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#rockbox log for 2005-12-04

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00:28:47peturis only the h3xx sim not playing sound well (win32) or is this common to all sims?
00:33:44BagderI've used the sim fine for years
00:33:58DrumRBoy320|Awayheh, i cant even get it to work :(
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00:34:15DrumRBoy320|Awaygives me a 'files' kinda error
00:34:16Bagder(not on win32 though)
00:35:12XavierGrhmm strange rockbox_browse will not return true if the user quits before selecting a file
00:35:28XavierGrit will return false both if the user selects a file or quits.
00:38:15peturwas looking for a nice place to start helping (get to know the code, my first patch,... stuff like that)
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00:45:23JdGordonhaha w00t for fat32... my .rockbox folder is 2.49mb, and 7.73MB on disk :D
00:46:04XavierGrit is the wps module that takes this much space
00:46:05ender`really? how big is your drive?
00:46:12XavierGrso many little icons and bmps
00:46:34XavierGrI think that if the wps are made using combined bitmaps this will be avoided
00:47:16*ender` is currently trying to build rockbox with the apev2 patch for mp3s
00:48:28*ender` needs to get the cross-compiler to work in interix... cygwin is horribly horribly slow
00:49:09peturyeah cygwin is way too slow
00:50:03ender`btw, my .rockbox is 2,28MB, 2,39MB on disk (on H120)
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00:52:42ashridahXavierGr: easier to use a zip with no compression imho.
00:52:50ashridahXavierGr: don't need any custom utilities then
00:53:09ashridahor, at worst, uclpack, since there's already code for that in rockbox
00:53:17ashridah('s source tree)
00:53:31XavierGrwell that's a good solution too.
00:53:44ashridahit would certainly cut down on the slack space
00:56:06ender`good, the ape patch seems to be working
00:56:55linuxstbape patch?
00:57:11XavierGrare there any serious perfomance flaws if I #include another file to code?
00:57:40ender`apev2 tags
00:57:42maxender: you might also want to consider colinux.
00:58:07ender`how stable is colinux?
00:58:31maxIf you don't have anything too exotic, it seems to be pretty stable.
00:59:21max(ie, XP 64-bit edition)
00:59:51ender`2003sp1 32bit (because there's 64bit drivers missing for my hardware)
01:00:27ender`i'll probably try to compile m68k-gcc with gcc 4 that somebody posted to tools warehouse forums first
01:00:41maxI was going to try it out today, but I couldn't get the latest devel image.
01:01:51ender`ok, i'm off to sleep now
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01:20:17peturhave question about pcmbuf.c - somebody around?
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01:28:59linuxstbpetur: What is your question?
01:29:58peturbit too late, just submitted my (first) patch ;)
01:30:42peturcrossfade_fade_in_amount can somehow remain 0 and when fade_insert is called, it crashes (div by zero)
01:30:50peturat least the H3xx sim does.
01:31:58peturbummer - just saw the other functions have this issue as well...
01:36:54peturenough for today - goodnight
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01:54:20massiveHis it feasable to get the iriver to play or even handle .PSF (playstation sound files)?
01:54:50massiveHi was looking into the sexyPSF spec, but it 'requires' a 300mhz Pentium I w/MMX
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01:55:49massiveHi do not have enough experiance in sound related programming to start to port this yet...
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02:02:17massiveHcorrection, a 200mhz Pentium I w/MMX
02:02:20maxG'morning, mr. tsb.
02:03:43linuxstbmassiveH: It's very unlikely to work on the iriver players. sexypsf is basically an audio-only playstation emulator.
02:04:12massiveHwell, that was what i was thinking, just the sound
02:04:21massiveHnot play a PSX game
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02:05:30linuxstbBut if the authors say it needs a 200MHz Pentium with MMX, then I doubt a 120MHz Coldfire is going to be up to the job.
02:06:03massiveHwell, i'm not sure, but i think it's optimized for that processor
02:06:03maxNot unless you're particularly good at writing ARM assembly
02:06:15massiveHsorry, i only know NASM
02:06:20maxColdfire.. don't know it
02:06:39maxIs it ARM based?
02:06:54massiveHNASM = intel
02:07:07massiveHbut sexyPSF can be compiled for an ARM
02:07:14maxI imagine it's instruction set is probably simpler than intels. :)
02:07:44massiveHthere is a makefile directive for an ARM when compiling sexyPSF
02:09:05maxOh. What I was asking is if the COldfire is ARM. I don't know any details of the Coldfire processors
02:09:16massiveHnor do i, hence me asking...
02:09:26*max hands massive a ticket to google.
02:09:36linuxstbThe coldfire is basically a Motorola 68k
02:09:52maxoh. weak :)
02:11:18massiveHi do believe that sexyPSF can be compiled in big or little endian
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02:12:39linuxstbYes, looking at it, it should be relatively straightforward to port it to Rockbox (as a plugin). But I would be very surprised if it could be made realtime.
02:12:44massiveHif i knew more programming, i would give it a whirl, but i have just started looking at rbx's source like 2 days ago
02:13:26lamed_YEESSS!!! I've made a usb-charger-mini cable! got to find a program to find out if it's a real usb2 transferate!
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02:15:55massiveHheck, i have looked at the sexyPSF source, and am not totally sure how it works, so me trying to make a plugin would be futile untill i understood it more
02:16:31massiveHbut on the plus side, it's all in C already...
02:18:05massiveHwell, sexyPSF for the PSP runs with no problem @ 166mhz, so it may be a possibility
02:20:08massiveHbut that's on a PSP
02:21:37XavierGris it programmed in fixed point (integer)?
02:22:06massiveHgive moment, i'll look into it
02:22:16linuxstbA grep for float/double didn't find any.
02:22:49XavierGrseems that it "could" be possible if someone will optimize it with assembly.
02:23:10massiveHit's got no floats
02:24:06massiveHit does have u64 defined, are longs a problem?
02:24:18linuxstbNot a problem, but slow.
02:24:29massiveHthen again, i don't know if it uses them
02:25:34XavierGrwhat happened to the MIDI port?
02:25:49XavierGrI was very interested in this.
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02:28:31massiveHthe u64 and s64 in sexyPSF only appear to be used in some timing functions
02:28:40massiveHvery few though
02:29:16massiveHactually, they are only used when multiplying two u or s 32s
02:29:22massiveHwhich makes sense
02:29:25XavierGrthen I guess they could be removed, no?
02:29:36massiveHappears so
02:30:53massiveHappears to only be part of the PSX emulation logic, could be removed or replaced with 32bit code
02:31:59XavierGrThen you should start porting it massiveH :)
02:32:37massiveHi would, but am not 'l33t' enough to program this, i could start, but it would be a very and i do mean VERY un-optimized
02:32:54massiveHi started today, by looking into this stuff, but i may need help along the way
02:32:58maxgood wayt o learn :)
02:33:24XavierGrI could help but I don't know anything about audio stuff and how playback works on rockbox so...
02:33:45massiveHsame here, but this is where to start, right?
02:33:56XavierGralso I don't have the slightest idea on how to optimize code.
02:34:14massiveHi could write it, but someone else would be the optimizer
02:34:17XavierGrmassiveH: You are right, 4 months ago and I didn't had a clue at programming.
02:34:35XavierGrNow rockbox helped me to understand C and write my own code for it.
02:34:44 Quit max (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
02:34:44XavierGr(mostly hacks or little additions)
02:34:57massiveHi've been programming for about a year, but have just started audio related programming (going to college for video game development...)
02:35:14XavierGrwell there are some devs that are very good on optimizing things
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02:40:07massiveHwhere could i find info on starting a plugin, or should i just look at others that are already there
02:40:39XavierGrdowload the source and look at the hello world plugin
02:41:15XavierGryou could first start making a psf2wav plugin
02:41:20XavierGrlike wav2wv plugin
02:41:45XavierGrthen if you see that it can encode it realtime you could start implementing PSF to the core.
02:42:33massiveHso i need to make something that converts the psf to a waveform, then work up to realtime with that plugin?
02:42:53massiveHwell, at least get the proper output first...
02:43:01 Quit Membrillo ()
02:43:17XavierGrthat will save you much time imho
02:43:43XavierGrif the plugin can convert realtime to wave then it should be clear if the port can be done.
02:44:03massiveHwhat is this wav2wv plugin?
02:44:29linuxstbIt compresses a WAV file using WavPack.
02:44:42XavierGrif not you ditch the port and you don't cry about your lost time trying to understand rockbox's vast playback code
02:44:57massiveHi'm guessing it's part of the CVS?
02:45:22XavierGrmassiveH: All playback for iriver (software based decoders) started this way
02:45:25*linuxstb agrees with XavierGr's advice.
02:45:46XavierGrFirst they built a codec to wav plaugin and the then if realtime added to the core.
02:46:00XavierGryes it is part of the cvs
02:46:04massiveH<- proceeds to rack bran attempting to start plugin
02:46:10XavierGrlinuxstb: :)
02:46:14massiveHwish me luck
02:46:21linuxstbmassiveH: The very first thing to do is to write a simple program for your PC that converts a psf file to a WAV file.
02:46:32linuxstbYou can then port that program to Rockbox.
02:46:34massiveHwhich is what i started earlier
02:46:47XavierGrwell good luck, I hope that your port will be usable, I am very interested in this too.
02:47:12massiveHbut i need to figure out the PSF to WAV first, then i get to figure out the rockbox architecture
02:47:37linuxstbOne important thing to know about Rockbox is that there is no malloc.
02:48:15massiveHhow would i get around this?
02:48:17linuxstbSo ideally, the first thing to do is to remove any mallocs from sexypsf - assuming that's straightforward.
02:48:27massiveHi think it uses them
02:48:27 Join Membrillo [0] (
02:48:30linuxstbi.e. replace mallocs with static buffers.
02:48:40massiveHok, i think i can handle that
02:48:52massiveHwhat is the suggested buffer size
02:49:36XavierGrhmm midi2wav hangs the player completely, pitty.
02:49:57linuxstbmassiveH: The smallest you need.
02:50:07DrumRBoy320|Awaywhat is 'iriverfy'
02:50:19massiveH256k a good place to start, or smaller yet
02:50:56linuxstbDrumRBoy320|Away: It does something to Rockbox generated .m3u playlists to make them compatible with the iriver firmware.
02:51:24DrumRBoy320|Awaywait, you know what... im going to go rtfm... and linuxstb, ty fo rthe answer :)
02:52:16DrumRBoy320|Awayoh yea, and that iriverify thing killed a gb rom... just to let you guys know adverse affects :)
02:53:13Membrillois anyone having trouble with the new fwpatcher with 1.29k?..... because i am :s
02:53:29XavierGrHmm I think that the midi2wav plugin requires some patchset files that aren't present in the builds
02:53:54DrumRBoy320|Awaynope, but i almost bricked my player for the //seccond// time using rockbox and firmware updating
02:54:29massiveHwhat's a good CVS prog for win, i've only used SVN
02:55:02 Quit Bger (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
02:55:20Membrilloi redownloaded it and its fine
02:55:37linuxstbmassiveH: plugins themselves have a relatively small amount of memory available (I think it's 768KB) for both code and data. If your plugin requires more RAM than that, then you will need to request part of the audio playback buffer. The jpeg viewer does this for example (which is why it stops audio playback).
02:56:12massiveHin the future, i guess it will need to do this
02:56:15linuxstbmassiveH: The command-line cvs works fine under cygwin.
02:56:37massiveHok, CYGWIN is installed, so i'll use that
02:56:45XavierGrmassiveH: to compile or fiddle with CVS get rockbox devkit or cygwin for Win32
02:57:09massiveHi have all that already
03:03:26massiveHhow do i go about becoming a 'developer', is it as simple as joining the dev and cvs mailing lists?
03:04:01massiveHor should i just work with annon. access for now?
03:04:32XavierGrto become a developer you need to write code and submit patches
03:05:02XavierGrif the work you've done is good and you need access to mak lots of additions the devs give you cvs access.
03:05:19massiveHok, so for now work with anon.?
03:05:30XavierGrI think that it is something like that right linuxstb?
03:06:05XavierGrget a cvs repositry on your machine and if you have finshed your changes make a patch and submit it.
03:07:59massiveHthe rockbox dev kit does not understand CVS...?
03:08:12massiveHsays 'command not found'
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03:09:42XavierGrwhat did you typed?
03:10:14Membrilloummm, is the h3xx bootloader USB mode meant to work? because my screen says its entered usb mode although my PC cant detect it
03:10:28massiveHi do not believe it works yet
03:10:43XavierGrMembrillo: I think that it will not work current;y
03:10:44massiveHit's listed as a bug on the bootloader page that it's not working
03:11:27Membrilloyeah i know that, but as it entered usb mode, i figured it could of been fixed
03:20:12massiveHhow does one go about editing files in CYGWIN, or should i stick to notepad
03:21:37massiveHsounds good to me
03:21:58XavierGrI use notepad 2 for my coninience
03:22:32XavierGrnotepad2 offers various language highlight including diff file format that patches use.
