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#rockbox log for 2005-11-21

00:00:09TiMiDI don't know
00:00:10pinkutankim not really into drama like manga
00:00:23pinkutanki like surreal stuff
00:00:29pinkutankhmm let me think
00:00:34XavierGryes anime title
00:00:35pinkutankit may be cowboy beop
00:00:42pinkutankit got me in this after all
00:00:45pinkutankits movie
00:00:52pinkutankit has a really good movie
00:00:54TiMiDthere are many differenst animes I like
00:01:01pinkutankgits 1 is good
00:01:01XavierGrI have seen the movie but not the eps
00:01:35pinkutanklol, you know the spike kinda character, one in every anime?
00:01:44pinkutankspike is identical to me
00:01:55pinkutankbut I dont smoke
00:01:56TiMiDatm, "mahoraba" is a good anime, it's funny
00:01:57XavierGrcharacter or appearance?
00:02:30pinkutanka bit like L from death note, something between spike and l
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00:08:14DreamTactix291i haven't seen mahoraba
00:08:14 Quit ramninja (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
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00:08:40 Part Philip_0729
00:09:17pinkutanki gotta do some physics homework
00:10:11pinkutankon electric
00:10:30DreamTactix291electricity is cool
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00:13:11preglowsomeone please give me a clue
00:13:29Bagdersorry, I have none
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00:15:52preglowi love digging out scraps of code from huge programs
00:17:33pinkutankwhat are you trying to dig
00:17:55CassandraHmm - now that we have status bar setting in themes, do you think we should remove the setting from the generated "theme"?
00:18:11Cassandraerm, in WPS, I mean?
00:18:14preglowinterrupt controller code
00:18:24pinkutankwhat is the themes setting btw
00:18:30pinkutankcouldnt get it yet
00:18:37pinkutankit shows up empty dempty
00:18:48Cassandrathemes is just a quick way to load a wps and rwps at the same time.
00:19:05pinkutanki dont have a remote :)
00:19:07CassandraYou running on Archos? No-one's submitted an archos theme yet?
00:19:29pinkutankbleeding edges dont contain themes
00:19:44CassandraThen you should have themes in your theme directory, you're somehow not unpacking the zip correctly.
00:20:55pinkutankbleeding edge doesnt contain wps and themes
00:23:51CassandraErm, yes it does. I just downloaded it to check.
00:24:06CassandraIf you're building your own, then you need to check out the cvs WPS module.
00:24:28Cassandra(and not claim to be running a bleeding edge build - that's a CVS build.)
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00:27:13JdGordonmorning all
00:27:23JdGordonanything interesting happen while i was int he land of nod?
00:28:09preglowno wonder kernel hackers are mad
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00:34:03CassandraAnyone know where read() lives?
00:34:25 Join San||Away [0] (
00:36:01CassandraAh - firmware/common/file.c
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00:39:30CassandraHmmm. Any good reason why we don't return EOF from readwrite() if we have an end of file condition?
00:40:50LinusNEOF? isn't that a stdio thing?
00:41:28CassandraErm, could be. How're you supposed to detect an attempt to read past EOF then?
00:42:27LinusNit returns less than the bytes you requested
00:42:58LinusN0 means end-of-file
00:43:26LinusNman 2 read
00:43:46CassandraAh, right. Good oh.
00:43:54CassandraJust looking there actually.
00:44:07preglowany arm people here? :/
00:44:39CassandraI've got two, I use them for typing.
00:44:59LinusNpreglow: no, i'm more of a leg guy :-P
00:45:18CassandraShit puns, now in glorious stereo.
00:45:27LinusNbad jokes, baaaad jokes
00:45:42LinusNshame on us
00:46:21preglowif i hadn't seen it coming, i might have died laughing
00:46:42markunLinusN: Can you spot the place where the BDM connects to?
00:46:55preglowbdm? wouldn't that use jtag or something?
00:47:14markunyes, jtag
00:47:29preglowbesides, they don't always include a debug port
00:47:29markunthought it was just a different name
00:47:37preglownah, it's a different standard
00:47:42preglowbdm is a motorola thing
00:48:43LinusNmarkun: like preglow says, it may not have a debug connector
00:49:02LinusNyuck, a bga cpu...
00:49:39XavierGrLinusN: I wanted to talk about the radio fmr preset handling if you have time.
00:49:50LinusNwhat about it?
00:49:59XavierGrI talked to Anton and he said to me to make a patch that touches only radio.c
00:50:03 Quit San (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
00:50:25XavierGrwell I tried again, but obviously this can't be done via normal ways.
00:50:27 Quit drumrboy320 (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
00:50:49XavierGrFor one thing fmr files must respond like langs fonts and wps
00:51:09XavierGrso that means another filtype (like in my first patch) fmr
00:52:16XavierGrsettings.c and settings.h also must be added with a little code to remember last user file
00:52:23JdGordonhow much ram does the h300's have?
00:53:00LinusNXavierGr: why must they behave like font and wps files?
00:53:12LinusNJdGordon: 32mb
00:53:39JdGordonhow much is free after ockbox fiishes loading?
00:54:17LinusN30mb or so
00:54:18XavierGrLinusN: to browse a specific folder, for the user to see fmr files, I will need to call rockbox_browse(path, show file handler)
00:54:32*preglow kicks the interrupt controller
00:54:40XavierGrthis means that I need to make a SHOW_FMR type
00:55:02LinusNah yes, if we want to use rockbox_browse
00:55:04XavierGralso settings must have a new entry (like wps) to store the last file
00:55:33XavierGrBut I see no point rejecting the usual tasks for current filetypes
00:55:42XavierGrthe code to be added is very small
00:56:02 Join San [0] (
00:56:37XavierGrI can understand that you may don't want the user to load radio from a file.
00:56:41XavierGrso we can keep this
00:57:35XavierGrbut if we want to store last fmr file and have a wps-alike browse, then I must make some changes outside radio.c
00:58:31XavierGrchanges == to add code for a new filetype
00:59:17 Join Sanitarium [0] (
00:59:51*Cassandra considers aliasing 'vi' to 'emacs'
01:00:53LinusNXavierGr: i wonder if we really want the selected file to be the "active" file, or just copy the contents of the file to the preset file
01:01:06LinusNi think i want the latter
01:01:38LinusNbecause i don't want to destroy a preset file by, for example, doing an autoscan
01:01:44XavierGrah so you mean to have a default file and store there contents of fmr files?
01:02:06***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
01:02:21LinusNand of course be able to save the preset file to a named preset file
01:02:24XavierGrwell the autoscan example can be easilly avoided
01:02:44XavierGrI have a clear preset list option which can't really delete the current preset file
01:04:50XavierGrI mean that the autoscan feature can easily be changed not to interfere with the current preset file,(so that it will be safe, and can't delete user's file)
01:05:07LinusNwhere would it save the presets then?
01:05:16linuxstbLinusN: I agree. It's the same as the .cfg files not becoming "active" when you select them.
01:05:43XavierGryou make the autoscan
01:05:49XavierGrthe previous file is not changed
01:06:05XavierGrthen you select save new preset list and you have a new file with the autoscan
01:06:13amiconnLinusN: Did you see my idea of splitting some config #defines in a feature and an implementation part? Backlight in this case; read back at ~22:50. linuxstb had similar thoughts concerning ipod button handling...
01:07:02XavierGrif not then the autoscan is lost
01:07:11ashridahis it just me, or does rolo not work with the new rockbox.iriver location?
01:07:26preglowthe main cpu and coprocessor must be clocked at the same speed for ipod :///
01:08:18LinusNashridah: rockbox.iriver hasn't moved
01:08:35linuxstbpreglow: I think the cop can be run at half the speed of the main cpu.
01:08:41ashridahLinusN: except in my case, where i moved it to .rockbox/ ? :)
01:08:47preglowlinuxstb: i'd rather it was the other way around
01:08:54LinusNwhy wouldn't rolo work?
01:09:03preglowof course, nothing keeps us from using the main cpu as the codec cpu...
01:09:15ashridahLinusN: not sure. it just didn't detect any changes to rockbox.iriver
01:09:19linuxstbpreglow: I agree.
01:09:21 Quit webguest01 ("CGI:IRC")
01:09:36CassandraI'm having a brain fart - remind me how to switch buffers in emacs, someone, please?
01:09:38LinusNashridah: that has nothing to do with rolo working or not
01:09:57preglowlinuxstb: but of course, it probably doesn't matter too much, since we can send the cop to sleep whenever we want
01:10:07ashridahLinusN: okay, it could just have not noticed the new file, i suppose.
01:10:07LinusNcrtl-x ctrl-b?
01:10:38amiconnpreglow: Is it possible to send the main cpu to sleep reversibly, i.e. will an interrupt wake it up again?
01:10:50LinusNashridah: the check for updated rockbox.iriver is not updated though, since rockbox.iriver hasn't moved yet
01:11:19amiconnThe check for updated firmware file isn't reliable anyway
01:11:20ashridahLinusN: aah, so you're only checking both locations in the bootloader for now. gotchya
01:11:27LinusNamiconn: no
01:12:04 Quit RotAtoR ("CGI:IRC 0.5.4 (2004/01/29)")
01:12:14ashridahLinusN: but yeah, i've already moved my rockbox.iriver into .rockbox, which is why i'm asking. i know hasn't changed yet
01:12:50LinusNwe will make that change eventually, but we'll wait for bootloader v6 to hit the shelves so to speak
01:13:23*amiconn already runs bootloader v6
01:13:30LinusNi do too :-)
01:13:44LinusNamiconn: i think the macro idea is good
01:14:08preglowamiconn: i don't yet know if it's such a sleep we're talking about
01:14:28preglowamiconn: all i know is it's possible to lull the cop to sleep when you want, as well as wake it
01:14:34amiconnI'm thinking about having a general HAVE_BACKLIGHT and keeping CONFIG_BACKLIGHT for implementation details
01:14:47amiconnI'm somewhat heading towards backlight simulation...
01:15:09LinusNyeah, saw the logs
01:16:47XavierGrLinusN: So do you want me to drop entirely the wps-approach? We can discuss this to the mailing list too to see what the other devs like.
01:16:50CassandraIs there much point in upgrading to v6 for H1xx?
01:17:10LinusNXavierGr: i think it might work well
01:17:32XavierGrTo drop the wps approach?
01:17:41LinusNCassandra: no critical bugs were fixed, but a few annoyances
01:17:48LinusNXavierGr: to have it
01:18:09XavierGr:) then proceed with it?
01:18:17CassandraGuess I'll do it when I have a spare moment then.
01:18:35LinusNCassandra: and you will need int once we move rockbox.iriver to .rockbox
01:19:28amiconnI don't see why this move is necessary
01:19:40amiconnIt might make life even harder on mMacOS
01:20:10markunLinusN: My H120 booted into the original firmware when I tried to turn in on with the remote and the main unit on hold. Is that a bug?
01:20:21amiconnToday, if a MacOS user unzips with a tool that doesn't unzip /.rockbox , rockbox will complain about incomplete installation
01:20:24LinusNamiconn: i think the "." should be removed as well
01:20:37amiconnGah, that would be relly ugly
01:21:00amiconnI don't want the .rockbox folder in the "supported" view
01:21:06XavierGryeah I agree with linus on the '.'
01:21:21XavierGrthat's easy fixable no?
01:21:30LinusNwe can filter it
01:21:36amiconnYes, more code..
01:21:59LinusNthe "." has meant a lot of trouble since the beginning of the project
01:22:26LinusNback in the old days, the user had to create .rockbox himself
01:22:43LinusNand the silly windows explorer didn't allow it
01:22:43pinkutankyou guys sound grumpy now
01:22:53amiconnThere's cmd ...
01:23:01DreamTactix291mkdir .rockbox isn't that hard
01:23:05pinkutankmkdir is easy
01:23:09LinusNamiconn: yes, and there are workarounds for mac users as well
01:23:41LinusNbut that means more time spent in the forums and irc, guiding clueless users
01:23:51amiconnYes, but if you move the firmware file to /.rockbox , and a MacOS user uses a bad unzip tool, rockbox would simply not be there
01:24:07LinusNthat's why i want the "." removed
01:24:09linuxstbWhy don't we give it the system attribute in the filesystem?
01:24:09preglowi wonder why i can't get the md5sum for v6 to match...
01:24:18linuxstb(sorry - that's more trouble)
01:24:27LinusNpreglow: building it yourself?
01:24:31amiconnLinusN: ..and that's why I would want the firmware file to stay in the root, and keep the .
01:24:34preglowLinusN: no, from wiki
01:24:55preglowi don't like the . at all
01:24:59LinusNamiconn: and still have the same problem with the maccies?
01:25:16amiconnAt least they'll notice that something is wrong
01:25:42LinusNthey will notice it if rockbox.iriver is missing too
01:25:47linuxstbpreglow: Which iriver firmware are you using?
01:25:51LinusNthe zip will appear empty
01:26:03 Quit ashridah ("Leaving")
01:26:14preglowlinuxstb: 1.65 eu
01:26:29preglowlinuxstb: and
01:26:38amiconnpreglow: That's exactly what I used, and the md5sum matched the one in the wiki
01:26:38linuxstbLinusN: Talking about bootloaders, do you know what the bootloader.bin file is that is linked to in the text just above the checksums table?
01:26:45LinusNpreglow: you don't need the bootloader file
01:26:53XavierGrpreglow: go you have a bdm?
01:26:57preglowXavierGr: no
01:27:07preglowLinusN: i don't need the bootloader file?
01:27:12XavierGrthen don't flash it! :)
01:27:22LinusNah sorry, you use mkboot?
01:27:26preglowLinusN: yes
01:27:32preglowi'm in linux, no fwpatcher here
01:27:40LinusNwine :-)
01:27:44preglowhaha, no wine either
01:28:02preglowa lot of people have said they were going to port fwpatcher to this and that
01:28:04LinusNmkboot should work, did you run "make" in tools?
01:28:04preglownever happened
01:29:04linuxstbpreglow: bootloader-h120 and 1.65eu gave me the same md5sum as the wiki page. I used mkboot as well.
01:29:06 Quit Sanitarium (Connection timed out)
01:29:24preglowa change in mkboot gave new md5sum
01:29:33amiconnLinusN: Another advantage of the . is that it makes the dir so special that there is less chance for a user to delete it
01:29:36preglowi never remember to run make in tools
01:29:46LinusNamiconn: that's true
01:30:02XavierGrif it isn't filtered
01:30:14amiconn...and with bootloader v6 the . can't be removed anyway
01:30:24linuxstbamiconn: Do you know which Mac zip tools cause a problem? Maybe we should mention it somewhere (unless we already do).
01:30:35amiconnThe best solution would be an universal installer, imho
01:30:39 Quit San||Away (Connection timed out)
01:31:08amiconnlinuxstb: I have no idea, I only read about this problem in the forum.
01:31:18amiconnI never owned or used a mac
01:31:48linuxstbAre you sure the zip tools are broken? Macs will hide "." files in the same way as any Unix O/S.
01:31:50CassandraI don't think it's our job to work around brokenness in Mac unzippers.
01:31:51LinusNi once tried to install rockbox with my mac, it drove me nuts
01:31:53amiconnWell, I did very few experiments with MacOS 7.x on a Mac emulator on Amiga
01:31:56preglowhooray, iriver fw refuses to flash
01:31:59*linuxstb goes to the forums.
01:32:05 Quit San (Connection timed out)
01:32:39LinusNpreglow: lovely
01:32:52amiconnlinuxstb: Iiuc some Mac unzippers even hide the dotdirs from themselves
01:34:11preglowi never liked using dots to indicate hidden files
01:34:13linuxstbThe command-line unzip comes as part of Mac OS X, and I've used that myself in the past to install Rockbox. I never tried a GUI zip program though.
01:34:22LinusNand many unzippers just unzip the damn thing to the desktop, and then forces the user to copy the contents to the jukebox
01:34:25markunToshiba is sending me the linux source code to me by (normal) mail!
01:34:34LinusNand .rockbox isn't visible...
01:34:44linuxstbmarkun: hehe.
01:34:46LinusNmarkun: nice
01:34:53pinkutankmarkun: you hit the spot
01:34:56LinusNlet's hope there is something useful there
01:35:02pinkutankI told you theyd be helping
01:35:03markunBut it might take a month..
01:35:11amiconnpreglow: Yes, the dotdir concept is a strange one, but it's an old convention in the *nix world...
01:35:12LinusNi'm not sure you will get what you want
01:35:20pinkutankyou can ask help from their devs
01:35:29pinkutanktheyre really in a pinch
01:35:31preglowamiconn: yes, i know, old and foolish convention, if you ask me
01:35:31markunMe neiter, but we'll see
01:35:33pinkutankpinchu desu
01:35:49LinusNpreglow: not that foolish if you ask me
01:35:57pinkutankyou can get a dev from them to join you
01:36:04preglowi don't think display attributes belong in the filename
01:36:12pinkutankto create rockbox, supported by toshiba for gigabeat
01:36:15amiconnWe *could* hide the rockbox dir without the . by setting the 'hidden' attribute, but I don't know which unzip tools will keep/extract that correctly
01:36:24pinkutankand theyll also work like a lawnmover through bugs
01:36:27preglowif you want something to be hidden, you give it an attribute, not an extra character in the filename
01:36:31linuxstbpreglow: It makes it easier to (e.g.) move all "." files together.
01:36:37pinkutanki think the rockbox community sohul use toshiba :)
01:36:45preglowlinuxstb: well, yeah, but when do you want that?
01:37:05linuxstbA better example is tab-completion.
01:37:25 Join DJDD_ [0] (
01:37:27linuxstbYou couldn't do that in such a way as it only applied to files with a certain attribute.
01:37:52preglowwhy not? it'd be taken for granted that hidden files should be ignored
01:38:00preglowalso by the tab complete routine itself
01:38:24preglowit would a bit more work, of course
01:38:31preglowsince you'd need to look at more than the name
01:39:30preglowbut anyhow, why the hell wont this bitch flash
01:39:39linuxstbDo you want my hex file?
01:39:41LinusNdoes it say anything?
01:39:58preglowit says nothing
01:39:59linuxstb(sorry, you said the md5sum matches now)
01:40:03preglowit does match, yes
01:40:06LinusNwhat is the file name of the hex file?
01:40:53LinusNit should be ihp_120.hex iirc
01:41:38*LinusN hides from the wrath of preglow
01:42:42preglowhow is this possible
01:42:44preglowthe md5sum matches
01:42:47preglowwhat more can it want
01:43:17LinusNhow is your vfat driver configured?
01:43:21preglownot at all
01:43:45LinusNmaybe the iriver firmware doesn't like shortnames?
01:44:04LinusNor vice versa
01:44:50pinkutankdoes gigabeats record audio
01:45:47preglowrockbox can't rename it
01:45:49 Join timeclip [0] (
01:45:50preglowit says Rename failed
01:46:22amiconnYou can't rename it to the same name as before with only the case being different
01:46:35amiconnJust add a letter, then rename again
01:46:50preglowamiconn: yeah, i figured, but still doesn't work
01:47:00 Nick CBM-away is now known as CheeseBurgerMan (n=BurgerBo@
01:48:02LinusNpreglow: fsck?
01:48:20preglowit's done this before
01:48:23preglowages and ages ago
01:48:24markunpinkutank: no, but I think there is a line in through a special dock
01:48:40preglowthen i fixed it by downloading the firmware from another site, but this time the md5sum is frigging identical
01:49:42preglowThere are differences between boot sector and its backup.
01:50:09timeclipdoes anyone have the iriver H-340?
01:51:01preglowfsck did a free cluster count fix
01:51:05preglowthat's all, still can't flash
01:51:47preglowlinuxstb: could you put your image up somewhere, just to verify the extent of this thing's anal rentention tendency
01:52:05LinusNtimeclip: i have one here
01:55:39timeclipLinus, rockbox works well for you?
01:55:54LinusNi haven't installed rockbox on it
01:56:13timeclipahh ok. I just got my 340 this week and I was considering giving it a try.
01:56:28 Join drumrboy320 [0] (
01:57:24timeclipthat's why i came here, some advice.
01:57:24LinusNrockbox is just an overrated piece of junk anyway:-)
01:57:37LinusNrockbox doesn't work on the h300 yet
01:57:50timeclipyeah, i'm at the site now and it's vague
01:57:59LinusNit can display the menus and run some plugins, but it's not worth the risk imho
01:58:41timeclipwell the iriver software seems very stable
01:58:54LinusNsure, the misticriver crowd are wetting their pants, but rockbox is far from usable
01:58:58XavierGrit is
01:59:02XavierGrbut it is very limited too
01:59:09timeclipthe iriver stock sw is doing the trick thus far
01:59:27preglowi give up
01:59:32preglowbootloader v5 it is for me
01:59:54LinusNyou should use the stock firmware for a while, then you will appreciate rockbox so much more :-)
01:59:56XavierGrthis is called destiny
02:00:08XavierGrto be bound with v5 bootloader for eternity....
02:00:09LinusNpreglow: weird indeed
02:00:24preglowthe iriver firmware is a frustrating lagged piece of junk, may i never need to touch it again
02:00:42XavierGrflash it like Slasheri
02:01:01preglowi'm yet to reach the levels of male behaviour shown by slasheri
02:01:10preglowbut i'd be happy if he wrote me a plugin for flashing, heh
02:01:13 Join ansivirus [0] (
02:02:51markunI though slasheri had gone completely crazy when he was happily reading and writing to flash ;)
02:02:57preglowit obviously is my only chance anyway
02:03:11LinusNpreglow: it would probably work if you reformatted
02:03:17preglowmarkun: finns are generally crazy, remember that for future reference
02:03:31preglowLinusN: yeah, i guess so, but i don't have enough space to backup the contents while i do so
02:03:48markunClosest I have been to finnland was estland, and they were crazy already.
02:03:52timeclipwho is finnish?
02:04:04timeclipahh. yes.
02:04:12timeclipthey have their share of genius's
02:05:29preglowonly proof i've got of finnish genious is the demo scene
02:05:42timecliprace drivers
02:06:11timeclipsmall country to have so many people at the top of the lists
02:06:19preglowlinuxstb: seems i was a bit too enthusiastic when i said i'd have browsing working by now...
02:07:14LinusNpreglow: i was worried that the ipod project would take the lead, but now h300 is clearly ahead :-)
02:08:07timeclipr u they doing this for the ipoop too>?
02:08:11preglowwe'll see!!
02:08:18preglowtimeclip: yes, me and linuxstb
02:08:24timeclipi see
02:11:21preglowwhat would be cool would be me making interrupts work
02:12:52timeclipgood luck
02:12:57timeclipu can do it!
