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#rockbox log for 2006-02-12

00:01:20XavierGrkkurbjun: The midi patch seems to work. But:
00:01:47XavierGrQuality is very low. IMHO 44.100 kHz should be the end result.
00:02:13XavierGrOn many of my midis I get "Buffer Missed" entry. (Though it continues)
00:02:39XavierGrAlso midis that have many voices are not realtime.
00:03:10XavierGrIt would be good to let the user change volume with up and down (instead quit)
00:03:45XavierGrAnd of course (IIRC) we can let the user choose the tempo.
00:04:01Mikachuit would be fun to set the pitch for normal audio files too
00:04:19XavierGrthis is already done
00:04:28XavierGrhold paly + UP on WPS screen
00:04:37Mikachuwhat would that be on an ipod?
00:05:32XavierGrhmmm... I am not sure
00:05:57midkayselect-spin wheel, i'd assume
00:06:15midkayor maybe it's not enabled yet..
00:06:33Mikachuif you know the approximate place in the code i can check
00:09:33linuxstbIt's not enabled yet - I think it's in apps/screens.c
00:09:37 Quit einhirn (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
00:09:49linuxstbIt's hopefully just a matter of linking the UI to the code.
00:14:42Mikachuis it a separate screen?
00:16:57SereRoKRi will go to bed now :>
00:20:19SereRoKRplayin' with rockbox ^^
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00:27:09 Part Paul_The_Nerd
00:37:09Mikachui got lost in a sea of ifdefs and gave up :)
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00:49:51Musicmadany devel in here?
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00:54:54webguest90how do you get movies on rockbox?
00:56:28JdGordonu don
00:56:43JdGordonunless u have the archos model that supports it
00:59:36Musicmadis there an easy way to reset button repeat delay?
01:00:22Musicmadhave made a patch that jumps to a new page when the bottom is reached and I think it would work better if the button repeat is reset when it happens.
01:02:21webguest90i do have the model that supports it, but i dont know how to convert to .rvf
01:03:23 Quit ender` (" You're not drunk if you can lie on the floor without holding on.")
01:05:31webguest90does anyone kknow how to convert avi to .rvf
01:05:42Musicmadapparently not :)
01:06:15Mikachudid you check ?
01:06:28webguest90o no i didnt thanx
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01:34:59Mikachui think the id3 (sic) viewer has the keybinds reversed on the nano, ccwise goes down, not up
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01:36:35XomphosI have a quick question: I have installed the iPod Linux bootloader onto my iPod Nano and was wondering if I could just use that bootloader to load Rockbox along with Podzilla possibly?
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01:42:55MikachuXomphos: you can use the rockbox loader to load both rockbox and ipodlinux
01:43:06MikachuXomphos: just put your linux kernel in the fat32 root as linux.bin
01:43:14MikachuXomphos: and hold play during boot
01:43:30josh_Xomphos: you can also use the iPodLinux bootloader to load both rockbox and ipodlinux :-) [loader2,]
01:43:34josh_but the standard one won't do that
01:43:48Xomphosso i install rockbox as normal and then after it is installed I just install the ipodlinux (podzilla) files?
01:44:05Mikachuyou still need the separate partition, but you put the linux kernel on the fat partition
01:44:46Xomphoslooks like I am going to be trying that tonigh
01:44:55XomphosThanks a lot for your help!
01:45:03Mikachuso if you have ipl on already, just install rockbox normally and copy the kernel
01:45:20XomphosI am going to try that
01:45:43XomphosBye and thanks a lot for your help! :D
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01:58:28XavierGrHAHA LOL Funniest request I have ever heard!!!!
01:58:54XavierGrSomeone on MR actually asked for a Googgle Earth Port!!!!!!!!
01:59:21XavierGrThese guys are weird!
01:59:49XavierGrI mean who on earth would want google earth on a DAP.
02:07:39dpassen1They don't seem to understand Rockbox is a music player.
02:11:45muesli__btw doom-lan via ust2go would rock ;)
02:13:14XavierGrit isn't usb to go.
02:13:18XavierGrIt is USB on the go
02:13:44 Join godzirra [0] (
02:13:46godzirraheya folks.
02:14:03XavierGrBut I am not sure of the capabilities of USB OTG yet (except transferring files)
02:14:06godzirraAnyone have suggestions on a new mp3 player? I have an ipod and I'm not really happy with it because of stupid little shit like I can't charge it while listening to it. :(
02:14:15XavierGrI mean are you sure we can program it?
02:14:33XavierGrH340 if you can find one
02:14:43Mikachugodzirra: um, i'm pretty sure you can since i can
02:14:45XavierGrelse an iAudio X5
02:15:39godzirraMikachu: through USB?
02:16:13Mikachuyeah, maybe it only works on nano?
02:16:14 Part LinusN
02:16:23Mikachuyou have to eject it first, or maybe it's called 'safe removal' in windows
02:16:41linuxstbOr just use Rockbox - hold MENU when you insert the USB cable.
02:17:05Mikachui did that earlier, after a couple of minutes it went into disk mode anyway
02:17:54linuxstbThat's the idle-timeout kicking in and making Rockbox shutdown. It then immediately wakes up again because the charger is inserted. It needs fixing......
02:18:06godzirraYou can put rockbox on an ipod now?
02:18:07Mikachuhm, yeah that must have been it, i wasn't playing music
02:18:07linuxstbBut if you listen to music, it won't idle-timeout
02:18:13 Join DJDD___ [0] (
02:18:15Mikachugodzirra: yeah
02:18:18godzirraYou can put rockbox on an ipod now?
02:18:21godzirraand it works?
02:18:23godzirrastupid laptop keyboard.
02:18:24XavierGrgodzirra: ofcourse I thought you knew that
02:18:24linuxstbgodzirra: Do you know what channel you are on?
02:18:45godzirraI had it working on my iriver, but last I heard, it didnt work on the ipod :)
02:18:54Mikachui think it's a rather recent development
02:18:56godzirraor it was still under serious serious beta anyway
02:18:58linuxstbWe've had audio playback for a couple of weeks.
02:18:59Mikachuweek or two?
02:19:12DJDD___Hey, would any in interested in buying a half working H140? :P
02:19:15godzirraand it works well with the video and video playback too?
02:19:17linuxstbBut it's been working for a few months, to some degree.
02:19:29Vertigo_tdlmy iriver should charge no matter if i'm in rockbox or not yes?
02:19:41linuxstbNo, there is no audio in Rockbox on the iPod Video.
02:19:53godzirradamnit. :()
02:20:15XavierGrDJDD___: half working?
02:20:24XavierGrgodzirra: Where is your iriver?
02:21:15DJDD___I fryed it when i put a nokia charger in it. The case is in mint condition and the HDD still works. Only issue is that the power supply on the mobo is fryed.
02:21:25godzirraIts sitting in my closet.
02:21:53XavierGrDJDD: Ouch! That is the worst thing you can get.
02:22:01XavierGrYou can sell the HD at least
02:22:14XavierGrgodzirra: What model?
02:22:14DJDD___How much do ya think i'd get?
02:22:35XavierGrand why don't you use it instead of the iPod?
02:22:41XavierGrRockbox is sweet on that machine
02:22:47godzirraBecause I wanted something smaller that I could fit in my pocket mostly.
02:23:01godzirraI loved rockbox on it, but wanted the smaller form factor, plus the nicer screen.
02:23:16XavierGrDJDD___: Not more than 100-150 I guess... but I am not sure about those things. Maybe you could repair it.
02:23:27DJDD___A mate is gonna upgrade to a H340 and i'm gonna take his H140 and fix mine, just wondering what kind of return i could get. $100? $200?
02:24:55godzirraplus I dont really lke the H120's weird knobbie controls thing.
02:24:57 Join Righe [0] (i=Scars@
02:25:23XavierGrgodzirra: how smaller is the iPod anyway? I mean come on, 0.3 cm maybe?
02:25:33godzirraThan the h120 wth a case?
02:25:38godzirralike half the size almost in width.
02:25:59XavierGrwhat iPod do you have?
02:26:27godzirrathe video
02:26:45XavierGrdo you have a cese on it?
02:26:52godzirraYeah. A clear hard plastic one.
02:27:00godzirraits still a lot thinner.
02:27:21 Part Righe
02:27:40XavierGragain the difference is quite trivial, though the 30 GB and the screen is a plus
02:27:56XavierGrNo radio, recording, optical in-out e.t.c
02:27:59XavierGrno remote
02:28:02godzirraYeah, I like the screen, but the size difference isnt trivial for me. I can't fit the H120 in my pocket. I can fit the ipod.
02:28:16godzirraAnd I don't really use any of that stuff. I just play music.
02:28:55XavierGrYou are lucky because maybe some day iPod video will play music with Rockbox.
02:29:01DJDD___Xavier, forget it, he obviously has no use for anything other than the basic features, so theres really no point in him using an iRiver
02:29:22XavierGrIf it wasn't the case I would consider you choise bad. (converting H100 to iPod video)
02:29:26godzirraI hope so. I loved rockbox.
02:29:49DJDD___Is the rockbox team going to start work on the iPod video?
02:30:09XavierGrThere are already IIRC...
02:30:42godzirraif I recall correctly.
02:30:51DJDD___Right, i always forget that one :P
02:31:28 Join DreamTactix291 [0] (
02:31:40DJDD___Well that sucks, i always thought this place was pretty anti-ipod
02:32:02godzirraNo, thats aesome.
02:32:05godzirraI love rockbox.
02:32:49XavierGrDJDD: Rockbox is the only thing that can turn an iPod to be a somewhat good DAP.
02:33:05godzirraOnce you get used to it I like the menu setup.
02:33:14godzirraand the bells and whistles from the other dap's don't realy do it for me.
02:33:14DJDD___Maybe, but i loose bragging rights about rockbox. Its like my major argument every time some idiot comes up to tell me iPod own everything
02:33:18XavierGrIMHO they are uggly and far to featureless for me
02:33:27godzirraI dont believe ipod owns everything... I just like the navigation system :)
02:33:36godzirraI do miss my rockbxothough
02:33:40godzirrastupid laptop keyboard.
02:33:49XavierGrI couldn't have a DAP without Rockbox.
02:33:59DJDD___I'm not saying iPods are crap, their good, its as simple as that. But i just hate how every man and his child has one
02:34:14Mikachui won mine so don't hate me
02:34:26DJDD___and their talked up so much when really there are much better DAPs
02:34:30XavierGrRockbox people don't count
02:34:47XavierGrIt is as Linus said.
02:35:13XavierGriPod people (except those that wish to run rockbox) chose an iPod because they don't care about features.
02:35:21godzirraI would love to run rockbox.
02:35:32godzirraand will the second playback works for the video :)
02:35:33XavierGrThey care mostly about a trend, appearance and that kind of stuff.
02:35:47jaebirdi originally got my ipod to run IPL
02:36:07jaebirdbut i'm a rockbox convert now
02:36:10godzirraI got mine because I didnt do enough research online and I'm too big of a fan of instant gratification
02:36:18DJDD___I reccomend an iPod to people all the time over an iRiver. Theres no point in them getting one if they don't want the advanced features
02:36:29jaebirdIPL had ogg support ages ago in 'unsupported'
02:36:38godzirraso why is the iAudio X5 so good? I'm reading it and its about the same size and looks prtty nice.
02:36:49jaebirdi want to listen to music...rockbox has done that for me!
02:37:44jaebirdIPL seems to be a project about doing cool stuff to the ipod...not necessarily focusing on what most people want...a dap
02:37:45godzirraI'm not really comfortable buying a used H340 online. :/
02:38:17XavierGrI bought a new one just 2 weeks ago. But :(
02:38:45XavierGrThe USB OTG function wasn't working, so I send it back.
02:38:53XavierGrI will have it in my habds on monday.
02:39:57godzirraSo rockbox on the ipod video is a definite thing?
02:40:03godzirraor still in the "maybe possible" category?
02:41:05Mikachunanoo nanoo!
02:41:08jaebirdhow many people _really_ want video on a 2 inch screen? many?
02:41:43DJDD___Its better than no video at all...
02:41:48jaebirdfor me it might be a neat gadget, like being able to play doom on an ipod
02:41:53godzirraI dont. I didnt buy it for that. I bought it because it was a nice screen and it was smaller than my old one a lot. *shrug*
02:42:07jaebirdbut i still want to have the best audio capabilities, that is my 2c
02:42:11godzirraSo does anyone know the answer to my question about how far away it is for the 5g?
02:43:01jaebirdlook at the track record for rockbox...
02:43:27jaebirdthings move pretty fast...i have a 4g grayscale
02:43:33godzirrawhere at?
02:43:39jaebirdlast week it didn't work with rockbox
02:43:40godzirraI'm at the site, trying to find it.
02:43:59jaebirdi'm not saying there is an actual 'track record' :)
02:44:14jaebirdwhat i'm saying is that things have moved pretty swiftly
02:44:24godzirraI found a page talking about it though.
02:44:50jaebirdi know there are a few kinks for the 5g but it'll happen
02:44:55godzirraso how does it work on the nano?
02:45:01godzirraI assume you arent required to use itunes anymore?
02:45:07jaebirdNOOOO :)
02:45:20godzirragod thats awesome.
02:45:23jaebirdi love that about it
02:45:27linuxstbYou are forced to not use it...
02:45:30godzirraCan you if you want to? (Because you're a masochist or someting)?
02:45:31jaebirdI drop my folders on my pod and go
02:45:41godzirrahow does the scroll menu thingie work?
02:46:00jaebirdit works
02:46:05godzirrasame as on the ipod firmware?
02:46:12godzirraSo whats different?
02:46:21jaebirdthe layout is all different
02:46:42jaebirdthe menus don't swoosh, but it never looked that good in gray
02:46:56godzirraEh, I dont care about swooshing menus.
02:46:58jaebirdis there a user's guide somewhere yet?
02:47:11 Join gtkspert_laptop [0] (
02:47:19godzirraman... now I'm excited about getting rockbox on my ipod.
