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#rockbox log for 2005-12-27

00:01:09ataxyok found it lol i knew exactly where it was lol
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00:38:51preglowamiconn: arm code is huge, 32 bits per instruction + 32 bits each time you need a const that isnt eight bits
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00:56:28preglowwe'll want to have a look at it using thumb code. i tried giving it a go, but seems you need to specify that intent already while building gcc, or big parts of libgcc wont be able to work
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01:06:00linuxstbpreglow: Did you read in the logs about Paul_The_Nerd's experiences with Rockbox on his Nano?
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02:02:37citizenis roxbox suported on ipod nano 2gb
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02:05:06bagawkcitizen: I am not sure
02:05:08*bagawk looks
02:05:30bagawkIt is certainly not going to be in an useable state
02:06:33bagawk18 December 2005 - Rockbox boots and runs on the iPod Color/Photo, the Nano and the Video. Plugins and codecs work, but there is no audio output yet. There are also bugs which can cause occasional lockups when loading a plugin or codec.
02:08:12citizeni see
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03:38:11webguest67g'day rockbox
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04:59:07aussiechris01is anybody else here having trouble patching the latest version of the iriver H3xx firmware to work with rockbox?
04:59:57aussiechris01it is labeled as 1.29 on the iriver page (supported by the patcher), but downloads as version 1.30 (not supported by the patcher)
05:00:18aussiechris01and obviously, won't patch
05:00:44aussiechris01anybody able to get around this? or have a version of the 1.29 firmware
05:03:44aussiechris01don't worry. I got 1.29 from Rashers archive. Are we able to patch 1.30 somehow though?
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06:48:43webguest51does the toshiba gigabeat show up as a hard drive in my computer
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06:50:48afruffdoes toshiba gigabeat show up as a hard drive in my computer?
06:52:19afruffanybody there???????
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06:57:51afruff23anybody online
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07:37:46Slasheriamiconn: Hmm, interesting. It should update on background even on archos
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07:39:12Slasheriamiconn: at least the stack size is currently too big. Decreasing it should free a few kBs
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07:43:11Slasheriamiconn: ah, maybe the thread limit was hit on archos. Try increasing maximum thread count
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08:05:14amiconnSlasheri: The stack has no influence on the binary size, as it is bss
08:05:27Slasheriamiconn: ah, ok
08:05:44amiconnAll platforms have 2 'reserve' threads, so it shouldn't be the thread limit either
08:06:14Slasheriamiconn: but it's weird if nothing happened when you tried that force update thing.. it really seems the thread was never initialized
08:06:50Slasheriin fact.. i forgot to diff the init code to the patch :D
08:09:12Slasherinow it hopefully includes everything..
08:11:26amiconntagtree: ~2KB, tagcache ~4.5KB, crc32: ~1.2KB
08:11:55Slasheriso at least 1 kB will be removed with that crc32 thing
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08:38:22amiconnExact code size increase: 8288 bytes. I hope this will decrease a bit when you remove old db related code
08:39:05Papricahow can i split somthing form string?
08:39:20Papricasomthing like:
08:39:35Papricai want only dd
08:39:36amiconnSlasheri: Now something happens... lots of disk accesses
08:40:43amiconnLet's see how long this will take... ~3300 mp3s on my recorder
08:41:29PapricaSlasheri: do you know how? =\
08:41:41amiconnHmm, now it stopped... but the db view shows nothing
08:42:17Slasheriamiconn: sounds good
08:42:22Slasherinow you need to reboot the player
08:42:28Slasherithe db will be committed on next boot
08:42:43amiconnBah, now I get a CPUAdrErr
08:42:49amiconnat boot!
08:42:59Slasherithat's not good..
08:43:08amiconnI09 CPUAdrErr at 0901B320
08:43:16amiconnLet's see what module that is
08:43:18Slasherii think it might be alignment problem then
08:43:35Slasheribecause the structs are not strictly aligned in memory
08:43:55amiconnThis can't work
08:44:00amiconnon SH1
08:44:06Slasheriprobably the function unique_insert might cause that
08:44:09amiconnand on coldfire, it's a speed penalty
08:44:24Slasheribut it will be hard for me to fix that without a unit to try out :/
08:44:29Slasheriyes, i know
08:45:05BHSPitMonkeyso just wondering, what's rockbox's stance on ipods?
08:45:51Slasheriamiconn: but it looks like the db was built quite fast?
08:46:16amiconnYes... that was perhaps 3 minutes
08:46:37amiconnSomehow I doubt that the db is complete...
08:47:27Slasheriamiconn: but if you can, try to do something to the unique_insert function
08:48:05amiconntagcache_0.tcd: 0 bytes, tagcache_idx.tcd: 0 bytes, tagcache_tmp.tcd: 116699 bytes
08:48:09amiconnThat's all
08:48:20Slasherilooks like correct
08:48:30Slasherinothing were committed to the index files yet
08:48:52Slasheriplease remove all tagcache_ files except tagcache_tmp.tcd before trying again
08:48:54amiconnFor comparison: rockbox.tagdb: 1293176 bytes
08:49:01amiconn10 times the size...
08:49:23amiconnHow large is your 5000-song db?
