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#rockbox log for 2005-11-26

00:00:03Bagderno, rockbox is a gift from aliens
00:00:12 Join bobwise [0] (
00:00:16Bagderwe're just poster boys
00:00:23preglowpretty ones at that
00:00:43preglowlinuxstb: what's been done to it?
00:02:27tucozBagder, no, what I meant was the Rockbox isn't re-written archos fw from scratch . It is _written_ by you from scratch.
00:02:33 Join linuxstb_ [0] (
00:03:05Bagdertucoz: well, its a matter of definition and interpretation of terms I guess
00:03:09tucozI can't think and express myself clear today. I think it's time to hit the sack.
00:03:30linuxstb_preglow: I fixed my copy and paste mistake and renamed some vars to make them more meaningful (to me at least).
00:04:02preglowlinuxstb_: well, i can't see any reason to not commit it
00:04:13lamedquestion: don't you think that pixel buffering had went to the side of 'too low quality just for speed"? (h100). just take a high-res image to see what i mean.
00:05:02linuxstb_preglow: OK. Just wanted to check I didn't break the Nano.
00:05:47lamedbagder: i've just now realized why i simply don't let the compiler run unto those "=====" "<<<<<<" marks. using p3 800, it takes about 15-30 secs until it crashes...
00:06:21Bagderlamed: use my script then after doing cvs update
00:06:41Bagderit shows what files that had conflicts
00:07:59lamedah, then that will take time to run... what will i get furher then going through the cvs update log?
00:08:29Bagdernot having to manually scan the log
00:08:39 Quit bobwise ("CGI:IRC (EOF)")
00:08:42Bagderbut you do as you please
00:09:46preglowlinuxstb_: woot, the backlight turned off when the unit tries to switch off now
00:09:50 Nick CBM-away is now known as CheeseBurgerMan (n=BurgerBo@
00:10:27linuxstb_preglow: I noticed that. Probably a side-effect of amiconn's recent backlight changes.
00:10:56preglowbut okies, i'll deal with this musepack nastiness, then return to ipod coding
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00:14:06ghode|afkbah finish the EQ first, you know you want to ;p
00:14:46DMJCEQ before what?
00:15:07 Part tucoz ("Leaving")
00:15:20preglowghode|afk: eq comes soon as well
00:15:35preglowi'll probably commit a peaking filter only eq in not too long
00:15:43preglowshelving filters need more work
00:16:27lamedis someone corrently working on splitting the main/remote lcds view?
00:18:10Moosmore indepandent you mean? like possibility of multi fonts...?
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00:19:33 Join WarrenLeyes [0] (
00:19:38lamedmoos: you've wrote the list widget, correct?
00:19:51preglowthat was timid
00:19:53Moosis TiMiD
00:20:18WarrenLeyesanyone w/ h340 notice alot of flicker on your lcd
00:20:44lamedi was talking about splitting the view... being able to view the wps with the one lcd and the filetree with the other, etc.
00:21:33Moosthe man to ask is TiMiD, but aparently isn't around
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00:22:32preglowlamed: that requires substantial changes
00:24:58preglowwindows is a _lot_ faster in setting usb devices up for use
00:25:03preglowthan linux, that is
00:25:15WarrenLeyesI thing the flickering on my screen is being caused by the counting down of time remaining ?? aprox. 2-3 flashes per second
00:25:18Moosneed to sleep, have a good night @ all
00:25:30 Quit Moos ("Glory to Rockbox")
00:25:30WarrenLeyesanyone know for sure
00:26:36preglowok, this is weird, if i keep the decoder struct in iram, it crashes on track changes, if i don't, it doesn't crash
00:27:13schnittn2005preglow may i ask something`?
00:27:29 Join Membrillo [0] (
00:27:51lamedof course. preglow, but it's very readily to be made now with list.c, (and almost everything else - the remote wps screen or whatever), you already have control on every screen. i was just wondering if that is something i can start working on, or there's no point because someone way superior then me is working on it.
00:28:08preglowschnittn2005: sure
00:28:27lamedgj on the reduce ticking patch. how did i missed that? - solved my remote ticking problem.
00:28:31preglowlamed: no, no ones is planning that at all. you also need two button drivers for everything, btw
00:28:43schnittn2005preglow , do you think that itll be possible to seek within mpc files one day?
00:28:53preglowschnittn2005: yes, once the musepack people designs a new file format
00:28:58schnittn2005i see
00:29:16preglowschnittn2005: there's very little we can do with the hardware resources we have
00:29:26schnittn2005so i wont be able to seek within my current mpc´s, thouigh
00:29:28 Join muesli__ [0] (
00:29:33preglowschnittn2005: but keep nagging the musepack people to finish their sv8 format, i'd also like seeking support
00:29:37preglowschnittn2005: that's correct
00:30:05schnittn2005okay... ill keep on encoding in vorbis, anayway
00:30:31preglowyeah, i use vorbis myself
00:30:36preglowbut i'd really like to switch to musepack
00:30:38 Quit dpassen1 (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
00:30:44 Join Paul_The_Nerd [0] (
00:30:45preglowbut no seeking is a bit of a showstopper for me
00:31:27schnittn2005preglow, i think its quite good (vorbis) and with q5 you can save space and its sounds great. what do you think?
00:31:44schnittn2005sorry, i messed this sentence up ;)
00:32:03Paul_The_NerdWhat does the remote ticking patch do? As in, why is it an option, rather than always on?
00:32:39Paul_The_NerdMy remote got damaged, and my new one has the tick. :(
00:32:46schnittn2005im sorry bothering you, preglow.....
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00:33:17lamedpaul_the_nerd, if you have it, use the option. if you don't - don
00:33:40Paul_The_NerdYeah, I'm using it now.
00:33:54lamed't. it might waste some cpu power=less battery / longer lcd update time.
00:34:15lamedare you sure that it was the remote?
00:34:34Paul_The_NerdWell, I didn't used to have the problem. I do now. The only change was a a new build of rockbox, and a new remote.
00:34:35preglowschnittn2005: i use q5 myself, and it's quite enough for most tracks
00:35:02preglowschnittn2005: i think the encode errors of musepack sound a lot better than those in vorbis, so i'd like to switch
00:35:23schnittn2005encode errors?
00:35:31preglowwell, yeah, artifacts
00:35:37 Join leftright [0] (
00:35:47WarrenLeyesthis is prob.. a stupid question but is it possable on the .wps to build it in layers ??
00:35:49schnittn2005i see... well.... i never rellay realized some in vorbis
00:35:59ashridahPaul_The_Nerd: the remote ticking fix uses more cpu power, thats why it's not always on
00:36:06preglowschnittn2005: i hear some occasionally
00:36:42preglowbut this bug is starting to annoy me
00:36:49preglowwhy the hell should it matter if data is in iram or not
00:36:59Paul_The_Nerdpreglow: why not wavpack, out of curiousity?
00:37:01preglowthere must be some conflict going on here
00:37:06preglowPaul_The_Nerd: because it's lossless?
00:37:14schnittn2005its maybe just "normal". a matter of the bitrate
00:37:24 Quit DMJC (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
00:37:26preglowPaul_The_Nerd: wavpack is my lossless format of choice, but i don't use lossless very often
00:37:39Paul_The_NerdIt also has a lossly mode...
00:38:07preglowPaul_The_Nerd: yeah, but the lossy mode is really high bitrate, and gives lots of background noise
00:38:15 Join DMJC [0] (
00:38:33Paul_The_NerdI haven't used it really.
00:38:39preglowi've tried it, but not much more
00:39:08Paul_The_NerdI'm trying to figure out what the best format would be for me to convert my Audible audiobooks to.
00:39:24preglowaren't audible books really just mp3?
00:39:27preglowwith encryption
00:39:39Paul_The_NerdWell, the "Quality 4" ones are
00:39:42Paul_The_Nerd1 and 2 are something else
00:39:47 Quit Kyl3 ()
00:39:48Paul_The_NerdI'm not sure about 3 off the top of my head
00:39:58preglowah, yeah, they're acelp, i think
00:40:02preglowwhich is something completely different
00:40:03preglowmore like speex
00:40:03Paul_The_NerdYeah, that's it.
00:40:29leftrightSlasheri: you around ?
00:40:35Paul_The_NerdSo would the best choice be to transcode them back to MP3?
00:40:49Paul_The_NerdSadly, I haven't found a way to strip the encryption without transcoding.
00:40:58preglowPaul_The_Nerd: that would be optimal
00:41:07preglowPaul_The_Nerd: if you need to transcode, it doesn't matter, just use a format you like
00:41:11leftrightgot another playback bug
00:41:16leftrightwith dir cache, follow playlist, follow directories enabled, the player repeated the last song in a file 3 times then said it was loading next but froze, had to reset player to get it to react.
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00:42:08 Join DMJC-L [0] (
00:42:14preglowamiconn: you around?
00:42:17lamedgtg all. preglow: i'll have internet access only tommorw night/ the next day's noon.. so yo've got some time away from me...
00:42:18WarrenLeyesrockboy I dea !!! has anyone tried to port "Virtualboy" over ?
00:42:27Paul_The_Nerdpreglow: They're 32kbps MP3s, CBR I think. I'm just worried about them sounding even worse.
00:42:35preglowPaul_The_Nerd: they probably will
00:42:38preglowlamed: have nice one
00:42:49 Quit muesli_- (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
00:43:03 Quit lamed ("CGI:IRC")
00:43:20MembrilloWarrenLeyes: a gameboy emulator is already available and is called Rockboy
00:43:40Paul_The_NerdI'm sure they will, preglow. I was just trying to figure out the best plan for minimal pain to my ears.
00:43:54MembrilloWarrenLeyes: Virtualboy is gameboy isnt it?
00:44:01Paul_The_NerdVirtualboy is the VR headset
00:44:06WarrenLeyesI know ... but the prob w/ rockboy a) runs at half speed and lack of color support
00:44:08Paul_The_NerdIt did NOT do well
00:44:33Paul_The_NerdIt had some interesting ideas, but the red on black color scheme, and the refresh rate led to headaches. Very quickly.
00:44:51 Part leftright
00:44:52 Quit paugh (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
00:44:56preglowWarrenLeyes: it's not so much a specific emulator issue, if we ported virtualboy, that probably would run slow as well
00:45:03WarrenLeyesI was talking to a few ppl about virtualboy and think it may run better then rockboy
00:45:10preglowWarrenLeyes: we just need someone to work on rockboy, and it'll work fine
00:46:38MembrilloPaul_The_Nerd: yeah it was a VR headset console which wasnt releaed by nintendo in the end, but its also a very popular Gameboy emulator
00:47:01preglowok, ok, so i use 48 992 bytes of iram, there are still some bytes left!!
00:47:05WarrenLeyesand open source
00:47:12 Quit muesli- (Connection timed out)
00:47:20Paul_The_NerdIt was released by nintendo, Membrillo
00:47:28Paul_The_NerdYou can still find them at second hand stores.
00:47:46Membrillowas it released? oh ok. I thought they didnt.
00:48:05WarrenLeyesmind you I dont care if i can play games on it or not .... Long as I get ogg on it i will be happy.... soon i hope my h340 will have it
00:48:08MembrilloWarrenLeyes: Why would we start porting a new emulator though, when rockboy is half completed
00:51:07WarrenLeyeshey i'm just throwing ideas out there ... c if we can get something solid going
00:51:24linuxstb_WarrenLeyes: Do you have a URL for virtualboy?
00:51:27ashridahWarrenLeyes: rockboy's limitations come from lack of effort, not from lack of capability.
00:51:49WarrenLeyesyea ... hold ...brb
00:51:54ashridahthe biggest problem, admittedly, was the sucky commenting in the source tho
00:52:00ashridahso if virtualboy is better there, it might be worth considering
00:52:54linuxstb_Rockboy only uses about 32KB of IRAM at the moment. I'm sure the extra 16KB plugins now have would help.
00:53:07Membrilloofftopic quick Q: Has pre-HDD-loading USB been implemented for h3xx yet?
00:54:04Membrilloi mean, connecting to USB priot to loading up the Hard Drive
00:54:34Paul_The_NerdStill v1 bootloader.
00:54:55Membrilloyeah, but does v1 allow USB before loading the HDD?
00:54:57 Quit tim66 (Read error: 113 (No route to host))
00:54:59 Join TCK [0] (
00:55:05Paul_The_NerdI don't think so, from what I've heard.
00:55:30Membrillodang it. Anyone know for sure?
00:56:59Paul_The_NerdWell, it's not a good idea to install it right now, whether it does or doesn't.
00:58:31Membrillofair enough
00:59:17WarrenLeyessorry my bad its called visualboy ...just searching my player files ...have the url for it in there
00:59:31Paul_The_NerdThat's a GBA emulator primarily
00:59:54Membrilloyeah, visual boy. Thats right
00:59:58AnInternetUserthe best GB emulator is no$gmb
01:00:03AnInternetUserits probably the most efficient too
01:00:13preglowAnInternetUser: yeah, but that's written with lots of x86 assembler
01:00:15Paul_The_NerdI dunno
01:00:17Membrillono$gmb is definitely terrific. Is it open source?
01:00:29mofoGXprolly not
01:00:31AnInternetUseri dont know anything about how this stuff works
01:00:36 Nick CheeseBurgerMan is now known as CBM-away (n=BurgerBo@
01:00:38Membrillopreglow: is that bad?
01:00:45AnInternetUserbut isnt there some way to convert it to assembly?
01:00:48preglowMembrillo: for us, yes, means we need to rewrite much
01:00:58 Quit DMJC (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
01:01:04 Join muesli_- [0] (
01:01:33AnInternetUservba isnt worth it
01:01:33preglowi don't think nocash emus come with source
01:02:57AnInternetUserthen the only hope would be to ask that guy to help... and he won't
01:02:58 Join webguest36 [0] (
01:03:08AnInternetUserhe's not going to give it away probably
01:04:10 Part linuxstb_
01:04:11 Quit CBM-away (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
01:04:38***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
01:04:41 Join CBM-away [0] (n=BurgerBo@
01:05:23WarrenLeyessomewhere on the
01:06:01 Quit CBM-away (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
01:06:04AnInternetUserthe no$gmb source code?
01:06:34 Join CBM-away [0] (n=BurgerBo@
01:10:30WarrenLeyesanyways back to why i first came in today ... can the wps be built in layers?? example placing the total track time and time remaining on a seperate layer?
01:11:01WarrenLeyesthen the rest of the information on screen
01:11:26Membrillodon't quite understand what you mean....
01:11:40WarrenLeyeshold on ...
01:12:24AnInternetUserwarren was the no$gmb source somewhere or were you talking about something else
01:12:37preglowWarrenLeyes: why'd you want that?
01:13:05ashridahi seriously doubt no$gmb's source exists in the wild, and if it did, i doubt it'd be legal for rockbox to incorporate it as a plugin
01:13:06WarrenLeyespreglow: think it is causing the major flickering on my lcd
01:13:27ashridahgiven that it's a commercial product that requires a license key to stop being nagware
01:13:43WarrenLeyes2-3 times per second ... same line as the time remaining for the current mp3 playing
01:13:45Mark_no$gb is highly crippled shareware
01:13:58AnInternetUserwell no$gmb is old now
01:14:06AnInternetUserso i don't know why he wouldnt be willing to release it
01:14:20Mark_because idiots still send him money occasionally?
01:14:31Mark_becuase he put time effort and money into it?
01:14:42AnInternetUseri know someone who sent him money and got nothing back
01:14:43Mark_becuase he used code that wasnt his either
01:14:56Mark_well then he could be a dick
01:15:10Mark_so very unlikely to release source
01:15:44AnInternetUseryeah i see...
01:15:48WarrenLeyesi have an emmu somewhere on my pc that i downloaded via torrent there was a doc with it about using it ... and it was open source ...i will need to search for it 2 night when i get home
01:15:48 Join dpassen1 [0] (
01:16:08AnInternetUserso is the goal to make some emulator to run at realtime most efficiently?
01:16:10ashridahthe guy seems to be a bit of a dick
01:16:10 Quit muesli__ (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
01:16:16Mark_gnuboy has been ported to rockbox BTW
01:16:25Mark_plays GBC and GB games
01:16:38AnInternetUserbut isnt that the thing thats real slow?
01:16:50ashridahAnInternetUser: because it's not finished.
01:16:55Mark_it needs optimised
01:17:08Mark_as would any code after porting to a fixed point math processor
01:17:10AnInternetUserif i knew what you were doing i would want to help
01:17:17ashridahchanging to another emulator isn't goign to solve the problem, we're STILL not going to have anyone interested in actually working on it
01:17:27WarrenLeyesmind you i dont think its possable to get an emu to run at a good speed on the players
01:18:00AnInternetUserit has to be possible imo... gb's did it
01:18:02Mark_the rockbox guys will be lucky to get realtime out of it on the 140mhz coldfire cpu
01:18:09ashridahWarrenLeyes: rockboy's fairly close, it's just that some fairly major optimisations never got finished, and the guy's no longer interested in working on it, by the looks of it.
01:18:27AnInternetUserso wheres this source?
01:18:33Mark_i think he might be interested after he finished the EQ hes coding now
01:18:35ashridahAnInternetUser: gameboys didn't have to EMULATE their own cpu
01:18:47WarrenLeyesbut not running it through an emu.... they built there system for it not try to convert it
01:18:57AnInternetUserdoes anyone mind giving a link to the source of rockboy?
