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#rockbox log for 2005-11-20

00:00:01amiconnlike, SCREEN_SET_BACKGROUND(screen, colour)
00:00:22amiconnwhich would collapse to nothing when there are only monochrome screen(s)
00:01:04amiconnbut expand to screen->set_background(colour) as soon as at least one screen is greyscale or colour
00:01:31amiconnthe set_background function would then be high-level
00:02:04amiconn..and call the appropriate driver function depending on display capabilities
00:02:33TiMiDsounds good
00:02:36TiMiDabout color
00:02:58TiMiDdoes it have to be r, g, b ?
00:02:59lamedseems like gmini simulator isn't building. what builds am i supposed to usually check before uploading a patch?
00:03:11amiconnTiMiD: On colour units: yes
00:03:54TiMiDthen the program would still have particular case
00:04:16amiconnNot if the generic colours are also macros
00:04:35preglowdamn, it's getting chilly
00:04:39 Join DMJC [0] (
00:05:12amiconnWe need a top-level #define (can be 'computed' based on the individual lcd macros) that tells us the device capability
00:05:51TiMiDdevice capability ? you mean screen capability
00:06:09amiconn#if defined(LCD_COLOUR) || defined(LCD_REMOTE_COLOUR)
00:06:27amiconn#define DISPLAY_CAP COLOUR
00:06:45amiconn#elif (LCD_DEPTH > 1) || (LCD_REMOTE_DEPTH > 1)
00:06:55amiconn#define DISPLAY_CAP GRAY
00:07:05amiconn#define DISPLAY_CAP MONO
00:08:06TiMiDin case we have mono & color, this would always tell us COLOR
00:08:21preglowlinuxstb: i'm not at all certain what to do with the cop, i'm just hoping it'll sleep on until i want to care about it
00:08:23amiconnYes, and it has to
00:08:35TiMiDso the app would send parameters as rgb to both displays
00:08:52amiconnThat's where the app-level set_background comes into play
00:09:42TiMiDI see
00:09:54amiconnIt's unavoidable for colour-mono or grey-mono combinations, if we want to get the app code as display-independent as possible
00:10:12amiconn...but the functions would vanish for mono-only units
00:10:25amiconn...and that are the ones we have to worry about code-size wise
00:11:04TiMiDyes, the app level set_background would be reduced more and more when decreasing the max unit capabilities
00:12:23amiconnFor colour capable devices, it would call the driver-level function for the colour screen, convert to grey and call the driver-level function for greyscale screen, and ignore the value for a mono screen
00:12:52amiconnFor greyscale devices, it would call the driver-level function for the greyscale screen, and ignore the value for a mono screen
00:13:01amiconnFor a mono device, it wouldn't be present
00:13:34amiconnAn appropriate place should be screen-access.c
00:13:38TiMiDthe only thing I see which wouldn't work is when apps will use custom r g b values
00:13:50preglowamiconn: would rockbox work on some level with no interrupt handling?
00:14:06amiconnThis one already contains screentype dependent code
00:14:07TiMiDbecause it could become ugly on displays without color :)
00:14:29amiconnYes. For custom colours, the app has to check the capability definition
00:14:51amiconnIt's impossible to make the app code 100% independent, the screens differ way too much for this
00:14:52TiMiDsounds like we solved this problem ;)
00:15:10TiMiDnow implementation :)
00:15:27amiconnLike, the plugins which use game graphics have to use different graphics depending on the resolution etc
00:15:51amiconnThings will become even more funny where the special gfx libraries come into play
00:15:59amiconn(playergfx and grayscale)
00:16:02TiMiDlike grayscal ^^
00:16:26amiconnSpeaking about it - I should get back to working on it :)
00:16:34amiconngraycsale to the sim!
00:16:36TiMiDgrayscale ?
00:16:39TiMiDoh yes :)
00:16:56amiconnThe win32 sim is already partly prepared for this
00:17:02TiMiDmaybe grayscale could be moved to app level instead of staying inside the plugins
00:17:20TiMiD(same for playergfx)
00:17:34LinusNlamed: don't bother about the gmini
00:17:52LinusNthat is a dead target for now
00:18:43linuxstb__preglow: Yes, I hope so too.
00:18:47linuxstb__(about the cop)
00:18:49TiMiDohh just something
00:18:52LinusNTiMiD: the greyscale code takes too much memory and cpu
00:19:01 Quit Moos (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
00:19:14TiMiDI activated disk icon on remote
00:19:21TiMiDeveryone is ok woth this ?
00:19:44LinusNi'm with you
00:19:48amiconnLinusN, TiMiD: And of course, grayscale in the core would increase binary size considerably
00:20:24amiconnLinusN: Btw, what about enabling folder skipo for archos? Not that I like this feature,
00:20:38linuxstb__Is there a reason current_tick is signed, or is that a mistake?
00:20:53amiconnbut I like features even less where the functions exist but are not hooked
00:21:07LinusNlinuxstb: not that i know of
00:21:15amiconnlinuxstb: When thionking about it, it's probably to ease compting time differences
00:21:34LinusNah yes
00:21:37*amiconn can't type :/
00:21:41TiMiDalso, is it possible to test the alarm_menu on sim ?
00:21:55amiconnNo, afaik
00:22:05TiMiDso I can't test it hehe
00:22:12*amiconn points at LinusN
00:22:19LinusNshould be easy to simulate
00:22:32amiconnThis has to be tested by an fmrecorder or v2 owner (or v1 with alarm mod)
00:22:38 Quit arkascha (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
00:22:48amiconnLinusN: Using cron? ;)
00:24:02TiMiDat least i compile it
00:24:25TiMiDI assume that since the modifications I did wern't too critic, it will work
00:24:43 Quit akaidiot (Read error: 113 (No route to host))
00:25:35LinusNamiconn: :-)
00:27:11LinusNi guess i'll attack the rtc simulation when i port the rtc functions to the h300
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00:29:06 Part petur
00:29:06 Join Mark__ [0] (
00:31:04preglowok, so let's see what else i've forgotten
00:33:38LinusNamiconn: i think folder skip should be enabled on archos
00:35:11preglowlinuxstb__: the bootloader button driver is rEALLY flakey here
00:35:16preglowit works about one time in ten
00:36:41 Join pinkutank [0] (n=ddd@
00:38:07pinkutankseems like we fixed some
00:38:13pinkutanki mean the wps
00:38:40pinkutankrockbox is really killing me, im an update addict, I build every single cvs change
00:38:54hshah_i do that too - lol
00:39:01 Nick hshah_ is now known as hshah (
00:39:32DMJCcan you run the iriver 300 series in a low power greyscale mode?
00:39:34linuxstbpreglow: I find it reliable - a long as I press the button at the right time :) i.e. just before the apple logo appears.
00:39:40DMJCor does it need to be run in color
00:40:39preglowlinuxstb: doesn't work anyway for me
00:40:55preglowlooks like fat code is failing for me now
00:41:05preglowcan't load rockbox.ipod
00:41:10preglowand can't create a file either, i see
00:41:35Kyl3ipod rockbox is out?
00:41:35linuxstbMmm. What have you changed?
00:41:48linuxstbKyl3: No, we're still working on it.
00:44:01preglowlinuxstb: not much, crt0, primarily
00:44:11 Join dropandho [0] (
00:44:22preglowload_rockbox returns -1
00:44:25dropandhohey all!
00:44:26preglowwhich means it couldn't open at all
00:44:47amiconnTiMiD: Btw, today I've noticed that your new yesno.c isn't used everywhere yet. The Delete? confirmation still uses a custom request
00:45:04dropandhoanyone know if anyone is working on any of the Blocker bugs on the ihp?
00:45:12amiconnI also noticed that the remote looks funny for plugins that use splash, but don't use it otherwise
00:45:14 Quit muesli_- (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
00:45:34linuxstbpreglow: Let me test the current bootloader.
00:45:41 Part linuxstb
00:45:58DMJCwill the 300 version of rockbox support the H140 remote?
00:46:10DMJCcool :D
00:46:13Kyl3how about the h300 remote?
00:46:13 Nick linuxstb__ is now known as linuxstb (
00:46:32DMJCh300 remote is a clone of the buttons isn't it?
00:46:35amiconnKyl3: That's the buttons-only remote?
00:46:58amiconnProbably, if at least one dev has it
00:47:06Kyl3its the joystick one
00:47:10amiconn*way* easier than the remote lcd
00:47:20TiMiDamiconn: yes, I'm currently trying to make the codeuse it everywhere
00:47:29TiMiDand also to remove the status_draw
00:47:33amiconnButton-only remotes are an old hat for rockbox
00:47:53amiconnThe archos player and recorder has a button remote
00:48:06dropandhodo any of you guys know any of the work on the bug blockers?
00:48:31amiconnWhat do you mean with blockers?
00:48:43amiconnMany devs are continuously working in different areas
00:49:08dropandhoon the wiki there are bugs that "must be fixed before a release of Rockbox for iriver"
00:49:19dropandhoi havent heard talk of them on forever, as they aren't exciting
00:49:26preglowlinuxstb: correct partition is listed at boot, so i don't quite understand why it fails in opening the file
00:49:28dropandhoi was just wondering if anyone was workin on any of them
00:51:31pinkutankguys, I think he was talking about the lcd h300 remote
00:51:36pinkutankthere is such a remote
00:52:00Kyl3the one sold at MR from time 2 time
00:52:00pinkutankor she
00:52:17pinkutankI hate not knowing the gender, I cant clal you peole it can I
00:52:30linuxstbpreglow: It's still working fine for me. I've just compiled a clean bootloader from CVS, and it loads my rockbox.ipod and the checksum matches.
00:52:37preglowlinuxstb: seems threading broke it...
00:52:39Kyl3if you meant me im a he
00:52:43preglowi just got the rockbox splash here
00:52:51linuxstboooh. Photo!
00:52:59preglowplus a ton of garbage
00:53:02linuxstbAnd then what happened?
00:53:02preglowokies, gimme a sec
00:53:06preglowit locked, of course
00:54:12preglowi don't have a .rockbox yet, you see :)
00:55:11preglowok, but then it appears something's busted in my threading
00:55:34dropandhoamiconn- do you know what i am refering to?
00:55:56linuxstbamiconn: It's the IriverStatus page.
00:56:05amiconnI don't own a h300, and I haven't seen a special h300 lcd remote
00:56:30linuxstbBut those "blocker bugs" were written a few months ago - some (e.g. the voice UI) may be fixed.
00:56:37*amiconn seems to be confusing people
00:56:43dropandhogreat news!
00:57:03Kyl3you saved money on your car inccurance
00:57:06linuxstbBut there may be other bugs which aren't in that list.
00:57:11amiconndropandho: None of these are fixed afaik
00:57:17dropandhoso how do we poll people to get this updated
00:57:21dropandhogot it
00:58:10amiconnvoice UI has more problems than just the one mentioned
00:58:13dropandhoeveryone seems to be focused on more exciting things (wps, remote, ipod, h300) so i was just curious
00:59:08linuxstbYes, there is a danger that everyone will move onto the new colour devices. But most of the bugs will apply to those targets as well.
00:59:16preglowlinuxstb: what'd you call that linux camera download prog again?
00:59:21linuxstbs/everyone/some people/
00:59:52dropandholinuxstb- thanks, just really excited to get a released rockbox for my h120!
00:59:57preglowubuntu used to have a handler that reacted to me plugging in my camera
00:59:58preglownot so anymore
01:00:04pinkutankill send you a picture of a h300 lcd if you guys want
01:00:16amiconnI'm interested in colour devices from the development point of view; for actual usage I try to stay away from them
01:00:21 Join Scohol [0] (
01:00:33pinkutankdropandho what do you want updated
01:00:37pinkutankwhy amiconn
01:00:41pinkutanki mean why stay away
01:00:57amiconnColour eats more battery and isn't readable without backlight
01:01:03Scoholso is anyone working on a gigabeat firmware?
01:01:07amiconn...and it's unnecessary for a dap
01:01:12pinkutankipod video is readable without backlight
01:01:27dropandhopinkutank- i was just wondering if the blocker bugs on the iriver status page were upto date
01:01:35***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
01:01:50pinkutankiriver 120 firmware is very fine atm if you want to use it
01:01:54LinusNScohol: not that i know of
01:01:56amiconnLinusN: Btw, what about the windows installer builds?
01:02:08LinusNooops, forgot that :-)
01:02:12amiconnmeh :/
01:02:13linuxstbScohol: One person is thinking about it, but he doesn't even own a gigabeat yet.
01:02:16pinkutank+ i read lots of manga, I'd enjoy watching an anime or two
01:02:30amiconnThen there is that nice little feature of logbot...
01:02:31Scohol <−−- yeah
01:02:41pinkutankthere was something about them that makes it easy, i forgot what
01:02:51pinkutankbut they have 400 mhz arm processor!!
01:03:19Scoholtheir firmware is based on linux
01:03:20pinkutank+ x30 is not so chunky and the control looks nice
01:03:27pinkutankbut dont expect it monday
01:03:40linuxstbScohol: Do you own a gigabeat?
01:03:46amiconnlinuxstb: Did you scan your unit meanwhile?
01:04:11linuxstbNo, not yet. I need to install the scanner first.
01:04:16pinkutankscohol: then you can speed up the process if youre willing to hlep the dev tea
01:04:32Scoholbut being new to all this, not sure what to do
01:04:43Sanhaw are things coming along with the H300 port
01:04:47Sanany new progress
01:05:11Scoholsoo.. i can do things if you tell me what to do
01:05:28Kyl3a few new builds
01:05:38Kyl3no releases
01:06:38Scoholis alright, im not a lamer.. just don't know how to start to mod a DAP
01:06:43linuxstbScohol: You could ask Toshiba for a copy of the source code to the parts of their firmware covered by the GPL?
01:07:17Scoholim sure we could try.. since it is a GPL
01:07:21pinkutankI think he can do more linux
01:07:32pinkutanklets debate the mail were going to send them
01:07:43pinkutankthe firmware is their botleneck of a really good hardware
01:07:49DMJChow many platforms are you trying to get rockbox on?
01:07:56pinkutankeverywehre i seee nice unit sucky firmware
01:08:04pinkutankget together few links that says so
01:08:13pinkutankoffer them to work together
01:08:19pinkutankfor a better firmware
01:08:27DMJCwill rockbox offer image support in the firmware?
01:08:33pinkutankand they get toshiba logo near rockbox in boot ?
01:08:41Kyl3i wish i could help but i cant code.. lol
01:08:52pinkutankhow does it sound? I think theyll be willing to help
01:09:03preglowas you can see, there's still something left to be desired...
01:09:12DMJCthe heck?
01:09:14LinusNpreglow: yiehaa!
01:09:21DMJChow'd it get running on ipod?
01:09:32Scohollol.. i really do think they need help.. but they seem to not want it
01:09:48pinkutankwe can see if we email them
01:09:49 Quit ender` (" Theorem: a cat has nine tails. Proof: No cat has eight tails. A cat has one tail more than no cat. Therefore, a cat has")
01:09:54preglowi wonder where the bottom glitch comes from...
01:09:58linuxstbpreglow: Nice work. At least some of your crt0.S is working OK.
01:10:05pinkutankif you create the text lets debate it
01:10:08linuxstb(if not all of it)
01:10:09pinkutankon the forum
01:10:12pinkutankperfect it
01:10:13pinkutankand send
01:10:26preglowlinuxstb: let's not jump to conclusions here, if everything was ok, it wouldn't look like that :)
01:10:31preglowbesides, i haven't done much at all
01:10:31Scoholyou guys aware of the website
01:10:50pinkutanknot me
01:10:52pinkutanklooking atm
01:10:58pinkutankI'm always dap horny
01:11:14pinkutankhmm I wonder if thats where the real life libido goes
01:11:20preglowthink i'll just comment away some of my crt0.S work and see if it even makes any difference
01:11:37Scoholanyway.. first we need a decent contact at toshiba
01:11:45DMJCso get your girlfriend to hold an ipod while you have sex
01:12:06*amiconn wonders whether this shot is good enough for creating a win32 sim background for the nano
01:12:34*preglow wonders why people need bitmaps in the sims at all...
01:12:51preglowDMJC: i just might once i actually get it working
01:13:01amiconnWell, mostly in order to mark the button mappings
01:13:23amiconnOne day I'll add clickable buttons...
01:13:44preglowamiconn: anywho, i can get you a better photo than that for the sim
01:15:58pinkutankno dmjc
01:16:21dropandhoso is it worth polling the devs to get the blocker bugs updated on the wiki?
01:16:22pinkutanki was talkin about casual libido, im a rather casually asexual person
01:16:23amiconnThis glitch is strange, it's a somehow enlarged rockbox logo
01:16:30pinkutankbut this is no social discussion
01:16:39pinkutank+ ipod doesnt catch me one bit
01:17:22pinkutankScohol, I think if you can find a english speaking japanese person
01:17:27pinkutankthat is willng to work as a dev
01:17:28preglowamiconn: seems like something walked the bitmap with too large a stride
01:17:39pinkutankhe'll work through all the bugs like a landmover :D
01:18:03amiconnIt rather seems the target stride was larger, otherwise it would be shrunk instead of enlarged
01:18:23preglowahh, yes
01:19:01amiconnIt's also very strange that the left & right part have each other line shifted sideways by one pixel, but the middle part has not
01:19:18Scoholanyway.. i just woken up.. and seems like this is what ill be doing today..
01:19:44Scoholbut for now im going to have a shower and breakfast.. so i don't seem so hungover from last night :)
01:19:50pinkutankif you do the letter soon
01:19:51LinusNdropandho: you can start with trying to reproduce the bugs on that page, to see if they are still there
01:19:56pinkutanksend me once youre
01:19:56preglowamiconn: the garbage differs each time i boot
01:20:01pinkutankIll polish
01:20:18LinusNdropandho: especially the "missing voice file" bug, i suspect that it is fixed
01:20:31preglowamiconn: nah, not each time
01:21:03pinkutankI think boot things are going to the wrong place, like to the video instead of another c that will output it to the screen
01:21:05dropandhoLinus- got it...thanks for the help!
01:21:07pinkutanka wild guess yeehaw :P
01:21:17dropandhoLinus- just wanna make certain everything is a green light!
01:21:23preglowbut currently i don't do much but clear bss and ibss, copy iram, set up stack, then jump to main
01:21:27preglowdoesn't sound like it's enough to me
01:22:23LinusNpreglow: do a small test to see that .data is correctly loaded
01:22:48 Quit gromit` (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
01:23:13preglowLinusN: well, isn't the image in itself evidence of that?
01:23:16preglowno, that might be const, yes
01:23:41amiconnconst is .rodata
01:23:57LinusNpreglow: afaik, .data isn't included in the .bin file
01:24:32LinusNthat's why you need .datacopy
01:24:36amiconnNope is included in the bin
01:24:57amiconndatacopy is only there for rom-based execution
01:25:08amiconn...since it has to be copied from rom to ram
01:25:43preglowbut ok, i'll just put in a couple of printfs and see what happens
01:25:43lamedI'm done making the usb charger cable... now a second voltage check and the scary part...
01:25:55XavierGrhi lamed
01:26:09lamednow you'r back...?!
01:26:14XavierGryyou wanted to ask me somethings?
01:26:20XavierGrerm yes... I was sleeping
01:27:16lamedi wanted to ask about usb2, i've read you've checked and the usb charger won't work as a usb2 if i'll cut the data cables. do you know why?
01:27:23lamedor was it found incorrect...?
01:27:32LinusNi'm surprised that .data is included in the binary
01:27:39XavierGrcheck this schema for help
01:28:00XavierGrlamed: in my first attmemp I cut both voltage and data lines
01:28:20lamed(what's missing in your scheme is where red and black lines go... i already know that but it's missing there)
01:28:25XavierGrthe result was that the unit supported only USB 1.1 speeds.
01:28:25LinusNthe ram builds link with the datacopy at the same address as .data
01:28:41lamedxaviergr: how good have you solderd them back?
01:28:57LinusNbut afaik, it is the copy that gets included by objcopy −−binary
01:29:31lamed(ok... i'm ready... should i connect the power or the data first... ahhh)
01:29:46XavierGrlamed: If you fiddle only with the voltage lines a normal soldering technique will do its job
01:30:02lamedok... data is ok.
01:30:26XavierGrlamed: but if you cut the data lines you must be sure that the ohm impedance will be very low to make it work at USB 2.0 sppeds
01:30:34 Quit thegeek (Read error: 113 (No route to host))
01:30:48 Join thegeek [0] (
01:30:57XavierGroh hi thegeek
01:31:07XavierGrabout your adui problem...
01:31:15XavierGrdid you fixed it in the end?
01:31:15lamed(xaviergr: no, i ment when you've tried to make a short cable. could it be that you have solderd a ,, how do you call that part that connects 3 lines, instead of just soldering line to itself?
01:31:33amiconnLinusN: yes, but as you say yourself, the copy is identical to .data itself for ram builds
01:31:47*amiconn wonders why LinusN wonders about .data
01:31:49pinkutankok lamed turns out I told you the truth :)
01:32:18pinkutankI know some guys I can ask about doing a low ohm connection if you want
01:32:25XavierGrlamed: to solder the voltage lines (and to make it more stable) I used a small pcb breadboard 3*3 holes
01:32:25LinusNamiconn: because preglow wanted to tweak the lds file to not include datacopy
01:32:31 Quit lamed ("CGI:IRC")
01:32:35 Join lamed [0] (
01:33:11XavierGrpcb breadboard=a board with dots that you can solder stuff on it. (you can break it and make it as small as you want)
01:33:14amiconnLinusN: There is nothing to tweak. He doesn't need a datacopy routine as long as he doesn't plan to flash his ipod with rockbox
01:33:17 Quit actionshrimp ("a bird in the bush is worth two in your house")
01:33:18pinkutankxavier he is trying to conserve as much as possible
01:33:46XavierGrlamed: you can find those boards on electronics workshops
01:33:49 Quit lamed (Client Quit)
01:33:52 Join lamed [0] (
01:34:11LinusNamiconn: but if he tweaks the lds file to not put a data copy in readonly mem, the data will not be copied into the binary by objcopy
01:34:29LinusNpreglow: ninja!
