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#rockbox log for 2005-12-02

00:00:08ioboundeven better, replace step #2 with an announcement of INTENTION to port. sell, then forget about it all
00:00:09ioboundeasy money
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00:04:46Dima202hmm.. Strange my archos isn't mounting to computer
00:05:16Dima202I see that it's detected
00:05:21Dima202Just doesn't mount it
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00:12:13Dima202And the radio doesn't get any signal!! :(
00:12:53Dima202ARCHOS USB2.0 (P4a):
00:12:53Dima202 Version:11.01
00:12:53Dima202 Bus Power (mA):500
00:12:53DBUGEnqueued KICK Dima202
00:12:53Dima202 Speed:Up to 480 Mb/sec
00:12:53Dima202 Manufacturer:ARCHOS
00:12:54***Alert Mode level 1
00:12:54Dima202 Product ID:0x0060
00:12:56Dima202 Serial Number:wwww.archos.comA
00:12:58Dima202 Vendor ID:0x05ab
00:13:06Dima202Here is the info I get, is it possible to mount it manually?
00:17:05Bagderwindows I presume?
00:18:10peturwindows users don't talk about mounting ;)
00:18:22peturthey just plug and pray
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00:18:30Bagderpetur: true, but linux users would know how to mount ;-)
00:18:36Dima202Yeah.. But right now. I see it but it doesnt auto mount
00:19:01Dima202I used to be a linux user long ago. Until I became lazy, sat down on a mac and it did everything for me
00:19:08BagderI know *zip* about mac and USB mounting
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00:19:45JdGordonDima202: u cant mount it as a regulas mas storage device?
00:20:08Dima202It doesn't automount
00:20:13Dima202How do I mount it?
00:20:24JdGordonsomething like mount /dev/sda1 /mnt/archos -t auto
00:20:24Dima202mount ....
00:20:39JdGordonthats for linux, i dunno bout mac
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00:21:49Dima202Same thing, almost
00:21:52Dima202But no sda1
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00:22:12Dima202Damn it
00:22:15JdGordonso where did it put it in the /dev folder?
00:22:18Dima202She looks hot
00:22:55***Alert Mode OFF
00:23:21Dima202Is it possible that I put it somehow in recharge mode?
00:23:30Dima202because the jukebox is charging
00:23:36Dima202But I can;t mount it
00:23:42Dima202Maybe there is some kind of key sequence eh?
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00:25:51JdGordonDima202 goto /dev and c whats there
00:26:02Dima202I went to /dev/ bunch of em there
00:26:16JdGordonany sda ?
00:26:33Dima202instead of sda we have disk rdisk
00:26:36Dima202I think
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00:27:13JdGordonok,, well try mounting them all indiivudally untill 1 works?
00:27:26JdGordonmount /dev/rdiskX /mnt/archos
00:27:31Dima202there is 292 possibilities!! :(
00:27:33JdGordonmake sure /mnt/archos exists
00:27:52Dima202How do I see what is already mounted?
00:27:56Dima202I forgot everythign :(
00:27:57JdGordontype mount
00:28:15Dima202<volfs> on /.vol
00:28:15Dima202automount -nsl [160] on /Network (automounted)
00:28:15Dima202automount -fstab [179] on /automount/Servers (automounted)
00:28:15Dima202automount -static [179] on /automount/static (automounted)
00:28:15Dima202apple-s-powerbook-g4-17:~ dimatech$
00:28:35Dima202/dev/disk0s3 on / (local, journaled)
00:28:35Dima202devfs on /dev (local)
00:28:35Dima202fdesc on /dev (union)
00:28:43Dima202okay so HDD is disk0s3
00:29:05JdGordonjust figure out how osx loads the us disks
00:29:13JdGordonand your all set... i gtg
00:29:56Bagderthere's probably a /etc/fstab or similar
00:30:19Bagderthat contains the info used to mount it in normal cases
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01:17:18JonSeniorHmm, getting my head around the disassembled code will have to wait until the weekend I think! Need some sleep now!
01:17:39 Part JonSenior
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01:26:28andyLinusN: think i have located one nasty bug in recording.. backlight fading (which uses cpu_boost) seams to cause dma transfer to fail.. so one workaround is to run recording with boost..
01:27:13LinusNor disable that silly fading
01:27:42Soul-Eso any idea on whether the new us firmware will be patchable
01:28:44LinusNi suspect it will be tough
01:30:18LinusNif they care about drm, they have probably added an extra checksum to prevent tampering
01:35:11andyLinusN: yes, cpu_boost(false) while dma is in progress causes it to fail
01:37:01andygoing to check in my changes (adds peakmeter and a few bug fixes)
01:38:29andyLinusN: btw, in apps/recording/recording.c upon exit, peak_meter_enabled is set to false, and is it not enabled in wps screen.. is a proper fix to remove it or enable it in wps?
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01:42:24LinusNandy: not sure actually, i think so
01:46:49JdGordonhey LinusN
01:46:59JdGordongood news :D i can load a colour bmp
01:47:20Rob2222^^ :)
01:47:23JdGordonwell... maybe i left out a bit...
01:47:24Rob2222good evening
01:47:40JdGordonit loads as mostly black with a bit of garbled colour :D
01:48:00JdGordonill hopefully fix it today, otherwise ill just send some1 the code to finish
01:48:12CtcpIgnored 1 channel CTCP requests in 0 seconds at the last flood
01:48:12*JdGordon is going overseas for 6 weeks on monday
01:48:39Soul-Ecool Jd
01:48:44Rob2222LinusN: Any news at the H300 boot bug?
01:48:51LinusNnot really
01:49:05markunLinusN: do you know of a more intelligent ARM disassembler for linux than objdump?
01:49:34Soul-Ewait. Rbx loads the bootlogo in color perfectly, but we can't load BMPs properly?
01:50:01JdGordonthe rb logo is hardcoded colour
01:52:27Rob2222well, to late here, i will go to bed. good night all
01:54:04JdGordondoesnt that look cool :D
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01:59:44JdGordonhmm.... whats the easiest way to debug it? the sim isnt very helpful...
02:00:19LinusNeither fix the sim, or run it on the target
02:00:49JdGordonno, i mean it works prob as it should on the sim.. but its not easy to debug..
02:01:07LinusNi on't get it
02:01:12JdGordonok dw
02:01:29LinusNyou can use a debugger in the sim
02:02:14JdGordonhow? or u mean the debug widonw and DEBUGF?
02:02:48Soul-Ecan you run regular firmware in the sim or just rbx
02:02:59XavierGrLinus: Did you hear the news with the new H100 firmware LOL. They say that they fixed the recording glitch.
02:03:08LinusNsaw that
02:03:30LinusNSoul-E: the sim is just rockbox, modified to run on the pc
02:03:41XavierGrThis is hilarious. Some freelancer programers that had no documentation made gltchless recording before the official company haha.
02:04:09XavierGr(no documentation = got the documentation after a search)
02:10:29LinusNandy: static volatile bool?
02:13:02andyLinusN: yeah, so the compiler doesn't optimize the variable to a register.. might be unnecessary?
02:15:05XavierGrLinus: Do you think that upon saving a fmr preset list that settings should be updated with the saved file. (That is also strange behavioud in cfg file)
02:15:07 Join whatboutbob [0] (
02:15:57LinusNsince the variable is global, the compiler shouldn't optimize it anyway, since we call a function in the loop, which may very well change the variable
02:16:57LinusNXavierGr: "should be updated"? You mean it should use the newly saved file?
02:17:21XavierGrUse it in the next load of the radio screen, yes.
02:17:30whatboutbob<conspiracy conjecture> glitchless recording on iriver has been released suspiciously close to Rockbox getting the job done (thanks Andy). Anyone think the iriver developers have been having a peek at rockbox code?</conspiracy conjecture> :)
02:18:07LinusNi'm sure they know about rockbox
02:18:17andyLinusN: true.. i added volatile in a desperate hunt for a bug =)
02:18:21JdGordondoes the rb firwmare have to be named rockbox.iriver to load? (i mean to load another fw after boot)
02:18:32 Join Noel_sad_song [0] (
02:18:50LinusNJdGordon: the bootloader only looks for rockbox.iriver
02:19:08LinusNbut you can manually load any file that ends with .iriver
02:19:13andywhatboutbob: hehe.. but how come they only can buffer for 30 seconds when recording WAV and rockbox can buffer for almost 3 minutes ? :)
02:19:25JdGordonok, thanx
02:20:56XavierGrLinus: E.g. The user starts radio. Then he creates a new fmr and then saves it. Currently (as in cfg file) if the user exits and the start the radio again the previous file wil load instead of the saved one. (If the user wants to load the saved one, he must load it manually from the radio menu.) Do you think that settings must be updated with that new file on save?
02:21:55LinusNXavierGr: cfg files are never remembered
02:22:36LinusNnever ever
02:22:43whatboutbobandy: hehe...yeah...i don't think i'm gonna be getting 15 hours recording time from 1 battery charge with the iriver fw any time soon. :)
02:23:06XavierGrerm then I remember wrong. Anyway do you want to remember then new file upon save?
02:23:39JdGordonhmm.. the sim runs faster than the actual player doesnt it?
02:23:56LinusNXavierGr: no i don't think so
02:24:22LinusNJdGordon: yes, the cpu is often a lot faster
02:24:40JdGordonhmm ok, this bmp loading may not be feasible then
02:24:42LinusNbut the tick should be roughly the same
02:24:46andywhatboutbob: 15 hours? what kind of battery do you have? 2200 mA?
02:32:12whatboutbobandy: yup. 2200mAh. 2gb split has worked fine for me a bunch of times btw.
02:35:05andyok.. time to sleep now..
02:35:21andyhope my commit will be green
02:35:23 Part andy
02:35:54JdGordonhmm... bmp loading seems to freeze up my h300
02:39:26JdGordonthe hdd makes a whiney noise but it just sits at the blue screen
02:43:24LinusNtime for me to sleep
02:43:45XavierGrok buy Linus!
02:43:49XavierGrI mean bye
02:43:52XavierGrand good night
02:43:54 Part LinusN
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02:46:36drumRBoy320im really sorry im asking this, but while im here i might as well... is RB 1.29 compatable?
02:46:52JdGordonnot yet
02:46:59drumRBoy320ok, thank you
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03:17:41JdGordonhow long is 781 ticks on the player? relativly really long?
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03:26:50RotAtoRi believe ticks are at 100Hz on all models
03:26:54RotAtoRso almost 8 seconds
03:32:22 Part whatboutbob
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04:12:12XavierGrwhy does the peak meter works only when recording?
04:12:52XavierGrI think it is more usable if the peak meter works on the idle record screen.
04:16:32Soul-Eso someone tell me about this sim and how to use it.
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04:20:33XavierGrcan you compile the code?
04:22:55Soul-Ewhat kind of code is it
04:23:46XavierGrthe source of rockbox can you compile it? C
04:25:40XavierGrif you dont know how to compile
04:25:48XavierGrthen you should be ready to use the sim/
04:26:06Soul-EI have MSVC++ 6 I know how to compile
04:26:30XavierGrHaha forget the Visual Studio
04:26:33Soul-Ewhere do i get the sim tho
04:26:35XavierGryou need Cygwin
04:26:44XavierGrcode compiles only under Linux
04:26:58Soul-Edammit why cant someone just link a compiled one
04:27:00XavierGr(and with cygwin under Windows)
04:27:16XavierGrI can give you one but not the latest.
04:28:11XavierGrok I can give the latest too.
04:28:21Soul-Ethat works
04:28:43XavierGrit will be without sound though
04:30:13XavierGrH100 or H300?
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04:46:08 Join DarkShadow_ [0] (
04:49:59Soul-Esorry i was afk temporarily
04:50:30DarkShadow_That's alright.
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05:13:16DarkShadow_Has there been much testing of FM recording on the rockbox firmware for the H1X0?
05:17:16 Quit Rob2222 (Read error: 113 (No route to host))
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05:20:39 Join toolmanwill [0] (
05:21:56toolmanwill@DarkShadow : I have done some testing with recording. Got more to do now that peakmeters are working
05:22:30toolmanwillI've been taping things from the radio for a few weeks now
05:23:12toolmanwillit all works real well now, and the peakmeter is the finishing touch
05:24:22pengosomeone said it would get interference?
05:24:33toolmanwillnot thats ive seen
05:25:20toolmanwilli use 12 db level setting , 15 db will clip here and there
05:25:36pengoi haven't tried myself
05:26:06toolmanwilli was bored at work last friday and tested each setting, heh
05:27:24JdGordonis there a way to find out if the backlight is on or off?
05:29:19toolmanwillusually if you look at the screen and its lit, its on , hahaha
05:29:30JdGordonHA HA.. thanx.. i mean int he code
05:29:47JdGordonthe pressing a button and it turning the light on and doing the action is pissing me off
05:33:04DarkShadow_Can you record radio now?
05:34:04toolmanwillits been available since radio was enabled
05:34:13 Nick CheeseBurgerMan is now known as CBM-away (n=BurgerBo@
05:34:18toolmanwilljust recording was in debug menu then
05:35:07toolmanwillturn on radio then press a-b button andf choose recording, thhen recording screen, press record
05:35:35toolmanwillmaking sure your source in recording settings is line
05:37:18 Join ashridah [0] (n=ashridah@
05:37:22DarkShadow_...I think I'll go try it now.
05:40:13 Join Hooligan [0] (
05:40:21HooliganHmm...This is interesting
05:40:40HooliganI sent in my H320 for repair two weeks ago
05:41:31HooliganI just got it back, and when I looked on the HDD, there is a file titled H300_Drmkey.hex 2,902,553 b
05:42:04HooliganAnd I don't think I'm making a wild guess in thinking that this could be a clue as to how DRM-protected music playback works
05:42:48HooliganAny thoughts as to what I should do with this?
05:43:17HooliganI have a second H320, with Korean firmware. I could try flashing it with these two to see if it restores DRM playback just to confirm
05:43:20XavierGrkeep it safe until a dev or someone that knows these stuff learns about it.
05:43:37HooliganYes, yes. I'll keep several copies of both files of course.
05:44:08Soul-EHooligan copy the files for sure
05:44:17HooliganI'm backing it up on CD as we speak :)
05:44:21 Join phaedrus961 [0] (
05:44:27Soul-ESend one to andrewmel at MR
05:44:32Soul-Eis it a large file?
05:44:55HooliganIt's about 2.76 MB
05:45:00ashridahi'm not sure the devs will be interested, they prefer official releases.
05:45:00HooliganSlightly larger than the firmware
05:45:13Hooliganashridah: That's what I was thinking
05:45:18ashridahHooligan: are you sure it's not the unofficial 1.03 firmware?
05:45:30XavierGrhmm the peak meter doesn't work right with line in recording.
05:45:43HooliganWell, as I said these two files were on it when I got it back
05:45:43XavierGrit will either clip or show nothing.
05:45:59HooliganI'm gonna try flashing them both to an H320 with 1.28k to make sure it works
05:46:20HooliganBut if the U.S. firmware doesn't detect a DRM key it will give a warning to that effect, right?
05:46:46XavierGrhaha imagine if it is a very top scret file that will enable decoding of drm music. (very doubtable thoug)
05:47:10HooliganDoubtful. But the thought is immensely entertaining
05:47:40HooliganSo it'll give me a warning if there's no DRM key right?
05:47:44 Quit Hooligan (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
05:48:13 Join Hooligan [0] (
05:48:21*Hooligan coughs
05:48:41HooliganSo yeah, let me try flashing without H300_Drmkey.hex, and then with it.
05:49:17HooliganI think my chances of bricking it are fairly low at least
05:49:29XavierGrare you sure it is safe to flash this?
