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#rockbox log for 2005-11-19

00:00:04eli_shereryes with global constants very convinient...
00:04:18LinusNooops, i just bricked my h1x0 :-)
00:05:04LinusNlucky me to have a bdm wiggler ;-)
00:05:35Mooshehe :D
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00:06:03*modafroman rejoices
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00:07:33MoosLinus: with your futur H300 bootloader, you will release v6 for h1XX in same time?
00:07:50*ashridah wonders what the real maximum framerate of the lcd on the h300 would be
00:07:53Moosgood to hear :)
00:07:58 Join RotAtoR [0] (
00:07:59LinusNashridah: slow
00:08:35modafromanso would it be impossible to get ~24fps video?
00:09:40modafromanjust going through all the h1xx wps's, is going to be cool when we get to h300 to see everyones creativity
00:10:20eli_shereri guess a lot of colored bitmaps...and really complicated code...hehe
00:10:44crwl[01:10] <eli_sherer> i guess a lot of colored bitmaps...and really complicated code...hehe
00:10:55XavierGrSlasheri: Sorry I didn't replied about the remote, I was away, I will test right now and let you know
00:11:35 Join Jungti1234 [0] (n=jungti12@
00:12:33 Join San [0] (
00:12:53Kyl3hey san
00:13:33Sanany news on the H300 yet?
00:14:05eli_shererabout the gbc emulator there's an open source one called "gnuboy"... (suitable for x11)
00:14:24modafromandont think there is an open source gba emulator tho
00:14:37MoosSan: just lets the "master" working on it, you will know when they are ;)
00:14:37Kyl3and another new build in about 15 mins
00:14:42LinusNeli_sherer: we have ported gnuboy to the h120m called rockboy
00:14:52Sanis there a download yet?
00:15:06modafromancheck the topic
00:15:08Sanexpected in a few days, right?
00:15:17Kyl3or a week
00:16:07modafromanare there any pics of rockboy running?
00:16:18LinusNgoogle for rockboy
00:16:39XavierGrmy God Slasheri you are right this will remove any sort of clicks present..
00:16:42Sanjust wana say thanks :D
00:17:05XavierGrand I dont get a slugish reaction at long filetree lists
00:17:19XavierGrthough It will be very laggish in the radio screen.
00:17:26MoosXavierGr: but he said that will cost abit more cpu usage
00:18:17XavierGryes but for me that the lag is a major issue I can live with that
00:18:33modafromanexciting times it is now
00:18:33Moossure just for not forget it ;)
00:18:38XavierGrthis little patch must be known for users that use the remote and have that problem
00:19:43Moossure, it was a very Infamous bug :)
00:19:59XavierGrstupid iriver
00:20:07Mooshehe :)
00:20:17Mooslike for lots of stuffs
00:20:24XavierGrfreelancer programers are making iriver look amateur
00:21:05XavierGrand I had lost hope. I was considering bying another remote, to mod the older one.
00:21:14_FireFly_XavierGr: which patch ??
00:21:15eli_shererbut still iriver made one hack of an operating system that takes down every other on the market
00:21:23eli_sherergraphic wise i mean
00:21:37Moosmodafroman: we don't still really why they did like they made, e.g no radio rec...
00:21:41 Quit muesli_- (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
00:21:43XavierGrI was thinking to cut the audio jack of the remote in order to plug earphones directly to main unit but that should be very difficult
00:22:07XavierGr_FireFly_: I will pm it to you.
00:22:16XavierGrvery nice indeed, small and valuable
00:22:25ashridahMoos: given that by the time they release a product, they have to start building the next one, i'm not surprised that features got cut, and stuff got promised with no delivery
00:22:30eli_sherersome uses extensions...
00:23:06Moosashridah: sure there are commercials issue...
00:23:23Moosbut I'm sceptic with some things
00:23:33*ashridah also suspects they don't have as many people working on it
00:23:45Moosoh yeah :D
00:23:46ashridahand lets face it, a good deal of rockbox pre-existed here too.
00:23:48eli_shererwell their working on their U10 they don't have time for us (H300s)
00:24:05ashridahrockbox had the oppertunity to save time by importing opensource codecs
00:24:55MoosGlory to opensources projects :)
00:25:23eli_sherermakes me wanna burn my licensed copy of windowsxp and install linux
00:25:45*San smiles
00:26:33XavierGrhaha eli_sherer, you actually paid for Windows?
00:26:48XavierGrnever do that again....
00:26:56eli_shereryes it was a student's deal
00:26:59Kyl3No errors! New build!
00:27:13 Join paugh [0] (n=kickback@2001:5c0:8fff:ffff:8000:0:3e03:6822)
00:27:19 Quit _FireFly_ ("Leaving")
00:27:22eli_sherersomething like $20 for windows xp sp1 and office 2003
00:27:47XavierGrwell that's a good price considering the originals
00:27:49eli_shererit is callled Microsoft Licensind Student Media
00:28:02 Quit frcsyk ("CGI:IRC")
00:28:03XavierGrbut I will not pay anything for microsoft in my life
00:28:08XavierGr(except hardware)
00:28:15eli_shererit really is..but i hate that authentication every time i install it...blah
00:28:52eli_shererRipped copies spare you the trouble
00:29:15Moostime to sleep a bit, have a good night all
00:29:29eli_sherergood night |)
00:29:29 Quit Moos ("Glory to Rockbox")
00:29:42eli_shereri think ill go to 3)
00:30:08 Quit mashalla ()
00:30:17 Quit eli_sherer ()
00:37:36DMJC-Lhehehe paid for windows...
00:37:46Kyl3I did not
00:38:04DMJC-Ladmittedly... i was trying to build a system on newegg and they bundled XP into it
00:38:06LinusNi have paid for both my winxp licenses
00:38:17DMJC-Lman computer stuff is so expensive
00:38:19Sanme too
00:38:22DMJC-Lesp when you want 4gb of ram
00:38:26Sanbut use kubuntu
00:38:38DMJC-Lmy laptop has legit XP
00:38:42DMJC-Lmy desktop has gentoo linux
00:38:54DMJC-Lbe interesting when I get my new desktop hehehe
00:39:16DMJC-Lath 64 X2 4400+
00:39:22DMJC-Lin a mac G5 case
00:41:04DMJC-Lstill planning the mod, but I've sorted out most of it
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00:59:35pinkutankhmm hmm, is trhere anyway we could implement something to change the size of the progress bar and scroll fields
01:01:01***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
01:01:56solexx_there has been a discussion about 'boxes' where you could print and draw
01:02:10solexx_instead of the whole framebuffer, as I understand it
01:02:27 Join einhirn [0] (
01:02:32solexx_but I don't know whether anybody is working at it
01:07:08XavierGrFM radio is buggy like hell.
01:07:11 Quit ashridah ("out. bbl")
01:07:58 Join DMJC [0] (
01:08:02Sanfor the H100?
01:08:51XavierGrwhen you fiddle around too much strange things happening
01:09:13LinusNstrange things?
01:09:37pinkutanklike aliens coming?
01:10:47 Quit xmixahlx ("blah blah blah")
01:12:05lamedcan i redirect stdrr into a file and the screen? (something like" make &> 123 &> | more " but something that works)
01:12:38XavierGrLinus: I had 2 issues
01:13:10XavierGrFirst, I had a crash when I quit the FM radio. (after I fiddled too much)
01:13:52XavierGrSecond, I quit the FM radio and the audio codecs couldnt be found after that. A reboot solved the issue.
01:14:13XavierGrI just can't really understand how a so comapct radio became buggy...
01:14:59pinkutanki think it has to do with the route of the signal
01:17:00LinusNXavierGr: sounds like a memory corruption issue
01:17:33pinkutankwhy are my cmpos end up getting inversed?
01:18:35XavierGrAlso, the button arrangement is difficult to get used to. But I will give a little more time over this, maybe these are better than the old, I just can't get used to them.
01:19:07LinusNpinkutank: what's a cmpo?
01:19:59 Quit Guest70021 (Read error: 113 (No route to host))
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01:35:23pinkutankbtw, palyer ocmmitted suicide, boots up, no buttons work, dircache dead i think, gonna reflash
01:35:30pinkutanki mean re install .rockbox
01:35:32pinkutanknot reflash atm
01:37:43pinkutankin irivers, is there any legal issues with this
01:38:13pinkutankwe dont reverse engineer the code so it shouldnt be illega
01:38:59pinkutankoh lol
01:39:03webguest53Considering their normal lack of attention when it comes to their customers, I don't think it matters...
01:39:05pinkutankmake takes 4 times as much
01:39:25pinkutankI wasnt caring aobut doing something illegal
01:39:34pinkutankI was just wondering theoratically
01:40:18pinkutanklol its 3 am, I hate when time runs
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01:42:17webguest38just heard that rockbox is targeting the ipod
01:42:21 Quit modafroman (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
01:42:27webguest38does that include the new ipod with video too?
01:42:43webguest53I don't think so
01:43:25webguest53But the Nano is targetted, which is cool
01:43:34webguest38why not the new one?
01:43:52SanLinusN, You know in the iRiver H300 firmware you are building, are you going to be implementing images into the firmware like the origional iRIver firmware does?
01:43:57webguest53Different processor setup I believe
01:44:15LinusNSan: what do you mean?
01:44:45webguest38Linus can you say something about supporting the ipod with video? the iriver firmware, the interface is made up of images, will rockbox have that?>
01:45:04LinusNwebguest38: sorry, no
01:45:10LinusNSan: no
01:45:20 Join webguest31 [0] (
01:45:29webguest38what does no mean? no support?
01:46:10LinusNwebguest31: no means that we aren't working on the video ipod (yet)
01:46:18San[00:45] <LinusN> San: no <−−- Ah, ok. But you have it in the H100 series
01:46:29webguest38is there a chance? does it have the same processor series?
01:46:39pinkutankshould i relieve you of answring
01:46:54pinkutankcurrently theyre not working on the video ipod
01:46:54LinusNSan: the rockbox user interface is not made of images
01:47:05Sanbut you can get like one in there
01:47:06LinusNSan: but you can have images in the wps
01:47:14Santhats what I ment
01:47:21Sansorry for not making it clear
01:47:23pinkutankthe problem with the video ipod is, it uses another video chipset to output stuff to lcd
01:47:30webguest38the question is is the new ipod witth the same processor as the other ipods so it might be easy to port it to this processor later?
01:47:31LinusNSan: then the answer is yes
01:47:35pinkutankand it is not "circumvented" yet
01:47:36Sanah, cool
01:48:03pinkutankbut, I think it may be circumvented, linux guys said they will be working on it
01:48:10pinkutankbut dont expect it in a month
01:50:45webguest38how did it come that you guys started rockbox for ipod?
01:51:08LinusNwe felt like it :-)
01:51:30pinkutankI'm not a dev here, but probably because thousands of people use it, there was already a linux project, so booting process was handled faster than usual ?
01:51:46 Join linuxstb [0] (
01:51:51LinusNthe amount of users isn't interesting
01:52:08LinusNthe main benefit is that the ipod can be purchased in a store
01:52:15 Join hardeep [0] (i=hardeeps@norge.freeshell.ORG)
01:52:38pinkutankif it goes like this, even plumbers will start supplyin
01:54:15 Quit webguest38 ("CGI:IRC (EOF)")
01:54:56preglowLinusN: weren't you the one caling an ipod port 'pearls before swine'? ;)
01:55:07LinusNi still do :-)
01:55:23linuxstbRockbox is for ipod owners who don't want ipods.
01:55:35LinusNwell said
01:56:35preglowas long as we can actually finish the port before the current ipods arent availablle anymore
01:57:04pinkutankdid I show you guys this, ipod magick
01:57:15linuxstbMy ipod (the 60GB color) has been replaced by the video, but the Nano should hopefully be available for a while.
01:57:43preglowtehy are/were made in sufficient quantities to be useful for a while
01:58:39pinkutankshit, bad sector
01:58:45pinkutank+ dircache
01:58:47pinkutankno good
02:00:02preglowuski: why, because some of the rockbox elders are involved in curl as well, of ocuerse ;)
02:00:25 Join modafroman [0] (
02:00:40preglowthink i'll just wait with the answering until i can type again
02:04:31linuxstbLinusN: What are you plans for USB OTG on the H3x0?
02:04:53LinusNno plans really, i think UMS is a good start
02:05:33LinusNuniversal mass storage
02:05:46preglowright, the other socket
02:05:51linuxstbAre there any existing usb stacks we could use?
02:06:03LinusNpreglow: no, the otg socket
02:06:29LinusNlinuxstb: we could always look at linux and see how they do it
02:06:43LinusNbut i think we'll have to do most of it ourselves
02:06:44pinkutankomg I killed the simulator
02:06:46linuxstbI just imagine USB to be big and complicated.
02:07:13preglowi think it is
02:08:03preglowlinuxstb: has your ipod got firewire?
02:08:08linuxstbpreglow: Yes.
02:08:14preglownow there's a wasps' nest
02:08:43linuxstbBut I didn't get a cable for it - just the dock<->USB cable.
02:09:30preglowi'm wondering, does firmware handle every aspect of ipod usb?
02:09:44preglowall i got was a dock adaptor, heh
02:10:08linuxstbWhat does that do?
02:10:23preglowadapt the small nano to a larger dock
02:10:38preglowit's just a piece of plastic
02:11:09linuxstbOK. I didn't get a dock with mine, just the cable from dock connector on the ipod to USB on my PC.
02:11:18preglowno dock for mine as well
02:11:20preglowjust the adapter
02:12:13 Quit bluebrother^ (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
02:12:26linuxstbI've heard the IPL people talk about making progress with getting USB OTG to work, so hopefully the ipod can share Linus's new USB stack :)
02:13:20preglowLinusN: what do the sdram fixes do? tighter timing?
02:14:10 Quit DangerousDan ("Miranda IM! Smaller, Faster, Easier.")
02:14:30LinusNit enables continuous page mode, tighter refresh timing and proper delays in the init phase
02:15:01linuxstbpreglow: You know, the kind of thing datasheets help with...
02:15:31preglowlinuxstb: kind of forgot about those things after getting an ipod...
02:17:08preglowi'm still wondering why ipod threading doesn't work without my test threads
02:20:02linuxstbI wouldn't worry about it too much yet.
02:20:29linuxstbAt least your tests show that the context switching is working.
02:22:38linuxstbWe have a solution (read-only) for HFS access - libhfsp seems quite suited for use in Rockbox.
02:29:14preglowthe test threads i had going don't show too much at all, i still wonder if it works in a normal scenario
02:29:35preglowread only is enough for me :P
02:30:09 Join _user_ [0] (
02:30:28_user_phaedrus961: i'm having problem applying the latest unicode patch
02:40:30LinusNtime to sleep
02:40:36LinusNnite all
02:40:44 Join whatboutbob [0] (
02:40:44 Part LinusN
02:40:48lamedhehe... is this just me that getting constant wierd hiss?
02:41:54_user_im not getting it
02:42:28pinkutankI always had hiss with rb
02:42:43whatboutbobhey folks. has the idea of one-button playlist queueing been shot down many times before?
02:43:26lamedpinkutank, yes, me too, ever since switching to koss the plug. but i'm talking about no music, just very load hiss... (static)
02:44:47lamedi'm building again
02:45:38lamedhope its not my patch :////
02:46:19pinkutankwhat did you build
02:47:50lamedbah... that's kind of terrifying actually. 4 AM and i'm getting a sudden load noise. pinkutank - h120.
02:48:12pinkutankI meant what patch
02:49:06lamedsomething for better screen viewing... hope to post very shortly. just that static i wasn't ready for it...
02:50:01pinkutankit might not be the patch
02:50:13pinkutankif you want I can try it
02:51:13lamedI will happily let you the first one to try it! but i just wanna make sure everything is set up right.
02:52:19pinkutankI meant it could be something else other than your patch, If I try poatching my source you cna see if its your patch or sumtin else
02:52:27pinkutankbut you could just recompile too
02:53:27lamedpink: do you use headphones? haven't had that hiss with iriv fw? explain please. I wasn't getting the hiss (now i mean the very gentle quiet hiss) up until moving to better headphones.
02:53:38pinkutankI use e3c
02:53:46pinkutankshure e3c
02:54:23pinkutankthe hiss comes with the isolation + ability to project extremes(lows and highs)
02:54:34pinkutanklet me see if i get it with irivers
02:54:52whatboutbobpink: did u get it with irver? its prolly going from 16 to 32ohm cans
02:54:54pinkutankoops, in a while do, currently removing badsectors
02:55:10pinkutanki dont remember if i got it with iriver but I'll try
02:55:34pinkutankI have a plethora of headphones,I'll try with some of them
02:55:45pinkutank2 more coming the 24th actually
02:56:41whatboutbobi'm getting the e3's myself next week. looking forward to 'em.
02:57:16lamedi've just bought those...and eveyone keeps telling me they are soo expensive... 180 nis = 40 $
02:57:26pinkutankwhat kind of music do you listen to, ordered yet?
02:57:36pinkutank40$ ? for what
02:57:56pinkutankyou mean the plugs lamed?
02:57:59whatboutbobjust got my grado sr60's back for the first time since i've owned my h140 (loaned them to a friend ). they actually sound pretty good with the h140. pleasantly surprised.
02:58:13 Quit linuxstb ("CGI:IRC (Ping timeout)")
02:58:16pinkutanksr 60s are good with portables
02:58:27pinkutankwhat do you listen to, did you order the e3cs yet
02:58:45lamedyey. back on the game.
02:59:36pinkutankfor anyone thinking of <70-80$ phones
02:59:38pinkutankId say ksc 75
02:59:46whatboutbobpink: i've already bought 'em via ebay. just waiting for 'em to arrive. listen to all sorts. not hiphop, not thrash, not dance. just about everything else.
03:00:02pinkutankhow much you paid
03:00:24pinkutanktheyre very decent but your ears need to get adjusted to them , take bout a month
03:00:42whatboutbob$85 shipping (used)
03:01:04***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
03:01:06whatboutbob* shipping
03:01:23whatboutbobergh...not showing the plus sign... :)
03:01:52whatboutbobyeah...i'm curious to see how the fit goes. i hear you really have to jam them down your ear canal.
03:01:58 Quit webguest53 ("CGI:IRC (EOF)")
03:02:03lamedanyone heard something about earplugs taking some time to 'adjust' ... i mean... to themselves? -i feel like when i've first opend up my plugs they didn't had enough trebel. now they are fine.
03:02:42pinkutanksome of them do
03:02:45whatboutboblames: some cans burn in...yeah. but with plugs, it may just be you getting used to fitting them better.
03:02:45pinkutanksome of them dont
03:02:57pinkutankplugs, usually fitting better
03:03:12pinkutankbut low range plugs use your normal drivers so they burn in too
03:03:18pinkutankanything above e2c doesnt
03:03:28pinkutankI just ordered super fi 5 pros
03:03:40pinkutankbtw yes e3cs go as deep as anything can go
03:03:52pinkutankactually, one tip stuck in my ear yesterday
03:04:09pinkutankthere was no way i could touch it with my finger, and it was invisible
03:04:25whatboutbobdamn..that sounds a little scary.