03:24:47massiveHi have visual studio from school, so i'll use that
03:25:44XavierGrisn't thay a litle heavy only to make changes?
03:26:10massiveHhey, why the heck not
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03:27:06JdGordoncan rb move files around on the hdd? (or for that matter, can the iriv fw do it?) (h300)
03:27:09Mongey|i need help with my website
03:27:33Mongey|im trying to install e107
03:27:46JdGordonXavierGr: rb?
03:28:01XavierGrsorry I dont know anything about websites
03:28:11XavierGrJdGordon: yes rb
03:28:13Mongey|but i dont know my mySQL Database: and table prefix
03:29:27*Mongey| falls asleep @ [02;29]
03:29:30XavierGrJdGordon: To move a file you must rename it with the path.
03:29:39 Part Mongey|
03:29:53Membrillodoes anyone know how to change the language in the iriver FW?
03:30:03Membrillolike my settings are all in korena
03:30:14BBubyou cant
03:30:19XavierGre.g if you rename a file that is in root "/test.file" and want to move it on tests folder you just rename it "/tests/test.file"
03:30:32massiveHMembrillo: in general, it's the second or third option
03:31:10 Join chendo__ [0] (
03:31:13Membrilloah found it
03:31:24Membrillotop left one, second
03:31:59JdGordonok thanx
03:32:09 Join StrathAFK [0] (
03:32:13 Quit chendo_ (
03:32:13 Quit Strath (
03:32:31JdGordonMembrillo: there is a language setting in the menu... dunno if it has korean tho
03:32:34massiveHyeah, when i flashed my h340, i was like, this is bad, but found the option, and all was good
03:32:49JdGordonlinuxstb: u around?
03:34:07MembrilloJdGordon: yep
03:34:11Membrillothere is indeed
03:35:05JdGordon:'( there is a language error on the h300 and i doubt it will be easy to fix
03:35:32JdGordonit says "PLAY = yes" in the delete screen... but bloody NAVI is ok, not play :'( (h300)
03:35:52Membrilloyou can change it to english
03:36:01JdGordonthat is the english
03:36:18Membrilloummm devs, just a cosmetic thing. when creating a playlist on RB and the insert screen is up (eg "inserted xxxx tracks, off to abort"), when a one digit is in the number, it creates a new line as it can not fit in the one line and it sort of, jumps around
03:37:20Membrillooh, and xxxx has to be a four digit number
03:38:06NJoinchendo_ [0] (
03:38:06NJoinStrath [0] (
03:38:51Membrillohow do you open a WPS on rb :s all i can find is browse themes
03:39:07XavierGrJdGordon: This PLAY issue is already known. It will be that way for some time. We have to discuss button mappings thoroughly before changeing anything. This mistake comes from other ports that utilize the PLAY button this way.
03:39:28JdGordonits just really confusing :p
03:42:22 Join Peter_7373 [0] (
03:42:35JdGordonis button.c not used in the sims?
03:42:42 Part Peter_7373
03:46:59 Quit Strath (Connection timed out)
03:47:17Membrillofor now cant you just change the string to navi = ok?
03:48:21JdGordoni could... but i dont know how rb does translation.. would changin a string effect that?
03:48:41JdGordon(i only use english anyway, so as long as it doesnt crash looking for a non-exsistsnt string i dont care)
03:49:27 Join CBM-away [0] (n=BurgerBo@
03:49:52Membrillothats a good point.... im not sure about translations
03:50:34 Quit chendo_ (Connection timed out)
03:51:07Membrillohow do you open WPS's?
03:51:43JdGordonwith notepad
03:51:47JdGordonits just a txt file
03:51:54Membrillono, not edit them
03:52:01Membrillobut load them in RB
03:52:16Membrilloive found browse themes but thats not WPSs exactly is it?
03:52:35JdGordonbrowse wps is in the same menu
03:53:27Membrillorecent bookmarks, sound settings, general settings, manage settings, browse themes, playlist options, browse plugins, info
03:54:17JdGordongeneral > brosw wps
03:55:12Membrilloahhh, General > display > brose wps
03:55:44JdGordonye, soz
03:56:04Membrillowhen i select one, it just comes up with the code for the wps
03:56:28Membrillooh right
03:56:32Membrilloas well as loading it
03:56:58XavierGrpitty even with the patchset the midi2wav plugin will just crash the player.
03:58:09JdGordonbrowse wps should be a viewer.. not a loader :'(
03:58:24JdGordon.. something to play with in 6 weeks when i get back
03:58:42Membrillowell, if it was only a viewer, how would you load new WPSs?
03:59:06JdGordonpress rec or something?
03:59:09JdGordonwell it shold be both
03:59:15JdGordonlike the font loader
03:59:25JdGordon:'( i think i accidently deleted my kick ass wps
03:59:39Membrilloyou should scroll through like an automatically generated one with set tags for all
03:59:48Membrilloautomatically generated screenshot
04:00:00Membrillothat would be absolutely awesome
04:01:37Membrilloummm ive fixed up the IpodVOL wps and it works 100%
04:01:46Membrillowith the images resized and everything
04:01:53Membrilloshould i submit it somehow
04:04:13Lost-ashMembrillo: patches can be attached to the patch tracker on
04:04:23Membrillois a WPS a patch?
04:04:41 Quit CheeseBurgerMan (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
04:04:52BBubyou can put it in the wpsgalery
04:04:56Lost-ashwell, it can be distributed as one, but if you just bundle up the new files, someone can merge them, just attach the file to the patch tracker.
04:05:20Lost-ash(even if it's a zip containing the updated files)
04:05:38Lost-ashBBub: yeah, but that won't notify people who can merge it easily.
04:05:58BBubok, thats true
04:06:56*Lost-ash wanders off again
04:07:52 Join CheeseBurgerMan [0] (n=BurgerBo@
04:08:05Membrillocan i use the same image twice? for example a bar showing battery left also as volume level?
04:08:46JdGordonye, prob need to load it twice tho
04:10:17Membrillodo you guys want to try it out and tell me what to change?
04:10:51JdGordonsure.. upload it somehwere
04:11:29Membrillookey doke format?
04:15:02 Join Jungti1234 [0] (n=jungti12@
04:15:26JdGordonzip will do
04:17:39JdGordonhow do u move the cursor in the text input screen?
04:18:39Membrilloup down left right....?
04:19:03JdGordonMembrillo: looks alright.. the bmp flasshing annoys me so i use only text screens
04:19:08XavierGrok fmr preset handling patc is updated for anyone that cares...
04:19:35Jungti1234JdGordon: Does it mean Rockword?
04:19:37JdGordoni mean the cursor in the filename..
04:20:11MembrilloJdGordon: yeah i know, hopefully the display code is optimized soon
04:20:43Jungti1234Doesn't it blink?
04:20:43JdGordonon and arrow aparently
04:21:24 Join stevenm [0] (
04:22:02stevenmHello guys. Long time no see, class/finals suck. Does anyone know which -Ox option is set on rockbox for compiling plugins on the target?
04:22:27DimaTechDamn it! I have to study for them!
04:22:30DimaTechWhy do u remind>?
04:22:36DimaTechHave you no heart?
04:22:56JdGordon:'( some1 is having a bbq and i can smell it through my window
04:23:03JdGordonbbs.. getting food
04:23:19DimaTechfood I like :)
04:23:50stevenmaw rats, that reminds me, I should go cook something
04:24:08stevenmbut as for the plugins, are they built -O1, O2, O3, or what? anyone know offhand?
04:24:13 Quit CBM-away (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
04:24:41Jungti1234hey guys.
04:25:15Jungti1234Can't I use USB keyboard to H300 because using rockbox?
04:25:57Jungti1234Is that support it impossibility?
04:26:25Membrillowhy would you want to
04:26:39Membrillomay as well use a laptop
04:27:11Jungti1234Because Korean who want to do word work in H300 is many.
04:27:40Jungti1234word = document
04:28:29Membrillocant you do document work on a laptop
04:28:39Jungti1234Are they strange? :P
04:28:47Membrilloyou will look like a fool with an h3xx and a keyboard
04:28:49BBubit would take ages to type a text on the hxxx
04:29:05BBubyeah, if that gets implemented
04:29:16Jungti1234Don't use the big keyboard.
04:29:34BBubit would need to have a touchscreen like a pda
04:29:36Jungti1234There is small keyboard that can fold.
04:30:09Jungti1234Is available if can support it in H300.
04:31:16Membrilloid say so
04:32:09Membrillothe iriver cant support connection and running, (hence it enters connection mode
04:32:20Membrillosomething to do with one being a slave
04:32:22BBubbut the h3xx can
04:32:45BBubor does it not respond to anything when you attach a camera?
04:32:53BBubthe the usb 1.1 portz?
04:32:56Membrilloit doesnt respond with anything
04:33:07Membrillowell actually
04:33:12Membrilloim not sure
04:33:25Membrilloone has to be a slave
04:33:33BBubyes, the camera
04:33:33Membrilloyou cant have two processing
04:33:38Jungti1234I think that may use it by Host function.
04:33:43Membrillowell, the keyboard would have to be the slave
04:33:52Membrillomeaning it couldnt send data
04:34:07Membrilloor the keypad presses
04:34:25BBubwell, the slave-mode is hardwired on the h1xx
04:34:34BBubmeans it enters the hdd-mode imediately
04:35:10BBubbut the h3xx has a second host-controller which should be able to connect to almost anything
04:35:15BBubso why no to a keyboard? ;)
04:35:35massiveHas long as the driver is written
04:36:57Jungti1234I'm confused.
04:37:11Jungti1234Is it possible? impossible?
04:37:14Membrillosome pondering must be done on the subject :D
04:37:19BBubit is possible
04:37:36BBubas the h3xx can act as a host on the second usb-port
04:37:38Membrilloif it is, vast amounts of opportunities
04:40:02Jungti1234Do you have H300?
04:40:14Membrilloi do indeed
04:44:56Jungti1234Whom can't make support Hangul input to Rockword?
04:46:42Membrillowhat rhymes with stools....
04:46:51Membrillobesides fools
04:47:13Membrillowhat the shit does bools mean
04:47:36BBubbool(ean) is a declaration type
04:47:41BBubso maybe the plural is bools?
04:48:10Membrillothats lame :P
04:49:08BBubit sure is
04:52:23Jungti1234Dooms day Clock
04:57:27 Quit massiveH ("bye bye")
04:58:05Membrillodoes rockboy have to be downloaded externally? or is it in the daily builds already
05:00:27 Quit stevenm ("Connection reset by beer")
05:03:30 Join Rob2222_ [0] (
05:05:20BBubit is in the daily builds
05:05:30BBuband the bleeding edge build of course
05:06:11Membrillohow do you access it?
05:06:14Membrilloits not in plugins
05:06:28BBubbut a rom on your player and start it
05:06:43Membrillooh ok
05:06:52Membrilloso you dont have to open rockboy
05:08:52***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
05:10:31 Join JdGordon41 [0] (
05:16:36DrumRBoy320|Awaythis is def a stupid question BUT
05:16:49DrumRBoy320|Awayrockbox parks he drive head when off right?
05:17:09DrumRBoy320|Awaywell, head needle thing
05:17:20DrumRBoy320|Awayim sure it does...
05:17:31BBubit does
05:17:41BBublisten to the click you can hear when the hdd powers off
05:18:16 Quit San (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
05:18:21DrumRBoy320|Awayok, makin sure cause i just dropped it from about 3 feet onto a pair of jeans i had on my floor
05:18:36 Quit Rob2222 (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
05:18:56BBubmine already made a flight of about 1 meter
05:19:42Membrilloi dropped my ipod from a foot and the screen shattered
05:19:49Membrilloso i bought my h3xx :)
05:22:42Jungti1234huu.. is full
05:23:02Jungti1234I'm full :D
05:24:31 Join MrStaticVoid [0] (n=jlee@resnet-252-233.resnet.UMBC.EDU)
05:27:41 Quit CheeseBurgerMan (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
05:28:35 Quit JdGordon (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
05:28:56 Quit dropandho ()
05:31:10 Join CheeseBurgerMan [0] (n=BurgerBo@
05:34:26 Nick Lost-ash is now known as ashridah (n=ashridah@
05:44:28 Quit JonSenior ("using sirc version 2.211+KSIRC/1.3.10")
05:56:03 Quit Membrillo ()
06:00:13 Quit Jungti1234 ("bye")
06:00:45 Part DrumRBoy320|Away
06:00:45 Join DrumRBoy320|Away [0] (
06:01:59 Join Jungti1234 [0] (n=jungti12@
06:09:20 Quit Jungti1234 ("bye")
06:13:22 Nick DrumRBoy320|Away is now known as DrumRboy320||Awa (
06:13:33 Nick DrumRboy320||Awa is now known as DrumRBoy320|away (
06:22:58 Join lamed [0] (
06:23:15lamed7:30 In the morning...