05:49:54XavierGris is the same size with a normal firmware file? (up or down)
05:50:55HooliganThe firmware is 2,897,936 b and the H300_Drmkey.hex is 2,902,553
05:51:34HooliganBut since both files were on there, I think it's possible that when you flash with H300.hex, it will search for H300_drmkey.hex
05:51:41HooliganJust a guess, but I plan to test the theory.
05:51:46 Join ehntoo [0] (
05:52:09HooliganEither way, I can't pass up the chance to test this. So wish me luck ;)
05:52:29DarkShadow_I wish you luck!
05:52:49HooliganHope I don't need it.
05:53:13toolmanwill@ XavierGr : Which machine, 100 or 300?
05:53:20ehntoohi everyone.
05:53:27toolmanwillfor peakmeter that is
05:54:00ehntoosomething I just noticed: monkey's audio has been open sourced
05:54:39ashridahmonkey's audio?
05:54:48toolmanwillwried, from radio or mics?
05:54:49 Join Kyl3 [0] (
05:54:52toolmanwilloops weird
05:54:57HooliganTest 1: Flashing with the H300.hex I found on the player, without H300_Drmkey.hex on the drive.
05:54:58ehntooashridah, yeah, ".ape"
05:55:09ehntooit's a lossless format
05:55:10HooliganResult: 1.03 US, "DRM key not found" error.
05:55:32XavierGrline in, that is radio or ext-microphone (I haven't test a line source though yet)
05:55:42ashridahehntoo: aah.
05:55:57toolmanwilli tested with radio and it worked ok
05:56:17toolmanwilldidnt plug my box and cards in for a line test yet
05:56:26XavierGrwell I couldn't get mid range values
05:56:38XavierGronly a clip or nothing.
05:56:58ehntooor not. just the sdk is opened.
05:57:00XavierGrwhen music is somewhat loud it will show full bar if not it will show nothing
05:57:42ashridahehntoo: it might be open but still unusuable for us, due to licensing, of course.
05:57:54toolmanwillmines working right now
05:57:55ashridahit has to be GPL compatible at least, if not completely GPL'ed.
05:58:06toolmanwilldid your use bleeding build?
05:58:31XavierGralso I can't get the peak meter work on idle mode (while not recording)
05:58:33Kyl3cygwin wont do anything because it cant find m86k-elf-gcc lol
05:58:42toolmanwillit doesnt
05:58:57ehntooI'll let you figure it out by yourself.
05:58:57toolmanwillonly works while recording
05:59:04ehntooit's late and I don't have any coffee.
05:59:14DarkShadow_Oh noes!
05:59:21XavierGrThought about that, but why only recording?
05:59:44toolmanwillprolly needs more code to call it while in idle
05:59:46Kyl3is there a way i can get m86k-elf-gcc for cygwin?
06:00:06toolmanwillfrom what i seen in changes its when recording is true
06:00:18JdGordongrr... i hate this fucking code
06:00:32XavierGrtoolmanwill: your gain settings are both to 0dB right?
06:00:38HooliganOkay, now I'm gonna flash with just H300_Drmkey.hex. Let's see if it works...
06:00:40JdGordonstupid fucking "undefined reference to blaa..." LOOK IN THE .H FILE U STUPID COMPILER!!!
06:00:43*Hooligan crosses his fingers
06:00:55toolmanwilli'm at 12 db gain
06:01:06XavierGrJdGordon what are you doing?
06:01:24JdGordontrying to compile the damn firmware with some secret changes :D
06:01:34XavierGrtoolmanwill: mine 0dB something is wrong with mine then
06:01:41Kyl3Hooligan: dont forget to rename it to H300.hex
06:01:46XavierGrplugin or something else?
06:01:49HooliganYeah, haha
06:01:55HooliganI wonder if this will brick my player.
06:02:11XavierGrwell cross your fingers then
06:02:16HooliganOh, I am.
06:02:35JdGordonheheh.. had the funciton under a #if defined block which wasnt being done :p
06:02:40*JdGordon shuts up
06:03:03Kyl3how do you rockbox guys compile using cygwin withoutm86k-elf-gcc?
06:03:22XavierGryou can't (i think)
06:03:42Kyl3i know ;P where can i get it?
06:03:45ashridahXavierGr: the simulator should compile with GCC.
06:03:48ehntooKyl3: tried this?
06:03:50XavierGrget the devkit if you are on windows, or downlaod the elf from the cygwin links.
06:04:02HooliganAlso, H300_Drmkey.hex looks almost identical to H300.hex in a hex editor, so I'm reassured a bit.
06:04:15XavierGryes the simulator can compile without the mk68
06:04:18Kyl3thanks guys
06:04:24HooliganOkay, here goes nothing.
06:04:36XavierGrHooligan: Then procceed haha , don't blame me though
06:04:44HooliganI won't.
06:04:53Kyl3whatre doing anyway?
06:05:01XavierGrWell, here goes your H300 if something is wrong....
06:05:15HooliganWell, it's booting
06:05:21 Quit DarkShadow_ ()
06:05:40HooliganCan't Found DRM KEY
06:06:06XavierGrI mean shit
06:06:16XavierGrhow that stuff works anyway?
06:06:21HooliganThe name must mean something though
06:06:23XavierGrI mean you have a drm song
06:06:29XavierGrdo you put a license file there?
06:06:55XavierGrand then checks the drm in the firmware and plays else it will not?
06:07:33HooliganWell, the key must be used to decrypt the song.
06:07:36HooliganI think
06:08:22XavierGrtoolmanwill: It was my settings that did the job.
06:08:38XavierGrNow the peak meter works fine.
06:08:45ashridahthe key on the player is used to reencrypt the song on upload, isn't it?
06:08:53ashridahso it can't be copied back off the device.
06:09:19HooliganMakes sense.
06:09:27toolmanwillkool, beans
06:09:55toolmanwillthat peakmeter now will stop me totally from using iriver FW
06:10:00XavierGrif you have a drm file do you need to put on the player another one (except the audio file)
06:10:31XavierGrtoolmanwill: Why did the iriver fw had peakmeter in the first place?
06:11:59HooliganNow, I wonder if there would be any legal implications of me uploading this file
06:12:17HooliganNot like I got it in any shady way, it was on my player when I got it back.
06:12:19XavierGrupload it at least in your mail box.
06:12:46XavierGror somewhere that we can get our hands, if something happens to you, now that you have it, ;p
06:13:15 Join San [0] (
06:13:15XavierGrWho knows what can happen to you now that it leaked to your hands
06:13:20 Join San||Away [0] (
06:13:25HooliganWell, although the tests were disappointing (But non-bricking :)), I hope this file can still give some clues
06:13:30XavierGrI would double lock my door if I were you LOL
06:13:45HooliganI'll hide a copy in the heating duct.
06:14:12XavierGror mask the extension as a zip file
06:14:26Soul-Edid you try flashing h300.hex with h300drm.hex on the drive?
06:14:42XavierGryes he did on the first try
06:15:14Soul-E<Hooligan> Test 1: Flashing with the H300.hex I found on the player, without H300_Drmkey.hex on the drive.
06:15:32Soul-Etry flashing WITH it on the drive
06:15:38HooliganI did.
06:16:49Soul-Eis your device US or Intl
06:17:27HooliganI'm testing these files on a second H320 which I had previously flashed to 1.28k
06:17:48 Quit phaedrus961 ("Leaving")
06:18:02HooliganI'm gonna try flashing with both files on the drive one more time.
06:18:08Kyl3grr now i get compiling errors ill just wait for the 1.29k patcher
06:18:13 Quit pengo ("Leaving")
06:18:52HooliganThough it seems the two files are almost identical when looked at in a hex editor.
06:18:59XavierGrwhy not flash with the drm hex without renamed maybe it will accpet it.
06:19:13HooliganTried, didn't accept it.
06:19:44HooliganMaybe if I flash with H300.hex, then try flashing with H300_Drmkey.hex without renaming it. Maybe...Just maybe
06:20:17XavierGrmaybe if we email iriver they will tell us ROFLMAO
06:20:38HooliganThat would be golden
06:21:04HooliganMaybe I should call them tomorrow morning. See what they say!
06:21:18XavierGrmaybe the put that on purpose to laugh at us...
06:21:37HooliganIf they were doing it to laugh at us, they would make it a bricker.
06:22:02XavierGrah nah they wouldn't be such dicks.
06:22:12 Join phaedrus961 [0] (
06:22:19XavierGryou can't really laugh with a bricked H300. :(
06:22:36HooliganOh, funny story about how I have two H320s
06:22:47HooliganI sent mine back two weeks ago, got it back yesterday.
06:22:58drumRBoy320hooligan, funny to see you here, i just gave instructions to try and go here if you needed someone to test
06:23:02HooliganThis afternoon, I get home and there's another package from iRiver
06:23:18HooligandrumRboy: I'm a geek too!
06:23:34HooliganSo I open up the second package today, and it
06:23:38Hooligan's another H320!
06:23:49HooliganIncidentally, it was the one with H300_Drmkey.hex
06:23:54XavierGrHooligan they send it to you 2 H300s
06:23:57drumRBoy320did you tell them they sent to?
06:24:07Soul-Eon accident?
06:24:09HooliganYes, they did.
06:24:10Soul-Ethat is freaking awesome
06:24:13XavierGrare you kidding OMFG!!!!!
06:24:18Soul-Ewhy did you flash both with intl firmware then
06:24:23HooliganI didn't
06:24:32XavierGrI repeat OMFG!!!!!
06:24:33HooliganThe one that I got today is still 1.03 US
06:24:36drumRBoy320thats like that guy who sent in an h120 and got an h340 and an h120 back
06:24:39drumRBoy320i think
06:24:56Soul-Etry flashing it with the h300drmkey
06:25:05XavierGrThen maybe I will try to RMA mine!
06:25:14HooliganI'm trying everything on the one that was already 1.28k
06:25:53ehntooI may have to swap my new 30gb drive out of my h120 for the old broken 20 and try to rma it
06:26:14Hooliganehntoo: Good luck
06:26:25ehntooI wonder if they'd still rma it.
06:26:34ehntooI'm off to bed, anyway
06:27:05 Quit phaedrus961 ("Leaving")
06:27:26Kyl3how long does an RMA take when its ground shipping
06:27:55HooliganI got mine back in two weeks ground shipping
06:28:02Kyl3from NY? I wanna have my 340 back before new years
06:28:04 Join phaedrus961 [0] (
06:28:05drumRBoy320nite all
06:28:15 Nick drumRBoy320 is now known as drumRBoy|away (
06:28:24Kyl3Really thats great
06:28:47Kyl3According to FedEx right now mines in Ohio
06:29:35HooliganOkay, I'm out of combinations. At any rate, I can confirm that flashing with this unknown file won't brick it
06:29:56HooliganSurely must be worth something :)
06:30:06JdGordonok which function is the main button keypress checker?
06:30:24Kyl3flash one with a rockboxed h120.hex fine, rename it :P
06:32:03HooliganOkay, time to flash back to 1.28k Rockboxed
06:32:33HooliganIs Linus still the only developer on the H300?
06:33:26ashridahHooligan: for specific hardware issues, yes. for rockbox in general, absolutely not
06:33:44ashridahlots of the features that work in the H1xx and archos players also work directly on the H3xx.
06:34:09ashridahgod. i've been answering too many MR posts.
06:34:16Hooliganashridah: Yeah, I know. I meant for issues such as getting the radio, recording, USB support, etc. working
06:34:18ashridahHooligan: sorry about the formula reply ;)
06:34:23 Join D3DAiM [0] (
06:34:29HooliganHaha, no worries.
06:35:05ashridahso far as i know, yeah, although it's at the stage where anyone can do development, just not too many developers with H3xx's yet. a few new ones are starting to look at things tho
06:35:10ashridah(like optimising tremor)
06:35:20ashridahthat can be done just with datasheets and a unit
06:36:25HooliganWell, I can't really code all that well (And certainly not well enough for Rockbox) but if there's anything I can help with I'd be happy to do what I can.
06:39:45HooliganSo if there's any mundane work to be done just tell me, haha.
06:41:14 Quit Kyl3 (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
06:41:24*ashridah cracks the whip
06:42:28JdGordonHooligan: looks at the logs form a few days ago.. i asked the same q and they had some ideas
06:44:05JdGordonhaha, my lcd backlight keeps flashing on as soon as it goes off :D
06:44:45HooliganIt's possessed.
06:44:57HooliganOr however many times 's' is in there
06:45:41XavierGrHooligan you could help with the manual.
06:45:43JdGordonhehe no.. just misunderstanding the code on my part :D
06:54:12D3DAiMlol it seems like 2 wps's are mixed together
06:54:24D3DAiMdunno how to fix that
06:55:11*JdGordon gives up
06:55:30cannardis jerry springer scripted?
06:55:49D3DAiMfigures i press too many buttons :P
06:55:49RickWho knows!
06:56:19D3DAiMhey, are there any playable games for rockbox yet?
06:57:12HooliganWe need more games that take full advantage of the H100/300 screen
06:57:37HooliganWasn't there a Rockblox patch that turns the play screen vertical?
06:57:39D3DAiMis there link u can gie me?
06:58:09D3DAiMor are they in the patch section
06:58:31D3DAiMaha they are nvm
06:58:31JdGordonthe oficial ones are in .rockbox/rocks
06:58:41D3DAiMgot it
06:58:46ashridahhow the #@$%@#$ do i get the fm radio out of preset mode?
06:58:51ashridahi can't seem to scan
06:59:28RickD3DAiM: Plenty if you use rockboy (:
07:01:07 Quit Hooligan ("I shall return!")
07:04:23 Quit RotAtoR ()
07:05:03XavierGrashridah: Press and hold PLAY
07:07:51***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
07:09:57 Join hooligan [0] (
07:10:21 Nick ashridah is now known as Lost-ash (n=ashridah@
07:20:55D3DAiMi heard rockboy was slow
07:22:13hooliganSo why doesn't the H300 radio work yet? I thought the tuner was identical the H100's
07:22:42hooliganSlow in what respect?
07:23:09D3DAiMdunno, it lagged
07:24:45hooliganIt can lag a little when browsing the file tree when dir caching is disabled
07:24:55RickI need to work on my rockmachine plugin :<
07:25:31D3DAiMwell then i need to try it out
07:25:46D3DAiMis it full game performance asa gb?
07:26:02D3DAiMas if u were to play it on a emulator
07:26:30Rickwell, from what I know the h100 only goes up to 120mhz (I think)
07:29:20Lost-ashRick: safely. you could probably twiddle the multiplier higher. wouldn't last long tho
07:34:42JdGordonits more to do with how the tuner is connected to the rest of the unit
07:34:45JdGordonnot the tuner itself
07:34:58JdGordonu can compile the h300 fw with the tuner.. but it wont work
07:37:00 Quit D3DAiM ("1 4M G0D")
07:37:02hooliganJdGordon: I see. Thanks for clarifying that.
07:37:26 Quit cannard (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
07:43:52hooliganMay be a silly question, but how do I compile a single plugin from the RB source?
07:44:35JdGordondunno.. just do make and it will only recompile changed files
07:49:33Bgermorning :)
07:50:34Bgeror evening or ... whatever
07:54:32hooligan10:54 PM here
08:19:24 Join DJDD_ [0] (
08:38:34 Join Kohlrabi [0] (
08:38:37 Quit hooligan (Remote closed the connection)
08:43:19 Join ender` [0] (i=ychat@
08:51:54 Join whatboutbob [0] (
08:53:03 Join tvelocity [0] ( rockbox dir i use to compile has been corrupted. am attempting to reinstall, however when i attempt to make tools i'm getting an error make: ***[ipod_fw] Error 1. any ideas what i've done wrong anyone?
