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#rockbox log for 2006-02-23

00:00:02PhoenixSpiriti see...
00:00:26PhoenixSpiritbut H1xx development is still running, is it ?
00:00:34PhoenixSpiritisn't it ? :)
00:00:42amiconnrockbox development is still running, for all targets
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00:01:34PhoenixSpiritit would be such a pity if this project was cancelled
00:01:46amiconnpreglow: Just for mem speed comparison: SH1 manages 2MB in 0.18s. That's at 11 MHz ...
00:02:10PhoenixSpiritwith rocbkox, your MP3 player does worth 3 times of its original price :) in theory :)
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00:02:12preglowfast ram?
00:02:15JdGordonmornng all
00:02:18amiconnPhoenixSpirit: rockbox keeps going for >4 years now
00:02:40amiconnpreglow: fast page mode dram. Nothing special...
00:02:49PhoenixSpiritamiconn : I heard about it, but only installed it recently
00:03:19PhoenixSpiritbecause the older builds didn't have the remote working well
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00:03:42amiconnIt seems most devs don't care much about the remote
00:03:46amiconn(including me)
00:04:08amiconnThat's why development is rather slow in that direction...
00:04:21KohlrabiRemote increased usability and usefulness alot, IMHO
00:04:33PhoenixSpiritsorry to hear that...I think the remote greatly enhances usability and flexibility in the case of the H1xx
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00:04:58*preglow kills his arm
00:05:08*amiconn never uses the remote for real, only occasionally for dev purposes
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00:05:38PhoenixSpiriti see...btw, is there a function yet for queuing up tracks with a single button push ?
00:05:44PhoenixSpiritlike in original iRiver fw
00:05:47amiconnIt's an extra part to carry around, taking space, having a fiddly cable...
00:05:52KohlrabiWell, I stuff my main unit somerwhere deep in my pockets where it's nearly safe, and have the remote in easy reach
00:06:22KohlrabiIt's much more convenient to just take out a small stick to switch tracks than the whole unit
00:06:36PhoenixSpiritI wear it on my belt, though sometimes it's a little uncomfortable....should buy an iSkin with that rotating belt clip to reduce this :)
00:06:46amiconnI can operate the main unit w/o looking at it, thanks to the voice UI. Apart from that I seldom change anything when I started playing an album
00:06:52CassandraOne of the many little things that need fixing before 3.0
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00:07:34*Cassandra wonders if we're going to end up disabling swathes of functionality that doesn't quite work because no-one's got the time or interest to fix it.
00:07:34PhoenixSpiritamiconn : I haven't tried the Voice UI it working good ?
00:07:51Kohlrabisince remote support I hardly used the main unit ;)
00:08:01amiconnNot too well yet on iriver & other swcodec units
00:08:07amiconnA couple of quirks
00:08:11KohlrabiI don't like someone talking while I listen to music
00:08:11PhoenixSpiritCassandra : are you a dev too ?
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00:08:21PhoenixSpiritamiconn : for example ?
00:08:24Kohlrabi+in my headphones ;)
00:08:35PhoenixSpiritKohlrabi : right, so do I :)
00:08:49CassandraPhoenixSpirit, yes, but not a very active one at the moment, unfortunately.
00:09:06CassandraStrangely there are quite a few Rockbox developers on this channel.
00:09:10KohlrabiWell, I got along without remote support, but it's so much nicer now ;)
00:09:16PhoenixSpiritCassandra : I see...what parts have you been working at ?
00:09:29KohlrabiI noticed though that the rockbox logo doesn't come up in recent builds on the remote...
00:09:38Kohlrabibut I'll wait for the main dev... ;)
00:09:53CassandraManual, installer, wake up alarm, gui stuff, this and that.
00:09:58Kohlrabi(still TiMid or what his name was?)
00:10:10JdGordonits all a consipiracy against me isnt it?? some1 commit my colour patch :'(
00:10:18PhoenixSpiritCassandra : nice...thank you for the good work ;)
00:10:26amiconnKohlrabi: Oh? Maybe linuxstb broke the logo display with the latest change to the bmp build system...
00:10:36Kohlrabiyeah, well
00:10:43KohlrabiIt's nothing serious, though :)
00:11:04PhoenixSpiritbtw, about the functions...
00:11:07CassandraYour welcome, but there are lots of people who've done more than me.
00:11:16Kohlrabithough it would be nice to show battery voltage on the remote on startup
00:11:24PhoenixSpiriti see, I would like to thank them, too :)
00:11:34amiconnHmm. Info->Version does bring up the logo, so it's built in
00:11:47CassandraDonating to Rockbox is a good way to say 'thanks'.
00:11:58 Join DJ_Dooms_Day [0] (
00:11:59CassandraHelps us get new hardware for development.
00:12:03PhoenixSpiritstrangely, in some wsp's the battery and volume level isn't displayed correctly on the remote
00:12:23Cassandra(Although thanks of a more ephemeral kind is thanks enough. *smile*)
00:12:31 Join IcyStorM [0] (
00:12:33PhoenixSpiritCassandra : I think I could give some for it, too :)
00:13:15preglowi think something i wont like is brewing in my right arm
00:13:20preglowsend me money for cyborg arms
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00:14:11*Cassandra offers to replace preglow's arms with, erm, satsumas.
00:14:40preglowbeats nothing, thanks!
00:16:01*amiconn would like to see cube.rock realtime performance (in highspeed mode) on iPod, preferable iPod color and/or video
00:16:23PhoenixSpiritbtw, about sound quality things....
00:16:41PhoenixSpiritdoes rockbox offer better sound quality than iriver fw ?
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00:16:54PhoenixSpiritI know it has been a question for a while...
00:17:29KohlrabiYou'd have to make a ABX test of some sort, to get subjective results
00:17:49KohlrabiDunno about decoder inherited quality
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00:18:27PhoenixSpiritok....for me, the sound seems a little more 'natural' then the original iriver sound
00:18:27 Nick amiconn_ is now known as amiconn (
00:18:41KohlrabiI like the WOW-Sound stuff
00:18:56PhoenixSpiritSRS ?
00:19:04KohlrabiBut since I want gapless playback I won't use iRiver FW for music playback again :)
00:19:07PhoenixSpiritnot bad with some decent headphones :)
00:19:30PhoenixSpiritsame for me...only for playing WMA's and using the optical in/out
00:19:45amiconnoptical out should work in rockbox
00:19:51Kohlrabithought so too
00:19:58PhoenixSpiritis crossfeed worth enabling ? apart from volume reduction
00:20:10Kohlrabiwhat does crossfeed do?
00:20:23PhoenixSpiritI've read that it mixes the two channels, so
00:20:26Cassandraamiconn, how'd you make it go realtime?
00:20:38PhoenixSpiritwhat is intended to sound on the left, will sound on the right, too
00:20:41PhoenixSpiritand vice versa
00:20:47PhoenixSpiritbut at the cost of volume
00:21:03amiconnCassandra: I want to see how fast it goes. cube.rock is a good drawing speed test
00:21:09KohlrabiI find myself turniong volume up quite high, though
00:21:12PhoenixSpiritand you won't get the same music effects back that was originally intended
00:21:22Kohlrabisince I replaygained all tracks, and the busses are loud here ;)
00:21:29Cassandraamiconn, but how do I make it go fast. (I want to see what it's like on the Nano.)
00:21:32midkayCassandra, you can make it realtime with select+play iirc..
00:21:45PhoenixSpiritI mean, if the studio people wanted some effect to sound it on the left/right only... :)
00:21:48Kohlrabiyeah, some music lives because of it's 'steroism' ;)
00:21:55dpassen1I still don't know why Crossfeed lowers the volune
00:21:59PhoenixSpiritthat's right
00:22:06amiconnCassandra: Press Select+Play to switch highspeed on/off
00:22:14CassandraThat's making me feel vaguely dizzy
00:22:20amiconn#elif (CONFIG_KEYPAD == IPOD_4G_PAD)
00:22:45amiconnThe plugin docs in the wiki need work :/
00:22:50PhoenixSpiritKohlrabi : what kind of ear/headphones do you use on the bus (and in other places) ? :)
00:23:06amiconnnano has less data to move
00:23:21KohlrabiPanasonic RP-HZE10
00:23:32amiconnOn h1x0 it's so fast that the cube appears as a blurry something
00:23:34KohlrabiI can't describe ;)
00:23:57KohlrabiI am missing the english terms for headphones
00:24:03KohlrabiI'll try to look it up :)
00:24:10midkayit's not so fast on the video model :)
00:24:11PhoenixSpiritKohlrabi : is it an earphone or a headphone ? they don't sell this model by us :S
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00:24:39CassandraIf you set x,y and z to 10, then it makes you feel *really* dizzy.
00:25:06Kohlrabiit's sort of in between :)
00:25:07amiconnCassandra: Try cube on your FMR. It uses the grayscale lib on archos nowadays...
00:25:14CassandraI'm getting persistence artifacts at that speed.
00:25:49CassandraI had a look when you first did it, I think. It looked pretty cool.
00:26:29PhoenixSpiritKohlrabi : ok...I'm using Sennheiser HD202's, they are great on cutting off outside noise :) sort of bulky, though :)
00:26:32Kohlrabicalled Clip-Earphones
00:26:55KohlrabiI have Sennheisers for home music
00:27:08KohlrabiBut I don't want to carry around a whole set of headphones
00:27:18KohlrabiAnd I don't like sticking the earphone sin my ear
00:27:19PhoenixSpiritI know that style...I decided to switch to closed headphones, so I don't have to set the volume high
00:27:23Kohlrabiso these guys are a compromise
00:27:36PhoenixSpiritokay, I see now :)
00:27:44KohlrabiFor long trips I use the Sennheisers ;)
00:27:49PhoenixSpiritwhat kind ?
00:27:50Mikachui got fire working pretty well with color
00:27:58preglowgotta go, later
00:28:08KohlrabiHD 497
00:28:09PhoenixSpiritbye preglow, c u
00:28:10midkayMikachu, cool, i wanna see :D
00:28:25PhoenixSpiritKohlrabi : are they good ?
00:28:28 Quit xmixahlx ("blah blah blah")
00:28:46PhoenixSpiritsilly question for Sennheiser, but just being curious :)
00:28:47KohlrabiUm, I don't know... They are enough for me an dmy equipment, I think
00:28:52Cassandraamicon: How about texture support for cube?
00:29:15KohlrabiThey were about the same price as my soundcard, so... ;)
00:29:29PhoenixSpiritI almost bought the Senn EH350's instead of HD202's....but they would have cost about $50 more
00:29:30 Join TCK [0] (
00:29:39Kohlrabiand i just have a compact (?) stereo
00:29:43PhoenixSpiritof course, quality is so better as well
00:29:45Mikachuit totally makes music stop though
00:29:48dpassen1The only pair of Senns I have are the PX100.
00:30:19PhoenixSpiritdpassen1 : I tried them as well...but somehow I finally left them out of question
00:30:27KohlrabiI got mine in a sale
00:30:28PhoenixSpiritso did the PX200
00:30:33Kohlrabi30-40% reduced price ;)
00:30:35dpassen1I prefer my Koss KSC-35s to the PX100s.
00:30:36IcyStorMMikachu what is that patch for?
00:30:38PhoenixSpiritnice :)
00:30:39markundpassen1: the crossfeed lowers the volume because it's not very well implemented (by me :)
00:30:54MikachuIcyStorM: the name doesn't make it obvious?
00:30:55 Join needleboy [0] (
00:30:58CassandraWow. Zooming out a long way really messes up mandelbrot on the Nano.
00:31:04PhoenixSpiritdpassen1 : do the KSC-35s let in lots of outside noise ?
00:31:08needleboyyou here?
00:31:16dpassen1PhoenixSpirit: Yes, they're quite open.
00:31:16IcyStorMfire color ?
00:31:24 Join Kyle_ [0] (
00:31:31IcyStorMHow do I install the patch?
00:31:36dpassen1markun: I had a feeling (that it was an implementation thing, not that it was you)
00:31:46needleboyi don't have any menus
00:31:48Kyle_can the SDL sim run on a cygwin/WindowsXP environment?
00:31:54PhoenixSpiritdpassen1 : I see...but I like this neckband style...are they comfortable, for example, longer cycling ?
00:31:57JdGordonu sure?? or u just cant fine them?
00:32:06JdGordonmenu > general > display > lcd > bottom 3 menus
00:32:06dpassen135s aren't neckband
00:32:08needleboygeneral > display > lcd
00:32:16needleboylast line is clear backdrop
00:32:19dpassen1Its two clip on earphones with a Y style wire.
00:32:26JdGordonhmm.. ok, lemme checkt he patch
00:32:36needleboycompiling again to check
00:32:39PhoenixSpiritdpassen1 : oh, okay...I think I have mixed them with the 55's :)
00:32:59KohlrabiY-Style > Neck-Style ;)
00:33:01PhoenixSpiritdpassen1 : are they "bass-centric" or kind of neutral ?
00:33:15JdGordonneedleboy: they are definalty in the patch.. so it should work...
00:33:27JdGordonthe text isnt translated.. which maybe is the problem?
00:33:37needleboynope, i'm on english
00:33:54dpassen1They're more 'fun' than accurate. Hard to explain
00:34:17PhoenixSpiritI had a Koss KTX Pro once, with titanium elements and thought I had a subwoofer in my head...
00:34:45PhoenixSpiritso the 35's may be just similar in sound, because they have those elements too
00:35:16dpassen1Yes, similar. Almost identical drivers
00:35:27dpassen1The KTX Pro has the same driver as the KSC-75
00:35:41midkayMikachu, whoa, that's pretty awesome :D
00:35:43dpassen1The only difference, I believe, is the Titanium
00:35:47Kyle_I cant compile things under OSX can I?
00:35:53Mikachumidkay: yeah, it sort of looks weird if you scroll left a bit
00:36:03Mikachumidkay: but i think the original bw one was also strange
00:36:23PhoenixSpiritmarkun : did you implement the crossfeed feature in rockbox ?
00:36:27midkayMikachu, yeah, it turns all white..
00:36:54DrumRBoy320...i deletd a director of GB roms that was about 4 gigs with rockbox, and its been going for at least 2 minutes... was that a bad decision?
00:37:02Mikachuyou'll notice i changed the default mult value, the old one was all white
00:37:04JdGordonneedleboy: i just recompiled it here on the target and it works fine.. ?
00:37:08Mikachui have no idea how the algo works :)
00:37:24midkayMikachu, haha.. whatever works ;) very cool
00:37:31JdGordondid the patch actually merge all the files? maybe sttings_men.c was rejected?
00:37:32 Part IcyStorM
00:37:39Mikachumidkay: did you try plasma too?
00:37:49midkayno, not yet...
00:38:00midkaysurely one of the dailies has got it?
00:38:06needleboyjdgordon: recompiling here
00:38:11midkayi don't want to have to update source and recompile..
00:38:29PhoenixSpiritwill the iriverport status page be updated soon ? :)
00:38:30midkayyeah, i'll try it now..
00:40:00midkayvery cool, considerably faster..
00:40:03 Quit needleboy ()
00:40:42Mikachumidkay: yeah it should be in the dailies
00:41:09Kyle_Can you compile RB under OSX?
00:41:47midkayMikachu, well, in a bleeding edge, i think it's too recent to be in a daily yet (not sure when they're built though.)
00:43:00 Quit silent_insomniac ("CGI:IRC (EOF)")
00:43:05CassandraPlasma looks good on the Nano, but a bit too regular.
00:43:31BHSPitMonkeyJdGordon: get it printed?
00:43:34midkayfire looks awesome..
00:43:36CassandraKyle_, probably, but none of the core developers use Macs so you'd be on your own building the cross-compiler etc.
00:43:42JdGordonnot yet, today hopefully
00:43:50BHSPitMonkeymidkay: you damn pyro.
00:44:01JdGordonBHSPitLappy: my mate works at 5am so i couldnt do it last jnight
00:44:02midkayBHSPitMonkey, you damn.. anti-pyro.
00:44:09BHSPitMonkeymidkay: waaaaahh
00:44:19midkayBHSPitMonkey, ... yeah..
00:44:22CassandraWow - turn plasma up really high and it makes your iPod look like it has a broken LCD. ;)
00:44:46DBUGEnqueued KICK Kyle_
00:44:46Kyle_Cassandra: thats fine if theres a wiki page that can show me how to do that?
00:45:09JdGordonKyle_: just follow the linux instructions...
00:45:56CassandraTry the Linux instructions.
00:46:04Kyle_aha ok
00:46:07CassandraYou'll need to install gcc for Mac first, obviously.
00:48:04 Quit DJ_Dooms_Day ("Trillian (")
00:48:51PhoenixSpirithas anyone experienced with the parametric EQ settings ?
00:49:03PhoenixSpiritfor example, vocal removal and such....
00:50:43PhoenixSpiritstill iHP-120
00:50:47Kohlrabiwant to sing along? :D
00:51:00PhoenixSpiritno, just being curious :)
00:51:28KohlrabiI never had much success with such stuff...
00:51:39Kyle_theres vocal removal?
00:51:47PhoenixSpiritwith the absence of the vocals, you can hear the instruments the way, I'm not an audiophile :)
00:52:16PhoenixSpiritwell, I thought I just might try experiencing with cutting out certain frequency levels
00:52:45PhoenixSpiritfor example, the human vocal range...but it didn't give me much success so far....
00:53:17PhoenixSpiritbut others may had successful experiences, who knows
00:54:06PhoenixSpiritalso, I don't want to damage my h120's internal amp by setting wrong frequencies
00:55:29KohlrabiI tried 'extracting' bass some way back with f2k/winamp, but success was not soo good ;)
00:55:46 Quit matsl (Remote closed the connection)
00:55:51PhoenixSpiritnot too easy, sure...
00:56:13 Part Kyle_
00:56:25PhoenixSpiritfrom the daily build changelog : Slight optimisation for 1bit and 2bit (vp) LCD drivers.
00:56:45PhoenixSpiritdid anyone notice that ? :) h1xx series
00:57:20Kohlrabiwhat got improved?
00:57:33Kohlrabidoes it affect remote
00:57:53KohlrabiSince I don't look at the main unit... ;)
00:58:32PhoenixSpiritsame for me...but don't know, didn't try it yet
00:58:50PhoenixSpiritI'm at work now, so just have to wait a little before trying :)
01:00:45PhoenixSpiritbut rockbox is working very good on the h120 now....the only problem I currently have is not being able to switch back to the wps/menu screen after entering bookmarks/recording/playlist naming screen with the remote
01:01:26PhoenixSpiritI mean, I can switch back by pressing stop on the main unit, but not on the remote...I hope there'll be some workaround to this :)
01:01:50BHSPitLappyJdGordon: ah, didn't realize you were down under :P
01:02:05BHSPitLappyin that case, that's -the- longest-range VNC I've ever done
01:02:23JdGordonno longer than this irc msg
01:02:33JdGordonin fact its probably shorter//
01:02:39BHSPitLappythis is going through the network
01:06:55 Part |Beowulf| ("Hello, Hey Joe! You wanna give it a go ?")
01:08:08midkayanybody here know how/want to play mafia (aka werewolf) on irc?..
01:08:42Kohlrabiwhat is that? :D
01:08:58 Join quobl [0] (n=quobl@tor/session/x-f60d80f9548712c4)
01:09:03midkay is the rules..
01:09:11midkaynot very hard to understand :)
01:09:44JdGordonif thats that idiot card game then hell no
01:09:48midkayanybody who wants to join (only if you're going to play) - server: - channel: #status.mafia
01:09:49JdGordonstupidest fucking game ever
01:09:51midkaycard game? haha?
01:10:10KohlrabiPlayers make themselves comfortable in a space such that every player can see every other player.
01:10:14JdGordonsit around the table and guess who is the murderer... we use cards for some reason
01:10:17KohlrabiHow do you achive THAT? :D
01:10:22midkayJdGordon, yes, that's it.
01:10:37midkayKohlrabi, it's a bit different on IRC.. instead of whispering you just PM :)
01:11:11JdGordonye, stupidest game ever :D
01:11:27midkayJdGordon, yeah, go play your.. your.... cool games. !!
01:12:50Kohlrabisounds fun
01:12:56Kohlrabithough it's a bit late ;)
01:13:04Kohlrabiat least here ;)
01:13:05midkayKohlrabi, you can give it a try if you want, pretty simple to catch on to :)
01:13:12midkaybah, whaddaloser!! ;)
01:13:25midkaywe need one or two more players to start..
01:13:40KohlrabiWell, are you playing adding 'special characters'?
01:13:50midkayno, just.. standard. simple.
01:14:08midkaysomeone dies, vote for whoever... repeat until either the guy is caught or everybody's dead.. rinse and repeat. :)
01:14:25Kohlrabiwell, maybe some other time :)
01:14:31midkaythis LOSER! :)
01:14:32Kohlrabihf though :)
01:14:42midkayhaha. :D!
01:15:00 Quit Moos ("Glory to Rockbox!")
01:15:01KohlrabiSo why don't you kill me?
01:15:13midkaymaybe i would if you came and played, you bastard..
01:16:19***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
01:21:32JdGordoncan rb play mpc?
01:22:44 Join ashridah [0] (
01:23:28Kohlrabi'Playback in Rockbox works realtime, but needs a little more work to be as fast as other codecs. Seeking has been disabled because it is unusably slow thanks to poor seeking support in the format itself.'
01:23:48JdGordonok, thanx
01:24:13Kohlrabirealtime means that it can decode 1 sec. of music as in 1sec. or faster
01:25:59PhoenixSpiritwill ff/rew with sound be possible some time ?
01:26:05PhoenixSpiritas in original iriver fw
01:26:21golf7is it a bug that ogg at very high bitrates will skip every like 7-8 seconds on the h300
01:26:32golf7cause i threw some oggs on there, cause i dont normally use oggs
01:26:44golf7but i somehow aquired some, and they were high bitrate, and they skipped
01:26:56midkaygolf7, do you have EQ on?
01:27:34muesli__afaik many reported skips in oggs
01:27:34golf7i did, but i cut it off and it still skipped
01:27:38Kohlrabihigh bitrate as in q10?
01:27:41golf7i guess
01:27:54golf7they were like high as hell, i have since converted to APS mp3
01:27:54Kohlrabihmm, I'll try now
01:28:10golf7to lower filesize
01:28:19golf7and samw quality ( i think )
01:28:22golf7not much of an ogg fan
01:28:56PhoenixSpiritat least ogg is free format
01:29:06Kohlrabithat's the spirit :)
01:29:06PhoenixSpiritM$ can go and f*ck its WMAs
01:29:45golf7ogg and mp3 is the way to go
01:29:47Kohlrabigolf7: I have a H120, though
01:29:54Kohlrabinot skipping so far
01:29:56golf7and FLAC for lossless
01:30:10golf7aac and wma can kiss my ass
01:30:12PhoenixSpiritH120 here as problems with OGG so far
01:30:14KohlrabiI'd rather use mpc than mp3
01:30:24Kohlrabibut ogg is perfect right now
01:30:26PhoenixSpiritnever tried it good ?
01:30:32PhoenixSpiritfile size/quality ?
01:30:34golf7yeah never tried some mpc's
01:30:37KohlrabiI don't use it myself
01:30:51Kohlrabibut...I got 'ahold' of some mpc music
01:30:58Kohlrabiseems fine
01:31:03PhoenixSpiriti c
01:31:09Kohlrabiogg@q10 working here
01:31:11PhoenixSpiritwhat's the casual file size of it ?
01:31:17Kohlrabiand q10 is maximum
01:31:19KohlrabiI think
01:31:21golf7maybe its just the h300 and maybe just that build
01:31:29golf7and it may have been higher q
01:31:34Kohlrabidepends on quality setting PhoenixSpirit
01:31:43KohlrabiBut I don't care much about filesize anyway
01:31:51Kohlrabiit's ~the same for lossy format
01:32:00golf7i ahve a 60 gig hdd in my h340, and its only got about 7 gigs free
01:32:05golf7and loading more shit on it everyday
01:32:10Kohlrabihmm, ok :)
01:32:26PhoenixSpiriti have 20, but it was fine to this day
01:32:44PhoenixSpiritnot loading more on it often, though
01:33:04PhoenixSpiritis it possible to upgrade the h120 HDD for a bigger one ?
01:33:12Kohlrabii think so, yes
01:33:27KohlrabiI think rb-website has something about that
01:33:41Kohlrabilook on the hardware-specs-page
01:33:41PhoenixSpiritthanks, I'll check after it
01:35:52golf7yeah it is
01:35:57golf7same hdd as the h340
01:36:00golf7i mean h320
01:36:04golf7you can only get it to 30 gigs
01:36:22Kohlrabicontroller limits it?
01:36:23golf7cause its single platter, the 120 is
01:36:30golf7the 40 gig is double platter
01:36:34golf7not enough physical room
01:36:38KohlrabiI see
01:36:45golf7unless you drop the paddin and shit
01:36:54Kohlrabiwell, padding is good ;)
01:36:55golf7it has some nice pics ans stuff
01:37:11muesli__PhoenixSpirit sure, u can
01:37:27muesli__ive upgraded my h320 to an h330
01:38:10muesli__just use a single platter hdd which can identified by its name including gaL
01:38:33 Join saratoga [0] (
01:39:00Kohlrabigolf7: just heard from a friend taht you actually can push vorbis beyond q10
01:39:10KohlrabiBut that makes no sense, anyways :o
01:39:48saratogaCan someone help me with an error message I get from patch?
01:40:28PhoenixSpiritonly size matters ? can I use HDD from any manufacturer ?
01:40:52muesli__nope, it MUST be toshiba
01:41:12muesli__btw size always matters ;)
01:41:22muesli__ask Cassandra ;)
01:41:53PhoenixSpiritsure :)
01:41:56PhoenixSpirit *Toshiba defines a megabyte (MB) as 1,000,000 bytes and a gigabyte (GB) as 1,000,000,000 bytes.