06:23:22lamedCheck out my new guide over
06:27:28 Quit lamed (Client Quit)
06:28:41 Nick ashridah is now known as Lost-ash (n=ashridah@
06:33:43BBubbut you are aware that the iriver consumes 2 ampere and your mobo only offers about 0.5 ampere?
06:33:50BBuboh, hes already gone
06:34:13BBubmaybe he comes back when his usb-port is dead
06:35:01Lost-ashnot if it's a properly built one
06:35:02 Quit DreamTactix291 (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
06:35:17Lost-ashcurrent limiting would kick in,
06:35:21Lost-ashthat's about it.
06:35:25BBubstill the power-comsumption of the iriver is four times as high
06:35:30 Join DreamTactix291 [0] (
06:35:35Lost-ashthe device won't charge that quickly, but it wouldn't fail.
06:35:53Lost-ashbesides, many usb ports, particularly powered hubs can supply much more than usb's officially rated for
06:36:06BBubhubs can, thats true
06:36:23BBubbut mobos have enough to do with supplying the graphics card and the cpu in modern systems
06:36:58*Lost-ash blinks
06:37:02Lost-ashwhat's that got to dow ith it?
06:37:15Lost-ashthe usb sockets should have their own current limiting circuitry.
06:37:27BBubthey should
06:37:29Lost-ashinfact, many usb chipsets will disable ports that overdraw.
06:38:54Lost-ashbut i'd agree. doing this on the motherboard's usb ports is fooldhardy.
06:39:04BBubwell, i just think iriver had a good reason to not include that feature :)
06:39:08BBubon any of their players
06:39:22Lost-ashcorrect me if i'm wrong, but doesn't the iriver H3xx charge from usb? :)
06:39:44BBubi dont own one, but it could be
06:39:56BBubbut then again, the h10 doesnt do it
06:40:03Lost-ashright, well, all it takes is some sane current limiting on iriver's side, and that's not a problem.
06:46:35 Join Membrillo [0] (
06:51:33Membrillowow, i just worked out how to use the devkit. I feel proud :D
06:52:22 Quit CheeseBurgerMan (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
06:54:09Membrilloi just compiled a win32 sim (i think). Now how do i run it
06:54:51Membrilloim very confused now
06:54:57 Join San [0] (n=Test@
06:54:57Membrillois this where cygwin comes in?
06:55:14 Join CheeseBurgerMan [0] (n=BurgerBo@
06:58:46Membrillocan someone explain this? i used the dev kit to create a win32 sim to test my WPSs, now how do i use it
07:01:28 Quit RotAtoR ()
07:08:56***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
07:16:37Membrilloworked it out
07:18:09JdGordon41does kareoke mode work?
07:18:16JdGordon41or not done yet on the h300?
07:18:18 Nick JdGordon41 is now known as JdGordon (
07:22:00Membrillois kareoke just stripping the vocals out?
07:22:08Membrillokareoke mode rather
07:22:24JdGordoni thubj so
07:22:37Membrilloim guessing thubj means think?
07:22:45JdGordonah ye
07:24:29Membrillois anyone working on the WPS display code?
07:24:39JdGordondoubt it
07:26:13Membrilloi just did make install in the Devkit and it says "No WPS module present, Can't do WPS magic!"
07:26:17Membrillowhat does that mean
07:26:45JdGordonnot sure
07:26:49JdGordonhappens ehre also
07:28:13Membrilloanyone know what to do?
07:28:45Membrilloaaaaaaanyone out there?
07:28:53JdGordonits just u n me...
07:29:02Membrilloah shit
07:29:02JdGordonthere all dead,,,
07:29:26Membrilloive spent ages working out how to do this and now it stuffs up on the last step and no ones around to help :'(
07:29:36JdGordonits fine
07:29:41JdGordonu can ignore it
07:29:46Membrillowheres the EXE file?
07:30:05JdGordonin home/guest/<win32sim folder>/
07:30:34Membrilloah sweet
07:30:36Membrillofound it
07:31:46Membrilloam i meant to be able to see anything?
07:32:12Membrillooh wait
07:32:18Membrilloits that setting you need to change
07:32:40*JdGordon like this pic
07:33:19Membrilloits very photoshopped lol
07:33:24Membrillobut yeah its coo
07:33:29Membrilloi like RATM
07:35:13Membrillonow ive got the sim working im off
07:35:22 Quit Membrillo ()
07:40:24 Quit perplexity (Read error: 113 (No route to host))
07:43:47XavierGrBBub: H100 or H300 definitely doesn't need 2 ampers of current
07:45:06XavierGrThe adaptor that comes with the device is rated at 2 A. That means that the adaptor can give maximum 2 A if a device asks for it.
07:45:24XavierGrA proper USB cable can charge and sybc at the same time.
07:45:49XavierGrIt is just that the charging will take much longer due to the low current of USB ports (5mA)
07:48:19BBub500mA ;)
07:50:07XavierGrops yes
07:50:17XavierGrforgot 2 zeros
07:56:23JdGordonany1 here opened there h300?
07:57:34 Quit DJDD_ ("Trillian (")
07:59:15 Join perplexity [0] (n=joust@
08:12:50 Join webguest49 [0] (
08:15:15webguest49hello there, sorry to bug but my iriver is stuck in a crash on boot cycle, it crashes on "read file system," i reset with the emergency button, crashes again. i can't turn it off, and have no idea how to fix the problem. any hints (or straight out answers even)?
08:17:35 Quit webguest49 (Client Quit)
08:21:17 Join webguest47 [0] (
08:21:43 Quit webguest47 (Client Quit)
08:30:49 Join rizz [0] (
08:32:13rizzhey folks, sorry to bug, but i'm having bootcrashing on my iriver 120. it gets to "read file system" then stops. i hard reset it, and it does it again. i can plug it into my pc fine using the USB port, and it reads the disks just dandy fine. any suggestions/answers?
08:33:16XavierGra brute force solution would be to format it ;p
08:33:36rizzthrough windows i assume?
08:33:55perplexitymkdosfs -F32 /dev/sda1 :)
08:34:03XavierGryes or iriver fw
08:35:09rizzalright how do i get to the firmware based format?
08:35:40XavierGroptions-> general -> format
08:36:41rizzbut.. it crashes on "read file system" i can't get there
08:37:52SlasheriBagder: sorry, should be fixed now :)
08:39:55XavierGris there the xxx2wav.h still on CVS?
08:42:47XavierGrhmm they are gone. Anyway to get them. A backup maybe?
08:44:16XavierGrha I found them in the CVS under the attic folder
08:46:36 Quit rizz ()
08:49:45 Quit DreamTactix291 (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
09:08:58***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
09:10:03 Join Jungti1234 [0] (n=jungti12@
09:15:23 Quit XavierGr (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
09:17:05 Join XavierGr [0] (
09:21:59 Join cannard [0] (
09:22:41Lost-ashrizz: i'd chkdisk it first, if it connects in windows
09:22:48Lost-ashaah, too late.
09:31:08 Quit TCK (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
09:40:21 Quit Rick (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
09:42:00 Join Rick [0] (
09:42:41 Join _Vladoman [0] (
09:51:48 Join Zak1392 [0] (
09:52:41 Quit Zak1392 (Client Quit)
09:55:25 Join Acksaw [0] (
09:55:47Acksawi just "tried" to play sudoku, I know how to play, but this isnt sudoku!
09:56:01Acksawit has no numbers already in?
09:59:52 Quit Vlad0man (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
10:04:47JdGordonAcksaw: u gotta get game files
10:04:51JdGordonthe wiki has a likn
10:05:01Acksawthat explains it
10:05:03Acksawlink? :p
10:06:39XavierGrhow much iram does h120 has?
10:07:08JdGordon32mb isnt it?
10:07:45XavierGrmaybe, I don't know if the iram is a different memory
10:09:30Maximeµ/allocine le carton
10:09:35Maximeoops sry
10:12:29perplexityAccording to my datasheet, the h120 has 96kb Iram broken into a 32kb and 64kb bank..
10:16:12XavierGriram is different from the main memory of the player obviously
10:16:29amiconnRockbox maps these 32KB+64KB into one contiguous block, then splits it between core and plugins/codecs
10:17:01amiconnIRAM is fast static RAM built into the CPU
10:17:07Slasheriyep, iram is inside the cpu core (and very fast), while dram is placed off chip and is much slower too
10:17:25JdGordonAH, ok, i thought iram wqas the main ram
10:17:40XavierGrso the plugin iram is 32kb?
10:17:47perplexityIn addition, only 1 of the Iram banks is dma-able..
10:19:03amiconnXavierGr: No, plugins and codecs share one half of the IRAM
10:19:16amiconnThat means, a plugin that uses IRAM needs to stop playback first
10:19:29amiconn...otherwise it will crash rockbox
10:19:56XavierGrI need to set a buffer. How big will I have to set it?
10:20:18XavierGrThe bigger the better as it will write to disk
10:21:00XavierGrbut it is commented "gonna run out of iram"
10:21:17XavierGrso it must be set accordingly right?
10:26:19SlasheriHmm, what are you doing? Do you really need iram for that
10:26:42amiconnSlasheri: Is this morse stuff really faster/ easier than the standard vkeyboard??
10:26:45SlasheriYou should put buffer to dram unless you need a really fast accesses to it
10:26:50*amiconn can't imagine that...
10:27:05Slasheriamiconn: yes it is, if you have learnt the morse alphabets
10:27:22Slasheriand it's a nice thing for learning them too :)
10:27:51 Join DreamTactix291 [0] (
10:28:06XavierGrSlasheri: I picked u the xxx2wav files and working onthe mid2wav plugin.
10:28:20Slasheriamiconn: at least you don't need to nagitave through the keyboard and find the correct character.. So, if it's not faster, it should be at least easier to type
10:28:39SlasheriXavierGr: ah, then you most definately shouldn't use iram for buffering
10:28:42XavierGrI don't know much about it but it has a big buffer that outputs wave data to disk
10:29:02XavierGrit was set to 2000 but it is small and hogs the disk
10:29:27XavierGrif I set it more that ~42500 it will complain that the iram is full on compile time
10:31:47Slasheriamiconn: with cw, communication speed is typically 25 - 60 characters/s (depending on how good people manage the morse alphabets). I can't imagine how this could be possible with the standard virtual keyboard :)
10:32:30XavierGrwow 60 characters/s?
10:32:38amiconnHmm, but I imagine the select button being a far-from ideal button for morse input...
10:32:40XavierGrare you sure? I mean 60/second?
10:32:41SlasheriXavierGr: yes
10:32:58amiconnI doubt that
10:33:03JdGordonbut the long-key-press for the - would kill that speed
10:33:07Slasherii am.. the was even a cw test where user should manage that speed
10:33:10JdGordonunless . is a diff key to - ?
10:33:19XavierGrit's true though that in a recent contest...
10:33:23SlasheriCW1 (for beginners) had 40/s and CW2 60/s
10:33:35Slasheribut now it's 25/s and cw is not mandatory any more
10:33:47JdGordon..−−.. ..- ...−− −−-... .. ...-
10:34:07XavierGrbetween a chapions in an sms writer and a mors code guy, morse beat the hell up of the sms in means of speed.
10:34:43XavierGrSlasheri: Morse input lacks the "/" for renaming. Can you add that?
10:34:44JdGordonnot nescacerily... it all depends how long the - needs to be held for...
10:35:12SlasheriXavierGr: i doubt that is a standard code.. but i will investigate
10:35:38XavierGrwhat is CW?
10:36:16Slasheriamiconn: i just checked from papers and it was 60/s to get the highest level amateur radio license
10:36:53SlasheriXavierGr: it just means telegraphy
10:36:57XavierGrhow about proffesionals?
10:37:11amiconn60/s would mean more than 60 Hz (since morse code has more than one element per letter)
10:37:16Slasherihehe, i just need to find i good site for you
10:37:27amiconnI think that should read 60/min
10:37:39Slasheriamiconn: oh, of course..
10:37:42Slasherisorry about that :D
10:37:50XavierGrSlasheri: I seriously doubt that they can write 60 characters per second. 1 second is 2 maybe 1 long clicks for the iriver.
10:37:55Slasherihehe :D
10:37:58amiconnA _huge_ difference ;)
10:41:04Slasherithere seems to be a short introduction
10:41:15 Join ender` [0] (i=ychat@
10:41:36XavierGrah now I get it. He uses a static char array which if set to high cant fit.
10:41:50XavierGrThe same problem I had with the file scrolling jpeg viewer
10:41:59XavierGrI will make it to use a pointer instead
10:42:14XavierGrthat way it would be able to make a big big buffer.
10:47:16XavierGrgrrr now that I found the biggest array it will accept it will just lag a specific interval during playback of the wav file
10:48:03 Join webguest41 [0] (
10:48:44XavierGrint currentSample IDATA_ATTR; <- what kind of declaration is this?
