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#rockbox log for 2005-11-24

00:00:06amiconnThe LED is (mis)used as a recording indicator on archos recorders because it's a nice red LED the ATA driver isn't allowed to touch the LED during recording
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00:03:42amiconnTiMiD: Hehe, now it works but the icon is wrong.
00:03:49amiconnFlash disk icon :)
00:04:08TiMiDoh yes I took the default Icon :p
00:04:18 Quit matsl (Remote closed the connection)
00:04:24TiMiD(I'm vert bad when it comes to do graphics )
00:05:10TiMiDI'm thinking about moving the enable / disable process for leds into the led driver
00:05:41TiMiDif Iunderstand
00:05:53amiconnImho it doesn't belong there
00:06:27amiconnata_led_enable() is not about enabling the LED, it's about allowing the ATA driver to access the LED
00:06:43TiMiDI understand that
00:07:10TiMiDbut it could also be available for other parts of the code
00:07:18TiMiDsince it doesn't costs anything ...
00:07:57TiMiDdisk_led_set_enable function in led.C
00:08:44amiconnIt *is* available for other code. apps/recorder/recording.c uses it
00:08:45TiMiDblocking the leds is something that belongs to the led driver
00:08:53TiMiDit is available
00:09:01amiconnThe thing is that the led is *not* blocked
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00:09:34TiMiDbut what I mean is that it should be more general than ata_
00:09:51*amiconn doesn't get the point
00:10:13amiconnIt's the ata driver who is told not to mess with the LED.
00:10:43TiMiDhehe we don't see the things the same way
00:10:55 Join andyat11 [0] (
00:11:16TiMiDI see it more like the led code which is told not to respond
00:11:21TiMiD(in my logic)
00:11:41andyat11Does anyone know how to hack the firmware on the pmp 120 (iriver)
00:12:17amiconnTiMiD: If you tell the LED code not to respond, how would the other app use the LED then?
00:12:23Bagderandyat11: it runs a uclinux on an arm7, should be "easy" enough
00:12:53TiMiDthe app that blocks the leds unblocks them
00:12:56 Join Febs [0] (
00:13:06TiMiDexacly like it should be done now :)
00:13:20andyat11im trying to see if I can add formats etc like .swf
00:13:42TiMiDjust a function name change and a file move
00:13:54andyat11then see if it can be done with flash to use different controls
00:14:02amiconnThe app would block the led because it wants to use it exclusively, but can't access it because it's blocked. When it unblocks the LED it would also be accessible for the ata driver again
00:14:48TiMiDright now the app tells the ata driver "hey don't use the leds"
00:15:43TiMiDin my logic it should be more that the app tells the led "hey don't react to anything else than unblock"
00:15:54TiMiDwhich is the same
00:16:08TiMiDexcepted that it's not the ata driver but theled code that does it
00:16:09amiconnYes, but the how???? would the app use the LED *while* it is blocked?
00:16:25andyat11anyone know if rockbox will work on pmp series?
00:16:32Bagderandyat11: it does not
00:16:41Bagderandyat11: we're waiting for you to make it
00:16:52Kyl3Shamrock Man is working on PMP firmware
00:16:52ender`amiconn: did you see my H120 scan with rockbox logo on screen?
00:17:06TiMiDamiconn: it would unblock it when the need for blocking is finished
00:17:33TiMiDagain, it's not a functionnality change
00:17:36BagderTiMiD: what would the point be of changing the naming/concept/approach ?
00:17:43amiconnYou still didn't answer *how* the app would use the LED *while* it is blocked.
00:18:06amiconnBlocked means inaccessible, for everyone
00:18:07TiMiDthe app doesn't use led, it's the ata driver that uses them
00:18:27amiconnThen you really didn't get the point
00:18:47TiMiDso what the point exactly ?
00:18:52amiconnrecording.c forbids the ata driver to access the LED because it uses the LED for itself
00:19:21TiMiDthen in ata driver it's fine :)
00:19:29andyat11Kyl3 I added him to msn or watever yahoo hes never on
00:20:01amiconnThe only more general concept I can imagine would be to introduce LED ownership and priorities. But that would be a little over the top, imho
00:20:24Bagderender`: neat
00:20:34TiMiDI thought the reocd code wanted t stip the leds because it would maybe reduce the sound quality, like the iriver remote or smth like this
00:20:55TiMiDyep we don't need this kind of complexity
00:21:06ender`i cheated actually, that was a JPEG showing on the screen :)
00:21:18amiconnNo it simply wants to use the red LED as a recording indication.
00:21:39TiMiDhehe at least it's clear in my mind now :)
00:21:45ender`(and i confirmed that XP x64 also crashes when trying to read the screendumps :)
00:21:46amiconnFlashes while recording paused, on while recording
00:21:54ender`anyway, i'm off to bed
00:22:12TiMiDI wanted also to discuss about something that I had in mind
00:22:19TiMiDabout the screen_access
00:22:38andyat11Kyl3 u there?
00:22:58TiMiDcurrently, everything is done by screen
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00:23:27andyat11anyone have a pmp 120 or 140
00:24:08preglowamiconn: is address 0 "invalid" for all current rockbox platforms?
00:24:24TiMiDso apps uses the same screen and can write on the others areas
00:24:26preglowseems it wont be for ipod either
00:24:38amiconnDepends how you define 'invalid' though
00:24:42TiMiDI thought it would be nice to have some kind of zone defining
00:25:12preglowamiconn: well, it's never invalid as such, it's kind of a pointless question, i guess, no ordinary code should write or read there anyway
00:25:15TiMiDscrolling would be done inside a zone, no need for margins wit that
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00:25:27amiconnIt's an accessible address on all current platforms, but code normally shouldn't access it
00:25:34andyat11guys is it possible to take the firmware from the ipod and put it on the pmp?
00:25:41 Quit ender` (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
00:25:42Bagderandyat11: no
00:25:43TiMiD(I don't know how to explain it very well in englis ...)
00:25:48andyat11i know its risky but changing like clicking and that
00:25:50amiconnOn iriver the flash starts at 0, on archos the boot ROM is located there
00:25:57preglowflash starts at 0 on ipod as well
00:26:04preglowbut i'm going to remap it to be sram
00:26:16amiconnAny reason for this?
00:26:25preglowexception vectors are at 0 for arm
00:26:29 Join gromit` [0] (n=gromit`
00:26:31preglowbut we can't manipulate them when they're in rom
00:26:41andyat11o ya wat about the swf can u make ur iriver recongnize that?
00:26:41amiconnAlways at 0, no VBR?
00:26:47preglowamiconn: no vbr
00:26:57amiconnstrange concept...
00:27:03preglowandyat11: why the hell would we want that?
00:27:05Bagderandyat11: if you write code for it, then it would be possible
00:28:31preglowamiconn: well, arm tries to be as low complexity as possible, it seems
00:28:46preglowamiconn: so if they can shave off some transistors by not having a vbr, that's what they'll do, and indeed, did
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00:29:06andyat11Bagder so that you can play games via flash and theres a ton of games people would love with it
00:29:23Bagderandyat11: we have numerous games anyway
00:29:33preglowamiconn: portalplayer specific parts have some other exception vectors, but they're exclusive to the pp5020, and i thought i'd take the remap route in case we'd ever need to support pp5002
00:29:55Kyl3speaking of which whats everyones high score in snake2 ;P
00:30:06preglowbesides, this route will make the code compatible with other arm targets as well
00:31:31andyat11Bagder? wat games??? You have games on your pmp?
00:31:32drumrboy specific parts have some other exception vectors, but they're exclusive to the pp5020, and i thought i'd take the remap route in case we'd ever need to support pp5002
00:31:32drumrboy<Kyl3> speaking of which whats everyones high score in snake2 ;P
00:31:32drumrboy<preglow> besides, this route will make the code compatible with other arm targ
00:31:50Bagderandyat11: this is #rockbox, we speak rockbox here. Rockbox features several games.
00:32:02andyat11O thats wat u mean
00:32:09andyat11but none for pmp
00:32:19Bagderso port rockbox to it
00:32:33andyat11rockbox will work on it?
00:32:34Bagdershould keep you busy for a while ;-)
00:32:53Bagderrockbox works on just about everything
00:32:59Bagdergiven enough time and effort ;-)
00:33:27andyat11LOL u talking to a n00b for firmwares maby not coding for sites but u get my point
00:33:40amiconnTiMiD: Why are there 2 statusbar_icon_*() functions left in apps/recorder/icons.c ?
00:33:52Bagderandyat11: yes, but you don't get mine
00:33:54 Join muesli_- [0] (
00:33:56amiconn(all the way down)
00:35:28andyat11Bagder y not LOL you created it for pmp?
00:35:42*Bagder sighs
00:36:10amiconnTiMiD: Nm, found the reason
00:36:25amiconnolde bookmark display code... :(
00:36:27andyat11Badger stop confusing me LOL
00:36:38*preglow pats Bagder on the back
00:37:07Bagderandyat11: I give up, you can think whatever you please
00:38:38andyat11what do u edit these things with?
00:39:06andyat11notepad work fine?
00:39:14preglownotepad works fine for everything
00:39:17preglowif you're masochistic
00:39:55andyat11*LOOKS 20 SECONDS AND GIVES UP
00:41:58andyat11Ill pay someone to get this working for me
00:42:13andyat11approx 100-200
00:42:33Bagderper hour I presume
00:42:43andyat11LOL sry
00:43:02andyat11unless it takes 1 hour
00:44:24 Join xmixahlx [0] (n=xmixahlx@
00:45:23preglownah, fulltime and enough docs, it shouldn't take more than a number of months
00:45:29andyat11well ill start donating to rockbox if they start creating it for iriver pmp
00:45:53 Quit Kyl3 ()
00:46:05preglowdonate an actual pmp unit, and we'll start talking
00:46:23Bagderits a TI arm so no docs
00:46:53preglowti are really nice people
00:46:58Bagderoh yes
00:47:26andyat11preglow u a firmware coder on this site?
00:47:46andyat11nice good job
00:48:16andyat11well mistic river id be they'll chip in for ya guys
00:48:24 Join Moos [0] (
00:48:28andyat11how much u guys got so far for 1
00:49:11Bagderyou don't make sense
00:49:39preglowwhere? here?
00:49:41Bagderwhat did you just ask?
00:49:41*preglow runs
00:49:56preglowhow much money we have
00:50:11andyat11how much have u guys been donated for the pmp 120 or 140
00:50:21preglowi have no idea
00:50:24preglowwe don't just need a player
00:50:28Bagderwe accept donations in general
00:50:31 Nick CheeseBurgerMan is now known as CBM-away (n=BurgerBo@
00:50:34Bagdernot FOR any specific player
00:50:37preglowwe need someone with the skills and want to do the port
00:50:39 Join morpheousx [0] (
00:50:52preglowif you find someone with a unit, and someone with the skills, then hell, perhaps you'll see rockbox on pmp
00:50:52morpheousxanyone around?
00:51:10preglowmorpheousx: yeah
00:51:15Febs62 of us.
00:52:40*amiconn hates making stoopid mistakes
00:53:25andyat11preglow y dont u do this instead use ur own money to buy pmp then once u fix the script sell it for like 10 each then ull make more money
00:53:40preglowandyat11: you call rockbox a _script_?
00:53:54andyat11LOL preglow
00:53:59preglowguns, sunrise, tomorrow
00:54:16andyat11LOL I sumetimes glurt out things
00:54:29andyat11without reading
00:54:46preglowandyat11: well, doing a port requires a massive amount of time
00:54:53andyat11how the heck do u shout like the * say ur ugly
00:54:58preglowandyat11: doing a pmp port will probably be very, very hard
00:55:30andyat11well i g2g
00:55:36andyat11maby come back tomarrow
00:55:36drumrboyisnt ShamrockMan from MR already doin a PMP firmware?
00:55:40morpheousxI have a FUJITSU laptop hdd i took from my creative mps player,i wanted to use it in my laptop,the hdd is 40gigs,the mp3 player won't work anymore so i figured i'd use it in my laptop but i think it' locked, the bios in my dell laptop does'nt see it and when i try to put in my winxp cd, it says that there is no hdd found,then winxp reboots and my laptop goes to a screen where it says the hdd is password protected
00:55:47 Quit andyat11 ("CGI:IRC")
00:56:20Bagderit sounds like a lock
00:56:31morpheousxyeah,what i fiured
00:56:52*Bagder recall the old days of rockbox fun
00:57:18morpheousxany software anyone can reccomend?
00:57:18BagderZagor wasted a whole series of hard drives that way ;-)
00:58:12BagderI don't think the software is the problem. The problem is to get your hands on a password to unlock it
00:58:33morpheousxwell..this laptop was'ntmeant for a pc
00:58:52morpheousxit came out of a creative mps player
00:59:14morpheousxmp3 player*
00:59:34morpheousxI think it works like an xbox hdd
01:00:14morpheousxso i guess i'm out of luck?
01:00:26Bagderit doesn't matter
01:00:26Bagdera lock, if it is a lock, is at ATA level
01:00:38morpheousxone question
01:00:50morpheousxI ran ontrack on it
01:01:02morpheousxand it says that there is no hdd
01:01:16morpheousxwould a locked hdd hide itself ?
01:01:34morpheousxi thought it would atleast see the hdd
01:03:31***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
01:04:13Bagderand for obvious reasons there isn't just a big red button to unlock it
01:04:13Bagderyou need to send the proper password to it to unlock
01:04:18Bagderenough for now, my bed is calling...
01:04:18*Bagder runs off
01:06:56 Part bobwise
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01:07:56 Join iCe21_00 [0] (
01:08:26 Quit morpheousx ("CGI:IRC (EOF)")
01:11:40amiconnFix for remote disk icon on iriver committed.
01:12:17amiconnNow it would be nice if someone could design a nice little disk icon (size 12x7 pixel)
01:13:26 Quit Moos (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
01:15:12 Quit perplexity (Excess Flood)
01:16:54preglowsure rasher hasn't already got one?
01:17:12preglowright, 12x7
01:17:41 Join DreamTactix291 [0] (
01:20:34 Join perplexity [0] (
01:31:50 Quit xmixahlx ("blah blah blah")
01:35:16hshahwhat file is the remote usb hex again?
01:35:37 Join Stu3 [0] (
01:37:54 Join Kyl3 [0] (
01:39:45amiconnpreglow: The ipod has no ata led?
01:39:50preglowamiconn: no leds at all
01:40:19amiconnWhat about adding a virtual LED to the status bar then, like on Ondio and (now actually working) iriver remote?
01:40:35hshahguys - you know where the usb remote logo is?
01:40:36preglowi think that sounds great
01:40:38hshahwhat file is it in?
01:40:58amiconnpreglow: It's now just a matter of adding a #define to config-ipod*.h
01:41:19preglowamiconn: currently it's got an equivalant in the ondio flash softled, yes?
01:41:46amiconnI added a basic HD icon
01:42:03preglowat least i get a flash icon at disk accesses now
01:42:10amiconn(in fact I sort-of reinstated this icon, it was used before we had the flash disk icon)
01:42:29amiconnyou do?
01:42:36preglowyeah, i get one at bootup
01:42:39preglowthen it goes away
01:44:10amiconnI was surprised that the iPod nano uses the (disk) ata driver, although it is flash based
01:44:41preglowyup, me too
01:44:46preglowbut relieved :)
01:45:23amiconnHeh, after all I think the Ondio MMC driver was fun to implement (although I thought different back then), and I learned a lot
01:45:34preglowof course
01:45:41preglowbut there's more than enough to be done for this port already
01:45:48preglowso i'm pretty glad i don't have to mess with that
01:46:14amiconnNow there is the problem that the flash disk icon would be more appropriate on nano
01:46:51amiconn....but direct checks for platform are discouraged
01:47:36preglowyou know, i think a disk icon will do just fine
01:47:47 Quit iCe21_00 ()
01:48:08hshahTiMiD - which file is the remote usb hex in again?
01:48:12preglowit doesn't really matter, for ondio i think it's more appropriate, after all, there is a practical difference, the user _knows_ that he's dealing with flash memory
01:48:57amiconnYeah, it's even extendable
01:50:03amiconnMhm, no _Firefly_
01:50:23amiconnThe rwps loader seems to have a bug
01:50:44amiconnAfter loading an .rwps, I got periodic bursts of static during mp3 playback
01:50:51amiconnA reboot fixed that
01:54:08*amiconn is puzzled
01:54:58amiconnMaybe there's a different gcc version used for the iPod builds?
01:55:11amiconnDifferent from archos targets that is
01:55:43amiconnShould've gotten the same warnings & yellow for Ondio as the ones for iPod
01:56:04preglowthere are such differences, some times
01:56:17amiconnMaybe I should build myself arm-elf-gcc, just to check such things
01:56:21hshahamiconn / preglow do you know?
01:59:01amiconnThe virtual LED is already enabled for iPod builds
02:00:16Kyl3Fixed the Wiki. I linked to IriverBoot on the IriverPort page for the H300 bootloader... took me like tries
02:01:08 Quit CBM-away (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
02:01:43 Join CBM-away [0] (n=BurgerBo@
02:05:31 Join thegeek_ [0] (
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02:13:07 Part drumrboy
02:14:55 Join drumrboy [0] (
02:15:04preglowdo you think the software and hardware eq should be able to operate together?