01:41:59KohlrabiIt's not the size of the hammer that counts, it's how you wield it!
01:42:09Kohlrabiyeah, thats common for HD
01:42:26PhoenixSpiritbiggest marketing trick in IT :S
01:42:52PhoenixSpiritwhen you buy an 160 GB HDD, you only get 147 GB usable space
01:43:04Jungti1234How about it? -
01:43:10PhoenixSpiritbut why ? :)
01:43:22dpassen1160 * 10^9 / 2^30
01:44:33Kohlrabiuse GB and GiB to show which one you mean, PhoenixSpirit
01:44:41KohlrabiI don't know which is for which, though ;)
01:45:05dpassen1GB is 10^9, GiB is 2^30
01:45:09moozoohGiB is 1024
01:47:28PhoenixSpiritanother rockbox written in C++ ?
01:48:00ashridahno, C
01:48:11ashridahand some assembly
01:51:02 Join pyro2 [0] (
01:51:34golf7so regular C
01:51:37golf7and some ASM
01:51:49pyro2What is ISD300 on the H3x0 series?
01:52:02golf7not sure
01:52:10midkayASM mostly only for the low-level hardware stuff, afaik..
01:52:36ashridahpyro: it's the usb-storage-on-a-chip controller from memory
01:52:53ashridahmidkay: and any routines that they need to accelerate
01:53:27midkayashridah, right.. seems to be mostly hardware-related though, i.e. grayscale blitting related to the LCD driver..
01:53:45CtcpIgnored 1 channel CTCP requests in 0 seconds at the last flood
01:53:45*ashridah nods
01:54:05pyro2ashridah: Doesn't list the H3x0 series having this chip. Is this wrong?
01:55:14amiconnmidkay: Not only; check the audio codecs
01:55:40ashridahpyro: it might have something else that also supports usb-otg or something
01:55:46midkayamiconn, .. audio codecs relating to the MAS or cpu...
01:55:48ashridahor it could just be wrong :)
01:55:53midkay= hardware-related.
01:56:14midkayi just mean in general it seems ASM is only used for speeding up stuff directly pertaining to the hardware.. LCD/cpu/buttons etc..
01:56:45ashridahpyro: infact, it's got "Cypress CY7C68310" instead
01:57:09amiconnYes. CY7C68310 is an ISD300 clone
01:57:28amiconnmidkay: I mean the software codecs
01:57:58midkayamiconn, playing audio with software codecs is what i'd call directly related to the hardware..
01:58:29amiconnWell, if you see it that way, everything is hardware related
01:58:51midkayyes, but not as directly as playing audio, i'd say..
01:59:29ashridahi'd call decoding audio fairly generic, tbh.
01:59:54midkayi'd consider software codecs about as low-level as audio playback gets.. there are simpler functions for it, you can wrap it up in a nice little function, but the codec's the framework..
01:59:58ashridahthe part that pushes bits to the DAC is a different area, isn't it?
02:00:11midkayashridah, not if i understand correctly..
02:00:12amiconnWell, asm is used whenever C isn't fast enough, the decision being either hard or soft
02:00:50amiconnmidkay: On swcodec platforms the codecs and the actual audio playback are very different areas
02:01:31midkayamiconn, aha, in that case.. :) well, it makes sense to use asm anyways - you want it as fast as possible
02:01:37amiconnThe codec just converts compressed audio to uncompressed, in memory
02:02:03 Quit PhoenixSpirit ("CGI:IRC (Ping timeout)")
02:02:15amiconnOn coldfire (iriver) we have to use asm whenever we want to make use of the cpu's emac unit
02:02:28lostlogicor burst read/write to RAM
02:02:48amiconn(a unit for accelerated dsp-like operations)
02:03:00amiconngcc doesn't know about emac so it won't use it
02:03:32lostlogicI really hope they are working on m68k-gcc, it seriously needs work.
02:03:35 Quit slimx (Remote closed the connection)
02:03:40amiconnEven mandelbrot.rock uses asm for speed, and uses emac on coldfire :)
02:04:22 Join perl|wtf [0] (
02:04:34qwmanyone wanna play some werewolf?
02:05:48midkayqwm: stfu, i asked earlier.
02:06:44qwmyou did?
02:06:48qwmexcuse my ignorance.
02:07:32 Quit erus` ()
02:08:44 Quit darkless (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
02:08:53 Quit muesli__ (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
02:09:38 Join erus` [0] (
02:11:40saratogadoes anyone know what bootloader the ipod 3g is supposed to use?
02:11:50saratogacan I just give it the 4g bootloader?
02:12:00qwmi have no fucking idea.
02:12:00saratogai want to test slimx's new patch
02:12:19qwmBHSPitLappy has no fucking idea either, because he's a senseless moron.
02:12:37lostlogicamiconn: which is faster: memset16(0xFFFF) or memset(0xFF)?
02:12:53amiconnShould be equal for larger blocks
02:13:03lostlogicamiconn: cool
02:13:05amiconnThe line loop is identical
02:13:22qwmis that so, amiconn
02:13:26lostlogicduh, you duplicate the source data into 4 registers then loop it
02:14:17BHSPitLappyqwm: pardon me, but who the hell are you?
02:14:32qwmBHSPitLappy: i'm your worst nightmare.
02:14:36 Part pyro2
02:15:09BHSPitLappyI -do- tend to fear stupid people in general
02:15:37midkayhow is it possible to fear yourself?
02:20:53 Quit perldiver (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
02:22:42 Join darkless [0] (n=darkless@
02:23:19Shadowarrior13Oh, snap!
02:23:26Shadowarrior13I JUST saw that insult!
02:24:41qwmBHSPitLappy: do you fear your mom?
02:25:05BHSPitLappywho wouldn't?
02:26:14 Quit erus` (Remote closed the connection)
02:26:16BHSPitLappyby the way, why'd that take 8 minutes?
02:26:49JdGordonyay, needleboy added my colour patch to h300 optimized :D
02:27:14qwmBHSPitLappy: there's more important things in my life than answering you. like enjoying potato chips and beating off.
02:28:27BHSPitLappyjust because they're the only things in your life, doesn't make them important.
02:28:36 Join erus` [0] (
02:28:37BHSPitLappywait, isn't this channel about rockbox? :S
02:28:54midkayBHSPitLappy, no, of course not.
02:29:08midkayjust because it's called #rockbox, doesn't make it about rockbox.
02:30:29 Join kkurbjun [0] (
02:30:47qwmthis channel is about linus and his brainchilds.
02:30:58 Quit Kohlrabi ("Fast alle Menschen sind Regenw체rmer")
02:34:37 Join Fuiou5 [0] (
02:34:37 Quit Furious_G (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
02:34:48Jungti1234good.. nice JdGordon
02:44:51 Join kahm [0] (
02:47:41 Quit erus` (Remote closed the connection)
02:49:37 Join erus` [0] (
02:50:09 Quit kahm ("CGI:IRC (EOF)")
02:50:10 Join kahm_2 [0] (
02:50:10 Quit midkay (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
02:50:31kahm_2is there any plce where a simulator is already compiled and ready to go, or is that something i'm going to have to do myself?
02:50:48 Join midkay [0] (
02:51:56 Join Paul_The_Nerd [0] (
02:53:16 Join webguest34 [0] (
02:53:17kkurbjunPaul_The_Nerd: where was it in the doom code that you were having problems?
02:54:18webguest34I really like the way Rockbox is progressing for the iPod Video
02:55:43webguest34on the iPod Rockbox, which button is for "stop"?
02:55:56midkayhold play..
02:56:17webguest34ok thanks
02:56:28webguest34well Plasma looks much better
02:57:18kahm_2is there any plce where a simulator is already compiled and ready to go, or is that something i'm going to have to do myself?
02:57:36webguest34Im just wondering if visualizations are possible on the iPod Video? Winamp style?
02:57:49 Join YouCeyE [0] (
02:58:20Paul_The_Nerdkkurbjun: One second. It's been a while since I've looked at it.
02:58:39 Quit perl|wtf (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
02:59:10webguest34what I really want to do is make my own colourful wps
02:59:18Paul_The_Nerdkkurbjun: It has to do with the changes you made to the lumpinfo_t struct.
02:59:19midkaykahm_2, i believe you have to do it yourself.
02:59:25kkurbjunPaul: If I remember correct the problem was in r_things, if that's the case this new code I am putting up soon should fix your problems
02:59:29midkaywebguest34, probably..
02:59:35midkaywebguest34, feel free.. :)
02:59:59kkurbjunPaul: yes, but it was running into errors in r_things.c? or elsewhere?
03:00:03midkaymeaning doom should run again on the ipods?
03:00:30Paul_The_Nerdkkurbjun: Yes, approximately line 237 in r_things.c, which was if (*(int *)lumpinfo[l].name == intname)
03:00:46kahm_2oh man, if doom ran on the ipod...
03:00:53kkurbjunPaul: yep, I have replaced that with updated/better code
03:01:13webguest34i always wondered what mandelbrot is for
03:01:50kkurbjunPaul: I think I also have all your changed in the code
03:02:18midkaywebguest34, it's just a fractal design..
03:03:12webguest34but viewing photos is so much easier on the Rockbox
03:03:16Paul_The_Nerdkkurbjun: Okay. Is it uploaded somewhere, or is it not ready yet?
03:03:34Paul_The_Nerdwebguest34: But you can zoom the mandelbrot to get subsections of it. It's generated.
03:03:52Paul_The_NerdIt's fun for people who like math. :-P
03:03:52webguest34What would be good is a thumbnail viewer for pictures
03:04:12kkurbjunPaul: I'm getting a new diff ready, I'll upload it in a second
03:05:12Paul_The_Nerdkkurbjun: Okay, diffed against the sources in you'd posted before?
03:05:31Paul_The_Nerdwebguest34: If you wanted to code one of those, I'm sure it'd be greatly appreciated.
03:05:37kkurbjunno, I needed to make a new cvs diff because of some menu features I'm using now
03:06:16Paul_The_NerdI'll clean out my apps/plugins/doom folder then, and start from whatever you post.
03:09:14 Quit webguest34 ("CGI:IRC (EOF)")
03:10:24midkayPaul_The_Nerd, this should fix doom on the ipods then?
03:10:54Paul_The_Nerdmidkay: It's hard to say, honestly. Since it doesn't get past that error, there may be other ones lurking about. :)
03:11:15Paul_The_Nerdmidkay: But it's kkurbjun's baby. All I've done is server as a tester.
03:12:13kahm_2Im wondering what the true potential of the iPod is.. as far as photos, video, doom, recording, etc
03:12:19kahm_2on the 4g specifically
03:12:52Paul_The_Nerdkahm_2: Well, what are you curious about really?
03:13:41midkayPaul_The_Nerd, haha, alright :)
03:14:29kahm_2im just wondering if that stuff will ever come to the ipod.
03:14:45kahm_2right now i dont think any of those three things work on the 4g, but i hope one day they will
03:16:12Paul_The_Nerdkahm_2: Well, photos work on the 4G right now. Better than in the iPod software even, since you can zoom them.
03:16:20***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
03:17:26Paul_The_Nerdkahm_2: As for Doom, in time it will be there. It's run on iPodLinux right now. Same with video, though not too much has been done for Rockbox Video, it's been done in iPod Linux. As for recording, if the iPod has a line in, eventually it too will likely be done, as several other Rockbox targets have quite nice recording functionality. Rockbox on iPod is quite young still.
03:18:49kahm_2wow, since when have photos been workin? If i grab a bleeding edge right now that will make it work?
03:19:48JdGordonkahm_2: ess than a week?
03:19:53Paul_The_Nerdkahm_2: Right now, it's only noninterleaved jpegs.
03:19:54kkurbjunPaul: it's up on sourceforge now
03:20:05kkurbjunI had to change the server I was hosting on
03:20:47kkurbjunPaul: one change in the make file that didn't get in from your changes was the -D__BIG_ENDIAN__
03:20:59kkurbjunso make sure you remove that in the CFLAGS
03:23:43Paul_The_Nerdkkurbjun: Okay, gonna make it in a second then
03:24:03kahm_2how is it that i'm suposed to open them? i click and nothing happens.
03:24:18Paul_The_Nerdkahm_2: Just click select on them. Are you sure they are noninterleaved?
03:24:28Paul_The_Nerdkkurbjun: Also gotta change the plugin buffer size.
03:24:41kkurbjunoh yeah
03:27:46kahm_2is interleived the same as 'progressive'
03:28:12kahm_2so then we want standard as opposed to progressive?
03:28:15kahm_2or we want the progressive
03:30:11kahm_2i must me missing something, absolutley nothing happens when i select it
03:30:21Paul_The_Nerdkkurbjun: It'll take me a minute, just ran make through and realized I forgot to change the makefile to include IPOD_NANO in the targets
03:32:59Paul_The_Nerdkahm_2: Are they photo.jpg or photo.jpeg?
03:34:37Paul_The_NerdOkay, using the computer, browse into \.rockbox\viewers and see if there's a file called jpeg.rock there
03:35:07kahm_2no there isnt
03:35:13kahm_2that must be it.
03:35:41Paul_The_NerdYou copied over a new rockbox.ipod and a new .rockbox folder when you upgraded, right?
03:36:05kahm_2yeah, i just looked in the bleeding edge zip i downloaded, its not in there either.
03:36:18kahm_2it's not in the daily build as well
03:36:53Paul_The_NerdYou said you had a 4G, right?
03:37:02Paul_The_NerdOr are you using a 4G-Grayscale?
03:37:12kahm_2Its in the ipod color one, though
03:37:16Paul_The_NerdI thought you were using a 4G-Color
03:37:18kahm_2Oh it dosent work on grayscale?
03:37:21Paul_The_NerdNot yet
03:37:24kahm_2oh mannn.
03:37:28kahm_2sorry about that, hah.
03:37:41kahm_2i'm sure it would suck anyway.
03:37:53Paul_The_NerdIt uses the Grayscale library, which allows 30+ shades of gray on 2-bit screens, and that hasn't been ported to grayscale ipods yet
03:37:59Paul_The_NerdYou'd be *really* suprised about how much it doesn't suck
03:38:08kahm_2oh wow, i thought it would only be the 2 bits
03:38:15Paul_The_NerdNah, it cheats
03:38:27kahm_2how the hell did they manage that one, i would that would be a limitation of the LCD, a pixel is either on or off
03:38:31kahm_2but i guess thats not true?
03:38:44midkayflashing it so it appears to be gray..
03:38:47Paul_The_NerdIt takes advantage of the slow fading of the pixels, if I understand.
03:38:47midkayvery quickly
03:38:52kahm_2ohh wow.
03:38:55kahm_2thats smart.
03:38:59kkurbjunPaul: is it building?
03:39:00midkayat different speeds, yeah..
03:39:15Paul_The_Nerdkkurbjun: Just got errors a second ago, in i_video.c
03:39:25 Quit erus` (Remote closed the connection)
03:39:57kahm_2that's really amazing
03:40:02 Quit Jungti1234 ()
03:40:25Paul_The_Nerdkkurbjun: You forgot to define BUTTON_WEAPON for ipods
03:41:01kahm_2are you guys building doom for iPod right now?
03:42:14kkurbjunkahm_2: hopefully
03:42:26Paul_The_Nerdkkurbjun: Okay, forgot I had to make the plugin size bigger than 0xF0000 for Nano. Building again
03:42:33Paul_The_NerdIt seems that was the only error
03:42:48Paul_The_NerdBUTTON_WEAPON changes weapons, right?
03:43:24kkurbjunPaul: does it compile much cleaner now for you?
03:43:43Paul_The_NerdThere were still warnings, I didn't scroll back to see how many
03:44:02 Quit mikearthur (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
03:44:10kahm_2you guys are awesome, i really wish i knew more about this so i could get the simple things like battery status out of the way.
03:44:51midkayPaul_The_Nerd, tell us how it goes :D
03:45:07Paul_The_Nerdkkurbjun: Yeah, still warnings here and there but a lot less than before
03:46:07Paul_The_Nerdkkurbjun: I'm trying to figure out what the right plugin buffer size is for ipods, so I'm having to rebuild alot. Sorry.
03:46:25kkurbjunno problem
03:48:53BHSPitLappyPaul_The_Nerd: so you own a nano?
03:48:55Paul_The_NerdOkay, 0x120000 seems to work for now
03:48:59Paul_The_NerdBHSPitLappy: Yessir
03:49:56*BHSPitLappy get to reap benefits! wooo!
03:50:55Paul_The_Nerdkkurbjun: Where do I need to put the wads exactly? It just told me i have no base wads
03:52:52Paul_The_Nerdkkurbjun: Okay, got a data abort, but I'm not sure it compiled without the big endian thing, so lemme double check the change I made for that.
03:55:51midkaywhere may i change plugin RAM size?
03:57:25kkurbjunpaul: do you know where you got the data abort?
03:57:42midkaykkurbjun, can i use any wad file, and does it have to be named something specific?
03:57:43Paul_The_NerdImmediately after selecting start game, before any other output
03:58:29kkurbjunyou need the shareware doom or a comercial version (ultimate, doom2, tnt, plutonia)
03:58:36kkurbjunthats strange
03:59:50kkurbjuncould be in Dhandle_ver
04:00:19kkurbjunI dunno though. I'm not very familiar with this alignment stuff
04:00:47kkurbjunI know there's tags for gcc to give alignment hints, I just don't know where or how to use them for the arm
04:01:01Paul_The_Nerdkkurbjun: It flashes maybe 2 or 3 lines before the error, and I can't read them quickly enough. One second, rebuilding to try to see
04:02:25 Join Jungti1234 [0] (n=jungti12@
04:03:50Paul_The_NerdIt's right when it loads the WAD file again
04:03:59Paul_The_NerdWith either doom or doom2.wad
04:04:04Paul_The_Nerddoom1 or doom2 rather
04:05:33kkurbjunI'm going to have to look at it later, I have to go take care of things. hopefully I'll get a chance to look at it later this week
04:05:48kkurbjunthanks for trying though
04:05:49Paul_The_NerdI'll see if I can figure out something too. At least maybe more specifically where
04:06:00kkurbjunthat'd be great
04:07:54 Quit kahm_2 ("CGI:IRC (EOF)")
04:08:54 Join Aditya [0] (
04:10:25kkurbjunpaul: quick thought: it was getting furthur before in the wad loading. I moved char name[9]; to the bottom of the lumpinfo, if you move it back to the top it might at least get furthur in loading
04:13:28Adityaanyone here?
04:13:50Paul_The_NerdI'll try that next.
04:14:02Paul_The_NerdAditya: There are a few of us about, yes.
04:15:26 Join BHSPitLappy2 [0] (
04:21:28Paul_The_Nerdkkurbjun: That doesn't change anything.
04:22:20Paul_The_NerdWell, the data abort address is slightly different, but not much at all
04:23:13Paul_The_NerdAnd I have to go for a little while. I'll look into it and see if I can trace it later, but yeah it probably is still something to do with that struct.
04:23:15 Part Paul_The_Nerd
04:26:29 Join virtualball [0] (
04:26:50virtualballhi again
04:33:53 Quit BHSPitLappy (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
04:34:24 Join BHSPitLappy [0] (
04:40:15 Quit BHSPitLappy2 (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
04:43:26 Quit ashridah ("Leaving")
04:43:59 Join ashridah [0] (
04:58:18Jungti1234I have question
04:59:10Jungti1234H300 is linux system?
04:59:45Jungti1234Does it use GPL?
04:59:55midkaythe default firmware?
05:00:24 Join ssn [0] (
05:00:52ashridahJungti1234: the H3xx firmware iriver provide is a proprietary system they developed themselves, it's not based on linux
05:01:37ashridah(well, at least, mostly developed themselves, there may well be contributions from other commerical sources)
05:01:39Jungti1234Then, rockbox?
05:01:42 Join Rob2222_ [0] (
05:02:06midkaygpl, yes..
05:02:08ashridahrockbox is not based on linux either, but it IS licensed under the GPL.
05:03:51Jungti1234um... linux is base of iriver pmp?
05:05:00Jungti1234or is it licensed under the GPL?
05:08:51 Quit ssn ("CGI:IRC (EOF)")
05:10:37midkayJungti1234, i'm not sure, i don't think so.
05:12:42 Quit ts-x ("CGI:IRC (EOF)")
05:14:53midkayi don't believe iriver uses linux in any of it's products.
05:15:10 Join infamis [0] (
05:15:14midkaynor is any of the firmware is GP, as far as i know
05:15:27Jungti1234They opened source of PMP firmware.
05:15:50Jungti1234But, H300 didn't.
05:16:21***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
05:16:28infamisI'm trying to build the sim...and I get a sdl-config not found. is this something I need to download...the wiki doesn't mention anything about it on
05:16:59Jungti1234I'm not certain, PMP is GPL.
05:17:21midkayshould help..
05:17:45Jungti1234but I don't know well H300.
05:17:52 Quit Rob2222 (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
05:18:02golf7h300 isnt linux based
05:18:07midkayh300 is definitely not open source, nor linux based.
05:18:08golf7i am 99.99999% sure
05:18:33Jungti1234Then, 0.00001%?
05:19:50infamismidkay: I've installed CygWin already, but no where do I see sdl mentioned
05:20:06midkaysecond to last line of the document.
05:20:09midkayyou need to install sdl.
05:20:26midkayfrom the mirror, yes..
05:20:48midkayinfamis, yes... you need sdl installed.
05:21:13Jungti1234infamis, I wandered like you.
05:22:09infamiswhere is sdl..."sdl simulator download" on google brings a lot of results
05:23:12midkaythe second to last line of the cygwindevelopment page i just linked to.
05:23:35infamisalright, I'm stupid; I just figured out sdl is one of the packages selected after the url
05:23:41infamis....still hadn't finished downloading :)
05:23:42midkayexactly. :)
05:24:24virtualballi have a question about 5G rockbox, is rockboy supposedd to be messed-up?
05:24:32midkayvirtualball, it looks corrupted?
05:24:41midkayyou need to go into the settings and toggle fullscreen off.
05:24:57midkayinfamis, you nutcase, you're trying to compile while it downloads? :)
05:25:36infamisbasically, cause the guide said you don't need crosscompile target stuff for the simulator build
05:25:49infamisbut it didn't mention that sdl is part of the cross compile packages
05:25:56infamisor the 2nd download step
05:26:48infamisI'm just eager to try this stuff out :)
05:27:54infamishas rockbox ever thought of porting to car receivers?
05:28:23infamiseven though rockbox isn't a person :)
05:28:34midkayinfamis, how exactly? :)
05:29:30infamislike if I have a Pioneer/alpine radio in my car console, throwing rockbox on that..using an MP3CD or DVD-MP3 (iso/joliet) as it's source for files
05:30:01midkayyou can easily put files on a cd, but how is the reciever going to read them and know what to do with them?
05:30:41infamisthat's where rockbox comes in :)
05:31:09*midkay stares blankly :)
05:31:36infamisisn't it the same as being "just another target" like iAudio x5, ipod, ALPINE-9861...
05:32:14midkaywell, you can't just put files on a CD and say to the reciever, "Install rockbox please". :)
05:32:20JdGordonany metal heads here??? im looking for illdisposed cds.. ?
05:33:16infamisright, you'd have to flash the ROM like any other target...
05:35:11infamis..I'm just waiting for this to finish downloading :) nothing else to do...
05:38:43midkayinfamis, haha :)
05:41:26JdGordonbloody hell doom is nice int he h3000 :D
05:41:33JdGordononly finnaly loaded it :p
05:42:00midkaydamn, wish it ran on the ipods..
05:42:58JdGordoncept there is no strafe which makes it hard..
05:45:33 Join midkay_ [0] (
05:47:16 Quit Shadowarrior13 ()
05:50:24 Quit TCK ("well, if you say so.")
05:51:48infamisis there something you have to do to cygwin after installation?
05:51:54 Quit midkay (Read error: 145 (Connection timed out))
05:53:20JdGordonkkurbjun: u around?
06:06:17infamisno rule to make target ui-x5.bmp error during sim to fix?
06:08:04 Join fairway [0] (
06:08:09fairwayhi all
06:08:28fairwaydid anyone change the rockbox delay behaviour on ipod photo?
06:08:46fairwayif you scroll fast the music gets interrupted
06:10:51 Quit virtualball (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
06:11:22 Quit fairway (Client Quit)
06:11:34ashridahinfamis: which platform are you building the simulator for?
06:12:48ashridahinfamis: btw, with the car audio device, you may find that it's using a hardware decoder. it's possible to add stuff, but expensive to pull apart a car stereo, and lets not forget the security things those often have now
06:13:26infamisah,'s for x5
06:13:55infamisui-x5.bmp doesn't exist anywhere in the daily build rockbox-daily-20060222
06:15:01ashridahhrm. must be missing from one of the files
06:15:10ashridahpoke Bagder
06:15:16ashridahyou might need to use CVS to check it out instead
06:16:05ashridah(until the problem is fixed, i mean)
06:17:38infamisok..the cvs structure is way diffferent than the daily build...all the ui-*.bmps are in uisim/win32 on the build & in uisim/sdl for cvs
06:17:55 Quit Aditya ("Trillian (")
06:18:27infamisput ui-x5.bmp in sdl and it seems to be compiling
06:18:39 Quit imphasing (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
06:24:41midkay_kkurbjun, are you still around?
06:35:21infamiswho is kkurbjun...
06:36:34midkay_a person in this channel...
06:36:59infamisI've seen 2 requests for him though...
06:37:08infamisokay build error for sdl (x5):
06:37:24infamisBMP2RB bejeweled_jewels.160x128x16.bmp
06:37:29infamismake[4]: *** [/usr/src/rbsrc/rockbox-daily-20060222/sim/apps/plugins/bitmaps/nat
06:37:38infamisive/bejeweled_jewels.160x128x16.c] Error 1
06:37:43infamismake[3]: *** [all] Error 2
06:37:46infamismake[2]: *** [build-bitmaps] Error 2
06:37:51infamismake[1]: *** [rocks] Error 2
06:37:54infamismake: *** [all] Error 2
06:38:10infamiswhat is this?
