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#rockbox log for 2005-12-17

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00:00:35*petur wonders why the ADC is enabled before it is configured
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00:03:20peturhehe there's still a button mapped wrong on the H300
00:03:53peturif you want to delete a file, it says 'play' to delete but it's the navi button that does it
00:04:48Bagderthat's a known and old bug
00:07:35peturthere's also something strange with the progess indicator
00:08:10peturI'm listening to a short WAV I just recorded and the bar sometimes jumps back a bit
00:08:18peturAnd it never goes to the end
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00:36:19peturthere's some glith that happens if recording is started
00:36:28petureven the peakmeters show it
00:41:21peturthis is ugly... doesn't even look like it's audio... must be garbage
00:50:49peturcan somebody tell me how recorded audio travels from source to file?
00:51:18peturaudio_record() creates a file
00:51:35peturbut where is the data written?
00:57:07*petur feels al alone
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01:09:57Papricathere is a basic help on
01:10:08Papricahow to write a plugin
01:10:14Paprica]on rockbox site?
01:10:24Papricai dont found
01:10:44peturdo you have a build environment set up?
01:12:05Papricayep i have all
01:12:25peturdo you have the source tree?
01:12:49Papricadaily build?
01:13:05peturin the apps/plugins directory, there is a helloworld.c sample
01:13:15peturjust a recent one
01:14:10peturfor single file plugins, edit the SOURCES file in the same directory
01:14:29peturfor multi-file plugins you need to edit the makefile
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01:22:54Jungti1234Did address change?
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01:23:18Papricai think ->
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01:23:43qwisp11yeah something about spamming
01:24:26Jungti1234Because its connection knows, I wandered.
01:25:18Jungti1234See all this.
01:27:02Jungti1234How about feel?
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01:30:56Papricavery nice
01:31:52Papricado u use it in the orginal iriver firmware?
01:32:52nathanhjung: is that a rockbox theme?
01:33:18muesli__Paprica: is Paprica the hebrew word for pepper?
01:34:03Jungti1234It's interface that South Korea users want.
01:34:30Papricamm paprica is a spice =]
01:34:47Papricain hebrew pepper is Pilpel =]
01:36:00nathanhjung: mockup only?
01:37:43Jungti1234what is mockup?
01:38:19Jungti1234mockup only.
01:39:00nathanhcheck this out ->
01:39:34dpassen1such a large screen on the H3x0
01:41:11Jungti1234H300 is large screen.
01:41:37dpassen1it has more info than my wps and more blank space
01:43:06Jungti1234 hehe
01:44:45Jungti1234By the way, is it possible?
01:46:38nathanhis what possible?
01:47:04nathanhin rockbox?
01:47:14nathanhwith the current wps code, i dont think so
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01:47:45nathanhthe images around the edges, sure
01:47:51Jungti1234It's dream.
01:47:55nathanhbut the differently coloured text, no
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02:03:30Jungti1234I will come back.
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02:10:38ircleusercheck this out ->
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09:53:19amiconnSlasheri: r u there?
09:58:47Slasheriamiconn: yes, but booting server now in 10 minutes.. back soon
10:03:30dwihnoI have a tricky question... Does different WiFi-chips (on a USB-stick) give more/less range, or is it merely a marketing gimmick?
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11:17:20Jungti1234Bad guy
11:19:16amiconnSlasher: Looking at your latest file.c fix, it seems this part of readwrite() can be simplified
11:19:48amiconnApart from that, the error codes are not in sequence now.
11:21:44amiconnSlasher: As it seems you have code that realy stresses the file handling, could you test the following changes?
11:22:12 Join Mmmm [0] (
11:22:12amiconnIn latest file.c, change line 444 to read:
11:22:21amiconnif ( count < SECTOR_SIZE - file->cacheoffset ) {
11:22:28Jungti1234haha he exercises and strikes a person.
11:22:46amiconnand then remove lines 447..459
11:24:36amiconnThis will move the corner case of count == SECTOR_SIZE - file->cacheoffset into the else {} block
11:25:24nathanhjung: wog is australian slang (derogatory) for italian and/or greek
11:25:28Slasheramiconn: ok, i will test that soon :)
11:26:04Slasherit's very easy too see if it doesn't work, because the tagcache building just fails :)
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11:27:49Jungti1234nathanh: ah, in bail?
11:28:16nathanhno, just in general
11:28:20nathanhmostly in melbourne it seems
11:28:49Jungti1234However, all wogs aren't terrorist.
11:29:11nathanhwog doesnt mean terrorist, it means italian or greek
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11:32:49amiconnSlasher: Btw, I don't understand why readwrite() corrupts data, and/or why your fix works. Afaiu, lines 476..482 should flush the cache if it's dirty. With your fix, a partially filled sector gets flushed twice
11:33:03amiconn...and that's sub-optimal
11:33:07 Join Mmmm [0] (
11:34:01Slasheramiconn: it can read data to the cache without flushing first old dirty data to the disk
11:34:32amiconnAh, you mean when reading data from the same sector after writing?
11:36:09Slasheryes, and when that read advances to the next sector.. then old sector is not flushed from cache before erasing the cache with new data
11:36:16amiconnIf so, then you could optimise the fix...
11:36:46amiconnThe problem only occurs when reading the same sector and further after a partial sector write.
11:37:17amiconnIf several small writes go into the same sector, your fix flushes every time
11:38:02amiconnIiuc, it should be sufficient to check if (file->dirty && !write) in line 463
11:38:23amiconn(line number without my proposed simplification)
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11:42:03amiconnNah, it doesn't flush every time, but it flushes twice on write with a dirty partial sector.
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11:49:00Slasheramiconn: your simplification seems to work fine, would you like to commit it?
11:49:08Zak1392what's up guys?
11:49:36Zak1392woah, recording for H300s!
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11:51:31Jungti1234Freenode is unstable.
11:52:13Jungti1234ah 18
11:54:19Zak1392is there limits on recording like in the original firmware?
11:54:27 Quit perplexity ("*boom shake shake shake the room*")
11:54:33peturthere's a little glitch still
11:54:50petursome garbage gets added in front of the recording
11:55:24peturlimit is 2GB (3h) I think
11:55:48peturbut that's for all RB
11:56:00_FireFly_petur: afaik not but after ca 2GB filesize a filesplit is done
11:56:15peturah ok
11:56:23petur(I'm new to this)
11:56:38muesli__fat32 allows 2gb in max file size
12:00:15amiconnpetur: The glitch at the beginning was also reported for H1x0. I didn't try recording myself though
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12:00:31amiconnRecording time is only limited by available disk space.
12:00:41peturwhoa.. work to do: seems my changes fail on the H300 sims
12:01:16amiconnRockbox will automatically start a new file (without llosing samples) when the 2GB barrier is reached
12:01:41amiconnSlasher: Did you also test the second suggestion?