02:47:21Mikachuthe swooshing menus look more like staggering menus when playing songs on apple firmware...
02:47:30jaebirdif you find the screen shots on the site, you can get an idea of how it looks
02:47:50jaebirdbut you can make your own theme too (i have not done that yet)
02:48:18Mikachui want someone to make an awesome wps for nano using the 6x13 size font :)
02:48:57jaebirdyeah, a couple of UI artist types could really make it look slick
02:49:17godzirraGod thats awesome.. I so can't wait.
02:49:27godzirraI wonder how long before they have audio playback on the ipod.
02:49:32godzirrajaebird: does your nano still display cover art?
02:49:41godzirrasorry... on the 5g.
02:49:52jaebirdi don't have a nano, im a 4g guy
02:50:04Mikachui'm confused, isn't nano also a 4g?
02:50:10jaebirdi don't think there is any cover art support yet
02:50:15godzirraahh ok.
02:50:21Mikachuyou can view jpegs in b/w but that stops audio playback :P
02:50:28jaebirdbut some of the WPS while-playing-screen
02:50:43jaebirdshow so much more than cover what is next up etc
02:50:49godzirraYeah, I miss that
02:50:52godzirraI had a rockbox enabled iriver.
02:51:24jaebirdcover art is a marketing thing... eh?
02:51:39godzirraYeah, but I think its kinda cool anyways
02:51:40Mikachuwho sits and looks at the cover art while listening to music?
02:51:44*godzirra is a sucker for shiny stuff.
02:51:45jaebirdbut somebody will probably do
02:51:51godzirraI dont, but I do glance at my ipod sometimes and its kinda cool.
02:51:58godzirraI'll still install rockbox without it =)
02:52:02godzirrathe features far outweigh cover art :p
02:52:15Mikachuit can use a custom .bmp as a background image
02:52:19jaebirdi use banshee for PC it is a natural fit
02:52:22Mikachuso maybe it could just show the cover art as background
02:52:35Mikachubut it might make the text hard to read for some images :)
02:52:51godzirraI know the rockbox on my iriver could use bmp's in the wps file.
02:52:57godzirramaybe you'll be able to do that on the new ipod videos.
02:53:06Mikachuworks on nano too
02:53:07godzirraand you can set it to display the cover art in a small box or something
02:53:54DBUGEnqueued KICK XavierGr
02:53:54XavierGr[03:50] Mikachu: you can view jpegs in b/w but that stops audio playback. I have written a patch that will enable Jpeg viewing while listening to music. (if th eJPEG is smaller that ~480kB) And also allows to press up or down to change pictures in the same folder.
02:54:06godzirraWow... I couldnt read that at all.
02:54:08Mikachutry not to paste in color
02:54:17godzirraYeah.. some of us don't use mirc =)
02:54:22godzirraSo I saw a bunch of black lines.
02:54:36XavierGroops sorry, my idiot client did this.
02:54:54Mikachufortunately i have a transparent terminal and not a black one :)
02:54:55XavierGrso you didn't saw anything?
02:54:57jmgis rockbox atm using its own kernel?
02:55:20MikachuXavierGr: sure, does it do scaling the same as the stock jpeg viewer?
02:55:44jmghow easy is it to migrate from a vendor kernel tree to rockbox kernel?
02:55:46ashridahjmg: rockbox has always used its own kernel. the only interaction with the firmware of other manufacturers is typically to insert some boot code to chainboot rockbox
02:55:47godzirraNah.. I'm using putty in windows at the moment.
02:56:01Mikachujmg: a what vendor? rockbox is not a linux kernel
02:56:03godzirraXavierGr: so no, I didnt see anyhthing you pasted =)
02:56:12jmgi seee
02:56:21ashridahjmg: on which platform are we talking about here?
02:56:33MikachuXavierGr: where do you keep this jpeg viewer?
02:56:52ashridahrockbox is a firmware for various archos, iriver, ipod and iaudio mp3 players
02:57:08jmgMikachu: any environment where the vendor has only done his bare obligation under opengl and disclosed source for the linux kernel used to build the firmware binary
02:57:35jmgashridah: im talking about the archos pma400, but i dont think rockbox really fits there
02:57:35Mikachui have never heard anyone call the gpl "opengl" before
02:57:50jmgi started saying open source but thought gpl
02:57:54jmgfingers lagged
02:58:03XavierGrno I didn't changed the scaling routine
02:58:07ashridahjmg: ah. rockbox is not based on linux.
02:58:14ashridahbut it is GPL
02:58:16MikachuXavierGr: isn't the up/down used to scroll then?
02:58:18jmgashridah: i thought it was a distribution
02:58:24jmgashridah: never mind
02:58:33ashridahjmg: you may be thinking of ipod linux
02:58:36Mikachurockbox has nothing to do with linux at all, except they stole some things from ipodlinux
02:58:37jaebirdjmg: your not confusing it with ipodlinux
02:58:44ashridahthat's a basic linux distribution
02:58:45XavierGrMikachu: Only if it is a very big pic. If the pic is zoomed tou can change pic with PLAY or REC
02:59:00jmgashridah: pma400 is a qtopia device
02:59:13jmgashridah: i was confusing rockbox with openzaurus
02:59:52jmgalmost no information about developing for it, probably because it was so expensive
02:59:58MikachuXavierGr: ipods don't have a record button.. :)
03:00:23XavierGrwell there are various buttons for each Target that will do the same
03:00:27 Quit matsl (Remote closed the connection)
03:00:30Mikachui'll check it out
03:00:34jmgXavierGr: what dsps does rockbox support?
03:00:44 Quit gtkspert_laptop ()
03:01:22XavierGrSome archos models
03:01:26XavierGririver H100/H300
03:01:47godzirrait was an -awesome- upgrade for my h120.
03:01:47XavierGriPod 4g b/w, 4g colour and nano
03:01:57XavierGriAudio X5 is under way
03:02:10XavierGrand maybe ifp-709 later.
03:02:43XavierGrlook to the end to see exact targets
03:02:53MikachuXavierGr: hm, do i have to recompile all plugins because of the changed plugin api?
03:03:11XavierGrnot all
03:03:19jmgno documentation on reprogramming the dsp
03:03:26XavierGrbut if you compile it will automatically update them
03:03:45jmgkind of like the a400 which has dsps for decoding mpeg4 video
03:04:08Mikachui meant i'll have to recopy everything, not recompile :)
03:04:10jmgand in arm mode doesnt have enough cpu to decode ogg on the fly
03:04:43XavierGrMikachu: old plugins will still work
03:04:43jmgis there any project to reverse engineer the mas?
03:04:51jmgmas dsp
03:05:03XavierGryou just need the new binary firmware file and the compiled new plugin jpeg.rock
03:05:25Mikachuand searchengine?
03:05:37Mikachuor is that included in the rockbox.ipod file?
03:06:18Mikachuokay, BUTTON_{OFF,UP,DOWN} are not declared
03:06:22XavierGrwell I changed that cause it had a conflicting name with tree.h
03:06:30XavierGrfor iPod?
03:06:39Mikachuit doesn't have those three buttons
03:06:41 Quit ts|gone (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
03:06:45XavierGrI thought they did.
03:06:51XavierGrSo it gives you a warning?
03:06:57XavierGr(error I mean)
03:07:15XavierGrAre you sure there is no UP or DOWN?
03:07:21Mikachuyou've got the plugin specific defines at the top, like JPEG_UP
03:07:26Mikachuyou should use those..
03:07:36Mikachuthey are called MENU and PLAY
03:07:51Mikachu#define JPEG_UP BUTTON_MENU
03:08:33XavierGrwait a sec I got confused.
03:08:44XavierGrI don't see anywhere BUTTON_OFF on the iPod
03:08:53XavierGrwhere did you see that?
03:09:17Mikachu@@ -1900,13 +2051,63 @@
03:09:20Mikachu+ case BUTTON_OFF:
03:09:25Mikachu+ case BUTTON_UP:
03:09:27Mikachu+ case BUTTON_DOWN:
03:09:36Mikachuyou want JPEG_QUIT, JPEG_UP and JPEG_DOWN i think?
03:09:42Mikachui changed to those, i'll see if it works
03:10:00XavierGrmy god
03:10:03XavierGrthanks for seeing this
03:10:07XavierGrthis is completely wrong
03:10:17XavierGrit works on H100 but it is wrong
03:10:26***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
03:10:27XavierGrI should use the defines
03:10:32godzirrahehe.. go mikachu
03:12:51Mikachuuh crap
03:12:56Mikachui forgot to put jpeg files on :D
03:13:01 Join ModernExecutive [0] (
03:13:16Mikachui did the same thing when i wanted to try rockboy... no .gb files
03:13:26XavierGrokay do some test now for me?
03:13:36XavierGrput various pics in a folder
03:13:40XavierGrsome small some very big
03:13:58Mikachusmall filesize or picture size?
03:14:00XavierGrthen load one small and press the button to change picture.
03:14:12Mikachuis 29K small enough?
03:14:28XavierGryou can use up to ~480kB
03:14:34Mikachuwhat happens over that?
03:14:51XavierGrif there is playback it will ask you if you want ot stop music
03:15:14XavierGrdoes it change pictures without playback?
03:15:25XavierGr(also see if both buttons to change a picture work)
03:15:28Mikachuhang on while i figure out the controls
03:16:31Mikachui can't figure out when it changes file and when it just scrolls?
03:16:32XavierGrthen try the same with playback. (be sure to have a large pic there, more than 512kB)
03:16:53XavierGrit will scroll when the pic is very big to see it without zoom
03:17:05Mikachuso how do i change file in that case?
03:17:17XavierGrif that is the case (pic is zoomed) then you can press SELECT and RIGHT to change
03:17:40Mikachuas soon as i press select, it exits
03:17:48Mikachuer, yeah
03:17:49Mikachu#define JPEG_QUIT BUTTON_SELECT
03:18:09Mikachui'll change that to SELECT | MENU
03:18:16XavierGrlinuxstb told me to that
03:18:19 Quit muesli__ (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
03:18:42XavierGrwait you need one to move to next and one to move to previous
03:19:09XavierGrcan you make it MENU | RIGHT and MENU | LEFT?
03:19:15XavierGrOR you could change the quit button
03:19:34XavierGrah yeah
03:19:44Mikachuit's hard to press menu and left/right, since it's on the same piece of plastic
03:19:45XavierGrchange line 104
03:19:48Mikachuonly select is separate
03:19:56XavierGrah okay
03:19:59Mikachuline 104?
03:20:01Mikachu#define MYLCD(fn) gray_ub_ ## fn
03:20:20XavierGryes change the quit button to BUTTON_MENU
03:20:26XavierGrline 104 on the patch
03:20:38Mikachuit's a bit roundabout to edit the patch
03:20:57Mikachushouldn't it work if i set quit to select+menu and next/previous to select+right/left?
03:21:07XavierGrokay then line 81
03:21:17XavierGr#define JPEG_QUIT BUTTON_SELECT
03:21:28XavierGr#define JPEG_QUIT BUTTON_MENU
03:21:33XavierGrmake that change
03:21:35XavierGrgot it?
03:21:52Mikachui got it working anyhow :)
03:21:57XavierGrwhy quit = select + menu?
03:22:06Mikachubecause it's the only free combination?
03:22:11Mikachuonly menu is scroll up
03:22:20XavierGrah yes menu is already used up
03:22:26XavierGrso what buttons did you set?
03:22:35Mikachuselect+play would also work, but select+menu is used in every other plugin so it makes sense
03:22:36XavierGr(alternate switching)
03:22:46Mikachu#define JPEG_QUIT (BUTTON_SELECT | BUTTON_MENU)
03:23:04XavierGrhmm but then you need 2 buttons to exit...
03:23:12XavierGrit is a little wierd
03:23:15Mikachumany other plugins do too
03:23:23XavierGrah then okay
03:23:44Mikachucan't say if any of the viewer ones do, but snake2 and some others do
03:23:53 Part ModernExecutive
03:24:25XavierGrso does it work that way?
03:24:28Mikachuright, so what did i want to test?
03:24:44XavierGrokay now playback a file
03:24:46Mikachuonly thing that's confusing now is that scroll up and down will change pics if it's zoomed out now
03:24:49XavierGrand then open a small pic
03:25:02XavierGryeah that is intended
03:25:26Mikachuit shows and doesn't stop
03:25:41XavierGrokay now scroll to a BIG pic
03:25:48XavierGrdoes it show a dialog?
03:25:55XavierGr(while playing music)
03:26:29XavierGrokay now choose an action and tell me if it did it right.
03:26:47Mikachuit stopped
03:26:59Mikachubut zoom in is a bit annoying since it is just a touch of the wheel
03:27:20Mikachuat least on ipods
03:27:40XavierGrhmm we should change the buttons on the iPod then
03:28:04XavierGriPod has too few butttos
03:28:48Mikachuindeed it does
03:29:16Mikachuif i start playback, click on a big file directly, it doesn't offer up/down to skip file
03:29:28Mikachubut if i press up/down anyway, it shows the option, and if i press again it actually does it
03:30:08XavierGrwait I didn't get this.
03:30:11XavierGryou mean that:
03:30:41XavierGrit will not show you on the dialog to skip the big file when you fisrt chose a big pic. Is that right?
03:30:45 Quit webguest68 ("CGI:IRC (EOF)")
03:31:27XavierGrthat is intended
03:31:30XavierGrnow the second part:
03:32:00XavierGr(in the same action) Even if you press up_down it will change picture?
03:32:37Mikachuis zooming also limited while playing music?
03:33:03XavierGrnot is not limited
03:33:23Mikachui have 1) a picture that won't let me zoom while playing music and 2) an image that is displaying corrupted after i select to stop music and show it, but it shows fine if i switch image back and forth after that
03:33:26XavierGr(ah I write like a sh*t)
03:33:57XavierGrhmm strange I never encountered that thing.
03:34:11XavierGrwhich iPod do you have?