02:13:56preglowwading through all this cruft linux needs to do irqs is fun, fun, fun
02:16:38timeclipi can only imagine
02:18:08amiconnI don't think it's completely crazy to read and write the flash
02:18:19 Join SoulEata [0] (
02:18:26SoulEatahello all
02:18:33amiconnApart from that, Finland isn't too far away from Sweden..
02:18:56XavierGrOk lets say that presets are going to sit in .rockbox/presets/ directory. Will that folder already made by the scipt or radio has to check for it?
02:20:17 Join SoulEata1 [0] (
02:20:27SoulEata1a java error crashed me. So now i have a clone.
02:20:46CheeseBurgerManHow fun.
02:20:54 Quit SoulEata (Client Quit)
02:21:06CheeseBurgerManNot anymore. ;)
02:21:07 Join Subterranean [0] (
02:21:17XavierGrbye bye
02:23:42CassandraHmmm. Are the CVS builds requiring bootloader 6 already?
02:23:59linuxstbCassandra: No.
02:24:18CassandraThat's very odd. I just did a build that doesn't have a rockbox.iriver in it.
02:24:29CassandraOh, never mind.
02:24:41CassandraI need to type make in the real dir, not the simulator.
02:26:53preglowi wonder what the ide irq is for
02:27:01preglowwe quite obviously don't need it
02:27:52preglow /* Display the 42x47 pixel iPodLinux logo */
02:28:37amiconnHmm. I just noticed that when looking for parts to move from firmware to apps, the backlight thread is one such candidate
02:28:38markunJust found out that Gigabeat had USB host, but only through the dock.
02:29:17preglowsorry for the spurious paste, it's starting to grow a little short of space on the desk here
02:29:28preglowcan't move my arms without hitting something that pastes ;)
02:29:36 Join San [0] (
02:30:10LinusNpreglow: as long as it isn't something that cuts :-)
02:30:36preglowi've got at least two of those stanley knife things here, so will probably happen sooner or later
02:31:05 Quit JdGordon (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
02:31:32preglowi'm already stupid enough to have them lying around with the blade retracted
02:31:41*preglow rectifies health hazard
02:33:04pinkutankswitchblades on desktop?
02:33:16pinkutankyou stab the penguin when it spurts out errors?
02:33:39preglowdon't we all?
02:34:27CassandraHow did we decide how big the image buffer size was supposed to be?
02:34:43pinkutankyou asked the double banan wieldinh monkey
02:34:55CassandraI'm wondering where this no. pixels * no. of images / 25 idea came from.
02:35:07CassandraIt's entirely possible.
02:35:23pinkutankand it said ub3r j00 m3h 10v3s y3h
02:35:40CassandraThat's nice.
02:35:43pinkutankand was entirely pwnd by the banana spirder
02:36:10pinkutankis there anyway to put bmps in alternating sublines and put them in conditionals?
02:36:24pinkutankI tried
02:36:27pinkutankit didnt work
02:36:34CassandraiAmp uses it, I think.
02:36:43pinkutankas charger?
02:37:01pinkutankwhat does it alternate
02:37:04CassandraNo, codec, but have a look at it to see how they did it.
02:37:05 Quit Kyl3 ()
02:37:14pinkutankI'll have a look
02:37:19pinkutankwhat does codec swithc with
02:38:17pinkutankno it doenst
02:38:23pinkutanki think you got confused there
02:38:32pinkutankI'm talking about alternating sublines
02:38:40pinkutanknot bmps in normal conditionals
02:39:03preglowwell, now it hangs, at least
02:39:11preglowperhaps that means i've successfully triggered an interrupt
02:39:20SoulEata1so do we have any pics of rbx on the ipod
02:40:15pinkutankthere was some
02:40:20pinkutankpreglow sohuld have one on nao
02:41:07pinkutankis nano screen much smaller than h120?
02:41:15CassandraSorry - iAmp rpws is doing something similar with pause state.
02:41:15preglowpinkutank: oh yes
02:41:18preglowpinkutank: half the size
02:41:41pinkutankI should stick to larger players for a while
02:41:47pinkutankthe new ipod looks promisin
02:42:03pinkutankbut I'll temporarily upgrade to an h320/40
02:42:31*Cassandra is trying to persuade a friend who *found* a Nano to part with it for Rockbox development.
02:42:37DreamTactix291yeah nano screen is small
02:42:42Cassandra(some people get all the luck. :( )
02:42:47DreamTactix291compared to an H120's screen it is very small
02:43:00CassandraShe has a mini already, but she likes the shiny colour.
02:43:12CheeseBurgerManheh, good luck getting it. :)
02:43:24pinkutankwhich she
02:43:28SoulEata1whoa its color on the ipod. Thats kinda cool.
02:43:41CassandraI doubt you'd know her pinkutank
02:43:55DreamTactix291my girl has a very nice player IMO
02:43:55timeclipisnt that the specialty of the ipods? their colors?
02:43:56pinkutankoh that she kinda your friend
02:44:08pinkutanklol *your* girl
02:44:17DreamTactix291she inherited my H120 when i bought an H140
02:44:28pinkutankthats why sheis yours?
02:44:33*Cassandra looks confused.
02:44:37pinkutanksold her soul for h120
02:44:51XavierGrDreamTactix291: Tell her that he has a very good boyfriend
02:44:57pinkutankcassandra , i didnt see the purple /me text
02:45:08pinkutankmy friend has a h120 too
02:45:10CassandraOh, right.
02:45:13XavierGrGiving your H120 to another person is something
02:45:13CassandraNever mind.
02:45:13pinkutanka brand new one with remote
02:45:17preglowCassandra: make her part with the mini instead, we don't have one of those!
02:45:26DreamTactix291i knew she'd take care of it
02:45:33DreamTactix291and it was just collecting dust basically
02:45:41Cassandrapreglow: Can we theoretically get it booting on the mini?
02:45:43pinkutanklets do shuffle and we can play guess the error
02:45:52preglowCassandra: sure
02:46:04CassandraI thought we were sticking to colour and nano for a reason?
02:46:06preglowCassandra: it might even boot as is
02:46:19pinkutankwe can even haver games in shuffle
02:46:21pinkutankmind games
02:46:22preglowCassandra: reason being that linuxstb has a colour, and nano is very similar to colour
02:46:33pinkutankyou can print sokoban on paper for example
02:46:40pinkutankand play it with pencil
02:46:48pinkutankmoving the joystic of the shuffle
02:46:51pinkutankand when youre done
02:46:58pinkutankit will do a nice bleep sound
02:47:03pinkutankindicating that you won
02:47:14pinkutankwe can even have 3d games with shuffle
02:47:21pinkutanksee you close your eyes
02:47:29pinkutankand listen to soundtracks of pc games
02:47:34pinkutankpressing buttons randomly
02:47:37preglowbut arghh
02:47:46CassandraOh, right.
02:47:49pinkutankducking jumpiing etc, and then the bus people kick you
02:47:54preglowi write to what i assume is some kind of interrupt control registers for the buttons, and bam
02:47:58pregloweverything hangs
02:48:01pinkutankok I'm done brain shitting
02:48:10CassandraWell, I'll mention it to her.
02:48:27CassandraNot sure how good I'd be at doing the low level porting work.
02:48:36pinkutankher, err gerr perrr purr purrr purr
02:48:45preglowCassandra: well, i'm not too sharp at it either, but i learn as i go
02:48:46CassandraMy housemate has a mini, but I doubt she'd let me near it.
02:48:55pinkutankcan i be the official channel bzztwakhuk
02:49:14DreamTactix291i'm buying my brother an iFP for christmas probably
02:49:15CassandraSure. Why not?
02:49:36pinkutankdo we support ifps
02:49:51pinkutanki say we, all i do is clown around and you code
02:49:53DreamTactix291he'll mostly use it for an FM radio
02:49:55DreamTactix291he doesn't care
02:49:58preglowpinkutank: there's a port underway, but don't hold your breath
02:50:03*Cassandra checks out a clean source from CVS.
02:50:12pinkutankI dont own one
02:50:18CassandraGods Rockbox is getting big.
02:50:19pinkutankneither planning to hold one
02:50:29pinkutankyou type make
02:50:30preglowCassandra: you've got that right
02:50:38pinkutankand its as if its protein folding
02:51:15LinusNdamn, timer_adjust_prescale() has issues on the h300
02:51:56pinkutankwill we use bmps for wpss in h300 and ipods
02:52:11*Cassandra gives up on adding buffer overflow conditions for WPS.
02:52:24CassandraSince my test didn't spot the darn overflow anyway.
02:52:52CassandraIt's a bit annoying to have to keep increasing buffer sizes though.
02:54:15 Part timeclip
02:58:11SoulEata1I hope h3xx wps' are more advanced than the h1xx
03:00:00pinkutankwhat like soul?
03:01:06CheeseBurgerManSpeak! ;)
03:01:45DreamTactix291aside from colour images what would you change
03:02:07***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
03:02:31pinkutanksomeone left a baby in a couryard and ran away?
03:03:30 Join Sanitarium [0] (
03:03:32 Join San||Away [0] (
03:05:21preglowmy kingdom for some documentation
03:05:30CassandraI've just commited rwps support for boxes.
03:05:38CassandraYou may now rejoice.
03:05:48 Join cannard [0] (
03:05:50*CheeseBurgerMan rejoices. ;)
03:06:02pinkutanki use my own wps
03:06:10pinkutankwhich ill release tomorrow
03:06:22pinkutankbut i want to learn how to create animated bmps
03:06:30pinkutankas it didnt work
03:06:38pinkutankshould i cheat
03:06:42*amiconn is confused.
03:06:58amiconnpreglow: Isn't the nano screen *higher* resolution than h1x0?
03:07:13preglowamiconn: oh, that, i thought he meant physical dimensions
03:07:20pinkutanki meant physical
03:07:32pinkutankthat was because i forgot abut resolution
03:07:53pinkutankbut still too small to read manga, or not, I wonder
03:07:56amiconnAh, hmm, 'f course
03:08:07pinkutankI'll deceive someone
03:08:10pinkutankand try
03:08:12pinkutankhar har
03:08:27amiconnPhysically smaller, but higher resolution... will probably be hard to read the rockbox default font then
03:08:32DreamTactix291my WPS is too simple for me to want to give to others
03:08:40pinkutankmy wps is a soup
03:08:51DreamTactix291mine is imageless
03:08:56DreamTactix291and is just filled with useful data
03:08:58DreamTactix291just like i like it
03:09:33XavierGryeah I don't like bmps myself
03:09:57 Join Vlad0man [0] (
03:09:57cannardi dont have a wps yet :|
03:10:07DreamTactix291 <−− that's mine
03:10:19pinkutankthat genre
03:10:26pinkutankchanges with bitrate and hz
03:10:44DreamTactix291i don't have any alternating things
03:10:50SoulEata1its hard to explain what I would like to see in an h3xx WPS. I'm just thinking very very customizable, and better looking than the current screen
03:10:51DreamTactix291and my remote wps is just a smaller version of my main one
03:10:57pinkutanki dont like the db bar
03:11:05DreamTactix291i'd probably use my same WPS if i had an H3xx
03:11:28pinkutankwell everything you wps shows
03:11:30pinkutankmine shows too
03:11:34pinkutankonly not the codec
03:11:39pinkutankbecause whats the use
03:11:42pinkutankbut its easy
03:11:49pinkutankand ill incorporate i guess
03:11:54DreamTactix291i actually have multiple codecs on mine
03:11:56DreamTactix291some vorbis
03:11:57DreamTactix291some wavpack
03:11:59DreamTactix291some mp3
03:12:06pinkutankI'll incorporate tomorrow then
03:12:17pinkutankI like crowding my wps
03:12:21 Quit DMJC (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
03:12:24DreamTactix291vast majority of mine is vorbis though
03:12:27DreamTactix291i like mine how it is
03:12:37DreamTactix291i'm very minimalist when it comes to aesthetics
03:12:47preglowamiconn: i think the rockbox default is perfectly legible
03:12:53preglowamiconn: depends on the distance, of course
03:13:44LinusNah, finally the buttons work when the cpu is boosted on the h300
03:13:55LinusNtime to sleep
03:14:07 Part LinusN
03:14:33TiMiD/usr/bin/xte -x ":0.0" "key XF86AudioPlay"
03:15:09 Quit San (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
03:15:21 Join San [0] (
03:16:30SoulEata1OMG Brian on Family Guy just dressed up as the banana man and did peanut butter jelly time
03:16:47DreamTactix291it's been a long time since i saw family guy
03:16:47pinkutanklets build for the night
03:16:57pinkutanki gotta wake up in for 2 hours for school
03:17:20DreamTactix291i do that a lot
03:17:22XavierGrwhat? you get to school at 6.00?
03:17:33DreamTactix291except for work and not school
03:17:34pinkutank6 30 wake up
03:17:38preglowbtw, did anyone ever get any further on the crediting whole groups of people issue?
03:17:41pinkutank7 service bus arrives
03:17:46pinkutank8 school starts
03:17:54preglowi think codec people deserves some thanks, and now the ipodlinux people
03:17:55pinkutanki usually leave bed 6:50
03:17:56XavierGrand school starts at?
03:18:10DreamTactix291i have a fun day at work tomorrow and the next day
03:18:10XavierGrthen it's the same with there
03:18:27pinkutankschool is like 40 miles from home :D
03:19:11XavierGrmine was 10 minutes on foot :)
03:19:21pinkutankthats nice
03:19:26pinkutankid like going to school on foot
03:19:35DreamTactix291my school was about 30km from home
03:19:41DreamTactix291when i went
03:19:43DreamTactix291work is 17
03:19:44XavierGrwell I was definitely spoiled back then
03:19:52 Join elinenbe [0] (
03:19:59XavierGrsome times my dad was taking me there by ca
03:20:23pinkutanki like walking alone on mornings
03:20:44pinkutankI usually catch the service bus at the home of the 2nd person before me
03:21:09XavierGryou should sleep then
03:21:20pinkutankphysics homewrok
03:21:21XavierGrI must get up at 8.30
03:21:29XavierGrbut maybe I will make it an all nighter
03:21:30DreamTactix291actually i find that if you're going to get less than like 2 hours of sleep it's best to just stay up
03:21:34pinkutankI have to keep it open inf ront of me and not do it
03:21:38DreamTactix291i wake up at 7:45 tomorrow morning
03:21:54pinkutankif i do that dream, I'll die in schol and I know it
03:22:00pinkutankI suffer from sleep paralysis
03:22:06XavierGrmy programm is pretty much very f*cked up
03:22:11DreamTactix291i have insomnia
03:22:25XavierGrI have tinnitus!
03:22:27pinkutanksleep paralysis with hallucinations here
03:22:28pinkutankdo you know how its like to have sleep paralyiss in lessons
03:22:39DreamTactix291that sucks :|
03:22:43pinkutankid rather have insomnia then tinnitus
03:22:45XavierGrwhat's exactly sleep paralysis?
03:22:53pinkutankI open my eyes
03:23:00XavierGrdo you paralize with sleep
03:23:01pinkutankin rem
03:23:02preglowthat's not unusual
03:23:07CheeseBurgerManYou missed an eye! ,)
03:23:13preglowall people are paralyzed when they sleep, yours just lasts a bit longer ;)
03:23:27pinkutankadrenaline pumps
03:23:27 Join solexx_ [0] (
03:23:29pregloweven i get that sometimes
03:23:33pinkutankits scary for the first times
03:23:34XavierGrand how do you get up then?
03:23:40preglowit wears off
03:23:42pinkutankyou wait
03:23:44CheeseBurgerManYou're un-paralyzed. ;)
03:23:47pinkutankbut with hallucination
03:23:52pinkutankyou get up
03:23:58pinkutanka dark shadow grabs you
03:24:00pinkutankyou fall down
03:24:03XavierGrseems creepy
03:24:08pinkutankyou thing what the hell, is this a dream
03:24:12pinkutankand you wake up
03:24:20pinkutankso best thing with my wild imagination is
03:24:29pinkutankkeep eyes closed
03:24:36CheeseBurgerManSounds freaky. :o
03:24:38XavierGrand how much does this effect takes?
03:24:45pinkutanki have them 4-5 times in a row in a night sometimes, then its boring
03:24:50XavierGrhow many minutes?
03:25:02pinkutankI dont know really, brain doesnt work the same when youre sleeping
03:25:11preglowno shit
03:25:13pinkutankit may be 3 seconds you live long
03:25:21pinkutankor it maybe a minute
03:25:35DreamTactix291for me when i sleep it's like i don't sleep
03:25:52pinkutank4-5 times in a night is jsut boring tho,I cant sleep
03:25:53DreamTactix291i just wake up and it feels like i just laid down
03:26:02 Quit Vladoman (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
03:26:04preglowdoesn't it for all people?
03:26:08XavierGrah then you don't miss dates or so. I mean if it lasts 1 minute.
03:26:10pinkutankin classes
03:26:12DreamTactix291yeah but i've never remembered a dream
03:26:13pinkutankits funny
03:26:16DreamTactix291so it's really really like that for me
03:26:22preglowDreamTactix291: have you ever tried, though?
03:26:29preglowDreamTactix291: remembering dreams can take some conscious effort
03:26:35preglowi never remember them unless i try
03:26:38DreamTactix291i can't form images in my mind at all
03:26:43XavierGris it?
03:26:47pinkutankI open my eyes, thinking if teacher calls me im doomed
03:26:47DreamTactix291i've never remembered a dream
03:27:04pinkutankluckily, a person or tow knows my conditiona nd will tell the teacher
03:27:09pinkutankIve remembered many
03:27:12XavierGrnot a single image?
03:27:15DreamTactix291i wish i would
03:27:19preglowpinkutank: think i'd just try to stay awake, if i were you
03:27:30pinkutankshould I
03:27:37DreamTactix291my mind works in numbers mostly
03:27:40pinkutankb ut then Illjust compile again
03:28:24DreamTactix291i'm not a very exciting person lol
03:28:26 Join StrathAFK [0] (
03:28:31DreamTactix291my biggest hobby is audio encoding
03:28:39pinkutankost-synaptic inhibition of motor neurons in the pons region of the brain. In particular, low levels of melatonin may stop the depolarisation current in the nerves, which prevents the stimulation of the muscles.
03:28:41pinkutankyes that
03:29:07pinkutank# Irregular sleeping schedules; naps, sleeping in
03:29:07pinkutank# Increased stress
03:29:11pinkutankand the rasons
03:29:17XavierGrthe part that says:People who are fortunate enough to be facing a clock while having an episode may often be surprised to see how little time has gone by during an episode that seems to last a very long time.
03:29:23XavierGris very scary
03:29:26pinkutankyay kanashibari
03:29:43preglowthink i'll go try to catch a dream or two now
03:30:43pinkutankmy cousin
03:30:51pinkutankwas abducted by nike clad black aliens once
03:31:04XavierGrwell on of the feelings is falling sensation
03:31:05pinkutank, he was actually sleep paralysed, but that was what he saw
03:31:13XavierGrI get this sometimes but I cant say it is the same
03:31:24pinkutanki usually klnow its coming
03:31:30pinkutanki say oh crap and it happens
03:31:44pinkutanksometimes it happens when there is a glitch in a dream
03:32:12CheeseBurgerManYour dreams need debugging. :o
03:32:15pinkutanklike imw alking by a lake and suddenly a giant prianha face is projected over the lake, not scary, just like a mishap texture overlay problem
03:32:25pinkutankand i say oh well here it goes
03:32:39pinkutankI need tweaking
03:32:43XavierGrlike matrix.
03:32:53pinkutankpreglow can you chek my brain
03:33:02thegeekIf I were you I'd work on lucid dreaming
03:33:03elinenbedoes anyone here have the latest H300 archive?
03:33:09elinenbethat I can grab?
03:33:09pinkutankI work on it
03:33:10preglowthegeek: i did do that once
03:33:16XavierGris it documented?
03:33:20thegeekso did I
03:33:22pinkutankIm not allowed to
03:33:28preglowi'm still fascinated by dreaming
03:33:30thegeekthe dream was very..pleaseant
03:33:39pinkutankas soon as i get the control
03:33:47pinkutankIm woken up by brain
03:33:48DreamTactix291i'm fascinating by dreaming but for different reasons than you
03:33:50XavierGrdreams are still a mystery to mankind....
03:33:50pinkutanki fight it
03:33:55preglowi dream lucidly from time to time, but can't exactly induce them myself
03:33:56pinkutankfor a minute or two
03:34:03pinkutankbut it rgains control
03:34:14pinkutanki either resleep in dream and dream
03:34:16thegeekit only happened once for me
03:34:24pinkutankIt happens to me alot
03:34:30thegeekbut I could not keep control for a long time
03:34:39thegeekI just thought, "hey, cool, this is a dream"
03:34:40preglownah, it's hard
03:34:42XavierGrah to keep control of dreams?
03:34:48pinkutanki dream in a lucid drema hich kills the lucidity
03:34:57preglowit grows a bit slippery the moment you realize what's happening
03:34:57 Quit solexx (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
03:35:03pinkutankheh yes
03:35:05preglowthe key is to stay calm
03:35:08XavierGrSometimes I can see my death in dreams
03:35:10pinkutankI usually fly
03:35:10XavierGrit's creepy
03:35:12thegeekthere are lots of tricks
03:35:18pinkutankIve been catwoman once
03:35:22preglowi've got a book on it and all
03:35:24preglowbut yeah
03:35:27thegeekbut I can never remember anything when I'm actually dreaming
03:35:29CheeseBurgerManI dreamed that the world was full of spiders...
03:35:29pinkutankwith latex
03:35:33preglowdesperately need sleep, later all
03:35:39pinkutankand once
03:35:40CheeseBurgerManCrawling all over everything, all the time.
03:35:40thegeekI just woke up
03:35:54pinkutankI was osmeone else but I was in the dream too, as a bohemian gay
03:36:04pinkutankand I loved myself or sumtin
03:36:15pinkutankand then I switched persepctives to someone
03:36:23pinkutankdont remember
03:36:27pinkutanknot physical love
03:36:30pinkutanki dont even remember
03:36:36pinkutanki think we were friends
03:36:40pinkutankand I wasnt gay
03:36:41XavierGrdreams are strange
03:36:44thegeekdreams are wierd
03:36:46thegeekand cool
03:36:52pinkutankvery cool
03:37:04pinkutankonly reason to sleep :D
03:37:22thegeekhave you tried that herb that induces lucid dreaming pinkutank ?
03:37:28pinkutankwhich one
03:37:31pinkutankI didnt
03:37:39XavierGrfor me sleep is a very important part of my life (isn't this oxymoron?)
03:37:42thegeekI just read about a herb that did it
03:37:50pinkutankmagic mushroom?