08:53:45Bagderyou have an outdated devkit, I'd say
08:53:53whatboutbobah. l
08:54:11Bagderthe devkit may be small, but you need to download a new small one every few months ;-)
08:54:25whatboutbob*slaps head* v313
08:54:28whatboutbobthanks bagder
09:01:11 Quit DJDD_ ("Trillian (")
09:01:24 Join DJDD_ [0] (
09:01:49 Quit Kohlrabi (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
09:01:54BgerBagder: even the last devkit doesn
09:01:57Bger't work atm
09:02:02BagderI know
09:02:17Bagderbut that ipod_fw thing is fixed at least
09:02:25Bgeryes, but ... :)
09:02:41Bagderand the uclpack problem can be ignored for non-Archos users
09:02:43 Quit Soul-E ("CGI:IRC (Ping timeout)")
09:02:58Bgeryeah,that's what i've done
09:03:01BagderI intend to even fix it for non-Archos users
09:03:04Bgerwhat i did
09:06:18 Join einhirn [0] (
09:07:54***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
09:11:57JdGordon%Fn is next track right?
09:16:22BgerJdGordon: see
09:16:36JdGordonthats what im looking at....
09:16:44JdGordonoops.. i did %FN in the .wps
09:19:21JdGordonmy wps is almost done :D
09:19:31JdGordonsimple and no damn pics so it doesnt flash
09:21:48 Join LinusN [0] (
09:22:39Bgermorning, LinusN;)
09:24:31JdGordonmornig LinusN
09:24:47 Quit San||Away ()
09:24:51JdGordonhow the heck do u get the player to ignore a keypress?? i was playing all today and couldnt get it to work :'(
09:25:29LinusNreceive the event and ignore it
09:25:39JdGordonin the button driver
09:25:50LinusNwhy in the driver?
09:26:02JdGordoni was tryig to get it to ignore presses if the bl is off...
09:26:16JdGordon.. by all day i mean about 15min :p
09:26:37LinusNshould be fairly easy
09:26:51LinusNdon't send the event if bl is off
09:27:24LinusNline 165
09:27:38LinusNif(repeat) ...
09:28:10JdGordondoh !
09:28:39LinusNyou'd probably have to skip the lastbtn assignment as well on line 185
09:29:15 Join Rob2222 [0] (
09:30:23whatboutbobbger: how do i ignore the uclpack error?
09:30:35JdGordonremove the line from the makefile
09:31:50*whatboutbob shudders
09:31:58Bgerand from FILES in tools/ dir
09:33:03whatboutbobsorry...i'm a noob. i don't know how /where to remove the line. it all just automagically worked for me b4... <grins sheepishly>
09:33:16 Join ender1 [0] (i=ychat@
09:33:30XavierGranyone knows where TiMiD is lost? I haven't seen him some days now...
09:34:35JdGordonwhatboutbob: remove uclpack form tools/Makefile in the TARGETS := line
09:35:41XavierGranyway I am going to sleep now later all.
09:37:14BagderAndy made the build yellow
09:37:44JdGordonkill him !
09:38:09XavierGrwell fair trade of for the peak meters haha
09:38:51whatboutbobhehe...the peak meters are why i'm trying to compile...i wanna record a gig starting in about 40 mins...
09:39:12Bagderwell there are bleeding builds if nothing else works
09:39:38whatboutbobyeah...i'm thinking i'm going to have to do that. worry about my patches later.
09:40:12whatboutbobi've never used bleeding builds it as simple as extracting to the unit?
09:40:24whatboutbobshweet. thanks.
09:40:31Bagderit's just a make zip from the latest cvs table build
09:41:35*Bagder sees LinusN is sucking up to the MR crowd ;-)
09:44:56 Join Vlad0man [0] (
09:46:46LinusNBagder: :-)
09:46:59LinusNi have to cater for my fans
09:47:14Bagderhar har
09:48:29 Quit ender` (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
09:48:50*Bagder still has 30 gcc4-warnings modified files
09:48:58LinusNbesides, i must work hard to win the wiki stats for december too
09:49:35BagderLinusN: I figure you're ok with my tools approach?
09:50:10LinusNwhich is?
09:50:42Bagder(posted to the list a while ago) no longer allow make in tools/ but build the "proper" tools when make is ran in the build dir
09:51:03Bagderno more building unnecessary tools
09:51:35LinusNfair enough
09:52:02Bagderfor example, it'll hide the uclpack problem to all iriver people
09:52:23Bagderuclpack-with-devkit problem that is
09:56:45Bagderre-run configure re-run configure re-run configure re-run configure re-run configure
09:58:41 Quit Vladoman (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
09:58:51Bagderwhatboutbob: your uclpack problems are solved now if you cvsup
09:59:49LinusNi bet the devkit breaks in a new way now :-)
10:00:09Bagderheh, I can't say that would surprise me ;-)
10:01:22JdGordon__backlight_on and __backlight_off is the only way it gets turned on or off?
10:01:28*Bagder is always prepared to break a build or two
10:01:39 Join webguest74 [0] (
10:01:45linuxstb_Bagder: Is it possible for someone to override your change and force a compile in the tools directory?
10:02:00Bagderyes, if you run 'make [tool]'
10:02:16linuxstb_That's fine then.
10:02:23LinusNJdGordon: think so
10:02:41linuxstb_I was just thinking that there may be rare situations where I wanted a tool without wanting to compile for a target.
10:02:46JdGordongrr *shakes fist* then i dunno why the fuck this hack wont work :'(
10:03:03Bagderlinuxstb_: you can also just run 'make tools' in the build dir, which will only build the tools for your platform
10:03:03LinusNJdGordon: show me the patch
10:03:07 Join mirak [0] (
10:03:16 Quit mirak (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
10:03:47JdGordonunless its checking the buttons too quickly? and regiestering the click twice?
10:05:00LinusNcould be
10:05:03 Nick linuxstb_ is now known as linuxstb (
10:05:11JdGordonno diff in the cygwin kit.. all ive done is added a vairable in backlight.c which is set to 1 if backlight is on and 0 if off, and a function to check it.. then if its off (before going into button_read() then queue_post(&button_queue, btn, NULL); is skipped
10:05:21LinusNJdGordon: no diff?
10:05:24JdGordonbugger... gotta go
10:05:29LinusNJdGordon: youre not using cvs????
10:05:29JdGordonfix it tomrow
10:05:52JdGordonthe cygwin devkit doesnt have it
10:05:59JdGordonand i havnt got round to installing it
10:06:07LinusNit has it
10:06:33JdGordonah woops.. so it does :p
10:06:47JdGordonit just crashes when i do di<tab> which is why i thought it didnt
10:06:50JdGordonanyway, gtg
10:07:01 Quit JdGordon (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
10:07:34BagderI am just so happy I don't need to be near the devkit/cygwin
10:07:39LinusNme too
10:09:08linuxstbIs the apps/win32.mak file obsolete?
10:09:24linuxstbAnd the one in tools/
10:09:51linuxstbShould someone "cvs remove" them?
10:15:59*linuxstb wonders why Ogg is such an unhelpful container format.
10:16:29linuxstbYou basically need to scan the whole file in order to get all the information needed for playback.
10:17:04linuxstbAnd there is no seektable.
10:19:47markunMaybe matroshka is bettter
10:20:10linuxstbTell all the vorbis fans that :)
10:20:41markunI'm a vorbis fan :)
10:20:59linuxstbI've started to write a simple (malloc free) Ogg parser that Tremor (and FLAC and Speex when it comes) can use.
10:22:12linuxstbDo you use chained Ogg files? Do you know any applications that support them?
10:22:12markunVery usefull. I guess we'll only play the first stream in the Ogg container
10:22:56markunIt's useful for internet radio, but that's the only application I can think of
10:23:28markunIt's should be possible to split them again, so if someone complains we can tell them to do that.
10:23:35linuxstbIs it designed to be used to store an entire album in a single file?
10:25:14markunThat's also possible
10:25:44markunI suggest you forget about it for now :)
10:25:58linuxstbI have to say that .m4a is a perfect container for portable playback. All the required information (including an index of every compressed frame in the file with its compressed and uncompressed size) is in the header.
10:29:02markunDid you start the code for the wolfson dac yet?
10:30:36preglowlinuxstb: no seek table?
10:33:53 Quit Dima202 (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
10:34:07linuxstb(to both questions)
10:35:28preglowthen how do you seek?
10:36:20linuxstbYou guess, resync to the start of the next page and look in the page header for the location of that page in the stream.
10:36:41 Join MrShlee [0] (
10:36:55linuxstbThe header contains a CRC for syncing purpose.
10:37:12preglowwow, gotta admit ogg fell in esteem
10:38:13MrShleeDoes the patcher work for 1.29?
10:38:16linuxstbYes, it's not nice. I thought there would be some advantage to using Ogg instead of native FLAC, but there isn't.
10:47:13linuxstbAnyway, I'm planning to implement Ogg FLAC using my own parser. When I add seeking support to it, I'll then see if it's worth replacing Tremor's parser with my own. At the very least it will remove a ton of mallocs from Tremor.
10:47:31preglowany reason why you're not using libogg2?
10:47:40preglowit's supposed to be malloc free
10:47:43linuxstbIt's full of mallocs.
10:47:55linuxstbUnless I downloaded the wrong version.
10:49:43linuxstbThis is the libogg2 I looked at:
10:49:50MrShleeBefore I flash, any set plans to release a new boot patcher for the H300 soon?
10:50:24linuxstbAnd this file contains all the [mc]allocs:
10:51:11preglowwell, in that case: move along
10:51:20preglowbloody mallocs
10:52:15preglowman, i'm tired
10:57:03 Part Sando
11:07:00 Join Paul_The_Nerd [0] (
11:07:58***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
11:11:17 Join lamed [0] (
11:11:30lamedhey guys. found a few bugs.
11:12:03lamedno usb check on credit screen... you can connect the data cable without beeing connected
11:12:20Bgerlamed: this is plugin
11:12:39lamed..all plugins work like that?
11:12:48Bagdernot necessarily
11:13:04lamedwell then, don't you think it's a sort of a mistake?
11:13:25BagderI think so
11:14:09lamedwell then now you know of it... if i correct something like that, to whom should i post..?
11:14:22Bagderpatch tracker
11:14:52Bgernice lunch
11:15:36 Quit San (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
11:18:10lamedHEHEEHEHEEH IRIVER H SERIES FW 1.66!!! hahaha... hilarious... sorry, just read about it... ("and i've thought they STOPPED updating...." muhahahah). although that one sounds serious: 5. Fixed the bug that made noise regarding buffer control when recording in WAV format. | it's probably nothing isn't it
11:19:09lamed 3. Support Hebrew/Greek Wow! thanks! if you could only done it 2 YEARS AGO! and PROPERLY from Right to Left like rockbox does!
11:19:41Paul_The_NerdI think the 1.66 is a side effect of the new h300 firmware
11:20:05Paul_The_NerdMost of the fixes are pretty similar. They're like "we've got all this spare code, we might as well pretend we care about those h100 users"
11:23:02 Nick Lost-ash is now known as ashridah (n=ashridah@
11:23:44 Quit linuxstb ("Leaving")
11:24:18lamedI guess you're right. there's no way in hell after 1.5 years of waiting for that goddamn hebrew support smallest patch, never to mention playlists, i cannot imagine they really _care_
11:25:41MrShleeI doubt they care about much now they have microsoft support :+
11:25:44ashridahiriver are irrelevent for the H1xx now :)
11:25:54*ashridah certainly won't be updating to 1.66 any time soon
11:26:23MrShleeI updated for the mchell of it. Works fine :|
11:26:43ashridahMrShlee: i don't doubt that it works. i just don't need it.
11:27:13 Join lch [0] (
11:27:42lchyo, rockbox folks.
11:28:31Paul_The_NerdAs I said I'll update to 1.66 when I need to flash a newer version of the bootloader for whatever reason.
11:28:37lchafter leaving my iRiver H140 on a plane, and buying an Archos FM Recorder that no longer works, I am once again without an MP3 player.
11:28:47lamed<sentimental> this is a good reason to thanks again bagder, linusn, zagor, and all people that have joined together under this great project.
11:28:53lchSo I gotta get a new one.
11:29:00lamedlch ouch.
11:29:07lchI want an MP3 player *specifically* for using Rockbox.
11:29:13lchWhat would you suggest I get?
11:29:41ashridahH140's work well. H3xx's are on the way to working well.
11:29:46Paul_The_NerdIt depends. How much do you care about optical in/out?
11:29:52lamedi would grab an h300, just because of the usb2go&usbhost.
11:30:01ashridahH1xx's are harder to get tho, since they've been discontinued for a while
11:30:29lchI got my H140 used on eBay, and it came with two complete sets of extras (two power supplies, two LCD remotes, etc etc).
11:31:05lchI don't think I care about optical in/out. I want it for playing MP3s and OGGs, and don't plan on doing much recording.
11:31:20lamedthat's nice. i've had a bad fw upgrade at the very first week of purchasing... i send the player and got a new bundle. so i've got everything twice too.
11:31:24lch(It'd be really spiffy if it was an easy-to-use voice recorder, but that's totally optional.)
11:31:26 Join DangerousDan [0] (
11:31:29Paul_The_NerdThen H340 may be the way to go.
11:32:14lchAre H340s still available at retail, or is that an eBay thing?
11:33:02lchAlso, while there was a lot to love about the H140, the joystick really pissed me off. It was almost impossible to use properly. Is the joystick on the H340 nicer?
11:33:31ashridahthe h3x0 doesn't use a joystick, it has buttons
11:34:14MrShleelch, there isnt a stick as such.. its a pad.
11:34:42 Join Jungti1234 [0] (n=jungti12@
11:34:43lchThat's probably better anyway.
11:35:01lchSo are the H340s discontinued and now an eBay-only item?
11:35:16markunI just opened my Gigabeat. Everything's smaller than I imagined somehow.
11:35:30Rickmarkun: no remote though from what i've been told :(
11:35:36 Join webguest12 [0] (
11:35:47markunthere is a remote, but without LCD
11:37:00ashridahbut, if you've got a H1x0 remote, it'll work (at least, with iriver's firmware, not sure about the status on rockbox yet)
11:37:13Bgerashridah: it's OK
11:37:14markunI want to look at the back of the LCD, but it's incased in plastic and I don't want to break it
11:37:43markunhi Jungti1234
11:37:44Bgerbtw, in CVS rockbox only the h100's LCD remote works ok (that's it has the correct button mappings)
11:38:16 Part webguest12
11:38:19ashridahah, so the h1x0 remote is enabled then
11:38:46Rickashridah: er, the h1x0 remote will work with gigabeat?
11:38:52 Quit tvelocity (Connection timed out)
11:38:55Rickor are you replying to someone else
11:39:01Bgerashridah: btw, there is a way to detect the remote type, but we don't know what it is
11:39:14lchI think he's replying to me. the H1x0 remotes will work with the H3x0 players.
11:39:22Ricklch: oh yes, they will (:
11:39:25Rickand from what I know
11:39:28Bgerin fact, currently even the non-lcd h300 remote doesn't work with rb
11:39:30Rickh3x0 remotes will work with h1x0 too
11:39:36Rick(once support is added)
11:39:49BgerRick: yep
11:41:06lchSo, any place to get an H340 besides eBay?
11:41:26Ricki'm sure third party shops still sell them too
11:41:31Rickjust gotta find ones that have them in stock
11:43:52Paul_The_NerdYou can get them from iRiver's online store, in america at least, refurbished.
11:43:58Paul_The_NerdWell, in the USA at least
11:44:07*Paul_The_Nerd was thinking ""
11:44:12 Join Zak1392 [0] (
11:44:13lchI'm in the USA.
11:44:21Zak1392hey guys
11:44:24Paul_The_NerdThey're a bit expensive even refurbs though
11:44:27Jungti1234Who can help about 'Rockbox Development Kit' to me?
11:44:42Zak1392hows it going linus?