10:49:37 Join Zak1392 [0] (
10:49:54Zak1392hey everyone
10:51:41amiconnSlasheri: Hmm, it seems you're right; it doesn't need much practice to be relatively fast with morse input
10:52:12amiconnI think it would be nice to enable morse input for archos, but it needs some work
10:52:26amiconnArchos can't show all codes in one screen
10:52:27XavierGrwell as I mentioned you should add a '/' for renames
10:52:54SlasheriHmm, yes. Scrolling support for the alphabets display and for players without a graphical lcd, entirely new code..
10:53:22amiconnSlasheri: Btw, is there a reason why the - isn't shown as - ?
10:54:38SlasheriHmm, you mean the symbols for . and -?
10:55:03Slasheri- would take more space.. no other reason
10:56:09Slasheriso that could be changed but then we need to be able to scroll because everything wouldn't fit on the screen at once
10:56:27Zak1392is the battery percentage correct on h300s?
10:56:34XavierGralso you could add to scroll on the bar by simple holding left or right
10:56:50XavierGrthere is no need to hold play together with the direction
10:57:06XavierGrand on archos targets up or down could change the legend to show more letters
10:57:28webguest41Couldn't the Archos morse chart be a bitmap? That way it could fit the screen....
10:57:37 Join Musicmad [0] (
10:58:02Zak1392can anyone answer my Q?
10:58:42SlasheriXavierGr: in morse mode, scrolling on the bar with left/right works now
10:59:04amiconnXavierGr: Yes, for recorder and Ondio, but the player has no up/down
10:59:52XavierGrZak1392: It is right, but it is a mere guess
11:00:21XavierGrThough maybe it will need a bit more of optimization because H300 has larger amper needs.
11:00:54Zak1392the battery life goes down a hell of a lot quicker with rockbox
11:01:03XavierGrZak1392: If you can compile see my battery_benchmark plugin on the patchtracker run a test and tell us your results
11:01:47MusicmadSlasheri: would you consider changing the morse key away from joystick?
11:02:02amiconnSlasheri: We need some clever ideas for button mapping, especially for Ondio
11:02:40amiconnThe Ondio vkeyboard doesn't use a separate flip key, but flips through pages with left/right in the picker area
11:02:41SlasheriMusicmad: hmm, maybe but why? i think it's the best key to type in morse
11:02:54Slasheriamiconn: yes, true
11:03:24XavierGrSlasheri: Because the click buttons can easily be damaged from use
11:03:37XavierGr^buttons r/s
11:03:37SlasheriMusicmad: with other buttons, you don't feel anything and you would easily type errors
11:03:40Slasheriah :/
11:03:45XavierGrargh buttons = button
11:06:11MusicmadSlasheri: what XavierGr said. Plus is noisy as hell :)
11:06:50MusicmadSlasheri: I think the feedback from the other buttons is more than sufficient actually.
11:07:04XavierGrwell the next candidate is the record key, you could add this key too and let the user choose which one he wants. We have many keys unassigned in this screen so it wouldn't be a problem
11:07:24webguest41How 'bout "click" and also "up"?
11:07:52Musicmadhow about "hold"?
11:08:24XavierGrnahh it would be tricky and damaging
11:08:36Musicmaderhm that was a joke.
11:09:01SlasheriHmm, probably we have to create a menu option to specify the behaviour for morse: Which button to use, the delays and behaviour (click-down and hold or click-hold etc.)
11:09:03***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
11:09:07XavierGrnow that I think of it. What if your hold button breaks on hold position (internally)
11:09:15XavierGrthe player is rendered useless.
11:09:25XavierGrNo bootloader no normal fw ;p
11:12:41 Quit webguest41 ("CGI:IRC (Ping timeout)")
11:15:01amiconnSlasheri: The 'accept' button mapping on Ondio & player is another issue. They are currently mapped to long Mode resp. long Play, which would block inputting a -
11:19:46XavierGranyone that cares about optimizing midi2wav.c? It is 78% realtime currently with no ASM included.
11:23:04*amiconn wonders how the vkeyboard could look like with full unicode support
11:23:13*amiconn prods Bagder
11:24:31 Join Bger [0] (n=Bager@
11:24:51amiconnI can imagine the selfextracting .ajz will be faster when loaded by original archos rom firmware
11:25:23amiconnThe archos descrambler is rather slow, and there is less data to descramble when loading a compressed .ajz
11:25:34amiconnThis could make up for the decompression time...
11:31:00 Nick Lost-ash is now known as ashridah (n=ashridah@
11:38:40Jungti1234I understood cygwin use myself!
11:39:19 Quit Acksaw ()
11:39:24Jungti1234I use it and I compile myself.
11:39:48Jungti1234It was difficult that learn it.
11:40:07 Quit San (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
11:40:51 Part amiconn
11:43:51 Join |Bger| [0] (n=Bager@
11:43:51 Quit Rob2222_ (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
11:45:06 Join San [0] (
11:45:11 Join Rob2222 [0] (
11:47:20 Join San||Away [0] (
12:01:23 Quit Bger (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
12:05:53 Quit San (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
12:06:05 Join San [0] (
12:08:07 Quit San||Away (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
12:11:13 Join Lear [0] (
12:14:10Jungti1234Is no one here?
12:17:43JdGordonim here...
12:18:11Jungti1234May I ask a question to you?
12:19:13Zak1392can you ask me a question ;)
12:19:25Jungti1234I use cygwin.
12:19:45Jungti1234Error becomes to creat firmware.
12:19:52Jungti1234creat = make
12:20:16linuxstbXavierGr: Have you got the midi2wav plugin working?
12:20:21JdGordonwhats the error?
12:20:33Jungti1234In drivers/lcd-16bit.c
12:20:49Jungti1234wait JdGordon
12:21:07Jungti1234I will take screenshot.
12:21:43 Join muesli_- [0] (
12:22:06*JdGordon will be back right after these short messages from our sponsors
12:22:10 Quit JdGordon ("Miranda IM! Smaller, Faster, Easier.")
12:22:43 Join JdGordon [0] (
12:23:06 Join JonSenior [0] (
12:23:31JdGordon.. and we're back
12:26:01Jungti1234See this.
12:26:34 Join Philip [0] (
12:27:02 Quit JonSenior (Client Quit)
12:27:04 Join mirak [0] (
12:27:14|Bger|Jungti1234: any patches ?
12:30:13 Nick ashridah is now known as Lost-ash (n=ashridah@
12:31:28 Quit Lear (Excess Flood)
12:32:36 Join JonSenior [0] (
12:34:10Jungti1234hey, JdGordon
12:34:22 Join Lear [0] (
12:34:26JdGordonits prob the unicode patch then
12:34:30JdGordonremove it and all should be good
12:34:42Jungti1234Did you see it?
12:34:58JdGordonof find the file bidi_suport_enabled and add the function prototype to the correct .h file
12:35:08JdGordonor the top of lcd-16bit.c
12:35:30*JdGordon is preparing for tomorow... only semi here
12:36:07Jungti1234I didn't understand.
12:36:20JdGordonw00t im going on a 747 :D
12:36:27|Bger|wow :)
12:36:44|Bger|Jungti1234: u must go and play with source ...
12:36:58JonSeniorHas anyone here had any success with emulating the Coldfire (And thus, the original firmware)? Or has all the work been done by hand? I can't get the coldfire emulator to execute anything as it always seg faults.
12:37:49linuxstbJonSenior: No, I don't think anyone has tried the emulator. It was talked about before we had code running on the target, but I don't think anyone thought it would be useful to put any work into it.
12:37:53Jungti1234Where do go?
12:38:00JonSeniorJust trying to separate the code blocks from the data in the H300 firmware, and thus be able to track routines that operate on GPIO.
12:38:28JonSeniorI can't get my head around what is going on after the descrambling.
12:40:23perplexityWhich emulator are you using JonSenior ?
12:40:41JonSeniorThe coldfire one that is mentioned in the wiki
12:40:56JonSeniorThe only other options appear to be quite pricey commercial ones.
12:41:14JdGordonits only as pricey as your p2p client :p
12:41:37|Bger|Jungti1234: give me a link to the patch
12:41:43JonSeniorHowever the emulator will happily dissassemble the machine code, but crashes if I try to run anything.
12:41:56perplexityI have been working on QEMU myself, but I'm stalled adding the MAC unit operations at the moment (stalled due to lack of time mainly)
12:42:13 Quit Rob2222 ()
12:42:17JonSeniorJDGordon: I haven't looked, but I don't imagine they'll be that popular. They're not in the Top 10! ;-)
12:42:42JonSeniorperplexity: Is there a web page with the current state of play on it?
12:42:51linuxstbAnyone know why there is a HAVE_RTC condition around the ata_flush() in lines 139 and 296 of apps/gui/gwps.c ? I thought that even targets with RTC RAM would also store some settings on disk ?
12:43:58perplexityNope.. it's a hack based on a svn repository I found floating around somewhere
12:45:40perplexityIf I had seen the one in the wiki I'd get onto that instead.. mine was only going to emulate userspace stuff, I'll help with that one to do full system emulation.. I'd love to boot the original firmware.
12:47:02Learlinuxstb: I'd guess it is saving the resume point that is the main interest here... Still, looks a bit odd, I agree. :)
12:47:46JonSeniorperplexity: PaulS is already working on adding the 5249 to the coldfire emulator, I'm waiting for a reply to an email I sent him to see where he got to.
12:48:07 Nick |Bger| is now known as Bger (n=Bager@
12:48:57JonSeniorI was working on a generic simulator (configurable to different systems) but it never really made it past the planning stage, and it would have been horrendous to impliment a 32bit processor with it.
12:49:48 Join amiconn [0] (
12:51:19Bgerwb, amiconn
12:51:45BgerJungti1234: to apply it here and see the problem ...
12:52:26*amiconn prods Bagder again
12:54:01BgerJungti1234: just give me the link in the patch tracker ...
12:54:09 Join Rob2222 [0] (
12:54:09Jungti1234hehe okok wait
12:55:57 Join test123 [0] (
12:56:06 Quit test123 (Client Quit)
12:56:10 Join webguest35 [0] (
12:56:15 Quit webguest35 (Client Quit)
12:57:00Bgerheh, Jungti1234, ok, w8
12:58:47LearBtw, anyone managed to build a Coldfire-target version of gcc 4.0.2 using gcc 3.4.4?
12:59:26 Quit San (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
13:03:18JdGordonis there a working txt editor for rb?
13:03:27Bgerfor rb???
13:03:38JdGordonye, as in edit txt on the player
13:03:47Bgerhm, no atm
13:09:06***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
13:09:33JdGordonsilly q i know... but... how often are new bootloaders normally needed? i mean once its stable..
13:09:40linuxstbamiconn: Do you know the reason for the two references to HAVE_RTC present in apps/gui/gwps.c ?
13:11:09Jungti1234Did you see it?
13:11:15Bgerw8, Jungti1234
13:11:27ghode|afkJdGordon: i think someone yesterday said they had a working txt editer for the h300
13:11:40amiconnlinuxstb: yes
13:11:42ghode|afkeli_something, he made the paint plugin
13:11:48JdGordonon MR forums?
13:11:48Bgeror smthing simillar
13:11:50ghode|afkthx bger :p
13:11:59ghode|afkyes JdGordon
13:12:07ghode|afkshould be in the logs somewhere
13:12:49JdGordonhe made sokoban colour :D
13:12:55JdGordonmy hero haha
13:13:03Jungti1234and he made RockWord
13:13:12ghode|afk<JdGordon> silly q i know... but... how often are new bootloaders normally needed? i mean once its stable.. - a new one is released whenever something important needs changing/adding. Linusn doesn't like to release them too often.
13:13:23Jungti1234I want that it supports Hangul. :)
13:13:36JdGordonye, thats what i figured
13:14:13JdGordondoes any1 think the new h300 fw feels faster (iriv, not rb v3)
13:14:16Jungti1234Is flood in France?
13:14:18ghode|afkonce the h3x00 becomes stable i doubt you'll see a new one for a while, or whent he next new target is out
13:14:50 Join elfez [0] (
13:16:16mirakJdGordon: no
13:16:19mirakI don't
13:16:28 Quit muesli_- (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
13:16:37JdGordonhmm.. feels faster here
13:16:58mirakJdGordon: for the menu still sucks
13:17:02mirakfor me
13:17:14mirakthe long press to go to the menu sucks
13:17:17mirakon record
13:17:32elfezI'm getting a hard lockup with an iriver build from Oct 20th - any lockup bugs been fixed sice then (where do I look?)
13:17:58 Join Moos [0] (
13:18:05mirakJungti1234: flood ?
13:18:39mirakin france ?
13:18:48mirakwere ?
13:18:57miraknot were I leave
13:19:05Bgerlive :)
13:19:38ghode|afkelfez: i would download the latest build and see if that fixes it, there have been a lot of changes since 20th ot
13:19:56Jungti1234Bger: Must I wait yet?
13:19:58BgerJungti1234: did the "make" nearly hangs after making tools?