03:04:28pinkutankI pushed here and there around my ear and pulled it out with a hairclip
03:04:46pinkutankdont worry, it doesnt happen much, just try to keep them clean
03:05:03pinkutankthrow the tips in to alcohol form time to time and clean around the tube
03:05:09pinkutankso they dont move alot
03:05:12pinkutankit was my mistake
03:05:27pinkutanksomeone cma oalong to talk, i rapidly pulled it out, and i sitll iddnt hear anything :D
03:06:18whatboutboberr...are the wps not compiling atm, or am i screwing something up?
03:06:41pinkutankwhat do you mean wps not compiling
03:06:57lamedyes!!! I'm all done!! where should i upload? sourceforge? on the way!
03:07:11whatboutbob'no wps module present, can't do the WPS magic!'
03:07:30pinkutankyes thats what i get too
03:07:47pinkutanklamed if you need space I can help you wisth my ftp serv
03:08:21lamedpinkutank: dev i suppose?
03:08:47pinkutankno I'm not, so it wouldnt turn up in the patches
03:08:50pinkutankwhat I do is
03:09:03pinkutanki put in on sourceforge
03:09:08pinkutankand link to my fftp server
03:09:30pinkutankto get some of the load off the sf servers if people are smart enough to use links instead of the attachment
03:10:21pinkutanklike her
03:10:42lamedi'll be finishing uploading in a sec... it's a 31 kb file i don't suppose it would be problematic...
03:11:01 Join Vlad0man [0] (
03:11:16pinkutankwoot my h120 is hot
03:11:28pinkutankextensive scandisk
03:12:37 Quit _user_ ("CGI:IRC (EOF)")
03:18:20 Join Membrillo [0] (
03:18:32pinkutankso lamed, cna we see the patcch
03:20:19 Quit einhirn (Read error: 113 (No route to host))
03:21:22 Join solexx [0] (
03:21:42 Quit Membrillo (Client Quit)
03:22:11 Join Membrillo [0] (
03:22:40 Quit solexx_ (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
03:22:44lamedsdlkjglskdjel;j; ;g; nervous... finished writing a short explanation...
03:24:11pinkutankone sohuld be careful hot plugging the h120
03:24:21pinkutanki dthink i developed a bad sector or two ther
03:24:35lamedclicked the submit...
03:24:45pinkutankhope you were logged in
03:24:50lamed___ Item Successfully Created___
03:24:56lamedyep. i was.
03:25:18lamedhurry up, install it... i've got to know what someone else thinks of it...
03:25:25pinkutanklink pls?
03:25:29pinkutankim laz y:D
03:25:51 Quit Vladoman (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
03:26:53lamedof course! my fault!
03:27:22 Quit hardeep ("BitchX: coming soon to a theatre near you!")
03:27:23lamedeveryone else are asleep..?
03:27:26whatboutboblamed: what does your patch do?
03:28:11whatboutbobi'm blind
03:28:39lamedyou can read _all_ about it in the patchtracker... ah. then i guess it won't help you :\'m not literally blind. just didn't read 3 lines above.
03:30:39pinkutankwhat kind of diff is it, I only work with 1 file patches so I dont know how to apply yours
03:30:44whatboutbobhehe...i should prolly be a little more sensitive considering the number of blind rockbox users. sorry guys! :)
03:31:10lamedi wanted to ask you if rockbox are the only guys today that support players for the blinds...
03:31:34pinkutankk found it
03:31:37Membrillohow does the blind support work?
03:31:45pinkutankthe menu speaks to you
03:32:25lamedpinku, put the patch at the root build folder
03:32:30Membrilloreally? thats pretty cool. So have the rockbox guys just recorded themselves saying the menus and set it to play on scroll over or something?
03:32:43lamed(i.e ./rockbox-devel )
03:32:54lamedchange the name to something shorter like screen.diff
03:33:17lamedand then type | patch -p0 < screen.diff
03:33:25lamedthat's a zero
03:34:21 Quit mordov ("")
03:34:42lamedmembrillo: you can either have a program records the english strings for you, menus, filenames, numbers... or you can use your own voice.
03:35:46pinkutankit reects something from the lang file
03:36:05 Join mordov [0] (
03:36:11 Quit mordov (Client Quit)
03:36:17pinkutankit rejects a line from eng.lang
03:36:44lamedon it
03:36:55 Join mordov [0] (
03:37:16lamedwhat did it told you?
03:38:01pinkutankI sent you a pm
03:38:07pinkutankgot it?
03:38:18pinkutankif i paste here I'll be kicked
03:40:17lameddo you want me to step by step you on that or just wait i'l reopload a fix?
03:41:24pinkutanki dont mind either
03:41:33pinkutankbut you will need to reupload anyway?
03:41:38pinkutankfor others
03:41:41lamedrather simple acctually. just put at the end of english.lang the two new strings.
03:41:56lamedyeah but i have to figure out why did it happend...
03:42:30pinkutankok I'll look into it
03:43:25lameddo you have the error message?
03:44:49Membrillosorry to be off topic here, but if I bricked my h300, and buying a wiggler is cheaper, how difficult is it to connect the wiggler and reflash with that
03:44:49pinkutanki think its because
03:45:09pinkutanki think it because of the browse themes seciton
03:45:46lamedmembrillo, only two people are awak here, you are not off topic... and you have to ask linus on that.
03:46:00pinkutankit doesnt have an id and a desc
03:46:07pinkutankyou need an id for the browse themes
03:46:11pinkutankoh i think I know why
03:46:19pinkutankyou built this on bleeding edge right?
03:46:51pinkutankI'm trying it on 18th of November
03:48:17lamedthat might be it. i think there's more to that so i'm rebuilding the patch
03:48:48pinkutanki removed the browse themes and building atm
03:48:50pinkutankit should work
03:49:02pinkutankthe browse themes is not built into todays ubild yet
03:49:11pinkutankso its an alien menu for it
03:51:08 Quit webguest90 ("CGI:IRC (EOF)")
03:52:46lamedlisten, deprecate items do not come in the way as well.
03:54:26lamedi've uploaded an other file. you might want to try it with the bleeding edge build.
03:55:08pinkutankok , do youre saying it wouldnt work with todays even if i manually do the eng lang
03:56:26lamedno, it will easily work either way!. just cut and paste the two new language items and it should work, as long as there wasn't any other rejected segments.
03:57:26pinkutankyes it doesnt
03:57:29pinkutanklet build bleedin
03:59:58lameddont use the second patch
04:01:23lamedit's not clean. sorry.
04:01:40pinkutankno gurries
04:02:01pinkutankwhere is the menu to control this, I cuilt one but the scrolling menu didnt show
04:02:15pinkutank. btw i forgot where to get the bleeidng edge source
04:02:48lamedand a.
04:02:59lamedunder general settings
04:03:28lamedscreen scrolls out of view / screen scroll step size
04:03:41lamedpinkutank, where you from
04:03:45pinkutanki dont have those options under scrolling
04:03:51pinkutankTurkey, you?
04:04:53pinkutankits 5 am ther etoo i guess
04:05:56lamedof course... wonders if there are any more maniacs like us out there
04:06:50pinkutankguess not
04:06:55pinkutankas no ones answerin
04:07:21 Quit modafroman (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
04:07:41MembrilloIm in Australia and its 2pm
04:08:55lamedthat's pretty normal.
04:09:05pinkutankI sleep 3 am daily
04:09:18pinkutankand wake up at 6:30 for school
04:09:21lamedpink, no luck yet? i'm up on installing a fresh copy from the net
04:09:30pinkutankcurrently building
04:10:17pinkutankmakes are taking alot longer since ipods came along
04:11:39 Join mofoGX [0] (i=Mofo@
04:12:09pinkutanklol if it takes this long on a overclocked atlhong, it will take forever on a p3 400
04:12:22mofoGXdoes anybody have pictures of the H320 lcd working?
04:13:11lamed've seen some somewhere... you can search the irc log for them but i guess there might be an easier way.
04:13:22lamedcouldn't you just believe it's working..?
04:13:44lamedpinkutank, i'm running a p3 800 mhz... so not much better...
04:13:55XavierGrMembrillo: How did you bricked your H300?
04:14:02pinkutankno no thats photoshop :P
04:14:07lamedhey, linuxstb_ is here...
04:14:13pinkutankand xavier
04:14:17pinkutankyou guys are scary
04:14:25pinkutanklurking in the shadows and watching
04:14:25linuxstb_lamed: Only just - it's very late.
04:15:11lamedwell here it's 5 am. what's your excuse?
04:15:27XavierGrit's 5am here too
04:16:01XavierGrit's saturday tomorrow :D
04:16:10linuxstb_I've got nothing to complain about then, it's only 3.15am
04:16:33lamedforgot to build tools :/
04:16:42XavierGrgenerally I have a very problematic schedule
04:16:53lamedxaviergrL amazing. it's like that all over the world.
04:17:19XavierGrsleep at 6.00 am and get up at 5.00 pm then work
04:17:22XavierGror college
04:17:32lamedso go on
04:18:11lamedtry this
04:18:36XavierGrseems interesting
04:18:49lamedur quick!
04:19:03pinkutankcongrats lamed it works
04:19:25lamedwhat do you think?what do you think?what do you think?what do you think?what do you think?what do you think?
04:19:42pinkutankits nice its nice its nice its nice its nice its bery nice
04:20:09lamednahhh... your just saying that.....
04:20:24pinkutankdont pull it :)
04:20:33pinkutanki dont read much, so im not the most requesting user out there
04:20:42pinkutankbut its a really nice addition
04:20:56pinkutankespecially when you dont want to wait for the damn scroll
04:21:18 Join FingerSoup [0] (
04:21:31 Join smeagol1 [0] (
04:21:35smeagol1hello all
04:21:47smeagol1I have a problem with my Archos
04:21:52smeagol1HD died
04:21:57lamedyesss!! it's much faster and you can stop to read!...
04:22:09pinkutankbleeding edge is acting funky
04:22:14pinkutanktry loading a custom wps
04:22:47lamedwhat happend?
04:23:04pinkutankwps screen
04:23:09pinkutankmumbo jumboeed
04:23:21pinkutankartists repeating all over the scrren and such
04:23:26pinkutanklet me see if its oyur patch
04:23:29FingerSoupQuestion re: UI Sim/H120/X11/cygwin - Is there a problem with playback, or is it just my system?
04:23:34lamedhope it's not my fault.
04:24:10lamedlinuxstb, does sounds always builds nowdays, or you have to tell it to build?
04:24:55lamedpink, for me it's the other way around, up until this trial wps was always looking bad for me
04:25:02FingerSoupI should mention, I get 1/2 secs of sound, then it goes kaput... if I wait long enough UISim crashes
04:25:13pinkutanktrial wps?
04:25:21pinkutankI'm trying my own wps in development
04:26:03pinkutankgotta pee
04:26:11lameduntil this trail (comma) blah blah blah
04:26:30lamedtrial ...
04:29:48smeagol1is there any1 that can help me
04:30:05pinkutankyou said hd died
04:30:21smeagol1i took it out of my archos recorder
04:30:29 Quit Membrillo ("CGI:IRC")
04:30:30smeagol1and it appears to be working
04:30:42smeagol1I can read it on my computer
04:30:51smeagol1using a 2,5" drive
04:30:52pinkutankdid you scandsk it
04:30:58smeagol1nope will do now
04:30:58mofoGXthe h320 rockbox is a thing of beauty
04:31:19mofoGXi so want to buy a h320 now
04:31:31mofoGXi have made my decisionm
04:32:17FingerSoupis it woking 100% now, or did Linus just get graphical output?
04:32:33mofoGXprobably just graphical outpur
04:32:34pinkutankgraph oout
04:32:47mofoGXbut that little bit shows a lot of promise
04:33:08mofoGXit was very clean, simple looking
04:33:16mofoGXpretty colors
04:33:17FingerSoupTrue... As do the reports of IPod Rockbox...
04:33:34smeagol1scandisk is running, but if that does not give problems
04:33:38smeagol1what then
04:33:47mofoGXi thought that an iPod rockbox cannot happen
04:33:54FingerSoupSmeagol1 - Check your connections
04:34:15mofoGXbecause of the IP governing the portalplayer chips
04:34:19smeagol1i used the AC only and still if gives a problem
04:34:28FingerSoupcheck the rockbox webpage. IPod Nano, etc...
04:34:41pinkutankand you were wrong
04:34:53pinkutankanything that linux run on, rb can run on too :)
04:35:18DMJCcool.. when's the X86 port coming?
04:35:32DMJCcan't wait to boot into rockbox and play off my audigy2
04:35:33FingerSoupheh..... It's here. It's the UISimulator
04:35:38mofoGXi gess i was
04:35:50pinkutankaudigy 2 is no good
04:35:51mofoGXbut you didnt have to be all in my face about it
04:36:07FingerSoupunfortunately, I can't get sound to work in it
04:36:07pinkutankits like ipod :)
04:37:14mofoGXhow about getting rockbox to run on ipod shuffle, lol
04:38:15pinkutankim off
04:38:21FingerSoupmofoGX - Someone must have seriously asked that question. It's on the page as well. Alas, the shufffle will NOT be supported. I'm heartbroken... :P
04:38:27pinkutankit wasnt your fault
04:38:34pinkutankbleeding edge kill wpss
04:38:52smeagol1FingerSoup: which connections
04:38:59 Quit pinkutank ()
04:39:16mofoGXbut i think that the h320 rb shows promise
04:39:21DMJCi've made about $360 this week
04:39:30DMJClooks like I'll be getting my 4400 soon
04:39:53mofoGXimagine album art support, mpc, ogg, mp3
04:40:34mofoGXprobably a decent meta db
04:40:46FingerSoupsmeagol1 - any connection between your archos and your HD. Moth circuit-board side, and HD side...
04:40:54FingerSouperr both
04:41:32FingerSoupMake sure your wires aren't chewed either...
04:42:04FingerSoupHow'd your HD stop working anyways?
04:42:20smeagol1i do not know
04:42:32FingerSoupdid you drop it? or did it just randomly stop?
04:42:36smeagol1if i turn on the unit it stops after 1 second
04:42:39FingerSoupAfter a charge?
04:42:46smeagol1yes I charged it
04:42:53FingerSoupwas it raining?
04:42:58smeagol1the hd is just fine
04:43:09smeagol1no it was not raining
04:43:34FingerSoupIs your power clean? have you ever opened your archos before?
04:43:46smeagol1nope i opened it now
04:43:57FingerSoupdo you have the ability to test another HD?
04:43:58smeagol1b/c i thought the hd was dead
04:44:07FingerSoupin the Archos that is...
04:44:10smeagol1yes I can test several other hds
04:44:37smeagol1only they are bigger disks
04:44:46smeagol1i do not have a 20 gb disk
04:44:51smeagol1only 60 gb disks
04:44:52FingerSouptry another FAT32 formatted drive in the Archos. if it sees it, then it may be a dead controller, not a dead HD...
04:45:10smeagol1dead controller is bad news
04:45:46FingerSoupYes. But I don't know if the Archos can run a larger HD....I'm an IRiver user...
04:46:47smeagol1if i do not put a hd in the unit it does give an error about a missing drive, it does not give that error when there is a drive hooked on to the unit
04:47:33FingerSoupok, but when you have a HD connected, can you read it?
04:47:45smeagol1unit freezes
04:48:12smeagol1i have no batteries connected
04:48:20smeagol1as soon as I connect the AC
04:48:31smeagol1it says charging batteries
04:48:38smeagol1if I hit the on buttor
04:48:43smeagol1it freezes
04:49:11FingerSouphrm. dunno. Out of options. have you checked the circuit board for burned traces/chips? sounds like something is fried, if it is mis-diagnosing batteries...
04:49:12smeagol1I hear a 'ticking' sound
04:49:31smeagol1hard drive is trying to spin?
04:49:42FingerSoupthat's probably your HD thrashing it's heads. not good for the HD.
04:50:11 Part XavierGr
04:50:26smeagol1so I am out of options
04:50:26FingerSoupif your controller/BIOS is fried, then it may be a crossed signal giving bad commands to your HD.
04:50:27 Quit BirdFish ("back in a minute")
04:50:40smeagol1unit is dead and I should move on
04:51:00FingerSoupI am out of options. Someone else may be able to help you. Just look for traces of physical damage inside the unit...
04:51:08lamednighty (morning) all!
04:51:22smeagol1thank you anyways
04:51:29FingerSoupyou may have to. I am no expert, only giving basic troubleshooting options...
04:52:35 Quit lamed ("CGI:IRC")
04:55:20FingerSoupCan anyone tell me if MP3 Playback on the UISimulator for H120 in Cygwin works or not?
05:01:07 Quit FingerSoup ("Do fish get thirsty?")
05:01:09***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
05:02:43smeagol1how do I search the rockboxx mailing list
05:06:57 Join BirdFish [0] (n=bradbox8@
05:20:54 Quit smeagol1 ("BitchX: the Cadillac of all clients")
05:33:50 Join jaydpb [0] (
05:49:58 Quit jaydpb ("CGI:IRC (Ping timeout)")
05:53:24 Quit RotAtoR ("zzzzzz")
06:30:21 Part webguest31
06:31:12 Join Coldtoast [0] (
06:31:31Coldtoasthey. so is the h300 bootloader ready to go?
06:51:03mofoGXhow is the progress on the iPod rockbox?
06:51:30cannardbah, one thing at a time!
06:51:34cannardh300 first :P
07:01:13***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
07:05:21 Part webguest10
07:06:34mofoGXbut do you know where i can obtain a fresh h300?
07:07:14cannardthey still sell alot here in aus
07:07:29cannardoh dun worry bout my previous comments
07:07:43cannardi have no idea when any version is getting done
07:08:00cannardbut a huge thanks to the rockbkx guys for doing what they do
07:08:36Coldtoastjust waitin gfor a bootloader for the h300. I see h300 support has been added to fwpatcher
07:08:55Coldtoastever see any h1x0's for sale where you are cannard?
07:09:34cannardnah, the last h1x0 i saw was mine when i took it back to get it fixed and those bastards gave me a h300!
07:09:59Coldtoastthere's one here. in Stallards
07:10:09cannardwheres stallards?
07:10:11Coldtoast740 smackers tho
07:10:35ColdtoastStallards Camera House
07:10:57cannard740?!?! damn
07:11:08Coldtoastyeah. I paid $630 for mine last Nov
07:11:14cannardwith h300 rockbox around the corner doesnt really seem worth it
07:11:41Coldtoastwell, it depends tho. If you want optical, you'd still buy it I guess
07:12:19cannardhah i paid 675 for mine in june or something, then 3 weeks before the warranty expired i 'accidently' (my experiment went wrong) plugged my tunecast addapter into it
07:12:39 Join stu3 [0] (
07:12:41cannardand it stopped working, i bet them bastards kept it cause rockbox was about to be released! and gave me a h300
07:12:43Coldtoastis that an FM tuner?
07:12:57Coldtoastwell, FM transmitter
07:13:04Coldtoasthow did that ruin it tho?
07:13:27cannardnot adapter i meant cigarette lighter charger thing!