02:15:41amiconnDo you mean the audio codec treble/bass settings?
02:15:47amiconnIf so, why not?
02:16:17preglowjust wondering how to handle the prescale in that case
02:16:36amiconnWhich prescale?
02:17:27preglowlike you do with the audio codec one, if you amp up a band, there's a prescaler you can apply to the audio to gain it down before the eq, then you gain it up afterwards with the main volume control
02:17:31amiconnThe prescale in the UDA is applied to the digital data output of the CPU, so it only depends on the UDA treble & bass setting
02:17:31preglowto prevent clipping
02:17:49preglowwe'll need a software prescale for the software eq as well, i guess
02:17:58amiconnPrescaling for the EQ has to be done within the EQ code
02:18:08preglowit's just an extra mul. no biggie
02:18:24preglowi think i'll add an overall gain control to the eq anyway
02:18:42 Quit thegeek (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
02:19:08 Join Paul_The_Nerd [0] (
02:19:10amiconnBtw, I'm thinking about removing the code part that corrects the main volume to account for lowering the prescaler with increasing bass/treble
02:19:11preglowit'll be really fun to see how this eq performs
02:19:19amiconnThis would have 2 advantages
02:19:31amiconn(1) it would simplify the code.
02:19:57preglowso when you boost bass, what in reality happens is you lower the rest of the spectrum instead?
02:20:04amiconn(2) The volume would be always be lowered when boosting bass or treble, not only above a certain threshold
02:20:40preglowthat is what would happen, right?
02:21:13amiconnThis means that (a) you'll immediately notice that bass boost means a volume tradeoff and (b) the volume scale stays dB-linear instead of being limited aboce a certain value
02:21:20preglowi don't think that makes sense at all
02:21:27preglowthat's not what people will expect from using an eq
02:21:38preglowi'd rather just do it the iriver way
02:22:01preglowi actually think it'll cause even more complaints and clueless users than what we currently do
02:22:07amiconnRight now there's the effect that with bass fully boosted, it doesn't matter whether you set the volume to 83 or 100, it's exactly the same output
02:22:19preglowand i think that's got to go as well
02:22:33preglowi think i basically just want what iriver does, it's what everyone else does
02:22:41amiconnWell we can't have everything
02:22:43preglowi'm tired of people nagging about it
02:22:44 Join hshah_ [0] (
02:22:45amiconnWe have 3 options
02:22:51preglowif they can't hear the clipping, let them have it
02:23:36amiconnThat's not one of the options
02:24:07preglowbut ok, what are the options?
02:24:17 Join Paul_The_Nerd_ [0] (
02:24:24amiconnI know how that sounds. Even 4 dB boost made up for *horrible* clipping
02:24:54preglowbut you'd be surprised how many people can't hear clipping
02:25:21amiconnI agree that people might not able to hear *slight* clipping
02:25:21preglowi've even met people who think 64kbps mp3s sound just peachy, heh
02:25:44preglowyeah, and the degree of clipping depends much on what music you listen to
02:25:58preglowa lot of current music has already been clipped heavily in mastering and production
02:26:00amiconnHere are the options: (1) Leave it as-is (2) Implement my suggestion to leave out the volume correction (3) reduce bass & treble boost at high volume
02:26:18preglowisn't 3 currently what we do?
02:26:23preglowahh, no
02:26:26preglowi'm confused
02:26:28amiconnCurrently I'd vote for (2), because of the volume "platform" occuring witjh (1)
02:26:30FebsIt's the opposite.
02:27:02preglowi don't like 2 at all, it doesn't do what all other eqs on the planet currently do
02:27:16FebsI'd vote for 3.
02:27:17amiconn(3) is imho bad because our treble & bass scales are calibrated (in dB) while the volume scale is not (percent)
02:27:23Febs(Not that my vote counts for anything.)
02:27:31preglowamiconn: yeah, but you can get a rough estimate
02:27:34preglowbut anyway
02:27:39 Nick CBM-away is now known as CheeseBurgerMan (n=BurgerBo@
02:27:44preglowlike i said, i just want the settings to be what they are, clipping or not
02:28:00preglowi don't like software to guess what i want
02:28:01Paul_The_Nerd_If you leave it out, people can manually recreate the effect just by altering the values by hand, right?
02:28:12amiconnThe thing is that 90% volume is always 90% of what is possible, but if we reduce a 12 dB bass boost to e.g. 6 dB the display value is clearly wrong
02:28:22Paul_The_Nerd_By leaving it out, you basically increase the level of user control, and the choice to screw up sound becomes their own, no?
02:29:05amiconnYeah, and then some clever guy performs a sound quality comparison.... Noooo, I'd say
02:29:15preglowi'd like the software to prescale/volume fix the audio if the level is low enough for it to work, if not, i want the treble and bass settings to be left alone, and let the clipping commence
02:29:52preglownot all audio will clip either, you know
02:30:07preglowif I happen to know there's enough headroom in this track for eq to work with no clip, i don't wont rockbox to correct me
02:30:25amiconnI'm pretty sure almost all audio will clip. 24 dB is a lot
02:30:38preglow24 db will clip, yes, but there are 12 step inbetween
02:30:51preglowand i have albums where a 10 db gain will go with no clip
02:30:54preglowan extreme example, granted
02:31:20preglowmy point is still this: i know better than rockbox, and i don't want it correcting me
02:31:57amiconnYou may know better than rockbox, but I bet many users don't
02:32:13preglowwell, no, but they're perfectly capable of dealing with it anyway
02:32:16preglowif it sounds bad, they fix it
02:32:33preglowthe concept of 'overload' is pretty widespread, so most people will know what happened and decrease volume
02:32:39amiconnImho it's better to avoid bad sound
02:32:52FebsIsn't there a middle ground? Scale back bass boost as volume is increased, but not on a 1:1 basis.
02:33:02PaulJi don't think the firmware should allow clipping
02:33:06drumrboyi think people should def. have an option...
02:33:07preglowi just want rockbox eq to work like any other eq i've ever used
02:33:07DreamTactix291nor do I
02:33:11FebsE.g., at full volume, bass is scaled lower than 24dB but not to 0.
02:33:14preglowif i overdrive it, then there's clipping
02:33:26preglowyou already see how confused people are when we don't act like they expect we will
02:33:35preglowand in this area, i so no point in not conforming to their expectations
02:33:47drumrboyok, make an advanced version and a n00b version
02:34:05drumrboypeople who understand shouldnt have to suffer for less advanced users
02:34:10preglowbut in any case, i think a poll/voting session would do nicely here
02:34:28drumrboywe can do it in mistic river, if wanted ill start a poll
02:34:29amiconnImho bad sound will cause a bad rockbox experience
02:34:53FebsUnfortunately, I think that many MR users would not even understand what the poll was asking.
02:34:56amiconnWe could do like iriver, provided we have a mechanism to display what's happening
02:35:20drumrboywell, we might as well try, im actually curious... ill add a "wtf is clipping" option
02:35:25FebsRemember that you're talking about the same user base that asks what the difference is between "base" and "trebbel."
02:35:29preglowamiconn: we could have some kind of 'imminent overdrive' indicator, but i think it'd only be useful for this one thing
02:35:46amiconn...or give up dB scaling in favor for a vague treble/bass adjustment in percent
02:36:02amiconn(which I wouldn't want)
02:36:02preglowbut anyway
02:36:59preglowall other eqs (i've seen) work like iriver's, and i can't ever having seen someone complain about them clipping
02:37:02PaulJi like drummrboys idea of having a setting entry: avoid clipping: yes/no
02:37:08preglowPaulJ: i'd like to avoid settings
02:37:27preglowanother point in favour of my approach, is that all volume/eq combinations can be realised with it, not so with amiconn's
02:37:31amiconnBtw, regarding the argument 'some music won't clip because of its low level': Isn't that compensated for when using replaygain?
02:37:48preglowamiconn: not necessarily, replaygain doesn't always normalise audio to peak level
02:37:56preglowamiconn: it depends on the replaygain scanner used
02:38:25amiconnAh, yes, it tries to normalise perceived volume
02:38:26 Quit Paul_The_Nerd (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
02:38:27preglowas a matter of fact, it's a rare occasion the time you see a file replaygained to 0 db
02:38:30preglowamiconn: exactly
02:38:49*amiconn never uses replaygain
02:38:57preglowamiconn: in most cases i've stumbled across, replaygain actually applied negative gain, so it's kind of a moot point
02:38:57Paul_The_Nerd_Well, isn't there already a "prevent clipping" setting under replaygain?
02:39:39 Quit hshah (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
02:39:43DreamTactix291Paul_The_Nerd_: that's for replaygain
02:39:48DreamTactix291and that shouldn't be used usually
02:40:02preglowthat's only for preventing the preamp from overdoing things
02:40:07amiconnThe MAS3587 and MAS3539 have an AVC feature that normalises the peak level
02:40:57Paul_The_Nerd_I'm just saying that the setting already exists. You've been talking about preventing clipping elsewhere, could there be a global "prevent clipping" option that performed both sorts of functions?
02:41:19preglowdrumrboy: that doesn't mention an eq anywhere
02:41:22*Paul_The_Nerd_ shrugs
02:41:24drumrboyim not sure if thats what we were going for, but i made it anyway ;)
02:41:33drumrboyhaha, idk, i was bored
02:41:36FebsI don't think it is.
02:41:38PaulJdrummrboy:why haven't you started teh poll in the general rockbox forum?
02:42:21*markun is reading neuros irc logs
02:42:24preglowPaul_The_Nerd_: well, perhaps, but again, i'd rather we didn't have an option
02:42:41preglowrockbox already has too many options for most people
02:42:46markunSome things really surprise me: "Video CODECs are not possible to implement on the ARM."
02:42:48drumrboyoh, i guess i didnt even thinkk aout it given i have an h300 so... if DT id here, it can get moved
02:42:50Paul_The_Nerd_I'm just offering up further ideas if a compromise is needed
02:43:07DreamTactix291markun: my PMP-120 has an ARM CPU and it plays video
02:43:14Paul_The_Nerd_I'm personally in favor of "Give the users as much freedom over the sound, and let them screw it up if they want."
02:43:22Febsdrumrboy, I think it should be deleted. If we're going to poll users, some thought needs to be put into the poll.
02:43:23DreamTactix291a CPU can do anything if it's powerful enough and is programmed to do something
02:43:25preglowDreamTactix291: it also has a TI dsp which probably does the video decoding
02:43:29markunDreamTactix291: I also know it's possible :)
02:43:32 Nick drumrboy is now known as Drumrboy}{Away (
02:43:48Paul_The_Nerd_My Nintendo DS has an ARM processor, and there's video in games for it.
02:43:57Paul_The_Nerd_I believe it's an ARM of some sort
02:44:00preglowwell, of course it's possible :)
02:44:01DreamTactix291it is
02:44:07preglowPaul_The_Nerd_: ds has a 33mhz arm
02:44:09DreamTactix291so is GBA
02:44:21Paul_The_Nerd_The DS is only 33mhz?
02:44:27Drumrboy}{Awayiirc My Tungsten T3 has 400MHz Arm.
02:44:37markunThe H3xx 120MHz colfire CPU also plays video..
02:44:37DreamTactix291i thought DS was 66
02:44:39DreamTactix291and GBA was 33
02:44:42Drumrboy}{Awaythe PSP has 333, i got a DS and PSP
02:45:02Drumrboy}{Awaywell, the DS has dual chips iirc
02:45:05Paul_The_Nerd_The PSP also has a really bad looking screen that seems to fade too slow
02:45:12Paul_The_Nerd_I see a lot of ghosting when I've played on 'em.
02:45:14preglowforget me
02:45:16Drumrboy}{Awayhow do you mean?
02:45:18preglowit's got a 67mhz cpu as well
02:45:23preglowit's actually got two arm cores
02:45:28preglowone 67 and one 33
02:45:31Drumrboy}{Awayoh, i have never once noticed that problem
02:45:33preglowone of them is the same as the one in ipod
02:45:39Paul_The_Nerd_I've seen it on at least 4 PSPs
02:45:52markunI'm wondering what speed we could get ffmpeg to decode mpeg4 files on a 200mhz with a res of 320x240
02:46:08Drumrboy}{Awaythe only screen problem i've had is dead pixels... i have 4 minor
02:46:09markunIt has some ARM assembly
02:46:24preglowmarkun: well, at least i look forward to seeing you try it out :)
02:46:26Paul_The_Nerd_What I don't get is that all the 3D DS games I've played have had Antialiasing, but NO texture filtering
02:46:29Drumrboy}{Awayand it is quite possibly just the game that you were playing
02:46:30Paul_The_Nerd_Generally you expect the opposite.
02:47:14Drumrboy}{Awayfor example, ridge racer blurs alot to give a sense of speed
02:47:17Paul_The_Nerd_Naah, Drumrboy, three different games have done it: Untold Legends, Darkstalkers, and... I'm not really sure what the other was. It was at a store unit for that one.
02:47:30Paul_The_Nerd_It's not an intentional blur. It's slow pixel fading/refresh/change.
02:47:40markunpreglow: I'm looking forward to have ANY code running on it :) (the Gigabeat, which btw will be send to me tomorrow)
02:47:42Drumrboy}{Awayi see then.. ive never noticed that, but i am assuming your right ;)
02:47:46*Paul_The_Nerd_ shrugs
02:47:54preglowmarkun: let's just hope getting code onto it will be easy
02:47:59Paul_The_Nerd_It may not happen on all
02:48:04preglowmarkun: at least i've got some crt0.S code for you to use :)
02:48:10Paul_The_Nerd_I could've just had bad luck, or picked the wrong games, or be overly sensitive
02:48:23Drumrboy}{Awaynite all
02:48:51markunpreglow: yes, a lot of the iriver port will help me a lot
02:49:20preglowwell, yeah, and ipod port
02:49:43markunpreglow: There is a linux binary, which I suspect is being executed when updating
02:49:58markunyes, ipod was what I wanted to say :)
02:50:22markunbut I'm off to sleep now
02:50:26markungood night all
02:50:27preglowat least portions of crt0.S and threading will do you nicely
02:56:34Kyl3so what are the odds of video after music on the h300
02:58:51preglowdepends on who's willing to work on it
02:59:03preglowyou can pretty much count me out
02:59:17preglowsince i haven't got an h3x0 or interest in video
03:03:34***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
03:06:35 Quit Febs ("CGI:IRC (EOF)")
03:08:41 Join Benacool [0] (
03:10:58 Join Vlad0man [0] (
03:12:28 Quit Benacool (Client Quit)
03:13:50 Join Benacool [0] (
03:14:53BenacoolHello there
03:15:28preglowwhy, hi
03:16:38BenacoolIf I think to had found a possible bug in the H300 loader is it there I say it ??
03:16:57preglowjust say it here first
03:17:00preglowso we can see if it's a known bug
03:17:40BenacoolWhen you plug the player to charge it with the wall adapter is it normal that it boot on the stock firmware and not on rockbox ?
03:18:21preglowhmm, don't know
03:18:26preglowhaven't heard that before
03:18:30Benacoolok lol
03:19:50Benacoolsomeone can talk about this to Linus ?
03:20:37preglowhe might read the logs himself
03:20:41preglowbut i'll mention it if i can remember it
03:20:52Benacoolokay I thinked of that after i press enter lol...
03:21:17Kyl3its normal
03:21:33Kyl3since Rockbox cant tetect the AC adapter yet
03:22:18Benacoolok ...
03:22:55 Join Febs [0] (
03:24:30XavierGrFebs: What happened with the ABX test and the guy that will pass through it?
03:26:50 Join solexx [0] (
03:27:39FebsI haven't had time to put together the clips for him to do it.
03:27:55FebsIncidentally, did you get the clip I sent you?
03:28:04XavierGrah okay then, just interested to know the results
03:28:14 Quit Vladoman (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
03:28:22XavierGrwell I made a mistake with my mic when I tested
03:28:23FebsThat was recorded with RB firmware and the gain at about 3.
03:28:44XavierGrI used the line-in instead the external-mic option in iriver fw?
03:29:12FebsYes. Of course, it was a VERY loud pit orchestra.
03:29:23XavierGrI can't get a loud signal in rockbox (or iriver) line-in
03:29:33XavierGreven with 24db gain
03:29:43XavierGrexternal mic option on iriver works well though
03:30:03FebsThat is strange.
03:30:35XavierGrprobably I will get to test it again with one person that I know that has exactly the same mic, just to be sure.
03:30:56XavierGrI will send you clip from tonight's rehearsal.
03:31:10XavierGrit is a grand piano with a guitar.
03:31:31XavierGrrecorded at iriver fw external mic option and volume set to 20 (maximum)
03:32:06XavierGrthe distance is about 2 meters from both instruments
03:33:01 Quit CheeseBurgerMan (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
03:33:45 Join CheeseBurgerMan [0] (n=BurgerBo@
03:38:04 Quit solexx_ (Connection timed out)
03:45:02hshah_night all
03:45:05 Nick hshah_ is now known as hshah (
03:45:23 Nick hshah is now known as hshah|sleeping (
03:45:57 Quit DreamTactix291 (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
03:46:09 Join DreamTactix291 [0] (
03:51:25 Quit Paul_The_Nerd_ ("Chatzilla 0.9.68a [Firefox 1.0.7/20050915]")
03:53:50 Quit PaulJ (".")