06:38:58midkay_he's making doom run...
06:39:10midkay_and. hm.
06:39:16midkay_you installed everything that was asked for?
06:39:42infamisyup...afaik...any package in particular that this may be trying to reference?
06:40:15midkay_well, bmp2rb should have been compiled...
06:40:38midkay_what were a few lines before that, can you paste?
06:40:42infamisbejeweled.... .c has this text in it: "error - Can't read image"
06:41:05infamisCC highscore.c
06:41:08infamisCC xlcd.c
06:41:11infamisAR+RANLIB /usr/src/rbsrc/rockbox-daily-20060222/sim/libplugin.a
06:41:13infamisMAKE in plugins/bitmaps/native
06:41:17infamisBMP2RB bejeweled_jewels.160x128x16.bmp
06:41:19infamisthen the error
06:42:03infamisI have ui-x5.bmp in both uisim/sdl & uisim/win32
06:42:38midkay_i'd suggest making a new build folder and building for another target, say, the archos recorder, a normal build.
06:42:47midkay_maybe the sim build neglects to compile bmp2rb.
06:42:55midkay_i'd build for a target and then try simbuilding again.
06:43:42infamisok, I'll try target 1: archos player/studio
06:47:20 Join perldiver [0] (
06:52:21infamishmm...I'll have to try tomorrow...gotta go to work; it's 12am & I was supposed to be there at 10:30pm!
06:52:56 Quit Jungti1234 ()
06:53:06infamissee what rockbox does to ya!
06:53:15 Quit infamis ("gone to work")
06:59:25BHSPitLappyJdGordon: so did you get over there
06:59:34JdGordon..not yet
06:59:59JdGordonhe must be working all day today or something.. hasnt come online yet
07:08:15aegraylinuxstb: here?
07:09:27 Join kahm [0] (
07:10:36 Quit kahm (Client Quit)
07:10:42 Join kahm [0] (
07:11:36 Join Jungti1234 [0] (n=jungti12@
07:12:22JdGordonme 3
07:12:38Jungti1234I have another question
07:12:55midkay_too bad, maaan.
07:14:57Jungti1234Iriver speaks that don't react in outside action if H300 turns off. (sorry, I don't speak well English.)
07:14:58kahmwoa woa woa. keep it down in here!
07:15:43midkay_i don't know what you mean..
07:16:03 Join Paul_The_Nerd [0] (
07:16:14Jungti1234okok I'm writing now.
07:16:15kahmI think he's trying to say something like 'the iriver says that it dosen't react to anything when it shuts off'..maybe?
07:16:22***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
07:17:25Jungti1234react = operate
07:18:01midkay_so you mean when it's off it doesn't react to anything?
07:18:32Jungti1234For example, Alram function says that can't use in H300.
07:18:33midkay_wwhat's your question then? :)
07:18:47midkay_ah. ok..
07:18:49Jungti1234Iriver speaks so.
07:19:10JdGordonBHSPitLappy: im heading out to get it printed :D
07:19:20Jungti1234By the way, H300 chipset supports it.
07:19:29midkay_Jungti1234, you mean the voiced menus?
07:19:41JdGordonill stop by my sisters later tonight and get a photo of it.. i doubt my fone will get a decent pic
07:19:46 Quit RotAtoR ("zzzzzzz")
07:20:11Jungti1234midkay_, you don't know alram?
07:20:13BHSPitLappywell aren't you just completely dependent :P
07:20:39midkay_Jungti1234, if it's a misspelling of "alarm", yes :)
07:20:57qwmplease, have my bananas.
07:21:01Jungti1234sorry :)
07:21:21qwmBHSPitLappy: going to bed. i want you to tuck me in.
07:21:27qwmand i want a hug.
07:21:28qwmand a kiss.
07:21:33qwmand a blowjob.
07:21:40BHSPitLappy/ignore qwm!*@* ALL
07:21:44BHSPitLappytoo many slashes
07:21:53BHSPitLappythere, that's better
07:22:18qwmi love you too. night.
07:23:17kahmso, 1:30 in the morning chatting about rocketbox.
07:23:24kahmwe're clearly the coolest people in the world.
07:24:49midkay_because you touch yourself at night.
07:25:02kahm......not at night
07:25:08midkay_haha. whoa.
07:25:11midkay_too much info, really.
07:25:43Mikachumaybe he's doing it now
07:25:58midkay_yeah, where'd he go. :E
07:26:02Jungti1234Can it support?
07:26:24Jungti1234Does iriver lie?
07:26:31midkay_Jungti1234, i'm not quite sure what you're asking..
07:26:54Jungti1234I have image.
07:28:06BHSPitLappyMikachu: we're talking about rockbox, I couldn't blame him.
07:28:55midkay_oh, iriver says alarm can't be supported?
07:29:37midkay_um. i don't know the iriver hardware well, i'm not sure..
07:29:47Jungti1234We sayed it excessively much.
07:30:02Jungti1234However, reply is just alike.
07:30:21Jungti1234Iriver is answering one on all questions.
07:30:34midkay_they might be right, i don't see why they would lie, they should understand the hardware well..
07:30:45midkay_but they could be wrong.
07:30:51MikachuJungti1234: are you using google translate or something?
07:31:13Mikachui thought i recognized the weird grammar :)
07:31:21Jungti1234Google translation is bad.
07:31:45Jungti1234I use other.
07:31:46midkay_Jungti1234, what language are you translating from?
07:31:59midkay_cool :)
07:32:27Jungti1234English is hard
07:34:03Jungti1234I want correct answer.
07:34:19BHSPitLappycorrect answer to what?
07:34:22Jungti1234(I want inerrable answer.)
07:34:41BHSPitLappy ^^^^^^^^^^ I've never heard that word.
07:34:45midkay_Jungti1234, i don't know the correct answer.
07:35:05Jungti1234BHSPtiLappy: Alarm function is possible in H300?
07:35:14BHSPitLappyoh, I'm an iPod guy :)
07:46:02 Quit ashridah (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
07:46:37 Join ashridah [0] (
07:52:48Jungti1234another person got angry also by iriver lie.
07:55:45kahmhow hard do you guys think it is to get the battery part working for the ipod?
07:58:14Paul_The_Nerdkahm: On the relative scale, probably not too hard. The code exists in iPodLinux, it's just a matter of adapting it.
08:00:00kahmits possible to get that running on an ipod alongside rocketbox right
08:00:23ScoTTieyou can have both installed at the same time
08:00:56ScoTTieseems someones already got some of the batt code in there
08:01:55Paul_The_Nerdkahm: I don't mean running alongside. I mean that someone needs to look into the ipodlinux sources, find how they check the battery level, and just adapt their source code to compile into rockbox.
08:02:10BHSPitLappykahm: you need to write a script that truncates the "et"
08:02:38Mikachu'/completion -auto rocketbox rockbox' in irssi
08:02:43kahmyeah, i understand that, i was just curious if it was possible to do both
08:03:02kahmhah, maybe i should just stop typing it over and over :( i'm learning a mistake
08:03:20Paul_The_Nerdkahm: Yeah, rockbox and ipodlinux live side by side just fine.
08:03:23 Join Zoide777 [0] (
08:04:08 Quit perldiver (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
08:04:38Zoide777hi guys
08:04:55Jungti1234hm SRS is software? hardware? codec?
08:04:59ScoTTie/* The following command puts the iPod into a deep sleep. Warning from the good people of ipodlinux - never issue this command without setting CHGWAK or EXTONWAK if you ever want to be able to power on your iPod again. */
08:05:02Zoide777is mandelbrot supposed to work on the 4g grayscale? I've never managed to find it in the plugin list
08:05:25BHSPitLappythat sucks
08:05:26 Join LinusN [0] (
08:05:34BHSPitLappyScoTTie: do it.
08:05:35 Part LinusN
08:05:49BHSPitLappysend it back to apple, as the very first 'bricked' ipod ever.
08:05:59 Join LinusN [0] (
08:06:01ScoTTiei think ill pass ;p
08:06:19amiconnZoide777: Not yet. Someone needs to implement the grayscale lib for the greyscale iPods first
08:06:29Zoide777amiconn: ah, ok
08:07:00Paul_The_NerdBHSPitLappy: You can probably still reboot it with the hardware method.
08:07:07amiconnSame goes for some other plugins, e.g. jpeg viewer, plasma, fire
08:07:14Paul_The_NerdJungti1234: SRS-wow is software.
08:07:37Zoide777any updates on the scrollwheel? afaik the problem is that it's treated like a button, and it generates events at a crazy rate. but is there any other way to use it?
08:08:02BHSPitLappyPaul_The_Nerd: I don't think the warning would be so severe
08:08:07Paul_The_NerdZoide777: What kind of problem are you having with it?
08:08:10ScoTTieZoide: what do you mean ? its fast ?
08:08:19Jungti1234Paul_The_Nerd: Can H300 be upgraded by SRS WOW 2.0?
08:08:53Paul_The_NerdBHSPitLappy: Yeah, but at the same time I can't imagine it sticking around if you say, unplugged the battery and waiting for a while.
08:09:04Jungti1234Iriver speaks that it's impossible.
08:09:19Paul_The_NerdJungti1234: If iRiver decides to upgrade their firmware with it, yes. SRS-WOW is patented, to Rockbox will probably never use it.
08:09:34BHSPitLappyPaul_The_Nerd: ae.gray says it's pretty harsh
08:09:36Paul_The_NerdSRS-WOW 2.0 may be too complex though. I don't know any specifics about it.
08:09:41Jungti1234ok :) thanks!
08:09:58Zoide777ScoTTie: I mean, right now the clickwheel bogs down rockbox, right? e.g. the sound skips when scrolling
08:10:31ScoTTieno idea, ive only got a mini and sound doesnt seem to work at all atm.
08:10:36Paul_The_NerdBHSPitLappy: *shrugs* Dunno personally. It just seems odd that if you forget to set something, it no longer catches input to wake no matter what.
08:10:53ScoTTieand the scroll wheel is way to sensetive :p
08:11:22Zoide777ScoTTie: does acceleration work? e.g. for long playlists?
08:11:49ScoTTieno idea, i just added button support to the mini earlier today
08:11:57Paul_The_NerdZoide777: That's less the fault of the scrollwheel than the fact that playback uses almost all the resources available in many cases.
08:11:58ScoTTieid never used rockbox before then
08:12:17 Join theauthor [0] (
08:13:06Zoide777Paul_The_Nerd: oh, i see. do you think this will continue until someone figures out how to use both cores?
08:14:40kahmIs there something i need to do to get rockbox and ipodlinux working at the same time? When i use the windows instlaler, it just puts that apple folder logo thing indicating bad firmware
08:14:54ScoTTiekahm: its on the wiki afaik
08:15:02kahm oh ok.
08:15:07Paul_The_NerdZoide777: Not necessarily. At the moment there's something strange about playback. With the cpu boosting, we can see that it may be doing too much somewhere. So there's probably some optimizations/changes that may affect this.
08:15:24 Part theauthor
08:20:01amiconnLinusN: (x5) Could you tell me which button is which? I can see 7 buttons and the hold switch in the sim bg image, but there are 8 buttons defined in button.h, even w/o the one that says 'doesn't exist'
08:20:05 Join needleboy [0] (
08:20:38amiconnIs Hold a button?
08:20:56LinusNthe on and hold buttons are the same
08:21:10LinusNit slides up for ON and down for hold
08:21:38amiconnIn button.h you have LEFT/RIGHT/UP/DOWN, PLAY, REC, POWER and MENU
08:21:52amiconnI'm not sure about PLAY and MENU then
08:22:08amiconn...and I wonder why you call it POWER instead of OFF
08:22:33amiconnOFF would be consistent with the ondio, where it actually is an on/off button as well
08:23:43 Join erus` [0] (
08:23:56 Quit erus` (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
08:24:06 Join erus` [0] (
08:25:13 Quit needleboy (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
08:27:48 Join ender` [0] (i=ychat@
08:30:06 Quit midkay_ (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
08:30:09 Join midk [0] (
08:32:28midkcan anyone tell me which devices don't have an RTC?
08:33:58midknm, found what i was looking for.
08:34:37 Quit erus` (Remote closed the connection)
08:35:24LinusNamiconn: i don't recall calling the buttons anything
08:35:57LinusNi haven't even ported the button driver
08:37:04JdGordonhey all.. any1 feel like commiting the colour patch?
08:37:48 Join needleboy [0] (
08:38:10JdGordonhey needleboy, im guessing u got the menu working?
08:38:48 Join erus` [0] (
08:39:37BHSPitLappyJdGordon: your chooser?
08:39:40midkJdGordon, i'm about to try it :)
08:40:01JdGordonBHSPitLappy: guess what? i went to a friedns place to print it.. and his bloody printer wouldnt work :'(
08:41:01LinusNJdGordon: CR/LF in apps/SOURCES
08:41:32JdGordon:'( im SURE i had it on unix line endings...
08:42:04Paul_The_NerdIs there an easy way to fix that in files, if you're using cygwin?
08:42:16 Join DJ_Dooms_Day [0] (
08:42:47LinusNi guess "tr" can fit it, but i don't remember how
08:43:00LinusNi usually do it within emacs
08:43:40LinusNi still think you should use the american spelling of color, to match the rest of the source
08:44:43JdGordonanything else? oh, why does it load black/black instead of the default the first time u upgrade?
08:45:38LinusNgood question
08:46:48LinusNin the sim as well?
08:46:49 Quit midk (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
08:47:15 Join midk [0] (
08:49:41midkJdGordon, your patch isn't compiling for ipod video, at least not for me..
08:50:10midkmake[2]: *** No rule to make target `<<<<<<<', needed by `/home/midk/rockbox-dev
08:50:10midkel/buildvid/apps/plugins/dep-plugins'. Stop.
08:50:10midkmake[1]: *** [rocks] Error 2
08:50:10DBUGEnqueued KICK midk
08:50:10midki'm not sure where this is coming from..
08:50:47LinusNmidk: cvs conflict in apps/SOURCES
08:51:20JdGordoni tihnk that patch is fucked :p... upping a new 1
08:52:35JdGordonok, all should work fine now... colour is spelt color, no crlf no tabs...
08:52:55midkwill try..
08:52:57BHSPitLappyI thought rockbox went with the euro spellings
08:53:48LinusNJdGordon: i see no patch
08:54:06LinusNBHSPitLappy: no, there is no spelling policy
08:54:24LinusNthe main policy is to maintain some consistency
08:54:41BHSPitLappywell either way, I'm fine
08:54:48BHSPitLappyit IS spelled "color" ;)
08:54:51 Quit needleboy ()
08:56:18CtcpIgnored 1 channel CTCP requests in 0 seconds at the last flood
08:56:18*amiconn prefers british english spelling
08:56:37*LinusN doesn't prefer anything
08:56:58amiconnI'm using it in comments, but for code american spelling is so common that I stick to it
08:57:24LinusNi tend to mix american and english spelling all the time
08:57:39LinusNbut i think i mostly use american
08:57:48BHSPitLappyWhich color is your favourite colour?
08:59:58amiconnBHSPitLappy: light grey from a palette of grayscales ;)
09:00:09 Join needleboy [0] (
09:00:32BHSPitLappyI alternate between those all the time
09:00:45BHSPitLappyI actually just consider grey lighter and gray darker
09:00:52Zoide777*grey*scale?? :D
09:00:52needleboyjdgordon: got a new version of the album art?
09:00:58BHSPitLappyjust a weird personal conviction
09:01:02 Quit Zoide777 ("CGI:IRC")
09:01:45midkby the way.. does anyone know the situation with RAM on the ipod 5g? .. the 60gb model has 64mb but the 30gb model has 32mb. the makefile always generates a 32mb build. earlier today i modified the makefile to build for 64mb to see what would happen.
09:02:00midkrockbox showed 60mb of RAM, but all codecs gave "codec failure" and no plugins worked.
09:02:11midkexpected? what else needs to be done to use all 64mb?
09:03:11ashridahdid you run make clean before building rockbox? the plugins may have decided they didn't need to be rebuilt
09:03:27midkiirc i cleaned out the build directory and started over..
09:03:47ashridahwell. i'm out of ideas :)
09:03:57midkhahaha :)
09:04:03 Join B4gder [0] (
09:04:10amiconnpreglow ?
09:04:17midkhey B4gder
09:04:20 Nick midk is now known as midkay (
09:04:20DBUGEnqueued KICK midkay
09:04:26Paul_The_Nerdmidk: If I understand correctly, if you tell it that there's 64mb, the plugins are still built on the assumption that there's 32 and they're loaded into the end of memory, 'cept it's not the end any more.
09:04:34CtcpIgnored 1 channel CTCP requests in 0 seconds at the last flood
09:04:34*Paul_The_Nerd may have misunderstood how it worked though.
09:04:39 Quit Jungti1234 ()
09:04:44midkayPaul_The_Nerd, what tells the plugins there's still 32mb?
09:04:58ashridahB4gder: there's at least one file from the iaudio simulator build missing from the daily build source drops
09:05:02Paul_The_Nerdmidkay: Honestly, no clue.
09:05:16B4gderashridah: aha, which?
09:05:46ashridahuh. i forget? infamis mentioned it, it's probably in the irc logs
09:05:51ashridahone of the .bmp files
09:07:35 Quit midkay (Read error: 131 (Connection reset by peer))
09:07:44 Join midkay_ [0] (
09:08:14 Nick midkay_ is now known as midkay (
09:08:50 Join damaki__ [0] (
09:10:50midkayi guess for the H300 "BUTTON_SELECT" is the NAVI button?
09:11:33preglowamiconn: yea
09:13:02amiconnYour idea about putting the plugin (and codec) RAM at the beginning of the RAM (directly behind the vector table)...
09:13:06 Join Zagor [0] (n=bjst@pdpc/supporter/sustaining/Zagor)
09:13:37amiconnWhen I'm thinking about it - this could also be useful on archos.
09:13:47preglowbtw, it's linuxstb's idea
09:13:53amiconnNo need for separate builds for 8MB modded boxes
09:14:02preglowcan you detect the ram size?
09:14:57amiconnJust try to write a long at (RAM_START + checked_size - 4) and try to read back
09:15:54amiconnOn archs where accessing a non-existing location causes a bus hang (e.g. coldfire), care must be taken to break this bus cycle
09:16:24***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
09:16:27amiconnColdfire can do this with the watchguard
09:16:34preglowhow do you break a bus cycle anyway? watchdog and iram cookie?
09:20:31amiconnThe watchdog timer can either issue a reset or an interrupt
09:21:57 Join paugh [0] (n=kickback@2001:5c0:8fff:ffff:8000:0:3e03:6822)
09:22:10amiconnThe interrupt could set a flag, 'bus timeout occured'
09:22:29amiconnThe RAM size detection loop would check this flag
09:22:50amiconnBut on iriver, RAM size detection doesn't make sense iiuc
09:23:28amiconnThe different sized SDRAMs (H100 vs. H120/H300) need to be set up differently anyway
09:23:49JdGordongrrrr.... bloody sf.. i forgot to check the freeking box again
09:23:54*JdGordon hates this stupid thing
09:24:00preglowi don't know enough about it to start thinking about how to set it up
09:24:47JdGordonLinusN: sorry.. missed the checkbox.. its up again
09:24:52preglowbut anyway
09:24:58preglowi don't know if this will benefit ipod
09:25:04preglowit only will if i can manage to remap iram
09:25:29JdGordonneedleboy: jdgordon: got a new version of the album art? ??
09:25:33 Quit damaki_ (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
09:26:16amiconnpreglow: Well, it would have the advantage to have one build for all iPod video models and still profit from the extra ram in the 60 GB models, regardless of iram remapping
09:26:58kahmis there a way to mount a different partition of the ipod disk
09:28:52 Join petur [0] (
09:29:30kahmis there a way to mount a different partition of the ipod disk
09:30:23preglowamiconn: well anyway, yeah, it sure as hell wouldn't hurt in any way
09:30:49preglowand if i do manage to remap the iram, we'll be rid of the long call problems once and for all
09:32:07peturif anybody wants to open up a creative zen vision: m to see what's inside and if Rb would run, there's an article on how to open it:
09:32:28amiconnpreglow: Iiuc arm short calls are limited to a 64MB range?
09:32:40 Join safetydan [0] (
09:32:56preglowamiconn: yeah, +/- 32 megs
09:33:35amiconnThen you will still need long calls anyway
09:34:02preglowi think we can safely assume the rockbox code will always fit in 32 megs
09:34:50amiconnYes, but some IRAM and SDRAM code parts will always be more than 32MB apart
09:35:14preglowif iram is mapped to 0, and sdram soon after
09:35:30amiconnI don't expect this to work
09:35:33preglowwhy not?
09:36:13amiconnI think the SDRAM controller can't map the SDRAM to an address that's not a multiple of the SDRAM size
09:36:35 Join webguest20 [0] (
09:37:04amiconnYou could map the SDRAM at a higher boundary and map the IRAM immediately before it,
09:37:05preglowbut then again, bear in mind it's not the sdram controller that does the remapping
09:37:33preglowit's a generic mechanism for remapping address ranges
09:37:34amiconnbut then you have no RAM at 0x0 for the vector table
09:37:41preglowyes i do, iram
09:38:10midkayaaaaaaaaaargh....... are you KIDDING me...... i've been trying to figure out why this int won't seem to go above 1 for DAYS, poring over the code, recompiling and testing over and over again, checking the button handling and display code repeatedly..
09:38:18midkayturns out it's not an int. it's a bool. *ooops*
09:40:25 Join Higgy_ [0] (
09:40:33webguest20my rockbox doesn't play short ogg file
09:40:38webguest20isn't bug?
09:40:45preglowperhaps it is
09:40:45kahmis there a way to mount a different partition of the ipod disk?
09:41:05*petur just pointed in the direction of rockbox
09:41:31preglowkahm: in rockbox? no
09:41:58kahmno i mean in general, theres 3 partitions on mine now, and i need to get in and edit a config file thats on one that isn't moutning in windows
09:42:09kahmthis is in refrence to ipod linux
09:42:26Paul_The_Nerdkahm: Well, if it's formatted for linux then it's using the ext2 file system probably, which windows can't recognize.
09:42:40kahmahh, that coul dbe it..
09:44:56midkayiriver h300 - BUTTON_SELECT == NAVI button?..
09:45:00ashridahPaul_The_Nerd: you can find drivers for ext2/3 for windows. i don't recall any supporting writing tho
09:46:02preglowamiconn: but yeah, pp resets, i jump to iram, remap sdram to some address slightly above 0, then jump to sdram, remap iram to 0, then set up the vector table
09:46:30 Quit webguest20 ("CGI:IRC (EOF)")
09:46:31Paul_The_Nerdashridah: I tried a few them. Most depend on it being on an actual drive though. The iPod shows up as a removable disk, like an SD-Card or whatnot, and the drivers don't seem to work with those.
09:46:43midkaycan nobody confirm?
09:46:51LinusNmidkay: yes
09:47:01midkaythanks, LinusN
09:47:39Paul_The_Nerdashridah: I spent more time playing with various ext2 drivers than it would've taken for me to download a knoppix CD, burn it, reboot, do what I needed, and then reboot again. :)
09:48:08preglowthere's a simple app that lets you access ext2 partitions
09:48:09preglowno driver
09:48:31kahmwhat is it preglow
09:48:51Paul_The_Nerdpreglow: I may have tried that too. I found one app for such a purpose, and it wouldn't find the drive either. =/
09:49:09preglowkahm: can't remember the name
09:49:15Paul_The_NerdMaybe I just have bad luck with such things though
09:49:28midkayLinusN, what about Play/Pause, Stop, and A-B for H300? Play/Pause and Stop don't seem to be defined, not sure about A-B..
09:49:52LinusNA-B is MENU
09:50:12LinusNBUTTON_ON is play/pause
09:50:13midkaywhy isn't that in button.h?
09:50:38midkayyou mean MODE, right?
09:50:43LinusNah, yes
09:50:47safetydankahm, try this
09:50:57midkayah, k, that makes sense.. in a twisted sort of way ;) thanks
09:51:36LinusNi named those buttons back in the beginning of the iriver porting project
09:51:51Paul_The_Nerdsafetydan: That's the one that I tried. :( But if it works, that's good for him at least.
09:52:00LinusNback then i didn't know what to call them
09:52:14safetydanPaul_The_Nerd, well it is worth a shot
09:52:34LinusNand i surely didn't know that the joystick button was called "navi"
09:52:34safetydanamiconn, thanks for fixing that warning, must have missed it as the compile results scrolled by
09:52:51midkayLinusN, ah :) ah, i see...
09:52:58midkayon the H120s it's different
09:53:15midkayi mean as opposed to H300s.
09:53:19LinusNah, yes
09:53:33midkayyou have an H300, right?
09:54:00Zagorguys, check out again and yell if you spot any problems. otherwise we're ready to migrate.
09:54:05midkaywould you mind testing a clock build for that target to see if the button layout seems... good? :)
09:55:21B4gderZagor: are the passwords reset?
09:56:07 Quit kahm ("CGI:IRC (EOF)")
09:56:09Zagorbut now you should be able to use the new ones you set :-)
09:56:25B4gderbtw, the top border was a bit too narrow when I tried it at home
09:56:34B4gderthe "open a new task" text was cut off
09:57:11Zagorok, i'll enlarge it
09:58:29B4gderZagor: but I'd like to have direct links "submit new bug" and "submit new feqature request" etc instead
09:59:09LinusNmidkay: can't do that right now, maybe later
09:59:22midkayLinusN, k, np
09:59:24ZagorB4gder: ah, I thought you meant on the rockbox pages
09:59:30B4gderthere too
09:59:42B4gderI just find the "open new task" phrasing a bit confusing
09:59:59B4gderand I forsee that others will too
10:00:20Zagoryes. I'm not sure how much I want to patch it, though. there's a 0.9.9 version in the works.