13:19:59 Quit Nibbler (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
13:20:39elfezghode|afk, Will do: Just waiting for battery to drain :)
13:20:41 Join Nibbler [0] (
13:21:01BgerJungti1234: does the "make" after configure stand a while
13:21:52ghode|afkwhy would you do that elfez?
13:22:27Jungti1234I don't know whether I speak that you are what.
13:23:54elfezghode|afk: Can't switch the h120 off - hard lockup
13:24:12elfezor is there a reset switch?
13:24:34ghode|afkat the bottom of the player, a small pin hole
13:24:46ghode|afknext to the usb port
13:24:53elfezbut does it reset to default state?
13:25:01ghode|afkit will reset the player
13:25:10elfezie, does it reset settings al well?
13:25:15JonSeniorJungti: I think Italy has been hit by the storm and Venice has flooded.
13:25:26JonSeniorJungti: According to the BBC website anyway!
13:25:47Jungti1234Very strange.
13:25:53elfezghode|afk: Thanks - reading manuals is for wimps ;)
13:25:57 Quit JdGordon (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
13:26:09ghode|afkreset the player, then plug in the usb cable, and download a new rbx version
13:26:21Jungti1234flood in the winter?
13:26:31 Quit Musicmad (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
13:26:40ghode|afkthis is still summer time :P
13:26:51 Join Kohlrabi [0] (
13:27:26Jungti1234The South Korea is very cold.
13:30:29Jungti1234Explain much more.
13:34:46BgerJungti1234: my devkit "hands'
13:35:03Bgermake -C /home/guest/rb_unicode/jungti/rockbox/tools CC=gcc rdf2binary scramble d
13:35:03Bgerescramble mkboot bmp2rb convbdf
13:35:03DBUGEnqueued KICK Bger
13:35:03Bgermake[1]: `rdf2binary' is up to date.
13:35:03Bgermake[1]: `scramble' is up to date.
13:35:04***Alert Mode level 1
13:35:04Bgermake[1]: `descramble' is up to date.
13:35:06Bgermake[1]: `mkboot' is up to date.
13:35:08Bgermake[1]: `bmp2rb' is up to date.
13:35:10Bgermake[1]: `convbdf' is up to date.
13:35:12Bgerafter that
13:35:28Bgeri suppose there is a loop after this
13:35:31Bgerin the makefiles
13:36:25Jungti1234Did you make already?
13:38:28Bgermaybe -x problem
13:42:04Jungti1234I can't know what problem is.
13:45:05***Alert Mode OFF
13:46:05BgerJungti1234: w8 sec
13:47:21elfezghode|afk: Seems fixed with new fw - can't reproduce the problem... Thanks :)
13:52:49 Join muesli_- [0] (
13:55:56 Quit Zak1392 ()
13:56:27BgerJungti1234: your patch is not full
13:56:48Bgerthat is, unicode_1202.patch
13:57:42Bgerexecute it again with -R switch added to the patch command to remove it
13:58:42Bgeru did patch -p1 < ../unicode_1202.patch in the rockbox dir, yep ?
13:59:08Bgerhuh ?
13:59:20Bgerand it applyed ?
13:59:31ghode|afkelfez: np
13:59:49Jungti1234patch -p0 -d . < unicode_1202.patch
14:00:02Jungti1234I don't know
14:00:04 Quit perplexity (Read error: 113 (No route to host))
14:00:06BgerJungti1234, w8 sec
14:00:17Jungti1234I don't well English. ^^:
14:01:57 Join |Lupin| [0] (
14:02:11BgerJungti1234: do you remember in which directory u run it
14:02:18|Lupin|Hello, there !
14:02:28CtcpIgnored 1 channel CTCP requests in 0 seconds at the last flood
14:02:28*amiconn wonders about Lear's latest change
14:02:48*Lear wonders which?
14:02:56|Lupin|I'm wondering if RockBox can record voice on Iriver, now ? If it can not, may I ask what's missing ?
14:03:06amiconnLear: The win32 yield() change.
14:03:08BgerJungti1234: just run in the same dir " patch -p0 -R -d . < unicode_1202.patch "
14:03:15LearAh, what about it?
14:03:23Jungti1234ah ok
14:03:23amiconnIt looks like you added the wait magic yourself...
14:03:39Bgerthis will remove the patch
14:03:41 Join pfavr [0] (
14:03:48Bgeramiconn: quick q about patch
14:03:56LearSure did, and it worked when I added it. Now this works better...
14:03:59ghode|afkLupin, which irver do you have?
14:04:21|Lupin|ghode|afk: 1xx I think.
14:04:22Jungti1234why remove?
14:04:39ghode|afkshould be able to then
14:04:50 Part pfavr
14:05:00|Lupin|ghode|afk: Really ? It is out of the debug menu now ?
14:05:12|Lupin|great !
14:05:16ghode|afkA-B > Recording > PLay around :p
14:05:19Bgerif the filenames in the patchfile say something like "diff -ruN rockbox-devel/apps/" and your dir is named "rockbox", what will patch -p0 -d . < do ?
14:05:51|Lupin|ghode|afk: Wonderful, really. And is this vocalized, too ?
14:06:10ghode|afkyou mean voice menus? i am not sure
14:06:34ghode|afkamiconn: do you know?
14:06:38Jungti1234I don't understand long sentence.
14:06:41|Lupin|ghode|afk: Yes, it's what I mean. I'm blind. Well if it is not yet vocalized, maybe I canTry to do it...
14:07:53 Join lamed [0] (
14:08:06Jungti1234why -_-;
14:08:23ghode|afkwell the last update to voice files was the 23/11 so maybe the recording menu is now included
14:08:30BgerJungti1234: i suggest you to do this
14:08:39Bgerrun rockbox devkit
14:08:55Jungti1234It's difficult.
14:09:03|Lupin|ghode|afk: Thanks.
14:09:35Jungti1234I it problem many .
14:09:39amiconnghode|afk: Most of the recording menu is not voiced
14:09:53amiconn...for two reasons
14:10:03 Quit lamed (Client Quit)
14:10:35amiconn(1) The recording menu can't be voiced on archos, because the MAS can't encode and decode at the same time
14:11:20amiconn(2) Adding voice clips for the recording menu increases the size of the voice file. It already is really tight on archos
14:11:30amiconnWe really need l10n v2 ...
14:11:46|Lupin|l10n ?
14:12:12Bgerthere are 10 letters in localisation between the 'l" and "n"
14:12:19|Lupin|amiconn: Well I understand your points very well, it's just a pity for me cause recording with Iriver's proprietary firmware is a pain...
14:12:57|Lupin|Bger: yup I know the principle. www.a11y.worg :-)
14:12:57Jungti1234hey Bger
14:13:03 Join jomtones [0] (
14:13:09Bgerdid u run the devkit
14:13:21Jungti1234It's much problem.
14:13:32Jungti1234I gave up while I try it already.
14:13:34Bgerwhat is the prablem
14:13:41Bgerheh .. ok...
14:13:58Jungti1234There is no file inside tools folder.
14:14:21Jungti1234Retry then.
14:14:24BgerJungti1234: just run it
14:14:30jomtonescan anyone help with a queuing question?
14:14:41Bgernot the make etc, just run Rockbox DevKit
14:15:14jomtonesI wanna know if there's a simple way to queue up another file - like the 'hit a-b' system in the iRiver firmware...
14:15:31 Join muesli- [0] (
14:15:55|Lupin|Away. Please query me if you've sth to tell me. Else I'll miss theMessage.
14:20:00 Quit muesli_- (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
14:21:17jomtonesgotsa go i'll try l8r
14:21:17 Quit jomtones ("CGI:IRC")
14:31:37 Join San [0] (
14:32:23 Join CableMan391 [0] (
14:33:51 Join perplexity [0] (
14:34:04 Part CableMan391
14:46:47 Quit muesli- (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
14:52:10linuxstbLear: (I've just read your email to rockbox-dev) I know that at least the dependencies are not working properly with the codecs, so at least that needs to be fixed. The problem is probably that any mistakes which were present with the first codec have just been duplicated about 10 times. A cleanup is definitely needed.
14:53:11 Join muesli_- [0] (
14:53:53linuxstbBagder: Why does the daily build table say it builds 35 targets, but only 34 are listed in the table?
14:55:47amiconnlinuxstb: If you introduced CONFIG_RTC, you don't need a separate HAVE_RTC
15:00:09 Join len0x [0] (
15:00:45len0xany devs around ?
15:03:39 Quit San (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
15:04:37len0xgrrr? :)
15:04:57 Join Musicmad [0] (
15:06:15linuxstbamiconn: I thought it might be clearer to keep the HAVE_RTC define. But you're right that they are equivalent, and probably always will be.
15:06:35amiconnCONFIG_LED works the same way
15:06:36len0xsomeone's around i see :)
15:06:47amiconn(or rather, used to work the same way)
15:07:26len0xanyone knows why default settings might not be restored properly if defines as enum?
15:08:13linuxstbamiconn: Do you mean that there used to be both CONFIG_LED and HAVE_LED, but the latter was removed?
15:08:31amiconnI mean the just was HAVE_LED in the beginning
15:08:42amiconnThen we added virtual LED support for Ondio
15:08:59amiconnWe introduced CONFIG_LED and removed HAVE_LED
15:09:09***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
15:09:24amiconnCONFIG_LED == LED_REAL means there is a real, controllable LED
15:09:42amiconnCONFIG_LED == LED_VIRTUAL means there is a virtual LED in the status bar
15:10:09amiconnIf we wanted none of these 2, CONFIG_LED wouldn't be defined at all
15:10:52amiconnThis principle is no longer 'clean' since the virtual LED addition for the H100 remote
15:12:21 Part len0x
15:13:27Jungti1234Have a nice day all
15:13:37 Quit Jungti1234 ("bye")
15:13:56|Lupin|gotta go
15:13:58|Lupin|bye there
15:14:03 Quit |Lupin| ("leaving")
15:15:58linuxstbamiconn: If I think of CONFIG_RTC in the same way as CONFIG_TUNER then I agree with you. So I agree with you :)
15:16:33amiconnCONFIG_TUNER is different from all other multi-value config options that it is a bit mask
15:17:19amiconn...because we need to support 2 different tuners on Ondio FM, detected at runtime
15:17:57linuxstbYes, I realise that.
15:18:32 Join Benacool [0] (
15:20:19linuxstbIf CONFIG_RTC is not always defined, and I use a line like #if CONFIG_RTC == RTC_M41ST84W in a SOURCES file, will that work as expected?
15:21:26linuxstbI guess I need a #ifdef CONFIG_RTC around it.
15:22:05 Quit muesli_- (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
15:22:07amiconnJust make sure none of the possible RTC_* values is 0
15:23:06linuxstbSo if CONFIG_RTC is undefined, the pre-processor gives it the value 0 ?
15:23:23amiconnyes, when used in expressions
15:24:14linuxstbSo the #ifdef CONFIG_TUNER in firmware/SOURCES isn't needed?
15:25:41 Quit Musicmad (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
15:27:12amiconnYes, it *should* not be necessary
15:29:00linuxstbWhy do you say *should* ?
15:29:46 Join San [0] (
15:29:53amiconnJust because I didn't try it.
15:30:14amiconn...and I think there might be a reason why it is there
15:30:23Sanhey, where can i get rockboy.rock?
15:30:26Sani have it already, it is for someone else
15:31:21linuxstbSan: It's included with Rockbox. So if someone else has Rockbox, he/she has Rockboy.
15:31:53Sanyeah, thats what I said, and they said they didn't have rockboy.rock or /.rockbox/rockboy
15:32:30linuxstbIn which case, they either have a very old version of Rockbox, or they haven't installed it properly.
15:33:08linuxstbJust tell them to get the latest from the Rockbox website, and unzip that to their player.
15:33:13Sani will tell them that
15:33:20Santhey probally need a dailybuild
15:33:26amiconn. /.rockbox/rockboy is created by rockboy itself, as soon as it writes a savegame
15:35:14linuxstbAnd Rockboy is a viewer, not a plugin - so rockboy.rock is in .rockbox/viewers/
15:42:25 Quit elfez ("Leaving")
15:43:01 Join San||Away [0] (
15:45:41 Join Paul_The_Nerd [0] (
15:55:34 Join DangerousDan [0] (
15:56:28linuxstbamiconn: Do you know if the uisimulator/win32/rockbox.dsp file is obsolete?
15:59:48 Quit San (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
16:00:57 Part Philip
16:02:53 Join _FireFly_ [0] (
16:20:59 Quit cannard ("2.0 Build 3515")
16:33:36 Join cannard [0] (
16:39:05 Quit Paul_The_Nerd ("Chatzilla [Firefox 1.5/undefined]")
16:43:18 Quit Benacool ()
16:47:02 Join muesli_- [0] (
16:47:05 Quit mirak (Remote closed the connection)
16:47:42muesli_-sorry, but where do i find the new sound option "prevent clipping.."
16:52:13ghode|afkSound Settings > Prevent Clipping
16:52:28ghode|afkSound Settings > Clipping mode sorry
16:53:04muesli_-wether i am blind or my last update didnt work well
16:53:55muesli_-g2g will come back l8er..