03:37:51thegeekmade very vivid dreams
03:37:53DreamTactix291i sleep so my eyes don't try to close on their own at work
03:37:54pinkutankthats not dreaming
03:38:05pinkutankbut I havge memroy problems
03:38:35thegeekCalea zacatechichi
03:38:36pinkutankIm really bored of life so i dont actively live much, ireally dont remember anything from the past five mins
03:38:37XavierGrthat can be seen in your spelling LOL
03:38:47thegeekit's a bit of a drug really
03:38:53thegeekwhich is why I never tried it;)
03:39:06pinkutankyes i spell idiotically in the last few days dunno why
03:39:13DreamTactix291i have to remember names of people which is hard for me
03:39:21pinkutankI wasnt bad in my ib orals, just tooo much ehmm s and uhmmss
03:39:22DreamTactix291because i get about 30 calls a day as complaints
03:39:33pinkutankwhat do you work as
03:39:34DreamTactix291so i have selective memory
03:39:38DreamTactix291appliance salesman
03:40:35CheeseBurgerManSo if I go there and want an oven, do I get a friend discount? ;)
03:41:03DreamTactix291i charge you more
03:42:16XavierGrCalea zacatechichi is legal on US
03:42:30XavierGrI don't know on my country but it would be fun to test it
03:42:30thegeekand it seems pretty cool
03:42:58XavierGralso from the picture there it seems very common to me
03:43:06XavierGras if I have seen it before
03:43:12thegeekI doubt that
03:43:17CheeseBurgerManWhat is calea zacatechichi?
03:43:24thegeeka lot of plants seem simiar
03:43:31pinkutankdo we eat it
03:43:33pinkutankor smoke it
03:43:44thegeekbeginners guide;)
03:43:54XavierGrmaybe we boil it
03:44:08 Quit DreamTactix291 ()
03:44:46thegeekit seems smoking, or putting it in capsules is the best
03:44:50 Quit Strath (Connection timed out)
03:45:00thegeekwhen I read about it a long time ago
03:45:05thegeekI was going to use capsules
03:46:09XavierGrwhere can we find it :P
03:46:10pinkutanksince the stuff tastes so terrible that the psychological effect of the bad taste offsets the euphoric feeling one might otherwise encounter.
03:46:24thegeekI think it would be easiest to buy it
03:46:36thegeekhehe pinkutank
03:46:57XavierGrCale Z. is simply the worst tasting edible substance known to man.
03:47:33thegeeknow I want to try it again
03:48:11 Join DreamTactix291 [0] (
03:48:34XavierGrhave you tried it thegeek?
03:48:54pinkutankIt will still taste only slightly better than donkey feces.
03:49:13CheeseBurgerManEww ;)
03:49:20thegeekI dont smoke anything
03:49:27thegeekso I dont think that is a good idea
03:49:29DreamTactix291me neither
03:49:32*CheeseBurgerMan is smoke free.
03:49:42pinkutankme too
03:49:44thegeekbut I was considering using either tea or getting those small capsules
03:49:49thegeekand putting it inside the capsules
03:50:02thegeekthen, when you eat the capsules, they open in your stomach
03:50:42XavierGrbut where to find it?
03:50:52pinkutankit looks very common
03:51:02pinkutankwouldnt be surprised to find it in forest
03:51:10pinkutankI found a stem of cannabis
03:51:14XavierGrand if I have leaves what do I do with them.
03:51:15pinkutankin august
03:51:16thegeekXavierGr : buy it over the internet
03:51:34pinkutankit was growing out of a crack of a sidewalk
03:51:40thegeekwhy not?
03:51:58 Join FingerSoup [0] (
03:52:18XavierGrwell I think that bying things from internet you must have a very good reason to do
03:52:27thegeekoh well
03:52:30XavierGrthink of the shipment costs
03:52:38FingerSoupHey all. Any devs here (Or users of the iriver Simulator)?
03:52:39XavierGrjust for a plant
03:52:40thegeekI dont think it grows wild a lot of places
03:52:44 Quit yngwi ("Chatzilla 0.9.68a [Firefox 1.0.7/20050919]")
03:52:47thegeekso you'd have a very hard time finding any
03:52:52XavierGrI will search first in local stores
03:52:57thegeekyou dont buy the plant
03:53:01thegeekyou buy dried leaves
03:53:11pinkutankcheck out level 5
03:53:16pinkutankI use it finger soup
03:53:19XavierGrso if I just eat the plant raw? :D
03:53:29pinkutankIf I got lvl5, id be dangerous
03:53:37pinkutankbecause I really hate humans
03:53:43FingerSoupQuick question - Does the sound playback work on any platform?
03:53:49pinkutankbypassing control mech. is no good
03:53:52thegeekno FingerSoup
03:53:53pinkutanknot that I know of
03:53:53XavierGrof course
03:54:02thegeekit does not work on h3xx and ipods yet
03:54:04thegeekI think
03:54:06XavierGrplayback on sim?
03:54:12FingerSoupon sim
03:54:15pinkutankplayback of auido in sim
03:54:26pinkutankI never thought it was possible
03:54:27pinkutankis it?
03:54:27XavierGryes it dies for H100 and archos targets
03:54:38XavierGrbut you must compile the sim with extra options
03:54:49XavierGrthat I don't know
03:54:56FingerSoupOk, so switching to a linux dev environment won't fix that.
03:56:14FingerSoupI thought it was just my system...
03:57:01DBUGEnqueued KICK XavierGr
03:57:01XavierGr XavierGr: yes it dies for.... <- it dies? LOL I must watch what I type
03:57:23pinkutankid really like shrooming sometime
03:57:38pinkutankwith some friend near me, I have 1 friend actually, so she
03:57:46SoulEata1so where do you get this calea
03:57:46pinkutankbut Im scared I hurt hur
03:58:04pinkutankI really wouldnt to coke and stuff
03:58:26 Quit San (Connection timed out)
04:01:46pinkutanki mean
04:01:52pinkutankthat colors and thing going wild
04:01:56pinkutankdefinitely for me
04:01:59pinkutankbut would like it
04:02:12pinkutankif my body was paralyzed for the time bieng
04:02:26pinkutankI know I'Ll hurt people
04:03:00pinkutankI've never beaten anyone in my life, although I've been beaten quite a bit until my prep year, after that things flipped
04:03:14pinkutankthings might jsut click into place
04:03:18 Quit Sanitarium (Connection timed out)
04:03:47 Join Creatine [0] (
04:04:15pinkutankgnight yo you all
04:04:23pinkutankI2'm gonig to sleep for an hour now
04:04:29pinkutankbecause I feel like soooo
04:05:17pinkutankI definitely need to finish high school asap, my brain needs temporal change, cant adapt to high school lessons anymore, happy to be studying art in ocllege
04:05:22 Quit San||Away (Connection timed out)
04:18:55 Quit pinkutank ()
04:23:40FingerSoupOK, next question - I am trying to build a Connect 4 plugin. What do I need to do to be able to run/compile my plugin?
04:27:34 Quit FingerSoup ("Some folks are wise, and some otherwise.")
04:36:49 Join ghostface24 [0] (
04:45:31 Join andrewmel [0] (n=andrewme@
04:46:33andrewmelbit quiter today
04:46:47andrewmelany bricks yet?
04:46:52 Join San [0] (
04:47:08ghostface24haven't been willing
04:47:24ghostface24why aren't you at misticriver?
04:47:28andrewmelone sort of half report on mr, but not sure
04:47:46andrewmeli am, but not on irc, i am meant to be writing students reports
04:47:46ghostface24I mean the channel
04:48:28ghostface24can't really concentrate in the channel
04:48:32ghostface24I understand
04:49:57andrewmelhave you loaded rockbox yet gf?
04:50:13andrewmelyou are not my gf
04:50:16andrewmeli dont think
04:52:10andrewmelI know dt has, what about you XavierGr or CBM?
04:52:12 Join RotAtoR [0] (
04:52:47 Quit XavierGr (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
04:53:05CheeseBurgerManI haven't.
04:53:12CheeseBurgerManAnd Xavier isn't telling. ;)
04:53:20DreamTactix291i've been running rockbox on an H140 for a long time now
04:53:26andrewmelcos he was dropped !
04:54:34andrewmeldo you run the rockboy games dt?
04:54:41andrewmeland were they easy to find?
04:55:18DreamTactix291i don't game so no
04:55:19ghostface24what emulator would Rockbox come with in speaking of matters of the H320
04:55:25DreamTactix291i use rockbox for music only
04:55:25ghostface24I was always wondering
04:56:31 Join DMJC [0] (
04:58:02andrewmelcan you guys tell me the misticserver? I am at work now and dont have it with e
05:00:51ghostface24what do you mean Andrew?
05:01:02andrewmelthe name of the mistic chat server?
05:02:10***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
05:03:10 Join XavierGr [0] (
05:03:18 Join ModernExecutive [0] (
05:03:30ModernExecutivehi all
05:03:41ModernExecutiveMR just die?
05:03:45Creatinewhoa it's andrew.
05:03:49andrewmelyep seems to have
05:04:01Creatineandrew is an MR god!
05:04:38ModernExecutiveas fate would have it, i was perusing the rb h3x0 thread
05:04:52ModernExecutiveah, back now
05:06:47ghostface24Andrew, it's one Zuh and it's name is "#misticriver"
05:06:58ghostface24*it's on
05:07:24andrewmelso ?
05:08:07ghostface24and the channel is #misticriver
05:09:20 Join ModExec [0] (
05:09:50CheeseBurgerManGreetings. :P
05:10:14 Quit JvD (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
05:17:51 Quit StrathAFK ("Client closed")
05:18:04 Join Strath [0] (
05:19:55 Quit San (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
05:25:24 Quit ModernExecutive (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
05:29:56 Join Paul_The_Nerd [0] (
05:32:24 Nick ModExec is now known as ModernExecutive (
05:34:54SoulEata1A-Mel in the house.
05:35:56 Join San [0] (n=Test@
05:35:57 Join San||Away [0] (n=Test@
05:35:57ghostface24yes, somewhere
05:35:58 Join Sanitarium [0] (n=Test@
05:36:22CtcpIgnored 1 channel CTCP requests in 0 seconds at the last flood
05:36:22*ghostface24 is dazed by the amount of Sans there are
05:36:58 Quit RotAtoR ("CGI:IRC 0.5.4 (2004/01/29)")
05:38:32andrewmelhey, here now. finished one class of reports :)
05:38:41andrewmelSE your poll is going well
05:38:49SoulEata1what time is it in the land of oz
05:38:59andrewmel3:38 pm
05:39:40SoulEata1on the 21st. thats weird.
05:39:57andrewmelnope, you guys are just very slow :)
05:40:05andrewmelyou are going to europe soon?
05:40:11SoulEata1does it disturb you to think you are communicating with people in the past?
05:40:33CheeseBurgerManheh, Andrew can see the future as well.
05:40:37SoulEata1Yes. I'll be going to London in january. I'll make a big post about it in coming weeks.
05:40:41andrewmelno, you are in the present, you just have your clocks set differetnly to account for your position on the sphere we call home
05:40:56andrewmeland it all hinges on an arbitrary line
05:40:58CheeseBurgerManSo, Andrew. Anything bad going to happen in the future?
05:41:15andrewmelyep, the sun will expand and the earth will be swallowed.
05:41:22CheeseBurgerManThat doesn't sound fun
05:41:28SoulEata1so if a world leader is shot in the next 5 minutes, did it happen on Sunday or Monday
05:41:34ModernExecutivewhich poll?
05:41:35andrewmelQ If the dove is the bird of peace, what is the bird of true love?
05:41:49andrewmel@SE depends on where it happened.
05:42:05 Quit Paul_The_Nerd ("Chatzilla 0.9.68a [Firefox 1.0.7/20050915]")
05:42:15andrewmelnope the swallow
05:42:46SoulEata1you are a dirty old man.
05:42:58andrewmelnope i am a dirty young man
05:43:06SoulEata1young? youre like twice my age
05:43:12andrewmeland if you think i am old that is just because you are too young to tell
05:45:45andrewmel@SE you havent mentioned your sexual orientation poll, or told us what you voted?
05:45:58SoulEata1I'm straight.
05:46:12SoulEata1was there any question regarding this
05:46:26ModernExecutive[23:38] <andrewmel> SE your poll is going well
05:46:28andrewmelWell how am I meant to tell?
05:46:36SoulEata1ever meet a gay republican?
05:46:48*SoulEata1 whacks ME
05:46:51andrewmelThere is a whole group that are gay Republicans
05:47:04SoulEata1yes i know, the Log Cabin group
05:47:07andrewmelThey call themselves "Gay Republicans"
05:47:16SoulEata1But theyre a very small minority
05:47:29ModernExecutivei meant to ask you.
05:47:43ModernExecutivethe smiley face. is it for show, or does it represent your views?
05:47:53SoulEata1represents my views. I'm republican.
05:47:59andrewmelAnd gay men as a demographic have a very high level of disposable income and education. isnt that one of the groups that the republicans chase?
05:48:32SoulEata1mel i was under the impression that people stereotyped republicans as having high education and high income.
05:49:06SoulEata1it's funny, we fall into 2 categories, depending on the mood of the liberal
05:49:25ghostface24I don't know where you get this stuff really
05:49:32SoulEata1Republicans are either poor redneck white trash, or rich educated corporate CEOs.
05:49:46ModernExecutivenot after this past election, when people were clamoring that the 52% who voted for bush were the great unwashed... and that the holier-than-thou ereudite elitists were the ones who realized just what a mess america was getting into
05:50:09ModernExecutive... what SE said
05:50:36SoulEata1and it always cracks me up when people call Republicans rich money-hoarders and whatnot, and then I look at John Kerry.
05:50:46ModernExecutiveone word: hollywood.
05:50:49andrewmeli bet the rich educated corporate ceos as a group have a higher than average level of homosexuals
05:51:05SoulEata1now is that closeted or open homosexuals mel
05:51:51Creatinewhat's this? we're talking about republicans and gays in the rockbox channel?
05:51:54andrewmelyou havent commented on the poll results yet.
05:52:09SoulEata1the results? I'm certainly not surprised there are more straights than gays.
05:52:18Creatinewhat poll?
05:52:31SoulEata1mistic river sexual orientation poll
05:52:41andrewmelwhat about the number of gay/bi members?
05:52:48Creatineoh no.
05:52:57SoulEata1it's low, as I figured.
05:53:07SoulEata1I've never met a homosexual computer nerd before.
05:54:00ModernExecutivethis is so surreal
05:54:08Creatinemy boss is gay, and his life partner is my other boss.
05:54:24SoulEata1relationships in the workplace. Not really a good idea.
05:54:25ModernExecutivei can choose b/w politics/homosexuality in this channel or racist stereotyping in the MR channel.
05:54:28andrewmelyour poll has misticriver having 22% gay/bi members
05:54:32Creatineanyway... I can't seem to find this poll...
05:54:39Creatinewould someone mind linking me?
05:54:40ModernExecutivewhere do I go to talk about DAPs?
05:54:43SoulEata1Mistic Lounge
05:55:03Creatinethank you
05:55:05andrewmelAny comment on 22% SE?
05:55:12SoulEata1mel, that means 78% are straight. Again no surprise.
05:55:23andrewmelmore than 1 in 5?
05:55:49Creatineone more for straight.
05:56:21*ModernExecutive chalks up another.
05:56:25SoulEata1mel you suggest that there could very well be around 15 gay people in this channel right now. I dont think so.
05:56:33*ModernExecutive then plays with his wedding band
05:57:26andrewmeli didnt suggest that, did I
05:57:36Creatinejudging from the fact that this is a firmware related channel, it could very well be true, desperate nerds.
05:57:42SoulEata11 in 5. And just about everyone here is an MR member.
05:57:58SoulEata1just because a man is desperate doesnt make him gay
05:58:00andrewmeloh no run away!!!
06:00:09Creatinei joke i joke
06:00:41 Nick Creatine is now known as LedFloyd (
06:00:47LedFloyddas is goot jah?!
06:08:48SoulEata1so wu-tang fan gfk?
06:09:18ghostface24of course
06:09:49SoulEata1just checking.
06:09:56ghostface24but I have my other genres too
06:10:51DBUGEnqueued KICK ghostface24
06:10:51*ghostface24 ,1 is listening to Led Zeppelin - Latter Days: The Best of Led Zeppelin, Volume Two - Achilles' Last Stand 01:40/10:22 [>><<<<<<<<<<<<] 301 kbps
06:12:24 Quit San (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
06:12:30 Join San [0] (
06:14:04 Quit Sanitarium (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
06:14:26 Join Sanitarium [0] (
06:17:54SoulEata1well im out. this is a bad distraction
06:17:57 Quit SoulEata1 ("CGI:IRC 0.5.4 (2004/01/29)")
06:18:29DreamTactix291IRC is the best distraction
06:18:34CheeseBurgerManBy far.
06:18:43ghostface24By very far.
06:19:17andrewmelvery time wasting, and those bloody reports wont write themselves.
06:19:21 Quit San||Away (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
06:19:36andrewmelgtg, bbl
06:19:42 Quit andrewmel ()
06:35:58 Nick CheeseBurgerMan is now known as CBM-away (n=BurgerBo@
06:39:03ghostface24later all
06:39:06 Quit ghostface24 ("nn")
06:42:19 Join Mxm`Pas`Bien [0] (
06:48:42 Join Cassandra- [0] (
06:52:04 Quit ghode|afk (
06:52:04 Quit ze (
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06:52:04 Quit San (
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06:57:20 Part andrewmel
07:00:37 Quit Maxime` (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
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07:03:57 Quit LedFloyd ()
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07:06:52 Nick Cassandra- is now known as Cassandra (
07:09:01 Join ashridah [0] (
07:12:35 Quit hardeep (" HydraIRC -> <- Leading Edge IRC")
07:15:41 Join amiconn_ [0] (
07:16:28 Quit San||Studying (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
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07:21:36 Part Igg-man
07:22:36 Quit San (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
07:33:19 Quit amiconn (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
07:33:19 Nick amiconn_ is now known as amiconn (
07:42:22 Quit ModernExecutive ()
07:51:16 Join San [0] (
07:51:34 Join San||Away [0] (
07:51:39 Join Sanitarium [0] (
07:55:56 Join _FireFly_ [0] (
08:08:28 Join Zak1392 [0] (
08:10:06 Join DMJC [0] (
08:12:55 Quit Mxm`Pas`Bien (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
08:16:33Zak1392hey guys
08:16:34 Join mashalla [0] (
08:17:01CtcpIgnored 1 channel CTCP requests in 0 seconds at the last flood
08:17:01*ashridah watches the tumbleweed drift by
08:17:47Zak1392@ what's going on
08:18:19DreamTactix291it's slow
08:18:22ashridahnot much.
08:18:27Zak1392am i just gonna talk to myself then?
08:18:38ashridahit will be until the devs wake up, generally.
08:19:14Zak1392yes or no: should i put rockbox on my h340?
08:19:22ashridahZak1392: i'd wait
08:19:59Zak1392i desperately want to do it but i'm scared i might brick my player. i've only had it for a few months
08:20:08ashridahi'd definently wait
08:20:18ashridahno point voiding the warranty now :)
08:20:45Zak1392i already have though...
08:22:31Zak1392have you done it?
08:24:25 Quit _FireFly_ ("Leaving")
08:26:01 Quit San||Away (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
08:26:37 Quit San (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
08:26:59 Join San [0] (
08:27:37 Quit DMJC ("Leaving")
08:28:45 Quit Sanitarium (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
08:31:14 Join Paul_The_Nerd [0] (
08:31:36Zak1392this is boring\
08:31:49cannardmaybe your in a terrible timezone?
08:32:10Zak1392maybe not many people want to chat?
08:32:20Paul_The_NerdThere are long patches of quiet in here.
08:32:22cannardthey are prolly asleep
08:33:19Zak1392here it is only 6pm
08:33:37 Join DMJC [0] (
08:34:53Paul_The_NerdMany of them are in parts of Europe.
08:35:05Paul_The_NerdBy "them" I mean "the people I most often see speaking in here"
08:35:08 Join Coldtoast [0] (
08:35:42cannardindeed most times its active when its 2-3am here
08:35:48cannardthought its 6:35pm now
08:35:56SlasheriZak1392: 9:35am here
08:36:54Paul_The_Nerd1:36 am here.
08:37:22cannardalright! im living in the future :p
08:37:24Coldtoastmade the peak meters from the iriver fw the volume indicator for Rockbox
08:37:59SlasheriColdtoast: Hmm, are the peak meters actually working? :)
08:39:35 Join Membrillo [0] (
08:40:28MembrilloI believe its early morn in America. How many people here are actually awake?
08:40:34Coldtoastyep.. not as peak meters tho :)
08:40:53Coldtoastas the volume level indicator
08:41:54SlasheriColdtoast: nice anyway :) probably the graphical peak meters could be made working with simple wps tags
08:42:08Coldtoast'll have a go later
08:42:22Coldtoastcos I'd definitely rather have that as peak meters
08:42:46Coldtoastactually, won;'t take long to test now
08:44:49Coldtoastdoesn't work. oh well
08:48:34Coldtoastit'd be incredibly great if it did tho
08:49:21Membrillowhat are you working on CT?
08:49:29Coldtoastjust made a wps
08:49:43Coldtoastand it'd be really cool if lines such as%?pm<%xdA|%xdB|%xdC|%xdD|%xdE|%xdF|%xdG|%xdH|%xdI|%xdJ>
08:49:56Coldtoastso you could have custom peak meters
08:50:01Coldtoastbut it doesn't
08:51:20 Join _FireFly_ [0] (
08:51:40Membrilloare daily builds being compiled for the H3xx now?
08:53:01cannardhahah i wonder if all the h1x0 users were so impatient when that version of rb was at this stage :p
08:54:12Rickyes they were
08:54:38cannardi cant blame them really, im one too
08:54:44*Zak1392 slaps cannard around a bit with a large trout
08:55:32*Zak1392 slaps cannard around a bit with a large trout
08:55:34cannardi wasnt refering to you zak, just ive seen lots of webguests and people coming in here "is it done?"
08:55:46cannardand ive only been here a few days
08:55:50 Join Sanitarium [0] (
08:55:51 Join San||Studying [0] (
08:55:53Zak1392just trying out the new trout ;)
08:58:05 Quit _FireFly_ ("Friends help you move. Real friends help you move bodies.")
08:58:14*Zak1392 slaps cannard around a bit with a large trout
08:58:19Zak1392hehehe ;)
08:58:42 Join _FireFly_ [0] (
08:59:25Membrillodoes booting up an H3xx with the hdd removed reset all settings?
08:59:27Zak1392i wish i had an h100, id have rockbox!
08:59:40DreamTactix291i have one :P
08:59:42DreamTactix291i had another too
09:00:06Zak1392give it here then! lol
09:00:11DreamTactix291no :P
09:00:15DreamTactix291i like my H140 too much
09:00:17Membrillo^^^^ anyone?
