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#rockbox log for 2005-11-27

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00:20:41baobab68hi all
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00:31:33JdGordonany1 know about plugin coding for rb?
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00:35:04markunhi tucoz
00:35:50tucozhave you recieved your gigabeat yet?
00:36:00markunno, I hope on monday
00:37:09markunIt will be a long way before rockbox works, but I have just encoded a movie on 320x240 (320x148) at 10 fps to see how it would look :)
00:37:31markunIf we can get ffmpeg running
00:37:39muesli_-wohoo :D
00:37:51markunwould be fun :)
00:38:06markunSomeone with a H300 can start working on it of course.
00:38:19tucozyes, and that unit will probably have the power to run it
00:39:00tucozAlthough I have no idea how a coldfire@120Mhz compares to an arm@300
00:39:12markunI hope so. The Gigabeat has about 2x the number of pixels, so maybe it's still not that much faster than the coldfire
00:40:08markunBut I don't know how the number of pixels influense the decoding speed
00:40:58tucozIt really looks great as well. A friend with a video-ipod said that my h120 looks like a walkie-talkie. I have to agree on that. At least with the ugly leather protection case.
00:41:54tucozwhich one is that you have bought?
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00:43:19markunThere was a F60 for sale on ebay today that wasn't much more expensive.. ah well..
00:43:46tucozwhat is the difference? hard disk, or something else as well?
00:43:58markunonly hard disk
00:45:11_FireFly_i guess the F60 has a 60gb disk :)
00:45:14XavierGrwhat hard disk does Fseries utilize?
00:45:29tucozcool, you can tilt the unit to get proper aspect ratio
00:46:23markunXavierGr: toshiba of course :)
00:46:42tucozwasn't 320x240 the aspect ratio of mode-x? I think I remember that 320x200 was what you got from vga-cards back in the day.
00:47:03XavierGrso can it take a 1.8 drive of a greater capacity. E.g can an f20 (if there is) hold a 60gb disk?
00:47:09tucozAnd that didn't have square pixels.
00:48:53muesli_-is there anybody here with a patched and working h300 fw?
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00:49:37markunXavierGr: same problem as iriver. F20 can only have single pletter hdd
00:50:12tucozoh, it doesn't have video-playback in the stock fw?
00:50:43XavierGrbut I know that this relates to the size of the player not the number of platters, no? Or do you mean that the F20 is too small for a double platter disk?
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00:51:13markuntucoz: no video
00:52:15tucozmarkun, I wonder why. Anyway, video should look pretty good on it. :)
00:52:56baobab68DreamTactix291: hey man you guys were right about the mp3 conversions
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00:54:52tucozgood night.
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00:57:16baobab68muesli_-: yes
00:58:38muesli_-i get 4mb for the patched korean fw, is that correct?
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01:01:12baobab68muesli-: make sure you run md5sum on it. as long as the checksum matches that shown on the wiki, it *should* be ok
01:01:29muesli-ist identical with H320/H340 1.28-K 1145f86482724e79b3bea603a22dda0e DONE TomRoss
01:01:35muesli-but thats strange
01:01:41muesli-it was 2.5mb before
01:01:49muesli-and 4mb afterwards!
01:01:49baobab68yeah i know.
01:02:37baobab68even worse, you can apply skins to it with h3mod and it *still* works. (i'm only passing on the info, not recommending that you try it)
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01:03:17baobab68anyone here willing to discuss OGG formats for a couple minutes?
01:03:44Paul_The_NerdWell, OGG is really a container. The audio format is generally "Vorbis"
01:04:18Paul_The_NerdBut what was the question?
01:04:47baobab68hi paul
01:04:59baobab68more of the same from yesterday i am afraid.
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01:05:26baobab68listened to a few of those transcoded (shock!) MP3 and they were in fact sh*t.
01:06:19Paul_The_NerdSo, what's the new question then?
01:06:24baobab68so now i am trying OGG. I've replaced my ogg and vorbis dll's with the latest aotuv dll's, and you guys were right, vorbis is better at lower bit rates.
01:06:30baobab68so, new question is...
01:06:56baobab68which is preferable - quality based encoding or using bitrate options?
01:07:09Paul_The_NerdGenerally speaking, quality based.
01:07:33baobab68quality based doesn't seem to 'sound' as good to me, but is faster to encode. bitrate slower but better?
01:09:06Paul_The_NerdWell, in the end go with what sounds best to you.
01:09:32baobab68either way i can get files about the same size as my evil WMAs and which i can only *just* hear the difference form the sources
01:10:10baobab68so you and DreamTactix291 can feel good that at least some of what u said rubbed off.
01:10:28baobab68i really appreciate the time u guys took to discuss that stuff.
01:11:21Paul_The_NerdI still say it's a bad idea for you to be transcoding. I really can't predict which ways will end up sounding better in the end, but if using the bitrate options is creating better files it may work out better for yah
01:12:45baobab68i plan to do my 4 star rated files (1800 of them) first and see how the total file size and quality suit me.
01:13:03baobab68and RB is totally fine with OGG, right?
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01:13:45baobab68battery life?
01:14:02baobab68iriver firmware is reputed to suck battery when playing ogg
01:14:17markunThe same is true for rockbox.
01:14:25markunBuy a bigger battery and you'll be fine
01:14:33Paul_The_NerdIt's not that huge of a difference though.
01:14:40markunOr get preglow to do more optimisations :)
01:15:04Paul_The_NerdI mean, it's not like it lasts half as long or anything
01:15:06markunI only have Ogg files, so I can't tell the difference
01:15:16baobab68i plan to buy an ipod 1st gen battery soon
01:15:24baobab68(sorry, i said ipod)
01:15:34markunAnd I have a 2200mAh battery
01:16:34baobab68that's what i will go for. just a matter of swapping the -ve and +ve leads, right?
01:16:43markunbaobab68: btw it's pronounces Ogg, after a character from the discworld series.
01:16:52markunyes, very simple
01:17:30baobab68markun: presume we're both talking h3xx, right?
01:17:54markunbaobab68: What kind of bitrate settings were you talking about btw? setting the upper and lower bitrate?
01:18:29baobab68oh, ok. still, mostly same circuitry except screen, in terms of battery drain.
01:18:38Paul_The_NerdActually, Ogg wasn't named after the Discworld character
01:18:45Paul_The_NerdIt's somewhere in the FAQ at the site.
01:18:48Paul_The_NerdBut apparently Vorbis was.
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01:19:06markunIt wasn't? Hm, I was listening to some audio books and both Ogg and Vorbis were in them.
01:19:16Paul_The_NerdYeah, there is an Ogg character in Discworld
01:19:23Paul_The_NerdBut the Ogg name for the container was taken from somewhere else.
01:19:30baobab68one more RB question - is there any way to customise the front RB screen to have name and contact details on it?
01:20:23baobab68that's the main reason i skinned my iriver firmware.
01:21:14Paul_The_NerdWell, it's open source.
01:21:27Paul_The_NerdSo, theoretically the answer to almost any "is there any way to customise" question is "yes"
01:21:29markun"Nor is it named after 'Nanny Ogg' from the Terry Pratchett book Wyrd Sisters."
01:22:03markun"An 'Ogg' (pronounced [┼Ćg]) is a tactical maneuver from the network game 'Netrek' that has entered common usage in a wider sense."
01:22:41markunbaobab68: which from RB screen? startup screen?
01:22:44ashridahbaobab68: the bootup logo? yeah, i'm pretty sure it's an bmp2rb'ed .bmp file that's been tacked into apps/gui/logo.c
01:23:02ashridahnot sure where the colour one goes tho
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01:25:11baobab68compiling my own customer .rockbox folder is beyond my skill set I'm afraid
01:26:26markunyou can always learn. All the info is in the wiki
01:26:33Paul_The_NerdYeah, there's a step by step guide
01:26:39baobab68i suppose i could make a WPS with my name in the status bar area.
01:26:42Paul_The_NerdTHere's not much you yourself have to know.
01:27:08Paul_The_NerdYou could also just create a .txt file in the root folder called "Context Info, ClickMe" or something
01:27:22baobab68kind of more useful actually, the WPS way. if "my" WOPS was the only one on the machine, the user could never get rid of me.
01:27:22Paul_The_NerdI mean, if someone finds it, they'd have to want to return it anyway. If they did, they'd see that and click it.
01:27:29Paul_The_NerdContact, not context
01:27:35baobab68i was about to say that.
01:27:54baobab68they'd have to prise it from my cold dead hands most of the time....
01:30:13baobab68well time for breakfast. thank you again for the information.
01:30:48 Part baobab68
01:31:04ashridahsomeone could probably rig up a build for him later on that has the customisations he needs
01:31:19ashridahif he wants to stay up to date he's going to want to start building it himself tho :)
01:32:47 Join JonSenior [0] (
01:33:02JonSeniorHi guys
01:33:23ashridahthis party isn't quite completely stag, you know ;)
01:33:47Paul_The_NerdWell, he's on H3X0 right now, so rigging up a build for him any time soon, it'll be outdated quickly
01:34:00ashridahPaul_The_Nerd: well, yes, hence 'later on'
01:34:22Paul_The_NerdI imagine I'll end up doing things like that.
01:34:37Paul_The_NerdI like to try to be helpful, and that's within the range of "Things I can do"
01:36:06JonSeniorBenacool: Are you currently reading?
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01:37:51JdGordonhey LinusN, quick q.. is there any way to get the date/time in rb?
01:37:58JonSeniorAlternatively, is there anyone here running Rockbox on an H300 and using an H100 LCD remote? <Tall order? I think so!>
01:38:05LinusNJdGordon: which platform?
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01:38:25JdGordonwell... ideally all.. but mainly the h300
01:38:25LinusNJonSenior: i am
01:38:39LinusNJdGordon: i haven't yet ported the rtc functions
01:38:47JdGordonbut its planned?
01:38:53LinusNof course it is
01:40:00JonSeniorLinusN: Can I assume that your experience with the remote ID ties in with what we found yesterday then? I've finally found an area of code that I could help with, but I'm caught out by the hardware! :-)
01:40:12LinusNJdGordon: i'm concentrating on the obvious things first
01:40:34JonSeniorI do have an idea for how it could work, but it involves user interaction on connection which doesn't really appeal!
01:41:01LinusNJonSenior: does the original iriver firmware handle both remotes?
01:41:17ashridahLinusN: yes.
01:41:19JonSeniorI'm not sure, I only have the H300 remote and H300 player.
01:41:26ashridahLinusN: i've plugged my H1xx remote into someone's H3xx
01:41:48ashridahit acted like the H1xx remote did, surprisingly.
01:42:02LinusNok, so there must be a way to detect it
01:42:05ashridahiirc, the menus were virtually the same
01:42:16 Quit Moos ("Glory to Rockbox")
01:42:22LinusNuntil then, i don't see a problem with an option
01:42:24ashridahLinusN: you could test it yourself, couldn't you? don't you have both? :)
01:42:40LinusNashridah: yes i could, i just haven't bothered
01:43:15JonSeniorMy potential solution would be to detect the connection of a remote, then prompt the user to press a button on the remote which has the same legend but a different code.
01:43:35LinusNi think there is a simpler way
01:43:35preglowa bit too... interactive
01:43:37ashridahbut yeah, if i'd changed from a H1xx to a 3xx, i'd probably have either kept my remote, or bought a new one
01:43:45JonSeniorIt could be done relatively gracefully, but it's not as nice a automagic ID
01:44:13JonSeniorOr even s/a/as an/ Need more sleep!
01:45:23preglowLinusN: little chance of the ipod port overtaking you now :/
01:45:42JonSeniorAnyways. Aside from the obvious (DAC) what other areas of the code are high priority and unoccupied?
01:46:11JonSeniorI make no promises as to ability, but I'll gladly take a look now it's at a stage where I might be useful!
01:46:35LinusNJonSenior: cpu frequency management, power management, usb mode
01:46:59LinusNfor some reason, the cpu can't run stable as 120mhz
01:47:16preglowyou still think that's a peripheral issue?
01:47:22LinusNdac works, i just haven't committed it
01:47:41JdGordoncommit damn it :D
01:47:41LinusNpreglow: i have no idea
01:48:22preglowLinusN: i'd say don't let it be a show stopper, if we've only got 90mhz, it's no biggie, will only make us work harder on optimising
01:48:56linuxstb_JonSenior: There's also lots of work needed on the plugins (larger and colour LCD), plus generally making Rockbox more colourful. Rockboy especially would be a popular plugin to improve.
01:49:18preglowif you're looking for groupies, rockboy is definitely the way to go
01:49:34JdGordonwhere in the code is the text viewer? i hate the entire page scrolling...
01:49:43 Quit Paul_The_Nerd ("Chatzilla 0.9.68a [Firefox 1.0.7/20050915]")
01:49:50JonSeniorProgramming groupies? <shudders> ;-)
01:52:11JdGordonwhat the heck??? on+down is 1 line at a time??? (no offense intended) who came up with that???
01:52:35JdGordonprob a preferecne thing tho.. i prefer scrolling lines at a time not pages
01:52:47markunlinuxstb_: GCC can produce thumb code, right?
01:53:03linuxstb_I'm pretty sure it can.
01:53:36markunwhat happens when you are in a block of thumb instructions and you get an interrupt that goes to non thumb code?
01:53:47markunOr is this not possible?
01:53:53preglowmarkun: yeah
01:53:55linuxstb_You're f**ked ?
01:54:09preglowexceptions are always 32 bit
01:54:13linuxstb_Or are interrupt handlers always 32-bit?
01:54:28preglowif you want thumb code in an exception handler, you will always have to deal with it yourself
01:56:41markunSo the arm switches from thumb mode automatically when there is an interrupt?
01:57:54 Join paugh [0] (n=kickback@2001:5c0:8fff:ffff:8000:0:3e03:6822)
01:58:05markunwould be nice if the same is true for the endian bit
01:58:08 Part paugh ("Leaving")
01:58:16preglowi doubt that
01:58:21preglowwhere is the endian bit stored?
01:58:27preglowif it's in the cpsr, you're fine
01:58:31preglowif not, you're screwed
01:58:39markunIn the 920T it's in the CP15 coprocessor
01:58:48preglowthen i have no idea at all
01:59:22JdGordondoes any1 know what the .rockbox/viewers/ file is supposed to look like?
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02:08:38CtcpIgnored 2 channel CTCP requests in 2 hours and 25 minutes at the last flood
02:08:38*amiconn is fighting with Makefiles and associated stuff
02:08:53JdGordonkill em... kill em all...
02:12:35preglowLinusN: any reason why HAVE_RECORDING is commented out for h110 ?
02:12:54LinusNno, it shouldn't be
02:13:23preglowok, i'll comment it out, then
02:13:36preglowi had someone test it a couple of hours back, he said recording worked just fine
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02:14:17*LinusN is installing bootloader v2 on his h300
02:14:41JdGordonare viewer settings stored on a per file basis?
02:14:55LinusNi *think* so
02:14:57 Quit tim66 (Read error: 113 (No route to host))
02:14:59JonSeniorLinusN: Agh!! Good luck
02:14:59 Join FireFly_ [0] (
02:15:04JdGordon.. interesting...
02:21:19 Quit _FireFly_ (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
02:21:59*LinusN listens to fugees on his h320 with bootloader v2 and the upcoming bleeding edge build
02:22:19ashridahLinusN: did you manage the work out the button weirdness?
02:22:27LinusNashridah: no
02:22:29ashridahor did you just clamp the max cpu frequency?
02:22:40 Quit FireFly_ ("Leaving")
02:22:49JdGordonso.. when od we get to listen also?
02:23:10LinusNhopefully in 20 minutes or so
02:23:29JdGordonyou freeking legend :D
02:23:47*JdGordon is setting up cygwin here to fuck with the vierwer code
02:24:43preglowi were to do that, i sure as hell wouldn't tell people about it
02:24:50preglow+if i
02:24:55*amiconn is in perl horror and makefile hell :(
02:25:05preglowamiconn: please, there is only perl heaven, no horror
02:26:27LinusNthe v2 bootloader is in the wiki
02:27:44amiconnpreglow: Obviously I don't use perl often enough
02:28:15preglowme neither
02:28:19preglowbut it was bliss when i did
02:28:22amiconnI need a script that takes a binary file as input and spits out a C source file containing an unsigned char array resembling the binary input file
02:29:08amiconn...because it seems to be impossible to feed a plain binary file into the linker
02:29:27JonSeniorLinusN: What does the new bootloader do that the old one didn't? More stable, or is it actually required for the upcoming bleeding edge build?
02:29:34amiconn(making it a section)
02:30:59amiconnHmm, perhaps objcopy can do that?
02:31:44linuxstb_amiconn: Maybe this thread helps:
02:32:28 Join ^Guest37784 [0] (
02:32:48LinusNJonSenior: it resets the UDA1380 DAC
02:37:21JonSeniorAhh. I'll be needing to grab that if I want sound then.
02:37:35LinusNit helps
02:39:20LinusNwithout it, you'll only get sounds occasionally, like every second boot
02:45:13JonSeniorHaving a little trouble with the patching... When I use mkboot, it reports a success, but doesn't appear to write the new.bin file. I'm using the example from the wiki with the bootloader file substituted for the new one.
02:45:47JonSeniorLooks like: tools/mkboot -h300 H300.bin bootloader-h300.bin ~/new.bin
02:46:11LinusNand new.bin isn't updated?
02:46:37 Join aliask [0] (
02:46:43JonSeniorIt isn't created!
02:46:56LinusNany error messages?
02:47:13JonSeniorNo. Reports success.
02:48:12JonSeniorBehaves the same even if I strip the arguments down to "-H300 H300.bin" alone. Just says "H300.bin: Success".
02:48:42aliaskLinusN: I just installed the V2 bootloader and a bleeding edge build, but I'm still not getting any sound, is there something really obvious I'm missing?
02:48:50JonSeniorI'm using the 25/11 daily build, but I don't imagine that being a problem.
02:49:08LinusNJonSenior: "Success"???
02:49:17JonSeniorI can't use fwpatcher as I'm running Linux alone with no Windows (Spit) on my machine.
02:49:29preglowJonSenior: wine? :P
02:49:37JonSeniorLinusN: That exact line.
02:49:42LinusNJonSenior: should be "Wrote 0x3fcfd7 bytes in /home/linus/new.bin"
02:51:04JonSeniorpreglow: OK. Well Windows is basically junk and has in various iterations trashed my data and trampled all over... er... oh that wine! ;-)
02:51:16JdGordonLinusN: does the build being built atm have the patches for audio on the h300?
02:51:17LinusNJonSenior: afaik, none of the programs in tools/ say anything like that
02:51:51LinusNJdGordon: i'm afraid it will be another build after that
02:51:57JdGordonoh ok
02:52:36JdGordonwhat about the v2 loader? safe for geneal testing?
02:52:40 Join Paul_The_Nerd [0] (
02:52:48LinusNJonSenior: what if you run tools/mkboot without arguments?
02:53:04LinusNJdGordon: same as before, not recommended
02:53:32JonSeniorLinusN: <greps> You're right. The sucess line must be spilling out from another library.
02:53:50JonSeniortools/mkboot produces the command line instructions/
02:54:56JonSeniorRunning it from the tools directory produces the following.
02:55:13JonSenior ../bootloader-h300.bin ../new.bin
02:55:13JonSenior../H300.bin: Success
02:55:19 Join Membrillo [0] (
02:55:27LinusNJonSenior: is the original H300.bin file freshly descrambled?
02:56:04*JdGordon just bricked my h320
02:56:13LinusNJdGordon: for real?
02:56:16JdGordon... na joking.. v2 installed fine
02:56:54LinusNJonSenior: i have an idea
02:56:55JonSeniorLinusN: yes
02:56:58JonSeniorGo ahead
02:57:02LinusNmake clean in tools/
02:57:07LinusNand then make
02:57:25JonSeniorSame result.
02:57:51JonSeniorI had to do a make in the first place as the bootloader tools had not been built.
02:58:00preglowthey should be
02:58:18preglowfwpatcher says Success
02:58:54preglowbut that's the only thing i can see
02:59:04Benacooljust for info what is the "UDA1380" ?
02:59:11LinusNBenacool: the DAC
02:59:11preglowBenacool: the audio chip
02:59:36preglowJonSenior: i know this sounds far fetched, but what if you rm -r fwpatcher, then make clean and make?
02:59:38Benacoolok ^^
03:00:09Benacoolso without the v2 bootloader, no audio ?
03:00:15Benacoolor it's just a bugfix
03:00:18preglowBenacool: no, sporadic audio
03:00:42Benacoolthanks ^^
03:01:44Membrilloso this v2 tested for international models?
03:01:58JdGordoni just tested it on 1, installs fine
03:02:09Membrillono brickage?
03:02:18JdGordonbtw, how do i know if my model is us or int?? i just assume it is int coz bought in china
03:02:32Membrilloon the bottom what does it say next to the usb ports
03:02:42Benacoolint in china (in therory)
03:02:43JdGordonmedia and data
03:02:57Membrilloummm i think thats US
03:03:04Membrilloim not sure
03:03:11Benacooldata and media = us
03:03:16Benacoollike mine
03:03:28JdGordonha ok
03:03:31JonSeniorpreglow: Tried removing fwpatcher... same response. The data is present in the binary but not the source which implies a library issue.
03:03:38JdGordonbetter stop telling every1 i tried on int version :p
03:03:46Membrillomines INT and it says USB 1.1 host and USB 2.0 Device
03:04:15 Quit Membrillo ()
03:04:45preglowJonSenior: this is really strange...
03:05:06Benacoolh3mod should not be a problem in this version too ? (someone want to test ?)
03:05:13***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
03:06:17LinusNno it shouldn't be a problem
03:06:56JonSeniorpreglow: I'm just grabbing the bleeding-edge source. I'll see if that changes anything!
03:07:58Benacooloh the h100 - sim doesn't like this build lol
03:08:04LinusNsaw that
03:08:06aliaskUh oh, I tried to start the iRiver firmware with the new bootloader, and it just turns off.
03:08:12aliaskCan anyone else confirm that.
03:08:41LinusNaliask: hold rec until it starts
03:08:47LinusNrec and on
03:09:10aliaskYeah, the message "loading original firmware" or similar flashes for 1/10 of a second, and then the unit turns off.
03:09:36LinusNeven if you hold rec and off?
03:09:51Benacoolhave you copied the rockbox files on your player ?
03:10:02aliaskYeah, rockbox boots fine
03:10:28LinusNaliask: this sounds just as if you have let go of the ON button too early
03:10:40aliaskThanks LinusN, didn't realise you had to hold the ON button as well.
03:10:48 Join _Vladoman [0] (
03:10:53LinusNaliask: i told you
03:11:05aliaskFalse alarm everyone
03:12:18aliaskOh I see, the iRiver firmware also has to register the ON keypress to start...
03:12:52Benacoolexact ;-)
03:13:08Benacoolexactly i mean
03:16:33JonSeniorBetter. It helps if you remember to ./configure first!
03:16:40JonSenior<hangs head in shame>
03:16:47 Join baobab68 [0] (
03:16:56baobab68hi all
03:17:02preglowthat problem came from not configuring?
03:17:29JonSeniorLooks like it. If I get bored I'll experiment later!
03:17:32preglowi don't see why the tools should need configuring
03:17:38preglowafaik, they shouldn't
03:17:46LinusNyou don't need to run configure in tools/
03:18:14JonSeniorI made the classic debugging error of changing two things at once. I updated to the bleeding edge build and I followed the config rules.
03:18:41JonSeniorMy money would be on the former, but I don't recall seeing any commits that might have had an effect.
03:19:14LinusNdid you do this:
03:19:18LinusNcd tools
03:19:35JonSeniorThen it bitched
03:19:42LinusNof course it did
03:19:48JonSeniorSo I created the build-dir
03:19:58JonSeniorAnd followed the instructions.
03:20:08JonSeniorI then ran make tools from the build-dir
03:20:10JonSeniorand lo...
03:20:15JonSeniorthe tools doth work.
03:20:34LinusNextremely weird
03:20:48 Join actionshrimp [0] (
03:20:57 Join webguest96 [0] (
03:21:04preglowyes indeed...