07:13:35cannardyeah :|
07:13:42cannardnot one of my greatest moments
07:13:51Coldtoastwhy would you even THINK about doing that? heh
07:14:15Coldtoastyou don't have blonde hair do you?
07:14:21cannardhahah maybe..
07:14:56ColdtoastI need to contact iriver I think. Just realised I have about 2 weeks left on my warranty and the HDD has become noisy
07:15:05cannardi was hung over and didnt charge it for a 7 hour drive home, you'd think it would have diode voltage protection or something
07:15:13cannardbe careful, you will get a h300
07:15:30Coldtoastthat'll be fine
07:15:45cannardyou could always just buy a bigg hd for it?
07:15:58cannardwhere abouts in aus?
07:15:58Coldtoastwell, even tho the h300 is one of the uglier DAPs
07:16:20cannardahh ok
07:16:25ColdtoastI'm not paying $200+ for a new HDD if I can get something done under warranty
07:16:40cannardhmm does iriver look after your warranty? or c.r.kennedy?
07:16:52Coldtoastc.r.kennedy I'm pretty sure
07:18:01cannardexcept for keeping my h140 the guy i dealt with there was pretty good, even marked urgent on the repair, though it prolly meant nothing
07:18:30Coldtoastdid you email or phone them?
07:18:46cannardi phoned them, then i drove down there and said, oi fix this!
07:19:19Coldtoastit'll be a bit of a pain tosend mine. have to change the battery back to the original
07:19:28cannardahh ok
07:19:39cannardwhat battery did you change it too?
07:19:47Coldtoastand I dunno if a noisy HDD would even be covered
07:19:56Coldtoast2200mAH one
07:20:43cannardyou could always brick it so it doesnt start up and then it wouldnt matter?
07:20:54Coldtoastthankfully, when you dismantly the player it doesn't break any stickers or anything
07:21:16Coldtoastwell, I might want to put the battery in teh replacement tho
07:21:35cannardhow much did the battery cost?
07:21:44Coldtoastbut even so
07:21:57cannardim interested in doing something similar
07:22:07Coldtoastyou'd NEVER regret it
07:22:12Coldtoastit's great
07:22:22ColdtoastI rarely ever seem to have to charge it
07:22:34cannardhmm though i dont use my h300 now, since im always at the computer
07:22:52cannardthough rockbox could change that!
07:23:37ColdtoastI wear mine to the gym, while iI train and then for the 40min walk home from the gym
07:24:02ColdtoastI pretty much never leave the house without mine
07:24:40Coldtoastsurely iriver would just replace the HDD in mine tho. it's just noisy
07:24:46cannardi hope so
07:24:54Coldtoastthere's nothing wrong with the player at all
07:26:38Coldtoastever heard of Thirsty Merc?
07:26:50cannardheard of them, but i dont think ive heard them
07:27:09Coldtoastwe had them play last night at work. Supported by Dead Abigails
07:27:16cannardprolly on the radio
07:27:20Coldtoastthey were pretty good
07:27:22cannardwhere you work?
07:27:52Coldtoastwe have Steve Earle (remember him?) Monday week
07:28:01Coldtoast$57 for a ticket tho
07:28:12cannardsteve earle?
07:28:36Coldtoastif you ever ask anybody what Steve Earl songs they've heard, the only one anybody can ever remember is Copperhead Road
07:28:48Coldtoastmaybe you're too young?
07:29:04cannardhaha i hope so! or im missing out on a lot :p
07:29:38ColdtoastI'm probably just old enough to have heard the last BIG song he had
07:29:50Coldtoastmaybe before Copperhead Road, I was too young to take any notice
07:30:00cannardhow old are you?
07:30:56cannardahh fair enough
07:31:12ColdtoastGOD this vid I'm watching is great
07:31:19Coldtoastever heard of Toni Lloret?
07:31:35cannarderr nope
07:31:45cannardwhat has she starred in? or sung?
07:31:56Coldtoasthe's a guitarist
07:32:10Coldtoastyou've heard of Steve Vai tho?
07:32:38cannardhaha much has happened in the 6 years seperating us!
07:32:39Coldtoast is Toni Lloret playing a Steve Vai song
07:35:23cannardahhh crap
07:35:32cannarddamn my 64kbs bandwidth cap!
07:36:09cannard6 hours togo to the next billing month!
07:36:15cannardso i'll watch it then
07:36:40cannardits been a long month...
07:36:40Coldtoastman. it's great to have WPS for the remote, btw
07:36:51cannardyou have rockbox?
07:36:54cannardhow is it?
07:36:58Coldtoastyeah. I have a h140
07:37:17Coldtoastwell, I've not used the iriver firmware for ages
07:37:41cannardi never got a chance to try it
07:37:57Coldtoastthere's pretty much only one thing the iriver fw has tht makes it better
07:38:10Coldtoastnot overall, just better in ona area
07:38:26Coldtoastand that's the SRS stuff
07:38:29cannardahh ok
07:38:46cannardhmm thats really a love it or hate it setting
07:39:26Coldtoastdepends on the person tho. some ppl hate it. But I was using SRS to fatten the sound up. it also seems to open the sound up
07:39:31Coldtoastwith my earphones
07:40:03Coldtoastother than that tho, there's LITERALLY not a thing that's better about the iriver firmware
07:40:32cannardcool, i cant wait
07:40:50Coldtoastyou'll really love it
07:41:19Coldtoastand the fact you can create your own WPS ices the cake
07:41:35 Join mashalla [0] (
07:44:22cannardits going to be interesting indeed
07:47:02cannardwhere did you get the battery from?
07:47:14Coldtoastit's an ipod battery
07:47:56ColdtoastI know how easy it is to install in a h140 but I gather it's abit trickier to dismantle a h300
07:48:24Coldtoastso it'd be a good idea to research that I think
07:48:49cannardheh i think so
07:48:49 Join ashridah [0] (
07:48:56cannardtheres no warranty on this one i think
08:14:22 Quit mashalla (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
08:17:49 Join Paul_The_Nerd [0] (
09:00:29 Quit Paul_The_Nerd ("Chatzilla 0.9.68a [Firefox 1.0.7/20050915]")
09:01:14***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
09:08:07 Quit uski (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
09:08:47 Join FingerSoup [0] (
09:09:11FingerSoupHey all. Any devs here?
09:10:00 Quit FingerSoup (Client Quit)
09:19:21^BeN^what is the fwpatcher utility?
09:32:05 Quit Maxime (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
09:37:14 Quit mofoGX (Read error: 113 (No route to host))
09:38:09 Join Maxime [0] (
09:47:32 Join Sando [0] (i=lolsteam@
09:52:02 Join webguest67 [0] (
09:52:04amiconnSlasheri: I'm not sure whether your ticking reduction method is a good idea. It costs considerably more CPU time, so much that it adds the same ugly lag when scrolling long lists that before happened in radio mode only
09:52:20amiconn...and was reduced by my asm-optimised transfer
09:54:05amiconnThe problem is most likely caused by bad shielding within the remote and/or the cable, and a proper fix would be to get a ticking remote replaced by iriver
09:54:37amiconnI also thought about an emi-reduced transfer method, but with a different approach
09:55:22amiconn...using variable timing between 2 bit transitions, and never changing more than one bit at a time in the same direction
09:56:02amiconnUnfortunately I can't really test; my remote doesn't tick...
09:56:05Slasheriamiconn: that is why i added it as an option..
09:56:32Slasheribut it compensates with the cpu speed and shouldn't add considerably ui lag
09:56:45amiconnIt does, I tried
09:56:49Slasherioh :/
09:57:00Slasheriweird.. i will try more testing soon
09:57:12amiconnScroll through a lot directory listing, then stop
09:57:24amiconnIt keeps scrolling several lines further
09:58:51amiconnOh, and btw, you broke all iriver sims...
10:00:02Slasheri:( i fix that soon, eating something first ->
10:15:49 Join mofoGX [0] (
10:21:30 Quit webguest67 ("CGI:IRC")
10:21:39 Join webguest67 [0] (
10:24:56 Join webguest45 [0] (
10:25:07webguest45hello guys !
10:25:38 Join amiconn_ [0] (
10:26:16webguest45i just read on misticriver that you have the bootloader ready, but you cant listen to music on it ? what can you do with the bootloader right now? is it avaible for download?
10:28:03 Quit amiconn (Nick collision from services.)
10:28:04 Nick amiconn_ is now known as amiconn (
10:28:37ashridahwhoever said it was ready jumped the gun, i daresay
10:31:35webguest45but what is the H3xx - boot in the daily builds?
10:32:10amiconnIt's a h3xx bootloader build
10:32:26ashridahwebguest45: it's the bootloader build. even tho it builds, it's not in the slightest garunteed to patch or work
10:32:32 Join eli_sherer [0] (
10:32:36ashridahit's just whether or not it compiles without warnings or errors
10:32:41amiconnThe fact that it builds w/o warning does only mean that, it doesn't mean that it will actually work
10:32:49ashridahchecking out a non-sanctioned release of the bootloader is not a good idea
10:33:32webguest45but do you know when we will get the pre-realese version of rockbox ?:D
10:33:55amiconnCheck the channel topixc
10:35:14webguest45sorry but im a n00b, wher can i check that ?:S
10:35:33eli_shererno pre-release...
10:36:07eli_shereri dont know what about you but i wont upload a pre-release to my iriver...
10:36:24webguest45so there will be no pre-realese like the h1xx? we have to wait until its finished ?
10:37:14ashridahwebguest45: you have to wait until it's functional enough. when a working bootloader can be constructed that's reasonably expected not to brick a player, a build will be uploaded to the wiki by Linus
10:37:23eli_shererthats because linus have a US version and not an international so it will be better to wait until it be checked on all of the version with md5 sum and then we try it...
10:37:37webguest45with pre-realese i mean like that one that we have on the h1xx now:D
10:37:49ashridahyeah, waiting for a few sacrificial lambs to test on both the us and international versions would be wise
10:38:38webguest45i hope it wont take long ! i cant wait !!
10:38:55webguest45and i see that linus is working very hard on this :D
10:39:19ashridahi daresay would be the page to watch, along with
10:39:20eli_shererif you really want to see it in action...make the win32-sim and run the h300 rom...
10:40:01amiconnThe sim doesn't run a rom, it's not an emulator
10:40:18 Join petur [0] (
10:40:22eli_shereri meant the boot sorry
10:40:39amiconnSame thing
10:41:20amiconnThe simulator is just rockbox built natively for unix/x11 or windows, showing the rockbox ui and allowing higher-level development
10:41:33ashridaheli_sherer: the simulator is just an x86 compiled version of the firmware, with some glue to hook it up to a virtual LCD and keyboard etc
10:41:36ashridahit's not an interpreter
10:41:56ashridah(well, x86 on x86 platforms, it works on ppc too iirc)
10:42:43webguest45but the only thing i have to download is the h300 win installer ? or do i have to downbload rockbox 2.5 installer ?
10:43:58amiconnThe win installer is for installing rockbox on target, and has nothing to do with the sims
10:44:22amiconnHowever, it doesn't install any of the iriver targets yet, only archos
10:44:27webguest45but where to find the sims?
10:44:38amiconn...and the official build still isn't repaired :(
10:45:02amiconnThe sims aren't available for download; you have to build them from the source
10:45:24peturgot a problem building: LD rockbox.elf: build/apps/lang.o: file not recognized: File format not recognized - any ideas?
10:45:27webguest45okee, tnx for your support:D
10:51:00 Join me [0] (
10:52:40ashridahpetur: what target are you building for, compiler version, etc
10:53:25peturcrosscompiler 4.0.2, target was H3x0
10:55:35*petur is sorry for being new to this way of building - spoiled by IDE development
10:55:52ashridahpetur: you know the H3x0 isn't a viable target yet, right?
10:56:05 Join Mxm`Pas`Bien [0] (
10:56:06 Quit Maxime (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
10:56:14peturyou mean it doesn't build yet?
10:56:21ashridahi mean it doesn't RUN yet
10:57:37peturyes... I want to join development as I recently got a H340 and like to mess around with HW ;)
10:57:57ashridahwell, waiting for a known working bootloader is a wise idea
10:58:08ashridahif the simulator wasn't broken atm (in cvs HEAD anyway), i'd suggest that.
10:58:11*ashridah looks at Slasheri
10:58:40peturyeah, but I want to get up to speed with this way of building by the time it's available...
10:59:20ashridahfair enough
10:59:30ashridahwell. the H3x0 build works here.
10:59:38ashridahwhich binutils did you use?
10:59:50mofoGXany screenshots?
10:59:57peturfollowed the wiki guidelines
11:00:39ashridahmofoGX: of?
11:00:53 Quit webguest45 ("CGI:IRC (Ping timeout)")
11:01:17***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
11:02:49amiconnSlasheri: It's just cosmetic, but the config-<model>.h files are divided in two sections, with the general #defines at the top and the #ifndef SIMULATOR ones further down. No need to introduce additional #ifndef SIMULATOR
11:03:39 Join ender` [0] (i=ychat@
11:03:41Slasheriamiconn: Oh, i didn't notice that. Fixing :)
11:04:05ashridahpetur: well, i'm using gcc 4.0.2, and binutils 2.15.94 or so and it's working here. well. building here
11:05:43amiconngcc 4.0.x isn't recommended for any target so far
11:06:21peturI have binutils 2.16 as explained in the wiki. Will rebuild myself a 3.4.4 crosscompiler
11:06:22ashridahpetur: what does 'file' say that lang.o file is?
11:07:52petursorry to be an idiot: what's 'file'
11:09:22ashridahpetur: i probably should have asked first. what platform are you compiling on? cygwin? linux? mac?
11:09:55peturcygwin on W2K
11:11:21ashridahwell, cygwin might have come with a utility called 'file'
11:11:34peturnone found :(
11:11:37ashridahif you run it against a file, it attempts to determine stuff about it, ie, the data type, etc
11:11:39ashridahah well.
11:12:43ashridahwhy yes, i can take a look at it, thanks for asking
11:12:47*ashridah looks at petur
11:13:07peturbeing lazy - sorry
11:13:23 Join amiconn_ [0] (
11:13:42 Quit amiconn (Nick collision from services.)
11:13:42 Nick amiconn_ is now known as amiconn (
11:13:47ashridahthere's something wrong here
11:13:49ashridah$ file lang.o
11:13:49ashridahlang.o: 80386 COFF executable not stripped - version 30821
11:13:57ashridahthat file hasn't been built by a cross compiler
11:14:24ashridah$ file apps/lang.o
11:14:24ashridahapps/lang.o: ELF 32-bit MSB relocatable, Motorola 68020, version 1 (SYSV), not stripped
11:14:30ashridahfor example is from my H3x0 build
11:14:51amiconnashridah, petur: 'file' is available for cygiwn, just not installed by default
11:15:09peturwill have a look what's going wrong
11:15:14ashridahtry typing 'm68k-elf-gcc −−version' and make sure that exists.
11:15:38ashridahthe other thing to check is that you selected a 'normal' H3x0 build
11:16:29peturgot the correct compiler alright, will remove all output and rebuild
11:23:37*petur shouldn't have tried to build the sim and the target in the same build directory
11:25:05ashridahrofl, that would help ;)
11:25:22ashridahbut yeah, keep them separate, otherwise the build system won't realise some of the files need to be rebuilt
11:26:17peturfound out the hard way.. ah well, learning all the time...
11:27:02peturashridah: thanks a lot for helping!
11:28:24amiconnlinuxstb_: Do you have a front scan of your ipod color and or a nano?
11:29:17 Quit linuxstb_ (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
11:29:21 Join linuxstb_ [0] (
11:31:44 Join Lear [0] (
11:32:53 Join noc [0] (n=irc@tor/session/x-46bb9c0ca644ca6e)
11:34:38 Quit noc (Client Quit)
11:42:36 Join LinusN [0] (
11:43:11LinusNamiconn: regarding the ticking remote, iriver did offer replacements, but they replaced the player, not the remote
11:43:41LinusNso it is the player that is broken, and not the remote
11:43:51 Part LinusN
11:45:32 Join muesli_- [0] (
11:47:37LearAh, so that's the ticking the fix is about...
11:48:36LearBtw, the new WPS "widgets" don't work too well with logf builds, but I'm not quite sure which fix (of two simple ones) is the best...
11:49:26amiconnLear: Iiuc TiMiD wants to work on the wps widget code anyway
11:50:22amiconnIirc of course
11:50:30LearBut it is a simple fix really, just changing a couple of preprocessor statements...
11:50:31amiconnIiuc == if I understand correctly
11:51:02LearAh, read that as "LIUC"... :)
11:51:38amiconnBad font...
11:52:17LearNot unusual problem with sans-serifs...
11:53:23amiconnI'm using a sans-serif font, but the capital I still has small serifs
11:56:35LearHm.. A bit wide for my taste...
11:57:31 Join jaydpb [0] (
11:58:37 Join Jungti1234 [0] (
11:59:54 Quit Jungti1234 (Client Quit)
12:03:26peturdows the windows sim need extra stuff in the /archos folder?
12:04:25 Join jelle-k [0] (
12:04:51muesli_-amiconn whats zwischenablage in english?
12:05:40muesli_-cheers :D
12:08:52 Quit me ("CGI:IRC")
12:20:40 Join NicoFR [0] (
12:22:00 Quit DMJC-L ("Leaving")
12:27:28 Quit eli_sherer ()
12:30:26 Join Maxime [0] (
12:34:18 Quit Mxm`Pas`Bien (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
12:38:07 Join pinkutank [0] (n=ddd@
12:38:51pinkutankanyone familiar with the partition table of h120?
12:39:11pinkutankI was going to repartition it do get rid of some bad sectors
12:39:18 Quit Maxime ()
12:39:18pinkutankwhat is the ideal cluster size
12:43:20pinkutankhoo hoo
12:46:02 Join LinusN [0] (
12:46:10LinusNpinkutank: use large clusters
12:46:46LinusNwhat is the issue with the "signed char police"?
12:48:11LinusNdo we have a problem with chars in our current targets?
12:50:53LinusNi suspect that the ARM platform has unsigned chars as default
12:51:10LinusNthen i suggest we use -fsigned-char instead of policing the code
12:51:34 Quit linuxstb_ (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
12:51:38 Join linuxstb_ [0] (
12:52:14 Join mashalla [0] (
12:53:06amiconnLinusN: Seems you scared linuxstb_ ...
12:53:59linuxstb_LinusN: Yes, ARM chars are unsigned by default.
12:54:18LinusNthen i suggest we use -fsigned-char instead of policing the code
12:54:24pinkutankis there anyway to create bitmap fonts from suitable fonts
12:55:20 Quit paugh (Read error: 113 (No route to host))
12:56:05LinusNthen you use the convbdf tool to create the rockbox font
12:57:38linuxstb_LinusN: I don't think we need to do that - I should have fixed all the problems related to unsigned chars now. I also think it's cleaner to say "signed char" when that is what you need.
12:58:03 Join Maxime [0] (
13:00:00 Join linuxstb__ [0] (
13:00:05amiconnLinusN: So it's the iriver itself that causes the ticking remote... I wonder what iriver did wrong there. Either bad shielding, or connected analog & digital ground, methinks
13:00:13amiconnDo you have such a h1x0?
