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#rockbox log for 2006-02-11

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00:02:53Mikachuwhere in the code is the color scheme defined? approximately
00:04:17preglowlinuxstb_: you don't know anything about the liba52 precision?
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00:05:44linuxstb_preglow: No, sorry.
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00:36:32jaebirdwhy is the 4g gray bleeding edge link this:
00:38:03Paul_The_NerdProbably a typo
00:38:07Paul_The_NerdIf you replace the 5 with a 4, it works.
00:38:39jaebirdI figured as much, just letting people know :)
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00:47:09BagderI fixed, thanks
00:48:11jaebirdI'm glad you changed your name...searching for 4g was hard :)
00:48:40BagderI use that from work and this from home
00:49:32jaebirdI just built the 4g gray simulator...dude, that is cool
00:49:55jaebirdI was wondering how linuxstb was able to modify so efficiently without having the hardware
00:50:39Zoide777is the id3 database view supposed to be working on the latest 4g grayscale build?
00:51:28jaebirdnot sure...don't have the latest, just got home...and not sure what the id3 db is..hehe
00:51:32Paul_The_NerdZoide777: You have to use an external program to make the id3 database first.
00:51:53Paul_The_NerdI don't know though if it's working on iPods at all, honestly. I haven't tried
00:51:54Zoide777Paul_The_Nerd: like which?
00:52:00Zoide777ah ok
00:52:12Paul_The_NerdInstructions are here, if you'd like to try
00:52:35Paul_The_NerdUse the JAVA version if you can, btw. It's more reliable.
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00:57:13Paul_The_NerdI'm sure not a lot of people are around, but would anybody object if at some point in the next 48 hours or so, I rebuild the WPS Gallery organization by screen dimensions, and separated it into individual pages (per screen type) so that dialup users have less hassle? Also, is there any preferred way for WPS posting? With bitmap containing WPSes, it seems Preview image for main, and remote, and a .zip containing all applicable fil
00:57:56BagderPaul_The_Nerd: sounds like a great plan!
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01:00:19linuxstb_Paul_The_Nerd: Sounds good to me. I don't envy that task though.
01:00:52Paul_The_NerdI'm in a point in my life where a very dull, very repetitive task would actually help me a lot. So it seems like just the job. :)
01:01:03LinusNBeanJuice is a sure nominee for Rockbox Fanboy of the Week :-)
01:01:30Paul_The_NerdHe was pretty vocal, wasn't he.
01:01:52BagderI'm glad you offered him his money back, LinusN
01:02:21Paul_The_NerdIt's important that customers know that if they aren't satisfied, you're willing to accommodate them like that.
01:02:38LinusNyes, that's what customer care is all about
01:02:47LinusNfits our business model
01:02:48tucozI would like to fix the chapter directories in the manual, but I want your blessing to do so. That is, rename the directories to getting_started/main.tex from chapter1/getting_started.tex
01:03:01linuxstb_Maybe he made a donation and will be forwarding you his paypal details....
01:03:15LinusNi'll gladly refund him
01:03:44Bagdertucoz: I think that's a good idea
01:03:55Bagdergetting stuck in those chapter numbers can't be good
01:04:24ShyKi support your customer service method. you know, Nero once offered a free copy of their AAC encoder to people if they perform some tests for them. i came up and said "maybe we should do the same with MPC?" and then remembered "oh wait it's BSD".
01:04:48tucozBagder: good. I'll got some cvs reading to to then :)
01:05:06Bagdertucoz: unfortunately there's no rename in CVS, just add new, delete old
01:05:39tucozI know. That's why I need to read...
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01:10:53pillwoah, there are some jaw-dropping 24bit wps's on misticriver
01:11:12LinusNyeah, jaw-dropping and cpu-sucking :-)
01:12:11*Paul_The_Nerd still uses a simplified Rockbox_Default.
01:12:45pillon what model?
01:13:10pillbecause rockbox default only used half of my ihp140 screen
01:13:13LinusNi mostly use the default because it gets reset everytime i develop on it
01:13:22pillfair enough
01:13:44Bagderone day in a distant future, we should improve the default ;-)
01:13:52Xerioni mostly use boxes
01:14:01Paul_The_Nerdpill: H120 and iPod Nano both. I even removed the peakmeters on both of 'em. Though on Nano I have a background image.
01:14:02pilli like marquee
01:14:13LinusNi'd like someone to design some nice, graphical default wps'es
01:14:29LinusNwith a nice Rockbox theme
01:14:45LinusNusing the rb logo etc
01:14:53Paul_The_NerdLinusN: Have you looked at Boxes?
01:15:03Bagderboxes is cool
01:15:25LinusNboxes is nice, but i find it a little too eye-straining
01:15:29pillyeah boxes is nice
01:15:36pillbut yeah
01:15:58pilli agree with linus
01:16:01LinusNi'm getting old, u know
01:16:01Xerionnot for me ;p
01:16:37Paul_The_NerdOut of curiosity, was there something about the Scroll Margins patch that kept it out of consideration for CVS, or has it just not really been looked at yet?
01:16:49Paul_The_NerdIt seems the sort of thing that'd make a big different in WPS design
01:17:06tucozAnd I think the default rockbox-wps should be something that work well on all targets. (except colour versions for colour targets)
01:17:15pillis hasn't been committed officially yet?
01:17:15BagderI want us to take the scrolling/positioning/font approach with viewports
01:17:49LinusNPaul_The_Nerd: not really, except that it's kind of a half-solution
01:17:50Paul_The_NerdI *really* like the viewport idea as I've seen it described.
01:17:53Bagderdefining "boxes" on the screen that then also control the scrolling
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01:19:03linuxstb_Does anyone think there is need for both margins and viewports? i.e. margins within the current viewport? (I can't)
01:19:13Bagderno, I don't think so
01:19:22Paul_The_NerdYeah, once you have viewports margins are kinda moot
01:20:04Paul_The_NerdWhat ever happened to the idea of defining a viewport for the menu too?
01:20:20Paul_The_NerdIs that still around?
01:20:53linuxstb_We need someone to implement viewports first... But I think that would be nice, especially for the larger LCDs.
01:21:17BagderI think the menu should pop up in a splash-style box
01:21:21LinusNyes, the first step is to add viewports witl clipping to the lcd driver
01:21:29LinusNBagder: yup
01:22:55Zoide777and hopefully to have the graphics be run by the 2nd cpu? (scrolling through tiles while listening to a song makes the sound skip, etc.)
01:22:56Paul_The_NerdI kind a like the menu being its own screen, rather than a splash. It's nice being able to give it a separate backdrop. I was thinking about making the text white, and the background blue with a white border, 16-bit final fantasy text window styled, once the ability was finally in. Just, as an idea.
01:24:28Bagdertrue, backdrops do make a difference
01:25:10Paul_The_NerdAnd with that, I'd just need to set the viewport about 5 pixels in from each edge of the screen. Though, menu-in-splash would be kinda cool.
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01:34:14linuxstb_Has anyone thought about how support for multiple fonts could be added?
01:34:57Bagderseveral ideas have bounced around
01:35:06Bagderbut I don't think there's any concensus
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01:36:39Paul_The_NerdWhat's the problem for multiple fonts?
01:44:17linuxstb_I was just wondering how it would work from a user's point of view - i.e. how customisable would we want to make Rockbox's use of fonts?
01:45:13BHSPitLappywhat do you mean, exactly?
01:45:37linuxstb_That's my question - what do people mean by "multiple font support" ?
01:45:59Paul_The_NerdGenerally, the ability to set font on a per-line (or I suppose per-viewport) basis.
01:46:16BHSPitLappyi suppose
01:46:21BHSPitLappyor even text formatting
01:46:51BHSPitLappylike a large font for the song title, smaller ones for artist etc
01:47:00BHSPitLappy(my guess)
01:47:07Paul_The_NerdYeah, but that's still just per-line font assignments
01:47:17BHSPitLappyi know
01:48:06linuxstb_The WPS is the easy part - we can just allow (for example) 2 or 3 different fonts to be used in a WPS, and Rockbox would need to keep them all in memory. I was thinking more about the rest of Rockbox.
01:48:24Paul_The_NerdWell, it seems that the rest of rockbox should just use whichever font you browse fonts to
01:49:21Paul_The_NerdThe WPS can override that one within itself, but in the menus it's back to whichever one font you've picked. It seems like there's not much room for more than one font within the menuing system.
01:50:28Paul_The_NerdThen, much like backdrops, if there isn't a font set in the WPS, it uses your global font.
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01:51:06tucozlinuxstb: if I have cvs remove and cvs add a few files, do I need to tell cvs what files I want to commit? like cvs commit -m "message" file1 file2 file3? Or are those scheduled and I only need to cvs commit...
01:52:07linuxstbIt's OK - I just moved computers....
01:52:48linuxstbWhen you type "cvs commit" without any files, then cvs will commit all the files in the current directory (and subdirectories).
01:53:03tucozOk, all that I have changed right?
01:53:20linuxstbYes - any files that haven't changed will just be ignored.
01:54:06tucozOk, I'll try this then. Hopefully I haven't forgotten anything. The manual builds though.
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02:02:24tucozlinuxstb: do you know why the chapters didn't get removed in this commit?
02:03:12Cassandradid you 'cvs del' the old files?
02:03:27tucozno, I did cvs remove
02:03:43Zoide777I noticed there's a database wiki from 2005 and a database v2 wiki that's from 2006. But the files from the new one are offline. what happened?
02:04:41linuxstbtucoz: Did cvs remove give you any messages?
02:04:49tucozyes, scheduling etc.
02:05:09tucozno error messages
02:05:56linuxstbMaybe you need to explicity commit those files - i.e. cvs remove file1 file2 file3
02:06:04linuxstbAlso, I don't think cvs lets you delete directories.
02:06:24tucozNo, empty dirs get deleted by the -P option I think
02:08:51tucozok, so I just cvs remove chapter1/... chapter2/... etc followed by cvs commit?
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02:11:35linuxstbtucoz: Yes. You also need to delete those files from your local directory - or tell CVS to do it by typing "cvs remove -f chapter1/... "
02:14:27tucozI removed the files. In fact, I couldn't run cvs remove if the files were there.
02:16:04tucozI wonder why it doesn't work
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02:18:33tucozI see, the directories are empty
02:21:15linuxstbHave you done cvs commit?
02:21:25tucozIt works now
02:21:48linuxstbYes - I've just done a cvs update, and the chapter directories have gone.
02:21:58linuxstbApart from chapter5...
02:22:01tucozThe problem was that the directories show up if I do cvs co, but they are empty and then removed by cvs up -dP
02:22:08tucozyes, I'll do that now
02:22:38linuxstbYes, there's nothing you can do about that - directories remain forever.
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04:02:02david_dlI just built and installed rockbox on my 4g grayscale
04:02:06david_dlvery impressive
04:02:24linuxstbGlad it's working for you.
04:02:28david_dlHowever i found that the "hold menu to boot original firmware" didnt work
04:02:40linuxstbYou need to press it _very_ early
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04:02:56david_dlill try that
04:02:57linuxstbi.e. just before the apple logo appears
04:03:35david_dlalso, i found that when it does boot the original firmware, (I modified the bootloader to do this)
04:03:44david_dlthe apple software loads fine
04:03:53david_dlbut the lcd is 'mirrored'
04:04:09XavierGrkkurbjun: No I dind't had the time to test the midi patch? Did you update the patch so that it will compile cleanly?
04:04:16linuxstbdamaki__: Yes, someone else reported that. Does it stay like that?
04:04:23linuxstb(sorry, I meant david_dl)
04:04:52XavierGrsafetydan: I can hear major skipping (and imminently crash) with the SDL sim. (as you reported)
04:04:55david_dleven If i let it sleep etc, it will be mirrored when it wakes
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04:05:26Paul_The_NerdXaverGr: If you use *both* patches on the tracker, the midi patch applies cleanly.
04:05:43Paul_The_NerdThere are two files in the patch now
04:05:50XavierGroh okay thanks
04:06:05Paul_The_Nerdmidipatch.diff and midicvs.diff. I applied them (in that order) and it compiles
04:06:13Paul_The_NerdThough, I don't think it works on iPod yet.
04:06:27XavierGrwhat's the outcome? Do you get nice played midis?
04:06:32XavierGrah okay
04:06:45Paul_The_NerdI got a screen full of "buffer miss" error messages.
04:07:19linuxstbdavid_dl: Do you know if you're running the latest version of the Apple firmware?
04:07:27linuxstbi.e. have you updated it recently?
04:07:37Zoide777is songdb supposed to work with wavpack files? it's indexing my mp3's but not the wv's
04:07:52Paul_The_NerdZoide777: Just MP3 and I *think* ogg
04:08:43david_dlI updated it quite recently, if i go to settings->about it says 3.1.1
04:09:33Zoide777Paul_The_Nerd: aarrrgggg...
04:09:39Zoide777Does anyone know what happened with database v2? the files are offline now ( and it seems abandoned...
04:09:43XavierGrPault the nerd: I assume that you had a patch set when you used the plugin, right?
04:11:50Paul_The_NerdXavierGr: Yes
04:12:00Paul_The_NerdXavierGr: Compiling it for h120 now, I'll see if it works there
04:12:58Paul_The_NerdZoide777: The database system fell to the wayside for quite a while.
04:13:34david_dllinuxstb: this may or may not be helpful, but at the right side of the screen, about 10 pixels of what the bootloader was displaying is visible
04:13:45david_dlie. the first letter of each line
04:14:01 Quit BHSPitMonkey ("BitchX-1.1-final -- just do it.")
04:14:06Zoide777linuxstb: same thing with my 4g grayscale
04:14:22linuxstbZoide777: Do you know which version of the apple firmware you are running?
04:15:18Zoide777david_dl: though i suppose you mean the left side of the actual screen, which (since everything's flipped) corresponds to the right side of the display?
04:15:56david_dloh, sorry yea I meant left
04:16:22david_dlthe display is of course fine in rockbox though
04:17:07Paul_The_NerdXavierGr: On the H120 it seems to play the midi. It's a little glitchy, but it's definitely working
04:25:11linuxstbdavid_dl, Zoide777: Can you test a new bootloader?
04:25:55linuxstbIt's here -
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04:27:02saratogaI just noticed theres a patch for doing APEv2 tag reading on sourceforge
04:27:15saratogadid that ever get added to the standard CVS ?
04:27:49david_dllinuxstb: It works well, thanks
04:27:57linuxstbDoes the Apple firmware work OK?
04:28:01david_dlalthough no text is shown anymore when its booting
04:28:09david_dlyep, apple firmware is working
04:28:11linuxstbYes, not the best fix...
04:28:17Zoide777let me test
04:28:22linuxstbI just removed all the LCD-related code from the bootloader.
04:28:40david_dlbut rockbox works as well, so its not really a problem I guess, at least not for now
04:29:32david_dlits also nice to see that rockbox boots at least as fast as the apple firmware..