03:23:00 Join Mongey| [0] (n=mongeyc@
03:24:00Benacoolpreglow: when you said sporadic audio its with v2 bootloader ?
03:24:08preglowBenacool: no, v1
03:24:53Mongey|What the diffrence with the H300 bootloader v2 compared to V1
03:24:54Drumrboy|away Audio ADC/DAC driver h100 60% Plays music h300 Same
03:24:54preglowLinusN: ok, i see why it was commented away, the sim lies in shambles
03:25:00Drumrboy|awayis that true?
03:25:02Benacoolwith the lastest build with the v1 i have no sound at all ... its why i was not sure
03:26:00preglowthere's got to be some wrong #ifdef hanging around
03:26:00 Quit baobab68 ("CGI:IRC (EOF)")
03:26:03 Join akaidiot [0] (
03:26:55 Quit Vlad0man (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
03:27:31 Quit webguest96 ("CGI:IRC (Ping timeout)")
03:29:52 Join solexx [0] (
03:30:37Mongey|So is there Music play back on the h300
03:30:55JdGordon.. not yet
03:31:00Drumrboy|awayjust sporadic audio, to quote someone from before
03:31:22Mongey|wats that
03:31:24JdGordonno that was for when the new build is relased and u dont upgrade to v2 bootloader.. iirc
03:31:36LinusNit should play fine if you use the v2 bootloader and the latest bleeding edge
03:31:37Drumrboy|awaywait... so theres a version in the shadows or a fix floating around, that works?
03:31:40preglowwith latest bleeding edge and v2 bootloader, you should have audio
03:31:49preglowDrumrboy|away: sporadic was with v1 bootloader
03:31:52JdGordonlatest as in online now?
03:31:57preglowLinusN: you got any idea why only the h100 sim breaks?
03:32:00Drumrboy|awayi misread then
03:32:06LinusNpreglow: working on it
03:32:20preglowi can't find any obvious define errors
03:32:41Mongey|I WUV U GUYSS
03:33:07Benacooljust booted with a h3moded firmware (1.28 K) with rockbox
03:33:34Benacooleuh ... maybe tomorrow lol
03:33:38Mongey|great progress
03:34:02JdGordonit doesnt start the iriver firmware anymore if the usb cable is plugged in... is that supposed to happen?
03:34:36 Join baobab68 [0] (
03:35:09LinusNJdGordon: should be the same, it works for me
03:35:14Benacooli still dont have sound with the v2 bootloader and 2005-11-27 01:34 build
03:35:30JdGordonsays "usb bootloader mode" or something
03:35:39JdGordonholding rec-on gets around it tho
03:35:59JonSeniorbenacool: Me either
03:36:28LinusNdamn i forgot to commit one file
03:36:59preglowhigh time for an oops commit anyway
03:37:03JonSeniorLinusN: That wouldn't be the one with DEFINE PLAY_SOUND=true in it?
03:37:28LinusNJonSenior: :-)
03:38:52JdGordonthe wps screen actually works now tho.. even if there is no sound :p
03:39:04Benacooldo the player change when i plug it in even if nothing shows up on the screen (with the new bootloader)
03:39:11JdGordonany in flames fans here?
03:39:43Mongey|JdGordon; is there no sound?
03:39:57Mongey|there is
03:40:04JdGordonye, there isnt...
03:40:23Mongey|no RB for me 2night
03:40:26Benacoolnext build lol
03:40:42Benacooli think ...
03:40:46*Mongey| = 14
03:40:57Mongey|time = [02:40]
03:41:10JdGordonget to bed!!! or no dinner tomorow nighht :p
03:41:52 Quit solexx_ (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
03:42:34Drumrboy|awayi hope i dont sound rele stupid, but where can i get the latest bleeding edge rockbox version?
03:42:48aliaskDown the bottom of the daily builds page
03:42:56preglowit's going to take a while before it shows up
03:43:12 Join }{CBM}{ [0] (n=BurgerBo@
03:43:27Drumrboy|awayand those files go into root?
03:43:50Drumrboy|awayim doin it btw :)
03:43:53Drumrboy|awayim excited
03:44:04Benacoolin 20 minutes
03:44:19 Join andrewmel [0] (
03:44:37baobab68exciting times andrew
03:44:40andrewmelwow lots happening, hi all
03:44:52andrewmelnew bootloader. music plays now on h3xx?
03:44:57andrewmelanybody tried it?
03:45:02Benacoolat next build in theory
03:45:06 Join Curtisator [0] (
03:45:16Mongey|andrewmel goto MR chat room
03:45:54preglowwhich drunkard did config-h100.h ;)
03:45:56Benacoolwhere is this chatroom ?!
03:46:05Curtisatorhi guys - rockbox noob here - just wanted to report another sucessful v2/H340/international/1.28K flashing :)
03:46:09 Nick aliask is now known as aliask|work (
03:46:16Curtisatorgood work fellas
03:46:21}{CBM}{Benacool: Misticriver chatroom?
03:46:43 Join Zak1392 [0] (
03:47:07Drumrboy|awayhow do you put in a plugin?
03:47:20*Drumrboy|away is such a n00b... and apologizes
03:47:22LinusN"put in"?
03:47:34LinusNwhich plugin?
03:47:49Drumrboy|awayheh, hi linus. where do you place files. such as rockboy / rockpaint
03:48:09LinusNrockboy is included in the rockbox build
03:48:17ashridahDrumrboy|away: are you talking about compiling a new plugin?
03:48:26LinusNrockpaint.rock goes to .rockbox/rocks/
03:48:28Curtisatori am curious, however, to know if it is a known bug that pressing stop or pause when "playing" a track to expect RB to freeze up, requiring a reboot?
03:48:29ashridahor using one that exists?
03:48:32Drumrboy|awayi see now
03:48:39Zak1392does music work?
03:48:55LinusNCurtisator: yes
03:49:05preglowLinusN: found it
03:49:25LinusNZak1392: yes, in the next bleeding edge build
03:49:37Zak1392so i can't download it now?
03:49:59andrewmelhey great progress Linus, thanks for the great work
03:50:17Benacoolin ~15 min
03:50:24LinusNandrewmel: yw
03:50:34Zak1392yeah, thanks linus :)
03:50:35*ashridah waits for the howling mob complaiing that it "doesn't sound the same as iriver's firmware, therefore it's broken" :)
03:51:07andrewmeli am a patient fella, and have waited for a while, and am happy to keep waiting for the bugs to be ironed out, but once you have a stable version that does gapless i am on :)
03:51:11preglowi'll beat them into submission
03:51:33LinusNandrewmel: in 15 minutes you should have an unstable version that does gapless
03:51:37*ashridah notes that crossfeed tends to make the audio much fuller. pity it currently kills the volume a bit
03:51:55 Join Febs [0] (
03:52:03Paul_The_NerdIs the volume thing on crossfeed a bug, or just an effect of the process?
03:52:03preglowashridah: bug markun to fix it, he should know how
03:52:03andrewmelcheers linus, about to go to a bbq for a late lunch but i will give it a run tonight,
03:52:13JonSeniorLinusN: So sort of like a Windows Media Player with gapless playback! ;-)
03:52:16LinusNi'm going to bed
03:52:22ashridahsomeone mentioned it was due to the type of filter implemented on the newsgroup iirc
03:52:25Drumrboy|awaygood night
03:52:26JdGordongnite.. thanx
03:52:28andrewmelnight, and thanks again
03:52:28ashridahJonSenior: and no WMA
03:52:30preglowPaul_The_Nerd: it's an effect from a poor filter being used
03:52:34Zak1392good night linus
03:52:34 Quit andrewmel ()
03:52:43 Part LinusN
03:53:27Drumrboy|awayi just did the upgrade, and it wont turn on
03:53:37Drumrboy|awayno seriously
03:53:41Drumrboy|awayim dead serious
03:53:43JdGordonhold down rec and on
03:53:47JdGordonand pray
03:54:12preglowthen no wonder it's dead
03:54:13JdGordonmsg LinusN and c if he is still online
03:54:22Paul_The_NerdDoes it do *anything*?
03:54:26preglowi believe him when he said he went to bed
03:54:29Zak1392charge it
03:54:29 Join LinusN [0] (
03:54:33preglowDrumrboy|away: press rec and on and hold them long, ok?
03:54:38LinusNDrumrboy|away: double click reset
03:54:44baobab68i have stupidly done mine and it boots ok - 1.28K and bootloader 2, 26/11 build
03:54:50Drumrboy|awayok, im sorry to keep you awake...
03:55:06baobab68did u check the md5sum after patching ur firmware?
03:55:09LinusNhold ON and double click reset
03:55:20Drumrboy|awayi ave to find a clip
03:55:51preglowmight as well want to hang on to it when you find one
03:56:03Paul_The_NerdI keep one on my keychain.
03:56:37Paul_The_NerdIt was hand recently.
03:56:39Drumrboy|awaystuck on screen
03:56:46Drumrboy|awayrockbox boot loader
03:56:50Drumrboy|awayversion 2
03:56:58Drumrboy|awayIT WORKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
03:57:06Drumrboy|awayi love you
03:57:12 Quit CheeseBurgerMan (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
03:57:19baobab68now, anyone game to patch with H3mod? :-)
03:57:19JdGordonhaha, u lucky bugger
03:57:22 Nick }{CBM}{ is now known as CheeseBurgerMan (n=BurgerBo@
03:57:26Drumrboy|awayadrenaline is pumping
03:57:31preglowall's good
03:57:36baobab68not yet, next build, isn't it?
03:57:36preglowi need sleep, later all
03:57:38JdGordonmusic in 6min
03:57:42Drumrboy|awaywow, will that happen again or am i OK?
03:57:47baobab68yee har
03:58:07LinusNDrumrboy|away: you should be ok, but now you know how to "fix" it
03:58:17baobab68and just this morning i found a satisfactory conversion from WMA −−> OGG, so I will have music to listen to.
03:58:25Mongey|JdGordon, are u uploadind a file
03:58:26*Paul_The_Nerd cringes again.
03:58:29baobab68congratulations again Linus
03:58:34baobab68Paul_The_Nerd: sorry paul
03:58:40Drumrboy|awaylinus: thank yo
03:58:41JdGordonMongey|: no, waiting for the bleeding edge build to finish
03:58:48Drumrboy|awayi appreciate it so much!
03:58:54LinusNthe build is finished now
03:59:09baobab68i was nearly crying with you Drumrboy|away
03:59:11Drumrboy|awayim still shaking now
03:59:35Mongey|i wanna do it but its a eu version
03:59:48baobab68like the day mine wouldn't respond to any keys and then i realised i had the hold key on
03:59:53Drumrboy|awayno volume
03:59:53Paul_The_NerdSo, why does it say "Fixed red sim build" and still show red sim builds?
04:00:03Paul_The_NerdOr is that "yet to be compiled"?
04:00:06preglowi have no idea
04:00:07Drumrboy|awayno volume whatsoever
04:00:10preglowit just didn't compile it
04:00:35Paul_The_NerdThere was one day recently when I saw no red or yellow in the build list at all
04:00:38preglowseems there's a bug in some scripts
04:00:39Paul_The_NerdI should've taken a screenshot
04:00:47LinusNDrumrboy|away: does it help to shut down and reboot?
04:00:54Drumrboy|awayi will try
04:01:19JdGordonholy freeking crap :D
04:01:22JdGordon3 cheers for LinusN
04:01:25JdGordoni got music :D
04:01:29Mongey|LinusN' whats the I2C init for H300
04:01:31preglowPaul_The_Nerd: there's a build coming up now, seems
04:01:34Drumrboy|awaystill nothing
04:01:41Paul_The_NerdYeah, so I see. :)
04:01:52LinusNMongey|: the initialization of the I2C communication with the DAC
04:01:59Paul_The_NerdNot that I use the H100 sim, but it'd be nice to know I could if I wanted to. ;-)
04:02:12Curtisatornice - music here too
04:02:18preglowdon't use it myself, but hey, it makes the table look good if it works
04:02:19Curtisatornot clicky either!
04:02:27Drumrboy|awayim trying iriver firmware
04:02:28preglowDrumrboy|away: sure you downloaded the latest bleeding edge build?
04:02:29Mongey|how many on 1.28k
04:02:31Paul_The_NerdYeah, it's all about style.
04:02:35Curtisator1.28k here
04:02:38JdGordonme 2
04:02:50preglowDrumrboy|away: the one from like ten seconds ago?
04:02:55Drumrboy|awayvolume works (with some noise i never had before)
04:02:55preglowten minutes
04:03:04 Quit Kohlriba (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
04:03:35Drumrboy|awayok, so no rockbox volume
04:03:40Curtisatorheh - man the h300 remote button mapping is stuffed. ;)
04:03:56LinusNDrumrboy|away: a/b->info->version
04:04:03JdGordon? volume works fine here
04:04:04Zak1392music works! YAY!
04:04:15Drumrboy|awayi will try that
04:04:27baobab68still putting 400MB of new Oggs on there...
04:04:34Drumrboy|awaywhat info do you want?
04:04:40LinusNthe version number
04:05:08JdGordonhmm.. how do u cancel the track navigatiuon if a song is playing?
04:05:10preglowthere you are...
04:05:22Curtisatornope - volume is all all over the show on my remote
04:05:23baobab68LinusN: I note the processor is slowed down in this build. was that the only way to get it stable? (buttons?)
04:05:25JonSeniorAnother success here
04:05:27Mongey|What are the chances of me bricking my player
04:05:31LinusNbaobab68: yes
04:05:33Drumrboy|awayam i not using a bleeding edge?
04:05:56LinusNDrumrboy|away: get an even later one
04:06:04Drumrboy|awayill get the rele new one
04:06:08preglowlike i said, the one from ten minutes ago
04:06:10Mongey|Drumrboy|away PMS
04:06:13baobab68any other effects from the processor slowdown?
04:06:28baobab68just curious. this stuff is fascinating to me
04:06:38preglowbaobab68: you shouldn't notice much
04:06:44Paul_The_NerdWell, with luck, it'll mean more optimizations, and benefits 'round the table. :-P
04:07:06LinusNrockboy will be slower
04:07:28LinusNhopefully, this is just temporary
04:07:35Curtisatorhmmm....gapless ogg ain't all that gapless
04:07:38LinusNuntil i find out why 120mhz doesn't work
04:07:39Paul_The_NerdI noticed that Bejeweled is playing full speed again, which is nice.
04:07:48Paul_The_NerdOn the H1x0 I mean
04:08:03*baobab68 thinks Blink-182 never sounded so good
04:08:08preglowCurtisator: then your files are wrongly encoded
04:08:17*Paul_The_Nerd wagers it did on the original CD.
04:08:29preglowbaobab68: they _never_ sound good :P
04:08:33Curtisatorpreglow: wrongly encoded how?
04:08:35BenacoolU2 sound good too lol
04:08:41*JonSenior is listening to The Revolution by Chris_De_Burgh
04:08:54Benacoolbut at 100% youMll blow up your ears lol
04:08:56preglowCurtisator: as in i oggs are perfectly gapless on h1x0, and there's no reason at all they shouldn't be on h3x0
04:09:06JonSeniorLive CD and gapless seems OK. Slight jump but more likely to be my encoding
04:09:14baobab68it's sooo beautiful.... :-)
04:09:26baobab68thanks again Linus... and now, time for lunch...
04:09:27 Join webguest05 [0] (
04:09:33 Quit baobab68 ("CGI:IRC")
04:09:35Curtisatorpreglow: yes - that would be my point. :)
04:09:43LinusNlunch? it's 4am goddammit :-)
04:09:44preglowanywho, i've really got to sleep now
04:10:02CurtisatorPreglow: i've done nothing special, or not, with these oggs - as far as i can tell
04:10:10Drumrboy|awayim sittin here 5 mins trying to get iriver firmware to connect, and it wont, i forgot to turn off USB charging :?
04:10:12JonSeniorLinusN: 3am here, but I think you've earned your sleep
04:10:19Benacoolwhen you want to play another sound of your choice how you do it (like the original firmware do with A-B button) ?
04:10:20Zak1392gapless works great! dar side of the moon by pink floyd sounds amazing
04:10:41webguest05it seems like the unicode patch doesn't affect the remote...
04:11:00LinusNok, i'm going to bed
04:11:11LinusNnite all
04:11:18 Part LinusN
04:11:57webguest05can someone help me out with the unicode patch?
04:12:16 Quit actionshrimp ("a bird in the bush is worth two in your house")
04:12:17Curtisatorinteresting...gapless mp3 seems to work a treat
04:12:18*amiconn is annoyed by his selfextractor not working and goes to bed :/
04:12:53JdGordonhmmm... trying to load a playlist with missing files crashes it
04:12:59JdGordoni tihnk thats why anyway....
04:13:52ashridahCurtisator: gapless mp3 is done using some processing of the file. gapless ogg afaik doesn't use it, since it expects the variable frame size to already have it taken care of, and thus, any space at the end of a track is deliberate
04:14:08ashridahat least, afaik :)
04:15:07Paul_The_NerdHow'd you encode the OGGs?
04:15:17Curtisatorashridah: yep i understand this, which is why i'm surprised there is such a noticable gap between the oggs i've tried
04:15:51Curtisatorit's not supposed to be there, unless it has to do with me seeking towards the end of the track instead of listening all the way through
04:15:56Drumrboy|awayis it normal for multicolored static to sweep over your screen durring startup, right befor the bootloader kicks in?
04:16:05Curtisatorseems to be
04:16:17ashridahDrumrboy|away: the framebuffer probably isn't being cleared early enough
04:16:41ashridahthat's one of those niceties you take care of at the cosmetics stage of development ;)
04:16:48Paul_The_NerdCurtisator: How'd you encode the oggs?
04:17:02CurtisatorPaul: just with cdex
04:17:10Curtisatorstraight cd -> ogg
04:17:31ashridahZak1392: you don't have anywhere near enough smilies in that post :)
04:17:46Paul_The_NerdAnd they play gaplessly elsewhere?
04:18:14Curtisatorwinamp handles them fine...but i can't say that isn't doing somekind of fancy prepuffering
04:18:27Curtisatoror prebuffering even
04:19:08Drumrboy|awaymy screen just went blank white
04:19:16ashridahCurtisator: can you post two of them someplace?
04:19:25Paul_The_NerdI was gonna ask about trying them on an H1x0
04:19:29Drumrboy|awayrockbox is almost more trouble than its worth
04:19:33Paul_The_NerdAnd maybe the bitrate or other settings.
04:19:41Curtisatorcan do - just let me find a couple of smallish ones ;)
04:19:58ashridahmake sure they're normally sequential
04:20:12Drumrboy|awayby theway, with an update, music works
04:23:40JdGordonhas any1 figured out how to press the nav button whule playing and then press something else so the current rack stays playing?
04:24:22Benacoolsomething should be fix ... when you press a button in original firmware, it light up the screen and after you press againg to do an action ... it will be cool to do the same thing with rockbox
04:24:31Benacoolnot fix but changed...
04:24:55Curtisatork - uploading a couple of tracks now
04:26:03Paul_The_NerdOn the H120 you can flick the hold swithc on then off to light up the screen, Benacool. That may work on the 3-series too, I dunno
04:26:34Benacoolyea i know but ...
04:26:57Benacoolwhen you hold the screen stay black but when you unhold it light up
04:26:59Drumrboy|awaywhat is rockboy listed as in the plugins menu? i cant find it...
04:27:24Paul_The_NerdYou don't run it from the plugins menu
04:27:31Paul_The_NerdYou browse to the gameboy file and click it
04:27:37ashridahDrumrboy|away: you use it as a viewer anyway. grab a gameboy rom, and load it from the file tree by just selecting it
04:27:52webguest05is there a way to get the older versions of cvs source?
04:27:58JdGordongameboy roms work on rockbox??
04:28:00Paul_The_NerdBenacool: What's the benefit of requiring a pre-press to turn the light on before you can do anything? It slows you down.
04:28:22Benacoolit light up the screen easely lol
04:28:25webguest05Paul_The_Nerd: that may be helpful at night, when you just want to check the screen
04:28:52Benacoolbecause you see nothing on the h300 backlite is off
04:28:54webguest05i just keep on flickering the hold switch
04:29:10Benacoolwhen the backlight*
04:29:11Paul_The_NerdYou can change the backlight timeout though
04:29:14webguest05oh in case of h300, that may be a necessity
04:29:21Benacoolyea ;-)
04:29:34ashridahJdGordon: there's an emulator that's been ported. it's stagnated a bit, so it needs work to run properly that it isn't getting, but it does run
04:29:48Paul_The_NerdI think it'd just be really annoying to have the first button press do nothing.
04:29:53Paul_The_NerdIs that true for all buttons?
04:29:54 Quit DMJC-L (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
04:30:01webguest05well, it doesnt always take the same time for me to look at the screen at night
04:30:04Paul_The_NerdIf I had an H340, would I have to hit pause twice to pause it?
04:30:08webguest05mostly under 5 secs but many times more
04:30:14webguest05this should be an option
04:30:16Drumrboy|awayok, cool i see it
04:30:18Benacoolthe h100 wps dont work really well on h300 lol
04:30:21Drumrboy|awayits loading!
04:30:21 Quit Mongey| ()
04:30:48 Join DMJC-L [0] (
04:31:22Zak1392does anyone have any good h300 wps's?
04:31:27Drumrboy|awaythe speed isnt that bad on rockboy
04:31:34Drumrboy|awaystill need improovment though
04:31:51Benacoolthe bmp flashing on h300 with h100 wps
04:32:13ashridahDrumrboy|away: when it first started running, it was getting maybe 1-2 fps :)
04:32:26ashridahand consider that the game is fps<->gamespeed locked
04:32:32Drumrboy|awayi would take some frameskip, would that be possible to do that?
04:33:14ashridahprobably not
04:33:23ashridahthat'd probably break the emulation
04:33:43ashridahthe bottleneck isn't the drawing speed, it's the actual emulator itself.
04:33:44Benacoolthe rockboy plug-in have not been touch since a while
04:33:58ashridahbut yes, someone needs to actually do some work to optimise it
04:34:29 Quit crwl (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
04:34:34Drumrboy|awaywait, nevermind... the speed is really bad... but theres SOO much potential
04:34:49Drumrboy|awaywhat language is this all in... C++?
04:35:03Curtisatork - gappy ogg examples - Minute Warning 2.ogg Minute Warning 3.ogg
04:35:23Curtisatorit definately hits the HDD when loading the next track
04:35:34Curtisatorand these are just plain-jane Q5 oggs
04:35:50Drumrboy|awaywell, arent oggs know to have most loading time?
04:36:01Drumrboy|awayoh, i should learn C then huh?
04:36:08ashridahDrumrboy|away: C
04:36:28Curtisatortrue, but shouldn't it preload them?
04:36:38ashridahCurtisator: it DOES preload them.
04:36:45Drumrboy|awaywhen i play rockboy i gfo into slow motion also, ita almost funny
04:37:18RotAtoRCurtisator: liquid tension experiment?
04:37:19Drumrboy|awayok, now how do you connect to your computer when in rockbox?
04:37:24Paul_The_NerdCurtisator: It caches something like 27mb of compressed music data, if i recall. (On mine, at least)
04:37:32Curtisatorrotator - yep
04:37:36ashridahCurtisator: the second file there is giving out a 404
04:37:37RotAtoR:) good stuff
04:37:50Curtisatorlet me clean that link up
04:37:52Benacoolrec + on and you hold them
04:38:12Benacoolafter you can plug the usb cable
04:38:17Curtisator Minute Warning 3.ogg's track 11
04:38:28Drumrboy|awayhow long?
04:38:28ashridahyou can see the effects of the caching by going to the menu, then to info->debug->view audio thread
04:38:29*Curtisator slaps his forehead
04:38:46ashridahthere's a pcm buffer and a compressed audio buffer
04:39:06ashridahthat screen will show the status of each (in realtime) and the current cpu boosting level and average
04:39:22Drumrboy|awayrec+on isnt working
04:39:30Drumrboy|awayhow long should you have to hold?
04:39:42Curtisatortill it boots into iriver fw
04:39:43ashridahDrumrboy|away: a few seconds each at least.
04:40:18ashridahCurtisator: gah. neither of those files are small :)
04:40:26Drumrboy|awayok, ill just use iriver firmware...