13:00:54 Nick linuxstb__ is now known as linuxstb (
13:00:55pinkutanki dont
13:01:21***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
13:02:27Leariirc, the ticking problem was not that common...
13:02:34Slasherilinuxstb: Hmm, that might cause problems because I have for example supposed chars, ints etc. will be always signed
13:02:55amiconnint and long are always signed
13:03:09amiconnchar can be signed or unsigned depending on the platform
13:03:13SlasheriAnd i think almost everybody else have supposed that way when coding
13:03:17Slasheriah, good
13:03:25 Quit muesli_- (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
13:04:15amiconnIn some places where it is important, I already used 'signed char' explicitly
13:04:23amiconn(nothing relevant for ipod though)
13:04:31LinusNiirc, signed chars are more common
13:05:05LinusNprobably because x86 is so common
13:05:17LinusNiirc powerpc has unsigned chars as well
13:06:22LinusNwell, since we aim for portable code, perhaps we should do the policing...
13:07:02*amiconn wonders whether it's worth reporting more gcc bugs :(
13:07:31 Nick Lear is now known as Lear_away (
13:07:40 Quit webguest67 ("CGI:IRC 0.5.4 (2004/01/29)")
13:07:55LinusNamiconn: why
13:09:32amiconnWell, all comments I've got so far for the weak alias problem sound like 'your code is hackish, do it in a different way' etc
13:09:55amiconnNothing like acknowledging the actual problem
13:10:06 Join ep0ch| [0] (n=ep0ch|@
13:11:04 Join linuxstb__ [0] (
13:11:23ep0ch|Slasheri: Hello, I think the new buffering is a little on the buggy side - crashed my player once or twice last night.
13:12:16Slasheriep0ch|: Hmm, interesting. Are you sure it's related to that? I will try to do a longer testing
13:12:43ep0ch|Slasheri: well it was the first build i tried in about 3 days
13:12:44SlasheriThe buffering itself hasn't changed, only some defines how much to buffer at the first time
13:14:28 Join muesli_- [0] (
13:16:30 Join uski [0] (
13:16:43 Quit linuxstb_ (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
13:17:54ep0ch|well i can't replicate now...
13:19:01markunlinuxstb__: If ARMv4 doesn't have SETEND, then how do you specify if it's big or small endian?
13:19:41pinkutankif anyone has the time can someone create a code that margins scrolling text in wps'
13:20:04linuxstb__markun: As preglow said yesterday, probably via a control register. There must be some way to do it.
13:20:16linuxstb__It's just that there is no explicit instruction to do it.
13:23:07 Quit linuxstb (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
13:31:01 Join webguest89 [0] (
13:31:07 Join Febs [0] (
13:32:48 Join einhirn [0] (
13:33:08 Quit webguest89 (Client Quit)
13:33:12 Join XavierGr [0] (
13:35:22 Quit NicoFR ()
13:36:33 Join modafroman [0] (
13:39:20 Nick Lear_away is now known as Lear (
13:39:37XavierGramiconn: Slasheri's ticking fix works great aside from the UI lag that appears when the CPU is on 45Mhz or idle.
13:40:00amiconnHis fix doesn't influence behaviour in idle mode
13:40:10XavierGrBut please if ou have another better fix give it a try, I will gladly make some tests for it, as my remote ticks like hell.
13:40:25modafromani know i will get told to look at the topic, but, we any closer to getting h300?
13:40:30 Part ep0ch|
13:40:37amiconnIdle mode uses my asm optimised transfer, which isn't changed by his fix
13:40:54XavierGrIdle is 11 or 45mhz?
13:41:10XavierGrwell idle appears in radio screen no?
13:41:25XavierGrwell there is a lot of lag there too.
13:41:31amiconnThe optimised transfer lowers the lag, but doesn't manage to avoid it
13:41:37XavierGrbut I guess that this was the kcase before the fix
13:41:59amiconnThis lag was the reason why I wrote the optimised transfer
13:42:05XavierGrwhen there is no playback there is significant lag on the filetree itself
13:42:18amiconnThat's at 45 MHz
13:42:23XavierGrthis disappears as playback starts due to the higher CPU frequencies
13:42:35amiconn...and doesn't happen with tick reduction switched off
13:42:51XavierGrdo you have a better solution for it?
13:42:55amiconnPlayback switches between 45 MHz and 124 MHz as needed
13:43:52amiconnI have an idea (which will also lower the transfer speed, but not as much)
13:44:17XavierGrwell if you have time please give it a try, and I can make the tests.
13:44:28amiconnI can't really test it (well I can test whether the display works ok, but not whether it avoids ticking)
13:44:53XavierGrdo you think that this issue can be easily fixed by a hardware mod on main unit?
13:48:34SlasheriXavierGr: a hardware mod would fix it
13:48:47 Join DangerousDan [0] (
13:49:02Slasherionly connect two series resistors between audio hot wires and ground should do it
13:49:06amiconnSlasheri: Your remote does tick?
13:49:09Slasherii haven't tried that yet
13:49:15Slasheriamiconn: yes, very loudly
13:49:23XavierGrwell if you try it please take some pictures of it
13:49:30XavierGrI am very interested about it
13:49:32SlasheriXavierGr: ok, i will do :)
13:49:43XavierGralso reminds me of the other issue I have
13:49:52XavierGrsome times the sound gets duller
13:49:58XavierGrlike an audio connection is loose
13:50:30XavierGrthe same problem had another guy from here, I just don't remember who. thegeek are you the person I am talking about?
13:50:43XavierGrI think he fixed that by resoldering some connections
13:51:17SlasheriXavierGr: hmm, weird. Sounds like a hardware issue too
13:51:30XavierGryes it is definetelly
13:51:31Slasheriprobably a bad soldering
13:51:43XavierGrit comes around when I poke the connector
13:52:09Slasheriyou should try to resolder everything near the connector
13:52:11XavierGrWhen I opened my unit I recall that all the soldering connections were very bad.
13:52:23whatboutbobis the ticking an issue with the actual remotes (ie not the main unit)? if so, I've got a few remotes, but i haven't listened to all of them...might check them all out to see if i've got any duds.
13:52:37XavierGrAll the connections were like blobs of solder
13:52:45amiconnIt's a problem within the main unit according to LinusN
13:53:10whatboutbobah. hokay. thanks amiconn/linusN.
13:53:12XavierGrI remember sites on soldering techniques that showed this way of soldering very bad
13:54:17pinkutankxavier oyu talking about 120?
13:54:46XavierGror to be more accurate iHP-140
13:56:18*whatboutbob jumps topics: have lots of ppl requested one button track queueing?
13:56:27 Quit ender` (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
13:58:25whatboutbobits just that i've got 2 listening methods. full albums, or start playing one track, get bored and queue up maybe 10 songs for a short commute.
13:59:14whatboutbobwould be nice if there a one-button click to queue songs (yeah...i know...i'm lazy)
13:59:33Maximewhatboutbob: like in the original fw.. yeah would be great :x
13:59:48whatboutbobkinda like with the iriver f/w rec button...but for multiple tracks
14:00:00whatboutbob(not just one)
14:01:02 Quit cannard (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
14:01:18pinkutankwhats with the bleeding edghe and wpss
14:01:22pinkutankeverytyhig looks messed
14:02:28 Quit mashalla ()
14:02:50Maximepinkutank: maybe your font has changed?
14:06:21amiconnBagder: The wps build script creates an image folder even for wps'es that don't use images
14:06:31whatboutboboh, and is it just me screwing up compiling causing no wps to be included in the build? make zip results in: ('no wps module present, can't do the WPS magic')
14:06:39 Join len0x [0] (
14:06:58 Quit muesli_- (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
14:07:25 Join hshah [0] (
14:07:41linuxstb__whatboutbob: You need to check out the wps module from CVS. It's at the same level as apps, firmware, tools etc
14:07:45 Quit Lynx_ (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
14:08:31hshahanyone having a problem with their wps...
14:09:08len0xproblems with WPS? noooo :)
14:09:19hshahmine is duplicating the top line twice...
14:09:25hshahwith the latest cvs build
14:09:31hshahsee my forum pist...
14:09:44len0xI was sarcastic
14:10:06hshahso... its a known problem then?
14:10:19whatboutboblinuxstb_: i'm a cvs noob. i just followed the guide to compiling. cvs up -dP won't get the wps module?
14:10:42hshah"cvs co wps"
14:10:50len0xthere a lot of issues popping up with new wps code (or old WPS's)
14:10:51hshah^ run that without the quotes
14:10:59whatboutbobthanks guys
14:11:39hshahi can't see why the top line is being duplicated on the next line though :s
14:13:38len0xwhat's your wps ?
14:13:54 Quit mofoGX ()
14:14:03pinkutankI get al kind of problems
14:14:09pinkutankI was just building one
14:14:12pinkutankhavent uplaoded yet
14:16:04 Part petur
14:16:42 Join lamed [0] (
14:16:59linuxstb__I've just been browsing the new WPS archive in CVS for the first time, and must say I'm impressed with both the designs and how customisable Rockbox has become.
14:17:37lamedgood afternoon everyone.
14:17:55whatboutboblinuxstb_: oh, hey, those flacs that weren't playing last night are now playing fine.
14:18:01lamedhas anyone tried my patch?
14:18:11linuxstb__whatboutbob: Very strange.
14:18:35linuxstb__whatboutbob: But you're right - my test file is now playing.....
14:18:35whatboutbob...with the bleeding edge build...
14:18:48linuxstb__Yes, I've just installed an up-to-date build as well.
14:19:15whatboutbobdidn't see anything in the commits about flacs. *shrugs*
14:19:42hshahwhy o why is my wps broken :(
14:20:07whatboutboboh, and i can now confirm that the flacs didn't have a id3 tag at all...
14:20:34whatboutbob(so it wasn't just id3v2 buggering things)
14:20:57lamedlinuxstb__: a lot of the times I hear people saying: "I'll have to discuss that with the other devs", right?
14:21:01linuxstb__Maybe the original bug that showed itself with dbpoweramp files temporarily returned - this was a problem in the core playback code, but dbpoweramp FLAC files were the only ones that caused a problem.
14:23:39whatboutbobholy crap, does 48kHz recording actually work?
14:23:48*whatboutbob just stumbled across the setting...
14:23:52linuxstb__lamed: Yes, that's the general Rockbox approach. Why do you ask?
14:24:09len0xbtw, who's Miika?(is he around here)
14:24:24hshahlen0x: did u manage to have a look at my wps?
14:27:34 Quit len0x (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
14:27:49 Nick linuxstb__ is now known as linuxstb (
14:27:58 Join webguest28 [0] (
14:28:03 Quit DMJC ("Leaving")
14:28:15 Join len0x [0] (
14:28:51webguest28I have downloaded the latest Bleeding edge and my wps is broken, where are the changes to that ?
14:29:13len0xMiika seems to broke previous track navigation...
14:29:32LinusNi fixed a few bugs in the wpws code, and it may affect the wps'es that have worked around it
14:29:42modafromani know i will get told to look at the topic, but, we any closer to getting h300?
14:30:39ashridahmodafroman: we decided to turn rockbox into a web browser instead.
14:30:39whatboutbobmodafroman: as close as new ir legislation...
14:30:51webguest28ah ok, are the changes documented
14:30:59modafromanir legislation?
14:31:15whatboutbobyou're an aussie arentcha?
14:31:18DBUGEnqueued KICK len0x
14:31:18len0xLinusN: exactly what I said here: :)
14:31:34modafromanto young and rich to care about ir
14:31:39ashridahwhatboutbob: try 'IR reform legislation'
14:31:57ashridah'ir' is a little vague. it is an acronym, after all
14:32:09whatboutbobmy bad :)
14:32:55CtcpIgnored 1 channel CTCP requests in 0 seconds at the last flood
14:32:55*webguest28 heads off to read 'how to make a wps" doc's
14:34:06 Join muesli_- [0] (
14:34:23Slasherilen0x: Hmm, how?
14:35:08len0xdunno, but see here:
14:35:18Slasheriah, checking
14:35:18lamedlinuxstb__: so How do I start a talk about my recent patch..?
14:36:32linuxstblamed: You just start talking - either here on the dev mailing list
14:36:43linuxstbs/on/or on/
14:36:57 Join DJDD__ [0] (
14:37:35FebsLinusN, in anticipation of the release of the H300 bootloader and a large influx of H300 users, I removed the installation instructions from the IriverBoot page.
14:37:49modafromanand put it where?
14:38:03FebsI believe, as we talked about a while back, that returns the page to what you originally intended it to be.
14:38:54Febsmodafroman: go to the Rockbox wiki and type ManualRockboxInstall in the search box.
14:39:20FebsManualRockboxInstall has complete step-by-step instructions for installation on all supported platforms.
14:40:15linuxstblamed: Sorry, I didn't notice that. You also need to keep pestering people :)
14:40:32 Quit modafroman ()
14:40:59*lamed is always a pests.
14:42:03pinkutankwpss went haywire
14:43:15*amiconn wonders what change caused the win32 sims to become significantly smaller
14:45:14lamedamiconn: as one of the people that have most helped me answering stupid questions,
14:45:23lamedhave you tried my patch?
14:46:44pinkutanklamed, when di you wake up
14:47:12linuxstblamed: My initial reaction is that it looks like a big diff for a small feature.
14:47:23linuxstbYou've also ignored the ipod parts of the code.
14:47:38pinkutankyour next patch should be customizable left and right margins for scrolling fields in wpss :)
14:47:52pinkutanktoo many files to customize, that why its big I think
14:48:39pinkutankbut it works good
14:49:08pinkutankI hope preglow resumes his work on eq sometime
14:49:28pinkutankrb will be almighty with an presetable eq
14:49:40pinkutankwith quick switching via menuhold
14:49:49 Quit DJDD_ (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
14:50:06amiconnlamed: For one I don't see the point of it. The current line does scroll anyway. Then my next point is that a scrolled-right view should reset itself to leftmost when changing dirs
14:50:16amiconnOtherwise it would be very confusing
14:50:43 Join ender` [0] (i=ychat@
14:50:45pinkutanki see the poing
14:50:50pinkutankand it is useful
14:50:56pinkutankbut resetting is a good idea
14:51:34 Quit len0x ("Trillian (")
14:52:13Learamiconn: and I wonder when the win32 sim started hogging the cpu...
14:52:59amiconnWell, it depends on how your files are organised. I have everything organised as (coarse)genre->artist->album, with the files just named trackno. title
14:53:29pinkutankI have all albums under one folder that all
14:53:42amiconnFor tracks which don't belong to an album there's a special 'Various Tracks' album, with just the trackname as filename
14:53:42pinkutankwin32 sim more than hugs it
14:53:46 Quit einhirn ("Miranda IM! Smaller, Faster, Easier.")
14:53:51pinkutankim away
14:54:39amiconnThe only case where I do have artist name - album name is for tracks that don't belong to an album and where I have less than 5 tracks of the same artist
14:54:47amiconn..or for multi-artist albums
14:55:25amiconnLear: Iirc this is since sim playback was introduced..
14:55:40amiconnThe change that I mean must have happened yesterday or today
14:56:11amiconnThe win32 sims became ~700KB smaller
14:56:39linuxstbamiconn: I'm assuming they still work perfectly?
14:57:41linuxstbHas it happened to every sim?
14:58:04amiconnAll win32 sims
14:59:04 Quit Febs ("CGI:IRC (EOF)")
14:59:29amiconnHmm, maybe this is due to my latest cygwin update
14:59:39amiconnIt updated the mingw-runtime...
14:59:41linuxstbThat sounds most likely.
14:59:54 Quit muesli_- (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
15:00:08whatboutbobflac seeking no longer working? or just me? :)
15:00:46linuxstbI broke it a while ago when I changed the decoder library. dbPowerAmp doesn't add seek tables to FLAC files....
15:01:03linuxstbThe FLAC decoder now only seeks to the nearest seek point in the seek table. So if you have no seek table, it won't seek.
15:01:23***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
15:01:38linuxstbYou can use the "metaflac" command to add seek tables to your files.
15:02:03whatboutbobah. cool. thanks. will do.
15:02:34amiconnlinuxstb: This is definitely the cause... The last mingw-runtime package was ~1.3MB, both previous and current package are <250 KB
15:03:05linuxstbHow big is your H300 sim, for example?
15:03:28amiconn(without simsound)
15:03:29linuxstbMy cross-compiled version is 2518610 bytes.
15:03:40webguest28does the wps file and icons have to be in a specific folder now ?, my wps doesn't display my icons
15:03:46linuxstb(also without sound)
15:03:50amiconn(2339727 Bytes)
15:04:49linuxstbI've fixed the button definitions, so we just need some ipod pictures to make the win32 sims work.
15:05:14amiconn...and a slight fix for the swapped rgb565
15:05:36amiconnDo you have a scan of your ipod?
15:05:56linuxstbNo, but I could try and get my old scanner working and scan it later today.
15:06:11amiconnThat would be nice
15:06:14linuxstbWe'll need preglow to do the same with the Nano.
15:06:26amiconnThe fix is in fact simple
15:06:42amiconnThe handling in screendump() needs fixing as well
15:07:10amiconnYou added the swapped format, but left it as swap16() ...
15:07:12wubblahow do you guys enable sound in the simulator?
15:07:37amiconnThis wouldn't work for an ipod sim on a big-endian machine
15:08:29amiconnWe could just use htobe16() instead; this will in fact give little endian data with the swapped source data
15:10:36webguest28why does this NOT call the icon %xl|a|hm.bmp|57|1|
15:11:04preglowlinuxstb: so dbpoweramp neglects to make a seek table, but still wastes tons of space with padding??
15:12:09 Quit DangerousDan (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
15:12:10amiconnlinuxstb: Btw, I wonder why the lcd data is swapped on ipod? Perhaps the apple firmware does run in big-endian mode?
15:12:19lamedlinuxstb: yes, it is a big diff for a small feature, but that was one of the best ways to do it. there could be some other quick-hacks to do that, but i wanted to make it something that looks organized. also, i have ignored the ipod parts just for now, because i wanted others to see my work and talk about it. it will be very simple to make the adjustments to the ipod lcd driver & bind the correct keys.
15:13:17Learamiconn: no, at the time I added win32 sim sound, I also changed it so that playback worked without hogging the cpu. and that worked for a while.
15:15:01Learwubbla: check autoconf.h
15:15:11lamedamiconn: I'm sure that there are hundreds of users like me, that like to have complete '<track number> <artist> - <track name>' , which is always very long. in some folders, like "presidents of the united states of america" album folder... you are pretty darn lost of waiting the scroll thing to reach. second, about folder view, maybe you'r right, maybe it should always jump back to zero. i feel that this should be left to the user.
15:15:30wubblaargh! what's wrong with the win32 sim sound?!
15:15:50wubblaI'm just hearing noise
15:16:02wubbla*loud* noise
15:16:06linuxstbpreglow: Yep - dbpoweramp adds about 50KB of padding IIRC.
15:16:27wubblaLear: thanks! i've already discovered that :-)
15:16:47Sanany updateds on the H300?