08:49:41Slasherijust a moment
08:51:02Slasheri6.8K tagcache_0.tcd, 11K tagcache_1.tcd, 813, tagcache_2.tcd, 91K tagcache_3.tcd, 353K tagcache_4.tcd, 101K tagcache_idx.tcd
08:51:30Slasheritagcache_4.tcd contains the filenames.. so it looks like your tagcache_tmp is too small
08:53:12amiconnThe crash does indeed happen in unique_insert
08:53:21Slasheriah, good
08:53:25Slasherithen it should be easy to fix it
08:53:33Slasherijust make sure the buffer is long aligned
08:54:21Slasherior in fact
08:54:45Slasheritry add another short variable to the struct tagfile_entry for padding
08:54:50Slasherithat should do it
08:55:19amiconnSeems the problem is tagcache.c line 717
08:55:25Slasherior just change the short to long
08:56:12amiconnThis compiles to 'mov.w r11,@r8', and if r8 is not word aligned...
08:56:31Slasherihehe, true. sounds pretty clear then :)
08:58:37amiconnIt's not necessarily clear
08:58:48amiconnYOu do entry = (struct tagfile_entry *)tempbuf;
08:58:58amiconnbut tempbuf is a char array
08:59:07amiconnso this can't work
08:59:47Slasherihmm, really?
08:59:56Slasherieven if the entry is correctly aligned?
09:00:06amiconnIf it is aligned, then it will work
09:00:19amiconnbut I expect it's not aligned in 50% of the cases
09:00:25Slasheriyep.. so try changing the short to long in struct tagfile_entry definition
09:00:41Slasherithen we will need to make sure of that.. when allocating tempbuf
09:00:47amiconnThen the problem will happen in 75% of the cases...
09:00:56amiconn...and it will waste space
09:01:23Slasheriyes, correct.. But that is disk space only on archos
09:01:32Slasherifor iriver, we might want to disable that padding
09:01:37amiconnstruct tagfile_entry is variable-length
09:01:55Slasheriah, indeed
09:01:58amiconnWe can keep the short, but we need to align
09:02:01Slasheripadding would not help then
09:02:05Slasheriyes allocation
09:04:14Slasherii think that aligning this: entry = (struct tagfile_entry *)&entry->tag_data[entry->tag_length]; and tempbuf itself should fix it
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09:30:54BHSPitMonkeyhello, just wondering, where can I snag a copy of sh-elf-gcc
09:37:06 Join mirak [0] (
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09:41:34Lost-ashBHSPitMonkey: for what? cygwin? linux? you might have to compile it from gcc-core's source
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09:48:33BHSPitMonkeylinux, and i'm working on a doc i found
09:49:10Lost-ashthere should be a guide in the rockbox wiki on how to build sh-elf-gcc
09:49:15Lost-ash(and binutils for sh-elf
09:50:32BHSPitMonkeyso would I not be able to use those three packages that i already have
09:50:46BHSPitMonkeyor do i have to re-download them for the different type of build
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10:19:02Jungti1234help me
10:19:16Jungti1234CC button.c
10:19:16Jungti1234gcc: installation problem, cannot exec `cc1': No such file or directory
10:19:16Jungti1234make[1]: *** [/home/guest/rockbox/h120sim/sim/button.o] Error 1
10:19:16DBUGEnqueued KICK Jungti1234
10:19:16Jungti1234make: *** [all] Error 2
10:19:37Jungti1234What mean is it?
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11:24:56Bgerhello, Jungti1234
11:34:23amiconnSlasheri: I'll try this in the evening. What about the other files, i.e. _1 _2 _3 _4? I didn't get them, and _0 was 0 bytes...
11:34:46amiconnAlso, does the _4 contain the pure filenames, or filename+path?
11:34:59Slasheriamiconn: you didn't get them because the committing was crashed
11:35:06Slasheriit will first create file _0, then _1, ...
11:35:16amiconnI'm confused...
11:35:20Slasheriit contains the full filenames
11:35:35amiconnI thought the background build would build the whole database
11:35:37Slasherihehe, just check the files with hexedit if you are interested :)
11:35:47Slasherino, it can't do that..
11:36:02Slasheribecause it needs reserve more memory to build the unique indexes
11:36:20Slasheriso it will allocate the memory at boot, commit the changes and free the memory after that
11:36:27amiconnHmm, so that will happen non-transparent at boot?
11:36:47Slasheriyes, but it doesn't take long
11:37:02Slasheriand it happens only if there has been changes to the database
11:37:16Slasherithe more changes, the more it takes to commit them
11:37:28amiconnEverything adding to boot time is too much :/ One reason why I still prefer archos - faster boot time
11:37:53Slasherionce the database is fully built, there is no increase to the boot time..
11:37:57amiconnBoot time < 1 s would be ideal, but that's not possible :(
11:40:06amiconnWould it be possible to use the audio buffer for a forced rebuild? Playback would need to be stoppedn, but then no action would be necessary at boot
11:40:24saab_riderhello Bger
11:41:34Slasheriamiconn: yes, it would be possible
11:43:05Slasheriamiconn: so, after disk is scanned, playback would get stopped automatically and database commit started?
11:43:51saab_riderBger: I haven't been able to apply the H300 remote patch to the recent daily builds, it fails when patching...
11:44:14amiconnPerhaps more convenient: Commit using the audio buffer if no playback is running, otherwise delay until next boot
11:44:31Slasheriamiconn: ah, that sounds like a good idea
11:45:04Slasheriamiconn: but then we need somehow make sure that user can't start the playback while committing..
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11:46:46amiconnHow long does the commit take?
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11:52:32Bgersaab_rider last version ?
11:52:50Bgeramiconn could i ask you something ?