04:40:32Curtisatorheh...sorry - all i could remember at short notice
04:40:58ashridahit's okay. might take me a bit to leech them. someone else may well beat me to it
04:41:10Drumrboy|awaywhy would it boot into iriver firmware automatically w/o me doing anything?
04:41:20Drumrboy|awaycould it be because i had it in USB?
04:41:29ashridahDrumrboy|away: if it fails once, it automatically starts the iriver firmware the second time
04:41:40ashridahthe charger also automatically starts iriver's firmware too iirc
04:41:44Drumrboy|awayoh, so i should re-sync the rockbox files
04:41:46ashridahpossibly usb as well
04:42:15 Join whatboutbob [0] (
04:42:34JonSeniorRight... can't focus properly anymore... time to sleep. Congrats to all responsible for sound on the H300. Much impressed!
04:42:42 Part JonSenior
04:43:52whatboutbobhey folks
04:44:43whatboutbobi think i just managed to corrupt about 100gig worth of flacs on the 1 hdd i haven't backed up. yay!
04:46:14 Quit DMJC-L (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
04:46:41Paul_The_NerdHOw'd that happen?
04:47:38Benacoolwhy the cpu always change from 45,90,45,90,... mhz when playing ?
04:47:45Benacoolit's normal ?
04:48:48whatboutbobstill not sure exactly how it happened. i just bought a new case/mobo/cpu...switched everthing into that, and on about the 4th boot chkdsk came up and ran thru most of the files on the drive saying 'orphaned' files or some such thing.
04:49:37Benacoolold hd ?
04:50:49whatboutbobhalf of them were 'salvaged'...but half of them are giving a flac error: 'error while processing frame (flac_file_decoder_seekable_stream_decoder_error). This is caused by corrupted file or hardware malfunction.'
04:51:02whatboutbobhdd's only about a year old
04:51:06Drumrboy|awayMongey just upgraded
04:51:46Paul_The_NerdBenacool: Yes that's normal
04:52:03Benacoolthe cable of the hd is well pluged ?
04:52:51BenacoolPaul_The_Nerd: to save energy I imagine ?
04:52:53whatboutbobbenacool: yeah
04:53:37whatboutbobanyone know the best/fastest software to verify a lot of flacs?
04:54:23Drumrboy|awayummmmm no WindowsMediaPlayer
04:54:26 Quit webguest05 ("CGI:IRC")
04:54:52whatboutbobit sucks too cos i bought a new sata drive to transfer all the files over to today.
04:55:45Drumrboy|awayit does
04:55:47ashridahouch :(
04:56:33Drumrboy|awayis remote support in rockboy possible?
04:56:48ashridaheverything is possible
04:56:54ashridahwell, potentially possible
04:56:57Drumrboy|awaywhy wont somebody do that??
04:57:08ashridahbecause no-one's investing any time in it
04:57:22ashridahthe only person who did stopped, and isn't here anymore.
04:57:50Drumrboy|awaythat stinks... i know i keep complaining, dont wanna sound like a killjoy ;)
04:58:11Drumrboy|awayso glad i did rickbox though... made me realize how bloated stock firmware is
04:58:39Benacoolbloated ?
04:58:51Drumrboy|awaylike... huge fonts, huge graphics
04:59:00Drumrboy|awayall unnecessarry
04:59:07ashridahthat's not really 'bloat' in the traditional sense
04:59:14ashridahand you realise rockbox has like a zillion fonts ;)
04:59:21Paul_The_NerdI think it'd be neat if the remote still controlled music playback while plugins were active
04:59:35Drumrboy|awaythat would be cool
04:59:42Paul_The_NerdLike, if I could adjust volume or change tracks in the playlist while playing bejeweled.
05:00:10Paul_The_NerdRockbox has a zillion fonts, *and* you can add more easily.
05:01:02 Join truckat [0] (
05:01:49Drumrboy|awayi like hicago, but it reminds me of old macs ;)
05:02:43Drumrboy|awayi gtg
05:02:54 Nick Drumrboy|away is now known as drumr|away (
05:04:11Benacoolnimbus-14 is better than the tiny little default font lol
05:05:08whatboutbobcan ne1 recommend any disk recovery software?
05:05:13drumr|awayare 'they' making screens especialloy for the h300's yet?
05:05:16***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
05:05:30drumr|awaywhatboutbob: no sorry :(
05:06:36drumr|awayalso what is 'caption backlight'
05:07:07Paul_The_NerdI use a font slightly *smaller* than the default actually
05:07:31Paul_The_NerdThough again, I wish I could set a larger font for the remote. Right now I just swtich configs for when I'm in the car.
05:10:10 Quit Stu3 (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
05:10:30Zak1392yeah, what is caption backlight?
05:12:33 Part Sando
05:14:50Jungti1234I want to know it, too.
05:14:57 Join ze__ [0] (
05:15:04 Quit ze (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
05:15:07 Nick ze__ is now known as ze (
05:16:54 Join Kyl3 [0] (
05:17:06Kyl3bootloader v2! :)
05:17:58Kyl3audio playback yet?
05:18:03Benacooland music playback!
05:18:17Benacoolwith lastest bleeding edge build
05:18:25Benacool+ bootloader v2
05:19:03Kyl3is the dead syndrome fixed yet?
05:19:17Benacooldon't know...
05:19:36Benacoolwhat is this dead syndrome ?
05:20:02Kyl3Where the HD spins up, nothing on display
05:20:15Kyl3have to reset it and plug in the ac adapter
05:20:59Benacoolwhen the rockbox folder is not on the dh ?
05:21:16Kyl3no it is
05:21:31Kyl3im assuming you havent experienced it then
05:22:11Benacooli lstening music now with my h300 running with rockbox :-D
05:22:15Kyl3 few posts down
05:22:18ashridahCurtisator: okay, it's weird. i didn't notice any gap on my H140 with those two oggs
05:22:33Kyl3=) I gotta get mine back from iriver first
05:24:04Benacoolgood night guys !
05:24:22Curtisatorashridah: how odd
05:24:33 Quit Kyl3 ()
05:24:52Curtisatori'm also hearing an occasional pause during regular playback
05:25:06Curtisatormaybe buffers aren't quite being populated quickly enough?
05:25:35ashridahCurtisator: it could depend on the codec
05:25:44ashridahkeep in mind the player's currently clamped at 90Mhz
05:25:53Curtisatoryeah...that was my next though
05:25:57ashridahyou may want to look at the audio thread viewer
05:26:06ashridahmenu->info->debug->view audio thread
05:26:19ashridahit'll show the state of the two buffers, if the pcm buffer empties, then you get a skip
05:26:25Curtisatori have done...haven't seen it empty myself yet, but it is clearly struggling
05:28:00ashridahlossy codecs by their nature aren't as efficient as lossless ones
05:28:32DreamTactix291you mean decode efficiency?
05:28:47ashridahthey require more cpu
05:28:49DreamTactix291depends on the lossy and lossless codec
05:29:04ashridahit really doesn't.
05:29:05DreamTactix291i.e. LA or OptimFROG at max setting take forever to decode :)
05:29:20DreamTactix291but FLAC and WavPack both decode fast
05:29:28ashridahnot with what rockbox has currently, at any rate
05:30:17DreamTactix291if musepack was optimised a lot it would be very efficient. mp3 is moderately efficient
05:30:27DreamTactix291Vorbis and AAC are the CPU hogs of the lossies
05:30:31DreamTactix291since their the most modern
05:32:25DreamTactix291for lossless I use WavPack high so it decodes about half as fast as FLAC
05:32:27DreamTactix291but is still fast
05:32:51Curtisatorwell, i guess I'll keep an eye on the bleeding edge builds - RB is still making absolutely amazing progress :)
05:33:39DreamTactix291it got very usable very fast on the H100s
05:33:55Curtisatorhell it's useable right now on the H300
05:34:20Curtisatorbeen listening to it for the past hour or so with only minor complaints
05:34:50DreamTactix291is it gapless yet on the H300s?
05:34:59Benacoolwith ogg i think
05:35:07Paul_The_NerdReports are mixed
05:35:12DreamTactix291yeah vorbis was gapless first for the H100ss
05:35:12Curtisatorfrom what i've heard, mp3 yes, but my oggs aren't playing ball
05:35:17Paul_The_NerdSomeone said gapless MP3s worked, someone said Gapless OGGS worked
05:35:25Paul_The_NerdCurtisator isn't getting gapless oggs though
05:35:55DreamTactix291won't be long before it's all gapless on the H300s
05:35:56Benacoolon mine mp3 aren't gapless but not far form it lol
05:36:06DreamTactix291it was that way for the H100s for about 2 months
05:36:11Paul_The_NerdWell, the MP3 have to be encoded properly using LAME I understand
05:36:13DreamTactix291it took a while for them to get LAME gapless perfect
05:36:25DreamTactix291has to have correct enc_delay and enc_padding values
05:36:43Paul_The_NerdBut basically, since the H300 build should be using the same codecs, if it works on 100 it *should* work on 300 I think...
05:36:45Paul_The_NerdTo my understanding...
05:36:46Curtisatori don't understand my ogg problem - i'm watching the audio buffer and it appears to be working as advertised
05:37:05DreamTactix291Curtisator: it's probably some very small vorbis decoding issue on the H300s
05:37:10 Join baobab68 [0] (
05:37:14 Quit Benacool ()
05:37:29Paul_The_NerdDoes either buffer do anything interesting at the same time as the skip?
05:37:47Curtisatorlet me check again
05:39:03Curtisatorusing muse - absolution this time it simply fills the codec buffer with the following tracks
05:39:09Curtisatorthen has a little skip
05:39:27Curtisatorthe pcm buffer is flapping like no tomorrow, but it never empties
05:39:55RotAtoRany h300 owner care to test an updated version of my bejeweled plugin?:
05:40:07RotAtoRi've updated the graphics and used the colors eli_sherer picked
05:40:28Paul_The_NerdWell the PCM buffer should flap
05:41:02Paul_The_NerdIs the skip complete silence?
05:41:10Curtisatorseems like it
05:41:34Curtisatorit's normal for the OCM to go from nearly full to nearly empty during normal playback?
05:41:56ashridahCurtisator: pcm will fluctuate quickly, it's not that big a buffer
05:42:43ashridahthere are watermarks that should kick in, and make it boost the cpu and fill it up, but because it can only hit 90MHz, you're probably finding that that still isn't quite quick enough
05:43:06Curtisatorit's not so much the rate i'm questioning, it's the variation
05:43:16Curtisatoryeah that sounds reasonable
05:44:50CurtisatorRotAtoR: giving it a whirl now
05:46:06 Join ModernExecutive [0] (
05:46:13RotAtoRok, thanks
05:46:36DreamTactix291yo ME
05:46:42ModernExecutivedt, what's new?
05:46:50ModernExecutiveI wanted to confirm that the bootloader patch is supposed to patch international versions of the h300 fw
05:47:03ModernExecutiveand can anyone dcc me the patch?
05:47:09ModernExecutiveor direct me to a url
05:49:20DreamTactix291i see H300 v2 came out
05:49:22DreamTactix291which is good
05:49:45ModernExecutivev2? the one that plays music?
05:49:58*ModernExecutive assumes that dt is referring to the latest rockbox build
05:50:05DreamTactix291well H300 daily builds play music now
05:50:05baobab68am i imagining it or does rockbox sound "better" than iriver firmware?
05:50:10DreamTactix291but the bootloader should be more stable now
05:50:24DreamTactix291baobab68: well to me i like the replaygain support
05:50:33ModernExecutivedo EQ settings work?
05:50:36DreamTactix291without it they're close though assuming both flat
05:50:36ashridahbaobab68: people have commented on that in the past
05:50:48CurtisatorRotAtoR:heh - bejeweled is pretty cool :)
05:50:53Paul_The_NerdThough it must be an interesting "better"
05:50:54baobab68i should have MediaMonkey calc the gain on all my tracks, there was no point before now.
05:50:55ashridahModernExecutive: bass and treble do, and there are other ways to get gain features
05:50:58RotAtoR:) so it works?
05:51:03DreamTactix291i replaygain and play flat
05:51:06DreamTactix291that's how i like it
05:51:11baobab68Paul_The_Nerd: alright alright....
05:51:25ModernExecutivecan the bootloader patch a us version of the fw?
05:51:29Curtisatoryep - it works well
05:51:32RotAtoRCurtisator: how are the colors? any that don't work very well?
05:51:44baobab68right now nat king cole is crooning "what'll i do" and there is more depth to his voice
05:51:47Curtisatorworks well, though a little slow
05:51:54Curtisatorcolours look fine to me
05:52:19Curtisatormaybe the hearts should be black...and broken ;)
05:52:32RotAtoRhehe :) thanks for testing it!
05:52:46Curtisatorno problem
05:54:59Curtisatorwoot! level 2 :p
05:57:55ModernExecutivebah :(
05:58:19ModernExecutivefirmware patcher does not recognize the h300's 1.03 US firmware version
05:58:51ashridahModernExecutive: correct.
05:58:59ashridahit only recognises tested official firmwares
05:59:23ModernExecutivei gathered.
05:59:49ModernExecutiveis cvs the open source version control?
06:00:13ashridahnot 'the' so much as 'a'.
06:00:39ashridahthere are others, but cvs is what rockbox currently use
06:00:53ModernExecutivei'm dumb. is it possible to put the bootloader into the us firmware using cvs?
06:00:56ashridahthere was some discussion of changing to subversion at one stage, but that didn't eventuate, no-one wanted to set it up
06:01:17ashridahModernExecutive: i'm not sure if mkboot supports that US firmware
06:01:26ashridahit might.
06:01:30Curtisatorbejeweled screenshot: ;)
06:02:16ashridahbah. colour makes it too easy :)
06:02:43BBubdid anyone else encounter recoring problems on the h1xx series?
06:02:50baobab68gapless working here on Ogg's if anyone wants to know
06:03:13BBubi tried to record a dj set but the player said the disk was full when it reached the 2 gb limit ;(
06:03:24BBuband left a 2nd file with 0 byte in size
06:04:56BBubi take that as a no :D
06:05:11whatboutbobRotAtoR: nice clean wps on mr
06:05:16 Quit Jungti1234 ("Bye Bye~")
06:05:38RotAtoRthanks! that was quick, just posted it not 10 minutes ago :p
06:05:49whatboutbobbbub: you should be able to recover the 0 file.
06:06:00ModernExecutiveany place that i could download cvs?
06:06:06 Quit Paul_The_Nerd ("Chatzilla 0.9.68a [Firefox 1.0.7/20050915]")
06:06:09BBubit stopped recording
06:06:09ModernExecutiveit doesn't seem to be on the ftp server
06:06:09whatboutbobgimme a min to find the link
06:07:32baobab68gonna take me a while to get used to pressing buttons once!! on iriver firmware - once to wake up the backlight, and once to skip to next track. on RB, just skip...
06:07:52whatboutbobbbub: r u sure? it should auto-started a new file.
06:07:59BBubit should, yes
06:08:06BBubbut it said the disk was full when it wasnt
06:08:41whatboutbobahh...ok...i think i i had something similar with iriver fw recently.
06:08:54CurtisatorRotAtoR: the colours are a litle darker on the actual screen
06:09:06whatboutbobi ended up just formatting the drive. never did get to the bottom of it.
06:09:22BBubwell, i dont think formattign would help here :)
06:09:44BBubas it exactly stopped with that error message when it reached the 2gb limit
06:09:48BBubwhich smells like a bug
06:09:52whatboutbobdeleting files via windows explorer wouldn't update the free space. whereas if i deleted via iriver/rb the space would reappear.
06:10:14BBubi made sure it had the correct free space before recording
06:10:18BBubit said 5 gb
06:10:23RotAtoRCurtisator: ok, i figured they would be
06:10:25BBuband there are still 3 gb free
06:10:49RotAtoRits just so hard to tell, the simulator isn't exactly true to how it looks on an actual unit
06:10:58 Quit perplexity (Read error: 113 (No route to host))
06:11:21whatboutbobalmost exact same thing happened with iriver fw tho. i tried to restart recordign and was repeatedly told that the hdd was full, even tho i had 5 gig free.
06:11:41BBubi wasnt told the hdd was full when i tried to record again
06:11:48BBubit just produced another 0 byte file
06:11:53BBubvery weird
06:12:24BBubmust have gotten into a state where it couldnt record anymore
06:12:30BBubcaused by the splitting
06:12:50BBubas i didnt restart the unit
06:13:09 Join perplexity [0] (n=joust@
06:13:37whatboutbobwhen u attempt to record anything now do u still get 0 byte recordings?
06:13:38Curtisatori'm off - congrats to all RB coders involved :)
06:13:43 Quit Curtisator ()
06:14:03whatboutboband was the recording actually running? could u hear anything via the monitor?
06:14:29BBubno, after restarting everything is fine
06:14:35BBuband yes, the recording is fine
06:14:47BBubi have 3:23 of full music
06:15:06BBubright until it tried to split everything wnt fine
06:15:53ModernExecutivei need visual c++ to run cvs?
06:16:12BBubModernExecutive: not that i know
06:16:36whatboutbobhrmm...curiouser & curiouser...
06:16:47BBubwell, to me its quite clear :)
06:16:52BBubthe splitting is buggy
06:17:11whatboutbobbbub: *shrugs* its worked for me a bunch of times tho...
06:18:12BBubmaybe it is player related
06:18:20BBubthe recording was disabled on the h110 before
06:18:23whatboutbobalways on a previously empty drive tho with heaps of room left.
06:18:30 Quit truckat ("CGI:IRC")
06:20:53BBubwell, i think the only thing i could to is test it again
06:21:07whatboutbobja...i might see if i can replicate.
06:21:23whatboutbobso u had about 7gig free when u started?
06:21:38BBubi had 5 gig free when i started and now there are 3 gigs left
06:21:38 Quit baobab68 ("CGI:IRC (EOF)")
06:21:48BBubas it only recorded 2 gb before it stopped
06:24:05whatboutbobk...and just in case your bug's related to mine (amuse me) u delete files via windows explorer?
06:24:35BBubi did, but i also deleted soem files/folders via rockbox
06:27:05whatboutbobgot a rough estimate on how much deleted by each method?
06:27:28BBubmost stuff by using rockbox
06:28:56 Join Jungti1234 [0] (n=jungti12@
06:29:15BBubdo you have a h11x or a h120/140?
06:29:51DreamTactix291yay LAME 3.97b2 is out :D
06:30:41BBubuhm, doesnt b stand for beta? ;)
06:32:53DreamTactix291every audio encoder i'm using lately is beta
06:32:58DreamTactix291wavpack, lame and aoTuV
06:33:31 Quit Febs ("CGI:IRC (EOF)")
06:33:31 Quit whatboutbob ("CGI:IRC (EOF)")
06:34:25DreamTactix2913.97b1 was the recommended version at
06:38:40 Join Jungti1234_ [0] (
06:40:40Jungti1234_I'm installing linux
06:41:02CheeseBurgerManWhat distro?
06:41:09Jungti1234_It's slow
06:42:28CheeseBurgerManversion of linux
06:42:34Jungti1234_redhat 9.0
06:45:03DMJCwhen the site says usb handling = 0%
06:45:09DMJCdoes USB not work at all?
06:45:22DMJCor is it just the new usb features haven't been touched?
06:46:05 Quit Zak1392 ()
06:48:13Jungti1234_new build
06:52:35JdGordonnew build has audio :D
06:56:02 Quit perplexity (
06:56:02 Quit _Vladoman (
06:56:02 Quit DMJC (
06:56:02 Quit linuxstb_ (
06:56:02 Quit Nibbler (
06:56:02 Quit Cassandra (
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06:56:02 Quit vHs (
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06:56:02 Quit pill (
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06:57:19JdGordonhaah the niven node sux :D
07:02:28 Join thegeek_ [0] (
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07:16:24JdGordon41can any1 help me with the rockbox dev kit?
07:16:28 Nick JdGordon41 is now known as JdGordon (
07:23:49 Join ashridah [0] (
07:28:11 Join o0260o [0] (
07:34:31 Quit ModernExecutive ()
07:38:30 Quit RotAtoR ("zzzzzz")
07:40:26 Quit Jungti1234_ ("CGI:IRC (EOF)")
07:43:17 Quit Maxime (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
07:50:43 Quit DMJC (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
07:54:08JdGordony doesnt sudoku compile for the h300 :(
07:55:45Jungti1234Korean H300 users are uproar.
07:58:07Jungti1234They are doing all patches.
08:00:16ashridahpatches for?
08:01:00 Join Strath [0] (
08:01:13Jungti1234Bootloader and firmware
08:01:46 Join Gibbed [0] (
08:01:46 Quit Rick (Nick collision from services.)
08:01:54 Nick Gibbed is now known as Rick (
08:02:07 Join Mxm`Pas`Bien [0] (
08:02:29Jungti1234They patch to listen to music.
08:03:01Jungti1234They like rockbox than iriver. ;)
08:03:58ashridahi meant what do the patches do
08:04:19Jungti1234They patch to listen to music.
08:04:19ashridahJdGordon: it won't build if the conditions in apps/plugins/SOURCES don't get met for that .c file
08:04:51Jungti1234And to use more functions .
08:04:54CheeseBurgerManI think he means they're patching the iRiver firmware with the Rockbox bootloader.
08:05:02JdGordonok, thanx
08:05:14ashridahthat makes more sense :)
08:05:55Jungti1234Is hard to make understood you.
08:06:12Jungti1234and everybody.
08:06:22ashridahJungti1234: i'm doing two things at once. tends to make me pay less attention
08:07:26CheeseBurgerManNo, I can understand you. :)
08:07:31 Quit perplexity (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
08:08:00Jungti1234thanks :)
08:08:16 Join perplexity [0] (n=joust@
08:08:56Jungti1234LINUX is installing during 10 hours.
08:09:08CheeseBurgerManHope you have time. ;)
08:09:35Jungti1234I'm busy.
08:11:24Jungti1234LINUX disturbs my work.
08:13:05JdGordonwhat is BUTTON_MODE on the h300?
08:13:35 Join }{CBM}{ [0] (n=BurgerBo@
08:20:04 Quit Strath ("Client closed")
08:20:11 Join ^Guest37784 [0] (
08:25:11 Nick }{CBM}{ is now known as CBM-away (n=BurgerBo@
08:31:20 Quit CheeseBurgerMan (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
08:35:05JdGordonany1 know if it is safe to press reset while the h300 is doing the "disconnected" screen after unplugging the usb cable?
08:37:22ashridahfor iriver's firmware? all it's doing is reading the disk afaik
08:39:29 Quit ^BeN^ (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
08:40:03 Join andrewmel [0] (
08:41:02andrewmelanother to boot with rockbox, 1.28 K on an international H320. Music plays fine.
08:50:52perplexityWoo.. H340 International with Bootloader V2 and 1.28EU software works boots and plays
08:53:58andrewmelone tiny little click in the "gap"
08:54:45 Join Seed [0] (
08:58:04JdGordonfuck i hate solatiare... got the entire thing out cept the 4 of clubs is under a Q i cant move :'(
09:00:24 Part andrewmel
09:01:07 Quit ^Guest37784 (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
09:03:20aliask|workWhat's the flickering in the WPS due to?
09:03:26 Nick aliask|work is now known as aliask (
09:04:46perplexityHrm.. the default non-display remote that came with my h340 is stuck on Hold so none of the buttons work.. I'm *sure* it's a known problem though :)
09:04:56 Join Strath [0] (
09:05:20***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
09:07:50 Join ^BeN^ [0] (
09:08:43 Join amiconn_ [0] (
09:10:23 Quit Strath ("Client closed")
09:20:26perplexityOk, I'm sold.. Rockbox does not look as pretty, nor is it as intuitive as the default iriver firmware (I do believe it needs a re6stricted newbie type mode), but it's features and audio playback more than make up for all of that (And I have not even got to the plugins and other fruit yet).
09:21:14DreamTactix291after you use rockbox for a while
09:21:15DreamTactix291like months
09:21:20DreamTactix291then you like it more than the iriver firmware
09:21:24DreamTactix291at least it's the case for me
09:21:35DreamTactix291for interface
09:21:40perplexityI already do.. but <DreamTactix291> after you use rockbox for a while <−− this is the bit about intuitave..