03:34:30Mikachuit is 100% reproducible too
03:34:37Mikachuthe corrupt one
03:35:22XavierGrcan you send me those pics?
03:35:23Mikachuthe zoom thing too it seems
03:36:39XavierGrno, fucked up DSL. Hoggs on p2p activity
03:37:46Mikachuhow much ram does the nano have? it seems strange that you can save all that image data
03:40:11Mikachuwow, decoding jpeg is pretty complex
03:40:50Mikachufeel free to add color support too
03:41:35XavierGrI can't reproduce what you say on my H100
03:41:58Mikachuprobably a combination of bad luck and phase of the moon then
03:42:01XavierGrMikachu I only did the file changing, decoding is advanced stuff
03:42:07Mikachuyeah i know :)
03:42:13XavierGryou had only those 2 pics there?
03:42:20Mikachuno, some others too
03:42:25Mikachubut it's the same thing if i start on them
03:42:36XavierGrwhen I play music both of the files can;t load. It will ask to stop music.
03:42:59Mikachuthe 1995.jpg one is 426K, so maybe it's near some limit?
03:43:00XavierGris that the same to you
03:43:11Mikachuonly the 0370 one will ask to stop
03:43:18Mikachubut when i say yes, the bottom half is empty
03:43:20XavierGryeah probably it will not fit.
03:43:26Mikachuif i then go to next image and back again, it is shown fine
03:43:28XavierGrthe 1995 will not fit on mine
03:43:36Mikachubut the 1995 fits, but won't zoom until i stop music
03:46:08Mikachuthere is a function that checks if mem is available for zooming
03:46:27XavierGrso 1995 will fit while playing in you?
03:46:38Mikachu rb->lcd_puts(0,0,"Not enough plugin memmory!");
03:46:45Mikachuyou can fix that typo while you're at it :)
03:46:55XavierGrwhat typo?
03:47:45 Join Daishi [0] (
03:48:10Mikachumaybe you have to wait a little after asking playback to stop, to be sure the memory is freed?
03:48:25XavierGrbut yeah maybe the 1995 is in the limit
03:48:34XavierGrso you can view it only while zoomed out.
03:48:41XavierGrwhat is the plugin memory of the nano?
03:48:52Mikachu0x800000 something, not sure on the number of zeros :)
03:49:37XavierGryeah but that is what it matters.
03:50:49Mikachui don't remember what file defines it now
03:51:04XavierGrI found it
03:51:09Mikachume too
03:51:12XavierGrIt is the same as my target
03:51:14Mikachu#define PLUGIN_BUFFER_SIZE 0x80000
03:51:23XavierGr512 kB
03:51:30XavierGrah yes
03:51:38XavierGrthe grayscale library isn't used in the nano
03:51:46XavierGr(it has a colour screen)
03:52:00XavierGrthe greyscale function needs 80kB of memory
03:55:25Mikachusigh, i wish the apple firmware wouldn't take ages to load
03:55:42XavierGryes the same applies for iriver default firmware
03:55:51XavierGrbut I never use it :)
03:55:53Mikachuhave to boot it to copy files
03:57:12XavierGrok now I will upload the fixed version
03:57:39XavierGrbut I can nothing for the no zoom condition. The player hasn't got enough memory.
03:57:49Mikachuyeah i understand now
03:57:59Mikachuyou could pop up your thing, but it would probably just be annoying
04:02:47JdGordonjpg doesnt compress at all does it?
04:03:01XavierGrjpeg comress data
04:03:10Mikachujpg is like the most lossy codec in the world after rm :)
04:03:15XavierGrit is a lossy (and a lossless) decoder, encoder
04:06:45CassandraWow! I've just realised something. Theoretically you could run Rockbox on iPodlinux, since there's an SDL port.
04:07:03CassandraBuild the sim for the iPod target, you see?
04:07:17Mikachuthat would probably be slow
04:07:22CassandraI wonder how well it'd run.
04:07:26CassandraProbably, yeah.
04:07:33CassandraBut it'd be a neat hack.
04:09:54CassandraAlso be a nice way for iPodlinux fans to test drive Rockbox, assuming performance wasn't too poor.
04:09:54 Quit midkay (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
04:10:24 Join midkay [0] (
04:24:20Mikachuheh, color starfield is funny
04:24:21 Join ModernExecutive [0] (
04:24:27 Part ModernExecutive
04:25:43 Join Paul_The_Nerd [0] (
04:26:15Mikachuwhen i try to open a plugin that says 'incompatible model', my backdrop is cleared
04:27:18XavierGr(though I don't know anything about backdrop)
04:28:17Paul_The_NerdMikachu: I believe before a plugin is opened, the backdrop is cleared. The problem is probably that since it doesn't actually open, and then close successfully the backdrop is never restored.
04:29:20Mikachumakes sense
04:42:11CassandraI still think someone needs to make the Rockbox credits scroll Star Wars stylee over the Starfield.
04:42:23CassandraWell, for some definition of 'needs' obviously.
04:48:11CassandraRight, it's been at least 15 minutes since I turned the computer on. Windows requires me to reboot. Bleh.
04:48:23Mikachu"you have rebooted, please reboot"
04:48:46 Quit Cassandra (" HydraIRC -> <- Go on, try it!")
04:53:10 Quit DreamTactix291 (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
04:55:20Mikachuhooray, fixed it
04:56:45Mikachuprobably would be better with a goto out; or something but i'm lazy
04:57:53 Join Cassandra [0] (
05:00:23Paul_The_NerdSubmit it to the patch tracker?
05:03:38 Join Rob2222_ [0] (
05:04:37Mikachuwill do
05:06:55Mikachugood thing galeon saved my password and username, that email hasn't been valid for years :)
05:07:27 Join jackinabox^ [0] (
05:07:32jackinabox^hi all
05:10:27***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
05:10:44ashridahwish i remembered the password i used :(
05:18:43 Quit Rob2222 (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
05:19:19ashridahor, maybe, i have remembered it
05:19:24ashridahit was just so old i never thought to try it
05:22:54CassandraYay! The espresso machine is fixed. Joy to the world. But mostly to me.
05:23:28ashridahfucking sourceforge.
05:24:07Mikachuyes, damn them and their free services
05:26:35CassandraHah, well, I'll never use them again, and that'll show them! Erm...
05:27:09CassandraDear eBay, which part of "keep me signed in" is unclear
05:32:02ashridahmust say tho, i've got a 4 digit userid on sourceforge. i wonder what they're up to
05:34:04 Quit Daishi ("Client exiting...")
05:39:02 Part Paul_The_Nerd
05:39:15 Quit ashridah (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
05:39:16 Join Lost-ash [0] (
05:50:21 Nick Lost-ash is now known as ashridah (
05:58:40JdGordonah crap.. only holds your file for 7 days :'(
06:06:31 Quit mikearthur ("Konversation terminated!")
06:11:40JdGordonany1 know if it is possible for a plugin to call another plugin or one of the viewers?
06:15:17JdGordonis it correct to assume that if i want to move an entire directory i have to manuall rename each file with the new location?
06:15:25JdGordoni mean rename each file in the directory i want to move
06:15:32JdGordoni cant just rename the directory..
06:17:11 Quit imphasing (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
06:20:02 Join david_dl [0] (
06:21:37aegraypreglow or linuxstb here?
06:23:18david_dlhello again
06:23:38david_dlI installed rockbox on my 4g grayscale yesterday, it worked fine
06:23:47david_dltoday, I can't boot my ipod at all
06:24:04david_dlit shows the apple logo, makes a not-very-good-sounding noise
06:24:20david_dlthen shows an "unhappy ipod" logo with a link to the apple support site
06:24:29david_dlthis is teh noise it makes:
06:24:49david_dlWhat I want to know, is it coincidental that this happened after installing rockbox?
06:24:59david_dland am I right in assuming the harddrive is dead?
06:25:16aegrayhave you tried restoring?
06:25:30david_dlI can't as it wont boot, not even into diskmode
06:25:47aegraysounds completely coincidental
06:26:04aegraywhat happens with the diag mode combo?
06:26:17david_dlwhat keys is that?
06:26:19aegray`diag mode
06:26:22aegrayheh wrong channel
06:26:28david_dloh lol
06:26:37aegraymenu + center then when it reboots, rewind+center
06:26:39aegrayhold it
06:27:03david_dlthis time it booted straight off
06:27:14david_dlthe only difference is this time its a lot cooler
06:27:21david_dl(I had just charged it)
06:27:51david_dlhmm, I think i'll restore it to the apple software, just incase its still under warruntee
06:27:56david_dlwouldnt want them finding rockbox on it hehe
06:28:35david_dlI tried that combo you suggested
06:28:38XavierGryeah that would be good to do
06:28:48david_dlit displays "I RAMPASS\n\nHITPLAY\nCONTINUE"
06:28:51XavierGrtry it for some days without rockbox and see any symptoms
06:29:08aegraytry going to diskmode through that and tell me what happens
06:29:50david_dldiskmode flashes onscreen
06:29:56david_dlthen it reboots to rockbox
06:30:06aegrayto rockbox?
06:30:09aegrayrockbox works?
06:30:16david_dlthe whole thing is working again now
06:30:23david_dlthe harddrive is no longer making that noise
06:30:49david_dlthe only thing i can think of is that the whole ipod has cooled down alot
06:31:05david_dlit was very hot before
06:31:59BHSPitLappyaegray: did you not know about the port?
06:32:01david_dli decided to exit rockbox, boot the apple firmware
06:32:13david_dlthe noise is back, and this time diag mode doesnt work either
06:32:22aegrayi know - its just he said it didn't work
06:32:33XavierGrsomething is fishy with the HD
06:32:38aegrayif diag doen't work then its something other than the hd
06:32:43aegraydiag has nothing to do with hd
06:32:48 Join DreamTactix291 [0] (n=DreamTac@
06:33:01david_dlit gets stuck on the sad ipod screen
06:33:04XavierGrbut his HD is making weird noises?
06:33:07david_dlbut now I'm in diag
06:33:13david_dlyep the noise stops once it gets into diag
06:33:43BHSPitLappydo the tests
06:33:48BHSPitLappythe hd related tests
06:33:54david_dlok i tried the HDD scan test
06:34:03david_dlit started, with the hdd making normal hdd noises
06:34:15david_dlthen it started making the 'bad' noise again
06:34:45david_dlhmmm I'm quite certain my harddrive is screwed
06:35:08 Quit david_dl ("CGI:IRC (EOF)")
06:37:03aegrayis anyyone in here working on the ipod port / has a ready build environmnet for ipod?
06:37:35 Join david_dl [0] (
06:40:30 Quit david_dl (Client Quit)
06:41:06 Join david_dl [0] (
06:41:14david_dlgrrr stupid web client
06:41:31david_dl(my normal irc client cant connect, it says its address is banned)
06:41:55david_dlanyway, answer to your question, I have a cygwin ipod build envronment
06:42:07BHSPitLappyaegray: what do you mean?
06:42:11david_dlalthough, I can no longer test anything, my ipod died
06:42:17aegraywhoops - someone with a 5g
06:42:22aegrayi need someone to test something
06:42:31BHSPitLappyso use the sim
06:42:34aegrayi don't have a build env set up and i just want to check
06:42:38aegrayyou have a 5g sim?
06:42:49BHSPitLappyI have the rockbox-devel tree...
06:43:03BHSPitLappybut my builds here suck (cygwin)
06:43:10BHSPitLappywhat'd you make?
06:43:16aegraywere trying audio
06:43:25BHSPitLappyand FYI the ipod "porters" are linuxstb and preglow
06:43:33aegrayyea i was hoping there were someothers
06:43:34BHSPitLappythey're hosses :)
06:44:28david_dlinteresting, my ipod finally booted apple's firmware
06:44:30david_dlbut everything's gone
06:44:35david_dldefault settings, no music
06:45:01david_dltime to search for the receipt i thinks. This will be covered wont it?
06:47:23BHSPitLappyumm, just use the apple restore if you're that desperate...
06:47:34CtcpIgnored 1 channel CTCP requests in 0 seconds at the last flood
06:47:34*BHSPitLappy hates dumb return-happy users
06:48:26david_dlumm, if the harddrive is screwed, restoring wont help much will it?
06:48:54BHSPitLappyso did you figure out that was the problem?
06:49:18BHSPitLappysorry for the comment then
06:49:22david_dlafter heaps of tries, it sort of booted, kept stopping, making that noise, starting again
06:49:33david_dlfinally booted, behaved as if the filesystem was empty
06:49:40BHSPitLappyI just hear a lot of "omg linux wont work! wherez my receit???"
06:54:07david_dl"This warranty does not apply: to damage caused by accident, abuse, misuse, misapplication...
06:54:23david_dli suppose screwed harddrive is immediately classed as abuse?
06:56:26 Join ModernExecutive [0] (
07:00:00 Part jackinabox^
07:10:29***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
07:14:36 Part ModernExecutive
07:16:06 Quit Xerion (Remote closed the connection)
07:23:03 Join Xerion [0] (
07:26:56 Quit Vertigo_tdl (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
07:26:56 Quit david_dl ("CGI:IRC (EOF)")
07:36:10 Quit Xerion (Remote closed the connection)
07:36:12 Join Vertigo_tdl [0] (n=vertah@
07:36:31 Join Xerion [0] (
07:42:40 Join bagawk_ [0] (
07:45:23 Quit RotAtoR ("zzzzzzzzzz")
07:45:27 Quit Xerion (Remote closed the connection)
07:47:13 Join zhilik [0] (
07:49:18 Join Xerion [0] (
07:52:00CassandraHmmm. Did the forums just die horribly?
07:52:42 Quit bagawk (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
07:56:23 Join ModernExecutive [0] (
08:13:57 Part ModernExecutive
08:22:00 Quit DreamTactix291 (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
08:24:37 Join needleboy [0] (
08:25:05 Join Cassandra- [0] (
08:29:31 Quit hardeep ("BitchX: the cure for the common client")
08:29:45JdGordonim playing with the radio screen to make it easier to make it wps'able... is there any other info we would need other than frequncy, mode, status,weather its tuned or not, preset info, and weather iot is stereo?