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12:05:14nathanhtheres an h300 sim?
12:05:22nathanhdamnit, ive been debugging like a chump
12:05:34Slasheramiconn: testing now
12:05:34peturyes and it's not building any more - my fault
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12:08:30amiconnpetur: The #define HAVE_RECORDING in config-h300.h just needs to be moved down, into the #ifndef SIMULATOR section
12:08:43Slasheramiconn: that seems to work too. So it should be safe to commit them both :)
12:08:50peturdo you have cvs access?
12:09:09peturcan you? I can just make patches :(
12:10:41amiconnIn fact, this is strange. The iriver sims (H1x0 as well as H3x0) won't compile with HAVE_RECORDING defined, but the archos sims do.
12:11:02amiconnMaybe we need a couple of stub fns to fix this properly
12:11:17_FireFly_it seams so
12:11:32peturdaily builds page suggests H1xx sim builds ok
12:11:51amiconnYes, because HAVE_RECORDING isn't defined for them
12:12:08Zak1392what is independant frames and prerecord time?
12:12:14amiconn(#define HAVE_RECORDING in the #ifndef SIMULATOR section)
12:12:16_FireFly_it is in the #ifndef SIMULATOR section
12:12:29_FireFly_i'm a slow typer
12:15:31nathanhamiconn: that rockboxui doesnt look a whole lot like an h300
12:15:42nathanhamiconn: is there a patch required?
12:15:48_FireFly_nathanh: os ??
12:15:53amiconnThe x11 sim doesn't support colour yet
12:16:01nathanhfire: linux, x11
12:16:07nathanhnot concerned about color
12:16:25_FireFly_but the problem relies on the missing color support
12:16:41amiconnThat means a H300 x11 sim doesn't show anything on the simulated LCD
12:16:48nathanhok, ill do h100 instead
12:16:49_FireFly_amiconn: only main-lcd
12:16:57_FireFly_the remote is fine
12:16:59amiconnYou can run the Win32 sim under wine
12:17:07amiconn_FireFly_: Yes of course
12:17:18amiconn(as the remote isn't colour)
12:17:30nathanhim working on gui code and debugging on the hardware has been difficult
12:17:35nathanhdidnt realise there was a sim /slaps head
12:17:56markunI've writen an email to the maintainer of a japanese toshiba gigabeat wiki. Didn't hear from him, but now I see he placed the email and some info about rockbox in an article:
12:17:58_FireFly_nathanh: you must checkout the sim-code seperatly
12:18:23_FireFly_nathanh: cvs co uisimulator in the rb-source root-dir
12:18:34nathanhfire: ive already built it, thanks
12:18:34_FireFly_in your local copy
12:19:17t0mas-lilo- [Global Notice] Hi all. Okay, here goes. In just a few moments, a rather large main rotation server will be restarted. It will be followed by another, and another, and then by smaller servers. Please bear with us.
12:19:20t0masthere we go again
12:19:40Zak1392what is independant frames and prerecord time?
12:20:03_FireFly_time to make some happa happa :)
12:20:16 Join perplexity [0] (n=joust@
12:20:38peturslow cygwin :( moving down HAVE_RECORDING does the trick for now
12:21:01peturamiconn: can you correct my mistake in cvs?
12:21:06amiconnpetur: I already committed this change
12:22:05_FireFly_amiconn: should i split-out the remote-scroll-settings and the HZ/10 change from the remote-settings patch so that at least this can be commited faster ??
12:25:24peturdon't know if the page is still up to date, it says those features are not supported yet
12:25:36peturbut I found some stuff about it in the code ;)
12:25:57_FireFly_then update the wiki-page :)
12:26:12peturno, first check the state of the code
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12:36:00Zak1392who brought the beer?
12:38:31Jungti1234What happen?
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12:38:43nathanhwho set us up the bomb?
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15:52:56Jungti1234Have a nice weekend. :)
15:53:10 Quit Jungti1234 ("bye")
15:53:12Slasheribye, and same for you :)
15:55:41 Quit DrumRBoy320|away (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
15:57:57 Join ehntoo [0] (
16:01:34Papricasomeone can tell me what wrong?
16:01:36Papricarb->read(fd, option, 1);
16:01:48Papricaoption is variable
16:02:10Slasherioption has to be a buffer
16:02:19Slasherioh, no..
16:02:25 Join Seed [0] (
16:02:44_FireFly_Paprica: what doesn't work with that code-part ??
16:02:44Slasheribut if it's char variable, then it should be ok, but you need to specify &option
16:03:04Papricasolitaire.c:496: warning: passing arg 2 of pointer to function makes pointer fro
16:03:05Papricam integer without a cast
16:03:06_FireFly_Slasheri: you can also use other types :)
16:03:34Slasheri_FireFly_: ah, of course. But then they must be in correct endian and use sizeof(type) instead of 1 :)
16:03:46_FireFly_Paprica: you must give the address of the variable
16:03:49_FireFly_Slasheri: yepp
16:04:06Papricaah ok
16:04:19Papricarb->read(fd, option, sizeof(option));
16:04:23Papricanow its good?
16:04:50_FireFly_Slasheri: we are a good tream ;)
16:04:51Papricadont understand
16:04:59Slasheri_FireFly_: hehe, true ;)
16:05:11_FireFly_Paprica: the read fn puts the readed value into the given variable
16:05:12SlasheriPaprica: what type is that option anyway, or how it is defined?
16:05:34_FireFly_so the fn needs the address of the variable
16:05:56Papricahow i give it an address
16:06:04 Join Febs [0] (
16:06:07_FireFly_with &<var-name>
16:06:18Papricarb->read(fd, &option, sizeof(option));
16:06:20Papricalike this?
16:06:29Papricagoood =]]]
16:07:07_FireFly_but are you sure that you will only read an integer when this is called ??
16:07:44Papricai need only to read
16:07:46Paprica1 or 0
16:08:16 Join crwl [0] (
16:08:18_FireFly_in this case you could also use an char to reduce the used ram a bit
16:09:47Papricathe code is ok to char too?
16:10:02_FireFly_yepp if you don't use a char array :)
16:10:31_FireFly_because when the var is an array then you can simply write the var-name to get the address of the first element
16:11:03Papricaok =]
16:11:41*_FireFly_ hopes to have it said right and clear :)
16:14:46 Join poltroon [0] (
16:17:45Papricathe value of the text file will be in "option"
16:18:55_FireFly_the readed byte(s) from the readed file will be in "option"
16:19:30Slasheriand the byte should be binary zero or one, unless you check for ascii values in the code like '0' or '1'
16:19:44 Quit poltroon (Client Quit)
16:20:30 Quit ehntoo ("Leaving")
16:20:35Papricamm ok
16:32:14 Join guillaumh [0] (
16:34:12ghode|afkso tempting, just found a new ipod vid 60gb for 250, maybe its time to say good bye to the oldh140 :(
16:44:09 Join qwisp11 [0] (
16:47:09 Quit qwisp11 (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
16:47:33 Join actionshrimp [0] (
16:48:38 Part guillaumh ("bye")
16:50:28 Join LinusN [0] (
16:50:40LinusNPaprica: what are you trying to do?