09:22:00JdGordoni like it.. cept 1 really annoying thing for me... when a song is playing, and u accidently press NAVI u cant cancel the song browsing...
09:22:20perplexityPress the play button
09:23:33JdGordonhaha.. bloody helll.. thanx
09:23:43*JdGordon thinks thats a damn silly button assignment :p
09:23:58perplexityI just kept pressing buttons until it did what I wanted :)
09:24:39DreamTactix291i'm used to it now lol
09:24:44DreamTactix291took me a while to figure it out i admit
09:25:06 Join Membrillo [0] (
09:25:10JdGordonnow all we need is a good wps :D
09:25:21JdGordonand a more colourfull background :p
09:25:24Membrillois there a H3xx bootloader changelog?
09:25:34 Quit amiconn (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
09:25:34 Nick amiconn_ is now known as amiconn (
09:25:35DreamTactix291you guys have colours :P
09:25:37DreamTactix291we don't :)
09:25:45JdGordonyes wee do :D
09:25:54JdGordonthe blue is too "ipody" :p
09:26:21JdGordonMembrillo: iirc the major thing that changed was the DAC got reset.. or something like that
09:26:22DreamTactix291that's an insult to the H1xx :P
09:26:33JdGordonapparently the audio might work without upgrading it
09:27:11perplexityIt can be intermittent depending on the state the DAC comes up in.. works every couple of boots if you don't upgrade the bootloader..
09:27:24ashridahiirc, there was a fix to the audio output hardware in the bootloader, so it might be buggy still
09:28:16perplexityOh, and Pink Floyds Pulse, encoded using LAME with no special settings as mp3's is so close to being gapless I nearly made a mess in my trousers.. The iriver firmware waits until one track is almost finished before it spins up the disk to load the next.. I love Rockbox's buffering
09:29:11JdGordonany1 know the lcd dimensions of the h300?
09:29:13DreamTactix291it'll be fully gapless before you know it
09:29:20JdGordoni wanna get the sudoku plugin ported
09:29:25DreamTactix291and you don't ever have to modify modern LAME for gapless
09:29:37perplexityMy only spotted quirks so far are with my remote (I can live without that) and while scrolling through lists of stuff the audio buffer runs out of steam and it pauses/skips..
09:29:48JdGordonperplexity: how much buffering have u set it to? ive just set it to 10min which should be more than enough
09:29:52perplexityDreamTactix291: Oh neato.. thanks..
09:30:02DreamTactix291any LAME from 3.90.1 or after
09:30:21Membrilloi think i might put rb on my International H3xx 1.28K right now
09:30:39Membrilloive heard good reports and nothing bad
09:30:43perplexityI don't know JdGordon, but it seems to use all available ram for buffers. info->debug->view audio thread gives me nearly 30mb of buffered mp3 and 512k of PCM buffer.. loads
09:30:58MembrilloI shall report back
09:31:08JdGordonhmm.. ok, well it only has 32mb ram so your using the lot..
09:31:09ghode|afkhmm when did linus comit audio playback for the h300?
09:31:14JdGordonthis morning
09:31:41Membrilloits pretty glitchy audio though right?
09:31:45perplexityYep.. it's great.. the subtle click between tracks is so much better than the .5-1.5 second pause the iriver firmware gives..
09:31:49Membrilloso i asume
09:32:08perplexityActually Membrillo, here now I'm in love with it.. as long as you are not doing something like scrolling menus, it's perfect
09:32:10 Join ze__ [0] (
09:32:35Membrilloi have a maths assignment to finish then ill whack it on
09:32:36ghode|afkperplexity: do you have dircache turned on?
09:32:59MembrilloPolynomials >:-(
09:33:04perplexityThe bit I _really_ love is 8 seconds from power button to music with resume turned on.. no other button presses required..
09:33:04ghode|afkturn it on
09:33:23 Join ^Guest37784 [0] (
09:33:26ashridahperplexity: turn on the directory cache, it does make things nicer.
09:33:28ghode|afkthat should be lower with dircache turned on :p
09:34:29ashridahnot sure it's going to help the startup time
09:34:37perplexityOk.. *newbie alert* .. where is it in the menu ?
09:34:48JdGordonashridah: ye, but it kills the load time :(
09:34:59JdGordonpress a-b
09:35:22amiconnIt doesn't
09:35:37amiconnJust the very first time after enabling it is slower
09:35:50perplexityyes.. I have the menu, but where is it ?
09:35:51amiconnSubsequent boots build the cache in the background
09:36:26*JdGordon is testing...
09:36:54amiconnGeneral Settings->System->Disk->Directory Cache
09:36:58perplexityFound it General Settings->System->Disk->Directory Cache
09:37:11amiconnToo slow :P
09:37:39JdGordonah... so it does... my apoliogies :D
09:37:52perplexityHrm.. did not appear to slow down the 1st boot after enabling it..
09:38:34JdGordonu got any files on it ? :p
09:38:38perplexityStill 8 seconds from power to sound..
09:38:46perplexityOnly about 2-3k files
09:39:08perplexityAnd scrolling still kills audio playback..
09:39:19Slasherperplexity: did you get a message "Scanning disk..." when you rebooted your unit?
09:39:32SlasherOr check from the debug menu if the cache really is enabled
09:39:36perplexityHrm.. was not looking to be honest.. too busy with the stopwatch :)
09:40:12perplexityYep.. it's enabled.. Cache size: 187273 B. Scanning took : 9S
09:40:22Slasherah, looks good
09:41:13perplexity4s from power to rockbox splash.. another 4s to actual sound.. I'm not complaining at all, that is lighning quick really
09:42:22perplexityAhh.. if I hit Navi and then just hold the - button (to scroll down) even when it's not scrolling, audio stops after about 3s and starts about 500ms after I release the key
09:42:55JdGordonhaha i love that u can play games while the music is going :D
09:43:17 Quit ze (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
09:43:17 Nick ze__ is now known as ze (
09:43:42JdGordonperplexity: the cpu is stuck to 90mhz atm coz audio at full sped doesnt work... which is prob why that happens
09:44:29perplexityYeah.. possibly so.. we will see if that improves as the firmware catches up with the hardware quirks :)
09:45:46 Join Acksaw [0] (
09:45:48Acksawhey guy
09:47:00JdGordonany1 know where LCD_HEIGHT is defined?
09:49:43JdGordonor where lcd.h is in the source?
09:50:50ashridahJdGordon: does your build environment have grep and find handy?
09:51:13JdGordondunno.. prob... found it..
09:51:18ashridahbecause grep -r LCD_HEIGHT * will find every file that contains LCD_HEIGHT in the current directory and below.
09:51:43ashridahand find . -name lcd.h will find every file named lcd.h from the current directory and below
09:51:59 Quit ^BeN^ (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
09:53:35 Join ^BeN^ [0] (
09:55:03 Join Bger [0] (n=Bager@
09:55:26 Quit ^Guest37784 (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
09:55:46 Join Paul_The_Nerd [0] (
09:56:28 Join Sando [0] (
09:57:46JdGordongiggedy giggedy :D i got sudoku compiling for the h300 :D
09:58:05ashridahmuch modification needed?
09:58:23JdGordonno, havnt tested it tho
09:58:46JdGordonany1 got an .ss file for it?
10:00:19ghode|afkdoes anyone use len0x's builds for the h100?
10:00:19JdGordonor know what player it normally works on
10:00:44BgerJdGordon: there was a link in the wiki
10:01:51*Bger woke up and was pleased to see linus' activity
10:02:13JdGordongood to hear :D
10:03:18JdGordonalmost works :p just need to make the graphics veiwable
10:04:05*Bger goes to compile
10:04:38Bgerbtw, what was the cvs's env to set up an repository
10:05:03ashridahsetup a repo? CVSROOT=/path/to/repo
10:05:15Bgerah, 10x
10:05:18Acksawi forget what i need to upgrade my bootloader
10:05:34Bgerand original firmware
10:05:38Acksawthats it?
10:06:15Acksawi just did tht and it still saying version 1
10:06:34 Join ^Guest37784 [0] (
10:06:38Acksawdo i need the..
10:06:43ashridahAcksaw: did you actually flash the player with the modified .hex?
10:06:45Acksaw bootloader-h300.bin
10:06:47Acksawyes ash
10:06:48Bgeryou need to reflash
10:06:54Acksawhmm ill try again
10:07:10Acksawdo i need this? bootloader-h300.bin ?
10:07:15ashridahAcksaw: fwpatcher contains a copy of bootloader-h300.bin
10:07:31Acksawill try again then
10:08:06Acksawwhats changed in the bootloader/daily build?
10:09:26Acksawi cant connect
10:09:28Acksawto my pc
10:09:54Bgerwhat do you mean ?
10:10:02Acksawi plug in the usb
10:10:04Acksawto my iriver
10:10:06Acksawand nothing happens
10:10:10Acksawill try reset
10:10:21perplexityI had to boot into the iriver firmware first.. then it just worked as normal
10:10:26JdGordonhold on and press reset twice
10:10:34JdGordoni tihnk hat fixed it for some1 else this morning
10:10:47Acksawyeh ill try perplexity ways first
10:10:52BgerH3xx Bootloader v2 is out.
10:10:52Bger * Proper UDA1380 reset
10:11:01Acksawthat worked per
10:11:03Acksawthanks dude
10:11:25Acksawif ya were a girl id kiss ya
10:11:39perplexityErr.. yeah.. but I'm not ;)
10:11:59perplexityHaving said that 90% of the lamers on undernet think I am.. had some sensational offers :)
10:12:38Acksawthis file seems a bit larger
10:13:15Bgerperplexity maybe because of the way your nick sounds
10:13:44JdGordontalking menus doesnt work..?
10:13:53Acksawattempt 2
10:14:02BgerJdGordon do you have voice files ?
10:14:20JdGordoni think so
10:14:22Acksawversion 1 stil...
10:14:25perplexityBger: exactly so :p). I just send them off to
10:14:47JdGordongrr... y the heck is the .rockbox folder hidden :'(
10:15:00Acksawwhy is it still saying version 1?
10:15:19perplexityDid you flash the firmware Acksaw ?
10:15:24Acksawjust now
10:15:28JdGordonBger: where should the sound files be kept?
10:15:28BgerAcksaw i guess linus has forgotten to change the string version :)
10:15:48perplexityNope.. it says "Version 2"
10:16:04Acksawperplex could you send me your hex?
10:16:07perplexityIn which case .. I'd wager that the bootloader.bin in the fwpatcher is the old one..
10:16:13Paul_The_NerdThat's really odd.
10:16:22perplexityI'd lay a huge bet on it..
10:16:22Acksawive downloaded the new one twice
10:16:35perplexity <−− that one?
10:16:44Acksawi download the patcher
10:16:50Bgerwhich ver ?
10:16:52JdGordonif your usinf fwpatcher u dont need bootloader.bin...
10:16:58perplexityAhh.. replace the bootloader.bin in the patcher with that one..
10:17:02Bgerunicode or non-unicode
10:17:15perplexityYes JdGordon, but assuming that the patcher has been updated with the new bootloader
10:17:17Acksawper how?
10:17:27JdGordonah, i did it with the non uniocde 1
10:17:27perplexityI've no idea.. I use linux myself
10:17:40Acksawi downloaded the fwpatcher on the usual iriverboot page
10:17:43perplexityAre you after the EU or K firmware Acksaw ?
10:18:14perplexitySorry, I only have the EU version patched here.. (it's what I use)
10:18:15Bgeruf, this firmware upgrading is frightening
10:18:28Bgerhm, ok, my bootloder is ver 2
10:18:33Bgerand i used fwpatcher
10:18:42perplexityThen you are set Bger :)
10:18:50JdGordontime to rock n roll...
10:19:04Paul_The_NerdSo, fwpatcher does V2
10:19:11BgerGentlemen, we have sound :))))
10:19:17Paul_The_NerdAcksaw, what exactly are the steps you take?
10:19:20perplexityBetter than that, we have _music_
10:19:27Acksawi downloaded the daily build
10:19:33Acksawunzipped to my player
10:19:39Acksawoverwriting the old files
10:19:49perplexityOh, that fade out/in when you pause/unpause is just so smooth.. it's almost apple like
10:19:52Acksawi then downloaded fwpatcher and the official 1,28k firmware
10:20:05Acksawi patched the firmware and put the hex onto my iriver
10:20:07Bgerperplexity this is tradition ...
10:20:11Acksawand ungraded
10:20:18*Bger goes crazy
10:20:38Bgerso i'll probably edit button mappings on the remote today ..
10:20:45*JdGordon hates the stupid fade when un/puasing
10:20:48Bger(to match h300's one)
10:20:55Paul_The_NerdYou can disable it JdGordon
10:20:56BgerJdGordon stop it then
10:20:58Acksaw[i~ú%p -97u28n]i-
10:21:00perplexityTell ya what Acksaw, I'll generate a 1.28K hex for you and put it on a website if you promise not to hold be responsible if it bricks your player ;p)
10:21:10JdGordonits easier to just not puase the music: D
10:21:13Bgerperplexity the problem is other
10:21:19Paul_The_NerdAcksaw does the checksum match that listed on the IriverBoot page?
10:21:29Bgeri patched the firmware with fwpatcher and it's ok
10:21:48 Part Acksaw
10:22:32Paul_The_NerdOr you could do that...
10:23:09Paul_The_NerdIt's gonna turn out to be something crazy like... I dunno... the browser not actually re-downloading fwpatcher.exe but loading it from temporary internet files, or something.
10:23:34JdGordonthats easy to fix
10:23:43Bgerperplexity: see
10:23:53perplexity2002 ?!?
10:24:12Bgerthis has been the first sound rockbox ever played (on archos)
10:24:37perplexityerr.. yes.. umm.. and?
10:25:05Bgerlinus writes such mail for every new platform
10:25:15 Quit ^BeN^ (Connection timed out)
10:25:28perplexityOh, I know.. I have been following the list archives.. I get the significance of the "Gentlemen" bit..
10:26:29 Quit nevs27 (Remote closed the connection)
10:27:38Bgerbtw, this 90MHz are not enough for ogg @ ~250kbps ...
10:27:54aliaskThe 90mhz cap is there for a reason though.
10:28:01Bgeryes, i know
10:28:09Bgerthere is a problem with the button driver
10:28:14Bgerabove this freq...
10:28:32aliaskI havn't noticed any problems with it yet thankfully though.
10:28:59Bgerhm, is rockbox ok with -q10 ogg files without this cap ?
10:29:12 Join skorpyon__ [0] (
10:31:44Paul_The_NerdI've played Q8 oggs without a problem. Dunno about Q10
10:32:34Bgeryou have ?...
10:32:36Bgervery weird
10:32:46Paul_The_NerdWell, on H120 Rockbox
10:32:54Paul_The_NerdWhich is essentially "rockbox without the cap"
10:32:54Bgerah, ok :)
10:33:44Paul_The_NerdSince the processor's the same, any differences in decoding should be due to bugs, or the 90mhz limit, right?
10:34:25Bgerbut it's ... strange
10:34:32Bgerok, these files are -q 7 iirc
10:34:46Bgerand 90MHz aren't enough
10:34:55perplexityWhat does your boost ratio in the View Audio Thread debug menu sit at while playing those oggs ?
10:35:03Bgeri'll see
10:35:37perplexityI would guess 100% if the cpu is too slow.. Paul_The_Nerd: can you test that on your 120?
10:35:38Paul_The_NerdLemme make a q10 ogg, and I'll play it and let you know how it goes.
10:36:07Bger100% :)
10:36:43perplexityI don't have any oggs here, so I can't test.. my VBR (max 320k) mp3's sit at 45%
10:36:55Bgermp3 is ok, perplexity
10:37:07Bger128kbps nearly doesn't boost @ 45MHz
10:37:09perplexityOh I know.. I was mainly stating for comment
10:37:42 Quit Membrillo ()
10:37:46*Bger goes to turn on dircache
10:37:53perplexityHrm.. I don't think I even have 128k mp3's anymore.. All mine are encoded best quality,highest bitrate VBR in LAME
10:37:57*Paul_The_Nerd is creating a -q10 ogg now
10:38:20perplexityNow I can play FLAC I might even move to that
10:38:31Paul_The_NerdFLAC doesn't boost
10:39:02Paul_The_NerdIt's apparently now the most efficient codec
10:39:04perplexityEven better.. but there would be a tradeoff on hard disk access, so you win some/lose some I guess
10:40:21Paul_The_Nerd477k Q10 ogg, less than 100% boost ratio
10:40:25Paul_The_NerdIt's about 85% right now
10:40:52perplexityhrm.. can you upload it somewhere we can download and test? or dcc it?
10:41:14 Join moda|lap [0] (
10:41:23perplexityI'd guess 88% at 90Mhz is just gonna be a smidgen too slow..
10:41:33 Part moda|lap
10:41:34 Join moda|lap [0] (
10:42:33Paul_The_NerdOne sec
10:42:40Paul_The_Nerd88% at 120mhz by the way
10:42:43Paul_The_NerdWell, 124 or whatever
10:42:52moda|lapwhere can i get themes for h300 rockbox? or themes at all?
10:43:04perplexityyeah.. that is what I meant.. 88% at 120 is going to exceed 100% at 90.. in theory anyway
10:43:17Paul_The_Nerdhttp:// but it's a 28mb file.
10:43:22Jungti1234After a while will come.
10:43:26Paul_The_NerdSo, broadband or bust. :-P
10:43:26 Quit Jungti1234 ("Bye~ -")
10:43:31moda|lapyes Bger?
10:43:45perplexityTa.. I'll have it in 30 mins..
10:44:51moda|lapi dont get it...
10:44:58Paul_The_NerdYeah, it probably won't work at 90mhz. But that just gives them more incentive to optimize, optimize, optimize. ;-)
10:44:59 Join ^BeN^ [0] (
10:45:00moda|lapive installed rockbox, works like a treat
10:45:16Paul_The_NerdOr just fix whatever's making it unstable at 120
10:45:23perplexityI was thinking about that.. perhaps re-writing some bits of the codec in asm.. but then it becomes platform specific..
10:45:24 Quit skorpyon_ (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
10:46:14Paul_The_NerdYeah, but you encapsulate that in #ifdefs and then leave the platform agnostic code in the other case.
10:46:53perplexityyes.. I have never really done any profiling on code before, so I guess reading up on that would be a good idea to try and figure out where the hotspots are..
10:47:22perplexityThe extent of my asm optimisation has really been PIC, HC11 and 8051.. so the Coldfire is really a bi of a step up :)
10:47:24Bgeroh, moda|lap, sorry
10:48:51perplexityThis is where we need qemu to emulate the h300 hardware, then we can run it under the m68k emulator and get an accurate profile of the code :) Sounds like some good stuff to do in my copious quantities of spare time :|
10:49:01ashridahperplexity: there are various routines that are common to audio processing that can usefully be optimised. preglow would be the person to chat to there
10:49:46ashridahthe coldfire cpu has a number of extra instructions (on top of what the m68k range normally provides) that gcc won't use, so writing asm isn't a bad idea, as long as it's well documented and maintainable
10:50:07Paul_The_NerdDid the vorbis decoder get optimized iram useage like some of the others, or since it was already realtime did it get left alone?
10:50:22ashridahPaul_The_Nerd: it got some optimisations
10:50:30ashridahnone of the codecs ran in realtime initially.
10:50:33Bgermoda|lap i suggest u to look at the files in ./rockbox/themes or sth like this
10:50:39Paul_The_NerdWell, I meant recently
10:50:57 Join Acksaw [0] (
10:51:04Acksawbger still here?
10:51:26Acksawmy dad pulled out my router.
10:51:36Paul_The_NerdAcksaw, another question, what was the checksum on the patched firmware?
10:51:37Acksawany ideas what i need to do?
10:51:43Acksawhow do i find out?
10:51:52ashridahPaul_The_Nerd: i don't know anyone's really worked on it since it went realtime
10:52:22 Join _FireFly_ [0] (
10:52:33Paul_The_NerdAcksaw there's a variety of programs, I think md5sum is commonly used, that can tell you the md5 checksum of a file.
10:52:52Acksawtoo much hassle
10:52:56Bgernot so
10:52:57Acksawi think its just the bootloader?
10:53:13Paul_The_NerdWell see, that would tell us if the bootloader you've got is the right one
10:53:25Bgeri suggest you to do the following
10:53:32Paul_The_NerdBecause if it's not patching properly, the checksum would be wrong.
10:53:34Bger1) if you have proxy and you use it, disable it
10:53:47Bger2) download the unicode ver of firmware patcher
10:53:54Acksawhow do i do that?
10:54:06Bgerwhat do u use
10:54:21Bgerfor downloadign
10:54:45Acksawthe firefox one?
10:55:10Bgerturn off the proxy if you have one
10:55:19Bger(but i don't think this is the problem)
10:55:47Bgerafter that use the fresh fwpatcher and patch non-modified H300.hex
10:55:47Acksawim just gonna try to flash again
10:56:05Bgerafter that
10:56:22Bgerdownload rockbox
10:56:25Paul_The_NerdIf it's not working, and it's not worked after flashing 2 or 3 times, flashing again isn't going to help
10:56:35ashridahAcksaw: there's not much point in just reflashing over and over, all you'll do is move one more flash cycle closer to the death of the flash rom :)
10:56:59Paul_The_NerdIt's really key to verify that the file, after you patch it with fwpatcher, is correct.
10:56:59Acksawthats what i didnt do!
10:57:03Acksawi didnt do that!
10:57:06Bgerafter you have patched h300.hex and putted rockbox
10:57:24 Quit thegeek_ (Read error: 113 (No route to host))
10:57:33Paul_The_NerdThat has nothing to do with the bootloader though.
10:57:45 Join andrewmel [0] (
10:57:49Bger(which means extracting it to the root directory of your player and overwriting files)
10:57:57BgerPaul_The_Nerd: yeah, i know
10:58:16BgerAcksaw: did you do all this ?
10:58:28Acksawdoing it now
10:59:01Bgerafter this put your h300.hex in the ROOT directory of your player, overwriting the old one
10:59:10Acksawjust patching now
10:59:13 Join thegeek [0] (
10:59:25Bgerafter this disconnect the player ... but using the windows's stuff first
10:59:57Bgerto be sure that all changes will be written on the player's hard disk
11:00:09Acksawthe hex is on the root
11:00:17Acksawand extracting
11:00:26perplexityis it the *only* *.hex file in the root ?
11:00:33Bgerand the next step is booting the iriver firmware
11:00:35Acksawand the rockbox zip
11:00:41Bgerw8, w8
11:00:49Paul_The_NerdHow big is the .hex?
11:00:50Bgeryou don't put on the root
11:00:54Bgerabout.. hm
11:00:59 Join arkascha [0] (
11:01:04Acksawi usually put it on the root?
11:01:07Acksawi was told to
11:01:22Bgerno, you extract it in the root
11:01:31Acksawi have
11:01:33Paul_The_NerdI meant how big is Acksaw's .hex
11:01:38Acksawabout 4mb
11:01:52Acksawim upgrading fw now
11:02:02Acksawif it works ill need to put the daily build on?
11:02:24 Quit ^Guest37784 (Connection timed out)
11:02:37BgerAcksaw if you have extracted the i gave you to the root folder, u'll have rockbox
11:02:39Acksawstill upgrading...
11:02:46Acksawtest time
11:02:47Bgerit's slow, relax
11:03:00Acksawversion 1 STILL
11:03:09Bgervery strange
11:03:10Paul_The_NerdOkay, could you please MD5sum the hex?
11:03:18Acksawpaul how?
11:03:35Bger <= like this
11:03:39Acksawif this sheds any light
11:03:44Acksawi cant connect to the pc
11:03:45perplexityOh it will..
11:03:50Acksawwithout first booting iriver
11:03:54Acksawand turning off
11:03:57Acksawthen connecting
11:03:57aliaskDamn you guys, you beat me to pasting that link
11:03:58perplexityyeah.. have that here also..
11:04:03Paul_The_NerdThat's a current bug Acksaw
11:04:09perplexity Known bugs
11:04:09perplexityH300: No USB mode yet
11:04:19Acksawmaybe if i try reset?