10:00:37LinusNwon't there always be a new version in the works?
10:01:06Zagorof course, but patching things that the new version fixes is wasted work
10:01:19LinusNof course
10:08:42safetydanHas anyone looked at my audio debug screen in sim patch?
10:08:58safetydanShould I commit it or leave it to die in the tracker?
10:09:23*B4gder still hasn't checked
10:10:23safetydanno rush, just looking at the patch tracker
10:11:35LinusNJdGordon: there?
10:11:55JdGordonjust heading down for dinner
10:12:03JdGordoni didnt stuff it again did i?
10:12:32LinusNi just wanted to say that i think it looks good
10:12:51LinusNexcept for the long lines and the untranslated strings, but i can fix that
10:14:42Zagorone really bad thing is that the "developers" dropdown is unsorted. and we have ~900 users...
10:14:47LinusNdid you try to build it on the x5 sim?
10:14:57LinusNZagor: :-)
10:15:17LinusNbut are those 900 users really "developers"?
10:15:28Zagorno, they are split into groups
10:15:31B4gderI don't think his conversion script can tell
10:15:58Zagorthe script puts everyone in one "basic" group, and then I move people manually to "reporters", "developers" and "admins"
10:16:06midkaybtw, it seems to me like a lot of patches that have been in CVS for a while remain open on the tracker..
10:16:17LinusNthat's bad
10:17:10Zagormidkay: are you talking about the sourceforge tracker or the new test?
10:17:27B4gderin general the trackers need cleanup
10:17:28midkayZagor, the sourceforge tracker (the rockbox patches page specifically)
10:17:42B4gderthe problem is that the trackers _always_ need cleanup
10:17:50midkayyes, it seems like a lot of invalid bug reports/feature requests also are just sitting there..
10:18:17midkayif it's a matter of needing somebody to do it, i could help..
10:18:30B4gdermidkay: what's your SF user name?
10:18:44ZagorI think such janitor work will also be a lot less painful with the new tracker
10:19:59B4gdermidkay: you now have access to close entries etc
10:20:16midkayB4gder, awesome, thx.. i'll have to go on a cleaning spree :)
10:20:24B4gderclean clean clean!
10:20:38midkaymr. clean mr. clean .. however the rest goes... :)
10:20:56B4gderI've done that a few times
10:21:23B4gderprepare to get a mail from a grumpy user who has been waiting on that particular entry for YEARS that you just closed
10:21:28LinusN"gotta clean them all"
10:21:48midkayyeah, i was just browsing the feature requests a few days ago to have a look at what might be new... seemed like lots of miscategorized/impossible requests..
10:21:54LinusNB4gder: yes, "rotting in the tracker"
10:22:07B4gderinsane demands I say
10:22:45LinusNB4gder: btw, the 9-bit table approach works fine on the x5 target
10:23:05B4gderdid any speed measures?
10:23:12 Quit quobl (Remote closed the connection)
10:23:25Zagorquestion for all: do we have any reason NOT to move to the new tracker immediately?
10:23:35LinusNhehe, i had some problems with wait states until i realized that the iaudio boot loader starts the application in 120MHz
10:23:43Zagorit's not perfect, but heaven knows the old one isn't either
10:23:51LinusNZagor: i have no problems with that
10:23:51B4gderLinusN: hehe
10:24:04midkayZagor, the new one looks pretty cool, no objections..
10:24:05B4gderZagor: just one q, does this new one have a good export ability?
10:24:15midkayif it makes cleaning easier, sooner = better :)
10:24:31B4gderZagor: I mean if we feel we want to move to yet another in 5 years
10:24:32 Join INFAMIS [0] (
10:24:59ZagorB4gder: well, we have the database and the format locally. if I could convert to it, surely we can convert from it as well.
10:25:07 Nick INFAMIS is now known as infamis (
10:25:12B4gderok, good enough
10:25:27B4gderthen it has my blessing
10:25:32LinusNbetter not tell sourceforge that we have abandoned their tracker, or we will never be "project of the month" ;-)
10:25:38Zagoroh no!
10:25:46midkayfirst of all - what his he talking about?
10:25:53B4gderbtw, SF is about to start offering svn access... :*)
10:25:54midkaysecond of all - bagder's response- hahaha
10:26:20infamisI'm back!
10:26:29B4gdermidkay: in one word: clean
10:26:38safetydanmidkay, if you make the screen black you can see more of your reflection... maybe they want to check their hair
10:27:23midkaysafetydan, so.. instead of pulling out a mirror they'd like to pull out their mp3 player, navigate through a series of menus to load a plugin to make the screen black so they can "kinda sorta" see their reflection? :)
10:27:41midkaygenius! :)
10:27:48B4gderpure and real
10:27:49midkaymay i set priority to 9? :)
10:27:53safetydanplease do
10:28:04midkaythis should definitely be on the todo list.
10:28:07midkayit sounds wonderful.
10:28:41 Join muesli__ [0] (n=muesli_t@
10:28:50safetydanAnyone know how to make Eclipse use -kk when doing diffs between branches?
10:29:09*B4gder never used Eclipse
10:29:44safetydanpart of my day job
10:29:44*Paul_The_Nerd has only used eclipse for PHP syntax highlighting.
10:30:08peturmidkay: that mirror request is already implemented, it's called the OFF button :P
10:30:37B4gder"bug report: when you start the mirror plugin, the music stops" ;-)
10:30:59*LinusN gets that tracktheripper feeling
10:31:14infamisanyone know why this file would have "error - can't read image": /usr/src/rockbox-devel/sim-build/apps/plugins/bitmaps/native/bejeweled_jewels.160x128x16.c
10:31:37infamisewels.160x128x16.c] Error 1
10:31:50B4gderinfamis: 64bit machine?
10:31:57midkayLinusN, we still want LCD pincushion/barrel/trapezoid adjustments and degauss functionality! :)
10:32:03LinusNoh yes
10:32:12infamisnah, just 32 amdk6
10:32:29infamisbut I'm on a P4 right now & get the same err
10:32:38midkayisn't that a missing file for the x5 someone mentioned earlier?
10:32:39infamistrying to build the sim for x5
10:33:00B4gderinfamis: what source are you using?
10:33:07infamisfrom cvs rockbox-dev
10:33:11JdGordon"[20:12] LinusN: i just wanted to say that i think it looks good" thanx :D so it will actually get commited? (yippee)
10:33:45LinusNJdGordon: i'm looking at it now
10:33:54 Join Paul_The_Ner1 [0] (
10:33:59LinusNthe strings need to be in the lang files
10:34:12infamismidkay, you recommended me see if I get that error doing a normal archos recorder build...I didn't...trying to see if I get it with an archos sim build
10:34:12midkayZagor, what's the deal with moving to flyspray? if i begin cleaning up a bit now, that will carry over?
10:34:18JdGordonim not sure how you do translation, so i left it :p
10:34:19 Quit Paul_The_Nerd (Nick collision from services.)
10:34:20LinusNyou should check if it builds without warnings on the other platforms
10:34:22 Nick Paul_The_Ner1 is now known as Paul_The_Nerd (
10:34:30midkayinfamis, i think that file was declared missing..
10:34:32 Join moda [0] (i=modafrom@
10:34:52modaguys, can someone tell me how do i tell the pbar where to go in the wps?
10:34:59modahow do i define where it goes?
10:35:00infamisit just has the text in it: "error - can't read image"
10:35:14Paul_The_Nerdmoda: It just goes on whatever line you put it on. It counts as a line of text.
10:35:19B4gderinfamis: that file is generated by the 'bmp2rb' tool
10:35:28LinusNJdGordon: also, you seem to have forgotten to call lcd_get_back/foreground() when initializing the back/foreground_color variables
10:35:34B4gderinfamis: using the bitmap in plugins/bitmaps/native/ as source
10:35:49safetydanIt's possible that bitmap wasn't checked-in in binary maybe?
10:35:54LinusNJdGordon: draw_screen()
10:36:07infamisdo I just copy over ui-x5.bmp to that dir?
10:36:15LinusN(which is a pretty bad name, unless you declare it static)
10:36:17moda<Paul_The_Nerd> moda: It just goes on whatever line you put it on. It counts as a line of text. <−− cant you define what pixel line it goes on?
10:36:35Zagormidkay: yes, all changes will carry over. i will close down the SF tracker before i export/convert the data, so no data loss should occur
10:36:59JdGordonLinusN: ah, ye, no biggee
10:37:05midkayZagor, cool - so you planned to do this within.. a couple days or so?
10:37:12Paul_The_Nerdmoda: Not that I'm aware of. I told you as much as I know. It's a line of text.
10:37:17LinusNalso, please try to keep the lines shorter than 80 columns
10:37:33Zagormidkay: how in two hours?
10:37:45Zagorhow about
10:37:58LinusNJdGordon: and the textrgb[6] array might need to be split in three, so it can be translated
10:38:04JdGordonye, soz, that rules is annoying... 80chars is good for the good ol days of 640x480 and 14" screens... i can see 120...
10:38:22midkayZagor, well, how about in two seconds? eh? ehh?? ;)
10:38:30B4gderJdGordon: not if you have three 80 col windows next to each other
10:38:44 Join Nico [0] (n=nico404@
10:38:59JdGordonB4gder: no, but i have 3 15" screeens at 1024x768 next to eachopther to get around that :D
10:39:00 Join kernel_sensei [0] (n=boris@
10:39:00LinusNJdGordon: also it's not only about the editor
10:39:21infamisthe file dep-bitmaps-native in apps/plugins/bitmaps/native has a list of 38 "...../native/*.[co]" that don't exists...where do I get these files?
10:39:21B4gderanything full-screen seems like a waste to me
10:39:43B4gderinfamis: again, they are generated
10:39:56B4gderfrom the .bmp files with bmp2rb
10:40:14LinusNthe bitmap dependencies are broken
10:40:25modais there anyway to move the pbar up or down maybe, 5 pixels?
10:40:26B4gderanyway, I can build the x5 sim on x11 fine
10:40:36LinusNmoda: no
10:40:54infamisthe sim build works for target 2 (archos recorder) but not the x5...what I do I need to change?
10:41:00modaon one line, its too high, then on another line its too low :(
10:41:01B4gder(sdl on x11 that is)
10:41:04linuxstbLinusN: How are they broken?
10:41:13LinusN"make clean" sucks
10:41:30safetydanWhat's left to do in the SDL sim before we can start removing the old ones?
10:41:30B4gderit does?
10:41:34LinusNit tries to rebuild all bitmaps
10:41:35linuxstbLinusN: Yes - but that doesn't stop it working.
10:41:41LinusNyes it does
10:41:59LinusNbecause i need to do make clean to rebuild it after cvs update
10:42:00linuxstbIt Works For Me.
10:42:05B4gdersafetydan: afaik, only amiconn has feelings left for the win32 one
10:42:21LinusNotherwise i get linker errors for missing bejeweled bitmaps
10:42:50LinusNit worked for me only if i removed apps/ firmware/ and all .a files
10:43:16safetydanB4gder, there's at least the stdio issue under windows to fix as well
10:43:17infamisLinusN: so just do that & I won't get the "bejeweled..." missing errors?
10:43:18LinusNand if i try make clean twice, i get another error, where it can't find tools/bmp2rb
10:43:36LinusNinfamis: perhaps
10:43:41Paul_The_Nerdmoda: I don't know if the progress bar supports the transparent color, but you could *possibly* fake it with a bitmapped progress bar.
10:43:54modai dont think it does
10:44:01B4gdersafetydan: ah, yes
10:44:19modaanyone aware about when connected to usb, the backdrop for the wps is displayed?
10:44:36LinusNi didn't know
10:44:44Paul_The_Nerdmoda: Also, if there's no text there, you could include a copy of the background image in those 5 pixels of extra space, so that you can't tell it covers them.
10:44:58Paul_The_NerdAgain with the bitmapped progress bar.
10:45:10modaPaul_The_Nerd: will have to fiddle with that, thanks for the idea
10:45:13midkayshould you change tracker items to "closed" if they're fixed, or leave them open?
10:45:31midkayseeing a lot of fixed and opens here..
10:45:40infamisLinusN: ok, rebuilding after deleting sim-build/apps, sim-build/firmware, and *.a in sim-buil
10:46:00LinusNwe had a policy to leave them open to keep track of what is fixed between released
10:46:09LinusNbut i think we ditched that
10:46:26midkay"closed" it is?
10:46:30B4gderit becomes unmaintainable to keep them open
10:46:36DBUGEnqueued KICK B4gder
10:46:40DBUGEnqueued KICK midkay
10:46:40***Alert Mode level 1
10:46:58LinusNs good that logbot isn't op
10:47:08midkaythat loser... :)
10:47:26midkayit's a good idea to close any open and fixed/rejected requests, then?
10:47:35LinusN10.46.36 DBUG Enqueued KICK B4gder
10:47:41B4gdermidkay: yes
10:47:42LinusN10.46.40 DBUG Enqueued KICK midkay
10:48:03CtcpIgnored 2 channel CTCP requests in 4 seconds at the last flood
10:48:03*midkay stabs logbot with a rusty fork
10:48:23modawps, verticle first or second?
10:48:27infamisLinusN: same there just a quick fix? what is the purpose of bejeweled; ie. is it necessary?
10:48:34linuxstbB4gder: Is there any reason why we can't just make the clean: target in the main build directory Makefile "rm -fr" everything that's been built, without calling all the other Makefiles?
10:48:36LinusNwe had the idea that rejected requests should remain open so people could refrain from requesting the same things again
10:48:40moda|v|h| or |h|v| ?
10:48:56B4gderlinuxstb: no, just old habit
10:49:09linuxstbinfamis: You can remove bejewelled.c from apps/plugins/SOURCES - it's a game plugin
10:49:14midkayone more thing, at the bottom of the bug report/feature request pages it says "don't file bugs for unreleased code ie iriver".. for example there's a bug report for the incorrect battery display on the ipod.. this should be closed? set to "later"? invalid? or just left alone?
10:49:26linuxstbB4gder: So would you object to me changing it?
10:49:33B4gderlinuxstb: nope
10:49:38B4gdergo ahead
10:49:43 Quit kernelsensei (Connection timed out)
10:49:46 Nick kernel_sensei is now known as kernelsensei (n=boris@
10:49:49B4gdermidkay: closed/later seems appropriate to me
10:50:07B4gderaggressive closure is good for us
10:50:31LinusNwe really need to clean up in the patch tracker
10:50:45B4gderyeps, the oldest ones turn 3 soon ;-)
10:50:52B4gderyears that is
10:50:54modato update my wps, ive virtually had to rewrite it. gah
10:50:58midkaygotcha, alright.. *whips out mega broom and super-soaker loaded with closure spray* :)
10:51:19Zagormidkay: wait.
10:51:29midkay@ patches: should old/abandoned ones be closed? what about finished ones, commited? (after being tested, of course)..
10:51:36infamisLinusN: I commented out bejeweled.c & still get the error :( what am I missing?
10:51:41modadamnit, stop making rockbox so good, creating more work for wps writers :D
10:51:50ZagorI'll run the conversion right now. it's better that you work in the new one, reporting any problems you find.
10:51:58 Join muesli- [0] (n=muesli_t@
10:51:59midkayZagor, great :)
10:52:11ZagorEVERYONE: SF trackers are taken offline NOW!
10:52:15LinusNthe reason we still have old patches open is to allow people to start working on them again
10:52:29*LinusN does the famous tracker dance
10:52:41*midkay claps
10:52:52midkaywe only get to see that once every few years!
10:52:57*infamis still has compile error
10:53:06LinusN"...which is danced every 20 minutes in the city of Trondheim"
10:53:07Paul_The_NerdY'know, the channel stats script should keep track of how many dances occur. I'd be curious.
10:53:19midkayLinusN, ok.. should ones deemed "finished" be committed?
10:53:44LinusNPaul_The_Nerd: :-)
10:54:26midkayor what about just labeling very old and quite clearly abandoned patches "out of date"?
10:56:41***Alert Mode OFF
10:57:26*infamis cries cause rockbox won't compile for x5 sdl
10:57:32modais doom going to be commited?
10:58:00B4gderinfamis: you using cygwin I guess?
10:59:06modai hate alignment issues
10:59:10LinusNhas anybody check if the doom source is gpl compatible?
10:59:12Paul_The_Nerdmoda: At the moment, doom doesn't work on anything but the h300.
10:59:20modaoh, yea
10:59:27Paul_The_NerdLinusN: The doom source was released specifically under the GPL by id.
10:59:44midkayPaul_The_Nerd, you had the data abort for nano, right?
10:59:49Paul_The_Nerdmidkay: Yeah
10:59:52LinusNthen i have no problems committing doom, if it compiles cleanly
11:00:02Paul_The_NerdLinusN: Still generates a bunch of warnings.
11:00:04modaso does that mean all the other patches and stuff commited, work with the ipod etc?
11:00:12B4gderand I believe it requires a bigger plugin size
11:00:14midkayi tried it on my 5g earlier - it errored out with.. wait..
11:00:34midkaybuffer something..
11:00:36LinusNB4gder: really?
11:00:41Paul_The_NerdLinusN: Also requires 0xF0000 for H300 to compile and 0x120000 plugin buffer to compile on ipod.
11:00:42midkaybuffer error, i think.
11:00:43B4gderiirc, yes
11:00:59LinusNtoo bad
11:01:02 Join damaki_ [0] (
11:01:09Paul_The_NerdQuite a bit more, yes.
11:01:38 Quit muesli__ (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
11:01:50Paul_The_NerdIt should probably just use the audio buffer for a lot of its stuff, since y'know... it has its own music and sound effects and all.
11:01:53midkayPaul_The_Nerd, that was it, buffer error - i checked the source, that seems to have to do with sound buffer, so i tried increasing both plugin buffer and sound buffer, never got past the buffer error
11:02:19midkayI removed the buffer size check, and got a data abort.
11:02:37infamisso has anybody ever built the x5 sdl image (with cygwin)?
11:02:47LinusNinfamis: building now...
11:03:03LinusNdamn, cygwin is so slow...
11:03:23linuxstbB4gder, LinusN: make clean is now changed to rm -fr the files
11:03:33Paul_The_Nerdmidkay: Yeah. kkurbjun is the one mainly working on it. It's probably still due to the way he's changed one of the structs. It has to do with how he optimized something, I think. I don't really know, honestly. :)
11:03:34linuxstbI've also added chessbox to the build system.
11:03:34LinusNlinuxstb: and it works?
11:03:44LinusNdoes it work to do make clean twice?
11:03:56 Join imphasing [0] (
11:04:10midkayPaul_The_Nerd, alright :) just a little FYI on we don't have the same error, guess we both need the Master to continue :)
11:04:51linuxstbThis should also greatly speed up make clean for cygwin users.
11:05:01Paul_The_Nerdmidkay: I thought you said you had a data abort.
11:05:10midkayPaul_The_Nerd, no, buffer error.
11:05:21midkaydata abort if i screw with the source and remove the buffer size check.
11:05:37Paul_The_Nerdmidkay: Yeah, but the buffer error was while compiling. If you change the plugin buffer value for ipod 5g to 0x120000 it *should* work.
11:05:42Nicolinuxstb: changing make clean to rm -fr means we will have to put files back in the archos dir, no ?
11:05:43midkay(just to see if i could get by with an apparently invalid buffer size) :)
11:05:45midkaywhat? no.
11:05:58midkayPaul_The_Nerd, i changed the plugin buffer size. doom.rock runs.
11:06:05midkaywhen i "start game", i get a buffer error.
11:06:15midkayi checked the source and i believe it has to do with sound..
11:06:30Paul_The_NerdDid you remove the -D_BIG__ENDIAN___ or whatever from the makefile?
11:06:30midkayso i tried adjusting the sound buffer, to no avail.
11:06:36midkayi didn't...
11:06:42Paul_The_NerdThat would be what you're hitting, I bet.
11:06:51midkayreally? i'll have to try that..
11:07:00amiconnsafetydan: The SDL sim sound is still shaky, at least on windows
11:07:07Paul_The_NerdIn the doom folder, open up the makefile and find that, it should be at the end of the first big clump of cflags
11:07:13amiconnAs long as you let it just play, it works.
11:07:35linuxstbNico: No, make clean doesn't delete the archos folder - just the files that have been built.
11:07:52amiconnBut if you produce load otherwise, e.g. move the sim window around, it crashes with a SIGSEGV
11:08:14LinusNlinuxstb: which should be names "virtual_disk" or something...
11:08:16midkayPaul_The_Nerd, aha, compiling :)
11:08:36B4gderLinusN: or plain "root"
11:08:38LinusN"archos" is a little misleading nowadays :-)
11:09:04amiconnLinusN: I tried building the SDL sim with -mconsole on windows. It does indeed produce a console app, which opens a console window when started with double click
11:09:11LinusNfunny, i just tried a clean x5 build, and it failed on sudoku.o :-(
11:09:18amiconn...but the console doesn't receive stdout/stderr
11:09:23midkayPaul_The_Nerd, argh.. i better re-checkout source and reapply the patch to start over.. need a clean start
11:09:43amiconnLinusN: x5 sim fails on sudoku here as well...
11:09:45safetydanamiconn, SDL explicitly redirects stderr and stdout so I don't think -mconsole influences that
11:10:06amiconnHow can we tell SDL not to do that?
11:10:40safetydanamiconn, apparently you have to rebuild libsdl
11:11:01LinusNi have tried to tell you guys three times now
11:11:13safetydanthe sound issues are (I think) related to how the Rockbox threads are mapped to SDL threads
11:11:20LinusNi repeat: don't use the main() from the sdl lib
11:11:40 Join Innominatus [0] (
11:11:54LinusNor am i totally out in the blue here?
11:12:46linuxstbI've just compiled the x5 SDL sim, and it worked perfectly.
11:13:01*amiconn has no idea how this can be done, or even how the SDL sim startup works
11:13:12amiconnThe shutdown is buggy as well, btw
11:13:24ashridahinfamis: did you end up checking out a copy of CVS?
11:13:39infamisashridah: yeah
11:13:41LinusNi always close the window to "shut down"
11:15:37infamiswell, I got it to compile for the X5 after commenting out everything in apps/plugins/bitmaps/native/SOURCES and bejeweled.c/brickmania.c/sudoku.c in apps/plugins
11:16:16LinusNit seems there are some missing bitmaps for the x5
11:16:26***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
11:16:31 Quit damaki__ (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
11:17:19B4gderbut why does the sdl on x11 build it then?
11:17:33LinusNbeats me
11:17:47infamisit seems bmp2rb can't read the bitmaps for some reason? cygwin redirectio nproblem or something?
11:18:12LinusNthere are no sudoku bitmaps for 160x128x16
11:22:21 Part Paul_The_Nerd
11:22:44HClwho uses norton firewall? :o
11:22:59ender`you want to startkeylogger ?:)
11:23:02HCl :P
11:23:25ashridahnorton firewall
11:23:28*ashridah sniggers
11:23:42safetydanLinusN, I'm not sure to go about doing that as the SDL_main takes care of a fair bit of setup
11:23:43HClashridah: it has a bug that when it encounters startkeylogger in plaintext, it disconnects the connection
11:23:46HCl :p
11:24:00LinusNsafetydan: yes i know...
11:24:14 Join slimx [0] (n=slimx@
11:24:24ashridahthat's classic
11:24:25LinusNbut that's our only option if we don't want to rebuild the sdl lib
11:24:26HCllook at that :p
11:24:52 Join webguest61 [0] (
11:25:44safetydanI guess the easiest thing would be to stop linking in the SDL_main and use our own version that doesn't do the redirect
11:26:32infamisis this how the sim is supposed to look:
11:26:37safetydanguess we won't need the WinCE stuff
11:26:48safetydaninfamis, yes
11:26:57LinusNsafetydan: that's what i've been saying
11:27:26B4gderinfamis: unless you run it with −−background
11:27:27safetydanLinusN, sorry... it takes a few goes before things stick in my head :)
11:27:50safetydanthat and I don't have VMWare or similar set up so I have to reboot in to windows to test things like that
11:28:05LinusNlovely, isn't it?
11:28:08 Join DT291 [0] (
11:28:17modaanyone know a good place to upload a 11mb file?
11:29:57ender`maybe yousendit ?
11:30:07modathats the one
11:30:12midkayyousendit's good for temporary hosting
11:30:50modai got my pbar aligned btw :D
11:31:02infamisB4gder: cool...why does the bottom half ot he screen look jumbled?
11:31:14modaany graphical ppls wanna help me out:
11:31:59infamisand I get couldn't load codec / codec failures on switching trakcs
11:33:03modai hate having such a crappy upload speed. argh
11:33:09moda11kbytes/s my ass
11:33:49infamiscycles through all tracks also
11:35:21LinusNB4gder: i think the sdl sim build works in x11 because the symbols are resolved when loading the plugin
11:35:52LinusNso the missing bitmaps aren't detected when compiling
11:36:06 Join Paul_The_Nerd [0] (
11:36:37Paul_The_NerdBah, I have decided sleep is unimportant.
11:36:44preglowwhy are plugins proper dynamic linked libs in the sim?
11:36:56midkayPaul_The_Nerd, welcome back :)
11:37:06infamisPaul_The_Nerd: I decided the opposite....
11:37:06LinusNpreglow: it turned out to be a working method
11:37:25 Quit darkless (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
11:37:37 Join darkless [0] (
11:37:41 Quit infamis ("nigty-nighty")
11:38:25safetydanwhich reminds me I should look at using SDL_LoadObject to replace the dlopen stuff
11:38:38 Join Mark_ [0] (
11:39:58 Quit DreamTactix291 (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
11:40:26LinusNsafetydan: aha
11:41:39Innominatusdoes anybody know why disk mode with rockbox on iPod Nano is extremely slow?