01:34:39preglowit's a threading problem
01:35:01preglowsomething's broken with my threading, that's for sure
01:35:01amiconnLinusN: crt0.S, coldfire: lines 436..439, SH1: lines 587..590
01:35:11preglowall i did was add a printf, which i never even saw, and a sleep() call
01:35:14lamedxaviergr, i already know everything you'r talking about... i'm just asking why do you think it didn't worked with the shortend/ solderd cable? what's the diffrance from soldering it at the tips? -only a mere e.m. field. or is it the ohm?
01:35:18preglowi'm willing to bet that's what made it work now
01:35:52LinusNamiconn: do you know at all what i'm talking about?
01:35:54pinkutankit is the ohm
01:35:59Sanwhat is the rockbox firmware written in?
01:35:59XavierGrlamed: you can skip the pcb part if you want. I just used this to make it more easy
01:36:04pinkutankif you do a messy ocnnection
01:36:12pinkutankyou get more resistance
01:36:17pinkutankkilling the data rate
01:36:21amiconnpreglow: Hehe, with the flash disk icon in the upper right corner :)
01:36:33preglowamiconn: haha, so that's what that was
01:36:48pinkutankbut if you kinda braid the two together, and dip them in silver based solder
01:36:54XavierGrpinkutank: though a little more resistance in voltage line shouldn't matter.
01:36:57pinkutankthere should be no problem at all with ohm
01:36:59lamedpinkutank: but you get waaay less ohm because you shortend the cable for like 50 cm!
01:37:11pinkutankoh yes youre shoretning
01:37:19pinkutanki forgot that
01:37:22XavierGrOhm impedance matters on the data cables. That's why I didn't cut those
01:37:44XavierGrlamed what you want exactly?
01:37:50pinkutankI'm not really familiar with impedance , i gotta study to answer from this point on
01:37:58pinkutankhe wants to shorten usb cavle
01:38:01XavierGra shortened USB 2.0 charge/sync cable?
01:38:07amiconnLinusN: Not really... My point is that a datacopy routine is unnecessary for ram-based rockbox
01:38:13pinkutankdont offer him a boxwave
01:38:18linuxstbpreglow: That's a nice photo. Has Rockbox crashed, or is it still running?
01:38:29preglowstill running, backlight on and all
01:38:30amiconnThe current linker scripts handle that, I don't see the need to change them for ipod
01:38:33preglowso probably crashed
01:38:38amiconn(except the addresses itself)
01:38:51thegeekXavierGr : yes, I fixed it
01:38:52LinusNamiconn: yes it is unnecessary
01:39:00preglowlinuxstb: unless, of course, you haven't fixed backlight in main rockbox code yet
01:39:01linuxstbYes, the is identical apart from the addresses.
01:39:05thegeekI thought the problem was the audio connector itself
01:39:14thegeekand LinusN actually sent me a new one(thanks;)
01:39:14linuxstbpreglow: I thought I did.
01:39:23thegeekbut after soldering in the new one, the problem persisted
01:39:27lamedhaha. i can be even more suprising on that! and tell you i just connected my player, first data and now power, it recharged for a second, then it stopped, disconnected, now it's fully connected to the usb charger cable but it dosen't recharge nor thinks it's connected! and i can even tell you why it happend: because i have a long wier connected to the computer so i won't have to work my way to the usb on the computer!
01:39:28preglowlinuxstb: it's probably broken, then, like i said, something's bogus with the threading
01:39:32thegeekso I poked around for a while
01:39:40thegeekand found that bad resistor
01:39:51linuxstbI wonder why the screen isn't completely cleared.
01:39:58XavierGrwhich resistor it was?
01:39:58thegeekit looked fine, but I tried to just reheat the solder connection, and it has worked perfectly ever since;)
01:40:01amiconnpreglow: The flash disk icon is the virtual 'disk led' for Ondio, since the Ondion doesn't have a disk led
01:40:05thegeekI think
01:40:11preglowamiconn: no led for nano either
01:40:20thegeekhang on
01:40:21pinkutanklamed dont scare us
01:40:21 Quit lamed ("CGI:IRC (EOF)")
01:40:22 Join lamed [0] (
01:40:33XavierGrwhere thegeek?
01:40:37thegeekthe other side
01:40:37XavierGrcan you show me?
01:40:52amiconnIiuc TiMiD will use that for the remote status bar on H1x0 as well (disk icon this time), and it will probably also be useful on h300
01:40:54thegeekis there a scan without the lcd?
01:41:03XavierGryou removed the LCD?
01:41:08thegeekIt's right behind the lcd in the upper left here :
01:41:13thegeekyou dont have to
01:41:18thegeekI just lifter up the black padding
01:41:27linuxstbpreglow: Yes, the backlight code is in firmware/backlight.c, so it should work. But I haven't tested it.
01:41:37pinkutankthe geek what did you solder, I couldnt catch the first message
01:41:46thegeeki found my problem, because the sound only "dropped" when I bent the pcb
01:42:00thegeekI mean, bent it in that corner
01:42:11thegeekl5 and l6 there
01:42:22thegeekright under the audio connector
01:42:25thegeekupper left on the image
01:42:28lamedhehe... still fiddeling around the cable... the green light is off, but wps battery indicator reports a charger... i guess it's about 3-4 voltage then.
01:42:50thegeekI actually changed the audio connector twice
01:42:58thegeekbefore I gave up on the connector itself
01:43:11thegeekI then soldered on another connector, using wired
01:43:15XavierGryou mean L% and L^ resistor?
01:43:20XavierGrL5 and L6
01:43:22thegeekl5 and l6
01:43:41thegeekbut unless your sound is bad when you bend that corner
01:43:53thegeekwhat exactly is your problem XavierGr?
01:43:59preglowcan't see what's wrong with threads either
01:44:07XavierGrwell the sound gets duller when I poke the connector
01:44:08preglowall i've done is implement context store and load, and those look right
01:44:20preglowdid a disassembly, and gcc does use scratch regs where it should
01:44:30thegeekmy problem occured when I dropped the player with the headphone plug in
01:44:35thegeekit landed on the plug itself
01:44:56XavierGrno mine started this without notice
01:44:56thegeekI guess all the force was transferred into the pcb itself
01:45:02thegeekand broke the solder connection
01:45:18 Join webguest40 [0] (
01:45:22thegeekif you have a solder iron, and know how to use it, you can just try to reheat the connections
01:45:49XavierGri will do
01:45:56thegeekjust be damn careful, especially around the smd parts
01:46:12XavierGrI just wait for Slasheri to tell me the hardware mod fix for the remote ticking issues
01:46:13lameddang! i'm not getting any recharge!!!
01:46:55XavierGrlamed: did you checked with a multimeter?
01:48:28lamedxaviergr: ever came across that? -data isn't connected, i connect the usb charger dc solely, it charges for a sec and shots off. the wps battery indicator shows recharging. the data cable works o.k
01:49:28lamedmultimeter: exactly 5.0 volts.
01:50:05lamedi know! :(((
01:50:11lamedhope it's just my computer
01:50:34lamedthe other guess is that it's because of the 220 Volts israeli power supply
01:50:57amiconnUSB ports are (usually) overcurrent protected
01:51:05lamedit is follish to think that way... but maybe there's a small diffrance.
01:51:27TiMiDamiconn: removing statusbar and associated, gain : 1.5k
01:51:29lamed(and i've lost usb mouse :(
01:51:34amiconnNot all of them though, but a properly implemented USB port allows to draw at max. 100 mA before it shuts down
01:51:56amiconnA device has to request more before it is allowed to draw more than that
01:52:03preglowwhat does '...' mean in a disassembly?
01:52:14amiconnThe maximum is 500 mA
01:52:18preglowamiconn: i've never seen an usb driver that actually implements that
01:52:58lamedweeee!!! you won't believe that.
01:52:58amiconnIt's in the standards, and I believe at least a fraction of the existing devices do it properly
01:53:17amiconnOf course there are ports on PC mainboards that aren't current limited at all
01:53:44amiconnWith those you can easily fry the mainboard, the power supply, or both, if you aren't careful
01:53:56preglowamiconn: no, they usually are current limited, but not per port
01:53:57lamedamiconn: guess my p3 850 old computer's two usb's are sharing somehow the same powersource. disconnected the mouse and iriver shows recharginf!
01:54:22lamedconnected: no recharging...
01:54:23 Quit tim66 (Read error: 113 (No route to host))
01:54:56linuxstbWow, someone's been busy:
01:55:04preglowi'm having a look at the disassembly of switch_thread here, but some of the interesting parts are masked by '...' lines...
01:55:20lamedall those voltage gain and losses on the data cable really freaks the player off.
01:55:30preglowi guess some of it is a literal pool, but the return instruction isn't there either...
01:55:59 Quit Kyl3 ()
01:56:18amiconnpreglow: YOu're using objdump for disassembling?
01:56:25preglowamiconn: aye
01:56:32preglowthat's all i have
01:56:57amiconnobjdump isn't very reliable for disassembling. Had that several times with coldfire
01:57:01lamedit's the second time it's hung... screen scrolls and reacts to long stop button.
01:57:02 Join Mordov_ [0] (
01:58:09preglowamiconn: well, it's all i've got unless i'm going to start doing it by hand
01:58:10amiconnFor SH1 we have an alternative disassembler, so I compared objdump and sh2d for sh1 code.
01:58:10LinusN-D and -z are useful switches to objdump
01:58:24LinusNand -s
01:58:50preglowswitch_thread doesn't work properly for arm
01:59:00amiconnThe bad thing about objdump is that sometimes the disassembled instruction is just plain wrong
01:59:15LinusNamiconn: for coldfire, yes
01:59:31preglowit should do a mov pc, lr
01:59:34preglowbut it doesn't
01:59:48preglowit saves a local copy of lr on stack and uses that instead of the one from the thread context
01:59:54preglowno fucking wonder this doesn't work properly
02:01:22amiconnLinusN: I knew about -D , that's always necessary with .bin input. Didn't try -z or -s so far
02:01:32amiconnpreglow: listing?
02:01:37preglowamiconn: gimme a sec
02:02:21amiconnLinusN: Seems like the dirchange code isn't completely there on archos, only the playlist parts
02:02:32LinusNah yes
02:02:44preglowthe ldmia at address 9c is the one that does the context save
02:02:50preglowthe lr i fetch from there contains the return address
02:02:55preglowbut as you see, it's never used
02:03:14preglowsorry, context _store_
02:03:52pinkutanklamed were 220 too
02:03:55pinkutankits not foolish
02:03:59pinkutankits better than 110
02:04:14pinkutankus is the only country that is going against the change
02:04:22lamedi wrote foolish?
02:04:39lamed(can't mouse)
02:05:14amiconnpreglow: Iiuc ldmia at 0x9c should be the context load and stmia at 0x38 the store (?)
02:05:30lamedthis usb cable suck. hope it works better on other computer.
02:05:36lamedlinusn: viewed my patch?
02:05:57lamed(ps my computer has usb 1)
02:05:58preglowamiconn: yews
02:06:02preglowyes, even
02:06:07pinkutankI'm going to build a wood purple heart dock witth a grey usb cable once I buy me a h340
02:06:44pinkutankI'm going to carve it out
02:06:50lamedxaviergr: here?
02:06:53pinkutankof a sample
02:07:00pinkutankIve got ssomehwre around here
02:07:17pinkutankI'm not the one to use rainforest wood otherwise
02:07:23lamedpink: make me one.
02:07:29lamedhow old r u?
02:07:59pinkutankgrumpy like an old man tho
02:08:16LinusNlamed: which patch was it?
02:08:19pinkutankalways going on about the current youth and how damned the world is
02:08:22lamedscreen scroll!
02:08:42dropandhowhat bout it?!
02:08:42pinkutankno, have my own stuff or two, all open ended
02:08:48LinusNah, you are the guy who shouts loud in the mailing lists
02:09:06pinkutankhahah he was very excite daobut his patch
02:09:35XavierGrlamed : i am here
02:09:45lamedhmmm. that was capital letters. haven't thought of that.
02:10:12 Quit mordov (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
02:10:17lamedxaviergr: great. i'd just wanted to say thanks. your cable sucks. ;)
02:10:30XavierGrI think I am going to do the same with my battery_benchmark plugin, as Lamed did.
02:10:44preglowamiconn: have you so far just been hoping switch_thread didn't save too much context on the stack, or?
02:10:50lamedlinusn: would you agree to delete those posts and i'll repost?
02:11:03XavierGrwell it works for me, though it causes some problems If i plug and unplug the charge jack while connected.
02:11:07pinkutanklol lamed youre threading on dangerous ground if there is ground at all
02:11:08LinusNtyping in all caps is usually regarded as shouting
02:11:28LinusNlamed: i can't delete them, we have all received the emails already
02:11:46lamedi'm doomed.
02:11:56LinusNlamed: i haven't taken a close look at the patch yet
02:12:12amiconnpreglow: It used to be that way back in SH1-only times. There we had no conditional jump in load_context, and the return address was forged for the new thread
02:12:20 Join speed123 [0] (
02:12:54amiconnThis was the reason why switch_thread stopped working on coldfire with stack checking enabled, because then gcc saved one register too much
02:13:00XavierGrand lamed, it is not my mod
02:13:02lamedi've wanted to talk to you about an improved scroll_thread and some parts of the other lcd driver functions.
02:13:08XavierGrother people have tried this before this
02:13:19lamedxaviergr: i know. i'm just kidding.
02:13:20preglowamiconn: ok, so what can i do? just write it all in asm?
02:13:22amiconnTherefore I adapted the conditional jump method in load_context (from the gmini scheduler)
02:13:26LinusNlamed: improved scroll thread?
02:13:30amiconnThat solved the problem
02:13:55lamedlinusn: was i talking to linuxstb before..?
02:14:01lamedso confusing
02:14:20amiconnI can't spot the exact point where the arm scheduler goes wrong
02:14:36pinkutankoh yes
02:14:38amiconnOf course I'm no arm asm specialist, but it looks quite right to me
02:14:41preglowamiconn: anyway, if you ask me, depending on compiler behaviour like this is bad, bad, bad
02:14:43speed123JUST Want to say i guess i found a 5th part different from the H320 US and the H320 International Version ... You can see a part missing in the middle right on the botton
02:14:45pinkutankI should draw a monkey in my wps
02:15:02hshahnow y wud u want to do that?
02:15:03amiconnpreglow: We don't. We used to.
02:15:13lamedanyways, my patch made me think about one of the only problems that there are with right to left languages.
02:16:19LinusNspeed123: ah
02:16:36LinusNspeed123: care to edit the pics?
02:16:39lamedthey are both left alignd and showing the left part instead of the right part.
02:16:50amiconnpreglow: I would like to know what sl, fp, ip and lr are. sp and pc are obvious
02:17:11speed123well i could .. but i am eighter registred or something else
02:17:21preglowamiconn: fp = frame pointer, the other i have no idea, everyone use them as ordinary registers
02:17:34LinusNi assume lr is the link register?
02:17:38preglowamiconn: they're just aliases to the plain old rxx
02:17:39preglowLinusN: correct
02:17:51preglowbtw, the ifp thing i arm, isn't it?
02:18:16 Quit HCl (Remote closed the connection)
02:18:22LinusNspeed123: then register :-)
02:18:29amiconnthis ldmia at the end is nifty - register restore and rts in one instruction...
02:18:33 Join HCl [0] (
02:18:33 Quit lamed ("CGI:IRC (EOF)")
02:18:47pinkutankis there any signifacant differences between us and intl h300
02:19:33preglowamiconn: it is very nifty
02:19:35speed123ok i am on the way. well i just want to thank you for all your work, i will edit the pics
02:19:39preglowwhat the hell
02:19:45preglowifp port seems to use my threading code
02:19:50preglowand he claims threading works
02:20:08preglowno, he does not say threading works...
02:20:42preglowwe're going to need some ARM define, all this checking for specific cores with arms in them is going to be a bit tedious
02:20:59 Quit XavierGr (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
02:21:13LinusNpinkutank: i don't know any differences except for the usb-otg
02:21:20amiconnpreglow: equivalent to CPU_COLDFIRE
02:21:59preglowamiconn: yeah, probably
02:22:23preglowbut hell, i have no idea how to fix this apart from writing switch_thread in asm
02:22:39amiconnI don't see what's wrong
02:23:11 Join XavierGr [0] (
02:23:20preglownow that you mention
02:23:25preglowit should work, shouldn't it
02:23:31preglowthe stack is swapped, the correct lr should be saved
02:25:02LinusNit's nice to have a debugger... :-)
02:25:23speed123ok Linus, I edited the pics .. how i upragde it? Should i host it on my sever and change the link (img) or what? thx
02:25:58amiconnpreglow: I wonder why the initial stmdb saves a different set of registers than the final ldmia rstores? Or is that because I'm not familiar with arm?
02:26:21XavierGrLinus: When I resolder some connetctions, which things need to be carefull?
02:26:28preglowhope i can use this fellow's interrupt code
02:26:35XavierGrsmd components that is
02:26:36LinusNspeed123: no, you update the attachment in the wiki
02:27:39preglowamiconn: i do understand why lr gets placed in pc, but not why ip is placed in sp
02:28:27amiconnYes, lr -> pc makes sense for returning lr seems to be the equivalent of SH's pr register
02:29:04 Quit dpassen1 ()
02:29:29amiconnAh, storing ip instead of sp makes sense as well
02:29:40amiconnThere is a mov ip,sp above it
02:29:54preglowah, right
02:29:56preglowfor fixing the stack again
02:29:57amiconn..and if this wouldn't be done this way, the stored sp would be wrong
02:30:08preglowi thought the caller offseted the stack again
02:30:14amiconn...because sp changes itself during the instruction
02:30:17 Quit dropandho ()
02:30:20LinusNXavierGr: well, don't use too much solder
02:30:38XavierGrwhat about solder temrature?
02:30:58amiconnBut why is one more register saved than restored?
02:31:04 Quit webguest40 ("CGI:IRC (Ping timeout)")
02:31:07XavierGrand overall time that solder iron tip will touch the surface?
02:31:25preglowas short as you can and still melt the solder
02:31:42XavierGrok thanks
02:31:51preglowif the temp was right, you'll have a nice even surface on the solder point afterwards
02:31:58LinusNXavierGr: i use a pretty high temperature, and don't stay with the tip very long, but that's often up to personal preference and experience
02:33:02 Quit DMJC ("Leaving")
02:33:51preglowman, ifp uses a custom dsp, good luck to this fellow in implementing codecs
02:34:40 Join Paul_The_Nerd [0] (
02:34:48speed123Linus: CHanged the text but cant upload (attach) the pictures, get the same error: Topic save error
02:34:48speed123During save of file Main.IriverH3XXHardwareComponents an error was found by the version control system. Please notify your Rockbox administrator.
02:34:49speed123Save attachment error /usr/bin/ci -q -l -m%COMMENT|U% -t-none -w%USERNAME|S% %FILENAME|F%
02:34:49DBUGEnqueued KICK speed123
02:34:49speed123ci: missing message for -m option
02:34:50***Alert Mode level 1
02:34:52speed123Go back in your browser and save your changes locally.
02:35:17LinusNspeed123: don't leave the comment field empty
02:35:36preglowbut anyhow, the fact that this guy has file browsing and keys working, more or less implies he's got threading working
02:35:37amiconnpreglow: You did include the while (num_sleepers == num_threads) part, didn't you?
02:35:50preglowamiconn: there's nothing in there, no
02:36:01amiconnYes, but the loop is there?
02:36:21preglowwell, yes, i run straight cvs version
02:36:55amiconnIf so, the scheduler will enter an endless loop as soon as all threads went to 'sleep', and since you did not yet implement interrupts, there is nothing to wake them up again...
02:37:40LinusNspeed123: looks good
02:38:37amiconnYou can comment out the whole while (num_sleepers == num_threads) loop for a test
02:38:47amiconnIt's only there for saving energy
02:39:14LinusNspeed123: thank *you* for updating
02:39:19amiconn...which in turn can only work with a cpu sleep instruction in place, and of course interrupts
02:40:14speed123well i am glad i could do something instead of just donating, i am proud of my H320 and i hope to get rockbox on there before it dies. DOES the Ipod plugin you guys are working on is easier to realise?
02:41:05preglowipod plugin?
02:41:14LinusNthe ipod port is a completely different thing
02:41:28hshahfuck its cold outside!
02:41:32speed123it is
02:41:39preglowwe've got several people working on ipod support, and specs are somewhat available
02:41:43preglowwhich is not the case for h3x0
02:41:50hshah-3 here (coventry, uk)
02:42:22CtcpIgnored 1 channel CTCP requests in 0 seconds at the last flood
02:42:22*preglow hugs amiconn
02:42:40speed123warm + 3 here (Cologne, germany)
02:43:11amiconnpreglow: It's working?
02:43:12preglowamiconn: i wouldn't have guessed that in a good while, thanks for sparing me the trouble
02:43:21preglowamiconn: indeed it is, complete with blinking battery icon and all
02:43:47hshahwent outside to get a can of coke from a shop 15 secs walk from me, got bk 5 mins ago and im still shivering... guess whose keeping the heating on all night
02:44:02amiconnStumbled across that when lookin gat lines 0x18..0x20 of the disassembly
02:44:19preglowbut no, backlight still doesn't turn off
02:44:24preglowbut threads are obviously working
02:44:39amiconnNow, get interrupts working ;)
02:44:51***Alert Mode OFF
02:45:00amiconnDoes arm have a sleep instruction?
02:45:12preglowyup, i think i'll steal the good tomek malesinski's code
02:45:25LinusNholy moses, i just loaded the current cvs to my h120, doesn't look good
02:45:40amiconnSo, if he has interrupts, his threading should work ok...
02:45:59preglowamiconn: not as such, no, but it does have a sleeping mode for the cop, so should for the main cpu as well
02:46:14amiconnWhat is this cop, btw?
02:46:24preglowamiconn: the portalplayer chips have two arm cores
02:46:29preglowamiconn: the other one is referred to as the cop
02:46:30 Quit San (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
02:46:33speed123Linus: Did you made a brik out of it? Well i dont know how save it is to do all this great work or if you can recover or
02:46:35preglowas in coprocessor
02:46:54preglowLinusN: how?
02:47:00amiconnIs there a difference between the two?
02:47:07amiconn(other than the name)
02:47:13LinusNthe font is wrong in the browser
02:47:41preglowamiconn: nah, not much, specwise they're the same, have separate caches, etc
02:47:54preglowLinusN: how'd that happen?