03:54:03XavierGrFebs mail sent, please tell me your opinion about the levels.
03:55:06 Join iCe21_00 [0] (
03:57:47 Quit tvelocity ("Leaving")
03:58:57 Join XavierGr_ [0] (
04:01:13Kyl3that dead syndrome needs to be fixed with the next bootloader update
04:02:53FebsXavierGr, the levels do seem a little low. I'm judging just by how much of the noise floor I can hear relative to the music.
04:03:15FebsI don't have an audio editor on this computer, but will look at with one tomorrow.
04:03:19Kyl3there sound now?
04:03:30FebsKyl3, no. Different conversation.
04:03:54 Join Paul_The_Nerd [0] (
04:04:06FebsXavierGr, were you recording in a large room?
04:04:16preglowKyl3: linus did listen to music on his h3x0 today...
04:04:29XavierGr_yes it is the place where the concert will take place
04:04:42XavierGr_not so big though
04:04:42Kyl3good news then
04:04:52XavierGr_100-150 persons and it is closed
04:05:00Kyl3after music someone can fix the dead syndrome
04:05:06iCe21_00Can someone explain or link me to the differences in terms of progress between a boot loader and daily builds
04:05:23FebsI could tell it was something bigger than, say, a room in someone's house.
04:05:27Kyl3where the hd spins up and the lcd doesnt turn on and u have to reset it
04:05:47FebsVery nice playing by the way.
04:05:54XavierGr_:) thanks.
04:06:58DreamTactix291iCe21_00: what do you want to know?
04:06:58preglowwhat do you play?
04:07:27XavierGr_classical guitar
04:08:24iCe21_00I just wanted to know what the differences between the bootloader and the dailybuilds are in terms of progress,
04:09:20DreamTactix291basically here's my understanding
04:09:26DreamTactix291if the bootloader works it works
04:09:40DreamTactix291the daily builds are where the actual program code is
04:09:50DreamTactix291the bootloader is what allows the firmware to boot period
04:10:16iCe21_00but what makes the overall player more stable, the daily builds or an updated bootloader
04:10:31iCe21_00or do they both control different things in terms of stability
04:12:47Paul_The_NerdThe stability is mostly in the daily builds
04:13:03Paul_The_NerdThe bootloader is almost a Yes/No thing. "Yes it works, or no, sorry, it's a brick."
04:13:56Paul_The_NerdThe daily build portion is loaded by the bootloader, and it actually *does* the work. (Sound, User Interface, etc is there) and the daily build portion *shouldn't* be able to ever permanently harm your player
04:14:15iCe21_00so you know how the H300 firmware is "for developpers only right now" with this status more likely to change with more updates in the daily builds or with an updated bootloader
04:14:30iCe21_00is this status*
04:14:31Paul_The_NerdDaily Builds primarily
04:14:41Paul_The_NerdI hear there *may* be a bug in the bootloader right now
04:14:41iCe21_00thats the answer i was looking for
04:14:46iCe21_00thanks paul
04:14:47Paul_The_NerdI'd wait on installing it for the moment
04:14:55iCe21_00I'm holding off
04:14:57preglowthere are bugs in the bootloader
04:15:13preglowthere seems to be some hardware we didn't know about, for one
04:15:16Paul_The_NerdBut all the progress for functionality is in the daily build.
04:15:57 Quit XavierGr (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
04:16:26iCe21_00So basically once the bootloader has been "mastered" its really more the updates that make the player more stable
04:16:37DreamTactix291pretty much
04:17:08iCe21_00thanks guys
04:17:19 Join Jungti1234 [0] (n=jungti12@
04:18:37iCe21_00is there anywhere to view what has been fixed/updated/added/ in the version of the daily build
04:18:52DreamTactix291it's listed everytime there's a change
04:19:03DreamTactix291there's a changelog you can check daily on the daily builds page
04:19:09Paul_The_NerdIf you look at the front page, it tells anything that's changed
04:19:32DreamTactix291yeah that too
04:19:53iCe21_00I found it
04:19:57DreamTactix291 <−− lists them back a long time back too
04:20:29 Quit Febs ("CGI:IRC (EOF)")
04:20:34 Join Febs_ [0] (
04:20:44 Nick Febs_ is now known as Febs (
04:23:08 Join Noel_sad_song [0] (
04:27:53iCe21_00hey guys, whats with the .bin file
04:28:02iCe21_00what does it do/for
04:28:54Paul_The_NerdI believe the .bin file is for patching the firmware if you want to do it yourself rather than using fwpatcher. But don't quote me on it.
04:29:57iCe21_00why would you want to do that instead of user the fwpatcher (the only thing I could think of is to tweak the code to customize it?)
04:30:19Paul_The_NerdThat, and the fwpatcher doesn't support all versions of the firmware
04:30:36iCe21_00oh yea?
04:30:40iCe21_00didnt know that
04:30:46iCe21_00which ones doesnt it support
04:30:57Paul_The_NerdMainly older versions. Version numbers prior to the current.
04:31:22Paul_The_NerdAlso, fwpatcher.exe is a windows application. I'm not sure that there's an equivalent for every OS, in fact I think there isn't.
04:33:09 Quit Noel_sad_song ("CGI:IRC (EOF)")
04:44:30 Join Noel_sad_song [0] (
04:51:51 Part Benacool
04:53:25 Quit iCe21_00 ()
04:58:03 Quit Noel_sad_song ("CGI:IRC (EOF)")
05:01:31 Quit Paul_The_Nerd ("Chatzilla 0.9.68a [Firefox 1.0.7/20050915]")
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05:08:04 Join ashridah [0] (
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05:21:13 Quit Kyl3 ()
05:27:50 Quit Benacool (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
05:40:20 Quit perplexity (Read error: 113 (No route to host))
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06:12:11 Join goa [0] (
06:14:12 Quit Jungti1234 ("Bye Bye~")
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06:20:14 Join aliask [0] (
06:58:30 Join lamed [0] (
06:59:16 Quit lamed (Client Quit)
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09:59:57 Join LinusN [0] (
10:00:18LinusNphew, i had a frightening near-brick experience :-)
10:00:49LinusNmy h320 just wouldn't turn off or reset
10:00:59LinusNnothing helped
10:01:19LinusNi connected the bdm, and the flash contents were all garbled
10:01:36LinusNsomehow, the flash had entered a tristate mode
10:01:54*CheeseBurgerMan has decided not to install Rockbox quite yet...
10:01:56LinusNnot even the CFI reset sequence helped
10:02:13LinusNfinally, i pulled the battery, and the slash stopped acting up
10:02:26LinusNbut it wouldn't boot rockbox
10:02:27 Join perplexity [0] (n=joust@
10:02:47LinusNit looked much like the experience other people had with the black lcd
10:03:04LinusNhowever, after booting the original once, it started working again
10:03:14LinusNweird indeed
10:04:54DreamTactix291fortunately it's fixed now
10:05:15DreamTactix291any ideas on what would cause it?
10:05:20LinusNyup, was afraid that i would have to buy another one to continue developing
10:05:31LinusNi have no idea what caused it
10:07:26 Join muesli- [0] (n=muesli_t@
10:11:59muesli-DreamTactix291 nice pix on your webspace ;)
10:13:22 Join mashalla [0] (
10:13:47DreamTactix291i'm going to end up having to do a hard drive upgrade on my H140 soon the way i keep adding music to my collection :)
10:13:49 Quit Slasheri (Read error: 128 (Network is unreachable))
10:14:12muesli-i am just selling a 60gb toshiba drive..
10:16:10DreamTactix291i see
10:16:22DreamTactix291i haven't filled mine up yet
10:16:28DreamTactix291so i'm thinking of waiting for an 80GB
10:16:54LinusNmuesli-: why do you sell it?
10:17:00DreamTactix291if i threw my lossless collection i'd need an 80GB at least just for that. but i use Vorbis -q6 so i get by with a lot smaller
10:17:06LinusN"due change on a 340"?
10:17:11 Nick CheeseBurgerMan is now known as CBM-away (n=BurgerBo@
10:17:35muesli-now you great guy have completed the h300 bootloader i am keen on a h320 ;)
10:19:03DreamTactix291Linus: what was the hardest codec to port over in your opinion so far?
10:24:56LinusNDreamTactix291: the codecs doesn't need porting
10:25:19LinusNi layed music on my h300 last night
10:25:30snarfi'm guessing libmpc or libfaad
10:25:58LinusNah, i misunderstood your question
10:26:04snarfOh you meant to h300..
10:26:08aliaskLinusN: Through a hack or by actually getting the DAC driver working?
10:26:19snarfOr not - so which is it?
10:26:46 Join webguest28 [0] (
10:26:58LinusNsnarf: i haven't been involved in the codec porting, so i don't really know
10:27:24LinusNaliask: i got the dac working, but the button driver problem persists...
10:27:45aliaskThe button issue while the CPU is boosted?
10:28:06 Quit novimon (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
10:28:14aliaskArgh, thats pretty much all that's stopping me from putting rockbox on my H300
10:28:23aliaskThat, and I left my USB cable at school.
10:28:28snarfI meant to ask DreamTactix what he meant by porting - to h300, or to Rockbox
10:29:20 Quit webguest28 (Client Quit)
10:29:24LinusNDreamTactix291: so?
10:29:55LinusNbtw, the button driver issue seems to be a nasty one
10:31:27aliaskWell, if it is any help, it must be possible (somehow)... the folks at iRiver got it going.
10:31:42 Join novimon [0] (
10:31:43LinusNi don't know if they run it at 124MHz
10:32:01aliaskWhat are the available increments?
10:32:24LinusNwe can set it to just about any frequency
10:32:46aliaskOh, well thats cool. What freq. do the problems start appearing?
10:33:06 Quit Amar ("CGI:IRC")
10:33:10LinusNi haven't experimented with that yet
10:33:41 Join Zak1392 [0] (
10:33:58 Nick aliask is now known as aliask|away (
10:36:35JdGordondoes rockbox allow u to play an entire directroy (and sub dirs) without making a playlist first?
10:37:08snarfRockbox only plays playlists
10:37:09DreamTactix291Linus: i meant on the H100 originally
10:37:32snarfYou don't have to save it to a file first though..
10:37:49ashridahJdGordon: you can create it more or less on the fly fairly easily. just hold 'navi' on the toplevel directory and then insert it. if the player's not playing, there won't be a playlist yet
10:38:23ashridahiirc, there's also a 'continue to next directory' mode
10:38:30snarfDreamTactix: from looking from the sideline, I think libmpc and libfaad then
10:38:47DreamTactix291that was my guess too
10:38:55DreamTactix291but best to ask the people who had to do it you know :)
10:39:07ashridahmuesli-: "IIRC" == "if i recall correctly"
10:39:18muesli-ah mk ;)
10:39:28DreamTactix291i abandoned musepack a long time ago when GT3b2 originally came around
10:39:53snarfPreglow or linuxstb should know, then..
10:39:56markunLinusN: Did your near-brick-experience happen after you made a lot of changes, or do you think the problem might also be in the current builds?
10:40:37ghode|afkmuesli-: i saw yesterday in the logs that you were returning some Koss headphones, can i ask what model they were?
10:40:46muesli-ksc 35
10:42:33muesli-but i cant recommend them
10:42:54muesli-your ears will hurt within short time
10:43:12muesli-sound is ok, but bass is too low for me
10:43:25muesli-and too mute too
10:45:41markunmuesli-: My Koss PortaPro started to sound a dull, then I cut a little hole in the foam and now they are quite ok again.
10:46:17muesli-portapro and ksc 35 are using the same driver
10:46:39muesli-but those ksc have very less pressure to your ear
10:46:52 Nick Vlad0man is now known as Vladoman (
10:47:28muesli-cushioning is very low..thus they are quite mute and loads of sound will get lost
10:48:06 Join Slasheri [0] (
10:54:55 Quit snarf (Remote closed the connection)
10:55:12 Quit tvelocity ("Leaving")
11:01:31 Quit Slasheri (Read error: 145 (Connection timed out))
11:03:19 Join Polo_o [0] (
11:03:45***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
11:04:50ghode|afki bought some ksc75 and i am getting the same problem muesli-: too much sound escape. I think i am going to stick to my ex71s
11:05:11 Nick aliask|away is now known as aliask (
11:10:13FebsJdGordon, make sure that you have "Recursively insert directories" set to ON if you want to include subdirectories.
11:10:30JdGordonok, kewl
11:11:12JdGordonhas any progress been made on the audio for the h300 in the last few days?? (ive been away from comp for too long :D )
11:11:47 Join Wett [0] (
11:13:04FebsJdGordon, read the log from about 45 minutes ago. LinusN played music last night.
11:14:56Wettdoes linus sleep sometimes ?
11:15:12aliaskOn rare occasions.
11:15:13B4gderrobots don't sleep
11:15:34LinusNi dream of electric sheep
11:15:43 Join bobTHC [0] (
11:15:54Wettoh, it helps. I guess sometimes you debug in your dreams too
11:16:03bobTHChi folks !
11:16:46 Join Nibbler [0] (
11:16:50aliaskHey, I have a spare box that I was thinking about setting up as a rockbox/learning box, what distro of linux do you guys reccomend?
11:17:04*B4gder likes debian
11:17:21B4gderbut for a newbie, I'm not sure that is a good choice
11:17:37aliaskAre you serious? Debian is the only linux I could ever figure out.
11:17:47*B4gder is grown up on unix
11:17:54*bobTHC likes ubuntu
11:18:03ashridahaliask: it doesn't matter too much which distro you use, since you end up building a complete cross-compiler anyway, so the devel environment is fairly self contained.
11:18:18aliaskDo you have to do it from source?
11:18:42aliaskThats one of the things I don't like about linux, having to do most things from source. Sometimes you just can't be bothered.
11:18:48ashridahaliask: someone could probably send you precompiled binaries, but i don't know of any specific official source for an m68k or sh targeted compiler
11:18:51B4gdersource is power
11:18:52LinusNB4gder: so you're not a grown up otherwise ;-)
11:19:07 Quit perplexity (Read error: 113 (No route to host))
11:19:08aliaskCheapshot :)
11:19:18B4gderLinusN: people would probably say I'm not grown-up in any area...
11:19:39ashridahaliask: i avoid source pretty easily pretty much all the time, but the cross compiler's a fairly specialized target, it's not necessarily worth a distro's time to compile cross compilers for all potential targets
11:19:45B4gdernot that I know any "people"
11:19:50Rickgot h300 going now? nice (:
11:20:08 Part mashalla ("Kopete 0.10 :")
11:24:45amiconnLinusN: Any more info concerning the button driver prob?
11:25:23LinusNit is probably not related to the button driver at all
11:26:41amiconnWhat happens?
11:30:23LinusNah, solved it
11:30:34*LinusN blames amiconn
11:30:43B4gderyou can blame me too ;-)
11:30:52LinusNthe PLL was overclocked
11:30:54aliaskI'm fine with you blaming people other than me.
11:31:02*LinusN blames aliask
11:31:03JdGordonill take some blame also if it speeds up development :D
11:31:37aliaskSo what, the CPU was just going too fast to catch the interrupts or something?
11:31:45LinusNamiconn: fvco max is 400MHz
11:32:01amiconnI know, and I checked my calculations several times
11:32:17amiconnI chose fvo as little above fmin as possible
11:32:31amiconnfmin is 200MHz
11:32:50LinusNfor 124mhz, you set vcodiv to 86 and plldiv to 2
11:33:49LinusN11289600*88/2 = 496742400
11:34:15 Join paugh [0] (n=kickback@2001:5c0:8fff:ffff:8000:0:3e03:6822)
11:36:10amiconnLinusN: I'll check again... I wanna know where I went wrong
11:36:53 Join perplexity [0] (
11:45:27amiconnLinusN: Fin is 11289600/2, not 11289600
11:46:01 Join muesli|tarn [0] (n=muesli_t@
11:46:10 Quit muesli- (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
11:46:25amiconnSo my calculations are correct
11:46:38amiconnCRSEL = 1 means Fin = Fxtal/2
11:46:39LinusNsaw that too :-(
11:50:10 Join lamed [0] (
11:50:34amiconnBtw, if that would really have been the cause, why should it have worked on H1x0 then?
11:51:20lamedwow! looking at the logs, i've managed to register to the irc client through the site's web-client, using google's wap convertor through my nokia 3100!
11:51:31lamedno talking/reading though.
11:52:13 Quit CoCoLUS ("changing servers")
11:53:20 Join CoCoLUS [0] (
11:54:03lamedxaviergr_ , here?
11:54:46LinusNamiconn: a lot of my h100, and the h300 has a sticker on the CPU, saying "120"
11:56:05LinusNi wonder if that means that the cpu is rated to 120mhz, despite it being a bga...?
11:56:54 Join Slasher [0] (
12:01:14 Quit lamed ("CGI:IRC (EOF)")
12:05:38markunHCl: morning
12:07:06HCl :/
12:08:17muesli|tarnLinusN <LinusN> i dream of electric sheep ;-) i suggest for you Everything You Always Wanted to Know About Sex * But Were Afraid to Ask
12:08:28markunHCl: I bought a Gigabeat player to port rockbox to it
12:09:11muesli|tarnit contains a nice sheep scene ;)
12:09:23HCli see
12:09:33 Quit DMJC (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
12:09:41markunI have a radio play of "Traeumen Androiden" on my iriver :)
12:09:59*HCl goes to make breakfast..