08:32:43 Join dropandho [0] (
08:32:43 Quit midkay (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
08:33:26 Join midkay [0] (
08:33:49dropandhoany1 happen to be around?
08:33:54JdGordoni r
08:33:57aegraylots of people!
08:34:01dropandhoparty time
08:34:11dropandhoanyone notice the forum on the web is broken?
08:34:57JdGordonye, been down for a while
08:35:12dropandhohas misticjeff or linus been informed?
08:35:30Cassandra-I think they're both in bed.
08:36:28dropandhogot it...i guess ill message them and let em know
08:37:41dropandhoi never email linus...any1 in regular communication with him wanna drop him a note?
08:37:51dropandhohe might not check my msg
08:38:07JdGordonim sure they'll figure it out when they check the boards
08:38:15Cassandra-I imagine he reads his email.
08:38:16JdGordonor if they pop in here we'll let em know
08:38:22dropandhomisticjeff never does
08:38:24Cassandra-I suspect only Jeff can fix it anyway.
08:38:36dropandhoyeah- but he doesnt stop in really
08:38:53dropandhoill pm him thru MR
08:40:11dropandhoha- it wont let me
08:40:12dropandhoohh well- i tried!
08:40:28dropandhonight all
08:40:43 Quit dropandho ()
08:41:40Cassandra-Ah crap. All my videos have been replaced by grey screens again.
08:42:57 Quit kernelsensei (Remote closed the connection)
08:42:58 Quit midkay (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
08:43:04 Quit Cassandra (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
08:43:07 Nick Cassandra- is now known as Cassandra (
08:43:09 Join kernelsensei [0] (n=boris@unaffiliated/kernelsensei)
08:43:26 Join midkay [0] (
08:43:51 Quit Cassandra (" HydraIRC -> <- IRC for those that like to be different")
09:10:32***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
09:34:32 Quit Maxime ()
09:35:36 Join Maxime [0] (
09:51:56JdGordongrr... does the radio "work" in the h300 sim?
09:52:08JdGordonit keeps crashing here and i dont know if its my changes or the sim
09:52:21 Join matsl [0] (
09:53:23SereRoKRgood morning :>
09:53:53midkaymorning SereRoKR
09:59:03JdGordondoes any1 know of a tool to convert tabs to 4 spaces to make the devs happy?
09:59:40BHSPitMonkeyactually I do remember seeing something like that
10:01:00 Join DreamTactix291 [0] (
10:02:14JdGordonhmm... and how do i get cvs diff to include new files...?
10:03:06JdGordonor how do i add a new file to a patch?
10:03:10ashridahJdGordon: get the cvsutils package, and use cvsdo add
10:03:26ashridahthat'll pretend to do cvs add, but won't require cvs commit access
10:03:29midkayJdGordon, depends on your editor, you can usually just select a tab indent in your editor, paste it in the Replace dialog, and then enter four spaces for the "replace with" box, and hit replace all..
10:03:31ashridahso it'll let cvs diff include it
10:03:54JdGordonmidkay: smarty pants :D
10:03:58ashridahmidgey34: that's really horrible, since it won't replicate the header ;)
10:04:29ashridahmidkay: even
10:04:36ashridahdamn you all and your similar nicks :)
10:04:44 Join Membrillo [0] (
10:05:01ashridahJdGordon: are you using cygwin, the devkit, or linux?
10:05:16midkayJdGordon, :) find an editor that automatically does it! :)
10:05:16midkayashridah, what? :)
10:05:47JdGordonweeeeeee.... wordpad fixed it :D
10:06:00midkayJdGordon, did the replace thing work?
10:06:12ashridahJdGordon: to make it easier in future, start the cygwin setup.exe, and add the cvs utils package
10:06:15midkaygood, i was wondering if that worked in other editors
10:07:03JdGordonashridah: ok, doing
10:09:20JdGordonhmm cvsdo add file.c then redit cvs diff and it didnt add it to the diff file?
10:10:47JdGordondid i do something wrong?
10:12:09JdGordonashridah: ?
10:13:01 Join Kohlrabi [0] (
10:17:22JdGordonah, found it in the patches page...
10:20:15 Join Musicmad [0] (
10:27:56 Join safetydan [0] (
10:28:55 Join Siku [0] (
10:30:57JdGordonso.. do patches ever actually get commited?
10:36:29safetydanthe joy of open source, things happen when someone gets around to it
10:36:59midkayJdGordon, rarely in my experience :)
10:37:06midkaysort of baffles me.. :)
10:39:17safetydanJdGordon, did you mean to move all the #include statements in to the .h file?
10:39:37JdGordonye, y clutter up the .c with them?
10:39:56safetydanthey sort of belong there :)
10:40:16JdGordonwhats the diff? seen as the .h is included in the .c anyway
10:40:32JdGordoni guess its my bad monash education then...
10:40:45safetydanShould there also be a radio_gui.h ?
10:41:03safetydanJust checking. It's mentioned at the top of the patch
10:41:39JdGordonye, i tinhk its htere because i thought it would be needed.. but its not
10:41:45JdGordonand i didnt delete it
10:42:28safetydanSo basically the patch splits the UI stuff out of radio.c and gives the radio system a better API?
10:43:08JdGordoni gifured it was never gonna be prettied up unless someone started somehwere...
10:43:46 Join DangerousDan [0] (
10:45:08 Quit Musicmad (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
10:46:12 Quit matsl (Remote closed the connection)
10:52:48 Quit DreamTactix291 (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
10:59:27 Join muesli__ [0] (n=muesli_t@
10:59:59safetydanhrmm... ogg playback segfaults in the sim
11:02:51 Part mozetti_
11:10:34***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
11:12:07 Join dertew [0] (
11:14:19dertewi've some distortion problems with my h340 display, only with rockbox versions from half decemeber 2005
11:14:22dertewany idea?
11:15:18 Quit DangerousDan ("Miranda IM! Smaller, Faster, Easier.")
11:18:27 Join ender` [0] (i=ychat@
11:19:49dertew is down - database error
11:23:58JdGordondertew: get a newer biuld..
11:24:42dertewJdGordon, even the most recent build has this problem
11:25:00JdGordonwhat version o fhte bootloader u got?
11:25:19JdGordonhmm... odd
11:26:37JdGordonwhere is the distortion?
11:27:09dertewin menus, during playback, etc
11:27:43JdGordonodd... no idea..
11:28:01JdGordonyour best bet is wait untill the forums are back or linusN joins us
11:28:25dertewok, i'll wait, thanks
11:29:14JdGordonyou sure u updated rockbox.iriver to the latest?
11:29:46dertewyes, i'm sure. when i update i delete the previous .rockbox and rockbox.iriver
11:30:00 Quit Membrillo ()
11:30:19JdGordonmaybe u have a hardware problem.. i dunno
11:31:24dertewthe point is that with iriver firmware i don't have any problem. i don't have problem neither with the version i currently have installed, of half december
11:32:08 Join LinusN [0] (
11:32:17LinusNtadaaaa! i'm here!
11:32:50LinusNi can't help you with the forums though
11:33:12LinusNjeff doesn't know how to give me shell access to the forums server
11:33:25LinusNso i can't do anything
11:34:08LinusNi've been nagging him about the smilies but he doesn't know how to solve such things
11:34:40JdGordonmeh, so no annoying noobies for a while :D
11:34:41LinusNhmmm, misticriver dead too?
11:34:54dertewno, it's only a bit slow
11:34:57JdGordonno, mr is fine
11:35:00muesli__ah...the smilies are broken..thought that was only me
11:35:10LinusNmaybe his isp has technical problems (again)
11:36:45dertewLinusN, may be you can help me: i've some distortion problems with my h340 display, only with rockbox versions from half decemeber 2005
11:37:12LinusNmy dns can't look up
11:37:33LinusNdertew: ah, lcd timing issue
11:38:17dertewit's something you ever knew?
11:38:36LinusNi've seen some reports in the forums
11:38:46JdGordonLinusN: what needs to be done to get alarm wakeup going on the h300? is it relativly simple?
11:39:07LinusNJdGordon: should be pretty simple
11:39:25LinusNthe alarm rtc function is similar to the archos one
11:39:42JdGordonwanna walk me through what needs to be done? or can i request it be done before uni starts i 2 weeks :p
11:39:44LinusN"all" you neec to do is handle the pcf50606 wakeup functions
11:40:31LinusNunfortunately it might require a bootloader change
11:40:37 Join Cassandra [0] (
11:40:43JdGordonhmm.. damn
11:41:20LinusNthe bootloader checks which key caused the device to turn on, and it might need to add the alarm wakeup to the check
11:41:27 Join Lear [0] (
11:41:48 Join Lost-ash [0] (
11:41:50JdGordonah, well thats just a extra nicety... not really nescacery right?
11:42:09LinusNwell, it turns off if no key is pressed
11:42:16 Quit ashridah (Nick collision from services.)
11:42:18 Nick Lost-ash is now known as ashridah (
11:43:49LinusNbtw, my idea is to introduce a SYS_ALARM event, sent from the pcf50606 interrupt handler
11:44:03LinusNthen we can handle alarms when the device is turned on
11:44:52LinusNone tricky part is that the current internal structure of rockbox makes it a little difficult to switch screens when the alarm is detected
11:45:10LinusNas Cassandra pointed out in the forums
11:45:42LinusNdertew: it only happens when the cpu is boosted, right?
11:46:51dertewuhm... no, it happens very often.. but in some cases it's more evident than in other
11:47:51LinusNlike when playing games?
11:48:53dertewuhm... i install the latest version and i check in a moment
11:49:19LinusNyou said "half december", is that really so?
11:49:47dertewno, i've just check my rockbox version. it's 2005-12-25
11:49:59JdGordonxmas :p
11:50:28dertewyeah, good present. maybe the problem is on 2005 28 Dec 22:49
11:50:40LinusNthe most suspicious changes were made dec 28
11:51:12LinusNif you don't count my dma attempt, which was pulled again dec 22
11:53:10LinusNdertew: once i get my new h300, i'll connect my logic analyzer again and measure the timing
11:53:43LinusN(i won an h320 on ebay, but i'm starting to wonder if i'll ever receive it...)
11:54:05JdGordonwon implies it was free...
11:54:17JdGordondont fry this one :D
11:54:44 Quit Maxime (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
11:54:54LinusNcan't help it, i'm addicted to the smell :-)
11:55:07 Join Maxime [0] (
11:55:16safetydanLinusN, did you say the sound plays fine in the SDL sim on your machine?
11:55:16JdGordontis a nice smell
11:55:26LinusNsafetydan: yes
11:55:36LinusNi haven't tried to ff/rew though
11:55:54safetydanThe popping noise is obvious from the opening few seconds on my machine
11:55:56LinusNi rarely work on the sound playback stuff in the sim
11:56:23safetydanthe annoying thing is I've rewritten the sim audio code and it still pops
11:56:31safetydanbut at least the separate sound playback thread is gone
11:56:58 Join DangerousDan [0] (
11:57:11 Quit DangerousDan (Client Quit)
11:58:24dertewLinusN, i've installed the latest version
11:58:42 Part safetydan ("Leaving")
11:58:42dertewi get distortion when the disk spin up
11:59:15dertewfor example when i change song
11:59:37dertewafter 10-15 sec distortion stops
12:00:02dertewbut in some cases it cames back
12:00:23LinusNthe cpu is boosted when reading from disk
12:00:30dertewno distortion in bejeweled
12:00:58LinusNhmm, meybe bejeweled doesn't boost anymore
12:02:13dertewsome distortion in bejeweles with music playing
12:02:49 Join NicoFR [0] (
12:03:05LinusNlooks like it never did :-)
12:03:30LinusNdertew: what happens if you boost the cpu manually? how can i do it?
12:04:59dertewdistortion when loading a photo (while the progress bar go on), no distortion when the photo is loaded
12:07:55dertewdistortion if i scroll playlist while music is playing; no distortion if i scroll playlist while music is not playing (pause)
12:09:33 Nick dertew is now known as dertew_lunch (
12:14:47JdGordonLinusN: about the radio wps screen.. i think the bmp loading code from gwps.c is reusable.. but is the text drawing code useable at all?
12:15:48 Join damaki [0] (
12:20:18LinusNnot really, since the info is taken from the metatags
12:20:52LinusNdertew_lunch: menu->info->debug->cpu frequency, press Up to boost
12:20:55JdGordonye, but i mean after changin that..
12:21:07Mikachuit looks like tree_init() uses tc.dircache_size without checking for HAVE_DIRCACHE ?
12:21:07LinusNnot sure
12:21:39LinusNJdGordon: i'd like the fm screen to use bitmaps for the frequency digits
12:22:28LearWouldn't a radio WPS just use different % commands?
12:23:00JdGordonLinusN: same.. but that would be _fun_
12:23:04JdGordonanywho.. im going out
12:23:08JdGordonback in an hour or so
12:29:26 Quit damaki__ (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
12:31:52 Join DreamTactix291 [0] (
12:36:40 Join safetydan [0] (
12:37:11safetydanAnyone use the SDL sim under Windows and have the sound actually work?
12:39:17 Join SereR0KR [0] (
12:39:57safetydanoo... playback hang on my h120
12:40:22 Quit Furious_G (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
12:40:23 Join Fuiou5 [0] (
12:41:23Learsafetydan: sort of. I get audio, but it doesn't sound very good. :)
12:41:55safetydanLear, well my recent attempts to fix it seem to have resulted in no audio at all under Windows
12:42:00safetydanand no better audio under Linux
12:42:15Learwell, my test was a couple of days ago...
12:42:29safetydanthere's been nothing checked in to fix it yet
12:42:36safetydanjust testing on my local machine
12:43:01LearBut the problem I hear is more likely due to the yield() implementation...
12:43:22safetydanpopping noises?