11:54:36Slasheriamiconn: hmm, i would say a few seconds with large db.. Something like 10s
11:58:27Bgerany advices how to get around the problem with h100 and h300 remotes' button mappings? it seems that users of h100 remotes don't like h100's mappings to be the same as h300's ones (that is, "mode" button on h100 to do the same like the one on h300... etc, in fact even the same as one on the player)
11:58:31saab_riderBger: well I did download it less than a week ago...
11:58:33amiconnHmm, I'll see this evening. The other puzzling thing is why the _tmp file was so small
11:59:15Slasheriamiconn: yep, that is interesting.. unfortunately logf wont work on archos? :/
11:59:28amiconnBger: I have no idea, I don't use the remote for real
11:59:41saab_riderBger: V 4.1 is the one I used...
11:59:56amiconnI would sell it if wouldn't be necessary for development from time to time
12:00:24amiconnSlasheri: logf() does work, of course not 'live' on a remote LCD
12:00:37Bgeramiconn the only idea i have is to s/get_button_w_tmo()/__get_button_w_tmo() ; make __get_button_w_tmo a macro that calls directly the func on all non-iriver targets
12:00:41Slasheriamiconn: ah, so it can write the output to disk? that sounds good
12:01:01Bgerand on iriver make it real function which changes the button codes according to a map ....
12:01:13Bgerthis is ugly :(
12:01:17Slasheriamiconn: try to save the logfdump to disk after scanning the disk. Maybe an error could be found from there
12:01:51Bgerand must be done in not only 1 place ...
12:02:09amiconnSlasheri: Output to disk and view-in-debug-menu are possible
12:02:27Slasheriamiconn: ok, that is good then
12:03:16BgerSlasheri, amiconn ? opinions ?
12:06:05SlasheriBger: so you would remap the buttons so that user could configure them?
12:06:27Bgerthat's not the main idea ...
12:06:53Bgermore likely the h100's remote will stay the current, and h300's remote will be the same as the one on the main unit
12:07:11Bgers/the one/the ones
12:07:30Papricammm who can help me in C?
12:07:48Bgerthere is an old talk against the user selectable button functions iirc
12:18:55Lost-ashwhile(Paprica.knows_little = 0) { teach(Paprica); }
12:19:12CtcpIgnored 1 channel CTCP requests in 0 seconds at the last flood
12:19:12*Lost-ash wonders if anyone will notices the subtle bug ;)
12:19:45Papricawhile(Paprica.knows_little == 0) teach(Paprica);
12:20:03Lost-ashheh. there's more
12:20:04Slasherihehe, now Paprica knows a little more ;)
12:20:16Lost-ashSlasheri: can you spot the other one?
12:21:06SlasheriLost-ash: if paprica doesn't know anything, that loop will never happen ;)
12:22:05Lost-ashhm. well, that, and teach(Paprica); isn't passing a pointer, so is probably not going to be able to affect the version being tested.
12:22:19Slasherihehe, true :)
12:22:35Bgerbut it could be ... how was its name ...
12:22:36*Lost-ash <−− been doing too much java, too used to using ., not ->
12:22:39Bgerin C++
12:22:49Lost-ashBger: pass by reference? does that work on structs?
12:22:52Bgerint &var
12:22:53Lost-ash(or classes)
12:23:02*Lost-ash forgets
12:23:14Lost-ashbeen a bloody long time since i've studied C++
12:23:26Bgerok, i really need opinionn
12:23:41Bgerwhat to do with these fscking remotes
12:24:01Papricaso you can help? =]
12:24:17BgerPaprica just ask :)
12:24:22SlasheriPaprica: depends if you ask the question :P
12:24:56Papricai want to split some text from string
12:25:21BgerSlasheri what if simply make remote and main unit's button to act the same way ?
12:25:23Papricai want to take only bla
12:25:36Papricai can do it?
12:25:51Bgerwill give you the last /
12:25:55SlasheriBger: hmm, maybe. I don't know..
12:26:08Bgeri.e. pointer to last /
12:26:59Slasheriyep, just char *p = strrchr(str, '/'); if (p == NULL) { error; } p−−; printf("last: %s", p);
12:27:17Slasherioh, p++;
12:27:31Bgeryep :)
12:27:35BgerSlasheri ?
12:27:58rayocool 16bit images work for me now, but only with an ugly hack :)
12:28:10Bgeroh, i see that nearly noone here uses remotes ...
12:30:31Bgersaab_rider are you patching a clean cvs tree ?
12:31:01Papricamm how i can delete the "/" from ths start?
12:31:11SlasheriPaprica: p++ does it
12:31:26Papricaaha =]
12:32:07BgerPaprica do you want to remove all chars before (including) the last "/" from *this* string or you just want to have the part after the last "/"
12:32:23Papricaafter the last /
12:32:51Bgeri mean do you want to *change* the string or just to find the last part of it
12:33:44Papricai want to find the last and delete the "/" before the text
12:34:43Bgerthen you could do something like ... hm
12:35:48Slasherithat pointer thing should do it
12:35:58Bgerchar *p;
12:36:03Slasheriprobably you don't want change the original pointer locations
12:36:39Bgerp++; memmove(str,p,strlen(p)+1);
12:37:16Bgerah, and check whether p!= NULL of course
12:37:34Papricaok 10q
12:38:33Bgerthe "+1" in "strlen(p)+1" is for the \0 terminating char
12:39:01amiconnrockbox doesn't have memmove (yet)
12:39:25Bgereven a C based one ?
