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#rockbox log for 2005-12-20

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00:01:11peturyippie... prerecording is working :D
00:01:37petursilly me was using global_settings.rec_frequency in his calculation as frequency ;)
00:06:00peturLinusN: I'll create a patch tomorrow. changes are: uses circular buffer, no more glitches and pre-recording... will test more first...
00:11:23peturIf somebody wants to test: (patches file in /firmware - H1xx and H3xx only)
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00:25:54miner49erHi there folks, I'm just updated CVS and now when I try to rebuild the simulator, I'm getting X11/Intrinsic.h: No such file or directory. Any ideas? I'm keen to work on my plugin!!!
00:26:30Bagderwhat OS are you on?
00:27:01miner49erhi badger, i'm on Debian
00:27:19Bagderand you have x11 dev files installed?
00:28:08miner49erWell, it was bvuilding just before...well, i'd re-installed debian and just copied my rockbox stuff over, and was just running make again, so maybe i havn't..hang on.
00:28:10Bagderlibxt-dev to be exact
00:28:26Bagderfor that particular file
00:30:02miner49erduuh, that was it i think, I hadn't installed it...
00:31:00miner49erI searched for intrinsic.h in the debian package searcher tool and couldn't find it though, so thought it must have been something else
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00:33:33Bagdertime for bed
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00:37:15mirakdo you gain something by putting in assembly a simple C addition ?
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00:41:10miner49erCheers Badger, it's working now :-) But I thought I would try out the iRiver simulator, is there a problem with that?
00:48:50webguest31miner49er: next time, use to search through the contents of all packages
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01:02:20BoD[]Hello !
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02:18:12lostlogicblast it, my latest assembly creation turns music into R2D2.
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02:36:19AciDas rockbox will be fully operationnal on ipod 5g and iriver h3xx (and I even saw that somebody's planning to port it to iaudio x5), what would be the best mp3 player to buy for christmas ? :)
02:38:45markunAciD: Depends what you want.
02:39:04markuniriver H140 is still nice if you only care about audio.
02:39:16lostlogicYES! The first part of oggpack_look is now assemblified.
02:39:22AciDI previously had an archos jukebox 6000, but it died few weeks ago
02:40:13AciDfortunatly, I can afford any mp3 player
02:40:24AciDso, I don't really know which one to take
02:40:29markunlostlogic: any speed improvement?
02:41:11AciDat least one supported by rockbox for sure :)
02:41:17lostlogicmarkun: a little, maybe 1% boost change, I haven't profiled it yet, I'm going to do the other half of this function and then profile, because basically I've only gotten 1/2 of the potential out of it because it's a big if-else and I did the if but not the else.
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02:47:09linuxstb_AciD: We can't guarantee it will be fully operational on an ipod 5g, but I'm certainly going to try. Audio support is an unknown factor at the moment.
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02:48:10AciDso, if I had to choose between all the players supported (fully or partially) by rockbox, which would be the best ?
02:48:14AciDthe ipod ?
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03:07:26linuxstbAciD: In terms of Rockbox support, I would rank the non-archos targets as follows: 1) H1x0, 2) H3x0, 3) ipod Color/Photo and ipod Nano, 4) ipod Video (5g)
03:07:54AciDand in term of functionnalities ?
03:08:15linuxstbThe H1x0 is very well supported by Rockbox, and the H3x0 has almost caught up. Both are fully-functional ports.
03:08:19AciDincluding the ones that -will- be implemented in rockbox
03:08:48AciDok so I guess it's heading me toward h3x0
03:09:20linuxstbPersonally, I like the new ipod Video a lot, but Rockbox isn't a sure bet.
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03:09:50AciDI just read the ipodlinux website, ipod 5g's audio futur is...unclear
03:10:21linuxstbI think it's just that no-one has investigated it yet. It could turn out to be a trivial change, or it could be very hard.
03:10:44AciDon a design point, I'd prefer the ipod over the h340, but if you can't use half of rockbox features on it...
03:11:14AciDI'm not sure I want to bet on that :)
03:11:23linuxstbIf you wait a few weeks, the status of the 5g will probably become clearer.
03:13:11linuxstbIn terms of number of hardware features, you still can't beat the iriver h1x0 as an audio device. But of course it's not suited for video.
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03:14:15AciDyou mean h3x0 aren't better than h1x0 ?
03:14:23linuxstbThey are different.
03:15:01linuxstbThe h3x0 has a colour screen and usb-on-the-go. The h1x0 has digital i/o.
03:15:28linuxstbI would expect the battery life to be longer on the h1x0, but that's only a guess.
03:17:12linuxstbAnyway, time for bed.
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05:25:40lostlogicanyone know the difference in execution penalty between jbge and bge?
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05:48:38lostlogiclet's see if it plays music still!
05:50:17lostlogicit plays music still.
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06:12:55lostlogic1.23% improvement to the most called function.
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06:42:28lostlogicugh, I wish the writers of tremor had declared things that are unsigned as such clearly.
06:47:45lostlogicyes! gained another percent-ish
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07:06:58YouCeyEhi guys
07:07:21YouCeyEany good documents to start reading on programming embedded sys?
07:07:36YouCeyEu guys do real stuff right..
07:07:42YouCeyEis it documented anywhere?
07:07:58YouCeyEi want to learn .. but want to read documents to get started
07:08:04YouCeyEand contribute later
07:16:52Jungti1234hehe fine WPS:
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07:36:27warewolfoh yaay
07:36:36warewolfrockbox for iriver h300
07:36:39*warewolf loves you guys
07:36:53DreamTactix291rockbox is great
07:37:01warewolfI just donated $20 via paypal to say thank you!
07:37:19warewolfkeep up the awesome work guys, thank you very VERY much!
07:37:19DreamTactix291i did that too when we first got something working on the H1xx
07:37:39DreamTactix291H320 or H340?
07:37:47DreamTactix291how old now?
07:37:55warewolfthe unit itself?
07:37:59warewolfa year old?
07:38:05DreamTactix291just curious
07:38:12DreamTactix291H140 here
07:38:23warewolfI already ripped it apart and fixed the USB OTG
07:38:30Bgermorning :)
07:38:33*warewolf is half decent with a soldering iron
07:38:41DreamTactix291ah so i see you have an US version
07:39:02DreamTactix291all H1xxs were the same except colour
07:39:06DreamTactix291all H140s were black though
07:39:08warewolfI really hate iRiver for ripping that out of hte US version
07:39:23DreamTactix291me too
07:39:34warewolfalso: I really hated them for unbundling the h3xx in-line remote.
07:39:56DreamTactix291there's a reason i got an H1xx after the H3xx came out
07:40:07DreamTactix291not long after though
07:40:10warewolfthey distribute a hard case belt clip that not only covers the screen, but also the buttons. Eg, they never intended to sell the unit w/o the remote.
07:40:28warewolfthen they hit you up for $20 or whatever it was for the remote
07:40:38DreamTactix291or $60 for an LCD remote
07:40:42DreamTactix291in contrary with the H1xx
07:40:46DreamTactix291which had a good case
07:40:48DreamTactix291and LCD remote
07:40:52warewolfI forgot what I paid for the lcd remote
07:41:11warewolfI purchased _two_ because one broke (the damn thing split apart)
07:41:25DreamTactix291my H140 remote is like 18 months old
07:41:27DreamTactix291no problems
07:43:19*warewolf tests crossfading
07:43:42warewolfoh sexy.
07:43:42DreamTactix291gapless is my favourite feature :)
07:43:46warewolfoh yes.