09:00:33cannardstupid iriver dists not keeping h140's in stock when mine was busted!
09:02:14***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
09:03:18ashridahZak1392: in order for me to flash a H3x0, i'd have to OWN a H3x0 unit :)
09:03:43cannardsend him yours zak!
09:03:48ashridahMembrillo: a H3xx with the hdd removed? with iriver's firmware or rockbox?
09:05:27Membrilloashridah: well Irivers firmware. Im just thinking for when you have database turned on and a faulty database and it refuses to boot up. Could removing the hdd reset settings (eg. database option back to off) so you can reboot and delete the dodgy database file
09:05:53SlasheriMembrillo: i doubt that
09:06:08Slasherithe settings are stored on the internal eeprom
09:06:16ashridahi agree with Slasheri
09:06:21_FireFly_Membrillo this wouldn't work because the rockbox firmware is also on the hdd only the bootloader is in flash
09:06:26 Join whatboutbob [0] (
09:06:44SlasheriBut i think you could fix the problem either by connecting hdd to pc or shorting the eeprom data lines while booting your unit causing hopefully eeprom checksum error
09:06:51ashridahthe eeprom is unlikely to be cleared, iirc, the firmware tends to just stop at an error saying 'check HDD' or something. at least, on the H1xx it does, i don't imagine the 3xx is any different.
09:07:02Slasherior soldering out the eeprom chip (it's easy to solder)
09:07:59ashridahi'd just go out and buy a laptop hdd to normal ide converter and then power it on with that and delete the db :)
09:08:19ashridah(in a normal pc i mean)
09:08:43Slasherilaptop hdd converter wouldn't work. You need a 1.8" -> 3.5" converter
09:08:55Slasherilaptop drives are something like 2.5"
09:09:03 Nick Vlad0man is now known as Vladoman (
09:09:16Slasherior 1.8" usb thing
09:09:17*ashridah stands corrected
09:09:32whatboutbobhehe...i just recorded 15 hours of near silence. woot!
09:10:21Membrillohmmm ok. Ill see if i can find a 1.8" to IDE somewhere
09:10:39Membrillothen put the rockbox bootloader on :P
09:10:44Membrilloas a backup
09:10:45ashridahi take it the unit flakes out before giving you a chance to go to usb mode?
09:11:03Membrilloyep exactly. stupid iriver firmware
09:11:24*ashridah is glad he never tried to use the db on the H140 he has
09:11:40Membrilloprobable an endless loop while scanning the DB
09:11:56ashridahso it just keeps reading the db?
09:11:59SlasheriMembrillo: you can also try booting without hdd connected and then at correct point attach the hdd in
09:12:01ashridahdoesn't hang outright?
09:12:06Slasherimisticriver had some guides for that
09:12:08Membrilloyeah. It just stays on the Loading screen
09:12:27ashridahSlasheri: that sounds suitably evil :)
09:12:35Slasherihehe :D
09:12:46Slasheriit might work and player enters then into usb mode
09:12:56Membrilloyeah. and i cant RMA it because ive changed the background image of the loading screen :P
09:20:42 Join Zagor [0] (
09:23:59ColdtoastMembrillo: do you have a friend with h300?
09:24:18 Join B4gder [0] (
09:25:45MembrilloColdtoast: Nope, im the only person I know that owns something other than an iPod
09:27:44 Join JdGordon [0] (
09:27:48MembrilloColdtoast: whys that?
09:28:05Coldtoastyou could have put the HDD from yours into theirs and deleted the db
09:30:17Membrillobut the DB is stored on the Hdd....
09:30:42Membrilloit just means their river wouldnt boot
09:30:55 Join Jungti1234 [0] (n=jungti12@
09:31:05Coldtoastcos they patch the fw with the rockbox bootloader, see?
09:31:39Membrillothats a good point. Another option would be to switch harddrives then disable the DB option on mine meaning the DB wouldnt even be loaded
09:31:40Coldtoastthen you put your HDD in theirs and then they can either delete the db or format the dreive
09:31:48Membrillo^^^ or that would work
09:32:20Coldtoasteither way, you're out of luck huh?
09:32:46Membrilloill see what i can do though. ill work something out
09:33:06Coldtoastwonder if you could maybe corrupt the data on teh HDD or something
09:33:12Membrilloprobably just find a 1.8" to IDE adapter
09:33:46 Quit JdGordon (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
09:33:52Coldtoastthere you go
09:33:59Paul_The_NerdWait a second
09:34:21Paul_The_NerdIf it's an 1.8" type HD, couldn't you also put it in a RB flashed H120/140, or even possibly an iPod to reformat it?
09:34:31Coldtoastyou're looking at $9
09:34:46Coldtoasthe has no access to ANY other iriver tho
09:34:48Paul_The_NerdI thought they're all using the MKXXXXGAL or GAH HDs?
09:34:51whatboutbobmembrillo: where in oz r u?
09:35:08MembrilloPaul_The_Nerd: yeah but no one i know has an iriver or willing to open their pod
09:35:16Paul_The_NerdAh, not willing to open their iPod
09:35:19Paul_The_NerdNo sense of adventure
09:35:27Coldtoastif you're in Launceston you can come to my place :)
09:35:54Paul_The_NerdI'm in... *shudders* Texas.
09:35:56Coldtoastwhy not buy the one I pointed out?
09:35:58Membrillothat ones 24 pounds
09:36:06Membrilloyeah i know
09:36:11Membrilloi will
09:36:15MembrilloIm in Newcastle NSW
09:36:38ColdtoastSilverchair territory eh?
09:36:42Paul_The_NerdJust a little ways off. i can't help u out either (melbourne)
09:36:52Membrillomy friend lives next door to Daniel Johns
09:37:21Coldtoastyou should go round there, punch Daniel in teh head and shove Subway down his throat
09:37:36Coldtoasttell him to eat something ffs
09:37:52Membrillohaha ok sure
09:38:01whatboutbobct: where in launie r u?
09:38:02Paul_The_NerdWho is Daniel Johns?
09:38:08Membrillohis house is huuuuuuge
09:38:36Membrillohis and whoever his wife is.... Imbruligia?
09:39:12MembrilloPaul_The_Nerd: A singer from an awesome Australian Band
09:39:45Coldtoastwell, "awesome" is such an objective thing
09:40:12Membrillohaha I just like them because theyre local
09:40:13Coldtoastnow Dissociatives
09:40:23 Quit San||Studying (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
09:40:26Membrilloi like dissociatives more methinks
09:40:46whatboutbobct: that's right near newnham isn't it?
09:40:55 Quit Sanitarium (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
09:41:18whatboutbobpaul mac grates on me a bit
09:41:23Coldtoastit is
09:41:37whatboutbob(got a bunch of mates there)
09:41:39 Quit Zak1392 ()
09:41:53Membrillo*sigh* the australian idol final is on. Shannol knoll takes it up the ass
09:41:58ColdtoastNewnham is about, oh, 3 mins drive from here
09:42:04MembrilloShannon Noll i think actually
09:42:22 Quit San (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
09:42:41MembrilloI went and saw Cat Empire on saturday. Anyone like them? Theyre freaking amazing live
09:42:51Jungti1234hey Zak1392
09:42:52Coldtoastthey're ok live
09:42:56ColdtoastI've seen them twice
09:43:03whatboutbobmembrillo: 'em live. not a fan of their albums.
09:43:05Membrilloi think theyre awesome live
09:43:06Coldtoastyou know the singer who also plays trumpet?
09:43:16Coldtoastknow who his Aunt is?
09:43:18Membrilloyep, im friends with him
09:43:45Membrilloi dont know who his aunt is lol
09:43:55Coldtoastthe chick who played Kylie Mole
09:44:33whatboutbobthat'd be enough to put you off chewing gum as akid...
09:44:42ColdtoastMary-Anne Fahey
09:44:56Coldtoastat least they put on a show tho
09:45:04Coldtoastand their concerts are kinda long
09:45:11Membrilloare you going to Homebake CT?
09:45:11ColdtoastI've worked at 2 of them
09:45:30Membrillooh well, i think its worth it.
09:45:44ColdtoastI've also worked at Machine Gun Fellatio, Hilltop Hoodz, COG (AWESOME AWESOME band!!!)
09:45:55Membrilloyeah Cog rock shuffle just started playing the cat empire covering Dumb Things by paul kelly.
09:46:10MembrilloI was going to go see them play with Shihad here in Newcastle
09:46:12whatboutbobCT: going to BDO then?
09:46:14Membrillobut i didnt :P
09:46:17Coldtoasthell no :)
09:46:36Membrillowhatboutbob: Live at the Wireless?
09:46:43 Join Amar [0] (
09:46:59Membrillowhatboutbob: You been to
09:47:07whatboutbobnah...taped from one of their melbourne shows.
09:47:11ColdtoastI'll be workign anyway. We had a staff meeting last ngith and the main man told us if anybody decides to take time off so we can go to the Falls Festival, we may as well resign now
09:47:17whatboutbobyeah...i lurk around .info
09:47:29whatboutbobdamn. harsh.
09:47:30Membrilloah ok
09:47:36Coldtoastnah. not really harsh
09:47:49Coldtoastit's fair enough really
09:47:58whatboutbobwhaddaya do?
09:48:05Jungti1234Is no there H300 developer here?
09:48:11 Join ender` [0] (i=ychat@
09:48:16whatboutbobah...fair enough.
09:48:17Membrillowhatboutbob: Membrillos my username there. i havent been there for a while, but im like 6th top poster i think
09:48:18Coldtoastnightclub security
09:48:34whatboutbobwhich club? not the saloon? :)
09:48:39B4gderJungti1234: Rockbox is generic, we are Rockbox developers not H300 developers
09:48:48*Coldtoast blinks
09:48:53Coldtoastyep. Saloon
09:49:02whatboutbobmwaha. tell Ronnie he's a prick.
09:49:18Coldtoasthe's not had anythign to do with the Saloon for about a year and a half
09:49:27Coldtoastwe're in-house now
09:49:32ColdtoastIstarted with Ronnie tho
09:49:40whatboutbobdamn...i've gotta catch up with him. its been a while.
09:49:57MembrilloAnyone going to see Jamiroquai this Australian tour? or the Chili Peppers next year?
09:49:57Coldtoastwell, if you're ever here again, he runs The Metz now
09:49:57whatboutbobhe's running that cafe-thing now...metro or whatever...forgot.
09:50:02Coldtoasthow long since you've been here?
09:50:05Jungti1234Did rockbox firmware update?
09:50:38B4gderJungti1234: rockbox is updated all the time
09:50:42Coldtoastand if I wanna tell him he's a prick, I probably have to line up
09:50:46whatboutboberr...i was down there for a wedding beginning of last year...
09:50:56whatboutbobwhen did you start at the saloon?
09:51:11Coldtoastdid you know the Lounge Bar closed?
09:51:39whatboutbobyeah. so did you work with li'l Nick?
09:51:44Jungti1234Can I know what patch became?
09:52:00Coldtoastwhen you were here, did you go to the Saloon at all?
09:52:06Coldtoaston either Wed, Fri or Sat?
09:52:28whatboutbobyeah...think we popped in on the Fri on the crawl home.
09:52:32 Quit Sando ("/")
09:52:40Coldtoastwould probably have seen you then
09:52:52whatboutbobhehe...small world.
09:53:00Coldtoastindeed. heh
09:53:11 Quit Paul_The_Nerd ("Chatzilla 0.9.68a [Firefox 1.0.7/20050915]")
09:53:11MembrilloAnyone from melbourne here? anyone go to Bennets Lane jazz club?
09:53:36whatboutbobmembrillo: yup. was there last to see TCE actually. :)
09:54:01Coldtoastdo you know a guy called Cameron Bonde?
09:54:17whatboutbobnope. don't go there that often.
09:54:33whatboutbobnice club tho. no smoking rocks.
09:54:40Coldtoasthe releases music under the name Vectrex
09:54:47 Join thegeek_ [0] (
09:54:53Membrillowhatboutbob: damn, i wish i was at that gig. Apparently harry got smashed and spat all over the crowd. had a lot of friends there
09:55:13whatboutbobct: not ringin any bells.
09:55:35whatboutbobmembrillo: hehe...yeah...he was pretty pished for 1 of 'em...i think i've still got the tape here somewhere...
09:55:47Membrillomy friends brother just got asked to record Shannon nolls new album but rejected it because he thought it would harm his reputation lol
09:56:09Jungti1234Who is Hristo Kovachev?
09:56:49Membrillowhatboutbob: you have a recording of that gig???
09:57:03Membrillowhatboutbob: can you somehow hook me up with it?
09:57:55whatboutbobpm me on the forums.
09:58:28Membrillowhich forums where
09:59:07whatboutbobrockbox forum
09:59:19Membrilloim not a member currently but i can soon become one
10:00:06whatboutbobcan i pm in here? if so, how (has been an age since i used irc)
10:00:44Membrillojust activating my account
10:02:18MembrilloPM me. Username = Membrillo
10:06:27 Join San [0] (
10:06:59Jungti1234Can't H300 play music yet?
10:08:12Amarit can if you use origonal FW
10:08:21 Join einhirn [0] (
10:08:41Jungti1234Continuation appliance stops.
10:08:54Jungti1234So slow.
10:09:41B4gderJungti1234: when Rockbox works fine on the h300, we'll let you know
10:10:07Jungti1234:D hehe..
10:10:15 Quit thegeek (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
10:10:22Jungti1234WPS is small.
10:10:34Jungti1234I will make.
10:10:53 Quit whatboutbob ("CGI:IRC")
10:11:04 Join whatboutbob [0] (
10:13:01 Join baobab68 [0] (
10:13:26Jungti1234If pause, appliance pauses.
10:16:40Jungti1234Euak! This is so slow.
10:17:23Jungti1234LCD does not off.
10:17:44Jungti1234Instead, appliance stops.
10:24:14ashridahJungti1234: these are all known problems
10:24:37ashridahJungti1234: rockbox cannot be used on H300 yet
10:24:38B4gderJungti1234: when Rockbox works fine on the h300, we'll let you know
10:25:01Jungti1234ok ok
10:25:02ashridahJungti1234: you should change back to iriver firmware for working H300
10:25:24ashridah(unless you plan to write some code to help develop it so it does work)
10:25:37Jungti1234It knows me.
10:27:19 Quit whatboutbob ("CGI:IRC")
10:28:05 Join whatboutbob [0] (
10:29:12Jungti1234Is clock possible?
10:35:40 Part baobab68
10:35:51 Quit mashalla (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
10:38:44 Quit Membrillo ("CGI:IRC (EOF)")
10:39:27*B4gder posts in the Toshiba-Gigabeat-Modifying google group
10:40:56markunB4gder: I received confirmation from Toshiba yesterday that they would send me the linux source, but it could take up to a month.
10:41:20markunThey needed my address so they can send it by mail :)
10:41:48linuxstbI trust it will documented in Japanese...
10:42:03B4gderat least you can redistribute then
10:42:53CassandraWhat is a Gigabeat? A linux based player?
10:43:01B4gderyes, from Toshiba
10:43:12B4gderquite new
10:43:48markunFrom what I have read the current firmware sucks.. so that is good :)
10:44:08B4gderso nothing new on that front then
10:44:14Lynx_the website makes me dizzy
10:44:47CassandraIt's very ... urban.
10:44:56markunyou can only put music on it with a special program or windows media player
10:45:17CassandraNo wonder you want the source.
10:45:22B4gdermarkun: one can hope that is a SW restriction
10:45:51markunB4gder: I'm pretty sure it is. You can also access the player with ums, but the files are encrypted..
10:45:59B4gderah, ok
10:46:10B4gdera bit similar like the ipods then
10:46:32Jungti1234markun: At where does H100 Korean translation download?
10:46:32ghode|afkmarkun: are you going to work on a rbx port for the gigabeat?
10:46:50markunthe dock uses the 1.1 usb from the samsung chip, the normal 2.0 port is from the usb ata bridge
10:47:02CassandraAh, the UK site is slightly less nauseating.
10:47:11markunalso I read somewhere that it can use the dock as a usb host port.
10:47:29markunghode|afk: I would like to
10:47:35B4gderI believe the chip can work as a host
10:47:38markunbut I don't own a player yet
10:48:28markunI also mailed Samsung for the differences between the S3C2440A and S3C2440AL-30
10:48:56ghode|afki remember when it was first announced it seemed like a great player, and then i read the software features then cried :/
10:49:17B4gderit has a mighty powerful cpu
10:49:24B4gderand way hires lcd
10:49:51ghode|afkthe gigabeat?
10:49:53markunYou would expect such features in a video player..
10:49:59B4gderghode|afk: yes
10:50:10ghode|afkone of the best looking dap screens i've seen
10:50:10CassandraThat's very odd. It appears to have 2 USB ports on the bottom (1 is non-standard).
10:50:32CassandraIt's certainly reaching iPod levels of pretty.
10:50:43Slasheribtw, is the tagdatabase that is currently available for rockbox, a ram based solution like dircache or disk only database?
10:50:52markunCassandra: The big port is the dock connector, but the internal USB is also connected to that.
10:51:29*amiconn blames TiMiD for breaking early USB on archos :/
10:51:49amiconnscreen_access_init() happens way too late, in browse_root()
10:52:17B4gderSlasheri: disk based, it needs to work on Archos...
10:52:20CassandraSo move it earlier then?
10:52:45markunB4gder: I think we identified all the major components of the gigabeat, or am I wrong?
10:53:01CassandraB4gder, it'd be nice if it worked at all. It's still very flaky.
10:53:16B4gderit is
10:53:21B4gderbut no one works on it
10:53:32B4gderand hardly ever did
10:53:40SlasheriB4gder: ah, ok. I just though if it could be possible to combine it with little effort with dircache. And metadata-functions could be used to update the database on the players itself too. Or maybe it would be simpler to write a player based solution from scracth?
10:53:45amiconnIt has to go in main.c, early enough for usb_screen() to work
10:54:19amiconnI'll check that tonight
10:54:37amiconn(got a bug report today by my most reliable tester) :)
10:55:58B4gdermarkun: that's possible, I only have an overview of the details
10:58:13 Join Mindship [0] (
10:59:09SlasheriHmm, if nobody minds, i will remote the wma format from supported file formats now
10:59:13 Join thegeek [0] (
10:59:30Jungti1234Can't H300 mark color bmp yet?
10:59:30B4gderI think it is there to support playlists with wma in them
10:59:53MindshipI'm at school, pondering a bit about request 955078
10:59:57SlasheriB4gder: ah, ok :/
11:00:25MindshipWhen you move the constants from apps/recorder/icons.c to a file
11:00:26Slasherithen the playback engine has to be fixed not to "hang" with wma files
11:00:38Mindshipthis file may not reside on the HDD
11:01:06Mindshipso, it should reside where the compiled icons.c is stored
11:01:10Mindshipwhere is this?
11:01:12amiconnSlasheri: The playback engine needs to be fixed not to hang with any file, be it supported format or not
11:01:15Mindshipand how to get there?
11:01:20linuxstbSlasheri: Maybe you could fix it by using the return value from get_metadata() ? This could fix the m4a problem as well.
11:01:39linuxstbThe principle is that get_metadata() returns false if the file is unplayable.
11:01:44Slasheriamiconn: yes, true
11:01:52linuxstbget_metadata() should also identify the codec needed for the file.
11:01:59Slasherilinuxstb: Hmm, sounds possible to do
11:02:04amiconnApart from that, I encountered the 'follow playlist' bug again today :(
11:02:19***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
11:02:29Slasheriamiconn: what kind of bug is that?
11:03:35amiconn'Follow playlist' doesn't work when just resuming after poweron, and the playlist ends normally (not stopped by hand)
11:04:20Slasherilinuxstb: Hmm, it seems playback engine should already skip files if get_metadata returns false
11:04:46Mindshipgot to go (class)!
11:05:04linuxstbSlasheri: But I seem to remember the return code not always being checked.
11:05:12 Quit Mindship ("CGI:IRC (EOF)")
11:05:33Slasherilinuxstb: it looks that get_metadata has true as the default value..
11:05:38Slasheriprobably that should be changed to false
11:05:47Slasherithen it should work
11:06:02linuxstbSlasheri: I see you've already changed playback.c to only call get_metadata() once. There used to be more calls.
11:06:20Slasheriah :)
11:06:28Slasherithose gones are long gone
11:07:07linuxstbSlasheri: Yes, get_metadata() doesn't do what I said it does :)
11:07:16amiconnSlasheri, linuxstb: get_metadata() could return one of the AFMT_* values to indicate the needed codec
11:07:16Slasheriso with unsupported file format it should return false
11:07:18Slasherihehe :)
11:07:45Slasheriamiconn: Hmm, good idea in fact :)
11:07:47linuxstbSlasheri: Or it can just change the audio format in the track_info struct.
11:07:57amiconnIt's very useful that there is also AFMT_UNKNOWN ...
11:09:15Jungti1234My speech is not interested not at all.
11:09:22linuxstbFor the WMA problem, we could just add an AFMT_WMA to the switch and always return false.
11:09:46linuxstbI think I need to look at get_metadata() in more detail to make sure it does what I intended.
11:10:22 Join Zak1392 [0] (
11:10:33 Join webguest09 [0] (
11:13:06 Join San||Studying [0] (
11:13:46 Join amiconn_ [0] (
11:14:21Zak1392you guys are really active, eh?
11:15:15 Quit thegeek_ (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
11:21:03Slasherilinuxstb: i found also a little bug in playback.c preventing skipping when codec loading fails. Fixing it. And if you fix the metadata.c, then everything should work fine :)
11:21:47Zak1392what do you mean by everything?
11:22:02 Join hshah_ [0] (
11:23:16B4gderthe whole universe will then be fine and world peace is here!
11:26:10Zak1392oh, okay then. that's pretty cool. how long should it take?
11:26:37 Quit amiconn (Nick collision from services.)
11:26:37 Nick amiconn_ is now known as amiconn (
11:27:15Coldtoastdoes that really matter? heh
11:27:35amiconnSlasheri: Nah, not everything. There are still numerous problems with voice UI on iriver...
11:27:58Zak1392oh wait! you guys don't estimate release dates do you?
11:28:13B4gderwe do when you pay us for it
11:28:31B4gderI'll do it for 200USD/date
11:28:45 Quit webguest09 ("CGI:IRC (EOF)")
11:28:49 Join webguest09 [0] (
11:28:53B4gderand then you'll get the estimate with a silver frame
11:30:53Coldtoastit'd be cool if you could set z-indexed for things in teh WPS
11:31:09Coldtoasterr. z-indexes
11:33:05DMJCanyone know about voip phones and linux?
11:33:13DMJCor howto extract data from elf files?
11:33:47Zak1392short answer: nope. long answer: no and never will.
