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#rockbox log for 2005-11-23

00:01:24Bagderamiconn: done
00:03:16linuxstbBagder: What do you think about writing the main model name horizontally (spanning X columns) above the sub-targets in the build table?
00:03:30linuxstbi.e. move Ondio, Player, Recorder, onto a top line.
00:03:46linuxstbMy neck hurts.
00:04:06BagderI'll see if I can tweak the code to do that tomorrow or so
00:05:11*amiconn wonders where HAS_BUTTON_HOLD and fried are defined
00:05:28amiconnBagder: I hope you didn't add an iPod nano win32 sim...
00:05:47amiconnThat one won't build, because preglow doesn't have a scanner :/
00:06:07amiconnSo if someone finds a reasonably high-res iPod nano picture...
00:06:12Bagderthat preglow guy is just soooo lame ;-P
00:06:26amiconn(pure front view of course)
00:07:55 Quit muesli_- (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
00:08:25TiMiDamiconn: in button.h
00:09:29linuxstbamiconn: (maybe)
00:10:21TiMiDI thought it was better to do like this than to test everywhere in the code if the target is H100 or H300, and when a new supported player with remote will come, it will be easier
00:12:25TiMiDthis guy from the uhp120 oS project is working alone ... amazing
00:12:55 Join XavierGr [0] (
00:13:12TiMiDhi XavierGr
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00:14:05 Join webguest91 [0] (
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00:14:16webguest91amiconn: i found this (black)
00:14:58Mark_is anyone who is working on the gigabeat about?
00:15:28Mark_i was wondering how the port was going, since i heard rumours of a 80GB model soon
00:15:35webguest91amiconn: and this: (white)
00:15:36*amiconn wonders why apple chose white as 'standard' colour, and not black or silver
00:15:43Mark_my h140 is too small for my music collection
00:15:46amiconnBlack looks *way* better, imho
00:15:47BagderMark_: I doubt the disk size is gonna matter
00:16:00Mark_so i was thinking how far along it is
00:16:16BagderMark_: its still in the collect-info phase
00:16:22Mark_fair enough
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00:16:36preglowamiconn: black shows scratches more
00:16:37Mark_how is the ipod going?
00:16:44preglowamiconn: and believe me, it scratches easily enough in white
00:16:47amiconnwebguest91: Looking good, nice resolution
00:17:07*Bagder added a h300 image to the daily build page
00:17:09amiconnThere's that somewhat odd lighting, but
00:18:06amiconnpreglow: If the thing really scratches so much, apple chose the wrong material, imho
00:18:17preglowamiconn: no doubt about it
00:18:44webguest91i guess there are possible legal problems especially since it looks like those are apples pictures
00:18:55 Join JdGordon [0] (
00:19:00TiMiDapple's advertisments are good, but the hardware is too expensive for what it is
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00:23:53preglowBagder: do you know if there'd be any problems in distributing disassembled snippets of copyrighted code?
00:24:40 Join ashridah [0] (
00:24:59BagderI guess you mean code you write based on info you get from dissaseembly? No, I don't think that is a general problem
00:25:21XavierGroh Hi TiMiD!
00:25:27XavierGrand all of course
00:25:46preglowBagder: no, more exactly what i said, pure disassembly
00:25:51 Join davidc__ [0] (
00:26:00preglowBagder: just wondering if copyright still applies even though it's not strictly the same material anymore
00:26:01markunI just bought a Gigabeat F40!
00:26:06preglowmarkun: congrats!
00:26:18markunYes, very happy :)
00:26:31Bagderpreglow: then it would be a matter of "fair use" or not, so if it is more than just a little snippet it would probably not be ok
00:27:13linuxstbBut what about describing what that code did? Surely that's OK.
00:27:14 Quit webguest91 ("CGI:IRC (EOF)")
00:27:25Bagderthat's fine, sure
00:27:46Bagderits just a matter of not copying anyone else's work as-is
00:29:21Jozifucking fuck fuck
00:29:27Jozioops wrong chan
00:29:43linuxstbMark_: Congratulations. Is that the ebay auction?
00:29:50 Join frederic [0] (
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00:30:36markunyes it was. I payed 10 pounds for shipping.
00:30:47markun190 in total
00:31:01XavierGrexcuse me but why "Line-in" is different in result from "external mic" option in iriver fw? And is there a chance to have that in rockbox?
00:31:43XavierGrI mean line-in delivers much lower input level from external mic, but what's the difference in logic?
00:32:54 Quit webguest62 ("CGI:IRC 0.5.4 (2004/01/29)")
00:35:58preglowwell, well
00:36:13preglowseems we need to remap memory just to get exceptions working
00:36:33XavierGrpreglow do you remember the problematic mic yesterday?
00:37:02preglowXavierGr: yeah
00:37:24XavierGrIt seems that I was problemtic! :((
00:37:49XavierGrI didn't know that line is is different from external mic.
00:38:05XavierGrand rockbox doesn't have a external mic option, only iriver fw.
00:38:06 Join DreamTactix291 [0] (
00:38:51XavierGrbut what's the difference anyway. Line in "gets" audio and external audio "delivers" so...?
00:38:51amiconnThere. Win32 iPod nano simulator :)
00:39:20Bagderwant a build?
00:42:19amiconnWhy not? If it doesn't overload the build server that is...
00:44:21preglowi thought it already was
00:44:40Bagdernot win32 sim
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01:05:44amiconnBagder: What happened to the iPod nano win32 build. It shows linker error, but I can't find an error in the log?
01:08:05amiconniPod color I mean
01:08:36 Join stinkbud [0] (
01:08:44stinkbudhi gang
01:09:05stinkbudi am still a RB noob with the h300
01:09:28stinkbudlooking at the daily build chart, there are no bugs reported?
01:09:51stinkbudbut there is no sound as of yet, right?
01:10:04ashridahstinkbud: no build errors or warnings. that doesn't mean it's completely functional. stubs can toss out no errors, and be just as non-functional as a normal driver would ;)
01:10:22ashridah(if it had an error i mean)
01:14:07stinkbudahh in other words, not yet :) guys deserve a medal for your patience
01:16:49TiMiDpatience ?
01:17:04ashridahthe build table just keeps track all of the arches whenever someone makes a commit. it basically gives people a way to confirm that their commits haven't completely broken some other arch they don't have.
01:17:09stinkbudfor all us noobs logging in IRC goin "is it done yet???"
01:17:40stinkbudI just wish I knew how to program an lend a hand
01:20:07stinkbudwell, off to the rain outside....ttyl guys
01:20:10 Quit stinkbud ()
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01:22:14amiconnHmpf. Why the ??? did my recorder just stop playing mid-playlist, without me even touching it?
01:23:48JdGordonyes, i heard it do that also
01:25:54amiconnHappened again...
01:26:07JdGordonkcik it
01:26:10JdGordonkick even
01:26:19amiconnI connected the charger now
01:33:29 Quit Kohlriba ("Leaving")
01:44:46 Quit xmixahlx ("blah blah blah")
01:45:52*amiconn wonders about some implementation details in button.c
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02:32:05 Join Kyl3 [0] (
02:37:42Kyl3Where'd the bootloader go? Its gone.
02:39:29linuxstbWhich bootloader?
02:39:47Kyl3the h300 one
02:40:09linuxstbWhere it's always been:
02:40:30linuxstb(in the table at the bottom of the page)
02:40:57Kyl3Oh? On the iRiverPort site it says Linus has wrote one but its not up for download yet.
02:41:36linuxstbThat information is out of date by a few days.
02:42:01linuxstbHe released it over the weekend.
02:42:56 Join dantheman [0] (n=danielma@
02:42:59*amiconn stares at the monster column in the build table
02:43:28 Quit dantheman (Remote closed the connection)
02:43:37*amiconn goes to bed
02:43:56linuxstbIronic for the Nano build...
02:44:31 Join cheriff [0] (
02:45:23cheriff"Loading firmware \nresult: -1" <−− is that displayed by rolo?
02:45:41linuxstbWhen do you get that message?
02:46:04cheriffwhen I turn on my iRiver
02:46:10Kyl3You gotta install the actual firmware
02:46:22Kyl3theres a link on the rockbox site
02:46:30cheriffyeah, I must have messed with it, it used to work.
02:46:43linuxstbWhat Kyl3 said. "-1" means the file rockbox.iriver can not be found.
02:47:11cheriffbut the real problem is, as of today it now hangs on "starting original firmware" when i try to boot to that.
02:48:10linuxstbSorry, I can't help with that.
02:48:13cheriffi was using the official fw yesterday, and now this morn it refused to start.
02:48:37cheriffdamn. So i'm pretty much screwed then :(
02:49:47preglowcheriff: battery level?
02:50:40cheriffwas fine, and i've since let it drain (since i cant actually turn it off anymore)
02:50:55Kyl3Charge it?
02:51:44cheriffyeah, thats what i'm trying now
02:52:46Kyl3omg? rockboy works!?
02:52:46cheriffI know the offial fw often refuses to start with battery below a certain level, when rockbox is happy to. (for a short while at least)
02:53:22preglowcheriff: why not just reset it?
02:54:03cheriffhave done. then it reboots and cant load either firmware (i dont have a good rockbox.iriver and i dunno why the original wont start)
02:54:22Kyl3Plug into USB?
02:54:54preglowwhat kyl3 said
02:55:07Kyl3If its bricked, you could take the HDD out, put it in your PC and delete everything rockbox related
02:55:19preglowit's not bricked
02:55:34preglowiriverfw is probably having a hard time with something stupid like it always does
02:55:44preglowbut plug in usb and just put in a rockbox
02:55:46preglowand you should be fine
02:56:12Kyl3im stoked now beyond belief that Rockboy works.
02:56:19Kyl3well, better
02:56:27cheriffdmesg ack's the usb connect, mentions SCSI emulation of usb MASS, bot wont assign sda,sdb, etc
02:56:56cheriffsda1, rathe
02:57:05preglowcheriff: what does fdisk say?
02:58:30cheriff"unable to open /dev/sda"
02:58:40preglowwell, that doesn't exactly sound good
02:58:51cheriffanyway, now it defaults to the original and at least i get the "batt low" image
02:58:59cheriffso it must have been uber-falt
02:59:03preglowi take it the h1x0 display says "bootloader usb mode" ?
02:59:08 Join mordov [0] (
02:59:21preglowi should start stressing the battery more again
02:59:25preglowit's always the battery
02:59:27cheriffnah, it just hung on -1
02:59:39cheriffbut i get the feeling when charded-er should be ok
02:59:57cheriffstrange this was heppening earlier too, with batt ~80%
02:59:59preglowcheriff: if you insert the usb cable before you turn the unit on, the bootloader should enter usb mode
03:00:23cheriffi did, it didn't
03:00:28preglowold bootloader?
03:00:52cheriffprobably. Cant remember if it used to. I always used the rb one
03:01:08preglowwell, if it hasn't got bootloader usb mode, you should upgrade
03:01:14preglowthat's a very nifty feature to have in emergencies
03:01:35cheriffemergencies like now ;)
03:01:53cheriffanyway, seems to be ok once fw decides batter is full enough.
03:02:17cheriffso false alarm... but i appreciate the suggestions!
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03:03:38preglowyes, no problem
03:03:57preglowtime for bed, later
03:05:03 Join CheeseBurgerMan [0] (n=BurgerBo@
03:21:38 Join Jungti1234 [0] (n=jungti12@
03:22:50CheeseBurgerManHow are you?
03:24:35CheeseBurgerManThat's good. :)
03:25:00Jungti1234I do less than basic English. -_-;
03:25:13CheeseBurgerManI know. :(
03:25:21 Join solexx_ [0] (
03:25:36CheeseBurgerManIt's hard using online translators - I've done it.
03:25:51 Quit Kyl3 (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
03:26:19Jungti1234how about you?
03:26:31CheeseBurgerManI'm doing well.
03:27:39CheeseBurgerManDecided to just sit down and do my homework ealier this afternoon, so I've got most of it done by now. :P
03:29:26Jungti1234I edited wps to fit to H300.
03:29:44Jungti1234It resembles closely much with iPod.
03:30:17CheeseBurgerManDo you have a screen dump?
03:32:07Jungti1234Where do you live?
03:32:13CheeseBurgerManI live in the US.
03:32:30Jungti1234It's much late.
03:32:38CheeseBurgerManWhat time is it?
03:33:01CheeseBurgerManIt's 9:33PM here.
03:34:55CheeseBurgerManNot bad at all.
03:35:08Jungti1234:) thanks
03:35:20CheeseBurgerManYou're welcome. :)
03:35:23Jungti1234Its in Hangul.
03:35:48CheeseBurgerManI know English, and that's about it. :|
03:36:03Jungti1234Is going to make in English.
03:36:44 Part cheriff
03:36:45CheeseBurgerManCool, I may try that one. :)
03:37:12CheeseBurgerManAlthough I'll probably end up making my own. :P
03:37:24CheeseBurgerManHaven't a clue what I'll make it look like actually.
03:37:26Jungti1234If color bmp of H300 is supported, I'm going to make it color.
03:37:54 Quit solexx (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
03:38:17 Part davidc__
03:42:53Jungti1234I want to upload it to rockbox website.
03:43:13CheeseBurgerManWell, I'm not really the one to ask about that.
03:46:32 Quit hardeep ("BitchX: try our Windows 95/98 and Windows NT 4 flavors too!")
03:46:33 Quit DreamTactix291 (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
03:47:07 Join DreamTactix291 [0] (
03:47:26Jungti1234Do you like cheeseburger?
03:47:42CheeseBurgerManNot particularly, my nick was rather random.
03:49:08Jungti1234What player are you using?
03:53:30JdGordonthe ipod port is unfair... it measn ipoos are almost as good as irivers :D
03:53:49CheeseBurgerManWell, their software will be, but the hardware won't.
03:54:07JdGordonwell... actually... no, their hardware is much better..
03:54:38CheeseBurgerManmaybe, but it doesn't have a multi-funtional hardware (e.g no FM tuner, etc
03:56:14Jungti1234I'm using H320, too.
03:57:08Jungti1234I receive H120 into free charge several day later. <- Is translation strange?
03:57:53Jungti1234but its HDD was broken. :P
03:58:05CheeseBurgerManNo, that makes sense to me.
03:58:26 Quit JdGordon (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
04:32:27 Quit mordov ("")
04:38:53 Join mordov [0] (
04:51:12 Part Scohol
04:52:02 Quit ashridah ("Leaving")
04:52:11 Join ashridah [0] (
04:53:46 Join Coldtoast [0] (
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05:12:29Jungti1234Did not Build that H300 is new come out?