07:43:55*warewolf donates another $20
07:44:02DreamTactix291the WavPack support was nice for me too
07:44:11DreamTactix291considering my entire lossless collection is WavPack
07:44:27DreamTactix291Vorbis aoTuV b4.51/Lancer -q6 for most of the stuff on my H140
07:45:18Bgerwow, DreamTactix291 :)
07:45:36DreamTactix291very easy batch encode with foobar2000
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07:47:13warewolfany idea how good the battery life is with rockbox on a h3xx?
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07:47:27YouCeyEwhat is crossfading?
07:47:29warewolfbetter/worse than the iriver firmware?
07:47:47warewolfYouCeyE: fade out one song just before it ends and fade into the next
07:47:55YouCeyEfor 1xxs its better.. battery life
07:48:01DreamTactix291probably worse right now on the H3xx
07:48:02YouCeyEoh ic warewolf
07:48:09DreamTactix291H1xx is definitely better
07:49:06Jungti1234haha I have H100
07:49:08warewolfwhat more is there to complete for the h300 port?
07:49:20warewolf(Eg, is there anything I can test to help out)
07:49:37Bgerwarewolf hehe
07:49:52BgerUSB host support (the biggest task)
07:50:05Bgerwhich i'm willing to help
07:50:07Jungti1234Video support
07:50:14DreamTactix291lots of litle things
07:50:15Bgeryeah, that's the other one
07:50:27warewolfI happen to have a OTG cable
07:50:29warewolfso I can test
07:50:44Jungti1234What is OTG?
07:50:49warewolfUSB On The Go
07:50:58warewolfbasically it turns your USB peripheral into a computer
07:51:09YouCeyEwarewolf, how do u like h3xx?
07:51:09Jungti1234What is On The Go..-_-
07:51:11warewolfso you can connect another USB peripherial into it, and sjuffle files around on it
07:51:14YouCeyEdid u try h1xx?
07:51:20Paul_The_NerdJungti1234: USB Host
07:51:37warewolfYouCeyE: I picked the H300 because it did not force me to use DRM crippled files
07:51:42Jungti1234It need not to speak that is OTG.
07:52:01warewolfYouCeyE: oh, and because it was just a USB hard drive, basically. Which means 100% linux support
07:52:06YouCeyEonly feature i miss in 1xx is otg
07:52:20YouCeyEyeah these irivers are awesome
07:52:26YouCeyEbut i like 1xx look
07:52:30YouCeyEsolid look
07:52:31DreamTactix291yeah but i like having the S/PDIF
07:52:33DreamTactix291me too
07:52:34warewolfI've owned iRiver products for quite some time
07:52:36*DreamTactix291 loves his H140
07:52:45Paul_The_NerdDo iPods have USB OTG? (Or, a chip that can support it with different software?)
07:52:48Jungti1234I don't like my H120
07:52:58DreamTactix291why not?
07:53:00Jungti1234It is old.
07:53:03YouCeyEPaul_The_Nerd, no
07:53:05warewolfPaul_The_Nerd: (not kidding) Don't know, don't care, I have my iRiver with rockbox :)
07:53:08DreamTactix291that doesn't make it bad
07:53:14DreamTactix291the H1xx are my favourite DAPs
07:53:17BgerDreamTactix291 in fact the OTG of h300 could allow us digital output too
07:53:19*warewolf laughs his ass off :)
07:53:31YouCeyEany mods on irivers by u guys?
07:53:41DreamTactix291my stereo doesn't have a USB connection
07:53:47DreamTactix291but does have an S/PDIF connection
07:53:53YouCeyEi want to mod the joy stick
07:53:54DreamTactix291and no i haven't modded my H140
07:54:08Bgermy stereo doesn't have anything like this
07:54:08Paul_The_Nerdwarewolf: I have an H120, but the iPod Nano appeals to me as a flash-base solution that will soon be Rockboxed.
07:54:48DreamTactix291the nano as a flash player is fine
07:54:56Jungti1234My H120.. :)
07:54:57warewolfPaul_The_Nerd: that would rock
07:55:09warewolfPaul_The_Nerd: I rather like having gigs upon gigs of disk space available though
07:55:17DreamTactix291wow your paint is all chipped away
07:55:25Jungti1234 kkk
07:55:25warewolfPaul_The_Nerd: the only thing I do w/ my iriver h340 is plug it into USB to charge it
07:55:36warewolfPaul_The_Nerd: I very rarely change what songs are on it
07:55:41Paul_The_Nerdwarewolf: I love the space, but I'd rather have something that is more shake/impact resistant as well.
07:55:45DreamTactix291i have some pics of my H140
07:55:51Jungti1234All paints came off.
07:55:57Bgeri don't think anyone who has at least semi-healthy brain could buy non-rockboxed device, once he/she had rockboxed one (except for porting the rockbox, of course)
07:56:04warewolfPaul_The_Nerd: what do you do, use a jackhammer?
07:56:54warewolfI mean, I'm aware that I have a laptop hard drive in my pocket, and I do try not to have large solid objects run into it when it's spinning but laptop drives take something massive for G-forces when not spinning
07:56:57Paul_The_Nerdwarewolf: It's more of a "I don't want to take my h120 jogging/etc because I know one day it will fail, and I'd rather have a unit designed for more active use.
07:57:12Jungti1234And my H320..
07:57:14Paul_The_NerdWhen *not* spinning is the key.
07:57:15warewolfand I assume that the rockbox firmware spins down the disk when it isn't in use
07:57:27DreamTactix291of course
07:57:46warewolfPaul_The_Nerd: still, the g-forces accepted spinning are acceptable, aslong as you don't drop it
07:58:03warewolfJungti1234: ... you .. painted .. your h3x0?
07:58:05Bgerwarewolf you can even select the timeout after which the disk spins down
07:58:19Jungti1234warewolf: It's silicone case. :)
07:58:39DreamTactix291warewolf: you want to see my H140 in a silicone case?
07:58:46warewolfDreamTactix291: sure
07:58:58Jungti1234Is H100 silicone case?
07:58:59Paul_The_Nerdwarewolf: They still provide stress on it, even if they don't cause read-errors. The idea is that the H120 is for when I want access to all my music (Hotel rooms, car/train/plane trips, etc) and the Nano or other flash based player is for jogging / exercising / any situation in which an impact or in fact any stress might occur during buffering.
07:59:06Jungti1234Does it exist?
07:59:10YouCeyEJungti1234, where to download that wps file?
07:59:37DreamTactix291 <−− just a warning. the pic is large
07:59:39warewolfPaul_The_Nerd: I'm not disagreeing with you, I just don't think it's that great of a concern. To each his own I guess.
07:59:49Jungti1234y :)
08:00:09Jungti1234It's big size. :O
08:00:13Paul_The_Nerdwarewolf: My concern isn't for "now" it's for "ever." It's already hard to find a replacement H120. I want to make sure the day that I have to pick a replacement DAP is as far away as I can.
08:00:16DreamTactix291hence the warning
08:01:00Jungti1234I want to have that.
08:01:08warewolfPaul_The_Nerd: laptop drives are easy to come by though, or do the HXXX units have nonstandard drives in them?
08:01:32Jungti1234DreamTactix291: Is not white color?
08:01:43Paul_The_Nerdwarewolf: Standard 1.8" Single platter for the 20s and two-platter for the 40s (and the 120s at least won't fit a two platter without removing some padding.
08:01:53DreamTactix291Jungti1234: that's my blue one
08:02:07DreamTactix291warewolf: 1.8" Toshiba drives
08:02:10Jungti1234Only one?
08:02:11Paul_The_NerdIt's easy enough to replace it.
08:02:25warewolfthat's what I presumed
08:02:39Paul_The_NerdBut I had a friend who's H120 died just because a purse was set on it particularly hard. And it was off. So I know there's *something* in there that doesn't handle impacts well.