04:30:39david_dlone other thing, not so serious, but when I connect the USB, rockbox detects it, and reboots to disk mode
04:30:45david_dlwhen I connect firewire, this doesnt happen
04:30:48 Part YouCeyE ("Leaving")
04:30:54david_dlalthough it does detect that it's charging
04:32:30 Join DreamTactix291 [0] (
04:33:28linuxstbYes, I haven't done anything to do with firewire yet.
04:34:40Zoide777ahh... it's not flipped anymore you're right :)
04:34:50linuxstbCan you try this version? -
04:35:03linuxstbThis still draws on the LCD, but doesn't call the initialisation code.
04:36:01david_dlI get text when booting now, but its scrambled
04:36:15Zoide777same here
04:36:26linuxstbIs the apple firmware still OK?
04:36:31Zoide777seems to be
04:36:38david_dlas is rockbox
04:37:11linuxstbRockbox itself will initialise the LCD when it starts. The problem is obviously caused by the bootloader calling the initialisation code.
04:37:51david_dlah, I thought rockbox was partially dependant on the bootloader for such initialisations
04:38:07linuxstbNo, Rockbox does everything again.
04:38:31linuxstbThe bootloader does very little hardware initialisation - for this very reason. It needs to keep the Apple firmware happy.
04:38:55Zoide777why does rockbox do it all over again?
04:39:18linuxstbBecause it's easier that way. The bootloader is basically a mini version of Rockbox.
04:39:25david_dlI guess that would make upgrading etc easier, the same bootloader can be used
04:39:56david_dlalthough upgrading the apple software would probably overwrite it?
04:40:13linuxstbYes - but why would you want to do that? :)
04:40:55linuxstbUpgrading the apple software will just overwrite the bootloader - Rockbox itself should be intact.
04:41:14 Join BHSPitMonkey [0] (n=billybob@
04:41:34Zoide777ok, so the point is for rockbox to be independent of anything else that you have on the ipod, so that it can coexist with anything else. correct?
04:41:54linuxstbYes. Rockbox can also be loaded by the ipodlinux bootloader.
04:42:14Zoide777i see
04:42:26Zoide777but ipodlinux isn't very good for actual music playing, right?
04:42:43linuxstbI've never managed to get it working.
04:42:44david_dlnot currently
04:42:48Vertigo_tdlwoohoo, rockbox installed on my h320, great work guys i'll be following this with interest
04:43:20Zoide777are there any implementations that could use a tag database other than the old one in the wiki?
04:44:25linuxstbI'm not sure what you mean. Rockbox only has one tag database.
04:44:42david_dlI couldn't get the rockbox database to work
04:45:00linuxstbBut as others have said, that's been unmaintained for while, and a replacement (known as tagcache) is being developed to replace it.
04:45:09david_dlI used the java songdb.jar to build it, which seemed to work
04:45:14david_dlbut rockbox froze trying to load it
04:45:20david_dlah, sounds good
04:45:38saratogawhos working on the tagcache?
04:45:47linuxstbIf I was you, I wouldn't waste time with the current database - just wait until the new one is done.
04:46:05Zoide777i mean, is the database limited to mp3 & ogg because of the reader itself or just because of the creator? Could we create the database with some other program such that it includes more file types?
04:46:14linuxstbSlasheri is developing it.
04:46:37david_dlI'd expect that the limitation is because those are the only types it can read the tags of
04:47:00Zoide777but when I open, say, a wavpack through the normal view it *does* display the tags
04:47:08linuxstbYes, that's my guess as well - I don't know the current tag database code at all, but I would imagine it's just a limitation of the database creation program.
04:47:39david_dlThe ultimate would be a plugin for foobar to copy the files and generate the database, which would be able to use foobar's tag database, which would be very quick
04:47:53linuxstbYes - that's because Rockbox has it's own tag parsers for all the formats it supports. The database creation programs implement their own... This is one thing the new system will fix.
04:47:53david_dland support every tag out there
04:48:02Paul_The_NerdWell, as linuxstb said, the current database is being replaced with the tagcache anyway.
04:48:41linuxstbtagcache won't need an external database creation program - Rockbox itself will create the database using the same tag parsers it uses when playing the files.
04:49:08david_dlbut it would still be possible to generate it externally?
04:49:09Zoide777oh, so tagcache is a totally different project from database v2 ( ?
04:49:28linuxstbdavid_dl: No, I don't think it will.
04:49:36Paul_The_NerdWhich helps maintain the independence of a rockboxed DAP from any specific software on a computer.
04:49:52Paul_The_Nerddavid_dl: Out of curiosity, why would an external application be preferable?
04:49:53david_dlok, I guess the name 'tagcache' sort of suggests that
04:50:01linuxstbSomeone could of course write such a program, but there is no real need for it.
04:51:33david_dlPaul_The_Nerd: Because your media player (ie. foobar2000) would have its own database of tags for each file, some of which would differ from the file's actual tags (ie. untaggable formats, formats with restrictive tags), and if you already have these tags, it would make sense to use them rather than thrash the DAP's harddrive
04:52:16david_dlalso, you wouldn't be limited to the tags rockbox supports
04:52:25saratogaa foobar plugin would be cool just because you could still have info in the database if you have some oddball tag format not supported by rockbox, or whatever
04:52:30saratoganot that big a deal though i guess
04:53:31linuxstbThe database format would of course be documented, so anyone could write such a plugin.
04:53:42Paul_The_NerdI was about to say the very same thing.
04:54:00david_dlCool, thats really what I meant when I asked if it would be possible to generate it externally.
04:54:07linuxstbBut I can't think of any existing Rockbox developer who would be interested in such a task.
04:54:39david_dlI'm sure once it gains popularity many other people would
04:55:18linuxstbAnd of course, the database will be the same for all Rockbox'ed players - iriver, ipod and hopefully iaudio in the near future.
04:55:26david_dlvery cool
04:55:40Zoide777what was wrong with the current database structure? is v2 also being obsoleted?
04:56:38linuxstbThere was probably nothing wrong with it, it's just that the only person with an interest in the tag database decided he wanted to write tagcache instead of maintaining the existing one.
04:56:57Zoide777i see
04:57:08linuxstbBut it will probably use a lot of the existing code in tag database.
04:57:55david_dlwell, once its complete, If noone else does so, I might have a go at a foobar plugin to manage it
04:58:42david_dlIt would be very nice to be able to copy, transcoding if necessary, the files and update the database all in one "Send to DAP" command from foobar
04:59:11david_dlas I can currently do with the apple firmware and foo_pod/foo_sendtopod
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05:03:24 Quit david_dl ("CGI:IRC (EOF)")
05:09:42saratogayeah, with foo_pod apparently under little developement, a replacement would be nice
05:09:47saratogaif it involved rockbox, all the better
05:10:00***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
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05:13:20 Quit saratoga ("CGI:IRC (EOF)")
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06:16:33 Join ashridah [0] (
06:17:56BHSPitLappyhelloooooooooooooo jerry
06:17:58 Quit imphasing (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
06:34:36 Join tvelocity [0] (n=tony@
06:38:26 Quit XavierGr ()
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07:40:41 Join Lynx [0] (
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07:56:23 Nick Lynx is now known as Lynx_ (
07:57:55 Join Membrillo [0] (
08:05:36 Join ssnajper [0] (
08:05:45ssnajperanybody on?
08:06:04ssnajperhaving problems installing rockbox on the 3g
08:10:33Membrillolinuxstb or preglow are the ones you will need to ask
08:10:42Membrillounfortunately it seems they arent here
08:18:34 Quit RotAtoR ("zzzzzz")
08:21:18 Join Kohlrabi [0] (
08:31:05 Quit ssnajper ("CGI:IRC (EOF)")
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08:40:33 Join damaki__ [0] (
08:44:47 Quit Membrillo ()
08:51:53 Join Jungti1234 [0] (n=jungti12@
08:52:10Jungti1234What is tex file?
08:54:58 Quit Jungti1234 (Client Quit)
08:56:16 Quit damaki_ (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
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09:49:51 Join safetydan [0] (
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10:12:48 Join Membrillo [0] (
10:21:37Membrillohmmm the new shoutbox at MR looks pretty useful...
10:22:48 Quit Vertigo_tdl (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
10:23:13 Join Matze [0] (
10:24:11 Join Vertigo_tdl [0] (n=vertah@
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11:01:23 Quit Membrillo ()
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11:13:43 Join JdGordon [0] (
11:14:07JdGordonevenign all
11:17:23markunmorning JdGordon :)
11:22:08 Join einhirn [0] (
11:25:36 Quit einhirn (Client Quit)
11:26:21 Join einhirn [0] (
11:34:17 Quit Sinbios (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
11:37:37 Join AndrewTA [0] (i=Andrew_T@
11:42:38 Join Membrillo [0] (
11:54:16 Join linuxstb_ [0] (
11:54:38 Quit linuxstb (Nick collision from services.)
11:54:41 Nick linuxstb_ is now known as linuxstb (
11:58:19Membrilloanyone know of a good scrolling RSS reader for firefox. ie it will scroll through my subscribed rss feeds at the top or bottom of my firefox windows
12:06:45JdGordon.. geuss not..
12:08:50JdGordonhow do u boot the ipod fw instead of rb?
12:09:21Mikachuhold down menu
12:09:25Mikachubefore the apple shows up
12:10:00CassandraMembrillo, not sure if Sage will do what you want, but I like it.
12:10:54Membrilloi tried sage. id rather just have all my RSS feeds cycle along a bar at the top, rather than opening up a side box and go through t
12:11:20Membrilloalso, selecting rss feeds on sage navigated away from your current page
12:11:24CassandraAnd keeping them as Live Bookmarks doesn't work for you?
12:11:44Membrillowhats a live bookmark?
12:12:04CassandraFirefox's built in support for RSS feeds.
12:12:14Membrilloah, didnt know there was such a thing
12:12:16linuxstbA menu of bookmarks that updates "live" based on an rss feed.
12:12:24CassandraYou just bookmark an RSS link IIRC, and it treats it like a folder of bookmarks.
12:12:50CassandraAnd you can have bars of bookmarks across the top of the browser.
12:13:15Membrilloyeah, i knew you could have bars across the top, but i didnt know it didnt anything special with RSS feeds
12:13:49Membrillohmmm, if i add the link to the rss feed and open it, it just shows me the .xml file
12:14:03Membrilloadd the link as a bookmark i mean
12:14:17linuxstbJust browse to a site with an rss feed (e.g. slashdot) and you'll get an RSS icon in the bottom-right corner of your firefox window. Just click on that to add a live bookmark.
12:14:57linuxstbI haven't worked out how to do it without using that icon...
12:15:10Membrilloi want the RSS feed of this site: it has an rss link but no little orange thing
12:15:26 Quit Thus0 ("plouf")
12:16:16Membrilloam i blind or is there no little orange thing
12:16:36linuxstbThat seems a problem with the site - it's not correctly identifying that file as RSS. Just "text/xml"
12:16:50linuxstbIt should also refer to it in the header of the html page.
12:17:04Membrilloah fair enough
12:17:18Membrillobecause its worked if i fead that xml file into other RSS readers (ie sage)
12:17:29Membrillobut obviously firefox is getting confused
12:17:30linuxstbAdding feeds manually is described here:
12:18:04MembrilloRSS feeds (Firefox From MozillaZine Knowledge Base) −−- (There is currently no text in this page)
12:18:28Membrillowait sorry, missing a ) at the end
12:18:30linuxstbHere's the info: "You can add this manually by copying the link address then selecting "Bookmarks -> Manage Bookmarks" from the Toolbar, selecting "File -> New Live Bookmark" then choosing a name and pasting/typing in the link's address."
12:20:50Membrilloah got that
12:21:05Membrilloso to check the rss feeds i go into bookmarks and highlight the one i want?
12:21:18linuxstbTry it - you'll see how it works.
12:21:39Mikachuwhere do i get dict.index and dict.desc for the dict plugin?
12:21:40 Join bluey [0] (
12:22:56 Quit perplexity (No route to host)
12:27:58 Quit stamppot (Read error: 113 (No route to host))
12:28:05Membrillothe second link
12:28:10Membrillodoes what i want perfectly
12:28:31Membrillodoes rockbox have an RSS feed?
12:28:42 Join stamppot [0] (
12:28:48Membrilloof recent CVS changes
12:31:01 Quit Matze ("Miranda IM! Smaller, Faster, Easier.")
12:31:13 Quit bluey (Remote closed the connection)
12:32:08 Join Bger [0] (n=Bager@
12:32:14 Join DreamTactix291 [0] (
12:34:59 Quit AndrewTA ()
12:39:49 Join SereRoKR [0] (
12:42:26 Join mozetti [0] (
12:44:31 Quit Kohlrabi ("Fast alle Menschen sind Regenwürmer")
12:44:46 Join max90125 [0] (
12:44:48Mikachuwhat sort of files can i put in backdrops?
12:45:14mozettii think it's just .bmp
12:45:16Membrillo24 bit BMP
12:45:17linuxstb.bmp files - but they must be exactly the same resolution as your lcd.
12:45:26linuxstbWhat player do you have?
12:45:43linuxstbSo 176x132
12:46:12Membrillois the nano screen colour?
12:46:27Membrillonot bad. i dont much about ipods :P
12:46:36linuxstbIt uses the same 16-bit high-level lcd code as the h300 and other ipods.
12:46:44Membrillooh ok
12:46:59Membrillodoes anyone know anything about the Creative Zen Vision:M players
12:47:00 Quit max90125 (Client Quit)
12:47:08linuxstbThey don't run Rockbox...
12:47:16Membrillohaha, yes i know that much
12:47:24linuxstbWhat more do you need? :)
12:47:46Membrillomy brother is buying one when they come to Australia and im just wondering what he has on my H320
12:47:50 Join Moos [0] (
12:48:10Membrilloand what my H320 will have on his, for that matter
12:48:52 Quit Maxime (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
12:48:56JdGordonlinuxstb: do u know what needs to be done to get the alarm wakeup going o the h300?
12:49:03 Join Maxime [0] (
12:49:04t0masis the "iPod 4G Grayscale - Simulator" an X11 or an SDL sim?
12:49:15 Join Febs [0] (
12:49:37t0mas(and I assume "iPod 4G Grayscale - Normal" and "iPod 4G Grayscale - Boot" are ARM right?)
12:50:15linuxstbt0mas: Yes.
12:50:21t0masand SDL?
12:50:26linuxstbYes - the sim is SDL
12:50:38linuxstbThe win32 and x11 sims don't work.
12:50:45MembrilloJdGordon: i also think this would be useful
12:51:09 Join jackinabox^ [0] (
12:51:16jackinabox^hi all
12:51:25linuxstbJdGordon: I don't know about the h300. but there won't be much work to get it working on the iPod. But I don't know how things are wired up inside the h300.