05:17:25ashridahdaily builds are created daily.
05:17:36ashridahthe amount of actual changes depends entierly on what's been committed.
05:17:46ashridahthere may or may not be anything special about a new daily build.
05:22:12Jungti1234Long answer makes me painfully.:P
05:22:47CheeseBurgerManHe said "Daily builds don't always have a lot of changes"
05:22:59CheeseBurgerManHm, that wasn't much shorter.
05:23:14Jungti1234thanks CBM
05:32:34Jungti1234If change font that I use in wps, what should I do??
05:35:48Jungti1234Does it need cfg file?
05:36:00CheeseBurgerManTo be honest, I don't really know.
05:37:02DreamTactix291unless it's been changed font changes are global and you change them in the general options
05:37:07DreamTactix291under display
05:37:31Jungti1234My question is not it.
05:40:13Coldtoastdo yo have a h100 DreamTactix291?
05:40:51ashridahJungti1234: you might be better off looking at themes
05:40:56ashridahthey can control the font as well as the WPS
05:43:01Coldtoastanybody want to check out my wps?
05:44:19 Join hshah [0] (
05:45:07Coldtoastyou have a h100?
05:45:16 Quit CheeseBurgerMan (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
05:46:11Jungti1234I get H100 some time later.
05:46:42Jungti1234Perhaps, is it uploaded to rockbox website?
05:47:11Coldtoast is where it is
05:48:19 Join CBM-away [0] (n=BurgerBo@
05:48:59 Join Paul_The_Nerd [0] (
05:49:34 Nick CBM-away is now known as CheeseBurgerMan (n=BurgerBo@
05:50:49Jungti1234May I upload wps that I make to rockbox website?
05:52:27thegeekyou can register in the wiki Jungti1234
05:52:33thegeekand add your wps to the wps gallery
05:53:46Jungti1234Already, registered.
05:55:19Jungti1234If take wps picture, what should I do?
05:55:52Coldtoastgo into the Prefs
05:56:23ColdtoastInfo>Debug (Keep Out)>Screendump
05:56:51Coldtoastleave the prefs, start playing a track then plug the USB cable into your player
05:57:22Jungti1234what is prefs?
05:57:24Coldtoastonce the HDD access finishes, disconnect the player from the USB, go back into Prefs and disable Screendump
05:58:27Jungti1234Did not understand.
05:58:55ColdtoastI really don't think I can make it any simpler :/
06:00:03CheeseBurgerManI think he's asking how to put it in the WPS gallery
06:00:10Jungti1234Did screen dump to enabled.
06:00:40 Quit DreamTactix291 (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
06:00:45 Join amiconn_ [0] (
06:00:50Jungti1234How do I do at the next?
06:01:07Coldtoastmaybe if we translate to Jungti1234's language it'd be easier for him? heh
06:01:16CheeseBurgerManAbout as easy for him as it is for us. ;)
06:02:15Jungti1234Info>Debug (Keep Out)>Screendump <- Did to this.
06:02:34Jungti1234Did not understand the next.
06:02:38CheeseBurgerMan너는, 권리를 WPS 화랑에 그림 올려주기하고 싶ss다 ?
06:02:56Jungti1234Translation is broken.
06:03:01CheeseBurgerMan유감스러운 만약에 it's 악, I'm 온라인 통역 을 사용한
06:03:31Jungti1234Thank you, but it's hard to understand more.
06:04:00CheeseBurgerManI guess that didn't work too well, Coldtoast
06:04:24Jungti1234I want to take picture to raise in the wps gallery.
06:04:34Jungti1234raise -> upload
06:04:41hshahwhat file is the hex for the usb image now?
06:04:53CheeseBurgerManHeh, I don't know how to do that, Jungti1234.
06:05:13CheeseBurgerManI've not used wiki's before. (read them, but not written them)
06:05:19CheeseBurgerManWritten in them
06:05:27Jungti1234Is due to all my strange translation.
06:05:38CheeseBurgerManIt's OK. I can understand it. :)
06:07:39Jungti1234Ask a question again.
06:07:44Jungti1234How do I take screen picture?
06:08:26Jungti1234I'm sorry. Found in wiki.
06:08:36CheeseBurgerManI was typing out what Coldtoast said. ;)
06:09:48Jungti1234However, I don't know method to take picture still.
06:10:46 Join JoeChoi [0] (
06:11:06Coldtoastthere you go Jungti1234
06:11:09Jungti1234i know
06:11:17Jungti1234I was looking at it already.
06:11:25JoeChoido u guys come here for rockbox?
06:11:32Jungti1234Can't understand however. :(
06:11:47Jungti1234hi ㅋㅋㅋ
06:11:53CheeseBurgerManInfo>Debug (Keep Out)>Screendump. Leave the preferences, start playing a track then plug the USB cable into your player. Once the HDD access finishes, disconnect the player from the USB, go back into Preferencess and disable Screendump.
06:11:57JoeChoii can't freakin tired to update my mp3 player
06:12:10CheeseBurgerManI'll see what I can do to simplify that.
06:12:11JoeChoihow many koreans are here?
06:12:29CheeseBurgerManJungti1234? You're Korean, right?
06:12:40ColdtoastI once ATE Korean food. does that count?
06:12:47Jungti1234There is 3 ~ 4 person.
06:12:50JoeChoiuh no go away
06:12:53CheeseBurgerManNot if you don't speak the language. :P
06:12:55JoeChoihaha just kidding :)
06:12:59CheeseBurgerManWhich I don't.
06:13:16JoeChoidamn I hella love rockbox dudes..
06:13:22JoeChoiI know this website today
06:13:37JoeChoibut i still can't believe that playing game on my mp3 player
06:13:46ColdtoastJoeChoi: do you know how to take a screenshot of your WPS?
06:14:03Jungti1234He does not know.
06:14:07JoeChoiI have no clue dude..i don't even success on this program
06:14:14Coldtoastcos he could hae explained it in Korean
06:14:17Jungti1234hahaha.. do you do well more English than Korean?
06:14:31JoeChoido u know me Jungti???
06:14:34JoeChoiI just wonder
06:15:07JoeChoiwe know each other anyway
06:15:14JoeChoiI wanna know how to use thi damn machine
06:15:26CheeseBurgerManInfo>Debug (Keep Out)>Screendump. Leave the preferences, start playing a track then plug the USB cable into your player. Once the player stops reading the hard drive, unplug the USB cable, go back into Preferences and disable Screendump.
06:15:33CheeseBurgerManDoes that help, Jungti1234?
06:15:39CheeseBurgerManI'm trying to simplify it.
06:16:01Coldtoastactually.. writing to the hard drive, not reading. heh
06:16:11*CheeseBurgerMan edits
06:16:35CheeseBurgerManInfo>Debug (Keep Out)>Screendump. Leave the preferences, start playing a track then plug the USB cable into your player. Once the player stops writing the hard drive, unplug the USB cable, go back into Preferences and disable Screendump.
06:16:36JoeChoithis is pretty sure that u guys r professionals...
06:16:48Coldtoastlet's settle for "accessing" cos it could be loading data into the buffer as well. haha
06:17:22CheeseBurgerManI found reading more simple. ;)
06:17:49 Quit amiconn (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
06:17:49 Nick amiconn_ is now known as amiconn (
06:19:03Jungti1234It does not become.
06:19:06CheeseBurgerManStill don't get it?
06:19:27hshahTiMiD - you didn't use my usb image in the end :(
06:20:50Jungti1234Where is it saved?
06:21:32CheeseBurgerManUm, Coldtoast? I haven't done this before, I have no idea.
06:21:41CheeseBurgerManI'm just simplifying his words. ;)
06:21:41 Join S-Eater [0] (
06:22:52CheeseBurgerManAhhhhh! My backup support! ;)
06:23:32Jungti1234Even if you speak how, I don't understand.
06:24:28Coldtoastopen Preferences. go to Info>Debug (Keep Out) and move the cursor to Screendump. Press the button to enable it
06:25:00Jungti1234It did easily.
06:25:28Coldtoastthen leave the Preferences and go back to the WPS screen. Start playing a song and plug the USB cable into your player. This will take a screenshot and write it to the hard drive. When it finishes accessing the drive, disconnect the player from the computer
06:26:40CheeseBurgerManWPS screen is redundant. :P
06:27:00Coldtoastthen go back into the preferences, go back to the Screendump option, press the button again to disable the function. Leave the Preferences once again and connect your player to the USB again. You'll see a file in the root of your player called something like "dump_0001.bmp"
06:27:03Coldtoastthat's the screenshot
06:27:23Jungti1234To where does it become save?
06:27:32ColdtoastI just told you
06:27:42CheeseBurgerManYou'll see a file in the root of your player called something like "dump_0001.bmp"
06:27:46Coldtoast"connect your player to the USB again. You'll see a file in the root of your player called something like "dump_0001.bmp""
06:27:49Jungti1234I did to your speech.
06:28:46CheeseBurgerManDo you know what the root of your player is?
06:29:14Jungti1234All speeches which you do understood.
06:29:36Jungti1234But there seems to be problem to me.
06:29:52CheeseBurgerManWhich is?
06:30:07Jungti1234I don't know
06:30:26CheeseBurgerManThat's a problem. ;)
06:30:43Jungti1234Thank answer.
06:32:44CheeseBurgerManwell, I need to go to bed.
06:32:49CheeseBurgerManG'night all
06:32:52Jungti1234good night
06:33:01 Nick CheeseBurgerMan is now known as CBM-away (n=BurgerBo@
06:38:51JoeChoihey i need u guy's helping
06:39:55JoeChoiI have ihp-110 however, it seems that I succeess on upgrading my mp3 firmware
06:40:09JoeChoithen i extract zip files on my mp3.
06:40:41JoeChoihowever when i turn on my mp3, it shows me some letters then works as usual firmware does
06:40:48JoeChoitotally no clue
06:40:59JoeChoidoes anyone know about this?
06:46:53Paul_The_NerdIn the root folder of your ihp is there a file rockbox.iriver and a folder called .rockbox?
06:47:36JoeChoi o c dude..
06:47:40JoeChoii mean of course
06:47:54JoeChoibut do i have to have some cfg files?
06:48:54JoeChoiheyhey is there a limit that having files on mp3 player?
06:49:07Paul_The_NerdA limit? What do you mean?
06:49:52Paul_The_NerdAlso, so it displays the bootloader text (some text flashes by, before it loads the old iRiver firmware?) By chance can you catch what the last line says?
06:50:24JoeChoisorry i be back after peeing
06:51:45JoeChoiokay when i turn on my ihp100 it says
06:52:56JoeChoirock box boot loader version 6batt 3.79 v firmware loading firm ware result)
06:53:04JoeChoithen it changes to Iriver logo
06:53:24JoeChoiu got it?
06:53:42Paul_The_NerdOkay, and yours is an IHP-110, 115, 120, or 140? Which one?
06:54:15JoeChoi110 one
06:54:44Paul_The_NerdHrm. And you're sure you extracted the version for the 110/115 and not the 120/140 by mistake?
06:55:11JoeChoihell nah...
06:55:15Paul_The_NerdBecause all you should need are the contents of the .zip file. for example, should have everything
06:55:34Paul_The_NerdSince it sounds like the bootloader is patched, that *should* be it.
06:56:06JoeChoibut um what i downloaded wasn't that one
06:56:20JoeChoiI used this one
06:56:28JoeChoiand that one is correct one
06:56:38Paul_The_NerdYeah, that one should work too
06:56:56JoeChoilet me try files that u just sended
06:57:12Paul_The_NerdThere shouldn't be any real difference in whether they run or not... make pissing me off..
06:58:27 Join RotAtoR [0] (
06:58:46JoeChoiactually it says result -1 something like that when it begins
06:59:14Paul_The_NerdYeah, that generally means it can't find the file rockbox.iriver, I think
06:59:26Paul_The_NerdI'm not 100% sure
06:59:36JoeChoione thing is sure that I did success on firmware upgrading..
06:59:43JoeChoithe problem is dam rockbox files
07:00:00Paul_The_NerdMove the rockbox.iriver into the .rockbox folder maybe.
07:00:14Paul_The_NerdSo you have E:\.rockbox\rockbox.iriver
07:00:15JoeChoido u know what this file is for?
07:00:21Paul_The_NerdIt is the program code.
07:00:28Paul_The_NerdThe firmware flash just tells it to load that.
07:00:57Paul_The_NerdIs no longer needed
07:01:18 Quit JoeChoi ("CGI:IRC (EOF)")
07:01:45 Join JoeChoi [0] (
07:01:59JoeChoin e way i am back
07:02:41JoeChoii am checkin hidden files
07:03:09***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
07:03:36Paul_The_NerdFor what?
07:03:48JoeChoiI did it!!!!!!!!11
07:03:53JoeChoiI did it biatch
07:03:55Paul_The_NerdWhat was wrong?
07:04:06JoeChoiThere are 2 possibilities
07:04:14JoeChoii did 2 thing at once
07:04:19JoeChoiand i could be a good info
07:05:04JoeChoii was checkin there
07:05:14JoeChoiand I read about hidden files
07:05:21JoeChoianyway i deleted all of hidden files
07:05:29 Quit RotAtoR ("Leaving")
07:05:45JoeChoithen I move rockbox.iriver to .rockbox folder
07:06:03JoeChoi but i guess the problem was hidden files
07:06:13JoeChoiand I am frekin happy now
07:06:39Paul_The_NerdAs long as it works, 'eh?
07:07:17JoeChoi haha yeah
07:07:28JoeChoinow i want to check the gba games
07:07:31JoeChoidid u say eh?
07:07:35JoeChoiare u Canadian?
07:08:45Paul_The_NerdI just knew a lot of them
07:08:54Paul_The_NerdIt only plays Gameboy Classic ones.
07:09:00Paul_The_NerdAnd not yet at full speed, sadly.
07:09:02S-Eaterjoe where are you from
07:09:25JoeChoiI am korean who lived in korea 16 years
07:09:32JoeChoinow i am living in S.F ~
07:09:43JoeChoiGolden gate bridge yo~
07:09:48JoeChoihow about u guys?
07:10:04S-Eaterso how long have you been in the states
07:10:34JoeChoilike 3years
07:10:39JoeChoidamn do u like mgs?
07:14:39 Join JdGordon [0] (
07:16:39ColdtoastI'm in Tasmania here. know where that is?
07:17:28Paul_The_NerdYou're a ways off.