02:48:19LinusNi guess that the new statusbar code did it
02:49:58speed123well, take care, good night and thanks 4 everything.
02:50:25 Part speed123
02:54:56preglowhah, checked my ipod again now
02:55:02preglowit's hanged at Shutting down :P
02:55:03preglowhow cute of it
02:56:10TiMiDLinusN: are you talking about the filetree ?
02:56:42LinusNit draws the filenames with the internal font
02:57:06TiMiDbecause I havn't changed neither tree.c, nor list.c
02:57:26TiMiDI test
02:58:20TiMiDhmm there is obviously a problem:)
03:00:01TiMiDthere is a problem in textarea.c which is used by many of my apps
03:00:09TiMiDhehe ;)
03:00:16TiMiDspotted at the same time :p
03:00:31TiMiDthe question is why did I changed that
03:00:32LinusNi'll let you fix it
03:00:52TiMiDI must have been under crack or something like this
03:01:14preglowas long as you're not ON crack, you'll be fine
03:01:36***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
03:02:20TiMiDhehe sounds like my english is sucking more than I expected
03:03:15TiMiDI tend to make english sentences as if I was speaking french using the same words :(
03:03:17preglowprobably isn't easy to write english when on crack
03:04:06TiMiDsince I spotted the bug, I suppose the effects must be finished
03:04:20LinusNi just love that french guy who used "retardation" when he meant "delay"
03:05:15TiMiDsounds weird to me :)
03:05:28TiMiDI think I would have used delay
03:05:38LinusNor maybe he just wanted to say "rockbox is so retarded" :-)
03:05:57preglowwell, it is, isn't it?
03:06:13TiMiDmaybe it's just the devs
03:06:21pinkutankoh lol
03:06:22TiMiDsince they never sleep
03:06:58pinkutankce la un petit de retardation dans le wps avec les images
03:07:05pinkutankthat was english :P
03:07:45preglowwhat, seems a CPU_ARM define is already in place...
03:08:01TiMiDthat wasns't french too much ...
03:08:54TiMiDLinusN: hehe it's magic, it works again
03:09:03LinusNwow! :-)
03:10:22 Join Vladoman [0] (
03:10:45preglowdo cvs changes appear on the front page before the latest build is finished now?
03:12:36linuxstbpreglow: Did you make any other changes (apart from bootloader/ipod.c and the thread.c bug that amiconn found)?
03:12:49linuxstbIt's booting for me, but I don't get the file browser.
03:12:59preglowlet's see
03:13:24linuxstbI get a flashing battery icon and the splash logo is still there in its entirety.
03:13:47 Part amiconn
03:13:58preglowlinuxstb: you've installed .rockbox dir, i take it?
03:14:14linuxstbYes, I did a "make zip" followed by unzip
03:14:22pinkutankand timid, i know my french sucks, trying to play along thats all
03:15:01TiMiDpinkutank: what were you trying to say ?
03:15:08LinusNcould someone help me locate the 1.28 korean H300 firmware?
03:15:25pinkutankermm there is a bit of delay in wpss with images
03:15:29TiMiDbecause the words are definatly french, but in wrong order
03:15:38preglowlinuxstb: i always get the dir browser here
03:16:07pinkutankacev les images dans les wps
03:16:17pinkutankwith the images in the wps
03:16:32TiMiDthe starting of the sentence now :)
03:16:35preglowlinuxstb: and no, i can't see any further changes
03:16:51TiMiD"ce la un petit de retardation" << makes no sense :(
03:16:59pinkutankretardation petit ?
03:17:07pinkutankce sa ?
03:17:13pinkutankce sont
03:17:14TiMiDretardation is not a frecnh word
03:17:31pinkutankI was just using hte above one
03:17:35pinkutankthink of it as retard
03:17:45pinkutankun petit de retard
03:17:53 Join amiconn [0] (
03:18:04pinkutankretard cour?
03:18:19TiMiD"wps has a small delay with images" ?
03:18:29TiMiDwas this the meaning ?
03:18:31pinkutankkind of thing , i guess
03:18:40pinkutankI wasnt trying to mean anything really
03:18:48preglowwe're going to need a #rockbox-lang-discussion some time in the future ;)
03:19:06pinkutankthat was the first setence that came in my mind
03:19:13pinkutanksorry preglow
03:19:20TiMiDbut I don't get the meaning
03:19:21preglowno worries
03:19:28TiMiDfuck you preglow ^^
03:19:40preglowi love you too
03:19:52pinkutanki wasnt trying to mean anything, I just translated as quick as I could and that came out
03:19:58TiMiDwe will need a #rockbox-asembly-addict for you amiconn linuxstb, ...
03:20:01preglowlet's hope his irq code works now
03:20:28TiMiDpinkutank: but what did you translate ?
03:20:37preglowi'm not trying to be a meanie, i love discussing languages myself
03:20:50TiMiDhehe just kidding :)
03:22:22 Join solexx_ [0] (
03:23:37preglowhmm, don't know if i want this code in crt0.S
03:24:33pinkutankthere is a little delay in wpss with images
03:24:42pinkutankmeaning the images were delayed
03:24:45pinkutanknot the wps
03:24:51 Join Kyl3 [0] (
03:24:56preglowis there any point to the splash on the nano? i barely even have time to see it
03:25:09TiMiDIl y a un petit temps de retard avec les images dnas le wps
03:25:15pinkutankbtw there is no deay with images
03:25:21pinkutankohhh of cours il y a
03:25:40pinkutanki knew something was wrong but couldnt remember
03:25:59 Quit Vlad0man (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
03:26:02pinkutankand the least i know was wrong anyway
03:26:37pinkutankhave to sleep
03:26:44pinkutankmy english is going down with me too
03:26:52pinkutankI meant to say rest, it came out least
03:27:12pinkutankknows are getting confused with nows with no apparent reason
03:27:21TiMiDYou would have said "il y a" I would have understood
03:28:22hshahj'aime jouer au football...
03:28:42TiMiDpas moi :p
03:28:47hshahhmm... what other french can i remember from my gcse's 3 years ago :s
03:28:53hshahnot me?
03:28:56LinusNany windows users here?
03:29:00LinusNi need help
03:29:01preglowLinusN: yep
03:29:06preglowahh, forget me, i'm in linux
03:29:08hshahok LinusN
03:29:22LinusNit unzips an exe file
03:29:28hshahdownloading now
03:29:49LinusNi assume the exe file is a self-extracting archive
03:29:55TiMiDthe bundles wps are cery cute
03:30:06LinusNi like iamp
03:30:08TiMiDI never noticed since I never look at the screen
03:30:14hshahdunno why the file was called *.zip,
03:30:19hshahwith a comma on the end
03:30:24LinusNsilly koreans
03:30:31TiMiDkorean ...
03:30:33preglowTiMiD: yet you're the guy working on the gui code ;)
03:30:50hshahLinusN, no its not a self extracting zip file
03:30:52TiMiDI know where my files are so I don't need the screen ;)
03:30:52hshahits a program
03:31:07Kyl3You guys had my hopes up. I thought that was 1.29
03:31:11LinusNhshah: ah yes
03:31:35LinusNselect a location to install it to and it will put H300.hex there
03:32:14pinkutankDo you guys like song rating on your wpss
03:32:21TiMiDiAmp is indeed very cute :)
03:32:31hshah^ see that LinusN
03:33:13hshahsilly windows file naming...
03:33:16TiMiDhehe I guess it was only for LinusN
03:33:22hshahyeah it was
03:33:23LinusNclick upgrade
03:33:26 Quit solexx (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
03:33:33hshahupgrade success
03:33:44preglowwelcome to the land of misleading
03:33:47hshahgot that file
03:33:54hshahu want me to upload it somewhere for u?
03:33:59LinusNyes please
03:35:01pinkutankwhere can i get i amp
03:36:00pinkutankgot it
03:36:46LinusNhshah: thanks a lot
03:36:52hshahnps mate
03:37:08 Join toolmanwill [0] (
03:37:19TiMiDhehe it's fun to look at my work on the real device
03:37:36TiMiDI will test more often from now :)
03:38:01toolmanwill@TiMiD : I tried the reset settings option and it didnt work, thats why i had to go thru that flashing orgy
03:38:40TiMiDstrange ^^
03:38:42toolmanwillits all good now tho, i updated to latest bleeding with no probs now
03:39:18hshah"I must have been ON crack" <−−−− LOL
03:40:16pinkutankdo you guys want song rating on wpss?
03:40:26pinkutankand do you want the khz and bitrate value?
03:40:34hshahi wudn't
03:40:42TiMiDI want a more cute rwps :)
03:40:51preglowhello kitty wps
03:41:05hshahi hate it when my wps does font doesn't work too well on my rwps...
03:41:35TiMiDhshah: oneday we will have separate fonts settings for main and remote screen
03:41:45hshahyeah :)
03:41:50hshahthat would be great
03:41:51TiMiDbut remote support is just beginning
03:42:16hshahthe main thing for me is that my remote now shows the track and file tree
03:42:27hshahi don't really mind atm that its not as nice as my wps
03:42:29TiMiDfor me the most important was the filetree
03:42:45hshahyeah, that too, coz i know what most of my songs are called
03:43:14TiMiDwps is also important, bunt when if you use earphones you should be able to know what is playing ;)
03:43:16hshahplus the patches made earlier were getting out of date so quickly i got tired of them... lol
03:43:19pinkutankwhat kind of a cutw wps do you want
03:43:27pinkutankmine is definitely not cute
03:43:42pinkutankI can make one that songs scrtoll thru a grinning monkeys mouth
03:43:54TiMiDpinkutank: a nude korean girl dancing in 3D on the rwps would be nice
03:44:06hshahthats my wps
03:44:08pinkutankthats cute? thats minimalist yes, 50 cent cant be cute no
03:44:24TiMiDminimalist is good too
03:44:26hshahi like mine simple but effective
03:44:28pinkutanktimid I can do that if you want
03:44:41pinkutankbut it wont be interactive
03:44:45pinkutankit would just dance
03:44:54pinkutankas long as you played
03:45:26hshaht0mas was working on a plugin that wud make the backlight flash to the beat of the music... this was a few months back... anyone know what happened to that...
03:45:34hshahi haven't seen him online in a while
03:45:42TiMiDhmm then I think I will have to take a real girl for that :(
03:45:49pinkutankeasy, just creat bmps of the girl, put them under alternating lines with small seconds, and put that in a playback state conditional and youre done
03:46:07pinkutankwhat about a naked hello kitty ?
03:46:13hshahi wouldn't mind a similar screen saver for my wps...
03:46:39pinkutankwhich, you mean the naked kitty right :P :)
03:46:57hshahim hoping my wps will make it to cvs, but i think its too plain and boring for that... :(
03:47:06hshahnah - i meant the naked girl...
03:47:09pinkutankI'm building one thatll make cvs
03:47:10TiMiDkitty would be good as well
03:47:19pinkutankkitty is easy
03:47:28pinkutankgirl is theoratically ieasy
03:47:29hshaha random question... how do u guys say my name?
03:47:38TiMiDnaked kitty is for l33t wps
03:47:39pinkutankmonochrome humans are not worth seeing
03:47:55 Join DJDD_ [0] (
03:48:05TiMiDhshah: hshah I guess
03:48:05pinkutankhsha: we dont?
03:48:23hshahi mean if u were to say it out aloud
03:48:37hshahi wud say TiMiD as if i was saying the word timid
03:48:52hshahneed it in phonetics...
03:49:39TiMiDhow would you pronounce すきいいい
03:49:51hshahall i see is squares?
03:50:13TiMiDI need it in phonetics and hexadecimal
03:50:35hshahfor example, LinusN - i would say it as Linus N
03:50:41hshahsaying the N as the letter N
03:51:15TiMiDhshah: I hope I willnever have to tell you rname then :)
03:51:17XavierGrsomthing like hsah
03:51:43hshahat last... someone does what i ask :p
03:51:44pinkutankthe guy with the weird name,,
03:51:56pinkutankas in
03:52:11hshahi was just curious coz no one has guessed what its meant to be
03:52:12hshahH Shah
03:52:18hshahHiren Shah
03:52:38hshahthe H is meant to be separate
03:52:41XavierGrso its Shah
03:52:46XavierGrH Shah
03:52:55pinkutankisnt he from new delhi
03:53:10hshahwell im indian, if that makes any difference :p
03:53:21TiMiD <<I like this kanji (no relation)
03:53:23pinkutankits your real name
03:53:32hshahbut was born in the UK
03:53:33pinkutanki thought it was a writer
03:53:35hshahHiren Shah?
03:53:36TiMiDflower + mother gives strawberry
03:53:39hshahyeah - thats my name
03:53:40TiMiDstrange isn't it
03:53:58pinkutankhows the park kanji in japanese
03:54:27pinkutankin chinese characters, its like two horses under a stable
03:54:31XavierGrTiMiD: How can I access the WPS context menu in the remote?
03:54:51TiMiDXavierGr: I don't know, it's not my patch
03:55:12TiMiDwps is firefly's work
03:55:15XavierGrpatch? You mean that it isn't supported?
03:55:22XavierGryou are right
03:55:28TiMiDI guess you can't
03:55:35pinkutankI looked up chinese carpark
03:55:39TiMiDpinkutank: you are chinese ?
03:55:39pinkutankthis came up
03:55:45XavierGralso did you thought about remote options?
03:55:46pinkutankno Im Turkish
03:56:09XavierGrsome can be the same but others definitely can't
03:56:11TiMiDpinkutank: sukebei ^^
03:56:51TiMiDXavierGr: I didn't found the time, even if it's a small patch
03:57:13XavierGrnp, just thought that some options can't be the same
03:57:36pinkutankisnt it sukebe
03:58:25pinkutanksukebei is a kanji
03:58:26pinkutanki see
03:58:28FebsLinusN, are you around?
03:58:32pinkutankthought hiro, sorry
03:59:11pinkutankwhat does it mean
03:59:15TiMiDsukebei is not a kanji
03:59:21TiMiDit's written with 2 kanjis
03:59:26TiMiDit means lech
03:59:43LinusNFebs: yes
03:59:47TiMiDlubrique in french
04:00:49pinkutankI didnt doo anything
04:00:54pinkutankit was googles fault
04:01:00TiMiDyour picture was :)
04:01:08TiMiDyes google can be :)
04:01:24pinkutankgoogle came up with that when I serached for chinese park
04:01:36pinkutanki gotta brush my teeth and sleep
04:01:44pinkutanki killed my sleep schedule
04:01:53pinkutanknot its 5am-12p
04:01:58pinkutankin the meantime
04:02:25 Join lamed [0] (
04:02:27FebsWhich H300 firmware version are you using for the bootloader patcher?
04:02:27pinkutankif you guys want, song rating, birate, khz, on your wps
04:02:42lamedi've killed my poor old mouse.
04:02:52TiMiDpinkutank: I want yes :)
04:03:02LinusNFebs: 1.28
04:03:04pinkutankyou want all of them
04:03:17*Febs Febs wonders why LinusN is still awake.
04:03:20pinkutanki mean im buildng a wps, would you want them on there?
04:03:21LinusNme too
04:03:23FebsIt's what, 4AM there?
04:03:36pinkutankall of them?
04:03:37LinusNi'll regret this tomorrow :-)
04:03:38TiMiDI want a dancing marmot ont my remote wps
04:03:39hshah3am here :)
04:03:44FebsNo doubt.
04:03:56pinkutankok timid
04:04:00pinkutankmaybe tomorrow night
04:04:02*LinusN just installed h300 bootloader v1 on his h320
04:04:04pinkutanki can get it
04:04:18TiMiDLinusN: congratulation again
04:04:28LinusNand v6 on his h120 and h110
04:04:36FebsAlso nice.
04:04:43pinkutankseemslike mine is going to show everything
04:04:44FebsWhen is it going to be released?
04:04:46TiMiDLinusN: oh I have a request for H1x0 bootloader
04:04:49*Febs Febs runs and ducks.
04:05:00pinkutankcan someone do a patch that can limit scrollnig wps fields by margins
04:05:00*preglow doles out applause
04:05:04TiMiDwould it be possible to disable some ata tests on it ?
04:05:04FebsGrrr. I need to remember the /me format.
04:05:26hshahv6 eh?
04:05:30TiMiDbecause standards bootloader made my player do an ata error -42
04:05:44hshaha small request - wud it be possible to change the text to "Bootloader USB Mode"
04:05:50hshahwith a capital M
04:05:59*preglow finds out what time it is
04:06:20pinkutankI think
04:06:52pinkutankB007L00D/\H USB M0D3
04:06:58pinkutankwould be better :P
04:07:18pinkutankjoudan joudan
04:07:22pinkutanki hate leet speech
04:07:29pinkutankwhy dont you change it yourself
04:07:38hshahi changed the "Shutting down..." to "Shutting Down..." myself... but this is something i can't change myself easily
04:07:40TiMiDalso, how about making line selector reverse as default since nezrly 80% of the users want it that way ?
04:08:09LinusNthat gets my vote
04:08:20pinkutankmine too, but doesnt matter much
04:08:22TiMiDat least default ...
04:09:12pinkutankhshah, why cant you do it
04:09:17pinkutanki did it
04:09:22preglowLinusN: putting interrupt setup code in crt0.S isn't a big nono, i hope?
04:09:30hshahLinusN, advised me not to mess around with the bootloader...
04:09:48LinusNpreglow: why there?
04:09:50pinkutankline 319
04:09:52 Quit Kyl3 ()
04:09:53pinkutankjust a mere cap
04:11:14 Quit pinkutank (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
04:11:24TiMiDif I change "{1, S_O(invert_cursor), false, "invert cursor", off_on }" to "{1, S_O(invert_cursor), true, "invert cursor", off_on }", will I get killed ?
04:11:50preglowLinusN: just seems simpler, i need to write a set of instructions and addresses to address 0
04:12:07preglowLinusN: so i'll just put the assembler code i want to write there in crt0.S, together with code for copying it there
04:12:11LinusNpreglow: do as you feel is KISS
04:12:13preglowi gues this could easily be done in system.c as well
04:12:29preglowi'll just do the crt0.S approach for now
04:12:57TiMiDI'm itching to commit this
04:14:53hshahwell if ur gonna do that, you may as well commit the tree/root to wps patch... you can only get killed once :p
04:15:57TiMiDhehe you know there are several ways to die ;)
04:16:04TiMiDI prefer a quick die
04:16:21TiMiDbut for that they will take their time I guess
04:16:33hshahahh well, rather you than me :p
04:18:02TiMiDcommited :)
04:18:22*hshah sharpens the blade
04:18:42TiMiDwait I make my testament
04:19:14hshahbtw, what did u change?
04:19:37TiMiDinvert cursor is default now
04:19:47hshahoh rite...
04:19:49preglowbut no, i think i need to get some sleep now
04:19:51preglowlaters, all
04:19:56TiMiDgood night
04:19:59*hshah whacks the blade on a stone
04:20:07hshahi have it on inverse anyway
04:20:30hshahgd nite mate
04:20:30 Join ashridah [0] (
04:22:00TiMiDwould it be possible to make a wps that handles putting the album name first when the playing track is a soundtrack
04:23:08hshahanything is possible ;)
04:23:41XavierGrLinus: Glad that you changed the scanning of to the .rockbox filder instead of the route.
04:24:22 Join Zoom2 [0] (
04:24:51 Quit Paul_The_Nerd ("Chatzilla 0.9.68a [Firefox 1.0.7/20050915]")
04:24:57 Join Midgey34 [0] (
04:26:11 Join San [0] (
04:27:55LinusNok, bootloader v6 for H1xx is out
04:28:03LinusNand bootloader v1 for H3xx
04:28:13ashridah<H300 users> ZERG RUSH!
04:28:25TiMiDLinusN: what about the ata error -42 ?
04:28:34preglowashridah: ahahahahah
04:28:39LinusNTiMiD: the what?
04:29:06TiMiDI can't use a standard bootloade because of that
04:29:20LinusNrefresh my memory
04:29:47LinusNah, the register test, right?
04:30:01TiMiDit was a long time ago
04:30:09TiMiDmaybe in mars last year
04:30:50TiMiDI was able to install rockbox only in august of this year since you made a custom bootloader for a guy on the forum
04:31:05TiMiDwho gets his player into water
04:31:18TiMiDyou removed a ata register test
04:31:29TiMiDyes register test :)
04:31:45*ashridah hands TiMiD the cookie of details
04:32:10TiMiDI never plunged mineinto water though
04:33:18preglownice, if someone manages to do a null pointer write on arm, the reset vector gets overwritten
04:33:36preglowwell, can't exactly call it a vector, since it's an instruction, but...
04:34:08ashridahpreglow: ahaha.
04:35:05 Quit joshn ("KVIrc 3.2.0 'Realia'")
04:36:11FebsIs the new fwpatcher only for H100v6 or does it include H300v1?
04:37:23TiMiDLinusN: I use this bootloader :
04:38:09LinusNok, it was -32
04:38:22LinusNi can make a boot loader for you
04:38:29LinusNgotta sleep now
04:39:07LinusNnite all
04:39:07TiMiDmaybe put this into cvs
04:39:14 Part LinusN
04:39:29*ashridah idly wonders if any foolish H3x0 users will jump the gun.
04:40:07*Febs is very tempted.
04:40:14preglowFebs: coward!
04:40:28ashridahwell, don't get me wrong, i'd do it too, but i'm a little more experienced :)
04:40:52preglowashridah: coward!
04:40:58ashridahi just get the feeling that H3x0 users seem to believe that the bootloader is all that's necessary for an immediately working rockbox on H3x0 :)
04:41:13ashridahpreglow: coward? i don't have one. can't install on what i don't have
04:41:23*ashridah is about to patch his H140 up to v6 tho
04:41:25preglowirrelevant! install it on your h140
04:41:28hshahso is bootloader v6 released?
04:41:32Midgey34I'm debating installing it even though there's no sound
04:41:41Zoom2Random question: Has the 'fade out' been implanted in the sleep timer yet?
04:41:56Febsashridah: well, ok, I *do* know how to install RB.
04:42:03ashridahhshah: for H120/140 sure. 3x0 has a v1 bootloader, which is only recommended for developers.