11:04:23Paul_The_NerdBut get the md5sum.exe
11:04:36Paul_The_NerdPut it in the folder with the .hex
11:04:37 Join Febs [0] (
11:04:41perplexity_please_ md5sum the file.. that *will* tell us if it's right or not
11:04:51Paul_The_NerdAnd at the command prompt run "md5sum h300.hex" and tell us what the result is.
11:05:13Acksawso i got md5sum now
11:05:21***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
11:05:31perplexityis it this −−> d693e80025fbc5530ce031a5ee414c82 ??
11:05:43Acksawi ned to put it onto the root of my iriver?
11:05:55Paul_The_NerdThat works
11:06:12Paul_The_NerdWhat drive is your iriver? Like, D:, E:, F:?
11:06:20Paul_The_NerdOkay, after you've put it there
11:06:25Paul_The_NerdChoose Start->Run
11:06:31Bgerd693e80025fbc5530ce031a5ee414c82 *H300.hex
11:06:31Paul_The_NerdAnd type "cmd" without quotes
11:06:39Paul_The_Nerdthen at the prompt type E:
11:06:47Paul_The_NerdThen "md5sum h300.hex" again without the quotes
11:06:52Bgerand ?
11:06:55Bgerpaste the result
11:07:10Acksawi cant copy it
11:07:11Bgerwhat firmware ver do you use
11:07:14Acksawill write it hold up
11:07:15Paul_The_NerdIt needs to be *exactly* the same as what Bger pasted right htere
11:07:15Bgeru can
11:07:16Acksawi use k
11:07:24Paul_The_NerdIf you use 1.28k
11:07:26Acksawmine starts with 11
11:07:30Bgerbad ....
11:07:31perplexitywell then..
11:07:45Paul_The_NerdThat's V1
11:07:50Bgerh, Acksaw, are you sure u paste the FILE YOU PATCH to the iriver ?
11:07:51Acksawthats what i got
11:07:52Paul_The_NerdYour FWpatcher is not the new one
11:07:59Acksawyes im sure
11:08:06Bgerand use the new fwpatcher ?
11:08:06perplexity1145f86482724e79b3bea603a22dda0e <−− this one ?
11:08:09Acksawim downloadiung it from the iriverboot
11:08:13Paul_The_NerdThat's V1
11:08:19Acksawthats why then
11:08:19perplexitydamn you are just too fast Paul_The_Nerd :p)
11:08:26Paul_The_NerdI downloaded it from iriverboot, patched a *fresh* firmware, and it comes up with the proper one
11:08:28Bgerok, i'll get the md5sum on the fwpatcher
11:08:39Paul_The_NerdBger, that's the V1 sum for sure
11:08:41Bger5a9c547c3f438e5e8239ffb4a788a341 *fwpatcher.exe
11:08:51moda|lapdo we have any themes/wps's for h300 yet?
11:08:51Acksawim so confused
11:08:55Bgerso you must have fwpatcher with this md5sum
11:09:05Acksawim real confused..
11:09:16moda|lapand btw, where do i get rockboy?
11:09:18Acksawi dont understand all this technical stuff :'(
11:09:30BgerAcksaw: ok ...
11:09:35perplexityIt's installed by default moda|lap .. just browse to one of your gameboy roms
11:09:38Bgermake a new folder on your C:\
11:09:40Bgerfor example
11:09:56Bgerput there md5sum.exe
11:10:04moda|lapperplexity: so i just stick gameboy roms onto my iriver and execute them, and rockboy should load?
11:10:06Bgerh300.hex (unmodified)
11:10:08Bgereh, ok
11:10:12perplexityI believe so moda|lap
11:10:13Paul_The_NerdIf you trust me, that's a properly patched one
11:10:15Acksawhopld up
11:10:16Bgeruse the link Paul_The_Nerd gave you
11:10:17Acksawhold u[
11:10:19moda|lapdo they support color?
11:10:25perplexityno moda|lap
11:10:36Acksawlemme make this folder!
11:10:41Bgerno, don't make it
11:10:55moda|lapdoes it support gba? or just gb/gbc?
11:10:56Acksawim downloading this unmodified hex now
11:10:58Bgerjust use the link Paul_The_Nerd put
11:11:02Paul_The_NerdThat's not unmodified
11:11:02perplexityno gba support..
11:11:03Bgermoda|lap: it doesn't do gba
11:11:05moda|lapi see
11:11:06Paul_The_NerdThat one I linked is already patched
11:11:08 Join ender` [0] (i=ychat@
11:11:11Acksawok thanks
11:11:15Paul_The_NerdYou should be able to just copy it to the player and upgrade
11:11:20Bgerso you just put this on the player
11:11:25Paul_The_NerdBut md5sum it first
11:11:33Paul_The_NerdJust to make sure you download is 100% perfect
11:11:43Paul_The_Nerdd693e80025fbc5530ce031a5ee414c82 <−−- If you get that number, it's good.
11:11:50Acksawstill downloading
11:11:53Acksawrather slow
11:11:56Paul_The_NerdSorry 'bout that
11:11:59Acksawno worrys
11:12:03BgerPaul_The_Ner: u're really fast :)
11:12:17perplexityIt ill speed up in a tic when I give Paul_The_Nerd 10kb/s of his upload pipe back
11:12:22Paul_The_NerdI'm running Apache on a laptop over a 802.11g connection to a cable modem. Hehehe
11:12:26Paul_The_NerdAnd I've got torrents running.
11:12:43Paul_The_NerdSo my upload is a little... minimalistic.
11:13:10*Paul_The_Nerd was learning CSS and PHP, and decided he wanted as much flexibility to test things as possible, even without internet.
11:13:13Acksawanyideas what the problem is?
11:13:43Paul_The_NerdYou're somehow using an older fwpatcher.exe
11:13:49perplexityInteresting.. now when I have USB plugged in and I power up the unit it just drops straight into the iriver firmware without user intervention.. neato
11:14:25Acksawits correct
11:14:34Paul_The_NerdI'd clear your browser cache, in the settings, then do a Start->Search->Find Files or Folders, and have it search for fwpatcher.exe and delete ALL of them, before you ever download again.
11:14:44Paul_The_NerdBut yeah, okay, flash that one, and you should have V2
11:14:46_FireFly_Acksaw: all numbers must be correct not only the first 3 one
11:14:49Acksawd693e80025fbc5530ce031a5ee414c82 *h300.hex
11:15:09JdGordonhahah. u still havnt got the corrct version?
11:15:16JdGordonu want me to dcc it to ya?
11:15:29Acksawseems correct
11:15:37Acksawunles you wanna double checl
11:15:40Paul_The_NerdIt's correct JdGordon
11:15:40Bgerit's ok
11:15:44ashridahwouldn't it be more intelligent to md5sum fwpatcher.exe to see if he's got the newest? :)
11:15:44Acksawnow what?
11:15:46Paul_The_NerdThat's the proper md5
11:15:48Acksawdownload daily build?
11:16:04Acksawill mdsum the patcher
11:16:15Bgerashridah: that's what i tried to explain ...
11:16:21 Join ^Guest37784 [0] (
11:16:30Bger[12:24:54] <Bger> 5a9c547c3f438e5e8239ffb4a788a341 *fwpatcher.exe
11:16:37perplexityGreat encode of sth Paul_The_Nerd :p) Yep, it sticks at 100% boost here and just can't quite cope.. plays great in the original iriver fw though
11:16:45Paul_The_NerdDownload that build, do everything else as normal, etc.
11:16:50moda|lapdo you reckon we will get gba emulations?
11:16:50Acksawthe fwpatcher is in the same file as my md5sum
11:17:05Acksawwhats the extension on the patcher?
11:17:07Paul_The_NerdGBA emulation is really unlikely, I'd say.
11:17:29Acksaw5a64bc2b77be1b01c433a1f14a76fe3b *fwpatcher.exe
11:17:29Paul_The_Nerdperplexity: So, 90mhz is not enough for a Q10 ogg
11:17:43Acksawthats my fwpatcher
11:17:45perplexityMost certainly not.. but we have a great test case now for any optimisations..
11:17:46Paul_The_NerdYeah, that's not the newest one
11:17:53Acksawcan you link me to newest?
11:17:54ashridahAcksaw: that's not the same.
11:17:55moda|lapwonder if there is a way to convert gba games to gbc :p
11:18:12Acksawdcc it me
11:18:20Acksawi got it from there
11:18:23Acksawnumerous times
11:18:41_FireFly_ FWpatcher without unicode support (v6 & v2)
11:18:54_FireFly_27 Nov 2005 - 01:18
11:18:59Paul_The_NerdSomehow either you're not actually downloading it to *where* you think you are.
11:19:09Paul_The_NerdOr your browser has the file cached.
11:19:11Acksawim downloading to the desktop
11:19:21Acksawwant me clear cache?
11:19:37 Quit moda|lap ()
11:19:40Paul_The_NerdAs I said, clear the browser caches, and do a find file on fwpatcher.exe and delete all of them, then try downloading it again.
11:19:52Paul_The_NerdThat *may* solve the problem
11:19:54*Paul_The_Nerd hopes
11:19:57 Join Nixsos [0] (
11:20:06perplexitygrrrr windows.. so unpredictable and difficult to diagnose..
11:20:41Paul_The_NerdPerplexity: I wasn't sure what genre of music to pick as a test encode, but in the end I went with what felt right.
11:20:59BgerPaul_The_Nerd: share the fwpatcher to him
11:21:03perplexityActually, from a quality perspective the guitar and flute there is a great test of the codec
11:21:46Acksaw5a64bc2b77be1b01c433a1f14a76fe3b *fwpatcher.exe
11:21:53Acksawthats the one i just got
11:22:02Acksawafter clear cache etc
11:22:18perplexityPerhaps his isp is doing retarded transparent caching..
11:22:31Acksawmy isp does suck
11:22:32Paul_The_NerdOooh, does your ISP have "Web Accelerator" or anything like that?
11:22:34ashridahsomeone just dcc him a copy of fwpatcher.exe :)
11:22:42Paul_The_NerdThat's what's doing it
11:22:43Acksawsome dcc it#
11:22:44Paul_The_NerdClick the link I pasted
11:22:56Paul_The_NerdSince it's coming from a different server, it shouldn't be cached.
11:22:57perplexityPaul_The_Nerd has put in on the web for you.. grab that one
11:23:20Paul_The_Nerd"Web Accelerator" type things are *evil*
11:23:27Acksawi dont think i use tht
11:23:37Paul_The_NerdSometimes they do things *like* it on their side.
11:23:55Acksaw5a9c547c3f438e5e8239ffb4a788a341 *fwpatcher.exe
11:24:02Acksawlooks right!!!
11:24:05Paul_The_NerdThat one's proper.
11:24:09Acksawok so im all set for next time
11:24:12Paul_The_NerdThat's V2 fwpatcher.
11:24:20Acksawlets just try see if that hex worked
11:24:24Acksawthat one paul made
11:24:41perplexityNow I can see why everyone raves over Rockbox.. now we just need some GPL player hardware or a manuf who will support with hw info and this thing could fly
11:25:02Acksawfw upgrading...
11:25:53Paul_The_Nerd"Rockbox: We're actually helpful" :-P
11:25:54Acksawtest 1
11:26:03Acksawversion 2 biatch!
11:26:17perplexityI was not even refering to the assistance, more the software and features.. but yes, that also :)
11:26:24Acksawsound biatch!
11:26:24JdGordonbout time :D
11:26:27Acksawi love you guys!
11:26:31Paul_The_Nerdperplexity: Indeed, the features are awesome.
11:26:31 Quit ^BeN^ (Connection timed out)
11:26:39andrewmelwelcome to the club acksaw
11:26:47andrewmeli only just joined as well...
11:26:53Acksawyou guys are great
11:27:03perplexityEnough so that I have set up my cross compile env, built my own copy from CVS and hope to actually help somewhere at some point..
11:27:06Acksawive been using since hte first day it was released
11:27:19Acksawi had trouble with the fwpatcher thats all andrew
11:27:19Paul_The_NerdYeah, I update from CVS and compile myself too, perplexity.
11:27:28Paul_The_NerdThere's just a satisfaction from having it built locally for some reason.
11:27:43Acksawim off
11:27:49Acksawto do a happy dance
11:27:53perplexityIndeed.. my next masochistic thing to try is build my own bootloader (and buy a BDM wiggler in case I get it wrong) :)
11:27:55Acksawill catch up on MR
11:28:23Acksawany ideas how i can fix that thing where it downloads the same one?
11:28:38JdGordonreset your browser cache?
11:28:45andrewmelbugger. i just tried to replace the background in the engineer2 theme with a 220x176 pixel yellow gif
11:28:48andrewmeldidnt work
11:28:55Paul_The_NerdWe'd have to figure out what's causing it first.
11:29:17Acksawi gotta rebuild my cache
11:29:18Paul_The_NerdThe WPS code still only supports monochrome BMPs, I think, andrewmel.
11:29:23Acksawmr is running slow!
11:29:54andrewmeljust thought I woudl give it a go...
11:30:24andrewmeli have e-zwps and cant open the existing themes, is there some wiki you know of that will let me know how this works?
11:30:59FebsAndrewmel: CustomWPS
11:31:23Paul_The_NerdIt doesn't describe the whole theme .cfg file format though, does it?
11:31:25 Join mashalla [0] (
11:31:53FebsNo, I don't think anyone has documented that feature yet.
11:32:04_FireFly_the cfg file is a normal cfg file :)
11:32:21Paul_The_NerdBut you put it in the themes folder, and only put a few lines in it, if it's to be a proper "theme"
11:32:50_FireFly_simply save your settings to a file and then you have all possible settings ;)
11:32:56 Part amiconn
11:33:26NixsosAcksaw: which FW version did you use? EU?
11:33:41Acksawi hate the eu vol cap
11:33:44FebsNevertheless, that isn't yet documented anywhere. If I have a chance this week, I'm going to update the manual with some of the things that have been added recently.
11:33:54perplexityI think this is a daft question, but can the sims play music and use the codecs ?
11:33:57Paul_The_NerdNot that the volume cap exists in rockbox anyway. :-P
11:34:10Acksawbut if i wanna use the iriver firmware =]
11:34:15Paul_The_NerdI know the h120 sim could be built to play music for a while, though I can't seem to get it right
11:34:19_FireFly_Paul_The_Nerd: the "theme"-cfg file sets only the wps/rwps used font, and maybe if statusbar should be on or off but this can be now also handled with the wps-tags %we(statusbar is shown in wps) nad %wd(statusbar is not shown in wps)
11:34:40NixsosAcksaw: so sound is actually working? All supported codeces or just mp3?
11:35:03Acksawno idea
11:35:05Acksawi only use mp3
11:35:07Paul_The_Nerd_FireFly_ Don't forget font. My "theme" is an .wps, a .rwps, and a font. I've got a car theme, and a non-car theme for when I don't need huge fonts.
11:35:23Paul_The_NerdNixsos: At least Ogg works too, though not highest bitrates
11:35:31Nixsosah ok
11:35:33Paul_The_NerdNixsos: Theoretically others *should* from what I understand
11:35:46Nixsosthis is so cool guys, i'm going to download it right away
11:35:48Acksawim off guys
11:35:53_FireFly_Paul_The_Nerd: only the wps/rwps used font,
11:36:08_FireFly_there is a ',' missing ;)
11:36:10 Quit Acksaw ()
11:36:13_FireFly_only the wps/rwps, used font,
11:36:36Paul_The_NerdI wish there was a font tag for wps.
11:36:44Paul_The_NerdBut not that badly
11:37:00BgerPaul_The_Nerd: do you have remote ?
11:37:06Bger(u suppose u have)
11:37:09Paul_The_NerdYes Bger
11:37:45Bgerjust sec
11:38:27Bgerwhat's the name of the button, which corrseponds to the "A-B" on the main unit ?
11:38:58_FireFly_Bger: is the same ;)
11:38:59Paul_The_NerdOn the H100 remote, that is.
11:39:02Bger10x :)
11:39:03JdGordonwtf??? i just left my 300 in rb charging... and then look back (like 5 min later) and its in the iriver fw...
11:39:17BgerJdGordon: it's normal
11:39:22Bgerwhen it's charging
11:39:26Bgerand rockbox turns off
11:39:31Bgerthe iriver firmware starts
11:39:37Bgerand shows the "charging" screen
11:40:24*Bger is confused of h100 remote
11:40:30Rickconfused how?
11:40:43JdGordondoes that happen when its playing music also?
11:41:04Bgerh300 lcd remotes looks a way more likely the main unit ...
11:41:14 Quit TCK (Connection timed out)
11:41:21Bgerwtf is this button "bitrate"
11:41:48Paul_The_NerdFor recording
11:41:55Paul_The_NerdTo change bitrate settings on recorded MP3s
11:41:55_FireFly_afaik it is used unter the iriver fw to switch the bitrate for recording
11:42:15Bgerthe only additional buttons on h300 lcd remote are +10 and -10
11:42:26JdGordonhas any1 tryed uncommenting the line saying the h300's dont have radio and seen if it works?
11:42:58Rickwhat does +10 and -10 do?
11:43:01Paul_The_NerdWell, the only extra buttons on the H100 are (Source/Type) and (Bitrate) I believe
11:43:20 Part andrewmel
11:44:11 Quit mashalla (Remote closed the connection)
11:45:49Bgerwhat's the equal of joy push on h100 remote ?
11:46:01Bgerah, ok, navi
11:46:26_FireFly_long press joy-push is currently in file-tree long-press play on remote
11:47:13*Bger is confused again
11:47:39 Join _arkascha [0] (
11:48:04Paul_The_NerdButtons do not have 100% identical functions.
11:48:34Bgeri want to make them 100% identical ...
11:48:56Paul_The_NerdWhen you hold the Joystick clicked on the main unit (when highlighting a file) you can achieve the same function by holding the Play button on the remote.
11:52:35 Join Acksaw [0] (
11:52:41Acksawanyone wanna edit a wps for me?
11:52:52Acksawjust need it a little altering and no idea how myself
11:53:03*JdGordon has been looking at the wps's on MR, they all suk :'(
11:53:09Acksawthey do
11:53:14Paul_The_NerdThey're just renamed .txt files
11:53:15JdGordonwell.. start by loading it in notepad :p
11:53:23Acksawim using the zeyean or something
11:53:33Acksawand i wanna change it a little
11:54:47Acksawto work with the font i use
11:55:36Acksawthis is confusing!
11:55:56Acksawwould anyone do it for me?
11:56:04Acksawall i need is a few things changing
11:56:05JdGordonwhich wps u using?
11:56:14JdGordonis it a strandard 1?
11:56:31Acksawi want it edited for my fav font
11:56:43Bgeris the "play/pause" button on the remote the "on" button" ?
11:56:48Acksawand i want the battery bar etc at the top
11:56:50Acksawbattery bar shuffle mode etc
11:56:57Bgerh100 remote i mean
11:57:04Paul_The_NerdYes, Bger
11:57:25Bgeron h300 remote you start it with joy push (navi)
11:58:13Paul_The_NerdBut the H100 Play/Pause remote button is the big, central button anyway
11:58:13Acksawthink you will able do it jd?
11:58:28JdGordonmebe.. how do u change your wps on the p[layer?
11:58:55Acksawno idea
11:59:04JdGordonha, no i mean how do u set which 1 is being used
11:59:14aliaskHow do you compile a plugin's c file to a .rock?
11:59:16Acksawpres a-b
11:59:26Acksawthen go..
11:59:32JdGordonaliask: u on iwndows or lunix?
11:59:54aliaskEither, I have windows, but I use putty and connect to a linux box (which has the rockbox toolchain on it)
12:00:04Acksawa-b - general - display - browse .wps files
12:00:12Acksawthen zezayer
12:00:27JdGordonah ok
12:00:27 Quit arkascha (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
12:00:31Bgerwhat about the navi button ?
12:00:38JdGordongrab the rockbox dev kit thingy
12:00:44JdGordonits a presetup cygwin setup
12:00:56JdGordonok, which font u use?
12:01:10Paul_The_NerdBger: The navi button does not power on. Play/Pause is used both on the main unit, and on the remote
12:01:13AcksawSnap *
12:01:26 Join DangerousDan [0] (
12:01:41JdGordonright.. what u wanna change?
12:01:48*JdGordon got the win32 sim setup
12:01:57Acksawthe rockbox thing can be taken out
12:02:21BgerPaul_The_Nerd: i mean what's its function
12:02:23Acksawthe battery and the shuffle mode and the volume up top above "now playing"
12:02:24Bgeron the remote
12:02:33Bgerlike joy push on the main ?
12:02:35Acksawthat should be all
12:02:52Paul_The_NerdClicking it on files or folders selects them. If you click a song, it plays, a folder, it enters, etc.
12:02:55JdGordonthe sim is fucked... 1 min
12:03:01Paul_The_NerdThe Play/Pause button actually resumes playback.
12:03:14Bgerthe navi button
12:03:14Paul_The_NerdYeah, "Joy Push" is the same as "Navi"
12:03:53JdGordonthis heme looks terrible :O
12:04:06Acksawi just want one with all that stuff on
12:04:12Acksawand where i can see whats next?
12:04:14Paul_The_NerdI just use a simple text based one still
12:04:31Bgerthe rec, bitrate and source are on one "tripple" button?
12:04:33Acksawis there a prog i can make them on?
12:04:34Bgerare they
12:05:16Paul_The_NerdIt's a wheel. tilting it left does Source/Type, Right does Bitrate, and pushing the wheel into the remote does Record
12:05:24Bgerok, 10x :)
12:06:20Paul_The_NerdIt's the same for FF/RW/Navi and Vol-/Vol+/(A-B/Mode)
12:06:31Acksawthat doesnt show the result of the wps?
12:06:45JdGordonno, its all trial and error :(
12:07:04Paul_The_NerdEZWPS is rather outdated anyway, I think.
12:07:06Acksawi just want a few things chaning
12:07:22Paul_The_NerdAcksaw, the things you've mentioned changing seem to require redrawing the .bmp file.
12:07:40Paul_The_NerdYou can do that in an image editing program.
12:08:05Acksawi have no idea how
12:08:09Acksawil just look on MR
12:08:13Acksawfor ones that look ok
12:08:30Paul_The_NerdI suggest using "Boxes," one of the built in themes (assuming it works okay on H300)
12:08:44Paul_The_NerdIt's got a good amount of information and functionality.
12:09:03JdGordonboxes needs to be ported
12:09:27Paul_The_NerdWhat's wrong with it?
12:09:29Bgerit's ok
12:09:40Acksawfound a good one
12:10:23Acksawi got the wps info
12:10:27Acksawdo a need a .bmp or something?
12:10:46Paul_The_NerdThat one doesn't use a .bmp
12:11:27Acksawi got the info
12:11:31Acksawwhat do i do with it?
12:12:41Paul_The_NerdDo you have it as a .wps file?
12:13:27Acksawhow do i do that?
12:13:53 Join crwl [0] (
12:13:57Paul_The_NerdThe general solution is to paste it into an empty .txt file, then rename whatever.txt to whatever.wps
12:14:12Paul_The_NerdThen, just copy it over to your player, then in rockbox on the player, browse to it and click on the file
12:15:44*JdGordon is playing with boxes to work better on the h300
12:15:54Acksawhow do i rename it?
12:16:22Acksawto .wps
12:16:36*Bger made his h300 remote to work correctly, needs more testing
12:16:43Paul_The_NerdRight click on the file, choose rename, and change the .txt bit to .wps?
12:16:54Acksawthat bit doesnt show up in my comp
12:17:13JdGordonu need to show extensions for known filetypes
12:17:18Bgerif someone has h300 remote and use it, i can give him a build tonight
12:17:22Bgerbye for now
12:18:19JdGordonapart from the flickering its erfect
12:19:01JdGordondoes the rec button do anything in rb?
12:19:05 Part _arkascha ("Konversation terminated!")
12:19:32Paul_The_NerdIt depends on where you are, JdGordon
12:20:01JdGordone.g??? apart from bootup i dont tihnk ive ever needed to press it
12:20:12Paul_The_NerdAcksaw, open up the file in notepad, choose save as, then type in the filename with .wps on the end and the File Type as All Files
12:20:14Acksawthe one i got doesnt fit the screen!!
12:20:23Acksawi found out how paul
12:20:26Paul_The_NerdToo small, too large, or what?