07:17:36Paul_The_NerdI had a gym teacher from Tasmania in middle school
07:17:37 Join _FireFly_ [0] (
07:18:06Coldtoastwow! really?
07:18:12Jungti1234I gave up.
07:18:40Coldtoastwhat player do you have Jungti1234?
07:19:14Coldtoastok. well. it ptobably works the same way as the h140
07:19:15Jungti1234Does not it become yet?
07:19:22Coldtoastgo to Preferences
07:19:37Jungti1234I did to your speech.
07:19:47Coldtoastand it didn't work?
07:20:00Paul_The_NerdDoes it definitely have a screen dump function yet?
07:20:34Jungti1234It doesn't work.
07:20:41Paul_The_NerdMaybe it's not complete yet
07:20:54Paul_The_NerdI remember some discussion about converting from the screen buffer to bitmap...
07:20:58Jungti1234maybe it was not completed.
07:21:30Coldtoastwhen you enabled Screendump, did it put a message up saying "Screendump Enabled"?
07:22:49Coldtoastnow. do you have your USB cable handy?
07:23:08Coldtoastbtw..... is your player set to Charge mode or Data?
07:23:13Coldtoastfor the USB port
07:23:29ColdtoastI'm going to take a guess here and say it needs to be set to Data mode
07:23:32Jungti1234data mode
07:24:07Coldtoastok. so. now with the cable plugged into the computer, plug the other end into your player
07:24:27Coldtoastwhile you're playing a song, so you're at the WPS
07:25:00Paul_The_NerdCan you just use the H300 simulator by chance?
07:25:40Jungti1234Can not play music in data mode.
07:26:03ColdtoastI'm pretty sure you can dude
07:26:20Coldtoastyou start a song playing first
07:26:25ColdtoastTHEN plug the cable in
07:27:25Jungti1234If boot, music list opens.
07:28:16Jungti1234H300 stops continuously.
07:28:34Jungti1234And open music list.
07:28:42Jungti1234This is bug.
07:29:17Jungti1234H300 does not support screen dump perfectly. right?
07:29:45Coldtoastther are no such things as bugs. just undocumented features
07:30:59Jungti1234I gave up.
07:31:20S-Eateron the h300 simulator, can you try rockboy?
07:31:23Jungti1234Thank for Coldtoast.
07:31:36Coldtoastno problem
07:31:47Coldtoasttry again later. there'll be more people awake
07:32:10Jungti1234Rockboy works well.
07:32:18Coldtoastwhy would you try it on the simulator S-Eater?
07:34:41S-EaterI'm not flashing my iriver with intl firmware yet ;)
07:35:10Coldtoastok. but why do you have to run it in the simulator?
07:35:22Coldtoastare you coding for it?
07:35:45S-Eaterno i just wanted to try it out.
07:36:14TiMiDhshah: I will use it when you give me a working hex version ;)
07:36:32ColdtoastI don;t think you'd get much of an idea how it'll feel (with the button mappings) onthe h300 using the simu
07:37:47_FireFly_TiMiD: moin :)
07:38:09Jungti1234Next, again let's see
07:38:11 Join DreamTactix291 [0] (
07:38:28 Quit Jungti1234 ("Bye Bye~")
07:39:37JoeChoianway thanks u guts
07:39:45JoeChoiI try to play gameboy advance
07:39:52JoeChoibut it doens't work right?
07:40:03JoeChoiI played some Game boy games but too slow 2 play
07:40:26thegeekgameboy advance will never work
07:40:28thegeekfast enough
07:41:29JoeChoihaha but Game boy games are too slow..
07:42:02Paul_The_NerdYeah, but with Game boy they could become full speed, but it's not optimized well enough yet.
07:43:35JoeChoiyeah i am so happy
07:43:37ashridahJoeChoi: rockboy was never really finished. the guy working on it abandoned it while working on an optimised core.
07:43:46Coldtoastit'll be interesting to see how well video playback will end up with rickbox
07:43:50Coldtoaston the h300
07:43:54JoeChoinow i have to figure out how do i read korean font on this firmware
07:45:39TiMiDmorning _FireFly_ :)
07:45:46S-Eaterdid the rockboy creator disappear then?
07:45:51TiMiDI was just lookin at one of your patch
07:45:55JoeChoidou think listening game sound will be availble?
07:46:01_FireFly_i have another patch from me just updated :)
07:46:17TiMiDwhich could make some users happy
07:46:24_FireFly_this patch have i just updated ;)
07:46:38TiMiDthe problem is tha I go to school in 2 minutes
07:46:46TiMiDthis one ?
07:46:58TiMiDok :p
07:46:59_FireFly_Date: 2005-11-23 07:45
07:47:04_FireFly_last comment ;)
07:47:35TiMiDI refresh the page with my crappy connexion
07:47:59TiMiD2005-11-22 22:45
07:48:02S-Eater says there should be rockboy sound...
07:48:12TiMiDif it's the good page
07:48:27TiMiDS-Eater: there isn't since it doesn't run at 100% full speed
07:48:57S-Eaterwhats slowing it down
07:49:04 Join B4gder [0] (
07:49:06_FireFly_TiMiD: say the newest comment that the patch was updated to latest cvs ??
07:49:19TiMiDit's 100% interpreted, no dynamically recompiled
07:50:08TiMiD_FireFly_: amiconn's latest patch is not about yours
07:50:20S-Eaterah. and the h300 version isnt in color? The gnuboy site says it supported gb color
07:50:22TiMiDwell I will apply it I think
07:50:49Paul_The_NerdIt hasn't been updated in many months S-Eater.
07:50:52TiMiDbut i think the remote_hold fn should return false when remote_connected() says false
07:50:54thegeekS-Eater : you need to chill out
07:51:00thegeekthings are faar from finished
07:51:01ashridahS-Eater: it supports PLAYING gbc games, it doesn't support colour
07:51:02thegeekwe all know it
07:51:06JoeChoianyway thank u guys i love rockbox c ya
07:51:07_FireFly_TiMiD: no that has bad side effects
07:51:07 Quit JoeChoi ("CGI:IRC (EOF)")
07:51:14Paul_The_NerdRockboy is very out of date, and is currently not being worked on by anyone.
07:51:25TiMiDit's not the application job to check this, am I wrong ?
07:51:34_FireFly_my first one had it so but some of the other devs had
07:52:37_FireFly_said that it has bad side effects
07:52:54_FireFly_so i have added the remote-connected fn
07:54:57_FireFly_i have to go cu later
07:55:13 Quit _FireFly_ ("Leaving")
07:55:17S-EaterI'm chill, I'm just asking questions.
07:57:54 Join Sandoaway [0] (n=lolsteam@
07:58:17 Quit DMJC (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
07:59:15 Join DMJC [0] (
08:10:37 Join ModernExecutive [0] (
08:12:08ModernExecutiveis that you?
08:14:03 Quit Sando (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
08:15:51ModernExecutivegood to see ya
08:25:22 Join webguest42 [0] (
08:25:54 Part webguest42
08:28:41 Quit ModernExecutive ()
08:29:10 Quit Paul_The_Nerd ("Chatzilla 0.9.68a [Firefox 1.0.7/20050915]")
08:39:09*B4gder turns 0x23 today
08:41:50 Quit S-Eater ("bed")
08:42:34ashridah043 eh?
08:42:38linuxstbB4gder: Happy birthday.
08:48:55B4gderparty all day long
08:49:06*B4gder starts out with debugging his crappy flash writing code
08:53:03ashridahflash on which platform?
08:53:15B4gderintel CFI flash
08:53:21amiconnmorning all, and happy birthday B4gder
08:54:22B4gdermorning and thanks
08:54:24amiconnTiMiD: remote_button_hold() must not just return 0 when the remote is not connected
08:55:21amiconnThis function is also used internally by the button driver to decide whether to read the remote buttons or not
08:55:47amiconnIf you do that change, the driver would try to read the remote buttons with no remote connected
08:55:58amiconn...and that could cause spurious button events
08:56:51amiconnDon't tell me this is a bit dirty - it is indeed
09:02:49amiconnHmm, still no installer builds :(
09:03:11***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
09:03:18B4gderthat's linus' department
09:05:57 Join einhirn [0] (
09:07:02 Join amiconn_ [0] (
09:07:18 Quit amiconn (Nick collision from services.)
09:07:18 Nick amiconn_ is now known as amiconn (
09:08:03amiconnHmm, the news section on the website needs updating.
09:10:24B4gderthe neuros people never stop scaring me
09:10:46B4gdercpu with docs, API without source, developers without clues
09:10:56B4gderthat's a good start on an open source project
09:14:03 Join Paul_The_Nerd [0] (
09:14:27Paul_The_NerdI got a "*PANIC* Error! tick_add_task(): out of tasks"
09:14:43 Join Membrillo [0] (
09:16:01ashridahwhat were you doing?
09:16:05Paul_The_NerdI went to view the audio thread.
09:16:19ashridahwhat else was happening at the time?
09:16:26Paul_The_NerdPlaying a .wv
09:16:37Paul_The_NerdAnd it's recurring
09:16:44Paul_The_NerdAs in, I just reset, and it did it again
09:16:47Paul_The_NerdThis time with a lossless .wv
09:16:58ashridahsounds like someone added a new thread without increasing hte max number of threads
09:17:11Paul_The_NerdBut first, 5 years of "Read File System" from the iRiver FW
09:17:58Paul_The_NerdIt does it on a "View audio thread" even when music *isn't* playing
09:18:14 Quit whatboutbob ("CGI:IRC")
09:18:37 Join Vladoman [0] (
09:20:37 Join ender` [0] (i=ychat@
09:21:22Paul_The_NerdI'm gonna have to put my box of toothpicks in the car again for the trip tomorrow, just in case.
09:22:03amiconnPaul_The_Nerd: It's not the number of threads, but the number of tick tasks that needs increasing
09:22:37amiconnI added one, when resolving a dirty driver interdependency
09:23:23amiconn(backlight_tick was called from button_tick instead of being properly registered as another tick task)
09:37:05 Quit Paul_The_Nerd ("Chatzilla 0.9.68a [Firefox 1.0.7/20050915]")
09:42:03 Quit Nixsos (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
09:45:12 Join Kohlrabi [0] (
09:51:08 Join Kingstone [0] (n=sg1@
09:51:55Kingstonerockbox support only archos players or iriver too?
09:52:48B4gderit works fine o iriver h1x0
09:52:57B4gderh3x0 support on the way
09:53:16Kingstonei have ipod, so i use ipodlinux but it's good to here other players made open source firmwares too :)
09:53:27B4gderthe rockbox ipod port is also on the way
09:54:04Kingstonebut why bother when the ipodlinux guys are doing, what will rockbox be different?
09:54:24B4gderrockbox is different
09:54:43Kingstonein what means?
09:54:56B4gderrockbox is a fully working firmware replacement
09:55:25Kingstonewhat do you mean fully working?
09:55:40B4gderwe have a different goal/scope I'd say
09:55:48Kingstonewhat is your goal?
09:56:02Kingstoneipodlinux is a whole replacement too, based on uCLinux
09:56:14B4gder1 - don't waste resources on linux
09:56:35B4gderwe offer an integreated os/application suite
09:56:42B4gderrockbox work for numerous targets
09:57:05Kingstonewhen will the version for ipod come out?
09:57:07Kingstoneanytime soon?
09:57:17B4gdersee topic ;-)
09:57:42B4gderit depends on the amount of contribution by skilled people
09:57:54Kingstonei mean, what have you done so far?
09:57:59Kingstoneyou are able to boot anything?
09:58:18B4gderhehe, our bootloader rocks the ipl one ;-)
09:58:33Kingstonewell i'll stay tuned
09:58:38B4gderyes, rockbox starts
09:58:43B4gderbut I don't think it works very well yet
09:58:58dwihnoI know I
09:58:59linuxstbrockbox is a dedicated music player. IPL aims to be a lot more than that. That's the main difference IMO.
09:59:09dwihno've asked this before... How do you use ar to build a lib? :(
09:59:21Kingstonededicated music player?
09:59:27Kingstoneyou mean just play music, right?
09:59:30B4gderdwihno: ar uv [lib] [object files]
09:59:47B4gderKingstone: focused on that, yes
09:59:47linuxstbRockbox's primary aim is to play music. It does other things, but the priority is good music playback with long battery life.
09:59:55dwihnoB4gder: thanks a lot! :) (trying to build some unicode stuffs, wee!)
10:00:30Kingstonewill you integrate iTunesDB? or you're building a whole new db?
10:00:40Kingstoneor just play music files like that with no sorting?
10:01:12linuxstbRockbox doesn't require a database - it's designed to play music from the filesystem.
10:01:43B4gderI wonder how much ram IPL has for compressed music buffer
10:02:13linuxstbIt has its own tag database format, but integrating the iTunesDB is troublesome because iTunes won't add all of the audio formats Rockbox supports to it. So you will need iTunesDB plus something else to access all of your music.
10:02:14B4gderit uses dynamic memory for that?
10:02:40linuxstbI'm assuming it just mallocs a large buffer. I've seen the 20MB figure mentioned.
10:03:25linuxstbBut I don't know. They are also in the process of rewriting podzilla to create a podzilla2.
10:03:40B4gderthere are so many *zillas in that camp it confuses me ;-)
10:04:51*amiconn now has a separate timeout setting for (both) backlight(s) when plugged
10:05:10amiconn*No* code size increase on archos, and even a decrease on iriver
10:10:59markunamiconn: is there enough room for unicode?
10:11:32 Quit Lynx_ (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
10:12:27 Join Lynx_ [0] (
10:12:31 Quit Lynx_ (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
10:13:29 Join Lynx_ [0] (
10:14:27linuxstbIs the space issue the only thing preventing the unicode patch being applied now?
10:15:53markunno, 1) it isn't implemented in lcd-16bit.c 2) there is a small problem with arabic
10:16:46markunThe code in lcd-100 and lcd-16bit is exactly the same. Would be nice to put all the 'puts' code in a different file..
10:18:53 Join WarrenLeyes [0] (
10:20:35 Join Wett [0] (
10:23:51WarrenLeyeswell Rockboy seems ok on my h340 seems to crash on the larger GBC files
10:31:11 Quit TiMiD (Remote closed the connection)
10:33:09 Join mashalla [0] (
10:36:50linuxstbmarkun: I believe amiconn is planning changes in that area - which is why there is identical (for now) code in different lcd drivers.
10:37:20 Join Polo_o [0] (
10:38:48 Quit WarrenLeyes ("Leaving")
10:45:17Wettin the codec api, current_tick is always the current "time", right ?