01:19:11preglowit's in cvs
01:19:13ashridahAnInternetUser: rockboy itself is in CVS. gnuboy, on which it is based is elsewhere
01:19:16 Quit Kohlriba ("Leaving")
01:19:28ashridah or something
01:19:50AnInternetUserok... what i really don't get is how to make something compatible with rockbox
01:19:55Mark_if i seemed like i was talking as if this was some other channel who didnt know about rockbox its because i thought this was #ipodlinux and we were talking about that
01:19:57Mark_im tired
01:20:10Mark_and my monitor is at too high a res for this time of day :P
01:20:38WarrenLeyesLOL at AnInternetUser
01:20:57Mark_by sacrificing virgins and stuff
01:21:01linuxstbThe ipodlinux people have got iBoy (their own port of gnuboy).
01:21:05Mark_voodoo etc
01:21:15*preglow tears hair out
01:21:25*Mark_ hands preglow a wig
01:21:33AnInternetUserso ipod will get all this stuff too?
01:21:42ashridahAnInternetUser: basically, one needs to move from libC to rockboy's plugin interface, and reimplement all of the screen drawing
01:21:42WarrenLeyesso are we anycloser to audio today then yesterday?
01:21:48Mark_on what?
01:21:48WarrenLeyesfor h300
01:22:00Mark_certainly more than 2 days ago
01:22:27ashridahAnInternetUser: user input handling too
01:22:41ashridahrockboy also added a context menu so it can save the game state
01:22:55WarrenLeyesgoing through the settings on my h300 and cannt wait to get some sound to test out some of the NEW OPTIONS
01:24:41ashridahAnInternetUser: all of this involves knowing a good deal about how the original software works, and what functionality rockbox provides to plugins, via an exposed set of API's (functions and data structures)
01:24:41 Quit RotAtoR (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
01:24:43WarrenLeyesthe game save state is ok ... didn't work 2 times for me today ... where I DID save but it didn't
01:25:05ashridahWarrenLeyes: it seems to require two triggers to save. i will say again that rockboy was never finished
01:25:19AnInternetUserso how is this optimization supposed to double the speed
01:25:20 Join RotAtoR [0] (
01:25:32WarrenLeyesI do know the status of rockboy
01:26:06ashridahAnInternetUser: doubling the speed is probably unlikely.
01:26:17preglowashridah: i wouldn't say that
01:26:46AnInternetUserso basically realtime speed is never going to happen
01:26:48ashridahbut basically, the original porter was working on dynamic recompilation and some other features, where common bits of nintendo's gameboy library that most games used is replaced with optimised native code.
01:27:01preglowAnInternetUser: i think it is, if someone decides to work on it
01:27:10ashridahAnInternetUser: given how close it is now, i doubt it NEEDS doubling to become realtime
01:27:20*ashridah remembers how slow it was when it first ran :)
01:27:28AnInternetUserso someone is actually working on it?
01:27:29preglowi think it might need doubling, and then some
01:27:36WarrenLeyesi dont think it needs 2 triggers.... hell ive been playing the damn thing on my h300 for the last few days at work and at home .... saving and loading w/ very few probs
01:27:55preglowthere's sound to be generated as well
01:28:06preglowcurrently it only runs at 11khz, not exactly excellent quality
01:28:15WarrenLeyespreglow ?? for ??
01:28:21WarrenLeyesi missed something
01:28:30AnInternetUserdoes the gameboy run at 22khz?
01:28:34 Quit ender` (No route to host)
01:28:44AnInternetUserno, like the gb emulators
01:28:48ashridahAnInternetUser: no, audio does.
01:28:56AnInternetUserthats what i meant
01:29:06AnInternetUserso the AUDIO runs at 22 khz
01:29:35Paul_The_NerdThe gameboy had a what, 8mhz processor?
01:29:41 Quit _DangerousDan (Connection timed out)
01:29:59AnInternetUserwhat does iriver have
01:30:32preglow124 :-)
01:30:40*ashridah isn't sure what the audio output at
01:30:56AnInternetUserthis has to be possible then...
01:31:03AnInternetUserprobably i should just check back in a year
01:31:07preglowwell, first of all, you can't just look at the cpu speed
01:31:09AnInternetUserand maybe it will be up to 50%
01:31:13WarrenLeyesh300 =140 MHz
01:31:14preglowthere's also a video processor that needs to be emulated
01:31:17preglowand a sound processor
01:31:21preglowWarrenLeyes: we can't run it at 140
01:31:24Paul_The_NerdAnInternetUser, it's running at more than 50% already
01:31:36WarrenLeyesi nkow
01:31:43Paul_The_NerdAt least... it was.
01:31:50Paul_The_NerdI know that Bejeweled seems to have slowed recently.
01:32:02Paul_The_NerdIt may be possible that other plugins have too, or something, I dunno.
01:32:17AnInternetUserso does anyone have any news about music?
01:33:02Paul_The_NerdI bet there'll be an announcement on the front page when music happens, much like there was for the H1x0 series. Just a guess though.
01:33:27AnInternetUseris mp3 still going to be the recommended format?
01:33:37WarrenLeyesi wish i knew .... i keep whaiting for a cvs report in mail email to pop up and yell "WE HAVE FULL AUDIO SUPPORT!!!!!"
01:33:38preglowwe've got a recommended format?
01:33:55AnInternetUseraren't the other ones going to be worse on battery life?
01:34:21preglownot really, musepack is turning out pretty well, flac is good, wavpack is good
01:34:29Paul_The_NerdMany people would pick other formats despite the battery life loss, because they prefer sound quality, and don't ever use up their battery anyway?
01:34:35ashridahpreglow: shorten has like 2-3% cpu boost ratio iirc
01:34:45preglowdidn't test shorten yet
01:34:45ashridahmost lossless codecs run really well
01:35:04AnInternetUserhow about lossy stuff like mpc
01:35:19AnInternetUserthat doesnt seem like it would be too tough on batteries
01:35:37WarrenLeyesis there anything better then OGG ??? I don't care about file size
01:35:56markunwavpack if you don't care about the size
01:35:59WarrenLeyesI luv ogg but am always looking for better
01:36:00markunor flac
01:36:23AnInternetUserogg kills the batteries so much... well at least in the iriver firmware
01:36:32preglowWarrenLeyes: flac is very fast now
01:36:36preglowWarrenLeyes: the fastest codec we have
01:36:41WarrenLeyesLOL that it does
01:36:51ashridahpreglow: again, i think shorten's taken that throne
01:37:02preglowfor lossy codecs, musepack might be one of the faster ones, once i get this bug fixed
01:37:07preglowashridah: i thought you said it boosted
01:37:12preglowashridah: flac never boosts
01:37:22AnInternetUserogg must be able to get 10 hrs of battery life ;)
01:37:26WarrenLeyesic ... but a pain to download(torrent) i bet, lack of support
01:37:40markunAnInternetUser: buy a bigger battery, they cost close to nothing
01:37:54ashridahpreglow: ah, well, i stand corrected.
01:38:13AnInternetUseri would actually prefer to buy a bigger hard drive and stick to mp3
01:38:14ashridahWarrenLeyes: then stop stealing music :)
01:38:14preglowashridah: linuxstb even did a special build of rockbox that ran at 30 mhz, it never boosted then either
01:38:38WarrenLeyeshell i built 3 external battery packs that use rechargables ... i will never run out of power
01:38:42AnInternetUserwell if you like flacs you can always sign up at
01:38:59ashridahpreglow: uh, flac just boosted here
01:39:06Paul_The_NerdSo, if FLAC is the 'fastest' does that also mean that it offers the best battery life?
01:39:09preglowashridah: wut?
01:39:19preglowashridah: 44.1khz?
01:39:25ashridahpreglow: i just watched the audio thread. it just boosted while reading data.
01:39:26 Join DMJC [0] (
01:39:28WarrenLeyesi liked mp3 untill i heard the same track in OGG (WOW) night and day
01:39:35preglowashridah: haha, well of course
01:39:38linuxstbashridah: Yes, but that's the playback code boosting the CPU, not FLAC.
01:39:41preglowashridah: the reading routine always boosts
01:39:48AnInternetUserwell if you encode mp3's right they are just as good as ogg
01:40:00preglowPaul_The_Nerd: linuxstb got a good 13 hours out of flac on a standard battery
01:40:04linuxstbWait until the buffer has been filled, then enter the debug screen. You won't see it boost.
01:40:06AnInternetUseroggs are supposedly transparent at a lower bitrate though
01:40:06preglowPaul_The_Nerd: which is very good, imho
01:40:06ashridahbah ;)
01:40:13ashridahnot good enough ;)
01:40:16Paul_The_NerdAye, preglow.
01:40:22Paul_The_NerdNot that it matters, I usually only need about 4-5 hours of batterly life at a time anyway
01:40:45AnInternetUsermy battery is screwed now though
01:40:52AnInternetUsermaybe i should buy a good new one
01:40:55DreamTactix291AnInternetUser: the difference of bitrate where transparency happens between vorbis and LAME is extremely small
01:41:03WarrenLeyesI need 8 to 9 hrs a shot
01:41:03DreamTactix291Vorbis scales down to lower bitrates much better
01:41:05ashridahpreglow: 13 hours is excellent given the bitrate of the files, and how often it'd need to spin up the disk
01:41:06Paul_The_NerdAnInternetUser: Also, bitrate is roughly equivalent to file size per minute, so since you can get better sound quality at lower bitrates, you can store more oggs in the same space vs equivalent sounding MP3s.
01:41:07linuxstbMy 13-hour FLAC test was on an album that averaged about 950kbps.
01:41:13WarrenLeyesit does
01:41:25DreamTactix291i should test WavPack
01:41:26AnInternetUseryes i know thats the advantage
01:41:32DreamTactix291since that's what all my lossless is in
01:41:41Paul_The_NerdI tend to just use Lossless anyway. Don't own that much music, and the OCRemixes are all already MP3s
01:42:00Paul_The_NerdAnd I'm hoping if/when speex is implemented it'll offer a good choice for my audiobooks
01:42:25AnInternetUserbut for transparency whats the difference between ogg and mp3
01:42:26WarrenLeyeshell thats why we have all these options of codecs now .... each to ones own it power to run a long time or Sound for the purists
01:42:30AnInternetUserlike 30 kb/s?
01:42:32DreamTactix291speex on a portable would own
01:42:44DreamTactix291AnInternetUser: about 15kbps for metal
01:42:45DreamTactix291sometimes 20
01:42:46WarrenLeyesmind you i dontmind vbr
01:42:56AnInternetUserhow about mpc
01:42:57AnInternetUseris that better?
01:42:58DreamTactix291that's just because of the sfb21 issue with mp3
01:43:04DreamTactix291musepack is about the same as vorbis
01:43:08Paul_The_NerdSpeex doesn't have an integerized library yet, though DreamTactix291, and I understand that's the most major hurdle.
01:43:10DreamTactix291assuming aoTuV
01:43:21AnInternetUserand whats the numbers
01:43:21WarrenLeyesi need to read up on musepack
01:43:26AnInternetUser175 or so?
01:43:29DreamTactix291rough guess for me
01:43:33preglowPaul_The_Nerd: speex does have a partially integerezied library
01:43:34DreamTactix291175-180 for vorbis and mpc
01:43:38DreamTactix291190-200 for LAME
01:43:43DreamTactix291over all genres averaged together
01:43:46DreamTactix291for most people
01:43:51AnInternetUserso v2 is good?
01:44:06AnInternetUseri did everything at v0 being paranoid and too lazy to test
01:44:12DreamTactix291LAME 3.97b1 -V2 −−vbr-new is the recommended line at now
01:44:32DreamTactix291my solution is different
01:44:32AnInternetUseri still don't trust vbr-new
01:44:42AnInternetUseri am a skeptic on that
01:44:49DreamTactix291−−vbr-new as of 3.97 is of equal or higher quality than −−vbr-old and faster
01:44:58DreamTactix291it's only faster because it takes fewer steps to do the same thing
01:45:10DreamTactix291listening tests have proven −−vbr-new is safe now
01:45:19AnInternetUserwhere is this hydrogenaudio link
01:45:29AnInternetUserthat would make me so happy
01:45:33DreamTactix291look for guruboolez's listening tests
01:45:43AnInternetUserno more slow encoding/high file sizes
01:45:52DreamTactix291trust me on this :)
01:46:01AnInternetUserlol i just encoded an album
01:46:04AnInternetUserwith tracks at 270
01:46:29AnInternetUserbut how about 3.98
01:46:38AnInternetUseris that worse or something
01:46:41AnInternetUseror just not confirmed
01:47:01DreamTactix291it's alpha
01:47:11DreamTactix291right now its not fundamentally much different from 3.97b
01:47:23AnInternetUseris that a transparency test?
01:47:26AnInternetUseror just at low bitrates
01:47:35AnInternetUseri can't find a high bitrate test for vbr-new vs old
01:47:59DreamTactix291well i remember reading one by guruboolez
01:48:08DreamTactix291where −−vbr-new was consistently better than vbr-old
01:49:14 Quit webguest36 ("CGI:IRC (EOF)")
01:50:01DreamTactix291faster doesn't mean lower quality necessarily
01:50:12DreamTactix291vbr-new simply just takes fewer steps
01:50:42AnInternetUseri found something about –athaa-sensitivity
01:50:58DreamTactix291only useful for -V5 and below
01:51:11AnInternetUserso if i was going to use v2
01:51:16AnInternetUserwould that be recommended?
01:51:24DreamTactix291-V2 −−vbr-new
01:51:29AnInternetUserthats all?
01:51:30DreamTactix291using 3,97b1
01:51:44AnInternetUserhow about the Q value
01:51:48DreamTactix291leave it alone
01:52:19AnInternetUserok... i was under the impression that q0 saved a bit of file space
01:52:22DreamTactix291basically with LAME you never want to mess with anything but the basic -Vn and −−vbr-new
01:52:32DreamTactix291well until 3.97 they were broken for -q0 and -q1
01:52:35DreamTactix291and caused ringing sometimes
01:52:44DreamTactix291and -q2 and -q3 are non ABXable
01:52:47DreamTactix291so they default to 3
01:52:59DreamTactix291for −−vbr-new -q0 through -q3 produce bit identical output
01:53:06DreamTactix291err -q0 through -q4
01:53:31AnInternetUserand the default is?
01:53:40DreamTactix291which is the old -q2
01:53:49AnInternetUserso there really is no point at all
01:53:58AnInternetUseri will start the big encoding project
01:54:01DreamTactix291-V2 −−vbr-new and happy encoding :)
01:54:26DreamTactix291i personally use Lancer 20051121 -q6 because for metal it's about 20 kbps smaller than mp3
01:54:36DreamTactix291due to format deficiencies encoding 16kHz and up
01:54:48DreamTactix291but mp3 is very much transparent at those rates
01:54:52AnInternetUserdamn now i am seeing unperfect ratings for v2 mp3's
01:55:20DreamTactix291what do you mean unperfect
01:55:26DreamTactix291i'll let you in on a secret
01:55:37DreamTactix291if it fails with -V2 it's usually going to fail even with -b320
01:55:44DreamTactix291because it's a format deficiency most of the time
01:56:34AnInternetUserso its really not transparent
01:56:38AnInternetUserbut just the same as 320
01:56:50AnInternetUser(transparent with wav)
01:56:50DreamTactix291it's transparent for all but problem samples
01:56:57DreamTactix291seriously try to ABX -V2 stuff
01:56:58DreamTactix291it's hard
01:57:02DreamTactix291if even possible for you
01:57:16AnInternetUseri tried v5 and i could do that
01:57:22DreamTactix291that's because it's small
01:58:46AnInternetUserso as long as v2 and v0 have no difference thats cool
01:59:25AnInternetUseris there any way to massively convert flacs organized in folders to mp3's?
01:59:35AnInternetUser(and some ape's)
01:59:44DreamTactix291i use foobar2000 for that
01:59:49DreamTactix291it's very easy to set up
01:59:58AnInternetUserisn't there a script for that
02:00:15AnInternetUseri was using dbpoweramp
02:00:16Paul_The_NerdI generally use dBPowerAmp for mass conversions.
02:00:37DreamTactix291since i use foobar for playback i use it for everything else
02:00:41DreamTactix291nice to have it all in one package for me
02:00:57DreamTactix291i do wavpack to vorbis all the time
02:01:01DreamTactix291in fact i'm doing it now
02:01:20Paul_The_NerdI got dbPowerAmp before I started using Foobar, so I never bothered to pay attention to anything but its playback features
02:01:26AnInternetUserwhats the suggested way to tag the mp3's
02:01:34*AnInternetUser feels like such a newb
02:01:43DreamTactix291for compatibility probably ID3v2
02:01:52AnInternetUserlike a particular program?
02:02:01DreamTactix291APEv2 is nice but good luck using it with anything else but foobar
02:02:06DreamTactix291mp3tag is good
02:02:18AnInternetUseryeah thats what i have
02:02:37DreamTactix291it's a good app
02:02:39AnInternetUserbut theres no way to add tags while encoding
02:02:44AnInternetUseri would have to add them after the encoding
02:02:52DreamTactix291if you use dbPowerAMP or foobar2000 tags are kept
02:02:55 Join Bger [0] (n=Bager@
02:03:04Paul_The_NerdAre you transcoding, or encoding from CDs?
02:03:04AnInternetUseri doubt the flacs and apes have tags
02:03:24DreamTactix291foobar has a freedb lookup ability. dbPowerAMP probably does as well
02:04:09Membrilloi think this may be a symbol of my current boredom:
02:04:16Bgerhm, any iriver h3x0 user with h1x0 lcd remote?