12:44:14 Join t0mas [0] (n=Tomas@unaffiliated/t0mas)
12:45:10LearNo, audio is chopped up; audio for a short while, silence for a short while...
12:45:25LearAlso, it uses 100% CPU then.
12:48:29ashridahi suspect the threading is broken
12:48:42ashridahwhich isn't exactly going to make it fun. :)
12:48:48 Join quobl [0] (n=quobl@tor/session/x-5c51fc0dc6170693)
12:49:13Learbroken how? no obvious differences that I can see in the SDL version...
12:49:18ashridahif it's still using the code i wrote to use SDL's threads instead of pthreads, it may well be broken, i never did test it that well
12:50:15safetydanyeah it's still basically the same
12:53:03 Quit DreamTactix291 (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
12:53:28 Quit muesli__ (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
12:56:17ashridahmm, well, check the mutex orders
12:57:17 Quit SereRoKR (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
12:57:26ashridahuse the x11 one as a reference, the code shouldbe fairly similar
13:00:10safetydanfound one mismatched (un)lock on the mutex but oddly it doesn't seem to change anything
13:00:51Learyeah, runthread should start with ...P.
13:10:36***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
13:11:51preglowreading the logs these days...
13:12:38 Join webguest41 [0] (
13:14:10 Nick dertew_lunch is now known as dertew (
13:14:32dertewLinusN, when i boost cpu i get distortion
13:15:20Mikachuhm, possible to use utf8 on the file system?
13:16:05 Join Musicmad [0] (
13:16:52 Quit webguest41 (Client Quit)
13:18:54Mikachuhow do i clear the playlist?
13:19:44 Join Jungti1234 [0] (n=jungti12@
13:19:52dertewLinusN, any suggest?
13:19:52dertewwhere can i dl older daily builds? (2005-12-26/27/28/29)
13:19:55Mikachuhrm, now i got stuck in a menu
13:19:56Jungti1234hey markun... :)
13:20:03ashridahMikachu: insert a new file, it'll typically wipe the playlist
13:20:19Mikachui tried that, it just got larger
13:20:22LinusNdertew: you can't dl that old builds
13:20:23Mikachuwell, on a directory
13:20:31Mikachunow i have to restart..
13:21:32MusicmadLinusN. did this last night (my first C code yeah!)
13:21:49MusicmadI think it's a big improvement to browsing long lists.
13:22:40Mikachuwhen i instert a directory, the current playlist isn't cleared
13:22:53Mikachuand the next time i get stuck in that menu, i'll note which one it was...
13:23:04*JdGordon is back
13:23:22Jungti1234hi JdGordon
13:27:03Jungti1234What is 'Patinage de vitesse'?
13:27:19t0masfast train or something?
13:27:24 Join Zoide777 [0] (
13:27:30 Join rob- [0] (
13:27:34t0masoh wait
13:27:36t0masspeed skating
13:27:37t0mason ice
13:27:44t0masI was close ;)
13:28:11dertewthanks LinusN, JdGordon, i go. bye
13:28:18JdGordonget it fixed?, but it's related to cpu boost
13:29:09dertewmaybe an update of the driver made on 28 dec 2005
13:29:16dertewi'll wait
13:29:20 Part dertew
13:39:28 Join muesli__ [0] (n=muesli_t@
13:43:17 Part LinusN
13:44:36 Join mikearthur [0] (
13:45:44 Join Philip_0729 [0] (
13:46:13Philip_0729is anyone else having problems getting onto misticriver??
13:47:03Jungti1234me too
13:48:45JdGordonslow... but seems to be working
13:49:07 Quit perldiver (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
13:50:30Jungti1234very slow
13:51:33 Quit Thus0 (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
13:51:40 Join Thus0_ [0] (
13:51:45Philip_0729how do you change timeout settings in firefox?
13:53:16 Quit Lear ("Chatzilla 0.9.70 [Firefox]")
13:53:23safetydanMusicmad, patch looks good
13:53:39safetydanwell at least I like it
13:53:40ashridahPhilip_0729: about:preferences or something might give you something you can work with
13:54:19ashridahhrm, at least, i thought it was about:preferences
13:54:25safetydanabout:config maybe
13:55:03ashridahthat's the one
13:58:15JdGordongnite all
13:58:21 Quit JdGordon (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
13:59:35 Join bluey [0] (
14:04:08safetydanUnless someone objects I think I'll commit Musicmad's patch for paged scrolling
14:04:49linuxstbHow does it work?
14:04:52Jungti1234How should I make sdl simulator?
14:05:13 Nick Thus0_ is now known as Thus0 (
14:05:20safetydanlinuxstb, when you get to the second last entry of a page of the list, it scrolls an entire page up (or down)
14:05:24Mikachuhm, does rb expect filenames as utf16le?
14:05:28safetydanlinuxstb, much more usable on the slow LCD of the h120
14:05:38Jungti1234'configure didn't find sdl-config, which indicates that you don't have SDL (properly) installed. Please correct and re-run configure!'
14:07:13linuxstbsafetydan: So If I have a font which gives me 10 lines on the screen, and I go to item 9, and then try to go to item 10, what happens?
14:07:47safetydanlinuxstb, nothing
14:07:57safetydanno need to scroll in that case
14:08:13safetydanthe change is pretty minor, instead of continuous scrolling, you scroll by page
14:08:16linuxstbSo what happens when I go to item 11?
14:08:37safetydansorry, misread
14:08:54safetydanit will scroll, and you'll see the next 10 lines with the one last selected highlight at the top
14:10:07 Join ep0ch [0] (n=ep0ch@
14:10:11Philip_0729I prefer it how it is now... unless its only for H100
14:10:36safetydanI was wondering if someone would want an option for it :)
14:10:42Philip_0729or it is added as an option...
14:10:46ep0chsafetydan: yes an option would be good
14:11:12safetydanit's pretty nice for the h100 as it means you can actually read what's scrolling past
14:11:32ep0chwell i'll try it
14:11:41ep0chdoes it work with the remote too?
14:11:43preglowsafetydan: good point
14:11:47preglowi can't read shit as i scroll now
14:11:58safetydanep0ch, yes
14:12:59ep0chthe only thing i miss from iriver fw is the vertical text scrolling, horizontal scrolling aint so good on the ihp
14:13:25Musicmadsafetydan: thanks for looking into it.
14:13:47safetydanSo, the consensus seems to be add it as an option?
14:13:55 Join webguest42 [0] (
14:14:14Philip_0729yes please
14:14:15ep0chyes *another* option ;)
14:14:30safetydanyeah, that was my thought too :)
14:14:35webguest42if I'm not mistaken, one can already scroll by page using the currently on the H1xx series
14:14:54ep0chyup play+up/down
14:15:22webguest42so how does this new method change that
14:15:29ep0chbut its quite different
14:15:32safetydanwebguest42, it makes it the default
14:15:57webguest42I must now hold play down to scroll as default
14:16:05ep0chpage scrolling moves the cursor a page too, whereas this patch the cursor only moves a line at a time
14:16:40safetydanbasically replicates the iRiver firmware behaviour
14:17:21MusicmadPhilip_0729: did you try my patch?
14:17:49preglowis bluechip going to fix the sdl thing or not?
14:17:49webguest42holding the joystick up or down will do what now ? with regards to scrolling
14:18:26linuxstbI'm sure Rockbox used to have an "emacs-style" scrolling - so for example when the cursor was about 3 lines from the end of the page, and you moved down, then the page would half-scroll, moving the cursor to the next item, but moving that item so it was about 3 lines from the top.
14:19:09preglowi think i'd like step scrolling like that compared to what we have now
14:19:13preglowwhich is unreadable
14:19:27webguest42it was changed from that to current
14:20:02preglowit would also be more cpu friendly
14:20:09preglowand code should be a bit simpler
14:20:32webguest42I really dont mind what method is used, as long as its user friendly
14:20:43Mikachudoes rb expect filenames as utf16 on the fat filesystem?
14:21:33linuxstbI think FAT uses ucs-16 IIRC.
14:21:50 Part webguest42
14:21:53safetydanI'll hold off on the scrolling change for a bit
14:21:57safetydangot some other work to do
14:22:06Mikachui hate filesystems that "use" a character set
14:22:54Mikachubtw, shouldn't it be possible for ipodlinux to use the umsdos filesystem? :)
14:22:59linuxstbWhat do you mean? How can a filesystem not use a character set?
14:23:09Mikachuit should just store the bytes i tell it to store
14:23:27linuxstbIt does.
14:23:36Musicmadsafetydan: it could probably use a brush up too before comitting. I'll try to make it into an option too.
14:23:50Mikachuin the filename
14:24:11 Quit ashridah ("sleep")
14:24:32preglowMikachu: so you prefer the situation we have with id3 where we don't know what character set it uses?
14:24:45 Quit Jungti1234 ()
14:25:00safetydanMusicmad, that'd be cool
14:25:49Musicmadsafetydan: seems like there is no rush to do it too :) - which is good since I don't have C experience.
14:26:05 Quit Rob2222_ ()
14:26:20safetydangood way to learn :)
14:26:45Zoide777for the ipod rockbox, is there a way to make scrolling through files behave as in the original firmware? (i.e. it accelerates after a while) right now it takes forever to scroll through large lists (plus there's no working tag database so everything's in one place unless you create a complicated folder structure)
14:26:53Musicmadexactly :) - do you think I need to reset the button repeat delay when changing page?
14:26:54Mikachupreglow: maybe i just want the utf8 mount option ;)
14:27:07 Join Rob2222 [0] (
14:27:08Mikachupreglow: my problem is i can't create utf16 filenames in linux since nulls aren't allowed
14:28:35safetydanMusicmad, no it seems to work fine without that
14:29:22Musicmadsafetydan: great thx.
14:29:53Mikachuah, no complaints, it works perfect with utf8
14:32:32 Join DreamTactix291 [0] (
14:33:25Philip_0729Musicmad: i have a h300 with quite an organized folder structer... not to many pages of items to select and the current implementation works very well for me. If you were to comit it please make it an option.
14:34:29MusicmadPhilip_0729: sure. Can't commit anything anyway.
14:34:51Mikachuwhat kind of dictionaries does the dict plugin use? i backtracked to but don't understand what it reads
14:40:07Mikachuscreens.c has this comment for browsing id3 tags,
14:40:17Mikachu /* It makes more sense to have the keys mapped "backwards" when scrolling a list. *
14:40:21Mikachubut i think it's very confusing
14:44:44preglowlinuxstb: what david bryant says on ha about apev2 tags on mp3s seems pretty sensible to me
14:45:45*ender` is using rockbox patched to support apev2 on mp3s
14:45:55linuxstbpreglow: Yes, I'm happy with that. Only problem is that the id3v1/v2 parsers are in firmware/id3.c and the apev2 parser is in apps/metadata.c
14:46:10preglowthat bloody apps/firmware thing again
14:46:23*preglow wonders why id3 parsing of all things should be in firmware
14:46:31linuxstbWhat Rockbox should do is to read the last 160 bytes from the file, and see if that contains an id3v1 and/or apev2 tag.
14:46:34Philip_0729@needleboy: are you there, if you are could you please have a look at the latest few optimized builds (after v0.53) as the audio is skipping on all files :(
14:46:59linuxstbpreglow: Because it uses parts of mp3data.c, which is closely related to the MAS (I think).
14:47:19preglowwe also use mp3data.c
14:47:23preglowso it can't be that closely related
14:47:55linuxstbMaybe the mas driver also needs mp3data.c
14:48:47linuxstbNo, doesn't seem to.... I'll see what happens when I move id3.c and mp3data.c into apps.
14:49:02*preglow does the SVN dance
14:49:40*Mikachu does the kirby dance <('')> <("<) (>"<) (>")> <('')>
14:49:46Mikachusorry, got caught in the excitement
14:50:51 Join _FireFly_ [0] (
14:51:14Mikachuprobably my most used alias :)
14:51:15 Quit midkay (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
14:52:02 Join midkay [0] (
14:55:17Mikachupreglow: you have an ipod nano?
14:55:24Zoide777so, does anyone know if it's possible to accelerate scrolling through songs like in the ipod
14:55:49MikachuZoide777: the scrollwheel handling code is currently very simple
14:56:01Mikachuit sends an event every time you scroll 4 units
14:57:03Zoide777oh... b/c right now it takes forever to scroll through large lists of files
14:58:07Zoide777it wouldn't be so bad if there were an artist/album/song database, but right now everything's in one huge list unless i make a bunch of folders...
14:58:40Mikachuyeah, you'll want to make playlists or sort your files by artist and album
15:01:40linuxstbWell, if I move a load of files from firmware, just leaving mp3_playback.c there, then it seems to compile OK for both Archos and iriver/ipod - with the exception being playback_tick() and rec_tick() in mpeg.c (which I've moved to apps) being required by the code in firmware/mp3_playback.c
15:03:33linuxstbThe files I've moved are: id3.[ch] mp3data.[ch] mpeg.[ch] and replaygain.[ch]
15:03:54preglowMikachu: yea
15:04:13Mikachupreglow: i have fashioned a patch that makes shutdown faster
15:04:30preglowMikachu: i don't have my nano with me, so can't test it
15:04:40Mikachubut i promise it works :P
15:05:09preglowlinuxstb: i think we start to have a little chat on whether the firmware/app thing makes any sense anymore
15:05:10markunMikachu: the font is in cvs
15:05:17preglowlinuxstb: s/start/need/, i suck
15:05:27Mikachumarkun: cool
15:06:01linuxstbI think it does - IMO, it's just the files I mention which don't really belong there.
15:06:02markunMikachu: we should replace the language specific fonts by their unicode equivalents
15:06:12preglowlinuxstb: why does it make sense?
15:06:41preglowMikachu: the shutdown only takes so long for nanos? i thought all ipods shut down slowly :>
15:07:07Mikachupreglow: hehe, well you see the reason there
15:07:14 Part Philip_0729
15:07:32preglowyeah, we don't exactly know how well the nano does in keeping close to the ata spec
15:07:40Mikachuif you want you can ifdef the loop instead but i think it's better to localise the change in ata.c?