16:54:08FebsIs that what he ended up calling it? "Clipping mode"?
17:05:09 Join BBub_ [0] (
17:08:10DrumRBoy320|awaythats probably because of me :P
17:09:11***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
17:14:35 Quit muesli_- (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
17:15:23 Join webguest53 [0] (
17:16:58webguest53hi, is there a button combination to skip the next track in WPS?
17:17:33amiconnlinuxstb: I think so. Build compatibility with MSVC is long gone...
17:22:40linuxstbamiconn: That's what I assumed. But I won't delete anything - there seems to be various win32 build files there, and I'm not sure which are only used by MSVC.
17:23:31 Quit BBub (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
17:23:32 Nick BBub_ is now known as BBub (
17:25:15amiconnlinuxstb: Afaiu all of the following files could be deleted: rockbox.dsp, uisw32.sln, uisw32.suo, uisw32.vcproj, Makefile.vc6
17:26:05amiconnplugin.def and uisw32.rc have to stay. These are independent of MSVC
17:26:42amiconnThe icon and the .bmp files too, of course
17:28:23 Quit Sucka (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
17:29:26linuxstbamiconn: I'll leave that to you, if you want to remove them. I only mentioned it because there was a reference to HAVE_RTC in rockbox.dsp
17:29:36 Join Paul_The_Nerd [0] (
17:29:38linuxstb(and still is)
17:29:54San||Awayanything major in the dailybuilds
17:29:59 Nick San||Away is now known as San (
17:31:11amiconnlinuxstb: This just looks like a compiler call, explicitly defining the symbol
17:31:20amiconn(aka hackish)
17:32:38linuxstbYes, I didn't think there was any point in updating it - rockbox.dsp looks broken already.
17:33:30linuxstbi.e. it only supports the recorder and player as possible targets.
17:33:58amiconnmsvc support is broken beyond repair
17:34:06amiconn...and nobody seems to care anyway
17:35:35 Join muesli_- [0] (
17:35:39Sanoh, you guys know that the scroll bug is back with bootloader v3?
17:36:15linuxstbWhat scroll bug?
17:36:38Sanwhen you are scrolling through loads of folders and then take your finger off, it continues
17:37:51linuxstbSo it was fine with bootloader v2?
17:38:03Sanperfect, I loved it
17:38:27amiconnThis has nothing to do with the bootloader
17:38:57Sanyeah, jst saying though
17:39:08Sanyesterdays dailybuild then
17:40:13 Quit Moos (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
17:40:18Sanjust updated the dailybuild and it is working fine now
17:40:42amiconnDo you have a LCD remote?
17:46:38 Join matsl [0] (
17:51:26amiconnBleh, another option :((
17:52:16 Join webguest26 [0] (
17:52:51webguest26can someone explain what the new volume options do, prevent clipping, adjust volume etc....?
17:53:22muesli_-...and explain where they are..cant find them
17:53:50BBubsound -> prevent clipping
17:53:54BBubnot hard to find imo ;)
17:53:56amiconnThese options are one of the worst ideas, imho
17:54:14webguest26well if I knew what they did I'd comment
17:54:18muesli_-BBub cant see them there :o
17:54:22 Join seffy [0] (
17:54:30BBubmaybe they are not available on the h3xx?
17:54:32BBubi dont know 04-Dec-2005 16:58 833K
17:55:10muesli_-used this one
17:55:16seffysome know how can i help the ROCKBOX H3XX Project ?
17:55:33webguest26muesli, in wps press and hold, enter "sound settings" submenu, last item on the list
17:55:38BBubwebguest26: adjust volume keeps bass at full level and lets you not raise the volume anymore after some point and adjust bass lowers the bass so you can reach the full volume
17:55:44amiconn(1) A lot of extra code for almost no use. (2) Another example of iriver special code with no reason (3) Options to confuse the user
17:56:04BBubwell, i like it
17:56:24BBubi found it uncomfortable to always have to lower the bass to get a higher volume
17:56:32webguest26and the "off" setting ?
17:56:41BBubdisables every prevention
17:56:51BBubso you can have full bass at full volume
17:57:12muesli_-webguest26 theres stereo width
17:57:17muesli_-but no clipping option
17:57:18 Quit seffy (Client Quit)
17:57:24amiconnBBub: Imho it would have been a good solution to implement preglow's idea cobimed with Linus' (and a few other's) preference of a dB volume scale
17:57:46webguest26muesli, it should be after stereo width
17:58:18BBubamiconn: i'm not familiar with that idea, i just saw the sound quality thread on the forum where the now included patch was posted before
17:58:25amiconnJust prescale the signal to prevent clipping until approaching 0 dB, then gradually remove the prescaling
17:58:37webguest26after stereo width there's a prevent clipping option
17:58:43BBubamiconn: makes sense, yes
17:59:14amiconnThis way a volume setting above 0 would indicate the possibility of clipping, without limiting the volume, and without additional cryptic options
17:59:20amiconn..which also mean more code
17:59:51amiconnFurthermore, the current optionitis also means different behaviour per platform, with no reason
18:00:14BBubthats true
18:01:13linuxstbI'm also a little concerned about the apparent desire to clone the behaviour of iriver's firmware "to make Rockbox more familiar to migrating iriver users". That should never be a goal of Rockbox.
18:01:42amiconnagreed 100%
18:01:55amiconnFirst of all, rockbox is multiplatform
18:02:05amiconnA number of coders seem to forget that
18:02:21amiconnSecond, rockbox aims to be better than the original firmware
18:02:43amiconn...which is almost impossible if it clones original firmware behaviour
18:03:07_FireFly_muesli_-: try the bleeding edge build
18:03:37BBubwell, but many ppl like it, that the iriver-fw offers you higher volume
18:03:43BBubi think thats the point
18:03:48BBuband not to clone the firmware
18:03:58muesli_- that one?
18:04:17amiconnBBub: The iriver firmware does *not* offer higher volume, that's simply not true
18:04:20linuxstbBut the iriver-fw doesn't offer you higher volume. It just does things behind the scenes to make it seem that way.
18:05:05webguest26I find the "Prevent clipping" options very criptic, and there's no additional info on the wiki
18:05:10_FireFly_muesli_-: not the daily ;) i mean the bleeding edge build ...
18:05:10BBubok, but it does not limit the volume that early
18:05:22BBubthats what i meant
18:05:23muesli_-_FireFly_ tried that one
18:05:53amiconnI could live with the aprroach I mentioned (or if dB volume isn't wanted for whatever reason, using 'percent' values >100 to indicate potential clipping
18:06:18BBubyeah, it's a good approach i agree
18:06:37webguest26this volume argument has raged for centuries, there is percieved loudness, and actual loudness
18:06:53amiconnLess code, less options, higher volume than iriver with non-flat tone (at the drawback of potential clipping), and less option clutter
18:07:19amiconn...and at last, uniform behviour on all platforms
18:07:31webguest26if a volume indicator shows 100% then it should be at hardware max, simple
18:07:57amiconnYes, so >100% could be used to indicate potential clipping,
18:08:18amiconnbut I'd vote for switching to dB anyway
18:09:21webguest53i like the idea of scaling down the bass at high volumes to prevent clipping
18:09:35webguest26yes and allow the user to turn it down if it clips
18:09:42_FireFly_amiconn: and maybe add an wps-tag which converts the db value to a percent value for those you whant percent-values
18:10:34amiconnFor the status bar, we could extend the volume indicator setting from graphic-numeric to graphic-percent-dB
18:11:07_FireFly_and a "simple" convert-fn from db->%
18:11:31amiconnRockbox' volume 'percent' are a linear mapping to dB anyway
18:11:50amiconnThe only thing that differ between platforms here is the factor
18:13:10_FireFly_then a conversion fn would be easy
18:13:14SlasheriHmm, the new config option "sound_scaling" was added to a weird place in the rtc_bits.. At least it could have been added to the existing HAVE_UDA1380 section if bumping up config block version was really necessary..
18:14:02 Join akaidiot [0] (
18:17:57_FireFly_had some of the main-devs got some time to look at the new-wps-file-loader patch ??
18:18:32 Join arkascha [0] (
18:23:13webguest26what does "adjust current" in prevent clipping optons imply
18:25:22BBubno idea
18:25:43amiconnSee, that's what I mean. Many cryptic options...
18:26:00amiconnEven I don't know what it does...
18:26:15webguest26and the wiki hasn't been updated, no luck there
18:26:17_FireFly_len0x should know it
18:26:33_FireFly_afaik he has created commited this patch
18:26:53_FireFly_*and commited*
18:28:11webguest26Last option allows you to manually adjust volume/bass, so that the other metric gets decreased while you modifying current one.
18:28:21webguest26^ from the forum
18:29:00webguest26way to cryptic
18:29:01 Quit DimaTech (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
18:29:31amiconnThen 'adjust current' is plain wrong. It adjusts *the other* value(s) to prevent clipping
18:29:44 Quit Bgr (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
18:30:05 Join Bgr [0] (n=Bager@
18:32:36 Join stupid_ro [0] (
18:32:52webguest26what other metric gets decreased if "you manually adjust" volume and bass ?
18:34:50webguest26oh I see, if you increase bass it decreases volume, and retains that setting throughout the volume range, (thats my interpretation of it)
18:35:38 Join dpassen1 [0] (n=dpassen1@resnet-233-61.resnet.UMBC.EDU)
18:36:01webguest26but thats what the first two settings do anyway
18:36:05Paul_The_NerdI still am of the opinion that it should all just be in the user's control. Having things change in the background seems like a generally bad idea. Does it at least show you the new value for the other if you go look?
18:36:19*webguest26 is confused
18:36:36Paul_The_Nerdwebguest26: It sounds like "Volume has priority" "Bass has priority" and "Whichever is being currently adjusted has priority"
18:36:49webguest53no, it shows the old value
18:37:18Paul_The_NerdBloody stupid if you ask me then. You've got settings getting changed and you can't even see what they've become.
18:37:26 Join DimaTech [0] (
18:37:46 Join webguest77 [0] (
18:38:50amiconnPaul_The_Nerd: It would be like that with preglow's and Linus' suggestion
18:39:11webguest26hmm, wish the author would add something to the wiki at least
18:39:16amiconn(and the stupid options would go away again)
18:39:47Paul_The_NerdHey, I was *for* using the dB scale, etc.
18:40:06amiconnI'm tempted to start working on that right away, but maybe it's better to collect opinions first
18:40:54webguest53i think it would be better if the actually applied value showed in brackets after the set value (e.g. if you set bass to 18 and prevent clippung to "adjust bass" the bass shuld be shown as 18 (0) at volume 100)
18:41:01 Quit Bger ()
18:41:02_FireFly_amiconn: if you would ask me then do it :)
18:41:36Paul_The_Nerdamiconn: I vote in favor as well.
18:41:58Paul_The_NerdI mean, your solution gives the user the full range of choices, without an options entry, no?
18:42:05 Quit cannard (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
18:42:05 Nick stupid_ro is now known as cannard (
18:42:11amiconnPaul_The_Nerd: Yes, exactly
18:42:15webguest26it would be nice if volume scaled to max hardware irrespective of bass or treble settings, let the user turn it down if it clips
18:43:28Paul_The_Nerdamiconn: So, the only real negative is that "dB scale could confuse people" and even that can be solved by adding a third choice to how volume is displayed in the status bar.
18:43:53webguest26most folks dont understand db scales
18:44:21webguest53webguest26: afaiu you have this behaviour if you set prevent clipping to "off"
18:44:24 Quit DimaTech (Remote closed the connection)
18:44:36amiconnI would do it for all platforms as well (for recorder and Ondios, it's just a scale change; the handling itself is done in the MAS the same way as it would be handled in rockbox for player and iriver)
18:44:39 Quit perplexity (Read error: 113 (No route to host))
18:46:51Paul_The_NerdI think "making behaviour the same across all platforms" is a pretty damn good reason for doing it, too.
18:47:19linuxstbJust to play devil's advocate, Len0x's patch was discussed on the rockbox-dev mailing list - and no-one objected to it there....
18:47:28amiconnIt was??
18:47:42linuxstbYes - under "sound scaling patch"
18:47:43*amiconn checks the archive
18:49:36webguest26cryptic menus and no manual entries makes for difficult understanding of product
18:51:04amiconnlinuxstb: (1) He didn't start a new thread for that. This way many people don't pay as much attention. (2) I can't find any final decision. (3) A similar discussion was held in the channel, iirc also without final decision
18:51:37linuxstbDon't tell me that, I agree with you :)
18:53:53amiconn(4) Adding more and more options doesn't exactly make rockbox easier to use...
18:55:47amiconn starting ~12:20
18:55:48webguest53in the options menu, you could make a "advanced options" section where you could move the options which confuse most users
18:55:48_FireFly_btw what about the remote-settings-patch is there any objection/suggestion for to which prevents that it gets commited
18:55:55FebsIn Len0x's defense, there has also been an ongoing discussion of his patch in this thread on the RB forum:
18:56:08Paul_The_NerdEveryone has their own opinion on "ease of use" anyway. (Not that I disagree, I think that's an exceedingly confusing option). Some people think the menu should be the first thing to display upon booting.