12:10:02 Join Moos [0] (
12:12:52Zak1392is there any way i can get solitaire on my h340?
12:13:20ghode|afkmarkun: sweet, which version did you get?
12:13:56markunI would have prefered a X30 or F41, but well..
12:13:57ghode|afkwhats the screen like? and the controls?
12:15:34Zak1392is there any way i can get solitaire on my h340?
12:16:03markunghode|afk: I don't have it yet. It should leave the UK today
12:16:17LinusNZak1392: yes, run the solitaire plugin
12:16:31LinusNit's not yet ported to the h300 though
12:16:35ghode|afkis the f40 the newer thiner version?
12:16:45Zak1392linus: how?
12:16:53LinusNhow to port it?
12:17:04Zak1392yeah, i think...
12:17:22markunThe gigabeat can switch between landscape and portraid use. Would be cool to have the same feature in rockbox
12:17:30LinusNwell, it uses grayscale bitmaps, so you'll have to convert them to color
12:17:51Zak1392do i have to?
12:17:55 Join DrMoos [0] (
12:17:59 Quit Moos (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
12:18:05 Nick DrMoos is now known as Moos (
12:18:26LinusNZak1392: your other choice is to wait for someone else to do it
12:18:49Zak1392where can i dl it?
12:19:08markunghode|afk: no, the F41 has the 1 platter HD (and is thinner than the F20)
12:19:10LinusNit's in the rockbox daily build
12:19:37ghode|afkah ok, which website did you order from? :)
12:20:32markunIt's a 2nd hand unit.
12:21:09markunHe got it as a present, almost never used it and wanted to buy a car mp3 player.
12:21:47ghode|afki hope it arrives ok
12:23:01markunit's pretty useless for me without rockbox. Can only be used in windows (which I don't have) and doesn't play Ogg (which is all I have)
12:23:43ghode|afkah, so good motivation to get rbx ported then :)
12:24:11markunyes, a very good motivation
12:25:02 Join DMJC [0] (
12:29:23aliaskIs there anyone who I can ask really dumb questions about C programming to?
12:30:11ashridahdepends how big the question is.
12:30:15ashridahmay as well ask here
12:30:42wubblaaliask: if in doubt −−> /j ##C
12:31:05aliaskWell, its just that I'm learning it by making plugins for rockbox, so I might have a lot. But first things first, is there a Wiki page or something that documents the rb api?
12:32:47 Join webguest09 [0] (
12:33:00B4gderthere's the plugin.h header file
12:33:11B4gderand lots of existing plugins as examples
12:33:25aliaskOk, I'll take a wade through there to start off.
12:35:31 Nick paugh is now known as CogentCaffeine (n=kickback@2001:5c0:8fff:ffff:8000:0:3e03:6822)
12:35:57 Join linuxstb [0] (
12:42:00amiconnZak1392, LinusN: The solitaire plugin does work on H300, even in colour, it's just not being built by default
12:43:28amiconnThe cards are really tiny though, that's a thing I want to look into
12:43:32JdGordonwhats the solatraie plugin named in the list? i dont c it
12:43:46 Quit Lynx_ (" reboot")
12:43:46amiconn(making the cards scale to the lcd res)
12:46:56 Quit JdGordon (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
12:46:56FebsJdGordon, it should be named Solitaire:
12:47:54Zak1392when i run solitaire it freezes when i press start
12:49:35muesli|tarnon a 1xx?
12:49:49muesli|tarnah ok
12:50:50muesli|tarnhow much matters hdd consumption?
12:50:52Zak1392amiconn: what build did you download. (what model)
12:51:07muesli|tarnMK2008GAL vs MK6006GAH vs MK4007GAL
12:51:08muesli|tarnPower Consumption:
12:51:08muesli|tarnStart 1.8watts - 1.2watts - 1.8watts
12:51:08DBUGEnqueued KICK muesli|tarn
12:51:08muesli|tarnSeeking 1.1watts - 1.4watts - 1.15watts
12:51:09muesli|tarnReading 1.0watts - 1.4watts - 1.1watts
12:51:09***Alert Mode level 1
12:51:09muesli|tarnWriting 1.0watts - 1.4watts - 1.1watts
12:51:11muesli|tarnIdle 0.4watts - 0.6watts - 0.4watts
12:51:13muesli|tarnStandby 0.12watts - 0.2watts - 0.12watts
12:51:15muesli|tarnSleep 0.07watts - 0.08watts- 0.07watts
12:52:26amiconnZak1392: None; I don't even have a H300. I've enabled solitaire in my local cvs working copy so it gets built
12:52:33amiconnI tried it in the H300 simulator
12:55:05Zak1392rockboxui.exe - Bad Image
12:55:05DBUGEnqueued KICK Zak1392
12:55:05Zak1392The application or DLL C:\Documents and Settings\Zachary Keeping\Desktop\New Folder (9)\Simulation\archos\.rockbox\rocks\solitaire.rock is not a valid Windows image. Please check this against your installation diskette.
12:55:06***Alert Mode level 2
12:55:23Zak1392i get that when i run anything in the h300 simulator
12:55:33aliaskI get that as well when I try to run plugins in the sim.
12:55:47amiconnWorks perfectly here
12:57:44Zak1392what is your sim like? (directories and stuff)
13:01:56Zak1392amiconn: could you upload the solitaire.rock file?
13:02:15 Quit CogentCaffeine ("gwan oot")
13:03:48***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
13:03:50 Join Kaggen [0] (
13:05:07***Alert Mode OFF
13:08:17muesli|tarnKaggen i better give you no translation of your nick ;)
13:12:35linuxstbZak1392: I hope you're not trying to ru the solitaire.rock from your H340 in the Windows Sim?
13:13:22linuxstbThe simulators don't run the same rocks - you need to use the rocks that are compiled to run in the sim.
13:17:43 Quit muesli|tarn ("ich will Kühe!!!")
13:24:45 Quit Drumrboy}{Away (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
13:25:11 Join PaulJ [0] (
13:29:43Kaggenmuesli|tarn: Well, alot of names can be funny in different languages, me real name Anders is slightly funny in german. (Ich bin Anders :-))
13:32:10 Part ashridah ("Leaving")
13:32:28 Join ashridah [0] (
13:35:36 Quit aliask ("Chatzilla 0.9.67 [Firefox 1.0.6/20050717]")
13:46:09 Join webguest18 [0] (
13:47:18 Join DrMoos [0] (
13:47:45 Quit Moos (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
13:49:46 Nick DrMoos is now known as Moos (
13:54:31 Join _FireFly_ [0] (
13:57:53 Quit Zak1392 ()
14:01:21_FireFly_amiconn is the bug(when loading rwps-files and mp3-playback) only when you load a rwps-file ?? because rwps and wps-files are loaded from the same function
14:02:27_FireFly_only the pointer to wps_data struct changes depending to the wps-screen in wich the file/data-buffer should be loaded/displayed
14:03:58_FireFly_so i have no clue how this bug is only triggered when loading rwps-files
14:10:21 Quit Moos ("Glory to Rockbox")
14:10:56 Join mashalla [0] (
14:12:52 Quit webguest18 ("CGI:IRC (EOF)")
14:14:25 Quit mashalla (Client Quit)
14:21:02_FireFly_btw i have locally a slightly modfied wps-loader running which reduces the ram-usage of the wps-format-data.
14:22:38_FireFly_This loader reads the wps-file line-by-line and lines with following tags didn't gets into the format-buffer: %x,%xl,%we,%wd
14:23:06_FireFly_and also comment-lines
14:23:32_FireFly_so i could reduce the used space in the format-buffer ca. by half for my wps.
14:25:00LinusNhmm, i can't run the h300 reliably above 90mhz...
14:25:17LinusNtime to connect the logic analyzer
14:26:44SlasherHmm, enough voltage for the cpu?
14:26:48KaggenLinusN, the BDM might not like high speeds?
14:26:58LinusNi'm not running the bdm
14:27:50KaggenIn that case there might be a pheripheral device that does not like the bus freq at 45MHz?
14:28:12wubblaLinusN: so the CPU might be the reason for the booting problem?
14:28:29preglownah, don't think it boot at naything above 11mhz
14:28:35LinusNthe boot runs at 45mhz
14:29:04 Join bluebrother^ [0] (
14:29:11LinusNi think i'll cap it at 90mhz for now, just to enjoy the music :-)
14:29:20preglowshould run just nicely anyway
14:29:27LinusNit does
14:29:29preglowbut the timer might end up inaccurate
14:29:37KaggenOtherwise it's good idea to try and find where it hangs
14:29:42preglowLinusN: then hooray!
14:29:45LinusNKaggen: of course
14:30:07Kaggenwell, it was kinda obvious, sorry :-)
14:30:13LinusNbut it could be nice for the progress-thirsty h300 crowd to run rockbox
14:31:07PaulJbut how does rockboy work on h300? i thought it runs at 120 MHz
14:31:25LinusNit does
14:31:39LinusNbut not on all players, and not every time
14:31:45Kaggenthe BGA package for coldfire allows 140MHz, the QFP allow 120MHz
14:32:02LinusNKaggen: yes, i don't think the frequency itself is the problem
14:32:20LinusNstrangely enough, most of my players have a sticker on the cpu, saying "120"
14:32:23DMJCyou have music working on 300 series?
14:32:28LinusNDMJC: yes
14:32:40DMJCbe hillarious if they ring me tomorrow to say they have it in
14:32:44preglowperhaps iriver got them cheap :>
14:33:08DMJCit'll be like.. well I sat on my iriver busting it... but the replacement 300 runs rockbox anyway..
14:33:24LinusNwhen i set it to 120mhz, the tick counter goes like wild, and the button driver gives me all 0's
14:33:39DMJCdoes H300 have a proper clock?
14:33:42preglowLinusN: that's that not the problem you see at all clocks above 90?
14:33:48LinusNDMJC: an rtc, yes
14:34:02LinusNpreglow: i see it above 90mhz
14:34:15 Join uncledrax [0] (
14:34:21preglowi say just cap it for now
14:34:26LinusNindeed, but i hope there's a perfectly good explanation
14:34:34pregloweven if there's not, it's no biggie
14:34:39SlasherHmm, i got something like that behaviour on h140 too when i changed the gcc optimization settings..
14:34:40preglow90mhz should be enough for our needs
14:34:52Slasherat least the button driver went wild :)
14:35:12KaggenWere is the code running from? SDRAM or FLASH might give timing problems if set up to aggressive.
14:35:15 Join tucoz [0] (
14:35:40preglowi believe the sdram is the same as in h1x0
14:35:44LinusNsame type as on the h100
14:36:01Kaggenbut 32MB?
14:36:08preglowboth have that
14:36:08tucozLinusN: congrats on the sound progress. No "Gentlemen" post this time? Or is that per cpu perhaps.
14:36:10LinusNand the sdram is mostly idling
14:36:13preglowonly h110 has 16mb
14:36:21SlasherLinusN: probably you could try increasing the waitstates if not already tried :)
14:36:33CtcpIgnored 2 channel CTCP requests in 3 minutes and 57 seconds at the last flood
14:36:33*B4gder expects a "gentlemen" mail
14:36:43LinusNB4gder: absolutely
14:37:24*preglow hopes he'll be able to send one of those one day...
14:37:40KaggenBut if the SDRAM was at fault, alot more stuff would break than the internal timer and GPIO (well, they don't break at all)
14:38:22LinusNB4gder: i'll just have to put Machinae Supremacy on the player first :-)
14:38:38tucozAs I am quite satisfied with my h120 these days, I think I'll stick with it until I read the nano-sound mail :)
14:39:21preglowyeah, i'm very satisfied with it myself
14:39:50preglowand will be until warmer times, when i no longer have a high capacity jacket pocket to lug it around in
14:40:55tucozThe nano is really impressive in terms of looks and size.
14:41:05preglowthe internals are pretty nice as well
14:41:09preglow2x100mhz arm
14:41:12preglowand 128kb iram
14:42:05preglowplus 8kb cache for each cpu
14:42:13preglowwish it was possible to configure it to only do code :/
14:42:43 Join DMJC-L [0] (
14:43:05tucozhehe, yes. I came to think of that a couple of days ago. I bought my first walkman in 1989, and that was one of the first really compact ones. I do not think I could imagine what the future would bring 15 years later.
14:44:40tucozAs hardisks, mp3's and so forth were that common those days.
14:44:54preglowweren't, i take it? ;)
14:45:07 Join Kohlrabi [0] (
14:45:08tucozhehe, the webclient hides what I write :)
14:45:16DMJC-Lthey were common
14:45:17preglowmp3 wasn't even invented, i _think_ i had seen a floppy disk
14:45:20DMJC-Ljust 1mb in size..
14:45:27tucozpreglow, no Amiga?
14:45:40preglowi think i was fiddling around with a c64 those days
14:45:53preglowi was eight year old at the time, so...
14:46:23*B4gder reads "Gentlemen"
14:46:42tucozI remember a 3.5" floppy costed 15sek back then
14:46:52tucozor maybe more
14:46:57 Quit B4gder ("time to say moo")
14:47:44 Join DangerousDan [0] (
14:47:55 Quit _FireFly_ ("REALITY.SYS Corrupted: Re-boot universe? (Y/N/Q)")
14:48:36DMJC-LI remember back to amiga
14:48:49tucozyes, that was fun.
14:48:54preglowi never had one :/
14:48:54DMJC-Lhad a c-64 but that was when amiga was already out
14:49:03preglowthough i had more than ample fun with it
14:49:06 Quit webguest09 ("CGI:IRC")
14:49:12DMJC-Lwas about 5 at the time
14:49:15preglowi would probably never be coding today if it wasn't for good old c64
14:49:28DMJC-Lactually I think we had the C-64 before I was born
14:49:33DMJC-Lwhat year did they release?
14:49:36 Join webguest09 [0] (
14:49:40tucoz1982 or something
14:49:54DMJC-Lbefore I existed heh
14:50:18tucozaugust 1982
14:50:52preglowoh, i just did exist then
14:50:57preglowbut wasn't exactly capable of much
14:50:58DMJC-Lmy next machine was when I was 8/9?
14:51:06DMJC-Loh wait
14:51:15tucozI think I played on a intellivision in 1982
14:51:22 Quit webguest09 (Client Quit)
14:51:30DMJC-Lmy cousin had an amstrad
14:52:47tucozbye bye for now
14:52:53 Part tucoz
14:55:41FebsLinusN, I just saw your message on the mailing list, and just wanted to say congratulations on your progress and thanks for all your hard work.
14:58:44 Join _DangerousDan [0] (
15:03:41 Join _FireFly_ [0] (
15:03:52***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
15:08:47 Join Nixsos [0] (
15:08:56Jungti1234If use wps in newest rock box firmware, become off.
15:12:02Jungti1234Who is seeing?
15:13:11FebsWhat do you mean?
15:13:18 Part Kaggen
15:13:59Jungti1234If use wps in new rockbox firmware, system turns off.
15:14:10Jungti1234new version
15:14:36 Quit DangerousDan (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
15:14:48Jungti1234It's H300's firmware.
15:14:56 Join Lynx_ [0] (
15:15:53FebsI still don't understand. A WPS is *always* in use while playing music.
15:16:07Jungti1234ah sorry
15:16:39Jungti1234It's wps file.
15:17:44FebsJungti1234, there is *always* a WPS file in use while you are playing music. But since H300 Rockbox does not yet play music, this is a moot point.
15:17:47Jungti1234If use rockbox firmware of new version, when use wps file, system turns off.
15:18:25DJDD_Hey guys, im looking for the hacked firmware to run rockbox, where can i get it?
15:18:31Jungti1234I'm sorry because do not English.
15:18:47FebsDJDD, what do you mean, "hacked firmware."
15:18:48_FireFly_DJDD_: which device ??
15:19:03_FireFly_What os do you use ??
15:19:33DJDD_awesome, thanks
15:21:51FebsJungti1234, you should wait until for a more stable version of H300 Rockbox.
15:22:04FebsThe current version is for developers only.
15:22:14Jungti1234-_- hey..
15:22:34Jungti1234I know it.
15:22:46DJDD_Ok, i've DLed the rockbox firmware and the bootloader builder. How do i build it from there? I can't make full sence of the manual
15:23:22FebsWhat can't you understand? The link I directed you to explains it step by step.
15:23:44Jungti1234Febs: You may not speak repeating it painfully. :)
15:24:17FebsJungti1234, my last comment was directed to DJDD.
15:24:42Jungti1234[23:21] <Febs> Jungti1234, you should wait until for a more stable version of H300 Rockbox. <- this
15:25:06DJDD_I don't know what command line to use to patch the firmware
15:25:22_FireFly_use the fwpatcher util
15:25:53FebsDJDD, read this page:
15:26:23LinusNhmmm, it seems like the lcd waitstates have something to do with the instability
15:26:28bobTHCDJDD_ > where are u from ?
15:28:32DJDD_ok, done
15:29:24DJDD_The java database builder
15:29:33preglowLinusN: oh?
15:29:53preglowLinusN: how can that influence the tick timer?