12:41:12Papricachar *p = strrchr(c->currdir, '/');
12:41:12DBUGEnqueued KICK Paprica
12:41:12***Alert Mode level 1
12:41:14Papricait works
12:41:17Paprica10q all =]
12:41:32Papricai can do
12:41:48Bgeryep :)
12:42:03Bgerif(!p && !menu_plugins_load)
12:42:36Bgerhehe u've learned pascal etc for sure
12:42:50Papricayep in school
12:43:09Bgerthis "if(something == true)" :)
12:43:54amiconnYou need to check for != NULL before doing p++
12:44:06Bgerah, yes :)
12:44:11saab_riderBger: I might've patched it after I did some changes to lcd.h and a few of the sources for some of the .rocks
12:44:30Papricaahha char *p = strrchr(c->currdir, '/');
12:44:30Papricaif(!p && !menu_plugins_load)
12:44:34 Join aussiechris [0] (
12:44:35Papricanow its good?
12:44:42 Quit Sanitarium (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
12:44:57aussiechrisg'day everyone
12:45:09saab_riderI only changed the RGB values in lcd.h, and I don't think editing the .rock sources would affect the patch
12:45:45BgerPaprica looks like it is
12:46:23 Quit Rob2222 (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
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12:48:12SlasheriPaprica: no, p is valid if it's *not* NULL
12:48:37Slasheriso you should have if (p && !menu_plugins_load) ..
12:48:45Bgeruf :))
12:49:10Papricaok =] 10x
12:51:13***Alert Mode OFF
12:54:20BgerPaprica sorry ... :)
12:54:48 Join actionshrimp [0] (
12:57:33Bgersaab_rider ah, yes
12:59:26 Quit edx (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
13:08:40saab_riderBger: are you still using the patch with one of the newer builds?
13:10:00Bgersaab_rider i'll supply newer version in 10-20 min
13:10:24Bgerthe problem is that the "patch" program is sillier than the cvs ...
13:11:23saab_riderthat's great :)
13:12:23saab_riderbtw, with one of the older builds, about 16th of Dec. or soemthing, when I used your patch, I ended up with an empty remote LCD.... the remote would work, only nothing showed up on the remote's LCD
13:13:23 Join Jungti1234 [0] (n=jungti12@
13:13:28Jungti1234hey all
13:13:35Bgersaab_rider huh ?
13:13:47Jungti1234Is Rockbox support plan of real file?
13:14:05Bgerbtw, i had something simillar
13:14:26Bgerbut it shouldn't have anything with my patch
13:14:39aussiechrisanybody here have the iriver H3xx?
13:14:45Jungti1234I have
13:14:47Bgerjust the remote's LCD isn't initialized
13:14:51aussiechrisdoes it have a reset button
13:14:56aussiechrisi heard it did#
13:15:03Bgernext to the internal mic
13:15:08Bgerthere is one tiny hole
13:15:18saab_riderwith the LCD? well I'm not sure if back then it patched successfully or not, because I did it in a rush.... but looking forward to the new version
13:15:42aussiechrisi was looking all over and even tried the holes on the bottom!
13:15:53 Join amiconn_ [0] (
13:16:33aussiechrisback up and working. thanks bger
13:16:53Bgerfor nothing
13:17:51aussiechrisu saved me from owning a very expensive hockey puck
13:18:25Bgerman, this sf is so sloow
13:18:38aussiechriscsv issues?
13:19:10Bgerno, tracker issues :)
13:19:29Withnailjust installed the h100 version of rockbox and i'm impressed anyway. hell, even the backlight is slicker than it was
13:19:39saab_ridersourceforge, yeah, takes for ever, are you uploading already?
13:20:21saab_riderthanks Bger :)
13:21:07Jungti1234Is Rockbox support plan of real file?
13:21:07 Join DreamTactix291 [0] (
13:22:11BgerJungti1234 i don't know
13:22:22saab_riderBger, could you help me with a bit of code I've been editing? I understand nothing of the code :) I used a few lines which added color to pong, and tried to apply them to snake, but after compiling, snake would crash whenever I start it...
13:22:33Bgerprobably the answer for the near future is "no"
13:22:46Bgersaab_rider hmm
13:23:21saab_riderthe added lines worked fine with pong, and I compiled it successfully, but it failed with snake
13:23:34saab_riderI probably placed the lines in the wrong place
13:23:45 Join Moos [0] (
13:24:18rayois anyone rewriting the wps parsing code to tokenbased? then it should make that the images are drawn first
13:26:37saab_riderrayo: good to know you're still working on support for 16bit images in the WPS :)
13:27:50Jungti1234Then, is pl file plan to support?
13:28:05rayoit's working :) but the images are over the text parts
13:29:31saab_riderrayo: what exactly did you get to work?
13:29:59rayoloading and displaying a 24bit image on a 16bit image
13:30:11rayoreplace last image with lcd :)
13:31:14saab_rideris it possible to take a screen dump of what you manged to get on the screen?
13:31:26Bgersaab_rider yes
13:31:36Bgerfirst u enable the screen dump feature
13:31:47rayoit's only in the uisimulator
13:32:32saab_ridercan you imagine album art in the WPS?!
13:32:33 Quit amiconn (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
13:32:33 Nick amiconn_ is now known as amiconn (
13:33:18Jungti1234(I think that is 'Yes'.)
13:33:34rayoi think for albumart we need a jpg loading library and then scale down the picture
13:33:41Bgersaab_rider did you test it ?