15:09:23preglowyeah, probably is
15:10:38***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
15:13:49linuxstbpreglow: I just think splitting Rockbox into two parts makes it easier to maintain - IMO two smaller sets of code with a well-defined interface between them is easier to understand than a single large application.
15:14:10linuxstbWe can simply move code from firmware/ to apps/ whenever it becomes an issue - like the id3 parsing code we're complaining about now.
15:15:51 Quit t0mas (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
15:16:19 Join t0mas [0] (n=Tomas@unaffiliated/t0mas)
15:17:50preglowjust seems to me that all that will be left in firmware eventually are drivers and kernel
15:17:55 Quit bluey ("Leaving")
15:18:03preglowwhich would be fine by me, really, i see no use for id3 parsing code in firmware/
15:18:58Mikachuis it possible to change the apple logo shown when booting?
15:19:35preglowbut no one's tried
15:19:50preglowand it's in flash, so good luck if you do try
15:19:50Mikachui won't be the first then :)
15:20:06preglowwise call
15:20:11Mikachui thought maybe it was in the bootloader or something
15:20:46Mikachuwill you look at the shutdown thing later?
15:21:07linuxstbMikachu: It's not sensible to try and modify Apple's bootloader in flash - that's one thing that could brick your ipod.
15:21:24Mikachui suspected as much
15:23:52Mikachumarkun: still here?
15:24:21linuxstbpreglow: There is one dependency between firmware and apps that I can't resolve. It needs someone who understands the MAS playback code....
15:24:55*preglow summons a madman
15:25:02linuxstbamiconn ?
15:25:56linuxstbBut I think we should wait until the files are moved to apps before implementing apev2 tags in mp3. That also means we can do it for Archos users.
15:26:53crwl"Show ID3 info" in the long-press-menu (whatever it's called) should be changed to "Show tag info" or something, shouldn't it?
15:27:28Mikachui had the same thought
15:31:29 Quit Musicmad (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
15:34:15preglowyes it should
15:34:22preglowexpect on archoses, where id3 is all you have
15:34:24preglowlangv2, etc
15:34:37Mikachueven if it's only id3, "tag" is still true
15:34:58preglowjust a possibility
15:35:09 Join bluey [0] (
15:35:17preglowi think i'd like "show song info" or something even more
15:35:22preglowless technical than both tag/id3
15:36:16Mikachuif i have some songs in the playlist, and i want to remove them and add some other directories, how do i do that?
15:36:38Mikachuthey're only removed when i 'play' a file in the browser, not when i insert a directory (recursively)
15:37:21 Join DangerousDan [0] (
15:38:02 Quit DangerousDan (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
15:38:23 Quit goa (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
15:38:39 Join DangerousDan [0] (
15:39:59linuxstbMikachu: I've just looked at your patch to fix the backdrop when a plugin fails to load. A simpler fix would be to only clear the backdrop after the plugin has been loaded and verified.
15:40:16Mikachuthat's probably true
15:40:47Mikachui didn't read the code so carefully so i just caught all the return -1;
15:42:42 Quit ep0ch ("Kopete 0.11.1 :")
15:46:25Mikachu% grep 'cp rockbox.ipod ~/usb/ipod' .history|wc -l
15:48:35Mikachulinuxstb: i tried it, and it also works fine
15:49:11Mikachuthe backdrop is shown while the error message is up, but that is probably not unwanted
15:49:19NicoFRneedleboy: you threr ?
15:50:39 Join Daishi [0] (
15:51:10linuxstbMikachu: Yes, I think that's fine.
15:51:50Mikachudo you want a patch? probably easier to just change it yourself
15:52:56Mikachuah, bejeweled is a lot more fun if you comment out #define BEJEWELED_SCROLLWHEEL
15:56:23needleboyI am now
15:56:56NicoFRjust to say i don't really see how my FF/RW patch could possibly cause a performance hit...
15:57:20 Join Musicmad [0] (n=Musicmad@
15:57:57NicoFRit only adds one single line of code in the FF/RW handler of the WPS code
15:58:46NicoFRand i wanted to know what kind of performance hit you had ?
15:58:53NicoFRlots of skipping ?
15:59:07needleboymost people had problems with playback and volume change since adding that patch
15:59:30needleboyi'm not absolutely sure it's your patch, so don't take it too hard
15:59:43NicoFRdon't worry i'm not ;)
15:59:58needleboythe current release is for testing
16:00:03needleboythe next one will include yours
16:00:24NicoFRon my build i'm using both my patch and the "improved power management" one and im' not having any problems
16:00:27needleboyand the one after will include the power management patch which might also be the cause to this problem
16:00:56NicoFRif you want i can upload a zip for you to test
16:01:03needleboyi trust your word...
16:01:22needleboyok, we'll see the reactions to this build and hopefully find the reason
16:01:45Mikachui also have the ff/rw patch applied, but i haven't had much time to actually listen to music :D
16:01:46needleboyif you want, i'll post that it was not caused by your patch
16:03:01NicoFRif you want ;)
16:03:32needleboyi will in the next build's changelog
16:04:07needleboysorry anyways... i'm really busy these days and haven't had much time for testing... so i just react to what people say...
16:05:04Musicmadsafetydan: I have updated the patch. It's cleaner now, and an option in the file view settings. Looks like the best place, but this settings affects every list of course.
16:05:50 Quit needleboy ()
16:06:02linuxstbHow about General Settings -> Display -> Scrolling ?
16:06:13Musicmadlinuxstb: sounds good :)
16:07:05linuxstbAlthough I think those settings relate to the horizontal scrolling of lines of text...
16:07:08Musicmadlinuxstb: this is vertical scrolling however. Dunno
16:07:12Musicmadyup :)
16:07:31safetydanit also controls the "screen scrolls out of view" setting
16:07:46MusicmadI'll move it to that one.
16:09:13Musicmaddoes the setting rely on stuff like: #ifdef HAVE_LCD_CHARCELLS or #ifdef HAVE_LCD_BITMAP?
16:09:18Musicmad(forgive my ignorance)
16:09:41linuxstbWhat does the code itself rely on?
16:09:41 Quit bluey ("Leaving")
16:09:41 Quit NicoFR ()
16:10:04Musicmadlinuxstb: the number of lines mainly?
16:10:35linuxstbBut that depends on the font size....
16:10:53Musicmadsure - it's coded to take that into account.
16:11:30linuxstbAre there any #ifdefs that surround your code?
16:11:31 Quit DangerousDan ("Miranda IM! Smaller, Faster, Easier.")
16:12:33 Quit _FireFly_ ("Leaving")
16:12:53Musicmadlinuxstb: ah I get it. I'll have a look. Thanks.
16:13:00 Quit t0mas (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
16:13:37 Join t0mas [0] (n=Tomas@unaffiliated/t0mas)
16:15:14Mikachuwhy is the shutdown menu entry ifdeffed in HAVE_LCD_CHARCELLS?
16:18:42Musicmadsafetydan: patch updated. Should be good to go now. Default is pragmatic. (off)
16:18:46 Part Musicmad
16:19:24 Join Musicmad [0] (
16:19:30 Quit Rob2222 ()
16:23:19 Join Shani}{Coder [0] (i=Coder@Is.A.TclCoder.Org)
16:24:10 Quit DreamTactix291 (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
16:24:32 Join DreamTactix291 [0] (n=DreamTac@
16:26:48Mikachuwhat is this Buffer 30.081MB in the info screen?
16:28:35linuxstbThe size of the audio buffer.
16:28:47Mikachuis that stored on flash?
16:29:15Mikachuor does the nano have 32MB ram?
16:29:26linuxstbYes, the Nano has 32MB RAM like the other ipods.
16:29:30Mikachuah, okay
16:29:41Mikachufor some reason i thought it was less
16:29:43linuxstbThe architecture is exactly the same as the HD-based ipods.
16:29:53linuxstbApart from the hard disk is a flash disk.
16:30:17 Join DangerousDan [0] (n=Miranda@
16:30:22Mikachuis the buffer needed when using flash?
16:30:29 Join Rob2222 [0] (
16:30:30linuxstbI guess it means that Apple didn't have to make very many changes to their firmware for it to work on the Nano. And that's obviously good for us as well.
16:31:11linuxstbMikachu: That's something we could experiment with, but would mean writing lots of code just for the Nano.
16:31:56Mikachuthe plugins get only 512kB of ram? or can they allocate from the main ram too?
16:32:10Mikachuor does it only limit the size of the code?
16:33:04linuxstbThat 512KB of RAM is at a fixed address in memory - plugins are simply a binary image that are loaded to that address and then executed.
16:33:39linuxstbA plugin can request a pointer to the unused part of that 512KB, and it can also stop audio playback and request a pointer to the 30MB audio buffer.
16:33:49Mikachui see
16:34:18Mikachuso if the buffer was 10MB the plugin would have 20.5MB of memory while playing music?
16:34:57linuxstbNo - a plugin can either stop playback and get all the buffer, or not stop playback and get none of the buffer.
16:35:13Mikachui meant if i were to change the size of the buffer in the code
16:35:43linuxstbYou can't change the size of the audio buffer directly - that's just all the memory that is unused.
16:35:56linuxstbBut you could make the plugin buffer 10MB if you so wished.
16:35:59Mikachuoh, okay
16:36:11Mikachuwell that's a lot simpler :)
16:36:22linuxstbBut undesirable. Why would you want that?
16:37:15linuxstbBut of course, on the Nano it probably doesn't matter....
16:37:28Mikachuwouldn't it make sense to have the plugin buffer of 512kB, an audio buffer of like 5MB and another part of free mem that can be used by plugins or by something else
16:37:50Mikachui mean, an ogg is like 1MB per minute, i think the flash can cope..
16:38:29preglowrockbox runs on more than the nano...
16:38:39Mikachui guess i'm a bit selfish
16:39:03preglowthe nano is really the exception to all this
16:39:09 Join Paul_The_Nerd [0] (
16:39:17preglowall our other targets that use the ata interface has actually got a hard disk connected to it
16:39:23preglowthe other flash based targets use something completely different
16:39:55linuxstbBut for example, the jpeg patch could benefit from increasing the plugin buffer size. And I don't think a smaller buffer would affect battery life on the nano.
16:40:19Mikachuis this general buffer part used by rockbox itself?
16:40:25linuxstbSo for plugins that need to stop playback on other targets, the Nano could possibly do both.
16:40:34Mikachuor only by plugins and audio?
16:40:46Mikachui'll give it a shot
16:41:19linuxstbWhen Rockbox starts, it will allocate some buffers based on user settings from the audio buffer. But after that point, the audio buffer is fixed in size and only used by the audio code.
16:41:49 Quit Rob2222 ()
16:42:19linuxstbMikachu: But why do you want to decrease the audio buffer? What would you use that RAM for?
16:42:25 Join Rob2222 [0] (
16:42:31Mikachuonly jpeg so far i guess
16:43:06linuxstbThen you only need to increase PLUGIN_BUFFER_SIZE in firmware/export/config-ipodnano.h
16:43:34 Quit Zoide777 ("CGI:IRC")
16:43:45preglowi wondere where the ata->flash layer is realised
16:43:52preglowi seriously doubt the flash chip understands ata
16:45:12 Join Matze41 [0] (
16:45:33linuxstbThe ATA code is identical on both the Nano and 4G, so I'm assuming it must be outside the PP chip.
16:46:09*preglow wants to open his nano
16:46:50*linuxstb wants to open his g/f's 5g...
16:46:52Musicmadwhat's the best way to make a CVS patch if you have other patches installed?
16:47:12linuxstbDo the other patches affect the same files?
16:47:43linuxstbThen just do "cvs diff -u3 file1.c file2.c"
16:48:02linuxstbi.e. specify the files you want included this particular patch.
16:48:25Musicmadok thanks - thought there might be some GUI thing in tortoise or something. ie select the files to include in the patch.
16:48:36Mikachutakes ages to start a plugin now
16:48:50Mikachui guess from the memset thing
16:52:26Mikachuwell, it works at least
16:52:44*Mikachu looks at a zoomed in eye while listening to music
16:53:10Mikachuwill i die if i remove the memset?
16:57:17 Part Musicmad
16:58:58 Quit DangerousDan (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
17:00:07 Join DangerousDan [0] (
17:02:43Mikachuhm, everything seems to work fine except the cube plugin, i can live with that. (i know i'm being crazy now)
17:03:28 Join bluey [0] (
17:06:51Mikachuokay, maybe i will revert these changes for a while
17:07:31Mikachuneeds a separate buffer that doesn't need to be memset
17:08:09 Join linuxstb_ [0] (n=linuxstb@
17:08:31 Quit linuxstb (Nick collision from services.)
17:08:52 Quit t0mas ("brb,reboot")
17:09:03 Nick linuxstb_ is now known as linuxstb (n=linuxstb@
17:10:40***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
17:11:55Mikachuor maybe you could have a thread that clears the plugin buffer in the background while none is loaded?
17:12:05Mikachuthat way it will already be zeroed when someone wants to load a plugin
17:12:14Mikachubut that is probably a bit too specialized
17:12:39linuxstbThat doesn't quite fit in with Rockbox's "keep it simple" approach to things.
17:12:48Mikachui got a bit carried away
17:14:21Paul_The_NerdAre the rockbox forums down, or just disliking me?
17:14:44Paul_The_NerdWell "broken" more than "down"
17:15:17linuxstbThey've been down all day.
17:16:29Mikachuwhen i return from the star plugin, the cursor is offscreen in the browser...
17:16:39Mikachuit's the fourth from the bottom in my list, dunno if that matters
17:16:49Mikachui've changed all the plugin memory stuff back
17:17:02 Join t0mas [0] (n=Tomas@unaffiliated/t0mas)
17:17:14linuxstbAre you running Musicmad's patch?
17:17:27Mikachuno, normal scrolling
17:22:20 Join dropandho [0] (n=dropandh@
17:23:07dropandhohey all- was anyone able to get in touch with mistic jeff or linus about the forums?