04:42:17hshahyeah, ive got a h120
04:42:20ashridahi'd let some developers be the first lemmings :)
04:42:23hshahwhats the diff between v5 and v6
04:42:23preglownice, i'm left with an ipod that can't be switched off
04:42:38ashridahhshah: there's a changelog on
04:45:16lamedi think i run bootloader v2
04:46:46hshahi think its bed time for me too now
04:49:05lamedthink i'll wait until i'll be sure v6 is stable... probably it is.
04:49:14 Quit San (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
04:49:25 Part Midgey34
04:50:04ashridahwell. v6 worked with 1.65-US here on my H140
04:50:39 Quit Addam (Read error: 113 (No route to host))
04:51:25XavierGrI am going to upgrade right now
04:51:48XavierGrno more rockbox.iriver on the route folder
04:52:08ashridahroute's something else :)
04:52:25 Join Midgey34 [0] (
04:52:28XavierGrah yes
04:52:36XavierGrmy mind got stuck on the word
04:53:28ashridahman, i haven't booted into the iriver firmware in ages
04:57:33 Quit Midgey34 (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
04:59:25 Quit lamed ("CGI:IRC")
05:01:00 Join stinkbud [0] (
05:01:21stinkbudcongrate folks on the h300 bootloader and thanks!!!
05:01:39***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
05:01:47stinkbudthat being said, i will not otuch it with a ten foot pole... not yet :)
05:02:01 Join Midgey34 [0] (
05:04:00 Quit stinkbud (Client Quit)
05:04:34 Quit ashridah (Remote closed the connection)
05:04:34 Join Lost-ash [0] (
05:05:17 Nick Lost-ash is now known as ashridah (
05:16:48 Join Kyl3 [0] (
05:17:35Kyl3Bah !! Rockbox wont boot!
05:18:17FebsWon't boot on what?
05:18:39Kyl3my H340... the original firmware works
05:18:51Kyl3but just so you guys know
05:19:03FebsHow did you boot to the original firmware?
05:19:44Midgey34Kyl3: you installed the patched h300.hex with the new bootloader?
05:20:01Kyl3it says: Rockbox bootloader Version 1 Batt 3.93V loading firmware result:-1
05:20:06Kyl3then it shuts down
05:20:18FebsThat's because you don't have a Rockbox build on the player.
05:20:22Kyl3Febs: Hold record
05:20:45Midgey34well its good to know the bootloader works correctly
05:20:56Midgey34and like febs said, you need a rockbox build on the player
05:21:01Kyl3Yeah it works
05:21:20Midgey34right now it can't find the rockbox files so it boot the original firmware
05:21:29FebsAnd of course, the H300 build is not yet available on the Daily Build page.
05:21:34Kyl3no itll shutdown
05:21:44Kyl3then u gotta reboot to origial
05:21:54Kyl3its coming soon tho right
05:22:35FebsI am sure that it will be available once the bootloader is tested.
05:22:37Midgey34Febs: the data is build, there's just no link
05:22:48Midgey34that should work
05:23:06Kyl3YES ty
05:23:14Midgey34no problem
05:23:33Kyl3what do i do with it
05:23:52Midgey34copy it to the root directory of the player
05:24:02Midgey34well extract it first
05:24:16Kyl3then upgrade fw?
05:24:42Midgey34it should boot now
05:24:48Midgey34you already have the bootloader
05:24:50Kyl3ok wait
05:24:54Midgey34you're just missing the data
05:25:13Midgey34oh sec, I'm going to book into windows
05:25:23 Quit Midgey34 ("Download Gaim:")
05:26:13ashridahKyl3: the bootloader just installs a small amoutn of code in the iriver flash rom in order to have it load rockbox proper from the hard drive
05:26:39Kyl3it works
05:26:50ashridahthe iriver standard firmware doesn't load any part of itself from disk normally, so the rockbox team had to write one themselves, and that's why you patched it into iriver's firmware
05:27:34Kyl3Yay it works
05:27:41Kyl3now to mess around
05:27:56 Join Midgey34 [0] (
05:27:56 Join ModernExecutive [0] (
05:27:56 Quit ModernExecutive (Client Quit)
05:27:57ashridahKyl3: do you have a wiki account?
05:28:05Kyl3No I'll make one
05:28:14Kyl3why? should I confirm it works
05:28:24ashridahif you don't, you might want to create one, and edit the IriverBoot page to add a tick and your name like i have for one of the H140 targets
05:28:33Kyl3Migey: IT WOKS!! lol
05:28:36 Join ModernExecutive [0] (
05:28:37ashridahwell, you appear to have been one of the first lemmings :)
05:28:45FebsI'll do it.
05:30:49Kyl3Im'ma test Rockboy
05:31:02Midgey34Kyl3: are you using 1.28eu or k?
05:31:06 Quit toolmanwill ("CGI:IRC")
05:31:21Midgey34mines upgrading
05:31:21Kyl3its a US player
05:31:35ModernExecutivewe giving out a bootloader here?
05:31:41Midgey34wow that text is really small
05:32:13Midgey34Febs: I updated the wiki
05:33:04Midgey34peak meters work
05:33:08FebsI see. I tried and you had it in edit lock.
05:33:08Midgey34obviously no sound
05:33:17Midgey34oh sorry about that
05:35:49Kyl3its buggy as hell
05:36:14FebsThat's why it's listed as being for developers only.
05:36:29Midgey34Kyl3: that it is
05:36:40Kyl3the screen turns of every 4 seconds
05:36:42ashridahKyl3: on the plus side, while it's buggy, the existence of the bootloader vastly increases the developer pool
05:37:20FebsYou can change the screen timeout.
05:37:56Midgey34hmm, the bootloader makes it so the clock doesn't show on iriver firmware,can I assume that's because linus hasn't added rtc code to the bootloader yet?
05:39:07FebsI claim the first H300 crash!
05:39:10ashridahMidgey34: that's a fair assumption, but keep in mind i have no idea how the H3x0 handles that
05:41:38Kyl3<Febs> You can change the screen timeout. <- where
05:41:56Midgey34just ran a quick test. everything else on the iriver firmware works as it previously did
05:42:03Midgey34no surprise there
05:42:04ModernExecutivethis is exciting
05:42:13FebsI cannot start the iriver firmware by pressing REC PLAY.
05:42:32Midgey34Febs: you're holding them both?
05:42:59FebsWhoops. No.
05:43:26FebsI was holding REC while doing a short press of PLAY (which is how it works on the H100).
05:43:35XavierGrI want to see what will happen on an Int H300 version
05:43:55Kyl3u got one?
05:44:10XavierGrjust wondering
05:44:51FebsKyl3, regarding backlight: A-B −−> General Settings -> Display -> Backlight.
05:44:51Kyl3Okay I'm about to test out Rockboy
05:45:35FebsThat online manual is well worth reading if you want to understand Rockbox's features.
05:45:37TiMiDit's funny, on the H300 sim, only remote is working ^^
05:45:42Kyl3its not there
05:45:59FebsKyl3, you are the king of ambiguous prepositions.
05:46:15Kyl3.... h300 lcd remote works
05:46:58 Join Gibbed [0] (
05:47:00 Quit Rick (Nick collision from services.)
05:47:02Kyl3when i press AB
05:47:09 Nick Gibbed is now known as Rick (
05:47:11Midgey34hit A-B, General Settings, display,lcd settings, backlight
05:47:13Kyl3I see settings for repeat and suffle
05:47:18Midgey34then hit up and down to change it
05:47:27Midgey34short hit, not long
05:47:38Kyl3oh i got it
05:48:39 Join webguest75 [0] (
05:48:52Midgey34time to reset
05:49:11Midgey34hmm nevermind
05:51:18Kyl3i need to..
05:51:27Midgey34mine fixed itself...
05:53:14Kyl3oh noes.
05:53:22Kyl3mine wont reset
05:55:34Kyl3it did
05:56:53Midgey34what were you doing wrong?
05:56:58Kyl3it freezes at the wps..
05:57:13Kyl3i cant see the directory structure
05:57:51Kyl3i see a battery, a "volume" looking thing. and a stop sign
05:58:33Kyl3got it
05:59:12Kyl3rockboy works
05:59:35Zoom2it doesnt for me=(
05:59:44Kyl3what happens
05:59:51Zoom2maybe I should try updating to the latest patch
05:59:57Zoom2nothing it jsut doesnt load
06:00:01Zoom2I am wondering if it is my mods or what
06:00:26Zoom2Id tell you more in detail, but I dont have my player with me ATM
06:00:50Zoom2has it always worked for you, or just in the latest patch?
06:01:15Kyl3theres a new patch already
06:01:45Kyl3im trying it now first time
06:02:43Kyl3ok.. ROCKboy starts the ROM
06:02:51Kyl3Play is A/Start
06:03:15Kyl3the navi keys dont act as up/down/left/right
06:03:22Kyl3they dont work..
06:03:51Kyl3stop is pause and when i press AB (settings) it frezzes
06:04:10 Join DMJC [0] (
06:06:34ashridahKyl3: keep in mind that rockboy was never really finished for the H120, and it will need work for the H3x0 for button mapping
06:06:49ashridahamoungst other things
06:07:23Kyl3but lets get nusic playing first
06:08:48Kyl34-5s boot time tho
06:13:30Kyl3iPod theme makes text bigger
06:17:06ashridahthemes can change to a different font
06:18:20Kyl3playing snake
06:18:28 Join FingerSoup [0] (
06:21:36 Quit FingerSoup (Client Quit)
06:21:57 Nick webguest75 is now known as andrewmelreal (
06:22:33 Join Membrillo [0] (
06:25:29 Join newnick [0] (
06:25:30 Quit Membrillo (Client Quit)
06:25:47 Nick newnick is now known as I (
06:26:23 Join Annsa [0] (
06:26:23 Quit I (Client Quit)
06:26:47Annsaso.... whose tried out the H3xx Bootloader?
06:26:53 Quit Zoom2 ("CGI:IRC (EOF)")
06:27:09Midgey34I have as well
06:27:19Annsai read it was just experimental so im feeling edgy about trying it
06:27:41Kyl3how do i get back to the manage plugins screen
06:27:59Midgey34hit stop?
06:28:13 Join San [0] (
06:28:15Kyl3I hit reset
06:28:22Kyl3san it works!
06:29:00Midgey34Annsa: its hardly at a usable state. Still very glitchy, however it is nice to see the Rockbox logo show up and test some plugins
06:29:14Kyl3i got it
06:30:05AnnsaI think ill just sit tight till a stable release comes out. very exciting though!
06:31:31Annsaive found the bootloader, but where do you actually get the rockbox build for h3xx?
06:32:28 Join Jungti1234 [0] (n=jungti12@
06:32:49andrewmelrealthose who dont know what they are doing should exercise care here...
06:32:56Kyl3ill make one now
06:32:58 Quit andrewmelreal ("CGI:IRC (EOF)")
06:32:58 Quit Annsa ("CGI:IRC (EOF)")
06:32:58 Quit Febs ("CGI:IRC (EOF)")
06:33:55Kyl3i have a like
06:34:05ashridahAnnsa: the daily build link isn't available, but it's built:
06:34:16ashridahit'll get a link on the page eventually.
06:34:26ashridahand yes, i wouldn't recommend trying it until it does useful things
06:34:43 Join DreamTactix291 [0] (
06:34:46 Join Annsa [0] (
06:35:27Kyl3i can play snake on the bus now
06:35:52 Join webguest75 [0] (
06:36:38AnnsaSo what does the current build let you do kyl3?
06:37:18ashridahAnnsa: not a lot. no music playback. most plugins won't work that well, due to key mapping issues.
06:37:23 Join Febs [0] (
06:38:10 Quit Febs (Client Quit)
06:38:50DreamTactix291it won't be too long before you guys are enjoying it though
06:38:50 Join Drumrboy247 [0] (
06:38:53DreamTactix291once you do it's great
06:39:01Annsaas the bootloader works fine, more developers will be able to chip in though right?
06:39:16Annsaor doesnt the bootloader work fine
06:39:26DreamTactix291if the bootloader boots it works
06:39:49Annsathats logical
06:39:56 Join sango [0] (
06:39:56Drumrboy247Hello everybody
06:40:35DreamTactix291now i'm no dev
06:40:48DreamTactix291but i'd say quite a bit of stuff will transfer from the H1xx to the H3xx
06:40:53DreamTactix291due to them having the same CPU
06:41:04DreamTactix291that being said the bootloader is a milestone :)
06:41:30*DreamTactix291 is a happy H140 Rockbox user
06:41:33Annsaso, what wont be able to be directly taken from the h1xx?
06:41:45DreamTactix291LCD stuff
06:41:47Drumrboy247well, as most parts minus the optical capabilities etc are the same, the amt of time to just port rather than do from scratch will be much less
06:41:48DreamTactix291USBOTG stuff
06:41:56Drumrboy247that too
06:42:00sangovideo stuff
06:42:12Annsawell. i wouldnt put USBOTG as a high priority yet
06:42:18Drumrboy247i would kill (not really) for 15 FPs
06:42:37DreamTactix291Annsa: it's probably not
06:42:50DreamTactix291but now that other devs can boot rockbox on an H3xx it'll move faster
06:42:51ModernExecutivestupid question: can rockbox overclock the h3x0's cpu to get a faster framerate?
06:42:52Annsadepends, whats the refresh rate of the LCDs. if its only 10hz then you wont get anything higher than 10fps
06:43:08DreamTactix291i think it's a limit of the LCD
06:43:12DreamTactix291more than anything
06:43:16DreamTactix291i could be wrong
06:43:33ModernExecutivegood to see you, dt
06:43:33Annsayeah ^^^ thats what i was thinking. im pretty sure its a refresh rate problem
06:43:39 Join andrewmel [0] (
06:43:52Drumrboy247since the processor is the same in both the h100 and the h300 hypotheticaly capable of video?
06:44:10Drumrboy247wait i meant, isnt the h100 capable...
06:44:11ModernExecutivethe h100, drumrboy?
06:44:11DreamTactix291if the H1xx had a colour screen it could do video
06:44:27ModernExecutivemaybe it could do videos encoded to grayscale?
06:44:28Drumrboy247well, is the greyscale screen capable?
06:44:43Annsayeah, like in ipodlinux. they have grayscale video working
06:44:51Drumrboy247my thoughts exactly
06:44:53DreamTactix291yeah but i wouldn't want to watch it
06:44:58ashridahDreamTactix291: capable yes, but i suspect it's got a poorer potential framerate than the colour lcd on the H3x0
06:45:09Drumrboy247ahh, true true
06:45:12DreamTactix291yeah the H1xx LCD is slow
06:45:18DreamTactix291you can tell from looking at the peak meters
06:45:28Annsawell, i saw some grayscale video on my friends ipod and it was suprisinlgly good considering
06:45:53DreamTactix291well i got an iriver PMP-120 for $199.99 so I'll use it for video
06:46:03ModernExecutivenice catch
06:46:04Drumrboy247you see they have doom/video on the nano?? thats insanely small ... too small... to be functional
06:46:33Annsa45% of all nanos have had to be taken back in though because of dodgy breakable screens
06:46:46ModernExecutivebefore or after they were run over by cars?
06:46:48DreamTactix291cheap build quality
06:47:07Annsai was once an ipod owner *shame on me* but when the screen shattered for no reason i bought my h3xx
06:47:35Drumrboy247well, bad front cover material which allowed for depression direct on the LCD, and its just so tiny
06:47:38sangoipod is not too bad, it does somethings better out of box then the iriver.
06:47:38 Join Midgey31 [0] (
06:47:43DreamTactix291my first DAP was an H120
06:47:49DreamTactix291then i got an H140 and gave my girl the H120
06:47:58Drumrboy247my first DAP was an h320
06:48:00sangobut the ipod and iriver h300 series target different markets
06:48:06andrewmeli went from cd to md to h320
06:48:08Drumrboy247most def
06:48:33Annsayeah, well the reason i love irivers is you can organise your files how you want rather than automatically categorised by ID3 tags
06:48:34DreamTactix291i'm probably going to have an H180 one day
06:48:40DreamTactix291i like that too
06:48:44DreamTactix291my filetree is very well organised
06:48:53DreamTactix291because ~80% of my stuff is my own rips
06:48:55ModernExecutivei have my tree the way I like it
06:48:56Drumrboy247well, i guess if your sayin all that, i went from CD to MP3 CD to P{alm pilot with 256 Mb to palm pilot 1Gb to h320
06:49:10ModernExecutivealphabetical, by song title.
06:49:12Annsayeah, it sucked with compilation cds because they would add like 15 artists to my artist list
06:49:16ModernExecutivepretty easily accessible
06:49:19DreamTactix291i originally got my H120 large for its Vorbis support
06:49:24DreamTactix291since my library was in Vorbis at the time
06:49:35DreamTactix291now it's in WavPack and i transcode to Vorbis with foobar2000 for it
06:49:40 Quit webguest75 ("CGI:IRC")
06:49:45sangomine is alphabetical by artsts letter, then album and finally track
06:49:48Drumrboy247i <3 foobar
06:49:55DreamTactix291me too :)
06:50:07DreamTactix291mine is genre/artist/album/## title.ext
06:50:10Drumrboy247imo its a perfect low processor minimalist audio player
06:50:12Annsaalthough i have tracknumber. trackname
06:50:16andrewmelI do albums by year. otherwise the same as sango
06:50:28Drumrboy247no frills, just plays MP3's and very well might i add
06:50:36AnnsaDreamT, but that sucks for crossgenre music
06:50:38DreamTactix291i have a fairly minimalist WPS for my H140
06:51:13Drumrboy247i KNOW you must see your stats, such as KHz and what codec?
06:51:20ModernExecutivequestion: what is it that makes the iriver sound better than the ipod? iriver has the software decoder; does ipod have a HW decoder, or is its software just really inferior?
06:51:33Drumrboy247 knew it
06:51:36ModernExecutivealso, what is a wps?
06:51:39DreamTactix291ipod has a software decoder
06:51:42Annsashitty sound card in the Ipod
06:51:43DreamTactix291its ARM CPU decodes
06:51:51Drumrboy247While Playing Screen
06:52:05Drumrboy247is WPS
06:52:06DreamTactix291ModernExecutive: my link i gave is mine
06:52:27Drumrboy247DT, very nice, BUT wouldnt you prever it centered?
06:52:27Kyl3is there screendump yet?
06:52:34DreamTactix291my remote WPS is a smaller version of it
06:52:39DreamTactix291i tried it all centred
06:52:42DreamTactix291and i didn't like it as much
06:52:49andrewmeldt what is the foobar in the bottom right of that wps?
06:53:22Kyl3yes!! otf playlists
06:53:27Drumrboy247w00t w00t
06:53:39DreamTactix291i exploited those today at lunch a lot
06:53:39Drumrboy247Kyl3, thank you for the MR post
06:54:36Drumrboy247worth trying yet, or is it completely unusable as of now... it wont play music yet right?
06:54:43 Quit Kyl3 ()
06:54:47Annsaso, can you view pictures on h3xx RB yet?
06:54:49andrewmel@dt, the bottom right of your dump is a bit messed up and I was wondering what was going on
06:55:22DreamTactix291no, those are the peak metres
06:55:37Drumrboy247hey... i want screen shots of RB320!
06:55:39 Join Dragon_Fangs [0] (
06:55:48Drumrboy247are any available anywhere?
06:56:18DreamTactix291my remote WPS is like that
06:56:50DreamTactix291with Arist, Album, Progress Bar, Time Elapsed/Total, and Bitrate + Codec
06:56:52Dragon_Fangs:D hi DT!!!
06:56:52DreamTactix291smaller version
06:57:38*Dragon_Fangs waives to andrewmel
06:57:44Annsakyl3, you own a digi camera? could you get some shots of RB on your h3xx?
06:58:13andrewmelkyl3 is gone
06:59:33DreamTactix291you guys will love the gaplessness :)
06:59:35DreamTactix291i promise
06:59:39DreamTactix291i can't imagine not having it now
07:00:12Drumrboy247lol, that gapless will halp SOAD's CD's greatly
07:00:29andrewmel*waves back
07:00:30sangocrossfading is what I can't wait to here
07:00:30Drumrboy247im spoiled as i have been listening in foobar lately
07:00:34DreamTactix291and like all of my prog music
07:00:46DreamTactix291most people who don't think gapless is important have never really heard it
07:00:50DreamTactix291oh and andrew
07:01:00DreamTactix291you asked about the inherant gap of mp3 in a thread
07:01:04DreamTactix291it's a very very small blip
07:01:06 Join gursikh [0] (
07:01:07Drumrboy247wont ANY Cd player do gapless?
07:01:08DreamTactix291but it is noticeable
07:01:13DreamTactix291Drumrboy247: yes
07:01:23gursikhwhen's the party?
07:01:41***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
07:01:56DreamTactix291i'm actually going to do a small clip i have of a live CD i didn't rip
07:01:59DreamTactix291that shows the inherant gap
07:02:01DreamTactix291and post it
07:02:02Drumrboy247hmm, and a CD will go at the highest Bitrate possible?
07:02:15Drumrboy247like, the bitrate it was recorded ta?
07:02:16DreamTactix291CD = 1411.2kbps 2 channel 16 bit LPCM
07:02:16 Quit Midgey34 (Connection timed out)
07:02:31DreamTactix291at 44.1kHz
07:02:53Drumrboy247so then if your such an audio freak (no offense) why not just get a discman, and call it a day?
07:03:05andrewmeli was saying that
07:03:09gursikhlol.... here we go....
07:03:10andrewmel1/50 isnt noticable
07:03:15andrewmelof a second anyway
07:03:19DreamTactix291it's more than that
07:03:25Drumrboy247andrew : haha, great minds eh?
07:03:28andrewmelhow much?
07:03:35sangoit is usually a quarter
07:03:36DreamTactix291i'll do that splice for you :)
07:03:39DreamTactix291and you'll hear
07:03:50ashridahandrewmel: actually, the human ear is incredibly precise
07:03:52Drumrboy247well, you'll know its there
07:03:53ashridahit is noticable
07:03:59Annsado you think its possible in RB to have the option to "ignore silence at start and end of track"?
07:04:04ModernExecutiveit's been real, everyone
07:04:05ModernExecutivetake care
07:04:08Drumrboy247well, not my ears, bein a drummer and all ;)
07:04:18ashridahand one can train your ear to even detect a note that's slightly out of tune on an instrument.