15:17:06lamedwubbla - same thing happend to me, just on the player (!) that was terrifying.
15:17:39wubblain the log-window i get: simulator got no pcm
15:18:25 Quit ashridah ("Leaving")
15:18:55 Join DJDD_ [0] (
15:18:58wubblawhat am i doing wrong there?
15:21:08Learwubbla: noise could be a plugin/core api mismatch. Make sure you've done a make install.
15:21:27wubblaLear: yeah, i've done make install
15:22:00Learthe thread handling isn't perfect; sometimes there's a delay in the pcm data from the codecs, causing those logs.
15:22:16Learso, what format did you try to play (and with which simulator)?
15:22:56wubblawin32 simulator, latest cvs-source, mp3 and ogg
15:23:53 Quit XavierGr (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
15:24:30wubblaLear: in the log i get: "simulator got no pcm"
15:27:13lamedamiconn, linuxstb, responds?
15:28:57wubblait does work now :-)
15:29:05wubblamake clean && rbconf
15:29:13wubblafixed the problem...
15:29:28LearYou mean configure?
15:29:33lamedrbconf = ../tools/configure
15:29:38lamedcygwin alias
15:29:44linuxstblamed: I've got to go now, but I'll try and look at your patch in more detail later.
15:30:02lamedi will appreciate that :)
15:31:36linuxstbIt also affects another change I was thinking of making - moving the generic scrolling code out of the lcd drivers. I'm sure you noticed that the scrolling code in lcd-recorder.c, lcd-h100.c and lcd-16bit.c is identical.
15:31:38 Join XavierGr [0] (
15:31:58preglowyes, nice idea
15:32:00linuxstbUnless I'm mistaken about that.
15:32:02lamedpinkutank - i've woke up at 15:00 ... and the thing you've said about scrolling fileds in wps isn't that far out. I've thought about making the lcd driver looking a bit different then now, giving it the posibility to scroll both directions, and to scroll out of view as it should. corrently the scrolling thread in comination with puts_scroll .
15:32:42lamedlinuxstb: you are not only right, but that i certenly agree with you, and we have to come up with a better scrolling code.
15:33:28 Quit DJDD__ (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
15:33:47lamedsomething that can display text out of view and then scroll it back to view with less hassle. i will explain myself another time
15:35:07lamed(the next scrolling code should solve any right to left language problems that rockbox is still having.)
15:35:09Learlinuxstb: the scrolling code was in fact common back in the dark ages. I guess there must've been a reason for the change...
15:35:49lamedlear: there's some diffrence between the player/ recorder / h codes.
15:35:54 Join Mordov_ [0] (
15:36:02lamedof course player is totally different,
15:36:05wubblawhat's the difference between crossfade and crossfeed? :P
15:36:28preglowcrossfeed bleeds audio from one channel over to the other
15:36:31preglowcrossfeed mixes two tracks
15:36:39preglowcrossFADE mixes two tracks
15:36:44XavierGrfade fade in/out, feed has to do with food.!
15:36:56wubblahaha :D
15:37:06markunI think I should move crossfeed to sound instead of playback
15:37:14whatboutbobcoming soon: crossfired
15:37:16preglowmarkun: i think lots of things should be moved
15:38:04markunI'm not sure if replaygain should be in playback either, but I'm not sure
15:38:42lamedpreglow: do you think crossfeed is better then stereo width?
15:39:17Learwell, neither should optical out...
15:39:45lamedLear: not much of a headphoner, aren't you?
15:39:58preglowlamed: you can't compare them
15:40:01Learlamed: why do you say that?
15:40:29markunlamed: I think he was refering to the menu items in playback..
15:40:38lamedlear: woops, you ment that they effect the opt. out?
15:40:58Learno, optical out should be moved from the playback menu...
15:41:12lamed:/ bah
15:41:16 Join Moos [0] (
15:41:42preglowi think the menu system needs a major overhaul, actually
15:43:23lamedthey should be user customized. and then we could have the user to select between simple configurations.cfg to advance config.cfg, something like that.
15:43:38linuxstbI'm not sure how efficiently it could be implemented, but I would like to have files in the filesystem (such as, that call the relevant function when selected in the file browser.
15:43:59 Join Mindship-02 [0] (
15:44:36Mindship-02who desides which functions do, and which don't end up in the official build?
15:44:54lamedso the menu system would be movable files..?
15:45:02linuxstblamed: Yes....
15:45:19lamedlinuxstb: that's a great idead. haven't crossed my mind.
15:45:56Mindship-02Is it perhaps an idea to have something like $make (menu)config as with the linux kernel to select what you want (and which device you use - ie archos/iriver)
15:46:28markunMindship-02: The developers just discuss if a feature should be included or not..
15:46:32 Join Acksaw [0] (
15:46:34lamedwill obviously make 1,000 new problems.... mindship - 02 but how would an avarage user would use that?
15:47:02Mindship-02or make it completely plug-in based and have a PLUGINS directory on the device in which all stuff such as games and equaliser support CAN be put
15:47:18Mindship-02lamed: how does an average user use the kernel?
15:47:38Mindship-02markun: so they deside what I want?
15:47:51Mindship-02I don't want no games for one thing!
15:48:32markunMindship-02: you can remove the games
15:48:39linuxstbMindship-02: It's quite rare for a feature to be denied access. It's normally how that feature is implemented that the devs object to.
15:49:28Mindship-02ah, so, in a certain way my proposal already exists?
15:49:56 Quit mordov (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
15:50:16Mindship-02I presume implementation would in some situations lead do delete-ability of stuff
15:50:22Mindship-02markun: how?
15:50:39markunwell, the games are plugins, but not DSP effects. Maybe they will be in future.
15:50:54linuxstbThey are stored in .rockbox/rocks/ - just delete the rocks (i.e. plugins) that you don't want to use.
15:50:59 Join akaidiota [0] (n=nope@
15:51:33linuxstbBut you will only save a few MB of disk space, so it's not really worth it. If you don't run them, they don't affect how Rockbox works in any way.
15:52:02Mindship-02now a more technical question... where in the source are the pictures called for (ie boot-logo)
15:52:05 Join muesli_- [0] (
15:52:17lamedMB? KB!
15:52:19linuxstbIn fact, it's probably less than 1MB of disk space..
15:52:23Mindship-02linuxstb: its more that I don't want to see them mentioned
15:52:41linuxstbThey are only mentioned when you do "browse plugins"
15:52:57Mindship-02yup, and I want to see what I need... :-P
15:53:56Mindship-02okay, perhaps I should install the thing first... but I planned to get 955078 implemented first (I realy look forward to it)
15:54:04markunMindship-02: Which plugins DO you need? Plasma? Mandelbrot?
15:54:12lamedlinuxstb, i want to adress you to few things about my patch that can make the thinking about a new scroll thread more clear.
15:54:12 Join dropandho [0] (
15:54:12linuxstbIf you only want to use a small number of plugins, you can can copy the ones you need to another directory, and then browse them in the normal file browser.
15:54:31akaidiotaSo when is the podbox due? :P
15:54:34linuxstbOK, but I may need to run at any moment...
15:54:43markunakaidiota: read the topic
15:54:47linuxstbakaidiota: Work is progressing steadily.
15:54:58dropandhohey guys!
15:55:04akaidiotaseriously? rockbox for iPod?
15:55:05Mindship-02linuxstb & markun: thanks for the info on plugins.
15:55:13dropandhoany clue what we have in store for the bootloader v6?
15:55:14lamedlinuxstb: i thought you'r back. when will you bback?
15:55:17markunMindship-02: no problem :)
15:55:31Mindship-02now a more technical question... where in the source are the pictures called for (ie boot-logo)
15:55:34linuxstbI haven't left yet - I'm waiting for my girlfriend to be ready so we can leave...
15:55:53lamedgirls. that happend like 20 minuts ago!!
15:55:57akaidiotais a rockbox firmware for the iPod planned?
15:56:16dropandhoakaidota- they are currently working on eta
15:56:36linuxstbakaidiota: Yes. See
15:56:41lamedakaidiota. todays topic
15:56:43lamed Topic is: Seriously, we DO NOT estimate release dates. You'll find out when it happens.
15:56:50akaidiotacool, I remember linus stating that it was pretty much not gonna happen?
15:56:54dropandhothanks linuxstb
15:57:06dropandhopearls b4 swine!
15:57:10SanCan I ask one Question, What Type of H300 are the tests been run on by linusN? US or intl?
15:57:18akaidiotabut that was a couple of years ago, when I had the first archos player
15:57:26linuxstbSan: I believe he has both.
15:57:32Sanoh :D
15:57:41Sanind is it working on both of them so far?
15:57:44dropandholinux- any idea what linus has in store for bootloader v6?
15:57:55linuxstbNo idea.
15:58:15dropandhokeeping us on our toes!
15:58:26lamedlinuxstb: when will you bback?
15:58:34linuxstbIn a few hours
15:59:42dropandhoohh cool- looks like Mmmm found out what was up with the messed up wps
15:59:46 Quit Lear (Excess Flood)
16:00:00lamedhope i'll manage to talk to you. i assume i'm one of the 10 only users that uses rockbox with right to left language...
16:00:26linuxstbakaidiota: Things have changed a lot with both Rockbox and the iPod since the days of the Archos players. Rockbox now does software decoding, and the iPod's hardware has been pretty much fully reverse-engineered by the ipodlinux people.
16:04:06 Quit dropandho ()
16:08:10 Join curio [0] (
16:08:44curioHello evrybody!
16:10:06 Join Lear [0] (
16:10:21 Join linuxstb_ [0] (
16:10:49LearSo... Any Win32 IRC client recommendations, apart from mIRC and HydraIRC?
16:11:04Mindship-02are there any RB _programmers_ in here?
16:11:07Mindship-02Lear: Gaim
16:11:39LearGTK based?
16:12:08markunMindship-02: you could call me a rb programmer I guess
16:12:31Mindship-02markun: where in the source are the pictures called for (ie boot-logo)
16:13:12Mindship-02phone call... brb
16:13:30curioi think i need some help.. i've just installed rockbox 2.5 on a archos studio 10 and music plays with the wrong pitch (slow pitch), and skip everytimes there is a screen refresh ( constantly apart in some menus)
16:14:12markunMindship-02: they are in apps/recorder (which should be renamed to bitmap-lcd of something i guess)
16:14:59 Join linuxstb__ [0] (
16:15:29curioafter testing that i've restarted without archos.mod, to test with original archos firmware and now it still plays with wrong pitch and make skips on screen refreshes. it didn't happend before
16:16:29curioit's hard to belive but could rockbox software broke the players hardware ? (or deconfigure it permanently)
16:17:03 Quit akaidiota (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
16:19:19curioi've searched in mailing list archive but did not find any corresponding q/a, except a post talking about slow pitch in rockbox 1.2 on this hardware
16:20:37 Join dropandho [0] (
16:20:44lamedwhat's an "M screen_access.c" means when cvs update? merge?
16:20:56LearModified, I think.
16:21:04dropandhoback again
16:21:19curioplease do somebody have an idea how to fix the problem described ?
16:21:22LearP or U is for updated/patched file.
16:21:24lamedso did it do the cvs magic or not..?
16:21:36dropandhowas wondering if anyone knew if people were working on the "Blocker bugs" for the H1x0 port
16:21:47lamedthe id isn't been refreshed.
16:21:57LearYes, but there wasn't anything to change for that file (rather, your copy was different from CVS).
16:22:11 Quit webguest28 ("CGI:IRC (EOF)")
16:23:45 Join akaidiot [0] (n=nope@
16:25:24lamedlear: i don't understand. yes, my copy was different then the cvs, but it didn't state out a C.
16:25:25Mindship-02markun: bedankt
16:25:29 Quit linuxstb (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
16:26:59 Quit lamed ("CGI:IRC (EOF)")
16:27:56Learlamed: C is for conflict
16:29:46 Join lamed [0] (
16:30:16 Quit linuxstb_ (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
16:30:46lamedlear, i know, but it stated out an M, so, not like with a C, why didn't it worked?
16:31:11Slasherilamed: M means that you have made modifications
16:31:14Learwhat didn't work?
16:31:21SlasheriSo everything seems to be fine
16:31:35SlasheriC requires manual resolution for the conflict
16:32:28lamedslasheri: that's what i thought.. just that the file id is left unupdated.
16:32:31SlasheriAnd P means the file (with you modifications) has been successfully patched
16:32:44Slasherilamed: id is updated on cvs commit only
16:33:26 Quit lamed (Client Quit)
16:33:34 Join lamed [0] (
16:33:51Slasheri2 :D
16:34:09lamedslasheri: actually, everything else has updated (and the id).
16:34:15 Join ep0ch| [0] (n=ep0ch|@
16:34:50dropandhoanyone know if the "Blocker bugs" are being worked on?
16:35:44lamedslasheri: i've "cvs diff screen_access.c" and now i can see for sure that the file hasn't been updated.
16:36:00Slasherilamed: Hmm, how?
16:36:49lamedhow do i tell cvs to diff against screen_access.c revision 1.12?
16:37:10lamedslasheri: because it contains both my changes and the things that are new in revision 1.13
16:37:10Slashericvs diff -r 1.12 screen_access.c
16:37:23lamed-r? recursive?
16:37:25Slasherior -r 1.12 -r 1.13 or -D 2005-xx-xx ...
16:37:29Slasherino, revision
16:38:23lamedyes, that gave me the correct stuff. (not suprising)
16:41:26 Part Mindship-02
16:42:17lamedhow do you " cvs diff -r 1.12 screen_access-mychanges.c > 123 | cvs update screen_access.c | patch screen_access.c < 123 | " without creating the external file?
16:42:32lamed= 123
16:44:19Slasheriyou should cp screen_access-mychanges.c screen_access.c && cvs diff screen_access.c
16:44:26Slasherithat should do the correct diff
16:45:01Slasherior cvs update before the diff
16:45:14lamedhehe... that what i was doing t the first place. but now i want it to patch the diff with the new revsion..
16:45:37Slasherieh, why in earth do you want to do it that way?
16:46:02Slashericvs diff can do it for you.. and cvs update automatically patches the file with your changes whenever there is a new version available
16:46:17lamedslasheri, all i want to do is have the scree_access.c file update to the new version with my change. what's the best way?
16:46:27Slashericvs update
16:46:39lamedthat caused an M
16:46:43lamedand no update.
16:47:01SlasheriHmm, then it's already the newest version
16:47:05curioso.. escuse me but, does anybody hear me ? am i on a splitted serve ? does everybody ignores me ?
16:47:20lamedstop shouting
16:47:45curiohey lamed, hello
16:48:07 Join RotAtoR [0] (
16:48:15Mooscurio: try to reask your question later when archos dev will (ya pa d'user archos pour l'instant)
16:48:34curiookay Moos
16:48:34lamedslasheri: no, it really isn't, it's still v. 1.12 and it's lacking the lasts commit.
16:48:47curioMoos : thanks for the response
16:49:06Slasherilamed: that's really weird..
16:49:26Slasheritry to delete the file (take a backup of your changes) and run cvs update
16:49:26lamedslasheri: yepp, that's me.
16:49:35Slasheridoes it correctly fetch the new version?
16:49:37Mooscurio: np, here people answer if they know answer, but currently aparently no archos devloper or user
16:49:37lamedslasheri: ok, so i've got the new file.
16:49:42lamedslasheri: yes.
16:50:01SlasheriHmm.. what if you copy your changes to screen_access.c and run cvs udpate then?
16:50:40lamedi guess it will tell me an M..? modification?
16:50:51lamedi think i know!
16:51:05Slasheriif it tells M, it indicates that the file has your modifications not yet committed to cvs
16:51:13Slasheriand cvs diff will tell them
16:51:35curioMoos, maybe should i try to post to the mailing list, or sumbit something to the bug tracking system ?
16:51:40lamedmaybe one time it tells you "C", then the next time it will only claims for an "M", because the cvs entry file is updated!
16:51:42Sananyone se that ?^^
16:51:49 Join ehntoo [0] (
16:52:12Slasherilamed: if it ever tells C, you must manually correct the conflict before doing anything to the file
16:52:32Mooscurio: that sounds good you could try the user ml and if there are no reply, retry here if you have a bit of luck
16:53:03lamedslasheri: it looks that way, because in /cvs/entries: "/screen_access.c/1.13/Sat Nov 19 15:21:27 2005//"
16:53:15lamedso it thinks it's updated...
16:54:29 Join DangerousDan [0] (
16:55:09lamedi've changed the entry to v 1.12, then it correctly retrived the older version, diffed and merged, and produced a "C"!
16:56:04 Join tim66 [0] (n=tim@
16:56:49curioMoos: olay. Do you know nicknames of developpers who may be able to respond to this wreid problem with roxckox 2.5 and jukebox studio 10 ?
16:57:30Moosdid you try mailing list first?
16:58:15curioMoos, yep. But reading only.
16:58:21 Quit muesli_- (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
16:58:27Moosand Rb forums too?
16:58:58Moostry to post mail with all infos, Rb version...
16:59:19Moosand in the Rb Archos forum too
16:59:53curioyes, i'll retry with other search querys
16:59:53 Join NicoFR [0] (
17:00:48 Quit akaidiot (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
17:01:02curioanyway, rockbox 2.5 has the capability to make the studio 10 unusable. i doubt that it could be permanent but I do not find how to fix that
17:01:27***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
17:02:00MoosI doubt the fw can kill one device
17:02:16Moosit's maybe an harware problem? HD...
17:03:42curioi doubt becay just 5 minutes before, player was running officiel firmware (i just bought it used) and played mp3 files at the right speed and without skips
17:04:19Mooscurio: pv for french :)
17:08:37lamedanyone with info about it?
17:08:44uskihi all
17:08:49*lamed is going for the USB CHARGER CABLE MOD
17:08:53uskicurio: could you re-explain your problem J
17:09:04uskilamed, for which player ?
17:09:27curiohello, uski: yes for shure
17:10:19curiouski, i've upgraded an archos studio 10 to rockbox 2.5. Before this upgrade the player worked flawlessly
17:10:38 Join akaidiot [0] (n=nope@
17:10:44lameduski anything?
17:10:56uskilamed, no, just some curiosity ;)
17:11:03uskicurio: and now what's wrong?
17:11:19curiouski, after the first boot under the rockbox firmware, players play songs with the wrong pitch ( 90% of the normal speed )
17:11:59curiouski, and it skips at every screen refresh. so it skips everytime when song title scrolls on the display
17:12:08uskioh, that's strange
17:12:22uskihave you tried reinstalling an older version ?
17:12:42curiouski, so i've removed the .mod and .rockbox/ to reboot to the original firmware, and it does not work anymore good
17:12:47uskimp3 decoding is done by the MAS, and if i remember things correctly it is the MAS that sets the pitch, it has its one timebase
17:13:04uskidoes the archos firmware shows the same behavior ?
17:13:32curiouski, yes, i've tried rockbox 2.4: the same. i've tried 1.0 too, and now my player is stuck and semi-crashed with rockbox 1.0 firmware
17:14:13uskidid you remove the .mod file from USB ?