12:20:29Acksawbut it doesnt fir the screen
12:20:31Acksawa bit of both
12:20:40Paul_The_NerdThat's because it's designed for the H100.
12:20:48Acksawthe word next is on the track progress bar
12:20:54Nixsosjust installed the new bootloader... i heard the HD spinning, but there was no image on the LCD. i thought i turned rockbox into a brickbox. fortunately i was able to boot back in original FW
12:21:10Paul_The_NerdJdGordon: It's used for backspace in text-entry as well, I believe
12:21:53JdGordonNixsos: u should be able to boot into rb after loading iriver once... your not the frst to cvomplain about that
12:21:57Acksawi hope boxes gets sorted
12:21:59Acksawthats a nice theme
12:22:16JdGordonu wanty the modified background image for it to make it look better?
12:22:27NixsosJdGordon: okat, i totally freaked out
12:22:39Nixsosi think i'll try again
12:23:03 Join Moos [0] (
12:23:23Acksawanyone attempting to sort out boxes?
12:23:31 Join muesli_- [0] (
12:23:37JdGordondl that file and put it the .rockbox/wps/boxes
12:23:43Acksawok thanks
12:23:48JdGordongot it almost perfect 1st attemt :D
12:23:53Acksawthe only thing i dont like
12:23:59Acksawis the vol bar
12:24:24Acksawid prefer the precentge thing
12:24:54FebsAcksaw: you know, you can create your own WPS or modify an existing WPS to suit your needs:
12:25:53Acksawjust the volume bar is a bit crapp IMO
12:26:39 Join Zak1392 [0] (
12:28:01linuxstb_JdGordon: How are you doing with Sudoku on the H300?
12:28:06 Nick linuxstb_ is now known as linuxstb (
12:28:55JdGordonwell... it loads, but the images are not working... obviosuly its more work than i thought :D if no1 else will touch it i will learn how rb draws and fix it...
12:28:59Paul_The_NerdAlright, now batch converting all my lossless music to FLAC...
12:29:09JdGordonall i really did was add the proper #defines so it compiles
12:29:21_FireFly_Paul_The_Nerd: why ??
12:29:28linuxstbJdGordon: Sudoku has two sets of bitmaps for the numbers - 1bpp (for the small Archos LCDs) and 2bpp for the H1x0.
12:29:36Paul_The_NerdBecause FLAC is faster than Wavpack on Rockbox, so slightly better battery life?
12:29:37Acksawis there a quick way to add a song into the otf playlist?
12:30:08linuxstbThe 1bpp bitmaps will be too small for the H300, and you can't draw 2bpp bitmaps on the H300's display. So you will need to define your own set of bitmaps for the larger colour LCD.
12:30:34Paul_The_Nerd_Firefly_: So, better battery life @ the same sound quality, and the FLACs are a wee bit smaller than the wavpacks were.
12:30:42JdGordongot any quick pointers on what needs to be done? (how the h300 is expecting them?)
12:30:48Acksawboxes could also be altered by adding both the artist and the track to the next song instead of alternating
12:30:50_FireFly_Paul_The_Nerd: by me wavpack is a big smaller the flac
12:31:06Zak1392i thought sudoku already worked for h300s?
12:31:07Paul_The_NerdMy wavpacks weren't on the best compression settings initially
12:31:15Acksawaww well
12:31:16Acksawim off
12:31:20Paul_The_NerdWhen I'd tried that, they would underrun and skip on rockbox when I first encoded them.
12:31:28NixsosJdGordon: okay, i flashed it again with rockbox FW... same problem, black screen -> rec + play, original FW -> shut it down -> started it and it immediately booted the original FW. no sign of rockbox
12:31:59linuxstbJdGordon: The native bitmaps for the H300 are an array of unsigned shorts - 16bpp. You could create 10 .bmp files and then use the bmp2rb utility to create C structures containing the bitmap.
12:32:03FebsAcksaw: for your question re: OTF playlists:
12:32:43JdGordonwill do
12:33:19JdGordonsorry.. what size does the bmp need to be?
12:33:22JdGordonin pixels?
12:33:23 Quit markun ("leaving")
12:34:40linuxstbJdGordon: You need 14 pixels in each direction for the grid, so (176-14)/9 for each cell - i.e. 18x18 pixels.
12:35:07linuxstbYour numbers should be 16x16 - to give a 1 pixel border around the numbers.
12:36:27linuxstbIn fact, it's worse than having 10 bitmaps - you need 30. One for cells where the cursor is located, one for numbers from the starting layout, and one for numbers the user has entered.
12:36:55 Join markun [0] (
12:37:10linuxstbBTW, you don't have a number 0 - the first bitmap is for an empty cell.
12:37:38JdGordonyup, im addicted to sudoku :D
12:37:52Paul_The_NerdI just downloaded some .ss packs to my player, finally
12:38:11linuxstbYou could probably just create one set of bitmaps, and then use search and replace in your editor to change the colours for the other two sets.
12:38:19 Join Membrillo [0] (
12:38:40linuxstbUnless you wanted completely different bitmaps for the three cases.
12:39:01_FireFly_linuxstb: he could create 3 bitmaps with each 10 graphics inside
12:39:08JdGordonok, done the bmps... what do i use to convert em?
12:39:11 Quit aliask ("Chatzilla 0.9.67 [Firefox 1.0.6/20050717]")
12:39:18_FireFly_and uses *_bitmap_part
12:39:39JdGordon_FireFly_: no, cant do that because the way sudoku does the rest of the ports
12:39:44JdGordonwithout changing the whole thing
12:39:51_FireFly_ah ok
12:39:53JdGordon.. which would prob be better anyway
12:40:12JdGordonatm its got each 10 numbers (*3) for each lcd size...
12:40:31_FireFly_i have some code for the wps to use combined-bitmaps
12:40:44_FireFly_instead a seperate bitmap for each image
12:40:46linuxstbUse the tools/bmp2rb program. Run it without any arguments to get the usage info.
12:41:01linuxstb_FireFly_: It would be less efficient in this case to have one bitmap.
12:41:30linuxstbBecause bitmap_part is less efficient than bitmap.
12:41:59linuxstbi.e. Sudoku just does number_bitmaps[n] to get the bitmap for that number.
12:42:33_FireFly_afaik does bitmap use bitmap_part
12:42:33linuxstbUsing one bitmap, it would have to calculate the position of the part of the bitmap it wants to use.
12:43:09_FireFly_this can be hard-coded
12:43:20_FireFly_linuxstb: /* Draw a full monochrome bitmap */
12:43:20_FireFly_void lcd_mono_bitmap(const unsigned char *src, int x, int y, int width, int height)
12:43:20DBUGEnqueued KICK _FireFly_
12:43:20_FireFly_ lcd_mono_bitmap_part(src, 0, 0, width, x, y, width, height);
12:44:00linuxstbBut how would you hardcode the position for number "n" (where n is a variable?)
12:44:14 Quit Zak1392 ()
12:44:24_FireFly_linuxstb: how is number_bitmaps defined ??
12:44:26linuxstbI don't see the problem with separate bitmaps - you just do a shell script to generate them.
12:44:41linuxstbA two-dimensional array
12:44:48_FireFly_of what
12:45:06linuxstb(or unsigned short for the 16bpp bitmaps)
12:45:34 Quit muesli_- (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
12:45:36markunI'm compiling rockbox for H3xx with the unicode patch. Would anyone like to test it for me?
12:46:00 Join ep0ch|_ [0] (n=ep0ch|@
12:46:09 Quit Acksaw ()
12:46:40ep0ch|_Slasher: you here? I have a little bug for you regarding playback :)
12:46:48 Nick ep0ch|_ is now known as ep0ch| (n=ep0ch|@
12:47:18Slasherep0ch|: yes :)
12:47:29JdGordonlinuxstb: where does bmp2rb put the c code its supposed to export?
12:47:38 Join TCK [0] (
12:47:42linuxstbIt prints it to stdout (I think)
12:47:47 Join Zak1392 [0] (
12:48:02JdGordonah, its not supposed to have -a :p
12:48:10markunlinuxstb: is the ipod port in a state where you can see text?
12:48:25linuxstbmarkun: Yes - that's been working for a long time.
12:48:36Zak1392what is the stock battery on h300s?
12:48:45ep0ch|Slasher: OK, when i was playing an ogg track that had sound starting from T=0ms, i play it for a > 5 seconds, hit previous, the track plays again but sound heard is from like T=100ms, i.e. some of the beginning of the track is missing.
12:49:06markunlinuxstb: The unicode patch I'm preparing should also work for the ipod. Could you test if for me lateron?
12:49:25 Join ^BeN^ [0] (
12:49:26linuxstbep0ch|: That sounds like a bug in the vorbis codec.
12:49:30ep0ch|Slasher: it seems to be consistent with all the vorbis files i tried, not sure about mp3
12:49:45Zak1392can anyone answer my question?
12:50:06Paul_The_NerdIsn't it the same as the H120/140?
12:50:10linuxstbmarkun: Yes, I guess so. But we don't have a button driver, so all that is displayed is the file browser - unless I add some lcd_puts commands.
12:50:12Paul_The_Nerd1300 I think?
12:50:12ep0ch|Slasher: but if i was to hit 'next' the file plays from the beginning.
12:50:12markunZak1392: probably 1300
12:50:16Slasherep0ch|: ah, yes that's possible. It's caused because we overwrite the old data in pcm buffer too early
12:50:36Zak1392markun: are you positive?
12:50:52markunlinuxstb: You could put some unicode chars in the filenames
12:50:55Slasherep0ch|: that can be fixed or then we could just stop the playback completely before changing tracks / seeking
12:51:08markunZak1392: no, better go to mysticriver
12:51:23linuxstbmarkun: Sure. But you would have to tell me how.
12:51:27linuxstb(under Linux)
12:51:48linuxstbI use iso-8859-1 as my locale.
12:51:53markunI'm using FreeBSD, shouldn't be much different
12:52:34markuncan you set it to UTF-8 for the test?
12:53:02ep0ch|markun: hi, off topic question but with Freebsd do you ever run "portsdb -Uu"?
12:53:38JdGordonoh great... bmp2rb segfaults with > 1.txt
12:53:46markunep0ch|: never tried it
12:53:58ep0ch|markun: no worries
12:53:59linuxstbmarkun: Not sure - I can try. Would just adding some lcd_puts commands be just as good a test?
12:54:06XavierGrSlasher although I think that clipping "pop" problems have been solved when you change a track, I think I still can hear these "pops" when I (un)pause or seek. Others with the same problem?
12:54:20_FireFly_linuxstb: ok my idea isn't so good for the sudoku plugin becuase the images are stored in the plugin but your statement that bitmap is a bit better then bitmap_part is wrong :)
12:54:49markunlinuxstb: yes, sure. Just make some strings with a editor that understands utf-8
12:55:24linuxstb_FireFly_: It's wrong in terms of the lcd driver, but it's right in terms of Sudoku itself - it's very slightly easier for Sudoku to call bitmap() instead of bitmap_part(). But it's not a big deal.
12:55:29JdGordonlinuxstb: is 0xffff full black or full white pixel?
12:55:33linuxstbmarkun: Sure, that part I can handle.
12:55:37SlasherXavierGr: yes, i have noticed that also
12:56:05_FireFly_JdGordon: afaik full white
12:56:07Paul_The_NerdShould be full white, no?
12:56:10 Join Kohlrabi [0] (
12:56:18XavierGrwhy these clicks happen anyway?
12:56:23linuxstbJdGordon: White.
12:57:01Zak1392does anyone else know what the capacity is on the stock h300 battery?
12:57:20XavierGrI think it is the same with H100 at 1300 mAh
12:57:24perplexityAccording to my unit here about 1300mah
12:57:32Zak1392i'm getting either 1300 and 1450
12:57:59Zak1392from a search
12:58:29Paul_The_NerdWhat are you needing it for?
12:58:44perplexitywell there is about 2/10ths of a gnats in it in all reality.. either should do
12:58:49markunlinuxstb: Can you load a different font?
12:58:54Zak1392just wanna know
12:59:08linuxstbmarkun: No - I guess that will need to be hard-coded as well.
12:59:25linuxstbMaybe we should just wait - do you need to do anything differently for the h300 and ipod?
12:59:53linuxstbI mean, is there any reason you think it may not work?
13:01:00 Join amiconn [0] (
13:02:11JdGordonbloody hell.. first 10 finally done :p
13:02:41amiconnmarkun: I was working on the selfextractor last night. Did not yet manage to make it work :(
13:03:20markunamiconn: I alsmost have the patch finished with arab joining disabled for the recorder v1
13:03:36 Quit perplexity ("*pop*")
13:03:41_FireFly_if this someone finds interresting: i have some code for a basic zip-reader(only uncompressed zip-files)
13:04:03markunamiconn: Do you think you will be able to get it to work?
13:04:16amiconnThe biggest problem is the debugging
13:04:23Paul_The_Nerd_Firefly_ That could be neat.
13:04:28amiconnThis is *real* low-level stuff
13:04:33 Quit Membrillo ()
13:04:33amiconnNo lcd output etc
13:04:38Paul_The_NerdYou could put the .wps, .rwps, and .cfg into one .theme file that's an uncompressed .zip of the three.
13:04:47amiconnThe only way for signalisation is the red LED
13:05:02_FireFly_Paul_The_Nerd: plus the images ;)
13:05:07Paul_The_NerdPlus the images
13:05:22Paul_The_NerdThat would actually be quite nice, I think
13:05:25***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
13:05:28markuncan imagine it to be very difficult then..
13:05:32Paul_The_NerdA *lost* less clutter
13:05:36Paul_The_Nerd*lot* even
13:05:52_FireFly_i don't think that a uncompression algorithem would working reliable fast on the unit
13:06:13_FireFly_and at least the deflate algo needs malloc
13:06:24amiconnmarkun: The biggest problem is that I don't (yet) know where it goes wrong
13:06:35Paul_The_NerdBut even uncompressed, having it be one file is useful.
13:06:41amiconnPerhaps I should put my code into a plugin and test there
13:07:02amiconnAlternatively I'm thinking about "morse" output of some bytes
13:07:19_FireFly_like the post code of the bios on pc
13:07:20amiconn"Blinking" the bits with the red LED
13:07:28JdGordon.. compiling...
13:07:28markunlatest patch:
13:07:30amiconnshort == 0, long == 1
13:07:38markunCool :)
13:07:50JdGordondone with no errors :O
13:07:59Paul_The_NerdYou know, it's astonishing how many "knowledgeable" people these days don't recognize that the post beeps are an interpretable error code when something goes wrong.
13:08:25 Quit ^Guest37784 (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
13:08:38 Join ^Guest37784 [0] (
13:09:03markunamiconn: can you check if the archos recorder v1 builds with the unicode patch when you have time?
13:09:15JdGordonPaul_The_Nerd: post beeps are bloody annoying tho
13:09:20JdGordonstupid high pitch
13:09:23markunI also fixed unicode for H3xx and the remote
13:09:34Paul_The_NerdJdGordon: Yes, but sometimes they're all you've got.
13:09:35markunand ipod I hope
13:09:41 Join Stu3 [0] (
13:09:44linuxstb_FireFly_: How does your unzip work? Is it designed to be a plugin or to be incorporated into core rockbox?
13:10:11Paul_The_NerdApparently I'll have an iPod Nano by January 12th, it seems.
13:10:18JdGordonlinuxstb: it works.. needs some minor tweaking tho
13:10:24_FireFly_currently i have only some test code working on my pc and i thought to use this for loading theme-packages
13:10:39_FireFly_or in the first stage simply pack together the wps-files
13:12:10_FireFly_due the fact that only uncompressed zips i will support the function will seek to the stating-point of the file-data and then read or read_line can be used to read the data form the file
13:14:24 Quit linuxstb (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
13:14:29 Quit ^BeN^ (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
13:14:30 Join linuxstb [0] (
13:15:55 Join Lost-ash [0] (
13:17:20_FireFly_i have currently no idea if i should do have an function which makes an index of the files in the zip-file or if i simply search each file in the zip
13:17:36_FireFly_when a file is requested
13:18:46linuxstb_FireFly_: I don't think we need compression for the wps files - just a way to combine them into a single file. So we could maybe use a simpler format than zip - e.g. tar
13:19:03 Join muesli_- [0] (
13:19:06Paul_The_NerdReally, you could leave it text only
13:19:18Paul_The_NerdYou just have %wps and %rwps tags in it
13:19:18_FireFly_afaik has tar a bigger overhead then zip
13:19:19CtcpIgnored 1 channel CTCP requests in 0 seconds at the last flood
13:19:19*amiconn would still prefer the combined bmp solution
13:19:23Paul_The_NerdDefining where the breaks are
13:19:34linuxstbamiconn: I agree.
13:19:36Paul_The_NerdAnd then allow people to specificy the font before the %wps
13:19:40_FireFly_amiconn: we could combine these two
13:19:52Paul_The_NerdThough that doesn't let you include the bmps...
13:20:12_FireFly_i have already working code for combined-bitmaps:)
13:21:49Paul_The_Nerdnon-compressed zip or tar is probably the best. Doesn't change any of the way the tags and files work, it just lumps 'em together for easy handling, storage, and sharing with friends.
13:22:37muesli_-can somebody provide a FREE fat32 >32gb formatter?
13:23:03linuxstbA Linux live-CD?
13:23:09_FireFly_linuxstb: i have just made a test: i have packed a file with 75Bytes with tar and zip (-0 uncomppressed)
13:23:17Paul_The_NerdIt's Free as in beer, at least
13:23:34_FireFly_the size of the tar is 10240bytes and for the zip only 219bytes
13:23:42muesli_-cheers Paul_The_Nerd
13:23:53Paul_The_NerdI believe that will work
13:24:01Lost-ash_FireFly_: tar doesn't compress
13:24:05 Quit drumr|away (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
13:24:19_FireFly_and zip either if you spezify it ;)
13:24:33Lost-ashhang on, what are we attemptign to compress ?
13:24:33linuxstb_FireFly_: I think you can change the block size for tar - e.g. "-b 1"
13:24:36_FireFly_i have used the zip-cmd tool under linux
13:24:43Lost-ashwell. pack
13:25:14_FireFly_with -0 as option
13:25:25Lost-ashmuesli_-: mkfs.vfat can do > 32GB iirc
13:25:27Paul_The_NerdLost-ash: nothing yet. Theoretically, themes. (.wps, .rwps, .cfg, and all .bmps)
13:26:08_FireFly_linuxstb: the new tar(with -b 1) is 2048bytes
13:26:20muesli_-Lost-ash sounds like a linux version..i like to push mice
13:27:10Lost-ashmuesli_-: ah. hrm. uh. reboot with a win98 boot floppy?
13:27:18Lost-ash(and a copy of win98's format)
13:27:30Paul_The_Nerdwin98's format is probably not capable.
13:27:31 Quit ghode|afk (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
13:27:37Lost-ash_FireFly_: aah yes. tar's block oriented, that'd do it
13:27:53Lost-ashPaul_The_Nerd: capable of what?
13:28:13Lost-ashi've formatted a 120GB drive with it in the past
13:28:28*JdGordon wishes there was a faster way to copy single files to the player :'(
13:28:34Paul_The_NerdI thought it had the limit...
13:28:44Lost-ashit's winxp's format util that refuses to do >32GB
13:29:03Paul_The_NerdFair enough
13:29:16_FireFly_but theoverhead is bigger the of uncompressed zip-files
13:29:16_FireFly_the overhead*
13:29:16_FireFly_*then of*
13:29:18Paul_The_NerdIt's been a long time since I've used a dos-based floppy-based solution.
13:29:52*Paul_The_Nerd has migrated to the LiveCD solution method.
13:29:57Lost-ashPaul_The_Nerd: that's okay. burn it to a CD :)
13:29:58Paul_The_NerdWell, LiveDVD nowadays, in most cases.
13:30:18Lost-ashmuesli_-: that's a point. if you're familiar enough, you could boot a small liveCD that has mkfs.vfat on it and use that
13:31:03Lost-ashmuesli_-: what specifically are you trying to format?
13:31:27muesli_-a mate tries to format his 60gb hdd in its h320
13:31:37_FireFly_muesli_-: simple use this cmd-line: mkfs.vfat -F32 <device>
13:31:44JdGordonsudoku for the h300 is finished :D
13:32:01_FireFly_where <device> is /dev/sd* for the h320
13:32:01JdGordoncept the numbers could prob look better :p
13:32:12Paul_The_NerdToo bad you can't just use the existing fonts.
13:32:20 Join perplexity [0] (
13:32:37muesli_-_FireFly_ i will my m8...
13:32:46_FireFly_e.g. the h320 device is /dev/sda and you want to format the first primary-partition:
13:33:02_FireFly_mkfs.vfat -F32 /dev/sda1
13:33:43 Join linuxstb_ [0] (
13:34:00_FireFly_-F tells mkfs.vfat that it should use 32bit(= FAT32)
13:34:09_FireFly_-F32 i mean
13:34:29JdGordonlinuxstb_: who do i send the changes to?
13:34:51_FireFly_patch-tracker i think
13:35:53JdGordon:( i cant just email some1 the new code?
13:37:48 Quit Zak1392 ()
13:38:05 Quit ashridah (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
13:38:16 Join chopped_pork [0] (
13:39:16linuxstb_JdGordon: You can mail them to me -
13:39:38 Nick Lost-ash is now known as ashridah (
13:40:48JdGordonoh, how do u draw a horiz line in colour?
13:43:04 Quit t0mas (" HydraIRC -> <- 100,000+ downloads can't be wrong")
13:43:14 Join ghode|afk [0] (
13:46:43 Quit linuxstb (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
13:48:45 Quit Paul_The_Nerd ("Chatzilla 0.9.68a [Firefox 1.0.7/20050915]")
13:50:15 Join JonSenior [0] (
13:51:06 Join FireFly_ [0] (
13:52:22 Quit _FireFly_ (Read error: 113 (No route to host))
13:52:48 Quit FireFly_ (Client Quit)
13:52:50 Join FireFly_ [0] (
13:53:01 Nick FireFly_ is now known as _FireFly_ (
13:53:11linuxstb_JdGordon: I think you should use lcd_set_foreground(LCD_RGBPACK(r,g,b)) and surround it by #ifdef HAVE_LCD_COLOR
13:53:48JdGordontoo hard :p
13:54:02JdGordonand getting the damn board to draw correctly is a huge pain..
13:54:14linuxstb_What's the problem?
13:54:28_FireFly_linuxstb_: i think zip has also the advantage beside the lower overhead that every rockbox user has an zip creating program
13:54:33JdGordonthe fact that i need more sleep and numbers arnt making sense :P
13:55:08linuxstb_Have you calculated cellxpos and cellypos (they should be the same) ?
13:56:08JdGordonye, thats whats been bothering me... i tink i finally got it
13:56:17JdGordonworks great now
13:56:30JdGordonfinished :D
13:56:34JdGordonany1 want the .rock?
13:56:35muesli_-Paul_The_Nerd does swissknife work in xp?
13:56:58linuxstb_It's no use to me, but I can try it in the h300 sim if you can put the source on the web somewhere.
13:57:26JdGordonit didnt work in the sim for me.. said wastnn a valid win32 archive.. (compiled for the h300 sim)..
13:58:58_FireFly_muesli_-: afaik is swissknife a linuxe-boot-cd
13:59:31muesli_-_FireFly_ its a win tool to format fats bigger than 32gb
13:59:52_FireFly_muesli_-: i'm wrong :
14:00:01_FireFly_but it works under XP
14:00:22JdGordonpatch sent of to the guy...
14:00:35 Quit muesli_- (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
14:01:09 Quit DreamTactix291 (Read error: 113 (No route to host))
14:01:30JdGordonif any1 wants it... <- h300 ONLY
14:01:35 Join muesli_- [0] (
14:01:48_FireFly_muesli_-: i'm wrong :
14:01:53_FireFly_it works under XP
14:02:07muesli_-it depacks and nothin happens :p
14:02:14linuxstb_JdGordon: Can you upload sudoku.c to the same place?
14:02:30JdGordon1 sek
14:02:41amiconnblink_byte() actually helped to find a problem...
14:03:26JdGordonu need to fiddle with SOURCES so it compiles
14:03:28markunamiconn: great!