15:31:39Jungti1234Linus is on lunch now.
15:33:15 Join gadasi [0] (
15:33:35Jungti1234hi gadasi haha
15:33:53Jungti1234It's me.
15:34:40gadasifinally I had entered this place.
15:35:02gadasiwhere is developer?
15:35:22Jungti1234Everybody are developer.
15:35:55gadasimany people are existed....
15:36:55Jungti1234He is Korean.
15:37:11wubblai just noticed it :)
15:37:35 Quit gadasi (Client Quit)
15:37:36 Join gadasi [0] (
15:37:37Jungti1234good night
15:37:49 Quit Jungti1234 ("Bye Bye~")
15:37:51gadasisee you tommorrow
15:38:45gadasihere is 11:40 pm... in korea.
15:40:02gadasiI I and jingti1234 are always appreciation for developer's efforts...
15:40:16gadasiI and jingti1234 are always appreciation for developer's efforts...
15:40:31gadasi I and jingti1234 are always appreciation for developer's efforts...
15:42:36LinusNhmm, with double waitstates i can play music at 124mhz, but only for a while
15:43:04gadasibut in my hope... firmware which is playing the music will be relased... if possible ...
15:43:09LinusNsuddenly the button driver gets a 0x00 from the adc, and sends a BUTTON_OFF
15:43:45^BeN^what is the problem with 124mhz
15:43:52LinusNi wish i knew
15:46:24gadasiin tommorow i will be back....please do a good job.
15:46:50gadasibye~~~ developers
15:47:18 Quit gadasi ("CGI:IRC (EOF)")
15:48:25LinusNthose koreans are funny
15:48:57preglowi like the sudden bursts of funnily encoded hangul best
15:49:13wubblaindeed, they are :D
15:53:48 Join Drumrboy|away [0] (
15:57:32 Quit DJDD_ (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
15:57:41amiconnLinusN: The CPUs with the "120" sticker on them... if this really means 120 MHZ, do you think overclocking by 3% could be a problem?
15:57:55LinusNi don't think so
15:58:21amiconnThe next lower setting possible for correct timer would then be 112.89 MHz
15:58:32_FireFly_amiconn: have you read my question ??
15:58:34LinusNi tried the 10, 9 and 8 multipliers
15:58:39LinusN8 worked
15:58:48amiconnYes, read that
15:59:06amiconn_FireFly_: I don't know whether it happens for normal .wps as well
15:59:19LinusNdoubling the lcd waitstates gives pretty reliable operation at 124mhz
15:59:31LinusNbut not entirely
15:59:44amiconnI just added an .rwps yesterday (cloned my standard .wps for it), loaded it, then resumed playback
15:59:55amiconnThis resulted in periodic bursts of static
16:00:04_FireFly_amiconn: the problem should also happen for normal .wps files if there us a problem in the wps-loader
16:00:04amiconnRebooting fixed the problem
16:00:36amiconnLinusN: Btw, I suspected the LCD wait states were too short...
16:01:19amiconnIirc the timing is similar to the flash ROM, so LCD should use the same wait states
16:01:24amiconn(H1x0 LCD that is)
16:01:25LinusNyes they are, and we use a slow mode in the lcd itself
16:01:47amiconnDidn't look at the datasheet for the H300 LCD
16:01:49LinusNamiconn: the h100 lcd waitstates are fine tuned
16:01:49 Join webguest85 [0] (
16:02:19webguest85must say, very very goood job on the h3xx Linus !
16:02:29LinusNon that lcd it's the delay between accesses that is critical
16:02:35LinusNwebguest85: thx
16:02:58webguest85and a question, is it possible to get the rockboy screen to full ?
16:03:11LinusNyes i believe so
16:03:30amiconnYes, and there is an additional nop in the LCD driver which is hampering performance at 45 MHz and 11 MHz
16:03:31LinusNrockbox is optimized for the h100
16:03:54amiconnWould it be possible to remove this nop and increase the waitstates at 124 MHz a bit?
16:03:57webguest85is it hard to get the games and other stuff to colour?
16:04:09LinusNamiconn: should work
16:04:36LinusNwebguest85: i don't know
16:05:07amiconnwebguest85: Rockboy is rather slow. Upscaling to full screen would make it even slower
16:05:16webguest85im really impressed on your work :D
16:05:25LinusNespecially on the slow h300 lcd...
16:05:43webguest85SORRY ABOUT CAPS LOCK
16:05:43 Quit bobTHC (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
16:06:03webguest85so the lcd is slow?
16:06:04LinusNi suspect that the frequency issue is a port pin collision or something
16:06:04 Quit Kohlrabi ("Leaving")
16:06:17LinusNyes it's slow
16:06:46webguest85but it would be possible to increase the speed on rockboy later on ?
16:06:49preglowwebguest85: yes, it's possible, but that means stretching it, which wont look pretty
16:07:05amiconnLinusN: What is this slow vs. fast mode? Is there a reason why we can't use the fast mode?
16:07:11LinusNpreglow: it is shrunk today
16:07:21amiconnLinusN: no.
16:07:27preglowLinusN: well, yeah, but that wont mean much for the width
16:07:32preglowLinusN: which isn't shrunk
16:07:33LinusNamiconn: not really, we have to make sure we transfer the data in multiples of 4 words
16:07:35amiconnrockboy on H300 uses exactly 160x128 px
16:07:46 Join webguest94 [0] (
16:08:21amiconnLinusN: Looks like a task for me... ;)
16:08:30amiconnSome neat optimised asm...
16:08:48webguest85just read about the problem you got when trying to play music on the h3xx linus, seams to be a big problem at the moment :S
16:09:02 Quit webguest94 (Client Quit)
16:09:02amiconnReading from framebuffer using burst mode and write to lcd in fast mode
16:09:32LinusNamiconn: the cycle time is 150ns in normal mode and 100ns in fast mode
16:11:20amiconnSo you need 9 wait states at 124 MHz ?
16:12:04amiconn(normal mode)
16:15:08_FireFly_amiconn: what do you mean mit resumed playback ? has you paused the playback when loading the rwps ??
16:19:42 Join Mongey [0] (
16:20:18 Join Mongey| [0] (
16:20:46 Quit Mongey (Client Quit)
16:21:04amiconn_FireFly_: No, I stopped playback, loaded the .rwps, then resumed
16:21:42_FireFly_have you only this problem with mp3-files ??
16:22:27LinusN_FireFly_: you don't even have to play music
16:22:36LinusNjust boost the frequency
16:22:45LinusNoh, ignore me
16:23:11amiconnLinusN: How many waitstates are you using now?
16:24:28_FireFly_i can't reproduce it
16:25:17_FireFly_i never had this problem
16:25:35_FireFly_neither with my unofficial remote-patch and with the new wps-code
16:25:53amiconnI can try again in the evening. It happened when loading the first .rwps ever, so transition from default to mine
16:25:57amiconn(no images)
16:26:08 Quit ashridah ("Leaving")
16:26:27 Quit San (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
16:26:35amiconnLinusN: Perhaps some port pins need slower timing?
16:27:03amiconnWhat about i2c, is rockbox bit-banging?
16:27:09LinusNperhaps, or perhaps a collision makes the edges slow
16:27:25LinusNthe button adc is bit-banged
16:27:45LinusNbut i have slowed it down to a crawl, with the same results
16:28:07amiconnAny specific reason? The coldfire does have integrated i2c controllers afair
16:28:36LinusNthe reason is of course that the pcd50606 is connected to port pins and not the i2c controller
16:29:22amiconnAh ok. Strange disgn imho...
16:29:30LinusNi think so too
16:29:41LinusNthe uda1380 is connected to the i2c controller though
16:30:15LinusNand the fm tuner on the h100 as well, but the missing clk pullup forces us to bitbang anyway
16:30:32amiconnWell, i2c is a bus...
16:30:46LinusNtell that to them
16:30:52amiconn...and afaik on archos there is more than one chip connected to the same i2c
16:30:58amiconn(RTC and MAS)
16:31:27preglowlatency becomes a problem pretty quickly
16:31:30preglowbut it depends, of course
16:32:27 Join tucoz [0] (
16:34:03 Quit webguest85 ("CGI:IRC (Ping timeout)")
16:39:06amiconnLinusN: Sorry for pestering again, but there are still no windows installer builds...
16:44:35 Nick CBM-away is now known as CheeseBurgerMan (n=BurgerBo@
16:44:39preglowbtw, amiconn and i differ on how we think the eq should behave. his suggestion is to lower the volume automatically as a side effect of applying gain with the eq, so there is no chance of clipping happening ever. i think there should be no gain changes when applying eq, so that the eq will clip if you're using high volume, but it doesn't steal the possibility of doing so if you know what you're doing either. anyone else have any opinions on this?
16:45:02preglowcurrently the eq uses some hybrid where it only lowers volume if it's too high to not possibly cause clipping
16:47:19 Join muesli- [0] (n=muesli_t@
16:47:34LinusNi want to be able to "overdrive" the gain, but I want to know where the limit is
16:48:02LinusNso i don't have to tweak blindly
16:48:04preglowyeah, we also discussed an indicator of some kind
16:48:11preglowbut i don't know how that should look
16:48:31preglowthe problem is that volume is adjusted in percent, while eq uses db
16:48:34LinusNonce upon a time i suggested a volume control that went above 100%
16:48:36preglowso we can only define some rough limit
16:48:41preglowLinusN: i want that as well
16:48:42tucozYes, it should be able to have some sort of indicator for that. Like a ! next to the volume control
16:48:52preglowbut it'll have to be software for iriver
16:48:58preglowi'm doing a software gain control for the eq anyway
16:49:02LinusNbut i would very mush prefer a dB volume control
16:49:29preglowyeah, me too
16:49:34preglownot impossible either
16:49:41LinusNthen there's no doubt where the limit is
16:49:57preglowlet's just ditch the entire uda volume control and use a software one :>
16:50:06preglowit's just a couple of instructions extra per sample, heh
16:52:30 Join merbanan [0] (
16:53:16preglowbut yeah, i believe this will be more important when my parametric eq is finished
16:53:28preglowyou can define pretty narrow bands with high gains, and still be pretty sure it'll never clip
16:53:36preglowbut always prescaling the volume down wont give you that choice
16:53:46preglowand i think it's silly for a firmware like rockbox to limit the users choices
16:54:34tucozby looking at the number of options currently available, that seems like a true statement.
16:54:53preglowwe haven't taken that route before, so i don't see why we should now
16:55:13tucozAs it is, after all, a dap
16:56:06preglowat least i know i'd be pretty pissed if i did a 12 db gain in one band, just to have the entire volume scaled down by 12db to compensate for the nearly impossible clip
16:56:46preglowwe never know how large the possibility of clipping is, se we have to gain everything down by 12db to compensate for the worst case
16:57:00preglows/pissed/pissed off/ :)
16:57:26amiconnLinusN: My point is that allowing overdrive will lead to distortion, i.e. bad sound
16:57:40LinusNof course
16:57:51amiconnThere are those clever guys trying to compare sound quality without having a clue what they're doing
16:58:26LinusNwe do that on the archos recorder today
16:58:26preglowyeah, but i don't see why we should adjust our firmware to suit them
16:58:34amiconnLinusN: Not really.
16:58:50amiconnFor one, I never made the archos recorder clip noticeably
16:58:51preglowwe've never been about winning usability tests
16:59:20tucozamiconn: Isn't that what it's been like all the time. A lot of people do not understand how rockbox behaves as it is now
16:59:26amiconn...unlike the UDA which clips horribly even at 4dB gain with no prescaling
16:59:27LinusNin any case, i want the iriver algorithm for clipping prevention
16:59:48amiconnRead last night's log
16:59:56preglowyou mean just capping treble and boost when it gets too high?
17:00:25amiconnIf we reduce bass & treble with increasing volume, this means our settings values are lying
17:00:28preglowi'd just like it to clip horribly, but i'd also like an indicator that this might happen. i have no idea how this should be implemented, though
17:00:39LinusNamiconn: they are lying today too
17:01:26amiconnImho not as much, and even that can be avoided. Bass & treble are in dB, so if we reduce them, the value doesn't match reality
17:01:39preglowbut even
17:01:59LinusNi want the best sound, and i think lowering the bass at high volume is the better choice
17:01:59preglowimagine a five band eq, if you prescale the whole audio band to compensate for a small gain in one band
17:02:03preglowthat just doesn't make sense
17:02:06amiconnHowever, volume is in percent, and that's not a 'calibrated' unit, it's just the percentage of the possible maximum
17:02:18LinusNi want db volume as well :-)
17:02:43amiconnThen this will become even more difficult...
17:03:30preglowmy way isn't difficult at all :)
17:03:49preglowit's the easiest possible, and simultaneously the one that is most logical, hooray for me
17:03:50LinusNbtw, do silent tracks clip horribly at 4db gain too?
17:03:53***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
17:04:36amiconnDo you suggest AVC?
17:05:23amiconnDigital clipping is bad both for ears and for equipment
17:05:38preglowit's bad for tweeters, not equipment
17:05:48LinusNit's just that "will clip horribly" is not the absolute truth
17:05:51preglowand it's bad for ears only if you use too loud a volume generally
17:06:08LinusN"might clip horribly" is a better choice of words
17:06:16amiconnOf course, and with lower volume there will be no clipping
17:06:41preglowbut anyway
17:06:56preglowthe only point in this i care about: i know better than rockbox, and i don't want it making my choices for me
17:06:57FebsI like the idea of a clipping indicator.
17:07:13preglowthat makes for a _very_ frustrating user experience
17:07:32preglowas you can already see from the masses of confused users of the current eq behaviour
17:07:39FebsI have a wireless in-ear monitor system for on-stage performance. I has a clipping indicator. Easy to use−−the indicator lights up, turn the volume down.
17:07:48amiconnLinusN: On second thought, the archos does clip with boosted bass or treble _and_ volume above 92, but that seems to be analog clipping
17:07:58LinusNamiconn: it's digital
17:08:01amiconnFebs: The problem is how to indicate clipping
17:08:07preglowFebs: problem is we can't decide strictly when clipping occurs
17:08:15preglowand what amiconn says
17:08:31amiconnLinusN: The volume control of the mas is split into a digital and an analog part, says the datasheet
17:08:48preglowit's almost certainly a digital eq
17:09:51muesli-amiconn was war systemsteuerung gleich nochmal in englisch?
17:10:28wubblamuesli-: control panel?!
17:10:57muesli-sound good
17:11:00 Join San [0] (
17:11:31wubblamuesli-: as i've got no idea, i'm just guessing
17:11:43LinusNpersonally, this issue doesn't really apply to me because i always keep my eq flat :-)
17:11:48preglowwell, me too
17:11:55preglowi've never used it
17:11:57preglowbut still
17:12:13FebsMe too.
17:12:22preglowi'm making one, and will probably end up answering users who're asking why the hell the eq doesn't work as they think it should
17:12:31preglowas every other eq does
17:12:42tucozI am a little confused, how is it that Rockbox can prevent clipping as it is now but not just let clipping occur and tell the user that.
17:12:54LinusNi can live with automatic clip prevention, but i want the bass/treble to be limited instead of the volume
17:12:54preglowtucoz: plain and simple, if you ask for much gain, you don't get it
17:13:07amiconnThis issue doesn't apply to me as well. While I do use bass & treble boost with earphones, I never use volume settings around 80 and above
17:13:09preglowtucoz: too much gain, that is
17:13:29preglowand i never use volume settings below 80 :)
17:13:54preglowi'd hear more traffic than music, if i did
17:13:57amiconnWith my earphones I normally use values around 60
17:14:13 Quit Mongey| ()
17:14:14_FireFly_me too
17:14:15amiconn...occasionally up to 70
17:14:32Febspreglow: I use in-ear monitors to block outside noise.
17:14:56amiconnNo in-canal phones here, just plain Sennheiser MX450
17:15:00FebsI already have some minor hearing loss from 25 years of performing on loud stages. I can't risk running volume so high.
17:15:19tucozyes, I get that part. But the calculation that prevents clipping must be based on some values. If those values are above the clipping-preventing-level, then show that as an indicator
17:15:40preglowi already have some minor hearing loss from being a bloody fool
17:15:46preglowbut nothing much
17:16:01Febstucoz, if I understand the current method, it limits gain whether there is actual clipping or not.
17:16:08preglowFebs: indeed
17:16:12preglowFebs: which is the essence of the issue
17:16:29tucozI see
17:16:31preglowit limits it because the worst case audio would clip, and never gives you a choice yourself
17:16:35LinusNi'd go for an option, "prevent clipping", yes/no, where the bass/treble are limited
17:16:59preglowLinusN: we already have a prevent clipping option for replaygain, do you suggest we have a universal one?
17:17:15preglowthat sounds good to me
17:17:35LinusNif you want to go wild, you set it to no
17:17:36preglowif you don't mind clipping in replaygain, you wont mind it other places either
17:17:40tucozYes, more options!! That is the true spirit of Rockbox.
17:17:46preglowtucoz: the option already exists
17:17:48LinusNbut then you hopefully know what you are doing
17:17:56PaulJpeglow: would it be possible to implement something like a Preamp in the equalizerscreen (similar to winamp) and and suggest a preampsetting to the user? so he could still decide to use another value and risk possible clipping.