18:57:35amiconn_FireFly_: Do you mean the remte scroll settings?
18:58:04amiconnI still didn't look at it yet...
18:58:22_FireFly_amiconn: yepp but not only scoll-settings are included in this patch
18:58:29_FireFly_also some more
18:58:32amiconnFebs: That's one of these endless threads...
18:58:37LearFebs: in a thread initially for something completely different...
18:58:43FebsI'll add a description of the scaling patches to the wikimanual later today ... as long as it is not going to be reverted.
18:58:46Lear(Well, almost anyway....)
18:58:55_FireFly_e.g. statusbar/scrollbar settings for the remote
18:58:57Febsamiconn, Lear, I know, but I'm just pointing it out.
18:59:56 Quit DangerousDan (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
19:00:07 Join massiveH [0] (
19:00:22Paul_The_NerdSo, the story goes "after much discussion in places earmarked originally as discussion about something else, a decision may or may not have been reached?"
19:02:18amiconnPerhaps we should have a poll... although I'm not convinced that a poll would be that helpful
19:03:41webguest26you devs are the experts, you know the hardware and software limitations, I think that the decesion is yours to make
19:04:02 Quit San ()
19:04:31 Join DangerousDan [0] (
19:07:43 Join actionshrimp [0] (
19:08:33 Join max [0] (
19:09:15***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
19:09:28amiconnHmm, so if I am to count opinions, there are at least 5 (including mine) in favor of a dB volume scale and no additional options for clipping prevention?
19:10:03amiconn(Paul_The_Nerd, _FireFly_, linuxstb, LinusN, me)
19:10:56webguest26majority wins again:) *bam*
19:11:50Paul_The_NerdI think that adding the choice to switch between "percentage" (or whatever you want to call the scale where 100% is max safe before clipping) and dB to the menu entry you'd talked about earlier may be necessary though, so people aren't *too* lost.
19:12:12ghode|afkamiconn: i dont think its really fair to judge the new for this based on who is online atm...
19:14:05 Join perplexity [0] (
19:18:08 Quit massiveH ()
19:18:37amiconnghode|afk: Yes, perhaps. Still, I'm strongly against the solution committed today. It's far worse that how it was before
19:18:56amiconnIt adds a ton of options to confuse people, and it splits platforms
19:20:00amiconn...without reason. The prescaling for player worked exactly the same way as for iriver, just the range was different, matching the different treble & bass range
19:20:28 Quit muesli_- (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
19:20:28ghode|afkwell something needed to be done, the rbx solution was unbearable tbh. if this paves way for a better way then good.
19:20:54amiconnThe old rbx solution was still better than how it is now
19:21:07amiconnThere is certainly no 'best' solution for all users
19:21:07 Quit perplexity (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
19:21:20ghode|afki'd have to disagree :/ at least now i have the freedom to choose how i want to listern to my music
19:22:17Paul_The_Nerdghode|afk: I think the reason it's so bad isn't what it lets you do, but how it splits the platforms, and adds confusion.
19:22:34 Join perplexity [0] (
19:27:46webguest53Paul_The_Nerd: but how could such a feature be implemented without adding confusion
19:30:08Paul_The_NerdI think that it could be added in a less confusing way, perhaps.
19:30:21webguest26if the wiki had been updated, there would have been less confusion
19:31:16webguest26one cant be expected to "cruise" the forums endlessly trying to glean information on "options" implemented
19:33:07amiconnwebguest53: Less options almost always mean less confusion
19:33:12 Quit perplexity (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
19:33:35webguest26the manual is where I logically expect information to be,
19:33:41 Join perplexity [0] (
19:33:47Paul_The_NerdYes, but iRiver hasn't officially been released yet
19:33:53Paul_The_NerdSo, it kinda makes sense that it's not in the manual.
19:34:02amiconn...and also less code, smaller binaries, less places for possible bugs etc
19:34:18amiconnIt means adhering to one of rockbox' main principles, KISS
19:34:29Paul_The_NerdKISS is a very important principle.
19:34:55webguest26Paul_The_Nerd ; so how are the other developers supposed to know how things work ?
19:35:57webguest26judgeing by this one example I'd say keeping the manual updated is important.
19:36:00Paul_The_Nerdwebguest26: The manual isn't exactly where development is discussed... I'm not even sure it's been updated to 2.5 yet, has it?
19:36:25 Quit Bgr (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
19:37:10webguest26ok, I'll continue to guess what rockbox features are supposed to do :)
19:37:40 Part webguest26
19:37:55webguest53amiconn: yes, but this is a feature that many people like to see in rockbox. and there are also many people who don't like this feature. so i think it is in this case better to have the option to enable/disable this feature
19:39:10amiconnI think the main point is that some people want to be sure rockbox won't clip, and others want the full hardware range even with potential clipping
19:39:28webguest53btw what does "KISS" mean?
19:39:29Paul_The_Nerdwebgueset26: Well, there's the mailing list, the wiki, the logs of this chatroom, the message posted with the commit (ideally where things should be explained, I think) and the forums.
19:39:47maxwebguest: keep it simple stupid
19:39:53amiconnThe now-added option overkill caters for both, but makes both the code and using rockbox more complicated
19:40:07Paul_The_Nerdwebguest26: Most features shouldn't be confusing enough that they *need* an explanation, I'd say.
19:40:35 Join leftright [0] (
19:40:58amiconnThe suggestion to either switch to a dB volume scale (with 0 dB being the clip-safe maximum) or a percent scale with 100% being the clip-safe maximum and allowing >100% values would also cater for both,
19:41:14amiconnbut without the added complexity
19:41:41Paul_The_NerdAnd if you had the 100% as the default, it would be much less confusing than what we've got right now.
19:41:50 Quit Maxime (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
19:42:17webguest53amiconn: but would your aproach also include the passibility to automatically scale down bass at high volumes to prevent clipping?
19:42:21 Join Midgey34 [0] (
19:42:26amiconnIt would also mean that the displayed values would always represent the true values, i.e. without behind-the-scenes mangling
19:42:50amiconnwebguest53: Nope
19:43:03Paul_The_NerdYeah, I'm all in favor of *not* having things happen behind the scenes.
19:43:33Midgey34can anyone test and see if they can extract this archive? −−>
19:44:46leftrightamiconn: your method sounds good, I like to know that What I See Is What I Get, ie no manipulation behind the scenes
19:44:54Paul_The_NerdMidgey34: It's the whole WPS folder from a RockBox build, no?
19:45:01 Join Maxime [0] (
19:45:07 Quit perplexity (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
19:45:38Midgey34Paul_The_Nerd: modified to use the full screen on the h300
19:45:42webguest53amiconn: bit this is exactly the fumctonality that i like with this new patch. if i'm walking on the street where is much traffic noise i don't want to take the unit out of my pocket and lower the bass manually, ust to have a higher volume
19:45:49Midgey34the last archive no one could extract
19:46:11Paul_The_NerdMidgey34: Well, it extracted fine here.
19:46:37Midgey34good, I'll edit my post on the forums
19:46:52Midgey34what are you using to extract it?
19:47:01leftrightwell this patch does cater to all tastes from a "user" point of view
19:47:03amiconnwebguest53: *If* we scale down one value to another value to go higher, this should be indicated
19:47:22Paul_The_NerdMidgey34: 7-zip
19:47:29 Join [CBM] [0] (n=BurgerBo@
19:47:42Midgey34bugger, I think the problem is users using winzip
19:47:49Midgey34I used 7zip to make the archive
19:47:56Midgey34and I had no problems with either
19:47:59Paul_The_NerdMidgey34: Well, it depends on what compression method you picked then.
19:48:08Paul_The_NerdMidgey34: Just yell at them until they convert.
19:48:16Midgey34I originally used ultra, now I used normal
19:49:21amiconnMidgey34: No problems with it here (using FilZip)
19:50:01Paul_The_Nerdleftright: It seems... dangerous. Just the fact that you can't know what the actual values are at, especially with the choice that lets you change either value, and lowers the other.
19:50:36leftrightdangerous ?
19:51:02Paul_The_NerdJust dangerous in the "I have no idea what the settings are at in reality any more" sense
19:51:10Paul_The_NerdNot in the "it'll do bad things permanently" sense.
19:52:14leftrightbut being able to customise settings at will surely isn't a bad thing
19:52:59Paul_The_NerdYou lose the freedom to change them at will with any of the choices but "off" really. Because that's the only one that doesn't try to do things *for* you
19:53:58leftrightok I see your argument
19:54:37Paul_The_NerdAnd you don't even know if something's been changed unless you turn it off and see if it sounds the same, because it doesn't tell you what the real settings are.
19:55:12leftrightwell if there was feedback in wps, that would help
19:56:31linuxstbIMO, auto-adjusting one setting based on changes to another only makes sense if you can see all the settings on-screen together.
19:57:10 Quit chopped_pork ("leaving")
19:57:13Paul_The_NerdI don't think the current method needs 4 choices anyway
19:57:28leftrightnot a good user experiance without feedback
19:57:29Paul_The_NerdAt most it needs "on" (which is currently 'current setting' or whatever) and off
19:57:48 Quit Shaikoten ()
19:57:58 Quit ^BeN^ (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
20:00:20Midgey34hmm, whats a good uploading site, I'm using
20:00:41 Quit webguest53 ("CGI:IRC")
20:00:46 Join webguest53 [0] (
20:01:18 Quit CheeseBurgerMan (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
20:01:54 Join CheeseBurgerMan [0] (n=BurgerBo@
20:02:41linuxstbMidgey34: You can try or
20:05:47 Quit Lear ("Chatzilla [Firefox 1.5/undefined]")
20:06:54 Join perplexity [0] (
20:07:14 Nick solexx_ is now known as solexx (
20:07:58 Quit perplexity (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
20:09:03 Quit MrStaticVoid ("leaving")
20:14:39 Quit [CBM] (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
20:14:43Paul_The_NerdIf they're the official WPSes properly modified for H300, maybe they should be added to the WPSgallery in the wiki, or put on the patch tracker, or both?
20:16:12Midgey34well right now iAmp has a bug that I can't track down
20:16:51Midgey34and there were some changes made to use the empty space and I wanted to see how people reacted to the changes
20:17:58 Join buzzbeeboob [0] (
20:18:37buzzbeeboobhi there could someone please tell me where I can find an updated page of features etc for the h3xx?
20:19:38Paul_The_NerdHave you read through the relevant bits of the wiki?
20:20:52buzzbeeboobokay i'm on the wiki page
20:21:08buzzbeeboobi don't know what link to click!
20:21:35Paul_The_NerdWell, what specifically are you looking for.
20:21:55buzzbeeboobI've installed rockbox for h300
20:22:01buzzbeebooband obviously its work in progress
20:22:37buzzbeebooband was wondering if there was a webpage that showed its feature updates
20:23:14 Join dropandho [0] (
20:23:26Paul_The_NerdWell, there is the iriverport page, and the manual. There's not really a consolidated list of "things that have been added" though there is which does some useful stuff
20:24:28Midgey34 <−− shows the basics of what needs to still be done on the h300
20:24:30dropandhomr. slasheri?
20:24:45buzzbeeboobthanks very much guys
20:26:52 Join muesli_- [0] (
20:30:52 Quit arkascha (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
20:31:04 Quit buzzbeeboob ()
20:31:54 Join perplexity [0] (
20:35:52 Quit DrumRBoy320|away (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
20:43:37 Part max
20:45:09 Part leftright
20:48:58Slasheridropandho: hi
20:51:07dropandhoyou always answer on call- im impressed!
20:51:43dropandhonot sure if you noticed the foward movement on the tick info
20:53:50SlasheriHmm, haven't noticed yet :)
20:53:53XavierGrWhich is the most efficient way to check if there is a folder and if not create it? I use the following:if(!opendir(ROCKBOX_DIR FMPRESET_DIR))
20:53:53XavierGr mkdir(ROCKBOX_DIR FMPRESET_DIR, 0);
20:54:02XavierGris it good?
20:54:43SlasheriXavierGr: yes. If you want really high performance, you could use dircache too
20:54:58SlasheriBut on that situation it isn't necessary
20:55:07XavierGrok then I will proceed
20:55:12Slasherijust use DIRCACHED *dir, opendir_cached and closedir_cached
20:55:24Slasherithose will work on all platforms, whatever there is cache or not
20:55:37dropandhoslasheri - linus is looking at the see if there is some difference
20:55:48dropandhob/w those that tick...and those that dont
20:55:49Slasheridropandho: ah, that sounds good
20:55:54dropandhothere seems to be someone with a difference
20:55:56dropandhothey are in touch
20:56:06Slasheriyes, there has to be some difference
20:56:28XavierGrso any quick dirty hardware mod to remove this infamous tick on the remotes?