08:02:43warewolfI'm working on a carpc mp3 player/gps nav project and I nabbed a 40gb WD laptop drive
08:02:44Paul_The_NerdAnd it wasn't his HD.
08:03:05DreamTactix291my H140 gets hooked up to the car most of the time
08:03:31warewolfoh, the drives
08:03:36warewolfJungti1234: thanks
08:03:52DreamTactix291 <−− one out of the case
08:03:52warewolfJungti1234: mine looked like the one on the left, which i presume is two-platter
08:04:01DreamTactix291H340 is dual platter
08:04:29Jungti1234DreamTactix291: Can't I buy it?
08:04:37DreamTactix291buy what?
08:04:50nathanh_dream: nifty screenshot, how did you do the blue bars
08:04:52Jungti1234silicone case
08:05:14DreamTactix291for H1xx?
08:05:39DreamTactix291you're welcome
08:05:54Jungti1234Good.. :)
08:06:09DreamTactix291i managed to pick up all 5 colours
08:06:11DreamTactix291so i change mine sometimes
08:06:17Jungti1234By the way, is no there H300?
08:06:37DreamTactix291iskin doesn't make them for the H300
08:07:30Jungti1234Korean H300 users want silicone case.
08:07:46Jungti1234So, they do bulk purchase in abroad.
08:07:50 Join einhirn [0] (
08:09:57Jungti1234I made wiki. :)
08:09:58 Quit thegeek (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
08:10:35warewolfthanks again rockbox devs
08:10:40 Quit warewolf ("*BAMF*")
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08:12:31 Quit thegeek (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
08:13:36 Join thegeek [0] (
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08:16:22 Quit thegeek (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
08:16:38 Quit thegeek_ (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
08:18:44 Join Hooligan [0] (
08:20:12HooliganHow hard would it be to add a feature or plugin that when, for example the file artist - title.mp3 starts playing it searches for artist - title.txt in the same directory and displays the contents in the viewer?
08:20:49 Join thegeek [0] (
08:21:29 Join cbane [0] (
08:25:52 Join San [0] (
08:28:20nathanh_hooligan: pretty easy
08:28:51Hooligannathanh: I know just enough C to know that it's not that hard, but not quite enough to actually implement it.
08:29:09HooliganBack to studying, I guess.
08:29:39 Quit thegeek (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
08:31:05HooliganThough if anyone feels like taking the time down the road to do it in the meantime feel free to, haha.
08:31:18 Join tvelocity [0] (
08:31:41DreamTactix291i know some C
08:31:49DreamTactix291but not enough to actually program anything too complex
08:33:54Jungti1234I will come back. :)
08:33:56 Quit Jungti1234 ("bye")
08:36:48HooliganQuestion though: Would it be better/easier to make that a built-in function or a plugin?
08:37:32DreamTactix291i'm not sure
08:40:36 Quit perplexity ("*whoomp*")
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09:32:27 Part Paul_The_Nerd
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10:06:00*linuxstb has noise coming out of his ipod...
10:06:34preglowhas he?
10:06:40*Hooligan recommends holy water
10:06:41preglowcoherent noise? :>
10:06:58preglowthis calls for a drink!
10:07:16HooliganIf not several!
10:07:38preglowi just had two cups of coffee, so i'll stay off of that for the betterment of my stomach
10:07:53HooliganI can't stand coffee.
10:07:58preglowoh, i can
10:08:00preglowjust not tons of it
10:08:22linuxstbYou can't beat espresso in the morning.
10:08:40HooliganIV caffiene drip?
10:09:17preglowmight as well just drop amphetamine
10:09:18linuxstbNah, you need the taste of coffee stuck to the back of your throat.
10:09:38HooliganReal men simply don't sleep
10:10:32preglowdon't mention sleep
10:11:28preglowhaha, GREAT
10:11:40HooliganSo, I'm trying to figure out how one would write a function or plugin that takes the file name of the currently playing track and searches for a file in the same directory with the same name, but .txt extension and displays the contents in the viewer. A lyrics plugin, in other words.
10:11:46HooliganI don't quite know enough C to do it though
10:11:53*Cassandra agrees with linuxstb - espresso is the gift that keeps on giving.
10:12:07CassandraMe, I'm out of beans so I'm on tea this morning. :(
10:18:48preglowglorious tea
10:18:58preglowat least i can drink tons of it without my innards exploding
10:19:20preglowmy throat in particular is fond of coffee, it seems
10:19:59preglowlinuxstb: anywho, how much code have you stuffed in? is there any risk of it making coherent noise today?
10:21:19linuxstbI spent last night trying without success to get the fiq working. I've just tried writing audio data without using interrupts and noise happened immediately.
10:21:33preglowso, have you got the fiq working?
10:21:39preglowi assume you've set up stacks and such for it?
10:22:10linuxstbYes, but I could never get the fiq to happen.
10:22:34linuxstbI'm assuming the code is different because IPL enable fiqs for the cop?
10:22:51preglowthey do some fancy stuff
10:27:52preglowcould you make me a diff or something?
10:27:59preglowjust to see if i can spot something
10:28:01 Part cbane
10:35:04linuxstbpreglow: It's a mess at the moment, but I can give you my tree if you want.
10:35:13linuxstb(a patch I mean)
10:35:17*amiconn wonders why people prefer extended guesswork over checking documentation :/
10:36:18linuxstbPass me the documentation on the PP5020 then :)
10:36:40preglowyou have that? sweet, my worries are over
10:36:49Bagdermaybe we could buy PortalPlayer for the rockbox fund! ;-)
10:37:05preglowsend them a tenner and a request for docs
10:37:32amiconnlinuxstb: Haha. I mean documentation that is available, like the rockbox manual, faq, wiki...
10:37:41Bagder"Dear Portalplayer, we'll gladly pay you the sum of 10 USD in exchange for your documentation."
10:38:04preglowpeople prefer asking other people
10:38:13linuxstbamiconn: You perfectly described my last 24 hours though.
10:38:22preglowbesides, most people have gotten used to never reading manuals
10:39:13preglowperhaps that extends to reading other material as well :>
10:39:55amiconnIt's tiring to answer the same questions over and over.. I mean things like this:
10:41:16nathanh_amiconn: what does rockbox do?!
10:41:48CassandraI still think we need electric shock via IP. Simple conditioning should be enough to fix this.
10:42:10amiconnNothing. The archos fm recorder / recorder v2 charging is hardware controlled, as it has a LiIon battery like the irivers
10:42:26amiconnSoftware controlled charging with LiIons would be dangerous
10:44:06CassandraI spend large chunks of time trying to make Rockbox so simple an idiot could use it, and they keep building better idiots. It's just not fair. ;)
10:44:28preglowsorry, spurious paste
10:44:32Bgerhahaha Cassandra :)
10:44:32*preglow reconfigures putty
10:44:55Bgerthis is a rule, don't expect it to be otherwise
10:46:05 Quit iLyric (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
10:48:16 Join iLyric [0] (
10:54:17CassandraDoes it push up my geek cool factor if I tell you that the guy who wrote PuTTY is a personal friend?
10:54:33Cassandra(although given my email address, perhaps this shouldn't be a total surprise)
10:54:56nathanh_geek + cool = does not compute
10:55:03*Bagder adds one to Cassandra's geek score
10:55:16zenathanh_: sure it does
10:55:30zenathanh_: geek = (nerd-dork)+cool
10:57:13CassandraThat's how I've always thought about it.
10:57:23CassandraOr rather geeks are nerds with social skills.