17:18:10preglowLinusN: we should probably rename it to use some more commong word than clipping
17:18:20preglowPaulJ: yes
17:18:25preglowPaulJ: that's in my plans
17:18:28LinusNwhat would that word be then?
17:18:47LinusN"prevent funny noise" :-)
17:18:49preglowperhaps only add 'audio' before 'clipping'
17:19:43amiconn"Allow Overdrive" yes/no
17:20:06 Join Amar [0] (
17:20:25Lynx_"Sound sucks" yes/no
17:21:17preglowi might as well just remove the replaygain preamp setting as well
17:21:35preglowsince the eq will have it
17:22:21preglowand then i need to convert all codecs to use 28 bit accuracy, hrmph
17:22:40amiconnpreglow: Hmm, the MAS datasheet is a bit vague. From the block diagram it looks like all audio settings are purely digital, but the description for the main volume control says it's split
17:22:51amiconn pages 9 and 10
17:23:19SanI heard about linusN playing music :D
17:23:22Sanhow is that going?
17:23:25preglowprescaler is digital, and main control analogue, i guess
17:23:29LinusNdid i play that loud?
17:23:50CheeseBurgerManThe music heard round the world. ;)
17:23:56tucozLinusN: it still echoes
17:25:14amiconnLinusN: Btw, from looking at the block diagram the archos recorder should also allow line in loop through like the player
17:25:21Sanhow is it going linusN?
17:25:32 Join Mindship-01 [0] (
17:25:39San<LinusN> i dream of electric sheep
17:25:41CheeseBurgerManSOMEONE'S eager, San... ;)
17:26:00LinusNamiconn: sure
17:26:06Saniriver firmware is crap, it was broken yesterday
17:26:12Santhe 0000 files error
17:26:18LinusNSan: i'm still having trouble with the pcf50606 driver
17:26:19Sanfixed it
17:26:25Sanooh, yeah, that
17:26:34Mindship-01If the image variables from apps/recorder/icons.c are moved to files, where should they be stored on the device?
17:26:37Sangood work though man
17:26:39LinusNor rather, with the cpu frequency
17:26:59LinusNMindship-01: in .rockbox somewhere
17:27:34Mindship-01LinusN: can't be
17:27:36 Nick CheeseBurgerMan is now known as CBM-away (n=BurgerBo@
17:27:53Mindship-01I'm looking at Feature request 955078
17:28:12Mindship-01Shouldn't it be loaded before the HDD can be read?
17:28:24_FireFly_Mindship-01: look at apps/gui/
17:29:07LinusNMindship-01: yes
17:29:47Mindship-01there is no apps/gui
17:30:14_FireFly_then you didn't have the lastest sources
17:30:27LinusN_FireFly_: he's not talking about source code
17:30:33Mindship-01LinusN: I am
17:30:47Mindship-01I want that request to be implemented
17:30:53_FireFly_LinusN: and what is that ?? apps/recorder/icons.c
17:31:19Mindship-01Thats where I found some images
17:31:24Mindship-01I believe they were
17:32:07Mindship-01I think my source is the latest
17:32:13Mindship-01(s/l-ed this week)
17:32:16LinusNMindship-01: i thought you wanted to move the bmp's to files to be loaded at runtime
17:32:33Mindship-01LinusN: that seems to be the first step
17:32:37_FireFly_Mindship-01: then you must have apps/gui/
17:33:07_FireFly_or the archive is corrupted(when you had downloaded a source-archive)
17:33:20LinusNMindship-01: if you want to implement that request you should ignore the current graphics
17:33:54LinusNlet rockbox display the current splash and show the user-selected afterwards, when the disk is ready
17:34:11Mindship-01LinusN: why do that?
17:34:29LinusNbecause it's simpler
17:34:34Mindship-01can I not copy a pic. from the HDD to the boot zone?
17:34:57Mindship-01(wherever that is)
17:35:07_FireFly_and the user didn't have to recompile the firmware if they want to change the logo
17:35:27LinusNthe rockbox logo is in the rockbox.iriver file
17:35:43 Join webguest14 [0] (
17:35:56Mindship-01i thought: the user selects an image, the software replaces the current image (which I believe does not reside on the HDD) with the chosen one
17:36:28LinusNit would have to patch the rockbox.iriver file
17:37:10Mindship-01can that be done?
17:37:17LinusNnot easily
17:37:45Mindship-01Is it hard to do that on your pc?
17:38:15Mindship-01(you can change the image, but have to upgrade firmware afterwards :P)
17:38:55Mindship-01I am not a real programmer, I must say, but I sure want my name to appear while booting...
17:39:06Mindship-01not some silly Rockbox logo
17:39:29Mindship-01two friends of mine have the same device you see ;-)
17:40:31Mindship-01Am I being ignored now for not having enough experience?
17:40:45Mindship-01LinusN, _FireFly_?
17:41:23LinusNthere is a reason that the feature request still isn't implemented
17:41:33 Join pfavr [0] (
17:41:56LinusNand we don't think the rockbox logo is silly, btw
17:42:15wubblaMindship-01: why do you want your name to appear while booting?!
17:42:31Mindship-01wubbla: to tell the world I own that device
17:42:42Mindship-01LinusN: me not realy either =P
17:42:49LinusN"you are 0wn3d" :-)
17:43:15Mindship-01yup, isn't Rockbox build to overcome that? ;-)
17:43:40LinusNMindship-01: it is pretty easy to replace the rockbox logo, but you have to recompile it
17:44:00Mindship-01Can I do that?
17:44:48Mindship-01_FireFly_: I found the /apps/gui in the daily build...
17:45:06Mindship-01LinusN: how??? (/me is eager to knoww)
17:45:27Mindship-01that does not describe the picture replacing...
17:46:24linuxstbOn a related note, do people think it would be a good idea to store the original .bmp files in CVS and run bmp2rb as part of the build process?
17:46:46wubblalinuxstb: yeah, that's definitely a good idea
17:46:53linuxstbThe main reason is that we now have two 16-bit colour LCDs with different bitmap formats.
17:47:11linuxstbAnd if we support the greyscale ipods, we will probably have two 2-bit bitmap formats.
17:47:43Mindship-01linuxstb: please, do make that change! You can think of some test to overcome that problem!
17:48:10Mindship-01I would be extremely thankful (well, 'very' anyway)
17:49:36 Join einhirn [0] (
17:49:43 Join Philip [0] (
17:50:45 Join mashalla [0] (
17:50:56 Quit webguest14 ("CGI:IRC (Ping timeout)")
17:52:02 Quit akaidiot (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
17:54:50Mindship-01linuxstb: Is your proposal going to be implemented? And when? (announce on list perhaps)
18:02:20amiconnlinuxstb: That would be similar to genlang for the built-in language
18:02:33muesli-strange thing happened
18:02:44 Nick CBM-away is now known as CheeseBurgerMan (n=BurgerBo@
18:03:05muesli-am using usb mode and copying stuff to my i140
18:03:19muesli-and it displays codec failure
18:03:27_FireFly_nice ;)
18:03:28muesli-there's no music playing
18:03:45muesli-and there's only 1 album=mp3 on it
18:03:51muesli-which was playing very nice
18:03:59preglowyes, i've had that happen once as well
18:04:10muesli-ok :D
18:04:22muesli-as long as i doenst crash i dont care ;)
18:05:11linuxstbMindship-01: I'm not going to go away and implement it today, but it's something I would like to do at some point.
18:09:33Mindship-01linuxstb: quite vague, but okay with me. Please anounce it on the list. I'm looking forward to this change of source-tree...
18:17:12 Part Polo_o
18:18:30 Quit tucoz ("Leaving")
18:20:54 Quit Mindship-01 ("thanks all...")
18:25:09 Join Kyl3 [0] (
18:29:44 Quit mashalla ("Kopete 0.10 :")
18:31:59 Quit Kyl3 ()
18:36:56 Quit Nixsos ()
18:37:59 Join akaidiot [0] (
18:45:13 Join NicoFR [0] (
18:45:23 Quit linuxstb ("Client Exiting")
18:49:54 Quit muesli- (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
18:51:07 Quit einhirn ("Miranda IM! Smaller, Faster, Easier.")
18:54:58hshahTiMiD - at this rate the poll you made is not going to help
18:55:03hshahits 7 - 7
18:55:39hshahpeople from here who haven't voted, please vote -
18:55:45 Quit San (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
18:55:56 Join Hansmaulwurf [0] (
18:58:15 Join hardeep [0] (
19:03:55***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
19:06:12Philiphshah: voted for yours :)
19:06:26hshahcool thanks :)
19:08:49 Join Moos [0] (
19:13:36 Nick Lynx_ is now known as Lynx_awy (
19:17:31 Quit bluebrother^ ("leaving")
19:20:37 Nick CheeseBurgerMan is now known as CBM-away (n=BurgerBo@
19:25:10 Quit n2 (Nick collision from services.)
19:25:51 Join noclue2 [0] (
19:27:18 Quit Febs ("CGI:IRC (EOF)")
19:27:23 Join Kohlrabi [0] (
19:33:13 Join Raskolnikov [0] (
19:33:18Raskolnikovhi all
19:34:12Raskolnikovis too early to submit an h300 bug? :)
19:34:33Philipprobably ;) since they are everywhere
19:34:48Raskolnikovit's in the ogg loading
19:34:49perplexityWell, given it's all pretty non-functional still.. I reckon you are jumping the gun a little :)
19:35:01Raskolnikovrockbox can't find tags
19:35:06Philipi think we should wait at least till music is playing first
19:36:11 Join tvelocity [0] (n=tony@
19:36:27 Join Subterranean [0] (
19:36:29Raskolnikovi hope that will happen soon :)
19:36:42Raskolnikovi've read linus already had music playing on his h300
19:37:03Philipbut only linus...
19:37:10Philipnot released yet
19:37:21Raskolnikovyeah i know
19:37:32NicoFRdid he happen to say when he would commit the changes ?
19:40:31Raskolnikovwe can try to ask him :)
19:41:01Philiphe is online
19:43:13Raskolnikovi'm going crazy, watching recent cvs activity almost every hour :P
19:44:59Hansmaulwurfmaybe we should donate them some coffee
19:46:33Hansmaulwurfat the moment i expect an color-patch for my H120 every hour
19:46:50Kohlrabithat'd be great
19:47:29Raskolnikovwhat's your favourite wps?
19:51:24 Join San [0] (n=Test@
19:54:14 Join arfo___ [0] (
19:54:28KohlrabiWhen I choose a WPS-file, what happens to remote WPS?
19:54:35DBUGEnqueued KICK arfo___
19:54:35arfo___hey everybody
19:54:39_FireFly_Kohlrabi: nothing
19:54:48_FireFly_they are independent
19:54:53arfo___got also a WPS-question..
19:55:03KohlrabiSo, I have to build a seperate one for remote?
19:55:07***Alert Mode level 1
19:55:07arfo___why does the %wd tag not work?
19:55:13***Alert Mode level 2
19:55:13arfo___still shows statusbar
19:55:21***Alert Mode level 3
19:55:21arfo___both on remote & main lcd
19:55:46***Alert Mode level 4
19:55:46arfo___a bug?
19:55:50_FireFly_Kohlrabi: yepp if you don't want the default one
19:56:00_FireFly_the file-ending is .rwps
19:56:03***Alert Mode level 5
19:56:03arfo___or am i just too stupid?
19:56:17KohlrabiThat would've been my next question, thx :)
19:57:02***Alert Mode level 6
19:57:34SanDid I hear that someone is playing music on their H300?
19:57:43PhilipLinus is
19:57:46Kohlrabilinus did
19:58:04San[18:03] <muesli-> and there's only 1 album=mp3 on it
19:58:04San[18:03] <muesli-> which was playing very nice
19:58:17Philipbut buttons go strange at 120MHz
19:58:30_FireFly_arfo___: i'm testing if this is a bug or not
19:58:45Sanwhen your playing music, and then press stop, and try to go back to the root, nothing happens
19:59:02CtcpIgnored 1 channel CTCP requests in 0 seconds at the last flood
19:59:02DBUGEnqueued KICK San
19:59:02*San Skinny Dips in a sea of Aerosmith - Rockin' The Joint - I Don't Want To Miss A Thing
19:59:34***Alert Mode level 7
19:59:34arfo___firefly: thanks..
19:59:50Kohlrabi_FireFly_: any way to read vorbiscomments?
20:00:00 Quit tvelocity ("Leaving")
20:00:00***Alert Mode level 8
20:00:00arfo___never worked here since it has been commited..for me
20:00:10KohlrabiI don't want to ID3-tag my vorbis-files :\
20:00:28Kohlrabi(foobar2k removes ID3-tags anyway, iirc)
20:00:36Sanno it doesn't
20:00:38Sanit adds them
20:00:49Sanwell, it can if you want it to
20:00:53_FireFly_Kohlrabi: the standard comments are displayed
20:01:02_FireFly_e.g. album title artist
20:01:49Kohlrabiah, OK
20:02:05KohlrabiBut I can't read custom comments (as of yet)?
20:02:14_FireFly_yepp you can't
20:02:15 Nick arfo___ is now known as arfo (
20:02:15DBUGEnqueued KICK arfo
20:02:15***Alert Mode level 9
20:02:51_FireFly_but there is a patch on the patch-tracker on but i don*t know it this works with the latest cvs-sources
20:03:12Kohlrabium, ok thx
20:03:25_FireFly_arfo: for me it works the %wd tag
20:03:31***Alert Mode level 10
20:03:31arfohm strange
20:03:41***Alert Mode level 11
20:03:41arfoin settings, my statusbar is 'off'
20:03:46***Alert Mode level 12
20:03:49***Alert Mode level 13
20:03:49arfoi ment ON
20:04:06***Alert Mode level 14
20:04:06arfobut it shouldt be displayed with that tag am i right?
20:04:26_FireFly_but only on wps
20:04:40***Alert Mode level 15
20:04:40arfoi already deleted everything & copied newest version
20:04:55***Alert Mode level 16
20:04:55arfowell ok, I only see the status bar when I change volume
20:05:07***Alert Mode level 17
20:05:07arfoit kinda overwrites the stuff of WPS
20:05:42***Alert Mode level 18
20:05:42arfowell I'll try again..
20:05:44***Alert Mode level 19
20:05:44arfothanks anyway
20:12:43 Join Cassandra [0] (
20:15:45***Alert Mode OFF
20:15:57_FireFly_Hi Cassandra
20:16:34arfofirefly: sorry my fault. I had an old version of rockbox.iriver in /rockbox and the newr one on root ;)
20:16:46arfonext time i know better
20:17:17_FireFly_Cassandra: do you have some time to submit a small fix for the wps when using the %wd tag ??
20:17:22_FireFly_arfo: ;)
20:17:38CassandraWhat's it fix?
20:17:39NicoFRbtw, are there any H300 WPS ?
20:17:49CassandraNot yet, no.
20:17:50Slasherarfo: Hmm.. could you turn the colors off please. It's impossible to read your text from a black terminal
20:18:12_FireFly_currently the margin isn't set probably when leaving the quickscreen
20:18:32***Alert Mode level 1
20:18:32arfosorry. using trillian.. I'm gone anyway..
20:18:38_FireFly_Slasher: which client ??
20:18:43Slasher_FireFly_: irssi
20:18:54***Alert Mode level 2
20:18:54arfobut my color is black..
20:18:58***Alert Mode level 3
20:19:04***Alert Mode level 4
20:19:04arfoisnt it?
20:19:07_FireFly_hmm in xchat there is a option to disable mirc colors
20:19:14Slasherand KDE Konsole.. I can't even hilight the text with selection.. Probably it has black background too
20:19:20Wettarfo: i see it blue
20:19:32_FireFly_i'm in white ;)
20:19:34***Alert Mode level 5
20:19:42***Alert Mode level 6
20:19:42arfowell i see u all in black..
20:19:49***Alert Mode level 7
20:19:49arfobut u're right, i'm dark blue
20:19:59Slasher_FireFly_: ok, /set hide_colors on did it
20:20:14Slasherbut still that isn't the correct way to fix the problem :P
20:20:41arfonow its black again..
20:20:57arfoanyway gotta go
20:20:59arfosee ya
20:21:08Slasherarfo: yes, much better now
20:21:20arfonice ;) *gone*
20:21:21 Part arfo
20:22:33Cassandra_FireFly_, looks simple enough, I'll apply it.
20:22:35 Join Noel_sad_song [0] (
20:22:45_FireFly_Cassandra: thanks
20:23:04Drumrboy|awayare previously made wps screens compatable with the h300
20:24:04Drumrboy|awaydoes anybody know?
20:25:54 Join Acksaw [0] (
20:26:18CassandraAll the H1xx screens are compatible.
20:26:30CassandraSome of them just don't take up the full screen.
20:27:02CassandraI'll do an H3xx screen once I have a working simulator.
20:27:14Cassandra(Or if someone wants to give me an H3xx)
20:27:56NicoFRthere is a simulator build on misticriver
20:28:31CassandraProbably for Windows. I do Rockbox development under Linux.
20:29:07CassandraWon't be in colour either. We don't have support for multi-colour WPSes yet.
20:29:21NicoFRnot yet
20:29:32NicoFRhopefully soon :)
20:29:50***Alert Mode OFF
20:30:03CassandraWell I had a discussion with amicon, our graphics guru the other day, and we came up with a plausible way of implementing it.