17:23:54muesli__both are informed
17:24:10preglowdoesn't help informing anyone else but jeff
17:24:17dropandhoyeah, i figured
17:24:33dropandhobut i thought i remember jeff giving linus hte keys the last time it broke
17:24:48dropandhoany idea as to what is up wth it?
17:26:18Mikachumuesli__: that's just evil
17:26:34muesli__nasty daddy he has...
17:26:44Mikachuthat's what step means
17:31:36 Quit dropandho ()
17:34:02XavierGrLOL I have played that game
17:34:53muesli__is that u in that video XavierGr? ;)
17:35:06XavierGrI must say that I got a little scared too.
17:37:18lostlogicany brokenness with seeking for anyone with the changes I just made?
17:40:37 Quit damaki (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
17:45:23 Join damaki [0] (n=Chocolat@
17:46:18 Join linuxstb_ [0] (
17:46:44 Quit linuxstb (Nick collision from services.)
17:46:49 Nick linuxstb_ is now known as linuxstb (
17:49:28preglowlostlogic: an additional annoyance with the current system is that even though the progress bar says you're still on the last few seconds of a track, the playback engine has long since move on, so if you press skip buttons at this point, you'll skip to a different track than you intended
17:49:54 Quit safetydan ("Leaving")
17:51:54lostlogicpreglow: good point
17:51:55Mikachuis the playback buffer for decoded or compressed data?
17:51:57 Quit DreamTactix291 (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
17:52:02lostlogicMikachu: there are two
17:52:10lostlogicMikachu: the big one is for compressed
17:52:14lostlogicthe little one for decompressed
17:56:45 Quit Vertigo_tdl (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
17:56:46 Join safetydan [0] (
17:57:14 Quit mikearthur (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
18:00:35 Quit bluey ("Leaving")
18:01:48 Quit ze (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
18:03:08 Join damaki_ [0] (
18:04:08 Join _FireFly_ [0] (n=FireFly@
18:06:36 Join Vertigo_tdl [0] (n=vertah@
18:13:22 Quit t0mas ("brb again... :)")
18:14:09 Join ts-x [0] (
18:14:11Papricaohhh progress bar fixed
18:17:22 Quit damaki (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
18:17:59 Join damaki [0] (
18:18:47 Join imphasing [0] (
18:26:18 Part Paul_The_Nerd
18:26:20 Join Musicmad [0] (
18:28:24 Join damaki__ [0] (
18:29:08 Join t0mas [0] (
18:29:36 Join webguest60 [0] (
18:30:34 Join ze [0] (
18:31:04 Quit damaki_ (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
18:31:37 Quit Musicmad (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
18:35:06 Quit webguest60 ("CGI:IRC (Ping timeout)")
18:36:15 Join perldiver [0] (
18:37:03 Quit Kohlrabi (Read error: 113 (No route to host))
18:37:11 Join Kohlrabi [0] (
18:40:12 Quit t0mas (Remote closed the connection)
18:40:20 Join MisticJeff [0] (
18:41:29 Join RotAtoR [0] (
18:41:45MisticJeffLinusN: are you present?
18:43:08 Quit DangerousDan (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
18:43:51 Quit damaki (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
18:44:11 Join DangerousDan [0] (
18:45:06Mikachui'm having no luck getting the pitch screen to show up...
18:45:26Mikachui put in a warning #hi and it gets printed, so i know i got the ifdefs right at least
18:45:55Mikachui hacked in a sound_set_pitch in the menu instead, and that works
18:47:32MisticJeffIf anyone knows how to get in touch with LinusN, please let him know I sent him an email
18:48:44 Quit XavierGr (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
18:49:49linuxstbI'm sure he'll read your mail.
18:51:20 Join hardeep [0] (i=hardeeps@SDF.LONESTAR.ORG)
18:52:42Mikachuokay, i found the menu that sticks now
18:52:58Mikachuwps -> context menu -> playlist -> view current -> menu button
18:53:22Mikachuthen it shows these four entries, Show Icons, Show Indices, Track Display, Save Current Playlist
18:53:25Mikachui can't exit this menu
18:53:53Mikachuor rather, when i press MENU, it exits, but when i release it, it bumps back in
18:54:34 Join t0mas [0] (n=Tomas@unaffiliated/t0mas)
18:54:58Mikachucan someone direct me to the part of the code that has this logic?
18:54:59 Part MisticJeff
18:55:16Mikachuor fix it :P
18:56:36 Quit _FireFly_ ("Leaving")
18:58:03hardeepMikachu: That's the playlist viewer (playlist_viewer.c)
19:02:57Mikachuyeah, it has a BUTTON_REL...
19:06:56preglowlinuxstb: according to the data sheet, sleep mode is entered almost immediately by the ata flash chip, so there's probably not much power to be saved there right now
19:07:04 Join NicoFR [0] (
19:08:30preglowlinuxstb: however, it does support the command, so god knows why it hangs ata
19:08:37Mikachuheh, that wasn't it, now i can't do anything in any menus
19:08:50linuxstbBut we don't know if the controller in the Nano is the same as that though.
19:09:03NicoFRlostlogic: thanks for being inspired by my line of code :D
19:10:37Mikachuthis code confuses me...
19:10:41***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
19:10:51Mikachuwhat does the _PRE suffix mean?
19:11:08Mikachuon TREE_{MENU,RUN,WPS} keys
19:11:09preglowlinuxstb: oh? you didn't check any photos or anything?
19:11:40linuxstbNo, I just gave that chip as an example of a chip that does that job.
19:12:23preglowbut i can't find any chip like this in any of the photos
19:13:27linuxstbNo - but something inside the Nano has to do that job.
19:14:39preglowthen why doesn't it show up on any photos :/
19:14:58 Quit DangerousDan ("Miranda IM! Smaller, Faster, Easier.")
19:15:23linuxstbI haven't seen any photos good enough to identify every chip though.
19:15:30Mikachui fixed it yay
19:16:41 Join damaki_ [0] (
19:16:57preglowi really need to open it now
19:18:03Mikachuokay, so i fixed the bug on my nano, but i am too confused by all the defines to say if it will work anywhere else
19:20:50 Join yeahx [0] (n=aarond@
19:20:53preglownew recorder encoding patch
19:20:56preglowand now it's got a build system
19:22:42Mikachu made a bug report and attached what i did (one liner change)
19:23:00 Join skwad [0] (
19:23:34skwadhi everybody
19:23:56Mikachuhi dr nick
19:26:05preglowlinuxstb: the chip in the nano is a 55LD019K
19:26:09preglowlinuxstb: so you weren't far off
19:26:56linuxstbHow did you find that?
19:27:40linuxstbAccording to the ipl wiki page, that's the firmware flash chip...
19:27:52 Join damaki [0] (
19:28:27yeahxdoes rockbox improve battery life on nano?
19:28:30 Join Rondom [0] (
19:28:48linuxstbpreglow: Seen this page?
19:28:58preglowlinuxstb: that's where i found it
19:29:05preglowlinuxstb: and that's definitely not a flash chip
19:29:07 Join _FireFly_ [0] (
19:29:10preglowlinuxstb: sst's flash chips don't start with 44
19:30:09preglowlinuxstb: and the main crystal is 24mhz
19:32:16 Join DreamTactix291 [0] (
19:33:03skwadjust a question : can ipods become ums with rockbox ?
19:33:07 Quit damaki__ (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
19:33:54_FireFly_skwad: yepp
19:34:17skwadoh that's nice
19:34:19preglowipods are ums
19:34:30preglowit's just that the apple firmware can't play files you transfer that way
19:34:48skwadand with rockbox its possible ?
19:35:49nounoursuniversal mass storage ?
19:35:50skwadyes but so that it plays the mp3 transfered
19:35:57Mikachuah, okay
19:36:11Mikachuit plays oggs too, and flac, maybe some others
19:36:19skwadsorry for my english ^^
19:36:38skwadi own a x5 and it plays ogg and flac too :D
19:36:54Mikachui only have oggs on my nano now :)
19:37:08 Join XavierGr [0] (
19:37:29skwadnext time i buy a mp3 player and if rockbox develops i firmware for it I will not consider firmware anymore ^^
19:37:37MikachuXavierGr: your jpeg viewer works great when i increase plugin memory to 20M :D
19:39:44 Quit Rondom ("I'm leaving on a jetplane, don't know when I'll be back again...")
19:40:58XavierGrMikachu:LOL 20 MB?
19:41:18Mikachuapparently the nano has 32MB
19:41:19XavierGrthen you will have only 12 MB for pcm buffer
19:41:45Mikachuthe problem was that the memset before launching a plugin takes 5 seconds
19:42:13XavierGrhmm strange in my target loading a jpeg (normal size) is very quick
19:42:25 Quit damaki_ (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
19:42:41Mikachuthe memset is in rockbox, before it calls the plugin
19:42:51Mikachuobviously writing 20MB of zeroes takse longer than 512kB
19:43:04XavierGrah you mean when you change the size?
19:43:13Mikachuno, before the plugin is started
19:43:46XavierGryou mean that it takes longer to load when you start a plugin, whe you changed the plugin buffer to 20MB right?
19:43:46Mikachuthe problem is not your code
19:43:59Mikachui changed it back
19:44:02XavierGrokay, then yes it is obvious
19:45:34preglow5 seconds???
19:45:47Mikachumaybe not quite 5
19:45:58Mikachubut way too long to be fun
19:47:09Mikachuand removing the memset didn't work so well :)
19:47:24 Join Syntherklaas [0] (
19:47:45preglowthen bss is not zero anymore, if it depends on that
19:47:51Mikachuyeah, i noticed
19:47:59Mikachuespecially the cube and fractal plugins didn't like that
19:48:05linuxstbBut there shouldn't be a need to memset the entire plugin ram though.
19:48:18preglowjust the plugin size should do
19:48:34 Part Syntherklaas
19:48:36Mikachuwon't the plugin binary have zeroes where it wants zeroes?
19:53:45XavierGrwhy someone would want to set all the memory?
19:53:55Mikachuwhat i meant was, if you zero the memory and then write the plugin there, what does it matter it was zero before?
19:54:03XavierGrI mean memory is going ot be overwriten, why set it with 0?
19:57:17 Join t0mas_ [0] (
19:57:47 Quit t0mas (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
19:57:55preglowMikachu: the bss section isn't included in the plugin anymore
19:57:57linuxstbMemory is not all overwritten - uninitialised variables are not stored in the .rock file.
19:58:14Mikachuokay, so then it won't help if you zero the plugin size?
19:58:23Mikachugreat timing by the way :)
19:58:28linuxstbIt depends what the plugin size is.
19:58:31preglowMikachu: not the file size, the complete size
19:58:35Mikachuoh oh, okay
19:58:41preglowMikachu: it's stored in the plugin header
19:58:52Mikachuso that's what you do with that stuff :)
19:59:56 Nick t0mas_ is now known as t0mas (
20:00:23 Join p01n7 [0] (n=p01n7@
20:02:00XavierGrBack in 2003 I bought my first mp3 player. A NAPA crappy 128mb flash memory.
20:02:14XavierGrI gave it to my brother and now I got it back.
20:02:31XavierGrI am looking for the company's site and I can't find it.!!
20:02:49XavierGrI want to see the firmware that uses, and then maybe openit up
20:03:04XavierGrwho knows, it would be fun to port rockbox on it!
20:03:43_FireFly_i think one mistake and the player is brocken :)
20:04:10XavierGrwho cares
20:04:25XavierGrit would be fun just trying
20:04:47XavierGreven my brother didn't want it...
20:05:01XavierGrin the worst case I will salvage the flash memory
20:06:02XavierGroops sorry about that.
20:06:05MikachuXavierGr: maybe try
20:06:05 Quit ts-x ("CGI:IRC (EOF)")
20:06:30XavierGrbut at least the link works
20:06:39XavierGrlook at this crappy mp3 player and laugh!!!
20:07:18skwadis it only upgradable ?
20:07:29skwadis it just upgradable ?
20:07:39yeahxwhats wrong with it?
20:08:05XavierGrit works fine right now. It is just useless.
20:08:12muesli__XavierGr try ;-p
20:10:04muesli__and this
20:11:00skwadthats the site :
20:11:42XavierGrwow good job, how did you found it?
20:12:00 Join Lear [0] (
20:12:39_FireFly_XavierGr: on the right side of the mp3WERK webseite there is a linkt to
20:12:41skwada the right is written Hersteller; which means the company
20:12:54 Join YouCeyE [0] (
20:12:55XavierGrah I can't speak German
20:13:03skwadxavier aren't you french ?
20:13:43 Nick skwad is now known as skwad-eat (
20:13:53XavierGrno I am Greek
20:14:12skwad-eatcause im french and xavier is an often used name in France
20:14:20skwad-eatgoing to eat, ciao
20:14:50XavierGryeah Xavier is not Greek at all, just a nice nick that I like
20:15:03 Join youngcereal [0] (
20:15:08 Join Musicmad [0] (
20:15:35XavierGrwell I can't find any info on the company site. Only 4 links that isn't related with their products. (only a small description)
20:16:22yeahxis there an easy noob way to put rockbox on the nano?
20:16:28_FireFly_XavierGr: try this
20:16:49XavierGrgood work I found something similar in Japanese :O
20:17:01_FireFly_put the link is brocken
20:17:27muesli__XavierGr i have a patch for u
20:17:47Mikachuare you sure about that url?
20:17:56_FireFly_muesli__: url doesn't work
20:18:05_FireFly_i become a big PAGE NOT FOUND
20:18:08_FireFly_in blue :)
20:18:11muesli__it worx 4 XavierGr only ;)
20:18:43XavierGrHave you tried a pita gyros yet muesli?
20:19:10muesli__greeks sell it over here but i am not sure if its the way u know it
20:20:06XavierGryeah, it is modified even in my country. It is different from place to place. But the main idea is the same.