11:41:41 Quit needleboy (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
11:41:45safetydanbecause it might be more portable?
11:41:52safetydanit was just something I was going to look at
11:41:54Paul_The_NerdInnominatus: Hardware disk mode is very slow.
11:41:57safetydanone less #ifdef basically
11:42:10midkayhm, does anyone know if the ipod's hardware disk mode is usb2.0 like it's apple OS alternative?
11:42:12Paul_The_NerdInnominatus: If you want to, you can boot into the normal ipod firmware and use its disk mode.
11:42:33midkayPaul_The_Nerd, does hardware disk mode run at usb 1.1?
11:42:57InnominatusPaul_The_Nerd: I have to do it this way ):
11:43:11Paul_The_NerdInnominatus: Your Retail OS got corrupted?
11:43:13preglowmidkay: why is it important? why all know it's slow and it can't be changed anyway
11:43:40midkaypreglow, i'm just curious. it wouldn't make much sense for it to be slower in usb2.0 mode...
11:43:43Paul_The_Nerdmidkay: I haven't bothered to check. I said "Hrm, it's slow" and then avoided it.
11:43:51preglowmidkay: there are tons of reasons for why it can be slower
11:44:10midkaypreglow, shows how much i know, again, just curious..
11:44:34preglowall the code apple keeps in flash is designed totally for reliability, not speed
11:45:00pregloweven the firmware loader is five times slower than it could be
11:45:26linuxstbWhy do you say that? The CPU clock speed?
11:45:39markunThe Zen Vision:M uses the TI DM320 (same as new Neuros), so that doesn't look very good for a port..
11:45:58preglowlinuxstb: weren't you the one boasting the immense speedup when you made rockbox bootloader load retailos from disk itself?
11:46:48linuxstbYes - the speedup was because the current method always loads retailos from disk. The Rockbox bootloader is attached to retailos. So in the case of booting directly to Rockbox, there is a speedup because retailos isn't loaded.
11:47:43linuxstbI didn't time the difference between booting to retailos via the two methods.
11:47:50*amiconn now knows the path to take for adding grayscale lib support to the sims :)
11:48:39preglowright, then i didn't understand what you said at all
11:49:46Paul_The_NerdSo, umm, chessbox doesn't run on my ipod.
11:49:54linuxstbBut you're right that the flash bootloader is slow - it shouldn't take 3-4 seconds to load 5MB of data.
11:50:05 Join perpleXa [0] (
11:50:08Mode"#rockbox +o Zagor " by ChanServ (ChanServ@services.)
11:50:25Topic"The Rockbox Channel - - New bug tracker:" by Zagor (n=bjst@pdpc/supporter/sustaining/Zagor)
11:50:34*midkay cheers
11:50:35linuxstbPaul_The_Nerd: What's the problem?
11:50:44Zagormidkay: go go go
11:50:53midkayZagor, yessir :)
11:51:01preglowZagor: better change the site urls
11:51:03 Join Zoide777 [0] (
11:51:07Zoide777hi guys
11:51:12Zagorpreglow: yes
11:51:14Zoide777any tagcache updates?
11:51:20preglowZoide777: no
11:52:35modaPaul_The_Nerd: that suggestion about the pbar worked, its all alligned now :D
11:53:10Paul_The_Nerdlinuxstb: Data abort at blah
11:53:16Paul_The_Nerdmoda: Yay for cheap tricks, 'eh?
11:53:30amiconnZagor: Shouldn't the list be in reverse date order, with the newest entry at the top?
11:53:30 Quit midkay (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
11:54:31 Join midkay [0] (
11:54:33linuxstbZagor: Do the existing developers need to request to have their group changed?
11:54:47safetydanZagor, same question as linuxstb :)
11:54:52Zagoramiconn: depends on your view I suppose. one could argue that the oldest are in most need of attention :-)
11:55:02midkayZagor, can i actually make a new username for this tracker?
11:55:03Zagori'll bump all SF devs. hang on..
11:55:08Zagormidkay: yes you can
11:56:35midkayZagor, um.. how can i create a new account? :) can't find a button anywhere..
11:56:37Zoide777preglow: is database v2 not being developed anymore?
11:56:42 Join Kohlrabi [0] (
11:57:00Zagormidkay: maybe it's not active yet. hang on, bumping devs...
11:58:17markunI see a bug report about the 'greek font' not working in rockbox. Did we have a greek font?
11:58:17 Join needleboy [0] (
11:58:49 Join amiconn_ [0] (
11:59:00needleboyis anyone aware of the fact the SourceForge tracker is down?
11:59:02linuxstbZagor: I can't see any download links for attachments - am I missing something obvious?
11:59:31Paul_The_Nerdneedleboy: Look at the channel topic.
11:59:42*Paul_The_Nerd laughs at "make veryclean"
11:59:43linuxstb(I'm looking at the two most recent patches - 3060 and 3058)
11:59:47midkaylinuxstb, i can just click the filenames of attached files..
11:59:56 Quit amiconn (Nick collision from services.)
11:59:57 Nick amiconn_ is now known as amiconn (
12:00:13 Join Jungti1234 [0] (n=jungti12@
12:00:18needleboyhow about the patch tracker?
12:00:20markunamiconn: do you know if we had a greek font before unicode?
12:00:23Zagordevs are now bumped
12:00:25Jungti1234hey markun
12:00:27linuxstbmidkay: I can't see any filenames...
12:00:30Paul_The_Nerdneedleboy: They're all the same tracker now
12:00:36Topic"The Rockbox Channel - - New bug/patch/request tracker:" by Zagor (n=bjst@pdpc/supporter/sustaining/Zagor)
12:00:37markunJungti1234: hi there
12:00:40midkaylinuxstb, i don't see them either for recent patches.
12:00:41midkaytry another.
12:00:42Jungti1234You don't answer..
12:00:43needleboyfound it
12:00:45needleboyforget it
12:01:24midkayZagor, do you have the ability to just change my account name? that'd be easiest
12:01:37Zagormidkay: sure
12:01:45midkay"midkay" please :)
12:01:45needleboydoes it use the wiki username?
12:01:57midkayneedleboy, no, sourceforge username
12:01:57 Join mikearthur [0] (
12:02:04Zagorlinuxstb: they should be visible. see here
12:02:04linuxstbmidkay: Yes - I see them on older patches. Zagor: Have we lost some attachments in the transfer?
12:02:05needleboydoesn't work...
12:02:27linuxstbZagor: Try the most recent patches. e.g. this one:
12:02:34safetydanZagor, apparently I'm not a dev. Could you fix that please? :)
12:02:39linuxstbWhich is now this one:
12:02:43Zagorpossbibly the "reporters" group is not allowed to see attachments. we'll have to tweak all these things.
12:02:44midkayneedleboy, perhaps you never posted anything under the rockbox tracker with that account?
12:02:46perpleXaperpleXa@temple rockbox $ cvs update -z3 co rockbox-devel
12:02:46perpleXacvs update: No CVSROOT specified! Please use the `-d' option
12:02:47Zagorsafetydan: oh sorry
12:02:55perpleXacould someone help me please fixing this?
12:03:02perpleXai dont actually use cvs.. :)
12:03:06linuxstbZagor: I can see attachments for older patches.
12:03:08midkayZagor, i'm logged out but i can see attachments on older files, just not newer ones, like linuxstb..
12:03:17LinusNsame here
12:03:20Zagorsafetydan: there
12:03:30Zagormidkay, linuxstb: example?
12:03:39safetydanZagor, cheers
12:03:47linuxstbRead back 1 minute - I just gave one.
12:03:51Paul_The_NerdZagor: Reporters CAN see attachments, for example I saw them on your 1008 link, but not the 3060 link
12:03:54safetydanperpleXa, you're command is a little off
12:03:58safetydanperpleXa, you're doing update and checkout
12:04:05 Join seanyseansean [0] (
12:04:06perpleXai just wanna update
12:04:17ZagorPaul_The_Nerd: ok
12:04:36safetydanperpleXa, just type "cvs -q -z6 update -dP" in your rockbox-devel directory
12:04:44Zagorseems there is some fixing to do. don't panic. :-)
12:04:56midkayZagor, can you rename my account to 'midkay' please?
12:04:57ZagorI'll have to dash for lunch now, back in <1h
12:05:25midkayah well, enjoy :)
12:05:34perpleXasafetydan: ty
12:06:28Zoide777does anyone know what happened to "Database V2"? Is it now completely abandoned for tagcache?
12:08:18 Quit petur ("out to lunch - if not back by 5, out to dinner too")
12:09:04Nicovery nice new tracker
12:09:20Nicoand much mre user friendly than the SF one :)
12:09:50 Join ScoTTie_ [0] (n=scott@unaffiliated/scottie)
12:10:42Nicobut how do i edit my patches ??
12:10:51midkayNico, are you logged in?
12:11:13midkayprobably just open the patch entry, there should be some sort of edit button, i'd imagine..
12:11:34Nicowell i can't find it
12:13:11Nicoall i can do is post a comment...
12:13:22midkayno idea..
12:14:18*preglow sings the unfixable bug lament
12:14:48 Quit Innominatus (Client Quit)
12:15:33 Quit Jungti1234 ()
12:16:04*amiconn wonders how to log in to the new tracker
12:16:17Paul_The_Nerdpreglow: Unfixable bug?
12:16:58NicoZagor: could you put me in devs group ?
12:17:35needleboysome of the patches in the tracker are missing their files...
12:17:35 Quit Zoide777 ("CGI:IRC (EOF)")
12:17:50 Quit seanyseansean ("CGI:IRC")
12:17:51Niconeedleboy: i'd even say "a lot"
12:18:02linuxstbneedleboy: Yes, that's a known problem. Zagor has said he will look at it when he returns from lunch.
12:18:24 Quit webguest61 ("CGI:IRC (EOF)")
12:18:32needleboywanted to compile a build, but i'll wait
12:18:36needleboyi like the new tracker
12:18:39Niconeedleboy: is jdgordon's color picker working for you ?
12:18:46needleboyit's fast
12:18:50needleboyNico, yeah it is
12:18:58needleboyperfectly, check the latest Optimized build
12:19:01Nicocould you send me the patch ?
12:19:06needleboyhold on
12:19:43Nicoi tired to correct the original patch but i must have done something wrong, it doesn't compile... and now i cant' get the original back
12:20:06needleboysend it where?
12:20:17 Join Jungti1234 [0] (n=jungti12@
12:20:18Nicowhy not to the tracker ?
12:20:20needleboyI'll DCC it
12:20:23needleboyhold on
12:20:39Nicolinuxstb: 'ERROR
12:20:40NicoArtifact: Only Group Members Can View Private ArtifactTypes
12:20:53 Quit ScoTTie (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
12:21:01linuxstbNico: You're getting that message on sourceforge?
12:21:16Nicoyes. i can't access the old tracker at all
12:21:20B4gderit might be Zagor disabling the tracker(s)
12:21:30midkayZagor disabled the sf tracker..
12:21:33linuxstbOK, sorry. I'm a dev, so I must still be able to access it.
12:21:54midkaylinuxstb, the old tracker? i'm a dev, i can't.. he seems to have made it completely inacessible..
12:22:04 Join Moos [0] (
12:22:10Nicolinuxstb: btw, have you had a look at the latest version my album art patch ?
12:23:30linuxstbNico: No, not yet.
12:24:16Niconeedleboy: thx
12:24:17linuxstbBut I think we will need to find a way to reduce the memory usage before it can be commited - probably by using the audio buffer.
12:24:58needleboyi'm out, bbl
12:25:00 Join miner49er [0] (
12:25:08 Quit miner49er (Client Quit)
12:25:36 Join miner49er [0] (
12:26:53miner49erHi there, I was sondering if anyone could help with my problem with running my plugin in the simulator - it says "incompatable model" - even if I remove everything from the main function and just return OK. Can anyone help me at all please?
12:28:22linuxstbAre you compiling the plugin and the sim at the same time, or just compiling the .rock and then copying it to your sim directory?
12:28:59miner49eri'm compiling the whole thing, then copying over the rock to the plugins dir.
12:29:13miner49erI guess I'm missing a #define or something...
12:29:27linuxstbYou should just do "make install" after compiling the sim.
12:29:56linuxstbOr are you compiling for the real device, and using that .rock in the sim?
12:30:53midkayWoohoo, just in time..
12:31:01midkayZagor, what email address is the password-reset thing sent to?
12:31:11Zagor<your username>
12:31:22miner49erno, only for the simulator. The sim works fine anf all the plugins. It's just my plugin that I added to the SOURCES list and built...doesn't seem to work on the simulator (I havn't trried on my actuall hardware yet)
12:31:47B4gderZagor: we don't seem to get mailed when we change the tracker entries
12:32:35linuxstbminer49er: Try deleting your sim build directory, and then create a new one. Then just do ../tools/configure followed by make followed by make install.
12:32:54midkayZagor, hm, it was set up for an old email but i just changed it about 15 minutes ago to my new address but i don't seem to be getting any reset email..
12:33:35Zagoradded notification mails
12:33:43Zagorthey're a bit spartan yet
12:33:47miner49erOkay, I'll give it a go. I just ran make install though and it failed - "xargs: zip: No such file or directory"
12:34:05B4gderminer49er: you need zip installed
12:34:12Jungti1234oops sorry
12:34:16Zagormidkay: hang on, I'll investigate the attachment issue first. that's #1 prio.
12:34:29midkayZagor, alright..
12:34:44 Quit paugh ("Leaving")
12:35:23linuxstbThat means you haven't got zip installed - it's needed for the "make install".
12:36:10Jungti1234 What's this?
12:36:28preglownew bug tracker
12:36:36B4gderZagor: please make the logo get a link to the front page
12:37:20Jungti1234Can I write?
12:38:06Jungti1234I can not log in.
12:38:18midkaythat was really weird - /.rockbox/rockbox.ipod has a priority over /rockbox.ipod ?
12:38:34midkayaccidentally copied a rockbox.ipod to the .rockbox folder and kept updating the one in root and it didn't make a difference
12:38:37LinusNmidkay: yes it does
12:38:58LinusNthe plan is to not have rockbox.<target> in the root in the future
12:39:06midkayoh, i see..
12:39:27LinusNat the moment the bootloader is backwards compatible
12:39:44LinusNor rather forward compatible... :-)
12:39:53midkayhaha :) makes sense :)
12:39:55LinusNor somoething
12:39:58midkayfrustrating though :)
12:40:17midkayw/e... bedtime anyways. ;) night all..
12:40:47preglowLinusN: ooh, starting with the new dir scheme, are you?
12:40:52 Join ]RowaN[ [0] (
12:41:03miner49erI've run make install and it's all copied, simulator runs but my damn plugin still says "incompatable model"
12:41:03B4gderZagor: I think mailman is ignoring the mails
12:41:09 Join IcyStorM [0] (
12:41:25ZagorB4gder: ahh, of course. can you check that? it sends as
12:41:27LinusNminer49er: which plugin?
12:41:35]RowaN[using a build from last night, my fully charged iriver only lasted about 1 hour playing flac this morning.. very odd. anyone else have probs like this?
12:41:51Paul_The_Nerdminer49er: Did you include the PLUGIN_HEADER
12:42:04LinusN]RowaN[: which target?
12:42:35miner49erPaul_The_Nerd: Yep, plugin.h is included
12:42:35B4gderZagor: ok, and I changed the "discard" to "hold" now until verified to work
12:42:52Paul_The_Nerdminer49er: No, specifically the PLUGIN_HEADER macro
12:42:57miner49erLinusN: my asteroids plugin (still cracking away at it!)
12:43:01Paul_The_Nerd <−−- Like on the right, here.
12:43:13Paul_The_NerdNotice the green highlighted section.
12:43:21miner49erhaving a look
12:44:08miner49erPaul_The: that looks like the problem - cheers man :-)
12:44:51B4gderok, I turned the "operating system" into meaning "target model"
12:45:54 Quit moda ()
12:47:26LinusNi think it should default to sorting newest-first
12:48:00*Paul_The_Nerd agrees
12:49:25NicoZagor: could you put me in the devs group ?
12:49:40ZagorNico: sure
12:49:54Nicoim nicolas_p on the tracker
12:50:16Nicothanks :)
12:50:20linuxstbHow should I close a bug report on the new tracker? Do I have to add a comment (using Add Comment), then click on close, or do I just click on close?
12:50:47Zagorclick on close, you'll get a window to write a comment in
12:52:03 Join petur [0] (
12:52:19Lynx_btw, is the scrolling behaviour fixed on iriver? i think the cause was the lcd driver.
12:52:48B4gderyou mean the "afterscroll"?
12:52:55PapricaZagor, could you add me to the developers list?
12:53:17Lynx_B4gder: yes
12:53:35ZagorPaprica: done
12:53:41B4gderLynx_: this was addressed by amiconn's recent fixes, yes
12:53:52Lynx_B4gder: oh, nice, time to update then
12:54:22Zagorfyi: there was a bug in the attachment download code. i'm rerunning it now but it will take a while.
12:54:47Jungti1234Paprica, What's this? -
12:54:58Papricadont know
12:55:10B4gderthe mails don't even mention the task number in the subject
12:55:28Zagorbwaha, the bug is because I've disabled the sourceforge trackers. how silly of me...
12:56:00ZagorB4gder: i know. that is one thing I do intend to patch
12:56:16ScoTTie_how did you managed to copy the sf tracker stuff over ?
12:56:20 Nick ScoTTie_ is now known as ScoTTie (n=scott@unaffiliated/scottie)
12:57:21ZagorScoTTie: there is an xml export function in sourceforge. but it doesn't include everything, so some stuff must be spidered (such as attachments)
13:00:36]RowaN[maybe some snow feel into my iriver =/
13:02:01 Part IcyStorM
13:06:24Lynx_would be nice if the rockbox logo on top of the new bug tracker page linked back to home
13:06:39ZagorLynx_: will fix soon. have to fix the broken attachments first.
13:06:54Lynx_sure :)
13:07:33 Quit ScoTTie (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
13:07:56JdGordonneedleboy: some1 is saying the colour patch isnt saving the values?? have u got another patch which could intefere with it? can any1 else confirm it?
13:08:04 Join ScoTTie [0] (n=scott@unaffiliated/scottie)
13:09:46Nicoit did save the values on my build...
13:10:01XavierGrGongrats on the new bug/patch tracker. It is way better than sourceforge
13:10:19Nicobtw JdGordon, the last patch u updated on SF was still broken...
13:10:50JdGordongrr.. really?
13:11:30JdGordoni was so careful...
13:11:38safetydanJdGordon, the optimised build seems to have some weird things with settings
13:12:03safetydanEQ goes funny after upgrades for some people, so I wouldn't be surprised if your color stuff is similarly affected
13:12:59JdGordonye, i tinhk the patch needleboy merged was fubar.. the patch i updated to before i left (about 2 hours ago) should be fine..
13:14:47Nicobut it's malformed...
13:15:03*amiconn sighs
13:15:08Nicohow do you do them ?
13:15:28amiconnlinuxstb: It seems I won't get to work on sim grayscale tonight either.
13:15:37 Join Shaked [0] (n=shaked@
13:15:39B4gderZagor: any chance of getting an SF ID => Flyspray ID map ? quite a lot of the entries mention old style tracker numbers
13:16:00Zagorah, bugger. i forgot adding that. :-(
13:16:00amiconnConverting overlay loader for plugin lib and adapting chessboxx instead...
13:16:08Shakedcan some one tell me what is rockbox?
13:16:13Shakedim confused :S
13:16:29***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
13:16:38ZagorB4gder: I can easily make a separate a->b list though
13:16:41B4gderZagor: it could be useful with a separate one anyway, since many speak of SF bug entries in the plain text. as in "this is almost like #123456"
13:16:56peturShaked: it replaces the firmware on your mp3 player (if it's supported)
13:17:41Shakedand what it does after it?
13:18:13peturit tries to do tings better, and do more than the original does
13:18:27 Join ScoTTie_ [0] (n=scott@unaffiliated/scottie)
13:18:38 Quit ScoTTie (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
13:18:57 Quit Nico ()
13:19:07*petur notices the page he linked is a bit outdated
13:19:26B4gderit is
13:19:52Lynx_i just updated, and rockbox asked if to reboot, play for yes, other for no, and did not reboot on pressing play (H340).
13:20:10Lynx_is it also play on iriver, or navi?
13:20:56peturis that FAQ part of the documentation that goes into cvs or de we maintain the wiki as well?
13:21:00safetydanOn iRiver when it says play, it means Navi
13:21:19*safetydan does a preglow and whispers langv2 to Bagder
13:21:32*B4gder falls off his chair
13:21:38preglowsafetydan: you forgot "svn"
13:21:45*B4gder runs
13:22:05Lynx_hmm, and after the update the display seems really dark
13:22:12Shakedif i put that rockbox thingy in my H320 can i play games? o.0
13:24:47Shakedbleh but it removes the warnnaty
13:24:54Shakedi will just wait 3 years :P
13:25:01 Quit Shaked (".:: MP-Gaming.NET ::. .:: MP-Forums.NET ::. .:: MP-Maps.NET ::. .:: M")
13:25:30peturas if he would get back an H320 if it broke now :P
13:25:43B4gder_three_ year warranty?
13:25:55XavierGris the new chess plugin supposed to work?
13:26:04ender`what's weird about 3 year warranty?
13:26:32B4gdernot weird, unusual
13:28:25ender`not that unusual for expensive devices
13:28:29ZagorI hate sourceforge.
13:28:32Zagorthere, i've said it
13:28:55ender`welcome to the club :)
13:29:01B4gderender`: sure it is, at least around here
13:29:02*Paul_The_Nerd gives Zagor a complimentary pin, and welcomes him to the club.
13:29:14B4gderunless you pay extra of course
13:29:17Zagor*some* attachments work when downloaded in the browser, but not with curl
13:29:24Zagorhow nice is that?
13:29:38B4gdersuch a lame app ;-)
13:29:43Zagorcurl sucks :-)
13:29:48safetydanuse wget, it's much better
13:30:11ZagorI bet I have to do stupid user agent munging to get it working
13:30:39ender`alias wget="wget -t0 -c -S -U "we_get"
13:31:01Zagorwget makes assumptions. I don't like that.
13:31:56ender`what assumptions?
13:32:14Zagorthat I want the output in a file, for one
13:32:51Zagoranyway, this is not the subject. we're on a SF hate-bash here. no disruptions :-)
13:33:08ender`-O -
13:33:22Zagorriiiight, SOME attachments can only be viewed when you're logged in. isn't that friendly?
13:33:38ender`can you stay logged in?
13:33:40preglowi almost always want my output in a file
13:33:44preglowso it's not a bad assumption
13:34:09B4gderit depends I'd say
13:34:12ZagorI nearly always want it piped into 'less'
13:34:15B4gderbut _maybe_ I'm biased ;-)
13:34:27linuxstbEven binary files?
13:34:35ender`that's what -O - is for
13:34:54B4gderthen consider Zagor's current login-case
13:35:09ZagorB4gder: don't be cruel :-)
13:35:18B4gderwget does actually attempt to support cookies
13:36:26JdGordonumm. the new patch tracker... is there a register link somewhere? or am i blind?
13:36:30 Join perldiver [0] (
13:37:06B4gderI can't find any "new user" link either
13:37:10dwihnoI prefer the FreeBSD 'fetch' utility :)
13:37:20ZagorJdGordon: now there is :-)
13:37:36B4gderdwihno: it is also featured in that comparison page ;-)
13:37:42dwihnoHey, why isn't curl linked into a single binary btw?
13:37:50dwihnoOn windows, it's a nice 1-file binary
13:38:01dwihnoOn *nix, it becomes an evil script! :(
13:38:02JdGordonZagor: email isnt required? thats a bit odd isnt it?
13:38:03B4gderand you are talking about?
13:38:09B4gderdwihno: then build it so
13:38:16B4gderit isn't a script
13:38:26dwihnoB4gder: it isn't?
13:38:29ZagorJdGordon: indeed. what happens if you don't enter it?
13:38:38*dwihno eats some sausage and downloads a fresh curl build
13:38:41JdGordondunno.. i put in an email..
13:38:41dwihnoI like piping curl
13:38:45B4gderdwihno: no, that's only a libtool thing while building, do make install and it'll get a proper executable
13:38:47 Join IcyStorM [0] (
13:38:54JdGordon"There was an problem with your form submission"
13:39:03preglowcurl beats wget straight in features, but i still use wget mostly
13:39:06preglowsince it's faster in use
13:39:21preglowoccasionally have to use curl for stuff wget doesn't manage
13:39:30B4gderwhatever works is what say
13:39:52B4gderthen again, I am a wget contributor as well
13:39:53*dwihno humbly thinks the default curl options should be -C - -O <url>
13:39:57JdGordonis flyspray "live" yet?
13:40:13preglowi'd just like it to save to a file per default, and not if it detects it's piped
13:40:14dwihnoB4gder: sleeping with the enemy, are ew... ;)
13:40:16Jungti1234What is 'Jabber ID'?
13:40:22linuxstbJdGordon: It's live, but there a few problems with missing attachments.
13:40:23preglowa program can detect if it has redirected stdout, yes?
13:40:29Zagorthere, can everyone please check that all attachments that were missing are where they should?
13:40:43B4gderpreglow: on some OSes, yes
13:40:59ZagorJungti1234: that's a feature we don't use. you can get notifications via jabber instant messaging.
13:41:21ZagorJdGordon: yes, it's live. until we find a showstopper bug, at least :-)
13:41:28*JdGordon hasnt got the account confirmation email yet...
13:41:34linuxstbJdGordon: I tried your latest patch from sourceforge, and it didn't apply cleanly. color/colour was inconsistent, and I had to apply the changes to lcd.h manually.
13:42:00Jungti1234I can't join.