20:30:13CassandraAs to when it'll happen, I'm not really sure.
20:31:43KohlrabiAny place on the website where I can find out how to build the simulator?
20:32:12_FireFly_Cassandra: i have a slightly modified wps-loaded which reduces the used space in the format-buffer e.g. your boxes.wps uses with this loader only 538 bytes instead 1759 :)
20:32:36Acksawhow close is audio?
20:33:20_FireFly_the loader loads the wps-file line by line and lines with following tags didn't get into the format-buffer: %x %xl %wd %we
20:33:25_FireFly_and also comments
20:34:23 Join paugh [0] (n=kickback@2001:5c0:8fff:ffff:8000:0:3e03:6822)
20:34:56_FireFly_the readed lines gets parsed from a seperate function which returns true if one of these tags are found and handled otherwise false
20:35:15Cassandra_FireFly_, sounds good.
20:35:25CassandraBut there aren't any invalid tags in my WPS.
20:35:51_FireFly_no not invalid tags
20:36:11Drumrboy|awayHow close is audio (mp3) support?
20:36:43 Quit Subterranean (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
20:36:56_FireFly_these tags are handled seperatly because i think that image-loading tags, comment-line the %wd %we tags doesn't need to be in the format-buffer because they are only parsed direktly after loading the file
20:37:45 Join larsie [0] (
20:38:40CassandraOh right.
20:38:44CassandraYes, this is true.
20:38:48Acksawcant anyone answer me?
20:39:07_FireFly_Cassandra: if you want to try it yourself here is the patch:
20:39:16CassandraAcksaw, about 3 metres.
20:39:26Acksawminutes* ?
20:39:44Drumrboy|awayi think that might've been sarcastic?
20:40:08_FireFly_TiMiD wanted to submit it but it seams that he has currently not mutch time for rockbox
20:40:09amiconnCassandra: Can't you just use the H300 sim under wine?
20:40:32amiconnIirc linuxstb does that and he said it works pretty well
20:40:44Drumrboy|awayprobably, you could
20:41:10Drumrboy|awayis remote supported in h300 yet?
20:41:26Drumrboy|awayor how about remote support in rockboy
20:41:32Drumrboy|awaythat'd be awseome
20:41:38larsiealready there
20:41:46Cassandraamicon: Possibly. I may give it a try in a bit.
20:42:01Acksawis there anyone that can answer a question for me, or try? without being sarcastic?
20:42:18 Join Lear [0] (
20:42:21_FireFly_Drumrboy|away: plugins must draw to the remote yourself if they want it
20:42:23Cassandra_FireFly_, looks like I'd mishandle lines with a comment after valid markup.
20:42:32larsielinus said on the mailing list that he had the sound working, when will it be on the cvs?
20:42:39_FireFly_Cassandra: ?
20:42:40Cassandraie %wd # No status bar
20:43:03Kohlrabioh, OK, sim is building now :o
20:43:11 Join tucoz [0] (
20:43:42_FireFly_Cassandra: in this case it's no problem becuase the %wd tag is parsed before the #
20:43:46LinusNlarsie: soon, i have some debugging to do first
20:44:02larsieok thanks for the reply :)
20:44:20NicoFRis it stable at the default CPU freq ?
20:44:41amiconnDrumrboy|away: Imho remote support for rockboy doesn't make much sense. Too low resolution, b&w only, and rather slow data transfer
20:45:06_FireFly_Cassandra: with this loader the %wd or %we tag must be on y seperate line
20:45:21SanDo you guys want me to be the "official flame the people who ask when rockbox is released" guy?
20:45:30CassandraOK - was a bad example. Pick a more conventional tag.;
20:45:40tucozCassandra, if you're in commit-mood, there are a couple of updates to the wps's that are in cvs at sourceforge.
20:45:57CassandraSan, I'd rather you just made 'em go away without asking.
20:46:19CassandraAlso the people who's first response to "x is done" is "when will y be done".
20:46:31AcksawO M F G
20:46:41Acksawnew iriver firmware!
20:46:45Sanwhats up?
20:46:53Cassandratucoz, mostly I'm in a go to sleep mood.
20:47:06tucozCassandra, hehe
20:47:07noclue2Acksaw, for what player?
20:47:12larsieseriously :|
20:47:22_FireFly_Cassandra: does your example work with the current methode ??
20:47:27larsiethey sayd it was a hoax
20:47:30noclue2took them a while.
20:47:33CassandraAt the moment, I'm trying to get up the energy to go find my iRiver to test _firefly_'s patch before I commit it.
20:47:46 Nick noclue2 is now known as ehntoo (
20:47:46Cassandra_FireFly_, no idea, actually.
20:47:54perplexityHrm.. not on the iriver site I'm browsing.. :(
20:47:54larsieit isn't that small
20:48:10NicoFRAcksaw: url ?
20:48:14Acksawthe guy said so
20:48:17_FireFly_Cassandra: afaik currently only comments are registered as comments if the '#' is found on the start of the line
20:48:20Acksawhe said they got OTF playlists and gapless
20:48:31Acksawshould i ask for a link?
20:48:35ehntoogapless is a pshaw.
20:48:36 Quit Wett (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
20:48:41CassandraIf that's true, then it's not a problem.
20:48:52larsiecan't find it either
20:49:08ehntoothere's only 1.28 on the website.
20:49:09NicoFRwhat guy ?
20:49:13larsiemaybe on the korean
20:49:18perplexityFor a brief fleeting moment I _almost_ got excited
20:49:18Acksawthe guy said he was joking
20:49:33ehntoowhat guys is this, now?
20:49:40amiconn_FireFly_: I'd vote for leaving it that way (# as comment only at the start of the line)
20:49:50larsietoo busy being exited to notice :P
20:49:58amiconnHow else would one insert the # sign in a wps?
20:50:00perplexityNow go and post that on mysticriver with an address to send the lynch mob :p)
20:50:14_FireFly_amiconn: right
20:50:16Acksawhow do you sign up to the rockbox mailing lists?
20:50:18 Join frederic [0] (
20:50:33Cassandraamiconn, have you seriously never commented a bit of code to the right of it?
20:50:37larsiejust search for mailing list ;)
20:50:38 Nick CBM-away is now known as CheeseBurgerMan (n=BurgerBo@
20:51:17 Join matsl [0] (
20:51:21CassandraNot that I care greatly, but it is done. And I always thought positional syntax sucked when I was doing Fortran.
20:51:46amiconnCassandra: Actually I have no single comment in any of my wps'es
20:51:47Acksawyay i signed up
20:52:09larsiegives you loads of e-mails
20:52:11_FireFly_amiconn: after you said it i have found that my new loader doesn't parse the '#' only on the start of the line ... i will change it now
20:52:18Cassandraamiconn, me neither, but theoretically someone might think it works that way.
20:52:23larsieabout 90% not interesting for me
20:52:29CassandraWe should at least document that it doesn't/
20:53:08amiconnCassandra: yup.
20:54:38 Quit Noel_sad_song ("CGI:IRC (EOF)")
20:56:35 Join Sanitarium [0] (n=Test@
20:56:35 Quit larsie (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
20:57:20 Quit matsl (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
20:58:17 Join matsl [0] (
20:58:30_FireFly_Cassandra: updated version uploaded to the same place
20:58:42 Join muesli_- [0] (
20:59:10_FireFly_now '#' only get matched if they are on the start of the line
21:01:13Cassandra_firefly_: I can't really take a proper look at it tonight, but it looks good.
21:01:26 Part tucoz ("Leaving")
21:01:36CassandraRemind me what this other patch is supposed to fix.
21:02:12_FireFly_currently the margin isn't set probably when leaving the quickscreen
21:02:16CassandraOh, that's funky.
21:02:33Cassandraconvbdf now correctly works with the Linux console font I designed.
21:02:40 Quit Raskolnikov (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
21:02:57_FireFly_there was an update some days ago for this afaik
21:03:35CassandraIn the patched version I just tried, there's part of the WPS at the top of the quick screen.
21:03:56***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
21:03:59CassandraYeah. I just hadn't got around to testing it.
21:04:16 Quit frederic ("Chatzilla [Firefox 1.5/undefined]")
21:05:17_FireFly_Cassandra: only with the fix applied ??
21:05:51CassandraYes, with the fix applied.
21:06:02CassandraLet me just check that it patched OK.
21:07:08 Quit hardeep (" HydraIRC -> <- 100,000+ downloads can't be wrong")
21:08:51CassandraIt's definitely in there.
21:09:13 Quit Moos (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
21:09:30KohlrabiCan someone help me?
21:09:31Cassandrashould that really be gui_wps_setmargine?
21:09:36KohlrabiI just built the ui simulator
21:09:44CassandraNo, you're a hopeless case. ;)
21:09:49KohlrabiHow does it work?
21:10:00CassandraFor which platform?
21:10:04KohlrabiI boot up, and it's just a player with battery level displayed
21:10:21Cassandrajukebox platform
21:10:23KohlrabiDo I need to put the wps-files in the uisim dir?
21:10:37CassandraOh, right.
21:10:49BagderKohlrabi: there's a 'archos' directory simulating the root dir
21:10:50amiconnKohlrabi: That's because you probably have no supported files in the simulator root
21:10:58CassandraYou need to have a archos directory (hysterical raisins) in your build dir.
21:11:03CassandraThen "make install"
21:11:06CassandraThen run it.
21:11:11amiconnWhat you see is the status bar and the file browser with no files
21:11:13_FireFly_Cassandra: yes because in gui_wps_setmargine i check if the %we or %wd tag was used in the wps
21:11:30Kohlrabike, thx
21:11:43amiconnsetmargine ? Looks like a typo to me
21:11:43 Quit Mxm`Pas`Bien (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
21:11:46 Join Maxime [0] (
21:11:52CassandraAh, you're being French aren't you? margin is spelt without the e in English. ;)
21:12:21CassandraWas a %wd wps, _FireFly_
21:12:30NicoFRin french it's "marge"
21:13:00KohlrabiMaybe I didnt get everything right
21:13:08KohlrabiI checked out uisimulator
21:13:13_FireFly_it*s a typo gui_wps_set_margin is the right function name ;)
21:13:17Kohlrabiput it in rockbox dir
21:13:19 Join Wett [0] (
21:13:33Kohlrabistarted configure from within uisimulator
21:13:38Kohlrabiand did make
21:13:46_FireFly_no i have it calle *margine
21:13:47CassandraI'm about to commit this font. Does anyone mind if I insert a line in the bottom of the CREDITS to the effect that "The jackash font is dedicated to the memory of Ashley 'Jack' Scarborough."
21:13:51KohlrabiAnd now I did make install
21:14:02KohlrabiAnd it did *something*
21:14:08KohlrabiBut still the same problem
21:14:12Cassandra_FireFly_, sorry, that was what I was asking you.
21:14:23BagderKohlrabi: that's not a problem, you just simulate an empty disk
21:14:26CassandraPresumably, if I change to set_margin, it should work.
21:14:38 Quit San (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
21:14:50BagderKohlrabi: put files in the "archos" dir and they will appear in the sim
21:14:51_FireFly_no no i have defined a function
21:14:59Kohlrabik, thx
21:15:09CassandraSorry, never mind me.
21:15:29_FireFly_Cassandra: gwps.c:71
21:16:16_FireFly_in this function i do the check if the y-margin should be set to STATUSBAR_HIGHT or not
21:16:17CassandraYeah, I see it.
21:16:51_FireFly_but why it does work with the menu
21:16:52CassandraYou have an if construction that's almost certainly wrong.
21:17:35 Join Benacool [0] (
21:17:40CassandraErm, maybe not.
21:17:50_FireFly_it's right ;)
21:18:52Wettis it normal I can't compile the simulator with cygwin ?
21:19:03CassandraSometimes happens that way.
21:19:09_FireFly_when no %we or %wd tag is found then gloabl_settings.statusbar is used to determine if the y-margin should be set to STATUSBAR_HEIGHT or not
21:19:13BagderWett: no, it is buildable with cygwin
21:19:19Bagderand has been for years
21:19:21CassandraErase the directory and re-run configure.
21:19:31Wettthat's what i did
21:19:37Wetta fresh new cvs update
21:19:51Kohlrabisimulator crashed :\
21:20:05CassandraWhat's the difference between data->wps_sb_tag and data->show_sb_on_wps?
21:20:22Cassandrawett: Are you using the recommended gcc?
21:20:47Kohlrabi<Wett> is it normal I can't compile the simulator with cygwin ? | it doidnt work with gcc 3.3.3 for me
21:20:50amiconnAfair we don't recommend a specific gcc for sims
21:20:50KohlrabiTry the newest one
21:20:52Wetti'm using the devel environment
21:20:55Kohlrabi3.4.4.1 iirc
21:21:01Kohlrabioh, I see :\
21:21:04Bagderwhy didn't it work with 3.3.3?
21:21:11CassandraGood question.
21:21:22Kohlrabicompiling needed cc1
21:21:27Wettin fact it's looking for some /uisimulator directory it can't find
21:21:29BagderWett: the devkit is not really "cygwin", it is a stripped down cygwin
21:21:32KohlrabiWhich gcc 3.3.3 apparently didnt provide
21:21:45amiconnIt does
21:21:52BagderKohlrabi: that sounds like a broken gcc install, nothing else
21:21:55amiconncc1 is part of every gcc
21:22:07BagderWett: you need a uisimulator dir, yes
21:22:22Wettjust create it, empty ? lol, ok
21:22:34BagderWett: no, its the dir with the sim code
21:22:41Bagdercvs co uisimulator
21:22:59CassandraThat's true - if you've not checked it out, it certainly won't work.
21:23:16Wetthm <_< please excuse me.
21:24:37Kohlrabiah another question
21:24:52CtcpIgnored 3 channel CTCP requests in 3 minutes and 13 seconds at the last flood
21:24:52*amiconn had an idea how to speed up the 16bit lcd driver, especially the mono bitmap drawing
21:25:30CassandraDo tell.
21:25:39KohlrabiCan I put dummy err
21:25:50Kohlrabican I put dummy sound file sin the sim-dir?
21:25:58Kohlrabilike 0 byte oggs?
21:26:04CassandraYou're better off using a real one.
21:26:07Bagderyou can put whatever you want there
21:26:17KohlrabiThat I know
21:26:23CassandraOf course you could always make a file of 5 minutes of silence.
21:26:35KohlrabiThat'd be great
21:26:54CassandraAlthough John Cage may sue you if you do.
21:27:55CassandraBagder, he actually did do that to someone once when they co-credited him on a minute's silence on their album.
21:28:06BagderI read about it
21:28:35Bagder"I did silence first!"
21:30:05_FireFly_Cassandra: i found the problem
21:30:42Cassandra_FireFly_, me too, I think.
21:30:43_FireFly_it seams that the quickscreen doesn't reset the y-margin to 0 explicitly
21:30:55CassandraAh, right.
21:31:58CassandraI can tell you that I have the statusbar global on and a %wd tag in the WPS.
21:32:46_FireFly_me too
21:32:56 Join andy [0] (
21:33:23_FireFly_afaik the statusbar wasn't drawn in the old quickscreen
21:33:51andyXavierGr_: have you tried different ADC values?
21:34:07CassandraI think you're right, yes.
21:34:12andyXavierGr_: ADC gain in the recording options menu that is
21:34:14CassandraI'm not entirely sure it should be.
21:34:42 Quit DMJC-L (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
21:35:57 Join DMJC-L [0] (
21:36:15amiconn_FireFly_, Cassandra: Yes that's a change introduced with multiscreen support
21:36:46 Quit Acksaw ()
21:36:57_FireFly_amiconn: so the question is: should the statusbar be shown on quickscreen or not ??
21:37:10amiconn(Statusbar in quickscreens, in yes/no requests...)
21:37:31 Quit Benacool (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
21:37:43*Cassandra isn't sure.
21:37:49*amiconn neither
21:37:50CassandraBoth ways have advantages.
21:38:12CassandraHmm I think on balance we should go for status bar always visible.
21:38:25_FireFly_i think TiMiD has forgotten to explizitly set the y-margin to 0 as he has wrote the quickscreen and the yes/no request widget
21:38:28CassandraAlthough I could easily be persuaded the other way.
21:39:29*Cassandra swears. Why does my bdf file kill Xwindows when I open it up in fontforge?
21:40:06 Quit Philip ("bye everybody")
21:40:35_FireFly_i have noticed a other bug: if you have bookmark on stop set to ask the question is printed twice
21:40:55 Nick CheeseBurgerMan is now known as CBM-away (n=BurgerBo@
21:41:10amiconnThe quickscreen also has a bug, but only on iriver
21:41:22amiconnThe quickmode doesn't work quite right
21:41:33_FireFly_quickmode ??
21:41:36amiconnOn archos it's working fine
21:42:42_FireFly_amiconn: what is the quickmode ??