16:51:41 Join JazzBone [0] (
16:52:10 Join guillaumh [0] (
16:52:38LinusNPaprica: if you are trying to save options in a plugin, i suggest you look at the configfile API in the plugin library
16:52:56Papricaim trying to add a option to the solitaire that can you choose from 3 card draw or 1 crad draw
16:53:07Papricamm where is it?
16:56:21LinusNlook in plugins/lib/configfile.c for the code, and in euroconverter to see how it is used
16:57:18_FireFly_LinusN: had you found some time to look at my simplified wsp-image-flicker-patch ??
16:57:29LinusNno i haven't
16:59:18 Part guillaumh ("bye")
16:59:23lostlogicno MOV3Q instruction in coldfire ISA_A, that's sad.
17:02:51 Join tucoz [0] (
17:03:11tucozLinusN: are you around?
17:03:27LinusNtucoz: yup
17:03:36tucozin that case, have you had a look at the LaTeX-stuff?
17:03:45LinusNnot really
17:03:56LinusNi looked at the generated pdf and threw up :-)
17:04:20tucozthats what generated stuff looks like.
17:04:30LinusNthe pdf in the forum looks nice though
17:05:14tucozOk, good. It is only a cleaned up version of the generated. And separated into different chapter files
17:05:57LinusNthe tables extend a little far into the right margin
17:06:14tucozI get the impression that there are at least a few people willing to help with the documentation effort, as soon as the files are in cvs
17:07:04tucozLinusN. I havent touched the tables. Those need a total rework as they are hardcoded to look like that from the writer2latex output
17:07:36tucozBut, that should be fairly simple as the content for the cells are there.
17:08:26 Join novimon [0] (
17:09:34LinusNtucoz: good
17:10:10tucozanother good thing is that Febs have had the 2.4 docs in the back of his mind when writing the wiki-docs
17:10:30tucozwhich probably makes the transition easier.
17:11:20tucozanother thing. I had a look at the firmware for the iAudio U3. Looks like it is very similar to the X5.
17:11:43tucozThe strings output is really helpful
17:12:02tucozAnd, it also looks like a nice player.
17:12:09LinusNwhat's u3?
17:12:21tucozits a flash-based player
17:12:40tucozable to play xvid at 15fps
17:16:04tucozwonder if it uses the coldfire as well
17:17:30 Join muesli__ [0] (
17:19:39 Part tucoz
17:27:38 Part amiconn
17:32:38 Join amiconn [0] (
17:37:08 Join DrumRBoy320|away [0] (
17:38:40 Quit linuxstb (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
17:38:59 Join linuxstb [0] (
17:40:19 Quit einhirn (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
17:43:12*linuxstb is staring at a shiny new black video ipod
17:44:03preglowthey come in black?
17:44:52linuxstbThey are _thin_
17:45:01preglownot thinner than the nanoi :>
17:45:03preglownano, even
17:45:04ghode|afklinuxstb: w00t ;p
17:45:09linuxstbIt's a christmas present for my g/f
17:45:14ghode|afko :(
17:45:24 Join akaidiot [0] (
17:45:31***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
17:45:36preglowport rockbox to it when she sleeps
17:45:50linuxstbhehe. I'm just waiting to steal the code from IPL
17:46:03ghode|afkgood idea preglow
17:46:29 Join ehntoo [0] (
17:46:46linuxstbI'm definitely going to give Rockbox a go. Apparently IPL have a lcd driver working at a snail's pace at the moment. I don't know the status of all the other hardware.
17:47:01preglowhow can they even have it working at all?
17:47:13preglowunless they've figured out how to bootstrap the broachcom thing, that is
17:47:45linuxstbThis is possibly without using the broadcom thing. I need to investigate.
17:47:46preglownot one single part of my body is working as intended today
17:47:55preglowbut yeah, they do have it working
17:48:03preglowi've seen them mention it from time to time
17:48:06miraktoday it's especially my stomach
17:48:20preglowit's my head, fingers, neck and back
17:48:35mirakI forced a bit on vodka
17:49:19linuxstbI keep pressing the left and right arrows to navigate the menus, but only Rockbox works like that...
17:49:26preglowyes, i know
17:49:29preglowbad habit to break
17:50:30preglowbut ok, let's have a cup of coffee and see about commiting something
17:50:34linuxstbI have a week to populate it with music and video and port Rockbox...
17:50:45preglowample time
17:51:02 Join Rob2222 [0] (
17:52:11_FireFly_preglow: how about my combined-bitmap-support-patch :) when you want somthing to committing :)
17:52:26preglowoh, i've got things to commit
17:52:54_FireFly_was only a suggestion
17:53:09preglowi'd have to look at it first
17:53:47_FireFly_hmm maybe i have to update it so that i applys cleanly
17:54:08peturan then there's my H300 brightness patch and my W32 sim patch :D
17:54:42*perplexity votes for the H300 brightness patch
17:57:37mirakwhy is it needed in rockbox to have functions like snprintf recreated ?
17:58:09mirakthat's the question of the day
17:59:26perplexitybecuase rockbox does not have glibc ?
17:59:30 Join Mmmm [0] (
18:00:00_FireFly_also the dietlibc would be too much
18:00:22perplexityby a long way.. even uclibc is huge to fit on an embeded player..
18:00:32perplexitybest to just implement only the routines that will be used
18:01:42 Join muesli- [0] (
18:01:43 Quit muesli__ (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
18:02:03 Join webguest40 [0] (
18:02:12 Nick webguest40 is now known as lamed (
18:03:24 Quit linuxstb ("Leaving")
18:03:29preglowi can't imagine why we would need libc
18:03:47mirakI have a problem with memery size
18:03:56preglowwe need to recreate functions so we can make them smaller and do just want we need them to do
18:03:57mirakmaybe you can tell me what I need to change
18:04:03 Join chiller [0] (
18:04:22perplexityindeed preglow
18:04:22mirakto get something that compiles for now at least
18:04:23preglowyou've got to remember that rockbox began on players far more limited than the ones we're porting to now
18:05:08perplexity*wow* mirak, you managed to consume 768kb of RAM?
18:05:26perplexityYou must have some huge buffers in there somewhere
18:06:01preglowwell, it is an xvid decoder...