07:04:23andrewmelsince i started playing clarinet
07:04:24DreamTactix291Annsa: with LAME encodes it does it automatically
07:04:24Drumrboy247Bye modern
07:04:27andrewmelmy ears have improved
07:04:45andrewmelbut my thumb hurts:)
07:04:52Drumrboy247i have pretty good pitch, for a percussionist
07:05:04ashridahit's the eyes that will fill in the gaps in what it receives.
07:05:37andrewmeli was meaning the gaps inherent in mp3
07:05:39andrewmelnot the h320
07:05:43 Quit ModernExecutive ()
07:06:02DreamTactix291andrewmel: that's what i'm talking about
07:06:05DreamTactix291i'm going to show you :)
07:06:09sangothere is alwasy the no gap option for lame
07:06:34DreamTactix291nogap is pointless now
07:06:41DreamTactix291it's done automatically now
07:06:47DreamTactix291and nogap screws up VBR headers
07:06:54Annsai still think an "ignore silence" option would be beneficial
07:07:00andrewmelsangos thread pointed to a .5 second gap
07:07:04Drumrboy247are you able to restore teh orig firmware on a rockboxed h320
07:07:04andrewmelfor the h1xx
07:07:13DreamTactix291originally yes
07:07:16Drumrboy247or just the 1.28k over it, in the future?
07:07:24andrewmelyep, just reflash with the original firmware
07:07:55Drumrboy247ok, good, i gotta learn me up on the rockbox stuff, cause as soon as its functional im goin for it
07:08:12Drumrboy247nite all
07:08:21 Nick Drumrboy247 is now known as Drumr|away (
07:09:55gursikhi'm off as well. congrats to the rb, thank you very much (etc etc i'm sure you get enough) i'll see you all another day
07:10:37 Quit gursikh ()
07:10:41 Quit Dragon_Fangs ("Chatzilla 0.9.68a [Firefox 1.0.7/20050915]")
07:12:48sangobrb need to switch clients
07:12:52 Quit sango ()
07:13:00 Join sango_ [0] (
07:13:18andrewmelwhich client to which client?
07:13:50 Part sango_
07:14:04 Join sango_ [0] (
07:14:33 Join sango [0] (
07:14:35Annsahow hard is it to reflash a bricked h3xx with a wiggler?
07:15:04ashridahit involves a bit of soldering and disassembly, i daresay
07:15:17 Part sango_
07:15:20Annsasoldering? really?
07:15:27DreamTactix291andrew: just finished the merge
07:15:40Jungti1234Was H300 firmware developed?
07:15:45ashridahthe BDM port on the board inside the unit will just be a set of pads
07:15:52Drumr|awaywhat about strategic placing of aluminum foil and disected telephone wires?
07:15:59 Quit Midgey31 (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
07:16:03ashridahJungti1234: the bootloader is available. the firmware itself isn't overly usable yet
07:16:20DMJCis the bootloader on the site?
07:16:32Annsayes, but its only experimental
07:16:32ashridahand it's considered experimental
07:16:40ashridahAnnsa: have you got a bricked player?
07:16:43Annsait hasnt been tested on international models
07:16:51Annsaand it could brick your player
07:16:52andrewmeldt can you supply a url?
07:16:58Annsano, i was just wondering
07:17:12DMJCso what model has it been tested on?
07:17:30Annsai have bricked my player previously though, and a wiggler is cheaper than a new h300 so i was wondering how hard it would be to save the old rather than buy a new one
07:17:33Jungti1234Saw that test is available in US firmware.
07:17:48Annsaits only been tested on US
07:18:06andrewmelon a us player, but international firmware.
07:18:38Annsaso, is the bootloader on its own still experimental with a US player?
07:18:41DMJCwhat's the diff between US and international?
07:18:51DMJChardware wise
07:19:23Annsaint. i mean*
07:19:24Jungti1234Is hardware of international and US different?
07:20:04ashridahDMJC: don't know about the hardware, but the US version supports encrypted WMA.
07:20:24DMJCI was the first non-dev to flash their player when the 100 firmware came out
07:20:28DMJCworked fine ever since then
07:20:38DMJCtill I sat on the screen
07:20:47Jungti1234May I test because installing US firmware in Korea?
07:20:54andrewmelu.s. h3xx has a few bits missing that make usbotg inoperative
07:21:08andrewmelthis may be necessary for syncing with wmp
07:21:14andrewmelbut it is not clear
07:21:25DMJCso basically the US version is crippleware
07:21:35Jungti1234Anyone does correct answer to me.
07:21:47AnnsaUSBOTG doesnt work with my camera although works with my camera hotreader :S
07:22:49 Part andrewmel
07:23:42DreamTactix291well i made a file illustrating the inherant gap of mp3 with LAME gapless headers
07:24:28 Join andrewmel [0] (
07:25:39Annsadoes anyone own a modded xbox with Xbox Media Center here?
07:25:45ashridahJungti1234: the answer is we don't know, and trying it probably isn't a good idea
07:25:59 Join moda|lap [0] (
07:26:18moda|lapdo we have any pictures of rockbox running on h300 other than the ones with the rockbox logo?
07:26:53Annsaim suprised a news item hasnt been put on MR
07:27:22andrewmelit has
07:27:52moda|lapany pics?/
07:28:00ashridahmoda|lap: given that not much but the menus actually work, afaik, probably not.
07:28:08ashridahsomeone might be able to provide something
07:28:12moda|lapi still want pics :p
07:28:19ashridahsome of the plugins probably run, even with the wrong keybnidings
07:28:20DMJCyou reckon slashdot will cover the h3XX move?
07:28:31moda|laph3xx move?
07:29:40moda|lapi dare someone to test it on an intl
07:30:30*moda|lap pokes someone
07:30:36DMJCI will
07:30:41DMJCby wednesday
07:30:48moda|lapbet it bricks
07:30:52DMJCthat's when it's due at the latest
07:31:50moda|lapso.... what needs to be done to get it to play music etc and be useable?
07:36:28sangoi am going to head out night yall
07:36:48 Quit sango ()
07:36:56moda|lapdare i say it. how long will it be?
07:37:01moda|lapand i know, topic
07:37:49 Quit Annsa ("CGI:IRC")
07:37:56 Join baobab68 [0] (
07:38:33baobab68i was thinking about the int'l version and the bootloader.
07:39:13DMJCgovernment wants to make people work on xmas for no extra pay
07:39:14 Join whatboutbob [0] (
07:39:19*DMJC rolls on the floor
07:39:20baobab68since you can happily install 1.28k on either a US or an int'l H3xx, does it not follow that a patched 1.28K that works on a US model should work on an int'l model
07:39:49baobab68patched with the rb bootloader, i mean...
07:40:08baobab68(ain't no way it's happening on *my* int'l model though)
07:40:11moda|lapi like that logic.... but logic doesnt count for anything in these lands of electronics
07:40:13 Quit andrewmel ()
07:41:02baobab68i will wait dutifully until either Linus says it's ok, or until someone else is brave (dumb) enough to try it.
07:41:20moda|laplike yourself....
07:41:45baobab68u mean ur waiting too...?
07:42:12moda|lapi said... like yourself, as in, you test it...
07:42:19baobab68i just don't have another $A500 to spend on another device, and have to re-skin it etc
07:42:35moda|lapyou can always rma?
07:42:46baobab68out of warranty...
07:43:10baobab68best tech purchase I *ever* made...
07:43:12moda|lapso is mine, but, i need some repairs done to mine, but, still not testing it :p
07:43:55moda|lapsomeone donate a intl h300 to linus....
07:43:58baobab68maybe we can tempt some more souls over from MR and trick someone? :-p
07:44:41moda|lapsurely if linus bricks his h300 he can just undo those changes and unbrick it>
07:45:00baobab68does he have only US hardware though?
07:45:39baobab68i thought they were the same except for the DRM key, but I have read there are some different components on the mobo, and maybe the USB ports different...
07:46:50*baobab68 has 13 mins to go on his Ebay auction
07:46:58*baobab68 is feeling v tense
07:47:34*baobab68 appears to be talking to himself
07:48:25DMJCebay auction?
07:48:31DMJCwhat are you trying to buy?
07:48:34DMJCor sell
07:49:37baobab68one of those sonic jewelry cleaners. will be an xmas gift but if it's cool i might get myself one for cleaning spectacles and cd's
07:50:29baobab68where are all the dev's? there's usually a lot more dev chat going on...
07:50:32Jungti1234Anyone links manual to me.
07:50:42Jungti1234Is hard to find.
07:51:54baobab68time for smoko, too tense....8 mins to go
07:52:01Jungti1234Does it include iriver h100?
07:53:15thegeekthere has been no iriver relase so far
07:53:19thegeekso no manual either
07:54:26moda|lapcomeon, i want pics of h300 rockbox
07:56:56Jungti1234me too
07:57:54ashridahbaobab68: there's no dev chat on atm because it's a bit early in the am where many of the dev's live
07:58:47 Part baobab68
08:01:04 Join baobab68 [0] (
08:02:13*baobab68 won the auction
08:02:31*baobab68 has never won an actual auction before, only Buy It Now stuff
08:04:10baobab68gw? good work? go 'way?
08:04:17moda|lapgood work
08:10:53 Quit baobab68 ("CGI:IRC (EOF)")
08:23:50 Quit moda|lap ()
09:01:42***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
09:01:52 Join andrewmel [0] (
09:20:11 Quit andrewmel ("Trillian (")
09:20:27 Join andrewmel [0] (
09:24:48 Join Zak1392 [0] (
09:25:43Zak1392has anyone tried the h300 bootloader on an int. model?
09:26:36andrewmelnot as far as I know
09:27:15Zak1392damn... i really want to try it out on mine but I'm scared i might screw it up
09:27:26Zak1392id rather have somebody else screw it up lol
09:27:37*andrewmel waits patiently
09:27:43 Join moda|lap [0] (
09:28:41Zak1392do you have an int. version andrew?
09:29:18andrewmelyes I do
09:29:46moda|lapwhats going on?
09:29:50Zak1392would you want to put rockbox on yours?
09:30:02Zak1392that was at andrew
09:30:26andrewmelnot yet. there is no point. if i want snake i wrote one in pascal ages ago that works nicely. i want music out of my day
09:31:06Jungti1234As install rock box firmware, is not sonant.
09:32:17Jungti1234What should I do?
09:32:33Zak1392what do you mean?
09:33:27Jungti1234Did to do bootloader to my H300.
09:33:52moda|lapwe dont follow Jungti1234
09:33:55Zak1392im confused
09:33:57Jungti1234It is int. version.
09:33:59ashridahJungti1234: you tried using the H300 bootloader on your player? or are you asking us if you should?
09:34:05ashridahmoda|lap: he's korean, the translation isn't great
09:34:12Jungti1234-_-; sorry
09:34:24moda|lapit doesnt matter
09:34:28ashridahJungti1234: the answer is, no-one knows if it'll work on an international version yet
09:34:28moda|lapatleast hes trying :P
09:34:35Jungti1234Used bootloader.
09:34:43moda|lapunless your crazy enough to do it...
09:34:48andrewmeljungti, did it work?
09:35:22Jungti1234Do strange moving.
09:35:52andrewmelstrange buttons?
09:35:56Zak1392what moved strange?
09:35:59Jungti1234Device operates strangely.
09:36:13ashridahJungti1234: the firmware isn't finished yet
09:36:17andrewmelhow strange?
09:36:24Zak1392do basic things work?
09:36:29ashridahZak1392: not really, no.
09:36:33Jungti1234Come on sound option during refreshing.
09:36:53Jungti1234refreshing -> playing
09:36:59Zak1392well, sound doesn't work yet
09:37:00ashridahJungti1234: you're not making a good deal of sense. what are you trying to do, and in which firmware?
09:37:23andrewmeli think jungti is working through an electronic translator?
09:37:25moda|lapmay i suggest babelfish Jungti1234? if its hard to get the message out...
09:37:26 Join CheeseBurgerMan [0] (n=BurgerBo@
09:37:37andrewmelhey cbm
09:37:50ashridahmoda|lap: he's USING a translator, it's not a great one, and babelfish is one of the worst ;)
09:38:09Jungti1234I unuse babelfish.
09:38:12Jungti1234It is strange.
09:38:19andrewmeljungti, take your time,
09:38:25CheeseBurgerManI know it is, it's OK.
09:38:26ashridahJungti1234: the rockbox firmware is not functional on H3x0 yet. we recommend sticking with the iriver firmware.
09:38:29andrewmeltry a few different way to say
09:38:34ashridahexpect it to operate strangely.
09:38:48moda|lapashridah: heh, i suck eh
09:38:52Zak1392@jungti: are you using rockbox or the official firmware?
09:39:20Zak1392so NOT rockbox?
09:39:38moda|lapmaybe hes flashed rockbox to the iriver, but he is using the iriver firmware part.
09:39:57thegeekargh, I hate it when people say "Yes" to a question like that;)
09:40:06Jungti1234Applied rockbox firmware to 1.28k.
09:40:15andrewmelwell put. now clear
09:40:36andrewmelthen loaded rockbox on international player?
09:40:51amiconnTiMiD: The x11 sim does not yet support colour, that's why a h300 sim only shows the remote. Try the win32 sim, it works. According to linuxstb it also works in wine
09:41:10ashridahJungti1234: and did you copy a daily build onto the player as well?
09:41:36Jungti1234I'm sorry, did not understand.
09:42:19andrewmelrockbox + 1.28, good. then add daily build to harddrive?
09:42:38Jungti1234ashridah : I downloaded at linker that you speak.
09:42:46ashridahJungti1234: rockbox comes in two parts for the H300. the bootloader, which you've installed. and the firmware itself, ie, the part that plays music
09:43:06ashridahJungti1234: so you downloaded and unzipped it into your player?
09:43:32ashridahokay. you're about where everyone else is, ie, with a player that boots rockbox, but isn't completely finished, because rockbox isn't finished for the H300.
09:43:51ashridahthe original firmware can be accessed by holding record while pressing play (or whatever turns on the unit)
09:44:05ashridah(when booting the device, that is)
09:44:24Jungti1234LCD is lighted freely.
09:44:26ashridahso, at what point does rockbox not work for you? given that you've got an international player.
09:44:34ashridahcan you take a picture with a camera?
09:44:56Jungti1234Take animation.
09:45:07Jungti1234animation -> video
09:45:18ashridahi suppose that will work
09:45:55*andrewmel waits patiently
09:46:13andrewmel@jungti, thanks for taking the time to talk in english
09:46:22Jungti1234H300 does not end.
09:46:27Jungti1234end -> off
09:46:30moda|lapdoes not turn off?
09:46:38CheeseBurgerManUse the reset button.
09:46:41moda|lapuse the reset button
09:47:21ashridahdoesn't holding 'stop' work for the H300 yet?
09:48:23Jungti1234Off and start are late.
09:48:50Jungti1234sorry, start is fast.
09:49:25moda|lapso it boots fast?
09:49:43 Quit moda|lap ()
09:52:44Jungti1234Off does not become well.
09:53:04andrewmeloff does not work?
09:54:23Jungti1234Button malfunctions and moves strangely.
09:54:39Zak1392can you take a picture?
09:55:09Zak1392that would be great thanks.
09:55:11 Join ramninja [0] (
09:55:35andrewmelphoto good
09:55:42Jungti1234Video quality is bad.
09:55:53Zak1392it doesn't really matter
09:55:57Jungti1234Is see however.
09:57:40Zak1392that's fine
10:00:08Jungti1234H300 yet off without being done continuously strange moving do.
10:01:01Jungti1234it's big.
10:01:03Zak1392so the iriver turned off but does strange movements?
10:01:15Jungti1234Video file is big.
10:01:27andrewmelbig is good, where?
10:01:34Zak1392it doesn't matter
10:01:45Jungti1234Is not where there uploads.
10:02:01Jungti1234ah! wait can do it
10:03:07 Quit thegeek (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
10:03:43 Join thegeek [0] (
10:04:34 Join travis [0] (
10:04:43 Join _FireFly_ [0] (
10:05:37Jungti1234thank you
10:05:45andrewmelposted video?
10:06:13Zak1392how big is the file?
10:06:38Zak1392okay... this might take a while
10:06:38*ashridah whistles
10:06:43Jungti1234Because the upload speed is slow, must wait 25 minutes.
10:06:46*ashridah will pass, is on dialup
10:07:02Zak1392andrew: he's uploading it now
10:07:17 Quit San (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
10:07:36Jungti1234H300's battery expression is strange.
10:07:39andrewmelZak: yep. dont want to sound abrupt but trying to make all comments ot jungti simple for translation
10:07:46Jungti1234expression? -_-;
10:07:51Zak1392off topic: I made the South Australian state team in baseball!
10:08:11ramninjaCongratulations :)
10:08:18CheeseBurgerManGood job! :D
10:08:19Jungti1234hehe congratulation
10:08:19stu3Yarr :-D.
10:08:25CheeseBurgerManCongrats. :)
10:08:52stu3Having said better make the national team..or else!
10:08:53andrewmelyep, congrats. lots of baseball in SA
10:09:01Jungti123420.46 KB/Sec...
10:09:16*CheeseBurgerMan has no idea how close Australian Baseball is to American baseball.
10:09:27andrewmelCBM: very long way
10:09:44*ramninja had no idea aussies played it and is aussie himself
10:09:44Zak1392now I have to spend about 1200 bucks for travel, accomodation, uniform, etc.
10:09:47CheeseBurgerManI actually don't know much about either baseball.
10:09:55andrewmelabout tenth ranked sport in terms of participation, and only 20 mill population in aus
10:09:58CheeseBurgerManthat's not so cool.
10:10:04stu3Baseball here is like Rugby League over there.
10:10:12andrewmelbut getting to state team is tough
10:10:26Zak1392i have to travel to lismore, NSW
10:10:38andrewmelzak, are you ssh?
10:10:51andrewmelwoops. netiquite alert.
10:11:10ramninjaSecure Shell
10:12:38stu3Remote access to your computer?
10:12:44Jungti123420 min.
10:13:07Zak1392stu3: why?
10:13:26stu3I've no idea, andrewmel was asking.
10:14:04andrewmeli was asking if zak is known by another name on misticriver
10:14:17ramninjai think he may have been talking another ssh becouse that doesnt really make sence
10:14:36Zak1392andrew: no, why?
10:15:04 Join bbad [0] (n=bbad@
10:15:28andrewmelmy oldtimers is kicking in and i am mixing my conversations up
10:16:03Zak1392is ssh a person?
10:16:04stu3Ah, that makes more sense.
10:18:52Zak1392well, anyway... i think i may be a starting pitcher for the baseball team
10:19:11CheeseBurgerManWow. :D
10:19:35Zak1392can you say 'tv spots'! lol
10:20:40Zak1392baseball here is kind of different than baseball in America though
10:20:54Zak1392i never pitched in America though
10:21:39CheeseBurgerManI don't play baseball.
10:21:44CheeseBurgerManSo I haven't either. ;)
10:23:08Zak1392in America i was a third baseman but when i moved here, nobody on my team had a hope in pitching so i started pitching and right now im doing a good job
10:23:24Zak1392really good job
10:23:39CheeseBurgerManOr you wouldn't be ont he team. ;)
10:23:42CheeseBurgerManon the*
10:24:04Zak1392im hoping to make the national team
10:24:09Zak1392thats my dream
10:24:17Zak1392then the pros lol
10:24:33CheeseBurgerManPractice practice practice.... ;)
10:24:51Zak1392too lazy... lol
10:24:59 Join baobab68 [0] (
10:25:38Zak1392okay, thanks for the info jungti ;)
10:25:39baobab68was just reading the live log. Jungti - did we establish that you upgraded an International version of the H300 with Rockbox loader?
10:26:03Zak1392i think
10:26:19baobab68the man is a risk taker that is for sure.
10:26:28baobab68but that's cool.
10:26:32ashridahbaobab68: yeah, but i wouldn't assume that it worked perfectly, he's uploading a video of what his player is currently doing, since he's not sure what is failing for him (and english isn't his first language)
10:27:00baobab68how about a hit of 'reset'?
10:27:14Zak1392he says it does strange moving
10:27:41baobab68excuse my enthusiasm - i have followed RB very closely for about 6 months. i find the last couple of days very exciting.
10:28:02Zak1392same here :)
10:28:12baobab68am in awe of someone who can examine the hardware and re-write the OS in low-level coldfire code....
10:28:24baobab68i can just about record a macro in MS Word....
10:28:31CheeseBurgerManSome ones.... ;)
10:28:35ashridahbaobab68: the devil is in the detail
10:28:42CheeseBurgerManRockbox is a team effort. :)
10:28:47ashridahbaobab68: mostly the hard part is finding documentation on the components
10:28:47Jungti1234Off does not become yet.
10:29:01ashridah(which is why any portalplayer based hardware is unlikely to be supported any time soon)
10:29:10Zak1392have you tried the RESET button?
10:29:15baobab68CBM - I didn't mean to disparage all non-Linus people.
10:29:17Jungti1234Backlight is lighted yet.
10:29:42baobab68i am in awe of Christi's doco too.... and I think RB will turn the ipod world on its head too
10:29:44Zak1392does the RESET button do anything>
10:30:09Jungti1234Off is success by RESET button.
10:30:09 Join Superman [0] (
10:30:21 Join Mxm`Pas`Bien [0] (
10:30:31baobab68hi supe
10:30:45 Quit Maxime` (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
10:30:45 Nick ashridah is now known as Lost-tv (
10:30:46baobab68jungti - you are korean?
10:30:52Supermanjust read the irc logs, someone is uploading a video of a h300 with rockbox?
10:31:02Jungti1234baobab68: yes
10:31:05Zak1392jungti: can you boot up into the official iriver firmware?
10:31:23baobab68anyang haseo...
10:31:27CheeseBurgerManHold the record button when you turn it on.
10:31:42Jungti1234annyong haseyo
10:31:59baobab68i was close...
10:32:24baobab68Zak - I think it means 'hello'
10:32:31Supermani have a h300 eu is that the same as a it?
10:32:32Jungti1234Booted to original firmware.
10:33:02Jungti1234Original firmware is normally.
10:33:13Zak1392thats good
10:33:17 Join Maxime` [0] (
10:33:17baobab68jungti - so you have a Korean H300, with 1.28K, and have used the Rockbox loader successfully.