10:47:45B4gderit is a pointer to the tick counter
10:48:15Wettso, is seconds, current time is current_tick/cpu_frequency ?
10:48:49B4gdertick is increase HZ times/second
10:49:10linuxstbWett: Are you planning on using that for A/V sync?
10:49:34Wettyes, and to make sure that grayscale flip stay correct
10:49:50Wettbut it just... Doesn't work.
10:50:42Wettvideo is just horrible, it's not showed with a stable frequency
10:51:15linuxstbI don't know how it works, but have you boosted the CPU frequency?
10:51:50linuxstbSo you don't think it's a speed problem - i.e. the CPU is keeping up with what you are asking it to do?
10:53:03Wettin fact, sometimes it's ok, sometimes it's not. I think that decoding the sound takes too much time so it skip the frame flip and onlu does it when decoding is over
10:53:58linuxstbCan you get clean video playback without any audio?
10:54:03Wetta timer, if it's correctly managed by the kernel, would be a good solution but i'm not sure at all. And it require some copy/paste from plugin api
10:54:29Wettwell, before implementing sound it worked kinda good
10:58:12Wetthow are managed threads ? Are they only managed when the current process call yield, or ?
10:59:32B4gderyes, or sleep()
10:59:44B4gderits cooperative multitasking
11:00:27Wetterf. So i can't run anything while libmad codec is doing his stuff.
11:01:16 Join Jungti1234 [0] (n=jungti12@
11:01:19B4gderit is only a single CPU, of course everyone needs to run in their share
11:02:49Wettyeah but I'd like a process to have priority over an other. Video stability is more important than audio, so i'd like to stop whatever audio process do to show my current frame and give them cpu back
11:03:09B4gderno can do
11:03:14***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
11:03:42Wettok, that's clear. thx ^^
11:07:24 Quit Wett ()
11:08:26 Join webguest06 [0] (
11:09:03 Quit webguest06 (Client Quit)
11:09:10 Join webguest06 [0] (
11:09:42 Quit webguest06 (Client Quit)
11:11:56 Join Wett [0] (
11:15:20 Join linuxstb_ [0] (
11:22:01Wettthat's strange... It works well during the first second, and then slows down.
11:24:17Jungti1234I want to take screen picture.
11:24:28Jungti1234What should I do?
11:25:31 Part Polo_o
11:25:43WettJungti1234 :
11:25:58 Join linuxstb__ [0] (
11:26:14Jungti1234I read it already long ago.
11:27:34 Join webguest38 [0] (
11:28:02Jungti1234I read it and follow just as it is and did.
11:28:30Jungti1234However, it doesn't work.
11:28:40Jungti1234Anyone helps me.
11:29:59 Quit webguest38 (Client Quit)
11:30:57 Quit linuxstb (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
11:31:41 Join webguest44 [0] (
11:33:33webguest44jungti1234: you could upload your WPS and ask someone to make the screendump for you
11:34:32Jungti1234Can you do?
11:34:53webguest44no, i haven't patched my h320
11:35:24amiconnWett: What's the problem? I presume you're using a (second level) isr for feeding the video frames to the lcd like on archos?
11:35:37Jungti1234There no seem to be a person to help me.
11:36:39amiconnThis should work regardless whether libmad takes a bit longer to decode audio, as long as there are always enough video frames buffered
11:36:39Wettamiconn: no, i'm not using an isr. I just have a video function that tests wether it's time or not to show a now frame.
11:37:01amiconnWhy not?
11:37:23hshahwhat file is the usb logo stored for the iriver screen?
11:37:23amiconnThe mechanism is already there, and user timers work the same on iriver
11:37:24Wetti could give it a try, but i'm not sure it would solve the stability problem
11:38:11amiconnThe only 'sacrifice' is that backlight fading doesn't work while the timer is needed elsewhere
11:38:16 Join LinusN [0] (
11:38:33amiconn(resorts to simple on/off) It's the same with the grayscale library
11:39:12Wettit's not a real "sacrifice" while I think i'll let the backlight on when playing a video
11:39:37amiconnYes. In fact video.rock already does this
11:40:06Wettbut in a codec, using the backlight_on function just hang everything
11:40:22amiconnWell, it shouldn't
11:40:23Wettas well as splash
11:40:36amiconnbacklight_on just posts a message to the backlight queue
11:41:04 Quit linuxstb_ (Read error: 113 (No route to host))
11:46:27markunLinusN: I bought a Gigabeat F40 :)
11:47:06markunWith a little help from rockbox :)
11:47:55amiconnmarkun: I don't know whether unicode would fit right now. Is the patch up to date, i.e. adapted to TiMiD's latest changes?
11:48:08markunno, it isn't
11:48:22Wettamiconn: i got a system error. ermf. AddrErr
11:48:52markunI will update the patch lateron
11:49:25Wettit seems that just copying functions pointers from plugin.h to codecs.h isn't the best solution
11:50:05markunamiconn: what are your plans for the text related functions in the lcd drivers?
11:50:53amiconnThe line-based text output functions could be moved to the app level.
11:51:11amiconnHowever, I would prefer to remove them altogether if possible
11:51:46amiconnThat needs some work to make all text output pixel based (also the scroll thread(s))
11:52:30amiconnI prefer not to do too many changes at once though
11:55:09 Join Paul_The_Nerd [0] (
12:03:30 Quit Jungti1234 ("Bye~ -")
12:04:05 Quit linuxstb__ ("Leaving")
12:09:34hshahcan anyone help here -
12:10:36Membrilloi cant, i got no idea about compiling
12:10:43LinusNhshah: i have never seen anything like it
12:12:46 Join Amar [0] (
12:14:38Slasherihshah: Hmm, probably you have a hardware problem (bad memory or something like that) with your computer or bad os installation maybe
12:14:38 Join _FireFly_ [0] (
12:15:05MembrilloLinusN: so what are you focusing on developing now H3xx v1 is out?
12:15:23LinusNi'm focusing on the UDA1380 driver
12:16:00LinusNwhen that works, we will most likely have music
12:16:04MembrilloLinusN: whats that do or take care of
12:16:14Membrilloah ok, so music functions?
12:16:34markunMembrillo: It's the DAC
12:16:35LinusNyes, it is the DAC
12:17:15MembrilloLinusN: ok awesome, keep up the great work
12:17:30ashridahLinusN: interesting. what's different between the DAC in the H3x0 and the H1x0?
12:18:09 Quit webguest44 ("CGI:IRC")
12:19:07markunThe S3C2440A user manual disappeared from the Samsung website yesterday, very strange
12:19:19 Join webguest09 [0] (
12:19:20LinusNashridah: nothing special, the RESET pin has moved, but I can't seem to make it work
12:19:40LinusNmarkun: not good
12:19:57LinusNand you don't have a copy?
12:20:00markunLinusN: I attached it to the rockbox wiki
12:20:07markunbut still strange
12:20:24ashridahLinusN: odd
12:20:39LinusNashridah: it's probably a trivial thing
12:20:44markunThe also didn't answer to my email yet what is different about the AL-30
12:21:20 Join criis [0] (
12:21:33 Quit B4gder (
12:21:33 Quit Slasheri (
12:22:36NJoinB4gder [0] (
12:22:36NJoinSlasheri [0] (
12:26:15 Join Febs [0] (
12:30:12criisHello. Nothing much going on here, I gather.
12:30:36amiconnLinusN: Did you read about the H300 bootloader problems?
12:31:13criisOh, sorry.
12:31:33LinusNamiconn: no, what problems?
12:31:58amiconnIt seems the bootloader fails to start the original firmware under certain conditions
12:32:04amiconnSee the H300 forum
12:33:33 Quit webguest09 ("CGI:IRC (EOF)")
12:35:15amiconnI see you posted yourself in that thread...
12:36:35LinusNthis thread?
12:39:42LinusNthe problem is that the iriver firmware checks the ON button when it starts
12:41:01LinusNand another problem is that there seems to be at least two versions of the h300 hardware
12:42:50LinusNin the next version of the boot loader, i will use reboot() combined with the IRAM cookie to start the original
12:45:12B4gderI shortened the win32 sim build names in the images
12:45:19B4gderfor the build table
12:45:36B4gder"sim32" is now the simulator builds for win32
12:45:54amiconnLinusN: Do you already know the exact differences between the 2 hardware versions?
12:46:05LinusNi have no idea whatsoever :-)
12:46:23LinusNi have only one version here
12:47:17LinusNit could be a really simple thing, like the backlight, or lcd power
12:50:54 Part Membrillo
12:51:30criisHas anyone thought of asking iRiver?
12:51:59criisI'm trying at the moment to navigate their horrible flash hell looking for an email adress.
12:53:47 Join Jungti1234 [0] (n=jungti12@
12:54:55LinusNcriis: yes, i have in fact contacted iriver to get info on the h300
12:55:11LinusNthey weren't very helpful
12:56:21*ashridah fondly remembers the day when the iriver webpage didn't suck both balls to use, just one
12:56:57criisLinusN, *shrugs* Can't say I'm surprised.
12:57:12LinusNashridah: it's really really horrible
12:57:26LinusNcriis: quite expected, really
12:57:31ashridahyeah. i used to use their forum all the time
12:57:45ashridahi stopped the day their website changed.
12:57:47criisMoreover it renders very incorrectly in Firefox for Sarge.
12:58:44criisIt's probably all part of their tradition of solving simple problems with complicated over killing software. :)
12:59:52ashridahi find it's just because people forget that web pages are a way to find information, not sell a company
13:00:01 Quit Amar ("CGI:IRC (EOF)")
13:00:18markunJust found out the Gigabeat only does 44.1kHz (or 88.2, 22.05 etc) just like the iriver
13:02:45*ashridah mutters vile things about having to give a presentation tomorrow
13:02:54ashridah5 minutes to present about 15 minutes worth of introductory material.
13:02:55ashridahnot happy
13:03:15ashridah10:1 just about everyone runs over time, and my 11:00 presentation ends up at 12 noon
13:03:19***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
13:05:07 Join TiMiD [0] (
13:05:37Wettdoes anyone know if it's possible to know when pcm buffer runs out of data, in a codec ?
13:06:51Wettor at least, know how much data is left
13:07:30markunyou want to drop some video frames?
13:07:54Wettno, I want to decode mp3frame only when critically needed
13:09:02Wettcurrently I decode every X loops, it's not a very good solution because sometimes pcm buffer gets empty. But it works kinda well
13:09:20 Quit Paul_The_Nerd ("Chatzilla 0.9.68a [Firefox 1.0.7/20050915]")
13:09:31_FireFly_hi TiMiD
13:10:33SlasheriWett: Hmm, why do you need that information from a _codec_?
13:13:58Wettbecause in the video codec i'm porting, I need to decode audio and video frames at the same time. In order to decode video frames at an acceptable frequency, I have to decode as least frames as possible
13:14:16SlasheriAh, you are working with a video codec :)
13:14:18Wettas least audio frames as possible*
13:14:36Wettyep, for ihp120.. Not so usefull by the way
13:14:58SlasheriHmm, that information is not currently available from the codec thread but a new simple function to the codec interface should do it
13:15:10*B4gder wrote a new summary page =>
13:15:40Wettthat's great, but i really don't know how and where to write this.
13:16:19SlasheriWett: Hmm, pcm_is_lowdata() could be usable directly. Just add it to the interface
13:16:35Slasherior pcmbuf_ in fact
13:16:49Wettvoid (*pcm_is_lowdata(void)); ?
13:17:07Wettvoid (*pcm_is_lowdata)(void); sorry
13:19:05 Join tucoz [0] (
13:19:42tucozBagder or B4gder:) Do I recall correct that the open neo source wasn't open at all a while ago?
13:20:50B4gderI think you might think about Neuros, Open Neo has been pretty open for several years
13:21:20B4gderI say "pretty" because they have parts that aren't
13:21:36tucozAh, ok. Thanks.
13:22:09WettSlasheri: AddrErr. lol
13:22:25Wettoh wait a sec
13:22:46tucozanyway, I checked out the source for neo the other day and it seems like it is still in development. Still, they should never have left Rockbox.
13:23:05B4gderI subscribe to their cvs commit list
13:23:20tucoziirc they added support for id3v2 just a few weeks ago
13:23:24B4gderso I know they're still actively developing it
13:23:28tucozah, ok
13:23:41 Quit mashalla ()
13:23:48B4gderyes, I think their fork is entirelly their loss
13:24:30 Quit Febs ("CGI:IRC (EOF)")
13:24:37SlasheriWett: you should add that to the codec.h and codec.c also
13:24:37tucozhehe, it certainly looks like it. I am so happy that Rockbox exists.
13:25:13Slasheriand if necessary, you can initialize the pointer in playback.c audio_init()
13:26:41Wettyeah I missed some adds
13:26:46tucozB4gder. Maybe you should put a link on the download page to that status page of yours
13:27:36tucozI think the wiki could be a bit intimidating and hard to navigate for a beginner
13:28:44 Quit Wett ()
13:30:32 Join TiMiD_ [0] (
13:30:53hshahTiMiD - any idea when the bmp2rb will be fixed?
13:31:18hshahalso TiMiD, where is the hex for the iriver screen usb stored? its no longer in screens.c as far as i can see...
13:31:36_FireFly_gui/ afaik
13:31:59 Quit criis ("leaving")
13:32:16hshah_FireFly_ - yep it is - thanks :)
13:33:01hshahanyone got an old copy of the bmp2rb program?
13:33:05 Join Wett [0] (
13:33:28tucozhshah: you could check out an older revision by using cvs
13:33:45Jungti1234It's interesting flash movie. :
13:33:59hshahtucoz, could you please tell me how to do that - I only know one cvs command, and that is to update my cvs... lol
13:34:44hshahJungti1234 - its a random flash movie, and it makes no sense to people who don't understand that language :p
13:35:05Jungti1234There is translation under page. :)
13:35:37tucozhshah: I am not really sure how to do it :). You can check the try to find the version you want first by cvs log bmp2rb.c | less
13:36:06tucozremove the "check the"
13:36:55hshahtucoz - it says "nothing known about bmp2rb.c"
13:37:49tucozyou have to be in the tools dir then
13:38:07tucozand find the tag for the revision you want
13:38:25hshahahhh - lots of green text
13:38:51WettSlasheri: huh Oo pcmbuf_is_lowdata seems to always return true... Does it return false when it's out of data ?