12:51:25t0maslinuxstb: is it true that we have some X11 sims left? like player and recorder?
12:51:48t0masor are those sdl already?
12:52:32linuxstbI think they're SDL slready.
12:52:38 Quit SereR0KR (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
12:52:43safetydanbah, the SDL sim dies inside pcmbuf_callback when playing sound and you seek back in the first few seconds
12:52:43 Join perplexity [0] (i=heh13581@
12:52:49*safetydan continues poking and sound playback in the sim
12:52:59MembrilloJdGordon, linuxstb: theres only one person that can tell us. the almighty linus
12:53:13jackinabox^guys, dumb question...i've got an iriver H340 with the 1.29 firmware (video support), what benefits would rockbox add??
12:53:28Membrillowhat does the s stand for in s/old/new
12:53:29JdGordonjackinabox^: nothing really
12:53:32linuxstbsafetydan: You should look at the code that runs on the targets in firmware/pcm_playback.c. I think the sim playback code will need to mimic that as closely as possible.
12:53:40Membrillojackinabox^: way too many to list
12:53:50JdGordonrockbox is shite combared to the origional firmware...
12:53:58safetydanlinuxstb, yeah I'm getting the feeling that the sim sound code needs to some redoing after the recent changes
12:54:04Membrillojackinabox^: seriously, try rockbox. you will regret not using it earlier
12:54:07*JdGordon 's msg may contain traces of sarcasm
12:54:20safetydanjackinabox^, and if you don't like it, you can always boot the old firmware anyway
12:54:25*Membrillo kicks jdgordon for scaring the new kid
12:54:25jackinabox^exactly what does it do??
12:54:36Membrilloeverything the original doesnt
12:54:42MikachuMembrillo: it's sed syntax
12:54:56Membrilloand everything the original does, a heck of a lot better
12:55:03Membrilloexcept video
12:55:07Membrillothats not supported yet
12:55:13linuxstbsafetydan: I don't know how the sim code works, but it needs a thread to simulate the DMA/interrupts and keep feeding data to the host audio driver.
12:55:16JdGordonjackinabox^: lets u make playlists on the fly.. so ur not resticted to music in 1 folder.. play games...
12:55:26jackinabox^bu, so i'd lose video playback?
12:55:29Membrilloplus, its dual boot, so you can still boot the original if you want
12:55:34linuxstbWMA is another missing feature in Rockbox
12:55:42Membrilloyou have both rockbox and original
12:55:52jackinabox^oh, ok
12:55:52 Join bluey [0] (
12:55:59SereRoKRwhat's status with RockBox on iPod Video? ;>
12:56:00safetydanjackinabox^, ogg, flac, shorten and playback, crossfade, 5 band parametric equalizer, customisable while playing screen, plugins... playable Doom :)
12:56:20jackinabox^like i say, these doubtless sound like dumb questions for you
12:56:20Mikachui didn't get doom working :(
12:56:25JdGordonoh, and biggest thing.. 10s boot.. not 45s
12:56:31safetydanlinuxstb, part of the problem is I don't know how the sim code works either :)
12:56:32Membrillogive it a chance. it confused me for a few weeks, but now ive forgotten everything relating to the original firmware
12:57:14jackinabox^ok, i'll have to give it a crack
12:57:20*Membrillo would marry rockbox if it were legal to marry open source software
12:57:38*Membrillo ponders the next best thing being linus?
12:57:44*jackinabox^ is disturbed
12:57:50jackinabox^deeply :P
12:58:02JdGordonMembrillo: he mihgt not like that idea
12:58:04*t0mas points at the news that Linus has a wife and kids iirc ;)
12:58:49Membrilloalright ill stop talking crap now :P
12:59:19Membrillojackinabox^: yeah, once you get used to rockbox, it kicks the original firmware in the ass
12:59:25linuxstbsafetydan: I don't understand why the pcm_* functions in uisimulator/common/stubs.c are not implemented. These would seem to be crucial to audio playback.
12:59:39jackinabox^i do LOVE .avi compression....17 dvds taking up just over 5GB :)
12:59:46*JdGordon has too much crap on his h300... 220mb free
12:59:59*Membrillo has 7mb left on his h320
13:00:21jackinabox^i still have well over half mine free
13:00:24MembrilloJdGordon: h340 or 20?
13:00:36Membrilloah ok
13:00:42JdGordonbut i only listen to maybe2gb tho :p
13:00:53jackinabox^as do we all :)
13:00:59Membrilloif i could find an australian distributor of 1.8" tosh drives i would grab a 60gb
13:01:14JdGordoni would too if u could and i had money
13:01:23jackinabox^that's plain over-kill
13:01:27JdGordonactually.. no i would buy your 40 off ya...
13:01:33Membrilloi have 6000 songs and ive listened to most of them throughout time
13:01:34JdGordonu have the 340 right?
13:01:41Membrillonah i have a 20
13:01:41linuxstbMembrillo: Were you the person looking to put an ipod hard drive in their h300?
13:01:47Membrillolinuxstb: yep
13:01:55linuxstbDid you ever find a definitive answer?
13:02:13JdGordony wouldnt it work? arnt they the same hdd's?
13:02:27jackinabox^i would say no way
13:02:37Membrillonot definitive, but we came to a conclusion that ipod hardrives work on irivers, but external harddrives dont work on harddrives
13:02:37jackinabox^steve wouldn't allow it
13:02:46Membrilloits late
13:02:51safetydanlinuxstb, I was thinking the same thing, but I didn't want to break the other sims...
13:02:52Membrillodont work on ipods*
13:02:54safetydanmaybe it doesn't matter now
13:02:58jackinabox^only 8pm here :)
13:03:24linuxstbsafetydan: I would agree - breaking audio on the other sims is a small price to pay for it working perfectly in SDL.
13:03:28Membrillosome ipod firmware locking mechanism was the furthest we got
13:03:33JdGordonGAH WTF??? i just found trance in my collection... fuck i hat e trance
13:03:47Membrillohaha same here
13:03:51*safetydan gets breaking
13:04:02Mikachuyay, my backdrop worked :)
13:04:11Membrilloi have 8gb of improvised songs. is that depressing?
13:04:12jackinabox^dance music as no place on an mp3 player, period
13:04:12t0massafetydan: tnx, now I can test our new build system with a lot of broken builds :D
13:04:50 Join Maxime` [0] (
13:05:28 Quit Maxime (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
13:05:34linuxstbMembrillo: My theory is still that the people who tried are incompetent. iPods are very fussy about what data is on the hard drive, and will refuse to operate if it's not correct. But this is purely a "software" issue.
13:06:00linuxstbBut ignore that - we are talking about the other way around....
13:06:57Membrilloyeah, i think most of the problems people had were that they were taking the harddrives out of their friends broken ipods. they figured it was a software issue, but it was obviously broken harddrives. If you format the HD and repartition it, i dont see why it wouldnt work
13:07:04Mikachuthis is a bit silly, but is it possible to have a bootloader or chained bootloaders so i can boot both ipl, rockbox and apple?
13:07:17Membrilloyes, you can have all three
13:07:34Membrillorockbox is the dominant bootloader, and it can boot the other two IIRC
13:07:44linuxstbYes - the Rockbox bootloader loads all three, and so can ipodlinux's ipodloader2
13:07:46Membrilloask linuxstb: though
13:08:01Mikachudo i want to add the ipl bootloader as an image to the rockbox bootloader or the linux kernel directly?
13:08:03Membrillotheres your answer :P
13:08:06 Quit perldiver (Connection timed out)
13:08:20linuxstbMikachu: What is on your ipod at the moment?
13:08:23Mikachujackinabox^: if i recall correctly
13:08:32Mikachulinuxstb: i have apple and rockbox now, but the ipl partition is on too
13:08:37Mikachujust no loader that can reach it
13:08:49jackinabox^oh ok.. irc lingo is rusty :P
13:09:03linuxstbPerfect - just copy a kernel image (called linux.bin) to the root of your FAT32 partition and hold PLAY whilst booting.
13:09:19linuxstbi.e. in the same place as rockbox.ipod lives.
13:09:37jackinabox^too many acronyms in my ead from uni
13:10:09***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
13:10:11Membrillohehe i know what you mean
13:10:16Mikachuah, cool
13:10:35jackinabox^what are you studying membrillo?
13:10:53JdGordonany1 know a good mp3 renamer/tagger?
13:11:05Membrilloim in Australian Year11. (2 years till uni)
13:11:09jackinabox^not me, sorry
13:11:20jackinabox^oh, ok
13:11:33JdGordonMembrillo: poor bugger..
13:11:37jackinabox^what state are u in? i'm in WA
13:11:38JdGordonyr11/12 sucked :D
13:11:52jackinabox^it did indeed
13:11:58 Join Pi [0] (
13:11:58Membrilloyeah, ive heard that a lot lol
13:12:01jackinabox^oh, ok
13:12:04JdGordonwooo VIC rules :D
13:12:25Membrilloand the 3 hours of homework ive been getting a night isnt exactly fun
13:12:35jackinabox^not worth responding to that tripe really
13:12:35Mikachuhm, my Open With menu is a bit messed up
13:12:44Membrilloman, i wish i was in melbourne
13:12:45Mikachuit's not in sync with what i have in .rockbox/viewers and some entries are there twice
13:12:54Mikachuis it not updated live from that dir?
13:14:08 Join JazzBone [0] (
13:14:09Mikachuhm, how does viewers.config work?
13:14:17jackinabox^i don't suppose there's an knon moves afoot to allow the H340 to have a jukebox style function (like multiple track queueing)??
13:14:32jackinabox^any known rather
13:15:01Mikachuand what are the hex parameters on the end of the line?
13:15:08JdGordonthe icon
13:15:30Membrillojackinabox^: yes, highlight a song or folder and hold navi, go to playlist
13:15:56Membrilloqueueing means the song is removed from the playlist after being played, insert means its removed
13:16:39Mikachuso i guess rockboy doesn't work so well on ipod
13:16:45jackinabox^oh, ok..and i don't need rockbox for that?
13:17:13Membrilloif you want all included subfolders to be added, hit ab in file view, go playlist options, and select recursivelt insert directories
13:17:20Membrillono you need rockbox
13:17:29jackinabox^ahhh, ok
13:17:34Membrilloin the original firmware you can only queue one song
13:17:40 Quit Rob2222_ ()
13:17:49jackinabox^i don't have that installed yet
13:18:04jackinabox^that's why i was asking :)
13:19:27Membrillogo for rockbox, it pwns :)
13:21:26JdGordonan1 listen to ill disposed here?
13:22:01jackinabox^not me
13:22:49Membrillothey sound depressing :p
13:23:19 Join Rob2222 [0] (
13:23:38jackinabox^i'm more into older stuff ACDC, Chisel, Stones, Beatles, etc
13:23:42Membrillowow, pavaroti is singing at the winter olympics opening ceremony
13:23:58Membrillogees, hes an amazing singer
13:24:24jackinabox^yeah, just not my cup of tea in terms of genre :)
13:24:48Membrillohaha yeah fair enough, but still, for what he is, hes amazing
13:25:09Membrillopity he'll probably die of heart disease soon
13:25:10jackinabox^indeed, no dispute :)
13:25:10 Quit JdGordon ("Miranda IM! Smaller, Faster, Easier.")
13:25:33 Join JdGordon [0] (
13:25:50jackinabox^bah! you're here for a good time, not a long time!
13:26:58jackinabox^so it's mainly an aussie crowd in here?
13:27:10Membrilloi guess so
13:27:12ashridahjackinabox^: depends on the time of day
13:27:20Membrilloits something ridiculous like 4am in USA
13:27:26Membrillono idea about europe
13:27:35jackinabox^piss weak excuse :P
13:27:39Membrilloits obviously night time in italy
13:27:42ashridaheurope's currently around midday-2pm
13:27:49ashridahbut the devs there have dayjobs
13:27:57linuxstbOn Saturday?
13:28:05Membrillogo back
13:28:06ashridahMembrillo: yeah, that's why italy currently has full sun
13:28:08Membrilloits friday there
13:28:16linuxstbI should know....
13:28:26jackinabox^membrilo; league or union fan?
13:28:30linuxstbIt's currently 12.28pm GMT on Saturday.
13:28:33ashridahMembrillo: no it isn't.
13:28:51Membrilloit isnt? fair enough
13:29:03linuxstbThe UK is currently GMT, western Europe is GMT+1
13:29:05ashridahMembrillo: europe is behind us, not in front
13:29:09*safetydan would be in trouble if it was Friday
13:29:12safetydanI'd have to be at work
13:29:17JdGordonashridah: everywhere is behind us
13:29:21JdGordonapart from nz
13:29:22Membrilloi just assumed since i was watching the winter olympics opening ceremony in italy and it was night. musnt be live though
13:29:25*ashridah notes what he said made no sense :)
13:29:30ashridahactually. it kinda does.
13:29:30ashridahnevermind ;)
13:29:32safetydanEast coast aus is GMT+10
13:29:45Membrilloengland is 11 hours behind EST
13:29:55linuxstbNo, the opening ceremony was about 16 hours ago - Friday night local time in Italy.
13:29:56safetydandepends on daylight savings
13:29:56Membrillowait 9 sorry
13:30:00JdGordonsafetydan: +11.. dst atm
13:30:03*ashridah pats kworldclock
13:30:30safetydanDST makes it hard to remember, it can be as low as +9 and and as great as +11
13:30:36safetydan(unless you're in QLD of course)
13:30:43linuxstbSomeone needs to code a World Clock in Rockbox....
13:30:47jackinabox^don't get me started about DST!!
13:31:31Membrilloeveryone should tell the clock there location and you can click on anyones username from a list and it says the date and time in their location
13:31:43Membrilloman that would be useful
13:31:56JdGordonMembrillo: get miranda-im... u can show ppl's local time on the ocntact list
13:31:58t0masBagder, linuxstb, lostlogic, jaebird:
13:32:08t0maswe have pretty good buildtimes now
13:32:30t0mas(Links to error's don't work... I don't have that CGI script on my server)
13:33:28safetydangcc can throw some really cryptic errors sometimes
13:33:34linuxstbt0mas: Nice. Will that continue updating now?
13:33:41jackinabox^safetydan, WA doesn't use DST either
13:33:58t0maslinuxstb: no, but I can make it...
13:33:58JdGordondoes rb charge the h300 if the ac adapter is plugged in and its in usb mode?
13:34:06ashridahsafetydan: bah, it's easy to confuse a parser :)
13:34:09linuxstbt0mas: That would be fun.
13:34:11*Membrillo wishes MSN messenger supported IRC
13:34:23t0maslinuxstb: the only problem atm is that I edited that file manually... because the rockbox stylesheet isn't linked it
13:34:36safetydanlcd-bitmap.c:31: error: storage class specified for parameter ‘get_lcd_pixel’
13:34:44t0masI can make a rockbox subdomain... and put it there...