13:33:56saab_riderdownloading the latest build
13:34:55saab_riderplus SF is currently down for maintinance :)
13:38:26rayohttp:// (with an albumart, manually scaled and converted to bmp)
13:38:35 Part aussiechris
13:39:16saab_riderwould need to be scaled down even more...
13:39:27saab_riderwhat's that green line btw?
13:39:56Jungti1234play time bar?
13:40:09rayoits a hangover from the old wps i edited :)
13:40:15Papricammm how can i change the text font to font from fonts folder?
13:40:19Papricain the code
13:40:25rayoi edited the bitmaps of marquee wps
13:40:30Papricanot in the player
13:41:26 Join San [0] (
13:42:06 Join |Beowulf| [0] (
13:42:16Papricablah some one?!
13:42:33Jungti1234I want answer...
13:43:04rayonow the green line is gone and the image is more scaled (same link)
13:43:27Jungti1234Look like better.
13:43:50saab_riderthat's looking promising :)
13:44:17Jungti1234I can't make simulator.
13:44:31saab_riderhow hard is it to get a jpg loading library?
13:44:32Jungti1234It spits error.
13:45:52rayoi don't know, i never coded c before :)
13:46:14Jungti1234nice!!, Paprica
13:46:15***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
13:47:11Jungti1234It looks like better than now. :)
13:47:22saab_riderpaprica: this is the title tag in the status bar, right?
13:47:56saab_riderdid you add a title for all the screens?
13:48:59Papricathe title is from the seledted item
13:49:55saab_riderwhat do you mean from the selected item?
13:50:14Papricain the menu
13:50:17Papricayou select item
13:50:27Papricaand it shows another menu right?
13:51:57Jungti1234rayo: Screen dump presses keypad 0.
13:52:44Papricagood, the title is from the select item in the privious menu
13:53:06rayook i'll use it when the text is over the image :D
13:53:06Paprica(how write privious?)
13:53:19Papricagood =]
13:53:30Papricanow its clear?
13:54:04saab_riderah, so it's not the current screen's title? but the title of the above menu?
13:54:39saab_rideractually, it is the current menu's title....
13:55:10saab_riderso if you selected extras, the submenu will show "extras" in the status bar, right?
13:57:56Jungti1234I want to use that. :P
13:58:32Papricawait =]
13:58:35saab_riderbut will the title be the exact same text that's selected, or would there be a shortened text for longer names?
13:59:15Papricano short name for longer names
13:59:40Jungti1234T.T English is very hard.
14:00:00Papricafor me too =\
14:00:20saab_riderbut wouldn't some of the titles not fit if there were other icons visible?
14:00:24Jungti1234But, you do well English than me.
14:00:28Jungti1234heheh :)
14:00:40saab_riderJungti "T.T"?
14:01:04PapricaJungti1234 nice =]
14:01:24Papricai disable the another icons
14:01:34Jungti1234=] = :) = ^^
14:01:57saab_rideroh, ok....
14:02:25Papricaits a lite status bar
14:02:52Papricaanother thing
14:02:57Papricathe name of the folder
14:03:43Jungti1234It's folder name. wow :)
14:04:31saab_ridervery nice
14:04:55Jungti1234I'm going to inform this news to korean people.
14:05:07Papricaplease not yet
14:05:07saab_riderwill be very helpful for people using rockbox for the first time
14:05:28Papricacuzits not finish
14:05:35Papricaand have abugs =\
14:06:02Jungti1234I know :)
14:06:10Papricaif uu want
14:06:16Jungti1234And korean people understand it.
14:09:59rayoit looks cool but i can't read something :)
14:10:32Jungti1234Use translation.
14:12:05 Quit Withnail ("10 PRINT "WANG"; 20 GOTO 10 RUN")
14:13:59Jungti1234But, translation is strange. :P
14:29:19 Join darkless [0] (
14:32:26Bgerany ideas how to change encoding of text file to utf-8 ?
14:32:52Jungti1234use notepad
14:32:52darklessif you're using linux, there's a utility for it
14:33:12Jungti1234or notepad2
14:33:22rayomy editor can this :)
14:33:43darklessBger: ok, give me a sec to find it
14:34:47Jungti1234maybe it can use in linux.
14:36:08 Quit saab_rider (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
14:37:56rayoiconv -f utf-8 -t iso-8859-1 < infile.txt > outfile.txt
14:38:16Bgerah :)
14:39:04darklessnever mind, convmv is only for converting the filename, not file contents
14:39:25solexxgreetings from 22c3 :)
14:40:23Bger10x, rayo :)
14:40:38rayonp i just found it with goole
14:41:02darklessI'm using a rockbox'ed iriver H140 as digital transport for my home audio system
14:41:26darklessI have a few issues, though
14:42:03 Join edx [0] (
14:42:19darklessI'd like the optical out to stay "on" while FF/RW'ing
14:42:37rayothe h140 has a optical out?
14:42:52darklessbecause my DAC has a mechanical relay that switches on/off every time the toslink signal is interrupted
14:43:13darklessand I'm afraid that it might lead to a mechanical failure in the future
14:44:21darklessalso, an option to never ever let the harddrive spin down would be good, since the maximum spindown time (254s) is not enough to keep it from spinning down at all when listening to most CDs
14:45:11 Quit DreamTactix291 (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
14:45:13darklessI can prob. code it myself, but I'd very much appreciate some pointers to places in the code that would need to be changed
14:45:13amiconnWhy would you want that?