13:39:03tucozthen you use cvs update -rtag bmp2rb.c, where tag is the tag for the version you want
13:39:44 Part LinusN
13:39:52hshahaha - i want version 1.10
13:40:31 Join Polo_o [0] (
13:41:07tucozhshah: cvs update -r1.10 bmp2rb.c
13:41:09 Join webguest09 [0] (
13:41:15hshahyeah - i got it
13:41:25hshahand it converts bmps fine now
13:41:55hshaheither linus or dave introduced the bug...
13:42:13tucozfor a simple guide to CVS
13:42:32 Quit ashridah ("Leaving")
13:43:07hshahcool - thanks
13:43:19hshahTiMiD - and
13:43:36hshahone for remote and one for main player
13:44:27tucozhshah: remember, that file will not be updated if you run cvs update -dP
13:44:37hshahthats ok
13:44:46hshahill only update it manually when its fixed
13:44:52SlasheriWett: no, it returns only true when the buffer is really low of data
13:45:30SlasheriWett: Hmm, did you use bool as return type?
13:45:32tucozYou will have to do cvs update -A bmp2rb.c to update to the latest revision and to turn off the revision-flag
13:46:07tucozit is locked on the revision you have retrieved by using the -r flag
13:46:49hshahcool thanks tucoz :)
13:47:05hshahwheres that TiMiD hiding?
13:47:21tucoznp, see you later
13:47:26 Part tucoz
13:47:36Jungti1234Do you have a person who work H300 development here?
13:48:26hshahTiMiD / TiMiD_
13:49:28Jungti1234Don't you do H300 work?
13:49:40WettSlasheri: yes i did
13:49:46Wettit just only return true.
13:49:51hshahif there is someone who is here and they have read your message, and they work on the H300 development they will let you know... if no one lets you know then no ones here at the moment who does what you are looking for - lol
13:50:13Wettwell, time to go in class. thanks, see later
13:50:16SlasheriWett: are you sure you are calling the right function? (you added it to correct place in codec.c)
13:50:30Wettyep i think so
13:50:34Slasheriok, but cu :)
13:50:39B4gderJungti1234: relax, sit back and wait
13:51:09Jungti1234B4gder: hey, I don't.
13:51:11hshahB4gder, and i wrote out two lines just to say what you said in 5 words :(
13:51:17Jungti1234I have question.
13:51:25B4gderyou always do
13:51:41hshahJungti1234 - well ask on the forums then... if no ones here then your questions not going to get answered
13:51:41B4gderso ask, don't ask if you can ask
13:52:41Jungti1234I asked a question short time ago continuously here.
13:52:55Jungti1234Got answer that want finally.
13:53:08Jungti1234However, my H300 doesn't work.
13:53:55hshahJungti1234 - go here and click New Topic
13:54:03hshahand then type whatever you want to type
13:54:11SlasheriJungti1234: Rockbox for H300 is not yet ready and should not be used unless you are a developer
13:54:13hshahand then click Post
13:54:18B4gderJungti1234: rockbox is not yet functional on the H300
13:54:33B4gderwe don't need reports repeating that it doesn't work
13:54:37B4gderwe know that
13:54:43B4gderand you should know we know
13:54:43hshahJungti1234: if you didn't read the above, just to let you know, Rockbox doesn't work for the H300 yet :p
13:54:56Jungti1234Wasn't screendump completed yet?
13:55:22Jungti1234I want to know it only.
13:56:05hshahdoes it really matter if it is or it isn't?
13:57:34Jungti1234Want to take screen picture.
13:57:35hshahits not like you are going to be able to use it or anything...
13:57:58hshahdid the whole thing about DO NOT use Rockbox for H300 yet... go over your head?
13:58:09B4gderJungti1234: so use it
13:58:13B4gderif it works, it works
13:58:18Jungti1234I'm sorry if your sentiment was bad.
13:58:20B4gderif it doesn't, we told you it doesn't
13:58:40hshahif your player ignites and melts in the flames then don't come running to us :p
13:58:42B4gderif it doesn't work, you can help us out and fix the problems
13:58:57B4gderyou have the source as much as we do
13:59:00Jungti1234I did therefore though you inform.
13:59:09Jungti1234Didn't get that want however.
13:59:38Jungti1234I will give up.
13:59:51Jungti1234Thank answer.
13:59:57hshahand go in your corner and sulk :p
14:00:18Jungti1234Don't ask a question again here.
14:00:22 Quit Jungti1234 ("Bye Bye~")
14:00:53 Part TiMiD_
14:14:06 Join mashalla [0] (
14:15:28 Join muesli_- [0] (
14:16:01muesli_-any uk present?
14:16:19 Join Amar [0] (
14:17:11 Quit Polo_o (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
14:20:28hshahie people from the uk?
14:20:46hshahwhats up?
14:21:21muesli_-i have to return koss headphones
14:21:31muesli_-Game Wholesale Ltd
14:21:31muesli_-Unit 2, The Provin House
14:21:31muesli_-Meadowhead Farm
14:21:31DBUGEnqueued KICK muesli_-
14:21:31muesli_-Meadowhead Lane
14:21:32***Alert Mode level 1
14:21:36muesli_-Lancs, OL11 5UL
14:21:49muesli_-is that the correct format for an address?
14:22:23hshahthat will do
14:22:46muesli_-can you shorten it? there are too many lines, wont fit in our forms
14:23:13hshahNorden, Rochdale
14:23:27 Join NicoFR [0] (
14:23:28hshahany better?
14:23:36muesli_-mmh, we have 4 lines only
14:23:43muesli_-zip + city
14:23:57hshahso do we
14:24:01hshahor similar
14:24:06hshahthis is just a long address
14:24:54muesli_-is that city in the uk anyway?`
14:25:32hshahrochdale is... ive heard of it
14:26:08muesli_-so country is great britain or uk? sorry, your system is quite confusing ;)
14:26:42hshahyou can also do this "Meadowhead Farm, Meadowhead Lane"
14:26:47hshahif you are short of space
14:27:12muesli_-i'll try it
14:27:17muesli_-cheers m8
14:31:33***Alert Mode OFF
14:34:14 Quit muesli_- (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
14:52:27hshahwhose got cvs writing rights here?
14:53:15markunyes, why?
14:54:15hshahwant to get my remote and iriver screen usb logos comitted
14:54:23hshahTiMiD has run off somewhere
14:54:35hshahcoz i managed to get them converted to hex
14:55:24CtcpIgnored 1 channel CTCP requests in 0 seconds at the last flood
14:55:24*amiconn doesn't want that USB logo
14:56:17hshahwell the remote one then...
14:56:28hshahcoz TiMiD was gonna commit that one for sure
14:56:36hshahim not sure what was decided for the main player instead...
14:57:05hshahoh and also my wps was gonna be committed... :D
14:57:19hshahso if u have a free few mins... then please :)
14:57:32 Quit B4gder ("time to say moo")
14:57:53 Quit DreamTactix291 (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
15:03:20***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
15:14:23thegeekI would've PAID money to go to that church
15:14:34thegeekI would've gotten up early on sunday even
15:15:28preglowthegeek: what makes you think sermons at the church just around the corner aren't like that? :P
15:15:41thegeekprevious experience ?
15:15:49thegeekmy parents are somewhat religious
15:16:00thegeekthey used to drag me to churches
15:16:13thegeekgod damn
15:16:36thegeekIf norwegian churces were like that I bet the churces would be filled up _every_ day
15:16:48preglowthis really is good
15:16:50thegeekthat clip gets better every time you hear it
15:16:58thegeekit's pure genius
15:17:40thegeekI love that first time he says "LEZZZBIANZ!"
15:35:12 Join Lynx0 [0] (
15:35:21 Join tvelocity [0] (n=tony@
15:36:46 Quit DJDD_ ("Trillian (")
15:41:15 Quit _FireFly_ ("Say What?")
15:42:32TiMiDhshah: I downloaded your logos, I will maybe commit the remote one
15:42:39hshahok cool
15:42:40TiMiDnot yet though
15:42:51hshahwell while ur doing that, cud u maybe commit my wps :)
15:42:56hshahanytime is cool
15:43:09hshahits just easier than me adding it to my cvs every time i update
15:43:21hshahcoz mine doesn't merge updates properly
15:43:36TiMiDI will commit your wps since it has a different style from the others bundled
15:43:42hshahcool cool :)
15:44:00TiMiDbut not yet (my cvs snapshot is in unstable state, so no commit ^^)
15:47:36 Join Lynx [0] (
15:47:37wubblawhen i've got the rockbox bootloader installed and it doesn't find /rockbox.iriver or /.rockbox/rockbox.iriver on startup, it is going to boot the original iriver firmware, right?
15:47:57wubblaok :-)
15:48:06wubblajust wanted to make that sure ;-)
15:48:36 Quit Lynx_ (Nick collision from services.)
15:48:55 Nick Lynx is now known as Lynx_ (
15:58:10 Join Febs [0] (
15:59:04 Quit Lynx0 (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
15:59:18Febswubbla, H100 series will boot into iriver firmware if rockbox.iriver is not present.
15:59:26FebsH300 will give an error and shut down.
16:09:16wubblai've flashed my H320
16:09:24hshahdid it blow up?
16:10:53wubblano, but it was exactly like described in this thread:
16:10:53 Quit Febs ("CGI:IRC (EOF)")
16:11:10wubblai just flashed back the original firmware...
16:11:38wubblathere must be two different versions of the H300...
16:13:15wubblabecause the LCD just remains black when starting with rockbox bootloader
16:13:35 Join Febs [0] (
16:13:48preglowhow lovely
16:13:52preglowyet another lcd we don't have specs for
16:14:07 Join webguest83 [0] (
16:14:40markungigabeat will also add some to the list..
16:15:50markunI would have thought Toshiba Matsushita made the LCD's for the Gigabeat, but there are no 2.2" and 2.4" LCDs with 240x320 on their website
16:16:20 Join LinusN [0] (
16:16:27LinusNjoin #haxx
16:16:45hshah^ ?
16:16:57LinusNforgot the "/"
16:17:01wubblahey LinusN!
16:17:12 Quit webguest83 (Client Quit)
16:17:17wubblaLinusN: have you read the irc-log?
16:17:40wubblaLinusN: concerning the h300 booting issue, as described at:
16:18:22wubblaLinusN: i just wanted to inform you, that i've just come across exactly the same symptoms...
16:18:47 Quit Lynx_ (Connection timed out)
16:19:39LinusNwubbla: do you have your h300 in front of you?
16:19:46wubblaLinusN: yes
16:19:56LinusNand it is black when you boot it?
16:20:01wubblaLinusN: but i've already flashed back the original iriver formware...
16:20:04wubblaLinusN: yes, it is
16:20:10wubblaLinusN: it was :-)
16:20:14LinusNok, you flashed back
16:20:18LinusNnever mind then
16:20:27wubblaLinusN: the disk spinned up but the lcd remained black
16:21:05wubblaLinusN: just tell me! i might flash the rockbox firmware back, if you want me to do so...
16:21:11LinusNcould you then turn it off by holding the OFF button?
16:21:11markunpreglow: no 48kHz on the Gigabeat
16:21:18wubblaLinusN: no!
16:21:24wubblaLinusN: i could not turn it off
16:21:27preglowmarkun: sounds familiar
16:21:40wubblaLinusN: just using the reset-pin did the job
16:22:04 Join Lynx_ [0] (
16:22:06wubblaLinusN: any ideas what that could be?
16:22:20wubblaLinusN: totally different hardware components maybe?!
16:22:29LinusNwubbla: not sure
16:23:36LinusNhad you installed rockbox as well?
16:23:58wubblaLinusN: no
16:24:14wubblaLinusN: maybe that was the reason?
16:24:53wubblaLinusN: i thought that the iriver-fw would be loaded by default, if the bootloader cannot find rockbox.iriver...
16:24:58LinusNno, but that *might* explain why you couldn't turn it off
16:25:17LinusNthat is true, but that mechanism isn't 100% safe in the v1 loader
16:25:37wubblai see
16:26:08wubblabut i was aware of the fact that it might not be 100% safe operation :)
16:26:55LinusNi assume holding Rec didn't help either?
16:27:14wubbladidn't help
16:28:01wubblajust this "trick" with holding rec and repeatedly pressing play did work
16:28:14wubbla(as described in the thread=
16:29:46 Quit Amar ("CGI:IRC (EOF)")
16:31:29 Join _FireFly_ [0] (
16:31:57 Join DangerousDan [0] (
16:34:46 Join webguest38 [0] (
16:34:53 Part Febs
16:35:01wubblaLinusN: i might send you my h320 so that you can investigate this problem...
16:35:16LinusNwubbla: would you?
16:35:36preglownow there's a helpful soul
16:35:43wubblai would
16:35:43webguest38is there a known problem with the remote quickmenu in today's (23rd) build?
16:35:59LinusNwebguest38: why?
16:36:01webguest38I can't change any values with the remote buttons - and no hold isn't on
16:36:01wubblato keep the project progressing
16:36:24_FireFly_TiMiD: are you here ??
16:37:18wubblaLinusN: you won't break it, will you? :D
16:37:35webguest38I can enter and exit the quick menu with the remote buttons
16:37:49webguest38the main unit keys update the remote display
16:37:56webguest38but the remote buttons don't
16:38:15 Join DreamTactix291 [0] (
16:38:49TiMiD_FireFly_: more or less, I'm in class
16:39:04_FireFly_ok you have made a bug in quickscreen
16:39:22_FireFly_no remote-buttons work only quit
16:39:51webguest38Okey dokey - it is a bug - just wanted to know if it was known or not.
16:41:06LinusNwubbla: i have no immediate plans of breaking it, no :-)
16:41:37wubblaLinusN: ok then ;-)
16:41:48wubblaLinusN: where are you from?
16:41:49_FireFly_webguest38: but i will test it to confirm it
16:41:59LinusNwubbla: stockholm, sweden
16:42:33webguest38keep up the good work folks - it is much appreciated - tara
16:42:37 Part webguest38
16:42:41wubblaLinusN: any ideas how to transport it?
16:43:08wubblaLinusN: using the ordinary postal service?
16:44:20LinusNwubbla: should work
16:45:06wubblaLinusN: any ideas how long it might take to fix that issue? :-)
16:45:13LinusNno idea
16:47:26wubblaby the way: it even is an EU-version...
16:48:16wubblaexactly what you're looking for, right? :D
16:48:54preglowjust don't use the cheapest method available, and it should all be fine
16:49:02LinusNyeah, but i won't keep your player for the USB-OTG development
16:49:07preglowdepends where you live, of course
16:49:13_FireFly_TiMiD: for your info there is a bug in quickscreen for iriver no remote buttons work except the key for quit the screen
16:50:30wubblaLinusN: sure...