10:58:10zei tend to think geek skills extend beyond nerddom, not necessarily limited to social
10:58:48 Quit Hooligan ("I shall return. (Booting into Linux :P)")
10:58:57 Join Sando [0] (
11:00:41preglowi'll just go to you if something about putty bothers me, then
11:02:30 Join Polo_o [0] (
11:03:08 Join lamed [0] (
11:03:24CassandraPoor Simon. He scares me, every time someone discovers a buffer overflow (which has happened about 3 times in the history) he goes through agonies of doubt.
11:05:00nathanh_somebody got a sound card on linux?
11:05:26CassandraYes. It's not plugged into any speakers though. :)
11:05:40CassandraSometimes I delight in unhelpful yet truthful replies. Sorry.
11:05:58BagderI do
11:06:03Bagderand I even have speakers
11:06:36preglowi've even got a rather posh one
11:06:40 Join moda [0] (
11:06:49nathanh_could you test out the sdl audio patch, i have no soundcard in linux
11:06:53modawhat happened to color wps for the h300?
11:07:14nathanh_moda: im doing the sdl patch first, so i can test gui changes without having to plug/replug my h300
11:07:52nathanh_for the ui simulator
11:09:35Bagderwell, the sound code looks like the one I wrote
11:09:40Bagderwhat's the difference?
11:09:48nathanh_i havent posted the sound code yet :-)
11:09:49nathanh_im still writing it
11:10:08Bagderthere is sound.c etc in your sdl patch
11:10:08Bagderso you did
11:10:50linuxstbpreglow: This patch should give you stuttering audio:
11:10:54nathanh_nah, thats just x11/sound.c copied across, sdl/sound.c is still being written
11:11:02preglowand how should the audio sound?
11:11:09nathanh_i need somebody to test it though, so thanks for volunteering :-)
11:11:26linuxstbBut it stutters, and there is occasional white noise (but not too noisy).
11:12:27linuxstbThe stuttering is (I think) because I'm playing back the audio in the codec thread - so it delays decoding whilst the buffer is sent to the DAC.
11:13:23CassandraDoes Rockbox play MIDI files these days, btw?
11:13:56preglowthere's this plugin
11:15:45preglowit isn't a codec yet
11:16:08preglowfirst of all, it's not that optimised, second of all, the playback system isn't ready for non-streaming codecs yet
11:16:35CassandraDoes it sound good?
11:16:47preglowdepends on the sample set you use
11:17:02preglowman, sometimes decompressing to the nano takes forever
11:17:05CassandraI'm developing a hankering for listening to some tunes from Monkey Island, which are of course only available in MIDI format.
11:17:16preglowthe example tune he used was the monkey island theme :)
11:17:26CassandraWhere do I get a decent sample set?
11:18:16preglowgreat! i can't paste with middle mouse because windows has hooked that!
11:18:57 Join Zagor [0] (
11:20:02Bgerpreglow relax:P
11:20:09preglownear the bottom is midi
11:20:16 Join San||Away [0] (
11:20:30linuxstbpreglow: Any luck with the audio?
11:20:39preglowi'm _STILL_ waiting for the bloody unzippping
11:20:41nathanh_i got a friend who can play all the monkey island songs on his midi keyboard
11:20:46nathanh_he's freaky good
11:20:57nathanh_he's also like 30 years old, so its kind of creepy :-)
11:21:31preglowthirty = golden age of human
11:21:55 Quit iLyric ()
11:21:57Bagder30 yearolds are creepy, yes
11:22:27 Join iLyric [0] (
11:22:45CassandraWhat's creepy about being 30?
11:23:06Kingstonewho's 30?
11:23:14Bagderthe unspoiled youth and the innocense
11:23:20CassandraJust about the entire Rockbox core team.
11:23:30CassandraWell, in their thirties.
11:24:22Bgerwell, i'm near 030 :)
11:24:39BagderI'm not even close to 0x30
11:24:48lamedguys, a question. I see that ipod's simulator is up and running, but there's currently no ipod build over the download page. are the ipod builds running?
11:25:30CassandraYes, but not stably enough that dailies are a good idea yet.
11:25:32*preglow has ipod audio
11:25:58preglownow let's try to enable the cache and perhaps it'll be better
11:26:04preglowthe little i heard was completely decent
11:27:42modajeez, once the ipod croud get wind of rockbox working on the ipod, then woosh
11:27:50modaexcept, they already have ipod-linux
11:28:15preglowlinuxstb: for some reason, sound is quite crap with cache enabled..
11:28:33pregloweverything sounds like cross between venetian snares and merzbow
11:29:14preglowflac playback almost works completely 100%
11:29:21preglowthe sample rate is a bit wrong
11:29:27preglowand there's the occasional static burst
11:29:44nathanh_if ipod nano gets rockbox working, ill seriously buy one the same day
11:30:03preglowwell, i am listening to music on one as we speak...
11:30:12*nathanh_ curses credit card
11:30:17nathanh_ok, i'll have to get one now :-)
11:30:18lamedwhat's the older ipod model? (grayscale lcd)? nano?
11:30:29linuxstbpreglow: I have to go now. If you want to continue the audio work, then make sure you have the very latest audio.c from IPL - a bugfix was committed about 10 days ago.
11:30:30preglowi assume you yourself saw my comments about static bursts, but hey
11:30:41preglowlinuxstb: yes, i update from time to time
11:31:00preglowbut i don't have time to code rockbox now anyway
11:31:34*iLyric Flips the switch too his desktop espresso machine
11:32:05preglowlibmad seems to be in need for some cpr
11:32:07linuxstbIf you view the audio thread, then you will see the pcm buffer is always empty - even with WAV files. So that's obviously the cause of the stuttering.
11:32:54preglowflac works perfectly
11:32:56preglowwavpack as well
11:33:01preglowthat is
11:33:03linuxstbYou mean without stutters?
11:33:05preglowthe sound is good
11:33:09preglowand the stutters are very small
11:33:47linuxstbI want to test 24-bit playback. According to the codec datasheet it should be possible.
11:34:12linuxstbThe DAC can also handle all frequencies up to 96KHz.
11:34:20linuxstbSo none of this resampling nonsense.
11:34:28pregloweven aac works pretty nice
11:34:54preglowwell, our dac can also handle more frequencies than we can use
11:34:58preglowthat's not the problem
11:35:31linuxstbI know. But IPL can use all the frequencies of the DAC - so there is no problem on the ipod.
11:35:37nathanh_bagder: ive uploaded the sdl audio patch, could you please test?
11:36:52CassandraHmm. This nifty retractable iPod cable I bought seems to work, although it looks like it might violate several USB specs.
11:38:12*Cassandra giggles as she relises that the cable is bigger than the Nano is.
11:41:52 Join LinusN [0] (
11:44:22CassandraIt's spring loaded. Have a look on eBay.
11:46:51***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
11:49:41 Quit linuxstb ("Leaving")
11:51:21 Join thegeek [0] (
11:59:37lamedis it _phisicaly_ possible to hold select and scroll forward the ipod's keypad? - it's seems to me by the simulator that the hardware allows that.
11:59:42 Join Jungti1234 [0] (n=jungti12@
12:00:27lamedpreglow: you have an ipod right?
12:00:36 Nick Lost-ash is now known as ashridah (
12:02:28preglowif it's possible to hold select and simultaneously scroll the wheel?
12:03:39 Join mirak [0] (
12:03:53 Join frankzkh [0] (n=frankzkh@
12:04:02 Join ratpack91 [0] (
12:07:46 Part frankzkh
12:09:20Jungti1234I came back!
12:10:54Bgerhahaha "Guru Meditation"
12:12:49preglowlamed: yes, it is possible
12:14:21ashridahBger: isn't that an apple crash message or something along those lines?
12:14:47Bgeramiga, that is
12:15:16Bgeralso called "trip to india" haha
12:15:49ashridahthat's the one.