11:45:42BgerJungti1234 what about it
11:45:51Jungti1234Korean merchants are selling H340 for 250,000 wons.
11:46:08 Quit Paul_The_Nerd ("Chatzilla [Firefox 1.5/undefined]")
11:46:29Jungti1234Bger: It isn't installed rightly.
11:47:03lchPaul_The_Nerd: They don't seem to be refurbished units. But they are $400.
11:47:45Rickthey are selling them
11:47:46Jungti1234lch: Much expensive.
11:47:54Rick"Back for a limited time,"
11:48:42RickJungti1234: costs the same as my h120 when I bought it :P
11:49:35lchis this coloration on purpose?
11:49:57Rickthat looks like a messed up one
11:50:01 Join Paul_The_Nerd [0] (
11:50:11Rickthe lcd looks messed up too
11:50:18Rickbut that could be a glare
11:50:33lchor a polarizing filter on the camera
11:51:02Zak1392pmc for $300!
11:52:02lchJungti1234: that link didn't work for me
11:52:05Jungti1234What is PMC?
11:52:37Paul_The_NerdIt's similar
11:53:41Jungti1234I didn't witness it in the South Korea.
11:54:00Jungti1234witness -> see
11:57:07Paul_The_NerdSomeone pointed out something, which you can actually see in the screenshot on that page.
11:57:30Paul_The_NerdThe "Video" choice in the H3x0 menu has been shown in images of it for quite a while, but it only finally shows up in a release firmware.
11:57:46*Paul_The_Nerd does not know if this is 100% true, as he's never paid much attention to the 3-series, and does not own one.
11:58:22lchJungti1234: I guess different H340s have different "looks" to them.
11:58:36Jungti1234Paul_The_Nerd: maybe true.
11:58:58Paul_The_NerdI've also often wondered why there is no H220/240. They skipped 2, for 3.
11:59:06Paul_The_NerdOR at least, I have never seen one.
11:59:30lchPaul_The_Nerd: Well, they're odd units.
11:59:44Rickit's possible they did but it never made it past design
11:59:54Rickand scrapped it
11:59:57Jungti1234They planed H360.
12:00:21Paul_The_NerdAnd then they made the H10. Which scraps the whole semi-decent numbering scheme.
12:00:41lchWell, thanks, y'all. I just bought that H340 on eBay.
12:01:04lchcomes with an FM transmitter doohickey too.
12:01:06Jungti1234hmm.. -_-;
12:02:06lchI looked at the recent history on eBay, and H340s tend to go for $350+.
12:02:10 Join dunno [0] (
12:02:14lchand that's not counting shipping.
12:02:23lchthis guy had his on with a Buy It Now of $300, and shipping of $8.
12:02:38Rickgrats lch
12:02:45lchRick: thx
12:02:57Ricki'm not sure yet if I should go after something newer
12:03:09lchI think the other bidders are hoping for a bargain, but the odds are against them.
12:03:30 Part dunno
12:05:25Jungti1234This is PMC-100 series.
12:06:01Rickis that a windows logo on that?
12:06:35Rickmust run WindowsCE then
12:06:41Jungti1234But ..
12:07:21Rickwhat about it?
12:07:25Rickdifferent UI?
12:07:49Jungti1234I'm confused.
12:08:14Jungti1234It was not announced in Korea.
12:09:32MrShlee<Rick> must run WindowsCE then - It means the Microsoft play-it-right compatable.
12:09:39MrShleeeg plug it into a Xbox 360 and bingo.
12:09:50Jungti1234I knew.
12:10:25Jungti1234PMC-100 series for export is PMC-100 series.
12:10:37lchPaul_The_Nerd: it looks like the H3x0 remotes are much better than the H1x0 remotes, what with the four-way pad and button. Do you know if the unit comes with one?
12:10:47Jungti1234front is PMP
12:10:49MrShleeno LCD
12:10:54MrShleeon the H3
12:12:20Paul_The_NerdThe H3x0 should come with a non-lcd remote.
12:12:41 Join seablue [0] (
12:12:44lchSo is this worth buying for $10?
12:13:09Jungti1234It is LCD remote.
12:13:23seabluedoes that work 100% with rockbox?
12:13:53lamedOMG 1 mb in 10 seconds! weehhheeee
12:13:58MrShleeSpeaking of ebay.. I paid for something 2 weeks ago
12:14:21MrShleeDoes ReplayGain use much CPU/Batt life?
12:14:59MrShleeI've decided to totally reencode my whole cd collection with OGG/ReplayGain but is it worth the latter?
12:15:05lchhey! the H340 I bought looks like it comes iwth the FM transmitter, *and* the cradle, *and* the external battery pack!
12:15:34MrShleeyeah.. the H3XX comes with a whole bunch of neat crap
12:15:51Jungti1234Why do you need FM transmitter?
12:15:55lchMrShlee: Don't mess around, do what I'm doing. Build a giant RAID array and re-encode your entire CD collection in FLAC. Then you can re-re-encode it in OGG any time you like.
12:16:14lchMrShlee: The H340s on the iRiver America site don't say they come with any of that.
12:16:21MrShleehaha Thats actually my dream.. Im building a MythTV/media box soon.
12:16:38MrShleecradle/mic/external power/$80 headphones/power pack..
12:16:41lchJungti1234: it's for playing MP3s a car that doesn't have a "Line In" jack or a tape deck.
12:17:03lchMrShlee: they don't mention it, and you'd think they would.
12:18:17lchMrShlee: mine is just for network file serving. I don't want to have to re-rip my CDs ever again (cross fingers). it's 1.6TB, RAID-6.
12:18:25lch(I have a lot of CDs.)
12:19:08Slasherinice, i have 1.8TB raid-5 but backupping is a problem
12:19:25lchYeah, you basically have to build another RAID if you want to back up.
12:19:57 Quit toolmanwill ("CGI:IRC (EOF)")
12:23:46 Join linuxstb [0] (
12:24:13MrShleelch I have like 4000 cds.. I used to own a record shop :)
12:24:56lchMrShlee: congratulations, you have more than I do :) I'm not sure how many I have, it's gotta be 2500+ though.
12:25:30Jungti1234MrShlee: You have much CD. :)
12:25:34lchMrShlee: still, I bet a 2TB RAID would store them all.
12:26:04MrShleehaha.. you couldn't fit that many FLAC on 2tb?
12:26:09MrShleecould you? o_0
12:26:10lchFLAC gets about 40% compression, but most CDs aren't full anyway. So call it 3 per GB.
12:26:24lch1TB = 1024GB
12:26:53lchso 4k CDs = 1.3TB (approximately)
12:26:57MrShleemight not be a stupid idea.
12:27:10lchI sort of hoped it wasn't, 'cause that's what I'm doing. :)
12:27:32MrShleewhats the down-cost of that RAID5 tho?
12:27:58Jungti1234Doesn't fwpatcher work in windows 98?
12:28:19lchMrShlee: I built it myself. I already had a good Linux server, so it was just the drives and the controllers and a 4-in-3 thing for the front.
12:28:28lchMrShlee: total cost was on the order of $2k.
12:29:12 Quit lamed ("CGI:IRC")
12:29:15 Join Moos [0] (
12:30:01lchPaul_The_Nerd: so, if I'm a RockBox n00b, but a technical guy, could I handle the H3x0 port in its current state, or would I be better off to wait?
12:30:37MrShleelch, I use the current state at the moment has my main firmware
12:30:48MrShleeits missing FM support and I have NO idea when they plan on fixing that..
12:30:53lchMrShlee: you have an H3x0?
12:30:56MrShleebut its good at the moment
12:31:53lchwell, FM is a nice-to-have, not a must-have.
12:32:32lchone last question before I put myself to bed.
12:33:04Paul_The_NerdIch: Speaking about rockbox in general, it's not as user friendly as some firmwares try to be. You have to get used to the idea that you're *always* using playlists to play your music. Even if there's not a file, there's one in memory.
12:33:05lchmy old Archos FM Recorder *works*, except... when you turn it on, it always thinks it's hooked up to a USB host, and goes into USB slave mode.
12:33:14Jungti1234lch: What time is there?
12:33:28lchJungti1234: 3:30am. silicon valley, ca.
12:34:20 Join cannard [0] (
12:34:20lchPaul_The_Nerd: that's a lowercase-l, not a Capital-I, but I forgive you. anyway, I used to use RockBox on my Archos, during the small window when it *did* work, and I thought it was great. I'm more worried about the rough edges of the pre-release firmware, installation, etc.
12:34:45lchAnyway, someone on #rockbox here told me that the problem (iirc) was "weak / cracked solder joints".
12:35:08lchI have opened the thing up, and... now what? I don't see anything cracked-looking.
12:35:21lchI'm no soldering whiz.
12:35:26 Quit Zak1392 ()
12:35:32Paul_The_Nerdlch: In that case, it's not too bad. You *might* want to wait for bootloader v3, as I hear there's a *few* rough edges around that. I haven't heard about a confirmed brick, but a few people have had to revert to stock firmware. Other than that, most of the rough edges seem to relate to the fact that it's only running at 90mhz instead of 120, so can't decode as fast as they'd like it to.
12:36:21lchPaul_The_Nerd: where did they get used to 120MHz? the H1x0 series?
12:36:58ashridahthere are a few codecs that hit realtime and were then left as is.
12:37:24Paul_The_Nerdlch: The H1x0 and H3x0 both use the same processor, which I understand clocks up to 140, though they picked 124 if I recall as their "boost" speed, and 45 I think as their normal speed. But the H3x0 isn't stable while boosting if I understand correctly, so they had to cap it a bit lower.
12:37:39linuxstbashridah: "a few" ? I thought only vorbis had problems on the h3x0.
12:37:46ashridahPaul_The_Nerd: the cpu can do 140, but heat tolerances stop it going higher
12:37:58ashridahlinuxstb: i was being diplomatic :)
12:38:10Paul_The_NerdHas anyone tested MPC on H3x0 yet?
12:38:29ashridahPaul_The_Nerd: (higher than 120 i mean)
12:39:12Paul_The_Nerdashridah: Yeah, I'd known it was due to heat reasons. And hey, that's fine with me. Having my MP3 player not start melting bits of itself and or otherwise failing is always a *plus* in firmware in my book.
12:39:53MrShleemy collection is with ogg and I havn't had any problem yet? unless I didn't notice/care
12:39:56MrShleewhat problems?
12:40:08lchConsidering that RockBox is supposed to be an improvement in all areas, it'd be a pity to add a "Causes your MP3 player to melt" row to the feature comparison matrix and have to put a big red mark in just RockBox's column.
12:40:10ashridahMrShlee: depends on the bitrate
12:40:14Jungti1234What does *xxx* mean?
12:40:28Paul_The_NerdMrShlee: It only concerns Q7+ oggs, it seems.
12:40:32MrShlee160 to 230 VBR?
12:40:41MrShleeim encoding everything at 6
12:40:47ashridah1ch: it's a limitation of the hardware, but hardly a major hurdle.
12:40:54MrShleebest not be broken :)
12:40:55lchJungti1234: That means you should pretend the characters are in a *bold* font. Some people also use slashes to mean /italics/.
12:41:11ashridahjust means you have less cpu to run with. you don't want it running at max cpu speed 24x7 anyway, since that's a waste of battery
12:41:14Jungti1234I don't work it.
12:41:54MrShleeI don't see why ogg should take more cycles but im guessing mp3 would be pretty tweaked after 11 years or sometihng.
12:42:14ashridahMrShlee: vorbis is a much more complicated codecthan mp3
12:42:21MrShleethus my love for it :)
12:42:27ashridahand as i say, they got it realtime, then stopped.
12:42:28Paul_The_NerdI dunno lch. If you phrased it correctly. "MP3 player can be heated to the point that it is filled with burning liquid metal and then thrown to debilitate and or slay a foe" it almost sounds like a real feature. ;-)
12:42:34ashridahi forget who was working on it at the time.
12:43:15MrShleeIm sure I remember a lower tick decoder for vorbis.
12:43:30lchMrShlee: one nice thing (of many nice things) of an all-FLAC archive is that you can re-encode whenever you like without any signal degredation. so I can recode one way for portable players, and another for a hard disk I'd take to work.
12:43:31ashridahinteger based?
12:44:06MrShleehas a weird name.. but I think it stole a wee bit of allocated memory :|
12:44:31MrShleelch whats the encode time per cd.
12:44:42MrShleenope.. AuoVora or something..
12:45:02 Join Febs [0] (
12:45:21MrShleebut what is wrong with Tremor? too much of a memory hog?
12:45:29lchMrShlee: lousy. like ten minutes, on my 2GHz Athlon 64.
12:45:47lchthere is a new "low memory" branch for Tremor.
12:45:55MrShleemmm ok.. my 3500+ 939 should be better.
12:46:06ashridahMrShlee: it's difficult to optimise, although someone's working on it again
12:46:33MrShleewell *Two thumbs on my behalf*
12:46:36linuxstblch: I'm pretty sure we used the lowmem branch, but I wasn't involved with it.
12:46:53lchlinuxstb: k
12:47:28 Quit Subterranean ()
12:47:39linuxstbMaybe we didn't, the README file inside the Rockbox Tremor directory doesn't mention it - it just says Tremor 1.0.2 from SVN.
12:48:12MrShleeTremor = videocodec isn't it :S
12:48:30Paul_The_NerdTremore is a vorbis encoder
12:48:35lchwell, the one at the branch I just linked to says 1.0.0. which might be telling in its own right.
12:48:59lchTremor is an integer playback decoder for Ogg Vorbis.
12:49:42Paul_The_NerdArgh. I seem to have lost that essential connection between thought and fingers.
12:50:52lchwell, no thoughts on repairing my Archos FM Recorder?
12:50:52MrShleeTalk to developers in IRC. They usually are hanging around in #vorbis on :)
12:51:45ashridahgiven that there's no malloc available in rockbox, i wouldn't have assumed that's a problem
12:53:35ashridahwould have expected the fact that we just piled some critical regions into iram and then left it without optimising an mdct implementation for it
12:53:43ashridahto be the biggest issue
12:53:49 Join TCK- [0] (
12:54:16lchah, well, I reckon not.
12:54:24lchthanks, y'all, hope my H340 shows up soon.
12:54:29ashridahwhich is something that people are beginning to look at now
12:54:35 Quit lch ("Leaving")
12:54:43 Join San [0] (
13:01:39 Join Mongey| [0] (
13:05:04Paul_The_Nerd"A qubyte with eight ions provides a computing matrix of 65536 mostly independent elements." There's something about the phrase "mostly independent elements" that worries me for some reason.
13:05:35ashridahah, quantum computing is an interesting pickle.
13:05:41 Quit whatboutbob ("CGI:IRC (EOF)")
13:06:09Paul_The_NerdI keep reading about quantum computing, and I keep thinking about how 'quantum' things often seem to also be 'uncertain' things and I start thinking "Wouldn't it be odd if you never knew something had been compiled until you looked, and then when you did it decided not to be?"
13:06:53ashridahquantum computing doesn't quite work that way. the actual method programming a quantum computer is a feat of ingenuity in and of itself.
13:07:06ashridahnevermind that they don't have a computer to run the program on yet
13:07:09 Quit TCK (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
13:07:13ashridahbut when they do, cryptography is screwed
13:07:18Paul_The_NerdYeah, I've actually done quite a bit of reading about it.
13:07:37ashridahi mean, finished in 1 minute screwed, no matter the size of the keys, costing no more than the effort needed to generate enough qubits
13:07:40Paul_The_NerdApparently they've finally created the first entanglement of 8 qubits to make a qubyte, or so I read.
13:07:48*ashridah nods
13:07:49ashridahi read that too
13:07:59***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
13:08:26Paul_The_NerdAh well, there's some clever people in cryptography. Once it's no longer needed, they can apply that cleverness somewhere else.