18:06:28perplexitythis is true I guess.. but that big? How big can the tables be? and the framebuffer is only 70 something K
18:07:46_FireFly_it's the first attempt so when this works then we can think about optimisation
18:08:15perplexityindeed.. we (me) are (is) learning a lot about optimisation at the moment :)
18:09:10perplexity<groan> that could not have come out any worse if I had run it through the german to english converter in babelfish <sigh>
18:10:19perplexitydon't worry.. I'm having one of those days I'm afraid
18:11:42Mmmm"I am" ?
18:12:02_FireFly_Mmmm: ??
18:12:15perplexityyes.. I am.. simple contraction I'm
18:12:43Mmmminstead of "we (me) are (is)" !
18:13:14perplexitywell, I meant it more along the lines of "there are several of us that are" with an added implication that "I am"
18:13:22Mmmm:D heh heh
18:14:10perplexityI guess that's what the call the "Royal We"
18:14:22perplexitywhich I guess is what the queen does 1st thing in the morning also
18:17:19MmmmI am perplexed!! :D
18:18:06perplexityheh.. I'm sitting in bed with a fever that almost needs it's own chiller plant.. dosed to the eyeballs on drugs.. I'm not likely to make too much coherent sense.. perhaps I need to go write some asm :)
18:19:15lamedguys, when we moved to multiscreen support, the way lists are being vertically scrolled has been changed: the selected item used to stay at the middle 2/3 of the screen and now it's always the last item. do you think it's wrong that way or was it deliberately?
18:22:03mirakperplexity: well I just need to make it compile for now
18:22:42perplexityIndeed.. and I wish you all the luck in the world.. I'd love video in rockbox :)
18:29:03perplexityCan someone confirm the SCF5249 in the h3x0 and h1x0 has 8kb of instruction cache ?
18:29:29XavierGrUbuntu 5.10 "The Breezy Badger" <- haha
18:29:39preglowperplexity: confirmed
18:29:45XavierGrReminded me Bagder
18:29:49perplexityta preglow
18:37:16MmmmPerplexity: oh I get it...Royal Wee.... hee hee... ;)
18:44:17XavierGrI can't really believe this.
18:44:42XavierGrOn the Ubuntu site it claims that they can post you the latest Ubunt CD free of charge....
18:44:56Niliscothey do
18:45:01Niliscotakes a few weeks though
18:45:22perplexityorder 10 at a time and give them to your friends :) save them postage
18:45:44XavierGrAnd then there are people like me that uses Windows...
18:45:46perplexityman.. this is the first time ever I have mixed C and assembly.. give me a straight macro assembler any day of the week
18:45:48XavierGrI am an idiot.
18:46:19preglowperplexity: what about it? it's not that hard
18:46:27perplexitythe right tool for the right job XavierGr.. I have a machine lying around here that has windows on it strictly to run cad.. as I just can't do it well under linux yet
18:47:04perplexityNo preglow, but from someone who is barely passable at C and quite proficient in normal assembler it just has a curve to it..
18:47:07XavierGrI think I will download Ubuntu right away and install it. Can I have a dual boot with windows and Ubuntu?
18:47:23preglowcurve, sure
18:47:30preglowbut gcc inline assembler is very nice once you get to know it
18:47:34perplexityit's mainly just getting parameters into and out of the assembly blocks.. I have the gas manual here now and think I'm getting it
18:47:35XavierGrAlso why is there a DVD release?
18:47:47perplexitysaves on multiple CD's XavierGr
18:47:54NiliscoI think the dvd release has the live cd built in.
18:47:57preglowi remember using microsoft visual c++ inline assembler, now that was limiting
18:48:01mirakXavierGr: there is colinux also, a kind of linux emulator
18:48:05preglowvery easy, but also incredibly limiting
18:48:23XavierGrNilisco: Yes I dont get this, what's the difference between the install and the live CD?
18:48:40NiliscoYou can boot from the live CD and try the operating system out without installing.
18:48:47perplexitynow I have -save-temps and -fverbose-asm in my $CFLAGS I'm getting a feel for what the compiler is doing anyway
18:49:03XavierGrNilisco: Like Knoppix?
18:49:08mirakXavierGr: yes
18:49:24XavierGrNice I will donwload the DVD version then.
18:49:35mirakXavierGr: if you already know knoppix that's not worth trying the ubuntu live cd
18:49:36XavierGrI think it is time to convert!
18:49:55perplexitycome to the light side of the force young jedi
18:50:06*perplexity flips over the duct tape
18:50:26_FireFly_perplexity: have you yet tried a kind of lfs system ??
18:50:56perplexity_FireFly_ I built my own a while back that booted a full X and WINE system from a 16mb CF card :p).. so yes :)
18:50:56mirakI tried to convert a budy to linux. I lent him an old 10G hard drive. Few days laters he is me linux is crap it can't boot anymore, it died already.
18:51:07mirakin fact he managed to kill the hard drive
18:51:24NiliscoEvery try I try to convert to linux I can't get wpa_supplicant working and I give up in tears of rage.
18:51:29_FireFly_perplexity: oh great :)
18:51:53perplexityBut having said that.. _all_ my machines here are Debian.. and my laptop (that was installed 6 laptops ago with debian 1.9) has been transfered using nc & tar from machine to machine and just upgraded on the fly :)
18:51:59_FireFly_Nilisco: then you had bought the wrong wlan-card :=
18:52:13mirakNilisco: what is it ?
18:52:24*_FireFly_ is running gentoo :)
18:52:27NiliscoLinksys pci something wireless g with SPEEDBOOSTER TECHNOLOGY.
18:52:34 Join FockinPenguin [0] (
18:52:44NiliscoI should probably get something a bit more supported, but I'm lazy.
18:52:54FockinPenguinhello all :)
18:53:08XavierGrI am quite hesitant those, when I think that I will have to change all my PC habbits,
18:53:09perplexityahh.. sweet _FireFly_.. I just started with Debian somewhere around 96 and never got around to trying anything else.. my desktop has been voted "worlds ugliest and arcane" by several user groups :)
18:53:17XavierGrBut most certainly I wil give it a chance.
18:54:08FockinPenguinthat's the first time I come here but I use rockbox for 2 years & I just want to thanks all devs for them great piece of software :))
18:54:08_FireFly_after i got tired with Suse i wanted to make a lfs-system but then i found gentoo...
18:54:14perplexityAs you get into it XavierGr, and discover all the things you can do that you had so much trouble doing before, you will slowly start to forget about all the things you can't do ;)
18:54:29mirak_FireFly_: I never tried suse
18:54:51peturLinusN: code has changed too much for that recording patch to be usefull :( some changes that look like they could have been the fix are already in the current codebase.
18:54:56perplexityI guess gentoo is kinda lfs for those with cpu power, bandwidth and the will to burn KW :)
18:54:59XavierGrI was quite annoyed by the fact that I couldn't mount a single external HD in Knoppix on a friends house the other day.