12:17:58Nibblerdie gute guru
12:18:49 Join t3stament01 [0] (n=t3stamen@
12:21:28Jungti1234It's 'i-Bob nano'
12:24:30 Quit iLyric ()
12:24:57 Quit San||Away (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
12:27:27 Join Moos [0] (
12:32:30 Join DrMoos [0] (
12:32:30 Quit Moos (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
12:32:38 Nick DrMoos is now known as Moos (
12:42:08 Quit edx (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
12:47:49 Quit t3stament01 (Read error: 113 (No route to host))
12:49:33 Nick ashridah is now known as Lost-ash (
12:58:39 Join Petur [0] (
13:02:15 Part LinusN
13:02:41BgerPetur hi ;)
13:03:07Bgercould i ask you to edit the brightness patch ?
13:03:22Peturwhat's with it?
13:03:53Bgeryesterday amiconn and LinusN decided that it's more suitable to be "backlight_brightness"
13:04:03PeturI read that :D
13:04:35Bgerand maybe lcd_brightness should be backlight_brightness and should go in firmware/backlight.c ?
13:04:48Peturyou know what, I'll edit your edit of my patch ;)
13:05:11Bgeroki ;) i suppose it'll be easier
13:05:36PeturI'll try to do it this evening... also have the pre-recording patch to submit (seems to be working here)
13:05:49Bgeri'll do some more work on the lcd driver
13:06:04Bgerdid you try it ?
13:06:11Peturnot yet
13:06:21Bgerthe power on is slow ...
13:06:34Peturspent too much time yesterday hunting a stupid bug
13:06:57Peturwas using settings frequency in my calculation
13:07:20Peturbut it contains something like an index, not the actual frequancy :)
13:07:29Bgerah :)
13:07:51Peturof me
13:08:03Bgerstupid naming, more likely
13:08:18Peturlike lcd_brightness :)
13:08:47Bgermuch more
13:13:34Peturthere aren't many commits being done
13:14:26 Join amiconn_ [0] (
13:15:23Bgerthere will be
13:17:34PeturI will try to get this recording stuff done before next week, as I'm off for a week (skiing)
13:18:04preglowaltogether nicer use of your time
13:18:31Peturand I don't take a computer with me
13:18:52Peturok, my PDA
13:19:23BgerPetur: PM
13:21:07 Quit mirak ("Ex-Chat")
13:23:51 Quit Petur ("CGI:IRC")
13:24:01 Join Petur [0] (
13:24:38PeturBger: lost connection
13:24:43Bgeryes, i saw
13:27:30 Quit Petur (Client Quit)
13:31:00 Join Kohlrabi [0] (
13:32:02 Quit amiconn (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
13:32:03 Nick amiconn_ is now known as amiconn (
13:32:10 Quit moda ()
13:41:51 Join tvelocity [0] (n=tony@
13:43:03 Quit Rob2222_ ()
13:46:52***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
13:49:06 Join Rob2222 [0] (
14:00:01 Join San||Away [0] (n=test@
14:00:39 Quit `3nergy (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
14:00:39 Quit Sando (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
14:03:13 Join `3nergy [0] (
14:11:14 Join Mongey| [0] (
14:13:12 Join Sando [0] (
14:15:44Mongey|anyone here?
14:16:27_FireFly_no ;)
14:19:27ratpack91no one is here
14:21:27Mongey|can someone put Kyle's h300 remote patch into the dailybuilds
14:21:41 Join edx [0] (
14:21:53amiconnBger, preglo
14:22:01amiconnoops, sorry
14:23:01Mongey|i have got it on my h340 at the moment, but i want to change the lcd colour so......
14:24:24Bgeramiconn, yes?
14:24:51 Part Sando
14:25:57Mongey|Bger can you?
14:26:35Bgerw8 sec
14:29:46 Quit Rob2222 ()
14:30:01 Join Sando [0] (
14:30:10 Part Sando
14:30:32 Join Sando [0] (
14:31:15 Quit DreamTactix291 (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
14:31:40XavierGrCassandra: There is a Midi plugin but right now it is unusable.
14:31:40 Quit Cassandra (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
14:31:41 Part Sando
14:31:58XavierGrWhen the xxx2wav files were removed.
14:32:08XavierGrah too late
14:32:14XavierGrBger are you here
14:32:14BgerMongey| what patches
14:33:11XavierGrBger: You were mentioning something about the battery benchmark plugin yesterday....
14:34:37Bgeryes, i am:)
14:34:58XavierGrOk what do you want me to change?
14:35:09 Join Rob2222 [0] (
14:35:12Bgerdid u see the link ?
14:35:43Bgeri want do edit something
14:35:57XavierGrYou want the introduction cut off?
14:36:04Mongey|ill send you it
14:36:04Bgerno, no:)
14:36:06XavierGror the resuming line?
14:36:24XavierGrOr do you want the timer to continue if there is the log file
14:36:26Bgeri just gave you the link to see the results
14:36:49XavierGrbut there wasn't any changes were there any? :x
14:37:17XavierGrcould you give me the link once more.
14:37:24Bgerjust a sec
14:37:33XavierGrMaybe I forgot my own plugin layout :)
14:40:12Bgeryes, Mongey| ?
14:40:34Mongey|thats the patch
14:40:51Bgerah ?
14:40:55Bgerisn't that my patch :P
14:41:11Mongey|lol, is it?
14:41:29Mongey|haha sorry bout that
14:42:19Mongey|ok, ive gtg
14:42:28Mongey|time to reboot
14:42:32Mongey|in a min]
14:42:35 Quit Mongey| ()
14:43:13 Join qwisp11 [0] (
14:43:27qwisp11afternoon all
14:51:14ratpack91any one here used uC/OS-II?
14:52:04_FireFly_ratpack91what's that ??
14:53:40ratpack91real-time OS for microcontrollers. I'm using it for my uni project on an HCS12. trying to understand it.
14:54:02 Quit _FireFly_ ("Clap on! , Clap off! clap@#&$NO CARRIER")
14:54:27Bagdereveryone has their own real-time OS
14:54:36BagderRockbox too! ;-)
14:54:50Bgerhaha is RB RT-OS ?
14:55:00Bagderwell, in a broader sense
14:55:06ratpack91realtime for music at least
14:55:10Bagdermost real-time OSes are just small OSes
14:55:24Bagderthe "real-time" is often to be take liberally
14:55:29 Join webguest95 [0] (
14:55:55ratpack91well if you are using it to control the brakes on your car then real time means something
14:56:04Bagderof course
14:56:12Bagderbut then you don't just trust their naming of the OS
14:56:16Bgerreaction in 2-3 secs ...
14:57:27ratpack91that's why they need certification i guess.
14:57:41Bagder"stop securely and reboot" - actual error message from a Volvo S80
14:57:54Bagder(although the message is in Swedish)
14:58:08Bagderthe term wasn't actually reboot
14:58:16Bagderbut stop and start again
14:59:06ratpack91"i;m sorry the brake system is being blocked by the cd-player process, please wait"
14:59:47Bger"there is internal error in the OS of your car, thus stopping immediately!"
15:00:24 Quit tvelocity (Remote closed the connection)
15:00:38ratpack91i told you not to install rockbox on your car
15:01:30Bgerthis would be very amazing message on a highway ...
15:02:31 Join tvelocity [0] (n=tony@
15:03:29Bgerreally, the products for cars etc are passing really "horror" tests
15:03:31 Quit lamed ("CGI:IRC (EOF)")
15:10:55 Quit Rob2222 ()
15:13:53 Join Rob2222 [0] (
15:16:24 Join tuxianer [0] (
15:17:12 Join Mongey| [0] (
15:17:50BgerMongey| i'll commit the patch after some more work and a bless from the masters
15:18:07tuxianercan you tell me som inofficial rbox plugins?