13:08:38merbananashridah: well they have quantum encryption, hard to crack
13:09:28ashridahmerbanan: that relies on a foolproof method of generating a one time pad tho (which is the only encryption that can't be broken by quantum computers)
13:09:48Bagdercannard: indeed!
13:09:59Paul_The_NerdYeah, a one time pad has been the best way you can encrypt something for quite a long time.
13:10:06ashridahmerbanan: that said, there is a way to do that, using a suitably qualitative optic fibre and a phone line, and a bunch of polarised photons and filters
13:10:44merbananashridah: I didn't say it would be easy or cheap :)
13:11:05 Quit seablue ("gertie the dinosaur lives")
13:11:10ashridahit's not perfect, but with enough bits, it's possible to get 99.99999999% sure no-one's stolen the key.
13:12:16markunBagder: I could commit the unicode patch and disable arabic support for the recorder until the compressed rockbox is build
13:12:22ashridahwhich, given that humans are stupid is pretty good :)
13:12:57Bagdermarkun: I'm not the man to ask/talk to about it, since I have not checked out the unicode stuff at all
13:13:03merbananashridah: well, that's one thing that won't change in the future
13:13:07Nixsoswhere can i find the documentation of the ./apps/plugin.h file?
13:13:17MrShleemost of it relies on nanoseconds of time.. to make sure the signal isnt monitors. they can detect the smallest change in latacy.
13:13:56markunBagder: I was more or less waiting till you would change the makefiles to make a compressed rockbox for the player. I wouldn't know where to start :)
13:14:18Bagdermarkun: I'm waiting for more feedback from amiconn on that
13:14:21ashridahmerbanan: exactly, it's easier to just bribe or kill someone
13:16:39markunBagder: ok, he'll probably read this and give you more feedback :)
13:16:58 Join Lamed [0] (
13:17:31 Part Lamed
13:17:42 Join Lamed [0] (
13:18:12 Part Lamed
13:18:31 Join Lamed [0] (
13:18:42 Join tvelocity [0] (n=tony@
13:18:48 Part Lamed
13:18:52 Join Lamed [0] (
13:33:10 Part Lamed
13:33:37MrShlee*Sings Spam Spam Spam Spam Lovely Spam*
13:34:03 Join Lamed [0] (
13:34:37Bagderand baked beans!
13:35:26Jungti1234Ƴ ѱ ʹ
13:35:56*Bagder suspects Jungti1234 fell asleep and that was the result of his head on the keyboard
13:36:17Jungti1234_−− no!!
13:37:07Bagderdon't be shy, admit it!
13:37:56Jungti1234In fact, I'm tired.
13:38:19Jungti1234I had gone to DMZ today.
13:39:01 Join mirak [0] (
13:39:10ashridahdemilitarized zone?
13:39:27MrShleeCisco router?
13:39:27 Quit Febs ("CGI:IRC (EOF)")
13:39:30*ashridah wonders why Jungti1234 needed to travel to get to a firewall
13:39:59mirakanyone know how much can host the wiki ?
13:40:03Jungti1234Is it strange?
13:40:17Bagdermirak: how much what?
13:40:25ashridahJungti1234: we're poking fun at you. I assume you mean the border between north and south korea?
13:40:55MrShleemirak.. a basic wiki requires apache with php as a base. Some use mysql but thats a little overkill.
13:41:03ashridahJungti1234: how far is that trip from where you live?
13:41:11MrShleepmwiki is a GREAT wiki for most projects
13:41:15Bagderour wiki is perl
13:41:26Jungti1234ashridah: A little far.
13:41:36MrShleeIm a pmwiki fan.. I've modded it for like 6 pages I've made. works great
13:42:11mirakBagder: the size in mega bytes
13:42:49mirakBagder: that's about the doxygen doc that I find usefull
13:42:58mirakto browse and understand the code
13:43:11Bagdermirak: well, if people add lots, it will grow lots
13:43:14mirakI think it's to big anyway ^^
13:43:27Jungti1234oh.. ^^
13:43:36 Join Sando [0] (
13:43:39mirakthe autogenrated doc is like a mini website
13:43:41Bagderrockbox's wiki seems to be about 155MB
13:43:57mirakbadger ok lol, the doc is already that size
13:44:05Jungti1234Orientals use often '^^'.
13:44:21 Quit Paul_The_Nerd ("Chatzilla [Firefox 1.5/undefined]")
13:44:33Jungti1234bye all
13:44:35ZagorBagder: that's excluding the attachments. in total it's about 750 MB.
13:44:39Bagderyes, I just noticed
13:44:43Jungti1234I see TV.
13:45:04 Quit Jungti1234 ("Bye~ -")
13:45:07Bagderlots of huge attachments
13:45:20mirakBagder: pictures etcetera that's true
13:45:25Zagormirak: please use your real name when registering in the wiki
13:45:33mirakZagor: lol, I am busted
13:46:03mirakZagor: I don't want my pseudonyme to be bound to my name
13:46:11MrShleedoxygen is good tho.. but you NEED to keep the code commented
13:46:16Zagorthen don't write your pseudonym
13:46:20ashridahthen don't use your pseudonym in
13:46:33mirakMrShlee: even without comments that's still very usefull to browse the code
13:46:39mirakashridah: yep
13:46:39BagderI never see any good doxygen docs
13:46:57mirakcan I use a fake name ?
13:47:09mirakwhat's the point in using my real name ?
13:47:14Zagorwhy? are you a feared criminal?
13:49:39mirakI am ossama
13:49:40MrShleenot so much feared..
13:49:51mirakmmm you removed my account ?
13:49:56Moosmirak: do you shame your arabic name?
13:50:03MrShleein that case.. not much of a criminal
13:50:24Zagormirak: "We will delete your registration without notice if you break this rule."
13:50:54MrShleemirak show me a good working example of doxygen?
13:51:19mirakMrShlee: I can show you what I generated, but depends what you exept
13:51:23mirakZagor: I will change it
13:51:51MrShleeplain html it.">
13:53:10MrShlee thats pretty funked
13:53:20mirakthere is some werid things like flack as main page
13:54:10mirakMrShlee: well I found it usefull for me. That's still better than browsing cvs or using emacs. That's my opinion only
13:55:20mirakthat's parametrable. What I did was maybe a bit heavy on the graphs
13:55:53mirakI also inlined the code function instead of having to follow references to the *.c files
13:56:28markunmirak: your nick is your name spelled backwards?
13:57:10mirakmarkun: yes
13:57:23linuxstbmirak: How does doxygen deal with the 14 different devices, target/x11sim/win32sim versions and normal/debug builds?
13:57:38mirakhum, I am not sure how to edit my preferences
13:58:24miraklinuxstb: I think there is preprocessor handeling, but that's just to browse and have a global view of the project
13:58:39miraklinuxstb: maybe you should try it and genrated things according to what you need
13:59:06linuxstbI've lived happily without it. I'm just curious how it could work.
13:59:07mirakI used doxygen because I couldn't find a good IDE to browse code and learn it
13:59:42mirakwell first time I used it was to understand how emule was coded. emule is a real mess :-/
14:00:23mirakI have noticed it can produce UML diagrams. I am not sure what it would be like for C language
14:00:28 Nick ashridah is now known as Lost-ash (n=ashridah@
14:00:30 Quit Mongey| ()
14:00:56MrShleeUML is an annoyance.
14:00:59MrShleenever seen it done right.
14:01:08 Join TCK [0] (
14:01:23mirakin open source project that's not common
14:01:54mirakalmost impossible imho for open source
14:02:27mirakI mean open source collaborative programming on the web
14:04:06Nixsosi don't really like doxygen's output... it looks kinda bloated
14:04:11mirakhelp, I can't find ow to change my profile
14:05:10mirakNixsos: I am not trying to sell doxygen, but that's parametrable
14:05:46Nixsosmirak: i know, i guess it's better then nothing at all
14:06:57Nixsoswhat about MSDN's documentation style?
14:07:11MrShleeI've been looking for a OS MSDN clone.
14:07:55MrShleeI think having doxygen would be a good idea BUT would it handle the continuious changes. or need to re-organise itsel?
14:08:10mirakNixsos: I would have used visual c++ as an alternative but I am on linux
14:08:33mirakMrShlee: we would need to regenerate the code
14:09:03mirakMrShlee: doing it everyday is not a very good idea
14:09:24miraksorry, I can't edit my account
14:09:30mirakI am an assisted person
14:09:36MrShleeRESYNC the tree every few days might be a good option
14:10:08 Join KN|stiff [0] (i=phhome@
14:12:04mirakit's a bit long to generate, and a bit BIG
14:13:03Bagderhow can running doxygen take very long?
14:13:18 Quit TCK- (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
14:13:24Bagderor what did I miss? ;-)
14:13:50mirakit took half an hour on a a64 3000
14:14:11mirakbut I generated a graph for each attribute
14:14:13Bagderfor how much code? the entire rockbox tree?
14:14:13mirakand method
14:14:18mirakthat's maybe not usefull
14:14:27Bagder200K lines source code
14:14:40Bagderthat's not long by my way of counting ;-)
14:14:43mirakI have a problem with the wiki, I can't reset my password
14:15:20 Quit San (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
14:17:41 Quit tvelocity ("Leaving")
14:18:33Zagormirak: what happens when you try?
14:19:04mirakZagor: wrong password. I created a new account with an accurate name. I sent a mail to say to delete the other one
14:19:36Zagori've already done that
14:22:19mirakI as trying to change it without succes during all this time ...
14:34:17 Quit einhirn ("Miranda IM! Smaller, Faster, Easier.")
14:41:47Lamedbug: load a playlist with dead links. causes the player to stop responding & h.d to always spin. you can shut down by holding the stop button. most annoying part is if you had 'resume on startup' on, you won't be able to cancel the loading.
14:41:48BagderI got a private reply about a rockbox bug report
14:42:00Bagderwithout any mention which report he refers to
14:43:27linuxstbLamed: Is that a playlist where every entry points to a non-existent file?
14:44:45preglowLamed: i think that was fixed yesterday...
14:44:55Lamedi'll check
14:45:08Lamedit happend about the day before.
14:46:42Lamedpreglow: do you know if anyone went through my patch?
14:55:11markunLamed: what patch did you make?
14:57:24 Join Guest229461 [0] (i=phhome@
14:59:41MrShleeim guessing there isn't a nice and easy way to create skins..
15:00:26Bagderonly if you count the current themes as skins
15:00:44MrShleesame thing different name :)
15:02:10Lamedmarkum: why did you reverted the pause...?
15:02:40LinusNLamed: we beat him into submission
15:03:05LinusNKingstone: ?
15:03:14Lamed..i assume it wasn't discussed before?
15:04:10LinusNi actually approved the commit, but we later decided that we didn't like it
15:05:45Lamedimho without really looking at it working, it seems like a good idea.
15:06:48Lamedquick poll: what do you use to sync computer / player?
15:07:47CoCoLUSdrag and drop :)
15:07:53crwlno, in fact i mostly use oggenc
15:07:54 Join DocBrown [0] (
15:07:56crwland cp for mp3 files
15:08:03***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
15:08:16crwl(i encode to my CD's to FLAC)
15:08:35preglowi don't sync, i just copy what i think i'm going to want to listen to
15:08:39preglowand delete when i grow tired of it
15:11:35 Nick Vlad0man is now known as Vladoman (
15:12:05Lamedpreglow: wow. that's silly.
15:12:23preglowhaven't got enough space for all my music anyway
15:12:28Lamedhow much music do you own?
15:12:30preglowand that's all my legally owned music i'm talking about
15:13:00preglowgod knows, i'm not at home right now
15:14:01 Quit CBM-away (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
15:14:22Lamedcan you direct me to a place i can read about decibels and why are they marked from - to zero?
15:14:48MrShleeThe idea of encoding my collection again is a scary task..
15:14:51MrShleebut its going to be worth it.
15:14:52Zagordecibel isn't. attenuation is.
15:14:54MrShleesoo worth it!
15:14:58cannardbeat me to it
15:15:33MrShleeis there a howto for WPS?
15:16:11 Quit KN|stiff (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
15:16:33MrShleealso.. I've successfully flashed 1.29-EU with V2
15:16:37MrShleeworks like a charm.
15:17:31Lamedzagor: ok. so what's the max decible you can record at?
15:17:35preglowLamed: 0
15:17:49preglowLamed: if you're speaking digital, 0db always means the max level before you clip
15:18:36preglow-6db is half full scale
15:18:42preglow-12db is a quarter full scale
15:20:02Lamedwhat's totally silence then? (and you're talking about 'attenuation' again, right?)
15:20:31preglowyou can't express total silence in decibels and still use a finite number
15:20:44preglow-oo dB = all zeros
15:21:49Zagor0db is total silence if you're talking sound pressure (instead of attenuation)
15:22:14 Quit Guest229461 (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
15:22:46Zagorbut attenuation is relative, hence the - sign
15:22:51 Quit DocBrown ("CGI:IRC (EOF)")
15:23:03 Join TiMiD [0] (
15:23:05TiMiDhi !
15:23:48 Join DocBrown [0] (
15:24:30Lamedwhen we're talking about volume increasing and decreasing, in those systems that uses - to zero values, we're talking attenuation, and that's how much you decrease from the full scale, which would be using zero. you thoreticly pass the zero to a positive number, but then when the (real?) decibel pressure of the track goes high (near full) you'll get clipping. right?
15:25:04DocBrownLinusN: Hi! I have been very busy last 2 days, could not experiment with the bootloader. But I saw from the logs that you found a workaround?
15:25:09Lamed you thoreticly pass the zero = theoraticly _can_ pass
15:25:35preglowLamed: sure, you can pass the zero if the data type you use has enough room, but then you need to scale it before passing it to the dac, or you'll get clipping
15:25:54LinusNDocBrown: i have found what makes it behave badly, but i have yet to find out why
15:26:50DocBrownLinusN: So there seems to be a difference in hardware, right?
15:26:59Lamedok then, why do both attenuation & decibels use DB sign?
15:27:19LinusNDocBrown: yes, somehow
15:27:34preglowLamed: because it's a nice way to represent gains and attenuations. it compacts a very large number space into a small one
15:28:14preglowLamed: instead of saying you gain something by 0.000045, you can say you gain something by -80 dB (fictional example, but orders of magnitude are almost righT)
15:30:38 Join Dima202 [0] (
15:36:56DocBrownLinusN: What is the differende in booting time?
15:38:43Lamedso, there's no real way to acctually determine how strong is the output in decibels, and thus using a scale of 0 - 100 is quite the same. insnt so?
15:39:06MrShleeany update on boosting the output on the irivers?
15:39:21Bagderboosting output?
15:39:32MrShlee100% is loud but could be louder.. even tho the quality seems better then offical firmware
15:39:48Bagderthen lower your bass/treble
15:39:55MrShleebut that might be a placebo effect of using rockbox
15:40:14Lamedthat's because of the prescaling
15:40:25Lamedits different in rockbox then the official firmware
15:40:35Bagderdifferent decoders too
15:40:59Lamedwith the official firmware when you put the volume to the max, your bass setting automaticly drops.
15:41:42Lamed(preglow: acctually, I've checked, and there is a slight diffrence between bass set to full / without even with volume set to max using org. fw)
15:41:43mirakthe linux patcher can only be obtained from CVS right ?
15:41:58Bagderor any source package
15:42:08Bagderlike daily or bleeding I mean
15:42:18mirakI have CVS it should be ok
15:45:03mirakwhen I try to build for H300 I get that error : as: unrecognized option `-m5200'
15:45:19mirakit happnes on backlight.c, one of the first file
15:45:21Bagderand how did you build your cross-compiler?
15:45:36mirakI followed the wiki
15:45:41mirakmaybe bad
15:45:55mirakUsing m68k-elf-gcc 3.4.4 (304)
15:46:01mirakI have the cross compiler
15:46:32mirakwhat ?