11:34:17ColdtoastI I was aligning stuff and noticed you get flickering where %s was scolling over an image and it'd have to keep redrawing (I suppose cos the image and text were trying to share the same zindex so they alternate)
11:35:10Coldtoastprobably a tad tricky to impelent tho I suppose
11:38:00Zak1392i could do it
11:38:47Zak1392actually i can't
11:38:54Zak1392im pretty stupid
11:39:05Zak1392i've been having brain farts all day
11:39:06Coldtoastah damn. I had my hopes up there for a second too
11:39:21 Quit hshah (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
11:39:36 Quit ^BeN^ ("MULEz SCRIPT: God loves you, I hate you.")
11:39:37 Join tucoz [0] (
11:39:54tucozB4gder, TexNoel in the wiki is a spammer
11:40:49B4gderhow can you tell?
11:40:51 Join ^BeN^ [0] (
11:40:54tucozOr so it seems, I noticed yesterday that his and a lot of other profiles and also DocsIndex were filled with spam links.
11:41:27tucozBecuase TexNoel was the one that had added spam links to all of those pages
11:42:18tucozI thought I just get rid of the links as soon as possible, and rather tell you about it when you were around.
11:42:31B4gderI've deleted him now
11:42:42B4gderI'll add an IP-level block if he returns
11:43:23Jungti1234Foreigner's concept is different from Korean.
11:43:25 Quit Jungti1234 ("Bye~ -")
11:43:38B4gderI'm no foreigner!
11:43:40tucozcool, seems like the block on HanSolo works.
11:44:02B4gderyes, I think so
11:45:27tucozI wonder if the notorious wiki spammers get rich doing it. It sure is annoying anyway.
11:45:48Coldtoastit's become the thing to do lately
11:45:52ashridahtucoz: very few spammers get rich. the rest just think they will.
11:46:07Coldtoastppl posting spam on blogs as well
11:47:41tucozah, that is true. And also guesbooks. Some guestbooks are totally unusable. I remember once having a guestbook on a page. If one clicked to enter the guestbook, you were immediatley redirected to som rather nasy porn-site. Quite annoying.
11:48:03Coldtoastgood times
11:51:39tucozI just read a post in the mailing list regarding the %mp tag. It seems that the stop function is useless (as stop moves you back to the file-browser)
11:54:34tucozI think there are some confusion in the h300 crowd when a player is a brick and not.
12:00:40 Join jelle-k [0] (
12:01:10Coldtoastthat's true (about %mp)
12:03:27 Part tucoz ("Leaving")
12:07:38 Join yingi [0] (
12:08:28 Join perplexity [0] (n=joust@
12:08:41yingidoes anyone know when there will be a playstation three emulator on rockbox?
12:09:55Zak1392you're kidding, right?
12:10:01yingiactually, I'm having trouble getting the UI simulator to work under ubuntu ...
12:10:16yingiof course!
12:10:33*Zak1392 slaps yingi around a bit with a large trout
12:10:55yingiis it only windows?
12:11:40yingisorry .. stupid question ... are there any packages i have to install to get the ui simulator to work?
12:12:23yingi(i can compile normal)
12:13:46solexx_is there any known breakage in recent builds?
12:13:55solexx_my iriver doesn't boot rockbox anymore
12:13:59solexx_but the iriver firmware
12:14:33Coldtoasttried copying the files again?
12:15:00solexx_Coldtoast: not yet, I am at work ;)
12:15:16Coldtoastok. I update mine at least once a day and it's working fine
12:15:43solexx_thx. I updated this morning (~5 hours ago, most recent build)
12:15:45solexx_will try again
12:15:58solexx_I just wanted to make sure I didn't miss sth.
12:15:59ColdtoastI update with the bleeding edge builds
12:16:12*solexx_ too
12:16:40Coldtoastok. I've not had any failures tho. sounds like corruption from your end I reckon
12:17:04 Quit yingi ()
12:18:09solexx_Nevermind. Works again. Whatever...
12:18:30solexx_damn, iriver fw is so ugly
12:18:38Coldtoastit sure is
12:18:44solexx_it didn't even show playlists
12:21:08Coldtoastthe only thing I miss from the iriver fw is SRS
12:21:35solexx_I prefer not to use any equalizer settings
12:21:48Coldtoastdepends on your earphones and taste
12:22:35ColdtoastI bet there are some earphones where you woudn't mind some EQ
12:24:32ColdtoastI don't see anything wrong with EQ at all myself. some ppl say stupid crap like "You hear what the artist intended only when the EQ is flat" but the prob with that stateent is that's really only the sace is you listen to it with the equipment the artist was using (or something equivalent)
12:25:15Coldtoastand I bet the % of ppl with reference quality equipment isn't THAT huge
12:25:46ColdtoastI use these $20 Philips earphones that need a bit of extra bass
12:25:55Coldtoastplus I like bass heavy stuff :)
12:26:12solexx_I just don't start fiddling with the eq because then I never find a good setting for everything I hear
12:26:36solexx_I am using Koss Plugs
12:26:43solexx_but I don't like them very much
12:27:03ColdtoastI was thinkign of buying some ER6s
12:27:29solexx_if only they were more affordable...
12:27:31Coldtoastbut then I thought "I'm not spending $200AUD on a pair of earphones that'll get wrecked at the gym or at work"
12:27:51wubblai can recommend sennheiser px100!
12:28:01wubblathey are definitely worth the money
12:28:19solexx_I prefer in-canal earphones
12:28:35linuxstbI'm thinking of adding a new feature and am wondering if anyone would be strongly against adding it to CVS. I want to be able to create (empty) files of the form "General", "Sound" etc which will cause Rockbox to call the appropriate menu function when selected from the filesystem.
12:28:43solexx_the phones from sony are quite good, imo
12:28:50Coldtoastthese Philips earphones. I discovered how to mod them to be kinda in-ear
12:28:59Cassandralinuxstb, nationalisation nightmare.
12:29:20linuxstbI'm planning on implementing this by using the filename to search the language strings to find the appropriate language id for that string. I'll then call the menu based on the language id.
12:29:27 Quit DMJC (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
12:29:47Coldtoastthey have a rubber ring around the outer part of the housing (under the baffles). If you remove the ring, they push into your ear slightly
12:29:55linuxstbSo the ".menu" filenames will have to match the standard name for that menu item in the currently selected language.
12:29:58CassandraEven so, you'd need a huge lookup table, and it really doesn't gain you very much.
12:30:08CassandraSeems kind of superfluous really.
12:30:09solexx_linuxstb: this won't work very well with players which are used in several languages
12:30:13linuxstbWe already have the lookup table - the language system.
12:30:39CassandraYou need a mapping string -> function. That's not really done.
12:30:44linuxstbsolexx_: In which case, such users can create .menu files in different languages.
12:30:48 Join DMJC [0] (
12:31:13linuxstbCassandra: That's trivial. It may not be efficient (searching through all the strings), but it will still be fast enough for my needs.
12:31:26CassandraI don't have any huge objections. I'm just a bit concerned that Rockbox is getting rather full of unnecessary features.
12:31:49CassandraIt's more the memory it will use that concerns me.
12:31:52 Quit dwihno (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
12:31:54linuxstbI'm not saying this will replace the menu, but will give users the ability to (for example) put some frequently accessed menu items in their directory structure for quick access.
12:31:55CassandraParticularly on Archos.
12:32:14linuxstbI think the code will be very small. But I understand your point.
12:32:51linuxstbI guess it depends if others apart from me would use such a feature.
12:33:22CassandraI can see the point, it's effectively a menu customisation system, which is something some people want. I'm just not sure it's worth the cost.
12:34:00linuxstbI think the cost will be tiny, but I'll implement it and find out.
12:34:44linuxstbIt's just a simple loop to search the language strings, and then a switch based on the language id that loop finds.
12:35:03CassandraI really need to think about seperating "advanced functionality" of Rockbox from core features.
12:35:16linuxstbAre you talking about the documentation?
12:35:32CassandraIt's currently very good at being all singing and dancing, but it's a bit in danger of becoming the Microsoft Word of MP3 players.
12:35:38CassandraPartially, yes.
12:35:53perplexityIf it gets "clippy" I'm going to commit suicide
12:36:11CassandraAlthough I believe that Rockbox can be altered to separate the two more clearly.
12:36:33Lynx_"I see you are trying to create a playlist. Would you like me to help?"
12:36:38perplexity"It looks like you are going to play an .mp3" "Would you like me to a) scramble your flash, b) play it backwards, c) bluescreen the player"
12:36:42CassandraI'd actually like to introduce a "simple settings" mode where a lot of the complexity is hidden from the user.
12:37:16CassandraNow with H3xx support, we can have real blue screens. Now that's progress for you.
12:37:16perplexityI think that is a grand idea
12:37:26linuxstbBut how would the user discover the advanced features? I think the most important aim is to try and make the advanced features more accessible without the need to read a manual.
12:37:28perplexityI want mine colour configurable thanks
12:37:32Lynx_Cassandra: i thought about that, would be useful
12:38:04CassandraWell, by turning the "simple settings" option off.
12:38:44 Join baobab68 [0] (
12:39:12linuxstbSo certain features would be disabled in "simple settings" ?
12:39:57Zak1392i just put rockbox on my h340!!!
12:40:03Zak1392works like a charm!
12:41:01 Quit ghode|afk (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
12:41:22CassandraWell, the ability to change certain settings.
12:41:32baobab68Zak: Int'l H340?
12:41:33CassandraI'm not sure about actually removing features.
12:41:42Zak1392yep, int
12:42:13baobab68zak: you're sure now? your answer will help me decide whether to try on my h320
12:42:36CassandraI'm sure that the complexity of Rockbox puts some people off.
12:42:43linuxstbI agree about settings menus - they need re-organising and more obscure features hidden in an "Advanced options" menu or something.
12:42:49CassandraI mean, think about it, how many female users do we have?
12:42:52perplexityI suspect just hiding a number of the configration options and leaving them default in Simple Mode would be a neat idea
12:42:56CassandraWell, there's me, and ... erm.
12:43:34baobab68cassandra - are you saying female users can't *handle* complexity, or just don't like it?
12:43:37Zak1392it works fine on int versions
12:43:59linuxstbOne thing I would like is to make all the options available via menus. We could still have the obscure key combinations, but a consistent context menu giving all possible actions would make Rockbox easier to use.
12:44:31CassandraA lot of them are turned off by the kind of extreme tweakability Rockbox offers.
12:44:33Coldtoastdo you think the complexity does put ppl off tho? after all, they've had to patch the iriver firmware, flash the new firmware and then download and install Rockbox itself
12:45:11baobab68my sister is like that: "what do you mean OGG is a better file format? can't I just use ITunes"
12:45:14preglowyou dont exactly _have_ to tweak it. i more or less use rockbox as is
12:45:16ColdtoastI'd have thought anybody able to handle that level of complexity would be ok with the number of settings
12:45:32CassandraThe thing is, it *looks* scary.
12:45:43CassandraIt's all about perception.
12:45:55baobab68zak: and so with the RB bootloader installed are you definitely able to get to and from iriver firmware with no problems?
12:46:09ColdtoastI think most ppl would describe it as "deep" rather than "complex"
12:46:21baobab68by holding rec and pressing play, or whatever the combination is?
12:46:37linuxstbCassandra: Do you think making the main menu the first thing people see would help?
12:46:43Zak1392bao: yep
12:46:51linuxstb(and obviously adding a Browse Files option)
12:47:05CassandraI'm not sure. Possibly.
12:47:14baobab68zak: so what the hell is happening to all those ppl who claim that they can't flip between firmwares?
12:47:27 Join ghode|afk [0] (
12:47:51CassandraI'd also like to see a graphical WPS as a default. Again, plain text is psychologically intimidating to some people.
12:48:12preglowCassandra: think i'm with you on that one
12:48:16linuxstbAnd possibly a "friendlier" (i.e. larger) default font.
12:48:21baobab68my 2c - the iriver and the ipod both come up with a "WPS" as the main screen. ready for you to press play to continue from where you left off...
12:48:39perplexityI must admit the default h3xx wps looks all touchy/feely and gives you the warm fuzzies.. the default RockBox text wps just looks agricultural
12:49:03thegeekCassandra : indeed
12:49:12thegeekI've said it before and I'll say it again
12:49:19thegeekengineer 2 or iAmp 1.5
12:49:21linuxstbOne problem I think is that there is a tendency for new features to be disabled by default. So good features like the dircache are not used.
12:49:21 Join leftright [0] (
12:49:33thegeekboth very popular, nice looking and practical
12:49:39CassandraWell, I'm kind of partial to "boxes" myself. ;)
12:49:45perplexityyes, agricultural.. like the old Wyse Terminals of yore..
12:49:49amiconnCassandra: We have female users, and I think they can handle the "complexity"
12:49:57CassandraPlus it has Rockbox branding.
12:49:58leftrightSlasheri: you here ?
12:50:09Cassandraamiconn, I think they can too.
12:50:11Slasherileftright: hi, yes :)
12:50:12leftrightgot a bug for you :-)
12:50:14baobab68zak: going to answer my query?
12:50:19amiconnlinuxstb: Regading configurable menus, that was already discussed multiple times
12:50:20CassandraIt's a question of getting them to a point where they want to.
12:50:23Slasherileftright: nice ;)
12:50:47linuxstbamiconn: But was the solution of files in the filesystem suggested?
12:50:51elinenbeI think the theme folder should be set up for each different model...
12:51:06CassandraAnd it's not *just* female users. I just give the low numbers of female users as an example of how we're not addressing everyone's needs.
12:51:11elinenbeboxes looks great on an h1xx, but like crud on a h3xx
12:51:14amiconnI'm strongly against a configurable main menu, it will make support a nightmare
12:51:40elinenbelikewise... a player theme will probably look awful on a h1xx, etc...
12:51:41leftrightSlasheri: the file counter in wps doesn't get udated if a file is deleted within a directory, it does update if stop and then play is selected
12:51:46ripnetukare we supposed to ship example graphical wps's with rockbox now? when i do a make zip, i get a message about No wps module present, can't do the WPS magic! - am i missing something in checkout or is it work in progress?
12:51:57amiconnI think a user-configurable "user menu" could be the way to go
12:52:03linuxstbamiconn: I disagree. If a user customises his/her menu, then he/she is advanced enough not to need support.
12:52:15Cassandraelinenbe, I'll probably do a H3xx boxes at some point, when the 3xx WPS code is more stable, and when we have a working sim, since I don't own a 3xx myself.
12:52:22preglowripnetuk: yeah, you can check a wps dir out of cvs now
12:52:29amiconnThe configurable menu could replace the quickscreen(s)
12:52:31Slasherileftright: Hmm, the file counter is in fact playlist entry counter.. So there is no obvious way to update it when file is deleted
12:52:36elinenbeCassandra: time to go buy a new player ;)
12:52:47amiconnIn fact work on this was even started back in archos-opnly times, just never finished
12:52:48Cassandraelinenbe: I already own 3.
12:53:07baobab68once you have it set up, how much do you need to go into menus anyway?
12:53:08CassandraIf I bought a player for every Rockbox platform, I'd be even more broke than I am now.
12:53:09amiconnCassandra: I *know* one
12:53:34ripnetukta :) checking oiut now
12:53:38Cassandraamiconn, I *am* one, remember. I'm not claiming we don't exist.
12:53:41leftrightthe total number of files doesn't get updated if a file is deleted, its no biggie, just thought I'd mention it
12:54:03amiconnCassandra: Yes of course. Then I actually know two :)
12:54:22*Cassandra grins.
12:54:59leftrightgotta go, thanks folks for a fine product
12:55:05 Part leftright
12:55:41solexx_will AAC be supported in the future or does it have the same problems as wma?
12:55:44 Quit perplexity ("Time to scoot before the parking inspector extracts his pound of flesh")
12:56:07linuxstbsolexx_: AAC is already supported. It just isn't optimised yet so doesn't quite playback in realtime.
12:57:03solexx_linuxstb: thx. I just read in the wiki that aac isn't supported and rockbox did something but I don't know what it did :)
12:57:19linuxstbWhere in the wiki?
12:57:19 Join Febs [0] (
12:58:23solexx_and but it's not clear on the topic
12:58:28 Join LinusN [0] (
12:58:35LinusNSlasheri: u there?
12:58:50*Cassandra decides to go round and personally molest every H3xx user that installs Rockbox then complains it doesn't work.
12:59:24stu3_Molest ay?
12:59:38stu3_Ummm, i think mine isn't working all of a sudden ;-).
13:00:52LinusNi looked at your recent commits and noticed some gui_syncsplash() calls in playback.c
13:01:26baobab68I know it must be annoying and you guys could get more done without ppl complaining about something they shouldn't be installing anyway....
13:01:31LinusNit suddenly struck me that calling lcd drawing functions is really only allowed in the main thread
13:01:52linuxstbsolexx_: I've changed the FeatureComparison page now. I hope that is more accurate.
13:01:59LinusNbaobab68: it indeed is
13:02:12linuxstbsolexx_: The SoundCodecs is a more technical page about the codecs.
13:02:17Zak1392i'm playing pokemon on my h340 now ;)
13:02:23***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
13:02:30solexx_linuxstb: thanks a lot
13:02:34baobab68but ppl are just really excited. we've been listening to h100 owners rave about rockbox for so long, and now it's coming along for h3xx owners too...
13:02:59baobab68and don't forget the long waits for firmware updates from iriver...
13:03:35stu3_Have iriver stated that they will make anymore adjustments to the H3XX firmware?
13:03:58baobab68supposedly a new one for release within "a couple of weeks" but they won't say what's in it.
13:04:17SlasheriLinusN: hi :)
13:04:36baobab68the general consensus is that it might have WAV recording. Some are hoping for OTF playlists as well.
13:04:37stu3_Ah i see. I doubt they will really put anything of huge benefit into it now anyway.
13:04:48SlasheriLinusN: Hmm, true. The functions in fact don't work very well in playback.c..
13:04:50stu3_Well...that would be cool
13:05:03baobab68why should they? they already have my money, and they've released like a million other products since then.
13:05:08SlasheriProbably a better way should be implemented to output error messages from playback engine
13:05:16LinusNSlasheri: yes
13:05:23LinusNoops, gotta go
13:05:28 Part LinusN
13:05:28stu3_yeah true, its sad isn't it, really says something about the kind of people they are.
13:05:29baobab68it'd be like me asking Sanyo to add a hi-def feature to my TV 10 yrs after purchase
13:05:47baobab68(I wonder if they would? :-)
13:06:20stu3_Hehe, you should ask them ;-)
13:07:10stu3_"The salesman told me it would be the best thing for at least the next 10 years, so whats all this i hear about HD?"
13:07:27baobab68"and I can't reboot my TV back into 1930's film mode by holding REC and pressing PLAY"
13:07:57stu3_But you can get that mode by pushing it down a flight of stairs and throwing mud at the screen.
13:08:35B4gderif I objdump -O binary, can I then make a dissassemble on that binary with objdump?
13:10:35 Join webguest71 [0] (
13:11:11amiconnB4gder: yes.
13:11:17webguest71anybody in the team tested rockbox on h3xx int. ?
13:11:49amiconnm68k-elf-objdump −−target binary −−architecture m68k:5249 −−adjust-vma 0x31000000 -D rockbox.bin
13:12:02amiconnThe -D is the key
13:12:09amiconn(disassemble everyting)
13:12:30Febswebguest71: some users on Mistic River have reported installing the bootloader on an international H300 without problems.
13:12:39 Join perplexity [0] (
13:13:01webguest71but you cant guarrante its safe=?
13:13:10Zak1392i installed it on my int h340 and it works fine
13:13:15B4gderwebguest71: we will NEVER guarantee that
13:13:22ripnetuki cant guarentee that upgrading the original iriver fw is safe
13:13:31ripnetukflashing is always a slight risk
13:13:34webguest71how about the music playback :?
13:13:50FebsThere is no music playback yet on H300.
13:13:55Zak1392you have to use the iriver firmware or else it freezes
13:14:11preglowlinuxstb: btw, you didn't use the rev16 instruction anywhere, did you? appears we don't have it...
13:14:15webguest71but you can use rockboy?
13:14:25preglowthe ipod arm really doesn't have a lot of instructions at all
13:14:32linuxstbpreglow: No, I didn't use it. I noticed we didn't have it the other day when we talked about instructions.
13:14:34Zak1392i was playing pokemon before...
13:14:50webguest71haha;) in black and white?
13:14:53FebsI updated the "when will Rockbox be released for the H300" FAQ:
13:15:15Zak1392pokemon blue...
13:15:24stu3_Zak1392: The player doesn't actually "freeze" during music playback. The CPU gets clocked to 120Mhz and the button driver goes crazy.
13:15:48amiconnpreglow: Wel, it's called Acorn *RISC* Machine after all ;)
13:16:27stu3_Also, i hear its advised not to attempt music playback on the H3XX.
13:17:00 Quit webguest71 ("CGI:IRC (EOF)")
13:17:01XavierGrdoes anyone here has a sony stereo microphone?
13:17:07XavierGrthose popular ones?
13:17:22solexx_XavierGr: no, but I want one :)
13:17:38linuxstbXavierGr: Which are the popular ones?
13:18:00XavierGrI just spend 150euros on one of them, and unless it is faulty they suck big time
13:18:37XavierGrI try to record with 24dB gain and I hear only whispers. The equalizers aren't moving at all
13:18:57XavierGrI bought the ECM-MS907
13:19:17linuxstbDon't you normally need a pre-amp and/or a battery box for microphones?
13:19:36XavierGrI play with my classical guitar at full gain in front of it and there is no response at all!
13:19:53FebsXavierGR, I've recorded many times with that mic with no trouble.
13:20:04XavierGrthese microphones are specially built for mini devices
13:20:15XavierGrthey have built in batterys
13:20:16preglowamiconn: well, you should see the number of instructions the higher revisions have
13:20:21FebsDo you have a fresh batter in it?
13:20:22CassandraYou definitely ought to use a pre-amp or a mic in socket.
13:20:59XavierGrFebs I just changed 2 batteries, I even measured their voltage with a multimeter
13:21:07XavierGr each
13:21:28XavierGrFebs: You have the same microphone?
13:21:53FebsYes. And I've used it successfuly with H100 (iriver fw), H100 (RB) and H300 (iriver fw).
13:22:20linuxstbFebs: What kind of recordings do you make with it?
13:22:39XavierGrWell I will be damned.
13:22:39 Quit Febs ("CGI:IRC (EOF)")
13:22:47 Join Febs_ [0] (
13:22:48XavierGrI just coupled it on my PC line it.
13:23:09XavierGrI yelled at it as hard as I could and no clipping occured
13:23:26*Febs_ hates the web based IRC client.
13:23:53*preglow loves irssi
13:23:54*perplexity hands Febs_ a USB keystick with X-Chat installed
13:24:10XavierGrFebs do you get a strong signal from your mic?