02:05:12WarrenLeyesnice link
02:05:12DreamTactix291not me
02:05:38AnInternetUserdbpoweramp doesnt appear to have freedb
02:05:45DreamTactix291foobar does
02:05:55 Join JCodous [0] (
02:05:56DreamTactix291you select and right click and it can do a lookup
02:06:30DreamTactix291actually foobar makes me lazy :|
02:06:40AnInternetUserhaha thats cool
02:06:46AnInternetUserthen you can rename due to the tags
02:06:48Membrilloi use a program called Tagscanner for ID3
02:06:55DreamTactix291it's spoiled me
02:07:23DreamTactix291oh also a little piece of advice i've found works
02:07:29DreamTactix291do you use your comment field for anything?
02:07:30DreamTactix291if not
02:07:33DreamTactix291do what i do
02:07:40DreamTactix291and put encoder version and switches in it
02:07:48DreamTactix291that way later on i can tell what i used to encode what
02:07:55DreamTactix291just by looking at the tags
02:12:59 Quit Membrillo ()
02:14:22 Quit muesli_- ("ich will Kühe!!!")
02:16:16 Quit WarrenLeyes ("Leaving")
02:17:03 Quit Amar ("CGI:IRC")
02:17:18 Join Kyl3 [0] (
02:18:18BenacoolBger: Me i have a H100 remote with my H320
02:18:40Kyl3does any Rockbox person have an H300 remote?
02:18:58JCodousKyl3: I do. I have the LCD H300 one!
02:19:08Kyl3Can you code?
02:19:16JCodousKyl3: Though I probably don't count as a Rockbox person.
02:19:19JCodousI can code.
02:19:33JCodousBut my strongest language is Java which is of little use here.
02:19:42DreamTactix291maybe rockbox can see if misticjeff can donate one to them sometimes :)
02:20:02Kyl3so is there hope that you can donate your remote to Linus or someone?
02:20:08Kyl3or someone
02:20:19Rickthere's a remote specifically for the h300?
02:20:23Kyl3yea theyre in stock now
02:20:31Rickwho has the h300?
02:20:37JCodousI've just plugged the remote into the H300 and it seems to be displaying everything happily but I'm not sure about the buttons.
02:20:50RickJCodous: in rockbox?
02:20:52Kyl3the joystick doesnt work
02:21:00Kyl3the slider switches do
02:21:08Rickoh, the remote already works?
02:21:11Rickfor display?
02:21:14Rickin rockbox that is
02:21:20JCodousRick: Yes.
02:21:24Kyl3yes the display works
02:21:24Rickoh that's nice
02:21:46Rickthat means the remotes should be basically the same hardware wise
02:21:49Benacoolthe h100 remote but the h300 one dont work at 100% ... if its not already patched
02:21:56Rickback order? :/
02:22:11Benacool(on rockbox i mean)
02:22:12RickI wonder...
02:22:14Kyl3but the h300 remote they controls are whacked
02:22:22JCodousThe buttons are not responding.
02:22:30Rickis the plug for the h300 remote the same as the h100 one?
02:22:35Kyl3the slider switches can scroll
02:22:41*Rick evil idea
02:22:59JCodousIn some of the setup menus I seemed to get a response but not in directory / file browsing!
02:23:04DreamTactix291i'd actually like an H3xx remote for my H140 if it would work :)
02:23:06DreamTactix291i like the joystick
02:23:10RickDreamTactix291: EXACTLY
02:23:22Kyl3i think that works
02:23:25Rickif the plugs are the same it should be simple to support the h300 remote on the h100
02:23:31DreamTactix291yeah i think so too
02:23:35DreamTactix291i'll probably buy one eventually
02:23:44JCodousHow does the button response work?
02:23:52Kyl3but what about the h300 remote on the h300? lol
02:23:55Benacoolbut 70$ is quite expensive lol
02:23:59DreamTactix291i know
02:24:01Rickit says $60
02:24:05JCodousIs it possible to log button presses to find the codes or is it more complex than that!
02:24:07Benacooloh ok ;-)
02:24:12Kyl3ask jeff if he can donate one?
02:24:15markunJCodous: By pressing a button you change the resistance.
02:24:15Rickmaybe $70 after shipping
02:24:21Rickanyway, if nobody has donated one
02:24:21Kyl3i could make a thread
02:24:26markunJCodous: Do you have a multimeter?
02:24:29Ricki'll buy one for Linus/whoever on rockbox team has a h300
02:24:33JCodousmarkun: Yes.
02:24:51JCodousmarkun: But the decent one is currently at work.
02:24:58DreamTactix291yeah we could do a donation account for one
02:25:04DreamTactix291and use that to pay jeff if we wanted
02:25:06DreamTactix291i'd donate
02:25:12DreamTactix291even though i don't have an H3xx
02:25:15Bgeri have h300 lcd remote too
02:25:15JCodousWhich pins should I be recording values across and I could take a look over the weekend!
02:25:37Rickwhy is it $60 on mistic
02:25:37markunJCodous: I don't know which pins, but there aren't that many
02:25:40Rickand $20 on iriver's site
02:25:44RickI know iriver's site is sold out but wtf?
02:25:44Kyl3only made in Korea
02:25:57Benacoolyea ?
02:26:07Benacoolso what ?
02:26:13Rickthat's a different remote
02:26:14Bgerwhen you use your h100 remote with h300 (iriver fw)
02:26:25Bgeris the button mapping correct ?
02:26:32Benacool100% correct
02:26:39Bgeri mean, the button marked 'play/pause' is play/pause etc
02:26:46RickBger: yeah, it uses the same plug i'm guessing it's the same hardware just slightly different button stuff
02:26:48JCodousmarkun: I count 10 contact points not including the headphones. That might take a while
02:26:49Benacoolthe iriver firmware is made to be used with it ...
02:27:00JCodousmarkun: Thanks. I'll take a look at the page.
02:27:03Bgerthen there must be way to understand whether the remote is h300's one or h100's one
02:27:14RickBger: i'm sure there is
02:27:18Rickif not there could be an option (:
02:27:26Bgerso we have to find out how ...
02:27:50Rickcan whoever owns a h300 remote take a close up picture of the plug? (like the wiki page)
02:27:55Benacoolsimplier way is an option in the settings...
02:27:58BgerRick it's the same
02:28:03Rickoh ok (:
02:28:10Bgerabsolutely the same
02:28:33Rickis it a real joystick or the "click" kind on h100?
02:29:09Kyl3the click kind
02:29:30BgerLinusN: if you read this ... do you have any idea how to detect the remote type (h100 or h300)
02:29:36Ricknow that I think about it
02:29:43Rickthere's a debug screen that shows keypresses
02:29:47Rickin rockbox
02:29:50Ricklemme boot up my iriver
02:29:52Bgerhm ?
02:30:00Kyl3and you can depress the joystick like a buttor
02:30:03*Bger boots too\
02:30:26Rickwho has h300 remote and rockbox installed?
02:30:36markunJCodous: If you go to menu->info->debug->view i/o ports you can read the value of adc_remote
02:30:38*Bger has
02:30:40 Quit dpassen1 (Connection timed out)
02:30:42Rickyep what markn said
02:30:47Rickcan you see what the values are for the key presses?
02:31:01Ricklook at the value of ADC_REMOTE when you press a joystick key
02:31:18Bger-10 : B8
02:31:25Bger+10 : 9f
02:31:40Bgerplay/pause: 7f
02:31:53Bger+ d2
02:32:00Bger- 00
02:32:14Bgerprev: ed
02:32:20Bgernext: 17
02:32:23JCodousa-b: 4f
02:32:33JCodousStop: 36
02:32:34Bgerjoy push : no reaction
02:32:47JCodousMode: 67
02:32:49Bgera-b: 4e
02:33:02Bgermode (rec) : 65
02:33:13Bgerstop: 35
02:33:24RickJCodous: is your remote hold on/off?
02:33:42Bgerhold: no reaction
02:33:45markunBger: remote left/right/up/down also nothing?
02:33:48JCodousWith it on. Nothing happens
02:33:56Bgermarkun: <= = left
02:34:03markunhold is a different pin
02:34:05 Join actionshrimp [0] (
02:34:06Bgeri mean "prev" = left
02:34:09JCodousIt's obviously wired in series with the resistor network
02:34:23JCodous<= = ED
02:34:46Rickwhen you press the joystick does OPT01_READ change?
02:35:14BgerRick i don't see such value
02:35:37RickMy rockbox is very old (:
02:35:43JCodousBger: Where did you get your remote from?
02:35:48BgerGPIO1_READ ?
02:35:49 Quit AnInternetUser ()
02:35:53JCodousThere may well be more than one type
02:35:59RickJCodous: good point
02:36:04Bgeryes, there is a change in the last byte
02:36:09Bgerof GPIO1_READ
02:36:12Bgeron joy push
02:36:17Rickwhat values?
02:36:19Bgerfrom 74 to 34
02:36:28Rickwhat's the full value?
02:36:36Rick(for reference)
02:36:37Bgerthe second byte varies with time
02:36:59markunI think we have all the info to support the H300 remote now
02:37:14Rickmarkun: yeah (:
02:37:23Rickmarkun: only problem is detecting what kind of remote now I think
02:37:40Bgeri mean
02:37:55Rickis the h300 remote lcd larger?
02:37:59Rickor is it the same
02:38:02JCodousOn mine, the last hex pair changes to 34 when pressing the joystick
02:38:12Benacoolwhen i plug the remote gpio_read change
02:38:16Bger068xy674 , x = A or B, y = 6 or 7
02:38:27BgerJCodous same hear
02:39:09Benacoolthe first number goes from 5 to 1
02:39:18Benacoolwhen i plug my h100 remote
02:39:34Rickwhat about you JCodous?
02:40:32Bgermy remote is bought in korea from a guy known as Kylera @ MR
02:40:58JCodousGPIO_Read. Without remoteD81BFAA8
02:41:18JCodousGPIO_Read. With remote D981BFAA8
02:41:28JCodousAnd the full listing of button responses
02:41:45Bgerhm, i suggest editing a wiki page
02:41:58JCodousBger: A much better Idea
02:42:08JCodousWhere would be a good place for this information?
02:42:13Bgerw8 a bit
02:43:01 Quit Paul_The_Nerd ("Chatzilla 0.9.68a [Firefox 1.0.7/20050915]")
02:43:29 Quit Kyl3 ()
02:44:01Bger <= maybe here, but let me finish mine response
02:44:17JCodousCertainly. Just let me know when you're done.
02:46:00Rick has a bit on key values
02:46:02Benacoolwith the 100 remote : gpio_read = 1811bfaa8 and gpi01_out = 00a6004 (change after a second) −−−−- without remote : gpio_read = 581bfaa8 and gpi01_out = 00a6006
02:46:08Rickoh wait
02:46:10Rickno it doesn't
02:46:16Rickthat's main unit buttons
02:46:41 Quit PaulJ (".")
02:47:13Benacoolsorry it's 000a6006 and 000a6004
02:47:37markunRick: the values are also in firmware/drivers/button.c
02:47:38Benacooland it's 181bfaa8
02:48:31Benacool**correction ** with the 100 remote : gpio_read = 181bfaa8 and gpi01_out = 000a6004 (change after a second) −−−−- without remote : gpio_read = 581bfaa8 and gpi01_out = 000a6006
02:48:36JCodousWait until Bger has finished his mods of the Wiki.
02:48:56markundoesn't the H300 remote have a menu button?
02:49:04JCodousI guess the important additional information would be Remote version (H300 / H100) and unit version.
02:49:18JCodousmarkun: Nothing labelled as "menu"
02:49:37Benacoolit's not menu but NAVI no ?
02:50:02markunleft upper wheel on the H100
02:50:17JCodous-10 / +10 / play-pause / Skip back / Skip forward / Vol+ / Vol- / A-B / Stop / MODE. Plus joystick press and Hold
02:51:04JCodousInterestingly the joystick press makes it past the hold function.
02:51:30Rickmy remote the navi is clicking of the skip back / skip forward button
02:51:35Rick(h100 remote)
02:52:38markunI can see 'menu' written on the H300 remote, but I can't see which button it's supposed to be.
02:53:20Bgerheh silly iriver
02:53:27Bgeri suppose they mean mnavi
02:53:36JCodousPresumably the centre one as the others cover volume and navi
02:53:40Ricknavi = navigation
02:53:55Benacoolon my remote it's written NAVI/MENU
02:54:15Benacoolso you can be tricked ;-)
02:54:15Bgerthe joystick on the remote has the same functions as the <<, >>,+,- and "navi" buttons on the main unit
02:55:04Bgerand maybe iriver wrote "menu" because long push on the navi gets you into the settings menu
02:55:50Benacooldo the value i typed about the h100 remote can be used to recognize the remote ?
02:56:21Rickdoes the h300 remote have a clip?
02:56:26Benacoolsomeone can verify with his h300 remote if the same byte change
02:56:26Bgerclip ?
02:56:38Rickbelt/clothing clip
02:56:39BgerBenacool could you repeat it
02:56:47Benacool**correction ** with the 100 remote : gpio_read = 181bfaa8 and gpi01_out = 000a6004 (change after a second) −−−−- without remote : gpio_read = 581bfaa8 and gpi01_out = 000a6006
02:56:48Bgeryes, it does have
02:56:57Rickok (: the picture on mistic looks like it doesn't
02:57:27Bgeryou mean the thing that is used to "attach" the remote to your clothes, yea ?
02:57:27Benacoolon gpio_read the first byte change on gpi01_out the last one change
02:57:40Rickyeah Bger, a clip (:
02:58:25BgerRick then it has :)
02:58:28Bgersorry for my eng :)
02:58:35Rickit's ok
02:58:53Benacoolis it the same values with the h300 remote ?
02:58:54Bgerwithout h300 remote: 069(a/b)6674
02:58:59Bgerwith remote
02:59:42Benacoolfar from my values lol
03:00:01Bgeri didn't watch GPIO1_OUT
03:00:23Benacooli have a US H3020 and you ?
03:00:40Bgeryep, there is difference
03:01:25Benacoolmaybe they can read these change to recognize the remote when it pluged in
03:01:36Bgerso, without H300 remote: GPIO1_READ: 069(a/b)6674 ; GPIO1_OUT: 000a6006
03:02:07Benacoolthe gpi01_out is the same that mine
03:02:16Bgerwith H300 remote: GPIO1_READ: 068(a/b)(6/7)674 ; GPIO1_OUT: ...
03:02:30Bgerhm, it seems it returns back to the previos value after a while
03:02:43Benacoolyea me too
03:03:04Bgerthe value is 000a6004 temporaryh
03:03:54Benacoolwhen my remote is plugged it's GPIO1_OUT = 000a6006 and when it is unpluged it's 000a6004 (with the h100 rmeote)
03:03:55JCodousOK. Finished updating. I've added another table for the remote changes. May need tidying if there are more than one type of H300 remote .
03:04:23JCodousGiven the difference in values between my remote and Bger's, I suspect it's resistance tolerances in the network.
03:04:25Bgerit changes about 0.5 sec after plugging the remote and goes back after maybe 5-10
03:04:33JCodousThe button presses are a range thing perhaps?
03:04:35Bgervery little difference
03:04:39***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
03:05:04 Quit actionshrimp ("a bird in the bush is worth two in your house")
03:05:21Benacooldamn sorry it's the same thingoups lol when GPIO1_OUT change it's because the REMOTE LCD is ON
03:05:46Benacooleh i merged my two sentences ...
03:05:47Bgerone bit between 7F and 80, 9F and A0; 17 and 18; 4E and 4F :)
03:05:55Benacool** when GPIO1_OUT change it's because the REMOTE LCD is ON
03:06:04Benacoolor not
03:06:44Bgerit's the backlight
03:06:56Benacoolok ^^'
03:07:06JCodousOn mine (H300 remote + H300) when the remote backlight is on, the last digit of GPIO1_OUT changes from 6 to 4
03:07:14Bgersame here
03:07:20Benacooli was thinking it changed when i was pluging or unpluging the remote
03:07:34Benacoolyea same thing for me with the h100
03:08:13Bgerwho is JonSenior ?
03:08:13Benacoolin fact it change but it's because the LCD is obviously not longer ON when unpluged lol ...
03:09:24JCodousBger: Jcodous. It's an old nick I had and I tend to use it instinctively!
03:09:40Bgerk :)
03:09:46 Nick JCodous is now known as JonSenior (
03:09:47Bgerare you editing the page ?
03:09:53Rickstrange that Jon's keys are +1
03:10:04Rickor +2
03:10:06JonSeniorNo. I just saved the page
03:10:07BgerRick this is very little diff
03:10:13RickIt's strange (:
03:10:27BgerJonSenior did you release the edit lock ?
03:10:30JonSeniorRick: Given that this is a ADC value, what you're seeing is resistor tolerance!
03:10:32BgerRick: it's not
03:10:37JonSeniorBger: I think so
03:10:46JonSeniorBger: Give me a second.
03:11:17 Join Vlad0man [0] (
03:11:18JonSeniorOops. My bad.
03:11:24JonSeniorYou should be able to edit now!
03:12:25JonSeniorRick: I suspect that's why the resistor values are what they are! It ensures that the range is far greater than the tolerance.
03:13:18JonSeniorI'm sort of surprised that they didn't put a converter in the remote and use a serial link to transfer the data. I guess this method must have a faster response time.
03:15:12 Quit perplexity (Read error: 113 (No route to host))
03:17:06Benacoolif i want to add my reading with the remote pluged in (or unpluged) how i do it ? (don't know how to use the wiki lol)
03:17:26JonSeniorClick on the "edit" link at the bottom of the page.
03:17:48JonSeniorIt will prompt you to enter a username / password, but if you don't have one, click cancel to set one up.