16:50:50wubblaLinusN: i'll do it!
16:51:42wubblaLinusN: just one limitation: you need to make sure that i'll have my player back until christmas...
16:51:46wubblaLinusN: will that be possible?
16:53:24LinusNwubbla: shouldn't be a problem
16:54:41wubblaLinusN: ok then!
17:03:24***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
17:07:31_FireFly_TiMiD: strange on the sim it works
17:07:40_FireFly_but not on the device itself
17:10:31_FireFly_TiMiD: strange^2 :) it works if the quickscreen is entered from the main but not if the screen is entered from the remote
17:12:34_FireFly_TiMiD: ah got it :)
17:13:12_FireFly_TiMiD: has you currently some time to answer my question(s) ??
17:16:17*preglow is tired of lookup tables
17:35:12 Join Philip [0] (
17:39:52 Quit mashalla (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
17:45:43 Join paugh [0] (n=kickback@2001:5c0:8fff:ffff:8000:0:3e03:6822)
17:47:32_FireFly_TiMiD: this doesn't returns the right value when button_enter = BUTTON_RC_MODE | BUTTON_REPEAT and key one of the remote-buttons-value holds
17:47:37_FireFly_key & ~button_enter
17:48:02 Quit NicoFR ()
17:49:24_FireFly_preglow,amicon, LinusN have you idea why this doesn*t work with remote-keys ??
17:49:43preglowi know nothing about the remote
17:52:27_FireFly_but i don't know why TiMiD does this calculation because if i remove this: "& ~button_enter" then it works
17:54:14LinusNit won't work, because the RC values share a common bit, BUTTON_REMOTE
17:55:06_FireFly_i see no needs for this calculation
17:55:50_FireFly_it's quickscreen.c line 158 and 160
17:56:46 Join ]RowaN[ [0] (
17:56:51amiconnLinusN: Imho this BUTTON_REMOTE bit should be removed and the remote buttons handled like standard buttons
17:56:58amiconn(different bits of course)
17:57:13]RowaN[ok, stupid question, why are there no downloadable ipod nano/colour builds on the daily page? just wondering.. i do not have an ipod
17:58:03PhilipRowan: there is no bootloader for ipod so you would not be able to run them (i think)
17:58:43]RowaN[so how is the ipod vers being tested, similator?
17:59:19amiconnThere is a bootloader, but rockbox does not yet work afaik
17:59:46LinusNamiconn: agreed
17:59:57]RowaN[ive noticed a strange bug .. just confirmed its in the latest build too... pause a song... then go to filetree and pick another song... it loads up and its still paused.. fair enough.. but pressing pause once doesnt unpause.. you have to press it twice
18:01:38]RowaN[hmm or maybe its just not very responsive to the first press
18:03:23preglowthink i'll introduce eq.c and eq.h, i don't want dsp.c to become too bloated
18:04:20amiconn]RowaN[: That's not the only bug in the swcodec playback engine...
18:06:00]RowaN[i see.. yes well i still get the problem where starting a new track begins playback mid-way though i guess
18:10:31SlasheriHmm, i can't reproduce that problem
18:11:18amiconnThen there are some problems with resume, and the follow playlist bug..
18:12:23SlasheriHmm, are you sure the follow playlist bug is caused by the playlist engine?
18:12:38amiconnIt never happens on archos
18:12:48SlasheriHmm.. what kind of bug it was (sorry, i forgot it)?
18:13:32]RowaN[it doesnt happen all the time (mid way bug), but at least once a day during my 4 hour commute
18:14:11Mark_holy jebus
18:14:27Mark_alll these new builds make the CVS auto-build take 20 minutes to complete
18:14:32amiconnSlasheri: When resuming right after power on *and* the playlist ends (no manual stop), follow playlist doesn't work
18:14:45amiconnYou are dropped to the root instead of the last played file
18:14:52Mark_what kinda system is the cvs running on?
18:14:57Slasheriah! i will investigate that
18:15:01Slasherisounds interesting
18:17:32amiconnPerhaps it's connected to the resume bug
18:17:47amiconnWhen the playlist ends, the resume info doesn't get deleted
18:18:21amiconnIt *used* to point to the very end of the last track, so you could still resume and it would play a fraction of a second of the last track
18:18:23Slasherihmm, it worked for me now. But maybe i shouldn't resume to the last track on the playlist?
18:18:38amiconnNow it's even worse - it resumes the last track *from start*
18:19:16 Join lamed [0] (
18:19:26Slasherihehe, i see. The resume after end of playlist certainly works weird
18:19:35Slasheriif it works correctly, it shouldn't resume at all?
18:20:51lamedHello all. I'd like to know if anyone reviewed my screen scroll patch, what do you think of it/ is it supposed to be made differently or not too interesting for the devs to put it in the source? - thanks.
18:21:21amiconnSlasheri: yup
18:21:29Slasherilamed: Hmm, do you mean the horizontal scrolling? At least idea sounds great, i haven't had time to test it
18:21:56amiconnWhen a playlist ends, the resume info should be deleted, so that any resume attempt should result in the "nothing to resume" splash
18:22:29Slasheriamiconn: ok, that should be probably easy to fix :)
18:29:35preglowdo win sims work with sound these days?
18:29:45 Quit ]RowaN[ ("CGI:IRC (EOF)")
18:36:55amiconnpreglow: They do if you enable support in autoconf.h by hand
18:37:30 Quit CBM-away (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
18:48:20Wettyatta ! video is showed correctly with sound !
18:48:47Philipwhat platform??
18:49:51Wettsorry, no h3x0...
18:52:02Slasheriamiconn: i found the bug, fixing soon
18:52:02 Join tim66 [0] (n=tim@
18:52:18Slasheriplayback code incorrectly checks the end of playlist
18:55:10 Join RotAtoR [0] (
18:58:23 Join webguest27 [0] (
18:59:55 Join CyberD [0] (
19:00:39CyberDplaese help! i see that the h300 rockbox has been released is it stable?
19:00:58Philipsatble but does not play music
19:01:16CyberDwhen its gonna play music?
19:01:36Philip??? no idea... when someone fixes the codecs :)
19:01:53CyberDand how i install it? i can always go back to the original h300 frimware?
19:02:40Philipyou have to patch the original firmware so if you install it you can choose wheaver to boot iriver or rockbox
19:03:02 Quit XavierGr (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
19:03:27***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
19:03:46CyberDthere is a guide to how i do that?
19:04:50Philipyes for the bootloader
19:05:33CyberDtnx man
19:06:04 Join Moos [0] (
19:06:08Philipthen download and copy to your player the Daily build from the daily build site (or direct link )
19:06:52Philipmake sure you know what your doing and know that it is entirely your responciblility if anything happens etc...
19:08:38 Quit lamed ("CGI:IRC (EOF)")
19:09:58CyberDhow i do this command?
19:09:59CyberD$ tools/descramble -iriver H300.hex H300.bin
19:10:08CyberDi need a software?
19:12:00 Quit RotAtoR ("Leaving")
19:12:52 Quit einhirn ("Miranda IM! Smaller, Faster, Easier.")
19:13:47 Quit CyberD ()
19:13:58 Join Kyl3 [0] (
19:15:00Kyl3The H300 LCD remote kinda works. The joystick doesn't, but the slider switches do.
19:16:08 Quit webguest27 ("CGI:IRC")
19:16:24 Nick Lynx_ is now known as Lynx_awy (
19:16:42 Join bobwise [0] (
19:17:34 Quit bobwise (Client Quit)
19:17:50 Join bobwise [0] (
19:27:24 Join webguest75 [0] (
19:28:37webguest75I have a question ? will the speed on rockboy be higher when you creates a new bootloader Linus?
19:29:31webguest75and will the games be in color later?
19:29:57webguest75and of course ! great job on the h3xx firmware !
19:31:31 Quit Coldtoast (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
19:37:17 Quit Moos ("Glory to Rockbox")
19:38:44PhilipKly3: if you are running windows there is an executable file (fwpatcher) which you can run, this is very straight forwards, if you are running linux then i do not know what you have to do
19:40:59 Join Lear [0] (
19:41:29Kyl3where is the website to download the bootloader
19:41:39Kyl3it tells you there
19:42:30*Lear wonders why libfaad is being rebuilt all the time...
19:42:34webguest75will the speed on rockbox for h3xx be higher when there will be a new bootloader?
19:43:15Kyl3i think thats a firmware issue, not a bootloader. @ webguest
19:43:25ender`webguest09: bootloader is only responsible for starting the firmware
19:43:27Philipoops sorry for confusing you kly3 i meant to say that to CyberD
19:43:51Kyl3s'ok do you know how to do it now?
19:43:59webguest75but is it hard to make the firmware run smoother?
19:44:22ender`webguest09: depends on what you're optimizing
19:44:22Kyl3I dont know you would have to ask Linus
19:44:58Learmaybe the h300 series doesn't run at full CPU speed yet?
19:44:58webguest75because when i run rockboy and presses a/b button and comes out to the rockboy menu i cant press anything execpt starting the game again
19:45:05webguest75i cant even quit the game !
19:45:32webguest75i must turn the player off and then on again to exit a game
19:45:36Philipdownload the latest daily build then you can play the games... though slowly
19:45:37Kyl3Download the latest build
19:45:50Kyl3did you fix it
19:46:04Kyl3@ Phillip
19:46:04Philipme?? i know nout about coding
19:46:07webguest75yeah but i still cant press like save state and so on
19:46:22Philipyou prees >> key
19:46:22Kyl3Reset it
19:47:02webguest75philip: was that a answer for me?
19:47:04Kyl3and download and but it in the Root dir of your h300
19:47:14Philip@webguest yes
19:47:54webguest75but i alredy have the latest "cvs- 051123" bulid
19:48:37Philipand have you tried pressing >> key???
19:49:12Kyl3the latest is 051123-1546
19:49:16webguest75i downloaded like 2 hours ago
19:49:35Kyl3oh well then try Philip's suggestion
19:50:16Kyl3Rockboy works for me perfectly.
19:50:32*Kyl3 plays Super Mario Brothers Deluxe
19:50:40webguest75and you have 1546?
19:51:24webguest75when i start the player it just comes up CVS 051123 version
19:51:53webguest75yes when i press >> it WORKS !
19:51:59webguest75tnx aloooot guys !
19:52:21webguest75just whating for color supoort:D
19:52:24Philiptold ya
19:52:37Kyl3thatll be a while
19:52:47webguest75yeah you had right:D
19:52:53webguest75stupid me :_D
19:53:24webguest75but music support cant be long away?
19:53:58Philiphope not
19:55:10webguest75is the h1xx almost buggfree?
19:57:15 Quit paugh ("Leaving")
19:57:28Philipdoubt it
19:57:31webguest75everytime i run rockbox i come in to the music mode and it takes so veeery long time until i can get out of there, is there anyway to get right into the root directory instead of the musicmode?
19:58:08Philipturn resume mode to off in settings
19:58:25webguest75tnx alot:D
19:58:57Kyl3Rockbox = Battery Vampire
19:59:09webguest75ooo yes :D
19:59:29webguest75but when is ready would it take as much battery as it does now?
20:00:04amiconnKyl3: Playing rockboy all the time?
20:00:14amiconnThen no wonder why the battery drains rather fast
20:00:30webguest75but for h1xx is the batterytime like the iriver firmware one?
20:00:43Kyl3its too slow to do anything atm
20:00:48amiconnThe CPU is continuously running at full speed when playing rockboy
20:01:15Kyl3Then it won't be able to speed up?
20:01:39amiconnIt is possible
20:02:06Kyl3aha ok.
20:02:29amiconnJust not the 'brute force' way like 'Gimme an extra GHz'
20:02:59amiconnYes, for one an asm optimised CPU emulation core should help
20:03:19amiconnThe LCD update routine is another candidate
20:04:11webguest75but you would be able to speed the games up, right?
20:06:27 Join dpassen1 [0] (
20:06:51 Join WarrenLeyes [0] (
20:08:21WarrenLeyesso... what would I need to do to resize the window in rockboy ?? anyone
20:09:08 Join RotAtoR [0] (
20:09:52amiconnThe window size is equal to the native resolution of a gameboy
20:10:25amiconnIf you want to zoom, you would need to rewrite the display routine in sys_rockbox
20:10:43amiconnBeware that this would make rockboy even slower than it already is
20:11:34WarrenLeyesthe game play window on the h300 is smaller then the options menu where you can save and exit ect.. (not sure the correct naming)
20:12:07WarrenLeyesworks well with mario bros deluxe
20:12:15WarrenLeyesa lill slow
20:12:28*amiconn wonders whether there are other open source gameboy emulators than gnuboy which might be better suited for low-end CPUs
20:13:36Slasheriamiconn: fixed
20:13:39WarrenLeyesteti think thereis ... i'm tring to learn how to code the good ol hands on way ... have some experience and follow logic well just looking for info on where to start
20:14:30Slasheriamiconn: the both problems should be now fixed (it was in fact a single problem causing them)
20:14:42_FireFly_how so often ;)
20:14:44WarrenLeyesalso I hate the fact that the wps relies on bitmaps ... yes its good for size but makes it a pain on changing the look
20:14:48Philip* amicon should look at
20:14:52_FireFly_a small bug has a big result ;)
20:15:06 Quit RotAtoR (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
20:15:50 Join Acksaw [0] (
20:16:17Acksawhas the h300 rockbox firmware been changed anytime since the original developers release?
20:16:17webguest75as the n00b i am i wonder if you got the scrren size to full or what is the bug youre talking about?
20:16:49PhilipAcksaw: yes you can now move in rockboy
20:17:08Philipjust download daily build
20:17:17Acksawget in!
20:17:39Philipit still runs around half as fast as it should do though
20:17:45Acksawanyother changes ?
20:17:56WarrenLeyesagain on the rockboy ... i should log the files size of the games i try ...trend on the larger size almost always crashes
20:18:23Acksawphilip has there been any other changes since the first release
20:18:58Philipit doesn't crash as baddly when you try and play music... .but still no sound
20:19:11WarrenLeyesmind you i'm more concerned about getting the mp3 and ogg then rockboy
20:19:11Acksawand do i just overwrite the old files or delete and transfer?
20:19:31PhilipI just overwrote the old files
20:20:02webguest75anybody know how hard they work on getting playback on it?