13:34:51safetydannow how does that mean "you missed a semicolon in a prototype in another include file"?
13:34:59jackinabox^geek question...what is RB coded in? C C++ Java??
13:35:03t0maslinuxstb: but we get a spot on the real server soon... and that will be even faster :D
13:35:05safetydanjackinabox^, C
13:35:15linuxstbBut with small bits of assembler as well.
13:35:16MembrilloDoesnt Java = C anyway?
13:35:18safetydanwith a sprinkling of platform specific asm here and there
13:35:19jackinabox^cool, PIG of a language though
13:35:20safetydanMembrillo, hahahah
13:35:36Membrilloor java = C++ or something
13:35:38safetydanOr are you serious?
13:35:52safetydanJava looks similar but is largely unrelated to either C or C++
13:36:11*safetydan is a Java programmer by day
13:36:27JdGordonand spirderman by night...
13:36:27jackinabox^Java is basically the plain english version of C
13:36:33Membrillofair enough. i just read somewhere that things in Java can easily be ported to C or C++ because they are based on the same something-or-other and are similar
13:36:35JdGordonc++, not c
13:37:56safetydanMembrillo, syntax is similar, but it's not exactly straightforward to port things between them
13:38:02linuxstbMembrillo: IIUC, I'm sure you can write Java that is very similar to C or C++ - but in general, a Java program will use Java-specific features, and therefore will not be easy to port to another language.
13:38:14*safetydan curses whoever changed the case of null between languages
13:38:19safetydanNULL in C, null in Java
13:38:23safetydangets me everytime
13:38:24 Join webguest64 [0] (
13:38:33JdGordon#define NULL null
13:38:53 Join RoyalMike [0] (
13:38:53 Quit webguest64 (Client Quit)
13:38:59safetydanI don't think the other devs would like that :)
13:39:06RoyalMikeHeya guys
13:39:42jackinabox^that's why i switched from computer science (basically a programming degree) to an IT degree at uni, majoring in computer security
13:39:54jackinabox^just use programs, no coding! :)
13:39:56JdGordonlinuxstb: any idea which file the file tree context menu would be found in?
13:40:07ashridahjackinabox^: because of the null vs NULL thing? that seems wimpy :)
13:40:10linuxstbYou're probably thinking of onplay.c
13:40:33jackinabox^nah, coz i was shite at it all round
13:41:30*Membrillo wishes his school had taught him C rather than VB
13:41:55 Join webguest81 [0] (
13:42:05JdGordonthanx.. can u please add a tiny patch so insert shuffled is shown if nothing is being played? so u can shuffle a dir without being in shuffle mode?
13:42:07safetydanMembrillo, it's not too late to learn
13:42:42JdGordonMembrillo: i found c pretty simple to pick up.. all u need is a half decent book or tutes
13:42:43ashridahMembrillo: if you mean high school, no high school will do that. pascal back in the day, now vb, but not C
13:42:49Membrilloi know, but it would be a lot more convinient if i already knew C and didnt have VB in my head
13:42:52webguest81safteydan, err, a reminder about the playlist patch
13:43:14safetydanwebguest81, Moos talked to me about that, said hardeep was looking at it
13:43:17safetydanso I've left it alone for now
13:43:17ashridahMembrillo: ultimately, programming's a thought process, not a language.
13:43:38webguest81ah that is good news indeed, thank you,
13:43:42Membrilloyeah, well i had a bit of talent for coding in VB. hopefully that continues to other languages
13:43:57safetydanMembrillo, VB or
13:44:08Membrillojust VB i think
13:44:24Membrilloi have visual studio if that means anything
13:44:26RoyalMikeHey do any of you guys know when your running rockbox in an ipod how you delete recent bookmarks? cuz its normall on+play but which buttons is that on an ipod? any ideas?
13:44:27safetydanMight be an easy step to go to as it's closer to C than VB was
13:44:31jackinabox^what have i started?! :)
13:44:56MikachuRoyalMike: try mneu+left and +right, something like that worked for me
13:45:01MikachuRoyalMike: i'm not sure which it was though
13:45:13MikachuRoyalMike: or play+left/right
13:45:15Mikachuwho knows
13:45:31 Part webguest81
13:46:10linuxstbIt's currently a long press on RIGHT.
13:46:10 Quit bluey (Remote closed the connection)
13:46:11JdGordonwtf?? all the old patches are back?
13:46:15RoyalMikeHahaha shitttt I did menu+right and it deleted ALL my bookmarks!!! GAYYYYY hahahahaha
13:46:44MembrilloHAHAHAHA OMGZ DATSS SOOOO FUNI!! ;);;)
13:46:48Mikachuwell, i could have been wrong
13:46:58*Membrillo apologises, he just felt the urge
13:47:19linuxstbAnyone know anything about id3v2 tags? Are they normally at the start or the end of the file?
13:47:25RoyalMikehahaahha no worries :P good excuse to listen to all my music again
13:47:49Mikachulinuxstb: they can be on either side i think, at least in 2.4
13:48:13Mikachui'm not sure if 2.3 can be either or only at the start
13:48:23linuxstbDo you know what the most common usage is?
13:48:23RoyalMikei wonder if they will make it so the rockbox can eventually play .mid .mod .sid files etc hehe that would be cool
13:48:39Mikachui think they're normally at the beginning but i can't promise anything
13:48:47linuxstbThat's OK - that's what I thought.
13:48:57ashridahRoyalMike: mid, mod and sid are difficult formats.
13:49:07Mikachubeginning is better when reading but end is better when writing i guess
13:49:15ashridahsid in particular, since you need a complete interpreter for the chip that originally played it
13:49:24JdGordonlinuxstb: pretty please with a huge freeking cherry on top if u can add this patch..
13:49:48ashridahRob2222: mid needs to be loaded entirely into memory, and i don't know if there's an integer-based version of a mod codec (the status of all of these should be in the wiki)
13:50:11RoyalMiketrue......I spose there shouldnt be a good reason why I should want to walk around listening to old .sid files from my commadore 64 games anyway haha
13:50:15Mikachuwouldn't midi suck without a huge wavetable anyway?
13:50:37ashridahRoyalMike: just use something to convert them into flac
13:50:43linuxstbThere is a work-in-progress midi player in Rockbox - kkurbjun is working on improving it, and I think has put a patch on the patch tracker.
13:50:46ashridahMikachu: that's where a lot of the memory goes
13:50:57RoyalMikeAhh good call
13:51:10ashridahthere's no simple way to mix .mid in with normal streamed codecs
13:51:27ashridahsince you need a crapload of the normal codec buffer for the wave table
13:51:57ashridahit'd probably be possible to get them playing with a viewer (i believe we've got a midi2wav viewer, just not a player)
13:52:08ashridahi don't remember how well it performs tho
13:52:19RoyalMikeAlso do you guys know if or when you will be able to view .jpg and colour pics on ipod? cuz I know it works with rockbox on the other mp3 players and ipods now have colour in menus etc so yeah..dunno
13:52:28ashridahor if it still runs, it's kinda stagnated
13:53:02linuxstbRoyalMike: When somebody puts back the colour decoding code that was removed when the jpeg decoder was first added to Rockbox. A few people have expressed an interest in doing that.
13:53:08ashridahRoyalMike: if is certain. when depends on when someone gets around to it, which is a matter of priorities and spare time.
13:53:14RoyalMikeMann i wish I could program... I got about as far as oldschool visual basic and gave up hehe
13:53:14 Join ghode|afk [0] (
13:54:26Mikachui think i saw some other jpeg viewers in the patches part of the site, are they also b/w?
13:54:35 Join Rondom [0] (
13:54:46RoyalMikeyou guys deserve a medal or something... or at least 1/2 of the ipods sales from the time rockbox came out I recon so many more people would and will buy them now
13:55:22ashridahi still don't want an ipod
13:55:38RoyalMikebecause its apple? :)
13:55:59Mikachui won mine
13:56:03JdGordoni dunno... the 30gb photo looks lice.. if i didnt have a h320 that is :D
13:56:21JdGordonlinuxstb: so thats a no to that patch :p :'(
13:56:26RoyalMikecool winning things is always good
13:56:35ashridahRoyalMike: no, because they have shitty sound quality
13:57:05RoyalMikeWouldnt that only be dependant on the codecs and decoders etc?
13:57:07linuxstbJdGordon: I know nothing about that part of Rockbox, so I don't know if that patch is a good idea or not.
13:57:39ashridahRoyalMike: no, it has more to do with the inability of it to drive decent bass in normal earbud earphones.
13:57:47JdGordon:'( course it is.. dont u ever want to play a directory in shuffled moe without manually shuffling it after adding the dir?
13:58:08RoyalMikeAhh fair enough
13:58:37Mikachuis the splash screen delayed manually or does rb do stuff in the background while it's shown?
13:58:50ashridahRoyalMike: someone actually hooked them up to a frequency analyser (not that i can find the fricking link anymore
13:59:09ashridahapparently there's like one model out of all of them that has a decent output stage
13:59:40*t0mas wouldn't mind getting a free ipod...
13:59:45t0masbut paying for it.. no..
14:00:23ashridahi'd sell it to someone with crappy hearing :)
14:00:42RoyalMikeTheres no way to record to an ipod is there?
14:00:43t0masghehe, well I like the design of the nano... and with rockbox on it it might be a nice player
14:00:53t0masbut 2 gb isn't really much
14:01:26RoyalMikeyeah ive only got one cuz its 60gig and because i bought it off my boss who wanted a video one so I got it brandnew in box for 160 woohoo
14:01:29linuxstbRoyalMike: Yes, the ipod has a line-in hidden in the Dock connector. It's not convenient (you have to make your own cable), but it is possible.
14:01:31ashridaht0mas: rockbox can't fix broken hardware :)
14:01:33MikachuRoyalMike: not nano, but i think the others have
14:02:07t0masashridah: it's not that broken...
14:02:17RoyalMikeMake your own cable? Hmmmm
14:02:25 Join Jolt [0] (
14:02:32t0masnormal 60gb ipod (4g?) sounds ok to me... for normal pop/rock music
14:02:47jackinabox^have they released a passive FM transmitter for the H300 players yet?
14:02:47RoyalMikebut theres no software or anything on there to record?
14:02:55t0masbut maybe you're right for classic... it's designed to sell to a lot of kids ;)
14:02:55linuxstbThe ipod's DAC (and ADC) is also capable of 24-bit/96KHz.
14:03:16t0masso great sound is possible? :)
14:03:17linuxstbRockbox will.
14:04:12 Join Mmmm [0] (
14:05:13RoyalMike<linuxstb> How do you mean theres a HIDDEN linein? how is it hidden?
14:05:42Mikachui think it's two of the pins in the dock connector, not a 3.5mm jack
14:05:52linuxstbYes - that's what I meant.
14:06:24RoyalMikeAhh... So you need a way of connecting a normal connector to the 2 pins?
14:06:39linuxstbYes - hence the "make your own cable" bit.
14:06:59RoyalMikegotcha.....maybe one of you guys can make them sell them and make your fortune :)
14:07:04linuxstbNo-one seems to sell suitable cables commercially
14:07:27RoyalMikecuz ppl like me would have NO idea how to make a cabl
14:08:28linuxstbI've bought a "pocket dock" which is a tiny adapter to give line-out and firewire ports on the ipod. I hope to be able to modify the line-out to become a line-in. I can then try and add recording support to Rockbox.
14:10:29RoyalMikeVery nice
14:11:04RoyalMikeDo you think there will be a way also in the future to be able to hook the ipod straight to another usb device and brows/transfer directly between them?
14:11:32ashridahdepends if the other device is a USB Host.
14:12:00linuxstbThe ipod has USB host
14:12:10Mikachunano too?
14:12:11ashridahif the ipods use a usb-storage-on-a-chip like the iriver units do, then the answer is no, since the ipod won't be able to access or command the disk when connected
14:12:33linuxstbNo, the usb-mass-storage mode is done in software (afaik).
14:12:35Mikachuwould be awesome if i could hack up gphoto to download my camera pics to it... my camera only has 16MB builtin memory
14:12:49linuxstbDon't apple already sell a camera connector?
14:12:58Mikachuno idea
14:13:01JdGordonMikachu: there is a cable u can get for the ipod to do that...
14:13:07Mikachuthe camera isn't usb mass storage anyway
14:13:30RoyalMikeyeah im sure there is a camera connector but its quite limited....still should be able to change that a bit
14:13:33ashridahlinuxstb: whoa, so someone's going to have to implement a usb stack for rockbox eventually
14:13:37 Quit Mmmm ()
14:13:51*ashridah hands the prospective person a cookie of cutzpah
14:13:55RoyalMikeThat would be verynice
14:13:56ashridahor however you spell that
14:14:22Mikachuchutzpah is how they spell it in KoL
14:14:46JdGordonso u all watch the nanny? or am i not the only yid here?
14:14:54 Quit Membrillo ()
14:15:05linuxstbashridah: Yes - the h300's got usb host as well. But firstly, the ipods will need a low-level usb driver, which isn't available in IPL yet.
14:18:05ashridahlinuxstb: i meant a usb client driver, although i don't know how complicated it'd need to be, granted
14:21:59linuxstbashridah: Yes, I know you meant the client drivers. But I'm saying that on the ipod, we don't have any documentation for the usb hardware. At least for the h300, there's a public datasheet.
14:22:54RoyalMikeSeeya guys have a good weekend
14:22:59 Quit RoyalMike ("CGI:IRC")
14:23:17 Part jackinabox^
14:28:36t0maslinuxstb: It now keeps updating this one:
14:29:01t0maswe only don't have the showlog.cgi script, so you can't view error's there
14:30:01t0masnow we only need someone to commit something to test :)
14:31:25ashridahnow that's a score :)
14:32:23 Quit Jolt ("CGI:IRC (EOF)")
14:32:45t0masthat's because non of the test build machines has X11 installed :)
14:32:58t0masit are all servers... I assume all running w/o a display
14:34:46linuxstbt0mas: My "server" is my main workstation - it's running X.
14:35:02t0masah, but you don't have the x11 headers installed?
14:35:10linuxstbI should do. Let me test.
14:35:18t0masok, check if you can build a player sim
14:35:32t0mas(or ondio FM sim)
14:36:24Mikachuis the hold button on ipods hardware or does rockbox block the events on its own?
14:36:30linuxstbYes, I've just built a player sim without problems.
14:36:57t0masthen we can change that when transferring to the main server
14:37:12 Join ste__ [0] (
14:37:14linuxstbMikachu: I _think_ it's hardware. But preglow is the person who wrote the button driver.
14:37:29Mikachui also noticed i sometimes have to toggle it twice to get keys back working
14:37:36Mikachuwhich suggested it's software :)
14:37:43linuxstbWhich ipod?