03:18:23JonSeniorThen either read the existing content for an idea of how to format it, or read the formatting instructions.
03:18:41JonSeniorAnd remember to release the edit lock when you've finished! ;-)
03:19:02Benacoolok ^^
03:19:41Bgerok, it's 4:19 am here, going to sleep :)
03:20:57Benacoolsomeone already modifying it ... i have to wait!
03:21:17 Quit Bger (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
03:26:15Benacoolsomeone forgot to unlock the topic or what ? lol
03:26:46 Quit Vladoman (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
03:27:21JonSeniorLooks like Bger forgot to unlock. If you can wait, let it time out.
03:28:23JonSeniorI shall probably head for bed too. While it's only 2:25 here, I do need to be in work at 09:00!
03:28:48JonSeniorIf you're reading the logs Linus... good job so far. Much impressed with recent developments.
03:28:50 Join solexx_ [0] (
03:29:17JonSeniorIf I can get my head around C enough to do it (And I can find the time!) I'll take a look at the button code.
03:29:22JonSeniorG'Night all.
03:29:27 Quit JonSenior (Remote closed the connection)
03:36:50schnittn2005any idea when there will be a peak meter for recording?
03:40:57 Join Navi00 [0] (
03:41:00 Part Navi00
03:41:40 Quit solexx (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
03:45:46 Nick CBM-away is now known as CheeseBurgerMan (n=BurgerBo@
03:45:47 Quit DreamTactix291 (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
03:47:39 Join DreamTactix291 [0] (
03:50:10 Join JonSenior [0] (
03:50:24JonSeniorCouldn't let it rest!
03:50:35JonSeniorBenacool: Are you still modifying the page?
03:51:06JonSeniorBenacool: Do you have a listing of the button responses for the H100 remote (I believe that's what you've got!)?
03:52:36JonSeniorOnly it looks like the remote has the same response when connected (-4 on the first digit!). What player is yours? H320 / H340?
03:53:22Benacoolyea i'd just finish
03:54:48Benacoolit's the first time i write something to the wiki lol ... its okay ?
03:56:30JonSeniorSeems OK. I've just added another column to the response table (And changed it's title). If you've got the values for the keypresses, could you add them to it.
03:57:46Benacoolyea i might ... but the h100 remote already work on rockbox .... is it really necessary to add them there ?
03:59:13JonSeniorProbably worth it as they don't appear to be detailed elsewhere. I'm personally interested to see how different they are from the H300 ones.
04:00:04Benacoolok but the button are not exactly the same we should do a second table for the h100 remote
04:02:33JonSeniorGood idea. If you look at the tables in there you should get an idea of how they work.
04:02:43Benacoolyea ^^
04:02:46JonSeniorThe other thing to check is the hold button.
04:03:33JonSeniorOn my remote it causes the third digit in GPIO1_READ to change from C to D
04:10:19JonSeniorOK. Now I really am going to bed!
04:10:26 Quit JonSenior (Remote closed the connection)
04:18:43 Join Kyl3 [0] (
04:24:12 Quit schnittn2005 (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
04:36:24 Quit TCK (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
04:48:55 Quit Kyl3 (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
04:51:55 Join Paul_The_Nerd [0] (
05:03:16 Quit DMJC-L (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
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05:10:52lostlogicI40:PDIR1FULL at 00AC4400 trying to boot up rockbox H340 first time
05:14:45 Join Timomimi [0] (
05:15:35Timomimihey running RBox on an H300 and was wondering if there is a general menu like the H1xx series yet? or can i just not find it?
05:16:04ashridahTimomimi: there should be, if you hit the a-b button
05:16:39Timomimilol, so there is
05:16:56Timomimiive been nailing the Navi button in every screen
05:17:00Timomimicheers ashridah
05:19:44 Quit Timomimi (Client Quit)
05:20:20 Quit Benacool (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
05:33:48 Join CheeseBurgerMan [0] (n=BurgerBo@
05:33:55 Join Benacool [0] (
05:34:07 Part Benacool
05:35:04 Join Benacool [0] (
05:49:12 Join Jungti1234 [0] (n=jungti12@
05:55:38ashridahso, what happened to the other 1233 Jungti's anyway?
05:56:34 Quit Benacool (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
05:57:12ashridahjust curious
05:57:27Jungti1234'1234' is no any meaning.
05:58:35Jungti1234Can't I convert 'lang' file to 'lng' file?
06:04:45Jungti1234We didn't see phaedrus961 during 1 week.
06:05:22 Quit RotAtoR ("Leaving")
06:15:09 Join Benacool [0] (
06:15:11 Part Benacool
06:17:54 Join Lost-ash [0] (
06:17:54 Quit ashridah (Nick collision from services.)
06:18:11 Nick Lost-ash is now known as ashridah (
06:34:29 Join baobab68 [0] (
06:34:59baobab68hi all
06:36:10baobab68may I ask some questions re: supported file formats on Rockbox?
06:36:46baobab68anyone about? it's 1630 here...noone in the Southern Hemisphere?
06:41:17lostlogicbaobab68: that kind of information is available on the wiki
06:41:43DreamTactix291short answer though = a lot
06:41:56DreamTactix291lots of formats
06:42:59lostlogicDreamTactix291: unless he is talking about on the players with hardware mpeg decoding ;)
06:43:39baobab68DreamTactix291: i can see the various formats listed - i did actually read bits of the wiki and also searched it. what i am interested in is VBR vs CBR for MP3... which is more "fully supported" on RB?
06:43:56DreamTactix291both are perfectly supported
06:43:58DreamTactix291to be honest
06:44:08DreamTactix291if something can't playback VBR mp3 then it's broken
06:44:11DreamTactix291VBR is in the specs
06:44:30baobab68so the remaining time will update correctly and i'll be able to ff and rw correctly if i encode VBR?
06:44:43lostlogicbaobab68: rockbox uses libmad, so look up libmad's supported formats
06:45:20lostlogicalso check out the iRiver testing page on the wiki, I think it has more information on testing the various formats seeking and other support
06:45:41DreamTactix291out of usage experience both mp3 and vorbis work great
06:46:17lostlogicDreamTactix291: that's good to hear.
06:46:28DreamTactix291wavpack is great too
06:46:30*lostlogic prays for H300 DAC functionality soon
06:46:31baobab68my PC software (MediaMonkey) seems to do a better conversion to MP3 than OGG. Or maybe OGG just doesn't like the low bitrate I want to use.
06:46:32DreamTactix291all 3 of those seek well
06:46:43DreamTactix291what are you shooting for?
06:47:06baobab68lostlogic: i am also awaiting audio, then I could test this stuff myself...
06:47:12DreamTactix291theoretically vorbis scales down a lot better than mp3
06:47:21DreamTactix291if you use LAME to encode mp3 they playback gaplessly
06:48:30 Quit linuxstb (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
06:48:34 Join linuxstb [0] (
06:48:44DreamTactix291i have no idea what mediamonkey uses for an encoder
06:48:49baobab68i have a collection in *evil* WMA, and I can't be bothered to re-rip it so I'm going to convert it.
06:49:00DreamTactix291just so you know
06:49:08DreamTactix291the resulting files will sound worse than your wmas
06:49:14DreamTactix291even if you raise the bitrate
06:49:26DreamTactix291whether you notice or not is another thing
06:49:48Paul_The_NerdA lot of times converting from one lossy to another means you *will* notice though. Especially if you're in low bitrates, which it sounded like you were.
06:50:10DreamTactix291if you ever learn to recognise lossy artifacts then you'll notice a lot
06:50:24baobab68as i said, i am no audiophile. having said that I *can* hear the difference from one of those iPod thingies, compared to my much better iriver.
06:50:42lostlogicbaobab68: don't transcode, transcoding is the devil's work.
06:51:42baobab68aaargh. some time I will raise this subject and people won't say stuff like that
06:51:52DreamTactix291well it is
06:51:56DreamTactix291my opinion
06:52:00DreamTactix291if you want to do it right
06:52:07DreamTactix291use EAC and go to LAME VBR
06:52:12DreamTactix291and you'll be ok for good
06:52:42Paul_The_NerdOr Vorbis, as some people think that sounds a bit better, or just prefer it because it's not proprietary.
06:53:12DreamTactix291vorbis = smaller than LAME on metal
06:53:16baobab68i listen to my music on the train and in traffic. that's why i have a portable mp3 player. at least give me credit for not being a podder.
06:53:18DreamTactix291so that's my reasoning
06:53:25DreamTactix291oh we do
06:53:25DreamTactix291trust me
06:53:38Paul_The_NerdHey, I'm thinking about getting an iPod soon
06:53:44Paul_The_NerdThough... not one of the HD ones
06:53:47Paul_The_NerdThe Nano is just... tempting
06:54:00Paul_The_NerdA flash based player that functionally is equivalent to an HD based player.
06:54:02baobab68it is cool to look at.
06:54:14Paul_The_Nerd*and* will have rockbox support in time
06:54:20DreamTactix291i'm still happy with my H140
06:55:05baobab68i love my 320. even at WMA 64k, there are still occasional moments where I will hear instruments in old favourite songs, that I never noticed before
06:55:54DreamTactix291good player
06:56:03Paul_The_NerdI'm in love with my H120
06:56:04DreamTactix291not so sure about your choice of bitrate and codec though :P
06:56:08DreamTactix291but it's all good
06:56:14DreamTactix291i had an H120
06:56:15Paul_The_NerdBut I want something I won't worry about when I'm more active.
06:57:19DreamTactix291i still don't have a need for a flash player myself
06:57:25Paul_The_NerdSo my first decision was "I need a flash player."
06:57:33baobab68i admit WMA was a mistake, but only because rockbox can't support it. and that's maybe a valid situation too, being no integer code around for WMA
06:57:43Paul_The_NerdUnfortunately, the list of flash players that I'd *use* are slim
06:57:55DreamTactix291WMA = not so stellar sound quality usually either :)
06:57:57Paul_The_NerdWMA is a mistake for FAR more than "only because rockbox can't support it"
06:58:23baobab68i would never use the DRM'd version, only protection free.
06:58:35DreamTactix291yeah but what we're saying is
06:58:40DreamTactix291it's still not a very good codec
06:58:53baobab68based on?
06:59:03DreamTactix291lots of listening tests
06:59:18baobab68by you guys personally?
06:59:29Paul_The_NerdMany double blind tests
06:59:34DreamTactix291and my own personal ABX and ABC/HR tests
06:59:48DreamTactix291at 64k Vorbis or HE-AAC fare the best
06:59:48Paul_The_NerdThough I'm not a fan of non-free codecs in general
06:59:54DreamTactix291i like Vorbis more
06:59:58DreamTactix291SBR is ugly sounding
07:00:17baobab68the 64K OGG's I made sounded awful
07:00:31DreamTactix291which encoder?
07:00:33DreamTactix291that matters
07:00:43DreamTactix291if it's like Vorbis 1.0 then yeah
07:00:45baobab68Media Monkey again
07:00:55DreamTactix291but if it's aoTuV b4.51 then -q0 sounds really good
07:01:04DreamTactix291and i have no idea what media monkey is bundled with
07:01:08DreamTactix291probably vorbis 1.0 or 1.0.1
07:01:10baobab68me either.
07:01:17DreamTactix291old old versions
07:01:21Paul_The_NerdI've never even heard of Media Monkey...
07:02:22baobab68it's actually a library manager. the reason i use it is because it gives my 320 autoplaylists, which no other program does.
07:02:57DreamTactix291i've never used it
07:03:21Paul_The_NerdThere's a program out there that does database generation and playlist creation... TagDB Tool if I recall, is what I used to use.
07:03:33Paul_The_NerdOr something like that
07:03:36baobab68based on rating, genre, year, any tag. my files are very well tagged. another reason for me wanting to convert them rather than re-rip
07:03:42Paul_The_NerdThat wasn't it.
07:03:42DreamTactix291baobab68: make a vorbis file and post the vendor string here
07:03:46DreamTactix291that'll tell me what version it uses
07:03:54baobab68TDT doesn't support ratings.
07:04:16DreamTactix291you have completely different needs from me :)
07:04:20DreamTactix291i'm an album listener
07:04:23Paul_The_NerdI don't exactly use ratings
07:04:29Paul_The_NerdYeah, mine are sorted by album primarily
07:04:44***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
07:04:49Paul_The_NerdI hate autoplaylists anway. I prefer to pick individually every song in one.
07:05:05DreamTactix291i just listen to albums from start to end usually
07:05:13DreamTactix291or i just skip around as i choose otf
07:05:34baobab68hi jungti
07:07:46baobab68how can I get the vendor string out of the file? I can see in there (in notepad) " libvorbis I 20040920"
07:07:59DreamTactix291that's using 1.1
07:08:05DreamTactix291odd that -q0 would sound bad then
07:08:19Paul_The_NerdWas that encoded straight from the CD then?
07:08:26Paul_The_NerdLike, the bad sounding one?
07:09:18baobab68converted from a WMA 64K to OGG Q 0.2
07:09:31CheeseBurgerManThat would do it.
07:09:54DreamTactix291that's why it sounded horrible
07:09:54baobab68the WMA isn't perfect by any means but its ok for my needs. it sounds "ok"
07:10:00DreamTactix291everything you convert will sound that bad
07:10:18Paul_The_NerdYeah, but suppose the WMA is 6/10. That means the OGG will ALWAYS be less than 6/10
07:10:32Paul_The_NerdBut if you got from CD->OGG you can get 6/10, or more likely, better
07:10:41DreamTactix291-q0 from source is usually good
07:10:46DreamTactix291especially from aoTuV b2 on
07:10:48DreamTactix291which 1.1 is
07:10:54baobab68but why when i convert the same file to MP3 do I not hear the same burble artifacts and sibilants in the converted file, that i got with OGG?
07:10:57Paul_The_NerdThe only way to get even a remotely good comparison is if both are fresh from the CD. Because *every* time you convert, you can only get worse.
07:11:06DreamTactix291what bitrate are the mp3s you're making?
07:11:31Paul_The_NerdThere's also the fact that MP3, WMA, and OGG compression work differently, so WMA->OGG can generate artifacts that WMA alone and OGG alone don't generate
07:11:54Paul_The_NerdYou're basically adding two sets of flaws together, and you may get a third set that's greater than the sum of its parts because of the way the math works
07:12:21DreamTactix291short answer: transcoding is the devil
07:12:35baobab68My converted MP3 was VBR, Joint Stereo, VBR Quality 10%, Min Bitrate 0, Max Bitrate 128K. I chose these parameters because it gave a file only a little bigger than the equivalent WMA
07:13:09DreamTactix291i also have no idea what mp3 encoder it uses
07:13:35DreamTactix291encoder matters more than format really
07:13:44baobab68just checking, hoat
07:14:00baobab68so LAME would be the best I gather
07:14:02Paul_The_NerdBasically, when you convert to lossy compression, you cut out some of the data. And every time you change it from one type to another, you just cut out *more* data. It can still be a bigger file, but each time there's less of the original audio.
07:14:14DreamTactix291LAME is basically the only mp3 encoder that targets quality
07:14:15CheeseBurgerManBasically, you went from CD (lossless) to WMA. This took away bits, simply because it's lossy. Then you went and took away MORE bits by transcoding it to Vorbis. The end result is that you've got a horrible quality file.
07:14:35DreamTactix291actually you add noise
07:14:36CheeseBurgerManStop typing so fast, Paul! ;)
07:14:38DreamTactix291but yeah
07:14:43CheeseBurgerManYeah, close enough. :P
07:14:55DreamTactix291you create a file with a much lower resolution than the source
07:15:01DreamTactix291and introduce quantisation noise
07:15:12DreamTactix291and also other artifacts due to the MDCT
07:15:17DreamTactix291and starving it of bits
07:15:40baobab68i get that. i *expect* to lose quality. my time is worth more to me than the quality of the music to be honest. it's interesting to me that CD > WMA > MP3 sounds better than CD > WMA > OGG...
07:15:55*Paul_The_Nerd was going for the 'technically incorrect but easily understandable explanation for someone who converts from WMA to OGG'
07:16:17baobab68the MP3's are being created with LAME3.96, to judge from the headers
07:16:43DreamTactix291at least it's a good encoder
07:16:52Paul_The_NerdIt's because once you start transcoding lossy, baobab68, it's less a matter of which one is better, than how they react to each other.
07:16:55DreamTactix291i hate seeing stuff bundling junk like blade
07:17:47Paul_The_NerdI imagine you'd get the same problem going from CD->OGG->WMA too
07:17:50Paul_The_NerdOr at least a very similar one
07:17:55DreamTactix291just how they both react
07:17:55Paul_The_NerdBut the OGG would sound just fine
07:18:12baobab68well it was acceptable for the drums, but then the strings came in and errgh
07:18:33DreamTactix291low resolution left for the frequency reproduction
07:18:39DreamTactix291you see
07:18:42DreamTactix291when you do lossy to lossy
07:18:45baobab68you should hear the tracks that were MP3 128 > WMA 64 > OGG 0.2....
07:18:58DreamTactix291the encoder tries to encode the origina lossy stream as well as it can and adds it own loss
07:19:06DreamTactix291i don't want to hear that :|
07:19:17baobab68neither did i that's why i deleted them all
07:20:08DreamTactix291my quality is more important than my time to me
07:20:17DreamTactix291that's why a year ago i reripped my entire collection to lossless
07:20:23DreamTactix291different ideas of it i guess
07:21:10baobab68one last question, is there a LAME parameter called "VBR method" - the options appear to be "Default" or "New". MediaMonkey offers these choices in conversion but doesn't document the differences.