13:24:23Febs_linuxstb, I've made recordings of everything from voice, to my acoustic guitar, to a loud bad (106-108dB).
13:24:35Febs_XavierGR, yes.
13:24:44XavierGrI remember iriver built in mic which is very very sensitive...
13:25:08*Febs_ has tried other IRC clients but only the web-based client works with his office web filter.
13:25:13 Nick Febs_ is now known as Febs (
13:25:47XavierGrI cant believe it. I just overpaid 150 euros (while on abroad it costs 70) for a faulty mic!($*)@(*@)(*@)(
13:25:50perplexityAhh.. I ssh to a remote box and port forward over that
13:26:23FebsI may try that.
13:26:34XavierGrFebs: Can you upload a sample song with ou acoustic guitar? Or anythng to compare?
13:27:23FebsLet me go find something and I'll post it for you.
13:27:43 Join stu3 [0] (
13:28:04 Quit stu3_ (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
13:29:57preglowXavierGr: what makes you think it's faulty?
13:30:26XavierGrI even tap it with my finger and I can''t get the meter to clip
13:30:40pregloware you sure it outputs a line level signal?
13:30:43XavierGrpreglow: the recording level is way too low.
13:30:45preglowi somewhat doubt it does
13:31:00Coldtoastwhat preamp are you using?
13:31:02 Quit baobab68 ("CGI:IRC (EOF)")
13:31:12XavierGrno preamp
13:31:16Coldtoastwait. it's active isn't it?
13:31:23XavierGrbut these mics are made just to be coupled
13:31:29XavierGrit is
13:31:41XavierGrit has a biult in battery and a switch
13:32:08Coldtoastdo you have a preamp at all tho?
13:32:19Coldtoastone you can plug the mic into?
13:32:25XavierGrnot at the moment
13:32:40Coldtoastif it's getting signal at all, just sounds like a dea preamp int eh mic, right?
13:32:59XavierGrit wouldbe difficult to find a stereo microphone preamp
13:33:35Coldtoastwhen I bought my guitar and was trying to decide what pickup to use, Iended up buying a massive pickup
13:33:50Coldtoastcos I didn;t want nay modifications done to the body to fit the preamp
13:33:50XavierGrthese are supposed to work without preamps
13:34:03XavierGralso some demos I listened to were great.
13:36:16 Join Philip [0] (
13:39:11ashridahgod damned misticriver forums keeps forgetting my login
13:39:17Coldtoastwoah! I was about to say that!
13:39:25ashridahFebs: and you keep using black text in your posts
13:39:33XavierGrpreglow: why do you thing I am doing something wrong?
13:39:56ashridahFebs: you have noticed the horrible default theme, and how the background for a post is dark grey, right?
13:39:57 Quit Philip (Client Quit)
13:41:52ashridahColdtoast: which browser are you using?
13:42:37Coldtoastwhy's that?
13:42:54ashridahwas wondering if it was just the browser i'm using (konqueror)
13:43:02*ashridah stabs mistic river
13:43:19ashridahnot only does it forget between browser instances, it forgets WITHIN a browser instance
13:43:28*ashridah kicks misticriver in the nads
13:43:28Coldtoastthat's the bit I meant when I said I was aboutto say that; @#$%@#$%
13:43:40Coldtoastbut I have that EXACT problem with imdb
13:44:06ashridahi think the pages aren't being set to nocache properly.
13:44:15ashridahbecause forcing a refresh helps refreshing
13:44:27 Quit Zak1392 ()
13:45:22Coldtoastwhat extensions ar eyou running?
13:46:40 Join webguest93 [0] (
13:47:24*ashridah looks at Coldtoast and wonders if Coldtoast understood him when he said the name of his browser in parenthesis :)
13:47:35Coldtoastoh yeah
13:47:48Coldtoasterr.. D'oh
13:52:43XavierGrpacked and ready to return it!
13:53:16Coldtoastdon't you just LOVE RMAing stuff the day you got it?
13:53:43 Quit ^BeN^ (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
13:54:15XavierGrI hope that they will not have any objections with it.
13:54:30XavierGrI shouldn't have bought it in the first place.
13:54:39XavierGr150 euros for it is a sure rip off.
13:54:48XavierGrI just dind;t had any alternatives
13:54:58preglowXavierGr: i don't think you're doing something wrong, i'm just asking
13:56:44 Quit webguest93 ("CGI:IRC")
13:56:55XavierGrI just hope to see the other guy that bought it too.
13:57:19XavierGrIn a test recording with hie (same) microphone all went okay
13:57:50 Join ^BeN^ [0] (
13:57:53XavierGrI was very amazed by the sound of the mic so I decided to buy it for me too.
13:59:16XavierGrThe real reason to buy it is an upcoming concert which I take part and want to record it. But in todays rehearsal (just tested there the mic) nothing could be heard but whispers so...
13:59:25XavierGrI was really annoyed.
14:00:54Coldtoastdo you play mainly acoustic guitar?
14:01:16XavierGrno only classical
14:01:33Coldtoastwho do you listen to?
14:01:52XavierGrfrom classical guitarists?
14:01:58Coldtoastany guitarists
14:02:29ColdtoastI actually find a lot of classical guitar is a bit rigid for my liking
14:03:05XavierGrmainly Jown Williams, Julian Bream, Narciso Yepes, The Romeros
14:03:32Coldtoastdo you listen to anybody like Michael Hedges, Leo Kottke?
14:04:01XavierGrI am not into ONLY classical guitar, but I listen mostly to orchestrated music.
14:04:36Coldtoastever heard of Slava Gregoria?
14:04:46XavierGrnope sorry, never heard of them...
14:04:52perplexitySlava is *great*
14:04:58Coldtoasthe's an Australian classical guitarist
14:05:26XavierGrhmm i will make a search for him
14:05:51ColdtoastMichael Hedges is my absolute fave guitarist tho
14:06:04perplexitySlava did a wicked duet with Tommy Emmanuel not that long ago
14:06:18Coldtoastdid you see him when he was on The Panel perplexity?
14:06:20XavierGrTruth is that I don't know many classical guitarists apart from the very famous.
14:06:34perplexityNo, I missed that.. I don't live in Aus anymore..
14:06:43Coldtoasthe played this piece after they interviewed him and it was just awesome
14:06:54Coldtoasthave you heard of Hedges tho XavierGr?
14:07:03perplexityI *very* nearly got to see him live in concert but I had to fly out early :(
14:08:39XavierGrsorry have to go...
14:08:49 Nick XavierGr is now known as Xavier|afk (
14:08:56Coldtoasthey wait
14:11:18Febsashridah: I just saw your posts about the MR theme.
14:11:34FebsI use the "test" theme which is a basic vBulletin blue and white.
14:11:55FebsI can't tell when things come up black on the horrible default theme and when they don't.
14:12:34ashridahFebs: i know, but misticriver keeps forgetting my login, so it keeps defaulting to the theme that uses a black background :)
14:12:44*Febs goes to look at MR using the ugly default theme.
14:12:51ashridahFebs: the key is: let the browser choose the default text colour
14:13:03ashridahsince the theme itself should be doing that via css or otherwise :)
14:13:18FebsI do. I think that the problem comes when I cut and paste something from somewhere else.
14:17:41amiconnSlasheri: I don't get how your latest playlsit.c change works. You simplify by just assigning count = steps; - but steps may be negative...
14:18:26 Join webguest40 [0] (
14:18:32webguest40hello everyone !
14:18:33Slasheriamiconn: oh, i forgot that.. in fact i broke my previous code and i thought that code was incorrect :/
14:18:37Slasherii will fix it, thanks
14:18:39amiconnAlso, you introduced one more gui_syncsplash() outside the gui thread...
14:19:02Slasherior the code had bugs but the previous count setting was correct
14:19:08webguest40I just installed rockbox on my h3xx and now i wonder how i install rockboy ? i have downloaded rockboy but how do i install ?
14:19:15Slasheriamiconn: Hmm, really?
14:19:34B4gderwebguest40: rockboy comes included so if you installed rockbox you already have it
14:19:51mordovdoes the %wd turn of the stausbar in wps mode ??
14:19:53webguest40cool :D
14:19:53FebsUgh. Just looking at the default MR theme for 5 minutes is already starting to give me a headache.
14:20:27ashridahFebs: it looks like my browser freaked out and stretched part of a normal image horizontally
14:20:50ashridahwhoever did the design for that needs to be hit, a forums borders should not attract the eye more than the forum's content
14:22:08webguest40does it work with gba games?
14:22:19perplexityno webguest09
14:22:24perplexityno webguest40 ... sorry
14:22:44DMJCosx 86 cracked again
14:22:47webguest40eey its cool anyways:D
14:22:48ashridahit's probably not going to any time soon. rockboy development stopped dead many months ago
14:22:56ashridahDMJC: got linkage?
14:23:16perplexityMan I'd love to port an Atari 2600 emulator to Rockbox :)
14:23:28B4gderperplexity: don't let us stop you
14:23:38mordovwwwwwwwweeeeeeeeeeeeee the %wd tag works :)
14:23:39ashridahperplexity: go for it.
14:23:46markunwebguest40: just unpack the whole rockbox zip to you H3xx and rockbox will be included.
14:24:04perplexityBeen doing a little homework.. need to get more familiar with the RockBox internals first..
14:24:05markunwebguest40: sorry about that :)
14:25:14amiconnSlasheri: Yes you did. Adding a splash in playlist.c is a bad idea
14:26:07markunI want to remove some attachments from the wiki. When I want to move to 'Trash' I have 2 options. Does it matter if I move to the 1st or the 2nd?
14:26:13amiconnAlso please note that the playlist code is used on all platforms you can't just change the behaviour without adapting both playback engines
14:27:02B4gdermarkun: no
14:27:29amiconn(was tempted to add the word 'careless' to my sentence)
14:28:15Slasheriamiconn: Hmm.. but isn't that called from ui thread?
14:28:44Coldtoasthey. with WPS, if I use the same images in .rwps that I use in .wps, does the image get loaded into mem twice?
14:28:50amiconnSlasheri: nope
14:29:15amiconnOn iriver it's the playback thread, on archos it's the mpeg thread
14:29:44Slasheriamiconn: playlist_resume is called from tree.c
14:29:53Slasheriand there the same function uses gui_syncsplash too
14:30:34Slasherino function called from playback thread in playlist.c should currently have a splash
14:32:06DMJCheh could the h340 series support an amiga emulator?
14:32:18DMJCthat'd be hillarious
14:32:18amiconnHmm. Still I think it's unclean to splash from within playlist.c
14:32:34amiconnWhy not just call it before calling playlist_resume()?
14:33:10SlasheriHmm, that's true. I just saw so many splashes there so I added one more :) But yes, before the playlist_resume sounds even better
14:34:04amiconnHmm, in fact you're right
14:34:15*amiconn wonders why all those splashes are in there
14:34:32amiconnImho they don't belong there
14:35:14amiconnSome q&d coding I guess
14:35:56linuxstbFor what it's worth, my initial implementation of ".menu" file handling adds 232 bytes to rockbox.iriver for 2 supported menu items, 256 for 3 items, and 276 for 4 items.
14:36:14preglowlinuxstb: do you think we should set up interrupt button handling in the bootloader as well? seems to be the only proper way
14:37:17preglowproblem is of course that we still migh tnot get the interrupt if it's pressed too early
14:37:28linuxstbpreglow: We don't have to be as cautious as Linus is with the iriver bootloader - so if that's the only way then do it.
14:37:51linuxstbpreglow: Yes, I think that's the main problem. The Apple bootloader takes a long time to load our bootloader.
14:38:24webguest40is the games on h300 in black and white?
14:38:31linuxstbpreglow: Maybe we will need to do another kind of bootloader - e.g. a menu with timeout.
14:38:43preglowlinuxstb: yeah, perhaps, but i don't know if i'd like that
14:38:49preglowi like a fast boot if i can have one
14:38:56preglowbut yeah, it might be the only way
14:39:13amiconnIs it impossible to poll the buttons on ipod?
14:39:22preglowamiconn: impossible, no, but unreliable, it seems
14:39:34amiconnBad ipod ;)
14:39:46preglowkeep in mind we don't have docs, so hard to say
14:40:02preglowperhaps someone should disassemble the apple bootloader
14:40:03 Join bbad [0] (n=bbad@
14:40:04linuxstbI've got a feeling that the ipod can't detect the current state of the buttons - only changes in the state. But I could be wrong there.
14:40:06preglowit seems to be able to cope nicely
14:40:25preglowi've never had it not sense to select-play combo
14:40:53linuxstbpreglow: Yes, but the apple bootloader has already started running by the time you press that combo.
14:42:52linuxstbWe should be able to dump the contents of the flash to disk if we wanted to see what it does.
14:46:51ashridahwebguest40: at the moment, yes. colour support is not fully implemented on H3x0 (just like most other things, except for the basics)
14:47:06preglowi'd need to get my hands on ida pro before i'd even want to think about doing that
14:47:19ashridahwebguest40: most of these problems and missing features will probably be dealt with eventually.
14:49:31 Join muesli- [0] (n=muesli_t@
14:51:07mordovwhay does it take ten times as long to canahge theme frm themebrowser the it takes to make the changes your selfe?
14:51:19preglowi invoke a software interrupt, and now rockbox boots again and again and again...
14:53:27mordovit's strange... it realy takes a whole lot of time
14:53:44ashridahmordov: use the source, luke! :)
14:54:01ashridah(it does seem like someone's tossed a sleep(3) in there tho)
14:54:02webguest40cool im playing zelda on my h3xx now
14:54:09webguest40tnx rockbox team !
14:54:59 Join dwihno [0] (n=dw@
14:55:32 Join PaulJ [0] (
14:55:37webguest40how do i cancle a game?
14:56:30linuxstbIf anyone is interested in my "menu files" idea, an initial patch is here:
14:57:02webguest40but i cant press quit game !
14:57:36linuxstbIt currently supports the files "Browse", "Browse", "General" and "Sound" (or the localised equivalents). Simply create files with those names anywhere on your hard disk and then select them to activate the appropriate menu function.
14:59:03 Nick hshah_ is now known as hshah (
14:59:35mordovwebguest09: in the h-120 it is the A-B button... it givs you a mune,,, save back quit etc...
15:00:01ashridahmordov: except in the H3x0, apparently the buttons don't compeltely work in rockboy or something, i'm told.
15:01:00mordovah, that explains a bit )
15:01:19amiconnwebguest09: Try highlighting the menu item with up/down, then select with Right. Does that work?
15:01:30amiconnwebguest40 I mean
15:01:33mordovif some one do the rockboy,,, plase move the B buton from STOP... i'm turning if my player all the time
15:02:26***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
15:03:37 Join Kohlrabi [0] (
15:10:46 Join tucoz [0] (
15:11:32tucozlinuxstb: I likes it. I think that is a clever solution to user-configurable menus
15:11:34 Quit webguest40 ("CGI:IRC")
15:13:38tucozWould "browse files" also be handled by a menu-file?
15:14:05linuxstbtucoz: No. Just create yourself a directory called "Browse Files" in the root of your hard disk, and move all your files into there.
15:15:13tucozlinuxstb: I have already that, like you suggested the other day. Works really nice. This is just the way I think Rockbox could be more user friendly
15:15:41linuxstbIt doesn't really solve that problem - it requires the user to organise their hard disk in a specific way.
15:16:01tucozlinuxstb: sure, but it is really simple to understand the concept
15:16:06linuxstbBut I agree, if a hard disk is organised this way, then it's more user-friendly.
15:16:55tucozSo, what is missing in terms of options now? fm-radio, recording.
15:17:44linuxstbFM Radio could be implemented by having .fmr files containing a list of presets. So you would have a directory called "FM Radio", and then the preset files in there.
15:18:49 Join SnokeekonS [0] (n=kickback@2001:5c0:8fff:ffff:8000:0:3e03:6822)
15:18:50pregloware there any systems that don't use a full stack?
15:18:52linuxstbOr if you only had one .fmr file, then call that "FM Radio.fmr".
15:19:22 Nick SnokeekonS is now known as AliasCoffee (n=kickback@2001:5c0:8fff:ffff:8000:0:3e03:6822)
15:19:25tucozlinuxstb: I still think this is a cool way of organizing stuff. I hope you get a green light for something like this.
15:20:16linuxstbThe only problem is that the main menu becomes a little redundant.
15:20:58tucozhehe, yes. But maybe that could be split up in someway as well.
15:21:39linuxstbIn terms of getting a "green light" - I guess it depends if everyone agrees that the increased code size is worth it. The patch I posted (4 menu items) adds 276 bytes to the iriver build. Each additional item seems to add about 20-24 bytes.
15:22:22hshahlinuxstb, what does your menu patch do?
15:22:54amiconnpreglow: ??
15:22:56linuxstbYou can create a file on your hard disk called (for example) "Sound", and then when you select that file in the file browser, it runs that menu item.
15:22:57tucozok, hmm. That is of course something that could be a problem. Anyway, I really like to have a base menu.
15:23:44hshahlinuxstb, so basically like a shortcut?
15:23:50linuxstbhshah: Yes.
15:23:51preglowamiconn: stacks that have the stack pointer pointing to the next free stack element
15:23:52 Quit B4gder ("time to say moo")
15:24:06preglowamiconn: also called empty stacks
15:25:45 Part tucoz
15:25:48 Join mashalla [0] (
15:26:46 Quit DJDD_ ("Trillian (")
15:28:26 Join Jungti1234 [0] (
15:33:12Jungti1234If I use background that make, look like strange.
15:33:20Jungti1234LCD twinkles.
15:33:25Jungti1234Resolution is right, and bit is right. By the way, is strange. Why may I be so?
15:36:40 Quit _FireFly_ ("IceChat - Stay K00L")
15:39:46 Quit Jungti1234 ("CGI:IRC (EOF)")
15:40:15 Join Nixsos [0] (
15:40:22 Join Jungti1234 [0] (n=jungti12@
15:41:45Nixsoshi, where can i download the H300 bootloader + software? I'd like to test it with my H340 + EU firmware
15:43:02Jungti1234Does no one have a person who answer to my problem?
15:43:02preglowyou're aware there's not much you can do with it yet, yes?
15:43:06ashridahNixsos: you understand the risks involved? ie, potentially unusable player, buggy rockbox firmware, etc?
15:43:25ashridahalso that most features are next to useless currently
15:44:44Nixsoshmm yeah i've read about those problems.. although everybody got their player working again right?
15:45:17ashridahNixsos: depends how you define working, since rockbox currently doesn't actually "work" as such
15:45:23mordovJungti1234: think noone has a good aswer to it...
15:45:24Nixsosit would kinda suck if i bricked it... it's brand new
15:45:34mordovJungti1234. might be something in the forum
15:45:35ashridahNixsos: then i'd definently wait
15:46:03Nixsosokay thanks... guess i'll have to be patient then :D, god i miss my H140 :D
15:46:11 Quit Coldtoast (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
15:46:14ashridahNixsos: what happened to it?
15:47:17Nixsosashridag: i sold it, the color screen stole my heart
15:48:12cannardhmm i guess ashridag is one of the milder typos they could make with your nick
15:48:31Nixsosim kinda new to this IRC thing
15:48:39cannardmy thanks goes out to the entire rb crew
15:48:45cannardyou guys are all awesome!
15:48:51ashridahcannard: people can do what they like with my nick. but if they do, they're dissing Ryan 'Ridah' Feltrin
15:48:56ashridahand that's fighting words
15:49:33cannardNixsos, sorry i wasnt saying anything bad, please forgive! though you shouldnt of sold your h140 :p
15:50:54Nixsosheh yeah i know, but i couldnt watch my futurama shows on the H140 :P
15:51:11Nixsosand greyscale just doesn't cut it :P
15:51:47cannardi had to google him before i said anything, before i dug my hole deeper :p
15:52:29cannardhmm thats true i guess Nixsos, were you able to capitalize on the recent want for h140's at least?
15:54:21 Quit muesli- ("ich will Khe!!!")
15:55:01Nixsoshmm what do you mean? whether i got enough money for my H140? (im dutch, shoot me :-/)
15:55:36 Quit ashridah ("Leaving")
15:55:53markunNixsos: and you are not alone here :)
15:56:11Nixsosi was able to sell my H140 for 220 euros.. got the H340 for 340 i believe
15:56:15markunJungti1234: bye
15:56:17cannardahh ok
15:56:22cannardhow long ago?
15:56:29Nixsos2 months ago
15:56:32cannardi wonder how many euros to aussie peso's
15:56:41 Join DangerousDan [0] (
15:56:46Jungti1234I get H100 into free charge. :D
15:56:56markunbut with a broken hdd..
15:57:13cannardhmm i would of bought it!
15:57:27Jungti1234It's H120.
15:57:42markunJungti1234: so you can buy a new 30gb hdd
15:58:08Nixsosi nearly bricked my H140 when i tryed to change the battery.. i still want to upgrade my H340s battery, but im afraid i'll void the warranty
15:58:28markunNixsos: what went wrong with the battery? polarity?
15:59:35Jungti1234H120 comes.
15:59:42Nixsospolarity yeah.. i've got two left hands, i suck at electronics :D. when i tryed to swap the polarity i broke the damn socket :-/
15:59:56Nixsoson the battery
16:00:11markunNixsos: also happened to my friend when we were upgrading our batteries together.
16:00:13Nixsoshow do you call that? the 'male' part
16:00:27markunstekker? :)
16:00:57 Quit Jungti1234 (Client Quit)
16:01:09Nixsosstekker ja :D
16:02:20Nixsosbatterylife sucks when viewing videos... maybe i should make myself an external batterypack
16:06:33 Quit Amar ("CGI:IRC")
16:10:59 Quit Febs ("CGI:IRC (EOF)")
16:12:29 Join ashridah [0] (
16:30:43 Quit AliasCoffee ("blink")
16:35:41thegeekcertainly it's much easier to just snip the wires?
16:35:51thegeekhaving to fiddle with the connector is just more work?
16:45:46preglowamiconn: seems the cpu processes interrupts even when in sleep mode, so we can just have the irq/fiq handler wake the cpu to get sleep functionality on ipod as well
16:46:44 Quit ashridah ("Leaving")
16:48:08amiconnpreglow: Goodie. Does that mean the cpu wakes up when an interrupt arrives, or do you need to wake it up manually? If so, how?