14:37:52t0masit's software... and there is something with timing problem in it iirc
14:37:55Mikachui was just thinking you could use it as a shift mode for games or something
14:38:05linuxstbWell, preglow has a Nano - he'll be able to tell you.
14:39:14 Nick ste__ is now known as SteL (
14:42:50 Join steveb [0] (
14:47:42Mikachuwhat am i doing wrong if i get Incompatible model?
14:48:26Mikachuah, no PLUGIN_HEADER
14:49:12 Part SteL
14:50:25Mikachuheh, that didn't quite fit on the screen, i see why it said only H300 :)
14:51:51 Join steveb_ [0] (
14:54:49 Quit JdGordon (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
15:01:15*t0mas is waiting for a cvs commit... get working everybody ;)
15:01:17 Join Rondom_ [0] (
15:01:36Mikachuanyone tried doom on nano?
15:01:47linuxstbI don't think it's working yet.
15:01:52linuxstb(on any ipod)
15:03:25 Quit Rondom (Nick collision from services.)
15:03:37 Nick Rondom_ is now known as Rondom (
15:06:04 Join matsl [0] (n=matsl@
15:10:12***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
15:14:31 Join Paul_The_Nerd [0] (
15:27:39 Quit JazzBone ("Leaving")
15:32:30 Join Lost-ash [0] (
15:32:52 Quit ashridah (Nick collision from services.)
15:32:55 Nick Lost-ash is now known as ashridah (
15:34:20 Nick t0mas is now known as ts|away (n=Tomas@unaffiliated/t0mas)
15:34:46 Join webguest74 [0] (
15:35:44 Quit webguest74 (Client Quit)
15:38:05 Quit steveb ("Lost terminal")
15:38:32 Join steveb [0] (
15:50:02 Quit DreamTactix291 (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
15:50:57 Join Kohlrabi [0] (
15:51:16 Quit Moos (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
15:51:20 Join Moos [0] (
15:55:38Mikachuso, the text viewer doesn't like variable width fonts so much, or multibyte
15:56:20linuxstbAll I know is that the text viewer expects the input file to be utf-8.
15:56:37Mikachuit shows the glyphs correctly, but it'll linebreak in the middle of a character
15:56:37 Quit Fuiou5 (Connection reset by peer)
15:56:53linuxstbYes, I think that's been reported before.
15:57:17 Join Furious_G [0] (
15:57:28Mikachuso i turned off linebreaking but then when scrolling to the side, it still breaks in the middle of course :)
16:01:56 Nick ts|away is now known as t0mas (n=Tomas@unaffiliated/t0mas)
16:03:34 Join mikearthur [0] (i=mike@
16:03:47 Join muesli__ [0] (n=muesli_t@
16:04:51 Join goa [0] (
16:07:21 Quit DangerousDan (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
16:08:42 Join DangerousDan [0] (
16:09:27t0masdistributed beaten main :P
16:09:37t0masonly failing in X11 sims...
16:10:20 Quit DangerousDan (Client Quit)
16:11:17Bgert0mas the cvs diff links on your page .. point ot your page
16:11:59t0masthe error logs are not working at all, because we don't have that script... it's on the main server
16:12:00XavierGrOh hi Bger
16:12:06 Quit damaki_ (Remote closed the connection)
16:12:11BgerXavierGr hi
16:12:17t0masso it's reporting a 404 in the style of my personal website
16:12:44t0maslinuxstb: that one is ok here?
16:12:46 Join damaki [0] (n=Chocolat@
16:12:48t0masjust missing the rockbox style?
16:12:51linuxstbThat page works (but no css), but it links to viewcvs.cgi on your server, not
16:12:55BgerXavierGr didn't have time today
16:13:01linuxstbBut it's not important....
16:13:11t0maslinuxstb: oooh, that's what you mean
16:13:16t0masit's just the main servers scripts
16:13:20XavierGrok okay I didn't ask, take your time :)
16:13:29t0masso the only thing I changed was the stylesheet on the main page
16:13:30t0masto check
16:13:49Bgeri had a "hard" night ...:) waked up 1 hour ago ...
16:13:58XavierGrhahah me too
16:14:07XavierGrDid you have fun?
16:14:16Bgerso-so :)
16:14:25XavierGrgood to hear!
16:14:37XavierGr(so-so os good right?)
16:14:58Bgerand i'll go out after 2-3 hours again
16:15:31Bgerif some things didn't happen it would be called almost perfect, but ...
16:15:47XavierGrsh*t happens... :(
16:24:30 Join DreamTactix291 [0] (
16:27:02 Quit Rondom (Read error: 113 (No route to host))
16:33:20 Quit Maxime` (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
16:34:58XavierGrWow playback is SDL sim stutters like hell...
16:39:11 Nick t0mas is now known as ts|gone (n=Tomas@unaffiliated/t0mas)
16:54:28 Quit DreamTactix291 (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
16:56:56 Quit ashridah ("sleep. EEK. 3am!")
17:00:01 Quit Kohlrabi ("Fast alle Menschen sind Regenwürmer")
17:03:37jaebirdlinuxstb: I sent you another m4a file
17:06:21XavierGrwrong window
17:06:27Bgerspam comes :)
17:06:45XavierGrThis is not my email at least ROFLMAO
17:07:18linuxstbjaebird: Yes, I received it, thanks. I haven't had a chance to see if I can fix Rockbox to play it though.
17:08:01XavierGrpoor kostas my friend.....
17:08:06XavierGrI will not tell him though
17:08:24XavierGrIt was a very idiotic thing to do.
17:08:45*safetydan curses 565 swapped displays
17:09:08BgerXavierGr :))
17:09:13preglowsafetydan: sim?
17:09:28safetydanSDL has nice functions to map the lcd buffer
17:09:40safetydanexcept it doesn't seem to handle 565 swapped
17:09:48preglowwould be surprising if it did
17:09:58linuxstbCan SDL handle the greyscale LCDs like that? Or the remotes?
17:10:01jaebirdlinuxstb: does the ipod color show the same lcd artifacts as the non color...i noticed them in the sim as well
17:10:16***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
17:10:21safetydanlinuxstb, that's the other problem, no surface less than 8-bits
17:10:21linuxstbjaebird: It shouldn't. What artifacts do you mean?
17:10:41preglowsafetydan: no, it only supports really common stuff
17:10:42linuxstbsafetydan: Then you can't really blame the byte-swapped 565. Most Rockbox formats won't work.
17:10:43preglowso don't depend on it
17:10:53jaebirdhard to describe, kinda like tiny little serifs on things like the battery indicator
17:11:09preglowjaebird: you don't like our new serif generator?
17:11:22jaebird? hehe
17:11:30*preglow nudges jaebird
17:11:31 Quit Bger (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
17:11:35preglowjoking around
17:11:38preglowgotta hit the shops, later
17:11:42safetydanlinuxstb, yeah I know, but it was so nice and elegant until I realised I had to deal with 565 swapped
17:11:50jaebirdmaybe it is a theme thing
17:13:26linuxstbsafetydan: You could still do it for those supported formats - and fall back on the current method for everything else.
17:13:49linuxstbBut isn't the H300 sim a mixture of rgb565 and the mono remote?
17:14:05safetydanyes it is
17:14:14linuxstbSo it won't work there either?
17:14:14safetydanbut that's two seperate drawing paths in the sim at the moment
17:14:35 Join Lear [0] (
17:14:40linuxstbSo the only sim it will work on is the iPod VIdeo :)
17:15:18safetydanwell... yeah :)
17:15:52linuxstbAny luck with the audio?
17:16:03safetydangot sidetracked with the surface stuff
17:18:33 Join DangerousDan [0] (
17:19:46 Join imphasing [0] (n=imphasin@
17:21:42jaebirdlinuxstb: ok I can describe it...little vertical line after the time and squished last letters on some rows in the file browser
17:24:31linuxstbThis is on the Photo/Color sim?
17:25:08 Join webguest91 [0] (
17:25:53jaebirdno on the grayscale pod and grayscale sim
17:26:03webguest91safetydan, what are the min and max values for 'Q', some guy says he can insert a value of 0.1, which it accepts
17:27:02linuxstbjaebird: OK, I misunderstood then. Yes - the sim and the real target will have identical bugs in the lcd display code.
17:28:25jaebirdwhich is really cool...they are the same :)
17:28:52jaebirdmy question is whether the color had the same bugs?
17:29:06linuxstbNo, the color is perfect :)
17:29:49jaebirdare these problems driver related?
17:29:53linuxstbRockbox uses a single 16-bit colour LCD driver for all the colour targets - iPods and iriver H300. amiconn (who at the time owned neither) did the work to implement it.
17:30:52linuxstbThere is the high-level drawing code which is shared amongst different targets with similar LCDs, and then the low-level drivers.
17:30:58safetydanwebguest91, that shouldn't be possible through the menu or GUI
17:31:12safetydanwebguest91, for config files there's no protection
17:31:32linuxstbThe problem with the iPod grayscale is that it requires a new format of framebuffer, so the high-level drawing code has to be implemented again to work with it.
17:31:38safetydanwebguest91, min for Q is 0.5 and max is 6.4
17:31:48safetydanwebguest91, though doing anything other 0.7 for the shelf filters is madness
17:32:08webguest91safetydan, thats what we have told him, but he's adamant, it must have been through a cfg file then
17:32:34Learsafetydan: why madness?
17:32:35jaebirdbtw...the m4a skipping i was seeing must have been fixed with latest cvs...or the default rockbox theme is less cpu than the one i was using
17:32:44 Join mirak [0] (n=mirak@
17:33:19safetydanLear, I exagerate, but preglow has said it doesn't make sense to change the Q for those shelf filters
17:33:33linuxstbjaebird: Yes, a graphical WPS can be quite CPU intensive.
17:34:11linuxstbAlso, if your WPS has a peakmeter, that will slow things down.
17:34:26webguest91thanks for the info
17:34:30 Quit DangerousDan ("Miranda IM! Smaller, Faster, Easier.")
17:34:34 Part webguest91
17:34:47Learsafetydan, well good to know at least. :)
17:35:08Mikachuseeking doesn't work in flac?
17:35:27Learmaybe the option should be removed then?
17:35:38Mikachuwhen i try it just restarts the song
17:36:10Learmikachu: flac seeking should work if the file has a seek table.
17:36:39Learsome encoders create one, other's dont. Easy to add if missing, or so I've heard.
17:37:05safetydanLear, well, it doesn't make sense to change it, but people do what they will and sometimes they like the results even if they don't make sense
17:37:37LearYeah, like that "warm" sound from the resampler... :)
17:37:58safetydanI loved preglow's answer to that
17:40:22linuxstbMikachu: Use "metaflac" to add seekpoints.
17:40:51linuxstbe.g. "metaflac −−add-seekpoint=3s *.flac"
17:41:20linuxstbMost flac files have enough padding at the start that you can add seekpoints even every 1s without changing their size.
17:41:36linuxstbDid you use dbpoweramp to create them?
17:41:52Mikachui didn't create them
17:42:11Mikachuasking for a friend
17:42:29linuxstbOK... Well, metaflac will fix them.
17:47:32 Join leftright [0] (
17:48:39 Quit mikearthur (Remote closed the connection)
17:49:03leftrightsafteydan, did you have a look at the cfg files inability to switch the EQ on or off ?
17:49:20safetydannot yet
17:50:45safetydanjust looked at it then
17:50:49safetydanvery easy to fix
17:51:01safetydaneveryone will have to edit their config files though
17:51:15leftrightthat was quick
17:52:25safetydanchange the "eq enabled: yes" to "eq enabled: on"
17:52:30safetydanI think
17:52:32safetydanlet me verify
17:53:04leftrightand off is no, or off
17:56:35safetydanYeah that looks like it. The "Save EQ Settings" thing was writing "yes" instead of "on" which won't work
17:56:37*safetydan fixes
17:57:52*leftright gives safetydan a 'cold one'
17:58:07 Join ender` [0] (i=ychat@
17:58:11safetydancheers even
17:58:19safetydanShould have looked earlier. It was obvious as soon as I did.
18:01:34leftrightwould it be possible to set the low and high Q deafualts to .7 while you're at it
18:02:26 Join Mindship-03 [0] (n=Jouke@
18:02:37leftrightor whatever is reccomended by you and preglow
18:02:38safetydanleftright, they are aren't they?
18:02:50Mindship-03Would it be hard to do pitch-detection in Rockbox?
18:02:59safetydanOr do you mean force them to be?
18:03:09leftrightyes that
18:04:06safetydanI asked preglow about that, he seemed to think that we should let people tweak them if they want
18:04:15safetydanjust need to document that it makes almost no sense to change them
18:04:26leftrightyes, better to leave it as a option methinks
18:05:10leftrightbut if the defaults are .7 thats ok, just a memory jogger
18:13:23 Quit linuxstb (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
18:13:32 Join linuxstb [0] (
18:13:39leftrightthanks safetydan
18:14:00 Part leftright
18:18:22 Join hardeep [0] (i=hardeeps@freeshell.ORG)
18:22:00 Join webguest52 [0] (
18:22:15*webguest52 pounces on hardeep
18:22:34Mindship-03Would it be hard to do pitch-detection in Rockbox?
18:23:20webguest52umm, hardeep, aparently you are now doing the shebb's playlist patch, is that true ?
18:23:49hardeeper, i said i'd look at it
18:23:56hardeepdon't know what you mean by "doing"
18:24:07webguest52==looking :)
18:24:23 Join quobl [0] (
18:24:58webguest52Linus is aparently almost happy with it, but shebb couldn't get some minor detail right
18:25:27hardeepyeah, i'll take a look
18:25:33hardeepi like the idea behind the patch
18:26:10webguest52yes it's a great idea, will add great functionality
18:27:12webguest52thanks for looking hardeep
18:27:14 Quit Mindship-03 ("Leaving.")
18:27:15 Part webguest52
18:28:51Mikachuwhat's pitch detection?
18:31:12 Join DreamTactix291 [0] (
18:31:45 Join Rondom [0] (
18:35:32 Join mikearthur [0] (
18:40:36 Join DangerousDan [0] (
18:46:56 Quit perplexity (Remote closed the connection)
18:47:07 Join NicoFR [0] (
18:52:41 Quit DreamTactix291 (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
19:02:59 Join perldiver [0] (
19:03:51 Quit mikearthur (Remote closed the connection)
19:05:33 Join mikearthur [0] (
19:07:56 Quit mikearthur (Remote closed the connection)
19:09:27 Join mikearthur [0] (
19:10:02 Join Bger [0] (n=Bager@
19:10:03 Join JoeBorn [0] (
19:10:18***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
19:10:51 Join DrMoos [0] (
19:11:10 Quit Moos (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
19:11:26 Join Kyle_ [0] (
19:12:39Kyle_I cant compile... cygwin... apperantly arm-elf-gcc wasnt found in my PATH and I followed the directions to the letter.