15:18:15Mongey|Misticboys will be happy
15:18:43qwisp11: whats the patch for?
15:19:05Mongey|h300 remote
15:20:11tuxianeri have a h120 what plugins are useful?
15:20:36ratpack91remote would be nice
15:21:26 Quit tvelocity ("Leaving")
15:21:42Bgeramiconn ? Bagder ? any objections in making temporary setting "H100/H300 LCD remote" till we find out how to distinguish these ?
15:22:07Bgerthere are many users with h300 LCD remotes ...
15:22:21Mongey|is that a question?
15:22:28Mongey|if so yes
15:22:51Bgeryes, it's a question
15:24:11Mongey|yeah was, might still be the most wanted assecery
15:24:57XavierGrMongey|: "Yes" as to: "I've got an objection"?
15:25:29Mongey|Bger; look at the poll >>
15:26:06XavierGrMongey|: I am kidding.
15:26:11Mongey|<XavierGr> Mongey|: "Yes" as to: "I've got an objection"? <<< does not compute
15:26:34XavierGrMongey|: It is just that Bger asked if there are any objections, and your answer was Yes
15:26:45XavierGrYes = there are objections.
15:26:57Bgerthere were objections, btw
15:26:57XavierGrNo = there are not any objections
15:27:07Bgeramiconn said "no more options" ...
15:28:09Bgerbye, Jungti1234
15:28:14 Quit Jungti1234 ("bye")
15:28:43Mongey|there are not any objections from me
15:29:18Mongey|lol, i completely misread that
15:29:36BgerMongey| i said "the masters" which are the master/core developers: Bagder,LinusN,Zagor,amiconn
15:30:18 Join muesli__ [0] (
15:30:27Mongey|forget all my posts
15:30:49Bgernever mind
15:30:54Mongey|except for the ones where i made sense
15:31:00Bgeri'm sure that if you have h300 lcd remote, u'll want the patch
15:31:32Mongey|and i have one
15:32:47Mongey|1 question, not about Rb but... on my archos av560,
15:34:19Mongey|when i connect it to my pc(xp sp2) it comesup as a removanle drive, fine so far, but when i go to explore it, nothind apperars, a box pops up and asks me to format it,
15:35:26Bgerdoes the unit work ok ?
15:36:32 Quit ratpack91 (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
15:36:34Mongey|and is reconised when switched to MTP
15:37:10Mongey|i can browse in MTP and copy in MTP(im backing all the music and videos up now)
15:37:51Bgerthen it uses some special file system or ...
15:38:07Mongey|but it had worked before
15:38:29Mongey|before i upgraded to sp2
15:38:35Bgervery strange
15:38:47Bgerdid you try the unit on other PC ?
15:39:06Mongey|none available at the moment
15:39:16 Part tuxianer
15:39:19Bgerreally, i don't know this archos device
15:39:28Mongey|but im backing everthing up
15:39:36Mongey|very nice
15:39:41Mongey|so it is
15:46:55***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
15:49:23 Quit DocterD`idle (Remote closed the connection)
15:54:58 Quit Mongey| ()
15:58:11 Quit qwisp11 ()
16:11:07 Join DreamTactix291 [0] (
16:14:30 Join RotAtoR [0] (
16:35:21 Join DCJoeDog [0] (
16:35:40DCJoeDogAny non-idlers about?
16:36:04DCJoeDogcool, maybe you can help me
16:36:21DCJoeDogHave any idea where I can get the files for rockboy on iriver?
16:37:21Bgerpeer 2 peer ...
16:37:33Bgerthat is, on peer 2 peer networks
16:37:43DCJoeDogaww man, is that the only way currently?
16:37:54Bgerexcept for legal ones ...
16:38:01DCJoeDogto TPB with me then
16:39:01DCJoeDogwhere can I find one of the legal ones then?
16:40:44Bgersearch google. .. :(
16:40:49Bgeri can't tell you more
16:42:17DCJoeDogok, I guess
16:42:26DCJoeDogbeen going thru google for a bit now tho
16:42:45DCJoeDogand the only place that said they had a "recent build" of it didn't have it at all
16:43:26markunIs it not in the normal builds?
16:44:03markunDCJoeDog: are you talking about rockboy or gameboy roms?
16:44:32DCJoeDogrockboy itself
16:44:48DCJoeDogI don't need help for roms, I've ripped all my own games
16:45:12 Join PaulJ [0] (
16:45:32BgerDCJoeDog it's built for h300 and h100
16:45:52Bgeru must put roms to your iriver with .gb extension
16:46:04 Join Mongey| [0] (
16:46:10DCJoeDogin root?
16:46:15DCJoeDogor a specific folder?
16:46:24Bgerno, where do you want
16:46:52DCJoeDogSo rockboy should just be in "Browse plugins" then?
16:47:02Bgerno, it's hidden
16:47:17Bgerbut you will launch it when you "play" a file with .gb extension
16:47:35DCJoeDogstart flile thing?
16:48:23DCJoeDogahh, "open eith"
16:48:28DCJoeDogerr with
16:48:47DCJoeDoggot rockbox 2 days ago
16:49:54Mongey|DCJoeDog, do you have a h300
16:50:56DCJoeDogI was using 1.29k till I stumbled upon rockbox
16:51:07DCJoeDogwhich I still switch back to for vid playback
16:51:07Mongey|yeah cool, theres a Misticriver chat on if you have any i-river questions
16:51:28DCJoeDogYeah, I found it on Mysticriver forum, rockbox that is
16:51:34DCJoeDogthanks for the help
16:52:17 Quit georgeblunt (" HydraIRC -> <- Leading Edge IRC")
16:52:22Mongey|yeah but if you have any n00b questions ask them on the misticriver chatroom
16:52:48markunMongey|: thanks :)
16:53:29markunFor redirecting n00b questions to them :)
16:53:53Mongey|more importamt stuff for here
16:53:53DCJoeDogugh, I hate the word n00b when it's spelled that way, but to each their own
16:53:57 Part DCJoeDog
16:54:20Mongey|i just come here when nobodys on misticriver, lol
16:54:34Mongey|most of my questions are non-rb related
16:55:05Mongey|Anyone have a h1x0?
16:55:35Mongey|(thats active)
16:55:49markunI have
16:56:48 Quit Kohlrabi ("Leaving")
16:58:25Mongey|i cant answer anything for him
17:00:09markunMongey|: maybe a broken hdd?
17:00:19 Quit Moos (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
17:00:24 Join Moos [0] (
17:00:30 Join muesli- [0] (
17:01:08Mongey|yeah thatswhat i thought
17:01:42markundon't know how far the iriver firmware gets without a hdd.
17:09:21 Quit XavierGr (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
17:10:08 Quit Zagor ("Client exiting")
17:10:16 Join ratpack91 [0] (
17:15:26 Quit Mongey| ()
17:16:05AciDwhat's the difference between iRiver H340 and H340SE ? I can't info on google
17:17:37ratpack91se comes with a remote, a different case and an external battery pack
17:17:38 Quit muesli__ (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
17:30:44PaulJthe "se"-version comes WITHOUT a remote and batterypack
17:31:09 Quit muesli- (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
17:32:02ratpack91oh yeah.
17:35:20 Join Midgey34 [0] (
17:40:39 Quit Midgey34 ("CGI:IRC (EOF)")
17:41:36 Join yngwi [0] (
17:43:38 Quit ratpack91 (Read error: 113 (No route to host))
17:44:41 Quit San||Away (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
17:45:17 Part Polo_o
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17:47:07 Join ratpack91 [0] (
17:52:41 Nick Lynx_ is now known as Lynx_awy (
17:58:46 Join _FireFly_ [0] (
18:26:40 Quit YouCeyE (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
18:31:30 Join apgap [0] (
18:34:50 Quit einhirn ("Miranda IM! Smaller, Faster, Easier.")