10:33:26Zak1392how about that video?
10:33:38 Quit Mxm`Pas`Bien (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
10:33:39Jungti1234Upload completion
10:34:03Zak1392great! can you post the link?
10:34:09Jungti1234It's mov file.
10:34:59baobab68thanks here too
10:35:11Jungti1234baobab68: Isn't successful.
10:35:40Zak1392well, iriver works fine gut is really glitchy
10:35:50baobab68you mean Rockbox does not run very well yet.
10:36:00 Join Mxm`Pas`Bien [0] (
10:36:03baobab68zak - my gut is glitchy too sometimes
10:36:21 Quit Maxime` (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
10:36:37Zak1392he says the iriver firmware works fine
10:37:21Jungti1234Battery is full, is not so in rockbox firmware.
10:37:36Zak1392now i have to wait another seven and a half minutes for the download to finish...
10:37:47Jungti1234One is more.
10:39:06Jungti1234Appliance stopped.
10:39:58 Join Membrillo [0] (
10:40:23Supermanuhh file doesn't play here, wich player i need to use?
10:40:35 Quit Mxm`Pas`Bien (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
10:40:45Supermanah ok
10:42:35 Quit travis ("CGI:IRC")
10:42:46Zak13922:40 left to download
10:42:51 Join Maxime [0] (
10:43:08Superman2:00 left to download quicktime
10:43:21MaximeSuperman: quicktilme alternative + media player classic !
10:43:23Zak13922 minutes to download file!
10:43:24Maximethis is great :p
10:43:31Membrillowhats the vid? i saw it in the logs i was looking at
10:44:47Jungti1234LCD is lighted alone.
10:45:32Jungti1234There is more 3 files.
10:47:20ghode|afkyou mean lcd is always on?
10:47:40ghode|afkbacklight i mean?
10:47:40baobab68you guys must have 'real' broadband. i have "aussie" broadband - 512KB sigh
10:48:05Jungti1234backlight = LCD
10:48:39andrewmelthis place is awash with aussies!!!
10:49:11Zak1392i grew up most of my life in America though...
10:49:16Zak1392not like that means anything...
10:50:13andrewmelahhhhh, zak, now i know, you live near caves!!!
10:50:25baobab68we have taste in DAPs, that's all
10:50:51Zak1392the Naracoorte Caves?
10:50:56baobab684:30 remaining, sigh
10:51:08andrewmelyep, those ones!
10:51:11CheeseBurgerManNo, it's because sensible people are in bed everywhere else. ;)
10:51:26baobab68where are u cbm?
10:51:29Zak1392andrew: have you been there?
10:51:42Membrilloim in Aussie
10:51:49Membrilloand have 256k broadband
10:51:54CheeseBurgerManI'm in the US.
10:51:57CheeseBurgerManIt's ~5 AM
10:52:07baobab68(is there a way to quote someone's name like that or do ppl just type it in?)
10:52:09andrewmeli lived in mt gambier for 1 1/2 years
10:52:25Jungti1234Can't operate.
10:52:28Membrilloalthough it got dropped to 56k by my ISP because ive downloaded over 12gb this month
10:52:44baobab68how much u pay membrillo?
10:52:55thegeekI download about 15gb / 48 hours
10:53:00Zak1392yeah, andrew, i know. have you been down in any of the caves?
10:53:04thegeek100mbit is eeevil
10:53:20 Quit Maxime (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
10:53:32andrewmelyep, but nearly 20 years ago
10:53:41Membrillowell 60 bucks i think. But im eligible for 200mbit for 50 bucks a month because im on the same block as a telephone exchange
10:54:09 Join Maxime [0] (
10:54:13thegeekyou mean 20?
10:54:14baobab68we get 25gb for $39.95 it pays to shop around, but 200mbit for $50.00, yummmy
10:54:17Membrillo20mbit lol
10:54:27Membrilloim not sure
10:54:34thegeeknever heard about copper-based > 25 mbit
10:54:34Membrilloive 2000 kilobytes per second
10:55:00baobab68"ye canna change the laws of physics cap'n)
10:55:16baobab680:04 remaining
10:55:24andrewmellaws of physics are just our current best descriptions, not laws
10:55:49thegeekthat's not what it means;)
10:56:00thegeekpoint is you can't change the "true" laws of physics
10:56:13thegeekour current theories does not really factor into the equation at all;)
10:56:20baobab68it actually just means that dilithium crystals can only be pushed so far
10:57:06andrewmelbut scotty can always get 120%
10:57:19Membrillobeam me up scotty
10:57:32baobab68and we won't discuss Lt Sulu given current circumstances on MR.
10:57:38*CheeseBurgerMan beams Membrillo up.
10:57:52thegeekoh god
10:58:03thegeekI'm daamn hungry
10:58:26Membrillowhere did you say your from Andrew?
10:58:28CheeseBurgerManWell, if it's any comfort, I'm heading to bed soon. :P
10:58:36andrewmelall over australia
10:58:40Membrillofair enough
10:58:44Membrilloim in newcastle
10:58:52baobab68so what we have is a clip of Jungti's *white* H3xx, showing some RB screens and Jungti trying to turn it off.
10:59:06Jungti1234Did you see everybody?
10:59:16thegeekit looks a lot like the first h1xx builds
10:59:17 Quit Maxime (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
10:59:18DreamTactix291i want to go to australia one day
10:59:31baobab68yes Jungti. But the question is does that means it's safe?
10:59:39Jungti1234Back Light speaks that turned off while was lighted yet.
10:59:51baobab68for an int'l H3xx?
11:00:12 Join Maxime [0] (
11:00:35baobab68Jungti - any languages other than Korean and English? French by any chance?
11:01:12baobab68trying to find a language that we both speak.
11:01:16Jungti1234Speak Japanese.
11:01:36Jungti1234There are more 2 videoes that see.
11:01:43***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
11:01:43andrewmelDT speaks japanese
11:02:02baobab68origato gozai mas
11:02:10MembrilloMe so horny, me love you loooong time
11:02:35Jungti1234Can not you see?
11:02:42thegeek[11:02:28] [Jungti1234]
11:02:44baobab68membrillo - shame. :-)
11:02:54baobab68"same same"
11:03:15thegeekit wont work Jungti1234
11:03:19thegeekatleast not for most clients
11:04:15baobab68ni hao
11:04:48DreamTactix291you speak japanese right?
11:05:01Jungti1234baobab68: Do you know many languages?
11:05:04DreamTactix291i'm like very rusty lately, but i should do ok
11:05:09andrewmelvideo, domo arigato jungti san
11:05:18Jungti1234A little.
11:05:25Jungti1234Speak Japanese a little.
11:05:30DreamTactix291a little is better than none
11:05:42baobab68jungti: english, chinese, french
11:05:47CheeseBurgerManBetter than I do. :)
11:05:52Membrillo*sings* i like chineeeeese... I like chineeeeeeeese
11:05:53Jungti1234wow chinese?
11:06:05Jungti1234If can speak Chinese, Korean can do.
11:06:15DreamTactix291i don't know chinese
11:06:16baobab68bu shi.
11:06:17Jungti1234Korean is easier than Chinese.
11:06:36andrewmeldt can you ask him to post video showing ports or buttons so we can tell if the player is international?
11:06:52 Join ghostface24 [0] (
11:07:00Jungti1234Translation is difficult.
11:07:08Jungti1234Write right word.
11:07:56Jungti1234 rockboxުǪ.
11:08:23DreamTactix291it's not showing up here right on my end
11:08:31DreamTactix291i don't know what encoding you're using for your japanese
11:08:37baobab68jungti: can only use english characters here. hangul and kana won't work
11:08:59DreamTactix291maybe my kana will work for him
11:09:14Jungti1234All I can see.
11:09:50 Join qupada [0] (
11:10:01baobab68on US version, the play button says ">" and "ON" am I right?
11:10:11Zak1392i used to learn french
11:10:47baobab68Jungti: Play button says ">" or says ">" and "ON"?
11:10:51Jungti1234It is not right.
11:11:25baobab68zak: vous avez etudi au lycee?
11:11:31 Nick CheeseBurgerMan is now known as CBM-away (n=BurgerBo@
11:11:35 Join LinusN [0] (
11:11:39Jungti1234vous avez etudi?au lycee?
11:11:58amiconnhi LinusN
11:12:00Jungti1234There is a little word that can't see.
11:12:02ghostface24Oui, je etudie au lycee
11:12:31LinusNseems i made a good move to go to sleep right after releasing the bootloader :-)
11:12:41Jungti1234It's another video.
11:12:45baobab68it's chaos
11:12:51DreamTactix291cheers on v6 :)
11:13:02Membrillocheers indeed :P
11:13:03LinusNDreamTactix291: does it work well?
11:13:28Zak1392hey linus, should rockbox work on an int h300? any big diffs?
11:13:28DreamTactix291no issues at all
11:13:33DreamTactix291if anything happens i'll let you know
11:13:38 Join amiconn_ [0] (
11:13:39DreamTactix291i didn't have any issues with v5 either
11:13:44DreamTactix291used every day
11:13:48 Quit amiconn (Nick collision from services.)
11:13:48 Nick amiconn_ is now known as amiconn (
11:13:54*amiconn just added 2 missing remote features locally
11:13:55LinusNZak1392: it *should* work fine
11:13:57amiconn'Backlight on when charging' and 'Caption backlight' for the remote :)
11:14:17Membrilloso really your just covering yourself if something bad does happen right Linus?
11:14:31baobab68i can't download jungti's video - download limits on the site
11:14:32Membrilloyou can say "well i hadnt tested on int."
11:14:45Membrillonot that it should
11:14:48DreamTactix291hearing about H3xx rockbox takes me back to when we first got our first bootloader for the H1xx
11:15:36 Join lugan [0] (n=irc@tor/session/x-118b9d57a335533b)
11:15:42LinusNMembrillo: from the IriverBoot wiki page: "Note! The H300 bootloader has only been tested on a US model!"
11:16:23baobab68until now...
11:16:41baobab68we *think* Jungti's just done the testing on the int'l model
11:16:46ghostface24Jungti, how about using Putfile for your videos
11:17:01MembrilloLinusN: yeah thats what i thought. do you know when you'll be getting your hands on an int. model?
11:17:14LinusNi have no idea
11:17:36DreamTactix291if i had lots of money i'd buy one and donate it
11:17:39DreamTactix291sadly i don't have lots of money
11:18:20baobab68maybe someone will brick one and donate that? :-)
11:18:22Jungti1234LinusN: I read short time ago.
11:18:26Membrillomake money :P working the streets should rake in some cash
11:18:39DreamTactix291well i have a job
11:18:43DreamTactix291but i have bills too
11:19:01Membrillofair enough. Ill be happy to work the streets
11:19:05 Join Coldtoast [0] (
11:19:20DreamTactix291i'm watching the video now
11:19:26DreamTactix291wow the text is small on an H3xx screen
11:19:54DreamTactix291that's definitely rockbox
11:20:05Jungti1234LinusN: Are no you int'l model?
11:20:06Coldtoastany of you h300 users tested the bootloader?
11:20:19LinusNJungti1234: i have the us model
11:20:29 Join muesli_- [0] (
11:20:33Zak1392do i just patch the iriver firmware with the patcher and put these files on my iriver:
11:20:33Jungti1234Only US model?
11:20:41LinusNZak1392: yes
11:21:06Jungti1234Do you operate normally in US model?
11:21:09Zak1392what are the .bin files for?
11:21:18baobab68Jungti - so you have International model? Definitely?
11:21:19LinusNa word of warning to you all: running rockbox on your player *may* be bad for it
11:21:38Jungti1234baobab68: yes
11:21:45luganyou guys (non developers) need to calm down and let Linus work
11:21:50Zak1392linus: how?
11:22:16 Join Raskolnikov^ [0] (
11:22:16baobab68even though it boots, ATA drivers and stuff could still damage the disk, correct?
11:22:23Raskolnikov^hi guys
11:22:29LinusNi haven't found out all the details about the hardware so it's very likely that there is a i/o collision/conflict somewhere
11:22:42Raskolnikov^just for information
11:22:55Raskolnikov^i've succesfully booted rockbox on a h320 eu version
11:23:10LinusNit *should* be allright, but you never know
11:23:12 Quit Lost-tv (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
11:23:16MembrilloSo rockbox could have possible physical effects on the HDD?
11:23:20baobab68"the genie is out of the bottle now"
11:23:22muesli_-whee Raskolnikov^
11:23:25LinusNMembrillo: not the hdd
11:23:29DreamTactix291Linus: how different is the hardware between an H1xx and H3xx out of curiosity?
11:23:57Raskolnikov^i don't know if someone else already did that
11:24:02LinusNthe "core" stuff is the same, like cpu, memory, flash etc
11:24:14Raskolnikov^but i thought it might be an interesting information for all of you
11:24:18Jungti1234LinusN : Is a song played in US model?
11:24:18baobab68Raskolnikov - nobody has admitted it
11:24:19Membrillojust the LCD and USBOTG stuff mainly
11:24:22LinusNmost stuff is similar
11:24:30Raskolnikov^baobab68: : i'm kinda crazy ;)
11:24:33DreamTactix291that's what my understanding was
11:24:35baobab68Jungti - I don't think so
11:24:47ColdtoastLinusN: with the h300, what's the deal with the Data/Charge USB mode?
11:24:51LinusNbut they have moved things around, so many things aren't controlled by the same port pins
11:25:04LinusNColdtoast: you can charge from usb
11:25:10Coldtoastis ther ea way to make it so anotehr key combo will boot the device with USB set to Charge?
11:25:24muesli_-Raskolnikov^ how is it...what are your experiences, what can already you do?
11:25:25Coldtoastyeah. but how about with having to switch it?
11:25:25LinusNJungti1234: the audio does not work yet
11:25:36 Join Lost-tv [0] (
11:25:41Coldtoastcos you have to set wither Charge or Data mode int eh iriver FW
11:25:48DreamTactix291Jungti1234: it's going to be a while before audio works
11:25:49Jungti1234It's another video.
11:25:50DreamTactix291trust me
11:25:52Zak1392linus: why are you only recommending that developers use it?
11:25:53Raskolnikov^i'm a java developer so i thing i won't be very useful in developing rockbox :P
11:26:03Raskolnikov^but i can help stress testing it
11:26:17Jungti1234DT291: yes
11:26:23LinusNColdtoast: you mean you have to press ON to go to data mode?
11:26:25baobab68raskol: so you can boot to RB, and then reboot to original Iriver firmware ok?
11:26:36Raskolnikov^baobab68: yes
11:26:42 Join webguest48 [0] (
11:26:51DreamTactix291rockbox is dual boot
11:26:57LinusNZak1392: because it doesn't work, and may potentionally damage your player
11:26:58baobab68it's awfully tempting.
11:27:02ColdtoastLinusN: well, one of my friends takes his h300 to work and a couple of times, the battery has run out of juice and there wasn't enough power to boot the device and change from Data to Charge
11:27:17Raskolnikov^baobab68: but you won't do much with rockbox at the moment
11:27:25LinusNoh, i thought it always booted in charge mode
11:27:31Coldtoastdon't think so
11:27:36baobab68i know, but it's "cool".... :-)
11:27:39LinusN(i've never used my h300 with the original fw)
11:27:40webguest48Hi all - like so many others I'd like to thank LinusN for all his work on the H300 firmware.. I personally can't wait........
11:27:41muesli_-Raskolnikov^ did you check the plugins? ->.rock
11:27:42Raskolnikov^damn cool :)
11:27:54Coldtoastnot from what he was saying. he said it was impossible to change to Charge mode
11:27:57Raskolnikov^muesli_-: no haven't tried yet
11:28:06Raskolnikov^i've tried to switch theme
11:28:06muesli_-do it pls :D
11:28:09Raskolnikov^and it worked
11:28:14ColdtoastRaskolnikov^: can you confirm that?
11:28:19Coldtoastabout the USB mode?
11:28:22Raskolnikov^i take the unit
11:28:43Raskolnikov^Coldtoast: sorry i wasn't following your discussion
11:28:44baobab68(how do you quote ppl's names like that...)
11:28:48Coldtoastif you set it to Data mode, when you reset the device, it boots with USB in Data mode, right?
11:29:13 Quit webguest48 (Client Quit)
11:29:26Raskolnikov^i don't undestand what you mean..
11:29:33Raskolnikov^anyway rockbox boot damn fast!!
11:29:39Coldtoaston your h320, change the USB mode to Data
11:29:41Zak1392if my iriver stuffs up, is there any easy way to fix it?
11:29:47_FireFly_baobab68: it depends if your irc-client cad do it: simple type the first chars of the name and press the tab-key
11:29:48Coldtoastyou can select either Charge mode or Data
11:29:55DreamTactix291Zak1392: probably not
11:29:59Raskolnikov^ah, right
11:30:05baobab68thanks _FireFly_
11:30:08Raskolnikov^i've never used usb to recharge it
11:30:18baobab68(worked using RB's webclient)
11:30:18Coldtoastif you set it to Data, when you reset the device, is it still in Data mode when you boot?
11:30:22DreamTactix291i use USB to charge my PMP a lot
11:30:50muesli_-Raskolnikov^ check starfield.rock and make a picture pls :D
11:30:55Coldtoastit'd be excellent if you had another key combo so that when it boots, it sets USB to Charge
11:31:52baobab68well once again all, it's quite cool where this is at. i think i will wait a few days and see if ppl's screens, hdd's, headphones and data ports survive, before doing mine.
11:31:54Raskolnikov^is that a screensaver?
11:31:59muesli_-kind of
11:32:06muesli_-just eye candy
11:32:07Raskolnikov^it works ;)
11:32:12muesli_-piiic :D
11:32:18muesli_-is it in color?
11:32:39muesli_-mandelbrot.rock ?
11:32:50baobab68to all in the RB team - "keep up the good work."
11:33:26*baobab68 is a Word master available to help with doco if needed
11:33:38 Quit andrewmel ()
11:33:40Raskolnikov^can't find that muesli_-
11:33:47muesli_-same directory
11:34:09Raskolnikov^snake works :)
11:34:15lugancheck the irc log, last I heard mandelbrot crashed RB
11:34:17 Join linuxstb_ [0] (
11:34:29baobab68and good night to all. happy bungee jumping...
11:34:38 Part baobab68
11:34:45Raskolnikov^there's no mandelbrot
11:35:02ColdtoastI reckon it'd be cool to have, like, an "fm" dir or somethign where you can dump bitmaps named the same thing as any FM presets so the FM WPS can display station logos when you select FM presets
11:35:11Raskolnikov^bounce has some color
11:36:06MembrilloColdtoast: or maybe you could have a system where its embedded in the preset file like how album covers can be embedded in ID3 tags
11:36:08 Nick Lost-tv is now known as ashridah (
11:36:18muesli_-Raskolnikov^ can you take a pic
11:36:33muesli_-LinusN said cube shall look fantastic
11:36:35Raskolnikov^i'm doing
11:36:43Raskolnikov^let's try cube
11:37:07Raskolnikov^nice :)
11:37:38Raskolnikov^i'm taking pics with the cell phone
11:37:39muesli_-can you take a pic of it? at least this one
11:37:48Raskolnikov^so i dunno what it will come out
11:37:54Raskolnikov^the camera battery is dead
11:38:00Raskolnikov^gotta recharge that
11:38:16LinusNanother word of advice: please don't flood this channel with information on h300 crashes or things that don't work on the h300
11:38:31LinusNexcept if you are a developer that is
11:38:36Raskolnikov^sure i won't
11:38:46muesli_-maybe we need #rockbox.lounge
11:38:56Raskolnikov^can i talk about the wonderful things that actually works? :)
11:39:18Zak1392raskolnikov: have you tried turning it off and stuff like that?
11:39:42LinusNpoweroff may or may not work :-)
11:39:50 Join linuxstb__ [0] (
11:39:54_FireFly_LinusN: i will put a patch on tracker for the additional remote-lcd-settings should i also include a seperate selection for scrollbar and statusbar on the remote ??
11:40:04Raskolnikov^Zak1392: turned off right now
11:40:07Zak1392linux: why is that?
11:40:12LinusNto be absolutely sure that it has powered off, push the reset button after powering off
11:40:15Raskolnikov^muesli_-: this pics are crappy
11:40:27linuxstb__Morning all. Are we planning to make the file install into the .rockbox directory now? Or is it going to be up to the user to move it?
11:40:30muesli_-damn it
11:40:33Raskolnikov^ok LinusN, i try it
11:40:34LinusNZak1392: because i haven't verified that my way is the right way
11:40:49Raskolnikov^pushed the reset button
11:40:54Raskolnikov^nothing happened
11:41:02LinusNlinuxstb__: we will probably move it eventually
11:41:16LinusNi just prepared the boot loader to support it in case we wanted it that way
11:41:28LinusNRaskolnikov^: that's to be expected
11:41:48LinusNbut now you know its off for real :-)
11:42:09Raskolnikov^good :)
11:42:16linuxstb__I'm just thinking it could cause problems if someone has an old rockbox.iriver in their .rockbox folder and then upgrades...
11:42:28Raskolnikov^wait a minute, go to try it the camera has some charge
11:42:55LinusNlinuxstb__: it looks in .rockbox first
11:43:10linuxstb__Exactly. I mean the current installation to the root can cause problems.
11:43:15LinusNlinuxstb__: you have a serious split personality disorder
11:43:28linuxstb__No, I have a seriously unreliable ADSL connection....
11:43:37LinusNlinuxstb__: no, it looks in .rockbox *first*
11:43:52LinusNso any stray rockbox.iriver in the root will be ignored
11:43:57linuxstb__Yes, but the contains the rockbox.iriver in the root.
11:44:29LinusNah you mean if the user moves it to .rockbox himself?
11:44:38LinusNthen that's his problem, not ours
11:45:21linuxstb__I'm just thinking the priority for the bootloader should match the default for
11:45:38linuxstb__But you're right - if the user moves things, it is his/her fault.
11:45:41 Quit davidc____ (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
11:45:46LinusNhow is the bootloader supposed to know when the .zip changes?
11:46:20_FireFly_LinusN: ??