13:42:14Paul_The_NerdZagor: I at least don't have permission to "Modify own tasks"
13:42:14ZagorJungti1234: did you read the information?
13:42:22IcyStorMWHere can I found rockbox on
13:42:31linuxstbMy first comment - I don't think the RGB selectors should wrap. It makes it hard to set them to the minimum or maximum values.
13:42:37ZagorIcyStorM: nowhere. we're off sourceforge.
13:42:44Paul_The_Nerdlinuxstb: I agree with that wholeheartedly!
13:42:44ZagorPaul_The_Nerd: checking
13:42:53Jungti1234Zagor: mail?
13:43:08ZagorJungti1234: click the "click here for information" link
13:43:12Jungti1234"Notice from Rockbox"
13:43:13Paul_The_NerdZagor: As a note, I'm in the Reporters group.
13:43:16linuxstbAlso, I would prefer the R: G: B: line to be formatted as: "RGB: #XXYYZZ"
13:43:31*Paul_The_Nerd would agree with that as well, actually.
13:43:37Jungti1234Zagor: sorry.. ok.
13:43:40JdGordonlinuxstb: i started like that, but found it unreadable...
13:43:47ZagorPaul_The_Nerd: what is your username?
13:43:49linuxstbYou also need to add entries to apps/lang/english.lang for the menu text.
13:43:57Jungti1234It read already. :)
13:44:15Paul_The_NerdZagor: DarkkOne
13:44:48JdGordonshouldnt the bloody old patches and bugs be closed/deleted?
13:45:05Paul_The_NerdZagor: Seems Reporters should be able to modify their own tasks, unless I misunderstand the meaning of that.
13:45:19 Quit Kohlrabi ("Fast alle Menschen sind Regenw체rmer")
13:46:18ZagorPaul_The_Nerd: I agree. fixed.
13:46:36B4gderthis bug tracker is just so much nicer
13:46:47linuxstbJdGordon: Another comment - I think the #defines you added in lcd.h should be inside the #if LCD_DEPTH == 16 condition
13:46:51B4gderits a joy to close reports with! ;-)
13:47:32 Quit ashridah (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
13:47:51JdGordonZagor: any chance you could somehow merge the wiki/forum/flyspray user/pass list into 1 list for the whole site?
13:48:10Zagornot without a lot of work :-)
13:48:18Zagorespecially since the forum is hosted on another continent
13:48:20preglowyou've got nothing to do anyway, right?
13:48:26preglowjust get to work
13:48:39preglowi can't be bothered to remember any passwords!
13:49:06*Zagor goes looking for the mail subject line
13:49:32B4gderpreglow: this one's saved for you
13:49:45JdGordonZagor: 1 more thing.. can u change the deefault view to show by newest first like sf?? its a bit silly (imo) showing the stuff from 2002!
13:50:04ZagorI'll look into it
13:50:21preglowB4gder: completely forgotten about that
13:50:27Zagorotoh that gives you incentive to fix the old stuff :-)
13:51:16JdGordon_and_ u cant easily tell whats a bug/patch/request....
13:51:23JdGordonbut tis better than sf :D
13:51:29B4gder"Task Type Feature Requests"
13:51:47JdGordonyes... but./.
13:52:04JdGordonthen u have to look at 2 columns.. not just the summary 1 to find something interesting
13:52:11Paul_The_NerdI actually like seeing everything in one list.
13:52:29Paul_The_NerdAnd you can quickly just do a search for all "Bugs" or all "Feature requests" and then it's sorted.
13:52:29JdGordonno, thats good.. but having a diff colour or something would be good..
13:52:32JdGordoni dunno'
13:52:34ZagorJdGordon: i'll fix the links on the website to point to a filtering url, so you have quicklinks to each list
13:52:35*JdGordon is half asleep
13:52:47B4gderZagor: you need to make a nice intro mail about it to the lists too
13:53:45lostlogiclinuxstb: why use "make veryclean" instead of the conventional "make distclean", or is there some conceptual difference that I'm missing?
13:53:55B4gderI made that
13:53:56lostlogicermh that's for B4gder
13:54:04B4gderbecause distclean generally cleans even more
13:54:13B4gderlike the autoconf.h
13:54:16lostlogicah, ok
13:54:40B4gderand I think most people won't use that anyway, they'll just do make clean
13:56:04linuxstbFor JdGordon's colour settings patch, what spelling should we use for the menu entry? Being British, I obviously prefer "colour"
13:56:42lostlogicbeing american, I could care less ::shrug::
13:56:45JdGordonlinuxstb: i had it as colour, and LinusN "suggested" i change ti to color, so i did a search/replace on the diff (well i thought i did)
13:56:55JdGordoni dont care either...
13:57:11B4gderI think color is already used somewhat more often than colour in the project
13:57:17slimxlinuxstb, have you seen my last patch ?
13:57:29Bg3rlinuxstb i think it should be american because in most of the other cases it's colOR
13:57:33linuxstbcolor seems to be used in C (e.g. HAVE_LCD_COLOR), but colour/grey is used in the comments.
13:57:39*slimx is playing snake2 on 3G ;-)
13:57:49B4gderyay for slimx
13:57:55linuxstbslimx: I haven't looked at the patch, but read the comments - congratulations.
13:57:58linuxstbAny sound yet?
13:57:59Bg3rlinuxstb hm, good point
13:58:11slimxi didn't tried sound
13:58:26B4gdersound in a music player? nah, that's not so important
13:58:33linuxstbNo, as long as the games work...
13:58:38slimxlol B4gder
13:58:47slimxnot for now
13:58:56Bg3ryeah, really, why do you need sound when you have such cool games ?
13:59:08B4gdersounds effects?
13:59:12slimxi really don't know
13:59:14 Quit perpleXa ("( :: NoNameScript 4.01 :: )")
14:00:14slimxoh yes i have to get the tick work
14:00:14 Quit ]RowaN[ ("CGI:IRC (EOF)")
14:00:20Bg3rlinuxstb btw, thank you for adding chessbox to the build system... my unfinished commit raised some discussions ...
14:00:27Jungti1234아 답답해죽겠다 나좀살려줘라
14:00:49linuxstbBg3r: I read them...
14:01:54linuxstbpreglow: chessbox is giving me a "Data Abort at 0003EE64" on my ipod - but 3EE64 is the address of UIE...
14:02:25JdGordonhas the banner on the left of always had the staggered links?
14:02:28 Join ashridah [0] (
14:02:58JdGordonok, its just on the wiki page its buggered
14:03:15preglowlinuxstb: hahaha
14:03:22preglowlinuxstb: how far into it?
14:03:33ZagorJdGordon: oops, that's my fault
14:03:42*ashridah still thinks we should add rockbox to
14:03:46linuxstbAs soon as you try to run it.
14:04:02linuxstbI think Paul_The_Nerd reported the same problem on his Nano.
14:04:27Paul_The_NerdYes, I did.
14:04:37preglowlinuxstb: i mean the address, is it the very begining of the uie routine, or what?
14:04:45Paul_The_NerdImmediately upon running the plugin. Same, or similar address.
14:05:05linuxstbYes, the very beginning - the .map files lists UIE as being at address 0x3ee64
14:05:36preglowi don't see how that can happen
14:06:09linuxstbI'm staring at my blue-screen-of-death and my map file now. They both say 0x3ee64.
14:06:31linuxstbBut no, I don't understand either.
14:07:41preglowthe only way that can happen is if the stack pointer becomes unaligned
14:07:56preglowbut i don't see how that can happen, the UIE handler has its own stack
14:09:44 Join Siku [0] (
14:11:11preglowman, i've had my fill of bugs i don't understand today
14:11:20 Quit Jungti1234 ()
14:11:31JdGordondoes any1 know what needs to be done to get the alarm clock funcitonality for the h300?
14:11:49Bg3rJdGordon some mess with the pcf50606 ?
14:11:51JdGordonuni starts on monday and i would kill to use my player for my alaram instead of the radio..
14:12:29JdGordon.. or do any of the iriv fw's have the alarm clock?
14:12:33ashridahJdGordon: where do you go to uni again?
14:12:33preglowyou'd need to implement wakeup conditions on the pcf chip
14:13:15Bg3rJdGordon (iriver fw) no
14:14:24Bg3rJdGordon a think it isn't very difficult to be done ...
14:14:40 Join Jungti1234 [0] (n=jungti12@
14:14:52ashridahah, crap, it's already passed midnight
14:14:52JdGordon.. just needs someone who knows what to do to get some free time
14:15:05 Quit ashridah ("sleep damnit, gotta be in at 9:30am tomorrow ;(")
14:15:09Bg3rbut i remember lostlogic has fried his h3x0 while messing with the pcf ....
14:15:34peturno, that had to do with the charger he used
14:16:02Bg3rlostlogic ?
14:16:27JdGordonguess he is away..
14:16:31Zagorsubjects patched
14:16:46LinusNJdGordon: i don't care about the spelling in the translation, i meant the variables
14:16:56JdGordonLinusN: i know
14:16:57B4gderZagor: much bettere
14:18:27peturI like the first item in the list....
14:18:51CassandraWhere is this new tracker then?
14:19:02petur /bugs
14:19:06linuxstbCheck the topic....
14:19:28CassandraAh, right.
14:19:40CassandraI see its email subjects have got slightly more informative.
14:22:50preglowdoesn't sf have any webmail or what?
14:24:38 Join webguest70 [0] (
14:25:25preglowi see
14:25:45CassandraErm, the devcon link seems to be buggered.
14:26:34*Cassandra waits patiently for a reset mail.
14:28:09CassandraHmm - I don't think the reset script likes me.
14:28:20peturseems we have a rockbox chairman now...
14:28:28CassandraParse error: syntax error, unexpected T_CONSTANT_ENCAPSED_STRING in /usr/share/flyspray/htdocs/includes/ on line 503
14:28:37B4gderZagor: you better remove that if($user eq "Cassandra") check in the reset script
14:29:06preglowjust used the reset script, worked just fine
14:29:09LinusNpetur: lol
14:29:19ZagorCassandra: oops, that's me fiddling with the subject lines
14:29:24JdGordonoh goody.. doom just crashed :'(
14:29:39CassandraMy sourceforge ID is christi-s though. ;)
14:29:51CassandraSome bugger had already nicked Cassandra.
14:29:55JdGordonchanging .iriver file while it was doing the dir cache prob wasnt such a good idea :p
14:29:59B4gderaha! circumventing our checks
14:30:15LinusNbetter ban her ip then
14:31:06*Cassandra types "anonymising proxies" into google.
14:31:11*LinusN adds "no girlies" to docs/CONTRIBUTING
14:31:40B4gderhey, I'm training my daughter! ;-)
14:31:48CassandraWow! I didn't realise Calvin and Hobbes had joined the Rockbox team. ;)
14:33:30Paul_The_Nerdlinuxstb: I04:I11Instr at 80000004 for H1x0 reported at the forums with Chessbox.
14:34:26LinusNPaul_The_Nerd: wow
14:34:33LinusNjmp MBAR
14:35:49Paul_The_NerdIs there a target it's confirmed *working* on?
14:36:15linuxstbWhen I compiled it yesterday for the ipod it worked....
14:36:47linuxstbBut that was with only one .c file.
14:36:47JdGordondoes any1 have a good gbc mario rom? ov only got shite ones (i tihnk the free versions), and a b+w one
14:37:26 Quit IcyStorM (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
14:37:32Bg3rmaybe i have messed something :(
14:38:12linuxstbDid you try it on a real device?
14:39:04CassandraHmm - very odd. Zagor, according to Flyspray I've just added myself to the developers group. It also claims I'm the only person in it.
14:39:23Zagorscary :-)
14:39:43Jungti1234Does someone use SDL simulator?
14:39:58Zagor(mysql being upgraded, don't panic)
14:40:20 Quit DJ_Dooms_Day (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
14:40:25CassandraOk, but I'm definitely not doing all the work.
14:40:42 Join dunkellic [0] (
14:40:43B4gderwhat if we say please?
14:40:53 Quit dunkellic (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
14:41:10 Quit webguest70 ("CGI:IRC")
14:41:22safetydanJungti1234, yes
14:41:26CassandraThen I won't have to hurt you.
14:41:41JdGordongrr.. rockboy needs to show the battery level in its satus bar...
14:41:55ZagorCassandra: there are two developer groups: one global and one for the
14:42:01Zagor'rockbox' subproject
14:42:09Zagorfor some reason, you are in the rockbox group
14:42:14Zagoreveryone else is in the global group
14:42:24CassandraOK, that's kind of weird.
14:42:28Jungti1234I'm just curious
14:42:42Jungti1234Because wondered about it .
14:42:48CassandraI seem to have Project Manager access for the Rockbox group then.
14:43:04CassandraWhich while I don't object to, I'm not sure I should have.
14:43:24ZagorCassandra: do you have an 'admin' or 'manage' link in your top menu line?
14:43:37Zagorwhich one?
14:43:55Cassandra"Manage Project"
14:44:12Zagorvery strange
14:44:20*Zagor pops the hood
14:44:54CassandraZagor - maybe Flysquatter just recognises my inherent natural superiority?
14:45:08Zagorperhaps. who am I to argue with that?
14:45:37JdGordongnite all
14:45:42 Nick JdGordon is now known as Jd|asleep (
14:45:48preglowyou're lucky she even allows you to speak to her
14:46:19CassandraWell it's not as if any of you guys normally get to interact with real women. ;)
14:46:41B4gdernow that was cruel
14:46:51preglowi'm still only vaguely certain about how they look
14:46:55CassandraI'm good at cruel.
14:46:57 Join dunkellic [0] (
14:47:03Cassandrapreglow, we're the ones with the bumps in front.
14:47:14preglowCassandra: never saw one of you, then
14:47:23dunkellic-w +e
14:47:37preglowi think i'd notice bumps
14:47:52Jungti1234I have question
14:48:03muesli-Cassandra be sure to get not "misused" while devcon ;)
14:48:24dunkellicis bootloader v5 for the h300 still buggy?
14:48:29dunkellicjo muesli
14:48:29Cassandrapreglow, good job you're not coming to devcon then. It might be too much for you.
14:48:37preglowCassandra: i still might come
14:48:44LinusNdunkellic: what bugs are you referring to=
14:48:50Cassandramuesli-, I'm only there to make the coffee for the real developers.
14:48:58dunkellicthere was once a error statet when it was released
14:49:01Zagoroh, now I see. all developers were project managers...
14:49:10 Nick Paul_The_Nerd is now known as Paul_the_Away (
14:49:24muesli-making cofe its the term to be used..interesting ;=)
14:49:25CassandraZagor, but I thought you said I wasn't in the global developers list.
14:49:32dunkellic<iobound> LinusN, no, it says "Bootloader USB" on the rockbox but the drive doesn't appear on my windows box
14:49:32dunkellic<LinusN> not good
14:49:32dunkellic<iobound> LinusN, hey, actually, i just tried once again, and now it works
14:49:32DBUGEnqueued KICK dunkellic
14:49:32dunkellic<iobound> strange. i waited like 25 seconds the last time
14:49:32dunkellic<LinusN> iobound: there is a sleep() in the USB initiation code that might be a tad too short
14:49:35dunkellicthat one
14:49:39ZagorCassandra: you were in both
14:49:43miner49erdoes anyone know why I might not be able to make a symbolic link to my music directory inside my simulator archos directory?
14:49:45CassandraAh, right.
14:49:58preglowCassandra: not every day i have a chance to be exposed to another gender!
14:50:06dunkellicmsli: da?
14:50:22LinusNdunkellic: i see, well, i haven't worked on the usb bootloader mode for a while
14:50:34dunkellicma ne frage. kann man v5 frn iriver eigentlich problemlos installieren (also h300)?
14:50:39dunkellickk linus
14:50:51muesli-sure dunkellic
14:51:16dunkellicmuesli: kannst deutsch reden (btw, bin auf dem rockbox board von dir angemeldet ;) )
14:51:37Zagormidkay: here?
14:51:40muesli-nah...not in this # :o
14:51:44dunkellicis it okay to talk german in this channel=
14:52:02Jungti1234Is it normally?
14:52:18markundunkellic: not really
14:52:25linuxstbJungti1234: Yes.
14:52:29muesli-dunkellic just use english that all guys are havin fun
14:52:35Jungti1234I can't set WPS and can't change font.
14:52:39muesli-and girls of course ;)
14:53:09dunkellicwell, then is just ask everybod: i have some rocks, which won큧 work. they say incorrect machine (only know the german error message ^^), is it because i큟 still using bootloader v3?
14:53:33dunkellicbecause i dont think that the problem is my rockbox version, i alway use the newest daily build
14:53:39safetydanJungti1234, did you type "make install" after doing "make"?
14:53:48Bg3rdunkellic did you use a patched rb before ?
14:54:07dunkellicuh, in what sense patched ^^?
14:54:10Jungti1234Forgot it
14:54:19Jungti1234safetydan, thanks
14:54:31safetydanyou're welcome
14:55:19CassandraZagor - any way to get it to highlight whats changed, like sourceforge does?
14:55:40Cassandra(in the notification emails.)
14:55:45ZagorI don't know, I'll look.
14:56:59dunkellicperhaps i큟 just too stupid to proper install the rocks: if i have a rock that includes a .rock file and directory (hell, could be that this is the wrong word...), do i copy both of them into the rocks directory?
14:58:59dunkellicfor example rockword features a directory with some picture files, do i copy them into the rocks directory too or go they somewhere else?
15:00:52muesli-doesnt matter where ur .rock or ur related files are stored
15:00:58ZagorCassandra: it seems I have to look up the history in the database, which is a little more change than I want to do right now
15:02:05dunkellicsome idea why it won큧 work then?
15:02:27linuxstbdunkellic: rockword isn't an official plugin - you will just have to follow any instructions the author gave you.
15:03:01 Quit Jd|asleep (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
15:03:17CassandraZagor, fair enough. It'd be handy if you have time at some point though.
15:03:23Zagori agree
15:03:44 Quit perldiver (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
15:04:37linuxstbdunkellic: Also, if the .rock file is old, it probably won't work with the latest CVS version of Rockbox. You will need to recompile it yourself.
15:04:53peturdunkellic: Eli hasn't updated his stuff in some time, his tetrox and other rocks are no longer compatible... he should post a patch and heve them committed
15:06:11dunkellicah, kthx
15:06:18B4gderEli knows that
15:06:32B4gderbut it seems he doesn't want to
15:06:35muesli-btw why does plugins have to be recompiled at all?
15:06:48B4gdermuesli-: because the plugin API changes
15:06:49linuxstbBecause the plugin api changes over time and becomes incompatible.
15:07:17CtcpIgnored 1 channel CTCP requests in 0 seconds at the last flood
15:07:17*amiconn wonders whether LinusN likes extraneous asm instructions
15:07:40amiconnmoveq.l #0,%d0
15:07:43amiconnmove.l %d0,(0x180,%a1) /* PLLCR = 0 */
15:07:46amiconnWhy not
15:07:56amiconnclr.l (0x180,%a1)
15:08:00LinusNamiconn: oh, did i waste 4 cycles and 2 bytes?
15:08:12LinusNwhat a shame
15:08:28amiconnI just wonder why you are writing more than needed
15:08:36CassandraIf this channel had walls, sarcasm would be dripping off them.
15:09:19LinusNamiconn: my 68k asm skills are still rutsy, and i have come accustomed to avoiding the clr instruction since the 68000 days, because of the microcode bug
15:09:57Jungti1234good.. ;-)
15:10:11CassandraOld habits dry hard, as my friend the monk used to say.
15:10:34LinusN"old brains are slow" in my case :-)
15:11:04muesli-Jungti1234 are u a macho? looks like a girl wearing an ironing board ;)
15:11:19Jungti1234what is 'macho'? :)
15:11:39Jungti1234yes hehe
15:12:10Jungti1234(I may understand wrongly.)
15:12:41muesli-ask Cassandra what it means ;)
15:13:02CassandraI've never really heard it used as a noun.
15:13:15muesli-mmh, it is in german
15:13:41muesli-macho man, better?
15:13:45CassandraProbably translates as "male chauvanist" then.
15:14:10Jungti1234Strong man
15:14:17dunkellicsay, these otpimized builds (from misticriver) are just normal daily build with some plug ins and stuff added=
15:14:21miner49eranyone know why the rombox.ucl that i've just build complains when I try and 'run' it? Do I need to reflash my Archos completely?
15:14:28 Join damaki__ [0] (
15:14:36preglowdunkellic: more or less
15:14:42preglowdunkellic: contains some patches we don't think are ready yet
15:14:58CassandraThat would make sense. I was going for from context, since I couldn't figure out why a strong man would have a girl with an ironing board on their player.
15:15:29CassandraThe phrase "optimised" is slightly misleading, we feel.
15:15:41Jungti1234ok bye all
15:15:45Jungti1234good night
15:15:50dunkellicis it buggy?
15:15:51 Quit Jungti1234 ()
15:15:56B4gderit isn't optimized
15:16:02safetydandunkellic, yes it can be buggy
15:16:31***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
15:16:42Bg3reither buggy, or not done in the way we think they should be...
15:16:43muesli-nah, the "optimized build" worx fine
15:16:47 Quit Siku ()
15:16:56B4gdermany times, yes
15:17:08muesli-rather call it extended
15:17:45B4gderI'd rather see it called "needleboy's" build
15:18:00B4gder"extended" is also misleading
15:18:14B4gder"custom" could work
15:18:17dunkellicthen i guess "modified" would fit it ;)
15:19:24 Quit midkay (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
15:20:11 Join midkay [0] (
15:20:18safetydanOne day we'll turn Rockbox in to Debian and have unstable, testing, and stable builds :)
15:21:16CassandraI think "H300 focused" would be a better term.
15:21:31muesli-hours later.. ;)
15:21:39CassandraI went to make coffee.
15:22:04dunkellicis the usb loading thingie the only difference between the bootloader v3 and v5?
15:22:23miner49ercan anyone tell me why I can't reflash using my newly built rombox.ucl?
15:23:03linuxstbWhat error message do you get?
15:24:20miner49erlinuxstb: I get "incompatable model"
15:26:27CassandraSounds like you built it for the wrong target.
15:26:45 Join BHSPitLappy2 [0] (
15:27:08 Join linuxstb_ [0] (
15:27:22linuxstb_Are you running the latest Rockbox when attempting to flash? i.e. rolo the ajbrec.ajz/archos.mod file that goes with your rombox.ucl.
15:27:29miner49erCassandra: But the ajz file worked fine
15:27:44 Quit linuxstb (Nick collision from services.)
15:27:54miner49erlinuxstb: yes, I checked that.
15:28:01 Nick linuxstb_ is now known as linuxstb (
15:28:07Cassandraminer49er, check that your .ucl file doesn't just contain a short text message.
15:28:26 Quit BHSPitLappy (Nick collision from services.)
15:28:27CassandraI seem to remember the build doesn't work without a patched uclpack or something.
15:28:37amiconnminer49er: Seems like you didn't install the complete build, meaning rockbox_flash.rock won't load
15:28:45amiconn..because it's incompatible
15:28:47B4gderuclpack is part of the rockbox source package these days
15:28:58 Join BHSPitLappy [0] (
15:29:00CassandraB4gder, good point.
15:29:15miner49erchecked it, vi rombox.ucl and I can random binary type stuff
15:29:32CassandraWhat is a BHSPit and why does it need lappys?
15:29:38 Quit BHSPitLappy2 (Client Quit)
15:29:50Cassandraminer49er, then amicons suggestion is probably the correct one.
15:30:06CassandraCome to think of it, what's a Lappy?
15:30:23miner49erno rockbox_flash.rock runs but asks me to click on a UCL the binary works.
15:30:24dunkellicthanks for your help ppl, cya
15:30:41 Quit damaki_ (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
15:30:55 Quit dunkellic ()
15:31:56miner49er...any more ideas?
15:32:21CassandraGod hates you. Pray for forgiveness.
15:32:36miner49erthat may well be true...
15:33:02CassandraI'd be inclined to wipe the build directory, rerun configure, and rebuild.
15:33:55Papricawhere RGB_UNPACK_BLUE is locate?
15:34:19Cassandrapaprica - no idea, but rgrep is your friend.
15:34:31Cassandra(or grep -r if you prefer it that way.)
15:34:48miner49erRight, I've got some mighty weird stuff going on. I can't open .jpg files directly as it comes up with "incompatable model" but if I run the JPEG.rock directly it runs but just asks for a file...
15:34:49Paprica$ rgrep
15:34:49Papricabash: rgrep: command not found
15:34:53Cassandragreps over an entire directory tree - recursive grep.
15:35:06B4gderfind . -name "*.h" | xargs grep RGB_UNPACK_BLUE
15:35:22CassandraThat'll work too.
15:35:30B4gderfind is cooler ;-)
15:36:06Papricalol, didn't find nothing
15:36:13CassandraIt's certainly harder to understand, so there's less danger of someone not being in awe of your l33t UNIX skills. ;)
15:41:02miner49erOkay, I give up. I have noticed some strange things with this thing since I moved to linux. So I'm going to re-format the damn thing. How do I do this in linux?
15:43:34miner49erjust like any other HD then
15:43:46B4gderyes, just make it vfat
15:44:43miner49eroh, one other thing was why doesn't make install seem to work for me? It works for the simulator but not the full thing
15:45:01B4gderuse make zip for target
15:45:12miner49erright, cool, cheers
15:50:34Bg3rlostlogic 10q for the cvsutils ;)
15:53:09lostlogicBg3r: np −− before you gave me CVS commit access I was wishing I had them on Gentoo, but then I got commit so it didn't matter... which was rather selfish of me, they needed to be there.
15:54:46Bg3rhehe :)
15:55:12 Join Nico [0] (
15:56:37 Join damaki_ [0] (
15:57:14Zagorflyspray default sorting changed
15:57:43safetydanpreglow, cutoff only goes to 0x80000000?