14:45:29amiconnIt's a huge waste of battery to not let the hd spin down
14:45:57darklessyes, but if the player is connected to my home rig it's always running from AC
14:46:21darklessand I'm more concerned about the life expectancy of the HDD
14:46:38darklesssince a typical drive only lasts ~ 30,000 spinups/downs
14:47:08darklessharddrives that never spin down lasts considerably longer than drives that do
14:47:19amiconnA mobile drive can take >10.000 _emergeny_ spindowns, and a lot more standard spindowns
14:47:33darklessyes, about a factor 10
14:47:41amiconnThis isn't a high-performance SCSI drive for servers
14:47:43darklessbut it's still a concern
14:47:56rayonormal harddrives are made to spin down/up, only scsi drives are made to spin always
14:49:15darklessok, disregarding the spinup/down issue, it's still an annoyance to wait a second or two for the audio to start playing when changing/skipping tracks
14:49:39Bgerdarkless are you sure you don't mix up power on/off cycles and spin up/down ?
14:49:39darklessthis is all in the context of the player used in a home rig and not for "regular" portable use
14:50:44 Join saa[b_r]ider [0] (n=saab_rid@
14:51:04 Quit Nibbler (Remote closed the connection)
14:51:15saa[b_r]idersorry d/c
14:51:19darklessBger: the specs sheet lists max # of spinup/downs for my 60 GiB hitachi drive as 300,000
14:51:34darkless(the one in my laptop, not the iriver HDD)
14:51:34 Join Jungti1234__ [0] (n=jungti12@
14:51:36 Join Nibbler [0] (
14:51:46 Quit Jungti1234 ("Bye~ -")
14:51:46rayomh doesn't rockbox spin up the drive a few seconds before the track changes?
14:51:56 Nick Jungti1234__ is now known as Jungti1234 (n=jungti12@
14:52:49darklessyes, but if I decide to jump to next track or skip to a diff album altogether, nothing is cached (that's expected, but an annoyance in a home rig)
14:53:59amiconnI also use my rockboxes connected to my home equipment from time to time.
14:54:14amiconnI never change my standard spinup time setting (5 seconds)
14:54:57darklessI'm not asking the devs to implement any of this in rockbox per se, but I'd like some pointers to code that would need to be changed.
14:56:24darklessamiconn: I do, because if browsing for a specific track on a CD, I might need more than 5 secs to recognise if I'm on the right track. This would cause the disc to spindown/up just before I skip to the next track, thereby introducing a 2-sec delay between each track skip
14:56:33 Quit DJDD_ ("Trillian (")
15:03:25 Join Febs [0] (
15:11:22 Join _Beowulf_ [0] (
15:11:23 Quit |Beowulf| (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
15:11:49darklessok, any ideas how to keep the toslink "on" while FF/RW'ing? I guess I could make it loop on some low-volume dummy signal if entering FF/RW
15:12:59 Join mirak [0] (
15:13:04darklessor rather, feed it a dummy signal unless it's playing something
15:17:53Bgerhello, mirak
15:20:25 Quit San (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
15:25:10 Join markun [0] (
15:25:27markunhi mirak
15:27:19 Join webguest93 [0] (
15:27:42saa[b_r]iderbonjorno markun ;)
15:27:56markunHi Saab!
15:27:59saa[b_r]ideronly it's not morning :D
15:28:22markunni hao ma?
15:29:20webguest93Hey, has anyone considered implementing an alternative caching strategy that goes like this: cache the current song, then cache the first X seconds of as many of the next songs in the playlist as possible. Would be great for people who play randomly and tend to skip a lot of songs
15:29:26markunis 'meraba' arabic or only turkish?
15:29:26saa[b_r]iderhen hao, xie xie :D (very good, thank you...)
15:30:00saa[b_r]idermarHaba is arabic, I wouldn't be surprised if they used it in turkish as well
15:30:25preglowwe could have different cache settings, yes
15:30:35preglowwould complicate the playback engine, though
15:30:51Slasheriwebguest93: that was the old behaviour..
15:30:57saa[b_r]iderthe H is much deeper though, a letter that is pretty difficult for non-arabs to pronounce
15:31:18Slasheriwebguest93: oh, you mean only x seconds of next songs.. hmm, interesting
15:31:41preglowSlasheri: i think the ipod os used to do that before, so some people got used to it
15:31:59Slasheripreglow: ah, that is an interesting idea
15:32:00saa[b_r]iderpreglow: I got my friend who owns a 3rd Gen ipod interested in rockbox, hey came over here a few days ago, but you guys weren't around
15:32:12Slasherishould be possible to do, but requires some changes to the playback engine
15:32:33preglowsaa[b_r]ider: nah, will be a couple of days more before i'm completely back
15:33:29saa[b_r]iderno problem, I'll let him get in touch with you and linuxstb when you guys are back from holidays
15:34:28webguest93Won't that be a problem on lower-res displays?
15:34:48Papricaits for h300
15:35:02saa[b_r]ider@ paprica
15:35:05webguest93Why not have it on the first line, and let it be for all units
15:36:00saa[b_r]iderthe picture, nice :)
15:36:11Papricaaha 10x =]
15:36:38saa[b_r]iderPaprica: I notice the font is bigger now?
15:36:45 Quit webguest93 ("CGI:IRC")
15:37:45saa[b_r]ideris the font size setup within the patch?
15:38:00Papricamm i want to do that
15:38:07Papricabut dont know how
15:38:45Papricai want to set the font to
15:43:58darklessthe spdif audiostream is interrupted when FF/RW'ing on iRiver H140. Is this intentional?