11:46:31LinusNthe bootloader is prepared to handle the move from root to .rockbox in the zip
11:47:22Raskolnikov^muesli_- , the battery is recharging, in half an hour i should be able to have some pics
11:47:33 Join San [0] (
11:47:35muesli_-yippie :D
11:47:37linuxstb__I'm not saying anything should be done differently, I'm just mentioning the potential problem a user could have.
11:47:54muesli_-the world needs pix :D
11:47:55LinusNlinuxstb__: why don't you kill your ghosts?
11:48:18linuxstb__I'm not sure how to (I'm using xchat)
11:48:28LinusNno registered nick?
11:48:39linuxstb__Yes, the first one is registered.
11:48:49linuxstb__I normally just wait for them to timeout.
11:48:52Zak1392so... does the rockbox.iriver file have to be in the root or in the .rockbox folder?
11:48:57linuxstb__But if there's a better way, please tell me.
11:49:16LinusN /msg nickserv ghost <nickname> <password>
11:49:22Maximeboth work in v6 Zak1392
11:49:23 Quit linuxstb (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
11:49:47linuxstb__LinusN: OK. So I should register all of them.
11:50:07Zak1392what v6?
11:50:09LinusN /msg ghost linuxstb <password>
11:50:20LinusNZak1392: or v1 if you're a h300 user
11:50:40 Nick linuxstb__ is now known as linuxstb (
11:51:01Mode"#rockbox +o LinusN " by ChanServ (ChanServ@services.)
11:51:18linuxstbLinusN: Thanks for the IRC tutorial.
11:51:26Kick(#rockbox linuxstb_ :LinusN) by LinusN!
11:51:26_FireFly_LinusN: how about my question ??
11:51:49 Join ender` [0] (i=ychat@
11:51:58Raskolnikov^ok i'll be back later
11:52:05LinusN_FireFly_: ah, sorry missed that
11:52:15Raskolnikov^hopefully with some pics of my rockbox h320 :)
11:52:18 Join gromit` [0] (n=gromit`
11:52:19LinusNyes, i think so
11:52:50_FireFly_LinusN: should i post the question again ??
11:52:59 Quit Raskolnikov^ ()
11:53:16LinusN_FireFly_: i think you should include those settings
11:53:28_FireFly_ah ok i will do it :)
11:54:57MembrilloLinusN: Just curious. How much was the H1xx RB based on the Archos version?
11:55:07Membrilloif you know that is
11:56:24LinusNMembrillo: a lot
11:57:04LinusNmost of the code base is the same
11:57:20 Quit lugan ()
12:04:55 Quit ghostface24 ()
12:06:16 Quit Membrillo ("CGI:IRC (EOF)")
12:06:32 Quit Sando ("/")
12:09:05 Join Acksaw [0] (
12:09:28Acksawi see some people on MR saying they got the rockbox bootloader (h300) it is available to download?
12:09:38muesli_-see my reply
12:10:10Acksawyeh just saw it =]
12:10:10ashridahAcksaw: keep in mind that it's experimental and poorly tested on international players, and rockbox itself doesnt do a whole lot yet on H3x0
12:10:12Acksawhave you loaded it?
12:10:20Acksawi got a US h320
12:10:36muesli_-i did not..own a h140 so far
12:10:44muesli_-but some did
12:10:46Acksawi see
12:10:53Acksawi dont know which to download or how to install it...
12:10:53muesli_-did it
12:10:57Acksawwhat does it do so far?
12:11:05 Join DangerousDan [0] (
12:11:07muesli_-see the thread
12:11:18Acksawwhich one?
12:11:36muesli_-the one youve posted
12:11:47Acksawit doesnt say what it does so far
12:12:10LinusNso far it doesn't do much, except crash
12:12:20ashridahand not turn off
12:12:31ashridahand apparently it disables the RTC mode while in standby or whatever :)
12:12:55muesli_-see also
12:13:30AcksawRTC mode?
12:13:48Acksawso there no real point in using it yet then?
12:13:54LinusNabsolutely not
12:13:54muesli_-LinusN you said rbx will look on boot in .rockbox for *.iriver first
12:14:01ashridahAcksaw: not unless you're a developer
12:14:10LinusNmuesli_-: yes?
12:14:15Acksawi can wait =]
12:14:33muesli_-but on there's no *.iriver in .rockbox
12:14:48LinusNmuesli_-: that's not the bootloader
12:15:18LinusNi never said that rockbox.iriver would be in .rockbox in the zip files
12:15:34muesli_-i understood it as this would be implemented in general
12:15:34LinusNit's still in the root for now
12:15:39AcksawLinus, is there any more pics so far/
12:15:39LinusNnot yet
12:15:45muesli_-ok :)
12:15:45ashridahis it just me, or are the misticriver forums shockingly ugly to look at?
12:15:53LinusNnot until most people have upgraded to the new bootloader
12:15:57Acksawwhich layout you using?
12:16:02LinusNashridah: the black theme?
12:16:16muesli_-the black is really ugly if you ask me
12:16:19AcksawI didmn't like the black theme at first...
12:16:20LinusNashridah: use the test theme
12:16:28Acksawits growing on me but i still don't like it!
12:16:30muesli_-makes me depressiv ;)
12:16:50Zak1392i've gotten used to it
12:17:08Zak1392i used to think it was ugly
12:17:20Acksawsee ya muesli
12:17:34ashridahLinusN: i suspect i need an account first
12:17:44LinusNthink so
12:17:49Jungti1234oh -_-
12:18:49 Quit qupada ("We apologise for the inconvenience")
12:19:11Jungti1234There is that I take a picture to misticriver.
12:19:31Jungti1234It's imitation.
12:19:33Zak1392gotta go for now
12:19:38Zak1392see ya
12:20:00Jungti1234Who is LedFloyd?
12:20:17 Quit Zak1392 ()
12:20:37LinusNhe's PinkZeppelin's little brother :-)
12:20:59AcksawI actually think its good that your doing rockbox on a US h300
12:21:17Acksawas the int. people get everything before the people with the US
12:21:54ashridahapparently the firmware seems to work on both, a couple of people have tried it, or something
12:21:57ashridahor at least, Jungti1234 has
12:22:02LinusNoh really? you got the wonderful drm, don't you? :)
12:22:04ghode|afk - anyone seen this?
12:22:07Acksawhave you got any more pics of rockbox running on the h320? apart from the ones showing the program working?
12:22:11 Quit Maxime (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
12:22:18Acksawi don't use the DRM =]
12:23:37Acksawsup Jung?
12:24:22Acksawyou said "?"
12:24:27Acksawjust wondering why
12:24:48LinusNghode|afk: i replied
12:25:19Jungti1234That I have what ?
12:26:01 Join Raskolnikov [0] (
12:26:09Raskolnikovhi again
12:26:24Raskolnikovfinally i have pictures of rockbox running on h320 eu
12:26:30Raskolnikovgoing to resize them
12:26:35Raskolnikovand upload somewhere
12:26:42 Join Maxime [0] (
12:28:35 Join Lear [0] (
12:28:50 Join San||Studying [0] (
12:31:02Raskolnikovmuesli_-: are you ready?? :)
12:32:24Jungti1234Picture is small.
12:32:55Coldtoastit's not small
12:33:00Coldtoastit's miniscule
12:33:05 Join tim66 [0] (n=tim@
12:33:20dwihnoremove .th and you
12:33:26Coldtoastheh. I'm the screen is almost as small as my desktop icons
12:33:26dwihno'll see the full-scale img
12:33:38Jungti1234hi markun
12:33:41Raskolnikovthis is bigger
12:33:49markunHi Jungti1234!
12:34:12Jungti1234I waited you.
12:34:16Raskolnikovno, that's not bigger:P
12:34:33markunSo, waiting for the bootloader is over. I can make you a unicode version soon
12:34:57Raskolnikovhere's another one:
12:34:57markunThen you can finaly use your korean translation
12:35:12Jungti1234Moving is strange in Korea model.
12:35:40Jungti1234Moving -> Running..?
12:36:00Raskolnikovanother one:
12:36:19 Quit muesli_- (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
12:36:44ashridahJungti1234: i didn't get to see that video before. what's strange about it?
12:36:46 Quit San (Connection timed out)
12:37:13Jungti1234Menu operates alone.
12:37:23Jungti1234LCD is lighted alone.
12:37:41ashridahnot sure 'alone' is the right word
12:38:03Jungti1234I didn't apply.
12:38:17Jungti1234But, my H300 operates.
12:39:11Jungti1234Don't know how must translate.
12:40:34Raskolnikovall my pics here:
12:41:55 Join mashalla [0] (
12:42:28Jungti1234That appliance is strange at song playing operate.
12:43:26Raskolnikovwhen i try to play a song it all mess up
12:43:35Raskolnikovno music (obviously)
12:43:44Raskolnikovbut it also seems to receive key presses
12:43:46Jungti1234If see video, you are going to understand fast.
12:44:00Raskolnikoveven if i don't touch anything at all
12:45:02Raskolnikovalso i've tried to turn on id3 db
12:45:04Jungti1234Even if I don't touch, device operates.
12:45:11Raskolnikovthen when i press navigate
12:45:13Raskolnikovit crashes
12:45:46Jungti1234Appliance stops.
12:47:51San||Studyingwhat can bootloader vq do?
12:47:52 Nick San||Studying is now known as San (
12:48:04Raskolnikovall in all, this is a great day for my h320 :)
12:49:42 Join JdGordon [0] (
12:50:02 Join grimbly [0] (
12:50:34grimblyHI ALL - just wondering where I can download RB for the H300 - done the bootloader - but can't find the actual RB files...
12:50:54Jungti1234My H300 is not normalcy...
12:50:55Acksawsan come on MR ric
12:51:10Raskolnikovjust look at the path for the others builds... ;)
12:51:34JdGordonso whats the deal with rockbox and the h320? its sorta working?
12:51:45Santhere ya go grimly
12:52:02RaskolnikovJdGordon: it succesfully boots
12:52:12JdGordondoes it play music?
12:52:14grimblyYeah - got that and done it. I need the link to the actual Rockbox files not the bootloader
12:52:29RaskolnikovJdGordon: no
12:52:35JdGordonhaha ok
12:53:09Jungti1234hey markun
12:53:22Sanwhat does the patching of the firmware do?
12:54:07RaskolnikovJungti1234: yes but it's mute ;P
12:54:38ashridahSan: it adds a chunk of code to the original iriver firmware that allows a small part of rockbox to take over and load rockbox from disk
12:54:41grimblyDo I use the H120 Rockbox binary ?
12:54:50Raskolnikovcan't wait for the day i'll heard my h320 rockboxed spell is first word :P
12:54:55Raskolnikovgrimbly no
12:55:06Raskolnikovgrimbly: i've sent you a private message
12:55:07JdGordonwhats the boot time on the h320 with rockbox?
12:55:14Raskolnikovdidn't you received that?
12:55:20RaskolnikovJdGordon: 5 seconds circa
12:55:22grimblyNo sorry
12:55:25San <ashridah> San: it adds a chunk of code to the original iriver firmware that allows a small part of rockbox to take over and load rockbox from disk <−−- Thanks, and what do I do with the bootloader-h300.bin?
12:55:38JdGordonis it expected to go slower when it works properly?
12:55:38Raskolnikovgrimbly: and now?
12:55:38grimblyI'm using the webclient...
12:55:42ashridahJdGordon: 4-5 seconds irrespective of number of files on the player (in the root may be a different story)
12:55:45Raskolnikovi see
12:55:47grimblyYou can email me if you like...
12:55:53JdGordonok, awesome
12:55:59Jungti1234I want to listen a song.
12:56:01*JdGordon is sick of waitng 30sec to listen to music
12:56:09ashridahSan: you need to use a utility to patch it into iriver's firmware. if you have to ask, you probably aren't really interested in rockbox's current state
12:56:31Sani know
12:56:36SanI just wana see it though
12:56:37 Join muesli_- [0] (
12:56:47Sani have patched the firmwate
12:57:12Raskolnikovgo to misticriver and see the pics :)
12:57:19grimblyRaskolnikov - yet to get the mail mate.. .Sorry to be a pain
12:57:48Raskolnikovgrimbly: check it now
12:57:58grimblyGot it cheers!
12:58:04ashridahSan: if you've patched the firmware, why did you ask what to do with bootloader-h300.bin ?
12:58:21Raskolnikovman the cube is spectacular :P
12:58:22Jungti1234I'm going to put H100's firmware to my H300.
12:58:40Raskolnikovdo you want to kill it?
12:58:42ashridahJungti1234: what? why?
12:58:51 Join speed123 [0] (
12:58:52ashridahare you trying to make it break?
12:58:55grimblyOK - HERE GOES!!!
12:59:02Sani patched the firmware with the .exe file, and i downloaded a bootloader-h300.bin file aswell, i tought you needed that
12:59:13ashridahSan: no, not if you use fwpatcher
12:59:22Raskolnikovi was so brave to try rockbox on my h320 eu because i wanted an excuse to upgrade it to a h340 :P
12:59:29ashridahSan: the fwpatcher utility contains a copy of bootloader-h300.bin
12:59:39muesli_-Raskolnikov nice :D
12:59:41Sanso just flash my player now?
12:59:50Raskolnikovbut damn.. it worked!
12:59:52ashridahSan: the separate bootloader file is usable if you've got a compiled copy of the rockbox sourcetree, and thus, have a copy of mkboot
13:00:16Jungti1234I tried to korea model.
13:00:33ashridahSan: as long as you've heeded all the prerequisite warnings, and you understand that rockbox will make your player LESS functional, (apparently the RTC low power mode breaks or something), sure
13:00:39Jungti1234Moving is impossible.
13:00:43grimblythanks all - shame it doens't play music yet... but it's awesome!
13:00:50Raskolnikovplease little h320... say something... sing a little single note!!! :D
13:00:55Jungti1234Device moves alone.
13:01:28ashridahJungti1234: we warned you that rockbox is not completely functional on the H300 series yet.
13:01:30Jungti1234I don't know that can wait when the problem is ameliorated.
13:01:46ashridahJungti1234: if you can, reset the device, and hold 'record' when turning the device on
13:01:47***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
13:01:49grimblyThanks all
13:01:49Raskolnikovdoes someone know if aac created with itunes are better or equal to ogg?
13:01:51ashridahit should go back to theo riginal firmware
13:01:52Jungti1234yes, I saw.
13:02:02Raskolnikovi actually encode all my cd with ogg at 160
13:02:02 Quit grimbly ("CGI:IRC (EOF)")
13:02:15San<ashridah> <−− Just flash the firmware now, and it should all be fine, wont damage the player if it works, right?
13:02:23Jungti1234I know.
13:02:32Raskolnikovbut i would like to use a format which i could exchange with my friends using ipoo
13:02:34ashridahSan: i make absolutely no garuntees, and take no responsibility
13:02:45Sani know
13:03:04*San is going to flash
13:03:14ashridahSan: and so far as i know, you should even still be able to reflash it with the original firmware, provided you can boot bakc into iriver's original firmware by holding record.
13:03:29 Join Bger_cgiirc [0] (
13:03:36Bger_cgiircguys, hi :)
13:03:46Raskolnikovhi bger
13:03:53JdGordonis there any point flashing the h320 now? like apart form boot, can it do anything?
13:04:00JdGordonor is it just the wank factor?
13:04:01Bger_cgiircjust patched international h340 with the bootloader
13:04:08hshahthe latter JdGordon
13:04:18ashridahJdGordon: from what people said, the cube plugin looks decent... :)
13:04:29Sanwhats the cube plugin?
13:04:34Bger_cgiircwhere can i find the rockbox binari itself ?
13:04:44ashridahSan: itdisplays a rotating 3d cube
13:04:44Raskolnikovthis san:
13:04:58 Quit curio (Remote closed the connection)
13:05:04Jungti1234I tried.
13:05:05ashridahBger_cgiirc: search the irc logs, the daily build is actually on, it's just not linked on one of the daily build pages
13:05:21Bger_cgiirc10x, ashridah
13:05:22JdGordonminesweeper, pong and tetris :D
13:05:26*JdGordon goes to flash
13:05:30Raskolnikovsnake works to
13:05:41Raskolnikovso you can use your h300 to play :P
13:06:07*ashridah notes that this is all that worked when he first put rockbox on his iriver H140
13:06:13ashridahBger_cgiirc: that's the one
13:06:15Acksawwhere can i find all these pics?
13:06:27 Join Wett [0] (
13:06:27ashridahAcksaw: i think Raskolnikov is taking them himself
13:06:39RaskolnikovAcksaw: here:
13:06:44Raskolnikov7 pics
13:06:52ashridahAcksaw: you can download the daily log from and search for .jpg
13:06:56ashridahthat'll find any posted today
13:07:00ashridahor that
13:07:19Acksawart brut i see
13:07:35Raskolnikovwhat will happen now if i plug it in the ac for recharging?
13:07:51ashridahRaskolnikov: the player will give you a gold piece
13:08:00Raskolnikovi guess i have to start iriver firmware before doing that
13:08:01*ashridah has no idea :)
13:08:10Raskolnikovlets try
13:08:21Sanwhat happens when it says firmware loades
13:08:26Sanresults: -1
13:08:30Sanand then turns off?
13:08:51Sanwhat is that
13:08:53ashridahSan:you need to also copy the contents of a (such as the daily build Bger_cgiirc mentioned just before) into the root of the player
13:09:03Sancould ave told me that
13:09:12ashridahor it won't find a rockbox firmware to actually load (odd, i thought it was supposed to fail over to the iriver firmware by default)
13:09:19ashridahSan: i thought i did.
13:09:38ashridah"ashridah San: it adds a chunk of code to the original iriver firmware that allows a small part of rockbox to take over and load rockbox from disk"
13:09:44ashridahi believe i mentioned the 'from disk' bit
13:09:50ashridahnot my fault you didn't ask for clarification ;)
13:10:00Sanmy ba
13:10:01ashridahanyway, hold record, it should boot the original firmware
13:10:06muesli_-Raskolnikov query
13:10:07Sani am shaking
13:10:14Raskolnikovif you plug the ac adapter
13:10:16Acksawlol san
13:10:18Santought it was gone
13:10:18*Bger_cgiirc dances the "first rockbox boot" dance
13:10:19ashridahyou can copy rockbox onto it then. (or possibly the usb-from-flash mode of rockbox will work, not sure)
13:10:23Raskolnikovit automagically starts default iriver firmware
13:10:23Bger_cgiircmany 10x to all of you, guys
13:10:33Sanwhere can I get the
13:10:35ashridahRaskolnikov: interesting. player must use a different entry point
13:10:42ashridahSan: look back in the logs.
13:10:57muesli_-Raskolnikov query
13:11:11Raskolnikovi've sent you a message muesli_-
13:11:16 Join Febs [0] (
13:11:16Raskolnikovhaven't you received that?
13:11:29muesli_-Private messages from unregistered users are currently blocked due to spam problems, but you can always message a staffer. Please register! ( )
13:11:30muesli_-Private messages from unregistered users are currently blocked due to spam problems, but you can always message a staffer. Please register! ( )
13:11:41Raskolnikovi see
13:11:44Raskolnikovlet's register..
13:11:45 Join Guest70021 [0] (
13:11:52 Nick solexx_ is now known as solexx (
13:11:58muesli_-./query muesli_- will do it too ;)
13:12:23muesli_-without . of course
13:12:24Raskolnikovlets try
13:12:27Acksawhey febs
13:12:28Jungti1234I don't become though I registered.
13:12:43Bger_cgiircwow, reboot is *really* fast
13:13:09Raskolnikovreceived something muesly?
13:13:10Acksawso, is there a high risk of using rbx?
13:13:12Bger_cgiirchm, peakmeter works :)
13:13:23muesli_-nope... Raskolnikov
13:13:24ashridahAcksaw: given that it currently doesn't work perfectly, i'd say so
13:13:36Raskolnikovhave icq or msn?
13:13:38Bger_cgiircAcksaw: noone can be sure enough to say "no"
13:13:38JdGordondamn u ppl.... im flashing my beast
13:13:42Acksawi see
13:14:05Acksaw1 brick out of about 15
13:14:14Acksawthe chance is still there...
13:14:22ashridahAcksaw: it doesn't look fatal, and if the unit's not dead enough to load the original firmware, it *should* be able to reflash with a clean unpatched firmware and be fine
13:14:34muesli_-how did you do that ashridah ?
13:14:35Sanit isn't working for me
13:14:38ashridahAcksaw: we've actually had a brick?
13:14:44Acksawyes ash
13:14:48ashridahmuesli_-: do what?
13:14:49Acksawin the rbx forum
13:14:54JdGordonwheres the prehacked h320 firmware?
13:14:56muesli_-brick it
13:15:05ashridahJdGordon: 'prehacked'?
13:15:13Jungti1234What to find password should I do?
13:15:29*Bger_cgiirc is so pleased ...
13:15:30JdGordonso rb loads
13:15:32Sani copied the .rockbox folder into the root of My H300 and it isn't working
13:16:02Acksawtry that trick..
13:16:09Acksaw 1) Reset it
13:16:09Acksaw2) Hold Rec and ON for a second or two
13:16:24ashridahJdGordon: there won't be any official prepatched iriver firmwares
13:16:44ashridahrockbox cannot and will not risk distributing them, since that'd be fuel for iriver to sue them
13:16:53JdGordonok, where is the link to the install it yourself page.. i cant find it again :'(
13:17:02Raskolnikovgoing to lunch
13:17:03Raskolnikovtalk later
13:17:09Bger_cgiircWOW, cube is amazing :)
13:17:23Acksawim gonna start a poll on MR
13:17:31Coldtoastthe JPG viewer on the h100 is more amazing
13:17:33Saniriver firmware works, rockbox doesn't
13:17:33 Quit Raskolnikov (Connection reset by peer)
13:17:42Acksawabout successful and unsuccesful flashing
13:17:47ashridahSan: you unzipped the .zip file into the root of the player?
13:18:09Sanand there is a .rockbox folder
13:18:16ashridahinteresting. does it still give out the same error?
13:18:31Sanresults: -1
13:18:36Sanand then just turns off
13:18:38ashridahand is there a rockbox.iriver file in the root or in .rockbox/ ?
13:19:10Sanis there ment to be?
13:19:16ashridahthen you didn't unzip the file properly ;)
13:19:20Sanit did
13:19:37Slasheri-1 means that rockbox.iriver was not found
13:19:47Sanaaaah, see it now
13:20:00Sanso, do I copy the rockbox folder, or the .rockbox folder?