15:46:48linuxstbmirak: What about binutils? Which version is m68k-elf-as
15:46:50mirakin the make file ?
15:49:55mirakok it wasn't in the pas
15:52:41mirakweird I have some binaries in it, and some are no
15:54:43 Join Noel_sad_song [0] (
15:55:29 Join San [0] (
15:59:35 Quit linuxstb (Remote closed the connection)
16:01:28Noel_sad_songHi ppl!!! As I saw the news I tried to patch the 1.66 but still doesn't work... Has it not been released yet?
16:03:42markunNoel_sad_song: Did you use the windows patcher?
16:04:49 Join linuxstb [0] (
16:05:02Noel_sad_songI downloaded the fwpatcher.exe from iriverboot
16:05:12Noel_sad_songis that what you mean?
16:05:44markunyes, I don't think it's updated yet.
16:06:50 Quit Moos (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
16:07:17preglowFWPatcher - added support for H1x0 v1.66 and H3x0 v1.29
16:07:36 Join Amar [0] (
16:08:24Noel_sad_songthat is why I gave it a try... but I guess it's being tested or sth...
16:08:25Bagdersomeone just verified the 1.66 EU patch
16:10:51 Join Kohlrabi [0] (
16:13:00 Join chopped_pork [0] (
16:14:55 Quit webguest74 ("CGI:IRC (EOF)")
16:15:22Noel_sad_songwhat do you mean Bagder? sorry I didn't get it :-/
16:15:43Bagderthere are people on the wiki page saying it worked for them
16:16:05lostlogicxRockbox build query: I have a set of profiling functions designed to be called using gcc's -finstrument-functions switch, these functions reside in firmware/profile.c with header in firmware/export/profile.h How can I make codecs link against them properly? Or do I have to biuld a separate profile library that both librockbox and lib<Codec> link against? (thread.c and timer.c also need to call back to profiling functions)
16:17:44 Quit MrShlee (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
16:17:45linuxstbYou should probably export the functions via the codec API.
16:18:03linuxstbOr move your profile functions into the codec library.
16:19:28lostlogicxlinuxstb: want to be able to proflie system things too eventually maybe. I'll export them in the codec API and the plugin API... now on with the rehacking the build system to support all of this, and configuring profiling per-plugin / per-codec. Thanks.
16:20:48lostlogicxOh, another thought: Want to rehack timer.c to support timers that DO or DO NOT rescale when the CPU clock changes, good idea or bad idea?
16:23:15mirakmake[2]: *** No rule to make target `/home/karim/Prog/src/rockbox/rockbox/docs/CREDITS', needed by `/home/karim/Prog/src/rockbox/rockbox/buildir/apps/plugins/credits.raw'. Stop.
16:23:19mirakI got that error
16:23:38mirakwhen building
16:23:55Bagderuse 'make V=1' to diagnose
16:24:19Bagderbut it looks like you don't have the docs dir or something
16:24:43mirakyeah I don't have it
16:25:29mirakBagder: should be in the root ?
16:25:52Bagdercvs co docs
16:29:27mirakBagder: thanks. it worked.
16:29:46mirakI am not sure what I built noow O_o
16:30:07mirakshouldn't I have a .rockbox folder or something resembling to that ?
16:30:25miraka binary ?
16:30:43mirakoh yeah sorry
16:30:50mirakit's not executable
16:30:53Bagderuse 'make zip' to make a package to install
16:30:58mirakwas not in green in the terminal
16:31:35Lamedhow do i &> into file and both into the screen or into | more?
16:31:53Bagder| tee filename | more
16:32:02LinusN(which i *bet* is not in the devkit) :-)
16:32:20Lamedtt, wail i'll tell you if it is...
16:32:37Bagderbut more is?
16:32:51Lamedyep. stop mucking at it...
16:33:05Lamed(doesn't have which though)
16:33:17Lamedhas tee
16:33:41linuxstbDoes it have less?
16:36:07Lamedstop mucking at it
16:36:48Lamedit's _really_ hard to get around an unknown platform
16:37:10 Quit DocBrown ("CGI:IRC 0.5.7 (2005/06/19)")
16:37:35mirakwhat's the method to build the firmware patcher for linux ?
16:37:52Bagderthe exact same, just select bootloader with configure
16:38:29Bagderthen follow the steps on the IriverBoot page to make the actual patched iriver hex file
16:38:49 Join Febs [0] (
16:39:40mirakI mean the patcher
16:39:49miraknot bootloader, even if that was usefull :p
16:40:13mirakfwpatcher Bagder
16:40:45Bagderbuild the bootloader bin
16:40:54LinusNmirak: to build the patcher, you need to download the three bootloader bin files from the wiki
16:41:09mirakBagder: it's done
16:41:11LinusNput them in the same dir as the patcher and type "make"
16:41:27LinusNmirak: do NOT build your own bootloader.bin
16:41:37mirakLinusN: yeah I heard that
16:41:38 Join _FireFly_ [0] (
16:41:51_FireFly_hi TiMiD :)
16:42:03 Join dpassen1 [0] (n=dpassen1@resnet-233-61.resnet.UMBC.EDU)
16:42:41Sananything new lads?
16:44:03mirakLinusN: I miss something, it talks about mingw31
16:44:08miraki586-mingw32msvc-windres -v resource.rc resource.o
16:44:17Bagdermirak: yes, since it builds a windows tool
16:44:23LinusNyes, you need a win32 cross compiler
16:44:45LinusNmirak: why do you want to build fwpatcher?
16:45:13mirakthat's not the procedure ?
16:45:25Bagderto do what?
16:45:30mirakhow do I get a patched firmware
16:45:50 Join Paul_The_Nerd [0] (
16:45:56Bagderdid you read IriverBoot ?
16:46:10Bagderyou should
16:46:20Bagderit explains how to get rockbox installed
16:46:31mirakI am on it
16:46:42Bagderonce you've installed the bootloader, you only upgrade files - no more flashing
16:46:51_FireFly_then there is explaned how to do it under linux to get the firmware patched
16:47:52mirak_FireFly_: where ?
16:48:14mirakBagder: I think I got that point, but to do it on linux I don't know
16:48:27Bagderthat page describes it
16:48:50Bagderat least it did
16:48:54_FireFly_it does
16:49:02_FireFly_it seams he is a bit blind ;)
16:49:02Bagderright, that's the part
16:50:01mirakI agree I am blind because I don't see it
16:50:18Bagderclick on _FireFly_'s latest URL
16:50:26Bagdertakes you right to the step-by-step
16:50:43mirakI was on it
16:50:51Bagderand what's wrong with it?
16:50:52mirakit's not said it's for linnux
16:51:05Bagderit works the same on all oses
16:51:06mirakbut now I know it
16:51:19mirakwhy is there a patcher.exe for windows ?
16:51:24Bagderits just that windows has an alternative more fancy version as well
16:51:33mirakin fact I exepted that. that was misleading
16:51:53_FireFly_Bagder: it wouldn't be too hard to make a shell-script to do it
16:52:46markunmirak: maybe you can update the page to make it clearer if you think it's not
16:52:48mirakcan I just change the arch PREFIX ?
16:52:53linuxstbfwpatcher probably works fine under Wine as well.
16:53:07mirakmarkun: ok, once I figure how to use the wiki ;)
16:53:09_FireFly_mirak: which PREFIX ??
16:53:24mirak#value for crosscompiling on linux
16:53:34mirakwhy a crosscompile is only possible ?
16:53:42Bagdermirak: fwpatcher is a windows tool
16:53:59mirakyou mean the source etcetera ?
16:54:00Bagderfeel free to write one for linux or port fwpatcher
16:54:28KohlrabiCan anyone tell me if midi-playback (or midi2wav) works on iRiver?
16:54:34KohlrabiAnd how, if it does? :)
16:54:41Paul_The_NerdIt doesn't yet.
16:55:03Kohlrabitoo bad, I'm in MI2-mood again :)
16:55:05mirakBagder: that's a gui tool ?
16:55:07Paul_The_NerdIt will convert a midi to a wav, but it doesn't write the file to disk. It's more of a benchmark.
16:55:11Bagdermirak: yes
16:55:22mirakok, I though it was command line
16:55:25Kohlrabiah, OK, thx
16:55:27Bagdermirak: with the rockbox bootloader images built-in
16:55:29 Join NicoFR [0] (
16:55:32Paul_The_NerdAs far as I know, the code's all there, and with some optimizing it could become a codec.
16:55:44Paul_The_NerdBut I'm by no means an authority on it.
16:55:51mirakBagder: the gui part cannot be striped out ?
16:56:07Bagdermirak: yes, and those tools exist already
16:56:15Bagderas the wiki page describes
16:56:56mirakas you noticed I have problems reading the wiki
16:57:03 Quit XavierGr (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
16:57:25Bagderdescramble, mkboot, scramble
16:57:54mirakoh yeah, we figured that together for me 10 minutes ago
16:58:15Bagderthe fwpatcher does those operations, with a gui
16:58:32Paul_The_NerdThe fwpatcher also checks the checksums internally too, doesn't it?
16:58:56markunmirak: download the rockbox source and run 'make' in tools. It will give you descramble, mkboot, scramble
16:59:15mirakmarkun: it's ok, I have that
16:59:17Bagdernot anymore ;-)
16:59:23Bagderrun make in the build dir now
16:59:29markunAh, yes :)
17:01:31mirakit's ok, I have it, thanks
17:01:34mirakwith good md5
17:04:32Paul_The_NerdWhy does it call the 100/110/115 iHP but the 120/140 H120 and H140 in configure?
17:05:04Bagderan attempt to scam money from casual readers!
17:05:22Bagderno reason really, it just ended up like that
17:05:41Paul_The_NerdMine *clearly* says iHP-120 on the front. :-P
17:05:52Bagdermine says H140
17:06:48Paul_The_NerdI don't think Hewlett Packard should've been able to sue effectively.
17:06:59mirakok it works on my H300
17:07:06Paul_The_NerdYou *shouldn't* be able to own an abbreviation.
17:07:11mirakwith 1.29 kr
17:08:07***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
17:08:26FebsPaul_The_Nerd: Why not? An abbreviation can become associated with a particular company or product in the mind of the public as much as any other word.
17:08:28linuxstbPaul_The_Nerd: Hewlett Packard also have a product called HP 120.
17:08:44*Bagder runs off
17:08:48 Quit DJDD_ (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
17:09:23 Join DJDD_ [0] (
17:10:33 Join webguest99 [0] (
17:10:41Paul_The_NerdFebs: So that should prevent others with something that validly abbreviates to the same thing from using it. Or even an abbreviation that contains there?
17:10:58Paul_The_NerdI mean, it's not like they called it HP-120, but rather iHP-120. iRiver Harddisk Player, probably.
17:12:02*Paul_The_Nerd shrugs
17:12:11 Quit webguest99 (Client Quit)
17:13:13mirakfunny, the scroll speed text exemple is to short to have a scrolling :)
17:14:17FebsPaul_The_Nerd: that is the nature of a trademark. If a word or phrase or marking has gained secondary meaning (i.e., the public associates it with a particular brand, product or company) then that company can claim trademark protection.
17:14:42*Febs notes that his knowledge is limited to the U.S.
17:15:09FebsIBM comes to mind as an example.
17:15:35FebsMS-DOS as another.
17:15:49Paul_The_NerdFebs: But you still have to prove that there's potential for confusion when trying to assert trademark infringement
17:16:01Paul_The_NerdThe iRiver players are pretty clearly marked as non HP branded
17:16:57FebsBut you're iriver, you need to weigh the cost of defending an infringement claim and the risk of losing against the cost of rebranding the product.
17:17:02 Quit Kohlrabi ("Leaving")
17:17:14Paul_The_NerdTrue, it was cheaper for them.
17:17:30Paul_The_NerdIt just seem ridiculous that there was even any risk to them at all.
17:18:16Paul_The_NerdAh well. The iHP line is dead anyway. I don't think the H10 is reasonably a descendent of it.
17:18:37 Join Kohlrabi [0] (
17:19:09 Quit Zagor ("Client exiting")
17:19:09FebsI agree. The H10 is a different branch on the iriver tree.
17:19:58Paul_The_NerdApparently it's supposed to be the first DAP that officially interacts with the new XBox 360.
17:20:10Paul_The_NerdNow there's an unholy union if ever I heard of one.
17:21:09FebsHmmpph. From what I read on Mistic River, the H10 has trouble interacting with its own firmware.
17:21:23linuxstbIs the H10 a portalplayer device?
17:21:42Paul_The_Nerdlinuxstb: I think so.
17:22:06LinusNyes it is
17:22:14FebsApparently so:
17:22:19linuxstbThen it's crying out for a Rockbox port. A _lot_ of the ipod code will work on there as well.
17:23:53 Join TCK- [0] (
17:23:58 Join uncledrax [0] (
17:26:07Paul_The_NerdIt'd be pretty well received, I imagine
17:27:28 Join PaulJ [0] (
17:28:23AmarIs there a page that explains how to write plugins for rockbox including how to specify which models it works on?
17:30:02linuxstbAmar: Not as far as I know. You just need to look at the source for the existing plugins, and ask questions here.
17:31:07mirakok, I have one grief about rockbox
17:31:28 Join Philip [0] (
17:31:33NixsosAmar: i'm currently working on a plugin myself.. maybe we can help eachother
17:31:38mirakit's just that when the backlight is off, and you press a key, this key have an effect
17:31:46mirakunless it's parametrable
17:31:53miraknot sure yet
17:32:20Amarlinuxstb: I have been looking at the code, the bit i don't get:how to specify which models it works on?
17:32:27mirakon the original firmware, pressing a button just enable the light, without going throu
17:32:49linuxstbAmar: Generally speaking, you don't. Plugins should work on all devices.
17:33:24Amarthanks, i'll keep trying
17:33:25NixsosAmar: which device are you targetting?
17:33:33Paul_The_Nerdmirak: Right now, pressing a button always goes through. The toggling hold on and then off again should turn on the backlight without doing anything.
17:33:40linuxstbThe idea is to make your plugin adjust itself to different types of targets - e.g. using LCD_WIDTH and LCD_HEIGHT to adjust the display to different LCDs
17:33:59mirakPaul_The_Nerd: yep, that's what I did ;)
17:34:07Amari use a h300, but if it can work on others i am not bothered
17:34:23mirakAmar: what the plugin you want to write ?
17:36:01Amarmirak: verry specialised, probabaly not of any use to anyone else but just as a leaning project
17:36:18 Quit TCK (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
17:37:19Amarmirak: it will be based around a stopwach, thet can predict the finish time of a realay race
17:37:22 Join webguest71 [0] (
17:39:46 Quit webguest71 (Client Quit)
17:39:52 Join webguest71 [0] (
17:40:27 Join bu88a [0] (
17:40:28 Quit webguest71 (Client Quit)
17:40:31 Quit Noel_sad_song ("CGI:IRC")
17:40:45FebsI've been using the REC button to toggle the backlight.
17:42:25FebsI like that the other buttons respond immediately without having to press once to light the backlight and another time to do whatever you're trying to do.
17:42:57NicoFRI find it nice now that I'm used to it
17:43:35Paul_The_NerdWith iRiver FW, if you pressed a button on the remote, did it react instantly, or turn on the light?
17:43:55NicoFRreact instantly IIRC
17:43:59FebsWith the original FW, there were a number of times that I inadvertently left the player running until the battery died because I pressed the stop button only once instead of twice.
17:48:42 Quit _FireFly_ ("Leaving")
17:49:00 Quit bu88a ("CGI:IRC (EOF)")
17:49:37 Join bu88a [0] (
17:51:01mirakis there a way to invert the bootloader choice of os ?