17:14:25uskialso, do you have a flashed box ? or do you still have the original archos bootloader ?
17:14:51lamedxaviergr here?
17:15:08curioi've only put the .mod file on the disk, without any flashing operation
17:15:31uskiif you remove the .mod file, it should go back to the original archos firmware
17:15:36uskihave you tried that ?
17:15:51curiofor now the device is up with rockbox 1.0 in ram, and.. don't know how to shut it down :)
17:16:20curioi've removed the .mod files 2 times : after testing the 2.5 version and the 2.4 version
17:16:26uskipress the OFF button and keep it pressed
17:16:37uskii think it's the square (stop) button on the studio
17:16:49curioi didn't know that :)
17:17:00curiothat worked :)
17:17:15uskinow, connect your player to the computer with the usb cable
17:17:18uskiremove any .mod file
17:17:23uskidisconnect the cable
17:17:32uskiand then try with the original archos firmware
17:17:56curiouski: i can give you a ssh access to the machine connected to the player if it can help
17:18:10uskii don't see how it will help
17:18:33curioi've removed all files from the harddrive
17:18:48curioand umounted the hard drive
17:19:10curio.. removed the usb link
17:19:14 Quit Acksaw ()
17:21:16 Quit dropandho ()
17:21:23 Join muesli_- [0] (
17:21:36curiodidn't worked
17:22:01curiostill play hacked by constand skips and at a slower pitch
17:22:43curiosorry: hashed
17:24:22curiouski, i do not have equiements to open the player, but if i open it and remove batteries, could it help to really reset the hardware ?
17:24:53Maximecurio: try to empty the batteries
17:25:02Maximeby letting a song play until poweroff ..
17:25:13Maximemaybe it may help..
17:26:09curioMaxime does the device really empty the batteries or shutdown just before they are empty for filesystem corruption preventing ?
17:26:43Maximei think it's a soft poweroff, but if you restart the player a lot.. maybe?
17:27:19curioMaxime, yes, i'll try that...
17:27:31LearWell, I have an old studio I could try 2.5 on. Need to charge it a while first though...
17:27:40 Join mashalla [0] (
17:27:45curioLear, thank for the effort
17:29:39uskione second, im on phone
17:31:08curioi'm trying to drain batteries copying files to the device in order to make much disk access.
17:40:13 Quit akaidiot (Read error: 113 (No route to host))
17:40:17uskiim back
17:40:42uskicurio: if you want to reset the hardware, you could remove the batteries yes
17:40:52uskiyou don't need any equipement to remove the batteries
17:40:57uskiit can be done by hands
17:41:06uski(if we are speaking of the same player)
17:41:18uskii.e. an archos studio, aka archos jukebox
17:41:19curiothe good old archos player studio 10
17:41:24uskiyea then you can do it by hands
17:41:32curioyou're right
17:41:40curiono need of screws
17:41:45uskiremove the batteries for some seconds, then put them back
17:41:52uskiif the player starts, immediatly shut it off
17:41:59uskiafter that, do a long format of the hard drive
17:42:04uskithere is a config sector on the harddrive
17:43:03curiohow much bytes ?
17:43:28curioi can do dd if=/dev/zero of=/dev/sda bs=1M count=1
17:43:39curioto clear data, partitions and all
17:44:11 Quit RotAtoR ()
17:44:33Mordov_HELP! :) Once the source code file has been downloaded, you should have a file called rockbox-daily-XXXXXXXX.tar.gz (where XXXXXXXX is the date) or rockbox-bleeding.tar.gz
17:44:49curioCool !
17:44:51Mordov_mine are called .zip and remaning it gives me erros
17:44:58curioit works now, after removing the batteries
17:45:18Mordov_trying to compile rockbox :)
17:46:06curiouski: afer removing the batteries, the player works well on the officiel v5.8 firmware
17:46:32curiouski, i retry now the rockbox 2.5 firmware
17:47:05curioi was quite scared, thank you ;)
17:47:34uskinp ;)
17:47:39uskitell me if it works with rockbox 2.5
17:48:20curioback on rockbox 2.5
17:48:28curioand back with problems
17:48:40 Quit DJDD_ ("Trillian (")
17:48:48curioso this is not random ;)
17:49:02curiowich other version can i test ?
17:50:04hshahthis whole convert to unix thing is annoying
17:50:11lamedanyone knows where's haku's usb charger cable link had went?
17:50:12 Join dpassen1 [0] (
17:50:22hshahthe positions of the text has also changed... so i need to remake my bmp too
17:50:25 Part ep0ch|
17:50:53lamedold link is dead
17:53:12 Quit muesli_- (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
17:53:27 Join Creatine [0] (
17:53:42pinkutanklol I formatted my palyer today, installed bleeding edge, got on the subway thinkin im missin somethin, turns out i forgot to copy my music over
17:54:30hshahsilly u :p
17:54:57 Nick Mordov_ is now known as mordov (
17:55:15pinkutanklamed ill find it for you
17:55:18pinkutankits easy anyway
17:58:08pinkutankuse this
17:58:48preglowLinusN: the data segment copy in crt0.S is only for when it's in flash, yes?
17:59:06 Quit BirdFish (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
18:01:30pinkutankis there a safe way of low level formatting my h120, partitions and all ? I want to get rid of some sectors
18:02:38pinkutankI was thinking of partition magick, remove partition
18:02:42pinkutankrecreate partition
18:05:10 Join NiTrON [0] (n=NiTrON@
18:05:11mordovDoes someone have time to help me a bit with compiling rockbox??
18:05:31mordovI try using the helpguide but it refers to thing that doesn't exciost,,,
18:05:45pinkutankill help in a sec
18:05:53mordovthanks :)
18:06:01NiTrONko staa e poruvi
18:07:19NiTrONkoi tui e
18:07:24pinkutankk I'm here
18:07:27pinkutankwhere are you stuck
18:07:34NiTrONna maikati putkata
18:07:36hshahmordov: what does it refer to that doesn't exist?
18:07:47NiTrONdami idesh huq
18:07:48preglowNiTrON: english
18:07:55hshahmordov: you mean the Simplified Guide to Compiling right?
18:07:56mordovI can find no .tar.gz file
18:08:01mordovand no tools folder....
18:08:10mordovcan't find out what I do wrong
18:08:12hshahwell i wrote that guide, so i know it works :p
18:08:17pinkutankyou need to download it
18:08:25NiTrONmaikati sha iba
18:08:28hshahhave you even downloaded it like i said in the instructions?
18:08:31mordovI have downloaded every thing that was on the site :)
18:08:32preglowsomeone eject this idiot, please
18:08:43 Quit NicoFR ()
18:08:48 Join linuxstb_ [0] (
18:08:58pinkutankthere is your tar.gz
18:09:08NiTrON19:03:04] <mordov> Does someone have time to help me a bit with compiling rockbox??
18:09:08NiTrON[19:03:22] <mordov> I try using the helpguide but it refers to thing that doesn't exciost,,,
18:09:08NiTrON[19:03:36] <pinkutank> ill help in a sec
18:09:08DBUGEnqueued KICK NiTrON
18:09:08NiTrON[19:03:44] <mordov> thanks :)
18:09:08NiTrON[19:03:52] <NiTrON> ko staa e poruvi
18:09:08 Quit NiTrON (Excess Flood)
18:09:11 Join NiTrON [0] (n=NiTrON@
18:09:12pinkutankthe source tarball on the top
18:09:15 Quit NiTrON (Excess Flood)
18:09:19 Join NiTrON [0] (n=NiTrON@
18:09:20hshahand that will have he tools folder in it
18:09:26 Quit NiTrON (Excess Flood)
18:09:30 Join NiTrON [0] (n=NiTrON@
18:09:31hshahread my instructions mate... its all in there
18:09:32 Quit NiTrON (Excess Flood)
18:09:35 Join NiTrON [0] (n=NiTrON@
18:09:37preglowwe need more channel ops here
18:09:41 Quit NiTrON (Excess Flood)
18:09:42hshahFUCK OFF NiTrON
18:09:45 Join NiTrON [0] (n=NiTrON@
18:09:48 Quit NiTrON (Excess Flood)
18:09:48hshahFUCK OFF NiTrON
18:09:51 Join NiTrON [0] (n=NiTrON@
18:09:53 Quit NiTrON (Excess Flood)
18:09:54preglowhshah: please ignore him
18:09:56 Join NiTrON [0] (n=NiTrON@
18:09:58 Quit NiTrON (Excess Flood)
18:10:02 Join NiTrON [0] (n=NiTrON@
18:10:07 Quit NiTrON (Excess Flood)
18:10:11 Join NiTrON [0] (n=NiTrON@
18:10:13 Quit NiTrON (Excess Flood)
18:10:14pinkutankhshah, your guide may miss ground level newpersons at some points
18:10:19 Join NiTrON [0] (n=NiTrON@
18:10:20mordovnice that's a tar.gz file :D
18:10:22 Quit NiTrON (Excess Flood)
18:10:23CtcpIgnored 1 channel CTCP requests in 0 seconds at the last flood
18:10:23*Creatine np: hallwaydemo [00:11m/0Kbps/0KHz]
18:10:25 Join NiTrON [0] (n=NiTrON@
18:10:28 Quit NiTrON (Excess Flood)
18:10:31 Join NiTrON [0] (n=NiTrON@
18:10:36hshahpinkutank: what do u mean?
18:10:39mordovwhen I calick the link on the page I get daily build...
18:10:42NiTrON19:03:04] <mordov> Does someone have time to help me a bit with compiling rockbox??
18:10:42NiTrON[19:03:22] <mordov> I try using the helpguide but it refers to thing that doesn't exciost,,,
18:10:42 Quit NiTrON (Excess Flood)
18:10:46 Join NiTrON [0] (n=NiTrON@
18:10:47mordovand that is .zip
18:10:57 Quit NiTrON (Excess Flood)
18:10:57pinkutanki told you
18:11:00 Join NiTrON [0] (n=NiTrON@
18:11:02 Quit NiTrON (Excess Flood)
18:11:03pinkutankits the topmpst link
18:11:05 Join NiTrON [0] (n=NiTrON@
18:11:07 Quit NiTrON (Excess Flood)
18:11:08pinkutanknot the one for your player
18:11:10 Join NiTrON [0] (n=NiTrON@
18:11:19pinkutankyou need the SOURCE of the daily build
18:11:20mordovok :)
18:11:22NiTrON19:03:04] <mordov> Does someone have time to help me a bit with compiling rockbox??
18:11:22NiTrON[19:03:22] <mordov> I try using the helpguide but it refers to thing that doesn't exciost,,,
18:11:22 Quit NiTrON (Excess Flood)
18:11:26 Join NiTrON [0] (n=NiTrON@
18:11:31mordovcan someone ban him??????
18:11:35preglowall the ops are gone
18:11:38dpassen1* Added *!*n=NiTrON@ to ignore list
18:11:39 Quit NiTrON (Excess Flood)
18:11:44dpassen1i suggest you do something similar
18:11:44 Join NiTrON [0] (n=NiTrON@
18:11:49pinkutanki just added him to my ignore list
18:12:07uskicurio, hmmm
18:12:14uskii think you have found a bug
18:12:31uski_please_ send a mail to the mailling list explaining your problem, and telling everything you have done so far
18:12:38uskiit will help rockbox developpers to find the bug
18:12:40 Quit NiTrON (Excess Flood)
18:12:43pinkutankcongrats curio
18:12:44 Join NiTrON [0] (n=NiTrON@
18:12:44curiouski okay
18:12:47pinkutankwhats the bug btw?
18:12:48uskiand you will help other archos studio users by the way
18:12:50 Quit NiTrON (Remote closed the connection)
18:14:17curiouski i've retries rockbox 2.5 and back to the officiel firmware with the same method (hardware reset with removing batteries) and now with the official it still skips at every refresh.
18:14:44curiouski : i do not anderstand why and will investigate a bit more before posting
18:15:08pinkutankis there anyone who is familiar with irivers partition table
18:15:57curiouski, is the studio10 limited with some high bitrates or non strict iso padding mp3 (like mp3 produced by lame) ?
18:16:39preglowpinkutank: why do you need to be familiar with it?
18:16:47preglowpinkutank: as long as it contains a fat32 part, you'll be fine
18:17:02preglowprimary, i guess
18:17:26pinkutankI wanted to ask what would be the best cluster size
18:17:51preglowdepends if you're going to need many small files or not
18:18:06preglowif not, just choose a big one
18:18:09pinkutankrockbox uses small files
18:18:11 Quit curio (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
18:18:11pinkutanki dont
18:18:14pinkutanki use mp3s
18:18:17pinkutankthey are big
18:18:20preglow_many_ small files
18:18:26preglow.rockbox isn't many files
18:18:26preglowso yeah
18:18:30preglowchoose a big cluster size, then
18:18:53pinkutankis default
18:18:57pinkutank32k then
18:19:41preglow16k is nice
18:19:56preglowjust go with the defaults, they should be more than good enough
18:20:09preglowand just make sure you make fat32, not ntfs'
18:20:24pinkutanklol i know that much
18:21:05dpassen1why not just use the iriver firmwares format?
18:21:16pinkutankbecause i forgot
18:21:39dpassen1heh, no need to be ashamed
18:22:57 Join curio [0] (
18:23:43 Quit linuxstb__ (Connection timed out)
18:28:50pinkutankis there anyway to build wps in a build
18:29:45pinkutankwell doesnt matter
18:32:55hshahhmm... thats an idea
18:33:06hshahi may try and do that with my wps
18:34:51pinkutankbtw, the morning bleeding edge killed wpss
18:34:53pinkutankhow is it now
18:39:20 Join hardeep [0] (
18:39:29pinkutank.... builds take ages no
18:40:10pinkutankmake an i-make command :D
18:42:33 Join Lynx_ [0] (
18:43:04 Join hd [0] (
18:44:16 Quit goa (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
18:44:19 Nick hd is now known as goa (
18:46:29lamedpinkutank: thanks for the link
18:46:33pinkutankwps still dont work on bleeding edge
18:46:39pinkutanklamed: np
18:46:57 Join muesli_- [0] (
18:51:31 Quit Lear ("Chatzilla [Firefox 1.5/undefined]")
18:51:54muesli_-"Forgot to initialize the ticking reduce setting on boot" is there a setting for this?=
18:54:09uskicurio, did you send the mail ? :)
19:01:31***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
19:01:42pinkutankwhats with the wps problem
19:02:38lamedanyone knows what are the big humps on both of the usb cable end is for? - my guess is it's to prevent static electricity?
19:02:50pinkutankermm i knew
19:02:53pinkutankbut i dont remember
19:02:57dpassen1muesli_-: yes
19:03:08pinkutankthinking physics
19:03:19pinkutankthey might be electron accelerators
19:03:23pinkutankto boost speed
19:03:25pinkutankno kidding
19:03:34pinkutankelectrons are ultra slow normally
19:03:44pinkutank3 mm a minute or so
19:03:56muesli_-dpassen1 where can i find it?
19:04:22pinkutankbut then
19:04:35Maximeit's somethign to reduce interferences
19:04:42Maximeif I remember well
19:04:47lamed?! pinkutank, i really don't think that they have them on all cables...
19:04:55dpassen1General Settings -> Display -> Remote-LCD Settings
19:04:58pinkutankthey could be just ferro stuff to hold electro magnetic fields; reducing interference and lowering usb noice, which is much more likely then boosting
19:05:13Maximeyes pinkutank
19:05:14preglowlinuxstb_: there?
19:05:45lamedthe question is what happends if i remove those? i want to make the shortest usb cable, but:
19:05:59lameda. i don't know if i can remove one/both of those humps
19:06:00pinkutankyou can safely remove them
19:06:03pinkutankthey are just ferrite
19:06:27lamedb. i've read that if i cut and solder the usb data cable, it won't run as usb2 cable.
19:06:52lamedpink... if it's that safe,,, why are they there in the first place?
19:07:04pinkutankto reduce electrostatic
19:07:11pinkutankthey put them one veruything
19:07:14pinkutankI'llr ead more on them
19:07:19pinkutankand give you a final conc
19:07:34pinkutanklamed, about that solder thing, I think its wrong
19:07:58mordovwow I have a working simulator :) tnow I can make good wps's thank hshah and other helpfulle dudes :D
19:08:49hshahnps mate
19:09:32pinkutankmordov thinks he'll have working wpss
19:09:52hshahhe aint looked at the crappy unix stuff yet...
19:09:54mordovit seems to work..
19:10:16hshahwhy r the wps so messed up now - the positioning of the text etc has all changed... :(
19:10:17mordovI save in unix...
19:10:25hshahcool cool mordov
19:10:42pinkutankbleeding edge
19:10:46mordovread the post before I made the sim ;)
19:10:50pinkutankkills wpss
19:10:59muesli_-dpassen1 cheers
19:11:31hshahpinkutank - even with the unix thing, the text has still all moved up a bit... by like a few pixels...
19:11:54hshahfucking hell - its like -3 outside in Leamington Spa (Midlands, UK)
19:12:20pinkutankwhat is the unix thing
19:12:24mordovhahaha it's as cold as here (midlewaay up norway ;)
19:12:24uskiit's very cold in france too, near paris
19:13:14pinkutankits maybe 10 or so here
19:13:20lamed charge
19:13:32pinkutankor 13
19:13:33pinkutankor more
19:14:05mordovmy old wps's wokrs fine too :)
19:14:06lamedpinkutank, in your link xaviergr tells you not to cut the data lines. in other thread i've found out that people who have cut them couldn't have the player use the usb2 speed.
19:14:09mordovgues I'm lucky
19:15:47 Join mofoGX [0] (
19:15:49lamedand i can't find the other link.
19:16:05mordovexcepts that teh wolume don't autorefresh when I have %s in the line...
19:17:30curiouski : i still do experiements, i does not work anymore and that's quite hard to find how / why, I'll try to find but it start to drive me mad ;)
19:17:52pinkutankI just dont see the reason yet, probablt because the wires are thin and full contact is hard
19:17:58pinkutanki really dont know why
19:18:02pinkutankby the way
19:18:18pinkutankyou can remove your ferrite beads but its better to keep one near your computer
19:18:39pinkutankbecause computers are lectromagnetically noisy as hell, and your cable is noisy too
19:18:47 Quit Coldtoast (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
19:19:49pinkutankread more there
19:20:20pinkutankwhats the unix think for wps
19:20:39pinkutankmy wps doesnt show anything but the backgroun battery meter and the shufle indicator know
19:20:44pinkutanknow i meant , not know
19:22:05 Join NicoFR [0] (
19:22:34mordovthis post says things abaout saving in unix...
19:22:44mordovcan't say I have it aĝll under contoll ;)
19:24:26pinkutankok wills ave udner unix and try
19:25:48pinkutankyes it works now
19:30:28 Join len0x [0] (n=len0x@
19:32:47 Quit Creatine ()
19:37:00lamedwho knows his way around multimeters? i'm trying to read the ac voltage of the iriver's charger.
19:38:26LinusNthe *ac* voltage?
19:38:35LinusNhave you opened it up?