20:22:13XavierGrwell the company seems to be down.
20:22:49XavierGrshame, I would like to take a peek on the firmware file.
20:23:01XavierGrbut even then I am going to open it :)
20:23:02 Quit skwad-eat ("CGI:IRC (EOF)")
20:26:04XavierGrshould I email them? :D
20:26:09 Join tvelocity [0] (
20:26:18_FireFly_why not :)
20:29:09XavierGrLOL I just sent them one.
20:29:28XavierGrI am very weird to read their answer...
20:30:15XavierGrLatest version of firmware: DRM Support, Directory Support, Personalize Opening Screen support
20:30:34XavierGrDirectory support! Wow, new innovations
20:30:35Mikachui want to personalize the rockbox splash screen too :(
20:31:18XavierGrtruth is that I must have the latest version. and yes I can personilize the open Screen with a program they made. It was quite good but useless.
20:31:36Mikachui can personalize the bootup screen on my motherboard
20:31:47Mikachubut it only takes 16color bmp
20:31:57Mikachu(not 16bit, 16 color)
20:32:03_FireFly_others would be to big
20:32:21Mikachui have an awesome bootscreen for lilo though, so it evens out
20:33:14_FireFly_Mikachu: i think you mean a awesome bootmenu background image :)
20:33:21XavierGrthey have the manual but they don't have the firmware file? Weird....
20:33:37Mikachu_FireFly_: no, it is animated and crap
20:33:53 Join Bger [0] (n=Bager@
20:33:54Mikachuthat one
20:34:29 Quit Febs ()
20:34:34_FireFly_but it isn*t a bootscreen for lilo it is only an animated menu-image
20:35:00Mikachuyou mean bootscreen would be shown before the menu comes up?
20:35:27XavierGrLOL there is no such mail
20:35:39XavierGrI got a delivery notification error.
20:35:42Mikachuokay, then it is an animated menu screen
20:35:51Mikachuthere is also one with tetris or penguins walking around
20:35:53_FireFly_i think a bootscreen is a screen which will be shown while booting/starting a system
20:36:17XavierGralso the damn player doesn't have screws. How am I supposed to open it up?
20:36:47BHSPitLappyMikachu: just change the picture and build
20:37:16Mikachui was just about to do that
20:37:45Mikachui wish there was a 'reboot' menu entry in apple so i didn't have to hold menu+select for 5 seconds all the time
20:38:52BHSPitLappyget to work on that
20:39:00 Join damaki_ [0] (
20:39:30Mikachusometimes when i wish things it turns out someone has already done it
20:44:22BHSPitLappyit's not a matter of someone doing anything, you just -change the picture-
20:47:30 Quit _FireFly_ ("Leaving")
20:50:18 Part Musicmad
20:52:22 Quit damaki (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
20:54:15 Join damaki [0] (
20:56:42BgerXavierGr :)
20:56:52Bgerwhat are you trying to open ?
20:57:05 Join matsl [0] (
20:59:07XavierGrah my old napa crappy Flash mp3 player
20:59:16XavierGrand hi BTW
21:00:30Bgerhi hi
21:00:40XavierGroh Bger: If you are going to see the jpeg patch I have updated. Reason was that keymap wasn't right for iPod builds. Also I tested it now and it compiles on all targets.
21:01:05XavierGrdon't mean to rush you just a reminder.
21:01:08Bgeri'll look into it tomorrow :)
21:01:33MikachuBHSPitLappy: i was referring to the rebooting.. :)
21:01:38 Quit quobl (Remote closed the connection)
21:01:46XavierGrmaybe I will get my H300 tomorrow (or on tuesday)
21:01:56BHSPitLappyMikachu: I thought you meant the rockbox splash screen
21:02:37XavierGrBger: Do you happen to know how to open a device without screws? :D (hammer is not an option)
21:04:22BHSPitLappywhat device would that be
21:04:36XavierGrold napa crappy Flash mp3 player
21:06:15Mikachuwee, it worked
21:07:21 Join Shadowarrior13 [0] (
21:08:40 Quit damaki_ (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
21:10:43***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
21:12:23BgerXavierGr maybe it has .. uf, i don't know how's called in english
21:12:49 Join _FireFly_ [0] (
21:13:13 Join quobl [0] (n=quobl@tor/session/x-6ad37e80ba827557)
21:13:30Bgerplastic cotters...
21:14:15 Part tjm
21:14:18 Join slarti [0] (n=tmartin@gentoo/developer/slarti)
21:14:58XavierGrhmm I will search thoroughly later. Thanks anyway.
21:16:24 Join |Josh| [0] (n=Josh@unaffiliated/josh/x-000000001)
21:18:13 Quit Xerion (Remote closed the connection)
21:20:56 Join TCK [0] (
21:21:10 Join Xerion [0] (
21:25:04 Quit p01n7 ("Leaving")
21:25:21 Quit Lear ("Chatzilla 0.9.70 [Firefox]")
21:25:43 Join ssnajper [0] (
21:38:08 Quit ssnajper ("CGI:IRC (EOF)")
21:43:56 Join paugh [0] (n=kickback@2001:5c0:8fff:ffff:8000:0:3e03:6822)
21:46:33 Quit quobl (Remote closed the connection)
21:53:15 Join linuxstb_ [0] (
21:54:45 Quit _FireFly_ ("Leaving")
21:54:56 Quit linuxstb (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
21:57:50 Quit Thus0 ("Leaving")
21:59:16 Join darkless [0] (
21:59:54 Join solexx [0] (
22:00:06 Quit BHSPitLappy ("Dropped my laptop.")
22:00:18 Join BHSPitLappy [0] (
22:03:24 Quit linuxstb_ ("Leaving")
22:03:31 Join linuxstb_ [0] (
22:03:55 Nick linuxstb_ is now known as linuxstb (
22:04:31 Quit NicoFR (Read error: 113 (No route to host))
22:05:55 Quit ghode|afk (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
22:06:35 Join Musicmad [0] (
22:09:16 Quit imphasing ("Screw xchat")
22:10:17 Quit Rob2222 ()
22:13:40 Quit Siku ()
22:14:52 Join fairway [0] (
22:15:16fairwayhi all i have one question. is it possible to seek in songs with the click wheel?
22:15:23preglownot yet
22:15:43fairwaythx for fixing the seek display bug
22:15:49 Quit solexx_ (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
22:15:51 Quit midkay (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
22:16:34midgey34anyone have some alac files?
22:16:51midgey34or know where I can track some down for testing
22:16:56DreamTactix291i don't have any
22:16:59DreamTactix291hydrogenaudio might have a few
22:17:03DreamTactix291but i'm not sure
22:17:27fairwayis there a good tool to synch the iPOD HD drive with the computers mp3 drive?
22:17:44fairwaymidgey34: you can make them with itunes
22:18:09Mikachumaybe rsync would work
22:18:29dpassen1i use syncback
22:19:37fairwaylooks cool
22:19:38Musicmadsynctools seems to work too.
22:19:48Musicmadit's mickeysoft though.
22:23:18 Quit fairway ()
22:23:36 Part Musicmad
22:25:37 Join DangerousDan [0] (
22:28:17 Join Henrico [0] (
22:29:27t0masHenrico: dutch?
22:29:43t0maskabelfoon... close to Gouda?
22:29:54Henricofairly close.
22:30:02t0masfunny, I live in Gouda ;)
22:30:57 Quit Matze41 ("Miranda IM! Smaller, Faster, Easier.")
22:31:06 Join gromit` [0] (
22:32:00 Quit XavierGr ("Trillian (")
22:36:29 Quit |Josh| (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
22:55:04 Quit Bger ("BitchX Official WWW Site --")
22:57:51safetydanbah, sound problems in the SDL sim all seem to point to the yield() implementation
23:00:23 Join midkay [0] (n=midkay@
23:00:40 Part safetydan ("Leaving")
23:02:16 Join Rob2222 [0] (
23:10:46***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
23:12:48preglowhow's that implemented?
23:22:30aegraylinuxstb: anything?
23:22:37*aegray starting on it
23:25:07linuxstbaegray: No. I've given up now...
23:26:20aegrayyou try much?
23:26:26aegrayie is it worth digging at that spec
23:26:46linuxstbI'm not sure - I didn't have any more success with that than the others.
23:27:01linuxstbi.e. I couldn't get repeatable results.
23:28:07aegrayheh which codec did I say it was?
23:31:50 Join NicoFR [0] (
23:32:50 Quit darkless (Client Quit)
23:34:33 Join cpu [0] (i=cpu@
23:34:39cpuhi guys
23:34:43cpucan I ask a question ?
23:34:47Mikachufeel free
23:35:07cpuI'm using optimized build on my H320
23:35:13CassandraAre we allowing questions now? Why wasn't I told.
23:35:13cpuv 0.56 curently
23:35:40cpuand I heard that battery life is decarasing dramaticly
23:36:46cpuand my question is - this is stable ? my battery can be drained ? (lost it's capacity)
23:37:27CassandraShould be safe, but we don't give guarantees.
23:37:55CassandraEspecially when using unofficial Rockbox builds (although it's hard to see what they could do to break it).
23:38:02lostlogiccpu: the lifetime (number of charge cycles) of your battery won't be effected by usign rockbox per-se, ti may be that rockbox drains the battery to a slightly deeper level than the iRiver firmware which could mildly impact the lifetime of the battery. Rockbox also has worse battery life per charge than the iRiver firmware at this time on the iRiver H3x0
23:38:43 Quit Cassandra (" HydraIRC -> <- IRC for those that like to be different")
23:38:47cpuall right so everything is OK
23:39:27cpuusing lastest rockbox build can only make battery charge more
23:40:07cpuI have 2200 ipod 1g batt and I want to buy on ebay reserve
23:40:25lostlogicnot sure what "using lastest rockbox build can only make battery charge more" means
23:41:50cpuit means that with lastest build battery life is shorter so I have to charge more often
23:42:14 Quit Henrico (Remote closed the connection)
23:42:46lostlogicI don't think anything has changed in recent builds −− rockbox builds have never had as good of battery life as iRiver firmware did on H3x0
23:42:48 Join mikearthur [0] (
23:43:16lostlogicusing the EQ will hurt battery life which could make it _seem_ like the new builds are worse on the battery, but that's just the nature of using an eq]
23:43:52cpuyep but on misticriver forum I've read some reports about that personally I didn't noticed anything (I'm not using EQ)
23:44:00dpassen1is flat eq equivalent to not using eq?
23:44:09cputhanks for help lostlogic
23:44:28preglowdpassen1: yes
23:44:41lostlogicpreglow: isn't it one more instruction per 256 samples or something?
23:44:48preglowahh, yes
23:44:49preglowan extra if
23:45:07preglowan extra if for every zero gain band
23:45:17cpuanyone knows what is typical life of batt in h3x0 ?
23:45:19preglowwe should extend the block length
23:45:30preglowi don't see the point in splitting blocks up in 256 length blocks
23:46:39lostlogicpreglow: agreed
23:47:04lostlogicpreglow: tbh, I think we should expand the max packet size per request in the codec loops too
23:47:26preglowwouldn't know anything aobut that
23:47:31 Join Cassandra [0] (
23:47:34lostlogicbut then I'm not sure if it would ever get used... depends how large the encoded packets are
23:47:52lostlogicwe currently tell the codec "give me up to 1024 samples" which at least vorbis gives 1 packet, up-to 1024 samples
23:48:20CassandraI wish there was a way to work out the platform of a device from within Windows.
23:48:35CassandraThat'd stop me trying to install the iPod version onto my iRiver.
23:48:45Cassandra(With predictably hilarious effects.)
23:48:50linuxstbWell, I've got code that detects an ipod.
23:48:58CassandraHow's it do it?
23:49:01linuxstbAh, but not from the drive letter...
23:49:09Mikachuwindows :(
23:49:17linuxstbBut you could simply check for the iPod_Control folder
23:49:35Mikachuhow about setting the volume label to IPOD?
23:49:51CassandraDon't really want to rely on heuristics.
23:50:15CassandraAlthough working from /rockbox.* is a good start, I suppose.
23:50:48cpuok thanks for help
23:50:51linuxstbMy code reads the raw disk device - but I don't know how you turn a drive letter into a raw disk device.
23:51:17CassandraAh, that's from the iPod flasher.
23:51:32 Quit cpu ("leaving")
23:51:35linuxstbThere's no flashing involved, but yes.
23:52:18preglowlostlogic: ahh, well, but we can't request more than there's room for in the iram buffers
23:52:56lostlogicpreglow: ah, valid point... would be easier if we were handing the codec a chunk of the pcmbuf to write to directly
23:53:00lostlogicwe should do that.
23:53:03preglowlinuxstb: the ipod_control folder wont always be there for rockbox use
23:53:11preglowlinuxstb: we'll run fine on a plain vanilla dir setup
23:53:39preglowlostlogic: mno, not really, the point with keeping the pcm buffer in iram is to make dsp processing go faster
23:53:57linuxstbpreglow: Does the retailos recreate it when it starts?
23:54:02preglowlinuxstb: think so
23:54:10Cassandralinuxstb, does this mean anything to you?
23:54:13linuxstbBut still, it's not a clean solution.
23:54:16lostlogicpreglow: ahh... *nod*
23:54:26preglowlostlogic: we really do want to just decode one frame at a time
23:54:41preglowso we can keep all the working data in the codec in iram, and also pass it along to dsp processing in iram
23:54:44lostlogicpreglow: how many samples per frame? are tehre bounds?
23:54:56preglowlostlogic: codec specific, we allocate the iram pcm buffer per codec too
23:55:07preglowlostlogic: so there's nothing saying it _has_ to be in iram, but we've been going for that thus far
23:55:45lostlogic*nod* I'll have to look into the samples-per-frame counts in the codecs if I want to learn more about this.
23:56:01linuxstbCassandra: No - I don't recognise any of that...
23:56:47linuxstbCassandra: You could a config file on the drive, which can be used to give per-device defaults.
23:58:39 Join tomal [0] (

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