20:56:49dropandhoi was wondering if you were gonna try to implement some of those great tick-fix updates you were talking about b4?
20:57:09dropandhoxavier - not sure where linus got with this...i will follow up with him when he steps back in
20:58:17 Join petur [0] (
20:59:00SlasheriXavierGr: if i have time, i could create a mod next week in lab. But then i couldn't no longer try fixing the problem by software because the problem would be gone then
20:59:24dropandhowell, linus might have found something on the actual unit
20:59:29dropandholet me show you the thread
21:00:32dropandhocheck that out...and read down
21:00:48 Join muesli- [0] (i=muesli_t@
21:01:20XavierGrThe other day I opened my player. OMG those little SMD resistors are tiny how the hell am I supposed to solde something on them if needed?
21:01:47dropandhowell, maybe send back to iriver?
21:01:58dropandhobut we should see what linus comes up with!
21:02:52 Join Lear [0] (
21:03:56 Part amiconn
21:04:49 Join mirak [0] (
21:05:12dropandhoslasheri, xavier- you check out that thread?
21:05:18mirakwould it be possible to have an inverted bootloader that default boot to oringial firmware ?
21:05:53lostlogicxmirak: yes.
21:05:59XavierGrdropandho: I already did. Just waiting for more feedback from Linus then
21:06:33 Quit CheeseBurgerMan (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
21:06:47 Join CheeseBurgerMan [0] (n=BurgerBo@
21:07:55 Join solexx___ [0] (
21:08:46 Quit CheeseBurgerMan (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
21:09:13 Join CheeseBurgerMan [0] (n=BurgerBo@
21:09:17***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
21:10:45 Join malevolent [0] (
21:10:53dropandhoi think we lost slasheri tho!
21:11:14malevolentrockbox is crazy, i never knew of it's existence
21:12:04 Quit CheeseBurgerMan (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
21:12:32 Join CheeseBurgerMan [0] (n=BurgerBo@
21:14:50Paul_The_NerdHey, I just thought of something. Does rockbox-swcodec support AIFF yet, or is it just listed there as an "it should be easy for us to support this" kinda thing?
21:16:25 Join linuxstb_ [0] (
21:16:44 Quit CheeseBurgerMan (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
21:17:01 Nick Paul_The_Nerd is now known as Paul_The_Away (
21:17:14linuxstb_Paul_The_Nerd: No, AIFF isn't supported at the moment. But as you say, it should be trivial, at least for uncompressed AIFF.
21:17:31 Join CheeseBurgerMan [0] (n=BurgerBo@
21:18:30Slasheridropandho: sorry, little away. I will check that soon (tomorrow), have to go now. cu
21:18:41XavierGrbye slash
21:19:11dropandhono problem at all
21:19:13dropandhotake care
21:19:33 Quit solexx (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
21:21:58 Quit muesli_- (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
21:26:24lostlogicxsomewhat real profiling results
21:27:55dropandhowhats that?
21:29:41 Quit mirak ("Download Gaim:")
21:29:46dropandhoahhh- i c
21:29:53dropandhowhat is profiling tho?!
21:30:54lostlogicxuse google.
21:31:09 Join b0br [0] (
21:31:30 Part b0br
21:33:54 Quit matsl ("ERC Version 5.0 (CVS) $Revision: 1.776 $ (IRC client for Emacs)")
21:35:01 Join Amar [0] (
21:36:07 Quit linuxstb_ ("CGI:IRC")
21:37:53 Join webguest01 [0] (
21:41:04AmarWoo, i just completed the first version of my first plugin!!
21:42:45 Quit CheeseBurgerMan (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
21:43:04 Join CheeseBurgerMan [0] (n=BurgerBo@
21:43:31malevolenti hope it's for the gigabeat :)
21:43:51dropandhoamar- what cha make?
21:45:58webguest01are you guys aware of the rockpaint plugin made by some guy for the H300 on forums? it should be commited. there are some others too :)
21:47:29Amardropandho: it is fairly spesalised, it predicts the finigh time for a relay race
21:49:47 Join GeorgesBUsh [0] (
21:49:47 Quit CheeseBurgerMan (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
21:50:26 Join CheeseBurgerMan [0] (n=BurgerBo@
21:51:15dropandhocongrats amar!
21:51:19 Join AnInternetUser [0] (
21:51:53 Quit GeorgesBUsh (Client Quit)
21:52:08AnInternetUserhey does anyone know what is currently being developed for h300?
21:53:15Amar it was just meant to be a learning process so i could then go on to more advanced things, though i might write up what i did to make it easyer for others to start
21:53:26AnInternetUserand does rockboy have sound?
21:53:33AnInternetUserbecause it says that it loads it
21:53:35AnInternetUserand then it doesnt play
21:58:45 Quit Amar ("CGI:IRC")
22:00:39 Join muesli_- [0] (
22:01:40 Quit Kohlrabi (Nick collision from services.)
22:01:46 Join Kohlriba [0] (
22:02:51 Quit Maxime (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
22:03:46 Join Maxime [0] (
22:06:49 Quit perplexity ("*bbl*")
22:07:36 Quit CheeseBurgerMan (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
22:07:59 Join CheeseBurgerMan [0] (n=BurgerBo@
22:09:19 Join Sucka [0] (
22:21:09 Quit dropandho ()
22:23:50 Quit actionshrimp (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
22:24:48 Join JdGordon [0] (
22:25:02 Quit muesli- (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
22:27:26 Join arkascha [0] (
22:27:57 Quit AnInternetUser ()
22:35:54 Quit webguest01 ("CGI:IRC")
22:35:55 Join webguest01 [0] (
22:36:16webguest01so what does amars new plugin do exactly?
22:36:59 Join Moos [0] (
22:37:56JdGordonexcatly?? well it takes some user input does some calculations and does some output
22:38:35webguest01cool, is it downloadable and working for the h100s yet?
22:39:13 Join amiconn [0] (
22:40:17 Quit webguest01 (Client Quit)
22:42:47*amiconn is still annoyed by this option clutter sound settings commit :(
22:44:14muesli_-amiconn: it can be deactivated..thus a good compromise?
22:44:33amiconnI mean the option cluttering itself
22:44:53*Paul_The_Away agrees with amiconn, and returns
22:44:55 Nick Paul_The_Away is now known as Paul_The_Nerd (
22:45:27 Join cwncool [0] (
22:45:44amiconnPerhaps I should just start to make my changes and provide them as a patch
22:46:21amiconn...both to have something I can live with, and something to discuss about
22:46:54cwncoolwho is using rockboy on h3xx?
22:46:55muesli_-queen mum linus will not be amused ;)
22:47:14muesli_-just kidding..
22:47:25Paul_The_NerdI think Linus was in favor of it, at one point.
22:48:16*petur just got better playback from his H3xx sim (w32)
22:50:42Midgey34petur: I can't get any
22:51:15peturyou need to enable it first in autoconf.h in the build dir
22:51:31 Quit webguest77 ("CGI:IRC")
22:52:39*petur managed to submit a patch without logging in :(
23:03:00 Quit arkascha (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
23:03:26Midgey34petur: nice suggestion, it works now, thanks
23:03:48Midgey34but now I need to leave
23:03:54 Quit Midgey34 ("Download Gaim:")
23:04:46amiconnThe mixer volume settings function is wrong (but not needed in this detail level for the current application)
23:06:21 Quit Maxime (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
23:06:28Learpetur: what about CPU usage?
23:06:29 Join arkascha [0] (
23:06:38 Quit arkascha (Client Quit)
23:07:12 Join Maxime [0] (
23:07:13 Quit Moos ("Glory to Rockbox")
23:07:23 Join Moos [0] (
23:07:47 Nick Lost-ash is now known as ashridah (n=ashridah@
23:08:07 Quit muesli_- (Read error: 113 (No route to host))
23:08:40 Join Benacool [0] (
23:09:14peturLear: I know
23:09:19***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
23:09:57peturThere must be something wrong in the structure that causes Sleep(1) to stop playback
23:10:08peturNeeds more investigation
23:11:08peturI also need to learn more about how RB operates to understand what's going wrong
23:11:28LearSleep(1) is really longer (the remainder of the timeslice), but on the other hand, full CPU shouldn't be needed for working playback...
23:12:34peturYes, but with Sleep(1) there's no more smooth playback, that's why I said there is still something wrong in the way everything works together
23:13:02peturMy Athlon64 3500+ uses 100%...
23:13:10 Join Kyl3 [0] (
23:13:39LearIt is fairly smooth on my computer, which has the exact same CPU...
23:13:56peturwith Sleep(1)?
23:14:52Kyl3Been experimenting. I tried to compile the bootloader in the new 1.66 firmware for the H120, and it didn't let me, so I did scramble -add=h120 new.bin new.hex and it worked. Any testers?
23:15:32Kohlribawhats wrong about fwpatcher?
23:15:46Kyl3Not compatible with the 1.66 firmware yet
23:15:49LearYes. Not perfect, but...
23:15:55KohlribaWorks for me
23:15:58 Nick Kohlriba is now known as Kohlrabi (
23:16:27Kyl3Oh. ok if it works then I dont have to test it brb
23:17:04LearOh well, got to go...
23:17:29 Quit Lear ("Chatzilla [Firefox 1.5/undefined]")
23:20:07 Part malevolent
23:23:49 Nick solexx___ is now known as solexx (
23:28:01gromit`bon j'ai écrit au prez de l'a3ie
23:28:05gromit`ho sorry
23:28:10gromit`bad channel :)
23:30:24 Quit petur ("here today, gone tomorrow")
23:33:21 Quit Paul_The_Nerd ("Chatzilla [Firefox 1.5/undefined]")
23:35:51 Join mirak [0] (
23:37:11 Join muesli_- [0] (
23:41:03amiconnHmm, the prescale-less-at-high-volume change is in fact trivial; *no* additional code involved. :/
23:41:05amiconnCould have been done this way right from the beginning, far more kiss than what we have right now
23:41:15 Quit Kyl3 ()
23:44:00 Quit Benacool (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
23:44:50 Join DrumRBoy320 [0] (
23:45:03DrumRBoy320i have an idea
23:45:26DrumRBoy320make a WPS editor in rockbox
23:45:57DrumRBoy320have selections... maybe a drop down selector for differebt catagorys
23:46:26DrumRBoy320it would be helpful.... otg wps's
23:46:51*ashridah hands DrumRBoy320 a keyboard and a copy of rockbox's source code
23:46:53ashridahhave fun
23:47:34DrumRBoy320hey, if i learned how to program in c, i would be havin a feild day now
23:47:49DrumRBoy320but... i only know basic, and im soon to learn Java
23:47:53DrumRBoy320all useless in rockbox
23:48:32XavierGrexperiment with what you already know
23:48:48XavierGranyway what you suggest is a plugin, look at the hello world plugin.
23:48:55ashridah10 print "basic sucks"
23:48:59ashridah20 goto 10
23:49:15DrumRBoy320lol, tell me about it...
23:49:16XavierGrthen learn about the functions that render text and you should be able to start coding
23:49:31ender`basic has evolved beyond that ... but it's not like it helped
23:49:47DrumRBoy320yea, now it would be this:
23:49:54XavierGrDo you know how to compile DrumRBoy320?
23:49:59DrumRBoy320$B = "basic Sucks"
23:50:05DrumRBoy320print $B
23:50:06ashridahDrumRBoy320: I think it gets the setting from the default URL handler for gnomer
23:50:15ender`$b? are you sure you aren't mixing perl and basic?
23:50:27DrumRBoy320yea, well, thats basic that im learning
23:50:28ashridahDrumRBoy320: might help in the learning-C department
23:50:30XavierGrWell I started from Visual Basic too.
23:50:40DrumRBoy320not visual...
23:50:50DrumRBoy320we're using 'truebasic'
23:50:52XavierGrThe logic is the same with C. Infacr programming logic is the same for all languages.
23:51:03XavierGrIt is just that Visual Studio programmers are spoiled lol
23:51:04DrumRBoy320well, same as in common sense too
23:51:07*ashridah can thankfully say he never learned much past the original basic/qbasic
23:51:19DrumRBoy320i have to to learn java
23:51:23DrumRBoy320which i want to do
23:51:37DrumRBoy320through school
23:51:43ashridahdoesn't mean you can't buy a book on C and learn it on the side.
23:51:46*ender` once wrote an image editor with windows-like gui in qbasic :)
23:51:54DrumRBoy320true, i dont have time :(
23:52:35ashridahender`: haha. my qasic escapades were primarily in the 'lets modify that gorillas game that comes with msdos so that the bananas wipe out half the screen' :)
23:52:38*ender` never learned c, but can usually understand what the code does and even fix (or "fix") a thing or two
23:53:02ender`hehe, gorillas and nibbles ... that brings back good memories
23:53:37ender`my basic programming started with QB4.0 and a bunch of commodore and spectrum books (with examples that would never work)
23:55:03 Quit thegeek_ (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
23:55:15 Join thegeek [0] (

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