07:21:10DreamTactix291put it this way
07:21:26DreamTactix291i don't use a frontend like that
07:21:31Paul_The_NerdCurrently all my music is store as lossless wavpack, though I'm gonna transcode them to FLAC. (As a side note, by definition, transcoding lossless is safe)
07:21:33DreamTactix291but if it was using 3.97b you'd want new
07:21:41DreamTactix291wavpack here as well
07:21:44DreamTactix291and staying as wavpack
07:21:48DreamTactix291the compression gains are too good
07:21:50Paul_The_NerdFLAC decodes faster on Rockbox now
07:21:59Paul_The_NerdSo, better battery life
07:22:03DreamTactix291i put vorbis on my H140
07:22:10DreamTactix291i can't fit my lossless collection on it anyway
07:22:12DreamTactix291it's 80 gigs
07:22:32Paul_The_NerdMine's not that big, but I also cull a decent percentage of the tracks
07:22:44DreamTactix291lots of live stuff here
07:22:52DreamTactix291i keep the wavpack on my computer
07:22:56DreamTactix291its better there
07:23:04DreamTactix291i can't ABX -q6 aoTuV from lossless anyway
07:23:15Paul_The_NerdI seriously doubt I could
07:23:22Paul_The_NerdBut since I have the space at the moment, I might as well
07:23:46DreamTactix291i don't feel like transcoding 80 gigs of wavpack to flac ever
07:23:53DreamTactix291even if i did lossless it would stay wavpack
07:23:59DreamTactix291it would be like
07:24:02Paul_The_NerdI'd just batch process it over night
07:24:05baobab68in terms of battery life any comments on rockbox's capabilities? on iriver firmware ogg is meant to be a battery chewer?
07:24:07DreamTactix29183-85 gigs after conversion
07:24:33Paul_The_NerdThey haven't been working on improving battery life yet
07:24:39Paul_The_NerdNot seriously, at least.
07:24:41DreamTactix291it's still god though
07:24:51Paul_The_NerdIt's good. In some cases it can be longer, I think. In some not
07:25:05DreamTactix291i don't notice very short life with vorbis or mp3
07:25:55*Paul_The_Nerd only uses his player for 6 hours at a time, max.
07:26:28DreamTactix291i don't even use mine that long at once
07:26:32DreamTactix291at home i use my PC most
07:26:51baobab68also btw, my converted files appear to have a reference to 'xing' in the headers. does this mean they've got the xing header that helps rb work out the correct time display for vbr, and also since mediamonkey is using LAME, can I expect gapless?
07:27:18DreamTactix291LAME does proper VBR headers
07:27:25DreamTactix291and as long as media monkey isn't messing with anything
07:27:28DreamTactix291you'll have gapless
07:27:30baobab68i guess since i'm converting from WMA, it might be "too late" for the gapless info
07:27:38DreamTactix291wma is gapless by nature
07:27:40DreamTactix291i think
07:27:46DreamTactix291one good point
07:27:57baobab68no frame size to worry about with WMA?
07:28:03baobab68(re gapless)
07:28:04Paul_The_NerdEvery time I read the phrase "converting from WMA" I cringe.
07:28:27DreamTactix291yeah me too
07:29:07Paul_The_NerdBoth for the "converting from" part *and* the "WMA" part. :-P
07:29:42baobab68look, just accept it man. i will do it anyway and if i don't like the results i will delete them. i prefer to spend a couple days converting than several weeks re-ripping. if it sounds like sh*t, it's my fault. i accept that. at least i will have tried it.
07:30:05ashridahseveral weeks reripping?! how slow is your ripping speed?
07:30:09DreamTactix291more power to you
07:30:15baobab68i have a job, man
07:30:21DreamTactix291so do I
07:30:28DreamTactix291and i still managed to rip a couple hundred CDs
07:30:34baobab68sorry didn't mean it that way.
07:30:48DreamTactix291you know what makes it easy
07:30:52baobab68but retagging, re-rating
07:30:59baobab68what's that?
07:31:01DreamTactix291EAC tags it
07:31:10DreamTactix291rip one before you leave for work
07:31:13DreamTactix291and rip one when you go to bed
07:31:20DreamTactix291and that's two a day and you don't even have to be at the comp
07:31:30Paul_The_NerdI can rip something like 4 CDs an hour.
07:31:43Paul_The_NerdWhile doing other things
07:31:46DreamTactix291same for me
07:31:52DreamTactix291i replaygain after and such
07:31:55DreamTactix291so that adds a bit more time
07:32:01Paul_The_NerdI replaygain all of them, much later
07:32:07Paul_The_NerdPut it all in a playlist in Foobar, and let it do it
07:32:20baobab68WMP tags it, MediaMonkey tags it. I just don't like the tags... and how do you tag spoken word stuff automatically that you've ripped out of movies?
07:32:48Paul_The_NerdTrue, but it takes like, 3 minutes, to type in the track names and info in EAC before you hit "rip"
07:32:54baobab68autotagging's only as good as CDDB and Amazon's databases
07:33:01baobab68i'm not that committed
07:33:04DreamTactix291EAC uses freedb
07:33:09DreamTactix291it tends to be decent
07:33:15*Paul_The_Nerd shrugs
07:33:30baobab68this is "horses for courses" anyway
07:33:30*ashridah notes he has a cache of all of his own tags already.
07:33:52baobab68i wish there was a tool to back up all tags, and then restore them onto a replacement set of files
07:33:59DreamTactix291i ripped 7 CDs today
07:34:14DreamTactix291there are programs that transfer tags i think
07:34:17DreamTactix291beyond that i don't know
07:34:30Paul_The_NerdI prepared for the possibility of needing multiple formats
07:34:40Paul_The_NerdI burned all my lossless, tagged rips off to DVDs
07:34:44Paul_The_NerdData format, of course
07:34:47DreamTactix291me too
07:34:51Paul_The_NerdSo now theoretically there's no need to rip ever again
07:34:54Paul_The_NerdJust transcode off of them
07:35:23baobab68according to my MM stats, I have 1064 albums. the very thought of starting back at "A" again....
07:35:41DreamTactix291you own 1064 CDs?
07:35:53baobab68close to it....
07:36:01DreamTactix291i wish i had your money
07:36:14DreamTactix291i have lik 200 and i think it's a lot
07:36:35baobab68i am 38 years old and been buying cd's since i was about 19
07:36:49Paul_The_NerdThat's still 50 a year
07:36:50DreamTactix291well yeah that would do it
07:36:56baobab68it adds up, just like ripping a couple a day...
07:36:56Paul_The_NerdThat's 4 a month
07:37:12DreamTactix291well i'm 21 and have about 200
07:37:16*Paul_The_Nerd shrugs
07:37:17DreamTactix291i scrounge through used bins
07:37:26ashridahbaobab68: can i burn copies of all of them? :)
07:37:31Paul_The_NerdI'm surprised they can still legally sell used CDs
07:37:33baobab68but a lot of them were like $1.50 each at flea markets
07:37:45ashridah*4 months later*... yay, all done
07:37:47baobab68ashridah: no but you can have my WMA 64K copies
07:37:53baobab68if you want them
07:38:06ashridahwhat would i play them with?
07:38:17baobab68iriver firmware
07:38:26baobab68or you can have my mp3 conversions when i'm done
07:38:41ashridahi don't like mp3's much either
07:38:42Paul_The_NerdUntil I got rockbox I never knew the iRiver firmware played WMA because I'd never even considered it as a format choice.
07:38:58*ashridah notes he doesn't have much handy to actually PLAY wma
07:39:01Paul_The_NerdOne day I read people talking about wanting WMA support, and how it was one of the few features of the iRiver FW that may not get supported
07:39:07ashridahabout all i can think of is mplayer
07:39:10ashridahand that's not much of a player
07:39:14ashridah(for audio)
07:39:32baobab68scary: among my top 5 artists from MM - moby, regurgitator and cyndi lauper
07:39:39DreamTactix291Paul_The_Nerd: i have zero wma files
07:39:47baobab68how did i get so much cyndi lauper?
07:39:47ashridahPaul_The_Nerd: it's possible to support it, it just requires work. someone was talking about doing some of the work for it a few days ago. haven't heard much else yet
07:39:47DreamTactix291i don't think i've ever actually seen one
07:40:16ashridahbaobab68: yay, gurg!
07:40:19DreamTactix291well i take that back
07:40:19baobab68i will keep the WMA's on several data DVDs
07:40:26baobab68the gurge are cool
07:40:29Paul_The_Nerdahsridah: As I said "may not." At the time I interpreted the discussion around it as being highly unlikely.
07:40:29DreamTactix291i downloaded stuff encoded in it for listening tests
07:40:35DreamTactix291since i have nothing that can encode wma
07:40:54baobab68DreamTactix291: you're not on Windows then
07:41:04DreamTactix291yes i am
07:41:06DreamTactix291no WMP
07:41:20baobab68fair enough
07:41:31Paul_The_NerdCarved it out, DreamTactix291?
07:41:37DreamTactix291well as best i could
07:41:46DreamTactix291same with IE
07:41:51Paul_The_NerdI've replaced mine with MPC for the most part
07:41:55DreamTactix291MPC is great
07:42:01Paul_The_NerdIt's handy
07:42:37DreamTactix291yes it is
07:42:44DreamTactix291especially with QT and Real Alternative
07:42:55DreamTactix291i can play mov and rm files without having to install all the crap
07:43:11baobab68i don't like QT either
07:43:26Paul_The_NerdOddly enough I had an MKV that was playing both the english and japanese audio tracks simultaneously. I think my filters are being funky and need to be reinstalled.
07:43:36DreamTactix291yeah sounds like it
07:43:50DreamTactix291i don't think anyone is stupid enough to set two tracks as default
07:43:54DreamTactix291mkv is awesome btw
07:44:00DreamTactix291i really like it as a container
07:44:01Paul_The_NerdWell, it wouldn't let me change them anyway
07:44:17baobab68well thank u guys for your input about VBR and LAME etc. I hope it doesn'
07:44:37Paul_The_NerdI wish it were easier to encode my own DVDs. I hate having to hunt down MKVs or OGMs of mine, but it's still easier than aligning audio by hand, etc.
07:44:41baobab68t keep you awake at night, thinking of my poor little music files getting corrupted like that
07:44:54DreamTactix291baobab68: it's your stuff
07:44:58DreamTactix291i give advice
07:45:04DreamTactix291but it's your stuff
07:45:10Paul_The_NerdIf it doesnt' bother you, go with it
07:45:23Paul_The_NerdJust don't blame us if anything spontaneously bursts into flame
07:45:28DreamTactix291lol yeah
07:45:33baobab68like my ears
07:45:54Paul_The_NerdThose, I fully expect, will hop off your head and hide somewhere
07:46:10baobab68shall we argue about what headphones we all use now?
07:46:21DreamTactix291Shure E3 here
07:46:25Paul_The_NerdMine fall in the category of "marginally better than crappy"
07:46:48DreamTactix291i like mine
07:46:57Paul_The_NerdSome $15 one from Radioshack. They're actually Koss branded. My cats ate through my good ones. :(
07:47:08DreamTactix291i have some koss earbuds
07:47:12baobab68Koss The Plug here.
07:47:12Paul_The_NerdThey actually sound really really good for the "less than $20" category
07:47:13DreamTactix291i paid $2 for them :P
07:47:28DreamTactix291i'll stick to my E3s
07:47:33Paul_The_Nerd"Koss Pro 35A Titanium" or somesuch
07:47:41Paul_The_NerdI just don't have the cash for nice ones again at the moment
07:47:48baobab68i really like them, *except* they take too long to put in
07:48:11DreamTactix291i've gotten fast with the E3s
07:48:38baobab68are they "squash the rubber thingy and stick it in your ear" like my Plugs?
07:48:55DreamTactix291more just put it in your ear
07:49:22baobab68i went and tried some noise cancelling ones today. weird....
07:49:31Paul_The_NerdI can't do the "put it in your ear" variety
07:49:32baobab68i will stick to "noise blocking"
07:49:36DreamTactix291me too
07:49:42DreamTactix291oh i'm used to it
07:49:47DreamTactix291you get used to canalphones
07:51:20baobab68yeah i have... i couldn't believe the difference between my Koss's and the iriver standard Sennheisers.
07:51:40DreamTactix291my iriver didn't even have senns :P
07:51:45ghode|afkhey DreamTactix291; sorry to but in, but what do you think of the E3s? i have the sony ex71s and e2cs atm and i think i am in need of an upgrade
07:51:50Paul_The_NerdI don't even remember the ones with my iRiver
07:51:53Paul_The_NerdWay too long ago.
07:52:10DreamTactix291ghode|afk: once i found a way to get a good seal i really liked them
07:52:21DreamTactix291i used to have EX71s but they suffered the cord fraying problem
07:52:57DreamTactix291in terms of comfort
07:53:04ghode|afkhehe had my ex71s for over a year, and not had any issues. but i've gone through my 2nd e2cs. at least shure has excellent CS
07:53:05baobab68anyway, thank you again chaps for your advice... long live the day when I can actually *hear* my converted MP3's on my 320... not far off i hope...
07:53:07DreamTactix291the EX71s were more comfortable to wear
07:53:32ghode|afkyeah a lot easier to fit then the e2c. shame the sound isn't too great
07:53:42baobab68keep up the good work and keep me in mind if help is needed with the iriver manual at some stage
07:53:52ghode|afkwhat is the bass on the e3s like compared to the ex71s?
07:54:02DreamTactix291but i like the E3s sound more
07:54:14 Quit ashridah ("Leaving")
07:54:16DreamTactix291better mids and highs
07:54:17ghode|afka lot less? :p
07:54:25DreamTactix291well i'm not a bass head
07:54:27 Part baobab68
07:54:32DreamTactix291it's not deficient or anything
07:55:01ghode|afki am not a total bass head, but my music is more towards the bass side of the spectrum
07:55:07DreamTactix291i can't compare to the E2s since i never owned one
07:55:10DreamTactix291what genre/s?
07:55:37ghode|afknothing too specific. some dnb/trance/industrial
07:55:50DreamTactix291more prog rock/metal here
07:56:13ghode|afkwell thats encouraging
07:56:32DreamTactix291i've listened to trance through the E3s though
07:56:34DreamTactix291and it sounds fine
07:57:07ghode|afkseems like the e3 is a nice step up, although i am tempted to go for a duel driver IEM
07:57:32DreamTactix291it's worth looking into
07:57:32ghode|afkdo you think to e3s are comfortable to wear while sleeping?
07:57:38DreamTactix291not at all
07:57:56DreamTactix291i find if i lay on them they push in my ear too far and the sound muffles
07:58:01DreamTactix291my EX71s didn't have that problem
07:58:02ghode|afkmeh :/
07:58:19ghode|afkyeah they are my current bedtime phones
07:58:31DreamTactix291keep the EX71s for that
07:58:44DreamTactix291you don't care as much about sound quality when you're trying to sleep :P
07:58:46ghode|afkhad to do that with my e2cs.
07:58:51ghode|afkya true :)
07:59:03DreamTactix291i have a pair of EX51s i've had forever i use for sleeping
07:59:50ghode|afkif only shops would allow testing of iems. would make things so much easier :/
08:00:07DreamTactix291i know
08:00:11DreamTactix291then again
08:00:21DreamTactix291most people i know think i'm crazy for having my E3s
08:00:31DreamTactix291"those cost too much" and such from people
08:01:20ghode|afkhehe some people said that to me when i said i spent £35 on my ex71s, then they thought i should be locked up when i bought the e2cs
08:01:36DreamTactix291screw them
08:01:57DreamTactix291people think i'm crazy for having a stereo receiver and bookshelf speakers hooked to my soundcard through S/PDIF :)
08:02:10ghode|afkyeah. i wonder what they'll say if i bought some westone um2s (£250)
08:02:51ghode|afkyeah sorry man, thats totally crazy !!!
08:03:10DreamTactix291nah i've seen crazier
08:03:39DreamTactix291audiofool goodness
08:04:00ghode|afkhehe its an expensive road once you start on it
08:04:20DreamTactix291i don't consider decent equipment audiophilia
08:04:25DreamTactix291real audiophilia is scary
08:04:52DreamTactix291if your stereo costs more than your house and your neighbour's house then you are an audiofool
08:05:07ghode|afklol that seems crazy ><
08:05:13DreamTactix291i've seen it
08:05:16DreamTactix291and some crazy stuff
08:05:24DreamTactix291like stuff that claims to make CDs sound better
08:05:27DreamTactix291when you stick it on them
08:05:30DreamTactix291and other craziness
08:06:38ghode|afkmeh way out of my league :/
08:06:46DreamTactix291you're sane
08:06:51DreamTactix291even if you had the money
08:06:59DreamTactix291i'd hope you wouldn't blow it on that :|
08:07:15DreamTactix291my favourite are the $2000 speaker cables and such
08:07:39ghode|afkyou mean for the speakers right? cos that i can understand...