19:13:43ender`where did you install gcc?
19:14:19Kyle_The cygwin installer did it... but cygwin installed at C:\cygwin
19:15:55Kyle_I even used the Rockbox mirror
19:16:09Kyle_I selected every package and it installed
19:17:54Paul_The_NerdDid you have cygwin set to download packages only, or to download and install?
19:18:20Kyle_in C:\cygwin\usr\src theres a gcc-testsuite-3.4.4.rar
19:18:30Kyle_Download and install
19:18:41Paul_The_NerdOkay, you're on windows. Can you do a find-file for arm-elf-gcc.exe?
19:19:02Kyle_yeah sure. hold on
19:19:41Kyle_its searching now
19:19:48Kyle_Aha... here it is
19:20:15Kyle_arm-elf-gcc.exe is in C:\cygwin\opt\arm\bin
19:20:48Paul_The_NerdOkay, open up the file .bash_profile in C:\cygwin\home\username\ where username is whatever you picked.
19:20:56 Join damaki_ [0] (
19:20:57Paul_The_NerdAnd add this line at the bottom: PATH=${PATH}:/opt/arm/bin
19:21:40Paul_The_NerdThen rerun cygwin and try again.
19:21:50Kyle_there is none
19:22:06Kyle_All thats there is the rockbox source code i put there
19:22:16Kyle_and a .texmf directory
19:23:13Paul_The_NerdI'm fairly certain cygwin creates on by default. Are you looking there with windows explorer, or in cygwin?
19:24:08Paul_The_NerdAnd in C:\Cygwin\Home\whatever\ there's no .bash_profile file? Hrm.
19:24:20Kyle_Aha! I seached for them
19:24:26Kyle_And theres two
19:24:52Kyle_one is in C:\cygwin\etc\skel
19:25:15Paul_The_NerdThe other C:\cygwin\etc\defaults\etc\skel?
19:25:18Kyle_other is C:\cygwin\etc\defaults\etc\skel
19:25:26Kyle_edit both?
19:25:33Paul_The_NerdCopy one of those to your username folder
19:25:36linuxstbDo you have a c:\cygwin\etc\profile ?
19:25:36Paul_The_NerdThen add the line to it there.
19:26:31Kyle_linuxstb:yes i do
19:26:48mirakjoin #gentoo
19:26:59linuxstbThere will be a "PATH = ..." line in there - add /opt/arm/bin to that.
19:27:23mirakI use bootloader v3 since some time. Is it worth using the V5 for H300 ?
19:27:27Kyle_to both that and .bah_profile?
19:27:34Kyle_mirak: yes
19:27:37linuxstbKyle_: No, it only needs to be done in one place.
19:27:45 Join Thus0 [0] (
19:27:50Kyle_oh ok
19:27:59mirakKyle_: do you have a prebuilt one ?
19:28:14Kyle_its on the IriverBoot page
19:28:17Kyle_in the wiki
19:29:07mirakI got a usb bewcam, and was wondering if it would be ever possible to plug it to usb host
19:29:10mirakwould be fun
19:29:26Kyle_I found the $PATH
19:29:29 Quit mikearthur (Connection timed out)
19:29:32Kyle_on it theres:
19:30:07Kyle_so where do I add that line? At the end of $PATH?
19:31:01linuxstbIt doesn't matter. Just do PATH=/opt/arm/bin:/usr/local/bin:/usr/bin:/bin:/usr/X11R6/bin:$PATH
19:32:44Kyle_It works
19:32:45 Quit DrMoos ("Glory to Rockbox!")
19:33:08Kyle_:) thanks
19:35:22 Quit damaki (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
19:36:28Kyle_now when i make I get make[1]: *** No rule to make target '../fonts/rockbox_default.bdf', needed by '/home/Kyl3/build/firmware/sysfont.o'. Stop.
19:36:43Kyle_make: *** [all] Error 2
19:37:39linuxstbThat means you don't have a "fonts" directory. How did you download the Rockbox source?
19:37:51Kyle_daily builds page
19:37:54Kyle_ill try cvs
19:38:35mirakKyle_: I am not sure what it brings in plus
19:38:36linuxstbYes, CVS is better. Make sure you specify the "rockbox-devel" download, and not plain "rockbox". i.e. cvs -d:...etc... co rockbox-devel
19:38:39mirakthe v5
19:39:11 Quit NicoFR ()
19:39:11Paul_The_Nerdlinuxstb: Does rockbox-devel include the manual now, or is that still separate?
19:39:21linuxstbGood question. I don't know.
19:41:38 Join Maxime [0] (
19:41:48Kyle_I did co rockbox-devel... how is that better? just asking?
19:42:33linuxstbIt contains more files, but I forget which....
19:42:47Paul_The_Nerduisimulator, bootloader...
19:43:08Kyle_Manual isnt seperate anymore
19:43:27Paul_The_NerdI'm pretty sure "rockbox" only gives you the bare essential files needed to create a, whereas rockbox-devel is supposed to be everything
19:44:07Kyle_yeah its got normal, manual, devel, bootloader... and the rest in the choises.
19:44:14Kyle_Compiles fine now
19:44:18 Join mikearthur [0] (
19:46:20linuxstbKyle_: Which ipod do you have?
19:46:39 Quit Rondom ("I'm leaving on a jetplane, don't know when I'll be back again...")
19:46:59Kyle_I dont have one
19:47:03Kyle_I have an h300
19:47:51linuxstbWhy were you asking about arm-elf-gcc?
19:48:40Kyle_Because my sister has a nano so just for kicks I was going to compile it for her... but I couldnt compile the h300 build ethier.
19:50:20 Join LinusN [0] (
19:50:42Paul_The_NerdWell, you don't need to compile to install on Nano any more. There is a daily and bleeding edge, now. :)
19:51:25Kyle_You need to compile the bootloader though, dont you?
19:51:56Paul_The_Nerd's got the bootloader, and binaries for the utils you need. :)
19:54:55Kyle_Hey is there anyway I can copy and paste the cvs code in the Cygwin window?
19:55:00Kyle_Doesnt let me
19:55:25linuxstbClick on the icon in the top-left of the window, then Edit.. then Mark...
19:55:34linuxstb(I think...)
19:55:40Paul_The_NerdThat's it
19:55:58Paul_The_NerdThen you highlight what you want to copy and hit enter.
19:56:23 Quit Lear ("Chatzilla 0.9.70 [Firefox]")
19:56:25Paul_The_NerdIf you don't hit enter, it doesn't actually copy it.
19:57:00Kyle_I copied it... how do I paste it in the cygwin window
19:57:06Kyle_irs usually right click
19:57:15Kyle_doesnt work
19:57:21*preglow summons ep0ch
19:57:26Kyle_oh wait... duh
19:57:35mikearthurwill setting the recording location to "current directory" set it to the current directory when you selected that option, or whatever the current directory is before entering the recording menu?
19:57:40 Quit safetydan ("Leaving")
19:59:38Kyle_oh and.. the manual is a choise to config but you need to do co rockbox-all to get it
20:00:16preglowwell, if we really want developers to update it when they do new features, then i think it should come with rockbox-devevlk
20:00:21preglowrockbox-devel too!
20:00:43*Paul_The_Nerd wonders what devevlk includes.
20:00:57preglownevermind that, it's secret
20:01:09preglowyour box will implode if you check out anything from that one
20:01:19preglowand then catch fire
20:01:37Kyle_theres some pics of Im guessing linus and another dev stacking old archos players
20:01:58linuxstbI've just discovered "rockbox" is "apps docs firmware fonts tools wps
20:01:58linuxstb" and "rockbox-devel" adds bootloader, flash, gdb and uisimulator
20:02:19linuxstbSo now I know.
20:02:36Paul_The_NerdDevel really should also include manual if there's to be any hope of people updating it themselves.
20:03:02linuxstbI don't really care - it's not hard to type "cvs co manual".
20:05:09Kyle_rockbox-all soesnt have manual apperantly ethier
20:07:29 Join Musicmad [0] (
20:07:40 Part Kyle_
20:20:06preglowi wonder how much overhead the gui and everything is
20:20:13preglowa lot of our codecs struggle quite badly on ipod
20:20:41preglowLinusN: did you start fiddling with the new directory scheme thing?
20:22:19linuxstbpreglow: I'm sure it's significant.
20:22:40LinusNpreglow: sort of
20:23:26 Join bluey [0] (
20:23:45preglowlinuxstb: i'm thinking of stealing some linux asm code for mem* and str*
20:23:54linuxstbSounds good to me.
20:24:24linuxstbHave you looked for other sources though?
20:24:31preglownot at all
20:25:25linuxstbIt's probably worth a quick google - I'm looking now.
20:25:52preglowguess that's true, arm is a pretty popular platform
20:27:47 Quit Vertigo_tdl (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
20:29:40 Join midgey34 [0] (
20:32:26 Join DreamTactix291 [0] (
20:35:28blueyanyone think the panasonic hje70 are good_
20:37:20 Quit Xerion (" ")
20:41:38 Quit Musicmad ("Trillian (")
20:42:50preglowhaven't even heard of
20:43:45linuxstbI emailed the ffmpeg-devel mailing list this afternoon to ask if they could recommend any video codecs for Rockbox - the answer was mpeg1 in AVI, or maybe something even older than that.
20:44:29preglowdid you also ask them if something was happening on the aac front? :>
20:45:45preglowif they did an aac codec, i'd happily port it to fixed point
20:46:15preglowi think i'm starting to get good enough with fixed point to do something like that now
20:46:40linuxstbDon't fancy WMA then? :)
20:47:28preglowhmm, there's always that
20:48:11preglowas always, might be worth it for the excercise
20:48:18preglowfix spelling errors at your leisure
20:48:28linuxstbNah, I understand..
20:53:34Paul_The_NerdIf you ported WMA you'd make hundreds+ of people that aren't me quite happy.
20:53:49preglowyeah, another ego boost
20:54:20preglowbut no, it'd be wonderful exercise
20:55:11linuxstbWMA on iPod would grab some headlines....
20:55:26preglowoh well
20:55:30 Quit CrookedRain ()
20:55:34preglowif i do decide to look at it, it won't happen for several weeks yet
20:55:34muesli__and even .rm!
20:56:16 Join tucoz [0] (
20:56:18Paul_The_NerdMaybe WMA on iPod isn't such a good idea. Isn't that supposed to be one of the warning signs for the Apocalypse?
20:56:32linuxstbpreglow: I would be happy to try and extract it from ffmpeg and write a Rockbox codec. I think I've got a half-done version somewhere already.
20:56:35tucozpreglow, what about dumb? hehe, that would be cool.
20:56:48preglowthe first rider of the apocalyple is called Wmaonipod in hebrew
20:56:58tucoza zillion new fileformats supported
20:57:28preglowtucoz: the problem with that is that it requires significant hacking to the playback system
20:57:33preglowi'm not that big a man yet
20:57:40preglowlinuxstb: sounds wonderful
20:58:09tucozlostlogic seem to have no fear in that area. Maybe he's tough enough for the job.
20:58:31preglowhe is, no doubt
20:58:50preglowwhat he's done already seems to be wonderful
20:59:02Paul_The_NerdBut first someone would have to come up with a way to mix buffering of the different categories of files, right?
20:59:59preglowthe entire problem, if you ask me, and i am of course right in this matter, is that we need a way to make each codec load its own files
21:00:24tucozBut, as a start the libdumb could be a viewer (or are the codecs viewers as well?). Not have it in the playback system.
21:00:41midgey34preglow: the author how posted the half-done WMA codec posted a new version a while back
21:00:41preglowtucoz: yeah, true enough
21:00:50midgey34if you're interested of course
21:01:00preglowmidgey34: i completely forgot about him
21:02:42linuxstbIIRC, it was a lot less than half-done. But it could be a better starting point than ffmpeg.
21:03:03preglowyeah, i'd bet
21:03:09midgey34oh, there's still lots of work
21:03:26midgey34you could also email the author who did the fixed point conversion
21:03:55midgey34dtaubert on the Roku forums
21:04:10linuxstbWasn't there also the ffmpeg dev who was talking about integerising his Realaudio Cook decoder and WMA?
21:05:59 Join ep0ch [0] (
21:06:33preglowwould be nice :>
21:06:41 Join Vertigo_tdl [0] (n=vertah@
21:07:08linuxstbBTW, has hell frozen over? Rockbox is running on the iPod, and we're discussing porting WMA....
21:07:27preglowno, but i believe there was some talk of the apocalypse
21:07:30Paul_The_NerdThe End Times, I tell you!
21:07:33preglowwhich i think is altogether more likely
21:09:02ep0chpreglow: do i still need to be summoned?
21:09:41preglowep0ch: yeah, you compared some rockbox codecs with what foobar spat out, yes?
21:09:48ep0chpreglow: yup
21:09:55preglowep0ch: and i think i remember you did a comparison for musepack too
21:10:19***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
21:10:22ep0chpreglow: yes i think so
21:10:26 Join Musicmad [0] (
21:10:32preglowremember if you found the output was identical?
21:10:39tucozlinuxstb, I think what you said sums up pretty much what rockbox is about. Make good hardware run good software. The unlimitness of the project. Make the impossible possible.
21:10:43ep0chpreglow: all codecs seemed to give a good output expect mad
21:10:48preglow'cause we have a bug in musepack code now, and i'm just wondering if it's mine or theirs
21:10:53preglowok, so i can actually assume it's mine
21:11:01preglowthe first and last samples of a musepack track are wrong
21:11:09 Join Xerion [0] (
21:11:26preglowwhich somewhat destroys gapless playback
21:11:35ep0chi'll run the tests again
21:11:54preglowno biggie
21:11:56 Join arkascha [0] (
21:12:10ep0chyeah probably do it tomorrow
21:12:20preglowdavid bryant already did so for musepack
21:12:27preglowand found the first and last samples to be broken
21:14:33 Part tucoz
21:17:16 Join RotAtoR [0] (
21:18:21Musicmadhi guys - I'm working on original iriver style directory browsing, can somebody confirm that I should look in tree.c .)
21:18:39preglowwhat kind of browsing would that be?
21:19:32Musicmadwhen cursor hits bottom of the screen it jumps to the top of the screen amd continues.
21:19:34Musicmadif that makes sense.
21:19:41Musicmadmuch better for the slow iriver screen.
21:20:37preglowwell, that sounds like another setting...
21:20:40Paul_The_NerdSo, basically, pagedown upon reaching the bottom of the page.
21:20:51MusicmadPaul_The_Nerd: yes.
21:21:03preglowahh, like that
21:21:10preglowyeah, that might be better
21:21:24Musicmadpreglow: yes - it's a low better I think.
21:22:00Musicmadit's probably an easy change too (but will take me a while since I know zero c. But I'll pick it up.