19:39:53pinkutankwhere do you want to read lamed
19:40:45Slasherilamed: you should put some (but not much) load to the charger dc output before trying to measure it
19:41:43lamedwhat i've done was simply connecting it to the wall and reading it, setting the multimeter on "ACV 200"
19:42:26lamedthe reading was... 11.1
19:42:38SlasheriWhy did you set it to AC?
19:42:48SlasheriWhere did you read that value?
19:42:55lamedi have no idea. why not?
19:43:06lamed(from the multimeter screen...)
19:43:23pinkutankbecause its dc
19:43:25lamedyes it should be dc
19:43:29Slasheriif you measured the dc jack, it gives dc voltage.. So with ac setting you have a very incorrect reading
19:44:00pinkutankwhy dont you just ask me the value
19:44:16pinkutankanything that charges from usb is 5v
19:44:27lamedyey. set to sc 200 : i get 5.5 sounds good..?
19:44:39Slasherilamed: it's on the safe margin
19:44:40lamedset to dcv
19:44:41pinkutankwhy do you need it tho
19:45:08lamedi'm trying to make the usb cable remamber..? and everyone has to know how to work with a multimeter eventually...
19:45:14pinkutankoh oh
19:45:24pinkutankno worries on usb output killing you iriver
19:45:34lamedof course there is!
19:45:35pinkutankmost likely it would commit suicide before it did it
19:45:47pinkutankbut still most likely
19:46:09pinkutankmyh 120 has a purple front and a green baCK
19:46:17lamedi've already done that (bricked my player) for 5 times for the first year i've had it. ever since that (1.5 year more) it hasn't even scratched.
19:46:38pinkutankHOW DID YOU BRICK IT
19:46:44pinkutankcaps caps
19:47:09pinkutanki said how did you brick it
19:47:29lamedah. i'm sorry, i couldn't hear you.
19:47:35lamedi'll find the log...
19:48:16lameddoes anyone knows if it's true you can't cut the data wires for the usb2 charger mod?
19:48:21pinkutankyou log your brain?
19:48:25lamed(i've wrote a buglog)
19:48:47lamed(sent it to iriver, hoped they'll be nice to me)
19:49:25pinkutankand you goy lucky
19:49:28pinkutank5 times?
19:50:19lameddamn. it's in hebrew.
19:50:24lamedlemme see.
19:51:41 Quit muesli_- (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
19:53:13 Quit NicoFR ()
19:54:03lamedpurchased: 12.2.03 (dang!~)
19:54:22 Quit mashalla (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
19:54:36lamedfirmware upgrade failure 1.12.03 (a month later)
19:55:09lamedgot a new player back (2.2.04) waiting period: a month
19:56:46lamed(3.~.04) main lcd screen being totally smached. the player was in a big bag of mine in the army, someone probebly fell over it. it was rapped up it towels... didn't helped.
19:57:43lamed (22.6.04) got my player back from repairs. 40 $ for shipping and 40 $ for repairing
19:57:49pinkutankill build a shell out of titanium for you
19:58:02pinkutankand steel wired glass infront of lcd
19:58:03lamed11.11.04 another bad firmware upgrage
19:58:16pinkutankhow did you do those bad fw
19:58:27hardeepTiMiD: around?
19:58:56lamed(second one was because the company send it with the wrong firmware, of an H115!!!)
19:59:39pinkutankvery interesting
20:00:08hshahis it just me, or does the new cvs builds leave the bottom part of the lcd blank when viewing the tree
20:00:10lamedlast firmware upgrage wasn't a hurdle, because they have returnd the player with a bad earphone connection, and an ihp140 panel....
20:00:49pinkutankthey have monkeys as technicals?
20:01:46lamedand yeah, they haven't seald the player back to place properly.
20:02:30lamedthey are bad. bad people. they only know how to make technicly good players.
20:03:03pinkutanki opened up a h320 before
20:03:09pinkutankthey are really well designed
20:03:14pinkutankand I mean really
20:04:29 Join Kyl3 [0] (
20:04:52Kyl3Quick question: GBC roms on H300 only, or GBA roms too
20:05:02 Join linuxstb__ [0] (
20:05:03preglowgba roms: forget it
20:05:04 Join refranS [0] (
20:05:21preglowgbc roms: if you find someone to work on it
20:05:50Kyl3I thought rockboy was in the h300 firmware gbc only?
20:06:16preglowwhy should it be?
20:06:24Kyl3No reason
20:06:32Kyl3I just thought it was
20:06:37preglowrockboy for h3x0 is currently the exact same as rockboy for h1x0
20:06:50Kyl3Oh so, .gbc roms work
20:06:55Kyl3but .gba roms dont
20:07:09preglowwell, if .gba is gameboy advance
20:07:10preglowthe no
20:07:18preglow_then_ no
20:07:25preglowthat's a completely different beast
20:08:31preglowi think gameboy advance uses a 16mhz arm7tdmi, which we'll be hard pressed to emulate
20:14:50lamedxaviergr here?
20:15:47lamedanyone tried opening up the rough looking usb connector?
20:16:08lamedi'm trying to short the data cables without re-soldering them.
20:19:48 Quit linuxstb_ (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
20:23:31 Join NicoFR [0] (
20:26:48 Quit San (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
20:30:37lamedpinkutank here?
20:31:18 Join _DangerousDan [0] (
20:34:11 Quit DangerousDan (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
20:34:20 Quit goa (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
20:34:25 Join goa [0] (
20:36:26 Quit pinkutank (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
20:37:30 Quit lamed ("CGI:IRC")
20:40:15 Join hshah_ [0] (
20:40:20 Quit Kyl3 ()
20:43:05 Join hshah__ [0] (
20:43:29 Part hshah__ ("Leaving")
20:44:46TiMiDhardeep: yes I'm here
20:49:18 Quit NicoFR ()
20:50:09hshah_TiMiD: referring to the forum post - ive always been using the same font
20:50:52 Join webguest27 [0] (
20:51:03 Quit webguest27 (Client Quit)
20:51:30TiMiDand you just noticed this yesterday ?
20:51:33 Join Bger_cgiirc [0] (
20:51:46TiMiDbecause it's normal in some cases to have an empty line
20:52:01Bger_cgiircpreglow: , maybe GBA on iPod ? :)
20:52:06TiMiDwhen the character height is bigger than the remaining space
20:52:20hshah_ahh rite... well ive never noticed that space before..
20:52:30hshah_some of the latest cvs changes have moved the texts around
20:52:46hshah_i had to update my wps bmp coz the text had moved
20:53:27 Quit uski ("Leaving")
20:55:45TiMiDthe font applied with some cfg files to fit the bundled wps is a little too big to fit in the last line ;)
20:55:52 Quit hshah (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
20:57:06hshah_but whats that got to do with my wps and the xtal font which has always worked fine before?
20:58:21 Quit mofoGX ()
20:58:31TiMiDI don't know
20:59:08TiMiDI noticed that some fonts were a little too big long time before remote wps went into cvs
20:59:19TiMiDyou used the same font without this line ?
20:59:39hshah_i think... :s
20:59:47hshah_coz ive never noticed this line before...
20:59:54hshah_but it may be me being stupid...
21:00:09hshah_but the main thing is, why has the wps text moved up a bit?
21:00:27 Quit jaydpb ("CGI:IRC (EOF)")
21:00:29TiMiDmoved up ?
21:00:38LinusNit should have moved down
21:00:38hardeepTiMiD: Question about your yesno gui... i was wondering if there was any reason you didn't set the display text as scrolling?
21:00:51hshah_i had to edit my bmp because the images were no longer in line with the text :s
21:01:04TiMiDhardeep: should I ?
21:01:05hshah_mine moved up...
21:01:09LinusNi fixed som bugs in the wps parser
21:01:19LinusNhshah_: can i see your wps?
21:01:19hshah_coz i had to move the volume image up a bit...
21:01:31LinusNa bit?
21:01:33***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
21:01:36LinusNnot a whole line?
21:01:36hshah_LinusN -
21:01:41hshah_no, not a whole line
21:01:42hardeepTiMiD: I think it makes sense, especially now that we have so many different lcd screens to support
21:01:59TiMiDit's not very hard to implement ;)
21:01:59hshah_like a few squares, when editing at 800% in MS Paint
21:02:09hardeepTiMiD: cool, thanks
21:02:28hshah_LinusN: i fixed the problem mentioned in that post by saving the file in unix format...
21:02:32hshah_but other than that...
21:02:43TiMiDbut currently, are there cases where the screen s not big enough ?
21:02:53LinusNTiMiD: of course
21:03:21TiMiDarchos player ?
21:03:24hardeepthe archos player screen is always the most troublesome
21:03:28hardeep11 char limit
21:03:29LinusNdifferent languages
21:03:37LinusNdifferent fonts
21:03:43TiMiDbecause in the old code, there wern't scolling in those parts of the ocde
21:03:54LinusNTiMiD: also a bug
21:04:00TiMiDhehe :)
21:04:16LinusNin fact we should use a splash
21:04:16hshah_im just curious why i had to change the bmp after using the same wps and same font since i started using rockbox 3 months ago...
21:04:27 Join muesli_- [0] (
21:04:27LinusNhshah_: and the font?
21:04:34hshah_xtal 14
21:05:01LinusNi don't have the images
21:05:01 Nick linuxstb__ is now known as linuxstb (
21:05:10hshah_u want me to upload the original bmp i used to use?
21:05:32LinusNthe entire wps, as it was
21:06:09Bger_cgiircLinusN: congrats for h3x0 progress, i'm really amazed how quickly the things are moving last days
21:06:12linuxstbpreglow: Are you still looking for me?
21:06:23hshah_LinusN: the WPS quoted in the link is the WPS as it was...
21:07:52preglowLinusN: the data segment copy in crt0.S is only for when it's in flash, yes?
21:07:53LinusNhshah_: so i'll have to change it to CR/LF myself then
21:07:53thegeekXavierGr : yes, I had problems with audio
21:08:01LinusNpreglow: no
21:08:09 Join Guest70021 [0] (
21:08:14thegeekhowever my problems were caused by a hardware problem
21:08:18LinusNDOS line endings
21:08:27preglowLinusN: oh? what other cases is it used for?
21:08:34thegeeka small smd resistor near the audio connector had a bad connection
21:08:47hshah_actually LinusN - don;t bother... ill just make a new wps... im getting bored of the font anyway
21:08:58thegeekprobably because I dropped my player with the plug still in, and it landed _on_ the plug, so that the pcb itself was "bent"
21:09:10LinusNpreglow: we could in fact drop the copy
21:09:20 Quit linuxstb (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
21:09:23 Join linuxstb [0] (
21:09:37preglowlinuxstb: i'm just wondering about use of 'cc' conditional in the bss zero loop in crt0.S, wont that entail that we'll zero one more element than we should? carry is clear when you compare two identical registers as well, yes?
21:09:41LinusNhshah_: i want to fix that bug
21:09:53hshah_oh ok...
21:10:06hshah_hopefully it is a bug and not me being a complete retard... lol
21:10:22LinusNif the line endings matter, it is a bug in rockbox
21:10:29preglowLinusN: well, i do see the use for it when .data is in flash
21:10:47LinusNand when you want to restart without reloading the image
21:11:14LinusNwhich actually were the case a long time ago
21:11:28LinusNbut not anymore
21:11:29preglowtrue, but we don't keep a .data copy unless we are in flash? seems datacopy and databegin are usually equal
21:12:04 Join DrMoos [0] (
21:12:04preglowhmm, ok
21:12:04 Quit Moos (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
21:12:17 Nick DrMoos is now known as Moos (
21:12:28LinusNthere should be a data copy...
21:13:31LinusNah yes
21:13:34LinusNi remember now
21:13:51LinusNyou are correct, the data and the copy are linked to the same address in RAM builds
21:14:07 Join linuxstb_ [0] (
21:14:08preglowok, 'cuz then i'll just omit it in the ipod crt0.S
21:14:10preglowwe'll never run from flash
21:14:24preglowunless some insane person with a jtag interface connected goes at it
21:14:28LinusNi thought that about the iriver too...
21:14:44preglowLinusN: oh well, at least it's still valid for the bootloader, that might have some .data
21:14:50LinusNand some insane person *without* a jtag interface did it... :-)
21:15:03preglowLinusN: but not so for ipod bootloader
21:15:08preglowwhich will always run from ram
21:15:15preglowagain, unless etc, etc
21:16:00linuxstb_preglow: I copied that code from ipodlinux, so I trust you if you think there are bugs. I'm not fluent in ARM yet.
21:16:36preglowin rockbox, the xxxend symbol is not inclusive, i think, so you're just meant copy/zero until that location
21:16:41preglowthat might be different in linux code
21:17:51 Join webguest40 [0] (
21:18:19hshah_how can one add their wps into the source?
21:18:26hshah_makes life so much easier :)
21:18:40preglowat least it seems so, since they use carry clear as condition for writing, and carry is clear even when curpos == xxxend
21:18:53preglowunless i'm acting the fool again
21:21:42 Join tucoz [0] (
21:22:18tucozlinuxstb: I am a little curious on how you cross compile the sims so that you can run them in wine.
21:23:05 Join amiconn_ [0] (
21:23:12 Join Febs [0] (
21:23:51amiconn_(!) from a wireless connected linux box - finally :-)
21:24:31tucozsomeone up there likes you, it seems. Never got it working myself
21:25:21amiconn_Yeah, it was hours of searching documentation, the correct driver, getting them to compile etc pp
21:26:01Maximewifi under linux :s
21:26:06Maximewhat card amiconn?
21:26:39Maximewhat chipset :x
21:26:43 Nick Maxime is now known as Maxime` (
21:26:53linuxstb_tucoz: You need to install the mingw cross-compiler. The Rockbox build scripts do the rest.
21:27:24linuxstb_If you're running Debian, just do "apt-get install mingw32"
21:27:31tucozlinuxstb_: ok, thanks
21:28:11tucozlinuxstb_: what about the mingw32-binutils/runtime. What are those?
21:28:50tucoznice size of that package. 72Mb ;)
21:29:13 Quit linuxstb (Read error: 113 (No route to host))
21:29:17amiconn_Maxime`: Level One PCI card (don't know exact type atm)
21:29:30amiconn_Ralink RT2500 chipset (802.11g)
21:29:35Maxime`oh !
21:29:42Maxime`you get it work?
21:29:46LinusNhshah_: your wps looks fine with xtal-14
21:29:51Maxime`I have one rt2500 and one acx111
21:29:57LinusNhshah_: are you sure you didn't have nimbus-14?
21:29:59Maxime`did'nt manage to make them work ..
21:30:20amiconn_Fresh debian testing installation (kernel 2.6.12 for K7)
21:30:23muesli_-nimbus2000..harry loves it too ;)
21:30:28Maxime`or, it work, then hangs the system after few MB transfered
21:30:33tucozlinuxstb_: nevermind my last question, I found out.
21:32:15amiconn_Maxime`: Card type is WNC-0301
21:32:26Maxime`I had a MSI card
21:32:31Maxime`and a Netgear :x
21:32:39Maxime`MSI, rt2500 netgear, acx111
21:32:43amiconn_Running like a charm now...
21:32:45Maxime`on linux.. no way .. lol
21:32:49tucozamiconn_: nice work on the h300 sim.
21:32:58Maxime`amiconn_: i skipped the idea of wifi on my linux box ^^
21:32:59amiconn_The hardest part was to find out how to get WPA working
21:33:09amiconn_...since there is no standard method in linux
21:33:36amiconn_In case of RT2500 the driver itself handles WPA, but there's also wpa_supplicant
21:33:51Maxime`I'll stay with my old RJ45 cable ^^
21:36:02LinusNhshah_: found and stomped on the bug
21:36:12hshah_what was it?
21:36:33LinusNit triggered on a CR when it should only look for LF
21:36:41hshah_ahh rite
21:36:44LinusNso there was an empty line inserted
21:36:48TiMiDabout per screen font
21:37:08LinusNhshah_: it looks perfect with xtal-14
21:37:29 Join Kyl3 [0] (
21:37:42LinusNsre you sure you didn't use nimbus-14?
21:37:45MoosLinusN: what do you think about multi font support?
21:37:54TiMiDwoulnd't it be the time to switch high level drawing fn to multi-screenand unify low level with macros
21:37:55LinusNMoos: i want it
21:38:04Moos:) I did sure
21:38:29LinusNTiMiD: you mean lcd_puts & friends?
21:38:54LinusNas long as the performance is the same...
21:38:55TiMiDhigh level fn would be slightly changed
21:39:08TiMiDand low level used with macros
21:39:31Kyl3hey linus, this may sound stupid, but if im in Linux, can I download the source bleeding edge, and compile the bootloader for the h300 and install rockbox on it? (Im not going to do it but would that work)
21:39:34TiMiDdisplay->put_pixel would become put_pixel(display) and would be a macro
21:39:49LinusNKyl3: yes
21:40:07TiMiDdisplay->puts would become puts(display, .. ) and would be a real fn
21:40:08amiconn_TiMiD: How do you mean that?
21:40:25LinusNTiMiD: how would you do that?
21:40:43Kyl3Really? Cool. Too bad I'd risk breaking my comp and bricking the player.
21:40:45TiMiDhow would I do what ?
21:41:11amiconn_reboot, brb
21:41:22 Quit amiconn_ ("CGI:IRC")
21:41:37dwihnoI'm reading stuff about ipod support in the cvs log... Are people actively working on this?
21:42:01TiMiDLinusN: put_pixel(display) would be a macro calling display->put_pixel
21:42:07preglowdwihno: me and linuxstb are
21:42:43TiMiDsince it's a low level fn and it differs depending on the hardware
21:43:10TiMiDbut high level fn like fonts and so on are the same for all plateforms
21:44:14LinusNTiMiD: afaik, put_pixel isn't involved in text drawing anyway
21:44:45LinusNso it might be easier than you think
21:44:47TiMiDbut it would make the whole lcd access uniform
21:44:54TiMiDto change all fn
21:45:11LinusNi agree
21:47:11 Join amiconn_ [0] (
21:47:34preglowif putpixel is involved in anything at all, perhaps with the exception of draw_line() or something, it's wildly inefficient
21:48:44linuxstb_It's called drawpixel, and some of the plugins use it.
21:48:59linuxstb_But you're right - it's probably horribly inefficient.
21:49:11preglowahh, how i fondly remember frustrated people wondering why their putpixel() using drawing routines were so slow...
21:49:50preglowhow i also don't at all miss the "what's the fastes possible putpixel" discussions of old
21:49:53linuxstb_I use it in Sudoku to draw a dotted line on the Archos LCDs.
21:50:09dwihnopreglow: so how are you guys progressing?
21:50:21preglowdwihno: slowly, but we'll see, i'm hoping to boot rockbox later tonight
21:50:54preglowamiconn_: how's you discussion with the gcc people faring?
21:51:27 Join petur [0] (
21:51:49TiMiDyou mean setpixel ?
21:51:53linuxstb_preglow: Any progress with interrupts, or is this just a basic crt0.S ?
21:52:06preglowlinuxstb_: just a basic crt0, but i'm starting to figure things out
21:53:41preglowTiMiD: setpixel/putpixel/drawpixel/whatever, they're all names for the same thing
21:54:16preglowbut now i've gotta go for a little while, bbl
21:54:56dwihnopreglow: that soon? well, I wish you the best of luck :D
21:55:01hshah_i think my iriver is complete now that rockbox has remote support...