08:08:00DreamTactix291the wire
08:08:07DreamTactix291the speakers would be like $20000 in that case
08:08:33ghode|afkman some people :/
08:08:55DreamTactix291cable elevators to keep the wire off the floor
08:08:57DreamTactix291i've seen those
08:09:00DreamTactix291i've seen some crazy stuff
08:09:05DreamTactix291i'll see if i can link you
08:09:24ghode|afkthanks, i want to me wow'd
08:10:51DreamTactix291that's some crazy stuff
08:12:51DreamTactix291it's good laughs though
08:13:09ghode|afk9000 for speaker cables
08:13:31DreamTactix291look below that one
08:13:40ghode|afk7000 for volume knobs. damnit :/
08:13:55DreamTactix291$30,750.00 speaker cable
08:13:56ghode|afkhah how did i miss that :/
08:14:13DreamTactix291see what i mean by
08:14:23DreamTactix291if your equipment costs more than yours and your neighbour's house
08:14:24DreamTactix291and really
08:14:36DreamTactix291they have no benefits over much cheaper stuff at those prices
08:14:45ghode|afkno :/
08:15:05DreamTactix291speaker cable seriously doesn't matter much
08:15:09ghode|afkbut i guess they wouldnt price this stuff if there wasn't a market
08:15:11DreamTactix291as long as its proper gauge
08:15:22DreamTactix291speakers need to be decent
08:15:27ghode|afknot according to OPUS :p
08:15:28DreamTactix291but decent ends at a certain price
08:15:48DreamTactix291i like the ultra tweeter
08:16:42DreamTactix2911GHz ultrasound
08:17:09ghode|afk"Ah, the classic audiophile fleecing in action. $1,500 for a, what, 3 feet long kettle lead?" - hehe
08:17:35DreamTactix291it's funny
08:17:39DreamTactix291and this stuff is real too
08:18:40ghode|afki think i should just stick to my ex71s :)
08:19:50ghode|afkwell maybe i'll check out the e3s, then the e5s maybe go for some custom mold westones you know just to see....
08:20:18DreamTactix291Cable Elevators Plus
08:20:19DreamTactix291God forbid your insulated speaker cables should touch anything as audiophilically damaging as your carpet.
08:20:36DreamTactix291i want custom moulds
08:20:38DreamTactix291just for comfort
08:20:54DreamTactix291this one cracks me up too
08:20:55DreamTactix291The Altmann Acoustic Panel
08:20:55DreamTactix291How much for an 80x50cm plank of wood? Two bucks? Maybe three? Hell no, this is audiophile wood. Yours for $240.
08:21:25CheeseBurgerManyeah, that's amazing.
08:21:36CheeseBurgerManI've saved the best for last. This is the famous 'Silver Rock Signature Knob'.
08:21:37CheeseBurgerManA piece of pure... wood.
08:21:38CheeseBurgerManShaped into the form of... a knob.
08:21:39DBUGEnqueued KICK CheeseBurgerMan
08:21:39CheeseBurgerManFor... a volume control.
08:21:40CheeseBurgerManI could be wrong, but I think it's just a wooden volume knob. You can have the pleasure of personally twiddling this audiophile essential for a positively insane $485.
08:21:41***Alert Mode level 1
08:21:41CheeseBurgerManBut wait, there's more! Or maybe less, because they're made for the 'Silver Rock Potentiometer' linked above. So you'll need two of them. $970. Bargain.
08:22:04CheeseBurgerManThat "amazing" was referring to the price, and not the qualities of the wood. ;)
08:22:08ghode|afkman i am in the wrong line of work :/
08:22:11DreamTactix291i know
08:22:16DreamTactix291i could be rich
08:22:18DreamTactix291crazy rich
08:22:18CheeseBurgerManYeah, that's what I should do.
08:22:45CheeseBurgerManI could sell wooden knobs for 500 USD apiece!
08:23:13ghode|afkits like get some metal/wood look up some words in a thesaurus, and boom instant riches
08:23:30ghode|afknah i'd undercut them, sell them for like 450 :P
08:24:04DreamTactix291you're generous
08:24:28ghode|afkyeah guess i;d suck at business :(
08:27:14DreamTactix291 <−− they get nyquist theorum wrong
08:31:42***Alert Mode OFF
08:36:13 Join Acksaw [0] (
08:38:39Acksawany ideas what the improvements are in todays h300 build?
08:39:30DreamTactix291look at the changelog
08:39:31Jungti1234Don't seem to be.
08:41:40 Quit ^BeN^ (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
08:47:32 Nick CheeseBurgerMan is now known as CBM-away (n=BurgerBo@
08:47:32DBUGEnqueued KICK CBM-away
08:52:13Paul_The_NerdI'm sure there'll be announcement when sound is working
08:53:54Paul_The_NerdOkay, with that page DreamTactix291, that you linked... is the kind somewhat thick. I mean, I know very little about sound, but I see where both the "Pulse" and "Modulation" in PCM come in, when he says neither are there...
09:00:36 Quit Acksaw ()
09:03:39 Join Membrillo [0] (
09:04:45***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
09:06:16MembrilloIn rockbox, or the iriver port in particular, what ways of music searching are there (eg, Directory, Shuffle etc)
09:08:12 Join amiconn_ [0] (
09:09:17Paul_The_NerdMusic *searching?*
09:09:20Paul_The_NerdLike, what do you mean?
09:09:27Paul_The_NerdShuffle is hardly a search...
09:11:55 Quit amiconn (Nick collision from services.)
09:11:55 Nick amiconn_ is now known as amiconn (
09:14:17Membrilloyeah, i didnt know what word to use
09:14:25Membrilloyou know what i mean though
09:15:16Membrillois it possible to shuffle songs from two folders back including subfolders. Eg, i have a root -> artists -> albums -> songs setup. On rockbox am i able to shuffle all songs by an artist?
09:17:11 Quit Membrillo ()
09:17:14Paul_The_NerdIf you go into that artist's folder, and choose Create Playlist in the menu, then it'll create one for all songs by that artist
09:17:26Paul_The_NerdThen, if you play it with shuffle enabled, it'll shuffle all of them
09:17:45Paul_The_NerdEverything is playlist based, but it's pretty easy to add folders, or nested sets of folders, etc, to a playlist to get the functionality you like
09:18:51 Join moda|lap [0] (
09:19:01amiconnFor playing subfolders (shuffled or not) it's not necessary to create an on-disk playlist first
09:19:07moda|lapdoes the latest build for h300 play audio?
09:19:19amiconn...using rockbox' dynamic playlist features
09:19:41Paul_The_NerdTrue... Was just thinking how I habitually do it.. =/
09:20:04Paul_The_Nerdmoda|lap: The changelog is on the front page.
09:20:53amiconnIt works exactly as I described here: Only difference is that you would place the cursor at the desired artist folder
09:21:07moda|lapok, so im guessing no audio playback yet..
09:23:15Paul_The_NerdIt may be a little while yet.
09:23:43Paul_The_NerdI'm sure it'll be pretty widely announced (or at least on the front page at Misticaudio) when it happens
09:28:39 Quit moda|lap ()
09:49:41 Join Soul-E [0] (
09:49:54Soul-Ejust a question. What is the possibility of reading doc or pdfs on rbx
09:50:15Jungti1234hey markun wake up!
09:52:25Paul_The_NerdI'd guess Doc is pretty unlikely
09:52:42Paul_The_NerdSeeing as word processors even have trouble keeping doc compatibility
09:52:57Paul_The_NerdAs for PDF, if you can find someone to do it. :-P
09:55:50Soul-Ei see
10:00:35 Join Mxm`Pas`Bien [0] (
10:00:35 Quit Maxime (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
10:09:12 Quit Paul_The_Nerd ("Chatzilla 0.9.68a [Firefox 1.0.7/20050915]")
10:25:10 Join Acksaw [0] (
10:26:12 Join dwihno [0] (n=dw@
10:30:14 Join DJDD_ [0] (
10:30:18 Part DJDD_
10:34:22 Join Bger [0] (n=Bager@
10:34:54Bgermorning :)
10:35:09Bgeramiconn: are you here ?
10:37:55markunJungti1234 :)
10:41:20markunI wanted to visit my family, but because of all the snow the country has come to a stand still :)
10:41:43Acksawmarkun, england?
10:41:58Acksawwe are expecting snow
10:42:04CtcpIgnored 2 channel CTCP requests in 25 minutes and 53 seconds at the last flood
10:42:04*Acksaw np: System of a Down - Vicinity of Obscenity [02:54m/192Kbps/44KHz]
10:42:41Jungti1234Here is cold.
10:43:16Jungti1234markun: There is new font to me.
10:43:27amiconnBger: I am, sort of
10:43:34markunhangul font?
10:43:42Bgerhm, how to get (read) the value of upmost byte of GPIO on iriver ?
10:43:53Jungti1234It's smart.
10:44:03markunI would prefer a unicode font with more than just hangul
10:44:06Bgercan you see this
10:44:41Jungti1234I will find it.
10:44:51amiconnBger: From last night's log and the table in the wiki, it seems the bit only tells us that a remote is plugged, but not which one
10:44:52Bgermy questions is whether we can use this values to distinguish h100 and h300 lcd remotes
10:45:24amiconnHowever, it might be possible to tell both remotes apart by using the remote_lock bit
10:45:46amiconnI wonder how iriver does that...
10:45:48Bgerbut ...
10:46:44markunI think we don't have to know which remote is connected and can detect the keys of both in the same function
10:47:27amiconnUnfortunately the mapping of keys->adc voltage is different for both remotes
10:48:56Bgerhm :(
10:48:59Bgeryou're right
10:49:05Bgerthere's only one bit change
10:49:31amiconnLinus added a comment to the wiki page you mentioned
10:49:41 Join mashalla [0] (
10:50:04amiconnBger: What are the GPIO1 values with/without the H300 remote plugged?
10:50:07Bgerheh, just saw the comment
10:50:19Bgerjust a sec to check
10:50:22markunAs long as both remotes don't use the same adc values (for different keys) there is no problem, is there?
10:50:35amiconnThey do
10:51:11amiconnE.g. 0x7F is REC on the H100 remote, but Play/Pause on the H300 remote
10:51:29Bgerhm, amiconn\
10:51:38Bgerno change afaics
10:52:05Bgeryou mean GPIO1_READ, don't you ?
10:52:34amiconnWhat value?
10:52:34Bgerhm, i lied
10:53:07Bgerwith remote GPIO1_READ is 068(A/B)(6/7)674
10:53:40Bgerthe values in the brackets are alternating all the time
10:53:45markunAn the H1xx or H3xx?
10:53:56Bgerh340 with h300 remote
10:54:05ghode|afklcd or non lcd?
10:54:13BgerLCD of course
10:54:34amiconnI wonder whether the H300 non-lcd remote is agian different...
10:54:46Bgeramiconn i can check ... but not now
10:55:03Bgeri have one (i got the intl version and it comes with non-lcd remote)
10:55:08Bgerbut i'm not at home ...
10:55:25*amiconn should really get such a beast
10:55:44Bgerand i don't know when i'll go home .. :)
10:56:50 Quit Acksaw ()
10:58:10Bgerheh the diff between the 2 GPIO1_READs is 1 bit again
10:58:35Bgeri suppose this doesn't help us in any way
11:00:30 Quit Soul-E (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
11:01:23Bgerwhich will be better : to distinguish remotes runtime (when/if we find out how to do it) or to select them compiletime ?
11:01:55amiconnBger: The interesting part is that you say digit 4 is alternating between A and B all the time
11:02:10amiconnDoes it look somewhat regular?
11:02:24Bgeri don't think so :(
11:02:43Bgerat least it isn't obvious
11:04:49***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
11:06:01Bgerthe only thing i can say is that A/B is alternating a way more often than 6/7
11:06:50Bgersometimes it's ~Hz ... sometimes at least 3Hz
11:09:08Bgerwhat are these pins for?
11:09:39 Join Lear [0] (
11:11:09amiconnBger: The known port bits are documented here:
11:11:20Bger12 and 16
11:11:34amiconnI though that I found a possible method, but it tured out that I just confused something
11:12:43Bgerwhat does "SCL" mean ?
11:24:20 Join Zak1392 [0] (
11:25:37 Join DangerousDan [0] (
11:27:20 Join webguest07 [0] (
11:27:40webguest07how is the h3xx port going?
11:28:06Bgerso-so :0
11:28:59Bgerdo you have rockbox on your h3x0 ? (i suppose you have a h3x0)
11:29:43webguest07yep :D
11:29:57Bgerthen ... do you have non-lcd remote ?
11:30:15Bgerokay, never mind :)
11:30:16 Join JdGordon [0] (
11:30:45webguest07i read thet linus now can listen to music on his h3x0 :D
11:30:58webguest07when will we have this feature?
11:31:10Bgerthere's obvious hardware diff between the h300 and h100 LCD remotes ... and as amiconn noted it'll be interesting to see how the h300 non-lcd remote behaves
11:31:31Bgerwebguest07: linus had sound on his h320 ....
11:31:32 Join Raskolnikov [0] (
11:31:33Zak1392i have a non lcd remote
11:31:38Raskolnikovhi all
11:32:00Bgercan you go to the menu -> info -> debug (keep out) -> View I/O Ports
11:32:13webguest07but i read that he listened to aerosmith
11:32:15Bgerand see what changes when you press the buttons on the remote
11:33:49Bgerif you check that, please, write the values that change here or (preferably) on
11:34:16Bgergotta go, see u in the evening
11:37:28 Quit webguest07 ("CGI:IRC (Ping timeout)")
11:43:08Zak1392the only changes i see are that at number 2nd to the right from the gp101_read line changes from a 7 to a 3 when i press the play/pause button
11:43:18Zak1392the aother buttons don't do anything
11:48:55Zak1392does it help?
11:55:15Zak1392let me rephrase: the numbernest to GPI01_READ changes from 069A6674 to 069A6634 (although A changes to B and back a lot and the 2nd 6 sometimes changes to a 7)
11:55:27Zak1392*number next
11:55:46Zak1392- when i press play/pause
11:56:02*Zak1392 slaps Zak1392 around a bit with a large trout
11:56:59Zak1392GPIO_READ cahnges from D81BFAA8 to 981BFAA8 when i plug in the remote too
11:57:47 Join ender` [0] (i=ychat@
12:07:45 Join Membrillo [0] (
12:08:55Membrillocan someone explain to me rockbox's "Dynamic Playlist Features"
12:11:35Zak1392where's that?
12:12:03MembrilloI was reading the IRC logs, wait a sec ill find it again
12:12:22Membrillosomeone was talking aboutit
12:12:33 Quit Bger (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
12:13:47Membrillo<amiconn> For playing subfolders (shuffled or not) it's not necessary to create an on-disk playlist first
12:13:48Membrillo<amiconn> ...using rockbox' dynamic playlist features
12:14:37Membrillo? how do the rockbox playlists work without saving it on disk?
12:16:12amiconnIf you checked the log... just a few lines further I provided a link into a forum thread
12:16:39Membrilloi shall read on
12:21:09Membrilloamiconn: whats 'Recursively Insert Directories' do?
12:23:11linuxstbIt means that when you add a directory to the current playlist, it will recursively add the contents of all the sub-directories as well.
12:24:50Membrilloah, genious. Thats the option I want. So, when you create playlists like that, where would it save them. Is it possible to make temporary playlists? for example, deleting them on player turn off? because i wouldnt listen to a playlist more than once and having to search for them and delete them everytime i create one would suck
12:25:34amiconnOn-the-fly (dynamic) playlists aren't saved as .m3u
12:25:59Membrilloah, how are they saved?
12:26:34amiconnThey are created in memory, and the steps to create them (not the playlist itself!) are stored in a special file
12:27:07amiconnThis file gets overwritten when you create another playlist
12:28:23amiconnYou don't have to worry about rockbox cluttering your drive with playlists
12:28:24MembrilloWow, thats clever! so you couldnt have multiple OTF playlists then?
12:28:40linuxstbThere is an option to save the current dynamic playlist to a file if you want to.
12:28:44Membrillonot that i would need them actually, but theoretically?
12:28:47amiconnYou can save a playlist as a regular .m3u
12:29:32Membrillosuper. ^^^ what about having multiple OTF playlists?
12:31:47linuxstbDo you mean having multiple ".playlist_control" type files?
12:32:20amiconnYou can, using rockbox' bookmark feature
12:32:46Membrillooh ok
12:32:57Membrilloyou guys have thought of everything
12:33:57 Nick Lear is now known as Lear_away (
12:35:02Membrillomethinks there should be a link to the bootloader page on the front page in the left frame. Its always so hard to find it
12:43:25 Join Kohlrabi [0] (
12:44:31 Join Acksaw [0] (
12:56:06amiconnHmm. It seems audio playback in the x11 simulator is broken. I only get static, both under cygwin and debian. Win32 works both natively and under wine.
12:56:57preglowGCC can now partition functions in sections of hot and cold code. This can significantly improve performance due to better instruction cache locality.
12:57:03preglowsomeone test gcc 4.1, please :)
12:57:26amiconnI refuse to do so as long as the gcc team prefers to ignore bug reports :(
12:57:52amiconns/ignore bug reports/pretend a bug isn't a bug/
12:58:01preglowi think this change might matter quite a bit for coldfire
12:58:07preglowif it works well
12:58:23preglownah, they're probably just ignoring it
12:58:34preglowthey need a lot of prodding to accept one
12:59:58 Join webguest31 [0] (
12:59:59preglowurl to the bug again?
13:00:44webguest31is crossfade automatically enabled if shuffle is selected ?, cant find the info in the manual
13:01:27preglowof course it's not
13:01:35preglowyou always have to enable it yourself
13:01:38Acksawanyone bought a t-dimension skin for there h300?
13:01:51amiconnThere is an option for this. Set 'Enable Crossfade' to 'Suffle'
13:02:24amiconnThat means it will be active when Shuffle is selected, otherwise disabled
13:02:56preglowoh, you need to prod them more
13:03:00preglowthey'll never answer that now
13:04:01*webguest31 prods spmepne with a blunt instrument
13:04:39webguest31sorry about my prodding, I have major lag here, dont know why
13:04:51***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
13:05:14webguest31thanks amiconn,
13:05:38 Quit thegeek (Read error: 113 (No route to host))
13:05:52 Quit JdGordon (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
13:06:57 Join thegeek [0] (
13:07:01 Part webguest31
13:12:59 Nick Lear_away is now known as Lear (
13:17:35Learpreglow: Strange... Tried that floor0 file again now, and it worked just fine.