15:57:53safetydanlooks like I need to change some code then
15:58:20preglowsafetydan: no
15:58:23preglowsafetydan: it should all be fine
15:58:39preglowyou calculate cutoff like 0xffffffff/sfreq*cutoff, yes?
15:58:47preglowthen you're fine
15:58:57preglowthat'll yield 0x7fffffff as max
15:59:38safetydan0xffffffff / NATIVE_FREQUENCY * (x)
15:59:43safetydanis the exact calculation
15:59:57safetydanright, I'll leave it alone then
15:59:57preglowlike i said, cutoff should never be higher than sfreq/2
16:01:45 Join Jungti1234lBirth [0] (
16:02:15Jungti1234lBirthtoday is my birthday
16:02:25Mikachuhappy birthday \(^o^)/
16:02:32markunhappy birthday Jungti!
16:02:36markuncompletely forgot about it
16:02:42Papricahappy birthday
16:02:43Jungti1234lBirth:) thanks!
16:02:43preglowhappy bday!
16:02:49Bg3rah, happy, Jungti1234lBirth ;
16:03:05muesli-how old got u, 1234`? ;)
16:03:10markunfelicxan naskigxtagon :)
16:03:17Jungti1234lBirthhaha markun.. :)
16:03:19safetydan0x1FFFFFFFE is the result of using 44100 as the native frequency and 22050 as the cutoff...
16:03:29Jungti1234lBirthmuesli-: um... 16? 15?
16:03:52safetydanhappy birthday Jungti
16:04:07preglowsafetydan: sounds unlikely...
16:04:08Papricahow can i get the r,g,b values after i do LCD_RGBPACK(255,128,64)
16:04:09Jungti1234lBirththank you, safetydan
16:04:23preglowsafetydan: try again
16:06:48miner49erhhmm, very strange. re-formatted, re-installed RB and now stuff works fine again. I think XP might have screwed it up when I let it do a disk scan on boot up...damn Microsaft
16:07:31peturyeah, always easy to blame M$....
16:07:50B4gderI heard M$ created H5N1 too
16:07:53 Quit needleboy ()
16:07:54preglowi love the fact that you in gnome calc _HAVE_ to push in hex digits with the bloody mouse
16:08:07B4gderuse bc ;-)
16:08:10Mikachuwhy would any sane person even start gnome calc?
16:08:24B4gderI do all my calcs in bc
16:08:51lostlogicB4gder: I have problems with ibase and obase in bc sometimes, where it'll give me weird 2 digit pairs instead of normal output when obase is 16 sometimes
16:08:55lostlogicany idea what that's about?
16:09:06B4gderno, I've never seen anything like that
16:10:40miner49erheh. No, it's true about MS knackering my archos, as after the scan the .rockbox dir showed up as ROCKBOX~1 or summit for a while, but strangely rockbox still worked and after a while it turned back into .rockbox. Okay, it could be that I mounted it on debian that caused a problem as well..
16:10:41 Quit Jungti1234lBirth ("CGI:IRC (EOF)")
16:12:31 Quit damaki__ (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
16:12:39 Nick Paul_the_Away is now known as Paul_The_Nerd (
16:14:34safetydanpreglow, I'll just trust you... none of my calculators seem to give a sensible answer
16:14:37preglowB4gder: how do i make bc use hex?
16:14:50B4gderyes, obase=16 ibase=16
16:14:58preglowhow convenient
16:15:13B4gderand scale=[num] is useful too
16:15:13 Join _FireFly_ [0] (
16:15:49preglowsafetydan: that's not the correct calculation.....
16:15:52B4gderbc can even do loops and functions and...
16:16:10preglowsafetydan: you're multiplying when you should divide, and vice versa
16:16:31preglowB4gder: and floating point?=
16:16:37preglowyes, how
16:16:41safetydanpreglow, oh bah
16:16:46safetydanthat's why it doesn't work
16:17:03B4gderor whatever precision you want
16:17:47safetydanCan I take back my last... oh about 10 lines?
16:18:01B4gderthat'll cost you a lot ;-)
16:19:18safetydanI think we've all learnt a valuable lesson. Don't listen to me when it comes to those math thingies.
16:20:32B4gderZagor: could there be a problem with mails for newly submitted bugs? I just saw a new bug in the list but haven't seen any mail about it
16:22:24Bg3rB4gder yep :(
16:23:16Bg3rme and linuxstb can't see anything obvious for now ...
16:23:40 Join _FireFly [0] (
16:24:00Bg3r <= this is the original patch
16:24:53Mikachuyou migrated from the sf tracker?
16:24:55B4gderI closed a bug report now to see if we get mails at all
16:24:57dwihnoIk heb honger.
16:24:59ZagorMikachu: yes
16:25:34ZagorB4gder: I can't find any error message anywhere. did you get one in the browser?
16:25:57Bg3rwow, double click refreshes the page in flyspray:)
16:25:59peturdwihno: go eat something then ;)
16:26:02B4gderthere's just no mail in my tracker mailbox
16:26:10ZagorBg3r: actually it goes into "edit"
16:26:19Zagorif you're already there it goes there again :-)
16:26:24Bg3rah, yes
16:26:33Nicohow do file attachements work on this new tracker ? the only way i see for addind a new one is posting it with a comment...
16:26:35Zagoractually it doesn't go there again
16:26:55ZagorNico: yes, if you're posting to an old task
16:27:18Nicoold being imported from SF ?
16:27:24Zagorold being "existing"
16:28:24 Join Matze41 [0] (
16:28:46Nicoand what about displaying the latest comment at the top ?
16:28:48Nicolike SF did..
16:29:05Zagori prefer it this way
16:29:06Nicoyou don't like it ? :-p
16:29:13B4gdercronological makes better sense imho
16:29:37 Join DreamTactix291 [0] (
16:29:44Nicook i'll get used to it that way then :)
16:29:51 Quit petur ("CGI:IRC (EOF)")
16:30:12 Join petur [0] (
16:30:47B4gderok, I got my close mail now
16:31:05LinusNgot it too
16:31:21B4gderbut not the new bugs
16:32:21Nicoyou've removed the list of who's monitoring a task ?
16:32:27B4gder4715 was submitted a good while before my close of 3027
16:33:20godzirraHowdy folks. Anyone know where I can get some wps files for an ipod video?
16:33:32godzirraI looked at the H340 sites and found some nice ones, but they dont match up to the screen sizes right.
16:33:37ZagorNico: you mean from sourceforge?
16:34:01NicoZagor: no, from flyspray
16:34:07B4gdergodzirra: I think your best bet is getting a h3x0 one and adjusting it yourself
16:34:22Nicoi could see a list of persons monitoring a task before... now i can't see it
16:34:46Zagorare you sure they are monitoring? example?
16:35:07peturbecause all devs were admin initally?
16:35:32Zagorpetur: ah, that could be it yes
16:36:08Nicoexample: my album art patch... i could see me and needleboy were monitoring it
16:36:16preglowLinusN: what, you too have started to go completely ipl on your constants?
16:36:18Nicothere was a list
16:36:36ZagorNico: ok then petur is right. I still see it, being admin.
16:36:40Nicobut i think petur is right
16:36:58Mikachusf doesn't get the world record in forwarding mail quickly...
16:37:07LinusNpreglow: ?
16:37:38ZagorMikachu: what is your username? I just got a bounce from sourceforge for 'mikaelh'
16:37:46Mikachuhm, strange
16:37:53preglowLinusN: literal constant addresses all over your new commit :)
16:37:54Zagoris that you?
16:37:55MikachuLogin Name: mikaelh
16:38:00MikachuMail sent to (your mail alias) will be forwarded to the email address shown above.
16:38:02 Quit _FireFly_ (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
16:38:14Zagor 550-This account doesn't exist or isn't currently available
16:38:45Mikachui'm looking at the profile page now...
16:38:47 Quit DT291 (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
16:38:50Mikachui also didn't get the mail i sent myself though
16:39:25LinusNpreglow: aha
16:39:31godzirraB4gder: thats what I was afraid of. I'm so not a graphics person. Is there any way to view the wps on your computer before copying it to the ipod?
16:39:42LinusNi guess you mean lcd_init()?
16:39:50Zagorhmm, it seems new bugs are sent to "category owner", not the global notice list. exploring...
16:40:04preglowi guess i do
16:40:09preglowdeleted the commit mail already
16:40:23LinusNi ripped the lcd settings from the original fw
16:40:38LinusNand i wanted to commit the damn thing before i started to dissect the settings
16:40:54Mikachugodzirra: use a simulator
16:42:43 Quit ender` (" MCSE = Moron Claiming System Expertise")
16:46:07 Quit midkay (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
16:46:12preglowB4gder: using the ibase/obase thing, bc just starts spitting zeroes
16:46:17 Join midkay [0] (
16:46:17godzirraMikachu: where can I get one?
16:46:42preglowit doesn't understand lowercase digits?
16:46:59Mikachumaybe you need a hexlock key
16:47:14Mikachugodzirra: it's somewhere in rockbox cvs, dunno if there are precompiled binaries?
16:47:53 Join webguest82 [0] (
16:48:08preglowsweet god
16:48:11preglowbc is unusable
16:48:15preglowbloody enthusiast calculator
16:48:27B4gderyou're just too lame for it ;-)
16:48:29Mikachui use 'calc' for small stuff
16:48:34Mikachuor the shell :)
16:48:40peturB4gder: as the sims get build anyway, maybe they should get offered for download as well?
16:48:44preglowone hex number - another hex number = something completely wrong
16:48:53preglownot even bloody written in hex
16:48:57B4gderthen you messed up
16:49:02preglowi'd like my bloody hex output to use hex
16:49:04Zagorpreglow: did you forget to set both ibase and obase? and in the correct order?
16:49:05B4gderlike gave the obase after changing ibase
16:49:05preglownot decimal
16:49:08preglowi set them both
16:49:20Zagorobase first, I hope :-)
16:49:37preglowwhy does it order matter....
16:49:37Mikachuor obase=10 after
16:49:46Zagorpreglow: because if you set ibase first
16:49:50B4gderpetur: true, but I don't know how good they are for running
16:49:55Zagoryour obase command will take hex input
16:50:09preglowobase=10 -> better
16:50:14preglowthen it at least spits out hex
16:50:29preglowbut i'd just like something that understand good old 0x
16:50:38Zagorwrite one ;-)
16:50:41 Join bluey [0] (
16:50:43*Zagor ducks
16:50:44Mikachucalc does that
16:50:45B4gderM-x calc ;-)
16:50:45preglowand doesn't have to be beaten about the head with a crowbar to work
16:50:56preglowi already have written one, but it vanished in a crash :/
16:51:39 Quit webguest82 (Client Quit)
16:52:02ZagorMikachu: got another bounce
16:52:11Mikachuyeah i tried twice before
16:55:32 Join yeahx [0] (
16:58:00 Join paugh [0] (n=kickback@2001:5c0:8fff:ffff:8000:0:3e03:6822)
16:58:02Zagorok, new tasks are sent to "category owner". I haven't found yet where to change that.
16:58:22Zagorsee you later
16:58:32 Quit Zagor ("Client exiting")
17:02:10godzirraMikachu: to compile it for a windows box I'd have to setup cvs on windows right? I'm not strong in cross platform compiling.
17:02:18godzirradoes anyone have a version of the simulator for windows compiled?
17:06:12godzirraAnyone? lol
17:07:17godzirraActually a better question, does the simulator support the ipod?
17:07:47peturall targets have a sim
17:07:52godzirraok, just curious.
17:08:10peturcan't build you one now, am not at my home dev pc
17:08:21godzirraI think I found one on one of the rockbox pages
17:08:23godzirrabuilt the 17th.
17:09:40Paul_The_NerdIt's actually a good idea to set up a cygwin environment and build your own simulator for a few reasons.
17:10:03Paul_The_NerdOne of the biggest ones is the fact that as features change, it will be much easier to just update, and rebuild, and your new simulator will then support them.
17:12:54godzirraIs there a howto anywhere that says how to set that all up?
17:13:37Paul_The_Nerdgodzirra: then
17:14:10godzirraAwesome. Thanks Paul.
17:14:21Mikachui can almost crosscompile for windows but i get an undefined reference to WinMain@16 so no luck
17:14:46 Join Mmmm [0] (
17:15:14Mmmmpetur, you there?
17:16:18MmmmSee my reason in the forum? and paulheu and mlind? :)
17:16:34peturnot yet
17:16:35***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
17:16:53Mmmmit seems popular! heh..
17:17:43Mmmmalthough mlind's reason leaves a lot to be desired! :D
17:17:52 Quit B4gder ("time to say moo")
17:17:57peturallright, I'll change it ;)
17:18:38MmmmGreat! :)
17:19:37Mmmmtook me a while to work out what was going on at first because I always tested the cliplight without recording..I thought you had broken it! as if you would eh?
17:20:39peturwill try to find a solution that also works for this case, not sure if !playing is a good choice.
17:21:06peturas a quick hack it is, but as permanent solution?
17:22:45MmmmWhen I did it it was out of desperation because I couldn't think of any other way to differentiate between the recording screen and the WPS screen..
17:23:35peturthere's no clean way to detect what screen you're looking at I think...
17:24:08Mmmmhe heh... :D
17:28:41MmmmYou could pass a boolean from recording.c ....but that would be messy too
17:29:31Matze41oeh is it already known that is 404 atm?
17:29:46peturMmmm: will see if I get the time to look at it tonight...
17:30:37amiconnLinusN: Quick speedup hint for the x5 lcd driver: make the lookup tables (static) const short ... ICONST_ATTR
17:30:39*petur notices Linus is quite active atm
17:31:04LinusNamiconn: yes, thx
17:31:19amiconnAlso, the lcd_write_data will most probably benefit from some asm,
17:31:26amiconnincluding the burst mem read
17:32:55LinusNi'm concentrating on getting the functionality first
17:33:01amiconnyes of course
17:33:18preglowpremature optimisation == good fun
17:36:27 Quit miner49er ("using sirc version 2.211+KSIRC/1.3.11")
17:42:54 Quit DreamTactix291 (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
17:43:22 Part LinusN
17:43:32 Join DreamTactix291 [0] (
17:44:11kkurbjunLinusN: I'm interested in getting doom committed to cvs if you have any pointers on what you would like completed before this can happen
17:44:24kkurbjunthey would be appreciated
17:44:38petur[17:43] *** LinusN left #RockBox []
17:45:15kkurbjun: ), oops
17:45:23kkurbjundidn't see that
17:45:54godzirraI was looking through the plugins
17:45:57godzirrahow do I get -out- of snake :p
17:46:00lostlogicpreglow: what's wrong with coding the ASM version first? :-D
17:46:24Mikachugodzirra: menu+select probably
17:46:25safetydankkurbjun, probably the first thing to do is make sure it compiles without warnings on all targets
17:46:41safetydanor at least doesn't compile on unsupported targets
17:47:08godzirramenu select didnt work :)
17:47:15godzirrawait yeah it did.. just took a second.
17:47:16godzirrathanks Mikachu
17:48:08kkurbjunsafetydan: Yeah, I was going to get rid of the last few today
17:48:32preglowlostlogic: exactly!
17:49:04godzirraSo is rockbox on the ipod video supposed to reset everytime you plug it into the usb cable? (Whcih incidentally resets it to the default wps every time)
17:50:24preglowyou should save your config first
17:50:35preglowrockbox on all ipods do that
17:50:54preglowand is likely to continue to do so for quite some time to come
17:51:20yeahxdoes it?
17:51:28godzirrapreglow: So if I save my config that loads it automatically? Or just lets me load it easier?
17:51:56preglowgodzirra: by saving your config i mean just shutting down normally once
17:52:06Kingstoneis the re of rockbox based on iPL or it's totaly their own work?
17:52:12Kingstoneon the ipod i mean
17:52:17preglowgodzirra: rockbox is based on ipl, yes
17:52:21preglowgodzirra: the ipod code, that is
17:53:04Kingstoneand what is the environment of it?
17:53:05godzirrapreglow: That answers only part of my question ;) If I shutdown normally once, next time it reboots by plugging in the usb cable, will it load my config automatically? Or will I still have to load it manually each time?
17:53:14Kingstonelike in iPL it's uCLinux
17:53:53preglowgodzirra: automatically, that's the whole point of shutting down
17:53:54Paul_The_NerdKingstone: Rockbox's kernel is completely itself. Only the hardware drivers were adapted from iPodLinux
17:54:37Kingstoneyou've built all the memory management and everything?
17:54:40godzirraOk, and how do you shutdown "normally"?
17:54:43Paul_The_Nerdgodzirra: When you shut down normally, your settings are written to the config sector. They'll be read from there every time you boot, and written every time you shut down normally. A reboot from plugging in USB doesn't write them, but they're not cleared either.
17:54:58Paul_The_Nerdgodzirra: To shut down normally, hold play/pause.
17:54:59preglowKingstone: everything
17:55:56preglowKingstone: but our kernel is also tons more minimalist than linux, but that's a good thing when it comes to embedded code, if you ask me
17:56:04Mikachugodzirra: or wait the timeout you set in the settings
17:56:50Kingstoneas of efficiency it is
17:57:03Kingstoneas long as you can implement everything it's superb ;)
17:57:31Mikachuthey're not flushed on a timer?
18:00:40 Join linuxstb_ [0] (
18:05:59linuxstb_kkurbjun: What's the status of Doom on the ipods?
18:06:15godzirraI'm trying to follow the instructions to build the uisimulator, and I'm having some trouble.
18:06:21godzirraI've got cygwin setup, and rockbox-devel checked out.
18:06:39godzirraI cd into rockbox-devel, then mkdir build-dir and cd into that
18:06:44Mikachuare you compilign the sdl version? i hear the windows one doesn't work
18:06:53godzirraAfter that I run ../tools/configure and answer that I want the ipod video, simulator, and sdl version
18:07:01godzirraaccording to the docs after that I should just have to run make
18:07:06godzirrabut there's nothing in the build-dir I created...
18:07:08linuxstb_The video sim isn't working.
18:07:15Mikachui got a missing .bmp when i tried
18:07:25godzirraI just asked that and someone told me the sim was available for all platforms.
18:07:43safetydanHave we got anywhere with getting a picture of the iPod Video for the sim?
18:07:52godzirraI just want a wps file for my ipod video lol
18:07:56kkurbjunlinuxstb: Paul_The_Nerd was trying to get it to run, it's still giving data aborts. we know what structure is causeing it, it's also the only one that's different from idoom, and I think it's an alignment issue, but I'm not very familiar with the subject
18:08:03Mikachudidn't that guy take a photo the other day?
18:08:14Paul_The_NerdAnd neither am I. =/
18:08:32linuxstb_Yes, I've got an image that can be used for the 5g sim, I just haven't got around to doing it yet.
18:08:33preglowit's almost certainly an alignment issue
18:08:39preglowif data abort is any indication
18:09:08safetydangodzirra, just do this "cp uisimulator/sdl/UI-ipodnano.bmp uisimulator/sdl/UI-ipodvideo.bmp"
18:09:13linuxstb_kkurbjun: I read your question about getting it committed to CVS - does it still require the plugin buffer to be enlarged?
18:09:31safetydangodzirra, it's a hack and the background won't be correct, but the sim will then compile
18:09:40godzirrasafetydan: will that work? The nano and video have vastly different screens... I'm just making the sim to test wps files.
18:09:44linuxstb_By default, the sim doesn't display the background anyway.
18:09:54safetydangodzirra, yes, the simulator doesn't actually use the background unless you ask it to
18:10:03kkurbjunI could revert the changes I made, but it is a pretty big performance improvement, so I'd like to see if it can be fixed.. yes, I was going to see how low -Os brought me. On the H300 I have a buffer size of F0000 right now
18:10:04godzirraok. So when I run configure I should use the nano config?
18:10:19godzirraBecause when I choose the video no files get copied into my build directory at all.
18:10:20 Part petur
18:12:39kkurbjunlinuxstb: if I can't get the size down - I was going to try and see if I could get it at least to what rockboy used to bump it to - I guess the only alternative is a loader ala rockboy on archos. Amiconn did that, but I don't really understand the details of it.
18:12:51godzirraNevermind..I see what happens. It doesnt tell you to drop down out of your build-dir before running make.
18:13:10Mikachuyou shouldn't either
18:13:51Paul_The_Nerdgodzirra: You run make in the build dir.
18:14:21godzirra There's nothing at all in my build directory.
18:14:25Paul_The_Nerdgodzirra: If you just do the cp that safetydan suggested in rockbox-devel/ and then do a make for 5g/video it should work
18:14:27godzirrait creates the make file in my root directory of my cvs install.
18:14:36Mikachuthen you ran configure in a strange way
18:14:40linuxstb_kkurbjun: I think amiconn mentioned earlier today that he was planning on moving his rockboy overlay magic into the plugin lib - so it can be used for the new chess plugin. It could probably then be used for Doom as well.
18:14:50godzirraI dont think so... but I'll clear it all and try it again.
18:15:02Mikachui noticed when i tried chess that it sits and thinks for a good while and doesn't let you abort
18:15:25safetydangodzirra, the sequence is something like
18:15:27kkurbjunthat would be great then
18:15:29safetydancvs co rockbox-devel
18:15:32safetydancd rockbox-devel
18:15:35safetydanmkdir build-sim
18:15:37safetydancd build-sim
18:15:42safetydan<make choice>
18:16:02*safetydan is probably going to get the "Most times talked to self" award on the IRC stats page
18:16:04linuxstb_make install
18:16:22godzirrasafetydan: I know.. thats what I did. I'm trying it again from checkout to see if I messed up a step somewhere.
18:16:30godzirracygwin had a space in my home directory which I think may have caused some sort of issues.
18:17:03kkurbjunPaul_The_Nerd: how many warnings were you getting on your compile?
18:17:16Paul_The_Nerdkkurbjun: I don't know exactly. Greater than 10, at least.
18:17:57kkurbjunPaul: also, have you tried any other compiler flags (-O -O1...)
18:18:07Paul_The_NerdNo, I have not.
18:18:14Mikachui'm pretty sure O means O1
18:18:51kkurbjun-O3 might be a bit high, I don't know what exactly the compiler is doing to that struct, but it might be worth a try to try some others
18:19:18linuxstb_It's also worth noting that we're using gcc 4 for ARM - so that will give more/different warnings.
18:19:31Mikachuhm, i'm using 3.4.3
18:19:35kkurbjunahh, I didn't realize that
18:19:37safetydanAnyone going to try and make doom work with grayscale lib on the H1xx? :)
18:20:05preglowsafetydan: of course someone are
18:20:20preglowi'm already waiting for amiconn to port it to archoses
18:20:24Paul_The_NerdMikachu: You should be using 4 for compiling for iPods.
18:20:26linuxstb_Mikachu: The "official" compiler is gcc 4 - that's what's used for the official builds. We had some odd problems with gcc 3.4.x
18:20:41Mikachui just had an old chain lying around and i was lazy
18:21:06Mikachuprobably from iPL
18:21:11linuxstb_Paul_The_Nerd: Weren't you the person that discovered the bootloader worked with 4.0, and not 3.4.x ?
18:21:41 Quit bluey (Remote closed the connection)
18:22:15Paul_The_NerdAfter about being ready to chuck my laptop out a window.
18:23:45linuxstb_kkurbjun: Where would I download your latest Doom patch? Is it on the new bug tracker?
18:24:13kkurbjunyeah, it's on
18:24:19kkurbjunthere's a new cvs diff also
18:24:32 Nick paugh is now known as AliasCoffee (n=kickback@2001:5c0:8fff:ffff:8000:0:3e03:6822)
18:25:07amiconnkkurbjun: How big is the doom.rock (iriver), and how much does .bss add to it
18:25:37amiconnIf it's already quite big, porting it to archos might make little sense
18:25:48preglowthere's also the wads...
18:25:48kkurbjundoom.rock is 435 Kb
18:26:06amiconnAfaik, doom does its own memory management, but it needs a certain minimum depending on the .wad
18:26:08preglowouch, so you have to increase the plugin buffer size?
18:26:19kkurbjunI'm not sure how much the .bss section adds, how do I check that
18:26:21godzirraHrm. Where the heck did it install rockboxui
18:26:22linuxstb_Yes - that's why I mentioned the overlay.
18:26:30amiconnkkurbjun: check the .map file
18:26:31kkurbjunyeah, I have the plugin buffer up to F0000
18:26:37godzirraah found it.
18:26:49linuxstb_kkurbjun: Look for plugin_start and plugin_end in the build-dir/apps/plugins/doom/ file
18:26:58linuxstb_(or something like those names...)
18:27:01amiconnlinuxstb: Even with the overlay magic there might not be enough memory on archos
18:27:19linuxstb_No - I was thinking of using the overlay magic on iriver/ipod
18:27:31kkurbjun.bss 0x32f7cbd4 0x6b758
18:27:51kkurbjundoom I think needs 6 mb for it's own memory management
18:28:04safetydangodzirra, it should be in the same directory that you typed "make install", just type "./rockboxui" to run it
18:28:05amiconnAfaik the smallest .wad is the shareware doom1 wad, and that needs ~2MB iirc
18:28:14kkurbjunbut there's some wasted space because of alloca's and reallocs
18:28:20godzirrasafetydan: yeash, I found it... I'm trying to figure out how it works now. Its weird on my laptop cause Ihave no number pad.
18:28:34preglowkkurbjun: how do you implement memory management as of now?
18:28:35safetydangodzirra, arrow keys mostly work
18:28:36amiconnArchos has a *total* of 2MB ram...
18:28:59kkurbjunit just has malloc and realloc, realloc copy's the old data, but there's no free
18:29:15preglowi think we should commit dbesfit malloc
18:29:20amiconnkkurbjun: If we manage to allocate the biggest chunks which are now in .bss from the audio buffer, doom.rock might fit in plugin ram
18:29:22preglowthese adhoc mallocs are just a source of bugs
18:29:35godzirrasafetydan: After runing make install, I put stuff in the archos directory created under my build directory?