20:23:07Acksawon the menu
20:23:12Acksawi go down to quit rockboy
20:23:16Acksawwhta do i press for ok
20:23:19Philippress >>
20:25:55Acksawthis is amazing
20:28:28 Quit dpassen1 (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
20:30:27Acksawi enter my name on pokemon (=]) and it delets the letter after a few seconds
20:30:57Philipit's probably still buggy
20:31:35Philipfor eg. in tetris it sometimes randomly rotates the bricks... very irritating
20:31:52Acksawmy enemy which would be gary
20:31:58AcksawiRiver =]
20:32:17WarrenLeyesLOL yea i saw that on Tetris as well
20:32:18webguest75a tip for pokemon, set the text speed to FAST
20:32:36Philipi just hold down play
20:33:16Acksawnever thought of that!
20:33:21Acksawill ahve to stick thru the text
20:33:27Acksawi dont wanna keep bashing the buttons
20:33:29webguest75sorry for the caps lock!
20:34:02Acksawno worrys
20:34:37Acksawprivate msg
20:34:46WarrenLeyeson the h300 rockboy what is the key layout (start=?, Select=? ect ... or where can i find that info
20:35:19WarrenLeyesi sort of got it worked out
20:35:21Acksawon = a (i think) off = b (think) record = start (think)
20:35:28Acksawa-b = menu
20:35:34Acksawand arrows for rest
20:35:39drumrboyshouldnt it be reversed?
20:35:50drumrboylike a/b and rec for a and b?
20:35:50Acksawi think so
20:35:51WarrenLeyesLOL sounds like you are at the same stage ... guess work
20:36:11drumrboyat least its somthing ;)
20:36:14Kingstonehow come there is no one op here?
20:36:24Kingstonewhat if you want to change topic
20:36:33drumrboycan you control it with your remote in one hand? it could be like a revolution
20:37:04drumrboythat actually should be inplimented
20:37:07drumrboythat would be an awesome feature
20:37:40WarrenLeyeshmmm makes me wonder ... i hear h300 has a remote with a joystick ...wonder if it would control rockboy better???
20:38:31Acksawi just go PIKACIAU!
20:38:58Philipi'm going to see if the remote works in rockboy...
20:39:53WarrenLeyesanyone watching to see how bad rockboy drains the bat?? if so how much time do you have from a full charge?
20:40:32Philipabsolutely kills battery
20:40:34_FireFly_amiconn, LinusN : should the REMOTE_BUTTON define deleted ??
20:40:36WarrenLeyesHEHEHE good luck Philip .... If it does i'm going to need to place an order w/ iriver
20:40:56WarrenLeyesso ... should keep on charger while playing?
20:41:08Philipnope not even controls on main unit work with remote pluged in...
20:41:25Acksawit hasnt been configured
20:41:39WarrenLeyesI was about to suggest that
20:42:05Philipbut i was supprised that the main unit buttons didm't work either
20:42:14WarrenLeyesgrrr taking awile for me to DL the Rockbox Devkit
20:42:21Acksawgary is stolen the pokemon from the table!
20:42:40WarrenLeyesmind you i'm dling a crap load of movies at the same time
20:43:13 Nick drumrboy is now known as F_B_I (
20:43:31F_B_Ii am a spy for the FBI, and i am here to arrest you
20:43:39 Nick F_B_I is now known as drumrboy (
20:43:42drumrboyJUST KIDDING
20:44:08Philipwhat are you going to do when you get the devkit warren
20:44:23WarrenLeyeswe will see
20:44:29Philipyou should have changed your name to RIAA
20:45:11drumrboywell, he said movies
20:46:52Mark_MPAA then
20:48:56 Quit webguest75 ("CGI:IRC (Ping timeout)")
20:49:43Acksawcheck the private message
20:49:44 Join Noel_sad_song [0] (
20:51:15Noel_sad_songhey ppl
20:51:54Philipwhere?? misticriver? Rockbox? other?
20:52:22Acksawon hree
20:52:26Acksawon the IRC
20:53:31Acksawyou using mIRC?
20:53:36amiconnAcksaw: private messages from unregistered nicks are blocked on FreeNode
20:54:39Acksawhow to register?
20:54:42Philipi am philip_0729 on misticriver
20:54:57amiconn(unless the recipient is registered himself and chooses to unblock msgs from unregistered users)
20:55:01Acksawcan i talk about roms here?
20:56:06Noel_sad_songhey, let me ask you guys something.. just to see if it's a bug.. or I'm doing sth wrong...... I saved a config file... and I realized that the wps was not being loaded... My wps file is not under the wps folder.. and It has never been there.. But the cfg still looks for it into that folder
20:57:14_FireFly_Noel_sad_song: the location of wps-files has changed
20:57:41_FireFly_they need now to be in the .rockbox/wps folder
20:58:09_FireFly_and also the image-loading has changed a bit
20:58:13Noel_sad_songI see... I thought the path would be changed when I write the cfg
20:58:15amiconnAcksaw: /msg nickserv register <chosenpassword>
20:58:38amiconnThis registers your nick.
20:58:52amiconnEvery time you join, you'd then do /msg nickserv identify <chosenpassword>
20:59:16Acksawahh thanks
20:59:19amiconnThen you are identified during that session
20:59:53amiconnBtw, /msg nickserv help will show you what else nickserv can do for you
21:03:28***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
21:03:47amiconn_FireFly_: BUTTON_REMOTE should be removed imho, but that needs some changes first. All buttons need unique bits, iirc this isn't always the case, at least for archos
21:06:51 Quit ansivirus ("Leaving")
21:07:44_FireFly_yepp i have found 2 references in the code for this define
21:07:59Acksawis talking about roms allowed here?
21:08:04_FireFly_1. switch backlight on when remote-button is pressed
21:08:33_FireFly_2. in wps-code WPS_KEYLOCK gwps.c:199
21:10:04Philipgo for it ;)
21:10:16Acksawgot any roms?
21:10:41Philipmario, zelda, pokemon, tetris
21:11:04Philipand sonic as a colour rom but that runs soooo slowly
21:11:18Acksawno need any of them
21:11:21Acksawmaybe zelda
21:12:00Philipzelda doesn't run very well atm, can't see a selector for name entry...
21:12:31Acksawjust got grand theft auto
21:12:50 Join muesli_- [0] (
21:14:16Philipcool, i think i'll get that as well... i don't know very many game boy games
21:17:19 Quit Noel_sad_song ("CGI:IRC (EOF)")
21:18:07muesli_-this site should improve your knowledge about gb games ;)
21:18:20Philipthanks :)
21:18:48 Join San [0] (
21:19:36 Quit merbanan (Remote closed the connection)
21:20:15muesli_-no worries m8 :)
21:20:41Philipwas doom ever released for Gameboy??
21:20:57muesli_-cant imagine
21:22:24Acksawwhere can i get th fwpatcher?
21:23:04Philipor exact
21:23:14Kyl3San what is that?
21:23:50Sanit says it is a load of roms
21:24:14Sanbut I already downloaded 6000 of them
21:24:19Kyl3When I unzip it, its A rom
21:24:21San(yes, I cant just have one)
21:24:27SanI know, I saw that too
21:24:44Philipdemo pack of lots of mini games??
21:24:53Kyl3ill run it now
21:24:58Kyl3ill see what it is
21:25:02drumrboysan, you wouldnt happen to have the torrent file handy?
21:25:13San1 sec
21:25:17SanI will seed for you
21:25:23drumrboyok, cool
21:25:42drumrboyi want to have everything ready for when i switch
21:25:52drumrboyonce audio is supported
21:27:00Kyl3what torrent file?
21:27:14Sandid you get it
21:27:19Sana torrent for 6000 roms
21:27:33Acksawmoment of truth take 2
21:27:35Kyl3ooh! link?!
21:27:51Acksawsan whats the best ones youve got?
21:27:59Sandont know
21:28:09drumrboyif your trying to send send a file, no i didnt getanything
21:28:16Acksawso far i got grand theft auto sonic7 pokemon yellow and mario
21:28:34Sanso far, I only have 6000
21:28:50Kyl3pkmn gold, crystal, yellow, and smb
21:28:57Kyl3Link to file san?
21:29:02drumrboyi have none, nor doi have rockbox ;)
21:29:07SanI am getting it
21:29:09San1 sec
21:29:13drumrboyno prob
21:29:16drumrboyill brb
21:30:17Kyl3i played the xbox360 today...
21:30:36Acksawkyle can you send gold cyrstl and SMB?
21:30:46Acksawsmb = super mario?
21:30:54Acksawif so dont send that
21:31:07Acksawall the ones youve listed please
21:31:11Acksaw<−−- at
21:31:27Philipcould you send to me also??
21:31:33Acksawwhat you need?
21:31:47Kyl3k so
21:31:58Philippkm gold crystaletc
21:32:00Santhats the link i uploaded it to
21:32:04Kyl3pkmn gold, crystal yellow and smb
21:32:12Philipyes please
21:32:21Kyl3u too acksaw?
21:32:46Acksawi need all you listed please
21:32:55Acksawgold, crystal and SMB
21:32:58Acksawalready got yellow
21:33:51SanI have them all
21:34:26drumrboySan: many thanks
21:34:32Acksawi would get that torrent but i dont need so many
21:34:50drumrboywhy not... you do have 20 gigs/
21:35:02Acksawi would never play 99.9%
21:35:08Acksawi just choose the ones i want
21:35:15SanWOOT! Mario Golf!
21:35:21Acksawsan, SEND.
21:35:39San1 sec
21:35:42Kyl3Sending guys
21:35:48Acksawive helped more people since rockbox has came out than evr
21:36:04Acksawif i could choose a title it would be Mistic Rockbox helper!
21:36:05*San looks for a DOOM rom
21:36:32Sanhaha, there is a game called penguin wars
21:36:59Acksawfound doom
21:37:01PhilipPONG !!!!!
21:37:03Sanwhat pokemon versions do you guys want?
21:37:10Sanreally acksaw?
21:37:12Philipyou found doom !!!!!!!!!!!
21:37:14drumrboythey should make a linux port to gameboy
21:37:22drumrboyor to the h300 for that matter
21:37:28Philipdamn i don't have torrent
21:37:30Acksawits gba
21:37:37drumrboysupport the media port
21:37:41drumrboyfor keyboard
21:37:43Slasheribtw, i think it should be very possible to port doom for iriver players
21:37:54Philipenough buttons
21:37:59Sandrumr, why do you need linux when we got the rockin box?
21:38:01drumrboywhats the processor spec on the h300?
21:38:02Acksawand its been ported to ipod
21:38:05Slasheriat least the cpu has enough power for that
21:38:06WettSlasheri: really ?
21:38:10SlasheriWett: yes
21:38:12Philipsomething like 140Mhz
21:38:32drumrboyhtf are you gonna run doom on 140 mhz and a standard WAD?
21:38:37Slasherifor example all my mobile phones run doom in color and full screen nice :)
21:38:47Wettwow, that would as much unusefull as fun
21:38:48Philipwhat do you guys suggest i get to download torrents
21:38:55Acksawthe ipod nano can do it.
21:39:01Slasheridrumrboy: i think it should work
21:39:05drumrboywell, ok your 100% right
21:39:10drumrboyi forgot about that ;)
21:39:19Philipdoom was designed for realy old PC's
21:39:27Acksawnot really
21:39:28SanYogi Bear in Yogi Bear's Goldrush (E) [b3].gb
21:39:33drumrboyit runs amazing on my PSP
21:39:35Acksawit was designed for computers of that age
21:39:47Wettthat's right but it might need very low asm code optimisations
21:40:09Wettand the grayscale problem might get tricky...
21:40:12Philiponly needs 4Mb of ram
21:40:20drumrboythats cool
21:40:41drumrboynow i gues swhen we get quake 4 on there ill be impressed
21:40:45Kyl3Bah! the torrent light is red!!!
21:40:59Acksawcheck for NAT error
21:41:09drumrboymy nat is always error'd
21:41:15drumrboyit sucks
21:41:18Kyl3oh! its yellow now
21:41:19Acksawtools - nat wrror
21:41:24Acksawwhat port you using drum
21:41:24Kyl32 seeds
21:41:32Kyl3Did u get the email??
21:41:40Acksawthats why
21:41:48Acksawuse something in the 50000's
21:41:54Acksawand then check for the NAT error
21:42:01Acksawim using 51798 for instance
21:42:03Acksawuse a random
21:42:06Acksawand not like mine
21:42:28Acksawno email yet
21:42:57Kyl3I sent it to you and Philip.
21:43:06Kyl3So it might take a min.
21:43:21Acksawwhere did you change your port?
21:43:25drumrboyis there a port thats used by somthing else that wouldnt get blocked?
21:43:36Acksawtools - options?
21:43:50Acksawyou need to open the port also
21:43:52Acksawon XP
21:44:04Acksawwanna know how?
21:44:28drumrboyyes, please
21:44:31Kyl3this torrent sucks! no seeds!
21:44:39AcksawDrumrboy... go to tools - options - connections and type 52672
21:44:44drumrboysan said he'd seed it
21:44:45Acksawthen sae
21:44:54Sani will seed now
21:45:00Kyl3well then hes the only seeder
21:45:05Acksawstart - settings - network connections
21:45:26Wettoh Slasheri btw, pcmbuf_is_lowdata still doesn't work
21:45:52Acksawtell me when ya there drum
21:46:08Kyl3aha.. 28 hrs to go!
21:46:14drumrboyyou mean start/controlpane;/net connections?
21:46:14Kyl3thanks san
21:46:19SlasheriWett: Hmm, that's weird. Are you sure that the buffer should be near full?
21:46:41Acksawwhatever drumrboy
21:46:43Wettnear empty, yes.
21:46:49Acksawmines on start settings nework connections
21:46:51drumrboyok im there
21:47:02Slasherioh.. but if it's near empty, then pcmbuf_is_lowdata returns always true..
21:47:14Acksawthen go to the one that looks like the 2 monitors turned on
21:47:23WettSlasheri: yes that's the problem : it always return false
21:47:31Acksawadvanced - settings
21:47:45Acksawoh first go to properties on that one
21:47:50drumrboyok there
21:47:56SlasheriWett: ah! that's more interesting. Will the audio stop and it still returns false?
21:48:18Wettaudio doesn't even start
21:48:25Acksawadd port
21:48:28drumrboyi've done this on other ports about 100 times ;)
21:48:28Acksawthen type the port number in
21:48:43Acksawyou also need to
21:48:45drumrboytcp pr udp
21:48:52Acksawfind azereus
21:48:55Acksawand unblock that
21:49:03Acksawthen check for Nat errors
21:49:09drumrboyudp or tcp
21:49:13WettSlasheri: is there another way to have a lock at the pcm_buffer state ?