13:20:29ashridahthe player needs to contain rockbox.iriver either in the root of the device, OR in .rockbox
13:21:02ashridahthat file shoudl be in the Bger_cgiirc linked you to
13:21:14Sanit was
13:21:25Sanbut i just extracted the .rockbox folder by accident
13:21:32ashridahheh :)
13:21:40Sanworks :D
13:22:02Sanhaha, bug
13:22:08ashridah<San> the magic smoke is escaping! is there a patch?
13:22:40Bger_cgiircbtw, its obvious that this is one of the first color players, which rockbox runs on
13:22:41Acksawso, is it working san?
13:23:03Acksaweveryone go there and put if you successfully flashed!
13:23:09Sanwhen scrolling the files, if you hold the down button to long, it keeps going
13:23:24*ashridah suspects there needs to be a fair bit of clearing up of misconceptions about the differences between rockbox and rockbox's bootloader on misticriver ;)
13:23:45ashridahSan: yeah, that's probably related to bugs the H1x0 had a while back. they'll get sorted in time.
13:23:56thegeekI wish all the noobs would just sail their own sea sometimes
13:24:02ColdtoastI really dislike the new look of misticriver
13:24:03Acksawim probably gonna flash in the next few days
13:24:22thegeekif you can't even read the information in the wiki, I won't have much pity with you
13:24:22ashridahAcksaw: i'd give it a few weeks so the devs can have a good poke at things.
13:24:24Coldtoastlooks like something ppl though twas "cool" about 5 yearsa go
13:24:31Acksawgood idea
13:24:33ashridahnow that the bootloader exists, expect things to speed up a fair bit
13:24:36JdGordonany1 got the h300.hex file ? its taking ages to dl from the iriver site
13:24:43ashridahmostly it'll be work with drivers, i suspect.
13:24:45San[12:23] <thegeek> I wish all the noobs would just sail their own sea sometimes <−− Thanks :D
13:24:57AcksawJD im pretty sure i have one
13:25:04thegeekdont get me wrong
13:25:04ashridahthegeek: heh, subtle. :)
13:25:08Acksawwith, different boot and load screens
13:25:13Acksawboot and shutdown*
13:25:14thegeekI have nothing against "new" people
13:25:27Sani am'nt new, just new to rockboc
13:25:29thegeekit's just the "noob" attitude I really dont like
13:25:36Sanhave a look at my profile on MR
13:25:41JdGordonah dw.. almost finished
13:25:42ashridahthegeek: tossing people headfirst into the wiki is a quick way to get them lost in trivia on the devs really want to know about
13:25:50thegeekeveryone was new once, and that's ok as long as you act and behave intelligently
13:26:05Acksaw everyone please vote!
13:26:05Sanwhere is the cube plugin?
13:26:08thegeektrue ashridah
13:26:10*Bger_cgiirc tryes the dircache
13:26:21thegeekbut if they can't understand the information in the wiki
13:26:28thegeekrockbox is not really for them
13:26:31JdGordonthe wiki is terrible
13:26:36thegeekatleast not right now
13:26:49Coldtoasthey. what are the pixel dimensions of the LCD on the remote?
13:26:52ashridahSan: press whatever button brings up the menu ('a-b' on the H1x0, not sure on the H3x0) and go to 'browse plugins'
13:26:54ashridahit'll be in there
13:27:01Bger_cgiircthe same, A-B
13:27:11Sanah, ty
13:27:17Bger_cgiircbtw, does the rockbox shut down now on low battery ?
13:27:22Acksawno menu is on a-b
13:27:28Acksawmenu is on record
13:27:28Coldtoastthere's no remote WPS added to the wiki yet
13:28:26 Quit ashridah ("sleep")
13:29:18JdGordonok so is this right.. i dl the iriver firmware and bootloader.bin and run fwpatchernu.exe on the .hex and all is done?
13:29:21*Bger_cgiirc goes home to charge his player
13:29:46Bger_cgiircnice day all and thanx again for this beast :)
13:29:48*Acksaw np: Test-Icicles - Your Biggest Mistake [04:07m/192Kbps/44KHz]
13:29:56 Quit Bger_cgiirc ("CGI:IRC")
13:30:03Coldtoastwrong JdGordon
13:30:04Santext works
13:30:16Acksawi wanna do it!
13:30:16Coldtoastno need for the bootloader if you're using fwpatcher
13:30:40Coldtoastdownload the fw and fwpatcher, run fwpatcher, select the BIOS and it'll patch it. Then flash
13:30:41JdGordonso just run fwpatcher and pray?
13:30:43Sanahh the different text viewing modes are cool
13:31:02Coldtoastwell, run fwpatcher and you'll have to browse for the fw
13:31:02Acksawif i do go wrong is there a chance to reflash to original iriver FW?
13:31:11JdGordonhere goes nothing....
13:31:23Acksaw*fingers crosssed for JD*
13:31:57JdGordondo not touch while firware upgrading...
13:31:59Acksaweveryone please go here...
13:32:21Coldtoastthat's going to get a bit annoying pretty quickly I think Acksaw
13:32:28Acksawthats my last time
13:32:41Jungti1234hey acksaw
13:33:05stu3Is the correct rockbox install to use for the H300 or should i use the normal rockbox?
13:33:07Jungti1234My H300 malfunctions.
13:33:14JdGordonwtf?? i got the iriver firware
13:33:18speed123i hope the poll doesnt mean 80% of you bricked your players ..
13:33:33Coldtoastuse that one stu3
13:33:41Acksawi forgot tthe option for bricked it
13:33:44stu3Thanks Coldtoast.
13:33:46Coldtoastthat's the absolute most recent one
13:33:46*JdGordon copied the .zip to the playa
13:33:54FebsAcksaw, your poll options are ambiguous.
13:33:54JdGordonwhat else did i need to do?
13:34:13stu3Just about to try the 1.28K patched firmware on a H340.
13:34:15FebsDoes "Yes, with a few problems" mean problems installing the bootloader or problems running Rockbox?
13:34:17ColdtoastJdGordon: you need to copy Rockbox to the player now
13:34:23Coldtoastuse the link stu3 just posted
13:34:25Acksawboth febs
13:34:30Acksawcan you edit the poll for me?
13:34:37Coldtoastunzip that file to the root of the player
13:34:48Sanhow do i get up plugins?
13:34:51FebsThat's not useful, because everyone will have problems running Rockbox, considering that among other things, sound is not yet implemented.
13:34:53Coldtoastthe reason you're getting the iriver fw is you don't have Rockbox on your player yet
13:34:56Santhat doesn't see to work?
13:34:59Acksawi forgot to add "No, I bricked my player"
13:35:02JdGordonColdtoast: the rockbox,zip?
13:35:10Coldtoastyep. unzip it to the root
13:35:16JdGordoni did
13:35:35Sanhow do i get into the menu? A-B?
13:35:45stu3Wish me luck lads :-).
13:35:59Sani felt the same :D
13:36:07JdGordonholy crasp
13:36:09JdGordonit works
13:36:13Sani know
13:36:20JdGordonneeded to restart it again
13:36:29 Join NicoFR [0] (
13:36:35JdGordonthe screen is tiny
13:37:00Sanhow do I get to the screen where a song is playing?
13:37:17JdGordonseems to be laagy
13:37:31Acksawi hear you gotta take it slow to avoid crashign
13:37:45JdGordonthat would be why it just crashed
13:37:48ColdtoastJdGordon: go to the prefs and "Browse for .wps"
13:37:52FebsAcksaw, take a look at the revisions to the poll.
13:38:07ColdtoastRockbox is skinnable
13:38:08stu3Sweeeeet, it works :-D.
13:38:08Acksawthats perfect!
13:38:21stu3Thats an international player as well ;-).
13:38:30Acksawthanks Febs
13:38:34JdGordonhahaha, upsidedown lcd mode
13:39:52Jungti1234Who edited the vote?
13:39:57FebsI did.
13:40:12Sanhey febs
13:40:27Jungti1234I don't select.
13:40:43Jungti1234I did not select that.
13:40:49FebsWhat should your vote be?
13:41:01San[12:40] <Febs> Yes? <−−- Just saying Hey :P
13:41:03JdGordoncude does look cool :D
13:41:07*JdGordon goes to vote yes
13:41:10FebsSan: Ah.
13:41:18SanI cant find the cube
13:41:29JdGordonunder browse plugins
13:41:36Sanhold AB?
13:42:08 Quit ghode|afk (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
13:42:13 Quit muesli_- (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
13:42:44JdGordonhaha, most of these plugins are suelss
13:42:52Jungti1234'Yes, I had a few problems, but got the bootloader installed.' <- This vote must.
13:42:56Coldtoastare they?
13:43:04JdGordonsnow and starfield
13:43:09JdGordonand other screensavers
13:43:15Coldtoastyou call them "useless", I call them "proof of concept"
13:43:22Sanholding a-b brings me to a screen where i have to press left, right, and down to change modes
13:43:29 Join Philip [0] (
13:43:30Acksawnicely said taoast ;)
13:43:31JdGordonright :D
13:43:39Jungti1234The vote is seemed to mistake. :(
13:43:50AcksawJung, tell febs
13:43:54Philipwhere can i download the rockbox files for H300???
13:43:56JdGordonis there any plugins that record most listend to tracks, and logs which tracks were played?
13:44:09stu3Well, all i can say is the bootloader works well :-).
13:44:23Philipiv'e got the bootloader
13:44:24FebsI changed the count to reflect Jungti's vote.
13:44:29Coldtoastenable "Gather Runtime Info"
13:44:38JdGordonstay away from the batterytest plugin
13:44:42JdGordoni tinhk it crashes the h320
13:44:50JdGordonno... it just takes ages
13:44:52JdGordonignore that
13:45:01Jungti1234thanks for Febs
13:45:21Acksawwould anyone want to make a walkthrough for MR?
13:45:33ColdtoastJdGordon: you should have a good old play first and then post thoughts I reckon. rather than mention everything as you check it out :)
13:45:44FebsAcksaw, it already exists on the wikimanual.
13:45:48*JdGordon is too excited
13:45:53JdGordonits like a new toy again :D
13:46:16Philipwhere can i download rockbox.iriver and the .rockbox directory
13:46:21 Quit bbad (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
13:47:06FebsI'll need to make a few changes to reflect the H300 (including putting a big warning) but the process is the same.
13:47:13LinusNJungti1234: "My H300 malfunctions"???
13:47:17Coldtoasttime to make an image .rwps I think
13:47:20Philipis that for H300 as well ??
13:47:28stu3Anyone sussed out if playback works with any codec yet?
13:47:45Coldtoastplayback works with .ogg, .flac, .mp3, .wav
13:47:52Coldtoastto name 4
13:48:05stu3On the H300?
13:48:05JdGordonColdtoast: on 320?
13:48:20Coldtoastoh. dunno there
13:48:20Jungti1234My H300 does strange moving.
13:48:33thegeekLinusN : he's having problems with rockbox itself
13:48:36dwihnoI just acquired an Amiga 500 on a fleamarket!
13:48:39stu3lol, mp3 hasn't worked for me so far.
13:48:40thegeekit seems he can boot into rockbox just fine
13:48:40Jungti1234Although translation is strange..
13:48:42thegeekit's just buggy
13:48:47thegeekso nothing unexpected
13:48:55Coldtoastwhat are you going to do with it dwihno?
13:49:38dwihnoColdtoast: I haven
13:49:41Jungti1234LinusN: Translation is strange, but my H300 is not normalcy.
13:49:43dwihno't tested if it works even :)
13:49:46 Join jelle-k [0] (
13:49:49Coldtoastany expansions?
13:49:51JdGordonwhats car adaptor mode?
13:49:51LinusNJungti1234: what is wrong?
13:49:54Coldtoastor is it vanilla?
13:49:54Sancube is cool
13:50:09Jungti1234My mistake is not.
13:50:16dwihnoColdtoast: So if it does, I'll probably try to get a new mouse (or PS/2 converter, if there are such) and play old games and perhaps try some m68k assembly
13:50:20JdGordonLinusN: your a legend dude :D
13:50:35thegeekLinusN : he even posted a movie
13:50:38dwihnoColdtoast: Seems like some kind of 512k memory module is installed
13:50:47thegeekbecause it was hard for him to explain what was wrong
13:50:49Coldtoastcool. you should have at least that
13:50:52 Join pinkutank [0] (n=ddd@
13:50:53JdGordonok silly q.. how do u turn it off now?
13:50:57Jungti1234LinusN: no, rockbox's mistake is not.
13:51:05LinusNJungti1234: i don't care if it is your mistake or not, i want to know what is wrong with your h300
13:51:15Sanhaha, snake!
13:51:16LinusNJdGordon: hold off
13:51:24Coldtoastme was 100% Amiga, and had been for since the late 80s, up intul about 1997
13:51:37thegeekI think that is the link he posted earlier
13:51:54JdGordon:p works well on my h320... cept for pressing buttons too quickly
13:51:57Coldtoastfrom about 1987-1997, I was all Amiga based
13:51:59Jungti1234I took much videoes.
13:52:14whatboutbobjdgordon: car adaptor mode is for the archos players. ignore it.
13:52:16dwihnoColdtoast: What can you use a 500 for? :) Except gaming, that is...
13:52:30Acksawi cant download from rapidshare
13:52:54Coldtoastyou can do LOADS of great things with them
13:52:57Sani am uploading a video of the cube to putfile ATM
13:53:04Coldtoastbut you'll need to spend money on expansions
13:53:16AcksawYou have downloaded 38493 KB in one hour. Want to download more?
13:53:16JdGordonsilly q... can the default firware be changed to load iriver instead of rb?
13:53:20Acksawi havent downloaded anything.
13:53:22thegeekthose are the links he pasted
13:53:22pinkutankwhat are those the geek
13:53:26Coldtoastyou1 1MB Amiga can do a lot, but accelerators and HDD expansions will tranfsorm it
13:53:30thegeekJungti1234's movies
13:53:34Acksaw"You have downloaded 38493 KB in one hour. Want to download more?" even though i have downloaded nothing
13:53:40pinkutankwho and what is he
13:53:43dwihnoColdtoast: Is it hard to attach some hard disk?
13:53:46AcksawJung, can you host that elsewhere?
13:53:59 Join ashridah [0] (
13:54:01Coldtoastnope. you plug em into the edge connector on the left hand side
13:54:07SanOMG, pong
13:54:12Jungti1234i don't understand
13:54:17LinusNi don't get it, shows a working rockbox
13:54:17dwihnoColdtoast: There's a regular IDE connector there?
13:54:21AcksawJung, i cannot download from rapidhsare
13:54:21Coldtoastit's an external unit with HDD and accelerator
13:54:26pinkutankis he a toaster? a dev? how does he smell, what did he do?
13:54:28thegeekLinusN : as I was trying to say
13:54:34LinusNagain: what is wrong with it?
13:54:35thegeekI think he's just trying to say that it's buggy
13:54:54Jungti1234Translation is hard.
13:54:56thegeekhe's like from japan or something
13:55:00Santhere is a but in pong, the oppont doesn't move, but he still beats me
13:55:01ashridahthegeek: korea
13:55:02LinusNi give up
13:55:03*whatboutbob starts a recording battery test on his H120 with 2200mAh battery.
13:55:06dwihnoColdtoast: I remember my brother having a IDE cable running from the amiga to an external plastic casing...
13:55:08Coldtoastprolly just best to do some googling dwihno
13:55:11Jungti1234It is hard that speak all by translation.
13:55:15dwihnoColdtoast: probably :)
13:55:22Coldtoasthe probably had an A1200?
13:55:23dwihnoColdtoast: How about using PS2-mice on the amiga?
13:55:29ColdtoastI think teh A500 might be SCSI
13:55:36pinkutankso is he an alien?
13:55:36dwihnoColdtoast: Naaeeeeh, I think it was a A500...
13:55:46Acksawim gonna do it guys
13:55:53pinkutankdo what
13:55:54 Join ghode|afk [0] (
13:55:59Acksawflash rbx
13:56:03Coldtoastanyway. google the Amiga :)
13:56:08pinkutankamy i ask for what reason
13:56:14Sananyway of making the screen stay on for longer?
13:56:16dwihnoColdtoast: jes. will do :)
13:56:39LinusNok, the "first dead h340" is alive
13:56:46Acksawnice work
13:56:52Sanwhat did you do?
13:56:53Acksawim gonna have to flash it now
13:57:09pinkutanklinusn, what do you mean
13:57:12Sansory for the bad quality
13:57:15FebsInstallation instructions can be found here:
13:57:16pinkutankby dead
13:57:22pinkutankyou mean iriver fw
13:57:31Jungti1234LinusN: I'm using Korea model. Even if I do not touch it, LCD is lighted, and selects menu.
13:57:40FebsAlong with a warning that Rockbox for H300 is at this time mean only for developers.
13:58:02Jungti1234LinusN: Can know if see video.
13:58:31pinkutankthis is crowded
13:58:32Acksawsan the video doesnt work
13:58:49Sanit should
13:58:50JdGordongrr.. it keeps thinkign im pressing NAVI :<
13:59:03Santhat is when audio is playing
13:59:08Sanrestart the player
13:59:16SanAcksaw, works for me
13:59:20pinkutankohhh it was that cube you were talking about
13:59:39^BeN^someone try to install rockbox on H320 eu?
13:59:45JdGordonoh ok... i have to find the optoin to stop it restarting the playing on boot..
14:00:36SanLinusN : I love you
14:00:38PhilipLinus you are a genius!!!
14:01:08San3 cheers for linusN
14:01:10Sanhip hip
14:01:18Sanhip hip
14:01:55Philip??? how do i get out of battery test ???
14:02:01 Quit DreamTactix291 (No route to host)
14:02:02 Join Kohlrabi [0] (
14:02:20JdGordonright.. so when do the games get ported to work on the bigger screen :D
14:02:22^BeN^[14:59:44] <^BeN^> someone try to install rockbox on H320 eu?
14:02:41Philipmine was originally eu
14:02:48Philipbut i use k firmware
14:03:12JdGordonmine was from china i tihnk and works fine with the k fw and rb
14:03:15AcksawBen, someone has done it but it is recommended
14:03:40Philipi thourght i had broken it to start with because i hadn't copied the rockbox files :)
14:03:49Jungti1234Philip: Does it operate well?
14:03:54^BeN^ok mmm patched to rockbox?
14:03:56Philipi think so
14:04:08Philipbut im stuck in battery test :(
14:04:26Philipshould i reset or just wait???
14:04:28LinusNi'm slightly worried about all the non-developer installs...
14:04:41Jungti1234playing music.
14:04:45 Join iobound [0] (
14:04:59Philipi fully understand its my fault when i do anything wrong
14:05:13ashridahLinusN: yes, given the one person on the forum who seems to be having issues.
14:05:17Philipwhat how is it playing music??
14:05:18Jungti1234Do not you have any problem?
14:05:31^BeN^linusn did you recommend to wait?
14:05:43ashridahPhilip: the unit will probably decode music, just not output it, thus, it will display the WPS, i imagine
14:05:44LinusNof course
14:06:03Philipgives error cannot load codec
14:06:20speed123@ LinusN: you see how popluar Rockbox for H320 is, everyone wants it and many risk it
14:06:33Jungti1234play the music
14:06:48*ashridah notes he has to admit it only took him a few days to cave and flash his H140 after the bootloader came out
14:07:06ghode|afki think i lasted about 5 mins...
14:07:07Philipcube looks cool
14:07:11Jungti1234LinusN: Can you solve this problem?
14:07:22LinusNwhat problem?
14:07:26^BeN^mm linus what more need for realese the beta version
14:07:38Jungti1234I talked all short time ago.
14:07:51Jungti1234I'm using Korea model. Even if I do not touch it, LCD is lighted, and selects menu.
14:08:03*whatboutbob has no regrets it took him months to come around. caution is the better part of valour...whatever the hell that means...
14:08:07speed123there is no korea model
14:08:12thegeekJungti1234 : that is normal right now
14:08:15LinusNJungti1234: did you try to play music?
14:08:38Coldtoast_FireFly_: what are the pixel dimensions of the remote LCD?
14:08:42*iobound wonders what part of "for developers only" is hard to understand...
14:08:48LinusNit will boost the cpu frequency to 120MHz and the button driver goes ballistic
14:09:12ghode|afkhehe after 4 hours an answer ;p
14:09:17Jungti1234It's normal?
14:09:18LinusNfrom now on: DO NOT ask why things don't work
14:09:21JdGordonwhy does it boot into iriver after plugging into the comp?
14:09:26JdGordonok, ginore that
14:09:45thegeekJungti1234 : rockbox is not finished
14:09:54Jungti1234I know :)
14:10:00thegeekyou have to wait
14:10:06LinusNgotta go, cu guys
14:10:08 Part LinusN
14:10:09Jungti1234It's v1 yet.
14:10:23preglownow, this isn't what i call the usual sunday #rockbox traffic
14:10:25Jungti1234I can wait.
14:10:26speed123Linus got pissed ^^
14:10:26thegeekvery early version
14:10:31ashridahJungti1234: the BOOTLOADER is v1. rockbox itself is NOT FINISHED
14:10:38thegeekrelax relax
14:10:42Jungti1234I thank to linus.
14:10:47 Quit iobound ("Leaving")
14:10:54thegeekI admire Jungti1234's perseverence
14:10:55preglowso who's bricked their h3x0 yet?
14:11:01ghode|afkspeed123: no, i doubt it, more like he has a life :)
14:11:04ashridahpreglow: someone on misticriver's having issues
14:11:05thegeekthe poor guy has been sitting with a translator all this time
14:11:12ashridahthegeek: longer than you know.
14:11:17thegeekoh I know
14:11:23thegeekhe's been coming here for a long time
14:11:25ashridahhe's been a regular for the last month or two iirc.
14:11:31thegeekhe tends to be here in the middle of the night
14:11:38thegeekand so do I
14:11:44thegeekI know ashridah
14:11:52thegeekas I said
14:11:57thegeekI admire his perseverence
14:12:09ghode|afk<ashridah> Jungti1234: the BOOTLOADER is v1 - v6 actually :/
14:12:11preglowand the rockbox people were having bad thoughts about the ipod users
14:12:17Maximeghode|afk: v1 for h3xx ^^
14:12:35Jungti1234what is perseverance?