17:51:07Slasherihehe, i started just coding morse support for rockbox keyboard input :) should be ready soon
17:55:37 Quit Paul_The_Nerd (Excess Flood)
17:56:11LinusNAmar: i suggest you look at the existing stopwatch plugin
17:57:13 Nick ender1 is now known as ender` (i=ychat@
17:57:40AmarLinusN:looking and roughly following what is going on
17:59:20PhilipSlasheri: for USB keyboard and H300 :o
18:09:14 Join ModernExecutive [0] (
18:11:01 Nick ModernExecutive is now known as ModExec (
18:11:27 Nick ModExec is now known as ModernExecutive (
18:12:46Lamedi've just recompiled the updated code (goddamn configure/makefile changes.... arghhhh... took me a long long time). Thanks for the recording peak meter! i was so waiting for that! -and about the credits plugin missing the usb reconization. it's definetly a bug: if you'll exit the credit screen, you still won't get synced.
18:14:42Lamedand another thing, mic input cannot be set as stereo. that's a mistake as there are stereo microphones. (line in can)
18:14:54 Join XavierGr [0] (
18:15:09Lamedsorry, i've ment that there should be an external microphone setting
18:15:31 Join Bgr [0] (n=Bager@
18:21:19Lamedanyone wants to reply on that?
18:32:13 Quit Bger (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
18:36:22 Join webguest32 [0] (
18:42:45Sanwhat are the improvements in the latest dailu builds?
18:44:30FebsSan, the changes are logged on the daily build page. Just click the time stamp link to see what's in each build.
18:45:14FebsThere's also a log that shows all of changes for each daily build:
18:46:07Sanyeah...but that is hard to understand
18:46:17Sanoh, wait
18:46:20Santhat isn't
18:46:28 Quit Dima202 (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
18:46:28Sani was look ing at something different, thanks Febs
18:46:30Slasheriuh, that's cool. Morse input works at first try =)
18:47:15FebsSlasheri goes into the military, and the next thing you know, Rockbox is in Morse code! ;)
18:47:25SlasheriFebs: hehe :D
18:48:16 Join eli_sherer [0] (
18:48:43eli_shererhello everyone i made a new version of has 24bit BMP support (well kind-of)
18:49:01Sannice :D
18:49:11Sanso we can edit pictures now?
18:49:16eli_shererfor now it supports only 24 bit bmps
18:49:38eli_shererno you can't edit cause i havn't implemented the source into the editor just a nice splash screen
18:50:04eli_shererit loads a bitmap from a directory...
18:50:16eli_shereri thought itll be nice to have a 24 Bit BMP viewer
18:50:53SlasheriFebs: but i really think it should be now faster to enter file names using the morse code (only standard alphabets and numbers supported at the moment)
18:51:10eli_shereri'll work on it tomorrow i just need to add 32bit,8bit(256),4bit(16),1bit(2)...
18:51:10Lamedslasheri: morse?!
18:51:25SlasheriLamed: hehe, yes. I will commit that soon :)
18:51:53Lamedwhat does it do?
18:52:08eli_shererin no time my viewer will be like iriver's just better (TGA,PCX and more)
18:52:41SlasheriLamed: you can for example give a playlist name using only one button (short and long clicks)
18:52:57NicoFReli_sherer: do you think you could make it work as a viewer for BMPs ?
18:53:07ghode|afkhmm are the buttons fast enough?
18:53:11NicoFRI mean just select a BMP file just as you would do for music
18:53:36NicoFRlike rockboy with GB files
18:53:57Sanwoot, it works
18:54:13Sanverrry nice
18:55:35 Join Polo_o [0] (
18:56:19 Part Polo_o
18:57:02Saneli, could you make a bmp viewer?
19:01:48 Nick Lynx_ is now known as Lynx_awy (
19:02:31 Join elisherer [0] (
19:03:31elisherervery still logged in!
19:03:37elishererbut as eli_sherer
19:04:27Amarso you can talk to yourself!
19:05:50NicoFReli, do you think you could make a BMP viewer ?
19:06:11 Quit webguest32 ("CGI:IRC (Ping timeout)")
19:08:06elishererNicoFR: that wont be a problem i just need to make it support other bit types and make an explorer or use rockbox's
19:08:10***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
19:09:04NicoFRwell it would be nice if it worked like rockboy with .GB files
19:09:13NicoFRor the text viewer
19:09:52elishererwell it can be done i just need to learn how to make a "viewer"
19:10:19Sanshouldn't be too hard
19:10:56 Quit eli_sherer (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
19:11:19 Quit bu88a ("CGI:IRC")
19:11:59ModernExecutivehopefully not as hard as patching the latest US firmware with the bootloader
19:12:16Sanwhere is the language tab in the H300 menu (default firmware)
19:12:23ModernExecutivehold navi
19:12:29ModernExecutiveclick navi on the first option
19:12:43ModernExecutiveclick down to the second option and hit navi again
19:12:48ModernExecutiveselect engrish
19:13:01Sanaah, got it
19:13:05Santhanks ME
19:14:14Sanwhat does jpeg thumbnail do? I'd imagine it adds a thumbnail for the jpeg
19:14:38Philipif you have images from a camera
19:14:46Philipit reads the thumbnail
19:15:00Philipand shows that so pictures load quicker
19:15:13Sanaah, col
19:15:37Philiphave you managed to get the rockbox database to work??
19:15:46Sandidn't try
19:16:10PhilipI don't know what i'm doing wrong :(
19:16:23elishererim working on BMP viewing...
19:16:41Philipi saw, nice work :)
19:18:43 Join Benacol [0] (
19:18:45NicoFRindeed, very nice work
19:19:00NicoFRit will be even better when it becomes a viewer :)
19:19:12 Quit Benacol (Client Quit) i understand what are those hex values in the "viewers.config" those are icons!!!
19:19:27 Join Benacol [0] (
19:20:05 Join OneHungLow [0] (
19:21:24 Quit OneHungLow (Client Quit)
19:23:02 Join Link9064 [0] (
19:24:19Link9064I recently upgraded my fm recorder's harddrive to an 80gb, and now the thing doesn't charge/do anything when plugged in /w ac adaptor.....any suggestions?
19:25:39elishererthat's about it and lets see if it works...
19:29:39 Quit Link9064 ("CGI:IRC")
19:29:48elishererit doesn't but i know whu
19:30:29Santhe BMP wiewer?
19:31:11Sanbrb, gotta find a CD
19:31:31elishereri don't have bitmap
19:32:06Amarim sure you can make one quickly
19:33:49Sanmake a quick one in paint
19:35:29 Quit linuxstb ("Client Exiting")
19:36:00elishererwell it works fine but it doesn't support big pictures it takes to long to load them
19:36:59Santo is supports 8Bit and 32Bit, or just 8Bit?
19:37:42elishereri think ill make a limit to the resolution of pictures it can open.. like 1024*768 (it's i think the biggest i can go)
19:38:01elisherermaybe ill add a progress bar so it wont be so boring to wait for the picture to come up...hehe
19:38:10elishererjust 24 bit
19:39:21elisherer32bit is 4 chars(r,g,b,reserved),24 bit is 3 chars(r,g,b),8 bit is 2 chars 00-FF from palette and 4 bit is 0-F from palette...
19:39:39Sanoh, ok
19:39:55Sansi RB san only support 3 characters?
19:39:59elisherer2 bit is black and white but you can color it in any color you want
19:40:27*preglow vanishes
19:40:35elisherertechnically it's less cause the color lcd can support up to 262,000 colors and 24 bit is 16 million colors
19:41:01elishererso we use 16bit which is 65,000 colors
19:41:07Sanah ok
19:41:22Sanwould it be hard to port this to a jpeg viewer aswell?
19:41:26elishereri do a conversion from 24 bit to 16 bit in my loading
19:41:34*Philip wishes that his H340 could show album art
19:42:00elishererno not at all and this is where im aiming...even gif but the thing is that gif is patented and rockbox probably wont allow it
19:42:31Sanis there eventually going to be a zoon feature?
19:47:26 Join TCK [0] (
19:47:59elishereri don't think so but there gonna be a moving feature on a big picture (+fit to screen)
19:49:15Sancan you upload the beta version of it please?
19:49:40perplexitythe patent on the lzw encoding in gif expired earlier this year
19:49:44elishererin a sec i just want to make a progress bar really quick
19:49:51Sannice, so gif's
19:50:05elishererif this true then yes!!!
19:50:35 Join Paul_The_Nerd [0] (
19:50:52Sanmaby animated aswell?
19:51:24perplexitySorry.. not this year.. last year..
19:51:34Sanstill, even better
19:52:28elishererdamn't i can't add a progress bar cause i made the loadbitmap function indepandent
19:53:24elishererSan: "animated": i even don't know how to decode a gif not to talk about animated...
19:54:07Sanlol, ok
19:54:26perplexityThat link I posted has a number of other links that give some more detail on gif and how to decode it :)
19:54:35perplexityanyway.. i'm back to lurk mode :)
19:54:47 Join Harmageddon [0] (
19:57:16elishereri got it... instead of progress bar i can make the picture itself the progress bar by updating the lcd every row...
19:57:22elishererlike interlaced ... :)
19:58:11elishereri'm compiling and releasing a beta version now...
20:00:02 Quit TCK- (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
20:02:19DBUGEnqueued KICK San
20:02:19*San Skinny Dips in a sea of Deep Purple - In The Absence Of Pink: Knebworth 85 (Disk 2) - Space Truckin''s up on the web
20:09:29elishererv0.42 with viewing capabilites
20:09:52NicoFRcool :)
20:09:52elishererdon't open a big picture...! (and big means over 1000 px wide or high)
20:11:16Sanwhat is your website again?
20:11:29elishererthere's a bug with big pictures... (
20:11:47elishererbecause it draws them from the buttom up...
20:11:48SanI am going to make a page for all your plugins on my site
20:12:09elishererit's not neccesary cause i update them all the time...
20:12:31Harmageddonwtf cool :)
20:13:50elisherermy thread in misticriver almost has the same viewcount as "Have you successfully rockboxed your player?"
20:16:22Lamedslasheri: that sounds awfully odd... but i wish you good luck. imho what really missing about creating filenames are the everyday commands like copy/cut/paste. some of this days i hope to write something that will let you browse the tree to place the file that you are making easily. today it's very hard to put the exact path letter by letter just to move a file.
20:17:16elisherernow with bmp capabilities i can make the rockword that i worked so hard on...
20:17:47Sanhow do I open a BMP file?
20:18:03SlasheriLamed: true.. moving should be done probably with gui and rename differently. And search function for files should be added
20:20:29PhilipSan: if you have changed the viewers.config file then you should just be able to select the files in the same way as music files
20:20:37Sanoooh, wait
20:20:42Sani have 000 instead of 00
20:20:45Philipjust make sure you have show all
20:21:27elishererSan: what?
20:22:02Sanat the end of the line I had to paste in, I had 000 instead of 00
20:22:12elishererSan: oh
20:22:32Sanwhen I open a bmp it jst opens rockpaint
20:22:44elishererphilip: if you have bmp in the viewers.config then "supported" mode will also show BMPs
20:22:46Philipwhere should the splash screen go?? what part of player? i keep getting err: cannot find file
20:23:04Lamedslasheri: yeah... it's common to say that this part of rockbox is pretty neglected. - p.s no hebrew support on filenames. if i edit an hebrew filename it changes all the charcter (probably ) to the wrong encoding.
20:23:23elishereryou need to have the "splash.bmp" inside a directory called "rockpaint" in "rocks"
20:23:55NicoFRI can't open bmp files other than the splach screen....
20:24:06NicoFRI did save them as 24 bit
20:24:12Sanme too
20:24:32elishererand open them from rockbox explorer just as if you would play an mp3 file...
20:25:14Sanit just opens rockpaint
20:25:21 Part Lamed
20:25:22elishererSan: did it work 4 u
20:25:41elishererdid u upgrade rockpaint?
20:25:53NicoFRwell it just shows the background for me
20:25:54elishereror just the "viewers.config"
20:26:01NicoFRI upgraded both
20:26:10Sani get the splash screen then it just goes to rockpaint
20:26:25elishererwhen you press on a bitmap file?
20:26:41elishererthen you did something wrong...
20:26:49elishererit's fault proof...
20:26:52CtcpIgnored 2 channel CTCP requests in 0 seconds at the last flood
20:26:52*San tryes again
20:26:54 Quit ModernExecutive ()
20:28:06Amarok I have created/modified a plugin and renamed the source file, how do i go about geting it to compile?
20:28:41elishereryou need to add to the "SOURCES" file in the plugins dir your creation and compile the whole thing...
20:30:37elishereri'm afraid the lcd_updating makes my program a little slow so i'm disabling that...
20:31:18 Join Lamed [0] (
20:31:55NicoFReli, what program did you use to create your splash screen ?
20:32:34NicoFRmy bitmaps created with paint or photoshop in 24 bit don't work...
20:32:40Sanme neither
20:33:01elishererwait i'll look into it now...
20:33:02Philipor me :(
20:33:05NicoFRI just see the blue background then back to the file explorer
20:33:21Sani just get rockpaint loded uo
20:33:26San*loaded up
20:33:45elishererwell NicoFR has the proper outcome...
20:34:01elishererit needs to be the blue background and on it comes the bmp
20:34:24elishererNicoFR: when you start rockpaint from the "browse plugins" does it work well?
20:34:51elishererSan: you don't have the right rockpaint version installed you need v0.42
20:35:33Sanyes, I dont think i had that
20:35:39*San tryes again
20:35:48elishererand about the "viewers.config" file i recommand you download it from the site instead of editing it yourselves.
20:36:00NicoFRone other thing I'm noticing right now is that the cursor is flashing when I move it... IIRC it didn't do that in previous versions
20:36:19elishererwhich cursor?
20:36:39NicoFRthe one in rockpaint
20:36:41NicoFRthe cross
20:36:51elishererthat's because it's more faster that way...but i look into that too..:)
20:37:33Sanaah, that extra line goes at the top?
20:37:40Sani added it at the bottem
20:38:30NicoFRmaybe you could make the cursor jump pixels 2 by 2 or 4 by 4 or more when you press the direction buttons a long time... that would make it faster
20:39:32elishereryoure right about the cursor i fixed it now...i used double buffering...
20:40:18elishererand about the jumping it already implemented in the menu (see "brush jump")
20:40:25XavierGrHi all!
20:40:28NicoFRoh sorry
20:40:44XavierGrOh TiMiD is here again? Where you were lost man?
20:42:12Sangot it
20:42:31Sanbut, i think there is a bug, the picture loads, and as soon as it gets to the top, it goes back
20:42:52NicoFRtry pressing NAVI instead of "right"
20:43:12Sanand then after a while you get "cant open rockpaint.rock"
20:43:19Sanand then I cant open any files
20:43:21NicoFRI did get that too
20:43:26San*not files, rocks
20:44:02NicoFRSan: did you manage to open other BMPs ?
20:44:09elishererwow didn't get to that...
20:44:30Sanno, only bmp's that are in wps's
20:44:58Sanand the black and white ones come out all different colors, other that the colors they are ment to be
20:45:23NicoFRthat's because they ar 2 bit I suppose
20:46:04 Quit Lamed ("Download Gaim:")
20:47:33 Join yngwi [0] (
20:47:52mirakwhat's the H300 lcd resolution ?
20:48:03NicoFR220 x 176
20:48:18mirakthank you
20:49:16elishererSan: i found the problem, i didn't close the file after opening it...
20:49:55NicoFRwhich file ?
20:50:49XavierGrDid Linus got the H300_DRM_key.hex from the Hooligan guy?
20:50:54mirakis there a way to invert the bootloader choice of rockbox ?