13:22:45 Quit mashalla (Remote closed the connection)
13:26:45 Quit Zak1392 ()
13:27:18markunpreglow, linuxstb: what are you working on for the ipod port?
13:28:37preglowmarkun: exception and startup code, but not right now
13:29:14markunmaybe I couls start on some code for the DAC next week
13:30:07Jungti1234The P2P speed is slow.
13:30:52Membrillowith the rockbox bootloaders in generalities, how much is it editing the original firmware and how much is it sticking in your code fresh
13:31:47preglowwe never edit the original firmware
13:32:17preglowthe only thing we do is modify the entrance point and add our bootloader to an unused section
13:32:23preglowentry point, yes
13:33:22Membrillooh ok, sweet. So you have a bit of code at the very start of the firmware which says load rockbox from here before you load this. Or is it a bit more complex than that
13:33:35preglowwe just jump to our bootloader straight away
13:33:43preglowthe branching is done from within that again
13:34:03Membrillofair enough
13:34:18Membrilloso what are the main problems in writing a bootloader? what makes it tricky
13:34:48preglowthat you brick the player if you make a mistake?
13:41:42 Quit Raskolnikov ()
13:51:32 Quit Membrillo ()
13:53:43linuxstbmarkun: I'm working on the i2c code at the moment. We need that to communicate with the DAC, which is what I am probably going to look at next as well.
13:54:42 Quit DangerousDan ("Miranda IM! Smaller, Faster, Easier.")
14:00:27 Quit Jungti1234 ("Bye Bye~")
14:03:51 Join Jungti1234 [0] (n=jungti12@
14:04:04Jungti1234markun, did you see mail that I send?
14:04:25markunyes, shall I send you a .lng?
14:05:17Jungti1234I want to send 2 bdf files.
14:05:50Jungti1234Convert it to fnt file.
14:06:04Jungti1234And send to me again.
14:09:02 Join DangerousDan [0] (
14:14:00 Join linuxstb_ [0] (
14:16:46 Quit linuxstb (Nick collision from services.)
14:16:52 Nick linuxstb_ is now known as linuxstb (
14:30:33 Join mashalla [0] (
14:36:00markunJungti1234: ok
14:36:25Jungti1234Did you understand?
14:37:03markunyes, send them to me
14:37:31Jungti1234ok, wait
14:38:07Jungti1234Did you send .lng to me?
14:41:35 Join aliask [0] (
14:42:05aliasklinuxstb: What target are you doing that i2c stuff for?
14:42:06markunnot yet. I was busy
14:42:13markunaliask: ipod
14:42:33aliaskThought so.
14:42:42aliaskI'm loving rockbox so much
14:42:52aliaskPity I can't listen to music on it yet on my H300 :(
14:43:31 Quit DangerousDan (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
14:45:54markunJungti1234: file sent
14:49:45Jungti1234markun: I sent file, too.
14:50:09Jungti1234Is sending.
14:52:49 Quit mashalla (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
14:53:26Jungti1234markun, Receive.
14:58:24 Join DangerousDan [0] (
15:03:27markunwhy are you sending gulim again?
15:04:55***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
15:06:19 Join perplexity [0] (
15:07:47 Join linuxstb_ [0] (
15:08:42 Join linuxstb__ [0] (
15:09:52 Quit Nixsos ()
15:12:00AcksawHell yeah.
15:12:00*Acksaw np: Metallica - Master of puppets [08:54m/192Kbps/44KHz]
15:15:44 Quit Lear ("Chatzilla [Firefox 1.5/undefined]")
15:16:17amiconnJungti1234: Does the korean iriver firmware display the menus in korean, or in english?
15:17:39Jungti1234iRiver doesn't change it to Korean.
15:18:18*amiconn wonders why
15:18:49amiconnSo all iriver firmware versions display their menus in english
15:19:22 Join Benacool [0] (
15:19:31Jungti1234IFP's firmware is Korean.
15:20:01amiconnAh ok
15:20:18amiconnI mean all iriver H1x0 and H3x0 firmwares
15:20:36amiconnThis is even worse than the original firmware of the old archos devices
15:21:07amiconnThe old archos firmware supported 3 languages
15:21:13amiconnenglish, french and german
15:21:24amiconnRockbox supports much more
15:21:41amiconnI hope that we get unicode support into cvs soon
15:21:52markunme too
15:21:58amiconn(needs some preparations for archos first - size problems)
15:22:11markunamiconn: did you try the patch from my webserver?
15:22:13amiconnThe rockbox can support korean, japanese, chinese...
15:22:31amiconnmarkun: I tried yesterday
15:22:38amiconnDidn't you receive my comment?
15:22:57markunno, didn't see them
15:23:12amiconn800 bytes too much on recorder v1 :(
15:23:15 Quit linuxstb (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
15:24:09markunamiconn: do you want to look into making the rockbox image self extracting?
15:24:40 Join _FireFly_ [0] (
15:26:16 Quit linuxstb_ (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
15:26:53Jungti1234thanks markun
15:28:53AcksawOff to never never land.
15:29:13Jungti1234What is its version?
15:29:21 Quit Kohlrabi ("Leaving")
15:30:02XavierGrmy opinion is that a self extracting image is the only way to go.
15:30:23XavierGrnow or in feature the same problem will be present for players.
15:30:35XavierGrso why don't give it a go?
15:32:32Jungti1234hmm..Why does my H100 get into panic state?
15:33:39Jungti1234When it did ON for a long time, get into panic.
15:35:11 Quit DMJC ("Leaving")
15:35:45Jungti1234This message sees.
15:35:46Jungti1234Stkov remotescrol
15:35:46DBUGEnqueued KICK Jungti1234
15:37:04_FireFly_hmm stackoverflow in remotescroll
15:37:35Benacoolwhat have you done to make this message appear ?
15:37:52Benacooli have a h100 remote too<
15:38:05Jungti1234For a long time, H100 did ON.
15:38:23Jungti1234I don't have remote control.
15:38:57_FireFly_this shouldn't happen if no remote is connected afiak
15:39:12Acksawanyone used any of the Eli_Sherars's rocks?
15:39:44AcksawAs far as i know
15:40:12Jungti1234Such word is hard translation.
15:40:14Benacoolacksaw: me i have them
15:40:34Acksawyeh there cool
15:40:39Acksawthe paint is a bit crappy
15:40:42Acksawbut bejeweled is ace
15:40:46Benacoolearly stage ;-)
15:40:54Acksaware you eli?
15:40:56Benacooli play it now lol
15:41:02Acksawsame hre
15:41:04Benacoolme ? no
15:41:08Acksawi just died on 98 =]
15:42:27Benacoolbut it's a little bit lagy for now
15:42:50Acksawi think the buttons need switching
15:42:53Acksawto change blocks around
15:42:55Acksawi think on
15:43:00Acksawso you can play with two hands
15:43:09Acksawor both
15:43:12Acksawlike navi and on
15:43:29Acksaw(used to playing tetris that way)
15:44:23Acksawlevel 2
15:44:26Benacoolyou can suggest him on MR
15:45:12Jungti1234hmm.. markun
15:47:15 Join DMJC-L [0] (
15:49:00Acksawlevel 3
15:49:23Benacooli was at 97 of level one and i got stck -_-
15:49:33Acksawsame here
15:49:36Acksawon 98 though
15:49:38Acksawthis is my seocnd go
15:51:19 Join babysimon [0] (
15:52:33 Join ashridah [0] (
15:52:51babysimonIs it just me, or is there a key-binding missing on the iRiver remote?
15:53:15babysimonWhen I hold down menu on the main unit I get a context menu.
15:53:15ashridahwouldn't surprise me
15:53:25babysimonBut that dioesn't happen on the remote.
15:53:30_FireFly_babysimon: long press play
15:53:43babysimonThank you.
15:54:06babysimonAny reason why it's the other way round?
15:54:08_FireFly_btw the main has no button menu
15:54:15_FireFly_it's the select button ;)
15:55:03_FireFly_i mean no button named menu
15:55:12Acksawlevel 4 =]
15:55:49babysimonWell, thanks. I'm happy now :)
15:56:00 Part babysimon ("Leaving")
16:01:26Acksawlevel 5!!
16:02:46Acksawno more moves
16:03:36 Join Philip [0] (
16:06:27Benacool<_FireFly_>: to enter the context menu it's supposed to hold pressing the NAVI button but on the remote it's assigned to the play button... a little fix to do imagine
16:06:39BenacoolI imagine*
16:06:58Benacool(H100 remote)
16:07:23Acksawhey phillip
16:07:40Acksawhave you got the eli sherars plugins?
16:08:02Philipi've tried rockpaint and just downloaded bejeweled
16:08:05 Join NicoFR [0] (
16:08:11Philiphave not tried it yet
16:08:12Acksawbejewled rawks
16:08:59 Quit Jungti1234 ("Bye Bye~")
16:09:01Philipi'll give it a go once this song finishes...
16:10:30Acksawi got to level 5
16:13:56 Join eli_sherer [0] (
16:14:29eli_shererhow do i print_screen into an unsigned short array...
16:14:55Acksawhey eli
16:15:01Acksawbejeweled rocks
16:15:13Acksawi few suggestions if i may?
16:15:22eli_shereryou may...:)
16:15:35Acksawchange the colour of the like blue diamonds
16:15:43Acksawthere hard to see against the rockbox blue background
16:15:46_FireFly_like ??
16:16:01Acksawand make the play button do the same as the navi
16:16:07_FireFly_i think do you mean lite
16:16:08Acksawas its easier press for some
16:16:17Acksawyeh lite *
16:16:18eli_shererthe colors i made were just to show that colors can be done...
16:16:26eli_shererit was a quick release
16:16:26Acksawi see
16:17:02eli_shereri really need to know hoe to getpixels from the lcd screen
16:19:50Philipit is soo adactive ;p
16:27:34 Join linuxstb_ [0] (
16:29:22 Quit linuxstb__ (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
16:29:27 Join linuxstb [0] (
16:31:32Philiparn't you meant to be able to score diagonally??
16:32:25 Join Jungti1234 [0] (n=jungti12@
16:33:11 Quit ashridah ("Leaving")
16:40:05eli_shereri am making a menu right now...
16:44:36 Quit Jungti1234 ("Bye Bye~")
16:46:09 Quit linuxstb_ (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
16:59:17Philipthe background colour sometimes changes... is this meant to happen??
16:59:54eli_shererwhat do you mean?
17:00:23eli_shereroh...that's because i change the drawing color...and don't change it back to black...hehe
17:00:38eli_shereri'll fix it when im done with RockPaint's Menu
17:01:06 Quit aliask (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
17:04:59***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
17:09:42lostlogic*sigh* I must be stupid, my simulator doesn't display anything useful, just a big blank green screen with the battery, volume, stop and repeat icons.
17:11:07NicoFRyou have to put music
17:11:13NicoFRin the archos dir
17:11:20lostlogicah hah! insert gets me into the config menu!
17:15:18lostlogicNicoFR: ok, yesterday I didn't have luck getting my own zip build to run on my H300, it would fail to boot at a message like I40:DIR1FULL I think, but using the daily build worked, and rockbox appears to work in the simulator...
17:15:18 Quit DreamTactix291 (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
17:23:47eli_shereri've repaired bejeweled
17:30:57markunamiconn: the arabic joining table is about 1k big. Could you disable arabic joining to see if rockbox builds for recorder v1?
17:31:01 Quit DangerousDan (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
17:33:08 Join muesli_- [0] (
17:44:32 Join BBub [0] (
17:44:55BBubhey, can anyone tell me where the pcm recording menu on the h110 has gone?
17:44:59BBubi cant find it anymore
17:47:50eli_shererall: I FORGOT TO LCD_UPDATE (*$#&%#@!!!)
17:48:38preglowBBub: it's in the main menu?
17:48:54preglowBBub: right under 'fm radio'
17:50:30BBubthe recording menu is under fm radio?
17:50:37preglowwell, it is here
17:50:50BBubfor me it starts the radio then
17:50:53BBuband thats it :)
17:50:56preglownot in
17:50:56 Quit NicoFR ()
17:51:10BBubthere i have playlist options
17:51:20preglowis this a new build?
17:51:37BBubi downloaded the latest a minute ago
17:52:13BBubmaybe its just the h110 build?
17:52:39Acksawedit your original post and add bejeweled
17:53:13preglowBBub: well, i see why it doesn't work, recording cap isn't defined for h110 build
17:53:24preglowBBub: and i think it must be for some reason
17:53:34BBubhmm, it always worked before
17:53:45preglowwhen it was in the debug menu?
17:53:58preglowwell, it's different now
17:54:03preglowi have no idea why it's commented out
17:54:56BBubcould you tell me where to change that so i could try compiling it myself?
17:54:56 Join DangerousDan [0] (
17:55:11preglowit's in firmware/export/config-h100.h
17:55:23preglowsearch for HAVE_RECORDING and remove the comment signs around it
17:55:41preglowif it works, tell me
17:57:06eli_shereracksaw: already did the post editing...
18:03:44Acksawnice one
18:03:46Acksawim off
18:03:53 Quit Acksaw ()
18:04:14 Join skorpyon [0] (
18:11:23 Join willows_mine [0] (
18:11:28willows_minehey guys....
18:11:43willows_mineanyone in here know a bit about the iriver h140?
18:11:58willows_mineor an irc chat room I can go to get help troubleshooting?
18:13:42lostlogicrockbox or stock firmware?
18:13:52lostlogicmight try #misticriver for stock firmware help
18:21:38 Quit willows_mine ()
18:21:57BBubpreglow: what is that quality setting? deos it have an effect on the h110?
18:24:10BBubbut it works perfectly on the h110 :)
18:24:57 Join Jungti1234 [0] (n=jungti12@
18:28:55BBubdoes the rockbox split the files at 2 gb?
18:29:34preglowquality setting, don't know
18:29:37preglowhaven't used recording much
18:29:40preglowbut it records just fine
18:30:38Jungti1234I doze.
18:36:37eli_shereri have a new site for my projects: eli_sherer/">
18:37:05Jungti1234Very interesting .
18:39:07 Join TCK [0] (
18:43:12 Join hardeep [0] (
18:46:56 Quit Benacool (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
18:47:43 Quit akaidiot (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
18:50:54Jungti1234hey eli_sherer
18:52:36BBubpreglow: yep, i recorded about 40 mb
18:52:42BBubhad no glitches or whatsoever
18:52:57Jungti1234good night all
18:53:19 Quit Jungti1234 ("Bye~ -")
18:54:32 Join Bger [0] (n=Bager@
18:59:15 Join Jungti1234 [0] (n=jungti12@
18:59:41CtcpIgnored 1 channel CTCP requests in 0 seconds at the last flood
18:59:41*Jungti1234 askl
19:04:32 Join DreamTactix291 [0] (
19:05:03***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
19:06:27 Quit muesli_- (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
19:07:51 Quit t0mas (" HydraIRC -> <- Try something fresh")
19:08:35 Join Moos [0] (
19:12:38 Join Kohlrabi [0] (
19:13:05 Join tim66 [0] (n=tim@
19:22:04 Part tim66
19:24:23 Join tim66 [0] (n=tim@
19:25:46 Quit Moos ("Glory to Rockbox")
19:27:19 Join Moos [0] (
19:28:56markunamiconn: if rockbox.archos is put in .rockbox and ajbrec.ajz is replaced by a small bootloader I think not many people will notice the difference.
19:29:41 Join honki [0] (
19:32:55Bgerafaik it cannot be too little, otherwise the archos fw will refuse to load it
19:34:03markunBger: we can bad it with 0's :)
19:34:45 Join ^BeN^ [0] (
19:35:38Bgeryeah :) that's the most little problem
19:37:59 Quit Philip ("bye everybody")
19:42:23 Quit Nibbler ("life is like a rental car, you fuck it up, and give it back.")
19:45:50 Quit Moos (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
19:46:04 Join Moos [0] (
19:47:03 Quit Moos (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
19:47:12 Join Moos [0] (
19:48:44eli_shererfinally i managed to make sub-menues
19:51:23 Join ansivirus [0] (
19:52:58eli_shererH300: you can find the new version on my site...
19:54:13 Quit eli_sherer ()
19:55:32 Quit hardeep (" HydraIRC -> <- Go on, try it!")
19:57:50*markun prods Bagder
19:59:35 Quit honki (Remote closed the connection)
20:00:27 Join Rondom [0] (
20:02:59 Join muesli_- [0] (
20:07:21muesli_-bejeweled in color? awesome!
20:10:10Bgermuesli_-: huh?
20:10:25muesli_-sorry...was ripped out of context ;)
20:10:33muesli_-<eli_sherer> i have a new site for my projects: eli_sherer/">
20:10:37muesli_-just seen that
20:10:55muesli_-from a previous visit..and thought it was right now
20:11:09Bgerand source ?
20:12:28Bgeryes, source of this color bejeweled
20:12:48muesli_-dunno... i did not code it
20:13:37Rickmakes me want a h3x0 now
20:14:24muesli_-its a pitty that he didnt leave any pix of it
20:14:39 Quit hshah_ ("Leaving")
20:16:20Bgerhm ... if i turn on the backlight with backlight_on() (from plugin), will it turn off after the time set in settings
20:16:21 Join Raskolnikov [0] (
20:16:25Raskolnikovhi all
20:17:57muesli_-there was a page with additional fonts for rbx...any idea?