14:03:49linuxstb_JdGordon: Thanks, I've downloaded it.
14:05:45muesli_-_FireFly_ 26.188 10.01.03 Windows NT/2000/XP: H2Format V 1.6, formatiert eine unformatierte Partition mit FAT32-Dateisystem, "Gro▀format" c't 2/03, Seite 170
14:05:56muesli_-mayb that will do it too
14:06:06 Join leftright [0] (
14:06:11_FireFly_should be :)
14:07:00muesli_-any idea why m$ doesnt allow partitions bigger than 32gb? they are causing so much trouble with that shitty bevaviour
14:07:00JdGordongnite all
14:07:10muesli_-n8 m8
14:07:17 Quit JdGordon (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
14:07:22leftrightSlasher: love the crossfade, especially the enbale if shuffle feature, that with track gain if shuffled is a good match
14:07:23amiconnmuesli_-: They want to push NTFS
14:07:28_FireFly_muesli_-: i think they want to push ntfs
14:07:45muesli_-makes sense
14:07:55amiconn(and obviously didn't think about modile devices)
14:08:17muesli_-when did m$ ever thought anything ;)))
14:13:00^Guest37784how i can get into the main menu on rockbox h320
14:13:08 Nick ^Guest37784 is now known as ^BeN^ (
14:13:30linuxstb_amiconn: Have you tried the h300 sim under Wine?
14:13:40ep0ch|well on ihp-120 its the A-B button
14:13:46^BeN^im not on linux
14:13:55^BeN^ok its the a-b bottom
14:14:01^BeN^i hold it
14:14:07amiconnlinuxstb_: No, I tried h120 and recorder, but H300 should work too
14:14:07^BeN^and its not in
14:14:16^BeN^but ineed to only press
14:16:44_FireFly_^BeN^: only press and not hold the A-B button to get into the main-menu
14:17:13^BeN^k =]
14:17:18 Join Lear [0] (
14:18:43linuxstb_amiconn: I'm having trouble with the buttons. But maybe it's just me. The keys displayed on the bitmap don't work, but using other keys does.
14:19:01amiconnThat seems to be a wine problem
14:19:15linuxstb_e.g. if I press 5 on the numeric keypad, nothing else seems to work aftewards. But if I use SPACE instead, then it's OK.
14:19:18amiconnMost buttons have 2 keys mapped
14:19:32amiconnThe numpad 5 hangs it for whatever reason
14:19:55amiconnSelect is either Num-5 or Space
14:20:25amiconnA-B is either Decimal Separator or Ins
14:20:41ep0ch|would be nice if you could click on the image to simulate the relevant button press
14:20:45linuxstb_So if I ignore the keys on the bitmap it works :)
14:20:47amiconnNum-2, 4, 6, 8 or doubled by the cursor keys
14:20:57amiconnep0ch|: Yes
14:25:28linuxstb_amiconn: Thanks, I've got it working now.
14:26:19 Join Kafka [0] (
14:26:41*linuxstb_ wonders why JdGordon chose grey as the colour-scheme for Sudoku.
14:27:20Kafkamm hey peolpe
14:27:40^BeN^the rockbox is cool =]
14:27:49Kafkawho's the best source of info about the dev kit?
14:27:53^BeN^can i play gamebot advance games?
14:28:29linuxstb_Does the h1x0 remote LCD have square pixels?
14:29:01markun^BeN^: not with rockboy
14:32:49^BeN^with waht?
14:33:12_FireFly_you can't play gba-games in rockbox
14:35:01 Join webguest73 [0] (
14:35:44webguest73hello guys :D whats new in the bootloader v2 for h3xx?
14:36:43webguest73music playback?:D
14:37:03perplexityReliable reset for the DAC
14:37:27 Part leftright
14:37:39webguest73what is Bleeding Edge builds?
14:38:18ep0ch|the latest and greatest
14:39:14ashridahwebguest73: basically rebuilt whenever there's a checkin to the CVS tree (or every 15 minutes or something)
14:39:18ashridahgreatest is debatable
14:39:24webguest73yes so now i can have music playback :D!
14:39:34 Join cannard [0] (
14:41:36ashridahthere's a couple of limitations atm
14:41:59ashridahsince the cpu frequency is clamped at 90MHz, some codecs that should run perfectly skip a bit since they can't keep the pcm buffer full enough
14:42:01webguest73lika what?
14:42:47ashridahuntil linus discovers why the unit is acting strangely > 90MHz, it's going to stay there.
14:42:50ashridahogg Vorbis in particular seems to be affected
14:44:16 Join Jungti1234 [0] (n=jungti12@
14:44:16 Quit muesli_- (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
14:44:35Jungti1234damn linux
14:44:46 Quit webguest73 ("CGI:IRC (EOF)")
14:46:12linuxstb_Limiting the H300's CPU to 90MHz is a good test for the codecs. Ideally, they should all be capable of realtime decoding at that speed, but obviously vorbis needs more work.
14:46:32linuxstb_Does everything else decode OK on the H300?
14:46:56 Quit Jungti1234 (Client Quit)
14:47:11ep0ch|i think vorbis will probably have problems at 90 mhz if encoded at q6 or above
14:47:18ashridahlinuxstb_: mp3 seems to. the lossless ones that run at like 1-2% at most probably do too :)
14:47:29ashridahbut yeah, high bit rate vorbis has issues.
14:47:55ashridah(admittedly, i think -q10 vorbis files have issues at 120MHz, i seem to recall making those myself and running into issues
14:48:58ep0ch|-q4 ~= 128 kbps is about 33% cpu boost at 120 MHz
14:50:42markunamiconn: If the latest unicode patch works for recorder v1 it might be ready for commit, what do you think?
14:53:04 Join akaidiota [0] (
14:53:50amiconnmarkun: I'd rather want to wait a bit, and see the full version committed when selfextraction is in place
14:54:00LearIn the recording screen, what is the difference between e.g., "Gain Left" and "ADC Gain Left"?
14:54:13markunalso fine by me.
14:54:58markunalthough it's now only a matter of removing #define NO_ARABJOIN
14:54:59amiconnNow it doesn't hang when copying the compressed data, and the compressed data reaches its destination correctly,
14:55:02^BeN^some one can compile the rockbox simulature for me?
14:55:20amiconnbut somehow the ucl decompressor decompresses garbage
14:55:23linuxstb_amiconn: Do you know if the h1x0 remote lcd has square pixels? I'm thinking of adding remote support to sudoku.
14:55:42amiconnI wonder why; this was plain copy & paste from the flash bootloader
14:55:51amiconnlinuxstb_: I think so
14:56:05amiconnDon't have my remote with me fact no iriver at all
14:57:01markunamiconn: yes, very strange
14:59:09markunIf it's a play copy paste it might be a very stupid mistake you are overlooking
14:59:20markunThat happens to me all the time at least :)
14:59:40amiconnYes, probably
15:00:08amiconnIn fact there was a number of such mistakes which I already found
15:00:16markun"THIS CODE IS EXACTLY THE SAME SO IT SHOULD.. oh.. I found it.. nevermind" :)
15:00:38amiconn(like doing an unaligned long copy which won't work on the SH)
15:00:49amiconnRemember: I have no exception handling...
15:01:15markunWhat kind of things are you outputting to the LED?
15:01:39amiconnJust bytes
15:02:11linuxstb_Is the mono bitmap format for the remote LCDs the same as the Recorder?
15:02:29amiconnIt's the same as for all current targets
15:02:52Kafkauhh, i'm having a bit of a prob with the dev kit if anybody could help me
15:03:15 Join Philip [0] (
15:03:18Kafkarbconf is missing
15:04:00 Quit Philip (Client Quit)
15:05:26***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
15:09:18 Join Philip [0] (
15:11:00 Quit akaidiot (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
15:11:03 Join muesli_- [0] (
15:15:42amiconnmarkun: The latest unicode patch does build for recorder, it's tight though (810 bytes below barrier)
15:15:55amiconnThere is a couple of warnings though
15:16:19amiconn6 warnings in bidi.c about unused variables
15:16:53amiconn2 warnings in plugin.c about initialization from incompatible pointer type
15:19:06Slasherinteresting, i just found that settings are saved _way_ too often on iriver when buffering. That increases buffering time slightly, uses more battery and disk user can feel disk heads moving
15:19:55SlasherThen converted settings_save function to a dumb function, and i can no longer feel disk heads moving while buffering
15:20:36ashridahperhaps it should just be changed to something that sets a flag, and then whenever the disk shutdown routine is goign to run, it does it then?
15:20:45 Quit akaidiota (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
15:20:58ashridahhm. suppose you still need a way to force it
15:21:01PhilipWOW music is working!!!
15:21:12SlasherHmm, that sounds good. I am just looking at the code to find why there is such a behaviour
15:21:26ashridahyes, of course, finding the culprit is probably better :)
15:22:04 Quit Kohlrabi (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
15:22:20amiconnSlasher: Perhaps settings_save() is just called way too often?
15:22:35Slasheramiconn: that is probably the reason
15:23:04Slasheri have yet no idea where it's called too often from.. But i will add logf to every function to find that out :)
15:23:41perplexityCan you just put a debug somewhere in settings_save() looking at the stack to see where it was called from?
15:24:25Slasherpreglow: Hmm, probably yes but that sounds more complicated than putting a message to the functions which call the settings_save
15:24:43perplexityGuess so.. certainly more elegant however :)
15:25:25Kafkahelp me :x
15:26:36Slasherah, that's playlist_update_resume_info probably
15:26:50perplexityWhat be your problem Kafka ?
15:27:50 Join BBub_ [0] (
15:28:10perplexityThinking about it, why would you update resume info at any other time than a shutdown? Or is it trying to pre-empt a crash?
15:28:48amiconnResume info should be updated every now and then
15:29:04amiconnIt wouldn't be possible to save in a low-bat situation
15:29:20perplexityPerhaps just prior to spinning the disk down each time?
15:29:23Slasherperplexity: that is a good question. Probably the solution could be to remove the automatic call to that function on SYS_TIMEOUT in audio thread
15:29:24 Join Benacool [0] (
15:29:28amiconnBut of course, saving it more than once during one buffer refill is overkill
15:29:35perplexityI can certainly see a case for not updating it while anything else is happening to the disk
15:29:51amiconnThe ata driver only saves the config sector when the disk is spinning
15:30:02Slasheramiconn: I think currently it's saved possible even hundred of times during buffer refilling.. :D
15:30:21amiconnYes, because settings_save is called way too often
15:30:38perplexityThat makes sense amiconn, but I'd not be saving it while anything else is happening.. and given the default disk timeout is about 5s, I could see a case for saving it just prior to powerdown
15:31:35preglowSlasher: ?
15:31:44Slasherpreglow: hi
15:32:02perplexityI was timing today and a buffer refill for me was taking about 30-40 seconds.. I could certainly feel the heads thrashing around quite a bit..
15:32:06preglowi assume you used the wrong nick up there? heh
15:32:06Slasherpreglow: oh, sorry. That message was meant to perplexity.. :)
15:32:19 Join unkle [0] (
15:32:46Slasherlittle tired now, so typos and wrong nicks are likely ;D
15:34:29Slasheramiconn: hehe :D now i removed that (unnecessary?) call from audio thread and dircache building time is now 8s (it was previously 10s)!
15:35:25perplexityWhich file is that in Slasher ? (I'm only just getting familiar with the rockbox codebase)
15:35:25preglowi love the dircache
15:35:50*amiconn disabled the dircache again
15:36:03Slasherthat is quite significant performance boost to whole rockbox because that function must have eaten some cpu too
15:36:23markunamiconn: I removed the bidi warnings
15:36:48Slasheryes, the boot is now much faster. I will commit that change
15:37:17amiconnI hope you didn't completely remove the settings_save calls from audio
15:37:30Slasheramiconn: nope, only the one automatic call
15:37:30 Quit Kafka ("CGI:IRC")
15:37:39Slashersettings are saved anyway when stopping audio
15:37:45Slasheri tested that resume still works
15:38:05amiconnIt needs to be called on stop, on shutdown, and at least once when rebuffering
15:38:35SlasherHmm, why when rebuffering? If battery goes empty?
15:38:50Slasherok, i will add the call to a better place then
15:39:08perplexityWhat about at the start of rebuffering.. just once ?
15:39:12amiconnThis ensures that resume will happen at the latest rebuffer point if the next spinup fails because of low bat
15:39:30Slasherperplexity: that is probably good place to put that call
15:39:40amiconnYes, once per rebuffer cycle is enough
15:40:13ashridahSlasher: want to make sure that doesn't extend the time-to-begin-fill too much tho
15:40:19LearHm... But the buffer can contain more than half an hour of playback...
15:40:49perplexityWell, while the buffer is playing the disk is spun down and it's not being saved in any case.. right?
15:40:50amiconnWe have to live with that unless we want to spinup more often
15:40:55amiconn...which we dont
15:41:33*ashridah looks at his 450kbps oggs and wonders if that's really true :)
15:41:38Slasherashridah: it doesn't extend it because now the settings are stored only once instead of hundreds of times during buffering
15:42:25amiconnSlasher: wait a mom...
15:42:57perplexityI'm assuming audio_fill_file_buffer is where we re-buffer the data?
15:44:06 Quit BBub (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
15:44:06 Nick BBub_ is now known as BBub (
15:44:20Slasheramiconn: hmm, did you find something?
15:45:14LearInteresting... Comment in ata.c says the delayed write should only happen during spinup, but is in fact done at each sector read/write.
15:45:55amiconnIt only happens if there is data to flush
15:46:29LearYes, but the check is done at each read/write.
15:46:33amiconnSlasher: I'm not sure, but it might be that you don't need to call settings_save at all from within the playback engine
15:46:58amiconnIt seems wps & co do the dirty job for you
15:47:29Slasheramiconn: Hmm, but probably i need the playlist_update_resume_info call still that calls the save_settings
15:47:34SlasherI will commit now :)
15:47:38amiconnThe archos playback engine doesn't do a single call to settings_save
15:47:48amiconnLemme check
15:48:40markunamiconn: no more warnings
15:49:04LearLooks like mpeg.c and playback.c calls playlist_update_resume_info at about the same times...
15:49:06perplexity.....waiting for my buffer refil.....
15:49:11amiconnSlasher: The archos playback engine does it as follows:
15:49:42amiconnIt calls playlist_update_resume_info() at Stop, at Pause, at trackchange, or twice per second
15:49:45Slasheramiconn: Probably archos has the same issue then
15:50:22amiconnThe twice-per-second call onl÷y happens when there are no other events to process
15:50:27Slasheramiconn: committed
15:51:01SlasherHmm, it might not be a problem for archos then because the playback engine might behave differently
15:51:09perplexitywooo.. buffer refill appears faster and smoother
15:51:23 Part amiconn
15:52:44 Join San [0] (
15:52:49Sanhey lads :D
15:52:52 Join Grimbly [0] (
15:53:20LearSlasheri: Well, for one thing, rebuffering is much faster because the buffer is much smaller... :)
15:54:11GrimblyHi all - top news on the H300 firmware!!!
15:54:32GrimblyI've got a question about playlists - anyone help ?
15:54:34Philipyep :)
15:54:41Sando I download the fwpatcher.exe or the fwpatchernu.exe?
15:54:50Philipfirst one
15:54:56GrimblyWell - is there an option to scan for playlists....
15:55:02Philipunless your using win 9x
15:55:05Sanhow is it?
15:55:23Sansweet :D
15:55:31Philipbut the ID3 database seems to crash the player...
15:55:49Sanso, only songs with no id3 tags work?
15:55:53Sanooh, the database
15:56:00GrimblyID3 database - how does one access that ??
15:56:33Philipyou need to download more files from the rockbox site but i don't think it works yet so there is not much point...
15:57:10 Quit ashridah ("sleep")
15:57:36chopped_porkPhilip: what's player do you have?
15:57:46chopped_porkie which h3x0
15:57:59PhilipH340 int
15:58:01GrimblyJust out of interest where are the ID3 database files ??
15:58:07 Quit muesli_- (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
15:58:13LearSlasheri: Uh oh, runtime info (in debug menu) is updated by settings_save...
15:59:02SlasherLear: that is not affected because settings are saved normally on shutdown. I just have removed the unnecessary calls to playlist_update_resume_info
15:59:14perplexityIt still appears to be thrashing the heads on a buffer read, just not as much.. I wonder if there is something else going on also..
15:59:44Slasherperplexity: the heads are moving when new song is loaded (tag info read)
15:59:59perplexityHrm.. even if you have no tag info?
16:00:02chopped_porkPhilip: cool, thanks
16:00:16Slasherperplexity: yes, probably
16:00:19LearSlahser: But playlist_update_resume_info calls settings_save, which in turn updates the runtime. So it would not update in "real time" the way it did now.
16:00:27perplexityfair call.. oh well, it's faster in any case
16:00:47perplexityBut it still only does that when the disk is spun up in any case Lear
16:00:51SlasherLear: Hmm.. but that is still wrong if playlist_update_resume_info should update runtime too..
16:00:52GrimblyIs there anyway to do a scan of all the playlists ?
16:01:03*San firmware upgrades
16:01:07*San crosses fingers
16:01:47 Join leftright [0] (
16:02:16LearSide effect of settings_save...
16:02:28perplexityI wonder.. the iriver firmware shuts the screen off completely when it's blank.. I wonder how much battery life could be saved on the h3x0 (where the screen is useless without the backlight) by not updating the LCD while it's off.. no graphics for peak meters and such..
16:02:34GrimblyGood luck San
16:02:45Sanit works!
16:02:55GrimblyWelcome to Rockbox world - it Rules!
16:02:59*San loves you guys!
16:03:12GrimblyHaving a H340 that boots up <10 secs is awesome
16:03:18Sanme too
16:03:28GrimblyWait till you play with Rockboy!
16:03:40perplexityFrom power button to music in 8 sec here.. it's great in the car
16:03:43Sani have been playing it for ages
16:03:49SanOMG, gapless
16:04:05GrimblyThe best bit is crossfading - that is just SOOOOO cool!!!
16:04:32leftrightI had a strange 140 playback bug a few days ago, with follow directories enabled, it repeated the last file of the album 3 times then it frooze the player up, had to do a reset to get it working again
16:04:37 Join DocBrown [0] (
16:05:04GrimblyAs before - can you do an auto-scan for Playlists ??
16:07:33LearSlasher: Maybe the ATA driver should send an event when it spins up? Or is about to spin down?
16:08:34SlasherLear: I think that if you want to be sure the runtime info gets saved on shutdown, you should force the settings_save
16:09:41Slasherand of course the runtime has to be saved on every shutdown, if you want it to be accurate
16:09:51 Join bobwise [0] (
16:09:58 Join San||Away [0] (
16:10:14San||Awaysorry bout
16:10:19San||Awaypower went :(
16:10:23Slasherjust playback engine is not correct place to save it (and it has never even did that before)
16:10:28San||Awayanyway, how do I get gapless?
16:11:25LearFor Vorbis, nothing, for MP3, use LAME.
16:11:36leftrightogg is naively gapless, mp3 should be encoded with LAME
16:12:06SlasherLear: hmm, interesting. Can you still reproduce that freezing bug?
16:12:57leftrightHi there slasher
16:13:08San||Awayany way of crossfading? it doesn't seem to work in the menu
16:13:09Slasherhi :)
16:13:30leftrighthow the military treating you ?
16:13:54Slasherit's good so far, not so bad ;)
16:14:55^BeN^mmm there is a good theme for rockbox on h300?
16:15:04preglowSan||Away: you don't have to enable gapless or anything, if the files are gaplessly encoded, then they will be played back so
16:15:11 Quit Lear ("Chatzilla [Firefox 1.5/undefined]")
16:15:14markunWhen a string is very long it scrolls all the time. I changed it to pause for a while when it's back at the beginning. What do you think of this?
16:15:37preglowdoes it only do so when it's long?
16:16:06markunWell, when it's not 2x as long as the screen it scrolls back and forth
16:16:17preglowyeah, that's right
16:16:21 Quit Grimbly ("CGI:IRC")
16:16:22preglowwell, sounds ok to me
16:16:41San||Awaypreglow:they should be gaplessly encoded. They play fine in FooBar
16:16:41markunAnd it pauses when it reaches the beginning or the end.
16:16:50preglowSan||Away: what files are we talking about?
16:17:14markunIt's it's longer than 2x the screen width it doesn't pause at all. Makes me nervous when I look at it.
16:17:30preglowSan||Away: go check their properties in foobar, and check if it says mp3_accurate_length = true
16:18:49San||Awayi use crossfad in foobar
16:18:58*San||Away will re-rip
16:19:06preglowfirst of all, they need to say that in foobar for them to be gapless
16:19:20preglowsecond: i'm not completely sure gapless playback of mp3s is watertight in rockbox yet
16:19:50preglowbut i've done what i can so far
16:24:50 Quit San (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
16:25:06DocBrownHi! Anybody else here whose H3x0 doesn't boot after installing the bootloader? After pressing play LCD stays black and HD spins up
16:26:17perplexityI believe that is a know problem with a few units.. you should be able to hold play and rec on power-on and still get into the iriver firmware though
16:27:18DocBrownNo, even that doesn't work. There are some tricks to get back to iriver FW, however. So it's not bricked...
16:27:49perplexityLast I saw some kind person was going to ship an affected unit to Linus for investigation..
16:28:09DocBrownOh, fine...
16:28:28perplexityUntil then I'm afraid it looks like back to the iriver firmware
16:30:03DocBrownYep... If there's anything I can do, post it here...
16:31:04perplexityAs in, anything you can help with, or anything you can do to get back to the iriver firmware?
16:31:20Benacoolwhen you hold rec and on at the same time for like 5 seconds it do nothing ?
16:32:03perplexityI just hold rec while powering on with play, as soon as the screen lights up and it flickers the message about original firmware I release rec and hold play until the iriver firmware starts to boot
16:32:26Benacoolyou must hold rec AND on
16:32:45perplexityThat is what I said
16:33:03Benacoolyou said: I release rec and hold play
16:33:06DocBrownNo, no problem in getting back to iriver fw
16:33:23perplexityAs soon as it brings the message about booting original firmware you can release rec..
16:33:24DocBrowni can reset the unit and immediately press play, then iriver fw boots
16:33:41DocBrownPLAY and REC doesn't work
16:34:05Benacoolthe rockbox folder is on your hd ?
16:34:57Benacoolthe rockbox.iriver file too ?
16:35:17Benacoolstrange ...
16:35:18perplexityBenacool, it's a bootloader issue.. it never gets to reading the disk..
16:35:33Benacoolok ^^'
16:35:34DocBrownThat's my impression as well
16:36:47DocBrownand to answer the question up there: If there is anything I can help with, tell me (e.g. testing key combinations)
16:38:05dwihnoyum! bootloader!
16:40:03 Quit Philip ("bye everybody")
16:42:51DocBrownOr changing something in the HD config like partitioning?
16:43:38DocBrownHave not changed anything before, to prevent that question :-)
16:46:21 Join Philip [0] (
16:46:28chopped_porkyet another h340intl flashed & working :)
16:47:26DocBrownCongrats, lucky boy or girl...
16:47:47 Quit Moos ("Glory to Rockbox")
16:50:13wubblaDocBrown: i just wanted to tell you that i'm experiencing the same issue with my h320
16:50:30bobwiseCan anyone help me, I had the backlight on all the time, while checking out the new build for the h320, and when I tried to change it to save the battery, and now I have no backlight,
16:51:10perplexityWith a bright light you can still read the lcd without the backlight.. or you can try to follow some dodgy instructions from me if you like..
16:51:43bobwiseok, let me look for a light
16:52:10perplexity(A-B)(-)(-)(NAVI)(-)(-)(NAVI)(-)(-)(-)(NAVI)(NAVI)(-) should get you backlight again
16:54:28DocBrownwubbla: so the problem in not restricted to two players in the world... welcome to the not-so-lucky club
16:55:39wubblaDocBrown: hehe ;-)
16:55:51wubblaDocBrown: may i ask where you're from?
16:56:01DocBrownMuenster, Germany
16:57:07Benacoolwe must use LAME to encode mp3s in gapless ... so i usually use EAC to encode my mp3s with LAME... do I have to configure something else in EAC to be sure that it will be gapless ?
