay specifies how much to wait before starting the fading. Only one of them should be set
21:28:49amiconnSlasher: The fade delay settings are an ideal candidate for a true numeric setting now
21:29:40SlasherHmm, what do you mean with "true numeric"?
21:30:08amiconnUse set_int() instead of an option list
21:30:19Slasherthat sounds good
21:30:31amiconnIt seems I need to hurry committing my soud setting changes
21:30:45SlasherIn fact i wanted to but i couldn't figure out how to print the s-prefix
21:30:45CtcpIgnored 1 channel CTCP requests in 0 seconds at the last flood
21:30:45*amiconn wouldn't like to encounter a cvs conflict
21:31:11Slasheroh, i mean suffix
21:31:14amiconnI can take a look - when I committed the sound settings thing
21:31:23Slasherthat's good :)
21:31:27XavierGrso one must be set to 0 and another to whatever I want?
21:31:44SlasherXavierGr: yes, or both to 0
21:31:50Slasherthe fade duration settings are more important
21:32:16Slasherand fade out duration combined with fade out delay specifies how large the pcm buffer will be
21:33:56XavierGrbut if both fade delay is set to 0 then no crossfade appears
21:34:49Slasherno, if both are set to 0, then fading out and in happens at the same time
21:34:59XavierGrOh I think I got it now, now only on track change option remains :)
21:35:06XavierGrGot to run.
21:35:09Slasherhehe :)
21:35:52XavierGrSeriously though I think this is important IMHO, talk it about with the other devs and if it is easy I would be obligued.
21:36:21Slasheryes, it is quite easy to do
21:36:22*_FireFly_ has maybe made a good wps-widget
21:38:53amiconnSlasher: Iiuc, if only one of the delay should be set, and they define some kind of shift, couldn't they be combined into one setting?
21:39:31amiconnI.e., a setting that allows positive and negative values
21:39:33preglowif one of them must always be zero, then surely you can make one setting instead of two?
21:44:16Slasheramiconn: Yes, they could. We just need to figure out a name for that setting then :)
21:44:34amiconnCrossfade offset?
21:44:49SlasherHmm, sounds really good!
21:44:59SlasherI will change that soon, now i have to go :)
21:45:22*amiconn prods Bagder
21:45:31amiconnAny news concerning l10n v2?
21:53:23 Join muesli_- [0] (
21:55:44 Quit amiconn (" HydraIRC -> <- IRC for those that like to be different")
21:58:50 Quit linuxstb_ (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
21:59:22 Join linuxstb_ [0] (
22:11:59 Join Moos [0] (
22:14:35 Join ]RowaN[ [0] (
22:14:48 Quit einhirn ("Miranda IM! Smaller, Faster, Easier.")
22:15:10]RowaN[guys i backed up my config before upgrading to todays rockbox, all my settings were kept apart from the limits of files viewed in the tree, is that a bug?
22:15:28]RowaN[i.e. max number of files in directory browser
22:17:17 Join muesli- [0] (
22:19:39 Quit muesli_- (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
22:20:26]RowaN[ah seems ok after a reboot
22:21:22]RowaN[i love the new crossfade options.. would be cool to be able to set it a bit more accuratly tho.. i.e. 0.5 seconds fade out would be good rather than 1 sec
22:21:42]RowaN[1 second is longer than you think =]
22:28:47 Quit Kohlrabi (Nick collision from services.)
22:28:51 Join Kohlriba [0] (
22:33:57 Quit ehntoo ("Leaving")
22:38:19 Join JAJDude [0] (
22:40:38 Quit ]RowaN[ (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
22:41:01 Join amiconn [0] (
22:41:09amiconnWaargh! :(
22:42:04amiconnHow the flaming hell did the folder navigation default become the enabled state??
22:42:25JAJDudeHi - there may be a defect with the latest builds..I have a playlist of over 14,000 tracks, but I get a "Playlist bufferfull" error
22:42:26amiconnBack when it was 'skip to next folder' the default was off
22:43:00JAJDudeI've checked the max playlist setting - I've got that on 20,000 - but I only see 10,000 tracks in the playlist
22:43:14*amiconn is really upset
22:44:50preglowwhat is this directory navigation option?
22:45:05preglowi can't remember ever having seen it
22:45:05amiconnThis was another len0x special :(
22:45:11preglowhe's big on discussing his changes, isn't he
22:45:21amiconnGot committed Wed Nov 2 22:32:03 2005 UTC
22:45:36amiconnIt's the extension of 'skip to next folder'
22:45:37preglowbut again, what is this option?
22:46:50preglowand extends it how?