16:49:27preglowamiconn: afaik, it wakes to process the exception, then sleeps when it's done
16:49:41preglowamiconn: if you write the sleep reg when in the exception handler, it wakes again
16:49:53preglowafter processing it, that is
16:50:59amiconnAh okay
16:51:16amiconnSo that means all interrupt handlers have to reset the sleep register
16:51:27preglowand perhaps all exception handlers
16:51:41preglowthough i'd think just making the irq and fiq handlers reset it would be enough
16:51:48preglowthe other exceptions wont occur in a sleeping cpu
16:51:48amiconn..and the scheduler could set it before entering the "while evryone is sleeping" loop
16:52:27amiconnPerhaps that loop is even unnecessary then
16:52:45amiconn(in case the sleep mode makes the CPU stop completely)
16:52:49preglowwell, you're not guaranteed to have a change in thread state by an irq of fiq
16:53:26amiconnnum_sleepers is increased by one everytime a thread calls sleep()
16:54:12amiconn...and reset to zero when someone calls wake_up_thread()
16:54:37amiconnAh, of course you will need the loop
16:54:57preglowi don't see how it differs much from the case with a proper sleep instruction, to be honest
16:55:07preglowit sleeps as before, and interrupts wakes it, again, as before
16:55:25amiconnThe only difference is that every isr has to reset the sleep register,
16:55:39amiconnand the scheduler sets a register instead of calling an instruction
16:57:13 Join _FireFly_ [0] (
17:02:27***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
17:04:29Bagderccache just rocks
17:05:41Bagderbuiilding rockbox with ccache enabled flies
17:06:24 Join Moos [0] (
17:09:22*Bagder would like to remove the -Wno-pointer-sign option for gcc4 builds
17:11:35amiconnBagder: Do *you* intend to fix the warnings? ;)
17:12:09Bagderactually, I start doing that first
17:12:47amiconnI expect a can of worms...
17:13:08dwihnoI eggspect an easter egg ;D
17:13:13linuxstbBagder: Have you tried a compile with that option?
17:14:46_FireFly_amiconn: should i change the factor for scroll-delay(HZ/10) to 1000/HZ as you mentioned in your forum-post in my remote-settings-patch
17:18:17preglowany opinions on whether ipodrockbox should run in supervisor or user mode? i don't know what route embedded systems usually take
17:19:30preglowdoesn't seem like supervisor mode can do much more than user mode, set the processor flags, it seems
17:20:15linuxstbDo you have to decide now?
17:20:24preglowno, not really
17:20:35preglowit's primarily a crt0.S issue
17:20:43preglowand i'm still not quite clear on what the differences are
17:21:20preglowi was more or less just wondering what embedded systems usually do given a choice
17:21:30preglowdepends on system reliability concerns, i guess
17:22:22amiconn_FireFly_: Yes I think so. Note that there are multiple places, all of which seem to be wrong:
17:22:52amiconn(1) In the settings_menu function, before & after the actual set_int call
17:22:56_FireFly_i will do it
17:23:00amiconn(2) in the LCD drivers
17:23:17 Join webguest57 [0] (
17:23:22linuxstb(One vote for supervisor mode)
17:23:23amiconnIt doesn't change behaviour as long as HZ == 100
17:23:26 Part webguest57
17:24:17preglowlinuxstb: yeah, if it's as restricted on portalplayer as it seems, i vote for that as well, i don't want to spend overhead on calling software interrupts all the time
17:24:45_FireFly_amiconn: should i do it also for the jump_scroll_delay for charcell targets ??
17:24:47linuxstbI say go for supervisor mode (it's no worse than any other Rockbox).
17:24:58preglownah, don't think so
17:25:47 Quit Subterranean (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
17:26:07amiconn_FireFly_: Ooops, didn't notice that. Would be consistent to fix that as well
17:26:34amiconnlinuxstb, preglow: Rockbox on coldfire also runs in supervisor mode
17:26:56amiconn(really useful sometimes)
17:27:15_FireFly_amiconn: the hz/10 is correct for button_get_w_tmo or sleep isn't it ??
17:28:10amiconnHZ/10 in itself means a tenth of a second, that's correct
17:28:28linuxstbWhat does 1000/HZ mean?
17:28:44amiconnHowever, in case of the scroll delay settings, we need to convert between milliseconds and ticks
17:29:06_FireFly_only for the scroll-delay settings i must change from HZ/10 to 1000/HZ
17:29:18amiconnticks = milliseconds / (1000/HZ)
17:29:29amiconnmilliseconds = ticks * (1000/HZ)
17:29:34linuxstbamiconn: Yes, I understand now. So HZ/10 was just correct by co-incidence.
17:31:38_FireFly_i can't find any HZ/10 in the lcd-drivers only a HZ/2
17:32:42linuxstb_FireFly_: "HZ / 10" (with spaces)
17:33:31_FireFly_aahh found it :)
17:34:10 Quit Moos ("CGI:IRC")
17:36:03_FireFly_hmm strange why we multiply the value for scroll-delay from the global_settings struct with 1000/HZ and the set-function for the scroll-delay divides the parameter-value with 1000/HZ
17:36:19_FireFly_that doesn't make any sense for my
17:37:01_FireFly_or is it the integer math ??
17:37:09amiconnThis is because both the global settings value (for saving config bits) and the internal driver values (for simplicity) are stored in ticks
17:37:24amiconn...but the user should see milliseconds
17:37:51_FireFly_aahh ok
17:38:23amiconnIn the lcd driver, look for the lcd_scroll_delay() functions
17:38:49_FireFly_why then not simply do the multiplication in the drawing-function in the menu??
17:39:17_FireFly_or is that more complicated then the current way
17:40:07amiconnset_int() also calls lcd_scroll_delay() "live"
17:40:43amiconnDoing it directly in the display function would require a special one...
17:43:01 Join pinkutank [0] (n=ddd@
17:43:43pinkutankthe channel ftonk has arrived
17:48:55 Quit DangerousDan ("Miranda IM! Smaller, Faster, Easier.")
17:49:32 Join DangerousDan [0] (
17:52:54amiconn_FireFly_: When we switch to using config files from our config sector, it would make sense to always have the delay values in msec at the app level.
17:52:54 Quit CBM-away (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
17:53:07 Join CBM-away [0] (n=BurgerBo@
17:53:20amiconnThen the only places that would convert to ticks would be the lcd_scroll_delay() fns
18:14:09 Quit einhirn ("Miranda IM! Smaller, Faster, Easier.")
18:16:00Mark__Quidquid latine dictum sit, altum sonatur
18:16:14 Join hardeep [0] (
18:44:41 Join RotAtoR [0] (
18:52:25 Join Mxm`Pas`Bien [0] (
18:55:37amiconnTiMiD: r u there?
18:56:41TiMiDamiconn: yep
18:57:07amiconnThere is a problem with the multiscreen API - numerous inits are called too late
18:57:24amiconnThis leads to a hard crash on archos with early USB
18:57:45TiMiDsame on iriver
18:57:49amiconnEarly USB means starting with the USB cable already connected
18:57:56TiMiDwhen I plug the usb when booting, it crashes
18:58:11amiconnThe early USB check happens in main.c the init(s) have to happen before
18:58:25TiMiDbut usb screen isn't still ported to multi-screen ?
18:58:33_FireFly_maybe we should init the screen-access in main
18:58:35TiMiDI will fix this
18:58:39amiconnNo, but it uses the statusbar...
18:58:45TiMiD(I'm porting usb to multi-screen)
18:58:52TiMiDok :)
18:59:03amiconnI already tried adding screen_access_init to main.c, but that's not enough
18:59:14amiconnI didn't know each widget has its own init....
18:59:52amiconnWould it make sense to add the widget init calls to screen_access_init() ?
19:00:14TiMiDsince each widget can be used independantly
19:00:29amiconnYes, but they are inited only once, or?
19:00:29TiMiDI mean there can be multiple instances
19:00:44TiMiDthat's why threre is a per-widget init
19:00:47amiconnStatusbar should only exist once though
19:01:02TiMiDgeneral statusbar is a special case
19:01:10_FireFly_or two when remote exists :)
19:01:14 Join Acksaw [0] (
19:01:43TiMiDsyncstatusbar :)
19:01:51_FireFly_i think simple move screen-access-init and gui_syncstatusbar_init to main should do it
19:02:08amiconnI'll try
19:02:16TiMiDI will do it with my oncoming commit for usb screen on remote
19:02:27_FireFly_maybe we could create a additinal fn for those inits
19:02:31***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
19:02:34amiconnI want to get rid of I04: IllInstr at 00000404 on my and my sister's Ondio :/
19:03:07mordov ;)
19:03:34_FireFly_TiMiD: when screen_access-init gets to main then we can sync gui_sync_wps_init and gui_sync_wps_screen_init together
19:04:26 Join Lear [0] (
19:04:37TiMiDmordov: ohh now I understand why rockbox code is so difficult to read ;)
19:05:21TiMiDI don't think it's a good idea since it has nothing to do with scrern_access which is more general
19:05:35linuxstbI have a question about the ATA power handling in Rockbox. Am I right in saying that we don't use the ATA power commands (SLEEP, IDLE etc), but we perform the power-on/off at a higher level?
19:05:50amiconnTiMiD: With both inits in main() it does no longer crash
19:06:15Learamiconn: what crash?
19:06:23amiconnlinuxstb: We do both (the physical poweroff being optional)
19:06:37_FireFly_Lear: plugging in the usb while rb-logo is shown
19:07:22TiMiDdo you commit or should I include this in my incoming commit ?
19:07:47amiconnTiMiD: I think the right place is between radio_init() and the charging screen thingy
19:07:54LearJust wondered if you by any chance were discussing the logf build problem. :)
19:07:56amiconnI can do it now
19:08:01linuxstbamiconn: So for the ipod, disk power handling can be implemented just using the (documented!) ATA commands?
19:08:14 Join webguest76 [0] (
19:08:28amiconnDisk power handling *is* done using the documented ata commands
19:08:42 Quit ghode|afk (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
19:08:43amiconnThe physical poweroff is optional, for 2 reasons
19:08:59 Quit San ()
19:09:12_FireFly_TiMiD: which of my two suggestions isn't a good idea in your eyes ??
19:09:33amiconn(1) Very old players can't control disk power (no transistor). (2) Some players and FM recorders crash when switching disk power
19:09:33 Quit webguest76 (Client Quit)
19:09:37San||Studyinghey, any more H300 progress>
19:09:40 Nick San||Studying is now known as San (
19:10:09 Join ghode|afk [0] (
19:10:33linuxstbamiconn: Thanks. That's reassured me.
19:10:36_FireFly_TiMiD: the sync of the two gui_wps_sync-init fns or a seperate fn for the inits ??
19:10:38amiconnlinuxstb: Check ata_perform_sleep (lines 988ff)
19:11:29linuxstbSo I should undef HAVE_ATA_POWER_OFF
19:12:33amiconnYes, just don't define that in any of the config-ipod*.h files
19:13:30TiMiD_FireFly_: I would do a wps_init which would do ll the needed inits for wps
19:13:55TiMiDsince somebuffers has to be allocated and so on
19:13:56_FireFly_that what i had said :)
19:14:25_FireFly_i have currently two because screen_access-init wa called later
19:14:50TiMiDI thought you wanted to put wps inits in screen_access_init
19:14:53_FireFly_now we can sync gui_sync_wps_init and gui_sync_wps_screen_init together
19:15:39TiMiDinit early what needs buffer
19:15:53TiMiDbut all furthers inits should be made by the app
19:16:43 Quit hardeep (" HydraIRC -> <- Try something fresh")
19:16:45TiMiDremember _sync fn could be removed if rb went multi-thread for gui
19:19:03amiconnBah, the eraly gui_syncstatusbar_init() has a rather undesirable side effect :(
19:19:11 Join t0mas [0] (n=Tomas@unaffiliated/t0mas)
19:19:20amiconnIt clutters the rockbox logo with a statusbar
19:19:41TiMiDso the init displays the bar ?
19:19:47amiconnWhy does an init draw something??
19:19:49TiMiDhi t0mas
19:19:59TiMiDamiconn: it's strange indeed
19:20:02TiMiDvery strange
19:20:08_FireFly_not the init but the set_screen fn
19:20:26_FireFly_void gui_statusbar_set_screen(struct gui_statusbar * bar,
19:20:26_FireFly_ struct screen * display)
19:20:26DBUGEnqueued KICK _FireFly_
19:20:26_FireFly_ bar->display = display;
19:20:26_FireFly_ gui_statusbar_draw(bar, false);
19:20:27***Alert Mode level 1
19:20:36TiMiDI must have been on crack again :(
19:21:05CtcpIgnored 1 channel CTCP requests in 0 seconds at the last flood
19:21:05*TiMiD remove this quickly, no proof ^^
19:21:25amiconnWhich part?
19:21:42_FireFly_line 102
19:21:43amiconnYes, I mean which part to remove?
19:21:50_FireFly_line 102
19:22:18amiconnOkay. That makes gui_statusbar_set_screen() a candidate for a macro...
19:22:44_FireFly_btw some set-function in gwps-also iirc
19:23:55TiMiDimho, gui_syncstatusbar_draw could be inside another fn
19:24:04TiMiDlike the old status_draw
19:24:14TiMiDsince it uses most of the time the global var
19:24:40TiMiDthe only case when it needs special handling is in wps
19:24:48TiMiDwith the %wd tag
19:24:52 Quit ^BeN^ ("MULEz SCRIPT: That must be wonderful! I don't understand it at all.")
19:28:21 Join dpassen1 [0] (n=dpassen1@resnet-233-61.resnet.UMBC.EDU)
19:28:59 Join Philip [0] (
19:30:28***Alert Mode OFF
19:32:13amiconnTiMiD: Works like a charm now; will test-compile some more targets, then commit
19:32:48_FireFly_amiconn btw you could you have a look at my remote-settings-patch ??
19:32:56_FireFly_just updated on tracker
19:33:20amiconnNot right now
19:33:41amiconnMy working copy is somewhat different from cvs due to my backlight work
19:34:05amiconnThe multiscreen init problem was different files
19:35:06_FireFly_what will be change when you have done your backlight work ??
19:36:10amiconnCode cleanup, plus the ability to add backlight simulation to the simulators
19:36:57_FireFly_hmm maybe the patch needs some modification then
19:36:58amiconnI'm planning to do that next, together with grayscale library support in the sim (win32 first)
19:37:05t0masI've had a call from the Freenode staff
19:37:16t0masthey've processed the rockbox channel registration etc.
19:38:27t0masand they've "verified" my identify through the phone, so we can start giving out those channel-cloak things we discussed with linus a long time ago
19:38:59TiMiD_FireFly_: maybe I can look at your patch
19:39:07TiMiDonce my work is finished
19:39:17_FireFly_why not :)
19:39:49CassandraWhat's a channel cloak thing and why do we want one?
19:40:58_FireFly_the patch should be working on all platforms at least it compiles on charcell-targets and on lcd-bitmap-targets without remote-lcd
19:41:47 Join ^BeN^ [0] (
19:46:59CassandraHey, amiconn, what is it that we're missing that means we can't do greyscale support in the WPS?
19:47:31amiconnFor foreground graphics it would be possible (needs an extended bmp loader)
19:47:42 Join Subterranean [0] (
19:47:53amiconnFor background graphics I can't think of a good method
19:48:12CassandraErm, what do you mean by "foreground graphics"?
19:48:13amiconngreyscale/ colour has no notion of foreground/background
19:48:56amiconnWe would need an explicit z-ordering and perhaps also a bitmask
19:50:06CassandraSo essentially it requires extending the graphics API to do its own z-buffering or something?
19:50:37CassandraAt the moment, we draw graphics on top of text anyway don't we?
19:50:54SanI am playing POKEMON on my H300
19:51:00Sanusing rockboy
19:51:09_FireFly_yepp images are drawn ontop the text
19:52:04amiconnIt means (1) the wps needs a method to specify z-ordering. (2) an extended bmp loader (simple). (3) a drawing function for greyscale/colour bitmaps that also takes a monochrome bitmap as a mask. (4) a way to associate the monochrome bitmap with its greyscale/colour bitmap
19:52:07Sanonly play button works
19:52:26amiconnand (5) a probably very complex handling for scrolling text
19:52:53CassandraI don't really understand the need for (3) and (4) what do they do?
19:53:16amiconnToday, all bitmaps are simply drawn on top of the text, with DRMODE_FG
19:53:21Philipsan: lol i tried that as well......
19:53:22_FireFly_when you draw a gray-scale or color bitmap you will overdrawn the whole area
19:53:26amiconnThis keeps the text visible
19:53:40_FireFly_of the bitmap size
19:53:45amiconnA grey/colour bitmap would cover its full rectangle
19:53:45CassandraAh, right.
19:53:57CassandraWhy can't we write the text into the greyscale buffer?
19:54:06amiconnWe do
19:54:37CassandraOK - let me put it another way. Why don't we currently get this problem?
19:54:58amiconnBecause we only use monochrome bitmaps, and draw them in DRMODE_FG
19:55:00_FireFly_because we use 1bit bitmaps
19:55:45_FireFly_where have a pixel only two possibilities visible or not
19:56:02_FireFly_where a pixel have...
19:56:28amiconnAll of this is of no concern if there are no overlapping elements
19:56:40amiconn....but people *will* scream for background images
19:56:48Philipyes i am
19:57:10_FireFly_but in gray-scale or color images a pixel is always visible and you need a 1bit bitmap as mask to tell waht pixel needs to be drawn or not
19:57:10linuxstbMmm. Looks like my ipod has no space for a config sector...
19:57:13 Quit ghode|afk (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
19:57:17amiconn(I don't understand why, but...)
19:57:26 Join ghode|afk [0] (
19:57:43_FireFly_amiconn: many users loves eyecandy :)
19:57:53Philipwhat is the point in having a colour screen if the background is white/black
19:58:25amiconnThe background doesn't have to be white or black, but imho a background image makes the actual imformation harder to read/see
19:58:48 Join Sanitarium [0] (
19:58:49 Quit Sanitarium (Remote closed the connection)
19:58:51_FireFly_it depends on the background- and font-color
19:59:27CassandraI think I'd like to do boxes for the H320 in Rockbox website blues with white text.
19:59:43CassandraOr maybe black text.
19:59:46_FireFly_that will have a good contrast
19:59:46amiconnAnd apart from that, I don't understand the purpose of a colour screen on a dap
19:59:50Philiphas anyone flashed their player with a H3modded version of rockbox???
20:00:24amiconnCassandra: The H3x0 default background colour *is* "rockbox blue". Black text
20:00:36_FireFly_it makes only sense if you can play videos in it but the it isn't a pure dap anymore
20:00:43Philipyes slghtly off white
20:01:02linuxstbDid someone suggest writing config information to a text flle?
20:01:24amiconnText + binary file
20:01:50 Quit RotAtoR ("CGI:IRC 0.5.4 (2004/01/29)")
20:01:57Cassandraamicon: Good - less work for me then. :)
20:02:31CassandraI do wish "Rockbox orange" would die a death though.
20:02:36CassandraIt's such a harsh colour.
20:02:53amiconnYour wps should work as-is on H3x0, except if there are problems caused by the different resolution
20:02:59amiconnJust test in the win32 sim...
20:03:34CassandraWell, it'll work, but it'd be nice to make the boxes a different shade of blue, or something.
20:03:51CassandraIf we're going to have a colour screen, we ought to be showing off with it.
20:03:58Cassandra(Colour icons etc. too.)
20:04:26amiconnI don't consider that top priority
20:04:44amiconnFirst thing is to bring it on par with the H1x0 port
20:05:04amiconnSome things already use colour, e.g. cube.rock
20:05:06CassandraMe neither, but it is definitely something we should have in place before release.
20:05:16linuxstbI like colour, but too much colour is very bad. My motorola phone has a hideous colour UI.
20:05:23_FireFly_i think it will Cassandra
20:06:00amiconnAll WPS graphics in one BMP would make things easier concerning masking
20:06:01Cassandralinuxstb, but the motos are themeable, and the silver theme is quite restrained.
20:06:14amiconnThen we could have a second BMP containing the masks the same coordinates as the graphics in the first BMP
20:06:41CassandraI don't like lots of colour myself, but used well it can be really effective.
20:07:04_FireFly_amiconn: i'm working on it i had it already but then i had it accidentaly deleted
20:07:16CassandraWhy can't you just use the background colour as your mask, amiconn?
20:07:25amiconnThe inverse bar cursor also 'uses' colour on H3x0, as it actually complements all colours in the rectangle
20:07:29CassandraI think it's my day for asking stupid questions or something.
20:07:35amiconnSo it's white text on brown background
20:07:42Sanfor the H300?
20:07:51amiconnCassandra: Which background colour?
20:07:52Philipi would much prefer to have music playing than colour UI but for later development colour screens would be nice :)
20:08:38Sanme too
20:08:48Santo be honest, I prefare the black and white
20:08:49linuxstbamiconn: So it wasn't my eyes deceiving me, the inverse bar _is_ brown...
20:08:55Sanand then color pictures and games
20:08:58LearFor palette images it would be easy with a background colour at least...
20:09:09CassandraErm, well some file formats have a "transparency" colour specified, don't they?
20:09:11amiconnlinuxstb: Yes it is. It's just the complemented rockbox blue
20:09:23Philipno i would rather have a colour UI than colour games...
20:09:33LearNot BMP, afaik.
20:09:36amiconnCassandra: Yes, but BMP does not (iirc)
20:09:38Xavier|afkCassandra: Don't you like the orange colour of Rockbox logo?
20:09:42Xavier|afkI love it!
20:09:50 Nick Xavier|afk is now known as XavierGr (
20:09:54CassandraXavier|afk, nope - absolutely hate it.
20:10:02Philipits not that bad
20:10:05CassandraIt's like visua;l assault.
20:10:14*amiconn disagrees
20:10:29Cassandraamiconn, then perhaps we ought to think about implementing PNG?
20:10:47CassandraBMP does have custom pallette, right?
20:11:11CassandraIf so, you could just use whatever colour 0 is as your transparency colour.
20:11:37Learcassandra: full png support is fairly large though...
20:11:51amiconnHmm, that might work, but it would make the BMP loader more complex
20:12:09ender`BMP as in windows bitmap?
20:12:43amiconnThe in-ram pixel format is very different from the on-disk pixel format
20:12:54CassandraTrue, but I think it's less complex that having a seperate mask.
20:12:58amiconnAnd: what about highcolour/truecolour BMPs?
20:13:15ender`BMP can use RLE compression :)
20:14:01ender`also, almost nothing supports hi-color (16bit) BMPs, so you can safely skip those
20:14:23amiconnAll BMP-handling apps I tried know and handle 16bit BMPs
20:14:51amiconnH3x0/ colour ipod rockbox saves screenshots as 16bit BMPs
20:14:53ender`really? last time i encountered a 16bit BMP (3-4 years), only MS Paint could open it
20:14:58LearMy desktop uses a bmp as background...
20:16:27Sancan some one please point me in the direction of the plugin page fot the h100 series :D
20:16:27CassandraYou could always just not support transparency for 16 bit BMPs.