21:22:13preglowshould be easy, yes
21:23:11Musicmadhopefully yes.
21:24:11Mikachuwhat interval does the wheel on ipods have in button.c?
21:24:45Musicmadpreglow: I should look in tree.c right :)
21:25:00preglowMusicmad: perhaps? i'm surprisingly ignorant when it comes to most of rockbox
21:25:22Musicmadheh yes - that's a surprise. But thanks anyway :)
21:28:04 Join tvelocity [0] (
21:28:45PiBad news: My player is compleatly unresponsive/bricked
21:28:54 Quit Xerion (" ")
21:28:54 Quit linuxstb (Nick collision from services.)
21:29:07 Join linuxstb [0] (
21:30:01linuxstbA great ISP....
21:30:10preglowi can see
21:30:14preglowwe've got those here as well
21:30:34preglowpersistent connections? fuck off!
21:30:48preglowall we're supposed to do is browse the web anyway
21:35:21Mikachucan you set the backlight to different brightnesses on the nano? the apple firmware fades it out... i don't want fadeouts but maybe to not turn on full brightness to save some battery
21:35:34Mikachugrammar of the day
21:36:02preglowcan the apple firmware control the brightness?
21:36:04preglownews to me
21:36:16Mikachunot control, but it fades out instead of just going blip
21:36:25preglowahh, yeah
21:36:31preglowthat'll come when i code support for the timer.c module
21:36:35Mikachuwhich suggests you can control th ebrightness
21:36:47Mikachusay i wanted to hardcode halfbright, where would i do it?
21:36:51preglowrockbox supports it for iriver
21:37:00Paul_The_NerdI hear the 1gb Nanos have a dimmer backlight hardware-wise.
21:37:05preglowyou would do so in backlight.c, but you can't yet
21:37:13Paul_The_NerdAt least, people say it appears dimmer.
21:37:14Mikachu1? there are only 2 and 4 iirc
21:37:26preglowPaul_The_Nerd: oh, i was worried they'd changed the hardware
21:37:28Mikachu#elif CONFIG_BACKLIGHT == BL_IPOD4G
21:37:29Mikachu /* brightness full */
21:37:29Mikachu outl(0x80000000 | (0xff << 16), 0x7000a010);
21:37:33Mikachucould i change that number?
21:37:38preglowMikachu: i don't know...
21:37:42Mikachui'll give it a shot
21:37:46Paul_The_NerdMikachu: They just released the 1gb.
21:37:47preglownothing'll be hurt
21:37:54MikachuPaul_The_Nerd: ah
21:37:57Paul_The_NerdPreglow: Well, I've just read mention of it appearing dimmer, the article was very vague.
21:37:58preglowjust change the 0xff part
21:38:11Paul_The_NerdBut, any difference means the potential for more differences. =/
21:38:13Mikachuyeah, i figured the others are adresses or something
21:38:39Mikachuwhy does it take so long to shut down?
21:38:45preglowMikachu: no idea
21:40:31Mikachuwhen i plug in the cable you just reboot without that shutting down stuff...
21:40:53preglowyes, and that might not be a very clean reboot...
21:41:00*preglow pokes linuxstb
21:41:21Mikachuthat disk mode works worse than the one from the apple firmware
21:41:31preglowwe don't have a disk mode
21:41:34preglowthat is apple's disk mode
21:41:37Mikachui mean the monochrome one
21:41:43Mikachuthe color one works a lot better
21:41:43preglowyes, it does
21:41:44preglowit's slower
21:41:45josh_Mikachu: that's Apple's failsafe disk mode.
21:41:57preglowit's pretty much meant to work no matter what
21:41:58josh_it's slower and less colorful, but it works even if the HD is zeroed out.
21:41:59preglowso i guess it's cool
21:42:22Mikachuyeah okay
21:42:33Mikachuso maybe i wasn't patient enough, i thought it crashed :)
21:42:46Mikachuit takes less than a second in full mode to copy the rockbox binary
21:42:57preglowit's heaps faster
21:43:26linuxstbYes, reboot on usb should do a clean shutdown - but it doesn't.
21:44:04Mikachuhm, if i change the backlight code, do i want to recompile the bootloader or rockbox?
21:44:13linuxstbJust Rockbox.
21:44:21Mikachuthen it isn't working with the number :)
21:44:29preglowwhat happens?
21:44:32preglowand what did you put there?
21:44:39Mikachui tried 8f and 1f, same brightness
21:44:50preglowis that so
21:44:52preglowwhat about 00 ?
21:46:03linuxstbMikachu: Do you have a Nano?
21:46:15Mikachustill full
21:46:17preglowif he's just pretending all this time, i'll be surprised
21:46:17Mikachulinuxstb: yeah
21:46:24linuxstbThen you're changing the wrong code...
21:46:45linuxstbLook about 3 lines down in backlight.c
21:46:46Mikachuoh right, i confused BL_IPOD4G and the keypad stuff which uses 4G
21:46:51Mikachuheh, i'm stupid
21:49:33 Quit linuxstb (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
21:49:36 Join linuxstb [0] (
21:55:37 Join elinenbe [0] (
21:58:19Musicmaddoes anybody know in which file directory/file browsing resides :)
21:58:20 Join webguest32 [0] (
22:03:06Mikachupreglow: i commented out a few lines in shutdown_hw and it went a lot faster, i think it hanged somewhere and the 8 second timeout got it
22:03:20Mikachupreglow: sorry if you're the wrong person for this but i'm not sure which people here are devs :)
22:03:47BagderMusicmad: apps/tree.c
22:04:12Mikachupreglow: ata_flush through mp3_shutdown, afai understand those things aren't present on the nano anyway
22:04:39Bagder"those things" being?
22:04:49Mikachuata and mp3 decoder
22:04:52 Join solexx_ [0] (
22:05:07Bagderboth ATA and mp3 decoder is indeed in the nano model too
22:05:32Mikachusurely not a hardware mp3 decoder?
22:05:55Bagderthe playback code is different for the ones with hw decoder
22:06:58Musicmadthanks Bagder: trying to make it do a pagedown when it hits the button, so maybe had a look at tree.c to with no luck. I'm currently investigating list.c instead. Makes sense?
22:07:06Musicmadbutton = bottom.
22:08:05Mikachuwell, i'll narrow it down to one of those lines first
22:08:28 Quit damaki_ (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
22:11:25Mikachunot so surprisingly it was the while loop
22:12:09 Join linuxstb_ [0] (
22:12:27 Quit linuxstb (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
22:15:11 Part Pi
22:15:22 Part ep0ch ("Kopete 0.11.1 :")
22:17:05 Quit solexx (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
22:17:13Mikachui think the problem is ata.c never sets sleeping = true for the ipod, so it always spins in the loop
22:17:29Mikachui would almost say i'm sure that's why since setting sleeping = true fixes it
22:21:24Paul_The_NerdYou mean the while(ata_disk_is_active()) loop?
22:21:37Mikachuata_disk_is_active returns !sleeping
22:21:48Mikachuand sleeping is set inside #ifndef ipodnano
22:22:08Paul_The_NerdYeah, because sleeping it on Nano caused it to stop responding until you rebooted.
22:22:37Mikachuwell, you should still fix the variable so it doesn't spin in the loop
22:22:58 Quit zhilik (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
22:24:37SereRoKRwhat's status on iPod Video Rockbox? ;)
22:24:44linuxstb_Mikachu: Would setting sleeping=true for the Nano (without actually sleeping) inside ata_perform_sleep() work?
22:24:45preglowSereRoKR: it's a-ok, but no sound
22:25:01SereRoKRyeah that's good, better than iPodLinux :>
22:25:57preglowof course we are!
22:26:17SereRoKRlol yey
22:26:27SereRoKRwill the Gameboy emulator work on iPod?
22:26:39Mikachulinuxstb_: it seemed to work
22:26:47 Quit Bger ("My damn controlling terminal disappeared!")
22:26:54MikachuSereRoKR: i had no luck
22:27:13BagderMikachu: what happened?
22:27:16SereRoKRwould be cool if it would work ;>
22:27:28Mikachuit shut down in 1 second instead of waiting 8 seconds
22:27:44Mikachu(the one set in sys_poweroff)
22:28:04BagderI meant when you tried rockboy
22:28:09Mikachusorry :)
22:28:15Mikachuwell, the emu started but no game
22:28:19Mikachui could go to the menu and exit fine
22:28:33Mikachuand when i say ipod i still mean ipod nano
22:29:08Paul_The_NerdThe Nano doesn't work with Rockboy yet, if I recall. It assumes that if you have a color screen, it can display at full resolution for the games, which isn't true on Nano
22:29:42linuxstb_Yes, someone needs to write the code to downscale the Gameboy's display to fit on the Nano's screen.
22:29:52Mikachuit didn't compile by default, i just changed the makefile to test it
22:29:57Mikachuwhich is why i didn't complain
22:29:59linuxstb_Also, only the four direction keys and "start" are mapped to keys on the ipod.
22:30:08Bagderah, righy. its a resolution difference
22:30:31Mikachuis it only gb or also gbc?
22:30:42linuxstb_It's both - it's a port of gnuboy
22:31:28SereRoKRwiill it work on Video iPod? ^^
22:31:40linuxstb_Yes, I think it does.
22:31:50*linuxstb_ checks....
22:32:02preglowgbc <-
22:32:10preglowgnuboy by default, is only gbc
22:32:20preglowthat's why we still have display problems on games that use gbc features
22:32:25Musicmaddoes anybody knows why it says this when I try to build an 1X0 sim: /bin/ld: skipping incompatible /rockbox/build/libbitmapsnative.a when searching
22:32:25Musicmadfor -lbitmapsnative
22:32:27linuxstb_SereRoKR: No, it doesn't work. The LCD display is wrong.
22:32:33preglowbut the colour code has been ripped out in rockboy
22:32:42linuxstb_I thought that was back in now?
22:32:46Mikachuwon't you want to rip it back in sooner or later?
22:32:54SereRoKRlinuxstb_ what means that the LCD display is wrong?
22:32:59preglowMikachu: perhaps...
22:33:15Mikachunot that i'd use it a lot, i have a gba :)
22:33:29preglowi tried to persuade a friend of mine to code on rockboy the other day
22:33:32preglowhe too had a gba...
22:33:35Mikachubut you know, it's still cool :)
22:33:47preglowa nice pink one
22:33:54linuxstb_SereRoKR: I mean that the display is wrong.... I'm about to try to fix it though.
22:34:03Mikachumine is black with lots of dust inside the screen from when i installed a backlight
22:34:13preglowahh, this is a newer one
22:34:21Mikachumaybe a gba sp then
22:34:25SereRoKRok linuxstb_ :>
22:34:29preglowit's one of those foldable ones
22:34:40 Quit bluey ("Leaving")
22:35:11Mikachui hope the apple firmware won't be sad if i rmdir Contacts and Calendars
22:35:22 Join Xerion [0] (
22:35:30preglowMikachu: i've wiped everything
22:35:40preglowMikachu: it still smiles, even though i know it doesn't mean it
22:35:46preglowMikachu: and i have to select language all the time now
22:35:51SereRoKRwhat's the current stat on Sound on Video? ;>
22:35:56preglowSereRoKR: 0%
22:35:59Mikachui think i can spare the 50 kB used for settings etc
22:36:02SereRoKRthat suxx ^^
22:36:04preglowSereRoKR: and it doesn't look good
22:36:32SereRoKRwhy? :/
22:36:48preglowbecause it's a lot of work
22:37:01preglowwe have to reverse engineer the apple firmware to see how it works
22:37:10SereRoKRhow did you get it work on nano?
22:37:17preglowand that's 1. really, really boring, 2. difficult, 3. time consuming
22:37:20preglowSereRoKR: ipodlinux
22:37:26preglowSereRoKR: we just borrowed their code
22:37:31SereRoKRlol :>
22:37:37SereRoKRhow did they get it work so fast
22:37:42preglowit wasn't fast
22:37:53linuxstb_The Nano sound is identical to the 4Gs
22:38:01preglowahh, like that
22:38:11linuxstb_So the existing code just worked when Apple released the Nano.
22:38:24 Join webguest68 [0] (
22:38:38linuxstb_But the existing code doesn't work on the Video. That's about all anyone knows at the moment about it.
22:38:56 Join mozetti_ [0] (
22:39:04SereRoKRso you have to disassemble the Apple Firmware?
22:39:11linuxstb_Someone has to....
22:39:24preglowprobably is going to be us, the way it looks now
22:39:27preglowipodlinux people doesn't seem to care about it
22:39:28josh_SereRoKR: which is *very difficult*
22:39:30SereRoKRno-one wants to right?
22:39:33josh_preglow: not true :-)
22:39:34preglowand we've been piggybacking on their code so far
22:39:34linuxstb_Or maybe physically disassembling an ipod would help as well.
22:39:44 Quit webguest32 ("CGI:IRC (EOF)")
22:39:45preglowjosh_: so you've got someone on it? :>
22:39:54josh_preglow: yes. me and aegray are both working on it.
22:39:59preglowjosh_: cool
22:40:03preglowjosh_: didn't know that
22:40:04SereRoKRnice o.O
22:40:06josh_it's just very slow going
22:40:10preglowjosh_: i can imagine
22:40:15SereRoKRwhat kernel does rockbox use?
22:40:15linuxstb_Any clues yet about how it works?
22:40:18josh_we've isolated some of the BCM-calling functions, but we don't really know how they're used yet.
22:40:38linuxstb_So is audio definitely only possible via the BCM?
22:40:41BagderSereRoKR: the Rockbox kernel !
22:40:47SereRoKRnice :>
22:41:03Bagdervery small
22:41:14SereRoKRlol ok
22:41:26preglowhell yes
22:41:29preglowyou can't get much smaller
22:41:33preglowwhich is why we rule!
22:41:42preglowyes, small is good here
22:42:34SereRoKRhm i think rockbox more rulez than iPodLinux :>
22:42:36 Quit Xerion (" ")
22:42:46preglowof course we do
22:42:48 Quit Musicmad ("Trillian (")
22:43:13preglowbut yeah, to be fair, we do different things
22:43:27linuxstb_SereRoKR: It seems that only "full-screen" mode is broken in Rockbox on the 5G. It works in normal mode.
22:43:39SereRoKRyep but i think the target is the same -.-
22:43:58SereRoKRyou both want to create a firmware replacement
22:44:39Paul_The_NerdIt's hardly the same, since one is designed with a focus on music playing, and the other multi-purpose utility.
22:45:05SereRoKRyey but music playing is more important -.-
22:45:12linuxstb_SereRoKR: I meant Rockboy.....
22:45:20Paul_The_NerdThat's like comparing a small swiss army knife with a bowie knife. Yeah, the target of both is to "cut things" but you'll notice both still have their places. :)
22:45:24josh_13:40 < linuxstb_> So is audio definitely only possible via the BCM?