15:44:44darklessit causes my external DAC to resync and I lose a few seconds of audio that way
15:45:11mirakamiconn: hi
15:45:27mirakamiconn: did you do a gcc a patch for the EMAC ?
15:46:18***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
15:47:02amiconnI don't know how to do gcc patches at all
15:50:16preglowmirak: linus did that
15:50:21preglowlinus and some other fellow
15:50:50preglowamiconn: btw, nice gcc-related challenge if you want one: make a gcc that can compile rockbox using thumb code
15:52:07 Join Mad_Big_Sausage [0] (n=Mad_Big_@
15:53:00mirakpreglow: is it available somewhere ?
15:53:08miraktracker for exemple
15:54:44preglowmirak: its been in the gcc/binutils tree for ages now
15:55:17mirakpreglow: so gcc uses it ?
15:55:19 Join iLyric [0] (
15:55:33 Quit iLyric (Client Quit)
15:56:06 Join iLyric [0] (
15:56:40 Quit iLyric (Client Quit)
16:01:34Mad_Big_Sausagepaprica: any plans for save/load on RockWord/RockPaint?
16:01:55Papricamm this is eli plugins
16:02:13Mad_Big_Sausagesoz, my bad. :o?
16:02:25Papricabut i think that he will do a save and load option
16:02:29amiconnAfaik, Linus contributed a patch for emacs support in binutils, not gcc
16:03:12mirakamiconn: I have read on google something about binutils, not gcc
16:03:43mirakgcc is compiler, I am not sure what binutils is supposed to do
16:04:12amiconnpreglow: Certainly I won't do that. Gcc is such a complex beast, and I'm not terribly interested in any of the arm targets
16:06:23amiconnI don't even have the slightest idea how to integrate my optimised 64bit math routines
16:08:33 Quit markun ("leaving")
16:14:05 Quit Febs ()
16:17:39darklessHas question #1 in the following post been addressed yet?
16:17:53 Join DreamTactix291 [0] (
16:20:14darklessit seems like it's related to this post:
16:24:49 Join lostlogic [0] (
16:24:54 Quit lostlogic (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
16:40:16 Quit saa[b_r]ider (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
16:47:07 Quit DreamTactix291 (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
16:53:04 Join muesli__ [0] (i=muesli_t@
17:01:06preglowamiconn: you don't need to, arm has proper 64 bit mul support
17:01:23amiconnI know, I mean for coldfire and SH1
17:01:24preglowit can even do a full 64 bit mac
17:01:32preglowahh, like that
17:01:41preglowit's just matter of modifying libgcc
17:02:19 Quit Mad_Big_Sausage ("See ya!")
17:03:01 Join San [0] (n=test@
17:05:19 Quit mirak (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
17:06:58 Quit Jungti1234 (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
17:09:40Sanwhy isn't the recording and redio fetures in the menu anymore?
17:09:47 Join mirak [0] (
17:18:22darklessis linus on vacation?
17:18:29t0mashe was here yesterday
17:20:39darklesshmm, I'm having trouble figuring out where to look for the code that resets the S/PDIF stream
17:21:42darklessit resets the stream every time you forward or rewind a track... seems like a bug to me
17:24:02amiconnI think it doesn't reset the stream
17:24:16amiconnIt rather doesn't feed any data to s/pdif while not playing
17:25:18 Quit Rob2222 (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
17:25:51darklessthe S/PDIF receiver seems to lose sync, but only when the audio buffer is empty or I FF/RW
17:25:55 Join Rob2222 [0] (
17:27:11Sanwhy isn't the recording and redio fetures in the menu anymore?
17:28:09Slasheridarkless: try replacing all EBU1CONFIG = IIS_RESET with EBU1CONFIG = IIS_RESET | EBU_DEFPARM in pcm_playback.c
17:28:13Slasherithat might help
17:28:37darklesshmm, good call
17:33:14 Quit darkless (Client Quit)
17:40:40 Join darkless [0] (
17:40:46 Join Mongey| [0] (
17:42:53 Join green-mouse [0] (
17:44:47 Join Rob2222_ [0] (
17:45:36 Part green-mouse ("Leaving")
17:46:21***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
17:47:26goawhy does activating crossfeed reduce the music volume?
17:48:03 Quit Mongey| ()
17:48:10 Join _FireFly_ [0] (
17:51:22 Quit Rob2222 (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
17:54:26Sanprevent clipping I am guessing
17:54:40Sanprevent clipping when fading them together
17:54:41goahm ok
17:56:00goaIs this the page for the id3 browser mentioned in the 2.5 releasenotes?
18:02:20goaok, just got it to crash with that feature =) guess i'll wait a while :)
18:07:24 Join webguest00 [0] (
18:12:04 Quit webguest00 (Client Quit)
18:12:08 Join webguest33 [0] (
18:18:04 Join saa[b_r]ider [0] (n=saab_rid@
18:18:58 Join DreamTactix291 [0] (
18:38:33 Quit saa[b_r]ider (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
18:42:01darklessSlasheri: you're da man! Replacing all EBU1CONFIG = IIS_RESET with EBU1CONFIG = IIS_RESET | EBU_DEFPARM in pcm_playback.c worked like a charm!