22:46:54 Join linuxstb [0] (
22:47:07preglowriiight, think i get it
22:47:13preglowno i don't, apparently
22:48:26preglowfeel free to revert it, and include a 'please discuss default changes in the future' in the commit message
22:49:52amiconnOn my way home I had this option on inadvertently, because I put on a new build before that did reset the setting (because of Slasher's config bump), and of course my .cfg file didn't contain a value for it
22:53:27preglowstrange how it interacts with playlist based usager
22:53:47preglowlinuxstb: got any timeline on when you'll commit the ipod changes? :>
22:53:51linuxstbHow is "folder navigation" different to "skip to next folder" ?
22:54:22linuxstbpreglow: It's quite hard to commit my current tree without introducing lots of hacks into the main Rockbox source.
22:54:28amiconnIt does the same as skip to next folder, and in addition allows skipping through folders forward & backward
22:54:47linuxstbSo I'm working on cleaning the source a little - it's not that bad now.
22:54:50***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
22:55:51linuxstbWhy is it an option to allow skipping through folders?
22:56:20linuxstbIf I understand it right, the old option meant that Rockbox would automatically go to the next folder.
22:56:33amiconnThat it still does
22:56:43amiconnIn addition, it allows to skip folders manually
22:56:58linuxstbBut why would you want to disable the ability to manually skip folders?
22:57:21JAJDudeLooks like that new "folder navigation" setting caused my laylist problem - I turned it off and I now have the full 14987 tracks in my playlist instead of being limited to 10,000
22:57:54amiconnIt seems to be a hack...
22:59:14*amiconn calls the cvs masters
23:07:57 Quit XShocK (Remote closed the connection)
23:11:49 Join XShocK [0] (
23:12:04 Quit linuxstb ("CGI:IRC (Ping timeout)")
23:12:54preglowlinuxstb_: what kind of hacks?
23:20:01 Join ]RowaN[ [0] (
23:25:13 Part Kohlriba ("Leaving")
23:31:44 Quit linuxstb_ (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
23:32:22 Join linuxstb [0] (
23:32:36 Join linuxstb_ [0] (
23:33:10linuxstbpreglow: I'm probably overstating it by saying my code is full of hacks. It's mainly just full of incomplete or obviously broken code.
23:33:51 Quit matsl ("Leaving")
23:35:18 Quit ender` (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
23:35:59linuxstbBut the only work I've done since getting ATA working yesterday is cleaning it up, so it's not far from being good enough to commit.
23:36:10preglowlooking forward to it
23:36:18linuxstbAre you planning to go shopping soon?
23:36:44preglowsoon and soon
23:36:46preglowperhaps in a months time
23:39:05linuxstbAny progress with the lpc_restore_wide routine?
23:39:47linuxstbDid you decide to implement it to 16-bit accuracy, or are you going for the full 24-bits?
23:40:22preglowfull 24 bits
23:40:36preglowand no, no progress, i got tied up doing some non-rockbox code
23:40:51preglowbesides, i don't understand what's wrong with it :/
23:44:48preglowjust working on a hack to make musepack output non-interleaved right now
23:44:54preglowfinish that, and i'll see what i can do
23:46:50 Quit JAJDude ("CGI:IRC")
23:48:38preglowit also turns out i've been wasting almost 10kb of iram
23:48:49preglowso musepack will be faster still
23:49:03 Join jochen_ [0] (
23:49:12jochen_good evening, night or whatever time of the day it may be for you. ;)
23:49:25amiconnalmost midnight :)
23:49:36jochen_yeah, here too.
23:49:42jochen_<−− germany btw
23:49:44amiconnSmall wonder ;)
23:49:54 Join matsl [0] (
23:50:01_FireFly_germany, too ;)
23:50:08amiconn<= german too
23:50:15jochen_krass. *gg*
23:50:55jochen_well, i've got some bad news. well, actually it's only bad news for ME. ;)
23:51:32jochen_i just cvs-upped and compiled the new version and now i get a screen showing "no files".
23:51:45jochen_...every time i start the player
23:51:46 Quit _FireFly_ ("Leaving")
23:52:35amiconnPerhaps you have a weird file filter activated? Check the 'show files' setting
23:52:54jochen_i don't even get there. it just hangs showing that screen.
23:53:20jochen_the ori-firmware works fine.
23:54:11linuxstbHave you tried downloading an official bleeding edge build?
23:54:32jochen_err, no, not yet.
23:54:42jochen_could be worth a trial. ;)
23:55:09linuxstbWhich player do you have - Archos or iriver?
23:55:13amiconnWhat unit, btw?
23:55:29linuxstbA question so important it was asked twice.
23:55:49jochen_*gg* didn't even think about it being of any importance.
23:56:15preglowit is of some importance...
23:56:35jochen_well, obviously. ;)
23:56:59jochen_hmm, well, the bleeding-edge build works fine.

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