21:49:57Acksawdrum, try either
21:50:09Sanwoah, mario bros brings back memories
21:50:11 Join RotAtoR [0] (
21:50:21Kyl3thats all in the torrent right?
21:51:12Acksawsend me that mario gold
21:51:16Sanhaha, pinball
21:51:22Acksawi havent recieved the emails yet
21:51:31Sanlist some games and I will zip them
21:51:35Acksawdid you send to
21:51:40Acksawany marios
21:51:47Acksawit hasnt come yet kyle
21:52:03Acksawand anyother ones you would recommend
21:52:20Kyl3I'll link you directly
21:52:30drumrboyTesting port 52672 ... Unable to test (invalid port given, or test service failed)
21:52:33Sanit just turned off
21:52:33Sanoh, yeah
21:52:33DBUGEnqueued KICK San
21:52:48Acksawtry again
21:53:07Sanin games, when you hold the off button down, when the game tells you to, it turns the Player off
21:53:07SanI will zip some games up them
21:53:11CtcpIgnored 1 channel CTCP requests in 0 seconds at the last flood
21:53:11*San Skinny Dips in a sea of Eagles - Unknown Album (16/08/2005 14:30:28) - Hotel California
21:53:11***Alert Mode level 1
21:53:11*San Status ,15|,15|,15|,15|,15|,14|,14|,14|,14|,14| 03:19/:30 Kbps KHz Stereo
21:53:36Acksawthanks san
21:54:14Acksawthat needs to be sorted then, tell linus or something
21:55:00WettSlasheri: hm... u dead ?
21:55:13Kyl3english.. gbc.. S.. page 2
21:55:42SlasheriWett: Hmm, that function probably returns false because the playback hasn't been started yet
21:56:11Slasheriso probably you should also check pcm_is_playing() or something like that
21:56:18Slasheribut now i have to go, cu tomorrow :)
21:56:42Wettok, thanks a lot :) cu
21:57:24 Quit Stu3 (Connection timed out)
21:59:21Sanuploading ATM
21:59:41SanI will upload most of the zip to a host tomight and it will be ready by tomorrow
22:00:13Acksawg2g guys
22:00:32drumrboysee ya
22:00:32Acksawsee ya later
22:00:36Sanwhat is your email?
22:00:52SanI will email them to you
22:00:58amiconnTiMiD: Didn't you want to enable the disk icon in the remote status bar?
22:01:09Kyl3bah 48 hrs!
22:01:19 Quit Kohlrabi (Nick collision from services.)
22:01:24 Join Kohlriba [0] (
22:01:29_FireFly_amiconn: he is currently very busy at work
22:01:46 Quit Acksaw ()
22:01:53amiconnI thought that should have been in one of his commits...
22:01:54_FireFly_he hadn't yet time to commit something
22:01:58Sananyone else here that actually wants the roms?
22:02:15Kyl3I do
22:02:20Sanoh, yeah
22:02:26_FireFly_since yesterday afaik
22:02:32Sanit will be dont in 5 mins
22:02:50Wettbut why do u all dwnld some gb roms ? Is rockboy faster than before ?
22:03:02drumrboythere is now button mapping
22:03:11drumrboyyou can move
22:03:12***Alert Mode OFF
22:03:14Philipsan i dont want 6000
22:03:20Kyl3Wait you can set yourr own buttons?!
22:03:39Sani know phil
22:03:46Kyl3i do tho ;P
22:04:10Wettoh but, is it on h3x0 ?
22:06:13 Join PaulJ [0] (
22:10:10Philipwett yes it works on H300 now but runs slowly
22:10:18Sanphill, PM me
22:10:33Kyl3im here
22:10:33Wettok, i thought you were using it on a h1x0
22:10:48Philipsan you arn't on MSN
22:11:07Kyl3what'cha need san?
22:13:23LearSo... How do you detect if the remote is present?
22:13:40LinusNthere is a port pin
22:14:12LearNot that I can see on the IO ports debug screen at least...
22:14:26Kyl3The h300 works kinda Linus. The slider switches work, not the joystick
22:14:35Kyl3h300 remote*
22:14:56amiconnLear: Check lcd-h100-remote.c. This does remote presence detection
22:15:24amiconnBtw, checking the port pin isn't the best solution.
22:15:56amiconnPerfectly okay for suppressing the remote lock icon,
22:16:10amiconnbut not for remote lcd init
22:16:27amiconnThe port reacts before the remote is fully plugged,
22:16:35LearWhich port pin is that? (I'm looking at supressing the remote lock icon...)
22:16:39PhilipKyle, what is your email so i can send you the link to the torrent
22:16:42amiconnso if you plug it really slow, the LCD won't get initialised
22:17:05amiconnI have an idea how to work around this
22:18:06LearAh, there it was...
22:19:05amiconnBtw, don't just add the this port pin check to remote_button_hold()
22:19:34amiconnThis function is also used within the button driver to decide whether to poll the remote
22:19:53_FireFly_amiconn: my patch on tracker adds a seperate fn remote_connected
22:20:20amiconnI think it would be best to split that function into a static one that only does what remote_button_hold() currently does
22:20:25amiconn..and use that internally
22:20:55amiconnremote_button_hold() would then call this internal function and check the presence
22:21:11LearWhy not? If it isn't plugged, there's no need to poll the remote?
22:21:43amiconnIt's not only no need, but perhaps also a bad idea
22:21:53LearAh, yes, see your point now. :) it might cause spurious button events
22:22:22 Quit WarrenLeyes ("Leaving")
22:22:26LearI didn't fully realize what I wrote there... :)
22:22:43_FireFly_Lear look at my patch it will surpress the remote-hold icon when the remote isn't plugged in
22:22:52_FireFly_also for the remote-old tag
22:24:05Kyl3thanks for the patch ff
22:28:05_FireFly_amiconn: i think your solution is better then my in this patch because my solution needs that the application must use this function
22:30:02Sanwhat logbot script do you use?
22:30:07LearBut should remote_connected - if that's the way to go, which I lean towards - really be in button.c?
22:30:36 Join webguest63 [0] (
22:30:46Kyl3how do you install rockbox patches?
22:31:14Sandid you patch the firmware?
22:31:37Sanah, thanks
22:31:56_FireFly_Lear: it isn't really needed that it is in button.c but i hadn't known a better place as i made this patch
22:32:10SanKYLE, but the H300.hex file in the root of the H300 and then firmware upgrade like you would normally
22:32:54Kyl3Yea I know how I would install rockbox, but firefly has a patch listes somewhere ^ up there that fixes a bug
22:33:18_FireFly_Kyl3: you must complie rb yourself
22:33:34Lear_FireFly_: On second thought, I think I'll use amiconns aproach anyway... :)
22:33:36_FireFly_to use patches
22:33:43Kyl3ill wait till that fix is relesed in the builds then
22:33:44_FireFly_Lear: np
22:35:47_FireFly_Lear: i think it was/is more a quick'n'dirty hack then a good solution
22:36:09amiconnLear: You could also check whether it's better to inline the static function
22:36:31LearPossibly... But better as in smaller size, you mean?
22:36:33 Quit muesli_- (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
22:37:08_FireFly_but in both cases the bug isn't fully fixed because when the remote-plug is half plugged in then will the remote-hold be set
22:37:16amiconnBoth smaller and faster. button_read() is called rather often
22:37:43Learlibfaad dependencies are plain wrong. :)
22:38:01_FireFly_because the remote-will shown as plugged in but but the signal-lines for the buttons aren't connected then
22:38:13preglowlibfaad itself is rather wrong
22:38:17preglowbloody bloated piece of crap
22:38:35 Quit Maxime (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
22:38:40 Join Mxm`Pas`Bien [0] (
22:39:14Learaac decoding in general or libfaad in particular?
22:39:16amiconn_FireFly_: Not a big problem I'd say. Might be fixable if my idea for a better remote detection works
22:39:57_FireFly_yeah the real problem is to detect if the remote is fully plugged in or not
22:40:21amiconnLinusN: Do you know whether the LCD data lines are pulled up (or down) within the remote?
22:41:40preglowLear: libfaad, aac decoding can be done very efficiently
22:42:07CassandraThe good news is: The bus company found my remote.
22:42:10Leareven including the SBR stuff?
22:42:16preglowLear: no
22:42:23preglowLear: i'm talking lc
22:42:25CassandraThe bad news is: They want me to go somewhere in the middle of nowhere to collect it.
22:42:44Cassandra(Presumably so they can charge me for bus fare there.)
22:43:36LinusNamiconn: i don't know, do you want me to measure?
22:43:37LearHrm, inlining that function added 72 bytes...
22:44:26 Part Philip
22:45:40 Quit Cassandra (" HydraIRC -> <- Try something fresh")
22:47:29LearYep, seems to work.
22:48:38amiconnLinusN: That would be nice :)
22:48:47Lear(Not inlined for now...)
22:50:37LearHm.. Is it easy to get rid of the "Using deprecated info format strings." message?
22:51:04Lear(Using cvs 1.11.17 on Cygwin.)
22:51:23amiconnLear: It's a server-side configuration thing iirc
22:52:33_FireFly_hmm i didn't get this message when using cvs or is write access needed ??
22:55:57LearGenerated on commits.
22:57:52LinusNamiconn: looks like CLK is pulled up with 3.8k, but DATA is loose
22:58:47amiconnThanks. What about Select and Command/Data?
23:00:59 Join dpassen1 [0] (
23:01:04LinusNcs is loose and RS is pulled up
23:01:46LinusNodd, i would have imagined it to be the opposite
23:03:30***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
23:03:52amiconnHmm, that should be useful. My idea is to set all lines low, then switch CLK and RS to input
23:04:11amiconnIf they go high within a short time, the remote is plugged
23:04:38_FireFly_maybe the iriver fw do it similar
23:04:46amiconn...and it shouldn't confuse the LCD controller, because CS stays low
23:05:20amiconnMeh, wrong. It's low active, so I have to set it high
23:05:30_FireFly_in iriver fw the remote-screen get's shortly busted when pluggin in the remote while the device is running
23:06:46 Quit webguest63 ("CGI:IRC")
23:08:16_FireFly_if you plugg it only half wait some secs and plugg it then fully
23:11:53amiconnShiny new voice files uploaded :)
23:19:05 Join XavierGr [0] (
23:24:40 Join matsl [0] (
23:26:27_FireFly_good night everybody
23:26:34 Quit _FireFly_ ("Leaving")
23:28:06 Quit DangerousDan ("Miranda IM! Smaller, Faster, Easier.")
23:29:22Bagderyellow yellow
23:29:45TiMiDpfewww just wznt back
23:29:56TiMiDhi everybody !
23:30:22*Bagder added the little stats numbers below the table today
23:30:27LearAh, silly...
23:30:40LearHarmless, but...
23:30:56Bagderharmless, but still yellow ;-)
23:30:56 Quit webguest09 ("CGI:IRC (EOF)")
23:31:16amiconnWow, less than a minute per build...
23:31:34Bagderquite impressive
23:31:37TiMiDamiconn: about disk status on the remote, I activated it, but it doesn't work
23:31:56TiMiDmight be a led detection problem
23:32:12TiMiD(I modified the led.c slightly)
23:32:14*amiconn quick-checks some things
23:32:29TiMiDthere is one piece of code I don't understand
23:33:15 Quit dpassen1 (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
23:33:29TiMiDthe delayticks parameter of the led_read function
23:34:03TiMiDelse it should work (I believe)
23:34:22LearThere, I hope that does it...
23:35:03amiconnTiMiD: The delayticks parameter is there to time-stretch the "on" state.
23:35:32amiconnThis is necessary because the status bar is drawn a few times per second only
23:35:36TiMiDhmm to have the virtual led powered on some time
23:35:53amiconnOtherwise chances are that it misses short "on" periods
23:36:48TiMiDso a led_read_delay could be more appropriate ?
23:36:48 Quit DreamTactix291 (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
23:37:15TiMiDsince led_read should only reflect the state of the hardware
23:37:29TiMiD(at least, that's what the name suggests)
23:38:17 Quit Wett ()
23:39:30TiMiDhmm nothing
23:40:10amiconnYour change of led.c adds some unnecessary code to the recorder target and some others...
23:41:04amiconnI have an idea how to fix the remote led icon and the additional code.
23:42:17TiMiDyou mean the handling of the led state ?
23:43:12amiconnI'll practically roll back the led.c changes and only change an #elif condition
23:43:17TiMiDalso in the led_read function, shouldn't the condition be that : last_on+delayticks>current_tick
23:43:28amiconnThen I'll check statusbar.c why it doesn't do what it should
23:43:39amiconnBtw, it does work on Ondio
23:43:47TiMiDwith the actual code ?
23:43:58amiconnWorked before and with your code
23:44:15amiconnThe Ondio was the reason why the virtual LED code was invented in the first place
23:44:45TiMiDabout rolling back my changes, I think it's more clear to have separate functions fot led_on and led_off
23:45:20TiMiDeven if it eats some bytes
23:45:37TiMiDmaybe making them inline ...
23:46:04amiconnInline isn't possible here
23:46:19amiconnled() may be called by app code
23:46:38amiconnOkay, possible yes, but probably not what we want
23:46:44TiMiDI mean
23:46:56TiMiDthe disk_led_on/off
23:47:24TiMiDlike for the volume fn
23:50:59amiconnI know what's going wrong...
23:51:27amiconnBtw, I wonder why the logic of display->has_disk_led is the inverse of what one might think
23:51:58amiconnI thought this would indicate whether the display has a (virtual) disk led, but the inverse is true...
23:52:57*LinusN is listening to aerosmith
23:53:02TiMiDI'm quite confused about the screen struct
23:53:03LinusNon my h300 :-)
23:53:15TiMiDwoooooow :)
23:53:20Bagderthat box rocks
23:53:30TiMiDyou are fast ;)
23:53:35TiMiDamazing :)
23:53:38Bagderyou rock!
23:53:42*Bagder giggles
23:53:48LinusNbut the button driver is still nuts in 120MHz, so it stops the music once in a while :-)
23:54:04LinusNgotta go, cu
23:54:10 Part LinusN
23:56:05amiconnTiMiD: The problem is that the ata code never calls led() if CONFIG_LED isn't defined.
23:56:08amiconnI'll fix this
23:56:34 Join CheeseBurgerMan [0] (n=BurgerBo@
23:58:13 Quit Strath ("Client closed")
23:58:40TiMiDamiconn: having a fn that would return the true state of a led would avoid the var ata_led_on in at.C

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