16:57:29wubblaDocBrown: ok, then you're located nearer to sweden than i am...
16:57:40wubblaDocBrown: because i'm from austria
16:57:51markunDocBrown: quite close to me: Enschede
16:57:59wubblaDocBrown: and i also assume that you already know what that means... :-)
16:58:06wubblaDocBrown: do you?
16:58:28DocBrownYou mean me sending my unit to Sweden?
16:58:42wubblaDocBrown: exactly :P
16:58:51DocBrownI've read in the IRC logs that somebody has already done that...
16:59:00*preglow points to wubbla
16:59:19markunBenacool: It's all in the wiki:
16:59:20wubblaDocBrown: i was the one who actually made this offer
16:59:36wubblaDocBrown: and i really intended to send it
16:59:39Benacoolthanks markun
17:00:02 Join webguest63 [0] (
17:00:06markunBenacool: at the bottom: "If you use ExactAudioCopy, it's not possible to encode all tracks together with one invocation of Lame. Therefore, method 2 won't work with EAC."
17:00:08preglowwubbla: you wont do it after all?
17:00:24wubblaDocBrown: but LinusN said that he might have already discovered a bug...
17:00:51bobwiseperplexity, that worked fine, thanks
17:00:57wubblaDocBrown: but that was about on 23rd of november...
17:01:20perplexityGlad I could be of service :)
17:01:38DocBrownWell actually i would as well. The problem is that I use the player for porting the latest version of my PhD thesis from home to office and back...
17:02:08wubblaDocBrown: i see...
17:02:15DocBrownSo that would mean a complication I don't need at the moment. I'm running out of time anyway
17:02:20wubblaDocBrown: now that is going to be a problem then...
17:02:23 Join akaidiot [0] (
17:02:24leftrightI am under the impression that one doesn't have to include the -no gap switch in LAME for gapless
17:02:29preglowyou don't
17:02:38perplexityI'm listening to the ministry of sound here, gapless mp3.. I'm in heaven guys
17:02:39preglowthe tags you need should be embedded automatically by lame
17:03:02leftrightexactly, the wiki is a bit outdated then
17:03:08preglowno, i don't think so
17:03:27 Join Strath [0] (
17:04:20perplexityActually, all my mp3's here are encoded by LAME version 3.96 and the all have a *slight* click between tracks..
17:04:21preglowseems gaplesshowto doesn't mention other methods at all
17:04:35Benacoolmarkun: i think i will "endure" the little gaps... no tags, cue sheets... it was only for testing ;-)
17:04:36leftrightthats what I see as well
17:04:42preglowperplexity: like i said a little while ago, i don't think rockbox mp3 gapless is completely watertight yet
17:04:45wubblaLinusN said (on 23. nov.), that he'll contact me if he found something...
17:04:50preglowi'll fix it eventually if no one else does
17:05:12wubblahe suspected the pcf50606 driver to be the one to blame...
17:05:17*leftright rolls out the red carpet for preglow
17:05:23perplexityWell, I have this album I'm listening to right now that a friend did on her windows box using something installed for the ipod and it's completely perfectly gapless..
17:05:25wubblasadly, i haven't heard a word from him since then...
17:05:27***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
17:05:37preglowi'm the one that fixed the current gapless mp3 code as is, so i know it's not watertight
17:06:06leftrightits pretty darn good though
17:06:27 Quit San||Away (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
17:06:31Benacoolwithout special encoding, is it possible to play the mp3s gaplessly ?
17:06:46Benacoolwith the driver or something like that
17:08:17perplexityAhh... reading the wiki.. all my tracks are encoded one at a time.. which of course it *specifies* will not do a good gapless encode.. time to rework my scripts I guess
17:09:08preglowBenacool: it's kind of possible, but will never be perfect
17:09:29preglowthe lame way is the way to go, as that is as perfect as it gets
17:09:58Benacoolso is there some apps in windows to encode at the same time all the sougs of an album with the tags .. so in gapless ?
17:10:00perplexityOf course I guess if I convert to ogg the problem goes away?
17:10:16Benacoolah yea it's also a good idea lol
17:10:35markunyes, but you'll have to rerip the albums
17:10:42perplexityI have all my albums as bin/cue formats on hard disk anyway..
17:10:51perplexityI listen to them at home uncompressed
17:12:04perplexitywell, actually data/toc format from cdrdao, but it's the same in practice..
17:12:38Benacoolif i want to encode an album in ogg i can use the one of EAC and ihave nothing special to do ?
17:13:30markunBenacool: yes, I think so. My girlfriend uses CDex with no special options
17:14:09Benacooli use normally −−alt-preset standard ... wich Quality # i should use ?
17:15:21crwli'd guess quality 5 would be roughly of same quality
17:15:30crwland 6 of roughly the same bitrate
17:16:20markunBenacool: you could do some test encodings and try if you can spot the difference on your player.
17:18:51Benacoologg also use id3tags ?
17:19:12 Join _DangerousDan [0] (
17:19:14markunno, vorbiscomments
17:19:47Benacooleac will write them i imagine?
17:20:07Benacoolok ^^
17:20:52Benacoollike mp3s (LAME), is there some better ogg encoders ?
17:22:23Benacoolbecause i have to download one ... and i fon't where lol
17:22:32Benacooldon't know*
17:22:48markunBenacool: This is supposed to be better: ?
17:24:42Benacool** now encoding with aoTuV Beta4.51 **
17:27:12 Quit DocBrown ("CGI:IRC 0.5.7 (2005/06/19)")
17:29:03 Join amiconn [0] (
17:30:20perplexityRight.. re-encoding the whole lot with oggenc at avg bitrate 256k.. I'll check it in 12 hours and see how it sounds..
17:30:46Benacoolat 256 avg ... it's Q6 ?
17:31:08perplexityI specified the average bitrate rather than the Q
17:31:16Benacoolok ^^
17:31:19markunI prefer Q
17:31:41Benacoolat 256 avg it something like Q6 or Q7 ?
17:31:43perplexityI might play with that later, but given the minor hassles with ogg and the h3x0 at the moment I thought I'd start low
17:32:09perplexityI can re-encode all 111 albums in one hit, so I can just keep playing with it over the next couple of days..
17:32:33markunperplexity: nice
17:32:42Benacoolhow much drive space you have lol ??
17:32:50Benacooldamn !
17:33:01Benacoolhow dd you have xD ?
17:33:05Benacoolhow much*
17:33:07markunI don't have all the albums I ripped. Most are from friends.
17:33:32perplexitySorry Benacool ? how much what?
17:33:44 Quit DangerousDan (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
17:34:44perplexityOk all, I'm out for dinner.. bbl
17:35:07 Part bobwise
17:36:08Benacoolhow much hd (hard drive) do you have ? (sorry dd (disque dur) is in french;-))
17:36:33markunBenacool: "17:32 < perplexity> 6TB"
17:36:48 Join benware [0] (
17:36:52Benacoolnot how much space but physical hard drive lol
17:37:51Benacooleh yea ^^'
17:37:58markunAh :)
17:38:05markuntranslation error :)
17:38:27Benacooli don't use a translator ... so it's my fault ;-)
17:38:36markunIt's bot combien in french?
17:39:55Benacool... in fact not really ... lol
17:40:22Benacoolbut i have no exemple that come out of my mind lol
17:42:07 Quit Philip ("CGI:IRC")
17:42:13 Part benware
17:42:18 Join benware [0] (
17:42:42 Part benware
17:43:04 Join planetik [0] (
17:44:11 Part planetik
17:45:53 Join davidd [0] (
17:48:57Benacoolmarkun: there is alittle exemple... when you say "How much rice do you want?" (i think this sentence is ok ? lol) the translation in french is "Quelle quantitÚe de riz veux-tu?"
17:50:16 Join Philip [0] (
17:53:27markunWonder howmany esperanto rockbox users there are out there.. :)
17:54:03unklehey preyglow, how goes the ipod port?
17:54:10markunI was thinking of making a espeanto language file, but it's pretty useless :)
17:54:34unkleoops, preglow......
17:57:27 Join San [0] (
17:57:44SanMusepack plays on RB, right?
17:57:57Philip??? no idea i don't have any
17:58:07_FireFly_San: afaik yes
17:59:41unkleSan: do you have a H3xx??
18:00:18unklei wont mind seeing how musepack plays on it
18:00:36SanI am ripping DSOTM ATM into musepack
18:01:04unklecool, i only ask because im getting a h320 tomorrow and most of my music is in mpc
18:01:56PhilipSan: do you use foobar 2000?
18:02:26ghode|afk-i doubt musepack will play realtime atm on the h3xx
18:08:12BBubSan: musepack works perfectly on the h1xx and so it will on the h3xx
18:08:38markunonly seeking is disabled
18:08:55BBubtrue, but that is a problem in the format
18:10:48unkleremember that the h3xx is limited to 90mhz at the moment
18:11:38BBubbut theoreticaly it should be able to play mpc :)
18:12:08unkleyes you are right, but how well is another question
18:12:13 Join Kyl3 [0] (
18:12:49BBubif its able to run at 124 mhz like the h1xx it should, even though it has a high boost-ratio
18:12:58Kyl3What do you do with wps code? I know you paste it in Notepad and make it xxx.wps but what after that?
18:13:13BBubupload it to your player
18:13:21Philipin wps folder
18:13:29 Quit leftright ("CGI:IRC")
18:13:32Philipthen go to settings
18:13:40Philip> displey settings
18:13:57Philip> browse wps files
18:14:05Philipand select the wps
18:14:06Kyl3k thanks
18:14:21Kyl3Whats the difference between .wps and .rwps
18:14:24 Join RotAtoR [0] (
18:14:30BBubrwps is for the remote
18:15:25PhilipI have a problem with the rwps, the scroll speed wihich is fine on the main screen is way too fast and is blured on the remote :(
18:15:26Kyl3When I select the WPS in that screen, it flashes the code for that WPS for a split second, then it brings me back to the display settings menu
18:15:35Sanmuse pack works fine
18:15:38Philipyes it has loaded it
18:15:53Philipgo to now playing screen
18:15:56Benacoolis there some wps for the h300 at this time ?
18:16:10_FireFly_Philip: there is a patch which adds additional remote-settings on patch-tracker
18:16:13Philipi have made a *very* basi one for myself
18:16:18Kyl3Wow! this ones good!
18:16:22Kyl3I wanna make one
18:16:39Kyl3But I dunno how, anyone have some docs?
18:16:46Philipwhere can i get that patch?? and would it be compatible with H300??
18:17:26Benacoolthe h100 ones flashing (the bmps ?) so it's not very usable
18:17:30SanFF doesn't work on MPC
18:17:59BBubBenacool: on the remote?
18:18:25Benacoolno on the main unit
18:18:50Benacool(the wps)
18:19:35Benacoolif i select some of the wps that come with rockbox
18:19:41BBubhmm, i only noticed that on the remote
18:19:44Benacoolone of*
18:19:46Philiphow do i install that patch??
18:19:49BBubsince the ticking fix
18:20:17BenacooliAmp for exemple flashing
18:20:59Benacoolzezayer too ...
18:21:17Philipyes i had that problem with most of them...
18:26:59Benacoolit's a problem with all wps with bmps on te h300 ?
18:27:14Philipi think so...
18:27:47_FireFly_Philip: do you can compile rockbox yourself ??
18:28:22Philipdon't i need to run lnux to do that??
18:28:39_FireFly_no you can use cygwin or the devkit
18:28:44unkleSan: what settings did you use for mpc and what there any skipping??
18:28:44_FireFly_for windows
18:29:00Philiphow difficult is it
18:29:06Sanno skipping
18:29:13Sanand I used highest quality
18:29:18Sanbut no fast foward
18:29:35unklesweet, thats a relief
18:30:14unklewell i guess its a h300 for me tomorrow :)
18:31:25Philipperfect timing
18:31:27Benacool"It's pronouced Ogg" in the last build ... what it means ??
18:31:43Sanwell, no
18:31:43markunmy commit
18:31:46Sanit is ogg
18:31:49Sannot Ogg
18:31:53Sanand not OGG
18:32:02Sansorry, just is
18:32:16Kyl3Is there any documentation on how to make your own WPS?
18:32:29Sanin the documentation folder
18:32:50markunI only see Ogg, no ogg..
18:32:52Kyl3and wheres that *slow*
18:33:04Sanin the .rockbox folder
18:33:11Kyl3ahh found it
18:34:23PhilipFireFly: thank you
18:37:14 Join tvelocity [0] (n=tony@
18:41:26 Quit tvelocity (Remote closed the connection)
18:45:36 Join Lear [0] (
18:47:29lostlogicis anyone around who would be able to help me troubleshoot my build environment? It seems like my m68k-elf toolchain is building broken binaries.
18:48:31wubblaAnyone here who experienced the same? −−>
18:49:00Kyl3thats the "dead syndrome
18:49:22Kyl3happens to me occasionally
18:49:23Sani think it is fixable, right?
18:49:27wubblaKyl3: you've got an affected player too?
18:49:50Kyl3What, is that a hardware problem?
18:50:03wubblaKyl3: i've no idea
18:50:20wubblaKyl3: did you manage to somehow boot rockbox?
18:50:30Sanis there a good c compiler for windows avable?
18:51:22Kyl3Yeah all I do is reset it (which is easy for me all I gotta do is push the side of the player) then I plug in the USB plug, then it boots into iRiver firmware
18:51:54Kyl3And if I DONT have the USB plug near me, I just reset and wait about 10 minutes.
18:52:00wubblaKyl3: yeah, i'm aware of this "trick" to boot the iriver fw...
18:52:13wubblaKyl3: but i wanted to know if you were able to boot the rockbox fw
18:52:37wubblaKyl3: and how? :D
18:52:45Kyl3If I wait it out, and dont use that "trick" it boots right into Rockbox
18:53:06wubblaKyl3: doesn't your LCD remain black?
18:53:40_FireFly_San: what do you want do to with the c-compiler ??
18:53:41Kyl3It might, then I reset it again, until it works, but usually it works after you wait
18:54:05wubblaKyl3: define the term "wait" :-)
18:54:13wubblaKyl3: seconds? minutes?
18:54:19_FireFly_years ;)
18:54:28Kyl3anywhere from 2 to 10
18:54:31Kyl3never timed
18:54:37wubblaKyl3: seconds?
18:54:43Kyl3next time it happens i will
18:54:48Kyl3minutes sorry
18:54:49 Join lamed [0] (
18:54:58wubblaKyl3: huh?
18:55:08 Join tucoz [0] (
18:55:10wubblaKyl3: you waited 2-10 minutes to boot rockbox?
18:55:13lamedheya all
18:55:32wubblaKyl3: and during this time (2-10 minutes) the LCD remains black? right?
18:55:38Kyl3LOL no I waited 2 to 10 minutes after I reset
18:55:48Kyl3then I boot rockbox
18:56:02Kyl3But like I said I never timed.
18:56:21 Quit Nixsos ()
18:56:27Kyl3So it sounds like a bootloader issue. Is Linus in here?
18:56:53wubblaKyl3: so the conclusion would be, that it *is* possible to boot such affected units occasionally?
18:57:19 Quit davidd ()
18:57:29wubblaKyl3: but under "normal" conditions the LCD just remains black and you can just reset the unit...
18:57:45Kyl3then wait
18:57:49tucozmarkun, I read that you have made a change to scrolling of long strings. That is a really nice idea. I played "Rachmaninoff - Piano Concert No 3 in D Minor Op.30" yesterday, and that was scrolling mayhem :)
18:57:53Kyl3Hah it happened now.
18:58:00Kyl3Lemmie get a watch
18:58:05wubblaKyl3: thanks! i'll try that...
18:58:39Kyl3I reset
18:58:46wubblaKyl3: we should contact LinusN and track this bug down...
18:58:53Philipdoes the rockbox ID3 tag database work for anyone??
18:59:27Kyl3I reset and after the HD spun down all the way (put it up to your ear), then I pressed ON it booted immedietly
19:00:53 Quit lamed ("CGI:IRC (EOF)")
19:01:33Kyl3Resetting for me is easy, because for some reason all I have to do is push the side of my H300 (probably from resetting it too much so dont try it), but you might have to carry a paperclip
19:01:39wubblaKyl3: do you have your rockbox.iriver in / or in /.rockbox ?
19:02:06Kyl3the rockbox.iriver file is in /
19:02:18Kyl3as is the .rockbox dir
19:03:26*wubbla is flashing right now...
19:03:44 Join webguest27 [0] (
19:04:29Kyl3Bootloader version 2 right, wubbla?
19:04:35wubblaKyl3: right
19:04:47Kyl3and the latest bleeding edge build
19:04:52wubblaor course
19:05:14wubblaok, i tried to boot and the LCD remained black (as usual)
19:05:16SanC DOS
19:05:21SanC dos run
19:05:25Sanrun dos dun!
19:05:28***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
19:05:41wubblaok, resetted my unit
19:05:52Philipisn't that from the simpsons???
19:06:03Kyl3Now wait till the HD COMPLETELY stops spinning
19:06:20_FireFly_San: you want to program porgrams which ran in the command-line
19:06:48Sanit is a joke
19:06:57Kyl3Then boot rockbox.
19:07:12wubblaKyl3: ok, have been waiting for roughly a minute now...
19:07:22wubblaKyl3: time to try again, right?
19:07:32Kyl3Wait it didnt boot?
19:07:55Kyl3yes try again
19:07:57wubbladidn't boot again...
19:08:49 Quit webguest27 ("CGI:IRC (Ping timeout)")
19:08:54Kyl3Weird, thats how I do it... wheres Linus?
19:09:07wubblagood question :-)
19:09:35Kyl3Haha! it happened again
19:09:42Kyl3Wait let me try now
19:09:50wubblaKyl3: it happened, that is booted?
19:09:55 Join webguest30 [0] (
19:10:01wubblaKyl3: or that it didn't boot?
19:10:30Kyl3It happenend that the LCD was blank now I'm retting it
19:10:40 Join drumr|away [0] (
19:10:43Kyl3the HD spun down and...
19:10:55Kyl3Nope, no boot
19:10:59Kyl3... Odd
19:11:08Philipahhh the gapless playback doesn't give me enough time at the end of a song to turn the player of so i can plug it into USB ;p
19:11:21Benacoolplus your paler with the usb or with the adapter and do the same thing
19:11:26 Quit webguest30 (Client Quit)
19:11:30Kyl3Try booting it while the HD is still spinning
19:11:37Kyl3I did that just now and it worked
19:11:37 Join webguest39 [0] (
19:11:59*drumr|away loves rockbox
19:12:09tucozguys, read the logs from around 03.50 this mornig
19:12:12 Nick drumr|away is now known as drumrboy320 (
19:12:27drumrboy320am in in there?
19:12:33tucozDrummerboy had a similiar experience, which LinusN help him with
19:12:35wubblaKyl3: hmm... i think it's absolutely impossible to boot my unit... :'-(
19:12:47drumrboy320hold on and hit reset twice
19:12:52drumrboy320while holding on
19:12:55drumrboy320it should boot
19:13:01drumrboy320if its the same prob as mine
19:13:20wubbladrumrboy320: you're talking to me? :-)
19:14:03wubbladrumrboy320: if yes, this thread exactly describes my situation:
19:14:30drumrboy320im talkin to anyone who mighta had my problem :)
19:15:14tucoz03.55.09 # <LinusN> hold ON and double click reset
19:15:15drumrboy320and my HDD wasnt doing anything
19:15:24drumrboy320my HDD was dead also
19:15:39Kyl3I can wait it out, for some reason, when that happens to me, I reset it, then wait anywhere from immedetly after to 2 minutes after I reset and it works.
19:15:45 Join webguest70 [0] (
19:16:43 Quit webguest39 ("CGI:IRC (Ping timeout)")
19:16:48wubbladrumrboy320: so you booted the rockbox firmware?
19:17:26drumrboy320first shot after the play-reset-reset
19:17:38drumrboy320and i have audio thanks to latest bleeding edge
19:17:54 Join webguest80 [0] (
19:17:56wubblaafter play and 2x reset the unit should be off, right?
19:18:07drumrboy320nope, it went right to rockbox
19:18:15drumrboy320it turned on
19:18:28drumrboy320it like de-fribulated it
19:18:54webguest80someone help me out with the unicode patch?
19:18:59wubblai don't get it :-(
19:19:03webguest80latest one i got from markun doesnt really work
19:19:49wubbladrumrboy320: i'm holding on until the HDD spins, after that i pushed reset twice (while holding ON)
19:20:49 Quit webguest70 ("CGI:IRC (Ping timeout)")
19:20:59drumrboy320no beans?
19:21:14drumrboy320see, my harddrive didnt spin
19:21:17tucozwubbla, what happens if you press reset earlier?
19:21:30drumrboy320try hitting on and hitting reset twice almost simultaniously
19:21:46drumrboy320holding on*
19:22:36 Join Moos [0] (
19:24:58 Join massiveH [0] (
19:27:33massiveHQuestion: has the h3xx bootloader v2 been uploaded to the site, when i downloaded 'v2' it still says version 1 when booting
19:27:45 Part ep0ch|
19:28:01 Quit webguest80 ("CGI:IRC")
19:28:59lostlogicmassiveH: you reflashed the player?
19:29:02 Join dpassen1 [0] (
19:29:30lostlogicmassiveH: I downloaded, repatched my firmware, copied to the player, reflashed, and mine definitely says 2
19:29:50 Join arkascha [0] (
19:29:55massiveHfrom this page?
19:30:10tucozmassiveH, if it says v1 then it is v1
19:30:23 Join Wett [0] (
19:30:29lostlogicmassiveH: did you check your resulting firmware's md5 with those on the site
19:30:46massiveHno, let me do that...
19:30:50tucozHave you copied the correct file .hex to the unit before flashing
19:31:03MoosmassiveH: did you reflashed (firmware upgrade) like said?
19:31:09 Part amiconn
19:31:17MoosSalut wett
19:32:19Mooswett: how goes your video plugin? :)
19:32:50Wettquite bad. I just can't manage to sync A/V correctly
19:33:02Wettit's getting on my nerves
19:33:36drumrboy320is it stable?
19:33:49Moosany news from [IDC] Dragon?
19:34:03drumrboy320cause you should release it anyway, i'd like to see some kind of video on my player :0
19:34:16Wettnope, but I only send him an email a few days ago, let's wait
19:34:19massiveHlastlogic: my checksum is completly off
19:34:35Wettdrumrboy320: it's on h1x0 only
19:34:41Mooswett: bonne chance ;)
19:34:48Wettthx :)
19:35:03drumrboy320really?, thats a start though, vause myst h1xx stuff will work on h3xx eventually ;)
19:35:27Wetthere it won't, grayscale mode is too different
19:35:36drumrboy320ahh, i see. oh well
19:35:41tucozmassiveH, can you run the fwpatcher.exe tool?
19:36:00Wettdrumrboy320: sorry ;)
19:36:30drumrboy320no problem... the h1xx people should have video too, cause all h3xx ppl can just goto stock f/w
19:36:56massiveHwait a tic, i was just downloading the v2 bin file, not the newer patcher, oops
19:37:11Moosdrumboy320: just wait one dev begin to work on it ;)
19:37:36WettI think it's not a high priority thing
19:37:37 Part tucoz ("Leaving")
19:37:53drumrboy320yea, prob wouldnt be since video is available on stock f/w
19:38:01Moosplus not many H300 dev yet
19:38:11drumrboy320i wish i know C
19:38:15drumrboy320grrrr :0
19:39:04Wettu can learn... but don't expect working on ur player before... a few months ?
19:39:25drumrboy320is C anything like basic?
19:39:39drumrboy320cause i know some basic ;)
19:39:40BBubnot really
19:39:47Wettkinda... But first you'll get shocked ^^
19:39:52massiveHbasic is pretty different
19:39:58drumrboy320i figured
19:40:16drumrboy320in order to take tha java class at my school, you gotta take java first
19:40:27drumrboy320you have to take **besic** first
19:41:11 Quit massiveH ("thanks for the help")
19:41:19wubbladrumrboy320: sorry for not answering...
19:41:34wubbladrumrboy320: i was afk...
19:41:42^BeN^someone have wps for all h300 screen and not for half screen?
19:41:49WettMoos: pm