18:29:49safetydangodzirra, yes
18:30:22godzirrado I need to put them in .rockbox/wps and .rockbox/themes?
18:30:26amiconn440KB of .bss ...
18:30:27kkurbjunamiconn: sorry, I don't really understand the map file or what it all means, is there a document I can look at which describes it
18:30:30godzirranevermind, I see.
18:30:36safetydangodzirra, depends on if it's a theme or a wps :)
18:31:06Mikachugodzirra: you need a music file too
18:31:16kkurbjunis .bss the globals?
18:31:25preglowno, uninitialised variables
18:31:37preglowso it's not included in the file
18:31:45linuxstb_kkurbjun: Are there many calls to malloc/realloc and friends in Doom?
18:32:02Mikachuare you going to do something with the reduced clearing of plugin mem patch?
18:32:21Mikachui've used it since it started working without problems
18:32:40 Join marevalo [0] (
18:33:10Mikachuwhere the = my :)
18:33:15kkurbjunthere's a few calls to malloc but most of them are initialization stuff so they never use free. there's also a call to realloc in the wad loading, but that's only done a couple of times (depending on how many wads you are adding) at the start. there's a few alloca's around though, I havn't played doom enough to get a buffer runout
18:33:40preglowallocas don't matter
18:33:42preglowthey're stack based
18:33:56kkurbjunbut they're mapped to malloc now
18:34:03pregloware they too large for the stack?
18:34:21kkurbjunis there a alloca call I could use?
18:34:27preglowgcc has one
18:34:34preglow__builtin_alloca or something
18:34:42 Quit Mmmm ("Byeee")
18:35:01kkurbjunhmm, that would fix alloca then
18:35:01preglowit isn't an ordinary function, so you need to make it a macro, not a function wrapper
18:35:10preglowkkurbjun: just beware you don't alloca too much
18:35:15preglowkkurbjun: the stack isn't very big
18:35:19kkurbjunyeah, it's mapped as a macro already
18:35:22godzirraMikachu: I know ;) I'm learning.. slowly.. lol
18:35:37Mikachuif you wish to enable built-in functions selectively when using -fno-builtin or -ffreestanding, you may define macros such as:
18:35:40kkurbjunIt was mapped to malloc from the digita doom port so I left that alone
18:35:42Mikachu+ quotes
18:36:25marevaloMikachu: heh, about the unresponive thinking on chessbox I'm working on it now, but I'm still trying to find out what broke off on commit
18:38:49 Quit thegeek ()
18:38:50 Quit midkay (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
18:39:59linuxstb_marevalo: The only difference I've spotted so far is that the chessbox Makefile has -O3 in the CFLAGS. But removing that didn't solve the problem.
18:40:17linuxstb_Which player are you testing on?
18:40:27 Join midkay [0] (
18:41:26amiconnlinuxstb: Thanks for the hint - I'll probably disable that for SH
18:41:46amiconn-O3 usually builds slower code for SH
18:42:03 Quit slimx ("Leaving")
18:42:07marevalolinuxstb_: ok, I'm hunting it down
18:44:32 Quit erus` ()
18:45:41linuxstb_marevalo: Have you tried it in the uisimulator?
18:46:11marevaloI'm working with it
18:46:30marevalo(void)parameter; (what's this suppose to do, is it C :-D ? )
18:46:51linuxstb_It prevents gcc warning you that the variable is unused.
18:46:59marevaloI just copied it from bejeweled but really didn't understand it
18:47:25marevalothe problem is with the rb api struct
18:47:25godzirraHrm. I cant figur eout how to get hte menu in rockbox's simulator.
18:47:27kkurbjunpreglow: thanks for that information on alloca seems to be working fine
18:47:30godzirrafive isnt working.
18:47:40godzirraerr enter i mean
18:47:56 Join erus` [0] (
18:48:26linuxstb_marevelo: Of course. Change the rb definition to "extern struct plugin_api* rb;" at the top of gnuchess.c
18:48:53linuxstb_And remove the word "static" from the definition in chessbox.c
18:49:00marevaloI'm also fixing a couple of problems
18:49:28godzirraActually I cant get the simulator to pull up the filesystem.
18:49:28linuxstb_Yes - that will definitely be the cause of the bugs.
18:49:58godzirraanyone have suggestions?
18:50:11marevalook, I will fix in another way, I just don't like this global vars way for doing this
18:50:13 Join _MadMan_ [0] (
18:50:49_MadMan_if i make a playlist in winamp and my files on my pc are at My Music, do i have to strip the My Music part out to play it on rockbox (ihp-120)
18:52:39linuxstb_marevalo: OK. But I don't see any issues with a global variable for the rb pointer - it's different to other variables.
18:53:46marevalook, I will let it that way (well if fact the other way round, rb will be externed from gnuchess)
18:54:29marevalodo you want a patch for this or let me fix a couple of problems with yielding and responding while thinking
18:56:07kkurbjundoes anyone know what this means? it's my last warning: warning: initialization discards qualifiers from pointer target type
18:56:08kkurbjun ; refering to: fixed_t* finecosine = &finesine[FINEANGLES/4] where fixed_t is an int;
18:56:51linuxstb_What is the definition of finesine?
18:57:17kkurbjunconst int finesine[10240]
18:57:43amiconnThen use const fixed_t finecosine
18:57:51amiconnErm, const fixed_t* finecosine
18:58:56kkurbjungreat, thanks, now doom compiles with no warnings on gcc 3.4
18:59:01amiconn'const' in conjunction with pointers seems to be confuse some people, however the system is fairly logical
18:59:38amiconnA simple variable can either be constant or not,
19:00:21amiconnbut with a pointer variable there are 4 possibilities
19:00:35kkurbjunyeah, I don't understand why the pointer would need the const attribute.. I guess it is saying that you shouldn't be able to do something like finecosine[4]=6;
19:01:38amiconnRead the qualifiers from right to left, then it becomes clear
19:01:58amiconnconst fixed_t * meanst a pointer to constant data
19:02:35amiconnfixed_t * const would mean something very different: a constant pointer pointing to variable data
19:02:57kkurbjunI see
19:04:54 Join thegeek [0] (
19:05:43linuxstb_marevalo: When you've finished your current set of changes, put a patch on the tracker. I can look at it and commit it later tonight if no-one else does before me.
19:06:13 Quit imphasing ("WM change!")
19:06:18 Quit linuxstb (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
19:06:18kkurbjunamiconn: with -Os doom is now 338.2 Kb
19:06:43kkurbjunhow can I go about reallocating the .bss section to the plugin buffer
19:06:46 Join linuxstb [0] (
19:07:00marevalolinuxstb_: ok, I'm on it
19:07:24 Join imphasing [0] (
19:08:13amiconnkkurbjun: Look for large arrays in .bss, and run-time allocate these
19:08:39linuxstb_kkurbjun: Can you upload your latest file somewhere?
19:08:42amiconnI hope at least some of them are non-static, so you can spot them in the .map
19:09:02 Join Mark__ [0] (
19:09:02kkurbjunok, so just use the modified malloc I've been using? yeah, just a second
19:09:09safetydangodzirra, try the Ins key
19:09:21amiconnkkurbjun: Yes.
19:09:24 Join lodesi [0] (
19:09:58linuxstb_kkurbjun: Does your malloc perform memory alignment?
19:10:01amiconnpreglow: I start thinking that a proper malloc *in the plugin* lib might indeed be useful, for stuff like doom
19:10:59kkurbjunlinuxstb: it's the same as rockboy's so I don't know
19:11:34amiconnI would like to get rid of malloc for the codecs though, and of course never introduce it in the core
19:11:57 Quit AliasCoffee ("Leaving")
19:12:38 Quit imphasing (Remote closed the connection)
19:14:47kkurbjunamiconn: just the .bss section.. the server I've been using to host my files is acting up :
19:15:33preglowamiconn: that's the only thing i've been talking about all the time anyway
19:15:38preglowi don't want malloc anywhere else
19:16:39***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
19:19:37 Join Thus0 [0] (
19:22:28linuxstb_kkurbjun: That doesn't look too bad. Can you see the big arrays that need malloc'ing ?
19:22:45 Quit Thus0 (Client Quit)
19:23:09 Join webguest21 [0] (
19:24:13kkurbjunthere's a few that I could do off the top of my head looking at the variables. does this table indicate one's worth looking at?
19:24:36marevalo*PANIC* Stkov main
19:24:46preglowmarevalo: you use too much stack
19:24:49kkurbjunhmm, -Os is about a half a frame slower per second then -O3
19:24:50marevalothis seems to be out of stach size
19:25:08preglowkkurbjun: you should stick to O2 on rockbox
19:25:16preglowkkurbjun: i've almost never seen O3 to be faster
19:25:26marevalostrange, I tried it yesterday with my original patch and could play on the higher level without problem
19:25:40marevalocould this be a problem of the loading scheme ?
19:25:42 Quit Mark_ (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
19:26:03linuxstb_marevalo: Did you remove the -O3 ?
19:26:24marevalonop, didn't touch anything of the makefile
19:26:43linuxstb_Try doing that - I think it was an accident that that is there anyway.
19:27:39 Join |Beowulf| [0] (
19:29:08linuxstb_kkurbjun: If you look at the bottom of the file you pasted, at w_wad.o, the map file tells you that there are 0x186b8 bytes of bss in that file, and that "info" is the main culprit - it is 0x32fcffac-0x32fb790c bytes in size.
19:29:31linuxstb_(that's just an example to explain what the numbers mean)
19:31:20kkurbjunlinuxstb: thanks, actually that code isn't even used so I can probably #if 0 the whole thing
19:32:26linuxstb_There is a similar sized array in the i_sound.o file (vol_lookup)
19:33:58 Join paugh [0] (n=kickback@2001:5c0:8fff:ffff:8000:0:3e03:6822)
19:34:08kkurbjunyeah, that was one that I remembered from before.. I may just completely remove that one though as I don't need to have a scalable volume in doom.. I was just goign to use the system volume control
19:34:37 Quit saratoga ("CGI:IRC")
19:36:04 Quit Paul_The_Nerd ("Leaving.")
19:36:25marevalolinuxstb_: ok, it seems to work without the -O3, fixing the responsiveness (is it that word?)
19:37:32 Quit webguest21 ("CGI:IRC (EOF)")
19:38:13_MadMan_if i make a playlist in winamp and my files on my pc are at My Music, do i have to strip the My Music part out to play it on rockbox (ihp-120)
19:39:38kkurbjun: ), already have the bss section cut in half
19:40:27marevalook, it will take me some time to fix the "stop thinking" thing, I will add a patch for the people to try it and fix it "The Right Way" tomorrow
19:41:21linuxstb__MadMan_: I don't use playlists, so I don't know. But if your playlist contains a path that doesn't exist on your player, then I wouldn't expect it to work.
19:41:51dpassen1It'll depend on the file structure on your 120 compared to the structure on your PC
19:42:22_MadMan_it seems to work without modification
19:43:45_MadMan_which i thought was weird
19:46:46kkurbjunok doom now fits in a plugin buffer of 90000, I'll see if I can get it down to 80000
19:48:09 Join RotAtoR [0] (
19:48:32 Join damaki__ [0] (
19:49:20amiconnFor SH1 (archos) I would even go down to plain -O instead of -O2 or -O3
19:50:57marevalook, i got to go now and the new bugmachine seems to treat me just the same as the source forge one
19:51:09marevaloif someone is intereseted in commiting the patch:
19:51:29marevaloif not I will try to upload it later
19:51:46 Quit marevalo ("Abandonando")
19:52:49linuxstb_I can have a look at the now.
19:53:12 Join ssnajper [0] (
19:53:24 Join imphasing [0] (
19:55:15preglowif i do lolfunction(num, a, b, array[i], arrayagain[i++]); i should be the same for both array indices, and incremented after the function call has been done, yes?
19:55:44preglow'cause gcc just goes straight ahead and increments it before the first use here...
19:56:50 Part Fogerty
19:56:55amiconnI think the evaluation order of function arguments isn't defined.
19:56:58linuxstb_I wouldn't expect that behaviour to be defined.
19:57:10 Join `erus [0] (
19:57:16 Join mirak [0] (
19:57:41preglowthen i learnt another thing today
19:57:44ssnajperhi, i noticed that the 3g bootloader has been added to the ipod install page, does that mean that the 3g port works?
19:57:47amiconnIt might even depend on the architecture. If the architecture uses stkargs and the last argument has to be pushed first,
19:57:52preglowand wasted a couple of hours
19:57:58amiconnI would even expect gcc to reverse the order
19:58:07preglowon x86 you do
19:58:39amiconn'arrayagain' looks funny ;)
19:59:49linuxstb_ssnajper: IMO, that file shouldn't have been added to the wiki. The port isn't finished, and the latest code isn't even in CVS yet.
20:00:14ssnajperah i c
20:00:26ssnajperi'll wait some more then :)
20:00:33ssnajperkeep up the great work
20:00:40linuxstb_If you're adventurous, you can look on the patch tracker, and download the patch, and compile rockbox yourself....
20:01:10ssnajpernah, i don't even know how to do that, it could be dangerous :)
20:01:51linuxstb_AFAIK, sound isn't working yet, but most other things are.
20:02:28 Part _MadMan_
20:02:30ssnajperok, thanks for the update
20:02:41kkurbjungreat! I have doom compiling without a modified plugin buffer and no warnings or errors.. now to make sure it still works
20:02:44 Quit erus` (Nick collision from services.)
20:02:48 Nick `erus is now known as erus (
20:02:50 Nick erus is now known as erus` (
20:02:50 Quit ssnajper ("CGI:IRC (EOF)")
20:04:01 Join Lear [0] (
20:04:56 Quit damaki_ (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
20:05:38 Join krmathis [0] (
20:15:49 Join SereR0kR [0] (
20:17:59BHSPitLappykkurbjun: does it run on the iPods yet?
20:18:16kkurbjunBHSPitLappy: no, not yet
20:18:37BHSPitLappygood work, still
20:18:39muesli-kkurbjun sounds like a commit soon?
20:19:30kkurbjunpossibly, I have it running without a modified plugin buffer and it's compiling without any warnings on the gcc 3.4
20:19:52muesli-ur incredible man :-)
20:20:37linuxstb_Did you find a solution for the wad loading?
20:20:47linuxstb_i.e. specify which wads to use.
20:22:27BHSPitLappythe homebrew doom port for the PSP begins with a list of .wad files it found and you choose one
20:22:57kkurbjunlinuxstb: yes, now it searches in /games/doom/ for the wad files (doom.wad, doom1.wad, doomu.wad, doom2.wad, doom2f.wad, tnt.wad, and plutonia.wad) those were all the official releases. So it builds a list of what you have from those files and you select the base wad you want to use. Now if you want to run an addon game you can type that wad file in also in a menu I made.
20:23:35linuxstb_So is Doom a plugin or a viewer?
20:24:33 Join erus [0] (
20:24:40kkurbjunit's running as a plugin, but I was thinking making it a viewer as well.. so if someone selects a wad file it will automatically add it to the list. The only problem with this is that some addons need multiple wad files to run.
20:25:03 Quit erus` (Nick collision from services.)
20:25:07 Nick erus is now known as erus` (
20:25:20kkurbjunthey would still be brought to the menu if they use it as a viewer to select the base wad file
20:27:49 Join Thus0_ [0] (i=Thus0@
20:29:06 Quit paugh ("Leaving")
20:30:02 Join lodesi_ [0] (
20:31:34 Quit lodesi (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
20:34:04 Join erus [0] (
20:37:46kkurbjunhere's the latest patch while I'm waiting for the new tracker to send me a login: kkurbjun/doomcvs.diff"> and
20:38:05kkurbjunthis compiles cleanly and fits in the plugin buffer
20:38:27linuxstb_Hopefully I'll be able to look at the ipod problems later tonight.
20:38:55kkurbjunI still have some changes to the plugin.h and plugin.c to allow access to vsnprintf and set_option menu bindings
20:38:57amiconndata abort?
20:39:07kkurbjunthat would be great if you could get it running
20:39:47kkurbjunyeah, it's a data abort on lumpinfo_t struct in w_wad.h
20:39:57kkurbjunI think it's because of the character array
20:40:04 Join quobl [0] (n=quobl@tor/session/x-eb8dd31bd94445a0)
20:40:12 Join ep0ch [0] (
20:40:34ep0choh noes, what happened to since25.html?
20:40:44amiconnkkurbjun: That needs to be solved for archos as well (if doom on archos will work at all)
20:41:04amiconnOtherwise => CPUAdrErr
20:41:24amiconnThe SH1 doesn't like misaligned accesses the same way as arm
20:41:29crwlwould them SH1 devices really have enough power for doom?
20:41:36amiconnOnly coldfire is forgiving that
20:41:38crwlthough the screen resolution is really tiny...
20:41:44kkurbjunamiconn: yeah I remember hearing that the SH chip would fail on misalligned reads also, I don't know what is required to get it to allign correct though.
20:41:58crwldoom was quite playable on 386DX/20 with a tiny playing window :)
20:42:19amiconnYes, it may be a very tight fit on all ends
20:42:36kkurbjunright now doom is only running at about 10fps on the coldfire in a timedemo
20:42:43linuxstb_kkurbjun: Is your port of Doom hard-coded for a specific LCD size?
20:42:51amiconnRAM is only 2MB, cpu clock 11..12MHz, display resolution only 112x64
20:42:53linuxstb_Or will it automatically adapt?
20:43:08kkurbjunno, I have the generic idoom code in there that will adapt automatically for different sizes
20:43:18amiconnWe might even need the grayscale lib on top of that in order to make the display at least somewhat usable.
20:43:22kkurbjunthe only thing that doesn't adapt right now is my printf function
20:43:37crwlbut i had 386 with 8 megs of ram... with just 4 MB, it was a lot slower (lots of disk trashing with larger maps)... how about 2 then :P
20:43:38kkurbjunwhich should be pretty easy to fix
20:43:40linuxstb_There were some changes recently to idoom to make it work on the ipod 5g's 320x240 LCD. Have you looked at the source in the last few days?
20:43:42amiconnThe grayscale lib will eat further cpu power...
20:44:12amiconnBut at least it should be possible to make doom work on the h1x0
20:44:19amiconn(using the grayscale lib)
20:44:37kkurbjunlinuxstb: no, I havn't, their way of scaling the image isn't very efficient. I only included it so that other ports would have a good starting point.
20:44:48kkurbjunI have to go now though
20:45:02kkurbjunhopefully I can work on any issues that come up later tonight
20:45:25linuxstb_np. We obviously need to fix the data aborts first.
20:46:27LearHe, logf codec display is wrong (in sim at least)... :)
20:47:24Learwhich must mean id3.codectype doesn't hold an AFMT constant.
20:48:17 Quit erus` (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
20:48:22LearSorry, read wrong stuff in the logf window. :)
20:48:50safetydanthe sim is flawless I tell you
20:49:08 Quit linuxstb_ ("CGI:IRC")
20:49:24Learsound playback perhaps, but if it crashes, I have to enter the task manager and kill it.
20:50:36safetydanI was kidding by the way :)
20:51:12safetydanIt certainly works better under Linux though
20:51:35*preglow sings the library dependency dirge
20:56:40preglowanyone know how to make autoconf link statically?
20:57:06Learsafetydan: and it seems write of config file is borked too.
20:57:25Lear(could be because I'm linking with -mconsole though....)
20:57:26safetydanLear, config file or config sector?
20:57:30dwihno\o/ Sweden won the curling gold \o/
20:57:41Learfile, as in manager settings/write .cfg
20:59:41safetydanLear, yeah it's not working under Linux so it's not -mconsole related
20:59:47safetydannice empty file
21:04:55 Part krmathis
21:06:57safetydandoes anyone mind if I commit marevalo's chessbox fix?">
21:07:03safetydanSeems to work fine on my H120
21:07:58 Quit Thus0_ ("Leaving")
21:10:01yeahxis RB GBA working yet?
21:12:35amiconnHaha, with the overlay loader moved to the plugin lib, the loader plugin just contains the plugin header and a plugin_start() function consisting of one single function call
21:13:13preglowyeahx: working _yet_? has it even been started?
21:13:54preglowsafetydan: linuxstb said he was going to look at it
21:14:00yeahxhehe no
21:14:29safetydanpreglow, yeah I might leave it for him. I can't reproduce the crash people seem to be talking about.
21:16:39amiconnsafetydan: Just move the sim window around with the mouse during music playback
21:16:43***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
21:16:51amiconnIt will crash within a couple of seconds
21:18:40safetydanDoesn't crash in Linux, but I think it's the same issue as before.
21:22:37Papricawhat wrong here?
21:22:37Papricavoid power_ups(struct game_data * bm, int brick_num)
21:22:49Papricathe error
21:22:50Papricabrickmania.c:1054: error: two or more data types in declaration of `power_ups'
21:28:01Learany typedefs in the file?
21:30:02lostlogicPaprica: what's the previous functional line?
21:30:17Learcvs brickmania has a few...
21:30:36Papricashit, forgot the ;
21:31:02Papricalostlogic, thanks
21:32:22 Quit SereR0kR ("XChat Aqua")
21:34:06 Join ashridah [0] (
21:36:31 Join Zagor [0] (
21:38:53 Quit DreamTactix291 (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
21:39:03 Join DreamTactix291 [0] (
21:42:54 Join LinusN [0] (
21:44:48safetydanI wonder if adding mutexes to the sim will help
21:47:20LearAh, so it is talk_init that kills playback on settings load... Explains why it doesn't happen in the simulator (no talk at all there).
21:47:26 Quit ashridah ("Leaving")
21:48:02safetydanwell seems adding mutexes has no effect under Linux...
21:50:13*Cassandra is curious to know why speech doesn't work on iPod. I'd have expected it to work the same on all swcodec platforms.
21:51:22 Join webguest33 [0] (
21:51:41lostlogicCassandra: am also wondering that, I can't think of any good reason it wouldn't work
21:51:52lostlogicCassandra: does it try to load (spin the disk to load the voice file) or not even try?
21:52:17preglowkind of hard to say on nano
21:52:20*amiconn suspects endianness problems
21:52:40Learin the bitswapper perhaps... :)
21:52:41lostlogicCassandra: do next and previous track button presses work?
21:52:42preglowamiconn: the files are little-endian, yes?
21:52:55amiconnNo, big endian
21:52:56lostlogic(beeps that is)
21:53:13amiconn(of course)
21:53:14preglowamiconn: i thought they were pre-bitswapped
21:53:27amiconnNot byte-swapped
21:53:30webguest33paprica - do you know about the frozen ball bug in brickmania?
21:53:30preglowwhy the hell do you need to _bit_swap?
21:53:31webguest33paprica - do you know about the frozen ball bug in brickmania?
21:54:13Cassandralostlogic, hard to tell on a flash player.
21:54:21amiconnpreglow: The MAS serial interface needs the bits in the opposite order than the SH1 serial sends them
21:54:40amiconnSo *all* data transferred to the MAS via serial needs to be bitswapped
21:54:44preglowsounds like a really cleverly constructed player, you need to either bit or byte swap everything :PP
21:54:55Cassandralostlogic, in what context?
21:55:21lostlogicCassandra: Do the button press beeps work at all is the question...
21:55:26amiconnThe SH1 SCI is in fact braindead, it uses the opposite bit order of about everything else
21:55:38amiconnSH2 and higher can switch bit order on SCI...
21:55:48lostlogicthey both use similar code (I actually somewhat genericized the mixing code the other day) so that would be a clue
21:56:15CassandraOh, right.
21:56:35CassandraI'm slightly worried to have to say that no sound at all appears to be working.
21:56:39amiconnpreglow: Don't forget that the archos was one of (_the_ ?) first mobile mp3 player
21:56:47CassandraLet me try turning off speech support.
21:56:49amiconnThe Player design dates back to 1999
21:56:59safetydanwoo, working peak meter in the SDL sim
21:57:07preglowsure, but that doesn't give you an excuse to not reverse the traces for the ata interface :)
21:57:09amiconnSomeone needs to make mistakes in order for others to know about them
21:57:43amiconn...and regarding strange design quirks, the newer player aren't any better imho, just different
21:57:59 Join webguest12 [0] (
21:58:04preglowapart from the ipod, which is perfect!
21:58:10amiconnAnd we don't need to swap *everything*
21:58:12midkayZagor, here now :) you?
21:58:44preglowit's so perfect you don't even need docs
21:58:52*Cassandra swears.
21:59:05webguest12anyone know at what voltage the H140 hardware auto shuts down, I have the battery voltage in wps and need a guideline ?
21:59:07CassandraI have no sound at all and the track timer refusing to advance.
21:59:19CassandraTurning off voice doesn't seem to change that.
21:59:27lostlogicCassandra: move the voice file away, it may be that the initializing the compressed audio buffer breaks whe nit tries to allocate the space for the voice codec
22:00:32webguest12lostlogic, you worked on power, do you have any idea as to what the auto shutdown voltage of the H140 is ?
22:01:29lostlogicwebguest12: its critical voltage is 2.95 or 2.97 or something −− but I believe that before we actually read a voltage that low, it will shut down due to valleys in voltage that the power management chip detects and therefore shuts down.
22:01:52lostlogicwebguest12: check out vinylivo's patch on the flyspray if you can build rockbox, it should give us better shutdown conditions
22:02:06*webguest12 chuckles, a question that has stumped the dev team ?
22:02:11Cassandralostlogic, yeah. Deleting the file causes playback to start working again.
22:02:20lostlogicCassandra: and beeps?
22:02:23LearHm... Restarting playback in talk_init wouldn't be hard, but it'd be real ugly to restart twice, if crossfade has changed too...
22:02:41 Part webguest12
22:02:47lostlogicCassandra: so it seems ot be a initialization of buffer issue on the iPod, which means I got nothin'
22:03:08 Join webguest46 [0] (