18:38:00 Quit _FireFly_ ("Leaving")
18:44:32 Join actionshrimp [0] (
18:58:31 Join akaidiota [0] (
19:10:19 Join perplexity [0] (
19:14:58 Quit akaidiot (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
19:15:35 Join akaidiot [0] (
19:18:01 Join San||Away [0] (
19:19:06 Quit akaidiota (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
19:19:44 Join akaidiota [0] (
19:30:07 Join Lear [0] (
19:36:03 Quit akaidiot (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
19:36:12 Join akaidiot [0] (
19:39:27 Quit akaidiota (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
19:43:23 Join Mmmm [0] (
19:44:56 Quit San||Away (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
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19:48:21 Join akaidiota [0] (
19:57:22 Quit akaidiot (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
20:04:13MmmmSo amiconn, re:metronome.c how do I decode a sound as you said in the forum into that list of numbers?
20:10:40 Quit Lear ("Chatzilla 0.9.69 [Firefox 1.5/0000000000]")
20:14:35 Join webguest23 [0] (
20:15:22 Quit webguest23 (Client Quit)
20:15:57 Join webguest23 [0] (
20:16:00 Quit webguest23 (Client Quit)
20:18:57markunMmmm: decode the mp3 frame to raw 16-bit samples I guess.
20:20:05MmmmHeh heh.. how do you actually do that? can you do it with a wav file too ?'s really quiet here!
20:37:01 Quit apgap ()
20:41:05 Join miner49er [0] (
20:45:52lostlogicxgah, why does a signed integer division cause a jbsr !?
20:50:43 Join XavierGr [0] (
20:54:00 Join Lear [0] (
21:02:21 Join Coldtoast [0] (
21:02:45ColdtoastI found a bug in rockbox for the h100
21:03:33ColdtoastI have a dir with about 220 mp3s in it and if I scroll the file list while I'm playing a track, the audio drops out fo a sec
21:03:48Coldtoasttested and it's definitely the scrolling that causes it
21:04:17Coldtoastseems scrolling kicks the cpu up
21:07:46ratpack91a known bug
21:08:02Coldtoasthmm. ok
21:08:21 Join akaidiot [0] (
21:08:27LearTried adding a few yields() at strategic places?
21:08:37nathanh_it doesnt kick the cpu up, thats the problem
21:08:43nathanh_cpu stays at 45mhz the whole time
21:08:48 Quit akaidiot (Client Quit)
21:09:02Coldtoastah. so scrolling swallows what little cpu there is
21:09:19nathanh_well, sort of, the buffer refill thread will occasionally do a cpu_burst
21:09:22LearBut the buffering code is responsible for upping the CPU once the audio buffer gets low.
21:10:42 Quit nathanh_ ("Quit")
21:11:17Coldtoastwell, 7am means I should go to bed
21:11:21 Quit Coldtoast ()
21:13:50 Join mirak [0] (
21:14:07 Join San||Away [0] (
21:20:58 Join _FireFly_ [0] (
21:23:41lostlogicxw00t, I think I can asm optimize render_line and render_point in floor1.c with the eMAC unit.
21:28:29 Quit Mmmm ()
21:47:01***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
21:47:31 Join petur [0] (
21:52:30 Quit edx (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
21:58:40 Join LinusN [0] (
22:02:59 Quit akaidiota ("( :: NoNameScript 3.81 :: )")
22:03:08 Join akaidiot [0] (
22:04:44peturLinusN: how are you time-wise?
22:06:26LinusNfine i guess ;-)
22:06:36 Join edx [0] (
22:06:40 Join solexx_ [0] (
22:13:23 Join memmem [0] (
22:16:51 Join matsl [0] (
22:22:31 Join DocterD`idle [0] (
22:22:34 Quit solexx (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
22:22:44lostlogicxLear: ok, I lied −− only on render_point −− eek, but I think I introduced some error, at least that's what the audio artifacts are telling me :(
22:23:30Learstill fail to see where the mac would help... :)
22:23:59lostlogicxLear: well I could be wrong about it, but I'm working on the math.
22:24:47miner49erIs there someone with cvs access here?
22:24:55lostlogicxy0+((y1-y0)*(x-x0))/(x1-x0) is render_point −− if it's foiled out, the MAC can help... but for some reason doing it that way caused artifacts.
22:25:09miner49erread/write, that is..!
22:26:03mirakis their somekind of translation channel ?
22:26:16_FireFly_their ??
22:26:19mirakit would be cool, I have some things I don't understand on the web n english :)
22:26:36mirakDon't pick your blemishes, because you'll get crazy scars on your chin like me.
22:26:42mirakwhat means blemishes
22:26:47mirakand chin
22:26:52lostlogicxLear: do you know what the __divsi3 function does, and why to use it over divs.l?
22:26:57mirakin the above sentence :)
22:28:20lostlogicxmirak: chin is above neck, below mouth, blemish is zit or pimple
22:28:23LearI don't see that code in render_point... :)
22:28:39lostlogicxLear: it can be reduced to that
22:28:51miraklostlogic: zit or pimple ? is that colors ?
22:29:28LearCan't say I know what divsi3 does, in detail, no...
22:29:33mirakhmm what's that ?
22:30:08_FireFly_mirak: zit are litte red points in your face
22:31:05 Join tvelocity [0] (
22:32:28 Quit actionshrimp ("a bird in the bush is worth two in your house")
22:32:30LearLooks like normal div, afaict...
22:32:44mirak_FireFly_: acnea
22:33:03lostlogicxLear: where'd you find it defined?
22:33:19_FireFly_mirak: yepp acne
22:33:45memmem__divsi3 is one of the functions GCC maps the / operator to.
22:33:55Learin udivmodsi4.c, through divmod.c
22:34:00lostlogicxLear: ty
22:35:28LearAnd someone tried to replace udivmodsi4 with the div instruction back in 2002...
22:35:38lostlogicxand it broke things?
22:37:04LearDoesn't seem like it, the guy had problems building it first, but looks like he found the reason. That's all the thread I found said...
22:37:28lostlogicxgotcha. hmm... wish I knew what's causing these artifacts then :(
22:44:25LinusNBger: u there?
22:44:37memmemsigned vs. unsigned? (__divsi3 is the signed version.)
22:46:41lostlogicxmemmem: I'm using divs.l
22:47:52 Quit matsl (Remote closed the connection)
22:48:27 Nick Lost-ash is now known as ashridah (
22:50:02 Join paugh [0] (n=kickback@2001:5c0:8fff:ffff:8000:0:3e03:6822)
22:53:06 Quit memmem ("ERC Version 5.0.4 $Revision: 1.726.2.19 $ (IRC client for Emacs)")
22:53:46 Quit Lear ("Chatzilla 0.9.69 [Firefox 1.5/0000000000]")
23:03:52 Quit DocterD`idle ("Leaving")
23:08:25 Quit _FireFly_ ("Leaving")
23:18:37AciDis it normal that you can only find iriver h10 mp3 players in europe, instead of h3x0 ? :o
23:21:23LinusNwell, i believe it is normal to not find any h300's in the shops
23:21:38Bagderthere are many that claim they still have them
23:22:04Bagderpricerunner lists at least 4 claiming h340
23:22:13Bagderin Sweden alone
23:22:39Bagderpossibly they can actually deliver
23:26:09 Join linuxstb [0] (
23:31:54 Quit webguest95 ("CGI:IRC (Ping timeout)")
23:32:17 Quit tvelocity ("Leaving")
23:34:55LinusNthe sdl sim looks promising
23:35:06 Join qwisp11 [0] (
23:35:20Bagderyou tried it?