18:55:10preglowgentoo is nice enough
18:55:14preglowused to run it for my server
18:55:19XavierGrI was really dissapointed and thought that I am too close minded in OSes
18:55:25mirakperplexity: I installed gentoo on a g3 400mhz and g4 350mhz
18:55:26_FireFly_perplexity: cpu power do you also need for a pure lfs
18:55:29XavierGrI must learn to use Linux.
18:55:48FockinPenguinyes ;)
18:55:51_FireFly_because you have to compile the packages in both systems from the sources
18:56:05perplexityTrue enough I guess _FireFly_ :) whereas a kernel compile on my old 386sx16 with 4mb ram used to take about 5 days.. but then on my 68020 Mac IIsi it used to take over a week :)
18:56:07 Join benware [0] (
18:56:13mirakI don't like much gentoo, the admin tools are crap
18:56:19mirakin fact there is no admin tools at all
18:56:19preglowadmin tools?
18:56:27perplexitywho needs more than /bin/vi ?
18:56:28preglowwhat admin tools do you need?
18:56:48mirakanytools that can get me rid of vi
18:56:51_FireFly_and an great package managing system :=
18:56:53mirakI hate vi by the way
18:57:00*preglow huggles vim
18:57:03mirakI am a fan of joe
18:57:10perplexityI used to think vi was bletcherous, till I got to know it.. now I'm a vim convert
18:57:35perplexityThough I still do my pascal in nedit.. old habits and all
18:57:53mirakI prefer be able to do admin by gui.
18:57:59mirakI am lazy
18:58:05*perplexity hands mirak a copy of windows
18:58:17perplexitynone of my servers even have heads..
18:58:20mirakperplexity: I prefer you buy me OS X :)
18:58:39_FireFly_i have some basic knowlage about vi but mostly i use mcedit when i'm not using an gui editor
18:58:41perplexityWhy not.. at least os X has a decent terminal and command line :)
18:58:46mirakperplexity: for a server yes, but for a desktop computer
18:58:49preglowi'd like a mac
18:58:54preglowif someone buys me one, i'll port rockbox to it!
18:58:58mirakpreglow: I have old macs
18:59:02XavierGrNilisco: So my PC has an intel CPU so I guess I will have to download i386 version right?
18:59:14mirakXavierGr: yes
18:59:15_FireFly_MacOS is now linux/*nix as it basement
18:59:23perplexityit took me _ages_ to learn vi.. but I had to when my embded system only had room for busybox and it has vi in it.. so I just bit the bullet, printed a VI quick reference guide and went at it..
18:59:28_FireFly_XavierGr: yepp
18:59:37perplexityI'm not a hard core vi user though, I still use the arrow keys
18:59:39mirak_FireFly_: it's Darwin
18:59:44mirak_FireFly_: it's an Unix
19:00:04 Join dpassen1 [0] (n=dpassen1@resnet-233-61.resnet.UMBC.EDU)
19:00:06_FireFly_no it is an unix derivate
19:00:10mirakwhat's the difference ?
19:00:33 Join DangerousDan [0] (
19:00:40perplexityI have an old iPAQ here running linux.. it has a 200Mhz ARM, an MMC slot and PCMCIA interface.. thought about porting rockbox to that :) mmmmm rockbox on a touch screen
19:00:55mirakipaq ?
19:01:06_FireFly_afaik MacOS X has an freebsd-kernel or similar to it
19:01:09perplexityyeah, the old Compaq iPAQ handhelds..
19:01:18preglow_FireFly_: nah, it's got a mach kernel
19:01:33mirak_FireFly_: do you know you can even rebuild the OS X kernel ?
19:01:45_FireFly_no i don't
19:02:00mirakthat tells a lot compared to windows
19:02:10mirakon wich you can virtually do nothing
19:02:16miraknothing fun :)
19:02:18perplexityOk, enough for this little black duck.. night all
19:02:25 Quit perplexity (""zzzzzZZZZzzzzzzzZZZZZZ"")
19:02:52_FireFly_mirak: technically it is possible but without the kernel-sources of the used kernel there is no way afaik
19:05:07 Join linuxstb [0] (
19:08:05 Quit muesli- (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
19:09:50 Part PaulJ
19:16:06LinusNpetur: i suspected that it would be like that
19:17:03 Quit Febs ()
19:22:00MmmmI'm trying to fix the metronome plugin to work for the new db volume. I use sound_max(SOUND_VOLUME) and sound_min(SOUND_VOLUME) but the compiler says "structure has no member named sound_max". What am I doing wrong?
19:22:53LinusNthose functions are probably not exported in the plugin api
19:23:00lostlogicI wonder if teaching gcc about addq.l #[0-8],ea will make things faster.
19:23:36MmmmLinusN: should they be?
19:24:21 Join akaidiota [0] (
19:24:25FockinPenguinBye all :)
19:24:27 Part FockinPenguin ("A plux !")
19:24:28preglowshould you even need those in the metronome plugin?
19:26:00MmmmIt has changeable volume so I thought you'd need to set the max and min. If I hardcode 0 and -84 in it works fine. But then I thought sound_max and sound_min would be better.
19:26:14lostlogicsome of the things which are marked as inline in the current rockbox Tremor impl. aren't getting inlined because they are bigger than the max inline size.
19:26:44MmmmPreglow:(im using an H140)
19:28:33preglowlostlogic: well, i don't think inlining big functions is that wise anyway
19:28:35preglowlostlogic: what functions?
19:28:54lostlogicpreglow: figuring out exactly which ATM.
19:29:11MmmmIt's possible i'm talking complete rubbish of course because I'm using common sense rather than any coding ability! :)
19:30:14lostlogicpreglow: decode_packed_entry_number is the first one I discovered.
19:31:41LinusNMmmm: all functions that are needed by the plugins should be exported
19:31:59LinusNwe just don't export them until they are needed
19:32:18 Quit akaidiot (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
19:33:18MmmmDo you think these should be exported then? they would be useful for any plugins that have changable volume.
19:34:05 Join webguest79 [0] (
19:39:59 Join Ana [0] (
19:40:46 Nick Ana is now known as PrincessAna (
19:40:53 Part PrincessAna
19:40:55 Join PrincessAna [0] (
19:41:28LinusNMmmm: yes, i think they should be exported
19:41:50MmmmDo i just put int sound_min(int setting);
19:41:50Mmmmint sound_max(int setting);
19:42:26LinusNyou edit apps/plugin.h and apps/plugin.c
19:42:26Mmmminto plugins.h in struct plugin_api {
19:42:45mirakcould rockbox support ums and playing at the same time ?