21:43:06amiconnThere are 2 modes of quickscreen operation:
21:44:00amiconn1. Normal mode: Press quickscreen button to bring it up, press left/right/down to adjust options, press quickscreen button again to leave
21:45:14amiconn2. Quickmode: Press & hold quickscreen button, press left/right/down to select options. Stop holding quickscreen button to leave
21:46:43_FireFly_amiconn: the problem is/was when you enter the quickscreen from the remote then the remote-buttons didn't work
21:46:55amiconnThat's another problem
21:48:05_FireFly_yepp but the fix for this problem might be break the second mode of the quickscreen
21:49:25amiconnHmm. The quickscreen doesn't seem to work at all on the remote
21:49:49amiconnI can bring it up, but I can't change a single option
21:49:59amiconn(either mode)
21:50:22_FireFly_this should be solved in the latest cvs
21:50:46amiconnHmpf, yes
21:50:54*amiconn didn't cvs up :/
21:51:16_FireFly_the problem was this "calc" key = button & ~button_enter
21:51:30 Join mashalla [0] (
21:51:46amiconnThis BUTTON_REMOTE business has to go
21:51:46_FireFly_this doesn't work for remote-buttons due the extra bit REMOTE_BUTTON
21:53:26amiconnHmm. Now it works from the remote, but only in normal mode
21:54:20_FireFly_yepp iirc someone has mentioned that key-combos doesn*t work with remote-buttons
21:54:48CassandraRight, my brain appears to have dried up.
21:54:50LinusNlet's kick BUTTON_REMOTE out the door and lock it
21:55:38_FireFly_LinusN: but then how do you know if a remote-button was pressed ?? because currently on two places this value is used to check
21:56:05LinusNwe can use a remote mask instead
21:56:06_FireFly_LinusN: #ifdef WPS_KEYLOCK
21:56:06_FireFly_ /* ignore non-remote buttons when keys are locked */
21:56:06_FireFly_ if (keys_locked &&
21:56:06DBUGEnqueued KICK _FireFly_
21:56:06_FireFly_ ! ((button < 0) ||
21:56:06_FireFly_ (button == BUTTON_NONE) ||
21:56:07***Alert Mode level 1
21:56:07_FireFly_ ((button & WPS_KEYLOCK) == WPS_KEYLOCK) ||
21:56:09_FireFly_ (button & BUTTON_REMOTE)
21:56:11_FireFly_ ))
21:56:13_FireFly_ {
21:56:15_FireFly_ if (!(button & BUTTON_REL))
21:56:17_FireFly_ display_keylock_text(true);
21:56:19_FireFly_ restore = true;
21:56:21_FireFly_ button = BUTTON_NONE;
21:56:23_FireFly_ }
21:56:25 Join Subterranean [0] (
21:56:29_FireFly_line 199
21:56:34LinusNBUTTON_REMOTE can be a mask with all the remote bits set
21:56:42_FireFly_and button.c:170
21:56:43amiconn_FireFly_: In theory, no button combos on the h1x0 will work other than those that use Play and/or Stop and *one* other button
21:57:03amiconnThe A-B + Left/Right/Down combo worked by chance with the old quickscreen,
21:57:04andyLinusN: great work with the 300! did you have to tweek the uda driver a lot?
21:57:20LinusNandy: not at all, just the reset
21:57:42andyLinusN: nice
21:57:58 Quit Wett (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
21:57:58amiconn_FireFly_: The WPS_KEYLOCK business is archos only, and we already discussed a better solution for soft keylock...
21:58:41_FireFly_amiconn: right i have somewhere the irc-log from this
21:58:48amiconnLinusN: Did you read about this more general soft keylock idea in the logs?
21:59:06BagderI would think other targets will get soft keylock too in the future
21:59:18Bagdernot that it changes anything right now
21:59:42 Join ender1 [0] (i=ychat@
22:00:15_FireFly_LinusN: if not then you can read the relevant parts here :
22:01:34 Quit Kohlrabi (Nick collision from services.)
22:01:37 Join Kohlriba [0] (
22:04:58 Join Musicmad [0] (
22:06:08***Alert Mode OFF
22:07:09 Join Benacool [0] (
22:07:13_FireFly_hmm strange the quickscreen-bug (statusbar isn't draw when entering it from wps and %wd is used) doesn't have to do that the margin isn't set correctly
22:07:41_FireFly_it is set correctly and gui_syncstatusbar_draw is also called
22:09:21CtcpIgnored 1 channel CTCP requests in 0 seconds at the last flood
22:09:21*amiconn wonders why his playlist is shuffled although shuffle is off :/
22:09:51Bagderdid you shut it off during playback?
22:10:01Bagdershuffle I mean
22:10:12BagderI think I had the reversed bug the other day
22:10:15amiconnI mean, it was off at the beginning
22:10:29amiconnThen I played around with the quickscreen (during playback)
22:11:15Bagderit was off, I started playing, enabled shuffle but it didn't play shuffled anyway
22:11:18amiconnThe playlist got shuffled but didn't unshuffle again
22:12:15 Quit ender` (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
22:15:06_FireFly_ah got it :)
22:15:55_FireFly_after i added gui_syncstatusbar_draw(&statusbars, true); before the while-loop now the statusbar is shown correctly when entering the quickscreen from wps and %wd is used
22:17:41_FireFly_currently the statusbar gets shown/updated when you change the shuffel or repeat option in thw quickscreen
22:20:40LearHm... Shouldn't the reset button reset an iRiver, and not just turn it off? I don't remember how it used to behave...
22:21:30preglowLear: correct
22:21:32Benacoolis it because of thanksgiving that they are no updates since yesterday on the daily update / irc logs ? ( sorry to interrupt you guys ^^' )
22:22:36 Join PresaGirl [0] (
22:23:16PresaGirlwas gibt's hier?
22:24:07wubblaPresaGirl: english speaking people!
22:24:31 Part PresaGirl
22:25:27 Quit matsl (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
22:26:07 Join DJDD_ [0] (
22:26:18muesli_-der zeig ich mal meine rockbox :D
22:26:32Benacoolen français c'est meiux ? (lol sorry ;-))
22:26:40 Join matsl [0] (
22:27:02Benacoolmieux plutôt ... je me fourvois dans ma propre langue !
22:27:04 Nick ender1 is now known as ender` (i=ychat@
22:27:18Maximec la polio, c tt ^^
22:27:40Benacoolla polio ?
22:28:06Maximeui, on apelle ca comme ca kan on inverse des lettres etc
22:28:16Benacoolah ...
22:28:23Maximepreglow: i've explained a 'french' expression for when people 'invert' some letters in a word or else..
22:28:29Maximelike "mpm" instead of "lol"
22:28:31Maximeor else..
22:28:34Benacoolhum i was saying if it is better in english lol
22:28:46Benacoolin french i mean lol
22:35:46Benacoolweel, Linus listenned aeorosmith on his h300... it goes faster than i thought, you make an awsome work guys!
22:36:13LinusN_FireFly_, amiconn: i like the softlock idea
22:36:34LinusNironically enough, that's pretty much how it worked when i first implemented it
22:37:00_FireFly_and why was it changed ??
22:37:17LinusNi think it was because people wanted to alter volume in the locked state
22:37:45 Part Musicmad
22:38:05amiconnLinusN: I've never seen this implemented??
22:38:26amiconn(The change-volume-while-locked I mean, and also your original lock implementation)
22:38:53_FireFly_"/* ignore non-remote buttons when keys are locked */"
22:39:00Sanitariumany new news?
22:39:02_FireFly_that is the comment for the current implementation
22:39:54amiconnThis just means that the lock doesn't affect the remote
22:40:00amiconn(which makes sense)
22:40:31LinusNamiconn: i believe it was button.c 1.5, but it seems it wasn't me doing that
22:40:43_FireFly_yepp but this should be also relative simple to implement with the "new" softlock idea
22:41:14amiconnThe iriver button driver even has to distinguish between 2 different locks
22:41:42 Quit paugh ("Leaving")
22:44:17 Quit DMJC (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
22:44:37 Join DMJC [0] (
22:44:58 Quit DMJC-L (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
22:47:26 Quit Hansmaulwurf ("( :: NoNameScript 3.81 :: )")
22:48:09_FireFly_amiconn: the 2. mode of the quickscreen works also on the iriver(only when mode-button on main-device is pressed) but after the quickscreen is left the button-handler returns a mode-button | BUTTON_REPEAT -> quickscreen is shown again
22:48:10amiconnLinusN: Now I know who added the dirty backlight_tick() call in button_tick() I removed recently ;)
22:48:38LinusNi'll kill that guy if i see him
22:48:39 Join ashridah [0] (
22:49:15amiconn_FireFly_: No it doesn't work correctly. The quickscreen immediately quits when using left/right/down even if I continue to hold A-B, then reappears after a fraction of a second
22:49:46 Quit matsl ("ERC Version 5.0 (CVS) $Revision: 1.776 $ (IRC client for Emacs)")
22:49:51_FireFly_it works if you release the button directly after you have pressed left/right/down
22:51:15_FireFly_the Problem is, that the button-handler returns a "<button> | BUTTON_REPEAT" when the "get_button"-fn is called
22:51:39 Quit DJDD_ ("Trillian (")
22:51:51_FireFly_because A-B is still hold
22:52:25amiconnIt should not quit as long as you hold A-B
22:52:42_FireFly_you misunderstand me
22:53:53 Quit Subterranean (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
22:54:36LearNow I know why "old" oggs crash on target (like, those encoded by pre 1.0-files)...
22:55:01_FireFly_if you hold A-B then press left/right/down -> the quickscreen is left but you hold still the A-B button so the next "get_button"-fn-call returns (BUTTON_MODE | BUTTON_REPEAT) -> so the screen is shown again
22:55:53_FireFly_but if you release the A-B button directly after you had pressed Left/right/down the quickscreen is only left
22:56:17 Join linuxstb [0] (
22:56:23amiconnYes, but the quickscreen should not exit as long as I continue to hold A_B
22:56:59_FireFly_ok now i know what do you mean
22:58:43_FireFly_it seams, if you press a other button when holding A-B then the button driver thinks that the A-B is released so he returns A-B/BUTTON_REL -> quickscreen is quit
23:00:18_FireFly_under iriver
23:00:18preglowLear: explain
23:02:55LinusN_FireFly_: of course it does
23:03:09 Join webguest52 [0] (
23:03:13LinusNA-B can't be combined with other buttons
23:03:14amiconnLinusN: If it does, then why did the quickscreen work before?
23:03:34LinusNi dunno
23:03:38amiconnI thought the driver would delay the release event somehow...
23:04:00***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
23:04:35amiconnLinusN: Do you want to try my optimised 16bit lcd driver and check whether it's faster?
23:04:48LinusNwhat did you do?
23:05:11amiconnBasically I changed the pixel functions to be less complex
23:05:16amiconnThey are called a lot
23:05:28amiconnThey now take an address instead of x and y
23:05:43amiconnSo the ydo not have to calculate the address everytime
23:06:09Learpreglow: Tremor tries to allocate 22 kB on the stack.
23:06:11LinusNi actually don't have time right now, but please submit a patch
23:06:16amiconnNow it works very similar to the grayscale lib buffered mode
23:07:14 Part webguest52
23:07:15Learpreglow: Done by a couple of alloca calls in sharedbook.c:book_init_decode.
23:08:04linuxstbLear: Can we change them to mallocs?
23:08:13 Quit NicoFR ()
23:08:16LearMaybe static buffers would work there (MALLOC_BUF isn't large enough for a conversion to malloc).
23:09:33LearTwo buffers on 11 kB would be enough for my test file. No idea if that is the max possible...
23:09:44linuxstbstatic buffers would probably be better anyway.
23:10:38linuxstbJust make their size a #define, and if possible make Tremor fail cleanly if a file needs larger buffers. This could stop a lot of the Ogg problems people are having.
23:10:51LearToo bad bss sections are "expanded" in plugins... :)
23:10:58preglowLear: wow....
23:11:57amiconnLear: The expanded bss section just increases the size of the binary, but makes no difference otherwise
23:12:27amiconnThe space is reserved anyway
23:13:01LearYes, I know that. Still, increasing the codec file by 20+ kB just like that feels a bit wrong. :)
23:13:02amiconn..but of course it would be better to leave out bss
23:13:09 Join Wett [0] (
23:14:28amiconnBtw, speaking about sizes: The current /.rockbox/wps dir for a H1x0 install consists of >200 files with a total data size of ~41 KB
23:14:39amiconnThey take 6.5 MB on my H140...
23:15:02amiconnLess than 1% actually used...
23:15:23linuxstbHas my ipod build gone insane, or have the icons been moved to the right-side of the screen in the file browser?
23:16:01_FireFly_the icons are on the left side :)
23:16:22_FireFly_at least on iriver h120
23:16:34preglowamiconn: then don't include it
23:16:42linuxstbIgnore me then, I must have broken my lcd driver...
23:17:02amiconnlinuxstb: iPod specific part or lcd-16bit?
23:17:23 Nick CBM-away is now known as CheeseBurgerMan (n=BurgerBo@
23:17:38linuxstbThe ipod lcd_update_rect
23:20:51andyanyone else noticed "Panic! Updating size on empty dir entry 5" (from fat.c) ? I repeatable get this when returning from USB mode when I have deleted a file in the root directory.
23:21:26Wetthm, I found that HZ, and so sleep is not accurate enough for my purpose. Does anyone knows if it's safe to modify HZ definition to 1000 ?
23:21:47_FireFly_andy have you "unmounted" the device cleanly ??
23:21:54andy_FireFly_: yes
23:22:44Wettamiconn: because to I need to sleep between two video frames, and this sleeping time is smtg like HZ/68
23:23:10amiconnsleep() will never be accurate enough for this to work
23:23:37amiconnsleep() only guarantees that the thread won't advance for *at least* the specified time
23:23:39preglowcan you use timer.c from a plugin?
23:23:39Wetterf, it's the best solution I found. U see something else I could try to get accuracy ?
23:24:24amiconnThat's what the user timer is for, and why both the grayscale library (archos and iriver) and video playback (archos only until now) use it
23:25:09amiconnpreglow: Guess why I implemented timer.c?
23:25:43preglowi didn't know plugins used it
23:25:48preglowthought grayscale lib was mostly what used it
23:25:53Wettok... So i'll try it.
23:26:01amiconnYes, and the grayscale lib is to be linked against plugins
23:26:12preglowyes, of course it is
23:26:15preglowforgot that
23:26:39amiconnOn archos there are two other plugins apart from the grayscale ones that use the timer
23:26:50amiconnOne is video.rock, the other is metronome.rock
23:27:08 Quit CheeseBurgerMan (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
23:28:20LearHrm, maybe I shouldn't bother commiting the fix. Playback isn't realtime anyway. :/
23:28:32preglowfor old files?
23:28:36 Join CheeseBurgerMan [0] (n=BurgerBo@
23:28:54LearYes, and the codec hangs on exit too.
23:28:56preglowfloor0 files?
23:29:14 Join Subterranean [0] (
23:29:22preglowwhich reminds me
23:29:24Lear(Triggering an iRiver boot, interestingly enough. Assuming I didn't accidentally pressed record... :)
23:29:27amiconnLinusN: Patch tracker? dcc?
23:29:27preglowi really need to get this musepack stuff commited
23:29:37LearYes, floor0.
23:29:49LinusNamiconn: patch tracker
23:30:14preglowLear: perhaps we should just not support floor0 files
23:30:28preglowi don't feel like using precious iram to make them work faster
23:30:52Learare we that short on iram?
23:31:04preglowbut still
23:31:15preglowyou'll almost _never_ bump into a floor0 file
23:31:22amiconnHmm, wasn't the remote support for delete screen already committed?
23:31:29 Join DJDD_ [0] (
23:31:32amiconnThe patch in the tracker is still marked open...
23:32:01LearHm... Should actually be fairly simple to detect in metadata too... :)
23:32:37preglowbut then again
23:32:40amiconnOkay, patch closed
23:32:46preglowi thought floor 1 files were slower to decode than floor 0
23:33:36_FireFly_amiconn: one or two already commitd patches on tracker are also not closed
23:34:40_FireFly_amiconn: e.g. the wps-widget
23:36:06Learpreglow: there are a couple of data arrays in floor0 not in iram, maybe that explains some...
23:37:12LearThey do seem to be fairly heavily used in one function.
23:37:13amiconn_FireFly_: closed.
23:37:52 Quit mashalla ()
23:38:05LearSmall though, something like 250 bytes.
23:40:44preglowLear: well, feel free to try it out
23:40:50preglowa damn pity tremor is so slow
23:43:00linuxstbTremor is only using 32KB of iram at the moment...
23:43:23LearNope, that didn't do much. Part of the floor0 function have an arm version, btw.
23:44:25 Quit DJDD_ ("Trillian (")
23:45:29Lear(The function I'm talking about is vorbis_lsp_to_curve...)
23:46:31 Quit Amar ("CGI:IRC")
23:47:29 Join andrew [0] (
23:48:13andrewBagder my buddy im back
23:48:14 Nick CheeseBurgerMan is now known as CBM-away (n=BurgerBo@
23:48:48andrewsoo anyone here
23:49:32andrewBagder I found something and just wondering
23:49:39 Quit Lear ("Chatzilla [Firefox 1.5/undefined]")
23:50:18_FireFly_good night everybody
23:50:26 Part andy
23:50:32 Quit _FireFly_ ("Leaving")
23:51:50 Join Jungti1234 [0] (n=jungti12@
23:54:00 Quit andrew ("CGI:IRC (EOF)")
23:58:01 Quit Jungti1234 ("Bye Bye~")

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