20:17:57 Quit mofoGX ()
20:18:08muesli_-Bagder ?
20:18:18muesli_-wasnt that you who told about that?= iirc
20:19:27Bgermuesli_-: yep,">
20:20:24muesli_-cheers Bger
20:21:04 Join hshah [0] (
20:21:59Bgerok, isn't better to have defines like BACKLIGHT_ON in firmware/export/backlight.h and not in firmware/backlight.c /
20:23:46Kingstonei think in the header is better too
20:26:11 Join linuxstb_ [0] (
20:27:37linuxstb_Bger: The BACKLIGHT_ON etc defines are local to backlight.c - they are not meant to be used by other parts of Rockbox.
20:29:18 Join NicoFR [0] (
20:29:41 Join akaidiot [0] (
20:33:35Bgerlinuxstb: heh
20:34:23linuxstb_What do you want to do?
20:34:30Bgerthen see plugins/fire.c
20:35:15Bgergreyscale.c ...
20:35:33Bgerrb->backlight_set_timeout(1);/* keep the light on */
20:35:55Bgerstarfield ...
20:35:59linuxstb_Yes. What's the problem?
20:36:28Bgerit obviously is not used only local in backlight.c
20:36:55linuxstb_I can't find BACKLIGHT_ON used in any of those files.
20:37:05Bgerit's not
20:37:09Bgerbut ...
20:37:22Bgerin backlight.c :
20:37:23Bger#define BACKLIGHT_ON 1
20:37:50 Join Acksaw [0] (
20:37:55AcksawEli here?
20:38:10Bgerlinuxstb i mean it's used indirectly
20:38:23AcksawIs eli sherar here?
20:38:37Bger[20:54:15] * eli_sherer ( Quit
20:38:49Bger21:38 now
20:38:58Acksawtrust my luck..
20:39:14linuxstb_Of course - that's the point. It's not intended to be used directly.
20:39:21Bgerbut ...
20:39:28Bgermany plugins use it
20:39:34Bgerand i want to use it too
20:39:42Acksawso, whats the conversation about then?
20:39:52Bgerit'll be very valuable on color LCD platforms ...
20:41:02Bgeranyway, even if it's not intended to be used directly, it *is* already
20:41:59linuxstb_I'm sorry, I don't understand. No file apart from backlight.c uses BACKLIGHT_ON - which is why it is defined in backlight.c
20:42:09Bgerin apps/plugins/ demistify, fire, grayscale.c, plasma,
20:42:21Bgerlinuxstb: yeah, but BACKLIGHT_ON's value is 1
20:42:36Bgerand all these plugins i mentioned use rb->backlight_set_timeout(1);/* keep the light on */
20:43:54Acksawdo you guys think it will be possible to turn the backlight off and still be able see the screen on the h300?
20:44:07Acksawlike modern mobile phones
20:44:13BgerAcksaw: no way
20:44:19Acksawdidnt think so
20:44:27Bgerthe screen isn't turned off
20:44:30Bgeronly the backlight
20:44:46Acksawthe backlight is the screen, yes?
20:44:49Bgerso if you don't see it...
20:45:03Bgerno, the backlight is the light source under the LCD matrix
20:45:09Acksawas you cant see the screen at all with the backlight off
20:45:16Acksawahh i understand
20:46:03linuxstb_The 1 passed to backlight_set_timeout is the setting for the timeout - it is only a co-incidence that BACKLIGHT_ON is also 1.
20:46:23Bgerhm, maybe you're right ...
20:47:03Bgeroh, yes, u're right
20:47:20Bgerit's used in the event queue
20:48:59 Part linuxstb_
20:49:24 Join linuxstb_ [0] (
20:49:38 Quit NicoFR ()
20:49:44linuxstb_no problem.
20:49:49 Quit linuxstb (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
20:49:49 Join linuxstb__ [0] (
20:50:03*Bger must stop talking bullsh...s :)
20:52:02 Quit Raskolnikov ()
20:52:28 Quit Mxm`Pas`Bien (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
20:52:30 Join Maxime [0] (
20:57:01 Quit muesli_- (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
21:01:39 Join ModernExecutive [0] (
21:02:24ModernExecutiveanything new w/the h300 fw?
21:02:41Acksawcheck the daily builds for updates...
21:02:53Acksawit is updated daily
21:03:00Acksawgo to the chanelog for the changes
21:05:03ModernExecutivesorry to be a bother
21:05:05***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
21:06:39 Quit ModernExecutive ()
21:16:26 Join eli_sherer [0] (
21:18:24 Quit linuxstb_ ("CGI:IRC")
21:18:24 Join linuxstb [0] (
21:19:20 Quit Rondom (Read error: 113 (No route to host))
21:20:00 Join linuxstb_ [0] (
21:20:06 Quit linuxstb (Nick collision from services.)
21:20:10 Nick linuxstb_ is now known as linuxstb (
21:24:49 Join RotAtoR [0] (
21:26:11 Join Philip [0] (
21:31:32linuxstbeli_sherer: I have a few minor comments about your rockpaint plugin if you're interested. (which looks very nice btw).
21:33:06Acksawyeh i have a few things to say about bejeweled again =]
21:33:13 Quit linuxstb__ (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
21:42:15linuxstbFIrstly, are you aware of rb->lcd_framebuffer - this is the framebuffer used by the lcd driver. This array gives you access to what's on the screen.
21:42:33 Join Nibbler [0] (
21:42:34 Quit XavierGr (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
21:43:57 Join len0x [0] (
21:44:05 Join linuxstb_ [0] (
21:44:39 Quit linuxstb (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
21:50:00 Part len0x
21:50:52eli_shererlinux-stb: i have bug there,,, i know
21:50:54preglowlinuxstb_: should we use that directly?
21:51:09eli_shereri can't use it directly
21:51:14preglowwould make it pretty target specific...
21:51:34eli_shererit's a private variable i cant access it so i made one of my own
21:51:50eli_shereri managed to make sokoban and solitaire work in color!!!
21:52:17preglowmake colour cards :P
21:53:23 Join webguest43 [0] (
21:54:04webguest43preglow: I agree using lcd_framebuffer would make the plugin target (or at least lcd) specific, but it _is_ in the plugin interface.
21:54:16preglowsure looks like it
21:54:33 Quit Bger (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
21:54:47 Nick webguest43 is now known as linuxstb__ (
21:55:19 Nick linuxstb__ is now known as linuxstb (
21:55:24 Nick CBM-away is now known as CheeseBurgerMan (n=BurgerBo@
21:55:24DBUGEnqueued KICK CheeseBurgerMan
21:55:44 Join webguest89 [0] (
21:55:52webguest89why no wma on rockbox?
21:56:05preglowbecause no one has codec it yet
21:56:24webguest89but it's going to happen sooner or later?
21:56:31preglowyes, i'd guess so
21:56:57 Quit webguest89 (Client Quit)
21:57:16linuxstbeli_sherer: Why do you think lcd_framebuffer is a private variable? It's in the public plugin API struct. Have I missed something?
21:58:01eli_shereri tried approaching it and the compiler returned error as if i didn't declared it
21:58:15linuxstbDid you use rb->lcd_framebuffer ?
21:58:27eli_shereras well as "drawmode" which isn't public so as "lcd_framebuffer"
21:59:08eli_sherermaybe i didn't :)
21:59:37 Nick CheeseBurgerMan is now known as CBM-away (n=BurgerBo@
21:59:37DBUGEnqueued KICK CBM-away
21:59:47linuxstbWhat do you need to use it for though? I agree with preglow that it is best to avoid using it if possible.
22:00:15linuxstbi.e. add functions to the lcd driver instead.
22:00:25eli_shererto get pixels from the screen (like to save a file or to printscreen in oreder to show a window)
22:00:37Acksawnice to hear you got sokoban etc working"
22:00:40Acksawgreat stuff!
22:00:53eli_shererin a sec it will be on my site
22:01:27 Quit Kohlrabi (Nick collision from services.)
22:01:30 Join Kohlriba [0] (
22:01:43linuxstbThat was going to be another of my comments. IMO, it would be better to use the built-in Rockbox menu system, rather than your own menu.
22:02:04Acksawany chance you could make the bejewled screen longer?
22:02:06eli_sherermy own is nicer!
22:02:14Acksawdoesnt fill the scree
22:02:34eli_shereracksaw: it can be only larger and i don't want to mess with something i didn't built
22:02:47linuxstbeli_sherer: Maybe. But to be consistent you should use the built-in menus. I'm sure those will be improved in the future.
22:03:03 Quit tim66 (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
22:03:10Acksawwhat are these menus?
22:03:11eli_shererwhen theyl do i change isn't so complexed to do
22:03:37 Join tim66 [0] (n=tim@
22:03:39eli_shererit what makes my programs unique
22:03:57 Join t0mas [0] (n=Tomas@unaffiliated/t0mas)
22:04:10Acksawwhere are they?
22:04:15eli_shererthe new colored games are up
22:04:17 Nick CBM-away is now known as CheeseBurgerMan (n=BurgerBo@
22:04:17DBUGEnqueued KICK CheeseBurgerMan
22:04:17***Alert Mode level 1
22:04:21Acksawim download them
22:04:26Acksawjust saw em just before you said =]
22:04:46 Join Rincewind [0] (
22:05:16Acksawwith sokoban
22:05:23Acksawdo i just overwrite the old one?
22:06:15preglowi still think a uniform interface is nice
22:06:26preglowbut not something i'll argue about, no
22:06:44Acksawill do it...
22:06:47eli_shereryou can...
22:07:03Acksawi just did it
22:07:15eli_shererin the case of sokoban and solitaire i made the changes so it doesn't affect other players only h300s
22:07:18Acksawif i need the old one im sure i can get it
22:07:36linuxstbeli_sherer: Don't forget that if you are distributing GPL software (the plugins you have added color to), you are required to make the source available.
22:07:39Acksawill test them now...
22:07:57t0masare you around?
22:08:04preglowyeah, for a few minutes more
22:08:07Acksawthats good make the source availble though
22:08:14Acksawmeans it may be integrated into rockbox
22:08:16eli_shererlinuxstb: damn'it your right...
22:08:25t0masmind if I have some questions in privmsg?
22:08:30preglowsure, just be quick
22:08:32Acksawtesitng soko...
22:08:49 Join Bger [0] (n=Bager@
22:08:51Acksawif only the screen size could be changed
22:09:01RotAtoReli_sherer: yes, source please :)
22:09:27RotAtoRi was just looking at updating the bejewled grpahics myself and saw that you already done that.
22:09:38Acksawcan anyone get past level 3 on sokoban?
22:11:08Acksawi cant do it :(
22:12:37Acksawthe colours are a bit dodgy on it too
22:12:41Acksaworange doesnt look brilliant
22:12:45linuxstbeli_sherer: Going back to your rockpaint, the Rockbox coding style is: 1) Unix end-of-line characters, 2) No TABS (indent by four spaces) and 3) /* these kinds of comments */
22:14:08CtcpIgnored 3 channel CTCP requests in 8 minutes and 53 seconds at the last flood
22:14:08*ender` wonders what's wrong with tabs
22:14:18***Alert Mode OFF
22:14:58CheeseBurgerManIt's not the Rockbox style. ;)
22:15:03 Join muesli_- [0] (
22:15:13linuxstbIt will also display differently in different editors.
22:15:21eli_shererthat's right it's my style! ;)
22:15:49eli_sherernotepad don't read UNIX eof chars
22:15:51Acksawi think it would look better something like this
22:15:56ender`the point of tabs is that you're not forcing your indentation on other coders, but let everybody pick their own
22:16:07ender`(you have to know how to use tabs though)
22:16:12Acksawand if you could do snake =
22:17:36eli_shererthe games i work on are the games other people created...if you want new games download gameboy games...
22:17:44Acksawim just saying
22:17:46Acksawfor sokoban
22:17:53Acksawthe colour are a big vibrant
22:18:04Acksawi think it would look better like this
22:18:24Acksawand snake (original one) would look better like this
22:18:24eli_shereri've seen that's pocket pc!
22:18:34Acksawim not saying it isnt
22:18:41Acksawim on about the colours!
22:18:49Acksawlike brown walls etc
22:19:04preglowender`: yes, and by using spaces, we don't need people to learn tabs
22:19:20preglowender`: i've read so much code that using a mad mix of spaces and tabs, that i'm completely with the rockbox rules on this one
22:19:42eli_shererif brown walls and orange boxes instead of orange walls and brown boxes is what gonna make you happy then there is no problem
22:20:05Acksawi just think the colours go a bit better
22:20:08Acksawon the boxes...
22:20:09ender`the only thing you need to know about tabs is to only use them at the start of the line, and never use more tabs than the number of them in the previous line + 1
22:20:10Acksawnot bring
22:20:14Acksawnot bright ornage
22:20:17 Quit Bger (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
22:20:17Acksawa dull orange
22:20:31ender`(then again, i'm not working on rockbox, so i shouldn't be complaining)
22:20:35 Quit Rincewind (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
22:22:11Acksaweli - just need the walls brown and the boxes a dull orange
22:22:23Acksawalso, you could edit snake -
22:22:58 Join Kyl3 [0] (
22:23:03Acksawhey kyle
22:24:37preglowlinuxstb: planning on removing the ipl logo in the bootloader? they seem to be making their own
22:26:09preglowor is it more a "thanks for all the code we snitched" thing?
22:26:32preglowreplace vowels until it makes sense
22:27:38linuxstbpreglow: Yes, they're very advanced with their own bootloader now.
22:28:07linuxstbNot sure about the logo, but I don't think we should call it a joint bootloader any more.
22:29:15 Join muesli- [0] (
22:29:16 Quit muesli_- (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
22:30:24preglowi think logos in the bootloader is nice anyway
22:30:27preglowlooks fancy :)
22:30:37 Join webguest11 [0] (
22:30:37 Quit webguest11 (Client Quit)
22:36:30muesli-eli_sherer iam looking forward to your .rocks :D
22:39:59Kyl3^ me too
22:40:51 Quit ^BeN^ (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
22:41:01Acksawthere are afew out
22:41:47muesli-wohoo :D it has been i need a h3xx ;)
22:42:11eli_shererit's up on the web v0.33 bug fixes
22:44:48Acksawim of
22:44:55 Quit Acksaw ()
22:45:03eli_sherergood night all !!!
22:45:12 Quit eli_sherer ()
22:45:39muesli-*.il ? which country is that?
22:45:46 Quit Kyl3 (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
22:46:50RotAtoRmuesli-: israel
22:47:03muesli-shalom :D
22:47:41muesli-btw more jewels from you?
22:47:44 Join reinaert [0] (
22:48:17RotAtoRyes, more from me ;) I've just been busy
22:48:36reinaert .++++
22:48:47 Nick reinaert is now known as moiristo (
22:48:48muesli-whoo ;) although bejeweled bricked my joystick ;)
22:49:00RotAtoRI'm hoping to take a look at eli_sherer's code and do a proper update for h3xx and possible ipod
22:50:08RotAtoRhehe, yes, many future worn out joysticks will be blamed on bejeweled ;)
22:52:06 Join skorpyon_ [0] (
22:52:46 Quit skorpyon (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
22:53:07 Join dpassen1 [0] (
22:54:18 Quit dpassen1 (Client Quit)
22:54:37amiconnmarkun: How do I disable arabic joining? I hope it's just some #define...
22:57:16 Join Benacool [0] (
23:00:41 Join Bger [0] (n=Bager@
23:01:07moiristodoes someone know if rockbox will come out for gmini400? or is it just wishful thinking?
23:01:46muesli-rather a wish if you ask me
23:02:33muesli-takes a long time to write a bootloader..not done within short time..
23:03:51moiristook..there were some rumours about some sources being available..that's why i'm asking
23:04:59muesli-it was MY opinion dont count on me as a serious source cos im not a dev
23:05:09***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
23:06:26moiristooh ok..well recently some programmers were able to run code on the 400, maybe you heard of the gamegear emu..but these things should speed up development i guess :)
23:07:32linuxstbAFAIK, there is no development to speed up - no-one is working on a Rockbox port to the 400.
23:09:01moiristook..thnx for the infos
23:13:03 Join XavierGr [0] (
23:13:09 Nick CheeseBurgerMan is now known as CBM-away (n=BurgerBo@
23:13:09DBUGEnqueued KICK CBM-away
23:13:48muesli-Xavierakles :D
23:14:16XavierGrO hiyo!
23:15:04muesli-who's pita goin`?
23:15:33XavierGrvery well I ate one for lunch! :D
23:15:53markunamiconn: it's not a define. I can make you a new patch if you want or you can comment out the code yourself.
23:16:10 Quit moiristo ("WeeChat 0.1.6")
23:16:51markunamiconn: in bidi.c comment out #include "arabjoin.h", arab_lookup, arabjoin and the call to arabjoin on row 152
23:18:16 Join reinaert [0] (
23:18:47 Quit reinaert (Client Quit)
23:19:16 Join DJDD_ [0] (
23:19:21 Part DJDD_
23:24:53 Quit linuxstb ("CGI:IRC (Ping timeout)")
23:31:06amiconnSlasher: I see yellow! :/
23:31:48 Join Paul_The_Nerd [0] (
23:31:51markunamiconn: I can make a patch for bidi.c if you want
23:34:39 Quit akaidiot ("( :: NoNameScript 3.81 :: )")
23:38:31 Quit TCK (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
23:40:19 Join JdGordon [0] (
23:45:31 Quit muesli- (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
23:51:35 Join muesli_- [0] (
23:53:23 Join TCK [0] (

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