19:42:54LinusNmirak: yes and no
19:43:06mirakif rockbox stays read only while on ums
19:43:10LinusNrockbox can't read from the hard drive
19:43:14LinusNin ums mode
19:43:21LinusNbut it could play from the memory
19:43:33mirakwhy it can't ?
19:43:55mirakcould rockbox act like a alarm clock ?
19:44:13LinusNmirak: because the USB chip takes over the hard drive
19:44:25 Part benware
19:44:28LinusNmirak: yes, it can act like an alarm clock
19:44:43LinusNthe h100 doesn't have a clock, so it has to be relative
19:44:52lostlogicpreglow: 2.4% less time spent in most called function in Tremor by making x++ use addq.l instead of move,add,move.
19:44:59mirakit could wake up from of mode ?
19:45:32***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
19:46:06 Quit webguest79 ("CGI:IRC (EOF)")
19:46:29mirakalso wondering if UMS could be possible with charging at the same time from usb
19:48:26Papricalinusn: int configfile_load(const char *filename, struct configdata *cfg,
19:48:26Papricaint num_items, int min_version);
19:48:35Papricawhat is num_items
19:48:39Papricaand min_version
19:49:04LinusNnum_items is how many settings you have in the configdata struct
19:49:29preglowlostlogic: no shit, what function is it?
19:49:32Papricaand min_version
19:49:32preglownothing i have done, i hope
19:49:42lostlogicdecode_packed_entry_number ;)
19:49:51LinusNmin_version is the version number of the config file structure, you increase it when you change it
19:49:54lostlogicleast that's the most called not-marked-as-inline function.
19:49:59 Part PrincessAna
19:50:11preglowwhat file is it in?
19:50:57lostlogicpardon, it's marked as inline in CVS, but that doesn't inline it afaics
19:51:41preglowlostlogic: i can't see any ++ operation in that
19:51:58preglowand anyway, how did you make gcc do that? inline asm?
19:52:06lostlogicthey're in things it calls, lemme find the places where I switched to asm −− yes, inline asm.
19:54:40lostlogicit looks like it's just decode_packed_entry_number that's attempted to be inlined and is too big.
19:54:56Papricalinusn: another question, what is the variable that the data save in?
19:56:39lostlogicpreglow: codebook.c oggpack_read and several places in framing.c are where I inlined ++s
19:56:50lostlogic(or −−s)
19:57:11LinusNPaprica: the configfile struct contains all info about the setting
19:57:35LinusNif it's an integer, you set the type to TYPE_INT
19:58:05LinusNlet's say you have an integer that can have the values between 1 and 3
19:58:17LinusNthen the configfile struct would be:
19:59:07LinusN{TYPE_INT, 1, 3, &the_variable, "Card stack type", NULL, NULL}
19:59:27LinusNyou would also have to declare the variable itself:
19:59:33LinusNint the_variable;
19:59:53Paprica10q very much =]
20:02:47MmmmLinusN: WOW...thanks...I got the metronome pugin working with sound_max and sound_min. woohoo... :)
20:05:57Mmmmint sound_min(SOUND_VOLUME) didnt work in plugin.h though. it had to be int(*sound_min)(SOUND_VOLUME) or it thought I was declaring a function or something! :)
20:07:09Mmmm-"SOUND_VOLUME" +"int setting" oops!
20:08:11 Join Moos [0] (
20:08:15_FireFly_Mmmm: the struct holds pointers to function
20:08:17_FireFly_s's sort of beggining to make sense, but veeeeerrrrry slooooowlyyyyyyy... :)
20:11:43 Quit lamed ("CGI:IRC (Ping timeout)")
20:14:55 Quit JazzBone ("Leaving")
20:15:22MmmmNow I just want to change the beeping sound into a nice ticking sound, but the sound's made up of a load of seemingly random numbers. :/
20:26:48 Quit linuxstb ("CGI:IRC (Ping timeout)")
20:27:16 Quit phaedrus961 (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
20:29:57 Join phaedrus961 [0] (
20:31:57 Quit DrumRBoy320|away (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
20:34:13 Join webguest23 [0] (
20:34:25 Join muesli__ [0] (
20:40:12preglowwhy not use the beep code?
20:40:32preglowthat does a nice little square wave sound
20:42:33MmmmYes, that would be better, good idea... where is it?
20:43:14preglowdunno, do a seek
20:44:27MmmmOh, thanks... how do you do a seek? I've often wondered
20:47:04 Join JazzBone [0] (
20:48:45SlasheriMmmm: grep beep apps/* for example
20:49:14Slasherior *.[ch] would be even better
20:51:45MmmmThanks Slasheri that'll make life a lot easier.. Ive just been trying to guess where things are up till now! :D
20:52:04Slasherihehe :)
20:52:49Slasheriunix has a very powerful set of command line utilities which you can use to do literally almost anything
20:53:33Slasheriand if you are using cygwin based devkit, it should include many of those utilities too :)
20:55:42amiconnoooooooopssss :/
20:55:53_FireFly_do you mean your last commit ??
20:56:39amiconnMmmm noticed the sound_min() and sound_max() fns are not in the api .... but that means some plugins are still broken by the dB volume change...
20:56:50preglowi just did an oops commit :-)
20:56:58amiconnOn archos that is, but I wonder why nobody noticed ????
20:57:18amiconnBoth metronome.rock and video.rock have volume control
20:57:38 Join linuxstb [0] (
20:57:52Mmmmooh, I feel rather proud now :D
20:58:20preglowlinuxstb: commited button shenanigans
20:58:44_FireFly_shenanigans ?? is that a secret language ?? :)
20:59:12preglowlinuxstb: and btw, do bootloadsers currently work? system.c will be trying to set up interrupts when they're not enabled
21:00:11linuxstbpreglow: Yes, I saw the button commit - I'll try it soon. The CVS bootloader should load Rockbox fine, but I still haven't worked out why the apple firmware won't load.
21:00:24linuxstbBut now all your changes are in CVS, I'll give it another go.
21:00:40linuxstbDo you have any more ipod commits pending?
21:00:48preglowsome small crt0.s janitoring
21:00:55preglowapart from that, nothing i can remember
21:01:28preglowi really should start debugging musepack soon
21:02:14amiconnMmmm: I'll add these fns soon. They will be necessary for any plugin that wants to handle sound settings on more than one target
21:02:17preglowthirty files locally modified :/
21:03:07Mmmmamiconn: good stuff, i'll take them out of my patch then :)
21:09:32amiconnThere are even more plugins which use sound_set() and need to be fixed for dB volume ... a total of 6
21:10:14dpassen1i have a question about the dB based volume scale, is it true that a 10 dB increase doubles the perceived loudness?