23:36:08amiconnLinusN: Hmm, do I remember correctly that you got an IGP-100?
23:36:20LinusNno i declined the offer
23:36:36LinusNtoo busy
23:36:48amiconnThere's one on eBay germany atm, but with a defective hard disk
23:36:51mirakanyone gave a glance at the xvid plugin and check for some odd stuff or things I should have done in another way ?
23:37:10LinusNamiconn: how many igp's are there out there?
23:37:18amiconnI have no idea
23:37:30amiconnProbably less than H1x0 and H3x0
23:37:30LinusNi just want to know if it's worth the effort
23:37:33linuxstbmirak: I looked at it, and compiled it for the ipod. It needed a little work before it would compile.
23:37:47linuxstbBut it seemed to decode at about 2fps
23:37:51miraklinuxstb: oh nice. you have a ipod video ?
23:38:00miraklinuxstb: yes that was that
23:38:05mirak2 fps
23:38:13linuxstbI have access to two ipods now - a "Color" and a "Video".
23:38:13amiconnLinusN: I expect the hardware to be very similar to H1x0, except form factor and hard disk size
23:38:21mirak2 fps if you remove the saving to disk of the images
23:38:47linuxstbBut on the ipod, it crashed after frame #7
23:38:57miraklinuxstb: maybe you could attach the modified code to the tracker
23:39:15linuxstbI have no special rights on the tracker.
23:39:19miraklinuxstb: you extended the PLUGIN_RAM or managed to strip it down ?
23:39:43LinusNamiconn: i guess so too
23:39:47miraklinuxstb: you can't attach things on my thread ?
23:39:53linuxstbI only briefly looked at it. I just set the PLUGIN_RAM to what you suggested.
23:40:03linuxstbmirak: No, I don't think I can.
23:40:15miraklinuxstb: you are registered I guess
23:40:28amiconnLinusN: Perhaps this IGP-100 doesn't go for much, since it has a defective hdd. Could be interesting.
23:40:32mirakdon't know if I can give you rights
23:40:54LinusNamiconn: sure, why not?
23:41:10miraklinuxstb: maybe you can create a new thread and put your file in it.
23:42:00linuxstbmirak: I may do. But as I said, I only looked briefly at it. I would like to spend more time on it though.
23:42:03miraklinuxstb: the next step is to adapt the x86 assembly parts to coldfire or arm. I removed this files, but they are in xvidcore sources. We can know what it's worse optimising
23:42:13miraklinuxstb: ok
23:42:55linuxstbI would say the code need more cleaning first - fixing all the compiler warnings and deleting any encoder-related routines.
23:43:29mirakffmpeg have the advantage to already have arm asm optimisations for dct stuffs. maybe it can be reused, or maybe some dct code of the other codec can be reused as well
23:44:08miraklinuxstb: I tried to fix some warnings, but I lack of C skills for most of them
23:44:14linuxstbWell, xvid is an important codec, so I think it's worth implementing both xvidcore and the ffmpeg version in order to compare them.
23:44:47mirakone thing I don't understand is that I don't have this warnings when doing a make for x86
23:45:00mirakmaybe gcc is compiled with different options
23:45:22linuxstbThat's possibly because you are using standard libraries and not rockbox.
23:45:38Bagderand different gcc versions
23:45:44linuxstbOr are you talking about the sim?
23:46:04miraklinuxstb: markun says he is willing to do it for ffmpeg. actually I am done with implementing a codec. at least for a momement. However I am ok to work on xvid
23:46:32LinusNBger: still not there?
23:46:34miraklinuxstb: no about H300. Actually I can't build the simulator it fails on lcd-h300.c
23:47:03mirakwell it fails on lcd emulation I mean
23:47:05***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
23:47:48 Join Jungti1234 [0] (n=jungti12@
23:48:39amiconnmirak: Try the Win32 sim, it works
23:49:08amiconnYou can do that on linux too, the sim is working under wine
23:49:15mirakamiconn: but I can't build it
23:49:21Bagderquite a painful job
23:49:22 Join nathanh [0] (
23:49:28amiconnmirak: What distro?
23:49:32mirakamiconn: ubuntu
23:49:44amiconnIf it's debian, there is a mingw crosscompiler package...
23:49:53linuxstb"apt-get install mingw32"
23:50:09mirakapt-get is bad, prefer aptitude install
23:50:12Bagderor better yet, try the sdl sim
23:50:21Bagderapt-get is king
23:50:46mirakthe advantage of aptitude is that when you remove a packet, it removes the unusused dependencies
23:50:50mirakthat's why I use it
23:51:00mirakI don't use the aptitude UI though
23:51:03LinusNPaprica: u there?
23:51:05mirakit's crap
23:51:16linuxstbmirak: Ok, then use aptitude :)
23:51:37nathanhi also recommend the sdl sim :-)
23:51:55LinusNnathanh: did you see my comments?
23:51:56miraklinuxstb: well for me it was a revelation to know that it could care of unused dependencies :)
23:52:02BagderI noticed Linusn's comments on it
23:52:04nathanhlinusn: no
23:52:16amiconnWah, really few H3x0s on eBay, and they tend to go higher than new ones :( I hope this will get better after xmas
23:52:33PapricaLinusN: ?
23:52:55LinusNPaprica: you're Ben, right?
23:53:06linuxstbamiconn: Are you looking to buy a new DAP?
23:53:34Papricaright =]
23:53:40 Quit qwisp11 ()
23:53:45LinusNi'm about to commit your solitaire patch
23:53:51*amiconn wants to asm optimise the lcd driver, and a better (button-wise) iriver than the H1x0
23:53:53 Join webguest77 [0] (
23:54:02PapricaOK =]
23:54:29LinusNif it's ok with you
23:54:59Bagderthe h3x0 is slightly better button wise, imho
23:55:07Bagderand lcd
23:55:14Bagderthe rest is the opposite
23:55:21nathanhlinusn: i see your comments, i'll correct those problems tonight and post a new patch
23:55:24Papricaits ok for me
23:55:25amiconnWhat rest?
23:55:34LinusNnathanh: great!
23:55:43Bagderamiconn: the plastic feeling, the size
23:55:55Bagderthe switching off the lcd all the time
23:56:00LinusNthe h300 feels bulky
23:56:09amiconnBagder: Imho the H3x0 is *much* better button wise
23:56:16Bagderamiconn: you tried any?
23:56:26amiconnYes, in a shop
23:56:28mirakBagder: I don't like the directional pad of the h300, I must use my nails to push it
23:56:32*linuxstb has fallen in love with the 30GB video ipod.
23:56:44nathanhi have a question about colour wps, i've been thinking about this and i think i have a "quick fix" that will do most of what people want
23:56:55nathanhwhats the possibility of getting colour glyphs into the font rendering code?
23:57:03amiconnThe LCD is color, which is worse usage-wise, but technically interesting
23:57:32Bagdernathanh: everything is possible, but you'd need some interesting hack or a new font format
23:57:41mirakamiconn: do you think it's really worth to rescale the colors instead of bit cutting ?
23:57:47LinusNthe h300 lcd is very good imho, crystal clear
23:57:47nathanhi have a semi-working patch to load and display colour bitmaps (%xd) but the fonts are the killer
23:58:00mirakamiconn: I mean performance wise I heard that coldfire sucks with floats
23:58:13Bagdermirak: it isn't floats
23:58:25LinusNmirak: any cpu without fpu sucks with floats
23:58:25amiconnmirak: Huh? What does the pixel value scaling have to do with floats??
23:58:30mirakLinusN: yes, I am always amased when watching a video or images
23:58:34linuxstbAnd it's also mostly done at compile-time

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