20:51:35ghode|afkyes, change the code
20:51:36NicoFRno, unless you edit the source code yourself
20:51:37mirakdamn I got anonymous calls
20:52:25elishererwell i uploaded the last versions for today i hope you all have a good night (or morning wherever you at) i'm going to my gf bye all
20:52:58NicoFRthanks for th good work ;)
20:53:12mirakelisherer: to what ?
20:53:25miraka verb is missing
20:53:39elishererto my program...
20:54:04elishererit's the same version 0.42 just download it again...
20:54:17 Quit elisherer ()
20:54:19 Quit Harmageddon ()
20:56:37 Join BBub [0] (
20:58:32 Quit NicoFR ()
20:58:35 Quit yngwi ("Chatzilla [Firefox 1.5/undefined]")
21:01:38 Join Lamed [0] (
21:08:12***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
21:08:19 Join solexx__1 [0] (
21:09:56 Quit Philip ("bye everybody")
21:10:55 Join JoeBorn [0] (
21:13:24 Join webguest32 [0] (
21:13:36 Join jzono1 [0] (n=jo@
21:14:13 Part jzono1
21:18:42 Quit solexx__ (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
21:21:01 Join Moos [0] (
21:25:09lostlogicxLinusN: ping?
21:27:56lostlogicxwell I guess this question can go to anyone. The profiling code I'm working on needs callbacks from both the system and from whatever's being profiled (a plugin or a codec or whatever) I can't see a good way to include the profiling functoins are part of the APIs because they are called by symbol name by the compiler so I can't use preprocessor directives to change how they are called afaics.
21:28:24lostlogicxso I need some other way of making a symbol available to kernel and plugin/codec.
21:29:02 Part Lamed
21:33:31 Quit DJDD_ (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
21:33:53 Join webguest44 [0] (
21:34:18 Quit Benacol ("CGI:IRC (EOF)")
21:35:50webguest44Hi, just read that there's now morse code input on the Iriver? How can I test this?
21:36:54webguest44I loaded a bleeding edge build and tried renaming a file just for fun but didn't find anything there....
21:38:57 Join muesli_- [0] (i=muesli_t@
21:39:29muesli_-just a foolish do i record radio?
21:39:52webguest44on the iriver?
21:40:09XavierGrexit radio screen while playing and had to the record screen
21:40:17XavierGrthen set the source to line in
21:40:57XavierGrhad - head
21:41:22muesli_-in this order only?
21:42:58webguest44you only need to select line-in once
21:44:19webguest44oh, make sure you have the latest bleeding edge build so you can see the peak meter.
21:45:04 Join petur [0] (
21:45:36 Join Lamed [0] (
21:46:38muesli_-how can i shuffle over all files?
21:47:40Lamedpreglow: this is so not right... you get to add your morse code while my patches are still waiting... lol, it sounds like the weirdest option ever.
21:47:41Lamedmuesli_ : create a root playlist with all files (recursive inserted set to on), then use the quick menu to shuffle.
21:48:40 Quit drumRBoy|away ()
21:51:46muesli_-cheers Lamed
21:55:23peturany cygwin user around that uses DDD?
21:57:38lostlogicxGAH DEATH HELL
21:57:50lostlogicxthere needs to be a way to do this.
21:58:06lostlogicxother than moving the profiling code into the codec API.
22:00:17 Quit Amar ("CGI:IRC (EOF)")
22:01:42 Quit Kohlrabi (Nick collision from services.)
22:01:46 Join Kohlrabi [0] (
22:03:07 Join muesli- [0] (
22:04:14*petur is getting bored building tools he needs from source
22:07:57 Join Musicmad [0] (
22:18:32Lamedpetur: have you tried using ddd on cygwin? - i haven't. any good?
22:19:44peturbloody thing won't run. says "can't open display"
22:20:36 Quit Musicmad ("Trillian (")
22:21:01peturcan't find much help on the ddd site atm
22:21:25 Quit muesli_- (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
22:22:32peturthen again, I'm still new to this cygwin way of working
22:23:33peturdoes ddd need X?
22:27:46Lamedi would go on yes. - > ddd is a gui debugger... if you want to use gui apps. on cygwin you have to install x compunents.
22:28:39Lamedi had it all going one time (running xemecs on cygwin), but the installation files were pretty huge and I couldn't reproduce the results again. it was too much hassle for me.
22:29:00Lamedand, xemacs suck.
22:29:37peturhow do you start X? I type X, it starts up a gui but then I can't do anything anymore. If I open another cygwin session, ddd still won't start?
22:29:56Lamedif you come across a good gui debugger let me know...
22:29:56Lamedbtw what kde do you use?
22:30:12Lamedhave u installed all the compunents?
22:30:37peturI went for default - don't know if that is all I need.
22:30:56peturwill run cygwin install again and add some more stuff...
22:32:00Lamedi can only tell you that after i've installed _all_ the packages that have something to do with the capital letter X, i just typed xemacs and it worked. the other time i tried to do it, something caused the 'cygwin1.dll' file (iirc) to be corrupted.
22:33:29peturI have to say, nothing beats putting in an MS-DEV CD, installing it and start development. Ah yes - the price... and locked to the platform. But ease of use? Ugh.
22:33:32 Join baobab68 [0] (
22:33:45 Quit t0mas (" HydraIRC -> <- The future of IRC")
22:33:45baobab68morning all
22:34:26peturgood evening ;)
22:36:11baobab680835h here in sydney
22:37:58 Join yngwi [0] (
22:38:07petur22:37 in Gent, Belgium
22:42:07 Quit webguest32 ("CGI:IRC")
22:45:03muesli-g'Day mates...
22:45:11muesli-22:45h confirmed
22:45:57Lamed23:46 israel
22:48:19baobab68got a question re: battery life on h320 on rockbox. for those way more familiar with rockbox's internals, which is likely to be chewing battery more: the lcd remaining on when the backlight is off, or the unoptimised nature of the ogg decoder at the moment?
22:51:43PaulJim not very familiar with rockbox internals, but i believe the lcd itself (without backlight) doesn't use much battery
22:51:52 Nick Lost-ash is now known as ashridah (n=ashridah@
22:52:03 Join DrumRMboy320 [0] (
22:52:04 Join _FireFly_ [0] (
22:52:14 Join Dima202 [0] (
22:52:28ashridahbaobab68: they're both in need of work.
22:52:37muesli-PaulJ how was zhg-mensa today? :D
22:52:56ashridahbaobab68: there's been work on the vorbis front, although it's early stages yet.
22:53:08baobab68ashridah: is the code for turning the lcd off likely to have to go in the bootloader or in the runtime part of rockbox?
22:53:14ashridahbaobab68: runtime.
22:53:23PaulJmuesli-: i usually dont go to the mensa
22:53:56ashridahbaobab68: that said, the driver will be shared between the two, the bootloader is largely constructed out of a base library that's part of rockbox itself.
22:53:57muesli-that zhg one wasnt a rock when i recall myself right
22:54:12ashridahso the disk driver, filesystem driver, lcd driver, button driver are all shared.
22:54:25baobab68ashridah: i was thinking of having a look at that. there's no *way* I could work on vorbis, I don't know C....i was thinking that "it can't be that hard to turn the lcd off..."
22:55:07baobab68i just have the impression that the lcd is 'active matrix' and something vaguely tells me they suck battery
22:55:21ashridahbaobab68: it takes a bit of bit twiddling on the i2c bus, iirc.
22:55:50ashridahyou'll need to do some datasheet reading, and i don't know how potentially fatal it can be (since i don't know if it's possible to command the lcd to go into a death spiral
22:55:50baobab68hmmmm.... same as activating the audio did?
22:56:25ashridahalmost all peripherals inside iriver's hardware are connected by the i2c serial bus, so you'd need a reasonable idea of what commands to send the LCD. the datasheet should cover that
22:56:51 Join Bger [0] (n=Bager@
22:57:11ashridahbut that said, as long as it's not fatal (which is unlikely, really), you can't brick the unit since you won't need to poke at the bootloader.
22:57:19ashridah(well, brick it easily)
22:57:57baobab68wonder if linus hasn't worked out yet, or hasn't noticed that the lcd is left running, or knows that it doesn't really matter. what i mean is, if he can't work it out then i have no chance
22:58:04ashridahhe knows
22:58:34baobab68the datasheet is in the wiki, right?
22:58:50ashridahbut family+contractwork+rockbox is difficult to juggle. turning off the LCD isn't an issue that prevents rockbox working.
22:58:58ashridahit'll get done tho
22:59:03ashridahin some form
22:59:10ashridahit should be in the wiki
22:59:30cannardfor better battery life, just sever the connection to the lcd itself. use the remote only, instant iaudio m3!!
22:59:43baobab68i understand that - what i meant is, it must be hard to do, or he would have already done it.
22:59:54baobab68cannard: :-)
23:00:16baobab68cannard: tell that to my partner. "you did *what* to save battery?"
23:00:23Bagderbaobab68: lots of things not yet done aren't "hard"
23:00:27ashridahbaobab68: not really, it's the trivial things that often get left to later. more pressing is why the unit wiggs out when he jacks up the frequency :)
23:00:33Bagderthey're just things not prioritized
23:01:02*ashridah nods
23:01:20baobab68won't a frequency hike suck battery even more?
23:01:27ashridahthe LCD driver in general needs more work than just turning off the lcd when the backlight's off.
23:01:43baobab68can't everyone just convert their vorbis to Q0.7 like me? :-)
23:01:44ashridahbaobab68: true, but the frequency hike only happens when necessary
23:01:50baobab68it plays fine
23:02:02ashridahrockbox boosts the cpu to higher rates when low watermarks are hit
23:02:22Paul_The_Nerd'sides, with the frequency hike it'd be running at a higher speed for less time
23:02:35ashridahso it often boosts for some codecs when filling the pcm buffer) and it boosts when the hard drive spins up to fill the data buffer.
23:02:43ashridahPaul_The_Nerd: yep.
23:02:46 Join massiveH [0] (
23:03:07ashridahbaobab68: you can see the effects of this in the audio thread under debug.
23:03:15Paul_The_NerdIs the battery life bad on the H340 or something, baobab68? Like, is there a noticeable loss in life when you switch to RB?
23:03:29ashridahsome codecs are extremely efficient (flac, wavpack, shorten), and only boost while reading from disk.
23:03:35 Quit Febs ("CGI:IRC (EOF)")
23:03:51Paul_The_Nerdwavpack boosts a bit even when not reading from disk, I think.
23:04:13ashridahaah, haven't checked.
23:04:20baobab68i seem to be getting about 4-5 hours. (two days, to and from work, plus walking around at lunch). on iriver f/w I might have got 4 days like that. no scientific check done yet.
23:04:35ashridahbaobab68: but yeah, the ogg codec needs work.
23:04:42ashridahit'll get done
23:04:47Paul_The_Nerdashridah: To be noted, mine are replaygained.
23:05:01baobab68mind you i am listening a LOT more and flicking tracks just to hear the cool crossfade...
23:05:07baobab68mine are replaygained as well
23:05:43baobab68which seems to work, i've tried turning replaygain off in the system settings and the volume does change, so RB is doing 'something'....
23:05:45Paul_The_NerdI know at some point that made a difference, though if I recall there was a change at some point so that they irregardless of replaygain they always went through the DSP or something? It added to the boost percentage, whatever the patch was.
23:07:27baobab68well wouldn't they need to be dsp'd for the bass and treble and the stereo widening?
23:07:28 Quit dpassen1 ()
23:07:37baobab68(none of which i use)
23:07:42Paul_The_NerdStereo Widening isn't functioning yet.
23:07:54Paul_The_NerdAnd I don't use the bass/treble either.
23:08:16***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
23:08:18ashridahbass/treble are hardware functions from memory.
23:08:30Paul_The_NerdBut I believe the patch had them dsp'd no matter what. I'm sure there was a cause for it. I don't remember exactly what the reason was.
23:08:32Bagderyes, bass/treble are plain DAC
23:09:06Paul_The_Nerd"Fix some WavPack bugs by forcing DSP use even when not needed for sampling rate conversion or ReplayGain. Costs about 12% boost ratio when DSP would not have been used before." <−−- That one.
23:09:54 Join webguest82 [0] (
23:10:40baobab68oh yeah, i guess replaygain would dsp, wouldn't? I might turn it off until vorbis gets optimised a bit more
23:12:43baobab68but i will have a look at the lcd stuff, just for my own interest
23:13:10baobab68right now i better go "clean those leaves out of the gutter, fix that downpipe, bla bla bla"
23:13:33 Join Hooligan [0] (i=Hooligan@
23:15:08 Part baobab68
23:17:30muesli-foolish question again: would it be theoretically possible to watch videos over any line out on tv?
23:17:45BBubwith the iriver?
23:17:51massiveHi have also thought of this too
23:17:55HooliganNot with an iRiver, no
23:18:02BBubit could never reach the bandwith needed
23:18:08BBubvideo is for pal 5 mhz
23:18:33muesli-not via usb ie?
23:18:49BBubit is only a usb-slave
23:19:13BBuband u cant do anything with the usb except accessing the hdd afaik
23:19:49 Quit webguest44 ("CGI:IRC (Ping timeout)")
23:20:01 Quit webguest82 ("CGI:IRC (Ping timeout)") just curious..people are asking
23:21:39 Quit uncledrax ("CGI:IRC")
23:26:56ashridahmuesli-: usb2go only supports usb 1.1, so you get 800kbps max.
23:26:59 Quit Dima202 (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
23:27:37ashridahthe other usb port is connected via usb-storage, although clearly there's extras given that some units can do DRM
23:28:15ashridahmuesli-: the optical out is connected via a DAC, so that's out, and the connection to the remotes won't have enough bandwidth afaik.
23:29:35cannardor connect the video out of your vcr to your soundcard, record as wav, then play it on your h300 with line out connected to video in
23:29:49cannardadjust bass for colour saturation, and treble for image sharpness
23:30:14ashridahcannard: except that it's clamped at 44.1KHz iirc, which wouldn't be enough
23:33:05ashridahbesides, then you'd be stuck doing the conversion to PAL in software. ick.
23:34:17 Nick ashridah is now known as Lost-ash (n=ashridah@
23:34:50muesli-iRiver: Added initial support for standard morse code input to virtual keyboard.
23:34:57muesli-wots that?
23:35:22 Quit _FireFly_ ("Leaving")
23:36:45Lamedslasheri said something about naming files with only one button by morse clicks...
23:37:37Bagderthere was such a commit recently
23:37:48muesli-sounds funny
23:38:02Lamedanyone knows a program that can replaygain but skip files that already have reaplygain values in them? - with foobar2000 i have to go through everything.
23:38:15Lamedbagder - yes, we were just talking about it.
23:38:54HooliganI sent the files to Linus...I wonder if he can learn anything interesting
23:39:45Bagdernah, he's such a loser ;-P
23:40:47 Quit San (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
23:40:49Lamedi've been arranging my playlist for the last 5-8 houres. it's becoming harder & harder.
23:41:20Paul_The_NerdLamed: Foobar's the only format-independent (or at least, supports so many that it's essentially so) program I've found to replaygain
23:42:15HooliganI'm gonna call iRiver and see what they say about this H300_Drmkey.hex file
23:42:25HooliganShould be interesting, I'm sure.
23:42:30 Quit yngwi ("Chatzilla [Firefox 1.5/undefined]")
23:46:54 Quit massiveH (""So long, and thanks for all the fish..."")
23:48:59muesli-what was max filesize for .wps and .rpws`?
23:50:50 Join San [0] (
23:53:52 Quit Hooligan ()
23:53:56muesli-BBub query
23:56:09 Join webguest06 [0] (
23:57:44 Quit webguest06 (Client Quit)
23:58:35 Join dunkellic [0] (
23:58:49muesli-dunkellic ;)
23:58:56dunkellicjo muelsli ^^
23:59:01dunkellichrhr, genau den, den ich such

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