21:11:20preglowdepends on where you are on the scale
21:12:04preglow10db doubles the power in the signal, that might still not be a doubling of perceived loudness
21:12:29dpassen1i thought 3 dB doubles voltage, 6 dB power
21:12:55preglow6db doubles voltage
21:13:32dpassen1i just wanted to make sure that half of the volume scale wasn't between -10 dB and 0 dB
21:13:46 Quit linuxstb ("CGI:IRC (Ping timeout)")
21:14:05preglowit depends on what the scale describes
21:14:28preglowi didn't measure it myself
21:14:45preglowit's pretty common in audio to have 6db = double/halve signal
21:15:09 Join linuxstb [0] (
21:15:44dpassen1yeah, i had voltage and power mixed up
21:16:54preglowthat's not uncommen, after all they don't really specify what the decibel scale describes
21:16:58preglowit might be voltage or power
21:17:15 Join andy_ [0] (
21:17:23preglowbut it probably is voltage
21:17:27dpassen13 dB doubles power, 6 dB doubles voltage, and somewhere between 6 and 10 should double perceived loudness, although that is subjective
21:17:30Mmmm\quit Dinner beckons...mmmm
21:17:38 Quit Mmmm ("Dinner beckons...mmmm")
21:19:17preglowamiconn: btw, where does the -84db limit come from? i can't find that as a lower limit in the data sheet
21:20:10SlasheriHmm.. i thought 3 dB would double the amplitude :)
21:22:47amiconnpreglow: The -84 dB limit comes from extrapolating the linear dB -> UDA register mapping below the lowest actual value (-78 dB) until the register value reaches mute
21:23:01andy_hm.. wonder if it is possible to detect if a external mic is connected or not
21:23:19amiconnAs it actually _is_ mute, it is displayed as the mute symbol in the status bar
21:24:32preglowandy_: possible, yes, but i doubt the hardware lets you
21:24:37Slasheriandy_: i think no, at least there is not direct method to detect that
21:24:56preglowyou could just record from line in and check for a signal
21:25:20Slasheriyep, but then it could be line in too :) so detecting line in / external mic should be possible
21:26:14preglowbut what is this supposed to be used for anyway?
21:26:29preglowif you're trying to record with a mic, that's what you should assume the user's got connected anyway
21:27:12Slasherii wondered something if it would be possible to automatically switch between radio stations and hdd playback. Or switching radio channels to find music without just speak :)
21:27:51peturI think you just need to toggle the mux pin
21:28:28 Join Musicmad [0] (n=Musicmad@
21:28:29peturI noticed the uda1380 has silence detection
21:28:34amiconnHah... in fact we could go lower than -84 dB on iriver, by using the mixer volume as well. Dunno if it would make sense though
21:28:36 Join RotAtoR [0] (
21:28:42preglowit wouldn't
21:29:00peturnot all of the HW possibilities are being used yet I think
21:29:27peturwill have a look at it after I sort out that bloody glitch
21:29:59preglowanyone tried the agc possibilites?
21:31:09amiconnBtw, imho the balance setting should also be in dB
21:31:34preglowwould make lots more sense
21:32:05preglowbut i don't know how you plan to display that
21:32:22preglowonly thing i think would make sense is: L: 0dB R: -6 dB, for example
21:33:15amiconnWhy not just use positive and negative values to indicate right/left, as it is now?
21:33:40preglowbecause -6dB wouldn't tell me a thing
21:33:46preglownor would 6dB
21:33:48peturI'd like to put all gain settings into the recording screen and have balance L/R iso gainL/gainR
21:34:38preglowthat is
21:34:48preglowyou could just display -100 -> 100 like now, and do the mapping internall
21:34:50amiconnpreglow: Do -10% tell you more?
21:34:52preglowthat'd make much more sense
21:34:58preglowamiconn: yeah, i can see that as a position
21:35:16preglowbut when you bring decibels into it, it's very easy to interpret it in other ways
21:35:17RotAtoRhow about ... L -20dB, ... L -1dB, 0dB, R -1dB, ..., R -20dB, ... for balance?
21:35:24preglowRotAtoR: better
21:35:50amiconnThe mapping *is* done internally, but as it is now, the percentage values don't tell you anything
21:35:52preglowi pretty much think that'd be fine, actually
21:36:13preglowbut using -6dB to mean a left pan and 6dB to mean a right pan makes no sense at all
21:36:24preglowand is outright confusing, imho
21:36:25 Join San [0] (n=test@
21:36:56Sanwhere is the menu tree in the source??
21:37:12amiconnThey tell even less than the volume did, especially as (1) the mapping is done to a logarithmic scale and (2) the range varies per target
21:38:14amiconnIn fact it's just necessary to replace the sign by a string to get a more meaningful display
21:38:34amiconn"-" => L "+" => R
21:38:41preglowthat would make tons more sense
21:38:50preglowbut i think using db is perfectly fine, as long as you do like rotator says
21:38:57preglowa sign is too confusing for decibels
21:39:16amiconnIt will be a special case for the numeric settings though (and voice as well)
21:39:27Sanoh, yeah, would it be possabel to make the dailybuilds come with volume low?
21:40:29amiconnThey do
21:40:36Sannot for me
21:40:40Santhey are always on 0
21:40:55Sanand then i turn the player on and it blows my ears out
21:41:30amiconnWell, if you've set it to 0 before, and the new build doesn't break settings compatibility, you will get your last settings back
21:41:52Sannot for me
21:42:04Sanit over rites the default .cfg file
21:42:25Sananyway, it doesn't matter much
21:42:35amiconnThe current settings aren't stored in a file, and they're not overwritten by a new build
21:43:01Sanwhere bouts is the "A-B" menu in the source?
21:43:03Sanwhat folder?
21:43:25amiconnThe default volume for all targets except archos player is -25 dB
21:45:36***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
21:54:47 Quit Musicmad ("Trillian (")
21:59:29preglowwhat would be a good button to use as playback speed reset on recorder?
22:01:39amiconnWhat do you plan to use on iriver?
22:06:39 Join solexx_ [0] (
22:12:24 Join DrumRBoy320|away [0] (
22:13:19Niliscocan a +2 piece of cloth be a cloak of magic resistance?
22:13:29Niliscowhoops, meant for #nethack. :)
22:21:52 Quit _FireFly_ ("Leaving")
22:22:20 Quit solexx (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
22:28:16peturstupid make
22:28:41peturcopy a file over another, do make and all it says is 'nothing to be done'
22:29:12peturopen it, save it, make and then it works
22:31:28 Join DrMoos [0] (
22:31:28 Quit Moos (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
22:31:39 Quit muesli__ (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
22:34:22 Join Moos [0] (
22:34:22 Quit DrMoos (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
22:39:30 Join Midgey34 [0] (
22:39:59preglowamiconn: dunno, a/b
22:40:05Sanif I wanted to add an extra sub menu to the main menu, where would I start?