20:16:49 Quit ghode|afk (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
20:17:09 Join ghode|afk [0] (
20:17:10CassandraEspecially as they're likely to be background images anyway.
20:17:20amiconnCassandra: Hmm, maybe.
20:17:38CassandraRockbox Orange clashes with the blue, imho.
20:17:41amiconnThere's still the most complex problem (5)
20:18:12CassandraWhat was (5) again?
20:18:19 Join hardeep [0] (i=hardeeps@norge.freeshell.ORG)
20:18:34amiconnToday, scrolling lines (will be changed to boxes some day) "take over" their whole rectangle.
20:18:46amiconnThis will no longer work with a background image...
20:20:06CassandraAh, yes.
20:20:09amiconnWe coud buffer the background in the scrolling_object structure, but then we also need a method to tell the scrolling thread that the background has changed
20:20:24CassandraCan't you just fill the rectangle with background, and then put the text on top afterwards.
20:20:48CassandraStop answering my questions before I ask them. ;)
20:20:52amiconnHmm, perhaps the background image could be in a separate buffer
20:21:05amiconn(*one* extra buffer, screen size)
20:21:08CassandraDon't see why not.
20:21:24amiconnThis should work...
20:21:33CassandraThen your scroll operation becomes, copy from appropriate part of background, write text on top.
20:22:00amiconnYes. More bit fiddling than right now
20:22:13CassandraBut not particularly hard, no?
20:22:18amiconn(bsut unaviodable afaics)
20:22:32*amiconn can't type
20:22:37Cassandra*nods* I think you're right.
20:22:56amiconnIn fact such a concept would allow having the background everywhere
20:23:02 Quit ghode|afk (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
20:23:36CassandraCouldn't you just have scrolling as an "always on top" operation.
20:24:07amiconnThe question is how the scrolling thread knows what is behind the text
20:24:14CassandraThen you wouldn't even need a seperate buffer. Just make sure your scroll was the last thing you wrote before flushing the image buffer to the screen.
20:24:33amiconnWe don't write the whole screen every scroll tick
20:24:39 Join ghode|afk [0] (
20:24:48amiconnThat would be a huge waste, if it would work at all
20:25:10amiconnScrolling isn't handled in the UI thread
20:25:32CassandraOh well, it was a thought.
20:25:39amiconn...and if it would, I think we would have to say bye bye to smotth scrolling
20:25:53_FireFly_what about this: lcd_display_clear and lcd_display_clear_rect clears to the background
20:26:15linuxstbMaybe we could use the LCD controller to scroll. IIRC, the colour controller both the ipod and H300 use has some functions for that.
20:26:16amiconnYes, if it is enabled
20:27:04amiconnlinuxstb: The lcd controller always scrolls the whole area, it has no notion of foreground/background
20:27:29amiconn..and the number of scrolling areas is limited one, iirc
20:27:59linuxstbI forgot you wanted to scroll text over a static background.
20:28:17amiconnWe have to if we want to support background images
20:35:27 Join linuxstb_ [0] (
20:35:48 Quit hardeep (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
20:36:06 Quit Acksaw ()
20:38:25 Join tim66 [0] (n=tim@
20:40:47 Quit linuxstb (Nick collision from services.)
20:40:51 Nick linuxstb_ is now known as linuxstb (
20:50:19amiconnWe don't need to draw twice for background image support
20:51:16amiconnIt can be integrated with clearpixel() and the pixel block functions in the driver
20:53:59amiconnImho background image handling doesn't make sense for 1bit displays. Anyone who disagrees?
20:58:40_FireFly_no it doesn't make any sense :)
21:02:32***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
21:15:25 Join S-Eata [0] (
21:15:29S-Eatasup all
21:15:54 Quit jelle-k (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
21:19:18 Quit dpassen1 ()
21:22:53 Join xmixahlx [0] (n=xmixahlx@
21:25:55 Join len0x [0] (
21:28:34 Join matsl [0] (
21:29:29linuxstbpreglow: Are you around?
21:37:53 Join Moos [0] (
21:39:17 Quit Subterranean ()
21:39:30 Quit mashalla (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
21:43:40 Join LedFloyd [0] (
21:45:34 Join Subterranean [0] (
21:47:46Philipwould that explain why the iriver firmware leaves a white box around the track title which is the only part that scrolls??
21:50:51 Join webguest94 [0] (
21:51:24 Quit bbad ("KVIrc 3.2.0 'Realia'")
21:51:37 Quit webguest94 (Client Quit)
21:51:57 Join Amar [0] (
21:53:37_FireFly_yeahaa i have combined-bitmap support back :)
21:53:50amiconnHmpf :/
21:53:57_FireFly_amiconn: what
21:53:58amiconnNo tick task support in the sims :(
21:54:20amiconnSeems I have to add that
21:56:04S-Eatapeople are alive
21:56:18Sanmaking good progress amiconn?
22:01:05 Quit Kohlrabi (Nick collision from services.)
22:01:09 Join Kohlrabi [0] (
22:03:07 Join Sanitarium [0] (
22:03:11 Join San||Studying [0] (
22:05:34 Quit Sanitarium (Client Quit)
22:10:01 Quit Lear ("Chatzilla [Firefox 1.5/undefined]")
22:10:08drumrboy320anyone home?
22:10:28hshahany nice dev around who may be willing to commit my wps to cvs?
22:12:25len0xshow me WPS :)
22:14:42 Quit S-Eata ("CGI:IRC (EOF)")
22:15:04 Join einhirn [0] (
22:17:26Philipi'm upgrading to rockbox with modded images wish me luck
22:17:37amiconnHmm, where's LinusN when you need him? ;)
22:17:54Philipits not dead
22:18:36Philip:D :D :D
22:20:19 Quit San (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
22:21:55San||StudyingPhillip, I actually yeally like the origional firmware now from being so long on the abstract theme
22:21:59 Nick San||Studying is now known as San (
22:22:29SanBTW, do you know H3mod adds extra lines to the end of the firmware to tell it where the images are when you save it?
22:22:44Sanwill that not mess up the patching?
22:23:40PaulJH3Mod overwrites the origonal images in the firmware
22:24:49Sanbut if you have a look at the end of the firmware, you see extra lines added in by H3mod
22:24:52pinkutanktell me the results
22:25:06Sanopen up a modded firmware in a text editor if you dont belive me
22:25:26Philipit works fine
22:25:27pinkutanksan, i think it shoudlnt be problem since it wont change the # of the other lines
22:25:34pinkutankbut you will have a different checksum
22:25:35Philipno sistorted images
22:26:05San <pinkutank> san, i think it shoudlnt be problem since it wont change the # of the other lines <−− It adds about 20 lines to the end of the firmware
22:26:11 Part whatboutbob
22:26:25Sanhow'd it go phil?
22:26:41Philipabsolutetly no problem
22:26:57Philipsaid that three times now ;)
22:27:42Sanoh, yeah, whats with all the crap that happens when you start the player?
22:27:54PhilipIts just that i only just finished and i think it looks too good to give up :D
22:27:59Santhe pixels that run down the screen
22:28:13pinkutankso modded install worked?
22:28:15Philip??? no idea
22:28:24Philipyes modded install worked
22:28:26pinkutank4 times a charm
22:28:44PaulJsan: i have tried it. h3mod dean't add lines at the end here
22:29:13Philipthe pixels ran down the screen before i modded the images in the firmware
22:29:24Sanlast time i checked, it had added lines
22:30:20Sanmaby that was an older verson of H3mod
22:30:25Philipi don't think the greek language file works properly
22:31:23Philipcan you create playlists
22:32:02Philipdidn't think so
22:33:51*LedFloyd np: 9A4850EAd01 [00:00m/0Kbps/0KHz]
22:34:31Sanit just goes crazy like when you try to play music
22:34:42Philipyep :(
22:35:22Philiplost of work needed and unfortunately i know nothing about it :( so can't help but i have tons of free time
22:36:16t0masPhilip: try to learn C?
22:36:24t0masand think of some nice plugin we need...
22:36:41t0masor if you can't code anything... try to update the manual?
22:36:50 Join Wett [0] (
22:37:05t0masafaik there is no nice manual for a next release (iriver buttons etc)
22:37:33Philipare the buttons finalized yet ????
22:37:43t0masnot sure...
22:37:45 Join hshah_ [0] (
22:37:55t0masthat's something to look at too...
22:37:59t0masthere is still a lot todo
22:38:07hshah_hey t0mas
22:38:10hshah_hows it going mate
22:38:20hshah_oh rite :(
22:38:31hshah_any news on that flashing backlight with the beat thing?
22:38:39t0masand that's bad for my extra coding on stuff like rockbox
22:39:06hshah_ill take that as a no
22:39:10t0masnope... it works here... but I haven't updated rockbox on my iriver for 5 weeks now or something
22:39:31t0masand iirc it was using a lot of cpu the last time I checked...
22:39:43t0masor it was flickering if I tried to use less cpu
22:40:17 Join Sanitarium [0] (
22:40:22 Quit Sanitarium (Client Quit)
22:40:23 Quit matsl ("ERC Version 5.0 (CVS) $Revision: 1.776 $ (IRC client for Emacs)")
22:42:50 Part Philip
22:44:20amiconnTick tasks work in win32 :)
22:44:27amiconnNow the same for x11
22:46:09 Join Membrillo [0] (
22:46:51preglowdamn, that's was an inconvenient time to fall asleep on
22:47:05 Join Kyl3 [0] (
22:47:20 Quit Wett (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
22:48:38 Quit Membrillo (Client Quit)
22:48:40 Join NicoFR [0] (
22:49:42 Quit Subterranean ()
22:50:50linuxstbpreglow: Did you say that you get the "Shutting down..." message appearing on your nano?
22:51:01linuxstb(after the idle timeout)
22:53:40 Join FingerSoup [0] (
22:53:45preglowlinuxstb: yes
22:53:55preglowi've gotten it several times
22:54:00 Join webguest97 [0] (
22:54:27linuxstbThe reason I didn't get it on mine turned out to be that the calc_config_sector function couldn't find a sector to write the config data to.
22:54:49linuxstbAre you in Linux at the moment?
22:55:48 Part len0x
22:56:53 Quit San (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
22:57:54 Quit hshah (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
22:58:04FingerSoupI've got a question regarding building a plugin - I'm looking at building one, and I need to know - what kind of stuff do I need to do to compile for testing on the simulator? ie: what kind of compile options do I need? do I just drop my source in the plugins folder and rebuild Rockbox, or do I need to edit Makefiles, etc...?
22:58:28FingerSoupIt's a Connect 4 game
22:58:38linuxstbYou just need to add the name of your .c file to apps/plugins/SOURCES
22:59:01linuxstbYou may need to re-run ../tools/configure - I'm not 100% sure.
23:00:13FingerSoupWill that build it for all platforms, or do I need to specify that somewhere else?
23:00:15amiconnlinuxstb: If calc_config_sector() can't find a usable sector, rockbox should just complain about it, but carry on otherwise
23:00:29amiconnIf it hangs on shutdown because of that, it's a bug
23:01:43 Quit drumrboy320 (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
23:01:48amiconnFingerSoup: Just add it to apps/plugins/SOURCES and run 'make'
23:01:53 Quit webguest97 ("CGI:IRC")
23:02:02preglowlinuxstb: nah, i'm not
23:02:33***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
23:02:57 Quit PaulJ (".")
23:03:27 Quit NicoFR ()
23:03:44preglowlinuxstb: why?
23:03:53Bagderas you will soon see, we should redo some of our APIs
23:03:53linuxstbamiconn: The symptoms were that my ipod would (after the idle_timeout period) display the "Save Failed. No Partition?" message.
23:03:59Bagderto not use unsigned char *
23:04:12amiconnBagder: Why?
23:04:22Bagderbecause we have a major inconsistency
23:04:24linuxstbI changed that message to display the value config_sector, and it was set to zero.
23:04:31amiconnlinuxstb: Yes, but that should not stop it from shutting down
23:04:38Bagderso we can't avoid having _many_ typecasts
23:04:46Bagderto avoid gcc4 warnings
23:04:48 Join mashalla [0] (
23:04:58amiconnunsigned char is better in many places
23:05:18Bagderwell, for a pointer it is often no point
23:05:30Bagderand the standard ones like strcpy() et all use 'char *'
23:05:48amiconnIn some place, when you change from unsigned to signed char, code size will increase on SH1
23:06:10amiconnE.g >>8 and <<8 are single instructions for unsigned, but not for signed
23:06:15Bagderwhen using pointers as function arguments?
23:06:25amiconnNo, but within functions
23:06:32Bagderright, but see this:
23:06:38Bagder rb->snprintf(buf, 32, "elapsed time: %d secs", (elapsed_ticks + (HZ/2)) / HZ);
23:06:38Bagder rb->lcd_puts(0, 2, (unsigned char *)buf);
23:06:39amiconn...and the pointers match the type they point to, right?
23:06:44Bagdera typical use
23:06:51Bagderthat will _require_ typecasts
23:07:11amiconnThat's the can of worms I mentioned...
23:07:22BagderI mention it now
23:07:28amiconnImho we should stay away from gcc 4.0+ for a very long time...
23:07:30Bagderthe problem is our inconsitency
23:07:48Bagdergcc4 does have a bunch of good warnings
23:08:15linuxstbpreglow: I was curious to know what your partition table looks like on your nano.
23:09:21preglowlinuxstb: i think i backuped that, wait a sec
23:09:59linuxstbpreglow: If you had a button driver, you could go into the debug menu in Rockbox.... :)
23:10:28preglowlinuxstb: yeah, i'm going to look furhter into that afterwards if i can stay awake
23:10:33preglowright now i'm into some other coding
23:11:08*amiconn is messing with a ton of source files
23:11:16*Bagder too
23:11:30amiconnHopefully we won't get a clash
23:11:30 Join webguest89 [0] (
23:11:49Bagdermy changes are rather simple anyway
23:12:03preglowlinuxstb: i'm also going to start naming a ton of controller registers before my head starts spinning
23:12:15linuxstbpreglow: Good.
23:12:30 Join hardeep [0] (i=hardeeps@norge.freeshell.ORG)
23:12:42preglowshould i just have pp5002 and pp5020 registers share names when they've got more or less the same function?
23:12:43amiconnBagder: This backlight stuff is really scattered. I hope to make the situation somewhat better
23:12:44linuxstbHave you seen the page?
23:12:45 Join Wett [0] (
23:12:48Wetthi there
23:13:16preglowlinuxstb: yes i have, that and the PP5020 page, and they look very handy indeed
23:13:17amiconnIn fact backlight simulation (not yet for real, just as debug output) allows to share more code between targets and sims
23:13:22Wetthave a dumb question : how do I tell rockbox to open a specific file with a codec of mine ?
23:13:31linuxstbpreglow: I think so. I don't think we will ever want to build a "dual binary".
23:14:09preglowlinuxstb: not for targets that diverse, i can pERHAPS see us doing that for different revision lcds and so forth, but never chipsets
23:14:25linuxstbWett: You have to add support for the codec in various places. What codec is it?
23:14:59Wetti'm trying to port video plugin into a codec for ihp120. It compiles but.. :D
23:15:42Wettis the buffer automatically filled or do I have to do smthg about that ?
23:15:42preglowlinuxstb: nah, i've only got the mbr backed up, i see, i'll tell you when i'm in linux again
23:16:03amiconnBagder: In fact backlight for the sims is rather simple from the target side. Instead of hardware access, there's a simple function sim_backlight(int value)
23:16:21amiconnCurrently defined in stubs.c, but about to be moved and implemented for real
23:16:49linuxstbWett: Go to this page: and search for "Patch #1352575". If you then look at the changes in those files, you will see what needs to be done.
23:16:58Wettok thanks :)
23:17:01linuxstbThat patch added a new audio codec (Shorten).
23:17:09amiconnOtherwise the backlight code is shared. Required me to add tick task support to the sims
23:17:19linuxstbWett: It changes a few files, but the changes are all just a single line.
23:17:22 Quit mashalla ()
23:18:04linuxstbAnd yes, the buffer will be filled for you - so you can ignore that part.
23:18:10 Join Rince_ [0] (
23:18:41 Quit webguest89 ("CGI:IRC")
23:19:54linuxstbDoes my idea of ".menu" files stand any chance of making its way into CVS, or is everyone against the idea?
23:20:12hshah_linuxstb - i don't really see the usefulness of them...
23:20:32preglowand i'd just like it implemented in a way that's slightly less hackish
23:20:43preglowlike not needing to move all files into a Browse files folder
23:20:48amiconnlinuxstb: I hope you don't mind me touching config-ipod*.h ...
23:21:20hshah_as i asked earlier, would any nice dev commit my wps to cvs?
23:22:25amiconnlinuxstb: Btw, I did not separate CONFIG_BACKLIGHT into HAVE_BACKLIGHT and CONFIG_BACKLIGHT
23:22:34amiconnTurned out to be unnecessary
23:23:00 Join trinidad [0] (
23:23:29trinidadhello new to rockbox... found the plugin index page but can't seem to find the dowload links.
23:24:04linuxstbamiconn: Of course not - feel free :)
23:24:46 Join Subterranean [0] (
23:24:48Bagdertrinidad: all those plugins are included with rockbox
23:24:53trinidadoh cool
23:25:00trinidadgonna check em out now
23:25:04linuxstbpreglow: I'm not sure why you call that part of it a hack. It's just a convention for organising your hard disk.
23:26:54Wettgotta reboot
23:26:57 Quit Wett ()
23:28:57trinidadBagder, thanks
23:29:06FingerSoupregarding rb->rand() - Is there a default seed, or do I need to srand() at the beginning of my plugin? If so, what is the best seed for an iriver (no RTC)?
23:29:18preglowlinuxstb: dunno, just seems like that part should be a proper menu, not a dir
23:29:32 Quit trinidad ("Leaving")
23:29:34BagderFingerSoup: there is a default seed done
23:29:49preglowlinuxstb: but still, i'm all for a way of organising the layout of rockbox, i don't like it very much as is
23:30:16 Quit markun (Read error: 113 (No route to host))
23:30:57 Join markun [0] (
23:32:57Rince_last night I wanted to listen to a bookmark which was set a few weeks ago. I tried everything but it didn't load. The Disc was spinning, but then rockbox went back to file view.
23:33:47Rince_is there a bug or am i using this bookmark-feature the wrong way?
23:39:36 Join iobound [0] (
23:40:24 Quit Amar ("CGI:IRC")
23:40:51 Join ashridah [0] (
23:41:01 Quit webguest09 ("CGI:IRC (Ping timeout)")
23:41:24 Join Wett [0] (
23:43:25 Quit Rince_ ("bye")
23:45:58_FireFly_TiMiD: ??
23:47:12_FireFly_TiMiD: i have the bug found (wps_sb_tag %we not working on remote)
23:47:15TiMiDuseless to ask me something
23:47:53_FireFly_do you want to know what the bug is or not ??
23:47:56amiconnlinuxstb: Does the ipod not allow physical ata power control, or do you just not want it?
23:48:21_FireFly_TiMiD: it's easy to fix
23:48:29ioboundlinuxstb, hey, remember yesterday when you said codecs get 512kb (+512kb) memory max?
23:48:56preglowwhat about it?
23:49:15_FireFly_TiMiD: in the fn gui_wps_statusbar_draw is a gui_wps->data left, which should be wps->data
23:49:17TiMiD_FireFly_: givme the fix
23:49:27ioboundi think the dumb plugin would require more than that. many .mod/.s3m/.xm files are 1mb or more, and you really need to have it fully in memory to play it
23:49:50preglowiobound: ahh, he was just talking about code/data size
23:49:53preglowiobound: not size of the music
23:49:57_FireFly_i was a dump not to test it also for the remote and blind that i had not seen that
23:50:13ioboundreally? i thought he said the malloc() method worked on a 512kb buffer
23:50:22TiMiDyou mean a normal programmer :)
23:50:29preglowiobound: well, yeah, but we don't malloc data for the music
23:50:35_FireFly_TiMiD: yepp ;)
23:50:37preglowiobound: that we put in our 30meg++ mp3 buffer
23:50:54preglowiobound: the biggest xm i ever saw was slightly below 30 megs, so we should be able to play most of them
23:51:03 Join webguest95 [0] (
23:51:11 Join DJDD_ [0] (
23:51:24ioboundoh ok, i guess i misunderstood yesterday, i thought rbx imposed a 512kb limit on memory.
23:51:32 Join Jungti1234 [0] (n=jungti12@
23:51:44TiMiD_FireFly_: gui_wps is a table :D
23:51:48preglowjust on size of the codec itself, not the music
23:51:56TiMiDhere we see how C can introduce mistakes :)
23:52:16BagderC doesn't introduce mistakes, programmers do
23:52:18preglowiobound: we'll probably shrink the 512kb as well, right now it's that big to accomodate for the huge aac codec
23:52:33TiMiDJungti1234: your hanguls are ... special
23:52:43_FireFly_you shouldn't name a var the same as the struct :)
23:52:46TiMiDwhich encoding isit ?
23:52:48ioboundpreglow, ok, how would a codec go about accessing the huge mp3 buffer?
23:52:55ioboundis it read_filebuf() ?
23:53:06preglowiobound: most of the accesing is done by the playback system, the codec only reads it
23:53:12preglowiobound: yeah
23:53:14TiMiD_FireFly_: ok patch applied (hard fix ^^)
23:53:25_FireFly_why hard fix ??
23:53:33 Quit webguest95 (Client Quit)
23:53:51ioboundpreglow, oh okay, so, uhm, request_buffer() "allocates" the big memory buffer?
23:54:00_FireFly_TiMiD: or dou you joking me ??
23:54:03TiMiD_FireFly_: I had to find the file
23:54:08TiMiDthen open it :(
23:54:11Jungti1234That is 'Join option'.
23:54:14TiMiDthen ... find the line !!!!
23:54:16preglowiobound: no, codecs don't allocate, the playback system does
23:54:30preglowiobound: we'll need some more code in playback.c to handle stuff like mods
23:54:40TiMiDJungti1234: EUCKR ?
23:54:51_FireFly_TiMiD: argh sorry next time i will give you a street-map to find it ;)
23:55:17FingerSoupTiMiD - Sounds like rocket science. Perhaps we should hire one for that fix... :)
23:55:56FingerSouperr hire a rocket scientist. I'll shut up now :)
23:56:23TiMiDjust hire someone to givme aspirine, it's all taht I need right now ;)
23:57:09*_FireFly_ gives TiMiD some aspirine
23:57:50_FireFly_amiconn: what's up ??
23:58:35ioboundpreglow, so. uhm.. could request_buffer() be used as malloc() in a codec (nevermind it being horrible style)
23:58:56amiconnI wondered why my h120 win32 wouldn't link, missing a function.
23:59:00preglowiobound: again, no, a codec can't save data there, only the playback system is supposed to put data there

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