18:47:47 Quit DreamTactix291 (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
18:50:57 Quit webguest33 ("CGI:IRC")
18:57:23Slasheridarkless: oh, sounds good :) i will commit that fix
18:57:42PapricaSan: what about your present? ;]
18:58:38darklessSlasheri: bear in mind that it makes the optical diode light up full throttle, instead of throttling down to a lower power consumption. I'm not sure how much it would affect battery life, though
18:58:53darklesswhen not playing audio, that is
18:59:12Slasheridarkless: i don't think it will affect much.. correct way would be to turn of the led entirely after some period of inactivity
18:59:50darklessat least I don't need to be concerned about the mechanical life of the relay in my external DAC anymore :)
18:59:58Slasherihehe :)
19:00:08Sanyeah, paprica, couldn't get it going
19:00:23Sanwana try?
19:00:27Sani can help, some what
19:00:44Papricai am working on that
19:00:48Sanit wasn't as simple as I wought
19:01:19Sangod, your good
19:01:56muesli__go go go Paprica :D
19:03:11SanPap, could you make a menu for me?
19:03:17SanI have no idea about doing that
19:04:05Papricaon some minutes i will try to help u =\
19:05:42darklessSlasheri: Would it take much effort to change the disk spindown option to allow the user to turn off spindown completely?
19:07:02Slasheridarkless: no, it should be quite easy to do.. maybe an option to keep disk spinning when connected to ac power
19:07:07darklessI'd use it for my "home theatre" profile, not for regular portable use... and just to save the slight delay when switching to tracks after the disk has spun down
19:07:34Slasherihowever, i am not sure what these disks in portable players like if spinning continuosly
19:09:24 Quit Bger (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
19:09:59darklesshmm, increasing the spindown time to 10 minutes after last disk access would also work. That way it would spindown if not playing any audio
19:11:04Slasherihmm, now it sounds like a nice idea to automatically load a different profile (configuration file) when plugged into ac
19:11:24darklessI'd certainly welcome it
19:11:55darklessa spindown of 5 minutes would prob. work too, since most tracks are less than 5 mins long... However, the present max spindown (254s) is too short... it spins down on 1/4th of my tracks
19:11:55Slasherithat way we could also remove some options, such as backlight settings when plugged in
19:12:25 Part amiconn
19:12:36darklesswell, some people might still like the option to prolong the LCD life by turning it off
19:13:08darklessbut the overall idea of having an AC and DC profile is nice
19:13:09Slasheriyes, but with the profiling, there would be no need the specify another option for ac power
19:13:47darklesswell, what are you waiting for? Get working on it! *cracks whip* ;)
19:14:14Slasheri(in fact, led backlight will no burn-out but EL-backlight can (such as with remote lcd) when keeping continuosly on long times, like a year)
19:14:21Slasherihehe :)
19:14:31 Join amiconn [0] (
19:14:34Slashericurrently i have the tagcache and many other fixes to finish
19:15:33darklessI love your work on the cache-stuff btw, very nice
19:16:36darklesshopefully, someone will be able to pick up the ball on the profiling idea :)
19:17:34 Part darkless ("Leaving")
19:21:50 Quit DrumRBoy320|Away (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
19:23:57 Join RotAtoR [0] (
19:46:22***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
19:53:58 Join markun [0] (
20:01:08 Quit dadude (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
20:08:27 Quit mirak (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
20:17:59 Join mirak [0] (
20:20:01 Join DreamTactix291 [0] (
20:31:15 Join xmixahlx [0] (n=xmixahlx@
20:31:56 Quit xmixahlx (Client Quit)
20:33:20 Join saa[b_r]ider [0] (n=saab_rid@
20:37:10 Join dpassen1 [0] (
20:38:14 Quit markun ("leaving")
20:48:38 Quit DreamTactix291 (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
20:56:26 Join Bger [0] (n=Bager@
21:03:59 Join DrumRBoy320|Away [0] (
21:07:22 Join JazzBone [0] (
21:13:30 Quit San (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
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21:44:56 Join TheFormulaJam [0] (
21:45:08TheFormulaJamhey, anyone around?
21:46:12TheFormulaJamif and when someone turns up: do i update the bootloader by patching the Iriver firmware with a later firmwarepatcher.exe ?
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22:15:52muesli__hi JazzBone ;)
22:20:02mirakTheFormulaJam: probably not
22:20:22mirakTheFormulaJam: I probably did not understood your question
22:21:08 Join DreamTactix291 [0] (
22:30:11 Quit Rob2222 (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
22:30:27TheFormulaJamyou know when you start rb, it says "bootloader V2"
22:30:34TheFormulaJamhow do you update the bootloader?
22:30:43TheFormulaJamor is it included in a daily build
22:30:50 Join Rob2222 [0] (
22:33:05mirakyou must repatch a firmware with a new bootloader
22:33:15mirakI think they are included into the windows patcher
22:33:44TheFormulaJamthe firmwarepatcher.exe file? the one linked from the manualrockboxinstall guide on the wiki?
22:33:59mirakI use linux so I don't know
22:38:28muesli__TheFormulaJam which player?
22:54:12 Join San [0] (
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23:14:19 Quit JazzBone ("Leaving")
23:15:07muesli__international or us-version
23:17:33muesli__which version do you prefer?
23:17:42muesli__kr or eu ?
23:19:38 Quit arkascha (Remote closed the connection)
23:20:14 Quit matsl ("ERC Version 5.0 (CVS) $Revision: 1.776 $ (IRC client for Emacs)")
23:27:14 Quit actionshrimp ("a bird in the bush is worth two in your house")
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23:45:20 Quit dpassen1 ()
23:45:29muesli_-amiconn are you around?
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