22:40:05preglowat least it has no oither function there
22:40:30preglowNilisco: now if just everyone asked questions like that, this would be a very interesting channel
22:43:06 Part andy_
22:44:31 Quit RotAtoR (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
22:46:09 Join RotAtoR [0] (
22:48:40PapricaSan: what do you do?
22:49:12Sanwana put another menu in the menu
22:49:14Sanget me?
22:49:29Sanwhat file do I edit?
22:49:41Papricayep this what i mean
22:49:47Paprica[23:47:28] <San> what file do I edit?
22:50:26Papricamy bad english
22:50:52Papricammm what plugin do you edit?
22:51:01Sannot plugin
22:51:11Papricawhich one?
22:52:13Papricaicant get configfile_save work
22:56:56Midgey34Paprica: did you see my bug report on misticriver for solitaire?
22:57:31Midgey34was it understandable?
22:58:04Papricai think that the bug is fixed now
22:58:17Midgey34alright good, I made a mock-up image to show roughly what happens (I thought it might help)
22:58:52Paprica10q =]
22:59:17Midgey34no problem
22:59:30 Join Murkey [0] (
22:59:46preglowthis fluxbox is pretty nice
23:00:30preglowterminal emulator sUCKS
23:01:09Murkeywhat are the chances of my H320 bricking if I go rockbox now?
23:01:23peturpretty low
23:02:02peturI guess not bigger than flashing an iRiver firmware update
23:02:52Murkeyand what are my options if it does brick?
23:02:57preglowit's impossible to estimate chances. because it hasn't happened yet :-)
23:03:10preglowyour options are to find someone with a bdm interface to reflash for you
23:03:24preglowlet me put it like this: if it does happen, you're the first
23:03:29preglowand we've got quite a few users now
23:03:32preglowbut again, no guarantees
23:03:37Murkeysounds good
23:03:37 Quit linuxstb ("CGI:IRC (Ping timeout)")
23:04:15*petur thinks he has squashed the recording glitch - just before his battery runs flat ;)
23:04:18 Quit JazzBone ("Leaving")
23:06:15MurkeyI take it the latest daily build is what I'm looking for?
23:07:06peturdaily or bleeding edge should be ok
23:07:44 Join Kohlrabi [0] (
23:08:01peturdo know that if it's a US version the DRM stuff is gone...
23:09:34Murkeyand yeah, I'm running 1.29K
23:13:09Murkeycan I delete the stuff that's not for iRiver? eg, iPod and iAudio folders?
23:13:34Murkeyoh, wait, sorry, just images
23:21:24 Join muesli__ [0] (
23:24:34 Quit Murkey ()
23:30:15*petur wonders why this glitch isn't reported for H1xx... or is it?
23:38:30Lost-ashi thought it had been
23:38:36 Nick Lost-ash is now known as ashridah (
23:38:45ashridahif you mean the noise-at-start-of-recording bug
23:39:15peturlooking at the code, this can never have worked reliably
23:39:25LinusNno it haven't
23:39:51LinusNit hasn't worked reliably
23:39:54ashridahLinusN: hasn't worked, or hasn't been reported
23:40:05peturI'm submitting a patch now
23:40:13LinusNthe glitch has been reported for h100
23:40:34peturthe issue is that you're setting the write index at the start of recording
23:40:49peturand then the DMA comes along and increments it
23:41:02peturbut the buffer at index 0 didn't get that data
23:41:18peturthe true data starts at index 1
23:41:32mirakI repast the compile error I had in hope someone knows how to change this memory boundaries appropriately
23:41:54peturmy patch only sets a flag and lets the DMA handler set the index to zero
23:42:00mirakI changed the PLUGIN_RAM parameter, but it seems it's not enough
23:42:12LinusNpetur: why does the data end up at index 1?
23:42:35mirakI don't have enough knowledge of gcc and emebed systems to resolve that
23:43:02peturbecause the ongoing dma transfer is using whatever index it was on, then increments it so it becomes one
23:43:18mirakhe said region plugin ram is full, but have set to 0x200000
23:43:24LinusNmirak: why do you need to increase the plugin ram?
23:43:26mirakthat's 5 megs
23:43:36petursetting it to 0 doesn't cause the ongoing dma to write to 0 immediately
23:43:48mirakLinusN: to get it compile. After that I will use the audi buffer
23:44:00mirakbut I want to not complicate things for now
23:44:08peturbut you're writing to file from index 0 => garbage or some old sound data
23:44:08preglowmirak: you can't just increase the size of iram
23:44:10preglowmirak: that's fixed
23:44:16mirakthat's not iram
23:44:17preglowit's 48kb, and that's all you'll have
23:44:32LinusNmirak: did you do "make clean"?
23:44:49mirakyes I think, but I will redo it to be sure
23:45:07Sansorry, just got back, the Display menu
23:45:09LinusNremove all .lds files in your build dir
23:45:17 Join TCK [0] (
23:45:20mirakby the way the clean doesn't clean liba52.a libffmpegFLAC.a libTremor.a libwavpack.a
23:45:33Sanwhat file is the display menu?
23:45:36peturif somebody wants to test:
23:45:40***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
23:45:43mirakLinusN: .lds files ?
23:46:05petur(and commit :) )
23:46:23 Part Midgey34
23:46:24LinusNmirak: linker command files
23:46:34peturnote: haven't build it for H1xx but it shouldn't cause any build issue
23:46:37mirakLinusN: the clean delete them
23:47:18LinusNmirak: 0x200000 is 2 megs btw
23:47:56preglowwhich is insanely much
23:48:06mirakok I used 0x600000
23:48:07peturLinusN: for future 'prerecording' and such, we should make it a real rotating buffer and not force it to start of buffer at recording start
23:48:20preglowgod damn
23:48:35mirakpreglow: it's just to have it compile
23:48:48LinusNpetur: i'm surprised that it isn't a circular buffer
23:49:00peturit is once it's recording
23:49:28peturbut there's no good start mechanism (yet)
23:49:34peturthis patch is a quick fix
23:49:45peturif you want I'll make it 100% circular
23:49:53LinusNi'd like that
23:49:55petur(but not today anymore)
23:50:19 Join DJDD_ [0] (
23:50:37peturmaybe commit this one already?
23:50:42mirakLinusN: you said me to remove file to get rid of the boundaries limit right ?
23:50:52peturthe circular buffer can then add prerecording and such
23:50:55petur(more work)
23:51:17LinusNmirak: yes
23:52:01 Join Musicmad [0] (
23:53:36mirakmake recreate them
23:53:47mirakmaybe you ment into the source dir
23:54:08 Quit muesli__ (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
23:56:43LinusNmirak: no, i meant the build dir
23:57:16LinusNmirak: they are generated, and i wanted to make sure that they were regenerated with the new PLUGIN_RAM value
23:58:57peturthis patch not good enough?

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