22:45:28josh_linuxstb_: that we don't know yet
22:45:34SereRoKRyep linuxstb_ thx ;>
22:45:34josh_we're mainly trying to get a reasonable-speed LCD
22:46:06SereRoKRhm has Rockbox a better Power Management than iPL?
22:46:27preglowbut rockbox does less, so we might last a bit longer
22:47:08SereRoKRthere's nothing yet that could me bring back to iPL but the better Design of Podzilla 2^^
22:47:16linuxstb_josh_: The LCD speed on the 5G isn't a big issue in Rockbox. I'm playing Rockboy as we speak...
22:47:30SereRoKRon a 5G linuxstb_?
22:48:09josh_linuxstb_: what speed are you getting?
22:48:11SereRoKRso i should try it too ^^
22:48:12josh_(in FPS)
22:48:17josh_and is Rockboy a GB emu?
22:48:28SereRoKRis it very hard to install rockbox?
22:48:29Bagderjosh_: yes, its a gnuboy port
22:48:40MikachuSereRoKR: easier than ipl
22:48:52Mikachuno fiddling with partitions
22:48:59SereRoKRi got windows
22:49:09SereRoKRthere's an iPL INstaller for windows
22:49:11Mikachui have doors
22:49:28SereRoKRi will change to Mac OS X in i think 2 weeks ;)
22:50:02linuxstb_josh_: I don't understand the stats that Rockboy displays - it's telling me "FPS: 30 4"
22:50:11linuxstb_But it's not 30 fps
22:50:17SereRoKR <- is that same for 5G?
22:50:30linuxstb_I've done some tests with the Rockbox "starfield" plugin, and I think I got about 18fps
22:50:52Paul_The_Nerdlinuxstb_: I *think* that means that the game is being played at 30fps, but it's being displayed with a frameskip of 4.
22:51:13preglowsounds logical
22:51:23SereRoKRFor iPod Color/Photo users - bootloader-color.bin, for iPod 4G (Grayscale) users - bootloader-4g.bin and for iPod Nano users - bootloader-nano.bin <- eh which bootloader should i downoad for my iPod Video?
22:51:34linuxstb_Sorrry, starfield was 14fps on the video, 33fps on my 4G color.
22:51:55linuxstb_(and 36fps on the iriver H140)
22:51:59preglow80fps on nano...
22:52:09josh_linuxstb_: does RB always update the whole LCD, or only the dirty part of it?
22:52:13SereRoKRneed help :>
22:52:25SereRoKRwhich bootloader should i use for my 5G
22:52:28linuxstb_Mostly only the dirty part I think. But starfield was doing full-screen updates.
22:52:53josh_linuxstb_: I've timed it for full-screen updates, and it takes 120-140 ms. I don't see how that could work with 18 fps.
22:52:55linuxstb_SereRoKR: You will need to improvise and use a combination of the IpodInstallation page and the IpodBoot page.
22:53:06linuxstb_josh_: Install Rockbox and find out...
22:53:15Paul_The_NerdHow do you get an FPS display in starfield?
22:53:22linuxstb_But I corrected myself - it was 14fps
22:53:34josh_that's still about twice as much as I thought possible
22:53:38linuxstb_I should still have the diff somewhere.
22:53:48preglowthat should also be easily optimisable
22:54:32SereRoKR"combination of the IpodInstallation page and the IpodBoot page." <- does it mean that i only need to download the video Bootloader from Ipodboot page?
22:55:05linuxstb_SereRoKR: Yes, download bootloader-video.bin from the IpodBoot page, but also read the instructions - there is an extra step not included on the main installation page.
22:55:17 Quit mozetti (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
22:55:29SereRoKRwhich step
22:56:26linuxstb_The step that starts "Ipod Video users also need to...."
22:56:57SereRoKRwhere do i have to do this step?
22:58:41 Nick linuxstb_ is now known as linuxstb (
22:58:45Mikachuhm, any idea which optimisation enabled by -O2 causes the build to fail?
22:59:09 Quit quobl (Client Quit)
22:59:10Mikachui'm not very hopeful someone will know, but this is the error
22:59:22Mikachuthread.c: relocation truncated to fit: R_ARM_PC24 against symbol `switch_thread' defined in .icode section in /home/mikaelh/code/rockbox/build/librockbox.a(thread.o)
22:59:26Mikachu/home/mikaelh/code/rockbox/build/librockbox.a(pcm_playback.o)(.icode+0xbc): In function `fiq':
22:59:29Mikachupcm_playback.c: relocation truncated to fit: R_ARM_PC24 against `.text.dma_stop'
22:59:54miraklinuxstb: anyone tried on H300 ?
23:00:04miraklinuxstb: I mean the refreshrate
23:00:05SereRoKRiPod Video users also need to extract the Broadcom (video processor) firmware using the command: ../tools/ipod_fw -o apple_sw_5g_rcsc.bin -e 1 bootpartition.bin <- how can i do this with ipodpatcher.exe?
23:00:21linuxstbmirak: I don't think so. I think I asked at the time, and no-one was around.
23:00:28linuxstbSereRoKR: You don't - you use ipod_fw.exe
23:02:29 Join damaki [0] (
23:02:33SereRoKR1. i make this bootpartition.bin
23:02:44linuxstbJust type the command - "ipod_fw -o apple_sw_5g_rcsc.bin -e 1 bootpartition.bin"
23:02:59SereRoKRthen i do ipod_fw -o apple_sw_5g_rcsc.bin -e 1 bootpartition.bin?
23:03:43linuxstbYes, plus the other line that creates "apple_os.bin" - Step 1d)
23:04:51SereRoKRnow e) Create the new Rockbox-enabled image file containing the Rockbox Bootloader?
23:05:17SereRoKRor in Ipodboot Step 3?
23:06:35linuxstbYes - either.
23:07:29SereRoKRNOTE: iPod Video users should use the option "-g 5g" and you will need a copy of the apple_sw_5g_rcsc.bin file that you extracted in step 1 in the current directory when running ipod_fw <- does it use the "apple_sw_5g_rcsc.bin" automatically
23:07:54SereRoKRnow just ipodpatcher -w N rockboot.bin?
23:08:01SereRoKRN = Number
23:08:06SereRoKRin my case 6 ;>
23:08:27linuxstbAnd make sure you keep a copy of bootpartition.bin - you can use that to uninstall.
23:08:47linuxstbi.e. just do ipodpatcher -w 6 bootpartition.bin in the future to restore the original firmware.
23:09:37Mikachuhow come the boot partition is 40MB or so, but what you extract and write back is just 5MB?
23:09:50SereRoKRyey :>
23:10:01linuxstbMikachu: It's simply empty space.
23:10:19Mikachuit wasn't all nulls iirc, i looked at it
23:10:20SereRoKR:D THX ;)
23:10:22***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
23:10:50linuxstbBut on the Nano and Video, the apple firmware has a "suspend-to-disk" mode where it writes the contents of RAM to the boot partition and then sleeps.
23:10:54SereRoKRwhich daily build should i use?
23:10:59SereRoKRcolor? Nano?
23:11:08linuxstbBut there isn't a daily build for the video
23:11:13Mikachulinuxstb: isn't that bad if we've written something else there?
23:11:27SereRoKRwhat can i do now?
23:11:31linuxstbMikachu: No - we write something in a good way.
23:11:46kkurbjunis there a document on the number of cycles each coldfire instruction takes?
23:11:55Mikachui mean, won't apple overwrite our stuff then?
23:12:11linuxstbSereRoKR: Download it from here:
23:12:53linuxstbMikachu: No - we attach our bootloader to the Apple firmware image in the boot partition and adjust the length in the header to match.
23:13:02SereRoKRjust extract to the iPod Root right?
23:13:12Mikachulinuxstb: o okay
23:13:19linuxstbYes - unzip it directly to the root.
23:13:20Mikachuhm i think i found the flag
23:13:43*preglow vanishes
23:15:03SereRoKRworks nice
23:15:51 Join damaki_ [0] (
23:16:07SereRoKRso where can i get rockboy to test? ;)
23:16:16linuxstbYou already have it.
23:16:25SereRoKRwhere? O.o
23:16:28linuxstbJust copy a .gb or .gbc file to your ipod and "play" it.
23:16:47SereRoKRoh ok ;>
23:17:09Mikachuhooray, it's -foptimize-sibling-calls
23:17:12linuxstbBut the key mappings are a bit dodgy at the moment - I just did the very minimal work to get it working on the ipods.
23:17:37SereRoKRis there any bigger font?
23:17:59Mikachusomething settings -> display -> browse fonts i think
23:18:10SereRoKRfound :>
23:18:24Mikachumarkun: don't forget to commit your 6+12 font
23:19:04Mikachuhooray, -Os made my rockbox.ipod 308K, it was 324K before :)
23:19:10Mikachunow to see if it works...
23:21:05Mikachuwoop, it does
23:21:09SereRoKRnow i need to get GB Roms o:o
23:24:40 Quit arkascha (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
23:24:56SereRoKRdoesn't look good :o
23:25:24Paul_The_NerdAs in "it's not visually appealing?"
23:25:52SereRoKRits unclear ^^
23:26:14Mikachublurry? too small?
23:26:21SereRoKRblurry ;>
23:26:41SereRoKRVERY Blurry
23:27:17linuxstbIs it just being displayed in the top half of the screen?
23:27:38linuxstbYou need to toggle the fullscreen mode
23:29:25SereRoKRlol nice ;>
23:30:15 Quit damaki (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
23:30:43SereRoKRis it slow like this because of the LCD Drivers?
23:31:05linuxstbYes, but also the emulator itself is quite slow.
23:31:21linuxstbNo work at all has been done to optimise it for the ipods.
23:32:20SereRoKRok ;>
23:37:25SereRoKRnow do TV out Playing and Frontrow support and it's perfect xD
23:38:31josh_ok, I've got rb running on the 5g.
23:38:38SereRoKRme too ^^
23:38:48josh_how do I get starfield up>
23:40:44Bagdermenu->browse plugins->startfield
23:40:49josh_ok, cool.
23:41:23josh_wow, that's really quite a tolerable speed.
23:43:30linuxstbDid you apply my "fps" patch?
23:44:12josh_nope, I'm just eyeballing it.
23:45:03josh_by doing a speed-scroll on the menu, I got 35 frames in 3 seconds on time, 40 frames in 4.5 seconds another time
23:45:23josh_("speed-scroll" = scroll for a while, release wheel - it keeps scrolling as fast as it can update the display)
23:45:44linuxstbIf you want, the patch is here:
23:46:27Vertigo_tdljosh_, do you know if there is a way to disable that?
23:46:36Paul_The_NerdIf you turn off the stars, will it basically just update the LCD as fast as possible?
23:46:39Vertigo_tdlit can get annoying
23:46:49SereRoKRi heard of doom for rockbox, is it playable on iPod 5G?
23:47:14Paul_The_NerdThe Rockbox Doom still has iPod issues at the moment.
23:47:19Paul_The_NerdAFAIK, at least
23:47:25josh_Vertigo_tdl: you can't, unless you get a more intelligent event model than one event per scroll - it will invariably lag on slow screens if you try to update the LCD at every scroll.
23:47:38josh_iPL's Podzilla suffered from the same problem for a while.
23:47:58Vertigo_tdlah ok
23:48:11linuxstbjosh_: Are you using an old version of Rockbox? I think preglow "fixed" that problem by not queueing more than one scroll event at a time in Rockbox's button queue.
23:48:23linuxstb(by old I mean more than about 24 hours old...)
23:48:44markunMikachu: hm, do you think I should replace the 6x13 font by the 6+12x13 font or just add it?
23:48:45Paul_The_NerdYeah, preglow did fix it. Though it seems to have introduced a minor bug.
23:48:55linuxstbWhich is what?
23:49:07Mikachumarkun: i dunno, it has some problems in the viewer plugin but that's not really the fonts' fault
23:49:18Mikachualso, will it use more memory than the 6x13 one?
23:49:20josh_linuxstb: I'm using the one you pasted a few minutes ago.
23:49:23Paul_The_NerdIf the backlight is off, I've noticed that if I hit play, or some other actually button, it doesn't always react and light up the backlight. But if I move my finger at all on the touchpad, then press the button, it's fine.
23:49:24josh_14:12 < linuxstb> SereRoKR: Download it from here:
23:49:42SereRoKRis there doom?
23:49:53markunMikachu: we have font caching. If the 6x13 font is too big for memory there will be no difference
23:50:09Mikachuokay, well either is fine by me
23:50:10linuxstbjosh_: OK, then that's a day or two old.
23:50:28josh_still, it provides a useful benchmark :-)
23:50:40Paul_The_NerdSereRokR: No, Doom doesn't work on iPod yet.
23:50:46 Join JdGordon [0] (
23:50:53linuxstbYes - IMO, Rockbox would be usable on the 5g if we could get the audio working.
23:50:54SereRoKRoh :<
23:51:08markunMikachu: about the viewer. I have a unfinished version of the viewer that was made for better unicode support and has codepage conversion, but I didn't have time for it for a long time
23:51:22JdGordongood morning all
23:51:39 Quit mirak (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
23:52:18Mikachumarkun: okay, is it usable?
23:52:28Mikachui want to look at lyrics that i have as textfiles..
23:53:48SereRoKRhow can i boot into apple os when iPod boots? O:o
23:53:51XavierGrGod! I wish all those bloody WPSes would be saperate from the daily builds.......
23:54:06muesli__XavierGr true
23:54:10JdGordonLinusN: hey, pretty please with a huge freeking cherry on top...
23:54:14MikachuSereRoKR: hold Menu
23:54:29XavierGrNot only that when I "make zip" all these have to be zipped and then extract to the target.
23:54:33XavierGrVery tiresome
23:54:50BagderXavierGr: rm -rf wps
23:55:01midkaySereRoKR, you need to turn it off, and then tap and then hold menu really quickly.. as quick as you can
23:55:11SereRoKRdid ;>
23:55:16SereRoKR"Loading original firmware"
23:55:30midkaydid it work? if you don't hold menu within like 1/2 a second it goes to rockbox, kind of annoying but i can live with it :)
23:55:34Mikachumidkay: hm, you have to release it after you turn it on? that would explain why it didn't work sometimes :)
23:55:38XavierGrBagder: Thanks I will try that. Still the donwload problem remains.
23:55:46midkayMikachu, yes, you can't just hold it :)
23:55:51XavierGrAnd don't forget that when I will update my CVS it will donwload the files again
23:56:00MikachuXavierGr: vim CVS/Entries
23:56:01midkayhas to be click-release-hold :)
23:56:06BagderXavierGr: get a faster network or update less often
23:56:15MikachuXavierGr: and remove the D/wps//// line
23:56:28XavierGrI will try that too,
23:56:58Bagderwe don't change wpses much so the download issue is moot when you use cvs
23:57:51 Join Xerion [0] (

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