21:55:17TiMiDnot full remote support
21:55:19hshah_actually... hmm... no... all that it needs now is to be able to use different fonts for the iriver and the remote
21:55:23TiMiDlot of things remains to be done
21:55:26hshah_well its got nearly everything there
21:55:40 Join DrMoos [0] (
21:55:48hshah_as long as i can see the song name on the screen im happy :)
21:56:07 Quit Moos (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
21:56:17hshah_what r the dimensions for the rwps bmp?
21:56:24linuxstb_If anyone in London is looking for a H140, I saw one in a shop today.
21:56:37 Nick DrMoos is now known as Moos (
21:56:51TiMiDwell LinusN is it ok for you to move all high level drawing code to the application layer ?
21:58:00LinusNTiMiD: you have my blessing as long as it doesn't hurt performance
21:58:12LinusNTiMiD: how does the multiscreen work for the plugins?
21:58:23amiconn_What do you mean with high-level drawing functions?
21:58:36LinusNamiconn_: lcd_puts() etc
21:59:02amiconn_I'm not sure whether this is a good idea
21:59:16amiconn_How do you intend to handle e.g. scrolling?
21:59:33TiMiDLinusN: for the plugins, it's not ported yet
21:59:42amiconn_If you don't want to overcomplicate things, you need one thread per display
21:59:52TiMiDamiconn_: scrolling is high level isn't it
22:00:03amiconn_It's not
22:00:11amiconn_Scrolling runs in a separate thread
22:00:17amiconn_It has to
22:00:21hshah_when skipping tracks now, it shows the file name b4 showing the id3 info
22:00:28TiMiDI know it's threaded
22:00:44TiMiDbut I don't see the problem
22:00:53TiMiDyou can have application level threads
22:01:12amiconn_Scrolling can't be highlevel because it depends on the display properties
22:01:33hshah_ie if the file name is Test - Test 2.mp3 it will show that as the track name, and then it will change to show Test as the artist and Test 2 as the track name...
22:01:36amiconn_It will even more depend on that as soon as we handle attributes
22:02:02amiconn_That's a big drawback atm - you can't scroll a gray and a black line of text
22:02:40TiMiDI don't seelow level code in the scrolling code
22:03:19hshah_hmm... mebbe this is happening in my wps coz i have a %fn in there... lol
22:03:49hshah_but it never happened b4
22:03:49tucozhshah, even if there is other info in the id3?
22:04:13tucozhshah, nah, that is because Slasheri implemented that just a few days ago.
22:04:43hshah_oh rite
22:04:46hshah_its a bit annoying
22:05:10TiMiDamiconn_: could you explain why scrolling has to be in kernel level ?
22:05:15 Part tucoz
22:05:43Slasherihshah_: that's because at the moment we don't have real id3 tag information available
22:06:01Slasheriof course we could try to parse the filename better but that will be hard
22:06:06hshah_how did it do it b4?
22:06:08SlasheriThe real information is displayed as soon as it is available
22:06:23Slasherihshah_: before there was a huge delay
22:06:32SlasheriNow it's instant and that is the cost for it
22:06:34amiconn_TiMiD: Scrolling accesses internal variables of the driver, e.g. the scrolling_lines flags
22:06:34 Quit webguest40 ("CGI:IRC (EOF)")
22:06:55hshah_fair enough
22:07:17 Part len0x
22:07:23hshah_if u wait like 10 secs b4 u change to the next track, it doesn't do it on the next one...
22:07:31hshah_it only does it when u skip quickly
22:07:40amiconn_...and with the addition of attributes, the scroll code will differ depending on the lcd depth etc
22:07:52TiMiDamiconn_: and why would scrolling_lines be an internal var ?
22:07:59TiMiDI mean
22:08:16TiMiDit's not drier related since it's only used by scroll
22:08:28LinusNamiconn: as i see it, it should be possible to have a generic scrolling thread
22:08:34TiMiDand lcd_clear_display
22:08:43TiMiDLinusN: taht was the idea
22:09:18amiconn_LinusN: A generic scrolling thread would be much more complicated than one scrolling thread per display
22:09:41amiconn_Both displays can have different scroll speeds
22:10:06LinusNamiconn: i mean moving the threads from the lcd driver to the app code
22:10:54amiconn_Hmm. I'm still not convinced
22:10:55TiMiDyes 2 threads
22:11:24TiMiD1 thread would be more complicated and more cpu-time consuming
22:11:55LinusNamiconn: for example, the scroll_thread for lcd-recorder and lcd-h100 are *very* similar
22:12:07 Join linuxstb__ [0] (
22:12:10 Quit Bger_cgiirc ("CGI:IRC (Ping timeout)")
22:12:31TiMiDamiconn_: the thing tht bothers me with the current state is that lot of code is just c'n'p from other lcd-* files
22:12:41amiconn_LinusN: They are *now*
22:12:51 Quit amiconn_ ("CGI:IRC")
22:14:31TiMiDamiconn: if something that has to be app level one day on one platform has to be to kernel level, nothing prevents us to handle it, app code would just call kernel code optimized for this task
22:14:47TiMiDand generic code would be used otherwise
22:20:20 Join San [0] (n=Test@
22:20:29Sani like the topic
22:20:59TiMiDhaha I never noticed
22:24:50TiMiDamiconn: are you dead ?
22:26:09 Quit linuxstb_ (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
22:29:53 Join lamed [0] (
22:30:12lamedxaviergr: here?
22:32:12lamedguys, is rockbox running on ipod...? no, right? the table on states no errors.
22:34:18 Quit novimon (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
22:35:42 Join novimon [0] (
22:41:49LinusNlamed: that table doesn't tell if it works or not, only that the code can be compiled
22:43:07amiconnTiMiD: Back now
22:43:40amiconnTiMiD: Btw, few days ago when I was playing with the h300 sim, there was a bug in synclist
22:44:01amiconnSometimes when returning to the list, the cursor ended up outside the visible area
22:44:08amiconn(two lines down)
22:44:48amiconnMoving further down didn't change it, moving up brought back the cursor after 2 steps
22:45:10amiconnWahh, who broke 'follow playlist'! :-((
22:45:38 Join Addam [0] (
22:46:39 Quit ripnetuk (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
22:47:27 Quit whatboutbob ("CGI:IRC (Ping timeout)")
22:47:28TiMiDperhaps me
22:47:40TiMiDif it's in viewer code
22:47:49amiconnIt still works when stopping playback, but not when the playlist ends
22:48:11amiconnIn the latter case the browser used to be at the last played file.
22:48:15 Join arkascha [0] (
22:48:25amiconnNow it ends up in the root :-(
22:48:42TiMiDnothing to do with my job I guess
22:49:08TiMiDabout the synclist bug, was it after a font change ?
22:49:18TiMiDI mean how to reproduce it
22:49:24amiconnIt was after returning from a plugin
22:49:35amiconnWhen I tried today I was unable to reproduce it
22:49:46amiconnFont was xtal-14, in the h300 win32 sim
22:50:45TiMiDif you are able to reproduce it, please tell me
22:51:07 Join ripnetuk [0] (
22:51:30linuxstb__After the next build, we should have a nice green line all the way across the top of the build table. It's been a long time...
22:51:43amiconnTiMiD: Now I could reproduce it
22:53:23TiMiDonly when returning from a plugin ?
22:54:00amiconnYes. 'star' definitely causes it
22:54:23linuxstb__amiconn: If I understand what you've been saying about scrolling, you want to keep separate copies of the scrolling code in the three bitmap lcd drivers?
22:55:01TiMiDwhen I will be able to build again I will investigate
22:56:16amiconnlinuxstb__: The scrolling code is quite similar between the drivers now, because it lacks the important ability to keep attributes per scrolling line
22:57:04amiconnThis makes colour support in wps impossible, so it has to be added
22:57:11hardeepamiconn: what device are you seeing the follow playlist bug? It worked fine for me on the h120
22:57:41amiconnfollow playlist works when stopping a resumed playlist, but not when a resumed playlist ends
22:57:52TiMiDamiconn: scrolling lines could have attributes, per device
22:58:05TiMiDwith a struct scrolling line
22:58:24TiMiDand attributes present or not trought #ifdefs
22:58:27amiconnYes, but 1 bit lcds will have less attributes than 2bit and higer
22:58:58amiconn#ifdefs don't solve the differences between the LCDs
22:59:04hardeepamiconn: dircache on or off?
22:59:42amiconne.g. the h1x0 main lcd is 2bit, the remote lcd is monochrome
23:00:12 Join joshn [0] (
23:00:20TiMiDand ?
23:00:31amiconnThe structure could contain the additional attributes as soon as one of the lcds need it, but that creates additional problems as the high level code must handle the differences
23:00:38TiMiDwe could just have a color attribute
23:00:49amiconnDid you see my comment regarding screen-access.[ch] ?
23:01:07amiconnThat's a similar thing
23:01:20TiMiDyou removed charcell remote (which wasn't a bad idea hehe)
23:01:29amiconnNot only
23:01:34***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
23:01:44amiconnI mean the comment regarding certain combinations
23:02:07TiMiDI see
23:02:08 Quit Guest70021 (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
23:02:29TiMiDthat's why I put a depth atribute in the screen struct
23:02:44TiMiDto handle the remote lack of set_background
23:02:45amiconnYes, but it's not checked everywhere
23:03:35amiconnYou set unused fn ptrs to NULL, but nothing prevents app code from calling them
23:04:07TiMiDthe app code I changed checked for that
23:04:24TiMiDbut now that wehave a lcd_remote_set_background
23:04:34amiconnWe don't
23:04:37TiMiDit's not useful to check for that
23:04:55amiconnI just fixed the #ifdef
23:05:00 Quit refranS ("Abandonando")
23:05:19amiconnlcd_remote_set_background only exists for remote lcd depths > 1
23:05:28amiconn...which we don't have yet
23:05:49TiMiDbut it exists even if it does nothing isn't it ?
23:06:00amiconnNo, it doesn't exist
23:06:00TiMiDsince you can get a pointer on it ...
23:06:15amiconnDid you check the #ifdef?
23:06:22amiconnThat's what I fixed
23:06:39amiconn#if LCD_REMOTE_DEPTH > 1
23:06:42TiMiDI see
23:06:56amiconnThat's false for all currently supported remotes
23:06:58 Quit arkascha (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
23:07:25amiconnBtw, this very function will also become the most problematic when there will ever be a non-monochrome remote
23:07:29TiMiDbut the app code has to check for the depth of the screen it's writing on
23:07:34amiconn(greyscale or colour)
23:07:53amiconn...since the pixel formats are most likely different
23:09:50 Join arkascha [0] (
23:10:02TiMiDmore over than that h300 has both monochrome and color display
23:10:14TiMiDthat what sounds the most problematic to me
23:10:28 Join akaidiot [0] (n=nope@
23:12:26amiconnThe h300 colour/monochrome combos is no more (and no less) problematic than the h1x0 greyscale/monochrome combo
23:12:48TiMiDit is because the fn won't be the same
23:12:53amiconnColours handling is no different from greyscale
23:12:57TiMiDthe prototype
23:12:58amiconnThe fn is the same
23:14:04TiMiDI don't know how greyscale is handled ...
23:14:04amiconnThat was one reason why I changed colour lcd handling to use packed rgb values instead of struct rgb
23:14:26amiconnstruct rgb is no more, all pixel values are unsigned it now
23:14:37 Quit jelle-k (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
23:15:10TiMiDI see
23:15:15amiconnThat was a few days ago...
23:15:38TiMiDbefore each change of color you chnage the foreground
23:15:48TiMiDthen apply the drawing fn
23:17:19amiconnlinuxstb__: Is there a reason why current_tick has to be signed on ipod?
23:19:07TiMiDamiconn: with packed rgb, no problem then, the API remains the same
23:19:34amiconnYes, as long as only one lcd is greyscale or colour, and the other stays monochrome
23:21:56TiMiDwhat the problem with 2 color lcd ?
23:22:23TiMiDor 1 greyscale and 1 color
23:22:40amiconnIf the pixel formats are different, screen->set_background(LCD_WHITE); will only be correct for the main screen
23:22:42Kyl3o wow
23:22:50Kyl3the new build is perfect
23:23:06amiconnsince LCD_WHITE will be different from LCD_REMOTE_WHITE
23:23:49Kyl3Since its perfect that means we'll have a relese REALLY soon eh?
23:24:02amiconnIt's far from perfect
23:24:06TiMiDyes, but that's the app job to handle this
23:24:18amiconnYes, but how?
23:24:30TiMiDmaybe some fn that would convert a standard format to the lcd format
23:24:39Kyl3well. i mean perfect as in no bugd
23:24:51TiMiDrgb(display, r,g,b)
23:25:11TiMiDgray(display, gray_val)
23:25:23LinusNKyl3: i'm sure there are plenty of bugs
23:25:40Kyl3ok then
23:25:47Kyl3compiling errors
23:26:07amiconnTiMiD: I suppose this rgb() would be present only when there is at least one colour lcd
23:26:21amiconnThat leaves us with a ton of interdependency problems
23:26:28 Quit Moos (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
23:26:30 Join Moos [0] (
23:26:46amiconnLike, this function has to be implemented at the driver level, because it's the driver that knows the format
23:26:49TiMiDmaybe it could convert it to grayscale when the given display is gray
23:26:59amiconnYes it can
23:27:25TiMiDand to monochrome format for monochrome lcd XD
23:27:40amiconnBut, the thing is that e.g. rgb() has to be implemented in a greyscale remote lcd driver when the main display is colour, but not when the main lcd is greyscale (or mono)
23:28:28amiconnPerhaps that can be handled at the app level though
23:28:32TiMiDyes of cours it's per display
23:29:10amiconnA greyscale driver would implement gray(), and a colour driver would implement rgb()
23:29:13TiMiDsince it depends of the lcd internal sructure, it must be handled by the driver
23:29:33amiconnThen the app layer would implement rgb() for any greyscale lcd in a colour-capable device calling gray() itself
23:30:23TiMiDyes 2 layer would be good
23:30:37TiMiDa driver that just converts to the lcd format
23:30:59amiconnPerhaps, but certainly not for cutting code size...
23:31:09TiMiDand an application layer that converts between rgb, grey and monochrome then calls the display
23:31:13amiconnAnyway, this is a future problem
23:31:31amiconnFor monochrome there is no conversion necessary
23:31:49amiconnMonochrome fg and bg 'colours' are fixed
23:31:53TiMiDsince there isn't lcd_set_foreground/background in h300 display driver :)
23:32:02amiconnThere is
23:32:13 Join linuxstb [0] (
23:32:27TiMiDbut if I want to use rgb format on a monochrome display ...
23:32:53linuxstbamiconn: No, I just changed current_tick to be signed to be consistent with the rest of Rockbox.
23:33:05TiMiDwe can describe Black or white with rgb
23:33:12amiconncurrent_tick is unsigned in all other ports
23:33:43linuxstbNo it isn't.
23:33:51linuxstbIn kernel.c it's defined as "long".
23:33:56amiconnTiMiD: Yes, but why should we? It would only increase code size for no benefit
23:33:59TiMiDit's just a matter of converting it to b&w and then to pass the virtual b&w value to the driver that will convert it to the lcd format
23:34:28TiMiDamiconn: applications on the H300 could use rgb for both screens
23:34:29amiconnlinuxstb: Hmm, you're right
23:34:41LinusNwhat a nice bug
23:34:43linuxstbI kept meaning to ask why it is signed.
23:35:04amiconnTiMiD: Yes, but why??????
23:35:09amiconnWasting code?
23:35:38TiMiDusing the same code to handle different displays
23:35:53amiconnYes, and wasting code on monochrome-only devices
23:36:27linuxstbTiMiD: The big advantage of using RGBPACK is to do the packing at compile-time instead of runtime.
23:36:53amiconnI agree that we could have a 3-level colour setting scheme, based on the highest level the device supports (colour->grey->mono)
23:37:16amiconnThe functions wouldn't exist at all when the device is monochrome only (archos)
23:37:39amiconnFor greyscale devices (h1x0) onyl the greyscale level would exist
23:38:22amiconnlinuxstb: Yes, but that approach doesn't work when the formats are different per screen
23:39:00TiMiDit could work if we rewrite the apps twice (which is a very bad idea)
23:39:34amiconnOf course. This is how it was before the multi-screen routines
23:40:23amiconnTo clarify, I'm not against multi-screen support, I just want to point out possible problems, and preferably find a solution
23:40:36amiconn...which works ok, isn't dirty, and doesn't waste resources
23:41:31TiMiDwell even on monochrome devices, a dummy rgb that would look at r,g,b and return "white" if 255,255,255 is given, blach otherwise
23:42:06amiconnThat's something I would like to avoid
23:42:22amiconnIt would add quite some code to the drawing routines
23:42:26TiMiDI assume this shouldn't increase the code size
23:42:43TiMiDuh ?
23:43:13TiMiDit's just a if , a else an 2 returns
23:43:23TiMiDfor monochrome displays
23:43:34TiMiDwith this, everything is rgb
23:43:35amiconnThey currently assume background is always white and foreground is always black
23:44:53amiconnChanging that would definitely increase code size
23:45:17TiMiDif we don't handle this, we have 2 choices
23:45:39TiMiD1/ dummy set forground/background for monochrome lcd
23:46:15TiMiD2/ test at application level the screen depth (what I did, but which is maybe not a good idea)
23:47:02amiconnI'd vote for (1), in app layer, and only present if at least one display is 'higher' than monochrome
23:47:30amiconnSame goes for colour->greyscale conversion
23:48:22TiMiDthis would add ifdefs
23:49:04 Quit hardeep (" HydraIRC -> <- The dawn of a new IRC era")
23:50:42amiconnYes, but this way we will get the smallest possible code size on all devices
23:51:42amiconnAn empty function is really tiny, but if it's called a lot this will still increase the code size.
23:52:02amiconnThe caller would still set up the parameters and perform the call
23:52:42amiconnThat's similar to how the FOR_NB_SCREENS() macro saved almost 1KB on archos
23:53:05TiMiDkevin@harkonnen ~/rockbox-devel $ grep -r "set_background" *|wc
23:53:05TiMiD 18 46 1220
23:53:05TiMiDkevin@harkonnen ~/rockbox-devel $ grep -r "set_foreground" *|wc
23:53:05TiMiD 28 70 2069
23:53:53TiMiDtotal calls to set_background and set_foreground in the whole code is under 46
23:54:20TiMiDif we are talking about the same thing, do you think it worse it ?
23:54:58amiconnI guess this would add roughly 1KB on archos
23:56:21amiconnIt means 46 times loading the parameter, the function address, saving the scratch registers(!) and call the function
23:57:43TiMiDif we can do this without hurting the code lisibility too much, like you did with FOR_NB_SCREENS, I totally agree
23:58:20 Quit _DangerousDan ("Miranda IM! Smaller, Faster, Easier.")
23:58:50amiconnI think we can, perhaps with similar macro magic

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